Everton Preview: Parties, Heavy Metal & A Football Match

Arsenal celebrate the club’s 125th Anniversary today with Everton the visitors, which is quite appropriate in a way as they are second longest-serving members of the top flight behind Arsenal. It brings back memories of the centenary celebration in 1986, Southampton lost 1 – 0 at Highbury in the first post-Christmas home game that season. It was held that day when everyone believed that Arsenal were born on December 25th. Like many other things associated with that day, we all want to know the truth, nobody believes much of anything and frankly, you can pick your own day in December when the club was born and celebrate appropriately. For most of us that means the club came into existence on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd…Another ale please barkeeper. tis December so tis the birthday of The Arsenal.

If anyone asks the difference between football in 1986 and now, look no further than the marketing behind the event. I am not sure 125 years is particularly significant but it has seen the launch of a whole product range. The centenary was less marked; a book, a cassette, a video – thankfully not in Betamax although with Arsenal’s broadcasting record, that would have been no surprise. But I don’t recall a specifically designed kit for the season; perhaps there was and I have forgotten. There were probably a few t-shirts as well but nothing like the £500 boxed set of, ahem, memorabilia on sale at the moment.

And we didn’t have any statues, not that Highbury had any room for them. Unveiled yesterday, the identities of the Greats were leaked in the press earlier in the week. How impressive they are will be known today, that has to be determined in the flesh. Or in the bronze. In a photograph they are less imposing, almost reminiscent of those of dictators in Cold War Eastern Europe. We should be grateful that they are not of deceased pop stars who have no link to the club other than liking to shop at Wal-Mart. If Stan had Al-Fayed’s taste, we would probably end up with a statue of Elvis in his last moments on the toilet.

So this afternoon. Everton arrive at The Emirates with a comparable away record to Arsenal, just one point less on their travels. The three wins have not been in the most arduous of fixtures though with their victims all in the relegation dogfight. Still, they won at Blackburn, we didn’t. Even so, we can expect the usual Evertonian dourness in performance and frankly I don’t blame them. Whenever they have tried to play expansive football against Arsenal in recent years, it has been a goal fiesta. Mainly into their net with the odd consolation here and there.

Nothing should be taken for granted. Arsenal must win this afternoon with Chelsea entertaining Manchester City on Monday. A gap is there to be closed on one or both and with the visit to Eastlands next weekend, garnering three points today is crucial.

The team I think Arsène will choose is:

Szczesny; Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Ramsey, Song, Arteta; Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho

Personally I would go with Miquel at left back, leaving the remaining three in their current positions. It will help with his development as a young player and give him an opportunity to prove his talent matches the expectation. Yet I don’t think Arsène will do so with the importance of next weekend’s clash. Instead he will look to give the back four time some practice together. The risk is that an injury to one or more might necessitate including both Squillaci and Miquel. Which is the bigger risk? Miquel or injury? Tough call.

Crucial to proceeding is Robin van Persie. Last weekend’s goal glut was promising, not for the quantity but also scorers. The Dutchman was praised by Thierry Henry for his form can only be maintained if his injury-laden past is overcome. Which even by footballing parlance is startling obvious.

Of more interest was Henry’s future beyond playing, hinting at one day managing the club. Being a great footballer does not automatically mean the same stature in management. It is possibly a burden with many of the most successful managers having been moderate players at best. Is there is a hunger within them to succeed, more of a drive to prove themselves having not done so on the pitch?

Teddy Sheringham observed that one of the reasons Glenn Hoddle struggled as a manager was that he could not handle players who were less talented than he. The former England boss, frustrated by their inability to match his technique, failed to comprehend the mixture of qualities required in a team. Whether Henry would be the same is questionable. Certainly he imposed a brooding shadow across the club in his latter years, cowing the younger, less strong-willed. Has age matured or mellowed his view? To me it is always a waste of those talents if they are not harnessed in some way for coaching purposes; a player of that quality. I am not sure if Henry has qualified as a Uefa coach but that is something that has surely been considered and acted upon? Perhaps it has and having been a private man dduring his career, it would be no surprise to learn he has passed his exams already.

Anyway, that’s a thought for another day. This afternoon is all about the match and the time approaches for us to leave for it.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Do you think when Big Brovar has sex he races to cum, throws his hands in the air and shouts FIRST! #justsaying #phyrricvictory

  2. Love it Jonny…

  3. Got to be honest, Jonny, it’s never been a thought…

  4. lol@jonny,that is really funny and a good way to start a beautiful saturday in the western part of africa.Good preview YW and good luck to our lads today

  5. Sorry YW, some races aren’t worth winning. Read the post. Think. Then comment.

    As my missus used to say – it’s not hard.

  6. Can we use Song in defense and use frimpong or coquelin to take song’s place in midfield?
    I am more confident watching Arsenal with the back four of Koscielny-Song-Mertesacker-Vermaelen + Coquelin/Frimpong, than using Djourou in the right back position.
    I think Coquelin/Frimpong can do a better job in midfield than Djourou in the full back position.
    What do u guys think?

  7. Nice post as ever! Hoping for a 3pts today so as to have a merrier celebration. And hopin for a goal or two fron RVP to move hin closer to breaking shearer’s record. I won’t b able to watch d match as I’ll b n a journey then. Good luck to the guys.

  8. I think Song will be wasted in defence though Nikki. Were fans asked to vote for which statues wiuld be erected? I was a little baffled and thought about the notable absentees.But on reflection modern Arsenal is synonymous with Thierry. He catapulted the Arsenal brand to the far corners of the world…and into feared a european force. He dismantled inter and real n nearly barca on his own. My only sadness for thierry was that he never won the ballon d’or the honour being bestowed on cannavarro and that grease ball cronaldo. Thanks for the memories Thierry. Onto today and hopefully another 3 points. Rockin Robin to pounce again

  9. defenatly think miquel better at left back than dj at right how far away are jennade meade and nico to cover the full back posistions difficult to say, generally even more important to defend well as a team and not give the ball away easily in midfield which means even more dangerous playing aa. anyway just hope we get a good result today roll on the kings head

  10. I must say playing the Toffees on our 125th is as warm (& fuzzzy) as it gets for me.

    Everton are my 2nd favourite team in the EPL and seeing David Moyes crack a smile after a win is secondary only to all things Arsenal. I pray they get a worthy investor to revitalize their ballclub.

    That said, I hope we beat them resoundingly today.
    I pray we have no defensive injuries.
    Hope AA and/or TR7 play & score

    Is it me or does having MA1 on the bench makes one feel a bit more secure than otherwise?…hmmm


  11. Nikki,
    have to agree woth Gooner4Life, Song’s better utilized in CM against the likes of Fellaini.
    Le Coq/Frimp shouldn’t feature unless someone’s injured.
    We need our vets for this one

  12. That comment about Betamax was the first laugh, then Jonny’s about Bigbrovar.. fun reading. Credit to Villas Boas for putting Neville, Hansen et al in their place. Ofcourse if AW ever made such remarks he’d be called the usual names.

  13. Congratulations Arsenal on your 125th Anniversary. I am proud to support a club that is a classs act as a football club. But as YW alluded we do have to put up with crass commercialism. But the perfect should never be the enemy of the good.

  14. 125 years ago the Kenya state didn’t exist. My paternal grandfather was probably a kid then. He died a very old man in the 1930s. Happy birthday celebrations for all who like that. My own tend to be very quiet affairs.

  15. oh dont play TV5 he might get injured and we wouldnt want that now would we? oh almost forgot RVP also might get injured 😦 and walcott and arteta and song and God forbid the keeper and and kocieny and dont forget girvinho while you are at it………. please dont play anyone today they might get injured!!!!!!!! pweeeeeeeeze!!…. drop this thing about injured coz everone is at risk of getting injured..!!! sorry had to do it 😛

  16. go gooner its our birthday a win is must in our home ground b blesd a hat trick for rvp

  17. Happy Birthday, Arsenal. What a fucking classy club.

  18. RVP for the record. A brace or a hatrick would be quite nice.

  19. Would like to see Miquel get the start at LB. We still have the hardest part of the hill to climb.

    Everton will not be pushovers. They have a team of players that reflect their managers competitiveness.

    I believe YW is right about the manager’s likely selection.

    I prefer to see Rosicky start for Ramsey, as I think Aaron’s recent form has been below
    his own expectations.

    Most matches this week-end won’t fancy my viewing time (in the epl), except Monday’s Chelsea v City match – hoping for a donnybrook!

    Cheers to Arsenal.

  20. I’d just like to remind myself how lucky I am to support the most unique extraordinary club in the world. There is just nothing like The Arsenal. It’s a privilege. A serendipitous slice of joy. Thanks dad for infecting me. There is no better disease – the symptoms must be the envy of ‘the healthy’.

  21. YW – Am still waiting for that photo mate.

    Jonny – As I was sitting down to eat breakfast when I read your comment about Bigbrovar, it should ‘cum’ as no surprise that a quite incredulous guffaw on my part lead to several minutes of cleaning what had started out as a bacon, egg and cheese sandwhich from in between the keys of my MacBook Pro. For that I thank you. Exactly how I like to start my wekends 🙂

    Going for a 5-1 win for The Arsenal today. I can actually hear FunGunner’s groan as she reads that! 🙂

  22. Happy birthday Arsenal!! Proud to be a supporter.

  23. I hope you are going to share that picture with the rest of us Yogi.

  24. Well someone had to say it.
    Hope your laptop is still alive. But lets be honest, it serves you right for having a Mac.
    I expected better.

  25. B 🙂 🙂 BS

  26. Arsenal: Szczesny, Djourou, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Vermaelen – Song, Ramsey, Arteta – Gervinho, Walcott, Van Persie (c)

  27. Substitutes: Almunia, Miquel, Frimpong, Benayoun, Rosicky, Arshavin, Chamakh.

  28. Bacon, egg and CHEESE? No wonder you spat it out.

  29. MDGunner – Don’t you start buddy!!!

  30. Jonny – I have beeen using Macs for almost 20 years and I have yet to see a PC that would even tempt me to change my mind.

  31. Jonny, you are on FIRE this morning!

    Great preview Yogi, am expecting whoever turns out at left back to pull off a great performance on the day celebrating the birth of the club!

    In my opinion the pictures of the statues are amazing! It will be some time until I can see them in the flesh so I’ll have to settle for the photos.

    Cheers all, enjoy the game, COYG!!

    i tend to agree with the lineup..
    dude ,big brovar beat you to first by fifteen minutes. how long does it take you to c*m anyways.. lol.

    UP THE GUNS!!!!!

  33. Jonny – Do you see what you started? Not exactly the type of topic I was expecting to be reading about this morning mate.

    Morning Goonerkam. 5-1 to The Arsenal today!!

  34. Can’t say am surprised with the team selection. People forget djourou has had a couple of pretty good games at right back. Only thing he needs is to concentrate for the entire game, he always has a penchant for silly gaffes. The one thing we have is height and muscle in defence as well as an attacking edge with set pieces. What we loose however is overlapping attacks from the flanks, both tv cinq and djourou do not have the same capacity as sagna n Gibbs to keep bombing up n down. I have a feeling TVCinq will be a serious goal threat today.

  35. Happy birthday Arsenal.

    I’m looking forward to this afternoon’s game. We can close the gap on all of our nearest opponents this week-end.

  36. morning Irish, morning all..
    sorry Jonny. you gave me the opening. 😉


  37. Irish – you know I love to start.

    Yer apple used to be good, beautiful but its rotten to the core now. Itunes makes me want to stab myself in the head with a pitchfork. More than once.

  38. goonerkam – steady now you’ll rouse Consol.

  39. yes we can GAINS. YES WE CAN.. date i ask for many goals to reduce the goal differential. trick is to put them to bed before halftime. kills the confidence..

  40. console phoenix rising.. lol

  41. Jonny – I do not use Itunes myself. Got fed up with it years ago.

  42. still very giddy regarding the exits of shitty and manure from CL.sorry Andy, can’t help but think how embarrassed they must feel. hope this effects them mentally and they both start dropping point in the ok.where is jabba when i need to tell him, i told you so..

  43. The guys are finding their stride right now. We still have a shot at the title. I like the heavy reference a little Beasdty Boys or Marilyn Manson. 125 years is a long time. Win for the gipper.

  44. What is this breaking news about the FBI investigating Russians hacking e-mails during the World Cup bid? FIFA have suspended one official and are going to launch their own investigation too.

  45. The result will be down to the attacking players performance who must be fresh. If we start the game with purpose we’ll get the 3 points.


  46. Just about game time…Come On You Gooners! I am interested to see how we cope with no fullbacks available.

  47. who’s e-mails?? monica lewinsky.?

  48. What?…FIFA, a governing body with no oversight, is corrupt?! I don’t believe it…not for a second.

  49. He’s OUR teta. 🙂

  50. anyone have any links??

  51. Not bad Jonny, needs a bit more oomph though.

  52. COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Gervinho is looking sharp

  54. Ramsey needs to calm down a bit and those passes should find their mark.

  55. I don’t want to watch football I just want to drown kittens.

  56. very brave there by Djourou but of course now he is down injured.

  57. What the hell is Saha doing planting his foot into Djourou’s ribs.

    Happy birthday Arsenal and hello ACLfers

  58. i think he might be coming off

  59. That scramble from the corner was not very confidence inspiring…

  60. Theo has to get better at beating the offside trap

  61. How on earth we did not score there!!!!!

  62. How did we cock that up…fuck me…Shoot Walcott Shoot….

  63. Artetea booked and deservedly so,

  64. now the pundits sticking up for “best in the world” Howard Webb…good lord…

  65. Great defending by Theo

  66. questionable offside call there…

  67. Nah he was offside

  68. yeah…on the replay it was easier to see the offside

  69. Geervinho starting to tick me off seriously

    Come on man!!!

  70. Just need to keep things going, pressure them into making a mistake.

  71. I do not understand that call. Webb played the advantage for Everton but then we got a tackle in so he blew his whistle and brought it back for the free kick. If he is going to let play continue surely we should be allowed to tackle without being punished for something he has chosen to ignore?

  72. how stupid is that rvp, theo incicdent? >p

  73. Not again…..we should be 2 or 3 up with those chances

  74. How did Ramsey not score that one? We should be 3-0 up. Fuck!!! Make that 4-0 up, Gervinho misses again!!

  75. Why aren’t we 3 up?

  76. please say it is not going to be one of those days where the ball just won’t go in the back of the net.

  77. Since we have all our centre halves playing in the back 4 for the first time, I wonder whether we’ll ever have all our 4 fullbacks filling in.

  78. does the refs actually earn alot? anyone knows?

  79. No we will score but i think this game has AA written all over it. can see him coming on and winning it for us.

  80. well whoever said Gervinho would frustrate as much as bringing joy was very correct indeed..

  81. Gerv is the new Hleb.

  82. so far ramsey and Gervinho have been very below par

  83. TV is such a good defender

  84. Gerv and Ramsey have worked their socks off though…just not totally coming off for them

  85. Come On Arsenal!!!!

  86. Is that the same Leighton ‘best-left-back-in-PL’ Baines who’s being eaten alive by Theo and Gervs?

  87. Piling on the pressure COYG…put one in

  88. Viceologist – very true but still frustrating

  89. The goal will come we just need to keep creating chances and not make an silly errors at the back?

  90. We’re putting on pressure come one!!

  91. i agree with vice they worked hard,gerv always works hard, that is not his problem. Ramsey has also worked hard, they have just not managed their finishing today. I think Ramsey has been good even.

  92. Its somtimes easy to forget Ramsey is only 20 🙂

  93. We need to be patient. Everton are organised in defending as a team and this is one of them games we have to wear them down and then lick them to submission.

  94. Djourou makes me nervous still…I always cringe when he is isolated or forced to have composure back there.

  95. They are working hard, but it’s just not coming off for them.


  96. Frustrating 48 minutes.

  97. nah i want Benayoun. hes good he is… but i bet it will be arsharvin though…

  98. Wenger looks pissed…I think the squad will come out with some fire after half

  99. i say arshavin and rosicky second half

  100. Vice – Djourou will be coming off at halftime I think due to the injury earlier on.

    Bolton 0-2 Aston Villa HT
    Liverpool 0-0 QPR HT
    Man Utd 2-0 Wolves HT
    Norwich 1-1 Newcastle HT
    Swansea 0-0 Fulham HT
    West Brom 1-1 Wigan HT

  101. If he does come off who the hell is going to slot in at right back…Koscielny to right back?…Verm to the center and Miquel on the left?

  102. come on QPR…hold on to some points there…

  103. I can see Miquel coming on for Djorou, I think he is playing well though just seems to be struggling with an injury. i would also like to see AA coming on for Ramsey at some point as he is already on a yellow and AA likes that position. Can you imagine trying to defend against AA, Gervinho, Theo and RVP?

  104. Djourou was limping. If Miguel comes on then TV to the centre and Koscielny to right.

  105. RVP looks a little off colour today…

  106. Walcott is really something this season, watching the first half highlights and it seems everything good is going through him.

    Really improved walcott has. He looks like he means business.

  107. One of the chance after chance after chance games..come on guys just bury a couple of them an be done with it…

    Up the Arsenal!!!

  108. I would warrant we stand a better chance of scoring in the last twenty minutes of the game, as for subs I don’t see any changes coming in until then. The obvious is arshavin for gervinho, but I’d rather keep gervinho on.

  109. I agree with Irish…we could afford to slot Arshavin in there with Arteta and Song behind to cover…not sure if Le Boss sees it that way however.

  110. Hope we get a breakthrough early in the second half…otherwise I can foresee a potential struggle…

  111. I would enjoy seeing little Mozart there as well

  112. I’d prefer to keep Ramsey…who looks very lively…

  113. Talk about finishing.

    I’ll not be a happy bunny if we do not win this one after having so many chances.

    Walcott wants to prove that he is more than just a runner. He is trying too hard. Should listen more to his instincts.

  114. I think a goal will come early second half…Wenger is going to make sure they know we should have capitalized…RVP will open it up.

  115. And now its time for Warren Barton’s halftime analysis. Snooooooooooooooooring!!!

  116. peacefrog

    Ramsey’s touch at times (takes a heavy touch and has to chase it) and sloppy passes has let him down. He needs to improve

    Gervinho is just Gervinho, he needs to improve or come off, seen this too many times

    Rvp looks abit off colour, but im sure he’ll pick up, he is hes own worst critic

    Defence solid as usual

    Midfield, impressed with arteta, you dont seem him but he keeps the order

    Walcott has been excellent this season

  117. no shit…I can’t stand Warren Barton…never any real insight…just a lot of hot air and Manc worship…

  118. Barton is a fruitcake and that’s putting it mildly.

  119. Come on Lads!!!!!!!!!

  120. we will score but our wastefulness in front of goal still bothers me.We need to put this game to bed.Theo has been superb so far.

  121. Moe that’s football for u sometimes u r touch just falls short but if both gervinho and Ramsey keeping plugging away something will give, what is positive is that both look dangerous.

  122. Is this game on any radio

  123. Theo oh no!…

  124. Gervinho is way better closer to the penalty area, on the edge

  125. I think Walcott’s pride was hurt more than anything there…

  126. Come on walcott get up, injury…..

  127. he’s back on!

  128. Runebreaker – try BBC radio 5

  129. Was that a “3 card’s poll” moment for Howard Webb? Fre kick to Arsenal because a player hasn’t got his boot on?

  130. Darius

    That was a curious one

  131. Brilliant crowd today, just listen to them!!

  132. Irish radio 5 is going with mancs n r creamin themselves over Rooney.

  133. As frustrating as the missed chances are, I am really enjoying this game.

  134. Rosicky, Arshavin and Miquel warming up.

  135. Wow walcott is up for this

  136. Qpr gift Liverpool an easy goal, we need the run of the green, I’ll take a dodgy penalty or offside!

  137. brilliant defending by TV, absolutely brilliant

  138. Even Tim Cahill gave him a clap on the back for that one

  139. I could see both Rosicky and Arshavin coming on at the same time

  140. what happened to wolves, once upon a time they were so hard to break down, now their anyones game

  141. Time for Rosicky and AA

  142. The other half of my joint has the mancs game. They are drowning us out at the moment!

  143. Moyes wants to park the bus now.

  144. They are going defensive with distin coming on for saha

    come on!!!!

  145. hope we do a change soon. i want to win this.. and we do look like we struggle to score atm >S

  146. Goals everywhere except at emirates rvp where art thou!

  147. Gervinho and Ramsey will be going off for Arshavin and Rosicky.

  148. dammit Everton is having a good period atm,..

  149. come on!! where are the changes?

  150. we need a fuckin spark now! Come on Wenger bring on some fresh legs

  151. RVP!!!!!

  152. Holy fuckin shit whsat a volley!

  153. what a goaaaaal!!!!!

  154. best striker in the league…hands down

  155. Perfect strike. Only RVP could do that.

  156. I called and you answered.

  157. fuck me! does RVP has the xfactor or not???? hes just the best player on the planet atm! no el classico player would ever come close the way he is atm…

  158. That brought Henry to his feet. And silenced the manc half of my joint.

  159. I would still throw Rosaicky on for fresh legs…no Arshavin now though

  160. Robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It looked like it was going to be another one of those days. Another beautiful pass from Song to who else

  161. I think RVP should have a statue

  162. song and Walcott has stepped up big time this season after Cesc and Nasri left. Ofc RvP we knew would always step up and has always been great but Song and Waclott has taken it to the next level for me this season.

  163. If RvP signs a new contract he will for sure get a statute when he retires… Him and Wenger

  164. Ramsey is out on his feet…put Rosicky on damnit

  165. Song the assist machine, Kenyan give the mancs the full monty!

  166. poodle

    agree walcott and song have been superb

  167. Good call rosicky for Ramsey, few players ran themselves into the ground like Ramsey!

  168. Maybe Ramsey isn’t tired…he looked it earlier though

  169. Ramsey and Arteta have put in quite a shift…I think either one of them deserves a rest

  170. no really where are the changes

  171. that rvp goal is just insane! if Rooney ever scored anything remotley as technical the press would go into overdrive!

  172. fuckin Djourou always scares me

  173. Our defenders are dropping off like flies.

  174. here we go…changes coming in ….Vermaelen got elbowed in the eye

  175. Miquel and rosicky on. TV and Gervinho off.

  176. Newcastle fading away fast, Liverpool hardly look like a top four side, n we keep matching on. Nice to see the panic buys arteta n per shoving humble pie down the critics road!

  177. Walcott really is quality, has improved so much

  178. is vermaelen injured or is it just a knock or early showers?

  179. miquel and rosicky on for gervingho and vermaelen

  180. Ffs now TVCINQ is off injured bloody ell!

  181. who on earth is tvcinq?

  182. Brilliant running by Djourou

  183. Vermaelen got elbowed in the eye…should not be long term

  184. TV was complaining about some double vision after taking a knock in the head but will most likely be fine.

  185. oh here comes the reliant on robin bullshit

  186. Ramsey looking knackered again…

  187. Theo played his heart out as always today, well done son.

  188. oh how i have missed rosicky, quality player

  189. Vice look up Ramsey stats kilometres covered per game is staggering no wonder he is knackered, he seems to be on the move constantly.

  190. Time to pull down the hatches and shut shop

  191. brilliant 1-2 with RVP and Rosicky. Rosicky I think has that special touch back this season.

  192. Ramsey is everywhere all the time…sometimes he lokks knackered and then he runs the length of the pitch the next minute…makes me look a real ass questioning his fitness

  193. Well done to Wigan big win for Martinez one of the few classy coaches around.

  194. well they got to concentrate now as we all know Howard will give overtime on overtime to try to help United.

  195. 3 points please, thank you very much. What a goal by RVP!!!!!

  196. that will do nicely thank you

  197. come on arsenal

  198. A game we should’ve used to improve our goal difference but in the end a win is a win. Certainly one of RVP’s best goals ever.

  199. One nil to the arsenal!

  200. Bolton1-2Aston VillaFTLiverpool1-0QPRFTMan Utd4-1WolvesFTNorwich4-2NewcastleFTSwansea2-0FulhamFTWest Brom1-2WiganFT
    Premier League Table
    10 Dec 2011 16:57 UK
    P GD PTS
    Full Premier League table
    Man City
    14 35 38
    Man Utd
    15 21 36
    13 13 31
    15 8 29
    14 14 28
    15 5 26
    15 2 26
    Aston Villa
    15 -1 19
    15 -4 19
    14 -9 18
    15 -4 17
    14 -3 16
    15 -11 16
    15 -2 15
    West Brom
    15 -9 15
    15 -12 14
    15 -15 12
    14 -1 11
    14 -11 10
    15 -16 9

  201. 1 shot on target all game Everton


  202. that was a tough game..
    everton did well…but we shut up shop and scored a goal worthy of winning any game..

  203. Top 4! but Chelsea have a game in hand.Whichever way it goes on Monday between Chelsea and City, we stand to gain.

  204. Well ignore that previous post 🙂

    Bolton 1-2 Aston Villa FT
    Liverpool 1-0 QPR FT
    Man Utd 4-1 Wolves FT
    Norwich 4-2 Newcastle FT
    Swansea 2-0 Fulham FT
    West Brom 1-2 Wigan FT

  205. Moyes shot himself playing for a point. In the end an easy win, chesney hardly made a save of note.

  206. Yesssssssssssssssssssssssss.robiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  207. !-0 to the Arsenal will take that result any day.

  208. Evil- It wasn’t an easy game, but 1-0 to the Arsenal, it’s a vintage and fitting scoreline!

  209. Arsenal in the top four? I thought THEY said we were finished!

  210. 1-0

    Not a bad way to celebrate our anniversary, harkens back to the old 1-0 to the arsenal chants.

    Haven’t seen the goal yet, but after all this hype i’m looking forward to something special. Just hope Verm is ok and that the double division is gone.


  211. Any one got a video of the goal?

  212. Evil – But we did improve our goal difference, albeit by only 1!! But what a 1 huh?

  213. Yes……………

    RVP statue anyone?

  214. Top 4 baby!

  215. Should’ve been an easy win but a win it is!

    and what a goal from RVP! and what a pass by Song!!

    RVP, simply the Best player in the PL!

  216. 1 nil to The Arsenal. Kinda fitting for 125th birthday! RVPs celebration lookin like he wants a statue too!!

  217. I like the new defensive assuredness we have, once we scored u just knew it was in the bag, in the top four, onwards n upwards.

  218. Sriram – Check out Arsenalist.com, he usually gets the goal(s) up early.

  219. BTW, RVP scored a similar one at Goodisson in January 2009 assisted by Diaby. It was a late equaliser. He just loves scoring wonder goals against Everton.

  220. we can talk about RvP’s goal all evening but it wouldn’t have been without Song’s vision and passing.
    kudos to Alex Song.He has become very important to our cause.

  221. congratulations ARSENAL!!!
    and on you b-day even.. three points in the bag and fourth in the table. should be enough to shut all doggies up for a while . even little poodle puddles.

  222. Arsenal defensive midfielder, left back and central midfielder walk into a bar…

    – We do not server creative players here!

  223. Sriram, I know why you missed it, but could have found a decent link!

  224. Arsenalist has uploaded the goal.

  225. not taking anything away from songs contribution to the team but that goal was all robin….
    song had the easy bit..you see passes like that all the time..its pretty standard for any pro footballer…the finish however was wow..just wow..thats not standard it takes something special to do something like that..

  226. Cracking goal. Bloody cracking.

  227. That pass from Song was something else. Same technique as when he crossed for RVP against ze germans in the champions league

  228. Fantastic now I can chill back n enjoy asterisk n the flying carpet!

  229. So now I find myself rooting for a Chav win and, forgive me my fellow ACLFers, a Stoke win.

    I do not mind the Chavs but Stoke just make me want to puke whenever we play them and I am forced to watch the abomination that is the way they play the game.

  230. BUT what a fucking shot from RVP

  231. I just realised that the Spuds game in hand is against Everton. I really do not see them dropping any points there.

  232. The weight on the pass from Song was absolutely perfect, & the finish. Well perfect!

  233. The pass by Song was excellent! Sure RVP had to get it done but the pass was perfect.

    Song, the best DM in the league, the world even.

  234. RVP for the record. 33 down 4 to go!

  235. That’s very harsh on Song, JJ!

  236. hopefully chelski and shitty will draw on monday. better for us.

  237. @Irish

    Yes A spurs defeatbut a draw in the chelsea-city game would do just fine, thank you very much..

    I also agree, bringing myself to support Sto#*e even in a game against the sp#*s is difficult, so I will probably just not watch the game, and hope for a stoke win at FT when I check the scores

  238. Vermaelen Best Defender in the world, i do not care what anyone else says.

    Play him anywhere and he will deliver, it’s impossible to get past him, even cahill gave him a pat on the back. Appreciation from the oppisition is a rare thing.

    Only Koscienly comes close in my eye.

  239. Gerv needs to do some serious work on his finishing, maybe a couple of goals in the ACN will help his confidence. Fabulous tracking back though!

  240. I actually thought everton pressed and defended quite well, the sub made no sense however, i.e. Distin on for Saha, a midfield of neville, fellaini, and heitinga is not the way to go…not complaining at all however 😀

  241. I warrant rvp’s volley v chalton is his best goal ever

  242. mj_gunner

    Maybe Gervinho needs to do a Walcott. Walcott looks like he means business this season.

    Or get Lessons from The man with the statue

  243. No I disagree. I think we need a Chelsea win as that would leave 9 points between us and City, in other words 3 losses (Games). A draw would make it 10 points which means we would need them to lose 3 and draw one or lose four to catch them(Games). I would much rather be 9 points behind them than 10. Chelsea we have already beaten and they are not as strong/good as Citeh, so a win for them please.

  244. Moyes game plan was to play for a draw all along n try nick a goal on set pieces, it backfired spectacularly as we scored shortly after he made the change. Well done to the defence especially with the constant changes. Salut Miguel hardly put a foot wrong when he came on.

  245. The amount of energy the midfielders put into this game is unbeilivable. Tracking back constantly, going forward. They ran their socks off. Love this new team attitude where every player tracks back.

    I was watching videos of the old Arsenal, where prima donas fabregas and nasri just stood there as the other team attacked, like it wasnt their responsibility or they were too important.

    Ramsey is naturally fit player who loves to just run and run.

    Song is a defensive mid so it is his job anyway

    Arteta is from everton so you would expect that anyway.

    Good mix from wenger.

  246. haha you guys are too used to denilson..
    songs excellent but honestly it was a good pass but id expect any of our midfielders to make that kinda ball. 9 times out of 10..its not that hard to chip a ball over the top towards the back post…you see that kinda thing in every game across the league..

    it was all robin…the movement the finish…you dont see that every day…

    that goal will be goal of the month guys and ppl wont be voting cos of the pass..think about it..

  247. Gervinho is playing in his first epl season n he has been brilliant. He can only get better, I wonder how long before the money men come sniffing around from city! He is easily worth double the ten we paid for him.

  248. everton put us under pressure..they didnt come to park the bus…
    they had something like 52% of possession in the second half and made our back line work for that result..chezz might have had naff all to do but the defence had to concentrate..

    it wasnt easy that one..

  249. Everton manager David Moyes following his side’s 1-0 defeat at Arsenal: “We were fortunate to reach half-time at 0-0. At the break we sorted things out and were better in the second half. I’ve got to give credit to Van Persie, it was a great goal. We didn’t mean to give them chances but they’re a good team. Our team did brilliantly to be in the game. We stuck at it and did a good job. This is disappointing but we’ll think about the next game tomorrow.”

  250. JJ – It was not easy as you say because we did not take our chances in the first half. We had 3 chances where we were through on goal and either missed or tried to pass it instead of shooting, only to screw up the pass.

  251. Denilson has nothing to do with this.

    again, Excellent pass by Song.

  252. mj_gunner- Yes those bloody twats down in ESPN, they are supporting Liverpool. when will they realise that liverpool cannot get into the top 4.

    I found a decent link, but my ISP was going on maintenance work at the time! Saw the goal and what a goal it was, you can’t describe it, words just won’t do any justice!

  253. Id have to say i want Chelski to beat City. For 2 reasons. Like irish says it brings us within 3 results of City but more importantly it would break their unbeaten run

  254. I want a Chelsea draw, because I want us to be the first to beat them fair and square this season in the league!

  255. You were on a good run there for a bit JonJon, but it seems you’ve gone back to talking good old fashioned bollocks.

    Fantastic vision and execution from Song there. And what can you say about the finish besides top shelf. Wonderful technique from our Captain.

    Happy Birthday, Arsenal. Los Angeles loves you.

  256. A good, hard-fought win. Everton may have only had one shot on goal, but they did have some chances. Their young sub (McAleny) who came on at the end came very close.

    Song was great, a few misplaced through-balls, maybe forcing it a bit, but overall, immense. Still going strong at the end. It was a real battle in midfield. Interesting to see Song against Fellaini – two real bruisers. Ramsey and Arteta also did very well, the former looking sharper than he has done recently.

    What a goal!

    Before the match, there was an interesting interview on Radio 5 Live with Bob Wilson – what a lovely guy! He mentioned that he had recently paid a visit to the training ground, and he said that Wenger told him that RVP has been amazing as a captain, showing leadership comparable to Adams and Vieira. Wilson commented that the spirit of the team in training was the best he has seen it for a few years. It really has been a remarkable turnaround in the space of three months.

  257. there’s only one Robin van Persie!!!
    Superb…just superb!

    That said I was mighty frustrated for most of the game.
    Lack of decisiveness in front of goal.
    Should have been 4-0!
    Maybe all the festivities had made the boys nervous

    Kudos to Song for that sublime pass (I disagree with u JonJon)
    & to Kos, Vem, Arteta, Theo & Verm atimes….

    Djourou’s “pause-before-I-pass” had me freaking out throughout the game
    It could be a serious problem against tougher opposition

    did u see that immediate passback by TR7 to RvP @ the end???

    All said
    We are back in the top 4.
    Arsene’s going nowhere!

  258. Billy’s Boots – It must be really cool to be one of the older generation of footballers. I mean to be able to say you popped over for a visit and had a chat with AW about RVP’s captaincy, how’s about that for dinner converation? way cool 🙂

  259. ok fair enough i aint gonna sit here and argue with some of you over who to credit for the goal…especially the over sensitive ones who start to get personal…

    im sorry that i think a world class goal was because of the world class finish and not down to a pass i see made in every game we play..

    good pass from song..but world class finish from robin…thats how i see it..already said songs a great player and not taking anything away from his contribution but if it wasnt for the finish its just another pass aint it???

    if its going to start a fight then fuckit i cant be arsed…whatever..

  260. To be honest I didn’t see everton putting us under pressure, yes they worked hard but it was more to close us down rather than put us on the back foot.
    Jon Jon the dig at Denison is unwarranted, give it a rest man!

  261. Its v.interesting to note just hpw much of an impact Santos already has in the flow of our transition game.
    Atimes we found it hard to just get the ball out from defence to midfield.
    Got to sort that out for the Etihad mercenaries.

    i hope AW plays TR7 +/- AA early.

  262. Just read this from Martin Keown, Thierry Henry could make a shock return to the Emirates in January: “I can’t help thinking he might just come back and play some sort of cameo role alongside Robin van Persie. I think it’s realistic. I’m hearing they can’t get the ball off him in training because he’s that good.”

    Now with Chamakh heading to the ANC, what would you do if you were manager for a day?

  263. Irish

    That would be pretty crazy to see Henry back in the old red and white. It could be a good move considering our current lack of striking options though…we shall see.

  264. You’re making me wet myself, Irishgray!
    TH to return for a month would be SUPERFRAGILISTICALLYSTUPENDOUS!!!!!!!
    I would race BigBrovar in a first-to-jizz for this!

  265. I see Alan Pardew has changed his tune pretty quickly : “You can’t concede from three set-plays in the Premier League like we did, but any team would struggle with the injuries we’ve got in central defence. We’re still aiming for a top seven or eight finish if we can.”

    Aiming for 8th place huh, I mean, if they can. Don’t set the bar too high Alan. He is doing a great job up there with what he has to work with, can’t fault him with that.

  266. Aman – TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!! I really do not want a mental image of you and BigBrovar entering into a………EWWWWW!!!! TOO LATE!!!! EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  267. Na Irish, Henry had his time, hes now got his statue, no need to come back to play for The Arsenal, coach maybe but not as a player, even if hes great it would still tarnish whats come before..

  268. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger after his side’s 1-0 win over Everton: “We had a very bad start [to the season] but now we are consistent. The spirit is very good, we’re very focussed. The consistency is highly needed and if we can maintain that we have a good chance [of doing well].” When asked if he would like a statue of himself outside the stadium, he laughed: “I don’t need one, I just want to do well for my club, that’s enough.”


  269. DeiseGooner – I agree it would if he played badly but what if he came back and started knocking in the goals? I am tempted but I think you are right. He is a legend and there is nothing worse than seeing a living legend come back to the team that made him famous and flop. Too great a risk if you ask me. Not for us but for him.

  270. in the second half they had us on the back foot..

    irishgray highlighted, we did make it hard for ourselves cos of all the chances missed but in the second half they went after us…it was quite open..they didnt just sit there…but the defence held firm and ches took care of some of the arial threats.

    then there was songs pass that won us the game…

  271. Too funny this : Dave Whelan, Wigan chairman’ via text: “Okay, new ruling from the Premier League – that’s the end of the Premier League season with these as the final positions. See you all in August, thanks.”

    And on that note I am off for a beer, laters peeps! COYG!!!

  272. Well said JJ, well said 🙂

  273. No one wants to fight you, JJ. But youre not going to do yourself any favors here with your condescending Le Moanesque dig at Denilson and the commenters here.

  274. If no one is going to say it, I will.

    Let’s call a spade and not a big spoon while looking for reasons wy Alex Song isn’t given the respect in the football establishment for being one of the top central midfielders in the current game.

    Song trumps all the quintissential defensive midfielders because he is also one of the best ball players in town. His game is not about “destroying” and stoping opponents from playing as they like to tout those supposedly trying to masquerade as Claude Makelele.

    Of Makelele, it was famously said, his job was to carry the piano, and it was the other creative midfielders in the team who would play that piano and weave out the beautiful tunes in midfield.

    Alex Song can carry the damn piano and dance the fine dance while serenading that midfield. He is also adept at the dark arts of the defensive midfielder and not averse to taking one for the team if it was warranted.

    This season, the improvements in the team are very much linked to Song’s performances and ability to help Arsenal hold its shape.

  275. “then there was songs pass that won us the game…”

    RVPs goal won it …surely 😉

  276. i agree on the topic of bringing henry home…

    it would have more of a confidence lifting affect than buying one of the worlds hottest talents…and if we did both we’d be rocking..

    bringing tit home in jan would lift everyone at the club…id prefer it to be permanant than a loan though..
    his pace my have gone but hes got a good first touch, hes intelligent and hes a finisher..he would still bring alot to the squad..good to have about the place too..

  277. I think Song is starting to make those passes such a staple of his game that people are already taking it for granted. How about his little dance through the Dortmund defense to then play a perfect cros for Van Persie’s header as well…

    I think supporters get spoiled by quality play rather quickly.

  278. Darius

    Well Said, cudnt agree more.

    The other players who deserve such high praise are:

    Vermaelen and Koscienly and Mertasacker. Solid Defending

    I am now less worried when we have to protect a lead.

    Vermaelen as i have said is not human, infact neither is Kosicenly

  279. I would like to know how many assists Song has this year. I can remember three crucial assists off the top of my head. Two of which were outstanding efforts where he attacked the left flank.

  280. songs ace..

    hes close to about 5 i think…his long range passing is still abit off but hes the best in the league at what he does..has been for a while now..

    i dont mind unsung heros 😉 see what i did there??

    makes it easier for us to get them to sign new contracts..if the world dont think songs any good than fantastic..he can stay here and be shit for many years to come…

  281. Jon Jon…I like your take on that….keep him as an unkown quantity so he doesn’t attract the oil money…brilliant!

  282. Orbinho on twitter

    Since the start of last season, Arsenal’s Premier League win % with Alex Song starting is 61%. Without him it is 18%.

  283. Irishgray – yes, I agree, amazing!

    Bob Wilson was joined on the programme by John Motson, and Motty said he was delighted to be present for the celebrations today. Bob Wilson, to me, comes across as refreshingly humble. He said he was so proud to be associated with Arsenal and that the club really changed his life. Both made the point that Arsenal is a club that does things the right way.

  284. Dups ,all we need then is a player that when he plays we win 39% of games and we are winners every time!


    Ok , so my theory might have a small flaw.

  285. more floors than a a block of flats george..

    song cant be replaced like for like but a belt and braces stylee with frimmers and le coq would do the trick i reckon..until one or both are ready for the step up..

  286. Song=Frimpong+Coquelin x 10 years experience

  287. imagin if you were thierry henry and got signed on for 1month. Playing in a stadium, for a club that already has you down as a legend and has put a statuet up of you outside!

    How many players have played games in a stadium and had a statute of themselves at the same stadiume at the same time???

    Playing with TH is like walking in the land of legends. i imagin it to feel a bit unreal for the younger players…

  288. not literally 10 years

    Vermaelin= Robocop+Terminator

  289. and the amazing thing is Song is always letting the other guys have a try or two first to “settle” the game. You know, holding back, doing his duty letting arron, Theo, Miken and Gerv do their job, and when he senses they need a little helping hand he pops up, takes responsibility, serve a goal on a silver plate for RVP before he goes back to his dutys.

    The guys is unreal. He can do it all. And with style!

  290. and he was the one that in the autumn said “others will step up and fill the void when cesc and narsi leaves”. heh i think he knew he was about to become a superstar.

  291. If Laurent Koscielny is not the best defender in the premier league,I am a Spud.
    I know we are all massive Tommy V. fans.But that boy Laurent is different gravy.

  292. Tr7 looked good again for his cameo.

  293. heh heh heh

  294. The Most interesting thing about Arsenal this season is that our whole style of play has changed.

    Many of you will disagree with me, but we are now more direct and switch from defense to attack with frightening speed. The midfielders jobs mainly this season has been to provide a solid p[latform for the attacking players and also support them when needed. The time the ball spends being played from side to side or the time our midfielders hold on to the ball has been reduced dramatically. I cannot decide whether this is a tactical change by Wenger due to a reduced quality in the team (Come on, we did lose 1 world class player and a six month shining Nasri) or maybe it is the fact that because the players do not feel a strange urge to pass the ball to one of their best player (fabregas).

    I also can teel you with certaintenty that the tactics employed by teams to stifle Arsenal is having less of an impact. This new Arsenal team is a different animal altogether. Today even though Moyes used his knowledge of Arsenal in previous years, they still cudnt hold us back, we had chance after chance and if it wasn’t for the players that missed we would have destroyed them.

    The defence is absolutely superb, and i do not get nervous anymore when watching arsenal. Vermaelen and Koscienly are some of the best defenders in the world. When sagna comes back, we will be unbreakable. Santos is a typical brazilian who brings flair and also is good defensively.

    I think our other attackers need to start scoring, the only reason Van persie is getting his just praise is because he’s team mates are not scoring as they should. So it is down to him to produce something.

    This team is a collective unit who all track back defensively and attack quickly.

  295. Scezney is crazy

  296. We need to keep performing in December, a point at least away to city (though we have the beating of them if we have a full strength team). The lack of width with our natural fullbacks ironically means we are more solid at the back and less prone to being caught on the counter.
    RVP is a legend but my fav player so far is Santos! Wot a signing! Too cool on the ball, typical Brazilian! He is a natural ball player!

  297. @Rune – And he’ll be sorely missed against Shity..FBs are the only area in the field I’d be worried against them

  298. Madrid 1 up after 21 sec

  299. The Chezzer really is a strange cat isn’t he. I love it…he has just the right amount of crazy to be a great goalkeeper.

  300. What a goal and what a pass. Happy birthday Arsenal.

  301. Our defense really deserves ‘all’ the accolades. Dj – Per – Kos – Ver – Miguel, excellent performances.

    Really missed what Santos’s game brings to our attack.

    Theo continues to sparkle……developing all aspects of his game.

    Song, imo, Arsenal’s most valuable player. Closely followed by: RvP and Kos

    As I stated this morning……I prefer Rosicky in the line up.

  302. It’s 1-1 alexis with goal n barca tippy tapping, but their defence looks vulnerable to counter attack. Di Maria is such an infuriating talent, brilliant one second n absolutely shocking the next. Pepe though is one hell of a dirty player.

  303. The pass definitely made the goal…anyone who has ever played football would tell u that. World class pass ..world class goal perfect pace weight timing execution…simplez. Off course on Ps3 it looks so much easier. Song is world class.

  304. Messi makes a bad challenge, the ref goes for his pocket, remembers that Messi is already on a yellow, and changes his mind.

    RvP’s head just exploded.

  305. Yep messi is king can’t send him off otherwise eta is on the refs arse

  306. How poor is Ronaldo? Just shocking.

  307. 3-1 bbb fabregas scores on a devastating break seconds after cronaldo misses an absolute sitter. Inniesta xavi n messi r simply sensational. Madrid as usual completely loose their heads.

  308. there is only one team in the world that can beat Barcelona at their best and that is Arsenal!

  309. They might be sensational but they are beatable. The lesser Ronaldo missed two great chances that the real Ronaldo would have scored with ease. But of course, there is only one player who would have scored those chances with his eyes closed. Robin Van Perfect!!

  310. You can only take pleasure in any defeat of a Jose Mourinho team,anywhere,anytime.
    I detest his win at all costs attitude.And his spent spend managerial style.

  311. Parties, Heavy Metal & ROBIN VAN PERSIE

  312. Maureen Yo looked like a three ha’penny stamp on the touchline.

    Some nice acting skills on display as well.

  313. Amid khan win to top the night but he will have probably his hardest game!

  314. Amir

  315. My words won’t add anything to that. Frazlle. Bibble. Ooofle titbang. See? Abject nonsense in the face of glaring perfection. OurVP.

  316. Alex Song’s pass was instrumental for Van Persie’s goal. He stroked it so that Van Persie didn’t have to contort his body in any way and put enough speed on it so that when struck it would have enough power. Van Persie’s timing and finishing, however, were pure class. It’s a delight to have such a class player at the club who’s just hitting his peak. Amazing.

    Iniesta is in the top three best players in the world for me at the moment. The way he fools the opposition into challenges and then trots away with the ball is incredible.

  317. Unlike Messi, Ronaldo can’t produce by himself. He has always needed someone to open up space for him in order for his pace and control to work. I told all my Real Madrid friends that when he left Manure and they thought I was crazy.

    Ronaldo is killing Mourinho. All his teams have had two wide men in the 4-3-3 who can dribble around defenders and track back to help out on defence. Ronaldo does neither of those. Ha! Ha!

  318. Bloody Song going forward. Why oh why can’t he stick to screening the back four? Eh??

  319. Shit the bed, we have no fullbacks! Whats to become of us?

  320. Bollocks, is that the time? Sorry ACLFers, I musy decamp to the cunts convention.

  321. Bollocks, is that the time? Sorry ACLFers, I musy decamp to the c*nts convention. Dose this site have a censor inbuilt thingy?

  322. Gains

    Some dude on the BBC feed sent in a text saying Song was the best exponent of his position in England and right on cue the BBC wanker allowed an anon text to retort that he was having a laugh basically. Thing is that annonymous tool didnt give any answer to that assertion probably because they didnt have a fuckin clue mate. Thing is if Song was off to the ACN, you know we’d be up to Crouch’s neck in stories of how we are gonna miss him.

  323. Even tho there are many twats on that barca team, I am glad that Mourinho has once again come up short against them. The sky commentators cudnt contain their admiration for the cheating scum bag, untill that is his team were losing and then, surprise surprise, they stopped mentioning his greatness; fickle fuckers. Im here all night

  324. ooofle titbang. so true.

  325. I still can’t get over Van Persie’s goal, it is playing over and over again in my mind! What a goal!

  326. Me too, Sriram. All last night I kept getting distracted by an imaginary ball over the top from Song just dropping into my peripheral vision on the right. It took a great effort to stop myself from volleying the bejeesus out of the nearest bar stool.

    I like looking back at the reaction on here… poodle said: ‘Fuck me!’ which is exactly what I said, and then Evil said ‘only RvP could do that’ – and that’s what I was thinking myself. So true.

  327. Sriram.

    The irony is that yesterday’s goal was not the best goal Van Persie has scored. Yes, it was sublime, but his goal against Charlton 4 years ago was absolutely ridiculous and breth-taking. The kind that makes adrenaline rush through you like a nonsense.

    Infact, I would class the goal against Charlton, yesterday’s goal and Dennis Bergkamp’s goal against Newcastle as perhaps 3 of Arsenal’s best goals of all time.

    Mind you, Van persie did score an equally breath-taking volley at Goodison Park in January 2009. Again, one of those cold winter nights when Cahill’s goal was going to sink us, but aan8 second spell of madness from Almunia’s hand via Diaby placed the ball right in front of Van Persie to schock the system out of Goodison Park with literally the last kick of the game. Even then, Tim Howard didn’t move an inch.

  328. Definitely, Darius. Reminded me of that one at Goodison. Can’t find any good video of it unfortunately…

  329. So Ivan thinks Arsene he here for years to come.
    That will make them happy at Le Shite

  330. Regardless of how many times I watch the replay of vP’s goal……..it will never replace the real time experience.

    Give credit to Song…..he has the eye to see players making runs and proving to be better at making the big plays than Arteta and Ramsey.

  331. Darius ,Limpar,get on twitter I am going to have a tiff with Tim Payton I think.You know our spokesman lol

  332. Darius,

    To me, that Charlton goal from Kolo Toure’s floated ball was just out of the world. It was voted as #1 in the “RVP 100 goals” DVD. I would add one of Henry’s goals to that list too, the one against Sporting Prague, I think. He effortlessly touches the ball back to leave him in space and curls an outside of the foot volley in to the far corner in equal style.

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