Jack’s Knack Means No Quick Comeback & More

To satisfy those who were whinging yesterday about discussing contract talks and things over which we have no influence, here is today’s blog focussing purely on the issues that matter.

Jack Wilshere’s ankle surgery went well according to the club. The midfielder will return in about four months. Good luck, Jacko, my boy. Chin up! We’ll soon see you weaving across The Emirates turf.

Elsewhere, Arsenal play Olimpiacos tomorrow night at The Emirates. Good luck to the boys. Win another for us. What-o!

’til Tomorrow.

In the time honoured tradition, look away now if you don’t want to know my thoughts on anything else.

Wilshere according to the media is going to miss five months, quoting the four before that as an option is just not sensationalist enough. The Sun, the little tinkers, went one further and added the five to the month of the season already missed and came up with six months out. Technically true although you would be more pleased with the math of the story than the adherence to the truth.

Whatever the length of the absence, Wilshere is being held up as another failing by the Arsenal Medical Team (AMT). Luckily for us, a fair percentage of the Arsenal supporters are qualified doctors who specialise in sporting injuries. Their online diagnosis of Wilshere has been most appreciated. That they can spend the time at their computers explaining this and the failings of the AMT is one of the things that make supporting this club so great.

There is a sense of desperation in the criticism. After The Emirates Cup, there was concern that the initial estimate of two months absence was made. That it was going to take longer became apparent the more time that Wilshere spent in a protective boot and when surgery was announced, Christmas was immediately obvious as the earliest return date.

It’s a little longer. The desperation comes from the gloom and despair, feelings that need wins to be lifted. The second half on Saturday hinted that the team was beginning to gel, a run of consecutive matches without many changes is needed to re-inforce the understandings on the pitch.

The midfield has depth and is learning to adapt to the departure of Cesc. Over-reliance on one player as playmaker has been as much of a problem to overcome as the departure four years ago, of the one player who was goalscorer.

Theo Walcott is joining Wilshere on the sidelines, albeit for a far shorter spell. The injury suffered on Saturday has turned out to be worse than originally thought, the England international set to miss tomorrow and Spurs.

Being absent from Sunday is the disappointing element of that. Walcott away from home, is a potent weapon if he can rediscover his finishing from the early part of last season. As far as England are concerned, is the absence of Walcott really as big an issue? Capello, like his predecessors, seems clueless as to how to best employ Theo. And when Capello resolves the issue, the England players are bereft of ideas on maximising the potential of his pace.

Spurs meanwhile are getting a little Twitchy ahead of Sunday, the usual belief that they are going to overhaul Arsenal is resurfacing. Things must be bad when Wenger is patronised by Ferguson and pitied by ‘Appy ‘Arry,

[When he first arrived,] People said that we were all jumping around like idiot and that Arsene was just sitting there like a chess grand master. It was as if he was a professor of chess sitting there as if he was studying every move while these other idiots are shouting and screaming.

But if you were winning every game of course you could sit there with your hand behind your head asking your number two: ‘What’s the score? Three nil? Oh wake me up when we get four!’ Now? Suddenly you get beat and he is jumping arund like the rest of us!

But he is a fantastic manager. He is top class. He knows the game and they will be bang there again. He is one of the best in my opinion.

And we all know ‘Arry has an opinion, mostly offered from the comfort of the front seat of his Range Rover to a waiting Sky Sports News camera crew. Wenger is more demonstrative but it is not just this season, he was picking ill-advised fights with Martin Jol at Highbury and suffering the indignity of having the media portray him as an educated thug or Basil Fawlty far before the ill-starred start of this season.

But pity from a Tottenham manager? My goodness, things must be bad.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. 2nd All da way from Phuket..

  2. Ras,are you really in Phuket?

  3. Wilshere is having his own ‘frimpong’ season.the frimp also suffered the same fate at the begining of last season.missed the whole season.i can’t see wilshere reclaiming a regular starting berth in febuary.as for vermalen,prays it doesn’t become a habit to miss the start of every season with an innocuos injury, followed by surgery, and then out for a long time.

  4. The manager must be careful in his line up against Spurs. I would start with two defensive midfielders to contain Bale and whoever is on the other side.

  5. With Theo’s fitness uncertainty I beleive is time to give AOC a chance to start.

  6. B—A—-S—–I—–L !!!!????

  7. Basil Fawlty as a football manager, that really is a funny thought.

  8. YW,i noticed you took a shot at frank and co for daring to question your choice for yersterday’s blog.lol!
    For all its worth,i also felt the rvp situation was a non issue.no need to join the hacks in looking for storms during a drizzle

  9. Not wishing to be a Theo basher but should we be looking to extend his contract.
    I’m the first to admit he does have his moments and will surprise you sometimes when probably not having time to think about what he’s doing but generally we have to ask ourselves is he really giving us enough ?
    He is not a young player anymore, not quite an experienced international but certainly had enough games to really be a lynch pin in the team, but is he ?
    I’ve watched him closely over a number of seasons now and he lacks the natural ability of a Wilshere or a Silva and to be honest some of his play is woeful to say the least, embarrassing at times to the point where a sunday morning player you would think could do better.
    One thing he has in abundance is pace and that is his best attribute but when that goes he will in my own opinion be a very ordinary player.
    I don’t see him as a striker as he is to me way too light weight and easily brushed aside, his best position for me is coming off the bench as an impact sub.
    I know i’m going to upset a number of fans who post on this blog, but the superstar we were all hoping he was about to become, the new “Henry” is never going to happen and for me the sooner we get Chamberlain up and running the better and i would not be too displeased if Theo went as we would probably get good money for him before age gets rid of that pace.
    Sorry to have a downer on him, i actually hope he proves me wrong and we start to see the player we were all hoping for.

  10. Yogi,perhaps you could only allow people to post once they have taken some sort of entrance test.
    I mean we don’t want any old riff raff (or is it Riff-Raff or riff-raff ) who might pollute the site with incorrect punctuation or even poor spelling,god forbid.
    I don’t like to criticise (criticize, if you are one of our colonial cousins)but what next?People without jobs?People wearing hats back to front?where will it end?

  11. People wearing hats back to front should definitely be banned. If you don’t know which way you’re facing you must be dumb.

  12. It’s riff-raff, note hyphen, and it refers naturally to the sound my new little puppy (Lab-Collie for those interested in this fascinating detail) makes “riff-raff … riff-raff … riff-riff, raff-raff”.

  13. “Theo! Eees a nota winger an hees a nota forward! What am I suppos’ to do with him in de 4-4-2. Mamma Mia!”.

    Not too worried about Jack being out, might even be good for the lad. Obviously we’ll miss having him as an option but I think we have the cover. And when Diaby gets backs the competition for our 2nd midfield berth will be hot again. Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta, Diaby. Not too shabby.

    But yeah, someone on this very site (not a doomer as I recall) voiced concerns about Jack when they saw him in that protective boot. Another ACLF exclusive…

  14. ZimPaul,
    Iam interested.How old is it? Is it “he” or “she”(I know I am sorry it is “dog” or”bitch” please excuse my awful sloppiness)
    Give up the important details.I love puppies. 🙂 (Oh no, smiley thing has exposed me as an literate) .

  15. YW,
    my feeling is Jack will be back before February. I have nothing but his disposition to back me up on this. We’ll see.

    “Over-reliance on one player as playmaker has been as much of a problem to overcome as the departure four years ago, of the one player who was goalscorer”.

    This I agree with and I’m really glad we now have a squad large enough to handle injuries.


    I agree with your analysis of Mstr Walcott but I’d still extend his contract. With a few more tricks added to his game he’d still be a more than potent weapon anyday on any platform.
    Why not keep him? I’d sell only if he gets carried away with himself & thinks he’s worth more than he delivers maybe to a Real Madrid @ like 35m after a 23+ goal-season in the PL.

    For now (tomorrow & next week), bring on the Oxlade..oh and don’t forget the Park.
    Spurs are looking good. Should be a cracking game.

    Then for Sunderland, Verm & Vassiriki return!

  16. With Hargreaves’ claims that his injuries were not helped by being forced to play with pain-killing injections from the United medical team, you’d wonder if our policy of doing things the right way also extends to our medical team, and that they really are one of the only few in the league who put the player’s long-term future ahead of the team’s short-term performance.

  17. Aman,who is the fool that merits your pity?

  18. what of myachi?

    surely a front line up of arshavin/myachi RVP/charmark Gervinho/ox/park can be used?

  19. It is your contribution to the team that should count not individual aspects of your game.
    We did not criticise Cesc because he could not run as fast as Theo,or Gilberto for not having the vision of Dennis.
    Theo scores and assists,that is his job.He is not the perfect player ,apart from Dennis nobody is,so lets appreciate what he gives .Rather than what is missing.

  20. I have such high regard for VAD. Hope he proves me right now the Catalan’s gone.

    Tomorrow, I expect

    vs OLYMPIAKOS (H) 28/09/11
    01 Sczseszny
    02 Sagna
    03 Gibbs
    04 Koscielny
    05 Mertesacker
    06 Song
    07 Gervinho
    08 Arteta
    09 RvP
    10 Rosicky
    11 Arshavin

    SUBS: Fabianski, Miquel, Santos, Frimpong, Ramsey, Chamakh, Park/ AOC.

  21. Ace,
    any fool who doubts the Arsenal.
    Any hater, doomer or gloomer

  22. George

    You have no idea how close to the truth you were at 9.43 about entrance exams to comment.


  23. I agree with P George @10.15. Very well put. His pace alone creates that uncertainty at the back for his opponents, and he will always get into very dangerous positions as a result. He gets players sent off with his pace, he gets behind the back line, and his finishing is getting much more consistent every season. He is a slow developer it seems, but slowly, he is getting better and better. In a couple of seasons, once he’s a bit more switched on and experienced, I am confident he will be a very very good player, on both the wing or as a striker.

    Can’t wait to see Diaby back in action. Been far too long this time.

    I also really want to see Ox and Ryo getting some more time on the pitch. The more they play, the better they’ll get. Ox is nearer to getting into the first team, mainly because of his adaptability but if Ryo impresses in the next couple of cup games, i wouldnt be surprised if he starts to break into the team, albeit from the bench. Another couple of very potent weapons in the pipeline me thinks.

  24. Ha ha Markus,
    You’re commending an ACLFer for doing something normally associated with doomers (i.e. assuming the worst). Its not very ‘positive’ to predict that Jack was gonna be out long term.

  25. Anyone know when Diaby’s due back?

    And i like that lineup aman. I think we’re going to show them what the real Arsenal is. A good time to play a midweek game at home, on the back of a much more Arsenal-like performance.

    BTW, thanks for the updates yesterday, and the link to the highlights from irishgray, I managed to get a sneaky look after my boss left, and liked what i saw…

  26. Commending? How so?

  27. Big shame about Jack but at least the problem is fixed and it’s just a question of healing and rehab now. He’ll come back raring to go and he won’t have the trauma that Ramsey or Eduardo had.

    “my new little puppy (Lab-Collie for those interested in this fascinating detail)”

    Lucky you, ZP. Lab-Collie cross = perfect dog.

    @ Markus | September 27, 2011 at 10:08 am

    A very good point.

  28. @ Geo | September 27, 2011 at 10:22 am

    “I agree with P George @10.15.”

    So do I. Theo is a matchwinner.

  29. Diaby should be back after the international break along with Tommy V.

  30. Fun, was wondering if you ever published that article for that website in the end? Would like to check it out if you did…?

  31. Henristic, my point was the person did not have a history of dooming, so when they voiced concern about something which was evident for all to see I paid attention. And that point about someone making a comment in the opinion section of a blog being an exclusive was very much tongue in cheek.

  32. Ah good news, cheers George

  33. @ Geo
    No, not yet, keep being beaten to the punch on my subjects!

  34. Yes Ace. I’m really there- here.. Via Singapore.. work and no play Makes Ras a dull Man..Check the link…


  35. haha! I saw Big Al had a similar theme t’other day, both on a bit of a Philip K Dick trip eh?!

    Well let us know when you do…

    I’d like to see the Ox or Ryo (sorry keep pushing this) against the Greeks. Not quite as hectic pace as the prem, so could suit their slightly less experienced brains, combined with their blistering pace… May be wrong, but would be good to see them have the last 10-15 mins, especially as we’ll be 2/3 goals up by then 😉

  36. Ace – it’s alright for some, you lucky Phuker.

  37. Sorry, I meant Ras…

  38. When was Theo ruled out of tomorrows game?

  39. Markus,
    I mean commend as in…

    “But yeah, someone on this very site (not a doomer as I recall) voiced concerns about Jack when they saw him in that protective boot. Another ACLF exclusive…”

  40. “Tyrone” is a she-puppy (I know, I know, long story, interesting too but I won’t bore you, it’s not an uncommon name here all in all) 7 weeks now, and unusually in my experience active, courageous, bright, strong … so far. Interesting mutt actually. The older girls are a Lab-something (lazy and affectionate) and a Pointer-Lab (fabulous hunter, leader), both looking back on life rather than forward. Everyone has dogs here, if possible. I’ve never not had a dog anyway.

    I do have a snarling hatred of fighting dogs though, can’t stand them or understand why anyone would have them around. My brother has one, a pitbull terrier. He supports Tottenham for some silly reason. Geddit?

  41. Just seen your later post, Markus.
    Its all good, I was just giving you a little poke on the ribs is all.

  42. Once Diaby gets back, Arsenal can look forward!
    Because …
    there’s really, seriously, only one Deee-aby

  43. That is a likely line-up, Aman. Rosicky should defo get a game, but I’d like to also see Ramsey maintaining his current momentum. Wouldn’t mind giving Frimpong a game either, but don’t want Song to miss out. Good job I’m not in charge of selection!

    George, We have Benayoun, Djourou, Vermaelen, Squillaci and Diaby all due to return after the international break so barring any other set-backs we will only have Wilshere missing by then.

  44. Very convenient, all those players out just long enough to miss their internationals… Some clever management from le boss?

  45. I can’t see any reason why Wilshere shouldn’t be given pain-killing injections and told to play one footed.

  46. Exactly. The medical team clearly don’t have a clue ZimPaul.

  47. When we think about Jack’s ankle we should transfer our thoughts to Paul’s puppy and that would make thing seem better ,and altogether nicer, at least in the moment.

  48. Being Greek, Olympiacos should defend like trojans, not so, and throw the odd long ball our way with a couple of hopeful heads bobbing around for a lucky contact? Knowing us, it’ll work too. Only kidding! But we’ll need our shooting boots surely tomorrow, and some trickery too. Very stubborn the Greeks. Excellent at demonstrations against “the man”.

  49. Were Trojans Greek?

    I don’t know I can barely spell,my history is even worse.
    Tests would be failed I fear.

  50. Geo,
    Another interlull coming up? Yikes…

  51. “Do not trust the horse, Trojans. Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts.”

  52. Trojans different from Greeks, obviously, at least in Homer’s view.

  53. Trojans were definitely not Greeks. And can we not be the Trojans, please.
    Let’s hope the Greeks of Olimpiacos are silly like Paris and not cunning like Ulysses or brave like Achilles. Mind you, we’ve clearly got Achilles at our club. And not wishing to bring anyone down, but Miquel was injured last night in the warm-up for the Reserves game, so out of six CBs, we have only two fit remaining. Look after yourselves, Per and Kos!

  54. AM JUST HAPPY THE TEAM IS STARTING TO FIND ITS RHYTHM sooner rather than later. it is always nice to surpass the expectations of the doomers and those that as per usal write us off at the start of every season only to complain when we seem to actually meet their expectations. what exactly do they want? LOL

    We will be right there with the topmost teams come end of season make no mistake!

    also, i marvel a how people can see offence in the face we were told Jack will be out till end of Sept (then he had not had a surgery) and that now that he had to take the surgery route, it will take longer for Him to be back. i thought that should follow naturally?

  55. pedantic george

    I agree. Theo is our deadliest attacking weapon. Not for his footwork, not for his skills, not for his heading ability… he brings raw pace, something which nobody can say they are better than him at on the footballing arena. His final ball has improved, that is 100% evident again this season, his finishing was pretty good last season and he has already a few goals this time round. He is not a complete player yet, but comparing him to Henry is a bit silly.

    I can understand the frustration people have with him as he can go through patches where his touch or general play lets him down. But boy does he make up for it.

    I am a huge fan. The excitement and buzz he brings to this Arsenal team when he is bursting behind defenders or taking people on really shits defenders up. He can be unstoppable when on form. Messi and Barcelona will agree.

    There is no need to defend the guy really as we should all know what he is about. Most our good play and ability to turn possession into chances comes down to Theos pace in so many games. Even when Cesc was with us, Theo was the only player bursting behind the defence to create a goal scoring chance and latch onto one of his balls.

    As important as a playmaker is in our team, Theo is proven to be just as important. I think Gervinho will be the same, just in a slightly adjusted playing style with added trickery.

  56. I don’t know about anyone else, but Arteta for me could have a huge impact this season. He doesn’t quite have the quick feet of Cesc, but what he brings to the team is very similar. Great passing ability, great reading of the game.. he won’t provide attacking runs into the box as often as Cesc did, but I think that may benefit us. His tackling is better, he is stronger, and I think these attributes will improve the other side of our game. Sitting next to Song, Rambo, Diaby or Wilshire when he gets back… we will have quite a tough midfield for any team to deal with.

    No offence to Cesc in that comment! He is an exceptional player and imo the best in the business at what he does. Just excited on our options in midfield. Can’t wait to see Park too!

  57. I was just about to ask where you were Chris.
    I agree,or midfield can be better despite the loss of Cesc,and perhaps because of it.

  58. It’s funny how people are prasing diaby like a fucking hero. Once he return form his long awaited injury then don’t be suprised if carries another injury. Lets be true and honest here because some of you are living according to the book of wenger. So you guys need to stop hiding on your closet. And you all shall come out with fresh ideas.

  59. Hi george,

    I manage to read the site everyday, just snowed under with work the past couple months to engage in discussion. 😦

    Be it we are in a relegation battle, division 2, I’d still be back so don’t worry!

    Pretty confident now, the team looks like it is starting to gel, players set to come back as well. We can get our season back on track now. Some results have been a bit harsh on us, but its something we need to accept and learn from. It was never going to be easy after losing Cesc, Clichy and Nasri. Theres players like Eboue and Denilson who left who were good options as well when needed. Not happy with the lateness of our transfer dealings, but its something that is forced upon us really in this transfer market. You just know everyone is waiting for Citeh to come along and offer more than us.

  60. gooner2, Chuck Norris has Abou Diaby on speed dial.

  61. He would probabaly Dial and hang up. I just hate liars of some people on this Arsenal Blog.

  62. Yogi & The Gang, I have been an avid reader of your blog for over three years now. Allow me, kind sirs, to commend the wonderful job you all are doing on this site. In my humble opinion, this blog is right up there with Arseblog which I regard as the best Arsenal blog out there. Its not just the erudition of Yogi that impresses me, but also the maturity of the posters. The comments are very decent and puerile cursing is virtually non-existent. This adds to the appeal of this blog which is much more than I can say about the cuss-fest that is Le Grove. Keep up the good work gents and may Arsenal continue to prosper.

  63. Gooner2

    ‘I just hate liars of some people on this Arsenal Blog.’

    Seems a bit extreme, if not illiterate. (Pedantic you are redeemed) Sounds a bit like the rationale of the Wenger Haters.

    Wenger + Any explanation for a loss or explanation why we have not got silverware = LIAR

    An incoherent argument and whats more…… bad Maths.

  64. Sorry Zim,

    How’s the puppy? Make sure you catch ‘the Dog Whisperer’ on the history Channel. Shit name I know, but he is a guru.

    “We are the only species that follows unstable pack leaders.” C Milan

  65. I’ve stopped reading nearly all the blogs I used to, FG, because I’m worried about accidentally stealing thoughts etc. It’s only Arsenal Action for me now, which had no thoughts in the first place.

    I don’t like fighting dogs either, ZP, and neither does my dog, Groucho – which makes walking on the pavement round here quite difficult at times!

    Coquelin and AOC tomorrow then?

  66. gooner2, who is a liar?

    Is it Diaby’s injury record and lack of game time you have a problem with? Cos his appearances are comparable to some of our biggest players over the last 3 seasons.

    Fabregas – 104
    Van Persie – 97
    Walcott – 103
    Arshavin – 106*
    Diaby – 96

    *Arshavin only had half a season in 08/09

  67. Gervinho, Koscielny and Theo all ruled out of Olympiakos game… Song at CB then.

  68. The editorial master strikes.

    The funniest part of the “Appy Arry” article was the fact that it claimed

    “the media has always held a high esteem for Wenger”.

    I read an article in the Guardian after the win v Bolton, and it explained how they thought our midfield was adapting to the departure of Cesc, explained with Opta stats and diagrams and it was all positive. Can’t recall the writer but, dam good read.

  69. Miguel for CB v the Greeks?

    Song is on form where he is. Would it be a good idea to move him around now?

  70. Now, I’m sure I didn’t say Greeks were Trojans, but that Olympiacos, being Greek, would defend “like Trojans”. Actually, I am making this up. I had no idea who the Trojans were, and still don’t (and yes, this comment is a reflection on posters, indeed the least one can expect on ACLF is a half page treatise on the subject, especially antiquity, the classics, stuff like that). Only that they build houses, no, wait, horses, bring gifts, stuff like that. Or not. We shall have to await answers from ConsolBob, and build our team strategy accordingly.

    I really like the Dog Whisperer SA Goon, well, I’ve watched it once, but I liked him especially, a cool guy. If my puppy bites me again with his sharp little teeth, I might have to bite him back. (Only kidding).

  71. Nice post yogi. Jacks injury is unfortunate but having injuries is part of football. To blame it on the Arsenal medical team is ridiculous. Hope our play in the 2nd half against Bolton can continue tomorrow and this weekend at WHL.

  72. Goonerton

    I think Miquel was injured last night.

  73. Sagna – Song – Mert – Gibbs
    ——Frimpong – Ramsey
    Rosicky – Van Persie – Arshavin

  74. The trojans were a people based in eastern anatolia (now turkey) on the aegean coast – while not directly Greek, they were part of the hellenistic peoples/tribes that populated the regions and so probably had some greek in them. The trojan wars are believed to be myth, or at least an amalgamated account of greek wars/expeditions into the black sea via the dardanelles (where gallipoli is and near troy) in the bronze age i think. anyway hope that it will be a clean and quick victory, and that there will be no trickery involving wooden horses and the like, and no massive onslaught whereby we lose some of our heroes (achilles got hit in the heel by an arrow and killed, lets hope this doesn’t have any bearing on any of our stars – eek, lets steer clear of mythology, particularly greek, we’ve had too much tradgedy and tragic comedy in the last year without evoking catastrophes of epic greek proportions!

  75. Diiiaaaaby woaaah-o, Diaaaaaaby wooooah-0

    He lives in the infirmary

    He has a dodgy knee

    Diaaaabyy woooah – o

  76. Great song in the Clock End this weekend:

    To the tune of ‘Rock the Kasbah’

    “Gervinho doesn’t like them

    F**k the Yidos! F**k the Yidos”!

  77. Goonerton

    The Guardian chalkboards were by Michael Cox, the brains behind Zonal Marking.


  78. The many injuries are not what we want but it allows us to see how deep of a team we have. I am looking forward to see who is going to play on the Right Wing.

    Many have said they want to see more of AOC and RYO, I also want to see more of Young.

    Speaking of Basil’s, the best Basil ever!

  79. pedantic george | September 27, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Entrance test before posting. How do you mean like people without jobs who sit on their arse all day long apart from going out on the skank?

    Or would you be referring to those who happen to be down on their luck and have no job now due to cuts etc but, still love The Arsenal the same as you do but, they speak broken English and use street slang?

    Or do you mean the Arsenal supporters who come from the lower working class and maybe do not have the top level grammar skills like you and your disciples and loads of fancy words that tend to cover up bullshit?

    I see where your coming from.

    Get them all to agree with your every point and they should be ok.

  80. Yogi, I liked both posts today. The first one was a breath of nostalgic fresh air amid the modern fad for naval gazing while the second was you at your caustic best.
    As for those Theo knockers out there. Well, I watched the match again last night in the calm relaxed state you achieve knowing the game is won. And Theo was really good all game. Focus on a couple of poor finishes if you want to but his all round contribution and quick thinking were a joy to behold.
    So much is lost when watching live. We are all too tense and every missed shot or assist that comes to nothing causes gnashing and grinding of teeth.
    Take my advice folks – watch again then comment.

  81. dupsffokcuf | September 27, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    Wasn’t bothered by any of the other injuries we currently have at the back because I wanted Miguel, to get his chance on the big stage but, this news was a massive let down for me.

    Song is on fire in his role at the moment. Hope it doesn’t disturb the constructive work our midfield has built up thus far.

  82. Nike makes our shirt too and makes a big deal of using recycled bottles for ours as well. I wonder if our shirt performs the same way, but I haven’t heard of any complaints. Or is it that Barca players are just that little bit more delicate; I am sure it is why they drew at home to AC Milan, away to Valencia and at Real Sociedad already this season?


  83. Yogi,

    Maybe if I knew that before hand I wouldn’t of said anything as I hate zone marking with a strong passion. Makes us and whoever uses it look beyond stupid when it goes wrong and it normally does.

    On the replay on MOD a few weeks back when they showed a goal we conceded from a corner we looked stupid with x4 of our players standing there while the attacker had a unchallenged clean header from which he scored. Pants system.

    Saying that, the diagrams on the article where informative and believe it or not very positive regarding our midfield and how they are adapting and that’s the first time this season I have read anything positive about our club.

  84. Troy was at first unknown to be factual city, known through Homer , until an Archaeologist, Heinrich Schliemann in 1870 followed the geographical clues in the ‘Iliad’ and began excavating North West Turkey. He was convinced he had found the legendary city of Troy and excavated a hill called Hisarlick, in Anatolia, on Turkey’s coast. He discovered huge city walls and evidence of a city destroyed by fire. The archaeology site called Troia, where the city is now called now Truva by the Turkish Government.

    In 1988, Manfred Kauffman along with a Team from the University of Tubingen and Cincinnati excavated this site further. Findings included arrowheads that dated to the 12 Century BC. He is also reported to have found a deep ditch around the city, as Kauffman explains this ditch would be means of defense of a much larger city than originally thought.

    However, it was still unclear which level of the city was Homer’s Troy of 1200 BC, which was destroyed by the Greeks, as there are nine consecutive levels of occupation at Hisarlick. There are two levels that fit this period which are named Troy VI and Troy VII, archaeologists are agreeable to VII, which was destroyed by Fire in 1250 BC-1200BC.

    At this time, as told by Homer’s Iliad the King of Troy, was Priam, which was waged war upon the Trojans by the Achaeans (Greeks) over Helen, the wife of Agamemnon, who was kidnapped by Paris, the Prince of Troy. As Paris refused to return Helen, the War is thought to have lasted about ten years or more and eventually the Greeks won by using the deception of offering the Trojans a statue of a Horse as a gift that they would take inside the Walls of Troy, once inside the statue was filled with the Greek warriors that were able to open the Gates of Troy allowing and the Greeks to overcome, burn and pillage the city.

    Other references to the City of Troy include Homer’s Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid.

    The language spoken in the ancient city of Troy is not certain, but though that the inhabitants, Trojans could understand Greek.

  85. goonerton, i think Yogi meant the website called Zonal Marking…

  86. @ steww | September 27, 2011 at 3:24 pm

    Agree – I always do it like that – listen to the commentary on AP and watch the match afterwards. I would recommend it to everyone. Gives you much better perspective.

    Good point. I now see my mistake. Schoolgirl error.

    Wouldn’t you just know it – six CBs and five of them are injured! Thank goodness for Song. I also saw that Boateng was training with the first team, so he’ll probably be on the bench tomorrow.
    Good news from the presser is that Gerv, Walcott and Kos could ALL be fit for Sunday. Walcott the most likely of those. Please get better soon, Kos and Miquel.
    Coqueiin. Thank goodness he is around since JW is out long-term. Big opportunity for him, The Ox and Frimpong. And come back soon, Abou.

  87. Steve of Chiang Mai

    For those slagging off The Walcott above ……see 7amkickoff blog today


    But then again experience shows that once a fan goes “negative” on a player no amount of factual information seems to make a scrap of difference

  88. @ Steve – Unfortunately that seems to be true a lot of the time but not all of the time. A perfect example would be Eboue who was derided after coming on as a sub and playing so bad that, after less then 30 minutes, he was himself taken off. However, upon returning to the team approx.3 weeks later he played a blinder. Not just in his return game but over the next 4 or 5 games he was outstanding, hence his cult status amongst many an Arsenal fan. I myself think he is very underrated but must admit he lacked consistancy and never reached his potntial.

    I feel the same about Theo except for one important difference. Every year the stats show that he is improving. I am ignoring the year he was out for some time with his shoulder injuries. His shooting, crossing, running off the ball and his decision making have greatly improved and I see no reason why that cannot continue. TH did not become a legend over night, nor did DB10.

    Nice post YW, sorry about the bitching yesterday, just one of those day””””””’s. 🙂

  89. Don’t worry FunGunner, Squillachi will be back by the weekend.

  90. Steve, I was just about to link to that article today. It shows that Theo is very productive player with a high average goals/assist rate for every 90minutes he plays. His pace is deadly and his link up with RvP shows a special understanding together. His passes and crosses into the box have become better. Obviously his limitations with the ball and decision making can be improved, but it is clear that he makes a big contribution to Arsenal. I wish he could stay fitter and take the next step toward rotating on occasion into the centre. However, there is no reason for the sort of criticism he seems to receive; instead, he should be thought of as one of our key forward players and be concerned when he is out. I really hope he is fit for WHL because they will have to attack and leave space behind that Arteta and Ramsey can put balls through for Theo to make lightning strikes toward goal, finding RvP or taking good shots.

  91. goonerton @ 3:39, are you sure it was from a corner? Didn’t think we had conceeded from a corner yet this year. What game was it? I’d like to have a look at the clip if I can find it.

  92. Gervinho and Koscielny look to be out. Damn!

  93. I am also not looking forward to going to WHL with a Song/Merts partnership. It might do well, but I think Song has probably been our best midfield player so far, apart from getting himself banned for three matches. Arteta has been very solid as well.

    Tomorrow we have to make due and hope that we get good early goal to encourage Olympiakos to play.

    Coquelin Rosicky Arteta
    Ox RvP Arsh

    I don’t like playing Rosicky up top and think the Ox might do well. However, Perhaps Arsh could move to the right and one of Gibbs/Santos could move forward.

    The other option, which I prefer but think unlikely, is playing a 4231:

    Coquelin Arteta
    Rosicky, RvP, Arshavin

    We are home after all and this gives us more attacking firepower and possibly a better way to crack what I expect to be a packed defense at the outset. Chamakh gives us a better aerial threat. But what I like is that you would expect the three behind Chamakh to be very interchangeable with RvP bouncing out to the left side on occasion and both Arsh and Rosicky comfortable playing centrally to link with Coquelin and Arteta.

  94. I meant, I don’t like Rosicky as much on the side of the front three as much.

  95. Theo may not be the best with the ball when he’s pinned to the touchline, but there’s no one who can catch him once he beats his defender and is running into space. His passing has come right along as well. I’d play him upfront through the middle if I was sitting in the dug out giving the orders.

  96. Limestone, I like the idea of Chamakh up top, but I’d rather have Frimpong in midfield.

  97. The Arsenal MT
    Seemed to be all at sea.
    There just wasn’t enough from the Quack
    About Jack’s Knack


    Jack’s Knack
    Could take no Slack
    Tommy’s could take none being mean.
    Frimpong’s cruciate
    made him lose it
    I hope RvP’s season is clean.

  98. Gareth Bale 30 27.2 7 1 8 0.29
    Theo Walcott 28 18.9 9 7 16 .85


    That is for the homeboy up top who thinks it is time to give up on Theo. LOL and to think that Gary Bales was PFA player of the years!!! BTW Theo has better pts/game ratios than Nani, FAbregas, Nasri, Andrey, Rooney, Chickareeto, Drogba, Tevez….

    One can argue that Theo gets marked out of games, which he does. There are many a match where it is hard to tell if Theo is even out on the pitch. But hey, you can’t play to your highest level every match. Theo sends in a few wayward crosses and suddenly he has no brain! Give me a break eh now?

  99. Gareth Bale 30 27.2 7 1 8 0.29
    Theo Walcott 28 18.9 9 7 16 .85

  100. I tried to space out those numbers but it keeps getting formatted. Oh well you get the idea. Heal quickly Theo, we need you on the pitch.

  101. Goonerton.
    You really are a bit thick are you not?
    My post
    “Yogi,perhaps you could only allow people to post once they have taken some sort of entrance test.
    I mean we don’t want any old riff raff (or is it Riff-Raff or riff-raff ) who might pollute the site with incorrect punctuation or even poor spelling,god forbid.
    I don’t like to criticise (criticize, if you are one of our colonial cousins)but what next?People without jobs?People wearing hats back to front?where will it end?”

    Anyone ,well clearly not anyone as you have shown,should be able to see that it was an attempt by me ,in a humorous fashion,to point out that we should not judge the value of peoples opinions on whether they can spell or their social standing,

    So fell free to apologise .

  102. Gains, I’d try him there more often, certainly. Preserving his collaboration with RvP is quite important. Whatever facilitates this is the priority as it is a long developed understanding that has yielded consistent results over the last several seasons.

    See the following from 7amkickoff’s “By the numbers” column on ArseblogNews:
    28 – Career assists by Theo Walcott
    11 – Number of those assists that have been to Robin van Persie
    7 – Assists from Theo Walcott since January 15th 2011
    7 – Assists from Theo Walcott for Robin van Persie since January 15th 2011
    100 – Percent chance that people who say Theo and Robin will never form a partnership are wrong

  103. Marcus, it was essentially a toss up for me to. The only reason I went for Coquelin is that his game is even better suited for Europe–his technique and passing is a bit more cultured. Then again, one expects Olympiakos to play a bit rough and tumble, disciplined in defense and Frimpong might savor the physicality more obviously. The problem is European referees. So fair enough; either Frimps or Coquelin.

    Do you have a feeling for Gibbs vs. Santos? That was one I was pretty divided on as well.

  104. Gervinho struck down by the curse of the hamstring – does appear to be an Arsenal theme unfortunately…..

  105. Chill, it works better to just link to the blog post where you probably grabbed those stats. Probably, 7amkickoff, which was already linked above.

  106. Who has had hamstrings so far this season?
    Gibbs, Djourou (twice), Theo (I think?), Rosicky (?), Gervinho, Benayoun. That’s a fair number for 6 league matches, a league cup, and three CL matches, 10 matches all told. Luckily all of them have been fairly mild, though Gibbs was out longest so far.

  107. Lime – according to Physioroom for 2011 Nasri, Fab, Clichy, Djourou, RVP, Squillaci and Denilson too…..

  108. Well, the first three plus Denilson aren’t going to concern me, and I did mention Djourou but when was RvP out with a hamstring? Squillaci has been injured with that hamstring for a month. Apparently he will be back with the squad Friday or Saturday–obviously too late for inclusion but I wonder if Squillaci would be behind Song at this point?

    I’d rather have Song in midfield but that is more because he is that important now that JW isn’t available.

  109. Limestone, if I were convinced Santos is comfortable playing in our back line yet I’d give him the nod, keep Gibbs fresh for the Spuds, but as you say it really is a toss up between those two. Guess we’ll see.

  110. Limes, wasn’t listing the players with a view to missing them etc. It just strikes me as a high number. Admittedly I haven’t looked up every other club to see if it’s about average but ten or so players out of a squad of around 25-30 first team players going down with a specific muscular injury over a nine month period just doesn’t seem quite right. Maybe I’m wrong – happy to get some insight from anyone with a bit more knowledge etc…

  111. If fit I think D’jourou will play tomorrow, allowing Song to continue in midfield

  112. Limes, RVP, Hamstring, February.

  113. It’s the medics. They should make sure no hamstrings are stretched. Make sure the players don’t run and make sure they don’t train. Yep, look at ac milan. Non there have hamstrings.
    We train wrong, we play wrong and we loose. We should sell most cos they injury prone and sack medics coa they useless. Sack AW cos he employs useless medics and injury prone players.

  114. Poodle,Lol
    You are starting to sound like me

  115. Wavey,

    Thank you, scholarly learning is always appreciated.

    But isn’t this the history of Cyprus still being played out?

    I just want to be in the horse when it hits Ayia Nappa, man.

    Sure it’s not Wavey Gravey!

  116. Down two goals away at Bayern, hopefully Man City will flounder toward an embarrassing result. I like Bayern and they have been playing very well, so hopefully they can add to their lead.

  117. well i for one is looking forward to tomorrow and Saturday. if we manage to win those two games, and especially the Tottenham game, i feel we are well and truly back on track for top 4 this year. If we also can snatch a cup trophy we done rather well this year i think.

    Imagin the possibility of City not winning any cups and neither winning the PL? that would be highly amusing indeed… while we won a cup.
    Nasri would have just given up his possibility for silver then 🙂

  118. 2 goals down and you take off a forward & bring on a DM. Clever tactics to fool the opposition.

  119. City are down 2-0 at half time to Bayern Munich.

  120. FC Basel have come back from 2 down against United!

  121. Mancini seems to be the complete oposit of AW. when we struggle and are under, AW takes a chance and throws on some attacker. then we either loos heavily or turn the match.
    When City is under Mancini throws on a dm to make sure bayern does not score any more??

  122. That Nasri hype has calmed down a bit.

  123. I honestly though our gropu was really hard, now im thinking Citys is way tricky 🙂 im sure that if they meet say Barcelona or Madrid or Inter in the first playoff the ref will rip them off properly anyway…
    Who wants to watc City go further over any of the other three cash cows. that would mean losses for the big guys… Nobody is the answear.

  124. the question must be is bayern good or is City crap?

  125. and how is that shakiri guy playing? anyone seen?

  126. heh rafael out too? they got more injuries than us now. their medics must be way shit……

  127. “Theo scores and assists,that is his job.He is not the perfect player ,apart from Dennis nobody is,so lets appreciate what he gives .Rather than what is missing.”

    This is so true. Denilson suffered from the same thing. People could not just appreciate him for what he brought to the team, they expected him to be as creative as Cesc as well. Now people expect Theo to be as skillful as RVP or TH14 instead of accepting him for what he is.

  128. And Basel score another. Utd a one man team and all hype. City 2-0 . ….What price…..crisis up north.

  129. Bayern have conceeded 1 goal in 9 games apparently. I knew City would struggle in europe, it is a totally different thing from the league. even in the league i’m thinking they will hit the buffers at some point, as they build a reputation as a top team the lower sides will find answers to their game and fustrate them. it happened to us for many years.we used to hear “to beat Arsenal, get in their faces and deny them space” city will have to get used to it.

  130. Passenal,

    In Denilson’s case, whatever he brought to the team simply wasn’t good enough to earn him a regular spot on the team these days. Wenger certainly seems to think so.

    Theo, on the other hand, offers something few people in the world can give us. Also, his skills/attributes are very relevant to the league in which we play in.

  131. The problem with City is that they are not a team, everyone is a big shot.

  132. I’m not gonna comment on the manu game until its over….*fingers crossed*

  133. Apparently Nasri has ‘been anonymous’. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Ribery has shown him a masterclass in wing play.

  134. Theo has been involved massivley in our goals this start of the season though. even a blind man must see that. People moan about his preformance against Bolton yet he provided a decent assist and kept the Bolton defence on their toes. What more must he do?
    He is also only getting better and better with age. the boy is 22. Milner got his young player of the year award at 24 and was even then still regarded as a gret young prospect. at 24!!
    Walcott will come good, heck he is already good, but he will become great i mean…

  135. pah fergie time as usual……

  136. “It is being reported that Carlos Tevez refused to come on for Manchester City when asked. If that’s true then expect to hear a lot more about it in the coming days. ”

  137. Lille thrown away another lead – third in their group with two matches against Inter coming up. Still a big if but if they go out – Hazard in January…?

  138. Fucking manure. I think I reverse-jinxed their result. Fergie won’t like a draw at home though, so its not all bad.

  139. Crisis at Manchester.Terrible result , where do they go from here. Fergie and Mancini might get the sack. I know i’m exagerating. But this is waht they say when Arsenal have a bad result

  140. Shame the red mancs didn’t lose as well – that would have been the icing on the cake! But they are definitely starting to wobble now.

  141. Yeh Henristic, the draw is a terrible result for United? they were up by 2 and gave away 3 goals straight. Jabba’s teams with all of their tracking back.

  142. Well tonites results just shows us that we cannot take Olympiakos lightly. Or we will end up getting swiped at like United just did. They thought they could walk all over Basel. But they have to be satisfied with a draw and we can be happy about how much they had to struggle for that. They must have used all their power and a bit more to win this match.

    Heh, i cant even pretend to hide how funny i find it that Tevez refused to play if that is indeed true 🙂 And the sheik who thought everything could be bought…..

  143. So, United draw away to Benfica and at home to Basel after giving away a two goal lead and having to scrap an injury time equalizer to avoid ignominious defeat at home!

    Man City are humiliated and played off the park away to Bayern after a lackluster draw at home to Napoli!

    Both are third in their group and couldn’t win at home. Come on Arsenal! Let’s win against Olympiakos at home and demonstrate that the Mancs aren’t all they are cracked up to be.

    Can’t wait to hear the commentary on United’s shambolic defending.

  144. Also Dzeko was apparently irate on being substituted. That locker room is a potential tinderbox. Hopefully, many gripes and grievances will continue to fester and divide them.

    It seems RvP has brought back team meetings, social events off the pitch and a sense of spirit and togetherness as captain by contrast. This is set up perfectly. No one crediting us but the players starting to come together on and off the pitch to try to prove the critics and doubters wrong. I hope we put together a solid run in the league–If we can win at WHL, we will be flying. If we win tomorrow, we can build some momentum in our group as well.

  145. I am not going to sneer at anyone until Monday.He who laughs last and all.Also don’t count you chickens.

  146. Limestonegunner, the media will find excuses about injuries to justify the mancs performance whereas our injury ravaged team that got annihilated at old toilet is glossed over in favour of the ‘crisis’ agenda.

  147. “He who laughs last and all.Also don’t count you chickens.”

    Absolutely george!

  148. @ Bobby | September 27, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    “Apparently Nasri has ‘been anonymous’. Can’t tell you how happy that makes me. Ribery has shown him a masterclass in wing play.”

    ha ha ha! Me, too, Bobby.

    I am so tempted to gloat over the fact that ManUre gave up three goals at home, but experience has taught me to wait until after we have successfully negotiated our game, which will not be any sort of picnic. I am contenting myself with a discreet snigger down my sleeve. Like in The Beano.

  149. @lime the best is that nobody is expecting anything from this Arsenal team. Heck we are suppose to go down according to some fans. Even though the preassure is on, we are still seen as “Underdogs” by many. But we all know we are good enough to take home a cup or two this season. It would be a great ” in ur face” to those who left.

  150. I know what you mean, PG, but I’ve just picked up a couple of messages from the hacks’ laptops:

    ManU 3 Basle 3 Does not compute! Does not compute!
    Bayern 2 ManC 0 Does not compute! Does not compute!

  151. Clichy caught ball watching for the first goal.

    The honeymooon is over for ManC

  152. It’s true!
    From bbc sport:
    Man City boss Roberto Mancini….added “Afterwards I wanted to put Carlos Tevez on the pitch, he refused to go on the pitch. For me it is a bad situation.”

  153. Passenal: Arsenal had an absolute stinker since the start of the season because of so many problems: injuries, departures, suspensions and yet no one looks at that and say, Arsenal have been unfortunate instead they absolutely obliterated Wenger and the team in the media. United miss 1 player and they wobble. lets see how they do without 6. 7 or 9 of their top players. We will hear all sort of excuses.

  154. Tell me about it 1lc!

  155. Mancini has told reporters that Tevez will never *never* play for City again and that he is ‘finished’

  156. It didn’t take long for the mercinaries to show their true colours. I expect Mancini will be sacked before the season is finished. I almost feel sorry for him.

  157. Dups.There is trouble at mill ,as we like to say up here.

  158. The rich fuckers at Citeh should hold on to Tevez and stick him in the reserves to rot until his contract expires.

  159. Tomorrow’s game will a tight affair primarily because we have been dogged by the same problems we’ve had since the start ie an unsettled side constantly shuffled due ridiculous injuries and suspension. The team fails to gel and settle and we don’t get to play at our optimum level especially where key areas are affected. Lawd knows how many defensive partnerships we’ve had to use and tomorrow we may song back in the back four which further disrupts our midfield. It’s also unfair to have expectations of the young guns especially in Europe where teams like olympiakos are willy old competitors. Returning players like rosicky also need time to get their rhythm back so all in all I would happily settle for a dull one nil to the arsenal, but if tonight is anything to go by u just never know.
    Man city though have no excuses with the squad depth they have and experience today’s game shows what their players well most of them are about, greedy lazy money mercenaries

  160. Who’ll be the first hack to say that ManU’s defence reminded him of Arsenal??

  161. George

    Not many mills up there anymore though.

  162. Duffs- Great news . He is not finished he just doesn’t want to stay in Manchester. simple. They say money can’t buy you love. He hates the place. We know those players at City don’t like the place but money is hard to resist. The question is what happens when the money does not become an issue in your life and you hate the place you live in. You would want to get out. He will not be the first and last to want out of Manchester.Remember Robinho?

  163. @ Passenal and 1lc

    It’s not the lambasting of the performances so much, it’s the unjustified extrapolation that gets my goat. That and the personal attacks on the manager or unfounded insinuations about our training methods. For other teams, a bad performance is a bad performance. For us, it’s always seen as symptomatic of some systemic problem or spuriously linked with a real or manufactured issue.

  164. Graeme Souness absolutely tore into Tevez on TV just now. To paraphrase: “He is one bad apple, City need to get him as far away from the club as possible……The man on the street thinks theres a lot wrong with modern footballers and Carlos Tevez epitomises that”.

    Yeah, along with the other 17 or so mercinaries they have up there Graeme. Imagine being a youth player coming throught the ranks!

  165. It must be his way of forcing them to sell him. He must be desperate.

  166. Now if I was a hack my headline might read
    “£500 million for a bag of shit ”


    “United prove to be a one man team”

    But sadly I am just a sad gloating Arsenal fan

  167. Can anyone help? I have an e-mail saying I can purchase my ticket for the Bolton game in the League Cup, but when I go to the ticket page, there is no option for that game.

  168. Great results today in the CL. Red Mancs blowing a 2 goal lead and blue mancs taking a pounding. Hopefully the blue Manc dressing room implodes and they choke. The tevez thing is a perfect start.

    Limestone @ 9:52:

    Good post. Agreed this squad needs to use the us against the world mentality as a positive thing.

  169. It’s me. I am blocking your purchase. I am only a red member and I want to make sure there are tickets left when I am allowed to buy them next Monday.

    Seriously though I expect the website is just cocking up. Log out and log in again? Try later?

  170. @ mattyboy, that was

  171. mattyboy, what level membership have you got? You don’t usually get the option to buy until your membership level is activated.

  172. @FG – Stop blocking me please, I want to see The OX et al in action! I tried logging in and out as you suggested but the Bolton option is just not there.

    @Pass – I have Gold level membership. Do you know when its activated?


  173. @ mattyboy

  174. mattyboy, it looks like tickets are not available for purchase until Friday – it says 30/09/11 on the website for gold and silver members. Us lowly reds have to wait until Monday!

  175. City fan on twitter

    Before the game


    During the game


    Foot in mouth disease?

  176. Finally. The red Mancs are showing their true face and it seems the blue Mancs are suffering from the Tottenham syndrome. You can’t be successful in both CL and EPL when you are not a 110% ready. Tomorrow our boys will bring a smile to my face with a delightful win and this will have the makings of the best week in a looong time. And on Sunday, obviously, the tinies will get their fair share as well. Gareth Fail won’t see lots of the ball because Sagna is going to be his shadow and maybe Szczesny can give him a couple of those nifty bodychecks he seemed to like so much back in Spring. And Theo will be ready again and roaring to go. Can see him tear them a new one. COME ON YOU REDS!

  177. Dups – Not to mention Mancini guaranteeing a win over Bayern after the Napoli game.

    Seems money can buy a lot…..but not class….

  178. Seems 2 Kettering players were sent off tonight for fighting over who was going to take a pelanty. What a pair of plonkers.

  179. @FG and Pass – Many thanks. It appears in my eagerness I have jumped the gun a little and not bothered to read the e-maill properly. Its been a long day. I hope you both manage to get your tickets on Monday and less of the lowly red talk. Better to be a committed, supportive lowly red, than a moaning whinging anything else! 🙂

  180. I guess Mancini has lost the dressing room?

  181. Just got home fom work and jhave to say am delighted with tonights results!! Utd threw it away and from what I have (briefly) read Ferdinand played awful and got worse as the game went on. Jones was apparently caught dicking around with the ball near his own box and got rightly punished for it. Now if that were the Arsenal defense……

    City are a bunch of very talented mercs, a point we all know I am sure. However, I would like to point out that when our own Samir Nasri was pushing for a move to them he still gave it all when he played his last game for us. I remember our fans giving him a big cheer when he went to take a corner kick, he dutifully acknowledged it with a quick salute and went on about his job. Pity Tevez, a wonderfully talented player, could not show the same class. He signed a contract and took the money, hell he is still taking it, so he should do his job. I hope City can fire him for breach of contract and therefore do not have to pay him one penny more. How many young kids are busting their balls day in and day out in the lower leagues, desperate for a CHANCE to play for a club in the EPL, and one of them can’t because this twat is making a fortune and is bitching about it? Rip up his contract and revoke his visa and tell him to piss off back to the slums he came from!!!

  182. Sometimes teams can doing nothing but score and win, see Manu’re at the beginning of the season.

    Sometimes, like the beginning of our season, we can do nothing to score or win. Luck just piles up against. This can sink managers, but sometimes it is like a game of averages, if you don’t score, if you lose too many, or lose ones you should have won, it can be like you have put them in the bank and when normality returns the luck goes the other way and you cash in.
    Look at Manu’re all of a sudden, it is like they have scored too many and won too many in their last matches, they are not that good and it is just not going for them now. This is the law of averages evening out.

    Same with Arsenal I hope, but the other way, luck and results are just evening themselves out because we are better than we have been showing and we have plenty in the bank.

    As long as Djourou doesn’t play anyway, he single handedly cancels out any collateral we have got.

    As for Shiite-y……. it all goes to show that no amount of oil, even your finest extra virgin Italian olive….. can polish a turd.

  183. Never tried to polish a turd. To be honest I don’t think I want to either, “finest extra virgin Italian olive” or no!!

  184. Funny stuff, YW.

    No sight of Jabba and the rest of the Manc trolls I see. Interesting.

  185. Well they meany what they said as this is Man City’s new team photo and there is no Carlos Tevez to be seen.

  186. Irishgray,

    You’re surely familiar with the saying: “you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas”?

    The gentleman, IMO, doth protest too much. F the Mancs (blue or red).

  187. Given our injuries and the fixture, tonight’s preferred team:

    Sagna, PM4, Djourou, Gibbs
    Song, Ramsey
    Ox,Rosicky, Arshavin

    I’d go for the experience and solidity that this line up allows with the introduction of the Ox to add the goal scoring and speed threat that we will miss with Theo’s absence. Johan was immense for us at key points last season and I don’t believe (confidence apart) he has become a bad player over night: although I appreciate the need of some fans to have new hate figures following the summer clear-out!

    Fabianski, Coquelin, Frimps, Ryo, Jenkinson, Santos, Benayoun, Chamakh and Park will provide suitable cover from the bench.

    Not too shabby a set of options in my view, although I accept that the starting line up with any variation from the above 20 should be able to do the job: IF we play our own game, foicus and work for each other.

    I’m resisting making a prediction because a couple of these have gone horribly wrong in recent times.


  188. Me and my 12 man teams, Rosicky would join the bench and remain among my 20!

  189. Or maybe Ramsey would joing the bench and his role would be filled by Tomas.

  190. I was wondering whether Santos plays inside left CB? I guess not.

    Now, if it were me, I would quite possibly be signing Tevez on loan in January. Fortunately, for everyone, it is not me. I’ve always liked Tevez, the player, from his hammers days. Not sure what issues he brings to the dressing room and training ground though. I naively find it a good sign that he left ManU, refuses to take the field for City, a player with attitude, and makes me like him that bit more.

  191. Djourou would not be in my squad. We just lose every match he plays in. I would not even let him drive the bus with his stopping ability. Even making the sandwiches they would all go down with food poisoning. That is just his luck. He does not mark, he goes down to quick, he misses headers and clearances and his reading of the game is inept.

    Mascot? You can put him in front and tell the footballers that he will be playing if they pull their socks up. A bit expensive for 40,000 GBP a week.

  192. ‘Dont pull their socks’ (erratum)

  193. Rosicky will play tonight; some of his best games are CL. Benayoun will take Theo’s place. Song will skulk around the back swopping French and German swear words with Per, with Chewie translating into Polish, and Gibbs into London english. Frimpong will shift up a gear into midfield. That’s my take. If not Frim, then Ramsey, although I would rest him. Ox will come in off the bench, probably for Arshavin in the 73rd minute, and Benayoun will mosey over to the left. Chamakh will do his 11 minute stint, and probably score. Santos will replace Gibbs for the last 5 minutes and slightly injure several Greeks by running splat into them.

  194. Of course, they founded Rome you know.

    The Trojans that is.

    Well, according to legend.

  195. Zim,

    The problem with Tevez is nobody can afford him. It is the career ending effect of Joining the Oil-rich-pimpville that is Shiite-y. They could now sack him if he has broken his contract with them, Mancini (the turd polisher) has said he won’t play again under him. That is a lot of dough going out the window even for our oilly cousins up to Christmas. So that would be their best way unless they sack Mancini.

    He could be a free agent soon then although there are two problems with that, London is no closer to Buenos Aires,except for connections, although the family thing might be just an excuse to get out of Manc, which is cold wet and the city that invented the expression, ‘you can’t polish a turd’ – they should know, evidence of trying is everywhere, including their old ground Main Road. Actually at least they could afford guns in Moss Side.

    It will take him some time to realize that he is not actually worth the millions they pay him – it is actually the price for playing in Manchester without a red shirt – and even as a free agent I fear Christmas will have come and gone, before he realizes that only Shiite-y or Stalingrad
    -ARHHG will pay that kind of cash.

    That is if the all relevant clever EUFA or FIFA ban, for refusing to play, has not come into it as well.

    Lets remember, he fucked over Villa(?) to go to United, he joins their big rivals in a big splash. If he comes to Arsenal on a year loan, expect him to sign a long term contract with his mate SpuddyBayor the following season.

  196. LaSagna MeatSack SingSong Gibbsy

    The Frimp

    Rosicky Ramsey Arshavin


    Heir Capitan +++++
    ++++ +++++
    ++++ + +++++++
    ++++ ++++++++

  197. Ok let me try that again – where there is a git there is a way.

    La Sagna….Meat Sack……Sing Song…..Gibsy
    …………………..The Frimp………………………….
    ………………..Heir Capitan…………………..

  198. SA Gooner – it’s ok we all get it, you don’t rate Johan. Be nice if you gave it a rest now as endlessly slagging one of our own on an Arsenal supporters blog won’t win you any friends.

  199. Stew,

    I know it won’t, you are right and I promised when others started to complain I would stop. I did not like people being down on Eboue, or now Chamakh, but I just shit myself every time he is mentioned and when he plays i know we are lost and you don’t want to see that mess. If I go and complain on Le Grove it is just more of the same, and I am puker. Who can I talk to about my phobia? Ok, I’ll go see a shrink….but what if he is a gooner and hates him too? I am sunk.

    You gotta love the graphics though.

  200. steww | September 28, 2011 at 9:42 am

    So let me understand this. It’s ok to slag off Arsenal fans who post their dislike for players they think are shit e.g. Djouru, Squillachi, Rosicky, and others that take up space spending much of their time out injured.

    But, it’s not ok to air your honest views because they are diff from others?

  201. Goonerton – No it’s not. Look mate I don’t make the rules but that’s what the rules say. Simples 🙂

  202. it’s about time you Wenger & board lovers woke up

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