Bolton Preview: Impervious To Media Bullets But Not Injury Gremlins

You cannot harm me, I am impervious to pain, I will slice your quips with my sword of steel and absorb your bullets. Media, my old foe, you are done for.

At least that is probably how Arsène’s romantic visualisation runs, the ending being him riding off into the sunset with all of the trophies safely tucked up in his saddle bag.

The reality is altogether more treacherous.

No doubt that his relationship with the media is on a downward trajectory, a process that is gathering substantially more speed as the weeks of criticism turn into month. He has previously carried the inanities of the press conference with, as the journalists like to tell you, an urbane wit and charm. That is turning to tetchiness and monosyllabic responses. Not that you can blame the man when questions are met with a definite ‘No’, only to be repeated or pursued beyond belief.

It’s a relationship which is an irritant in the current climate, necessary because of rules and regulations governing the game, necessary to communicate with supporters but unnecessary as he seeks to find the answers to the dip in form. Answers that will not be coming any time soon from Jack Wilshere, a body blow as the youngster reaps the rewards of an intense first full season. Criticism of that is already raining in, another brickbat to send in the Frenchman’s direction.

The timing of the release of the information is a hint that the club is acutely aware of the negative air this brings. Late on a Friday night, too late for the early editions of the back pages. In a season which has plummeted new depths on the field, off the field is bringing no respite. Testing times for all.

All of this against a backdrop of a football match. Bolton arrive at The Emirates this afternoon knowing that their first league victory at Arsenal since January 1962 would plunge their hosts to the bottom of the table if Fulham gain a point at The Hawthorns this afternoon. It is not a healthy state of affairs. It is certainly a moment where the factual translation that took place in Arsène’s mind let him down; ‘odd‘ it is not, angst-inducing it is as we have seen.

Of course six games in is rather early to be talking of finishing anywhere in the league. Leaders at the top by this stage of the season have been known to fall away, top six after six games have been relegated on several occasions. Nothing can be read into form this early in the season other than a team is underperforming. And that certainly applies to Arsenal.

Today’s visitors are enjoying the same sort of wretched form as their hosts. Supposedly one of Arsenal’s bogey teams, Bolton will be turning the tide of history on its head if they get a result out of this afternoon. Since that January win, fourteen defeats and three draws in league matches does inspire confidence, especially on the back of a run of five consecutive defeats. But these are strange times.

Gary Cahill is going to be a focus of attention, the England defender subject of Arsenal attention in the summer with Owen Coyle hinting that he expects Cahill to leave Bolton in January for pastures new as Bolton try to salvage some financial gain. Whether that is the case remains to be seen with media reports suggesting that the world is Cahill’s oyster, Barcelona, Internazionale and Bayern all joining the list of usual suspects as his final destination.

What is apparent is that his club form has suffered because of the interest. His tackling and defending percentages are below that of Arsenal players and nowhere near the level an £18m player would be expected to deliver. That sums up the lunacy of modern football, reducing a player’s ability to a set of figures, isolating an individual in a team sport. Thankfully clubs pay more attention to the whole than the individuality of supporters.

So to the line-up this afternoon. Against Shrewsbury, Wenger returned to 4-4-2, sparking some hope of a traditionalist revival amongst some. That is not likely to happen, the manager making it clear that the formation in midweek better suited the personnel he had available. One of those, Marouane Chamakh, might feel aggrieved if he does not start this afternoo his goal at the weekend is a hint at returning to form, a state of affairs which had so wretchedly deserted him. I doubt he will start even though it would be good to see if he and Robin van Persie could form a productive forward partnership.

That would also disappoint Theo Walcott who is still banging on about being a central striker. To me, it is not likely to happen anywhere near as quickly as he would like. He still suffers from wayward finishing too consistently. If that is resolved then he might make a more central move. Time though is on his side. But I would not start him this afternoon. Arshavin and Gervinho have the right mix of guile and pace, allied with the ability to run into footballing cul-de-sac’s. Walcott would exacerbate the latter problem without necessarily having the wit to bring a difference.

The line-up I expect is

Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Santos; Song, Arteta, Rosicky; Gervinho, van Persie, Arshavin

The requirement is a win, the performance is almost secondary. To bring themselves back to form requires confidence something that is borne of results. A scrappy one goal victory is as welcome as handing out a thrashing. Perhaps more so in some respects for it does not paper over cracks, laying shortcomings for the players to see. A string of those results, especially with clean sheets, would do the players the power of good. Best to start it as soon as possible.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Finally first!?

  2. Just seen the official news re Jack.Thats him out for most of the season really isnt it?

  3. Second. Ramsey has to be there. Save Rosicky for Wednesday. Then, rest Ramsey for Spurs.

  4. Don’t know if I’d be that pessimistic now but no sooner than February by the looks of things.

  5. Didn’t even get that .. facepalm

  6. What rotten luck for Jack Wilshere and for us may I add. Hope Gibbs gets the nod ahead of Santos and I’d rather Theo starts to Arshavin. I agree that Ramsey needs a rest though.

  7. I agree with Respect.

    Ramsey should start and Rosicky should play in the second half.

    I have seen many posts on here saying Gibbs should start. Well, I didn’t think Santos had a bad game against bburn(Yaks first goal aside)..AW should start his strongest lineup as possible esp the back four

  8. Coquelin to start pls. Too bad about Wilshere, my future dream midfield is Primp, Coq and Jack.

  9. I am mad at the whole of arsenal staff especially Arsene towards the end of the season Arsene said that Jack Wilshere was in red zone then goes on and plays him during pre-season and bah! he gets injured now the poor boy needs a surgery that is what happees when you heep too much pressure to such a youngster. I pray to God that he pull out of this just fine it is too early for him to get an operation.

    I have never advocated for Arsene sacking but how many times should a person get something wrong (Arsene) to be deemed Wrong. Look at Fab he has played quite a number of games for Barca without his Hamstring nugging him does it mean Arsene did not know how to get the best out of him? Plus arsene just plays the same formation no matter the opposition he is the most predictable coach I have ever seen and all the other managers know what his next move will be start with Arshavin and Theo is his sub and vice versa, OX has impresed but trust me he is not making the bench any time soon, the 4-3-3 formation is not an easy formation when defending and the list goes on and on. the 4-4-2 has always given us results at Blackburn it ignited the team but the arrogant Arsene cant see that.

    people ask who is to replace Arsene and then the same people say no one is bigger than the club there are good managers out there u just need to look and u will c them. If we lose today I hope Arsene will be sacked or just resign himself. am tired and bleeding for my beloved club. I respect Wenger for what he has achieved but he is not achieving it anymore and his arrogance is beyond reproach he is asked by a journalist whether he will get a defensive coach and he says that he has just completed his 32nd year in coaching look at where Arsenal is at the moment. Last season we lose to Sp*%@s for the first time at home in 17 years, we are humilated by Man-u this season with the worst defeat in 100 years and he is still arogant we are in a blink of having the worst start of league in 58 years if we lose today, After 5 games we have the worst goal difference in the enire league -8 and the worst ever, the list goes on and on am just tired of

    Arsene he signed decent players but he has lost it he cannot get anything right he does not know how to get the best out of players anymore get someone who will because we have a squad that can contend the title if managed well!!!!!!!

  10. Wow!!! Some silly people still on planet earth.

    “I have never advocated for Arsene sacking…”

    “If we lose today I hope Arsene will be sacked…”

    Do you think before you post or the other way round.

    I can’t imagine a true supporter hoping the Arsenal loses just to make a point. Utter foolishness.

  11. No matter how good is a coach at the end of the day (or rather, at the ref’s opening whistle) he has no real control over his players, either spiritually or physically.
    You only have to look at the faces of managers such as Wenger and Ferguson over the past 10 years, to see how the pressures of their jobs have aged them beyond their years.
    For whatever reason, Arsenal, over recent years, have been cursed with longterm injuries almost invariably affecting key players over extended periods and it would be interesting to see an in-depth survey into why
    this trend has occurred. Could it be the Club’s training methods? Or is there something wanting on the medical side?
    The fact remains that the Club, in the immediate future, simply HAS to cope with its injury list, either by a judicious tweaking of team
    selection or by a more positive approach during the Transfer Windows.
    A third solution could be found by fast-forwarding some of the reserves close to breaking into the first team but this would need to be handled with great care. Young players asked to do too much too early could have their careers ended prematurely.
    Arsene Wenger has a heavy burden with which to cope and like all managers much is beyond his control. All we supporters can do is to give him and the players 100% support throughout the season. We cannot do more and we certainly must not do less.

  12. Yup Ayub thinks we should sack Arsena and get in…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Avram Grant !!!! Phil Scolari………!!!!!! Paul Merson ????

  13. The new mantra among the more respectful halfwit’s is “Wenger has taken us as far as he can”

    Ok ,I can see that !!!! I think he has,
    But that is to the top table of European football.Not bad that ,egh?
    Lets say he cant take us any further.Then lets say .as I believe,that no one else could have brought us this far!
    The lets say that if he goes we will slip back to where anyone else could have brought us.
    Then finally lets say that people who want the most noble , honourable, and loyal man is football to be sacked, are quite frankly fucking morons

  14. Perfect eleven, you took d words out of my mouth. I dont think leaving Ramsel out means resting him, he is just not in the same class with Rosciky, especially when Wenger wants him to playmake, leaving Arteta to sit behind. Let’s ge it started here.

  15. Ayub,
    there is a place reserved for you & your friends
    Its called..
    where all things are bright & beautiful
    Creatures great & small
    Where loyal fans like u reside knowing
    Abramovich’s always got your back

    Such insightful words…
    “Arsene he signed decent players but he has lost it he cannot get anything right he does not know how to get the best out of players anymore get someone who will because we have a squad that can contend the title if managed well!..??????

    bugger off now.

  16. Aman,he is Googleing “insightful” to work out what you have said.

  17. Congratulations on making it into the Arsenal Media Watch list of links.

    That’s a great reward for a run of quality blogging and I hope it gives the site some impetus over the doomer blogs, whose ability to assimilate despair is of despotic resemblance.

  18. I think Walcott will start today.

    If we lose today, Arsene should be sacked. If we win today, Arsene should keep his job until we lose. Arsenal haven’t won a trophy in 7 years and recently lost to Man United 8-2 FC. The anti support continues.

  19. Why are we playing in the CL on Wednesday when we are so bad?
    Oh yeh,I remember.
    Because we are a top top team.

  20. well, if we lose today, we are highly likely to drop to the relegation zone and stay there for a while, just look at the October fixtures…

  21. Mattyboy,be careful,those you are taking the piss out of are too thick to to understand.They will think you have gone over to the dark side.

  22. Suga3,

    You are a genius.

    Here is another one
    If we lose every game from now on in 4 years we will fall out of the league’s

  23. george,

    let’s be realistic, shall we?

    in the current state of affairs, Spuds and Chavs away are pretty much write-offs, Stoke played us off the park last time we played them and Sunderland is our notorious banana skin…

    and no, we don’t need to lose every game between now and the end of the season, drawing them all will be sufficient…

    besides, we are presentin relegation form since the CC Final debacle, have a read:

  24. If you think I will read that link then you really don’t understand me.

    I would bet my life we don’t get relegated
    Would you bet yours that we don’t get top 4?

  25. The English Media are are so difficult with Managers that are having a tough time. Kevin Keegan was absolutely hounded out of the game when things turned sour for him. The Media Sharks rarely feed on success. They are always attracted to someone who is struggling.

  26. george,

    first of all, I never said we would get relegated, just that we MAY (subject to other results) drop into the relegation zone and stay there for a bit…

    and you have to appreciate that the odds for us not getting relegated and us not getting into the top four are ‘slightly’ different, no matter how ‘unlucky’ (haha) we are…

  27. and you really should give it a read, just factual, mathematical analysis…

  28. Jack’s out till Christmas then, that means February. Wonder when we’ll get similar news regarding Vermealen then! Oh joy!

    WE definitely are in a relelgation dog fight on current form and league position, no use pretending otherwise.

    However, to suggest upcoming games are write offs is the kind of chat I’d expect from a fair weather fucker and regular reader of that cunt’s convention.

    You are definied by the choices you make, your choices suck big style dude.

  29. Love to hang around and “debate”, but life’s too short.


  30. Dexter,

    do you have anything but hope going to ‘Three Point Lane’ (not anymore) and Stamford Bridge, where, despite having much better team than we have now, we have not won a game for how long?

    fair weather fucker? bollocks to that, I support my team, but it does not absolve me from being realistic…

    I would not like to go to war under your command, something tells me that you would not value lives of your soldiers, entrenched in your delusions of grandeur…

  31. “Arsene Wenger has a heavy burden with which to cope and like all managers much is beyond his control. All we supporters can do is to give him and the players 100% support throughout the season. We cannot do more and we certainly must not do less.”

    Great point Nicky.

    Yogi I’ll be glad if Arsene only does the bare minimum he is contracted to in regards to the media. I’ve been thinking for a while how much the press love interviewing him because he will answer all their inane questions and give his true opinion on a range of matters not just Arsenal related. But then they turn around and bite the hand that feeds them by twisting his words and characterising him in a negative light. Well it’s time to stop giving them the ammunition. He can no longer even make a humourous comment without it again being willfully mis-represented to fit an agenda.

    As for Cahill, I disagree that he was ever an £18m player. Had Bolton valued him at a more realistic price he would now be an Arsenal player and they would not be dealing with a player whose head is not in the right place. No doubt he will raise his game today to prove a point to Arsene. But Bolton’s gamble did not pay off – Arsenal are hardly going to pay more for him with 6 months left on his contract than with 12.

  32. “You are definied by the choices you make, your choices suck big style dude.”

    While we’re on the subject, ‘you are known by the company you keep’ and ‘if you lay down with dogs, you’ll get fleas’!

  33. First tateezee or whatever ur name is Arsenal losing today will not be the hardest thing to imagine and I didnt hope I imagined. Aman am an Arsenal support and I aint gonna Bugger off dont take ur frustrations out on me. Look where we are Insults after insults how did we get here?

    What I know is that everybody is frustrated and broken but how long should we shoulder the humiliation? we lack leadership in and out of the pitch someone who will tell the Gervinhos that there is a reason why there are eleven players in the pich and learn how to pass the ball. Dont get me wrong Gervinho is good but at blackburn he selfishly could not pass the ball to RVP and go 3-1 up and kill the game. If Arsene cant tell him that then time to save Arsenal is now let him walk or be forced to walk!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Passenal I pinched some of your work and twittered it ,hope you dont mind

    “Blackburngeorge george rodger
    scum sucking lowlife not fit to lick the dog shit off his shoe are making a living tearing down a legend. Ungrateful snakes in the grass.”

    I gave you credit though!!!! 🙂

  35. Good morning you fine ACLFers.

    A few days away and I get the impression we’re a championship side playing a top premier league Bolton side with a world class defender in Cahill and British football’s AVB in Coyle.

    Somehow I get the feeling that even when we win, it will always be seen as the other team being totally crap, they can’t even take advantage of a relegation team like Arsenal.

    I’ve just watched yesterday’s press conference and it’s hard to conclude whether the press attending were just plain stupid or vindictive and vying for blood whatever small thing Wenger said. Personally, I think he should just tell all of them to fuck off – it might be cheaper and more sensible to pay any fines for refusing to appear for press conferences.

    ArsenalHasn’tWonATrophyIn7YearsAndLost8-2ToManUnited FC is clearly worse than 2nd division Schrewsbury Town – so what’s the point.

    The stupid fucks, the whole lot of them.

  36. Pedantic George, I like you!

  37. Hi Darius. The Ocampo show is live here. I’m afraid to say that Moreno Ocampo and his team appear incompetent!

  38. That’s okay George.

  39. Who’s ever heard of a relegation defining match only 5 games into a season…….. what bollocks.
    The season will progress as the season progresses. Nothing we or the press say will change anything…… lets just watch our team and enjoy, for good or bad.

    @@George the pedantic

    I read yesterdays blog and comments, excellent blog, shame the doomers couldn’t understand it.
    Thanks for your comment as to my absence. Actually been working on the cote d’azur, painting a mural for a restaurant, got back this morning so back on the blog.
    On the subject of todays game, the boys have to step up a pace and take the game by the throat, if they show any form of weakness they will suffer. Cahill will probably play a blinder…… to prove he is worth the money, which he isn’t.

  40. @Kenyan – LOL – they got to him, huh?

    My colleague thinks he was given a VIP tour of Koinange Street and that melloed the Argentinian.

  41. we are run by politicians. Cant see the difference between those who have the running of our team and the country. Incompetence,lying deceit,showing disregard for the masses.

  42. There is no question that the injury situation at Arsenal over the past few years has been nothing short of mindnumbing. The broken legs of course are nothing to do with training inuries etc but every year now seems to bring the same headlines with Arsenal stars unable to make the pith due to yet another ailment.

  43. @Duke.

    Pity you can’t vote to change the guard at Arsenal. I hear May 5th 2015 is voting day for the other cretins in Westminster.

  44. I caught the mirror article where Arsene is purportedly read to sell RvP, Theo, Arsharvin and TV5 next year because all are entering their final years on contract… piss poor journalism, but it shows just how things in hackville are preceived about all things Arsenal at the moment.

  45. Morning all, that is except Suga3. When will you ever learn? Nobody here will read that shite written by those two fucking idiots over at that horrible, disgusting and insulting site!!! Talk about a WUM!! Just piss off man, stop posting such drivel.

    I can see Arsenal exploding out of the blocks today as I think OC will play a bit more defensively than usual in an attempt to have more control over the game. However, I think that with the present position of this Arsenal team that this will be a mistake as they will be really up for it today. I think Yogi is right and that Cahill will be out to prove himself today. I do not think it will matter though as we will be too much for their defense which is really not good against teams that like to run at the defense. We will however need to be very tight in midfield, lose control there and it will be only a matter of time before they find an opening at the back. I am still going for a 4-0 to the Arsenal and before anyone says it, yes the rose-tinted glasses are firmly in place!

  46. Miami – what’s your view on the school of thought that our possession football makes us more vulnerable from hard tackling as a means of stopping us?

    Some of the more costly tackles were as a result of hard tackling e.g. RVP vs Italy or impacts like the one Vermalen got against Udinese or Gibbs against Standard Liege.

  47. @Miami – John Cross gets a bit excitable at times. The best way to see it is that his edotors are bastards and force him under duress to come up with Arsenal stories.

    Think about it, how would the Mirror come across such a story except if John Sat in the Hungry Horse on Fleet Street and came up with that shit after 4 lagers and a steak and kidney pie.

  48. @ George – There is no dark side as far as I’m concerned. Just a few spinless gloaters who go into work on a Monday morning with a copy of the Sun under their arm and can’t handle the stick they get from colleagues.

    I came third in a music competition once and count it as one of my successes 🙂 CLAP CLAP CLAP

  49. Did you know?

    Arsenal played Olympiakos this very coming week 2 years ago on Match day 2 of the Champions League. The Saturday before (today), Don Vito gave a man of the match performance at Fulham that saw Van Persie’s goal give us all 3 points at Craven Cottage.

    I’ll settle for 1 nil today.

  50. Arsenal Vs Bolton in the League cup. Nice home draw again.

  51. A repeat of today’s game in the CC then.

  52. irish,

    you could do well with reading something different from ‘sun shines out of Wenger’s arse’…

    drivel? oh, the irony, I am yet to hear a coherent counter argument…

  53. Well, I’ve been away as well and what a world this has become.

    Listened to 606 on saturday evening, (I know, I know), and there was an Arsenal fan showing his ambition for the club by advocating Moyes as our new manager.

    An idea of substance undoubtedly. Moyes to replace Wenger to take us back to our rightful place as Kings of the Universe.

    Moyes or Wenger, Moyes or Wenger? Which one should I choose? No, too difficult for me, Where’s my copy of the Daily Mirror?

    Fuck me the chickens have shat all over it!

  54. All those militant Arshavinistas and the rival members of the Theo Supporters Trust* should be aware that by the turn of the year AOC & Ryo could be snapping at their heels.

    Our motto:

    ‘What has happened to my beloved orthodox right ole whinge? Why, I remember the halcyon daze of watching record signing Wiltord peg it up and down the line. Um.’

  55. Darius, I do agree that a possession game with quick feet can lead to knee jerk rash tackles. The problem is we are not the only side that employ it, Manchester United have been very pleasing on the eye at times with quick movement and passing but don’t start each season with 7-9 players visiting the doc. To be completely honest I have no idea what it is about Arsenal or the way they play that warrants this yearly sidelining of so many players.

    On the article from the Mirror, I would say that I am very worried about the RvP situation with his contract because we clearly are not going to be the club offering the most money. I think the situation with Theo is different because he hasn’t really proven himself at anything yet and so whilst there may be some who would covet him it is not like the world class RvP. The problem with contracts now is the distortion in them by the rich few whom offer seriously silly sums and at the end of the day the players heads are turned. The business conducted by Barca was disappointing in the extreme, tapping up players and forcing them to put in transfer requests etc should be something that UEFA take a serious look at, but they won’t of course. It was made worse by them then coming back and declaring how they got Fab so cheap. The RvP situation is that we have a player entering the last year of his contract, he is young enough to warrant a great pay day and their are clubs willing to smash our best offer by 3-4 times the amount. I hear everyone cry “FFP”, but the truth is the Man City has thrown down a corporate marker with regards to behind the back hand shakes and yet we have still heard nothing from UEFA concerning that deal. To be frank, we haven’t heard much from City concerning the deal either. The greatest concern I have is that due to the economic realities we find the EPL in right now, Arsenal’s self sustainable model is actually seen as a blight on them not the model to which others should aspire.

  56. Suga3 just go away. We love dreaming here!

  57. yeah, especially from a safe distance…

  58. Suga3,
    You and you dumb as fuck disrespectful cunts from Le Shite don’t seem to understand the concept of support.
    Then again I am not surprised at them ,they are clearly just stupid.As you do not appear stupid it must be some weakness of character in you case.

  59. george,

    for the umpteenth time: I support the team and the club, but I fundamentally disagree with the way the club is run and the results vindicate my views…

  60. Is it only me or are there empty seats at Man City. They must be in crisis.

  61. No Suga3.
    You and your ilk are undermining the team and the manager,that can never be called support

  62. george,

    this is a two-way street, you went to the Blackburn game, yes?

    was your support shit? I would not think so…

  63. Just a thought. Clichy and Nasri are playing in the same positions they were playing at Arsenal using the same system for City.

    We always complained about the lack of cover for Clichy by Nasri – it will be interesting to see how the two perform at the club they say they went to win trophies in. Maybe a fistful of dollars will change their motivation.

  64. Suga3 I understand what you are saying but tell me how ,in anything in life,abuse and undermining has a positive effect.
    Do you think the players and manager will preform better or worse due to the constant undermining of there abilities?Really? Do you?Or do you not care?

  65. Dollars = ambition now Darius

  66. jack wilshere news came as a massive blow for our season.and team in general.Bolton despite their poor start it wont be an easy game.esp with the like of Cahil and Petrov it gona be a tuff game bt all we want is 3 point.

    Arsenal vs Bolton Match Preview read here

  67. Suga3 piss off man, with supporters like you who needs enemies!!

  68. and I am certainly not blindly supporting the manager who managed to cock up the summer in spectacular fashion and still thinks of himself as some sort of demi-god, who has been coaching for more than 30 years and will not accept any outside help, even though his methods are dated and clearly not up to scratch…

  69. Clichy oh Clichy….

    That was a criminal shot at goal – but what’s new.

  70. Wenger going for a different format with the team today, he is putting our two top scorers up front in a 4-4-2

    sagna———–Mert—————Miquel———- Gibbs



  71. If you go to the ground and boo(not suggesting Suga3 does)would that still be considered support?
    Its seems to me that many think it is .I don’t.I say its cuntmanship

  72. george,

    a sign of a real man is to stand up and be counted, responding to criticism by the way of proving the critics wrong is one way to do it…

    of course, you can always dismiss the critics as ‘silly people’ or those who have no idea as they have not worked a single day in football…

    or you can delay the news of the injury to one of your key players until the press can’t write a piece about it and step away from the questioning during the AGM…

  73. george,

    booing during the game is counter-productive…

    booing after the game when you can clearly see that the players can’t be arsed, on the other hand…

  74. Guys. Go easy on Suga 3.

    Remember. Keep your enemies very close in case your friends turn out to be bastards.

  75. @George the pedantic

    I Boo at the television…….. does that count?

  76. How many years have you been coaching Suga3? None is my guess. The real problem Suga3 is the fact that you get all of your info from the back pages of rag mags and seem to have no ability to seperate fact from fiction. This summer AW tried to convince two world class players to stay, in the end they both decided not too. So he then went and got 2 midfielders, Benayoun and Arteta. We lost a striker in NB52 so he went and bought another in Park. He also went and got Gervinho, Miuaichi and Chamberlain. Everybody and their dog was screaming for a CB and guess what? He bought a seasoned German international. We lost Clichy so he went and bought a Brazillian international left back as cover. Did I mention that almost all of these players are very experienced and are not “kids”? IDIOT!!!

  77. Suga3 ,Its not criticism that is the problem,Its the tone that is damaging.
    There is “constructive criticism”=good or “destructive criticism”= bad.
    But that you and your ilk choose to ignore this obvious difference tells me that its the hatred you enjoy rather than wanting to see improvement.

  78. irish,

    what makes you think I read tabloids?

    perhaps you are unable to form an opinion of your own, does that make you apply the same measure to everyone?

    convince two world class players to stay?

    – Fabregas said a year earlier that he wanted to leave, so him leaving in the summer was a certainty, not possibility
    – Nasri was allowed to run down his contract, whereas we were renewing contracts of freeloaders and players like No.15 with clockwork-like regularity

    as for the additions, they came way too late, as far as I am concerned, it’s called negligence…

  79. george,

    constructive critism: ‘Arsenal need a defensive coach’

    Wenger’s response: ‘I have been a football coach for more than 30 years’

  80. and oh, Irish,

    Mertesacker was only bought when it became clear that TV was out for a bit, so we are still one CB short…

    at the moment, our best CB pairing is PM + LK, far from convincing if you ask me…

  81. Suga3 Your thinking then should allow you to answer this equation

    X+Y= 10

    What are X &Y ?

    In other words you can not conclude”negligence” because you are not in possession of enough facts ,you have only evidence of the final outcomes and hearsay.

  82. Suga3 why not bring on your negativity after the game. Chill out!

  83. “constructive critism: ‘Arsenal need a defensive coach’”

    No that’s opinion.You obviously don’t know the difference.

  84. george,

    it’s negligence when you know that you are about to lose the heart of the team and dither around trying to negotiate some bullshit buyback clauses…

    it’s negligence when you wait for the last day of the window to sign no less than five players when the team is already shot to pieces…

    you are not really in possession of enough facts to prove me wrong either 😉

  85. george,

    when you have conceded the most goal since Derby fucking County disgraced the league with its presence and have the worst goal difference out of all 20 teams , then it’s more than just an opinion…

  86. I don’t have to prove it, the fact is you don’t have the facts ,none of us do.That is a fact.

  87. Come on Arsenal 3-! please. Any links for todays game folks

  88. george,

    but I do: we have signed five players way too late…


  89. No those are facts,the opinion is about why we are in this position.
    You cant see the difference.You see my opinion is that Arsene is the best manager in the world and does not need a lesser light to tell him what is required.
    But I could be wrong ,because it is an opinion and not a fact.
    Now do you get it or are you not bothered?

  90. we have dithered about selling Cesc and have not negotiated a penny more than originally offered…


  91. we have been getting gradually worse defensively season in, season out…

    clearly, there is a need for change of methods and they say that one can’t teach an old dog the new tricks…

  92. but thank you for saying that you may be wrong, it’s more than some can do 😉

  93. George, leave him alone. He’ll only annoy you more. Enjoy the match first then re-engage him!

  94. Are you really stupid or what?

    “to late” is opinion
    If the Five players were Messi, Ronaldo, Vidic ,Benzema and Iniesta,would it be a “fact” that we had failed because we signed them to late?

  95. a penny ?

    You can see the hole in that argument without my help?

  96. Suga3 – Mertesekker was bought as coverage for an injured CB but he was also bought because of his height which is something that people said we lacked. The fact that it covers both issues should be taken into account, you cannot pick and choose that which only suits your argument.

    Cesc was told that he could leave but only if a fair price was met, which eventually was the case. Personally I think he was worth a lot more but what can you do? As far as Nasri is concerned there was nothing we could do really as his head was turned but I think this came as a very big shock to AW, did he drop the ball on that one? Maybe. I think he should have kicked him out the second he requested to be transferred, yet hindsight is 20/20 and I doubt that is how I flt then so who knows. Like I said maybe.

    As for the rest of the additions. Benayoun was asked to delay his transfer by Chelsea as they were not sure if they would land his replacement. Arteta’s signing was portrayed as being at the last hour but in reality had been going on for days before the deadline. Santos had been contacted and had agreed to sign within a week of Clichy leaving but his club (just like Chelsea) would not release him until they had signed a player to cover his departure.

    Negligence, yea whatever mate. You are of course entitled to your opinion and I mine but posting a link to THAT lot is just asking for trouble on this blog. You cannot honestly expect me to believe you did not know that. As for you supporting the Arsenal I concede you probably do but it is how you go about it that gets me.

  97. george,

    mate, could we have signed them any later?

    would you agree that it pays to allow the new players some time to bed in? surely, you can’t argue with that?

    Messi, Ronaldo, Benzema, Iniesta? and what does it bring to the debate?

    it stil would be better to sign them earlier rather than later…

  98. irish,

    I went to the CC game on Tuesday and sang my heart out, stopped short from singing just one chant, you wanna guess which one it was?

  99. Saga3
    “Messi, Ronaldo, Benzema, Iniesta? and what does it bring to the debate?”
    Just showing you how your “facts” are not facts at all.

  100. Kenyan gunner – I know we should just ignore him but when people do this shit right before a match it gets my Irish up and I just can’t help myself!! Have said my piece so I will leave it as is. Did that other idiot change his tag by the way or did he just end up pissing off like they usually do?

  101. I went to the CC game on Tuesday and sang my heart out, stopped short from singing just one chant, you wanna guess which one it was?

    You didn’t have to,there were plenty of others who did it for us

  102. no, you have not…

    signing the players EARLY is better than signing the LATE, whether they are Messis or not – fact!

  103. Suga3,

    Your penchant for fusing fact with comment is interesting:

    “we have been getting gradually worse defensively season in, season out” – fact

    “clearly, there is a need for change of methods and they say that one can’t teach an old dog the new tricks” – comment

    Separating those may make your argument more cogent or even see you being taken seriously…

  104. Pre-matrch warm up, via some pleasent Dogface from the Untold domain.

  105. Yes that is a fact .but you said signing them late was negligence,and that was not a fact .Had it been those 5 you would have said it was genius.
    Now that is fact

  106. Conférencier Are you the cavalry? I have been waiting for the relief column to arrive.

  107. Irish, he calls himself Kenyan-gunner2. I’ll live with that!

  108. Has anybody on here heard of ‘in Arsene we rust Groups’? Note the word ‘groups’.

    This is a serious question. I’ve just had it used to me in an email.

  109. Conférencier,

    we are not getting better, are we?

    quite frankly, our defeding is clueless at times and when Keown was around, we managed a record clean sheet run in the CL – coincidence?

  110. and that defence had Senderos (whom I always rated, by the way) and Flamini played out of position in their ranks…

  111. aye sir george..aye

  112. Walcott starts!

    Better get down to the stadium.

    Alongside all the other realistic trolls. Wait! Hang on…

  113. Anyone got the lineup yet?

  114. Suga3,

    Keowne was doing his badges..not actively participating in the training of the first team, he himself never confirmed this “story”….nobody cares to confirm this though….the story suits their narrative

  115. Consolsbob – Yes I have. They have been around for a while. Something tells me Suga3 is one of them. You will find most, if not all, of them over at you-know-where.

    Kenyan gunner – Well at least he made an effort. Although not a very big one 🙂

  116. Hello boys and girls at last football’s back. Been a long time or at least it seems like it. Just ignore the pricks who only come here for a reaction, honestly its desperate. Imagine the only way you can get your kicks is by trying to annoy and irritate a group of strangers on the internet by the oh so clever tactic of just saying the opposite of whatever is the consensus.
    Anyway the defence will actually recognise each other this week which ought to help, but a few misunderstandingsgiven the new faces shouldn’t surprise anyone.

  117. irish,

    another assumption? clap, clap, clap…

  118. But it does suit Suga3’s agenda to not only believe it as “fact” but to repeat it as fact.
    That’s how they do it you know .Actually that is probably how Suga3 came by all of his facts.

  119. Conférencier,

    did he ever deny it?

    he might not have been on the books, but his advice must have been invaluable…

  120. No Arshavin in the line up.
    I am surprised .
    He should start in my fact,I mean opinion.

  121. george,

    something akin to AW repeating the mental strength mantra?

  122. I don’t think it’s unfair to question whether or not we were irresponsible in how much we ran out Wilshire on the pitch, particularly at the end of the season when it was obvious that he was run down, worn out. Lack of depth at midfield last season hurt us in that respect.

  123. “something akin to AW repeating the mental strength mantra?”

    Well no actually,nothing like.Not even close.
    Anyway I have done my best with you but I see others are right you are just here as a WUM

  124. Huge game today. 3 points is a must. Dropping points today would see us sink deeper into the quicksand

    Loss of jw is unfortunate but not unexpected. I don’t think the injury had anything to do with the number of minutes he played last season. He took the summer off. Things like this are not someone’s fault. They just happen. Sad thing is that we have to put as much pressure and expectation on the shoulders of someone his age.

  125. ArseChicago
    So which games would you in your wisdom have left Jack out of?

  126. george,

    nah, not a WUM, but someone of different opinion…

    and Wenger has been doing a ‘fake it til you make it’ thing with the whole ‘mental strength’ nonsense, when it was clear to see when there was none!

  127. A question.

    Which expends more energy – bitching about the so called Arsenal crisis to anyone who will listen, or spending time and effort supporting the team that Arsenal puts out on match day?

  128. Bill,

    it was already too much in the summer…


    the question is not which games he should be left out of, the question is why we didn’t have anyone to play in his place…

    Wenger admitted himself that JW was played ‘in the red’ for about 2 months and there is a rumour (just a rumour, mind you, even I don’t believe anyone could be that fucking stupid) of him playing through the pain barrier and with painkilling injections last season…

  129. Some streams here – can’t vouch for them; life without my P2P stinks.

  130. But you try to portray your opinions as fact.That is something you don’t seem to understand.On here that wont work .Unlike other sites most on here are not stupid.I am ,of course ,but most not so.

  131. Ignore it, it’ll go away. Treat it like a scab folks.

  132. fuck you steww, try presenting a counter argument…

  133. Go away Suga, come back after the match.

  134. Diaby will be back shortly to save the day in midfield. Fear not.

  135. You don’t really have an argument Suga. You may make a point or two but I don’t see a cogent argument in what you say.

    What’s an ‘In Arsene we rust Group’ Suga. Do you know of them?

  136. well steew take comfort in the fact if we win Suga will not bother to post tonite, he only posts if there is something to moan about. If we play well he deffo wont show his face until next time we loose. what is there to comment up on if there is nothing to critizise?

  137. cbob,

    well, the league table says otherwise…

    as for these groups, why should I know?


    nice assumption, now watch me prove you wrong…

  138. Darius @ 2:45

    Good one

  139. well there is a first for everything is it not Suga? 🙂

  140. 3-2-4-1??

  141. Saw the Valencia v BBB game last night and thought that we could play like Valencia does.


    Good luck.

  142. Looks like gunners playing a 4-2-3-1 and BW playing 4-5-1.
    Arsene and Coyle just shook hands and seemed on good terms……. Cahill not playing.


  143. is that the right lineup gains? the french stremer i watched had a setup of 3-2-4-1 … guess they had it wrong. thought it looked a bit weird 🙂

  144. Got a Russian sopcast link but it’s iffy. Anyone got any better?

  145. Any links guys?

  146. poodle,

    nope, I have been on here before, giving praise and criticism where it was due…

    just like now: great save Szczesny, clueless defending, nice counter attack, Gervinho not a team player…

  147. I would like to see Ramsey step up his game. I think he’s been under par in the last few games he’s played.

  148. Excellent “Arsenal friendly” commenttary from ATVO.

  149. Miami @ 12:25

    All teams have injuries. Red Mancs missing 5 starters right now. Teams like everton always seem to have bunches of players out. We don’t seem to handle injuries as well as other teams. Our backups never seem to get up to speed as quickly. Our guys always need a “run of games” before they can be effective. Last year our b team on paper was far more talented then any other teams squad players yet they were almost totally useless. not sure I understand why that happens

  150. Djorou is not even on the bench? is he injured?

  151. Gervinho not a team player!? Fuck off Suga3.

  152. First 5 minutes was a bit dodgy, BW going all out for an early goal, but we’re getting the game under control though still looking a bit nervy.
    Gervinhos run was a good opportunity, just pushed it just too far.

  153. Yes, JD has a hamstring strain

  154. Crowd doing well – come on you gunners and gooners.

  155. lol suga you are always around to give critisism if we loose and NEVER around to give prais if we win. as i said there is a first time for everything.. even for you….

  156. RVP and Theo look sharp

  157. Well, Suga, if you have never heard of these groups then I suppose that they don’t exist.

  158. Please keep us informed about the match. Can’t find a good stream.

  159. irish,

    he should have squared the ball to whoever was running with him, just like he should have passed to RvP in the Blackburn game…

  160. whatever you say suga..

  161. Suga3 you fucking idiot it was a heavy first touch, in other words a mistake that happens to every forward player in every game!!!! Christ are you trying to appear stupid or were you born that way?

  162. Love to watch with you guys but there’s a bad smell in here today so I’m going to enjoy the match on my own.

  163. If Kos had been in front of our goal for that, he would have put it in the net :))

  164. Steww – I hear ya man later 🙂

  165. So far results not going our way in the other games. Spuds up at craven cottage. Liverpool winning. Blue Mancs won. 3 points not optional today.

  166. Ramsey should get a grip. He’s not in the game and giving the ball away too easy. Mertesacker seems to be getting a grip on this physicality thing in the EPL.

    Torres has a red card – double footed challenge.

  167. irish,

    shut your fucking pikey gob…

  168. well we our defence has handled the match ok so far, now its up to our attack to do the same.

  169. Arsenal finishing very strongly. 2 great efforts on goal. Much better from Theo Walcott.

  170. and who said Per was a waste of space? hes going to be great for us.

  171. heavy first touch? he was running with the fucking ball, you idiot…

  172. An uneventful first half that we can build on for sure. We need to move the ball faster and Mertesacker and Koscielny seem to be settling down and doing the basics rights. I think we should try either Benayoun or Arshavin for Ramsey.

  173. Suga3 – “Pikey” now that is original. i wonder just how many times you have actually said that to an Irishman’s face. 0 is the answer right? You can piss off now Suga3, if that is the limit of your ability to put across your argument then what is the point? i was wrong you are not an idiot, you are a bigotted one!!

  174. means bye bye Barcelona and bye bye real madrid unless they both get bought up by saudi arabia or something. cos Spain is going down the drain!

  175. oh, touched a nerve there, did I?

    it was you who was resorting to insults throughout the day, so I feel pretty excused to snap at one point…

  176. We saw a lot more space with Theo out on the left. I like Gervinho’s movement as well. Merty is winning everything in the air against Davies. Ramsey and Arteta aren’t combining well. Aaron has been a bit of a headless chicken thus far. Song is playing well. He’s the one who is putting his foot on the ball and dictating play.

  177. Half time Stats Arsenal v Bolton Shots 8-1 On target 0-1 Passing Accuracy 84%-69% Fouls 4-5 Duels Won 50%-50% Possession 66%-34%

  178. Pikey? is that not something one should be banned ove? its that not like calling people fucking degos?
    which displays the ignorance and prejudice of the author.

  179. Chelsea2-0Swansea HT
    Liverpool2-0Wolves HT
    Man City2-0Everton FT
    Newcastle2-1Blackburn HT
    West Brom0-0FulhamHT

    Torres scored but then got redcarded for diving in with a two-footed challenge.

  180. @Poodle.

    The problem we have is that when Arsene who has a masters degree in economics suggests that Greece, Spain and Italy going bust is fairly imminent, they think these countries are run like Chelsea and Man City. I don’t think that the football establishment actually understands what’s happening in Europe. I don’t think they’re capable of grasping anything beyond their pay scale.

  181. I didn’t know Ramsey was playing until the last few minutes

  182. Well all we need now is a goal, as the defence look solid.
    Ramsey looks a bit out of it though. will be good to get Diaby and Rosicky back…

  183. Well people have been called worse on here and not been banned so please stop waving the imaginary card around poodle as that is a card offense itself and a form of cheating.
    Be a better man than that.

  184. Poodle – It is exactly that but what do you expect from someone with an IQ of 6?

  185. Irishgray, I’m part Irish on my mother’s side and I kind of like the idea of being a pikey.

  186. exactly, I have been called a cunt for no reason whatsoever many times on here, and I can bet that most of these keyboard warriors would not dare to say something like this to my face…

  187. Irish,

    IQ of 6? now that’s creative…

  188. Damn, I wish I could get the game here in North Cuba (aka Miami). It is good news to hear no goals conceded, still in 8 shots we have not worked there keeper… that true?

    The problem of economics does not effect football, Oil is better than gold.

  189. Can’t youguys leave that fucking troll to his own devices? Ignoring him is like throwing holy water on a vampire.

  190. Yeah!!

  191. super rvp

  192. Robin Bang Persie – a truly cultured left foot.

  193. I’s like a law of the game – RvP shall score.

  194. It’s

  195. Get in there you ephing beauty!!!!!!!

  196. awh Suga you just again reveal what kind of person you are by comparing cunt to pikey and degos….

  197. poodle,

    an insult is an insult, especially when uncalled for, simple as that…

  198. does anyone know hwo to get the annoying adds off the streams? those that cover the entire screen?

  199. If Van Persie scores another goal, it’ll be the 100th goal he’s scored for Arsenal.

  200. Ignore him, poodle. I thought 6 was quite generous.

    So the commentators saying PM having a stormer – do we agree?

  201. poodle,

    usually they are gone when you go full screen…

  202. Suga3 – Enough is enough mate, peace for God sake. Enjoy the game ok? great strike by RVP.

  203. suga. see thats where you are wrong…. you never lived in a multicultural society have you …

  204. but who cares! Bolton has got a red card… muahahahahaha!

  205. FG,

    I will have you know that I easily qualify for MENSA membership…

    and if you possessed such superior intelligence, you would know that ad personam stuff exposes your argument as weak…

    bored now, see you later…

  206. i do like Boyata though, hes a decent prospeect…

  207. irish,

    yeah mate, peace 😉


    I live in the UK, is this multicultural enough for you?

  208. I’d said that Ramsey shouldn’t start. I was wrong!

  209. Go Wolves Go Wigan

  210. Damn all my streams have been shut down, any one got a reliable one?

  211. KG – Not wrong he has just improved as the game has gone on. Would still love to see AA come on.

  212. come on arsenal,rvp captain marvel

  213. I would like a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th goal just to set my nerves at rest

  214. jeeses whats happend to jaskelinen? he suddenly become the best keeper in the league or something?

  215. Yet another keeper having a MOTM performance against us. Aaargh!

  216. Of course, Suga. You have a super special job, are equalling Einstein when it comes to your IQ and next you are going to tell me that you are hung like a horse and you are probably the bastard son of Bill Gates or something

  217. poodle,

    he was always pretty solid, would have him as our no.2 ahead of Fabianski any day…

  218. yeye suga, whatever…..

  219. Evil,

    I am doing all right career wise, being one of four people doing the job in the whole UK and according to some, one of the best in Europe…

    you don’t really need to equal Einstein to qualify for MENSA membership, you know?

    as for the rest, the less is said, the better…

  220. Robin van Perfect!

  221. WHAT A GOAL!!!

  222. he is better than Fabianski, simple as that, I am dreading Szczesny picking up an injury, did you see LF on Tuesday?

    I did…

  223. Beautiful Robin!

  224. yeye suga, whatever….

  225. RvP hattrick, anyone?


    Do you think the caps are big enough for the doommers to understand. 😀

  227. World class…counter…pass…finish……rvp.

  228. Yes Yes Yes – Mr. Robin Van Persie – Goal no. 100

  229. now just a 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th 🙂

  230. Wins are the key. We are up 2-0. Two good goals by RVP should be enough for the win. We need wins. This is a must. Bolton is dead after getting the Red Card. It is looking good but let’s remember the Wanderers stink big time. A good win.

  231. Robin van Persie – Goal Centurion.

  232. i think its time for AA and maybe AOC to come on and really open them up.

  233. Let enjoy the goal and forget about doomers for just a few minutes Northbank… It really tiring having to hear doomers every fucking few minutes.

  234. each win breeds confidence regardless of the opposition, a clean sheet would cap a great day

  235. poor song, that pass deserved better!

  236. Damn it Walcot should be putting those away if he wants to get a run upfront..

  237. Absolutely right, Miami.

  238. Good ball from Song, but if Theo can’t put those away, he doesn’t deserve to play CF.

  239. Good to see Rosicky getting some pitch time. We’ll need him on Wednesday.

  240. NB69, seen worse from Torres!

  241. I think this is Merts best game so far, at least the most comfortable for him.

  242. WOW that was almost a hattrick!!!

  243. Nice to Chamack coming on, he loves these type of games.

  244. Good to hear, irishgray – just a question of settling into the team.

  245. arshavin is super quality, what a player

  246. omg Theo is as bad as Torres these days!

  247. Very nice to see Zac Knight congratulating RVP on his 100 goals. Class 🙂

  248. The doomers will of course point out that it doesn’t count because Bolton were down to 10 men.

    Mertesacker and Koscielny have had a very good game.

    Nice gesture from Robin with the kisses to the crowd.

  249. Darius,

    it had certain impact, but I will take a win and a clean sheet…

  250. @Darius everytime Arsenal wins the doomes are unhappy because for every win we get thus longer it takes before we sack AW and that is the ultimate goal for many….

  251. Songs Pele impression…

  252. Song you fucking beauty

  253. We’ve only got one Song!

  254. WOW brilliant by Song!!!! And dam he deserves it!!! Now get 1 more so I can win my bet!!

  255. When Kevin Davies came on, John Cross was waxing unlyrically about Davies being Arsenal’s worst nightmare.

    Has he even touched the ball more than 5 times.

    Alex Song. You deserve that goal.


  257. LMAO Evil!!


  259. “Only one Arsene Wenger!!”

  260. He must really think he is Messi or something. When are we going to get a proper DM? We need a destroyer, not someone who is world class in defensive midfield AND an adept goal scorer.

  261. Forget Ramsey, Arteta and company. The closest thing we have had to Cesc this season is Alex Song. Some of his through passes have been fantastic. His goal was superb as well.

  262. Oh no, Walcott. Hammy?

  263. Walcott hamstring?

  264. all that and then an INJURY!
    wouldn’t be Arsenal without some bad luck.
    hope its not SO!

  265. shit, Feo is injured…

  266. Lets hope thars not as bad as it looks for Theo

  267. Wondering if I can take a cheap shot at the doomers?

  268. Good stuff. Clean sheet. Theo unlucky with his chances but great assist and all round play. That Alex Song – remember when morons like suga were saying he wasn’t fit to wear the shirt?
    All round just what the doctor ordered.

  269. Kenyan,

    we have just won a game by a good margin and all you think of is taking cheap shots?

  270. We do need to take a few more of those chances, but all in all a quality day under trying circumstances.

  271. So nearly a perfect day. Poor Theo.

  272. steww,

    and when did I say that he was not fit to wear the shirt?

    all I said was that he should be more disciplined at times…

  273. Finally. We are coming back to form. RVP impeccable and he deserved his goals, Theo played well but should’ve done better with his chances. Still nothing to take away from his performance because he caused trouble on the flank throughout the whole game and got a well deserved assist. Song, he is just something else, isn’t he? Several great passes, the through balls for Walcott or Arshavin come to mind, and that goal was wonderfully taken. Defensively we looked solid after we settled, the long ball game never looked like it was going to trouble us. All in all very satisfied.

  274. Headlines “Arsenal only score 3 in 27 attempts” or “Players beg Arsene for an attacking coach, having only scored 3 in poor display against sad Bolton”

  275. Man of the match, Van Persie. His first goal was magnificent. He led the team excellently today.

    Honorable mention, Mertesacker. Kept Davies quiet all afternoon and made it look effortless. Up to the sending off, Bolton only had one shot on goal and one corner kick. Quality defending.

  276. Brilliant game even better result. Hope Theo is ok as he was in rare form tonight. off to the bar to have a few beers and laugh at Torres (again!!) enjoy the weekend boys and girls, even you Suga3! 🙂 COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  277. Yay, up to 12th

  278. Get the fuck in! Yes.

  279. Suga3, I was going to let it go but you provoked. Nah, I’ll let it go. You are miserable enough already!

  280. Kenyan,

    miserable? think again…

  281. I was surprised to see Song playing AMF at the start but he surely showed why. Arteta MOTM for me, excellent distribution and transition from defence to attack. Rambo still short.

  282. Yessssss…betting we will have less posters here today than after the blackburn game..

  283. damn our luck with theo typical after a terrific performance like that..

  284. Theo’s run, which produced the red, came through the middle. Yeah!

    Name one central striker who doesn’t miss chances like the one Theo did, Raynor? .

  285. Couldn’t watch the game but chuffed we won, and kept a clean sheet too. Happy for Captain Fantastic on his century. Looking forward to your second century for the Arsenal, Robin. Sign that bloody contract.

    How did Gerv and Arteta do? Match summaries from those of you who saw the game will be welcome.

  286. arshavin should play more often, the guy oozes quality, at the moment he is better than gervinho, but gervinho is more direct, but i haven’t decided if thats a bad or good thing.

    Arteta, calm collected but reserved , should express himself more, he has the quality.

    Van Persie, please sign a new contract, even though you want trophies.

    Song is as close to a passer we are gonna get to after fabregas, it’s a mad statement but true lol, some of his passes were just unbeilievable,

    would have liked to see chamberlain

  287. 2 nil up against 10 men and I was still worried.The Doomer’s have done a job on me .Bastards.

  288. Henristic

    I felt arteta was excellent a definite candidate for MOTM , and gervinho was always a threat with his direct style of play, a couple of poor touches but overall good..

  289. a very useful site.

    What a goal by Song.

    My hats off to the Captain. The latest addition to the list of Centurions. Hope to have many more. I wish you to break King Henry’s record.

  290. If theo is out for a bit we have the Ox and Andrei.Both top top quality 🙂

  291. Henristic

    63% possesion to their 37%

    attempts on target
    arsenal 14 – 3 bolton

    attempts off target
    Arsenal 9 – 0 Bolton

  292. Mentalist, I thought Arteta was really good too, but he was a bit too quiet in the first half for my tastes. He’s getting better, though. His understanding with the strikers is improving and he’s beginning to understand Wengerball.

    Gibbs’ getting infront of Eagles on that counter was crucial. I thought he had a superb game. Sagna, like always, was Sagna. No need to even mention him. Kozzy was carrying a bit of a knock, no? He looked like he was struggling for spells today. He was excellent. Let’s see what Le Shite write about him today. Or maybe not.

  293. The best part of the game today was the confidence that oozed through the team. We needed that more than anything.

    Clearly, we didn’t score enough for the Sky Sports Stelling goons. I doubt we’d have done enough if we scored 6 or 9.

    They sound really disappointed that Arsenal kept a clean sheet.

  294. The Sky folks seem really upset that Davies wasn’t himself and able to “put himself about” and that Gary Cahill was not in the squad.

  295. that says it all

  296. Was Owen Coyle watching a different game?

  297. So Arteta the deep lying playmaker and Song the box to box boss man? A new type of midfield combo starting to take shape?

  298. Deise,

    who is supposed to offer some cover for the defence then?

    this was Bolton and we played against 10, hardly an indicator of things to come, no?

  299. SUGA – both are to offer cover silly. Song has the engine and he is younger so he’l do the running while Arteta can do the linking from defense through midfield.

    Wasnt saying ‘yeah we are brilliant again’ SUGA just that it looks like it might settle into that type of dynamic.

  300. LOL at Alex’s new nickname – Songaldinho.

  301. Dont fret Suga3 ,We will lose enough games before the sesson is over for you to use the now famous”told you so” mantra.
    Just slope back to Le Shite and tell them how shit we really are .They will lap it up.

  302. So does that mean Man United are in crisis after losing Wayne Rooney, Chris Smalling, Johnny Evens and looks like Javier Hernandez on injury in the same weekend. Poor Ferguson, always blighted by injury – they of course have a world class medical team who Arsenal should learn from.

  303. Deise,

    despite the goal, I still see Song as more of a destroyer…

    good overall performance in the second half from the team, as quite frankly, I was a tad worried, remembering the last week’s implosion…

    like I said, I am happy with the result, 3 points and improving the GD a little bit, roll on the Greeks!

  304. I hate to admit it, but the crowd support at the Britannia (I feel dirty just saying it) is really good. A very visible 12th man presence who shout for every move their team makes.

  305. SUGA3 | September 24, 2011 at 3:45 pm
    irish, shut your fucking pikey gob…
    I thought he once said that he never disrespected people??? You could just see Suga become deflated as the game progressed and Arsenal won so easily. Robbed him of the opportunity I suppose to post a hundred negative comments.

  306. george,

    now, now, I have specifically said that I will not use the ‘I told you so’ technique, despite being in position to do so…

    and there were still things which needed ironing out, but let’s not dwell over these, shall we?

  307. looks like the signing of Gervinho brings some competition to Arshavin, he’s looking sharper and more willing to try during the time he’s on the field. Really good to see Arsh wakes up to his better quality and I haven’t give up hope on him yet. His passing is still the best among all the Arsenal players of this season.

  308. PM,

    you may want to read the disrespectful comments going my way first…

    not that I am proud of snapping at him, mind you!

    deflated? come on…

  309. My God – United are really dire and defending like keystone cops. If this was Arsenal – they’d be slaughtered.

    Phil Jones is a good player. He’s giving a good individual account of himself.

  310. Three things from today:
    1. Why did I forget (again), until the second half, that I could be watching the game in HD?
    2. Why did the FSC commentators try to build up Bolton as if they were contributing anything to a game of football?
    3. Nice to see Per growing in confidence and actually bringing the ball out of defence and making telling forward passes.

  311. Thanks guys. Looks like it was an ‘easy’ win then? Particularly glad Arteta is improving. He’s gonna be vital to our chances this season I feel.

  312. A good win.

    Finally something to build on.

  313. @MD – Per’s performance was really encouraging. It grew in stature and confidence as the game went on and I think it might be a case of the nerves settling after the first few games.

  314. Bit sluggish in the first half, but very good performance when we upped the pace in the second.

    Back 4 to a man were excellent today.

    RVP – what can you say? Brilliant. Congrats on the 100.

    Sign him up quick!!!

  315. The united game over already, Darius?

  316. Good game at last and a return to the Arsenal passing game. As we know, our game is all about speed of passing, when we don’t move the ball quickly the other team can control us. Confidence is a key factor to the way way move the ball because we have to be accurate and very quick about it and this speed is only possible when the doubt isn’t present.

    If we string some wins together now we are at the point in the season where we will move up the table very quickly and the belief will return. I still maintain that we have an overall stronger squad than we did last year, despite the departures. We have more depth, and again, despite what some people may think (arshavin!!) we can continue our way without them. We still need to be more adaptable maybe but I have a lot of belief in this sqaud. i am worried if Sagna gets injured what will happen. Jenks will be the real deal but I think the OT “experience” has damaged him a bit and he needs some time. Thankfully Bacary usually stays fit.

    Real shame about Walcott, it seems it’s always worse when players go down under no challenge but the way he walked off didn’t seem to laboured so lets hope he got away with it. Although if Theo is out for a few weeks then Mr Chamber pot may just get his chance in the first team, be worried Theo 😉

    On the subject of chamberlain, I’ll probably get some abuse for this but I think Chamberlain could be a better player already than Juan mata, if not better then equal and maybe more suited to the prem. I’m not comparing the two as players, it’s just Mata is the one that 90% of doomers from Le love wanted over chamberlain, even though they want us to be more English. It could be to early to tell, but every cross I’ve seen him do he has nailed, every time I have seen him dribble he beats his man, every time I see him shoot he connects and every pass has been incise. He is quick and I haven’t been this excited about an Arsenal prospect since a certain spaniard!! Plus Ryo looks a real find too!! He plays in a similar style to Cronaldo.

    As far as january, I got a feeling Djourou has lost the confidence of the boss and will be replaced. Cahill would be perfect and would not cost serious money, plus Miguel can step into fourth choice. Eden Hazard anyone? Those two and I would be over the moon. People will say what about a DM? but I say Coquellin and frimpong can stand in for song. Unless they literally go to shit before crimbo I am happy about these two as replacements.

    Some work to do defensively. Not just the back 4, but mainly transition from attack to defence (and visa versa). Fab insinuated that this was the main difference between the way Barca and we play. Got a feeling Le boss may have listened, as all the talk coming out of the Arsenal camp is about defending as a team. One positive from all the crap that has happened recently, is we have a clean slate. If we can instil a new defensive philosophy into a new look team then it will be more “ingrained” than it ever could have been in the Nasrigas days. We have proven today we can play the Arsenal attacking way without them so if we learn how to defend as a team, we are a stronger team and squad than last year.

    Shit, long post, Great win today. Adieu

  317. Lmao at the Boss taking tactical lessons from Cesc.
    But nice post WillyBilly,don’t be a stranger

  318. Henristic. It’s about 35 minutes gone. Last time I checked, Nani had just scored from one of his long strikes at goal.

    My son has just hijacked the telly so I’m just watching bits.

  319. Utd up 1-0 but this game is far from over. Have to admit it Nani is looking like the player he always claimed he was. Very quick and very dangerous where ever he gets the ball.

  320. Darius – Tell your son well done as he should not be watching them play at all, its bad for kids to watch Stoke play full stop!!

  321. De Gea reminds me of Almunia in that he is terrible at crosses but is a world class shot stopper.

  322. Can I also just point out that Newcastle are flying high in 4th, unbeaten so far, so maybe a draw with them (with us having 10 men) was not the terrible result people claimed it was? Just sayin’ 🙂

  323. Classic Wenger here:
    on whether Inter Milan called him about their manager’s job…

    “I would not say that to you. I think you [the media] were consistent in wanting to get me out and I was consistent in wanting to stay in and to show my commitment to this club. So we have both been consistent.”

  324. I hate watching united so I don’t. More often than not I’ll support whoever they are playing against but they tend to win anyway.

  325. United 1 up against the run of play.
    Stuff of champions ?Not luck ?
    Not much.It makes me sick

  326. Fun,Now that is class from the great man

  327. If Theo and Gervihno’s attempts had gone in we would have destroyed them.Congratulations are in order for Captain Vantastic for his 100th goal. Wow, Song had passes like Cesc’s, Mert was my man of the match till Van persie scored his goals. He was pretty awesome tonight.
    3 points in the bag and a clean sheet. Bill must be in heaven and so am I. one game at a time people, lets win the next one.Sad to hear that Wilshire wont be back for alittle longer, hope it goes well with surgery and he recovers faster than the outlined timeframe.

    Some people are better off ignored (George and Irish am pointing at you) or else you may end up getting fleas for laying with dogs!!

  328. Didnt watch the 2nd half but I see we scored 3 very good goals. I was impressed with Arteta, some of his passes were real quality. Only a matter of time before our team starts rolling.

  329. Cheers pedantic, don’t usually post on the more pro wenger blogs, I usually spend my blog hours sticking up for the boss on the negative ones! But been banned from Le Grove too many times now for “upsetting the harmony”. They are always telling me to ” F off to ALCF you $%*%$ AKB c^&T!!!” so I thought I would swing by. Nice to read so many positive comments on here.

  330. Stoke are aggressively shit, that’s the only reason they’re in the game at all. I hope they score, though. My week-end would be a lot better if they’d beat Mnaure.

  331. Wellbeck is back already for United no? and he looked just as injured as Walcott when he went down against us. hope walcott is the same…

  332. Willy, I don’t think Mata is all he’s cracked up to be. I thought he was poor as Spain’s oldest player in the youth euros and Valencia haven’t missed him since he left. Canales looks to be a much better player than he is.

  333. oh so not a hamstring but a knee pain for theo? hmmm…

  334. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | September 24, 2011 at 5:37 pm


    despite the goal, I still see Song as more of a destroyer…

    Very myopic Alex is a great all round footballer, posssibly the most “rounded” or “complete” midfielder in the premiership. His performance today was reminiscent of Roy Keane at a similar age. He is strong, skilful, he can pass, he can run with the ball, he can tackle, he reads the game well and crucially always takes responsibility, a lynchpin in receiving the ball from the defense and rarely gives it away while being progressive and positive in possession. He is a massive footballer for us, the fact that he’s hated by the haters just about sums up our lunatic fringe. Sorely missed against Liverpool and again against Man Utd why people rate young Jack as a better footballer has always confused me.

  335. did you guys notice how United put two men around DeGea to protect him against stoke on that corner? like a buffer between Stoke players and their keeper.

  336. United woeful against set plays!

  337. Stoke equalize from a set piece.

    That crowd is really up for it. De Gea must think he’s in hell.

  338. @brady imagin when we get Mvilla in addition to Song. Mvilla is a player that has the same attributes as you describe above brady….

  339. but ofc as usual dumbasses cannot help but lable players and put them into one specific category. “alex is a DM” .

  340. Where are all the doomers. Last weekend after the Blackburn loss we had like 1738 posts by this time.

  341. have united gone to Stoke with their reserve team? it seems like that on the squad sheet. if they have it would suit them right if they loose…

  342. “why people rate young Jack as a better footballer has always confused me.”
    Hope you have a good tin hat BRF.
    I too think Jack is overrated.
    Not that he is not good .I just think people are rating him as if he has fulfilled his huge potential.And as of yet he has not .Simple due to his age .But as of now he is just a very good player,he is not yet the world beater some people have him as.
    Having said that I am 100% sure he will be.Ok 99%,well 98% then.if not……………………………….

  343. Wonderful game! This game kept my interest from start to finish.

    Darius your comment about injuries and the possession game rings a bell with me. However, our possession game involves quick passing often with only one touch. Is it not longer possessions of the ball as in dribbling that results in the bad tackles? In fairness, the brutality in the English game is not just reserved for Arsenal. Although, the rough stance that some teams take against Arsenal must seem as though we have a reserve on rough tackles. Still, it is understood by some managers that coming at Arsenal with toughness is a way to throw us off our possession game and this results in a lot of knocks. Being tough with Arsenal is a well known strategy in the League. It is a bit sad that some adapt that strategy to play our team which undermines the beauty in the game.

  344. ah but Suga promised to be back and talk about how good we were tonite if we won. he sais he is always hanging back after victories and giving cred when its due… expecting him to come and enlighten us soon. after all “he is smart enough to be in mensa if he wanted to, just as you all know”.

  345. poodle, what reserves are you talking about? Most of these players have played top flight football for years.

  346. but i thought Per had a nice game today though 🙂

  347. Does Mr. Mensa know of his yearning? Poodle

  348. Man United are really being rattled. They look very shaky.

  349. yeh paul but its not their top line up i mean…

  350. Well makes for a better weekend solid win and clean sheet wonderful and the fact that people are struggling to choose man of the match showed how well everyone played. Now win in midweek and the confidence comes back

  351. But Alex Song IS a DM. When was that ever not the case? DM’s score goals sometimes don’t they? Same with CB’s, yet I don’t see many calling for TV to play box to box.

  352. no rooney? and who is their rightback tonite?

  353. Two owls.

    Very interesting points there on the strategy that is used by most teams to attack Arsenal. We have certainly suffered from aggressive play designed to throw us off our game.

    United are now playing with 10 men coz Evra is out and they’ve made all their subs.

  354. well, I posted what I thought was my opinion on the game, but let me join the convo:

    – sloppy in the first half
    – much better in the second
    – no contest after the red card

    Song a better footballer than Jack? now I’ve heard it all…

  355. @Hen but hes so so so much more.

  356. im sure the ref will save United though if they dont manage to win by themselves 😛

  357. Song and TV are not the same at all. Song is a playmaker, TV isnt.

  358. Sorry – Evra was injured and they can’t make a sub.

  359. RVP overtook Merson today in the all time Arsenal scoring list. Makes it even better…

  360. With everyone fit ,Song is more important to the team than Jack.Though less so now that Cesc and Nasri have left

  361. heh Giggs has played for longer than Wilshere has lived. how mad is that? 🙂

  362. Supercod,Merson was better between the lines than RVP.
    That is between the fist line in each nostril and …….. well you get my drift

  363. The Man United defence has really been exposed today by Stoke particularly on set plays.

  364. surly they must have more adapt players than Valencia to play on the right side?

  365. Thoughts from the game:

    Unsurprisingly tentative start from the players, but they were starting to build and pressure Bolton towards the end of the first half. It was great to see them up the tempo and score early second half. Bolton had nothing to offer after they went down to 10 men, but I knew they couldn’t keep up that first half pressing for 90mins. We were always the most likely to score and win.

    Honourable mentions for MoTM – Koscielny – he is very underrated but is a tenatious tackler, reads the game well, anticipates danger and intercepts passes, throws his body infront of shots, can bring the ball out of defence, passes well and almost scored! He surprised me with that fierce shot – looks like he’s been taking lessons from Vermaelen!

    Song – was everywhere today and some of his passing was sublime, yet people want that talent to be wasted just being a DM! Really well taken and deserved goal. He could have had a couple of assists as well if some of our strikers had been on the ball!

    But my vote goes to RVP. He worked really hard and you could see how much it means to him to captain this team and to get his 100th goal. And it was a very stylish goal too.

  366. I don’t think Song is a playmaker at all. That’s not to say he can’t pass or dribble, even some GKs have those skills. The key thing here is that his key role for the team is to be behind play, protecting the back four. Since we are an attacking team, he’s got to join in our attack as well, same as our full backs and sometimes CBs. That doesn’t change his role though. He’s not a purely. defensive DM like Mascherano, but he’s no Xavi/Cesc either.

    You guys sometimes make it seem that a defensive minded player must not have skills at all. If he displays a few, then he becomes a playmaker?

  367. Bradys right foot

    pedantic george | September 24, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Don’t worry George I’ve got a tin hat and a brass kneck but young Jack is still a fantastc footballer and has the potential along with Ramsey to be greats in the modern game. Song is a better all rounder than both he reminds me of Keane with a greater ability to run with the ball, not a Paddy V as he simply doesn’t have the dynamism or athletisim. If Ramsey Jack or Alex get near that level well all be happy. I think Alex is making strides in that direction his performance at Dortmund and today were fantastic.

  368. Thanks, Passenal, really good to hear your thoughts. I could swear I heard you singing and of course screaming when we scored!
    Agree totally about Song – he played that creative role at Charlton. Great for us – more options and more flexibility. Why rigidly categorise a player who has so much to offer?

  369. willybilly | September 24, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    I don’t think Arsene got the idea from Cesc! He was always trying to get the team to attack together and defend together. Cesc may in fact have been part of the problem as BBB don’t look as solid with him in the team and ended up drawing 2 – 2 with Real Sociedad from 2 – 0 up.

  370. “Thanks, Passenal, really good to hear your thoughts. I could swear I heard you singing and of course screaming when we scored!”

    Well, I was singing and screaming for two today! I couldn’t let you down.

  371. Henristic, when does Song become a deep lying playmaker who can also tackle and setroy play? Because that’s exafctly how he played today.

    Young Jack is not hype friends. That boy is the real deal. Ask Cappello.

  372. Henristic, Song can do more than dribble and score, some of his passes are top quaility. What makes a player a play maker? isnt it a player who can make plays consistently? Song is just that good and his position in the team doesnt take away his other obvious attributes.

  373. * Destroy

  374. Cappello has little choice .
    Jack is not yet a player in the top bracket.But he has every chance of being one.He has everything.Or so it seems up till yet.

  375. United wasn’t playing with their reserves today. Berbatov came in for Rooney and Jones was playing for Vidic. That’s the only two modifications they’ve made to the team. Valencia played at RB for them in the CL final so it’s not like he hasn’t been played there before.

  376. george,

    I like to think of Jack as someone in Joe Cole’s mould, he used to be a properly exciting player, real shame about him sitting on the bench all this time at Chelsea…

    let’s hope he is not affected by injury once he comes back (sigh)…

  377. Cappello starts Jack over Lampard, Barry and Carrick. I’d say that’s having a bit of choice, George.

  378. Cole scored for Lille today, btw, the game ends in 3 minutes + injury time…

  379. I’ve got to mention the crowd. It was great to hear them give AW that vote of confidence after yet another week of the sharks circling. It’s heartening to know that not all our supporters have fallen for the media game. And of course I joined in on that chant with gusto – george would have been proud of me!

  380. It’s not like Jack’s got an infected pancreas, Suga. Are you sighing because you’re lifting something heavy or are you sighing because you’re a negative prick?

  381. G69,

    I’m sighing because we have just lost ourselves a month trying to be smart with come protective boot nonsense instead of putting the lad under the knife outright…

    you know it makes sense, don’t you?

  382. Surely surgery is the last in the line of options if there is a chance for natural healing, especially as hes a young lad. The medical staff would have taken advise from specialists on these matters and went with their recommendations. At least thats how i would see it.

  383. Gains,
    I didn’t see today’s game, but if its anything like Songs normal game, then he was playing as DM right? If he wasn’t then who was? Who was the midfielder with the most defensive responsibility?

    Again, I’m not saying he isn’t skilled, can’t score, or can’t pass. He can clearly do those things, better than most other midfielders in the prem. But except for a spell early last season, Song was more often than not, the midfielder who rarely goes beyond the ball, but instead sits back and protects.

    Calling him is DM is not a slight, or an attempt to pigeonhole. Its just his job most of the time.

  384. Deise,

    why was it exactly the same scenario with TV then?

    IMO, that’s trying to cut corners and rush the player into action, we have seen it more than once with Cesc…

  385. Thats ridiculous! Doctors will`always lean to something healing naturally if they deem it possible. Surgery is always the last resort as you have no guarantee’s.

  386. I believe that you have more of a guarantee if you actually apply the surgical treatment, where possible, as long as a doctor knows his stuff, that is…

  387. ‘why was it exactly the same scenario with TV then?’

    i can only assume that it was again taken with advise from specialists. None of us are privy to that information so we can only speculate. They aint the same injuries its just turned out that both need surgery.

  388. Perhaps Wenger will choose to play Song as our creative hub at some point, but I don’t see it happening soon except for injuries etc. Just like he can do a job in defence but you don’t want to ‘waste’ him there.

    We have ‘potentially’ more creative midfielders e.g. Ramsey, Rosicky, Benayoun, Arteta. If these guys are available and in form.

  389. Suga, your negativity is off the chain man.
    what you are saying just isnt sensible.

  390. Deise,

    I think it was the club’s medics trying to do their thing first, then running out of ideas…

    it’s no secret that some players (like AA, who even said it publicly) don’t want to go anywhere near them…

  391. Paul N,

    now, where did I say something negative?

  392. The knife is only first resort if there are no alternatives. No doctor knows exactly what will happen, thats why caution has to prevail. This has been dealt with correctly. You wait and see if alternative care works first.

  393. Suga, why would you say the team is trying to cut corners, is that positive? that is pure negative speculation.

  394. surely, if you are a proper sports medic, rather than some paracetamol ‘prescribing’ idiot of a GP, you can work out the probability of the treatment being effective?

  395. Suga3, does your mensa level IQ also make you an expert in sports medicine? How do you know what his scans were indicating and what should’ve been done, you fucking hack?

    Henristic, if you’d seen the game you’d know that he was playing as a deep lying playmaker. The goal he scored was from open play. Song was just outside the area when he scored it.

  396. G69,

    now, now, why resort to insults?

    hack? PMSL…

  397. Paul-N, please don’t engage that troll, he has had far too much attention today. He cannot lambast the team because they won the game, so he’s starting on the Wilshere injury like he is a medical expert who has actually examined the patient. Discussing the situation with him is completely pointless and when people stop responding to him he will slither back under the rock from whence he came.

  398. I never said I was a medicine expert, but does our record of keeping players fit and healing the injured ones not make you wonder sometimes?

  399. Hensristic didn’t even watch the game today and here he is trying to pigeonhole Alex Song into being a D**Mer. Oh dear. You’re a crack up, Henristic. Alex Song is a central midfielder simple as.

  400. Wow, didn’t know that Suga had a medical degree. Adds a lot to his already impressive resume. I can only don my hat to this remarkable man.

  401. @Passenal:
    “Honourable mentions for MoTM – Koscielny – he is very underrated but is a tenatious tackler, reads the game well, anticipates danger and intercepts passes, throws his body infront of shots, can bring the ball out of defence, passes well and almost scored! He surprised me with that fierce shot”

    If you read your description in the mainstream football media, it almost sounds like you’re talking about Sideshow Bob aka David Luiz of Chelsea.

    Koscielny is treated by the media and ungrateful AFC supporters like a step child from the wrong side of the rail tracks because he didn’t cost Gary Cahill-esque prices and they didn’t know him before.

    I actually think that for teams that are mobile like United and Barcelona, Koscielny and Vermaelen will make a formidible pairing. Mertsesacker is also top top quality as they say, but needs to be used in the games against cloggers. In practice though, injuries, suspensions and form will decide who plays.

  402. Henristic, In my view we played

    Ramsey – Arteta
    —– Song ——

    But that’s not to say Alex was our creative mind. He did well create some plays, but the probable reason AW pushed Song forward was to worry Bolton’s DMs, leaving more space to Ramsey and mainly Arteta dictate the play.

  403. This is by far one of the best blogs a pleasure to read as always YM, this is what supporting a club is al about. Have just been to le grove, its like being in school playground, so much bile are you sure its not le spuds in disguise and disgust.

    Kenyan gunner “tuko pamoja” (swahili for we are together)

  404. Mentalist,
    Now you’re saying Ramsey and Arteta were the deep lying midfielders not Song? Hmm…

    Who made the most tackles, interceptions, etc of them three? That’s usually a good indicator for who plays DM.

    Can’t help yourself can you, stalker of mine?

  405. On the topic of surgery.

    My mother is a doctor (retired). In medicine any good doctor will tell you that the best surgeons are the ones that are reluctant to operate.

    Cutting is ALWAYS the last resort.

    You are opening up the protective layers of the body and separating tissue, always a risk and only to be carried out when absolutely necessary.

    Knife-happy surgeons are frowned upon.

  406. I agree with that MikeSA. Rather silly to argue otherwise, but suga is well known for regularly arguing himself into cul de sacs

  407. Excellent result.

    The only TV channel showing our game live today was our Portuguese channel (which had a problem and only got sorted out about 10 mins into the game).

    Amazing how relaxed I was just watching and having no idea what the commentators were saying.

    I got more tense watching some of the other games, and hearing one commenturd claiming that some thug had “every right” to go into a tackle with reckless abandon because he was being “enthusiastic”. Where do they find these clueless ball bags?

    my priority/wish list today was:
    1. 3 points
    2. Clean sheet
    3. We score a bucket load

    I reckon 2 1/2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

  408. Mzee matata karibu, it is not worth going there man, and to think these posters are adults and of sound mind!!!

  409. Funniest chant of the day: “We… are… staying up, we are staying up!”

  410. @Mike

    4. No injuries. ???

  411. And may I say a big “Thank you” to YW, OOU, and many (but not all!) of those who comment for making this site so enjoyable.

  412. Regarding Song :

    Some years ago he was the favorite of the doomers. Old habits die hard. Now he is the best DM in the league, they flay him for scoring a goal and being creative.

  413. Wilshere wrote on his Twitter account: “Been in a boot for a month and the bone is not responding. i will have surgery on my right ankle on monday with the two best surgeons around.

    Sounds like Jack is being sent to some dodgy GP in London, doesn’t it Suga3?

    Koscielny is one of the hottest defenders around Europe at the moment. Don’t think that his performance against Messi, in what was billed the best game of football of the 2010/11 season,went unnoticed. .

  414. Gains,

    having difficulties with comprehensive reading again?

    what’s new?

  415. Shwe, to my shame I have to admit that wasn’t in the forefront of my thoughts, I only had the 3, I am a simple old fart at the best of times! 🙂

    On the topic of Songaldinho.

    Very few seem to be aware that when he played for our reserves, before he went on loan to Charlton, he was our most creative player in the reserves, his key pass and assist stats were awesome, he wasn’t even vaguely played as a DM there, so why he’s suddenly relegated to being regarded as only a DM/destroyer, even one with a bit of skill, is beyond me.

  416. I thought Song was MOTM. Very effective at breaking up play and protecting the back four (as one would hope). More surprising was how well he did at receiving the ball with his back to goal, shielding the ball and linking play – especially when the team seemed a bit nervous in the first half. As at Blackburn last week, he played a number of fantastic through-balls. His goal was a fitting reward for a terrific performance.

    I thought Koscielny also did very well. In the first half, he seemed to recognise that with Bolton marking the midfield so closely, he could make a difference by stepping out of defence to make the extra man. His left-footed volley on the turn in the box – well, I admire his ambition!

  417. Mike, according to Suga3, putting someone under the knife is like going to the butcher’s and asking for frenched pork chops. Easy peasy. Who cares about potential risks? Those don’t exist in a mensa level genius’ world.

    My uncle, who is also an M.D., had a stress fracture in his foot and he put himself in a boot until it healed. It took him about two months and everything was back to normal. I’m pretty sure if going under the knife was so risk free he would’ve called any number of his doctor friends or his cousin, one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the north eastern United States, to operate on him. I guess Suga knows more than my uncle, your mother and the medical proffesionals who are weary of doctors who are knife happy.

  418. Forgive me, Suga. I am not a mensa level genius like you are. Despite graduating uni with honours and speaking five labguages, three of which I taught myself phonetically, I am a dumby.

  419. well, the boot didn’t work in Jack’s case, did it?

    and I somehow doubt that your uncle’s legs need to be as strong as these of a pro footballer…

  420. *Languages

  421. five languages?

    well, we are on par then!

  422. Henristic, I was just talking from my observations, but if you take a look at the Guardian chalkboards, Song made 68 passes, 22% of them made just in front of their box, while Arteta made 77/12% and Ramsey 88/8%. Song also made 2 tackle attempts, against 6 from Arteta and only one from Rambo.

  423. The book often works too, genius. That’s why they put it on first before operating, DUH!!!

    Please explain how a healed bone needs to be stronger for an athlete than for a pensioner. The bone either heals completely or it doesn’t. By the way, older people suffer from calcium deficiencies and are often out of shape so I’d say their bones have to be just as strong as a footballer’s bones.

    I’m starting to doubt your mensa credentials. I bet someone was taking the piss when they told you about having a mensa level IQ. Since you appear to have mild autism, you appear to be incapable of reading emotions, you probably thought that person was being sincere.

  424. What do you speak?

  425. Gains, coming from medical families (my mother’s father was a surgeon and her brother was also a doctor), the premise that a doctor’s duty of care is to their patient is second nature.

    As football fans, we tend to focus on what’s good for Arsenal, forgetting that isn’t the primary focus of the medical staff.

    It might be obvious to some, but it’s not necessarily obvious to everybody, it’s always interesting to learn from people from different walks of life.

    I come from a strong medical family on the maternal side and strong legal roots on my father’s side also going back several generations.

    Personally I am in IT, as is my brother, so hearing from people outside of those arenas is always fascinating (from within them as well, I guess).

    There’s always something new to learn.

  426. @MikeSA

    Nice post.

  427. Polish (mother tongue), Russian (learned in the primary school), Czech (lived there for about a year as a kid), German and English…

    thinking of taking up Spanish shortly…

    of course I know that older people have calcium deficiencies, but the bones and joints of a pro athlete need to be stronger, simply because of the punishment they are subjected to during the games and training, simples…

    mild autism? I don’t think it’s in good taste to make insults of that kind…

  428. Clean sheet. 3 goals. 3 pts. Good result.

  429. The player that I think was MOTM after RVP was Per Mertescaker. He made Davies look a shadow of himself. I’ve never seen a defender dominate him as throughly as Mertesacker did. He was all over him this afternoon.

  430. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | September 24, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    five languages?

    well, we are on par then!

    Don’t sell yourself short Shoogs you are also fluent in bullshit. 🙂

  431. BRF, whatever anybody comes up with he will always have to one-up them! He should change his name to Billy Liar!

  432. Again, moron, the stress older people put on their bones is sometimes even greater than what twenty something athletes put on theirs. You know how my uncle got his stress fracture? Walking from examining room to examining room in his practice. He probably walks a distance of less than a mile and a half a day. Now how can older people like my uncle get stress injuries when they don’t engage in proffesional level sports?

    Jack doesn’t have a tendon or joint injury. He has a stress fracture. Stop confusing tendons, ligaments and joints with bones, genius.

    You’re awfully sensitive for someone hurling xenophobic insults just today. And I’m being serious. You should check to see if you have mild autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Most highly intelligent people show symptoms of these disorders.

  433. Guys, it was a great performance today… but, lets not get ahead of ours. If we just on this success and create it has the ship finally being righted we are not better than those that considered Arsenal sunk after a loss. It was a great game for Arsenal, moreso for the confidence it’ll give heading in to the next game. I just watched it in Spanish (nope don’t speak it) but I’ll take anything I can get 🙂

  434. Bradys right foot

    I have had to suffer ER, Casualty and quite enjoyed Scrubs. I’ve been to the doctor and physio, I’ve played in games were people have been stretchered off, I’ve also accompanied a team mate to hospital with the paramedics. Despite this experience and bits and pieces of knowledge I’ve picked up along the way I’ve had to tell Colin Lewin that I’m not going to the position in the medical team but I’m doing a first aid course at the end of the year and hope to go straight into a management riole as Lewyns boss, I just hope Shoogs you don’t have the time between your philanthrepy, charity work, International committments and UN goodwill ambassador role to beat me to it, lets face Lewin not got a clue compared to you.

  435. er, because their bones are not as strong due to calcium deficiencies?

    the ‘greater’ stress is only relative, given how weak their bones are, yes?

    and let’s be precise, shall we? I was not ‘hurling xenophobic insults’, in fact, I have said something once, hence using the plural form is an exaggeration…

  436. BRF,

    all these commitments sadly leave me with no time to spare, the position is all yours 🙂

  437. @G69

    Yes, PM didn’t seem to win (m)any of the headers against Davies, but he did very well in neutralising him. (The team as a whole did well to avoid giving away free kicks.) PM’s still settling in, but I think he will prove to be a great addition to the squad.

    Some other talking points from the day:
    Kudos to Mark Clattenberg for playing a terrific advantage for RVP’s first goal. Also to Szczesny for an important save early in the match when the defenders were caught napping.

    Did anyone hear the Bolton support at any point during the match? They may be bottom of the table, but surely they deserve _some_ backing.

  438. Bradys right foot


    Even you have your limits m8

  439. Bloody hell, Messi makes this game look easy.

  440. Sort of watching the barca athletic game while I’m reading through the comments. Cesc having a good game, Reyes has been fairly anonymous as far as I can tell from my intermittent perspective.

  441. You’re following along well, Suga3. A healed bone is a healed bone and the boot is a therapy many patients, regardless of age or physical activity, use to heal over-use injuries. Therefore, your whole argument about saving a month and puting Jack under the knife right away was not only stupid, but short sighted and even childish, like most of your arguments.

  442. miami, who’s getting ahead of themselves? Congratulating the team for a good performance, a win and a clean sheet is what supporters do. If we can’t celebrate victory when it comes, should we only wallow in the misery of defeat? Life is all about balance. Maybe you should go back and read the posts because I did not see anyone suggesting we were world beaters on the back of this one result. Most are just hopeful that it will give the team and supporters confidence to carry on in the same vein.

  443. Watch the second half again, BBoots. Per won every ball in the air that he and Davies disputed. I think you’ve got him confused with Koscielny. Koscielny won few aerial duels against him but was dogged enough to destabilize Davies and prevent second ball opportunities falling to a Bolton player.

    No one is getting ahead of themselves, Miami. I haven’t read any comments saying that we’re going to leave Manure and City in the dust. We’re taking things one game at a time.

  444. Messi hat trick. 12 goals this season.

    Cronaldo also one earlier, 7 goals this season.

    Neither top their league ATM?

    Spanish league fairly intriguing ATM.

  445. I’m glad you can tell the plural from the singular, Suga3, but it doesn’t change the fact that you’re a xenophobe. Is that precise enough for you?

  446. Mike, I think them two and Rooney being on so many goals early on is kind of meaningless. Most of their goals have come after games have been thoroughly won.

  447. very glad for the team, they need this good win.

    especially glad for RVP. taking up the mantle of my best arsenal player after DB10!

  448. nope, I am not, using certain kind of language does not make me one, words should serve the people, not the other way around…

  449. anyone think clattenberg n koz looka like.

  450. @G69 Very happy to hear that re Per. Hoping he and Koscielny will be similarly dominant next week against Adebayor (and Defoe).

  451. G69 & Passe, I didn’t state anyone labelled the team a world beater after todays performance and stated that it was a great display myself in the same write up. My point was that this great display does not mean we are over our hump with regards to confidence and if you have not noted the odd comment with regard to us turning a corner above then you are not reading all the posts. All I am saying is that it is a confidence builder going in to next week, we are not cured because we won a game nor are we the world’s worst having lost 3.

  452. It wasn’t a great display. Until 2nd half and 10 men it was pretty average.But it was a win and a clean sheet so who cares ?

  453. Seems like you care dfb?

  454. In the context of recent performances, I saw today as a GREAT day.

    Dups, it was bound to happen, they want to buy the best and they have no shortage of cash in which to do it. Anyone that actually thinks they have a plan for youth development is deluding themselves, the only reason to create new facitities is to pay for their wage bill through oil hand shakes from their cousins. All the developement of Man City now can be used to offset FFP regulations.

  455. I just got home and am as drunk as a skunk.
    Now I am feeling shit about myself because I cant even speak one language properly.I think I will head over to Le Grove with the other idiots 😦

  456. George

    If you go to ‘the grave’ you can learn 2 new languages.Bullshit & gibberish.

    Neither worth the effort.

  457. Bradys right foot

    I’m flattered Shoogs, but rather than run and post on Le Moan where im permabanned, my crime being able to articulate my view, you could have engaged the topic here.


    Load of shite from Hayward – and he got hammered in the comments section.

  459. MDGunner,

    I agree. The responses to that fool’s piece are first rate. As for our performance yesterday, very happy.

    More of the same please

  460. any word on theo?

  461. apparently, nothing major, may even be available or selection on Wed…

  462. Our all-conquering Ladies are contesting the Continental Cup final against Birmingham City today, in pursuit of a domestic treble. So please be thinking about them at 2:15pm today.

  463. ESPN, it says on the website.

  464. Just got back from the game. Loved it. Really enjoyable. Especially the praise ringing out around the ground for Robin. Great support, and a much deserved ‘Wan Arsene Wenger’ as the finale. Wonderful stuff.

    …Waaaan Arsene Wenger…theres only waan Arsene Wenger…wan Arsene Weeennnggggeeerrrr…theres only wan Arsene Weeeeennngggeeer…

    Robin Van Persie…clickclickclick…Robin Van persie….Clickclickclick

  465. Frank, you need to sort your transport out mate.

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