Chelsea Preview & Curbing The Media Yobs Will Be A Start

Arsenal travel to Stamford Bridge this lunchtime for a test of their credentials. Quite what they are is unclear, mixed messages coming from the interpretations of Arsène’s Churchillian AGM speech and other ramblings from directors. Len Shackleton is still right after all these years. According to the masses, the club has a target of a top four finish. The manager disagreed at his pre-match press conference, questioning those who would ‘write off the title after nine matches’. His claimed intention was to stress that, at the moment, we are out of contention.

Whether we will get back into contention depends as much on days such as today as it does in winning our other matches. This season, you suspect that the winner of the top six mini-league may well emerge at the top of the pile. The media favourites change every minute. United have played three of their five at home already, switching emphasis to their away form. Arsenal have only played one, such is the disparity in the fixture list.

Crucially much of the recent revival has taken place in home games. The win in Marseille was the only success away from The Emirates; today will test the depth of the revival. For once there are relatively few injury worries. It seems that the partnership of Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertesacker will not be broken up just yet, this match too soon for Thomas Vermaelen according to the manager. The player disagreed earlier in the week when he proclaimed after the Stoke match that he was impervious to pain and loss of form so he could play straight away following injury.

One man not coming back tomorrow is Abou Diaby. This list is just simply astonishing. His absence ought to give the midfield a settled look with Arteta, Song and Ramsey remaining in place. There is a case for bringing in Coquelin or Frimpong but for me, it is too big a game. That formation might give the midfield a compact look, defensively better to cope with the wider players of Chelsea, all of whom seem to like to drift inside. I just cannot see that happening.

The only other choice is whether Arshavin plays instead of Walcott. My own feeling is that the youngster will give Ashley Cole more to think about, offers a quicker escape route over the top of a Chelsea defence that is displaying a certain naivety when faced with pacey forwards. That and Robin van Persie has made no bones about the fact that Walcott is a good strike partner, creating 15 of the Dutchman’s century of goals. Not bad for someone who apparently does not lift his head when running with the ball.

The team I expect Wenger to go with is:

Szczesny; Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Santos; Ramsey, Song, Arteta; Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho

Matters were spiced up nicely with Bruce Buck’s frustration at not being able to get his paymaster’s own way over buying Stamford Bridge back from the fans, manifested itself in claiming that it was now time for the heathen hordes to unite and ‘beat the crap’ out of Arsenal. With leadership like this, it is little wonder that the players have the morals of an alley cat.

It was a marked contrast to Wenger‘s own words, an oration that called on the media and society to eradicate intolerance, prejudice and outright racism,

I have worked for 15 years in England and I have been abused how many times? And that doesn’t shock anybody. And the media has a part to play as well. It is not only about racism – any abuse is wrong. Nothing is done [about some forms of abuse]. I would like to see people sitting on the [bench] for one day and hear what people chant. And you know it’s completely wrong – it’s the same as racism.

You have to punish people and you will see if the rest will do it again. This is an important subject, racism, but it’s not the only one. Any kind of violence, or abuse, you have to fight against.

Expecting the media to help is naive since they thrive on the controvesy; no news is good news, bad news is even better. And they feed the atmosphere as well, ably assisted by the crass comments of Buck and his ilk. The deterioration in journalistic standards is often lamented and it, the incitment, does not apply across the board. Unfortunately, the populist papers are the ones who sell the most copy, a vicious circle continues.

The atmosphere in the stadia may have improved in terms of the pall of violence but abusive behaviour? I don’t see any lessening just different types. Will that change? All-seater stadia sanitised football but did not eradicate the verbal aggression. There’s a thin line between abuse and trying to wind up an opposition player or taunting their fans. It is crossed on a regular basis and dealt with very rarely. Football is a microcosm of society and behaviour in its broadest sense does not change in a football ground from outside, it is an outlet. In that sense, Wenger is right to highlight the issue. And from small efforts can bigger things change.

But I don’t hold out much hope of any tangible gains being made soon.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I try to limit my expectations for this match. Just want to enjoy the game. I do pray we win though. It would go a long way to restore the lost self believe

  2. I think we are coming back on track

  3. I have a good feeling that we are destined to win this game. Play Kos at right back.

    We need to be in good shape defensively. I can’t see how Chelsea will dominate the midfield. Song, Arteta, and Rosicky must be good enough to match Lampard, Ramires and Meirless.

  4. Thankyou YW. I won’t enjoy watching this as I despise Chelsea and so watching any match with them in the pitch is slow torture. However we have been recovering from a slow start – its just a question if whether or not this match has come too soon into that recovery.

  5. Just reading Wenger’s comments on racism, violence and abusive behaviour just reminds you that the media pack don’t deserve to turn up at London Colney and be hosted by one of the most intelligent people that has ever graced football.

    Expecting any sense of moral responsibility from the media in this sense is like expecting to find a virgin in a maternity ward. Zero chance.

    Steww – I totally feel you about the sheer disgust for that heathen horde as Yogi so eloquently puts it. It doesn’t help that I’m married to a Chelsea fan and we promote world peace by staying away from each other the whole day when we play the Chavs because one of us will be pissed off.

    I think Sideshow Bob is going to have his hands full trying to cope with RVP and Gervinho.

    Chelsea have already picked up 5 red cards and 34 yellow cards so far (with Cashley Cole getting 6 of them) – and I really think someone is going to be sent off today.

    Great post Yogi.

  6. Onwards and upwards I think. I can feel it in my bones. According the media every game is hyped up as a test of our credentials so we better get used to every game being a test even though we know the league is won in the last ten games. Unfortunately in the past few seasons Chelsea and Did-he-dive Drogba have held the indian sign over us in this fixture, however we have rarely ever been able to field our strongest team or players. The pundits are probably going to use his suspension today as an excuse but have we ever complained when more than half our first team is missing. I dont think the Chavs have ever beaten us with RVP in the team….so I feel pretty confident today that Gervinho, RVP and Arshavin will show up the Chelsea defence. The problem is coming from the lack of midfield creativity so our wide players are having to work harder. We were certainly spoiled by cesc who could land an outrageous defence splitting pass on a sixpence 9 out of 10 times. Kudos to Aaron though his stats arent quite there yet but his chipped pass to Gervinho for the goal last weekend was right up there. More of the same. Confidence at the back too. And hoping Mertesacker gives Torres a ‘torrid time’. A ‘ Real teast’. 2-1 to the Arsenal. No red cards please ref.

  7. YW, Your report on Arsene Wenger’s comments on racism and obscenity in football was well said, he having had disgraceful chants directed at him over many years. As you say, the media is of no help, whatsoever,requiring many instances of both vices in order to sell their wares.
    What IS needed is more control under the Law with greater examples of arrests and prosecutions by the Police and consequent heavy punishment through the Courts. Although this might only touch the tip of the iceberg, it might at least send warnings to the other mindless morons who attend our national game.

  8. good morning all.
    great post yogi, as always.
    i for one, think its a good time to play these low class mercenaries at this time. as good as their new manager is and as much as he concerned me when he took over, i think he has lost a bit of control over his team. way too many cards for this early in the season. hopefully we can come away with some points from this game. one game at a time. and we wait for the slip ups from the others around us. one thing is for sure and that is for ARSENAL to play intelligently and with a lot of heart. and avoid slip UPS on our part.
    also agree with the above comment that we have by far the classiest manager in the league and also the most articulate and intelligent one. is he perfect? no ,but as close to perfect as one can get and we are very fortunate to have him at our service. good luck to the gunners.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  9. video cameras on every section of the crowd and a period of intense enforcement is badly needed. the bad apples will get the message and will behave. also install personal amongst the crowd and get ride of the racist and the criminal element . while you are at it ,use same technology as an assist for the referees for quick check of the close calls. this will improve the game greatly and level the playing field, at least in that respect. but as YOGI aptly stated controversy sells and as such i for one am not holding my breath for these common sense solutions to be implemented..

  10. ILikeHowArsenalPlay

    I ask this question here because I think this is the best place to ask. I like the blogs and the people who comment here. Most of you strike as reasonable people who simply adore arsenal and the way they play.

    I read an article in the Independent on Emanuael Adebayor and that reminded me of a long standing question of mine. He has previously claimed that he was sold by the club and he wanted to remain at arsenal and retire here. Is he speaking the truth? How does a guy who scored around 30 goals in a season become so hated by the fans? I didnt follow arsenal in depth then as i do now.

    Now it is religious; yet I say to myself and others that I just like the team, the manager and the way they play. They are the only football team that has me mesmerised most weekends. My interest in football didnt even ramp up until a few years ago. Now i find myself clapping at 2 am in the morning when Ramsey scored (I live in India). Then i realised that my poor parents are trying to get some sleep in the next room. “I am not a fan though”. This is what i say to myself. I dont like the word “fan” as it sounds like I have become obsessed over something. Yet the symptoms point to the word. A few weeks ago I only used to come to this website twice in a day. Now, I come around the time the blog is posted, then an hour later, then an hour after that to check the comments. Then again at the end of the day. Yeah…. I am not a fan. mm hmm.

  11. Just noticed that if David Luiz plays today, he will complete 300 minutes (or 5 hours) this week (not counting any stoppage time. I think it’s highly likely that he will snap and do something very daft (bad mistake or silly challenge). This game will be ours!

  12. @Goonerkam,
    Every word you commented is right…….unfortunately.

  13. I have a conundrum; I just got back from a night out (I live in Canada now) and I’m not sure whether to just stay up till game time or crash and risk not waking up for the game?

  14. you have been bit by the ARSENAL bug ‘india’. and this blog. you are addicted. lol. welcome to the club. as far as that idiot adybayor he was becoming a massive distraction. like NASRI he left for the money and became a rich vagabond of a footballer. I’m sure he has regrets as will samir. clubs like shitty will chew you out and spit you out as if nothing mattered except their own agendas. let him suffer. he will be saying for a different team everyear from now to the end of his playing days. a least he can be happy with the money.

  15. Brilliant early morning battle cry Yogi.

    Wenger, is light years ahead of them all in terms of intellect and that is what boils their blood. They have done what they do best with this racist terry allegation thing and that is to make sure the all the ignorant and lowest iq individuals get drawn into web of ,manipulation and lies.

    “populist papers are the ones who sell the most copy, a vicious circle continues!.

    They even tap the phones of people who have had their lives ripped apart by evil men who kidnap and kill children. Disgusting set if human beings who I despise. They are no different than a modern day Dr Gobbles and his public relations team.

    I hope we disappoint them like we did in Marseilles.

  16. goonerkam | October 29, 2011 at 9:20 am

    A modern day Orson Wells.

    Careful what you wish for.

  17. Can 12.45 pm get here already? I’m getting restless. And I’m not one to listen to the punditocracy to get myself in the mood of the game.

    There’s nothing as vile as having to listen to Ray Wilkins punditing on TV – let alone Jeff Stelling and his punk arse reprobates.

  18. If you consider the intelligent thoughts on racism that Wenger expressed, it’s tragic but not surprising that the Daily Heil would come up with a headline like “Wenger: Racism not a Problem in Football”


  19. @nicky
    my friend , through the years i have lost much faith in the ability of organisations like the FA,UEFA, FIFA and many of their rules and regulations. all talk and no action if it hurts them in the pocket book. like dinasures, so slow to move and to evolve. even their financial regulations are being circumvented by the clubs with massive resources and they are fast becoming a laughing stock of the rich clubs and their fans. unfortunately, they are the only game in town and as fans we are limited in choice. this is why the game is in the shape it is these days.

  20. i always knew David Luiz wasnt all that. Alex and ivanovic are better at defending.
    i pray AVB plays David Luiz today, he would have his hands full with 3Gs, Theo and RVP today.

    1 nil to the Arsenal

  21. The great thing about this blog is that like Arsenal it has a global reach… Greetings to all Gooners. We are going to take over the world. I think Emmanual egobayor was his own worst enemy and alienated himself from the fans. He came at a bad time when everyone was looking for the New Henry. Like Nasri he was plucked from a stagnating career and given a platfrom and belief to express himself. After one good season Ade wanted a pay hike, hired a PR team, and got a big head, started prostituting himself to the highest bidder. Like Nasri he started saying the fans didnt show him love. They made up a song for him FFS. The best way to alienate oneself from the fans who are paying your wages is to say the fans are crap and demand more money. Wenger is a genius though and no one should doubt him, he can polish a turd and turn it into a diamond.

  22. I thought Adebayor went in search of Beyonce?

  23. just 16 comments before a big game with Chelsea??
    Where are all the ACLFers??

  24. @goonerton
    point well taken friend. but i realy see no other way of cleaning the game i love of the racist and criminal elements that ruin it for the rest of us.
    imagine yourself in the stands with your son or daughter and being surrounded by mindless elements attacking players and managers for the color of their skin and their national origin. putting your safety and your families at risk by being selfish and stupid. still i am not close minded and if there are other solutions, I’m all ears.

    that is priceless. they will twist his words every which way. they won’t stop till they have achive their goal, which is for ARSENAL and AW to stop being as one. we have to be smarter than these ruthless basterds and see through the manipulations. and so sorry about your significant other being a chelski fan. lol. how do you do it.? hope you can bring her back to the light and convert her.

  25. Yogi,lovely stuff as ever.
    “Just reading Wenger’s comments on racism, violence and abusive behaviour just reminds you that the media pack don’t deserve to turn up at London Colney and be hosted by one of the most intelligent people that has ever graced football.”
    Is exactly what I was going to say.But obviously I would not have been as eloquent .

    Andrei to enter the fray around the 70 minute mark?I hope so.I hope even more that we are ahead when he takes the stage.

    ILikeHowArsenalPlay,I gets worse,as you get into the banter you can end up with a worn out F5 button.

  26. Excellent post Yogi. I wonder how you manage to serve up such insightful posts day in day out. Kudos to you. You have tackled 2 issues here: the game today and intolerance in football. I’ll start with the latter.The vile abuse players and managers receive from fans ( and I’m ashamed to say some Arsenal fans included) is disgusting. But it is indeed a reflection of society.You see some some fans mouthing foul words with their youngsters right bedsides them. What legacy are they leaving?.I agree completely with Arsene, racism is just a part of a complex of a complex called prejudice which needs to be tackled headlong in football and society at large.
    About the game today, I must say I’ll be disappointed if we don’t come away with something .Chelsea have not been at their best lately and their best player seems to be Mata. I think their backline will find it hard coping with RVP and Gervinho and Theo if he’s having a good day. But we must stifle mata and Ramires.

  27. Jeff – it’s after the game that you need to be worried about. They’ll come out of the woodwork if we lose.

  28. I’m counting 26 jeff.

  29. “Like Nasri he was plucked from a stagnating career and given a platfrom and belief to express himself.”

    Nice wordage but a bit of a stretch,don’t you think?They were hardly of an age where they could have been said to have “stagnated” Otherwise spot on.

  30. @Goonerkam – I plead insanity and the fact that she never signed the register of intrests during pre-marital counselling. My lawyer says that’s when we should have captured her alliegance to Chelsea – but we’ve missed the boat on that one.

    Things we do for love, Eh! I hear Tupac ringing in my head every time I think of it. Could be worse, she could have been a United fan. Let’s be grateful for the small mercies in life.

  31. It’ll be a critical test of Chelsea’s credentials. If they don’t win this one, they’re doomed.

  32. i agree george. bring AA on in the second half. after thei had tired them out. AS will ripe them a new one at the end.

  33. @DARIUS
    lol, cheers mate. more power to you.

  34. If we get a point today I will be smiling from ear to ear.A win and watch out Mrs.Pedantic you ship has come in.But a loss will be no more than a shrug of the shoulders and a glum look for a couple of days.Because realistically it is Chelsea away.Not a team in the world goes there expecting to win.
    Of course I expect us to win handsomely,but you know what I mean.Right?

  35. Darius did you catch the Fans Forum last night? I was chopped off at the knees.

  36. We’ve seen Laurent Koscielny handle Messi, Rooney and Drogba with professionalism, determination and finesse.

    Can Sideshow Bob handle RVP and Gervinho?

    Sideshow Bob is haild as the second coming of defensive messiahs because he cost £24m in transfer fees, yet Koscielny is treated by the media, pundits and some Arsenal fans like a step child born on the wrong side of the rail tracks.

    And Koscielny can do everything Sideshow Bob is praised for and even more while making fewer mistakes.

  37. Keown rates Kosceilny as AFC’s best defender…..

    Another good call by yours truly 🙂
    That’s two in one week .I am on a role.

  38. No George – I haven’t had the chance – i might watch the recorded version later on today.

    Did you ask about tim Payton before they cut you down to size?

  39. i take it ,jenkinson did not pass his fitness test for this game?

  40. I told them he was not speaking for me and was told “goodbye thanks for your call”
    You cant watch and talk because of the lag,so I don’t know if Tom was laughing when I called Payton a reject from a Labour Party Conference(with his rosette)

  41. On this day….. 29th August 1970, Arsenal played Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

    The programme gives an insight into the fact that, at this time anyway, there was a fair bit of interplay between the two clubs in terms of personnel.

    A Chelsea fan, Mel Goldberg, (who he?), took his fiancée to Mexico for the World cup and got married. Guests included Dave Sexton, and Charlie Cooke while Bertie Mee gave the bride away. George Graham played for Arsenal and was an ex Chelsea man and Stewart Houston was ‘back in training’ for Chelsea.

    On that note, the ‘Quiz’ asks us ‘Who were the last three players transferred to Chelsea from Arsenal?’ Another virtual pint of cider for the first person with the right answer.

    The Arsenal side that day was:

    Bob Wilson, Pat Rice, Peter Storey, Bob McNab, Frank McLintock, John Roberts, George Graham, Jon Sammels, Ray Kennedy, Eddie Kelly, John Radford.

    The Chelsea side was, Peter Bonnetti, Paddy Mulligan, Ron Harris, John Hollins, John Dempsey, Marvin Hinton, Keith Weller, Alan Hudson, Peter Osgood, Ian Hutchison an Peter Houseman.

    ‘Visitors’ View’ tells us ‘ When Arsenal lifted the fairs Cup back in April…it marked the end of one era in the clubs’ history and the start of another. For 17 long years Arsenal’s players lived in the shadow of the past, made increasingly aware that a club that had once swept the board…had won no prize since the 1953 First Division title.

    Tradition and the glorious past are all very well but in top level football today more than ever before the present and the future are what really count…

    For something like half their supporters (practically all those under 30) that Fairs Cup triumph over Anderlecht was the first trophy they had seen brought to Highbury.’

    I wonder what the AGM’s were like then?

    Bertie Mee tells us that despite serious injuries suffered by Peter Simpson, Charlie George and Jon Sammels there was no need to dive into the transfer market because, ‘ ..of the great potential of so many younger players’. These included Eddie Kelly, Ray Kennedy, John Roberts,, Sammy Nelson and Pat Rice.

    It must be in the Arsenal DNA.

    The feature on ‘Today’s Opponents’ reveals the height of the Arsenal squad. Remember, this was the season that we were to win our first Double.

    The tallest player in the entire squad was Bob Wilson at 6ft and 0.5 inches. ‘Big John’ Radford was all of 5 ft 11 inches which was a little taller than our other striker, Ray Kennedy. Our centre half pairing of Frank McLintock and John Roberts reached 5ft 9.5 inches and 5ft 11 inches respectively. Our shortest player, no surprises here, was George Armstrong at 5ft 6 inches.

    And here are yesterdays’ football results: Chelsea 2, Arsenal 1

  42. Consols – Priceless.

    I like the AGM question. I bet they were feisty as hell. Do you think Dennis Hill-Wood was as comical a Chair than young Peter?

  43. Denis had an MC, so must have had something.

  44. PG @ 10:32 am

    I am tuning in to your philosophical stance, PG. If we lose, the worst we have to suffer is a couple of days of miserabalism from the Sugababes. If Chelsea lose, they have to get a new manager.

  45. Um. Not sure if I’d approve of the use of face recognition software upon a football crowd, though it has probably already happened. When considering recent excavations into the Hillsborough tragedy, I would suggest that is not the correct way Forward.

    Anyhoo. Props to DeanGooner over on Goonerholic’s match preview for this little gem:

    “Instant hero status for life to anyone who brings a banner “Lets Kick John Terry Out Of Football!”

    Poor lad. Chelsea’s Captain, Leader & Legend never really recovered from that blow to the head.

  46. @Finsbury – no need to change the original campaign name. “Kick Racism Out Of Football” is the perfect title for Diaby kicking Terry’s head.

  47. Ivanovich at right-back hopefully. Pretty sure Gervinho could give him a nightmare.

  48. Anyone with team news yet?

  49. Oh – found the starting lineup today.

    Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Santos
    Song, Arteta, Ramsey
    Walcott, Van Persie, Gervinho

  50. 0 Arsenal has not lost a match to Chelsea when Johan Djourou has played in. Good omen.

  51. Looks like the Chelsea manager isn’t a mug after all. Ivanovic starts instead of Sideshow Bob.

  52. Theo and Ramsey start with Rosicky and Arshavin on the bench..impact subs..cmon arsenallllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Great post. I’m feeling confident about today’s game, hopefully we can show just how far we’ve come over the past month or so. You can check out my brief post here:

  54. The pundits spouting the same old bollocks about Arsenal lacking world class players, being a one man team and not getting into any of the other top 4 teams. Well shove that right up the Chelsea pensioners proverbials and their world class team. Gervinho and RVP all the way, maybe also a few surprises from Theo n Arshavin today.

  55. We have a stronger bench than they do.

  56. Well we got the draw right yesterday did we not?

  57. 1238: Here’s the Carling Cup quarter-final draw: Chelsea v Liverpool, Arsenal v Man City, Man Utd v Crystal Palace and Cardiff v Blackburn.

  58. From the bbc live text.

  59. oh we look a tad nervous in the starting moments…
    and the pundits are just loving it :p

  60. just our luck to draw city 😛 and typical man u to draw cp

  61. walcott is a star!

  62. Fof fuck sakes man. Should be 2-0 up. Gervinhio misses a sitter! So does RVP!

  63. Theo, so rubbish. Doesn’t know what a final ball is. Why is he still playing?

  64. Fucking Lumpard.

  65. Damn. Fat frank scores after Gervinho and RVP missed two good chances frow Walcott.

  66. Aaaaargh fat frank. Should be 2 0 up. Theo walcott two world class passes. The pensioners are there for the taking

  67. Whoever says Djourou should be on a football field…..tut tut. It is time for him to take up tiddlywinks.

  68. Is Cashley even playing? Theo can cut in at will. If they keep letting him do his stuff, he will score, that’s guaranteed.

  69. how was he the reason for that goal? it came from the oposit side….

  70. miss judged the flight of the ball.

  71. and both RvP and 3g should have scored wich is the reason we now are under by 1 goal to cheslea…

  72. RVP’s first touch deserts him!!! How can that be? 😦

  73. but was that not Per that went down in a heap? who totally lost track of Lamps? Do correct me if im wrong 🙂

  74. not sure why Djourou has to be singled out SA.

  75. Kos is a boss, as always. Why exactly is it that we are not calling him world class? To me he certainly looks the part.

  76. i wonder if we will change our game plan should this result stay until the break.
    We do press very low imo… and chelse press very high.
    I do wonder if we are good enough to beat them on the counters…
    It kinda requires both 3g and theo to be on their best and sharpest…

  77. As Wenger said, you are only world class if you cost a whole heap of money.

  78. Paul @ 1.05

    Whilst others have had bad moments Dourou just does not look like a footballer. He is beaten by miles

  79. Kos will be world class if he ever leves us just like Nasri became world class the day he went to City. Before that he was a good player.
    And robin is not having the day so far is he?

  80. This commentator is as inept as Djourou

  81. Really awful defending from our left side……..

  82. I don’t know what you are talking about

  83. @sa hes not a right back at all though. he is a step in. Sanga is our right back, Djorou is our 4th chouce CB, behind mert, kos and verm.
    And i think hes good enough to be our 4th choice cb.

  84. Any one got a good stream.

  85. Santos is getting mash up!

  86. Brilliant Flipper and RvP!

  87. YEEEES! Very well done by Gerv!

  88. The Gervihno n RVP show. The pensioners are there for the taking. COYG.

  89. Fucking come on!!

    Ramsey possessed by Cesc’s spirit? What a beautiful pass and what a beautiful goal!!

  90. Commentator ‘Always vP’

    That is the last goal you could say that about!

    You beauties!

  91. Top class by Ramsey as well. Terry a spectator because the pass was just too good for him.

  92. Djourou made a smart pass inside to start that move.

  93. 3gs is racking up quite an impressive number of assists now. him and Walcott are working well with RvP

  94. A team goal. Santos, Ramsey Gervinho and RVP.

  95. FUcking hell. Santos is having a nightmare. Bring Vermalean on man!

  96. Phew! Offside. got to stay on our toes, though.

  97. d vampire….

  98. Correct decision. Well done, ref.

  99. Imagin how good we are at defence with the shit defence we got today and still they only scored 1 goal.
    Thats preatty impressive with crap Djorou and crap santos..
    Or is it Cheslea that are just very inneficient and cannot sscore? 😛

  100. Santos can hardly walk. Why is he still on the pitch. He needs to go off in the second half. Chelsea having a field day on our left.

  101. Back to Leaky

    He is our ? placed central defender. We lose practically every time he plays there.

    Now people call for him cover there and Torres rips him a new one.

    Can we solve this problem and just get rid of.

    Oh no please Per get up!

  102. TV for Santos please NOW

  103. SA whats eating you today? you dont usually go out this agressive?

  104. Nice elbow by Torres. As he obviously can’t play football, has Fernando ever though about taking up MMA?

  105. but except from that i do agree. santos is not having the best day at the office…

  106. To be honest apart from his two mistakes in the first five minutes I found Djourou to be quite solid. He has clearly settled and is doing his job. Santos is more of a concern to me at the moment. I hope he can settle as well and quick.

  107. Santos looks like he went to the club last night. He is better than this.

  108. Oh bugger. Those two missed chances looking expensive, now.

  109. Permatesaker at fault for both goals…………….And Santos has been awful……

  110. Bloody setpiece nightmare.

  111. That’s been two goals where Per could’ve done better ..

  112. Our two new boys are not getting it done.

  113. yeh its been pers bad marking on both really 😦

  114. Fun,

    Yeah they werre expensive misses. But we’ve conceded two shitty goals. Both were avoidable. Awful defending. Why didn’t Mert went to kick instead of trying to get his whole body between the ball and Terry. Awful.

  115. They are both better than this, maybe they went to the club together.

  116. But Cheslea has not played brillantly. It has been down to Santos to give them chances really. And per to give them goals. except from that they are not that superior at all..

  117. Half time talk will sort it out.

  118. And Merte’s national team coach at the match.

  119. It will be TV and Kos in the middle.

  120. A gift to that tw@t Terry by Mertesacker…defense has been especially awful today. Too easily turned. All ball watching except Koscielny. Get Vermaelen on quick. Sort this sh#t out. Still in the game but gifts have got to stop.

  121. Expect the “ARSENAL CANT FUCKING DEFEND” gang along any minute

  122. and SA is riding Djourou.

  123. if you had to take out either per or santos and replace him with verm, who would you replace?
    Santos has been bad, but Per has cost us two goals…

  124. They’re there for the taking. We need to tightent the fuck up in order to exploit their poor defence. We are better than them for fuck’s sake.

  125. Terrible defending really, where was the man on the post?

  126. “Arsenal’s equaliser wich seemed unlikely”-Sky Sports pundits.

    You gotta love these idiots. We were clearly the better attacking.
    Seriously isn’t there any other channel instead of sly sports.

  127. Per,whats the point of being a giant?

  128. The more we find Theo the more they will fall apart.

  129. All I ask for is that the players give their all.

    This is just a slapgat shower of shit.

  130. Let us not be fooled though, the misses are just as poor as the bad defending.

  131. but my English friends, seriousley HOW i mean fucking HOW do you manage to watch this shit week in and week out. I have never encoutntered more biased commentators in my life.
    I just want to vomit when i hear them, absolutley all they say are suttle digs aimed at Arsenal.
    Its fucking disgusting…

  132. It’s heart breaking the way we concede. Why couldn’t we hold that lead till half time?!

  133. Frustrating indeed. To play well and to present two goals to this lot. What is wrong with good defenders when they start playing for Arsenal?

  134. so frustrating to concede from a set piece again, poor marking, but then again I suppose it isn’t anything new.

  135. Woeful defending all around…I actually think JD has recovered after the first 5 mins..Kos has been class as ever..Come on Arsenallllllllllllll

  136. We will be much better in the 2nd half.

  137. problem with santos, he lunges in too quickly ang gets beat

    kos does that but he is just too good at that

  138. theo has been excellent

  139. SA Gooner, Djourou is playing great. Have you noticed how little Chelsea have produced from their left side. If you’re going to moan about either of our two wingers you’re totally off base if you’re moaning over Djourou.

  140. I’ve got Ian Darke and McManaman. It doesn’t get much worse than this.

  141. We need a second half like the one we produced at liverpool a few years back when arshavin scored that awesome winner..that and the barca last year..the best second halves i have seen from the arsenal recently..

  142. gifted chelsea three goals hope the lands find their confidence soon

  143. i never seem to see Arteta, am i blind or something? you all always say Arteta play so well.

  144. Attack has been superb

    Just saw Per in bench bib behind sky sports pundits, looks like vermaelen is on

    but dont take my word for it lol

  145. gifted chelsea three goals hope the lads find their confidence soon

  146. Top defending. No need for a defence coach. Nobody can teach Wenger anything.

    We should all get behind Wenger. And Kroenke. And Gazidis. Good times at Arsenal.

  147. come on everton..please equalize 🙂

  148. arteta has kept the ball well enough and used it with dillengence .. howrver our midfield will have to gets to grips with the gmae and dominate step up song arteta and ramsey

  149. Three goals, Ande?

  150. @ andegunnner

    which 3 goals?… thot it was 2 – 1

  151. @poodle
    It’s because Arteta is playing a bit like Denilson. Doing the simple stuff and keeping it tight in the middle. Though he does at times pick out a pass or two.

  152. Mark, fuck off.

  153. Per usually anticipates these kinda balls really well. Its possible that match has gotten the best of him, maybe Santos as well. Santos is usually much more assured than this also.

    Lets get it done!


  154. ivanputthepricesup

    Can Mert jump at all, the guy is 6′ 7″ ffs !

  155. Djourou with an awesome play down the wing.

  156. @evil i think i cannot see him cos i expected a totally different play style from him. More Xabi Alonsosq i guess. and he was very visible..

  157. oh darling santos, everything is 🙂

  158. Yay! Santa Claus delivers!

  159. Goal! Now can we defend and even win!!

  160. @ poodle | October 29, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    ha ha ha!

  161. Well, credit where credit is due. Really well done by Santos. We missed someone like him, a free-scoring full back!

  162. I take it all back…thats why hes on the pitch goal scoring left back. COYG.

  163. chelski there for the taking taking . santos. get in there.
    and u guys. stop with negative talk FFS.

  164. WTF chesney?? sometimes he really shows off his young age..

  165. This high line is a bit shakey

  166. fingers crossed…defend this one well, boys, please

  167. Fun,

    “Yay! Santa Claus delivers!”

    You had that prepared for weeks, didn’t u? FInally got to use it.

  168. Also, I am not sure what Wenger said to the boys at half time, but it must’ve worked. Probably told them that Terry is going to shag their wives if they lose.

  169. Scezney a very lucky boy.

  170. i bet Chelsea will turn nasty and dirty towards the end if they aint leaging..

  171. how much did ramirez cost? just out of curiosity? was he not bought as some kind of LB or RB?

  172. tehehe 🙂

  173. Theeeeeeeeeeeeeo!

  174. Hello hello … Theo!

  175. eat shit chelski.

  176. @ ateeb | October 29, 2011 at 1:53 pm
    heh heh

  177. I am not going to say a word

  178. You watching Ace?
    How fucking good is Theo?

  179. eat your words mark the moaner!

  180. ^Who said Theo should not start???

  181. Theo walcott…..No football brain. COYG. Now lets hit them for6

  182. yes I am


  183. Lost my stream. Anyone got any links?

  184. wonder who vermalen will replace

  185. What hustle and fight from our boys!

  186. If there’s such a thing as a referee’s brain, Mariner does not have it.

  187. Djourou, making SA’s comments into a joke and I love it!

  188. JD off?? i thought he had a good game. i feel worried about Jeks though tbh.. hes not really used to playing these kinds of games..

  189. RVP likewise George, but it proves that we are not a one man team.

  190. Could be tactical – more speed?

  191. Interesting sub by Wenger.

  192. JD injured apparently.

  193. Oh dear. Poor JD.

  194. but still. Jenks? AW must have serious belive in him putting him out instead of verm.

  195. Had to go out. Missed the goals.. and obviously Djourous amazing comeback, I always miss it damn. Glad Jenks is back.

  196. How much longer?

  197. and walcott? hmm… this will be some very hard minutes left..

  198. Ivanovic, certainly a shoe-in for the Oscars!

  199. so much use for walcott out ….

  200. How many fouls are they allowed to commit? Unbelievable.

  201. Fucking bullshit. Santos was blocked by Kutaku! Referee ruining it now.

  202. Good job, Mariner. Gifted Chelsea the equaliser.

  203. Chelsea will be allowed all they need to win tbh..

  204. ref. stepping in to change outcome. the basterd.

  205. expect 7 mins of injury time too

  206. I’ve counted a clear 5 fouls in the last 10 minutes. One a straight red.

  207. a foul prior to Mata’s goal was ignored. shit

  208. Walcott’s speed threat is gone. Chelsea will press more.

  209. All the calls are going against us!

  210. taking off Walcott i dont get that tbh…

  211. Is everything we do a foul? Mariner is a c*nt.

  212. Justice!!!!!!


  214. ah expect marriner to give EVERYTHING to them now…


  216. Fuuckkiingggg COOMEEEE ONNNN!!!

  217. Nobody can deny the refereeing conspiracy now. Never seen it so clear. And Sky not replaying that kick in the stomach on Arteta – shocking.
    Having said that 4 – 3, exciting game. Beating the opposition and the officials.

  218. A bsolute quality RVP


  220. reminds me of the Barcelona game, where we were not suppose to win but did anyway at home and shellshocked everyone so much they had to give RvP red card to curb us.

  221. I can’t watch. I need to hear that wistle soon

  222. Chelsea diving all over the place.

  223. I feel sorry for John Terry actually. a fine professional, great servant to club and c… oh bollocks I can’t keep it up.
    Karma. How much Fergie time from Webb the little incubus?

  224. roBIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. Robin van Perfect!!!!!


  227. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaahahahahahah


  229. What a fucking finish.


  231. FUCK you to hell. the ref too. RVP HAT TRICK.

  232. Santos, up and down. I love him, I hate him.

  233. We are bloody marvellous.

  234. SA Gooner – he’s our left back. Love him. Simple.

  235. ah the commentators have a hard time accepting this.. 5 goals is to much to be pure luck too..

  236. I Love this fucking team!!! RVP, Ramsey, Theo, Gervinhio, pure class!!!

  237. And nobody sent off.

  238. AM I dreaming?

  239. yes…….. wow!

  240. That was great.

    1-4 in the 2nd half!

  241. we are back with a bang!

  242. This is the game of the season without a doubt. ened to end stuff,fantastic. We keeped going forward throughout the game. GERvinho/ RVP juat awesome

  243. @ mj_gunner
    I keep pinching myself, too! I am floating on air.

  244. I am sure Juan Mata is feeling very fortunate..

  245. what a result. absolutely amazing

  246. The corner has been turned. We are back in contention. We are a team to be feared! Chelsea must be shit to concede 5 goals at home.

  247. all those ppl who gloated after the manchester derby about utd being rammed were jumping the gun and feeding off another teams glory

    go ahead boys and can now gloat..cos our lads have gone to the bridge and smashed the shit out of them..

  248. No more of Cesc’s dropping head. He would have given up at 3-3. This team has what we’ve lacked a bit. Relentless passion!!

  249. What a game!! Beating the stuffing out of them at Stamford Bridge. I was hoping for a draw. The whole team did itself proud today. RVP is superman.

  250. RVP Vantastic unstoppable!!!!!!!!The best striker in the world…Chelsea are shit and they know it. 50million on Torres…what a waste of money. We are going to win the league. COYG. Bring on City. Only 3 points between us and Cheski. This team has spirit.

  251. I have tears in my eyes, that was beautifull.

  252. we love you Captain Vantastic!!!!!!


    5-2, 5-2, 5-2… there last doesn’t count stupid ass referee… my mother in New Zealand could see that was an fucking foul….

  254. so we win in spite of the refs…

    the team is defo gelling! its a nice headache when iu can take gerv off and bring in a vermaleen and Arsh didnt even get to play… great great great all round!

  255. What an awesome second half…..brilliant……….even our one blemish the goal should have been a free kick…where r the moaners now??

  256. Santos is an excellent left back, just had a poor first half, it happens.

    Djourou was very impressive today. I love how he cuts inside and looks for a good pass. Great stuff!

    For all of you who have been dissin my boy Walcott…TAKE THAT!

  257. Never felt this ecstatic since the Barça game. Breathtaking.

  258. Well well fucking well.Mrs Pedantic is in luck tonight

  259. Van was his usual briliance but lets not forget the people who gave him the chances… true team effort! Damn, their third was a beautiful goal even though it should have been a foul in the build up

  260. & I can smell another manager being sacked.. bwahahahahahahahahah

  261. oh but of course all the commentators can say is we are a one man team…

  262. That’s what happen when a club is run by a sugar daddy!

  263. saw this on the life text… a very good one. lol

    From anon via text: “In the words of Mark Twain, with regard to recent criticisms of Wenger and Arsenal in general; “reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.”

  264. Paul you may now slip into full gloating mode.Fill your boots my man.

  265. You have the Chavs and the Chav nots.

    This was a day for the Chav nots… the Bridge.

    All the changes that have happened, all the criticism, Cesc, everything.

    That is an amazing, amazing result for this club.

  266. @paul-N absolutely mate…..

    Ramsey MOTM for me……

  267. If they are all against us, we just have to get better and better. Even gifting Chelsea a goal and countless decisions just couldn’t help them against the irresistible force. Arsenal, we love you!

  268. well,well,well. I thought we would get something out of this game.NOT A BLOODY 5-3! WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

  269. Man of the match: Arsene Wenger.

  270. oh to be a gooner….am flying without wings right now…

  271. PaulN, he was MOTM for me..

  272. how sweet is that to beat this classless lot at their place?

  273. We are back…….better fucking believe it……

  274. I concur with you Ateeb. this past off season was the best In years.

  275. crest of a wave..but lets keep our feet on the ground..
    the media will start calling us title contenders again and we dont want that…
    we need to stay under the radar. stay humble..fight for every result..

    confidence is returning..we celebrated that like a final win..
    top stuff..

    what a result..crap defending but we took chelsea to the cleaners..
    terrys slip was fucking histerical..

  276. GET IN!!!!! I had tears in my eyes at the final whistle. I feel so emotional and am so happy for this team. Aaron fucking Ramsey take a bow young man. Theo was amazing all throughout the game. Drop Koscielny?? yeah right!

    The boys are back, three points off Chelsea. I have so much to say but don’t really know how to express myself so I am going to have another little cry with a smile on my face.

    I love the Arsenal!

  277. Of course we are a one man team. STUFF EM ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!

  278. Spot on..ooooooooooooohhhhhhh to be a goooooooooooooner



  280. Well said JonJon. But we need to max this day out! What a game.

  281. I concur… Ramsey was BOG tonight and deserves a lot of praise…

  282. I thought it will be a high score game. Because when we played Porto Villas Boas was in charge and we hit them for 5. He doesn’t play defensive football. chelsea players are slow and have no pace to play that type of football. What a result. That was huge to confidence and point tally. I would love to see RVP lifting a trophy as captain he desrves it

  283. Now that is a confidence booster for the team, to beat another top of the table team and to do so under some adversity.

  284. Where is Bruce ‘beat the crap out of Arsenal’ Buck?! Where is he I say???!!

  285. Yes, we did it. I had sensed that all week long. I said it in the morning!

  286. @ Anirudh

    The boys gave the second half u called for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this was better than even against Barca and Pool! as Paul N noted, 1 – 4 was the second half scores!

  287. What excuses are the poor press and pundits going to give now. Dave blues that was for you mate. The away fans were absolutely amazing. RVP MOTM. Ramsey going from strength to strength. What a day to be a Gooner.

  288. Apart from the goal which was a freekick to us…..i dont remember a chelsea chance

  289. *in the second half of course

  290. And good on the boys for responding to AW’s half-time talk.

  291. bet Mata regrets he went to the wront team now.

  292. Hats off to my girl Fun Gunner, She was right there at half time keeping calm and composed. Good work my lady.

  293. They scored from a cross, from a set piece and a wonder goal! Our weaknesses for this season, they exploited it all! But we just put our heads down and scored more! That’s the spirit boys and after Theo’s goal, they didn’t know what hit them, What a goal, what amazing resilience, stay off his back!

    RVP, Gervinho, Ramsey and Arteta- master class performance! Song what a goal for Andre Santos for the 2nd! Another assist for him…

    8 wins out of 9, where is the fucking crisis?

  294. What a ball *

  295. @ team spirit..

    Could not have gotten a better one…..defensively too we were magnificent in the second half..wenger really sorted everything out at half time… of the all time great managerial half-times…..

  296. Where the bloody Wenger must go doomers?

  297. McManaman choked on his words a bit. While deriding Chelsea’s defense he almost said Arsenal. Except Arsenal was dominating to such a degree that he stumbled and fumbled until the word Chelsea, with plenty of hesitation, came out of his mouth.

  298. how was that not a foul leading to Chelsea’s third?

  299. unbelievably biased refereeing. and commentators. everybody should complain to sky. santos was magnificent in the second half. vermaelen back. just add wilshere to the mix and oh boy….

  300. Santos was shaky in the first half, but it was all him in the second. Wonderful goal.

    Theo’s detractors should be taken behind the shed. How dare you talk so much shit about such a good player?

    The Cards beat George W. Bush’s Rangers and now this. I’m having an amazing week-end.

    George, don’t be too hard on Mrs. Pedantic. Hahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  301. On to tuesday night….a chance to rotate some key players for the game at home, and hopefully secure the win needed for qualification….

  302. What ever Wenger said at the half was magic. I think the nerves got the best of per and Santos in the first half. Once we calmed down, Chelsea were locked out.

  303. It was not a foul in la-la land, Miami Arsenal, of which Andre Marriner is a native. 🙂

    @ G69
    we’ve got the confidence back!

    I’m going to have to find out the addresses of some of these people who call Arsenal Player – some of them need a good slapping.

  304. Some says that Mancini has increased his offer to 50 million.

  305. I don’t think I am going to cheer for Wolves, the day is perfect. Without wishing for the impossible.

  306. When has Chelsea conceded 5 goals before this, anyone know?

  307. lol mirrors first page still is about uniteds “brilliant” win against Everton. 1-0 against the 15th best team in the league!

    get in United! :p

  308. Theo my man! Thats what we are talking about!drift infield more often and with your pace things would happen.

  309. My answer is on BBC sport:
    “Chelsea conceded five at home in a top-flight league match for the first time since 16 Dec 1989, when Liverpool won 5-2. And Arsenal scored five against Chelsea for the first time in the league since 1934 (a 5-2 victory).”

  310. We were very assured defensively in the second half and apart from a wonder goal, we locked them out!

  311. Poodle, United won by the skin of their teeth. Everton had more than enough chances to get the draw, they should’ve won the game actually.

  312. After a disaster, crisis, terrible mismanagement, a manager who didnt know what was happening, a clueless board, horrible transfer dealings, etc etc we are now 3 points behind chelsea, and could finish the weekend in 6th level with spurs…

    Imagine if we were having a good time of it 🙂

  313. yes!!!!!!!!!!

    i had my little Georgia 2 weeks ago. we havent lost since. I love arsenal.

  314. I am overjoyed!

    he he!

  315. Far canal. Just fuckivng wow.

    I couldn’t even begin to guess what Wenger did/said at half time, but it worked something spectacular.

    Several great things from this game.

    I think after what looked like a lack of confidence in the first half, the lads should have got a few truck loads of self belief after this.

    We have started scoring goals again. For us, we had a bit of a lean run for while now, 5 goals is a healthy vein to hit. Hope it continues.

    I like Santos, I think he could be spectacular for us. When I see him with a shot on goal, I feel confident he’ll score.

    Great result. From the despair I felt at half time, to the absolutely gob-smacked joy at full time, I’m not sure my ticker will survive any more like this.

  316. And who was it who said that we would be drawn against Man City and ManUre would get Crystal Palace in the CC? You are a seer, whoever you are.

  317. My mates and i are going organise a protest to make djourou our rb until sagna comes back. Cole made him look bad a number of times but apart from that,he was super.i love his confidence on the ball.thats vintage wengerball.

  318. congrats goonerwife! that’s great!

  319. MOTM for me was the away support. Awesome.

  320. From bbc live text….

    1459: A few more stats for you on the back of that extraordinary game at Stamford Bridge, courtesy of Infostrada Sports. Robin van Persie is the fourth player to score a hat-trick v Chelsea after Dion Dublin, Kanu and Patrick Berger. Chelsea conceded five at home in a top-flight league match for the first time since 16 Dec 1989, when Liverpool won 5-2. And Arsenal scored five against Chelsea for the first time in the league since 1934 (a 5-2 victory).

    This is another reason why the ref should just have concentrated and done his job well… should have also ended 5 -2 LOL

  321. Congratulations, goonerwife! what a beautiful name as well. So *that’s* the reason we have turned our season around! 🙂
    Hope you’re putting her into the babies’ five-a-side team?

  322. @fungunner

    Yes….. whoever it was- that predication was just surprised that we got a home game 😀

  323. Credit to Arteta for keeping things calm in midfield and tirelessly working… The team deserves credit and this is a treasure chest of self belief that we have hit here!

  324. Theo GerVAN Persie is on Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  325. Yeah, great predictions on ACLF for the CC draw… I am dreaming about Van Persie scoring past Joe Hart already…

    Some words for that kid Mata, TAKE THAT! We are the club that represent LONDON!

  326. @Paul. that was my point. they get so much credit for really shitty displays. Its like they won the PL! to “bounce” back.
    Aparatley Terry “bounced back” against us too. atlest at half time until we demolished him.
    Hate the papers…

  327. And I have got to say, Arteta played some brilliant through balls today!

  328. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!!

    You little beauties!!!!!!!!!

    Song – discplined and brilliant. Gave us a platform, Santos was class in the 2nd half!!!! Yes lads!!!!!

    Knew it! I fricking knew it!!!!

    Boozing in Parsons Green probably going to get filled later but I don’t care!!

    Yeeeeeeeeesss lads!!! Enjoy boys!

  329. Djourou was awesome. He was only taken out when Chelsea made their changes.

    Fun, did you see all our passers looking to put Theo through?

  330. Hi all… its bin an age since ive been here… ive been takin some time off to reflect on wether we nned to get wenger out, the past few weeks have swung me a bit
    the result was beautiful but what makes me happier is the fight the boys gave in the second half… no better way to answer the critics.

    Kosc, Song Santos(2nd half) rambo Gerv feo VP im so proud of them.

  331. Theo Van Gervinho more like it.

  332. Like the way Arteta does his job. Not spectacular but certainly efficient.

  333. I really appreciate Arteta. He is doing what we need, we may not notice him much but he is very much present, he is getting it done quietly.

  334. its was DARIUS, Fungunner…

  335. A joyous day,

    All the sweeter for the loyal gooners. Excellent performances by all (although Arteta was a little quiet in the attacking side of his game). Interestingly, I beleive we can (and shall) play much better!

    Next up: City at our place.


  336. Santos is 100% unclichy.he scores.he doesn’t back off.never jittery.n he is bulky. Love him.

  337. @ gains

    Its almost giovanni van bronckhorst…..but not quite

  338. congrats @ goonerwife!

    Should have named her Robina! LOL

  339. @ ace | October 29, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    My mates and i are going organise a protest to make djourou our rb until sagna comes back.

    Seriously, what is the matter with you? After your drop Theo campaign, haven’t you learned your lesson? Leave it to the manager. I can only assume you are joking.

    @ team spirit | October 29, 2011 at 3:11 pm
    ha ha!
    It’s like 3Gs and Theo are having a competition to see who can feed RvP most assists.

    Got to give Aaron credit as well, though – how about “Theo Ram Persinho”?

    @ G69
    Haven’t “seen” any of it – I follow our matches on Player and watch the video on the website the next day (hooked up to the TV). I find it gives me more perspective. But I do know Theo’s goal was a wonderful solo effort, so looking forward to that.

  340. Mata must be shitting a brick for choosing such a crap team over us.

  341. oh maybe citys carling cup specialist – nasri, might start..look forward to seeing that….

  342. @Poodle

    The commentators here on ESPN were all going woohoo behind Terry. They were literally kissing his arse at half time, saying things like he is a legend at Chelsea and an extremely focussed professional and won’t let the allegations affect him and all that.. Funny though how it ended for him…

    Laurent KOSCIELNY what a performance! He is a rock, if anyone has to partner Verminator its him.

  343. I think the most positive thing to see in all of the great things that happened today is the form of mr. Aaron Ramsey. He is getting his mojo back and is really starting to be that creative spark through the middle. Can’t wait to see him and lil Jack running the show for years to come!

  344. @ mj_gunner | October 29, 2011 at 3:17 pm

  345. @poodle
    Terry bounced a lot on that pitch today. I really enjoyed when he bounced on his face to let VP in.

  346. Totally off the head. What a performance and boy has this fucked up their planned report for tomorrows papers.

    The best bit is yet to come when we watch the media squirm like the dirty scum they are.

  347. I agree regarding Arteta, more or less Denilson, but with MUCH higher work rate. Unfortunately, he will have to sit on the bench once Jack is back..

  348. Aaron ripped Chelsea’s defence apart with his brilliant disguised pass to put through Gervinho and amazing unselfishness from Gerv to put it on a plate to RVP to just roll it in to the open net!

  349. Ashburton Patriot .I don#t want to be rude but just go and fuck yourself.You aint invited to the party

  350. Fabregas? Who is that guy? Oh, you mean the little Catalan mommy’s boy who likes to say racist shit? Nope. Don’t know him.


  351. Our team looked really balanced and they are playing for each other. The one little negative if any was the defending we witnessed from Per. He should be doing better for his size and stature but, like we seem from Theo today there may be a silver lining from him losing concentration a vital moments.

  352. It was also great to see the front three on the same page as the midfield…it really is starting to click. Watch out premier league…here come the Arsenal!

  353. well drawen against City in CC means we will get to meet Clichy and Nasri. They are on the City CC team.

  354. so we beat chelsea at the bridge… and some goonz still hating on other ones…
    its not your blog PG and ill post where the fuck i want to ok…

  355. Sriram, I had the same couple of tits on my tele. They virtually stopped talking when Terry fell on his face and Van Persie cruised by him and Cech.

  356. Does anybody else sense a little nasty side to Aaron Ramsey’s game of late?
    Getting back to the form he was showing before he was assaulted.

  357. Mj, interesting comparison to Denilson. But Denny rarely played in his rightful position.

  358. I agree with George. Fuck off, Ashburton Patriot. You don’t get to celebrate with us.

  359. congratulations to the ARSENAL AND ALL THEIR TRUE FANS. how sweet it is. to do it at fraction of the cost and look so good doing it. FOR ALL WHO STOOD BY THEM AND BEHIND THEM, TAKE A BOW. one game at a time and like someone commented earlier we have to beat these teams with an added goal or two ,to cancel out the ref. effect. ARSENAL did not get a call going their way for the last twenty min. of the game which was hard to take. glad some of the quiters have left the club. today the attitude was NEVER DIE. NEVER GIVE UP. so sweet tearing these mercenaries a second one. and george ,take it easy on your significant other tonight. lol.


  360. Goonerton, if you’d watched him for Wales you’d know he has been bang in form since the beginning of the season. Wales may even qualify for the Euros and guess who is captaining the side? A young guy by the name of Aaron.

  361. Will you lot chip in and tell Ashburton Patriot to do one .Or are you going to allow him to slither back in without censure?

  362. @george, thanks, was gonna answear that spinless shit of ashbourton grove myself. but cba. hes clearly a gloryhunter that cannot back his team and manager when they are going through a rough time. That dont handle the stick he gets when oposit fans taunt him.
    he can only be a arsenal fan when things go well for us. hate glory hunters…

  363. @george, lol we know you do it so well so we leave it to you 🙂 just admit it you are extraordinarily good at throwing sht at doomers.

  364. For ever doubting Wenger and the club, prick.

  365. WooHooooooooooo!!!!!! Fuck the fucking doomers!

  366. i always back the team. i have my doubts about the manager…
    i still defend the fuck out of him when talking to other fans…
    how am i a glory hunter….
    i love this team no more now than i loved them when we got tonked 8-2.

  367. Haha, yes Gainsbourg, that was classic. But got to give them credit for the commentary after RVP’s hattrick… The one in which he screamed Chelsea 3 Van Persie 3! 😀

  368. I do feel that the way the Kozzer is playing there is no way he is going to be dropped now that Vermaelen is back…I have to imagine the first choice pairing will be Verm..Kos…

  369. Comment from Eurosport:

    “John Terry threw himself to the ground, so he didn’t­ have to touch a ball passed to him by a black guy.”

    Wow, that’s some harsh shit, but funny nontheless.

  370. Sriram, I agree regarding Aaron. And since I am in India too, I saw those pricks named Steve McMahon & Shebby Shingh..I hope they enjoy shit on their face now!

  371. Fuck the doomers! We are back baby and we are roaring… beating City in the cc will be classic!

  372. Where are Mark, Jo, Jabba, Suga3 and the rest of the lilly-livered, fair weather fans? I see they left a straggler. Fuck off, Ashburton patriot.

  373. Great Result today on my Birthday.. does not get much better… Have a Good weeknd All

  374. How horrible is it that Cesc and John Terry are now in the same league? They’re known throughout the world as racist scum.

  375. Wolves keeper just made the most outrageous save from Dzeko!

  376. Happy B-Day Ras.

  377. Fook off Ashburton Patriot. Go back to ur pals at L-G.
    And where are Shuggie, jibber-jabber and AIC?

  378. is it really our the first away win at chelsea for 10 years??

  379. and Mata looks like an idiot now! muahaha!

  380. Wenger has to go!!
    Arshavin never got a kick.
    I am so disappointed in the manager he clearly has no idea.

  381. shotta in full gloating mode.
    From his 1st game at Pool, I said Kos was the real deal,
    (Yes and I still think Denny was given a raw deal by the fans but that is water under the bridge.)

  382. poodle…no, we beat them a few years back from a RVP double in quick succession.

  383. @poodle

    No i remember a recent win when RVP got a brace

  384. poodle .no it is not we won 2 1 about 3 years ago RVP brace if memory serves me.

  385. thanks Paul-n, Team spirit and Fungunner. she is a proper arsenal girl now.

  386. what amazes me is that the people who seem to know it all insist they know it all, despite their pathetic predictions every season. They predicted Arsenal will not finish in top 4 almost every season and United to run away it this season, then City all of sudden tipped to go unbeaten all season, they just never learn. City will have their bad patch when it comes we will see how they deal with it. Teams will make it hard for them as they work out a way of stifling them. We had to deal with that shit for years, teams parking the bus not budging an inch towards our goal. A long way to go. We shall see.

  387. I think we will see at least 6-7 changes for the CL tie at home…..

  388. Congratulations Ras, Goonerwife & Arsenal! 🙂

  389. Shotta,gloat away.
    Kos was best player on the field today,for me anyway

  390. 0-0 at half time in the city game….maybe just maybe the weekend can get better…it will then be perfecter than perfect…word suggestions anyone ????????

  391. Sriram, I doubt RVP will start against Oil City in CC, we can’t play him that many games..Arshavin & Park upfront would do. We’re at home at least!

  392. k im off…
    its kind of funny how if some1 has doubts about the manager he’s a fair weather fan or a glory supporter or a doomer.
    thats a bit dissapointing.

    I’ll be back though


  393. LOLOil City players boo’d off at HT

  394. The last time we scored five in the league against Chelsea was not 1934 but on the Easter weekend at Highbury in 1979. We won 5-2 with Malcolm McDonald netting twice and Stapleton, Sunderland and O’Leary scoring one apiece.

    I remember cos I was there 🙂

  395. Ashburton, you admitted yourself. ” I love the team more now than when we lost 8-2″
    you still don’t get it, do you? Fuck right off!

  396. I remember cos I was there

    Farkin hell,did you not worry about what the Nazi’s were doing at the time.

  397. i think there should be another combo of names with Ashavin, Rambo and Song?

  398. I dont like that Ashburton fellow

  399. WBA (H) norwich (A) Fulham (H) our PL fixtures in november…we have to and really should get 9 points..which makes it 25 from 13..almost back to the 2PPG threshold..not bad after the start we had to the season…….

  400. PG – They were in the Clock End; I was a North Bank boy.

  401. @ FFS Shoot

    Seriously, can the media really be that bad?


  402. and if we count wigan (A) and everton (H) we really should make it 2 more wins..before we face city away..hopefully with 31 points from 15 games, above the 2 PPG threshold and with 8 consucetive wins in the league…

  403. My bad Ashburton, apologies..

  404. But of game at a time…but one just cant help but feel excited after a result like today…….

  405. VP will not start against Oil city eh? When is that game btw?

  406. John Terry was tripped by Martin Luther King’s ghost. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  407. OK – I’ll admit it. Theo had a great game. Hope he can keep playing like that.
    I also don’t know who’s going to make way for TV. Maybe Kos can go to right back? I have a feeling he could play anywhere, except maybe in goal. It would certainly be a travesty to drop him now, the form he’s in. Just think – the problem with our CBs now is which one NOT to play. Gives AW the chance to rotate them I guess. Full back now becomes the issue – on the left, Gibbs can’t seem to play more than 2½ games without getting injured and Santos is soooooo slow, although he did better in the second half. On the right, Jenkinson is still a rookie and Djourou looked like a fish out of water.
    But going forward, the boys were magic today. Ramsey getting back to his best, Gervinho suddenly exploding into form, Robin – well the hat-trick says it all – and Arteta quietly influential throughout.
    They looked like they’d won a trophy at the end – this will do wonders for the confidence and team spirit, so maybe they will.
    Bring on Marseille.

  408. In the week begining 28th Nov, but I am just guessing, playing him so many games would not be a good idea..

  409. so we passed the text then? where and when is the next test for the team?

  410. Get in , it is safe to say THE BOYS ARE BACK. I love my captain

    Kos is just a beast of a defender.

    Santos had a horrid first 45, wonderful second half, maybe he could have a future as a left winger

    Theo Walcott, i have always defended him and boy did he do me proud. Arteta and Ramsey are a new couple

  411. damn wolves gift city a goal……

  412. John Terry needs to ask “Why always me “. haha

  413. text = test

    Also seems most goals today are being scored in the second half

  414. I’m right here gains you utter cunt , I have to laugh out load when I see the likes of yourself and George telling arsenal fans they cant celebrate their teams victory. You lot are pathetic immature cock suckers.
    Great great fucking game today, I’m so proud of our boys. Now once again Gains go fuck yourself .

  415. the wolves players worked their socks off to keep city at bay then their keeper made all that work count for nothing. an absolute gift. i don’t know why keepers think they can take on players in their own box.Pure stupidity.

  416. sorry..i guess thats just me being greedy…

  417. cant remember the last time i had such a good time watching a game. fucking rollercoaster from hell, loved and hated every second of it. out of nails right now.

    so many performances to point out, but koscielny was motm for me. you can literally see how he gains confidence from game to game this season, and this one was absolutely top notch. big ups to the lads today, great spirit, and absolutely loved how they celebrated after the whistle.

  418. @ team spirit – sloppy journalism from the media – who’d a thunk it?

    If we wanted to accomodate Kos, Per and the Verminator, we could have TV5 as a DM/sweeper

    Sir Chesney
    Sagna – Kos – Per – Santos
    TV5 – Song
    Walcott – Ramsey – Gervinho
    Captain Vantastic

  419. Anirudh:

    Getting ahead of yourself for sure, but you are absolutely correct about the upcoming schedule.

  420. Fuck off, Jo. You’re a useless, spineless cunt.

  421. @ JO I have to laugh out load when I see the likes of yourself and George telling arsenal fans they cant celebrate their teams victory.

    They can celebrate all they like, just not here. Like we can’t remember their poisonous doomer shite. Admit you were wrong and come back to the light; Arsene knows, doesn’t he?

  422. Kos is definitely coming into superb form now… his confidence is gaining with each game. I can see Kos & TV5 as the men at the back but I want to say that Per played much better in the 2nd half as did the team. I really enjoy how Santos goes in to the tackle, no quarter given and none asked!

  423. Well said FFS Shoot. You can celebrate all you want, Jo, but you’re not welcome here.

  424. Wow! What a game.

    However sadly it seems to confirm the fact that i am Arsenal’s unlucky charm. The last five premier league matches i’v been at have all been loses. Tottenham, Blackburn, Man Utd, Liverpool and Stoke(Last Season). And i was supposed to be at Stamford Bridge but i broke my leg three days ago, so i gave my ticket away, and we go and win 5-3.

    Looks like i’m sticking to the champions league and CC

  425. Ashburton, never fear… we all have a right to ask questions even of the manager but I think we can all agree that the media created a lot more of the issues than there needed to be. If you think about the limitations placed on Arsene over his recent years in charge he has done a bang up job. I would ask anyone to honestly come up with a better manager to oversee Arsenal than Mr Wenger at this moment in time… he bleeds Arsenal.

  426. Bill

    I agree…but these are games we should realistically expect to win..but yes one game at a time….*takes a deep breath* 😀

  427. @Afro_Warrior
    Get well soon!

  428. FFS Shoot… I would not drop Mikel

  429. So about the leggo Afroman

  430. Henessy gifts city with another one…but they have one back..the miracle is still possible

  431. oh and city down to ten…

  432. Since I didn’t shave or do any of my usual pre-game rituals I know I’m not the unlucky charm.

  433. What an amazing day!!! I said yesterday I had a feeling we would win, although I must admit I was disappointed with our defending for both Chelsea goals in first half!!

    Whatever AW said at half time did the trick, that was the Arsenal I know and love in the second half – sensational!!!

    I haven’t enjoyed myself so much at the bridge ever!

  434. Come on Wol…. Fuck it, I can’t make myself say that.

  435. Thanks Evil and Miami

    @Miami Arsenal – Rugby, i was approaching the 25 when i was tackled at an angle by their no.8 went over on my leg as i came back down.

    On a brighter note though City are down to ten and Wolves have scored.

  436. Cech has to feel sick… both those goals from Santos and Theo beat him at the near post

  437. what position you play Afro? I was a lock once upon a time in the land of the long white cloud

  438. NZ World Champions of rugby again… about bloody time

  439. First let me say that was a match made in heaven, to beat Chelsea by that scoreline and each time coming from behind was great.

    Darius about the curling cup draw did someone leak the info to you beforehand. You called it right yesterday.
    1loosecannon | October 29, 2011 at 2:39 pm I also thought is the game we have played like the fluid Arsenal we all know and cream over all the time.
    S.a gunner you are a disappointment, ripping into djourou every chance you got during the game.Shame on you!!!As for santos I thought he suffered since Gerv wasn’t giving him enough protection plus our midfield was leaving too much space for Chelsea players to get into and give us trouble. I thought we settled much better in the second half.

    Ace I guess today you know why we keep saying Theo is good. He had one of his best games today, so did the whole team to be honest. I feel like am in heaven.

    The fu cking ref almost cost us the game, anyone see how many times Wenger went mental on the touchline when all those calls were going against us? Lately he’s been wearing his heart on his sleeve and making it known when these imbeciles are trying to screw us. I love it.

    Goonerwife congratulations on the little one. She is our good omen.

  440. I’m a flanker, blindside. What did people think of Djourou at right back? How did he perform?

  441. @ Miami Arsenal

    Yep that’s a flaw in my cunning plan. Now you point it out I wouldn’t drop MA either. Perhaps we’ll just use all three CB when we’re defending a lead?

  442. Game over. Wolves lose.

  443. Djourou put in a solid performance today, he was not a notable problem as part of our defensive unit. I thought in the 2nd half though especially Song was like a vacuum cleaner in front of the impressive Kos and Per.

  444. @ FFS Shoot… the great thing mate is that we are starting to have selection delimma’s 🙂

  445. It was simple, Chelsea decided to play open football against Arsenal because:

    1.Thats how their trying to play this season
    2.Underestimated Arsenal after their poor startn

    And as any sane person will tell you, if you are not Barca, then you just don’t play Arsenal at their own game. There is a reason why Man utd usually plays with 5 mids and 1 striker, cos it’s suicide otherwise against Arsenal.

    Credit to the team for this unbeilievable win, Ramsay is a gem. But i think Chelsea’s ignorance or arrogance made the scoreline that high, we would have won but Chelsea played into Arsenal’s hands really.

  446. One of the best players on the pitch, Afro. He made one bad play early on and was perfect until he came off.

  447. IF there was a vivid lesson to be taken from today’s game it is that you play a high line versus Arsenal at your own peril. The game suited our attacks due to the space to run in to those delightful through balls, Theo deserved more from his crosses to RvP and Gerv

  448. Fantastic game from Arsenal! Any person who loves this sport, enjoyed every minute of this game aganist Chelsea.. and RVP wow!! what a striker.. Better tie him down before Manchester City or Madrid try to steal him..

    Congratulations, good day!!

  449. I know people leave for different reasons but if I were RvP, how could I leave a place where I am so adored and also get to display my talents week in and out? If you sign for those MEGA RICH clubs you become a bit part. That said, give credit to the men out there today that fashioned those chances for Vantastic to put away 🙂

  450. damn, a lot of goals scored today

  451. i feel sorry for adam johnson, quality player that doesn’t get recognision, and he’s at city where there are about a hundred players before him in the line up

  452. Moe, I cannot feel sorry for any of them. If you are not getting enough football then move.

  453. @Gainsbourg69

    Good to hear, when i first saw him at right back, i thought it would suit him, as he used to bomb it forward when he was on loan at brum. So who knows maybe he could become are own Micah Richards in that position.

  454. Afro, until Sag is back because Sag is a gem

  455. I think as it stands, were we fully fit with all players then Per would make way for TV5, Mikel probably for Wilshere and Djourou for Sagna… that leaves AA, Djourou, Per, Rosicky, Mikel on the bench 🙂

    I think we’ll see the exit of Chamakh at the end of the season, possibly AA as well. The reports (for what they are worth) have us making moves for Hazard, Jovetic and Canero (all midfield/wingers)

  456. I wouldn’t mind a move for Sow…. just saying 🙂

  457. dkgooner what game were you watching?
    If Djourou was a fish out of water give me a shoal of them

  458. Miami,let have no talk of selling Andrei.

  459. Miami Arsenal | October 29, 2011 at 5:06 pm

    Sorry but, we have a midfield head ache and it’s beautiful. Arteta, is just coming into his own now and he made that midfield tick while Song mopped up everything in sight. Ramsey, just get’s better and better every game I see him. What a talent he is.

    Rosicky, is leader by example and after a horror show with injuries he may turn out to be one of our most important players. I don’t really want to see chamakh any more though.

  460. Tremendous result today. Deserved too.

    Forget the defensive problems for now – if we continue to play attacking football like that we can give anyone a game.

    The whole side deserves great credit but stand outs for me were Kos, Ramsey & RVP (of course). Nice to see Theo stepping up too – we`ll see a different player in the coming weeks I believe.

    Oh, & that Santos is quite the boy isn`t he. From pub footballer to best left back in the world – every ten minutes !

  461. Afro_Warrior | October 29, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    In my view he done a job but, he takes too many risks and has multiple pile up just waiting around the corer.

    Much happier seeing Jenkinson, there as he does all the simple things in life and he’s getting use to the dizzy heights he is playing at.

  462. He shoots, he scores, while Terry’s on the floor, Van Persie, Van Persie!

  463. Some in game Twitter comments from Arsenal players, which I thought were worth sharing…

    “Sagnaofficial Bacary
    Why do we always have the ref against us….huh!!!?”

    Former barca boy
    “HectorBellerin Hector Bellerin
    So proud to be part of this club! WELL DONE ARSENAL, AND WELL DONE VAN PERSIE!! #Legend”

    “piresrobert7 robert pires
    What a game!!!! Thx Arsenal!”

    “Alex_OxChambo Alex Ox-Chamberlain
    Tell @Persie_Official suttinnnn!!! #VanTheMan lol im buzzzzinnggg, what a win!! #COYG”

    “Afobe Benik Afobe
    RVP = MVP today! @Persie_Official is world class! Fantastic score line and the boys were really great today! Onwards and upwards! #AFC #COYG”

    “ayushkshah4 Ayush Shah
    by Afobe
    @Afobe got it spot on last week.. Correctly predicted Torres would be #InKoscielnysPocket #nostredamus”

    “wsilva11 Wellington Silva 😉
    @Arsenal 5 x 3 Chelsea. Very happy! :D”

    Great to see the players celebrating like fans of the club. I had a positive feeling that the result would go our way today, but it was still a relief when it ended witha a victory for the good guys!

  464. Goonerton, I am not arguing that the midfield is starting to gel but when Wilshere, Sagna and TV5 are fully fit who do you think will make way for their introduction?

  465. That was a lovely read, Passenal.

  466. Goonerton, I don’t think Djourou is anywhere near an accident waiting to happen. Chelsea, who supposedly have an incredible left side to their attack, got no change whatsoever from Johan today. I said it when he played against Marseille and I’ll say it again today, Djourou can teach Sagna and Jenkinson a thing or two about adding themselves to the attack. His passing out of the back and the way he links up with the midfielders is better than our two specialized RBs. If he maintains this type of form I would not mind seeing a return of the Kos Johan partnership in the middle of defence. They’ve been our best defensive duo in years.

  467. I’m officially kicking off the free Johan Djourou movement.

  468. Brilliant, brilliant win!!!! Theo was awesome and that for me was Aaron’s best game of the season so far. Song’s pass for the podgy Brazilian’s goal was pretty spesh too.

  469. Miami,

    You`re assuming we`ll have a fully fit squad when they return ?

    If so , Sagna goes straight back in regardless of the form of either Jenks or JD. Wilshere would probably replace Arteta I would guess but the TV one is even harder to call. The way Kos is playing it would have to be Mert but with the amount of games we play (& our injury record), we`re going to need them all at some point.

  470. “@Wenger_LeProf: I dare Mancini to open up against Arsenal.”


  471. OK Dexter where the fuck have you been of late?

    I have been worried

  472. When did we stop having dudes on the post on corners BTW? Mertasackers misjudgement wouldnt even have been mentioned if we had someone on the posts at coreners.

    Funny that our defence is called into question (and yep, still much room for improvement) yet the chavs are suposed to have a brilliant defensive game. So thats 6 scored against the mancs last week and 5 for the chavs. maybe these teams aint the defensive colususeseses that some would have us believe.

    Gary Neville (spit) is the only honest pundit on the sky roster. He was funny as fuck today! 😀

  473. @miami, but that is great no? it just means we can rotate and keep the players fresh! i dont really mind who starts, they are all quality and they are all capable of lifting us to new heights!
    Whoever makes way knows that there will be plenty enough games for him to and that we as a team will achieve great things.
    It feels like we are less of a “me” team now and more of an “us” team.
    Dunno why, maybe the guys that came in are more team focused than those who left?

  474. Hey George! Thanks for the concern mate, just been uber busy man. nothing sinister, I mean, if there was any reason to come on here, its been our recent results innit!

  475. Who here thinks Abrahamovic will fuck off after this season?

  476. @Poodle, mate I agree it is a great problem to have. It was the reason I opened up the conversation in the first place, I would expect to see Wilshere, Sagna and TV5 straight back in to the team on game day so I was guessing who would be dropped to the bench 🙂 I like the idea of having that type of selection issue

  477. Dunno Gains69, I think its best to forget about it happning, so when it does, its a hilarious surprise! The guy’s spent over £100 since January man. Can’t see him going anywhere for a while yet.

  478. The espn commentary is almost unbearable…and how come there is so much waxing lyrical about liverpool who sit below us in the table at the moment, and yet so much negativity about us…

  479. Gainsbourg69 | October 29, 2011 at 6:03 pm

    Alright, you do have a valid point about his passing range and accuracy and he did look pretty solid. It’s just that we have seen in the past where he loses concentration. If he cut’s that crap out then he gets my vote to be in the team but not to replace Sagna.

  480. Lee mason having a shocker..surprise, surprise…

  481. Pfffft, Sly sports just announced their game of the day for tonight…. Guess which match it is? Chavs vs Arsenal’s 8 goal rollercoaster right? Wrong! man City beating the totally out of form Wolves at home.


    Wonder if Match of the Day will find room for our game?

  482. Ya, I agree with Dexter… I think if Roman had any intentions of going it may well have been before now. I can admit I thought his involvement would be much more flash in the pan, but with FFP coming in and the issues Chelsea have with their ground maybe he’ll have to retink it.

  483. Gervinho for Nasri was one of the best pieces of business in the transfer market. We got Gervinho for £10.5M and sold the six month wonder for £22.5M. All that needs to happen now is for the plundits to stop talking about the loss of Nasri and concentrate on the genius of Gervinho.

  484. There is a reason Man City are doing al this facility investment now… because they get to circumvent the FFP rules concerning their out of this world wages.

  485. Roman A must be close to throwing the towel in. If I`d spunked £50M on Torres I`d be looking for the exit door that`s for sure.

    Gary Neville Neville is the surprise package in punditry. I enjoy the way you can tell he disagrees with the sh&te coming from Jamie Redcrapp by not actually saying anything.

    Great stuff from the away fans today by the way. Our twelfth man

  486. I wonder if all our loan outs are going to settle permanent deals and avoid coming back to Arsenal.

  487. Its a Liverpool spunkfest on ESPN .What a bag of shite

  488. the thing is Liverpool as it is today just looks like the most uninspiring team in the PL. They dont have one exctiting player imo. No creative engine, no flamboyant striker, no badass defender. they got a keeper but thats about it.

    I will be very suprised if Daglish does not learn the hard way that Football has changed tremendousley since last time he managed at the top level.
    I mean they are a good side, but against a great technical and fluid oposition they would fail every time. They are still lightyears away of even causing a threat to a team like Barcelona. i Just cannot see either them or Tottenham grabbing that 4th spot.
    The big 4 may change now and then but the big 2 United and Arsenal will never fall beyond that. There is no doubt in my mind that comes May, those two teams will guaranteed be among the big 4 as always.

  489. Daglish is an over rated Twat, spends loads of cash and still gives insipid football

  490. neville is a really good pundit actually. I always thought he was a right git, but he makes sense as a pundit.
    He actually manages to be very neutral and has a great analyze of the game that he produces in an article evry weekend.
    Atleast so far what i read and herd from him has been decent…

    Who would have

  491. Tottenham are a compact side that are playing to their strengths at the moment, they were lucky to get the win their last outing but then they don’t have referee’s making dodgey calls to contend with either!

    The BBC TV guy baited the Chelsea Manager to argue the yellow card for Chezzers should have been a straight red! Seriously, it was fucking Ashley Cole who the fuck cares if Chezzer had gutted the douche.

  492. Well Well Well – Didn’t watch the game (*fat lie*) – can someone remind me what the score was?

    And I told you all that United will get a walkover and be drawn against Crystal Palace and that we’ll draw Man City in the Carling Cup. It was so bloody obvious – but people will call me a conspiracy theorist if I suggest otherwise.

    Awesome result and for the record, I think I’ve been kicked out of the marital bed for the weekend, but if I sleep as happy as I feel today, I’ll take the sofa anytime. See, I took the advice of a former boss of mine – invest in a good and comfortable sofa, you’ll spend a hell of a lot of time on it during a marriage.

    Goonerwife, congrats and make sure that little girl can see an Arsenal cannon on the roof as she looks up from her cot. YOu need to make sure she’s conditioned at every available opportunity.

    As for the game, plenty to reflect on later, but my overriding view is that in defence, the key question is “who is going to partner Laurent Koscielny”. Apparently, Jamie Redknapp thinks that today is the day Koscielny came of age. The miserable piece of fuck – he wouldn’t know a world class player if one sat on his face like a clean shaven pussy.

  493. @ poodle..

    Exactly who would have thought..gary neville of all people…

    But i still dont come liverpool are bigged up so much, but arsenal are constantly criticized with the same hare-brained dross everytime..

  494. @ Darius… it is Jamie Redknapp, he played for Liverpool who wouldn’t know world class football period!

  495. it is pretty obvious that the back 4 are Sagna, TV5, Kos and Santos (the destroyer)… at least to me 🙂 I feel for Gibbs but he needs to get and stay fit

  496. heh today Kos came of age?? did Jamie not watch footy last year? 😛

  497. wengers interview was oozing class..brilliant…

  498. Dex, Chelsea are in a crisis. Ranieri handed Mourinho a very good squad, but after Mourinho made his improvements to it, Drogba, Essien, Cech and Cashly, the club hasn’t moved forward and has lived off that team for about five years now. The squad needs a top to bottom revamp as Terry, Lampard and Essien come to the end of their careers and Abrahamovic has stated that the spigot of cash will be turned off. Being that they get taken by every possible club, the transfers for Torres and David Luiz being the most egregious examples, do you think he’ll plop another £300m on his toy? I don’t think so.

  499. Paulie

    It was hilarious to see Jamie trying to respond to Gary N’s comments about how shite the defences of all the top teams are! “Oh no, its the fact the attacking play is soooo good.” I bet he had a director screamin in his ear piece to shout down the mouthy manc!


    I saw him say that, and these fuckers get paid for their insight! Alan Smith pissed me off more though. When he said, after Theo put in a great cross after beating his man; Oh the Arsenal fans want to see him do that more often.

    He has just sucked satan’s cock hasnt he? Been bought off by the sky pieces of silver.

  500. Yeah , Darius – Louise Redcrapp`s probably got one on her like a guardsman`s hat.

    Anyone notice how hard the ref tried to conjure up a Chav`s win in the last 20 ?

  501. villas boas interview was also very classy..he gave a very frank and not a lopsided view of the game

  502. Don’t be so hard on Redknapp, Darius. He was probably the only man in England who missed that game where Koscielny had Messi in his back pocket.

  503. Post of the day:

    “….. my overriding view is that in defence, the key question is “who is going to partner Laurent Koscielny”

    “….he wouldn’t know a world class player if one sat on his face like a clean shaven pussy.”

    – Darius | October 29, 2011 at 6:28 pm

    I have been reading a lot of shite here and elsewhere about TV5 strolling into the team ahead of LK. Dream on, sunshine, dream on.

  504. I think we could have played a lot better today

  505. At some point in the last few moments of commentary – it was like Martin Tyler wanted to slap the shit out of Alan Smith for constantly looking for something negative to say against Arsenal.

    We already know that all the pundits will focus on Arsenal conceding 3 goals – as if Manure conceding 6 and Chelsea conceding 5 isn’t a big deal.

    But seriously, what I like about this team is the togetherness, determination and willingness to work for each other. I’ve always said that we need to consider that maybe the exquisite players like the lot that left were the main problem in us not being able to cross the line because they couldn’t handle it.

    Funny though that Arteta is doing the same thing for the team that Denilson used to do.

  506. Ya Spy I wanted 15-0 but I’ll settle for 5-2 and 1 for the referee

  507. our 1st goal was a thing of beauty, crafted by a team

  508. Congratulations Goonerwife! Let’s hope that young Georgia only gets to experience the good times from now on!

  509. That game could quite easily have been one of those, what might have been sort of games. I bet the hacks and pundits were hoping they could pontificate about how missing those early chances fucked us up and our leaky defence then let us down, etc.

    Not today suckers!

    No what might have beens, even though I thought after the ref let Mata’s deflected jammy shot stand after Santos was clearly fouled, we’d have to settle for a draw. 😀

  510. I could not be happier, well if Elle Mcphersen walked through the door…………

  511. I actually do think that Kos-Verm(or kos-djorou) are one of the few defences that can actually silence aguero. They did a great job against Barca at home and they got some proper technical players. No other defence in england is capable of silencing technically brilliant players like that.

    Both silva and aguero are so continental and unbritish in their playstyle that conventional british teams and managers just cannot handle them at all. they just get confused and City scores 5.
    That will not happen at Emirates as we know how to defend against those kind of teams. and we do it remarkabley well

  512. Miami Arse

    Yep, it was gorgeous! But for me, Theo’s was the pick. Loved the way he just kinda bludgeoned his way through on goal man and then beat cech on his near post!

  513. @Miami – that first goal was pure class in that we retained the ball and speeded up or slowed down play when needed. Arteta was at the centre of that traffic, directing it as needed in the same way he did at Marseille.

    By the time the ball went to Gervinho – the rest became standard issue for Robin Bang Persie (as Piles the Farmer prefers to call him).

  514. “But seriously, what I like about this team is the togetherness, determination and willingness to work for each other. I’ve always said that we need to consider that maybe the exquisite players like the lot that left were the main problem in us not being able to cross the line because they couldn’t handle it.”

    That’s interesting Darius because Theo said it again today that the team now has characters who will not give up, which it did not have previously. I was amazed when I saw a blogger recently questioning Theo’s view, and wondered who spends more time in the Arsenal dressing room and would have an idea of what the feeling is like in the team then and now? The difference seems to be that we have a lot more players playing for the shirt and not seeing themselves as bigger than the club or the club as a stop gap on their way to a better option. That’s why I posted those player comments earlier – to show the calibre of individuals we have at the club now.

  515. No Suga, oh yeah we won today

  516. Passenal – very true.

    At least we can be sure that the team will give their all and not drop their heads when times get tough.

    I have a theory that at half time – Wenger simply stuck Bruce Bucks “beat the crap out of Arsenal” speech onto the tactics board.

    Carma is a bastard.

  517. RVP+Ramsey=£8 million.Carol+Henderson=£55 million.Come on Arsene “spent some fucking money”
    Koscielny+RVP=£12.5 Million Luis+Torres=£74 Million Come on Arsene “spent some fucking money”
    Berbatov+Jones=£48million.Koscielny+RVP=£12.5 Million Come on Arsene “spent some fucking money”

    This is fun:)

  518. Maybe AVB would be a good manager for us in a couple of years. he will obviousley be sacked soon at Chelsea if he continiues like this.
    I mean actually trying to play football?? who asked him to do that??
    Is obvious AVB wants to play like Arsenal but sadly has an aegin and slow squad that just cannot do that atm…

  519. RVP+Koscielny = 12.5 mill , Adebayor+Toure = 40 mill


  520. Oh damn forgot the “spend some fucking money”

  521. By the way ,don’t forget Chelsea are a very good team.They were the best team with 9 men the other night and hardly ever lose at the Bridge.

  522. Poodle, like me you have great concern for the Pensioners, but lets not that stop us from gloating!!

  523. Limestonegunner

    Gains, that was more of a Malcolm X move!

  524. Hahahahahahahaha, Lime. Malcom’s ghost was present when Diaby kicked the shit out of JT’s face. Terry’s trip was more subtle and more humiliating just the way MLK humiliated the racists and hypocrites of his time.

  525. How absolutely wonderful that this was a performance by our football team and Manager that we can all be proud of in every sense of the word. Please do not understand me as gloating and all that implies. Arsenal won a football game that the Pundits insisted was impossible. They insisted that we could not play with “the big boys”. Some big boys!

  526. I want to play.

    Song + Arteta = £11m

    Obi Mikel + Ramires = £34m

    Spend some fucking money Arsene.

  527. GET IN. what a win. the last half an hour, i just wanted to hear the final whistle.

  528. Bradys right foot

    evening left footers what did I miss?

  529. YossiBenayoun15
    What a great win today!!! Well done guys!

    He must have angered a few chavs with that tweet 🙂

  530. Ras

    You share your birthday with the 2 Bobs. Wilson & Pires.

  531. evening all. any sign of the usual depressing cant wait for us to lose so i can have a go at wenger crowd yet??

  532. Where’s ace???

  533. Bradys right foot

    A traumatic birth, born in adversity and humiliated by the Mancs but this team has picked itself up. I’m witnessing a proper team gradually taking shape and an improvement every time these players take to the field. I’ve no idea what this could do for our confidence and have absolutely no idea how our season will go, but i’m sure of one thing this team will give everything they have. Proud to be a gooner.

  534. From Harry Hack from the Sunday Scum reporting from the Bridge;

    A race row was brweing tonight involving Arsenal and Chavski captains van Persie and John Terry. The Arsenal skipper is reported to have taunted the England captain and wannabe British national party candidate with a racist outburst;

    “In a race between you and Jabba the hut, you’d lose you slow cunt.”

    More to follow.

  535. Yes Yes Yes………………. come on you gunners

  536. You can see the team spirit we have now that we have not had for a while. nice to get rid of all our charlie big potatoes and we have a team of fighters now.

    again. the one thing you get with Wenger is progression his teams always improve. (untill someone steals his players and he has to start all over again)

  537. Sooner or later the defence will stop conceding silly goals and the customary flukey wondrous goal will be no more. We won’t stop scoring and as wenger predicted plenty of people are in for a surprise.
    With welshire, diabby and sagna to get back into the mix, the hunger of youth in coquelin frimpong ryo, plan b in park Chou young and chamakh the team now looks balanced with strength I depth.

  538. i think its time we stopped letting them knick our players so easily duke..

    totally agree the spirit in the team is high now..
    question remains will they throw it all down the toilet against west brom like the last lot of egotistical pussies would have done..or can we keep building on the momentum we are gaining..

  539. Shocker at the Bridge…..
    a match that no Arsenal fan will ever forget…….the 2nd half – everyone settled in….and we took Chelsea apart.

    Team effort!!!!!
    Solid 2nd half from everyone…….and Arsene deserves so much for regathering the troops mentally.

  540. Way to dampen the high spirits there JJ!

  541. JJ,

    You have to be happy that it wasnt long ago we had 3 wins since the cc final. now its 7 wins in 8. so we have clearly turned round a corner now

  542. We’ve turned a corner…. into a lovely alcove with breakfast bar and en suite.

  543. dups,

    yeah im losing count of our wins!!

  544. Its good not to have to vent, right Duke?

  545. That’s hilarious there Passenal!


  546. The critics are shell shocked. They will have to change the record. We are told that this team is top 10 and we haven’t replaced Nasri and Cesc. That is the mantra. Pyles, on his blog, sounded like a rambling old man. In total bewilderment, he wrote “What does this mean ?”. I tell you what it means Pyles, it means that you’ve got it totally wrong. You, and Le Grove, and Arsenal Times, and Online Gooner, along with the plundits, the critics, the naysayers and the doomers. If there was ever as a complete as a vindication of Arsene Wenger today, then people are in denial. The plundits all predicted a chavs win hands down. Lawrenson, Rednapp, TalkShite. Their faces and reactions were priceless. Rednapp mumbled something about “enjoying the match”. Talkshite could only put out some tweets about us overcelebrating and then whip up a shitstorm about overreliance on RVP.

    Let’s get some facts straight here:

    Gervinho will be a replacement for Nasri. His stats and performances have proven this already.

    Ramsey/Wilshere will replace the contribution of Cesc one way or another.

    Koscienly is top class. The plundits have wanted to stick the knife into him, but they can’t. His performances are just too good.

    It was put out by somebody on TalkShite by some Arsenal “fan” that we have no young players coming through. This is complete bollocks.

    Wenger has done exactly what a lot of people demanded. They said we needed experience. So he went out and signed experience – Benayoun, Arteta, Mertesacker, Park, Santos. Yes – Santos is not quick, but he atoned with the 2nd goal.

    We will still go into the market in January and will to strengthen again.

    People were too quick to judge and condemn. We had to integrate 10 new players very quickly. The results are starting to come through now.

    There is a long way to go. But we have shown now we will be serious contenders for 4th spot. The return of Sagna/Vermaelen/Gibbs and Wilshere will still be required.

  547. The signs of REAL team spirit are there for all to see.

    People are beginning to step up now the superstars have left.

    We shouldn`t get ahead of ourselves just yet as there is clearly a lot more work to be done but seeing a team develop can be a wondrous thing.

    Enjoy the night Arsenal world

  548. Dex, no one can dampen the vibes.

    What a win and what a goal by Walcott! I mean…are you serious?!?! The young man drops, gets back up and gets the ball before anyone could get to it, uses some nifty skills to beat two players and rifles the ball into the past past the goalie! Blouse and skirt!!!!

  549. vela playing against R. Madrid.

  550. C H 3 L 5 E A .. What’s the MATA? You Look TERRY-fied

    Very clever fellows some of these Gooners

  551. Paul N

    Haha! Yeah man, like I said, Theo’s was my fave today. He was awesome.

    And, as much as I have voiced concerns, it is clear players need time and dont always hit the ground running. In Santos case, hit the ground meandering! 😀

  552. Limestonegunner

    Gains, nice one–kung fu Diaby more in Malcolm’s style indeed.

    A few quick points on a great night for Arsenal FC:

    1)Theo was outstanding, deadly with his crosses and powerful with his thunderous goal. Showed fight, determination, and skill. He could hardly contain himself during his post-match interview having to listen the bbc interviewer backpedaling on all the criticism of Arsenal. He was really enjoying it.

    2) Koscielny is a beast–the last several games he has been consistently excellent, dominant.

    3)Merts is on the bench because Vermaelen and Kos are our best pairing. Great #3 CB to have.

    4)Djourou, after a shocker at Blackburn, has been a very good RB who combines with midfield very comfortably.

    5) Santos is a beguiling player; maybe his bio-rhythm is such that he doesn’t get going until playing for 45minutes. This is the second time he has grown into the game so dramatically.

    6) If we can improve our defensive performances (I think we are), top 4 will be ours and we may yet challenge for the title.

    7)The celebration of the players with the away fans shows how united and full of character this team is. Wonderful thing to see and this will do wonders for confidence.

    8) Arsene Wenger is the greatest

    Congrats to this team and a joyous night to all Gooners out there!!!

  553. Limestonegunner

    I agree with Muppet. This just the start. In January we will strengthen further and give this group a good boost for the run-in. As I wrote several days ago, there is no reason to concede anything this season. We’ll take it slowly, but we are not in the business of trying to achieve the minimum. Arsenal have made a major statement today.

  554. Limestonegunner

    Arsene Wenger said we would surprise some teams. Well, exhibit A came within 48 hours.

  555. To all those who believe that I am unjustly unfair to Leaky:

    I saw the first half and he was horrible, maybe not as actually costly as some, but he was ripped apart. I missed the first 15 of the second half when he was allegedly a legend, but for that service he was removed, this at the same time attacking players were being replaced (Verm on). That struck me as odd if he was really on fire.

    On a day like this, it would not matter if an abundant source of oil was found in Wales, we do not care, it was too sweet, but nothing I have seen shows me that any good can come of this player. He is too costly in front of goal and too careless around it. (at this point if he starts playing fantastically and becomes the new Tony Adams I will be the first to say… fuck me!)

    If others really don’t see it I will continue to question myself, but I just can’t help this sneaking suspicion that you are all trying to just big him so $hiite-y come in and buy him.

  556. You know – the funny thing about all this is that the punditocracy, the hacks and the anti-Arsenal Arsenal fans are really squirming to reposition themselves.

    Even someone as vile and repugnant as Piles the farmer is speechless.

    They choose to focus on the apparent goals we’ve leaked today as if it was acceptable for Chelsea and there formidible defence to leak 5 goals.

    Then there’s this “Arsenal is a one man team”. What fucking nonsense. RVP cannot score those goals if the rest of the team don’t create the platform for him to finish the chances up with aplom. Not withstanding the fact that its his contractual job as a striker to you know, score goals.

    Gervinho, Walcott, Arshavin, Ramsey and the rest will do their part – Park and Chamakh I’m sure will do that too.

    They’re so fucking pissed off with Arsenal for ripping up their script, you can taste it from their disdain and contempt. The analysis is all about the “weak” Arsenal defending instead of acknowledging the fact that we’ve just bum fucked Chelsea in their own backyard.

    And where the fuck is Bruce Buck.

  557. Limestonegunner

    Djourou has had two good games in a row. Just because you say something a little over the top in the heat of the moment doesn’t mean you should try to defend it after the fact. It is perfectly allowable to say that he had a couple struggles at the start but settled down and performed well. If you throw in a mea culpa, no one will worry about it. We are too happy with all our players (even Mertesacker) right now.

  558. Limestonegunner

    Bruce Buck is sitting eating the crap that we beat out of his weak bunch of racist, money-grubbing, flopping (yeah you Ivanovic) malingerers.

  559. To the arsehole Chelsea fan who has been so adamant that a change of manager was imminent at the Emirates. LOL . Looks like your red nosed, stressed chicken is staggering around waiting to be plucked on that Chavvy alter of underachievement…….. Again.
    See you when you have your next manager.

  560. Paul-N

    can’t imagine how nuts you went when Theo scored. He’s looking like the Theo we know with that performance. Long may it continue.

  561. Brucie Buck your team got fucked.

  562. “People are beginning to step up now the superstars have left.”

    Paulie, I think it’s more like ‘wannabe” superstars! I think they got ahead of themselves, thought they were better than they are and were too much of a prima donna to put in the hard graft when things did not come easily to them.

  563. Limestonegunner

    I do think Mata is a very fine player, though; he made a very stupid decision, unless he just wants a big payday, but he is a top notch talent.

    Darius, Arteta is much stronger defensively, makes more key forward passes, and is mentally quite tough. He is a lot like Xavi Alonso, I think. And I am not saying that I don’t think we could have used Denilson this season or that he didn’t contribute a great deal to our side.

  564. The best part about Theo’s goal was his audacity to get up from the stumble and attack the ball with that “I’ll be damned if this fucker isn’t hitting the back of that net attitude”.

    The second time he’s done it against Chelsea.

    And just in case anyone forgets, Arsenal hasn’t lost a game to Chelsea when Djourou has been in the team.

    Also, its fucking awesome that we only had 5 shots on target – and ended up with 5 goals. That is clinical precision.

  565. @ Passenal

    yep/// wannabe superstar is apt… when the chips are down the superstars rise up to the occasion. now the team of today will teach them a thing or two about standing up to be counted@ Think not more highly of yourself than u ought is a good counsel from the bible!

  566. goonerton, I was very happy for the young man. We know what he is capable of..

    For me, he will be an Arsenal great!

  567. Limestone,

    I am catching on, sorry I am a bit slow. Johan is good, very very good, excellent in fact, one of the best I have ever seen, just amazing.

    …………………and long may $hiite-y believe it. nudge nudge. wink wink

  568. Gains I have tweeted your 7.57.

  569. What makes rvp so good is his team mates, their ability to cooperate with him and AWs willingness to play him in a system that fits him perfect.
    He is given room to be himself at Arsenal. He’s the captain now and unlike cesc he’s mature and old enough to make that matter.
    I don’t think he will be that good in a team where he’s not the main man.
    Arsenal and rvp live in a symbiosis ATM. Both are dependent on each other to succeed and take the next step against stardom. Chamakh proved last year there is life after an rvp I jury too. And Im sure he will step up again if required.
    However rvp is an inspirational captain. May he stay for many years to come:-)
    Ones he signs a new contract the pundits will be furious! What will they write about then?

  570. SA Goon

    Mate, its getting a bit boring man. Djourou has played a few, erm, how shall we say? Poor games, yet so has Koscielny et al. I was at Blackburn and the whole fecking lot of em were a bunch of sorry bastards! But, do you still consider them all rubbish, or do you take each game on its merits?

    I know what you are doing, and you will go blind my friend!! 😀

  571. Paul-N | October 29, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    If ever anyone doubted Theo had a football brain, he sure convinced during that goal he has one. That was my goal of the match,second one when van p scored his second because Jt fell over like some invisible person had pushed his ass over!!I feel like am high still!

    BRING ON shitty.

  573. Poodle

    I dont like your description man, sounds too similar to how we accomodated Cesc!

  574. Fuck Mata, we’ve got Aaron Ramsey.

  575. we’ve just bum fucked Chelsea in their own backyard.

    Yes Darius but I worry about what is in you head sometimes ,what with shaved things and all.You may need a bit of help mate.

    Where have all the advocates of dropping the “out of form Theo “for the “in form” Ox(were they watching on Tuesday)?

    People say”Arsene knows”for good reason!!!!

  576. SA, Djourou showed you up. Done!

  577. Actually thinking about it, this last transfer period has focused the mind quite a lot about who you mind leaving the club and who you don’t.

    In the case of Cesc we can say we don’t want players who don’t want to be at the club, but we minded that he left. In the case of Nasri we can say: I did not want him to leave, but we have replaced him with someone better, so who cares? Anyone remember Clichy? I liked him and do not know whether the Saint is better – he is so good sometimes and other times gets a little beaten. Left back is a bit hit and miss, but we are loving it.

    Anyway it seems to me that we can make excuses for players, but the real litmus test is whether or not you would want a player to go and play for one of your competitors. The bigger the competitor the more we would not want this to happen if you rate the player. If you genuinly believe someone is not a asset to the team you will wish him on your rivals.

    Now run through the team and ask yourself whether or not you would have that player in your team if it was up to you. If your answer is; I would love them to be playing for $hiite-y, then they need to be rid of.

    And who said this management thing was not easy.

  578. Picked this from an Arsenal fan but modified it a little: 🙂

    “Chel$ki, What’s the MATA you look TERRY-fived”

  579. Don’t worry George – as they say, its a figure of speech.

    Lemme grab a beer before MOTD – won’t bother with the Sky choice thingy’s. Can’t stand listening to Alan Smith.

  580. sa gooner johans test is still to come whatever side of the arguement your on , the real question is how come on a day like today your so negative , methinks a test of your goonerism would be more apt !

  581. I thought chezzer got off easy on his foul to cole.any other day and he could have walked.

    ivanovic looked pretty silly falling off like a sack of potatoes when van p shoved him.

  582. SA Gunner

    If it was easy to replace players and carry on regardless then Blackburn, Leeds, Derby and Nottingham Forest would be contesting the title every year dude.

  583. It is nice to win. But the away support always puts the Emirates crowd to shame.

  584. guner4ever you forgot to czeh the score

  585. Wenger knows.

    Wish I had a way to tell Alan Smith that when he was saying

    “I thought we would of seen a change like Per or Andre coming Wenger has YV sat on the bench”.

    Santos then scored a little while after that sentence because Wenger knows. That’s why he is managing a football club.

  586. Paul,

    Ok ok. You believe I have been shown up and I don’t need to go on, so marker in the sand time, I won’t. I will not bang on about it any more and please bring me to task if we are losing, he has not had a great one and I start.

    I can say this for two reasons: Firstly we are doing well at the moment and it is not having any affect on the outcome: Secondly the truth will out eventually.

    If that truth agrees with you I am happy as he will be a great Arsenal player. If on the other hand he is given away with last years old egg cartons I will also be happy.

  587. arse or…

    Much of what I have said was said when we were 1-0 down and could have been worse. Now it appears I am in hole continuing to dig.

    I am a big defender of this team and have been vociferously so for many difficult months all over the park, this player is the only one I really question, but it looks like my defence of the team is an attack on it. So best leave it at that.

    I frankly hope he turns into our fairy godmother.

  588. then leave it alone and just enjoy the win there will be plenty of days when we have to question players supporting will take you up and down so for now just enjoy

  589. Gains, playing for Chelsea will be its own punishment, but there is no reason not to acknowledge quality. Silva is a very fine player too. I don’t know what it is with attacking midfield Spanish players. But I did mean to write in my original list of observations on the game that Ramsey has arrived and shown himself to be a big game and big time player. So proud of him staying strong and courageous the whole game in the center of the park. It is a big responsibility he is carrying and earlier this season he seemed tentative and a bit overwhelmed. But the whole team was out of joint and practically reassembled so we can see he has become increasingly comfortable being charged with leading our attack. He looked like he relished playing against Chelsea. So wonderful to see. So richly deserved.

  590. Jeeez, even alan hansen gave us some credit today man. If that twat can, then surely someone with an Arsenal reference in their name can too! 😀

  591. Every game someone is stepping up to join our consistent hero, RvP, on the grand stage. WC has been excellent but had a bit of an off game. We’ve seen him rush out a couple of times the last couple games and get himself caught in trouble. He wasn’t as dominant today but he was picked up by a flurry of goals from our attack. Merts misjudged two high crosses and we were punished but he did well in the second half and again the rest of the players made up for it. That is the character and spirit of this team.

  592. Limey

    Cech got beat at his near post and Santos’ goal went right through him. Szczesny was fine today, IMO. That decision where he felled Cole was run of the mill for other teams, because its us, we have to feel grateful it didnt result in a red!

  593. 670 posts today and hardly a doomer in sight.
    I hope Luke is ok he was in a Chav pub .

    Per lost his footing for the second Chelsea goal.A slip does not turn him into a bad player.

    Oh what a lovely day

    Yogi deserves to have something like today to write about ,he has kept us going through some lean times .Day after day.I don’t know what I would have done without ACLF over the past 5 months

  594. Dex, I wasn’t knocking WC, who has been brilliant for us. It wasn’t a typically outstanding performance by his standards. I agree Cech looked or was made to look pretty dopey by our tremendous finishing. The reason we were five for five with our shots on target was because of the quality of our chances, I think, mostly. Theo absolutely crushed that ball. And RvP’s shot was a corker also that was swerving back to the near post making it hard for an outstretched hand to stop it.

  595. Dex.He dodged a bullet,he should have gone .But hey,we had a bit coming did we not?

  596. George, Go figure: a great victory over a despised and favored team and there are comments galore. Who says no one wants to comment after a win. This puts that little canard to bed.

  597. Can’t wait to rewatch this one on Arsenal Player!

  598. Limestone

    I know you werent slating him man, just thought I would add some balance to the argument!


    I dont agree he deserved to go though! But given our past “luck” it wouldnt have surprised if he had been shown a red. Good job Webb was only the 4th official.

  599. Ah that’s better – identity crisis there.
    Stupendous result, but I have only watched the second half, fighting for the TV to watch the recording. Hope that shoves the words back down the throats of the experts and doomers.
    But nasty taste in my mouth because of the cynical dirty Chavs (no wonder they got so many reds and yellows vs. QPR last week). Good job they took Ramires off, dirty ****, Ivanovic deliberately belts RVP in the back of the neck and then collapses under a gentle push, Song gets booked for a nothing tackle and yet the violent play by a Chav goes unpunished with the ref in plain sight and Mata gets a goal, should have been a red for violent conduct. And should I be surprised nothing of that is reported in the media?
    At least we won’t see AIC or Suga for another week.
    Where’s Maria BTW? Eloped with Vela

  600. I would pay my life to watch this celebration again and again…..

  601. Just got in from work, WOW FUCKING HELL YEA!!! Do not have time to read all the postings but did take a quick sampling. It is great to read the amount of love and positivity for The Arsenal :). 5-3 is an awesome score and I look forward to watching the highlights when I get back from a party tonight.

    Goonerwife – Awesome news about wee Georgia :). The next generation of Gooners is alive and well and I wish you guys all the best!!

    The Arsenal are BACK!!!! Fuck all the naysayers and Doomers, I BELIEVE IN ARSENAL!!!

  602. I think what we have seen over the last nine or so games shows us above all that football is a team game in every sense. Well done, boys – you’ve made us proud.

    Very funny pictures, btw.


    @ Limestonegunner | October 29, 2011 at 11:20 pm

    It’s not a canard, it’s the general rule all over the blogosphere – they even remarked on it on Arsenal Player’s matchday show with regard to the number of calls and emails they get after a loss or bad performance as compared to after a win/good performance. Doomers love to post after we lose. The fact that a few of them have recently started commenting after a good result proves nothing except that they have read similar observations.

  603. What was SZCZ and Theo up to with those press ups?

  604. It is wrong today though, FG, and happily so. If it isn’t a canard typically it is certainly a banality.

  605. I have to say, the “take a bow son” pic of Terry is pretty priceless!

  606. @ LG
    It is not wrong today – as pedantic george said, “670 posts today and hardly a doomer in sight.”
    True to form, the doomers have stayed away.

    I can’t go to sleep. I hope Arsenal Player don’t keep us waiting until tomorrow afternoon for the match video.

  607. Possible explanation of Take A Bow Son picture from North Bank 1 on Goonerholic:

    “when Terry kissed the ground for God’s 2nd goal was he thinking of rubbing mud on his face to show everyone how non ‘racialist’ he is?”

  608. I wasn’t talking about doomers, just numbers of comments. I am not preoccupied with categorizing Arsenal supporters into opposing camps the way so many others are. At other times people have wondered why there are so few comments when there is good news but so many more when there is a bad result or bad news. This is happily a day with lots of comments on a great victory. You could notice that there are many who don’t come on here after a bad defeat either. That is neither here nor there as far as I am concerned. There is more interest in the world at large with bad news, more comments and so on. It is a banal point. That’s why I thought it was wonderful that there are so many commenting enthusiastically on our fantastic victory and worth remarking on it.

    Like you I am really hoping it is available soon after midnight out here, because I am ready to watch it all over again!

  609. Unfortunately, it won’t be for another four hours….

  610. Perhaps he was atoning for his racism–it must have been clear to him that his slip was divine judgment! Either that he was worshipping RvP, like the rest of us.

  611. not meaning to dampen the spirits dex..

    dukes right we turned a corner now..
    its like wenger said in his post match..we need to keep our feet on the ground and focus on the next match..

    i think one of the biggest things about this run of form is that rvp has been our best choice of captain for a while..his leadership out there was fantastic we are a totally different team under him than we were under cesc..

    theres a relationship developing between the fans and the team..i think the rvp aura has a massive impact on that..

    not saying that cesc was an arsehole but he wasnt exactley mr arsenal was he..robin has something different hes got that x factor as a leader..theres more heart and it seems no barca dna in it..and its swarming around the club i think..

  612. Limestonegunner

    Who is the play commentator on Arsenal Player’s highlights of the match? Brilliantly enthusiastic guy (unfortunately paired with Robson) who on cue asks, what are we going to see from Theo Walcott this half? Just as Theo trips and Robson makes a snarky comment, Theo gets up and scores and the commentator is delirious–awesome stuff!!

  613. Limestonegunner

    JJ, look at how RvP celebrated his goals in front of our away fans. Then he calls all the players together at the end of the game to go celebrate with the fans. He has the charisma and the sense of the moment, how to use it to bring teammates closer together. I never saw Fabregas do something like that.

  614. PG, thanks for the comment at 11.17pm. The post is now finished and will be up on the site from 6.30 am. I am shattered, the adrenalin is now spent, bed beckons. Everyone enjoy their night.

  615. Cooment from the Telegraph:

    “That was no slip – watch the replay again. He realised he had no chance to get to the ball ahead of van Persie and flung himself to the ground. I can’t decide if he was cannily trying to prevent people realising he’s completely lost his pace these days, or simply trying to avoid looking stupid. “

  616. This results feels like winning the title, we had so much shit from everyone for soooo long. it was needed .
    Walcott made Cashley look like a slug. Absolutely humiliated him. Could not cope with him.

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