1990-91 Or The Invincibles: Which Was The Best Arsenal Team Of Modern Times?

Comparing football teams across the ages is a dangerous pastime. To believe that one team is better than another, could be teleported to a different time and repeat their feats marks the claimant as arrogant. Believe the opposite, “Today’s footballers would not have last five minutes in my day“, leaves you open to being described as an old codger at best. The changes seen on the pitch inside a decade, let alone beyond that time span, render comparisons difficult, if not impossible. Despite this, that is the path being trodden in today’s post.

The Invincibles are often hailed as the best Arsenal team ever, rightly acknowledging their achievement in an undefeated League campaign. Every season that has passed since has seen the undefeated leaders of the Premier League hail themselves as being better than that Arsenal team, bragging which is usually brought to an abrupt halt by the inevitable defeat that soon follows such claims. Two seasons earlier, the squad had done the hard part by remaining unbeaten on their travels but were undone by three defeats at Highbury.

Yet both attempts at remaining unbeaten were old hat to some extent. It is often overlooked that The Invincibles were almost beaten to their feat by George Graham’s last title-winning side. 1990-91’s squad lost just once, at Stamford Bridge. Despite playing as badly as they would all season, Alan Smith’s late goal gave hope of an unlikely equaliser on a sandbox of a pitch. At that time, West London’s premier ground was one of the most inhospitable. Not because of the threat of violence or an air of malevolence – we were used to such atmospheres – but an exposed open terrace for the away fans left you at the mercy of the elements. Winter was not a time you wanted to visit a decrepit stadium that was light years away from being considered comfortable. The words of the old song tell it all; “Stamford Bridge is falling down, poor old Chelsea“. Add into that a chairman hell-bent on hairbrain schemes such as electric fences to pen in his own fans, you get the drift as to the depravity.

That tenacity was a trait common to both eras; neither were easily cowed, capable of recovering from unexpected defeats quickly. Both campaigns might have been derailed following defeats in cup competitions. Graham’s team were crushed by the counter-attack in a 2-6 home defeat to Manchester United in the League Cup, a night when it felt that every shot by the visitors found the back of the net. Four days later, defending champions Liverpool were beaten, picked off the floor and hammered back down again in a 3-0 victory that marked out where the title was most likely to be heading. The FA Cup defeat at Wembley was followed by the title being sealed shortly afterwards.

A decade or so later, each of the defeats were followed by strong performances in the League, not necessarily in events on the pitch, more in the character shown to recover. The added distraction of the Champions League offered more opportunity for disappointment, Internazionale and Dynamo Kiev both inflicted group stage defeats which might have derailed progress domestically; the character of the players was such that blips – and more serious defeats later in the campaign – never placed the title challenge in real danger. The real character came in April; consecutive defeats in the FA Cup and Champions League followed by a deficit to Liverpool in the League might have sent lesser men into a downward spiral; not The Invincibles. Drawing strength from their deep reservoir of experience, the clawed back into match at Highbury and then pulled away seemlessly, leaving the Merseysiders bewildered and mesmirised in the second half.

Graham’s men had distractions off the pitch to contend with. Adversity fostered a siege mentality when external forces imposed punishments that impacted the team. Tony Adams imprisonment just before Christmas had been preceeded by a two point deduction from the FA following a twenty-one man brawl at Old Trafford. The two helped Graham foster a team bond, even when a strong one already existed. The absence of his captain meant that Graham changed tactics to compensate with Linighan and O’Leary joining Bould in a 5-3-2 formation for two months. It had been used two or three times previously but came into its own when Adams was absent.

Too much of the manager’s reign is tainted by its descent into long-ball madness. This side were built from the defence forwards, were resolute and capable of strangling the life from a match; they were also a fluid attacking side, not yet beholden to one goalscorer with wizardry provided by Anders Limpar. Was that the pinnacle season for his career? Certainly in Arsenal colours. Merson was at his peak also, with a title-winning goal at Anfield emphasising how good he might have been had he not been derailed by other distractions whilst Alan Smith was more than a goalscorer, leading the way with 22 goals and only scoring once in the opening dozen games.

The already well-drilled defence – protected by Davis and Thomas – had been bolstered by Graham signing his long-term target, David Seaman, in the pre-season. I read that usurping Lukic was unpopular; my own recollection that the unpopularity of the move was bravado. We acknowledged Seaman was a better goalkeeper but Lukic had won a title and the problems with QPR over the fee meant the transfer was in doubt for a period of time. When he arrived, the soon-to-be England number one proved his worth; Arsenal conceded just 18 league goals all season with only Wimbledon, Manchester City and Chelsea able to breach more than once in a game. Liverpool’s record of 14 was under threat until April of that year. Wenger’s men by contrast were positively generous, conceding twenty-six goals in their campaign. 15 clean sheets suggests they were not overly generous but compared to the 24 of 1991, they were careless.

By contrast, the over-riding memory of The Invincibles is of art and skill. The perception of Bergkamp, the grace of Pires finding the goalscoring feats of Thierry Henry with Freddie Ljungberg ably supporting. That is to deny the role played by Gilberto and Patrick Vieira. The defence was not as fabled but even the inclusion of Pascal Cygan could not deter their charge to the title. Allowed to use three substitutes compared to Graham’s pair, Wenger’s season was born of a squad. There was a key core to the team but more of peripheral players contributed.

Lehmann, Toure, Campbell, Lauren and Cole were as pivotal to the their team as their predecessors were to Graham. They gave confidence to the others, knowing that any lead would be defended. In turn, the presence of Vieira and Gilberto gave a tough barrier for opponents to get through before they got that far, evidenced by only Newcastle United and Liverpool scoring more than once. Unlike Graham’s men, The Invincibles won those games. Both sides had identical home records, winning 15 and drawing 4. On the road, Wenger’s men edged it which is where the points totals varied.

Words cannot adequately describe their attacking prowess but would that have been enough? Graham’s team was well-drilled but they also scored one more than Wenger’s men yet are never given the credit in that respect. It is this organisation which I think might have given them the edge in a one-off match. The Scot was more willing to adapt his team to the opposition and the criminally under-rated Paul Davis along with a back five would have neutralised some of the attacking threat. But with the inventiveness of Bergkamp and Pires, a goal would have been inevitable. At the other end, Smith would have fancied his chances at least once with Limpar leading Lauren a merry dance. A draw seems to be an equitable outcome although if pushed, my feeling is that of ten meetings there would be 3 wins for The Invincibles, 3 draws and 4 for the 1991 team.

As it is, I consider myself lucky to have seen both squads first hand. I am not sure that their likes will be seen again.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. the invincible are preferrable

  2. The only way I would separate the two is that I don’t think the 90-91 back four would have been ale to cope as well with the front four of The Invincibles as they did with the attacks they faced at the time. Was there anyone as good as Bergkamp in the hole then? Henry in attack as he sowed by dragging the team up by the bootstraps in that Liverpool game? While Lauren may well have found Limpar hard to pin down I think the attacking edge of the later team would have shaded it, .

  3. invinsible were just that!…… INVINSIBLE!!!!!!!!!……

  4. I hate comparing teams but if I have to I ll pick the Invincibles they were a class apart. The Liverpool and middlesborough games proved it and besides I didn’t see the class of ’91 play!

  5. I guess that it really depends on what you want to compare. In terms of sheer quality and footballing ability… the Invincibles were miles ahead .A simple experiment would be to ask who amongst the ’91 side would get into the invincible team and start?

    To me it’s an interesting theoretical exercise but it’s not really fair… the premiership that the invincibles played in was a completely different competition to the old First division that we had in 91. It’s not just that the quality at Arsenal was higher in 2004 but also the quality of the opposition was higher too. In my view the 91 team did what they did and deserve a lot of credit for it but there’s really not much point in comparing them as the eras were so, so different.

  6. Yw,like you said there is the risk of being called an old codger for preferring a team from a bygone era.you old codger! Lol!
    Btw,why is there no mention of edu?i thought he was ahead of gilberto in the team.he had goals in him.

  7. One point worth mentioning: Graham’s only loss 1-2 at Chelsea came as a result of being down to 10 men – Winterburn was sent off. Would they have lost had he not departed??

  8. What a great article for a Sat morning lie in. To have had two teams of differing styles but similar results in my lifetime has been a treat. Think Tony Adams would have been hounded out these days for his indiscretion or at the very least have to train with Nicky B

  9. It depends on who was playing at home. These Johnny come lately foreigners wouldn’t have coped with a proper 1990 pitch and real cold weather. The English grit of the Graham era would have been indigestible to them. And Bergkamp couldn’t have time travelled – he’d never have got back to 1990 by car so I think the old guys would shade it..

  10. The 90s side can’t be compared to a side that played in a different era and time. The game was different just as the world was.

    The 90s Arsenal were iconic and on top of that a mean dirty group of proud bastards who would never hesitate to kick your head clean in.

    Yes, granted the invincies made us proud playing like Brazil every week and going unbeaten but, in my head they were two totally different times which could never be compared.

    I mean, could you imagine our current squad being deducted points for a mass brawl at old trafford or even pushing another player in anger?

    Not even the likes of stoke or bolton (of the past), could compare to the rough house beatings that the Arsenal 90s squad were dishing out.

  11. Emotionally the 1990-91 vintage shades it. Artistically & technically, there has never been a team in England quite like the Invincibles, nor a counter-attack combination like Pires, Henry, Bergkamp and Ljunberg with Vieira tucked in behind them.

  12. Bendtner, using his f-king block head to smash up cars. I’m really happy he did this because now it’s certain he won’t be working for Wenger any more. Le boss doesn’t put up with any crap.

    pedantic george, he’s one of your fav’s isn’t he?

    As I recall you were telling us how much you liked him etc. Thank fuck you have nothing to do with the club on that level.

  13. Its gotta be the invincible as the better team, mainly for aesthetic taste. For sheer bloody mindedness the 1990-1 team that fought for wins.
    Also, a nice review of the 1990-1 team but you forget one great player (i’m sure many will disagree) Kevin Campbell. 8 goals at the end of the season certainly helped. Also arsenal winnning 3-1 at highbury against man utd with a smith hat-trick to confirm the title was a fond memory.

  14. ZimPaul | December 17, 2011 at 9:19 am

    Nail hit on head.

  15. les | December 17, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Kevin Campbell, was a great player who worked his arse off for the cause and his goals did help.

    I there to witness his hatrick v Swindon Town which also featured a 25 yard chip from Ian Wright. Good times…..Good times.

  16. Good debate, possibly you could never have a true answer. I myself began my support only the season before grahams greatest greatest season. It is only sketchy in mind now. I’m not sire if this is the reason I’d choose the invincibles evrytime.

    I don’t think you could pick a team before you picked a more effective era. No doubt reffereong allowed a more robust game in the 90’s. However I feel that for all the strength and commitment of adams and co., the sheer athleticism of wengers team would out-do

  17. well the above post was wrote on my phone. I was only half done, when it decided to send. I’m now too enraged to carry on.

    But basically I don’t think you could get a fair range of opinions here. As I know that you aren’t old if you supported in 80-90’s (I supported) but you may not be a prime candidate for blogging.

  18. Steww,

    I recognise that some of your comment is tongue-in -cheek but I, nevertheless, have to say that I disagree that the Invincibles had less “grit” than either the 91 team in particular or Graham’s teams in general. There’s a tendency to create false dichotomies when it comes to certain things like football. The presence of genuine skill is not the same as the absence of courage or “grit”.. the invincibles earned the right to play the way they did because of their grit… people always tried to kick them off the park and invariably they failed.. Also winters weren’t colder in 1991 than in 2004 to my knowledge and as for the pitches and the “foreign Johnnies”… Ipswich under Bobby Robson and Spurs under Burkinshaw did rather well with some foreigners in their teams even earlier than ’91 when pitches were often even worse….

    I think that it is perfectly possible to admire what the 91 team achieved without resorting to outmoded caricatures. A good enough manager with a good enough team would have done remarkable things in the Graham era regardless of their nationality. People often forget that it was Wenger that literally changed the English game in so many ways… before him the only foreign manager of note that I recall was Venglos at Villa and that didn’t go too well.

  19. The ’91 side never really got the credit they deserved, and typically poor journalism has resulted in them being labelled a long ball side.

    They were actually a great attacking side, I seem to remember we scored more goals than anyone that season, as well as having the best defence.

    Limpar was simply brilliant that season, his legend all but sealed with a sneaky right hook to McClair at Old Trafford too.

    ‘You can stick your 2 points up your arse’ – brilliant.

    Hard to split the 2 teams, both were special, we are lucky to be in the position to debate it!

  20. But what if you could pick one fictional team from three eras. Here’s mine, minus Fabregas and Cole for different reasons.

    Sagna Adams(capt) Vermaelen Santos (I know, too soon but imagine).
    Song Vieira Pires
    Bergkamp RvP Henry

  21. Matt,

    I agree. I think that the ’91 side played some brilliant attacking football at times from a pretty solid defensive base. I definitely agree that the quality of their football is often very much underrated.

  22. We’d never concede a goal, except flukes, we’d never lose possession and we’d score 3 a game for the fun of it.

  23. Big Brovar’s missus disappointed again.

    See the problem is, when a man comes first, there are no seconds.

  24. unfiar to compare..
    two great teams..
    but different managers, different eras…the arsenal historians will appreciate what both teams acheived and how they achieved it..the wengerball purists will be biased in their opinions

  25. Gotta go with the Invincible team. For a few reasons. Reason the first – they actually went unbeaten, not almost but actually did it. Secondly was that almost to a man they were all technically superior players playing at a tempo no other team could live with when it clicked. Thirdly i got to see far more of it than the 90/91 season. And finally i was older and could really appreciate what i was witnessing. A truly remarkable team and a feat that in my opinion will not be seen ever again.

  26. to be honest i put the 89 win at anfield as one of our greatest achievements ever..

    i rate it higher than going unbeaten…the bragging rights we have from going unbeaten is uncomparible but the buzz i got from that win at anfield and winning the league has never been equalled..ever..

    not by the 91 team or the invincibles..

  27. steww | December 17, 2011 at 9:01 am
    “It depends on who was playing at home.”


  28. A combined team from the two sides: Seaman, Dixon,
    Winterburn, Adams, Campbell, Vieira, Davis, Pires, Limpar, Henry, Bergkamp. Right, little sis’s wedding today so play nicely.

  29. It’s a great debate but also one of those ‘unprove-ables’. Both teams were the exquisite product of their respective eras and I think most people would agree that neither side would have fared so well if playing at a different time. You can only beat what’s in front of you, after all and all teams are (usually) set up that way, to cope with the prevailing conditions and challenges of the time and come out on top.

    Could it be done again – going unbeaten or even almost unbeaten?

    Theoretically yes – if you had a genuinely world class manager (a Wenger or a Ferguson) combined with limitless oil-based millions then I don’t see why not. But apart from having a monster squad of top players, you’d definitely need someone capable of handling those millions and managing the accompanying monster egos, able to bring out the best in those players.

    So maybe another question could be – will we see the likes of Ferguson or Wenger again?

    And to that, for many reasons, I’d say it’s highly unlikely.

  30. Great post. We seem to forget just what a great keeper Seaman was. But I still prefer the invincibles. There wasn’t satellite tv in Kenya in 90-91. Only BBC radio for English football and the odd delayed match. Nice memories though!

  31. combined team?? fuck me..


    i really wanted to put rocky instead of limpar but that would have been biased as rocky hardly featured that season..lmpar tore it up…

    winterburn too..but cole edges it without the bias that he was a prick..

    and to be honest i was debating putting bouldy in for adams.. bouldy, as well as dicko and winters, appeared in every single one of our games that season..adams missed a few..
    but we cant be leaving the captian marvell out can we?? and there was no way i was dropping sol..sorry steve.. but your on the bench πŸ˜‰


  33. Reckon ZP is closest so far – all-time not just the 2 eras in the article (great stuff btw YW) but the omission of SuperSwede is clear folly on his part.

    Toure Adams Vermaelen Santos
    Limpar Fabregas
    Henry RVP Bergkamp

    Agree with ZP – Andrew ‘Samba’ Santos is a legend waiting to happen – jumping the gun but what the hell, it’s Christmas.

    Kolo was my favourite player for a long, long time. Much underrated and tainted by post-malaria, Mancini-managed form. Top man.

    I think Wilshere will replace Viera in time, and Ramsey Fabregas.

  34. Speaking of legends, we are in the midst of the rise of one of the greatest to wear the shirt, our own RVP. I am struck by his maturity in the following interview:

  35. Welcome back, Joshua. Where have you been?

  36. Shotta, watched the RvP interview last night and likewise was deeply impressed by his maturity, intelligence and leadership. Very determined. I loved how he emphasized twice how much everyone was looking forward to ManCity. They have a point to prove. This guy is not just a great player but shoeing what a great captain does for his team.

  37. Showing, no shoeing, obviously! Thank you iPhone autocorrect! Come to think of it, with that golden boot of his, he has rather been shoeing the way!

  38. Slightly off topic.

    β€˜Wenger had to be flexible enough to shake off a philosophy he clung to like a leech and come up with a new idea’

    – Amy Lawrence. 17.12.11

    I know that I have a tiny brain. And that I don’t know very much. But I don’t understand:


    β€œWhat happened is that we sold them around the age of 29 and 30. Why? Because we needed the money and for them to not go for free….
    …I adopted a way of thinking that it was better to sell a player one year too early than one year too late. If you sell too late you don’t get any money and you cannot buy anymore.”

    Alas, key players (yes. Plural) who some of that recouped money was spent on were to lost us in the interim through injury. After that two of the players who’d been offered ‘leadership’ roles decided that they weren’t up to it.

    These revisionists are confusing.
    Is it just me?

  39. Anyway, great posts yesterday and today. Thanks.
    And a top, top, comment yesterday by ZimPaul (December 16, 2011 at 7:25 am).

  40. merse and charlie standing our ground over rvp contract…..
    its hotting up…fisticuffs nearly..

  41. “You can never play the future by the past”.

    Edmund Burke.

  42. Looking to the past I hope Vermaelan remembers his last game against Ibrahimovic.
    Going forward, he could still be playing LB in February!

    And, well, what a game to look forward to tomorrow.

  43. tomorrow will be tough..
    ill take a draw..

  44. Another legend in the making…

    I’ve got a tenner on the Arsenal.

  45. Super post YW.

    Is it possible that Arsene believes his best squad is in the works?

  46. It was the Invincibles that got me hooked to Arsenal. I was in school and many of my classmates had teams they supported, So with the intention of picking a team to support, I switched on to ESPN and the first match I saw had a team in red and white playing beautiful football. After watching a few other matches over the weekend, I was convinced that I should support Arsenal. I must admit I was to close to picking Ranieri’s Chelsea who were also playing some good football. Ever since it has been a joy watching a Arsenal play. In football, I found a new pass time. My earlier obsession – cricket – took a backseat as a result.

  47. LimparAssist at 1:03 pm
    You are a wise man Limpar. King Kozzer, as I have dub him, is already the most versatile central defender in the league. Apart from great positioning, he is the purest tackler I have ever seen in ages (ask Messi when he climbs out of his back pocket) and he is our leading defender in the number of aerial duels that he has won. I had no doubt about him from the 1st Liverpool game despite the dooming of him by the plundits and those among our fans who look to the media for affirmation.
    Beckenbauer and Baresi rolled in one, Shotta seh!

  48. Very interesting article this and whilst I agree that it is impossible to accurately compare the two I would like to point out that when The Invincibles finally did lose, it was to a team that basically kicked them off the park and disrupted their game from the first whistle to the last. Rest assured Adams and Co. would happily have used the same tactics. Which in my opinion would have led to the same result. Yet, in saying that, I would still put The Invincibles as the better team. I was lucky enough to watch and support both but for pure enjoyment it has to be The Invincibles for me, top class!

    JonJon – I do agree that the greatest moment ever for an Arsenal fan has to be THAT goal against the ‘Pool. At the time in Dublin almost every second kid I knew followed ‘Pool, it felt great strolling around all summer long knowing that, not only were we champions, but we had done it at their ground. Priceless that!!

  49. Shotta @ 2.16pm – spot bloody on mate.

  50. Great post. I never saw 190-91 squad play. From what you wrote they must have been very good. The invincibles were great. They were a treat to watch. The first team in history to go unbeaten in league play. It is hard to compare squads frm one decade to another. The style and ability of the players change from decade to decade. Where can on get a comprehensive history of Arsenal Futebol. I am a history buff.

  51. I agree one cannot compare these two great teams though the pre and post invincibles era probably gave us the biggest successes and the sight of TH14, Llunberg, and Pires running at defences brings a tear to the eyes. Also we were treated to the sight of some of the best players in the world. On another note.The papers are awash with RVP to Man Citeh crap being a dead cert…honestly!! anything to sell papers. Well I hope we deliver a big f@ck u to Citeh tommorrow and shove their oil money right up their blue moon. Draw is a good result but a good win will be even better. COYG

  52. Oh man, no way can we cpmpare those 2 great sides. I’m just happy I was around to see them both. The Anfield result was a truly magical night, but I dont think that one match, even one as amazing as that can compete with an entire season unbeaten JJ!

    As for tomorow, I really think we will win and I am going too! Come on you Gunners!!! πŸ™‚

    And that fucking oily c*nt Jeff Stelling chatting shit about RvP going to City, wanker! And the amount of coverage they gave the sad sorry spuds for having to deal with a few dodgy ref decisions, boo fucking hoo, my heart bleeds. πŸ˜€

  53. Bradys right foot

    Can’t wait for tommorrow really looking forward to the game. City are a quality side but usually be very negative playing us and i don’t see that changing.

  54. The fact we will be playing with 4 CBs will probably work in our favour more than if we had Santos and Sagna available, although I was really impressed with our rampaging Brazilian before his unfortunate injury.

    2 nil to the Arsenal.

  55. Nice piece, a really good read and great to take a trip down memory lane every now and again. I remember listening to the 6-2 defeat on the radio as a boy and feeling like my world was falling apart. It was worth the pain. I will always have affection for the 1991 team as it was the first year I really became a Gooner. Great memories.

  56. Bradys right foot

    The “Invincibles” were the best Arsenal team I’ve ever seen and anyone who thinks that they couldn’t compete physically with the Graham team at its peak is forgetting their sheer pyhsical size. We tend to only remember their spectacular football and goals but much of that season was built on the same qualities that defined the Graham team, team work, physicallity, experience and a burning will to win. The “invincibles” had all this but were technically superior and yes when we remove the rose tinted glasses won ugly at times. Of course any comparison is relative and many believe meaningless but as a Gooner I count myself lucky in that I’ve sen them both.

  57. Comparisons between the two squads can’t really be made. the 90/91 squad operated with only 19 players and two of them (Pates & Cole) only made 1 sub appearance each.the 03/04 squad was much larger and the strength in depth was much greater.Having been lucky enough to see both at their best. the 03/04 team wins hands down,but the greater achievement i think belongs to the 90/91 team.

  58. On decent pitches and with the rules applied The Invincibles would have won every time and very comfortably.
    On shit pitches with violence allowed you would favour the 90,92 team,

  59. “Reckon ZP is closest so far – all-time not just the 2 eras in the article (great stuff btw YW) but the omission of SuperSwede is clear folly on his part.

    Toure Adams Vermaelen Santos
    Limpar Fabregas
    Henry RVP Bergkamp”

    Toure Vermaelen and Santos? RVP is in a purple patch but Smith and Wright have to have a claim!!

    Winterburn, Cole and Kenny Sansom all much better placed to be in an all-tim Arsenal XI

    No room for Brady, McLintock, O’Leary, Alex James, Rocky, George Armstrong?

  60. Invincibles for me with out a doubt.

  61. oh i dont know george – Dennis, Paddy, Gilberto, Sol and Lauren could all dish it out!

  62. I know Deise.But bad pitches and fouling are levelers.And when you are reduced to a lower level the better team tends to lose heart and the lesser team ,technically that is,are buoyed.

  63. the invincibles were nasty..

    i dislike how many bloggers take the physical element of the league OTT

    before wenger switched to smaller mobile players we were one of the worst and that includes the invincibles..

    i remember that day van nistlenostrils missed that pen and our lot were all over him..keown and his famous crane and lauren and romford giving him digs in the ribs..

    if any of stokes lot were doing that to our lads nowadays we’d be screaming murder and saying how corrupt the league is

    we were fucking tough we used to physically impose ourselves on opponents as well as technically..teams were shit scared..if we didnt play you off it we’d kick you off it teams had no answer..they had lost the game in their head before a ball was kicked..

  64. Seaman
    Sagna Adams Sol Cole
    Davis Vieira
    Limpar Bergkamp Pires

    Now, that team would do pretty well today, IMO.

  65. Thats pretty funny jj. Our players got clobbered with record fines and bans after the media went to town on the players reactions. Which were nothing but handbags. No legs broekn, no injuries, except to RvN’s ego. Even Keowns jump near him was sod all and would be a yellow at most.

    What ManYoo got away with thanks to Riley in the 50th game was far worse (but I would say that wouldnt I!); Cole getting his achiles raked, Ljungberg being punched in the stomach, Rio takin out Freddie for a cast iron red that never came and so on.

  66. Totally agree JonJon – but we have the likes of Frimpong, Jack and Kozzer… they don’t take any shit; I see us as a tough unit again.
    On a glass-half-empty note, I do worry if the Oily fuc#ers are going to hurt RvP tomorrow.. wouldn’t put it past them.

  67. Why would they hurt him? They dont want to injure a player they are goin to try and sign now.

  68. james it would be impossible to agree on an all time eleven..

    fans of different ages would have seen different players so the playing field wouldnt be even..
    but i tend to agree not many players in the past few years would be in it,,if any..

  69. The 90/91 team knew how to look after themselves. But where never overly dirty. They played hard. And showed resolve combined with flair.
    Beating Liverpool and the Mancs home and away was something special. The home game against the Mancs, still for me ranks as one of the best performances of any Arsenal team ever. We played them of the park. And then picked up the league trophy. Great night.
    English football was on high after Italy 90, teams attacked and scored great goals. Defending got harder but we only let in 18 goals while Liverpool let in 40 goals. We finished on 84 points scoring 74 goals. With two points docked. Amazing!
    But my highlight of the season was being in the crowd of 30 000 plus supporters turning up to watch a reserve game when Tony was released.

  70. dex that game v manutd was ridiculous refereeing..
    but we had many battles with utd over the years and we won some we lost some but we lost that day cos it wasnt a fair fight…

  71. i love frimmers..
    may not be as technical as the others but he just goes to war…

  72. Terrible terrible reffereeing. The fact Riley now is in charge of the refs is unbelievable mate. And the fact he goes to OT regularly is no major surprise!

  73. I loved both teams but I believe that the team of Bergkamp, Freddie & Henry would have done the 90-91 team on counter-attacks! The Invincibles could move the ball from defending an opposing corner to hitting a shot at goal in 19-seconds…Imagine that? And remember that the Invincibles always, always had a product at the end of an attack so unlike you I would go for a 3-1 win with Henry getting a brace..

  74. Dexter…fair point..but I really don’t think (or don’t want to) that RvP would sell out a la Na$ri – hurting him will hurt us, obviously..and they are just a nasty fucking bunch.

  75. Hopefully FRimpong and Coquelin will be around to play their part for the team. Frimpong needs a loan I think, possibly after the Leeds game and Ciquelin can be slowly eased in to get experience and also show he is in AW’s plans.

  76. ponyboy

    Yeah I know man, I was being a tad facetious! They will try and ‘do’ him for sure, then again, most teams try!

  77. It would be fantastic to see henry in an Arsenal shirt again. Him and a quality young striker in january would be great business. The Goetze hype is getting just fucking ridiculous now Β£50m???

  78. i think if mancini starts with nasri we should play frimmers..give him nasris old shirt to sniff and let him out of the cage..

    as long as he dont go breaking no jaws like davis did to cockerill its all good..but then again..maybe it wouldnt be a bad idea πŸ˜‰

  79. dex..
    i was chatting to a dude earlier who says he had been given wind that henry had signed an agreement to play for us..or somehting like that..i told him not to tickle my bollox but he swore it was true..
    we’ll see..

    but like you say bringing titi home for a bit would be great for the feel good vibe and a signing to go with it and we are rocking..

    what about henry and gotze?? πŸ˜‰

  80. Hope your mate was 100% definitely not tickling your family jewels man!
    That Goetze is a fine talent, but his price seems to be rocketing along with the hype! Henry would be great, but he’d be off in March, so another striker might be more needed than a midiflelder? Although we dont want to get into that debate again, or do we??? πŸ™‚

  81. Media hype George man, not sure if that’s Dortmund showing their intent to hold onto him though. Same with that Hulk being priced at Β£88m recently by Porto.

  82. kos is one of my favs. i knew he was going to be good from day 1. what annoyed me was all these so called experts were too stupid to see it.

    Im all about henry and pires so i loved the invicibles but thats also cos i started supporting in 2001.

  83. Personally I dont want to see Titi back as a player. I dont want to take the risk of tarnishing his status.

  84. Dex surly Β£8.8 ?Not more than 10 eh?

  85. Β£88m George, it was due to Man City being interested.

    Henry won’t be the main man if he came back, would be a bit part, so no massive expectations of him being in his prime. According to Keown he’s been amazing in training.

  86. George

    Have you been fighting with other people again? Just there’s an earlier post today and it’s rather disparaging of you dear chap! πŸ™‚

  87. depends what kind of midfielder πŸ˜‰

    personally id like to see both but a striker will be enough..

  88. just watching epsn wigna v chelsea..

    i love listening to keown talk football..

  89. john barnes shut the fuck up, you know shit..

    the rash is talking..

  90. Dex Was it goonerton per chance?

    As you so well put it “savage and Guppy” spring to mind

  91. JJ isn’t he just a class above when it comes to punditry ?

  92. george mate i could listen to him every game…

  93. JJ we sould have him at Arsenal rather than Stuart Robson.

  94. i tell you guys what..
    wigans victor moses is a talented lad..i seen a few games this year with him and i like the cut of his jibb, or whatever the phrase is..

    hes abit raw and sometimes wasetful but he can play..

  95. i dont know why we dont george..

    keowns knowledge of the game is spot on and hes always referring to us when he speaks..

  96. JJ – I am watching the Wgan – Chelsea game aswell but I am stuck with Stuart Robson commentating, what a twat!! He is so annoying that even when he says something I agree with I automatically want to change my mind.

  97. Ha! Yes George it was.

    Keown should have a role at Arsenal to do with the team, never mind the TV coverage!

  98. JonJon @ 11:12: I am inclined to agree with you on that. I spent the match in the Kop with my mate Dale (a Liverpool supporter who watched more Arsenal games due to the fact that we both lived in Highbury at the time)…well that game was a nerve-destroying a game as I have ever been to, but not for the game itself but for the fact that the Scourcers sussed us out and so we has to pretend to be Americans! Why we did not pretend to be Jamaican and he a Trinidadian is beyond me …but I know that after MT scored the second I could not help it – I just leaped into the air and hovered there wondering how long it takes to succumb to injuries from a good kicking..Good thing the Koppites were so gutted we were able to slip away with our lives…My mate Dale was more gutted having to take cover from his own supporters after losing that match…ah memories..(0;

  99. keown in a coaching role wouldnt be a bad thing

    hes passionate, he knows his footy, he speaks with authority…i think he’d be a very good motivator as well as tactical coach

  100. I wonder what the odds are for RVP to score a hattrick tomorrow?

  101. Terry injures himself trying to injure someone else!!! Love it!!

  102. Wow Gooner Terry, thats a blinding story man!

  103. @ Dexter: I could write a book about that game…I was so confident going into the game that we would get the two clear goals that we needed but as the game wore on the Kop got really abusive towards our team every time they ventured forwards – just before we scored they started singing “we won you cunts, we won you cunts, we won”…

  104. 1-1 Wigan awesome!!!

  105. Timing! I just switched onto ESPN as Wigan equalise!

  106. Petr Cech = dodgy keeper

  107. Wigan could win this you know, great game on their part.

  108. I would not go that far Dex but he has made a few blunders this season.

  109. Yeees!!

  110. Irishg

    He’s been dodgy for 2/3 seasons now mate. Made more fuck ups than Almunia

  111. great result for both Wigan and us. If they played like that every week they would be in the top ten easily. And still Torres cannot get a game, surely he has to put in a transfer request in January?

  112. Great point for Wigan. I really hope they can avoid relegation. Would be quite happy with Notlob, Blackburn and Wolves going down.
    And well, Chelsea surely have to start doubting Cech. It’s not the first mistake he has made this season, and even last year he did cost them points on occassion. He is past it and can no longer be considered world class, that’s for sure.

  113. So beating Man City was just perfect, they compensated by dropping two points today against Wigan. Great chance for us to stay in top four.
    THe only negative would be Manure going top inspite of their ridiculous form & playing style..

  114. Well what about those pundits who all this week declared Chelsea the only challengers of Oil City? More points dropped, to Wigan of all teams. (No disrespect meant as they earned the point.) As I said earlier this week, Chelsea is an ageing team that is long in the tooth. They can hurt big teams occasionally but they are not capable of high performance on a sustained basis. Drogba, Cech, Terry, Malouda and of course Anelka are all pass their sell-by date. Now they will either go on a free or sold for peanuts. For a team that rely on big name signings who have to compete with Oil City and PSG this is as close to a crisis.

  115. goonergerry..
    thats a good story mate..
    i bet you felt invincible…the koppites would have been indeed too drained to do a thing..

  116. Jon Jon @ 6pm

    “i think if mancini starts with nasri we should play frimmers..give him nasris old shirt to sniff and let him out of the cage..”

    love it.

    How stupid do those dumb f@cks on soccer saturday look now. They slated our 4 – 0 victory at Wigan. Chelsea back in the title race…..mmmm. Arsenal of course have no chance…two fingers. COYG

  117. To be honest in hindsight how much money did Chelsea spend on Torres and David Luiz? They must surely qualify as some of the worst buys in the history of the Premier League.

  118. shit..
    i leave the room and wigan score..
    who scored for them?

  119. Gosh I love you Wigan! What a possibly great result for us if we win and the Spuds lose tomorrow. Back into the top four properly before Christmas maybe :).
    Great post Yogi but it’s very hard to compare the two for me as I never saw the 90-91 team play. Loved the Invincibles but the 90-91 team did sound great also.

  120. Didn’t we beat Wigan 4-0?

  121. AVB has a problem or too..
    hes trying to teach an old dog new tricks

    he wants a new style but some of them are too old and set in their ways..

    hes got good players still but inconsistency is creeping in..

  122. AC milan on next on espn if anyones interested..

  123. Yeah, watching JJ. They have got one or two shite players in the starting line up

  124. Difference between Chelsea scouts and Arsenal Scouts

    Chelsea Scout : ” He looks like a useful defender, that Luiz. Gotta love the hair. Alright lets sign him up and i’ll still get home for dinner.”

    Arsenal : ” Balance excellent, footwork, Excellent, Speed, good, Tackling, Outstanding, Leadership, unbelivable, Posiitioning, perfect, Potential to make strikers shit themselves, Certain!

    ( Mr Wenger, yeah we found what you’ve been looking for, his name is Thomas Vermaelen )

  125. So the Chavs drop points to Wigan, of all teams. No disrespect meant as Martinez’s boys earned that point fair and square, playing decent football. Once again the pundits, who declared Chelsea as sole challengers for the title after they stole a victory from Oil City earlier this week, have had their uninformed opinions stuffed down their throats. As I said earlier this week, Chelsea is an ageing team that can hurt a big team team occasionally but they are too long in the tooth to maintain a high level of performance on a sustained basis. It was evident from last year to any perceptive, unbiased observer (including some ACLFers) that Drogba, Cech, Terry, Malouda and of course Anelka had peaked and should have been sold. Now their decline is so self-evident that they can only be sold for peanuts or let go on a free. For a team that rely on big signings and now have to compete with the oilers of Manchester and PSG, this is as close to a crisis as a billionaire with an expensive toy can have.

    Heaven’s help Villas Boa as he manages this transition. It could easily become a downward spiral.

  126. @Moe
    We scored four ‘dodgy’ goals against them.

  127. Sorry for that double post but my tablet’s browser is shitty. You never know when you post.

  128. Has anyone else noticed that teams are starting to try and adopt the Arsenal and Barcelona style?

    Arsenal has really inspired some of the Lower Teams i.e Swansea (with their excellent possesion) Blackpool, Norwich, and to an extent QPR.

    I think the style of play of teams is starting to dramatically change, and thats what Villas-boas is trying to do now. Even Man City is trying to copy the barcelona style, Mancini said so himself.

  129. I do not understand AVB taking off Sturridge and bringing on Malouda in his stead. Sturridge is now Chelseas leading scorer and always looks dangerous. He also took Juan Mata off, I forget which player came on for him. As soon as he made both of these changes Wigan made 2 of their own and went for it. they got a well deserved point for doing so and in fact could have won it with several chances at the end. I really do not see Chelsea challenging for the title but I would not be surprised to see them do well in Europe

  130. niles

    According to those idiots, we were gonna get relegated this season

  131. Irishgray 6:53 pm

    “JJ – I am watching the Wgan – Chelsea game aswell but I am stuck with Stuart Robson commentating, what a twat!! He is so annoying that even when he says something I agree with I automatically want to change my mind.”

    Irish – You never said a truer word. There is a supercilious tone to his commentary that simply pisses me off (pedantic george – look that up word for me, please).

  132. Wigan were also playing with 3CB’s for most of the second half, this seemed to really pay off against Drogba who really faded in the last half hour or so. Napoli play with 3 at the back aswell and they also beat City this way. I wonder how we will do with 4 at the back? πŸ™‚

    JJ – Sienna seem quite happy to sit back and try and catch Milan on the break, surely that is suicide when you have such a bad defense?

  133. Gooner Terry – that’s one of the best stories I’ve heard from ANY era! I trust you retained your ‘lucky’ American accent. If not, I suggest you resurrect it asap!

    Chelski eh, what a laugh and the classic example of why and how the ‘model’ on which they and Oil Citeh are founded is ultimately unsustainable; they can’t develop and bring on their own players as they have to pay and play the big stars; once the Drogbas and Cechs of the world get too old, disinterested or rusty, they can only replace them with more mega-signings.

    Ultimately the dodgy rubbles run out, the Arab Spring springs or the oil wells run dry; the fans at the Etihad realise THEY’VE been had, the Chavs become the have nots.

  134. Arsenalandrew – “the Chavs become the have nots.” – brilliant mate πŸ™‚

  135. Yeah Moe, we are in the relegation zone; we are being relegated to the top of the table…. Yikes!

  136. it depends Irishgray..

    milan tend to start with a slow tempo and gradually work there way into games…no real width as allegri likes to pack the middle but has aging midfeilders so suspect to the quick breaks..

    theyve conceeded quite a few this season…if theo and gervinho are fit we’ll have them on the wings..our quick tempo will have them chasing shadows

    i dont fear milan..

  137. Irish Gray – AVB is so far out of his depth he’s beyond saving; a young manager who is fine and looks quite good when it’s all going well but doesn’t have the experience to work the problem when things go wrong. Taking Sturridge off was, indeed, scarcely believable – I’m assuming a broken finger nail of summat?

  138. So close there for Sienna!!

  139. milan dominant in possession but sienna with the best chances..
    they have to score them though..wont be long before ibra finds the net..

    or allegri brings pato on to win the game πŸ™‚

  140. I very much like the idea of Henry coming beack, alebit for the short term only.

    I wouldn’t necessarily be a first choice, but his presence would boost the confidence of the players enormously. Every time he would play, he would be keeping 2 defenders busy, making more space for the others.

    Forget about his memmory, lets worry about the here and now and his return would be perfect.

    Please let’s do it now.

  141. JJ – I would not say I fear Milan but I certainly respect them. Any team with Seedorf and Ibra must be respected. And do not forget Robinho, a tempramental bastard true but a very talented one all the same. And then there is one of my favorite assholes in football ever, Kevin Prince Boateng! A total and utter Douche Bag if ever there was one but still the type of player who pops up with massive goals in massive games.

    Arsenalandrew – I would not call it on AVB just yet. He is obviously very young but he is also working with an aging squad and a striker(Torres) who has lost all confidence. I did not understand some of his decisions today but then I could say the same about some of AW’s decisions over the years. Let us just hope that Chelsea keep the faith with him and that he turns out to be an absolute idiot πŸ™‚

  142. MIKEL came on for Mata Irish, AVB was trying to do a mourinho..

  143. respect them yes..its milan..gotta respect them

  144. MJ – Thanks, could not for the life of me remember who came on and then promptly disappeared for the last 20 odd minutes.

  145. We are gonna rip them apart with this kind of starting line up. Virtually no midfield there..

  146. I think it’s right not to call time on AVB – he’s clearly got some sort of talent to be where he is.

    But I can’t help thinking there have been other managers who have had tangible success at the bRIDge but they still got the Russian bullet … and the whole business about getting players to involve the coaching staff in the goal celebrations – toe-curlingly awful and worthy, I’d say, of David Brent in The Office at his very worst. In other words, the original Billy NoMates and someone who in any case may already have lost the pensioners in the dressing room …

    So yes – let’s hope he lasts the season!!

  147. OK I tried to watch Italian football but man I just can’t do it. Half-empty stadiums and arguably the most boring of playing styles has led me to switch over to ‘Cabin Fever 2’.

  148. Thanks Shotta.
    That is a word I have been looking for ,for some time now.
    I think when combined with a profanity it will work a treat.Lets see.

    JosΓ© Mourinho is a supercilious cunt!

    Yes that will do nicely

  149. Is it possible to actually die of boredom – why oh why did Flamini want to leave us for that?

    I’m guessing this will be their main weapon of choice against us (boredom, not Flam); we must ensure our lot stay alert … never lose focus … beware the heavy eyelids … zzzzzzzzzzz

  150. Ibramahimovic is one of the most hyped players ever, slow, disinterested most of the time and lazy. (Have I jinxed it?)

  151. George

    That is a fine description of the odious c*nt man.

  152. Dexter.
    Odious,that is a word I have been looking for ,for some time now.
    I think when combined with a profanity it will work a treat.Lets see.

    Goonerton is an odious twat.

    Yes that will do nicely πŸ˜‰

  153. My pleasure PG, go nuts with it!

  154. Oh George behave (0;

  155. Gawd, even fullbacks that are only linked to us are gettting injured now!

  156. Good evening guys and girls,

    I can tell from flicking through the last few comments that the article topic has long moved on and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if my comments were already spoken about in the comments somewhere.

    The team of 90-91 team means so much to me, it was the first title that I could fully appreciate. I wasn’t much of a footy lover in 89 more interested in computer games back then. I got the VHS of the 90-91 tape and I probably still remember the commentary word for word. It brings back so many good memories and I still use my first hero as my favourite. Sir Anders of Limpar. I was obsessed with the guy.

    But the team of 2003/04 would have smashed the 91 side into little tiny pieces in my humble opinion. We mustn’t forget that this was an era before mega money, before world class foreign players took to these shores. The league back then almost seems like a mixed up Championship side.

    The players back then used to eat fish and chips, get pissed every other week and play matches on the weekend. That was the norm around the country. When you look at people like Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp, Freddie Ljungberg, Kolo Toure etc you are talking about super athletes who are conditioned for football not just old division one football but for Premier League football.

    Football has changed considerably since 91 in fact I doubt that the 2003/04 team could come anywhere near as close to going unbeaten today even if they were all that same age. Tactics have improved, physically players have improved let alone from all the way back in 1991.

    I was actually thinking of this as an article in future but sod it. What I would find interesting is what the likes of David Rocastle, Paul Merson and of course Anders Limpar could have achieved individually if Arsene had found them at 16-17 years old. How much would they have flourished under a developmental manager like Arsene rather than the strict regime of George Graham. Of course Graham did a fantastic job in building a ‘team’ a unit that were fantastically well organised but those players could have been so much more if given the freedom to develop.

    We will never get the answer but an interesting thought.

  157. Mean Lean.
    Good post, but where is the word I can use?

  158. How about ‘considerably’ George? As in Mourinho is a considerably odious c*nt?

  159. Or Merson,for the comedic image it conjures up

  160. Tragi-comedy

    See you all later, off out for drinks and wot have you

  161. AVB should’ve taken off one of Mata or Sturridge, not both. It’s as if he makes three substitutions just for the sake of it.

    Milan given a phantom penalty to go two goals ahead of lowly Siena. I respect Milan, but they’re shit at the moment. I really can’t see them coping with our speed.

  162. A word for George


  163. How does Italian football make money? I am guessing the stadiums are half empty for the same reason I switched off at halftime, which is to say that it is fucking BOOOORING!!!! It really is bad and that was Milan playing!! How bad is it when Lecce play Genoa or some other crap game? I mean Blackburn sell out on match day, so do Bolton, Wolves the list is endless!! Is it any wonder they only managed to score one goal in the last WC before getting dumped out? Think I will have to start watching the Bunesliga full time again. I stopped several years ago when it IMO stagnated a bit. But these days it seems to be flying again.

  164. George, behave. Odious and supercilious is for real cunts. There is hope yet for Goonerton.
    Hopefully this is not a cue for abuse.

  165. @ George

    The commentary at the Chelsea game was atrocious, monotonous, insufferable tedium

    Take your pick with regards to a word πŸ˜€

  166. Madrid 3-0 at HT but now down to 10 men

  167. Oh feckin great word that Dups(Pecksniffian) its a ripsnorter of a word(that#s my contribution)

    Anirudh,thank,I appreciate the effort ,but come on !

    Shotta.I see no hope for goonerton.Apart for his Merson value πŸ™‚

  168. Just turned on the Everton v Norwich match with Spanish commentators. They really are amazing. Even though there is nothing much happening in the game, they just make it sound so exciting!! Maybe Stuart Robson needs to learn Spanish!!?

  169. Even though I was not lucky enough to watch the 91 team live on TV as I was too young, all I can say is

    Anders Limper – Sveriges MΓ€stare πŸ˜€

  170. Anders Limpar of course sorry

  171. George

    Thats where your skill comes into it..too take those ordinary-ish words and create something..

    Ripsnorter..now that is a word and a half!!!

  172. rapscallion is a rogue of a word

  173. Irish, the Spanih commentators may sound more exciting, but they are as dull as their English speaking counterparts as far as their insights.

  174. Gains – Rob a man of his dreams would you? ARRRRGGGHHH!!!

    No seriously, all I meant is thst Robson will say “He should ‘ve passed that!” like it is a huge insight when a player shoots and misses or “He should’ve shot that!” when a player opts for the pass instead of shooting. He is an idiot who for some reason is considered a tactical genius. Anybody with half a mind and a DVD player can analyse a match after it has been played and point out the tactics the various teams/managers utilized. I have yet to hear him come up with the proper set of winning tactics before a game. He is right up there with Warren Barton who comes up with beauties such as: “Their problem is they’re not scoring goals. You cannot win a game if you do not score any goals” or “They are not defending well enough. They keep conceding soft goals and you cannot win when you concede soft goals.” Two fucking geniuses the pair of them. There is an old saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” Apparently when it comes to football “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, go on Sky Sports or the like and talk shite for several minutes (Chelsea for the title!?) based on one result, only to return the following week to state the opposite. All with a straight face that deserves to be slapped and slapped hard. Preferably with a baseball bat. πŸ™‚ I realise the Spanish guys are more than likely just as bad but at least the game still excites the hell out of them, and what’s even better is I can’t understand a word. Simples!

  175. Thanks Limestone. I have never really been “away”. I’ve just found commenting regularly more and more difficult because of work ( less people doing more work for less money appears to be the mark of these times but I’m not complaining. I know people who are worse off than I) and also because of the sort of silly internet spats I found myself getting involved in… life’s too short, as they say.

    Incidentally one of the reasons I find Yogi and ACLF so interesting is that YW finds a way to write a post almost every single day of the year without resorting to cheap, hyperbolic, witless or sensationalist nonsense. I really, really find this ability to remain level headed and sensible in the midst of the overhyped atmosphere that surrounds Arsenal to be a remarkable feat. I know that I can’t do it.

    Finally on the ’91/ Invincibles comparison I have to say that I really do think that how you rate the two teams achievements depends on what you choose to compare and I don’t mean this as a mealy mouthed way of coping out of having a preference. For me the Invincibles were a, by far, superior team, technically, physically and I’d argue mentally too. I also think that achievement of assembling the Invincibles and managing them was the greater managerial achievement, IMHO, let’s not forget that the invincibles didn’t just go an entire season unbeaten… they went 49 games unbeaten. But here’s the thing… in terms of actually fulfilling their respective potentials the team of 91 was better, again IMHO. I say this because I think that the the Invincibles underachieved, as crazy as that might sound… the Invincibles shouldn’t have been Invincible in the league only, we could and should have done the treble that year. The loss to United in the semi of the FA cup was a sickner… we played Aliadiere from the start. And the loss to Chelsea in the ECL was even worse. We should have buried them in the first half of the home leg of that tie. So, like I said how you rate the teams depends on what you choose to compare.

    The other thing that surprises me is that no one has seen fit to include Gilberto Silva in their combined line-ups. I honestly believe that if Gilberto had not gone off to play for Brazil during the the time we played the two big matches that we did lose in 2004, at home to Chelsea and the FA cup semi against ManU, I honestly believe that the treble would have been most probably won by the Invincibles. Gilberto was absolutely vital to the achievement of the going unbeaten for an entire season. I think that Gilberto Silva is one of the most underrated footballers ever to pull on an Arsenal shirt..

    manure have a lifeline back into the champions league. do you believe the luck? scumbags will punish swiss fa by disqualifing basel fc if the swiss fa don’t punish fc sion.
    is there no justice??
    i think ill go and throw up..

  177. ok,, i feel a little better.
    great results from the EPL on saturday. hope it continues into sunday. chelski & Newcastle have dropped two points each. feeling super confident the crew can takecare of business up north in oily city. bring on the mercenaries. 2-0 to thy GUNNERS .. THEO AND 3Gs
    to light the place on fire…. thank you to mario and micah for starting the fireworks already in the shitty locker room. onwards and FORWARDS…..

  178. a manure defeat or draw tommorw id not out of the realm of possibilities.
    neither id a liverpool draw against sunderland.

  179. Goonerkam – What’s up buddy? Can’t wait for tomorrow, promises to be a great match. Would be great to get 3 points but a draw will not be the end of the world either. But I just do not want a game where we create chance after chance yet fail to score. If 3G’s is going to start banging them in, then now is the perfect time to start.

  180. As far as Manure getting back into the Cl, I think bayern should just be given a free ride into the next round as that would be the fairest thing to do IMO. However, just for the record, if the The Arsenal ever finds itself in the same position then I shall reverse my opinion and demand that we are reinstated to the CL. I hope you all agree πŸ™‚

  181. all in all irish, it is a cheap way to gain entry VIA the back door.. what makes me want to puke is that manure will again benefit at the expense of Basel fc who deserve to be where they are.
    as far as shitty is concerned, a draw won’t be a bad result but i realy think now is a good time to play these bumms and take full points. exit from cl, loss to chelski, and now getting mauled by the GUNNERS. one more nail in their coffin. coach out. start transitioning and that should give us and the rest of the league to take advantage

  182. hope you are having s great weekend buddy. by the end of this month WE WILL BE TOP THREE..

  183. Well said G’kam, FC Basle should not be punished for something another club did. They played their hearts out against Utd and deserve to go through. For those of you interested here is the link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2075453/Manchester-United-potential-Champions-League-reprieve.html

  184. thanks for that link. but i was getting my info. from the BBC. a tad more respectable source. how’s the weather in newyork? i hear its freeze your nuts off cold.. HAHA

  185. irish, is ‘ FUCKING unbelievable’ the same as ‘UNFUCKING believable’.?
    not realy ha.
    . i goofed.
    too much Tequila.. πŸ˜›

  186. I hear Marco Pierre White is charging 8.50 for dripping toast in one of his pubs.

  187. LOL G’kam keep knocking back that Tequila. yes it is getting colder in NYC but we are not too bad at the moment, usually gets worse in January. I have to say I do prefer Unfuckingbelievable myself πŸ™‚

  188. I would imagine it tastes better than your latest version of Pasties MDGunner.

  189. Ha. Acceptance. You used the correct plural of pasty. Welcome to the dark side. CBob is going to berate you.

  190. MDGunner – I beg to differ my good friend as I have always stated the proper spelling is Pasties, except where your falsities are concerned. I think you will find that Cbob and I have already had this conversation and we are in full agreement. πŸ™‚

  191. you are both wrong. the correct spelling is panties. πŸ˜‰


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