Arsenal On Boxing Day 2000

Today was to be a preview of the Wolves game but hey, that can wait until tomorrow! Instead, with the speculation linking him to the club it is worth remembering that eleven years ago on this day, Thierry Henry scored his first hat-trick for Arsenal against Leicester City. He is the only the second Arsenal player to net three times in a competitive, non-wartime, game on 26th December.

The first was Charlie Lewis in the 6 – 0 win over Leicester Fosse in the 1914 Division Two encounter at Highbury. John Flanagan, Angus McKinnon and Harry King with a penalty were the other scorers. King joined The Arsenal at the wrong time with The Great War during his first season. In his 39 games, he scored 29 times which suggests that had war not intervened, his goals might have been enough to get The Arsenal back into the First Division without needing Sir Henry Norris’ famed negotiating skills.

Anyway, here is a the match report of Henry’s moment in the December sun. After that there is an audio visual treat for your delectation.

This match is at 6’48

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Podium?

    Happy boxing day!

    And happy birthday to Aaron Ramsey!

  2. Happy Boxing day gooners…!!

  3. After watching the video I am conviced that the sale of Pires was the biggest mistake Wenger did in his coaching career. Had he resisted that, it could have been a different story.

  4. Happy 2nd day of christmas/boxing day to all Left-footers. I just had a chance to scroll through the christmas day posts and lo and behold Ole Gunner makes a return. Thanks for making my gooner-christmas OG. Many of us remember you fondly from the anti-doomer wars. I hope this is a harbinger of your return in 2012. We’ve missed your insights.

  5. Loved TA’s goal also

  6. kanu on form was my fav player for his unpredictability!!!

    Great video yogi gave me lovely warm feelings…

  7. Shotta,Ole can be found on twitter .He is as prolific there, as I am here.

  8. PG, surely your prolific writings are unmatched anywhere?

  9. Mmmm,not sure that is anything other than a dig.Yogi

  10. Chelsea vs Fulham dull thus far.

  11. Did I say dull ? Half time and I’ll certify it as boring!

  12. PG, surely ’tis nowt more than a yank of the chain. And no I’m not talking about Irish in his suit of armour.

  13. Not bad afterall. A 1:1 draw will do us quite fine.

  14. draw is nice. we win; spurs lose… that should sort out the goal difference to leave is in third… very nice. oh of course the 2 mancs lose! Nicer and nicer. Liverpool lose to Wigan… even nicer. west broom take care of Newcastle… My boxing day wish list is not short at all. LOL

  15. Chelsea held at home by Fulham. Three 1-1 draws in a row for them. I want to know how the spend now, spend huge proponents justify a squad worth almost a half billion pounds being so poor.

  16. Gainsbourg69 at 3:00 pm –
    But you an AKBer and worse of all you don’t take shit from the two-mouth, two-sided supporters who in one breath say they support self-sufficiency and in the next make demands that we spunk all that mythical 50 million surplus on one or two players.
    Torres or Carroll anyone?

  17. Shotta,where is your Xmas spirit?
    If you feel movement ,its only me sliding into the trench beside you.

  18. @PG, yeah i know LOL

    but as soon as we are to play, i look what what will bring us nearest to the top and also keep those behind us father away. at least having passes pool and Newcastle, they are yet to overtake us again. now we have to work on passing Chelsea ans spurs… not as incredible as it looked few weeks back!

  19. I had a bit of a chuckle, George. That was pretty clever.

    Phil Dowd just made things right for Manure against Wigan. He red carded Sammon for a non-offense.

    It may not be that Dowd is bent, but he likes to make sure that he fucks up on games that may favor certain teams, right Andy and like minded “referees give us just as many calls” people?

    Don’t forget David Luiz and Mata, Shotta. Them two and Torres cost almost twice what our squad costs.

  20. I only watch manutd play against the other top six clubs. Not surprised about a flimsy red though.

  21. oh, the joy of wigan coming back to draw or even win that game. i promised to back them in all their games after our 4 – 0 win up until they meet us again and they have not been doing badly since them, especially against the teams ahead of us.

    common wigan.

    also Blackburn vs pool. Blackburn of course, no brainer!

    somehow they remind me of when those “fans: were out to get AW. see how much better their team is performing away from home

  22. ok.. just found out Phil Dowd is in charge at OT… i guess that goes off my Christmas wish list! sniff sniff

  23. Really nice post Yogi.

    Perfect for the Day.

  24. TS, Dowd made sure there would be no draw. There is something up with that guy.

  25. The1971JB John Bassett
    Phil Dowd’s plan: 1. Reduce weaker team to 10 men. 2. One way traffic. 3. The fat bastard doesn’t need to do any running.

  26. The flimsiest of reds too, Kenyan. I’m all for referees having to face the music when they make such incredibly poor calls. There should be some type of raiting system wherein referees face relegation at the end of the season based on how fair or unfair they are. What exists now is a system where older referees are impossible to displace no matter how bad they perform.

  27. @PG. LOL

    wish it was that simple… but definately looks like an incentive in itself for that guy! Definitely something is up with him

  28. And people say the refs don’t help United.
    Of course they don’t.
    Its just my imagination(or so the Temptations tell me)

  29. the red was given when Wigan were putting United under a little pressure. Messed up the game to blow wow!

  30. Paul, Wigan were holding their own and looked like they could nick a goal before half time. Ronnie Stam was putting in some quality crosses and Victor Moses was having his way with Evans. Evans was also excused a red card for putting in a studs up tackle on Jordi Gomez. The red card he gave Sammon was for a flailing forearm in a tussle for positioning. It wasn’t like he threw an elbow out to injure Carrick. In my opinion, something is definitely wrong with Phil Dowd.

  31. but George, “it all evens out”, innit?

    Is there a song for that?

  32. Newcastle’s Ba still chasing our Robin.

  33. well. man u making up their goal diff. trust we can do that tomorrow with a nice 9 – 0 win, hattrick by half time for RVP so he can come off and rest. Charmakh and Park get their share of the goods. a brace for AA… Nice

  34. George, that’s why I laugh when some of our fans refer to the 4-4 at Newcastle last season as a meltdown and not a game decided by piss poor refereeing. Dowd, Foy and Webb should make way and let younger, less bent referees have a go.

  35. exactly Gains! Stam and Moses were really impressing me up until the card. Moses looked likely to score.

  36. West Brom hold Shitty. Balotelli whining at the referees post game. They’re lucky they got away with a draw as well. Massively expensive, over-hyped shower of shite.

  37. from bbc live commentry. i laughed

    1649: So two dropped points for Manchester City on what could be an important day at the top of the table. I make it five goals currently between the two Manchester sides – or a 6-1 win at Old Trafford, if you will…

  38. Brilliant from West Brom to keep City from scoring and unlucky not to put away one of their ample dangerous chances. Excellent from Fulham to draw away at the Bridge. And Liverpool drawing at home. This could be a great opportunity to get into the top 4. Let’s crush Wolves, COYG!!!

  39. City and Liverpool draw.Good day for us if we win tomorrow.

  40. Shitty held…Chelsea held…Liverpool held…pretty decent results for us Gooners. Now lets hope we steamroll the Wolves and continue moving forward.

  41. Depreciation! LOL! Excellent one, PG.

  42. We can be in fourth two days after Christmas. Not bad for those of us who wished it so. I personally didn’t think it would be Chelsea we’d be displacing.

  43. If it weren’t for Dowd Manure’s game could’ve been a draw as well.

  44. How the Hell are United doing it?
    They don’t have a midfielder at the club.

  45. Come on Norwich. Tomorrow they could prick this Spud bubble. If they survive through February they are for real but the last home draw v. Chelsea and the comfortable schedule the last two months suggest that the hype is way overdrawn. We could overhaul them and enjoy a very nice home victory in the derby to cement third in February. The key is for us to take maximum points the next three games and hold steady against lower and mid table sides while we fight the top 6 apart from Liverpool at home.

    We could be 4th by the end of December if we win our games and that is what I was hoping for as the best realistic scenario possible. It’s in our hands now!

  46. Seriously, do you all remember when we beat City last year and the media made it sound like it was because they only had ten men?

    They were wrong then and manu won today because they were the better side.

    I don’t understand why but they keep doing it.

  47. @ PG… i thot nani, giggs, park and carrick are midfielders?

  48. Ah my holidays just got better.

    Dont worry lads we’ll be back in the top 4 by tomorow night

    A win for us and we overtake Chelsea, excellent

    Have faith!!

  49. I think things get worse for Chelsea if they sack Villas Boas. I mean, they’ve run through all the top level managers out there and they’ll probably do no better than AVB. Food for thought for all those sack Wenger idiots, no?

  50. Mr, Bob, yes United are the better team but watching the game, the red card changed it. If United were killing them prior to the card, there is nothing you can say, but United were only 1 up with Wigan putting them under some decent pressure.

    Barca were playing better than us last season at their place but the game was won for them when RVP was sent off.

  51. team spirit

    Giggs, going to retire, and lost some edge

    Park, works hard but no creativity

    Nani, excellent winger but not a creative centre mid or attacking mid

    And if carrick is a midfielder, then im the ghost of christmas past

  52. Bob,the media were right.
    Do you think we would have won so easily 11 v 11?
    The win might not have been solely due to the sending off ,but the ease of it was.

    Does not take Sherlock Holmes to work out that United’s 11 against a bottom of the league team’s 10 will leave United the best team.

    Sendings off are huge.Think Newcastle last season and Liverpool this.

  53. Moe,How is Jacob Marley these days?

  54. Well yes, but there are plenty of games I’ve watched where 11 have struggeld to break down 10.

    Teams do practice that sort of thing.

  55. “cantankerous”
    That’s a good word!!! πŸ™‚

  56. Nice, we can close the gap to 10 points tomorrow. I don’t feel it’s too late to dream. We really need to take maximum points from the next “easy” fixtures.
    Have a nice 2nd day of Christmas and let’s hope we will see us back firmly in the top 4 tomorrow!

  57. Jacob Marley

    Quite all right really, he’s had to visit more morally corrupt people than he would have liked

    But isn”t that what the 21st century is all about?

  58. pedantic george

    Quite all right really, he’s had to visit more morally corrupt people than he would have liked

    But isn”t that what the 21st century is all about?

  59. and relax..
    well i hope everyone had a cracking xmas..

    teams around us dropping points again eh?? two games on the spin..

    heres hoping we find the net a few times against wolves tomorrow and take two wins on the spin and drive this mini advantage home..

    and il tell ya who might be worth a punt in the transfer window…jordan rhodes, plays upfront for huddersfield town..talented boy..

  60. @ jonjon, so long as it is not caroll style or worse still… Torres style

  61. City are not going to collapse are they?
    In January, they play ManU and the Pool twice in the cups. Toure brothers will go to Africa, an Tevez is off anyway. And the injuries have not struck yet.
    Are they?

  62. Andy Carroll: 35m pounds.

    Stewart Downing: 18m pounds

    Jordan Henderson: 20m pounds.

    Given that an Aguero, Van Persie, Rooney etc. are players who appear once in a while, I can see how they could be worth this much. For players who are not of this quality these prices are just ridiculous.

  63. well carrols signing was a joke but we have to take into account the money dalgliesh spent was the money he got from he got two strikers for the price of one..he’d just made 50mil so its natural he was going to plough it all back into the team…one turned out to be shit hot and the other turned out to be shit but we knew who was going to do what when he signed them..
    when youve just made 50mil on one player then 35mils a drop in the ocean and is self sustained business after all, but theres better players than carrol..otherwise it would have been seen as good self sustained business,

    torres…pft..that was just chelsea showing city they can still play ball with the big dogs and if it was for a striker who hadnt been crocked or shit for a whole year, say an aguero or a robin, then they would be paying an awful lot of money for a great player and nobodys laughing at them…as it happens..if was for torres, who was indeed crocked and shit for a year so everyones laughing at them..

    anyway this lad rhodes is quite a finisher..hes getting more prolific and more prolific every season and hes only 21..cant see him costing all that much coming from div 1..i wouldnt mind the punt anyway..

  64. I think the loss of Yaya Toure is going to have an impact on City’s title aspirations. He’s their engine and most outspoken leader on the pitch. Their lead may not evaporate, but they’ll drop a few more points before he gets back from the ACN.

  65. yeah gains henderson and downing?? wtf

    thing is i can understand kennys thinking behind i said, just made 50mil, he just wanted two players to come in so price didnt matter.. just get there was method in the madness…

    the other two?? cant work that one out at all..he got bit by the bug…i suppose it didnt make it any easier for him by spending so much on carrol, the other managers knew he was prepared to do it after that…

    but you still wouldnt…

  66. well lets not hope that mancini thinks that yayas loss will have a too bigger impact…
    if he thinks that the other 22 million billion trillion world class players he has in his squad cant do without him for a month and half he could be tempted to make a bid for song…

  67. JJ, we’re told by the people who want to see us take a punt on players in the 20m + bracket that there’s ready made quality there. But, then you look at what players are actually bought at those prices and you’re left wondering where the quality really is. In fact, if you look at the bargains in the last few seasons you’d see that there’s more quality there than at the higher brackets.

    Van Persie
    Van der Vaart

    These are all players who went for just above 10m pounds. When you take into consideration how much money has been spent on rubbish and compare them to the quality in this group of players, then this myth about expensive players as guaranteed quality falls flat on its face.

  68. Ho Ho fuckin Ho!

    Phil Dowd is notorious for being a complete homer and a massive bottler when it comes to any contentious decisions going against the home team. Today he should have sent off Evans (only gave him a yellow) then gives a Wigan player a red for nothing. So, we get him for all our away games (apart from one) while United have him for their home games, brilliant snideyness from Mike Riley! How’s that for a Cristmass conspiracy then?

    Still, City, the chavs and scousers dropping points almost makes up for the piss poor refs we have to suffer and here’s to a similar friendly ref for us tomorrow against Wolves and a similar scorelinw, while Norwich will beat the spuds too.

    Happy Boxing Day Lefties.

    PS We really should sign Demba Ba Humbug! πŸ˜€

  69. I’ll have to take a look at this Rhodes kid, JJ. Blackburn also has a lot of quality coming through their academy. So do Villa.

  70. Who signed van Persie for Β£10m?

  71. Dex, Demba Ba is going to cost a shit load. Also I’m afraid he’s poised to do an Adebayor when he gets his big pay day. One good season and, poof, he’ll drop back down to earth. Ade’s 30 goal season saw his value go through the roof, yet he’s failed to produce at that level without the service that Hleb, Cesc and Rosicky provided him. What’s worse is that he has injury problems. No thanks.

  72. Neither Vidic nor Van Persie broke the 10m pound barrier.

  73. I think Kompany is their real leader. But Toures will be a miss for sure, esp. Yaya. Too bad Balotelli didn’t choose to play for Ghana. It means playing Barry, DeJong and Milner more often or Nasri trying to play as central mid, which I don’t see working. Their defence has been porous.

    But for us Gervinho is a big loss. Particularly if Arshavin, Park, Benayoun, the Ox don’t produce right away. It will also be up to Theo to score more.

  74. Oh Gainsy Gainsburg Gainsington Gainsburys! I was adding a little festive humour to the transfer chat man! Hate to say it, but Ade is doing pretty well at his current temporary home mate.

  75. We got van Persie for Β£2.75m Gains, remember it well. Vidic was about Β£7m. Although its not the transfer fees that are the main issue any more, the fees have more or less stabilised for a few years now, although the prices for your average prem player have gone up loads! Its the wages that are killing it. Every fucker wants Β£100k plus!

  76. Limestone

    Benayoun deserves his chance man, but in the middle, to give Ramsey a little rest.

  77. Happy boxing day.

    class class class.

  78. Vincent Kompany is another one who didn’t break the 10m pound barrier. He went for around 6m. Add that to the tally of great bargains vs overhyped, expensive crap.

    My bad, Dex. A lot of people have been talking about Demba Ba as a realistic transfer target.

    Ade may be doing well, but do you think he’s worth in excess of 20m pounds?

  79. Ade was never worth more than Β£10m! Ever! πŸ™‚
    Demba Ba would have been a cheeky gamble in the summer, not now, Newcastle would demand Β£20m+ Gains! πŸ™‚

  80. Adebayor’s got 9 goals and 5 assists in the PL for Spuds this season, and last season he did alright for RM. Togo is on a ban so Adebayor is staying at Spuds during the ACN. Too bad.

  81. Daniel Sturridge, although I don’t rate him, also went for less than 5m pounds. Florent Malouda went for 13m pounds. Chicharito Hernandez went for 6m pounds.

  82. My team for Wolves;
    Djourou Mertasacker Koscielny Vermealen
    Song Rosicky
    Theo Benayoun Gervinho

  83. Dex, I don’t know about Benayoun in the middle. He seems better in the front three but maybe he can spell Ramsey. I think he defends well and can run up and down the flanks as well as poach in and around the box, so that’s why I’d play him for Theo and Gervinho.

  84. I like Sturridge Gains, he left City tho coz he went for the money (before the Sheikh turned up), how ironic!

  85. I love Kompany’s game. I’ve admired him for several years and wished we could have bought him three or four years ago. He can also play DM. Take him out of City and the results would probably be more devastating than the loss of any other player on their team. Yet, he was an inexpensive purchase.

  86. You think Limey? I see him more in the middle, either where I’ve put him, or further back TBH. TBH, I would just like to see him start now.

  87. Not a bad line up call there, Dex. If you have Rosicky there it looks like a pretty creative line up, which is probably important as neither of our fullbacks will be coming forward as much. This would be a good game for midfielders to pitch in with scoring, maybe some shots from distance.

    Is Djourou fit?

  88. LimestoneG

    Kompany was a massive gamble as he was often injured at hamburg and accused of being a party animal too!

    Saying that, I am gobsmacked Wenger never came in for him as he tracked him for years man. One that definitely got away.

  89. He certainly deserves a start. So does Rosicky. That’s what I like about your picks for the line up.

    Now who is on your bench?

  90. According to reports Johan is in contention for tomorrow LG.

  91. Subs; Chamakh, Coquelin, Arteta, Miquel, Arshavin, Park, keeper.

  92. He seems to have settled down. Didn’t know about his injury record at Hamburg–mostly seen him for Belgium. Why didn’t Belgium qualify? Kompany, Vertonghen, Vermaelen (out for much of qualifying though), Defour, Fellaini, Hazard, Lukaku, Vitsel, Dembele? That looked like a serious team.

  93. I’d put the Ox on the bench in place of Chamakh. He’s off to the ACN and will get games there. The Ox could be a game changer and Park needs to get the chances Chamakh has been getting late in games. If not, then we definitely should be bringing in a striker/attacker early in the window.

  94. Yeah true Limestone, maybe the Oxo kid for Coquelin then. I just think Chamakh could get a goal in the next 2 home games, which would be nice before he jets off!

  95. Dex, Wenger was after him when he played for Anderlecht. He and the other big clubs in Europe cooled on him after his serious knee injury.

  96. Come on Rosicky has to play the next game, he’s an absolutely magical player on his day

  97. That’s a thought, Dex. But given the physicality of Wolves, I think having Coquelin or Frimps on the bench isn’t a bad idea if we get ahead and want to spell Rosicky or Benayoun or one of the front three for 15 minutes. I hope Chamakh does score before he leaves, but Park needs to get some game time unless he really isn’t in contention for a place in the side because he has only had 4 games, mostly in the CC. If he is the backup for mid-Jan to the end of February, shouldn’t he be starting to play now?

  98. Moe, it seems everyone already agrees with that. Ramsey needs a rest as does Arteta so Rosicky should play.

  99. Lime, Mourinho declined on Ade. They were offering him for a cut rate price, but his wages were too high. If he were as good as he thinks he is, he’d be playing at a higher profile club.

    Good for Ade that he’s on 9 goals. Yakubu and Ba have more than him this season and cost way less.

  100. Fins, nice vid of Rosicky. Good music track too!

  101. Stoke have it on the ten yard line. Hahahahaha!!!!!

    How come Shawcross gets away with telling the ref to fuck off?

  102. I know, Gains. But you can see he isn’t at RM quality as a starter when Benzema, Higuain and Ronaldo are available. In the PL though he is one of the top 7 or 8 strikers. Of course ManCity paid too much for him and gave him insane wages. Nobody is talking of buying him. But you just compared Ba to Adebayor in criticizing Ba as not worth getting as his price would be inflated and then you say Ba has more goals that Adebayor but cost way less.

    Adebayor’s motivation left him and his head got big, but it seems that he is a bit chastened and has started playing better. Whether he would take a wage cut to play more is still probably unlikely. But Ba is a late bloomer who has had big struggles to get to where he is. A player like that would really treasure, I think, a chance at a big club now as a more mature person. The knee sounds a bit scary though and AW is never going to get someone with a degenerative condition like that.

  103. Stoke v. Villa under Macleish. Could there be a more depressing fixture?

  104. Kenwyn Jones looked like he was going to be a monster of a player a few years back and now he looks average at best, so its a massive gamble whayever player we end up going for, although Higuain would be a decent signing for us! πŸ™‚

    And did anyone else see that we are in for Pato> I hope JJ did! πŸ˜€

  105. Limestone, possibly Stoke vs Alladyce’s Bolton?

    I wonder if the irony was lost on the hacks that McLeish’s Villa keep letting in ‘soft’ goals from set pieces? He really ahouldnt be such an artisan and advocator of beautiful, free flowing attractive attacking football should he?

  106. From the BBC website;

    Arsenes_Eyes on Twitter: “Only Premier League game shown on TV over Christmas is Stoke v Villa. Clearly we were all very naughty boys & girls this year.”

  107. Dex, haha! But Allardyce v. anyone is pretty dire! I think in this year’s PL this has to be the worst fixture there is.

  108. rhodes is 6 foot plus easily and i first seen him when afobe was down there and i was watching a few of their games…there was one were afobe set him up for a hatrick and to be honest i didnt think anything of it but i knew he’d scored quite a few that season..

    my mate at work is an avid sheff weds fan and we always chatting football so i like to keep an eye out for the weds results so im not just nodding my head when hes chatting to me about footy..hudds and weds played the other week in a 4-4 thriller and rhodes got all 4 i think..and he scored again today..

    so i checked out his stats and hes been lethal for them hes been there top scorer last two seasons and been pretty much a 1-2 striker and this season hes taken it to new levels and hes banging a goal in every game..

    i know theres a massive jump in levels but a finisher is a finisher..theres loads of gems in the lower leagues, i think he could be another..if the right team got him πŸ˜‰

  109. did someone mention pato?? πŸ˜‰

  110. What a shit game so far. 2 crap footballing sides is the best Slysports can offer? Very poor.

  111. We are going to sign Pato JJ!

  112. well that would be a good piece of transfer business..

    him and henry in jan and i think we’ll cross that line with ease..

  113. Ahh, I was only trying to get a rise from PaulN and Pedantic George JJ! πŸ™‚ By now, I’d usually be getting told how Park is going to fill the void etc etc! πŸ™‚

    If we are going to look at lower league players, then surely Southampton is the place man?

  114. A good day not at the office. Arsenal should now move fourth with a win against Wolves.

    Things I look forward to next year.

    1) Overtaking the Tottenhots.

    2) Watching Man-sour explode in slow motion

    3) All the points dropped as the top teams play each other

    4) Watching Arsenal creep further up the table

    I am looking at the Man-sour rematch at the Emirates now as a possibly beautiful moment.

  115. who’s park??

    yeah southamptons academy seems to be full of promise these days..its amazing what clubs can do when they put alot of time and effort into youth..

  116. And the award for the dullest game in the history of football goooes toooooooooo: Stoke against Villa.
    Thank god tomorrow at 3pm proper football is back.

  117. Villa vs Stoke finishes in a really surprising 0-0 stalemets with chances at a premium and quality as low as a Tory’s morals. Who’d da funk it?

    Sack the Sky scheduler I say. If I had to pay for that garbage I’d want a refund.

  118. serves sky right for choosing that kind of game to televise!

  119. I noticed that there hasn’t been enough Kos-love on here today. So: Kos is a beast and the best defender in the PL.

  120. Lime, Ba at his current price and with his goal scoring record at present was the bargain of the season. Adebayor is a 30m pound player. That Ba may or may not be overpriced next season is something we’ll have to see, but, judging by how one season wonders command such high prices, I’d say the likelyhood of him getting hyped to hell and back is most probable.

  121. Here’s my cheapy XI made up of players under 15m pounds (excluding academy players).

    ————–Van Persie(2.75m)
    Bale (5m)————————-Theo(12m)

    —————Van der Vaart (8m)


    —————-Tim Howard(3m)

    Al Habsi(4m)





    Jordi Gomez(1.7m)




    Come at me big spending on big name players, mofos. Give me your most expensive squad and let’s see how they measure up.

  122. Intelligent post MoFo

  123. The continuous presence of the far left contigent on this blog, can really make the comments section dire to read sometimes.

    It’s Christmas cheer up people!

    Great work from YW as usual.

    And George who always attempts to keep
    the blog cheerful!

  124. I’ve heard that Rosicky is on the last year of his contract is that true? If so, will he be leaving on a free this summer? I seriously hope not! I love our little Mozart, makes my heart sing. Whenever he comes on know it’s wengerball team

  125. Well said re the far left Maria (you’re up early!) – talk about starting an argument in an empty room πŸ˜‰


    It seems that you’re correct re Rosicky. I had no idea. What a shame it would be to lose him and just as he has re-found such form too. Humbug.

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