QPR Preview: A Win To See In The New Year Please

Queens Park Rangers arrive at The Emirates this afternoon, supposedly the Premier League team which has the power to defy the odds against Arsenal. We have been told that plucky little QPR have avoided defeat in all but one of the clashes between these two sides since Sky invested their billions in football. What we are not told is that (a) the last meeting between the two in the League was in March 1996 and (b) the last meeting between the two sides in any competition was an FA Cup tie at Loftus Road which ended 6 – 0 to Arsenal. In January 2001. None of those stats has any relevance to the encounter this afternoon.

It is the same as observing that John Jensen scored his only Arsenal goal against QPR in this fixture on this day in 1994. A bit of fun but entirely irrelevant. For what its worth Siggi Jonsson scored his only Arsenal goal against QPR as well. Hold on, there’s a pattern; Chamakh and Park to start please Monsieur Wenger.

New Year’s Eve and to be honest 2011 has been a memorable year for Arsenal. It has not delivered any silverware but my goodness me, I cannot recall twelve months which has given us searing highs, plummeted to such desperate lows before rising again. Turbulent does not seem to me, to be a descriptive enough word.

Arsène seems to be of that mind as well,

It was a very difficult year where the Club was tested in every department. But I believe it will be seen as a very important one in the history of the Club. Despite all the problems we faced the Club has been resolute, united and stayed at the top. We are one of the two English teams qualified in the Champions League, and after a difficult start and difficult summer, we have come back to a good position in the League. It was certainly a year in which Arsenal have shown they are a Club that is brave and has exceptional qualities.

So here we are. Fifth place at present, spurning the chance to go fourth with what was essentially believed to be a home banker, followed by another match which Arsenal are favourites to win whilst once more waiting for Chelsea and others to drop unlikely points for upward progress to be made. Recovery has been swift, perhaps swifter than expected. Perhaps this has been helped by the release of any pressure surround a title challenge. Some, I know, cling onto the recovery of a bigger points deficit in 1997-98 but that came with the bonus of games in hand and chasing one team; there are four ahead of us at this moment in time. Optimistic as we might be, we have to be realistic about what this squad can achieve.

Having advocated resting players before the Wolves match, I would go against that grain now. For today and Monday, play the first XI both times, injuries permitting. Wenger is erring toward that as well with Robin van Persie being assessed post-match in terms of rest. Unless there is a real necessity for him to miss either of the next two fixtures, he should play. Let Henry come into the frame for the FA Cup tie against Leeds with Park, Arshavin or untested youngsters.

Whilst the manager is sure that re-signing Henry on loan is a good thing, others remain unconvinced, specifically former players such as Ian Wright, Alan Smith and Lee Dixon with age seemingly the biggest concern. The sensationalist should not detract from some valid points raised. Arsène has made his views clear, his certainty that Henry can fulfil a role is the only decision that matters. It is, after all, that which he is paid for. And now that decision has been taken, let us all stand behind the players as they seek to push on in 2012.

That push starts today. Touted as the most likely to survive of the three promoted teams, Rangers have suffered the fluctuations of fate this season with lows such as the opening days thrashing by now bottom of the table, Bolton, compared to the home win against Chelsea. They would probably like mid-table obscurity come the end of the season but will probably settle for one point more than the last relegation spot. That might be tough; they have not won a match since their controversial single goal victory over Chelsea in October which remains the only points gained from top six sides this season. Their poor run may yet be costly.

The team I would expect Arsène to go with is:

Szczesny; Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Ramsey, Song, Arteta; Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho

And that is a team which is good enough to deliver the required three points. Let them do so and allow us to, footballing-wise, see in the New Year with a smile on our faces. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Big Brother?

    Wish to all a very very silver 2012!

  2. I share the same concerns as those ex players about the returning Henry. Sure he cant undo what hes done here the first time around but he can smudge his image. But then again he could also be another galvanising force for the short period hes back home. All i hope for his return is some appearances from the bench, a start and a goal at The Grove and a few eye catching moments to show the class of the man and player.

    Id go with your team selection to start with Yogi. Lets get out of the blocks nice and fast and get a few goals so we dont see a repeat of the result against Wolves. League points are so very very important right now so get em in the bag for a nice new year…

  3. On the Henry issue..I think Wenger gave us the main reason why he signed him..cos he can play anywhere across the front 3 in our system and behind the striker as well…

  4. Happy new year ACLFers..All the very best for the year ahead..

  5. Gooner Shotta (thanks p-g)

    All I want for new year is three points.
    And, yes, after all’s been said and done I am behind the manager on the Henry deal. Hopefully we may make one or two reinforcements in the window, but given the parlous offerings in the market, it is likely that more permanent signings will be made in summer. Unlike j-j and his ilk (Aman says they are spineless) I am not willing to “gamble” the future of the club on the signing of an mega-hyped, overvalued player in the unreasonable hope it will make a difference by season-end.

  6. Shotta

    >signing of an mega-hyped, overvalued player in the unreasonable hope

    There are no other types of player…

  7. Wishing you all a happy new year guys. Hope we could repeat that 6:0 win. Can Robin score 3 today? Tough call, fingers crossed.

  8. Special new year greeting to Darius. Nice chum!

  9. Surely there is no better belated Christmas present than an Henry (and i’m not talking about the vacuum cleaner). His arrival can only benefit the club and if he plays, he will try as hard as anyone else and give his all. That is all one can ask of any player.

    Happy new year to you all.

  10. shotta,

    you sure you dont want your fellow gooners to stop moaning and dooming for 2012 aswell??

    my new years resolution is to stop fukin making stupid new years resolutions.

  11. Gooner Shotta (thanks p-g)

    Got to agree with you YW (at 9:43 am).

    And a happy New Year to you (and family) most soberly, consistently Arsenal blogger in the world. Because of you there has grown an ACLF family which you should be proud; they may be cantankerous but they are most caring, intelligent group of Arsenal supporters in the blogsphere.

  12. Got to agree with duke (at 9:54 am)

    I think the “duke” has become the master of the one-liner at ACLF. Yesterday’s crack that three signings, rather than one, could take us up three players was a classic. My tablet nearly fell from my hands in laughter

  13. Correction:
    “could take us up three places”.

  14. This has indeed been a heck of a year
    T’would be nice to grin sheepishly into 2012.
    T’would be absolutely fantastic for Robin to get a hat trick
    The team list works for me YW


  15. so onto resolutions.

    1. i need to put on some weight, no matter how easy i eat i can’t put on nothing, i only have to eat a whole pack of cakes and nothing.
    2. i need to start smoking again, no matter how hard i try i just can’t start.
    3.stop hitting the wife.

    okay that was a joke….i can put on weight.

  16. Agree with you on duke shotta.

    The man’s no less than a comic marvel.

  17. I could even say the new, although more rustic, much lamented poliziano.

  18. morning…

    I wish you all a very good 2012 😉

    we absolutely need to make extra signings, Podolski and Vertonghen are well within our reach and would make a massive difference…

  19. To all ACLFers, a special group of intelligent & passionate gooners that educate, elevate and rarely abdicate their responsibilities as fans of the greatest football club on planet Earth.

    HAPPY 2012!
    May our team do us proud this year
    (t’would indeed be nice to grin sheepishly all year)

    and to the custodian of this “holiest” of blogs,
    the fairest of them all
    ….take a bow Yogi

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

    (…glad 2011’s over..phew, what a rollercoaster!)


  20. We will win this if we can avoid falling for the Barton “theatrics”.
    Watching the match in Korea where the starts at the stroke of midnight, hoping for a winning new year.

    Happy new year to all.

  21. YW,
    Q1: do the rules allow a team re-apply for a player work visa in January if they’d applied for one in August the prior year?

    Q2: what were the reasons given by the Home Office for declining Joel Campbell?

  22. morning everyone and a happy new year to everyone.

    the signing of henry for a few months is great for morale and the younger players but honestly we need real fire power, my thoughts are podolski and jan vertonghen are a must and then we can always buy a creative/attacking midfielder in january, i believe (wengers best line) that with 2-3 top players added to our current squad we really can fight for honours.


  23. helloling2xMonica

    Come on lads! 3 points for today!!!!!!!!!

  24. ———————————-SCZ————————-

    Jenks—–Kos/ bartley/JD——-Miguel/TV——Gibbs


    AOC/Theo————Joel Campbell—————-Ryo

    Our current “long term future” team, if that does not make you smile, I do not know what will…once again cheers guys…have a great 2012…….

  25. Well said Aman…and a very happy new year to you too…

  26. Arshavin needs games before Gerv goes to ANC so he surely needs to start today at home to QPR otherwise when will he get enough game time.

  27. happy new year to YW and the family… which now includes us ACLFers as the extended arm of the family!

    3 points with an RVP hat trick along with A QPR thrashing will make an excellent package leading into the new year!

  28. Holy crap! So there is a media-blog campaign for AW to sign Podolski and Vertonghen. Old year, New year, what difference does it make. Pfftt.

  29. Yeah, I spotted that too shotta.

    Plus ca change.

  30. “And now that decision has been taken, let us all stand behind the players as they seek to push on in 2012.”

    We can all dream Yogi!

    I would start AA and TR7 for Gervinho and Aaron.The can come on at the 55 minute mark if all is not well.Which it should be.

  31. shotta,

    there’s no such media campaign (well, apart from the snippets about Merts speaking to Podolski), it’s just common sense:

    – we need a player to play upfront, Podolski can play in the middle and wide left, currently we have two players worth mentioning who can play there in RvP and Gervinho, Chamakh is god awful and Park just not suited to playing in England, as he is too weak and too slow (and I have watched him live, so I got to see what people can’t see on TV)

    – Vertonghen can play CB, LB and DM, two of these positions (LB and DM) are where we need more bodies, as Gibbs seemingly wants to become Diaby’s best mate and there is no real competition for Song

    there are a few players I would not shed a tear for if they left right now, off the top of my head, these would be Diaby, Squillaci, Djourou, Almunia, Chamakh and Fabianski…

    if we were to get rid of both Almunia and Fabianski, we would need to buy a GK too, but there is very little danger of selling wither of MA and LF, let alone both!

  32. I would not say no to Vertonghen.

  33. Ole biscuit barrel

    Talking of long term future (Anirudh’s post), I read some stats yesterday about the number of our youth/academy players vs. the other big teams…and we had significantly fewer. From memory, we had 20, while City had 34, Chelsea 28, Man Utd 24, Sp*ds about 28, etc. This surprised me, given the focus on youth we hear about. Anyone got any perspective on this…I recognise its about quality, not quantity, but still found it concerning.
    (This was in the sports section of the Daily Telegraph (not my paper I hasten to add!) about Capello’s call to ban foreign youngsters)

  34. Bob,

    happy new year old timer…and thats old timer as in the old time blogger not calling you an old git or anything!!

    Poliziano was a funny anglo italian guy.
    I think george is like a revamped camp version of poliziano!!


    (…glad 2011′s over..phew, what a rollercoaster!)

    you talking about the Arsenal or just your life in general?

  35. Their are a few posters I would not shed a tear for if they left right now,off the top of my head ,these would be AIC,Jabba,Goonerton,Gunner2,Suga3……………………….oh,sorry ,I thought it was posters and its players,Soooo sorry.

  36. CAMP?????????????? I will camp you ,you you,how very dare you.



  38. I don’t see a downside to Henry coming back. He is a legend and no matter what he does in these 2 months he will always remain so. One thing is for certain he will let the young players know exactly what it means to have Arsenal in their hearts. This is a man that has ALWAYS said that even when you leave Arsenal you never really leave Arsenal. Hopefully, this kind of fierce loyalty will be infectious.

    And hopefully Henry will let RVP know that the grass isn’t greener anywhere else!

  39. Are we about to go into a slump or something? When suga3 appears one can only be suspicious!

  40. Kenyan,

    I’ve only come on here to wish you all a Happy New Year, that’s all…


    apology accepted 😆

    but then again, you have to admit that there are players who are only a drain on our resources (limited resources at that), contribute fuck all and the wages they are on render them unsellable…

    plus, Wenger has a blind spot for some players, with Diaby being the prime example…

  41. Съ Новымъ годомъ!!!

    Отметим, что в документальном фильме зрители увидят интервью с самим Андреем, его женой Юлией и мамой. Фильм выйдет в эфире телеканала 31 декабря в 21.30 в рамках проекта «Люди России».

    For PG and for those who know an intelligent footballer when he or she is on the field!

    Andrei, his wife and mama are appearing on Russian television tonight at 21.30, St. Petersburg time, discussing his childhood and his first steps on a football career. Neither Wilshere during last season nor Ramsay, so far this season, have understood how to read AA23 game plans!!

  42. good riddance to last year and all the shit that brought us and roll on next year and all the shit this will bring us as well

    my new years resolution is to stop wanting the club to sign players that will improve the squad…

  43. duke,
    i was talking about the Arse but come to think of my life in 2011 was quite the mixbag.
    Atimes quite trying.

    Thankfully, I’m still ticking…
    and i remain POSITIVE.

  44. Agree with your team for today YW. I`m hoping Traore doesn`t come back to haunt us as previous ex players have a habit of doing.

    TH14 will probably stick a few thou on the Leed`s gate & hopefully provide some nice cameos but I`m hoping it`s an Arsene smokescreen before a permanent striker signing later in the `window`.

    Lots of people seem to rate Vertonghen & his versatiity would certainly be useful given our injury situation but how much could we get him for & would it be possible right now ?

    Anyway, let`s just get the three points today & go from there.

    Siggi Jonsson – whatever happened to him ?

  45. Nasri ,Cesc and Rvp were the players on AA’s wavelength.
    He has suffered more from the Cesc departure (and his injuries before he left)than anyone else/
    Suga3.can never agree that Diaby is not worth the wait.

  46. “Neither Wilshere during last season nor Ramsay, so far this season, have understood how to read AA23 game plans!!”

    I concur Notoverthehill.
    Hope they understand his game better this year.
    Always said only TR7 & RvP really get AA.
    I hope TH12’s up on it too.

  47. if traore comes back to haunt us then we’ll be having a really bad off day cos hes shit..

  48. george,

    we have been through this before, Diaby is hardly ever fit and has one good game in about five, and even in the last good game he had (Magpies), he managed to get himself sent off for being a twat…

    yes, I can understand him being upset with that ‘tackle’, but he got sent off for allowing these inbreds to provoke him…

    so, a permacrock, inconsistent as fuck and immature, deffo not wort the wait in my book, he is what, 25?

    25 is the age where one peaks physically, and it’s downhill (to a different extent in individual cases) since!

  49. vertonghens a good player but hes a CB first and foremost..he can play LB but hes not a left wing back so he’d only do the job TV does out there and and can play DM but its very rare he does so essentially in vertonghen we are just buying another CB.

    when what we really need is……

  50. Glad Theo is back. The absence of his pace was one of the reasons why we struggled against Wolves. His partnership with RVP is often overlooked, but is vital for the team. RVP feels more natural clinical when on the end of Theo’s end balls.
    Big performance needed today from the whole team and the manager.

  51. I knew you would say that Suga,you always do.And I make the same reply’s.
    So lets not bore everyone else and leave it at that ,eh?

  52. All I want for the New Year is van Persie to stay fit. Not much eh?For purely selfish reasons who would not want to see TH14 give us one last va va voom on the emirates turf.. I also hope it is not a sad return i.e getting an injury. He is by no means the same thierry but what a boost.All those who think he is past his best look at what Henrik Larson did following his celtic exit. He helped propel United to the top and Barca to Champions league glory and people thought he could not cut it outside Celtic Park. What price TH14 scoring the winner against United and Tottenham.,

    with two games in 3 days i think there will be some rotation. QPR and Fulham is a no brainer on paper but they are very good anti footbalI teams and with the arch angel Joey barton in their ranks you can expect anything. This a game to be played in the heads and not the hearts. hope Gervinho skins the c@nt barton today and he gets sent off. Bonne Annee ACLF.rs

  53. was anyone on the thread when i mentioned jordan rhodes??

    he banged another one in last night..the boys a machine…

  54. george,

    agreed 😉

  55. SV, p ace is less important when everyone is in the opponents half.As against Wolves.

  56. @pedantic
    I agree, it’s less important, but with both Gerv and Theo on the flanks we are much more balanced and give the opponents more to think about.

  57. I think Henry may surprise some people with how much he still has in the tank. I watched a lot of his matches in MLS this year and his touch and finishing is still top notch. The only thing he is lacking is the stamina to play more than 50 – 60 hard minutes. As a sub he may have more impact than we might otherwise think.

    Looking forward to the game today….Here’s hoping for an RVP hat trick to end the year!

  58. And yes…I am up at 4:42 in the morning posting on an Arsenal blog…something must be wrong with me…lol.

  59. ****NEWSFLASH: Thierry Henry to score 12 goals in 2012 loan spell at Arsenal!!!!****

    culled from News Of The Earth Corp.

  60. United starting with Rafael in midfield with Park and Carrick…fuck me, how are they top of the table?

  61. YW a special best wishes to you.

    Wishing everyone a 2012 filled with happiness, contentment, and good health.

  62. penalty to blackburn…holy shit! at OT…unheard of

  63. no, they are playing Blackburn at home…

  64. come on steve kean..
    let be the game you shut up all your haters…

    although with the attackers utd have..i cant see blackburn keeping a clean sheet..

  65. lets see if the ref can hold up under the imminent pressure from the crowd at OT and old red nose

  66. to be honest vice the games been flat..
    the crowd are quiet

  67. hope it stays that way jon jon

  68. to be honest it doesnt matter anyway what happens at utd now..
    its chelsea liverpool and spurs we need to slip up..

  69. But I still take great joy when United slip up…

  70. standard..

  71. Berbatov fouled Samba in the box again…could have been another pen with no complaints…we will see if Atkinsopn has the balls to give another one at OT if it is warranted.

  72. Yogi:

    Happy New year to you and your family and happy new year to everyone on ACLF. You still have the best Arsenal blog and you are one of the best football journalists in the world.

    Today probably comes as close to a must win as any 19th game can be. We can’t afford to drop points at home to squads like QPR. Our next game away at Fulham will be a tough match and a draw in that one would not be a surprise making today even more important.

    I have no real problem with TH14 signing unless we do that instead of permanent solution to our attacking problem but that subject has been covered extensively. Hopefully Titi can add some punch to the side during the ACN. I really find it hard to believe that someone with his pedigree really signed to sit on the bench. I expect him to rotate with Theo and AA in the 2 wide spots. Hard to imagine us leaving RVP on the bench for any league or CL games.

  73. Blackburn lying very deep and defending well against United. Samba and the whole team has been awesome. Still can’t see them holding United but we can always hope.

  74. So…is Walcott going to give up the number 14 jersey while Henry is here as a sign of respect? One would think if you have a statue you would get your jersey number as well…hmmm.

  75. Queens Park Rangers will be a tough out. The guys need to win. We are still in the hunt for the title. Man U is losing to Blackburn 1-0 at half. City will stumble as well. The Citizens are for real. We need to win at two more during this run of matches.

  76. no…
    thats not fair to walcott..henry wont be here two minutes…it would be disrespectful to theo if it was taken but if theo volunteered…….then thats upto theo

    but ive got a feeling he’ll tell titi to fuck off…

  77. Samba would have been a monster in an arsenal shirt. Too bad we didn’t bring in him or mert a couple of years ago.

  78. That is what I was thinking…it would be rather unfair to Walcott, but I see Walcott as the kind of guy who will probably offer it to him because he respects Henry so much as an Arsenal legend…just curious to see what others thought on the matter.

  79. The only reason United get away with not having a player that even resembles a creative midfielders is because of their incredible organisation. As much as i hate them, Sir Alex ferguson bases his game alot on the teams organisation and players being at the right place at the right time.

    But they really do need someone in midfield cos they won’t get away with it much longer.

    And also a quick thought, the speed that Man utd switch the ball from defence to attack kind of negates the need to have a really strong creative midfielder. As i said they won’t get away with it against some of the top teams but against the lower teams they usually have enough quality upfront to make up for their ineffectual midfield.

    Usually that is.

  80. Happy new year to you all at ACLF. This has been definitely a roller-coaster year and I am glad to see the back of it. It brought the worst in some people around here but it also showed how resolute some people are.I am hoping for a better 2012 and what better way to do that than a win tonight. Not sure of how I feel about the Henry signing, I ‘ll just wait and see on what impact he makes for us before commenting.


  81. Moe,

    I think you are right for the most part. The Mancs try to get Nani and Welbeck on the ball as fast as possible so the ball does not linger in midfield very long.

  82. 2-0 to Blackburn…the Yak again!

  83. 2-0 blackburn

  84. wow…United come right back down and score an ugly ass, scrappy goal to cancel it out.

  85. You just don’t get the feeling that Blackburn is going to be able to see this out…they are getting rather shaky…

  86. Too bad Senderos (&JD!) was out injured for the whole season two years ago. Although if I acknowledged that I would not be able to revise events as Per my mypoic agenda.

  87. blackburn defender coming for Rochina centre mid

    says alot about what they intend to do

  88. Urgh- myopic.

    If the Yak can still score in the PL then so can Henry.

    Happy New Year!

  89. So far Atkinson has had a very consistent game…the calls seem to be pretty accurate and he looks like he is not being swayed by the home fans at all…we will see if it holds up.

  90. there it is…2-2…it was always coming…now the Mancs will probably go on to snatch the winner. Fuckin Blackburn…

  91. the utd effect..

    bollox..fergeies attacking options really do get him out of the shit…doesnt matter what striker he uses..they score…

    come on blackburn..hang on

  92. 2-2

    Blackburn really are useless.

  93. only reason im even watching this game is to get me through to Arsenal at 3 oclock

  94. I take it back. Can’t see Blackburn holding out. Bummer

    Agree with moe @ 1:52.

  95. Why can’t Blackburn get lucky as hell against Utd like they did against us. Why cant Jones flick the ball into his own net. Can Blackburn get a blatantly offside goal like they did against us? Come on when is Karma going to even this shit out?

  96. the only reason I am watching this game is because I woke up at 4am and couldn’t go back to sleep…the game starte around 5am here so I said fuck it…why not watch this shit fest?

  97. arshavin starts v fulham

  98. sorry..not fucking fulham…

  99. We make fun of berbatov and the waste of 30M but united would not have won the title without him last season. A title is easily worth 30M. He scores when he comes in. It does not take him a run of games to find his shooting boots.

  100. From Emmanuel on Twitter – “Hope every have a Dench Nye Go out and get yourselves Frimponged “. Got to love a player who has turned his family name into a verb for getting twatted. 😉

    Le Coq maybe ahead of him in technique but in many a way I’d rather see Frimpong capitalise on his skills and come good long term, partly because he’s a gunner AND a gooner but also because he has he has more ‘character’ – just not enough characters in the game these days.

  101. van Persie starts. So, thats a massive ringing endorsement for the understudies then! 🙂

  102. JonJon

    how do you know this?


  103. oh wait u meant QPR jon jon

    Team in full: Szczesny, Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Walcott, Arshavin, Van Persie.

    Subs: Almunia, Rosicky, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Gervinho, Chamakh, Benayoun, Coquelin.

  104. Do you have the full lineup Jon Jon?

    I would imagine it is the usual supects with Arshavin in for Gervinho?

  105. Moe

    Do you have access to the internet… Oh wait!

    The teams are announced an hour before mate.

  106. nevermind…question answered

  107. berbatovs class bill..
    the thing with utd is..a mr bob picked up on this yestersay to an extent…
    is that they have so many good strikers…so many in fact that fergie can tell berbatov a new contract will be offered when its offered and he takes it or leaves it..

    imaging us doing that to robin?? we’d shit ourselves at the thought…but thats only cos we have robin..

    utd have a crap team overall but they have the strikers and thats why they are the only team keeping up with city cos its your strikers essentially who win you points..

    saying that..i hope blackburn have a another goal in them cos utds defence and gk is shit…

  108. Blackburn get a third…De Gea out to sea!…..fuck yeah

  109. and as we speak…. hahahahaha

  110. Dexter

    Haha, Got confused because Jon Jon said Fulham instead of QPR

  111. Fuck me, go Rovers!

  112. “Happy birthday dear Alex”

  113. 3-2 to Blackburn

    Im laughing

  114. What a shocker. United defense and gk were terrible. Go rovers

  115. dex lol
    wengers got nothing but faith in the others…

  116. Comon blackburn

  117. sorry moe.. 😉

  118. Moe

    Sorry mate, just teasing!

  119. Not getting Carried away tho

    Man Utd probably will get an equaliser in the 92:59

  120. yeah utd are well capable of another but so are blackburn..

    its just whoever can hold on at the back..and blackburn have samba..

  121. 2 more minutes plus Fergie time…come on Blackburn…hold out.

  122. JonJon and Dexter

    Quite alright

    I’ll be more than alright if Blackburn can get a win here

  123. If it is a disaster for Arsenal to draw to Wolves at home?…What is it if United lose to bottom of the table Blackburn at home?

  124. If Blackburn hold on here that would be a spanking, gorgeous memory for the end of 2011 (provided Arsenal also win). Really hope AA has a spanker today and proves the naysayers wrong.

  125. 4 minutes of fergie time added

  126. I am usually one to bitch when the refs mess up, so I feel it necessary to reiterate the fact that Atkinson has called a really good, consistent game today. And it really does pain me to give the man any credit…

  127. well done steve kean..

  128. There it is…fuck you Mancs….lol….

  129. Or was that Dean as the ref today? I always get them mixed up…lol.

  130. Put’s the 3-4 into perspective, huh? Especially cause everything that could’ve gone wrong in that match went wrong for us with two freak own goals. Also, ManU need a decent keeper. I heard there is this Fabianski fella on the bench for Arsenal, maybe Fergie should look into him?

  131. Vice

    Thought it was Mike Dean?

    Anyway, good game, amazing result!

    Come on Arsenal!!!

  132. 30 secs left Man utd corner

  133. Im a bit late arent I?

    Come on Arsenal!!!!!!!!

  134. Evil

    Don’t remind me of that game up at Ewood. I was right behind the goal when we resmbled a pub team defensively. Still trying to get over it man.

  135. That Samba is a right useless lump. Terrible defender.

  136. Moe

    Get with the program dude! 🙂

  137. I feel our squad needs to give someone a proper thrashing…we are due…let’s hope today is that day!

  138. come on arshavin….

  139. “If it is a disaster for Arsenal to draw to Wolves at home?…What is it if United lose to bottom of the table Blackburn at home?”

    Depends – if Man Utd go on to win the title then it means very little, if they lose it by a close margin, then it will probably be hailed as a pivotal moment.

    I recall the joy of the scum getting spanked 6-3 by Southampton but they still won the league that year.

    Still, one would have to strongly fancy Man City now…

  140. What a result for Blackburn. United a one man team. How our defense is criticised is baffling this United lot are crap….crap….crap! Lets do QPR and Barton. Theo is back so hopefully that should restore the balance. Footballing gods on our side today I hope. RVP hatrick today to smash the record.

  141. Great result Blackburn. Beating them at Old Trafford as well. Fantastic.

  142. Wow. Rovers!!! Even united at home against the bottom of the table team can’t overcome crap defending and gk United has injury disaster in defense and a dodgy gk . Hopefully a few more dropped points to come.

  143. Vicie the media will find a way to spurn it differently. You wait and see.Perfect new year’s present now let’s beat QPR and it will be complete!!

  144. Delighted about Henry re-signing as well. I see no downside. If he wasn’t around, where would we find equivalent talent on a short term loan? Not to mention someone who we know for a fact will fit in and work his socks off for the team.

  145. Arshavin for Hattrick?

    I really do hope that he brings a great performance today. Arshavin on his day just like Rosicky can be absolutely magical and the reason he starts to day i think is to build his confidence for the coming year where he will replace Gervinho.

    Ramsey also has something to prove. for all his endless marauding runs, he needs to be more effective in midfield if he doesnt want to see wilshere or even Rosicky take his place.

    Come on Arsenal

  146. Fungunner

    I agree, there is no downer to henry returning. Only bitter fools would find something negative in it. I read some pathetic blog piece yesterday from a supposed Gooner blog. Pah! 🙂

  147. I am always curious to see how the media spin it. We will see…anyway, fuck the Mancs now…COYG! give em a proper thrashing…Arshavin to score the opener and rediscover his mojo!

  148. Now come on Swansea! Too much to hope that Aston Villa actually make an effort against anyone except us, I suppose. But you never know.

    Theo was v complimentary about Traore, as was AW. I hate it when he does that before a game because they then always go on to have an absolute blinder against us.

  149. I want a RVP hattrick, please. I want to see him get the record!

  150. Yes Moe

    Here’s to Arshavin finding that elusive mojo again and after scoring a cracker of a 30 yarder he then fires a thunderbolt into Barton’s nads.


  151. 4 goals for AA anyone….

  152. @ Moe | December 31, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    “Arshavin for Hattrick?”

    Funny you should say that, because I was looking at the goal of the year clip on arsenal.com and he was looking really good in a few of them. He really has his moments.

  153. rvp hatrick assisted by arshavin..

    but a 1-0 with an own goal will do..

  154. Lets hope we don’t get bitten by the Barton curse today…that is the only thing I am worried about…one of our players getting drawn into his bullshit…or the ref allowing him to assualt someone on the pitch and then sending off the victim…

  155. I also want Robin to sign a new contract and stay with us forever.

  156. Any kind of win will do obviously. But it would be nice for RvP to get that record, Arshavin to rediscover his form and Chamakh to get a brace too. So, 6-1 it is then (Traore can have a consolation goal for old times sake)

  157. Great score by rovers. COYG.

  158. Really curious to see how Djourou handles Wright-Phillips as well.

  159. @ Dexter | December 31, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    You’d have to very inventive or just be desperate for us to sign Player X to see it as a bad thing. Henry isn’t going to be the player he was in 2004, but the player we saw in the Emirates Cup was pretty damn good. another upside is that it takes bad pressure off Park (as in he’s our only striker if Robin gets injured) and puts good pressure on him (as in he isn’t guaranteed a start in that same situation).

  160. Oh and an resolution to the Israel/Palestine conflict, America to stop invading every oil rich country, bankers to stop rinsing our cash, an end to famine, a new engine invented that runs on farts.

  161. @ viceologist | December 31, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    “Lets hope we don’t get bitten by the Barton curse today…”

    hear hear!

  162. Come on you reds!!!

  163. Vice

    Atkinson is our ref today mate! Hope he has as good a game as Dean did today.

  164. I keep forgetting Barton is at QPR

    the bastard

  165. Nice one Dexter…lol.

  166. Had a feeling Blackburn would get the last goal.

    Quite funny reading through the comments.

  167. Yep i’ve seen this tactic and formation by QPR before

    They want to tighten up the space, not letting us breather even for a second, playing with 5 in the middle

    Most teams do this against us to be honest

  168. wow Qpr attacking alot

  169. Wright philips causing problems

  170. any decent links to live stream of the game?

  171. Poor work from Per there, a little dozy, fuckin’ great save from our Chez.

  172. What is this clown doing on the ground…he didnt even get hit…he elbowed Per

  173. We are not looking very sharp to start…

  174. RVP toying with the defender

  175. Black bums just go to prove anything is possible in football, puts drawing with wolves into perspective we need a thoroughly professional performance especially collective defensive awareness!

  176. That was a wicked elbow on Arshavin…

  177. Blatant red card foul on AA. Amazed he didn’t suffer a fracture.

  178. We’ve not offered much for the first 20.

  179. Chelscum 1-0

  180. oh fuck me that was close…great move by Djourou

  181. QPR resolute and defensive, us gradually wearing them down. A familiar pattern. Patience required I fancy – the phenomenal luck which kept us from scoring at citeh and against Wolves surely must be used up now.

  182. We look very flat

    Especially the midfield

  183. Great run from Djorou there, RVP unlucky.

  184. I disagree profoundly Moe. We are building pressure. It’s what we do.

  185. fuckin dirty from Barton…no surprise

  186. Oh a yellow for Barton. So he will have to keep it down and won’t be able to wind us up.

  187. Early booking for Barton.

  188. Barton doing what he does. Scum.

  189. Moe

    steww doesnt allow any hint of critique man. Just watch yourself! 🙂

    That was a ‘joke’ stewwww mate!

  190. 1-1 Chelsea. Terry escapes red card for handball.

    Arsenal turning the screw now.

  191. Villa equalise

  192. the spuds are riding their luck big stylee.

  193. Fuck…you have to be kidding me…RVP so close again…damn chocolate leg

  194. Barton should’ve seen red, what a surprise.

  195. Oh dear. I agree with all those doomers this time last year said we should cut our lossess with RVP. He couldn’t score with my sister.

  196. steww

    surely we dont play like the first 20 mins every game just to build pressure

  197. He’s rubbish today tho, so I agree with them, get rid, cut our losses, sign Torres.

  198. Moe, when the opposition pack the defence we move them around with our passing game probing for openings and building pressure.
    It’s how I see it. You see it as us being flat.
    The way the chances have increased since our first exchange rather proves my point don’t you think?

  199. Moe

    We fucked up last time by pissing about 1st half and letting Wolves into a game they had no right to get anything from. Don’t think we will make that mistake again.

  200. Well, penalty embargo back on or what?

  201. Come

  202. If that’s not a handball, I do not know what is.

  203. Bolt on blatant handball – dived towards it hands raised. Must be a penalty.

  204. Can’t watch the game. Stuck watching villa and Chelsea. Chelsea defense is poor. JT ain’t what he used to be

  205. RVP has already missed a hatrick of chances.

  206. All the chances we created and the sometimes good and sometimes lucky saves the wolves keeper pulled off hardly suggests we did much wrong in that game.

  207. Looks like we have got ourselves another one of them shit refs. Thanks a bunch Mike Riley, you manc twat.

  208. Bill you have the internet – why are you watching chelsea?

  209. Atkinson just booked the wrong fuckin player…jack ass

  210. WE drew steww, we completely eased up first half when only one nil up, we let wolves back in by treating the game like a training excercise 1st half.

    We fucked up. What planet?

  211. Wow, what a ref we have … blind as a mole.

  212. Steww the links I tried have not worked. Usually the games are on espn or fox soccer channel but not today.

  213. Or Riley…why do I keep thinking every ref is Atkinson today…jesus…I am losin it

  214. fuckin dumb ref mistook vermaelen with mertasacker and got a yellow for it

    vermaelen laughs

  215. Dexter you do support Arsenal? Only you seem to see things from the point of view of someone hell bent on finding fault. Which planet? Planet Arsenal always and forever.

  216. Bill

    That last statement wont do anything to detract from the rumours of you being a Chav fan man.

  217. Oh and Bill Terry is just what he used to be and i suspect always will be. You wouldn’t invite him to lunch would you?

  218. Careless use of the ball so far. Ramsey is well off the boil recently and Song’s passing is below par so far today,

  219. Can we please get a different ref? We got fouled twenty times and it’s always advantage and then Barton goes down like a b*tch in heat and it’s a yellow. And RVP, please start taking your chancs. I am waiting for your hat trick!

  220. Our midfield is looking a little out of sorts so far…a lot of wayward passes

  221. WE were awesome vs Man City, we played well most of the 2nd half vs Wolves, but we fucked up. Hardly hell bent.

    But coming from you steww, I am hardly offended, you are the blog equivalent of prozac afterall.

    All is good, all is well…. Ohmmmmmm

  222. How the hell can a goal bound shot be blocked by the hand of Luke Young in his penalty area not be a penalty? Martin Atkinson again.

  223. Another handball? Really?

  224. great strike from Ramsey!

  225. Ha – Prozac. Brilliant. Thanks for that, made me smile. I’m normally accused of the opposite.

  226. steww

    I love your atitude dude, dont go changing man!

  227. We have to make this pressure pay

  228. Jammy spudlings 1 nil up totally against the run of play

  229. we are gonna get fucked by the ref today

    simple as that

    2 clear penalties and giving away yellow cards like they are sweets

  230. Not liking the fact that no home team’s are winning and manU lost already.

  231. Kos is a beast.

  232. Jonny none of the links work on my iPad. Thanks for trying

  233. Apart from Bolton, who will probably lose anyway. 🙂

  234. george i apologise for calling you camp earlier….but the cat, liking tony blair the love for AA……..

  235. This half has illustrated the need for a permanent signing up front in January. Anyone expect Chamakh to do anything IF he comes on? Park hasn’t even made the squad.

  236. Well…not was I was hoping for at all…Theo’s touch has been a bit shaky so far…I can’t stomach another one of these games where we batter them all game and get nothing from it.

  237. Spud one nil up…. need to step up second half….
    And as usual Arsene won’t be able to rest RVP

  238. Video tech now. And foreign referees. I hate it that game after game is decided by inept or corrupt officials.

  239. Steww

    I tried that one also. I think the problem is that iPad doesn’t play a lot of the links. It doesnt support real player or many of the add ons needed to use those sites.

  240. In an attempt to understand how other people think please explain how anything we did or didn’t do in that half is the reason we’re not going in with a half time lead.
    I see the responsibility as equally shared between the ref – two blatant penalties and a missed straight red card – and resolute defending by QPR. But I know others don’t, already someone has blamed Chamack…

  241. djourou’s run into the middle to set up rvp.. well he has been trying that in the previous games, and this is the first time he’s really pulled it off.

  242. 45 minutes is a long time in football. The fact its 0-0 is better than going in 1-1 like vs Wolves. Still there for the taking.

  243. Bad luck Bill. I don’t use Apple stuff so I can’t help you wish i could. watching Chelsea while we are playing. Man. That sucks.

  244. I wsay give the Ox a chance if we have no break through by the 60th minute…for either Arshavin or Walcott…

  245. For some odd reason Refs seem to get more decisions nowadays than they used to before

    i honestly believe most of them are corrupt.

    Theo looked astonishingly woeful against traore

  246. Bill

    Unless someone has an insight into these things, I think you are pissing in the wind hoping to get links running on an iPad man.

  247. And keep those strikes from Ramsey and Arteta coming from outside the box…one is bound to go in, or catch a good deflection and go in…

  248. I would say the first penalty shout would have been harsh…defender was close…threw himself at a ferocious shot and it deflected off his stomach into his arm…the second one from the cross was much more legitimate and could have been given.

  249. Why wouldn’t Chamakh score goals again? He hasn’t turned into a shit player, he is just having a bad run. Look at £50m man Torres and £35m Carroll for proof that shit happens. Thing is, coz those dudes cost so much, no fucker’s writing them off.

    Strange that.

  250. already someone has blamed Chamack…

    Assume that’s me? Try brushing up on your reading skills.

  251. What on earth are you talking about James. Look how many chances fell to RVP.

    Like a scratched record to blouse and skirt.

  252. A bit of a brush up on your spelling wouldn’t go amiss either. CHAMAKH

  253. Theo looks to still be recovering from his illness……not his usual aggressive self.

    Still plenty of time.

  254. Fully agree Dexter…I was thinking that while watching Liverpool yesterday…Carroll has done nothing…at least Chamakh contributed for a good stretch when we needed him last year…

  255. quite simply we HAVE to win this today

  256. van Persie has been woeful today, he needs to go….
    …. and help himself to a lovely half time cup of tea.

  257. Dexter

    yep even van persie can’t be exempt from critiscm i think alot of people are too ready to overlook if he has been poor in a game

  258. Do you think they will go back and change that yellow Vermaelen got to the correct player? That would be too honest a thing to do I suppose

  259. and these calls are just evening themselves out, innit?

  260. Please please please Mr Atkinson. Do not fuck us up.



  261. Why does the fa and the establishment in football find it so hard to just do the right fuckin thing…seems completely ridiculous.

  262. Wolves equalise vs Bolton.

  263. According to the bbc site: “By the way, Atkinson cannot rescind that incorrect booking so Vermaelen will be sent off if he does collect another yellow.”

    I can’t believe that – surely that can’t be the case when it’s a case of mistaken identity!

  264. One of the links worked on my Mac book. Thank guys. Need to keep a clean sheet and get a goal in the 2 nd half.

  265. There should be someone in a booth watching video and rectifying things like yellow cards being given to the wrong fuckin player…figure it out FA you have no credibility.

  266. Arteta almost never loses the ball

  267. Happy New Year to one and all!!! And COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 HAHA Blackburn won!!!!

  268. We are completely out of ideas in the final third…I cant help but think some proper fullbacks would open up the necessary space for us.

  269. We are going to fuck around and give away points if we dont start playing better fast.

  270. fucking hell our passing has been woeful

  271. great Vermaelen coming off with a knock…just what we need!

  272. Brave from Szcezzer.Hmm. Bringing the youngster on early…

  273. Huh? Why did we take Vermaelen off?

  274. vermaelen off for coquelin

  275. He had a knock Evil…

  276. You lot must be watching a different game. You can’t win ’em all by scoring 4 in the first ten. We are creating plenty and dominating the game. of course we’d all like a goal but words like ‘woeful’ are just breathtaking in the depth of their inaccuracy.

  277. I wish Henry would be available now. We could use a lift.

  278. Must be an injury, Evil

  279. Get Gervinho on Arshavin needs to up his work rate. Why is Vermaelen Off,. Is he injured?

  280. you have got to be fuckin kidding me Walcott…really…really…

  281. Theo misses a one on one…. Only one word to describe that; WOEFUL! 🙂

  282. surely this cant be one of THOSE games

    we need something to settle us soon

  283. Theo shouldn’t have eaten so much for Christmas

  284. Oh bollocks. Come on, boys! Ramsey sounds like he’s having a bright game, though.

  285. Right I’m off I can’t share the pleasure of watching a match with people who’d be better off just checking the scores. You need to enjoy the whole thing or what’s the point?

  286. Blimey Theo. One of those again?

    Come on!!!

  287. O M G

    Walcott what a miSS

  288. That was just pure lack opf confidence…

  289. The passing has been below par today. Surely if you watch football you can see that?

    Also another fine illustration of why Walcott won’t be playing as a striker for a top side anytime soon…

  290. This is painful to watch…can we ever just bury our chances and put teams away

  291. No jamesM, thats over simplified bollocks dude. Theo has finished off much much harder chances than that, so chill ya beans.

    RvP scores!!!!!!!!!!!!

  292. Brilliant Robin – and brilliant from AA!

  293. You knew it would be RVP!…perfect weight on the pass from Arshavin!

  294. Get In!!!

  295. Thank heavens for RVP. Now we just need to keep the clean sheet..

  296. He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants…. Robin van persie, he scores when he wants!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. Yes… RVP I love you.

  298. Wasn’t that Denilson who failed to track back Shaun Wright-Phillips?.

  299. Thank god for that, no go get that record Robin.

  300. We are in the top 4 at the moment.

  301. And theres Robin. Thats how to do it Andrei

  302. fuck everyone who said Arshavin is shit

    Arshavin to van persie= Goal

  303. See how it is done Theo. Central striker my foot.

  304. But he routinely looks to pass when in those situations and fucks it up when forced to shoot. Not the mark of a striker and we can’t let him learn how to finish in our first team.

  305. He’s got his mojo, he’s got his mojoooo…. Andrey Arshavin has got his mojo!!1

  306. nearly for Arshavin…fuckin a

  307. There goes one record. 2 more for the other record

  308. yeah thats right lets fukin grill theo for a miss when he has been ill.

  309. Thank God for Arshavin, sweet pass..

  310. If you are going to switch your argument JamesM, then there’s no point debating the issue man.

    Theo has a great eye for goal, he quite possibly is lacking a bit of sharpness. And as for looking to pas it, that might have something to do with the instructions he is given; looking to create for others, unless he gets a one on one, if you like.

  311. Where is George? Your boy is having a monster of a game.

  312. Ease up you old misery. it’s Theo’s turn.

  313. Phew! Be strong, boys

  314. When RVP scores we have taken 27 out of 30 points this season. Hopefully the trend will continue

  315. why the hell is arshavin coming off

  316. Duke and Bob – I hate to lay in a player but to be fair today has been too much of the bad Theo.

  317. Barton at it again. My theory is that refs are falling over themselves not to appear prejudiced against a criminal, so he gets away with murder.

  318. coquelin looks the business at right left back

  319. well theo has more chance of scoring then rosicky who could not score in a brothel.

  320. Agree about Coquelin……Moe.

    Having some positive minutes at left back.

  321. Moe – Coquelin is much too right footed for a left back.

  322. Come on Arsenal!

  323. Jesus shotta, have you had a bad time of it lately? Nothing but negativity. Where’s steww when you need him? He’d give you a right good chiding man. 🙂

  324. Coquelin is the business full stop. Does a good job wherever he’s asked to play. Great prospect.

  325. shottagunna

    yeah but at this moment in time he is quite enough to fill in at left back

  326. Gervinho skins barton like i said. Priceless. COYG we need another one

  327. Keep the pressure !

  328. Need Swansea to get a goal they deserve now.

  329. This years team is better then previous teams. I am not even nervous about a 1-0 lead with this group. the improvement in the back is amazing.

    How does gervinho miss that? Add one more goalscorer to play with RVP and this team and marry it with this defense and we would be unstoppable.

  330. Come on Arsenal!! Need the scores to stay apart from a Swansea goal or two! COYG!

  331. Bill

    I agree with you.

    (Well, I thought I’d do it once this year!)

  332. Villa 2-1 up and Swansea score!!!

  333. stop trying to pass to the greedy rvp ffs.

  334. Come on you rip roaring Gunners!!! Let’s win it now, with one more for Robin to boot!

  335. Last of The Country Gentlemen

    Villa have scored!

  336. I still think theo will be a big player for us but he has scored 6 in the last 38 games. He has to do better. We need more production from our outside attackers.

    Chelsea go down 1-2.

  337. Last of The Country Gentlemen

    Swansea have scored too!

  338. Aww you meany DukeyG!

  339. chelsea down to 2-1 down

    and spurs drawing


  340. Chelsea losing against Villa! Swansea equalised v Spurs! If we can see this out, great day’s work.

  341. Bill

    Dont get carried away man, I meant I agreed with the bit about us signing a striker.

    Villa 3-1 vs chavs now.

  342. Now that miss was the bad Gervinho, as bad as Theo.

  343. Just confirming those results for those who hadn’t read the previous dozen posts, ha ha!

  344. Gah and double gah!

  345. Come on Arsenal!

  346. Haha! Fungunner!

  347. Bendtner finally showing a bit of gratitude.

  348. Song has been off key.

  349. Why, whats Nicklas said FG?

  350. Consolsbob- Wish for more, the new year gives you what you ask for! Haha! Two more RVP goals in a blink of an eye please!

  351. Dex. The numbers don’t lie.

  352. @ Dexter
    Ignore me – I was having a blonde moment.

  353. Bill

    He hasnt played 38 times for us. He is in his first season and is deployed as a winger. Scoring 1 in 5 is decent for any winger, more is a bonus. He has decent amount of assists too.

  354. Ha! OK FG! 🙂

  355. Time wasting in the corner. Pragmatism. Love it.

  356. spuds draw

  357. well done fun….you are not going to be left alone now everyone knows your a blonde….by the way do you know your posts are the most insightful.

  358. Gervinho is annoying sometimes


  359. Job done. What a day. See you all in 2012! 🙂

  360. Wish for more? I already support the best team in the world.

  361. One nil to the Arsenal!!!

  362. Is the game over?

  363. You keep your filthy hands off Fun, duke. Remember what maria would say.

  364. Happy 2012 to you Jonny boy. All the best man.

  365. !-0 to thw Arsenal. i love this team.Theres only one robin Van Persie,

  366. What a perfect way to end the year my fellow Gooners. Chelsea spanked, Man U lose to Blackburn and Spurs held against Swansea. Happy New Year to you all.

  367. Gains

    Yes mate, 1-0 to the good guys

  368. stop being spineless shotta
    your begining to sound like jj and his ilk

    a hard fought year comes to a happy end..
    but yes we still need another striker with an eye for goal…

  369. Yes… just 3 points what we asked for.

  370. Last of The Country Gentlemen

    Top 4 for the new year!

  371. Calm down, duke, I am not a blonde – how very dare you?!

    Go Gunners! Fantastic three points. My connection went down just before the end of the game and while I was waiting for it to come back up, I was torturing myself with worst case scenarios none of which, thankfully have transpired.

  372. Dex

    I was talking about theo not Gerv. Gerv always looks to be a threat. Hopefully he will start to put away his chances. We will miss him in January.

  373. I declare, supporting Arsenal FC as I do is not good for the heart. We should have won by at least 3 clears goals not a heart testing 1-nil.

  374. i might actually watch match of the day tonight..
    i love these weekends…

  375. How things change, eh? A few days ago we were going to miss out on the CL and now we’re in fourth and the title race is back on.

  376. Bob- Very true!

    What a NYE! United lose, Chelsea lose, Spurs draw and WE- THE GUNNERS WIN and are part of the TOP 4 at the half way point in the season. If we can add some more attacking power to the squad, we still have 19 matches to go!

  377. Arsenal 1-0 QPR FT
    Bolton 1-1 Wolves FT
    Chelsea 1-3 Aston Villa FT
    Man Utd 2-3 Blackburn FT
    Norwich 1-1 Fulham FT
    Stoke 2-2 Wigan FT
    Swansea 1-1 Tottenham FT

    Happy Fucking New year Arsenal 🙂

  378. Now we can all party like it’s 2012! See ya!

  379. Love our defense!!!! Great day for us.

  380. Right, we get our injured back, Henry storms it for 2 months and we sign at least one player and we can overhaul ManU. The title’s probably too much to hope for, but top 2 sounds fucking good.

    Come on you Gunners!!!! He scores when he wants…. We’ve got Arshavin fuck Adeebyor….. Theeeeeo…. Big fucking german….. Thomas Vermealen…. Need one for Kozzer, we need a song for the Kozzer…. One Arsene Wenger…..

    Right tunes on, have a blast all those partaking in NYE festivities!

    All da best for 2012

  381. David Luiz and Torres are some of the most horrible signings, ever.

  382. Oh j-j: Not even you can spoil my day.

  383. 2012……….

    I feel old

  384. A party is where you drink lots of cwider 🙂

  385. @ Irishgray

    Yes indeed…almost perfect…happy new year Arsenal…and oh Robin a bit more of the same in 2012 would nicely old chap 😀

  386. Bill

    I love Theo man, so wont have any slating of him. He brings so much to the team, that by simply by being on the pitch he affects the opposition dude. Plus, he has been fucking great as far as I can tell.

  387. Dex, even di PL title mi bredrin!
    as long as it is a possibility we keep believing.

  388. Before I go, can I just say what a wonderful effort it has been from the boys to go from bottom third to top 4 in the last four months.

  389. Gains

    Thats £75m well spent if you ask me!

  390. i said that in jest shotta..
    i have no intention in spoiling your day…enjoy it fella..

    happy gooner new year y’all…

    except for george…fuck off george… 🙂

  391. Bloody hell, is that right Irish?

    Party capital of the world here then.

    Who’d have thought it of dear old Deb’n?

  392. Did anyone see the assist by AA btw…did anyone just see that..the vision,,the weight on the pass..RVP did not even have to break stride..also the look of anguish on the face of the CB as he realised that the pass was just too perfect 😀

  393. Well said FunGunner 🙂 Now if only Citeh would drop a few points, maybe NB52 to get the winner?

  394. United and Chelsea spanked at home. Spurs draw. 1-0 to the Arsenal and back in the Top 4 baby. Happy new year ACLFers.

  395. With that I can go and start partying safe in the knowledge that even with the worst of starts and people deserting, we are still top 4 all day long…

    Up the Arsenal!!!!

  396. C’bob – Make sure to have one for me my friend 🙂 Myself and The Girlfiend will be at a party tonight with some very good friends, it shall be all the more enjoyable now that The Arsenal are back where they belong in the Top 4.

  397. The muppets at Fox Soccer Channel just said that David Luiz was a shit signing. About six months late, but when it’s so obvious that even these idiots come out against him, then it doesn’t bode well for side show Bob.

    Hey, Bill, how is shopping at Macy’s working out for Chelsea?

  398. i actually like Garth cooks, seems like he knows what hes talking about

  399. The bastards at BBC website still havent updated the table! They usually have a ‘live’ as it happens table, but not today! Booo! 🙂

  400. Dexter – their table is updated on my screen.

  401. Gains – Please stop insulting the Muppets mate!!

  402. Happy New Year, Yogi & fellow gooners!

  403. 2011 version of RVP belongs in the same conversation as messi and Ronaldo. He is the single most important player to his team in the world right now

  404. hahahah open them bottles…roll them fat ones….chop them long ones… and keep em all coming till monday !! manure – bburn 2-3 hahahaha fuck you ferguson!!! ..cheslea -villa 1-3 AHAHAHAHHA fuck you john terry …swansea -tits 1-1 hihihhhihhih fuck you phl!!! ay neyear!

  405. I think Spuds will stumble in the next few weeks.

  406. United have an ability to pull through adversity don’t they Jonny?

  407. Thanks Dex, and the same to you.

    Happy New year wherever you’re all spending it, drink plenty of cwider and try not to get too Frimponged.

    Can’t wait to see TH12.

    I’m off to darkest South London for a party with close friends – bring it on.

    🙂 😀

  408. In the end it was a record too far. There’s always a next time. The win wasn’t pretty but it was a win all the same. Happy new to all gooners.

  409. Ferguson has them boys so wound up that they do anything for him on the pitch, don’t they Jonny?

  410. Happy New Year Yogi, and all on ACLF.

  411. RVP goes joint twelfth with Alan Smith in the all time Arsenal scoring list with that goal. Five more to catch DB and go top ten…

  412. vice @4:10 good point about full backs which is why the coq made such a difference, hope tv injury isnt to bad but maybe at home we should either play a back three or the full backs should be midfielders not centre backs( like valencia at manure )

  413. Will do Irish, you have a good one.

    Sarf London jonny? A bit dangerous down there you know.

  414. Manure lost because there was no blood in the water.

  415. G69

    Do you really want to start again today. I don’t. The window is open until jan 31. Plenty of time. Luiz and Torres certainly are points in favor of your side of the debate.

  416. How bad was Verma’s knock?

  417. Lol Gains I swear it must be man-love with you, you just can’t help yourself!

    Would you like to meet up for a cuddle – see if we can’t resolve your inner-rage, outward-aggression and homophobia issues?


  418. You’ll never find him in a pub jonny, not in my experience anyway.

  419. Wolves have confirmed they’ve agreed to sign Emmanuel Frimpong on loan until the end of the season. Deal sealed tomorrow.

  420. Vermalalen out for 2-3 weeks but no defender being brought in – says Wenger.

  421. Yes, I want to start today, Bill. When all week someone tells you that we need to buy big after a draw against Wolves and the preceding match day all the other teams who supposedly are more competitive, due to their big signings, come crashing down, then it is nice to have a gloat. Oh, and your ridiculous Walmart analogy was piss poor as well.

  422. Vermaelen out for 2 to three weeks

    Frimpong officially to Wolves Loan

    And arsen wenger has admitted to tryin to sign a defender but only on Loan

  423. from bbc site:
    “It’s not ALL good news for Arsenal fans today. Arsene Wenger has just revealed that Thomas Vermaelen is out for “two or three weeks” with the injury he sustained against QPR. Wenger also confirmed he’s trying to sign a defender but only on loan, and Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong has sealed his loan switch to Wolves for the rest of the season.”

    Damn. Better get used to playing LB, Franny!

  424. Sorry confirms he IS trying to sign a defender on loan. 🙂

  425. Wolves boss Mick McCarthy confirms he has signed Arsenal’s Emmanuel Frimpong on loan from 1 January: “I hope he’ll be available for the Chelsea game [on 2 January]. It’s done and I’m delighted because I think he’s a terrific young player.”

  426. Not man love or any of that, Jonny. I just laugh when people compare us to Manure and the very next game all the rubbish they spoke beforehand falls apart.

  427. Gains ,Had they gotten just a sniff????
    People phoning into Arsenal Player bemoaning Andrei.
    Why do people who know fuck all call in?
    Even Gordon Strachan also saying he did nothing.Well it seems no matter what my little fellow does ,he gets slated.
    Theo??? why do we play him at home?If he is ever a central striker I will plait piss.
    Fuck off to you too JJ

  428. Just seeing us in the top four really brings a smile to my face

    Order has been restored people, only stain on the table is spurs in the top four but im sure a couple of draws and some losses will surely put that right.

    I hope our players will now look at the table and think

    Impossible is nothing

  429. Fun, we’ve got Miquel and Franny. Also, our fixture list for the next two weeks is not as treacherous as other points in the season.

  430. You are my Arsenal,
    My only Arsenal,
    You make me happy,
    When skies are (Irish)grey,
    You’ll never know just,
    How much I love you,
    So please don’t take,
    My Arsenal…Away

  431. Yes it’s all about the one game isn’t it 69 – simplistic argument from a simplistic viewpoint.

  432. pedantic george

    You’ll be happy to know Arshavin waz outstanding today.

    he didn’t set the game on fire but he is back in my opinion

  433. just BUY feckin Vertonghen

  434. That’s what I call a Happy New Year for the gunners.

    Kos my MOTM today.

  435. DeiseGooner

    Wenger isnt going to buy any defenders at all, he said loan thats it

  436. yeah but Vertonghen CAN be a DM so theres his get out clause 😉

  437. Lovely, Irish!

    I had forgotten abotu Miquel. But we might need him to cover CB injuries.

    Well said on the other stuff, btw. I would have thought that if people can see that you can’t read too much into Manure’s loss today, then they should also be able to see the big picture when it’s us drawing or losing occasionally. And yes, buying big is never the answer. Paying large transfer fees is not a way of insuring against a player not working out. Torres and Carroll being perfect examples. Buying right is what matters, and that is why TH is such a golden opportunity.


    Regardless of who we might need, sometimes the right player is not available. That is how it happens in real life. ManUre identified Nasri and Schneider as targets last summer and failed to get either player. People talk glibly about who we should buy, but in reality no players are ever bought – that would be slavery. There isn’t a shop stocked with talent. We as a club have to negotiate with two other parties, each of whom is understandably considering their own interests first, to transfer the registration and buy out the contract of a player. That is why it is not as straightforward as buying a Ferrari, and that is also why money is not the whole story. If a club won’t sell we can’t buy.

  438. George, since they’re sharks perhaps they were full and didn’t go after all the blood Blackburn left in the water,

  439. OK. Now that really is it from me. Please get better soon TV and please please please no other defenders get sick or injured.

  440. Jonny, I guess you’re simplistic then, since you compared us to Manure after drawing one game as well.

  441. Credit to Arshavin for the pass. He made the goal, the shot was the easy part.

  442. very bad news about TV..
    but after fulham weve got a 2 week break anyway until the next PL game v swansea
    a defender coming in will certainly help the situation though..these injuries are just not easing up..
    who are we going to bring in on loan though?? i know ppl are saying wayne bridge but that bloke hasnt played for ages and i remember the last loan he had at westham and he was shite..
    maybe a permanant move for vertonghen would be a better option..
    or even better..give that money to everton as well as someone like gibbs on loan to soften the blow and see if we can convince baines to move south..

  443. Gains:

    Ok Today’s game changes nothing just like last weeks game changed nothing. We still need another goal scorer.

  444. Well said, Fun. Jonny, read Fungunner’s post so you realize how stupid you sound when you spout the ridiculous shit you do after we have a drawback. In case you don’t understand it, the moral of the story is that you can’t jump to conclusions as quickly as you did because the season is long and teams will drop points regardless of how good or bad they are.

    Fun, the big money teams can side step the usual negotiating because they make offers that are impossible to refuse. The problem with people like Bill is that he thinks we should be doing that too, as if the club deals in monopoly money and are debt is imaginary.

  445. leave it out gains ffs we are all in a good mood. leave the arguing till tommorow. cheers.

  446. jj, whats the score with tv then??

  447. Thanks Irish, it just needed a re-fresh.Bit like me after soiling myself with nerves watching the game! Ewwww, sorry. 🙂

    Right off to get well and truly Frimponged then!

  448. Bill, why would we buy another goal scorer when our problem could simply be that we lack width at the moment? Thank god we don’t have anyone with your mentality running the club.

  449. Nah, Duke. These fuckers take the time to moan when have a drawback so I’m going to pour it on when we do well.

  450. have a good un dex..
    dukey hes crocked for a couple of weeks apparently

  451. Great pass by Arshavin!

  452. Why doesn’t Wenger know what we need? that’s what i find so confusing.

  453. You too JJ, PaulN (we can win the title then bro!), DukeyG, George, Gains, Bill, Moe, FG. Take care here’s to 2012 being Red & White!

  454. Or coq looked good at lb but it was a very brief sample. Looks like Miquel for a few weeks with le coq deputized. Great news about frimpong going on loan

  455. I hope Wenger makes a move for Nathan Dyer. I really, really like that player. He reminds me of a young Sean Wright-Phillips.

  456. I agree with Gainsy.

  457. thing is gains..
    ppl have been saying we need a forward since the start of the season..
    all the wins draws and losses along the way havent changed anyones mind..
    weve been talking about it since august and the fact wenger took henry back sort of gives it away to how he feels about the situation as well..

  458. Happy New Year to you too, Dex. Don’t do anything you might regret come Sunday morning. Other than that, party your bollocks off.

  459. JJ, people said we needed a keeper and now we’re stacked in that position. People said we needed a CB and now we have three of the best in Europe. My point is that I’m sure Wenger’s aware of what we need and we don’t need people spouting off about Kroenke doing laps in a pool full of cash or other stupid talking points. Wenger is the best at operating in the transfer market and we should be patient. That’s all I’m saying.

  460. jonny is hardly a fucker gains. c’mon where is your new year spirit.

  461. When AA latched onto SWP pass ,who would you have rather it fell too?
    My thinking is no one .I would have also been happy for TR7 to have received it.
    In case we forget,AA and TR7 were world class when we got them.And they still are.
    It does make me think that signing players of their class can never be a bad idea,
    A goal scorer of their standing(when we got them)would not go amiss.

  462. Cheers, Steww.

  463. I am sure Jonny is indeed “a fucker”

  464. Dexter

    Have a good’un mate and happy new year

  465. I agree with Gains as well.
    Trouble is i disagree as well.

  466. pedantic george

    completely agree

  467. ivanputthepricesup

    Just back from the game, we were pretty awful to be honest but three points is the most important issue.

    Arshavin and Walcott OH DEAR ! OH DEAR ! OH DEAR !

  468. Duke, I don’t care for people who scapegoat Fabianski for mistakes that aren’t his fault and spout crap about him when he’s down injured on the pitch. I also don’t care for people who lionize Manure at our expense when we draw a game. In my opinion not only is he a fucker, but he’s a weasely fucker at that.

    My new year’s spirit is fine, thank you very much.

  469. Gainsbourg69 – lack of width is compounded by centrehalves playing at full back – jeez even Coq played a better fullback game than both Djourou and Verm…

    A striker is a must i reckon.

  470. ivanputthepricesup which way were you facing? OH DEAR OH DEAR OH DEAR.
    I have just been complaining about our ilk.And up you tip.Fucking right on cue.

  471. Great win for the team today.
    Happy that results elsewhere conspired to favour us.

    Wishing this family, Gunners and ACLFers a prosperous new year. Less drama and silver laden. More of the rollercoaster ride (though I prefer the crests).

    We’re one big happy family (at the moment I guess).

    See y’all in 2012.

  472. People need to lay of Theo, he is by no means the finished article and those with deliberate amnesia simply choose to gloss over his outstanding performances this season. With the way things are tight between the top five every game is critical and this means extra pressure. Theo did a lot harrying and chasing, despite being under par in the final third he still got into good positions. The team has gone through a massive change this season and we have been amazing to pull it together n finish fourth this year. We can only get better and Theo will have better games.

  473. ivanputthepricesup

    you would be very wise to stop your nonesense

    Arshavin set up the goal

    Walcott just came back from illness

  474. Never weaken Gains.
    You deserve nothing but praise.
    Is not consistency all we ask of people .And Gains is certainly that.

  475. Happy New Year YW, Jonny, PG, JJ, Paul N, Shotta, Bob, Steww, Maria and all other ACLF’ers.

    We are creating loads of chances, once Walcott and Gervinho get back their scoring boots, we are in for a ride. But we could do with a striker who can play across the front three apart from Henry.

    I wish Arteta can start banging in those free kicks, this new year.

    The only bad news today is the injury to Vermaelen, but as JJ said, we have a two week lay off after the Fulham away game.

  476. Gervinho, Walcott and Ramsey, all get into threatening positions in every game they play in. They are not able to put the ball into the net, maybe its down to composure and urgency. If they can stay patient and work on it in training, which I am sure they will be doing, should lift us places in the PL and other competitions.

  477. A shout out to Andrei Arshavin for his performance today, he worked hard today and got his assist. I just hope he can turn his season around in the next two months and kick on for the business end of the season. He is a special player, no doubt and once he is in form, many will lay off his back.

    United lost points today, but I want to discuss something about a United goal against Fulham, their 5th goal by Berbatov. We all know that the Bulgarian has rarely featured for them this season and has had a paltry of starts, but when he comes on, how in the world does he have the audacity to finish that chance with a back heel?

  478. True Sriram – it would worry me if they wernt getting in there at all, everyone can miss but at least they dont go missing!

  479. Me, me, me. Among the happy campers at ACLF? Top four by new year. Take that to the chest doomers. Plus I just love most of my ACLF family especially those who never flinched in the face of the buy-buy brigade (Gainsy and the imitable pedant, our George come to mind). I love you all, even j-j,and am so looking forward to the next half of the season.
    Happy New Year everyone.

  480. Oh, and Irish, yes, they can never take my Arsenal away.

  481. Quote – “Third goal was the killer” – Ferguson
    No shit sherlock. Happy birthday by the way. Dont drink too much whiskey….

  482. Swansea made six changes and the Spuds, with their incredible midfield, managed to eek out a draw. Who were those morons talking about Spuds being more superior because they managed to keep Modric while adding Van der Vaart and Parker?

    Happy New Year, mi bredrin.

  483. a win is a win is a win.having said that,it was depressing seeing traore keeping theo quiet.theo’s game needs variety.his game is too one dimension,easy to defend against.

  484. A bit like your posts Ace.

  485. It was the fifth goal, Siriam. It would’ve been different if it were a tight game. For an audacious goal see Van Persie’s goal against Barcelona. In the knock out stage against Barca and the dude beats Valdes on his near post by a hair. The best part, he was bought at Waitrose and Berbatov was bought at Harrods.

  486. What is it with this goldfish bowl memory cunts?

    Theo has a quiet game and they cant wait to jump on him, regardless of what he has done previously.

    Unlike you ace, I can recall his fantastic games for us.

    YOU need to up your game son.

    Happy New Year you cunt! 🙂

  487. Happy New Years, you ugly bastards. I’m out.

  488. What Theo’s game needs is Jenkinson or Sagna offering him support. Full stop.

  489. ‘Twas a good day at the office.
    Super RvP, Kos, Mert, Arteta & that AA assist
    et al

    thanks team for making me grin sheepishly into 2012!
    well done


  490. RASERS Aman!!!

  491. Oh and Koscielny is proving day in, day out that he’s the best defender in the Prem. I dare anyone to say otherwise.

  492. Arteta is the most underrated midfielder in the prem

    never loses the ball and his distribution is top class, too bad he joined us at this stage in his career.

    He is the one that makes our midfield tick.

  493. Good hard earned win today. Well played AA23 worked very hard today.

    Kevin Doyle on twitter

    “Also, Frimpong is coming!!!!! #DEEEEEEEEEEEEENCH”

  494. RASERS?
    Is it a code ugly feckers use?

  495. Gains- You are getting the wrong part of my argument, Berbatov has not been playing games like our Van Persie has been. He has been a non-starter for weeks and has not made an appearance for close to a month and he does that.

    I do love the way we go about things, I was just so confused how a player short of playing time could do such a thing.

  496. ace your posts are too one dimensional.

  497. Duke,if only you had bothered to read the next post.

  498. A win is a win. Lots still to do but onwards & upwards.

    Happy 2012 to all cultured left footers.

    Oh, & thanks to YW for keeping it real. Respec

  499. Moe

    I totally agree. Arteta has been our star performer all through this season, to me, he is the signing of the season so far 🙂

  500. george,

    i thought i sounded like you when i wrote that.

  501. Sriram

    it’s in his nature, berbatov is a naturally calm and composed player. he will do things like that even if hes been injured for a year and has just come back. He doesnt overthink any action.

  502. most boring repetitive blogger of the year……ace.

  503. A Happy New Year from a Gooner to all fellow Gooners.
    May we all see Mighty Arsenal comeback in year 2012.

    I would like to dedicate my find to all players and fans of The Arsenal.

  504. Now that’s the way to end a difficult year! Victory and our rivals drawing or going down in defeat as we move into the top 4 before the end of the year. That was my hopeful target during the dark days of August and September. From 17th to 4th, COYG!!!

    Happy Arsenal New Year all you ACLFers. It has been great to talk football on this excellent forum–thanks to YW for his insightful daily posts and for creating such a great blog. Thanks to all you who comment in good faith to discuss football.

    What a wonderful club: classy manager, determined players, and great fans. May 2012 be one of our great years as a club.

  505. “What Theo’s game needs is Jenkinson or Sagna offering him support. Full stop.”

    I thought he did alright considering he is just back from illness apart from that horrible miss, but he wasn’t the only guilty one today.

    I really noticed how much we are missing our full backs. When Djourou gets the ball out wide, he looks very uncomfortable and his best contribution came when he ran into the middle. It wasn’t until Coquelin came on and started making a few overlapping runs on the left that we started looking a bit more dangerous.

    We really should have scored 5 plus with some of those gilt edged chances we missed, but I think that record was playing on VP and the team’s minds. Still, one nil to the Arsenal is a classic way to end the year and the other results just go to show that there are no guarantees in football.

    Let’s hope 2012 is our year, we can get a few players back on the pitch and build on what we have achieved to date.

  506. @Passenal
    Exactly, it’s those overlapping runs we are missing. Djourou almost never does that and it usually means that Theo is stranded out wide. If his first touch doesn’t get him past his marker, he will usually end up in a cul de sac.
    But I agree that he did well. Traore might not be the best of defenders, but he is very quick, and Theo usually uses his speed to beat defenders. So if you take that out of the equation, and Theo not exactly being Cristiano Ronaldo, and with little support, he will obviously struggle. He still managed to create chances and I feel that on any other day he would’ve put away that chance. I’ve seen him score many much more difficult goals.

  507. I am also really happy with Rosicky. This year he has been in excellent form for us and he is getting better. Not sure if he will ever find his scoring boots again but I really hope we keep him at the club and don’t sell him to Wolfsburg as it has been rumoured in the German media.

  508. I agree Evil, Traore did not dominate him, it was probably an even contest because of the speed issue. It was also pleasing to see Theo tracking Traore and helping out defensively on the odd occasion he risked a forward run.

    It was also nice to see the Arsenal crowd give him a round of applause when he was substituted. He seems to be settling well at QPR and looks like he could have a reasonable career once he gets a good run of games.

  509. I think we need Rosicky’s experience, ability to keep possession, and versatility in the squad, especially as Arteta plays deeper while Ramsey and (later) Jack are learning the ropes as the creative attacking midfielder.

  510. LG .TR7 knows.I would like to see him moreAaron are Jack are learning the ropes that

  511. It feels like we should have improved our goal difference on the basis of the last two games by five or six. I do think it is possible that the goal record might have played a small role somehow in our draw and today’s narrow 1-0 result. I am not sure why there are calendar year records to begin with. Utter foolishness.

    We have two difficult away games on the horizon. I hope we can do better v. Fulham than we did at home and better than Spuds at Swansea, whom we had real difficulty beating at home–though that was a rather different team in many ways than the one that has soared up the table from 17th to 4th! We could use some momentum to consolidate our position in 4th heading into the next big home match v. ManU at home.

  512. LG .Aaron are Jack are learning the ropes that TR7 already knows.I would like to see him more.

    that’s better

  513. Agreed, PG.

    After RvP, I’d give the nod to Arteta. He brings composure and leadership to our midfield and has been super valuable to our return to the top 4.

    Gervinho could use some composure in front of goal. He can go past anyone it seems and break down all kinds of defences–something we had real trouble doing in years past– but hesitates on his shot and the final pass sometimes. Hopefully, he’ll gain that clinical decisiveness that could make him an absolute superstar.

  514. Gervinho is only very effective in and around the box.

    Watch him next time, he almost never crosses, prefering to go as near to the box as he can where he can do damage. And then it is a shot or a pass.

    But can’t complain he’s fabulous when he gets it right

  515. gervinhos a work in progress..
    hes very rough around the edges still and its going to take a bit of time to get it right but its coming..

    and to be fair, hes not doing too badly in his first season either..a few goals and a few assists to help with the cause..
    good player…

  516. I agree JonJon, but some people are really slagging him off, forgetting that this is his first PL season. I think we will miss his direct running when he is away at the ACN. I hope he comes back fit and raring to go along with Chamakh.

  517. we miss him when he doesnt play now passenal..
    hes a very direct player and we havent had that in a few years..hes unpredictable thats all..its sort of like having kanu on the wing, you know hes going to do something your just not sure when and how…but hes dangerous

    i think the people who are slagging him are expecting to see fireworks all the time but hes a dribbling winger first and foremost, it took him a couple of years to really get going in the lille squad so i expect next year we see gervinho as a more complete performer

    his direct runs are excellent hes giving defenders nightmares already, another 6 months and the keepers will be having nightmares too i think..

  518. I hope everyone queues up to say sorry to Pedantic G. Proper support he has shown AA and the guy was great today. He pulled off an impossible pass on the edge of their area whilst surrounded, something only the likes of DB10 could have tried and later on his pass for the goal was simply unbelievable in it’s perfection.
    Happy new year you lot. I’m off to bed early with a cup of hot chocolate and the latest Lee Child.
    Spare a thought for us recovering alchies at this time of year.

  519. Good luck Steww

  520. a good day all around. Glad the crew didn’t miss an opportunity to gain on the teams around us. we should have done the same last week. I see everyone dropping points except maybe shitty. we must take the chances as they come. We must not drop the ball.. COYG. COYR&W. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL. STAY SAFE….

  521. Neil Warnock is a c*nt.

  522. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2080809/Robin-van-Persie-says-loves-London.html?

    I know it’s the mail, but not a bad piece

    I agree dupsffokcuf @ 11.13pm!

  523. Oi leave Theo alone you know who u are
    George- respect to AA

  524. Why did MoTD not show the elbow on AA23. That was a red card and all Colin Wanker can say is ” van Persie is clever, he fouls the centre backs and gets away with it”

  525. Irish, if ur still there, not out tonight new yrs eve, done all my partying along the Golden mile in Belfast last week. God bless and happy new year

  526. Steww ,you remind me of Jack Reacher.

  527. What a nice way to bring in the New Year a bloody thunder storm.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  528. The transfer window opens soon. Whoopee 😦

  529. I have not watched MOTD for years, but that is typical by them dupsffokcuf. They never show any incidents like that when an Arsenal player is on the receiving end. Had that been an Arsenal elbow, we would not hear the end of it. And I don’t know what warnock is on about as there was no foul involved in the moment that counted! He’s just trying to put an idea in the head of the referees, but I didn’t see the referee intervening when the wolves players were holding Robin round the waist and practically wrestling him to the ground to keep him from scoring in the last game.

  530. Where are you dupsoffkcuf?

  531. I’m here Passenal. Happy New Year to you and yours

    Have we signed anyone yet?

  532. Warnock can not forgive Wenger that we sold them Traore. He is bitter and tries to spoil the RVP party. Will not work.

  533. And what about the elbow to AA which should have been a straight red?
    MOTD did not even show it.

  534. itswlaays raining in irlenad.

  535. itswlaays? Never heard of that kind of rain or irlenad Duke.

  536. wel done dups first comment of 2012. happy new years mne fellow aclfooters!!

  537. I was wondering about the thunderstorm as I thought you were in London. The fireworks at the Thames looked quite impressive this year.

  538. Happy New Year to the rest of the non party goers!

  539. ha ha dups me keyboards letters keep moving around..i hate it when that happens!!

  540. Nothing to do with to much sauce then Duke?

    Happy New year to everyone except spud fans, and che$ki fans and yoonited fans and shiteh fans and barca fans don’t like them. You get the idea.

  541. pas, wre in good company ,apparently more people then ever are being boring bastads and staying at home instead of out partying for…NYE…………yes i also cant nee be arsed to write new years eve.

  542. Happy new year to all my ACLF Family! Always a pleasure.

    I am still a few hours away but wishing you all a blessed new year for real!

    oh, I have on new year wish. I hope we can stop talking about the need for another striker. PLEASE!

    God bless!

  543. The winning goal for Blackburn was better then sex for me- how sad

  544. Have we signed a striker yet?

    Sorry Paul 🙂

  545. Happy New Year gunners.

    @ Dups
    From your list, I dislike ManU the most I have to admit.

  546. That is sad for a spy. Spy

  547. SV

    I am a born and bred London boy so I hate tottnum more than anything.

  548. I am staying home too. I don’t party anymore but I am avoiding going out. I would rather not risk a bullet falling from the sky hitting me.

  549. so were 4th with no 4ull backs….

  550. 2012 is just like 2011. Nonsense transfer stories in the media.

  551. This is the greatest blog the world has ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  552. cut it out dups!

    ha ha!

  553. I agree with the furry animal.

  554. @ Dups
    Originally I’m not from London, so I just find the Totts disgusting, and not serious enough to be hated (this can change mind you).

    But nothing is sweeter for me than ManU in any trouble.

    Interestingly, in Barnet the spurs fans start behaving arrogantly as if they know for sure it’s their season.

  555. Well, I’ve seen the New Year in so I’m off to dreamland now. Goodnight all.

  556. so half the season gone and we aint gunner see no stupid start to the start of this half.

  557. Passenal is our protector of unsung hero’s.
    Someone who never climbs aboard a bandwagon.
    I like that.Class act.

  558. I agree with furry again

  559. only one tune to play really.

  560. Thank you and good night.
    I am here all week

  561. were is paul liverpool???

  562. my xmas present came a little late.but its ok.top four by xmas what was i was looking forward to.

  563. Happy New Year to you all, wherever you are.

  564. yogi whilst im schindnlers id like to say well done for the deducation and great blog mate. dont really do sentiment when im sober. cheers pal.

  565. Happy New Year 2012 everyone, and a Happy 20th birthday to Jack Wilshere. Hoping to see you back on the pitch soon, Lad!

  566. Notoverthehill

    Съ Новымъ годомъ!!!

    Fin. Último!!!

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