It’s Arsenal So It’s A Drama About A Crisis

Sunday morning in the international break carries a touch of indifference about it. A touch? Utter might be a better description. It is a day when there is no hiding the bad news, or news that is negative about the club. Not that the employees can particularly do anything about it.

The current edition of When Saturday Comes carries an interesting series of articles on the media and its interaction with football, not just the traditional routes either. In one particular article, the focus is how the relationship between managers, clubs, players and the press is impacted by cultivation and maninpulation by managers. Harry Redknapp is held as a prime example, rightly so, of the benefits of a manager who is media friendly, something that Arsène is being accused of lacking in recent times.

As the piece points out, the condemnation of Tottenham and their manager was muted last season not because of widespread support for the club, simply because Harry is always there for a quote and a column. Even more, when his financial dealings became of public interest, he received unequivocal backing in the media and remains ‘people’s favourite’ to replace Capello.

Of course he faces stiff competition from within the game from Arsène Wenger. The Frenchman as England manager is enough to send those hardened hacks into apoplexies. If there were any likelihood of it coming true, it would nip the festering sore of protest groups in the bud. Amazingly another has sprung up and never one to miss a cheap point, The Mirror has given them a voice. With another spokesman, the silent majority are really finding their voices. It is amazing how a couple of hundred people are deemed to be representative of the views of Arsenal fans en masse but no-one ever asks my opinion. Such is the nature of the beast, derogatory remarks begin the minute there is disagreement with their views.

Giovanni van Bronckhorst is equally wrong, Arsène Wenger is not Arsenal Football Club. An important cog but the former player misses the mark when he claims it would all fall apart without the Frenchman. The club existed for one hundred and ten years before Arsène, it will exist long afterwards. That is not to denegrate or underappreciate the manager and his contribution, an extraordinary one at that, but let’s not feed the clueless criticism that claims he is bigger than the club.

Wenger though is being asked to help in identifying his replacement. Except he isn’t really, is he. I doubt that the board have even considered it, names are thrown into the wind with authority but it is no different from asking a player if he wants to join Arsenal. All express interest but all point to the current incumbent.

Arsenal are being outmanouevered, even on Twitter. Well, not so much on Twitter but by a player who has the nous of how to exploit social media to his advantage. Indeed Joey Barton is so good at it, he is starting his own Arsenal protest group. Having cast himself as a downtrodden anti-hero at Newcastle, forced out of the club by the evil owners who are not prepared to sign anyone to replace Andy Carroll or invest in the squad generally. Barton wanted Champions League football – an admirable ambition – and joined QPR to fulfil those aims for the West Londoners have a long and rich history in European competition.

Barton though is adamant that he held talks, deriding Peter Hill-Wood for not knowing about them. Except there is no credibility in his claim that getting Gervinho sent off scuppered the deal. Surely Arsenal players are not so puerile and childish to hold slapstick football against him? It is more telling that Alex Song took retribution – foolishly – against him for previous incidents, that is where Barton’s claims entirely fall down.

His own ego is betrayed as well, deriding Arsenal for not being in the same league as Barcelona and United whilst believing himself worthy of a place at a club in transition. Yes, Arsenal have (had) their sinners but surely we have not stooped so low as to need a 1930s throwback? Young Joseph though is nothing if not perceptive, “it’s nothing to do with me ­because it’s not my football club“. Indeed Mr Barton, indeed.

So if you don’t mind we would quite like to manage the current malaise ourselves without any outside interference.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. First, maybe? Who are we playing next? I need redemption badly.

  2. YW

    Would you rely on Gazidis or Kroenke to appoint Wengers replacement??Dein brought in Graham and Wenger.13 trophies between them.He knows a good manger

  3. And Don Howe and Bruce Rioch Jack.

  4. Jack

    It doesn’t matter who I trust, I don’t appoint the manager. You’re argument though is based on a false pretext; Gazidis and Kroenke have not had to appoint a manager yet so we don’t know how good or bad at the task they are. You should also look into how the Wenger interview process unfolded.


  5. Yw

    The press and media will continue to attack us as long as our best players leave every summer while the manager turns around and tells the press they are staying.Wenger brings a lot of the criticism on himself.Continually blaming everyone but himself..The press didnt make up: 4th place is like winning a trophy
    i would be happy to finish 2nd for 20 years
    This is my best squad ever
    They were all his actually quotes

    As long as he says stupid things like that the press will hit him on the head with them

  6. Block 4

    But he sacked them very quickly didnt he?

  7. Don Howe was in the job nearly three years! A great, great coach, but a poor, poor manager.

  8. dont tell george we can be alright without Wenger!!!

  9. Jack

    Did you expect Wenger to say the squad were his worst? And relying on Charlie Wyett for a quote, my goodness me. How you’ve let yourself down. And I can take a quote out of context as easily as you…


  10. Me thinks to much attention is paid to the press. Most hacks don’t know what they are talking about. The important thing is to develop the ability of reading between the lines.

  11. agree Kenyan, the press hate everyone, they are not xenephobic at all , think the world cups and how they always slaughter the england football team, they will slag off their own mothers. why moan about the media. remember when we were winning things they loved wenger , if anyone is fickle its the media. if we won the league they would love wenger again.

  12. Actually, Dein didn’t appoint Don Howe, he was a junior board member having only invested in the club months before.

    But let me get this right, by your logic, Arsenal will never be anything without David Dein…


  13. Yogi,

    Hangover then mate- you do seem a bit caught up on Jacks position. In the words of the mickey mousers- calm down calm down.

    J Barton believes quoting Nietzsche and so-on makes him appear bright and eloquent- sadly when someone is using Google the occasional quote is out of context – as Joey Deacon, oops Sorry Barton’s comments are. Oi Joey – I have one for you..
    If you have nothing to say, say nothing- Mark Twain.

  14. agreed duke
    when wengers teams where ripping it up he was the best thing since sliced bread, it was fergie in the firing line and we could do no wrong…apart from get loads of ppl sent off..

    wenger has played cat and mouse with the media for ages, only difference is that for the passed 5 -6 years hes been the mouse..its like jack says, wenger has repitively come out with eyebrow raising quotes over the years and has repitively been proven wrong, the media are quick to laugh their bollox off and rub his face in racism, no anti arsenal agenda..its just that when you say stuff like the defence is easily fixed and then you ship 8 goals at OT and have the worst start ever, those hacks who told you your defence was basically shit are going to write hhahahhahahahaha….your one of the best managers around and we told you so…if we won something, the headlines would reverse back in our favour..

    also agree with yogi..arsene is a massive part of our history, but he is not arsenal..never will be…

  15. The facts speak for themselves in the Dein years we won 13 major trophies.Before he joined the board in 83 we won one trophy in 12 years and since he has gone zilch.You cant rewrite history.And find me one Gooner who thinks PHW appointed Wenger.Dein was a football man on the board who is there now with his knowledge?Gazidis.Dont make me laugh

  16. I don`t go with this David Dein love in.

    When Arsene calls it a day (or has it called for him) I`d like some young blood around the place.

    Wenger, Pat Rice, Boro Prmorac, Vic Akers – they`re all getting on a bit.

  17. This is the most inadequate blog I have read my whole life. How can you Yogi Warrior, with all the buzz and glamour, all the shout of hoars and hell around Arsenal, refuse to tell the whole world that we Arsenal….wont’t loose ALEXANDRE SONG for January…. Because Cameroon did not qualify. I am gutted…a supplementary post on this most factual fact only will appease me.

  18. How fan people say Dein was good at promoting managers??? He promoted crap Wenger did he not? Abs he keeps supporting Wenger. He keeps telling the fans to get off wengers back cos he’s so damn good! You guys want Wenger out for Dein to find you another Wenger ??? If you ask Dein he will tell u to support Wenger. simple as. And he will employ a new Wenger. That’s what Dein has said.

  19. You may be right JJ.

    We can all agree that the media are rubbish though, can we not?

  20. Poodle,great point @12.43

    I am sick of telling people why the media and a section of the fans and against Wenger
    .But for anyone who missed it……
    He is cleverer , wittier, loyaler, honester,more cultured and generally a far better human being than them
    They are jealous bastards,end off.
    And Duke,yes the club would survive without him .But it will not be as good.Ever again.

  21. PG,
    Well said. Far too many have been led along the wrong track by the consistent bias of the press. After a considerable period, these people have wilted under the pressure. Ultimately, the press have made life difficult for Arsenal fans through a consistent negative bias in what they write. Fans get hacked off having to defend this negative bias as it is spouted as fact, rather than the tendentious drivel it largely is, from work colleagues and want to take out their frustration. Lacking the ability to work out the press agenda, they lash out at the club and manager, implicitly and explicitly accepting the diet of crap spewing forth from the media, since there is no coherent and unified voice to rebut it. The club, frankly should be standing up a bit more and in recent times has begun to do so, more than somewhat belatedly.
    Idiots like Merson (and let us remember that he is a Chelsea fan and was slung out of Arsenal after 4 months by Wenger who had worked out that a one footed player with little engine, no ability to track back and cover, who couldn’t tackle and could barely header and chose to spunk his money in various wastrel ways rather than spend his time in correcting his deficiencies so why on earth would he have a grudge….) back up the press and go along with non-sensical claptrap about bringing Dein back on the basis that we won lots of trophies when he was with us. Ignoring arguments about the difference between correlation and causation which morons like the press and Merson choose not to think about because it hurts their heads or actually portrays the situation as a wordly grey rather than a childlike black and white, Dein is a busted flush and his time is past. Lets remember him fio=ondly, but accept that times move on and he has no magic wand.

  22. Bradys right foot

    Finally they break cover, hiding behing another vehicle “were has my arse gone” they now are to protest at the emirates against Wenger. Just as Arsene is not Arsenal Football Club he is not Arsenal PLC, the mental midgets at ArsenalFCnotPLC obviously can’t see the obvious duplicity in their logic. A giant of the modern game, a collossus for Arsenal, disrespected in the house he built, personally I can’t wait time for the silent majority to break cover as well.

  23. Brf I am stealing some of that post for twitter.Hope you dont mind 🙂

  24. Blackburngeorge george rodger
    A giant of the modern game, a collossus for Arsenal, disrespected in the house he built,by a bunch of mental midgets.(thanks Brady’s RF )

    A plagiariser if ever you have seen one

  25. Bradys right foot

    lol George

  26. It seems to me, that the main reason why the press find AW unaceptable, is because, as opposed to themselves, to a man, he is an honest man and says what he thinks.

    When he suggested that it ws possible to go thorugh a season undefeated, they scoffed and laughed, but then he did it, and I do not remember the apologies.

    I doubt if anyone could name one manager who would propose to replay an FA cup tie, because one of our players acted, albeit in ignorance, dishonerably.

    Would Happy Harry or the Red Faced One, or anyone at all do that?

    Never in a million years.

    The press cannot stomache honesty, because it goes against their very natures, and will happily attack anyone who is honest and straightforward.

    He says things that he believes to be correct and true. That they turn out subsequently not to he, does not, itslef mean that he did not believe it was true when he said it.

    I am convinced that he had no wish to sell CF and SN, but was forced into it, either by the board, SK or a combination of them both.

    That, and the fact that Barca deliberately, in my view, held back offering a reasonable sum until the end of the transfer window, meant that he had to rush into buying whatever players were left available at the time.

    He is not perfect and has and still does make mistakes but he has taken us from mediocrity to stardom and should be left to do the job, as long he wants to do it.

  27. Groundhog day,

    The solution: success.

    Those of us with loyalty and sympathy for our manager and club know this. We also recognise real-life difficulties that make the wait for that solution longer than we would wish. Being in the unenviable position of still trying to complete our preseason with the uninjured members of our new squad; increased because of financially induced competition, and media inspired impatience/pressure not being the least of these real-life challenges.


  28. The day Dein sold out to Usmanov is the day he burned his bridges as far as I’m concerned. Giving a person like that a foothold on our club purely for a combination of personal gain & spite does not leave me pining for his ‘football nous’.

    People in this country are so willing to be spoonfed their ‘knowledge’ or opinions by the gutter press that I honestly don’t think they could come up with an original idea if their lives depended on it.

    Wenger is far from infallible and as is stated above, is not the club, merely part of it, but anyone who thinks he is less than 100% committed to Arsenal’s success is an idiot. Criticise the results and the decisions by all means, but some of the vile personal abuse I have read recently, from supposed Arsenal fans, is nauseating.

  29. Please inform me what did the arsenal do befor arsen came ???

  30. @george
    I agree with you that Wenger is one of the greatest managers of Arsenal…but claiming that things will not be the same after he leaves is something I don’t agree with. What if we find a manager who is as progressive minded about the game as he is or has a knack of finding unknown talents like Wenger..won’t things be the same???

  31. Pranaam,what if I strike gold in my back garden?

  32. George, I get your point..probably there are very few out there who can do what he has done…but the point is that there are a few…if you know what i mean…the board is expected to make the right choice and maybe even have the ability to bring in the right man..don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Wenger out..but all I’m saying is that eventually the man will leave/retire do you think we’ll never be as great without him?

  33. Yes Pranaam that is what I think.
    Just as we will never see the likes of Dennis again.
    They were once in a lifetime ,both of them and their coming together made magic.

  34. posting for the very first time,just want to say ‘great job YW and all you faithful gooners,we just have to keep the faith.never ever can anyone outgun the ARSENAL.with love from Nigeria\Ghana

  35. pedantic george | October 9, 2011 at 5:27 pm
    Yes Pranaam that is what I think.
    Just as we will never see the likes of Dennis again.
    They were once in a lifetime ,both of them and their coming together made magic.

    Fuckin hell! And you have the bollocks to call other people “doomers”.

  36. Fuckin hell! And you have the bollocks to call other people “doomers”.

    Well I have to admit you make a good point their.
    I suppose that makes me the mother of all doomers

  37. Somewhat Agnostic

    Jerseygunner | October 9, 2011 at 3:55 pm Please inform me what did the arsenal do befor arsen came ???

    Seriously, that’s one of the most disrespectful comments I’ve read on here in a long time. By all means hold up Arsene as the most successful. But his success does not wipe out what went before.

    Arsenal had 10 league titles won before AW. We were 2nd only to Liverpool before Man U overtook us. 6 FA Cup wins; A fairs cup win; A UEFA Cup winners cup in 94; losing finalist in 95. A history in England of traditional and quality, 3-in-a-row titles, great players. 7 Arsenal players in one English side. A record which still stands today. Bergkamp was the record signing by an English club at the time. Alan Ball was another. Don’t throw that down the gutter.

    Kenny Dalglish may go on to become one of the greatest Liverpool managers, (I dont believe that personally, this is his 2nd stab at it, but he did win 3 titles and 2 FA Cups first time round) but whatever, that won’t take away anything from Paisley, Shankley et al and the great Liverpool teams of the past.

    There is 110 years of History before AW and for you to come out with a comment like that is disrespectful of the great achievements (by managers and players) in those 110 years.

  38. Somewhat Agnostic

    Good to know that you would never disrespect any Arsenal Manager or their achievements.And how you would feel disgusted if anyone did that.
    That is what you are saying ? Right?
    I mean that must include the present manager? Right? Yes?
    Because you are not a hypocrite,Right?

  39. pedantic george – quite simply, you support Arsene FC, not Arsenal FC. To watch the diagraceful inability to address the problems and even worse, to even recognise them, to the point where we’re playing like relegation candidates, shames you as an Arsenal fan. All true AFC fans realise urgent action is needed. You’d blindly support us into the Championship. Again, shame on you for not supporting your club properly.

  40. @ Jekyll2

    are u serious? please give us an idea of the problems that you are so aware of and have not been acknowledged by the [layers or the manager?

  41. @ Team spirit

    What? You really need me to outline? We’ve been how defensively poor for how long and the problems have not been addressed. It’s all the more of an indictment that Wenger says ‘we need to address the defensive problems’ and then we concede even more the following season. He doesn’t address, he doesn’t recognise. How do you defend that? The facts are staring you in the face.

    Again, shameful fans, who support the manager, not the club. How bad does it need to get for you? How many years do you need to see the same mistakes made over and over and over?

  42. The “silent minority” are clearly pissed off. They will soon become the majority, not a lot is going to change.

  43. jekyl

    You are a dick mate. You pretend to be a better fan because what? You are a miserable moany cunt, while someone like george would rather stick up for the club and manager and players.

    Fuck off and finish making your placard.

  44. Oh and mefore you jump to the same conclusions as the other narrow minded sheep from the death star, dont even get me started on what I thinks up with the club right now.

    George is a Gooner and yep, he thinks the sun shines out of Wengers arse. Thats his perogative, something that isnt allowed on other blogs, you know, freedom of thought and all that democratic shit.

  45. If you are happy to see it continue then carry on and blindly leave positive comment. If you want to see change then let’s get to it. Hopefully the “Arsene memories” banner starts this off. Adios Arsene (take Ivan and Stan with you too).

    This is Arsenal Football Club with history and tradition, not blindness and stupidity following one man and a vision that has collapsed.

  46. ooh Dexter, chill out. Who had a go at George? Just a comment. Get a cold beer and sit down.

  47. Is there some unwritten law that says any poster with gooner in their name has to be a complete moron?

    Its fucking unreal, every single one I have ever seen is a twat. Weird.

  48. Hahaha! Bishy, I posted that last one before I saw your post, honest.

  49. Dexter, you have completely invalidated your comments by descending into personal abuse. Something I never did in my comments. All I did was critique pg’s comments. How about attempting to counter what I actually said? No, no chance. There is no intelligence in your comments or anything to back them up, just name calling. Pathetic stuff. I look forward to the days the likes of you lose interest in AFC. Critical and intelligent fans have got us where we are. Otherwise Bertie Mee would still be manager based on his double in ’71, even though he’s in the grave.

  50. @ Jekyll2
    you said it was not acknowledged… which was the simple question i asked you and in answering it you actually say that AW did acknowledge it just that it has not been solved, and even he agrees with you there hence i wonder where this vexing is coming from. Where you differ is that he thinks the current crop can do it and i don’t think they have had a fair chance to play to their best. we do not know all the circumstances that led to the late sales and buying of players this season, but we really have to give the new team time to gel,,, something that injuries and suspension have not helped!

    no one has said we had a great start, but even you have to accept that certain things did not go our way… cos apart from the game at OT all the others we lost, we could very easily have won. As our captain said, there has really been a thin line!

  51. Gooner from Woolston

    Well done Jekyll2. What are hopefully seen as constructive criticism are quickly mashed as weirdos with Gooner in their name. Well I am a GOONER and want what is best for this club.

    At the moment, Arsene, Ivan and Stan are NOT what is best for this club. We need a new approach.Before you say where will this lead us, well in my opinion, no worse than where we are headed under the current regime. At the moment we are “doomed captain” as a Dads Army phrase would go. That should tell you I am a longtime GOONER from ’81 and saw some pretty bad stuff until ’87 onwards.

  52. I dont really give a flying fuck mate.

    You said mGeorge wasnt a Gooner. That was your argumnet in a nutshell, no matter how you try and dress it up. Dont call it a critique you pseudo intellectual twat. Saying he aint a Gooner, well you might as well be a spud, so dont expect a referenced critique with an abstract et al.

    Critique? Pffft! What a funny thing to say. Get over yourself.

    Have you finished your placard already?

  53. Gooner from Woolston

    Whatever, continue on your path of self righteousness and doom. When will it get too abd for you to realise?

    Enjoy the rest of the season.

    See you next season, and with still the same abuse. At least some other sites allow a different opinion, not one from the press, one of seeing a club in decline.

  54. @ Team spirt, we will simply have to disagree, I think there is an endemic problem there with the management and the coaching, and the team spirit and the leadership and the wish to try and save a couple of mill, over the team’s attempts at silverware … I don’t know where to stop. You think we’re unlucky and/or need more time.

    The vexing is that the manager acknowledges the problem yet hasn’t managed to deal with it for so very long. Therefore that suggests to me that someone else is required to come in to have a go before things get any worse.

    I would suggest there is a broader decline that has been going on for several years now, in fact since we left Highbury, and personally have simply lost patience that this manager will arrest this and turn it around.

    Anyway, we are all AFC fans and certainly do not wish to descend into personal abuse as one of the contributors above has, though he may have the mitigating factor of being 14 years old.

  55. @ Jekyll2

    you simply have to accept that this team really does need time! There is no way you can be allowed to get out of that. it is indeed a fact! per has played all of less than 10 games and Kos is in his second season and you think they should be responsible to problems we has since we left highbury? really?

    we did really well in 08/09 till Eduardo broke his leg and rosicky was iout till the end of season…. also last year till the break down at the end, we were in with a shout!

  56. Make your mind up.

    I thought george was an AW FC fan, now apparantly we are all AFC fans.

    Its a miracle! Praise the lord.

    So, after starting a fight with someone , you now choose to try and take the moral high ground?

    You should be a politician.

    You’re as spineless as one anyway.

  57. Dexter is out of his depth to the point where he’s talking about some fictional character called ‘mGeorge’. But ‘doesn’t give a flying fuck’ so keeps responding and making himself sink even further.

    Not sure who ain’t a gooner, all I know is there are plenty of Arsene FC rather than Arsenal FC fans around. i.e. their support of AFC is based on that man being manager. Make your own mind up about what that means. That isn’t a direct insult at anyone, that’s how I see it, first game for me was as a very wee kid in ’81, like Gooner from Woolston and want our club to move on now from this decline.

  58. Gooner from Woolston

    Thank you Jekyll2. I try to look at it from a point of view rather than a victimisation.

    I want us to move forward, I cannot see a way with the current regime. Therefore want change before it is too late. Do not go for personal insults as we all see it differently.

    Arsenal. Forward?

  59. Bloody hell Dexter you should seriously try and stop the abuse from behind a desktop. Who else is using terms like ‘dick’ and ‘twat’ as you are. You’re an embarrassment. You’re not able to engage and respond with any sort of argument yourself so this is what you descend to. It is truly pathetic. Let’s hear a constructive argument as to why Arsene FC fans are indeed Arsenal FC fans from you then. Put it together man, step by step

    Team spirit, I admire your patience.

  60. @ Jekyll2

    some just do not accept that the club can only move on with a change of manager. there is a way people just say we have not won in many years without taking each season in its own merit. i believe Reyes ,Hleb and Eduardo in this current team would have been explosive. the nature of our game means people have to get to know each other for us to be at our best. it cannot be helped that with new first teams there will be a learning curve and injuries and suspensions at this start has not made things easier. That OT game where we lost our run did something to Reyes. even hleb lost his cool and hit our and got a red in one of his last games for us. because of their excellent ball control, there 2 were almost always our mist fouled players. this new team will get there and hopefully stay together… by the time the invincibles got to tht status they had played together for a while… these are facts really, not just excuses. do not accuse the manager of not making effort to solve things just cos the efforts have not yeilded the expected success. we will get there!

    By a

  61. The not giving a flying fuck bit was to your suggestion that I needed to “critique” (Oh I can quote too) your posts, not about responding to them. And oh, I see what you did there, you made fun of my typo too. You are petty as well as patronising.

    So, you didnt accuse George of being an arsene FC fan then?

    Did I make a mistake there? My bad.

    But as rivetting as this banter has been, life’s too fucking short man.

  62. Fucking hell, what kind of so called football fan would be arsed about a few swear words? have you ever been to a game? Do you actually go to games?

  63. Swear words are fine. Personal insults are another and make it impossible to debate. Signing off.

  64. Team Spirit

    The collapse at the end of last season, followed by the departures in the summer, the apparant procrastinating over transfers, the piss poor start to the season are all valid reasons why the manager is being questioned.

    However, changing things now wouldnt really do much good, in my opinion. Wenger deserves time to turn things around, that time is finite though. I mean, I think things would be well ugly come the end of the season if we were 15th!

  65. Jekyll

    Fair enough man. You got my back up attacking my mate george.

  66. Man, what a twat!

  67. Limestonegunner

    Wow, edifying discussion here today. The Arsenal internet civil war of 2011 continues….

    Btw, Cbob, enjoyed your post yesterday. The one question I have is do you/we think Arsenal FC used all of the resources available to it in 2008-2011 to field the strongest team possible? If you/we do, then you/we can be perfectly satisfied with our leadership and there is no reason to question them going forward. If you don’t, it is important to reflect on what you think the lessons might be in light of the present circumstances. As I said Friday night, I think there are a few adjustments to be made, several of which the Swiss Rambler concluded with in his analysis of Arsenal’s financial position. The rest of this tit for tat, abuse of our manager/players and abuse of commenters for abuse and so on is really getting tired. So is the constant focus on complaining about the media; as bad as it has become, the more interesting thing will be to see if it continues when we do have some success, someday (hopefully soon). Until then, it is something to notice but hardly the central drama of Arsenal’s present.

  68. LimestoneGunner (not Gooner you notice!!!)

    Sorry man, I must apologise for my part in that boring shite fest.

  69. @ Dexter… being questioned is fair enough.

    stating that he should go and enough is enough and all that is what many consider dramatics. with a bit of willingness to understand one can see why he would have wanted to hold in to cesc and nasri and why that may have derailed the summer plans…

    man u had a similar drop of form, just that theirs lasted all of 3 seasons… if we had won in 08/09… same could have been said of this current drop and who knows, maybe some of the players that have left could have stayed, for eg, but for his injuries and subsequent problems coming back to form, both from external pressures and all that, i think Eduardo would have stayed on… who know what would have been different? these are some of the points in having a perspective that are called by those saying it is too soon to declare all out that AW has lost the plot!

  70. Limestone

    All that really matters is how Arsenal do on the pitch, however, that is such a tiny percentage of the time most people spend on blogs, or watching Sky Sports, listening to Talkshite radio etc. There’s only so much you can say/type about the events on the pitch, so inevitably topics change and its not long before fights break out!

    Until we start doing well, then this shite will only increase I am afraid.

    A nice 5 nil on Sunday is just what the doctor ordered!

  71. Haha, YW. Disagree with Dexter about “gooner” though – the number “2” maybe.

  72. Oh typical Geogre! You return once I have been getting it in the neck defending your arse! 😀

  73. @ George. lol… where have u been man?

  74. TS

    As much as I am still worried about how things are at the club. I am not one of those who simply lump the last 5/6 seasons into one barren spell as if they are exactly the same.

    Right up until last season, I felt we were unlucky quite a number of times and generally we couldnt really have done much more. With some luck, we should have won a pot or two, but that luck alluded us.

    However, last season was a real kick in the teeth for me, as I am sure it was for many, the players and manager included. And the subsequent poor form thus far aint really doing anything to remedy that bad feeling.

    But, this notion of protesting for me at least, really seems quite pathetic and not to mention disingenuous. What possible good can it do?

    It seems that some want change for change sake, just as in those who voted the previous governement out.

  75. I sometimes wonder if Nasri and Cesc feels abit bad about the way they left. Cesc keeps writing about Arsenal at his twitter page anyway, and Nasri for a large part has been giving thousands of bad excuses for why he left.

    Clichy, who left in a clean cut way, has not said anytying, but that is beacause he did stuff the right way. And a guy with a clean consiosness would never have to say antyhing in the first place, cos he knows he played the game the right way.

    Both Cesc and Nasri just fucked us over, regardless of their intentions or motivations.
    AW said one of the main reasons his summer were hellish was that players kept changing their mind. It would not suprise me if atlest Nasri was immature enough to wait and wait and wait and wait for then to jump ship right at the end….Saying something and doing something els. Being all duped by money….

    I dont think they regret leaving but they must know thatalot of the reason we had a shitty start is them leaving so late, them not making up their mind and AW putting to much trust in their “Honor” if you like. Beliving they actually cared about the future of Arsenal.
    Which they did not in the end. The money proved to hard to turn down combined with the substantially lower salaary offerd by us.
    I think Cesc knows that even though he had a deal to leave Barcelona totally FUCKED over Arsenal to get him. He knows that HE indirectly messed us up this summer even though we knew he was gonna leave as his new club just showed no respect at all towards Arsenal. He knows he owes the club so much and he knows he was to blame for the messy departure.
    I think though however that AW expected more from Nasri. that Nasri would stay for one more year like he had indicated and be able to go for free next summer. Much like Chamakh did the year before. Chamakh was clear on the fact he did not wanna sign something new but he did stay one last year. Ones Nasri said clearly ” i want to leave now”,there was ofc no way back. But if he had said that in June instead of in Agust, well things would have been abit easier. And he knows that.
    If he wins a trophy this year its been well worth it for him, if he does not, hes moved for nothing.well money but not silver…

    There are three domestic trophies and one European to fight for between Chelsea, United, City, Arsenal and Liverpool.
    Lets hope City win non. They wont win PL, if they are unlucky with the draws for CC and FACup they may noteven reach the finals of CC or FA. and CL they can forget. Especially if we do nab a trophy. CC or FA. that would be great though 🙂
    And we all know that once you start winning you just cannot stop.
    We were one goal and 2 mins away from imo winning the CC last year, and we were a crappy Niclas Bendtner away from putting down the mightly Barcelona in the CL. If that had been RvP we would have won. Simple as….

  76. I just cant be arsed repeating the same stuff every time a new dimwit shows up.
    Sorry Dexter and thanks 🙂


    hmmn… lets see how the press/media handle this… recall AW and Theo vs england senior and junior call ups in the same period of time!

  78. dannyclaptonforever

    With regard to Barton PHW was heard to say “we don’t want his sort here”.

  79. Its Fergy,He gets a pass.The press are shit scared of him.Other than Paddy Barclay.

  80. @george
    I think every now and then great people are born..people believed Newton was the greatest ever scientist but Einstein came..even after einstein an equally great man like feynmann came…In football people believed pele and Maradona were the greatest eer and noboby with that level of skill would play the game…but we’ve seen messi who’s probably not the same but very very special in his own way…All i’m saying is that there will be a great player like Dennis one day or there would be someone who scores more goals than Henry just like there will be another great manager like Wenger…

  81. Pranaam,Well why take the chance,we already have Wenger so we don’t need another great manager like him

  82. Poodle
    Totally agree with your comment about Cesc and Nasri; ‘their departure from the club’.
    very late and unfair to the club. ‘A decision they will never forget’.

    For so many fans – who purport to understand the game, yet the late loss of key players could only unstable the club. There was NO WAY WE WOULD START THE SEASON with any consistency.

    Our manager has brought consistent success to the club; name any manager in the past 125 years that has accomplished as much.

    The club has a wealth of talent – more depth through out the team. Look at the progress in the development of Szezesny – Gibbs – Wilshere – Ramsey (forget the spuds game) – Coquelin – Song – Frimpong – Walcott (some moments of some matches)…..

    Now, more than every before, gooners must rally behind manager and players.

    When the dust settles in May, we will all look back at the last few years as a learning experience – a test of our patience.

    This weekend I was able to catch up on some earlier matches – Boltion, Olympiacus, and
    spuds – Coquelin was amazing!!!!! – couldn’t believe his overall game.

    Hell, start him at RB while Sagna is out.

  83. Limestonegunner

    Dexter, it’s all good, man. Trying times and we are all adjusting to these difficult realities–hopefully we’ll come good soon.

  84. Just want to say thank you to Dexter, Pedantic George, Team Spirit, Poodle and LimeStoneGunner for their comments tonight. BRAVO!!! Great to see people sticking up for BOTH the boss and the team. We will come good and will be in with a shot of some silverware and I believe Arsene is the man to get us there. All I ever want to hear from those who say get rid of AW is who they want in his stead, what that person will bring to the club and what kind of apology will they offer if in 1,2,3 or 4 years this saviour has won nothing but has spent 10’s of millions in the process? For some reason they can never supply an answer, instead they simply slam those who have the temerity to support AW. I support him but as Dexter said not blindly so. I simply look around and can see no other manager whom I think would be better than him.

    Jose Mourinho – would stick around for 2-3 years and then piss off, leaving us no doubt in massive debt and total disarray.

    Pep Guardiola – excellent record at Barcelona but has spent a fortune. So much so that at times they could not even pay their players. He still will not sign a long term contract, personally I think he has his eyes on Man Utd job.

    That coach who’s name escapes me but Eduardo plays for him – I only put his, ahem, name here as AW thinks very, very highly of him……mmmm….is that irony?

    Outside of these three I can think of no manager that approaches AW but am willing to listen. But I must admit I will not be holding my breath.

  85. Thanks for a thoroughly balanced write up yesterday CBob. Strange times, but not really when you unpack it. Two things you made me think about: one, you can’t mount a sustained challenge on the back of continuous squad changes in core personnel, game by game this season, whether by injury or movement in and out. And two, Arsenal may well have the last laugh. And three, from Mr. Per: this squad is quality, and you also can’t keep quality down.

    What is needed? Blog wars won’t help. Fans baying for more change will do harm. A settled team and a faithful fanbase will get us where we want to be. The team will of course settle, and the “big things” we expected too quickly, myself included, were not realistic, not so early in the season. But they will be as weeks tick by, because we have clearly underperformed with squad changes. A fourth place finish would be a magnificent achievement, is plausible, and we should fight for it. Finishing just behind two financial juggernauts and a rampant ManU (let’s just say the truth) would be a mighty achievement for us. Above that and we might as well say halleluyah.

    In my own view, the test or the fans is well and truly underway, and more than anything else will define Arsenal for many years to come, far more than Arsene will or ever can. Let’s see if we are up to it. So far, the fanbase has proved more than a little infantile, fickle and ungrateful, except for the silent majority. Where is the steel?

  86. Zim Paul

    Why are there so many squad changes? The reason our best players leave is the lack of ambition at the club.Sell Cesc and Nasri buy Arteta and Benayoun.Thats you answer.We dont replace Quality and world class with the same.Benayoun couldnt get a kick at Chelski

  87. What a day yesterday. More doom without actually anything remotely bad happening. It is a real shame when Arsenal fans wish bad on the club and declare the season over, before it has started, because they wish to see a change. Self fulfilling prophesies aside, ask yourselves: is what you want more important than what is about to happen and our success?

    Those who ask for Wenger to go have all the right to do so, but I am yet to hear one single person suggest anyone who might be better and/or is available.

    To those who ask for Stan to go. That one is a long campaign and you may as well go and support the spuds if you are going to be critical of Arsenal until that happens, especially if you are wishing us bad luck for that long. You may be an Arsenal fan, but 5, 10, 20, years in a wilderness of your own making, with all that hurt, will chew your mind.

    I liked it when we had minority shareholders, partly because people could not blame an individual and partly because it gave us a stability with managers, rather than ‘a biggest dick competition’ between autocrats and managers at $hiit-ey and Chelsea. But it is odd that the same ones who shout for the end of Wenger (with no offered replacement) are often the ones that shout for Mr Blobbymanov and all that stolen booty.

    They are so concerned about the size of our collective cock and want us to compete in that game as well. God forbid. I personally would rather compete with a good youth policy and a football philosophy.

    YW be careful what you dish out, when you have found nothing substantive in the press it is best not to give in to the trash that is out there. It depresses the sane, stirs the misdirected
    and turns us on each other.

    Meanwhile we hear there was good news. Song will not being going to the Africa Cup. (sorry Cameroon) and I personally heard something on saturday that pleased me greatly, which I will share on the new post.

  88. Limestone.

    “Btw, Cbob, enjoyed your post yesterday. The one question I have is do you/we think Arsenal FC used all of the resources available to it in 2008-2011 to field the strongest team possible? If you/we do, then you/we can be perfectly satisfied with our leadership and there is no reason to question them going forward. If you don’t, it is important to reflect on what you think the lessons might be in light of the present circumstances.”

    In a word, no. I think Arsene could and should have strengthened more during this period.

    I say could but I don’t know this, onlly that the Board said that we had resouces available. If we did, and didn’t, if you follow, then Arsene had reasons of his own. I would hope that he learnt from that period that you can’t rely on players behaving as you would hope they would.

  89. Ted,

    Sorry but the only real quality we lost was Cesc.

    Nasri was replaced by Gervinho who has already looked better (nasri used to disappear for large parts of games and seasons, did not want to play on the wing, but never showed up when playing centrally, Gervinho is a better winger), so when you replace Cesc with Arteta and Benayoun, and strengthen the squad especially the defense, things look better than picture you paint.

    Cesc will show he is the best in the world and knock Xavi off that throne. He was going to go though and no amount of money could alter that.

  90. In summary I just think that during the last five or six years things have not panned out as Arsene expected. It really is that simple.

    He placed a huge amount of faith in a generation of young players an rewarded them with large contracts before any justification for doing so. He thought the players he had would be good enough to challenege. His plan were not helped by some of his better players wanting to leave every summer.

    Unfortunatelty for him it has transpired that many of the players were simply not good enough to perform at this level on a consistant basis. He got it wrong. I don’t hold that against him; he had a plan, and it didn’t work. That still does not mean he is not the right man to turn the club around, and I believe that he will.

  91. SA – “Sorry but the only real quality we lost was Cesc.

    Nasri was replaced by Gervinho”

    But that simply is not true. Nasri was a quality player no matter how much to want to convince yourself he wasn’t. And it also shows why the squad has not progressed over the past few years; if Gervihno was bought and Nasri kept the squad would be improved. But one in, and one out, means the squad remains status quo at best.

  92. G..andy

    The inclusion of Gervinho over Nasri has improved the squad and I believe that indivdual statistical analysis will prove it after a season or two.

    Nasri was not a bad player and I did not want him to go, but he is not worth what $hiite-y are paying him. Early on I wished we had Nanni instead of him, when moments of really cool skill was followed up with…..nothing. He started last season excellently and at one point was in line for player of the season and then….nothing. When we needed him to step up to the plate we actually had to wait for Cesc to come back.

    The problem with city alludes to one of the newer issues that post-Emirates Wenger is facing. Billionaires.

    To say that Wenger has failed is to not appreciate a few very important possibilities: Firstly it is the youth policy that actually saved us during this period when we have not been able to compete with Billionaires; Secondly another manager like Steve Mclaren would have surely meant that we would never have got to CL football. Ever.

    Would you say that Cesc, Gibbs, Ox, Ramsey, Wilshere, Szez , are not value for money? Some of the youth may not have been, but overall the benefit to the club far outweigh the ones that have not performed. To point to the occasional failure is wrong headedness. In order for you to be correct you would have be able to argue that if you added up all the good and subtracted all the bad (money) you would have been able to do better in the open market, value and position in the league.

    I haven’t done the sums, but since only United do better and we know that clubs have begun to emulate Arsenal and our players are poached, something is working.


    Today’s post: Theo’s Fears Give Him An Edge & Lessons To Learn


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