Did Arsenal Win? You Wouldn’t Believe It From The Headlines

Carling Cup 3rd Round
Arsenal 3 – 1 Shrewsbury Town

0 – 1 Collins (17)
1 – 1 Gibbs (33)
2 – 1 Oxlade-Chamberlain (58)
3 – 1 Benayoun (79)

Arsenal progressed through to the fourth round of the Carling Cup with what was a deserved win in the end. It was very much a game of two halves, Shrewsbury in no way flattered by going into the interval on level terms with Arsenal’s fitness and technique eventually allowing them to dominate the second period.  It was a good test for the younger, inexperienced players and one that they will have learned more from than if it had ended up with a rout.

Another plus point for Wenger was that new signings broke their scoring ducks whilst Kieran Gibbs equalled Gael Clichy’s scoring record as left back with his first for the club. Just the defensive side of the game to work on and the youngster will surpass his predecessor.

Of course it wouldn’t be Arsenal if the match did not come filled with negatives. In the media that is. The crowd of 46,500 is dominating coverage, Arsenal are apparently in trouble being the inference. It is a curious angle to use since it was the biggest crowd of the evening and more pertinently, the failure of Chelsea and Manchester City to sell out their Champions League home ties last week, barely mustered comment.

No bias at all.

This was fed by the backdrop of a concocted feud between Arsène and the board, the report intersperses comments made by Ivan Gazidis at a breakfast meeting with the manager’s post-match press conference.Others are trying to build matters up, Wenger’s face reportedly like ‘thunder‘ when asked about the Chief Exec’s backing, the inference being that he was angry with Gazidis. Of course, he could not be angry with the journalists for asking the question or trying to feed the negative atmosphere? Good grief, no, they are all chums together.

Or is this symptomatic of the deteriorating relationship with the club that has led to moans and gripes that Wenger is no longer readily available, at their beck and call? How long before the manager is described as ‘beleaguered‘?

Let’s not forget that a match took place.

The starting line-up was pretty much as expected, reflecting the youthful nature of the squad. 4-3-3 was gone, a more orthodox 4-4-2 formation employed. It remains to be seen if this was a permanent move or one that reflected the abilities of those available to him. Certainly the former would have led to a full debut for Ryo rather than an 18 minute cameo. Time for that to come later, perhaps more in this tournament than others.

Arsenal started brightly, Chamakh had openings to break the deadlock. Gibbs sent in what might become a trademark cross – accurate, an unusual trait in an Arsenal left back – and the header was well saved by the Shrewsbury ‘keeper. From the ensuing corner, Coquelin set Chamakh with the opportunity to take the back of the net off, instead the Moroccan opted for placement, too comfortably saved.

Promising early signs for the home side, optimism which was pricked and deflated on the quarter hour. Wright beat Fabianski but not the post before Collins drifted into unmarked territory for a simple header. One nil, defensive uncertainties returned – if they ever left. Was this to be Arsène’s Walsall moment?

Shrewsbury took advantage of the doubts and their confidence surged. Half chances came and went before Arsenal started to regain their composure. When the chips are down, sometimes a little luck is needed. Gibbs got that just past the half hour when his header was mishandled over the line by the previously alert Smith. Parity restored. Shrewsbury almost hit back immediately before Park and Frimpong tried their luck before half-time.

The second half saw Arsenal not necessarily resurgent but certainly more on top of proceedings. Frimpong once more had his shooting boots on before Oxlade-Chamberlain opened his Arsenal account, once more the ‘keeper might have done better but I doubt that Chamberlain cares. A lead assumed, rarely troubled and increased by Benayoun near the end.

Wenger will have been pleased by the performances of his younger charges, Coquelin and Oxlade-Chamberlain enjoying the night more than at Old Trafford. Both showed promise for the future with the young Frenchman certain to press Frimpong and Song for the defensive midfield berth in coming seasons.

Away from this, Wenger’s abilities were questioned by the media. His reaction suggests that he is more than a little tired of the criticism being received. Certainly you wonder at how the questions are phrased to bring about such strong feelings in the manager. It seems one thing is for certain, there will be no defensive coach arriving at London Colney, Wenger was as emphatic as can be,

I just completed 32 years of coaching. I do not want to answer these types of questions.

Hell hath no fury like a Wenger scorned.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. YW, Well said

  2. Indeed wenger is confused despite wining.

  3. Consider the free -it’s better for him/them, so they can concentrate on the league-pass good ole ‘arry is getting this morning. It just reinforces the obvious media led anti-Arsenal / Arsène agenda.

  4. So the gunners won 3-1. Wenger can say anything he wants about his job.Ultimately wheteher he stays or goes is guided by results.
    He says he is focussed on his job .This is what every manager is doing.The vote of confidence has been given but it won’t save him if the gunners continue to lose and slide down the table. Believe me. We have read about managers whoe were given a vote of confidence but were axed because of a series of poor results.Wenger won’t be an exception. Neither will ferguson.

  5. Wenger will stay regardless of results. The board want profit, which does not collerate to on field success

    Wenger and board and Gazidis OUT!

  6. Its amazing how the media are making a mountain over the fact our stadium wasn’t at full capacity last evening when it was the biggest of the night, just shows they want to get their teeth into anything Arsenal and AW at the moment.
    We need to get them off our backs, and the only way is to put a run together in the league and climb that table quickly.
    I am surprised though Arsene is not going to get anybody in to help our shattered defence, only hope he knows best on that score, lets face it things can’t get any worse in that direction.

  7. Superb post man.

  8. We need a defensive coach ASAP djourou is a terribile defender and will cost us anyone who knows anything about football can see that.except wenger.fabianski is just not

  9. Was at the game last night and Oxlade-Chamberlain was absolutely superb. Brilliant technique on the ball and displayed a fantastic array of passes. Combined with exciting, tricky wing play, he looks like he will become an important player for us.

    Chamakh’s form remains cause for concern, although he showed some slight improvements over his recent atrocious performances.

    Park clearly needs a few more training sessions as well as he was on a different wavelength a few times, but he put in a decent shift playing just off Chamakh.

    Miquel was very solid at the back too, good in the air against a 6’5 forward and composed on the ground. Certainly looked a class above Djourou who was very disappointing as the senior man at the back.

  10. enough is enough.
    no more mr. niceguy
    let’s go after these alenBASTERDmps and show them on the pitch, in pr. war that this club won’t be pushed around anymore and/scrutinized like no other.
    looks like the PR WAR i was hoping for along with YW is final here.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  11. Media bias against arsenal? What else is new? Until our form improves, we’ll have to get used to being the media punching bag this season.

    So glad for the win though. Losing against Shewsbury would have been unthinkable, especially at home. I hope the youngsters can carry that confidence into matches against tougher opposition.

    On the defensive coaching issue, no surprises Arsene was riled by all the questioning. But he was pragmatic about the situation too:

    “I accept critics and I do not say it doesn’t matter that people criticise us. I prefer it like anybody else when they say I am good. But you cannot complain when you lose a game and you are criticised.
    “When we do well we take all the plaudits so we have to take as well all the blame when it doesn’t go as well. But we have as well on both sides take some distance. When it goes well we must not completely believe what people say and when it does not go as well, we must not completely believe it.”

  12. Morrissey's Love Child

    Also have you noticed how much coverage Barcelona now get. We get match reports gleefully telling us how well Fabregas is doing and how he playing with a smile on his face. There is no crisis like and Arsenal crisis.

  13. come-on fellows
    maruvan and johan carried us for 3/4 of the season last year. give the team and the new members time to get their mojo back. they won’t disappoint..

  14. Cheers YW.
    Sounds to me like Wenger avoided the question about bringing in a defensive coach and has left his options open neither saying yeah or neah.
    45000 to Shrewsbury sounds pretty good to me considering its the third round of the League cup. an economic downturn and bigger than at Highbury

  15. Yes let’s ignore the fact that the dwindling attendances and the continual general sale tickets available as well as the masses available on the exchange are in fact a sign of more and more fan discontent at where the club is currently but instead let’s moan about the newspapers reporting it.

  16. I just read that Berbatov played as CB in Manures game. wtf?

  17. Headline….

    Arsenal avoid shock League Cup exit, United rout Leeds

    Didn’t we both score 3 goals against lower league opposition????

    I’m sick of all this United bias. OK they have started well this season but this has made the brown nosed brigade even worse. I hope they crash and burn and win sweet FA…….although knowing the FA they will then introduce a cup competition that only Man Utd can enter just so we can all watch the brainless manc scum get presented a trophy all over the TV.

    In arsene We trust, we’ll be back!

  18. Maximus, Tuesday night game against cannon fodder, only second string players out there (did you both to read who was on the bench you dork????) and 46,000. I think that’s pretty damn good!!!

  19. Well said, Yogi. Interesting to see that the spin in the media is about empty seats and Wenger being tetchy in his press conference, rather than focussing on the fact that some of the kids did brilliantly last night under adversity. I thought Ox and Coquelin were excellent, and will have gained a lot from the experience of having to battle hard, albeit against lesser opposition.

    Happy with the result. Happy with the attacking performance. Less happy with Johan Djourou.


  20. yah HENRI.
    humiliating to say the least. then again ferret face ferguson is in the business of humiliating his players at times. either that or kick a boot in their direction to open a two inch gash.

  21. In supporting Arsenal, I’ve learnt much about the English Press – they are worse than any set of terrorists; open hatred for not being British, vindictive for no just cause, and excessively sensational just to drive that ugly nail into one’s coffin. All over Europe, most teams that played in the CL or even Europa Cup ended up losing their local away fixtures – Arsenal, Chelsea, Stoke, Real Madrid, Villarel, Ac Milan, etc. Only Bayern managed a win while Man City nudged a draw. Of all these teams, Arsenal dominated their opponents most but lost their best match of the season. But the British makes it look like Arsenal had the worst result of the weekend. Did they get to watching Real Madrid?

    Everything about Arsenal must be reported negatively just because Wenger has pointed out that there are indeed very few technically gifted Engish players. But can’t the British press be happy once with Wenger for giving them Wilshere? Walcott is not yet the finished stuff but he’s gradually getting there. If Gibbs shakes off his injury woes he’d replace Ashley Cole that was nurtured by Wenger in the first place. Now, there’s a certain Oxlade-Chamberlain.

    Just why do the British press, EPL referees and even the FA want Arsenal out of EPL? In Every game of Arsenal’s there must be a refereeing error. In Blackburn, an offside goal was scored and allowed! Against Liverpool, same offside goal! Against Newcastle, Gervinho sent off while the real culprit remained to deny Arsenal three points!

    Why can’t Gunners fans see this wicked gang-up and stick together to fight the opposition instead of turning on ourseleves, thereby falling exactly into their hands?

  22. hear hear LAGOS.

  23. I fear that people pay too much attention to the media. Up the arse !

  24. hear hear LAGOS.
    why do some gooners not see this.

  25. Let’s talk some about the game!
    The Ox is just a monster. I bet he is going to score in the EPL this year. He really knows how to use the ball. Coquelin looks as good as Frimpong and at times even better so we don’t just have one decent back up for Song but in fact, two! I bet we will see more of Le Coq this season as well. Chamakh also seems to be approaching what could be called form again … maybe we will get the Chamakh that started so brightly last season back again? All in all kids did well yesterday, despite the early shakiness. Forward, Arsenal!

  26. well said Lagos.

  27. JSP
    It is still a good attendance.
    My point is that there are more and more tickets available than ever before and more and more empty seats than ever before and instead of moaning about newspapers perhaps you should be concerned why this is happening and the potential knock on effects and that it’s not just likely the seat sales that are falling.
    But if you wanna walk around with your head in the clouds and blame everyone but the current management for the current mess feel free.

  28. I can well imagine the man becoming tired of the press and their loaded questions however on the subject of a defensive coach he made it sound like his coaching abilities were being questioned, either that or he sees it as some kind of threat to his position. However he seems to have made up his stubborn mind and that`s that. If he appeared to be a little more humble I think the supporters would appreciate him more.

  29. I have to say AOC is a far better dribbler than Walcott has ever been. Also Coquelin looks a terrific player,technically gifted . Once he adds a little more steel to his game , he would be a serious challenger for Song’s spot. Personally I feel that Frimpong and Coquelin should take the best out of each other ‘s games .Frimpong could use Coquelin ‘s technical finesse & the latter could use the former’s physicality.

  30. DIdnt watch the game and my internet was down so didnt get to know of the result till i got to work this morning. Glad we won despite them going one up in the early minutes. Sounds like we have some very promising prospects in the Ox, Mikel and Coq.

    Ofcourse Wenger is going to be touchy aussi jack, the way the media/some fans talk about our defensive couching one would think we never ever do it in training. I choose to take Wenger’s side here.

    Tai Obasi very good points.

  31. why is media so much against arsenal.if arsenal win they say arsenal struggle to get a win or arsenal survive but let man u win they plaster manu win with all rosy and football romantic words like man u stroll or man u rout even if the win margin is same as arsenal.sometimes i dont get it.How many managers have lost their job in england cos of english media.for example steve mclaren lost his job as england national team coach cos the media just cos the media did not like him and i believe same is happening with arsenal the media dont like wenger and arsenal.the media has influenced so many arsenal fans to the point of losing love for their club and follow what some stupid media guys say and i believe the referees are being influenced too.No wonder england will never win any international trophy soon.

  32. @Alan b’stard M P at 7:32 am – incorrect, Wenger will stay regardless of what your tiresome opinion is. He remains answerable to results but, because the board know he is one of the best managers in the game, he is given more time to get things right then most.

    You’ve wanted Wenger out for a long time but then sadly you also think collerate is a word, so it’s hard for anyone to take your opinion seriously.

    If only you ‘doomers’ weren’t so inarticulate it might be easier to take your points more seriously.

  33. What a great post from Tai in Lagos! We Arsenal supporters to the south of Nigeria, agree with this analysis.

    Oh, I missed the game last night! Not shown on our TV satellite. And, for me such games are important because I really wanted to see the youngsters Ox, Ryo and Coq, and Miquel again.

    Quite honestly, Wenger strikes me, of late, as inwardly confident rather than annoyed. Does he know something we don’t? How could this be? I thought the doomer-mongrels and their media-handlers knew everything.



    One kick and they are out. Go back to Thursday nights.

  35. The boys showed great character to come out of a tricky scenario after being a goal down(especially with the miseries lately).Got to understand it was a completely new team out there with many playing together for the very first time.Regardless of that,we made a promising start and kept coming at them.Once they found our backline being vulnerable to long balls and crosses they clearly started exploiting the weakness.JD was ball watching and never went for the ball for their goal which was awful from a Premier League defender’s standard.It is disappointing to see Arsenal players not attacking the ball.TV and Kos are the only ones who have done that recently.In the last 4 matches we have been in a better position than at the start of the season with two wins and a very crucial draw at Dortmund but only to lose to Blackburn under woeful circumstances(Pathetic defending).I can only say we dominated most of the game at Ewood Park and still got nothing from the game which is why its even more disappointing.Answer to it is clear focus and concentration for the entire 90 minutes cause we have not yet played a full game with confidence and flair as we are used to this season.The hauntings of the past season and the 8-2 are still very much intact.Only way to move forward is to focus and eat out results and slowly the confidence will come.Park could do an excellent job playing behind the striker.Alex Ox was really good and so was Coquelin.Coquelin reminds me of Flamini or should i say even better than Flamini at this stage of his career.Hope these two lads can continue their development.Frimpong did what he does best.Was strong in the mid with Coquelin.Ryo came on and was decent.Gibbs with his first goal for the club and looked better today.Jenkinson was decent too and can definitely put in some crosses.Miquel looked very assured and was clearly way better than JD. He is a real talent.He looked really good against Liverpool too.Hope he gets more games.Would like to see Miquel play more than JD on current form.This kid looks really promising and most importantly a steady and calm head than the nervy JD who seems to have lost all his confidence.Chamakh was lively to begin with and had a decent run out.Yossi did what he could do as a senior pro among these kids and was rewarded with his first Arsenal goal.And yeah good to have Fabianski back.He looked real short of match fitness.His kicks were not that great and looked shaky cause of a shaky JD i would say.Hope he will get better with games.All in all a new team on the night and a win is always a win and the way won the game after being a goal down showed some promise that this Arsenal team does have a lot more to offer which shall come once we start winning more games.Till then Cheers. Arsenal4eva!

  36. Wenger often gets off the cuff remarks with pinpoint accuracy, like Wenger-style passing is supposed to be. The sheer idiocy with which doomer-mongrels scoff at his knowledge or ability to coach defense, as part of the bigger coaching strategy a whole team, is baffling.

  37. Tai obasi
    i agree with you and i’m a nigerian too. apart from being terrorists, they are rasist, angry with wenger for chalenging ‘sir alex’.
    unfortunately, arsenal fans are falling into their trap.
    they think they are the best in the world but the last time they won anything was 1966, what a shame! now they want to crusify arsenal for not winnin in six years.
    england were in the last WYC they didn’t even register a goal.
    they were fighing the whole world just coz they were denied the right to host WC.

  38. I was there last night – sure attendance could have been better but it wasn’t terrible and it was an enjoyable night all in. The press are just spinning what they want to – they have the club in crisis angle to grind and they are going to run with it until it is too apparent that the corner has been turned to avoid admitting it.

    It was good to hear the crowd singing for Wenger – loudest chant of the night.

    I have kept quiet the last few days – licking my wounds and avoiding the inevitable shitstorm.

    I believe things come good but – as I said sometime ago (and got shouted down by a few) we do not have the squad to compete for the premiership. 4th is now the target (still dreaming of 3rd) and maybe nick a trophy in one of the cups.

    There is a lot of talent being developed and yes of course we need time to gel but the ONLY focus now is an out of form Bolton.

    Just saw Merson on SSN. Anyone know a reliable hitman?

  39. Maximus | September 21, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Maybe it doesn’t affect you, but there is an economic downturn at the moment so some people have either had to stop attending or have to pick and choose which games they go to. We also have our share of glory hunters who have probably decided to follow the next big team on the block – they won’t be missed.

  40. Satish – ever hear of paragraphs?! 😉

  41. Nah Jonny..just hate paragraphs just like i hate those media monkeys..wait a min i love the monkeys…get d f**king media out

  42. @ Zimpaul 8:59am

    Its the DSTV guys down south. They don’t like AFC. Yesterday they were showing Man U vs Leeds on SS223, today they are showing the Chelsea and Liverpool games on SS223 and SS205 respectively. This shows that they are able to show 2 league cup games at the same time per night. They show Liverpool, Chelsea and Man U TV everyday but will show Arsenal TV at 03.00am on monday nights.

    Its a pity GTV liquidated, at least they didn’t have any bias.

    I don’t think they like us up there. I stopped watching monday night football because of the presenter, who is a Spurs fan.

  43. Great post, once again highlighting what parasites the mainstream media are. I think one important question is WHY do the media show favour to the Billionaire owned clubs of City and Chelsea over us. WHAT is it about Man Utd hospitality that gives them preference. Perhaps we are not buttering enough people up, giving them the wrong kind of prawn in their sandwiches or flat Champagne 🙂

  44. I really joined it last night, largely due to the performances of AOC and Coquelin who were both superb. The press picked up on the quality performance from AOC in the second half, but I felt he was just as good in the first half. He and Jenks fired over accurate cross after accurate cross from the right side, all in dangerous areas and it was a bit disappointing that we didn’t really attack them better. It seemed that AOC was told at half time to go and have a bit of fun in the second half as he was suddenly everywhere. Looks like he picked up a small niggle in the second half when a Shrewsbury player inadvertently stood on his foot.

    Coquelin and Frimpong both played well in the middle of the park, but Coquelin certainly has the edge in his passing ability which was great to watch.
    Up front both Park and Chamakh seem to need a bit more playing time as both were a touch off the pace, but that will hopefully come.

    In defence Gibbs likes to get forward, but perhaps needs to get back a bit quicker when we lose possession and he lines up way too far up the pitch for our corners if he is meant to be the defensive cover, but again that will come with time. Djourou had a really mixed performance for the most experienced defender, he was rooted to the ground for their goal, but stood up well to the long balls Shrewsbury were playing in the second half. He seems better when its instinctive, because when he has to think he tends to make the wrong decision.

    Just a small point on attendance last night, the 46,500 does of course make the assumption that all of the ticket holders who get the game free on their season ticket turn up. For most of us season ticket holders Carling Cup games are not included so that doesn’t count, but club level ticket holders get Carling Cup games on their season ticket. There can only have been between 500 and 1,000 club level holders there last night, but the attendance would have counted all 7,000 club level seats as full. A real disappointment that the club level area was so empty and a demonstration that, although club level seats helped provide solid income when we first moved to the Emirates, the corporate nature of the majority of the club level holders means that we have a large section of our seats at the Emirates owned by very fickle ticket holders.

  45. Maximus

    Let’s also ignore the fact that this is the first of three home games in eight days, which is going to cost £120 in tickets. Let’s take me for example, without even spending a penny on anything other than that and getting there, is £300 gone.

    But let’s not think of that because it really doesn’t fit in with your version of the world, does it?


  46. Wow , the ones at Le Moan are really negative, their souls won’t be satisfied till AW leaves.

  47. I was at the match last night and this is what I saw:

    Fabianski: He’s been out a long time so he may be rusty, but he was back to his indecisive worst. Sczezsny has no competition on that performance.

    Jenkinson: Workmanlike performance, didn’t do anything particularly wrong, but if he wants to step up to the first team he should be shining in these games.

    Djourou: An absolute shocker, caught under the ball for their goal and poor all night. He seems more intent on playing the man than the ball for some reason.

    Miquel: Battled hard and showed some good defensive nous. Worked hard against the big bruiser that was Shrewsbury’s centre forward.

    Gibbs: Good going forward, he linked well with Benayoun. I don’t particularly recall him getting done much defensively and good to see him break his goalscoring duck.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain: Grew into the game and was outstanding after the break. Pacy, tricky and direct, his performance was capped by a fine strike.

    Coquelin: Energetic, neat and tidy in midfield. He was good in the tackle and his passing was accurate and crisp. He made one goal-saving interception in our box from a Shrewsbury break which showed his desire and awareness.

    Frimpong: Got better as the game went on, but some of his passing was sloppy and he took too many touches when in possession and slowed the game down. Was outshone by his midfield partner.

    Benayoun: Was always prompting and looking for the killer pass, but still not up to his best yet. Nicely taken goal.

    Park: The game passed him by a little, he needs time to adapt. Looked to shoot quickly when the chances presented themselves, he was thwarted by some good blocks.

    Chamakh: Good and bad. If you want someone attacking crosses he’s great. If you want someone taking the ball into feet and linking play he’s shocking. Use him to his strengths and we’ll get the best out of him.

    Oyazkup: Energetic in the midfield and a nice cut-back for Benayoun’s goal.
    Ryo: Pacy and direct, didn’t really fashion much, but his pace could cause problems.
    Aneke: Built like a tank, didn’t really have time to get into the game.

  48. @ Tai obasi,man i thot i was the only one observing the same, so this is very true.Do u also remember last season against liverpool when Eboue had a slight contact with Leiva and a penalty awarded for liverpool to equalise,now see what happened on saturday against bburn,clearly robinson fouled walcott am 100 % sure if that penalty claim was against arsenal it could have been awarded n dont 4get that there was an offside goal allowed earlier and people think that arsenal are not good enaff. how can a team be good enaff to win games when its playing against 11 vs 14 in this case refs, press and the boo fans.they say refs are human beings then why is it that they have machine eyes to see when arsenal player scores when he is razor thin offside and disallow the goal and even in some cases arsenal score when a player is clearly onside take for example arshavins goal against sunderland last season which was disallowed.the same curse the media curse arsenal is the same curse that will continue cursing their beloved country on international level.

  49. Tai

    Whilst I agree there is an anti-Arsenal bias, there is nothing so simple as it being purely xenophobic. Indeed for the most part, I don’t think the football press is using that against Wenger because they don’t have to. The reason for the negative press is simple: it sells. It gets them more hits and attention – thus more advertising / sales revenue – to report against the club, than it does to be positive. The media acknowledge that hits and sales spike in a bad time.

    However, there is the chance that they may contribute to the fall of a ‘football giant’ and this spurs the tabloids on, especially when they find that a vocal minority of people agree with their rabid and vociferous criticism.

    It’s not to do with Wenger being French, its about money. If Arsenal had lived up to their potential over the last few years, the media reportage would different.


  50. i read some article from some guy in foxsports, i cant remember his name i dont tecker or becker whichever, he wrote the title as, arsenal sputter man u roll and i wondered what is the difference btn man u score line and arsenals, only one goal arsena conceded ? then he went on to mention how man u fielded 11 changes as if arsenal put their starting 11 on the same night. its is so point blank that the media hate arsenal so badly.

  51. Spot on as always, Yogi.

    I am still fuming at the Times report which impies that Shrewsbury dominated the match until we won with late goals due to superior fitness, conveniently omitting any mention of the two early Chamakh attempts (could Matt Hughes have arrived late, I wonder charitably) – and the absurd comment that Coquelin looked as though he should be in the Moulin Rouge, when for me he was our MotM.

    Big disappointment was Park (and Johan in H1 was hopelessly tentative, but much better in H2). Also thought Miquel looked assured (and certianly didnt have rings run round him at Times suggested).

  52. Can we play you every week! No, seriously, can we play Shrewsbury every week, please??? 😀

  53. I think media as relegated us already becoz every day their is negative story about Arsenal.Ryo and Chamberlain are the future .gunners i also blog here http://arsenaliblog.blogspot.com

  54. BELEAGUERED!!! B-B-C S-port got there ahead of your prediction in their match report last night Yogi. Swear machines are writing most of these reports at this stage.

    “The result was welcome relief for beleaguered Arsenal manager”

    Good prediction on the line-up yesterday. So glad we’re using the youngsters again, with a smattering of experience who need playing time to work on fitness/form (Djourou, Benayoun, Chamack).

  55. Great to see Sky reporting with no bias again this morning. Arsenal score three yet are in crisis. Owen scores, the first a total mis-hit that trickled in and “he’s back to his best”. Then Giggs gets a deflection to score and they’re fantastic.
    Then there were a couple of the old perennials: Merson giving us the view from the recovering alcoholic, junkie,gambling addict perspective. Thanks Paul. I’ll file your report where the perspective you bring belongs; And then the “What Arsenal need is David Dein” angle. Forgive me, but under his rule we would now be playing at Wembley. I don’t know hiow many of you come from anywhere other than North West London but, and this is out there only for the people who attend home games, how many of you would have gone to Wembley to watch Arsenal play Shrewsbury? After playing there for 5 years? With all the travel issues and late nights that would have involved?
    My contention is that there would have been a damn sight fewer than there were last night. Still, lets not let reality get in the way of the media adhering to the “Black and White, there;s no room for grey in our world” narrative they’ve constructed.

  56. Well said Yogi’s Warrior. On the subject of anti-Arsenal (or more pertinently anti-Wenger) bias…there’s a nice little article over at Untold dissecting the sly anti-Arsene narrative perpetuated by “Sports Journalist of the Year” Martin Samuels. Worth a read. Know your enemies.

  57. Jonny @ 8:58 am LOL

    Tai Obasi, Lagos – Nice one.

  58. I see there a kenyan_gunner now? No bloody originality!

  59. By the way, Block 4, great summary of players performances (just a little harsh of Johan’s H2 improvement dare I say, but you’re right he does seem to be playing/grappling the man too much currently – a shame after his performances in the first half of last season)

  60. The best players for me –

    Jenkinson (showed some very deft touches)

    Mixed bag – Benayoun, Chamakh (though showing signs of a return to form)

    The rest can and should play better (at least I think and hope they can!).

  61. On Kieran Gibbs he seems to be developing into the classical Brazilian wing-back. In Europe the tend to play left or right midfield – like the great Cafu and Michel Bastos – but return to defense for their country. Maybe the same may have to apply for KG?

  62. Yogi’s Warrior at 10:04 am

    I see what you’re saying and I agree it’s partly down to increased traffic generated by negative and sensationalist stories. But why is it limited to us? Why not Spurs? Or a better example, Liverpool, who had an even worse year than us last year? They didn’t live up to their potential either, but I challenge anyone to find a negative story about the club or manager.

    I actually asked a lifelong Liverpool fan this and his reponse (after a few seconds thought) was similar to what you’ve said. We came so close and failed, whereas Liverpool didn’t come close. I don’t buy it.

    Not fully anyway. If we come close it’s down to the Boss. If we fall at the last hurdle it’s down to the players. There is no rational explanation for the hatred of Wenger in some circles other than the fact he’s made the press look like proper ass-clowns since day one. From winning the league in his first full season, to going an entire year unbeaten when the haters said is wasn’t possible. Even laughed at him for claiming it was.

    A lot of people respect him, but there is also a nastly element out there.

  63. “Big Johan”, are you a little biased? 😉

    He did pick up a bit in the second half, although I think we weren’t under as much pressure in general, the midfield got hold of things a bit more and we put Shrewsbury more on the back foot. Djourou does seem to have gone backwards a bit from some of his performances last season I agree.

  64. Markus

    Liverpool did have their season in crisis a year or so back but they were so inept that sympathy took over. It is easier to criticise than to praise, takes a lot more thought and in the media, bad news sells. Look at the ‘news’ in the papers, invariably negative.

    Arsenal are a well-supported clubs with one of the biggest web presences in the world. Papers have found that their web revenues pick up with bad news stories hence the continuation.

    Wenger contributes, not in proving them wrong, but by having been relatively friendly with them in the past. Recent seasons have seen gripes from the media that he is not so readily available. As for Spurs, well, they are like Portsmouth. When Redknapp is in charge, it’s all sunshine. When he’s gone, the knives come out.


  65. Block 4, of course I am, but am objective enough to admit that my “tip for the top” has not progressed smoothly to become the new Rio Ferdinand as hoped (never was going to be an Adams/Keown) – still think he has the quality but his periods of uncertianty are too regular and too prolonged currently. To be honest Miquel currently looks the better prospect (if you see Marvellous Miquel posting in future you will know who it is!)

  66. fuck wenger we conside goals 3 much cant we fans just relase once watch and enjoy our game like we usto during the time of henry dennis an co remember in group stage wen inter milan came to our home and gave us 3-0 we rplyd with a blast 4-1 cant remember d right score though but that was players with zeal common if that should happen now as in inter 3- asl 0 we re finished cus we got lots of sheeetszz in d squad

  67. @iyke
    Please put your mobile phone away, you don’t want your teacher to catch you browsing the web while in class.

  68. yeah typical akb style – lets blame the media for everything that goes wrong on the pitch, without giving a single mention of the actual problems itself.

    I’ve got a question –

    if you’ve got a small tumour, which is easily removable and treatable.

    would you prefer a –

    1. A doctor who over-exaggerates the size of the tumour and kills the ” the ant with a hammer”?


    2. A doctor who says everything is ok, you can go home and have a good time?

  69. Nice once Evil. Real Evil!

  70. Boozy – put a bit more water with it. The media are blamed for what they do wrong and quite right too.
    It isn’t complicated.,
    Arsenal fans meanwhile defend Arsenal.
    Even you should grasp that you silly little thing.

  71. Boozy,

    Your approach to medicne is enlightening.
    Have you perchance, ever had a lobotomy?

  72. finsbury
    Thank you. Made me smile.

  73. Boozy, put another way, if your heart was under some additional stress due to increased blood pressure, would you cut it out and replace it with an imperfect imitation (with a significant probability of total rejection) – or would you take some pills and help restore the heart to its former glory

  74. Boozy’s answer – “I’d rather have a bottleinfrontofme than a frontal lobotomy”.

    At least it would be if he was bright enough to espouse such witticisms.

    Perhaps the bottle he has in front of him is why he is known as ‘boozy’?

    I think we should spend the rest of the making crap analogies in the form of a Boozy style query.

    I’ve got a question –

    if you’ve got an overactive hamster, which is peeing in it’s own bedding.

    would you prefer a –

    1. A specialist in hamsters, who performs hypnotherapy and draws out the hamster’s evil spirit using an invisible piccolo?

    2. Another bottle of absinthe to go with your cornflakes?

    3. The middle one

  75. One Arsene Wenger, theres only one Arsene Wenger!

    One Kenyan gunner, there was only one Kenyan gunner!

  76. I’ve got a question –

    if you’ve got a small penis, which is easily ridiculed and despicable.

    would you prefer a –

    1. A doctor who over-exaggerates the size of the penis and spanks the “monkey with a hammer”?


    2. A doctor who says everything is ok, you can go home and have a good time?

  77. bottleinfrontofme – hahahahahahaaaa

    jonny my boy.

  78. jonny are penis sizes important for you?

  79. Only when I’m talking to one.

  80. Pretty good summary of the game Block 4 – I would agree with that.

    it is interesting that certain folk seem to constantly concentrate on the negative, you wonder what their agenda is?

    Whilst no means perfect, there were plenty of positives to pick out of lasy nights game.

    Granted, the opposition wasn’t of the highest quality, but Miquel, Coquelin, Gibbs and Oxo all put in good performances, very encouraging.

  81. Boozy

    I’ve a question for you.

    When you comment on a blog, do you

    (a) read and understand it, or,
    (b) just put down what comes into your head?

    I’m guessing (b) fits your style more.


  82. Iyke

    Next time, type your answer out onto Word and use spell check before posting. Then we might have a clue what the fuck you are talking about.

    Jesus, the numpties are out in force today.


  83. Music of the day. Blitzen Trapper – Black River Killer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7zyfArxibk Lyrics to die for.

  84. Silver

    I’d guess that most of it is opinion. It’s amazing how many of Dein’s backers criticise Wenger for being bigger than the club yet you read a piece like that and are led to believe that Dein is the reason for the success.


  85. Yogi’s Warrior @ 11:09

    I found it incredibly frustrating at the time that the media refused to criticise a Liverpool manager who was obviously holding the club to ransom, or a Portsmouth manager who was destroying the club financially for personal glory. I find it even more frustrating that Wenger treats every one of them with respect and keeps his criticisms of the officials to a minium, generally acts decent toward the whole footballing community and he gets all the negativity.

  86. It must be quiet on Peter and Geoffrey’s little site as they are busy moderating people, so Boozy has clearly felt the need to come over here to spread his wisdom.

  87. Zimpaul 8.59

    Utter tripe. ”inwardly confident”, are you haveing an absolute laugh. Confident about what? He has absolutely no idea what his team is going to do on the pitch at the moment. They can range from marvelous to disgraceful and more often the latter recently.

    Its like this guy is some sort of god, there isnt some master plan. He didnt want this start to the season in fact it would have been the last thing on earth he wanted.

    He is quite clearlly feeling the pressure at the moment as any person would be.

    Happy to get the win and some of the youth look quality but we have been here before so not going to get to excited yet.

    The defence was garbabge again last night. The training at the club must be uttelry diabolical. we put out a completely different team and yet even with different personel we suffer from eaxtly the same issues.

    Nobody attacks balls into the box
    Organization is woeful
    No organization or dicipline hence why we constantly get caught out with counter attacks

    Who the fuck this teaching our squad. these have been the same probems for 3-4 years and no matter with how many different players you use the same issue persists.

    Wenger quote about coaching for 32 years is quite frankly a ridiculous statement . Who gives a fuck how long in football you have worked! How many years did Graham Taylor work in football…..who cares!

    What people care about is that our defence is utterly useless throughout the clubs junior teams as well and you are resonsible for that. Sort it out or bring someone in to do it

  88. Arselicked and Zimpaul why supersport didnt show the match is still a mystery to me since they showed all our curling cup games last season. As for monday night football I havent watched it in over ..well seriously i cant even remember, a year maybe? When I used to watch it it usually left me so angry and seethe for a couple of days, I decided it wasnt worth it and stopped. Same reason i dont listen to their analysis although in recent times i have noticed they bring the match of the day as is aired from England. Not that I listen to these people either coz most of the time they are spouting bull.

    Kenyan dont be angry, it is just a name I am sure once he realizes we already have Kenyan G he’ll change it. It is good to see afew of us coming to this very well written and intelligent blog as most fans I know look for hteir news at goal.com(yuck) and at the sports back pages which mostly carry(copy/paste) sh!t from the UK tabloids.

  89. Firstlady, don’t mind the fellow calling himself Kenyan gunner (2). It’s about personality!

  90. Jabba: “Who the fuck [is] teaching our squad.”

    Same people who taught them to go a season unbeaten.

  91. Although I get it, I’m not sure YW’s contentions on the media “hounding of Arsenal” are supported by facts. I think Marcus (and Tai Lagos) are a little closer. Of course, the best answer is results on the field.

    That said, reporting about Arsenal is overwhelmingly and consistently biased towards the negative, and this has been the case for a while.

    Yes the media does love a spectacle, and “club in crisis, managed by stubborn once-good French guy, defensively shocking, loses their best players, fans turning on the club” and all the rest is relished.

    But, over 3-4 years good things have happened in Arsenal; in literal terms, good matches, players, results; consistency in many respects, and other more significant things, a model of sustainability, style, youth and football development. All of this, on the whole, without notable exception has been reflected negatively by mainstream media.

    “Style” becomes “style without substance”. “Sustainability” is mocked in comparison to the spending policies elsewhere. Players are good, but “lacking”, in spine, in character. Matches won, some handsomely but “will it be enough to end their trophy drought” ad nauseum.

    And so on … building up to “club in crisis”.

    It has been pretty rare to see much positive press, and whatever happens, good, bad or indifferent is treated in negative. Or so it seems, and we second guess, and say no it can’t be, can it? Really?

    But then you recall the press as applied to Tottenham, Liverpool, Chelsea, maybe Everton and Villa, never mind the godlike ManU, and you don’t recall the level of vitriol, mainly because it’s not there.

    Liverpool is an “against all odds, backs against the wall” story of sympathy and victory, even at their lowest last year. Chelsea, ditto, was a “class will inevitably shine through, but when” narrative. Tottenham are “inspired, punching above their weight”. Everton and Villa are a “workmanlike but what character” story. It goes on, and on, and on and never stops. The latest version is the ManCiteh lovefest that goes “ooh aah, and this line-up, believe it or not folks, is in an english team, indeed we can talk fondly now of the two manchesters”.

    Without going into every nook and cranny, the bias is not historic, Arsenal are venerated old London team. It’s definately pitched around the Wenger era one way or other, specifically the last 5 years, and increasingly shrill, nasty and poisoned. I have no doubt what-so-ever it has influenced fans, referees, some players and public perceptions towards the negative.

    In the absence of any compelling evidence about the club generally, its ownership and such like being seen in the negative as such, I conclude it is precisely about Arsene Wenger. The point is why?

  92. FFS : Jabba did you seriously just compare Arsene Wenger to Graham Taylor?


  93. For another who did not catch the match.

  94. Sorry, my last comment should have had a question mark. Do we have the same staff now that we’ve had for the last 10 or so years?

  95. I have to say just in watching the highlights here because of course I am unable to make it to the matches… Djou why oh why are you not tracking your players! I know Djou is a good defender, I have seen it before.

  96. ZimPaul – excellent post – i agree 100%, with everything you’ve said.

    believe me every single arsenal fan is aware of this.

    But the question you should be asking is, at what point did arsenal fans turn fans turn against their own.

  97. Did Boozy use the broken bottleinfront to perform the accidental frontal lobotomy?

  98. Nice one Miami. First I’ve seen of the game. Wonder why Djourou didn’t jump for that first goal? It looked reachable. Even if it wasn’t he should have jumped to make it difficult for the forward. Maybe the keeper shouted? Or were those own goals at the weekend still fresh in his head?

  99. Prompted by Matt’s comment I just visited Peter & Geoffrey’s and found a striking similarity between their match report and Matt Hughes in The Times, could they by any chance be related I wonder?

    Perhaps they were both watching an internet feed which started 10 minutes into the match -and which also failed to see through invisibility cloaks surrounding Coquelin, Miquel and a couple of others…..

  100. Markus

    Maybe he needs to meet with Mike Reilly more often as it did Liverpool the world of good at the weekend….


  101. Forty five thousand to watch the reserves against no name opposition, in the fourth round of the CC mid week is a lot of fucking people.

    Markus, that was awesome.

    Jabba, what’s wrong kitten, lunch didn’t sit well in your tummy? You should take an alka-seltzer for that.

  102. Last night was the first time I had been to see the team live for nearly 2 years.

    After the first 5 minutes, I thought that we were in for a party and then the defence started dithering, and we could have been 3 down in no time.

    In my humble view, Fabiansky should have cut out the cross for the goal. Instead he stood his ground and then had no chance.

    What was lacking was someone in midfield who could pass the ball into the box a la CF, JW, etc.

    I could see Chamakh calling out time and again for a ball over the defensive line, but clearly the players there could not do it.

    The final pass was simply not there.

    AW took an enormous risk in fielding such an inexperienced side, with no one with first team games under his belt on the bench.

    AW has clearly decided that the way around packed defences is by using dribbling wingers.

    You could see how much damage their wingers were causing to our defence.

    AOC was marvelous and Ryo looked very useful.

    I am not sure what role YB was supposed to play. What we could see, and we know this already, is that he gets into the box to be in scoring positions well.

    The defence was worrying, in the first half at least, but they seemd to cope well with the countless long balls thrown at them.

    The problem of crosses, which has plagued us for years, seems to be no where solved.

    Finally, the report in theTimes was a disgrace. Clearly its authrr felt the need to critisize and used a fair bit of imagination.

    Lowee division teams are not sunday afternoon park teams. They are seasoned, experienced and well trained professionals.

    That they are in the lower divisions does not mean that the individual players are useless. I was very impressed by the quality of the passing and movement of the Shrewsbury team, who really can be proud of the way the played and even unlucky that they did not do better.

    Did not Manure draw at home to a non-league team a couple of years ago, and then only with a last mnute equaliser?

    All EPL teams find the teams from the lower divisisions can be hard to play against, especially as they do tend to up their game when playing away to a team from the EPL.

    IN the end it was a good 2nd half performance and an enjoyable, if not nerve wracking game.

  103. I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about Jabba’s Delights. You sound hysterical though, and I think a cup of tea might calm you. One thing to think about though; Wenger’s own critique of a recent match and his players performance was the most accurately scathing I have read. It takes a confident manager with high standards and certainty about what he wants and what his players can achieve to do that.

    Far higher standards, I can guess, than your own.

  104. YW nice post as always. A good result against a well organized team. My take on their goal was that in as much as Djourou should have at least challenged for the ball, in his defense he was left trying to cover two attackers. But the real issue was why Lucas did not come for it? It should have been an easy take for any goalkeeper, makes Szezsney look all the safer at number 1 for us.

  105. I think you may have answered my question there jjgsol. Djourou has been playing with Sczezny until now, so probably did expect the keeper to come for that cross.

  106. Yogi, it remains to be seen whether that discussion Dalglish had with Riley will benefit them. Certainly they only had themselves to blame against Bolton. Maybe Dalglish even told his players there may be some leniency on tackles after his talks… That wen’t well. Two red cards.

  107. “I could see Chamakh calling out time and again for a ball over the defensive line, but clearly the players there could not do it.”

    This is something you can only notice about Chamakh when not at the mercy of a cameraman. I went to the Udinese game and noted the same thing. He works hard and call for balls which just don’t come.

    I watched the game online last night, and I was deeply encouraged. Shots from afar, Alex Ox, le Coq, shone brightly. Le Coq’s long diagonal balls were wonderful. He rifled one off to Park in the first half resulting in an admirable attempt for Juju.

    I thought once we got into the groove of things our attacking players seemed pretty fluid in formation. OX and Yossi seemed to drift in and out of the middle of the pitch and it was some good football. JD should have put up more of a fight for the goal though. It may have still resulted in a goal, afterall it was a delightful ball, but he should have made it difficult for the man.

  108. Sorry, I meant Spurs.

  109. Well done that man, Bernard, you are not only a humourous poster but also a star.

  110. Fabianski is Arsenals number 1. FACT !! I think it was Stew who said this. Whats you take now Stew. I cant see him bumping chez off anything exept perhaps a bar stool.

  111. I didn’t watch the game, but from the highlights I can spot a few things wrong with the goal Shrewsbury scored. First, the challenge on the crosser of the ball was half-arsed. I can’t tell who made the non-challenge, but the player just stuck his leg out half-heartedly at what would become a wonderful cross. That’s just unacceptable. A player anywhere near the penalty area needs to be marked closely in order to be dispossessed. Second, I think Fabianski was a bit tentative leaving his line. At first he started to go for the cross, but then stuttered stepped and retreated. I know he’s rusty, but any other keeper would’ve bulldozed everyone in his path to get to that cross. He was ultimately stuck in no man’s land. This lack of communication between keepr and last defender needs to be sorted out. There should be a policy at Arsenal where anyone closes to the ball needs to get it the fuck out. Third, Djourou needed to clear that ball. He has a habit of relying too much on the goalkeeper to get things right and he doesn’t go for clearances himself. The first goal against United was him relying on the goalkeeper to sweep up after him. Not good enough. He needs to put his body on the line and clear it.

    As far as Djourou being labelled shit for that play, I’ve read several comments on more than one blog and on several newspapers that have Shrewsbury bombarding us with long balls. I’m assuming that Djourou dealt with those just fine, right? So maybe he wasn’t half bad after all.

  112. @ Silver 12.00.

    Thanks Silver, very interesting read, like you say we’ll never really know however the writer does seem to be well informed. Can’t say I agree with Yogi (12.45) , I believe there’s alot more important issues raised than simply Dein’s input (however substantive it was). Not least of all the great job that AW has done with regards to balancing the books re stadium and team funding. It does however raise a very important issue regarding whether AW could do with some more help at both a Board and Coaching level.

  113. Yogi:

    I am not sure what you expect from the media. Your posts in the comment section more closely mirror my feelings. Arsenal are a big team and our results for the last 4 years and especially the last 16 games have not matched expectations. Lets face it we are a club in crisis, 17th place after 5 games and the worst start in 50 yrs on top of our finish last year would be considered a crisis by any other ” big” club in the world. Our managers and fans often quoted distaste about other teams boring hoofball and the way we seem to delight in annoying fans of other clubs and our own fan unrest makes a perfect recipe for selling newspapers and getting web hits. Lots of people want to see those self righteous wankers over at arsenal get their faces in the mud. The media was tripping all over itself to praise us during that great run early in 07/08 and the only way to stop the negativity is to win games. arsene has said this himself. Any manager of a club like ours who has had results we have had would be under just as much pressure. I doubt even ferguson would have survived this long, much less pep or Jose or Mancini etc etc. IMO the club needs to stop moaning and fighting the losing battle against the media and just start winning a lot more games.

    Great that we won the game yesterday. Have to admit I was fearing the worst when we went behind but the lads came thru. Great stuff in the 2nd half Le coq seems to be our best option to back up song at this point. Still believe in Frimpong but wish he would go on loan. Hope that we do not throw to much weight on the shoulders of the Ox. We have seen some really exciting CC performances before. League 1 was the level he played at last year so he was comfortable. He is a obviously a huge talent.

  114. Gadget: “This is something you can only notice about Chamakh when not at the mercy of a cameraman. I went to the Udinese game and noted the same thing. He works hard and call for balls which just don’t come. ”

    Here’s where I think Chamakh should assert himself and tell his midfielders to look for him. If he feels like he’s open he should’ve told Benayoun or the two DM’s to just have a look up and dink it in. I saw Chamakh score a goal for Morocco where he received a ball one of his teammates put over the defense and ran with it for a while before he scored. He’s got pace and he can finish pretty well, so I don’t see why the team doesn’t use that option.

  115. Gains, I may be wrong but that looks like Benayoun closing down the cross… In his defence it’s good that he is defending that far back, he tracked the man pretty well too, and that cross was a bit special to be honest.

  116. It was Benayoun – and it was feeble – fortunately he improved as the game progressed

    Agree we should play more balls over the top – especially now we have several fast guys wide, as well as Chamakh

  117. Great win for the team!

    So Shrewsbury Town actually knocked Swansea out of the CC. Thats nothing to wink at surely.

  118. I agree with ZP that Wenger is the problem as far as the media, he is the reason why Arsenal are covered so negatively. If ‘arry was our manager (God forbid) we would not have to deal with this. What a shame.

    Boozy, not that you dont have your own thoughts, but we too are influenced by what we read and hear. If we take a step back we will see that Arsene has done some amazing things, even in these our lean years. Another thingsalso its not only the manager, the players must get the job done. Wenger takes all the blame publicly, no small man can or will do that.

    Instead of carrying on and wishing him gone you would be good to join the chant of, “One Arsene Wenger, theres only one Arsene Wenger!”

  119. Bill, Liverpool have invested heavily this off-season and aren’t doing too hot. Do you see any stories about them being in a crisis?

    How about Chelsea? Fernando Torres cost £50m and failed to score a goal which is routine for an under fifteen player. Chelsea also got rampaged in the first half with such players as Mata (£30m), Torres, Lampard, Terry, Cole and Cech on the pitch. They have clearly lost their edge against United, but do you see any stories of them being in crisis?

    Changing managers hasn’t proven to be such a smart move for the big clubs with the exception of Barcelona. But that’s only because they replaced Rijkaard with a manger who was born and bred at the club. Thank’s for pointing out Alex Ferguson. His career before all the trophies began to pile up wasn’t so stellar. What Manchester United did right was give him a chance to get himself sorted out and look at where they are today. If his tenure at United is not the best argument for keeping a manager despite trophyless seasons, then I don’t know what is. Calling for the dismissal of one of the best coaches in Europe just because we started the season off badly, is a recipe for disaster. If you don’t believe me ask Real Madrid and Chelsea.

    Real Madrid could’ve avoided letting Barcelona get on top of them if they’d stuck with Vicente Del Bosque. He was the first casualty of the Galacticos and ended up winning the world cup with Spain in 2010, go figure. Real Madrid has gone through Capello, Camacho, Pellegrini, Luxemburgo, Schuster, Remon, Ramos, Queiroz, Lopez Caro and Mourinho and they still haven’t accomplished what Vicente Del Bosque did. Mancini is in for it as well if he doesn’t push for the tile or the CL trophy this season. This being said, his team is a few bad results away from the players tearing eachother’s faces off. Chelsea despite a thunderous last few seasons, did not win the league this season and look to be just as sorry as they were last season when they let United walk away with the trophy after we served it up for them on a silver platter. Personally, I think they’d be in a better position had they kept one of their managers, since Mourinho’s departure, longer than just a year.

  120. Excellent G69!

    It should also be noted that United supporters wanted Ferguson out just recently. I do think some of his winnings are a bit questionable due to the favor they recieve but your point is still valid.

  121. Nice to see a positively spun article. Keep it up. There a media battering of the arsenal at the moment. It is unbalanced and unfair, I just hope we get back and silence the doomers.

    just been banned from Le grove for telling ’em how it is about their little microcosmic world of doom. Today the negativity in the post was ridiculous, to the point that a lot of the regulars were complaining about it. Nice to see.

    So anyway I have been told by the doomers this is the site for me. So here I am. Hello people I look forward to a great season of fuzball and reasonable analysis..

  122. Also G69, if United hadn’t won that FA Cup it’s generally accepted that he would have been sacked at the end of that season. Obviously it’s a little different for a manager who hadn’t won anything at that point, if he were to go three seasons without winning something now one would think he might get a little more leeway.

    Your point is valid, stability generally breeds success. I don’t think it is time for Wenger to go, but there has to be a point, if the board are really interested in winning trophies, where the “drought” has gone on long enough.

  123. Welcome willybilly!

  124. Gains:

    I don’t believe nor do I want arsene to be replaced. There is no way the board will sack him. I dont think it would help and might hurt. I think the ship will get righted well enough for us to start moving up the table. The squad has to many good players to continue to play like we have. If we stay in the bottom half of the table this season, that might change but its not time yet to change managers.

    It’s just me but I don’t really think we are doing ourselves any favors by the constantly complaining about the media and worrying about why everyone else in the world hates us. The poor arsenal, everyone hates us routine, and poor misunderstood arsene does not play very well especially when we have done our best to irritate almost every other team in the league by calling them longballers and thugs for years. It may be true but makes us an easy target. Wenger has tried to do something that is totally different and if it had worked the way he thought he would be hailed by the entire world as a genius, but when you are different and it does not work you are going to get stick from the media. Certainly there is some xexnophobia and other unsavory stuff in the media but most of the crap we catch and arsene catches would go away if our results on the pitch met expectations and met our talent level. We are in crisis mode right now and that makes a lot of people happy for a lot of different reasons and writing and talking about sells advertising.

  125. Block 4,
    Drought? 53-71 is a drought. It is fairly typical in a country so obsessed with weather and in which a three day summer spell with no rain and a temperature over 70 deg f is described in the media as “a heatwave” that such hyperbole should extend to football. Still, “Third day with no rain but what a lovely temperature” doesn’t sell.
    Might I suggest people get a grip on themselves. Honestly, there really is wood in them there trees…..

  126. well hello WillyBilly,

    I said the other day that it is not an anti Arsenal agenda it is an anti Arsenal agenda.
    But why,you might ask?
    Well then ,let me think!!!!
    JEALOUSY ,Plain and simple
    He appears to be the most loyal man in football.
    He appears to be the most honest man in football
    He appears to be the most well educated man in football
    He appears to be the most the politest man in football
    He appears to be the most articulate man in football
    He appears to understand that most people are inferior to him yet still tolerates them

    You get my drift?
    Finally the idiots don’t like the fact that he ignores there advice and stubbornly follows his own vision.

    Why would he not listen to football geniuses like Merson,Thompson,John Cross,Martin Samuals,Jabba ,Boozy,Luke AIC ?These people have won countless trophies at the highest level of the game . Haven’t they?

  127. Chill the Thrill

    “Wenger quote about coaching for 32 years is quite frankly a ridiculous statement . Who gives a fuck how long in football you have worked! How many years did Graham Taylor work in football…..who cares!”

    Excerpt from Wenger’s Resume.

    1) Spend lots of time in foreign countries watching little kids play soccer. =)
    2) 32 years of coaching experience and all of it was about offense and little passes
    3) Degree in waterbottle smashing.

  128. Willy,

    Someone told me about the overly negative post on Peter and Geoffrey’s today, so I went over there and read, and asked a couple of fairly rational questions as to why the post was so negative and suprise, suprise I got called names by Geoffrey himself, got the usual silly comments from the fucktard’s that read it and then moderated.

    ‘The blog that let’s you have an opinion.’

  129. Matt,They are realists.
    I cant understand anyone going there more than once.
    It is the remedial class of blogs.

  130. Clearly the education system has failed some. Whether this is due the system or the utter lack of talent of those it has to deal with is up to you. Reading “Chill the Thrill”‘s post, which do you think it is?
    CIT, you may think that poor manners and downright rudeness are the mark of a man. Not here they’re not. Nor are they in the real world where one day you will have to get a job. Some of us still believe that it is best to judge a man by the actions he takes, the words he uses. In other words by the content of his character. I don’t expect you to understand let alone appreciate this. No doubt your social worker would tell that you it is not your fault. Don’t listen to him/her.
    It is.

  131. People like to say they are not doomers but they are, if not why do they comment so much after a loss? Why so little after a win? People will say we beat a 2nd rate team BUT this team beat Swansea (PL team)3-1 to blow wow. Only City has scored more goals against Swansea thus far.

    This is a very good win from a young Arsenal side.

  132. George:

    All that stuff may be true but like you I suspect that all those things annoy a large majority of who are not named Arsene. An unfortunate flaw in human nature I guess. It’s one of those things we can’t control so why worry about it. No one would really care about all of that if we were playing better and that is something we can control.

  133. ClockEndRider,
    Would you prefer “period without trophies”? Thank you for the pedantry.

    And between 1953 and 1971 we had five different managers before ending the “drought”. You make it sound like we didn’t remove any managers for not winning trophies during that period. And yes, I am aware that Tom Whittaker died in the job.

  134. Chill the Thrill

    C’mon Clockbuddy. The education system is going great.

    Coquelin looked promising. He protected on both sides of the pitch and was making a lot of tackles. He also was making forward runs and calling for the ball.

    Tottenbum loses their match, while we win ours, using how many of those f**ing kids!!!!????>

  135. ClockEndRider,
    Chill is very much being sarcastic.
    He is in fact very well educated and also humorous.
    I agree with your sentiments% you just picked on the wrong idiot 🙂
    PS Bill I didn’t mean you are an idiot(well)

  136. WilyBilly. Welcome. Banned and binned across the road at the site of doomer-mongrels for making a sensible statement.

  137. 100% in mean not just% don’t want to come across uneducated 🙂

  138. You don’t want to come across as uneducated George?

    Does that mean you are uneducated and you are just pretending not to be? 😉

  139. Oh cool, another blog war!

    Seriously people, do we need another blog battle? Having fans fight each other just provides more fodder for the press to put a negative spin on. Best to ignore doomish and ultra-negative posts (George I’m looking at you). Don’t give any oxygen to the tripe.

    Not that all the negative blogging and reporting makes any real difference (except to rile a few people up). As we see every week, home and away, the team is NOT lacking support.

  140. Matt,you know I am a bit thick.I just don’t want everyone else to know.
    Opps,I hope no one is reading

  141. Henristic,I don’t give a flying f. if I upset any idiots who frequent Le Grove.
    But I suspect you already know that.

  142. My bad Henristic, I shouldn’t of looked at Peter & Geoffrey’s Blog, but when they somehow get invited on to 5 Live to ‘represent’ the Arsenal supporter’s, and then post such a negative review of the game without actually being there, I was intrigued enough to go and ask what the motivation or objective was.

    Is it for the hit’s and the ‘notoriety’?

    We will never know, as typically I was called names and moderated before a sensible answer was forthcoming.

  143. Bit melodramamtic there Henristic sweety. Hardly a war man.

  144. Its funny how the only people who think the constant negativity and Arse bashing that goes on on the web and in the media doesnt matter are those who tend to read that shit on a regular basis.

    Just saying

  145. Henristic,
    Sadly yes we do need to defend our club. This blog is like a sanctuary for Arsenal fans and these haters and Spurs fans who come on attacking us and our club are intent on destroying it for us.
    If they bring war to us we have to fight them.

  146. Yogi & JSP
    The drop in attendances and the continuing easier availability of tickets is just coincidental with the current form we’re going through and is in fact down to the recession. My mistake.
    The media are reporting this because unlike Shitty and Chavs we are not use to not having a full attendance or there abouts and it is being used as an indicator of current fan feelings. Perhaps?

  147. Dexter: “Bit melodramamtic there Henristic sweety. Hardly a war man.”

    Steww: “Sadly yes we do need to defend our club. This blog is like a sanctuary for Arsenal fans and these haters and Spurs fans who come on attacking us and our club are intent on destroying it for us. If they bring war to us we have to fight them.”

    Need I say more, Dexter?

    Steww, Engaging with the trolls and ultra-nagative only encourages them. Its a self-perpetuating cycle that can only be broken by ignoring the offending comments, or by getting Yogi to ban them outright.

  148. Man City have never been in the champions league and are supposed to have a large fan base, yet couldnt fill their council owned gaff of 46000 capacity.

    Arsenal not filling the Grove when Arsenal played a L2 team in the CC is hardly indicative of any bad feelings to me. If the home league games start going half empty, then thats a time to have a discussion on it.

    So, see you back here in December??? 😀

  149. I enjoy reading le-grove from time to time, mostly for the laughs, but sometimes just to get a feel of just how crazily negative some gunners are (although there are some pretty rational and informed fans there too).
    Over the time I’ve been reading the blog, my expectation of Pedro and Geoff have dropped so low, that I can never be surprised or shocked at the stuff they write anymore. In fact in many cases I can pretty much predict it.
    I used to comment there a well, but quickly realised how futile that was (also the sheer number and speed of posts made it hard to me to carry a conversation going).

  150. Henri

    Erm, yeah you do man!

  151. How can any sane Arsenal fan ‘enjoy’ reading the grave. The mind boggles at such a thought

  152. lol dups, Some people read tabloids, I read le-grove. Both are showcases for the baser human instincts.

  153. Do what Dexter?

  154. “although there are some pretty rational and informed fans there too).”

    Bullshit.They are thick cunts, to a man

  155. And dups,
    If you read neither tabloids and le-grove, then you’re a better man than me and can give yourself a nice pat on the back.

  156. How would you know that George?

  157. Tai from Lagos..You and every other AKB like you are the reason why AW is leading Arsenal down the gutter. You now claim that there is a Wenger bias by the Media in England? Where were you when the media were praising AW at every turn and creaming themselves over him from 2007 upwards for the way he was able to develop kids and unknown and turn them into superstars…where were you when the coined the phrase “playing the arsenal way” whatever the heck that means? Where every day on skysports news they would bring in pundit after pundit to explain how AW had the best team of scouts in Rowley and Grimandi and how they have their networks all over the world. Where you a Gunner then? Now that the wheels have come off on his vanity project, you accuse the media of bias.
    Was it the media that has made us rack up a magnificent 4 points from 5 games? Or the media coached the team into our current abysmal relegation form? The media are just doing what they do…report on the negative because that’s what sells.They did it to Liverpool under Benitez and Hodgson,they did it to the Spuds under Juande Ramos.Now its Wenger’s turn, you guys are crying bias.
    After the abysmal end to the last season and the run into the seventh year without any trophy, he had the whole of the summer to make the necessary re-inforcements and now he has the gall to say that these players are new and should be given enough time to gel. Pathetic!! And yet again, that’s the media’s fault…

  158. Say more Henri, I was replying to your need I say more post mate.

  159. Henristic,Well spotted.I don’t know .I am just posting stupid sweeping shit like they do.
    Do you now understand my point?

  160. Chill the Thrill

    Did you guys know that a SOCCER team (Seattle Sounders) has higher average attendance than the Spuds?

  161. Gunzilla,Arsene does know best,he always has and always will.
    He has ruled over Arsenal for 14 wonderful years and is ,in my opinion ,the greatest manager in the world.

    For those who don’t agree with me just ask yourself .Where do you think City would be by now if he had been there for the last 4 years?

  162. Gunzilla

    You were doing fan-fucking-tastically right till you iused the akb tag.

    A sure sign you are a thick cunt, sorry dude.

  163. Bill, when fans boo at the stadium or stop coming to games, because they can’t deal with our “crisis,” then that affects the team. And the biggest reason why this is happening is because of all the bullshit that’s written in the media about the club. So if we don’t stand up to it and point out the imbalance to our own supporters, because it makes us look petty or whatever, then we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. Look at a cunt like Gunzilla, for example. He’s claiming that the youth players we’ve promoted through the years were just a vanity project for Wenger. He makes no mention of our shiny new stadium which was paid for mostly from the savings Wenger’s scouting prowess and belief in youth have produced.

  164. Nice post YW.

    psst, Gunzilla…

    …”ARSENE’S GOING NOWHERE”…(repeat till u get it!)

  165. Shit Happens you know you can’t avoid it.there will always be haters around no matter what you do.you’re thinking hell of me! it’s not my fault to call myself a Kenyan_Gunner it just becouse I am a pround to be Kenyan and also associated with club i grew up supporting.i wont change my name and i will always remain loyal to my country and club

  166. Gutted REM have split up.

    Drive and Country feedback were 2 of my favorite songs.


  167. So after a couple of appearances Yossi is out for a few weeks (see you in march Yossi). The Arsenal curse has struck again.

  168. Miami@1:32pm,
    thanks for the video.

    Kind of have a feeling we are looking at the core of our next great team.
    AW knows.

  169. G69:

    The media is what it is and there is nothing we can do about it. The response of the media and fans to whats happening to us on and off the pitch is completely predictable. Fans have been doing this when their team underperforms for as long as I have followed professional sports. The Internet has increased the speed it happens, but it’s certainly not unique to arsenal and blaming it on the media and obsessing about the”imbalance” or anything we have no control over is counterproductive for a number of different reasons, IMO. Same with fighting fan civil wars. You disagree about that obviously. We will never agree about this no matter how many posts we type.

  170. Real Madrid not looking good at all.

  171. “As far as Djourou being labelled shit for that play, I’ve read several comments on more than one blog and on several newspapers that have Shrewsbury bombarding us with long balls. I’m assuming that Djourou dealt with those just fine, right? So maybe he wasn’t half bad after all”.

    Gains, I was at the game and although he had some tentative moments and was caught leaden footed on that goal, he did improve as the game wore on and second half he won the vast majority of those long-balls Shrewsbury were launching up to their giant striker. But of course that does not fit the narrative so most people are focussing on what he did wrong rather than some of the things he got right. If he was really as poor as some suggest we would not have come out of that game on the winning side.

  172. Dup’s,what is wrong with Yossithegoon?

  173. Irishgray | September 21, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    To be fair to Fabianski, he has not played much competitive football since his injury and he tends to need a run of games to get fully up to speed. You could also ask where was the left sided CB as the free header came in his zone. The defence looked like they were unfamiliar with each other early on, but got better as they developed their in game understanding.

  174. George

    I don’t know what his injury is but he tweeted that he will be out for at least a week or maybe a bit more.

  175. YossiBenayoun15 Yossi Benayoun
    So happy for the win yesterday and with my first goal for the club but very disappointed as I have a strain and will be out for a week or so

  176. thanks Dup’s
    A strain.well not that bad .

  177. Looks like Maureen Yo will soon be out of a job. Racing 0 Madrid 0

  178. dupsffokcuf – i hope so – he could come win us some trophies next season.

  179. Valencia looking really good.

  180. If he can’t win trophies in a two team league with all the money at his disposal, how is he going to win with the limited resources available to Arsene?

  181. Well said Passenal. Idiots like Boozy cannot see that though.

  182. Valencia are out classing Bark for real.

  183. watching a bit of the Udinese/AC Milan match. We can be proud of getting past them in the CL, they are very dangerous.

  184. why are you akbs so touchy, emotional and rude.

    you don’t have to agree with me… heh

  185. Paul- Ha ha. I’m loving it. Valencia wiping the floor with Barcelona at the moment. they should be 5 up. They outclassed Barcelona so far. the question is can they keep it up for 90.

  186. Paul N

    Any news about Troy Davis?

  187. No dups, I havent heard anything else about that situation.

  188. Barca are going to be found out eventually

  189. I think they can keep it up 1lc, simply because you can see that they are not afraid, they really believe.

    Their speed is giving Bark nothing but problems.

  190. Passenal,found out ?
    for what?

  191. Well he was denied clemency and is due to be persecuted @ 7:00 PM EST. Not sure if you knew about that?

  192. boozy

    Why would you want a cunt like Mourinho at Arsenal? The fact he wouldnt come here because he wouldnt get £100s to spunk is neither here nor there obviously.

  193. Paul

    I heard that there were doubts about the conviction. Something about the witnesses changing their views on the evidence.

  194. Another long term injury to one of our youngsters just coming through.


  195. Dexter- without buying a single player – and utilizing what we have presently – maureen would out perform wenger.

  196. I wonder if we will read about Citeh only having 25,070 at the ground for their CC game.

  197. Bill, it’s a feedback loop, isn’t it? The media writes some horrible shit and the doomers not only agree, but throw their own inane ramblings into the mix. This gets re-written later on as “Arsenal supporters believe” x bullshit criticism, which not only emboldens the media to keep writing even crazier shit, it places the silent minority of doomers as representatives for all Arsenal supporters. And no, this shit doesn’t happen to other teams. Liverpool, England’s biggest club, is playing in the Europa league and was the first top four club to get knocked off from the the highest echelon. You wouldn’t know it, though. Shit never got this bad for them when they were at sixes and sevens at the tail end of Benitez’s reign and Hodgson’s horrible little spell. Otherwise their supporters would’ve turned on them like ours are turning on Arsenal.

  198. Maximus

    As I said to another poster earlier, you take your view because it suits your purpose yet you choose to ignore the fact that the next three games will cost non-season ticket holders at least £120. So, do you want to comment on that or just choose to believe a tabloid or ten?

    No-one doubts that current form – as I pointed out earlier – has something to do with it but pur-lease don’t tell me that the attendance was 46k last night as a protest. Surely you are not falling for that? If you truly believe that, lets all start a John Cross for Manager campaign.


  199. executed that would be.

    I wasnt aware of that dups. The last I heard of the story was on the news this morning.

    I just read this:

    Update at 4:27 p.m. ET: A Georgia woman appeared on CNN this afternoon to say that another man implicated by witnesses told her at a party recently that he had killed Savannah, Ga., police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989, the crime for which Troy Davis is set to be executed tonight at 7 ET, USA TODAY’s Melanie Eversley writes.

    “He said, ‘This is about to kill me,’ ” Quianna Glover, 27, recounted, adding that she told this to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles.

    Glover said the man has threatened her, prompting her to move away from Savannah.

  200. Typically depressingly predictable Arsenal injury news;

    The 18-year-old was ruled out for around 10 days on initial diagnosis, but was told this afternoon he’ll miss a minimum of four months.

  201. Likewise Boozy, if Wenger had all the resources that Mourhino has had, he would out perform him.

  202. Troy Davis, now that is some sad shit. Did any of you hear how the audience at the last republican debate when hog wild when it was revealed that Rick Perry (Tea Party- Texass) executed more people than any other governor in the United States? That’s the kind of stuff we’re still dealing with down here in the American south, ladies and gentlemen. I see very little hope for Troy Davis. Granting him a re-trial will expose tons of mistrails and courtroom shennanigans aimed at African Americans. Eric Holder should make the Justice department investigate and give Davis some time.

  203. boozy

    You clearly know fuck all about Mourinho if you think that mate. Show me where he has gone to any club and worked with the previous coach’s players. He demands shit loads of cash.

    I think almost any newmanager might have some short term reaction from the players, but long term? Nah, no chance, not with out a major influx of players.

    Mourinho wouldnt be on my list if it was 10000 names long.

    The fact you want him tells me all I need to know about you man. Pretty sad TBH.

  204. Fucking disgusting that the US still executes people, usually poor black ones at that.

    Shameful, on a par with Uzbekistan, China, Saudi and Iran!

  205. Whats the betting Benny is out for 3 months!

  206. Lampard miss the first pen.

  207. all square now dups

  208. Valencia should have put atleast 5 past Barca for real.

  209. Or 1lc even!

  210. Dexter, I am always pessimistic about our injuries – very rarely do we avoid the long-term injuries and set backs on the road to recovery.

  211. our old boys equalise for the Catalans

  212. You say that Passenal, then I have just read that Jack is due back 2 months early! Well, according to ChatShite!

  213. If Valencia lose they can blame Soldado, the guy has missed the open goal two times.

  214. Paul- Yeah he did a Torres.

  215. Soldado’s pretty crap though.

  216. Dexter I’m not so sure according to Jack’s Twitter comment

    “@Jack Wilshere: a tweet saying i feel better has been changed to ‘Wilshere close to full fitness!’ never said that! read the tweet properly!”

  217. Thats serious dups. I hope they re consider.

  218. Ha! Well its called ChatShite for a reason Passenal!

    Vamos Valencia

    Buenas noches todos

  219. “Passenal,found out ?
    for what?”

    That they are not invincible and perhaps if more teams believed in themselves and had a go they could actually get something out of the game – assuming it’a a fair game and BBB don’t have the ref in their pocket.

  220. They are hanging on for dear life now, when they should be just seeing the game out.

  221. assuming it’a a fair game and BBB don’t have the ref in their pocket.

    Lol ,like that will ever happen

  222. MMMMM
    Messi was right ,it was a pen.

  223. dupsffokcuf | September 21, 2011 at 7:57 pm
    So after a couple of appearances Yossi is out for a few weeks (see you in march Yossi). The Arsenal curse has struck again
    Do the Gunners own a convalescence home by any chance, you know, on the coast, nice beach, palm trees, afternoon tea…..?

  224. Paul- Did you see Valencia’s discipline in keeping a high line, A master class on how to play a high line, at times it looked like synchronised dance. They should have won by 5 really

  225. “New Queens Park Rangers captain Joey Barton claims he was very close to joining Arsenal last month. But the midfielder, 29, a Newcastle player at the time, said an incident in the Magpies’ draw with Arsenal which led to opponent Gervinho’s dismissal ended his hopes of a move. Barton was criticised for going to ground too easily as the forward was red-carded by referee Peter Walton. “If I hadn’t played against Arsenal, I may have signed for them,” Barton said. “There were a couple of conversations [with Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger] but that’s different to actually signing. “The Gervinho incident happened and there’s nothing I can do about it now. If it happened again, I’d like to think I’d deal with it differently.”

    Kind of glad 3G slapped him now.

  226. Tayo from the Tuesday Club mentioned he was at some arts fundraiser dinner at the same table as Barton and that Barton believes he cost us the title. Singlehandedly. The Universe revolves around him, didn’t you know!

  227. Wow!! Finally a true and honest bit of reporting!! I almost dropped my pizza slice when I started reading this, Brilliant!!! I truly hope AW gets to read this as it may restore some kind of faith in at least a part of the media.


  228. @ Dups – Very good mate!! 🙂

  229. HAHAHA!! Too funny 🙂 very well done this, it must have taken some time to get it right.

  230. Sczesny x James Hetfield

  231. If it weren’t for Austin I’d say fuck Texas, G69. The Koch Brothers and the Tea Party can fuck right off, too. How embarrassing for us Americans to have such a group in the mainstream. Those people and their supporters are truly despicable. Someone needs to stop these people.

  232. Loomer – I have several friends from Texas who I like very much but I admit that there are so many subjects that I will never discuss with them because they are so adamant and militant about their point of view and how only they can be right, it is in a word sickening. Anyone who knows anything about the Tea Party and yet still advocates for them should be taken aside and have some sense slapped into them. The Tea Party is a collection of right wing racist zealots, who drape themselves in the American flag, safe in the knowledge that anyone who dares to disagree with them will be branded as an Anti-American. They take something that can be truly inspiring, patriotism, and use it to forward their twisted agenda. Gainsbourg69 will know much more than I do as I live in New York City which is nothing like the south. In fact there is a massive billboard advertisement a few blocks from my apartment for a storage facility which reads: “Remember, if you leave NewYork City, you will have to live in America!!” It has been a big hit in my neighborhood where a lot of Columbia University students from all over the US and other countries live, they really get it.

  233. Irish, I use to live on Claremont between 116th and 119th, two blocks from Columbia’s gate on Broadway. Decent neighborhood, but I did also enjoy living on 8th st. just two blocks from Washington Sq. Park in the Village. I do miss NYC, but not the US!!

  234. Limestonegunner – LOL!! Myself and The Girlfriend live on Tiemann place right off of broadway. I also lived downtown years ago on the Lower East Side, probably the one place I miss living the most. You will not find too many members of the Tea Party down there. 🙂

  235. Within the hour Troy Davis will be executed. I am neither convinced of his guilt nor his innocence. An extraordinary hearing last year ordered by the U.S. Supreme Court gave Davis the rare opportunity to present evidence of his innocence as part of a petition for a new trial. The judge overseeing the hearing ruled that the state’s case against Davis “may not be ironclad” and agreed that Davis had raised some doubts about his conviction, but concluded that he had not provided the court with compelling evidence of his innocence and denied the request for a retrial. Only in the South can a judge rule that a (black) defendant has indeed raised doubts about his conviction yet he will uphold it anyway. Innocent until proven guilty BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT!!!! What part of that do they not understand? Just one more person denied justice. Yes he may indeed be guilty but it has to be proven beyond doubt, at the moment it has not been.

  236. “Kenyan_Gunner | September 21, 2011 at 7:48 pm

    Shit Happens you know you can’t avoid it.there will always be haters around no matter what you do.you’re thinking hell of me! it’s not my fault to call myself a Kenyan_Gunner it just becouse I am a pround to be Kenyan and also associated with club i grew up supporting.i wont change my name and i will always remain loyal to my country and club
    Fuck you. Get original !

  237. @ kenyan gunner – No need to worry old friend, we all know you are the original. And besides imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!! Ignore the idiot, they tend to disappear if you do 🙂

  238. Troy Davis died at 11:08pm EST, that would be 4:08am GMT. Personally I think a little piece of humanity died with him. His last words were: “May God have mercy on your souls. May God bless your souls.” He was talking to his executioners. Right back at ya Troy!

  239. nice post irish, death penalty should realy be abolished. its just not right for the state to kill while telling the general public killing is against the law. agree on the teaparty comments also. we live in interesting times ,that’s for sure. future is indeed worrisome if they come to power. but then again it might ignite something of an american SPRING. WHO KNOWS. all we can do is pray for the best and hope.
    our guys should take the example of Udenise and valencia. both teams lost players important for their success and still giving the favorts heartattacks. here’s is hoping our gelling comes sooner rather than later. on defence and offence.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  240. Thanks Irish, I’ll let it rest.

  241. if he is a decent fellow, he will change his calling card and then he is always welcome to join in discussions.
    no matter what, there is only one kenyan. 🙂

  242. Wasn’t in town to follow this wonderful post but I’m so happy reading every comment. I would have replied Gunzilla but I guess he already got plenty. Thanks to everyone that mentioned my post.

    Now that most of us think alike, why don’t we resolve thus – THESE HAWKS WANT OUR GREAT CLUB TO GO UNDER…WE WON’T LET THEM!

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