Arsène’s A Bit Short-Sighted At The Moment

With various journalists attending the Junior Gunners Christmas Party yesterday, the source of transfer speculation is revealed. As many have suspected, these stories are the figment of an eight year John Guidetti (I mean, c’mon, the initials are the same!) whilst Wayne Bridge has nudged a pile of used notes in the direction of The Daily Heil who are determined to get him to The Emirates, despite the gratefully received denials. I have no issue with that provided he is playing for the opposition each week. A modern day Jon Stark, if you like, although Arsenal may have to pay his wages to make that happen; Paul Robinson in goal would be a bit of a bonus.

It is defensive issues which are occupying Arsenal minds immediately, the reliance on Robin – £5 in the swear box for me for using that cliché – being pushed to the backs of the collective mind for the moment. Speaking yesterday, Arsène was eager to play up the longer term prospects for Kieran Gibbs,

Long term, I am sticking to Santos and Gibbs. I love both of them because they have a quality I like, which is to attack

It seems particularly pointed that he does not mention that either is a defender or that defending is a quality that he likes more in a defender. Talk of the long term seems the most optimistic way for Gibbs. With Arsenal’s injury record, Wenger is nothing if not experienced in dealing with players who are absent for a considerable period of time and must surely be able to pass on the wisdom of previous – and other current – injury victims. Certainly the voice of experience came through,

[Injury] builds them up as well, mentally. When you start, you think life is easy, then this kind of injury is very difficult to cope with. The guy who doesn’t play feels useless, especially when he he is injured. He cannot even fight for his place so it is a difficult period. But it makes him tough.

Being an Arsenal defender makes anyone tough, more so at a time when they were being lambasted. This morning’s Guardian notes that Arsenal have conceded the fewest headed goals this season – in percentage terms – which shows that something is improving. That said, percentages are relative, dependent upon the absolute for their relevance. After all the 8% of goals conceded aerially is worthless if the net has bulged 100 times compared to the 20 of your opponents.

For Gibbs, I hope he recovers. It is a delicate time with the overall appearance being that his fitness cannot be relied upon, that he is a defensive Diaby. In both cases, the sustained absences prevent their youthful potential from being realised and certainly in the midfielder’s case, derision is easy to come by as a result.

Whatever the answer is, Wenger seemed to rule out a move for permanent solution which means that the fantasy managers will be disappointed. No Gary Cahill, no Jan Vertonghen; a lot more questioning of whether Wenger knows what he is doing, no doubt. A loan deal seems to be the ideal answer in the short-term. It makes sense that all of his immediate problems can be solved relatively quickly this January with a more cohesive long-term answer this summer, once he knows what the plans of players such as van Persie are.

Obviously a transfer out of the club changes plans. Arshavin is the current favourite for that but talk is easy, putting the cash on the table is the tricky part. Signing Henry on loan, for me, is a mixed bag. We are all aware of his record and sentimentality suggests that it would be good to see him once more in an Arsenal shirt. Yet there is no guarantee of success, as much a danger is that his contribution gets diminshed; He was brilliant in his prime but my God, that loan spell was a disaster. It is a double-edged sword for club and player. Little wonder Arsène has taken his time on the decision although I suspect it has already been taken, in his head at least.

If that does not work, Arsenal are apparently going to try to sign Bobby Zamora, with Marouane Chamakh going the other way as part of a loan deal. Which solves our forward line problems immediately, getting rid of a goal-shy striker and replacing him with, oh, errm, aaah. ARSÈNE!!!  There’s the flaw in this plan…

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First

  2. Not sold out on loaning Henry, he is a club legend and has done his time.

  3. Merry Xmas to you, Yogi, excellent as usual.
    I wonder what tricks Arsene has in store for January, he’s mentioned decisions will be made within the next few days.
    As for Henry, I share your apprehension.

  4. Will I manage to be first, despite writing this long sentence or will bb come before me??

  5. Evil, no sign of BB. Unless he morphed into @LarryMbaco

  6. There’s a draught. Shut that window.

  7. There’s hint of Larry Grayson in the ‘Shut that window’!!!

  8. Shocked I managed to beat BB. Merry Christmas everybody!

  9. Morning YW,
    Come Jan 1st I’d be more than ok with 2 players.

    Michel Salgado
    Hugo Rodallega.

    Problems solved.
    No drama

  10. Aman

    If Salgado signs, your drama is, I think, a crisis. And as for Rodallega, he’s a legend in his own mind.

  11. happy holidays everyone..
    at least this loan will have other positive effects on the team ,specialy the younger players. i saw him play for the redbulls trice this year and he was still a good playmsker albeit in the mls.. but he still have some good qualities to his game.

  12. To be fair, I think Zamora can get back to last seasons form if he joins us. Fulham have zero creativity and are awful. Rather him than Podolski

  13. I’d like Soldado, but thats not happening. Rodallega? Nope.

  14. Ooh. You are awful Yogi.

  15. Please elaborate YW…

    My only qualm with Salgado is that we need a LB more than a RB as Sagna’s a month away & Kos/Djourou/LeCoq are able replacements.

    Salgado’s still got the legs to play for 2 months if we want him..

    As for Rodallega. I completely disagree with you.
    Where’s the ego u speak of?

  16. loan deal from the mls for two months in RB AND LB positions… at a good rate … simples.. carl ,bacary, gibbs and Santos are the future…

  17. You can’t see the join

  18. Morning YW Onward Forward Wishing you and The Family a restful holiday. I’m not sure about the idea of Henry on loan, but hey who Am I. keep up the inspired work..First..

  19. Ill rather Dempsey than Zamora, remember Wenger likes him and tried to sign him in the summer.

  20. and i think ee have enough players we can count on to score but if we can get a good backup for the prince , at a good price.. why not???
    it can’t hurt.. my vote. di natalie… 🙂

  21. Going for Thierry’d be fun and I’m not worried he’d tarnish his legacy.
    It could be like Larsson did for Man U a few years ago
    What worries me is how we’d deal with it when he leaves.
    Our striking need is more of a long term, full time need
    Not some legendary cock-tease.

  22. Aman

    Rodallega is the only one who links himself with Arsenal. Salgado? One thing was apparent at Blackburn, he has lost a lot of pace.

  23. mattgoonerknight

    Taye Taiwo at left back? Nigeria failed to qualify for for the ACN so that doesn’t present an obstacle and he’s voicing serious discontent at the lack of game time he’s received at AC.

  24. legendary what? king Henry .? watch you mouth…. 🙂
    and the only way the other guys will start scoring and scoring is if RVP IS rested… as it id now, everyone is looking to him for the final pass since they know he is got the hot hand(foot).
    if its expected the rest will produce ,without him….

  25. flying all over ,the bails are…

  26. It would appear to make sense for Wenger to think of an EPL loanee or two in order to sort out our needs for the rest of the season.
    By this means it would avoid an unavoidable and wasteful settling-in period by anyone arriving from the Continent.

  27. YW,

    what’s wrong with a player with the skillset of a Rodallega linking himself to the best team for said skillset?
    Also how do u know he was not just repeating the info passed on to him by his agent?
    I sense a personal dislike here Yogi.

    Salgado’s definitely lost pace but has still got all the savvy necessary to play PL football with a backline of the quality of Kos, Mert & Verm for TWO months.


    Taiwo would be less inclined to being used for 2 months by his team’s next CL opponent and returned mid-season. Especially when he’s just beginning to get game time. Also he has terrible recovery-time once he’s missed a tackle.

  28. I think we should take Henry on loan, can’t be no worse then the decision to put a statue up of him.

  29. Mozon – LB (5mil)
    Doumbia- ST (18mil)
    Gotze – CM (30mil) OR Erikseen ( 20mil)

    Would prefer to keep rosicky and arshavin as the youths seem to be learning from them, I believe song’s passing is highly influenced by rosicky.

  30. Doumbia and gotze are cup tied though, Henry isn’t, wont mind seeing him either!

  31. If not Thierry but we still want a big fish, with a bit more hype, more risque, show we do spend money…why not Podolski?
    Many gooners wouldn’t mind
    Would u YW?

  32. oh but AW already said “no!” to Podolski!!!
    ..oh well

  33. Henry can contribute. He is a clever player who had a lot of acceleration for averaqge distances. Now he might not be fast, he’ll be more composed and clever than many other players in team. Also if Henry fails to live upto the expectation, the fans will only blame Arsene Wenger and this man doesnt seem to care about critiscm, opinions, advices etc.

    If Henry pulls out something like what Larsson did for ManU 3-4 seasons ago, it would be great and the young guns will benfit from that.

    What Number he’ll have on his jersey???

  34. Nice post YW,

    It`s a no from me on TH14. I`m glad The Clash never reformed either.

    Salgado ? Please no. Pat Rice is quicker.

    Wayne Bridge ? Please NO !!

    Hugo R & Bobby Z ? I`d rather give Benik Afobe a run out

    I`m sure there will be plenty more names in the frames between now & Feb 1st.

    Maybe even Slack Alice & Everard.

  35. why not just play Miquel, Yennaris & Meade along with the CBs? or bring back Gavin Hoyte?

  36. Michel Salgado? Aman, have you been smoking weed? The man is as slow as a tortoise and rarely ever goes beyond the 18 yard line for Blackburn. In a foot race he resorts to all the tricks of a veteran, which he may get away with at Blackburn but would sure get him sent off if he ever played for that French team in London.

  37. Aman

    Rodallega is the rarest of footballers; he doesn’t have an agent. It’s no personal, I don’t rate him.

  38. wengers comment about defending is typical of him. He won titles using a defense inherited from george graham ,phased out by old age with other real defenders like campbell and toure. Since then he hasnt got a clue about constructing a solid defense. He has (on advice of the superb scouting system) recruited very good defenders like TV5 and now koscienly, but in general his acquisitions in the transfer window have been unbelievably poor (although cheap). cygan, stephanovs, silvestre, squillacci and represent his main choice of defender. That is cheap,and have had some success in leagues that are far weaker than the prem.
    mertesacker is another cygan, slow to turn and intercept and lacking presence, and at 2metres tall mertesacker shows even less dominance than cygan did.
    The loan deal speculation makes sense to me from wengers point of view. cheap to sign and the wages will be minimal as the great henry would probably play for us for nothing.
    Wenger isnt building a team to challenge for trophies, its designed to achieve the income that champions league qualification produces.
    Happy with that? certainly not.

  39. I doubt we would find anyone better than Eboue in this transfer window!

  40. Big tone,

    Have you tried fucking off lately?

  41. I`m not sure Gibbs is a real defender. I know you can convert successfully (Cole / Clichy) but he doesn`t seem as instinctive.

    Maybe that will improve with age but he still looks more like a midfield player who has been asked to play at the back. The physical nature of playing there hasn`t helped him either with injuries piling up.

    The modern game means full backs have to be able to get forward & be effective in the final third & although Gibbs can do this I`d still like to see him get a game or two in midfield as I think he`d be a revelation there with his pace.

  42. Shotta,
    I think you are underestimate how hard it’ll be to find a good-enough temp FB for 2 months who must hit the ground running?
    I have watched enough Blackburn games over the past few seasons to dare bring up Salgado.
    Anyway RB’s not the more pressing worry.
    I rest my case.
    AW knows.

    fair enough u don’t rate Rodallega.
    I do.
    AW knows

  43. Salgado? Er… Someone’s been hitting the eggnog.

    I’ll use the Cahill-Samba argument for this one. He’s playing for a team with a shit defence so can’t possibly be good enough for us.

    As for Zamora being preferable to Podolski, sectioning someone is always a sad event but even more so at Christmas.

    Have a good festive season everyone and here’s to points on the board!

  44. @ big tone, did you mistake this site for le grave or 4rsehole truth? Mug. Yet another Gooner who only comes on here to spread their anti-Wenger dogma.

    You and your ilk have been pretty quiet for the last couple of months only surfacing like floaters in an outside bog on the back of the Saudis’ triumph last week. How hard it must be for you to accept the fact that the lads have put together a decent run, inluding topping the CL group. Bah, humbug to you and your ilk, claat face.

  45. “Ateeb | December 24, 2011 at 11:19 am
    Big tone,

    Have you tried fucking off lately?”

    That’s my job,find your own Niche Ateeb 🙂

  46. I like this gupps chap.
    More of him please

  47. YW – Merry Christmas,
    thanks for all you do…….

    It worries me about the return of Gibbs.

    As reported, what does one month mean? Factoring in medical forecasting at Arsenal, Gibbs is not likely to be match ready until sometime in March.

    A loan makes sense, but I’m sure the Arsenal scouting team already have a short list.

    As far as a striker/winger, a short term band aid is not in our best interests. I have not watched any of the Red Bull matches, so I can’t not comment on the fitness and current form of Henry.

    I prefer to see Theo, Gervinho, Chamakh and others benefit from the playing time.

    Again, the Arsenal scouting team is likely to have their own short list of
    value signings.

  48. btw YW,
    how do u know Rodallega has no agent?
    U that deep in the mix?
    Are u an agent’s best friend?
    Are you bigbrovar?
    Are u a source for “the man”?

    ‘fess up Yogster!

  49. can’t not – should be can’t…… where is my coffee?

    Include Arshavin to my striker list……. hoping Santa brings him his mojo for the balance of the season.

  50. Aman

    When you read as much crap about football as I do, the useless information that you pick up along the way is voluminous. Those were his own words last summer.

  51. Tennessee Arsenal

    Paulie Walnuts,

    Mick and Paul shared a stage recently as part of the Hillsborough Justice Campaign. Does this mean Henry deserves a chance?

  52. Big tone – I like the cut of your jib!! There is way too mch unfounded positivity around here these days, a reality check is what is needed if you ask me. What kind of manager puts out a team with no FB”s? A bad one that’s what!! We could not even break into the Top 4 before Christmas, shame on us I say, shame on us!! Bah Humbug! Bah!!

  53. Oi Oirish. Tony Poolis is one of the all time greats.

    Hang on…Tony…Big Tone…????

  54. Merry Xmas YW

  55. ‘I believe Song’s passing is highly influenced by Rosicky’
    Carib knows.

  56. TA 2:19

    There was no Joe though was there.

    Same as TH14 coming back without Le Bob – just not the same

  57. Arsesession,
    “I prefer to see Theo, Gervinho, Chamakh and others benefit from the playing time”.

    step away from the eggnog, son.

    Gerv & Chamakh’s ACN adventure is the main reason we’re seeking a striker.

    ‘eh, ok Yogi,
    just let us know when your next big sale goes thru,
    wouldn’t mind me a plush seat @ the Emirates c/o some stray tickets u just happened to have on ya (wink, wink).

    happy holidays bigbrovar, oh sorry I mean YW

  58. Speaking of Wolves, Kevin Doyle is not a bad back up little player to have. Better than that Russian fella who has been doing nothing for only God knows how long now! Should sell him in the January transfer window and try and recoup some of the money we wasted on him.

  59. That’s very confrontational of you Irish.

    Looking for a fight already? It’s only morning in America!

    Bloody Irish! What can you do?

  60. HAHAHA Hey C’bob – Nah just bored of a Saturday morning with nothing to do. Presents all bought, apartment all cleaned, parcels all picked up from post office, no work until Tuesday and The Girlfriend is still sleeping!!

  61. Yeah, nice afternoon here too Irish,

    Three pints at the pub lunchtime. Curry on the hob, mince tart in oven. Making biscuits for cheese now. Open a beer aroung 5.

  62. Doyle for Arshavin.
    Sounds good to me Irish.Why not go the whole hog and make it Doyle for RVP.
    Unless you have been taking copious amounts of drugs, I suggest a trip to the doctor for you.

  63. A bit brisk here C’bob but still the sun is shining so not too bad. Nothing in my oven (thank God!) but am heading around the corner to have some BBQ for lunch and then it’s off to see some friends before dinner in Brooklyn with “The Orphans” i.e. all those who do not have family in NY but also cannot afford to fly home or simply cannot get the time off work.

    PG – Tongue-in-cheek mate but I do like Doyle. Great little worker and a really good first touch. He does like the back of the net too and he can play any position up front. Good cover for Gervinho and Theo when needed.

  64. Merry Christmas Yogi and of course to all of you that grace the Blog.

    Speaking of the confrontational with respect to that Russian fellow, I feel that he does have something in him that needs to be coaxed out. He shows little flashes of his goal scoring ability that must excite the Manager but that is going to last only a very short period of time. He seems to be in a massive ‘disbelieve in self moment’ which only a good woman and a strong bottle of extract will elevate him from the doldrums. He needs to howl like a wolf and notice the scent from his armpits.

  65. lol,
    while we are at it Irish why don’t we exchange AW for Mick McCarthy!
    Shoot, might as well go the full monty & give them them the Emirates & move to Molineux, jersey & colour switch everyone from that useless Arshavin to the statue of Herb Chapman .


  66. Aman – Now your just being redonkulous mate!!! I mean really, change the jerseys!!! Pffftt!!

  67. Glad to see Koscielny getting the recognition he deserves. That mug Tone apparently doesn’t count Kozzy, Vermaelen and Per as quality signings. And he has forgotten the defensive run we went on when we reached the finals of the CL. What did The defence Wenger inherited from George Graham do in Europe again?

  68. lol.. Two Owls,
    “u feel like he does have something in him that needs to be coaxed out”

    … i wonder what that might be?

    “He seems to be in a massive ‘disbelieve in self moment’ which only a good woman and a strong bottle of extract will elevate him from the doldrums. He needs to howl like a wolf and notice the scent from his armpits”.

    …or maybe we pay for an operation that makes his back flexible enough to feed his rear orifice grapes?

    Keep it coming guys I am dying here
    (Xmas rules!)

  69. agreed, pretty ridonkulous Irish,
    how about we just switch socks and Pat Rice?

  70. ..i kinda like that Terry Connor fellow.
    such loyalty

  71. You see Irish? You’ve wound up george now.

    I’ll hold the coats.

  72. When I lived in NY, I was right across the street on 8th near Wash Sq. park from a terrible BBQ place that spewed an awful odor. I hope you are getting something better for lunch, Irish!
    Relaxing morning here in eastern Ontario–cold finally but no snow–maybe tonight for a white Xmas.
    Thinking about our rotation possibilities. I think Coquelin deserves another start at RB to keep Kos in the middle. V. QPR I’d give Miquel the nod at LB to spell either berm or Merts. Up front and in mid Arteta rests and Frimps to battle Henry! I’d like to see that coward deal with Manu… Play Gerv as often as we can and bring on Rosicky and Benny for Ramsey and Theo.

  73. I don’t like to be disrespectful to the old timers but……
    How do we think the famous back four would have coped with the offside rules of today? And the standard of players we see today?
    Sagna,Kos,TV & Santos are better for me.And by a margin.

  74. I’ll hold watches, rings, and wallets–a fiver on PG. Martial arts teacher vs. NY pub crawler who eats out every day, no question!

  75. Well, PG if you survive Irish you’ve started your own melee–heresy! How could anything new be better than the glory days of mythical yore?!! C’est impossible, mon ami!

  76. Lol.LG let battle commence.

  77. I fear for Irish. LG has put his finger on his problem.

    Mind you, I suspect that Irish won’t feel any pain.

  78. Flint McCullough

    Another fine post, YW like all the others this trying year that we thank you for most gratefully. A very Merry Christmas to you & all your contributors!!!

    What has to be bourne in mind is the 25 man squad. I believe we are at the limit for overseas players, so there would have to be departures before any non UK academy graduate could be brought in, even on loan. This complicates the TH14 issue because the risk would be that one of the squad places could be vacant for 2-3 months, which with our injury record could be significant.

  79. If we were to get a striker we should be looking toward Ireland. Shane Long is tidy little player and he’s only 24 years old. He’s currently out with a chipped bone in his knee thanks to that cunt Hutton.

  80. YW,
    Merry Christmas and many thanks for your work!
    Merry Christmas to fellow ACLF’ers too!

    I think, Wenger would pull someone out of the hat, this January, a player the media aren’t talking about and one they aren’t linking us with.

    Personally, I would love it if we went out and bought Lukas Podolski, any one of Marco Reus/ Gotze/ Shaqiri/ Eriksen and a Hummels maybe. I feel if we make these additions, we would be a whole different outfit, we can challenge for titles this season and it can persuade the others to stay.

    Anyway, I would be very happy with the current team and my wish is our squad should face the least injury setbacks for the rest of the season.

    PG, Doyle is a good player, he works hard, holds the ball and can find the back of the net. But he is not better than Arshavin any day of the week.

  81. i feel most of the options mentioned here are either cup-tied or will be very hard to pry away from their parent clubs in january.
    More like summer buys…

  82. Aman – Switching socks might just do it now that I think about it!! 🙂

    Limestonegunner – I am off to Dinosaur BBQ in Harlem, best BBQ in NYC if you ask me.

    C’bob – As touched as I am for your concern it is misplaced. I have never had a problem with PG but I do like to wind him up and watch him go!! Besides that I have a gun, so I will jsut shoot him and be done with it. But all would be done with a Christmas spirit 🙂

    So to all my fellow ACLFers, a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!
    And to all our Jewish friends, Happy Hannukah!

    Now off for some BBQ!! 🙂

  83. My Christmas top-tip buy your turkey on Christmas Eve – just picked up free range organic bird originally priced at £52 for £20 from Waitrose. The standard turkeys were selling for half that. Merry chuffing Christmas indeed!

  84. Merry crimblepants Oirish.

  85. feb 1st can’t come soon enough for me so we can get back to talking about only players who play for arsenal and not some guy(s)who the tabloids think would be good for us

  86. hear hear ace

    happy holidays Irish

  87. Irish ,I am not sure I like the idea of being shot.Not by you anywho.Friendly fire seems much worse somehow.

  88. (..if only Gio Dos Santos could play LB…sigh.)

  89. @george
    i must give you heads up buddy. irish’s got hounds. had a close call with them last night. HAHAHA. he graciously didn’t release them on me. happy HINNAKEN IRISH..

  90. Merry Christmas all.

    A little festive cheer from Untold Arsenal

  91. A merry x-mas to Chief Yogi Warrior and the whole aclf tribe.

  92. Great 12 Arsenal days of Xmas, dups. Thanks for the link!

  93. dont worry george, if irish tried to shoot you as he is an american now he will probably miss you and hit all the innocents around you.

    and is it a mince tart or a mince pie??

  94. Jonny – please send turkey. It seems we are not having turkey tomorrow. Apparently it was eaten two weeks ago when they had “family Christmas.”
    One of the younger relatives is making Shepherds Pie tonight from a Jamie Oliver recipe book. And I heard someone commenting that it might be made with chicken.
    Off to the rifle club. Not the pub.
    Merry F’ing Christmas….

  95. I wonder how TH and RvP get on. TH seemed to allude to RvP’s spikiness as a young player and his own part in things during the press conference remarks about RvP. It is Robin’s team now and if there are egos involved it could be awkward. Can we see TH starting a game for RvP to rest? Does he have the pace and fitness to play wide where Theo or Gervs do? In a 442 I see him as a potentially very valuable playmaker and poacher but not running up and down the wings or starting where RvP does. I don’t have a big problem with trying it but not in lieu of attempting a genuine solution. I think it is an area we need to improve our attacking options anyway and not just to fill in for Gerv and Chamakh while away at the ACN. In a pinch, maybe it is ok. But we aren’t pinched and I would be concerned about upsetting the dynamic in the dressing room by bringing in an Arsenal legend (and former captain) if RvP doesn’t get on comfortably with him.

  96. Sounds like your pasties MD.

    How does it feel now?

    A Merry Christmas to everyone on ACLF. Really, everyone.

    Keep it rolling Yogi. Excellent work.

  97. Have a great festive period everybody.

    Thoroughly enjoyable year discussing/debating/arguing/laughing on here with all those that contribute.

  98. Right backatcha Andy.

  99. yeah i suppose a merry christmas to everyone is in order..except suga3 and jabba for being fukin misirable bastads all year and thats saying something from me.

    christmas cracker joke.

    whats the difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish wake?

    One less drunk!

  100. A special Merry Christmas to G4E, ponyboy and AIC for a Christmas past.

  101. Limestone
    i do believe they get on well.
    I distinctly remember it was from TH14’s public big ups of RvP that I began to take a deeper look at Robin’s game.
    7+ years on I’d expect their relationship to be rosier.
    A wiser TH would take a minor role w/o any drama.
    He’d be proud to wear the red & white again
    Anything to help the team he loves.

  102. ivanputthepricesup



  103. Hopefully so, Aman. But in footballing terms I have some questions as well. From a fan perspective, it would be tremendous to see Henry in the red and white again for a month or two.

  104. Merry Christmas to all. Enjoy it as much as you can!

    And well … seeing Thierry back in the red and white. My brain says no, says that he might be too old, that it might tarnish his legacy, that we don’t need him. But you know what? Fuck that! It’s the heart that counts, and my heart is desperate to see him don the Arsenal shirt for one last time, to see him score one more goal, have him kiss our badge. He needs a proper farewell and this is the perfect opportunity for it. Arsene, sign him up!

  105. Thanks Consols..same to you, my friend. Whatever happened to AIC (and Poliziano) ? Good times.

    Would like to se TH14 (174?) at least once more ~ no shame if he doesn’t play 2005/6 style.. but what a buzz around the ground!

  106. heh Evil.. that’s a wavelength there.. but you can probably type with more than one finger..

  107. PZ? I don’t know. Perhaps he sublimed.

    AIC, well, he outwore his welcome here I think.

    Tough Cookie also missing in action.

  108. Tennessee Arsenal

    Paulie W,

    Thanks for the follow-up comment; nice to know someone’s listening. And my comment was more in the spirit of “I appreciate a Clash reference” than in disagreement.

    It’s that time of year to be missing Joe. I think he’d be happy to see Mick and Paul together under the circumstances that brought the reunion.

    My brother and I spent time lifting glasses to his memory and singing his songs yesterday.

  109. Bradys right foot

    I’m not Zamora averse as a plan b and no i’m not drunk.

  110. I wish Gooners everywhere a happy ‘6 point’ Christmas!

  111. Just popped in to wish you all a very happy Christmas. If Christmas isn’t your thing then have a pleasant Sunday.

  112. Thierry Henry,Thierry Henry, Thierry Henry

    The only problem would be having to put Chamakh and Park further down the bench, but I am not sure too many would care about that.

    Season’s Greetings to all you Gooners out there, where ever you may be.

  113. Save the best for last – HAPPY HOLIDAYS ACLFers!

  114. Merry Christmas to you all, ACLFers, and thanks steww for the kind acknowledgment of those of us Gunners who don’t celebrate this holiday. Nevertheless, I hope all of you who do have a great time with friends and family and have a chance to cherish and value what is most important to you. In addition, may Arsenal receive a point for each of the twelve days of Christmas for our three fixtures that fall in this festive period!

  115. Merry Christmas to you all and your families

    Unfortunately for those of you thinking wenger will spend a dime over 10 mil in the january transfer window, FACT it won’t happen

    Wouldnt surprise me if he did nothing. Or just resigned Henry and thats it.

  116. Merry Christmas to all, enjoy the festivities and be safe wherever you are. There is a small post tomorrow morning – cued and ready to go – whilst I’ll be in and around for small periods of time during the day.

  117. Limestonegunner @ 11:30pm – “In addition, may Arsenal receive a point for each of the twelve days of Christmas for our three fixtures that fall in this festive period!”

    In as much as I love The Arsenal and love your math, even Santa cannot make that happen mate! 🙂 Pity though, as I do love a good Christmas miracle!!

  118. The miracle of Christmas – turkey back on the menu.

  119. Too true, Irish; it would be an incredible Xmas miracle. I must have been counting the Villa game!

  120. Forget Henry and Zamora. WIth good reason Wenger has not brought back former players. However, Arsenal will make a successful bid for Clint Dempsey. Why Clint? Clint should desire the opportunity to play for a top club. Clint can fill a couple different roles, most importantly he provides real quality when RVP is rested. But the primary reason Arsenal will go for Clint is Kroenke. What better way to market Arsenal in the US than having one of the top three American players at Arsenal? Doubt me? Then consider this. Park was signed in order to to fill a need, but he was selected because he provides an opportunity to market Arsenal in the RSK. Ryo from Japan, the same thing. Arsenal has a big following in Japan, but if Ryo develops it will grow dramatically.
    Look for the signing of a PRC player next summer.
    Finally, AA, MC, and probably SS are gone in January.

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