The Return Of Arsenal, Petit Pain & More

If Steve Bruce thinks that Arsène has done the bosses of teams at the foot of the table a favour by diverting attention, the Arsenal manager is probably grateful to Ian Ayre for daring to broach the last taboo in English football’s rampant commercialism. The Liverpool MD / CEO / Chief Dogsbody observed that the bigger clubs should receive a bigger piece of the overseas broadcasting rights since they have the most fans and it is they, not the football itself, which generates the revenue.

A grey area, one not helped by research which suggests that Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea would receive a bigger slice of the pie than Liverpool. I would suggest that it is not necessarily this which has brought the widespread revulsion at the idea but more that once the cartel for overseas goes, domestic rights will soon follow. And, in the end, is this not why the Premier League was formed? So that the rich got richer, the poor stayed the same? Those who drove the idea through back in the early ’90s have indeed left a wonderful legacy for the game.

In the meantime, before football’s bloated gut explodes, we can enjoy the return of club football. I wondered if I was inhabiting a parallel universe this week, injuries suffered on international duty healed before the weekend. Players returned to fitness in the break. Even Robin van Persie stayed fit. The Dutchman had to tempt fate by claiming that he had not been this “fit for years“; I don’t like to point this out but I’ve always had the view that the November international break was the killer as far as his injuries go. I could be wrong but that’s the way it feels – maybe I’m just amazed that he has got through this past fortnight without mischief.

At his press conference yesterday, Arsène set about killing off a few myths. The first is that he is not interested in the England job – another reason for Steve Bruce to happy as his spectacularly average managerial record makes him the perfect candidate as Capello’s successor – although I would disagree with Wenger’s assertion that the job should go to an Englishman. That was about the only area of sanity that the Coalition government’s response to the DCMS Inquiry; the FA must improve the standard of coaching in this country. Until that happens, the England job should go to the best candidate rather than the best of a bad lot.

Wenger has more pressing concerns to deal with, such as getting his Arsenal team working and winning. According to Emmanuel Petit, the club has dug its own grave,

Once the club used to let players go when they had reached the end of their careers, the likes of Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, Pires or myself. Now they’re losing Fabregas and Nasri when they’re at the top of their game. If you continue to sell your best players, the club is dead

It is interesting that Petit believes his career was at an end when he left Arsenal since my memory – failing as it is – is that he went to Barcelona. Is he saying that was a mistake? I certainly don’t recall the ponytail wailing and bemoaning his ill-fortune at the time, even if he was Marc Overmars Jimmy Five-Bellies.

Petit will not get any argument from anyone that those sales were badly handled – the timing, not the fees – and the club would in the same situation, react differently throughout the Summer. I read recently that Dick Law is to try to open talks with the representatives of Vermaelen and Walcott, both have debts of loyalty to repay as the club has stood by them in difficult times with injuries. If he is going to talk to those of van Persie, I would suggest that he gets them trussed up as if they were Hannibal Lector because they might just eat Mr Law alive.

But the past is what it is. The time has surely come for people to stop wallowing in the sale of those two players, to look forward rather than bemoaning the mistakes of months gone by. We cannot change them, no matter how much we would like to; until January, this is it. The squad is what it is and injuries will heal to make the playing side stronger. Bright spots are beginning to shine through the cloud – recovery from injury, form of younger players coming, promising indicators from new signings – and there is the opportunity to put together a run of consistency.

It’s got to happen, it must, simply must, if the atmosphere around the club is to change. There are promising players in the squad, one of whom is garnering a lot of praise. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is on a rich run of form, rightly praised for his goals and overall performances for both club and country. There is a danger of expectations rising beyond their natural level in such cases and Wenger is right to ask for some promising youngsters to be moved stage left, away from the spotlight’s gaze.

Having seen the glare that confronts Jack Wilshere, the Arsenal manager is conscious that he has another player already being viewed as a potential saviour for club and country. The brickbats that dogged Theo Walcott wait in the undergrowth to pounce on anyone who treads the same inconsistent path, how dare they not play at the top of their game when they are still learning it?

That’s it for today, back with a Sunderland preview in the morning. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Oi…..I get to take the pikanik basket…..hehehehe…Am 1st yogi…nice writeup.Have a great weekend gooners.Up the arse.

  2. Do they pay players like Petit to run down their own ex clubs?

    Gullible or vindictive?

  3. Nah Petit is expressing his concerns for his old club.

  4. I thnk Emma petit is wright, u don’t sale ur best players whn they r still doing well

  5. Who cares what he says? Or is alleged to say by the press? Anyone who slags our club is irrelevant to us.
    I don’t normally watch any other matches but Sunderland/WBA was quite entertaining (1st half anyway) which bodes well for Sunday. I’m hoping for a good game, Bruce has always been pretty respectful of Arsene for which I applaud him and his teams try to play.
    After all the single most important thing is we enjoy watching the match right?

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    It’s almost a Haiku isn’t it? Quite lovely really.

  7. It doesn’t matter if he’s right or wrong at this time. WE need to GET OVER IT. They’ve gone for good and we must look forward now and hope for good young players coming through and maybe one or two more incoming experienced players in the transfer window. We should have a clear idea of what we need by then.

  8. Of course you don’t CHOOSE to sell your best players at the top of their game. What you are virtually compelled to do, these days, is sell them halfway through their (meaningless) contract should they decline to sign a(meaningless) extension, in case they eventually pull a Bosman on you.
    That’s what happened in the case of the inconsistent Nasri. As far as Fabregas was concerned, his last season was infested with injury, disinterest and lack of attention.
    Until the powers that be can devise a means of watering down the regulations surrounding Bosman, the problems affecting players’ contracts will remain.

  9. Manu is only stating facts, he was a great icon for us. I believe he’s showing genuine concern at our current situation. He’s not slating us.

  10. If Nasri had gone on his own we would have hardly raised an eyebrow – especially since Gervinho is a decent replacement. Whilst I am sorry Nasri left I am not at all devastated, he rarely did enough.

    Added onto the Cesc transfer it looks much worse, but hell or high water could not have stopped Cesc going once the fee was set. Cesc is the only important factor in the conversation and we are only a worse team because Cesc does not play for us.

    The fact that defeats have come on the back of massive, restructuring, injury and suspension issues shows this. This first team is yet to be put out, and there is plenty of backup and inspiration and it is satisfying to know that both experienced internationals and young players want to play for this club and manager. There is no exodus.

    The improvement on last season ironically can be in the strength of the squad, but they need to start beating the lower teams now.

  11. Nicky,


  12. ‘Concern for his old club’? Rubbish.

    These people know that the media latch onto any comment about ‘their old club’ that can be construed as negative. Gullible or vindictive actions.

    What exactly, does he, by ‘stating facts’ actually do to help the situation?

  13. nicky | October 15, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Sensible comment as usual.

    Unless you have the money to compete with the predators like manure did when shrek was holding them to ransom, there is not really a lot you can do to hold onto players who want to go. People need to accept this fact and just move on. We are where we are and no amount of moaning is going to change the past.

  14. No Stew he may be irrelevant to you but there are decent people out there that appreciate ex players and their views as opposed to your bitter ones.

  15. Petit is guilty of nothing more than being as stupid as many posters on this wonderful blog.
    He has failed to understand that the loss of the “cowardly two”(as I shall henceforth refer to them)was beyond the control of anyone at the club.
    If he was to criticise the timing of the departures he might,and only might, have a point.
    More footballers seem a bit thick,Petit has done no more than reinforce this this perception.
    Just look at the level of people who think he is right in his criticism,birds of a feather and all that.

  16. Passsenal,the problem is that you cant teach monkeys quantum physics.So fans ,pundits ,ex players and Journalists who cant comprehend micro economics, in it most basic form,will just keep regurgitation the same senseless crap.

  17. Nobody thinks he is right. But some people including me thinks that Petit may or may not be 100% correct.

  18. You mean people who have played for, Been involved with and won trophies for the club are all idiots because they don’t share your views? I think the shoe is on the other foot actually.

  19. what point have you proved?

  20. Be nice to get out of moderation Yogi.

    Best play nicely then.

  21. Sorry George. But I was curious and I had to ask.

  22. Passenal,

    Maybe we ought have that as the blogs strapline,

    We are where we are and no amount of moaning is going to change the past


  23. Hi everybody, I think Arsene once said himself that you wont win anything if you sell your best players. This sounds like an obviouse truth to me, and I would be surprised if Manu meant any ill feeling by his comment, as others have already said, the press have a knack of manipulating peoples answers once they have set them up. But as someone said lets move on now. When it comes to headlines I think we still have a lot to put up with as the season goes on. When we do well there will still be that element who are waiting for a fall. We have a relatively easy November, Diaby and TV will be back for that one. Ive got a good feeling about the season, obviously not based on our start but I believe or hope, not sure which, that come the end of January the table will look a whole lot brighter.

  24. Well, of course Petit is correct. But he does not understand the particulars of each player. Cesc being hounded by Barcelona and Nasri being offered the Moon by Citeh. We did not wish to sell these players but that is the way the matter worked out. Now, monsieur Petit, let us get on with the future of the club with the immense talent that we have sitting in the wings. Thankyou Yogi for the post this morning and let us all bask in the sunshine on Sunday.

  25. Can you answer the question Gooner2? How does Petit spouting off help anything?

    George has you spot on methinks.

    Who called him an idiot?

  26. Watching pool and manu. Can see why most East Africans still support Arsenal.

  27. Limestonegunner

    In light of the recent complaints about Arsenal support at the stadium that compared us unfavorably to Liverpool’s strong support at Anfield:

    24 min: It’s very quiet at Anfield now. Unsurprising, really, as nothing much is going on. But United will be happy enough with this.

    18 min: Anfield has gone quiet, with United slowly gaining the ascendency. A lovely bit of crowd despair slipped through the net on Sky Sports; a terribly desperate Scouse cry of “this is shite”.

    From Guardian MBM on Liverpool v. ManU taking place now.

  28. I’m enjoying the game to be honest, liverpool asking some questions of Man U and the stadium is anything but quite.

  29. Limestonegunner

    Anything but quite what? Oh, I see. Yes, the Scousers must be much better supporters than Gooners. What was I thinking!?

  30. Well unless my TV is malfunctioning I can hear singing and alot of noise in the stadium.

  31. Hope Henri Lansbury is watching!

  32. am I ‘First” ?

    YW – enjoyed your comments this morning. Yesterday is what it is and time to move on and support ‘this’ roster.

    I’ll be curious to see how Arsene handles Ox.

    I can’t understand this spin, as if its our policy, that “Arsenal sell its best players”.

    Even if your blessed with a single digit IQ, how could you support this babble. At no time did the club or manager want these players to depart.

  33. It wasn’t a dive, it was a belly flop from Adams to win the free kick before the goal.

  34. Chicharito is a thief. He steals goals!

  35. is there a more lucky team on the planet?

  36. At least we can gain two points on manu tomorrow!

  37. Am I allowed to think yet, that a draw a the best result for us?

  38. Do people only come on here when we lose, these days??

  39. Can someone explain to me how a match involving a team that has not won the league in 20+ years is the biggest game of the season??

  40. I know it is irritating when ex-players have negative views on the club, but if so many are saying it……maybe there is a grain of truth in what they say. As for Petit’s remarks highlighted by YW today, I don’t really see why he is getting slated for it. What he is saying is true.

  41. Because he didn’t have to say anything andy. If he cared about the club, why damage it by criticism. Does he think that Arsene will suddenly sit up and say, ‘I’ve been wrong all these years! Thank Goodness that that fine old player of ours has made me see the light’.

  42. You’re wasting your breath on him Bob. He agrees with all the criticism, thinks Merson is an OK pundit and is quietly revelling in our slow start to the season.
    Watch that one, doomer with a fancy bow tie if you ask me, but take off the bow tie…

  43. Apparently GA it doesn’t matter how factual the views are. What matters is whether they can be seen as good or bad PR for the club. If its the latter, then to hell with the person attributed to said statements.

  44. Well Henristic. I haven’t said anything detrimentral about Petit. I have only questioned his reasoning on saying anything

  45. City rolling over Villa. But their game remains ugly. What a pity because I remember Mancini as a really spicy player in his day!

  46. Consols – He may have been simply answering a question for all well know, or asked to write a column on his currents thoughts on the club. He has hardly launched a damaging tirade against the club, he has just said what we pretty much all know. Not even newsworthy if you ask me.

    Steww – Wrong, wrong, and wrong again. As usual.

  47. Absolutely spot on Henristic.

    If Petit’s comments had been about how Wenger was a genius a was definitely still the man to take our club forwards, we wouldnt be getting “his point of biew is irrelevant” type comments from the genius’s on this blog.

    So, 4 or 5 wins from 19, come 4pm tomorrow?

  48. I fancy us for a win tomorrow. 3-1.

  49. petit may have said this, he may have not…he probably did and at the end of the day, apart from the bit where the club is dead.. hes right isnt he.. wording could have been different but the point is genuine..

    we can slag him all we want but i seem to remember wenger in an interview before the cl game where he was banned saying the exact same thing..

    he said weve always lost big players, but in the past they were going at they are leaving at 24 and its a shit sherlock..

  50. For once and for all Petit hasn’t been ‘slagged’.

    Gullible, I suggested at the start of the day. He knows that anythiung negative about the club will be used against it. Being negative is not the opposite of being positive in this time. A positive comment, vis Tony B, would not be news.

  51. didnt wenger also say before we sold cesc and nasri that we wouldnt be selling cesc and nasri?? and if we did something about us not being seen as a top club?? cos top clubs dont sell their best players???? and we are in a great financial position not be forced to sell them??

    a finacial position so great yet cant afford the top wages..or the best players from other teams..??

    oh the irony of it all..

  52. cbob my comment wasnt directed at you or anyone else

    i was just throwing it in there as a generalization

    maybe i should have wrote ‘disagree with’ instead of slag??

    and i happen to agree with your positive negative take on it..i very much doubt anyone with anything positive to say on us will get much attention at the minute..

  53. has bergkamp been set on fire yet for his comments on rvp??

  54. In Petit’s time at Arsenal, if a club wanted to keep a player, it was largely in control of the timing of his departure. Nowadays, the player himself is largely in control of that timing.

    This seems to be no more than a simple statement about the recent changes in the economic and legislative frameworks which govern football.

    Hard to know why Petit or anyone else would need to mention that this situation affects Arsenal – just as it does any other club which does not have sources of independent finance sufficient to hugely outbid other clubs in transfer fees and wages.

    So, Manu, your point is . . . . . . . . . . ?

  55. Maybe he was asked?

  56. Good comment Merlot.

  57. Good point Merlot. The world of football finance – and world finance generally – has undergone tremendous change, and is still undergoing the same. No club has yet found the best balance between winning and a great balance sheet. But Arsenal and Bayern Munchen appear to be the only big clubs who have got the financial side right.

  58. Yes JJ we are so financially sound our £15 million auual profit must surly mean we can compete with the Arab who is worth only in the region of £50,000 million or the Russian with £15,000
    million.I mean £15 million would buy us half an Andy Carrol.
    What are we waiting for ? Lets get spending.!!!!

  59. He could’ve stated that Arsenal are fighting against the odds due to Tycoons buying teams and messing up the transfer market, making it impossible for Arsenal to compete financially.
    He could’ve stated how it wasn’t right for everyone associated with Barca making all the public statements about Cesc and could’ve said how distasteful it was for PV to be the main person to convince Nasri to go to City.
    Instead of talking about the team dying.

  60. Paul N,he could have if he had any grasp on reality.Clearly he does not.

  61. Anyway Liverpool were dire.
    If we are in a fight for 4th then its with the Spuds.

  62. and Pool were the better team today.

  63. Well ,marginally until they scored . Paul

  64. “Anyway Liverpool were dire.
    If we are in a fight for 4th then its with the Spuds.”

    Although they did have the chances to win that game by 2 or 3 goals. They also managed not to concede 8. If there’s a fight for 4th then we need to turn up to it…

  65. If I were to call someone a “tiresome prat” would anyone know who I was talking about?

    If we play like Liverpool did tomorrow ,we will get slated by all and sundry.

  66. the last time i checked the PL wasnt made up of only 3 teams..

    citehs and chelseas mispending over the years is no excuse for ours..

  67. It is Jonjon because our clubs owners have been financially prudent. Manutd have run up a real shitload of debt keeping up with the Jones.’

  68. Thanks for the post Yogi:

    Not sure why anyone would get upset about what Petit said. I guess all the negativity around the club makes us overly sensitive. He is not part of the club and has no reason to hide his opinion if someone asked him. The comments were not controversial or vindictive.

    Pool is the the team we need to catch and a loss for them would have probably helped us more, but its impossible to actually hope for a United win, so mixed result today. Pool played pretty well and was the “better team” overall and they look like they could get better as all their new arrivals “gel”. Stevie G. coming back will make them a better team. We need to start getting results quickly if we want to have a chance for that 4th spot.

    Sturridge certainly looking good for Chelsea. Scores again today. Loan spell at Bolton last year was the by far the best thing that could have happened to him. If we were more patient with our young players and they were more patient, I suspect the long term outcomes would be better. Song is one of the few young players from the last golden generation who has stuck with the club. He and Wilshere both cut their teeth on loan before getting thrown into the first team. A year or 2 on PL loan would be the best thing we could do for Ox, Ryo, Miquel, Frimpong Jenkinson etc etc. No other top 6 side would throw players like that on the pitch and ask them to sink or swim. If the results of the last golden generation is any guide it hurt them a lot more then it helped.

  69. how dare bergkamp slag off one of our players even if he does bugger off. thats it bergkamp we forget everything you have done coz you are now a doomer. bugger orff.

  70. no kenyan
    utd have ran up a shit load of debt cos their new owners ploughed all their debts from other areas into the club and used the club to pay them off, wont be long before stans doing the same to us.
    utds debt has no correlation whatsoever with the success they have had on the pitch.

    the reason we are prudent has nothing to do with what other teams are doing..its all about maximising profits with minimal input..we just like to blame other teams to keep the fans onside..

    we arent run prudently either..we are run badly..cos that money doesnt get seen again and the money that does is mispent..

  71. Now now, duke. Don’t be naughty.

  72. That is pure rubbish JJ, your last comment.

  73. JJ absolute utter bollocks

    Duke ,WHF are you rabbiting on about now?
    If you can give me a quote where Dennis has “slagged off” one of our players I will admit you are funny(which as a rule you are not BTW)

  74. well george obviously coming from a great comic like you who entertains us daily with your ramblings im utterly sad to hear im not funny. my comment was meant to say slag off one of ours.

  75. dont you mean WTF george?

  76. It aspires to be hogwash.Perhaps one of your worst ever posts JJ.
    Are you having a bad day mate?

  77. yes Duke I do.That is exactly right.Well done.

  78. Duke ,You are making things up now .And about Dennis of all people.That is not funny.(end of ramble)

  79. Question, what PL Club that has less spending power than Arsenal has finished above us in the PL?

  80. hang on george wasnt Dennis being another menace by joining the rest of em in being critical of Wenger.

  81. Answer.none,not in 15 years.

    Questions 1).How much did the stadium cost?
    2) How much do we now owe on the stadium?
    3) Does it need Sherlock Holmes to work out were JJ;s missing millions went?

  82. consolsbob | October 15, 2011 at 4:17 pm
    “Well Henristic. I haven’t said anything detrimentral about Petit. I have only questioned his reasoning on saying anything”

    My post wasn’t aimed at you to be honest. Its directed more towards George saying Petit was stupid.

  83. Never has he criticised Le Boss.Ever.
    Well not since he had a pop about Paddy being sold.

  84. Henristic.He is and he has proved it.

  85. come on now boys
    you tell me why thats bollox

    i’ll tell you why i think its not

    the part where the money doesnt get seen??
    for a start the ast and the very respectable mr swiss ramble estimated our summer transfer kitty of between 35-52mil quid..where was it..
    not fact we made another profit on transfers this summer..did citeh and chelsea go out and buy everyone????

    the part where the money is mispent??
    weve got a massive squad where we dont pay our best players enough and we pay our avergae and youth players too much
    over the years weve let players like kompany, given, alonso all slip through our fingers at a none suger daddy rate and we stuck with the likes of denilson and almunia paying them stupid wages..
    money mispent..

    the board took us on this magical ride where we were moving stadia to compete football wise yet the loan they took out was placed in the clubs name, they went on a massive property venture instead, in the clubs name..raised the share price, turned into an estate agents, made a fortune, without spending a penny of their own millions leaving the club with the debt still to pay..

    who was the winner?? the club?? or the lying, corrupt selfish greedy board..badly run..and now weve got another one..gazidis said in 09 that the first thing he was going to do was sort the sponserhips out..almost three years on, hes assembled a massive admin team full of specialists, who are all paid handsomely.. and the best they can come up with is to tell the fans 2014 is the year and to raise the fucking ticket prices and sell our best players…wankers..meanwhile stans sat thinking of more ways to make his money back..

    like i said..badly run..

    your turn..

  86. Paul N. i give up..who?? liverpool? Aston villa and norwich 93?? forest?

  87. If memory serves me Petit was last year saying we needed experience .You know,last years mantra.So now its the new idiots mantra.He must read the Mirror.

  88. JJ, you know everything, there is no turn to take.

  89. JJ its all been done to death .Do we really have to go through the whole tedious blame game again.Because all of us are still not privy to the majority of the relevant facts.And we never will be.
    Get a grip.

  90. depends what you mean by badly run JJ, as a business we are very well run, as for the running and benefit of the team it is shabbily run.

  91. I just read the comment from DB, all he said was that he thought RVP should be played behind a prolific scorer. He also said that the mids need to make runs behind the defense because RVP can deliver the ball (I agree). Lastly he said that he thought Arsene would get it right.

  92. thats what i mean duke..

  93. off topic but as we all love a referee conspiracy theory on ere how about the wales v france rugby earlier!! an irish ref with a french name sending off a wales player for nothing after 16mins and condemned the welsh to defeat. after….yes wales knocked out ireland in the previous round….

  94. RVP,Arshavin,Rosicky,Diaby all would be better behind a prolific striker.Our prolific striker just happens to be RVP.And we don’t play a system to accommodate him as a genuine 10

  95. Blackburngeorge george rodger
    not only football referees that fuck things up then!!!!
    8 hours ago

    What some geezer said this morning on twitter 🙂

  96. I agree George but I would like to see RVP behind Walcott or Chamakh. I know Chamakh is not on form but he was killing it early last season, as our front man.

  97. And like you, I would like to see Arshavin behind RVP.

  98. agree Paul, i’d like to see rvp behind walcott with the ox out wide.

  99. Wenger said that Theo will play centrally later as there are other players who can play there???? well there will always be players that can play there, sounds like a stalling tactic by Wenger. i am convinced he will not play him there.

  100. i was thinking that this morning with the rugby..

    back to football

    i agree with both wenger and denis on rvp

    i can see what wengers saying..looking at the stats rvp is a quality player and hes playing his best position..but thats only cos we have nobody else
    when you take into account the rest of the teams stats it would hugely benefit us to have another prolific scorer to give rvp a hand cos hes doing it by himself

    if we had a natural hitman and he and robin played together its natural to think that robin, given his quality would be the one to drop back and between the two of them we would cream the goals without needing 100chances 400 corners 1000 freekicks 2million crosses and 90% possesion per game..which is what denis is saying..

    il probably get ripped for suggesting this but in january id tell chamakh to find another club and id make a cheeky bid for drogba and play him with rvp..

  101. RVP’s goal scoring record since he returned from injury confirms he is playing in the right position.No matter what anyone says.Even Dennis.

  102. That’s a good idea Duke. Wenger is a little cautious with him but if that kid continues as he is, we will have some player in our team.

  103. I have not looked up any stats but I would bet Chamakh had a better return in his first season than Drogba did.

  104. Duke I agree I think he is procrastinating,and it will not come to pass.
    In fact I suspect he will be sold in the summer.

  105. Maybe its the fact that the players are not running in behind the defense then?

  106. not sure george
    think drogba hit 20goals in his first season, cant be arsed to check..
    and whatever the stats are dont think drogbas ever gone 30games and only scored twice.

  107. agreed george on theo

    paul i think we do try to get behind the defence when we can but the parked bus means its a tad difficult..need more brute strength than technical ability to get through in that situation sometimes..someone who attacks the ball and doesnt try to create the pass for the pass for the pass..someone who thinks ‘im smashing this’ and not ‘il pass it to him to pass to him to pass to him to see if he can score’

    less thinking and more doing

  108. 16?
    fair return i suppose
    then 25 per year for the next 5 years 🙂

  109. Chamakh has a better goal scoring ration to Drogba this season though.


  110. less thinking and more doing

    Well you seem to be taking your own advice at least 🙂

  111. I’m convinced that Wenger is convinced that Theo shouldn’t play upfront.

  112. Duke ,so am I .and if Theo does not stop harping on about it he will be shown the door

  113. RVP has looked isolated quite a lot this season JJ. Maybe we are not fluid enough because I don’t remember any of RVP’s deft touches this season. I believe this is the way we get passed the parked buses.

  114. george… who if you had one would you take RVP or Dennis??

  115. lol george..

    duke maybe if theo could control a football better wenger would be convinced and then we’d all be convinced

    but at the minute theos weapon is pace in space and seeing as though were a pressing team that pushes defences back, theo is best used out wide where he has the space..

    if we counter attacked, theo could be used upfront but to counter you need to know how to defend

  116. I agree that we need to be more instinctive though. Hopefully we can see some of that tomorrow.

  117. Cesc was our key to parked buses.
    We have not yet adapted to his loss.And combine that with the sadly missed Jack and Diaby creativity has been at a premium.

  118. it is the way paul..thats going back to why theos not deployed upfront..
    rvp is the man who can..hes just not getting the support is he.
    well. he is, but the finishings poor..its too over complicated..

    unless its robin, but he cant do everything..hes doing enough as it is..

  119. george… who if you had one would you take RVP or Dennis??

    Is that a serious question Duke?

    Dennis Bergkamp would feature in any world all time 11.
    I believe he contributed more to the team than anyone in the history off the game.
    He made other team members play better and was the most visionary of players.

    So let me think.Dennis or RVP????????????

  120. george i dont think its parked buses we have to worry about now.

  121. could denis and robin play in the same team??

  122. george yes thats a serious question, does RVP not seriously deserve to be up there with Dennis??

  123. Andrei ,Diaby ,Theo Gervinho,Arteta and the Ox will all chip in when the team settles JJ.
    Chill man,a Dexter would say.

    I miss Dexter 😦

  124. Lets get the RVP love in now before he deserts us!!

  125. Duke.

    Not even close.

  126. i’m sure dex er…misses you aswell george, he is probably down the pub now talking about you.

  127. To be clear I love RVP but he is no way in the same class as Bergkamp.
    But nobody currently playing in the EPL is

  128. pah. really??? how come?? is RVP hollands most important player. has he more international goals, he is more prolific.did dennis career fall away for a while? i bet his assists are close. ice berg helped us win things which really does make a difference,. funny that. the winning part of the game a. any way its just a question as for pure paying money id watch Dennis over anyone, although kanu was the skilfullest player i have ever seen. fuck about the things ha did with a ball!!! against the laws of physics!

  129. Duke are you really saying you think RVP is better than Dennis?
    Fuck,where would that put Cesc?

  130. Almost everyone who played with Dennis(even Henry who played with Zidane)says he was the best.
    I cant believe I am having to say these things.

  131. 1990–2000 Netherlands 79 (37 goals) Dennis

    2005– Netherlands 60 (25 goals) Robin

  132. Bradys right foot

    Theo up front that old chestnut.

    Not for me, I like Theo he gets an awful lot of hate as he does frustrate at times but he creates and scores and he does time his runs quite well.

    However he can’t link play, he can’t hold up the ball, not exactly an aerial threat. The way I see it Theo gets the best of both worlds were he plays at the minute infact with the runs he makes he is more often than not the Arsenal player you’ll see one on one with a keeper.

    He’ll never be a Henry he’s simply not skillful physical or clever enough, remember Henry was arguably the best player in the world for a time so thats no disgrace. Playing Theo upfront for me would require a switch to 442 and tbh i’ve no idea how good Theo’s movement would be in and around the penalty area. If he had an in built goal radar like a Hernandez or Owen i’m sure we’d have seen it by now. Theo is exceptional at what he does and much more effective than people give him credit for, I think he can realise his potential in the right of the three and hopefully continues to improve following on from last year.

  133. a-ha george….i am a wee bit schindlers and after my post i looked it up in doubt. yes you have me over a barrell there i am shamefully wrong. tut tut.

    by the way i dont think rvp is better then dB1o just he desreves(at the mo till he jumps the sinking vessel). to be up there with him.

  134. rvp is an arsenal legend
    hes part of an elite group of goalscorers at the club now..nobody can take that away from him..whatever the future holds.

    denis though is my number 1..ive had a few idols but the whole way denis changed our club and he retired with us makes him my fav..he was the package..

    agree with brf on theo

  135. Well Duke I hope you are having a good old night on the sauce.

  136. Well who will be like Henry? there has never been a better striker in the PL, true?

    Walcott is only 22, he has time on his hand to learn. When he is on form, he causes as much problems as anyone in the game, ask Barcelona. I can see him playing upfront because he knows how to time his runs, RVP would be the perfect player to send him through on goal.

    Wenger says he will move inside, if he says so, I trust he knows what he is saying.

    George, are you serious about Walcott being sold?

  137. time on his “side”…

  138. why do some players look awesome at arsenal, but when they go to another club, they’re average

  139. 1-2-3-4 Make ’em wait a little more,

  140. 5-6-7-8 They’re expecting you to be late

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