Sunday Morning International Blues

International weekend is almost over and one injury target is down. Robin van Persie is not out, no, just at home being wrapped in cotton wool so that he can emerge unscathed for training next week. The Dutch believe his blood shows immense fatigue which is better than showing his blood type as 5%ABV. It is entirely keeping with the jingoistic nature of the past seven days that the language surrounding this is akin to Arsène emerging victorious from a bloody conflict or that RvP will be on a life support machine within minutes. No histrionics, eh? And it’s VAN not Ven.

Still that will give him plenty of time to stew in his own juices about his contract renewal, won’t it Pete?

On which subject, there must be some sore backs this morning with the amount of flip-flopping that has gone on surrounding the England team. They won 1-0, a win which some believe is a backward step, others a giant leap forward. The result is more positive than negative. The performance England put in is encouraging for several reasons. Firstly, the absence of Terry and Rooney. I cannot think of a positive about the former in any circumstances and it is hard to deny that the latter is talented. But in the same way Arsenal will naturally incline towards van Persie, England do so with Rooney, stifling the team ethic in the process.

Secondly, with young players hungry – maybe they should have had a pasty or pasties beforehand – to prove themselves, teamwork was more apparent than is normal for England. Observations have been made about how the lack of technique made the result embarrassing. I find that logic hard to follow. Football is about playing to your strengths and England did that; hard work. They took their chance and rode their luck, like many teams facing Arsenal. They stole a win, so what? If it had been Arsenal doing that, would there be any embarrassment or complaint?

By the same token, claiming England could do well at a tournament playing like that is taking patriotic fervour too far, somewhat bizarre given the individual in question chose the Republic of Ireland as his country for football purposes. Surely Andy O’Townsend is not disowning his roots? It was a friendly and should be treated as such, the positives should be taken forward rather than taken for granted. We well remember England’s last match against a good side in a tournament. There is still work to be done.

And don’t get me on the subject of Scott Parker. The media’s love-in was nauseating to watch, read and hear. I guess with Harry looking to get a new suit with hoops or arrows on it, someone at Tottenham had to fill the void. I wonder if Redknapp Senior has ordered a room with a view from the Scrubs Hotel?

Watching the match with the Birthday Boy, his observation that ‘Cesc’s let himself go‘ mirrored the thoughts of Wojciech Szczesny. It was the haircut that got to him and what seemed to be an increase in the number of tattoos. His observation that if that was what happened to young people when they lived in Spain, he was staying in England, went down well with the Catalan side of the family.

Elsewhere on this quiet Sunday, Alex Song is apparently going to Barcelona which was entirely at odds with the headline that screamed he was going to Internazionale. Both moves are taking place this coming January. It didn’t take long for Song’s association with Darren Dein to start bearing fruit for the Cameroonean. I am not sure who Eden Hazard’s Mr20% but he has to be one of the hardest working in the business. Having sorted out a move to Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and AC Milan, he has looked around and become concerned at the lack of options for his client, the deal struck with Barcelona now means that only the Bundesliga remains of Europe’s major leagues to cover off.

Right, that’s it. Round Two of Super Birthday Weekend begins in an hour or so. Enjoy your Sunday. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Just lol! Bit silly all this hype,wasnt Spains last defeat in a friendly V Potugal 4-0 and they havnt even qualified yet? My team to start first group game and its a 4/2/3/1 formation

    Hart Richards/Jones/Jagielka/Cole Parker/Barry Walcott/Wilshire/Young Bent


  2. I couldn’t believe it when they gave Parker man of the match, what game were they watching? One of the centre halves should have got it surely. The amount of times Parker got the ball and slowed everything down and then gave it away anyway half the time was ridiculous. He’s no international footballer, watch next Summer when teams like Spain are playing at 100% and he’s totally out of his depth. I’d much rather see Rodwell in and get proper tournament experience alongside Wilshere once he’s fit, there’s an England midfield for the next ten years.

  3. @Yeovilgunner, Parker/Barry???? Seriously???? Uggh!

  4. I watched about ten minutes of it but it was so boring and predictable that I turned off. As long as Theo was taken off for tactical not injury reasons then I’m happy. or maybe Arsene has Capello’s ear? There’s a macabre thought. Nice not to have to look at Shrek of course and any team without Terry is a better team to watch, less nauseating but I wanted the better team to win,. i always do. unless we are being outplayed in which case i want us to win.
    That is being a football fan isn’t it? Partisan, arbitrary, blinkered, one sided, hypocritical when it suits. It’s the only area of life where I can be like that and it’s cathartic.

  5. The fact that England are STILL playing to their strengths, because they STILL lack enough players with the technique and skills of other national teams (you know, like Estonia, Macedonia etc) is hugely embarassing, well to me anyway.

    Thank fuck Robin’s been given the week off too, hopefully all the others will return fit and healthy.

    I see that Banjaku scored a brace vs Ipswich for the U18s. This lad is going to be a great player, I tell thee. In fact that under 18s team have a few really good prosects. Fingers crossed they come through.

  6. Nice post YW……

    especially your observation about the England team performance with the absence of Rooney and Terry WITH our Arsenal situation.

  7. i knew it.i just knew the absence of real footie would lead to a mention of england v spain.but i’d hoped theo’s performance should be the the issue not the was like warching arenal v westbrom.wishing you lots of fun YW.

  8. I didn’t watch the football yesterday – and feel good for it. International football sucks the big one.

    I did however see footage of Nakhi Wells strike for Bradford against Rochdale, as late winners go this was an absolute fucking monster.

    I think the word, I am looking for, is ‘BOSH’.

  9. songs invlovement with dein has me worried..
    ive often thought with the potential of le coq and frimpong why wenger made a bid for mvila in the summer..
    with song still being young as well it would only push them down the pecking order but now im starting to think wengers not convinced he can keep hold of song and mvilas the intended replacement..not the addition…
    i do think songs good enough to deserve a top deal regarding wages but if songs stalling cos he wants to jump ship id make the call that we should just sell him now and bring in mvila on a long term deal and carry on with the fight..good player as song is, he’s no rvp, we cant really afford to ‘wait and see’..
    this team needs to be in it for the long haul if we are to carry on fighting ourselves back in the face of adverstity and this song situation looks like turning into another nasri sceanrio then we should just kick him out before he makes a fool of us..

  10. A professional performance from England (and that is a phrase rarely heard). Two banks of four stifled the Spanish and despite their quality of passing just could not slip the lock.
    No stand out England performer in my view but a sound team effort.
    A collective performance by a group of largely ordinary players over opposition who were technically better.
    So I think Arsenal fans could learn quite a lot from that lesson.

  11. Why I won’t mimic John Terry and collapse (either upon my arse, or my face. Still can’t decide which was more poetic. Probably the pelanty miss. Just.) whilst ignoring rumours of contract chitter chatter.

    Reason No.1:

  12. lescott, jags and parker were the nutts last night..
    ppl can say it was a boring game and england played shit and blah blah blah..
    whatever..not the far as defending goes england put on a spectacle last night..spain added the flair but it didnt get them anywhere but frustrated
    spain are the best team in the world..england arent..
    it was always going to be a case of defend for your lives and see if you can knick a goal..
    and sometimes thats how you win games..
    take the piss all you want but thats what we tried to do to barca at the nou camp last season and until we lost robin it was working..we win that game 1-0 and nobodies complianing it was boring or shit or the best team win..end of..

  13. I was just thinking you were getting sharper in your views Yogi and then read:

    “His observation that if that was what happened to young people when they lived in Spain, he was staying in England, went down well with the Catalan side of the family.”

    Thus it was proved that you have passed your ascerbity onto your young.

    It must be in the genes.

  14. Let me tell arsenal especially mr.wenger to a ward contract with a pay raise,plse do that as soon as possible.

  15. Today’s book recommendation

    Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson

    I’ve only skimmed it as I’m knee deep in Catch 22 presently but what I have read is thoroughly absorbing and eye-opening – even if it does make one feel utterly defeated by the world’s seemingly unalterable levels of sordid injustice.

    What we do to each other…

    As Huxley said,

    “Maybe this world is another planet’s Hell”

  16. Or for those who are fond of food-filled pastry cases with crimped edges

  17. What we are forgetting when we talk of people forgetting that Gervinho was meant to replace Nasri is that Nasri was supposed to replace Cesc, in a fashion. That didn’t go as planned unfortunately. But as it happens, Ramsey has come forward in the absence of JW. It may be fortunate after all if we manage to improve on last year’s finish or grab a trophy. I’d certainly back this group over last year’s in the CC. For one, both Kos and WC are better and more experienced in the PL.

  18. It was his first real taste of the inherent treachery of footballing heroes. Even I was surprised by the acidic nature of his comments! Good lad.

  19. Your love for Parker is akin to Sky Sports gushing love in with droopy Redknapp JJ! He was poor last night, made to look a mug in fact. Jagielka was quality though. A team performance really, no one outstanding, but all deserve credit for stifling a vastly superior opposition in a meaningless friendly game at home.

  20. I didn’t see last night’s performance but Parker has been simply outstanding for Spurs this season. My half brother is a Spud – black sheep of the family – and he is not alone in rating it as one of their best ever signings.

    He’d not get much of game for us because of Song, and yes he plays for the enemy, but anyone who dismisses him as rubbish is stupid, blind or, most probably, wilfully subverting the truth because of their own biased agenda.

    They’d be citing him as a hero if he was in our squad.

  21. BTW Dex – that was not aimed at you, just I have heard a lot of baseless, idiotic criticism of late.

  22. Watching England last night was a reminder of how blessed it is to be an Arsenal supporter.

    You generally don’t get to choose who you support. I am English. England is my team on the international stage. So any sort of win against a good team, even in a pointless friendly, is a welcome relief. And the absence of Terry was like a shriving.

    But imagine being cursed with having to watch that sort of dross for the rest of your life.

    Well, these things go in cycles. At some time in the future, long after AW has gone and the present generation of English toilers has retired to the pundits’ home, perhaps it will be England who will be playing the sparkling, imaginative football and Arsenal who will be harbouring the mediocrity.

    Or perhaps, if I lead a good enough life, I may one day be rewarded by watching both my teams playing scintillating, attractive (and winning) football.

  23. When will football clubs learn? Cheerleaders are wrong, wrong, wrong for the beautiful game.

    This lot seem to have been hand selected from the nearest Netto.

    Anyone remember the Arsenalettes?

    Fucking glad that experiment died a quick death.

  24. Yeah Merlot, when Wenger leaves and takes up the England post.

  25. Limestone – was Nasri bought to one day replace Cesc? I have never heard that before.

    One game aside his brief time in the middle did little to suggest it suited him and Wenger did not return to that experiment.

  26. “He’d not get much of game for us because of Song, and yes he plays for the enemy, but anyone who dismisses him as rubbish is stupid, blind or, most probably, wilfully subverting the truth because of their own biased agenda.”

    Exactly. Some of the comments about his performance yesterday both on here and elsewhere have been ridiculous. He did his job very well last night and I’d say he was Man of the match against us at the Lane.

  27. James – I don’t see many Spuds games but I am told by my half brother that he has been MOTM pretty much every game this season – his workrate is second to none.

    I’d have been perfectly happy had Wenger invested in him.

  28. I hand’t realised Hugh Laurie was a big Arsenal fan – both his sons too.

  29. haha come off it dex parker wasnt poor last night your just hating cos hes a spud now or you were just watching the game under the influence.. 😉

    yeah i like parker but that something that goes back to when he was at charlton and he played against us during our invincible phase and he dragged his team to a 2-2 draw that time..not sure if it was at highbury or not cant remember but what i do remember was that he was the nutts that day as well..hes always been good..ppl just hate cos hes english 😉

    limestone..gervinho was signed to replace nikki..playing a 6 foot front man on the wing wasnt doing it for us..he only become nasris replacement cos nasri naffed off and park was brought in to replace nikki..we had to chop and change..

    and nasri was bought to replace hleb the idea was to play cesc and nasri together for the next ten years but water under the bridge and all..

    the idea now is to keep rambo and jack together..and i reckon the chances are higher cos they arent wankers..

  30. Tennessee Arsenal

    Thanks Finsbury!

  31. i said it then and il say it now..parker is one player we should have signed..and signed years ago..

    much like arteta…

    but many chances have gone now he plays for scum so its a debate that no longer matters..

    at least we got arteta 😉

  32. I never liked Bendtner. He must be such twat to be around.

    Never had a chance..?! Played out of position maybe but more accurately ‘not good enough’.

    Nicklas Bendtner has again ruled out a return to Arsenal Football Club.

    The Denmark international has failed to establish himself in the Gunners line-up, and he is spending the current season on loan at Sunderland.

    Whilst Arsene Wenger has refused to close the door on Bendtner returning to the Emirates Stadium in the summer, the striker insists he has no plans to return.

    “As I have said before, I will not return to Arsenal,” he said. “I never really got the chance and then I was unfortunate with injuries.

    “But now I will hopefully have a good season at Sunderland and with a fantastic European Championship ahead, it looks positive. I want to play in the Champions League.”

  33. i cant stand the spanish team..reminds me of barcelona..
    full of tippy tappy diving girls with greasy hair and feminine tattoos..
    if i like watching anyone its the dutch..they the team i like to see do well..

    im not too fond of the english national team either but only cos ive had to sit and pretend i support terry, rio, gerrard, rooney etc for the passed god knows how long..

    well done england last night..those spanish ponces got contained..had to tippy tappy about like virgin teenagers, fumbling about trying to take their first girlfriends bra off trying to find a way through and then got beat by a set piece..

    i pissed myself laughing..

  34. Jonny

    G;ad you qualified your Parker post man! I was just about to blast you to kingdom come mate! 😀
    JJ knows I rate Parker, me and him both wanted the boss to sign him up this summer. I just dont think he played well last night.

  35. JJ Ha! Yeah maybe I was viewing Parker’s game thru beer fueled and scum hating googles man.

  36. i think most do rate parker to be honest dex..

    i think he did his job though last night..

    what do you think of rodwell? think that boys got game too..if theres a chance to nick him from everton anythime soon i think we should go for it..

  37. Would we swap Gervinho for Nasri now?
    Or Arteta for Parker?

    I am led to believe that Parker wanted to come to us but Le Boss just thought he was not good enough.And I agree with him(not that that matters a fuck)
    Dexter always wanted him as I recall.Once again proving my superiority on all footballing matters 🙂

  38. i think it was not that he was not good enough, but the combination of the fee, the salary and the fact we could get better options. Also we got Song already..
    I think he would have been good enough to play for us for sure, i just do not know who he would play instead of…..

  39. i mean, you dont want to stifle the emergence of frimmy and le coq and you deffo would not play parker instead of Song. All in all we were better off with an Arteta type pluss le coq and frimmy as backups/emerging stars.
    Tottenham just does not have that decent players coming through…. Atlest harry would never trust them to play for him in the first team. Us on the other hand, i think Le coq is good enough to play the majority of the teams in PL if he was required too. He maybe a bit to lightweight for the real big matchs, but for most he would do ok… not great… not a star yet.. but ok enough…
    Plus we do have Lansbury to come back too.. where will he play btw?

  40. Poodle ,I am only going on what I am told.The fee and wages were no problem.That Arsene thought he was not technically up to our game was.

  41. no but they were high for his age is what i mean…or what i think.. the dude has one foot in the grave(!)

  42. but I think you are right though, different players fit different systems. And Parker has weaknesses that maybe wont be so visible in other teams but that would be a great drawback in this Arsenal team.
    Bet Tottenham are happy though, they got a player that suits them perfect…

  43. George

    Your football know how is truely a wondrous thing my friend. You really know your onions from your onion bags man.

    Given our previous with injuries and suspensions, signing an extra midfielder wouldnt have been such a stretch. We did it before with Diarra and still ended up with fuck all defensive midfidlers. Talk about poor management. (Thats the fuse lit, just need to step backwards slowly…)

  44. One foot in the grave???

    He’s 31 and has a pretty decent injury record – made 43 appearances last season for club and country. He had an easy couple of years at Chelsea as they didn’t use him much.

    I imagine Wenger was less interested due to his age and the associated amortisation and maybe he’s just not Wenger’s type of player.

    I doubt Lansbury will feature again as Arsenal player but I’d love him to return.

  45. JJ

    Rodwell is a decent prospect man, although he seems to have slipped down a bit in terms of hype of late. Do you think Everton would be up for us having another of their players?

  46. No need to write off Henri just yet Jonnyboy. I think he can make it, hope he does too.

  47. Let me not fustigate Parker to much.

    Just saying 🙂

  48. Dexter.Be ready to be disappointed.Henri is unlikely(covering all bases)to make it at Arsenal.

  49. Very good George. Excellent usage.

    I’m not writing off Henri just saying the odds.

  50. Parker is a good player, I’ve liked him since he was at Charlton too, but do you guys actually think he could cope with the way we play? I don’t. In Song and Arteta we have two players who are much better than he is at attacking and defending. And it’s not like Spurs are setting the league alight, with him playing in the middle, for us to suggest that Wenger made a mistake by not purchasing him. The Spuds have been getting ugly wins left and right ever since they beat Liverpool. A win that has seen them receive so much hype lately but hides the fact that they’ve struggled against Fulham, Wigan and Blackburn. Against Fulham Dembele, Dempsey and Murphy were made to look like Barcelona players. That should tell you how much control they had in the midfield thanks to Scotty Parker.

  51. Sorry George, but Lansbury is very well regarded by the boss and coaching staff. As long as he doesnt start making rat faced Betley-esque demands and burn bridges there’s every reason for him to have a shot at making it. But lets leave this one till next summer. Although I think we will be really busy in lamenting the departures of half the team then, so having lans bury might be a neccesity! 😀

  52. the conclusion regarding parker must be that he went to a club that really suits his style.. Tottenham and Scotty is a match in heaven…
    We did not buy him, they did and they both love the relationship.
    Its not usual for AW to buy players above 31, is what i mean. Unless they are exeptional, and scotty is good but hes not exceptional.
    Hes at the right club for him now, that plays to his strengths.. that should be all that matters…
    He would be on the bench for us as he would not manage to push away arteta and song.
    Btw is not Huddelstone the player that usually plays in Parkers position at Spurs? And is he not better? So maybe he will suffer the same faith at spurs after all once Huddestone is back…

  53. Gains69

    How did we do against Blackburn again? On 2nd thoughts, dont remind me man, that was a low, even compared with recent pow points! We congratulated ourselves for winning ugly a few weeks back, when we were trying to play into some kind of form again.

    Just saying mate, and to be honest, Parker might not be the most technical player, but in his position, that isnt always the main thing IMO.

  54. Huddlestone is shite poodle mate.

    But you are right, he’s a spud, so no real reason to carry on chatting really.

  55. Although I think we will be really busy in lamenting the departures of half the team then

    As long as Andrei is not one of them I think I will cope.
    (curses on you Dexter I have moved into superfret mode now)

  56. i bet United will pick up rodwell next year. They were looking at him before but then went in for Jones instead.

  57. Vasco v. Universitario, the quarter-finals of the Copa Sudamericana. Brilliant game and amazing comeback from 4-1 down by Vasco to win it 5-4 at the death. Well worth a watch.

  58. PG @4:03 pm

    The nation should have its say. Who would like to see Parker fustigated?

  59. Well, it would have been worth watching if you hadnt have spoiled it by telling us how it finishes Irish!

  60. The thing is jonny, I fail to see the need for a cookbook for pasties.

    I could give you all you need to know about making them in less than a side of foolscap, as I indeed did for MD.

    Of course, he turned to the dark side but then Jim Furnell was a dodgy keeper.

  61. Morecambne v Wed. is a real thriller, 2-1 to Wed with 3 mins to go.

  62. Dexter – Good point 🙂 but still worth watching.

    Cbob – MD really did turn to the Dark Side didn’t he? I don’t think Jonny will be so easily turned. He has a bit more pedigree. 🙂

  63. Now y’see Jonny, what Cbob has forgotten about pasties, could fill one of your new-fangled cookbooks.

  64. irish, I bet those of the Dark Side really have pedigree. Chum that is to put in their pasties….

  65. Irish

    There’s a really good film called We need to talk about Kevin out at the moment. Its really good, Kevin ends up killing his dad, sister and classmates at the end as it isnt his mum whose crazy after all. That was the twist to it right at the end.

    You should go see it! 😀

  66. Dex, i never would have guessed those plot twists!! Kevin and his drug issues really turned him to the dark side of pastys

  67. I think it was his mum’s use of puff pastry that turned him Will.

  68. tis a shame really. If only our little Kevin had tried one of MDGunner’s pasties! surely he would have seen the light.

    Bring on the actual football please. International fixtures are a f***ing bore!! My god, I made it through 45 minutes of USA vs France, then decided playing guitar was a much better use of my time.

    These games are intended to be entertaining, yeah?

  69. Dexter – Pfft what’s the use!?

    YW – Truly awful joke mate. Left a taste in my mouth not unlike one of MD’s “Pastys”, rancid best describes it!

    Watching Cobra right now, a genuine classic of its kind. Its kind being really horrible and cheap “Action” movies from the 80’s starring any one of Stallone, Schwartzenegger, Van Damme or, God help us!!, Dolph Lundgren!! This is one of Stallone’s masterpieces. It has the added quality of Birgitte Nielsen’s laughable attempts at acting. Like I said a classic.

  70. Evening all.

    Havnt read any posts yet but i guess everyone is saying what a good result it was for England yesterday.

  71. Much underrated genre, the 80s action movie. Always rated Brigittte Nielsen around that time; she had a fantastic pair of shoulders.

  72. Right. A fantastic pair of shoulders.

  73. Hey DukeGoonz, you missed a lengthy discussion about the nuances of Lampard’s goal. A real quality finish by a quality player.

  74. I just saw the stats. England 29% possession.Did not seem that much to me.

    People have been saying they played like us against Barca.What a load of bollocks.
    More like Stoke against us.
    Hoping for a bit of a scramble from a set piece.

  75. YW – Fully agree, she has great hair too!! Don’t even get me started on the soundtrack!!!

  76. did someone say panties?

  77. PG

    It was indeed how Stoke play against us and in that sense, serves as a warning. Nothing like how we played against Barcelona at home but echoes in terms of defending solidly for the away leg. Before van Persie’s sending off, the two cannot be compared. Afterwards, well.

  78. BOOBS!!!

  79. Yes Yogi but I think our play was to break fast with skill and precision,Not hope to lump a ball into the mix and hope for the best.

  80. PG and YW – It was much more like us playing Utd. We dominated posession only for Park to score a fluke of a header. Totally against the run of play.

  81. Irish.No England were much much worse than United.

  82. fukin el george, anyone would think you were not cock a hoop about England beating them spanish diving girly cry babies that you have been slagging off all year.

  83. Duke ,I am not at all happy
    It makes it look as if we can compete with them,when the reality is entirely different.

  84. what you on about george you know we can now go on to win the euro’s!!

  85. The Euro’s are as good as ours, we are a shoe in, no probs. Eeeasy! Eeeasy! Eeeasy!

  86. Well I suppose.
    I bet all the other teams are reviewing their tactics as we speak.

  87. Dexter – You can’t win the Euros mate, it’s alreadt been decided in some backroom who will win. I believe the highest bid was from Germany. I mean as if they would leave such an important decision to chance Dex? Very naive of you Dexter, I expected a bit more from you. Feeling very let down. 😦

  88. Following on from Cobra, and it must be admitted a vast improvement, Die Hard II is up next. Sunday’s are awesome!! I mean pizza, beer, pretzels, Bruce Willis kicking ass, what more could a man ask for? The proper and correct answer of course would be an Arsenal game but failing that, this is not half bad! 🙂

  89. “it’s coming home it’s coming home
    It’s coming, Hoofballs coming home”

  90. Arsenal gene dominant, Barfa gene recessive. Who knew?

    Nice post YW – I agree about England. Well done, a well deserved victory, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot. Also very satisfying to see Cesc looking like crap – too many tattoos and rubbish hair. Not as bad the awful mullet he has when he joined Arsenal, but hey. You can’t have everything.

    And can I make clear that I am not in any way gloating over Redknapp’s forthcoming trial. But there is a little smile playing at the corner of my mouth as I say that.

    @ finsbury | November 13, 2011 at 12:23 pm
    Great article, finsbury.

    @ Gainsbourg69 | November 13, 2011 at 4:14 pm
    Good post

  91. Or The Outlaw Josey Wales

  92. Spy – Very funny but sadly true as well.

    FunGunner – i too am finding it next to impossible to keep a straight face when anything Redknapp is mentioned or if he is on TV. He and the Spuds are a match made in heaven.

    PG – Good movie that, Clint Eastwood no?

  93. to be honest dex i think that everton are there to be picked off..
    financial troubles and all…they may not want to sell us another one of their top guys but money talks..unfortunately theres teams in the league who are willing to spend more than us and i agree with poodle that rodwell may end up at utd instead..

  94. “You damn fools! Ten Bears gonna want him a fresh woman. Fresh, that little gal will bring ten, maybe twelve horses. Now, if one of you has to, you can take that old woman over there. She might be worth one donkey!” – Best quote in the whole movie!! Definitely one of Eastwood’s best roles.

  95. JJ we dont need him .He is a good bit short of our boys and has less potential.

  96. No best quote
    Eastwood “I have noticed something”
    Chief”Whats that Josey?”
    Eastwood”When I get to liking someone ,they ain’t around long”
    Chief”I’ve noticed something else Josey.When you get to disliking someone,they ain’t around long either”

  97. i think your right george we dont really need him but i think hes got just as much potential as our lads..hes defo one for the future

  98. Cesc looked lousy and played like it too. Walcott was stifled by the terrible play of Jones and Parker in midfield and Glen Johnson behind him. I don’t know why he was subbed off, but it certainly didn’t have anything to do with his play which was pretty good, I thought. A goal from a Milner flop for a free kick and goal mouth scramble–not especially impressive. The game was dull from every angle.

  99. Really JJ,You think he is as good as Jack and Rambo?

  100. to be honest i wasnt really thinking those two, i was thinking more in terms of le coq and frimpong..hes a different player to jack and rambo..rodwell can play Cb as well so hes more in the defensive mould..although id say hes got the ablity to shine like they have at a big club. until he plays for one we cant really compare fairly..but the potential is defo there

  101. Irish, CBob and Will; I have access to a whole floor of attorneys. I will be speaking to them on Monday, so expect a “cease and desist” order.
    I am thinking of introducing a new variety pasty to appeal to my Chinese neighbours (and possibly one for the Mexican family), though Chum might be pushing it to far.

  102. MDGunner – I think it is a very wise decision bringing in the experts on your part MD, as lawsuits can be very messy and public. I also applaud you in seeking a “cease and desist” order when it comes to your Pastys. Admitting you are wrong is never an easy thing for a man to do (especially for someone of such questionable character as yourself) but I can assure you, it will stand to you in the future. And in as much as I admire your courage and tenacity in seeking to ‘rise from the ashes’ almost instantly with a new variety pasty, one feels that caution may be the wiser option. I also agree that ‘Chum’ might be pushing it a bit as I really doubt the communist palate would appreciate the subtle flavours on offer. In contrast, I would imagine our friends in the Mexican family would find it lacked a certain ‘Je ne c’est pas?’ and would insist on a much spicier, bolder flavour perhaps?

  103. Highly amusing, Irish, I can see in your case that I need to consult my “collegaues” on another floor, who, shall we say, have connections to certain gentlemen based in Chicago.

    My thoughts on using ‘Chum” were actually that it was a bit ‘upmarket’ for my target market, though I could offer it as a ‘premium’ product. I should also point out that all my products come with a considerable amount of ‘small print’ (albeit in the Tagalog tongue) that protect Essex Pasties Inc from the likelihood of litigation (for example “For best results this pasty should be microwaved for 24 hours”).

    For the Chinese customers the initial offering will be a Cockerel’s foot and noodles, and for the Mexicans ( and I think that should be ‘Je ne sais quoi’) I have plenty of salsa, hot sauce and peanut butter.

  104. MDGunner – Your last point first. In as much as they are Mexican it should have been in Spanish so we are both in error.

    As to the Cockerel’s foot and noodles, I think they already have that but they call it General Chaos Chicken. Not sue why as it sure as hell aint chicken!

    As for your warning being in Tagalog, surely the onus is on the customer to be fluent in these things if they are going to eat something as exotic as one of your Pastys.

    Your use of the word ‘Premium’ however has me worried. Are you sure you understand the meaning of the word? And if so, maybe you are using it out of context? Or is it a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ thing? Perhaps similar to the ‘fingers-down-throat’ thing that a lot of people employed after eating your previous premium variety pasty?

    Which finally brings me back to your first point. These gentlemen you refer to, do their surnames end in vowels? Should I be worried? Should I, in the near future at least, politely decline to accompany anyone when they offer to take me for a drive somewhere? These ‘colleagues’ (shame about your typo there) do not sound like the friendliest sort and I think explains a lot about yourself. I seriously think you should look into cutting ties with these ‘colleagues’ of yours as they seem to be bringing out your ‘dark side’ as C’bob would say.

  105. Irish – apologies for the typo, I was distracted by the fact that my ‘colleagues’ first language is Eyetalian.
    Could I interest you in a special ‘Horse’s Head Pasty’? This one is on the house.

  106. ‘I am an arsenal fan and I would like him to stay at Arsenal’ Cesc fabregas on RVP.

    I will wait for a few hours to know Yogi’s thoughts on Cesc Fabregas’s thoughts on RVP. But it sure did make me laugh.

  107. MDGunner – What? Do you think I was born yesterday? “This one is on the house.” HA!! And then I am hooked on this ‘Horse’s Head Pasty’ you seem determined to cook up. Not a chance mate, not a chance. 🙂

  108. England-Spain so reminded of Arsenal versus, I dunno, some kind of Bolton-Aston Villa combination I suppose, 2 years back when Bolton carried some threat and Villa had outstanding counter-attack options. The English national team, sans Rooney, has two excellent skills: they can park a fleet of buses like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and, they can counter-attack with the long ball (OK, if you want to be polite, call it a “through ball”) but it’s always get it to the flanks, then “find his head”. I think Spain had some fun, with 8 changes.

    As for Scott Parker, what a work rate and what a bulldog heart. He’s simply not good enough, a little embarrassing when he tries to be.

  109. Zim – “As for Scott Parker, what a work rate and what a bulldog heart. He’s simply not good enough, a little embarrassing when he tries to be“.

    I find this view a little strange to be honest. He looks a good player to me. If by “simply not good enough” you don’t see him invlved in many little triangles of 10 yard passes you may be right. But for me he has a positive affect on whatever team he plays for. He is a good player. To say he is not good enough for us is football snobbery. Was Ray Parlour good enough?

    I would wager that if we had had somebody like Parker for the past few season we would have fared better. I am not saying he is a world beater, but he is certainly “good enough”.

  110. Today’s words of wisdom and disparagement

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