Sunderland Preview: Weary Side Must Lift Themselves To Victory

Sunderland arrive at The Emirates this afternoon knowing that their first win in the league at Arsenal since 1983 will take them above their hosts in the table. Ordinarily that would be a sign that things are going extremely well on Wearside; now it means Arsenal are in a tailspin. Arsenal meanwhile will be looking for the win that takes them into the top half of the table.

Wenger and his men can look forward to this afternoon though. 2011-12 might not have been the classic season that we all hoped for when the last finished but they have yet to concede a goal in the Premier League fixture directly following international football. Positives can be found anywhere if you look hard enough.

Per Mertesacker is being hailed as a defensive saviour by his manager, not in being the reason why goals will not be leaked so heavily but because he has leadership skills. In doing so, Wenger highlighted his weakness that brings out his strength. According to the manager, the German is making up for his lack of pace with his reading of the game; an excess of seventy international caps suggests that there is a lot more truth in that than Mertesacker’s critics want you to believe.

Whether he will live up to the comparisons with Tony Adams that the headline writers want you to think Wenger made – it was the tiniest comparison, not a full-blown statement of intent – is another matter. It would help if he had a consistent defensive partner alongside him. This afternoon it looks like Laurent Koscielny will resume his duties but with Thomas Vermaelen already back on the training pitch, Wenger appears to be reaching a point where he must confront his demons; who will be the first choice pairing? We presume that it will be the longest surnamed duo but that is not necessarily the case. Much will depend on the communication issue being solved and to some extent Vermaelen curbing his spirit of adventure. Mertesacker does not have the pace to cover the Belgian with forays forward and to be honest, I am not sure that buccaneering style from centre back is appropriate this season. Form, it seems, may yet be the deciding factor.

Whatever that outcome, it will be a good three months before Wenger is able to field his first choice back four. Bacary Sagna is apparently feeling low mentally following his distressing injury at White Hart Lane. The responsibility of filling his shoes falls to Carl Jenkinson in the short-term at least. If as many expect, the youngster will be exposed by the callowness of his youth, Laurent Koscielny rather than Coquelin seems to be the next option, at once solving the centre back issue. For me it is a sign of the callowness of some of the support that Jenkinson is almost having failure wished upon him so that the egotistical “I told you so” can be uttered. How low have Arsenal sunk?

Sunderland – and Arsenal, for that matter – will be deprived of seeing Nicklas Bendtner return to The Emirates. The Premier League rule that loan signings cannot play against their parent club is ludicrous. Apparently the fear that someone may not try as hard is greater than the knowledge that most loanees have a point to prove and would therefore play out of their skin to prove it. Utterly ridiculous. Instead it seems Conor Wickham will get the chance to show if Wenger was right to rate him so highly and wrong to let Sunderland nip in with a not insignificant £10m bid.

Forwards are an issue at Arsenal. Despite scoring on international duty, Marouane Chamakh is being linked with a move away from Arsenal. Wenger did not deny this one as he did the Fabianski rumour, giving it air of believability. In that instant, Bendtner can consider himself unlucky to have been deemed surplus to requirements. Perhaps this season away will prove that he should lead the line with van Persie dropping slightly further back as Dennis Bergkamp recently suggested. More likely than that would be Theo Walcott moving to the centre, utilising his pace to the quick-thinking brain of van Persie’s skills: Wright and Bergkamp of this decade anyone?

It would help to accommodate the clamour of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s inclusion in the starting line-up. I can see that happening this afternoon if Wenger decides to rotate ahead of the clash with Marseille but not for any other reason. The youngster is in good form, that is undeniable but the manager is well aware of the dangers of overplaying youth and AOC may well have to make do with a run in the Carling Cup side with occasional Premier and Champions Leagues outings.

For this afternoon, I expect the side to be:

Szczesny; Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs; Song, Ramsey, Arteta; Walcott, van Persie, Gervinho

Options are there for Wenger with Benayoun to replace either of the wide players, likewise Arshavin. Those choices become more difficult in coming weeks as Diaby and Djourou become available – the latter may step into the fray instead of Koscielny this afternoon if the Frenchman has had any reaction to his injury – which is how it should be at a club of Arsenal’s stature. At least two players for every position; if they are at Arsenal it is up to them to show whether or not they are good enough to be here. Let’s be honest, if a player is not motivated at Arsenal, they will not be motivated anywhere and Arsene would be well advised to spend some of the £50m that is burning a hole in the media’s pocket.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Cant believe it…even second.

  2. And I am on a hat-trick

  3. Top post mate. #Dench

  4. yogi
    rambo and theo??
    was thinking they may have been benched today and coq/frimpong and oxo/park instead

    and wengers already making noises about transfers not happening if the team improves..i hope thats a motivation tactic and weve already got our targets identified and we make moves for them whether the team is playing or not..

    otherwise we face a situation of missing out on players when we had the chance and then 6-12months later they move to another club and everyone blames it on sugar daddies…

  5. Today will be like two bald men fighting over a comb

    We are not very good but sunderland are worse

    A scrappy 1-0 win

  6. This is the type of game to unleash the Ox start him instead of Walcott or Gervinho and play Chamakh as the main striker.One upfront to sunderland is a negative tactic. 4-4-1-1

  7. Great post as usual Yogi. 12 points to make up to the summit with 3 potential home bankers. Enough negativity and doomersim in the air to last a life time at the Emirates in the last few weeks from all the know it all pundits, ex players and journos. Today let the football do the talking. The team will only have themselves to blame . Not a time for feeling sorry for ourselves but big performances and steeping up to the plate for Theo and Aaron who have had a lot to say in the last weeks and have probably been the least effective.. I welcome the return of Koscielny in Central give the team some balance. He is much maligned in the press but one doesnt get to keep lionel messi in his pocket and not be any good. With Song putting his best skills at work in the midfield even with a depleted side we have to be in with a chance. Again not an easy game and plenty of controversy likely along the way. A narrow victory to the Gooners while we build our confidence.. COYG. Nothing but victory.

  8. On this day….. 12th September 1964, Arsenal played Sunderland at Highbury..

    The ‘Voice of Arsenal’ welcomes Sunderland on their return to the top flight and reminds us that we played them on September 2nd 1939, “…the last league game at Arsenal Stadium before war broke out. Arsenal won 5-2 and as the players left the field that was the end of official football for the long years of the war”.

    Elsewhere we are told that this season has seen the return of former England International Brian Clough after an absence of 20 months. “Badly injured in a match with Bury at Christmas 1962, Clough has confounded the medical experts who forecast he would never play again.” Alas we know that he only managed three games before being forced to retire.

    ‘Talking Point’ has Secretary Bob Wall, who, in a personal aside, knew my Grandfather, tell us about the Arsenal daily postbag. Many are from overseas. “Often they are from little clubs just coming into existence, asking permission to adopt our name. There are Arsenals in all sorts of far flung places, from Norway to Australia, and south America to South Africa. We send them everything we can posters, autographs, programmes, handbooks-to strengthen the link and spread the Arsenal tradition that has gone around the world since the 1930‘s.”

    Apparently old kit is also requested but “..with playing gear the price it is nowadays and four teams to be fielded, this is nearly all used up in training”. Requests to spread the ashes of deceased relatives on the pitch is “not encouraged”.

    Would be trialists write in as well and one who turned up “in the Marble Hall, with boots wrapped in brown paper under his arm was 40 years old!” Another turned up with his mum with her “..little lad stood smartly at her side. He was all of 8 years old!” (A bit old for an Arsenal youngster these days)

    Did You Know’ that…when Sunderland first applied to join the league they were turned down because it was considered it would involve too much travelling for other clubs/

    ….in 1964 it was Sunderland who had the longest unbroken association of First division membership on record?

    … they had won the Championship six times by 1964?

    … that they scored 100 goals in their 30 league games in 1892/93 which is the highest average of goals to games in senior football? Arsenal scored 127 in 1930/31 but in 42 games giving a lower average.

    The Arsenal side that day was:

    Furnell, Howe, McCullough, Strong, Ferry, Neill, Skirton, Court, Baker, Eastham, Armstrong.

    The programme of Music to be played by the Metropolitan Police band conducted by Roger Barsotti included: ‘The Voice of the Guns’, ‘;The Grenadiers’ and in the ‘Pop Parade Selection’, vocalist Constable Alex Morgan sang ‘The Uist Tramping song.

    And here are yesterdays’ football results: Arsenal 3, Sunderland 1.

  9. YW, Far be from me to question the heading of your post, but “Weary”?
    Surely not at this early stage in the season?
    The weary ones in football should be the media together with the doom and gloom merchants among we fans who constantly preach our downfall and that of our Manager. If only everyone could be patient and await the end of the season before reaching a decision on whether we have had a successful campaign or not.

  10. Nicky

    Weary side = wearside.


  11. A win today and a win against Stoke next week and we are back in respectable territory. A win at Chelsea the week after and we are contenders once more. Up the arse!

  12. Yogi, comparing RVP to DB, that’s usual. Walcott to Wright? That’s unusual!

  13. ivanputthepricesup

    Good review Yogi and an excellent post from Consols, I would have almost certainly been at that match in 1964 at our beloved Highbury.
    The forward line orchestrated by my own hero at that time George Eastham was probably the best in the country unfortunately our defence was’t at the same level which is why we were never going to win anything.
    Bob mentioned the Met Police Band who used to march on the hallow turf as well as the vocalist Alex Morgan who i believe sang at every home game for quite a number of seasons, how many i cant remember.
    Oh! the old days when i used to stand on the northbank as a schoolboy and witness that half time entertainment, a far cry from the corporate game we have now.
    I will be at the game today with the Emirates as grand as it is not feeling quite like Highbury
    yet, we need to win something i feel for that to happen.

  14. White picket fences,… half time pitch forking…half time scores in the corner..

  15. YW – nice post, must be difficult to then have to explain the puns.
    Bob – priceless. Thanks for providing the link to those halcyon days. Would the Armstrong in your team list be little Geordie Armstrong? My first ever Arsenal hero? If so he must have played for ever!

  16. …jumpers for goalposts, young boys in the park, isn’t it? Mmm

  17. ivanputthepricesup

    I remember them well Bob, thanks for the memory.

  18. Consolsbob and Ivanptpu,
    Don’t forget the ironic cheer (jeer) when the leader of the marching police band threw his staff in the air. Does anyone remember the time he dropped it?
    I think I was at that game. that defence really was as bad as anything I’ve seen. Fingers Furnell, Billy “flint” McCullough, An aging Don Howe, Geoff Strong who was much better up front and later even better in midfield for Liverpool. Don’t really remember Gordon Ferry other than my old man reckoning the Woolwich Ferry was quicker! (is that where I get it from?).

  19. Steww,
    Just in case the others don’t answer, it was indeed THE Geordid Armstrong. I remember getting his autograph on the afternoon of the evening friendly against Real Madrid (when was that?). He stopped and spoke to us for about 5 minutes. Nobody did that.
    I seem to recall that a lot of our 1970/71 double side started playing that season, John Radford, Jon Sammells, Peter “Stan” Simpson.

  20. YW, Thanks for the geography lesson.

  21. As Billboy has said it was Geordie, steww.

    Radford and Sammels were regulars in the Combination side with Storey wasalso playing in the Metropolitan league.

  22. Happy Sunday, troopers!

    Hitherto today, I had been soul searching, wondering why I continually persist with my support for a declining Arsenal team. When I could profit more by focusing on life’s many simple treasures; throwing in the towel; banishing Arsenal to a very distant memory bank.

    Then I read One of Us’ article on Friday. These two, thought-provoking paragraphs below, perfectly summed up why i do, and always will continue to give my heart and lend my support to the mighty Gunners – through the heartaches, turmoil, euphoric and mirthful moments.

    “And what do we get out of it? For the time being any joy you might derive probably won’t be from vicarious achievement, because there isn’t much to be had beyond the small victories.

    Rather it’s in memories, friendship, togetherness and those shared moments of pain and joy. In the flesh it’s the heart-stopping roar of thousands of like-minded people joining in celebration and belting out songs. It’s in giving hell to the villains, who won’t be mentioned by name here. They think we’re doing it for them – wrong; it’s for us. It’s for our own unity.”

    Nice one, Big Al. One love, Yogi Warrior, Darius and the rest of ACLF family.


  23. “For me it is a sign of the callowness of some of the support that Jenkinson is almost having failure wished upon him so that the egotistical “I told you so” can be uttered. How low have Arsenal sunk?”

    Talk about “finger on the pulse”

    “More likely than that would be Theo Walcott moving to the centre, utilising his pace to the quick-thinking brain of van Persie’s skills: Wright and Bergkamp of this decade anyone?”

    Talk about “finger in the air”

    Just kidding Yogi ,don’t sin bin me

  24. It feels like well over a decade since we have had proper football. I can’t wait to see the squad go out there and play as a unit. I would love to see some tweak to the formation, but I am not counting on it actually happening…one can hope.

  25. Has anyone considered this as an option:


    I would be interested to see if this would work if Wenger is not willing to put Walcott up there yet. Who knows, I could just be grasping at straws, but I really want to see Van Persie play in an area that allows him to be more influential and not as dependent on service from a midfield that is not exactly firing on all cylinders at the moment.

  26. What about this line up

    kos——Per————-jd—— Santos—-

  27. Would not be opposed to that at all…I also thought this might work if we wanted to play a more direct style with crosses into the box from the left flank:

    kos——Per————-jd—— Santos—-

    This would give us a much more solid defensive set up while allowing for good crosses in for Chamakh. Maybe he could find some form if we actually play to his strengths.

  28. I am also curious to see what this Park fellow can do after all of his international success. He has to have something about him…

  29. YW

    I respect your decision by Moderating Abusive Comments. Looks as though you listened to me last time I was around;)

  30. Consols (and others) – appreciative for you sharing memories.

    Kenyan gunner – ’embracing optimism’ – the right approach to everything.

    YW – nice write up.

    On a side note:
    In January, I’d be in favor of the club going after Tevez.
    I think he’s just the right ‘TALENT’ to ignite our offense.

  31. I could really use some Jameson in my coffee right now…it is 4:50am here in California…the things I do for Arsenal…

  32. Doesn’t seem to be too many people at in Arsenal land for the early kick off. Awfully quiet for 30 minutes before kickoff.

  33. Thanks cbob for some wonderful nostalgia!

    Just wondering when might we see Pork Em Young used, he is our ‘form’ man?

  34. YW

    looks like your lineup was spot on except for ramsay

  35. Moe …who is in place of Ramsey?

  36. * 13 Szczesny
    * 04 Mertesacker
    * 06 Koscielny
    * 25 Jenkinson
    * 28 Gibbs
    * 07 Rosicky
    * 08 Arteta
    * 14 Walcott
    * 17 Song
    * 10 Van Persie
    * 27 Gervinho


    * 21 Fabianski,
    * 11 Santos,
    * 20 Djourou,
    * 23 Arshavin,
    * 26 Frimpong,
    * 30 Benayoun,
    * 09 Park Chu-Young


  37. Good to see Rosicky in the fray…I miss seeing those outside of the boot passes…

  38. viceologist

    rosicky, funnily enough ramsay not even on the bench

  39. I am stuck watching Fiorentina v. Cessena…the don’t switch to Arsenal coverage until exactly kickoff time here in the US…no pregame analysis or lineup confirmations…

  40. viceologist

    what channel you watching?

  41. Sunderland

    * 22 Mignolet
    * 04 Turner
    * 05 Brown
    * 11 Richardson
    * 16 O’Shea
    * 06 Cattermole
    * 07 Larsson
    * 14 Colback
    * 15 Vaughan
    * 27 Elmohamady
    * 28 Sessegnon

    *X H.Webb & Friends.


    * 20 Westwood,
    * 40 Laing,
    * 08 Gardner,
    * 18 Meyler,
    * 23 McClean,
    * 10 Wickham,
    * 17 Ji Dong-Won

    Wickham doesn’t get the start, the Slurgussian has picked Sessegon at CF.

  42. Ramsey rested for marseille?

    c’mon the gooooouuuners!!!!

    5:30 am viceoligist! Thats commitment!

  43. sessegnon from what i’ve seen is very dangerous, if he lines up on mert’s side we may be in trouble beause of pace

  44. Watching Townsend and Curbishley dissing Arsenal. Have they ever managed a team that won anything?

  45. Moe,

    it is on Fox Soccer PLUS here in the US…

  46. Team Selection Today (TST): A R S E N A L

  47. funnergunner,

    Story of my life…if it is a day game in England I am up at the crack of dawn. It is kind of nice though because I get to watch the game with no distractions whatsoever,

  48. COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rosicky to Van Persie to open up the scoring…

  49. viceologist: I got over this problem by moving east 🙂

  50. G4E,

    lol…I suppose that is one option…

  51. Im from Ireland so i have to deal with all the distractions :p

    never mind having two man city fans in the house!!

  52. funner,

    ouch…could it get any worse than living with Oil City fans? How do they even enjoy watching those cunts…

  53. It cost me and arm & a leg to move everything from AZ to VA and I’m a Single guy. It’s not recommended if you don’t have to 🙂

  54. and a chelsea fan thrown in for good measure!

  55. Not concerned with our line up …… just hope to see good form and take the 3 points.

  56. Hi everybody. Thanks for the post. I agree with evrything though not sure that fans are looking for jenkinson to fail , it might be some of them at least are hoping the manager can do something. Personally I real feel for the boy and hope that today he gets the chance to show what he can do. Teams are on their way out, good luck to everbody and enjoy. COYR

  57. yeaaaaaaaaah


  59. great start ….

  60. Bloody fucking 29 seconds.

  61. Rvp….chocolate leg as your face

  62. wonderful reaction and touch on to Gervinho – by Rosicky.

  63. Stunning from RVP

  64. Holy fucking piece of skill lfrom RVP…that was beautiful…so unlucky!

  65. chocolate what???

  66. Great start. Positive, sharp.

  67. That was Bergkamp-esque right there…

  68. RVP looks like he is tryng to prove one hell of a point…

  69. Another beauty from RVP. Hope some start going in soon.

  70. Arsenal n rvp all over Man u lite….sorry sunderland. COYG

  71. Poor Kenny Sansom sounds a bit lost on ATVO. He thinks we’re playing Man City.

  72. RVP is trying to win this one single handedly…

  73. got to remember to money on rvp hitting the woodwork every week !

    someone should make a compliation on youtube, painfull as it might be.

  74. Keep it down Gervinho…you are better than that…

  75. How did Gerv make that space open??

  76. But his approach play was a joy though viceologist, wasnt it?

  77. Gerv still looks a bit hesitant when he has time on the ball…he needs a crackin goal to boost the confidence.

  78. Gerv looks great…just needs to be a little more confident with the end product.

  79. Great interception by Gibbs. That’s what he brings our defence – speed of thought and fast high defence. Keeps the pressure on.

  80. Heh heh – our defence worried our blood pressure might be getting too low just woke me up.

  81. Chezzer lost the plot there for a second…close call

  82. wooooah-ciech !

  83. Links please. Anyone? Please. Already suffering from alienation in a new city and now arsenalness.

  84. Ah well. Not a lot anyone could do about that. No one’s fault, great strike. Sometimes you have to give them credit.

  85. that is how it goes for us…players save their best free kicks and wonder strikes for us…

  86. Another wonder strike. Well now to put this game to bed. COYG

  87. Hate Larrsönn’s goal but admire the technique.

  88. This is why football is such a great sport. One side can utterly dominate the other, the other team can appear depressed and out of it and one moment of individual brilliance puts the sides level.
    Exciting stuff, I’m enjoying this.

  89. Chezzer you fuckin beast!

  90. Jenkinson is not ready for this

  91. World class Gordon Banks stuff from Szcezzz

  92. What a save from Cheezer. Poor defending at fault again

  93. Gunnerjones – one mistake doesn’t negate all he’s done well.

  94. wow jenks is having a good game but done like a kipper there. hope people dont get on his back

  95. how is that not a yellow on Brown

  96. looks like the nerves are back in the stadium now

  97. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Ramsey isn’t on the bench – why not?

  98. Good stuff, we’re fighting back after the shock.

  99. Clerkenwell Gooner – He’s still depressed after the rugby.

  100. Great defending again by Kos. He’s pure class.

  101. This is a must win situation for my Gunners. We can’t afford to drop points. If this happens we are sunk. You can stick a fork in us. We need to get “W”. It is plain and simple as that.

  102. Fucking boo’s at half time.Arseholes

  103. We still look out of sorts in the midfield…Arteta is really not on his game so far today. We need to get RVP back on the ball again…when he was involved we were dominating.

  104. Clerkenwell Gooner

    @stewww lol – who wouldn’t be?

    but really, he’s not even made the bench? now that is depressing

    i’m a bit worried about him, though – in recent interviews, he speaks almost emotionlessly, very slowly, as if he’s very, very down-hearted, no spark

    having seen what happened at barça when bojan lost all confidence (perhaps to the point of a nervous breakdown, if you’ve watched his final presser before he was shipped out to roma), the pressure on these young blokes is tremendous

    aaron’s not only trying to cope in a midfield shorn of cesc and $ami, but also now without wilshere for the foreseeable

    i’m having a nervous breakdown on his behalf just thinking about it

  105. Great entertainment, just why we follow football. And an entirely unpredictable second half still to come.
    If we get back to how we started the match then Sunderland will reap the whirlwind.

  106. Jenks doing well aside from getting caught on the ball that one time. Is Walcott even on the pitch?

  107. Where is walcot?

  108. Clerkenwell, I know what you mean, but let’s hope he has the steel in his soul needed to come back. Remember he was brutally assaulted in public and his attacker didn’t even face trial. To go back and do your job after that is tough. I suspect he’s just being rested now TR7 is back.

  109. The moaning and groaning does not help confidence..come on guys full throated support for YOUR team in trouble..

  110. Rosicky rolling back the years

  111. I can’t help but think how different the midfield would look with Wilshere in there…he adds something totally different that would see us push on and take the game back over…can’t wait till he is back.

  112. The wonder goals have to stop at some point in time..doesnt it??

  113. Rainstorm in Nairobi bloody lost my feed.

  114. Based on the first half performances……
    We are playing a man down with Theo on the pitch. (replace with Ox)

    Song and Arteta are not making a stamp on the game.

    CB’s, when “adventuring” forward must insure their distribution is 100%.

    Give credit to Sunderland – not giving Arsenal any breathing room in midfield.

    Arsenal cannot survive relying on only RvP.

  115. Rosicky does look lively, some of his passes have been a little off, but he is out there trying to create…Arteta needs to pick up his game.

  116. for every round this year of voting for “goal of the week” its been atlest one goal against arsenal to vote for. cos every goal against us has been spectuacular.
    LIke a wonershot at the goal, a once in a lifetime hit by the scorer.

  117. Arsenal are really unlucky with the wonder strikes against department! Just take a count of amazing goals scored against us in the last 10 matches.

    Should be around 5 to 10 goals which is a lot. Expect the second half to be thrilling. COYG

  118. rvp needs help, nobody else looks like scoring..

    this has ‘oh shit’ written all over it..

    need to take those chances when we are dominating cos we look like conceeding again…

  119. I would support taking Walcott off for Arshavin…switch flanks with Gervinho and have a go…

  120. Other than a outstanding save from Chez that one mistake was a goal and us 2 – 1 down. So yes Stew it would have negated all the good.

  121. And how the hell do our own wondergoal efforts bounce back of the post and to no one in an arsenal shirt at that..some please bring back the “lucky lucky Arsenal”

  122. I was just thinking the same thing, Sriram. Thought we slowed it down just before the leveler but get the focus back in the seconf H and we can get more. How unlucky was RVP, oh my !

  123. Oh shit it already is JJ

  124. Listening to nicholas cage singing is a lot more exciting than listening to curbishley and co’s half time analysis

  125. Rosicky is having a really good game..dropping a bit too deep at times..he should remain much further forward IMO..can definitely get or make a couple today..

  126. well if we do loose tody, it will not help moaning about it will it?

    NO new players will come in befor xmas anyway…

  127. Just goes to show how thin the margins are…if RVP’s wonder chip hits the post 2 inches to the inside it deflects in for goal number two and we push on…it didn’t, and Larsson hits a wonder strike and the nerves hit…lady luck refuses to smile on the Arsenal. We have take the game by the scruff and put it to bed.

  128. Nick Cage should be commentating from an Arsena fans point of view,rants included

  129. I really don’t know why Theo starts at home

  130. Jenkinson can only get better though, and he will, cos he will learn from every game he plays. But anyone that has to step in for sanga will have a HUGE HUGE HUGE problem, cos Sanga is the best lb in the league.

    We simply cannot buy a better LB than Sanga atm…

  131. its looking same old same old george but theres still another 45mins to kill this game off…
    problem is we look more like killing ourselves..

  132. is theo even playing..

    come on son your playing for arsenal pull your sox up…

  133. Get the f*ck off Theo’s back you lot for chrissakes.

  134. and i dont think we should worry if rvp gets injured, i think if he does Chamakh will step up like last year. Hes proven he can.

    Gibbs will get that england spot soon though if he continues liket this…
    soon England will be full of Arsenal players… gibbs, the Ox, walcott, Wilshere….

  135. Theo been anonymous,,, Id put on Arsh and move Gerv over to the right. Cant be any less effective than the moment.

  136. @steww, Denilson is gone now, someone has to be blamed right? and Theo is such a easy target cos an important pundit has already said he has no brain…

  137. See? Brilliant from Theo.

  138. Loose balls just dont fall for us like they do other teams,,,

  139. ah fuck gibbs injured? :*(

  140. No one os blaming theo, every one has off days,, so wind in your neck Stew,,,

  141. Great run from TR7. He looks so good.

  142. fuckin dirty…Roiscky looks like he is 20 yrs old again running like that.

  143. Shut up jones I’m just supporting my team – what’s your excuse? Prick.

  144. Your such a sad little man Stew,, sad sad.

  145. nice rotational fouling by Sunderland

  146. Theo wins us a penalty. Except guess who is refereeing?

  147. That was totally unnecessary from Song…Kos had him covered all the way…

  148. Cant be a penalty if it was not given, you imagining things again Stew.

  149. well handballs are allowed against arsenal. did you not know?

  150. Song seems to give away atol of those, no danger there. Silly foul.

  151. Come on now RVP…time for your wonder strike.

  152. we should do routine fouls better we to like other teams..

  153. why are we so terrible from free kicks? Can anyone remember the last itme someone put a dangerous one on frame?

  154. fuckin dirty again…should be Brown’s second

  155. what penalty steww??

  156. Wow some really hard tackles flying in , some one is gonna get hurt soon.

  157. Rotational fouling. Disgusting display.

  158. JJ I think Stew is playing FiFA 11

  159. rotational fouling in action.. Do we train free kicks?

  160. I can the restlessness and I’m thousands of miles away.

  161. no way that’s a yellow..if that is yellow Brown should definitely have two and be off

  162. I can feel the restlessness and I’m thousands of miles away.

  163. Brown is X Man U Webb was wincing when he had to give him that yellow. He should be off the pitch.

  164. santos is good though

  165. Time to mix it up Wenger…Arshavin?…Park?…Chamakh?

  166. Our reserve LB looks pretty good.

  167. webb cannot give a red card to sunderland, that would mean an arsenal win. which is against his religion.
    beside bruce is a SAF pet, you dont mess with the masters pet.

  168. Song is such class,

  169. Pressure starting to build….

  170. The crowd are really starting to negatively im[pact the team…it is too much moaning and groaning over everything.

  171. well atlest we got our possesion game back, which has been a while since last. that is the step to redemption for us im sure.

    no possesion and no chancs is death… posession then atlest the oponent has no chances neither…

  172. yeah like last year poodle!

  173. I would take penetration over possession thank you.

  174. Confidence can’t be bought. All this team lacks is confidence. It’s catch 22 as that will only come with a run of wins and to achieve that we need confidence. And so on and on.

  175. I cannot see the game here in Miami, now is it looking?

  176. Song is a fuckin beast…

  177. opps… how is it looking… sorry just woke

  178. @duke last year we atlest got 4th place numty! you want that or not??
    cos surly you do not expect to win the league this year?
    We are playing for 4th place! and that is an imporent ingredient for us to REACH 4th place!

  179. ARSHAVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so close

  180. Two almost goals of the season today. If only, if only….

  181. I think George is right

  182. who you calling a numty poodle you fukin c*nt, back in your cage.

  183. i thought Rosicky was good

  184. you are a numty duke… but thats ok… i dont hold it against you…

    however you got to agree on the fact that having possesion is better than not having posession right?

  185. The Howard Webb factor really coming in to play now…watch out for ridiculous decisions going against us any moment.

  186. this is horrible,i feel sick

  187. Where’s Chamakh?

  188. 15 shots and just 3 on target again is disappointing 😦

  189. Rosicky’s best game for ages.

  190. Depends Poodle, other teams have less possession and seem to beat us comfortably.

  191. Arshavin looking great right now

  192. rosicky,arsenal 2nd best player, out.walcot stil wenger watching the same match?

  193. and poodle you are a big girls blouse.

  194. Arshavin to score a cracker for the win…

  195. what does park have to do to get a game

    so much pressure but we look toothless

  196. Alex Song has been majestic today but three times now the killer pass has eluded him just where it mattered.

  197. infact i think a blouse is more masculine then you.

  198. The physicality of Santos has been a help.

  199. How many does that cunt get?

  200. Brown has a free pass to foul between now and the end of the game. No more yellows from fergie’s pet.

  201. RVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  202. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssssss

  203. Thats it RVP


  205. Finally a goal from a free kick!


  207. Now we just need to be solid

  208. FUCKING COME ONNN!!!!!!

  209. robin van fucking persie

    tie him down to a new contract whatever the cost and in january go and get that man some help…

    now its time to defend..

  210. Sansom watching a different match poor old chap. Doesn’t think we deserve the lead.

  211. No danger he was always offside.

  212. Yes…
    Please, do not concede now, please…

  213. Now edge of the seats time as the kitchen sink begins it arc in to our box

  214. van persie u fucking beauty

  215. Rvp brilliant lets not do our customary switch off

  216. Finally a goal from a free kick……for now we ride the back of RvP.

  217. slow it down and keep the fucking ball

  218. Everything you can do we can do better. RVP still knows how to score from free kicks! YEAH!

  219. A captain’s strike. But silly yellow.

  220. Two words…world class

  221. get the ball to Arshavin…..he looks to have found some mojo….

  222. Players trying to stay calm and pass the ball at the back and panicking fans doing everything to unnerve their own team. Surreal.

  223. Hmmm. Another penalty?

  224. What the fuck is Benayoon doing…twice now putting us under pressure

  225. Played Theo. Calm, quick thinking, great challenge.

  226. Jenkinson has talent……reminds me of a rb Kos.

  227. no steww it was a fair challenge from theo.

  228. The energy in the stadium just unnerves everyone…it is getting to me and I am sitting at home

  229. song is just something else

  230. lol duke as i said its ok, i dont hold it against you.
    What is of more importance than us liking or disiliking eachohter is that Rosicky was good today, santos seems good and RvP took captains responsibility 🙂

    RvP is an arsenal legend, and with a new contract he can be as big as Bergkamp if he wants to.
    heck, for him only the sky is the limit!

  231. 5 minutes extra time for what exactly?

  232. 5 ephing minutes… the gods hate us

  233. Ironically probably for Sunderland’s time wasting.

  234. 5 minutes injury time…….what’s that about? Don’t remember seeing the match stopped for any lengthy injury.

  235. Webb gives Fergie time even when Man U are not playing…good to see.

  236. Well Webb has thankfully fucked up again. Song’s handball is automatic yellow ergo red.

  237. oh man, nervous as hell

  238. Needs to give Bruce’s side a chance of course…would you expect anything else

  239. 5 minutes?? as vice says, Webb really wants to give Sunderland the best chance….

  240. 3 well earned points…..

  241. thank fuck
    we played well but god we make it hard

  242. Thank god for that.

  243. Great entertainment right result. Good stuff.

  244. Final whistle…RVP is Mr. Arsenal…have to make sure we keep him signed up…if it means taking some of our transfer funds and putting it towards wages then make it happen…

  245. Yes…

  246. but im sure the papers will find some negative spin regardless…

  247. They gave us a run man!

  248. lets have no more talk of Jenks not being a good player.
    1 mistake in 905 minutes .well done lad

  249. we dont make anything easy do we..

    thank god we have the legend that is rvp..

    over reliance on one man though can be a dangerous game though.

  250. Thank fuc won absolutely vital

  251. well done everyone.

  252. A big 3 points and battling till the end. Robin reliant 2-Man U light 1.Sorry couldnt resist.COYG. Move on up.

  253. Did you hear our keeper say ‘All credit to you Robin’?

    Absolutely, but a pretty good team performance. We need to be more ruthless though but the signs are there for a side that is finding it’s feet.

  254. Arsenal 60/40 possession, Sunderland 19 fouls/Arsenal 9 fouls

  255. We do need some other folks to step up and do some scoring…I thought Arshavin’s attitude and performance warrants some more playing time…he looked well up for it. My only disappointment was the play of Walcott and Arteta. I thought they both could have done a lot better today.

    Great win though…much needed three points.

  256. good win, happy overall but we did look toothless, we have no problem getting into their box but its just we fuck up when we do it.

    Song is he best DM i’ve ever seen,in terms of one on one tackling that is enough said.

    van persie is van persie

    walcott is……….well, walcott lool

    arshavin is a better option than gervinho in my opinion, especially for teams that park the bus

  257. RVP. Arsenal legend.

    I thought we kept the ball well in the last minutes.

    Important 3 points well earned.


    Get innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

    Whew we needed that..Howard webb and the nervous energy around the stadium made it more nervy than necessary but we played really well today..

  259. and fuck me Van Persie is good!!! if he gets an entire season he will easily be the best striker in the PL.
    i think i would really really miss him if he left. Hes a wonderful player and he is indeed MR. ARSENAL for me.
    Cesc and Nasri were good, but young and non of em was mr. arsenal.
    But RvP is.

  260. I thought enks had a really solid second half..very well done..

    Rosicky MOTM..everything good went through him…

    And of course captain fantastic..Van the Man

  261. Opps..Jenks sorry…

  262. i thought Rosicky did well and i think Yossi will come good. i think the team is starting to “gel”.. and that is great!

  263. RVP just needs some help from those around him and this team can push on…Gervinh still isn’t fully on pace and Walcott is very inconsistent still…anyone remember the days when all of our goals were coming from midfield and people were worried about our strikers not being involved…would love to see some of that come back.

  264. @mdgunner
    nice run up to Stoke game though. We know THEY are dirty bastards… so by having the light version the weekend before, then we are well prepared mentally.

  265. We’re great at GK and striker, need some help in the middle. But considerign we lost our top three midfielders, we’re decent.

  266. We got Stoke at home right?

  267. i beilive that our defence isn’t THE problem, its A problem soometimes but these are the real problems

    the problems are

    1.high line
    2.we give the ball away, when there isnt enough players in support we seem to panic because we dont know who to pass to and we end up losing it
    3.defenders carry the ball forward and end up losing it creating a huge gap
    4. we play out wide to cross blindly, we just automatically assume theres someone there.
    that would be okay for a team like stoke but arsenal arent known for headers, we should play through the middle, go out wide and then come back inside

  268. Everytime RvP has a decent look at goal, I think it’s in. Doesnt always go in, but haven’t had that much confidence in a player since I dont know when. He doesn’t really miss good chances. Messi you think will score, but after that, it’s RvP for me.

  269. Agree that Rosicky looked good. Quick, decisive, confident with his runs. We may miss bodies in the box though to give the final ball options.
    We are so much better with Song in midfield.
    And Arshavin we love is coming back.

    RVP, I love you.

  270. Arshavin is almost back

  271. Jenk is ok, but very one dimensional. He either looks to cross (even though we suck at getting on the end of corsses without chamakh), or he hoofs it back towards SZCZ

  272. If Jenks continues playing that badly he’ll end up a very good player. One mistake the whole game’s a very bad statistic!

  273. I feel much much much much better now.
    Free AA

  274. What Arshavin needs now is a goal

  275. funny no one noticed that Gervinho did get an assist

  276. We looked MUCH better when Santos came on. He can pick out a pass, super comfortable on the ball and doesn’t give it away. When he and Arshavin came on, we were much better. He gives us that extra quality we need. Very fluid with him in there.

  277. leftpinky crap analysis of Jenks.Utter bollocks.

  278. @moe i think one of our problems is that we play a very demanding type of football. Its a style that demands very technically gifted player and 100% concentration. It also demands that the plaeyrs know eachother well and can almost pass the ball “blind”.

    The list you have made reflects that style and the problems that comes with it i think.
    I thought we looked better today than for a long time. Its prefect to meet Sunderland and Stoke now. Two good teams but not top notch. THey are good enough so that a win gives plenty of self esteem.
    Its not like meeting Chelsea or Swansea. Ones we beaten Stoke and Sunderland and Bolton on CC, we are ready to take on Chealsea and actually win.
    A gradually and steady buildup of conficende against physically strong teams that are solid.
    just what we need 🙂

  279. Jenkinson’s crosses are the best in our team to be honest, just because no one gets on the end of one it gets overlooked

  280. Jenks isn’t terrible, plays hard, just young and needs more experience and confidence passing it around. It’ll come in time, 2-3 years, unfortunately Eboue would have been perfect this year, Jenks in 2-3 years.

  281. I would still love to see Arshavin in the AM role with Song and Arteta behind him…he is someone that can unlock things when he is up for it…and he definitely looks hungry to get his place back these days.

  282. jenks need time, after 6 games im sure we will see a totally different player.
    He will take quantum leapes as a player this season im sure of it. everybody does when they get into the first team. they then either floar or sink….

  283. a time is surely coming when wenger realises that walcott shouldn’t be a starter for arsenal.wenger be brave and make that decision.if pace is the only thing a player brings to the team, why not sign up hussain bolt?

  284. @vice you think Yossi can be good there too? did he not play something like that in Liverpool before?

  285. Sorry PG.

    Save Andrei for such cameos, a start every few games. He doesn’t have the fitness to slog it out over 270 minutes every week, it’s why he lost his place last season. And it’s one reason why Theo starts ahead of him. At Home too!

    I expect he’ll get the start in Marseille. Possibly in the middle of the three behind RVP? I can see that happening at times, if it doesn’t already with the way Arsenal play*, but only when chasing a goal.

  286. Our shots at goal to shots on target ratio needs a major lift, if we are getting the opportunity to shoot then we have to make the keepers work. The fact that RvP is our only reliable goal scorer is a huge issue.

    All that said, I’m happy we were able to get out of the game with a win.

    No AOC on the bench, injury? And I saw Gibbs came off again due to injury, what was it?

  287. Why pendantic? he just blindly throws in the crosses. We’re not a team for that. When you Chamakh in, that’s fine, but otherwise not the wisest course of action. Cross after cross got turned away by Sunderland. THey were all prayers, not what we needed. Did we even get close to scoring on one? He had one play near 75 min mark where he was at the right side of box and no one between him and goal and he crossed it instead of going in 3-4 steps and making a short 5 foot pass to RvP. He’s young, but we need better and that’s down to Wenger.

  288. poodle,

    Yossi looks like a tricky AM as well. He reminds me of a lesser version of Hleb in his hayday…I wouldn’t mind seeing him in there if Ramsey can’t find his best form for a bit…

  289. Arshavin looked really good. Hopefully we’ll see more of that, but who knows. He looked good through the center too. Would like to see Santos-Gervinho-Arshavin triangle, but we’d get killed defensively with that.

  290. @he will prove you wrong leftpinkey… he will be good enough..

  291. leftpinky

    i think everyone in our team crosses blindly, it’s in their code somewhere lol

    jenks is just following protocol, but seriously he is a very good player, but you can tell hes inexperienced

  292. I am really hoping that the competition AOC brings is going to push something more out of Theo… that, or finally move the lad to a central striking role and see what if anything he can do with his pace.

  293. The 5 extra minutes almost stank the place out.
    Especially when compared to the first half (3 minutes ‘injury’ time I think) where some Sunderland player had a cut to the head off some glancing contact.
    That’s what Arsenal have to beat every game.

    ‘Fuck ’em all.’

  294. lets not be too hasty now..
    this was a good result but its just one result..
    theres a long long way to go, without robin this team is still struggling so lets hang fire with the gelling business and see if we can put a run together first..

    we smashed bolton a few week back and fat lot of good that did us..
    one game at a time..

  295. Rvp never fails getting us out of trouble. We shouldn’t rely on him that much. Because if he does indeed gets injured again then who shall we call that reliant Player?

  296. poodle, no doubt, Im sure he will be a good player….in 2-3 years. But we’re very thin on top quality and Sagna was probably the best RB in the PL. For a team struggling going forward as it was, losing someone of that quality is a big hit. The team seems to have confidence in him, though and that’s a good thing…always kept passing to him. Much needed win. Lets win midweek on the weekend and we’ll be in very good shape. We do need a top top class midfielder, though. Hopefully jack comes back to where he was, but we still need one more player. Won’t get hazard, but need someone near that.

  297. Why? because that is not all he does.leftpinky

    finsbury ,apology not accepted 🙂 Arshavin is our most creative player.
    He should play behind Robin with no defensive duties to run his batteries down.
    You know I am always right so stop arguing 🙂

  298. @leftpinky lets just hope he proves you wrong before that, he does not have to be world class, its enough that hes just good.
    he has to prove you wrong cos hes the only one we got until xmas 🙂

  299. I still get the feeling that Walcott has not worked out how to change speeds and control the ball while running at pace. He always looks to be a little out of control…if he would just drop it down a gear sometimes I think it would help him immensely. If Theo ever does develop that close control then opposing teams are in for a nightmare.

  300. Now for the magpies to beat the spuds and that would conclude a decent weekend.

  301. Miami Arsenal

    i agree, because walcott needs to change in my opinion, his metality and the way he thinks needs to change. Or needs to stay everyday after training and train hard on dribbling and shots. Because he’s one of those players where you think if he worked on himself abit more he could be devastating. Theres something lacking in walcott i think, don’t get me wrong he’s brilliant at times but it’s just something is missing, something that could potentially make him world class

  302. JJ, beating Bolton was huge for us, 3 points.

    Anyway, I wish we could stop over analyzing the game and enjoy the 3 points. As a team we played well, the more comfortable the players get to both the system and each other, better will come.

    I agree with Mr. Bob said, this display looked like a team finding its feet. We came out in the 2nd and looked likely to win it at some point. Very good!

  303. Theo needs to improve his left foot. As a RW, he needs to go inside more and he has a hard time bc his left foot is weak. Wouldnt mind seeing him on the LW since as we’ve all agreed, we dont need to cross the ball since no one gets on the end of them 😛 Theo always needs to go right, so big issues with that when the other team is fresh and he cant run by them. Plus tough without Cesc and Nasri lobbing the ball down the field perfectly for him to run to.

  304. Arshavin in the hole is just what we need right now. That creative spark is still lacking in midfield. If we are worried about defensive duties, pair one of Frimpong or Le Coq with Song behind him and let him have free reign to do his thing. I just feel like we are afraid to give him that responsibility.

  305. I think Vice is correct about Theo. If he would slow down a bit, he would kill people with a simple shift and/or change of pace. He will get there though, I have no doubt.

  306. I think there is a player called park, we bought him but we seem to not want to give him a chance, oxlade gets chances but not park hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  307. viceologist I agree Song and Le Coq would be well solid
    Yossythegoon could spell him if he needed a rest,or Rosicky or even Arteta

  308. Mo ,I would have given him a go and pulled Theo

  309. Oh ok then Pedantic George

    Don’t worry, I’ve checked my crystal football and Andrei will probably start against Marseille (as opposed to Stoke?). Gervais as well with Theo dropping to the bench.


    Right. Back to work. Have fun.

  310. Paul N

    well i do doubt abit, i think walcott is one of those players where he needs to be stuff sometimes. He needs someone to take the initiative and tell him

    i remember there was a period of time i think last season where walcott had his shirt arms rolled up and he looked mean, he looked like he meant business and he kept scroing, he was decisive and he looked like a player who would destroy you if ur not carefull

    but now he’s kinda gone bak to the old theo

  311. I see no problem with telling Arshavin to go out and play his heart out for 60 to 70 minutes a game and then bringing on Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta, or even Diaby when he tires…

  312. Paul N

    OMG i just remembered Diaby, long time. When is he back? I kinda miss him in our team, with his long strides and unpredictable running

  313. Oh yes good point I had forgotten about Diaby.
    I hope he is finally fit

  314. Last I heard Diaby was about 2 weeks away from being ready.

  315. Moe, so Wenger is talking to Walcott?

    As inconsistent as many think he is, RVP was grateful to him for many assists. He may frustrate but many times his play leads to goals.

    The young man will come good and I am glad that Wenger continues to believe in him.

  316. “isn’t” talking to…

  317. Yes he will be back for the Bolton game.Good game for a run out I think

  318. Hope he is ready but next weekend More, Diaby has all the potential in the world and is the sort of direct player that we could use now.

    When we get all of our players back and some of our other signings going, our team will be very good.

  319. Hope he is ready “by” next weekend “Moe”, that is!!!!!

  320. Van Persie’s second goal was amazing. Right before he took it I said to myself that today would be a good day for him to crack one in. He took that free kick like he used to take them at Feyenoord, soft and silky. If his little chip over Mignolet would’ve gone in it would’ve been goal of the season.

    Rosicky looked like a young player. He was absolutely everywhere. He basically dribbled Sunderland’s midfield while he was on the pitch.

    Jenks was solid. He gives us something out wide that we lack with Sagna on the pitch. His crossing is excellent too. That run he made for Rosicky is something I’d like to see us use more often. We should always have our RB running at their backline when they double up on Theo. I also liked the way he used the ball when he broke deep.

    Alex Song is our Berlin wall. Nothing can get around him. His passing was a bit off today, but he was very tuned in defensively. The way he takes the ball away and keeps it is second to none. For me, Song is the best DM in the league and perhaps Europe.

    Szczesny’s save after their goal is what got us the three points. However, I think that he got his angles wrong for the Larsson freekick.

    Arteta was busy. That’s about all I have to say about his perfromance. Running around and intercepting the ball he was great, but creatively he lacks a bit of spark. Good game nonetheless. Silly handball to give them a freekick right outside of our area.

    I thought Gibbs was good before he came off. I was fiddling around with my stream so couldn’t see if he came off injured. If he did, I hope it’s nothing major.

    Our back line was solid when the ball was on the ground. This is in large part due to the excellent work Song and Arteta did right infront of them. Aerially, bar a few instances when O’Shea and Brown made contact first, they were also secure. If it weren’t for being put under pressure by some bad passing they would’ve had a perfect game. Per and Laurent are forging quite the partnership.

    Gervinho and Theo were virtually invisible today, but I think it was due to our midfielders not being able to find them. Gervinho had a couple of moments of brilliance and Theo was much, much better late on in the game. Sunderland sat deep, but we should be pinning them back even deeper with Theo’s pace and Gervinho’s trickery.

    Arshavin made all the difference in this game. He was able to deal with the lack of service better than Gervinho did and he made his presence felt because of it. The dutch commentator I was listening to called him Alberto Tomba when he made that play where he dribbled Sunderland’s entire defence.

    The match was what one would expect after a long international break. Even more so when one considers that pauses such as these hinder our gelling process. Ratings-wise I give this game a 7.5. We played some really good stuff, but we put pressure on ourselves unnecessarily. This was another game where we dominated possession, but failed to make it pay off and ended up having to contain a shitty team like Sunderland.

  321. On my way home from the game very pleased with the 3 points, but I cannot believe the anti-Theo comments. He was not at his best, but he was not the worst. At least he didn’t nearly cost us with a schoolboy handball in a perfect position for Larsson’s goal.

  322. What’s this nonsense about Theo? He spent most of this game dropping back to help Jenks and often found himself making runs that no one in our midfield bothered looking at. The few chances he did get, however, where always dangerous. That’s why Wenger kept him on.

  323. We will play much better when the nerves settle.
    We are better than Spurs and Liverpool.No question about it!!!

    Where is Dexter and Darius.If they don’t show up soon they will be on a charge for desertion.

  324. must have a proper wide screen telly to see stuff like that.
    Where did you get it from ,because I want one

  325. Forgot to mention Andre Santos. For some reason he came to Arsenal with a reputation for being good in attack and so-so in defence. Every time I’ve seen him play for us or Brazil he reconfirms what I’ve always felt. He’s a bloody good defender, period. Our left side was on lock when he came on and gave us a confidence lift that was noticeable. His combination play with our midfield and especially Arshavin was enjoyable to watch.

  326. George, I saw it on a stream. On a 5″ x 5″ screen to be exact. I can’t count how many times I saw Theo in space, waving his hands frantically so the ball would be passed to him. I also can’t count how many times Sunderland had moves on their left broken down because Theo got in Richardson’s face.

    He worked for the team today and I think it’s super unfair to call him out for not having had a bigger impact offensively. If I were Theo I’d be rightly pissed about reading such idiotic comments.

  327. Gainsbourg69 I agree on Santos.He looks a steel.

  328. Gainsbourg69 Well I saw him standing with his arms up so I will give you that.
    He was largely anonymous though .
    I would not start him at home.But what do I know?The boss does and that will do for me.Tells me I am wrong and you are right .As it goes.

  329. Anti Theo vs. Pro Arsenal (you pick the interpretation)

    Arsenal fans want the team to succeed and most would prefer any lineup that achieves the most points over insisting their favorite player.

    If a player isn’t making an impact on the pitch, then there’s nothing wrong with comments that support a change in personnel.

    I thought Arshavin should have come on for Theo – not for Gervinho. But that’s how I saw the match to that point.

    A player doesn’t have to score to make an impact……win tackles and 50-50 balls, steals, solid defense, win back possession, assists, creating problems for his defender. For me, I saw a need for another player on the right wing, but everyone has their own level of expectation.

    Theo’s biggest obstacle is that he started the sport so late…….and in my opinion he has not improved on his execution of 1v 1; dribbling with change of pace, and combination play. His game at the moment does not conform to our flowing combination play.

    Right now, his play is like a light bulb, ‘on or off’ and the player has not worked hard enough at his game to have control over the ‘on’ position.

  330. Gains…..good remarks.

  331. Agree re Santos Gains, his defending was impressive as was Kos. I am looking forward to the return of TV as that trio at the back would be great – pacy and technically good on the ball

  332. As someone who actually went to the game instead of sitting at home tapping my keyboard ,arsenal were poor today.Gibbs for England? Rosicky like a young player?FFS wind your necks in,R V P won that game on his own against a terrible side.Better than Pool and Spurs, do not insult my intelligence,the movement all over the pitch was sluggish and our passing was predictable.Oh well,i suppose top four here we come ha ha

  333. Yes. I’d never have imagined a game where RVP dragged the Arsenal to the victory.
    Never seen it before. Ever.

    Basil, was this your first game since, oh, about 2005?

  334. Basil, I was also at the game and I think your view is harsh. Some players looked out of sorts but there were equally good moments too.

    I was really pleased to be there to witness the return of RVP free kick goals as I was also there for his last one against the same opponent when he nearly broke the crossbar with the ferocity of his strike!

    Arsesession | October 16, 2011 at 4:48 pm

    I agree Arsesession except it is usually the same players who get all the criticism while others get a free pass. There was another player on the pitch today, 7 years his senior who came to us with all this PL experience but I’m still waiting to be impressed. I don’t see anyone criticising his performances when in fact we should be expecting more from the more experienced players but it always seems to be the other way around. Experienced players get a pass and the up and coming players get every weak game or moment in a game blown out of all proportion.

  335. Arsesession, I completely disagree regarding Theo. His game wasn’t off today as much as no one was looking for him. The few passes he did receive today always turned into something. This happens most games. He is hugely important for us despite some not seeing how or why he is.

  336. Theo is not an up and coming player.period.

  337. Anybody would think we lost the fuckin game…fair enough there were some below par performances and RVP put in I herculean performance….but win the game on his own he did not.Was it not Gervinhos well timed pass that created the opportunity. It was a spirited team performance with RVP putting the icing on the cake. Over analysis is unneccessary. Just enjoy the victory folks. Utd won a whole season without being convincing and no one batted an eyelid.

  338. Theo is always a dead end

  339. Ok Passenal this is for you.
    I have not been impressed with Arteta up until yet.
    For ne he should not be starting and when all are fit I don’t believe he will

    Basil,fuck off. Miserable bastard

  340. what was the official attendance today???

  341. I agree with passenal, there were worse players out there then Theo.

  342. Credit to the side for the result & their endeavour today. The amount of times we`ve wasted chances & leads is too numerous so when we actually see a game through with some professionalism it`s nice to see.

    Obviously RVP will deservedly take the plaudits but I thought Song was immense. Of the others, TR7 had a decent game & Jenkinson was impressive with his willingness to take responsibility. Nice cameo from AA too.

  343. ace, he may have been with us for a while, but he is 22 years old – even RVP was not doing much for us at 22.

    Gooner4Life, didn’t you realise that Arsenal are held to a different standard? Just like this one – Arsenal fouls 9, yellow cards 3, Sunderland fouls 19, yellow cards 3. How Richardson came out of the game without a card is beyond me since his go to move to stop Walcott or RVP was the body check and wrestle to the ground. Would have been a good move were this WWF instead of football. And as for the Sunderland player with the spectacular tuck and roll that got Kos’ carded, he should have seen yellow for simulation. As usual, Coward Webb allowed the rotational fouling to go largely unpunished

  344. I wouldn’t go as far as to say he shouldn’t be starting george, I just think some perspective is required. He contributes, but he’s not as good (just as others are not as bad) as some would have you believe.

  345. lets not forget Szesney who once again saved our bacon.

  346. I struggle to understand some of the complaints, we crafted 21 shots during the course of the game compared to 7 for Sunderland. There is no question in my mind that our finishing needs some work but it’d be worse if we were not creating any chances. It was 3 points, I’ll take that everytime.

    It is funny that when Arsenal battle to victory whilst not firing on all guns we are deemed a poor side yet when the so called “contenders” do it is seen as champions getting the desired result regardless of the performance.

    Arsenal won, 3 points in the bag and a touch more confidence going forward. Things to work on? definitely, but it all helps the cause.

  347. Huge win today. 3 points was a must. RVP is probably the best striker in the PL. Performance could have been better in spots but that does not matter in the least. Need another result next week at home vs. the great demon Stoke and then a win in the CC vs. Bolton and we will be back on track.

    Fingers crossed for a draw at St. James Park. A draw would see us gain 2 points on all the significant teams above us in the race for 4th.

  348. Rosicky was great today – best game I’ve seen him play in ages. What was great to see was his turn of pace a couple of times, where he left some players in his dust. Seems to really have those injury blues behind him.

    Santos should be our starting left back. He is a tough little bastard and a much more clinical player than Gibbs.

  349. Spuds 2 Newcastle 2… staying that way is a great result for us 🙂

  350. Hi everyone, just got on the train back to Leeds and well happy with the win. I was marginally away from being right in line with RVP chip and was convinced it’d go in off the post!

    Disappointed with Walcott today, he needs to make himself available for a pass far more frequently than he does and should be helping stretch the game a lot more.

    Having said that, we were well worth the win today and hopefully can do the same next weekend.

  351. Newcastle just equalized with 5 minutes left. Perfect.

  352. Passenal,are you saying we have to wait for a 28yr old theo to see the best of him?theo is an experienced arsenal player,he should be doing better than hugging the touchlines,running and losing balls in that order

  353. Basil, where were you sitting? Passenal was at the game and she saw it not too differently than us keyboarders did. Was I watching a different game or didn’t Rosicky take on and beat half of Sunderland’s team on multiple occasions? His running and tackling were also impeccable. I don’t know if you could see it from the where you were sitting, but I haven’t seen him play this well since the season when he played with Hleb in the middle.

  354. ace -0K we all get it; you in your wisdom don’t like Theo. We totally understand that. Message received.
    Got anything else to say?

  355. G69,you are right about tr7,he was arguably our standout player bar song.but i thought tr7 played as a left winger while hleb played on the left.flamini and fab4 bossed the middle.

  356. Why are some of us so bloody negative. Can’t we ALL enjoy the win for tonight at least?

  357. Gainsbourg69,Basil was sitting with he preconceived opinions sitting around him.What happened on the pitch today is irrelevant.

  358. Theo has had better games but who cares ? We won

    On Arteta – he may have 7 years PL experience but playing for Arsenal is different to Everton in so many ways.

    I thought he was poor today but it`s still too early to make judgements IMO

  359. Just wanted to say thank you to the majority of posters as I could not see the game. I am on vacation in Seattle and kept checking in on my I-phone for updates. 🙂 Great win and look forward to watching the highlights later on. Just hope Newcastle can nick it against the enemy.

  360. I see the Theo slamming hasn’t subsided. Get it out of your systems now because he’s one of Wenger’s favorites and we’re going to see shit loads of him this season. By the way, Jenkinson had a very good game thanks in no small part to Theo watching him like a hawk. Re-watch the game and you’ll see what I’m talking about because apparently you’re like dogs watching a ping pong game. All you do is watch where the ball goes and everything else just disappears.

  361. Yeah G69,theo does a lot of watching

  362. It figures, George. Sunderland, like any team in the top flight is capable of beating anyone on their day. But, apparently, they are a shit team who we should’ve beaten by five or six goals. Idiots like Basil are a waste of a ticket since all they do is show up already knowing how the game should play out.

  363. Gainsbourg69.Ok next time I will wait for you in your wisdom to tell us how everybody played.

  364. Theo ran his arse off today. Pity that you have tunnel vision and can’t follow the play. Otherwise you would’ve seen it.

  365. ace, Theo does more than than that now. He’s not RvP, he’s never going to be a player of that calibre, but what is meant is that he is progressing very well for a 22-yr-old and he is not yet at his peak. Agreed?

    Lovely to get the three points. And great to see you back, Passenal. Missed ya!

  366. Sorry if I am echoing previous comments i haven’t the inclination to work through them all!

    For what it is worth, my ten penneth: Rosicky was properly extraordinary today – real purpose and confidence on the ball.

    Jenkinson was a proper pain for them – great shift.

    Hard to shift the feeling we miss a proper striker – for all our fantastic play, and there was a lot, we could easily have come away with a point or nothing today (thanks Chez!).

    That said, the ref was a coward twice Sunderland players on yellows were ‘let off’ and it’s hard to escape the suspicion that it is because they were already booked and he lacked the guts to make the call.

    Why no Ox?

  367. I don’t want to come off like I know more than every one else, George, but the way some people interpret what they see is astounding. I mean, how can you say that Theo just watched the game when it was clear to anyone who pays attention that he spent most of the game either covering for Jenkinson or getting himself into space.

  368. Ping pong woof woof!

  369. Gains, I think you are right about how much Theo supported Jenks and that probably inhibited his game today. Also the threat of Theo’s pace mostly kept Richardson in his half. I know some people were complaining about who was picked and who was rested, but we do have a match against Marseille in the week and I would not be surprised to see Gervinho, Park and Chamakh playing given their experience in the French league.

  370. Wes Brown and Kierran Richardson should’ve been ejected for persistent fouling.

  371. FunGunner | October 16, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    Thanks FG, I decided to take a little break after the last game since there wasn’t any real football on anyway. The internet was in danger of sucking all the fun out of following Arsenal, so I needed to re-group!

  372. official attendance 60.078???

  373. Passenal, Theo was a large reason for why Jenks had such a good game. I can’t remember one instance when he was left two against one in the whole game. He was also able to get forward quite easily thanks to all the space Theo opened up for him.

  374. Have to say I disagree with the assessments of theo so far.
    I thought he made himself far too easy to pick up for most of the game and often ‘hid’ behind their full back.

    Jenkinson did have a good game though. Only one nervy moment in the first half but a series of decent balls into their area.

  375. DukeGoonem: no way! Maybe 57k but also a large, large number of paper tickets in the lower tier, which is virtually unheard of. Next 3 home games all on general sale as well.

  376. I can’t count the number of times i was screaming for theo to be available for a pass.on other hand, he’s the reason richardson was scared to make forays upfront i must admit.

  377. Every ticket was sold.
    If they dont show up because times are tough .Fuck them.

  378. just back from the match, i will give the team 6/10 and Rvp 10/10, thats not to say he was the only shining light today.
    Rosicky was outstanding and really entertaining, Jenks had a Howler on the touchline that nearly gifted a goal if not for another class save from Chez, but after that grew in stature and dare i say it looked better then Theo who was if anything better in defense.
    Gibbs was winning some important battles and Santos looks classy at times.
    Now the negatives Arteta looks competent but hardly excites with his lack of imagination.
    Gerv was good today but does not do enough for me (i know he laid on the goal)
    Song started off quite bad but by the end was playing as we know he can.
    get down on ur knees Arsenal fans and offer up thanks to the football Gods for one Robin Van Persie.

  379. Is it possible that Arteta is playing within himself for fear of making mistakes in the current atmosphere.?

  380. Jenkinson,all you need now is confidence to do the things you know you can do with the ball.your crosses are a joy to eyes wearied of seeing sagna and theo’s poor crosses

  381. george,


  382. I wish I knew what it was george, but he should be offering so much more and with his experience you would expect him to be resilient enough to just go for it – he has a lot of goodwill on his side at the moment, so he needs to strike while the iron is hot.

  383. I agree Ace, the kid done good, he has the ability and as you point out needs confidence

  384. Pedantic George: on Arteta, yes possibly and also possibly because he doesn’t want to commit too much til he understands his teammates’ play 100%.

    On the ticket thing, not every seat was sold. It was on GS yesterday. The number of paper tickets at the turnstiles was very surprising.

    Anyway, my battery’s tanking so i’ll be quiet for an hour or two.

  385. Just a quick post from me to try and settle some nerves that we are going to lose our Captain. A.K.A. Mr. Arsenal. A direct quote from the man himself, apologies if someone posted it earlier 🙂

    “”I want to say something about my commitment to Arsenal because there have been many stories in the media lately,” said Van Persie.

    “I am committed to Arsenal, and that’s how it is, despite people [in the media] making up stories. For example, they said I was selling my house, but that’s nothing recent, I moved house last year.

    “I see stories which make me laugh, but I can see how frustrating it is from the fans’ point of view. But I am committed to Arsenal. I am captain, and fans should not believe everything they read.

    “As for that house story, the house has been for sale for a while, but I’m not living on the streets or anything, I have found a really nice house, and yes, it’s in London! So I want to put that straight, I am committed, and I will show that on the pitch.”

    Loving the win, all the sweeter knowing Man Utd., Liverpool and the Spuds all dropped 2 points. How is it our season is being called over and Liverpool’s is being hailed as excellent when only 4 points seperate us? I mean if they are playing at their best and we have room for improvement, surely then by the end of the season we will be above them? And yes my rose-tinted glasses are firmly in place!! 🙂

  386. Some twat who used to play for the scousers and RM said shrek was the best player in the league. I think RVP’s performance today and for the year has put that to bed. RVP is without doubt in the top three in the world at this moment, and this in the toughest league on the plant, and as a captain.

    We are sooooo lucky to have a fit RVP.

  387. How is it our season is being called over and Liverpool’s is being hailed as excellent when only 4 points seperate us?

    And we have had 7 points stolen by bad ref’s.And that is not an excuse its a fact.

  388. Harry, Shrek is not even the best player in Manchester

  389. Is Arteta better then Denilson??

  390. That is a matter of opinion Duke!

  391. Eveing

    A well needed 3 pooints. In the cold light of day that is all that matters.

    However, it is quite scary how avergae we have become.

  392. I think Arteta will come good. He used to boss the midfield for Everton and I have no doubt he’ll do it for us.

  393. No Dexter it is scary how average we look when our confidence is shot.
    We are much better than average.

  394. This team is better than average. We may not be were we need to be as yet, but we will get there.

  395. Dexter, we will look better when we have Diaby, Wilshere and Vermaelen back and some of the new boys have a chance to adjust to a new team/league. Four of our best players are currently missing. If they were fit and healthy, I’m sure they would all be starting ahead of their replacements.

  396. George

    How long before this confidence returns man?

    Its been 9 months mate. I think we are playing far worse than the sum of our parts, that is true.

  397. Paul N .I think you are very cleaver .You think like me 🙂

  398. I believe Arteta is still feeling the team out. I do agree that he should be more aggressive though, he is better than what he is showing us thus far.

  399. Passenal

    I hope you are right.

    We looked poor against a shite Sunderland team and even worse against a champuonship elect team in Blackburn. Every week I think we will turn the corner and every week it just doesnt happen.

  400. Dexter your lucky george likes you or he would have had you over the average comment.

  401. You are up on a charge Dexter my man .MIA and desertion.
    Prepare your defense .

    Its only 4 playing months though 🙂

  402. PG,
    So true. RVP has now scored 22 in 26 starts, if one counts hitting the posts he would have an unbelievable record.
    I doubt the media will acknowledge his overall contribution.

  403. Duke

    Calling us average at present is being being nice to George dude! 😀

    Then again we are bang mid table aint we? 10th place! 😀

  404. George

    I am like the Arsenal

    My defence is full of holes! 😀

  405. honestly they can all play like monkey asses in every game for all i care aslong as we win.

  406. Due to the refs that is Dex, get it right bro!

    Brilliant minds George.

  407. All I need now is for Darius to trap and I can recall the search parties.

  408. If the Refs had done their jobs we would be 4th 2 points behind Chelsea.
    Perhaps even better because we would not have been under the cosh and may have preformed better.

  409. Poddle, he has not said he is staying(sadly) just that he is committed .
    As Cesc said last year 😦

  410. absolutley true george, but nobody knows what the future brings. i hope he stays 🙂

  411. oh and for once the papers is not smearing “everyone wants to flee arsenal” . and “stars hate arsenal” articles…

  412. then again why would RvP stay on after AW leaves? i bet he like many others feels commitment to Wenger and probably would not mind so much to leave the club ones Wenger is gone…

  413. I think Robin will stay.

    We will need to splash some cash, instead of hoarding it under the mattress though.


    I know bruv, the refs have stiffed us as per usual. But the team need to get back to the levels they are capable of. Fuck it, maybe this is the start of a 15 game winning streak!

  414. poodle .correct ,correct and correct.

  415. poodle are you talkin about some fans in that statement aswell????

  416. Duke,can you read my mind?
    What do you think I am telling you to do right now?

  417. Yeh Dex, an unbeaten run would be great.

    It is crappy to be where we are but on the other hand, it is exciting to see how far we can climb up the table.

  418. I agree with Wenger, that we didn’t make our free kicks count as much as we should of. That is one thing that I admit disappointed. Hopefully RVP’s goal will give him the confidence in his free kick abilities again. What a blow wow goal!

  419. Paul during the game I was thinking Sunderland didn’t mind knocking us off the ball around their penalty box since we were completely hopeless with our free kicks. But they took one chance too many and our ‘rope a dope’ reeled them in for the knockout punch!

  420. Duke

    Poodle and George will be off if Wenger leaves mate.

    Now, do you really want that to happen?

  421. maybe to carry on your great humour in your place once wenger goes.

  422. I have just been arguing on Twitter and a “realistic fan” informed me that not only is Wenger shit ,but,(you are not going to believe this)he was shit between 2002 and 2005 and should have been sacked then.
    His reasons?
    He failed to win back to back titles.
    Fucking priceless.And he took the hump when I called him a twat!!!!!!!

  423. Dexter,

    i dont know who i’d be more upset to see leave, Wenger or George.

  424. You can go off people you know

  425. George

    George Graham was shit as well then man. Only Herbert was worthy.

    I think Wenger owes it to Poodle and george to sort it and get his freaking mojo back. 😀

    I watched the scousers vs mancs yesterday and that was a right fecking bore fest. Makes it all the more annoying really.

  426. Oh George have you and Duke fallen out again?

  427. Duke If I say you ARE funny can we be pals again?

  428. Does Diaby actually exist? Every week it seems he is still another two weeks from a return

  429. Well he seems to have fallen out with me Dexter .Which is a bit rich.Me being such a nice bloke and all.

  430. MD he will be back for the cup match against Bolton.No problem.

  431. You sure PD? I have this feeing that we will get to 2016 and someone will suddenly realize that he s still on the books.

  432. I thought it was you dexter!!

    yeah george were always cool.

  433. duke im talking about the immense power AW has. Alot of players come to this club not because they are ARsenal fans but because they want to work with AW. that is a fact. we cannot flash high wages, you know that. our fans are fickle you know that too, we are not world known like Liverpool for having “the best fans in the world”. our fans boo you if you play shit.
    What is our selling points Duke?? Unless you are a through and throuh Arsenal fan like Jenkinson, Wilshere and those kids, or you are happy with 80k a week for salary why would you stay at arsenal?
    All we can offer is a world class manager. Ones hes gone what will we offer the player that is not an club fan at heart?
    Alot will change when AW leaves, alot may become better. but what makes you think players that singed on in the first place due to AW will want to stay after he leaves?

    You got to be a die hard arsenal fan to stay on if you are not offered a fat contract and your favourit manager leaves.

    Lets hope RvP is a die hard arsenal fan.
    I know alot of people do want a manager change, but i also think alot of those people have to realize that this is very much AWs team, and when he leaves things will change, and players will leave for sure. Sanga, Djorou, Verm, RvP, Song they are all AWs creations and they are not bore and breat arsenal fans. This is more of a job than a fanpassion. They dont play for arsenal because they love the club, but because its their job. If tottenham came in for Verm before us, he would not have said ” no sorry, cant sign for tottenham cos im an arsenal fan!”
    Thats just not how it works.
    When Benitez left alot of players left too… and alot wanted to leave. thats how it is.
    Its got nothingto do with loving Wenger or not. Its just plain logic.

    YOU cannot seriously belive that Song, Verm, Sanga, RvP et al are here because they are pure and die hard arsenal fans? they are here cos its a job,they get paied and have a decent boss.
    Its like that everywhere in life. In every company in the world.

  434. things will change anyawy when he leaves, players will go and players will come for sure!
    same will happen when Saf leaves United. Will be interesting indeed. transitions are always hard…

  435. but as City has proven this year. ANYTHING and i mean ANYTHING can be boght. Give RvP a fat enough pay check and he will stay until he dies… regardless of managers or trophies 🙂

  436. Did Arteta not score alot of goals from freekick at Everton? and is Santos not a great freekick taker?

  437. err if City does indeed move for those two Napoli kids, what will happen with Nasri then? 😛

  438. err if City does indeed move for those two Napoli kids, what will happen with Nasri then?
    He will go to The Spuds on loan

  439. i know Nas could come back to us on loan!

  440. Bradys right foot

    Have to echo Johnny re TR7 sensational today, RVP is simply RVP only fit. We battered Sunderland but old habits die hard we really need to be more clinical. We were a bit Nervy but lets be honest we are nervous from the fans to the players but we kept Sunderland completely at arms length for the entire game save for Jenks getting caught and the pole doing a fine impression of a top class goalkeeper for Arsenal.

    This being Arsenal we concede yet again to an absolute stunning strike. it’s as predictable as it is cruel but maybe just maybe the curse has been lifted we scored directly from a free kick, let me repeat that again Arsenal scored from a freekick, next well be scoring from corners.

  441. george you stole my thunder u beat me to it

  442. Bradys right foot

    poodle | October 16, 2011 at 9:02 pm
    “When Benitez left alot of players left too… and alot wanted to leave. thats how it is.”

    For me very different manager and very different scenario, Benitez bought alot of players who were poor and didn’t have a future at anfield. the likes of RVP Song and Sagna for example have a huge amount of respect for Wenger. He has helped them at difficult times in their lives, infact the respect that ex players have for Wenger is almost universal and that includes the likes of Ade, Benetiz was a much more polarising figure at Anfield and with the players.

  443. Bradys right foot

    poodle | October 16, 2011 at 9:10 pm

    err if City does indeed move for those two Napoli kids, what will happen with Nasri then?

    Suck it up and count the cash.

    City have begun collecting players not simply signing them. For every Jerome Boeteng a footballer with a desire to play you’ll have many more content to be part of the squad for a huge salary, part of which can be viewed as compensation for not playing.

  444. “City have begun collecting players not simply signing them. For every Jerome Boeteng a footballer with a desire to play you’ll have many more content to be part of the squad for a huge salary, part of which can be viewed as compensation for not playing.”
    If i could think of stuff like you BRF I would make monkeys of people over on twitter.

  445. Duke

    I thought it was me too man! 😀

  446. Bradys right foot

    George I haven’t been able to get into twitter m8 it seems to require too much time.

  447. Good there are enough people who are smarter than me . 🙂

  448. Passenal | October 16, 2011 at 5:20 pm & Gains69

    re: Arteta
    His first half was just as poor as Songs…….I think I alluded to that at half time (above)……you are right we should expect more from ALL of our experienced players.

    For me our attack, last season and to date, has been under par. An under par attack puts more pressure and strain on your midfield and back 4.

    I don’t care who starts as long as they make things happen during the match. My comments about Theo are in regard to why our attack is handicapped. Theo has not yet learned how to move without the ball.

    its not that players “won’t” pass him the ball, from my observations – too many times he’s like a statue, without the ball, he doesn’t know where to run. I attribute this to his very late start in football. I’ve seen him make a post run, where a teammate is already filling that option.

    When Song made that run with the ball up the middle, Theo never anticipated his through ball. In other matches, I can remember when we attack with the ball down the left flank and crossed into the danger area, Theo rarely anticipates the crosses – staying outside the penalty area – making a far too late break to the far post. (just some examples)

    We have great passers on the squad: Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arteta, Song, RvP, Diaby, Arshavin, Gervinho, Gibbs, Kos; the only reason that the ball is not getting to Theo is he either doesn’t show himself when a pass can be made, or his inability to read the situation and exploit that space.

    If we had a skillful Theo on the right wing, our attack would be devastating.

    To repeat, I’m not particular who gets the nod to start as long as they produce……and our strikers need to be producing ‘effort’ and making an impact, just as we have expectations from players in other positions.

    I thought Theo could have been more of a threat and more involved in the match. Again, its about expectations.

    Anyway, it was another nerve racking result…….we need others to contribute to goal scoring.

  449. Arsession, to me Song made the wrong pass and that’s how he reacted. You are being too harsh on Walcott. He came into the game towards the end actually.

  450. Paul……
    I’m not psychic…….so can’t confirm your evaluation of Song’s reaction. You maybe right or might Song be the type of player that would never be openly critical of a teammates miss-take – like say….. a RvP.

    As far as being too harsh on Theo……only addressing the player’s weaknesses…..and the impact on the team’s execution issues.

    Certainly would prefer praising Theo for a solid performance and agree, at the end, he did contribute at both ends of the pitch.

  451. Basil,

    I too attended yesterday and understand why your supporters are disappointed following having travelled all that way South just to lose.

    Still the season is young and your board have shown consistency in supporting the manager.

    Good luck

  452. I completely agree Brady. All city needs to do is to stockpile Players and rent them out for free to the midtable tems. Doing that they will strengthen the sec s best teams against the top 4 while at the same time make sure those second beat teams will be pap when meeting themselves as you cannot use loan players against motherclubs. It’s a billian schemes if you can afford it. Tottenham with ads vs united and tottenham without ade vs united are two totally different teams…

  453. Today’s musical influence is Prince’s best album although given that is from a shortlist of two, perhaps that’s not the high praise some might have expected. So let’s party like it’s 1999 with today’s post: Arsenal Win Is A Sign O’ The Times

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