RvP & Arsenal – Can The Club Change To Keep Stars?

Arsenal’s win over Bolton has denied an opportunity for criticism in the media of the team’s performance, the clean sheet did not fit into the equation either. Neither the win or stifling Bolton’s forward line means that the problems which beset the squad in other matches have disappeared from anywhere other than the back pages. Instead another route of ‘bad news sells’ had to be found.

Paul Hayward in yesterday’s Observer tried, promoting the notion that Arsenal is a series of splinter groups, cells and isolationists, as Robin van Persie fell into disagreement with various Bolton players over a ball not being kicked into touch whilst one of their number was injured.

Quite aside from the fact that there is no obligation under the rules or any Gentlemen’s Agreement for Arsenal to have done so, Hayward has picked an interesting aspect in which to find fault. We remember the halcyon days of Adams, Winterburn and co surrounding United players from the 1991 title triumph, a fracas with Norwich, Ruud van Nistelrooy receiving the full gory of Martin Keown’s contorted face inches from his eyeballs. We remember the media chastising everyone at Arsenal, telling us how much of a disgrace the players were; Oh the shame, the shame, such a venerated club, such shabby individuals.

And now they are disunited, disinterested and disintegrating. It was a classic exercise in taking pot shots with mud pies, hoping some of the residue will stick. So tell us Paul, where is the evidence of Arteta “already betraying frustration“, your inference being he regrets joining?

But it dovetailed neatly into the key feature of the weekend, the reluctance of Robin van Persie to sit down with the club and talk. Not many would argue with the Dutchman, the start to season, the changes to the squad, all factors that he needs to consider. As a player who is rightly hailed as one of the best in the world, why should van Persie not want to wait to see that the club match his ambitions. It strikes me that he is more aware of his own role in that, more team-orientated than Nasri who simply lacked the character to lift the team.

Of course it leaves a wide scope for mischief making in the media. Matt Law in The Express informs us that van Persie has sold his £1.395m mansion in Hertfordshire, something that  “Gunners’ fans will hardly be cheered to hear“. Presumably Matt he is living somewhere though? The only thing I would be distressed to hear is if he had moved his family into a pied de terre constructed entirely of corrugated cardboard.

I quite understand the conflicting viewpoints on the contract talks. Or lack of them. We presume that the delay is to enable him to assess the revised collective, to see how the squad gels. I also appreciate the view that cites Arsenal’s continued support for a player who has been regularly injured, out for some substantial spells in the past, arguably a significant contributing factor to missing out on silverware.

In the current climate, more is being made of the situation than is necessarily there. Reservations of Darren Dein’s involvement are not misplaced since he has managed moves away for all of his clients who were Arsenal players. His influence of course, has to be fuelled by the players themselves so to blame him entirely is wrong. But that does not absolve him either.

The question of money is going to rear its head at some point. Arsenal’s pay structure is quite egalitarian. That may need to end with this negotiation. Whilst the unity of the squad is maintained with equality of pay, knowing that senior players can earn significantly more elsewhere and will leave to seek those deals, is potentially more damaging. Indeed there is a lot of merit in having a wider gap since it gives those motivated by their pay packets, the incentive to perform exceptionally and consistently in order to feed their finances.

What Arsenal’s position in this will be if talks have not begun by the Spring of next year is interesting to consider. Having seen the damage that belated departures caused, can the club afford to wait on the Dutchman? Indeed, does the captaincy presume the responsibility to declare his intentions as part of his leadership?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. and third..2 podium places..childish i know 🙂

  2. Maybe we should start now with 3 years left..however that was difficult in the case of RVP and theo because of the frequencies of injuries..but ideally players like RVP, theo and Rosicky should be more inclined to sign on as the club stood by them through their various injuries..

  3. When is his contract up?

  4. Ah, 2013. Not worried at this time then.

  5. 2013..consols

  6. The club needs to show ‘ambition’ in January or the start of June, otherwise it will be very difficult to keep hold of players.
    There is money and we need to buy some quality players in January itself to show some intent, more for the current players, rather than fans.

  7. His contract ends 2013 consol. So at the end of this season, he’ll have one year left. Much like the Nasri/Flamini situation.

    This is a really big stick the media has got to beat us with this time.

  8. My fear now is that the more the media harps on this issue, the less likely Arsene is to do anything about it!

  9. It is funny how Matt Law went overboard about RvP selling his house, but failed to mention that he bought an even more expensive property in Hampstead

  10. You are nothing if not predictable YW this is a re-run of the Nasri saga.RVP will leave next summer.Why will he stay at a club with an ambition of finishing 4th and a club that will pay him half the money he would get at another.

  11. Bob Nasri’s contract was up in 2012 now remind me who he plays for?

  12. I didn’t care about Nasri. he was a mercenary who couldn’t deliver consistently on the pitch when it mattered. It was good business to be rid of him.

    RVP is different. He is important. You do not know that this is ‘a re-run of the Nasri saga’. You are making that up because it suits your pessimistic cause.

    If he doesn’t sign by the summer of 2012, I would sell him. If he signs I will be delighted.

  13. I’m picking at a corpse here, but I cannot help but wonder if it’s not a little bit mischievious to equate the Flamini situation with Nasri. Although the results were the same, I thought the circumstances were quite different.

    Feel free to ignore me, as I fear I maybe actually be trolling.

    The game this impending weekend: I’ve had to endure a lot of rubbish from a spud who made the bold prediction that we’re gonna get tonked 4 or 5-1. This spud made a most grievous sin, one which his whole team, nay, his entire club and lineage must be punished for.

  14. What a pile of shite. RvP’s contract is an absolute non-story. Completely fabricated. Why the fuck would a player sit down and negotiate a new contract after scoring two important goals and is about to lead the team out for a vital ECL game. I would imagine he has more important things to think about at this point in his life. Utter, utter bollocks.

    By the way £1.395m might get you a mansion in Lancashire but it certainly will not get you one in Hertfordshire.

    As for Darren Dein and his culpability. I thought we all agreed that TH14 left a season too late? Not exactly the actions of an agent turning a players head.

    Robin Van Persie ….clickclickclick…Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick

  15. Couldn’t agree more on revamping the wage structure. Its too flat. Our youngsters and reserve team players get paid fortunes – not only does this limit what we can pay our truley brilliant footballers, it also becomes a hinderance when we try sell the players.

    It will be RVP’s last major contract. No-one can blame him if he takes a look clubs that are better positioned to win silverware.

    Dont think he would play anywhere else in the EPL – too much love for the fecking boys.

  16. Frank

    AW brought up the issue last week so its hardly a media contrived issue. One that the club has significantly contributed to I would say.

    As for a mansion, define a mansion. To a poor, down at heel hack, a Waitrose cardboard box is luxury so allow Mr Law some expanse in his expression.

    As for Darren Dein, well, one could point to his activities this summer as well…


  17. Loving the result at the weekend. 100 from Robin and a sweet goal from Song.

    Tricky situation with Van Persie in years to come. On the one hand when you consider how much we’d have to spend to replace him (assuming we don’t have an internal option), then paying him upwards of 175,000 a year seems like good business. Van Persie costing us 10 million a year is well worth it if he is fit and firing… On the other hand, breaking our strict salary structures would open a whole can of worms, maybe even cause more problems than it would solve. Tricky indeed as any major increase to the salary cap would likely result in us having to break up a hopefully successful team within a few years. It just wouldn’t be sustainable.

  18. Dave

    How am I predictable?


  19. “But it dovetailed neatly into the key feature of the weekend, the reluctance of Robin van Persie to sit down with the club and talk.” Can you imagine, there is a crisis for a player with two years left on his contract?

    YW – you are too polite. The “whore-nalists” have turned RVP’s achievement of a century in goals, not into a significant landmark for the player and the club but into another angle to contrive stories of a club in crisis. Take a surf of Newsnow for example and both the tabloids and the so-called respectable media have the same theme. We have what is virtually a propaganda campaign of the same order as those against pre-Saddam’s Iraq and pre-Ghadaffi’s Libya. The similarities are eerie. As Arsene Wenger told one of the hacks at his last press conference “I know you want to get me out.” (See Untold Arsenal for the transcript.) In the eyes of the journos AW is their Saddam or Ghadaffi.

    It is interesting that this is linked with cries for the club to rip up up its salary structure and essentially bury the self-sustaining approach. Even the best of bloggers have fallen easily into the trap. (7am Kickoff I am looking at you.) Where is the outrage that Man City is at the vanguard of paying unsustainable salaries that will eventually bankrupt the League? Is the current strike and lockout in the NBA over salary caps and player wages mean nothing to football lovers?

    Of course the feckless fans and rabid opportunists are buying into the b.s. Already on this blog, our own clown prince, Duke, is baying for Usmanov to be allowed on th board. Afterall a billionaire, with a tarnished reputation to say the least, will bail us out.

    “Oh justice thus hast fled to brutish beasts.”

  20. Gadget you troll,
    I’m sure the circumstances will always be different for any two cases of this kind. In the current context though, I think the similarities (not equality, mind) are pretty clear due to this ‘last year of contract’ thingy.

  21. I see Traore has made an instant impression on his new manager. Some pretty harsh words from Warnock.

  22. Don’t make excuses, YW. You are peddling crap. Recycling media rubbish. Anything to pile the pressure onto Arsenal at the moment and you are just joining in.

  23. Henrisitic you need to realise that Wenger will do all he can to keep his best players.Wenger loves a great player. Why would he want them sold? Except it is not his money is it? People need to remember that simple fact. Wenger gets a paycheck too. ITS NOT HIS MONEY!

    I think the club will either have to say ‘if you cant beat them join them’. Or decide they will make do with what the club earns. We will see.

    I think its pretty hard when you actually worked for your billions to throw it away on a football club. I guess thats where the whole Uzmanov thing comes in. You can tell who worked for their money by the way they spend it.

  24. I normally associate your blog with rationality and objectivity but on this one I have to lump you together with the cheerleaders of the doom gloom brigade. This is because the quotes from what RVP said do not suggest at all that he is not stalling on signing a new contract, no.

    The quotes are clearly in response to direct questions asked by the media and have to be analyzed in that light. Its not like arsenal offered RVP a new contract and said “here you are go through this document and sign here if you are happy with the contents” to which he responded “no, not now, I need to wait a little bit before I can commit my future to the club” Rather it is the media asking him questions relating to his contract extension. In the context of dealing with questions from the media I think his responses were spot on for the following reasons:
    1. RVP highlights that he still has 2 years to go on his current contract so there is no need to panic. His case is different from Clichy and Nasri.
    2. RVP is happy with the current terms of his employment so the club is not under any pressure to offer him an improved contract to kill interest from vultures like man city.
    3. RVP’s interest are subordinate to those of the club, so even if there were any issues relating to the contract, this is not the right time to focus on them.

    I will reproduce at the end the quotes that suggest that RVP’s comments should be summarized in the three points highlighted above not what the media want us to believe.

    That what RVP is as summarized in the three points above is supported by the fact that at the expiry of his contract he will be 30 years old and past his peak. He will find it difficult to get conditions he would get today if he was to walk away from arsenal. His best bet would therefore be to hand in a transfer request rather than wait for contract to expire. Very few will see RVP doing that.

    In a nutshell what RVP said does not suggest he wants out of arsenal.


    “”I still have almost two years left here, so for the moment that’s fine. But I don’t know, we will have to look,” said the Dutch striker.

    “I’m happy with my contract, I’m good. That’s how it is, I can’t say much more. I can’t look into the future.”

    Asked if he might discuss a new deal soon, Van Persie added: “Maybe I’ll leave it because the main thing for me is the team and that we play well.

    “I do believe you have to look for a right moment to sit down and speak about your own stuff.

    “It’s not only about me, it’s about the team. We are not talking now because we are so busy – we have games every three or four days. I don’t think it’s clever to do that during the season.”

  25. Henristic | September 26, 2011 at 10:36 am
    My fear now is that the more the media harps on this issue, the less likely Arsene is to do anything about it!

    OK.lets roll out the “stubborn Wenger” crap.Seems that the constant repeating of that has worked on even those with a brain.

    My take on why Wenger put it out there is that he is in favour of increasing the top end earners.And was with Nasri.I think he tried to keep him and thought the board would sanction it.And that led to the difficulties at the end of the window.For a while now he keeps reminding people that improved contracts come from the transfer kitty.This ,I believe is the one area he and the board are not on the same page with.
    But I am just guessing.And I am crap at guessing antthing. 😦

  26. Why would breaking our wage structure open a can of worms, Markus? Only the best players should be paid top dollar, commensurate with their sensible value elsewhere. The not-so-great players should be on much less, also in keeping with their market value. That’s pretty much how it works in sports, right?

  27. George,
    You don’t think Wenger is stubborn at all?

  28. tbh i dont understand where he would go? the top teams in Uk are filled in his position. No way would he get a starting spot over Rooney or hernandez and with the emergence of Wellbeck and with Berbatov and Kiko and Diouf in the backhand where doeshe fit into united`? same with chelsea and City, they got tevez, dzeko, aguero, balotelli etc. where does he fit in? he wont take nasri or silvas spots neither.
    they are filled up. only club i can see that is interested is Liverpool to replace Carroll. but why would they use 30M on RvP and give him a 100k a week contact?

    the only way RvP can be guaranteed trophies and playtime is outside UK. With Nasri it was different, both united clubs pluss chelsea were desperate for a technically gifted “playmaker”.
    Unless City or United want to play him in midfield there is simply no guarantee what so ever that a transfare will give him a key posistion guaranteed play time role. They can maybe give him a trophy. But a trophy from the bench and a fat paycheck insted of captaincy and talisman at Arsenal?
    well that are his options basically.

  29. He might be stubborn but he is not stubborn stupid the way you tried to make out Henristic. Many people are stubborn and so are you (from you posts) doesnt make you a bleeding idiot, does it?

  30. Goonerwife,

    Of course Wenger will do his best. But his best is constrained not just by the players wishes, but by his own principles and the club’s finances as well.

  31. Henristic ,No not in the least.He is determined and single minded,quite different things to me.

  32. I didn’t try to make out he was stupid George, unless you think it’s stupid to let RvP go, even if it’ll cost ‘too much’ to keep him?

  33. “doesnt make you a bleeding idiot, does it?”

    No that is a whole lot of different things.
    Just kidding H. 🙂

  34. RvP is a better player than Wayne Rooney and Hernandes, Poodle.

    But he won’t go anywhere for quite a while because Arsenal is his home.

  35. Henristis it was not me who suggested that,it was goonerwife.

  36. His principles are first that he wants to keep his best players. its disingenous to like he is not football man first. He did not want Cesc or Nasri going anywhere. He tried so hard to keep them. Im damn sure he wont want VP to go anywhere. but like I said, its not his money is it?

    This is just another way for people to start acting like he doesnt want to win he only want to make the club money.

  37. Frank.Rvp could also easily play the deeper play-maker role .just as Dennis did as he lost some pace.
    I thought Dennis was more of a midfielder after about 2000.

  38. “This is just another way for people to start acting like he doesnt want to win he only want to make the club money.”

    And it is working,the sheep are being led in that direction.The Mantra’s are having the desired Anti Wenger effect.

  39. George 100% agree.What RVP or Wenger wants is exactly what the fans wants keeping the best players and win trophies. If the board decide they would rather sell RVP and make money than do their best to keep him then we will know for certain their ambition and Wenger might not be able to put up with them not supporting him. The selling of Nasri wasn’t down to Wenger, he said he would rather let him go for nothing than sell him and I bvelieve he meant what he said but the board had different ideas,. If the same situation occur with RVP I don’t know how Wenger will react. Lets hope we can win something this year,if we win the C.league. I believe we can, then Arsenal will turn it around big time.

  40. Frank,
    I’d say RVP is at best on par with Rooney, but definitely better, much better than Hernandez. He is better looking than the both of them though.

  41. Naaah. Better player all round than Rooney, Henristic. I will also wager that RvP will go on to be one of the most successful managers of his generation. Be nice if it was at Arsenal.

    Btw, I thought he was superb in that ruck with five hypocritical Bolton players. Real bottle and he kept his cool.

    Robin van Persie…clickclickclick…Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick

  42. tinalex

    His case is different from Clichy and Nasri

    How so? Clichy left because he needed a new challenge, wanting to win trophies, something he felt he could not achieve at Arsenal. Nasri left for the same reason. Apparently. There is only one reason they pitched up at City – money, it’s the only reason anyone does in the first instance. If they win the title, they might change. Until then…

    This is because the quotes from what RVP said do not suggest at all that he is not stalling on signing a new contract, no.

    You are right, he is not stalling. He won’t negotiate at all.

    the club is not under any pressure to offer him an improved contract to kill interest from vultures like man city.

    Is there nothing to worry about? Not at the moment. Next summer? Yes, because he will be one year from walking away on a free transfer. So there is pressure.

    He will find it difficult to get conditions he would get today if he was to walk away from arsenal. His best bet would therefore be to hand in a transfer request rather than wait for contract to expire.

    Not so. If he hands in a transfer request, he loses all entitlement to bonuses and signing on fees which are typically paid over the course of a contract. If the club sell him, they have to pay those bonuses and fees.

    If he lets his contract run down, he has leverage with new clubs to get enhanced signing on fees in the same manner that Sol Campbell did, compensating for wages that might not be as lavish as those for younger players.

    At the age 30, RvP will still be in his prime, simply having less of his prime to enjoy.


  43. Apologies George.
    Goonerwife, see my 11.22 post.
    Just to expand on my point, Wenger might be able to keep RvP but the cost might be much higher than than he is prepared to pay.
    Say if RvP demands 200K/week for instance, and say to pay him that much, we would have to change our whole wage structure. Me thinks that is in Wenger’s power to do, but would he do it because of one player?

  44. Shame on you, YW. Real shame on you. Thought you were better than that. Thought you were better than the ‘make it controversial just to get the hits’ brigade. Sad day for this blog. Very sad.

  45. Of course, we have always ‘broken’ wage structures. Our players today are earning a bit more than, say, John Radford or even Denis Bergkamp, received in their pay packets.

  46. Frank

    So the club is beyond reproach, nothing is wrong at all and heaven forbid anyone should dare to question. Particularly not a certain football agent. So why are you such a staunch defender of the Dein’s?


  47. Henristic, I thought Rooney was the most handsome fellow in North England. I think it’s called a brutish look!

  48. Frank,
    I see it the other way round. One of Rooney’s strength is his all-round play. I think RvP is the better striker, but leaving aside his general unpleasantness for a second, Rooney looks to me the sort of player that could do very well in any midfield position, or even as fullback.

    RvP has way more finesse though, and better finishing, and were it not for injuries would have scored more goals than the Manc.

  49. It’s a good day for the spineless haters and doom/gloom brigade when they see YW and Frank going at each other. Come on guys we need you both; sort this out in private for goodness sakes.

  50. Henristic – I don’t know how any of us can qualify to comment on Rooney’s strengths or otherwise. When do you watch him play? I never watch any manure player. I even record our matches with them so I can watch only when we have possession and ff through the rest.
    I hate them so I never watch them. Isn’t everyone here the same?

  51. Hneristic, you’ve fed my troll rat poison you swine!

    Just the other day, my little brother called AW stubborn, and, I’m ashamed to say, it was the first time my brain got to ticking over upon the matter. Stubborn has certain negative connotations such as ignoring blatantly good advice. Of course good advice is an entirely subjective, especially in football when the quality of any such advice is reveal often in hindsight. So what makes Wenger so stubborn? Who is giving him this good quality advie which he so wilfully ignores? More to the point who is there who Wenger should actually listen to over and above his own instinct and reason?

    My friends, I put to you that there is no one worthy counsel who is not in direct opposition for AW to heed. I also put to you that stubborn is entirely the wrong word to describe AW.

    Steadfast is a much better choice.

  52. Consol,
    Having to pay RvP top dollar might mean a total re-structuring, which is more than just exceeding the current wage ceiling which as you’ve pointed ou, we must have done a number of times.
    To balance the budget in this case, we might have to review downwards the wages of the fringe and youth players, in order to a achieve the same sort of wage differential that supposedly exists at other clubs..

  53. Would we swap RVP for Ronney?
    Would United swap?
    Most likely no and no.
    Stupid debate if you ask me.Oh you have asked,ok
    I think RVP is considerably better than the other horrible example of humanity at its very worst.

  54. RvP also has a far more successful international career, Henristic.

  55. I reckon if it came down to it, RVP would have got his River Tam on and dispatched with the Bolton 5 in one felled swoop

  56. Extraordinary that RvP not thinking that this is a convenient time to discuss his contract can turn into a discussion about restructuring the club in order to meet his ‘demands’.

  57. steww,
    Ha! My dislike for Manure isn’t quite as debilitating. But I find I’m hardly ever able to watch them play for 90mins, except when they look to be dropping points, or when I’m watching with manc supporting friends. Unfortunately, hereabouts where I live, you can’t avoid manc supporters or you won’t have any friends or family left.

  58. Frank | September 26, 2011 at 12:01 pm
    “RvP also has a far more successful international career, Henristic.”

    I suppose that tips the scale then. RvP is indeed better. All-round play is over-rated.

  59. people are losing perspective here, so if he demands (god forbid) 250k just because he is one of our important players we should pay him that amount because we dont want to lose him? Ofcourse if we were to follow this route then the likes of Song and sagna (our most important players, if results when they are not playing are to go by) will ask for the same and so will Vermaelen, Theo, Zscesny and other emerging big names.

    We can only live within our means since we dont have a sugar daddy to write off these sums at a whim, I am sure Wenger and the board understand when the time comes for these negotiations Van P will will get a rise but not to the detriment of the club because we dont want to lose him to whomever.

    Personally I think right now it is more important concentrating into getting ourselves out of the rut we are in than discussing contracts, besides it is not like his contract expires tomorrow.

  60. I am not really a supporter of Darren Dein, YW. Just don’t see what he has done wrong. Seems you use him to create more negativity around David Dein.

    As for David Dein. I think he was great for the club and have a different take on circumstances leading to him leaving, and subsequent events.

    Should he return? I think it would be a good thing. Will he return? Don’t know but I don’t mind if he does and I think we will survive if he doesn’t.

    His association with Usmanov? Don’t care.

    My thoughts on the ownership of the club? I did think that I would rather the fans owned it but the behaviour of AST, AISA or RedAction, and reading around the blogs etc has caused me to re-evaluate. I think that would be a disaster.

    My thoughts on Usmanov? Neither like him nor dislike him. All billionaires are likely to be utterly selfish arseholes, I doubt that he is an exception. I think that he is too fat though. (btw I think that Craig Murray’s credentials are dubious).

    My thoughts on Stan Kroenke? Neither like him nor dislike him. All billionaires are likely to be utterly selfsh areholes. I doubt that he is an exception. I dislike his moustache and toupee though.

    My thoughts on the current board? Bit of a throwback. Don’t think they can handle the standoff between two selfish arseholes. I think that David Dein probably can.

  61. I agree with Firstlady

  62. RVP & Rooney are like chalk & , well …sh&t – in every possible way.

    I`ll only ever watch Man Ure if I think there`s a chance they`ll get turned over but if they score first the telly goes off. There`s no worse sight in football than a smiling Fergie.

    The RVP contract `story` would hardly get a mention if we`d started the season better.

  63. Before this week it was “Arsenal getting relegated (I am abit exaggerating here but you get the point)” Now it is “Van Persie wont sign a new contract blur..blur..blur.”. I am sure if Van P was to put pen to paper tomorrow, we’d still get a NEW negative headline on Wednesday and on and on… These journos are coming up with ingenious ways of destabilizing us everyday. It is upon us fans not to fall into their traps but by the look of things I am not holding my breathe!!

  64. Gadget | September 26, 2011 at 11:56 am
    ” I also put to you that stubborn is entirely the wrong word to describe AW. Steadfast is a much better choice.”

    Well I agree. Stubborn was never my choice of word to begin with, if you care to go back and check. I sometimes wish he wouldn’t be quite as ‘steadfast’ though, especially on the wages issue (if it turns out that’s the sticking point on RvP’s contract).

    Can rat poison affect trolls? Surely trolls are more badass than that? The ones or warcraft certainly are.

  65. There is no ‘sticking point’ on RvPs contract

  66. I think RVP is all that is good about football and is an example to anyone.So it begs the question that if young Dein is such a prick why has our Robin hired him?
    Perhaps ,as none of us seem to actually know the man,he might not be as bad as he is currently being portrayed.

  67. Warcraft? What the fuck is that?

  68. RVP’s contract situation certainly warrant’s some dialogue, but timing is everything, and right now in the middle of a run of games doesn’t seem the most appropriate moment.

    The one thing that strikes me as being the most positive is that RVP clearly has a love and an appreciation for Arsenal, unlike Nasri, and doesn’t have a hankering to go ‘home’ like Cesc.

    RVP is much more of an ‘Arsenal man’ than both of those guys and doesn’t seem to be solely motivated by money like some.

    Granted, he may feel that there are greater opportunities to win things elsewhere, but unlike other’s, he visibly has the cojones to take on the challenge of staying at the club he loves and doing all he can to help us win things.

  69. I think there is more to come on the new contracts. It is in any professional athletes best interest to seek the maximum payday on what may be a short career.Marketing his skills should also be important.

    The focus should be on getting that all important top four spot and then que sera sera.

    The degree to which the banks may eventually determine the future of many top European clubs will eventually make its way into the minds of many players and maybe their agents. What is a big club will probably be determined by their ability to deliver on the promises in the contract. Arsenals future may be many things but not anything like Leeds.

    AW may be right we are in for interesting times.

    Does anyone know how the Greek clubs are faring?

  70. Steww – I check the score around 60 mins into their game, if they are trailing or sometimes even drawing, I watch with the hope that my support for their opponents will somehow miraculously help them beat united, but more often than not we get the old “penalty to manchester united” to save them..

  71. Firstlady | September 26, 2011 at 12:11 pm
    “Ofcourse if we were to follow this route then the likes of Song and sagna (our most important players, if results when they are not playing are to go by) will ask for the same and so will Vermaelen, Theo, Zscesny and other emerging big names.”

    Yeah, so we would have to cut salaries elsewhere to pay them ‘market rates’ (not mancity rates, as there is not much we can do if they want mancity rates).

    Note that, if we get all of those guys performing consistently like RVP does, we will probably win stuff and our guys will be that much less likely to want away.

  72. Errmm… Didn’t we just win 3-0 and RVP get his 100 goals? Is this not a day to savour? Why all the BS about RVP’s contract – maybe something to discuss next summer at best?

  73. Does anyone think Dein could return with IG still in his current role?

  74. I have to agree with tinalex and Frank. The headline that you’ve chosen to run with only adds weight to a non-existent controversy. By choosing to run with that headline, you leave yourself open to the accusation that your chasing “hits” by pandering to the doom machine. I sincerely hope that’s not the case. I’ve always enjoyed reading this blog, it’s been a haven for intelligent and calm analysis amidst the dross elsewhere

    RVP is quoted as saying:

    ‘I still have almost two years, so for the moment that’s fine. I’m happy with my contract. I can’t look into the future. I can’t see us talking now because we are so busy – we have games every three or four days.’

    Pray tell what’s wrong with that? it seems a fair (and utterly innocuous) statement. The Daily Heil came up with predictably hysterical headline, and here we are. Instead of ignoring it as the inaccurate bottom feeding hack bullshit it undoubtedly is, your helping to fan the flames.

  75. Let’s be realistic here. Most talented players will be ambitious at some point during their playing years, going to big clubs, I am sure one of the objectives is to win trophies if possible Or make use of the club to grow and learn more experience at some point of time, if staying for 5 to 8 years theres no trophy to be won, you think these players will want to stay??

    If a big club like Arsenal do not have such ambitions and what is the point of buying young talented ones and later on selling them when they do not want to renew contracts, not achieving anything except champions league spot.

    Walcott already said he wants to win trophies…example.

  76. Yeah, your blog is rubbish YW, sort it out!!!! 😉

  77. PG

    Dein isn’t a prick, just doing his job. However, as I pointed out in the post, his job and the best interests of Arsenal FC are not necessarily coinciding – there is that less negative?


  78. Anyone suggesting that Yogi is chasing hits .is ignoring everything that this site is and should be.
    Yogi does not need ,or even want most likely,the likes of me defending him ,but come on,I would wager anything that he has never chased hits in any way.
    Shame on anyone suggesting as much.

  79. Yogi, i never suggested it was you that was talking Dein down,or being negative .Why would I ?I known exactly what you have said .Because I take the time to read it.

  80. Rusty

    I’ll refer you to the answer I gave to tinalex to explain the ins and outs of why an ‘utterly innocuous’ statement has wider implications.

    And yes, the club should change. I’ve no grudge against the players earning their wages but some do seem to be overly rewarded, e.g fringe players, compared to their peers. That no doubt, plays a part in attracting them to the club and you need a strong squad. By the same token, when you have key players knowing they can earn significantly more elsewhere (and not just at City / Chelsea) something is out of kilter.


  81. The club is seriosly doin buzines instead thiking abt trophis. Lookin at d players we buy,it takes dem longer period b4 dey gel in2 d club. Hweva, look @ Mata,Young, Suarez etc. hw long did it take dem 2 gel in2 their new clubs? So its high time AW changes his philo. & get serios playas like Benzima, Cahill,Samba etc. GFL!

  82. Matt

    You could have ended that sentence before the word ‘with’. And the answer would still be no.

    I have nothing against Dein personally but is he the right man for the job? No, in my opinion. His time passed, the nuances of his departure are not as simplistic as him working behind the board’s back although in itself that was enough to get him removed as a director in many companies.

    However, there is some mythological status being attached to his connections in football. I might be wrong but he was absolutely trounced in recent FA Chairman elections. This part of the football politics is where Dein carries a lot of baggage. He was not universally popular with other club executives, knives quickly drawn when he was given the boot by Arsenal. Which incidentally, I believe reflected exceptionally poorly on the remaining directors. Behaviour which may yet come back to haunt them when KSE wield their axe.

    Dein was more savvy than Gazidis and co appear to be but he was as naive in the opening years of his tenure, as they are.

    And just because he was / is friends with AW doesn’t mean he will turn back time or make the manager more effective in the transfer market or anything that anyone wishes.


  83. PG

    The last bit wasn’t aimed at you.


  84. It is certainly true that other clubs’ chairpersons/people/humans fear David Dein. It has been the case since he lead the charge for a European super league. Which I for one would have supported. As for his recent failure to win the FA Chair, he was the favourite until an eleventh hour panic by North Western clubs lead to themnominating a rather embarassed David Bernstein who has behaved like a rabbit caught in the headlights ever since.

  85. Lets not get our knickers in a bunch 🙂

    Hands up who honestly thought after the win over Bolton that the hacks would not find a reason to cast further gloom over Arsenal? By the way my hand is up 🙂 The story of the club at the moment is all seige less accuracy, deal with it because it is not going to change unless we are top of the table. Actually given that situation (1st place) we’ll be beaten with the “they’ll choke mantle”. Look, lets not give in to the air of dread and death shrouding the Arsenal at the moment and just move on because the hack won’t be moved.

    The issue of contracts we have known for sometime is a difficult subject because Arsenal have a wage structure in place and at the end of the day unless they do “adjust” it then we are not going to compete with certain other clubs. It should be noted that we are talking about a very small few clubs and their structures are suicidal. No club has a divine right to win anything, not the oil rich or the debt ladened of this world it is their respective performances on the field that will. Arsenal have a model and they are attempting to compete/challenge using the resources available to them in a maket that is not fair or even and was never intended to be. Just like Arsenal could rule the roost over most of the clubs in the premiership with their financial might so do we get stomped by a few others. It happens, we live with it or if you are not up for the fight as a fan I guess you can jump ship just like Nasri or Flamini.

    If Arsenal were forced to sell RvP there is one major difference at this point, he is not kissing the arse of one particular club which at least lets Arsenal arrange the best financial deal… worse case obviously!

  86. Yw

    Six years have passed without us winning a trophy. And I know what some of you might think but these are worrying times for any particular gooner. so yeah we have exactly six years without winning a trophy and wenger is still using his same approach that will definately kick rvp out of the club. And as you said dein is’nt the one to be blamed. So I won’t be suprised if was all Arsene’s fault?

  87. Good lord!

  88. gooner2

    Eh? I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else.


  89. Frank

    The European Super League was not popular with other English clubs nor surprisingly with the Spanish or Italians. It was Arsenal and Bayern who predominantly favoured the set-up.

    The Champions League is half-arsed bastard offspring of that notion. Had Uefa got the balls, they would end the tournament, create a European League and have two knockout competitions to support it. And by knockout, I mean proper knockout with a mini-League in sight.


  90. Nah I was actually refering that to you. Cos I read some of the comments that you and others wrote. And that’s probably why it all sounds mixed up.

  91. Thanks YW.

    I appreciate all the concerns about RvP, but I am sure he’s going to sign a new contract without any qualms. He loves Arsenal and that’s plain to see, he fights for the team, he puts his body on the line and he has turned into a fine gentleman as a result of Wenger’s guidance and the responsibilities he’s been given. I can’t see him ending his career anywhere else. He knows what the club have done for him, and he knows what it means to be an Arsenal legend – something he will go down as once he retires at our club.

    I have been without internet at home recently and have been unable to watch the game this week. I saw MOTD2 with the goals, but no more than that. I was wondering how the new boys played and if anyone has anything to say about the performance in general? I’ve read many match reports, but it’s good to get people’s views from here, as more often than not, they are similar to my own. Thanks guys, much appreciated! 🙂

  92. I agree, YW

  93. Geo

    I am not sure where you live exactly. But wherever you live don’t they have cable Tv?

  94. Saturday 15.00 EPL games are not broadcast in England, gooner2.

  95. I live in good old Devon, which, to be fair, is fairly behind the times… But yes we do have that new-fangled cable TV here, even that fibre-optic interwebby thingy! The problem being, i have no channels at the mo apart from the most basic, not even all the freeview channels 😦 a temporary blip that will be sorted in next couple of days.

    So any thoughts on the match?

  96. and yeah, what Frank said…

  97. Geo, I’m in the same boat. Just saw highlights, although I’ve seen them 3 times now. According to the match stats our ‘shambolic’ defence limited Bolton to only 3 attempts on Saturday. I’m willing to bet that’s the lowest of any of the weekend games.

    Anyone know why 3:00pm kick-offs are not allowed to be broadcast? A mate of mine reckons it’s because if they were then nobody would go to the games. Seems a bit silly.

  98. We’re paying average players too much thus unable to pay higher for our class players. If you pay Rosicky 60k, Diaby 60k, Almunia 50k, Denilson 50k, Walcott 60k Bendtner 52k all average players and pay RvP 80k that is not fair.

    Diaby, Rosicky, Denilson, Bendtner and Almunia will not get that anywhere in the EPl. In fact none of the Top 4 in the EPL will even sign them, yet we pay so much for them.

    Every season we complain of not having enough to buy players but we continue to throw away money to non-performing players.

  99. and he’s moved house, 250 yards…

    from a regular house on a regular street…

    to the contrivance of life within a gated community…which doubtless provides him with some respite

    dear Arsene, i find that the unkindest cut of all….that you should have to do that.

  100. Come on people, get a grip! The press are hedging their bets against the ‘Arsenal are rubbish/doomed to relegation’ story-line running dry. They are returning to a perennial favourite, the “will he/won’t he” story-line that served them so well with Vieira, Henry, Flamini/Hleb, Cesc, Nasri, etc. It’s pure gold for a journalist: look at how much interest the RVP non-story has generated already! If RVP happens to re-sign quickly, they can just move on to Walcott, Vermaelen and Arshavin, as all are, I believe, in the second-to-last year of their contracts.

    I’m not advocating burying one’s head in the sand, but I am suggesting many of us will be happier if we ignore the doom-merchants. (Why not all? Some people seem to be happier if they have something to complain about!)

  101. Frank

    I know that for a fact.


    The first half was’nt that exciting at all. Other than when gervinho had a great chance to put us level. But going to the second half we found our rhythm abit. also we manage to create lost of chances. It was actually an exciting second half for both us and them. And when our chanes came we manage to score them. And I know you probably wanted a greater overview of the match but this is the best I can do at this point.

  102. “Personally I think right now it is more important concentrating into getting ourselves out of the rut we are in than discussing contracts, besides it is not like his contract expires tomorrow.”

    Comment of the day.

    I agree with RVP, now is not the time to be discussing contracts. There are games to be won. RVP is an artist, he is not motivated by money. If he leaves it will certainly not be for that reason. He loves the way Arsenal plays football and he has certain guarantees in terms of playing time and position that he would not necessarily get elsewhere. I think these factors will weigh heavily in favour of keeping him here provided we can get out of our early season funk and not go into free-fall.

  103. Interesting that Gervais nearly put us level in a game we won 3-0, gooner2.

  104. Frank

    I know we did win three goals to nil. But I was reflecting on that great chance which gervinho should had scored. Also I don’t want to say something that will tear us both apart.

  105. On my other comment I said lost of chances. I meant by saying lots of chances.

  106. Becoming an “all-time” kind of Arsenal legend is a factor in RvP’s longer term decisions and ambitions. It will be weighed up against all the other considerations, I am sure, at the right time … later. The story has no legs, yet. RvP is so right to say, um, I’m a a bit busy now ffs. It’s the right answer isn’t it? Which would have been my take, RvP gives the right answer, which is let’s sort this season out asap.

    Well Bolton seemed not to get much discussion, but I thought it was significant. What I noticed, from 7 minutes onwards admittedly was zero further chance for Bolton in the first half, while Arsenal played a cautious game; and virtually zero chance for Bolton on the second half, while Arsenal played a more expansive game.

    In fact, it looked for all the world like a normal Arsenal match, normal result, right down to Theo getting knackered with minutes to go.
    It certainly wasn’t a worse performance than previous EPL ones, and some applause is surely due. Song was a delight throughout. Arteta impressed also. Overall defensive work rate improved dramatically, especially Gervinho and Theo.

    I was looking at the table. We are 5 points off 4th place now, and 9 off first. We must get into 4th spot as quickly as possible, a month potentially to overhaul, and then see. I’m getting ahead of myself.

  107. I`m not sure if this is still current but I remember it from last season


    3.00 pm Saturday prem league games can be seen in quite a few local pubs now I believe.

  108. It’s not a final ruling Paulie but is apparently a rarity when the court does not follow this advice.

    The final decision is due on 4th October – I think – which is believed will speed up the introduction of a European Super League.


  109. RvP has a point when he says there are more important things right now. The real question is why the club didn’t seek to renew his contract this last summer. I vaguely recall someone with authority in the club saying its best to renew contracts before they have 2 years left to go. He really should have signed a new contract by now.

  110. Bringing the focus back to RvP

    He has the 12th best scoring ratio for Arsenal, a goal every 2.38 games (214.2 mins), better than Judas, Joe Hulme, Alan Smith, John Radford and Dennis Bergkamp. To put it into context, Wrighty scored every 140.2 minutes, Henry 146.9 minutes and Ted Drake 119.14 minutes.

    Purely in the league, van Persie scores every 211 mins, Henry 131 mins, Wright 155 minutes.


  111. Henristic

    I should imagine that Dein Jr was too busy on the Cesc saga to deal with RvP as well. And that’s before the advisory role he apparently had in the Nasri transfer.


  112. Too busy Yogi? Ha! If that’s really the case, then the man is a prick (apologies Frank). It is clearly an attempt to delay the negotiations until next summer, when he’d have the club by the balls.

  113. Ah Christ, just when you think we have some good news and a good result, up pops another bullshit story that for no reason at all dominates the discussion. Was looking forward to today’s post/replies but not now!! The man has 2 years left on his contract and as HE SAID HIMSELF now is not the time as he is too busy with a game every 3-4 days!! Whatever, enjoy this new drama as I am sure it will be beaten to death until some newer, even more farcical topic comes along.


  114. Don’t let it get to you Irishgray.

  115. Great goal scoring stats YW.

    If only Wrighty was as good a pundit as he was at sticking them away.

    Him , TH14 & RVP up front together would have been a tad difficult to defend against.

  116. The wage structure is perhaps the single most important issue facing the club and how it is handled has more effect on the clubs future success then any other single issue. How can we not talk about it? I realize there is nothing we can do about it but that is the same for everything we talk about.

    This is not just about RVP but he will certainly be the next test case. The wage structure as it stands is not working for the club. We can’t continue to pay the Bendtner’s, Denilison’s, Vela’s etc etc etc more then other clubs and pay the RVP’s far less. Its easy to criticize many of the things the club has done the last several years in retrospect but it was probably much harder to see the problems they have caused prospectively. Having a high starting point for wages and a low top end was more economical and made us very attractive to the young talent AW was trying to stockpile. Unfortunately many of the young players we stockpiled did not work out as well as we thought and the low top end of wages made it hard to keep the best ones. Perhaps not fair to criticize in retrospect but it is fair to criticize if we don’t make changes once we have seen the mistakes. Like many things the wage structure seems to have taken on a life of its own. Our club seems to be slow to learn lessons and our “steadfast” approach seems to be a detriment to success in some cases.

    I suspect RVP’s future will be determined by money as is typical for all players today. His earning potential ends 5 – 6 years and this is his last chance for a big contract. I know we can not pay his as much as some teams but hopefully he will be willing to stay if we are in the “ball park”. Unfortunately staying in the ball park will require the club to change the wage structure. Time will tell what happens.

  117. The way it looks, it is as if RVP has been offered a new contract which he is stalling on. When I saw this story on twitter this morning I ignored it, now it is gaining weight for Yogi to even discuss it. From the look of things, it isn’t going to die anytime soon and if it does we have several other players left with two years on their contract to fuel the media fantasy. Well I’m choosing to ignore it till an actual contract is on the table.

    Good stats there Yogi on RVP goal to minutes ratio. I think he should 25 more goals this season (hopefully, he stays injury free) which will move him to 9th in the all time top goalscorers for Arsenal.

  118. What I had wanted to say was, I don’t think Arsenal’s defensive woes are due to lack of confidence, or players. I just don’t believe it. The opposite is true, defensive frailties produce a fall in confidence that lowers the tempo and effectiveness of attack too. Arsenal’s defending, as a team work ethic, has been a bit slovenly (rather than lazy), the players know exactly what to do; and when our guys put in a decent shift of harrassing, it is hard to score against Arsenal, actually hard to even get into scoring positions. You noticed this against ManU last season also, for example, and against Barca at home, to cite two other examples. Of course Bolton set up to defend all day, but it failed as it was bound to, and when they did try and come at us, nothing much worked; a little early scare here and there, normal stuff. It reminds me of an old truth of football at every level; it’s fun going forward, the legs work fine, a bit of acceleration no problem; but defending is not so much fun. On the other hand Bolton looked crap.

  119. Orbinho on twitter

    “Mike Dean will referee the north London derby this weekend. Arsenal have won none of the last 8 games where he has officiated.”

    Oh dear.

  120. From Twitter a few mins ago: JackWilshere Jack Wilshere

    ‘Had my operation and all went well! I am feeling good will spend the night in hospital to monitor me but apart from that I am happy!’

  121. Is it true, Walcott out until Xmas.

  122. Thanks for trying gooner2, but i knew that much already! 🙂

    Was wondering more about Mert’s all round game, Arteta’s all round game (i.e. did he trail off towards the end?), Gervinho’s link up play, Santos (if he played?).

    I think the wage structure will be changed gradually over the coming years, to fit in with the more conventional methods. The times have changed, and it will surely need to happen if we want to stop our best players being poached. If they are still wanting to go for that extra £$, then fuck em. They’re too greedy for Arsenal.

  123. “steadfast”. Lovely word, pedantic george. Arsene the Steadfast.

    Agree with firstlady

    earflow, v good points as well.

    @ Geo
    We started nervously and Chesney pulled off a magnificent low save in the first couple of minutes. That was the turning point, if that doesn’t sound odd. Then almost immediately, we nearly scored. Apart from a breakaway when Chris Eagles got away temporarily in the second half, that was their only chance. We were looking a little cautious, they were pressing effectively, but still a few good chances for us went begging. Defensively we seemed to be learning from our mistakes – and we basically dominated midfield with Song as the apex of the midfield triangle interestingly. In the second half we started with a much higher tempo and the mf played higher up the pitch. We also pressed more energetically and got a goal within the first minute. They had had to sub Ngog in the first half (Kevin Davies) and then Wheater was sent off early in the second and it was just damage limitation for them. We never looked like we weren’t going to score, it was just a question of whether we would get caught on a breakaway. Arteta looked like he’s been playing for us since the womb. Very calm and intelligent player. Lovely incisive forward passes, kept the ball well too. Mertesacker totally dominated Davies, although not in the air, curiously, although I expect that will come. But because there was no Bolton support for him they could let Elbows get the ball in the air and then take the loose ball away from him. Gervinho looked dangerous every single time he got the ball – he seems to find it so easy to get past people and get behind the defensive line. Gibbs isn’t a newbie exactly but I thought he had a great game. Song was *outstanding*. Owen Coyle and his coaches all wore their silly shorts again. God knows what they are trying to prove – it can’t be that they have good legs, certainly. Perhaps they think they are in some superannuated boy band?
    Should have been 4-0. Walcott missed a great chance.

  124. Bit more on Mertesacker
    His positioning was excellent, his interceptions and tackling timely. Very assured. He even had a little skip upfield now and again to overload the midfield and made good attacking passes at the end of his forays. Real gem there.

  125. ZP

    This morning they hoped he’d be fit for Olimpiacos! Bit of a difference…


  126. Dups

    “Last 13 for Spurs with Mike Dean W6 D5 L2. Won none of last 4, not scored in last three.” The answer to the supplementary question.


  127. @ Geo
    Arteta seemed to be lasting the pace. Sitting deeper suits him. He was subbed off before the end but not for tiredness, I don’t think. I think Rosicky needed a bit of game time ahead of Olimpiakos.

  128. ZP

    I think it may be a mix up with Theo & Little Jack.

  129. @ Geo
    So are you saying you can’t get the match video on arsenal.com?

  130. Geo, if you are talking about Bolton, here’s ZimPaul’s match report special for Geo. Mert completely unfussed all day, not stetched much anyway. Arteta, excellent throughout, growing in stature, a fine passing game, plenty of potential assists, some really good stuff. 3Gs a mite subdued and less effusive and dropped back frequently on defensive duties, good to see, and from to time was seen right on the edge of our box, as needed. Seemed to be looking to move, pass, move throughout, and maybe a flea in his ear from last game. Two or three excellent moves down the left. Santos did not play, and Gibbs looked assured and unfussed. Ramsey worked all day. He can’t still be 20, surely. Song had a goody, his best of the season, capped of with a fine accurate goal, the type our Wenger justs loves to see, precise.

  131. YW

    I don’t know whether that makes me feel better or worse.

  132. FG – now that’s what i hoped for, but didn’t expect! Thank you very much 🙂 Great to hear Mert, Gerv and Arteta settling in more every game… I knew Arteta would fit in straight away, defenders naturally need more time (unless your name is Sagna/TV5 of course), and Gervinho just needs to get a bit more wengerbally, then he’ll devastate defences i’m sure…

    Great to hear it’s clicking a bit more and players are actually looking comfortable playing out there in front of the world. More of this please!

    Again, thanks for the update! Can’t wait to be able to watch videos again online, and of course be able to check in here when i’m out of work!

    Did you post on that ‘ladies’ site in the end FG? I saw t’other day that you were preparing an article, did it ever get out there? Cheers me dear

  133. FG – no internet at all… Apart from at work! Can’t sit here and watch Arsenal unfortunately, my boss sits right behind me!

    And thanks for the extras, FG and Zim, much appreciated! 🙂

    Makes you realise how much you ‘rely’ on the internet when you dont have it! Come on Virgin, sort it out…

  134. Thanks YW and others, yes, I meant lil Jack. Blaggghh.

  135. Cheap shot, YW. You think that little Mancs did not enquire about Samir Nasri until his agent put them onto him? Similarly Cesc indicated that it was AW who secured his release from the club. Surely if his agent was behind it all he would have been touted around several clubs, not just that Spanish club? Seems to me that there is no evidence that Darren Dein trying to destabilise players at the club, and possibly some evidence for the opposite. What is his percentage in any deal struck by the way?

  136. Chill the Thrill

    “So its high time AW changes his philo. & get serios playas like Benzima, Cahill,Samba etc.”

    you forgot to add Hazard, M’vila, and Scott Parker to that standard media generated list of players.

    Geo, Mert and Arterta did well. As the game wore on, Arsenal had Bolton pinned back so far. On numerous occasions Mertesacker carried the ball out of our own half and picked a pass up to the forwards. Him and Kos also dealt with the Bolton attack very tidily (3 chances for Bolton all game.)

    Arterta did his job. The midfield 3 was very fluent and often one attack would be led by Song, the next by Arteta and so on. It was also good to see the other midfielder recognize what was happening and sit back while allowing the other mids to push forward.

  137. RvP had a shocker. Only scored 2. The first “impossible” near post, but the second a striker’s bread and jam goal. RvP must improve, pronto. Only 100. Thank gawd OGs is not still our top scorer of the season.

  138. RVP’s contract is a very real issue. To hide and say he will sign because he loves the club is naive at best.

    30 next year, only a few years of top level of football left. You can guarentee he wants to win medals/silverware.

    How we let it get to this stage again is staggering. Have our front office learnt nothing? Or have they been trying to secure contracts but are unable to convince the players of our long term goals/ambitons?

    Once again, Arsenal will have a summer where our best players are subjected to contract related bids.

  139. Thanks William… Sounds like i missed a good game, with Arsenal beginning to look like an Arsenal team again.

    By the way, are you a Spud or a Gooner? you are the same William of old aren’t you? ‘and you know this’??

  140. Chewie had a terrible match. Did nothing all day except toss the ball to his backs, jump up and down, and celebrate goals, apart from a lithe one-handed instinctive spiderman save early on. Not good enough! Was completely out of the match and rarely seen!

  141. YW,
    Wot, no Cliff “boy” Bastin?

  142. FFS Zimpaul. I knew it. I just knew he was a lazy, good for nothing, overhyped reserve player at best. Get him out, Schwarzer in.

  143. Frank and YW, truce?
    Trust me, it’s not that important.

    Luke, you quite sure now that securing RvP’s contract extension, 2 years hence, has been right at the top of AW’s “to do” list over the last 3 months? As RvP quietly said to me, over coffee and cake at the Dutchmans Koffiehuis where we meet after matches … give it a break will you? Decided? Decided what? I haven’t even thought about it, Arsenal has been my life, even my family’s life, it’s not the kind of thing you think about like will I have the chocolate brownie or the lemon pie. But on the whole, the chocolate brownies are my choice.

  144. I noticed too that each in the midfield trio took turns to advance forward while the other two were always available for defensive duties. I am happy with the range of passing from each of them. I can remember each with a through pass from deep in the middle and just around the box. Arteta to Gerv, Song to Theo, Ramsey to Theo are all examples of their immense creative talents.

    My only reservation is that we seem to always give a chance to the opponents on the counter when we have cornerkicks. This is common in many of our matches. The Eagles’ chance, blackburn’s 4th, and on several occasions against Dortmund. I don’t think its a lack of pace, maybe positioning and tactical awareness. Just mu thoughts though.

  145. Chill the Thrill

    Geo i’m the Septic William. And yes, it was a cracking match. If you support Arsenal that is =)

  146. haha ZP, I was in the middle of writing a much more sensible reply to Luke’s post, but yours sums it up in a far superior fashion, cheers!

  147. “Arsenal Ladies secured a historic treble by lifting the Continental Cup after a 4-1 win over Birmingham City”, from the Arsenal website

    Ladies, you do us all very proud 🙂

  148. David Dein, rhymes with spleen, unless it’s pronounced Dein, in which case it rhymes with mine; either way, he’s a businessman, nothing more nothing less.

  149. Ah dodging the question i see Mr Turner… I’ve got a feeling you’re a bit of both, but can’t admit it, am i right? 😉

  150. I know what you`re saying Luke but what was the alternative with RVP ? Let him go this last summer when he had two years left on his contract ?

    Nobody really knows for certain what will happen (probably including RVP) so we`re better off enjoying what he`s doing on the pitch this season rather than worrying about what he isn`t doing off it.

    Players these days have their clubs by the town halls.

    Mike Dean ? Loves brandishing those cards in a dramatic way

  151. Arsenal have the 4th largest wage bill in the EPL, so whilst we are not in the realm of funny money Man City we are not 20th!

  152. It might be pronounced Dein, and rhymes with wayne, which would be unfortunate I know. Who, on god’s sweet earth names an innocent child wayne anyway?

  153. Olympiacos did very well in the BC4300 games. Are they bringing their javelins to emirates though, I just hope someone (FIFA?) has told them which sport.

  154. Anyone else read the winners & losers section of Football365.com?

    “Armand Traore
    Whoda thought it? A player still “a bit thick” and acting the “idiot” a month after being acquired from the braindeads. Old habits die hard”

    I’m already his no 1. detractor but how anyone lets this fool write for a living is utterky beyond me.

  155. Totally different than the Nasri situation, once a Goonah always a Goonah!!!

  156. I got those photos from ” I Believe In Arsenal” by Siany, great blog well worth a read:


  157. Contract extensions need to be firmed up and re-negotiated fully 4 years before a contract expires, and not less than 3 as the last panic-stricken resort. What idiot leaves it until just 2 years before the contract is up? Two years! Pitiful! Wake up, Wenger, man what do you actually do for a living? And if you do manage a club, pray tell which club would that be?

  158. Chill the Thrill

    ugg. here we go with ANOTHER summer of holding on to our best players.

    LOL Luke you are a funny man.

  159. Perhaps they could negotiate new contracts; before the old contracts ,then we would know in advance if the player was going to be loyal.Save us all the distress.

  160. Regardless of what happens there is an argument that Arsenal are over paying for some journeyman talent within their wage structure.

  161. Regardless of what happens there is an argument that Arsenal are NOT over paying for some journeyman talent within their wage structure.
    There is an argument to be had about anything.If you are argumentative.

  162. Bill “We can’t continue to pay the Bendtner’s, Denilison’s, Vela’s etc etc etc more then other clubs and pay the RVP’s far less.”

    Ummm, we aren’t. All on loan. So apparently some other clubs also think they are worth what we pay them.

  163. Anyone actually know what our highest (player) makes? I saw that Sporting Intelligence have Arsenal at 31st (Mar 2010) with regards to the most paid to players across all sport. The NY Yankees were 1st with Real Madrid and Barca 2nd & 3rd respectively. The highest EPL team was Chelsea at the time at 4th and then Man Utd at 14, that of course has changed with Man City now surely the highest.

    The average Arsenal wage was just over 50k (pounds) per week.

  164. A good result in mid week and even more important a good result against the spuds this weekend will see a lot of the pressure on the club ease up. Unfortunately, the media will be on our case in some way or another all season and the only way shut them up is with a top 4 finish, a CC and/or FA cup trophy and a decent run in the CL. Upgrading RVP’s contract to assure that he finishes his career with us would also be a huge positive PR move. I hope that IG has Darren Dein’s phone number on speed dial and they are exchanging phone calls and text messages. RVP does not even have to be involved in that stage.

    3 points and clean sheet, last weekend was a great start. I think last Saturday was the start a run up the table. A good result at WHL, a win or a well played draw will be the next step. Our success this year may depend on our home form. We should be able to take most of the points at home and get a few important points on the road. So far we have 7 of 9 at home so at least from that perspective it has not been that bad of a start. We can’t afford results like last years game with games with WBA and Newcastle at the Emirates. If we can maintain our home form we can certainly make the top 4 and with luck and another mid season melt down at Chelsea, perhaps the top 3.

  165. Chill the Thrill

    It is possible that our relatively high average wage directly corresponds to our relatively high league position. Every year.

  166. “It is possible that our relatively high average wage directly corresponds to our relatively high league position. Every year.”

    Wow,lateral thinking!

    Nah ,cant be that simple ,can it?

  167. 6 of 9 Bill .We lost to Liverpool

  168. Pedantic FunGunner

    Have we been invaded by a cohort of greengrocers recently? You only need an apostrophe before the s if you are using the possessive case or shortening the word “is”.
    And verbs never have an apostrophe.
    Robin’s on fire. (Robin is on fire)
    Robin’s shoes (shoes belonging or appertaining to Robin, probably contraction of original “Robin his shoes”)
    The Bendtners, Denilsons, Velas etc or cats and dogs or mind your Ps and Qs (use of plural, no apostrophe)
    He shoots, he scores. (verb, no apostrophe)

    OK? Please don’t make me hunt you down. Because I will, you know…

  169. Best to get the next contract signed up before the first one really. Or before you purchase a player, even better. Good policy to have three contracts in the pipleline at all times, no question.

  170. Pedantic FunGunner

    @ Miami Arsenal
    I believe One Of Us found some data the other day showing that Arshavin is our highest paid player. Whether that was before or after Cesc left, I don’t remember.

  171. Maybe no contracts at all. Just pay whoever turns up in cash.

  172. Does anyone actually know how much any of our players are paid? Any of them at all? Or is it all just hearsay?

  173. George @ 5:06

    My bad. Fingers going faster then my brain. Hopefully we can make the Emirates a “fortress” this season. Take it 1 game at a time obviously, and a couple of draws unavoidable, but I think we can realistically finish the rest of the season unbeaten at the Emirates.

  174. Chill, it would appear so.

    The question is more how are Arsenal going to continue to pay inflated wages or indeed are they? The 56 million profit we made for 2009/10 was on the back of the Highbury flats, in fact our last 6 month accounts released showed a 9.3 million profit before depreciation and player trading. The after tax result for the entire group was a 2.5 million loss.

    Arsenal ticket holders were asked to pay an additional 6.5% increase in prices this year with projected increases again next year. These increases are the only avenue to further pay wages without the renewal of commerical contracts for sponsorship.

  175. With the economy going tits up we should keep our players as champions. Food, shelter, protection for their families within the Arsenal fortress will be their reward. I think they would be very grateful for that. They will come from far and wide, I feel sure of that.

  176. Frank,I believe both Luke and Jabba have detailed figures which include Players basic wages and bonuses.

    I know for a fact Luke has personally seen Diaby’s pay slip.

  177. Frank, I was looking at the last set of accounts and I believe Arsenal wages are included under the ‘Football Operating Costs” which were 205 million as at 31 May 2011, but not all of it is wages of course.

  178. @ Miami Arsenal | September 26, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Exactly. We are already spending pretty much all of our turnover and of course wages go up every year with the contract renewals. A big part of the answer to paying higher wages, if we want to do that, has to be higher turnover.

    Regarding the the ticket price increases, I believe (not sure) that the 6% was to cover increases in VAT and utility bills, so that does not contribute to the bottom line. AW also said recently that the club is aware that they can’t get any more out of the ticket-buying support and other markets are being exploited, so we can only hope that is a big hint that there will not be price rises in the short term at least.

  179. The wage bill includes everyone from the tealady to Ivan, in order to make it harder for people to tell how much of it goes on playing staff.

  180. George! Now now… we have been over this.

    If people are to constantly cite City’s wages as the only reason players leave Arsenal, then they must accept that when the same sources release info regarding our players it is treated with the same validity.

    Regardless, are we all assuming in such a savage world of agents, journos, twitter and facebook that someone involved in the negotiations wouldnt have dropped a line of the pay offered to the national press? Not like that would influence the market, raise player expectations and ultimately improves ones 10% would it?

    Come on lads. Tools down, differences aside, we must assume that the figures released are fairly realistic? Or is the combined intelligence of this blog going to believe that there is an unwritten Omerta surrounding wages, and only the player, club and agent know the true figure?

  181. Bill – remind me again which summer we kept hold of our best players.


  182. @ Pedantic FunGunner | September 26, 2011 at 5:08 pm

    Thank’s! 😉

  183. “Best to get the next contract signed up before the first one really. Or before you purchase a player, even better. Good policy to have three contracts in the pipleline at all times, no question.”

    Quite funny!

    Surely after this summer we are not putting any worth in contracts, right Cesc?!
    Arsenal will not hold any player against their wills, so no use in fretting over that. If a player wants to sign they will, if they dont, they won’t.

  184. Arshavin is the highest earner at Arsenal, he is the only one in the team within the top 50 footballer salaries at 47th

  185. Like many older supporters I yearn for the old days when players were paid a pittance and Arsenal were in the arms business.

  186. Chill the Thrill

    “Bill – remind me again which summer we kept hold of our best players.


    The summer before this one. Maybe even the summer before that if you disregard Willy Gallas and Kolo and Ade.

  187. http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/wilshere-has-successful-surgery-on-ankle?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+arsenal-news+%28News+Feed%29

    Jack’s surgery went well.

    @ Miami Arsenal
    yes, interesting article, have seen it before, though.

    @ Billy’s Boot””s
    you are dead, matey! 🙂

  188. Contract extentions are more or less in the players hand. The player decides whether to extend or see out the contract in place. Any in other arrangement depends on accomodating each other eg the cesc situation where he extended with an understanding that the club will agree to let him leave. RVP may not extend or choose to see his contract but one suspects he has a lot more loyalty to the club given how Wenger has stood by him through the times he suffered through injuries.

  189. I have not read the comments so perhaps someone has made this point: Who sets the agenda of matters to be discussed around the Arsenal or more importantly where does this slant to player’s statements arise from? I read RvP exact words from one of the leading Arsenal blogs and I was qute disappointed in the inference from it that RvP wants ‘to see the standing of the team before comitting to the Arsenal’. That’s is so wrong.

    What the captain has said is that now is not the time for looking out for himself, now is the time to take care of the TEAM. Perhaps this sounds too boring of a narrative to go with.

  190. why do people think Bendtner have 52 on his back because “hes paied 52k a week”.
    are they stupid or something?

    bendtner choose 52 because 5 and 2 equals 7. Bendtner wanted the no 7 shirt, but it was taken. 52 is the closest he will ever get to 7.

    Players on bentner and Denilsons level in other clubs earn more. Darron Gibbson is on 55k a week. Thats the going rate.

    Its nothing wrong with paying the “middle tire” in our club between 40- 60k a week. The jump has to happen at the top end. But taking the middle tire down to rais the top end is not a solution n. Then we are stuck with kids and no middle tire before we get to the stars. the top, top players in Arsenal, say the top 5 players will have to earn more if we want them to stay yes. but dont come here and say we pay mediocre players to much. United Chelsea and City does exactly the same. And those are the ones we would like to compare ourselves with. Does anyone think that United and Chelseas squad players are on less than 50k a week?
    We are exactly the same as them except they pay the top top top players more. And that is where we have to catch up with them.

    Our wage structure as it is today must stay with a top up for the top players. You do not solve problems with setting down the salary for the squad players. we want to attract good solid squad players, thats the foundation for success. But yes the best will need to be offered more, or they will go where they can get more.

  191. Dein’s departure situation reminds me of the Jewish woman architect scene in ‘Schindler’s list’: she pointed out that the foundations were not laid properly and that the barracks would not last very long, so Amon Goeth ordered to shoot her and then do what she said…

    Dein flirted with Kroenke, PHW stated that he did not want ‘his sort’, the board got shot of Dein and then, lo and behold, they all started creeping up the toupeed one’s back passage…

  192. @lol slim you think “the leading arsenal blogs” know “exact” what RvP sais? they read the mail or something, or did Rvp call them and give them an “exclusive?”

  193. Chill the Thrill

    Right on Slim. RVP has his priorities straight. And it is too boring of a narrative to go with.

    “Arsenal prepare for Champions League tie against Olympiacos”


    “Arsenal star eyes a big money move.”

  194. just to remind you all, nobody actually cares if we win or loose games. Sopeopera Arsenal is more exciting. Who stays, who goes, did anybody kiss last nite? Does Dein and Gazidies have an intrigue and who does AW trust? Does anybody trust him? Is the captain about to stab him in the back? And what about the boy “with no footy brain”. WHo decided he was gonna get a new contract? hes so shit, he only scored 4 times ths year and had 4 assits, but mark my words, Bale is better, he after all scored once!

    ah the joy, the joy, Arsenal has turned into the eastenders of PL and the fans thrive upon it. Love to exchange gossip and drama.

  195. So how come these people know more than RVP wh contract talks are on hold? was it ever started in the first place so that it will be a case of it being put on hild? and harry gets the best out of players? really? Hmmn


  196. But the most important question in all this is. Will RvP last the entire season??

  197. spit that out, if he gets injured, we are royally screwed…

  198. if he gets inured he wont be bought and he will sing a new contract and the same people that are livid because Arsenal has not tied him down yet will be screaming because they give “such a injuryprone” player a new 100k a week contract….

  199. poodle,

    if there is a player you can call Mr Arsenal, it’s him and if you offer me a choice of RvP being fit for 60% of the time and Chamakh available for selection for the entire season, you know what I will choose, right?

    besides, it’s not possible to build a great team without continuity and without great players becoming legends, young players need people to look up to and breed the sunconscious sense of loyalty, seeing how the club is loyal to its players…

  200. I have said on my blog before that RVP is most likely going to leave Arsenal, especially if he stays injury free. I think his injury record has been good for Arsenal- he is still here… If he goes through this season fairly injury free, expect other clubs to come looking for him.

    He can’t be the only star not looking around the club and thinking that perhaps the club is not very ambitious… Hell, we let Fabregas go with 3 years on his contract. Unless we start hanging onto our key players, we’ll continue to lose key players and forever be rebuilding. It has to stop somewhere. Why can’t we go and bid for a first team player from Real Madrid or Barcelona for a change?

    Always selling key players and telling us that we are a big & ambitious club is quite honestly an insult to us as Arsenal fans.

    Be that as it may, we beat bolton fair and square. Lets go thump Tottenham. We really need to do something about our goal difference, it makes for painful reading!!

    Upwards crawls the Arsenal!!

  201. Chill the Thrill

    Nah Suga we aren’t screwed if RVP gets injured. Remember how well the little Russian did upfront all on his lonesome?

  202. Chill the Thrill

  203. Bill,

    yeah, I do, and it was not really something to crow about…

  204. Afrogunner said

    “I have said on my blog before that RVP is most likely going to leave Arsenal, especially if he stays injury free. I think his injury record has been good for Arsenal- he is still here… If he goes through this season fairly injury free, expect other clubs to come looking for him.”

    Serioulsy?! how on earth can it be good for a player to be injured as much as RVP has.

    I just dont believe that we need any more negative things being said about Arsenal.

  205. With an injury record like RVP’s in wonder how many of the big clubs would risk the huge investment he would represent – especially in light of the FFP regulations on the horizon. Furthermore given the club’s reluctance to give contracts to the over 30’s I’d imagine Arteta’s contract may have raised a few eyebrows within the squad. I wonder if Robin will time his negotiations until he’s the same age as Arteta (ie in a year’s time) and argue for a final whopper to see him into retirement.

    All speculation obviously…

  206. Chill the Thrill

    Suga that comment was in jest. Next time i will use the smileyface indicator.

  207. Somewhat Agnostic

    The only person who knows if RVP will stay now is himself. And probably he has not made up his mind yet?

    AW is on record as saying Robin did have a talk with him in the summer about the future and the way the club was heading.

    “It’s true that we had a meeting during the summer,” Wenger said. “If you’re in Robin’s place and you see Nasri going, Fabregas going, then you can be worried of course.”


    it’s too early to get paranoid about his future. However, if we are in next summer with one year left and no contract agreed then we are heading into a Nasri situation?

    If other clubs turn his head, well I would expect he would say, “what’s on offer” I also expect him to listen to any improved offer from Arsenal also. The club’s annual accounts are due to be published any day now and that will give us more information on the health of the club.

    I do suspect it will be a combination of how well Arsenal will do this season and the financial package on offer that will be influential in his decision. We also have the January transfer window ahead and no doubt that will also also add to the debate.

    My own opinion is that we should strive to hold onto him and to also produce another top stirker alongside him who will contribute to the goals for column. It remains to be seen if any of our current crop have that ability. It could be that Theo will emerge as a finisher playing through the centre, or Chu-Young, etc.. However, if we have a 15 goal a season player and there is a player whom the manager thinks would produce 25 and he is not at the club then I think we should be after him too…. whoever he is!

    We haven’t had a striker who has scored more than 20 goals since Adebayor in 2008. And to stretch the imagination we would have won the league this year with that season’s output.. that is 83 points..

    Although RVP’s form since his return last new years has been top form. I do also think we need to be always looking to improve our playing squad, within our abilities.. (financial)

  208. the crucial point is RVP is approaching 30, that’s what decide he stays or leaves. In Arsenal he’ll still be the first choice. Elsewhere, at his age, most likely to be utilized as a back up ( in top teams.) I don’t think he’ll be happy at that.

  209. Afrogunner Drivel,does anyone read your blog ?
    My guess is no.Do us a favour and stay at home in future.

  210. I agree with DY. I cannot see any other if the top 4 clubs that will give him a guaranteed starting spot. The other English top clubs already have enough strikers of rvps caliber. And these strikers are main strikers. Rvp will not shove Rooney, the Chelsea strikers, the city strikers ir even The Liverpool strikers our in the cold? Is he better? That may be, but a Carroll that works ok or a Rooney/ wellbeck combo is more attractive because they are english.
    He is a great player but I just cannot see where he fits in with Chelsea, united or City and I do not see any other clubs worth going to for an Arsensl player in England. Do you guys? If he quits, where would he go??

  211. A quick comment on today’s post. Just ignore the papers. As you’ve pointed out, they need an angle to generate print sales / website clicks. Oxygen of publicity and all that…

    Nothing will happen either way until next summer so let it lie. Would rather hear about the prognosis on Wilshere or how we might approach wednesday’s game.

  212. Nasri is a dick who we have already replaced with a more influential player.

    Who gives a crank about Flamini, who the fuck was he? I can’t remember what he did that warrants me trying to.

    RvP is quality and we will do well to respect that. If he wants to go, there is not a lot that will keep him, I just don’t think he will though: 28 years old (30 at the end of his contract, big injuries every season, he has found himself as a player at Arsenal and he fits. If he wants trophies he is going to have to go overseas and specifically to Barca, who else is winning the ‘career ending’ silverware these days, and that will as they say be the end of his career, as many have shown.

    Don’t blame him for pushing the board or the manager though.

  213. “Its nothing wrong with paying the “middle tire” in our club between 40- 60k a week. ”

    I’m sure Arshavin earns more than that!!

  214. Somewhat Agnostic

    Maureen is said to be a big ‘admirer’ Maybe to Real then? (Benzema in exchange?) Or to an Italian club. PSG? The looney in charge of Anzhi might fancy him?

    Who knows?? Pure speculation. The point is a good player will always have options! And RVP is in that category. Depends on what Robin wants.. does he seek out a final big contract pay check…. is he happy with an improved contract at Arsenal…does he run down his contract and go for a big signing on fee?

    Of the English clubs I don’t think Liverpool would refuse him although I doubt they will be able to offer him a fat pay cheque though!

  215. Unfortunate that we are discussing RVP like this. He just scored two nice goals, he has scored 100 for the team and this having an injury riddled career! what a player!

  216. This is what RVP said in the past
    “I don’t have the inclination to go anywhere. This is the best team for me to be in. The bottom line is that I want to win trophies with Arsenal, not with anybody else. I know you can win trophies in many countries and in many ways, but I want to do that in our way and in an Arsenal shirt.

    I’m sure I could win things at another team in another country, but would it feel like our trophy, my trophy? I’m not sure it would. Anything we win here will come from the heart and that’s what I want. It’s my dream and I see no point in speaking about other teams when I have these dreams. I think other people know that about me; I’m just hungry to win with Arsenal and that’s it.”

    So what has changed?

  217. Thanks George. Sanity Prevails

  218. Arshavin would not be “middle tier” at any club.

  219. The biggest load of bollocks I have read in a long,long time

  220. I’m just saying I don’t think any English team that matters would buy him. I think they would want to spend those 30m on other types of players. RVP is great. But he won’t be the missing piece in their jigsaw. for united that is Sneijder. For city it’s god knows who but dzeko and aguero aint exactly bad. Maybe Chelsea to partner Torres. But he still won’t win shit as Chelsea won’t beat the Manchester teams.

    Yes good players always have options but I dont think he will be treated as a key player for those few teams better than Arsenal out there should they buy him. He would get an Arsharvin role. Great player but impact player, nor key player. And If he does not join either of the Spanish giants, Manchester clubs or Chelsea. Is it then really a step up??

  221. RVP vs Bolton thanks to, yet again, CWD.

    Highlights of Joel Campbell available on there somewhere too.
    As OOU mentioned Campbell might have been marked out for a turbo boost into the first team*, but it won’t harm him to have a decent season at Lorient.

    *Don’t ask me! I would’ve liked to see a player with such Pace sooner rather then later, but, well, I’d have to admit that this season I am a little spoilt for choice.

    I enjoyed ZP’s description of Per’s performace. I sat & stood next to two very proud german football fans next at the game.
    But I had to point out that in spite of Per’s great record for the national team and wide spread acclaim in that Fussball backwater, Germany, that he wasn’t as good as Gary Cahill.

  222. Would going to Chelsea actually be a step up at all?? Does it matter if you become no 3 or no 4 in PL? I guess you don’t have to qualify for the CL but it gives no trophy. Aslong as Chelsea don’t win silver there is no stepping up to go from arsenal to Chelsea. Stepping up will in two years time mean City. As nobody can compete in the transfare Market.
    That will be a sad fact unless financial FairPlay works.

  223. Rvp is my fave player though! He looka like a stick man(skinny as he’ll) but stings like a bee 🙂

    He is mr arsenal just like Bergkamp once was. If he sees out his career here, for me he will be just as big. A legend in the making..

    Anyone think we will go for fellanini if he stalls on his contract? I dunno what kind of player he is but he is said to be very good. Would he be worth signing for us ?

  224. Inter?

    he would piss all over Serie A…

  225. Frank | September 26, 2011 at 9:04 pm
    The biggest load of bollocks I have read in a long,long time

    Well give us a clue?What have you read?

  226. Also when he was set up to score by Walcott he seemed very eager for Walcott to come share the glory of the goal. that for me shows true leadership. Robin cares, Robin wants the team as a whole to do well. Not only him.

  227. Anyone would piss all over serie A, even spurs pisses on serie A giants…

  228. “Rvp will not shove Rooney, the Chelsea strikers, the city strikers ir even The Liverpool strikers our in the cold? Is he better? That may be”,

    There is no doubt in my mind that a fit RVP is head and shoulders the best striker in the world at this point in time. I would not exchange him for anyone as he is a perfect fit for the game that Arsenal want to play. I think there is no danger of him going to another EPL club. either. This whole conversation seems pointless to me.

  229. Great to see the Arsenal reserves keeping up the unbeaten start to the season with a good old fashioned 1 nil to the Arsenal!

  230. Poodle that is true. Robin just needs to play a couple games over in Italy then he will be a shoo-in for the PFA player of the year….

  231. Hi Passenal, was that an exciting match? I’m curious to how the youngling’s played.

  232. I didn’t see it, I’ve just read a couple of match reports. It sounded more like a ‘battling’ performance against an older and more experienced Blackburn team.

  233. Ahh I follow. Well, here is to ignoring the stupid headlines and beating the Spuds this weekend!

    I’m off to make some dinner Passenal, laters.

  234. “The initial indications are that the surgery has been successful and Jack will now undergo a prolonged period of rehabilitation. It is envisaged that Jack’s rehabilitation will take a period of four to five months.”

    4 to 5 months!!

  235. That’s why Arsene looked for another midfielder to loan for this season dupsffokcuf. He said he wanted 3 players originally but ended up buying 4 and loaning 1 to cover Wilshere and Vermaelen’s injuries.

  236. Long live RvP! Magnificent player, honorable man. Held his own very coolly against Bolton players–looked perfectly in control of the situation. Great captain. I don’t see what we have to gain tearing our hair out about the contract situation right now. The priority is digging ourselves out of the hole in the league by smashing our fiercest rivals, Spuds, this weekend and taking care of business in our home CL group opener against Olympiakos.

    I am backing RvP to score his 104th goal for this club at WHL.

    We’ll have plenty of time to discuss the wage structure in the future and I agree that it will need some adjustment. But this is a manufactured story–a future threat only if we don’t improve our play and get back where we belong in the top 4 this season and do some damage in the CL. Hopefully we will also bring in some top players in January and early next summer. RvP’s situation will probably resolve itself naturally if the club performs as it can and the players don’t let media stories like this detract from their concentration. RvP has said all the right things.

  237. RvP gets into any side right now. Let’s not kid ourselves; he is one of the best strikers in the world without question and at the top of his powers.

  238. Robin is the age Dennis was in 1998 and we all remember that year of Dennis fondly.I think this will be the year of the Robin.

  239. for Robin.

  240. Nice posts from Frank and LG amongst others regarding the RvP non story. Very confused as to the timing of all this. It’s quite obvious we’ve got people trying to unsettle our squad, and it’s a real bummer to see YW partake in that instead of highlighting his fantastic achievement a bit more. Oh well. Can’t always get what you want I suppose.

  241. it high time that Arsene really sees RVP as the answer to a lot of problems ( in performance) but at the same time RVP has to be fit on the field to function as a striker and more importantly on and off the field as a genuine captain of the team. That captaincy should not be taken lightly. When things go wrong, RVP has to stand up to the challenge and not let his head down. VM, Arteta and Yossi are seasoned pro, they know whats to be asked of them if RVP sets an example, they’ll follow and the rest will respond.

  242. Does anyone think “fair dos” requires an apostrophe?

  243. it does, I stand corrected, fair do’s…

  244. He would not lime. Who would he push out at City?? Or atBarcelona? Or at United? He is good enough yes but why oh why would they buy him ?? He is not 30 m better than what they got. It’s obvious united want a quick player to play alongside Rooney. They already got their no 10. Same with barca. There are more good strikers than there are good creative midfielders. That is why cesc and nasri was in such demand. But all the big clubs have good strikers atm. Great ones even. Top 4 in England all have one or mor worldclass strikers infact.
    Top 4 outside England has the same. It’s not about wheter you are good enough it’s about whetre you are that much better than the clubs leading striker or if you compliment what they already got. I don’t think he’s worth say 30 m for united. He’s not worth 30 m for city or barca
    neither Or Chelsea. Cos they don’t need him just ATM. They are good enough as it is . And that is the point. They already got world class strikers. That us not taking away any credit from rvp though. He is great at his best and we are lucky city bought Aguimero and dzeko last year or they wold have Gone for rvp

  245. No apostrophe needed there, MD.

    Surely a plural of ‘do’.

    We need more work by Fun on thie increasingly poor use of English.

    It’s bad enough on the TV, people don’t sem to know the phrases and words they use.

    ‘Tire’ for ‘tier’ yesterday.

    Mixed metaphors are the worst. While we are at it, did Waugh or Wodehouse have to use smiley faces to show irony or humour?

  246. I agree with Bob.

  247. This non-story hasnt died yet? Two years is alot of time on a contract seeing as most contracts are 4 or so years, as Zimpaul and Frank suggested maybe we should have a contract on top of a contract coz either way we are doomed. Anyone remember early last season the likes of Suga and others calling for us to sell Van persie as he spent too much time injured?What would have happened if we extended his contract then? these same people would have been screaming the loudest of how we are wasting money on an injury-prone player. Henristic insinuating that since only two years is left on his contract something should have been done sooner is rather simplistic!!

    Bill you do rub my goat the wrong way plenty of times but this takes the cake. Some of these players you mentioned who dont deserve whatever paychecks it is they get have helped us plenty of times when our best players warent available due to injuries/suspensions/lack of form etc.

  248. Good point about suga, Firstlady.
    Now he’s here talking about continuity and RVP being a legend and stuff like that. Really, I don’t know why people take that guy seriously.

  249. I want my spuds mashed with lots of pepper, a decent sprinkling of salt and served on top of a traditional Redknapp Banger struggling to stay afloat in a gravy sarcophagus.

    Take me home boys.

  250. I dare you to find ONE comment where I called for selling RvP…

    you will find it easier to find comments castigating the club management for selling Bobby and the like, so you will find nothing but consistency in that subject…

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