No Room For The Laughing Cavaliers At Arsenal

International week concludes its business this evening with a host of pointless friendlies joined by a host of pointless second legs in the Euro2012 Play-offs with most settled already, the only debatable outcome is Bosnia and Portugal. Even then, if the latter do not progress to the finals that will constitute a major shock.

Not quite a shocking as the English media this morning deciding anything Marca carries is vaguely newsworthy. I was going to add truthful to that but since when has the truth had anything to do with the print media? Certainly the reliance upon verifiable facts is in decline, preferring to attribute spurious stories to ‘sources close to the club‘. Here’s a newsflash: those sources are supposed to be executives at the club not the Madrid Evening Post seller whose stand happens to be on the street corner opposite the Bernabeu.

Arsène is not worrying about that, instead focussing on keeping the players focussed on improving. Having endured all manner of opprobrium and ridicule following the poor start to the season, the climb to seventh place is a recovery with the top four within touching distance. Indeed, a heavy win at Carrow Road could see the club reach stratospheric heights by this season’s standards albeit for a fleeting moment.

Three points though will be the first objective and that will be achieved by the continued adherence to a more direct approach,

I would say we are a bit more controlled and less cavalier. We are less adventurous when the job is done, I must say. You can feel that there is some reserve there if needed…Overall I would say it is a more mature attitude. We were more functional. We did the job properly, with quality and, I must say, with seriousness.

There’s a lot saying going on there, I must say. The dynamic has changed beyond doubt, new signings in midfield are not direct replacements for those departed which leads to an adjustment of the playing style. When Jack Wilshere returns, that style will adjust again. It is not a philosophical change as such, more an adaptation to circumstance.

And that adaptation process is going well. The results might have been as expected, teams who should be beaten, beaten. That should not be used as a stick with which to beat the squad though. Many times in the past, those matches perceived as straightforward have been the undoing of title hopes. It is equally not a time to go overboard.

This is a hard squad to judge. They showed mental strength in overcoming Chelsea, retrieving deficits and punishing their supposedly stronger opponents on the counter-attack. They have relentlessly pursued victories, keeping clean sheets as well. They have ridden their luck and I suppose that the only real test they have to face is how they handle defeat. It will come and given that was the fundmental failing at the tail end of last season, this time around will be telling.

Recovering from defeats this season has probably been easier thus far. Liverpool’s win could be pinned on a red card, Old Trafford a freak result in a season of freak results. Blackburn? Profligacy in front of goal whilst Spurs is a derby that could go either way. Those defeats at the hands of close rivals are probably easier to deal with mentally, knowing that matches could go either way.

It is those like Blackburn that seem to take a bigger toll and that is what Wenger must deal with when the moment arises. It has been a weakness in the past but one that this squad seem more prepared to overcome. Perhaps it is the experience of older heads such as Arteta, Mertesacker and Benayoun. Maybe it is losing the emotional or sulky responses of others who have left. In all likelihood, it is a combination of both.

All this is not going to the manager’s head. In this case, he is a better man than I for having to endure the gratuitous “I know better than you” attitude of his critics, he is not going to stoop to their level,

At the moment I feel we are more focused – saying ‘look I am right’ is less important for me than trying to continue the quality of our team and our results

The Yardbirds summed it all up, Mister, you’re a better man than I.

’til Tomorrow

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  1. five days to go

  2. beaten by an ace

  3. the addition of the experienced guys has definitely made a difference,something le boss has pointed out several times.working hard and keeping our feet on the ground will lead to many surprises.

  4. som=something

  5. Gunner From Nigeria

    No doubt, something has changed in the squad in terms of mentality. Wins against Norwich, Wigan, Fulham and Everton would set us nicely for Man City. Though, there is Dortmund and the Carling cup.
    Then as you said Yogi, who knows how the team would handle the next defeat? I just hope that is still far off.

  6. Unsatisfactory as Blackburn was the outcome had a touch of dreadful bad luck about it – if we manage to knock in two soft own goals and have an offside goal against us awarded every week then we would be truly f******* – as would each and every other club

  7. “experienced guys has definitely made a difference”

    What a suprise.

  8. “Maybe it is losing the emotional or sulky responses of others who have left.”
    An excellent point, Yogi. I could be wrong but I sense a more united squad recently – especially in the celebrations at SB. Perhaps Willie Gallos’s misgivings about Nasri were right on the money. Perhaps it’s just the common goal of putting those defeats firmly behind them that has created a stronger spirit. But for me, it’s not only the style of play that has changed.

  9. The Yardbirds! Jeez, Yogi, that’s going back a bit 🙂

  10. Silvestre was an “experienced guy”
    He certainly made a difference

  11. Jenkinson on the other hand is by no means whatsoever an “experienced guy”
    Has he made a difference ?

  12. This weekend I think we could see some real movement in the table. Best case scenario for us is that United draw against Swansea (who have a fantastic home record). Chelsea draw with Liverpool. Villa beat Spurs and we win 5-0 and go fifth, just a point behind Chelsea! Throw in a scoreless draw between Newcastle and City and we’re back in the race.


  13. Wenger does not shy away from gloating, certainly hasn’t done so in the past. Its just that there’s not much to say I-told-you-so about right now. We still have a loooong way to go before he can claim to be ‘right’ in any meaningful sense. But mark my words, if come the season’s end we’re doing the bus parade for one trophy or another, you’ll see then, just how well he endures his critics.

  14. Thanks Yogi, think you hit the nail on the head with the sulky personality bit…

    Jenkinson has made up for a lack of experience with tremendous work rate and passion. Just goes to show that experience helps, but is not essential if you have the right personality. If all of our less experienced players had gone for it and given their all like Wilshere, Jenkinson etc then we may have won something by now. Mentality and personality makes a player top class, not even necessarily their ability. Look at Flamini, great worker, not the best technically, not the most experienced, but he produced a fine season for us (and attracted suitors of the highest quality), just by working hard for the team.

  15. Anicoll5 | November 15, 2011 at 10:13 am
    “Jenkinson on the other hand is by no means whatsoever an “experienced guy”
    Has he made a difference ?”

    In comparison to who? Ebuoe?

  16. Henristic, don’t you think his endless work ethic rubs off on others in the team? Or is he just another young player playing out of his depth? Another mistake by Wenger??

  17. Jenksinson has done well. I wonder if he wqould have done as well without some of the experienced heads around him? Probably not.

  18. Nice one about experience Anicoll. Never get too carried away by one’s own opinions. Humbleness and adaptability applies not only to the football club.

  19. Doubt he would have Andy. As we know, it’s all about the blend. And we’re slowly simmering and stirring this team into a lovely balanced concoction. We’ll be a very tasty morsel by the end of the season, especially when we have our ‘experienced’ players like Wilshere (!) back…

  20. Geo – “Flamini, great worker, not the best technically, not the most experienced, but he produced a fine season for us (and attracted suitors of the highest quality), just by working hard for the team

    But this can’t be right (not a dig at you Geo), yesterday whilst discussing Parker it was made quite clear that this type of player is not good enough for our club. I am confused.

  21. Enjoyable read, Yogi. Thanks. 🙂

    Can I mention something that is a bugbear of mine? I find the frequent football reference to “mental strength” or “having mental stamina” etc, while not being wrong exactly, is a flipping irritating woolly terminology!

    Why? Well it now seems to be a “buzz” phraseology that was introduced by AW, and picked up by many pundits, fans and the media and used extensively to indicate that a player or team has ‘it’, and by contrast others, by definition, do not have ‘it’!

    Is there a “mental strength” gauge that we can buy to measure this attribute? Is my determination of someone’s mental strength the same as every one else’s? or is it better? or worse?

    Surely all that is meant by mental strength in this context is that certain players or teams are ‘gutsy and determined’, while others aren’t.
    Where these visceral feelings come from, or are located, I do not know, but it cannot be simply a function of mentality, after all a ‘team’ is not a corporal entity and does not possess either a mind or a body.

    How’s that for an Interlull Tuesday? 🙂

  22. Geo – “As we know, it’s all about the blend

    Yup, I agree 100%. Most sucessful teams alwsays have a good mix of players. Hopefully we have got the balance right this year.

  23. The point I was clumsily making was that experience in itself is just one element – in itself it confers nothing if the player does not have the quality and the fitness to slot into the Arsenal side – Jenkinson seems to be made of the right stuff even at his tender age and he is likely to get a lot better – the Silvestre’s of this parish, and experienced signings like Squillaci who is perhaps a better example, do not.

  24. GA

    I did smirk when I read Geo’s comment….


  25. YW – Heh, you could have swapped the names eh? Course for course and all that. 🙂

  26. Sorry wasn’t around for the discussion yesterday, but I will definitely stick by the Flamini comment. I didn’t think Flamini was good enough for us, until he dragged the team through some very tough matches with his endless running and battling qualities, even scoring some belters along the way. I didn’t really want Parker when that was being discussed, and am happy that we have Frimp and Coq battling it out to be Song’s back up. Parker could play a part in this team if you ask me, but I would prefer Song in there any day of the week. Parker is similar to Flamini and most teams would take someone like that if you’re being totally honest. He’s proved that he can play in a higher quality team without needing to be the best player. So my opinion of him has changed since the summer (hate to say it, being sp*rs scum after all)… Parker wouldn’t get in the team ahead of Song, and would not want to be on the bench. Wenger made the right decision again imo. Frimp and Coq are the perfect back ups, one slightly more cultured and technical, the other a brute who can also play.

  27. Aw the band that boasted guitarists Beck, Clapton and Page but, sadly, never at the same time. Still it’s a nice piece of rock trivia.

    God this waiting is tedious – couldn’t sleep last night and started thinking about Arsenal to distract my mind – somehow that’s not conducive to actually sleeping.

  28. anicoll,
    You’re right, experience by itself is useless. How about using the phrase ‘quality experience’ then? Silvestre and Squil are anything but, not on the level of Arteta and Mert anyway.

  29. Geo – Nice summary.

  30. Isn’t there a sense of hair splitting there?

    To say “a player with experience would improve the team balance”, is fair enough.
    Is it also necessary to also say “a player with experience, talent, and at least two legs, would improve the team balance”? Surely that’s a given …………… well maybe without “at least”. 🙂

  31. Jonny – Page really was the master eh? I know a lot rate Hendrix (understandably) as the best, but for me it was Page. More riffs. And it’s all about the riff.

  32. Spot on Henri – plenty of experience talentless hoofers out there who no doubt , at great expense if they held a UK passport and to appease the mob, AW could have signed. The players we did sign – and Jenkinson has proved probably a surprise in the group – do seem to have a quality about them.

  33. Jenksinson has had Mertesacker next to him for the majority of his games. It is likely that the big german has been telling him when to make forward runs and when to hold, telling him when to tuck in, and when to go to his man, etc. If if he Djourou next to him he would not have had the same guidence.

  34. Henristic @10.25 “In comparison to who? Ebuoe?”

    What was your point there?

    don’t you think his endless work ethic rubs off on others in the team? Or is he just another young player playing out of his depth? Another mistake by Wenger??

  35. Geo,
    I’m not sure what you mean by his (i.e. Jenkinson) work rate rubbing off on others? I don’t think he works harder than others in the squad, apart from maybe Arshavin. To be honest, I don’t quite see what’s special about his game, apart from the crossing, most of which go begging anyway, because we rarely have someone attacking them. Also, he’s not very pacy, for a full back

    What I do appreciate about the boy is how he – like the rest of his team mates this season – never lets his head drop. The fact that he is an arsenal fan is also very pleasing. I’ve also been impressed about how he has handled the not inconsiderable leap from lower division football to playing in the PL. Very impressed with that.

  36. goon on and anicoll,sorry if you dont get what i mean but i sense a lil tinge of sarcasm from both your comments which is totally accepted by me.The point am trying to make is that the more experienced guys among the new player’s have helped steady the ship and given the team a better balance.mind you i do not in any way under rate CJ’s (lungbursting)contribution so far

  37. anicoll,
    We have in the past gone for the talentless non-hoofers (Silvestre, Squil) instead, lol.

  38. “I don’t think he works harder than others in the squad, apart from maybe Arshavin.” Hmmm ok… Maybe we’ve watched different games this season.

    Don’t you understand that seeing one of your teammates chasing back 50 yards to make a tackle would inspire you to work similarly hard? Whenever i’ve played, this definitely happens, I get inspired by others doing that, as do they when I do… Not that hard to understand is it?

    Still don’t get you point/dig earlier re Eboue…?

  39. Naija – “The point am trying to make is that the more experienced guys among the new player’s have helped steady the ship and given the team a better balance.

    I agree 100%. I think it is a shame we have not signed decent players of expeience for earlier seasons. Who know the affect it would have had?

  40. Aw the band that boasted guitarists Beck, Clapton and Page but, sadly, never at the same time. Still it’s a nice piece of rock trivia.

    God this waiting is tedious – couldn’t sleep last night and started thinking about Arsenal to distract my mind – somehow that’s not conducive to actually sleeping.

    Ge0 @ 10.42 – I mostly agree with that. One of the reasons Parker is at the right club because there he is a stand out, first name on the team sheet player. For us he would have provided cover at best – that said he is the kind of player I would have liked in the mix. Yogi poured scorn on the idea that one player could have made any difference to last season’s head droppers, maybe that is so, but one has to start somewhere!

    Fabregas set a terrible example on that front. I do feel that Wenger’s repeated dismissal of the importance of leadership is incorrect and strange. Under his tenure we have had two of the best Arsenal captains ever and then we have seen Henri, Gallas and Fabregas who must rate as amongst the mediocre end of the spectrum.

    All of those were chosen as captain for the wrong reasons (though I do understand the necessity at the time to placate itching players and/or big egos).

    Having seen the effect of inspirational leadership in a kitchen brigade and so many other areas of life one should be careful to underestimate it. There are some people who can make people walk over hot coals for them.

    Whilst there are definite similarities between Parker and Flam – I’d say this was an area of difference. Parker has grown to become a good leader. Thankfully we are blessed with a few of those now but the least few seasons, when Wenger was calling them all leaders, there was scarcely one of any note to see.

    I always remember fondly the story of Adams jabbing a finger into Bergkamp’s chest and pointedly telling him he really needed to think about whether he wanted to be just a great player or he wanted to really win trophies and be a legend. “You may be a great player but what have you actually won?”. I imagine not many people had spoken to DB10 like that before – it certainly had the desired effect.

  41. ” you’ll see then, just how well he endures his critics.”

    And rightly so.I hope he stuffs their criticisms right up their arses.

    Andy.Flamini was far better(in the 6 months that he is remembered for)than Parker.
    But I am not surprised to hear that you are confused.

  42. henristic, you may have missed a trick there, I’d say CJ is a real tiresome work horse of a player. I love him for his effort.

  43. Geo | November 15, 2011 at 10:54 am
    “Henristic @10.25 “In comparison to who? Ebuoe?”
    What was your point there? ”

    The question was whether Jenkinson has made a difference. I thought the answer to that could depend on what we are comparing him to.
    We are probably weaker (in the short term) by having there instead of Eboue. Don’t forget, Eboue, despite his sometimes embarassing antics, was also decent crosser, is probably faster, and had a good work rate.

    But I understand that Eboue probably had to leave, and that Jenkinson could well grow into a better version of Sagna. Its also clear that we have other players who can do a job there as well, e.g. JD and Kos.

  44. Great post Jonny, agree 100%. I do think that RvP is a good leader now, doing it on the pitch, and by all accounts, doing more off the pitch than his predecessors. RvP’s doing what Cesc should have. I can’t see him moping round the pitch whenever it doesn’t go our way.

  45. PG – “Andy.Flamini was far better(in the 6 months that he is remembered for)than Parker

    And how would you clarify that George? For me they are very similar players, and their role in their repectives sides are almost identical.

    Either way it does not really matter. The point is that this type of player can sometimes be what is needed in an otherwise “technical” team.

  46. Strange tale that Jonny.
    Because Dennis had more medals that Tony at any given point in his carer(I am going to look very foolish if that is not true)
    I also think Dennis would have told Tony exactly where to stick his jabbing finger.And if he didn’t .then he should have.

  47. Parker a leader? I’ve never seen him open his mouth. Alright he leads by example, maybe.

    The difference between Parker and Song is that Song makes the job look easy. This is why he never gets his dues. He is a far superior player tho.

  48. I cant clarify it Andy,because it simply my opinion.

  49. Hen, Ok, fair enough… He isn’t as good as Eboue yet imo, but he seems to work a lot harder, even compared to Eboue at his determined best. What i was saying is, this makes up for so much, making his inexperience relatively problem-free. If he didn’t work as hard, he would be exposed far more often than he is. Comparing him to many people’s initial opinions (before he’d even played), then I’d say he’s made a huge difference. He’s had a baptism of fire and has coped very well.

  50. Geo, Jonny,

    Really? His is harder working than Sagna, or Song, or Vermalaen, or Theo, or Gervinho, or Vermalen, or Kos, or Ramsey?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he is lazy, I just don’t see tirelessness as an outstanding part of his game in comparison to the reat of the squad. I could of course be wrong.

  51. Rightly, I am off to Koln to watch a gig.


  52. PG it wasn’t about the number of medals he had won – and I am phrasing from a hazy memory. It was to do with the quality of player that DB was he had not won enough. Don’t forget he’d had a rotten time in Italy and a very slow start for us.

    Whatever, Adams judged it right – DB10 was the one who spoke about and it was clear it had impacted on him greatly and positively.

  53. Geo,
    “Comparing him to many people’s initial opinions (before he’d even played), then I’d say he’s made a huge difference. He’s had a baptism of fire and has coped very well.”

    Well to me, this doesn’t mean he has made a huge difference at all (to the team). It does certainly mean that he has played much better than some people expected.

    Incidentally, he hasn’t quite matched my own expectation yet, and I realise I’m in the minority here.
    When I heard we signed him from Charlton, I thought, that boy really must be something for Wenger to buy a lower league player as potential replacement for Eboue. My idea for a full back is probably too traditional; blistering pace, great tackler and/or excellent attacking abilities, and of course a good engine as well. It is clear that he has the latter, but I’m yet to be convinced of the other stuff.

  54. *wasn’t about the number of medals he had won versus Adams*.

  55. Does Andy live in Germany?

  56. Indeed experience was something that was missing – but it counts for nothing if quality and application doesn’t come with it. Settling in period aside for Per he is a top german international experienced pro – ticks all the boxes right? The only one missing from Arteta’s CV is international, but lets face it, if he was anything other than spanish hed have plenty of caps. Santos just needs to lay off the pies for a bit and hel be fine 🙂 As for Jenks, hes just a kid but he looks to have quality and application on his side to at least let him have a chance and the rest. As for Flamini – he blew it by leaving in my opinion. Hed be a regular french international squaddie if he stayed with us i have no doubt. Parker has recently got plaudits (at 30 years of age) for what Flamini was doing at 22!

  57. I tend to actually overestimate the ability of Wenger’s signings if I’ve never seen them play.
    Of course, common sense dictates that not all of them are gonna be like Theo, or Kos, or Sagna.

  58. Henristic, So do i… Years of seeing him unearth unheard of gems always makes me excited, no matter how young/unheard of they are. I do think you underestimate the work rate of the young lad. I would say he works harder than Ramsey, Gerninho and Theo for sure, maybe even all the others too… Where’s Optastats when you need em?! Gotta go to a meeting, see ya’ll later.

  59. Jonny

    Indeed. He mentioned a while back it was somewhere like the Ruhr Valley.

  60. It is a it difficult to decide which Eboue to compare Jenkinson to ? The No 1 Eboue who first started as right back pre Sagna, great athlete, attacking defender, flung himself to the turf at any and every given opportunity

    No2 Eboue – the one who AW was determined he would turn into a midfield player, hurtling up and down the wing and across the middle – much to his own and everyone else’s bafflement – not bad but not good enough

    Or No 3 Eboue the bloke who as a back up to Sagna and that was that

    Even now Id say Jenkinson is the match of No 3 Eboue – I hope to Gawd he is never subject to being No2 Eboue

    And if CJ learns and works hard matching No1 Eboue aint that far off

  61. Markus – really? He was very well known for it at West Ham. One of my best mates is a Hammer and he said he was the captain on the pitch in all but name.

    Sorry for repeat but, as I said yesterday, when he did have the captaincy there were a couple of stories of great team talks, the most cited of which was described by Carlton Cole who praised Scott Parker’s “inspirational” pep talk at half time after, being 3–0 down. West Ham clawed back in the second half to get a 3–3 draw against West Bromwich Albion. Carlton Cole was quoted as saying “If you were there you would have had a tear in your eye” after the half time team talk.

    He also captained Newcastle.

    And to further stir this, most tedious of pots, Capello thinks he is “simply incredible”

    I imagine we all know each others respective positions now – shall we move on?


  62. Mental strength: my interpretation.

    The ability to bounce back after a setback and not let events affect your mental state of mind, ambitions and performance.

    For me its not at all about determination, its a steel-like composure that keeps you performing to the best of your ability.

    Seen as Wenger invented it! it does make sense as he has referenced his team last season by saying to be missing some experience and something mentally.

    Our “mental strength” as we all call it now, was at its lowest under Wenger’s reign, even before losing to Birmingham in the CC final imo. We had the likes of Clichy and Cesc coming out before games and portraying caution even though that team had arguably more ability than this one.

    There was a major sense of complacency for several years after the invincible’s, which many say resulted in our under achievement, that then transformed and rubbed off on our squad. It massively wore away the “mental strength” of some of our best players as we never looked like we could hold out for a win.

    I sense that is changing now. 2 steps back this summer just gone, but it could may well be 3 steps forward or more….

  63. Fair dos Jonny. I’m by no means an authority on his club career, but you would wonder why he wasn’t captain at West Ham. Certainly for England he is not very vocal (maybe understandable given the other personalities?).

  64. I think if Scott Parker was signed by AW, he would not have been a substitute for Song or back up, he would rather find a way to play them both. Maybe one of Parker or Song would have become a box to box midfielder while the other sitting deep mopping up attacks which i suspect AW would do if he signs Yann M’villa.

  65. C’mon guys.quit all these parker yarns.pls, weave diaby fabrics instead.a far superior stuff i say.

  66. why do i feel AW cites M’Villa is a replacement for my beloved Diaby??

  67. I tell you who has an undoubted leader potential – Chezzer.

    Has an eye on captaincy too.

    “When I was 12 years old, my dad he told me that I would never be a footballer. I thought: ‘f*ck you, I will show you even more’.”

  68. Great post, YW. Really love the way AW’s talking at the moment.

    Meanwhile, there’s still time:

    Forgot to post it last week.

  69. just seen the reserve team list for the reserve match against Norwich today, frimpong is starting the match.

    I think its safe to say that Le Coq has overtaken frimpong in the race to be Songs back up

  70. craig Eastmond was close to being in the first team, shame he did not grab his chance with both hands

  71. Markus, Nolan was club captain and is well-rated as such – I guess when they signed Parker they did not want to upset the apple cart. Given our own manager’s record for appointing captains, for considerations other than who would make the best captain, who can say? Obviously I’m not a WH fan so I can’t comment greatly.

    Whilst RVP is the best captain we have had for some time, I tend to feel that TV is slightly better suited to the role. When he signed he always said he would put his body on the line for this club and I think that is evident every time he crosses the line. I am quite sure, even if Wenger agreed with that, he won’t want to upset RVP by making such a change.

    As for Parker and England – well he has played only a handful of times, spaced far apart, and just look at the other captain figures on the pitch during those years. If anything you could argue England have too many leaders – they certainly manage to consistently go the polar opposite direction to Wenger and make far too big a deal of the captaincy!

  72. Lots of love for Scott Parker – it’s like Palacios and Bullard all over again on here.

  73. Great stuff Big Al – he is such a delight to watch when he is purring – his turns and gangly burst of pace are always a thrill.

    This is an observation, before the girls get their knickers in a bunch, but I was wondering if we have ever had as completely one footed a player as him – Suker?

  74. Daniel Day-Lewis?

  75. Yeah, nothing better when he’s flying, Jonny. If we can ease him back over the next few weeks then this is the sort of player we could have around February. It’s going to be brutal.

    Funny, one-footed or not, a lot of neutral football fans love him; he’s in this Zouzinho dude’s video collection alongside Cruyff, Maradona and Rivelino. Diaby was my least favourite Arsenal player in 08-09, but something clicked after he had some game-time. He deserved to be in that France squad, and he’ll be back in there if can just stay fit for a while.

    Rather than Dan Smith’s effort, I think he’s still recovering from this:

  76. I actually grew up near Scott Parker – he was a few years older, went out with a girl from the swimming club all the boys fancied.

  77. Revolting challenge Al – I was apoplectic with impotent fury when that happened.

    There are not many players I dislike as much as that piece of shit – you can tell he is type of c*nt who would just love to start a ruck in a pub. Like a fat Begbe.

    My goodness, we have been on the receiving end of some horrible stuff over the recent years.

  78. “Lots of love for Scott Parker – it’s like Palacios and Bullard all over again on here.”

    Absolutely, Big Al.

    I can’t understand it. If there ever was a time when we might have had a use for him, that time has past.

    Odd behaviour.

  79. Yep, how many more seasons do you think he’s got in him – two? Footballers don’t have an old-timers day. He came close, but he never made it. And if he was going to make it, he would have made it before now.

  80. Judging by your snide comments today, henristic, I think you should just stick to LG man.

    Leaves a nasty taste, yuk!

  81. Parker’s quality, we should’ve signed him, didnt, so no real need to mention him again. Thought we’d killed that one off already? Coqulein and Frimpong will be top class and we have Song and please god, Diaby to come back real soon and stay fit and avoid the leg breakers from the likes of that complete c*nt Robinson.

    Well done for showing that vid OOU, that one did almost as much damage as Dan Smiths for me man.

  82. kin hell lads, I’ll admit the argument is a tedious one, but you could at least try and follow the points being made and why!

  83. Again Dex – not aimed at you!

  84. Why?

    Tedious by your own admission.

    It’s like Flaminigate all over again.

  85. Dexter | November 15, 2011 at 1:54 pm
    “Judging by your snide comments today, henristic, I think you should just stick to LG man.
    Leaves a nasty taste, yuk!”


  86. henristic

    Arsene likes a gloat and the snidey one about Jenks/Eboue. Take your pick dude.

    Unless of course I completely misunderstood your poin ts old chap? I only skimmed the earlier posts.


    Me and you are going to have words one of these days dude!!! 😀

  87. Probably because contributing whilst missing the point just further fans the flames, Cbob.

    I’m thinking of you really!

  88. Dex – having seen the cut of your jib over other matters, I sincerely hope to avoid that! 😀

  89. Great post Yogi:

    I love the fact that we are playing more direct football and more controlled especially at the back. Had we played with a little more control and intelligence the last few years we would probably have won several trophies. I still get sick to my stomach thinking about Gallas standing in the 18 yard box while Rooney is scoring on a counter attack 70 yards up the pitch. Watching the other teams around us in the top of the table and throughout Europe and then looking at our defensive statistics it all seemed so obvious. The idea of winning by throwing caution to the wind sounded great and produced some stunning moments but was never going to be consistent. Its unfortunate that it took losing Cesc and the events of this summer for us to finally face reality. I guess better late then never. We are on a good run of form right now and hopefully we can maintain this new found maturity and not let a few good results start the slide back into our old habits. Consistency will be the key to success.

  90. what has happened to ACLF? we used to be (pretty much) one big family, now it seems the adolescent children have taken over (not calling any of you adolescents, more figurative ones in the whole family-analogy). It’s just squabble squabble squabble squabble all day long. Twice a week, someone throws down a topic, and then the two divisions fight over it like a piece of meat before discarding it (only to pick it up again at a later date). At least in the old days it was reasonble people vs doomers, now its just two groups of equally (for the most part) reasonable people choosing to argue about anything and everything and using such topics as Scott Parker to vent personal agendas against each other. Scott Parker for fucks sake!?! Who gives a shit whether he is, was or ever has been good enough for us, the fact remains is that he plays for the Spuds, will never play for us, and therefore why there is a need for this debate over his hypothetical importance to squads past and present? it is a completely redundant subject so can we drop it? i can only post comments outside of core hours, so reading through the comments is usually what gets me through the day at my exceedingly dull job…however the last few weeks (months) have really started to take away the fun of this blog, makes writing responses to complaint letters seem like a rollercoaster ride in comparison.

  91. Dexter | November 15, 2011 at 2:08 pm
    “Arsene likes a gloat and the snidey one about Jenks/Eboue. Take your pick dude.
    Unless of course I completely misunderstood your poin ts old chap? I only skimmed the earlier posts.”

    Arsene does like to gloat. Why is that snide? I like to gloat too, don’t you? Yogi clearly does, it would seem, hence the reference to AW been the better man.

    What about Jenks/Eboue? What did I say about either of them that was snidey?

    I consider the word snide to be more than a little offensive, as I’m sure you do if someone accused you. You’re implying I’m trying to do something underhand whereas my criticism of Jenks (I wasn’t criticising Wenger at all) was as obvious as it gets!
    Or is it the criticism itself you don’t like? Why don’t you just say so?

  92. Sorry Jaberwocky, i was merely talking about Jenkinson to begin with, and his work rate that makes up for lack of experience. I referred to Flamini, and the talk about Parker came flooding in… I wasn’t involved in yesterday’s discussions and didn’t have chance to read them, and apologies for dragging it all up again, albeit accidentally!

  93. As one of the principle proponents I apologise – as I do know its tedious and I do get your point. it is nice when we all get along. That said, this blog does have a life of it’s own and isn’t our duty to make sure you’re entertained! 🙂

    For my part, my campaign is more about the supercilious attitude of the far-left (doomers being the far right). I think it’s the extremists who cause all the problems. 😀

    Speaking of which and hows this for a segue to a new subject but isn’t it crushing when one of your heroes turns out to be a total douche –

  94. jabberwocky:

    Interesting that when things are going well for the club there is a lot less to argue about so the topics tend to get a little stale, especially during the international breaks. Plenty of anxiety and debate last summer but do you really want that back? If you have some great ideas for topics that can maintain interest then by all means share them with us.

  95. jabberwocky, Cbob

    Unlike you gys I actually enjoy reading the debates, even if I’ve seen it all before. I’d rather many ‘tedious’ posts than nothing at all.
    I can’t wait for the footie to start again though. Its definitely more fun talking about games.

  96. I’m all for debate henristic. What else do we have?

    It’s the interlull blues.

  97. @ jabberwocky. LOL

    I guess the arguments are caused by the fact the AICs and the Jabba’s have had to disappear since there is nothing much else left for them to moan about!

    Not to worry, as we move further up the table, we will start to debate our chances in the EPL race and related matters… At least we have move from relegation candidates through mid table mediocrity to top 4 contenders in just a few weeks. Remarkable really!

  98. ‘Interlull Blues’ was that Yardbirds Song?

  99. Haven’t been around for a day or so, and haven’t had a chance to read all the comments.

    I am a bit bored, so shall we discuss Scott Parker? Anyone??

    I always thought he had really short arms and legs personally.

  100. I agree with Henristic.

  101. Thinking about it, its nothing short of remarkable that there’s been this many posts during this interllull.
    People keep finding new stuff to yack about which has gone some way to making the interllul that much less boring.

  102. I hope we had enough players around to get some decent training sessions in ahead of the weekend. I know Jenks and Santos were there. Arteta, and a few others. A lot less than Swansea will have had available for training.

  103. Actual debates are fun, but using any excuse to label a group of ‘fence sitters’ or ‘radicals’ is dull because very rarely are the debates about their intended subject, they’re just another chapter in a long running dispute between shotta/dgob etc and gandy/jonny. If one said that the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, the other would deny it. Its not as if either side don’t make valid points, but can we grow up and put this rivalry to bed and actually debate not just bitch at each other.

    Due to IT issues, I can’t contribute most of the time, can only read.

    So, on that note….who likes denilson 😉

  104. For the record whilst I have little doubt – opinionated sod and frequent poster that I am – that I have sounded cross at times!

    A few described my comments as a rant – not that I mind at all but it would be quite incorrect to think I have not been enjoying myself. So long as it doesn’t contravene the boundaries of respect I love a bit of a ruck.

  105. He has got short arms and legs!

    Reminds me of a Thunderbirds puppet.

    So does that newsreader who does ‘Antiques Roadshow’.

  106. Or maybe he just has a really long body?

  107. Did anyone read that article Mean Lean wrote comparing Arteta and Jack?

  108. Soory it was Goonerdesi who wrote it

  109. Flamini sucked ass for most of his Arsenal career. Turned in some great performances for a few months, just like Nasri, and then left for the money. Never missed Flamini nor will I miss Nasri. Hleb on the other hand I have always rated and think we lost a potential Arsenal legend there. He admits it was a stupid move on his part and regrets leaving. I wonder if the same will happen to Cesc? Barca have been the team to beat for a while now but every team has its glory days and sooner or later they come to an end. Considering he looked more like one of the hippies at Occupy Wall Street than a pro-soccer player, perhaps it already has started? Here’s to hoping their egos get bigger and bigger, their arrogance colossal, so that when we meet them in the CL (we all know we will) they will be so shocked at losing the first leg they will completely implode!

    Scott Fucking Parker – If you think I am going to get involved in discussing the merits (or lack thereof ) of a Spuds player, you’re WAY wrong!!

    C’bob – For a busy man you sure are managing quite a few posts!! Just saying 🙂

  110. OOU @ 12:53 pm,

    Thanks for that. I have my fingers firmly crossed for his swift return.

    Sheer class


  111. The tackle Diaby is recovering from is not the Robinson tackle, it is from the Essien tackle he suffered a week or so later at Chelsea. Let’s just say that I will celebrate when that fucking butcher has to retire from the game because of his injuries.

    Please don’t compare Flamini with Parker. As much as I am delighted that Flamini is rotting on the bench at Milan, he wasn’t a half bad player. His work ethic overshadowed his ability which led to some people labelling him all heart and nothing else. Flamini may not have been as good on the ball as Cesc, Hleb or Rosicky, but he was a very good player. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to make it alongside the artists who played around him.

    Andy, Capello may have won tons of league trophies and a CL, but he was the manager of the England team that was embarrassed by Germany in 2010. I would take what Capello has to say about NT players with a grain of salt. Parker had one very good game in an England shirt in a friendly. Let’s wait until he’s involved in a competitive game before giving him the ballon d’or.

  112. And Flamini had a much better proportioned arm’s / legs / torso get up.

  113. If you post stuff and everyone ignores you ,are you actually posting stuff at all?
    I feel a bit like that fucking tree that nobody heard falling over .

  114. No George, I didn’t read it.

    Is that better? Or do you need a cuddle too?

  115. @Gains

    Flamini has not been rotting on the bench as much as some think.

    “With Milan failing to find a stable defence and a lack of a fit, consistent, and reliable right back, Gianluca Zambrotta was switched to the left flank to help Flamini develop as a tenacious right back. After stating that his preferred position is in the midfield, Milan have since re-deployed him as a defensive midfielder.

    Flamini saw limited playing time towards the end of the 2009–10 season due to the great form of club captain Massimo Ambrosini. In the following season, Flamini became an important asset of the team that would win the 18th scudetto, playing many games as starter, and scoring two goals, against Bari and Bologna”

    2008–09 37 apps
    2009–10 32 apps
    2010–11 29 apps

    No one is saying Parker deserves the ballon d’or but don’t let the truth get in the way of an agenda.

    And as for that Capello –

    “Capello has the distinction of winning the domestic league title with every club he has coached throughout his career. In his first five seasons as a manager he won four Serie A titles with Milan, where he also won the 1993–94 UEFA Champions League, defeating Barcelona 4–0 in a memorable final. He then spent a year at Real Madrid, where he won the La Liga title at his first attempt, and in 2001 led Roma to their first league title in 18 years. Capello also won two titles at Juventus (which were later stripped after the Calciopoli scandal), and in 2006 returned to Real Madrid, where he won another La Liga title. Overall he has won a major league championship in seven (or nine, counting the two revoked titles with Juventus) of his 16 seasons as a coach, and is one of the few managers to claim championship victories in four major European cities: Milan, Madrid, Rome, and Turin”.

    What would he know over you eh? 😀

  116. well at this rate they would have if the tree had laid prostate on the forest floor bitching about no one paying attention to them 🙂

    but in all seriousness, it’s my fault george, I killed the conversation in here and it’s now worse than before…be careful what you wish for!

    but yes i did read that article – was very interesting, although some of the comments were correct in stating that arteta’s stats are weighed up against 8 games as opposed to jack’s which were for a whole season. Rather than highlighting weaknesses in jack’s game (which wasnt the point) it rather showed how important arteta has been and what a wonderful contribution he has made so far this season. Also goes to show that Jack has room for improvement – however it is the potential of just how much he can improve (on top of how good he is now) which is what gets us all weak at the knees about him!

  117. Irish, you may have missed the fact that Flamini was our left back when we got into the CL final and had the best defensive record in the same tournament. He also played at left back domestically for most of that season as well, while Cashley was out injured.

  118. And poor old Flamster is currently recovering from knee surgery after rupturing cruciates a couple of months ago.

    Hopefully he has a full recovery and will be back in time for the summer.

  119. A cuddle would be nice Matt.

    I just think Jack is so well love that his potential is seen as ability.
    I have said before,(and been savaged by some rabid guppies,for it)that Jack,for me is behind Arteta,Ramsey ,Diaby and Song.

  120. Well let me see if I can find Spectrum to arrange it George – i can see you two having a nice little spoon.

    I think Jack, maybe with the exception of Diaby, is clearly the most talented of those players, if he can add goals to his game, and become more consistent, I would say he has the potential to be in a different league to all of those guys.

  121. Yes Matt I agree but the relevant word is “potential”.Where is he right now?
    And yes I know “injured “is the reply

  122. Flamini never held a starting spot at Milan and has been a bit part player ever since he joined them. So much so that they bought Van Bommel this season. Do those apps consist of coppa Italia? If so, then you can knock off at least half those apps for regular championship games.

    For all the trophies Capello has won, he hasn’t done too well as the England manager. Without millions at his diposal he has proven to be luke warm at best. Or have I been in a coma while Capello rearranged the England formation, barely made it out of the group stages of the last world cup and ended up getting chucked out of the same thanks to a humiliating defeat against Germany?

  123. Jonny, why would I have an agenda if the player I’m comparing Parker to is sitting on the bench? I would be lying to you if I told you that Flamini is way better than Parker and told you that his appearances for Milan were proof that I’m right.

  124. 19 years old and getting better by the game, although so is Rambo.

    I don’t think I would drop Song or Arteta at the moment, although it is arguably the most physically taxing position to play, so plenty of opportunity to rotate.

    AW is going to have a nice problem when everyone is fit, that is for sure.

  125. Jonny, are you still butthurt about me calling you out on that ridiculous u-10 training regiment you proposed after the Chelsea game?

  126. you know, you can say what you want about Watt, but damn the boy scores alot for the reserves. He must have a very good sense of always being at the right place at the right time. I mean if he is not that good a footballer to begin with, its even more impressive.

    bedntner and JET did play well at that stage too, but altest they were both thought by many to have great talent.
    Ive never ever heard anybody claim Watt has great talent…

  127. And we were disappointed by both Poodle.

  128. As Arsene says .if you can get just one player through to the first team ,that’s half a miracle.

  129. Matt, I totally agree about Parker!! That guy has the most ridiculous proportions of just about anyone I can think of.

  130. You raise an interesting point, jabberwocky. IMO the Doomers have just adapted after years of ridicule and defeat. You don’t really see the out and out dooming of years past. It’s more of a veiled thing nowadays. I see goonerandy and henristic (wtf does that even mean?) as prime examples. GA’s Scott Parker/experienced players crusade and Henristic’s complete dismissal of CJ’s contribution is the type of stuff you see on Le Moan. It’s too bad this type of commentary has infiltrated the once great comments section of ACLF.

  131. Gains – No I did mot miss the fact he was at left back, how could I as I was at the match and was sat only a few rows from the touchline where he was playing. Yes he played very well that game and yes he filled in for Cole when he was injured. But that is like saying when we beat Barca, it was after we had taken Song off and Eboue was playing n the right, while Bendtner was also playing. Does that mean we are better off without Song and Theo and Sagna? I doubt you would agree with that either. But what you seem to have missed is the many games where Flamini was basically carried by Rosicky and Hleb. As I mentioned before, I see him as another Nasri, at times brilliant but over all a luxury. I know many say the same about AA but I feel that is less of a problem with a forward player than say a midfielder or defensive player. Eboue was a great example of this as he was not as good as Sagna at defending but at times was unplayable going forward. Against Barca he was immense but his overall form lacked a certain balance that I think is needed at such a high level. Even if he is God!

  132. Loomer – I don’t think the Doomers have adapted at all. I think they have been silenced, for now at least, but one bad result will see them flooding back on to ACLF. I do not specifically mean a loss, more if we play really badly which I honestly do not see happening any time in the near future as even friends of mine who support Man U or Chelsea, for example, are pretty impressed by how well the team has gelled. I know a lot ofeople point to the Chelsea as when we really stepped up but I think it was the 2 or 3 games prior to that which saw us really starting to play as a team, especially Arteta who has been very impressive.

  133. there is nothing i told you so about wenger this season..
    hes not looking to prove anything to anyone he simply wants the team to carry on its recovery..cesc and nasri leaving hurt him..the 8-2 at OT hurt him, the start to the season hurt him and im pretty sure he was beginning to question himself..who wouldnt?

    his AGM battle cry said it talk of trophies no talk of ‘the greatest squad ever’..

    i think this has been wengers most humble season..much of his dressing room decided they wanted to leave half way thru last season and it totally fucked the club up..everything went down the pan, including wengers long term plan of letting the players ‘grow together’..lots of embarrasments have lead to a more ruthless wenger in some respects..

    his summer purchases were eye catching..arteta, mertezacker and gervinho were all bought for first team action and none of them are 17-20..the biggest youth signing cant even get into the squad is being forced to wait, even with the hefty price tag..

    arshavin is the clubs recent biggest signing and he now is even feeling the wrath of wenger..

    before this season it felt like a pampering mentality..this season feels like a more work for your place mentality and the attitude of the team is much improved, as well as the competition for certain places..

    long may it continue and heres hoping wenger continues to add to the competition in jan..

  134. its a shame the ‘lets settle for cl’ mentality affected the previous squad and lead to a complacent attitude..
    if only they would have fought for the trophies the way these current lads are fighting for 4th..

  135. henristic

    Did you take offence? oops, how about what Loomer said? Was that any better for you? 😀

  136. southafricanscot

    I am an avid reader of this excellent site, but post infrequently. Just want to float a law change to the game to see if anybody connects. When a red card is shown, the offending player is not sent off, but the opposition is awarded a penalty! This, no matter where on the field the offence takes place. The offending player will of course be suspended for subsequent games as is usual. I hate watching games of uneven numbers, especially early in a game. Same process for second yellow! Red card shown and a penalty kick conceded, no matter where on the field. Penalty kick puts the sanction back into the game and spectators see an equal contest. I know this is kind of left field, but I was tiring of the Scott Parker theme! If people think Im an idiot, I just know how much you will love to tell me

  137. Jabberwocky

    It wasnt me who started the fighting, it was…

  138. Dexter,you didn’t start the fire.It was always burning ,since the world was turning.

  139. I know George, I know, I was just acting up like one of dem yutes innit.

    Laters mate, I’m off out for dinner.

  140. what about him? that hes not part of this squad?
    great aint it? 🙂

  141. Oh, I wasn’t disrespecting your well-argued comments from yesterday, Jonny. I was trying to crowbar a film quote, from the most over-quoted film of all into my reply to CB earlier. I still think the Parker he plays the game means he doesn’t have enough time left at the top. He’s also limited, adept at only one role – kind of like a trusty old table knife, when we’ve got four or five Swiss-army motherf*ckers in our squad already. Suits us better. Ramsey, for instance, gives us both energy and invention.

    And our system was actually very different when Flamini was around. With a two-man central midfield (and Cesc being the other member) we absolutely needed someone who could cover lots of ground.

    Not good at debating points so I’ll leave it there.

  142. D’uh, “…the way Parker plays the game…” Third line, first para.

  143. question.. was the incident in which Sagna suffered his leg break accidental or malicious??
    watching the replays , I’m not sure. what do you guys think.

  144. Malicious for sure.

    I think he is not that sort of a player though ,so I must be wrong.

  145. Jon Jon @ 6:45 and 6:57:

    Great stuff. I agree with everything you said. No way to prove it but the only explanation for last years collapse was a mental shut down in the squad and your explanation is as good as any I have heard.

  146. Bill.It is not the only explanation.
    Simply one possible explanation.And the one you choose to believe.

  147. George:

    Whatever did cause the team to shut down its unfortunate that it happened last season. That was probably the weakest top of the table we have seen for a while or will see in the near future. No way to know for sure what happened and I suspect the problem was multifactorial. Perhaps I am just seeing what I hope to see but I agree with JJ that the the whole attitude around the team and the manager feels different this season.

  148. that george makes it five horrific injuries in as many years .going back to freddies ankle break by Okoucha. then diaby, edvardo, RAMSEY and now SAGNA. when will we wake-up and what type of pressure would compel the BASTERDS AT THE FA to come down and eliminate this type of butchery.

  149. My Gawd – Theo has a rocket up his arse at Wembley tonight – direct, swift, confident
    Norwich beware

  150. theo is about to become the player we all knew he would become. And the english punditery have to serousley swallow some huge camels for calling him brainless…
    how embarrasing is that?? writing off a future star.

  151. What a boooooring game.

  152. Roy Keane & Andy Townsend both played for Ireland. WHY have them as plundits for an England game?

  153. Irish, Flamini wasn’t a passenger in that team at all. He was one of our best players game after game. I despise the fucker, but credit where credit is due, no?

  154. Well, our own Joel Campbell has just scored against a team with all the Spanish cunts (and Cesc) in it. Good sign for the future, huh?

  155. On the other hand if England won 1:0 in a friendly against Spain with lots of luck … and Costa Rica lead easily 2:0 against that same team ..

  156. so borduex are confirming they are trying to contact wenger over chamakh but wengers throwing a deaf un..
    id have been suprised if any club would have wanted chamakh this jan with the acn and all but if AW lands himself a hotshot striker those messages wengers been getting may well be answered..

  157. Sell Chamakh and buy Berbatov is my advice.He wont be playing in ACN

  158. OLE OLE OLE OLE Ireland Ireland – Go on the boys in green – officially at the euros for the first time in 24 years – 24 farkin years – the entire lifespan of my brother (who i turned from a ‘Pool fan to the greatest team in the world)

    ps – Martin Keown needs to be brought onto the coaching squad (or maybe the head of a cheerleading squad)

    i quote “Every time I put on an Arsenal shirt I felt complete and when I went to other Clubs and I put something else on, it was almost like, ‘What on earth am I wearing?’, it just didn’t feel right.”

  159. DeiseGooner – Ole Ole Ole is right buddy!! I am in Baltimore for the night (I swear I can smell MDGunners new batch of Pastys!!) and will be celebrating like the immature yet lovable rogue that I am. I just hope Ireland’s brand of passionate mediocrity can cause a few upsets along the way and, let’s face it, with a bit of luck get to the quarters. All depends on how the groups get sorted out but after the debacle against France we are, I think, due a bit of luck.

    Gains – Kinda disappointed in you for not just telling me to fick off like you did last time. You’re not getting soft in your old age are you? 🙂

  160. Irishgray…..Heres to ‘passionate mediocrity’ and the return of the Jack Charlton days (although Jack had far superior players to what Trapp has) Trapp has done a great job. Hes turned a squad of players into a really hard to beat unit (best we can hope for!) that no one will want to play. OH TO BE A SHAREHOLDER OF A POLISH BEER PRODUCER!

    Watchin Eire makes me rejoice for the Arsenal though – Chalk and Cheese

  161. congratulations irish and desi,,
    agree wholeheartedly regarding Martin and a coaching position. just the presence of him will inspire and at the same time put all young uns in line.
    dont be too hasty regarding Chamakaroony. don’t write him off . he is adjusting to the new team, tactics like everyone else and will get his mojo back with some games.

  162. Great work from the lads – I’m proud of them. Have a few for me Irish.

  163. “Well, our own Joel Campbell has just scored against a team with all the Spanish cunts (and Cesc) in it. Good sign for the future, huh?”

    Brilliant news Evil!

  164. irish

    My mother’s family are from Galway so it’s Yogi’s O’Warrior this evening. Now where’s me Jamesons…

  165. the positive tangent with regards to the Irish qualifying is going to be all the crazyass comment coming out of TRAPATONIES trap. 😉

  166. yeah great for the irish. they will stink the place out more then us with their brand of football!!

  167. Fuck you duke, the ‘tree lines’ have players with a better quality than the ‘brand’ but are chokers

    Except Theo and Jack of course

    ha ha ha

  168. That’s not a bad shout there, George. Berbie could score lots of goals for us against weaker PL teams so we can rest Robin for the big ones and CL.

    I think we should go in for a striker/attacker in January, and should perhaps have gone for one besides Park this summer.. Gervinho and Chamakh both at ACN and Park can still get games but he isn’t a longer term solution, 2-3 years. He is only here for two years and the first year, with limited games in a new league, you expect it is mostly about adjustment. Berba has been playing in this league for several years and has 2-3 top years left in him. Can you really see Red Nose selling him to us?
    Or someone else, but an established goal scorer.

    It is always better to have a replacement in hand, either from transfer or promotion, already in the squad than to look for a replacement after the player leaves. Also it would give us more firepower and a boost for the second half to cement 4th or challenge higher. That will also help convince RvP and other players that Arsenal are going for it. We have to prepare for the possibility RvP leaves but having two good strikers is the kind of problem I’d prefer. Chamakh could then go to Bourdeaux if he wanted in the summer. I like Chamakh but I don’t see how he is going to get back into the side if he doesn’t get games before the ACN or light it up for Morocco. His confidence requires that he play, it seems, to keep form. Maybe he isn’t suited to being a back up.

  169. Congrats, Irishgray! Good news. No one will want to play Ireland, that’s for sure.

    Also, great that Joel Campbell scored against Spain. He looked quite good for Lorient the couple of games I’ve seen this year. This insures he gets more international games and that he will get a work visa sooner! Could be with us next season. Maybe we won’t need that striker after all!

  170. Hang on i thought we all despised negative anti football as Arsenal fans???

  171. first a TOTdeler ,then a Redmanc. i can realy see myself supporting and liking the guy. not.
    and won’t fit our gameplan.
    and no loyalty, except to the almighty €.

    otherwise a great player with a great first touch..

  172. Only recently duke (remember George), and not when its your national team (piss up opportunities)


  173. DG,

    Dont forget Jenks, Gibbs n Oxlade who will all in the future play for England. could be a team like.

    jenkinson cahill lescott gibbs
    oxlade wilshere parker
    walcott bent young

    that should get a bit more support from some aclfooters.

  174. I’m not saying i like the idea and that i don’t think he is great player but i have a feeling we might make a move for Tevez.

  175. goonerkam – you are having a laugh!

    Never happen in a million years and for SO many reasons.

  176. hah, back to the future.
    only a few years back Arsenal had five or six in the national team.

  177. Jenks, Gibbs n Oxlade wont be playing in that team

    maybe this


    Jenks, Jones, Smalling, Gibbs

    Oxlade, Jack, Rodwell

    Theo, somebody, somebody else


    ha ha

  178. goonerkam, can’t see that happening. Does Wenger want a malcontent like Tevez ruining the spirit and solidarity of the team? What of his astronomical wages? It doesn’t make sense, though, I agree that he is a hardworking goal scorer on the pitch.

  179. btw dg im genuinley pleased for thee irish. and i do like a pint of the black stuff. as long as the jocks dont nee qualify!!!

  180. Oh and BTW – I disagree, he is an extraordinary player, but hard to see where he would fit anyway, but most of all it will neeeeeever happen. 😀

  181. Per has done alright for ze germans tonight …… the lanky bastard!!

  182. maybe you are right jonny. maybe. but i have a feeling that shuttles locker room is about to boil over. don’t think Mancini can do much about it, since he is no FFF. players will be wanting out. first and foremost carlos and he eluded that playing in London is not out of the question. who knows.

  183. haha duke you legend 🙂

    agreed george, would take berba…

    chamakhs just not good enough at the end of the day hes hanging round the club like a spare part and has been for a year..dont really like writing ppl off but as far as strikers are concerned they need to be contributing and he just would be a good piece of business if we could actually offload him in jan, make a profit on him and bring someone in whos a tad more clinical

  184. Tevez – id have the player at Arsenal but not the man (hes a spoiled babychild)

    Lets just take De Jong from the Citae?

  185. tevez would bring so much to the team it would be unreal..
    but i would only take him on loan..let those fuckers pay his wages until they find a suitable buyer in summer
    but it will never happen..long term short term..whatever..theres just too many things that put us at the back of the queue for his signature..

    skill wise hes the type of player you want though..shame about everything else..

  186. jonny, if you are referring to Berbe , i think he is amazing. so is Tevez. i don’t think he is a malcontent Limestone. ferguson disrespect him to many times. and he plays his heartout for the team. i agree with you in wages though and the need to strengthen the team with one or two more good players. one position being the striker position. let’s see how we do till the new year. maybe park and/or maruvan will start clicking. maybe we haven’t seen the potential of this team yet. maybe the jelling hasn’t finished yet. we are still a work in process and we seem to be on the right path. god willing, it will continue and even get better.

  187. good player he is we dont need de jong..not for the money thats being quoted..
    20mil and 100k a week..fuck that…
    maybe if it was 10-15mil and 50k a week but le coq and frimpong all the way on this one..if we spending 20mil and giving him a good crack its gotta be on a attacking player..

  188. yeah jonjon you are probobly right – one place i think we need to strengthen though in January is a backup (on par) to RVP

    Podolski anyone?

  189. i think chamakhs problem isnt about gelling, goonerkam..
    its just lack of goals..
    hes scored something like 2 goals in the whole of 2011..not just this season but the end of last season too..

    nikki used to get a hard time but at least he scored goals in crucial games when called upon over a consistent period..since chamakhs 4 month ‘honeymoon period’ he hasnt done fuck all..if theres a team willing to buy him in january id take the money..

    come back nikki all is forgiven 🙂

  190. No – I meant Tevez. I think he is a phenomenal player – can’t ever fault his effort (on the pitch).

    But Jon Jon has already made most of the pertinent points.

    Apart from everything else, he’d demand a starting berth – could we give him one? Probably not unless RVP gets injured or we change from 4-3-3.

    I rate Berba but I’m not sure if he is what’s needed – if the price was right I’m sure Wenger would get the best from him…

  191. podolskis a good player..
    rated him a while, his record at international level is pretty impressive given his age..
    only thing is though that hes moved from koln to bayern, back to koln..
    hes defo got pedigree to play for a top club outside of germany but maybe hes staying in germany for a reason..??
    dunno..but he’d be a good signature for us..

  192. tevez can play anywhere in the front three jonny..
    hes that type of player..he can lead the line he can play in the hole he can run the channels hes just the complete centre forward..

    he and robin would be first names on the team sheet in a 442 433 whatever he’d be in the team..

    its his fucking agent thats the problem..think of darren dein and multiply it by 10 and thats why tevez is a ticking time bomb..

  193. koln to bayern, back to koln …… to Arsenal = superstar

    you know it !!

  194. i think shitty want him out as much as he wants out. if the issue of his wages can be resolved to our benefit maybe he would come play for us ,in London. same scenario with Adypaymore who ense up in whl. i don’t think he would demand to be starter either, as long as the manager doesn’t put him down all the time. and i agree JJ , a loan might just be a good idea.

  195. i tell you who i like..
    dont think he’d cost all that much either but that agyew lad whatever hes called, one of the brothers who plays for marseilles, the older one..andre i think??
    hes a wing forward and he tore us apart at the emirates..ok they didnt score but he gave us a hard time with his pace and movement and skill..was all over us..
    think hes ghanian though so may not be an option this jan (are ghana in it?) but defo one to watch i think..
    maybe in the summer..

  196. his owner ,Jorapchian, is a silky smooth SOB. agreed. but he has made Tevez a multimillioner. what better way to put the dagger in ferguson and Mancinis back than come help us get the EPL back. they would both explode in anger.

  197. For those still awake Joel Campbell’s goal against Spain – nice work fella.

  198. Nik said again this past week that he did not want to come back, sadly.

  199. Dexter | November 15, 2011 at 7:01 pm
    “Did you take offence? oops, how about what Loomer said? Was that any better for you? 😀 ”

    Who cares what loomer thinks. He’s a bit of a stalker that one. Pops out of no where to say somethin unintelligible and dissapears again.

    But, you Dexter, I thought we was cool? Accusing me like that hurt me deep. Cut me right to the bone. I couldn’t sleep for days….

  200. Nothing sad about that kam – in fact I was delighted. Never managed to improve his first touch, an egocentric disconnection with reality that borders on messianic psychosis, frequently makes waves in the tabloids, not particularly well liked by the rest of the team, has no respect for our club and, in spite of looking pretty ordinary at Sunderland, does not want to return.

    He’s still talking us down even now – claiming the club mistreated him.

    I look forward to the day we can offload him to whoever will take him and I could not give a jot if his career fizzles, splutters and dies. He could be a good footballer but he’d have to be able to distinguish between the difference between a great player and himself and where he currently is for that to happen.

    Problem is, unless he does up his game, at 52K a week, we might be stuck with him for a while yet…no way should he ever be allowed back to our fold though. I’d rather he rotted in the reserves.

    I still can’t believe he never apologised for his glaring miss at Barca. His ego was too big – bet he just pretends it never happened and remembers only the good stuff that he did.

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