Arsenal Stutter But A Win Was All That Was Required

Arsenal 2 – 1 Olimpiacos

1 – 0 Oxlade – Chamberlain (17)
2 – 0 Santos (20)
2 – 1 Fuster (27)

Arsenal stuttered to victory over their Greek opponents, ready to be sacrificial lambs at a White Hart Lane slaughter this weekend. Oh, don’t get bent out of shape, Beasley is a Tiny Tot. It has all the hallmarks of “Duck Season, Rabbit Season, Fire!

The makeshift Arsenal defence, rocked, rolled, scored, conceded and generally had a night where luck was on their side. And if that failed, Mikel Arteta and the crossbar helped them out. As well as Wojciech Szczesny. But that is what happens when you field a team that is missing its first, second, third and fourth choice centre backs. And still trying to gel as a defensive unit around that by dropping one of the first choice midfielders into the central void.

In short, the performance matched the team selection; bits and pieces. And if Tottenham think it will be as much of a walkover as the media, let their overconfidence be their downfall.

That is not to say that the faults highlighted do not exist, they do but as is always the case the reasons never fit in with the angle being reported.

An early goal would have been a target, to ease nerves and it duly arrived. Chamberlain made a run from the wing to the central position, meeting Alex Song’s exquisite pass from deep. The youngster rounded the defence, the Greek back four distracted by other runs being made, and shot through Mellberg’s legs and off the post, into the net. A great finish from the youngster, goals in consecutive games will be boosting his confidence no end.

It might have been two shortly afterwards, Arteta’s corner was met with a powerful but off target Chamakh header. The Spaniard played a pivotal role in the early stages, prompting and taking responsibility for the midfield as well as providing a solid goal-line defensive barrier. A key block, as vital as the saves the beaten Szczesny would make later on.

The visitors were taking confidence from their forays into Arsenal territory but were leaving themselves exposed at the back. It was a state of affairs that Arsenal would breach. Rosicky and Santos linked on the left, the Brazilian then tried to create a scoring opportunity for Chamakh. As that was snuffed out, he weaved into the area, cut back and trickled his shot home, placement beating power as the guiding light. Roberto Carlos it was not, the outcome was the same.

Chamakh once more had the opportunity to score, spurning Arshavin’s contribution. Scoring is still problematic for the Moroccan, despite having found the net at Ewood Park he is still lacking in confidence in front of goal. One last night would have done wonders for him. It wasn’t to be.

And the Greeks capitalised on that, the goal coming from a fabled Arsenal weakness; a corner. Quickly taken on the left, the ball was worked behind a slumbering Sagna, Ibagaza found Fuster unmarked around the penalty spot and the header was placed firmly into the corner of the net. There were so many errors in conceding it is hard to know what to think. Sleeping on the opportunity of a short corner, Sagna not on the post, no-one on the post, Arshavin nodding off when he had full view of Fuster’s run. Utterly unforgivable at this level of the professional game and suitably punished.

It caused the Arsenal defensive ship to creak. Szczesny tipped over and then used his legs, Jennings-esque, to prevent parity at the interval. Arsenal were ceding too much ground to the visitors, surrendering possession too readily as the Greeks pressed highly. To make matters worse, Ivan Gazidis had to request that the stewards remove a visitor from the director’s box. Apparently the Frenchman had been quite calm and urbane beforehand, whirling like a dervish after Olimpiacos scored.

The second began with sides trading jabs. Fuster shot wide, Chamberlain at the Greek goalkeeper, a leaden first touch taking him too close to the custodian. It was an entertaining if nervy affair. Changes were wrought, Arsenal finished more focussed on their defensive work. Even then, the crossbar came to their aid when a wonderful dipping, curling shot evaded Szczesny. Had their been more daylight between the two sides, you probably find that most would not have begrudged Torossidis his goal. As it was there wasn’t and we are thankful for the crossbar’s intervention.

A win was the desired outcome. A squad that is gelling now has four out of five, three on the trot with only two conceded in those games. The performances suggest that there is more work to be done defensively but regaining confidence is a slow process. And it is not helped by three different defences taking the field in those games. You can understand rotation being employed and the negative impact of injuries but the club desperately need to get the back four fit and into a groove. From that, a winning run that is being built can be extended.

As it is, four points out of six is exactly what Arsenal would have wanted before the group phase kicked off. Marseilles next in a double header, at the end of which the target will be qualification all but assured. A tall order but you never know, that little lick of paint tonight might just have been a little bit of luck returning.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. A great goal by the Ox and the woodwork twice working in our favour (Ox’s goal, and Torosidis’ shot) – indeed, maybe we are getting Lady Luck back on our side.

    Although we were defensively shaky, I thought Song and Mertescacker were outstanding at the back – the problems lay largely down the flanks and in the amount of space our midfield allowed behind them, particularly in the first half. But the second half was much better, and although we were grateful that the crossbar stood firm I don’t remember Szczesny having much to do in the second half.

    Anyhow, three points is three points and Ox’s performance will have Theo looking over his shoulder. Competition for places can only be a good thing.

  2. Frimpong's balls

    Worried about the defensive problems (returning 1st team regulars will solve this… somwehat) but more worried about our lack of fluidity in midfield (despite an excellent performance by and inspired Arteta).

    If an Arsenal side cannot string more than four passes togehter are they still an Arsenal side?

    The positives? We won… and perhaps the spuds will underestimate us 🙂
    Van Zero.

  3. Haha Tim is a geek.

  4. Yup, the flanks were leaking… Especially the right

  5. Just Another Luke


    As a a matter of interest, has anyone done a comparison of the vital stats (height, weigth) of Theo and Alex Ox and would like to share it here? Thanks.

  6. For me the down beat performance was frimpong he lacked pace and many of his tackles were miss timed or missed altogether. His going forward was better than his defending. I felt sorry for chamakh though, he was all over the place and you could see him really trying to score. I hope his confidence comes back soon. And about the luck, I think its only fair since we had been on the nagetive recipient of it in recent past.

  7. Frimpong’s balls

    That’s a riduculous name mate. I advice you to change that name or else some immature kids here will laugh at your name.

  8. Arteta struggled a bit in the second half. He isn’t fast, so has a hard time going by people and turned the ball over quite a bit. He’s a very calming prescence and can’t wait for him to settle into the team. I think it will also help having Theo and RvP to pass to rather than Chamkh and the Ox, who is still learning. I really like Song as a CB. He came to the ball and attacked it. But what really sets him apart is once he gets the ball, he is very calm and doesn’t needlessly hoof it down the field without thought. Plus, being 6’2 helps, especially with Per next to him.

  9. Frimpong did pretty well for someone who has been out a year. He can surely improve, but once he has the ball, no one goes near him to steal the ball since he is so strong. Saw this with the Greeks last night and before.

  10. whatever happened to Arshavin…

  11. My, I do like this Santos fellow, although he’s going to give Bill and quite a few others, of a build-from-defence mind, kittens over a whole season. Puppies would be better, but I think it’s kittens with Santos. He’s a man for all seasons in a single match. Calm and assured in possession, a cautious passer who can up the tempo, and dance inside, which I like, slow and fast, up and down, in and out of position, tough and tenacious; Song had a busy night covering for him.

    Frimpong did a job, got better in the second half, but was generally exposed by an excellent Olympian midfield, and the defence suffered.

    What was very noticeable was how well we played the ball out of defence, nerve-free on the whole. Very, very good sign that.

    Chamakh didn’t score, but looked better, touch and some confidence is returning. A good move to play him. Our midfield was good going forward, on the weak side tracking back, much of that due to Frimpong and Arshavin, and Ox’s inexperience as the match wore on, our right constantly exposed.

    I was thoroughly impressed by Olympiakos. Well done to them really. Lovely fast passing, fluid and mobile, and good technique. All in all, a hard day’s night, and quite satisfying too; excellent match. the group is much morely finely balanced than we may have thought.

    Well done Ox and Santos!

  12. Just Another Luke

    Alex Oxlade Chamberlain

    Height: 5′ 11” (1.80m)
    Weight: 69.92 kg

    Theo Walcott

    Height: 5′ 7” (1.70m)
    Weight: 68 kg

  13. Theo is not 5’7, he’s around 5’10.

  14. I really like the combo of Gibbs and Santos on the left. Santos with the ball is as good as almost any left winger in the EPL while Gibbs is also very, very good. I think the combo of the two really helps our attacking, all the while having two players who can, and will, respect their defensive duties. If one goes forward, then the other has his back. Not a coincidence that once Gibbs came on the AA, we started controlling the game better.

  15. Just Another Luke

    Which makes that at least physically, there is not much to choose between Theo and Alex.

  16. And to think, our two leftbacks have scored as many goals in the last two games as our previous one did in the past five years.

  17. Theo is much faster than AOC. Just a much better athlete, but AOC is great on the ball.

  18. Didn’t realise how slow Mertesacker was until last night.

  19. Just Another Luke

    Could it be that speed and height don’t go together? Just like you can’t expect a good jockey to be tall, so you can’t expect a 6 ft 6 ins CB to be fast?

  20. Just Another Luke

    I must say that I like the way Rosicky opened up the Olympiacos defence with his reading of the left wing run of Santos and serving up a wonderful pass into space.

  21. Again,our midfield left our back four exposed many times. The space between our defence and midfield was so huge you could park a plane in it comfortably.and arshavin was his regular self,doing just enough to break sweat.

  22. i thought song was brilliant at centre-half last night. i thought he was our best player. calming presence at the back.

    and of course, if we were man utd, the media would be writing we ‘played like champions’. but we aren’t, so it’s the same old bullshit.

  23. Have to agree Zim – The Ox gave an outstanding performance, as did Santos (needs to lose a few lbs, but looks great going forward!)

    The first 25 minutes were excellent – we really should have been out of sight if Chamakh buried his chance. I felt sorry for the fellow, he works like an absolute dog, and is great and holding the ball up….his goal will come. Anyway – agree with the main body of the article. Three W’s on the bounce, and a biggy this weekend.

    My only gripe is the allowance our defensive unit are being offered to gel. Shape and communication are not solved by personnel, rather hours of drills on the training ground. I still do not believe we spend sufficient time working on our defensive organisation.

  24. Please to get the win, with a team missing many regular starters. I like Arteta a lot and look forward to seeing more of him as the season progresses.

    What i just can’t believe is the reaction form the pundits last night. is a CL session where Chelsea threw away a win by giving a soft injury time pen and had 2 players booked after the final whistle, Man City lost, had players storming off in a huff and refusing to play and Utd had to score an injury time equaliser against Basel at home it Arsenal the ones that are all over the place!!

    2 big games vs Marseille coming up but I’m confident we can do the a job there. A bonus for us could be Ayew getting sent off right at the end for Marseille, he scored twice for them last night.

  25. People are failing to give Olympiakos any credit. They are a much better team than the one we faced a few seasons ago. They are Champions of their league so they must have some quality and they showed it last night. They were clearly not fielding a makeshift defence and a mix and match team with some very young and inexperienced players and players who are not yet familiar with each others’ games. The short corner routine looked like a well practiced move. YW, wasn’t it Chamberlain who was out there for the short-corner rather than Sagna?

  26. Yogi,

    Trust me, any real Tottenham fan is still expecting the worst…

    If theres one club that can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory better then you guys – Its us.

  27. Pass

    Thought it was Sagna but I was as guilty of switching off for a second as the Arsenal defence….


  28. Passenal, agreed that people have to give credit to olympiakos. their set piece routines are creative.

  29. Good morning all (and you James). A very good report YW.

  30. Thought Song was magnificent last night. Couldn’t believe how lazy Arshavin was. Thought Alan Smith’s comment about fans expectations being lower this season were true, certainly for me, sad really.

  31. Good game all ’round! Our defence in the first half was quite leaky, but I think we manned-up in the second. Both Song and Mertesacker were top, especially in the second half.

    I thought Chamakh played very well also, he put himself about and I thought he generally had a positive effect on our play.

    Now for Sunday’s massive test! We’re gonna finish it with flying colours.

  32. Frimpong was the player of the match for the commentators, I could not see that myself and might give it to Song as he was filling in; he set up the Ox, mopped up behind The Meat Sack and as the 2nd half came on he was my defensive pick. Although the Meat Sack did not do badly and was reading the game well.

    Like Zim, I like Santos. Class skill and a danger, looks like he could lose a few kilos and work on his fitness.

    Artey disappeared a bit toward the end (maybe concentrating on defense), but was the pick of the first half when we were scoring. His passing is not quite as decisive as Cesc in the last 25, but was insightful and committed .

    RvP appeared not to make a big difference to Chamakh who looked creative and dangerous, even if his headers were a bit wide of the mark. I still like him and I think he gives us options. He has good skill and just needs his Mojo back. (he has scored many more than a 50mil signing I could mention)

    What made the first half tentative was the amount of loose balls we gave away needlessly, caught in possession in midfield positions, loose passing and slow to distribute and collect it set up most of the Olympiaco’s attacks. It is a lesson…. that and the same old set piece thing.

    All in all, much better and no need to mention pet hates – therapy calling.

  33. At one point in the second half I lost count of the number of clean, effective challenges that Mertesacker made! All that talk about his tackling ability is turning out not to be nonsense.

  34. It wasn’t that the Olimpiacos corner routines weren’t good, it’s that our players fell for the same thing time and again. On the first short corner we almost conceded. The second one we did concede and the bloke who headed it in was totally untouched as he did so. On the third one, it was only because the crowd were pointing and shouting that Rosicky and Chamberlain eventually came and marked up and denied the short corner. After the first one you need to learn and be switched on to what they’re doing!

  35. And what about Tevez et Al

    Go to $hiite-y, take the money to warm the box and lose your will to live and play. It was satisfying to see all the prostitutes, including our little French Ex, keeping each other company on the ‘Long bench to Freedom’. I know Nasri wanted greener pastures, but does that really include being sent out to graze while in a Champions League match.

    Lots of overpaid boys before their time, sitting there losing at an early stage of a tournament that they think that they are destined to win given the proper chances, but struggling to comprehend why they are not playing and that it takes more than a few overpaid nearlys to win the hardest tournament in football.

    Mancini (the turd polisher’s) problem? …..which ridiculous egos to leave on the bench….. LOL

  36. arsenal were missing a dozen players, benched rvp and ramsy and still got d much needed victory. that i thing should be a credit to team. man U has played 2 matches without rooney and has only managed to draw both.
    its high time we appreciated the job wenger is doing at arsenal. i’ll like to see how carick or fletcher perform as cb like song.

  37. gooner2 at 7:23 am. I’m not a kid and I’m laughing. What a stupid name!

  38. Meat sacker is a truly excellent player. Now I see why he plays for Germany, and us. It’s the minimum fuss, maximum result thing. No contortions of the face and panic-stricken exersions, grimacing in pain with multiple collisions and desperate clearances. He gets the ball away if he must, in the simplest way. He passes it out if he must, in the simplest way. He seems where he is meant to be. In short he knows his job, his position and his role in a team. He wass clear and away the best Arsenal player on show last night, although I hate MOTM stuff. He looks slow until you have to beat him on the ground.

  39. Oddly maybe, but not, like many very tall players, he’s not any kind of specialist header but useful in that dept. Kos is a much better header of the ball, as is TV.

  40. About the Meat Sack being slow.

    He may need someone quick like Song behind him covering the through pass, but he reads the game and players well and can stretch like a spider, for reactions that is everything and we have been missing it. Also I think he is so tall that he looks like he is slower than he actually is, once those legs start moving he covers a lot of ground quickly.

  41. SA Gooner, “Lots of overpaid boys before their time”, that could easily be levelled at a lot of Arsenal players over the past few seasons.

    I do agree with your point on Mertesacker, I couldn’t fault him at all last night.

  42. The great value of an Ox and a match like this is he has been tested a little. Lo and behold, we seem to have a dependable player who is confident from his first touch. It will be interesting how Wenger uses him from here. Bit by bit, surely.

  43. Whirling dervish? Ha ha Yogi, love your style. That phrase takes me way back…

    Agree with Zim about Mert and his heading versus passing abilities, compared to Kos et al.

    I thought Sagna was sloppier than usual. Saw his tweet after the game saying he was “soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo tired”. Then it kinda made sense. I hope he’s able to catch some rest soon. If Jenkinson still isn’t quite ready yet, perhaps we can play Coguelin as RB in some games? .

    We still lack discipline in our defending, especially from our midfield and forwards. In Frimpong’s case its more to do with inexperience rather than a lack of application. I’m not sure what excuse the others have. but we don’t do a good enough job of protecting our back four.

    But the good news, we seem to be getting our attacking mojo back. It is equally important though that we build confidence from the back so I hope we are able to balance both sides of the game better than we’ve done in the recent past.

  44. Block 4

    If what you say has an element of truth our boys have at least come through the youth team or have been brought into a squad that has put faith in them – their egos have not made those choices. That is a big difference to the $hiite-y boys who have left decent clubs for the lure of much-much-much more money because they overrate themselves and think they are suddenly worth the huge amounts they are being offered.

    Some of our boys may have turned out to be overpaid, but I don’t think you could argue that about Cesc, Wilshere, Ramsey and a couple on show last night and I am not sure we would have got some of these players if we did not offer the cash then.

    Nasri was not the finished item when he left, he went because he was offered more than we could pay the best in the business. That is just ridiculous and he will probably sit on that bench with his mouthed stuffed with readies until his heart packs in.

    Spuddybayor thought he was too good for the money we offered, was good enough for the money $hiite-y offered, but was not good enough for them, was not good enough for Madrid and maybe now has found his match in the Spuds, who are not good enough for anything.

    Cases are hard to rest, especially this one, but I am satisfied that we get excellent value for money.

  45. …away by Mertesacker… cleared by Mertesacker… and on and on throught he evening…

    He had a very good game.

    Needs to be more mobile, but the meat sack is earning his keep now.

    PS @Gooner2, No worries, mate, I’m laughing at my own name! Bring on the kids.!

  46. I read Ox to rival Walcott for his England and Arsenal place, I don’t see it that way at all.Walcott will go down the middle and the Ox on the right exchanging places at time would be awesome I think they can work well together, both have pace and can catch each others runs easily.
    Lots has been made about the defensive issues, but these games are the preseason for us, and I belive it will get better as the season progresses. as long as we keep getting the points and hang in there, by January we should have a solid defensive line up, injuries permitting of course.

  47. @Jac at 08.43
    The Ayew who was sent off was the younger one, J.Ayew, who came on as a sub. The older, more dangerous one, Andre.Ayew, (who we were allegedly interested in) will play against us. He was subbed in 89th minute.

    I also hope Frimpong wakes up a bit. He hasn’t really got used to the pace of the game at this level. Caught in possession too much and too many attempts at threading the ball through the eye of a needle. K.I.S.

    Don’t quite understand Chamberlain being as MoM on the club site. He took his goal well but left Sagna very exposed on numerous occasions and needs a lot of work on that side of his game. AA is just a lazy, indulgent sod, I’ve decided. Offload him in January Arsene.

    Good result. AW took a chance by giving so many a rest day but it worked out OK for once.
    Bring on the Spuds.

  48. Zimpaul – “It’s the minimum fuss, maximum result thing” that is a german car . In England we might call it ( bread and butter) . That should be printed out and stuck in the dressing room. That is what the germans have done over the years. The sack has done that perfectly last night, he very rarely pass inside the box and when the pressure is on he simply clears the ball to touch.

  49. agree with 1loose that theo will play down the middle. our midfield were the problem defensivly last night, they tried but we are in that position now where we have to accept that. We are in many ways starting again, chamack gotr better in the second half but he isnt that good, not his fault, arshavin the same rosicky the same, we dont have that much quality available to us at the moment, a team with theo, jervo, rvp, tv, diabi, wilshire, koz added to last night makes for more optomistic viewing, still need a replacement for cesce if we are going to make the step up and more cover at the back, thats all imo bye

  50. My MoM was Arteta. Yes, he lacks pace but has vision and tenacity. Song was also a good contender.
    I do like Mertesacker. His timing and reading of the game is immaculate and he’s cool under pressure. Again, he’s one who lacks pace, but we have Kos and TV who will cover for that, as Song did last night. He’s also going to need a break at some point, what with all the injury chaos – has been thrown in at the deep end and shown he can swim. And remember all of you who were begging for Samba that he may be big and strong but he’s also a carthorse. If we were to go for another CB, then Cahill would be my choice (or, even better in the longer term, one of the Dortmund guys) but I think when TV gets back and if Gibbs can find his best form consistently and if we stay injury free for a spell (a lot of whens and ifs, I know), and with Song as DMF, then we will have a more secure defence.

  51. Just Another Luke

    If the Spuds can accept Adebayor, they should take Carlos Tevez, with a wage subsidy from the Sheikh as well. Harry Redknapp loves these kinds of cut price deals.

    Meanwhile MoolahCity is cutting off their nose to spite their face with a lengthy ban on Tevez. I wonder if they can dock his pay during the period of suspension.

  52. You nuts Luke?

    Tevez will improve spurs greatly, who wants that? Better he comes to us.

    Don’t think ManiCity will let him go to any local rival though. That would be stupid.

  53. Just Another Luke

    This is a lot of moolahs…

    “Tevez earns £200,000-a-week, so would lose around £3 million in wages if City can ban him for the 15 weeks until the transfer window is open again. The internal club suspension will also cost Tevez appearance money and other bonuses, potentially worth £500,000-a-week.”

  54. Just Another Luke

    Tevez can be an Arsenal player on the pitch, but he seems to be a problem at ManCity. And we are unlikely to be able to afford him on a permanent basis.

  55. Where’s goonerandy these days?

  56. JAL

    Most clubs can only ban a player for two weeks, that’s the standard. In Tevez’s case, they are reportedly looking at whether he breached his contract by refusing to play in which case they can terminate it, refuse to pay him anything and sue him for economic losses, eg transfer fee, in the same way that Chelsea pursued Mutu. Not sure if those damages awarded by a *FIFA* court ever got paid.


  57. Tevez

    If he leaves $hiite-y they will apply for a Euf-udg-a or Thifa ban and he will be out for a while, just long enough to realise that he is not worth what he is currently paid anywhere else.

    Even if he came to us on a loan and avoided the ban, he would join his old mate Spuddybayor within a season on a longer contract, after sewing division, disharmony and insulting everyone.

    He is a great player and would be the Cesc replacement, but is it worth it we ask?


    No mention of a possible ban as an outcome, but the swords are drawn.

    The point is that money is no object, but if they are too hard on the little prick, they may have to pay even more money for other suckers to join and sit on the bench in the future.

    Money can’t buy you love
    Can’t buy you
    Money can’t buy you love.

    Or a decent squad.

  59. Someone said about Arshavin being lazy – when he came off the pitch last night his stats for passing were 17 passes 65% completed successfullly. My maths not the greatest but thats 10/11 passes the whole game that he found a team mate.
    And he was playing in midfield!!
    Didnt notice anyone elses stats and maybe need to look @ their stats to compare but i remeber thinking last night 10 passes in an hr – you might as well be playing beach football

  60. The only depressing thing for me was the commentary. I switched it off in the end. But imagine a young fan just tasting the delights of following us in Europe being bombarded with negativity and told that we are in turmoil and Arsenal fans are worried and lowering expectations.. How the hell is he to grow into a positive upbeat supporter appreciative of the strengths of the team and forgiving of the mistakes?
    I really really fucking hate commentators. But last night I was dad’s taxis so couldn’t watch a nice Russian or Dutch stream had to sky+ the match. Supping with the devil no wonder I felt queasy.

  61. Arteta is growing into his game as the pivot at Arsenal, match by match. He is showing signs of beginning to take decisions and control a match. Hugely under-rated from Everton also-ran days, I also did not rate him that highly. I do now, having seen him. He is a little slow, but that’s not a problem in his role. His passing is excellent, sometimes brilliant, his ball retention good, his mistakes rare. He’s a tough player too, which is a bonus. When he gets scythed down, a la somebody else back in the day, you just expect Arteta to get up. I do look forward to the Arteta-Diaby connection to come. Diaby needs midfield solidity around him, so he can play instinctively, ringed by good passers, and have a go at the opposition, unfettered. Although very capable in defending duty, he’s not a “responsible” midfielder, but an unguided missile, more Gervinho than Ramsey let’s say.

  62. Oh and a word for Chamack. Really pleased with his tireless workrate, his closing down and holding up. Sure he fluffed his lines on the finish for his one clear chance but the control with which he took the ball down and made space for the shot were sublime. I have no fears for him at all. A really good player with the right manager to give him the confidence he needs.

  63. Tevez’ “issues” and lack of personal stability cannot have been helped by stints at the two most arrogant, cheesy clubs of the day. If ever he goes to Chelsea, he may slip over the edge completely. On the other hand, if he goes to Tottenham he will either end up as de facto player-manager-man-in-charge, while Harry splutters about blinking at the media, or Harry will give him the hairy-harry eyeball and send Tevez into quiet madness. Nope, the only possibility is a big Italian club.

  64. 4nil up and we drew

    The defending for the Greeks goal last night was the worse piece of defending from a set piece i have ever seen.This zonal marking is not working

    Chamakh spends more time making sure his hair isnt out of place.Get stuck in you tosser and stop worrying about your looks.Is he really better than Bendtner?

    The Ox had a superb game lets hope for once Wenger picks players on form and not reputation.That means The Ox should start at the Lane

    YW you talk about the Spuds overconfidence i work with a couple of Spuds fans and they are not confident after what Citeh did to them.You can bet they will be many on here pridicting a 3-0 win

  65. Chamakh’s miss was not as poor as it first appeared. An instinctive shot, rushed, slightly awkward, angled across the keeper, more attempt at accuracy than power, it missed by 3 feet. An alternative would have been the powerhouse effort, Arshavin surely would have, but I suspect Wenger discourages this, and Chamakh listens. You get more goals the “Henry way”, but it takes practice.

  66. It makes me sad watching Bendtner charging up, down and across the top of Sunderland’s attack, with an air of desperation.

  67. Arteta also has a really good first touch…

  68. Arshavin is a mighty problem defending. Although, I seem to remember some games last season during which he was more active in the defensive third. He is so difficult to predict in terms of his application in a game. The times that I view Arshavin as a liability far outwiegh the occasions that I think of him as an asset. I would not be averse to unloading him in the transfer window.

  69. Zim – you often make my day, here in the comments, and your more scampish moods of late only serve that further. I agree with all that you’ve posted today. I look forward to any further guest posts you may be invited to create… cheers!

    I thought Mert was excellent, more so as the match wore on. Arteta (in fact this is the only part i didnt agree with Zim on) was always someone i thought would be perfect fit at arsenal, if Cesc were to leave. Cesc wasn’t blessed with pace, nor is Arteta. His quality is obviously not quite at Cesc’s level, but we have a much more rounded squad now, without having to rely on a talisman quite as much. Arteta’s bite and determination defensively has surprised me after seeing him in our colours, and is very welcome. Ox looked older than he is, but still showed moments of inexperience. He is a very technically gifted player, and his left foot finish was expertly dispatched. Song was much more assured than I’ve seen in a while when asked to play CB, which is great to see now that we have more cover in DM. Composure at the back is so important, and Mert/Song combination oozes exactly that. The Saint looked much more like he is becoming acclimatised to life at Arsenal, and his goal will do him wonders, again on his weaker foot. Chamakh just needs a couple of goals, then we’ll see him shooting with confidence again. He has been ‘unlucky’ in more cases than ‘poor’ imo.

    All in all, a good performance, and 3 very important points. Puts us in a great position going into the next couple of games against a dangerous Marseille.

    Up the Arse.

  70. 4NUAWD. Everything you say is fact, superbly put and well spelt. How do you do it? A lot of people on here predict 3-0 to Arsenal for every game, never mind Spuds, never mind form players, and very few here have any understanding of the inner-truth of how Wenger continually picks players on “reputation”, or fancy-pancy names, or his little favourites; ignoring all the form players, the guts and glory players.

    I salute you, kindred spirit. I also like your name, which tells a story, very witty too, “different” from the usual “gooner 3-4-5” or biblical names, like Luke, James, Jabba, Henristic and reminds us, for many here have forgetten, of all that is weak and bad at Arsenal. We must never forget! The shame!

  71. Zimpaul

    Your 11.53 is just bizarre

    ”Everton also-ran days,” half the probelm with some of you lot on here is that you never bother to watch other teams play so you have zero idea about opposition players. Arteta was a class act at Everton, and they are great old fashioned club run in the right way with an oustanding manager.

    ”Arteta is growing into his game as the pivot at Arsenal, match by match.”

    We were playing weak opposition at home and we failed to control the match and didnt create many chances. Happy with the win but thats what happened so in effect our ”pivot”, didnt have such a good game.

    ”Diaby needs midfield solidity around him”

    What the fook, the bloke is meant to be a giant why does he need solid players around him he is meant to be the solid player. Any news on when he is abck from his latest injury or has he had a set back

    ”ringed by good passers,”

    We can only play 3 in midfield and if your saying he isnt defensive which you just did we need a more defenive player on the pitch which means it will be a struggle to ring him with good passers???

  72. Geo,


  73. What delightful jabberish. I especially liked the “you lot” reference.

  74. ZimPaul

    But actually look at what your saying its just utter tripe you and Paul N are just high as a kite the whole fricking time.

    There is a huge correlation between some of the most ardent akb’s on here and them not bothering to watch other football teams.

    Paul N was here last night saying Alex Song was the best player in the premiership, its exactly the sort of thing you would say.

  75. Whose Diaby?

    Seriously though – t hough he was due back at the end of Sept? Any news? Say he returns in the first week of Oct, we have to allow him a month of training (when was the last time he completed that) to get match fit. Then we enter November, now, poor old Abous weak muscles and fragile bones wont be too receptive to the winter months. Nor will his lazy, inconsistent attitude.

    The better everyone at the club sees him as a seldom effective luxury player the better. Thinking he will come in and dominate the midfield (unlikely as he is our 5th choice central midfielder) for months on end (never happened in his 6 year, 200+ game Arsenal career) is just lunacy.

    Lets look forward, and move on. Song, Frimpong, Wilshere, Areteta, Ramsey, Oxo, Yossi, Arshavin – all players I’d rather see start in any of the midfield roles than Diaby.

    He is a crook. He is injury prone. He will be on a significant wage.

    Beggars belief. He got assaulted 5 years ago. His first season back saw him play the most games ever in one season.

    He has suffered from minor muscle twangs, pulls. He is injury prone.

    Is Woodgate injury prone? Is M Owen? Is Rio Ferdinand?

    Lets take our tinted glasses off and see Abou for what he is.

    HUgely talented, inconsistent and never fit.

  76. Let’s just get a few things straight here Jabba’s Delights. I happen to like tripe, my mother (bless her) made the most delicious tripe you ever tasted, cooked for 6 hours, in milk, peppercorns and bay leaves, with new potatoes and parsely.

    The one thing Paul N never is, is high, his views always respectful, although I confess to a soft spot for the song “Up, up and away, in my beautiful, my beautiful, balllooooon”, but kites, never! And why would I watch other teams when Pakistan is touring, Jarvis and young Vitori opening the bowling for us, answer me that? You make no sense, man.

  77. It’s the “hugely talented” bit anyone who know football is interested in Luke. He wouldn’t be the first to make his impact a little later than others, on the back of early years of injury. If he is really so poorly rated, why on earth is he a first choice French midfielder?

  78. @JD To be fair to Paul-N, his comment was that he thought Song was “quite possibly” the best “all around player”.

    The concept of best all around player is an interesting one. In addition to those who have been mentioned already (Song, Jones, Young and Bale), I would add as possibilities: Luiz, Lampard, Essien, Evra, Valencia, Gerrard, Richards, Y. Toure and A. Cole. Any other nominees?

  79. We didn’t have most of our influential players and still beat the Greek champions, that’s progress in my opinion. If it isn’t clear to the common fan that the media have an agenda, then I don’t know what else would make them realise the obvious.
    In peddling their anti-Arsenal bias, they are slowly beginning to unify Arsenal fans against a common enemy.
    In other news, I see YW got a mention on the Arsenal media page, congrats. As much as the PR arm of the club is criticised, I think they deserve a pat on the back for trying to involve the fans now.
    #FORWARD. Have a good day everyone.

  80. First choice French midfielder?

    There is a huge stick on ACLF that smacks English players based on thier national team performance. Well does the same not apply for Diaby?

    As for first choice? How many major tournament games does he have under his belt? How was his respective performance in these?

    First choice French midfield will probably be Gourcouff, Nasri, M’Vila, Ribery. All VASTLY superior to Abou in thier respective roles.

  81. 4 nil up and we drew?

    Shouldn’t someone with such a name be on Le Grove?

  82. cant wait for diaby to get back , a man of obvious quality but who also has a history of injury and inconsistancy that goes hand in hand with the previous. he brings height weight and experience to the team where it is sorely missed, the ram as i believe far from ready, some like jack come on quick others like the ram will take time. i am not convinced with ram man but am hoping it will come in time,we will see. according to my memory diaby should be back aginst spurs or the next and tv quickly to follow, no news ile have a look

  83. tv back after the international break, diaby three weeks away still according to the boss so november at the latest

  84. Yogi, Mutu was ordered to pay $20 million or so to Chelsea near the end of 2010 after a final appeal. The article also mentions that Mutu was going to declare bankrupcty to avoid paying any monies to Chelsea which effectively says again that clubs have little recourse in situations pertaining to breach of contracts. Lets also not forget whilst he was found guilty of using cocaine, how many players in the EPL haven’t at least tried it? I would guess few, especially from certain clubs.

  85. bitches…

  86. If memory serves I also think Mutu got like a 7-8 month worldwide ban before signing with an Italian club.

  87. I’m not taking anything away from Frimpong but isn’t Coquelin looking the more polished and composed of the two at the moment?

  88. When talking football, avoid absolutes, capitals, and somewhat wild exaggerations. People have different views of the merits and weak spots of Abou Diaby, but virtually all agree on those merits. He’s a good player, let’s just say for the sake of it “he is amongst top flight quality”, widely regarded as such, and would be regarded as an asset in most EPL sides. “Vastly superiors” in football are very rare. The reason I look forward to him is he makes the game more interesting to be honest. I like forays forward, his dribbling ability, his unusual style, and generally these things are appreciated tactically. I agree he’s not risen to the occasion consistently, overall, but I disagree this means he cannot do so, consistently. Wenger may of course think differently, but I doubt it. Let’s see when he returns what’s up.

  89. Did anyone watch the Dispatches about drugs in football? Plenty of cocaine going on in English football, plenty. The fact that some players are only drug tested once or twice in the space of a couple of years, i found quite staggering. Imagine if that were the case in athletics for example… Cocaine only stays in your system for a few days, so if players were to be taking it, they would be one of the unluckiest/Most stupid (delete as appropriate) players in English football if they were caught during one of their bi-annual drugs tests… If they brought in more strict rules about this, I’m sure many players would be shown up, and banned accordingly.

  90. Incidentally, Diaby was a dominant figure in the French midfield at the world cup games I watched, admittedly after some shameful French affairs there, and combined especially well with M’Vila.

  91. but luke – diaby was one of the few players who emerged from the disastrous world cup that france had with any respect whatsoever.

    i can understand his future at arsenal is wholly dependent on whether he has put his chronic injury woes behind him or not, but i feel that you continuously do him a disservice by referring to him as a ‘luxury player’, who is our ‘5th choice midfielder’ (if fit he is most certainly not our 5th choice midfielder…fair enough if that is your opinion, but i am %100 certain that in the opinion of the only person who matters when it comes to the lineup – arsene wenger – that he is not 5th choice). In fact your constant railings against arsenal players makes me feel a bit sick. Fair enough if certain players dont take your fancy, or if you have disagreements with lineup/formations, but this stream of bile you constantly spout really is reflective of the type of person that you are. He got assaulted, has been plagued by injury – fair enough if you think that if you were manager that you would consider offloading him – but the poison and anger in all your posts when you start hating on OUR players is disgusting.

  92. the thing that pisses me off is that each and every ‘boo boy’ that is in fashion at any particular point, is talked about with such venom, based not on their actions, or what they have said, etc., but because people believe they aren’t good enough. everyone’s entitled to an opinion, and whether they believe a player deserves to play or not, but i just cant stand the anger that is directed at a player because they aren’t perceived as being good enough. That isn’t their fault, they’re not blackmailing anyone into allowing them to play. Simply state that you dont think they should be playing, stop the petty name calling (this isn’t just directed at you luke, was thinking back to the denilson/almunia days) and character assassination. i can promise you that if arsene wenger called me up today and told me i was playing on saturday, that i would bloody take him up on his offer. the fact that i’m one of the worst football players in the history of the sport would not have any bearing on my decision (well – i’d probably voice my concerns to the big man, but if he was insistant then i probably would)

  93. Geo, my memory isn’t what it once was but I seem to recall that the Mutu affair was a difficult situation due to the fact he had already fallen out with people within the club and the next thing you know he had failed a drug test. I have no doubt that players are advised when they maybe tested, it could be he was hung out to try by Chelsea whom at the time did not want his services.

  94. I read an article the other day that stated Arsenal failed to get two players off the roster due to those players salary demands… makes hme wonder how Man City must feel when they have some journeyman talent on 100k plus a week.

  95. Geo & Miami Arsenal: I seem to recall that the rumour doing the rounds re: Mutus drugs test was the Mourinho had dobbed him in

    Jabbawocky – I agree, we shouldn`t be abusing our own just because they are suffering from that tragic and incurable disease of being – just not fucking good enough

  96. Miami – you probably know more about the Mutu scenario than me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. I think they are only told on the day (according to the documentary) these days, might have been different when Mutu incident occurred. But one footballer was talking about his club, and said that on the day of the drugs test, 2 players simply turned around at the training ground gates upon hearing the news, went home and called in sick for the day! The process seems so slack, which is very surprising to me, in this day and age.

  97. lbc – ah, there you go.. Maureenho’s sneaky tactics again eh.

    Jabberwocky is spot on though, if they’re not good enough, they shouldn’t be bought, then played. Playing players with faults is not the playing players’ fault. Um, yeah.

  98. The English press is so typical in everything they write. They praise the exciting new talent “Ox” has the next best thing since sliced bread and then knock Arsenal for some how being lucky to get a result. This insipid shit about if the visitors had taken their chances, well fucktard what about if we had taken ours!! Do you have to go to College to get in as a journo or they just recruit them from “Dumb fucks-r-us”.

  99. Hehe, remember Rio’s ban 🙂

  100. JD,

    I struggle to understand your argument atimes.

    Fine, the performance wasn’t top notch yesterday, but it was very encouraging for some of us and I personally believe there is room for improvement. We haven’t played the same backline for consecutive matches since the first few matches of this season let alone the same team.

    After our transfers on the last day, you were encouraged at least with the new additions, even if you, like most on here felt we could have done this earlier.

    Some supporters go over the board with their praises (and criticism as well) for certain players. You do the same too especially when it involves non Arsenal players. Non knows where this season’s heading, we can only sit back and enjoy the ride. If you aren’t enjoying the performances so far, no problem with that, but don’t slate those that choose to

  101. @LUke
    Weren’t you the one who said a couple of weeks ago that Song’s passing is worse than the passing of Khedira, Busquets, Fletcher etc.? Or am I just confusing you with someone else? Anyway, if it was you, don’t you think, after seeing Song split defences with his passes game in, game out over the last couple of weeks, it’s time to change your opinion about his passing? 😉

  102. Tripe is only served with milk, whiskey and a large dash of poverty, not peppercorn and bayleaves..thats just wrong

  103. Thanks ZP and Billy’s Boots.

    Jabba, you are making me feel very uncomfortable with all of this attention? I am not interested, go away!

  104. Evil – yup, Song’s distrubution was excellent last night, and has been impressive too in the final third.

    My comments were responsive to the Dortmund game, during which he gave the ball away significantly in the first half – anyway, he has certainly been great in distrubution since then.

    I still stand by the full context of that post which is Song isnt the best DM in Europe or even the EPL, considering respective roles each player has in thier side.

  105. What I have noticed is that Song is being recognized now, evn by supporters of other teams. He is pure class, the best all around player in the league.

  106. Well, Luke, in due time you will recognize what most here already know. That Song is simply the best all round midfielder in the league. He can score, he can pass, he can break up attacks and tackle as good as anyone.

  107. I would say he is the best DM in europe, others are talented but his rare combination of skills and strength gives him the nod in my opinion. I would only rate the Essien of old over him.

  108. I dont see how Coquelin is looking more composed than Frimpong considering the latters assured and mature performance last night, and frequent inclusion in the firsts, when the former played in the mauling at OT and Shrewsbury?

    Also – Zim, apologies, I certainly got carried away with VASTLY superior, I will rescind that statement. The point, which that made people over look, was he was an integral part of a French side that embaraased itself horrificly on and off the field. This is the same logic that abuses any English players we are linked with. Anyway…..

  109. And with that, I am not sure that Essien has the passing ability of Song. Fact is, not many players do, regardless of position.

  110. The French camp was in utter dissary though and it was not his fault. Inspite of that, Diaby shined. One can only hope that he can get past his injuries and get it done (RVP and Clichy did), he is an immense talent.

  111. Some said he was lazy, slow, lacking grit,
    To wear the shirt of Arsenal, he was not fit,
    Time after time he passed the test,
    Alex Song; proving once again, that Arsene knows best.

  112. Jabberwocky – constant bile to our players? Have I ever said that Diaby isnt talented? I have ever said he should be shipped out? In fact, the only ‘bile’ I sprout at our players is when I dont think they are up to scratch to wear the red and white…..yes, of course its not thier fault if they are not good. But you are implying we have players in our squad who arnt good enough? Who might that be? Who signed them? How many games have they played for the club? These are the questions and thoughts that I have.

    Personally, I think you have taken my post way out of context, associated anyone who POSTS negative comments as the boo boys in the stadium wiwithout even a modicum of evidence to back it up, this is in a manner to create a pack mentality against those who dont sing the same tune.

    I really dont care if my support is called into question because I post on Arsenal blog that we need to look past Diaby as this saviour of the side.

    As for 5th choice midfielder?

    Well, Song, Wilshere, Arteta is our first choice midfield. I’d be VERY suprised to see Wenger pick Diaby ahead of Ramsey, so that makes 5. He will be 4th, at best.

    A luxury player is someone who is capable of the unthinkable, but ultimately a frequent culprit of simple mistakes that put the team under pressure. The fact that diaby fits this bill, and that his sample size of games as a fair assessment is constantly dwindling, I cant see how he is anything but. He certainly isnt a squad player. And untill he can shake off his latest minor muscle twang / pull / tear and get match fit (another month), and play consecutive games, we will never know how Wenger views him.

    The clock is ticking on Diaby, surely we can agree on that? All I would suggest is not to rest too much on his shoulders because there is a high chance form, injuries may let you down.

  113. Evil – best all round midfielder in the league? Well, I hope I have an olympic sized pools worth egg smashed all over my face.

    Lets see him eradicate basic errors, and win a big game. If he is the giant that some in thier opinion percive him to be, I want to see him dominate the midfield on Sunday, against a very good side, in a hostile environment. If he does that? Then I will start to believe.

  114. jabberwocky | September 29, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Nice comment. I agree, and i’m still waiting for that call from the big man….

  115. I was going to mention that MattyBoy. The amount of times Arsenal supporters said he should be sold and how he is not Arsenal “Quality”.

    On a different note, a nice stat that I read on is that the 3 youngest English players to ever score in the CL are Arsenal players. Thats impressive!

  116. It really is a shame that we are not going to be able to see the first choice midfield of Arteta, Wilshere, Song until the second half of the season. That trio together has some really nice attirubutes that will compliment each other nicely.

    I am also really excited to see Diabay come back soon. I am curious where he will fit in the pecking order now.

  117. Yes, Paul-N, a few years back Song was a real target for the gloaters and anti supporters. It appears they have moved on.

    Thats a great stat by the way, very proud of that. I wonder if anyone in the mainstream media will pick up on it.

  118. I too agree with Jabberwocky.

    Good stuff!

  119. Luke | September 29, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    ‘Well, I hope I have an olympic sized pools worth egg smashed all over my face.’

    Now, I’m sure that could be arranged…. joking of course 🙂

  120. I also like the idea of Song, Diaby, Wilshere or Song, Diaby, Arteta. Perhaps this is the year Diaby finally gets over the injury plague. One can hope…

  121. re song – lets not treat him like a spring chicken, this is his 7th (4th as a first team player) season, and he has notched up nearly 150 games…..

  122. “I want to see him dominate the midfield
    on Sunday, against a very good side, in a
    hostile environment. If he does that?
    Then I will start to believe.”

    You’ll be surprised. But you must accept, it is a team effort.

  123. Song is definitely an experienced head in the squad now. I love his “cool under pressure” demeanor on the pitch…can’t teach that. Song has it, Wilshere has it, and Arteta also has it…can’t wait to see them on the pitch together.

  124. Who is treating Song like a spring Chicken?

    Luke, I am not sure how you can come the conclusion that Diaby is a 4th choice mid at best. If that young man stays fit, the starters will have to fight for their places if you ask me. I can easily see him playing ahead of Ramsey also.

  125. Don’t know much about it, but didn’t Citeh (bottom of this league) get that chappie in who’s a football injury ‘expert’, and was saying something a while ago about how English clubs train players in the wrong way, hence all the huge injury lists? Something about us training more on stamina and strength which damages players, particularly younger players…? Sorry no quotes or links, but I definitely remember something along those lines… Anyone able to clarify? If this is the case, then surely this table shows he might be onto something.

  126. As I could see Ramsey being picked ahead of Diaby, such is the talent at the club.

  127. Paul-N | September 29, 2011 at 3:11 pm
    “And with that, I am not sure that Essien has the passing ability of Song. Fact is, not many players do, regardless of position.”

    Hmm.. I think you’re beginning to hype Song a little too much. But hey, he is not a kid anymore, I’m sure his shoulders are big enough to carry the weight of all these expectations.

    I should say that I watched the Essien of old a lot, and that his long/short range passing was very good too, especially when he played for Ghana where he had more creative responsibilities. Add to that his knack for goals, long and short range. I would also argue that Kolsieny has as good a range of passing as Song.

    Recall that Song’s passing wasn’t always this good in terms of execution, so people criticizing Frimpong now should keep that in mind.

    I am liking the player Song is turning out to be though, calmness in footballers always appeals to me for some reason. I still maintain that his best games tend to be when he stays behind the play. That spell last season were the ball was often (relatively speaking) behind him is hopefully a thing of the past. Bombing forward so often meant he had to bust a gut coming back to cover whenever we lose possession. That’s not something he is particularly good at.

  128. Ignore my previous comment, it seems that the injury expert left Man City shortly after Mancini was appointed. Man City then picked up numerous injuries, which the expert blamed on Mancini’s intensive training sessions. So basically I’m talking bollocks. the table above shows that they have somewhat overcome that problem now though… Are we just that unlucky??

  129. tateezee – of course its a team game.

    But midfield generals pick games up by the scruff of the neck and carry thier side. We had the best of the very best in this department.

  130. Luke ‘re song – lets not treat him like a spring chicken, this is his 7th (4th as a first team player) season, and he has notched up nearly 150 games…..’

    Even more reason to accept that some players need more time than others and as supporters, we should keep the faith and trust that the manager is capable of knowing when to say ‘enough is enough’. If some had their way, the Song that has developed, would not be playing for us right now.

    We don’t watch them in training, we don’t study their statistics and we don’t know what their atitude is like on a day-to-day basis. And thats just the tip of the iceberg!

    Anyone who says ‘player x is shit and is not fit to wear the shirt’, instantly makes themself look like a complete fool.

    That last sentance is not aimed at you btw Luke, as I am aware you don’t personally attack Arsenal players.

  131. Somewhat Agnostic

    Raymond Verheijen (Think that’s the sp) is the name you were looking for Geo… Now with Wales.. and has been critical of Arsenal also, specifically regarding Ramsey!

  132. @ Passenal
    I agree

    @ jabberwocky | September 29, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    I agree – I can understand vitriol directed at a player who has behaved badly or been disrespectful towards the club, his teammates or the manager. But nobody sets out to be a bad player, or plays badly on purpose. The nastiness would stick in the craw less if it was administered impartially, but some players escape censure whatever they do, and others get caned every time they walk onto the pitch or open their mouths. And it is unpleasant reading.

    @ Geo
    The Man Citeh guy might well be onto something, but I’m pretty sure we don’t go overboard on stamina training – I’ve read a couple of biographies of AW and seen the same thing in quotes from ex-players and the theme is the same – the players don’t train themselves into the ground.

  133. @ Geo
    “the table above shows that they have somewhat overcome that problem now though… Are we just that unlucky??”

    I’ve got a theory that a Tiny totts mole in the club is sneakily recalibrating all the machines in the gym or perfomance monitors so that all the players in any given position tweak the same muscle in the same week!
    He’s probably related to the person who buried the Native American remains or the Egyptian Mummy under the pitch….

  134. “Hmm.. I think you’re beginning to hype Song a little too much. But hey, he is not a kid anymore, I’m sure his shoulders are big enough to carry the weight of all these expectations.”

    what on earth does that mean? so if you rate a player highly you are putting undue expectations upon them?

    Anyway, I too have watched Essien and believe he is a great player but he is not as good a passer as Song in my opinion and not many players are. Call it hype or whatever feel like.

  135. Fair enough Mattyboy, and of course your right. Personally I like Song, the only error I think we have made in his position is not keeping Gilberto. The problem is that we threw Song into the first team and he didnt have a learning curve / experienced head to guide him, real sink or swim stuff.

    Thankfully, he swims well, and is getting better each year.

    But he is now a seasoned pro in the red & white and one of our most experienced players. He has, by default, been given a huge amount of responsibiliy this year.

  136. Fun – yeah i heard that too, so it must be a huge portion of bad luck, mixed with having a couple of genuinely fragile players. such a shame their bodies can’t handle the rigors of EPL football.. this Diaby debate wouldn’t still be going on, that’s for sure. Also i suppose the fact that teams get frustrated when playing against us (passing them into submission) means we’re often on the receiving end of bad tackles more often than the Stoke of this world.

  137. Fun @3.59pm 🙂 Lol! Ah, so that’s it… Glad we’ve cleared it up finally..!

  138. Henristic says:
    September 29, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    “Recall that Song’s passing wasn’t always this good in terms of execution, so people
    criticizing Frimpong now should keep that in mind.”

    Good point. It amazes me how he has greatly improved in that department. Song of old couldn’t even accurately deliver a 5 yard pass. I think Frimpong will come good as well.

    Patience is a virtue.

  139. I do remember you saying he is not a playmaker? based on that, I dont think you have a correct veiw of him as a player anyway.

  140. Luke says:
    September 29, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    “Fair enough Mattyboy, and of course your right. Personally I like Song, the only error I think we have made in his position is not keeping Gilberto. The problem is that we threw Song into the first team and he didnt have a learning curve / experienced head to guide him, real sink or swim stuff.”

    Thankfully, both Frimpong and Le Coq have Song around to guide their development (and create competition). 😀

  141. If every one is fit and had a few games then Diaby is first choice mid field.
    Is is ahead of Jack who when he comes back will have missed a higher % of games than Diaby One season played and almost one off.When are we going to get rid of the young English crook? And I bet he is on good money.And nobody even assaulted him.

  142. I enjoyed this.

    interesting excerpt:

    “Did you know that United have allowed 85 shots in the Premier League this season, more than ANY other team, or that they have kept fewer clean sheets than Arsenal?”

  143. Paul N.
    Of course he is not a playmaker, if by playmaker you mean a number 10. He is an excellent DM though, as many have pointed out, and can do very well at CB as well.

    Hopefully we’ll see more goals and assists from him going forward, but does that make someone a playmaker? Alves produces a shit load of assists for Barca every year but I still wouldn’t call him a playmaker.

    Also, how do you know who is the better passer between Song and Essien? You compared their passing stats or what? I’d refrain from making your kind of comparisons, personally. Certainly doesn’t add much to any debate.

  144. So only number 10’s are playmakers? playmaker is not based on position is based on what a player does, yes he is a DM but he is a playmaker. I am surprised and confused by your rationale.

    Henristic, I said in my opinion. I think RVP is a better striker that David Villa but based on overall stats he isnt.

  145. Song is good, but if in the category of ‘best in Europe’ than that leads me to think there is a paucity of good DMs out there, then.

    Much of his “wow, he bossed that game” comes down to how the ref treats him.
    He still makes many bad fouls near our box, especially considering our shaky D versus set pieces and he tends to try to beat a man or 2 with his feet in bad positions too often for a “DM” so that when he loses the ball, he exposes the back line.

    I find it hard to categorize him as a DM anyways, since he (for example) spent much of the match v Bolton ahead of Arteta. He is more along the lines of those that considered Yaya a “DM” at Barca because he was the closest thing they had to one prior to Bisquits, even though he really isn’t a true one.

    All around, he’s good, but (imo) he isn’t great at any one thing.

  146. luke – firstly, i have never questioned whether you are a ‘real fan’ as i hate those purile arguments, in my post i was questioning what type of person you were, not your allegiance to arsenal.

    secondly – perhaps you’ve borne the brunt of my frustrations with player-bashing and i overreacted slightly, however i have noticed in your posts that i believe you to be overly critical of our players, and that more often than not that this criticism is unfair and unfounded. your initial post slating (and it was – stating that when fit he’s not that good a player – i know you dont doubt his talent, but i still maintain that he is not inconsistant when he gets a run in the side) was passionate and disrespectful. as i’ve said, fair enough if you personally think he doesnt have a place in the team or whatever, but in initially stating that he didnt have any good performances in a french shirt in a major tournament, when in fact he was one of the only french players to be praised at the last WC, and to say that the four french players were all VASTLY superior (which, fair enough, you’ve since taken back) were all comments that i find to be unfair and undeserved and smacked of disrespect. There is no question that the clock is ticking in terms of whether he can overcome his injury problems, as he takes a few games to get back in his stride and has recently only just got back to fitness. however when he has had a run in the side without being injured, he has been hugely impressive. Therefore, I do not believe him to be a luxury player, IF the surgery has worked, because that would imply that when match-fit he is inconsistent, error prone and a passenger is disingenuous. Again it is all IFs and BUTs, but your assessment seemed to be based upon his injury history, and not his actual ability as a player.

    as for the other points, i meant ‘boo boys’ as in the players that are targeted by arsenal fans for constant criticism, i was not asserting that you booed anyone. And I am not implying that we have players in our squad that aren’t good enough – i am stating that if that is someone’s belief (it certainly is not mine), that they are entitled to that opinion, but that the personal attacks on players that they dont believe to be good enough is completely unwarranted and unfair, as it is not those individuals fault that they are perceived to not have the requisite quality to play for this club. If someone, like you, holds these beliefs, then their criticisms should be focussed on the person who plays them and signs them. That is what wenger is paid for. However, as i’ve stated, I happen to believe that many of the players who are often criticised do have the requisite quality, and therefore I do not have any ire reserved for Wenger. I stand by my point though that the people that (not saying it was you, before you get the wrong end of the stick) booed Eboue, or who booed song at craven cottage all those years ago, or who shout abuse at Theo or Arshavin from a distance of 10 feet in the stadium, etc etc, are being particularly unfair (not to mention counterproductive) as it is not those individuals fault. Whereas, had we signed barton for example, I’d be all for slating him (not while on the pitch mind) as it is his actions which make me hate him, not his footballing ability.

    And I do agree – we shouldn’t place too much faith or expectation on his shoulders, as he will be struggling to regain his fitness and form enough without being lumbered with unrealistic expectations and the possible negative backlash when these aren’t immediately fulfilled. However i think that if he can put his chronic injuries behind him, thanks to the corrective surgery, that he is entirely capable of being a success and a vital part of this team.

  147. Anyway, I find it weird that we fight against an Arsenal player being commended “too” highly but Jabba can come on hear with glaring praises for United players and how great they are and I dont remember you ever saying anything to him? Are we not Arsenal supporters and should we not big up our own, especially when the player is rising to the challenge and getting done with much class?

  148. So in essense Song is a poor DM then Busch. Blow wow!

  149. Luke and Jibber. What a nasty piece of work.

  150. A poor DM? No.

    A great DM? No.

    A good defensive minded central midfielder that has the green light to go into forward positions at most any time of a match on par with all the other midfielders? yes.

  151. you will see the best of song when he has the best around him, that might n not be too far ahead with diaby and jack hopefully back before the end of the season. song is learning fast, its not all about teck ability, the ram has that but what he doesnt have is experience and know how, song is close to having that as well and when the two get together the none believeres will see, im a believer that song is close to being one of the best, the ram a million ,iles away. dont get me wrong the ram has all the right stuff, where i think he is lacking at the minute is in awareness around him, timing of releasing the ball and strenghth, im hoping this will come but i dont want to see the team suffer while we wait, for me the ram is our 5th choice cm just in front of frimpong and cocky leaky

  152. come on “here” even

  153. What about Andrei’s chip to MC.That was worth the price of Sky Sports 2 for anyone.

  154. There is no shame in embracing Arsenal’s D**M.

    Song is already a legend.

    Has he signed a new contract? Quick! Help!
    Just kidding.
    But I did spot another funny article by some wally called Olly in the Volga Evening Standard.
    He wrote, that it twas a silly choice to make RVP captain when he only had two yeard left on his contract.
    Yup indeedy, Vermaelan would’ve made a much better choice. Wait! Doh!*

    *Yes. That’s right. Guess how many years TV5 has left. Do you care? I thought not. Me neither. I mean, it’d be nice if they were signed up for life, with a clause allowing them both to be manager one day, just like that captain, leader & legend over in neo-Chelsea.

  155. Chill the Thrill

    Did anyone notice a plethora of handballs that went uncalled? I recall numerous occasions where a player looked to have controlled the ball of his arm, and nothing was called!

    Also we must give props to the referee. Once again we had a ref who wasn’t having any of the play acting. I like to see when a ref does that, rather than pulling out cards left and right.

  156. Jabberwocky – fair enough, and thanks for taking the time to clear up a few issues. it certainly is appreciated.

    The main point I was making re Diaby and France was to seek the same consistency of analysis that english players we dont sign (Cahill / Parker recieve) Ergo, they play in a terrible english side, they must be terrible. I guess, upon re-reading the last sentence, it was a futile attempt of mine to stir some grief. Recognised, and apology offered.

    My belief about Diaby as luxury player does stand – and I appreciate we differ on this, fair enough. I would like to add its not just his injury record that drives this opiniion, but also an assessment of his on field performances. Productivuty (goals and assists) has decreased each year, and as he has been unable over the last three seasons to have a pre-season, and have a sustained period of being fit, then his capacity for inconsistency, somewhat justifably, has increased.

    Diaby was immense against Newcastle for 45 minutes last year. Absolutley bossed it. In fact, it was his best performance since Villa park the previous year when he was king. It just seems that these performances are blips in a consistent trend of injuries/poor form. Which is greatly saddeninig. I am thankful that I dont know and will never know the player as a person, because it would always be harder to be so dismissive of him, instead of treating him like a potentially bad asset. That is Wengers job.

    As always, I will happily smash egg all over my face, and if Diaby does come to the fore like some predict/hope, I will get some video evidence posted on YouTube.

  157. @Luke. You seem to be developing some kind of masochistic, egg splattering fetish 🙂

  158. I don’t think that with the form that Arsenal is in that they can beat the Spurs. The spark is just not there in the Team. They need the “Eye of the Tiger”….Rocky Style

  159. Paul-N | September 29, 2011 at 4:34 pm
    “Anyway, I find it weird that we fight against an Arsenal player being commended “too” highly … ”

    Fight? Is this another one of your exaggerations or do you really feel that I’m ‘fighting’ with you?

    “….but Jabba can come on hear with glaring praises for United players and how great they are and I don’t remember you ever saying anything to him? Are we not Arsenal supporters and should we not big up our own, especially when the player is rising to the challenge and getting done with much class?”

    Lol, You’re such a prima donna. I’ve slated Jabba in the past as well over his ‘manc love’. Happier now?

  160. Very nice article YW as always. At least today you did not lead me down the garden path, making me think you had gone over to the dark side with all the other doomers.

    I think people are getting carried away with this Alex Song debate. Yes he is an exceptional player, strong, great close ball control, excellent passer and tenacious defender who also likes to pop up with important goals from time to time. But as for calling him the best midfielder in Europe? I am afraid not yet but he could well be in another 2-3 years time. Best Defensive Midfielder? Much closer on this one but still I would say no, not yet. However, I would definitely say he is in the top echelons and we would find it impossible to replace him.

    As for tonight’s games, would it not be fucking hilarious if Shamrock Rovers were to beat the Spuds? 🙂

  161. Henristic, I big up an Arsenal player on current form and you and Jabba alike have an issue with it? as Arsenal supporters, I cannot see the sense in that.

  162. I just saw this on LG,

    “…Redknapp is a moron, a media slut with a face like church candle in a furnace. He has the class of a cockroach and would stich spurs up just like he did with every other club he has ever managed. Say what you want about Arsene, he is damn loyal to Arsenal.”

    …face like church candle in a furnace. How apt! LMAO

  163. I dont think anyone said Song was the best mid in europe Irishgray.

  164. What is an Arsenal supporter reading LG for Henristic ?

  165. I think you have a weird idea of what blogging is about Paul-N. We’re on a blog to debate and share ideas about Arsenal and football in general. Why should I agree with you just because you’re positive? Why are you so averse to being questioned?

    Quite a few other more positive regulars on this site have said we should take care not to over-hype our players (especially the young ones)? It doesn’t really benefit them and sometimes heightens expectations unnecessarily. That’s a view I happen to agree with. Now, Song isn’t exactly young in football terms, which is why I qualified my initial response to you by saying I believed he is old and mature enough to match your hype.

    Also see irishgray’s 6.46 post.

  166. george,
    You still caught up with the whole LG phobia? Give it a rest man.
    Many on there remind me of you actually, I wonder why….

  167. George,
    If I didn’t tell you where I got the quote from, would you find it funny?

  168. On a positive note, it was good to see how comfortable we were in defense in the 2nd half. Apart from the shot that hit the cross bar, I cannot remember us being troubled to much. That is quite amazing seeing how depleted our team was yesterday. Very promising signs.

  169. Chill the Thrill

    Georgie old chap, some people on LG are very reasonable. Some of them also act like ravenous Anti Arsene vultures.


  170. Paul N,
    on a positive note? As if you EVER say anything negative 😉

  171. Well the defending for their goal was nothing to be positive about Henristic! how the heck do you do that smiley face thing?

  172. For once George is right!

    Why any Arsenal fan would read LG and stick around is beyond me?

    I have my doubts and concerns about the club, manager and players etc, but that blog is so fucking hate filled and driven by the most vile agenda that it could be a spud blog in disguise.

    Do you feel dirty yet henristic??? 😀

  173. PulaN

    Love your positivity dude!

    I was really concerned about our defending man. At one point, just before their goal I think, the 6 yeard box was full of Greeks and fuck knows where our players were? Not a fan of that zonal shit.

  174. PaulN even

  175. Henristic.Seriously I don’t understand why you would read LG .Clearly you are nor stupid,or at least don’t appear to be,so give me one good reason for reading that stuff on a regular basis.
    But so as not to disappoint you and meet your expectations of me

    Fuck off u cunt “WENGER IN “

  176. Dexter ,are you dissing me ? 🙂

  177. Respect Dex!

    I agree, the defending wasnt good for some of the first half but we locked them down for the most part in the 2nd. That to me is a great sign that the team see’s what is going on and are resolved to correcting the issues. Thats how it seems to me.

  178. Alleged quotes attributed to AOC:

    “I always used to watch Arsenal and I loved the way they played football,” he said. “It was the manager, stadium and fans that sold it for me.

    “The boss is a massive influence and such an intelligent man. Even in his team-talk last night, the stuff he says is brilliant. You always learn from him. He has a quiet word now and again but what he says is spot on.

    “He’s just a fantastic man and the way he thought he could develop my game pushed me towards Arsenal. It’s a massive club. I came to a few games last season – the Barcelona one here when they won – and I was blown away so that was it.”

    So, it was not just me who thought that game of football was of exceptional quality (and I don’t jsut man the ref!). Blimey! Wow.

    A shame for some ‘true’ fans/groaners that performance was been airbrushed out of history. An irrelevance. Ah well. One cannot win them all.

    I hope Djourou gets that form back sooner rather then later. By Sunday if he has to play!

  179. <has been

  180. Geroge

    Never! Just having a bubble innit guv.

  181. Finsbury – I still have that game recorded on my DVR and put it on from time to time to cheer myself up or simply get in the right mood before a game. Only the last 15 mins or so but still probably some of the best 15 minutes there is to be had 🙂

  182. Hopefully Koscielny for Sunday

  183. That was a great great win!

  184. Lol Irish.

    But if you don’t watch the part of the game/tie (the only part of the tie if you ignore the laughably bent officials in the next game) where Barfa were winning, you don’t get to see Song’s backheel past Messi!

    More quotes, this one via the twitter medium. I was just scrolling through YW’s followers, occasionly I like to see what OleG and Muppet have been up to.

    Szczęsny: “I want to make sure I get my No.1 shirt at Arsenal and I want to make sure it is for a long time.

  185. Think we will be needing more than 1 player there Dex, don’t you?

  186. I thought Song & Mert were excellent last night. Song reads the game so well when it`s all in front of him & was very composed. For me he`s a players who is good or very good at most things without being brilliant at any one thing in particular. I see him as a future captain.

    It was good to see OxC playing like that. Nerveless. Plus Chamakh worked his socks off though we still struggle to play to his strengths.

    Overall it was pretty decent – job done & all that.

    My only criticism is reserved for AA (sorry George) who gave very little IMO. Any less & he`ll be taking an armchair on the pitch with him.

  187. Song was as good as Koscielny at CB, I think. Merts was also solid, showing his quality in anticipating and passing out of the defense. The problem was the flanks and the midfield, which despite Arteta’s early energy, seemed to allow them to pressure the back 4. Frimpong and Rosicky had only fair games, and I do think Coquelin would have been a better option in this game. The main problem, though, was set pieces and balls into the box. We did better on this in the second half. Sagna did seem knackered and ahead of him, the Ox, has much to learn defensively. Theo protects his side better at this point. But the Ox has a great final ball–really good crosser and close skill with the ball to take on defenders. Obviously has great potential, but it was wise to substitute him and Arshavin, who was lacklustre and didn’t put in much effort defensively, which gave us some problems along his and Santos’ left side. Chezzer wasn’t as sharp this game and one or two of his last. Chamakh, for me, was a real bright spot. He may have missed a couple good chances but was getting things done in the air, thanks to better crosses from the Ox and Santos in particular, and made some very good passes to create chances to go with his hard working pressure on the ball. He deserved a goal but is definitely playing a lot better, which is important for us. Ramsey also gave the midfield a real lift when he came on.

    All in all a good result for a side with so many injuries and changes. I’ll be happy if we get a well-defended draw or a victory away to Spuds and if we can string some more victories together in the league and CL with improved performances. Right now we are battling and enjoying some luck swinging our way finally. The next step will be to play more consistently at the level we showed in the first half away to Blackburn and the second half at home to Bolton. It is good that we are grinding out some results now, but hopefully we will soon also play proper Arsenal football while getting the results too. I look forward to that and think we are slowly but surely building momentum. This weekend is crucial though for morale all around the club. I think we can surprise the Spuds who are riding a little too high at the moment.

  188. On a positive note, Wilshere just became a dad. Good for him :).

  189. Just wanted to share some comments about Song (disclaimer: not for debating purposes). Its good to know that others are seeing his class.

    1. “Song has always been my favorite Arsenal player, even when Fabs and Nasri were still there.. definitely the most underrated world class DM

    I personally like him better than Essien”

    2. “Essien and Song are the best modern day DM. Fast, powerful, box to box, robust challenges, good passing.”

    3. “This game made something abundantly clear to me: we need to find a way to clone Alex Song. That man is a beast at DM and CB. Two A. Songs needed in Arsenal’s starting line-up!!”

  190. Arshavin is my favorite player since Dennis.I simply refuse to see him as anything other than brilliant.
    Now don’t be having a go at me because I am feeling a bit sore .It must be cramp from sitting with my head buried in the sand.

  191. Dexter says:
    September 29, 2011 at 7:27 pm


    Dexter says:
    September 29, 2011 at 7:44 pm


    😀 :U

  192. Dexter,
    I read LG because they talk about arsenal and sometimes, some of the posts are funny. I don’t subscribe to the notion that you only read stuff you agree with.

  193. I dont either, that why I read your posts Henristic! as they say even a broken clock is right 2 times a day (obviously you are the broken clock). HA! I am craking myself up!

    just kidding!

  194. and i second george..the minute Arshavin moves inside behind the striker he is our dennis bergkamp…and no cramp for me, im ready to defend my current favourite player 😀


    Did you see that pass to chamakh to set him up for the shot???moments of magic which can win you games..and he is also visibly trying very very hard…

  195. Paul,My broken clock is digital.It is only right once per day.Which is usually once more than Henristic.

    Not just kidding !

  196. @ henristic

    But the refusal to take any positives and some of the vitriol makes you wonder if they really do “support” the club

  197. Anirudh, that pass by Chamakh deserved a goal, didnt it? I like what I saw from Chamakh yesterday.
    I have to big up Santos again, he looked really good.

  198. Anirudh,

    We can share him ,but just don’t steal my posts.

    pedantic george | September 29, 2011 at 4:55 pm
    What about Andrei’s chip to MC.That was worth the price of Sky Sports 2 for anyone.

  199. I cannot stomach Le Grave. too much disrespect.

    Does the Queen still post over there.

  200. @ paul

    Chamaks work rate was fantastic and he looks to be intent on putting himself in goal-scoring positions which was missing at the end of last season..all he needs now is 2-3 non headed goals and he will be back to his best..

    @ george

    Sorry mate..did not see that one..however I did not recommend sky sports 2 🙂

  201. any links to Arshavins distance covered stat yesterday?? he really does seem to be working so much harder..

  202. Agreed, Chamakh is working himself back in goal scoring form. You want to see such a hard worker prosper.

  203. Yeah, Chamakh worked hard last night and I was disapointed he was subbed. He should’ve stayed on IMO.

  204. tateezee

    Ha! 😀

  205. RVP didnt really do much either Dex, was quite subdued to me.

  206. Shamrock Rovers holding the Spuds 0-0 at half time, apparently Rovers second choice GK is playing a blinder. I thought GK’s only did that when they came to the Emirates?

  207. PaulN

    True, but I am glad he didnt try and do too much really, given the game on Sunday! He can save his goals til then.

    I just dont want to see that Togo twat running the length of the field before sliding on his knees infront of us!

  208. Shamrock rovers scored to blow wow!

  209. “The chap behind me no longer has an oesophagus, as it landed on the touchline as Olympiacos’s equaliser went in. Ooh, he was fuming.

    My sister’s summary of it was much better than his swearified one though:

    ” God’s sake. We can’t defend from corners. We can’t score from corners. There are four of them on the pitch. They actually create the shape of the playing field. WE NEED TO LEARN THEM!” ”

    Brilliant posting as always from Sian over at:

  210. Go on Rovers!!!! Fuck yea!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH 🙂

  211. lol
    I agree, we dont want Ade celebrating against us for sure.

  212. And these idiots are favorite to beat us at the weekend? Eh OK think I will put a few dollars on the Old Arsenal then 🙂

  213. I’m so glad Jabba and Luke are here to set us AKBs straight. What would we could do if left to our own devices is frightening.

    Henristic, I don’t think you know what the word Prima Donna means. How you thought it would fit as a descriptor for Paul N is beyond me.

    Alex Song Billong, is the best DM in Europe. His primary role is to sit infront of the back four and protect them. That he can pass, score and dribble is what makes him superior to the likes of Khedira, Obi Mikel, Busquets, Senna, De Rossi, Lassana Diarra, you name it.

    Jabba, you fat prick, most of us watch more EPL footy than most supporters. From the comments it is also apparent that most of us watch shit loads of European football as well. To sit here and accuse us lot of not caring to watch other English teams takes some fucking cheek. Put it this way, if we didn’t have cultured, footballing palettes you’d be blogging exclusively at Le Groan. Instead you come here, where the discussion is lively and educated.

  214. Shamrock have gone to crap now!

  215. Come on Rovers!, hang on and get another against the Spuds.

  216. Well Rovers gave it a go and scared the shite out of the Spuds at the same time 🙂 decent enough effort for a team of their calibre.

  217. Alas, Rovers, good try.

  218. Gains69
    Who the hell are you calling educated? 🙂

  219. Yea Gains what do you mean by calling George educated?

  220. Yea .don’t start that nonsense.

  221. What nonsense?

  222. G69

    I hope you do not include gooner2 in ‘lively and educated’.

  223. Guys,
    I don’t read LG because I think they are great supporters. Its just one more place to get arsenal related info.
    I understand the Wenger hate and generally cuntish behaviour that goes on there. I long ago adjusted my expectations of them, and skip through most of the thrash anyway.

  224. Funniest ad I have seen in a very long time!!! Well worth a look 🙂

  225. Dupps, gooner2 actually is to stupid to know how stupid he is.

  226. haha, good point George

  227. 24.730 for a European game at the shithole tonight. Cannot see why they need a bigger stadium.

  228. Henristic,I don’t believe you.You are one of them,Evil.
    You could even be Pedro or Geoff(if that is them ,I only know from what is said on here)
    I am confused now

  229. Brilliant ad Irish

  230. Irishgray,
    I have that ad saved on my phone! Awesome stuff. Its one of the suberbowl ads.

  231. call me Gedro, Geroge.

    I don’t believe that you never read them either.

  232. Henristic .hand on heart I did a couple of times when I first started reading blogs.
    Honestly I thought they were good ay first because I believed they were being sarcastic and humerous.
    Then after a couple of reads and a look at the comments I realised that they were serious.
    I have not clicked on once since that realisation.

  233. I went over there to look for Queenie today (what on earth happened to her and Poliziano?). Anyway, I got a chance to see Suga in fine form, calling Arsenal players every name in the book.

  234. Liverpool ready to offer £20 Million in effort to land German Messi
    It appears that Liverpool have not given up in their efforts to land Werder Bremen midfielder Marko Marin, who has been dubbed the German Messi. Marin…

    Werder Bremen midfielder wanted by Arsenal
    Werder Bremen midfielder Marko Marin is attracting the interest of Arsenal, with Arsene Wenger considering making a £10 million bid for the 22 year ol…
    Source: Footie Online

    So within the space of 1 hour he has gone from 10 to 20 and from Arsenal to Liverpool,
    Absolutely mad

  235. Paul ,copy and paste Suga3 because he says he is never disrespectful.

  236. Is that so George? I wouldnt want to imagine him being disrespectful then. His comments are just what Jabberwocky was talking about earlier.

  237. go fuck yourself Paul N, all the names under the sun?

    allow me:

    – Squillashit
    – freeloading Spud shirt wearing permacrock cunt (you know who)

  238. and oh, I also called Diaby and Rosicky ‘duds’

  239. some football based humour

  240. if that’s the limit of your ‘book’, then I seriously feel for you 😆

  241. Suga3, we won yesterday. What on earth are you doing here?

  242. Oh, and you can curse at all of us who call you a two bit cunt, but lay off Paul. He doesn’t curse and is too decent of a man to go back and forth with you.

  243. Suga3 – I thought you agreed to piss off and never return? Or are you back now to try and wind us up after Shamrock Rovers scared the shite out of you by going 1-0 nothing up tonight? You’re a Spud and we all know it. Simples 🙂

  244. Passenal – great videos mate:)

  245. From the Guardian

    “Robin van Persie is prominently in Roberto Mancini’s thoughts as Manchester City plan for life without Carlos Tevez and reluctantly prepare to take a huge financial hit on the Argentinian.”

    How do they know what is in Mancini’s thoughts? Are they mind readers now as well as fortune tellers?

    Scum, the lot of them.

  246. Suga3 – I thought you agreed to piss off and never return?

    Have I missed something?

  247. george,

    some people are just delusional…

    Irish, did you just call me a spud? I guess we are square then, yes?

  248. Gains,

    decent man? a little two bob grass and a fucking liar, more like!

  249. Passenal
    That first video was classic.

  250. How childish do you have to be to make up a name like ‘- Squillashit’.

    I wonder about the mental state of people who do that.

  251. Now Suga3,you don’t know Paul anymore than I know you.So don’t lets start with name calling.It achieves nothing,so I am told.

  252. george,

    I am done, promise 😉

    but neither does making up stuff and exaggerating, right?

  253. Suga3 – All square mate 🙂 Though I think you are a bit harsh on our players.

  254. dups,

    let me worry about my mental state, m’kay?

    straws and beams 😆

  255. Suga3,well yes, but it depends on what your perception of “disrespectful” is.
    Paul clearly has different standards to you.And indeed me for that matter.So don’t take it personally.Although I suspect that is what you intended with your comments.

  256. irish,

    it’s no secret that I just don’t rate some ‘squaddies’ and quite frankly, can’t wait to see the back of them…

    there are the players that I rate and I will not say a bad word about them!

  257. I have never said a bad word about any Arsenal player whilst he is contracted to the club.
    I just dont see what good can come from it.
    Although I might if someone did a Tevez on us.

  258. Suga3 – there are some players I do not rate either but you will not find me slating them for any reason, that is what I have a problem with.

  259. Suga3

    Why do you need to say any bad words about the players wearing Arsenal read & white? They are still our players and it is not their fault that they are picked to play.

  260. irish,

    and this is where we differ 🙂

    I prefer to call a spade a spade…

  261. dups,

    who is at fault then?


  262. No Irishgray,you save your slatings for poor uneducated saps like me.

  263. It matters not who is at fault when it comes to slating our team. You either support the team or you don’t.

  264. dups,

    I am sorry, but it pains me to watch some who are the proverbial spanners in our works…

    and if there is a fault, there must be a cause, or which someone must take the blame, you know where I am going with this, don’t you?

  265. We know and you know our opinion ,So why push it?

  266. We know exactly where you are going with this Suga3 as it has been your goal all along but that is simply your MO. Kinda sad really. I would have thought you would be on some Spud blog celebrating a win in Europe.

    George – never mate!! It was all in jest I swear (well mostly) 🙂

  267. irish,


    yeah, madness of King Arsene makes me a very sad panda 😆

    I’m off to bed, just wanted to set something straight, g’night!

  268. Bradys right foot

    George we only get diet Shoogs on ACLF , for the bitter undiluted taste of the real thing take a look in Le Moans comments section he’s a real hater.

  269. George, Suga was downright disrepectful in his comments. I dont take that back at all.

    Ok Suga, you didnt use all the names in the book, only some, as if that makes your style better. You need to cut it out, you are a grown man turning down on players who are giving their all for the club.

  270. Paul N,

    mate, in any job, when you are not good enough, you get tin tacked with no one asking if you give your all or not, simple as that…

    I am not disrespectful, I am realistic and today I was rather moderate, it’s not really my fault that you think that all things Arsenal are rosey, when they are not, each to his own, I guess…

    and did no one ever tell you that it’s not nice to be a grass?


    I make no secret out of the fact that I don’t rate certain players or the manager…

  271. BRF seriously i could not bring myself to read that shit.

    Paul, I would never take his side against you,you do know that?

  272. the fuck can you not rate Arsene Wenger?

    How the fuck?

  273. easy!

    – poor tactician
    – poor man manager
    – pathological liar

    with the whole ‘we do/don’t have the money to spend’ nonsense, either deluded for thinking that he can win stuff with the sub-par squad or of questionable integrity for pocketing exorbitant salary in exchange for taking the flak for the board at the expense of the paying fans…

  274. Suga

    I thought a grass was someone who spilled the beans on some wrongdoing. Paul cannot be a grass if he is only making reference to what you said. Unless you feel you are doing something you need to cover up.

  275. to paraphrase the classic, it depends on what you call a wrongdoing…

  276. Suga3.
    my tolerance of you has ended.
    I did not know how stupid you were.But I do now.

  277. results of the last few years’ campaigns say otherwise…

  278. A grass is just what I said. Therefore you must have felt guilty to accuse Paul of calling you a grass.

  279. Oh go to bed Suga3!! Does your Mom know you are still up? Or are you under the covers with your big brother’s/sister’s laptop typing away furiously? Careful you don’t get caught mate as big brother’s/sister’s can be pretty mean!!

  280. results of the last few years’ campaigns say he is a genius and unrivaled as the very best manager in the world.

    That my opinion.

  281. – poor tactician: look no further than taking off the defensive midfielder in the MU game at 3:1, which by my standards was pretty respectable, given the situation, caused by no one else but Wenger himself in the first place. Thought he could chase the game and we ended up conceding further 5 goals and scoring one

    – poor man manager: the squad has very little discipline (Diaby v Newcastle, Song v Newcastle, Gervinho v Newcastle), and please don’t tell me it’s Barton’s fault

    – pathological liar: ‘we will add super, super quality’, ‘I will keep this group of players together’ coincidental with ST renewals

  282. george,

    so, not playing Arshavin in shit hot form in the FA Cup to prove that he could win without him (his words, not mine) was a stroke of genius then?

    just one example…


    do yourself a fucking favour…

  283. Good tactician ,Took of Frimpong and put on Rosicky to qualify in the CL

    Good man manager.No player I can think of does not respect him or have a bad word about him.

    ‘we will add super, super quality’,= Gervinho

  284. Not his words.Now I am calling you a liar.

  285. Bradys right foot

    No Shoogs its not your opinions that are the problem, its how you express them. As I said we get the diet Shoogs on ACLF but you bare your teeth over in the sess pit. I realise that you may feel that you have outgrown the racism, xenophobia, hate, paedaphile jokes and other highlights of what passes for Arsenal debate over in the sess pit, but you can’t have it both ways, want to talk to the grown ups then be a grown up, stop being a cunt some of your anti Wenger stuff is truly disgusting but your not alone as you get egged on by some equally week minded internet bullys. Jibber on the other hand dooms and fair play he does it as an adult.

    I take it your a grown man but you behave like a child when giving the other haters the positive reinforcement everytime “Wengers a cunt” is typed. Want to be Geoffs bitch or Petes Wood then go bark at the moon over in what has transformed into a truly unique and disturbing snapshot of fan reactionism encouraged by a few relentless posters and cheerleaders like yourself. to be honest I actually don’t think you do, I think you’d like to engage posters on here in some sort of discourse and debate but you can’t expect that to happen when the interweb footprints you leave carry the shit you write in Le Grove, diet Shoogs.

  286. With Arsene, it’s his decision and only he will know that,’ said Kroenke. ‘He is one of my favourite people I have met in the last 20 years. He is a great person and I love the way he handles himself. I love his focus.

    He is a very intelligent guy. You can talk to him about anything and, when he starts talking to people, I really love to listen to him. He should hold seminars.

    ‘I have tremendous confidence in him. He is one of the great managers in the world. Arsene’s our man.’

    Suga3 – How do you explain these quotes then from the very man who more or less bought the club? A man with massive experience in owning sports teams and judging the people in charge. I would rather trust his judgement then yours mate 🙂

  287. george,

    we were about to play Yoonited in the CL and AA was cup tied, remember?

    Wenger benched him, despite the little Russian tying ties with his feet, that certainly went down well…

    no player you can think of? Vieira, Campbell, fuck, even Kenny Sansom on the post-match show have been harsh critics…


    so nice of you to big yourself up, got some complex?

  288. irish,

    all the teams he owns are nothing but mediocre cash cows, he is a businessman, not a sports lover…

  289. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | September 30, 2011 at 1:12 am


    so nice of you to big yourself up, got some complex?

    Complex, well yes Liam Bradys left foot was the greatest limb nay appendage ever to grace a sporting arena. Confronted with perfection I relaised long ago that we are all in some respects brady right foot.

    As for bigging myself up, I must be good as the post wasn’t about me it was about you diet Shoogs.

  290. you don’t really get it, do you?

    I love how some people like to claim their superiority, even though it’s these ‘inferior’ ones who are getting it right like clockwork year in, year out…

    anyhoo, it’s pointless, good night…

  291. G69

    I hope you do not include gooner2 in ‘lively and educated’.

    Dupps this post was written by you. And it really kinda hurt me reading this Bullshit. And I don’t think I’ve ever done anything to upset you. Also I don’t expect you to apologise to me. But I am begging you to stay away from my business. And if you do question me about this then your not lively or even educated in that matter.

    pedantic george

    Dupps, gooner2 actually is to stupid to know how stupid he is.

    I know some of you might think that I am stupid. But I could’nt give a flying fuck about what any of you think about me. So this silly obsession about me needs to stop right now.

  292. Just watched the highlights again from the Olympiacos game and I hate to say it but the reason we let in a goal was down to one person only. Arshavin. If you watch the player making the run from outside the box you will see that he begins his run standing right beside AA. Arshavin neither goes with him or even reacts at all, he simply stands there doing nothing. In the second half Possilis(?) cracks a screamer off our crossbar with Sczezny well beaten. Guess who simply stood there as Possilis makes himself some room by peeling away from AOC, yep Arshavin!! The guy is one of the most talented players in the world right now but if he is not going to defend then he should not be starting. Considering we play a very light midfield numbers wise, it is imperative that our wide players such as AA track back and provide cover for our corner backs.

    OK rant over.

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