Wolves Preview: Young Cubs And Wise Heads As Arsenal Reshuffle?

The festive season for Arsenal gets under way slightly later than intended. The reason makes me think back to the Boxing Days of yesteryear when we used to drive from the West Country, persuading one dad or another that Arsenal v Leicester, Norwich or WBA was a potentially brilliant footballing fiesta. Curious that we had no trouble with a London derby, home or away but the run-of-the-mill games were always harder work to get to. And that was with no public transport. Were we a hardier bunch in those days…no, let’s leave it there.

As it is, Wolves arrive at The Emirates already written off for this match at least. Arsenal will be motivated; win and they take fourth from Chelsea. Win by five or more and third falls, albeit temporarily until the self-styled Best team in the English Premier League play this evening. It is a match that sees the start of a mini-blizzard of fixtures, this the first of three games in six days. Yes, Mr Mancini, six days. You have three in eight yet have the temerity to complain. Rarely has a team in top spot been so sorely marked as having a lack of winning mentality.

For Arsenal some rotation is going to be required. Defensively that is tricky but surely a home game is the one to rest Mertesacker or Vermaelen to bring Miquel in on the left? I understand that Villa Park was deemed to be a tricky outing but this and the matches against Swansea and QPR surely allow for the young Spaniard to gain the experience he requires.

In midfield, Aaron Ramsey needs a rest; he looked shattered last week and it is not as if Arsène does not have options for that role with Rosicky and Benayoun available. The return of Alex Song will mean that Frimpong drops out although both the experienced replacements could be inserted to allow Arteta a breather. And when we talk of rests, they will only be dropping to the bench in most cases although those changed so far could be dropped entirely if the manager so chose. But I don’t expect Arteta to miss out today, that is more likely to be the QPR encounter.

However up front the choices are riskier. Robin van Persie is on fire and rightly, Arsène has observed that the team comes before his captain’s personal glory. Yet to deny the Dutchman the opportunity to break Shearer’s record of Premier League goals in a calendar year strikes me as almost churlish. But we should be prepared for a cameo from him today. That gives Chamakh the chance to impress before departing. For the African Cup of Nations, that is.

Wenger noted the lack of opportunities, which is as much down to van Persie’s scintilating displays as the Moroccan’s wretched form. When selected, he works hard but with no end product, ultimate benchmark for a striker. No matter how harsh a judgement that can be, the use of the 4-3-3 formation demands that the central striker being a goalscorer and 2011 has not been a year Chamakh will want to remember on that front.

It seems his manager is more optimistic about Park. The Korean has been baffling, capable of brilliance in his finishing as equally as anonymity. Wenger believes this to be down to acclimatisation to the English game, which is possible I suppose. Yet the scant usage hints at something deeper. Sitting on the bench and not being used, even when Gervinho or Walcott need rotating, suggests that Wenger might have got this one wrong. Or is it genuinely that Park has not been able to cope with the pace and technical demands over that which he has been used to?

Putting his plight into context has been Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Wenger talks more readily of his progress being positive, compare and contrast the below,

It has been difficult because I have not given him [Park] the chance to play. It takes you time. You see a player like Koscielny last year. He was sometimes surprised by the physical demands of the game and, this year, he is dominating.

[Oxlade-Chamberlain] will play games. He is not far. He is a talented boy. It’s all there. He just needs that toughness in the game. I could have brought him on the other night [in the 2-1 win against Aston Villa]. He is ready. He is just missing experience at the top level.

The youngster is ‘ready’ but Park is, judging by the language used, still not so. And for that reason, I think that Oxlade-Chamberlain will start today, on the right in place of Walcott. It is the final change but one that might profit the team in the longer run, as well as a positive result today. That means a line-up of,

Szczesny; Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Miquel; Rosicky, Song, Arteta; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chamakh, Gervinho

Elsewhere, Jack Wilshere is reportedly ready to return to light training this week which is good. History tells us that other players have suffered minor setbacks during their rehabilitation and subsquent return. We should be prepared for that with Wilshere. Even so that is positive news nonetheless. As for players who might want to come back to Arsenal, well, those are PR powder-puff words that are being given too much credibility. Draw a line under the departure of Cesc and move on.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.


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  1. Oh brovar!

  2. Szczesny,Coquelin,Koscielny,Mertesacker,Vermalean,Song,Arteta,Rosicky,Theo,Rvp, Benayoun

  3. no news of Diaby…2 weeks running???

  4. Great post as always,I believe we can hand wolves a thonking today,but what would make my day is seeing the spuds drop points.
    Its kinda funny hearing mancini complain of fixture congestion and company complain of lack of “killer instinct” in his team.
    I believe we’ll be 4th n a point behind d spuds at d end of today(they’ll drop 2 points)
    Up the guns of my arsenal

  5. No way should we rest vP until he has the record, or the chance slips away or he pleads to be taken off.

    Benayoun should start, but maybe not finish, if AW only plays him part of the match. He is definitely in form.

    Give Gerv a rest also or play him back into form. If AA is staying he needs more matches and so that might settle that.

    I don’t like the idea of 4,4,2 but the reality may work better for our forwards if they feel the pressure of being ‘the one’

    Maybe we should call vP, Jet Li.

    There will be plenty of matches to swap around and rest, it has been a great run and the boys do deserve a break where it is possible.

  6. *kompany

  7. Oh and Arteta is looking like the backbone of the team at the moment in terms of attendance and more surprisingly contribution.

  8. Great points throughout. with miquel, rosicky, benayoun, arshavin, djourou, ox all looking capable of positive contributions this season how do you feel the squads rotation and size fairs to previous teams?

    add in names of injured players and you have a good long list I think. great news about jack. he and diaby once fit could potentially revitalise midfield for the final third of the season. i’d class both top 5 midfielders in the squad.

    also can. I take the time to say I fucking hate my phone. writing posts on it is becoming a mamoth feat. somebody please respond to posed question or these last 2 hours writing this are a waste of life.

  9. with the chance to go 4th
    ..i smell a drubbing!

    Szczesny; Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Miquel; Rosicky, Song, Arteta; Walcott, RvP, Gervinho.
    subs: Almunia, Squillaci, Benayoun, AA, Coquelin, AOC, Ramsey


  10. CORR:

    subs: Almunia, Squillaci, Benayoun, AA, Chamakh, AOC, Ramsey

  11. We have all moved on from Cesc and are doing fine thank you, but I still listen to what he says about himself and Arsenal. Not because I think he may return, but like Henri, Viera, Wilson, Brady, Seaman, Adams et al. They are great players that mean a lot.

    …and it may be that when all this has past and history is written, this season will be just one of many, but Cesc will probably be counted as one of the very best of all time.

  12. NEWSFLASH: Mario Goetze: “I want to play in Spain not England!”

    Oh well…i guess Hazard it is in the summer then.
    we march on

  13. I am expecting the Ox and le Coq to give some run out in one of these games. I love those kids!

    Wenger is contemplating in loaning Ryo out this January. I think it seems logical.

    If ever Park is going to feature, it would be better if his midfield might compose of Rosicky/Benayoun, Arteta and Song. I think he could deliver with that king of midfield that feeds him. Park is an intelligent player.

    I hope RvP will break Shearer’s goal record!


  14. I realise I omitted a.few names.such as frimpong and le coq, possibly others.

  15. CORR:

    NEWSFLASH: Mario Goetze: “I dream of playing in Spain (not England)!”
    for Madrid or Barca no doubt.
    says skillset fits better there..
    …no doubt but why not Sevilla or Valencia or Athletico, young man?

    sounds like Mario wants an easy ride.
    not a fighter
    not a trailblazer
    ..not what we need
    (on to the next one)
    wonder where Hazard dreams of playing?
    AW will know.

  16. I predict from now until the end of Jan…

    Rvp to equal record.

    We will crack third place and perhaps get daylight between us and fourth.

    No marquee signings, certainly not goats and hazards.

    Only 1 departure of note from the first team and not the clearout talked about by some.

  17. Aman I think hazard has already stated the same. He wants to move to Spain.

    Don’t worry, jack would piss all over both of them.

  18. Arsenal remain my great club

  19. Good morning to all and thanks YW.

    In recent seasons, with matches against lesser clubs and an opportunity to take advantage of our opponents slips…….we lose or draw.

    Wolves will be a good opportunity to test the mettle of this squad.

  20. wht if this is the game Rvp meets his perennial boogeyman? What next?

  21. On this day, Saturday the 8th April 1972 Arsenal played Wolverhampton Wanderers at Highbury.

    The programmes’ front cover that season showed Charlie scoring at Wembley to win the FA Cup and Ray heading that goal at Tottenham that won the league that season. Our first Double.

    The programme highlights the role of Pat Rice in the current season who was the only Arsenal player to take part in all of the 51 games played to date. In words of praise to please Bill the writer highlights his defensive abilities and points out that the “..value of the defence is second to none”. In 76.5 hours of football,”…you could count the mistakes he has made on the fingers of one hand” I suspect that would get him castigated today.,

    “It is a remarkable but undeniable fact that that you could finish in the top half of the league without scoring a single goal all season, provided you didn’t let one in, but you could score a goal in every match but get relegated if you let two in.” Joyful times at Highbury indeed.

    Elsewhere a supporter of Birmingham City offers to swop an old 78 record of Arsenal versus Newcastle in the 1932 Cup Final for a Wembley Cup Final ticket. A letter from a Mr F. Baker of London Transport expresses his delight and gratitude for ” …. the splendid co operation of Arsenal and Orient supporters the previous Saturday. The good behaviour and the orderly way in which they conducted themselves are greatly appreciated…here at headquarters.”

    We are also offered the chance to buy either a Bronze or limited edition (1000) Silver Commemorative Medal to mark “what must surely tank as the greatest achievement in the history of Arsenal FC when winning both the FA Cup and League Championship during 1970/71” The boxed silver one cost £10.25 and the bronze a mere £2.25.

    I bought both, I’m looking at them now and very handsome they are. My Silver medal was number 391. It feels like having an early Communist Party membership card must have felt for a Cambridge student in the ‘30’s.

    We also get a picture of Billy Bremner presenting Frank McLintock with a tankard on behalf of the Leeds players, “..a fine footballing side” to commemorate out “Double” achievement.

    We are also asked if we agree with Bertie Mee’s point : HAVE PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALLERS REACHED THE LIMIT OF THEIR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL ENDURANCE BY PLAYING 60 GAMES A SEASON? He went on to say that we were knocked out of the European Cup by Ajax who had greater technique than Arsenal. “Ajax play 1 game a week against inferior opposition, and this enables them to develop their skills. We don’t get that opportunity. We play two games a week and there is no inferior opposition.”

    Despite this, a glance at the Football Combination Appearances shows that senior players, Storey, McNab, Radford, Simpson and Kelly had played 21 times between them at this stage of the season. Peter Marinello had played 21 times. Future stars? Well, only the names Brady, Price Mathews and Powling leap out from the junior ranks of the South East Counties League.

    A senior referee, Ken Aston reports on the success of the FA’s ‘Get Tough’ campaign. He tells us that players have been slow to get the message but that referees are steadily getting the upper hand. “…ball players are no longer being kicked into the air from that infamous tackle from behind. Too many players are still having to be cautioned for showing dissent by word or action, and small but irritating acts of gamesmanship, and these players will eventually learn the hard way”. Well, that worked.

    As ever, the Metropolitan Police Band provided the half time entertainment with ‘Semper Fidelis’ and ‘French Festival’ while Constable Alex Morgan sang “Take the Sun” in their ‘Pop Parade Selection’.

    The Arsenal side that day was: Wilson, Rice, Nelson, Storey, McLintock, Simpson, Armstrong, Ball, George, Graham, Marinello.

    The Wolves side was : Parkes, Shaw, Taylor, Hegan, Munro, McCalle McCalliog, Hibbitt, Richards, Dougan, Wagstaffe.

    Here is yesterdays’ football result: Arsenal 2 Wolves 1

  22. I see us starting with the strongest team possible. Wenger understands what breaking Shearer’s record means not just to RVP but the whole team. A sense of invincibility. I expect RVP, TW and YG in attack. And we need the top four spot. I don’t see the spuds or Chelski finishing above us. COYG!

  23. Excellent preview YW & nice trip down memory lane Consols (enjoyed the Cambridge quip !)

    Now then , todays line up.

    Kos to right back & Miquel in at left back for me. I`d split Ramsey`s role between Rosicky & Benny..

    Keep things tight & let the front three do their stuff

  24. ” I just see a tree”

    nice piece on RVP in this morning’s New York Times…

  25. I fear the Wolves might be feeling a touch fat and Christmassy this afternoon. Our seasonal diet of cuttlefish broth, quinoa and shuttle runs should give us the edge.

  26. I had to read that three times before I understood it Limpar.

    Bit slow at the moment.

  27. it should be pointed out that rvps injuries have been in the main caused by collision not poor body parts. should win this one today, rvp has to start, if not then wallcot has to go inside with the ox and gerv alomgside. if arsh has to play then put him behind theo with song and frimp behind him, at the back coqc pers coz and the young spaniard, ile go in goal, anyu streams

  28. so park and oxo are ready to come in then??

    guess thats that then for a striker coming in jan..not happening..henry on loan and thats our lot..

    gotze wants spain?? hazard said the same thing a few months back..so it looks like we need our own wonderkid to get back to speed..great news that hes set to run..still wouldnt bring him back early though..get him properly fit first then we shouldnt see any more problems and weve got him for the back end of the season…

    anyway the lads got an extra day so they should be nice and rested for this one, wolves are tricky, so send in all the big guns get the job done and then rotate v qpr

    rvp to start..if everything goes to plan we can bring him off after an hour..same theory v qpr..

    the only change id make from the ‘first teamers’ is rambo but who comes in is anyones guess..personally id like to see benny as i prefer rosicky deeper and can be rotated with miki in the next few days…but wenger did say diaby would be out for 10 days after his last injury, which in theory had him back on the day we played villa..so he should be back for this one..on the bench at least..it would be helpful..but i wont hold my breath, jack and sagna will probably be back before abou…

  29. This won’t be an easy game, we need to play it with the same intensity as we would any of the big teams. Teams like Wolves always rely on brawn more than brains hence with instructions to get stuck in and be in their faces potential injuries in such games are always high. We definitely to start strong and a couple of early goals should settle the tempo. I prefer to start with the strongest team possible and go for it. The only change I would make is giving Ramsey a rest and play Tomas in the middle, Song returns which is good. 3Gs and Walcott on the wings and rvp to lead the line. I would also start with arteta with a view of bringing coquelin if we r comfortable. The defence with all the injuries picks itself. If coquelin retains right back then it’s same as at villa!
    Heja Arsenal!

  30. Lovely stuff there Consolsbob – incredible how much change we have seen in the last 40 years.

    Wonder how much those shiny ‘medals’ would be worth today?

    Limpar I hope that cuttlefish doesn’t give any of our team the ‘shuttle runs’! 😉

  31. Great to see the Ox start but I’ll believe it when I see it!

  32. Oh shit I forgot about Karl Henry now if there was a candidate for a cosa nostra visit it would be him!

  33. Good day ACLFers..

    Great day to get a good win. I expect some changes from the side that beat Villa, not wholesome. Just a little tweak especially in midfield where Ramsey has looked slightly jaded.

    The game reminds me of this fixture last season at the Molineux. We took an early lead through Chamakh with a great header from a Song cross, I think. But the highlight of the match was an absolutely stupendous world class save from Fabianski in the dying seconds of the match and immediately launching an attack and Chamakh scoring few seconds later.
    Phew! How times have changed for those two.

    Anyways, here’s to Arsenal drilling the pack Wolves (scared to make predictions, don’t want jinx the team).


  34. As mentioned by Maria yesterday – I had not realised Mozarts tenure was up in the summer. Presumably this means we could very feasibly sell him in this window? What a great shame – gutted that we so rarely saw the best of him – in fact some of it has been this season for me.

    I hope he starts in place of Aaron today.

  35. The NYT article on RvP has some errors. Bergkamp Wenger’s first signing? I remember last year when someone posted an article from there it also was full of these sorts of basic mistakes, not to mention a naive analysis.

  36. I see Wenger also suggested Ryo may go on loan for a period…

    “Nothing has been decided [on a loan spell], we will have a look at the whole squad.

    He needs to play now and I will sit down with him and see what we will do. He has been injured for a while now and we will see in January”

    With Gerv going to ACN, I was rather hoping he might get some run-outs but I suppose the conditioning needs to come first. Fuckin’ injuries grrrr!

  37. A bit off today’s match. I’ve always believed that manutd’s players are on drugs. The energy levels they display don’t add up.

  38. Odd that the match isn’t on tv there. Out here in the New World we had several matches and Arsenal are on the old Setanta Canada channel that is now Sportsnet World and in the US on Fox Soccer. No wonder the international rights have been growing so much in value.

  39. Woah, I say woah, I said woah there.
    If John Keynes played on the far left, then frankly, I’m a little lost?

    I do know that the Thatcherite fool Peter Hitchin’s critiques of his brothers’ writings are accurate, sensible and rational. Don’t worry, I can’t be Arsenalled to go into it, but I’d attribute such kindness to Peter’s Christian spirit, and to brotherly love. I also have not seen anyone dropping links to the Unabomber’s manifesto or the Red Army Faction upon this football blog. But I saw that crazy bandana wearing militant Olegunner has been tweeting up about signing one Kaka. Oh, sweet Jeebus, will it never stop?

    Speaking of football enjoy the game peeps, and remember to hold on to your Kaka’s. I’m off to take my nieces from evil capitalist mancland to pose with Thierry and Tony.

  40. What time is our match starting today?

  41. we can actually go 3rd if sours lose and we win well u know, its a 5 goals diff margin we are trying to cover. Why settle for fourth?. we definitely lead on goals scored even if our goals diff become the same at the end of today’s games.

    me i predict. we are going 3rd. come on Norwich!

  42. My daughter is watching ‘Carry on Doctor Again’ and in the film they just read out some football results, one was.

    Arsenal 5 Wolves 0

    Now that would be nice.

  43. Rosicky’s contract isnt up in the summer, didnt he sign an extension about 18 months ago?

    Yogi, can’t see your team starting today man, far too many changes for me.

    I posted my team yesterday;

    Djourou (Coquelin if JD not fit) Koscielny Mertasacker Vermealen
    Song Rosicky
    Theo Benayoun Gervinho

  44. Dupsff

    5 nil was what I dreamt the score would be!

  45. Yossi starts

  46. Szczesny, Djourou, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Song, Arteta, Rosicky, Benayoun, Gervinho, Van Persie.

  47. Ooh my pick wasnt bad then, only one difference.

    My gawd, I love Natalie Sawyer. Ahem 🙂

  48. Substitutes: Almunia, Miquel, Coquelin, Ramsey, Arshavin, Chamberlain, Chamakh.

  49. Merry Christmas everyone and happy new years a few days early. Nice comfortable win today would be great. 3 – 0 with a brace for RVP

  50. benny for theo then..?

    jd’s back…what a guy..been back from the dead more times than jason (halloween)..

    decent line up, just wonder what arshavins making of it all..

  51. Dex – I’ll admit the source isn’t the best but Setanta have stated otherwise –


    I think Wenger said he wanted to offer an extension recently – but no news on him signing – I guess a serious offer could test both the club’s and the player’s loyalty.

  52. I think Johan’s middle name is Lazerus JJ.

    Arshavin isnt daft man, he knows he hasnt done it for ages and will either try and get back in the team by working hard in training, or bitch and moan and demand a move.

  53. I can’t imagine what you like so much about Ms Sawyer, Dex.

    No doubt Irish Gray could give us an educated guess…

  54. Jonny

    Sorry, you are going to have to find a better source than that dude! 🙂

    Every time I have read anything about our soon to be out of contract players, Rosicky never features. The earliest being RvP, Theo, Arshavin and Song in June 2013. Would be a shame to let him go and judging by his recent comments, I think Tomas wants to stay around.

  55. And a Habbi Titmuss to you too Bill!


  56. WSorry that was sent before I saw your response – just pointing out how murky the waters are…

  57. Arshavin will never moan,bitch or hide.He is a proper man and player

  58. Jonny

    Thanks man and seeing as its from December 2009, so hopefully that contract was signed then!

  59. So, unless it was a 2 and a half year deal, Tomas must have atleast a year left on his contract!


    I dont believe AA would act like that either mate. I think he would just knuckle down TBH.

  60. last i read on arse.com rosickys last deal was signed in early 2010 so it could be up this summer..

    i thought it was only two years so i did think he was off after this year..

  61. Yeah it’s was confirmed as signed in Jan 2010 but Arsenal did not confirm how long the extension was for. It’s certainly feasible it was only until the end of this season but…

  62. Like I said, even if it is up this summer, I think Tomas would rather stay than move elsewhere.

  63. Oh and Jonny, I have absolutely no idea what you are referring to regarding Natalie Sawyer the Future Mrs D Slaboratory man?

  64. Dex – inclined to agree but as I said before, I guess a serious offer could test both the club’s and the player’s loyalty – this would likely be a last move for him, and let’s be honest, would we offer him more than a year to stay..?

    All moot of course if it’s not true about the contract expiry date.. 🙂

    Theo is missing today though illness. Too many sprouts I imagine.

  65. I’m sure you don’t Dex….I’m sure you don’t. 😉

  66. i cant see us selling in jan even if he is off in summer..

    with all the millions we make it would be pointless to cash in on a player who is only worth a few quid when he offers more to the squad by staying until summer…

    whether hes offered a new deal or not remains to be seen..hes sure playing like he wants one..but selling in jan would be fruitless seeing as though jacks still out and diabys gone awol…frimmers and le coq still learning..

    unless wenger wants to make room for incoming players, but even so i cant see that happening until summer either anymore..

  67. s*pcast – 116205 looks pretty good

  68. So, Theo’s out due to illness is he? Pah, sounds like he was out on the town last night, guzzling champagne with cashley Cole JT Rooney Andy carroll and Stevie G and snorting mountains of Charlie off a bevvy of lapdancers thighs before getting involved in a drunken brawl at 4am outside a city centre kebab shop more like.

  69. 3 points and top 4 beckons. Ramsey rested and benayoun starts

  70. s*pcast 122909

    best quality

  71. JJ

    No chance TR7 going in January for me man. Squillaci will be off and that will make room for that single addition to the squad. (Henry is a loan so doesnt count!)

    Come on you Gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. link?

  73. Gerviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinhooooooooooooo!!!

  74. Once again a perfect tackle by Rosicky but the ref is too stupid to see.

  75. djorou already showing nervous signs

  76. great assist from Benny and great goal from 3g!

  77. Perfect team goal.

  78. Gervinho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Rosicky and Beny starred in this move. Really hope for both of them.

  80. Moe

    You normally are pretty bright man. Dont let george see you chatting bubbles mate! 🙂

  81. fuckin beauty of a pass Benayoun

  82. What a slide rule pass from Benayoun…finished with panache from Gervinho.

  83. is kos in the middle with Per?

  84. Gunman signing in. Still groggy from a busy night shift. Any good streams guys?

  85. loved this sequence of comments from the bbc live text. nicest possible way for a guy to eat his words

    1508: GOALFLASH Arsenal 1-0 Wolves (Gervinho)

    BBC Radio 5 live
    Former Tottenham manager David Pleat at the Emirates Stadium on BBC Radio 5 live: “Gervinho certainly has the ability to unbalance defenders with his ability to go either way, but I am not so certain about his final ball.”

    1506: That’s more like it. Wolves are able to get the ball out to Matt Jarvis on the wing and he gets a shot away, but Per Mertesacker makes the block.

  86. again Gervinho to van persie. early shot wide

    we are cooking today

  87. We need to work hard for this win, not get complacent and take our chances. All cliched shit I know!

  88. hope we dont loose concentration as Wolves are really piss poor atm.
    I reckon that is Wolves only chance tonite, to play so poor taht we forget they are there and then they strike. I just cannot see them score any other way.

  89. i do love benny showing what hes made of though. My Liverpool mate always said he is supergood and he was really annoyed they sold him.

  90. chelsea will be way annoyed when he helps us grab the spot above them.. muahaha!

  91. Message for Song;

    Give it a rest with the fucking back heels mate!

  92. Poodle – my Pool supporting mates say similar – I was chuffed when we got him at the last.

  93. Song needs to cool it with the backheels

  94. it would be typical if Gervinho found his shooting boots and started to score alot just before hes off to African Cup. :p

  95. oh man how i love Rosicky, quite simply beautiful passing

  96. Have I ever mentioned that I have a man crush on Rosicky?…he should have taken the shot there though…

  97. @vic you got a mancrush on most of our good players though…l

  98. Well he is called viceologist.

  99. We need to put another goal away before half time to put them to bed…don’t let it hang around at 1-nil…

  100. i want one more goal!

  101. for us ofc…

  102. Doesn’t help that my last name is actually Vice…true story…

  103. Paul- N and Jonny- thanks

  104. we concede.

  105. That is what I was afraid of…scrappy shit goal to level it up.

  106. Song kept him onside =/

  107. Bloody first wolves goal at Arsenal since 1984!

  108. Lost composure and started pissing about. Song, I am afraid has been the main culprit in fart arsing about today.

  109. Hmmm sloppy from Song – uncharacteristic.

    Great reactionary header to put it away though.

  110. unlucky goal anyway, wicked delfection

  111. I think we were so comfortable after we scored the goal that it kind of lulled the team to sleep…time to wake back up and get three points!

  112. no more streams. am getting this channel was banned. by who?

  113. We let ourselves down showboating after Gervinho’s goal.

  114. Is Walcott on the bench today?

  115. The game should be over. Lets do it in the 2nd.

  116. I have no doubts that we’ll win this game.I was hoping we could round it up in the first half and then give some players a rest.But alas that isn’t the Arsenal way.

  117. This site still running –


    Ref needs to clamp down on the players climbing all over Robin – they are getting away with foul means of hampering his game.

  118. Vice – he’s ill.

  119. Johnny

    They are definitely getting away with all kinds of contact. We will see if he actually does something about it.

  120. well this will trigger the predator in RvP and he will get two goals after the break. im sure of it.

  121. Song want to stop those showboat back heels

  122. That was a side to our game I thought we had long ditched; the showboating long before we should and prancing around like flash herberts!

    Sort it out Gunners!

  123. Damn…that sucks…maybe the Ox can be a super sub later in the game. Or, maybe Arshavin willl come on and give us some more attacking threat…Wolves are sitting really deep now and just letting us play around the back…with fewer overlapping runs from the fullback position it is a lot harder to break them down and create space.

  124. they are targetting djorou’s side of the defence, whether that is because of matt jarvis or because they THINK djouro is weaker

  125. That is where this team is different this year. They definitely started putting it in cruise control, but this year I think we will snap out of it and get the three points. Whereas last year, we would find a way to throw those points away…I have faith we will get all three today.

  126. Moe, I think it is a bit of both…

  127. displays like that do my nut in..
    control the half but to much fucking about when we should be killing the game off…
    all of a sudden its 1-1 from nowhere…

    sort it out boys..wolves havent come to stand still and watch you play around them with back heeled one twos and one touch triangles from one end of the pitch to the other..

    go after them and start shooting..

  128. It seems these refs only cotton on to foul play when the perpetrator wears a stripey black and white top, with a Highwaymans mask carrying a bag with the word SWAG on it in large type.

  129. I agree Jon Jon…it is very frustrating to see them completely control the game but not turn it in to a multiple goal lead…I thought we saw that side of our game leave us this year. But, like I said earlier, I think this squad will turn it on and bag the three points.

  130. Newcastle players then Dex.

  131. Moe

    Djourou isnt a RB and is just back from injury, plus Harvis is their best attacking outlet man.


    I had tickets for today (well, I thought it was yesterday if you get me) kinda glad I couldnt make it as I’d be losing it!

  132. Jonny

    Well, Geordie supporting highwayman/robbers yes!

  133. I see ‘showboating’ is the word of the day here then.
    Don’t get downhearted at a very lucky and messy equaliser. Sure they all count but we’ve seen enough that half to be confident haven’t we? As for ‘showboating’ that’s what lesser players from lesser teams do. Our players are sufficiently and sublimely skilled to pass in whatever manner is most efficient – if it looks amazing so much the better. The back heel assist attempt from Alex in the box would have been fabulousif it had just evaded the final defender which it nearly did.
    Keep on with the flicks and tricks I say, makes us an entertaining and unpredictable and therefore dangerous team.

  134. George

    If we drop points today then I am offically going for the Guiness world record for most frequent use of the word c*nt.

  135. the opening 15-20mins werent too bad..
    gervinho was being used and we were pulling them apart and it was only a matter of time..

    then all of a sudden its back to the tippy tap, gervinho hadly touches it and it looks flat

    back to the directness me thinks..

  136. Steww

    Yeh, thats a great team talk man….. For Wolves! 🙂

  137. Don’t get me wrong, we will win today, but we really do like making it hard for ourselves.

  138. van persie looks frustrated

  139. Well we can win this easily we just need to be professional about and most important avoid silly goes. I know that you concede such goals at times but with us it sets the players n supporters on edge!

  140. So me suggesting we outfox them with skilled and unpredictable play is playing into their hands is it Dexter? Which fucking planet?

  141. bring on the ox

  142. The opposition are packing the defence, that’s them making it hard not us. Why always look to blame your own players. Jesus.

  143. Gerrvinho is slowly dipping, come on now he must do better

  144. Oh shut up Steww you sound like my Nan. Which planet?

    Humourless cunt

    There’s one towards the record.

  145. I’d rather blame Atwell.

  146. Grumpy again I see Stew,

  147. AA – really???

    Oh well, surprise me then AA.


  148. Arsahvin coming on

  149. Come on Arshavin! Hit your stride son…we need you

  150. my god benayoun is going off

    i thought it would’ve been gervinho

  151. Evil

    He has given us nothing mate. Still time for him to rectify that though.

  152. Lets put this free kick in the back of the net now boys…we are do another great strike

  153. Time for some Russian ballet.

  154. fuuuuccckkkk!! That was a good save to keep that out.

  155. How did we not put that away!

  156. Fuck. What a free kick.

  157. Christ we’re battering them

  158. This fuckin ref…Song was fouled blatantly before he got that damn yellow…pull your head out of your ass Atwell!

  159. This is the new Arsenal. We win these type of games. No messing.

    Up the Arse!

  160. Our player gets fouled — nothing. We touch

  161. Song resorts to kicking them up in the air! Bosh!

  162. Alex drops two of them. You don’t fuck with us.

  163. That’s a direct consequence of poor refereeing early on.

    This is getting a little tasty.

  164. fuckin pricks are time wasting

  165. Hunts a cunt. Trying to get Song sent off.

  166. This ref is going to try to turn this game with a decision against us…just watch…

  167. Fucking Wolves thugs.

  168. Ref has lost this one.

  169. ramsey for song


  170. Is it me , or do we always get the weak refs? Fucking Atwell, I ask you, strewth ruth!

  171. TR7 where did you last see your shooting boots??

  172. Oooooooh how close. Instant impact from Rambo.

  173. Ref just flashing cards instead of controlling the game. he’ll end up sending someone.

  174. my god this is getting nervous and nervous ffrom wolves

  175. that was an ankle breaker

  176. Fuck me terrible reffing – no way a red.

  177. red for millijas

  178. good thing Arteta got his foot out of the turf before the contact

  179. this game is getting nasty

  180. maybe not a straight red…still a bad tackle

  181. I’m viewing on tiny screen but was his foot not on the floor and one footed?

    Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t a good tackle but on limited view did not look either two footed or high.

    Regardless who cares – this ref has been terrible – lost the game a while ago.

  182. FUUUUUCCCKKKK! One of those games…

  183. Not yet it aint Vice

  184. holy shit…almost something completely sublime from Arshavin

  185. my god

    heart attack game

  186. AA – what class.

  187. The pressure to win and to break the record is making the job more difficult.

  188. I fucking hope we are all laughing about how nerve jangling this gfame was in about 10 minutes!

  189. I’m going to need a rub down after this one. Fuck me.

  190. Must be at least 15 left with added. Do we have a sub left?

  191. great area for Van Persie

  192. Prick on my commentary described that as ‘nominal’ contact. It’s unclear what he thinks nominal means.

  193. Jammy twat of a keeper!

  194. Are you fuckin kidding me…how did he save that

  195. Well if there is a game we deserved to win it’s this one!

  196. Come on Chamakh…do something…earn that fuckin pay check son!

  197. keepers always have a game against us

  198. Arshavin has been great again today. Oh sorry I’m supposed to follow the script about him being lazy and wanting a transfer.
    Mustn’t base opinions on what actually happens.

  199. Defence versus attack people

    hold on to your seats

  200. Our fucking luck that their keeper is having a decent game.

  201. we should have played like this in the first half and not fucked about…if we would have done this when we were 1-0 up wolves would have been out of it…

    instead we ended up giving them something to play for and its been a battle ever since..

  202. Fuck you, Hennessy, just fuck you.

  203. Fuckin a …our own players clattering each other…that is unfortunate to say the least

  204. RVP looks concussed to me.

  205. van persie head injury being treated

    slowly gets up

  206. there better be six minutes stoppage time

  207. Oh fuck off hennessey you jammy cunt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  208. fuck you wolves, just fuck you

  209. Hennessey having the game of his life

  210. That fucking keeper

  211. Much better from AA today.

  212. omg fuckin keeper fucking prick

  213. 6 mins added time

  214. I can’t believe we haven not gotten a second

  215. Even if it ends one all, can feel nothing but pride in this performance. Brilliant all out attack.

  216. Just one more for the core.

  217. Atwell is on a par with Dowd and these commentators are having trouble speaking with their tongues up Mick mcCarthy’s ass.

  218. fucking wolves time wasting

  219. How fucking awesome if we score now

  220. shit happens

  221. Is this going to be one of those games where the stats will show the opposition had one attempt on goal, direct or otherwise?

  222. It has to be now ….COYG!!!!!!

  223. Poor RVP, I suppose he had to have an off day sooner or later.

  224. my brain hurts

  225. Well this is one of those games massive two points dropped but well football is not a science

  226. Only manutd escaped the xmas curse.

  227. Damn!@=

  228. 2 points thrown down the fuckin garbage…what a joke…thought we would take a stroll in the park first half and it bit us in the ass…another game of their life keeper performance saved for the Arsenal…fuckin travesty.

  229. Right here goes the attempt at the world record then…

    Cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt, cunt,

  230. Not sure what to say about that performance. 2 points dropped for real.

  231. I thought the ref would add time for the excessive time wasting. Guess not.

  232. how can he book the keeper for time-wasting in injury time but only add 5 seconds to the original 6 mins?

  233. Get yer chequebook out Arsene.

    Says it all that Chamakh didn’t appear til 85 and Park wasn’t even in the squad. Not good enough to get us Champions League football.

    This time act early so that whoever comes in can play in the games vs Swansea, Man Utd, etc.

  234. the rate at which the keeper was saving shot after after shot is ridiculous

    fucking cunt of a keeper

    need to vent, be right back

  235. 1st half pissing about cost us today. Score a goal then act like we are 6 up. Really thought we’d cut that rubbish out. Oh well, I never did like next door’s cat.

  236. What a second half. How many attempts on goal. Wolves threw everything plus the kitchen sink.at us in the end. Another MOTM performance by the away team keeper. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  237. The saves from Mertesacker’s header and RVP’s shot from a tight angle were pure fuckin luck…keeper didn’t know anything about it, just happened to have a body part in the way…can’t fault the second half effort in any way…gave it everything.

  238. unfucking beilivable

  239. silly comment James.

  240. PaulN & LBC

    What? You expected that ref to do his job? 🙂

  241. Ok people need to calm down shit happens, reality check for the lads but we to focus, don’t concede silly goes n we need to learn to press home our advantage. Other than that nothing changes n we r are still in touch with the teams above.

  242. well time for some coffee and bourbon…fuckin frustrating as hell

  243. Arsenal Wolverhampton Wanderers
    26(11) Shots (on Goal) 6(1)
    5 Fouls 12
    13 Corner Kicks 3
    2 Offsides 2
    73% Time of Possession 27%
    2 Yellow Cards 3
    0 Red Cards 1
    0 Saves 10

    One shot on goal. One…

  244. What was I thinking Dex!?

  245. Just one of those days.

    Hennessy deserves plaudits for an outstanding performance against a team that gave all and threw everything.

    Disappointing that they scored with pretty much their only effort but even that was so well taken ()though jammy in the build up).

    AA looked mostly bright which was refreshing.

    Song has had better games – so silly to let them in with a sloppy failure to get into position.

    Had best hope Norwich play a blinder tonight…

  246. Paul-N | December 27, 2011 at 5:00 pm
    silly comment James.

    How so? Chasing a game we need to win (as per all our games due to August’s fucking about) and we don’t bring a striker on til 85? Park’s finished adapting but is still nowhere near the pitch.

    So like I said, he needs to get someone in who can do the job and not wait til Jan 31st when we’ll have played another 3 league games that we need points from.

    What would you do anyway?

  247. FinnGun

    I know man. I hate games like today’s one.


    I am going to have a coffee and a fuck off brandy dude!

    Cheers! 😀

  248. BBC stats:

    Gunners 68 vs. 32 percent possession
    17 vs. 4 attempts on target
    6 vs. 2 off target
    13 vs. 3 corners
    3 vs. 12 fouls

    Wolves bought nothing positive to this game

  249. RVP also had a few of those runs that were picked out beautifully he just couldn’t pull them down in stride…on another day we hammer them…damnit!

  250. We took our foot of the gas in the 1st half though.

  251. PaulN

    Ahh, you stay that way man, all nice and naive believing that refs will actually do the shit they are trained and paid handsomely for! 🙂

  252. JamesM

    Erm, check the date next to your name, (here’s a clue, it dont say January!)

  253. We need our fullbacks. Without them we have very little width.

  254. James, every game is a must win for the teams chasing third and fourth.

  255. If anything we maybe had too many attackers on the pitch at the end, getting in each others way. Got a bit desperate so it did, in me humble.

  256. Theo will be back for QPR and Henry will be available vs Fulham. 🙂

  257. Typical , wolves played the game of their lives against us. You can be sure they’ll spread their cheeks for united, chelsea and city…c@nts. Cany fault the teams effort though. Everybody was really pumped and sometimes the winner is just not going to come. We created enough chances to sink 3 teams. And Wolves get one lucky chances and its a draw. Oh it f@ckin hurts.

  258. We just didn’t have the rub of the green today, simple as, now people can nitpick n blame chamakh all they want, but sometimes things are not meant to happen.

  259. my god, the only credit i give to wolves is that they defended like it was a world war.

    my god talk about being desperate

  260. The spuds better fucking lose now, or next door’s dog’s getting it too.

  261. James, did you think we wouldn’t score again with the team we had on the field?

  262. well..
    that was frustrating…the players, the fans, the manager all frustrated..

    but hopefully that will teach them to fuck about when a teams playing like a lame duck..
    there was a period of about 15mins in the first half where wolves just wanted to go home and we didnt make hennesy move hardly at all..if at all..

    we let them back in it and gave them something to fight and hold on for and momentum can be a fucker in football..it can make a keeper produce save after save..

    thats what we should have been doing in the first half when they wind was taken out of them and fuck all momentum..

    bollox..i need a drink..

  263. Agree GB69. And Walcott. Damn his illness.

  264. some twat on bbc

    Gareth Frank on Twitter: “Arsenal’s problems summed up in one game. A moment of awful defending, followed by 45 minutes of un-incisive offence”

    i mean is he brain dead? the goal was a huge deflection and nothing we could do about. and what the hell is this un-incisive offence, we cut them to ribbons and the only thing standing in our way is a keeper who obviously had his weetabix this morning.

  265. James, every game is a must win for the teams chasing third and fourth.

    Completely agree.

    James, did you think we wouldn’t score again with the team we had on the field?

    Not after 8 minutes. Did I think Chamakh or Park would score? Not at all.

  266. says allot of the bbc about what image they want peole to have of Arsenal.

    Fragile defence, possesion without attacking thrust.

  267. JamesM

    with the amount of crosses into the box, it would seem likely that chamkh would score. Hence why wenger brought him on

  268. Well,well, football could be a cruel game.Credit to wolves though,they laid their lives on the line.As for me,still stunned.And by the way,I see a few doomers are out of the woodwork already.Sigh!

  269. Orbinho on twitter

    In Arsenal’s last 15 Premier League games at the Emirates, they have only managed to score more than one goal four times.

  270. How frustrating is that…

    Wenger simply can not rotate. Whether he changes 2 or 4 or all players, the result is always dropped points.

    The bench is pathetic. No goal scorers, no game changes. Just wait until RVP has an average game, and here comes the failure. Park? I mean what was it?

    Missed Theo today, he gives the threat on both flanks.

    Good bye top four, good bye champions league.

    This draw devastated me.

  271. SV

    Take a breather mate. I know ur upset right now but people on here shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

    Football is a very unpredictable game, im sure we’ll get back into the top four and wining ways soon.

  272. van Persie needs a rest in my opinion, and Arteta too. I thought Benayoun and Rosicky were good and we can rotate them into the starting line up every now and then and keep them fresh. Same can’t be said about the striker position though.

  273. Also on current form we should easily make top four, we can’t win every game. We will drop points here and there like today. After the slow start to the season we have 26 from 11. If we can keep this up we should be 3rd come May.

  274. SV,you are breathing air that could be better used by someone else.
    So Arshavin ,and Ramsey are part of a poor bench?
    I hate thick moaning cunts like you.

  275. This team is still building. Things will go wrong from time to time. It is not the finished article.

    Nor is it a team to challenge for the Title. Next year maybe but for now, top 4 and a cup would be a very successful season.

    We just can’t expect to win every game at this stage.

  276. really dups??

    well it would make sense..but we have been crying out for more attacking options since..forever, but if wengers happy with what hes got then hes happy with what hes got and i hope it doesnt bite him in the arse…

  277. Anybody who cannot see that this is a better Arsenal side than last season isn’t watching or doesn’y know football.

    Anybody who thinks that the Spurs are a better side or won’t drop more points than us also doesn’t know football.

  278. I don’t believe that Arsene is happy with the options he has.

  279. I probably will draw flak for this.Some people were commenting here today like we had the 3 points in the bag even before stepping on the pitch.Well.Call me superstitious but I feel comments like those jinx us.
    Still stunned.

  280. Funny how i see new users that i have never seen popping up as soon as Arsenal falter even a little.

    And most of them sound like it’s their time of month


  281. i agree with you mr bob…
    weve done well to claw our way back and with one or two additions we could make the final push and be ready for a title charge next year..depending on rvp…and the additions..

    but we are a more balanced side than last season..we just saw some of last season out there today and thats where ppl are frustrated i think,..,

  282. Anyone who expected a goals festival does not know anything about football. We have been struggling with scoring recently, and Wenger admitted it.

    The absence of the full backs hits our attack big time. When we do not attack in numbers, the lack of quality upfront becomes obvious.

    When I was passing by a pub in Barnet, it was still 1:0. A guy came out and predicted 1:1. I loughed and said we would get 3 point. It’s all a bit surreal.

    Missed chance today. We’ll regret it.

  283. Well that was very disappointing after everyone decided to do us a favour yesterday.

    I would of like to of seen Chamakh come on earlier as we were getting plenty of crosses in.

    We paid the price for not taking our chances when well on top.

    Oh, and the referee completely lost control of the game, he shouldn’t be involved at this level.

  284. before we lose our heads here.Its a missed opportunity but the season is far from over.Top 4 is still imminently attainable.

  285. I have no time for superstition.

    Cbob – agree with almost all of that.

    The thing is, pains me to say it, but I still think Spurs have a decent chance of finishing higher than us this season. It’s by no means a certainty but they have a more settled team, a strong squad and I would expect Harry to sell and buy – to attempt to compliment what he already has.

    I expect Man Utd, Chelscum and City to be active too.

    This squad is recovering from a crummy start and the first team is amazing but I still think the squad needs a little tweaking. We just have to remain patient and enjoy the ride.

  286. I also agree with Bob.On all points.

  287. im was thinking the same cbob…
    but we’ll see in january…

  288. Arsene Wenger on the possibility of signing Thiery Henry: “We stand nowhere. I don’t know where the story comes from. I think we have other problems to focus on. If we bring anyone in we will inform you.”

    Personally i would love Henry to come but the problem is that it might stop or falter the progress of Robin Van Persie. Robin is currently to be honest THE top dog at Arsenal and that contributes as much to his confidence and his self belief.

    Signing Henry would have the slight possibility of disturbing the rythm of the squad and if he ends up scoring lots then it might steal Van Persie’s thunder, and trust me little things like this ( as inconsequential as it may be) do sometimes have a negative effect.

  289. SV

    I have thought this but never actually posted it, till now;

    You are a doom mongering miserable twat. Jog on!:)

  290. Blimey. George and JonJon agreeing with me.


  291. one man team and wen rvp dont score then we dont score okay gervinho scored but dats it i angry wid wenger now we need sigings fukin could not beat 10 men aswell well not gud enuff.

  292. We need a goal and we bring on one league goal in a year man Chamakh

    How have things got to this?

  293. SV proves that the internet is a god send and the devils arsehole all in one.

    We are missing our 4 recognised fullbacks, have done without Jack for months, have had a fine run of form, only losing, unluckily to a team that batters all before it, yet you pontificate like YOU have a fucking clue and proclaim Arsenal are now doomed?

    I agree with george, you are using up air.

  294. Moe

    Henry is semi retired and has lost his pace But he is a million times better than Chamakh and the invisible man from Korea

  295. I have promised myself not to insult anyone personally on this blog, and I’m sticking to it.

    Where was Ox today btw? His speed would have come in handy in the second half.

  296. Hilarious how pricks like Dave jump to con clusions because the TEAM fail to get the goals we wanted.

    Where did you pop up from anyways? Shall I guess?

  297. Everybody sing… Here come the cunts…

  298. Right fuck this lark, I am off out to get smashed, maybe I can catch SV outside that pub and he can enlighten me about the finer points of football.

  299. Let’s hold hands and all agree with Cbob today…

  300. @Dexter
    I’m sure you are a nice guy.

    I’ve never claimed that I understand football btw. I just love Arsenal.

    If a home draw against Wolves does not frustrate you, something is wrong with your passion.

  301. Tokala, tried “The Last crossing” by Guy Vanderhaeghe.

    I think you recommended it.

    Very good.

  302. Cbob

    Yes indeed i did… Happy you liked it 🙂

  303. SV- “How frustrating is that…

    Wenger simply can not rotate. Whether he changes 2 or 4 or all players, the result is always dropped points.

    The bench is pathetic. No goal scorers, no game changes. Just wait until RVP has an average game, and here comes the failure. Park? I mean what was it?

    Missed Theo today, he gives the threat on both flanks.

    Good bye top four, good bye champioleague.”

    First off, the result is not always dropped points you dingus. Have you forgotten that in our last match, someone came off the bench and won us the game?

    Once again i will quote you “Good bye top four, good bye champion league.” That kind of speak is begging for a personal insult.

  304. Bradys right foot

    Keysersoze | December 27, 2011 at 5:34 pm totally agree m8. Our current form is very strong lets not loose sight of that. I’m disappointed with the lads today if i’m honest, for a period in the first half we started to take the piss and let Wolves off the hook. Complacency is the greatest footballing sin in my book, we were guilty of a bit of that in the first half. No doubt they got a rollicking at half time and I thought we were much improved after the break but couldn’t score, Hennessy was inspired. Gutted that we dropped two points but from the August apocalypse weve had a convincing turnaround.

  305. More like a point gained than two dropped points.I think, we should be looking forward to the Europa league next season

  306. In Arsene We trust. As always.

  307. So today was all about a lack of attacking options? Whether someone needs to come in or not, that is pure rubbish.

    The keeper was unbelievable in the 2nd half and as a team we didn’t kill the game off in the first half.

    So every time we lose or draw we will point fingers.

    By the way, Per was my MOTM. He was excellent for me.

  308. WJ— thank you, for your masterful use of sarcasm as a medium of d**ming. You know, there is a blog where they accept people like you..

  309. Paul I am pointing my finger at the board/Wenger. A bench that features Arshavin and Ramsey?? Bah!!!

    see WJ i can be sarcastic too!

  310. Wolves needed a minor miracle and an inept Ref. to get a result.They got both.
    And yet people like WJ come out gloating ,As if somehow this unfortunate result somehow justifies their pathetic opinions.When their inability to understand the game ,simply displays their overall lack a football knowledge.And general stupidity.
    Cunts to a man.

  311. @ will the thrill

    The only thing begging for a pesonal insult is bad manners.

    If you think we’ll finish in the top 4, I’ll be happy to listen to your arguments.

  312. I thought the substitutions were good–Benayoun had his chance but wasn’t looking too dangerous, Song was in danger of getting sent off and wasn’t at his best. At the end Djourou didn’t have too much defending to do and was bringing the ball up and losing possession so it made sense to bring on an attacker. But it looked a lot like games we played last season to me. Letting the opposition back in by not concentrating hard enough in the first half to make the chances stick and then throwing everything on at the end but without the space to create the best sort of chances or get enough heads on the ball for all the crosses we throw in. Their goalkeeper has a blinder and our best shots seem to go close to him rather than in more difficult areas for saves. Several Arsenal players losing a bit of their cool and composure.

    Bad points to throw away. We sowed the seeds of our frustration in the first half when we took the foot off the gas and in the first 20 minutes of the second where we played very intricately around the box or Gervinho made great runs forward but couldn’t connect. Obviously we had some bad luck and the ref was pretty weird and frustrating. But the red card favored us and looked a bit iffy (orange, really, I thought).

    These games can and do happen. But we can’t really afford a dip in form. It was a bad case of deja vu, which is what troubled me the most. Superior in every way but not able to turn the result. If we go back since we sealed the CL with a 2-1 win over Dortmund our form hasn’t been that great. We drew to Fulham, played the second team in a loss at home to City, crushed Wigan, lost with the second team to Olympiakos, had a dull victory at home 1-0 v. Everton, played very well but lost by the same score away to City, had a tough game far from our best to win away at Villa, and drew today v. Wolves. That is 3 victories out of 8 games with 2 draws and 3 losses. Two of the losses were with second string players out of the league and our loss away to City was probably our best performance of the last 8 matches. From that perspective though we haven’t really played well apart from the easy away victory against Wigan and that loss to City.

    We’ll have to rotate v. QPR as the Fulham game is only three days after. So overall we have been fairly effective but subpar from the form we were in through much of October and early November. Hopefully we can pick it up again and play like we did against Stoke, Sunderland, Chelsea and Norwich in the league.

  313. SV ,because since the close of the transfer window we have been the form team in the league.

  314. I can argue…

    2) we are playing with center backs at the full back position
    3)young jack is returning. same with Sagna and Santos
    4)chelsea is 2 pts ahead of us

  315. sv,, you need some arguments to say why we finish in the top 4?

    kiss mi granny! dem ya people no easy to blow wow!

    We are one of the in form teams in the PL and here you are needing “arguments”.

  316. Disappointing result in the end, but I had a bad feeling about this game for the last few days. It was just the typical banana skin that we can sometimes slip up on. Still it could have been worse, so I won’t complain. Let’s hope the bad luck is out of the way and we return to winning ways in the next game. Roll on Saturday and I’ll leave the navel gazers to it.

  317. Paul-N, I thought Per and Kos were both very good. Kos even looked dangerous going forward a couple times and won lots of headers.

  318. Pedantic George and Will the Thrill
    Do you guys need to use cheap digs and abuse to comment about any one who criticise your master Wenger?

    Didnt know that this blog was only meant for Wenger fans and the Spud fans.

  319. our only mistake today was complacency in the frist half.

  320. Limestone, Kos is something else. He could play further up the pitch with ease in my opinion. He is class.

    As for Per, he looked quick today and that is down to his ability to read the game. He is in the right place at the right time. An excellent defender.

  321. WJ, cheap digs? read your comments.

  322. WJ- yes, i do. thank you for asking… George, shall we give WJ the old 1, 2, whoop-de-doo with a side of lemon slices?

  323. @ Pedantic George
    As Limestonegunner noticed, after the win against Dortmund, our form has been subpar.

    @ will the thrill
    faith is your strongest argument, and I admit my defeat.

  324. SV- good debating dude. I would actually say that my strongest argument is any of the points other than faith.

    Robin Van Persie, Jack Wilshere, Bacary Sagna

    do those names not inspire any sort of confidence?

  325. All this talk of Hennessy having an “unbelievable game” is misleading – the truth is we didn’t create many clear cut chances and, when we did, we were not especially clinical.

    Hennessy made two outstanding saves in the game but this was not a heroic performance that some are making it to have been.

    The ref should have been stronger early on but, even so, the key decision favoured us it was a yellow card all day long and anyone claiming otherwise would be screaming injustice if the decision had been against us. Song’s kicking of two players, whilst gratifying to see, was more worthy of a sending off than the one against us.

    The lack of fullbacks – it’s noticeably affected us but, even so, I am proud of how the substitutes have coped.

    It is difficult to see what Chamakh can do to get his form back when he gets so little time to prove himself. Just feel a little sorry for him. He still ought to do something about his hair.

    Still at the end of all of this – we are in a decent position, in the midst of a great run of form and we have much to look forward too – not least the return of several important players.

  326. #the_bold_font_inspires_confidence


  327. Our PL form is still good. So we drew 2 and lost one against City that should’ve been a draw or even a win.

    The issue is with expecting the team to win every game.

  328. You said it Paul.

    “The issue is with expecting the team to win every game.”

    I also take issue with coming onto a blog and sarcastically remarking about the team ONLY after a disappointing result.

  329. Damn i still dont know how to do the bold font

  330. Moe

    word or comment in the middle.

  331. Sv,have you any idea how difficult it is to play expansive attacking football without fullbacks?
    Actually,that is rather stupid on my part.Because clearly you don’t understand the game .So how could you?

    On ACLF ignorance of the game does leave you open to ridicule.So I suggest you seek solace somewhere else.Le Grove perhaps,with some like minded dimwits.

  332. Breakthrough?

  333. Breakthrough Now?

  334. Have to say RvP’s touch was not at his usual level. Twice in the box he received a pass that normally he would have brought right into control for a one on one with the keeper and a chance to shoot. Can’t expect him to be so perfect every game and frankly with Gervinho scoring and the other chances we had, it really needn’t have turned on that. Usually, however, we’d seem him do something to put their keeper under pressure with balls to him in the box in such a position.

  335. Excelelnt feel like a boss right now 😀

  336. Moe

    <b>your phrase</b>

  337. “I also take issue with coming onto a blog and sarcastically remarking about the team ONLY after a disappointing result.”

    Yeah some of us try to do that every day. 😉

  338. Limestone- on another day RVP could have scored two or three. He was put through with some lovely chipped balls but alas, he failed to capitalize. Also he had two well struck free kicks.

    Moe-it feels like a boss typed that message 😉

  339. Lol Moe – when you finally get it right you lose the ability to spell!

  340. oh Jonathon, the wit makes me laugh.

    ….onto the transfer speculation i guess eh?

  341. @ will the thrill
    big names indeed. I just do not think we’ll have the squad free of injuries at any time during the season.

    The question is whether we can have a stronger second half of the season. From my memory, only in 2008-09 we had a stronger finish. And a big January singing (Arshavin) may have been the main contributor to that. Otherwise, without strengthening we tend to fade away.

  342. will the thrill

    Noticed who those through balls where from?

    A certain Mr Tomas Rosicky, on another day he would have gotten MOTM but alas it was not to be.

  343. Well I think we will get Arshavin back in January.
    So we should finish strong then SV,eh?

  344. SV- I agree that asking for an injury free squad is a stretch. Just as Jack/Bacary/Santos regain fitness, i can see someone else replacing them on the physio’s table….

  345. So van der fart has had another miraculous recovery from a hamstring injury. He must either be Superman or billy liar.

  346. Moe, excellent point. Rosicky was playing very well. Good game from him and hopefully he will play more regularly, perhaps at Fulham.

  347. Yup Rosicky was superb again – when fit I’d start him ahead of Rambo – he brings a touch of class to proceedings.

  348. I remember Moe…Tomas is deserving of more playing time….one other play i should point out…

    He got the ball on the left, saw Per pointing into space, and with the outside of his right foot, delivered a ball to Per’s forehead.

  349. What I thought was particularly excellent from Rosicky was the speed of his game. Quick thinking, passing and movement. Overall we didn’t pass as incisively and quickly in the first half as we needed to but Rosicky was always looking very sharp.

  350. Arshavin looked pretty decent when he came on as well. Hopefully he starts with Theo v. QPR and Gervinho can play away to Fulham.

    I thought we could have used the Ox today too but hopefully he’ll get some time v. QPR.

  351. Come on Norwich!

  352. Come on Canaries!

  353. I just don’t think Atwell is good enough for the top level, really he should have booked himself for wasting everybody’s time.

    Christ! Watching Spurs game and Ray Wilkins just made an insightful observation – I need a lie down.

  354. the worst is that Spurs will probably do the job. Their key players will not fail and it will be really annoying.

  355. I think we will see RvP getting back to his old free flowing scoring after 31st of December. Then there are no records to think about anymore just pure goals!

  356. @Jonny its a good bit of buisness chamakh is though. Got him for free from bourdeaux and will sell him back to the same club for 8m? 🙂

  357. Believe that fee when it happens Poodle – can’t see anyone paying that much at the moment!

  358. All four fullbacks injured. Now imagine it had been the other way round : Vermaelen, Mertersacker, Koscielny and Djourou ? Count our blessing !

  359. We already had that situ a couple of years ago wasn’t it Kenyan?!

  360. What a joke it was when the wolves were “figuring out” who to sub. I have never seen such rubbish in all my life.

    the ref should be embarrassed!

  361. it is one thing to have injuries but how it is that we manage to have so many players injured that play the same position?

    We were out of keepers on year also, no? When Jens came in.

  362. Bummer of a result today. Certainly not one i expected to drop points. Oh well

  363. I can’t remember Johnny. If it did happen I must have locked it out of my memory. It’s scary.

  364. damn it.

    Its a done deal.

  365. looky likey its us n the chavs for 4th then…unless the spuds get an injury jinx like ours.

  366. its going to be a long tough battle for 4th me thinks..

  367. There is a long way to go Duke. .


  368. Why are we stuck on the idea of 4th only?

  369. you think we can win the title paul?

  370. I always hope for the best JJ but I admit that would be close to a miracle.

    I am not settling for 4th with this team though. I see us climbing again as our injured players come back. Today was very disappointing but overall I REALLY like this team and believe that the best is yet to come.

  371. i think 3rd is the best we can do..
    but to be honest spurs are not going to be easy to catch..chelsea are the only ones who are looking ropey so lets just take the battle to them, close the gap open one up and see how far we climb doing that..

  372. I don’t think that we should undersestimate the impact that having all of our fit fullbacks out is having on our attacking play. We are not getting the powerful overlapping runs from Santos and Sagna that open up space all over the attacking third.

    I think you will see our slight dip in form coincide with this fact. With two legit fullbacks in the squad our play will be much more dynamic. Don’t forget Wilshire will be back soon to add some more punch from midfield. If we get six points from our next two fixtures we will be in great position for the home stretch.

  373. As far as the PL title, what makes it really difficult is more than just the point difference at the top but how many teams are ahead of us.

    I do feel we have a team that is good enough to win the PL. Not placing blame but it is too bad that the off season wasn’t a smoother transition.

  374. I tend to agree with Jon Jon that the best I can see us finishing is third this year. Given the circumstances that the club faced at the beginning of the season third place will be a small miracle in itself. I just cannot see two of Chelsea, Spurs, and Liverpool finishing above us this year.

    We still have City, Totts, Mancs, and Chavs at home to finish out the season…already got the away fixtures out of the way early…that bodes well for the second half of the season.

  375. Jeez c’mon guys – fuck’em – there is half a season to go yet.

    There is many a slip between cup and lip between now and then.

  376. Be honest now. Name one of the midfield who started today would get into the Spurs midfield. Who have we got who is better than Bale Modric Parker and VDV

    We lose Cesc and Nasri they keep Bale and Modric and they werent in the CL.

    Wenger needs to spend in january

  377. Call him overrated if you wish (and I often do) but make no mistake, on his day, that Bale boy is a bit handy:

    2 goals, 7 shots (4 on target), 2 key passes, 91% pass success, 2 successful dribbles

  378. @kenny… just for the fun of it, to buy who?

  379. Jonny, we have the squad to get back into the thick of things.

    Get our players back and I see a serious surge towards the end of the season.

    I agree, lets concede nothing until it is impossible.

  380. I think you will see Spurs drop a lot of points in the stretch from January 22nd to March 24th…during that stretch they have:

    Liverpool Away
    Newcastle at home
    Arsenal at the Emirates
    Mancs away
    Everton away
    Stoke home
    Chelsea Away

    There is plenty of time for us to catch those wankers by the end of March.

  381. Depressing day.

    Someone should tell the players to shut up about finishing above the Tots and concentrate on our games instead.

  382. Kenny if you fancy them so much why don’t you go and climb into bed with them?

    They are good players yes, but it’s pointless comparing them to our players – this isn’t fucking Top Trumps.

  383. SV – what players have been doing that? I’ve not heard it much.

  384. The first goal was all Ade and the silly 3rd guy that came over to defend Ade and left bale open.

  385. yeah its all about this year..
    were still tweaking..top 4 was always the target considering the happy horseshit that went on in the summer..thats never changed even with the good run..

    if we can avoid another summer like that and add sensibly we can push for titles next year..

  386. @ Jonny.

    Jack and Szczesny on the tweets. Jack has a bet on it I believe.

  387. Wilshere, Arteta, Song – is a very strong midfield when fit. Ramsey, Rosicky, Benayoon, Diaby, Coquelin, Frimpong from the bench is also very strong. People need to quit creaming themselves over Tiny Totts players and realize we have the personell to do the job here. The biggest area of opportunity we have to strengthen is in the striker position…our midfield will be one of the best in the league for years to come.

    Book this…We will be above the Totts in 3rd by the end of the day on March 24th!

  388. I think it’s entirely too premature to say that we will not make it into the CL. We’re within a point of Chelsea and within eight of Spurs if they win their game in hand. Even the twelve point difference between us and both Manc sides is not insurmountable. There are twenty games to go and god knows how a few draws and losses can evaporate a lead. Those of you who have thrown in the towel when we haven’t even reached the halfway point of the season need to get another hobby because following football is not for you.

    SV, WJ and their doomer bretheren are like a case of herpes. When everything is healthy they’re dormant, but at the first sign of weakness they sprout out like the nasty, little sores they are. By the way, SV, you wouldn’t know passion if it came up to you and kicked you in the nuts.

  389. Thanks for that Gainsboro! Very accurate description of these miserable doomers.

  390. Ah well – so what – good motivation. I really don’t see how it matters.

  391. Kenny, I wouldn’t be celebrating the Spuds midfield or their squad. Where was their midfield and in that game against the mighty Shamrock Rovers?

  392. well i hope those boys still beleive they can take spurs, cos even if we dont actually do it we’ll take 4th from chelsea trying..

    i think everyones feeling a tad frustrated that we didnt take the game to wolves when we had the chance and we dropped uneccessary points..

    but to say we wont make 4th is a bit ‘out there’ to be honest considering where we were in october and where we are now..

    good enough for the title?? doesnt matter, were too far behind…12 points isnt impossible we have done it before but we only had one team to catch then and we had games in hand..we dont have that luxury now and theres two teams to catch so the chances are slim…the acns not going to make it easy either and neither is the over reliance on having to play robin in every single game but if we got a load of players back in jan and wengers got a few tricks up his sleeve in the window it will defo make it interesting in the fa cup and cl…

  393. @ Jonny
    it’s also good motivation for the Totts. It creates a side show where there should not be one.

    @ Gainsborg69
    Of course not everything is lost. After a disappointing result, you have an advantage of coming later on with a more reasonable analysis. What forces you to be crude to your fellow gooners is unclear.

  394. Key to spurs form this season was to hold onto their best players though. We did not manage, they did and they added add who to me was their missing ingredient. Parker may not fit our team but he fits great in theirs. Parker and are is what tipped the scale. We had to replace nasri and cesc. They added to Bale and Modric. If we had added to cesc and nasri instead of replacing them we would have been title challengers.
    As it is we miss IMO the wow factor that spurs have with bale and modric. They may not be the best players in the world. However they are the best players for tottenham. They are the wow factor that gives them confidence and delivers when it’s required. Ade, bale, modric and VdV are all game changing players for their club. I feel we miss that ATM.
    It would be great for everyone with a signing ala Arsharvin in the 08 season. Then like now we were fighting for top 4. That signing pushed us over the line.
    I dont care of spurs is above us, the most important for us this year is to not drop out of top4.

  395. SV, if a draw with Wolves in a midseason game causes you so much pain, then you might as well not even watch this team for the rest of the season. I hate to break it to you, but we will drop more points and we might even come in fifth place. Boo!!!!

    I don’t know why I’m so crude to people like you, SV. It may have to do with the absolute disgust I feel upon watching someone fall apart over something as trivial as a draw against a team which is very capabale of nicking points from bigger opponents on their day.

  396. poodle:

    I could not agree more. We need another game changing player. We have been arguing about this endlessly for weeks. It usually costs big money to get a real difference making player like Arshavin or Suarez. The difference makers like Bale or RVP who come on the cheap usually take at least a couple of years to develop.

  397. Poodle, what are you on about? The key to their success? They haven’t succeeded at anything thus far this season. They’re just above us in the table and that’s about it. In fact, if they were so confident of their great players they would’ve gone after the Europa League cup and not gotten themselves eliminated just so they could have a better chance of nicking a CL spot for next season. Seriously, all these comments about the Spuds are getting way out of hand. Next thing you know some idiot is going to start praising Harry’s tactical awareness or his great man mamagement skills.

  398. @Gainsbourg69
    Absolute disgust are strong words, but if you genouinly feel like that, fair enough.

    Wolves have been flirting with relegation for a while now, and this year it may finally catch them.

    Am I the only one who thinks that match postponements generally do not help us? It’s like interfering with a fine tuned mechanism. The decisions of this should be made with the best interests of the team in mind.

  399. Gains, Harry must be a great manager, look at the table (table doesn’t lie about managerial skills) 😉

  400. We certainly can end up in 4th place. Spuds are going to be difficult to overturn for 3rd but certainly not impossible.I don’t think Liverpool is really a major threat. its going to be Us and Chelsea and spuds fighting it out for 2 spots. Spuds are the favorite right now for 3rd. The key will be for us to finish the year strong. The last time we finished strong was the year we made the big splash in January with Arshavin. Not holding my breath but something like that could really help.

  401. Bill: “I could not agree more. We need another game changing player. We have been arguing about this endlessly for weeks. It usually costs big money to get a real difference making player like Arshavin or Suarez. The difference makers like Bale or RVP who come on the cheap usually take at least a couple of years to develop.”

    I’d rather we didn’t buy a difference maker and used that money to give Song and Van Persie fat deals so they stick around for the next few seasons.

  402. SV, Wolves have taken points from every big team throughout their time in the premiership.

  403. @Gainsbourg69

    You are making a good point. Wolves tend to deliver some big results. Last season it was them who ended the talks about ManU having an unbeatable season. You can also argue that our win against them away from home last season was an escape with Fabianski having a big performance.

  404. Gains @ 10:48:

    Why not do both. No way to prove it but I suspect that RVP and Song are more likely to stay if we get another difference making player or 2.

  405. Games like today are going to occur to every team. I expected us to split the points at Villa and win today so I guess its break even from that point of view. We have played great defense since the Blackburn game but our attack is struggling. Our defense has keyed our move up the table since the bad start. Defending can keep us competitive and prevent the sort of melt down we saw last season but we are going to struggle to get to 4th if we can’t score more. Adding a difference making player would be a huge boost for this team.

  406. does anyone know what the ox has done to warrant being banished to the sidelines??? anyone got any info on it, was it that play me boss article??

  407. Whats happened to YW? As a result I was forced to take a peek at the dark side. Jeez. I have never read so much negative nonsense in a match report. Talk about mindless sensationalism and shit-stirring.
    Come on YW – class is class.

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