Arsenal Stroll To Win With No Excess Baggies-ge

Arsenal 3 – 0 West Bromwich Albion

1 – 0 van Persie (22)
2 – 0 Vermaelen (39)
3 – 0 Arteta (74)

Arsenal head into the international break on a high, unbeaten since the last Fifa conspired interruption in October, a run of six wins and a draw. It was not the most taxing of Premier League fixtures that the club has ever had with Albion’s trio of absences seemingly weakening them at the knees and beyond. That said, Arsenal were utterly dominant from the start, controlling possession with an ease that made you wonder how anyone could have spoken of a crisis this season. They were that good; Albion were that bad.

Ahead of the match, questions were asked of Arsenal about their reliance upon Robin van Persie’s goals. Yesterday, the strikers did not answer the question, the team did with the usual (expected?) van Persie effort accompanied by one from defence and midfield. It was Thomas Vermaelen’s first in an Arsenal shirt since scoring in the 3-1 win at The Britannia Stadium in February 2010. The gap between those goals merely serves to highlight how long he has been missing.

The Belgian’s return has coincided with two clean sheets. Coincidence? No, a significant contributing factor no doubt but combined with the willingness of those in front of him to hassle, harry, chase and cajole the opposition into surrendering possession, it is a potent mix. Alex Song once more personified that with a solid example of the defensive midfielder’s art. Yesterday was an example of how good the main central defenders are at the club; Vermaelen, Koscielny and Mertesacker seem interchangeable with minimal disruption. The paucity of the visitors attacks helped in the apparently seamless change between the latter duo in partnering the former but that should not be used to decry their abilities.

For all of their possession, Arsenal did not create a clear opening on goal before van Persie broke the deadlock. Ramsey released Walcott on the right, the England international broke into the area but was unable to replicate last week’s finish; Foster parried the shot into van Persie’s path and the Dutchman made no mistake. That is the ultimate in Arsène’s desire for efficiency, a goals to chances ratio of 1:1.

Albion passed the ball around well but never made progress, through a lack of accuracy or more often than not, Arsenal brains guiding their feet onto an interception course. The second and vital goal arrived as half-time approached. van Persie turned provider when he pulled the ball back from close to the by-line for Vermaelen to drill home. It was a goal that would have driven Roy Hodgson to despair such was the distance that it travelled on its unimpeded path to the Belgian.

Vermaelen might had a brace but his header early in the second half was wide of the goal. The third came with fifteen minutes to go. Arsenal broke at pace, the move ending with van Persie laying the ball into Arteta’s stride for the finish. Even after all of the celebrations, the Spaniard’s hair was still unruffled and perfectly in place. Perhaps Hasbro will be looking at him to model the new Action Man dolls?

Three points and a win that feeds the growing positive mood around the club. Who knows, perhaps even contract talks might begin and progress? Marco van Basten spoke recently of the decision that van Persie faces over his future,

I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in ­England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style. Arsenal have the most ­amazing stadium, they have a style of play, they have a ­beautiful shirt – in every way I consider Arsenal as the ­ultimate football club.

It is the club where Robin belongs

van Persie sought to underline the importance of his role in the club with a hand in the other Arsenal goals. van Basten highlighted why a new contract should be agreed,

The foundations are there. It is up to Robin to create ­winning ways so Arsenal will be the very best of those big clubs in the top six in England. I know Robin can’t do it all on his own. But he will have to put pressure on the people in charge, on the board, on the owner, on everyone who is involved in the highest ­echelons of the club, that they keep doing the right things for Arsenal, so the team can ­compete at the highest level.

Last year Arsenal still had a really good team and could have gone a long way to ­winning the ­Premier League title. Now they have lost two pillars from their team in ­Fabregas and Nasri.With a few more ­top- quality players around him, Robin will improve his chances when it comes to winning things and being successful

Too much water may have passed for that this season but there are still 81 points to play for and in this Premier League season, nothing can be entirely ruled out. As it is, Arsenal are winning the games they need to claw their way back into form and the top four. Post-match, Arsène re-iterated that the points gap to Manchester City is too great to talk of anything other than qualifying for the Champions League. Everywhere he looks, the advice is the same, Spend! Spend! Spend!

This morning sees a sizeable chunk being thrown in Dortmund’s direction for Mario Goetze whilst Stevan Jovetic is going to leave Fiorentina and bang in the goals at The Emirates instead. His £50m is burning a hole in the media’s pocket. That sum is going to increase as the window approaches, especially if this morning’s report of the club trying to renegotiate the shirt sponsorship deal is correct.

Whether Emirates want to renegotiate now is the key and a £20m deal may not fit into their agenda. Arsenal would certainly need to have a good business case for them to want to pay that much now when there is no necessity to for another three years or so. However, the airline has put Fifa on notice that they are unhappy with their partnership and you wonder if there has been an indication given that their involvement in football as a whole is under review, or a more studious review than is normal.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Great team performance yesterday, the players are starting to gel as a unit now.

  2. :p

    On a good note.. 3 goals 3 point .. clean sheet.

  3. crisis my arse

  4. A big improvement on our last two games before international breaks: Old Trafford and White Hart Lane!

    Really pleased for Jenkinson and Koscielny, and also to a lesser extent Theo and Ramsey, who have been the target of quite a bit of criticism for not being brilliant immediately. They were all excellent yesterday, and though Theo is still inconsistent the other three show real signs of blossoming. Jenks remains incomplete, but his energy is awesome and his crossing excellent.

    We’re not title contenders yet, but we’re looking like a proper team once more.

  5. Or Emirates might move the FIFA sponsorship budget to a better run more respected entity like The Arsenal.
    WBA was poor, but we controlled and managed the game in exactly the way you want to see against a weaker side.

    On RvP; it doesn’t make sense to me that in order to keep someone these days, you not only have to offer them a big contract but you have to bring in others on equally big a contract to show ambition.

    Madness driven by ego.

  6. The road to recovery seems to be well wenger said, no room for complacency, the next 4 games are winnable in the PL before the city fixture and should be won, the next home game vital in the CL, and the city game in CC..6 wins and draw away the city and we will be on the expressway to success again..

    Up the Arsenal!!!

    Top ten??

  7. ivanputthepricesup

    Excellent review Yogi as usual, I was at the match yesterday as i always am, long standing season ticket holder and it was clear to me although you could say West Brom didn’t pose any threat that we have certainly turned the corner.
    As well as Robin being on fire the return of the Verm is proving crucial to our improved defence which let’s be honest has not been up to standard.
    A confidence throughout the team is there to be seen and the fact that all the players are saying that there is a togetherness now and that they are fighting for each other is very heartening and i am very optimistic about the rest of the season.
    We have a lot to catch up on but you never know, as Jimmy Greaves used to say “its a funny old game”.

  8. Hell of a leap, WB? Surely if a player is ‘world class’ he will be given a salary commensurate with that status? That’s not ego, that’s normal. Wanting some more top quality players at a club if you are the club’s best player? Yes, ego makes you believe the latter and strengthens your hand in negotiations. But there is nothing wrong with wanting that.

  9. Good match report Yogi. A great read.

    I’m intrigued by this “West brom didn’t offer any attack” state of affairs. It implies that Arsenal cruised through the game simply because West Brom didn’t even get off the bus.

    But is that the case? Or was it simply that Arsenal’s dominance and control of the game made life extremely difficult for the Baggies? Playing a very efficient and controlling game and doing a professional job to bag the 3 points should be good enough without wondering whether the other team were toothless.

    It’s really great that we’re building consistency and building confidence. The more we stay under the radar while this happens, the better for us.

  10. Gotta complain ….. it was a bit boring;)

    Thanks for the write up.

    One question surely we are playing both Dortmund and Olympiakos in the next month. Would we not have scouts (or someone) watching the match? and if so who would it normally be?
    OK so thats two questions

  11. Diaminedave

    What’s more worrying is that our scouts are being scouted. That’s really scraping the barrel.

  12. U make it sound like the clean sheets are all down to vermaelen. we actually hold the recprd for most clean sheets this season i think.

  13. ’tis the daily heil !!

  14. I love the look in Vermaelen’s eyes. He looks like a man with a mission. And Van Persie leads on goals! We were a bit unlucky yesterday. The manchester clubs, Chelsea and Newcastle all deserved to draw. But who says football is fair?

  15. a good win linked with top blog.

  16. I agree with you KG, we got very unlucky with all the results bar the Liverpool one. I honestly can’t see anyone but us taking 4th spot though and with Chelsea struggling to adapt to a new manager I’d say that 3rd is a real possibility. Maybe even 2nd if Utd fail to invest some serious cash in their midfield come January. I mean we look really good at the moment and that’s with both Wilshere AND the best right back in the league out injured.

  17. When we make a team look poor ,its because they are poor?How does then?
    When the others make a team look poor its because they are magnificent teams.What a load of old bollocks,

  18. one constant about this almost perfect arsenal team is we’ve always lost possesion anytime jenkinson bombs down the right just know the kid is going to deliver a perfect cross. and you know there’ll be no arsenal player to take advantage.hope wenger is doing something about it

  19. It seems a long time since we controlled a game as well as yesterday, never even needing to get into top gear. The Baggies were out of sorts first half and by the second half the game was beyond them.

    One tiny moan – did anyone else notice come of the near post he was covering and end up behind Szcz for the Steven Reid header right at the end ? Exactly what Mikel did that allowed the Terry goal last week. Come on number 8. Just cover the post like you are supposed to

  20. let’s hope everyone comes back from internationals safe and sound. then we press on, and see where we are come december. that is when things really begin.

  21. The second para of my post would be easier to understand if I had inserted Arteta in the first line !! Ooops

  22. This was a game that last season we easly could have lost. Some people called the game dull but I think the only thing dull about it was W.B.A thinking they could defend deep and hit us on the break. RVP continues to add to his legendary status, scoring and providing two assists. This team has definitley turned the corner and has great team spirit and belief.The most infuriating thing was the commentators constantly harping on about Arsenal only having one world class player…RVP. How did they work that one out…price tag, trophies, nationality?Dumb f#cks. Yesterday Arsenal had 11 world class players on the pitch plus the emirates crowd. Awesome. In fact when I last checked most of the players we have our captains of their countries so all this leadership lacking stuff is unfounded as well. We are going to win the league.

  23. If we are having a problem Fly Emirates then i think we should look for other sponsors

  24. “3 points – clean sheet – no injuries” A result in the right direction.

    Frankly, I won’t romance our play yesterday. For each of the goals……yes, there were positives, but for the majority of the match our play was boring. Some might describe it as Denilsonesque.

    Elated to see Arteta and Vermaelen notch goals.

    If specific players should be praised for their play it is Jenkinson and Song.

    WBA played with no attacking threat and the absence of 3 key players might have contributed to their training ground appearance.

    Excellent PR for the club from Marco Van Basten……..great positive press (for a change).

    As far as RvP’s future…..Arsenal will never outbid or match the $’s from other clubs. What Arsenal can leverage is what Van Basten spells out in the article…..and an area of strength for our manager. (finding talent)

  25. After watching MOTD.last night I was left feeling sick .As much as we all hated NEWS OF THE WORLD for their dispicable things they done I wished they were bck . Even ray charles will tell u that he sore that penalt not given againist FA united .adding insult to injury I have witnessed player showing loyalty to former managers but the wes brown own goal just takes the biscuit.last but not least the pundits last night left mi flabugusted after not even mantioning one word after the arsenal highlights. it seems after the several months of screaming in our ears about the arsenal are in crises, rubish signing, awful defending one man team.the pundits had nothing else to say after for the match highlights and just on to show the liverpool match highlights lol

  26. I didn’t go to the game yesterday, but from the highlights I saw and the reports I’ve read it sounded like a run of the mill win against a limited West Brom side. I hope there are more games like this without a heart-stopping last ten minutes coming along soon!

  27. Jr Gunnz,

    I only saw the MOTD highlights this morning. Yes, I was shocked (?) by their failure to make any comment at all on our win: noting that every other fixture shown was succeeded by some form of typically half-assessed commentary.

    I don’t suppose contorted hypocracy or the eating of humble pie are sounds they felt able to air!


  28. This was a big win for the guys. Still trouble finishing but I will take it. We are still in striking distance of Man City and Man U. City had trouble with QPR. All and all a good performance.

  29. YW – Nice little write up mate. I was led to believe that Emirates are rethinking their sponsorship of FIFA due to the bribe taking scandal, is this correct? If so fair play to AW and co. for getting a sponsor with some dignity as most would just look the other way. Thought we were very good at times yesterday but I still see a big problem with our tracking back on occasion. It seems very inconsistent. This was really shown up by Benayoun, one player who always trcks back. At one point when we had lost posession, Rosicky was 6-7 yards closer to the ball than Benny, yet it was Benny who ran past Rosicky to try and make a challenge. Rosicky just walked back towards goal as the WBA player with the ball went by him. WBA passed the ball 3 times and each time Benny followed and harassed, eventually forcing them into making one pass too many. I realise not every player can track back like this but Rosicky had just come on the pitch. I have been watching our midfield a bit closer than usual and can definitely say that it is a weakness in our team that a top team can and will exploit. It is one thing for a forward player like AA to stroll back when he loses posession, we are all aware of that and the team has options when dealing with it but when our midfield starts to do it I get really worried. Thank God for Song but are we getting too reliant on his abilities? What happens if he has an off day? At Marseilles he looked very tired at times and Ramsey ran himself ragged to make up for it and that was great to see but it should be done across the board. Rosicky and AA disappointed me against the Baggies, if they cannot shine against such mediocrity then what chance they will shine against Barca or Utd or Dortmund?

    A bit of a rant I know but it has been on my mind for a while now, enjoy the day Gooners as I am off to watch the NYC Marathon and support my mate Mark. Said support shall more than likely turn into mocking and taking the piss if his Spuds lose and/or he fails to finish but as I told him last night, the mere sight of his fat arse running around NYC will be so fucking hilarious I shall even forgive him for being a Spuds fan if he finishes.

  30. At least the distinguished MoTD team kept their mouths shut. On Sky, a clearly embarrassed Matt le Tissier’s report of the match can be summed up as “Arsenal won easily and West Brom didn’t score, so there’s nothing to report.”

  31. Matt le Tissier still thinks Kosser is not up to it.And he gets paid for his insight.We know that Thompson and Merson are verging on care in the community.But you expect better from Charlie and Matt.

  32. This week I learnt Robin van Persie means Robin of Persia.

    We have our very own prince.


  33. Jonny,why prince?
    Robin of the Hood was not a prince.

  34. Or are all Persians Princes?

  35. Just because of the legendary computer game [and film] ‘Prince of Persia’.

  36. That will do for me Jonny.I like it.
    Hence forth I shall refer to him as “The Prince”

  37. Matt Le Tissier isn’t capable of giving Arsenal credit in any shape or form if his life depended on it.

    The only person in that panel of reprobates who sometimes bats for the Arsenal is Charlie, but even he gets taken over by the dark forces.

    As for Stelling, Merson and Tomo, you can taste the venom and bile masked as professional football broadcasting. They litrally go out of their way to be nasty to Arsenal.

    Merson is a strange one though. One minute he bashes Tech 9 and yesterday he declares that Tech 9 is the best keeper in the Premier League. Of course Stelling nearly blew a gasket when Merson suggested that and went out of his way to find incidents where Arsenal had leaked goals. As if they would be exclusively Tech 9’s fault.

    Tomo was also comical when they were talking about Van Persie and he kept insisting that Suarez was at the same level or even mor world class than Van Persie.

  38. Starting to get a bit obsessed with the stats.

    19 points from our first 11 matches.

    But we’ve played some of our toughest fixtures. Replacing games against against newly-promoted teams this year with those against relegated teams last year, we took only 16 points from these same 11 matches last year. (And, bizarrely, our goal difference in these games was +2, just the same as this year.)

    Does this really mean we’re better this year than we were last year? It would be good to think so.

    Anyway, we’ll soon know. In the remaining 8 matches up to the end of December, we won 7 (including ManC away!) and drew 1 of the same fixtures last year.

    So, looking forward to a brilliant run up to the end of the year. (And perhaps I should get out a bit more.)

  39. Joking apart and everything,Thommo is a bit slow especially when he adds “and everything” to the back of everything he says,and everything.

  40. Last night’s game was a master class in retaining the ball and running the opposition ragged. If you think it was Denilsonesque, then it just highlights how good young Denny was for us and not an indictment on a very proffesional performance from the boys.

    Anicoll, did you watch the replay of that play. If Szczesny would’ve bobbled that ball Arteta would’ve been there to clear it. Personally, I detest football cliches like: “stick to the post and goalkeepers shouldn’t be beat at their near post.”

    Santos was impeccable last night. It seems as if the boss had a word about his marauding forays forward and he was a lot more solid defensively.

  41. There have been some excellent saves this season, not many better than Al Habsi’s effort against Wolves today.

    Been a good game too.

  42. who would win a foot race between Cesc and Arteta?
    They are both a bit slow,

  43. I am watching the game again on The Player and Laurent Koscielny is ,IMO, the best CD in the league.He is as fast as shit off a shit shovel.

  44. He’s up there George but I’m suspecting another case of unadulterated man-crush on your part.

    If AA is in position one. is Koz now your second choice for some tasteful ‘in front of the fireplace’ action?


  45. Dear me Jonny.I am not sure I like the way this is going.You will get me in trouble.
    Anyway,Andrei knows he is my one true love.Nothing you say can alter that.

  46. Quite right, best to make sure he doesn’t get jealous.

  47. George, that play where he brought it out from the back and ran all the way to their goal was amazing. For me, top CBs at the moment: Kompany, Koscielny, Vermaelen and Kaboul.

  48. G69
    There is nothing wrong with Denilson’s game, if played in a position where he has a chance to utilize his strengths. Through the ages of 20 – 22, Denilson did not have the physical strength nor the mental determination (regularly), to play the DM role in the EPL.

    I don’t see last night’s match as masterclass – our opponent was classless.

  49. Looks like someone had one too many already, eh Jonny?

  50. Arse, we held the ball very well. I don’t get why you think the game was boring because of it. We needed three points and we got them. What else can you ask of the team? I mean, we were tight in all areas of the pitch. Our defence was exceptional, our midfield was tight and compact, our strikers were allowed to be creative without too many worries. If this is how we play and still beat teams, long may it continue.

  51. I don’t see last night’s match as masterclass – our opponent was classless.

    Really?And you don’t think our good play had anything to do with that?
    I am watching it now and we played very well.

  52. Gains69.Spot on.That is just as I see it.

  53. I don’t think we can count Vermaelen yet .He has only played one game.

  54. G69 / PG
    getting 3 points, clean sheet, no injuries – have nothing to do with the creative flow of our play…..WBA played with no ambition and this was not due to the strength of our play. IMO.

    No arguments about our defense…Kos is one of the best CB’s – anywhere. I’m optimistic our defense is where it needs to be.

    Going to watch Fulham take 3 points.

  55. Gains I’m not entirely sure of what your problem is – I’m just having a laugh with George and it was entirely light-hearted – regardless it has zero to do with you.

    Once again your chosen form of communication is a childish character slur, only on this occasion it is unprovoked.

    Do me a favour: don’t respond to my comments and save the petty insults for those who are more deserving.

  56. And George was indeed laughing.
    Jonny,perhaps Gains was also being light hearted,I like to think so anyway.
    I really don’t think to chaps like you have any reason to bicker.Good men both if you ask me

  57. Nice to think so George but, based on yesterday, I am pretty confident it had exactly the derisory undertones he intended.

    Even if it were true why make the comment at all?

  58. Another good win yesterday. We seem to be building up a decent run of form at the moment. Lets hope that nobody comes back from the international break broke!

    Great ball from Ramsey to Theo that led to our 1st goal yesterday, and a superb team effort for the 3rd.

  59. EWell that was exackt how we used to do it; roll over teams in an unfussy way, score a nide amount of goals, look really comfortable, without resorting to rubbing the oppositions noses in it too.

    Good alround game, made all the more fun by the crazy narcotics I was on at the Grove! I’m only just getting my brain back now.:D

  60. Quite so Dex, it was ‘unfussy’.

    There is the scent of harmony amongst the squad – they should follow their noses.

    Hooray for crazy narcotics too.

  61. Too right Jonny boy.

    Its been a while since I turned up at a game and expected us to roll over the opposition in a jstraight forward manner. Good times and as you say (I think it was you?) Here’s to zero injuries over the International break man and hopefully, Gibbs will return by the time we play again.

  62. Too true Dex.

    My flatmate Jen, who knows almost nothing about football just looked at me quizzically having asked how many players we had out injured. “Only 4” with a broad grin somewhat confused her.

    An injury free interlull is top of my (early) Christmas list.

    And crazy narcotics. 😀


    More head-butts in the shower tonight then.

  64. I would love it if Stoke went down, please God/Buddha/Allah/Mother Earth/divine omnipresent entity make it happen!

  65. Yogi.

    whats up with the site i had the bloody miserable pleasure of being out shopping with the better half (women shopping) with no bleeming aclf on me phone as it wasnt the mobile version. back to the bad old days.


    Yours sincerely.


  66. GO FULHAM.

  67. Tottenham are soaking it up like a biscuit in all boys dorm. Fulham 12 attempts to 5.

  68. DukeyG

    I couldnt get on with iPad man too. Just not good enough is it old fruit!

    Have Fulham scored then Jonny?

  69. Fantastic performance yesterday. This run of form is similar to the one last season in Jan and Feb. Our team defense was superb and we hardly gave them a sniff of a chance. Kos and Verm were superb in the center. Even though it worked well yesterday I worry because our ultra high line was back yesterday. Its great when it works but we have seen runs of good form in the past but the ability to be consistent especially with better opposition is a concern. That said, it was great to watch when it is working. TV and Kos nipping in front and intercepting in the oppositions half of the pitch certainly is fun to watch. Hopefully this time we will be able to maintain this form for the rest of the season.

  70. Cor Gains I had never thought about “if Szcz had let the ball go between his legs then Arteta would have been there to clear it”

    I’ll file it in the “if Reid had put the header in the corner same as JTs kneed effort last week then Arteta would have been responsible for two fuck ups in Defence in two weeks” box

  71. They got one back Dex, but 2nd half they have hammered Spuds for no reward.

    Could have had 4 or 5.

    As I type this UNBELIEVABLE goal mouth scramble.

    2 mins left.

  72. And just cleared off the line again! Amazing game.

  73. There is no justice in this world. Spurs smash and grab. 1-3

  74. How the hell have the scum just fluked a third when Fulham have just had two clear pen appeals turned down in the space of 15 seconds? I hate life.

  75. Bit like Modric did just then for Spuds Gains

  76. Jammiest win of the year by sp#rs.

    Sp#rs player just about had sex with the ball in the 6 yard box, hanging on to it with his hands to pull it away from Fulham players, no pen given

    Fulham 20 shots to 8. 11 corners to zero. How the lwc took 3 points is anyone’s guess, positively manuresque in jammiesm.

  77. The Totts flatter to deceive. 3-1 over Fulham and Walton missess a stonewall penalty where a Tott player hangs onto the ball like a goalie.

    Give em hell Gains. Don’t be intimidated. Some like to dish it out but when the boot is on the other foot they get very precious.

  78. There is no way sp#rs have better players or a better squad than us.

    Citeh hardly looked like world beaters yesterday, and manusa are running on empty.

    Pool are pretty shit apart from one or two players for all the money they’ve spent.

    We need to keep our heads down and keep focused and what will be will be.

  79. Spuds got away with it big time. They will be hyped up to win the title and harry is a genius. Then come january and they start shitting themselves as usual.

  80. How did Fulham not get a penalty for Walker literally taking the ball with his hands and shoving it down his pants?

    Oh Wait – It’s Peter Walton the ref who thought it was OK for Shawcross to go agricultural on Ramsey. You know, I think even today that if Rambo’s leg didn’t break, the punk wouldn’t have even given a foul.

  81. A couple of years ago we went to Fulham and were second best on the day .Yet we walked off having won 1.0 .Just as Spurs did today.
    However what is clear after today is that Spurs are well behind us in terms of quality.No one,let alone Fulham dominate us like that.
    I am now predicting 4th by Xmas.2nd in May.

  82. Shotta, assuming that’s an encouragement to further insults at me, all I can say is that, with the exception of Shugga and a few other spud/troll eejits, I’ve never said anything disparaging or abusive to my Arsenal brethren.

    Yesterday Henristic was told not to be my lapdog (or words to that effect) by G69 for the crime of agreeing with me – I respectfully suggest you follow G69’s advice.

    I’m still completely perplexed as to why expressing an opinion that doesn’t conform to someone else’s view should be grounds for insult. A criticism of Wenger or an Arsenal player is not a criticism of you – it’s just a different opinion.

    Disagree all you like, but lets just cut out the personal stuff.


  83. Jonny – Nicely said, and very true. There is nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree.

    Darius – The ref sent Shawcross off. What else would you have him do? It is the FA who shoulkd have acted and given him an extended ban for that challenge.

  84. Spurs were really pathetic for that 2nd half.

    Brad Friedle was the only player who can come out of that game with a sense of pride.

    How is it possible for people to even think Scott Parker is better than Alex Song, or that Gareth Bale is better than Theo Walcott?

    As for Harry – there’s noises that his heart attack was induced by a forthcoming appointment at Southwark Crown Court and a potential invitation by Her Majesty to enjoy some of her residential facilities. A stretch at Her Majesty’s pleasure does have that effect on folks.

  85. Goonerandy.

    The ref should have taken control of the game, dealt with the rotational fouling and previous risky tackles and given the yellow cards that needed giving long before the cunt assaulted Rambo.

    What the hell did he want for sending Shawcross off after the fact, a medal? If anything, him and Mike Riley should have been handed criminal charges for depraved indifference.

  86. Disagree all you like, but lets just cut out the personal stuff.

    Yes let us not become a low brow place.
    There are people who deserve abuse.Jonny is absolutely not one of them.
    Surly there must have been some crossed wires somewhere?

  87. Jonny, I was just messing with you about the one too many. Stop being so fucking paranoid, dude.

    By the way, it appears as if Wenger put out cones out on the practice pitch and told Andre Santos not to go beyond an imaginary line. It looks like your training suggestions reached all the way to the top. Hahahahaha!! (Just in case you think I’m being mean to you.)

    Anicol, Arteta came off his post to cover. I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal over this.

    Arse, did it ever occur to you that we were that good yesterday? If West Brom looked pedestrian it was in no small part due to the fact that we averaged around 60% possession for large stretches of the game. To see someone complain about a clean, composed victory is beyond ridiculous.

    Fulham should’ve won that game. Dembele turned them inside out.

  88. Darius.I love you ,but you are a huge drama queen 🙂

  89. Darius – If I remember rightly, there were no particularly bad tackles in the game until that one. It was niggly, but no more. As it goes I don’t patcicularly like Walton, but I really don’t see that he did much wrong in that game. Like I said, the FA had a chance to make an example of Shawcross with that incident but predicatble bottled it.

  90. Bradys right foot

    Darius | November 6, 2011 at 9:55 am

    On our scouts being scouted Darius it’s happening all the time, every time Arsenal are linked with a player other clubs get interested. Modern day scouting and transfers are as much about espionage as football to the extent that every transfer department needs a spook and to spin disinformation.Parks transfer or Parks defection took place after a phone call and an escape from a hotel from where he was allegedly chased to the airport by Lille officials.

    In this window we could be busy. I think RVPs situation needs addressed and part of that process may encourage the club to show that it can match the ambition of the players who have the clock ticking, not just RVP but also Song and Theo. Nasri was not irreplaceable neither was Cesc. Nasris contribution to Arsenal will be quickly trumped by Gervinho and Cesc absence has been mitigated by collective hard work and the midfield experience of Arteta, the power of Song and the improvement of Ramsey.

    I would argue that RVP is irreplaceable and Song incredibly difficult to replace. On Song I think he will be finally appreciated at the end of this season as the best midfielder in the league. He’s only turned 24 and is maturing into what we all hoped he’d become, I would be absolutely gutted to see him leave next year having completed finishing school.

  91. Jonny, stop moaning. I just thought it ridiculous that you’d give suggestions on the teams training regiment eventhough our team is coached by one of the most important managers in world football.

  92. Gains – What is the dabate about Arteta coming of his post? Was it the match were we conceeded aginst Terry? If so it was bad play by him really. If you are on the post you stay there until the ball is cleared. Simple. I am sure it will have been pointed out to him by the coaching staff (should be no need to show a pro this, but hey ho) and I wouldn’t have thought he will do it again.

  93. G69 nice. Veneer of civility followed by yet another cheap jibe.

    I’m not suggesting it was a terrible crime but in the context of yesterday – lets just say at best it was unnecessary.

    Grow up.

  94. Is Monkey boy gunner keep doing that little girly chavy heart celebration.

  95. duke – I hate that rubbish – it’s like Anelka’s dove celebration – speaks volumes of the ‘look at me’ balls.

  96. GA @ 6:46

    Your memory is mistaken.

  97. Finsbury – Ah right you are. Thanks for the correction.

  98. Did anyone see Song taking the piss out of RVP’s goal celebration in training?Very funny.

  99. Anyhoo. Looking forward, it seems like in some games both FB’s will both go ‘lateral’, but looking at the passing maps, it seems like most of Arsenal’s attacks yesterday came down the Arsenal’s right, so maybe Andre was just tired after the last few weeks! He’s still out of the Brazil squad for the moment (said Wiki), so that’s good news.

  100. GA.

    No problem.

  101. This winning run were on…does this mean we can all send our black scarves back now????

  102. Whats with all this sniping?
    When did we last hear from Jabba?Things have not been going to plan for him and his ilk of late.
    I haven’t seen “17 games 17 points” for a while now.Or heard “we are in relegation form”
    Oh well 🙂

  103. Our run of games when we get back from the international break are all winnable as well. By the Xmas period we could well be back in the top 4.

  104. I wonder what has become of that big banner they had made ?
    I hope it cost them shit loads.

  105. @Goonerandy. Look at the definition of feisty and that match ticks all the boxes way before the assault. Maybe we were watching different games.

    @George, drama queen? LOL – I’m disappointed, I was hoping for something a bit more me.

  106. I met Jabba the other day walking home from the last game we lost. I’m surprised he hasn’t made it back home yet.

  107. Darius .Dont forget the “huge” that made it more you.

  108. Bradys right foot

    Does anyone know if those fcuking muppets are putting up a Wenger out banner at Norwich.

  109. Brady I think they deferred it.

    Looking like a wise decision now.

    I do not mean to infer that they have an iota of wisdom however.

  110. Bradys right foot

    Cheers Jonny, They’ve deferred it then well thats very nice of them.

  111. George

    Not surprised that mealey mouthed weasely manc lovin cunt aint been on here mate. Proves his ulterior motives dont it.I never doubted it for a second.

  112. Jonny

    That is blindin news man, innit.

    Wilshere’s comments, not you and G69’s bickering I mean! 😀

  113. You know, there used to be a time when Tony Pulis bitched and moaned that all Arséne Wenger was good at was whinging about fixtures and how unfair they were. It was a time when they were only enjoying a cup game here and there (domestic of course) in between the demands of the Premier league.

    Now that Stoke have to travel to places in the world that the Stoke team have to find using Google maps, you do wonder what goes through Pulis’s head when he can’t even string a coherent game after a European tie. They’ve lost every single game after a European adventure and shipped 14 goals with only 3 in return.

    Go on Pulis, it’s OK to moan about the fixtures and the travel to countries you can’t even pronounce. I promise, we won’t laugh.

  114. Cheers Jonny, They’ve deferred it then well thats very nice of them.

    A bunch of thoroughly decent chaps they turned out to be.BRF.

  115. Yeah Dex, I have a gut feeling, extreme circumstances permitting, he’ll be true to his word too.

    We really are a better club than ‘the rest’. We cut our own path and have a distinct ‘Arsenal way’.

    Everyone else is just ‘the rest’.

    You can’t buy class. Fact.

  116. “You can’t buy class. Fact.”

    Unfortunately we see time and again that you can buy success.
    And some fans value success over class.Not me though!

  117. Bought success is emptier than Simon Cowell’s soul and as pointless as a broken pencil.

    If we were to subscribe to the ‘rich man’s train set’ paradigm, it would break my heart, but I would opt out entirely.

  118. Bradys right foot

    George you can’t buy class but you can buy the league. If city win the league it’ll be because they’ve been the best team and i’m sure they’ll enertain at times this year given the talent in their squad. However if they win the league it will have been simply a financial transaction. For the city fans i’m sure they couldn’t care less.

  119. Bradys right foot

    Jonny I know what you mean m8, I’d much rather win they way were trying to go about things.

  120. The irksome thing is when they and the media deny that is was down to money.

  121. Bradys right foot

    Jonny I know what you mean m8, I’d much rather win they way were trying to go about things but others would be more pragmatic.

  122. Been stuck in the cold of Vancouver with no Internet and no TV for the last 5 days. (The wife has launched a new Yoga clothing line and insisted I accompany here to the trade show) So could not watch the game but it sounds like we were solid and assured with out being flashy, if we can play that way and put 3 goals in with out reply then that’s just fine by me. Can’t wait to get home tomorrow and watch the highlights, and have a swim in the warmth of the South Florida ocean. I fucking hate the cold.

  123. Sure, that’s their right I’m just an old romantic. Winning is only part of the story – I love the friends you make along the way more. And the stories that make football a tapestry of theatre.

  124. We sold fabregas at the right time…. pre alice band, thank god he didn’t wear that in the red and white

  125. good read, cheers for the van basten comments..
    great win yesterday..
    agree with something mr george said earlier about making brom look poor..yes they were but thats cos we were good and it doesnt matter if a team plays poor they have to be finished and thats what we did..
    comfy..thats what good teams do they put the weaker teams to sleep..

    good run of form now..its a pity we have a break to put up with cos it could knock us out of our stride but the managers earning his crust and theres something about this team under robins leadership thats pushing us on..

    its great to have Tv back..

  126. Nice one jon! 😀

    How ya doing JJ? Good I hope man?

    I am just off to have my nightlyasses milk bath follwed by a mink lined body massage, my butler has just informed me its at the exact temperature; 29.5 degrees. I simply cannot abide cold asses milk.

  127. Just read van basten’s comments! Wow and wow and fucking wow! Top bloke!

    “I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in ­England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style. Arsenal have the most ­amazing stadium, they have a style of play, they have a ­beautiful shirt – in every way I consider Arsenal as the ­ultimate football club. It is the club where Robin belongs.”

  128. Do you think Van Basten has his eye on the job of Le Prof. when the sad day comes.
    Doing a good job as well.

  129. Es possible Jorge.

    Then again Guardiola says really nice things about the club too hombre.

  130. im good dex thanks mate.
    developed a few more grey hairs over the months but nice to see the team with the x factor again.

    id ask how you are but you sound like your having a tip top time..

  131. I wouldn’t mind Van Basten to be honest. Holland got to the finals of the WC as a result of the youth revolution he started.

  132. I don’t want Guardiola anywhere near Arsenal. It was after he took over that Barcelona became a diving club.

  133. Gainsbourg69 | November 6, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    sorry for the late reply…

    Go back and read my comments. I didn’t see the performance the way you did and the points you make do not change my mind.
    – very happy for the 3 points and clean sheet as I stated……
    – WBA did look outclassed, but their play was lifeless; they were missing key players Sharna and Odemwinge (2 that I know of)…..we had 60% possession last year …… and lost. Odemwinge contributed significantly to their win.

    Glad to see the result……but I don’t see the need to agree with your view for the way we played.

    media bias – against Arsenal….
    I viewed the match on Fox Soccer Channel here…….could not get over how complementary the pundits were toward Arsenal. Majority of commentary was positive for the players, manager, and club.

  134. JJ; Haha! Yeah, all good here too man, ta.

    Gains69; Barca have been a snidey bunch of diving twats for years mate. Under van Gaal they were pretty vile dude.

    I like the idea of van basten too though. Guardiola will be getting tapped up by both manc teams and probably the chavs, Milan, Inter etc.

  135. Dexter and JJ
    The old guard is back

  136. All for one and all that Jorge! 😀

  137. I know it’s 99.999% total bullshit, but us being linked with Pato is tasty tasty, very very tasty.

  138. the fact that the game against wba was made easier by the absence of their 2 strikers shouldnt take anything away from our team.

    we didnt get beyond 2nd gear. 3-0, a cleansheet, after a difficult week with 2 finals. i would take that. of course, when you think about west broms display, you would think we should be thrashing them 5-0 or something to make up for the goal difference. but 3 points was the most important thing. catch up on the points first, and the goal difference will come.

    i wont lose sleep over our performance. its not so important. main thing is, we won. we have nothing to prove. not when we have beaten chelsea at stamford bridge.

    and tell you what. the fact that the medias gone all quiet tells you we are doing things right.

  139. so lets just move on and start praying that everyone comes back safe and sound from teh internationals.

    dortmund are looking like a team again, and we need to be at our best to beat them at home.

  140. Planet of the apes!
    Just watched MOTD, how the fuck did the Spuds manage to win that one?

  141. This is becoming tiresome.
    We played very well,controlled the game and risked little.
    If that is not good I don’t know what is

  142. “I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in ­England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style. Arsenal have the most ­amazing stadium, they have a style of play, they have a ­beautiful shirt – in every way I consider Arsenal as the ultimate football club. It is the club where Robin belongs.”

    Best thing I’ve read for ages!

  143. @PhilippeAuclair

    “Guardian chalkboards stats on Fulham-Spurs game defy belief. Fulham had 32 shots on goal. That is: thirty-two.”

  144. “This is becoming tiresome.
    We played very well,controlled the game and risked little.
    If that is not good I don’t know what is”

    Too many people cannot just enjoy the moment, but are always looking for something to be unhappy about.

  145. “I know it’s 99.999% total bullshit, but us being linked with Pato is tasty tasty, very very tasty.”

    I wouldn’t be unhappy if it were true. Pato is a good player, but unless someone is leaving, I really can’t see it myselt.

  146. Just Another Luke

    If the payoff for one (or two) Jan signings is van Persie’s signature on a contract, I would do it.

  147. I must say Carl Jenkinson has me bursting with pride at another shrewd Wenger signing. To imagine he was playing in League Two last year.
    Yesterday he showed a repertoire of crosses, cutbacks, one-twos and just all-round hustling, harrying and tackling.
    Who says Wenger doesn’t do defensive signings? Not the £22 million David( “Sideshow Bob”) Ruiz types, I am sure.

  148. Shotta,I have never seen a boy improve as quickly.
    He has a huge chance of becoming a real star.

  149. @ YW
    Good post. I like the new line about idiocy above the comments box!

    @ Irishgray
    It would be nice to think that Emirates did care about the tarnishing effect of the bribery scandals, I agree.

    @ PG, Shotta (if you’re still up!)
    Jenkinson epitomises the attitude and spirit of the team, don’t you think? Per ardua ad astra for that young man. They seem to be applying themselves and working on their weaknesses, trying every day to be better players than they were the day before. Even in RvP’s case – he said recently he wanted to provide more assists and bang – two assists in one game!
    Also what is coming across to me is that they are listening more and therefore executing the game plan and fulfilling their individual responsibilities better. AW’s half-time talks seem to be having a greater effect than they did last season.

  150. Just been watching the first half – two wonderful examples of committed defending from Kos and Vermaelen in the first half hour. And our passing, especially after the first goal, was slick and accurate. Amazing what a bit of confidence and familiarity can achieve. We reminded me of a fantastic passing side…Arsenal!

  151. Limestonegunner

    Jenkinson’s interviews are very refreshing and interesting. There is a bit of boilerplate/cliche (it is hard to avoid afterall) but he hasn’t learned to disguise everything under blandness. His feelings and youthful passion just come through so fully. He is a gem and is doing us proud. His crosses have also really improved. Some of them were very aimless but he is putting them into dangerous positions and aiming for players in the box more. I think he wishes there were more aggressive attackers of the ball in the penalty box, judging from his comment that he wishes he could get an assist for them!

  152. ON MONEY
    When the Emirates invested in the Arsenal it was the season after the Invincibles I think. Since then they have seen Arsenal’s world wide image slip until this last transfer window when as far the press was concerned we were to be laughed at. It is hardly surprising that the Emirates want to hedge on whether things improve.

    $hiite-y’s recent marketing deal, like their wage structure, bares no relationship to real economics and the true value of marketing deals. It is just Peter robbing Paul to make them look rich and avoid new rules and should not be introduced into the conversation other than under scrutiny or to ridicule. Just like we wouldn’t consider paying Nasri £190,000 a week, he is nowhere near worth it and neither are they.

    ON RvP
    As Cesc’s replacement we can bend the rules and pay for RvP and we probably should if that is what he wants. As was pointed out by PG we have a couple of top class players waiting in the wings injured (and Fab at least rates one as his successor). Whilst there are a few in the squad some of us might not pick, we look good at the moment and the squad has not looked better in a long time. The addition of Wilshere and Abou Diaby way be what we need to really push. RvP is right to push for the best Arsenal can offer, but the club is wise to wait to see what this current team can do too.

    Another Clean Sheet, another win and another team ahead that loses points to us……and they all will as they start playing each other. We have the team and the fixtures to dent them hard and soon. Especially The Brown Ale Brigade.

    The Tottenhots too look a bit flustered with Van de Berk chirping like he is concerned about something and old Harry having difficulties dealing with the pressure. 5 Weeks sounds like a long time to be without a leader, they should be very worried.

  153. Villas Boas’s days are numbered too. Can you imagine Mourinho saying, ‘I am only going to do this job for a few years ‘coz its too stressful.’ This is one of the teams where Mourinho thrived, but the ex-understudy can’t take it.

    That is the big lesson about billionaire owners. Its about the owner and his cash, not about the team and the managers and it is why the wheel will fall off at $hiite-y.

  154. i actually think villa boas seems to be a decent chap. respectable at least. who knows, 10 years down the road, he could take over. but of course, lets hope he gets sacked soon, before he taints himself further by the association with chelsea

  155. To echo what a few have said about Jenkinson. Only a few weeks ago he really looked way out of his depth at this level. He still has a long way to go, but the improvement he has made is rapid. He looks pretty dependable, and you can’t fault his effort or work rate. Good for the lad. A real bonus that he actually seems to be a geniune Arsenal fan as well.

  156. korihikage@8.23am

    Can’t disagree with that. So…….too decent to last do you think?

    The stress he has had to face has been nothing like what Wenger has faced. We all think Wenger to be decent, but I suspect a bit more steel there.


  157. Jenks is potentially really, really good. A great signing: lovely crosses, good defending, great lanky pace and will thicken out to be a bit of a brute to pass. He has really stepped up and earlier than anyone can imagine.

    To watch him and Santos at the moment is fantastic, totally different players both capable of attacking and both surprising in their own ways, it is a real bonus.

  158. It is nice to have 2 full backs who actually win their fair share in the air.

  159. SA Gooner,

    you are right about that.

    when i look at what we went through this summer, and i look at wenger’s speech at the agm, i am just left applauding him.

    class, dignity and respect.

    wish i could have a bit more of that myself. but i was just screaming ‘F*** You’ at the chelsea players on the screen in the pub whenever we scored during that Chelsea game.

  160. LOL. They just got in the way at the wrong time!

  161. Other than Pardew and Fergie all the managers are looking a bit wobbly at the top, here’s my list in order:

    1. Villas Boas – has given an indication that he is stressed and the love affair of the understudy is over. Looks a dead cert to be off, especially given the drop in form and the club’s history.
    2. Mancini – Just because they are riding high in the EPL, all is not well, problems are papered over by enormous amounts spondoolies, but there are underlying problems with; their captain, manager and players. If they hit a run of bad form expect fireworks, especially if they do not qualify for the CL 2nd round.
    3. Harry – Major heart problems, he has never looked good health wise and maybe should take a leaf out Wenger’s training philosophy. 5 weeks out followed by ……
    4. Kenny – has spent a lot, never makes friends and Liverpool look like they will just spatter along until they amicably decide to part company.

    Fergie looks like he will be there for another 25 and Pardew could lose 10 places and still be deemed to be an overachiever.

    I suggest everyone join in this – having put up with all the comments so far this season, that was really cathartic.

  162. Surprisingly the next teams we could overtake are Liverpool and Newcastle.

    Newcastle’s next three fixtures are as follows

    Saturday, November 19 2011
    Manchester City – Newcastle United (15.00)

    Saturday, November 26 2011
    Manchester United – Newcastle United (15.00)

    Saturday, December 3 2011
    Newcastle United – Chelsea (12.45)

    Which means we could easily be three points clear of them by early December.

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