Arsenal Spurn Fourth As Wolves Frustrate

Arsenal 1 – 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers

1 – 0 Gervinho (8)
1 – 1 Fletcher (38)

Even Stuart Atwell’s Christmas gift of a cheap sending off was not able to present Arsenal with the three points that would have seen them leapfrog Chelsea into fourth place. Having rebounded from the defeat at Eastlands with a late win at Villa Park, Christmas rested heavy on the shoulders of the players.

We can bemoan Wayne Hennessey’s performance and the failure of Stuart Atwell to award a penalty yet those are distractions, ignoring that Arsenal created enough chances to score three or four goals. That they did not is the real issue.

Arsène resisted the temptation to make wholesale changes, instead restoring Johan Djourou to right back with Koscielny reverting to the centre of defence. Tinkering in midfield and attack meant that the expected rest for Ramsey did not entirely materialise, Alex Song’s continued indiscretions on the pitch meant the Welshman had to play a twenty minute cameo. Rosicky replaced him at the start and Yossi Benayoun’s goal at Villa Park probably got him the nod over Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain after Theo Walcott’s stomach injury rendered him unfit.

Wolves probed early on, Matt Jarvis’ wing play stretched the home defence but left a space that Arsenal exploited effectively. Benayoun’s perfectly weighted pass allowed Gervinho to calmly find the back of the net. Prior to the match, the question of who would score if Robin van Persie did not had dominated Arsenal’s world for too long. One at whom fingers point is Gervinho. Yesterday he provided the answer; would that some of his other colleagues had followed that example as Wolves sought to snuff out the Dutchman’s threat, and succeeded in doing so.

Arsenal turned the screw following the early goal but produced few meaningful chances. van Persie skewed wide on the slide, then he and Rosicky combined to provide Arteta with a chance that was ultimately spurned. The Dutchman then drew a fine save from Hennessey in the Wolves goal, from distance. Once more Arteta resisted the opportunity to put his name on the scoresheet, deftly finding the Wolves ‘keeper with a freekick.

With Arsenal in recent years, an uneasy creeps in the longer a single goal lead hangs against teams outside of the Premier League top four, as if there is an inevitability of a goal coming against the run of play. Once more, that inevitability became fact. A Wanderers corner was not properly cleared and Fletcher to head home. As like a balloon slowly deflating, Arsenal’s self-belief slowly and quietly seeped into the ether as the final ten minutes of the half played out.

For all of Arsenal’s energy at the start of the second half, there was a disjointed element to the performance. They needed something to bring it back, someone to do so. Stuart Atwell gave them the motivation, denying a penalty claim when the ball struck Berra in the area. Vermaelen was so incensed with the decision that his dissent earned him a booking, fortunate not to see red for a rash challenge soon after. Had the penalty been given, Wolves might have been aggrieved. I think that had the decision been given against Arsenal, I would have been.

A big performance was needed from the bench. Much of the talk beforehand had been of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain; this was not his afternoon. His manager did, after all, declare that 2012 would be his year. Instead, the maligned Andrey Arshavin was called upon for a mercurial performance culminating in a fierce drive that was as close as anyone could manage.

Yet the goal threat emerged from the usual source. van Persie’s free kick caused Hennessey more consternation than Arteta’s earlier effort before Mertesacker’s firm header produced another outstanding save. Rosicky found Ramsey’s promptings helpful, a rare Czech goal would have topped the afternoon but it was not to be as his shot past wide of the flailing Hennessey’s hands. Milijas saw red, more for the followthrough of his challenge than any misinterpretation of studs being raised.

It made little difference. van Persie had three or four half-chances, Koscielny, Vermaelen and even Chamakh went for goal to no avail. It was not a pointless performance but certainly frustrating.

A word on the referee. Atwell is rightly being criticised this morning. He is a career referee whose callowness in man-management is apparent. This is the danger for the FA. By all means promote youthful officials but they need to be ready. All that was apparent from yesterday is that he is consistently inconsistent. Milijas might well have been sent off by seven of ten officials but by the same token, Song and Vermaelen should have received second yellows. It is this inability to apply the Laws of the Game with regularity that infuriates. More than anything, it might allow us to sew Mr McCarthy‘s cheeks together and stop listening to that which he spouts.

’til Tomorrow.



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  1. More than anything, I think we missed Theo yesterday – for both his pace and his width. Without proper full backs we can get quite narrow at times, and well though Rosicky and Benayoun performed individually, we lacked the ability to get beyond the last man on the right the way Gervinho did on the left.

    Hennessey was superb, but although we created many chances not enough of them were clear-cut. Some great stops, for sure, but too many of our chances were from long-range or tight angles. But that’s just the way it goes sometimes – at least there was no lack of effort.

    Although this wasn’t a complete disaster, we really do need to beat both QPR and Fulham now to stay in touch. Every top team has the odd slip-up, but we have nearly used up our full quota for the season already.

  2. Hennessey gave the kind of performance you love from your keeper. Not your opponents. Still seething.

  3. did not watch the match so im kinda confused by this post.from comments after the match yersterday,i got the impression we played a blinder.the ref was a moron.and wolves keeper was motm.this post is depressing.

  4. did not watch the match so im kinda confused by this post.from comments after the match yersterday,i got the impression we played a blinder.the ref was a moron.and wolves keeper was’spost is a depressing read.

  5. Judith Le'Strange

    It just shows howlow Arsenal have gone if they can’t beat a team like Wolves, no matter which player was missing. Wenger needs to sort the situation out once and for all. From what I saw of Wolves goal it looked like Konchelny got in the way of Chesney, so once again our defenders let us down, yet Wenger insists they are strong. He needs another pair of contacts or he needs to stop looking at the team through rose tinted ones.

  6. ops,sorry about that

  7. Always felt that Rosicky and Benayoun as talented as they are lack the ‘hardness’ required in the epl. Arteta and Wilshere are naturally hard. Can also see that hardness developing in Ramsey. But what do I know?

  8. Can anyone explain why Wenger keeps bringing on Arshavin in front of Chamberlain.The Arshavin joke has gone on to long.And its not funny.He brings nothing to the table

    As for Chamakh the ANC cant come quickly enough for us.

    We got away with a shoddy performance at Villa but didnt yesterday

    We have to spend money in january 4th place is no certainty

  9. arshavin played well yesterday.

  10. it just shows how low our ‘supporters’ have gone. reminds me of all those ‘special articles’ on the moment arsenal doesnt win, you get lots of them. when we win, you read nothing about arsenal.

  11. A frustrating day all round. I also found the performance strangely disjointed, despite ome good individual efforts, and some sharp moves. Every now and then such a draw comes along, with a pinball goal, and it is occassionally Wolves. I always thought the next inevitable step, 5th upwards, would prove this tricky. In any event, I fully expect Arsenal to clatter up the ladder now, no more snakes, and settle into third in about six weeks or so, and clamber little by little closer to second, with a whiff of something unlikely when the difference is six points. Losing Jack’s bet is unthinkable.

  12. LoveTheWayYouPlay

    Another shoddy performance? We must have been watching different matches. You know, the one where I was watching Arsenal vs Wolves and you were watching cant wait for arsenal to lose so I can give incorrect opinions which are just a repeat of what the media say and disappear fom commenting when arsenal win matches

  13. Will Chelsea finish the second half of this season strongly? It’s been their recent trend, but they do look shaky sans Anelka running at the defence, and their own defence tottering some. Talking of which, it’s more Tott’s game to slither awkwardly backwards in the second half of a season, but they look the more resolute. Personally, I think both will stumble in 2012, as will United, despite their spirited showing. Our home matches against all three are deciders.

  14. Unbelievable.
    Someone (strange Judy)is suggesting that Laurent Koscielny was at fault for the Wolves goal .Another halfwit,Robin,is complaining about Arshavin ,who played well.
    This is the problem,these people display time and again that they really know fuck all either about players or indeed the game itself.
    Why would you come on here and display a total lack of intelligence?These are the type of people that if they spoke to you in the pub you would be tempted to put them on their arse.
    City and Liverpool both had games like yesterday where they dominated ,yet somehow failed to win.It happens.Its called being unlucky.It happens to all teams in all sports.

  15. I think Wilshire’s return will be pivotal for us. And Sagna ofcourse. Hope Diaby could get a Van Persie moment i.e. Put his injuries behind him.

  16. In all the despondency we have missed that Rosicky was very good and Arshavin looked more his old self.
    Also Ramsey ,Arteta and Thomas could easily play as the midfield 3

  17. mattgoonerknight

    Hear hear hear ZimPaul,

    I was gutted with the result – but guess what, it happens. I can’t believe some people above are either Wenger or defender bashing after a performance in which while clearly not perfect (we failed to win) surely merited a comfortable win.

    Since a closely fought sp*rs defeat back in the first week of October, I make it 8 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat (again, a very close game away at Man City) in the last 11 league games – that’s pretty much title winning form. So how about all the harbingers of doom pipe down and get the behind the team!

    In spite of our form however, I really hope we get Jack, Bac and a first choice left back back ASAP!!!

    On another note, anyone got any descent gossip on the impending January sales?

  18. I dont believe we will see Jack back to his best until next season.
    People are pinning their hopes on the lad but he will have been out for almost a year.It is totally unreasonable to expect a lad who is still learning the game to make a major contribution to the season.

  19. mattgoonerknight

    Sorry Pedantic George, Kenyan, LoveTheWayYouPlay, Korihikage…

    I wrote my last comment before seeing yours – totally agree with all of you!

    I didn’t realise such ill-informed, pessimistic, sensationalist, reactionary muppets contributed on this blog…

  20. I missed the match again! Crap. Glad to hear Rosicky and Arshavin played well. And an assist for Benayoun, nice. The goal is bound to give Gervinho some much-needed confidence too. Seems strange that anyone can criticise our performance despite every account of the match I’ve seen describing Hennessey’s perfomance as inspired.

    One more match for Robin to bag a hat-trick, so bring on QPR.

  21. Taking stock of Arsenal’s last eleven games, plus the CL form, there is an obvious trend reflected within (and counting two draws and a loss). The team is performing consistently and effectively, and gradually strengthening. The defence has looked excellent throughout. The major setback has been the loss of Santos, a real gem in this side. I don’t say we have nothing to fret over, but the wind will be a more at our backs as core players start coming back, Sagna, Wilshere, Jenks, and hopefully Diaby and Gibbs, then Santos come March, and as foretold by Le Boss, Oxtail to play a bigger role. We have home games against the top four. We need not to lose any, and win three. We have everything to play for, and it can be exhilirating and an advantage to round the last bend from behind the pack; ask Chelsea. We have a fairly decent run-in. The season’s finale (last 6 games) will be very exciting. As noted elsewhere, Arshavin seems to have shaken off his mood too, just about the right time.

  22. “I fully expect Arsenal to clatter up the ladder now, no more snakes, and settle into third in about six weeks or so, and clamber little by little closer to second, with a whiff of something unlikely when the difference is six points. Losing Jack’s bet is unthinkable.”

    Well the next 6 weeks contain 2 FA Cup weekends and Tottenham play their game in hand at home to Everton on Jan 11th.

    Given we’re already 5 points behind them I think this prediction is fairly unlikely. We might finish above the scum but it’ll need a collapse from them and any St Totteringham’s Day is going to be exceptionally late in the season.

  23. I think Jack’s return will make a big difference, although not of the ‘saviour’ kind. It’ll be more a case of a reliable and keen player, able to keep the ball and initiate movement, strengthening the depth of the squad, and depth is what you need come February.

  24. Mattgoonerknight, welcome to the cyberworld. You’ll meet the most varied groups of people here.

  25. Six weeks might be ambitious, I agree. But a wee mini-collapse is what is required of the Totts (a draw, a loss is enough, 5 points dropped) for the script I have written, hope they know their role by now and don’t fluff their lines. Once we are within 3 points of them, they will feel the leaden footed weight of expectation around their legs.

  26. we had an off day yesterday..

    we didnt really apply ourselves for the full 90mins and it turned out to be one off those games..
    hennessey did pull off a couple of good saves but he was hardly tested in the first half, which i found dissapointing..the second half onslought made hennesey look even better than he actually was, the ‘kitchen sink’ mentally leads to lack of composure and a tendancy to just ‘put your laces through it’ rather than remaining composed and going for the 1-0 we took our foot off the pedal and at 1-1 we were too depserate..

    with the loss of theo and with no natural wingbacks we struggled to stretch the wolves defence..gervinho did well enough to hold his own for spells in the direct play department but i found with no natural width and the inclusion of all three of benny, rosicky, and arteta we found ourselves back in the ‘lets take too many touches’ groove..

    which is why i was totally shocked when wenger didnt bring the ox on so he and gervinho could run both flanks and open wolves up..

  27. mattgoonerknight

    Kenyan gunner,

    Yep, variety is the spice of life…If we all thought the same etc…

    Still surprised by some of the muppetry, though ; )

    ZimPaul, I agree regarding Jack – by wanting Jack back I’m not suggesting he’ll be some kind of saviour, especially as I don’t feel we need any saving in the first place! If Jack is half the player he was for us last season he’ll make a positive contribution – whether that is as a nailed on starter (which I believe a fully fit, in form Jack to be) or as part of rotation, which given Jack’s introduction will have the appearance of a first choice middle three, regardless of who plays and whose rested / suspended / injured.

  28. Think we’re seriously underestimating the display of the keeper. Yes, we may have been a bit profligate, but Hennessy will never have another game like that. Roll on Saturday so we can try to rectify the dissappointment of yesterday.

  29. Arsenal needs 2 be more physical in their approach 2 d game & stop playing the’weeping boys’.An introductn of a hardman DM,as partner for song may go a long way.We have lost many games due 2 physicality of the opposing side.If barca was not physical enough,they would have lost most of the el’classicos.

  30. will a hardman dm score and create goals??

    think your stuck in 2008 mate weve got ‘hardmen dms’ the situations moved on….

  31. Chinedu ,good idea .Who do you suggest.Karl Henry?

  32. We could sure use some Eboue right now!

  33. we say the same about pretty much every keeper that comes to the emirates..

    theres been plenty of games over the years where we have a million shots on goal and we cant score more than one..

    i think the problems run a tad deeper than the repetiitve use of ‘the keeper had the game of his life..’

  34. korihikage | December 28, 2011 at 10:39 am,

    Spot on.

  35. eboue
    an overrated wingback who compressed the play by continually running inside instead of keeping to the flank..with a final ball speciality of falling over..

    no thanks..koz and jd do a better job..

    you meant to say we can sure use sagna or jenks right now..

  36. fuck me..
    psg are set to announce ancelloti as there new manager..and have targetted pato, kaka and beckham in jan..

    i had heard rumours they were putting together a 50mil package for pato..but pato and kaka??

    what are they going to do with pastore?? sell him to us 🙂

  37. FFP.Think we can kiss that goodbye.
    Nobody seems to care about it.

  38. I am astonished that somebody could blame Koscielny for Wolves games. You can blame whoever on the left (I believe that it was Vermeulen) who was playing everybody on side.

    Van Persie looked jaded on Tuesday. Somebody needs to take the load physically and mentally off his shoulder. Chamakh wants so much be part of that team that he is not really playing to his strengh. Instead of wanting to be involved in the build up, he should stay in the middle, the ball will come to him. He should never be caught out wide thinking of crossing instead of being in the middle waiting for the cross. Ramsey made some nice cross and cut back and quiote often he was on the wing with Ramsey.

    We missed Walcott because until Ramsey replaced Benayoun they knew that our only threat out wide was Gervinho.
    We definitely need at least one new full backs, because our centre halves playing full back never go beyond their team-mate. Time and time Gervinho was inviting Vermeulen to overlap but he never did. They could doubleing up on him without fearing to be exposed.

    I think that Miquel is better going forward at left back than Vermeulen, who did not provide any great threat going forward

    Arshavin’s performance have been appalling recently, but on Tuesday he had a decent game. Still I would rather have Oxlade because of his directness. Hopefully he and Ryo will be unleashed. With Gervinho at the ACN and Arshavin sold for €20 millions to Zenith or Angha, both should get more opportunities.

  39. george
    i used to argue all the time years ago when the whole financial thing was being talked about everyday that this wouldnt work..nobody would give a shit and if uefa tried to regulate it it all the top clubs will tell them to shove it and start a super club league

    the reason why the cl is so coveted is cos of all the money which is involved..a bit of a self created monster if you ask me cos it should be coveted cos of the trophy and other football reasons..but there you go..thats football nowadays..

    imagine the cl with all the top clubs banned?? you’d end up with that thing you play on thursdays…and no fucker watches that so theres no pennies in it..

    it wont happen, uefa wont risk it, they’d lose millions and they’d probably lose control of the superclubs as well..if they had any control to begin with..

    useless rule..thats why theyve gone round the houses with it and pissed about with all this after 2 years after 3 years after 4 years bollox…

    and even if they did ban them what are we going to do?? play ourselves every week?? join the super league to be with the others.?? we’d finish bottom of that league everytime cos we’d be the only ones using our acedemy and not buying the best players from everywhere..

    footballs fucked and theres nothing anyone can do about it..

  40. Well JJ it seems you were right.

  41. It happened last season when we have every opportunity to climb d table followed ManU draw but instead we blowed our 4 goals lead against (Newcastle) small club. Shame!

  42. djourou was the one on the right side who played everyone onside. was it a lack of discipline/focus, or was it sheer bad luck that the ball got to fletcher? i don’t know. probably a combination of both. we got punished by that one moment.

    with regards to us needing to be physical.. i actually thought that the first half, aside from that moment, was really comfortable. i sort of love it when teams play with only one forward up against us. you feel as if everything was under control. our fault was that we didnt get the 2nd goal.

    so i don’t think it was a problem of physical presence.

    i watched the spurs-norwich game yesterday. anyone who has watched it and has some real knowledge of football(i emphasise real, so some of the posters here need not reply), care to share their opinions on how good spurs really are?

    i personally think that norwich chose the wrong approach. and i don’t watch many spurs games (too disgusting), but i have a sinking feeling that most teams adopt the wrong approach against spurs. i imagine they would do very well indeed, if they would just put 10 men behind the ball as they do against us.

  43. whats FFP?

    never took it seriously, the moment platini said on its creation: ‘well i was talking to mr abramovic, and he was saying he doesnt want to spend any more money’

    talk about pact with the devil.

  44. The saddest thing is that there was an element of the laissez faire about our play – it may have been there for only ‘half of a half’ but it was felt universally and not just because of Song’s ill-judged and poorly executed flicks, heels, tantrums and tiaras, but also because, as a team, we displayed a lack of gritty, foot-on-the-throat, let’s kill-this-fucker-dead attitude.
    At 1-0 the wolves were drifting, listless, without much hope. From that position – one which a team like Man Utd (yes, even today’s team), had they been playing at home against the same opposition, would have smelt the blood in the water and turned the screw even harder – we relaxed and cavorted like dolphins when we should have been thrashing like sharks. We should have showed our hunger and instilled fear and respect.
    I had hoped that this team had shed the naivety of last year’s team, that ‘care-less’ ability to imagine a game won, rather than doing it as well as you can, revelling in trying to annihilate the opposition. We have come a long way but we were not ruthless when it counted.
    The nerves came later, when we had already opened the window a crack and spent time admiring our own reflection on the pane. Frankly I’d rather we’d smashed the glass and cut their throats open, or eviscerated them and worn their intestines as hat. I don’t mean violence here – I mean determination without fear and the desire to dominate, rather than just win.
    RVP is a good leader but certainly not a great one – yer Adams, yer Viera: they knew the cost of success and they met it head on – in fact it defined them. I may hate him, but Keane had that quality more than anyone. Ferguson the same.
    Instilling fear through hunger for success, forgetting about how many games in how many days and smelling the blood in the water that’s what I think partly, is missing. The good news, if you subscribe to my reasoning, is that it was missing waaaaaay more from the team of aesthetes, which we had in years gone by, and so, in this sense we are moving forwards – as all sharks should – but, once again, yesterday showed some of the lessons of old have not yet been learnt.

  45. mattgoonerknight

    Financial Fair Play

  46. Depressing post JJ, unfortunately correct.

  47. mattgooner,

    of course i know what it means 😉
    that’s just to emphasise how little i care for it.

  48. Cbob,

    “Three day road” from Joseph Boyden, if you’re bored on a winter night…

  49. korihikage
    i agree we were really 100% in control…and wolves knew it they didnt want to be there..
    but i believe for this reason it went to our heads a little and we started to mess about and toy with them instead of respecting them and finishing the job off
    at 1-0 we seemed more intent on messing about, too many touches and over playing..rather than testing hennessey…its like that boxer when you catch him on the chin early and hes wobbling for three rounds, there for the taking, but you wanna put a show on for the fans and you ease off cos you think he dont wanna be there and it going to be easy and you’ll drop him after 7..then all of a sudden you get caught on the chin yourself with a wild loose lucky one and its fight on…you go all out to put him down but you cant quite connect again and in the end your thinking bollox i should have just ended it in round 2…

  50. when i think back on some of song’s passes, i agree with you JJ and Jonny

  51. Latest odds to win Prem
    Spuds-16/1. Arsenal-40/1
    Dontcha just love the media

  52. spurs won’t win the title. come on.

  53. The strange Judith and blind Robin are just trolling from their usual abode with the idiots on the dark side. They have pretty much repeated the most negative match report. Talk about germs being dormant when the body is strong and striking in full-force when weak.

  54. It was Song who played Fletcher onside not JD. Song just strolled out from the goal line instead of keeping up with the other defenders.

    Having said that it is no excuse for us not winning. Some players (so Arsene said) were in the comfort zone.

  55. Yogi:

    Good post again.

    Games like yesterday happen to even the best teams. The concerning thing is how much yesterday resembled what has been happening for most of this calendar year. Someone pointed out yesterday that we have scored more then 1 goal in only 4 of our last 15 home games. If we don’t keep a clean sheet we will almost inevitably drop points. Thank goodness we finally fixed our defense or we would be wallowing hopelessly mid table or below. We have certainly made a great run up the table in recent weeks but that is not sustainable if we don’t start scoring more. Our anemic attack pre-dated the injuries to JW and the fullbacks. Another disturbing trend is that In the 10 games RVP has scored we have taken 27 of 30 points. In the 8 games that he has not scored we have taken 6 out of 24 points. The bottom line is that we need to find someone who can take the pressure off RVP. Its been almost a year since anyone else in the squad really stepped up. Its going to be a huge struggle to get forth unless we change these trends. If RVP suffers a dip in form or an injury we are in real trouble.

  56. If Arshavin plays like Song it is because he is lazy and does not want to be here.
    If Ramsey has a Song day its because he is not up to it.
    And goodness knows how much flack Theo would get for stupid back heels.

  57. JJ @ 12:52:

    We all knew the FFP would be useless. Football just like everything is about money and sitting on our pile of cash waiting for that to change and hoping all the other big clubs go bust is truly futile. We complain endlessly about other teams spending but we have one of the biggest war chests in the world and for some reason refuse to use it to our advantage. I just don’t understand..

  58. we’ll be back for qpr..lesson learned this team is stronger…

    but in january i still want gazidis to make things happen…this squad aint finished it hasnt been finished since the summer and weve had to battle and scrap for every point this year..which is why were are in love with this team more than the last…but they need help now..theyve got us to jan its time the summer business was concluded..

    i dont like commenting on spurs too much but the difference between our struggles and their sprint to the top recently has been their ceo..

    levys making things happen for them in the transfer window and its not costing millions to do it…hes helping harry achieve his objectives on the football pitch…we need ours to do the same..

  59. Bill,I think you will find City,Chelsea,PSG,Madrid and Barca have “war chests” that dwarf the imaginary £50 million you have to spend on your particular version of Championship Manager.

  60. thing is george is that song has an average game once every hailies commet…

    so although he wasnt at the races yesterday theres not going to be calls for a new physical dm…unless its by ppl who dont have a pot of glue..ppl still have bad game in 25 awsome ones doesnt put your position in the team under threat

    he had a stinker and had to be subbed..fair enough..cant remember the last time that happened though

  61. JJ,I agree.but just saying how his inept performance is overlooked because he is a current darling.
    We had the same with Jack and his one goal last season.

  62. we dont play in the same league as psg madrid or barca and for all chelseas and citys warchests it hasnt stopped spurs from rocketting passed us or indeed utd from keeping up with city..

    we do have money..we just save most of it…fact..

    but money in the bank doesnt keep your best players together nor does it score you goals or win you trophies…

    thought we’d learned all this in the last few seasons..

    the money in the bank isnt mythical..its there..we have it and its rising cos we save it…its not plucked out of thin air our accounts are published everyone knows we are loaded…
    this club cost close to a billion to buy, our share price is through the roof we have two billionaires on the baord fighting it out for power..we are not everton bolton or any other of those two bob clubs…

    theres not many ppl left now who think we have no money..those ppl are just the ones who listen to the other ppl who think we have no money..but they are wrong…sorry..

    were self sustained thats all..that doesnt mean were skint..big difference..

  63. one bad performance will always be overlooked from players who hardly have bad perfomances..its just the way it goes..

    i also thought robin had a stinker yesterday as well…yesterday we needed a captian out there and we had a man chasing records and the team was all over the reached desperation levels in the second half..

    but that dont mean i want him dropped..if he hadnt scored for 50 games then id be tearing into him but as it goes……

  64. yes we have money but it is nothing compared to the people that we are supposed to compete with.
    The only reason spurs have rocketed past us is because the mega wealthy clubs chose to fuck us up in the summer.For all Spurs rocketing they are doing no better than us since we replaced our departing cowards.
    We are not Everton or Bolton and our league and European standing reflects that.

  65. PG – let’s assume you’re right and AA is being unfairly singled out, if the truth was the opposite you’d be deaf to hearing it and blind to seeing it anyway. You love him so much you’re effectively so jaundiced you might as well be a yellow submarine.
    I like that dedication but it doesn’t alter the truth! 🙂

  66. Jonny,your truth?Perhaps.
    My truth is something entirely different.
    Arshavin ,at his worst ,is our most creative force.
    And furthermore,you are a cheeky young man sometimes.

  67. PG – sadly, that’s one of my better qualities. 😉

  68. they cant buy everyone..

    and we fucked our own summer up..

  69. Thanks Tokala, will do.

  70. JJ …….agree with your analysis of current/modern football.

    I watched the WBA – City match last night. I’m sure City fans are as frustrated for their 0-0 result and with……..

    an investment of $200 mil for their starting line up, not one goal in 90 minutes.

    Regardless of the sport, results like ours happen and usually at a time when its most frustrating for the players, manager, and supporters.

    Its unfortunate that Theo was ill, his presence would have been an option for the manager, but there is no guarantee his performance would have produced a different result.

    Whatever the manager said at half-time I liked the energy and determination on the pitch during the 2nd half.

    Was disappointed for RvP lack of leadership…….but I thought there were too many positives to take from the game.

    – other than their pinball goal….our defense played well…..especially Per and Kos.

    – Totally agree we are missing Santos… ‘X’ factor for our attack…..but I love Vermaelen’s attitude and grit – we need him on the pitch.

    – Gervinho showed good composure for his goal and nice vision and execution for the assist by Benayoun. I’m hoping as the team chemistry nurtures, Gervinho relies more on linking play than automatically doing his 1 on 1 runs.

    – Rosicky did a nice job in midfield……getting everyone involved and putting in a solid 90 minutes defensively and serving some excellent goal scoring opportunities……on another day he would have had 3 assists.

    The match is over, as fans we will have to exhibit more patience and see if this group can rebound and make something positive for the season.

    Anxious to see how the team responds against QPR.

  71. Latest odds to win Prem
    Spuds-16/1. Arsenal-40/1
    Dontcha just love the media

    Do the media set the odds for the bookies then?

    Might hurt to look at but they look reasonably realistic to me. 16/1 makes you an each way bet which is probably what the scum are at the moment and 40/1 makes us outsiders, which is what we are at the moment. Look at points on the board and games played as things stand.

    What are the Manc clubs at? I’d guess City maybe around evens and Utd at 5/2?

  72. does anyone know where to find that cook???

    we can soon stop spurs..

  73. JJ ,fear not Andrei will come riding to the rescue come January

  74. colney (@11Gunz)

    Whatever was going through Alex song’s dome i would never know, he could have cost the team by being sent off, that was a reckless tackle. I agree with whoever said we had a laissez-fair attitude yesterday, particularly Song, with his ill-advised back heels.

    As for Chamakh, i think the ANC is coming at a good time for him, he will be away from the spotlight and will definitely get games to play himself back into form.

    At least we didn’t lose, so time to pick ourselves up and get 3points against QPR, and hopefully someone keeps Song away from Joey Barton!

  75. standing by your man george..

    good man..i hope he doesnt let you down….its like ive said so many times before if arshavin finds his mojo hes in the first team,…regardless of the form of others..

  76. songs head just went yesterday..
    whether hes starting to get too big for his boots i dunno but wenger subbing him will have sorted that out…

  77. The dropped points yesterday can be put down to a combination of things. Hennessy was excellent, Wolves defended (& wasted time) as if their lives depended on it & we were denied a good hand ball shout for a penalty.

    The main problem for long spells appeared to be attitude – it seemed as if once the first goal went in the lads thought the game was over & it would be all about RVP & the record.

    This current first team isn`t technically good enough to half arse it past anyone & the best thing about our recent improvement has been application & game management – both went missing yesterday.

    On a picky technical note, D’jourou`s header from the corner which led to the Wolves goal was poor. Defender`s should look for distance & elevation. Freak goal all the same.

    Some good stuff today JJ – I think your post at 12.52 hit the nail squarely on the head

  78. Korihikage: “i personally think that norwich chose the wrong approach. and i don’t watch many spurs games (too disgusting), but i have a sinking feeling that most teams adopt the wrong approach against spurs. i imagine they would do very well indeed, if they would just put 10 men behind the ball as they do against us.”

    Norwich doesn’t park the bus and I applaud them for having the nuggets to play the type of football they do. The problem with Norwich City is their limited attack. Were it not for their god awful attack they would’ve nicked a couple of goals last night. Wes Hoolihan is one of my favorite AMs at the moment. If he had some players upfront who could produce intelligent runs and keep possession, his team would be in seventh or eighth place.

  79. Where is all this b.s. coming from that RVP showed no leadership yesterday?
    Did he shrink and hide from the opportunities that were available even though he wasn’t at his best?
    Didn’t he have at least two shots on target saved?
    Did he duck and hide when other shots were not on target?
    Didn’t he force a fingertip save by Hennessey from one of his freekicks?
    Didn’t he battle with the players doubling on him at every opportunity?
    Wasn’t he subject to some abject fouling and not get the calls?
    Didn’t he take on Atwell’s ineptitude with a very forceful response?
    I don’t get it when those who should know a little about football spout someting that makes absolutely no sense. If I am missing something let me know.

  80. JJ: “we dont play in the same league as psg madrid or barca and for all chelseas and citys warchests it hasnt stopped spurs from rocketting passed us or indeed utd from keeping up with city..”

    First of all, Man U have a huge warchest. I don’t need to list the amount of money they have spent on players in the last decade or so. Second, Spurs didn’t rocket past us. They’re a few losses or draws away from being pulled down to earth. Another thing, we are in the second round of the CL. Spurs got themselves knocked out of the UEFA league on purpose in order to concentrate exclusively on the league. Your point on this matter is absurd. And when the hell did you become a Spuds and Manure sympathizer?

  81. Jonny:

    “At 1-0 the wolves were drifting, listless, without much hope. From that position – one which a team like Man Utd (yes, even today’s team), had they been playing at home against the same opposition, would have smelt the blood in the water and turned the screw even harder – we relaxed and cavorted like dolphins when we should have been thrashing like sharks. We should have showed our hunger and instilled fear and respect.”

    “RVP is a good leader but certainly not a great one – yer Adams, yer Viera: they knew the cost of success and they met it head on – in fact it defined them. I may hate him, but Keane had that quality more than anyone. Ferguson the same.”

    I knew you were Jabba in disguise, you cunt.

  82. Hey, Jonny, it took Manure a bullshit red card against the almighty Wigan to win that game. Talk about blood in the water, Barracudas, DSharks or whatever the fuck else you want to, but those are the facts.

    If Ferguson is such a fucking ruthless bastard why did Manure get dumped out of the CL despite playing in one of the easiest groups in the competition?

  83. James M, I will bet you a punch in the face that we finish above the Spuds in the league.

  84. I am with Shotta here.RVP was off colour.That does not make him a poor leader.
    Gains,I am with you as well.United are only keeping up with City because of their huge investments in the past.
    And if Spurs are a better team than us I will share a flat with Jabba next year,and act like men behaving badly” for his amusement.

  85. Just for the record,I don’t agree with calling Jonny a cunt.
    Not that what I think matters,Just saying.

  86. “James M, I will bet you a punch in the face that we finish above the Spuds in the league”
    Just for the record ,I am all in favour of James getting a punch in the mouth.Just saying

  87. Shotta/G69,


  88. wow. Gainsbourg, as always, laying down his version of the law. Maybe you do not realize it, but yours have a really violent tint to them.

    As for the punch in the face bet, i would like you two to follow through on that. If not a punch in real life, maybe some sort of internet video punch can be arranged? 🙂

  89. G69 – I had resolved not to speak to you and I’m not going to get drawn in other than to defend myself by making it quite clear that I did not say he was a poor leader AT ALL. I did not even infer it. I am on record of praising his captaincy – this does not make him one of the great captains.

    Once again you show yourself to be an aggressive and unpleasant person who enjoys twisting people’s words and calling people rude names.

    I am bored sick of this unnecessary aggression, so I can only imagine how it is for other people.

    I’ll leave it there…

  90. We can not be certain that Slur Alex strikes fear into his players, and that is why they have the killer instinct. There are too many variables involved in a football match. for instance….

    If the ball strikes Djourou’s head a millimeter to the left of where it did, the clearance would be totally different. Same goes for the dude’s shot that got deflected onto the head of the wolves’ player… On a different day RVP would have amazed us by bringing down one of those chipped passes and slotting it home, didn’t work out that way though. Lately we have been grinding wins. This time we sputtered our way into a draw.

    It sucks real hard that we didn’t win. Still, this weekend was a struggle for many teams. Totteringhum did well while a few other top dogs stuttered. Keep moving along and win the next game please.

  91. As I posted yesterday, Spurs schedule from January 22nd through March 24th will decide their season. I fully expect them to drop several points during that period. If we focus on the business in front of us we will be ahead of them in 3rd by the end of the day on March 24th.

    And, based on Arshavin’s performance yesterday, I can see him breaking out and finding his mojo when Gervinho heads to the ACN. That left footed strike from nothing yesterday really showed a glimpse of what we can expect from him when his confidence is intact.

    The future is still bright…

  92. Jonny, the closet Manc is upset. Boo Hoo!! I am not pointing out your stupid comment about our captain. I’m merely calling you out on your Manc loving ways. The truth is that this current Manc team has been getting edgy one nils at home and away when they don’t get favors from refs. To say that they would’ve beaten Wolves because they smelled blood in the water flies in the face of the fact that they were one nil-up to a plucky Wigan until the Wigan player got red carded for a non-existent elbow to Carrick’s face. So spare us your Manc/Ferguson/Keane idiocy because none of us are blind.

    Bill, while my comments may have a violent tint to them I don’t weasel around pretending I’m every one’s friend and take jabs at my team like Jonny does.

  93. shotta | December 28, 2011 at 5:55 pm

    playing skills are only part of the leadership pie…..

    players have off matches….so be it……but

    what is embarrassing (maybe not for you) is his (RvP) moments of petulance……..and in recent matches, besides Wolves, this negative trait has reared its ugly head.

    The task at hand is to set an example for your teammates; not get taken out of the match (mentally) by tactical hacking.

    Maybe the pressure of the goal scoring record is influencing his mindset, there is no way to know.

  94. Jonny: “Once again you show yourself to be an aggressive and unpleasant person who enjoys twisting people’s words and calling people rude names.”

    Are you a fucking football supporter or do you pretend to like football so your friends don’t make fun of you? I have never met such a thin skinned fan as you in all my time following this sport. Fans take the piss out of one another. They argue, fight and call eachother names.

    By the way, next time you place the Mancs as an example of football greatness make sure you do it somewhere else. Or else you’ll get someone as blinkered, partisan and biased as me calling you out on it.

  95. George, Manure has made huge investments in the present. Need I remind you of Berbatov, Carrick, Nani, Anderson, Young, De Gea and Jones? There’s more than 100m pounds worth spent on these guys alone. This “TheMancs are a humble club” myth that JJ, believes in is completely false. They spend each season and they spend big. They’ve done so for years now.

  96. Yes Gains,I agree .Huge spenders

  97. Will: “We can not be certain that Slur Alex strikes fear into his players, and that is why they have the killer instinct. There are too many variables involved in a football match. for instance….”

    Will, if Slur Alex strikes so much fear into his players then why were they outclassed by both Basel and Benfica in the CL? I’ll tell you why they couldn’t overcome these teams. It’s because they didn’t get an injury time free kick or penalty like they do on a weekly basis in the BPL.

  98. Kyle Bartley in midfield for Rangers tonight

  99. George, you spent all last summer calling Jabba and assorted Le Shite commentors cunts. When did you become all soft and mushy? And how is anything that Jonny the Manc says any different from what those muppets used to regurgitate?

  100. How do you all feel about giving Rosicky a starting position? His awareness and touch is at a higher level than Ramsey’s. I feel that Rosicky is more capable of controlling the pace of the game, and he knows when to play one touch or when to hold the ball. I’ve noticed that Aaron likes to collect the ball, survey the field, then make a decision…

  101. I think Arsene should play Rosicky in the first half, where his passing, movement and intricate play would help, and bring in Ramsey in the second half when the opposition is too tired to deal with him. Also, I think Ramsey and the rest of our midfield are at a disadvantage when they don’t have someone like Santos or Sagna running up the line to receive passes. That’s two less players that can help get the ball forward and stretch out defenses.

  102. Will ,I agree.Thomas for the lesser teams and Aaron when we need work rate.
    Gains,Not sure I am soft or mushy.I can still disagree with Jonny(which I do often)and not think him a cunt.To compare him to Jabba, is to do Jabba a great service.

  103. I think that Arsenal being back to form has alot to do with this draw as much as playing the highly negative wolves.

    At the begining of the season where we had started to put together a run of games with wins, teams largely still believed that we could be got at. This meant that teams adopted an attacking formation against us, because it was in their belief that we were the Arsenal we had once been. Now fortunately for us this meant that space all over the pitch could be found and the counter attack which has been our most potent weapon in recent times could be used to destroy teams.

    But here is the problem now, the largely false fairytale of arsenal’s downfall has been put to the sword, meaning now that teams i.e WOLVES have become wary. This refound respect for Arsenal naturally leads to teams using the old method of containing Arsenal.

    I think that is what has happened. I believe that had we had to play wolves before when we were dubbed as the team to get out of the top four or a team that had lost its flamboyant or attacking football, i reckon wolves would have played an attacking style of play, or as attacking as wolves can get.

    So i reckon our recent rise to power has detered teams from attacking us as much as they would have done, which means teams will be more inclined to play more defensive against than they would have done before.

    This is only a theory, and it is only a small part for our inability to score yesterday, but i think our recent form is actually a negative in terms of teams now believing we are very dangerous, that we are back to our best and adopting a more cautious approach.

  104. Just guessing here so please don`t Pro-zone / statto me if I`m wrong but Rosicky would struggle to complete 90 minutes on a regular basis in my opinion.

    Although he`s still capable of magical touches AND putting a shift in Ramsey has done just enough to hold him off for now. As G69 has stated – nothing wrong with splitting games between them for now.

    Also , good point about the full backs. Although I`ve nothing against TV ,Santos in particular would have made a big difference yesterday.

  105. Half time substitutions do not really seem to be a part of Arsene’s gameplan, though.

    And I agree about the fullbacks, i think many of us agree on that. Sagna and Santos do not hesitate to overlap. Hell, Santos is usually camped on the halfway line or even further up the pitch. The lack of width is really apparent and is hurting the team. Furthermore, if Djourou does get the ball in the attacking third, his decision making is lax.

  106. Rosicky would struggle to play a full 90. I would say either play him for 60 minutes, or let Ramsey start and bring on Tomas around the 70 minute mark.

    I think TV5 will start gaining confidence at LB, and i bet when he begins overlapping he can fire in some pretty dangerous crosses.

  107. Give them hell Gains.
    All this Manc United love-in was getting on my nerves.

    Arsesession – I respect your views but you are over-analyzing when it comes to RVP. This is tougher, motivated hombre than the tit-sucking Mama’s baby we had as captain for the past two years.

  108. 3 points against QPR please.

    forget the rest.

  109. What is this rubbish about RVP’s leadership abilities?

    RVP has been great for us. Done!

  110. Yes ,because Paddy and TA were never petulant,where they?
    I think it is passion.Dennis was as petulant as they come.Robin is doing everything right.
    And anyone who says different is a cunt 🙂 (is that better Gains?)

  111. Question: why did City draw against WBA? What was there weakness and where do they need to spend to ensure that that never happens again? The obvious conclusion I come to, from many comments, is that if you spend, you never lose of draw.

    And Gains’ question is valid, if United are such “killers” why did they look like straight punks against Basel?

  112. @gains, i have not read many of the past comments, but whatever your offense with jonny. i dare to say he is not manc loving by the longest stretch of the imagination. u two are excellent posters on your day, i don’t get why you prefer to fight “sighs”

  113. “And Gains’ question is valid, if United are such “killers” why did they look like straight punks against Basel?”

    I can answer that. 🙂 Because nothing is guaranteed in football. We beat Chelsea away from home, and drew at home to Wolves. Would you rather play against Chelskum or Wolves???

  114. g69 i agree 100% with your comments about manchester united. 100%. yes they need ricoches flukes and dodgy penalties to win. HOWEVER…..when united gets presented with an opportunity to capitalise like the one which was presented to us last night, they take it. they dotn fuck around. they get the job done, and i hate them. i hate them because i cannot believe how these useless tw@ts can be so ruthless when it comes to finishing easy teams off. basel as wenger said was an accident. it wasnt normal was it? just like it wasnt normal for arsenal to lose a trophy from birmingham.i cannot accept that a team of workers like united with no exceptional talent or anything seems more determined to win games than us whose determination to win games should be ten times that of united. and for that i cant blame anyone else but our own selves, be it players complacency , be it manager;s inability to make the players understand that 3 points are a fkn must at home, i dont care. its got to do with hunger, and our players minus very few dont seem hungry enough. manchester and barca have monopolised their respective domestic trophies and in europe they reached finals 3/4 of their last participation and they still look ravenous. they want more. we havent won shit in years and our players instead of taking opportunities by the hair, they fail.

    pedanitc goerge… are right. many clowns feel or believe that just because we have some money that we should throwi t around as if spending is the only way to win stuff. money dont win you titles. characters and the chemistry of those characters win you titles. barcelona with 8 homegrowns in first 11 have that chemistry and its the style and chemistry that won the titles not the spenidng on ibra neither the spending on henry nor the spending for alvez, nor the spending for macherano. likewise that detestable club in manchester, it was the massive characters and footballing ego of van de sar , giggs and a couple of others.

  115. totally agree with what that dude said. Money can buy you talent and speed and power. We have all of those things in this squad. The connection and understanding between teammates will play a huge part in the success of the team.

  116. On the bright side .If the worse happens we will start as favorites to win the Europa League.

  117. Thrill, Agreed that anything can happen but usually the best team at least go through when they play in an easy group.You do get 6 tries for to blow wow!

    Cesc, I believe Newcastle was down to ten men and United did not win..How come?

    As usual we over react anytime Arsenal don’t win.

  118. Barca are one of the biggest spenders going. That has a lot to do with what they have accomplished also. Sure they have some great home grown talent but they have tried to supplement that with the best.

  119. what worries me is that the liberal management style of wenger can only be effective and produce results/titles when his players are world class beaters who are self determined and self motivated to rule and dominate the scene. vieira for instance did not need arsene to explain to him that winning matters. vieira wanted to win them all on his own. wenger channeled and guided vieiras appetite and agression and thus we were effective. henry did not need arsene to teach him how to dribble and shoot. henry could do those things on his own. what henry needed was a platform to release his talent, a correct environment. pires did not learn stepovers and how to cross the ball at arsenal, he knew those things already. ljunberg wanted to prove the world and the heterosexual climate of football that homosexuals can be hard mothers on the pitch and winners too. gilberto did not become the invisible wall at arsenal, he was already one for brasil. wenger is a facilitator, a technocrat and a very serious world class manager (perhaps the best in the game, for me at least) who takes into account player’s intelligence and quality and also takes into account re-sale value. he creates the conditions for the talented ones to flourish. but the ultimate desrie to win will have to come from the players themselves. wenger for all his miracles and all his expertise in sporting psychology is too nice a guy to make walcott gervinho and van persie be fearful of missing their chances. ferguson had no problem sending forlan out of the club when forlan disobeyed an order to wear metal stud boots on a rainy slippery pitch. forlan came in as sub against chelsea and was presented with opportunity to score and he slipped, because instead of listenign to the manager he wore the normal boots with the plastic studs and consequently lost his balance and missed his opportunity. the players , our players must feel the manager;s wrath when they dont deliver what is expected of them. of course that doesnt mean he should start kicking boots at his players faces like a peasant dictator, but he has to find a way to make them all feel the same about winning cause not every player will have the self determination of a vieira or an henry and not every player is thankful to the opportunities wenger gives him, like ljunberg was. also lets not forget that the french colony which dominated the epl in wenger’s earlier tenor was a superb collection of players who at the time 4 or 5 of them were the best in the world in their respective positions. that is what you call a straight flush in poker and for those who play cards you all know a straight flush doesnt come that often.

  120. “4 or 5 of them were the best in the world in their respective positions.”

    Yes but only one of them was the best when Wenger got hold of them.And none of them were when they moved on.
    Makes you think that.

  121. “As usual we over react anytime Arsenal don’t win.”

    Absolutely spot on Paul N.

    I think it has more to do with supporters expectations pre-game. Some of the OTT expectations of thrashings and getting back into the top 4 have contributed to the OTT sense of disappointment that follows when these hopes are not realised. All games are hard in the PL and upsets can and do happen, not just to us. I also disagree that our players were petulant or that our captain lacks leadership. If our players got frustrated yesterday, I think that had a lot to do with the level of incompetence shown by the referee, who completely lost control of the match in the second half.

  122. youre probably talking about henry . is my guess correct? i accept your comment. henry did become the worlds best when he joined wenger but his skill and ability was never in doubt ever since we saw him as an 17-18 year old for monaco. him and trezequet were the next ig thing for french football. as for what happened to them when they moved on..hehe thats the thing..wenger is a master at judging re-sale value and when one of hi splayers cant give any more with same frequency as previously. he could spot for instance that vieira had his best years past him at the age of 28-29 when he left, plus that he had the look of accomplishment in his eyes. he had won it all here. what else was there to win? and he could still get 15m+ for him.

  123. No I am talking about Dennis Bergkamp.And Wenger did not even buy him.
    You can not underestimate Arsene’s ability to make very good players look world class.
    He is the one constant.

  124. Actually, Cesc, Arsene had Titi since he was like thirteen or fourteen years old at Monaco. And when he came, exiled as he was from Juventus, after having won a world cup no less, he played him as a left sided striker as opposed to the right wing position he played before coming to Arsenal.

    United have been notorious for getting shit decisions against the smaller sides for a very long time. In fact, when Ronaldo was playing there it was almost weekly that he’d dive to get a free kick just outside of the penalty area or a penalty kick. Like I said before, if Vidic were playing at Stoke, for example, he’d be on ten appearances. Also, this myth about them pulling out all the stops is quite fantastic when you consider how awful they were away from home last season and how much better they did at home thanks to the likes of Webb, Dowd and other refs. So, no, I’m not buying this ruthless, smell blood in the water sharks, barracudas or other acquatic predator crap. They have a loud mouth manager who everyone’s afraid of and has the media on side most of the time. Granted, they do play well and all that, but that little edge pulls them out of tight situations a lot more than people give credit for.

  125. Cesc, Wenger has gotten rid of players at their prime who looked better thanks to Wengerball than they really were. Hleb, Flamini, Adebayor, Reyes, Petit, Overmars and Clichy are just but a few names that pop to mind.

  126. You’re going soft, George. Last summer you were like a blood thirsty Leopard. Whenever someone had a moan and berated the team you’d devour them. You’re a shadow of what you once were, George. Just a mere shadow. I think the winning streak we’ve been on has made you fat and lazy. It breaks my heart.

  127. Yes Gains.more than some gooners accept as well.
    I honestly believe you have to be 15 points per season better than them to have a chance of winning the title.
    And I don’t give a fuck that people say its a conspiracy theory.They have to have been blind not to see it over the years.
    Over a 3 game period against them we committed 45 fouls,they 48.We got 17 booking and them 6.WTF?They can commit 3 times as many fouls per card as us.

  128. Gains 🙂 I will try to recover my lost form.Perhaps I am following Andrei’s trajectory.
    I will be back when his form returns.

  129. Gains, I think you are right about that little extra that man u get from lenient referees. In a tight game it can make all the difference. Had that been man u at Old Trafford yesterday, some of those rugby tackles by Wolves would have been called and the handball would not have been missed by a linesman looking straight at it.

  130. ah ok pd i read it wrong then. i though you meant henry finding his world class boots at arsenal. yes as for dennis no wenger never brought him he was already here, although there is a rumour that the contact to approach dennis was made by dein while wenger was still in japan and negos with arsenal where still at virgin levels. and i didnt underestimate wenger;s ability. in fact i praise him , just his methods become more effective when applied by world beaters.

    hey g69, i have to give it to you. our emotions for manchester are identical. yes they dive yes they cheat yes they need refs and media backing them and presenting them as the nations best. we all have eyes and we all see how united gets to win titles and secure points. but as much as i hate to admit it, hernandez is far more clinical than chamakh, maybe even van persie. rooney , that disgusting short fat slaphead can have games where he scares the sh*t out of opposition. of course van persie is the better player on technical attributes but rooney will stick it in the net when it matters. van persie missed the penalty and allowed them cunts to gain psychology and stuff fopr hleb and flamini they left cause they couldnt take it any more giving their all and losing on titles or european exposure due to english refereeing and the fact wenger was running a kindergarden. i believe that helb decided to leave the momment that dutch ref never saw a penalty when hleb walzed through 5 liverpool players and got pulled back from kuyt. i imagine he said to himself ” f*ck that sh*T” im going to a team where it has the gravity and respect not to get f*cked by referees.”. when flamini saw the fiasco of birmingham and eduardo losing his ankle and galls throwing tantrums and we lost the league due to ref decissions he also decided to pack and go. to some extent it is not improbable for cesc to have felt the same. plus who would like to stay in a league where it has become national agenda to kick the sh*t out of you and have your right to equal competiton mocked by incompetent refs? i agree about adebayor and i agree about petit and reyes. cant agree with overmars though…champions league winner with ajax…one of the finest left extrems in europe perhaps at the time. actualy back then it was between him and sergio conceisao in lazio about best left extrem.

  131. Daily Mail reporter @SamiMokbel81_DM claims that Arsenal have offered Thierry Henry a two-month loan deal.

  132. Dups.It would be in the Star if true

  133. George, it’s in the Mirror by your mate to.

  134. Oh well ,He is usually right on stuff like this.

  135. Would not surprise me if he does sign as we only need a stop gap while our African stars are away and we are not likely to get a long term player in January who will be able to hit the ground running.

  136. blackpool – man united. blackpool is leading 2-0. gary neville commits seven penalties none is given, plus he should be shown a red. stays on the pitch, united makes a comeback. 3 points for manure

    west ham – man united. west ham is again 2-0 in front. vidic makes second yellow card offence, fouls as last player, thats a red now but nothing given. vidic stays on the pitch. united wins 2-3…lol….

    arsenal – united..vidic plays volleybal inside van de sar;s area. one of the clearest handballs i have ever seen in football with the linesman in straight view of the incident. nothing. ok they didnt win that day , but the refs made sure the score was kept at a level where united could get somethin gout of it.

    they ( the green and yellow scarved mugs) will tell you that these incidents even themselves out over the course of a season. do not believe them. i have yet to see the clichy non existign penalty at birmingham being rectified. i have not yet seen our legitimate goals against middleboro and sunderland which were wrongly cancelled going to our favour. i ahev not yet seen any ref or 4th allowing us 7 mins to equalise or win a match. neither have i seen rooney getting slated on the press as a diver like eduardo was…and rooney has dived to beat our invincible record, has done it in champions league against villareal where he got found out and was made to apologise. i have still not seen the red card for rio in last year;s game where he kicked sagna like a ninja. neither has the travesty of fletcher going with two studs on arshavin’s ankles inside area been evened out with a penalty for us.

  137. I was thinking on Sunday that we will miss Gervinho while he is away. Apart from a couple of wrong decisions when in control of the ball, his direct running at the Wolves defenders and his clever run to avoid being offside for the first goal, was very impressive.

  138. cesc_ara
    Wonderful post.100% correct

  139. cesc_ara

    You can go back to Vieira being sent off for NOT kicking horse face. The Neville sisters freely hacking away at Reyes and more to numerous to mention.

  140. Not Sunday, Tuesday! Holidays play havoc with my sense of what day of the week it is!

  141. But cesc_era/dupsffokcuf, try telling that to some on here who just do not see it and secretly admire the mancs and hold them up as the standard bearers for the level to which we should aspire.

    I thought these comments from Arsene were telling yesterday

    “on a possible penalty…
    I have heard that, yes, but what can I do? It looks like, for us, to get a penalty we will have to fight very hard. I have seen the handball at Man City and it was definitely handball… I can complain about the referee or not. We had enough to win the game without these decisions.

    on his side not being given penalties…
    I don’t say they [the referees] are reluctant, I just say that there should have been a penalty in the Man City game. Today I have not seen it, that’s all I can say at the moment. The decisions did not go in our favour but we do not blame them today. We blame nobody in fact, it was a game we could have won anyway.”

    I think it’s even more interesting that the hack asked the questions. Perhaps we are not the only ones who notice these things?

  142. George:

    I realize that we don’t have Man City money but we clearly have enough to significantly strengthen our squad if we just chose to use it. Just one game changing player could make a huge difference for this team and we certainly could afford at least 1, probably 2. Why not take advantage of the opportunities we have?


    I guess you really believe all that stuff you post. If its all pre-scripted how are we ever going to overtake the Red Manc’s. I believe that if we play better then they do we will actually finish ahead of them and you call me a doomer. Somehow that doesn’t make much sense.

  143. Bill,to bring in a player like we did when Aeshavin rescued 4th for us would,in today’s market ,cost upward of £40 million.

  144. I know you love AA, but I never believed the hype that he ‘saved’ 4th for us that season. He contributed, but I still maintain that it was unsung heroes like Denilson and Diaby who contributed by making us more solid defensively when we had been shipping goals early on in that season.

  145. George:

    I don’t believe it would cost 40M but even if it did then so be it. We are not going to use the money for anything else, are we? What good does the money do for us in the bank. A good player can help us this year and for several years to come.

  146. yeah ok pass .It was Denilson.

  147. Bill,we could pay off a huge chunk of the stadium debt.
    Or perhaps you are right,we could buy a season saving player in the class of Denilson.
    Now there is a plan

  148. George:

    1) I think our talent evaluators are some of the best in the world so by far the most likely outcome is that we get a great player who could make a difference maker for years to come.

    2) Absolute worst case scenario we get a 40M player who is a complete bust, then the only difference, we will have is less money in the bank. The club will continue with business as usual. The fans, the players, will see absolutely no difference in anything having to do with the club. At this point it seems like a reasonable risk to take.

  149. Bill,I am good at squandering other peoples money as well.
    I like it the Wenger way.It makes me feel superior to the spendthrift clubs fans

  150. Goodnight Bill.We will once again agree to disagree.
    You can wallow in the glory of your need for improved defence, being proven to be the case.

  151. George:

    Agree that we should agree to disagree. 🙂

  152. heheh passenal also lets not forget that united won the 99 final with two ricoches after being thoroughly outplayed with janker hitting the crossbar and schmeichel looking at the stars…..their next one in 08 they won it cause the donkey did what he usually does when the stakes are high and slipped…and in the next two the ocntest was over after 15 minutes and we enjoyed 75 full minutes of manure getting totally exposed/destroyed/raped. arsene knows whats going on thats why he is hoping that he will win the hearts of the english establishment with his wilsheres ramseys and walcotts so the refs dont fuck him up with their decissions. united is the nations poster boy and the refs/f.a will of course protect their finest epl product/export. after all promoting united eases off the pain of the national team;s dissapointment, and the english f.a can have a reference point when the bayerns barcas milans and reals (the continent) parade their european accomplishments. its a bit like english media having to protray bechkam as world class so that they dont feel jealous of the zidannes and figos of that era.

  153. Johnny – wholeheartedly with gains on this. Fuck off back to seaworld

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