Gervinho & van Persie’s Potent Mix. Oh, And Bolton.

Bolton arrive at The Emirates this evening for a Carling Cup tie that proves that Fifa and Uefa are not the only deliquents when it comes to the fixture list. The impact and influence of television is not limited to these shores; Uefa play Europa League matches on a Thursday because they destroyed their own perfectly brilliant competitions in a rapacious desire to chase revenues. Short term gain merely serves to stave off the inevitable breakaway by the clubs.

Quite why Arsenal must play tonight is beyond reason; little wonder managers have long used ‘alternate’ sides. Wenger has always been criticised for picking such teams and is a little revisionist in the judgement of his performance in the competition. I don’t for one minute doubt that he takes every match seriously but this is a competition that he freely admits to ranking fifth in a four horse race.

It is one that brings bad memories sharply into focus. The defeat at Wembley still rankles as much for on the field matters as it does for the way in which the a high proportion of the Arsenal end deserted the stadium so quickly at the final whistle. Wenger summed it up,

it will hurt me for ever because we never forget disappointments. “That’s part of life at a managerial level, you do not only have successes but disappointments, too.

It is good to know that the ‘managerial level‘ feels the pain as badly as support, despite the accusations to the contrary. Taking defeats to heart has been cited as a reason that the team takes defeats in crucial matches so badly. The end of The Invincibles run caused the team to stutter, an outcome magnified horribly at the end of the last season, one from which we are still recovering.

That was highlighted by Gervinho after the win over Stoke City on Sunday,

We have rediscovered our feeling for our game – the group is starting to gel and each of us are starting to understand our team-mates and find each other on the pitch.

You can have a bad day. That does not make you a bad team. We’ve gone through a bad moment and a team is like a player. Any player can have a bad game. It often happens.

A little too often in the past six to eight months. But the past is the past. Three consecutive wins has changed the mood and certainly more support for the team is becoming apparent. Such is the fickleness of the fan.

Gervinho has been impressive in his nascent Arsenal career. There is a directness to his game that poses more threat to the opposition; he is one of those players that makes you think something will happen. It is this gap that Theo Walcott has to bridge. At the moment, I feel something might happen when he has the ball, a sense of almost but not quite.

It will come, I am sure, and I found reports that the youngster wanted to talk about a new contract reassuring, a sign that the mood within the club is changing to the more positive. There are those who will argue that Walcott should be further ahead than he is but given he is a regular starter for club and country, he must be doing something right. Too often prejudices against a player blind the critic.

Back to Gervinho. He spoke almost gushingly about Robin van Persie and his contribution to the team. Key for me was the mental aspect,

He is good for us, psychologically. He’s among the most experienced players on the pitch and when he enters the game he puts the opposition’s defence under pressure and that helps our game.

He came on and scored two goals [against Stoke]. He’s formidable and the team needs him. You always have to have leaders in the group and he’s one of them, who drags the team forward.

He’s the captain and his role is to galvanise the group and he assumes the responsibility.

Recent Arsenal captains have not been the wisest choice by the manager, Henry and Fabregas both receiving the armband as a sop to keep them happy. That may have been the case with van Persie to some extent but you can see he is more vocal, a national characteristic. It seems that is being taken positively, long may it continue.

His vice-captain, Thomas Vermaelen, is being spoken of in terms of tonight’s team. Given he returned to training this week, it surely too soon to start although  it might be that he makes a twenty minute cameo. Wenger has central defensive options with Sebastian Squillaci returning, that allow him to rest Djourou, Mertesacker and Koscielny ahead of the Chelsea match.

The usual mix of youth and experience will be expected tonight and I suspect the line-up will be along the lines of:

Fabianski; Yennaris, Squillaci, Miquel, Meade; Coquelin, Frimpong, Rosicky; Chamberlain, Park, Benayoun

Park is being written off constantly. Wenger yesterday re-iterated his belief in the player and once more emphasised that his non-appearance so far is purely down to the player settling in. Henry and Pires, the manager noted, took months to settle. Hopefully the change in the atmosphere surrounding the club will help Park to come to terms with a new culture.

A goal or two this evening would be just what Le Professeur ordered.

Lastly, a guest post I have written is to appear on The Arsenal Collective this morning. Click on the link but also check the Memory Bank section for other views.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Bigbrova?

  2. I think people are angry at themselves for thinking Theo would be the second coming and now it’s clear he is a very good team player and not Jesus, Denis and Thierry rolled into one they shout abuse at him. It’s because they can’t analyse their own inability to reconcile expectation and outcome.

  3. I doubt that some understood that which probably explains their inability to reconcile things.

  4. YW – Nice post.

    Steww – I think you have a good point there.

    Interesting that Arsene compares the settling in periods of Pires/Henry to Park. The big difference however, is that Henry/Pires where getting game time whilst settling. Park has had virtually none.

  5. So when a favourite son of the land is playing badly its because he is a good team player right?ah,reminds me of emile hard-working-good-team-player heskey who abdicated his primary role of scoring for what?to help others score.good for theo.

  6. @Yogi – loved the title too, but the article more so today….

    I posted the following stats (courtersy of Twitter freaks) on Theo:

    2010/11 Eden Hazard- 52games 12 goals 10 assists Theo Walcott- 38 games 13 goals 8 assists.

    Is Theo really that bad?

    Andy – your thoughts from yesterday’s post on Theo are interesting, and I also agree with Steww. They expected the boy to walk on water.

  7. Also, coming back to yesterday’s debate on players and racism:

    Cesc calls Kanoute a Black Shit and Terry calls Ferdinand a Black Cunt – and folks pussyfoot around giving them get out of jail free cards on the “allegedly” mantra.

    Both of them should be made to explain themselves as opposed to the “I don’t believe he’s that sort of fella” nonsense.

    According to Canal+ video it’s been confirmed that Cesc Fabregas said ‘Puto negro de mierda’ (black shit) to Kanoute.

  8. Darius – I like Theo, and really want him to do well. He is like a tease though. Every now and again, you get a flash of brilliance. The next second he will fall over the ball or just run it out of play. I think that is why he is so frustrating. If the flashes of brilliance where to become his normal game he would be a world beater, but I don’t think (as Steww alluded to) that that will ever be the case.

    He is a good player who is now producing decent stats. But when he is not directly contributing (i.e. goals & assists) he can go missing completly. Due to this I don’t think his place in he side is nailed down. I think the emergence of AOC (who seems a better footballer) will either push Theo on, or push him out. No bad thing though, compeitiion for places is what will improve any footballer worth his salt.

  9. Put a man in the right environment, scratch the respectable surface and the real self comes tumbling out pretty quickly Darius.

  10. Darius

    That’s the same insult that was used against Henry to Reyes by Aragones.

    I see Terry’s being investigated by The Met. Be able to call on his dad and ma-in-law’s experiences. Probably got the name of a decent brief between them.

  11. Darius – Agreed 100%

  12. Andy – I think Theo is still very effective as a threat. He doesn’t have to be clinical in every attempt. The fact that he’s on the pitch and can make those attempts does the job and open up spaces for the team. His work off the ball is also solid and more so the defensive work this season. I think his composure and finishing will come with time.

    For now, he achieves his purpose and that’s why he continues to get picked. His stats are not shady at all.

    @Passenal – as I mentioned yesterday, I’m not surprised Cesc is rising to the occasion of being engulfed by the repugnant misguided self righteousness of the scum that is Barca.

    Let’s call a spade a spade – Al Fayd described him yesterday by refering to tthse who cannot rise to the challenge of leadership when the going gets tough. Lets not also foget that he short changed Arsenal of millions of pounds in transfer fees – and for what, to become a trophy winning cunt?

  13. people who criticise theo have never kicked a ball in their life.Theo end product is not always the best but boy he works hard.Just a quick point would Theo have allowed Miner to just leave him standing a create a goal freely like Young did in the Manure v Citeh game? he has even given away a couple of penalties by tracking back and penalties are not guaranteed goal scoring opportunities, I’d rather have that. Also Theo gets a few tasty tackles because the opposition know what he is capable of. He hasn’t and probably won’t set the world alight but when he is on song just ask any defender, they have to double up on him to make errors which will be eradicated the more experienced he becomes.

  14. Darius – Yeah, I agree to a point. Him being on the pitch stretches the other side and makes them drop that bit deeper (which does not always help us actually). I think put in the right positions Theo really is pretty damn good. If I am being honest, I really don’t know what to make of the guy. Like YW said in today’s post, you hope he might do something rather than expect him to. He is all too often a passenger. The recent talk abuot his amazing defensive work should really be the norm, and nothing to be lauded to much. He should be doing that anyway and this praise is covering a bad run of form for him. Which in itself is no drama, all players go through bad form.

    To be fair to him though, the way we play is often not to his strengths. Pinning a side back into their own box almost renders him useless. When we move back to front at speed to where his strengths lie.

  15. Cesc has always had that “spikey” side to him. I remember him spitting at ballack once which was not his best moment. It appears he has crossed the line now though.

    He did not “short change” us out of anything though, lets be clear about that. We (badly) negotiated the transfer fee for him. Old news now though.

  16. Wenger can’t come out and say Park is no good, it would not look good, but there is a growing assumption, especially among Le Unconvincibles, that he is.

    More likely though he does not play because we have a one striker policy, which means that vP gets the nod especially for the big matches, followed by Chamakh who also has had bugger all game time when vP is fit. And they are all big for us at the moment.

    It may be because Chamakh was supposed to be off that Park was bought. We definitely need cover for vP who so far only has half a season at a time in him.

    I was surprised to read the team selection of Yogi here, that team will stand a big chance of losing to a well drilled EPL team that plays regularly together. Since the final last year ended up meaning so much, it would be a shame to throw the competition away early. We still need the wins at this stage for building confidence and to go out of this cup now will put fuel on the fire of the detractors and may undermine confidence again.

    The selection of the team may indicate AWs state of mind on all these issues. Will Park or vP be on the Bench if Chamakh starts and vice versa if Park starts? – The answer to that question may give us some indication of whether Park is currently surplus or just crap.

    Will a first team squad be picked to try to continue the winning streak or will it be business as usual for this Cup and let the Juniors take responsibility. If it is the latter I really don’t want to see late clamoring attempts to bolster the team with seniors in a hopeless rearguard, if we are behind after the 70th minute. Let the juniors take the responsibility, it is too demoralizing to do too little too late.

    In the end he may choose to have a half way house: rest certain players and give others who need game time a run out, rather than changing the whole squad. The worst result would be to lose this because you rest your best players for the Chavs and then lose that game.

  17. From all of the summer buys, the Park one seems the strangest. I don’t agree with many who think that our summer purchases were “panic buys”, but if one were, it would be Park. It is just a wierd signing. A player with no real history of pedigree (internationals aside) and we will only have him for 2 years. Often Arsene will buy a young player from a lowly or struggling side as he can see some potential, but Park is 26 (or 27). Seems strange.

    Hopefully he can make an impact for us, and from the clips I have seen of some of his goals he looks a decent enough finisher.

  18. Just to let you know that the article I wrote for The Arsenal Collective is now up:

  19. YW – Nice article mate.

  20. I fully agree with Yogi’s team. We can’t risk any of our important players. I’d be disappointed to see RVP anywhere near the team tonight. Too often we wasted Cesc in situations like those and I hope Wenger has learned the lesson.

  21. YW – Fantastic Article both above and on the Arsenal Collective.

  22. Fabianski


    Le Coq


    With the likes of Rosicky, Chamackh and a few youngsters on the bench.

  23. TV5 shouldn’t start, either. How long has he been in proper training? We need him fit and fresh for the coming weeks. How often did we rush players back after injury, just for them to get hurt again?

  24. Arsene recently said that there is nothing wrong with him now and no reason why he could not play 40 or 50 games back to back. Just match fitness. If that is the case, he should play. If Arsene was just reeling off his normal randomness to the press, then maybe not.

  25. Anyone?


    Djourou….. TV….. Miquel……Santos
    ………….Frimp……Le Coq
    …………..AA………. Rosicky
    AOC ……………………………..Benny


    Santos gets in because he needs the practice.

    Djourou gets in because he needs the practice in that position.

  26. Oh for a spot of 442 against what I would guess will be Bolton side picked by Coyle to ensure a dignified exit from the CC and allow then to concentrate on League survival

    Chamakh and Park as a pair at the front ? Rosicky with the orchestral baton, Frimpong on double bass, Benny first violin and AOC and Ryo sharing triangle duties

    TV and Squillaci seems entirely sensible, I cant see Santos playing as he has a busy few weeks coming up and I guess left and right back will be new names for me – ignorant bugger

  27. that would be AA or Rosicky for the central mid

  28. Theo debate again? Really? As has been pointed out many times Henry didn’t start to fulfill any kind of potential until he was 23. Theo is 22 and has the added benefit of having over 200 competitive appearances at the highest level under his belt.

    I’m gonna go ahead and disagree with that line-up Yogi. For the simple reason that only 2 of the 11 have any real experience playing with each other regularly. And while Coq and Frimpong will provide a solid platform in the midfield I think we might see less of the new boys in the line-up.

    I’d also take a gamble and include Santos if he’s expected to face Chelsea at the weekend. Plenty of time to recover and he could use some more game time. Likewise Djourou could use more experience at right-back if he’s to continue there.

  29. How often do we rush players back after injury only to see them injured again ? Frequently

    How often do we ease players back slowly after injury only to see them injured again ? Frequently

  30. I would go with


    Subs: Mannone (if available??), Vermaelen, Frimpong, Benayoun, Aneke, Oyazkup, Miyaichi

    A micture of some young players and some older heads who need games.

  31. We just need a bit of sanity at the back though. First attack and boom.

  32. The Ox and Chu Young will kik butt

  33. We all want Theo to do well but, maybe the expectation was way too high. Seeing the AOC took to the water has only cast more of a dim light on Theo.

    I remember reading quote from AOC’s dad before we brought him. He stated that AOC is at a far higher standard than Theo was at his age. I thought that was just talk to get teams interested but, after seeing AOC perform I think there’s a lot of truth in what his dad said.

    When Gervinho, starts running with the ball you just get this feeling that he will make it to the byline or he will skin 2 players but, I don’t really get the same feeling nowadays when Theo get’s the ball.

    We also have to remember he’s not being played in the position he had played all his life before he came to Arsenal. Same could be said of Arshavin, as he played in the hole behind the striker all his life before coming to us.

    TV will restore law and order and the team like GG said is starting to gel.

  34. “He did not “short change” us out of anything though, lets be clear about that. We (badly) negotiated the transfer fee for him. Old news now though.”
    – Another piece of genius by g/a. Good god man – do you ever think before writing cretinous b.s.? Do you think Wenger and Gazidis are two stupid oafs who were just bumbling around atthe transfer table?
    Better yet, I am sure you believe that if Wenger just did a Ferguson and offered Cesc 200k per week he would have stayed, a la Rooney.

  35. Bolton are going to have a tough time tonight I feel. The blend of youthful special talent with our experienced fringe players could prove to be too much imo no matter what team they put out. Yes they are a premiership team, but how many times before have we seen Arsene’s CC teams destroy premiership opposition.

    They have 2 choices. Save face a little by excusing their 1st team of a beating by putting out a weakened team. Or… Put their best team out and hope their 1st teamers have enough desire and energy to put up with us.

    I may sound a bit too optimistic… but its been a while so excuse me

  36. Stew and Yogi,What are you two talking about?

    Darius.‘Puto negro de mierda’ (black shit) Typical Cesc,4 words when 2 would do.He does slow things down after all.

    Andrei should not play tonight .He will need a rest after Sunday because he will be vital against Chelsea.

    Can anyone tell me ,after the start we made,when Park could have been given game time?
    Every game has been a “must win” so if he had been introduced and Robin left out there would have been ructions.
    Why do people want to think he is a dud?His time will come,

  37. “Do you think Wenger and Gazidis are two stupid oafs who were just bumbling around atthe transfer table?”

    Shotta,I cant speak for Andy(although I am sure he does not) but there are very many who do think that. Fortunately we can dismiss their views because they are cretinous imbeciles. Isn’t that right Goonerton?.

  38. Chris,Coyle has said that he will make about 9 changes and play his squad players.

  39. Shotta – I can’t be bothered getting into any kind of discussion with you today. I had my fill of idiocy yesterday.

    If you think £35M for one of the best midielders in the world was good business, then good for you. I don’t, so in this case it would just be better to agree to disagree. Now run along, I am sure you have a flock to be getting back to.

  40. I dont think you can say 35 mil for Cesc was a good deal for us, not in todays market and not for a player of Cesc’s caliber. Whatever way you look at it, we got stung, and Cesc got what he wanted. But hey, water under the bridge now…..

    I suspect Le Boss stuck with Chamakh in the league because hes accustomed to it already and was hopin he might get a goal to get his confidance up. But apart from the Stoke game Chamakh hasnt even put in the effort and has looked really poor. At least he did a bit against Stoke. If the skill levels arent there at least leave it all out on the pitch, fans wont be fooled by lack of effort on a players part and will even forgive their lack of skill to an extent if the application is there.

    I wonder if it was a dig at Chamakh when Wenger said some players come in a do good but then fade away? Anyway lets hope Park can show us what hes about tonight so we can start to see him introduced in the league games too.

  41. Shotta – “Better yet, I am sure you believe that if Wenger just did a Ferguson and offered Cesc 200k per week he would have stayed, a la Rooney.

    What is unbelievable is the way you have convinced youself of what I believe (which I don’t), and then in an exasperated way, sighed “unbelievable”. We didn’t need to offer him a raise, he was already under a fairly lengthy contract.

  42. Deise – “I dont think you can say 35 mil for Cesc was a good deal for us, not in todays market and not for a player of Cesc’s caliber. Whatever way you look at it, we got stung, and Cesc got what he wanted. But hey, water under the bridge now…..”

    Word for word, my thoughts on the subject. In particular the last sentence; no point worrying abuot it now.

  43. pedantic george

    It should be an interesting game. If we go out there and do what we do best, we will dominate the game against their squad players. We need to go through to keep our squad players and younger players on their toes throughout the season with these CC games.

  44. If Cesc was the crocked cowardly striking racist that people are now painting him,perhaps it was an excellent deal

  45. Chris – “We need to go through to keep our squad players and younger players on their toes throughout the season with these CC games.”

    Very good point. If we go out, what do the likes of Ryo and Frimpong have to look forwadr to other than maybe a handful of bench appearences? It is good to have them looking forward to competative games.

  46. 4-4-2 will suit Chamakh better I think. We usually play 4-4-2 in the CC so I’d put Arshavin up front with him. Two players who could do with bagging a goal.

  47. Did cesc really say that. Is it genuinely confirmed?? I do hope not.

  48. Totally agree with Markus’s views about tonights match. Arsenal definitely need a win to maintain momentum and keep optimism seeded. Having 10 field players, most of whom have not played together (or played 1st team) will only open the door for a poor form Bolton.

    RvP won’t play – who is likely to step up? So we need to see some experience in midfield and attack.

  49. Gooner Andy

    It was ultimately 40 million and they got an absolute solid, no holes barred, indisputable bargain, which they will be laughing about for years to come, but in correction I think you will find he is the best mid-fielder in the world.

    If you ignore the fact that they could not afford his real value and that ultimately it was hard to keep him there are two positives and they are not small:

    1) We can finally move on and we have started to rebuild, so rather than watch an ever decreasing circle of achievement we have already financed the strengthening of the squad with his sale whilst maintaining the cash in the bank to find his replacement.

    2) Now we only have to listen to the press, spuds and Le Unconvincibles whine about vP being the next one to go to $hiite-y

    ……..all the rest of the team is crap obviously.

  50. SA – All decent points.

  51. Interesting that we focus on the negatives on Cesc’s departure, forgetting that all bar £½m was profit. And that Barcelona bought a player that they once had. Not so sure that our little Catalan chums are laughing in any other manner than nervously.

  52. YW – That really is trying to put a positive spin on thnigs mate. We got him on the cheap due to a loophole in the Spanish system. Eight years later we sold him for a fraction of his market price. That really is the long and short of it.

    If we had sold him for £4M, would you still view it as a good deal as we would have still made a profit?

  53. And when we got him, all we signed was potential.

  54. Somewhat Agnostic

    “Without him I would not be a Barça player now, he [Wenger] convinced the owners of Arsenal, who would not sell under any circumstances, to lower the price,” Fábregas said.

  55. And that is the bit (posted by Somewhat Agnostic) which really grates me.

  56. Yogi,

    Just read your piece for The Arsenal Collective. I grew up in Maidenhead and as a youth often frequented York Road, The cost to bunk over a fence or slide down the railway embankment far outweighed the cost of train, tube and ticket, but you get what you pay for.

    Are you aware you and the family Warrior have visited the oldest football stadium in the world. Really, the oldest in the WORLD, it may be an old pile of shite, always was, always will be but, it is my old pile of shite and I am very proud of the dump.

  57. Andy,perhaps Arsene was as sick of it all as we were.
    And maybe he knew he was a crocked cowardly striking racist and wanted shut of him.

  58. GA – I’m merely pointing out there are two sides to every story. I didn’t say it was a good deal, simply chose to put forward the opposite view.

  59. YW – Fair one.

    George – You don’t thorw away tens of millions of pounds because you are “sick of it”. And your 2nd point does not even warrent a response (unless it was tougue in cheek of course).

  60. Kingsalami

    The football ground isn’t the only dump in Maidenhead which is why we don’t live there any more. For those wondering, the dump starts anywhere along the A4 or A404 which has a sign that says Maidenhead, until you go out the other side…

  61. My line up for tonight






  62. Somewhat Agnostic

    Andy, The above quote is the story.. according to Cesc…. However, the Cesc transfer was a most unusual deal and not the norm. I would have liked to see us extract as much money as possible from it too but there you go.. It does not reflect the normal transfer selling objectives of selling for maximum value and I don’t think we will see such a deal repeated with another player.

    Will City get the full value for Tevez if they decide to sell him on in Jan? I doubt it.. There are even stories that they are investigating the possibility of suing him if that is the case for devaluing himself by his behaviour! (One could start a debate.. a tenous one.. but nevertheless one could start a debate of a similar charge against Cesc for his stated desire to only go to Barca, which effectively was the principle reason we did not get full value for him. If he was willing to go to Real would we have got 40-45m?? Possibly!)

    What actually grates me about this story is not the fee we got.. but the fact that Barca feel they got one over on us by their Vice-President stating that he was a bargain! But that’s an emotional reaction and not a logical one!

  63. Andy,of course it was tongue firmly in cheek.I thought you would have known me well enough by now to realise that!

  64. Barca had to have the last word.What else would you expect?

  65. Arsenal to be criticised no matter what.

  66. theos not the kind of typical wing forward that gervinho is..
    hes not a dribbler nor has he the ‘perfect’ final ball..
    theos a pace in space player…
    let him run and put him through..
    theos skill set is really quite limited, wengerball aint his game and never has been..but thats not knocking him..the tools he has if used to the max can be a potent weapon but if wengers going to persist with shackling him with these defensive ‘team’ duties then its defeating the object of having a speedster with an eye for goal isnt it..
    the next henry he may not be but hes not the next ray parlour either..mentioned this yesterday..theos game last year was running into the box..and how many goals and assists did he get?? hes not doing that this year and hes not going to match those stats if he carrys on playing like he is..
    if wenger wants a defensive workhorse then he should go buy one and not use another square peg in a round hole cos it looks bad on the player and bad on the team when we look un-natural in our defensive game..

    but for the record, come january i would hope that we made a bid for gotze or hazard and brought them in to play with gervinho and rvp. theo can sit on the bench with arshavin..

  67. Agnostic – Yeah, I appriciate all of that. For me, we should have stuck a realistic price tag on him and stuck to it. If Barca met it fine he could go, if not, they could come back once they did have enough. This was not like the Nasri situation where we had to sell. There was no suggestion that Cesc would have been unprofessional about matter, and I don’t think he would have. All old news now though.

  68. George – Ha, sorry. Lost in net translation and all that.

  69. jonjon, your criticism of Walcott would make more sense if we were losing.

  70. It just shows, that having screwed the Catalans on Overmars, Petit, Hleb and Henry, even Arsene has some compassion in his heart for the simple peasants in control of the Barcelona club.

    It may be Arsene had a wry smile upon his lips when hearing what a super deal the Barca board thought they had with Cesc

    I cant ever recall the Barca board saying anything similar about the bargain they got with Overmars, Petit, Hleb or even the dearly beloved Thierry.

    Fair play to you boss

  71. markus
    your critisism of me would make more sense if i was actually critizing theo…

    and in terms of an attacking player rarely contributing to the attack it makes perfect sense..

  72. As a footballer, Barcelona got an absolute steal.

    Fitness-wise, in the last couple of seasons at Arsenal Cesc had a tough time of it with his hamstrings. He’s already missed a coupleof games for them with the same complaint. It remains to be seen, but this has echoes of Michael Owen’s hamstring problems when he was young which seriously took its toll on his career.

    As for the racism thing, totally despicable. He has previous though (in being spiky for no apparent reason, if not racist) if you remember the (alleged) pizza incident at Old Trafford and his run-in with Phil Brown and Brian Horton that timne at ours.

  73. Truly amazed that we still have posters who do not understand why the cesc price was ‘less than the market value’. It wasn’t, market value is what someone will pay. No one offerred more than barca, or if they did, he wouldn’t go there. One bid, one price.

    Get over it.

  74. Consols – That is not 100% true though. The price should reflect on how much we value the player. Why should not br dropping the valuation of our assets simply because somebody who wants one cannot afford it. That is madness.

    I agree that if you are trying to sell a player, then you are relient on what clubs are willing to pay. However, if you are not trying to sell, then bidders have to match your asking price. There was no need for us to do it on the cheap.

  75. @goonerandy

    What if he had a stinker the next season-injured, demotivated, below par???

    Then we would have been in a position where we had to sell even lower i.e. not suggesting it would have gotten that badly out of hand with cesc, but with the fickle and short term nature of player values, there was a real risk of that…

  76. Off-topic I know, but anyone seen the Serie A table? Udinese are top and unbeaten, having conceded only ONE goal thus far. Unsurprisingly Di Natale has scored six in seven. Beating them was some achievement.

    Thanks for the response yesterday, DS. Good discussion as well. The football pantheon is well made site if anyone’s not seen it:

  77. we got robbed with cesc..
    but barca wouldnt have got him if he didnt demand to leave..
    why would we sell a player with 100 years left on a contract if the player was 100% committed..??

    we got the deal that was best for the club at the time but it was a price that smacked of desparation more than expert negotiating..

    cescs a twat and fuck him..transfer request, refusal to play, foot stamping whatever you want to call it he did it and got his move..

  78. Can’t live on what if’s though. What if RvP is injured all next season? Should we be looking to sell him in the summer just in case?

  79. JonJon – “transfer request, refusal to play, foot stamping whatever you want to call it he did it and got his move..”

    But here is the thing mate. He didn’t do any of that. If he had, then our hand may have been forced somewhat, but that was not the case. He had made it clear that he wanted to leave (without handing in an offical request), but nothing more.

    It should have been a case of “fair enough Cesc, you can leave if Barca put up your valuation”. I doubt he would have seen that as unreasonable.

    Pointless dabte though I suppose, as none of us know what went on behind closed doors eh?

  80. Have some sympathy with JonJon’s comments. We keep giving Theo the ball in too deep a position and then groan as he cant get past two defenders. We need to play the ball into space in front of him for him to run onto – then he will beat most defenders to it, even giving them a head start – and this is where most of his goals have come from. It’s chicken and egg as we dont play the through ball and Theo reacts by droppping deeper and deeper (it happened several times in the Sunderland game I noticed) – on the plus side his tracking back makes Arsh look worse and worse defensively.

  81. Somewhat Agnostic

    Andy, Cesc and Barca called all the shots. We would have done better in a bidding war. (or if Barca had more cash!) He wanted to go only to Barca thus eliminating a bidding war. Barca knew all this and had the upper hand in the dealings. True, we could have refused to sell.. but I’m not sure we would have ‘won’ in that situation also. At the time I would also have said, that’s the price Barca, pay or kiss my ass… I take your point about him performing.

    For me this also comes back to player-power and how much they actually control and influence their moves. Players are a commodity.. They are quite happy and adept, with their agents, of conducting negotiations on these terms when agreeing to join a club and place a financial value on their worth regarding salary, bonuses etc.. However, when it’s time to push on to a ‘bigger’ club (or bigger salary) they then try to ‘engineer’ the move and ignore the financial economics and impact to the club they are leaving. Everton agreed to sell Arteta at the last minute after he put in a transfer request. (They didn’t want to sell him.. well Moyes didn’t for sure). Park did his famous runner to join us. The clubs are the victims, (and sometimes the beneficiaries in all this). The player always seems to win! In those three deals above Arsenal are 2-1 up!

    Modric didn’t get his move, but if spuds want to keep him they’re going to have to give him a substantial payrise and ‘Arry is already out in public saying he (Modric) deserves one and he will talk to the chairman about it! Win/Win Modric! (just like we did last year with Cesc!)Anyway, as you say, Cesc has been flogged to death. Overall Arsenal have done well in transfer dealings and yes one got away.

  82. our hand was forced though GA
    why else would we sell him??

    i know wengers made some dodgy decisions over the years but i think theres very little chance that he would sell the clubs captain, the posterboy of project youth, and the worlds best midfielder for the good of cesc and barcelona..

    surely for the good of arsenal he would have told them both to fuck off..unless he had no choice??? or unless hes lost his marbles.

  83. Call me old fashioned but for me +34.5 million certainly does not represent a failing..

  84. Agnostic – I still think we should have told them to do one, but you raise some good points.

  85. JonJon – My personal opinion is that in this case Arsene showed too much loyalty to Cesc. Our hand wasn’t “forced” (unless Cesc indeed had said he would refuse to pay) as he was under contract and we had no need to sell.

    I will say no more on the matter though, whats done is done.

  86. Nice post yogi:

    Looking forward to the CC game tonight. I would love to see us win the CC. Any silverware would be a huge boost to the club. I know its a small prize but getting the no trophies for 6 years monkey off of our backs would be huge. I hope that lasts years flameout in the CC final will not make us gun shy about this years cup. Any sort of win tonight would do. If we advance I would like to see our CC teams become more and more experienced.

    I actually agree with Steww about something concerning Theo being a victim of exaggerated expectations when he came in. The WC 2006 was a huge mistake for Theo and the club. I often complain that we fail to learn our lessons from past mistakes but it seems like the boss is taking it easy with introducing OX (at least to this point). I know its way to early to get excited about this but it really feels like the club is making a genuine effort to maintain defensive solidarity this season. I hope that not just an illusion or a brief run of good form that we have seen many times in the past. Long way to go and we have been fooled before but it feels like things moving in the right direction.

  87. GA
    all i’ll say on that is if wenger sold cesc out of loyalty to the player and nothing else then wengers contract needs ripping up and he needs flogging..
    cos thats criminal..
    but i dont agree that was the case…

    but your right, no need to go over old ground.. fuck him hes gone..its a new era of rambo and lil jack hopefully they wont put us through the same shit

  88. Yup.

  89. on the theo being a victim of exaggerated expectations thing..

    whos clever idea was it to give him henrys old squad number and then allow him to go on ATV and say things along the lines of ‘theirrys a similar player to me’..

    the club paid a big fee for a 16 year old bigged him up as the next big thing to justify the price and now hes a victim of expecting too much??

    whos faults that then..the arsenal PR machine strikes again 😉

    personally i think theos got top class potential but hes a victim of being played out of position and getting the wrong instructions..

  90. Hmmm, I can’t understand not putting Chamakh in the squad for tonight. Very strange.

  91. sometimes you really got to wonder..
    is he injured??

  92. ?
    Vermaelen Miquel Squill Boateng
    Coq Frimp
    Yosi Arsh Ox

  93. On the plus side there’s loads of kids in the squad and that’s what I always want to see in the CC. Would love to see both Afobe and Aneke start.

  94. Markus….
    JJ’s point above is correct (for me); he is not bashing Theo but addressing a major problem.

    Since the CC final – only RvP has shown consistency in goal scoring. We barely finished 4th as Nasri, Theo, and Arshavin could not produce consistency over the last two months of the season………….and we produced relegation results.

    At issue is the Arsenal attack.

    Just as goalkeeping was the issue with Almunia. Szczesny is two years younger than Theo. He shows consistency and played in only 50 club matches.

    Wilshere and Ramsey have stepped up…….younger than Theo.

    CB’s have been the focus, since the departures of Gallas and Toure. Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Kos, and Djourou…… CB play is showing positive results.

    After the CC final, we could not beat Sunderland, Blackburn, Pool, and Villa at HOME. Away, we could not beat ManU, WBA, Spurs, Bolton, Stoke, And Fulham.

    Gervinho has been added to replace the ‘turned head’ Nasri…..and he is achieving on the wing what the club needs – a consistent threat. But the club needs productivity from the other wing in terms of consistency…….Theo – Arshavin – Ox – Park – Ryo – I don’t care the name of the player, just someone step up and deliver.

    If the player doesn’t deliver, fans should stop making excuses……just let it go. I don’t want to approach any match expecting our defenders to produce goals…….just deliver great defense…..the goal is a bonus.

    But I do expect attackers & strikers to produce goals, or set up teammates……not defend their lack of contribution by extolling their defensive tackling.

    I want the club to keep its best players. For me, we will not lose RvP because of wages:
    finish 5th or worse, no silverware, all of the scoring on his back…….more likely.

    So lets stop protecting those that are getting the big bucks to produce…….how about the same criteria of expectation as thrown around for Bendtner and Denilson.

    Arsenal 1st.

  95. Has anybody got the squad? Can’t seem to find it.

  96. Andy – its on now

    Lukasz Fabianski
    Vito Mannone
    Sebastien Squillaci
    Thomas Vermaelen
    Andrey Arshavin
    Emmanuel Frimpong
    Yossi Benayoun
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Francis Coquelin
    Ju Young Park
    Nico Yennaris
    Ignasi Miquel
    Jernade Meade
    Oguzhan Ozyakup
    Sanchez Watt
    Chuks Aneke
    Daniel Boateng

    id go with

    Boateng Miquel Squill Vermaelen
    Coq Frimp
    Yosi Arsh Ox

    With Ryo, Watt and Aneke the likely subs

  97. andy it was posted at 2.20 mate..

  98. Ah, cheers guys. Just me being thick.

  99. Getting rid of Cesc and Nasri were the two best bits of business we did this year. Wisdom doesnt only focus on money. Money cannot buy unity or the type of fighting spirit the team needed and now has.

    I am glad they are gone, they will win but what the heck is the big dea, when they themselves were too weak to fight and claw Arsenal to titles?

  100. Paul
    “Money cannot buy unity or the type of fighting spirit the team needed and now has.”

    You are so right !

  101. JJ @ 2:46:

    Spot on regarding the Arsenal PR mistakes with Theo.

  102. Funny, but how instrumental was Walcott is us getting into the CL Comp this season?

    What on earth does the Arsenal PR have to do with the negative comments about Cesc.

    Arsesssion, all players dont progress at the same rate, so you have no point at all. As Passenal stated, many Arsenal supporters wanted Song to be sold. Why is that, what is it that all the know it all’s didn’t know or see.

    When you hear that spanish teams players and the best player in the world say that they are afraid of a player, you mark that blow wow and give the player time to mature. You dont knock them at every opportunity.

  103. about “Walcott” that is!

  104. Arsesession: “Gervinho has been added… and he is achieving on the wing what the club needs – a consistent threat”

    Theo and Gervinho have similar enough stats for the season so far though. Gervinho had a great game on Sunday which puts him ahead slightly. I have slightly different views on Szczesny too but I’m not stirring that pot.

  105. Markus,Szczesny is a no go area here I am afraid.
    Theo is not far away.

  106. As far as the end of last season, Theo was the most consistent threat after RVP. That says a lot for a team that has Nasri, Arshavin and Cesc.

  107. Righty, I am away for a few weeks.


  108. money bought this team and its fight and unity..
    about 55mil worth of it..
    we spent more than manutd…

    its a pitty we had to make 65mil before we spent it, instead of using the 50mil that was already in the kitty but hey ho..thats how we roll..arsenal way and all the jazz…

    just means theres still 50mil to spend in january..and buy some more fight and unity…

  109. George, Theo is no no go area at all. The problem I have is that people are riding the young man and to me discount what he does do right? As far as I have read the young man is being dogged througout by Arsnal supporters.

    Surprised you would say that.

  110. You cannot buy fight and unity, you buy players but there is no telling that the team will be unified and fight.

  111. Paul I have not had a go at Theo but it just seems that anyone who does is accused of being blind to his strengths whereas others seem blind to his shortcomings.Both of which he has.
    I think he will never have the technical ability to be a truly great player because he started the game late.
    But he is still a great asset when used correctly.

  112. jon we didn’t spend that 55 million, we re-invested it.

  113. City are sucking the life out of the game.
    They could strengthen again in January.

  114. JJ are you for real?Or are you having a laugh?
    In what world have we spent more than United?

  115. George, I agree with you and every player has shortcomings but what is happening now is that people are constantly riding the young man and acting as if he offers the team nothing.

  116. Manchester City look to have emerged as Real Madrid’s closest rivals for the signature of Lille winger Eden Hazard with Patrick Vieira making numerous personal visits to keep tabs on the 20 year old.

    That’s fucking that then

  117. Is the game being televised anywhere in the U.S. I cant find it…anyone have a link or site to go to at game time?

  118. pedantic george | October 25, 2011 at 11:32 am

    In Weger I trust. In Gazidis I don’t.

    How’s that perspective fit into your communist world.

  119. Paul,I know what you are saying.And I agree.But people should be able to point out a players shortcomings without being shouted down.
    Having said that when you get people who only see the shortcomings they should be given short shift.

  120. pedantic george | October 25, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    “I think he will never have the technical ability to be a truly great player because he started the game late”

    You mean like how Ian Wright started late and never had the technical ability?


  121. Just interested to note that the papers are still on about Gary Cahill to Arsenal. Apparently, he has put “Arsenal on alert” by letting rip on his team-mates – conveniently so just before a game with Arsenal.

    It wasn’t too long ago – Thursday last week actually when Wenger actually said that Vermaelen, Koscielny, Mertesacker and djourou are all 25/26 years old and have about 10 years of top flight football to play at Arsenal.

    Even allowing for Bartley and Miquel – and letting Squalacci’s contract run out – really, what are the chances of Cahill making first choice CB at Arsenal.

    Tottenham need him more.

  122. Agreed, we should be able to discuss a players weaknesses, with all due respect. I showed a vid the other day that kinda put to rest some of what I have heard regarding Walcott. “He cannot attack players one on one” and all that. The guy has skinned some players in the worst way.

    I think he will become an Arsenal great to be honest.

  123. Goonerton,you don’t seem bright enough to know your arse from your elbow ,let alone differentiate between a good CEO and a bad one.

  124. @George.

    Didn’t you know that Man City employed Vieira as “Thief In Chief” responsible for monitoring other clubs scouting targets and stealing them from under their noses.

    Arsenal legend he is – but he’s also a punk for the under-hand tactics.

  125. I think when we actually see AOC play his next game the amount of people baying for him to come in and play on the right from the start v chelsea will have trebled.

    I know what Theo can do because we have all seen it. Problem is we don’t see it as often as we should and in terms of progression through the years it hasn’t happen for any long duration of time.

    As JJ poited out he is a space player but of late he’s not using his killer tools as he use to.

  126. Is still take Cahill though Darius. If that means sacrificing Djourou and Squillachi then so be it. He is better than both and of an age with Per, Kos and Verm and on a par with the also.

  127. “I think he will become an Arsenal great to be honest.”

    As I said I think his late start will prevent that.

    But I hope I am proven wrong

  128. I think he might go to Chelsea, Darius. They are welcome to him.

  129. pedantic george | October 25, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Indeed. About as much as you know about players who start late haven’t got the ability and it effects their play somehow.

    You only know the location of your tradesman entrance because you frequently stick your thumb up there on regular basis.

  130. Yep, Vieira is a huge let down. I agree DS, h is a right punky brewster.

  131. Darius ,you have been ignoring me on twitter.
    My back is now turned 🙂

  132. DeiseGooner | October 25, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    Cahill, would be a fatastic asset to the team and losing getting two costly error prone CBs off the books would be the icing on the big cake.

  133. oh great..another talent gone coz we waited and waited and waited, telling the world hes a player we like but no bid to back it up and now everyone realizes hes shit hot the sugar daddies are in and weve got no chance….

    gotze it is then…

    yeah george we matched manutd for transfer spending this summer beleive it or not..
    and just to correct you again 🙂 theos been playing PL football since he was 16..thats not late..ian wright was late..
    but i agree there seems to be no middle ground with theo..some ppls arguements seems to be he can do no wrong and others are to sell him now
    good job im here to put everyone to rights about him aint it….. 🙂

  134. Goonerton,are you saying that starting the game late does not effect your technique.Because if you are you are contradicting Arsene and Dennis to name but two?

  135. The post was directed at your comment not directed at Arsene or Dennis. What you typed in your post.

  136. Limestonegunner

    George, don’t sweat Hazard. We have players for the wings: Gervinho, Walcott, Arshavin and the Ox. Let’s go back in and grab Gotze or Martin plus a striker if Park and Chamakh don’t find form. We need those positions of midfield attacking creativity and someone to score goals when RvP doesn’t start. Hazard would be a luxury. I am concerned ManU will go in for Gotze if Cleverly doesn’t come back and hold down his place there.

  137. Limestonegunner

    I forgot Ryo. There is plenty of talent on the wings.

  138. If we paid his wages and he did it for us wed just say Vieira was just doin his job….!

  139. JJ stop being obtuse.
    We did not outspend United ,because you must look at “net spend” to determine things not “gross”

    And to correct you again,Theo took up the game late.when he played his first Premiership game is of no matter..
    Arsene and Dennis have both said that your technique is developed before the age of 14.Theo was very late being introduced to the game , relative to other talented kids

  140. Paul,
    my argument is about the club producing results, to stay in the top 4 or better, winning some silverware, and keeping its best players…….not about players developing at different ages……and only about the club needing someone on the other wing to give our attack
    more options.

    We are struggling to pull out results without RvP. If you don’t see this as an issue, we have no reason for discussion.

    Arsenal have a style of play that sets us apart……and Theo’s game doesn’t fit ‘the Arsenal game’ at this stage in his career.

    if you are satisfied with Theo’s performances since the CC cup final, that’s your opinion and defend him. What’s wrong with getting on a player’s back when he doesn’t contribute?

    He has a job at Arsenal.

    At this level of competition, you need more than speed and since he’s been with the club for almost 5 years……… I don’t see the weaknesses in his game improving; while you want to move the goal posts and discuss his defensive progress. 🙂

    Song made mistakes but regular playing time……. he’s shown he has game and delivered on consistency.

    I don’t have to agree with you to support the manager, club, and players.

    Gervinho sat out 3 of our 9 matches from his red card, plus his making adjustment to the league should be factored into any comparison. Gervinho has game.

    We just need to find someone to fill the other wing that can bring consistency and contribute to the attack.

  141. Johnny, are you by any chance the JohnnyOneill on twitter?

  142. Limestonegunner

    Darius, didn’t Cesc also apparently call Kanoute, who is Muslim, a “terrorist”? Let’s not forget David Villa insulting Mesut Ozil in religious terms as well earlier this season in the el-Classico. Barca is a swamp of bigotry and hypocritical filth. Arrogant and entitled, the mask slips when they face a genuine challenge to their presumption of superiority.

  143. Hang on a minute! Who’s talking about selling him?
    I for one don’t want Theo to sold that would be a silly move because the kid has got it in him and we have seen it. Something just isn’t quite right with him at the moment.

    Nothing better for him than to sit it out and watch AOC terrorise chelsea on the weekend. This should make him remember how to light up the crowd and make them runs again.

  144. Vieira after Hazard? Will Nasri feel betrayed? hahah

  145. goonerton

    cahill, gotze and drogba this jan and we can go after a couple of trophies in the business end without fear of brittle bones or mental strength getting in the way i reckon

    id like to say mvilla as well but im interested to see how the coquelin and frimpong battle turns out..

  146. Arsession, keep getting on his back then, more power to you.

    If not for Walcott we may not be in the CL right now. You can keep looking at the negatives alone.

  147. I reckon wed have a better chance of nabbing Gourcuff from Lyon, especially if we put Chamakh on the table..

  148. But all said and done id sooner buy a striker on par with RVP

  149. Limestonegunner

    Nasri is already on the bench backing up Silva, so he’ll be sandwiched if Hazard comes in. Gourcuff is just returning from injury so we don’t know how he’ll come back. Plus Lyon might be in the knockouts of the CL but it is looking bad for Dortumund. I think chances are much lower we could bring in Gourcuff.

  150. Until our centre backs perform consistently the likes of Cahill will continue to be linked with us.

    Vermaelen has been dogged by injuries, Kos & JD have been dogged by inconsistency & Mert has been with us all of 5 minutes. Miquel could be one for the future – Squilli is one for the past.

    All in all the CB positions appear to be up for grabs

  151. george
    stop being pedantic 😉

    and that blasted vieira bloke..
    how dare he take up a great job offer after football, one not offered by arsenal ..and then use everything he learned watching wengers techniques to attract the best players around..

    how dare he make a career out of it..should have said no… should have thought about arsenal (even though we didnt want him) and sat at home doing nothing being bored instead of looking after his interests after football..

    could have been worse he could have become a pundit 😉

  152. Limestonegunner

    Agree that a striker would be helpful. In the meantime let’s see if Chamakh and Park can show us their quality. Chamakh has played hard and he might find the form he had last season in the first half. But that is why I don’t understand him not playing in the CC, or at least being on the bench to come on late. He needs chances to get goals.

  153. I cannot see the OX starting on such a big stage goonerton.
    AS much as it could be a wake up call to Walcott it could be a disaster for Ox defensively. Walcott is defending very well. In a match like this where I expect Chelsea to play ball a little more, I can see Walcott doing a little more damage than he has been doing lately.

  154. Arsesession | October 25, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    That’s a class factual post.

    Even with the games Gervinho, missed he’s got game for real. Never gives up and getting better with every match not only that he’s an exciting player. If the same was going on the other flank it would make a big difference. One reason why many can’t wait to see AOC tomorrow. He is sure to remind us what an right wing Arsenal player should be doing.


  155. Limestonegunner

    I would have liked it if we had brought Vieira back to the club when he was looking for a year or two back in England and promised him a role with the club after retiring. Bergkamp himself didn’t understand why we didn’t go out of our way to bring him back. Once ManCity got him in their clutches, of course, they were going to keep him and pay him outrageously. We can just pass off Vieira’s betrayal as a matter of him chasing money but that is a little too convenient and simplistic. Did Arsenal really go out of its way to bring him back? We can’t really know but it doesn’t appear that this was really considered, particularly the post-playing role at the club. The last couple years we really suffered a lack of leadership. ManCity essentially bought our players and our history, but that is because Arsenal hasn’t kept that kind of continuity. I want to see Henry back when he finishes in NY and I want to see Bergkamp recruited as well. They are Arsenal legends and have something to contribute to our future if only by reminding current players and prospects what Arsenal stands for and what it has accomplished as a great club. Maybe Vieira wouldn’t have come and would only have chased the money, but is our club fostering a sense of continuity with that Invincibles era? A couple or three weeks ago Irishgray posted Keown’s interview with Bergkamp and I posted another one by Keown or his paper from the same trip that talked about Ajax legends and their continuing involvement with the academy and club. Instead of complaining about Vieira wouldn’t it be better if we were celebrating Arsenal build ing that sort of culture, tradition, and continuity with our winners and legends of the recent past?

  156. if we sign gourcuff we may see the best of chamakh
    they were bumchums at borduex when they won the title it was the gourcuff chamakh show…

    but since he left his games gone to shit as well..

    rather get gotze..

  157. “how dare he make a career out of it..should have said no… should have thought about arsenal (even though we didnt want him) and sat at home doing nothing being bored instead of looking after his interests after football”

    Pedantic georgie,

    Ask gazadis about that one. You trust him don’t you?

    I suppose you have a full explanation as to why not many of our legends at the club in some form?

    You get on the blower then let us know.

  158. maybe for chelsea we should play theo at RB with the ox in front of him??

  159. @George – I shall from now hence forth stop ignoring you on twitter….LOL

    @Limestone – There was speculation that Cesc had called Kanoute a terrorist but that was clarified by the video footage from Canal where Cesc clearly calls him a Black Shit.

    If Gil Grisham was investigating this case it would be a slum dunk and none of this “allegedly” stuff.

    As for the Theo argument – last season, its fact that he was the better and more effective player than Hazard.

    On Vieira, what I resent the most is that Man City are not interested in scouting or youth development. They just wait for others to get interested, do the hard work and then they send Vieira to poach the little fuckers.

  160. Chamakh. What’s position again?

  161. Chamakh. What’s his position again?

  162. Also Arsesssion, you dont have to agree with me but I think Wenger knows way more than you do and even Capello. You say he is not contributing but for some strange reason he is starting. All that shows me is that you dont know all you think you do and that he is doing other things that warrent a starting “job”.

  163. If AOC starts against Chelsea I will call for Arsene to leave because he would be as stupid as goonerton .

  164. Limestonegunner

    I think the main point, and something I mentioned yesterday in discussing RvP and George’s proposal, is that we should be intending to reinforce in January. It doesn’t matter if we are doing well and back challenging for 4th or not. In this environment where the PL has three clubs who will outspend us in transfers and wages plus Liverpool and Tottenham, Arsenal need to use its resources to the fullest to stay competitive. And that means attempting to hold onto our best players, create genuine competition for places, and give the squad a boost after losing top players this summer for our league and CL run in. Hopefully we will still be in the important competitions and why should we rule out challenging for the league or at least a guaranteed CL rather than playoff spot if that is at all possible? We didn’t spend the proceeds of our player sales and that is fair enough. We went in for Gotze, M’Vila, Martin, Gourcuff, Hazard, and perhaps others like Lucho Gonzalez and Valbuena but couldn’t land them then and we had a great deal of turnover as it was. Having to go through a CL qualifying playoff added its own difficulties in recruitment. So we shouldn’t just think that if we look to have 4th tied up, we can stand pat. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t go back in for AW’s top targets between 20 and 24 years of age in January and early next summer before the Euros start.

  165. Limestone, surely it is not nice to hear Nasri say that PV “convinced” him.
    Is Nasri riding the bench now?

  166. Goonerton,here is a post from one of my sparing partners.Take note .

    dukeGoonem | October 24, 2011 at 9:35 pm
    Agree that alot of fans probably said RVP wouldnt be good enough when he first came in. Cant believe all the Chamakh bashing. his first start in a while so obviously he had to score or face the wrath of the know it alls.

    for me he has already shown he is a good p[layer. for morrocco he is class and he was class for his previous team, he has it in his locker thats the main thing. no patience in these people i tell ya.

  167. Limestonegunner

    No one needs a scout to tell them that Hazard is a top player with loads of talent and potential. He won Ligue 1 with Lille last year and has been known around Europe since at least the season before when he started putting up good numbers in first team at a major league.

  168. Why is everyone so enamored with Eden Hazard? Yes, he’s a good player, but he’s got a terrible attitude to match that talent. This is a player who walked out on his national team. Why would you want him at Arsenal?
    He’s just another Samir Nasri all over again, he’ll come, get better and be off to a “european giant in search of trophies”, just when he’s about to hit peak form. Mario Gotze is a better prospect.

  169. Limestonegunner

    Paul, I agree it is terrible actually to hear Nasri say PV convinced him. Whether true or not, shouldn’t Arsenal have a legend of European football who made his name in club football as captain of Arsenal be convincing targets like Hazard, Gourcuff, Martin, M’Vila from the French league that they should play for Arsenal? That is what I am saying!

    Nasri didn’t start v. ManU. Obviously Silva is ahead of him and rightly so.

  170. Limestonegooner.
    Now that’s what you call a post.
    Looking forward and not backwards.
    And I agree 100%.Post of the day .

  171. He could also be just playing him hoping that he will slip back into form. But this is painful to watch as seen with a couple other players in the past which I won’t go into.

    A simple comparison is that Theo should be doing something like ashley young was doing up until the other day. Receiving ball and making runs to the byline and putting in quality service and sometime cutting in and banging one in.

    This isn’t happening right now is is?

  172. Limestonegunner

    Darius, thanks for clarifying allegations against Cesc. I wonder what came of the investigations on the Villa-Ozil dustup? I haven’t heard anything further about that and of course nothing seems to have happened to Bousquets, as far as I know. Nevertheless, Barca have been enjoying positive propoganda for their anti-racism initiative with Unicef. Unbelievable hypocrisy.

  173. limestone..i couldnt agree more
    we should be definately reinforcing in january..
    whether we do or not is an entirely different matter but i think we had many targets, like the ones you have mentioned, that werent conlcuded in time and we maybe going back for..

    weve let previous jan windows pass us by when we should have been more assertive and its ended u biting us on the arse 99% of the time come the business end of the season..

    im hoping lessons have been learned, laurels are not rested on, and a few major signings could be just what the doctor ordered to get us over the top 4 line and also convince rvp we mean business

  174. In effect Nas, has gone as back up to Silva. Bet he didn’t see that coming.

  175. Limestone, I agree with you about bringing some Arsenal legends back and also strengthening in Jan. We should bring Henry and DB back to the club. I think DB is the greatest example, as he finished his career with us.

  176. Paul,
    I certainly don’t portray myself as knowing more than our manager, but I do see our manager as human. He is not without his faults and poor decisions – as myself.

    If your point is that he is a better judge of who to start…….most of the time he is far better prepared to make those decisions.

    That does not mean those selected to start don’t disappoint.

    Lets just agree to disagree. When Theo hits his stride of producing consistently……then I’ll be cheering his performances like others. Theo has great character and the game needs more of his kind to find success.

  177. Ok Arsesession. Lets laugh at Nasri playing back up to Silva. I am sure that we can agree on that.

  178. Limestonegunner

    Thanks, George. But you know, we are the Arsenal, after all. Maybe ManCity is too loaded. But you never know if Nasri will start sulking or Kompany might get injured or they might not make it out of their CL group (come on Napoli!!!) and suffer problems of confidence and not have enough big games to satisfy their egoistic “stars”. ManU has big weaknesses that may be difficult to address this season and hopefully their young players will be affected by their humiliation this weekend. Chelsea are a side in progress with a coach new to the top leagues. If we get a result at the Bridge, for example, why should we concede anything? It may not be realistic but our aim is always the top. We have a lot of work to do and are taking it one step at a time. But come January, we need to be thinking about finishing as high as possible this season and building for the next. We are just in the initial stages of rebuilding our post-Cesc side and the new future of Arsenal.

    Right on, Paul. It could be a very exciting season and we need to seize the opportunities in front of us. That includes honoring our glorious past as a spur to achieve in the present and future. DB still loves Arsenal. I hope he gets a chance to show it as a coach or in some other capacity with the club soon.

  179. yeah henry and denis defo back at the club

    denis coaching TT as ambassador maybe..

    keown as well..

  180. Paul N,

    TH14 would love to come back one day & Dennis has said he`d like another spell in England.

    I`m sure they would be inspirational – but would Arsene`s ego allow it ?

  181. Totally agree about Nasri backing up Silva.

    Paul actually, I was hoping Arsene would experiment and stick Theo upfront as striker, then move RvP to the right wing…..just to see what transpires……but vP is too hot.

  182. Limestonegunner – I know you and I are in full agreement regards bringing DB back to the club but he is not quite ready yet. Both in terms of his own coaching ability and the fact that he is not yet done with Ajax. TH on the other hand I do not think is ready for a coaching role but there is no doubt just having him around the club would do a lot for morale. I do hope that Dennis will be involved somewhere in the future, a true class act.

  183. @limestome Uniteds start to the season has been what we usuall do. start bright then fade out over time. Maybe its the oposit this year.
    We started horrible but that is ok if we can do well in the buisness end of the season.
    We will ofc become no 4 maybe even no 3. I just cannot imagn Tottenham or Liverpool getting into CL. Liverpool after spending close to 100m just did not imo do any very exceptional buys this summer. Ok the players they bought are solid but not sublime.
    If they had not bought Suarez this year the whole season would have faild miserabley concerning purchasing of players.

  184. Paulie Walnuts….
    You’ve never met the man so how do you know that he has an ego? This is the same Arsene who willingly allows explayers to train at Arsenal and have access to all the facilities. The same Arsene who allows explayers to earn their badges at the club, case in point Martin Keown in 2006. So how did you come by the conclusion that Arsene has an ego? Seems to me the man would do anything for his players.

  185. Very dissapointed with Cesc. His black/muslim former teammates must be even more dissapointed than me. When once I was nervous whenever Cesc lined up against the likes of Bolton and Stoke now I hope someone in the Spanish league takes him out. He’s been infected by the Barcelona ethos. Fuck him.

    Get off Theo’s back. If any of you think that boy will not come good, then you need to pay a little more attention. By christmas he’ll be firing on all cylinders and you’ll have to find another player to moan about.

  186. Limestonegunner

    Irish, it doesn’t matter to me if it happens immediately and there is much DB can learn there at Ajax. But what I want is that sort of thinking happening in our club and the intention clear (not least of all to DB himself!) that Arsenal values them and wants him back because he has much to give. Henry said he would come back and wash kits–of course that’s not really true, but the point is, has the club told Henry that there will be some way for him to contribute? I hope so!

  187. has it been proven he was being racist now?
    I dont really think Cesc is racist but i guess when you go to Barca your head gets so big that you think you can say and do anything you want.

    I still hope he did not say that stuff. Its just an insane thing to say as you know saying that will tarnish your reputation for ever. When did he become so thick? In my view hes always had a spotless pr team working for him, making him look like a saint. Surly this must been against all their advices…

  188. Weird stat this considering all the flak we get for our defense:

    – Arsenal’s last 7 home Carling Cup games have all been wins, with the Gunners scoring 21 goals while only conceding 2.

    Not sure what team or teams scored against us, but it’s not a bad record now is it?

  189. seems like we got a very yong team out tonite. But Bolton is not a walkover, it will be a real test for the kids

  190. Siiigh, why is this game not on telly? It’s only 48 hours since I last had to frantically search around for links to bad quality streams.

  191. Limestone gunner- Agreed again but I do believe AW already knows who he would like to succeed him. He is the type of manager who is always planning5-6 years ahead. New stadium, lots of young talent, great scouting network. I cannot believe for one second he does not have a plan in place. Personally I can see him staying on as manager for at least the remainder of his 3 year contract, with maybe a two year extension, depending on his health and the clubs results. That would be perfect timing for the likes of DB and TH, amongst others, to be brought back in as the next generation of coaches. I still do not see any of them being head coaches, as like I said I think the boss already has him picked out. Whoever he is 🙂

  192. Off to run some errands. If there is a link to be had would someone mind posting it? Thank you 🙂

  193. Cesc’s best friend at the club was Song, wasn’t it? Doesn’t make sense for me…

    @Vince, It’s even worse, it appears there’ll be no streaming whatsoever, same as Shrewsbury match…

  194. [This Cesc racism story] doesn’t make sense.

  195. Colney,

    Of course Arsene has an ego. EVERY manager has one of some sort. His isn`t the same as a Ferguson or a Dalglish but he`s got one all the same.

    Just because I`ve never met him doesn`t mean to say I can`t hold that opinion. Have you ever met Mourinho for instance? If not surely you can`t think he`s got an ego can you ?

    You`re correct – he likes to help out former players but it stops short of him offering one of them a shot at being his number two.

    Two-nil tonight with the kids shining

  196. colney | October 25, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    I believe Wenger would rather have our past legends employed at the club but, I don’t think it’s down to. Possibly down to some **** who name begins with G.

  197. Mentalist | October 25, 2011 at 6:39 pm

    That’s what I thought when I heard but, then I was reminded on here last night about the nasty, cowardly but very talented friends he’s been mixing with of late.

  198. anton ferdinand held talks today with QPR bosses and QPR have launched an official complaint..

    FA to investigate

    hahahah terrys fucked…

  199. John Terry is the national captain and an all round good egg.I cant see him being racist.
    He has no form for poor behaviour or judgment.

  200. Limestonegunner

    People are making this out to be a Cesc story when it really is a Barca story. Bousquets? Villa? Cesc never behaved like that at Arsenal. Spikiness is one thing, and frankly we can admire pizzagate as competitive mischief. The Ballack spotting thing has long been disproved and the Horton/Hull thing was a feverish imagination at work to slander Arsenal and never substantiated. However, when Cesc has been with his Barca buddies in the Spanish team or since the transfer his behaviour is different. Remember Pique spitting and Cesc laughing when celebrating the WC. This latest fits into a string of racist incidents and we all have seen their theatrical cheating and even violence against us, RM, and anyone who really challenges them. This is a Barca problem and the sooner they are dethroned as the darling champions of football the better for everyone and especially for football. Arsenal is the onlY salvation.

  201. i think the game is only on Arsenal Player today

  202. Limestone,

    Completely agree with you about Barca. They are in danger of disappearing up their own a-holes right now. They believe they can do no wrong & act as they wish.

  203. wanna see Park so badly

  204. Pedantic George – Even for a sarcastic comment that is pushing it mate 🙂

  205. Looks like Andrei might be playing in the hole.Either him or Yossythegoon

  206. Irish,I thought I had fooled everyone

  207. It really frustrates me that a team as big as Arsenal does not seem to be able to find a way to televise all of their matches. I have a very good friendwho works for the NYYankees and he is adamant that it is essential for a top sports franchise in any sport to be able to go up to sponsors and tell them that their product will be on display, to millions of viewers in every match. It is quite simply throwing money away not to do so. As he said himself yesterday when I told him the match was not on TV, just call up Coca-fucking-cola and ask them to pay the cost and in return splash their fucking product name everywhere!! If you think they wouldn’t you are living in La-La land. Like I said frustrating to the max.

  208. I have always liked playing in the hole 🙂

  209. Irish

    I’m sorry, did you just mention the words “sports franchises” here…

  210. YW – I was paraphrasing a native New Yorker, please accept my deepest and most heart-felt apologies.

  211. Any particular one, Irish?

  212. Strange line up. If ESPN soccernet is correct. We have 3 CB’s. SS, TV5 and Miquel. I guess Miquel will play LB. Where does Yennaris play? I know nothing about him.

  213. It is bizarre that in 2011 we can’t pay a flat yearly sub fee and watch every game.

  214. Cbob – Now, now you cheeky so-and-so!! A bit below the belt dont you think?

  215. i just had a look at footytubeand one thing really strikes me:

    There are soo many other supporters who are willing Arsenal to get back to their best, even tho they don’t support them alot of them love watching Arsenal and Constantly comment on Arsenal. And not negatively.

    Sometimes i think they support Arsenal better than some of our supposed “fans”

  216. Well, I know how you young people are today, Irish.

  217. Theo wastes some balls and if he ever goes, we will all tell him so.

    I think he is great.

  218. Damnit!…is there going to be a replay of the match on ATVO tonight at least?

  219. Link for live commentary anyone?

  220. Sticking with the Yankees for a bit. They have their own tv station but because the games are parceled they cannot show all of them live but when they can’t they do show them almost immediately after. And again the next morning. And again the next afternoon. I don’t see why the Arsenal do not launch their own network. They have teamed up with the Yankees ho show their games over here when it is possible, including showing Arsenal 360. Why not reciprocate? I mean they already have a relationship and I am sure the NYYankees and indeed MLB themselves would love to have their game be broadcast in Britain. Sounds like a win/win to me.

  221. Cbob – I have no idea what you are talking about my friend, seriously, no idea whatsoever.

    Moe – I agree with you, there are a lot of neutrals and such who are always wishing us the best on footytube. A small but vocal section of our own supporters would do well to learn from them.

  222. Kenyan Gunner am having no luck tracing our game on supersport. Is it being aired?

    Ace, I think most of us have gotten the point. You dont like Theo at all so can you not repeat yourself all the time? No matter what he does he wont be good enough for you.

    As for the fabrigas transfer saga, Andy your interpretation of events is simplistic at best. As many have pointed out, in this scenario it is like fabrigas held the gun over our heads, we had no choice but sell him or have a disgruntled player on our hands.

    ANyway i hope those that are watching the game will keep us updated with comments. It sucks that I wont be able to watch.

  223. I think we can see what’s wrong with our commercial revenue right here. ManU play Aldershot and it’s broadcasted, and we are playing a Prem team and it’s not. I am also majorly disappointed that the club can’t stream the game live. Is there any particular reason why they have to stream the game so late? It’s not like anybody got the exclusive broadcasting rights …
    And, correct me if I am wrong, but last season and the season before all our CC games were televised, right?

  224. Arsenal v Bolton line-ups
    Arsenal: Fabianski, Yennaris, Vermaelen, Squillaci, Miquel, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Frimpong, Coquelin, Benayoun, Park, Arshavin. Subs: Mannone, Miyaichi, Aneke, Boateng, Meade, Ozyakup, Watt.
    Bolton: Bogdan, Steinsson, Cahill, Knight, Gardner, Mark Davies, Pratley, Muamba, Sanli, Klasnic, Kakuta. Subs: Jaaskelainen, Eagles, Reo-Coker, Blake, Ngog, Wheater, Riley.
    Referee: Anthony Taylor (Cheshire)

  225. There was at least live audio commentary for Shrewsbury. Can some one please provide the link for this match.

  226. Does anyone know if BBC radio are doing a live broadcast?

  227. I think some are missing the point on CC coverage.

    It is based on the likelihood of an upset, smalll versus big or, a clash between two ‘big’ teams.

    Arsenal v. Bolton doesn’t meet either criteria.

    Asto whether we should be able to sell our coverage, that is another argument altogether.

  228. @ Irish, No. 😦

  229. Evil I also remember watching them on telly, what changed this year!!!

  230. BBC radio 5 live are broadcasting the game 🙂

  231. It would not play on my I- pad but if you have Apple TV you can get the radio commentary. From what the commentators are saying it is almost all Arsenal so far. asi say that free kick to Bolton, Tuncay over hits it. Goal kick.

  232. thanx ande

  233. Utd up 1-0

  234. This is frustrating,,,why do Liverpool, chelsea and United have live TV and Arsenal have to suffer. Liverpool havent even won the league for 2O years!!!.Arsenal must be selling the rights to Asia musnt they otherwise they are missing a trick, Arsenal TV was launched a few seasons ago and seem to die a miserable death. After the landlady won the ruling against Sky TV in the EU court to be able to sunscribe to a European sports provider was upheld i think i will be getting myself hooked up. Come on Arsenal.Delayed highlights at 10pm on Arsenal player.

  235. just an audio link the best i can find anyway

  236. crowd is lively

  237. Dam Safari won’t let me open that stream, but thanks Ande was a nice try 🙂 shall just listen to it old school on the radio.

  238. Pegs – I agree the crowd sounds excellent.

  239. its bbc five live anyway…………….arsenal doing alright at the mo!

  240. good save from fabianski

  241. Save by Fabianski, palms it behind for a corner. Short Varner, free header for Bolton but headed wide

  242. Varner = corner 🙂

  243. A lot of pressure now by Bolton, we need to settle.

  244. Nice shot by Park from outside the area, Palmer away by the GK.

  245. bolton are playing well we need to get the things calmed down

  246. boys need to find their shape

  247. yellow for squillaci, tut tut……

  248. Squill hi seems to be winning everything that is sent into the box

  249. oh man, squallaci, come on…………………

  250. Thanks Irish for the updates..keep em coming

  251. I like this commentating crew. Way better than Ian Drake and Steve Mcmanahanamans

  252. Quote from the BBC commentators: “Every time Bolton put the ball into Arsenal’s area, they are defending fantastically”

    Can’t remember the last time I heard that said, presumably Adams was still playing!

  253. Park caught offside again, frastrating but if he gets it right….

    Arsenal attacking again, starting to raise their game.

  254. park hesitant shpuld have got a shot off

  255. shot wide by benayoun

  256. Benayoun just misses with a snap shot

  257. Benayoon playing well

    Park abit nervous but good shooting,

    Coq is really good

    Arshavin needs to get involved

  258. By the sounds of thing both teams midfield are scrapping it out, not sure yet which one will come out on top but I can see a few yellows coming if these challenges keep flying in.

  259. freekick

    arshavin and vermaelen

    vermaelen shot, wonderful save by keeper

  260. great strike from vermealen and great save

  261. Fee kick played short by AA to Vermaelen, great save. Corner kick

  262. Aww Thomas Vermalean unleashes his left boot! saved by the keeper.

  263. Mick McCarthy.
    (Who infamously once had a row with Roy Keane over the quality of Mick’s management skills. In his own managerial career Roy has been a revelation. Which is why he was stood under a brolly in Marseille last week.)

    “Let me clear something up. It [the negative support] doesn’t help,” the manager said “Let’s not give them any credit. Let’s not give any of the dissenting voices, the mindless idiots that do it, any credit whether it’s aimed at me, Karl Henry, Andy Keogh or Stephen Ward.

    “Do not give them any credence or any credit for getting us playing well or getting a result. They don’t deserve any of that. There was no credit given to any of them at all for the 2-2 draw.”

    Ohhhhh. Close from Vermaelan.

  264. Great save from Bogdan from a TV screamer!

  265. Excellent commentating on BBC, Robson should be taking notes.

  266. dont mind us shooting from outside something we dont do enough generally anyway

  267. does it go to penalties in case of a draw?

  268. Nice to hear TV’s name being chanted around the stadium, missed that

  269. Yes, there has to be a winner tonight.

  270. Throw in to Arsenal, park shoots but is saved well by Bogdan

  271. Ohhhhh. Close from Park.

  272. From the comments neither team is settled.How good is the kid playing at leftback? Is miguel at rightback? I cant even listen to the bbc commentary. my internet connection is super slow and keeps breaking off every few mins.

    Thank you all for the updates.dont stop.

  273. park close ! nice to se the lad doing well his only got two years left!

  274. Corner taken but headed out another throw to The Arsenal.

  275. Sounds like Park is getting involved. I smell a goal from him coming.

  276. Break by Bolton but tracking back was Benayoun, great tackle. corner Bolton. Low effort but cleared away. Back in but behind for a GK

  277. so is Park looking decent?

  278. Firstlady_ Ignasi Miquel is at LB. Yennaris at LB. both have been getting forward.

    Arsenal seem to have created the more clear cut chances, with Arshavin providing a decisive pass.

  279. Park played well against STFC. It was Shrewebury, but still. Not bad for his first game. Played a role in helping to build some momentum in the period before Arsenal’s equaliser that day.

  280. Shrewsbury…

  281. Firstlady- It’s a bit scrappy but both teams are up for it. End to end almost. We need someone to step up in midfield and start to control the game. Would have loved to see Rosicky in there but exciting stuff none the less.

  282. Halftime

  283. what minute are we in?

  284. Lol Miami it is hard to tell how he looks. He has had a few shots on goal, also has been caught offside a few times. I would guess that Park is just sittin on the shoulder of either Cahill or Zac Knight.

  285. nevermind…lol

  286. two lb’s that’l keep thir winger quiet 😛

  287. Parks the best player on the park..

  288. park chu young showing he’s worth, good on him

    vermaelen is back already and it’s his first game, always knew he had a fierce shot on him

    Arsenal 0-0 Bolton
    Saj Chowdhury’s HT snapshot: “Arsenal have missed Thomas Vermaelen – brilliant at the back so far and almost scored a cracker. Bolton have also been rattled by the threat of striker Park Chu-Young, who twice went close.

  289. As it stands we can’t complain at all, a few shots on target, some good defending, the rain is pissing down but we are definitely edging it. I would say we will see Ryo and Aneke come on for AA and Yennaris respectively at some point. By the sounds of things Benayoun is everywhere which may sound great but it is leaving the midfield up for grabs. I think we should have played more of a controlling player in that position, such as Rosicky, still time though for Coquelin to make his mark. Been a bit quiet so far.

  290. Glad to hear Park is doing well, this bodes very well for when he gets introduced into the first team.

  291. AA is playing pretty well from what I hear, tracking back a bit and helping out in midfield a lot. Would still like to pull him off around the 65th minute mark so he will be fresh for the Chelsea game, even if only as an impact sub. My money is on Park scoring in the second half. Bolton are playing well but I do not think they have it in them to raise their game any more than it is, whereas we definitely can.

  292. Irishgray im irish aswell! hard to find an irish gunner these days!

  293. Ande – There is a few of us for sure but most fellow Paddy’s are either ‘Pool or Utd fans. Much rather be the rarer breed myself as it just adds to the value.

    Second half kicks off.

  294. Throw in to Bolton by our corner flag.

    Taken but knocked straight back out, Arsenal throw in.

  295. did anyone catch that attendance number?

  296. Early pressure by Bolton. Goal by Bolton.

  297. Mamba scores as we give the ball away in a dangerous position. Bo tons midfield seem to have won the battle for dominance. Every time Kakuta or Tuncay get the ball they create a chance

  298. Poor goal to concede from Le Coq and Frimpers

  299. I think that goal will wake up Arsenal though

  300. 1-0 to boloton

  301. Ryo and Chuks are warming up

  302. Just lost all respect for Mark Whatisname on BBC radio. Right at the end of the first half he said he thought Arsenal were on top, immediately after the goal? He claims that is how he saw it, Bolton scoring. Robson come back, all is forgiven!!

  303. Bummer. Still most of the second half to go. Wish they had at least put Chamakh on the subs bench. We could use some experience up front now.

  304. Dangerous ball into our area, Klasnic beats Fab to it but knocks it over.

    Throw in to Bolton.

  305. matt taylor player for bolton last season so his completly biased

  306. We need to calm down and play out the next 10 mins

  307. It’s all Bolton now, corner taken but gathered by Fab.AA scores!!!

  308. Yes fucking yes Andrei Arshavinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  309. come on,arshavinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  310. Yes Mr. Arshavin. Where the fuck is George.

  311. Arshaviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!!!!!1

  312. arshavin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  313. You hear that PG!!! Great play by the little Russian

  314. are you there George 🙂

  315. how did he score?…damnit it sucks not being able to watch!

  316. absolutely cracking commentary, wish they did all games

  317. I am at the emirates, we are on fire!

    All right I am kidding 😉 😛

  318. For the person who asked earlier – the attendance is 56,300 or so

  319. was it a screamer?

  320. This crowd is really great – better than the norm with that sort of noise.

  321. This is depressing, not watching it and having to rely on comments only for us to concede!!!Should have gone to bed when i had the it will be nailbiting till the end!!

  322. Thanks Darius, that was I.

  323. AA is flying now, just so you know as usual Boltons scorer is a former Arsenal player. Right before the equalizer the commentators were saying a second from Bolton would finish it as they could not see Arsenal coming back. Now? It’s wide open, anyone can on it. Park scores!!!!!!!

  324. Parkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  325. Parkkkkkkkk!!!!

  326. Park chu younnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg

  327. 2-1111111111111111 park

  328. park.

  329. Park Park Park – what a super goal and Arshavin is crazy mad….LOL

  330. fuck yeah! How is that for a response!!!!

  331. AA with the assist…….where are the damn critics now

  332. park chu young yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it !!!!!!! arshavin on fire why o why can he plays like this consistently his so much talent………….

  333. Fucking where the fuck is goonerton, get in PARK!

  334. Park was offside but he left it for AA and got back onside. AA jinks a little bit and squares it for Park, great finish apparently.

  335. Fuck yeah. We could do with these confidence boosts adding to the first team.

  336. Welcome, Park!

  337. I don’t know if it really is as exciting as it sounds on the radio but DAM I wish I could be watching this. AA down, not sure what happened. Delayed shock from scoring?

  338. would love to actually see this…we better have good highlights tonight on my soccer station!

  339. I bleed Arsenal

  340. Shot by Tuncay, gathered at the second attempt by Fab.

  341. We should just start him on all home games & bring him on late in away ones

  342. Wow, guess I was wrong about that one, we didn’t need Chamakh. Lets get a third and put it out of reach.

  343. my nose is working quite well!


  344. are people WATCHING this somewhere?

  345. my spelling was so bad there. pasion toke over and my fingers couldnt keep up!

  346. High ball to the far post but AOC just could not reach it. Sub by Bolton, don’t know whom for whom, and don’t really care to find ut, sorry

  347. I go for a dump and miss three goals

  348. Looks like am late.. yes!!yes!!!let’s get another one..

  349. Late challenge by Frimpong, free kick to Bolton. Squillachi good defending again, break on but Cahill blocks the pass to AA

  350. Barca struggling to score recently.

  351. MDGunner – you making your “pasties” again huh?

  352. i really need to watch this game, no matter wat the score

  353. MD it must have been a monster

  354. Apparently we already did.can we get a third?

  355. minute?

  356. MD gunner that must’ve been a long dump!

  357. Irishgray
    MDGunner – you making your “pasties” again huh?
    No, been eating them again.

    Are you actually watching this game on a TV?

  358. Paul, you know it when messi is not on top of his game..

  359. barca, one man team

  360. David Ngog came on for Bolton. Dangerous shot on him and he is hick but never consistent enough. Let’s hope he continues to disappoint. AOC is stepping up as well. Frimpong again loses the ball but tracks back and wins it back and gets the foul. Good to see that or hear as the case may be.

  361. frimpong not convincing for me

  362. Thanks to all for your concerns about my bowel movements. Suffice to say it was not pretty.


  363. How has AOC looked during the course of the game? any moments of magic?

  364. Shot by Benayoun but blocked, played back in by AA but gathered by Bogadn. AA is playing very well.

  365. how many mins left and how are we hanging onto our lead?

  366. A goal for AOC would be nice..

  367. dupsffokcuf


    dont suppose u can find the arshavin goal

  368. MDGunner – Not watching am listening to BBC radio on Apple TV.

    Free kick by Bolton but saved by Fab, he can’t hold onto it but the follow up is wasted.

  369. thats a fantastic curler Dups, kind of goal we dont score much these days…

  370. What a brilliant goal. You need serious technique to pull something like that off. Park just rocks. Wenger knows.

  371. I remember seeing Cesc play for us back in 2003 v Rotherham United in the CC, I believe it was his senior debut. My memory is foggy but I think we won it 9-8 on penalies after 1-1 at full time, even then that small lad had moments of magic… Cesc’s ability to find another player with his passing was superb. I am hoping for the same from AOC in time… without even Barca drama ty

  372. now thats typical Arsha, hardly any backlift. Fabulous work, Dupps!!!

  373. Ryo on for The Ox.

  374. Crikey, Parks finish was awesome… beautiful composure

  375. We are making it difficult for ourselves…

  376. AOC off for Ryo. Christ if I was a full back that would scare the shit out of me.

    AA gives the ball away and Eagles takes a quick shot. Almost knocked in by Fab!! Corner taken but cleared. penalty claim by Arsenal but ref ignores it. Sounds half hearted anyways.

  377. its actually really scary to listen to the radio. Its so much more scary than to watch it on telly.
    i think i have to watch this game too after..

  378. Alas our current formation doesn’t allow for a 2nd striker 😦

  379. Some kinda penalty appeal from Bolton after ‘unconvincing’ keeping from Fabster..not given

  380. frimpong really needs to come down

  381. Frimpong off, Ozyakof is on. Another Dutch man playing for Arseanl.

  382. frimpong off, replaced by uzyakup

  383. Thanks Dups, brilliant goals, as mj_gunner said, hardly any backlift

  384. dups you have stream for this game?

  385. And Ozy on for Frimpong.

  386. one on one saved by Fabianski!

  387. one more goal would settle us down, corner to boalton now

  388. Corner to Bolton. Cahill with the header. fab saves again but again fumbles it, still a save is a save.

  389. Looks like Fab has been tested a lot this evening. Will hopefully do his confidence good if he can keep the score down.

  390. fukin el, someone give fabianski a towel so he can wipe that butter off his gloves.

  391. Free kick on the half way line for Bolton.

    Cahill takes it.

    Squillachi clears, Park to AA to Ryo, back to AA but just knocked by Bolton

  392. Bolton commiting players, hope it backfires

  393. Nice to hear “Ryo, Ryo, Ryo” chants!

  394. AA geting great praise. That is good news. Throw in to Arsenal.

  395. The Park goal was fantastic. Dups, I’m loving the GIFs. You’re a legend.

  396. Any alternate audio streams???

  397. 7 mins to go

  398. Another tackle won by Squillachi, by the sounds of things he is having a great game. Bolton committing everyone forward for another free kick. Hits the wall but Fab saves from Cahills shot.

  399. How much time left?

  400. nailbiting stuff from the comments.god am so long before it ends?

  401. The one game were Squilli shines and there’s no video proof. Hahahahahahaha!!! Poor guy.

  402. @evil

    Thanks mate……

  403. Boateng on for Vermaelen

  404. More pressure by Bolton. Tuncay crosses but TV clears it. Subs coming on. TV taken off with a standing ovation. Did not hear who came on for him. 5 minutes left. Tuncay off for Bolton, weird as I thought he was their best player

  405. Yennaris clears a dangerous cross to the far post. He has had a good game also. It’s weird hearing our defenders getting constant praise, kinda nice actually.

  406. 2 mins plus added time

  407. Klasnic misses hance form 7 yards…

  408. It’s official our luck has changed. Klasnic from 6 yards out hooks the ball over the bar. 2 minutes left.

  409. omg, these commentators is giving me a heart attack

    That means they’re good commentators

  410. AA going forward but overhits his pass. Now into extra time. Throw in to Bolton. 4 minutes added

  411. 4 mins added time

  412. Ryo nutmegs defender

  413. Ryo finds AA but he loses out in the tackle. Squillachi clears again. And again!!

  414. Cahills shot deflected, corner. Ryo with the block

  415. 1 min 45 left

  416. Excellent defending from Miyachi, tracked Cahill all the way

  417. 50 secs left

  418. the 4 mins sound like a lifetime. is it over yet? we seem to be struggling these last few mins.

  419. 20 secs left

  420. ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!! 2-1!!!!!!

  421. Squillachi again clears. Must’ve have had a brilliant game by the sound of it.

  422. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy!!!!1

  423. Dare I say Squilacci was our best player in defence.

  424. superb win,come on arsenal

  425. Yesssssssssssssssss..4 in a row..hope its 5 on saturday!!

  426. its all over……..yaaaay

  427. Bring on the CHAVS!

  428. For anyone who wishes to see high lights, I would say the best place to try would be But give him some time, he is usually the first to post high lights.

  429. 7 wins out of the last 8! THE QUADRUPLE IS ON

  430. Verm & Kos against the pace of Torresk, anyone?

  431. Irishgray

    one of my fave websites

  432. And we can expect Jabba’s Delight, Alex Ice Cream and Suga to join the comments later tonight????

  433. some goal by the korean – you need to be confident to go for that one and it was absolutely flawless.

  434. well i for one am really happy squilly is finally showing his true colours. Means we got enough good defenders 🙂

  435. Darius – Considering these guys have never played with each other, I think they all did exceptional. Squillachi however is the only one of the back four who has had negative things said about him so for that alone I think he deserves a lot of the credit for this win. Miguel did very well at LB as well by the way.

  436. Nice!!!!!!!

    From the sounds of it Bolton played a pretty experienced squad, no?

    How were the younguns?

  437. Well, well, well. Confidence is slowly building and not a miserable anti-supporting c*nt in sight. When times are good……

  438. Excellent win

    Well done the boys & not bad from the men !

  439. Its nice to hear the positive comments about Squillaci. How many times did they mention his name, especially towards the end of the match!?


  440. Nobody mentioning how good Cahill is / was anymore ~ pleased for the team, for Squillaci and yes, Park ! He’s got something.

  441. My Men Of The Match

    The Commentators!!!

  442. he’s name is Ju Park and he has an IQ of 150

  443. yep nothing like a good winning run to get rid of the serial doom brigade.still have to wait till suga pops in.

  444. We can see a low comment number tonight..we won, we have won 4 in a reason to cry, moan, criticize players, call for a change in manager/assistant/CEO/board/owner..

    all in all a great night 🙂

  445. man!!!that was nerve-wrecking, not watching and having to get updates here.thanks guys for keeping us informed.Sounded like bolton gave us a game but we stood our ground and won.Cant wait to see the highlights.

    Just from reading, Verm, AA, park and the Squil had good games.

  446. you just know cahill will end up in Tottenham for a cut price. and become a top 6 player proably. maybe get some euro cups with spurs.
    then Harry will leave and tottenham will fall apart…

  447. From what I heard the only negative was Frimpongs injury but I do not know how serious it is, so it might be OK. Just before TV went off he grabbed his hamstring but the commentators reckoned it was more a hit he had taken than a muscular injury. Fingers crossed on that one.

  448. Arsenal have been very reliant on Robin van Persie this season, with the striker having scored seven of his side’s 15 goals in the league.

    The Dutchman’s replacements have failed to make the most of their own chances this season so far, but Wenger may have just struck gold with South Korea captain Park.

    The forward led the line superbly at the Emirates. He twice forced Bolton’s Adam Bogdan to save at full stretch in the first half before finally beating the last line of defence with what proved to be the winner.

    The goal was created by Arshavin, who drifted inside and ran towards goal, taking three defenders with him, before laying the ball off to his team-mate on the left.

    Park took one look at the goal before beautifully bending his shot in off the the Bolton left-hand upright.

    Arsenal’s second had come only nine minutes after the Trotters had taken the lead through Muamba.

    The England Under-21 player dispossessed Emmanuel Frimpong about 35 yards out and played a one-two with Darren Pratley in the area before thrashing his shot into the roof of the goal.

    But six minutes later the Gunners were level. Arshavin picked up the ball 30 yards out on the left before driving into the area and slotting an angled shot into corner.

    Bolton had plenty of chances to not only equalise but also go back in front, but they were thwarted by Lukasz Fabianski.

    The Pole saved low to deny Gael Kakuta, Ivan Klasnic and Gary Cahill. He also prevented substitute Chris Eagles from scoring from distance with an unorthodox save which would have been classed as a keeping “howler” had it gone in.

    But they all counted, and his heroics along with the magical skills of Park and Arshavin ensured that Arsenal reached the quarter-final stage for the ninth consecutive season.

  449. My thoughts on the game.

    Very solid team performance. The only dodgy moment is when Le Coq’s pass was short to Frimpong and Muamba muscled in for a well taken goal.

    The response to Bolton’s goal was excellent with Benayoun and Arshavin taking the game by the scruff of the neck. Arshavin was ecstatic today against a pretty strong Bolton side with many regulars.

    Park was cool and took his goal with aplom. He’s most definitely a quality squad player who will contribute a lot this season.

    The defence was otherwise solid and dealt with everything and Squilacci in particular showed great leadership and marshalled the defence well. The whole team defended well though and tracked back tirelessly.

    I’d rather have this sort of team with the spirit, determination and tanacity to win games and grind out results than a team built around some – what was it George called the Spanish prodigal son?

    I believe we’ll play better as a team as the season goes on.

  450. Hope Frimpy is alright. I really like him.

  451. Would it not be awesome if we got Utd in the next round and knocked them out.

  452. For the record – Squalacci played much better than Cahill.

  453. OOh and Arsenal should sort this no curling cup games on tv malarkey out and soon.It is not good for my heart having to read comments not knowing what to expect next.

    Irish hope the both of them are fine.

  454. Btw. isn’t Cahill the one letting Park run freely so he can score his second? What a basic mistake to make in a cup tie.

  455. Arshavin

    Set up one

    Scored One

    Terrorised Bolton

    Enuf said

  456. @irish would be more awesome to get UNited in the final. We always play better as the udnerdog.
    we lost against a crap team last year. we will win against United if we meet them in CC final. Would be a sweet victory and a great way to kickstart our new era!

  457. Park Chu young

    Scored one

    Two shots on target

    and a finish that oozed class

    enuf said

  458. Oh – and great stuff Vince – that’s the spirit 😀

  459. anyone gonna watch the game on arsenalplayer tonite?

  460. better version of Park goal

  461. Just watched the Park goal

    Arshavin took three defenders with him and that created the space in behind for Park

    Now i dont know if Arshavin meant to do that (if he did then what a genius)
    Or if the bolton defence were so shit scared of him they decided to surround him after his first goal

  462. Just seen the goals on SSN – sweet finish from Park, AA’s none too shabby either…

  463. Cahill got smoked. Nuff said.

  464. Yep, it’s Cahill. Looks awfully average to me, considering his 15 million pound price tag. If I was a Bolton fan I would be really aggreviated with him. There are two defenders close to Arshavin, he should’ve just stayed with Park.

  465. and i cant help it robson is way way way annoying.. wish someone brought a poster that said “robson out”.

  466. I hear the stadium was almost to capacity.

  467. dupsffokcuf

    i can’t stop watching it


  468. dups how are you finding these? thanks!

  469. Park’s goal was something,I dont understand a thing the commentators are saying but they sound like Arsenal’s fans. 😀

    I am also enjoying that we are able to come from behind and win games, there is a time we were conceding first and couldnt come back.

  470. And we didn’t even need RVP to win us the game!

  471. ttm

    a lot are links from other Gooners.

  472. Just on way home from game. Great atmosphere and top result. Swoop!

  473. TV with a calf problem, misses the Chelsea game?

  474. I think Fab is really good at distributing the ball.That is something i miss with chezney.
    Not that chesney is not good, just fab is really good at that particular part of the game..

  475. very happy that the winning momentum continues… long may it continue!

  476. AA23 and Park took their goals really well.
    Frimpong went off injured!
    As did Verm.
    I dont think either would have been involved at the weekend though but would have been nice to have them on the bench…..bugger

    Great bouncebackability shown from united who trashed aldershot!!

  477. i think if Chesney gets injured and is out for a coupple of months(lets hope that does not happen), fab could easily win back his place. they are both great keepers.

    We are lucky to have two good keepers, look at United they got three crap.. muahahah!

  478. it must be so provoking for the senior bolton players to loos to a bunch of arsenal teenagers….

  479. Thanks for the link Paul N

  480. Vermaelen has got a shot to be afraid of. Lots of power with a decent amount of precision. He’ll score for us this season, that’s for sure.

  481. Was just gonna say that Evil, what a belter of a left boot that man has. Maybe thats why he went off with a tight calf eh …. id have snapped a tendon kicking a ball that hard!

    A very Pires’esque finish from Park.

  482. Yeh, That shot from TV was scary.

  483. MDGunner – I seriously doubt AW would have played TV against Chelsea, he needs a few more games to play teams of their calibre.

    Dups – a big thank you for the vids mate 🙂

    Jonny – You lucky bastard!! Of all the games to not show on Tv that one sounded brilliant. Any chance of you giving your thoughts as you where there?

  484. If he plays for us this season Evil!

  485. Decent performance, although we were hanging on a bit at the end, extra time would not of been a pleasant experience had they equalised!

    TV was great, as was the kid who played right back.

    Notable mentions to benayoun, Frimps and the Coq (mistake aside).

    Park looked ok too, not afraid to shoot and a lovely Thierry-esque finish for his goal.

    Andrey was a little frustrating but then a goal and an assist. That’s what he does…

  486. What I really like about Arshavin is that he is nononsense. There are no theatrics from him, no play-acting, no diving. He could never play for Barcelona.

  487. Robson is so blasted annoying though.

    Is his under contract or something? Arsenal must be able to do better than him.

  488. Wenger on Vermaelen’s return…

    He did very well. He had to come off for a minor calf problem but I hope it’s not too bad. He will be a bit short for Saturday, I don’t know yet what I will do. We have to test him tomorrow, but it doesn’t look too bad.

    He has been out for a long time, he had only one training session yesterday with the team. I didn’t really expect a game of that intensity, it was a tough one for a centre-back. They put us under pressure in the second half and the intensity of the game was very high.

    We don’t think it is a calf strain, it is just tight calves. He has not played a proper game for two months. He wanted to come off. In fairness I did not want to take him off because I thought it was too stupid now with four minutes to go to concede a goal. He was adamant he couldn’t go on so I hope it’s not too bad.

  489. that was a good finish..alot of skill involved in that..he practices them..that was an assassins finish..
    the lads got game..
    right footed eduardo..??

    are the commentators arsenal fans on that clip?? they were giddy.. 🙂

    it was a good goal altogether…we caught them up the pitch and made them all look like tankers turning..arshavin did well (who was it that played the ball to him??)..quick and direct right thru the middle got them all in one place…release and ping… tippity tapp, no 5 yard triangles, just got it and drove at them..

    park on the bench for saturday..??
    maybe these two games were an audition..chamakh got stoke and park got bolton and whoever does the biz backs up robin v chelsea..

  490. bend it like beckham?? pfft is bend it like PARK!

  491. In looking at Parks goal I was reminded of Bendtner cutting in from the left wing and curling a similar shot in off the upright on several occasions. Great goal and one that needs a lot of confidence which is nice to see. A lot of players would have smashed it and missed, Bobby Zamoras effort at the weekend comes to mind. That will be up there for miss of the season to be sure.

  492. JonJon, both Park and Chamakh have been on the bench for quite a few games now i believe ……. Park wasnt there for marseille but he has been there for the league games.

    Its up to them both to show they are worthy of coming in for RVP on a more consistant basis

  493. I had a seat right on the half-way line tonight and yards form the pitch – prefer to be higher up. However it gave us a perfect view of Ryo breaking down the pitch towards the end of the match.

    My GOD! He was touching warp-speed during that 50yd sprint.

    A couple of good touches in the game too.

    Very exciting to get a glimpse of the future.

  494. Good god the Arsenal player commentators are so drab its embarrassing

  495. What a fabulous game! The crowd was the best I’ve experienced at Emirates this season – very loud and very supportive of team and manager – Arsene got a great reception, which must really piss off the doomers and ‘Wenger out’ brigade. I know we were hanging on at the end there, but for that defence to withstand some serious pressure from a full strength Bolton side who were really going for the victory especially given how little all of them have played must have been great for the confidence. I thought our two young fullbacks did really well under the circumstances. Coquelin, Frimpong and AOC have had better games, but were not bad. That’s what you get with young players – brilliant one game, next game, not so much. It was great to see Squillaci having a solid game in defence and Fabianski although rusty also did well when we were under pressure.

    I think our inexperienced midfield was why we were under so much pressure in the second half as we missed a player like Rosicky who could help us keep possession. I think I will give MoTM to Arshavin as he was at the centre of our creativity tonight and scored one and assisted another as well as working hard in defence. You could see his confidence lift after he scored the equalizer. The other thing I notice about him is how much he talks to the youngsters showing them where to stand when we are defending etc. Park was also impressive tonight and got more involved than he did against Shrewsbury. He is obviously starting to find his feet and his goal was very well taken.

    All in all, a very satisfying night – I hope we get another home game in the next round as I just love Carling Cup nights at Emirates!

  496. I dont think its only about them “being good enough” to replace RvP.
    At some point AW must rotate him to avoid injury.

    RvP is soo good taht we do not want to be without him in the top matches.

  497. ok, i told you so

    Just finished watching on Arsenal player

    Andrei ???? yes go on my man!!!!!!

    Park is a good player.Where are all his detractors now?

    Where are the Park is better than Theo genius ?

    God it is so good to be right about things

  498. Wenger on Park’s display…

    For me I am very pleased with his performance. He had a very, very good game. He has shown intelligence in his link play with others. The quality of his movement was exceptional and his finishing is absolutely fantastic. He has shown tonight that he is a very, very good player. He is ready to play in league games, yes.

    Compared to the player who played in the first match [against Shrewsbury] where he was a bit inhibited, tonight I felt he played with freedom and has showed what a good player he is.

  499. Arsene agrees with me!

    “I have to congratulate the team because we had two young full-backs who are usually central players. In midfield we were very young and we have shown good spirit against a good Bolton side.”

  500. Bradys right foot

    pedantic george | October 25, 2011 at 11:50 pm

    God it is so good to be right about things

    I’m proud of you George. Your detractors will no doubt say even a stopped clock tells the time twice a day but i’d never take such a cheap shot 🙂

  501. Oh and did anyone else noticed

    Benayoun was absolutely brilliant for me

  502. Bradys right foot – I was going to leave that one go re: George. Waaaaaay too easy!! 🙂

  503. Bradys right foot

    lol Irish

  504. Laugh away.

    I am in full gloating mode

  505. Oh dear I meant to say where are all the Ox is better than Theo.
    I got a bit giddy

  506. “T_Vermaelen05 Thomas Vermaelen
    Btw, i had a small cramp at the end. Nothing serious. Just went out as a precaution.
    10 minutes ago’

    Great news, although I would still play Kos/Mert and have TV on the bench for chelski

  507. George, I knew that was what you meant!

  508. Only 56000 on a Tuesday evening with transport problems,
    Well the fans are speaking with their feet are they?I will ask John Cross tomorrow

  509. Just Another Luke

    How about a vote for Arshavin as MOTM on to show how much we love him?

  510. Well its just a big Andrei love in tonight.
    Were are the people calling him a fat lazy Russian?
    Have I ever mentioned he is my favorite player?

  511. I just love the fact that there are now 537 comments and not a doomer in sight!!! 🙂

    AA MOTM for me to be sure.

  512. Really lovely atmosphere, great result. Thoroughly enjoyed that.

  513. Roll on the Chavs!! No Drogba, Torres playing like shit, Terry up to his neck in crap, AVB under review by the FA. All in all I would say that they are there for the taking. Plus our starting 11 will be nice and rested, as well as being in great form after winning our 7th match out of 8. A win will put us 3 points behind the Chavs, wonder what the media will make of that? Crisis? Maybe. Arsenal’s? Definitely not!!

    After that it will be Marseilles at home in the CL followed by West Brom at home in the league. We then have one of those pesky little breaks for International boredom, sorry I mean football. it would be nice to return from such a break on a run of 9 wins out of 10. And with no new injuries, fingers crossed.

  514. Limestonegunner

    Andrei Arshavin freed!!!

  515. Just Another Luke

    Park’s hordes of admiring Korean fans are clicking relentlessly against his name and giving AA a run for the money for MOTM.

  516. Here is a question. Just how much is every goal Park scores for us worth? I mean there are severl hundred million Asian fans more then willing to support the Arsenal now that we have both Park and Ryo on our team. Just how many Arsenal replica kits will be sold in the next 48 hours alone? Although to be honest at least half will be knock-offs made in China but still that should leave quite a few official kits sold. I have a sneaky idea that the Arsenal board are waiting until they develop our fan-base in Asia before they commit to a new sponsor partner. After all the bigger our support base, the bigger the market that will be reached by our as yet unknown sponsors. This may just be wishful thinking on my part but it is certainly starting to look like this is the way things are going to work out.

  517. Limestonegunner

    Irish, we’d be even better off if we could find the first Chinese footballer with the quality to play for Arsenal.

  518. Here is another question, and this one I just don’t understand but why, oh why is Wayne “Shrek” Rooney on FIFA’s short list for the Ballon D’Or? For what for fuck sake? Kicking a player from Montenegro out of pure frustration despite the fact his team has already qualified for the Euros? Getting a new head of hair? Playing on the team that won the league? ( they won it not beacause of him but despite him, that and Torres flopped at Chelsea). Insane nominating the ugly bastard.

  519. LSG – Now you are talking, you would think there must be 1 player in all of China!?

  520. Limestonegunner

    Got to be! And we better get him first!

  521. Definitely a new head of hair. Butt hair growing that long is a miracle.

  522. Just Another Luke

    The Korean support base is huge. Park has overtaken AA in the voting.

  523. ‘morning gooners!

  524. Uh-oh, here we go. Mr. Park curls a beauty, a real stunner, well positioned, takes the ball on the move, no marker, looks up once, realises the early shot is on, control, right foot opens, precision, simplicity. It reminded me of how Thierry got so many goals. That is not an omen. Thierry is Thierry, but still, Park might well become Park, and if that is to be his trademark, I won’t be complaining. do we call him Park, or Ju? Or Ju-ju?

  525. Could a Korean speaker and Arsenal fan please advise the correct term of football affection for Park?

  526. Arsenal are starting to play with condifidence that it can dominate, compete, score against any team or in any situation, a Wenger trademark that, we have almost settled in and some depth on show against Bolton.

    There is a lot more to come this season, Ryo, Diaby, TV back, Skillaci composed at least at this level, AOC maturing quietly, ditto Coquelin, Park announcing himself with aplomb, Chamakh to lighten up (he looks too worried), battling Jenks, 3Gs looking in ominous form, AA getting some of that, Arteta starting to find hisArsenalself, a second choice keeper of quality, and one fine day young Jackie will take the field.

    Chelsea is going to be a very, very hard away match; they are so good at attacking down their left, and I wonder who will patrol that side. I think we’re looking up for one of those now.

  527. I’m not Korean, but I think ju-ju is pretty cool.

  528. Just another luke. this is gonna be a close one, Arshavin is 2points ahead of Park.

  529. Just been reading all the posts from last nights match. All I could get from where I was, was the result.

    But that is the only thing to Boo about this morning unless you are a Le Unconvinble or a Spud. What a game, what a continuation of a needed run and what a pair of screamers.

    Thanks to everyone for all the posts here it sounded like a great moment when we got back that loving feeling and thanks especially for the videos of the goals. Parks was absolute class, he took it as cool as if he was practising on a Tuesday afternoon – hit first time with no need to control it first, most strik(er)ingly hit with composure and jaw dropping accuracy.

    Keeper?…….No chance.

    That was Thierry Henry’s favourite shot and although it is way too early to compare, it is great that there is now someone in the side that Theo can take a few notes from vis a vis delivery. Theo has tried to emulate that strike before, but he often rushes his final ball.

    Hopefully that Zen composure thing that Park just brought to the…… park, is teachable.

  530. To compliment the ‘Free AA’ movement I also support the push to:

    ‘Lighten Up Chamakh’

    Thanks Zim

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