Robin’s One Ton Destruction Gives Arsenal The Points

Arsenal 3 – 0 Bolton Wanderers

1 – 0 van Persie (46)
2 – 0 van Persie (72)
3 – 0 Song (88)

Wheater sent off (55)

Arsenal grabbed three points and a clean sheet with a bits and pieces performance, the sort that is necessary to lift the slough which has engulfed the club. On it’s own, the win is not enough to achieve that aim, simply the first building block. If nothing else it has stopped the turgid mindset of those talking of relegation, for a week if nothing else. That could all return with an adverse result next Sunday, of course.

Hero of the hour was Robin van Persie, gleefully telling the world of his position as 17th player to score 100 goals for Arsenal before being knocked sideways with a dismissal of his leadership and a £30m bid from Manchester City. He might reach his next half century a mite quicker if he improves his finishing from set pieces, although he was a whisker away from scoring from Arteta’s firm touch.

It might all have been so different. Bolton capitalised on uncertainty in the Arsenal defence, Sczczesny clawing Pratley’s effort wide. A set-piece and Arsenal were almost undone. The nerves of the previous weekend had yet to be quelled. Wheater had nudged the ball wide before Gervinho found himself through but the leaden touch allowed Jaaskelainen to dim the opportunity. The Bolton ‘keeper had been linked heavily with Arsenal in the past and seemed intent on resurrecting those memories with some outstanding work in the visitors goal. Those moments were fleeting but enough to keep Arsenal at bay for spells.

The first half bustled to its conclusion, flickering into life with half-chances for Gervinho and Walcott whilst Koscielny found that shinning the ball into the net is more difficult than a clean strike of the ball. Halfway through the match, half the objectives achieved with a clean sheet looking likely. It left a lot of work to do in the Bolton half.

And immediately Arsenal set to work. Gervinho was felled on the edge of the centre circle, Ramsey took full advantage of a good refereeing decision to allow play to flow, finding van Persie who taunted and teased Muamba before beating him and Jaaskelainen at the near post. One minute not passed since the restart and a lead established.

It might have been two, van Persie denied and the game turned utterly in Arsenal’s favour with Wheater’s red card. It was not a debatable decision, Walcott had beaten the defender for pace and crucially none of the rest of the Bolton defence were anyway near fast enough to close the space, or create a perception of doing so. No matter how soft the foul, credit to Clattenburg for spotting and acting appropriately.

It changed the dynamic and Arsenal’s rise to the ascendant position in the match went unchallenged. Arteta, Sagna, RvP and Koscielny had efforts blocked, saved and denied before Walcott found space on the right, his cross was into the six yard area with enough pace to tempt Jaaskelainen but not enough to allow him time to gather. van Persie sensed the uncertainty and met the ball with a flick of his foot and goal number 100 had arrived.

Theo has clearly stated his intention of being a central striker in the future – and the now – but did his case harm with an outstandingly poor finish when clean through. It is easy of course to criticise from a distance but he had sold Jaaskelainen a perfect dummy with a cool finish into the corner waiting, instead tamely passing the ball toward goal, allowing the save to be made. It summed up Walcott’s afternoon when he tweaked a muscle and was withdrawn, scans will decide his availability for the coming matches.

As the whistle approached, Alex Song sealed the win, drifting into the area, fleet footed into space and curling home for the third.

The win does not signal a return to form or even hint at it. Three consecutive games scoring three goals shows something is right in that department, raising questions about defending generally with Samba and Cahill on the receiving end in the past two Premier League matches. At least that might have been the argument had the Bolton man played. The point is that such judgements are subjective, neither player is to blame for collective errors. Whilst it is possible to pin some blame directly on a player in some circumstances, no defender is entirely responsible for goals being conceded. Defending is a collective effort.

A clean sheet might instill some defensive confidence though, Wenger rightly highlighting the lack of confidence at the start. Whether the performance will heal that remains to be seen but a repeat in midweek will do no harm at all.

There is a predicted heatwave with sunny weather approaching. Perhaps Arsenal can mirror that with some winning performances in coming games.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. I was not surprised at the result. Arsenal has not done too badly in the goal scoring department, we scored 2 against Manu, and 3 against Blackborne we lost both matches because we let in even more goals. I was glad we had a clean sheet in this game. Even though we are still vulnerable in defence. It least we have something we can build on. I hope this signals the start of a winning habit.

    NB Ateta and Song were strong in Mid Field

  2. I believe Cahill was ill and didn’t play yesterday.

  3. Alex Song’s pass to Walcott > what a pass!!! Shame that Walcott wasted it.

  4. keith – thanks for that, a couple of sentences were omitted from the post. Now added.

  5. cahil didnt play as coyle didnt want his value decreasing when walcott n rvmp terrorised him or he didnt want him getting into a fight with one of our players.

  6. A good but rather downbeat review YW. I’ve forgotten the last time we won by 3 goals and you want me not to get carried away?c’est ne pas possible!

  7. Song must be taking passing lessons from Rosicky – how many times did he do the Rosicky special with the outside of the right peg?

    Well in RVP – 100 and counting. The backup needed to arrive sooner when he was surrounded by Bolton players. Jack would have been there. Ditto Vermaelen. Robinson is such a prick….

    Hope Theos injury isnt anything serious he did well yesterday when he played on the shoulder of the defense.

  8. Song’s passing was amazing. Constantly dangerous. Is he really a defensive midfielder?
    Didn’t Ramsey keep the ball too much during the first half? I think he slowed the game.

  9. I thought the defence looked very good yesterday, hopefully that will see an increase in confidence for Weds and Sunday.

    Corner not quite turned, but if we can beat the Spuds next week our season really will have lift off.

  10. Really good win and lets hope its given them greater confidence going forward. Congrats to rvp on a great achievment.

  11. wanderers sent wondering on their way. 🙂
    congrats to the gunners and all support.
    one game at a time. two points and three goals clawed back on manure. looking forward to more of this . the gelling is happening right in front of our eyes. UP THE GUNS.!!!!!

  12. The pass I noticed yesterday was the fast and low straight down the middle to where one of our nominal wide men had drifted. We seemed to try it several times and it led to some pretty decent direct attacking play. Song, Kos and Per all tried it with great success.

  13. I think the defence looked good last nite. Per looks like hes gradually getting over the innitial shock of PL. five more matches now and he will grow into the great defender we all know he is.

    The Robin to City article is funny. aparantly City is after that everton kid Barkely and Neymar too.
    then they will have Barkley, persie, neymar, aguero, dzeko, tevez and..hmm did i miss out someone now.. oh yea and Balotelli.

    The only right thing to do would be to buy a club in primera division, say Hercules or something and lend all the stars they stockpile at City over to Hercules. then they would have two teams competeing for trophies That would be great! Spain would hate it though….

  14. heh if we beat spurs next week we climb over them in the table 🙂

  15. I noticed a couple of things in yesterdays game.
    First Half: Bolton really used the pressing game well, everytime an Arsenal player had possession they seemed to get two or three players on him fairly quickly. And during our set pieces their man to man marking really worked.
    Second Half: We tended to press more and our players quickly closed on their players. We also seemed to move away from zonal marking on their set pieces and used man to man marking.
    Conclusion: Much better 2nd half because of change in tactics. I don’t like this zonal marking malarky, and I don’t think the team like it either.

  16. Great stuff yesterday. 3 goals and a clean sheet. Hopefully a start of a run up the table. RVP is great. A point or may be even a win at WHL would take most of the pressure off.

  17. heh since we are no longer “relegation canidates” and both samir and Cesc has left, the only viable option would be to flog Walcott, RvP and Vermaalen and Song. oh and the rest of the first team.

    Its incredible that the papers still do that.

  18. Although Robin was the hero, Ramsey made a pretty good sidekick – the, er, Robin to Robin’s Batman, as it were – being directly involved in all three goals and the sending off. He’s still inconsistent and fades badly out of games for long spells, but he has a knack of providing a handful of key passes every game – an important attribute.

  19. Rvp to city?a point’ll soon be reached where all the mega rich clubs have more stars that they can absorb.i call it saturation point

  20. Did bolton man mark all 3 of our midfielders yesterday? It seemed that way and the commentary seemed to suggest that was the case. Probably why we were too deep in the first half but le boss pushed the midfielders higher up in the second – sending off helped too though as there was no Muamba fouling up the play all the time..

  21. Nice win against the wanderers.I think our reserves can get a win against the Greeks.
    In fact,if not for injuries we would have two good teams .
    My team for Olympickos:
    Jekns djourou Miquel Santos
    Oxo Coquelin Frimps Benny
    Chamakh Park
    Subs: Squillaci,ryo,arsha,lansbury,rosicky,fabs

  22. the only complain I have about the game is we didnt score any goals from the many corners we got. We have to break that duck and soon.

  23. @firstlady

    That was because of Boltons tactics which I commented on earlier, Boltons man to man marking was excellent during our set pieces.

  24. Has anyone also noticed a little known stat: Arsenal are the EPL team with the most clean sheets = 3
    Newcastle, Swansea and Bolton. Not bad for a team and defence still at the rebuilding stage.

  25. We Won…
    I’m still happy

  26. Good to see Yogi praise the ref for the first decision to allow play to go on. The second major decision was harsh, for them, and had that gone against us at OT there would be tin foil hats being worn all around North London.

    Both RVP goals were taken well and Theo who gets a lot of stick did great for the second.

    Next Sunday is a big game, I am hoping for a draw at least. The problem that we have is that there is no real plan B defensive game that we can fall back on so in all likelyhood we will see a basketball score like others in recent history. Now this means that it wouldnt suprise me for us to win 4-2 however it wouldnt suprise me if we lost 6-2.

    The most important thing this weekend was the win. Come the end of the season between us and Liverpool the team with the better home form will finish 4th. Our away form will have more losses and wins than theirs and they will have more draws.

    Home form, home fans are the key to 4th. The fact that some teams may believe that they can win at the Emirates can be turned to our advantage and the more teams that go to Anfield looking for a point the better as they are not the most expansive team on the planet.

  27. this is a good start against a crappy club. RVP’s daily double helped. A very slow start. The red card was the changer as well as RVP’s first goal. Great shot. This puppy was squeezed between the keeper and the short left post. We are still missing a QB to set up the offense. Still we need a ton of work.

  28. This Bolton team still scored 2 on City and had quite a few chances against United, they simply didnt take any of their very good chances.

  29. LGoT

    Oh come one mate! We can do better than 4th! Seriously have some faith (I know, I know its been fucking difficult considering the shite we have witnessed all summer and beyond)

    There’s still a long long way to go and IF this team can get into a winning groove, become harder to beat and reguarly find its scoring touch, then we can definitely do better than 4th.

    Our away form was very good last season, we need to get that back.

  30. Is Dein Jr RvP’s agent these days?

    Just wondering as it might explain the city rumours in the papers.

  31. “plan b defensive game”


    what you want to do is play good defense and not lose focus.

  32. Dexter – Yes. And he’s Song’s agent along with maybe one other player. Arseblog had the details t’other day.

  33. Great result – win next weekend and we are back in business.

    Oh I love being able to enjoy the Sunday papers!

  34. Thanks Bob, JamesM.

    Yes, we certainly need to tie Robin down ASAP. He has always been a very loyal player, while the club have also stood by him during his many injury lay offs. Hope he remembers that when thinking about his future plans.

  35. Its about time we beat the spuds again. Obviously Ade will be up for it, one of the 2 games he will actually wotk hard in, lazy twat. I am sure he will be chatting about how he feels loved at the shite hole, just like he said when he went to Man Chavvy.

  36. I think we did really well defensively yesterday. Bolton ended up with two shots on target, Nzonzi’s 1st minute attempt and that Eagles breakaway that Gibbs got in the way of mid second half, and only two corners. The corners were about eighty minutes apart and their shots on goal were about sixty five minutes apart. As far as fouls conceded in our half, I only recall two or three for the whole game.

    Some are saying that the game was over once the penalty was given, but I disagree. The game was over once Per was told to concentrate exclusively on Davies. Once the switch was made, there were no second balls for the Bolton midfielders to run on to and their attack was neutralized. This is a very encouraging sign for the games we have to play away against the hoofball merchants.

  37. Most important was three points and back-to-back wins. Well done boys, keep it going.

    And Arsenal Ladies have done it again! Beat Birmingham City 4-1 to lift continental cup (= League cup). Domestic treble done and dusted!

  38. How is it that when we have a bad result it appears people are full of ideas about why we failed and who’s fault it was . Literally hundreds of posts,gleefully saying” I told you so ”
    Yet when we win there is tumbleweed blowing through ACLF.
    Miserable bastards 🙂

    Nice to have my optimistic pal Dexter back.He has been sorely missed

  39. Someone should take a contract out on Darren Dein. Clearly, the only interest he has is the millions he trousers in commissions.

    Once is acceptable, twice a really dodgy case and more than that is just bang out of order.

    Where’s Paulie Walnuts when you need a problem solver. If they still can’t find the Russian he whacked, no one will miss DD Jnr.

  40. RvP to little Mancs? faaaarrkkk ooorrrfffff.. Utter fucking bolocks.

  41. George,
    Its not like there are droves of positive posts either. Just like good guys ‘need’ the bad guys in the comics, seems like some aclfers need doomers to ‘exist’.

    Seriously though, that was a much welcome win+clean sheet yesterday. I think people are (wisely) putting their optimism in check.

    The crowds were immense again I hear. This season has been a pleasant surprise on that score. Are there better, more supportive fans in the league so far?

  42. Hello George

    Only a sad twat would want to moan after a good win and performance mate.

    Here’s to the team keeping it going.

  43. And some handbags as well:

    The game finished in unsavoury fashion as a scuffle between the two sides ended with Birmingham’s Williams earning a second yellow card.


  44. @ Henristic
    The point george is making is that there are many who are only interested in posting when we do badly, in order to gloat.

    You can’t equate exulting in a win with exulting in a defeat.

    And speaking for myself, I don’t “need” any of them – I’d be happy never to have to skim through their posts ever again.

  45. Quite a quiet day on aclf. By the way, Kenya Patrick Makau broke the marathon world record in Berlin. And it was a Kenyan 1-2-3 aswell!

  46. Our ol boy Traore had a busy afternoon, giving away a pen and getting sent off too.

  47. @fungunet. congratulations on ARSENAL LADIES triple crown. indeed a big job well done. a point of pride. hiphip hurray. excellent. hope it is a good moderation for the men. congrats. 🙂
    @KENYAN . your countries runners are monopolizeING all the events this year. fantastic point of pride. for all keyans and all sports fans. good going and congrats. 🙂

  48. FG

    That was a bloody good goal from Rachel Yankey. Better than that Srrek one last season.

  49. Dexter

    That pelanty for Villa was very soft. We could have had 3 like that against Blackburn last week with all their shirt pulling.

  50. Does anyone know if there are any figures for our net annual spends (wages +net transfers)
    year on year compared to the other Premiership teams?

  51. nothing like a good fukin win to keep the blog comments down.

  52. What exactly is Darren Dein guilty of? Apart from being an agent to footballers?

  53. just goes to show how important saggy n gibbsy are for us now, no coincedence that both were missing when the goals were flying in against us. if sags gets injured we will be up the creek.

  54. George

    Bucketloads! I’d suggest having a look at Swiss Ramble or Andersred as they are most reliable when it comes to financial results.


  55. Frank

    David Dein’s son, papa being someone whom many want back and junior being seen as a major stumbling block.


  56. …and well done, Arsenal Ladies. Gave those Brummies a real spanking. Good lord. I didn’t mean..well, you know. However if…er…no perhaps not.

  57. Well one thing is for certain. If we were to sell rvp then the people who wanted us to sell him before due to all his injuries will be the ones who will scream loudest should he be sold. Clai
    Ing they always saw him as a key player and all that. How typic is that?

  58. Was Ing playing, Clai?

  59. Frank

    Why what?

    Why is he a stumbling block? Poppa / son relationships in the business side of football have ended in tears, as Messrs Allardyce and Ferguson will attest.

    Why is he Dein’s son? Well, music, romance, biological urges, a dark night, power cuts, who knows what one thing led to the other…


  60. Take a peek at the singapore gp.

  61. @Kenyan Gunner 2:55

    And while we’re acknowledging good sporting performances beyond football, well done to Mark Cavendish for becoming cycling world champion, winning the road race. According to the reports, the British team ignored the early breakaways, concentrated on their own strategy, and just came good in the end. Hmm…

  62. Sorry, I meant 5.55pm.

  63. Very lonely place when we win. Tells us a lot about the twat-tish, shallowness of many online supporters. They know more than Arsene Wenger who has consistently built a winning team since coming to Arsenal . 14 straight years in the champions league does not lie.
    But then the “whore-nalists” (thanks Untold Arsenal) and AAA bloggers are supreme truth-tellers.

  64. Darren Dein is a football agent therefore a twat. A parasite, sponger and bounder to boot.

  65. Received wisdom is that DD cannot now be involved with Arsenal because his son, DD, is a football agent?

  66. Good day for Cavendish and Vettel as well.

  67. Fantastic result yesterday for the Boys and an even better one for the Arsenal Ladies today. I did not get to see the game myself, any highlights online somewhere? The Doomers must be still in bed cursing their luck that we won a game AND kept a clean sheet!! Pity the fools 🙂

  68. Is it not possible that some football agents are OK?

  69. Chill the Thrill

    It is possible Frank. Sadly, I personally know nothing about being an actual agent. So I get all of my agent related knowledge from sports media outlets. Those media outlets rarely show headlines such as “Yossi Benayoun’s agent worked hard on a deal to land him at Arsenal”

    more often than not, the headlines are making footballing agents out to be greedy bastards.

  70. Is Darren Dein a particularly greedy agent then?

  71. 2 things:

    how often have we read about how man utd play like champions etc and all that bullshit? but you know what?

    there is one team that plays like champions, and that is arsenal ladies. written off before the season, treble winners in the end.

    they play like champions because they ARE champions.

    so maybe our dear sports journalists should think twice before brandishing ‘played like champions’ about.

    but wait- what do they know about winning anyway?

    they are just pathetic losers who get paid doing something we all do for free: watch a game and give our opinion on it.

    and they can’t even do it properly.

    the article by kevin palmer on soccernet after yesterday’s win is the perfect example of why one shouldnt read ‘match reports’ or ‘match analysis’ by these sports journalists. watch the game yourself and form your own opinion.

    seriously the least they could do is to give an accurate account of what happened for the people who missed the game.

  72. Chill the Thrill

    Gervinho’s decisions have still not been up to par. The times where I was expecting him to take on the defender, he passed, and vice versa. Also that play near the end where the Bolton CB out-paced Gervinho down the left flank was worrying. Still, the guy looks a great player, he is causing the opposition trouble and that is what we ask of our attackers. Great Job.

  73. Chill the Thrill

    Hah. Give an accurate account of the game? No thanks. I would rather pick and choose individual moments from the match that fit a certain storyline….

  74. Chill the Thrill

    “Arsenal FINALLY win easily after their worst run of form ever.”

  75. and what a goal by rachel yankey.

  76. @CuttingEdge

    You may be right re the reserves being capable of a win against Olympiacos, but I would rather we keep (at least) the same back four from the Bolton match. The more matches they play together, the better they should function as a unit. I am eager to see Santos, and I’m guessing part of the reason he came was so he could play in the Champions League, but I hope we stick with Gibbs for continuity. Given the way last year’s group stage panned out, with us finishing second after such a promising start, I would be surprised if we risked dropping points by fielding a CC-style team. Regardless of who plays on Wednesday, it would be good to go to WHL on the back of another win, another clean sheet and – fingers crossed – no more injuries!

  77. rvp is the best striker in the league..has been for a while..we need him to stay fit and to sign a new deal..if hes the next to be sold off then all the politicians that run the club can rot in hell..

  78. Frank

    No the received wisdom is that DD has a place in Arsenal’s past that should not be overlooked, forgotten or under-estimated. But the key word is ‘past’.


  79. The atmosphere and players’ confidence increased dramatically yesterday after the first goal. I believe the crowd really drove the players on and a rousing rendition of ‘One Arsene Wenger’ was warmingly great to hear.

    RVP deserves the plaudits but the back five looked solid. Chez made a few great saves, Gibbs supported the attacks well, Sagna was his usual dependable self, Kozzer and Mertesaker dealt with Boltons long balls brilliantly. Great stuff.

    Well done the ladies, doing us proud yet again!

  80. Great link Dupps, thanks for that.

    Yankee took that goal amazingly well. It had the touch of Henry about it against Man U. She really is a superb player, one I have had a keen eye on her for quite some time and dare I say, not just because of her superior footballing ability. A woman as beautiful as she, in an Arsenal shirt, can’t go un-noticed.

  81. JonJon – I fully agree with you. He has scored 26 goals in 31 games I believe and that is a stunning return. Especially when you consider that we do not play with a dedicated point man. A class act all round.

    Dupsffokcuf – Thanks mate for the highlight link. Excellent goal by Yankey, very well taken free kick but how in the world can a ‘keeper let in a strike like that? Not trying to take anything awat from the girl but really awful positioning by the ‘keeper. That being said congrats to the Ladies, very well played game by the looks of it.

    Any update on Theo?

  82. I hop Wenger rings the changes to make use of the squad…a win, in whatever form on wednesday,will be good enough for me.

  83. If RVP is sold I will scream and scream till I faint

  84. George

    Stop going all Violet Elizabeth on us!


  85. JJ

    Selling RvP would only be an option if he refuses a new deal man. Hopefully that won’t be the case mate.

    The deal needs to be donw before christmas idealy, we saw with that now northern monkey what can happen if its left till later.

    I am sure there are some venerable football agents out there, who do loads of work for charity, but dont like tlo talk about it and deserve every penny of the ££££ they earn from basically doing fuck all, or destabilising players, tapping them up on behalf of clubs,etc etc.

  86. If Rvp goes to city then there is no hope left in football.(clinging on as it is to whats left) we need to give him whatever the fuck he wants.

  87. Id be appy for him to bleed us dry.

  88. If that is the case then it matters not a jot that his son is an agent ,YW.

  89. im with frank here, this is just a bullshit excuse for people to come up with to defend their reasons not to have David Dein back. didnt he just go on holiday with Wenger??? clearly would benefit Wenger to have him back.

  90. How much of your own blood will you be giving him Duke?

    I have always found it rather easy to spend someone else’s money.Yet cling on to my own for dear life.

  91. Duke ,It might benefit the country ti have my mate Tony back,but that wont happen either.
    When a coup d’état fails there is usually no way back

  92. George you like Wenger right?? Wenger is surely a good judge of character right? Wenger likes Dein…so Dein must be a nice bloke like Wenger then if they get on so well wouldnt you agree.

  93. ha ha , benifit the country in having old puppett master back! you are a funny **** george.

  94. I would agree Duke .Yes but I repeat

    When a coup d’état fails there is usually no way back

    He tried and failed .His fault.

  95. I thought you would like that Duke.

  96. Geroge i agree, this board wont budge. they dont want change they wont allow usmanov in. here is a question george…Do you think the board should let usmanov help them keep RVp??

  97. However a coup de club is not a coup d’état

  98. That would depend on what he would want in return.

    He could just gift us a billion £ .That would work for me

  99. So that is why the board wont let Usmanov in!! they dont want to share anything with him do they. even if it could help the club get back to the top.

  100. cutting off their nose to spite their face maybe!!

  101. Duke ,he is a fucking gangster.Have a word with yourself.
    He is just not our “type” is he?

  102. george, some of our most favourite institutions and businesses are run or were run by gangsters. whats wrong with that!!! tony blair was the biggest gangster in the nineties geoge dont forget!!!


    usmanov in now please before we are left with no fukin players. this Philosophy will drag us right fukin down, our philosophy is stuck in the past.

  104. So you get all your info from the Mail then Duke?

  105. Just for those posters who blame Arsenal’s training regime for our injuries:

    From the BBC
    “Jonny Evans got an ankle injury in training yesterday,” added Ferguson.

    “We had a nightmare of a training session – Evans, Michael Carrick and Wayne Rooney all got injured. Jonny thought he’d be OK but in the warm-up it was no use.”

    The quartet join a growing injury list at Old Trafford which already includes Nemanja Vidic, Chris Smalling, Rafael da Silva, Tom Cleverley and Darron Gibson.

  106. I agree. The Daily Mail can’t be used as a source, except to prove how ridiculous a newspaper it is.

  107. Duke our philosophy may very well be stuck in the past, but the numbers have shown our style to be very rational compared to others. (that is of course, if you disregard the flailing title challenges and schoolboy errors that cost us metal cups. smileyface)

    I know you’ve already heard the many defense’s of Arsenal’s “policy” so I will spare you the lecturing.

    For now we should enjoy this win and bask in the gloriousness that is watching 2 Arsenal matches per week. I find myself laughing when I think of watching the spuds play twice a week.

  108. MD- Gives us further proof that the coaching staff at Arsenal might actually have a clue to what they are doing over there. On the medical table AND on the pitch.

    I laugh everytime I read a poster calling our defense “useless”

    Excuse my pedanticness, but a “useless” defense doesn’t keep clean sheets.


  109. RVP’s thoughts on how the team is handling the drama surrounding the club:

    ‘That win on Tuesday (against Shrewsbury) was really important and helps us going into the Bolton game,’ said the Dutchman in his captain’s column.

    ‘We had a really good team dinner on Wednesday evening as well, and that’s great for the team atmosphere too.

    ‘Most guys were dancing and everyone really enjoyed it. So all the fans should know that we are happy, and united together as a squad, confident, and really looking forward to this match.’

  110. Bradys right foot

    RVP, Theo, Song and TV5 all have two years and counting on their contracts unless they put pen to paper the club has to sell them on next summer.

    Will it come to that? Who knows but expect these players to be offered large increases in salaries and an active January window.

  111. Van Persie 100 goal stats

    71 left foot, 23 right foot, 6 headers. 12 outside the box, 88 inside, 12 penalties.

    69 Premier League, 6 Carling Cup, 8 FA Cup, 17 European competitions.

    stats via the mighty @Orbinho

  112. IMO Coquelin/ Frimps, Chamakh, Arsha, Rosicky, Santos & JD will all start on Wednesday

  113. Well I definitely do not see Theo starting. Would love for AOC and Park to get a start, show us what Park is really made of. Maybe he and Chamack can strike up a good relationship and expand our options up front as right now we are very heavily reliant on RVP. Not complaining about that fact understand but would like to have proper cover for him if he does get injured/tired/suspended at some point. Santos needs a run out too, as well as Coquelin as he really is knocking on the door of the first team.

  114. FunGunner | September 25, 2011 at 5:55 pm
    “The point george is making is that there are many who are only interested in posting when we do badly, in order to gloat.”
    I know. It was pretty obvious from his post, to me anyway.

    “You can’t equate exulting in a win with exulting in a defeat.”
    I never did.

    “And speaking for myself, I don’t “need” any of them – I’d be happy never to have to skim through their posts ever again.”
    More power to you. However, I don’t think its arguable that some other posters relish engaging with doomers.

  115. If wenwin the PL this year will we then be the finest club to win both women and men at same year?

  116. First not finest. well finest too, but I meant first:-)

  117. Duke it sounds like you want us to win at any cost, even if it means selling our souls to the devil!!!You forgot one thing though, the devil always collects no matter how long it takes.

  118. Even when we win, the media are so negative against Arsenal, they run van perise walcott contract stories its like they have personal vendetta against us, do go on about torres, or man u getting battered pisses me right off

  119. Sometimes teams can doing nothing but score and win, see Manu’re the beginning of the season.

    Sometimes, like the beginning of our season, we can do nothing to score or win. Luck just piles up against. This can sink managers, but sometimes it is like a game of averages, if you don’t score, if you lose too many, or lose ones you should have won, it can be like you have put them in the bank and when normality returns the luck goes the other way and you cash in.

    Look at Manu’re all of a sudden, it is like they have scored too many and won too many in their last matches, they are not that good and it is just not going for them now. This is the law of averages evening out.

    Same with Arsenal I hope, but the other way, it is just evening itself out because we are better than we have been showing and we have plenty in the bank.

    As long as Djourou doesn’t play, he single handedly cancels out any collateral we have got.

  120. Hapi fo de two gamz Arsens boyz playd of late thuz Euefa n PL.Im predicting future to b bryt unto ARSENAL.W/O Chamack n Arsevin in de 1st Eleven the team is strong.

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