Shrewsbury Town Preview: A Welcome Relief & Defensive Batterings

Shrewsbury arrive at The Emirates for this evening’s Carling Cup tie. Following on from the weekend’s defeat at Blackburn so quickly, this game is a welcomed relief and distraction.

This time last year, Arsenal thumped Tottenham 4-1 at White Hart Lane. A repeat of that scoreline tonight would release some tension. Looking back at the line-up that evening is an interesting exercise. The only survivors that I would expect to see in the starting line-up tonight are Fabianski, Djourou and Gibbs. Possibly Rosicky but Wilshere is injured whilst Koscielny is required in the first XI at the moment. The five others – Eboue, Nasri, Vela, Denilson and Lansbury – are not with the club, either permanently or semi-permanently.

Tonight will see their replacements take to the pitch, some for the first time in an Arsenal shirt. Miyachi and Park will be amongst those in the starting XI whilst Jenkinson, Coquelin and Oxlade-Chamberlain will be hoping for more enjoyable first team adventures. Wenger has promised to remain true to the previously held principles of the tournament with the addition of Frimpong and presumably Miquel to that list.

A summer of the long knives indeed. He needs to be wary though, Wenger is finding that those behind him are still smiling whilst concealing their blades, ready to pounce to the extent that ludicrous suggestions of his final match being his final match at the club.

The manager is fighting though, determined that the season will be put back on track not just by a result tonight but more through improved Premier League performances,

Our season depends now on how well we respond to this disappointment and how quickly we can cut out the mistakes we made on Saturday by giving away goals that we should never give away.

Wenger’s attempts to sign Premier League centre backs were hampered by the fees quoted. Cahill at £18m is excessive but Samir Nasri paved the way for exorbitant fees for those in the final year of their contracts. Phil Jagielka meanwhile, did not ‘expect’ to move to Arsenal, which suggests that Everton were also quoting high figures.

The question of value is subjective. Arsenal have theirs of players, selling clubs theirs and critics of the Arsenal defence are normally always in agreement with the latter. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t, Monsieur Wenger.

The problem for Arsenal is the mistakes. Robin van Persie observed that the ‘same mistakes’ are being made, more worrying is that they are generally collective errors involving two or more players. That is a wider, more intricate issue to deal with. Harmony in the dressing room should be left to the Four Seasons cd whilst changing; there need to be some harsh words, one of the infamous team meetings to clear heads and allow new defenders to gel into a solid back line.

The absence of Vermaelen is not helping, he and Mertesacker seem to be the preferred pairing. Certainly he needs to come in and organise the back four, something he may feel empowered to do, certainly more so than in his initial season at the club where Gallas seemed to intimidate him.

Wenger had some backing from George Graham over the defence, mixed with criticism as well,

Some of their attacking play is still the best in the league, and even at the weekend against Blackburn some of their possession play was fantastic. But again the old problems defensively cropped up and they lost 4-3

Graham knows how to organise a defence, surprisingly no suggestion of him as defensive coach yesterday. He has articulated the thoughts of most when it comes to the who’s, what’s and why’s but with no answers, merely the same open-ended questions as us all. In itself, he observed nothing new which was disappointing since he is a man you would listen to on the subject. That, to me, suggests the problems are not going to be quickly solved and only on the training pitch.

Right now, I would settle for a run of performances which were unconvincing but kept clean sheets. That is the way that confidence will return.

As is always the case, the match itself presents the opportunity to forget about the troubles unless they unfurl on the pitch. Hopefully that will not be the case this evening. I would expect Wenger to go with a line-up along the lines of:

Fabianski; Jenkinson, Djourou, Miquel, Gibbs; Chamberlain, Frimpong, Coquelin; Park, Chamakh, Miyachi

It is a young team but with a mix of older heads as well, the vibrancy of youth might well be a welcome distraction. Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Jibber's tree lights

    Hello. You might be interested in what the Arsenal homepage says today.

    “Wenger’s selection policy paid dividends last season as his side reached the Final of the competition and the boss is ready to stick to his guns once more.”

    Any thoughts on this quote here?

  2. Jibber's tree lights

    Hey Biggsgobar.

  3. I dont think Wenger will allow any former gunners or coaches coming in now to rectify the defensive issues, if he allows anybody at all even from within. He will continue with what he’s been doing, with Pat Rice.

    About today’s match… I think fielding a totally new starting 11 would help them in focusing on that game alone, without the weight of disappointments from the previous game.

    Hoping for a good result. Think the new boys would prove themselves.

  4. In true to arsenal’s tradition at this stage of the Carling cup one should expect a big win as many of this boys are fresh and would want to proof a point for why they should be in the regular 11. I this happens to be the case then one could hope the first team take inspiration. The problem of our defense is one which perplexes me though. I feel its more than just personal but whatever it is I hope its dealt with somehow.

  5. Pardon my ignorance but where are the older heads of experience in your suggested line-up?

  6. Somewhat Agnostic

    Do you really think G Graham would talk a defensive coaching role? He would be very acceptable to me but I just can’t see him accepting such a job… maybe he would? And IF…Arsene were to leave…suddenly…at some point in the future… he would be the perfect ‘caretaker’ manager. Arsenal’s most successful manager ever could not be ignored.

    Also of interest is that in Arsene’s verdict of the recent game(s) he does not mention bad luck, dodgy refs, it’s ok as everyone else in increasing their condeded goals ratio!!! etc..

    The Frenchman pulled no punches when asked what was to blame for Arsenal conceding an astonishing 14 goals in their opening five games and also dug out his players for own goals.

    “A lack of concentration, a lack of communication, a lack of coordination and individual urgency,” said Wenger.

    “When you score an own goal, you have to look at yourself. It is never completely out of your reach where you have no chance at all. All the rest, you have to look at yourself.

    It appears he is pointing the finger at the 11 who take to the field?

  7. George – I will support the team. In person. No reason I can’t be disappointed at watching an all too predictable season…

    Tonight should be great. In Rome with work so not a chance of watching it which is a shame.

    Three winnable home games before the Yids. Let’s get some pride and confidence back.

    I’d play our strongest back 4 tonight too. No fucking around, they need time together.

  8. Jibber’s tree lights | September 20, 2011 at 7:01 am
    “Hello. You might be interested in what the Arsenal homepage says today.
    “Wenger’s selection policy paid dividends last season as his side reached the Final of the competition and the boss is ready to stick to his guns once more.”
    Any thoughts on this quote here?”

    I suppose it means we might – like last season- be seeing more experienced players in the line up. That is, there will be more focus on winning the cup as opposed to just blooding in young players.

  9. Somewhat Agnostic – Surely Arsene Wenger is Arsenals most successful manager ever not GG,

  10. Does anyone live in Chicago? I am heading there this weekend and would like to watch the game at a bar, any suggestions would be welcome. My hotel is downtown Chicago. Thanks

  11. Agree with drew. AW is the most successful manager, me thinks.

  12. Somewhat Agnostic

    Drew10 @ 08.32.
    Somewhat Agnostic – Surely Arsene Wenger is Arsenals most successful manager ever not GG,

    I accept that you may find this somewhat controversial. However, It depends on how you measure success. And I do that subjectively! That’s me… It was true, IN MY OPINION, that AW was indeed the most successful manager ever.

    However, with the passage of time the sands shifted on that one. Here’s how I came to my opinion.

    AW in charge for 180 months. 7 Trophies = 1 Trophy every 25.7 months.

    GG in charge for 105 months. 6 Trophies = 1 Trophy every 17.5 months.

    Therefore, I conclude that GG is the most successful. Quantity alone it is of course AW.

    So my list as it stands for Arsenal’s most successful managers are.
    1. G Graham
    2. A Wenger
    3. The rest!

    This list can also change if AW wins a few more trophies and redresses the balance.

    I like to stimulate peoples perception of how they see things and I put such things out there. For example I do not like to see previous managers belittled by someone saying that AW brought us to the CL 14 times. (a fantastic achievement)…which I saw recently in some article. It added the statement that no other manager in Arsenal’s history could even dream of that.. or words to that effect…

    This ignores certain things which are needed for balance. And this is what I mean by that: If AW had been operating under the same rules as GG, when only the champs qualified then he would have brought us there 3 times only.. and GG 2 times.. This is the perspective I like to see when making such comparisons.

    Secondly GG only got one chance in Europe as English teams were banned at the time of his 89 League win. G Graham’s legacy, has in my opinion, been pushed down the order because of the manner of his departure and because of the spectacular success of AW in the first 8 years.

    I also remember GG wining 3 trophies with the club as a player also but this is completely irrelevent when disccusing his managerial ability.

  13. Herbert Chapman must also be ahead of George Graham in success as manager. And like AW, he also changed English football permanently.

  14. Drew10

    Indeed Wenger is Arsenal’s most successful manager.

    Somewhat Agnostic

    You missed the sarcasm about Graham and the defensive coach position. The chances of the latter are minimal but higher than that of Graham returning to the club. You forget he was sacked for what was essentially fraud. There will be no return for Graham. Indeed Dein is more likely to come back than him. And the chances of that are more minimal than a defensive coach.


  15. Despite us being the underdogs tonight, I think we have a very good chance of sneaking a win.

  16. Bernard

    In terms of trophies, Graham is the 2nd most successful. Any other measure becomes subjective. If the question had been influential, then Chapman will probably always be most successful but again that is subjective.


  17. Agnostic

    Graham didn’t get one chance in Europe. He won the CWC and had put the team on the road to the 95 final. However with a team as good as the 91 title winners, he was woefully exposed by Eriksson’s decidely average Benfica team. The 89 title winners? Subjective but there is no evidence that they would have fared any better.

    As for timings, I would suggest that you look at George Allison, as he won trophies more rapidly than Wenger, probably Graham as well if you remove the war years from the equation.

    By the way, whilst it is an interesting perspective, it is entirely spurious!


  18. Arsenal’s most successful managers cannot be measured in average of trophies! That’s a narrow yardstick. Statistically, average league position of the club, plus ditto CL position would come closer, and perhaps goals for and against averaged out as a ratio. AW is winner by a very long way. But Chapman cannot be ignored, and some might argue his accomplishments in the game may exceed or perhaps match Wenger’s.

    YW, you make a very good point today. The mistakes on the pitch (that Wenger is quite accurate in describing) can be partially rectified on the training ground, but the full correction must be accomplished on the field of competitive play, and that means game by game.

  19. I do wonder whether the coaching staff had actually mentioned to the new players Arsenal’s suspiciously worse record and dodgy performances in early start away games, especially north, and told them to be on their toes!

    I would have.

  20. That predicted line up screams 442, also AW quote as saying

    “Park is good in every area. He is good in the air, good technically, he is mobile and that’s why he is an adaptable striker who can play up front behind the striker.”

    Are we possibly going to see a return to a 4 4 1 1 until we regain some fluency?

  21. Whilst tonight’s CC game is of academic interest, back at the ranch the big boys are suffering from a complete absence of CONFIDENCE, COHESION and CONCENTRATION.
    My Gran (who cleans at the Emirates) says that the answer lies in the hands of the Board or, at least, those members who have the bottle to force through a radical change of policy.
    Facing the harsh forces of economic reality, the formula whereby the Club fixed its own valuation of the target player and then tried to sign him at or preferably below that figure MUST BE ABANDONED.
    However bitter a pill to swallow, we are going to be rapidly left behind in the progress stakes if we do not follow our rivals in strengthening our squad by paying the market value (however inflated) of new blood. During the recent Summer Window, there have been clear examples where our present policy has cost us dear.
    It cannot be denied that the principle we currently follow is fine and dandy as part of the moral high ground but the crude reality of economic business today takes no account of this. As my Gran says “He who pays the piper plays the tune”.
    When the January Window opens, it will therefore be incumbent on our great Club to buy heavily in order to get the top-class players we need. In doing so, we may well have to pay over the odds, as our rivals are doing. Can we afford not to follow suit?

  22. gibbs is the one whose performance i’d be watching closely if he plays.good at going forward.his main problem is running back.he seems not to care about that part of his game especially in matches against relatively weaker teams

  23. Why should Djourou be allowed another game?

    He has been a shambles and the continued headlines I see from his quotes drive me mad.

    Cannot AW see he is essentially useless and worthless – how many times does he need to see the bad positioning, missed tackles, poor decision making, ridiculous haircut making him even more of a laughing stock, etc.

    Djourou needs to wake up and realise the issues he is causing.

    Reserve football only until after Christmas and then a loan away out of my sight [please.

    I was looking forward to forgetting about all our troubles and now it will all come back if I see this idiot playing – no disrespect I am sure he is a nice lad but go and be a nice lad somewhere else out of my sight

  24. Sorry Nicky
    but your Gran doesn’t seem to be too qualified to properly analyze a team like ours..

    “He who pays the piper plays the tune?”…

    sounds like Gran would be better off cleaning @ Chelsea

  25. TC I agree
    “Djourou needs to wake up and realise the issues he is causing”.

    Realistically though AW has to give him a chance to redeem himself.
    Tonight’s that chance. If he fucks up against Shrewsbury, he’s pretty much done.

  26. I would like to see wenger play our strongest back 4 because they clearly need games to rectify their shortcomings.
    I would also welcome a return to 442 to get the best out of park and chamack.

  27. I know many here know me as one of the Arsenal-world’s great cynics, depressives and pessimists, but on one positive note, that header by Chamakh, that cross by RvP, was oh soooo sweet. He came a bit close the second time round, and only on the field for 15 minutes. Can we say welcome back Chamakh. Hell it even rhymes.

  28. Yes a welcome relief and distraction. Looking forward to seeing the young guns. Hopefully that is our annis horribulus over and the team can turn the corner. Conflicting rumours in the uk press about Arsene being told by the board to employ a defensive coach. I agree with big brova that the issue of defense is morw complicated than just the back four, its how we defend as a team and clearly the team have not yet developed a team defensive cohesion but this is not a new problem.Every team has weaknesses and we compensate for ours by being more offensive . This doesnt work if we are always giving the ball away , not closing down the opposition quickly,and throwing everyone forward to leave our back four exposed. They back four dont have a hope in hell unless we a) keep possession of the ball and not allowing the oppisition to dictate the play b) pressure opponents off the ball c)Are more decisive in the final third d) Midfield provides cover e) defense maintains its shape and personal. If the team has the sort of aspirations we think they have we would do well to take a leaf out if Barca and Uniteds approach to defending as a team. At blackburn in the first half. Song was an effective foil in front of defense intercepting all passes. When Sagna left the whole teams shape was lost. Im not a genius but surely we would have been better trying to protect the full backs by switchng from a 4-3-3 to a 4-5-1 to make it harder for Blackburn to run at us.

  29. Aman,
    I keep correcting her sayings but at age 98 (the number of points she says we’ll get this season if Arsenal follow her advice) she won’t be told.
    No offence taken.

  30. I agree with Gooner4Life

  31. 1st choice back 4 please. The more game time they get the better they will become (as a unit).

  32. Wow a 98 year-old employee @ the Arse. A shining example of company loyalty…..

    you do know ARSENE’S GOING NOWHERE right?

  33. gonner andy

    No.The back four should be at the training ground being trained by Steve Bould.They were learn more than playing against 2nd division strikers

  34. Hundreds of thousands of words written about Arsenal’s defence in these and other platforms, but simple truths remain. There are four lines of defence, high up to slow down the opposition, in the middle and flanks to turn a clean attack into a chaotic, muddled one, and win possession, at the back to clean up, and the keeper, last chance motel.

    Of the four, it is the middle and flanks that is disconcerting. Why is that? Midfield and flank organisation is not quite effective enough. Turning from attack to defence positioning looks “heavy”, and lo and behold a Blackburn finds they can pass their way through or over. The team is not taking defensive responsibilities on the chin.

    This suggests that the new team midfield has barely started work on defensive understanding, and has been still working on Wenger-basics.

    I highly doubt Wenger and Rice and what’s his name have no effective plan for defence, now or in the past seasons.

  35. IG has shown how a defence should be run this morning. Perhaps he will be helping out at London Colney from now on. Although I am sure he will be busy defending himself against his critics after his words this morning about AW.

  36. zimpaul I totally agree about chamakh great header love to see more of chamakh in a 442 though

  37. Yogi what did IG say?

    On tonight, atleast Wenger is back to playing the kids and the squad players (finding a balance) So excited to see the new kids and players like park. Hope they entertain us and win, maybe they will win comprehensively to lift us off this rut we’ve been in.

  38. Time, longer than rope, so they say in the deep south, is a very great healer. What Wenger needs more than anything is time, that precious resource, he has so little of it. That is the great drama at Arsenal.

    One full week, perhaps this one, might be just enough for him and his staff and senior players to get all round cohesion and organisation, something they have not yet had.

    Talk of Wenger’s demise is at best premature. Comparisons with Benitez are downright ridiculous.

  39. Somewhat Agnostic

    I did say my view was subjective and my that it was my view and that also it depends on how one measures success. I didn’t say other views were wrong or ‘spurious’.

    I also never said there was a chance of GG coming back. I said I don’t think he would accept such a position and that he would however be acceptable to me. The club’s stance is something else. I did not forget why he was sacked. I was a fan then. It was not pertinent to the discussion of who was the most successful manager!

    Regarding Chapman and the others my view still holds. (when I apply my criteria). You can call it spurious if you want. The fact remains that Wenger won 7 trophies over 15 years and Graham 6 over 9.

    Chapman won 3 trophies in under 9 years. But I would certainly say that the team that went on to win the 34 title under Joe Shaw was his team. Still not as good as GG. (For anyone interested, Chapman died suddenly in Jan 34 whilst still in charge). Chapman was an innovator in many areas.. floodlights etc.. but the introduction of floodlights and numbers on shirts etc are not in my opinion factors to judge against success! without taking anything away from him.

    Allison, was in charge from 34 47. Even with the war years interruption. His record of 3 trophies does not match GG.

    (Of course there were no European trophies back then so I accept all of that and so on…so it does become difficult to remain objective about that period. It’s like trying to compare sides today against sides from old)

    Regarding Europe, I was referring to the CL (EC). I am fully aware we got knocked out early in the competition by Benifica. I remember it. You however failed to mention that we hammered Austria Vienna 6-1 in the first round and that it was a knock-out competition then also. No group stages to allow a blunder or two!

    I could have also said 14 time a qualifier and not once a winner. I was making the point about qualifying for the EC (CL). Perhaps I didn’t make this clear but when comparing Arsene’s record of 14 qualifications I thought this would be enough info as it was qualification for the CL. The point was, that under the same rules as G Graham, AW would have ‘qualified’ 3 times against GG 2 times. That’s a valid point I think has been lost along the way by some.

    And as you rightly point out GG did win a European trophy which is simply another plus in his favour IMO. The CWC, then regarded as the second of the three competitions. And you and I well know, we will both remember that night in Copenhagen as a highlight for a long long time….

    I also did not say, listen here you are all wrong.. I said I was presenting another pepspective. Based upon a subjective view. And I still believe it’s a valid point to look at the time in charge to win those trophies. If one holds the view that quantity is the only criteria then this is still a valid and solid argument.

    People can accept or reject such as view as they see fit.Statistically AW is the most successful. I presented another way to look at it which I consider to be a reasonable alternative view. If you consider it spurious.. so be it!

  40. Nice post Yogi. I twigged the GG defence reference, you’ll be pleased to hear.

    Agree with your line-up except that I have a sneaky feeling Benayoun might be in there. Young Guns says Ryo is short of fitness so may not start.

    To many of the new players this must feel like those periods when the office is relocating, everyone is learning new software, and annual appraisals from head office are going on, all at the same time. You forget things you have been doing almost automatically for years.

    @ Lenny
    I agree – they need to practice and get familiar and do their drills, or whatever they do. The practice will strengthen the understandings so they don’t break down under the pressure of matches. It’s Djourou who needs game time, I reckon. He was pretty good v Udinese.

    @ nicky

    @ firstlady
    He said that:
    ….sacking Wenger is “a route we are not going to go down”, adding that having critics and fans portray Wenger “as some kind of idiot” is damaging for football.

    Speaking at the Sport Industry Breakfast Club in London, Gazidis said Wenger “is not broken… he did not suddenly become a bad manager or somebody who became out of touch with the game. That is complete nonsense.”

    Well said, Ivan. Quite right, too.

  41. @ somewhat agnostic
    Should you perhaps compare GG with AW’s first nine years, then? If GG had not had to go, he might have had a trophy drought as well.

  42. Somewhat Agnostic

    Very possible FunGunner… very possible.. The team was not in league winning form when he left..

  43. Fuller quote here:
    Gazidis defended under-fire boss Arsene Wenger. As pressure grows on the Frenchman due to Arsenal’s increasingly poor form, Gazidis hit out at critics, saying, “He’s not broken. To see him portrayed as some kind of idiot is damaging to the game. We need to think about that He’s frustrated.

    “He’s as focused on delivering success as ever. He didn’t suddenly become bad manager, that’s nonsense”.

    Gazidis also said that the economics of football were driving Arsenal’s financial policy suggesting that the sugar daddy approach is unsustainable.

    “Football can’t go on acting like it’s in an bubble so I hope there’ll be an adjustment to take account of wider economic issues. Financial Fair Play is here. If you go out and spend enormous sums on players, you must ask how you are going to get compliance”.

    Right. I’m off. Talk after the game!

  44. SA

    The ECL was not totally knockout. Had Arsenal not been defeated by Benfica they would have progressed to the group phase. As for Austria Vienna, I remember it well including travelling to the Praterstadion to watch Arsenal attempt to defend a five goal lead rather hammering the hell out of a very poor side.

    As for the rest, well you say tomato, I say one of my five a day!


  45. trophies are the only measruement for the modern football fan. As redknapp says “if Saddan Hussein invested in your club and you were successful people would embrace him too.”

    Nobody cares how you get the trophies aslong as you get them.
    Today i read Arsenal faans were angry that we sold Adebayor, and having keept him and gallas would have guaranteed trophies.

    I mean do they have no notion of history these fans? Do they not know why these plaeyrs were sold?
    But nobody cares about that anymore, Ade was an ass but nobody cares aslong as he brings you trophies. simple as.

  46. Colney, the best place in chicago is called the Globe but its in north chicago on irving park. Brown line. The best place down town is Fado on clark.

  47. To you Aman,
    My Gran says that her relationship with Arsene Wenger is not one to be discussed over the internet. You must curb your impatience and await her autobiography. It’ll be dynamite even with the mistaken sayings!

  48. ***

    So, according to the twitterverse, the recent Cesc F.word Arsenal related story was a bit of a malicious rumour. Hence the libel action, or as HayleyWright says:
    “Cesc gets damages for *that* fabricated interview which he will give to charity. He’s a nice boy. But you knew that already”.

    You couldn’t make it up. Wait. Hang on. I think that someone did indeed ‘make it up’.

    Ah football. You either love it or you hate it.
    And there are plenty of haters out there.

  49. finsbury

    Still wondering why anyone cares what he says about the club. He’s gone, history. Need to move on.


  50. I agree with that sentiment YW.

  51. It’s a brand new era.

    And tonight we get to see more of the new signings. Can’t wait.
    With important ad intense games every three days coming up, I think a week spent on the training ground will be smarter then a game at this moment for the back five/six. Sagna definietly could do with a rest if he rushed himself back from a viral (I’m not a doctor, but i like to believe that I have a little common sense).

    Djourou’s drop in form is not quite the same as the nerves he had on return from the big injury at the beginning of last season. I think he needs the games and hope he starts tonight.

  52. Squad:

    Chuks Aneke
    Yossi Benayoun
    Daniel Boateng
    Marouane Chamakh
    Francis Coquelin
    Johan Djourou
    Lukasz Fabianski
    Emmanuel Frimpong
    Kieran Gibbs
    Carl Jenkinson
    Damian Martinez
    Ignasi Miquel
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Oguzhan Ozyakup
    Ju Young Park
    Ryo (Miyachi)
    Sanchez Watt
    Nico Yennaris

    Possible starting XI




    AOC—-Ryo(not fit?)/Watt/Park

  53. Looking forward to tonight and although some Gooners are dreading it.

    The only thing that worries me is that djouru is again on the team sheet. Everybody I know personally who supports Arsenal have also expressed a serious disliking of djouru.

    How the hell he get’s in before Miguel, is way beyond me. Can anybody explain this?

    I think we will continue to see him get chance after chance because Wenger see’s something in him which some of us can’t and because he has one or two good games everybody is suppose to forget his major fuckups.

    Miguel, is the man (kid) to take us forward. Excellent positioning and somehow knows what the attacker is thinking before he thinks it just as Captain Adams use to.

    Ryo and Oxo will set the place on fire tonight.

  54. Indeed. He needs more games.

    See if your opinions are the same when he fucks up again and again and again and again.

  55. Jabba's Delights


    I actually remember most of this board saying how awesome he was all summer.

    The guy needs to be given a chance in his proper posiion to redeem himself. We have had him since he was 16, many have seen his deficencies even for the age group teams. He does however need another crack at the whip.

    That being said i think its imperatve that we played as close to our starting back 4 as possible. They need game time and Santos needs to lose 2 stone

    Exited to see AOC tonight and would absolutely love Aneke to get a game.

  56. So little perspective. Such short sightedness from those who clamoured for signings. They have arrived and now need time to settle. We have had a mixed start not a disastrous one. CL good; PL bad. CC – well, lets find out tonight. FA cup – not started.
    Early days to judge a brand new defence folks. Try to stay calm and keep taking the tablets.

  57. Goonerton – Well a lot of fellow gooners I know actually rate him very highly and clearly Arsene also does so not sure why you think you are better qualified than the manager…must be terrible knowing that you have not got your chance at managing in the top flight.

    Bore off… your constant bitching and moaning is irritating to say the least.

  58. Ah, so the morons move onto Johan this season. Wondered who it would be now Denilson has gone.
    Who had Johan in the sweep?

  59. Steww – I think I did….what do I win? 🙂

  60. Well said JimmyD, well said.

  61. Well as long as he doesn’t stick his hands up high up whilst stanfding in the pelanty area as the opponent takes a free kick, or backheel a pass to a dangerous oopnent whilst his team is beating the ‘bestest team in the world’, I will not get my football socks in a twist unlike some disingenious Groaners who have troll other forums. For some unfathomable reason.

    Groan on.

  62. He = Djoruou*

    * That’s right. The player who has p*wned Drogba on more then one occasion. Good to see that such form in the past has earned him a bye from the usual Haters.
    At least they are on form.

  63. Jabba,

    Point taken but, how much more time is one talking about here?

    Santos, for me will be fine Per, will be fine when he adjust and even better when TV is back but, I’m not talking about bad luck with djouru. Sometimes he looks and plays like he doesn’t understand football and the tactics that go with it. Wouldn’t you like to see Miguel ahead in the pecking order?

    Maybe that will get him to raise his concentration levels. As seen since his return Song has raised his bar and that’s what can happen when you have other pushing for your slot.

  64. Thanks Steww, I used to try to comment as regularly as possible but all the naval gazing does my head in…I am all for a bit of introspection but this needs to be tempered with perspective.

    Today should be about looking forward to seeing some youngsters strut their stuff and not constantly re-hashing the same points over and over.

    Personally I cannot wait to see Park and AOC, I think we have a couple o gems there.

  65. That is probably the most youthful squad we will ever use for a CC game. Wonder what the average age on that is…

    Its no doubt a welcome distraction for our 1st teamers the game tonight. It will give us some much needed practice time ahead of the weekend. We need to start recording some victories. The changes made over the summer have seriously unsettled the makeup of our team. I am surprised by how poorly we have started the season, but making such changes will mean we have to go a step or 2 back before going forward.

    There is no quick fix for replacing the number of players we have. Especially with the system we deploy where short passing and team cohesion more often than not wins us games. That is something we have not been able to do of late. We will improve.

  66. JimmyD,

    I don’t claim to know more than our manager silly dick head. My opinion is that djouru isn’t a great talent and you don’t need to visit other sites or whatever shit you and your bum chums are chatting about.

  67. Yes JimmyD me too, always love the CC – a chance to see some new blood.

  68. goonerton – so you add homophobia to your litany of faults. You sir are a prize chump.

  69. Goonerton,

    Why the insults? you don’t know me, I never resorted to insulting you.

    That’s exactly it…your opinion is that JD isn’t a talent whereas the opinion that matters (i.e. Wenger) is that he is a talent.

  70. Looking forward to the cc. Always been one of my favorite parts of the season. I do hope that if/as we advance our teams become more experienced. The cc and FA cups are real chances to break our silverware drought. 4th place and a cup trophy would be a great season and could be a springboard to help speed the rebuilding process.

  71. i agree with you goonerton that JD is shite, end of. these others on here will try and convince you with their childish arguments that just because wenger thinks so then it must be true . dont be bullied. Hang on to your opiniojn. some think that defending the regime is loyaly, they are deluded. But really they dont give a toss about the Arsenal they just talk shite

  72. Boomer – are you being sarcastic?

  73. wenger given the vote of confidence can’t read too much into that if he fails to gain points from our next few games he may be in trouble…..

  74. Isn’t the correct spelling of our new player “Miyaichi?”

  75. Common On Young Guns

    or to be very silly “The taming of the Shrew”

    (foxes outfoxed by T&T haha)

  76. WordPress doesn’t like Japanese?
    Ok then. Miyaichi it is.

  77. Yogi’s Warrior | September 20, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Still wondering why anyone cares what he says about the club. He’s gone, history. Need to move on.


    Yogi, the point is not what Cesc did or did not say.
    Its about an article being fabricated and published with(I believe)the express intention of making AFC look bad.It was about confirming the notion that the players think we are in decline.It is about what is scurrilous behavior on the part of the media involved .
    How many fans took the fabricated words as justification for their own negative outlook?

  78. Cunt’s from top to bottom running the club,sack the lot of them…starting with the manager.

  79. goalie_up_front

    How do you sack an owner you dimwitted moron?
    That just about sums up the intelligence of your ilk.

    “do you want fries with that?”

  80. ‘Lo all. Been away on hols with no access to or desire for the interwebz or national news. Thank f***.

    Saw the games tho. Not sure how the criticism of Djourou above all else is justified. Santos played Yak on for the first goal. Two of our best players scored OGs and the defensive team performance wasn’t the best. All Djourou did was commit to ground and miss his tackle, which was made on the left flank despite him playing at right back for the first time probably ever. Unfair on the lad. Anyone know why Sagna came off?

    Would love to see your line-up Yogi. Is the match being shown on telly?

  81. It’s dim-witted you plank. Can’t even spell properly and yet you insult peoples intelligence. LOL!

    Cunt of the highest order.

  82. goalie_up_front

    So go on then brain box

    How do you sack the owner?
    That will test your intelligence.

    “do you want fries with that?”

  83. Thanks Nando

  84. Tennessee Arsenal

    @ Colney

    I was in Chicago a few weeks ago and noticed a sports bar on Armitage, near the Old Town School of Folk Music (original location, not the one on N Lincoln) showing Prem matches. I hope this helps.

  85. “Cunt’s from top to bottom running the club,sack the lot of them…starting with the manager.”

    So a man of Arsene Wenger’s stature, whose achievements and integrity speak for themselves, is in your opinion worthy of being called a “cunt”?

    Take a long hard look in the mirror. Cunt.

  86. Tennessee Arsenal

    Goalie up front, I’d look into how to use apostrophes before handing out spelling lessons. You misused one in your first reply, and omitted one in the next one.

  87. Rusty,people like him are beneath contempt.They are scum and deserve to have no contact with decent human beings,The anonymity of the internet allows them contact with normal people that in all likelihood they never get in society.

  88. I posted this 2 days ago and didn’t get a response.

    -3 wins in the last 18 league games. Relegation form.

    – Losing a Cup Final to a now relegated team, a team that scored the fewest goals in the Premiership.

    -Becoming the first team in Premiership history to lose a 4 goal lead and with only 20 minutes left.

    -Throwing away a 2 goal lead against the Spuds….twice in a season.

    -Persisting with a goalkeeper that was totally out of his depth.

    -Buying quality cover at Centre back. But was willing to waste 15M on a 17yr old who can’t even make the bench. You couldn’t make it up LOL !

    -Throwing away points because we can’t defend.

    -Insulting the fans by saying we don’t know what we are talking about because most of us haven’t had half a day in football…the same fans who pay his wages.

    – Announcing he would be happy to finish 2nd for the next 20 years.

    -Droaning on about mental strength and team spirit which everyone can see we don’t have.

    -Telling everyone this is the best squad he has ever had. AN ABSOLUTE INSULT TO THE INVINCIBLES

    -Not getting a defensive coach who has a clue.

    -Ten games to go and only the title to play for and we win TWO games. Abysmal doesn’t begin to describe it.

    What I am asking now is for an AKB or two to come out of hiding and give evidence for the defence. You want him to stay tell us why he should. He’s had 3 yrs to change the situation but hasn’t, what makes you think he will all of a sudden? C’mon now.

  89. goalie_up_front Every point you have mentioned has been dealt with here in the past
    We don’t bother replying to you particular type of cunt.
    I don’t want to come over all snobbish ,but you are beneath us. 🙂
    So just fuck off

  90. If anyone knows where someone in the US can watch this game please let me know. As far as I can tell it is not on at all here…anyone have any links?

  91. Who shows the match today? Does one have to stream?

  92. It will probably be just a stream of the Arsenal Player commentary though.

  93. So no live pics tonite? That sucks. Maybe awayteam shows it?

  94. Spam
    Arsenal fan
    Arsenal fan

    typical day on the net

  95. Steww

    You missed the obvious c. u. next tuesday just above,

  96. Vice, is always worth a try.

  97. Tennessee,
    Thanks I will look into it, if all else fails, I will just hop on an early train back to milwaukee. A lot depends on my quaff consumption on friday night haha.

  98. Judging from the lineup I think we’ll see either a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 formation this afternoon(night).

  99. Some days the person that I feel most sympathy for is not Wenger but Yogi’s Warrior. He obviously spends much of his free time and expends a lot of effort into producing a blog that strives, by its very name, to be something that rises above the general level of so-called football journalism. Something that is knowledgeable, intelligent, even-handed and usually thought provoking. Something that rises above the plankton and bottom-feeding- DNA of that section of stereotypical “thick” football supporters.
    The quality of the blog can be measured by many of the contributors’ intelligent comments (and I applaud your superior knowledge and commitment to the sport) and the unfettered passion of many in supporting the team. The quality of those who have stood in for Yogi and written a guest blog is outstanding.
    But what often happens is akin to a mob of thugs and hooligans’ running amok over Yogi’s carefully attended to front garden, trampling out of control like wild animals. Their intention seems to be to cause havoc, to agitate, to destroy something enjoyable. Rather than contribute to a reasoned debate, backed up with facts and sources, or to actually comment on Yogi’s daily musings, it seems to be OK to embark on some frequently repeated agenda, often garnered from some piece of gutter journalism or some idiot with a big mouth that you overheard in the pub. Do you people have no self-control, no sense of common decency, no attempt at responsibility for your actions?
    You should be able to discern from Yogi’s blog, and the majority of the comments, what the flavour and nature of the blog is. If you don’t appreciate it, or it is not to your taste, why not do what you do with a TV programme that you don’t like – switch to another channel or turn it off? I am sure that there are enough Arsenal blogs out there and that you can find one to suit your particular taste. But no, you have to come and bully your way around resorting to childlike and homophobic comments should a group of people not agree with your immature comments.
    Yogi, I appreciate your good work and I am in wonder at your self-control over the ‘delete’ button, as personally I would probably hack those 600+ comments down to about half that number. Thank you.

  100. Thanks MD! that is really good!!!

  101. No, thank you Paul and Dups, I enjoy your comments like those of many others. But please excuse my ramblings, it greatly troubled me at 5.00 am EST

  102. 3 cheers for yogi.

    Still have no idea why any seemingly sane person would put in this much time and effort into something that generates no income. Yogi you are truly amazing. Mrs. Yogi must be an absolute saint of a human being. Either that or you have her locked up in a dark little room and feed her road kill once a week. I suspect the former but find it hard to believe any woman would tolerate the amount of time you must spend with this so I do have some concern about the latter. (smiley face)

  103. MD, Trust me, I am so glad you “rambled”! It is excellent and to me well needed.

  104. vermaelan for captain when he returns, song deputy. anyone agrees?

  105. Doesn’t look much like any chance of actually watching the game tonight.

  106. What has Robin done wrong? shwe.
    I am sure he would be delighted to be stripped of it and humiliated.
    Do you want to rethink?

  107. Arsenal player will show it after midnight.Pretty useless really

  108. @ pgeorge – Arsenal player will have live audio and show the game ‘from around 10pm’. Still not brilliant, I know. Anyone got a wireless.

    @MD – Well said. I like the debate and discussion on here. Even that which is provoke by idiots and the ill informed, as its great when they are expertly batted away with reasoned argument. Yogi indeed does a fantastic job.

    Tonight should remind us what enjoyment Asenal can bring. Absolutley can’t wait!

  109. George,

    Nothing wrong exactly. Just doesn’t seem to me a natural leader, plus I think that the captain should always be a defensive player. Its in the defense where the pressure is, let the forwards be and create the art and weave the magic. Also the way RVP looked at Gervinho when he didn’t passed the ball, showed to me a player who is frustrated( justifiably so). Not even a half decent captain behaves like that, especially towards a new boy who has just scored a goal.

    Verm looks like the man.

    Regarding being humiliated, who’s not?

  110. pedantic george | September 20, 2011 at 6:17 pm
    Arsenal player will show it after midnight.Pretty useless really
    Thanks P George – that’s 7.00pm here, which would be OK except I don’t have Arsenal Player and the wife hogs the airwaves with The Real Housewives of Somewhere Pathetic or something else from Bravo.

    Wireless?? Transistor radio?

  111. Bill – Still have no idea why any seemingly sane person would put in this much time and effort into something that generates no income’.

    I wouldn’t like to speak for YW, but I suspect its to do with passion for football, love of arsenal and a willingness to share his valued opinions in a worthwhile and well written manner. He shows many of the well paid sports journalists up time and again which is as good a reason as any in my book.

  112. @MD – Come now, you are old enough to remember the wireless, are you not 🙂

    There is something romantic about listening to the game on the radio, focusing your attention on an inanimate box, you really have to use your imagination. Alas its all digital streaming through the computer and television for me these days.

  113. Matty

    Best blog in the arsenal blogosphere and probably the best recurring sports journalism in all of football. Still does not change the fact that yogi must be just a little crazy to do it everyday.

  114. @mattyboy – my kids laugh at me when I say wireless. They only know that electronic box thingy that allows them to lay in bed updating Facebook on their laptop.

  115. You think you have problems. I’m on the wireless and having to listen to the wireless at the same time tonight. Surely someone is screening it somewhere….

  116. that “as-live” thing sucks moneyballs! why cant they show Arsenal when they show United? and why cant they show it direct at Arsenal player when nobody els broadcasts it??

    I thought they were suppose to cater or international fans..
    this shit its even more shitty than us loosing games 😦

    i really wanted to see this game….

  117. hey gunners hope we can forget our last weeks misery and show a superb performance today.jst cant wait to see Ryo.OX and Park play.ait to see Ryo.OX and Park play.

  118. I think someone needs to send an email to ivan and tell him to get this Arsenal Tv thing going so we dont have to listen “as live coverage”…FFS…I thought this was supposed to be the 2000’s, Aargh!!!!! No stream.

  119. I could always avoid the result and watch it on Arsenal player. Oh wait – they will plaster the score all over the fucking thing so I won’t be able to avoid it.

  120. Hah Paul-N if that is a real link that works you are worth a kiss 🙂

  121. Or an ice lolly, whatever you prefare….

  122. Ice Lolly please! I just went back to childhood days with that!

  123. wow frimpong and Coquelin playing together? i thought they were both defend minded? hmm excitied about the formation now…. and i think le Couq is way way classy…..

  124. Seems JD will be captain. Bit of a surprise that.

  125. maybe they try to build up his confidence again, pluss JD has been here the longes no? Of the ones that start? maybe he got most senior caps or something?

  126. All the best to the young lads that are involved in tonight game.hope they get a go and do well some great talent #COYG And i blog for Arsenal here

  127. Good Evening Yw et al anybody got a good stream for tonights Game? On holiday

  128. Seems the game is not being broadcast anywhere

  129. Thanks Dups however an earlier poster led me to this.. Try this ..


  130. Dups it was Paul N… good luck goingto have a look.. one of my kids has just vomited all over me.. The joys of parenthood…

  131. just tried it feed only…

  132. Hat trick for chamakh and a clean sheet would do a lot for the confidence of the guys who might potentially make a big difference for the first team this season

  133. Ras | September 20, 2011 at 7:51 pm

    cheers me dear

  134. thats just bullshit from Arsenals side imo. Cant even let their own fans look at their youth players… pha!

  135. no stream:<

  136. awh why cant J Cross be a bit useful and rant about this in the paper instead of the team… this really is annoying.. bleh.. im off 😛

  137. Poodle

    It’s been the same since Arsenal TV collapsed with Setanta. They used to show live reserve games then.

  138. would you believe that……

  139. Shrewsbury one up, confirmed

  140. Can’t even hear the live audio for some reason on Arsenal player. Never had this problem on ATVO. Is anyone else not getting the audio?

  141. 1-0 down. Sounds like bad defending. Who would have thought?

  142. Shrewsbury score. No clean sheet for the defence then

  143. We are losing 1-0.. Goal down the left side…Gibbs apparently ont having a good game…

  144. So much for the clean sheet. Losing to a league 1 side is the last thing we need

  145. JD ball watching and missed a header for their goal.

    Fans already booing. We seem to be very bad


    Audio only, and you might have to try a couple of times to get it to work, but quite good quaility

  147. (hysterical laugh)……………

  148. well i guess Gibbsy will loose his place and kiss goodbye to ever being a England player if he continiues with bad play like that. However its so had to assess anything without seeing it….

  149. hope they dont get to nervouse to actually do something now…

  150. Shrewsbury has about 60% of possession so far and have hit the bar once already.

  151. To be fair it awlways seems worse when listening to a game.

  152. We seem to be getting battered…

  153. i cant belive we are closer to 2-0 than 1-1 :S

  154. well one goal and we are back though 😀

  155. Kind thanks for the audio link MDGunner, working brilliantly.

  156. we are never out of it at 1-0 😀

  157. I feel sick 😦

  158. Coquelin seems to be standing tall amongst the ruins..

  159. but its weird that we cannot play aggressive and have selv belife against a 2nd division team…
    we should be brimming with the knowledge that we indeed are better than them….

  160. Gibbs equalizes with a header

  161. 1-1 Gibbs- Header..

  162. 1-1 Gibbs header. Good stuff!!!

  163. gibbbs on the head? hehe nice to see more than Rvp and Chamakh head goals hehe

  164. Maybe just maybe we’ll settle down n play a bit…

  165. feel much better right now 😛

  166. Yessssssss..come on arsenalllllllllll !!!!

  167. @ViennaGooner – you are welcome

  168. im gonna have 999 ready dialed, Arsenal give their fans the worst drama.
    Not for the faint hearted lol

  169. @BIll
    BBC says Arsenal 54% possession

  170. Oh lord, thank heavens, I was beginning to feel we are totally cursed by the footballing gods!

  171. steww even you with your eternal optimistic look on the team must admit that loosing this game and getting even worse selfesteem as a club is not ideal??
    I mean we all know we are good enough to beat anyoen, but recently we have been in a dark dark place where the players seems to have absolutley no selfbelife..

    Being frustrated about a great team like Arsenal that plays as good as they do when on form, are loosing to a neanderthal club like Blackburn due to silly mistakes and bad luck, i think that is understandable…

    We are simply too good to loose this match and matches like that one against Blackburn..
    And i get angry when we loose, not because we are shit, but because we are to damn good to loose those matches!!
    Once the confidence is back we will rule the 7 seas! or atlest th PL 😛

  172. like pirates!!!!

  173. Coquelin seems to be playing great!

  174. after all our captain is the flyin dutchman har, har, har….

  175. Now it’s changed on my link too says 53/47. Sounds like we had a couple of good chances very early then they took over for a while hit the post and then scored now we are back to playing better. Hope for a second goal before half time.

  176. Could do without them reading all the negative comments. So many know it alls.

  177. What happens in a draw. Do they go to extra time and penalties or do we go to shrewsbury for a replay?

  178. Le Coq sounds like he is having a very good game. You would expect him to be more at ease than the likes of Frimpong after having his loan spell in France geeting experience of 1st team football.

  179. I think its pens tonight

  180. Bill – Extra time and pens tonight mate.

  181. Paul N

    I would rather they just commented on the game rather than read the idiot emails.

  182. We will win today, no extra time, no pens

  183. Andy

    Just looked at your avatar for the first time. Interesting choice. Are there little andy’s on the way?

  184. We should do.

  185. Thanks for the links–got the player working on an old laptop–problems with the mac for some reason.

    The Arsenal commentators are trying to be “interactive” but it really doesn’t add anything usually. If someone emails in a good point about the game tactically or an interesting question they can bring it up but I don’t understand just reading off emails wholesale for no reason. They must screen them to some extent, since they don’t read off foul language, so why can’t they have a filter for the content that might enhance the broadcast. And I mean equally I don’t want to hear a bunch of emails saying “So and so is playing great!” and so on either. What’s the point?

  186. Bill – Ha, no not at the moment mate. It is a Queens of The Stone Age logo.

  187. Sounds like we have the run of play early this half

  188. OX scores

  189. AOC screamer.

  190. gooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaal ox the man

  191. NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICEEEEEEEEEE! Can’t wait to watch it tonight on ATVO

  192. Weve got Alex chamberlain weve got alex chamberlain…

  193. Apparently a right footed smash from 25 yards. Hail the OX!!!

  194. Walcott should start getting worried…

  195. Hopefully we will make the difference in class count now and put this game to bed.

  196. He sounds a constant threat. Theo should be worried.

  197. what time the match is available on atvo

  198. @g4e neh the OX is the future! he will be matched carefully and nutured to become a legend.
    Also AW talks about Walcott being more of a striker and OX being more of a midfielder.
    They will fullfill eacother and in 5 years time be a deadly force together.

  199. What a team selection. Excellent decision. Regardless of the result. Can only make our season. No two ways about it.

    There is only one Arsene Wenger. Class!

  200. someone said it is available after midnight tonight

  201. with OX, Gibbs, Wilshere, Ramsey, Bartely, Jenkinson, Walcott we starting to get some quality englishmen going(and one welsh though) if they all live up to expectations….
    Maybe the refs will put on their silk gloves on for us as they would not want their precios english national team players injured 🙂
    the pundits would kill em if they let that happen….

  202. they said 10ish on arsenal player now…

  203. Ateeb – Make our season? Seriously?

  204. Let’s get a 3rd and 4th and put this to bed

  205. I agree with Poodle. Walcott was excellent on Saturday by the way.

  206. Ryo coming on. Lets see what the lad has got.

  207. Amen, Bill. Ryo about to come on–exciting!

  208. I guess you could say given the repeat comments that this is a much anticipated debut for the young Japanese phenom!

  209. Andy,

    Yes. Best move possible under the condition where we were in. This will bring confidence to the senior players more than anything else. They will understand what we have in our reserves, it’s not a shithole, as the media is trying to depict. We’ve got real quality in our team. We always had, but this time it’s complemented by experience as well in the first team. Today will surely change our season. My opinion. We will win or draw our next game, and start climbing from there on.

  210. ozzy and chesney has the hardest names in the arsenal team 🙂
    unless you are dutch or polish ofc. then they probably make total sense…

  211. Ozyakup with an assist to Benayoun!!!

  212. Benny 3-1

  213. Ateeb – A win tonight is great. But a win against a lge 2 by our reserves is not going to change our season.

    3-1 Benayoun. Excellent stuff!!

  214. @andy you never know, it might inspirle the oldies into action.
    I hope more for Ateebs version than your anyway 🙂
    ateebs sonds so much nicer hehe

  215. @1 loose lol sounds like you shouting for Australia 😀

  216. This is the first I have heard of this Ozyakup fellow. What is his story?

  217. GA

    It does lift the fans though.

  218. @vice hes goood and a huge talent, some even compared him to cesc in playstyle.. hope they are righ…

  219. Ozyakup is not a Dutch name. I think he must be of Turkish origin.

  220. Poodle – Don’t get me wrong, I wish for his version as well.

  221. yes lime he has turkish root but represent the dutch

  222. Nice…the constant flow of talent in the youth ranks is pretty awesome to witness. It really is one of the biggest perks to being an Arsenal supporter. We really have two teams to watch and support that are both exciting. Although, the senior players need to start holding their end of the bargain up here quickly.

  223. Watching Man Utd v Leeds, Berbatov is currently playing as a centre half, he actually looks quite good – Wenger will probably sign him!

  224. Yossi may be a big player for us this season. Wish chamakh had scored a couple.

  225. @andy i know , just saying Ateebs version is so much more seducing than yours 🙂

  226. good to hear one arsene wenger from the crowd

  227. Good to hear “Only one Arsene Wenger”.

    Berbatov really is playing CB. That is taking the piss.

  228. Poodle – I know, the dreamy little tinker. 🙂

  229. hah if stoke and totten ham draw they will have to replay that match. how gutted will they be?

  230. no replay in the carling cup poodle

  231. oh never? i thought we repplayed a couple of games last year? or was that FA cup maybe? those low league teams that we struggled with?

  232. All games to end tonight Poodle

  233. Those were FA cup replays before we went out with a wimper…

  234. job done 🙂

  235. The quadruple is back on.

    Onwards and upwards.

  236. Stoke v spuds extra time. 0-0 at 90 min. Hope they kick the crap out each other.

  237. and we came back from being under 1-0! thats what the seniors gotta learn

  238. Game of 2 halfs. Yesuuuur.

  239. mmmmmm i think i got to celebrate with a nice cuppa 🙂

  240. will they starte the game after the boring men are finished speaking and taking phone calls?

  241. i am think here that the youngsters haven’t got as much of a messed up psychology as the older players who’ve had their confidence surgically removed

  242. Why has Arsene squandered £12 million on the Ox when we needed Samba.
    Oh yes ,now I get it.He is good Samba is shit

  243. latley when we gone for british players they have been of the highest quality.

    Ramsey, OX smalling(missed out)Jones(missed out)

    all four are outstanding prospects. I think that is the quality that is expected if we sign English or british players.
    with Alex we showed we are not afraid to “splash the cash” when a real talent is up for sale. he was no bargain at all that kid. But if he continiues today hes worth every penny though….

  244. but its worth remembering that Ramsey and OX is just as big talents as Jones and Smalling albeit in different posisions….

  245. My goodness me,there a some really stupid people phoning into Arsenal Player.
    I would love to be on the other end of the phone to them

  246. dont get angry now meerkat 🙂
    you know these people cant be helped anyway…

  247. George

    It’s probably Goalie_Up_Front and his deranged mates.

  248. There will be many defensive players as good as Jones and Smallings, but very few local players like Ramsey, Ox, Wilshere, Frimpong, and whatever Arsene has under his sleeves. He’s got world class players, British, under him.

    In Arsene we trust!

  249. wait a minute was oxlade playing midfield today and benayoon on the wing

  250. any links to a tape delay stream?

  251. Arsenal Player has gone down WTF

  252. Ateeb:

    Really hope your right. Hesitate to put much weight of expectation on their young shoulders just yet. Think it does more harm then good. Bendtner, vela, Traore, Merida, nordtviet, jet, aliadiadare, bentley, etc etc etc might say the same thing. Let’s give them some time.

  253. yay…Spuds out…ha ha ha

    Stoke 7-6 Tottenham – Luongo misses… saved
    Stoke 7-6 Tottenham – Shotton scores
    Stoke 6-6 Tottenham – Carroll scores
    Stoke 6-5 Tottenham – Upson scores
    Stoke 5-5 Tottenham – Livermore scores
    Stoke 5-4 Tottenham – Etheringon scores
    Stoke 4-4 Tottenham – Kaboul scores
    Stoke 4-3 Tottenham – Crouch scores
    Stoke 3-3 Tottenham – Corluka scores
    Stoke 3-2 Tottenham – Wilson scores
    Stoke 2-2 Tottenham – Townsend scores
    Stoke 2-1 Tottenham – Whelan scores
    Stoke 1-1 Tottenham – Pavlyuchenko misses… he skies it
    Stoke 1-1 Tottenham – Pennant misses… he hits the bar
    Stoke 1-1 Tottenham – Defoe scores
    Stoke 1-0 Tottenham – Walters scores

  255. Funny how some people slag a performance they’ve not seen yet. Well done Stoke (through gritted teeth),

  256. Le Coq looks reall good

  257. Totts making a habit of going out 1st time

  258. and whats the deal with the mohawks?? everyone and his grandma has it now in PL.
    they all look like mr T!

  259. Park looks tidy.I think he will fit in well

  260. but whats happend to Djorou?? he looks totally out of it imo.. such a shame cos he was decent until his injury last year

  261. Poodle,what indeed.
    He was a rock until the injury,Now the young Spaniard looks his better.

  262. Jibber's tree lights

    Wow did you see that clip at half time? So epic.

  263. imagin theos intelligent runs with OX prcesision passes! thats gonna be awesome!

  264. @George, just followed u on twitter, how come u are blackburn there?

  265. Team Spirit

    It’s Georges favourite team. 🙂

    What is your twitter ID?

  266. Its where I currently live.TS ,for my sins.

  267. Yes come on Team Spirit,come across with your ID

  268. I was at the match tonight. Afterwards I heard Pete from Le Grove on 5 Live giving his opinion on AW. I was called by 5 Live and asked to speak. I was able to tell Pete that he was an Arsenal hater and should be supporting the team rather than destabilising it.

  269. I really do wonder what happened to Djourou. Where is the player that performed so well against Chelsea, ManCity, Barca and company? Can we please have him back? I really hope he can get out of the funk he is in but at present time it’s really hard to see him be preferred to any of our other 3 CB’s and even Miquel might offer a better option.

  270. Waaaaaan Arsene Wenger, theres only waaan Arsene Wenger……..

  271. Only had the sky sports app and here tonight for updates. What formation did we line up with tonight..? 4-3-3 or a different variation..?

  272. Bernard ,well played that man.
    Why was that prick on in the first place.Was he speaking for the fans?

  273. Arsenal fans having a go at Arsenal FC! Of course the media are going to lap that up, its the reason they exist. Arsenal fans supporting Arsenal FC is not much of a story and its not support, but unfortunately we have to put up with it. It wont supress my enjoyment, thats for sure.

  274. Evil ,do you think he improved as the game went on?

  275. Those that revel in defeat are corrupt.

  276. Just back in from the game. A long and pleasant walk.

    Yup. Coqulin MOTM for Arsenal.
    Very impressive as far as those around me were concerned. Jenkinson had post OT jitters, buit seemed to grow into his pre-season form as the game progressed.

    For those, fo whoom such thoughts are a leap too far, better that No.4 CB JD shakes off whatever is troubling him in games like tonight then against Bolton. Simples!
    To be fair, Szczęsny might have come for the cross where Fabianski didn’t? I have no idea.
    But if people expect a player to turn poor form round in an an instance, well, I wouldn’t consider them as being ‘realistic’.
    With fewer and fewer reserve games,, these early CC games are very useful.

  277. Sky,by running as their main story “Arsene Wenger not going to be sacked”are rather suggesting that he somehow should be.

    “Those that revel in defeat are corrupt.”
    No!!! they are just sad human beings

  278. @george
    Yes, he did … but still not the presence he was early this year. Maybe it was the captain’s armband? Or playing with a new look defence. But he personally committed some errors you just wouldn’t expect from a player of his standing. I really hope we can get him back to his normal level again.

  279. Bennythegoon looked fit as a fiddle.
    I liked a lot about tonight.

  280. Sorry for the awful typos.

  281. Evil I agree but he could have gotten worse .And had he I think it would have been a bridge too far for him to recover.He is in danger of doing a Big Phil.

  282. Merieles with a mowhawk…..bad move……..

  283. finsbury | September 20, 2011 at 11:44 pm

    AOC just edged it for me. Most of the players started the game a little edgy but grew in stature as it went on. There were some good performances tonight and a few rusty players had a chance to play some of that off. One game at a time.

  284. Nice one for the feedback Finsbury. Coquelin look like he is another one ready to break through this season. Exciting times ahead.

    @George – They ARE sad human beings, but I believe they are also corrupt. Cosying up to the media for there own gain and pushing their own agenda for their own benefit. Its more popular to hate Arsenal FC at the moment and there is a corrupt minority who are reveling in it and I dare say, making a few quid out of it too.

  285. Pass – how did Park look tonight..?

  286. Really enjoyed the game. Very amusing to read the comments. Some of you are hilarious – where’s your mental strength, giving up in the first half, eh? Dearie me.
    In the stadium, there was never a serious worry that we weren’t going to get through. After the goal there was a minute or two when the crowd could have got ugly but better nature prevailed and the singing redoubled. My MOTM was Le Coq with honourable mentions to AOC and Miquel – and Gibbs for leadership. AOC was a revelation in the second half. They didn’t batter us, we just didn’t do enough pressing and tackling in the first half. They were very direct and very energetic, and we didn’t match their energy for much of the first 45. Rectified in the second half though. Le Coq grew and grew in that game, looks lke he finally believes he is an Arsenal player. And Miquel really just needs to fill out. He still has a teenager’s physique. Thought Benayoun worked really hard and intelligently. Park you could see was not quite up to speed yet.

    @ Bernard
    Well done!


    Does arsenal have the rights to show live first team games? I don’t think they do.


    it is funny that this interview made headlines here in England and was reported as genuine news. it turned out fake . be warned of what you read these days. I’m glad Fabregas took action. he still cares about his association with Arsenal.

  288. Pass – how did Park look tonight..?

    I agree with FG – not quite there yet, but he worked hard and popped up left, right and centre. I think he will be fine once he gets up to speed with his team mates and the English style.

  289. 1LC – despite the article being about the fact that the interview was fabricated, it’s interesting that they continue to publish the fake quotes as part of it. Just adding more evidence to the theory that the hacks really are the scum of the Earth.

  290. Goals

    (still looking for a less obscure video)

  291. Good news about Le Coq. I really rate him. I think he’s just a bit sharper than Frimpong at the moment. It will be fun seeing them two jockeying for the DM position in the coming seasons.

  292. Pass,from this afternoon

    pedantic george | September 20, 2011 at 3:22 pm
    Yogi’s Warrior | September 20, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Still wondering why anyone cares what he says about the club. He’s gone, history. Need to move on.


    Yogi, the point is not what Cesc did or did not say.
    Its about an article being fabricated and published with(I believe)the express intention of making AFC look bad.It was about confirming the notion that the players think we are in decline.It is about what is scurrilous behavior on the part of the media involved .
    How many fans took the fabricated words as justification for their own negative outlook?

  293. Pass and FG – Great to hear your thoughts and feedback on the game! Much appreciated, as sources I have come to rely on and trust. The League Cup has long been a sourse of immense enjoyment and I find the atmosphere in the ground is, on the whole, a bit more youthful and partisan then usual.

  294. Goals

    (still looking for a less obscure video)

  295. george, I’ve not really paid much attention to what that ex-player has said since he left the club, but I agree with you in this instance it was an attempt to use his departure supported by a faked interview to heap pressure on the manager and the club. On the other hand it was really heartening to see the crowd give Arsene a vote of confidence with rendition of his song. No amount of media spin will take that away. Despite how they are trying to portray things, the manager still has a lot of support and belief from a sizeable proportion of the fan base that he can turn things around if he is given the time and support, which I think he has earned over the years.

  296. [Still looking for a less obscure video]

  297. Pasenal- You’ve been polite calling them Scum. Anything Worst? These people cause wars conflicts and send innocent people to jail with their lies. the one that makes me laugh is “a source said” or ” so so told friends”. The problem is, these people can buy their way out when they get caught. Look at Murdoch pays few millions and he goes scott free.

  298. Coquelin is a player, man. I was most impressed with him. The Ox is a sterling talent, but I sort of expected his quality and was delighted to see him demonstrate it. To me Coquelin was especially good. He was one of our best in the ManU game despite the hiding and I didn’t think he should have come off at the time and it got much worse on his departure. But tonight he was something special. Good passes, great anticipation and ability to intercept opposition passes. Strong and confident on the ball even though he doesn’t do anything fancy and really a strong tackler. He was everywhere and looked unflappable. Frimpong played reasonably well but there is real competition behind Song. What I liked is that he was energetic and aggressive but very controlled–he just took things to the limit but no further. I think if it was a pickier ref, he looked mature enough to adjust accordingly.

  299. I hope they include Bernard’s exchange with Pedro/Pete in the 5live football daily podcast as I would enjoy hearing it.

    Bernard, BBC called you? Or did you call in? Either way, kudos.

  300. @emed8 my twitter account

  301. mentalist- keep up the good work,I haven’t seen the game, Still waiting for to upload the highlights, they are mean.

  302. Actually, I am going to revise my assessment of the frst half. My view was too coloured by the dominance of the second half. They did look dangerous and we looked disjointed and rocky when defendng. But you could also see that they were putting in a massive effort and playing out of their skins, and I just knew they would not be able to keep it up in the second half.

  303. That’s way better, dups!

  304. Dups- Thanks. you beat me to it.

  305. Thanks to those who were at the match and gave accounts of the players’ performances.

    Doesn’t appear like we need to be looking for a back up for Song………for awhile.

    Good result, especially for those that saw action.

  306. Best thing about tonight was “one Arsene Wenger” sung with gusto.Fucking brilliant.Not a hack in the world cant take that away

  307. Jibber's tree lights

    i heard that chant loud and clear through the television. well done to the team. Le Coke was making tackles until the 94th minute, really he was great. Chamakh’s control is also very easy on the eye. The way he holds up and ball while keeping his man on his back is quite admirable.

  308. “Andre Villas-Boas raps ‘poor’ match officials”

    Dear Villas,

    Welcome to the English premier league where referees always decide where the titles go…After all they’re only human!

  309. Jibber's tree lights

    Speaking of refs, how good was that guy we got? He let both sides play, and was allowing for a free flowing yet physical football game. We would never get that type of performance from an EPL ref.

  310. “Tottenham Hotspur have been given planning permission to build a new stadium next to their current base at White Hart Lane.”

    That’s the end of the Spuds revival then.

  311. Last.

  312. not even. me last.
    congratulations to the young guns against the sherows. to next round. that chant at the game was great. they should do it in every game regardless. no damned media hack should decide how ARSENAL SHOULD BE RUN.
    it should shut them the hell up. but i doubt it will. anywho, bring on the wanderers. 2-1 to the guns.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  313. Jibber's tree lights

    *slaps goonerkam with a loose fitting glove*


  314. Limestonegunner @ 12.38
    I texted Radio 5 to say that we’d cheered AW towards the end of the game and that Pete from Le Grove did not represent the majority of supporters. They called me and asked me to speak. I told Pete that he was a hater and pointed out that he allows people to regularly call AW a c u n t. Later they apologised for a caller spelling out a rude word.

    I texted in to apologise but complain about Pete being allowed to air his views in public. They called me back and said that they would look at Le Grove before having him back on the radio. I think I will write to the Radio 5 controller today, to repeat my complaint and maybe keep him off the air.

  315. go get some sleep man. HAHAHA
    you got me and limestone too beat me.
    but wait a minute.. HAHA
    me last.

  316. Kudos, Bernard! you’re a STAR

  317. go getem bernard. excellent work exposing these morons for trying to damage the club from within.
    and i can’t believe the BBC having these guys on without knowing the content of their blogs comment. pure toilet.

  318. you got me goonerkam, I am up already!

  319. alright mj, 🙂
    just having a sleepless night.
    see u in the comments.

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