van Persie Winner Is As Close To A Work Of Art As Football Gets

Arsenal 1 – 0 Everton

1 – 0 van Persie (70)

Befitting the occasion, Arsenal’s anniversary party ended with a single goal victory. A club synonymous with that scoreline laboured on a day of celebration, winning with a combination of style and defensive durability that rekindled memories of yesteryear. Traditions are cherished at the club; scoring once matched the tally in the 75th and Centenary matches.

On reflection, it was a victory that should have been more comfortable. There was a familiar feeling at half-time, the players trudging in level despite the numerous opportunities to take a match-winning advantage. Other teams may have been despondent at that interval scoreline yet it is hard to believe that the Arsenal team felt anything other than ‘business as usual‘.

That Arsène chose to begin with Vermaelen at left back gave the strongest indication that this match was being used as much for next weekend as the three points on offer yesterday. The versatility so missing in previous defences was there for all too see; it is not luck that three of the four centre backs are capable of playing elsewhere although I am sure that Johan Djourou still considers himself more of an alternate defensive midfielder than full back. It is a perception that may change in coming months but he is sure to be tested more fully at Eastlands next weekend with the width that Manchester City have on offer.

Neither side created a clear opportunity in the opening fifteen minutes, the closest probably was a Saha shot which was blocked before any danger manifested. Arsenal probed constantly, enjoying more possession. Their first opening came when Theo Walcott’s cross created an opening for Gervinho although Hibbert made enough of an intervention for the chance to pass in a haze of poor control. Being unable to finish was to become a familiar feeling for the new signing, Howard blocked a drive with his knee as the thirty minute mark approached.

Much of Arsenal’s attacking brightness came from Theo Walcott; he was a consistent threat to the visitors all afternoon which was just as well since van Persie was being stifled by the Everton centre backs. The closest to a breakthrough came when Alex Song found Ramsey in the area. The Welsh international pivoted and chipped Howard barely clearing the crossbar, the top of the net rippling as the ball continued its’ downward trajectory.

Before the interval, Walcott and Ramsey made a break on the right but in keeping with the Everton defensive performance, the ball was hacked clear to safety. The visitors were combining cohesive defensive play with desperation in equal measure; there was a familiarity with the obduracy of their play.

The second half was little different from the first. Everton mixed the high and deep defensive line, Arsenal stifled with the latter but making high with the former. Walcott continued to be a threat, bringing a good save from Tim Howard when he chose the direct route to goal rather than waiting for support to find space. It was not all one-way traffic, Vermaelen’s outstanding and timely interception prevented Cahill from capitalising on a rare breakaway. Neville and Fellaini would clear the crossbar before a moment of genuis settled the afternoon

Song picked up a short pass and strode through midfield, lofting his pass over the top of the defence. As the ball dropped over his shoulder, van Persie applied the necessary power and guidance to volley the ball across Howard and into the net. It was not just the finish that was exquisite, everything came together at the right time from Song’s weighted pass to van Persie’s movement from the centre to the left of the penalty area. Everything about it was smooth and natural, nothing manufactured or hopeful about any of it. A goal to be treasured.

Vermaelen might have sealed it before being substituted following a clash with Felliani whilst Everton might have salvaged a point at the end with a McAleny drive flashing across the post.

Arsenal deserved the win, breaking into the top four for a short while at least. Consecutive defeats for Manchester City this week will bring the top of the table to within six points and who would have thought that in the desperately disappointing days following events at Old Trafford in the summer? Tremendous credit to the players and manager for that but no time for self-congratulation for the players as the prepare for the trip to Eastlands next weekend. We’ll savour the moment on their behalf until then.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Afternoon…

  2. Phallic victory bigbrovar!

  3. Theo was definitely our most consistent threat yesterday, and I thought Vermaelen did a fine job at left back even though Everton repeatedly tried to target his side of the pitch.

    I was a bit concerned that all the fuss over the 125th might dilute focus and the presence of so many legends at the ground might pile on unwanted pressure, but the boys got the job done.

    And what else is there to say about Robin? A true world-class player can turn a game in an instant even when they are having a bad day. For Robin to unhesitatingly strike for goal with such technique and self-belief on an afternoon when his usual high standards had abandoned him was wonderful to see. A lesser player might have sought a controlling touch, and then the chance would have gone. Robin is no lesser player, though. 🙂

  4. Bill must be delighted with our new bank of centre-halves.

  5. How’s the name of that popular Arsenal blog? A cultured left foot? Perfectly sums up yesterday’s match.

  6. Limpar:

    Delighted beyond words. Even you would have to admit our deeeeeefense is the difference between now and early in the season and our deeeeeefense certainly bodes well for the rest of the season and beyond.

  7. ive seen some beautys in my time and that goal is right up there with the best of them..
    that has to be one of the hardest skills to pull off…high ball dropping over the shoulder, hit first time with power and finese, placement and precision…

    he made it look easy…

  8. (Post from yesterday)

    To me, that Charlton goal from Kolo Toure’s floated ball was just out of the world. It was voted as #1 in the “RVP 100 goals” DVD. I would add one of Henry’s goals to that list too, the one against Sporting Prague, I think. He effortlessly touches the ball back to leave him in space and curls an outside of the foot volley in to the far corner in equal style.

  9. MOTD praising Wenger and asking for a statue for him, what is happening to those guys? Interestingly, their analysis was good last night about the high line which Everton played, whereas we played a relatively lower line. It was odd, but it is understandable, with us, not playing any full backs.

  10. Larsson again proving why he’s the best free kick artist in the Prem. Unsaveable.

  11. Nice observations Evil.

    I’m less worried about our defense back line and midfield play from Arteta and Song…….but to take 3 points from the stronger clubs, we are not clicking in attack!

    After 15 league matches, most of which were with the same 10 field players…….some pieces to the puzzle are still missing.

  12. Arsesession,the only thing missing is putting easy chances away.
    We are creating well enough chances.

  13. Great post. Next week’s match will be a scrap and a half. We’ll win!

  14. Yogi – great review of the game and a refreshing read.

    Bill – did you even notice that we played 4 central defenders across the back? That’s what I call strength and depth. We need more 1 Nil to the Arsenal scorelines. To tell you the truth, this team seems more capable of knowing when to shut shop, button down the hatches, and collect the points on offer, whether a win or a draw. Did I mention 4 central defenders? I lied – we actually played that game with 5 central defenders. Is that normal? And all of them felt at home across the back.

    @Sriram – not wishing to take the pedantic tag from our George here, it was His Excellency President Eboue who flighted that sublime cross to Van Persie at the Valley 4 years ago.

    @Kenyan – are there many Man City supporters out there? I heard a rumour that Chelsea fans were jumping ship to support Man City claiming that their beloved Chelsea can’t afford to buy trophies any more.

  15. Cheering on Stoke feels fucking dirty and not the good kind.

  16. Sunderland complete a fantastic comeback victory over Blackburn. Vaughan with a thunderous strike and Seb Larsson with a beautiful freekick into the corner. Blackburn are in serious problems!

  17. Bill, I’d wager that we’re stronger defensively because we have become more calm as a team. If you go back to the last two seasons you’d find that the we used to get caught out while pushing players forward. This team, however, is happy to play the ball amongst the back four until there’s a clear opening. Playing this way we’ve cut out a lot of mistakes that used to lead to giving the ball away and being vulnerable to counter attacks.

  18. Darius, the funny thing is that most fans jump from Arsenal to all the other clubs. That Arsenal remains the best supported club has got to do with the style of football. How the game is played appears to matter more than how many trophies one wins!

  19. Darius- U are right, it was Eboue, but nothing takes away the quality of the volley, unexplainable.

  20. Kenyan- That’s how it is supposed to be! “Football is a beautiful game and it has to be played beautifully”

  21. Darius- How can we ever forget, the Henry chip and volley to beat Van Der Sar, it was the goal of the season and it deserved to be too!

  22. I wish we had held on to Eboue. Eboue on the right and Santos on the left would’ve been some insane, voodoo combination. I don’t think any team would’ve been able to get out of their own half if they had to contend with those two.

    I still dream that Arsene will see the error of his ways and buy him back in January.

  23. If we’re talking about beautiful plays, then we should talk about Theo’s Bergkampesque flick around the Everton defender last night.

  24. Sriram, most tribal gooners wouldn’t agree with us. But that’s the way it goes!

  25. I wish RVP had scored that goal against Sunderland, magnificent technique.

  26. Darius- The number 1 goal in this list. Andy Gray creams himself. One of the all time best in my book.

    Kenyan- I guess so! I am a gunner of the Wenger era, what do you expect?

  27. Kenyan – I once remember a very “passionate” bar brawl at the Old School in Doonholm. We were quietly having a drink with freinds and colleagues when a few of the folks in the bar started remonstrating about who was better – Manure or Arsenal.

    I kid you not, you get bamboozeld by the fact that these guys were prepared to physically fight for their teams and to make their point since the other was not listening. Needless to say, there was a couple taken to hospital, but we didn’t wait for “Utumishi Kwa Wote” to come and clean up the mess. I’m an open minded guy, but I wasn’t going to spend the night in a police cell in Buru or Industrial area.

    The one lesson I learnt is that folks in the UK thinking they hold the monopoly of supporting Arsenal have no frigging idea that there’s people out there who are literally prepared to blead for the Arsenal if it came to it. Fascinating stuff.

  28. Jeff- Yes and it wasn’t even his strong foot, what a player!

  29. Common Stoke

  30. Darius- It is the same here in India, it is literally amazing how passionate we can become!

  31. Looks like Stoke have got their first TRY of the game…they are pressing spurs, gaining yardage with the kicks up the field, winning the scrums and all that 😀

  32. Just Another Luke

    I love Stoke! 🙂

  33. Looking good so far.

  34. Gallas is having trouble with the long throw and Adebayor has been invisible. Something’s never change.

  35. Difficult viewing but still stoke 2-0 up, good for us

  36. Some things.

    Damn you IPad.

  37. song is joint top assister for us this season..
    he and gervinho have 7…
    it seems hes becoming more of a box to box man with age..fantastic i love box to box not a fan of DM’s or holding DM’s or labels such as…box to box men are what we need..complete midfeilders..

  38. @ gains

    Dont forget Adebayor is back in his most favoured position – OFFSIDE

  39. I was going to text in “2-0 to the Rugby Team” as an insult but the Stoke supporters are already chanting it and singing “Swing low, sweet chariot”. The Spuds are very poor. I think they must have been listening to all the exagggerated claims that they are the best team in North London.

  40. And it is our good luck that Song is not going for the ACN!

  41. “Arsesession,the only thing missing is putting easy chances away.
    We are creating well enough chances.”

    Yes, yesterday we did have a few easy chances, but imo our attack performance was
    not isolated.

    Some matches we struggle to create chances and others its our failure to convert easy chances or both! Most of these performances are with an in form vP. (same problems for
    Arsenal since the 07/08 season)

    Since our spurs loss……most of the matches we’ve struggled to create or take the easy early chances. Fulham, Norwich, both Marsaille matches, Bolton, Sunderland, Dortmund.
    Won’t list Man City as there were too many changes in mid-field and front line.

    Is the current preferred line up limited in ideas?

  42. This is what happens when people tell mediocre players playing for a mediocre team that they are comparable to the likes of RVP and Messi playing for the likes of Arsenal and Barca

  43. @ arsession

    As long as good goal-scoring chances are created you can never accuse the creative players of “lacking ideas”, all they can do is create the chance, it is up to the recipient of the chance to finish..

  44. @ JJ
    “song is joint top assister for us this season..

    it seems hes becoming more of a box to box man with age..fantastic i love box to box not a fan of DM’s or holding DM’s or labels such as…box to box men are what we need..complete midfeilders..

    Is Song a short stocky Vieira?

    How did Vieira play as a 23 year old?

  45. Anirudh- Really tough to watch the game, you shout at your TV asking the guy to pass the ball on the ground to a free player, but the obvious outcome is the ball being hoofed upfield.

  46. its times like these that make you appreciate the dark side of the force.. 🙂
    the spurs fans getting swing low sweet chariot sung at them is icing on our birthday cake..

    heres hoping for another half of good rugby…

    by the way yogi, your first paragraph gave me goosebumps…

  47. Arsesession- I guess it is down to our finishing. One thing which I seem lacking is, our urge to get to the ball and put it in the back of the net, which allows defenders to get a foot in. Attacking the ball is lacking a bit and I am sure we are working on it. If Gervinho and Ramsey start banging in the goals, we will see us outscoring most of the other teams in the league!

  48. Anirudh –
    totally agree with your point………….but our club should be winning most of our matches by comfortable margins….as the recent Wigan score.

    In the past, most have focused their attention on the Arsenal defensive miscues for draws and close losses.

    So now the defense is settled, but our attack continues to sputter. All of the matches I list above……..we may have won, but I was left disappointed with the performance of our attack.

  49. unfair to compare with vieira…
    but songs a great player in his own right…

  50. Arsesession

    Another thing is I always felt Ramsey as a good finisher, has the confidence to take a shot first time. But nowadays, he is taking a couple of touches extra. When the ball is there to hit, it must be. If our front men, know that much, I think we can settle that part of the problem. This team has still a lot to go, but they are well on track!

  51. Van Persie’s goal gave us the winner and the vital 3 points.
    Back down on the terra cotta, he quite rightly and honestly admitted his strike “was a bit of a gamble” implying that on many occasions the ball could have gone anywhere.
    Let’s enjoy the spectacle by all means but we mustn’t go over the top.

  52. @ Sriram
    “I guess it is down to our finishing. One thing which I seem lacking is, our urge to get to the ball and put it in the back of the net, which allows defenders to get a foot in.”

    As well as Theo has been playing, I sometimes forget that he is only 22. Ramsey only 20.

    While the desire and drive are obvious, the experience is missing.

    The addition of Arteta in the midfield gives this team midfield maturity its’ lacked in recent seasons.

  53. There is an article about Cashri in the Sunday Times today. Although I would not waste my time reading it, I noticed a comment below the picture about how he has 6 assists so far, which is the same he had for the whole season.

    Rather than boast about, it surely it shows how poor he was last season, that, in a team with RVP and CF, all he could manage was 6 assists in a whole season.

  54. Arsessesion,
    Every game can’t be won by 4-0

  55. JJ
    I appreciate Song for where he’s come from and where his game is now.

    Ramsey is a good finisher. From his run of recent matches, he’s thinking too much, taking too long on the ball.

  56. I always said that Pulis was a bloody good manager.

  57. Jeff

    We could have won 4-0, that is the point. The scope for improvement to this team.

  58. Song has been immense for us without a doubt and it is good to see, someone stepping up to fill the void.

  59. Consols – But don’t forget that he is also a grade “A” cunt.

  60. Modric takes a dive. Could have stayed up; seen players booked for that. David Luis anyone?

  61. Gains @ 3:56

    Whatever the reason we are a better defensive team now and that is what will prevent any melt downs this season and hopefully make us a much more consistent team. Make fun of the term if u like but this team has a lot more grit then our prior teams

  62. no no no..
    come on for fuck sake stoke..
    get mauling get rucking..dont let these fuckers back in it..

  63. Stoke camped out on the edge of their penalty area. They will concede again at this rate.

  64. Shotta – That is what I thought too. Stupid defending, but I do think he dived.

  65. Can stoke bloody hold on or will they just be stoke?

  66. Jeff…….I did not intend for a 4-0 score to be expectation….

    Not always, but good teams finish off their weaker opponents and win by comfortable margins. 2-0; 3-1; 4-1; 3-0

    Too many of our matches are nail bitters.

  67. GA – The commentators on my feed are two little Spuds. One eventually said he delayed his fall a bit. A hypocrite’s excuse for a dive.

  68. nice clearance off the line by Shawcross there. Looked like he used his arm, but he isn’t that kind of player, is he?

  69. bill i agree…
    we are more gritty now than what we were last year…
    maybe not as skillful technically as the previous team, although yesterdays goal would disprove that, but the difference that everyone is seeing this year is down to something that has been made fun of for a while now..

  70. The limitations of the shit kickers of Stoke are clear to see. The spuds should have equalized.

  71. Stoke living dangerously.

  72. Two lucky escapes including a valid penalty call.

  73. red card 😉

    a try here would finish it..

  74. The Spuds will have been well and truely robbed if they get nothing from this. Superb.

  75. Kaboul commits suicide. Questionable yellow card but he is off.

  76. Has anyone noticed that Stoke is a retirement home for shitty ex-spuds.

  77. get the fuck in..haha..

  78. Good result from a shit team!

  79. Great weekend for the gunners then. Just want both City and Chelsea to lose if possible with 6 red cards.

  80. Refs hate the spuds now. Hahahahahahaha

  81. In retrospect, justice was done. The little rat Modric dived for that penalty and Chris Foy must have decided that one gift for Christmas is enough. The spuds can cry until the cows come home but they were not good enough to overcome Stokes at home.

  82. Brilliant performance from Foy. Best ref. in the Prem! HaHaha.

  83. The refs don’t hate Spurs, Bill. It seems like they favor Stoke over anyone but Manure when playing at home.

  84. What – Bale of Nazareth wasn’t able to lead the disciples of ‘Arry into the promised land of teams that are adept at recovering from losing positions?

    I tell you it was a dilemma – do I support Stoke with a Grade “A” Cunt of a manager as Andy puts it – or do I feel good about them beating Tottenham?

    Ah Well, fuck it.

  85. Haha! It was great to see, the ones on the TV show screaming that the referee was a disgrace, the same ones who seemed to tell us to grow up when penalty decisions never went our way.

  86. @ Sriram

    Yeah..and its also one of those rare occasions where you can have a swear at all 22 players on the pitch and the Ref and the managers and the fans at the ground, etc, etc 😀

    @ arsession

    Maybe we could have won some games more comfortably but considering we were and still are in “recovery” mode, our streak is still great. Furthermore its only when we dont create rather than we dont take our chances, that I would be truly worried

  87. The only way a stoke win is tolerable is if its against spurs or united

  88. @ SV

    It is Christmas time, why not 😀

  89. Darius

    It’s not worth the analysis anyway, it’s three points gained on the race for us over them, that’s all.

    Come May, Jack is going to be a big winner..

  90. I can’t recall reading anyone making fun of team work before.
    But I remember last season, the beginning of the peak in form where the team ‘closed out’ games and other such stuff. In a way they entered that purple haze with the win away to the Blue Mancs. C’mon Gazprom-upon-Chelsea. Beat the Oilers.

  91. Anirudh

    and after all that swearing, you can still be happy about the result! 😛

  92. Happy birthday to us,
    Happy birthday to us,
    Happy to The Arsenal
    Happy birthday to us.

    Hip, hip hurray, hip hip hurraaayyyy.

    125 birthday beats. I’m sore all over

  93. Behave yourself Maria.

  94. Maria

    Hahahahahahaha! Too many meanings to take 😛

    Happy Birthday Arsenal!

  95. Anirudh….
    excited by our recent form; our manager deserved better from those that departed….but our attack does not make me rest easy.

  96. Arsesession

    Its only a matter of time, before it all clicks and the well oiled machine Arsenal starts bundling away its opponents, we are winning now and I just have a feeling things are just going to get better!

  97. I hope we do not get the d**m mongers back, if we drop any points next week. I’d be pretty ok with a draw..

  98. I have confidence that we will take all three points and end their unbeaten streak!

  99. mj.I f we get a point away at city the doomers will remain in their holes.

  100. Was enjoying myself ripping into a Manu fan 😛 He deserves it for calling RVP’s goal a piece of luck!

  101. On 7am a.m kick off, there’s a very very slow replay of song’s pass and RvP’s volley. Truly amazing how in the last yard the ball just curls itself into the really looks a good foot or so from the post. What a great weekend! From ‘supporting’ stoke to’s also a strange one. Would prefer a chav win to a draw personally; getting a bit nervous at their so far unbeaten form.

  102. what was the name of that ref who was at spuds game???????? i need to send him a christmas gift and if everytime he refs spuds he should read the same book he read today 😛

  103. it is working out to be a great holiday season. let’s hope for a good result on monday. and to be able to end shitties run ourselves next week. wheels are coming off the teams all around us.
    keep your feet firmly on the ground ARSENAL, and one game at a time, reclaim what is yours by the end of the campaign.
    H A P P Y

  104. “@Sportingbet: We’ve taken a £14,000 punt from one punter on the #Spurs bandwagon to keep on rolling at Stoke.”

    Bet that hurt. hahahaha

  105. Happy as I am to see the totts lose that standard of refereeing is awful.

    Maybe the totts were to close to the mancs for Mike Riley’s liking.

  106. chelsea to lose tomorrow..

  107. and lose heavy..
    keep us in 4th and get the GD more evened up..

    weve still got to play city twice so we can close the gap in our own time but for now we just gotta keep doing what we are doing and hope the teams around us drop points…city aint around us, chelsea a chelsea stuffing tomorrow will set us up nicely..

    we can start reeling city back next week..

  108. since there are some games that the likes of stokes must win, they might as well be against pool, spurs, man u and man city… we are surely not complaining!

    saw this on the bbc live text, thot it was fully… was posted before the match started too. LOL

    Sam Yates on Twitter: “Now that Spurs have been dubbed title contenders they will lose today.”

  109. There’s only waaaan Mikel Arteta!!!

    the guy is as cool as coolio drinking a kool aid listening to kool and the gang.

  110. Boy, Do I hate Manwhore United and Tottenham, Like JJ said, it is better if Chelsea lose tomoro, we should be the ones to get them off their unbeaten run!

  111. To be honest any result tomorrow will do for me.
    I will spin anything to suit us.Fuck the rest.

  112. mmh we are getting closer to the spuds, now it is only two points plus the game in hand to catch them. Here is to a draw tomorrow but i’d prefer the moneycity to lose.

    Darius not only chelsea fans, I was amazed to notice the other day in a pub several mancity fans. Money can buy plenty of things nowadays, even fans!

  113. how can Londoners support a Northwest team?Its just wrong……………
    Oh??????? Silly me.

  114. I’ll rather City and Chelsea draw tomorrow. I dont know about most of you, but i believe we have some chance of wining the league, dont want city to go to far and don’t want chelsea to pass us.

    A draw would be fine for me and some red cards or injuries 😀

  115. while i do not quite like to wish injury on anyone, some red cards suits me just fine and a draw too… both drop 2 points. then we beat them next weekend and suddenly its all down to 7 points gap!

  116. well. some one is dropping points.

    George you got your tree up now? for some reason i have you down as one of them big kids who loves christmas!!!

  117. Duke,you could not be further from the truth.Bah Humbug ,from me.

  118. george, never!

    also do you think yet that rvp can climb up on DB’s pedastal???

  119. he is good ,but in short ,no.

  120. I think Duke has fooled me 😦

  121. george, you can’t fool an old fool. (smirking face)

  122. My money is on the Chavs tomorrow. Only because a guy I worked with for several years was spotted in my local in NY wearing a City top 2 weeks ago, even though he was a ‘Pool supporter(or so he claimed) when we were working together. But funnily enough, that was around the time they had won the CL with Benitez. Makes me wonder who he supported before that. But it will be nice to walk in and see his face after they have lost to Chelsea. And then again next week when we beat them.

  123. It’s the battle of the bloated pig mentalities tomorrow, don’t really care about who wins, but as others have suggested, red cards galore would be nice.

    Little bit sick of MON already, and he’s only been back managing a week. So over-rated, no way he could have brought Arsenal from relegation back to our current (quasi)top four like Arsene did. Well done Arsene, well done staff, and well done team. Very classy steadying of the ship.


  124. whatever the result tonight 🙂 i got a wierd feeling i will be smiling 😀

  125. Am watching the Orc Army beat the Spuds. It is kind of scary how drilled the Stoke players are in their form of play. Shawcross is a dirty scumbag. I mean it is non-stop repitition of long throw-ins and hoof balls. I almost feel sorry for the Spuds, at first they were trying to play their normal game (which I must admit these days is pretty decent) but have now been dragged down to Stoke’s level. Shawcross is a dirty scumbag. It is almost at the 60 minute mark and Stoke have just managed to string about 8 or 9 quick passes together before the move falls apart. Glen Whelan, himself a decent player and wasted at Stoke, looks shocked that his teammates achieved even that much. Shawcross is a dirty scumbag. As for the refereeing? Three words. HA, HA and HA! It is brutal to say the least. Shawcross (have I mentioned he is a dirty scumbag?) has already hacked down Assou-Ekoto in the box and hanled it twice in the box but no PKs. Just as I write that the Spuds get a PK, Ade-buy-a-whore knocks it in. Shawcross is a dirty scumbag.

    Soooooooooo glad I am an Arsenal supporter. It is such a privilage watching the lads play. Roll on Citeh 🙂

  126. so am i to understand that SHAWCROSS IS A FUCKING PIECE O SHIT DOUCHBAG??

    why o why didn’t you say so.?

  127. but they keep telling us he is nice young man. HE IS NOT THAT TYPE THEY SAY.

  128. Oh he is that type!! After all he is an orc 🙂 I was talking with some English friends of mine over the weekend and they are united in their disgust at how he was protrayed as such an innocent little mommy’s boy when he smashed Rambo’s leg. Spuds, Chavs, Leeds and I believe Coventry were the various clubs that the group represented. We were all laughing as we pictured the Orc Amy descending on Europe. In as much as we Gooners are used to playing such thugs as Stoke on an almost weekly basis, although credit to the likes of Swansea and Blackpool who are trying to follow our lead in playing the game properly, it must be a shock for teams like Milan or Barca or Bayern when they play teams such as Stoke, no? I mean in as much as I am used to it, I still recoil in horror at some of their so-called ‘football’. Beautiful game my arse when played by them, they make a mockery of the game. In as much as I delight in the Spuds losing, they were robbed at Stoke. They were denied 4 clear penalties. Had a legitimate goal ruled as off-side and had a player sent off for a second yellow. His first yellow was when he pointed out, quite rightly, that the ref had missed a blatant handball in the box. Shawcross is a dirty scumbag.

  129. Oh yea, YW I am still waiting on that photo!

  130. Shawcross, Stoke, Pulis, Blackburn under Allardyce, Paul Robinson, Alex McLeish, and too many others to mention. I cannot understand how any of these second-rate pretenders have made it to the level where they actually enter the frame of watching top level football.

    How the hell did that ever happen?

  131. Tony Adams – Captain and legend but not exactly renowned for his sense of humour:

    Although Adams was unable to make yesterday’s parade of club legends, the former centre-back will take to the Emirates pitch ahead of the New Year’s Eve match with QPR.

    Let’s hope his statue is still in good nick, as the man himself noted, “You know there will be Tottenham fans down trying to pin a tail on that statue, won’t there?”

  132. setpeace – It was ‘Arry Rednapp who gave Pulis his first job in the top flight as far as I know.

  133. This also from Mr. Arsenal hmself – “I’ve been texting RVP,” said Adams. “I think he’s a nice guy and was always captaincy material but, before, he just didn’t have enough support. It was much easier for me in my time. I had six or seven lieutenants around me, people who could also take charge.

    “So that was something I said to him – get some players around you to back you up. You can’t do it alone. And to be fair, I think Per [Mertesacker] has been a big help. He’s been a good ally in the dressing room from what I hear. Before, there was conflict but now there seems to be a lot more togetherness.”

    Notice he mentions that there was conflict before. I wonder who he meant? Not that it really matters as I am sure they were part of the clear out at the start of the season, whoever it was.

  134. says it all Irishgray, “Arry and his legendary legacy.

    interesting comments from Adams about RVP’s captaincy. Arteta and Benayoun seem like they are good for the togetherness of the squad also.

  135. FUCKING gallas and FUCKING Nasri ,that’s who it was. and that whore adypaymore…

    irish from your description of the totts game, I’m surprised old ARRYS didn’t stop ticking completely..

  136. I’m surprised tony picked a new comer . as good as he is we had great players before he came aboard. then you motion beny and mikel. two more newcomers. as much as i love the newcomers, we had and still have good leaders in bacary, alex ,robin and yes AA. the newcomers have been very beneficial to us , we had a damn good nucleus to start with. givem some credit.

  137. RVP is such atsrong man and he strikes at goal with all his might and the team too was superb the connectipn in midfield,striking and defense is convicingly good.I’m proud to be agooner here in uganda .

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