Will Arsenal’s Transfer Activity Be Completed On January 1st?

That the return of a 34 year old player causes so much publicity is indicative of the state of the Premier League. The paucity of genuinely charismatic players is summed up by the League leaders, Manchester City; an expensively assembled production line team, devoid of personality and charm. Comparable to the car industry as technology moved in during the 1970s? Perhaps, the odd manual factory survived but mostly the automatons took over and revealed themselves to be creators of everything practical without any character. Their saviour came in reliability.

The signing of Thierry Henry on loan is being negotiated – probably completed by the time you read this – remarkable for perhaps being the first time ever that “Sky Sports News understands” precedes a truthful transfer tale, rather than the utter tosh that normally follows. The media agree Henry’s match fitness is being addressed by a intensified training schedule but some believe it will Leeds in the FA Cup earmarked for his return whilst others are pinning their ailing circulations on it being Fulham.

Henry’s return is of course, the cue for the Chamakh to leave ‘next month’ stories and ones that see the Arsenal squad augmented by Lukasz Podolski. The former will indeed be leaving Arsenal. Via Terminal 5 at Heathrow to play in the African Cup of Nations. He will then return to Arsenal in February. The latter will not be joining unless the club shop can get a new supply of z’s for the printing of names on shirts.

This might be the only activity undertaken by Arsenal. Priorities, it seems, were back-up for Robin van Persie with a full back. The recoveries of Bacary Sagna and Kieran Gibbs from injuries – on target for the end of January – seem to have put doubts in the manager’s mind about the necessity for a new defender to be signed.

Speaking on Arsenal Player, Wenger revealed his dilemma,

At the moment it is very difficult because we have players out who are short to come back. There are difficult decisions to make because we are short in the full-back positions. But you think, ‘do you really want to buy a full back for three or four years?

When you have four out and two close to coming back. I think no, because we have people who can do the job during this period.

It is understandable that he is reluctant to invest in players when he clearly has faith in those already at the club. In Sagna’s case, he has a reliable right back who is consistent in performance and fitness. Jenkinson has promise as a deputy; the right hand side seems in decent shape. Yet that was never in doubt; it is left back that is taxing minds. Santos is adapting well but is out until March according to the last reports and Gibbs, is well, Gibbs.

He has an unreliable track record of injuries, since 15th April 2009 he has eleven reported absences. Some are impact but a lot signal a young man who is putting physical pressure onto his body. That underlines why Wenger invested in Santos; it underlines the risk the manager is taking by not even taking a loan signing in. The problem is that finding a ‘homegrown’ player with the necessary credentials is hard, if not impossible, for a loan spell which is all the basic requirement is. When he has Thomas Vermaelen who is adept at the full back position, is replacing his injured specialist left backs a high priority? Judging by his comments, no. Whether he is right or not, time will tell.

Talking of loans, Stephen Hunt’s whinging has done Mick McCarthy no favours with Emmanuel Frimpong seemingly heading to Villa Park on loan this January. Either that or Frimpong is not quite the Karl Henry clone that McCarthy wants; who would have thought that passing a football could have been such a saving grace?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Aw thanks Yogi. :0)

  2. & 5th!!!!

    take that bigbrovar

  3. bring henry for the dressing room for three weeks , no problem, but bring podolski too. also we need cover for song..arturo vidal..and a winger…this gaitan from benfica aint bad at all. wishful thinking of course but who knows….santa wenger can be full of surprises at times..happy new year to the whole universe of ARSENAL… health and trophies !!

  4. Agree with cesc_ara @8.22. Th14 sould be “as well as” not “instead of” Podolkski.Im sure RVP does not see a 6 week loan signing of a 34 year old as a sign of ambition.

  5. Greatness is earned over time and for the few among us that make the grade all things majestic are bestowed upon them by the adoring lesser millions.

    Charisma is one of those accolades though on closer inspection the true nature of the hero is usually less adorable but I digress….

    Obviously we love Thierry Henry.
    Our special TH14, recently enshrined in bronze @ the Emirates.
    He is about to be brought back to red & white life for 2012’s first 2months to 10+ stadia near you…

    “…hurry, hurry, get your tickets, get the special commemorative jersey with the new number…hurry, hurry!!”

    Whats not to love about this?
    We romantics are creaming….can’t wait

    we hope we’re higher up in the table when he leaves
    still in the CL, on to the next round
    with a team of inspired world beaters, kicking ass
    A win-win situation for the team & the embronzied legend
    Here’s hoping for the best.
    Here’s to Arsenal in 2012.

    & RASERS!

  6. I don’t mind having Henry back but that is provided not at the demerit of other striker coming in. I think we should sign Podolski who can play from the Wing as well.

    Release Arshavin and maybe Rosicky ( not totally sure I want him to leave ) and replace both with a Marquee signing ( Hazard or Shaqiri ).

    I also do think we need a creative midfielder ( Shaqiri can be it though ). Arteta has been good for us but he is too defense minded and though Jack is good for that position but he is a player coming back from Injury plus there is nothing bad having good back ups on the Bench.

  7. …AW’s decided not to sign up any FBs.

    but if any of our available CBs go down in the next 2-3 games
    and the returning suffer setbacks..
    …he might just change his mind.

    I really do hope not.

    Hope we do sign Podolski
    …or Hugo Ro

  8. Henry, Vargas(Juan Manuel) and Podolski would be ideal.
    Henry: 2 months, frees up a squad place for one of the players who won’t be u-21 next year.Takes almooooooonia’s place in the 25 man squad.
    Podolski: Takes squid’s place. Nothing needs to be said about his credentials.
    Vargas: Provides competent cover at left-back and left-wing.Who goes for him to come in, i’m betting on arshavin.

  9. adi,
    too much wishful thinking there.
    U need to study AW more..AA ain’t going nowhere!

  10. Well’ if Henry signs, it will be wonderful to see him in the shirt again.

    I doubt it will be a disaster, it might well come good.

    I would like some reinforcements though. Nothing personal, I am just of the school of thought that you should always strengthen.

    Things fall apart. Decay is inevitable.

  11. I think we should do all we can to ensure RVP signs a new mega money deal which keeps our ,up until now,half season wonder striker at the club.
    We should show him we have ambition by signing Podalski.Now I know he has all ready failed miserably at a big club,and yes yes he has his application and motivation is questioned by his country men.But hey,its only money.
    We should also sign that Hazard chap,the one who is less effective than Gervinho despite him being likely to cost five times as much.But hey,ambition must be shown too our glorious leader.
    I mean whats the worst that happens?RVP decides not to stay anyway?The super signings don’t work?Well,its only money.And none of it is mine so I don’t care.
    What Arsene Wenger thinks is best form the club is unimportant.He will just get it wrong again anyway.No,we must do what the media(in particular sports journalists)and our brilliant fan base want.Rather than allowing that serial loser Wenger to lead us too mid table oblivion,as he did previously.In fact he almost got us relegated in September,in case you have forgotten,

  12. It is a very good and hardly ‘radical’ decision to bring Henry for 2 months, if that happens, perfect actually. Forget Thierry the Great, this is a practical matter and a good enough player. Practically, Henry will not start many, or any matches, unless RvP gets injured; and given the options this would be, at least, a reliable replacement, a capable player, a danger to defenders. Arshavin is our man on the left, and Henry may substitute him from time to time, although we also have Park who can do a job from the left. Or Theo. Or sometimes Rosicky. Or even Benayoun. On the right Theo and Ox make sense. Essentially for these 2 full months a stable line-up of 2 players in each attacking position is required. It’s left back that worries somewhat, although the minute Sagna gets back it relieves pressure as we have Kos, Per and Djou for the centre, Skillacci at a push, and rumour has it that Song plays CB. Vermaelen and Miquel can cope for now on the left, until Gibbs gets back, gets injured, and Santos returns to finish the season. On the whole, I would more than a little tempted to start Miquel more often, and put TV and Kos in the middle. There are options.

  13. i smell decay here, george

  14. Just how patient should we be with Gibbs? I think its better that we cut our losses with him and get a new LB. I am sure we can find someone as a decent back-up to Santos. If we can’t find a homegrown, let him be a non-homegrown and replace Almunia with James Shea / Martinez. Its a slight risk, but what are the odds of all Szcz, fabianski & mannone all out at once for a sustained period?

  15. I’m staggered we are resigning Henry. I honestly feel a little numb – I don’t know how this will go or quite what to feel about it. My gut says ‘bad idea’ – but could just be my predication for assuming the worst whilst hoping the best. My heart says this could be glorious, romantic a poetic, pulchritudinous swansong. But my brain is silent on the subject, like someone has put up sign saying ‘no access’.
    It’s another chapter in the history of our glorious club – let’s not set our hopes too high and then we can leave space to be pleasantly surprised – my wish is that the reputation of the legend, like his statue, remains untarnished.

  16. I just can’t see beyond Henry being a success. If he only scores one goal, if he only makes one genius move, it will be a fitting finish to his story with us as a player. And I am confident that he has it still in him to wow us. Henry is pure class and quality, and it will show on the pitch. Can’t wait for it to be confirmed officially!

  17. Jonny, there u go again…..pulchritudinous???…u mean “beautiful?”
    say that to a chick and u might get slapped

  18. Gaurav Ahuja,
    cut Gibbs some slack.
    Some young players need time to adjust to the rigors of top flight footer
    S’not as easy as it looks
    Gibbs is quality
    He’ll come good

  19. Half the fun of Jonny’s posts are when you Google his words to see what is is saying.Its like a puzzle.

  20. Henry deal is done pending paperwork with Red Bulls.

  21. Then again Henry might in fact shine brightly for 2 months, and form a stunning Gervinesque partnership with RvP and Theo. It is possible. Longer than that he couldn’t do it, but for 2 months Henry might well be thinking “mon dieu, what a swansong it could be, let’s do this”. But as for Arshavin, I really expect him to play a big part. Oxtail too. Lucky us, we have a lot to look forward to. We’ve had a little mini drop in “things going our way” these last 2 weeks or so, a wee bump. I fully expect this to quickly end now, and revitalised roaring Arsenal to announce itself in 2012 after a trippy year. Henry could well be the catalyst just for being in the mix and in training. Everyone, from Chewie northwards will want to show him what can do with a round ball, his composure alone will raise the team. Podolski may arrive in July.

  22. Aman,You mean you hope Gibbs will be quality if he ever gets fit?
    He is not like Diaby or Thomas who we know are real quality.
    I would buy a replacement and sent Gibbs on loan.Let him learn at someone else’s expense.

  23. I have to admit I’ve started doing it just to challenge George. And piss of G69. Both of which come naturally to me.

  24. How can Henry have been training with us for what seems an age ,and he is still two weeks away from being fit?

  25. Lol George – I’m guessing the fitness levels required of the MLS are not commensurate to those of The Arsenal.

  26. Well, we signed Campbell==>marked inprovement in our defence
    Lehmann==>marked improvement with our goalkeepers.
    With Henry==>hopefully, marked improvement in attack.

  27. Keysersoze,
    and the Podolski deal?
    ..any word yet?

  28. Aman – getting slapped by girls is at least half the fun.

  29. I don’t get words….Wenger confirmed the Henry deal just now. Going by his word we are not in for Podolski.

  30. Well,we signed Campbell==we hardly won a game
    Lehmann== he played once(and was lucky not to be sent off in that game)

    Just saying,that is how I remember it.

  31. I guess it’s time for a new jersey then!

  32. Have we ever signed a player after Wenger has ruled him out?
    I don’t think so.Yet still we get the Plodoffski stuff daily.

  33. Difference with Henry, PG, is that we haven’t picked him up off the scrapheap – he has his own club and he’s been playing competitive football (of some description).

  34. I think we sometimes forget two things, it’s always two things. Aside from our terrible start to this season, we would easily be title contenders now, even losing to ManU and, unluckily, to Totts and later ManC, all away. We had surmised, shockingly I know, that throwing a team together with barely days to practice and the early loss of Song and Gervinho, and some early fullback MIAs might have had something to do with it. The second is that this title contending form has been achieved without contribution from Wilshere, Diaby and Sagna.

  35. pedantic george on December 30, 2011 at 10:19

    I wasn’t necessarily referring to their onfield performance. I guess it has something to do with just their presence in the team. Well, it doesn’t hurt to be optimistic.

  36. Zim – yes quite so. As I have stated before lady luck has been a son of a bitch for a long time – though this year I think we also made our bed a little, through the way we handled the transfer window. In previous ‘drought years’ I think if we had had RVP for a whole season in any of them it would have made a world of difference.

  37. george,
    to me Gibbs is already quality.
    He just needs to keep playing.
    Santos is the perfect player to help him understand that there’s more than one way to play LB.
    He can be more efficient if he learns to accentuate his attack-creatives, maintain calm & better select when to overlap.
    Santos has really expanded my take on how a FB should play.
    Gibbs is more than intelligent & talented enough to soak it all in
    Just not on loan @ some lesser team playing the typical strictly pacy way.

    Soak it all in and he could be better than Cashley, Clichy, Baines & the lot.

  38. OneOfUs | December 30, 2011 at 10:23 am
    Difference with Henry, PG,

    The difference with Henry and what?
    The other two?
    I agree.
    I was just pointing out how we have revised the effectiveness of the other two.IMO.
    Jens,telling Nicky B to take his hat off in the dressing room , ultimately made no difference.

  39. Hey Big Al I thought today was your day?
    Its Friday isn’t it?
    What gives YW?

  40. A fully expect a bunch of geriatric late twenty and 30-something year olds to lead the title charge from here. Arshavin, Henry, Ben, Rosicky, Arteta, Sagna, (TV, Per?) and Almunia. Pity Santos is missing. The medics can rush them off on crutches at half time, serve tea and ginseng, red bulls and aspirin and rush them back on looking sprightly.

  41. @Zim
    Yeah, we will be the new Chelsea!

  42. “Soak it all in and he could be better than Cashley, Clichy, Baines & the lot”

    I hope so.But I have seen little to give me confidence that he will reach such dizzy heights.
    He is very poor in his positioning and none to good in the tackle.Good going forward,but not that (Santos)good.
    I am now of the opinion that players should not learn in the first team.The game has changed.Points are now too valuable.

  43. lol..ZimPaul

    “Have we ever signed a player after Wenger has ruled him out?
    I don’t think so.Yet still we get the Plodoffski stuff daily”.

    Its because he’s worthy george
    real quality..ticks 90% of the boxes…a true goalscorer who might want his own statue @ the Emirates some day.

  44. Then we can alternate with the u-14s. Jenks, Djou, Miquel, Gibbs, Coq, Jack, Ramsey, Theo, Ryo and … um … Ox up front as an experiment. It’ll confuse the hell out of the pundits.

  45. “I am now of the opinion that players should not learn in the first team.”

    I’d agree if he was the designated starter
    but i believe he’s the deputy.

    ..don’t shoot the deputy, george
    it’d mean goodbye Jenks, LeCoq, Oxlade, etc
    & spend, spend, spend for “proper”, experienced players.

    We’re the Arse
    we build from youth

  46. No Aman,Its because “some”people insist he is worthy.
    Others don’t.And he has been ruled out.I just don’t get it.

  47. why did we sign park then??

  48. i hope if henry returns he makes a huge difference….i would hate it if the last time we saw the genius was as a flop.
    Its an emotional return of course and one that will deflect the focus on how mediocre we are as a team. And whether you are the most ardent fan or not…WE ARE MEDIOCRE.
    he needs to play oxo, buy podolski and get a solid big quality centre-back

  49. Sending them on loan is not releasing them.
    Gibbs is never fit and was first choice going into the season.If he is going to be great,it will be in a couple of years time.That is when we should use him.
    As I said,The game has changed.The luxury off dropping points by allowing youngsters to learn in the first team ,and being truly competitive,is from a time gone bye.The last couple of seasons should have shown us that ,if nothing else.

  50. Why did we sign the OX JJ?

  51. Aman

    He’s doing Sunday’s match report instead.

  52. george,
    AW makes THE decision
    we’re just little ACLFers, pontificating on the side

    i say he is
    u say he isn’t
    all shits & giggles..

  53. “Definition of MEDIOCRE

    : of moderate or low quality, value, ability, or performance :”

    big tone.you are fucking mediocre.That is for sure.

  54. My point is Aman.That AW appears to have made the decision.He has said so.But still people “Plodoffski” every day it seems.

  55. weve got 3 big quality centre backs, a good backup one and two promising yutes…

    i think weve moved on from the days were we had a dodgy keeper who looked like he was shiiting himself for 90mins, a couple of good defenders backed up by crap and a lack of fight and strength in midfield…


    podolski? i dunno but if hes good enough for bfg….

  56. gotcha YW

    why did we sign Ryo, george?

    “Gibbs is never fit and was first choice going into the season.If he is going to be great,it will be in a couple of years time.That is when we should use him”

    but now he’s the deputy who needs to stay as close to Sheriff Santos as much as possible to soak “it” all in. It will take a couple of years to be the finished article but could take longer if we send him off on loan.

    More importantly are u saying we need 2 experienced players per position, george?
    That sh*t costs plenty money!

  57. Tateezee

    You are overly generous to the on-the-pitch input. Campbell’s influence when starting was mixed; 5 wins, 5 defeats and 2 draws, F20 A16. Hardly a marked improvement in defence.

    Lehmann was acknowledged as a good influence in the dressing room.

    Your observations are exactly the problem Arsenal have: managing expectations. Henry is not going to be the reason for a marked improvement in attack on his own. Confidence in front of goal by the forwards is the key. Can he restore that? On his own, no. Can he contribute toward it? Of course.

    Rejoining is a huge risk for both parties. What happens in March when he goes?

  58. easy..we signed oxo cos he was a promising youth with lots of potential..
    sounds standard to me for wenger…

    but why did we sign park??

  59. JJ ,tell Theo and Gervinho that.
    Why are they not scoring at the rate we would reasonably expect them to?

  60. Because he scores for fun at international level ,and he is 3rd choice CF.
    Who did you expect ? Torres? Carroll?

  61. its not theo and gervinho in worried about…

  62. george,
    on Podolski, Wenger is going to need to have to elaborate again that he’s not game.
    This is a man that bought 5 players in less than 48hrs up till the nth hour…
    he’s got 30 days or another striker to kill this rumour!

  63. The best we can expect is that Chamakh will play himself into some kind of form during the ACN. I don’t think we are going sign Podolski or anyone else until summer. Henry is just a stand in for Chamakh when he is away, he will not start any league game if RVP is fit. But he should be a decent option coming from the bench.

  64. 3rd choice CF??

    by that you mean not good enough??

  65. Oxlade-Chamberlain has lots of talent and potential, but he’s been pretty inconsistent, which is understandable. Sick of seeing people demand he gets more time – sadly Arsenal don’t play Israel and Iceland u21s every week. But I do think it might have happened sooner had we been a bit more comfortable in some of the recent matches around the 60 minute mark.

    Hi Aman, was on the move when I was meant to write this one. YW’s given me a chance to make amends though!

  66. why did we sign Ryo, george?
    Because he might be a great player.
    What has he contributed until now?
    He should be on loan.Simples.(and I wager he will be)
    As for Gibbs,as back up it would be good if he could play from time to time then.

    “More importantly are u saying we need 2 experienced players per position, george?
    That sh*t costs plenty money!”

    Now you are getting it .Yes one top class and the other less so but experienced.
    We might not like it ,but if we want to win stuff ,we have to accept that the game has changed.

  67. JJ,
    If no one could predict RvP scoring like a whore this season. Not even AW.
    He’s swallowed 90% of the playing time, leaving crumbs for Marouane & Park.
    Blame Robin not Le Boss.

    remember:… “our 3rd choice CF scores for fun at international level!”
    we’ve also got THREE international captains & legends sitting on our bench most games!

    win some, lose some
    but such quality reinforcements!

  68. Aman.Did Arsene rule out signing any of those 5?
    Let me answer that for you .NO he didn’t.
    He has however ruled out your man.Has he not?

    JJ .give it a rest.

  69. “..we have to accept that the game has changed”.

    its changed all the way to bankruptcy & living above your means, george.
    They can keep their shiny trophies if thats what the game’s become.
    I’ll settle for how we do our thing all day every day
    & AW!!

  70. “They can keep their shiny trophies if thats what the game’s become.
    I’ll settle for how we do our thing all day every day
    & AW!!”

    You could well be right.
    In fact you are.

  71. hahahahahahahaha…quality reinforcements??
    yeah right..thats why wengers papering over the cracks with henry for 2 months..

  72. The best player in the world is playing for Arsenal London.

    Before the world cup in 2002, when I lived in Germany, Sueddeutsche Zeitung wrote an overview of the footballing world for dummies with some who is who. I still remember this article. The form of the article was like a farther answering his daughter’s questions about football. And the farther said his daughter that the best player in the world is Thierry Henry and that he is playing for Arsenal London.

    The best player in the world is playing for Arsenal London.

    I was not following Arsenal at this time yet, but kept it in my mind for some reason.

    When I moved to London later on, it was a no brainer that Arsenal would be my team. I hope I will enjoy Arsenal winning a trophy at some point.

  73. football is nt my sport but i read this blog and keep tabs on arsenal..
    i think aw. is the best manager in thr pl and did/ doing wonders with project youth’
    this new guy,th, i sure he brilliant in a years time.

  74. gotcha Big Al…U start the new year…yippee!!!

    i repeat: he must elaborate for 30 days or else.
    even Mertersacker drools Podolski post AW’s 1st denouncement.

    if not Lukas, gimme Hugo.
    Do u not think we need a longer term other CF, george?

    Btw guys
    Q: what number do u think the bronze one will wear for 2 months?
    A: 34 maybe or Ryo’s 31 when he goes on loan

  75. apparently 12

  76. Aman

    Hugo Rodallega? He hasn’t scored yet this season and can’t get into the Wigan team. I would much rather have Chamakh and Park than him at this point.

  77. JJ @11:23 (& on most days for 23.9 hrs),
    you have a rather weak spine…
    I’ve got some tantric exercises that could help u out

  78. “Do u not think we need a longer term other CF, george?”
    Don’t ask me ,I am as stupid as JJ 🙂

  79. Wenger also confirmed today he’s not looking at ‘permanent’ deals in the window, unless players leave. Could be some loans.

  80. The Chamakh that signed would be nice.You know the one that has hardly featured since Robin got fit.
    I find it most annoying that players who are not getting minutes,decide to ,for some inexplicable reason,stop banging in goals.

  81. Keysersoze @ 11:30,

    go dig up TH’s Juve stats
    Hugo started the season injured.
    His contract’s up in summer & in his absence Martinez tinkered & found an attack that works.
    Look up his resume @ Wigan. All time top scorer in 2 seasons.
    Remember what he & N’zogbia have done to us in the said 2 years…

    I don’t doubt quality.
    Just on talent, Rodallega’s good enough for Arsenal.

  82. Pedantic George

    The problem with Chamakh is that he can only play in RVP’s position. A back up for RVP should be able to play in more than one position across the forward line. Which is may be why Wenger tried so much to get Bendtner to learn playing as a side forward.

  83. Well Jonny,we will ignore that and keep wishing for Plodoffski,Hazard and Goatie Boy.
    We must show RVP our intent,or we are doomed.

  84. “Thierry still has his pace, because he always had exceptional pace. What you lose with age is the capacity to repeat it,” Wenger said.

    So Henry hasnt lost his pace, he just can’t turn on the turbo as often as he used to

  85. oic george 11.33
    & agwee george 11.37, lol

  86. Because Robin plays across all 3?
    I must have missed those games.

  87. does anybody think this new guy is a bit skinny for lb

  88. Still, I think someone who should play for Arsenal should be automatic first choice for a club like Wigan. Not that Wigan have a world beater playing in Rodallega’s absence.

    Also I really doubt that Henry was playing as a striker for Juve. Rodallega though plays as a striker for Wigan.

  89. yeah weak spine..
    makes sence..
    as much sence as you wanting that player who doesnt score for wigan to go with the rest of the players who dont score for us..

    keep em coming mate youve got me in stitches…

    if your idea of a quality front three of park chamakh and rodellaga you’d need a strong spine just to get a 0-0..cos you sure as hell wouldnt score..

    just cos a players an international dont make him top quality..we could sign the captain of san marino, would that make him shit hot??

    dont answer that. you’ll probably say yes…

  90. Pedantic George

    Because Robin plays across all 3?
    I must have missed those games.

    Actually you have missed the point. Or, you want to argue regardless.

  91. So, Benayoun and Arshavin will fight it out for Gervinho’s spot. Maybe that’s why they both looked sharp against Wolves. I think the spot is Arshavin’s to lose. Looking forward to him getting another full game. A full game generally being 75 minutes for the little guy.

    Can’t see Henry playing more than 30 minutes for us in any one game. Nevertheless welcome back legend.

  92. the wolves game wasnot very good. did andy shavin play. didnt notice him.

  93. robin can play anywhere in the front three…done it for us in the passed does it for holland..mainly wide right…
    if there was a striker in the squad actually good enough to make wenger think about utilising this then maybe we’d see robin drift about more..

    just so happens…

  94. he likes to argue regardless keyser 🙂

    i think your spot on..

  95. in your 11.40 🙂

  96. I agree with JJ. TH14 at 34 for 2 months is just papering over the cracks. It`s obvious Arsene doesn`t fancy Park & George, Chamakh couldn`t score in the proverbial these days – so we`re all eggs in one basket still – hoping RVP maintains his form & fitness until the end of the season. That`s a big ask even for him.

    It sounds as we`re crosing fingers at left back too. Gibbs must be just one more injury away from becoming third choice though. You cn have all the promise in the world but if you can`t get on the pitch regularly you`re going to be passed over by somone who can.

  97. Maybe, just maybe, AW stills sees Chamakh as a viable player at Arsenal. The Henry loan move is his statement of support for Chamakh.

    If our manager’s habits are predictable i.e. refuses to admit to his mistakes, then consequently our manager has conviction to stick with his present squad.

    Can’t see any other signings. Vermaelen will take over the LB position and rested with Miquel.

    Dj at rb, with Coq as back up, until Sagna is fit.

  98. re:“Do u not think we need a longer term other CF, george?”

    U know what,
    if we don’t sign anyone else after TH, I feel we’d be ok but not turbo-boosted like most would like.

    No Gerv or Chamakh, with Frimp, Ryo out on loan
    till March, we’d have as MIDS & FORWARDS:

    Song, Arteta, Coquelin, Diaby*, Wilshere*,
    Arshavin, Rosicky, Benayoun, Ramsey, Walcott, Oxlade
    RvP, Park, Henry.

    solid but not turbo-solid (on paper)…should do IF
    those that’ve underperformed step up & do the bizness.
    TH’s interraction with the team must’ve shown AW a thing or two.
    I’ll have to rely on his take
    AW knows

  99. aw knows what

  100. Arsesession

    I think it is more to do with the fact that with the ACN, Chamakh can’t be transferred in January. I vaguely remember AW stating something to this effect as well.

  101. He knows where you live.

  102. he did keyser
    wenger was talking about a loan though…

  103. As stated above and b4……the game is constantly changing.

    Having 19-21 year olds on the roster – especially as 1st choice back ups (or starting) will continue to prevent the club in fulfilling trophy ambitions. (imo)

    Promising players need to go out on loan for 1-2-3 seasons, and deliver their inconsistent performances with other clubs;

    those that have successful loan stints can rejoin the club (manager’s discretion) and compete for starting position or are prepared to play as back up.

  104. pedantic george at 11:07 am
    “Because he scores for fun at international level ,and he is 3rd choice CF.”
    – I thought you were speaking of Park, not Podolski. Meh.

    With a few exceptions, most posters on this thread have been vacillating from pillar to post. As George sarcastically observed there is too much of ‘spend all that money, it is not mine anyway.’ Aman at 11:15 summed it up beautifully; the game has “changed all the way to bankruptcy & living above your means.”

    I wouldn’t mind if we strengthened during the window but the going from pillar-to-post spending “squillions” on questionable talent is a lot like Chelsea and Man City. If that is the way ACLFers want to go then heaven help us all.

  105. JJ,
    “if your idea of a quality front three of park chamakh and rodellaga you’d need a strong spine just to get a 0-0..cos you sure as hell wouldnt score..

    all three CFs on @ the same time?
    basing the future strictly on the present?
    if they start scoring you’re a fan, if they stop you’re not?

    u ONLY recognize results.
    Not potential.
    Not talent.
    And especially NOT the work involved in building anything truly worthy.
    Just “what have u done for me lately!”,..ready-made, strictly in the now bs..
    Thats essentially bitch ass!!!
    U are a doubter, a pessimist…of weak spine

    there is a place reserved for u and your ilk…

  106. hoe he brings red wine and rosted chicksn

  107. JJ,
    a place reserved for u and your ilk…
    is called ACLF.

    We need fans like you.

  108. wambokui,
    AW knows a lot more than you
    or else u’d be Arsenal manager

  109. no want to be. syncronised swim my sport

  110. can th swim

  111. Syncronized bs more like it..
    can’t u find a blog that befits u?
    random dumb statements can get u comatose

  112. how u know

  113. JJ
    we do spine strengthening here @ ACLF
    when you’re ready to make your declaration statement
    we’ll be here for u.

  114. Who is your favourite synchronised swimmer?

  115. Keysersoze | December 30, 2011 at 12:07 pm

    Chamakh has the same game that he brought to the club when he signed with the club. Not the same skill level as RvP but he still produced for the club rather impressively…..with goals – assists – holding the ball up – drawing penalties.

    For fans to expect the same performances from a player only seeing 2 starts in a year is unfair…..more the manager’s doing than the players. imo.

  116. befits u, more better suits u.
    do aclf do english lessons. ill sign

  117. Shotta – I agree entirely, and I could be wrong but, the thing is, I don’t think I have any of the regular posters have actually suggested that we should spend ‘squillions’. It’s certainly the last thing I would want.

  118. Why doubt a player like Park? It is patently obvious why we bought Park. He is a established international with a reasonable pedigree in a good team, in France (ie he is experienced). He is, by most accounts, a good finisher and by all accounts a hard worker. He is suitable as a #3 striker, to be used as needed, and with potential to be promoted from there. Information to hand is sketchy, but seems to show that he is not quite at the level Wenger requires, yet. So what? Hardly unusual (new player comes in and doesn’t make instant impact, happens in every team bar none, Park has been with us for just 4 months). Wenger is thinking far ahead of where we are, and is sometimes a risk taker with players, but granted he probably expected a little more of Park at this stage.

  119. Delighted Henry is back.

    He will play more than some think IMO. Would rather Henry is brought on ahead of Park, Chamakh and Arshavin.

    Considering Gervinho is off, Henry starting on the left of RVP maybe our best option, Theo on the right, if Oxo is still held back

    Which means we need an additional longer term addition. Inability to bring a game changer on is all too apparent.

  120. Zim Paul

    I am not sure how far ahead Wenger was thinking, given that Park would go for compulsory millitary duty in 2 years. I somehow think this signing hasn’t worked out. It happens every now and then, like with Jeffers.

  121. Keysersoze,
    Who is your favourite synchronised swimmer?

    ..don’t have any but i know some synchronized doomers.
    who only show up when results are shoddy

  122. Then who is your favourite synchronised doomer? Although the original question was not for you.

  123. we are 18 games in and already many are labelling JY Park a lame duck?

  124. i think you make fun. i go.
    do england still have state pension

  125. Coyle is a mug – losing 5 million so he could keep Cahill for 4 months.

  126. fave synced doomer?
    I’ve got a tie, Kerysersoze…
    Jabba’s Delight & Alex Ice Cream

    Et tu?

  127. what et tu

  128. Aman

    That would include you I guess. Otherwise why would you suggest signing Podolski or Hugo Rodallega?

  129. Wambokui

    I happen to be really keen to understand the nuances of synchronised swimming. Always loved the sport, but never found someone who could teach me the finer points. Please stay around.

  130. Keysersoze,
    I’m your fave synced doomer?
    thats ok if thats how you feel
    Sorry you did not make my list.

  131. So let me get this right.Our new signing has to be able to play equally well in all 3 front positions and bang goals in with the regularity of a speeding Shearer.
    He should also have a great first touch and the vision to create and link up play.
    Oh yes and proven as well.
    So ten a penny those guys.

  132. No…I am not talking about doomer. I am talking about those who are labelling park as a lame duck. Surely if you are looking forward to Rodallega you too fall under that group?

  133. keyser mate
    then ur a sad tosser who needs to get out more,

  134. Pedantic George

    Sarcasm doesn’t come off well if you try too hard.

  135. Why are you getting agitated? I mean, you will always come across others who love synchronised swimming. You can’t be so possessive about it.

  136. AW:
    ““He is experienced, he is quality, he knows the Club, he can help the players on and off the pitch. He has vast experience.

    “No one can measure that but I know it can only be positive. He has exceptional talent; he is a very intelligent man and has a desire to help the Club, so it can only be positive. But it is difficult to measure how positive an influence he is.”

    I can hear the boo-boys if we don’t win much with TH.
    cue.. JJ & The Doubters!

  137. excelent, i never been called agitated.

  138. I don’t think we will win anything with TH as the trophies won’t be handed out in February anyway. 😉

  139. Keysersoze,
    “No…I am not talking about doomer. I am talking about those who are labelling park as a lame duck. Surely if you are looking forward to Rodallega you too fall under that group?”

    Matter of opinion mate.
    I rate Rodallega.
    You don’t. Neither does YW
    Life continueth.

  140. Right, the world is an amazing place, you learn new things everyday. Very much like synchronised swimming. What is your favourite combination? WHich is the hardest to execute?

  141. what contiueth.

  142. CORR:
    “I can hear the boo-boys if we don’t win much with TH.
    cue.. JJ & The Doubters singing “It was never a good idea”!

  143. “Pedantic George

    Sarcasm doesn’t come off well if you try too hard”
    “Why are you getting agitated? I mean, you will always come across others who love synchronised swimming. You can’t be so possessive about it.”

    I see it only took you one post to prove your point.

  144. the french

  145. wambokui,fuck off,please.

  146. No, but if you think we need another striker in January, you must have have a tiny doubt about how Park has turned out? As much about Hugo as Podolski this one.

  147. george i no fuck off until i hear u crying. bufoon,

  148. If our scouting network is unable to indentify a player who falls within our c.£40 million transfer kitty that would currently improve our attacking options then we have serious issues.

  149. and the russians and george

  150. Pedantic George

    Well, it is a matter of opinion as Aman so aptly pointed out. 🙂 But your assertion that

    “Our new signing has to be able to play equally well in all 3 front positions and bang goals in with the regularity of a speeding Shearer.
    He should also have a great first touch and the vision to create and link up play.”

    seemed laboured given than nobody has actually said any of this in this thread. It didn’t come off. It happens though.

  151. Hello Luke how have you been,?
    I see Arsenal have sent you details of available funds for Xmas.
    Did you also get details of players wages and lengths of contract.? 🙂

  152. aman i cant work you out..for a bit i thought i was chatting football with mother theresa, and then you want strikers to come in just as much as me and the rest of my ilk do..

    it seems we aint that far apart on the fan spectrum that you like to make out 🙂

  153. why did we sign Park?


    On 19 August 2011, Arsenal confirmed that they had signed Joel Campbell.
    It was revealed on August 27, 2011 that he had failed to obtain a work permit to enable him to play in England.

    On 30 August 2011, English Premier League club Arsenal confirmed the signing of Park Chu-Young. He was given the number 9 shirt.

    ..just maybe another reason?

  154. I can not see Wenger making any major moves during the transfer window this time around. Check out Desi Gunner’s blog for a good analysis of Arsenal’s options during this transfer window.

  155. Wambokui

    Our conversation on synchronised swimming continueth. You mean, French is a combination in synchronised swimming? Elaborate the details please, this is fascinating.

  156. take no notice of george
    his favorite player is someone else who wenger wont play 🙂
    hes just upset that every potential signing will knock his comrad further down the order..so he just likes to be pedantic

    aint that right george 🙂

  157. Keysersoze

    .It didn’t come off. It happens though?

    Well, it is a matter of opinion as Aman so aptly pointed out.

    ME? I think it did.

  158. we are constantly updated on wilshere,gibbs and sagna.what about diaby?

  159. Keyser,
    “No, but if you think we need another striker in January, you must have have a tiny doubt about how Park has turned out? As much about Hugo as Podolski this one.”

    Tiny doubt?…yes
    Label him a lame duck?…no

    In life u take chances.
    win some, lose some
    AW decides

  160. Yogi’s Warrior on December 30, 2011 at 11:04 am said:


    “You are overly generous to the on-the-pitch input….”

    Maybe I put it wrongly. I only meant to draw in a little bit of humour. I do not believe that Arsenal’s improvement in those departments have a direct correlation with the presence of Lehmann and Campbell. Infact, it can be argued that Szczsney was putting in good performances already before his injury at Barca.

    I understand the apprehension by most considering the long term effects of his arrival and eventual departure. AW must have thought this over carefully. I see it as a win win situation for both parties (in the short term).

    “…Your observations are exactly the problem Arsenal have: managing expectations…”

    Like I said before it was just an attempt at humour.

    When we lose TH in March, we can only hope that both Chamakh and Park will be firing on all cylinders by then or continue to pray for RvP’s divine form to continue. Like your post reflected yesterday, AW is just papering over the cracks.

  161. JJ,
    Plodoffski is not coming.And he is not as good,and never will be,as Andrei.

  162. Pedantic George

    Then pray point me to the comment where someone has made the demand that you had stated.

  163. JJ, did you just say SPECTRUM?
    Oh no…….

  164. keser thick as well. pay attention.,………….. difficicult to execute……………..

  165. Or anything remotely close to it, as I must give you sarcastic license. 🙂

  166. Yes of course difficult to execute, I understood that bit. But what positions, in what order, makes that combination? I want to know those details. Then I will go into details on each of those positions, why they are difficult to execute. Whether the order is difficult or the individual positions. You know, when you start discussing synchronised swimming the opportunities are endless.

  167. keser mate ur a bit boring

  168. Keys,you know very well the post I am alluding too.(ok I stretched my licence a bit more than is reasonable.But you know me well enough by now)

  169. wenger didnt sign park
    he wanted park as much as he wanted to tour asia..

    theres a little bone for you all to chew on 😉

  170. wambokui ,Yogi might put you in the bin for my Xmas present.He is a very giving host sometimes.

  171. Blah blah blah.

  172. Ahh ,the old “shirt sales” theory JJ.How novel.

  173. but maybe he more clever you

  174. Ok,Jonny I am of to Google it.It better be funny.

  175. lol aman..
    dont say it three times he might just turn up..

    george..wenger says podolkis not coming..
    but he also said arshavin wasnt coming
    henry was coming
    nasri and cesc wouldnt be leaving..
    etc etc etc 🙂

  176. henry wasnt coming should say

  177. but he also said arshavin wasnt coming

    Did he? What when he was standing outside on the steps?

    He also said Mata was not coming,If you follow.

  178. JJ,
    “wenger didnt sign park
    he wanted park as much as he wanted to tour asia..”
    theres a little bone for you all to chew on ”

    …more like a dipstick for the author.

    TH12 in tha house:

  179. i go now. i try new sport. my boyfreind say try fishin. goodnight gents,

  180. Ah I know the post I was referring to, it was just that you gave a sarcastic reply to it when I know that you are intelligent enough to understand what I was saying, ie. when you have one of the best strikers in the world as your number one, a back up will find it hard to get games unless he can play in other positions. That was unwarranted and without any apparent reason, so I felt it fit to pursue the particular point. 😉

  181. He said he wasn’t coming at that time.Thus leaving the door open.
    He has ruled your man out .End of(I am going to look a right fucking Charlie if he tips up now)

  182. Good night. Do come back, as you can see, there is enough here to keep you interested.

  183. an aside:

    “Bridge said I don’t speak to him. That is not true,” said Mancini. “I told Wayne TWO YEARS ago that he was not part of our plans and if he wanted to find a good solution he should go somewhere else.”
    Mancini said he hoped Bridge and fellow defender Nedum Onuoha would leave City during next month’s transfer window.

    I’d trade Djourou for Onuoha.
    Any takers?

  184. Keysersone.and you did right.
    The banter is just as important as the sense.
    And yes,I did know what you meant and I was being obtuse.All good fun though.

  185. lol mata was coming though..

  186. podolskis not my man
    i wanted reus or pato..

    but bfg says podolsjis the bomb so i aint gonna mess with the big man..

  187. PG,
    Plodoffski is coming and he is not as good and never will be as Andrei.
    but will always score more goals.

  188. Aman,he is not coming.Trust an old man.

  189. I will try to find a middle ground and say that he will definitely not come in the January. In the summer we will see, he does sound an interesting option. A downside is, if he couldn’t settle in Munich, how will he settle in London?

  190. did you know that bfg has the most number of block tackles in the squad..
    well..joint most anyway..him and TV are defensive walls…
    thou shall not pass, over my dead body..

    about time as well..

    i remember all the debates we used to have about how we didnt need a big bastard at the back cos he wouldnt fit the system and we needed defenders who could do step overs and back heels and a million keepy uppys cos thats what our defence was about these days..

    turned out to be a load of bollox didnt it..we just needed a big bastard who knew how to defend..

  191. JonJon

    Per is deceptively technical. He has the highest pass completion rate amongst our defenders, at least he had till a few weeks ago.

  192. stop being spineless aman

    what do we need podolski for..weve got henry now…and then after him weve got that bloke who hardly scored in france who cant score at all in england and behind the bloke who cant score weve got that korean bloke who hardly scored in france who came to not play at all and sell shirts.
    plenty of quality reinforcements…

  193. turned out to be a load of bollox didnt it..we just needed a big bastard who knew how to defend..

    like TV and Kos?
    turns out your post was a load of bollox

  194. Dups,good spot.I had forgotten about that monkey.

  195. Well my wife is appy we are re signing henry.

  196. PG, i couldn’t resist playing with your words
    hence my 1:51pm post.
    just for a lark

    JJ @ 2:02..see you’re waiting on me to dig a hole eh?
    a little too eager my fellow ACLFer
    the truth really does hurt doesn’t it?

  197. yes he did keyser
    those passes out of defence are cock on..
    but its not technical ability..any footballer can make a pass and get it right if its not 60yards up the pitch…

    technical passes are the cross field 50 yarders and the cutting thru balls and the quick one twos..shit like that..

    pers passes are just normal passes that any footballer at any level can make..

    hes just a big fucker at the back who organsises the line talks in the dressing room and knows what to do wins it and gives it and makes himself available for the ball if needed but doesnt get involved in the flair stuff..just the nitty gritty..

    you dont see him sprinting half way up the pitch like the rest do…tv and koz are more technical..bfgs the balance, the one that compliments it..hes the the bread to koz and tv’s butter and its fucking delicious

  198. So’s my wife too duke..

  199. wel george if you’d rather have squiilacci ???

  200. …and the postman

  201. Yogi:

    Interesting but not surprising that we bring TH14 back. I’m perfectly happy that he will be with us and hope it works out well. I don’t believe he would be coming back just to sit on the bench behind RVP. I see him starting on the left with RVP in the center.

    Disappointed because I had really hoped we could bring in a long term solution but I am reasonably certain that will not happen. Should have known better then to get my hopes up. I guess the 22M in profit we made from the summers sales are going to the same place that the 30M we made from the Kolo and Ade sales went. I guess the long term plan is to do as well as we can while staying as profitable as possible until the rest of the football world implodes under a mountain of debt. Now that we seem to have our defensive problems of the last 6 years sorted out I think we can hang on to our CL status until that happens.

  202. Now JJ don’t get giddy.
    As it happens I really like Per and I would always start him and Kos. And TV would be first change.(I am putting my tin hat on as we speak)

  203. dups more to the middle dude

  204. ssshhhh bill dont talk about spending profits..you’ll give gazidis a heart attack..

    dont make them bring up chelsea and city again..

    next we’ll be hearing we cant compete with spurs 😉

  205. JJ @ 1:57:

    Well said.

  206. george as usual u r tedious, irratating and plain mistaken. must go , i’m sposed to b working.

  207. JJ:

    Its all a matter of managing our level of expectations. No matter what happens we will almost certainly be better off then 90% of the rest of football clubs in the world until the apocalypse.

  208. bill fuck. is it any time soon ? ive got some wine in the fridge that needs sorting first.

  209. that should read

  210. heres some odds for all you gamblers out there

    henry is 11/2 to score 3 or more goals in 2 months..

    and hes 16/1 to take wengers job..

    that goals one looks tasty..might have me some of that..

  211. aah, you’re a better JJ
    no wonder u only rely on “who’s happening now”
    Its not about any fantasy for the gambler
    F**k a spine, what are the odds!

  212. thing is aman
    what happens in the future depends alot on what happens now and even then you have zero control of the future…
    so live for the now i say..the futures for daydreamers…get the present sorted first and the future will fall into place in correlation with the decisions made along the way the best it can

    for years and years we were told the future was bright..but our constant refusal to give our key players good wages and constant dealings of bargain basement players and stop gap loans is killing our future cos we aint going anywhere but backwards…

    the squads we build are dismantled before we achieve anything and its time we stopped it..

    thats my veiw anyway…

  213. For moral and inspiration and hopefully a performance or two, the return of TH14 is a nice start to 2012. I think we need a few changes to the squad for next season and I think they will happen but I dont expect any changes in the winter window. I think the manager will await Wilshire, , vela, silva,Ryo, Gibbs, Theo, Ox, Jenks, Frimpong, Cocky, Shez, Ram, I think he might add to that with a good young player or two. Those are 12 players who i hope will blossom next season, add diabi, tv, koz, sanny, santos, rvp, gervy and one other and avoid injury and who knows. What number will TH ex14 wear, will TW14 let him have it back for two month loan ???

  214. JJ,
    Our future’s brighter than most
    Its the lot of the prudent & the creative-realist
    We’ve pulled off an amazing upgrade as a brand
    At a cost few would have managed

    You just cannot negate this reality for the glory of your followership
    If the housing market’s a bubble u don’t willingly sign up

    Arsenal is a club run by thinking, responsible, quality individuals who’s history is the envy of many a rival.
    Has it all happened by chance?…not in the least

    For the past 6 seasons some squads were dismantled before winning silverware because most players cannot take the risk of not making more money when they’re in their prime.

    But how come even the ones that earn more & win silverware elsewhere still pine for the Arse.
    Do you ever wonder why?
    Its because we are a special organization that cares to do things the right way and has been pretty successful for 125 years.

    I know u count yourself lucky to be a gooner
    but if u bought in deeper into the philosophies u’d be after biger stakes
    Our board members do
    AW does
    The smarter ones chase the biggerloot
    Leave immediate survival to the lesser clubs.

    *Arsenal is also the third most valuable Association football club in the world as of 2010, valued at $1.2 billion.

    eat your heart out Daniel Levy!


    Our future’s brighter than most
    Its the lot of the prudent, creative realist
    We’ve pulled off an amazing upgrade as a brand
    At a cost few would have managed
    Without dropping out of the top 4.

    You just cannot negate this reality for the glory of your followership
    If the housing market’s a bubble why willingly sign up?

    Arsenal is a club run by thinking, responsible, quality individuals who’s history is the envy of many a rival.
    Has it all happened by chance?…not in the least

    For the past 6 seasons some squads were dismantled before winning silverware because most players cannot take the risk of not making more money when they’re in their prime.

    But how come even the ones that’ve earned more & won silverware elsewhere still pine for the Arse?
    Do you ever wonder why?
    Its because we are a special organization that cares to do things the right way and has been pretty successful for 125 years.
    We epitomize continuity like no other

    I know u count yourself lucky to be a gooner
    but if u bought deeper into the club’s philosophy u’d be after bigger stakes
    Our board members do
    AW does
    The smarter ones chase the bigger loot
    Leave immediate glory to the lesser clubs.
    (re: Birmingham. Portsmouth, Leeds)

    *Arsenal is also the third most valuable Association football club in the world as of 2010, valued at $1.2 billion.

    eat your heart out Daniel Levy!


  216. Not so fast, JJ. No one was against a big defender. What some of us were against was a big defender like Samba or the other crappy ones that were being suggested at the time. If you recall some of us were in favor of someone like Distin. So don’t gloat about being right because you weren’t. The fact that Mertesacker is a good tackler, tackles not being an aerial phenomenon, has nothing to do with his height. It has to do with his ability to read the game and anticipate what the opponent is going to do. Also, if we have conceded less from set pieces it has to do with our new and improved zone marking and not size, since Koscielny routinely gets more headed clearances than Per does.

  217. aman your hearts in the right place but your very very misguided..
    naivity maybe..i dunno..

    Arsenal is also the third most valuable Association football club in the world as of 2010, valued at $1.2 billion

    exactley..so why cant we cant keep a squad together for two minutes or add to it with the quality we lack in departments…?? lack of money?? i dont think so..

    the answers you look for are in the minds of the baord you think so highly of..they are more interested in building a profit portfolio than a football team im afraid to tell you..
    our football team..
    i’ll leave it at that mate..we’ll see what theyve got planned…but money in the bank and high share prices dont score you goals nor does it keep your best players together and convince your captains not to leave every other season..

  218. Bill: “Disappointed because I had really hoped we could bring in a long term solution but I am reasonably certain that will not happen. Should have known better then to get my hopes up. ”

    “Wenger promised me a striker and now that he might not get one I has a sad, whaaaaa”

    What if Wenger is holding out for a much better replacement than we can get in the harried January transfer window? Perhaps someone who isn’t cup tied as most of the very good strikers are, otherwise they’d be in smaller teams and would be gambles either way. You ever thought of that, you fucking whiner?

  219. tell him G69
    strengthen his spine with detail
    he needs to learn to go deeper, pay more attention, work harder for the facts
    too much in the present
    the easy gambler
    ….our JonJon

  220. oh come of it gains yes there were dont spout tripe mate…you were fucking wrong and you know it..
    there was lots of posters who used to go on about it..
    i was on the thread plenty of times and ppl used to take the piss out of ‘cloggers’

    im suprised you only mention samba..and not cahill, but seeing as though wenger went in for cahill i understand the leaving out of his name..

    but yeah..samba would have been a good option for us..as would have been cahill to come in at the same time as koz instead of squillaci…

  221. JonJon,
    that you missed the point surprised me
    then I woke up!
    U are who u are
    I now accept this.

  222. As usual along come the mood killer.

  223. As usual along came Gunnerjones with his usual bitch.

  224. JJ: “exactley..so why cant we cant keep a squad together for two minutes or add to it with the quality we lack in departments…?? lack of money?? i dont think so..”

    Just because we’re rich doesn’t mean we’re stupid, JJ. Unlike the oilers our funds are not unlimited. We don’t have vast oil fields behind the Grove nor do we have political connections with corrupt governments, unless you count Usmanov. The money we’ve made has been earned through years of hard work and intelligent investing. And it is this dedication to intelligent investing that prevents us from putting a player like Nasri on 150k a week after having played just six months worth of quality football. And if we can’t keep a squad together, stupid as that sounds, since Cesc and Nasri don’t amount to a squad, it is because of the idiocy inherent in players like Hleb, Flamini, Nasri, Adebayor etc. None of these players are at higher profile clubs than Arsenal and for some their careers have sputtered into the abyss, which proves Wenger right. He knows more about player valuation than all the managers in the league combined and if he chooses to forgoe over-valued, over-hyped players in order to avoid putting the club in debt, then so be it.

  225. aman have you leaned nothing from the past few years..

    you wanna talk about facts…
    heres some facts
    facts are that our bank balance has reached massive amounts while weve had a huge turnover of key players….

    bearing that in mind..what does that say about the future??

    dont worry…i’ll wait while you keep daydreaming…

  226. There is always a civil air on here till gains shows up then the bitching and name calling starts. So yes i will throw in my little bitch too Dupssfuckoof

  227. bollox..
    giving a key player or two 150k a week and buying some quality for 20mil instead of constantly buying bargains will not turn us into leeds or pompey


  228. Gunnerjones if you disagree (or agree) with someone you give your reason. You don’t just come in with a mindless moan about that person.

  229. What really suprises me is that there are people on here that are so opposed to us improving the team while staying with in our ( financial) comfort zone. Because from what i have been reading on here for some time is that that is all 99% of us want. The name calling, animosity and sheer stupidity of the extreme opposition is from shit they have made up in their heads. It can only be !

  230. Hmmmm, Stew, Shotta, Gains, George just to name a few can do it so why cant I ?

  231. You come off it, JJ. You were willing to bring in some shit merchant like Samba to our team, for fuck’s sake. Instead we got a classy, tall defender with tons of international experience for a fraction of what Samba would’ve cost us. Someone was wrong, that’s for sure, but it wasn’t the people who rejected Samba. It was the ones who thought that a big man, any big man, would do just because of their height. As far as Cahill is concerned, look at where his team is at. They are bottom of the table and have conceded perhaps the most goals. If he would’ve come here for the amount Wenger offered I wouldn’t have had a problem with him at all. Instead, his club bought into the hype and thought that Cahill was worth way more. And look at them now. Cahill is fucking off at a loss to them.

  232. Cahill will go to Chelsea and become a Top defender. Thats what will happen to him. Wenger was interested in him so he cant be all that shit. Blaming one player for a teams poor form is rather silly really.

  233. Dupsffokcuf, if you’re expecting any type of football related comment from GunnerJones, then I’m afraid you’ll be dissapointed. He only has two settings. Moaner and shit talker. Also his name proves the theory about those who put Gunner or Gooner in their name. They’re all, with a few exceptions, cunts.

  234. what?? buying a player for 25mil?? never..hes good, we want him…and he’ll add something to our squad..but…its not the arsenal way..were in a recession prices are too high, footballs going mad weve got more class….theres a guy available for a few quid, he dont score but he’ll make the numbers up and keep profits high

    say again?? you’ll give us 25mil for him, ivan have you heard this? hes yours…keep profits high

    wierd that aint it..or not so wierd depending on what side of the fence your on..

  235. Gains is 100% right. I didn’t hear anyone clamouring for Podolski until the media decided we were a one man team and needed another striker. Now all of a sudden people are ready to throw a temper tantrum because it looks like they are not going to get what they want.

    I’m also amazed at some of the stupid comments and questions from alleged Arsenal supporters, when even the most cursory glance at the official website would tell you why TH needs more training before he is ready to play (he’s just come back from a holiday in Mexico) and why Ryo has not played much this season (he has had a couple of injuries and is only just back in training).

  236. We I for one have been a big fan of Podolkski since two world cups ago when he first came on the scene. But didnt believe for a minute the rumors of us signing him we ever gonna come true. So no disappointment here. The boss never said anything about Pato though !

  237. JonJon,
    I gave up on u @ 5:28pm.
    Its all good
    We smoke from a different bush thats all.
    If you ran the show AW would have been sacked years ago.
    Thankfully you do not.
    You’re a fairweather fan
    I willingly disengage

    G69’s got u

  238. You only have one setting gains, Moan! At least I can mix it up a little with two settings.

  239. no gains instead we got squillaci..that turned out well

    now weve got bfg we dont need samba or cahill..

    but before per came. we did

  240. Cahill will go to Chelsea and become a top defender, how so? It seems that you’re basing your commentary on the fact that he’s signing for Chelsea and that this somehow makes him better just because. How has this phenomenon worked out for David Luiz, huh?

  241. Putting passion aside there is a case for reinforcements now, not in the future. We have a tough fight to keep our top 4 place. We really do. The squad is weakened by the absence of any fit full backs and players leave for the ACN in the near future.

    I’ll leave for a moment wether, even but for these issues, the squad needed reinforcement anyway.

    JonJon asks some valid questions behind the wind up style.

    We do deal with contracts in a different way that,say, manu. they havce just announced that they will be offering Berbatov a one year extension in March. Very clear. He can sign or leave.

    I like that.

  242. ppl who spout the fairweather fan arguement and make assumptions have no arguement therefore dont know what the fuck they are talking about..

    you go sit in your tower, smoke your bush and carry on daydreaming

  243. JJ no matter how hard you save you will never have as much as a Euro jackpot winner.

  244. Cahill will be a reasonably decent defender ,Who Arsene valued at less than Per.Otherwise we would have offered Per money for Cahill.But we didn’t,did we?
    Cahill will never be a top defender as long as he has a whole in his arse.
    Mmm,Gains,Shotta ,and Steww.?Dont mind one bit being in their company.GJ.
    But I thought you and I were pals now.

  245. Will we ever see the day again when we shocked the world by signing a world class player at his peak like Bergkamp in 1995.Its sad to see Wenger bringing back players like Campbell and Henry who are way past their best.

  246. My biggest wish for 2012 is for all our wounded, Sagna, Diaby, Jack, Gibbs, Jenks & Santos, to return fully fit to contribute to the team and for no one else to have any serious injury.


  247. Sorry George wasnt meaning it in an offensive way. Just saying dont single me out for what many others do. Thats all.
    Well however Cahill turns out George we were after him so I dont know how me saying that turns to me saying some thing along the lines of this fellas post. ?
    It seems that you’re basing your commentary on the fact that he’s signing for Chelsea and that this somehow makes him better just because. How has this phenomenon worked out for David Luiz, huh?

  248. How much did Squillacci come here for, JJ? Two, three million at best? He was a stop gap and he didn’t do as bad as some would think. Also, you’re assuming that before Per we needed Samba and Cahill when we didn’t. While Vermaelen was out Djourou and Koscielny were more than able deputies. The thing is that last season was Koscielny’s first and Djourou got injured at the end so we had a mini crisis. Now that Vermaelen is back and Koscielny is more experienced, the additon of Per is just the cherry on top. Ask yourself this, would we have gotten Per if Samba or Cahill were in the squad? And if we had gotten Per, which was in the works for at least two years prior to him coming, where would Samba or Cahill be right now? They’d be on the bench after having cost us at least ten million pounds. Leave the future planning for the day dreamers indeed, JJ, because the likes of you and Bill exhibit the worst traits of a conspicuos consumer.

  249. Abu, Dennis looked like his star was on the decline when we signed him.
    Arshavin was a world class player at his peek when we signed him though.
    How do you square that?

  250. Was Phil Jones top class at Blackburn?At Utd he has improved ten fold.Whats to say Cahill wont at Chelsea.
    The blinkeredness of some Gooners is mind-boggling.I remember Gooners saying they were glad we missed out on Jones and that he wasnt worth £16m!!!!

  251. Abu

    You clearly dont know your football. Bergkamp was being offered around by Inter and was being written off as a flop in Italy. So, give it a fucking rest eith the bitching.

    We signed some Russian dude at the top of his game and most of the moaners want rid of him.

  252. Abu

    Phil Jones is 6 years younger than Cahill, can play in various positions and has a lot of development left in him. The fact we offered £16m shows how much the manager wanted him.

  253. changed names again george??

    that is a big name 😉

    i know that but thats no excuse for us not to use the money we do have is it..just cos they shop at harrods now dont mean we have to start shopping at poundstretcher..

  254. Hello George!

    You beat me to it man.

  255. Abu.
    Yes it was obvious Jones was top class at Blackburn.
    He is however less than Per, Kos and TV,although a tad more versatile.
    Cant remember many saying we were glad to have missed out on him.

  256. JJ

    What you moaning about today mate? 🙂

    Ahh the old shopping at Harrods/Poundstretcher shizzle.

  257. Abu, we will never get another signing like Bergkamp for the simple fact that he wanted to leave Inter and the transfer market was still sane back then. In fact, if we could somehow travel through time and put Bergkamp on the open market now, he’d easily go for at least £40m. This is just an example of how lopsided Real Madrid, City, Chelsea and United have made the transfer market. If they’re willing to pay big for a player just because of a name bergkamp, who was as big a name as any back then, would’ve been out of everyone’s reach but theirs.

    Phil Jones didn’t improve ten fold, Abu. He’s on a good run of form and the players around him compensate for that as much as anything else. When on England duty and alongside Smalling in central defence he has looked average at best.

  258. JonJon,
    if I engage u fully I’d waste enough time to raise a 9 year-old.
    You might have that much time on your hands..
    I don’t.

    To reiterate:
    I think you are a fairweather fan
    I think you have a weak spine
    And I think u only care about yourself..your immediate happiness with little care for long term repercussions on others

    One’s take on one’s passions reflects one’s outlook & worldview
    I know where you stand clearly
    And I cannot invest anymore time to debate u today
    You’d sell out in a flash
    And I accept this

  259. Dexter ,feck me that was spooky

  260. I am still hopeful of a new addition as well as Henry coming in. An attacker/striker would be my wish. Who it is well, thats anyone’s guess? Podolski has never done it for me though.

  261. George That it was man.

  262. we wanted jones before we wanted cahill..

    and im in the henry camp..i just hope thats not our lot..

    gains we can spin it and sugar coat it as much as we like but signing stop gaps instead of paying for the real deal has been our problem over the years..

    first it was silvestre then it was campbell then squiilaci..

    what we really needed was someone like per, samba, cahill to come in with koz..but that would have cost more money..whch is the whole point of what im saying..

    pack it in with the stop gap stuff and get the players we need..its not like we are skint that stop gaps is the best we can do..

    cos it isnt..

    everton are broke..the best they can do is a striker from MLS on loan..i understand that

    are you telling me that we havent got the finances to do better???

  263. GunnerGainsbourg69

    Hahahaha!!!! I love you, George.

  264. JJ

    WE should have signed another striker/attacker in the summer and didnt. And I agree with you on the signing of Squillaci. We signed Koscielny a raw inexperienced (to this league) player, so it would have made sense to sign a defender of experience, like Samba or Cahill. However, we didnt and its spilt milk man. And I agree with gains, Squillaci did a lot better than he gets credit for.

  265. I did wonder why Goerge had put Gunner infront of his name!

  266. im not going to sit here and trade insults with you aman..
    i kinda like you..i love the banter..so dont take anything i say personally..

    but assumptions and insults alone with zero footy chatter and the debate fizzles and credibility is lost..

    its best left..

  267. GunnerGainsbourg69

    I’d much rather a stop gap for a few million than a benchwarmer like Berbatov for £30m or half of City’s bench.

  268. i thought we needed an attacker in summer and i still think we need one now dex..
    even with henry coming..its a boost..but its not what we really need..

  269. I think Henry might be all we get JJ. Which will mean we are even more reliant on Robin not getting an injury.

  270. Can’t say I think that’s a good thing TBH.

  271. GunnerGainsbourg69

    And our stop gaps only had to play because of our incredibly bad luck with injuries over the last few seasons. Therefore a stop gap is a gamble, but not as expensive as having our bench littered with expensive mercenaries.

  272. Buying a top striker now doesn’t necessarily make him a like for like replacement for Van Persie. Robin is a one in a thousand player and the team is used to his style of play. A striker, regardless of his quality, will need time to adapt. If we can find a gem in the January transfer window it would be awesome, but I wouldn’t be too dissapointed if we don’t get one. I’d much rather let the strikers we have play themselves into form and if we can get one of Wenger’s long term targets now that’s even better.

  273. yes get the fuck in there

    rvp goal v everton was voted sky goal of the year..
    he was neck and neck with rooneys overhead shin against city and he pipped it by 1 %..


  274. I have to agree with Gunnergains,
    It was dire with injuries when we loan signed Campbell and Jens.
    They were ideal in the circumstances.Although neither made much difference on the field of play.

  275. buying a top striker now wont make him a replacement for robin..
    whats wrong with him playing with robin..

  276. Neck and neck with a fat man falling off a chair.
    Shows how much the public know about the game.
    Even less than JJ !!!! 😉

  277. JJ .If the right man at the right money is available,why not.
    If we could get a 26 year old Dennis Bergkamp they £40 million would be a snip.

  278. were always dire with injuries..lets hope we dont get hit upfront and any point soon…

  279. I predict that Jones will outgrow his youthful exhuberance and will eventually settle into an average English CB similar to Scott Dann, Gary Cahill or any number of plodders from that beautiful country.

  280. Gains.He will be better than them.

  281. Whats up folks?

    Funny things about the Squillaci is that I don’t remember many negatives comments and people were saying that now we have a player who can take care of Droga. A strong and experienced player was what I remember reading.

    As I see it, he hasn’t been half as bad as people have made out.

    You ought to read some of the rubbish that is being said about Per.

  282. JJ, we play one striker at a time. If you want someone who can play with him, then you’ll want someone like Gervinho or Theo. And last time I looked we have a shit load of those types of players on our bench.

    Here’s some strikers I wouldn’t mind us buying:

    Marco Reus
    Robert Lewandowski
    Juan Manuel Vargas

    Midfielders I wouldn’t mind us buying:

    Xherdan Shaqiri
    Marvin Martin

    Out of the strikers I think we could do with Vargas from Fiorentina. He’s a big, bulky player who is tricky and has an eye for goal. Think left footed Ibrahimovic. He’d be able to link up well with the outside players and is a threat in the air. The best part is that he’d go for less than £15m. Lewandowski and Reus are going to be exceptional in the coming years.

    Shaqiri I would like to get regardless of where we play him at the moment. He’s going to be huge and if Theo is moved to the middle he can play wide right or wide left. I can’t stop dreaming of a front troika made up of Theo, Shaqiri and Gervinho with little Jack and Ramsey pulling the strings in midfield.

  283. Henry back for a while.


  284. Gains,what have you done with Robin?Did he leave in your dream?

  285. I predict AA & Park will come good
    TR7 will rediscover his long range shots.
    with a little help from their team mates.

  286. we dont exactley play with one striker at a time but i do know what your saying your making sence..

    reus is the one i really want..
    and i wouldnt mind shakiri either

  287. to finalize my reply to the question of the day, YW;
    “Will Arsenal’s Transfer Activity Be Completed On January 1st?”

    I sincerely hope not.

    Liverpool vs Newcastle’s on.
    Ciao ACLFers.
    Till the next day

  288. Well i want Parker,Samba,Cahill and Hazard.

  289. PG, i just want Messi!

  290. No, GoonerGeorge. Robin is still in my dream formation. Except he’s having a rest on the bench.

  291. Messi? what ? when we can have Samba!!!!!

  292. I’m not asking for a bankrupt bank to be broken.
    How about a ‘medium’-ish player. A Carroll? Perchance?

    Double deflection. 0-1 Newcastle.

  293. Wait. A goal for a pacy forward playing in his later years.

  294. andy carroll has to be the largest waste of money in the history of football

  295. Frimpong’s going on loan to Wolves. Glad about that, could’ve been worse, it could have been McLeish’s Villa.

  296. if andy carroll is worth 35 million then craig bellamy should be worth about 140 million, because he looks about four times better than carroll.

  297. G69:

    If we are not willing to participate in the inflated market then we have to accept its going to be very difficult to ever move above 3 – 4th place. If we don’t like Macy’s prices we can’t just go to Walmart. There is only one transfer market. Its a wonderful romantic idea to think that we can develop an academy that continually churns out players that will consistently win titles but it has not worked so far and I doubt that there are any teams in history that have won if they avoid the upper end of the market. The only reason we have been able to stay as close as we have is Wenger but even the great man has not been able to take us over the top since he decided he would no longer participate in the top end of the market.

  298. The commenters for the Newcastle game were going on and on about soft bookings for fouls which impede a players advantage. They were complaining that referees pull out yellows for anything these days. Then they moan and call Cabaye a coward for a studs up tackle on Spearing. Don’t they realize that if you, a commentator, pushes an agenda of aggressiveness for the sake of machismo, that you are complicit in tough dirty tackles like that?

  299. Bill, you conveniently overlook the fact that we’ve bought quality at good prices. Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen and Van Persie are proof that one need not spend big for the fuck of it. Besides, what’s the difference between coming in fourth, second or third? There’s only one winner at the end of the season and even the big spenders miss out.

  300. Gainsbourg69 | December 30, 2011 at 9:12 pm

    Because they are too stupid to join the dots and understand that actions have consequences. It’s a trait that it all too common in today’s society and well illustrated by many posts on here.

  301. Had to switch off the Liverpool v Newcastle game. The licking of Gerrard’s arse by the commentators was awful.

  302. Bobby no one thinks Carroll is worth even half that – it was poor business by Liverpool who had money to burn when they sold Torres.

    The thing is though – it’s clear that he is a much better player than we have seen so far from him at Liverpool – the price tag and the increase in pressure have certainly affected his confidence. He’ll have a run in the side now and Gerrard to play the link role which proved so effective with Torres. A couple of goals and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him looking more like the bruiser we saw at Newcastle – still not worth half what they paid though.

  303. Dexter | December 30, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    I’m not sure that I am. If Mick McCarthy thinks that tackle by Milijas on Tuesday is okay, what on earth will Frimpong learn there? Since his red card against Liverpool, Emmanuel has been much more controlled in his play, and that is much more of what he needs to learn.

  304. Passenal

    Idealy Frimpong would have gone to a different team, but the main thing is he gets games.

  305. there was nothing wrong with milijas tackle..

  306. I agree he needs games Dexter, so hopefully the gain from that will outweigh the concern that I have.

  307. frimmers is fine going where he is..he’ll learn a lot battling for pl survival and as long as they use him he’ll come back a better player..

  308. “If we are not willing to participate in the inflated market then we have to accept its going to be very difficult to ever move above 3 – 4th place.”

    We are not able to participate,Its not a question of being willing,Bill.
    And 3rd or 4th may indeed be our reality until the super spending is stopped,somehow.

  309. were shit…were in 6th.

  310. In the last century maybe, but by the current laws of the game it was illegal JonJon. The very least it deserved was a yellow. Reckless endangerment of a fellow professional needs to be stamped out. Ramsey, Eduardo and Diaby have and still are in some cases, paying the price of such tackles.

  311. It was a red JJ.
    Arteta needed to jump to not get his leg broken.

  312. it wasnt even comparible with those tackles you mention..
    arteta won that red card with the theatrics..good lad..
    but even with the current laws of the game he didnt break them…sliding challenge, didnt leave the ground..wasnt from behind, wasnt two footed, didnt go over the ball, won the ball
    how fair does a tackle have to be??

  313. no it wasnt george

  314. Must say I agree with JJ on that tackle. Both his feet were on the ground and a yellow was the most it should have been.

  315. The tackle by Cabaye tonight should have been a red though.

  316. yeah yellow at the most if were gonna say his determination was agression but if we gonna start dishing reds out for those tackles then its not the money in the game we need to only worry about
    the rules will kill it first…

  317. i seen that tackle tonight those are the illegal ones i agree..
    he went to do him..

  318. Consolsbob is right and wise. We could really do with some strengthening if possible.

    I like Gains’ list of targets. What are the chances any come? Probably quite low and not until the summer for the best bets.

    There’s the dilemma. Henry buys a bit of time and breathing room. Hopefully the club will still be working hard during the window to make some improvements to our depth and quality behin d the glamour of TH’s return.

  319. I would prefer Norwich, QPR, Swansea, West Brom, Wigan, Everton, or Bolton as PL clubs for Frimps. Wherever of those he would get regular games. I don’t like McLeish or the way Wolves play and think Karl Henry would be a bad influence. Scratch, QPR, as no good will come of Barton either. Thugs.

  320. JonJon, this is written by a trained referee

    “The Milijas red card. In the first half Milijas escaped a yellow card for a high foot studs showing against Benayoun. The ref then warned him (should have give a yellow at the time) and I think this entered the ref’s mind when he gave the red card.

    It was a frontal tackle so always a foul and a yellow card but as he was sliding over the ground with his foot not above the ball a yellow card would have been enough. But I think the ref, who by then had lost it completely, wanted to clean up the game a bit. If he would have booked Milijas in the first half as he should have done it would have been a second yellow and he would have been off anyway. So the final outcome was correct but not the right way things happened.”


  321. i guess frimmers going on loan doesnt class as players leaving??

    i say that cos mvillas agent has been quoted as saying something along the lines that the player wil be available and hes available for about 15mil…

    i really like frimmers and le coq..but this lads awesome..and with apparent doubts over songs contract which is said to expire the same time as robins…i think for 15 mil..we should go for it.. ive got a feeling he’ll go to real madrid or milan cos his agent did mention them..but that shouldnt stop us trying…

    having wenger as manager might be the pulling power we need on this one..

  322. Gains, I think the difference between third and fourth has increased. The changes to the rules for qualifying round play make it a much bigger challenge than in previous years. A couple years ago we seldom would have met a team of Udinese’s quality to get to the group stages. Without CL group status being guaranteed (or virtually so as in the past) it is difficult to recruit players like Arteta who seems to have lobbied for the move when informed of our interest so that he could play CL football.

  323. It was red. straight leg sliding tackle.From any angle = red

  324. passenal
    fair enough if thats the refs opinion..but that still doesnt make it a dirty, straight red tackle does it..

    if its two yellows then fair enough i believe its only a one game ban…but they way it happened he gets three i think so atwells still a clown and wolves got screwed on it..

    but hey ho..not our problem, couldnt care less but i still think the lad tackled as fairly as he could have in the one instance and we shouldnt labell him in the same bracket as the likes of shawcross etc cos that wouldnt be fair..

  325. I haven’t seen much of M’Villa but I rate Coquelin very highly. In my opinion, he’s probably one of the best CM’s at the U-21 level in the world. If M’Villa is much better than him, then welcome. If he’s not, then no. And at 15m he better be able to shoot thunder out of his arse from day one, otherwise I’m not interested.

  326. Henry?
    Are you kidding me?

  327. LG, I don’t think anyone is against strengthening in itself, but we have to be realistic about what we can do in January. It’s not just about what we want, other clubs need to be willing to sell and players need to be willing to join us. We would not be able to sell players away at the ACN and any player hoping to play in the Euro’s in the summer might be reluctant to risk disrupting their form with a transfer. We also need to bear in mind that with the current squad restrictions, we would have to sell before we can buy and players need time to gel with their new team mates, so perhaps stability might be a better option in the short-term until we can strengthen properly in the summer. The people looking for signings don’t seem to factor any of this into their demands. If Arsene finds additional players great, but if he doesn’t let’s accept the reality of the situation we are in. We do actually have some very good players currently injured, who would probably strengthen our team a lot more than any of the unrealistic, or unknown quantities from elsewhere.

  328. Lime, we drew Udinese by chance. We could’ve just as easily drawn a much easier club as well. It’s not like we’re going to be getting clubs of that magnitude all the time. Besides, what good is it to come in third when you can’t make it past the first hurdle like the current champions and third place team can assert.

  329. George:

    “We are not able to participate,Its not a question of being willing,Bill.
    And 3rd or 4th may indeed be our reality until the super spending is stopped,somehow.”

    As far as the former we will have to agree to disagree. We can’t spend Man City type huge money in a scattergun fashion but we can certainly make use of the high end transfer market in a more limited intelligent way if we wanted.


    No doubt we have brought quality at good prices but it has not been enough. Even great teams go thru trophy droughts but great teams who have the best manager in the world do not go trophy free for 7 years unless something else is happening. About 7-8 years ago is when our current transfer market strategy was hatched. Do you really think thats a coincidence?

  330. I agree Gains, Coquelin is an awesome prospect. I’d rather we spent big on more creative players than a DM. Unless Song fa ncies pisses us around with his contract talks.

  331. Passenal, the people who don’t take those factors into account are simpletons. They don’t get that the reason why Madrid and City get players so easily is because they pay twice the market value and usually get swindled.

  332. mvila is a year older than le coq..
    and hes played for france almost 20 times..they are building the midfield around him ( dispite what george thinks of diaby 🙂 )

    i rate le coq highly as well but this lads a different level….

    im perfectly happy with the song/le coq/frimmers line up but like i say if songs not comitted yet i dont think for 15mil we should turn this chance down..
    and i do beleive we did go for him in summer like alot of clubs did but rennes managed to hang on but now he wants to leave..

  333. Thierry’s contract is up to and including Feb 26th so his last game in an Arsenal shirt could well be against Spurs. Fairytale ending?

  334. Bill

    Perhaps you arent aware of the new stadium we built that kind of cost alot of money. Which might have something to do with the transfer activity being somewhat curtailed man.


    Most people do fsctor in those variables you speak of and to be honest our last minute erratic, chaotic summer business gives us great experience for the january transfer scramble. If we dont strengthen then we are praying for good fortune where injuries are concerned and given our track record in that department, that probably isnt likely.

  335. Jonny

    Yeah Henry to go out after scoring the winner man.

  336. JonJon, Frimpong is under 21 so does not have to be registered in the squad of 25. We have 17 non-homegrown players and it is amongst those players that we would need departures. With all our defensive injuries I don’t think we can risk letting Squillachi go in January. We could let a goalkeeper go, but both Fabianski and Mannone are currently injured, so that may not be an option. Rosicky and Arshavin may or may not be coming to the end of their Arsenal careers, but unless we can replace them with top quality, which we are unlikely to get in January, I think the summer is more realistic for any potential departures. I cannot think of one realistic experienced homegrown player over 21 who we could afford to buy either who would be ready to make a difference from day one.

  337. Bill, get over yourself. Arsenal will never buy trophies as long as Wenger is the manager. With regards to great teams going trophyless, that’s nonsense. Liverpool is one of the biggest teams in the world and they haven’t won a league in how long? At least we’ve won trophies in this decade and are always challenging at the top. If you see something wrong with our trophy drought perhaps there’s something wrong with you.

  338. Is M’Villa better than Song, JJ?

  339. I think Mannone and Almunia could go, as well as Squillaci. Miquel seems ahead of him in the pecking order, unless he (Miquel) is going to be loaned out.

  340. Gains this century not this decade,I am afraid to say

  341. Just read the M’Villa article JJ. £16.6m is the valuation apparantly, well according to his agent.

  342. Passenal @ 11:00

    We have heard that same thing for years now. Every team has the same issues to deal with. In August we brought in multiple players in a very short time despite all those difficulties. The necessary ingredient is intent. We won’t get every player we target but Ivan and the boss could strengthen the squad if they wanted.

  343. @Gains
    I agree regarding ManCity. Real Madrid may be a bit different. They got Ozil and Sahin for 10 mln I think, absolute bargins. I wish we were that attractive for young prospects.

  344. I know Gourcuff’s star has waned somewhat, but he’s always looked a top quality player and he’s still only 26 I think. We did go in for him in the summer, as well as M’Villa and a few others no doubt. But he would be a great signing, IMO.

  345. No they don’t Dexter, or they would not be demanding Goetze, Hazard, Shaquiri etc as those are completely unrealistic, when their respective teams are doing well in their leagues or in Europe. Neither would they be talking with a sense of entitlement as though buying players is like walking into a supermarket and taking what you want off the shelf. I rarely see anyone saying ‘I would like it if’, or ‘it would be good if we could’. Its always, ‘we should’, ‘we must’, ‘we have to’ and ‘if Wenger doesn’t’! Completely pisses me off.

  346. Gainsbourg69 | December 30, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    It’s not just Arsene though Gains, it’s been the Arsenal way for a long time and Stan seems cut from the same cloth.

  347. doesnt look like weve got much room to manouvre then regarding squad allocation..
    i agree about the homegrown player i dont think thats an option..

    what if we signed gotze? hes not 21 would he need registering as a foreign player still??

    anyhoo..i wouldnt let the allocation worry me.minor obstacle…id still make a transfer or two in jan and if someone cant be offloaded and we have to leave them out until we can sort it in summer then so be it…

    theres players who dont play anyway so we might as well write them off at the expence of players who will come to compete and not let the players who get paid for not doing anything stand in there way

  348. Sounds like you have anger issues there Passenal! 🙂

    I think we need to sign a striker and a midfielder is a must, if WEnger doesnt then we can kiss goodbyr to the Carling Cup this year.

  349. Dexter, Gourcuff is struggling to regain form since his injury and his failure at Milan and sideways move to Lyon, might indicate that he has found his level.

  350. dex i read it in french and it said 20 mil euros..
    i took a guess at 15mil but cheers for clearing it up 😉

  351. Dexter | December 30, 2011 at 11:23 pm

    Not really Dexter, but it’s getting to the point where it’s becoming tiresome and I can see why so many long time posters have voted with their feet.

  352. “id still make a transfer or two in jan and if someone cant be offloaded and we have to leave them out until we can sort it in summer then so be it…”

    Easy to say, but a lot harder to do for a self-sustaining club that has to live within it’s own means. We still have to pay these people and we have a lot of players on loan that we also have to move on in the summer.

  353. Dexter:

    We built the stadium for the purpose of using the revenue to improve the squad. Our current transfer policy was supposedly a necessary evil to get us thru a lean time. The frugality we practice long ago passed the point of being necessary for self sufficiency and its morphed into our identity as a club.

  354. gourcuff is a player ive always liked and beleive it or not when we signed chamakh i thought we would go for gourcuff as well..

    wenger loves him and pires has been begging wenger to take him on french radio and save his career..apparently the french media have been killing him…hes really unhappy..

    but its true..he had an ankle op in the summer much like diabys to cure a persistent problem and wenger has said he’ll keep monitoring his progress..if he wouldnt have had that op i think wenger would have got him..

    hes a good player..and maybe it will wake chamakh up..

    we’ll have to wait until the summer i think for this one..see what happens with rosicky and benny…

  355. Bill, I seriously think you are supporting the wrong team. You cannot bend AFC to your will. Either accept the reality of the situation or find a club that does things the way you like it.

  356. Gourcuff is a disruptive character(like passenal)he would be the last think we need.

    If we had not seen the emergence of “super owners” The new stadium would have put us in pole position.You cant plan against your rivals winning the lottery.

  357. Yeah JJ, unlike Passenal, I aint ready to write off Gourcuff! He is definitely a top quality player. Bit like Bergkamp in Italy, his career has stalled at Lyon and maybe a fresh challenge in England might sort him out.


    No mate, we are still paying off the stadium, although we do now have more funds available for transfers. I dont think we should be skinting ourselves to try and keep up with the Joneses, but we shouldnt scrimp on signings either.

  358. George;

    Gourcuff aint a disruptive player, although I agree about Passenal! 🙂

  359. i really think we can afford to take that gamble passenal..
    i do..it will be a bit of an extra burden..but its not like the players we are talking about are on 100k a week and its only for 6 months until we can sort it out properly..
    weve got the money to do it…and if we lose out on cl it would cost us alot more..

    everythings a gamble in footy but just signing henry and going with that will be the biggest gamble i feel..

    it may work but if it doesnt and it all falls apart again were going to find it harder to attract players when we arent playing cl and were going to find it harder to keep the players whos contracts are low..

    so lets do it now eh?? lets not wait until summer..we did that last year and almost had our insides ripped out..

  360. Dexter.I know its true because someone who knows nothing about anything told me.

  361. We need to sign a player who can push us towards 4th place.Give us a boost ,like in 2009 when err?????? oh yes ,Denilson hauled us over the line.

  362. In that case George, it must be true then!

  363. Passenal, I wouldn’t lump Shaqiri in with Goetze and other overhyped young players. Most people don’t know about him and he’s not yet spoken of as the next coming of Maradona. He plays in a smaller league and will probably go for a decent price. If Basel get knocked out in the next round he’ll continue to be an unknown quantity. Goetze on the other hand is already valued in the high 20’s and 30’s despite him being only 19 years old.

  364. gourcuff was only seen as disruptive at milan..

    but that was all because he’d only been there two minutes and maldini jnr was complaining he couldnt speak italian..and once your in mr milans bad books thats it..its over before its started..

    hes a player id love to come in jan but i wasnt too gutted when wenger said no cos hes just back from injury..no point signing him now just to hold hands with diaby for the rest of the season…

  365. Gourcuff is some one I’d take a punt on. I liked him as a kid at Milan and thought he was awesome for Bordeaux. He’s 25 and ticks all the boxes with regards to CL, domestic and international football.

  366. He’s fit now though yeah JJ?

  367. gourcuff was only seen as disruptive at milan..

    Really JJ? not what I heard.But then again……..

  368. When was the last time he was playing well for club or country?

  369. stupid name wont go away now

  370. have to agree with gains..shakiri probably would come at below half the price gotze would come at..

    cant see any player out of the swiss league being bought for more than 15mil..

    theyd probably bite our hands off at 10..

  371. I think you’re being a bit optimistic there JJ and Gains. I think Shaquiri will go for big bucks.

  372. yeah dex hes been fit a few week now…
    i seen an article wenger did on a french blog.. (again in french)

    wenger admitted hes a talent he was interested in summer the injury put him off and hes monitering the situation..

    lyon have apparently offered him but i dont know whether a deal was done..wenger said no publicly but that could mean fuck all…

    dunno until jan

  373. i suppose so dex but depends whos in for him..

  374. Ok, nice one dude. Thanks.

    I like him anyway, Shaquiri too! Oh and M’Villa and Reus!

  375. Passenal @ 11:36:

    You know as well as I that it does not work that way. You support your club thru thick and thin.

    Football teams make money for the purpose of using the funds to improve the team. We seem to have strayed from that traditional model. Its great to get value for your money but that is not always possible and sometimes the need to improve the squad should trump the desire to get great value from every transaction. I realize we can’t spend like Man City but its very difficult to realistically argue that we are doing everything we can within our financial limitations to improve the club.

  376. one signing to get fourth!! how about three to get first.

  377. Bill,If you admit we cant compete ,Then why are you so keen on us doing so?

    By the way.Suggesting you support another club is a daft thing to say.In fact its a bit shit if you ask me.

  378. il drink to that dukey… 🙂

  379. i’m sure we can pick three from the names above.

  380. actually.

    pires, viera and dennis.

  381. You have been drinking , haven’t you Duke?

  382. I’m alarmingly sober for a Friday night…

  383. I don’t know who would go for Shaqiri. He’s not a marquee player just yet and the big money clubs already spent loads on players that play his position. Unless he himself wants to play for one of these clubs, I just can’t see any of them buying him. Hopefully, Arsene’s trip to Basel last summer included a visit to Shaqir’s parents and he convinced them that coming to Arsenal is the best thing for their Song’s career.

  384. Son’s.

    Damn you I pad.

  385. Fin. Último!!!

  386. Pardon? Last? No, sir/madam, not you.

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