Per-fect Harmony As German Rumours Abound

There seems to be a close link developing between Arsenal and the Bundesliga. No sooner has a transfer window come into view, than the Goetze rumour mill is joined with Hummels and Reus. Tomas Rosicky is wanted by Wolfsburg – better than being wanted by Interpol I suppose – whilst Lukasz Podolski to Arsenal gathered pace with his assertion that playing for another German club is not on his agenda, so abroad it is. Some reports suggest that if he played for his current employers, they might be enjoying a better season. 

Per Mertesacker cemented those links and has asked for time to settle,

If you have no pre-season with the team then that makes it more difficult. People think it’s easy to connect with your club, your team-mates, but it takes time. It’s getting better and better and hopefully I can keep improving now. Let me play a season and you can get [the full picture] of my personality and my ability as a footballer

It is incredible that an experienced international is reduced to almost begging for time to be assessed. Before he was signed, the received wisdom was the he had the turning circle of a Routemaster with the pace of a half-drunk tortoise. That was the wisdom we received from the ego’s who told us that they watched every match he played in.

Of course, the truth did not fit with their version of events at Arsenal. And bore no resemblance to any truth about the player. It seems barely believable that those views were given any credence but that was then, this is now.

And now, Mertesacker has become an integral part of the defence. Organisationally, his confidence grew with the return of Thomas Vermaelen and the continued improvement of Laurent Koscielny as a player. That he can form a solid partnership with either depending on the team selection, and so seamlessly, underlines his abilities. We should not need to wait for a season to know that he has been a good signing for the club.

But such is the instant nature of today’s world, condemnatory words are readily found.


Theo Walcott spoke about the new players, seeking to put the negatives to bed and summing up the situation succinctly,

Our new players needed time to gel, time to settle. They had to get used to the way the club is run. It was always going to take time. We had injuries as well. Things were not going our way, but the way we’ve played in the last few weeks, it’s nice to see us move up the table.

A trailblazer of the Anglo-German path and now sadly not playing for a club any more is Alex Hleb, who has been unceremoniously dumped by Wolfsburg which perhaps might not be the best selling point for the club. In defence of Felix Magath, the Wolfsburg coach is merely displaying the same kind of ruthlessness Arsène articulated recently.

Back to Hleb, if anyone personifies how leaving Arsenal can all go wrong, it is the Belorussian. Barcelona hasn’t worked out and despite loans with Stuttgart and Birmingham before the current one, where he will spend the final year of his contract is anyone’s guess. All of this as a result of an illicit ice-cream.

Despite assurances from the well-connected Mirrorman, Robin van Persie has not spoken to Arsenal about his contract according to Peter Whimsy. But the driving force behind Arsenal’s resurgence this season said, “I think Robin wants to stay, he seems very happy“. Well that’s just fine and dandy then.

One or two things ahead of Sunday. Despite spending heavily for several years, City have still maintained their record of not progressing beyond the first round of the Champions League or its predecessor. Yes, that is a tad gloating but nowhere near as knowing that Manchester City are the only English team to be crowned Champions (1936-37) and relegated the following season (1937-38). Were that to be a price of them winning the title this season, I think that I might well be happy to let them have their silverware…

’til Tomorrow.

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  2. ‘But such is the instant nature of today’s world……..’. How true Yogi,how true.

  3. Enjoyable YW.

    Mertz has asked the doubters for a summer evaluation and he hsa more than earned it in my view.

    Hleb is proof of what ingratitude & illicit ice cream can do to a career. He hurt us the way he left, now he knows the universe & its gods wear the red & white.

    Much credit must go to the German FA for how in-demand their players have become.
    A win @ Euro ’12 would do quite nicely.

    Mozart leaving would surprise me as I feel AW rates him very highly.

    Cologne play Bayern on Friday. Gives us a chance to see our potential arrival in action.

    Oh and I know Shitty are scared shitless. Sunday could be a wonder-game.
    Nasri’s face after the game will be priceless.


  4. I think the shouts of ‘panic buys’ from early on in the season have gone quiet .And its down to the fact that results speak loudest.Per,Arteta and Santos most will agree are already proving their mettle and they have brought a solidity ( and experience) to Arsenal that we have lacked for some time.We wait on Park Chu Young to deliver.And I’m sure he will.

  5. Jon – That is an interesting article. I have seen a fair bit of him and do think he would do well at Arsenal, but much of that article is bang on. He has not lived up to his potential. He reminds me of a more determined and agressive Reyes.

  6. “Per,Arteta and Santos most will agree are already proving their mettle and they have brought a solidity ( and experience) to Arsenal that we have lacked for some time”

    Well Matt Le calling them failures still.As does the Sunday Supplement regularly.People resist wiping the egg from their faces and just hope a reason to justify their mistakes pops up.

    Yogi.Can I take it you hold young Mr. Grace in contempt?

  7. Yeah, good article. Am I the only one who thinks that in Per, Ver and Kos we have three of the best defenders not just in the league but possibly Europe also? In Ches one of the outstanding goalkeepers? Sure, they will make mistakes but people need to be focusing in on the dominance they are starting to achieve rather than worrying about the odd slip here etc. Assuming fitness, they will just get better and better and the nonsense written at the start of the season about Per in per-ticular was always exactly that – nonsense; you don’t get that established in the German national side with the turning circle of a bus …

    We may or we may not win anything this year but one thing is already for sure; the early season myths surrounding the prospects for Citeh, Manure, Liverpool, Chelski have already been exploded. The current fashion for talking up the Spuds will also be shown to be hype as they STILL lack strength in depth.

    Turning into a very promising season – if Arsene manages to secure back up for RvP then who knows what will be possible for us?

  8. I still have doubts about the big German defender.On a one on one situation,he could easily be turned by the likes of Lennon,Defoe and other quick moving strikers and mds.The only way is make sure he is not isolated.

  9. there isn`t a centre-back in the league (& can`t think of one anywhere) that is not going to be vunerable to players with that sort of pace running at them 1 on 1

  10. Like any player, Mertesacker has his pro’s and con’s. The trick for the manager is finding a back 5 of players which compliment each others strengths and weaknesses. For me, Mertesacker plus one of TV5/Kos is a winning combination.

  11. PG – Le Tissier was a very special footballer. But is a very average pundit.

  12. Andy.i think you are spot on about combinations.The best two player are not necessarily the best pair.

  13. I think we will miss Santos ,in an attacking sense,more than we can have imagined a few short months ago

  14. Mert has already proved himself, he is quite a defender and not as slow as people made us believe, I’d say he is much better than all the defenders people wanted us to buy last summer. Having watched afew of Chelsea’s game this season i can categorically say he is not as slow as John Terry!!!!

  15. PG

    >Can I take it you hold young Mr. Grace in contempt?

    No, I don’t rate him that highly.

  16. le tiss has his opinion and others have theirs. Fact is per has not done bad but he isnt that great unleses you lower expectations of what a top defensive pair is, and for me he doesnt fit the bill, for me he is a decent defender who would never get a first team shot when there are better, and there are, koz and tv. Haqppy for him to be back up cause he has experience, like someone said he has pros and cons in his game and pace is one thing you need as a defender these days if your going to challenge at the top, football is changing, more emphasis is being given to passing and movement, look at the youngsters coming through,they are learning to play differently these days. so yes judge him at the end of the season, and that means both camps, so all you getting excited about pers and putting down the ones that question remember, your in the same boat just going down a different river

  17. Well, if Le Tis (who, at the best of times, I find is best watched with the mute button firmly deployed) is STILL maintaining they are failures then this will rank as his equivalent of Hanson’s “you can’t win anything with kids”/”Theo doesn’t have a footballing brain” punditry triumphs …

  18. “Having watched afew of Chelsea’s game this season i can categorically say he is not as slow as John Terry!!!!”
    And he seems a decent sort as well.More than you can say for JT.

  19. quqker I dont remember him being turned over by most teams we have played this season.

  20. Why in the name of all that’s holy did wenger use santos in a match he was trying to lose? i think we’ll have to loan a left back in january.

    everybody knows gibbs is only good for 3 matches at a stretch

  21. Boomer.
    Do you ever have a positive thought?
    I suggest Prozac

  22. dejavu.
    prozac could help you as well.

    Were do these miserable bastards come from ?

  23. Thanks Yogi.

    I agree with firstlady, he has proved himself already. He has had one or 2 slip ups, but other than that, has shown excellent adaptation in settling into the country, bonding with his team mates and coming into a much higher paced and frantic league. He’s done exceptionally well. He didn’t have a pre-season with us, which makes his progression all the more impressive. He may not be the quickest over the first few yards, but once his legs get going, he’s not as slow as we are always told. His positional sense makes up for it anyway.

    Interesting article on Podolski. I haven’t watched German club football for a while, but have always been impressed with him when playing for his nation. It sounds like he has some ego, but obviously it could just be misguided views of the article’s author…

    George – Santos has been a revelation imo. Watching him at the Emirates, i really fell for him (not in a man-love way..). His defensive ability has been played down, or downright dismissed by many, but his ability to make a tackle when backtracking and one-on-one, is very impressive and improving all the time. His attacking play is a joy to watch too. Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  24. We’re linked with Hummells now? I mentioned his name yesterday, wasn’t aware we were actually linked with him.

    jon, that article makes Podolski look like a proper bellend (assuming the comments are accurate). The comments directed at a coach like Jürgen Klopp, who has performed miracles with a young team for a club that was on the brink of collapse when he took over, are particularly petty. And he comes across as an arrogant twat.

    I agree with arsenalandrew’s sentiments about our defensive line. Other teams must surely be jealous. Huge credit must go to our scouting staff.

    Pundits still roll out the Mertesacker being slow argument. It just displays their ignorance and laziness. Hacks.

  25. “I think we will miss Santos ,in an attacking sense,more than we can have imagined a few short months ago”

    George I already missed him during the Everton game, the way he takes the ball off players and stands his ground when attackers come to him is a thing of beauty.

  26. @pedantic george

    you better take those panties off your eyes and see the truth.

    I’m not critisizing the team, only stating a fact

  27. Interesting thoughts too on the link between Podolski’s form suddenly improving for his club, and his place in the German team being under threat from the players coming through.

  28. Well “everybody knows “you talk shit.

    Do you see what I just did?

    Think about it?

    If you can!

  29. Of course, you’re just stating a fact there George, not criticising…

  30. Dejavu, Santos could have gotten injured anywhere, (in training, the game before the one he played or after) unfortunately he happened to get injured in a rubber game, get over it.

  31. I saw the Merts interview on Arsenal Player and he was responding to a prompt about how Koscielny had some problems the first season but improved greatly in his second. He seems like a very confident but humble player. And let’s be honest, he knows he had some bad moments that gave up goals but is also quite aware that the defending has become more solid.

  32. I miss Santos already because he has been quite solid defensively the last month and adds genuine threat on attack. It is a surprisingly big miss for us. It puts the onus on the front three and Ramsey to develop attacks and create/take chances. Perhaps we will see more of Arteta and Song coming forward to drop passes like Song’s to RVP last match or taking shots from distance like Arteta did at Wigan (?).

  33. Everybody knows AW is a crap manager.
    Fire him & sell Gibbs to Coventry.

  34. The team has looked much more compact in recent weeks and that is main reason we are defensively more sound. Aside from his indivual game, Mertesacker does bring good organisational skills to the back line, and this is imperative and something that we have lacked previsouly. Especially when the likes of Jenksinson were thrown into games, they will have looked to mertesacker for guidence.

  35. george, it seems as though you’ve been revitalised, possibly by all the stirring words on the nature of ACLF last week? I know I was. Kudos goes to you though, I remember you single-handedly tackling the worst of the doomers here for most of the summer, when the rest of us were in a forced hibernation from football.

    Also, go on the Rovers tonight! Give them lazy Spuds a bloody nose.

  36. Santos’ loss should be someone else’s “gain”. I agree Limestone. I’d give TR7 more playing time & reduce Rambo’s.

  37. Limestonegunner, those through-balls of Song’s are becoming a regular feature in games. In the Everton game alone he could have had 3 assists had our finishing been a little sharper. I think it’s because in years gone by his main objective was to get the ball to Cesc. These days he’s given more to do and has thrived.

    7 assists already this season. Folk will come knocking in the summer.

  38. Also with the loss of 3Gs in Jan, the potency of our wing play reduces.
    We have no option but to boost our CM creativity.

    AA replaces 3Gs w/o Verm behind him must either play more wide or have TR7/ Rambo & Song-Arteta compensate on the left with RvP.

    TR7 being swifter, more creative & having a greater understanding with AA & RvP is the preferred option ahead of Ramsey. He should be played more.

  39. corr:
    AA, who replaces 3Gs with Verm behind him & likes to cut in, must have TR7/ Rambo compensate & alternate on the left along with RvP with Messrs. Song + Arteta protecting.

  40. Marcus, they will and I believe he only has 18 months left on his. Need to extend that.

    I also agree with you Aman; I’d expect Rosicky to be playing a bit more, perhaps spelling Ramsey who runs so much that by 75-80 mins he looks knackered.

  41. Lots of fool pundits still are talking about Spuds’ midfield being better than ours! Song is streets ahead of Parker. Modric at best is narrowly ahead of Arteta. Ramsey v. VdV? Ramsey works much harder and will get the goals. VdV hasn’t been playing as much because he doesn’t help out enough by defending from the front.

  42. CL draw tomorrow.
    Your bets, gents?

    CSKA Moscow
    FC Basel
    Bayer Leverkusen
    Zenit St Petersburg
    AC Milan.

    I go for Zenith St Petersburg.
    AA’s ex-team.

  43. It’s got to be Moscow, Aman – rioting and a Russian winter to contend with? Anything else would be way too easy!

  44. Careful limestone, you’ll spark another North London first team 11 debate. That was hard enough to stomach the first time around.

  45. Mertesacker has the highest pass completion percentage amongst our defenders this season. The English press should realise that just because he is tall doesn’t mean he can’t play. I have seen him stereotyped as a defender not comfortable on the ball.

    On an aside, regarding yesterday’s post, I think we don’t need to sell to buy because we haven’t registered the full quota of 25 players. I could be wrong though.

  46. The only difference with last two seasons is that for once we can rotate injuries. Gibbs/Santos/Miquel. Sagna/Jenks/Djourou/Kos. Wilshere/Ram. OK, I made that up.

    But, Lil Mozart leaving in January. Naah. Not a chance. Summer yes, likely.

    And then Per the drunken tortoise with impossibly long legs. Who purrs along quite nicely. What I like in that statement is simply he is not yet satisfied with his performances to date. A good sign.

    I miss Santos too. His feckless disdain hanging round at the back waiting for something else to happen reeks of confidence that swirls around more brittle bravado of less mature players, as does his basic technique of stopping flighty wingers by standing in their way, outstretching a foot like Cassius Clay jab and watching as they bounce off him. In other words he’s Brazilian and gets away with what he tries.

    I have no idea what feckless means. Can you be feckful too? Can you own or have a feck, or give a feck?

  47. I would like a nice trip to France, Switzerland or Germany. Don’t fancy an away trip to Russia. I believe we are stronger than all the teams we might face in the second round, including Milan.

  48. Keyser – We have our quota of non-homegrown players though. So if we were to fill up the slack, they would have to be classed as homegrown. We would need to shift out players who aren’t homegrown if we want to bring one in.

    Am i right in thinking this doesn’t count for players under 21?

  49. Geo…having done some searching seems you are right. But this doesn’t count fro under 21 players, we can take as many of them without upsetting the equation.

  50. Apparently Villa has broken his leg in the Club World Championship. I hope this doesn’t trigger a bid for RVP.

  51. Hooray! Right then Wenger, bring in Hazard, Goetze, Neymar and any other media darling ‘wonderkids’. Do it now. 😉

  52. Just seen a poll for Arsenal Player of the Year. I’d like to throw Song’s name thrown into the hat, but honestly there’s only going to be one winner…

  53. I don’t think we need any of the above though. As it is our midfield is perfectly well stocked. We might need someone who can play left wing and striker. I am sure this has been discussed already.

  54. Yeah – Bendtner’s having a flyer at Sunderland, Aman!!!

  55. I was only joking keyser..! It was, and will be discussed at length i’m sure.

  56. If he doesn’t feature in O’Niel’s plans it might not be the worst idea to call back Bendtner from loan. He is also home grown, and there is a good player in there somewhere.

  57. @ZimPaul | December 15, 2011 at 12:15 pm
    “I have no idea what feckless means. Can you be feckful too? Can you own or have a feck, or give a feck?”

    You can definitely give a feck in Ireland and you can also be told to feck off (Watching Father Ted would give you a feel for the word). I’m not entirely sure where the word came from, but it seems to be just a milder form of fuck. Some chancer also tried to market Feckitt (or something like that) clothing a few years ago playing on the Hackett brand, but that seems to have died a death.

  58. Well I’m off to our local Cathedral to prepare for a service that my work is involved in… Not a religious person at all, but it’s nice to get to work in such a beautiful building. I’ll be away for a while from now too, so enjoy any festivities people and see you all in the New Year!

    Peace to all 🙂

    And up the Arse.

  59. Villa was listed the other day so I don’t see how having broken his leg will change things.

  60. bunjaku, has left us. Can’t believe we let him go. Out of all our kids this one really seemed to be the real deal. Rumour in the news was that it was regarding his outburst at not getting rewarded for all his efforts and an comments made regarding the foreign kids getting special treatment.

    Bould, hasn’t made any mistakes that I can remember and I would be surprised if Wenger doesn’t have the final say but, I think this was a huge mistake judging by his talent and eye for goal.

    i Hope we get a valid explanation for this one.

  61. Pedantic George

    As far as I am aware Villa being available for transfer was just rumour. I am not sure Barca would have sold him in January, even though they are a strange club when it comes to buying and selling strikers.

  62. “i Hope we get a valid explanation for this one.”

    Yes because we deserve it .
    I cant remember authorising this.
    Any of you other experts given permission for the lad to be released?
    Thought not.Pfft,I blame the board.

  63. Ah right.sorry .I stand corrected then.Keysersoze.I had taken it as fact .My mistake.
    In which case I agree.Lets not be having those mugs at it again.

  64. Goonerton, where are the Bunjaku rumours from? This article on the official site was only posted yesterday:

  65. Peace Geo.
    Happy holidays
    Up the Arse indeed.

    U mean Bendtner the greatest player on planet Earth bar Ibrahimovic?

  66. Markus .It was a source near the club.Or a London source,or perhaps he just believes it to be the case.
    Still we need something to moan about.This will do for today I suppose.

  67. Where is the stuff about Bendtner coming from?

    I like the lad.He has rather burned his bridges though.

  68. “He can play in Van Persie’s position as well as Gervinho’s position. That’s why Wenger has signed him”

    Must be true, Pyles has said so.

  69. Block 4 / Zimpaul

    1590s, from feck, “effect, value, vigor” (late 15c.), Scottish shortened form of effect; popularized by Carlyle, who left its opposite, feckful, in dialectal obscurity. Related: Fecklessly; fecklessness.

  70. “He can play in Van Persie’s position as well as Gervinho’s position. That’s why Wenger has signed him”

    Who? Bunjaku?

  71. Another great post yogi.

    Have to give credit to all of those people who were telling me that the team needed more time to gel. I was skeptical that we could really turn around that early season form but it’s nice to watch us climb up the table. The resurgence has been built on defensive solidarity and if we can maintain that we will avoid the melt downs of past seasons. We do need to score a few more goals if we want to really challenge for anything more then 4th so let’s go get us a goal scorer or 2.

    I have never met a transfer rumour that I didn’t love so keep them coming. Good stuff.

    It wasn’t just the pundits who were slating PerM for his large turning radius and lack of pace. I remember some quite interesting descriptions of him from several of our more dogmatic regulars who claimed to be experts after having watched him play several games. I think getting PerM was the best thing we could have done for our defense. As Andy points out and our last 6 years has shown, having the best technical or the fastest players does not necessarily make the best team.

  72. Getting PerM was really a piece of terrible business since we could have gotten him for free next summer.

  73. Nothing really against Bendy although agree he’s burnt his bridges; a classic example of a player who really should have gone on loan for a season or two at a club where he would have had a constant stream of games – look what it did for Wilshire, to name just one.

    Bill – the comments re: Per were always hard to understand – you just don’t get to play that many games for the German national side if you are anything like as poor as his critics were suggesting. The fact that some of these criticisms may have come from pretendy-Arsenal fans is simply shameful.

  74. well, this is a comment from the banjuku inteview that touched me…

    “The midfielder’s thinking is consistent. When asked “which current Arsenal player is your role model?” Alban’s response was “Abou Diaby” and the explanation for his choice goes thus: “The guy is truly talented but has had so many injury problems, he hardly gets a chance to string a run of games together before another injury takes him out again, but every time I see him around the training ground he is always so positive and I admire him for that.”

  75. I wasn’t saying it how you put it oh great one george.

    Was just simply saying it would be nice to know why one of our very talented youngers has been shown the door and trying to see if anybody on here knew anything.

    But, questions like that can’t be processed in a decent manner through your head so you have to resort to high horse tactics as you always do when somebody has a point or query you don’t agree with.

    You then state your affection for a player like bendtner. That’s why I just ignore the abusive shit that you post. I said it before, my post are not directed at you so go beat the wife or something.

  76. Apparently 12.6 million pounds buys us Podolski.
    AA cost about the same didn’t he?

    my CL draws:
    Arsenal – Zenith
    Madrid – Marseille
    Inter – Basel
    Bayern – Milan
    Barca – Leverkusen
    Benfica – CSKA
    Chelsea – Lyon
    APOEL – Napoli

  77. Arsenalandrew

    If Arsenal hadn’t signed Mertesacker the critics would have pointed out that he was exctly the signing Arsenal needed. That is the way it works.

  78. Why do you want to play Zenit? I don’t want to visit East Europe on a Wednesday and play in the league on Saturday. Leave the Manchester clubs to negotiate trips to Russia, Poland and Ukraine.

  79. i don’t want to play Zenith Keysersoze
    I’m just a uefa ping pong ball

  80. Keysersoze | December 15, 2011 at 1:42 pm

    That’s a top post and that’s exactly how they roll. He would of been the man that could fix our f-ups at the back blah bah blah with even arry giving his opinion in the sun alongside wrighty.

    Correct again…..We need to stay the hell away from Eastern Europe. Very long flight indeed.

  81. Zenit have the tightest defence after Marseille according to the table. Plus they are at the arse-end of Russia.

    I have no doubt we’ll draw them…

  82. Keyserzone @ 1:42

    Life sucks and then you die.

  83. Leverkursen please. 90mins from me.

  84. Feckless, fecker et al are used all over Ireland (especially by my dear departed mother) and there are a few meanings. Mainly it means incompetent, careless or lazy but it in terms of ‘fecker’ it can also mean a chancer.

    It’s a weird word because though, as Yogi showed, it’s etymology is entirely different to fuck it has been used as an almost acceptable replacement for fuck – so feck off, did he feck etc are clearly a hybridisation of two different words.

    Being a little bit feckless is part of the Irish psyche I’d say – well it certainly is in my family! 😉

  85. Exactly right Keysersoze – the anti-Wenger hysteria by the end of August was such that he could have signed ANYBODY and been slated for it, regardless. Signing Parker would have signalled a lack of ambition, ANY big name players signed in a coup (such as Lampard or Gerrard) would have been labelled yesterday’s men; the guy at that time could do no right.

    Sickening times with those views made all the worse by the endorsement of the pretendy-fans – which is why our current progress is all the more pleasing.

  86. I get the feeling Gonnerton doesn’t like me very much.
    Perhaps he should form a tag team with PonyBoy.

  87. Feckless – sort of obstinately slack-jawed and half-arsed, isn’t it?

    John Terry is a feckless, racist, thug – for example.

    Ashley Cole is a feckless fucking idiot with a penchant for shoving mobile phones up his arse – is another…

  88. George @ 1:36:

    I was concerned that getting PerM this season might hurt our chances to win the accountants cup. But then I looked at the tables and saw that we have such a huge lead that we are a lead pipe lock lock for that trophy again this season. 😊

  89. feck·less (fkls)
    1. Lacking purpose or vitality; feeble or ineffective.
    2. Careless and irresponsible.
    [Scots feck, effect (alteration of effect) + -less.]

    feckless [ˈfɛklɪs]
    feeble; weak; ineffectual; irresponsible
    [from obsolete feck value, effect + -less]
    fecklessly adv
    fecklessness n

  90. Isn’t it musical Thursdays?

    This is killer – but some of the more, er, seasoned posters – might see it as butchery – not sure. They’d be wrong anyway – it’s wicked.

  91. Andrew.Not to mention the pretendy fan ex players like Merson,Wrighty ,Smith and even Campaign Charlie himself.
    Feck them,feck them all to hell and back .

    By the by ,goonerton said”I wasn’t saying it how you put it oh great one george.”
    This pleases me greatly and I am thinking of swapping “pedantic” for “oh great one”
    What do you think peeps?

  92. Bill ,I knew exactly what you were saying mate.Hence “stop it” .
    You can be naughty from time to time.

  93. Mrs. Doyle: It’s a bit much for me, Father. “Feck this” and “Feck that”
    Father Ted Crilly: Yes, Mrs Doyle.
    Mrs. Doyle: “You big bastard.” Oh, Dreadful Language. “You big hairy arse.” “You big Fecker.” Fierce Stuff! And of course the F-word father, the bad F-word. Worse then Feck. You know the one I mean.
    Father Ted Crilly: Yes, I do, Mrs Doyle
    Mrs. Doyle: “F you” “F your effing wife” I don’t know why they have to use language like that. “I’ll stick this effing pitch up your hole” That was another one.
    Father Ted Crilly: I see what you mean, Mrs Doyle
    Mrs. Doyle: “Bastard this” and “Bastard that”. You can’t move for the Bastards in her novels. It’s wall-to-wall bastards.
    Father Ted Crilly: Is it Mrs Doyle?
    Mrs. Doyle: “You Bastard” “You Fecker” “You bollocks! Get your ballocks out of my face.”
    Father Ted Crilly: Yes, you just go and prepare for the nuns.
    Mrs. Doyle: “Ride me sideways” was another one.

  94. there are my two pennies – first from great GSH reworking by jamie xx ‘We’re New Here’ and the other from guy i saw over the weekend, nice odd techno pop w from Kompakt stalwart. South American who has been living in Cologne since the early nineties.

  95. this music Thursday is irksome .But here is one related to all the Arsenal transfer stories

  96. Every bloody newspaper article I read on AFC’s good run of form is built on this glaringly false premise that the Reserve Team dead rubber at OT beginning of the season was this much needed wake up call from Fergie; a paternal spanking that we should be very grateful for.

    What a load of fucking horse bollocks. I know you have to write to a narrative and build up the drama but that is pure fairy tale and every paper runs and runs with it. It’s common knowledge now. Do they think we were planning on playing the whole season with Carl and Armand as 1st choice fullbacks? Rosicky and Arshavin playing every game? Poor old Franny C holding us together?

    “Jesus God!” said Pat to Arsene, “We better get to the fucking shops tomorrow and replace those players we sold! We’re getting ripped apart here!”

    “I know, I know. I can see it now. I thought we’d get by but that sly old Ferguson – he knows a thing or three. He’s taught us a lesson here. Thank you sir Alex. To the shops, Pat!”

    No-mark, feckless idiots.

  97. Yes yes, jabberwocky! Love both those songs. You sir, know what I’m talking about.

  98. Music Thursdays are the new Fridays. They’re the bomb. In fact, fuck the football. Yogi – do you mind? That’s it, move along – this is a music blog now…

  99. Limpar,you are mean spirited.Give SAF the credit he deserves for nudging Arsene in the right direction.
    Go on,its Xmas after all

  100. Plodovski or whatever his name is PG, the German chappy.

  101. Can’t paste embed code as work prevents me from commenting during core hours, however limpar check out daphni ‘yes, I know’ if u dnt know it already, from caribou’s alter ego, is immense!

  102. PLODOVSKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    funny as.

  103. Can’t post from work, but today I would mostly be listening to:

    REM – Country Feedback
    Afghan Whigs – If I were going
    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Red Eyes and Tears
    Queens of the Stone Age – Millionaire

  104. Limpar:

    Damn right, Media wankers can just go FOAD.

  105. Andy:

    I thought REM would be a bit too mainstream for your tastes. Michael Stipe always has been brilliant.

  106. Bill – REM’s early work was amazing. I liked most of their stuff until after “New Adventrues in HiFi”. “Monster” was a criminally underrated album. I really hated stuff like “Shiny Happy People” as it really was not representative of the band at all. “Drive” remains one of my all time favorite songs. I quite like dark music.

    Albums like Document and Green were streets ahead of their time.

  107. I’d rather give him a kick in the bollocks, George. Christmas or no.

  108. feckin’ Plodovski
    ..sounds like a sandwich…

    ” hey Bob, let me have one feckin’ plodovski with some radish, green peppers and olives!”

  109. Limpar @ 3:19:

    I guess to each their own. I still have a man crush on you despite your taste in music.


    Heard this one dropped in a DnB podcast. It’s not DnB, but by god did it sound glorious.

    (Please embed. If it doesn’t, here’s the link:

  111. So whilst we’re on the subject of music does anyone have nominations for their album(s) of the year or are we all too old to be listening to contemporary music?

    Andy I saw BMRC a couple of times – very underrated live band.

  112. Jonny – Indeed they are. Their first album really was good. Moody, sludgy riffs.

  113. Trent Reznor’s just been nominated for Golden Globe for The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Score. That’s nice for him. Good lad our Trent but I think Theo is definitely faster.

  114. The only group I know is the one George posted.

    Here is a big chune from one of the greastest voices ever, in my opinion.

  115. Paul @ 3:50:

    Good one!!

  116. Matching Paul’s soul, I raise a Lenny with the grestest love tune ever:

  117. Jonny – How do you know? Seen Reznor run have you? Come back to me once you have seen him run at least 14 times 😉

  118. Yeah, I love that chune Bill!

    This is a more current chune that I like.

    Performed by Eddie Murphy, Anika Noni Rose, Keith Robinson

  119. Paul:

    Loved the movie and enjoyed that song. Another good choice. I have to admit my tastes in music are more mainstream. I enjoy some non-mainstream stuff but it’s always harder to find and follow and I have never had the desire to search to far from what I can hear on the radio or in the movies. I’m sure my tastes would diversify if I made the effort but I see no reason to do that when I have other things that interest me more. To each their own

  120. hey guys, thought i’d hook you guys up with this tune from anita baker.

  121. Limpar, 2:25pm is really growing on me, but I’m skipping the first minute and a half.

  122. And will you be wearing a nice floral dress whilst you skip Markus? 😉

  123. Why we are all at it –

    Saw them live in Brixton the night before the ACLF meet up – great live band…

  124. I like that take on Cash Limpar. Excellent.

  125. Music Thursday? Transfer rumours? Arshavin’s off?

    Just for george then.

  126. Jonny, yeah like a right Bonnie Prince.

  127. As we’re Talking The Man in Black and Trent Reznor always worth posting one of the few covers that significantly outweighs the original –

  128. Why did yours embed and mine didn’t jonny?

  129. @PG – heh…my bad! True, you did annoy me a lot at first… But it’s often the similarities that cause the crap. Tag team – nice..

    re: Podolski: Feel it’s a bit like with Juan Mata in the summer. We were all jizzing over him, already putting him in the red and white, and now – ? Yeah, it’s fun to talk about options, but is there a single poster on here who accurately predicted any of AW’s last minute signings? Nope. Not one of us, (or even OOU). Waiting for Ryo..(ex-wife is JP, and she knows a bit about him, all good.)

  130. It’s often an age thing, Consols…

  131. Ah, that would explain it pb.

    Nothing I can do about it then.

  132. Not sure if anyone has already mentioned todays post on ANR. Its a mail to Myles from a countryman of mine regarding Wenger, Arsenal and Gooners. Interesting read. But as we all know Myles likes to get the last word in and also drop in ‘inside knowledge’ Todays one is that Podolski is as good as signed!

  133. All I ever do it cut and paste the link – did you try to embed it?? If you did, DON’T!

    If you didn’t, then colour me as perplexed as you.

  134. Yeah consols just highlight the entire link in the top, right click and copy then paste into your comment.

  135. Like that!

    Brilliant. Markus, jonny? Geniuses.

  136. Damn, consols Chris O’Dowd just popped into my head and I had no idea why till I remembered his heartbroken “Simple” Simon character lip syncing that in The Boat That Rocked. Brilliant!

  137. I hear you Mr. Bob!

    What you thihk about this one?

  138. I’ve been forced to put my headphones on through the laptop since my flatmate came home and started watching some monolithically shit television. Just now, as I listen to Ms Ellison’s sweet, soaring vocals do I wonder why I don’t do this more often – as opposed to listening through my laptops ‘speakers of disappointment’.

    Gave that Daphni a go earlier (I do love a bit of Caribou). Very good, Jabber.

    Carry on.

  139. I must confess, Consolsbob, that when I said seasoned – I did have you in mind. Glad it passed the test!

  140. Can’t get the original but this is just as good.

  141. I guessed that limpar.

    Cash played with oyther peole’s stuff on occasion and his voice, and material, lends itself to other styles.

  142. The ImpressionsandTemptations Paul?

    Absolutely first rate.

    Back to my youth.

  143. feck me sideways ian wright wright wright is saying we still need a couple of signings this jan but rvp can win us the title..this year..

  144. Deise – ANR write ‘he’s as good as signed’ articles every transfer window. There was one on Mata I think, and there have been others before that. They are followed up with an “if we don’t manage to push this through someone at the club (not naming any names – Arsene Wenger) is seriously, negligently, criminally, intergalactically fucking stupid” – then when it doesn’t happen he says “HOW DID WE FUCK THAT UP?? Wenger refused to pay his lunch money because he’s so stubborn and eeeevil” when really it was all bollocks in the first place. He is a Chelsea spy – probably tapping away for a good deal of ill-gotten oil money. Fuck handle – best ignored.

  145. That’s very true actually, Bob.

    Right – not to be rude but I have Christmas drinks with some old Uni mans at the famous Jerusalem Tavern. Seasons Greetings, all.

  146. i think this is summing up our year perfectly..

  147. D’ya remember when Man City used to be fun? D’ya remember that brief period when Kinkladze was the best footballer in the world? People always forget just how fast he was. Genius.

  148. ive had no worries about per..
    even when we signed him and all the talk about him being shit i thought he was what we player..

    to be honest i can see tv and koz being the first team pairing when everyones available and they will form a worldclass partnershipfor many a year to come but BFG slots right in..

    we made some great buys in the summer..some where eyebrow raisers but the in the main they were not panic buys and none of them broke the bank..

    im just hoping wengers not finished and he’ll complete the squad in jan topped off with a few signatures to contract extentions…

  149. yeah i know limpar, i tend to see it as a jinx when he mentions a player i would like to see at Arsenal as a ‘done deal’ – his ‘insider’ knowledge always goes tits up! He will get oen right eventually, bless him 😉

  150. Villa leg break – ‘snap’

  151. ponyboy@5:39,,
    sorry bro I’ve been “jizzing” over AW buying feckin’ Plodovski since the summer!
    He’s been a fave since 2006 and looking at how things have panned out for him since then, i can’t help cheezing over the fact that he just might end up a gooner.

    Madame Universe (like the Queen) sure loves her red & white!
    Never stop dreaming, bro.
    Its what AW’s Gunners are about.

  152. Goodnight “gents”.

  153. One of my ‘local’ bands growing up in Dublin that never quite made the big time. A bit predictable I must admit but at least they are predictably good 🙂

  154. @ponyboy dont say stuff like “podolski is the same as Mata”. soon we will see him in deep blue singing the chelse song, and Cheslea will have bought our two prime targets this season..
    that would really suck. Not becaus they are uber players but because i dont like it when “they are almost ours” and then suddenly appear in blue!

  155. Dam!! I never thought Eddie Murphy would get 2 music videos posted on the same day by two different people. Who knew?

  156. Heh Aman..We all do it, and we’re almost always disappointed… am trying to think of a big money signing we were linked with for some time which AW actually went ahead with. It looks as though he’s into surprises, but the 20%s of this world basically f#ck things up, overpricing their ‘boy’ and cutting us out.

    due to my computer uselessness I only recently discovered ‘hovering’ over Yogi’s links ~ often the best part of the blog imho; “LP – An old format”, yet another classic (ahem).

  157. One of the true Legends. Unfortunately like most Legends he upped and Fecked off to the big rock concert in the sky early this year. I never did get to see him live, just one more fecking regret I suppose! The way the guitar should be played and played loud too 🙂

  158. Limpar: “Every bloody newspaper article I read on AFC’s good run of form is built on this glaringly false premise that the Reserve Team dead rubber at OT beginning of the season was this much needed wake up call from Fergie; a paternal spanking that we should be very grateful for.”

    I remember reading many articles which were based on that premise. However, I didn’t read many articles which dealt with Manure’s 6-1 defeat to City and their failure to qualify for the second round of the CL in such a condescending way. In fact, the journos’ tone was more mournful than anything esle.

  159. I was 14 in Dublin when I first stumbled on this song purely by chance. I was raiding my Dad’s LP collection, trying to find something by The Doors. I was instantly hooked, all the more so when my Dad told me he had known Phil Lynnot growing up. Another Legend who fecked off way too early.

  160. Another 2-1 Arsenal home victory v. Barca! The Christmas Football Match 2011!

    Season’s greetings, gooners.

  161. Someone mention The Doors.

  162. Spurs crash out of the Europa league. They played a B squad again today. Not sure if that is good or bad.

  163. Bill, probably bad. They already are used to humiliation, so there is hardly any joy to be had there and now they have no distractions whatsoever in their pursuit of top 4 in the league while we have CL. Hopefully they will have replay after replay in the FA cup to tie them up during January and February which are the big months in their schedule against top opposition, including us at the Emirates.

  164. Slight tangent but I did notice that POV in the stadium from the wheelchair enclosure near the Hack’s box was not too bad. Not bad at all. Didn’t quite finish the game from there as one of the evil ‘pravda’ stewards beat me with her peg leg till I ran away.

  165. Irish ,

    that Aslan track aint bad.

  166. I prefer that paddy stuff to george’s northern shit!!

  167. Duke – Nice one with The Doors mate. One of my favorite bands. Aslan are decent enough and have some really good songs but I know them as they were an up and coming Dublin band when I was growing up there. Several of my friends are cousins of the singer and drummer respectively.

  168. That would be Northern Atlantic City Duke?

  169. alright George!

    Here is a reggae classic

  170. One more chune!


    ha ha!

  171. Irish i will av to check out some of their other stuff. and yes The Doors were a great fukin band.

    Ray Manzarek fukin greatest keyboard player ever.

  172. George,

    i just said northern….ha ha dont catch me out this time buddy.

    so we should make this a thing….music thursdays.

  173. Duke – I thought we already made it a thing? Some nice tunes been thrown around. Have to say some were not exactly what I would listen to if given a choice but greatly appreciated nonetheless. The Eddie Murphy ones just had me cracking up.

  174. Paul,

    What about a bit of Tarrus Riley.

  175. Ok Duke This should be more to your soft southern senses


  176. Some northern soul just for the northern monkey… 🙂

  177. An old favorite of mine 🙂 I think you guys will like it.

  178. Irish is upping the tempo.

  179. I think you will find its “oh great Northern Monkey” now thanks to my friend goonerton.

  180. LOL George 🙂 I really liked that Saxie Russel number. I have to say it has been too long!

    Duke – Not really trying to up the tempo as such, just trying to vary what music I put up

    One of my all-time favorite bands, playing in my all-time favorite openair venue:

    And now to sit back and listen to some Alex Reece, nice choice Duke 🙂

  181. anyone for some old skool classic d&b.

  182. PG – “oh great Northern Meerkat” would be more accurate no?

    And as it is that time of year, a true classic and I think the best Christmas song ever written:

  183. Another not so well known Irish band

  184. Dups – nice choice. my brother loves this band. They have had some moderate success but from what I hear they are phenomenol live. Their energy is already pretty legendary in Ireland according to my brother.

  185. That’s the only Christmas song.

  186. Wow just for once browsed through LeGrove and guess whos hating over there?? oh our good friend Suga3.

    He really is a nasty piece of work as even the LeGrove posters do hate him. Honestly if you are that agressive and rude against arsenal, so that you make the le grove postes hate you, damn then you really got no chance do you?

    I think he likes it more over there as he can write ” dopey cunt” this and “dopey cunt” that and pick some real fights with proper agresive posters!
    i think we are to soft, thank god for that 🙂

  187. Irish

    They were very good live. There is only 1 of the original band left now though.

  188. Thing is Suga is mild in comparison to Gambon. Gambon must be about the single most vile thing ever to wear the hallowed red & white.

  189. obviously the best Irish band are u2 although i am not a fan of their new shit but the old albums are classics.

  190. Jonny, you forget Jaguar.

  191. Apparently we are on the cusp of making a move for Luke Shaw from Soton. 16yo attacking full back.

  192. well Poodles not a fan of this music thursday coz he buggered off to le grave.

    c’mon then poodle what tunes get you up off your arse doing the two step???

  193. I think Thin Lizzy were far better than U2

  194. Were they Irish though? Phil Lynott was but the others?

  195. I saw U2 at Madison Square Garden about 5 years ago, I had not seen them for years. I have to say if anything they were even better than I remembered. I then saw them in Dublin June ’09 and again I was blown away by how good they are. Thin Lizzy are one of my all time favorites but as I never had the chance to see them live, U2 will always have the edge for me.

  196. Gambon is even worse for me!

  197. I saw U2 at wembley 98 i think the popmart tour, fukin great concert. a great live band.

  198. YW

    Most of Lizzy were Irish (north & south) in the early years

  199. Saw U2 at Wembley 2 years ago – I’d seen em before but nothing compared to this particilar gig, it was just an unbelievable night.

    Weeks after, in an interview I read, Edge talked about the tour and mentioned that occasionally a night comes along that is just really special and then went on to name the exact night we’d gone to. Serendipitous or what.

  200. Dups – You beat me to it 🙂 Was playing that on Youtube whilst paying off the Pizza delivery guy, only to return to find you had it up. Excellent track that.

    Jonny – I honestly think that U2 are the best live band going right now. They are simply perfect at what they do and yet at the same time are constantly seeking to improve on what they do. Yes Bono can be an annoying little twat sometimes but I still have more respect for him than 99% of any other frontman/woman in a band even one tenth as famous as U2. Simply stunning live, simples!

  201. Back to football. Considering how rampant RVP is in front of goal right now and the fact that City lost last week, I think we stand a good chance of taking all 3 points on Sunday. On the other hand the Spuds also lost, and have now been dumped out of Europe completey whereas Sunderland won and now have O’Neill in charge. like him or loathe him, he is tactically very astute. More so than Fathead Bruce anyways. So I am going for an Arsenal win of 4-2 and a Spuds last minute loss to Sunderland, 3-2.

    Oh and while I am at it, Wigan to beat the Chavs 1-0 in the world’s most boring game ever. Terry to fall flat on his face again as that is fucking hilarious!!!!!

  202. Now this had me cracking up: “According to top Belgium news website HLN, both Arsenal and Man Utd are interested in Anderlecht’s defensive midfielder Lucas Biglia.

    Fiorentina of Italy are also said to be interested and in fact according to HLN the Italians are the only side that have made contact with the Belgium club.

    The website also states that it is unlikely that Biglia will leave in January unless a big offer is made, what that big offer would be has not been indicated, but considering man Utd’s midfield problems, anything is possible.

    To a certain degree the same applies to Arsenal, a strong defensive midfielder would certainly help the defence and it can be argued that Arsenal have not had that rock in the midfield since Patrick Vierra, though Fabregas obviously was a massive force in the centre of the park.”


  203. its like DJ WARS in here….

  204. Whats up Goonerkam? 🙂

  205. Thanks Markus, I wonder if America will ever be ready for Father Ted.

    Feck me Northern Soul on ACLF?

  206. I remember when I bartended in Queens years ago, we would put Father Ted on tv on Wednesday nights on BBC America. It was on around 11pm and all of the Irish would be falling off their stools laughing at it but any time I looked around the bar, the poor Americans would have a look of total incomprehension. They genuinely could not understand the sense of humour. At first I would try and explain it but after a while I just gave up. Classic show.

  207. I just couldn’t resist 🙂

  208. I watched Father Ted with Irish friends, and it was funny and i got into it because of how they were laughing at everything. Then when I tried showing it to my wife without my Irish friends present, nothing happened, and she barely cracked a smile. And then I was left wondering if I had been duped.

  209. LMFAO!! No, you were not duped. It is just more fun hanging out with us Irish than it is with your wife 🙂

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