West Brom Preview: Small Steps On The Road To Recovery

West Bromwich Albion arrive at The Emirates for this afternoon’s Premier League encounter, a sore reminder of when things went awry this season. A reminder, as if they needed one, for the team that turning up does not equate to a victory; they have to work hard it. The Arsenal squad are in a bouyant mood, a run of one defeat in ten matches has changed the season around. It begs the question, when does a season turn the corner from the poor start that has been made? Eight wins and a draw for any other team in those ten would be considered such a turnaround.

But this is Arsenal and that is not the case. You would have thought that winning 5-3 at Stamford Bridge might have changed that perception but perhaps a place in the top four is the solution, and sufficient points ahead of anyone who might have a game in hand. A win today is will not see that happen, indeed drawing level with fourth place on points would mean that even by the topsy-turvy standards of this season, today’s results and performances have been astonishing.

Vulnerability and overconfidence were Arsène’s watch words yesterday, keen to dispel the myth of Manchester City’s invincibility whilst not letting Arsenal get too far ahead of themselves. It’s okay, Arsène, nobody is calling Arsenal title contenders yet. Or probably at all this season. It’s one of those campaigns where going about your business quietly is probably the best course of action. Keep on winning, close the gap on those above, pick off rivals one by one and see where you end in May.

To do that, one or two more players need to step forward and shoulder goalscoring responsibilities. Robin van Persie is in a rich vein of form and under those circumstances, it is not surprising when others look to pass to him rather than take on the shooting opportunities. However, his form and fitness cannot be relied upon – no player can be expected to play 50 games in a season and score a goal a game. It is for Theo and Gervinho, amongst others, to step forward.

Walcott has made no secret of his desire to play centrally and has the pace to do so. Often criticised for being athletic but not a talented footballer, his shortcomings of few goals and wayward delivery are gradually being laid to rest. It is one of those issues though, that requires time. Consistency of performance over several seasons will decide whether he can fulfil his ambitions. Like Gervinho, he is capable of scintilating speed and opportunism; both are capable of frustrating with seemingly easy chances going begging. Despite his protestations to the contrary, it would be of little surprise to see him seek a solution to the problem in January’s transfer window.

And goals is the issue with the forwards. No-one can criticise their workrate or the selflessness of their play. For a number of seasons the squad have been generous in their construction of chances for others; perhaps a bit of selfishness might do wonders for the individual’s confidence and as a by-product, that of the team.

Creativeness is something normally associated with midfield and attack. Arsène has a history of converting midfielders into full backs; now he has to convert a full back into well, a defender. Andre Santos’ raids on the left have brought more goals in the first months of his Arsenal career than Gael Clichy managed over his entire career. That is no problem but it is the defensive duties which cause consternaton. Or more accurately, a mass outbreak of hypertension.

There is little to argue with the manager’s contention that an attacking defender can win games; if their colleagues are not on the ball, they can lose them as well. Due to injury, Wenger has found on the right a youngster who can deliver a decent cross. This season has been pressure that Carl Jenkinson might well have wanted to do without but he is adjusting to his circumstances, growing with confidence with every game.

Santos, I believe, is still adapting. His flambouyant style has not been curbed yet but the Premier League is perhaps more clinical in capitalising on human error. Whenever you change jobs, you take time to adapt to the culture of your surroundings and employers. Some do so more quickly than others, compare Santos with Park for example. I suspect the Brazilian will become tighter as the defence becomes more cohesive.

There will be a change in the back four this afternoon; Per Mertesacker seems to be linked with a rest so Laurent Koscielny comes in to partner Thomas Vermaelen. This partnership, whatever it may end, has to be nailed pretty quickly. Vermaelen has done well in his return but Koscielny and Mertesacker have done well in combination whilst the Belgian was out. To leave either out is harsh but necessary.

Other than that, there will be few changes. van Persie will return whilst I suspect Arshavin will drop in for Walcott. Possibly Arteta will be warming the bench, taking a rest although as he has no international fixtures is that necessary. Perhaps not. The line-up I expect this afternoon is:

Szczesny; Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Santos; Rosicky, Song, Ramsey; Arshavin, van Persie, Gervinho

Just in case the Arsenal players were feeling confident, they are playing with the weight of recent history against them. Arsenal have not won any of the last six November encounters against The Baggies, 4 draws and two defeats. Indeed of the twelve meetings in this month, Arsenal have only won 3, the last in 1951 which was the only home victory in the dozen as well. Perhaps we can change that and have a 5th of November to remember for the right reasons.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Almost scored on debut. I dont know how you do it bigbrovar.

  2. wheres billy boots?

  3. Top 10. Good morning everyone.

  4. P. M is being linked with a rest? Why not trsnsfer? Aha.

  5. good news jack doing well back early now looking at january

  6. Where are all the ACLFERS? I am being forced to post cause there are no comments to read.

  7. morning all, whats on your mind niles?

  8. Good morning. Now to read the article.

  9. Great thoughts on today’s game Yogi. Can’t wait for kick off – sad to say, but its the highlight of my day when we have a game.

    I noted that on Tuesday, Arteta covered Santos a lot when he went walkabout – and also at some point when Remi was being fed the ball constantly, Gervinho and Walcott switched flanks presumably so that Walcott could provide more defensive cover on our left flank.

    Perhaps the team already know how much they need to compensate when Santos is settling down in return for his travels up north that have given us a lot of excitement.

    Pat Rice nearly went postal with Santos is the last move of the game against Marseille when Song and one of their players tangled for the ball and we lost it midway in their half. Jenkinson was the only one capable of attacking to close down for any counter attack and Santos was way off position if Marseille wanted to pick his pocket.

    Pat Rice screamed at Santos while pointing at his brow as if to tell Santos “concentrate my son, concentrate”. Of course Santos’s face was a barrel of laughs – or more acurately – it was a face that said “I’m exhausted – what the fuck do you want from me”.

  10. yogi, agree with most everything today. no team should be taken for granted. a good win in a workman like approach is expected. we can’t slipup . leave Santos to his natural attacking tendencira. when he does go forward have either tomas or one of our dms cover him. i see at least six to eight goals in him per season.

    UP THE GUNS!!!!!

  11. Why change a winning team? Is Arteta complaining of too many games? I have a feeling that if RVP had started the OM game he would have scored. Dont sacrifice club success on alter of rotation. Rotate only when the goal has been acieved. Consistency of results is akin to consistency of players. I hope this uncanny feeling I have about today’s match doesn’t come true.

  12. @goonerkam Just want to see a typical aclf debate. How are doin?

  13. arse or barin

    Where is the news about jack?

  14. November right?we should win this.i’d rather have walcott start ahead of arshavin.no matter how badly walcott plays,which incidently is his default mode,he offers more threat than arshavin who has simply refused to improve since he lost his starting berth to walcott last year.

  15. @Darius
    morning friend, enjoyed your comments regarding the world economy and in football. i think it was a back and forth with jony. it was as if you were speaking my thoughts. on that matter and regarding the impending collapse of some teams and even some leagues i had felt the same and had even made a prediction or two. one was a complete and utter collapse of liverpool at the end of last year. that didn’t come about. another bigger sucker bought them and promptly spent $150million dollars on new players. they didn’t suffer for the way they had run the club. go figure.
    the other prediction that i had wad regarding the collapse of some leagues under the pressure of their finances. italy and spain come to mind. this also hasn’t come about. i wonder how much longer before the other shoe drops. and is this going to be good or bad for the ARSENAL. vindication or no league of teams to play a season with. i wonder which choice. future is a bit cloudy at the moment.

  16. dove , talking to one of Jacks mates he says he ahead of schedule any should be back january unless any setbacks

  17. Where’s Consols and the now famous walks down memory lane?

  18. doing well niles. can’t wait for the game. gwll we have a record going back to 1951 that we need to break today. one more added reason to play smart and with a lot of heart. i say 2-0 to the GUNS..

  19. that great news on jack.. i miss the little dynamite play.

  20. @skc
    agree on your thought regarding rotation of players. i wanted RVP to start also…

  21. The return of Jack is going to put Arsene in a situation that’s a bit tricky except, he decides to just rotate between Arteta and Jack. This is because Song plays a different role and Ramsey is just growing into the Cesc role with each game. Its going to be interesting though.

  22. i think there is going to be plenty of games in four competitions for all the players and rotation will be essential.

  23. @goonerkam I want us to give them hell whilst enjoying our game. I really enjoy what Santos brings to the team.

  24. I know all about rotation, but its something along the lines of square pegs in square holes. Or don’t you think, goonerkam?

  25. in some cases ,yes .but i think the players are do ing an admirable job adapting to new roles and new positions and new tactics. all for the good of the team. i can’t ask for more. and just hope the professor gets the mix and formula right. very soon we will get diaby and jack back . that can only give us more options and make the team stronger. i love to have a headache trying to chose from many options. the worst is not having players available due to injury and suspensions.

  26. Goonerkam.

    I suppose predicting the timing of the inevitable corrective events in the economy that will give football its rude awakening is not a science. Like with many rescue scenarios that you see being pulled like rabbits from a hat, the key thing is that they don’t necessarily address the fundamental issues that led to the crisis in the first place. In this respect,

    all the rescue missions by the new Knights in shining armour at Liverpool or wherever and the hope and expectation that when clubs run into trouble, some oligarch or Sheikh with huge pockets is waiting in the wings to save the day do not deal with the serious issues about the precarious state of football business and finance. These rescue missions are tantamount to rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic while the violinists (the football media and pundits) on deck continue to harp along like everything is normal.

    You hear people say that man City and PSG will never run out of money. Well, for one, they’re owned by the sovereign wealth fund of another mineral rich country. This is what people forget. They’re not owned by a rich individual, they’re literally owned by Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Even if these two countries want to continue pumping money into their clubs, their clubs are not an island and they don’t exist in a vacuum. While most other clubs struggle to survive and exist in a brutal economy, it will become harder and near impossible for the Abu Dhabi Investment Corp and the Qatari Investment fund to continue pumping ridiculous money into these clubs.

    The main problem for most other clubs that are sailing too close to the wind is that when the economies of their countries collapse e.g. Italy (which is already testing the boundaries of the ridiculous) and Spain or Portugal – then the business fundamentals that make the footballing business model work become useless and makes the status quo untenable.

    It doesn’t matter how fancy your yacht is, if you don’t have a lake to cruise around in, you’re fucked. The banking system, the TV deals, the ability of sponsors to maintain the same levels of sponsorship, let alone their own survival, the subscription revenues will all be at risk.

    The arguments that people still love football and will find a way to pay for football is what I hear floated around. But let’s just hope that clubs like Everton who currently have to ask Barclays for permission to use their overdraft will even still be in existence. What happens when the millionaires and poor billionaires who own these clubs lose their ability to finance a haemorrhaging operation because they have to make tough choices about where to use their dwindling resources that have been ruthlessly battered by an unforgiving economy.

    What happens to the state of player transfer and values when the Euro becomes the Non-Euro and most countries go into self-preservation mode to revive their former currencies.

    And we still have pundits and commentators ejaculating about football teams spending money greater than the GDP of some developing countries just to win trophies. You really can’t make this stuff up.

  27. and in other news, I’m seriously contemplating boycotting the payment of my TV licence to the BBC. They can convert to subscription TV for all I care. That way I can pay for what I want to watch.

    For the privilige of watching a tired, stale and patronizing Alan Hansen, we get to pay him £40,000 for every episode of Match of the Day. For maintaining this salary, let alone keeping him on the payroll, Mark Thompson should be taken out back and given a good hiding before being forced to toss Robbie Savage’s salad or something.

    I can’t believe that licence fee payers in Britain will be happy that they pay Hansen’s grotesque salary.

    The guy doesn’t even write his weekly column in the Telegraph. A ghost writer does it and he just adds his name. Priceless.

  28. rotation is not a should we or shouldnt we issue, it is essential for all clubs as it is squad game now, there will be no more aston villas .The question is now when where and how much and getting this right is a nighhtmare. it is not just about resting players but the effect each player has on the players around them and the balence of the team. while it was quite obvious playing park over rvp against om meant our quality and sharpness in the final third was reduced ,the amount of work park got through coming deeper to help the midfield meant when he came off we actually only created one chance of note for rvp and lost the midfield leaving us to finish the game on the backfoot.My point is we should be just asking why rvp wasnt playing but when he doesnt play what is the best balence for the team. So not rvp for park but which ARSENAL is best for which game a more difficult conundrum

  29. halter skelter. we will have one of the nicest yachts and no lake to cruz around in.

  30. darius, the real spectre for the suppoters of these clubs is when the owners decide to withdraw them from european leagues to play them in an arabian league !!!

  31. Yeah goonerkam, better a surplus than a deficit. With regards to Diaby, I think he his already behind Jack in the pecking order and, given the way Arteta has adapted in that position, he (Diaby) is going to find it very difficult to get into the team because frankly, I don’t see any other position for him in that midfield apart from the box-to-box role which MA and JW are so good at.

  32. LOL arse or brain

    There’s going to be a hell of a lot of pissed Man City fans. But then again, they can watch the night-time games from the Gulf on MCFC TV.

  33. @ arse or brain 9:05am.
    Don’t crack me up. That was hilarious.

  34. @Arse or brain
    good point. well i like what RVP does for the team. not just in terms of goals but his energy is irrepressible. his leadership and his galvanization of the team into a cohesive playing
    machine.jackand vermalen and also WOJO ,to some extent have the same fire burning inside of them..

  35. A fair summing up to what we have achieved so far and what lies ahead.
    There is nothing more exciting than watching Walcott go past a defender en route to goal. I wonder though, whether he is physically capable of playing in a central position. I’ve seen him charged down so often when on the wing.
    As for the exciting Santos, unless or until we lose an important game directly due to his neglect of defensive duties, he’ll continue to rampage down the wing. Wenger must be aware of the danger and accepts it.
    On an entirely different topic, not often commented about, is the remarkable improvement over the last decade, of the state of football pitches. Arsenal have always paid great attention to their surfaces but other Clubs have not. I was particularly impressed with the pitch at Chelsea recently after years of sand saturation not so long ago.
    Even the wear and tear of goalmouths seem to have been overcome.
    Much praise is due to the groundsmen who are more like horticultural
    science graduates these days.

  36. hah. they have already lost their soul. playing in an arabian league isn’t far behind.
    and to think, i actually liked man city in the past. well at least respected them for trying to achive something the right way. before the sultan moved in.

  37. darios, excellent ha ha ha

  38. @Darius
    agreed. most of the commentators at different media outlet DON’T HAVE A FOOTBALL BRAIN. or they are jaded towards one team or other. but forget the BBC. we need to our our OWN house in order first with changing the current dude on Arsenaltv to someone who actually likes and respects ARSENAL.. he is hopeless and most irritating..

  39. goonerkam,

    wasnt it just three years ago when i would be cheering man city on when they play chelsea or man utd. those days are long gone.

  40. @niles
    there will be a place for diaby also in this team and in some games. when one has many options in different position one can mutate the team into a better combination for certain teams. we would be able to utilize our many options and depending on the specific strengths of certain player be able to take advantage of the opposing teams weaknesses.

  41. @ korihikage
    But they are winning!

  42. @koihikage
    true. those days are gone. now they are second on my list of most hated team in the league. a cancer on the body of football.

  43. @ korihikage
    But they are winning!
    Mutation takes time. I am all for resting players, but when they are all fit and given the importance of the match, the best will always be chosen.

  44. @ korihikage and goonerkam
    But they are winning!
    Diaby’s major weakness is that he slows down our game, I think.

  45. on the bright side at least shitty has been instrumental in paying half the debit for the construction of our brand spanking new stadium. one of the best and most distinctive venues in all europe.

  46. “And we still have pundits and commentators ejaculating about football teams spending money greater than the GDP of some developing countries just to win trophies. You really can’t make this stuff up.”
    Does that mean I should stop asking for the three £40 mill+ players I want at Xmas?
    But we have £150 million
    sitting in the bank and the board will not be doing everything they can to win shinny stuff unless it is squandered (sorry I mean spent)
    Why cant we outspend City we are bigger than them ?I have seen a table that says so.

    Ace.you are a right miserable fucker.

  47. LOL George – you really had to lay it in on ace?

    Arsenal’s £150 mil is peanuts compared to the staggering £2.5 billion plus City, United and Chelsea have spent in the last 6 years in pursuit of trophies.

    I’d keep your Christmas wishlist if I were you.

  48. @niles
    gwll man. them winning is nothing special. give me 900million or do dollars and i could put to together a team that will win you the championship. and i won’t make you wait four to five years either.

  49. Diaby’s strength is that he is unpredictable.He is the one midfielder who the opposition cant work out.He is capable of doing anything at any moment .
    He might run with the ball or pass it long or short or dribble or dally whilst other take up better positions.In short he can do it all and score into the bargain.

  50. I will rather go with: Schezny, Koscielny(R), Santos (L), Vermaelen n Per (CD): Song, Arteta n Arshavin/Rosicky: Gervinho, Walcot/Arshavin and Van Persie.

  51. Darius are you joining in with my sarcasm or do you actually believe I am stupid?

  52. HAHA george. don’t take it personaly. not everyone loves the assassin as you and i do.

  53. Hey bb gooners add this bb pin for more 24hr discusions and min by min football updates only arsenal news ppls 27C6CDC9

  54. LOL George. As that fella and his Blue notes or something sang…If you don’t know me by now…..

    Speakign of which – WTF were you and Jonny on about breasts and I don’t know what last night.

  55. well I’m off. you fellows have a great wknd and ill see you at game time….
    up the guns!!!!!!!

  56. @Pedantic George,
    You make the very sobering comment about football Clubs spending more money than the GDP of some of the developing countries.
    What an indictment of the World we live in. Or is it rather the nature of those who live in it?

  57. And there was I, looking for my favourite pendant. Hi George.

    Unfortunately, that’s what football has turned to. Arsenal is labelled as a club without ambition, for choosing the right part.

  58. did someone mention BOOBS….???

  59. Darius it was Harold Melvin and he made one of the worlds greatest ever songs called “get out” witch I would embed if I knew how .But sadly I don’t and therefore cant 😦

  60. I will rather go with: Schezny, Koscielny(R), Santos (L), Vermaelen n Per (CD): Song, Arteta n Arshavin/Rosicky: Gervinho, Walcot/Arshavin and Van Persie. And I think it is high time our goals difference start reading a +.

  61. Sorry, part = path in the last sentence.

  62. labeled by whom? they can take that label and stick it. worthless opinions by people with hidden and not so hidden agendas….

  63. ….waiting expectantly arrival of the pedant. Not to disappoint, another pearler:
    “Does that mean I should stop asking for the three £40 mill+ players I want at Xmas?
    But we have £150 million sitting in the bank and the board will not be doing everything they can to win shinny stuff unless it is squandered (sorry I mean spent).”
    No George. It means you are smarter than Wenger. Ask Bill, what is £40 mill when it can take you over the line.

  64. @goonerkam
    I thought you were leaving.

  65. Niles – didn’t you know the mention of breasts could stop a herd of byson in their tracks. Goonerkam is a mere mortal.

  66. @niles
    mention of you know what ,you see
    goonerkam over and out….

  67. .@Darius
    lol 😉

  68. @goonerkam
    The media, fans of arsenal and other clubs who have no basic knowledge of economics.
    Well, something very funny happened in the Nigerian banking sector not too long ago. While some banks were having all sorts of bad debts, they still declared profits without making provisions. I’m not in any bit an accountant, but it didn’t sound right to me. The CB promptly put an end to it. Its a pity that those regulating football do not want to call the clubs to order. Football is a part of the world we live in……

  69. @Darius
    Hahaha. We are all humans, right?

  70. forget about the rotation ,money,defenceor even breast arguments harold melvin best track was prayin and the best version was the 12 inch

  71. Goonerkam would love one of my Twitter circles. They have a trend that beats the #ff (Follow Friday) thing where you recommend people for your twitter followers to follow.

    I’m sure even Pedantic George and Jonny would love it. It’s called Tittie Tuesday when every Tuesday, the girls in that circle take photos of their breasts and tweet them around.

    And they say technology kills social interaction.

  72. arse or brain well you say that but have you heard “get out” ?
    If you have not then you are speaking from a position of weakness 🙂

  73. an ode to Robin van Persie
    descended from Zeus and Circe
    Olympian thunder
    defences asunder
    ‘arry begging for mercy.

  74. The second half at Chelsea was the best we have played since the first half at Newcastle last year.
    For that reason “I am in”

  75. george get out and let me cry because im prayin all day long

  76. ds and pg whats going on with breast this morning on here and twitter

  77. arse or brain

    Blame PG and Jonny.

  78. I am innocent,It was Jonny and his BOOBS infatuation.

  79. Ah Darius.

    Sorry, no WBA programme seems to have survived my various moves.

    I’ve got a cracker for a Real Madrid Arsenal match though.

  80. Today is an evidently statistically important affair……then we need to trample them.

    It is a very different team, built on a similar philosophy no doubt, but with difference strengths and less weaknesses, so we have the ability to turn some of the bogey results around and start our attack on the 3rd/4th spot.

    That is why every match matters at the moment, but also unlike last year the squad is much stronger and much more interchangeable, the ability to rest players should become a natural process and will hopefully begin to make a big difference come March.

    Meanwhile we won’t have noticed that so and so did not play the last game etc.

    vP is the exception because the team almost need him to be playing to have self-belief going forward, but actually what they really need is for Park and Chamakh to get more game time, to get confidence and share the burden.

    Hard though when all the games matter.

    Long term the team still seems to tracking Goetze, which has to be a great option. Hazard and the rest are good, but I think I would vouch for the young German or someone in that position if we are going to blow our load.

  81. This Goetze fellow.Is he better than Jack?
    They are the same age are they not?
    And would they compete for the same position?

  82. Alas Consols – we’ll just have to survive without that gem of nostalgia.

    Hold fire to the Real Madrid one until we meet them in the CL. I have a feeling about meeting them this year

  83. PG

    Remember an interchangeable XX

    Not an irreplaceable XI

    But yes, we forget the absent little maestro.

    Keep the money Stan! We are done.

  84. Some say Goetze is even better than Messi. More of a Cesc than Jack imo.

  85. niles@10.32

    Football economics bases itself on Fifa model. Whatever is hidden is profit…….and whatever is profit is hidden.

    That is why the World Cups are being played in evermore unaccountable countries. SA, Brasil, Russia and then the Cherry on the top Qatar – where the inhabitants are swimming in so much cash they forget to ask about what happened to the rest.

    In the EPL the poorest clubs have the most money to spend (Chelsea and $hiite-y) and the best run club is vilified. We can’t even blame the powers that be as everyone is down on Arsenal………and largely because we know how add up.

  86. shwe, if he his more of a cesc, how can he be compared to messi?

  87. so SA, it all boils down to FIFA’s corruption.

  88. Great post, YW. Rotating the back three of Vermaelen, Merte and Kozzer makes good sense in the light of the fact that meeting money city in the carling cup is no longer a small game. As for today’s much I’m confident of a win. Which is the way I approach ALL of our matches anyway!

  89. Bob,is that an Arsenal “no” or an informed football persons “no”
    Not that they are mutually exclusive .

  90. Its very quiet on here for a match day.

  91. Just walked into my regular joint. Newcastle still on their amazing run. Leading Everton 2:1.

  92. Theo Van Geo?

    LOL – the stuff people come up with to describe Arsenals forwards.

  93. Kenyan – which joint do you normally watch the games? Is it K1?

  94. Darius, place called Okumu’s. In Embakasi. Walking distance from home.

  95. How the hell did Royston Drenthe make it into Real Madrid?

  96. Sorry Kenyan – not familiar with that joint though one of my colleagues sister lives in that area quite close to the airport. We usually drop in while on transit for nyama choma and a few beers at Choma base or at Jam Rescue further down the road. Any attempt to go into town will make sure you miss your flight…LOL

    Sounds like a proper local that one. I must look for it next time I’m in that neck of the woods.

  97. Lineup out. Just looking at the bench its amazing that inspite of all the bad press we really have a strong team.

  98. 102nd!!! Now to read the post 🙂

  99. I was reading an article about Goetze somewhere. It was written that he has better stats (goals, assists etc) than what Messi,Ronaldo had when they were of his age. I cant find the link but here is somewhat similar one. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/football/14436683.stm.

    According to my eyes he looked more of a Cesc.


  100. Just got done watching Everton get straight up robbed thanks to Andre Mariner. A flagrant hand ball by a Newcastle defender just got waved away as if it was nothing. Now the Magpies are second.

  101. Was hoping The Brown Al brigade slipped up, but their real tests are to still to come. 2-1 at home shows they are actually around Everton’s standard.

  102. Drenthe made it into Real Madrid because he had nice braids.

  103. BOBBBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. It should’ve been 2-2 early in the second half and a much more open game.

  105. Any working links boys?

  106. Arsenal: Szczesny, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Andre Santos, Ramsey, Song, Arteta, Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho. Subs: Fabianski, Mertesacker, Rosicky, Park, Djourou, Arshavin, Benayoun.
    West Brom: Foster, Reid, McAuley, Olsson, Jones, Morrison, Dorrans, Brunt, Cox, Gera, Thomas. Subs: Fulop, Tchoyi, Shorey, Mulumbu, Dawson, Thorne, Fortune.
    Referee: Michael Oliver (Northumberland)

  107. any links? even live commentary.

  108. Zimpaul’s Zimbabwe have just lost to the kiwis by 34 runs. And it’s holding up our game on the channel!

  109. Îs it a Porsche? Is it a Ferrari? No, it’s Laurent Koscielny racing back to clear the ball!

  110. BOOBS!!

  111. Thanks

  112. RVP!!!!!!!!!!

  113. Brilliant through ball by Ramsey to Theo, tries to shoot through Foster’s legs and RVP knocks in the rebound. RVP!!!!

  114. RVP can’t stop scoring.

  115. Great pass by Ramsey, nice try by Walcott and the captain scores it!

  116. Irish – I love your work.

  117. RvP Again!!

  118. We don’t get penalties anymore, huh?

  119. I only just logged in to ACLF and it was the first thing I saw.


  120. Can there be anything more depressing for a striker than having to play for 90 minutes against Koscielny? He is winning everything. Again.

  121. YW – “West Bromwich Albion arrive at The Emirates for this afternoon’s Premier League encounter, a sore reminder of when things went awry this season. ”

    I shall take it you meant last season and are not in fact using your fortune-telling skills!!

  122. If scoring is a disease RVP needs quarantine.

    One of my flatmates is a West Brom fan, he just shut his door and he’s listening to lana del ray REALLY loud.


  123. Jonny – Why thank you sir 🙂

  124. Why isn’t that a card for Cox?

  125. WOW talk about a comedy of errors, well done Kosser!!

  126. Are we trying to show Terry how it’s done? That’s like the third or fourth slip up for our players tonight.

  127. The Jenks. Very impressive my son, very impressive.

  128. VERMAELEN!!!! 2-0 The Arsenal!!!

  129. ninza is back

  130. Tommy Gunn the Verminator.

    I like the aggression Walcott and Jenks are unleashing down the right flank.

  131. ^VERMAELEN!!!! HE’S BACK!

  132. the verminator

  133. I fucking love Vermaelen.

    Biggest loss of last season – it had a huge impact.


  134. What kind of bees make milk?

  135. I’ve got a gig in Poole tonight so I really need to be on the road by 4.30 at the latest. I have therefore been hoping we’d have this one wrapped up by then. Assuming we don’t get the same kind of 2nd half refereeing fiasco we had at St James Park last season it’s looking pretty hopeful right now.
    However I’ve been watching this sport far too many years to take anything for granted.

  136. Boo-Bees!

  137. So does Van Persie’s tap in count as an assist from Theo?

  138. 2-0 great but Arsene doesn’t look to be happy , must be the concentration of the players not there, quite a bit of miss-passes.

  139. Did everyone just see that shot of the 2 WBA supporters? Not the prettiest looking of girls where they? Thamk God I am an Arsenal fan!!

  140. 4.30 Scez. I said.

  141. Man Utd 1-0 over Sunderland, right on the stroke of half time. Unlucky as they are doing well enough.

  142. Wes Brown’s touch puts manutd up.

  143. United play pap but win due to an own goal from wes Brown. Even when they do not try they win….

  144. A gift from Wes to his old manager Fergie. Couldn’t make it up.

  145. United go up courtesy of an Own Goal from old boy Wes Brown. Typical.

  146. Very Very efficient first half from Arsenal..brilliant!!!

  147. @ Jonny

    In India wifes are also called ‘Bee-Bee’

  148. Have to give a big shout out to Billy Sharp who plays for Doncaster. His son past away last week, he was 2 days old. Tragic yet Sharp insisted on playing only a few days later after promising his dead son he would score a goal for him. He did too 🙂 He also requested both teams and sets of supporters not to have a minutes silence but a minutes standing ovation for his son. They did that too. Both teams wore black armbands. He just scored again for Doncaster. Nice to see some decent sorts are still playing the beautiful game. Are you listening Tevez?

  149. I wouldn’t be so quick as to call that an own goal from Wes Brown. The guy is a mole, a sleeper, an under cover agent sent to disrupt things and run interference.

  150. We really needed an Arteta type player. Nothing fancy but gets his job done.

  151. A nice clean sheet today will be ideal

  152. Again Irish – loving your work.

    It’s never ‘just a game’.

  153. Aston Villa1-1Norwich HT
    Blackburn0-0Chelsea HT
    Liverpool0-0Swansea HT
    Man Utd1-0Sunderland HT
    Newcastle2-1Everton FT

  154. irish – you need to go to West Bromwich to truly understand what despair and hopelessness mean…

  155. Jonny – I meant to post something about the lad last week but I must admit I jsut plain forgot but seeing his name on the scoresheet again, I just had to mention it. I have no idea who he is or what kind of person he is. yet the story itself seems to paint the picture of a regular guy just plying his trade and loving every minute of it.

  156. Nice post- Irish..really does bring back a sense of perspective about the really important things in life..

  157. YW – On this I have to respectfully disagree with you, as that would be Stoke 🙂

  158. RVP could come off now could he not?

  159. Just got a quick text from a buddy who is a Chelsea fan. Apparently the game at Ewood is so bad he wants to know if he would be better off switching on The Arsenal game!!! I told him no of course as he does not deserve the let off from watching such crap 🙂

  160. @YW and Irish – I think Tony Pulis disproportionately disadvantages Stoke. He’s only there for a job, otherwise West Brom probably wins.

  161. Whatever kind of person he is that’s not something I would wish on anyone or can even properly imagine.

    I can’t remember who it was who died but I have a strong memory of Tony Adams saying something about the importance of football being overblown and it gave him some perspective.

    It will sound a funny thing to say but it annoyed me a bit.

    Not that I don’t also agree. And disagree.

    I’ll shut up now.

  162. There’s no need to remove RVP now or even rest on our laurels. This game isn’t won yet.

  163. Very close by TV, corner in from RVP but just lands wrong side of the far post. Very close.

  164. Another reason we missed Vermaelen – we just looked dangerous from a corner with him in the box. When was the last time that happened?

  165. Gervinho very quiet, think it is almost time for AA to come on?

  166. I think gerv is working really hard no need to rock the boat yet

  167. What have you drunk Jonny?

  168. nice move that, almost by Rambo

  169. Someone mention AA?
    What? Who?

  170. we should be able to win even if rvp is subbed…

  171. Celsea up 1-0 , Lampard
    Villa lead Norwich 2-1

  172. Jenkinson has a cross on him doesn’t he? If only we had a decent centre forward. Ahem.

  173. Unlucky Kosser. What a break out started and nearly finished by the great man.

  174. PG – Go change your pants mate, that’s disgusting!!

  175. Here comes the experience.

  176. Awesome goal!!! Arteta!!!

  177. Oooooooooooooooooooh Pure Arsenal.

  178. Great team goal. Arteta!

  179. Need I say I said so? Arteta’s the man!

  180. Just loved the image of Benny leaping up with both hands in the air when Arteta scored, love this fucking team!!!

  181. So two assists by RVP and a goal. Great return!

  182. Excellent team goal.Good reward for Arteta’s hardwork these last few games.

  183. Vermaelen can defend when sat on his arse. Class.

  184. I’ve been really impressed by the Jenks today.

  185. Me too Darius. Both going forward and back.

  186. I can’t remember the last time I was so at ease watching The Arsenal, just shows how bad WBA are under Hodgson.

  187. Looks like rednose is winning another game he deserves to draw.

  188. Not the most xciting of games but exactly the result we needed, a win and a clean sheet and no injuries that I noticed. 🙂

  189. Yessssss…clinical, clean sheet..positve goal difference finally..all in all a very good signs before the interlull…

  190. 1649: Crackerjack save! Liverpool full-back Glen Johnson connects with a volley about as sweetly as you could hope and it looks for all the world like squeezing into the top corner – only for the flying Michel Vorm to fingertip it over the bar at full stretch. Stunning save.
    1647: Liverpool goal… disallowed! And it’s a cracking decision from official Sian MAssey on the touchline, ruling Dirk Kuyt was inches offside from Daniel Agger’s flick-on before nodding home. Relief for Swansea.

    Sounds like an exciting match 🙂 liking the result so far too!

  191. An efficient performance.

  192. Damn ..blackburn hit the bar last minute of the game……

  193. Andrei was magnificent when he came on.Totallly bossed he game . Motm 100%.

    Ok ,ill shut up for now.

  194. Liverpool denied a penalty at the end and Blackburn hit the crossbar!!!!

  195. Ok liverpool drew..level on points with them……

  196. Horrid miss..fernando torres 😀

  197. Aston Villa3-2NorwichFT
    Man Utd1-0SunderlandFT

  198. I think the lack of games is killing Arshavin’s confidence right now

    Wenger should give him more games, he can sit out sometimes but this is too much right now

  199. Damn..chelsea held on…

  200. It’ll be interesting to see what King Kenny says about Sian Massey’s decision to deny Liverpool a goal to win the game.

    When those two bafoons attacked her and lost their jobs with Sky, his comments were that all that mattered to him was that the assistant ref got the decision right and it didn’t matter that it was a woman.

  201. And a big thank you to Sawnsea for taking 2 points off Liverpool.

    And a big slap to the head to Steve Bruce for not being able to beat SAF EVER!!!

  202. A little sluggish at times, but never under any real threat. Our back five were the stars of the night. Vermaelen and Koscielny were unbeatable. Jenks and Santos played it simple and neat. Man of the match for me Alex Song Billiong just edging Aaron Ramsey. That’s thirteen goals in four games. If the strikers are given a proper platform they will be freer to do their magic.

    The Arteta goal was my favorite. One of the few proper Arsenal goals the boys have scored thus far this season.

  203. One word to sum Arsenal today


    We made West Brom look so shit it might as well have been only one team on the pitch.

    Defence was a glorious brick wall, with Vermaelen eyes painted menacingly on it.

  204. Pb is watching you george. Don’t test his patience.

    Great game. Solid. I think that was our ideal starting 11, except for Wilshere perhaps. But given Arteta’s and Ramsey’s performance, I doubt he was missed.

    Fireworks to celebrate Arsenal’s victory it is then!

  205. I still find it hard to believe that newcastle are sitting pretty in third spot.

    Good win for Arsenal, nonetheless, the belief is back in the team. Both Vermaelen and Arteta thoroughly deserved their goals. And of course, I’m out of superlatives for Van the Man.

  206. The game today was very professional. It didn’t need to be Hollywood – and the team did what it needed to do. The 3rd goal was magnificent though – excellent team goal. Very Wengerball.

    Szczesny could have played with a cigar and slippers – but he concentrated all game and made a really cruicial save from Reed’s header at the end there.

    My only disappointment was not attacking WBA for the goal difference but hey, the object of the exercise was the 3 points.

  207. Sian Massey seems to be a good referee. Let’s see if England can follow Brazil’s lead and allow a woman to referee in the middle.

  208. Newcastle were gifted the three points today. Andre Mariner ignored a clear hand ball in the penalty box from a Saha shot that looked to be on target. Had Everton scored that goal they probably would’ve won.

  209. @Gains – were those pigs I saw fly past?

  210. Thinking of which – it would be fascinating to see player reaction when they realizing that surrounding and bitching to her when things don’t go their way is not a cool thing to do.

    A male referee can easily tell players who are cursing him out to fuck off themselves. Some referees have admitted to having to resort to fighting fire with fire as in “You – you and you – fuck right off, its your captains I want to talk to”.

  211. We’ll see, Darius. English refereeing needs a shake up. A woman referee would take the edge off the English game and put the focus back on technique and elegance in favor of brute strength.

    On that note, our ref today looked like a proper challenger to Cpt. Howard Picard Webb as England’s representative for UEFA. He reffed a neat, low incident game. He was probably the most un-English referee I’ve seen in England for years.

  212. Limestonegunner

    Ref was Michael Oliver. Haven’t heard much about him.

  213. I think we will finish second .
    Sadly with the 9 points that City will be gifted (as they were last year)1st might simply be beyond us.

  214. Bradys right foot

    Evening left footers, I think were witnessing a proper team taking shape with each passing game, good solid performance today.

  215. Good get, Lime. I will keep an eye on this Michael Oliver. I used to be a referee in between games from about thirteen and seventeen so I have a bit of a soft spot for the proffesion. Also, the biggest celebrity I’ve ever met is Pierluigi Collina. I met him during the Atlanta olympics in 96. He was staying at my hotel. Very cool guy.

  216. I agree about the ref today, very good! he didn’t want to be noticed. kept the game flowing nicely.

  217. He was staying at my hotel.

    Hear that boys ?
    G69 owns a hotel in Atlanta.Well we could all meet up for a ACLF holiday.

    Is that an idea or what ?

  218. No. I worked in a hotel in Miami Lakes. The whole FIFA delegation was staying there.

  219. George, Limestone said his name is Michael Oliver.

  220. Was that the hotel by Shula’s there G69?

  221. Limestonegunner

    Great idea, George, ha ha! Gains, Collina was the superstar ref of his era, so that must have been cool to meet him. Was he reffing the Olympics football competition? I don’t remember that tournament.

    Only could catch the highlights of the goals on Arsenalist. None of the streams worked for me, Arsenal Player’s live audio was down at least on my computer, and none of the TV channels were broadcasting Arsenal’s match–Newcastle/Everton, ManU, ManCity, Chelsea, Liverpool–all these matches were available. Used to be that 90% of Arsenal’s matches were on tv somewhere in North America. I don’t know what’s going on.

    Anyway, great team goal for Arteta’s. RvP pounced well on the rebound, but thought the story was the excellent pass from Ramsey (I think) for Theo–wonderful run. Scrappy goal for Vermaelen but he put it away, showing off his devastating power. What a player! Looks like we could have run it up even more, which would have been nice to narrow or equal Liverpool’s goal difference. We are equal on points but still in 7th.

    Starting to wonder if Newcastle might be for real–they are just one point behind ManU! Sure they haven’t played anybody besides Tottenham at home and us at home but they got a point from each of these and Everton is a tough side. When does Tottenham play the Everton game? It is a bit annoying seeing them up there with a game and sometimes two in hand.

    We are looking good. Next stop Norwich. I am looking for an away win to keep up our roll. It is going to be fun to watch that with the Arsenal NYC supporters at the Blind Pig as I’ll be in town. I’ve heard great things about the atmosphere among the NY gooners.

  222. Well that’s fucking nice isn’t it?
    G69 is changing his story.Looks like he doesn’t not want us to go to his hotel.
    I feel unwanted now 😦

  223. Ha, I did say a few days ago that Arteta makes that sort of late runs into the box a lot, and is rarely picked up. I hope to see quite a few of those kind of goals this season from him. and a Rvp, what a turn in he made in the build up to the goal.

    I only saw the 2nd half but was very impressed with our calm, cool, collected-ness. Song was a bit sloppy in his passing at the start of the half, but got much better later on.

    Nice to see Benayoun and Rosicky getting a few minutes. I was hoping Park would get some game time too. You gotta just love Santos. He is a character that one, and not in the sometimes cringe-y ways of Eboue.
    There seems to a be a clear trend for giving game time to the more experienced backups (Jenkinson apart). Makes me wonder if we’re going to be seeing Frimpong, Coq,Ryo and the Ox much this season, especially if our recent goodish luck with injuries continue. Maybe in the CC, but with our next opponent being ManCity, not even that is certain.

  224. Billy’s Boots

    Nice post, Yogi. Did your proof-reader have a night off? 😉 In all seriousness, I am very grateful for the consistently high standard of your posts. Keep up the good work!

    @ goonerkam | November 5, 2011 at 6:56 am

    Was still in bed! So much for your lie-in.

    @ steww | November 5, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    Jenkinson has a cross on him doesn’t he? If only we had a decent centre forward.

    Yes, he really is an excellent crosser of the ball. I couldn’t help thinking Chamakh should thrive on that (once he’s back from injury and gets a game).

    Not long back from the match. A few thoughts:

    Jenkinson looked much more comfortable today than on Wednesday night. West Brom really did not offer much attacking threat. Szczesny did not have a lot to do today. Santos curtailed his attacking instincts for the most part. Vermaelen and Koscielny dominated.

    Gervinho seemed a little off his game today, although he improved in the second half. Theo was okay without being brilliant. There are some encouraging signs of him building an effective partnership with Jenkinson on the right. Jenks loves to get forward, and he overlapped well on a number of occasions. They need to sort out their spacing, as a few times Jenkinson’s run took his defender towards Walcott, making it easier for WBA to double-team Theo.

    Ramsay’s pass inside the full-back to Theo that eventually led to RVP’s goal was the move of the match. We need to play those through balls more often. Walcott was frequently receiving the ball with one or two defenders on him, and he was often shepherded to the byline without being able to get a cross in. When we was able to, he did pretty well, especially when he set up RVP in the second half.

    It was nice to see Arsenal score a couple of somewhat scrappy goals – it’s not often we score a tap-in. Arteta’s goal, on the other hand, was very well-worked.

    Rosicky and Benayoun both looked sharp when they came on. Arshavin, as much as I want him to shine, didn’t do quite as well. In fairness, he didn’t have that much time.

    The crowd was excellent today. It’s always a good sign to hear “We’re the North Bank… ”

    Certainly no complaints from me: a clean sheet, three different goal-scorers, and we never looked like we were in any danger of dropping any points. Just what the doctor ordered. Long may the run continue!

  225. QPR lead 😀

  226. Just saw the highlights for our 1st half goals. If there is any justice in the world, Ramsey should get recognised as the assister for that goal surely? How those that assists stat thing work anyway? Does anyone know if there is an assist version of the dubious goal panel?

  227. Billy’s Boots

    That should read “When ‘he’ was able to…”

    Where’s my proof-reader?!

  228. QPR shave the post..should have been 2-0 up..

  229. Fuck..1-1

  230. My man of the match has to be VanP because he got his usual goal and assisted the other two. I thought Verm was very rash with some of his decisions and we were lucky to not get punished because of them but he became much better in the second half and his goal helped. Song looked tired, I counted afew misplaced passes but overall he was ok.

    Koscielny is our rock at the back, also very impressed by the jenks and Walcott today.Gerv worked very hard but nothing was coming off for him, any other day and he could have scored.As someone mentioned above Arteta’s goal was deserved and well taken. I like Benayoun, he never stops harrying the opposition. Going into the international break with a win is very good since in the previous two we went off with losses.

    Here is to hoping the internationals leave us unscathed and when the team comes back we will pick up from where we left off.

  231. Firstlady @ 6.20 pm, I don’t need to post anything, because it’s like you reached into my mind and stole my exact thoughts!

  232. Just seen the result but, no highlights yet. Brilliant lads truly amazing result. Well done QPR also.

  233. Limestonegunner – Keep in touch on the blog mate before the Norwich as it would be great to hang out with you at The Blind Pig. I have been there for the odd game and it is usually a great atmosphere. I also think it will be a great game as Norwich are really up for every game, nothing seems to intimidate them. If they only had a bit more confidence against Man Utd they could have won it. Unfortunately for us they seem to have found that confidence but with their loss today that might knock them back enough for us to get a nice result against them.

  234. A fantastic result which keeps the momentum going. The team took to the pitch with belief and the 15-20 pass moves flowed like days of old. We had to be patient as fans with the start we had to the season, but our rewards, I feel will be reaped as the season goes on.

    Robin had the touch of the Bergkamps about him today; sublime and class in everything he did.

  235. can’t wait for us to play liverpool and the spuds again, both only just beat us and we were just finding our feet then. great for ourteta to score. a tidy no nonsense player with the grit we were missing and with gervinho up front we do look strong. reeled pool in like the preverbial carp, next up the spuds.

  236. It was the Shula’s on main street, Paul. The olympics held a few games down in the Orange Bowl and the FIFA delegation were staying at the hotel. The games were Portugal vs France and Brazil and Nigeria.

  237. Billy’s Boots, I think we’re seeing the tip of the iceberg as far as Ramsey’s passing range. If it weren’t for that sad sack of shite Shawcross he would’ve been on the pitch with Cesc last season and would’ve learned a lot more. Young Aaron is going far, believe that.

  238. Limestonegunner

    Will do, Irish! Would be great to watch it together. I agree with you completely about Norwich. I posted two weeks ago that I was really impressed with Norwich City and considered that our toughest match until ManCity in December. Would be great for the Gunners to shoot down the Canaries!

  239. There is definitely something going on at Norwich. I have watched them twice and they do all the basic things very well and are not afraid to take a chance either. Very solid team. the Blind Pig is a nice enough bar too, though a bit generic. (Don’t tell them I said that!)

  240. Limestonegunner

    QPR equalize, come on Rangers, hang on or steal a win!

  241. Can’t believe I am rooting for QPR!!!!

  242. 2-2..come on….

  243. LSG – Any links to that match as I am only getting the BBC updates.

  244. Limestonegunner

    Well that didn’t last long!

    Yeah Lambert seems to have created an incredible spirit. The will be a tough side to beat. All these promoted teams have been fighting hard and playing decent football.

  245. Oh yea before I forget. C’bob and Ateeb can you both stop yelling at each other when we are trying to watch a match please? Thank you, whining over!

  246. Come on QPR!!

  247. Limestonegunner

    No, it’s on the telly here in Canada. 10 mins left.

  248. Balotelli booked for diving, is there no end to this guys stupidity? He is only on the pitch two minutes!! Deserved the yellow.

  249. Dzeko off for Kolo Toure

  250. QPR tried their best, bodes well for us that as it shows City are not invincible.

  251. Limestonegunner

    Last touch– header wide and City get away with it.

    Btw, Irish, you aren’t going to like it but it’s a 7:45am kickoff v. Norwich that Saturday!

  252. Just means there is even more drinking time though doesn’t it? Whats not to like about that!? 🙂

  253. congratulations all around. improvements with every game. three different goal scoreers. a clean sheet. and i called the result this morning. 3-0..
    two bad wonderland and blackburn and qpr didn’t knick more points of the teams around us. not gona dewel on that though. its all good . have a good wknd everyone….

  254. @limestone
    good friend, 745 am is nothing.
    in LA we sometimes get to the pub at 4,5 AM to catch the gunners play. now that is sacrifice. and the atmosphere is great. by 7,8 am everyone is walking with a.nice buzzzzz. lol . LA chapter of the ARSENAL GUNNERS owns this town… we outnumber the other teams at least by 3-1..
    long live the COCK&BULL
    “””””””””””” THE FOX&HOUND

  255. Bradys right foot

    I know i shouldn’t have to say this but if anyone hasn’t caught the latest Arsecast it is brillant.

  256. irish, great play by play bud.
    you are irreplaceable.

  257. Billy’s Boots

    @ Gainsbourg69 | November 5, 2011 at 6:51 pm

    Yes, I do believe it. I remember in the matches leading up to Ramsey’s injury, he and Cesc were wearing similar red-and-black boots. At times, it was difficult to tell one from the other because their playing style was so similar. Many times in those last few matches before the injury, I marveled at a great pass or tackle by Cesc, only to find that, when I looked closer, it was Ramsey. For me, what was so sickening about the injury was that the danger that it would destroy the career of someone who had so much potential, just at the time that potential was starting to blossom. All credit to Ramsey for working through what must have been an incredibly difficult period of his life.

    I’m enjoying very much seeing him progress this season. He started the season a little slowly – the turmoil around the club may have played a part – but he is really becoming a key performer. I agree it’s a shame he missed out on more time playing with Cesc. Seeing Ramsey pirouette out of a tight spot or cross-over the ball behind his legs, it’s clear that he learned a lot from the time they did have together. With his passing range, his work ethic and his eye for goal, Ramsey will be a big, big player for us, and I hope for many years to come.

  258. @billys boots

  259. BRF yes I have .
    What did you like about it?
    Was it Philipe?

  260. It was busier than this when we were crap

  261. Bradys right foot

    I’m a simple man George some may even say small and petty but i’ll always react to the words Chelsea Terry and cnut in the same sentence. However the new John Terry song caused me to laugh uncontrollably for over 10 minutes.

    “John terry Stamford bridge on his kness, Robins bitch. Wheres Van Persie scoring the goal, Wheres John Terry on his hole.Theres John terry the worst in the land now heres hes mate Anton Ferdinand.”

  262. BRF

    did you leave the arsecast running until the end and here the sermon?

  263. Vermaelen: 8,5 – Confidence, aerial power, pace, interceptions and goals, this is what you get when the Belgian is in the side. What I really loved about him today, however, is the number of “intelligent” fouls he committed to break West Brom’s attacks. Top class.

    That is from another blog.
    How we can condemn other teams for rotational fouling and commend our own is beyond me

  264. PG

    That is not rotational fouling though. That is just one man.

  265. Billy’s Boots

    George, yes, maybe football turns the old adages on their head: ‘Failure has many fathers’, or perhaps ‘If you can’t say anything negative, don’t say anything.’

  266. Bradys right foot

    I did Dups.

  267. Yes dups I know ,but all the same its pushing the boundaries of fair play.Even if it is our own favorite players doing it.

  268. PG

    I agree with that comment but surely it is up to the ref to stop it. We complain about refs not stopping it all the time.

  269. Bradys right foot

    pedantic george | November 5, 2011 at 9:56 pm
    “How we can condemn other teams for rotational fouling and commend our own is beyond me”

    George were fans, we are allowed to be partisan hypocrites. BTW don’t take that to mean that Phil Dowd isn’t a cnut.

  270. PG

    I notice some very American spelling in your comments. (favorite, center) did you ever live there?

  271. Dups ,a crime is a crime whether you get arrested our not.
    If players played to the rules(as they should)the ref’s would not need to make as many calls .The games would flow and the best football would triumph more often

  272. 3-0 without ever getting out of 2nd gear. good result. lets hope everyone comes back safe and sound from the meaningless internationals.

  273. no ,I am on google crome and it auto spell checks and only does American.
    Very annoying it keeps putting “z” where it should be “s” and leaving “u” out of everything.
    But I cant be arsed altering them every time.

  274. George

    Fair sentiments indeed but we all know that will never happen.

  275. Yes Dups ,but we should be constantly asking for it and letting everyone involved in the game that it is what is required of them.Try are push things back little by little(as Oasis said)

  276. Yes Dups ,but we should be constantly asking for it and letting everyone involved in the game know that it is what is required of them.Try to push things back little by little(as Oasis said).

    That read a bit better .Sorry about that.

  277. in the absence of good refs. forcing the players to play the game in the right spirit, we would be at a distinct disadvantage if we were the only ones following the rules. as much as i hate it if a professional foul now and then earns us a point or a win , i have no problems with it.

  278. goonerkam.
    That is poor thinking.
    We should strive for fairness and justice not join in the skulduggery.

  279. Goonerkam, I have to give it up for west coast supporters–some might just decide to make a late Friday or Saturday night of it when the early games are scheduled! I have a feeling Irishgray would take up that approach!

  280. i hear you buddy, but I’m sick and FUCKING tired of the fa incompetence and their stupid refs. to even the playing field. we always seem to get the short end of the stick and I’m tired already. let’s not mention the broken legs we have suffered. hope you understand.

  281. we do limestone .we do make a night of it at times. good times.

  282. LSG – Dam skippy I would!!! To be honest I do so anyways on a regular basis 🙂

    PG – On the professional thingy. In my opinion it is a part of the game. Not saying I like it but pro fouls will always be in the game and so long as they are not dangerous in their execution and the punishment fits the crime, so be it. It is the dangerous and irresponsible fouls that should be stamped out. In saying all of that I do not think TV was pro-fouling but was just a bit off the pace with his tackles in the first half but was next to perfect in the second. Did you happen to catch him grinning like a boy of 10 after he scored? Priceless that 🙂

    Thought the ref was pretty consistent today, no yellows. I also noticed AW getting a bit miffed on the sidelines at one point, I am guessing it was to do with WBA time wasting. They kept knocking the ball away and/or carrying it away when we won a free kick or throw. Any one else notice that?

  283. Goonerkam – Where are you on the West coast mate?

  284. los angeles, irish.

  285. Dup’s you can link to Mein Kampf if it says stuff like that about The Arsenal.

  286. “And I still think Arsenal are the most beautiful club in ­England. At Man City and Chelsea, they will never have that class and style.

    “Arsenal have the most ­amazing stadium, they have a style of play, they have a ­beautiful shirt – in every way I consider Arsenal as the ­ultimate football club.

    The best quote from a top class player. Van Basteh could not have put it any better. forget the football just the “beautiful shirt” has enough class the likes of Chelsea or City and Spurs will never have. Begkamp and Van Basten will have a Job at Arsenal one.

  287. We got ignored on MOTD. they skipped the analysis for our game as there was no disaster or crisis to talk about. When things are going well for us they hush it.

  288. “1loosecannon ” Beautiful Shirt” | November 6, 2011 at 12:23 am
    We got ignored on MOTD. they skipped the analysis for our game as there was no disaster or crisis to talk about. When things are going well for us they hush it.”

    I thought it was disgusting that we were ignored in such a way.

  289. @george
    lol … mein kamph
    great words from MVB. hope all our younger players are listening. hope RVP is listening.

  290. from the BBC.
    john terry still in the national team.. capello
    I’m starting to lose hope in fabio.

    also, ferguson the ultimate survivor.
    my head is gona explode.
    ferret face has always had one of the largest transfer budgets. the club is in debit to the tone of 800million and he is a survivor? holy molly, who writes this shit. the bbc.

  291. That someone can manage to win their own domestic league ,with the biggest club in the whole wide world is anything but “the ultimate” any fucking thing.

  292. What a fantastic article. My new hero is Marco van Basten. The guy loves the Arsenal. Don’t forget that he also said RvP needs to put pressure on the club to support him with investments in the right players. What that means, from someone who seems to know him very well, is that RvP doesn’t care so much about money, but it will matter very much to him what we do in the next transfer windows.

  293. Things looking a lot better and we still have Wilshere to come back into midfield.

  294. and to top it all off.
    bbc awards manager of the month for oct. to robert” we will buy your best players even if we don’t need them” Mancini..
    take a bow sir. a great manager indeed. snikersniker

  295. You have got to admire this lad: “Szczesny has been key to ­Arsenal’s ­revival since the ­debacle at Old Trafford. His first job was to forget that ­result. He smiled: “What eight goals? I don’t remember when I conceded eight goals. I don’t know what you are talking about!”

    Szczesny added: “It is about the spirit within the team. But have we turned the corner? We still have a point to prove I think.”

    Szczesny may still suffer the occasional blip – “I didn’t play well at Chelsea” – but even his relative youth doesn’t mean he is ­intimidated when it comes to bossing his defenders.

    The 21-year-old said: “It doesn’t matter to me if the ­defenders are older or more ­experienced. My job is to get them organised. Their job is to listen.”

    Read more: http://www.mirrorfootball.co.uk/news/Arsenal-goalkeeper-Szczesny-says-strikers-like-Robin-van-Persie-and-Sergio-Aguero-are-the-reason-for-Premier-League-goal-glut-article827680.html#ixzz1ctErld9W
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