Blackburn Review: Arsenal Defeat Sums Season Up

Blackburn Rovers 4 – 3 Arsenal

0 – 1 Gervinho (10)
1 – 1 Yakubu (24)
1 – 2 Arteta (33)
2 – 2 Song (o.g.) (50)
3 – 2 Yakubu (58)
4 – 2 Koscielny (o.g.) (68)
4 – 3 Chamakh (84)

Arsenal’s frailties were haplessly exposed at a rain-drenched Ewood Park. Architects of their own downfall, Arsenal’s season was encapsulated in one match. Failure to capitalise, spurning chances at will was compounded by poor organisation in defence with twenty error-strewn second half minutes ultimately deciding the outcome.

We can point to individual errors, poor decisions by officials, bad luck as the reason for defeat. Contributing factors indeed but the first highlights the issues facing the club. Two own goals: one from a corner which Alex Song perhaps could not react to. Koscielny’s? I think he might have dealt better with it but bigger problems arose earlier in the move, Djourou’s failure to time his tackle, Song’s failure to make a challenge, Szczesny not moving toward the forward on the by-line.

The match has been relegated to a side issue since the final whistle. It should not be and the outcome should have been so much different. Gervinho’s early opener hinted at an enjoyable afternoon. Song strode through the centre of the pitch, releasing Gervinho to twist and trickle his shot into the net. Ten minutes gone and things were right with the world, just reward for the opening dominance.

Arshavin might have doubled the lead with his rising shot, Gervinho missed following Bacary Sagna’s purposeful endeavours on the right flank. Ascendency assured, Arsenal promptly relaxed and were punished. A Rovers attack was broken down, the ball intercepted on the edge of the area by Song. The attempt to counter was swiftly broken down and the ragged Arsenal back four played Yakubu onside, his finish unerring into the corner.

Back to square one. Arsenal rocked and rolled with the punches, gradually recovering their composure and ten minutes later, Song released Ramsey on the right. The Welshman had other options in the centre, choosing to wait for the right moment to tee Arteta with the perfect pass for a powerful and accurate finish into the roof of the net.

The moment had arrived, dominance to be turned into points, Gervinho at the centre of all of the attacking goodness, unable to convert his own chances whilst unable to spot the unmarked van Persie yards from him as the Rovers back four tried to keep Arsenal at bay. The second half brought a change in fortune for Rovers, the change in their line-up crucial. Arsenal were content with the position they were in but by the midpoint were chasing the game, vainly but almost valiantly.

Song’s own goal from the corner started the rot, Sagna’s departure meant Djourou came in on the right and Rovers exposed the lack of familiarity with the position. Szczesny saved Formica’s manufactured effort, Yakubu scored from an offside position with Santos not providing enough daylight between himself and the Rovers forward to create the necessary doubt in the officials minds. The lunacy was capped with the fourth, Rovers hitting Arsenal with the counterpunch that we have perfected over the years.

The frenzied finish materialised. van Persie came close, Chamakh scored a peach of a header following the Dutchman’s excellent cross, might have scored a brace in the finale, guiding his header wide. Mertesacker lifted his over the bar when from the comfort of the armchair that seemed the harder option. His and Chamakh’s appearance in the front line at least nailed the lie that Arsenal do not have a Plan B.

And to top it off, on an afternoon of poor decision making by the officials – phantom corners given, dubious and obvious free kicks awarded on a hit and miss basis – a clear penalty denied with time running out, Walcott flattened by Robinson in front of the referee.

The team’s confidence has been bludgeoned, vapourised and twisting in the ether, absent at back, middle and front in the team. The crux of the matter is leadership. There are enough experienced internationals, players whose number of games in their careers register in 200 or more, yet none are taking a grip at the back or in the middle. Why is that? Robin van Persie has been made captain yet that should not stop someone in midfield taking responsibility, or a defender organising.

Problems exist that Arsène has to resolve, solutions which must be found quickly. Not least of which is the formation, one that emphasises the attacking nature of the game but requires solidity in midfield. It needs the players to pursue their opponents when in possession, to hunt in packs as Dortmund showed in midweek, as Barcelona have ruthlessly done in European fields. Arsenal have never got to grips with that on a consistent basis, this season must be the time for the manager to look at a more orthodox formation, changing the personnel appropriately to gain stability in the side.

Post-match, Arsène summed the situation succinctly,

It’s just not good enough and, of course, we are very frustrated. The spirit in the team is quite willing but if you look at the number of goals we have conceded it is just not good enough. You cannot come here and concede four goals the way we did today. On the other hand I believe that the group will take off but it is important that we can get results.

This is the biggest challenge of his Arsenal career. Previous squads have had a natural confidence which has returned during dips in form but this is sustained. This run of form started at Wembley and has not abated. The new arrivals are still gelling into the team and this is where the hope comes from and with four included in the starting line-up at Blackburn, perhaps a brighter future is on the horizon. That seems a distant future right now.

Questions are naturally being asked of the manager. This is a problem entirely within his remit to resolve and answers have been previously found. It seems that more help on the green pitches of Colney, in the dressing room. Something, someone. The status quo cannot remain, the players have the fragility of matchstick men. There is a real danger that continued poor form will lead to mediocrity this season being accepted as the norm, for Arsenal that cannot be the case nor should it be.

Grey skies over the country, grey skies over the club. The looming threat of a Winter of Discontent hangs over the country, there will be a more immediate arrival at Arsenal. Time for the manager to prove his doubters wrong, to recuperate the team. Whatever the solutions are, they need to be found. And quickly.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Second… It’s possibly better than where were going to finish this season.. your lucky Bobby.Morning YW…I’m off into the hills of Llangudoc Rousillion(S France)..

  2. to win and challenge our rivals this will be the best line-up,

    sagna mert. Koscielny santos
    arshavin arteta yossi song
    Gervinho chamakh.

    Go Wenger we believe u.

  3. Hopefully your adored ‘messiah’ will be gone by xmas.

    In fact if he has any self respect he should offer his resignation now.

    Too many of you on sites like this seem to hope he’ll again become the Arsene of 97-04.

    It wont happen, forget top 4 – we’ll be looking a bottom 4 with all these mediocre signings & sunday league defending.

    Of course many of you could always blame the board. Fact: We dont have a board. We have a disgusting disrespectful owner – but he doesnt coach the team.

  4. Speaking of grey skies YW the normally azure skies of the Southern Mediterranean have turned grey ici.

    Your line the fragility of match stick men j’adore

  5. not a bad lineup, worth a try, no, try this:

    Szcz Szcz
    TV TV
    Sagna Per Kos Santos Sagna Kos Santos(Gibbs)
    Song Areteta or Song Wilshere Arteta
    RVP RVP Chamakh Gervinho
    Yossi Gervinho

  6. Some of the players are palpably not good enough for the premiership never mind a team that wants to challenge for trophies. Djorou should never wear a red shirt again… an international defender he should at least be a ble to make a simple tackle (4th goal), Koscielny should be able to head the ball (2nd goal) out from a corner, Santos as an international full backshould be able to see his defensive line (1st/2nd goal), Mertesacker as an international centre half should be able to head the ball goalwards when there is no one there! 3 out of 4 have been bought to rectify the issues with our defence, all 4 are not good enough to play for ManU reserves!
    Arteta was magnificent yesterday and Gervinho was good without being outstanding (decision making has to speed up).
    the problem is we keep spending money on second rate defenders (apart from TV (but he is never fit!).
    the lacklustre, complacent, arrogant. cheapskate, archaic attitude of the controlling influences on the board are sending this club into oblivion! the world of football is a very different place from the public shoolboy facade that they hide behind. the new world is dominated by selfish mega-rich dictators and if we cant see that we will collapse!. the ultimate irony is that we have one of these oligarchs waiting to and being prevented from taking control and throwing the resources at the issues! true supporters do not deserve to be treated like idiots and palmed off with these senseless platitudes!
    AFC board members open your eyes close your cheque books and swallow your ignorant pride! let the concerned parties who wish to move forward do so.
    i am a season ticket holder of over 30 years standing and yesterday was the first time i felt embarassed by the performance, the lack of fight, THE LACK OF TECHNICAL ABILITY in certain players.
    INTHIS DAY AND AGE YOU MUST SPEND BIG MONEY TO COMPETE AT EPL LEVEL NEVER MIND CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!!!!there is no room for sentiment and moral standpoints…..look at CF4 at Barca (much as it hurts to have even watched 5 minutes of that game!)……everything he denied saying is true.

  7. Bradys right foot

    Disbelief, shellshock, incredulous, desolate, despair are some of the words that spring to mind after yesterdays result as are anger and frustration. The fact that we lost this game has put me into unchartered waters as honestly I can’t explain or rationalise this result in football terms, an extraordinary set of individual mistakes brought about and extraordinary result. The two own goals from our midweek collosi, Alex was unsighted with the jumpers infront while Kozzers body shape was all wrong. To score one would be cruel to score two in the one game from two tame crosses is unbelieveable add this to an offside goal and from what I can tell the clearest penalty I’ve ever seen not awarded and I believe my disbelief shellshock, incredulouity, desolation and despair are thoroughly justified. If this shit evens itself out over the season then a quadruple would be insufficent recompence to make up for yesterday. I’m left with the conclusion that we are a team where the normal rules of association football are replaced by a version of the game that even Dante couldn’t have imagined, a game more twilight zone than pro zone the most bizzarre thing about all of this is that these games are becoming a common occurrence. Welcome to Arsenal Per, Mikel, Andre and the traumatisation process thats needed before you can feel part of the team.

    Family commitments got in the way of me “enjoying” the game yesterday however my global tracking device meant I couldn’t escape the trauma being inflicted on the gooniverse. As
    I returned home at about 9 Mrs Right foot gave me a look more of pity than compassion, I made my excuses and invoked an early night. I couldn’t sleep so an hour or so later I switched the TV on to watch MOTD. In keeping with the times it was an extraordinary segment on Arsenal. I found Pearces commentary suspicously wise after the event. The analysis from Shearer was staggering from the highlights it seemed that Blackburn had huge problems in the box and despite scoring from a header and Mert, Chamakh and RVP twice going very close from delivery into the box it was highlighted that we struggled aerially when we left Samba in at the back post. The offside became almost not offside, Songs own goals was a result of the “zonal system” and the reason we didn’t get a clear penalty was because we didn’t surround the referee but played to the whistle trying to get the equaliser however Shearer tells us that its a sign we don’t care.

    If it was me i’d have a complete ban on players talking to the media this can only put right by winning football matches talk as they say is cheap. In all honesty the team don’t need a manager or coach they need a therapist after yesterday result. Man management and the ability of players to step forward behind the scenes with the right actions are very important over the next few days. We seem to have been cursed since the Newcastle game and the hoodoo that the club is under is a very real psychological problem for the players. To the players staff and fans for each and everyone one of us I truly hope that things even themselves out over a season. Me i’m not taking that chance instead I’m going to give this team my total unwavering support.

  8. oops, sorry try again

    Sagna Per Kos Santos
    Song Arteta
    Yossi Gervinho


    Sagna Kos Santos(Gibbs)
    Song Wilshire Arteta
    RVP Chamakh Gervinho

    that’s better.

  9. DoubleGooner is AW is not revered as some Messiah on his site. As YW has stated this morning the “Buck stops with the manager”. It is he alone

    DoubleGooner who would you bring as Manager?. Who?

    There are faults for All to see. IMHO I also think the manager has made mistakes – we all do.

  10. Obviously gutted at the result but only an insane masochist would dwell on the negatives so… Lots of positives from a new team still getting to know each other yesterday. Gervinho looks very good, Per leading by example and taking the fight to the opposition towards the end, Arteta getting agoal and Chamack looking more like his old self, Ramsay playing much better but of all the positives it was the guts the fighting spirit and never say die attitude that made me so proud.
    Make no mistake two utterly freakish deflected own goals and some inspired goal keeping was all that saved Blackburn yesterday.

  11. hire Steve Jobs if he’s still healthy.

  12. If you saw defending like that from an U12 team you’d give them a bollocking. Shocking at this level. Some decent stuff going forward, but a combination of some poor decision making and finishing in the final third and rank bad defending will do for us plenty of times.

  13. Was Song’s OG from a corner?

  14. A very fair summing up, Yogi.

    Interesting to see the open nature of Wenger’s comments yesterday. I sense he knows what needs to be done, and is increasingly frustrated by his team’s continued incosistency. So much of what we saw yesterday was good, tidy football played with genuine tempo – Arteta and Gervinho in particular – but we keep letting ourselves down with a handful of moments in every game where half the team seems to go to sleep. It is those moments of madness which threaten to stifle some clear improvements in our game that were all too obvious in the first half.

    We have now conceded 14 goals in 5 games. In 04/05, Chelsea conceded 15 all season. Wenger has held his hads up and admitted our defensive shortcomings. Now both he AND the players need to do something about it. It is not just a matter of who is playing, it is all about HOW they play.

  15. Who the he’ll cares about lineups??? That is not what kills us. We could have played the entire second strjng last night with Almunia in goal and still not done worse. I still struggle to properly a alyze the game. Individuay we are not that bad but as a team in a tea sport we struggle majorly.

    I also think we will live to regret not signign Mata. He already breathing new life into lergathic Chelsea.

  16. The manager has made far too many mistakes this.past few years. I dont know any other top club who would persist with a man who woukd lose 8-2 to a rival then lose 4-3 to a side bottom of the table. Defence coaches are shocking, the amount of injuries are too much to be considered unlucky, its wengers regime for players

    we had a refresh in our first team and they are still terrible players, we need a change in manager if wenger persists with this same tactics every gamr

  17. No guts, no positional awareness, no desire, no team spirit, no leadership, NO CHANCE!

  18. Bleh iPhone cuts my world not a tea sport but team sport.
    @ Brady thanks for good post. It always makes me see things clear when you give your views. However you seem more confused than usual today.

  19. Somewhat Agnostic

    “DoubleGooner who would you bring as Manager?. Who? ‘

    As you ask the question, there’s an inference that you don’t think there is anyone else capable of doing a better or equally successful job than the current manager. Would that be a correct interpretation?

    “Obviously gutted at the result but only an insane masochist would dwell on the negatives so… Lots of positives… ”

    IMO Football has two key components.. Attack and Defence. Each equally important. Get both right and you’ve got a good side…. Can you honestly focus only on the positives and ignore the negatives? If this was a game followed by 4 opening victories perhaps we could look at it in isolation and write it off to a right bad day at the office.. But this is just another game in a long sequence of 16 or so league games that has produced 3 victories! Can it be labelled insane masochistic behaviour to dwell on that sequence?

  20. @ stew they did “die” in the end though regardless of attitude….

  21. Agnostic. Why add to the chorus of despair? What would be the point? Thats my point. There were cast iron unarguable facts yesterday. Freakish own goals, an offside goal and inspired keeping. These arent excuses. I’m hurting like everyone else but now is not the time to turn on my own team. It is the time to support. Always back your own. Imagine having some of these spineless wimps with you in an emergency?

  22. It’s ‘Arsenal till I die’ not ‘Arsenal till we lose’.

  23. At the end of yesterday’s game I was inexplicably reminded of the 2005 FACup Final against Manchester United. Under the cosh from start to the finish of extra time, we STOLE the CUP on penalties. Why? The answer was CONFIDENCE. We oozed confidence that day, something that is sadly lacking in the present team.
    The good news is we know the reason. You simply cannot bring in, new, half the back four and half the m/f however experienced, with no pre-season bonding and expect immediate chemistry between all those involved. Luckily, time is on our side to put things right, firstly on the training ground where CONFIDENCE will be re-born.
    Forget Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy. They are yesterday’s men, they won’t be coming back (although they might like to eventually). They have been replaced.
    Remember, no team becomes a bad team in a mere 5 games.
    Look forward to our horizon. To me, it looks quite bright.

  24. @ Nicky

    But it’s not 5 games, is it. It stretches back to Wembley and will, I repeat, will, continue into this season. We are looking at mid-table mediocrity – nothing more, nothing less.

  25. It does not matter who is in defence the problem is behind the scenes the way things are done, possibly. this bad run goes back to last season the 3-2 loss to the Spuds, the 4-4 draw with Newcastle the league cup final and few other results where we were in commanding positions yet ended up dropping points or losing. to blame Mertasacker , Santos or Kos is unfair. we had this problems when we had Clichy, Fabregas and Nasri in the side.
    the stats guys told us we had 16 points from 16 games, so the problem was there a long time ago maybe this year was highlighted by the fact we have new arrivals. Going forward we have no problem at all, scoring is not an issue, Lets hope we can find a solution. Beleive me if we find the solution to the defensive problems this team will rocket up the table,.

  26. Somewhat Agnostic

    It’s true that every gooner is hurting.. A lot! Supporting the team is not in question. No matter what.

    However, when things are going wrong it’s also reasonable to ask hard questions. This does not demonstrate a lack of support for the club.

    We can dissect the game yesterday and point to OG’s, bad luck etc… But Koscielny would never have been put in that position if Djourou had made that (easy) tackle out on the wing. A mistake by our player that led to that OG… and so on… Like I said we could view this game as an aberation if it was surrounded by decent results. However, sadly, that is not the case.

    Savage, (yes him… sorry for using him as an example!) said at the Em Cup that every team believes they can come back from a goal or two down and get a result against Arsenal, unlike the great Arsenal teams he played against.. Invincibles etc…

    That sadly is true and is a reflection of our defensive abilities and not centred around one bad game. We’ve seen that come true too many times recently not to say what’s gone wrong?

    Anyway, I’m off to listen to the pearls of wisdom in S Supplement!

  27. Tony B
    I don’t recall Meresacker, Santos, Arteta or Gervinho playing at Wembley.
    You must look forward with bright confidence in sure and certain hope that things will be put right. Otherwise you will have no future in supporting our great Club.

  28. golden words.
    no is not the time to turn your back on the team or this season. support ‘unconditional’ is what they require from all GOONERS. we all hurt and in disbelief but we live to fight another day.
    YW, i agree that some change in formation and/tactics is needed to bring solidity onto the backline and midfield.
    topsy turvey season this will be and as someone said yesterday, ” we are approaching each game on the bases of the teams supposed strengths. maybe be it would be constructive also to devise our formation and tactics based on the strength of the opposing team also.
    time needs to be bought to give this group of players to form a chemistry between themselves. most importantly, not to concede. if that is done first and foremost, we will not lose. and we cannot take anyteam for granted as a push over. each game must be approached as a must win from now on.
    stand strong and UP THE GUNS!!!

  29. Bradys right foot

    Poodle | September 18, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Bleh iPhone cuts my world not a tea sport but team sport.
    @ Brady thanks for good post. It always makes me see things clear when you give your views. However you seem more confused than usual today.

    Confusion reigns the extraordinary is now normality, the UTD game an 8-2 result was much easier to rationalise. This was in terms of play a relatively comfortable 3 points, two own goals is incredible. That they would come from tame crosses and be from the actions of our two most descisive and best players from midweek is hard to compute. The Theo pen is one of the easiest descisions for an official to give I’ve ever seen, it was an incredibly obvious pen, how was it not awarded? Yes I’m confused, staggering out into no mans land with the smoke yet to clear.

  30. Clerkenwell Gooner

    I feel for the new guys. It must be very difficult to “grow” into a team when you are repeatedly being hit over the head with a shovel.

    It is time to dig deep. Arteta clearly has an advantage, because he knows the league. The others are learning under very difficult circumstances.

    Plus we are just not catching the breaks. And making things harder for ourselves (the suspensions) in any case.

    Someone needs to step up to save our season. I suspect it will be Vermaelen, when he comes back. There is a long, long way to go.

    Meanwhile the Cesc/Messi combination is developing over there in Barsaland. Did you see Cesc’s reaction when Messi scored from Cesc’s 2nd assist of the night to him (the 5th goal overall, I think – and Messi’s second)? He has died and gone to heaven, that boy.

    Unfortunately for us, though, we are in hell.

  31. Its very rare that I feel this way but yesterday was a game which we should have won in a canter – 20 odd chances, a gazillion corners, lots of possession, good passing rhythm.

    The fact that we did not win, and the fact that we conceded FOUR yes four goals in a game like that points to a complete breakdown of tactics, organization, and mental fortitude, for which there can be no one to blame other Arsene Wenger. He had the team at half time with a 2-1 lead and it his his job to send out a team which dominated the first half with the ability consolidate that position in the second half. It did not happen, and unlike the newcastle game last season there were no extraordinary circumstances yesterday. So all in all only one person yesterday should take responsibility and that is the manager.

    Do not get me wrong I am not suggesting anything more than yesterday the manager should be the person putting his hand up and saying it was me who was at fault yesterday and I should have done better.

    Everyone has a shocker from time to time and I am sure a man with Wengers experience will bounce back stronger and more determined the next game. In this I completely trust.

    Up the Arsenal!!!

  32. Excellent review Yogi, well balanced as usual. Bad luck or not we are in crisis whether we want to dress that up with new players coming to terms with each other or not.
    Conceding twelve goals in two away games is as Arsene said is “simply not good enough”. even the disastrous defence of the sixties didn’t even do that.
    I hope Arsene sorts it out but the more time goes by i am starting to believe he is completely shattered and shell shocked, his appearance and body language are saying just that and for the first time i’m starting to doubt whether or not he can find the answers.
    It would be totally wrong for him to be sacked but i can see him standing down at the end of the season if things go really badly. On Sunday Supplement this morning it came out that Arsene went on holiday with David Dein in the summer and DD has revealed since he would not be surprised if AW quits.
    For the first time in a very long time and i have been a season ticket holder for more time than some of the people who post on this blog have been on the planet, i am not particularly looking forward to going to the next match such is our plight at present.
    But at the Emirates i will be because no matter how much i am hurting at the moment this is my club and will always be through thick and thin.

  33. When was it the season starts? Is it next week?

  34. The disappointing thing about yesterday was that I’d really enjoyed the first half. We’d totally outsung their fans and the side looked like it was getting into a good rhythm. I’m convinced that if we’d gone 3-1 up (like we should’ve) we would have won.

    Unfortunately the terrible show from the defence seemed to suck the life out of the the midfield. It looked to me like we stopped wanting to risk inviting them on to us and then committing numbers on the counter attack. Instead we resorted to the tippy-tappy, horizontal one-dimensional garbage that gets served up so often nowadays

    On a separate note; apologies to Aman for over-reacting last night but I still think he should apologise to me for saying I was lying about going to yesterday’s game.

    Why would I lie about that?

  35. “Overall we created many chances, even in the second half but we had a lack of focus on what we knew they were strong at – corners, free-kicks.”

    Lack of focus? Disgrace. Surely it’s the manager’s job to ensure that we focus?

  36. he after first half i thought ” well we are playing well, but its only Blackburn so does it really count as playing well?Anyone can play well against Blacburn, anyone can win against blackburn.”
    little did i know we were gonna get hammered in the second half and let in 3 more goals. Two which were OG.

  37. i dont pretent to be better than AW or better than the management at Arselan. I dont pretent to know who we should replace them with, IF we even should replace them with somebody els at all.

    One thing i do know though, to survive in this economical climate we need to generate money, LOTS of it. To get money, you need fans, LOTS of them.
    This club is not generating any new fans the way they play atm. The new fans all go to Chelsea, ity and United. Why? they play exciting footy to watch, they are fun to watch oh and they win.
    We need to turn this around ASAP. The core of fans will always be there but we need the trophy hunters and the supporters that only support you if you win to upheld our “self sustained” model.
    We need to tap in to the global markets, to make people cheere for us and to make people buy the shirts of 3gs, arteta, Per even Djorou.
    Atm nobody even knows who they are and no one wants to buy their shirts.
    That should be a huge problem for the clubs directors. As that does hit them directly in their purse.

  38. Yesterday summed up why a lot of fans wanted TWO new centrebacks. Koscielny and Djourou were nowhere near the required standard.

    If we do a Liverpool and only find form after Christmas then it’s ITV4 time next season

  39. JamesM,
    Better ITV4 than BBC1 after match of the day. I’m afraid that’s what our last 16 results are telling us. Ridiculous, I know, but if it doesn’t change soon we will find ourselves hoping for a top17 finish.

  40. we bid for the two best CBs that was out there JamesM they both chose United. They are the best prospectues the contry has seen in a long time.
    But we got who we got until January atlest.
    so the question JamesM is how can YOU help them become better? How can you help them belive in themselves again so they can help us win a trophy?
    or is that something you are not interested in?

  41. Any news on Sagna’s injury?

  42. It’s incredible how the current team manage to shoot themselves in the foot over and over again, our defending is almost comical at times. The own goals were not “unlucky,” it was just piss poor defending.
    We have had an appalling start to the season, but we do need to give our new players time to bed in. Having said that, there is obviously something very wrong at the club at the moment. It’s interesting that we have had exactly the same coaching team since Wenger has been there, unlike Ferguson who likes to change his coaches every few years. Things really need to be freshened up at the club in my opinion and fresh ideas brought in. We can bring in all the new players we like, but systems and approaches need to change also.

  43. two words

    offside trap

    it’s an all or nothing tactic, and we seem to be getting nothing from it

  44. Exceptional stuff YW,

    Despite the positives (& there were some) yesterday was another horror show.

    My view is that many of our problems are not personnel based but pure lack of game management. The team play pretty much the same way from the first minute to the last regardless of opponents & changes opponents make to their style / system.

    Whilst the manager & coaches must be commended for instilling a brand of football that is so watchable they seem unable to grasp the pragmatism required to eek out results in games we end up losing. Pure football will only get you over the line so often.

    Until that is put right we will see more repeats of yesterday & countless other games we`ve thrown away over the past few seasons.

  45. James M,
    pls accept my apologies if you were at Ewood Park yesterday.
    I know I wasn’t.

    I fully agree that Djourou isn’t up to standard but Kos is.
    Clearly though he needs to be better. Rotating him every 2 games might help him “recover” better.

    Seems we need Miquel

  46. “we bid for the two best CBs that was out there JamesM they both chose United. They are the best prospectues the contry has seen in a long time.
    But we got who we got until January atlest.
    so the question JamesM is how can YOU help them become better? How can you help them belive in themselves again so they can help us win a trophy?
    or is that something you are not interested in?”

    1) We could’ve had Jones for £10m in January but the manager or the board was too tight too pay that. We missed out in the Summer.

    2) The only way I can help them is by going to games and singing til I’m hoarse. I did that yesterday and was called a liar. Not really sure what more I can offer. Can you help me be a better fan?

  47. i will keep supporting always, through thick and thin

    But i refuse, refuse to ignore the negatives, to sweep it all under a red gunner’s rug

    Support=always supporting your team, not the manager, not the board. THE TEAM, THE CLUB.

    The fans make the club, remmeber that everyone, without fans Every team in the world is nothing. And Arsenal is rapidly losing the financial support of many, most fans will always support arsenal, but unfortuantely it’s impoissible for a football club to always be made up of loyal fans, there are some who’s support is wavering, about to topple.

    And whatever people might say, Arsenal need those people, need the financial aid, buying merchandise, going to games paying to watch games on internet and tv etc etc.

  48. If our form doesn’t improve in another 3-4 games, I think Wenger should resign. Given all he has done for the club I’d prefer that over him being sacked (especially by this cuntish board), which is what will have to happen if he can’t get the team out of this rut.

    The timing sucks for whoever will replace him of course, but I would take that chance now, over the prospect of seeing him run the club to the ground and damaging his legacy.

  49. Aman – OK no problem. I hadn’t seen that before I posted my last comment.

    Not sure about drafting Miquel in but they do need some big changes in defence., Not just personnel but but coaching and the whole team’s approach.

    Slightly concerning when Wenger comes out with “There is nothing to say about my future, my future is at this club focusing on what I do well,”

    He needs to focus on what we do badly and improve it!!

  50. My mistake. I should know Gerv, Mert, Santos & Arteta will propel us to stratopheric levels.

    A cold hard look at the current firm table will tell you that this management regime is outdated and irrelevant in today’s game.

    Those who wish to support the status quo and hope for the best are doing the club a disservice, not those who are now prepared to look with increasing horror and say, “This is not good enough for our club.”

    When is enough? We’ve ha a total and utter thrashing at our old rivals and yesterday conceded 4 to the bottom team who had previously scored just 1 goal.

    Humiliation on a weekly basis for how long boys?

  51. I really don’t know what has happened to Djourou. His form seems to have fallen completely apart since he came back from injury. Is it just lack of confidence? Or is he still not 100% fit?
    It’s a puzzle.
    As for Kos, I woudn’t write him off yet, he has potential, but still has a tendency to make costly mistakes. I was quite surprised to find out that he was 26. We paid a fair bit of money for him considering he was 24 and had very little experience.

  52. Slightly concerning when Wenger comes out with “There is nothing to say about my future, my future is at this club focusing on what I do well,”

    He needs to focus on what we do badly and improve it!!

    And therein lies the problem, Arsene by his own admission tends to concentrate on ‘Strengths’ as opposed to ‘weaknesses’.

  53. Henristic,

    I`m with you on Arsene`s legacy..

    Bolton rock up at the Emirates next week having lost 9 of their last 10.

    An away win would be a tipping point in support for the manager

  54. Why did my earlier submission not show yogi?I think we should give bouldy a chance.He is an arsenal man through and through and knows the current setup well enough.Hopefully won’t cost us too much.Before anyone says he is inexperienced hw about a senor pep guardiola?he was also reserve team manager and seems to have done very well for himself.To continue on this path is suicide and might make it difficult to attract quality players not forgetting we might lose some first team players also if our fortunes do not change drastically.On current form we are relegation candidates.This form stretches back from last season after the newcastle debacle.OGL should have been able to stem the tide by now.The excuses are enough.

  55. Yeah Paulie,
    There is no doubt he has always acted in the club’s best interests, and that he is an incredible football genius. also unlike most of the unsavoury characters in football, he is an enviable and impressive person all round.
    But I think there is a strong possibility that he may have taken the club as far as he can as a coach, and that his methods/capabilities can no longer compete within the current realities.
    There is a chance this isn’t the case, and this is one loooong blip that can be turned around. Because of this, he should get a few more games. But If the team’s performance still doesn’t change, then there is a danger we might be in for a liverpool type collapse. I would NOT want to see Wenger preside over that. I’d rather he leave and then blame the new guy.

  56. Last sentence in previous post was a joke btw, albeit a poor one as usual.

  57. 600 comments yesterday when I last checked. Most were angry and in despair for the very same players and managers who they were bigging up days before. (The only poster who remained defiant was Steww, even at 4-2, showing he was the only one with belief that we could nick a draw at the end which we easily could and would have deserved.)

    Yogi says “The team’s confidence has been bludgeoned, vapourised and twisting in the ether, absent at back, middle and front in the team.” Well Yogi it is even worse among our posters, many of whom are showing the cojones of a kitty. Didn’t OOU say on Friday that “This Baby Might Take A While To Get Going.” Too many on this blog easily “talk the talk. demanding fundamental changes of this team over the summer, get rid of the deadwood, make new signings etc. Well be careful what you wish for because it is going to take time to rebuild.

  58. if i may ask why shiuld we keep AW as manager any longer? Should we keep him coz he has won things in the past or shud we keep coz we think he is the right man for the job? Since the carling cup defeat how many games have we won? In the last 15 lge game i think we have won only 3. Many of you might ask who shud we bring to take over and i believe not many managers right now in the premiership will lose 8-2 to manure this season. Defence has always been our problem but preaseon wenger prioritised signing young forwards instead of a proper defender and then he signs one on deadline day. Hw is he supposed to gel in with his team mates and workout a partnership? how many own goals have we scored since the season started?? If it was one i would call it bad luck but more than one is just not on. I might be wrong but i believe Wenger is out of his depth this time, we have the same complaint and problems for the past 5 or 4 yrs and still no change. we cn blame the board all we want but at the end the board does not chose the team or work out tactics

  59. You people who moan and groan about our failings this season, since 2005 and even beyond that, should realise that it’s a waste of time straining to change things you cannot change.
    The buying and formation of the squad, selection of the team, its tactics and game plan is the responsibility of the Manager aided by his staff of qualified people. Not we Supporters.
    All we are asked to do is to give 100% support to the team of the day in all respects.
    Folk like TonyB say the present position is “not good enough for our Club”. Remarks like that, being the obvious, do little towards instilling confidence in the team, especially when he can do nothing to change things. Better by far to quietly support the Manager as he seeks to put our Club on the road to recovery. when

  60. defensive does not need pretty passing..knowing blackburn pressing out just clear the ball out to up front and get organize in the meantime..stupid..try to play pretty football at defense..we can play like that when we got 4-0 oppss new castle already did us…ermm 5-0 im afraid..and zonal marking during setpiece? that is ultimately freaking super stupid..which lead to song’s own goal..pity him

  61. What nonsense about Arsene resigning. We got 5 players at the end of the transfer window, who didn’t have a pre-season with the rest of the team. We’ve had a few key injuries to Wilshere, Diaby, and TV. And regardless of that, it’s just been 5 games so far. The team will take time to gel. This isn’t a continuation of last season’s bad form, rather a consequence of the change in so many players. They will take time to gel together. So far, I’ve been very impressed with the new players. And I expect them to start delivering very soon.

    Just relax. We’ve got a long way to go. We’re better than last year, having bought passionate players with good skills, and adding depth to the squad.

  62. holy cow,
    can’t believe what I’m reading.
    leave the trenches before i shoot you myself. retards.
    we need sugerdaddies
    the russian mob
    trophy hunting fans
    change of manager
    blah,blah FUCKING blah.
    get your heads out your collective asses and talk and walk like a proper gooner. for FUCK sake. some comments are pathetic and from the most unexpected quarters. FUCKING grow a pair and get on with it. i havnt seen such fairweather support. it all depends on win percentage. stop your whining and let the coaches figure the weaknesses and take the proper actions. and stop talking shirt sales at a time like this. idiots. this team needs go pull it together on game at a time and it will start happening. last thing we need to do is to model ourselves out after FUCKING city ,united and the rest of the dirtbags wishing to spend astronomicaly to buy silerware. at no time should we become part of the cancer eating the game at this time. we are still the only team that has won the pL the proper way. all the rest of the winners have either spent from an endless moneypit or have mortgaged themselves up the ass to get their trophies. walk and talk with your heads up. give them sometime to pull it together and be cosistantly winning. if you Cant stand the heat or the games giving you heart attacks, step out of the kitchen.

  63. Ateeb,
    Unfortunately, the problems we are seeing goes beyond the need of new players to settle in the team.

  64. its all well and good saying it needs time to gel but this isnt something thats happened over the summer this is something going back to february…

    16 points in 16 games…the worst run since the 70’s the worst start since the 60’s the worst GD in the league and the worst defending ever witnessed…who the fuck goes to blackburn and conceeds 4??? manutd was bad enough that was a sackable offence in itself and yesterdays display was another…

    wenger isnt motivating them..they arent disciplined they arent organised they arent anything..weve got the stadium, weve got the academy, weve got the money, weve already got good whats the problem??

    i dont want him sacked hes done too much but this cant continue..come januray if this hasnt improved (which it doesnt look like) then he must step down and give someone else the reigns and the cash to spend.

    bad times at arsenal indeed..and it could have all been avoided which is the most difficult pill to swallow in all this..

  65. Hey anyone else thinks SCZ could of done better with the crosses for the Offside yakubu goal and the Kos own goal?

  66. What would it take for some folks to see Arsene is just an employee of the club?He is not the arsenal..if any other manager had got the same results at another club we would all be saying you arwe going to get sackes.Stop this mindless,head in sand act,cumbaya,everything is going to be all right attitude.The man is being paid a fortune to get a job done and last I checked it wasn’t for the great arsenal to lose to. Relegation fodder,to struggle to get any rhythm against promoted sides.We are falling fast behind the competition folks.Arsene had money to spend.He bought all these players in and thought they were good enough.the buck stops with the manager.Stop blaming everything n everyone else apart from the gaffer.Steve bouldy for Arsenal manager.

  67. @jonjon
    could have,should have, would have. water under the bridge. getting ride of AW IS ONLY MAKE THE MATTER WORSE. we all hurt. we all want theteam to achive. they won’t win the title but top five isn’t out of the realm of possibility. good support is what we can offer and that’s about it . its a tough mountin to claim and we don’t want the team to think they are alone in that. get over the disappointment. we live to fight another day.

  68. @jon Jon

    Still too premature to be calling for managerial changes dont u think??

    5 games into the season..and remember we are still dining with the big boys in the champions league..

  69. It makes no sense to waste a wonderful day by re-hashing yesterday’s match…..

    Since the CC final, confidence in the team has been steadily eroding. Even when we win, its not comfortable. Our manager is rarely happy!

    The small picture is to point out player mistakes, but for me that’s not at the heart of the

    We have quality players, that are not playing to their potential. I repeat:
    we have quality players, that are not playing to their potential.

    It is one of the manager’s “main responsibilities” to get the best out of players.

    They do not teach psychology of coaching/managing at coaching schools…….its an area of the game that each manager develops on their own.

    It’s obvious some managers have a more effective way of communicating and motivating than others – there is not one mold for managing styles.

    There is nothing wrong with Arsene or Pat……but (imo) the coaching staff needs an infusion of new blood!!

    They need to bring in a Dennis Bergkamp type and another past Arsenal great, like Adams, to re-engineer the team mentality. The work on the training ground seeds match performances.

    Whatever the managing style of the coaching staff maybe, its not bringing out the best in our players. END OF STORY.

    Everyone…..make something good of today, you’re not going to get it back.

  70. Good post Arsesession

  71. BRF, I feel you, as they say on The Wire.

    I agree with Passenal and G69 from last night, and very well said nicky today. We’ve had rough times before and you don’t sort anything out on a blog. It was a bad result, but you will get unbalanced performances when you are bedding in a new team. A lot of you wanted a clear-out, so deal with the practical effects. Two steps forward, one step back, that is how we will progress – in fits and starts. Our attacking play jumped up a notch but our defending went down. This is not the last time we will see days like yesterday, so get used to it. As long as the general trend is upwards, that is what matters.

    On Friday, people were saying, we’ve got the foundations of a durable side, got to give them time, but today it has to work right now. Last Tuesday was hailed as a new dawn in defence and today it’s same old, same old? We used man-marking up to last season and lots of you were screaming that something had to change defensively – it has. Give zonal marking a chance. The defending at Blackburn was poor but we have not been leaking set piece goals all season.

    We have to see how things work out. If you change lots of things at the same time you magnify the disruptive effect on the team and also you can’t tell what is making a difference and what isn’t.

    Saturday was not an unmitigated disaster – there were good things. The main positive for me was that we showed that we can put together great moves, and scored three excellent goals – away from home. We haven’t looked that fluent in the league for a long time.

    So it turns out that getting an extra-tall defender is not a magic bullet for defending set pieces. Whoever the personnel, whatever the system, we need to be disciplined, organised and focused to make it work.

  72. you guys are right i suppose, jan is a tad early but certainly next summer..
    build him a statue.. name a stand after the academy after him, re name the stadium the arsene wenger stadium..
    but that clocks certainly ticking on his reign..

  73. i bet Wenger still cant believe his plan to get the sack hasnt worked yet.

  74. what we need now is frank to slap us in the face and remind us that this is the best squad we have seen and we will win the title!!

  75. @fungunner

    Spot on…very very well said…

  76. I see you doomers have come to the conclusion that Wenger will not get the sack and are now calling for his resignation. Good luck with that. Arsene Wenger has enough balls to stand up to this scrutiny and will not walk away from the club. Unlike you wimps, he will take all this criticism on the chin and keep on going until he, not you, decides whether he’s gone as far as he can go.

    This crap about us being on relagation form because of how we’ve done in the past sixteen games is bordering on the retarded. The facts are we are in the CL, again, and we are just five games into a new season. But go ahead and try to link every possible negative you can while you have the chance. This team will improve, it’s obvious to anyone who doesn’t watch games taking notes of every little mistake in order to run on the blogs afterwards to bitch about the team.

  77. At the end of the window, when there was the Over The Top triumphalism that at last AW had made new signings in key areas, there were a few of us asking what will be the reaction when there are a few cock-ups as the new team takes time to gel?
    Well it didn’t take long for the leopards to show their spots.

  78. i hate to say this but Adebayor’s looking really good for Spurs. Looks like he’s got his mojo back, actually a brand new shiny deluxe mojo.

    Mourinho’s “faith” in him & ManCity money+Madrid’s deluxe surroundings’ seem to have rejigged his game. Time will tell.

    Parker on the other hand’s absolutely nothing to write on a blog about.

    Adebayor looks like Mourinho’s told him to prove the Real Madrid board wrong.

  79. FG,
    I grant that there is a chance that our recent results might be due to the many changes to the squad, but when you consider that the run of form we’ve had actually goes back longer than just this season, that excuse becomes even more tenuous.

    The main risk of persisting with the status quo is that the new players may themselves fall in to the pyshological rut that’s been affecting the rest of the team. Then the whole point of infusing ‘new blood’ is defeated.
    The longer a run of bad form continues, the harder it is to overcome it. The more emboldened opposing teams will be and we will have no time to gel in a pressure free atmosphere. In that case it won’t matter if the team plays a 100 games together.

    Good point on Mertsesaker, although I hope you realise that your statement is also an indirect dig at Wenger? He bought the player after all, against the wish of many who wanted Cahill instead (not saying Cahill would have been better btw).
    Truth is I’m surprised at Mert’s game so far. He hasn’t been using his height in the way one would expect him to, and he lacks aggression.

  80. So Arsene should resign?

    The team is coming together, there were signs yesterday, its just taking longer than we thought it would. It hasn’t been good but it is still 5 games. The key to our season is for the players to get used to each other as soon as possible and the supporters staying behind the team (that will be the difficult part).

    The ironic thing about yesterdays match is that we were killing them on the crosses ( even with Samba who many wanted) but we just didn’t capitalize.


  81. You’re a massive cunt, Duke. You should wait for Frank to drop by and not talk behind his back.

  82. Gains,
    Of course this team will improve. Look at our quality and where we are in the table. We can’t not improve.

  83. Duke, I have been wanting to say this but those little snide comments are just not kool and don’t do much for you as a person. They are not funny and even worse at a time like this.

    I don’t want to offend you but come on bro!

  84. Henristic: “I grant that there is a chance that our recent results might be due to the many changes to the squad, but when you consider that the run of form we’ve had actually goes back longer than just this season, that excuse becomes even more tenuous.”

    We don’t have the same squad that imploded at the end of last season. This is a completely new squad with its own set of problems. Linking the two requires some acrobatics. I see you’re no stranger to doing pirouettes.

  85. Your insight is magnificent, Henristic. Let’s just leave it at that.

  86. You’ve been in a goodish mood lately Gains, I would hate for you to go back to your grumpy ol self 🙂

    Clearly you’re the one attempting logical acrobatics, not to mention a bit of your usual exaggeration. Completely new squad, really?
    You gotta come up with better arguments than that, cause your last post flies in the face of common sense.

  87. At least we got the confidence to pass and move again and in some points in the game our movement was very good.

    Defensively we done ok in some parts but, in others it was comical and the zone marking made us look fucking silly especially on the replay when we conceded.

    Gutted about the result but, when you score 2 own goals you have to expect that.

    If song plays like that every week or any where near the show he put on yesterday we will be fine but, I personally think that our system urgently needs to be changed for to suit the players and their abilities.

  88. Just finished a trawl of the other sites. Can’t find more than about 3 people supporting AW, apart from Untold Arsenal who seem to think we won yesterday. Weird!
    Surely you don’t have to be a “Wenger Out” to admit that that was a bloody awful defensive performance yesterday. I can’t see much improvement being made with the same coaching personnel and methods. It really has been going on for too long.

  89. Seriously, you cant even take some of the comments seriously. Now Kos is no good but he was an absolute gem against Dortmund. The guy is absolute class and there is no doubt about it.

    Shotta, do you see how much of a roller coaster so many are on? When it looked we wouldn’t sign anyone, everyone was carrying on, when we get some good players, everyone was on cloud 9, now things are taking some time to get right we are back into the sewers.

    I see the positives in this side, there is much class.

  90. What we needed yesterday was a solid presence like Squillaci. He was a really great buy.

    P.S. I am MAD

  91. we have some very good players i agree its not their fault we are in this mess. its clear Wenger cant get anything right now. cant remembr a good decision he has made.

  92. you take your anger out on me gains. water off a ducks backside ! i know you are hurting aswell as me you just like to take it out on fellow gooners as it is not seen as being a “bad” fan then.

  93. Henristic, when you lose most of the main players in your squad and then some it is entirely different. I agree with .G69, we could do with not lumping seasons together, different team, different season, different circumstances.

  94. Bringing on Chamakh was good Duke.

  95. wenger is a legend but to see him now is sad. i really dont know how he can get back to his old self.

  96. I’ve not read any posts……….. not needed.
    Two own goals and a marginal offside….. says it all.
    I need someone to give me faith…… help me please.. someone……….

  97. maybe bring in a manager move wenger to a coach.

  98. Are we ever gonna learn from our mistakes? No. Is this manager worth all the time we are giving him? IMO, no. Why? Because at the end of last season we all agreed to one need – central defenders. But what did our manager do? He sells some good part of a defense that still needed reinforcements, and only bought Metersarker after he knew Vermaelen was injured. Isn’t that pure madness. Even Eboue, just like Clichy, whom we were so eager to condemn and scape-goat would have done far better than Djorou at right back. Our problem is the coach and his arrogance. The arrogance that makes him play Ramsey ahead of Benayoun, the arrogance that makes him call Bolton’s bluff when we needed Cahill badly. One of two things have to happen: either Wenger chages his ways or the board does a Real madrid by not consulting the coach before buying. Think of Wenger coming to training one day and sees Kaka, ‘How r u’ ‘Fine’, ‘You’ve come to say hi to Santos?’ ‘Not really coach, Gazidis bought me.’ but knowing that none of this will happen then the coach can step down. And dont deceive or delude yourselves by thinking his reputation stands, a coach is only as good as his last scores. My elementary grades didn’t get me through college, you have to earn what you get. Let him go now, before it is too late to do any rescuing. And for those that are so quick to ask for available replacements I will say Martin Oneil, what a coach, and Moyes, even Pardew, any other coach apart from Wenger, because yesterday he looked the way he has looked for sometimes now – he has not a clue.

  99. theBigM | September 18, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    What we needed yesterday was a solid presence like Squillaci. He was a really great buy.


  100. Northbank 1969 – “Two own goals and a marginal offside…says it all.”

    Two own goals and a marginal offside resulting from piss poor defending against the bottom of the table team who has scored one goal. That’s the reality I’m afraid.
    BUT, there were positives attack wise. Gervinho still looks good and hopefully Chamak’s goal will give him some confidence. Hopefully, if we get a bit more of a settled back 4 and the two new additions at the back settle in, our defence will improve.

  101. Paul-N | September 18, 2011 at 2:43 pm
    “Henristic, when you lose most of the main players in your squad and then some it is entirely different. I agree with .G69, we could do with not lumping seasons together, different team, different season, different circumstances.”

    Unfortunately you can’t separate events like that in real life. Why is Wenger considered a great coach? Certainly not because of his work this season, but what he has done for the past 14 years. How come all of a sudden the past doesn’t matter any more when things aren’t going well? Would you say that last season didn’t matter if we had won the league? Wouldn’t you instead be (rightly) saying that “look guys, we just won the league, this run of form is a blip” or words to that effect?

  102. Watching the spuds play pool. Why would anyone pay 35m for Carrol? Or does he sell t-shirts?

  103. Well balanced post yogi::

    Games like yesterday have become part of who we are and have been increasing in frequency for the last 3 – 4 years. It has nothing to do with new players taking time to bed in. Periods of shambolic defending and the frustrating individual mistakes have been our achilles heel now for several years. Players have come and gone especially on defense. We have replaced the whole team over the last 4 years and still we have the same problems. The only thing that has been stable is our coaching staff. In retrospect I think the biggest mistake of the summer was the failure to make any changes in the coaching staff. All of our coaches are fine as individuals but as a group they have run out of ideas. We always talk about players needing competition for their places to reach their best yet our coaching staff starting has been totally confident of their position for many years. For some reason they can no loner motivate the players to consistently concentrate and the squad as a whole has completely lost its confidence. The team has become like the golfer who is trying to break 80 but does not really believe he is capable. You have good spells and may be shoot 38 on the front 9 but you know that somehow the wheels are going to come off and melt downs become a self full-filling prophecy.

    Not sure what the answer is at this point. We need to make some changes in our formation but thats not going to change the basic problem. Somehow we have to get the players to concentrate and eliminate these frustrating mistakes. Unfortunately I suspect that Arsene and staff has already tried everything they know already. We seem to have a run of good form that lasts for a few months every season so hopefully that will come very soon. If not this could really get ugly.

  104. Henristic, I really cannot follow what you are talking about but whatever floats your boat.. The only thing I said is that this is a different team, if you cannot see that simple fact, there is no point to continue.

  105. wow Liverpool is getting properly beaten… and we miss or Modric 😦

    @ Sorunmu Olufemi lol you were one of those that moaned about how crap Clichy was and now you miss him?
    If you feel AW is not worth all the time you are giving him then stop moaning and do something els ya?

    Look at Liverpool got rid of Benitez cos he was so crap and then just fell even further down. they are about to get whipped properly by Tottenham today. and then even got the infamous best manager even king Kenny as their manager. Yet they are struggeling to get a CL spot.
    Getting rid of AW will not miracolusley solve all our problems. Just like getting rid of Benitez has not made Liverpool a better team so far. In contary it has made them worse.
    DO you want us to do a “liverpool”? to sack AW and slump to mid table team?

  106. Liverpool bought for over 100M this year, yet they are not even close to a CL spot. and they bought “star player” with big names.

    the Liverpool road is our road forward if we sack AW. Is that really waht you guys want??

  107. Oh and a different season and all that…

  108. Paul-N | September 18, 2011 at 3:11 pm
    “The only thing I said is that this is a different team, if you cannot see that simple fact, there is no point to continue.”

    That is not a fact bro, because its NOT a different team. Its the same team with a few changes, but the majority of players are still here. The coaching staff is the same and the problems are the same. But go ahead and ignore all of that if it makes you happy.

  109. Just droppin by

    I was at Blackburn yesterday, we were fucking pitiful, abject and clueless.

    The defence? It wouldnt matter if we signed the best defenders in the world because they wouldnt be drilled or trained to become a tight chesive unit. I was right behind our goal and watched as Santos was left to mark Dann and Samba at corners, while loads of times there were Blackburn players left completely free.

    I really dont know what is going on with this team.

    That was fucking pathetic, Blackbirn had a protest against their own manager because they have been utterly shite, yet we got smashed by them.

    Sums us up

  110. @Paul i think henri has lost all faith, you wont manage to drag him back. The only way he will regain faith is if a large proportion of the team leaves and gets replaced or a large propotion of the coaching staff leavesd and gets replaced.
    But that is okay, its allowed to doubt, and its allowed to be pissed off and angry about the latest results. Its even allowed to speculate over what is wrong.
    The only thing that is 100% clear is that there is NO and absolutley NO quickfix to this proble. 😦

  111. @dex what did the players look like? did they look nervous all the time? and did it look like they just did not have a clue how to cooperate?

    I mean what did they look like? a bunch of scared rabbits? cos if they do we really have a problem. they will never win if they are afraid of their own shadows….

  112. Northbank69

    Bonjour mon ami! I need someone to gvive me some effin faith too bruv!

  113. Maybe you don’t know what the word fact means but if you change one part of something it is not the same. That’s a FACT.

  114. i bet Bendtner has a cracker of a season too in Sunderland. They play more to his strnghts…

  115. dukeGoonem,
    you’re a DOOMER….”maybe bring in a manager move wenger to a coach?”
    So full of your weak self ain’t ya?

  116. Poodle

    There just wasnt any organisation mate. I dont think we even had people on the posts either and at times we looked like a pub team. Thats how bad it got. Even Szczesny went flapping at balls he had no chance of getting to.

    Very very worrying times man. That was supposed to be 3 easyish points yesterday. And yep, we should’ve signed Samba back in January! 😀

  117. Samba was nowhere on many occasions. We didnt finish

  118. Facts are we havent played consistently well since Feb, that is relegation form and there’s no signs of improvement.

    Something has to give eventually.

    Anyway, here’s a top tine to cheer things up a little! Seeya

  119. Stop trying to kid yourself PaulN mate.

  120. @dex yeh i noticed that, no men on the posts. I know Songs OG was not a corner, but they were still lined up weird and song looked right out shocked that the ball could possibley land on his foot!

    And i was thinking maybe if chezzer and Kos had communicated on Kos own goal maybe jut maybe that would not have happend.
    I think communicating properly with his CBs maybe Chesneys biggest weaknes atm.

    How was Per? Im sure he will be more vocal ones hes played a couple of games.

  121. We need to get this out of our system quickly or the Spud’s are going to give us a hiding in a couple of weeks time. Not looking forward to the derby at all.

  122. how long can a CC cup stay in your system? its true that since February we have played shit. We did save our 4th spot due to or great form before xmas. Most of the time Cesc was injured and in and out of the team so we cannot use him as an xcuse for not playing well. We never had a good run in Europe neither last year. Came second in our group due to sloppy play and we struggled to beat the smaller teams in cups etc.
    But you have to remember last season we had almost everyone available for large parts of the season. i think last years team has been the strongest arsenal team for a log log log time. Still we never managed to challenge properly after February.
    Our team last year was good indeed. And still we slumped horrendousley in February.

  123. @marc maybe a derby is just what we need. It creates a different atmostphere, suddenly its not about reaching no4 spot or climbing the table. its all about beating Tottenham cos we hate them.

  124. REALLY poodle?

    “And i was thinking maybe if chezzer and Kos had communicated on Kos own goal maybe jut maybe that would not have happend.
    I think communicating properly with his CBs maybe Chesneys biggest weaknes atm”

    Keeper should’ve communicated more appropriately to a defender tracking back on a counterattack????????
    Oh boy…….even RASERS need a time-out sometime…

    please calm down people

  125. Instead of buying 2 quality defenders, Your Great Leader spent 15M on a 17 yr old who can’t even make the bench.

    Wenger Out Now !

  126. Paul-N | September 18, 2011 at 2:37 pm
    “Shotta, do you see how much of a roller coaster so many are on? When it looked we wouldn’t sign anyone, everyone was carrying on, when we get some good players, everyone was on cloud 9, now things are taking some time to get right we are back into the sewers.

    Too right Paul. Within a game itself they alternate between one player is a genius and then 15 minutes late the same player is a genius. Not surprisingly yesterday Ade was a whore, today he is a dog’s bollocks.

    Added to that is the smugness and conceit, the snide remarks; all by people who have tried their best to always run with the tide and never hold a position. A leopard can never hide its spots.

  127. Paul-N | September 18, 2011 at 3:25 pm
    “Maybe you don’t know what the word fact means but if you change one part of something it is not the same. That’s a FACT.

    Ha ha. What a pearler.
    By your logic we play with a ‘different team’ whenever we change our starting 11. Heck we are also changing team’s whenever we make substitutions during a match. Look men, I get that you don’t wanna face the realities for whatever reason, so you’d rather clutch at straws. Understandable, but kinda silly.

  128. Correction:
    “Too right Paul. Within a game itself they alternate between one player is a genius and then 15 minutes late the same player is a goat. Not surprisingly yesterday Ade was a whore, today he is the dog’s bollocks.”

  129. Doomer gooners give us a break. Wenger isn’t going anywhere.

  130. aman your a little kid go play with some toys.

  131. It has taken until 15:49 for me to face this blog.
    Shame on Arsene for sending out a team with instructions to score 2 OG’s.
    Shame on him for letting the officials make a 2 goal difference.
    Shame on him for telling a player .Djourou,who we raved about for the majority of last season to play like a useless prick.

    Shame on those of you who are starting to doubt the great man.I expect it from a lot of posters but some of you shock me.
    Goonerkam ,Steww,Paul Gains,Shotta,all are hurting but don’t throw the towel in.Thanks lads.
    It is a horrible situation we find ourselves in and it will get worse if those of us with faith begin to join the waiting flock.
    And I dont give a fuck who I upset ,anyone calling for Arsene to resign is a spineless cunt and can fuck right off.

  132. Aman = Child like mug, oh dear oh dear oh dear…

  133. Shit happens folks. Chelsea couldnt buy a win for several months last season…and even got beaten 3-0 at home by Sunderland and finishded 2nd. For all our lightning starts in previous seasons we have run out of steam at the end just when we needed it most. It doesnt take a genius to see that this team has potential but needs to gel quickly and learn how to see games out. The team seems imbalanced by a combination of injuries, partnerships developing and getting up to Premier League fitness levels. However its clearly better to have our habitual dip / semi implosion at the start of the season rather than the end. Onwards and upwards. Liverpool loose 2 in a row after spending gazillions….they must be in crisis too!!!!!!

  134. Dexter, you have been wavering for a while so I am not surprised by your comment. I am not kidding myself This is a different team, simple.

  135. we lost on some woeful defending & an offside goal*

    yes we are low on confidence.
    yes its been below par for a while
    the only solution is to work our way thru it.
    not throw the baby out with the bath water

    does AW need to try other methods to boost said confidence?

    do we sack the board?
    bring back DD?
    give Usmanov the kingdom?
    replace all coaching staff?

    does AW need to resign?

    if yes, please state categorically:
    1. who would be an improved replacement?
    2. how the new manager should uplift the team, guarantee top 4 & win something this season?

    Many possibiities.
    Some good suggestions
    But please be careful what u wish for.

    Some people here really do not have the stomach for the type of fight we are in right now.
    That’s life


    *as in the Liverpool game

  136. Smalling, the player rednose stole from us, draws first blood. He was offside though!

  137. Wenger has had 3-4 seasons to fix thins, but he is too stubborn and arrogant to change.

    Our worst start to a season in 58 years and we also have the worst defence in the league.

    8 wins in 26 matches is relegation form…but if we got relegated ,people like pedantic george would still want AW to stay. That to me is the definition of a spineless cunt.

  138. @Aman yeh i do think so. I think if Cezzer had come out earlier, or if he had indicated that he was after the ball then Kos would not have been in the area he was. And the ball would not have hit him in the legg and spun into our goal. Its called SHOUTING. thats what top keepers do. Chez is still young and the OG was unlucky but if they both were on a better wavelength if you want then we would not have had that OG, even though most of the blame must fall on Djorou.
    Look just because Chesney is a great keeper does not exept him from responsibility.

    Same with the freekick. why did he let all the defenders lump together like that infront of him? I know this was not a corner but god. I think if he was 30 and very experienced he would have shouted at them and organised them differently. why? cos its HIS box and keepers are rather bossy around their own box. But hes not hes 19 and he will make mistakes, he will learn that after a while.
    But can you honeslty say that Chesney is a very vocal keeper that shouts alot of commands and organises his defence well?

    He is a great keeper Aman, but his communicatin for ME is his weakest area. Or are you of the opinion that the kid is flawless? at aged 19???? Its almost like its not allowed to question chesney at all like ever. If this was big AL or Fabianski people would have questioned everything he did in this match. saying he should have done better,communicated better, had more influence over their defence.
    WHat is wrong with questioning him?? Its not like he was our best player yesterday. he to is a reason for us loosing all the time, not only Djorou and Ramsey and Walcott(that everyone hates now for some reason.)

  139. Henristic, that is a totally absurd comment. Subs are players that already play for the team, when you have totally new players while losing many it is quite different, what is so hard about that to get?

  140. oh ok dukeGoonem, i’ll play with my toys but you are still a DOOMER.
    A pitiful WEAKLING….dukeDOOMEM!

  141. @goalie_up_front
    what do you think will happen with the club and the league when AW is fired? i mean how do you see the future without AW?

  142. goalie_up_front
    Fuck off you moaning whinging little bitch.
    People that have no backbone for a fight are contemptible.

  143. That Parker is a very tidy player. another one Wenger refused to get and could easily have got,another of his blunders, how we could do with someone like him in our team. 5 fukin mil!!!

  144. George, you mean like our defence?

  145. @aman the questionis not who will we bring in, the question is how will it play out. Liverpool has only gone one way after they sacked Benitez. and thats backwards… There is no quickfix, there is no instant trophy once arsen leaves. Even for moneybag City it took is it 3 years? before they could even challenge.

    So sacking AW now will guarantee atleat 3 years of trophy draught. It may potentially send us down like Liverpool for never to return like Liverpool. Even if we do spend 100m on new playes…

  146. Talk of management change at this stage of the season is a nonsense. The team need to dig deep, and they need time to rebuild their confidance game by game. Its better to look to the next game and focus on the short-term, rather than worry about league positions at times like this.

  147. Please forgive me for being naive, but how does 2 unpreventable own goals and an offside goal, turn the defence into a shambles.

    Blackburn had 3 shots on target. If the defence was so pathetic, why did they only have 3 shots on target?

    Whilst they say that you make your own luck, who says that “they” know what they are talking about. Add to that what most observers viewed as a cast iron penalty not given, it seems to me that we may very well have been a tad unfortunate?

    Was there also not, last season, a cast iron penalty not given for a blatant foul on Arshavin by Samba?

    We will have to grin and bare it until the tide turns.

    We are all pretty gutted, but let us not go over the top please.

  148. no poodle pls feel free to question ANY player or AW
    but pls be reasonable with your instances.
    I reacted to what i think’s a poor example
    SHOUTING u said?

  149. There were many times when a cross came into our box, none of our defenders feet even left the ground. It was shocking. Wenger is clueless when it comes to defensive strategy

  150. pedantic,

    If the majority of AKB’s like you have one ounce of footballing knowledge, you would realize the fact that the club is in a free fall and Wenger is clearly incapable of addressing the issues. 3 wins in the last 16 league games. Facto!

  151. i agree with u poodle @4:19

  152. point is wenger shows all the symptoms of a manager on the dwindle(some would say already twindled0, would have been happy with two dodge lb’s, no new defnders if he had his way. £15m(top buy) on a player who is still to pass his nvq and cant get in the team. he also was lucky with scezzer as he would have had fabianski as no 1 only he got injured. thought he could keep cesc and nasri, worse summer in histrory after our collapse last season, got rid of eboue??? and cant trust his replacement..he has overseen all this and is wholely responsible..the schindlers goes on….you lot are living on past rep, he isnt that man anymore no matter how hard you refuse to except it,..

  153. my biggest dissapointment though however is that we have totally lost our “flow” the “flow” that makes us look like a very exciting team indeed. and that makes us so exiciting to watch..
    Hope we find back to the flow…

  154. Lots of tickets are now on general sale. I am glad fans are now realizing the incompetence of Le Senile Prof.

  155. when one watch UNited and see how their midfield lays infront and shields their defence..
    well they are just almoust unpenetratable. they just do a very good job that fits very well with the playstyle of PL….

  156. Saying Arsene Wenger can not address football issues is like calling Mike Tyson a soft cunt.

  157. duke, it is so true. Anyone who truly loves wenger feels sad to see him like this, he doesnt look well.

  158. Top post dukeGoonem.

  159. general sale, seems the gooners dont like this bolton esc style of football, the style gurus are buggering off.

  160. @goalie_up_front so what do you think is gonna happen then? will we win ones AW is gone?

  161. at least i might be able to go to some better games now that the style gurus and glory hunters fuck off.

  162. Poodle, maybe not, but at least we wont be humiliated by far inferior teams, simply because we cannot defend set pieces.

  163. @stanly M you sure about that Stanley M? cos i kept seeing Liverpool being that both last year and this year. and they changed managers twice latley.

  164. nani…

  165. Poodle, a new manager will give the players some fresh belief, new tactics, a fresh start of sorts.

  166. @lol duke, if you enjoy watching us playing bad football and loosing matches then you about that. 🙂

  167. yeh as i said it workes so well in other clubs when they chaneg manager in the middle of the season. 😛 players seem to love it.

  168. i think a new manager will give the fans some fresh belife though. atlest some that cling to the hope that a new manager will revolutionise and buy the right players and gel and bring trophies asap.

  169. Paul:

    You can argue that this is a different team but it is having exactly the same problems as the last 4 teams. Add to that the fact that this squad is not as talented as the last several and it makes this a very long season. Some of the players may have changed but the culture of AFC has been slowly eroding for some time now. Last years implosion and this years start are by far the worst its been. Perhaps we can put together a run of good form at some point this season but can we maintain any sort of consistency? The last 4 years certainly don’t fill one with confidence.

  170. hah if Chelsea looses big time today then it just showes that United are on fire atm

  171. The reds are skinning the blues !

  172. This ‘fresh start’ is working a treat for a full strength & settled Chelsea team.

  173. @Bill well i honestly think that a couple of more results ala Blackburn and AW will be foreced to go. Thats a reality of life. Sadly for all of us that belive in AW and for joy and excitiment for all of the fans that want him to go.

  174. The sick joke where I’m watching the match is that had Chelsea been 3 down against us they’d still back and win !

  175. Things change quickly in football 🙂

  176. Gotta love an internet warrior from another country giving advice on how to show spine in supporting your team…….

  177. Not much difference in quality between the teams, but United are by far the luckiest team in the league so an open game like this benefits them more. Can’t see chelsea getting anything today.

  178. Duke ,what exactly do you think Arsene has forgotten or lost ?
    I assume that is what you mean when you say he is not “that man” anymore.
    Do you think he is ill?
    Too old?

  179. Oh yes Luke ,we forgot if you were not born within the sound of Bow Bells you cant be passionate about Arsenal.

  180. Really subdued Arsene Wenger. No his usual feisty self because there is nothing to say really. We just need to produce some better results somehow. He looked very low. I hope he can find the inner resources to motivate this team to fight. If we can win v. Bolton and at home in the next CL match, perhaps the derby will be a good thing. Supporters will be motivated and be behind the team.

    I found Djourou’s reaction quite amazing on Arsenal Player. His focus was on the team not making the most of its chances in the final third. True, we did have some chances we spurned. But what about defending a 2-1 lead? Not a single word about the defending. Except that it is unlucky to have two own goals. He said he thought he did quite well at right back!

    Would it be so hard to just take a bit more personal responsibility? He must not have heard Wenger’s press conference which was all about the poor defending on set pieces and so on.

    What we are forgetting is that the strong defensive performance against Borussia Dortmund was because they were playing football, passing mostly on the ground, much like how we play when we are flowing well. Our CB’s, like Kos, get good practice in our team defending against that. Just like his outstanding performance against Barcelona. So it shouldn’t be a surprise. But there against Blackburn and other PL sides, the style of play is totally different–high balls, crosses in, set pieces, players on the wing going to the by line and cutting back into the box. We don’t seem to play like that ourselves that often (though it was encouraging to see Santos and RvP doing a good job crossing in to Chamakh and Mertesacker.) Until we develop composure against that style of play, we are going to have these difficulties in the PL. We seem, as 1lc put it last night, to panic whenever the ball comes into the box like that.

    I think the offside trap is a very technical form of defense and takes a great deal of discipline and coordination. But I don’t think it works so well deep in a crowded box with players moving around–the refs are not so technically adept to catch close calls like that and we might be better off defending differently when deep in our box. Attacking the ball more aggressively rather than relying on the linesman to bail us out. I think the offside trap is very useful in other circumstances but we need some tactical flexibility perhaps. What do folks think?

    We will improve; I just hope it happens fast enough to keep the season from spiralling into a negative feedback loop. The Blackburn result was most unfortunate in that regard. A good thumping with us playing nice attacking football would have been a great tonic to the players, support and manager. Need to unleash a hiding on Bolton. Can we do it? Hope so.

  181. Poodle:

    Things are going poorly this season but in reality the “rot” has been slowly increasing for the last several years. The lack of concentration, intermittent shambolic defending, the strange errors and unexplainable results have been increasing. The only logical conclusion is that the players are not responding to the coaching staff in a positive way anymore.

    I don’t believe for a second that Wenger is going anywhere but I really hope he does see the trend and does something significant to change the culture. Unfortunately I think he has so much emotional investment in what he is trying to do that its hard for him to admit the truth. I think he needs to start by making some changes in the coaching staff. Not that any of the current coaches are bad but as a group they are not doing the job. We can’t replace the whole squad and in truth the players are good enough for a top 4 finish, but something needs to be done.

  182. We should appoint Keown as defensive coach.I don’t think it would make much difference but it would shut some people up for a while

  183. I have to say I was pretty proud of our forward line which did not give up until the final wistle. Mertesecker and Chamack both had chances to tie it up, hell if we had taken both we could have won it!! Anyways, I refuse to sit here and wallow in misery with any of the doomers that I am sure will be/are out in force. I would not know as I refused to read any of today’s posts. Apologies for that but just could not be bothered.

    Besides, Ireland beat Australia in the RWC, Dublin just won the All-Ireland Football Final, Liverpool lost again, City drew with Fulham, Stoke lost, Chelsea lost. Fair enough Utd won again but did anyone expect otherwise?

    There were many points in yesterdays game that were positive, in fact some of our attacking football was excellent. I think it is about time we Arsenal fans actually applauded the attacking of our opponents rather then simply slating our defense. Not denying they were not great and/or at fault, yet I find it funny that when we score a quick counter-attack goal all we hear is that there is no way to stop us and we are brilliant. Yet when another team does it against us, all we hear is our defense is shite and should be replaced by some English guy who let in five himself against Utd. Some of Blackburn’s attacking was excellent last night, quick, decisive and with a bit of luck thrown it worked for them.

    Get over it fellow Gooners, we are the Arsenal and pretty soon there will be some other team that will become the medias Whipping Boy. My money’s on Liverpool but only if we can get our act together and put the spotlight on them.

  184. Wow, Torres miss! You can’t write this stuff…

  185. That was an unfortunate miss from Torres!

  186. If you missed Torres miss you’d be flabagasted !

  187. United counterattcking at pace at every opportunity. Thats what we need to be doing a lot more IMO.

    Think of how many we would concede if our top 2 CB’s were out and if we had to play one of our “wingers” at right back.

    Torres needs a change in scenery. He is trying so hard that he is rushing. He clearly has great talent but its hard to believe he will be back with anything close to his best with Chelsea.

  188. You have to feel for Torres.
    I don’t like to see anyone left open to ridicule.

  189. 🙂 still laughing at Torres!! 50 fucking million!! AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAA!! My Grandmother could have scored that and she (God bless her) has been dead for 11 years!

  190. George,

    Keown had that role when we set CL records and hit the final in 2006 with Senderos/Flamini being in the back 4.

    It begs the question why he was involved for one season, then rebuffed. Does he want the job? Where his demands to high? Did Wenger not see the value? Its a crying shame, we dont and wont ever know the reason – but it clearly worked.

    Its a shame we cant convince the great man to take the role up again. It would be so beneficial for the players to be around and feel the presence of a Wenger era great. We dont have any Wenger era winners at the club currently. Perhaps a few coaching roles of that ilk would have a positive impact

  191. George @ 5:39

    Hiring Keown might not help but it sure couldn’t hurt.

    Hope the CC game goes well this week. Would lift the spirits if the yoof do well.

  192. Ah well it’s off to the bar with me then, hope you folks don’t get too gloomy on here today. But if you are feeling down just treat yourself to another look at that Torres miss and remember he cost 50 million. Football. It’s brilliant!!

  193. The team is slowly making progress. The confidence still seems low, but while earlier in the season we were struggling to pass the ball and not creating any chances, now we are at least taking shots and scoring.
    The confidence will come slowly and with it some fortune.

    What is good is that we are losing games that we might not have gotten much from even if we had our best squad available and firing on all cylinders.

    Wenger said that he’s sure this team will take off, and I agree with him. The ingredients are there but it will take some time to get everything right. People cannot give up hope now.

  194. Luke.I think you are right.It could do no harm and nothing could make it worse.
    Sometimes a change ,even if nothing changes ,can do the trick.
    If that make any sense at all.

  195. “What is good is that we are losing games that we might not have gotten much from even if we had our best squad available and firing on all cylinders.”


    Blackburn are as bad as it gets.They are shit.
    But well done for the effort.

  196. @ bill and co on the defensive thing?

    This is our worse start of the season in years! The united result apart and even that was a factor of the quality of personnel available due to suspension and injury… this famed defensive frailty is not all that! Two own goals yesterday cannot be legislated for. Pool just lost with their full team to spurs today, note that they conceded the rest of the goals after they went 9 men down!. They beat u beat us via an own goal and another offside goal after we went a man down. Yes, when it rains it pours and these things could not have lined themselves up at a wronger time; I really do hope they ease up and we get better results… i think AW still has a set of trophies to win before he signs off on a high!

    For me, the only major surprise i had was the sale of Eboue, except he actually wanted out, i think he was a good servant and effective squad member and should have been kept as games like yesterday proved, he would have been a better option than JD at right back. What happened to our new RB anyway, is he out injured?

  197. Fergie must have made some kind of deal with the devil. His luck never runs out it seems!

  198. What freaks me out is the way our mentality/confidence/whatever seems to be the same regardless of the players we have on the pitch.

  199. So much shiite happens during a game
    I believe there’s way too much CRAP written about Arsenal that TOO MANY fans have fallen for.
    This vibe has now become a cloud hanging over our team
    After watching Rooney, Torres, Terry, Ramires mustrealize

    We keep fighting

  200. we actually scored 3 goals yesterday, the most we have scored in a match this season i think.
    so that means our attack is picking up. they should continue the good work. surely, not game can get worse than this in terms of bad luck and say all u want about optimism, surely we cannot concede 2 own goals in another game this same season? without which we would have won the match!

  201. Good point, finsbury. Bollocks to a fresh start. A new manager is not the answer at this point as our team just needs some games to gel. I refuse to get hysterical like duke and some of these others that only pop around after draws and losses. We are a few minor tweaks from where we need to be and I’m sure Arsene will get it sorted. We defended mightily against the Bundesliga Champs no reason we can’t defend against lesser teams like Blackburn. I think yesterday was a mixture of a CL hangover and complacency. Funny how many of the Anti Arsene brigade want to dismiss the blatant penalty against Theo. We simply play by a different set of rules and it’s almost not even fun to watch anymore.

  202. Team

    Actually we scored five….and the two own goals, we last did that in 2001. It’s a bit like conceding the 8 at Old Trafford, heaviest defeat for 50 years, 105 years since it last happened. Some of the comments recently make it seems as if those events were normal.


  203. Oh and Arshavin needs to be up top somewhere somehow so he doesn’t need to track back and tackle. His stupid challenge led to the set piece that deflected off Alex Song.

  204. Apparently Yogi, those events are a normal part of ‘settling’ in. After all, we’ve got a different team.

    The lengths some people will go against common sense, just to make themselves feel better is impressive. Funny thing is that its got fuck all to do with proper support. The team clearly does not lack support.

  205. @ YW. LOL. well i dot like the idea of helping the opponent score so i refuse to count them as our goal!

    yeah it is the very idea of making them sound normal and hence going off in hysterics that baffles me. i guess some people need this in their lives. wonder how they will cope when the team eventually gets off in full swing! Guess they will have to complain we only won 5 nil instead of 8 – 2 and all that!

    Man City just conceded 2 late goals to throw away 2 points… I wonder whether these Persons feel they have a defensive crises too?

    By all means feel bad about the result, but expect the team to move on from it and so they as fans should also move on!

  206. @ henristic, yes, it is actually a little to do with settling in and more to do with bad luck! You actually think 2 own goals happen every other match? Really?

  207. The lengths some people will go to revel is what’s funny, Henristic. It’s no secret that the amount of comments triples after draws and losses. That’s some support. Fucking jokers.

  208. Despite how badly we have appeared to play,If off side goals had been correctly called we would have only lost once this season.

  209. Eh Yogi,

    This was the first time in the history of top flight footer in England that all four games played on a Sunday yielded 4 goals apiece.

    Either u accept that new statistics get written “every other day” or we are witnessing a very unique period in the history of EPL football & Arsenal fc?

    my feeeling?
    ….get over it, like Torres will have to.

  210. Funny that many here think that there isn’t life after Wenger and that no one will make mujch better job than him with the money he has to spend.

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

    He spend 10m on Koscielny who has scored so many own goals, that it;s just unbelievable.
    He spent 8m on Mertesacker who is so sloooooooow. He could have had a quality defender in Jose Enrique but decided to buy Santos who’s defensive play is shocking.
    Cahill and Samba are muich better than Squilacci, Koscielny and Per combined and would have cost less, but no. At a penny pinching club you never pay decent money for quality.

    Have you seen Phill Jones? That’s a player we need. Ok, he wanted to play for United, but look at A. Young. 100 times better than Walcott and Chamberlain who also cost 15m pounds and haven’t played this season. So The Professor wasted 15m.

    If we lose against Bolton and the spuds( which we will since we are bottlers) prepare for a relegation battle this season.

    But even if you wake up and see us playing in the Championship you will still worship Wenger and sing that there is only one Arsene Wenger.

    Klopp, Loew, Hiddink, Guardiola and many, many more would have done much better job than this French stubborn maniac. We is like Mr Hide right now. It’s a shame, because this Wenger from 1998-2005 was the best manager in the world. Now, he is a joke. How the mighty have fallen.

    Have a nice week. You can abuse me, but it will not change a thing. Wenger is finished and needs to be SACKED NOW!!!!! Even Steve Bould as a caretaker will do much better job than Arsene. At least he will teach how to defend.

  211. oh and also YW,

    NEPTUNE’s time in Aquarius is coming to an end…happens every 168 years!

    PLUTO’s still in Capricorn till 2024…happens every 248 years!

    wtf all that means
    Stats don’t mean shiite
    even when we’re winning!

    Every day is a new day.

  212. have we noticed all we doing here is arguing against each other and making excuses for the way the team plays or has played. to be honest none of you here are 100 % confident we can win our next league match! Talking abt the defence after wenger failed with the jones signing why only sign a defender last minute?

  213. Can’t abuse you Maciek, you’re one in a billion.
    Have a nice week too.

  214. Loomer, it is a fallacy to relate our success against the German champions defensively to “lesser” teams like Blackburn. The point is that they play very differently and we have shown frailty against teams that play like Blackburn. We aren’t going to progress if we don’t resolve the persistent problems defensively against teams like that because we play 20-25 games a season against the Blackburns in the PL.

  215. Maciek,Ok,for the sake of argument what has changed since 2005 that the best manager in the world(as you say) has become useless?
    And don’t give me a list of what you think he could have done ,tell me what you think has changed in him!!!
    Or are you just so thick that you will say “he has lost it” without being able to tell us what “it” is
    A bit like Duke

  216. Clay,

    why wait till 7:06pm to make your very salient point today?

    because u are 100% confident we won’t win our next game?

    are u a defender Clay?

  217. Limestone,we have brought in Mert’s to combat those type of teams .But you can’t think that we would slide in two own goals.

  218. Its almost like we have thought OK we are better aerially so let find a new way to fuck it up.

  219. george you know what it is your just being obtuse.

  220. QPR’s Joey Barton claims Karl Henry of Wolves ‘tries to hurt people’

    Is this the first time this has happened in the EPL?
    Where one bully claims another bully’s trying to hurt him?

    stats anyone?

  221. Duke,Lol.Well feel free to answer my question.
    I wont hold my breath though,egh?

  222. Loomer,
    So your response to the overreaction is to bury your head in the sand like Paul-N. More power to you guys. Just don’t confuse that position as proper support.

  223. pedantic george

    He changed his methods. Once he had a big, strong, tall team full of technical players and now, sadly we don’t.

    14 years ago he had a great defence built by G. Graham and now he built a total joke of a defen sive unit.

    14 goals in 5 matches-enough said.
    Once he had a world class strikers in Wright, Henry and Bergkamp. Those 3 were capable of turning things around in the blink of an eye. Now sadly we have RVP( decent, but nothing more) and Cahamkh who is a joke. A total joke.

    Once, he had 11 players with a “BRAIN”. Now we has 8-9 headless chickens( aside from RVP, Sagna, Jacky Boy, Arteta).

    He always had a world class cdm( Vieira, Petit, Gilberto, Flamini and many more. Now, Song is average and Frimpong is still young.

    He wanted to buy M’Villa, so even he knows that Song isn’t good enough.

    He lost the dressing room and authority( Nasri and Fabregas went to other team.

    And finally he lost Dein. And it’s a major blow for the Club, since David is Mr Arsenal an always wanted all the best for us. Sadly PHW, Kroenke and Gazidis are only a “yes Arsene” type of people, they are his worshippers.

    He has to much power. He is past his best, unable to motivate, he lost a touch with reality. He is finished. A maker and breaker.


  224. I hate to say it but Barton was funny on Goals on Sunday

  225. Obvious stuff, LG. Nothing I didn’t already know. All is not lost as some are making out though. Did you see how many chances we had? Did you see Theo get completely destroyed by the Blackburn GK? Life is what you make it my friend. You can moan or you can show some backbone and get behind the boys as they continue to blossom into a team. Your choice.

  226. Doomers,

    c/o Darius

    Spurs looked so lovely today.
    They’ve even got Ade!

  227. TS,
    I don’t deny we had poor luck in the blackburn game. But clearly you realize we’ve got issues other than that?

  228. he has lost his mojo georgie.

  229. who says there is no life after AW? Can he go on forever? Just that change for the sake of making a dramatic reaction is not the best. He still has something to offer and the team deserves a few games to gel which everyone tentatively agreed with when they were signed up. 2 own goals? is it enough reason for this hysteria? No! This is not the team that lose 8 – 2 to Man U, so please give them their own space is all that is being said!

  230. Maciek,Just as I thought ,All that and not one thing to answer the question about “WHAT” has changed in him.
    You really are a bit dim witted

  231. I think duke goonem hit the nail on the head in an earlier post. The deluded fans take there anger out on fellow supporters, instead of on the team. Its the equivalent of a man bullying his wife because of his own insecurities.

  232. You’re funny, Henristic. Just as you shouldn’t act is if we can’t see right through your eloquent Le Grove schtick. You’re just an ambivalent opportunist with nothing better to do than sit on the Internet and say I told you so.

  233. Duke,Mojo or “it” you have not a clue what you mean .So how the fuck am I supposed to know.
    At least have a stab at what “it” is .for you.
    Maciek is just dumb,But I know you are far from being stupid .So make an effort.I think you will realise how unreasonable your stance is.

  234. @henristic
    Humour me. Like what please?

  235. fukin el geoge you are fukin ard work, feel for your missus.

  236. George, yes and hopefully he will begin to help against those sort of teams. But as I have mentioned watching his last three games, I am surprised that he doesn’t seem so dominant in the air. Perhaps he’ll get better as he adapts to the league…

  237. It doesn’t matter “WHAT” has changed in him. The point is he looks like a broken, he isn’t ambitious enough.

    He ha too much power at his disposal. Between 98-05 he was a part of Arsenal FC(RIP) and now,it only Arsene FC.

    Besides, all ma previous points are valid. You know deeply that I’m right.

    How many chnces you want to give him? He had 7 years.

    He was sacked at Monaco, maybe the history will repeat.

    Why you don’t call a spade a spade? He is finished.

  238. Torres is doing a Dave Chappelle. Like Chappelle, Torres doesn’t seem to be able to handle the pressure that comes with a huge pay rise.

    It was sickening hearing that Scottish idiot go on and on about how bad he feels for Torres.

    I nominate Maciek for Wenger’s replacement. He seems to be on to something.

  239. And I’m not dumb, and you know that.

  240. @mackie i like how u know that others would be better and that AW only Ron trophies before thanks to Graham. Really it was Graham who won them. Are u really so stupid that you think changing manager in the middle of th season, a manager that has been here for 25 year, will suddenly make us better??
    And those managers you mention? why would they come to Arsenal?? Not all of the. Have PL experience. You think they will suddenly start spe ding and give 160k contracts to our players??
    You seem a bit naive. Like all we have to do is change manager an suddenly we will be PL winners.
    As we all se ATM we got problems, but changing manager in the middle of the season won’t make us suddenly great. It’s infact really stupid.
    A new manager needs a summer and a kitty to make his own team. These are AWs players and AWs team. They support him and want him as a manage and you with your ” expert” knowledge on what going on inside arsenal wanna force a hiddink or a van gael on them? You know better than the plAyers what’s best for them and what they want????
    ATM the only thing a new manager would do is shut up fans like you.
    Is it worth risking a potential 4th PlAce to silence you? No way man.

  241. Duke,I am pedantic ,and you are evasive and vague.

    “Why you don’t call a spade a spade? He is finished”

    OK Maciek, try this .You are a thick cunt you thick cunt..

  242. What a dumb shit you are, Stanley. I know ithis might be shocking but there are actually some people on earth who have better things to do than be a hateful prick and moan about a football team all weekend. Idiot.

  243. Maciek speaks:


    …hear, hear.

  244. I ay we contact Manchester United and ask them politely for the guy they have in the back room with the force field generator. I watched the Man Utd and Chelsea game and just wonder how many charms they have protecting that goal! Torres, 50 million for that is just embarrassing.

    I was left as frustrated as anyone else after the bollocks on display against Blackburn, but now is just the time to get behind the team. I cannot disagree more with people that seem to brand players second rate or whatever other rubbish they use. It is not that the players are not good enough it is just a fact that the team has nil confidence at the moment and unfortunately it breeds more mistakes. To suggest Blackburn deserved the win in any way is just stupid, it was one of those days where anything that could go wrong went painfully wrong. Yes, you can look at each individual goal and blame people for not making the tackle at the half way line or the headed at the end of the chain of passes but shit happens to every team.

    Results breed confidence and Arsenal just need to focus on the next game and graft out a result.

    The one decision for me yesterday that I still not quite fathom is why Santos was brought in to the starting line up with Gibbs fit. The away games against the likes of Blackburn, Sunderland, Stoke, Bolton etc are where we should be using those players available with some understanding of what they are going to get in the mix of the game. I would have included Santos in a home game to get him a chance to figure out the pace of the game and build his confidence in front of a home crowd. Just my view.

    Anyway, onwards and upwards.

  245. What if we get the new manager that the dimwits want and he spends £100 million in the next window and we end up playing like Liverpool?

  246. Miami,because Gibbs has been poor of late.

  247. Seen some stuff on here about “Two own goals and an offside” constituting an unlucky defeat. Let’s have a look at this bad luck.

    Song O.G. – Koscielny misses a header at the front post. Song and Sagna standing next to each other, marking no-one.

    Yakubu – Koscielny misses his header, doesn’t get the block in and Yakubu taps in from the cross-shot. Yakubu is marginally offside but those decisions go each way all the time.

    Koscielny O.G. – Jesus Fucking Christ. Djourou amazingly, inexplicably, misses a challenge by the touchline. Song does a Denilson and makes a nothing challenge in the area, Koscielny gets in the right position but doesn’t anticipate where the ball will go. How is he not positioned to turn that behind??? Why has he gone there???

    Arsene Wenger cannot coach defence. We have one marginal offside to complain about from 3 goals…

  248. Loomer, you guys constantly be rude and aggresive towards other fans. When you put football into perspective, its pretty sick. But very funny so please carry on.

  249. TS,
    You tell me… that is if you agree we have problems.

  250. Nice try, Stanley. You’re thicker than cow shit.

  251. “To suggest Blackburn deserved the win in any way is just stupid”

    They didn’t even have to work for it. Back in ’04 there was a Dizzee Rascal lyric that said “You can’t stretch The Arsenal without straining”

    That’s not true anymore…

  252. Poodle

    We are at the start of the season, not in the middle. Every manager would have done a better job than THAT WENGER. At least another manager would teach how to defend properly.

    And do you honestly think that Gary Cahill, Samba, M’Villa, Hamsik or Goetze would demand 180 000 pounds per week?

    Besides B’burn aren’t world beaters, aren’t they? Their budget is 10 times smaller than ours, yet they have won.

    It’s not always about money. It’s rather how you spend it. And they are many players much better that Chamakh, Theo, Koscielny, Mertesacker and so on who would have loved to be a big part of this team and would have played much better than this Arsenal.

    People will forgive you if you finish 8th in the league even if you are Arsenal, but won’t forgive you if you are not ambitious enough. People have enough of this circus. You can just see how money tickets are available on general sale, even though we are playing at home on Saturday.

    And at least Graham knew how to teach the art of defending. Wenger till 2005 was great( I admire that Wenger). This Wenger is a joke.

  253. I’ll contact Arsenal FC and let them know we have so many able arm chair managers here that are able to install all the confidence in the team that they need whilst also rectifying every possible mistake that takes place on the pitch before it happens 🙂 They’ll be well pleased to know there are so many still available.

  254. Stanley M,Loomer is brutal,but especially when he thinks people are being disrespectful towards someone who has earned our utmost respect.
    You on the other hand have earned our utmost contempt.
    Do you see the difference?

  255. Not obvious enough to keep you from making a false comparison, though, Loomer.

  256. Loomer, you see what I mean? That was a very, as you said, ‘hatefull’ comment about someone you dont know. I could be the son of Mother Teresa for all you know, but because I feel Arsenal need a change, I am ‘thicker then cow shit’. Dont worry, I dont mind being your punching bag if it helps you feel better about yourself.

  257. I would be MUCH better than Wenger. At least I would hire Keown and Dixon and told them that this team needs a few lessons in defending.

  258. @ poodle | September 18, 2011 at 4:28 pm
    Huh? Our flow was the best bit about yesterday.

    Well said TS, Paul _N, Loomer, Irishgray jgsol…
    Great points, shotta.

    @ Miami Arsenal | September 18, 2011 at 7:45 pm
    Agree with that.

    As for burying heads in the sand, what are you lot going to do? Seriously, how are you going to prepare the team for their next match? What changes will you instigate?
    Let AW concentrate on doing his job and let us concentrate on doing ours – supporting the team and the manager 100%. That IS how you can help, if that is indeed what you want to do.

    And a word on luck – even if luck evens itself out over a season, that is irrelevant as to whether an individual incident was bad luck. That argument cannot be used to deny that having two significant decisions go against you – ie the ref’s failure to award a stonewall penalty and an offside goal being awarded – and both in the same match, is bad luck.


    I am going to the Ems on Tuesday, can’t wait to see Ryo and AOC and the rest in action. AW said Park would play. It’s usually a different crowd at the CC games – mostly red members and Emirates virgins, very enthusiastic atmosphere. The core of the CC team (except Park) had a dress rehearsal with the Reserves against Bolton last Tuesday, and all acquitted themselves well, especially Miquel and AOC. Should be a good match.

  259. PaulN

    I’ve been wavering haveI?

    Excuse me for saying as I find it mate. WE were fucking shocking yesterday against a team heading for a relagation dog fight. No defensive cohesion whatsoever. Last season was depressing, however, the summer brought new hope and confidence as it does every year. But fuck me! How on earth am I supposed to ignore the fact we have been in a slump for over 6 months? The team has been unable to lift itself, the manager has been unable to lift the team, or chenge the mistakes that happen week in week out, yet I am wavering?

    Get a fucking grip.

  260. We havent suffered thagt defensive collapse, if Eboue would have replaced Sagna…

  261. Maciek, it is good thing you are not prone to over exaggeration when you are trying to make a point. It could be, and I am just putting this out there to help you, that were your agruments reasoned rather than hysterical people may actually take note.

  262. Maciek

    You give inbred retards a bad name, fuck off.

    Have nice evening

  263. George, but what does it matter what ive earned? I am on a computer, loomer is basically calling a computer screen names. Maybe he should spank the computer screen for being naughty. Do you see what i mean? Its a pointless excercise. Why not just agree to disagree?

  264. There are worst things in this world than a poor display by Arsenal FC yesterday… my freaking ninja xbox account is one of them 🙂

  265. Fair enough, LG. You just keep ignoring the positives and I’ll just keep focusing on em.

    Get a fucking life, Stanley. I dont care who you are. All I know is you’re never around when things are going well. So you can fuck off in my book you fair weathered prick.

  266. “still laughing at Torres!! 50 fucking million!! AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAA!!”

    Most fans of other sides will do that while they take a brief break from laughing at Djourou’s challenge on Olsson.

  267. Miami,dont kid yourself I for one will never take note of him.

    “Maciek | September 18, 2011 at 7:57 pm
    I would be MUCH better than Wenger.”

    Displays stupidity beyond our comprehension.

  268. Loomer,
    Uhn? Told you so? Now you making things up as well.
    No surprises there, stalker 🙂

  269. Miami Arsenal, mate.

    They aren’t “hysterical”. I have made many valid point in my humble opinion. The problem is, that few people here is more interested in abusing me rather than making their contadicted points.

    If the change isn’t needed and Wenger is still the man for this job, why are we in the relegation zone after 5 matches?

    How much more time are you willing to give Wenger.

    Cheers, mate. It’s nice to know that this blog( which i respect) has people like you.

    Shame, that there is only a few of you.

    Take care mate.

  270. Loomer, Wenger has lost it. Wenger has lost it. Wenger has lost it.

    Are you red faced?

  271. Not very apt, G69. Torres=sellout. Chappelle=not a sell out. From what I’ve heard his buddy essentially wanted to give up creative control and Chappelle said fuck off.

  272. look at the table guys. The truth hurts.

  273. A thcko is a thicko whether he is in front of you or behind a computer screen.

    I think Loomer is calling a spade a spade 🙂

    Loomer,a bit harsh on Limestone old boy.

    Dexter,You get a grip.Its not too late for you.I am here to help. 🙂

  274. You give yourself far too much credit, Henristic. Your masquerade is over pal.

  275. Miami

    True man, things aint as bad as some would make out, especially compared with real problems!

  276. Champions league 14 consecutive years Maciek!!!!!!!!!!
    Fact ,after the whole season ,14 times ,NOT after 5 games .Understand?????????
    I fucking doubt it.

  277. George

    Tell me old bean, what I have said that is anyway incorrect? Cant wait for you to educate me.

    I am hoping you can also help me wipe the memory of seeing Andre Santos having to try and mark Samba and Dann. That was defending of pub standards!

    Perhaps next year we will rename the club the Dog and Duck? 😀

  278. george

    NO Liverpool-curse on AFC please.

    Kenny got so carried away he sold Meireles to Chelsea???
    They’re right back to where they were with an “all-brit” midfield* that lacks lateral creativity.
    They’ve undermined their “latin” players (Suarez, Maxi) & it showed.

    They kept passing the ball back to Reina.
    Carroll was crap, so was Henderson
    Why leave Kuyt on the bench?

    * Lucas plays a very direct game.

  279. I’ve never once told LG to fuck off or anything of the sort, George, so I think you’re being a bit harsh on me. 🙂

    What kind of person says the same moronic statement three times in a row? You’re a top class dunce, Stan.

  280. Maciek

    You are a fucking imbecile. As much as I am concerned with our current plight, to site the table as some evidence to our demise and perpetuate your constant fucking whining is laughable.

    Newcastle are 4th FFS!

  281. pedantic george

    Great, but we are talking about present times. Wenger have done great job for the firs 11 years in charge, but it doesn’t mean that he should destroy his legacy and this Club.

    At the moment we are on the road to nowhere.

  282. Sure Loomer, sure.

  283. Hows this for progress;

    WE conceded 50% less goals yesterday than we did after our previous PL away game and scored 33.3% more goals.

    If we keep that up then we will surely win the league! 😀

  284. Thanks Loomer, and you’re a top guy yourself. Your friends and family are lucky to know someone so loyal and dedicated.

  285. Dexter where did I suggest you were wrong about anything?
    You have lost it mate.
    Lol but fuck knows what “it” is in your case.I am sounding like Duke FFS.

    We should have met up yesterday, before the match though,otherwise it would have been a dreadful introduction.

  286. Dexter,

    14 goals in 5 matches. In 1998/99 season we lost 17 in the WHOLE season.

    16 points in the last 16 games. Enough is enough.

  287. Maciek

    You onbiously dont get the point that Pediatric George is making.

    We have had dodgy spells before, but ended each season in the top 4. Drawing conclusions after 5 games is tad premature.

    Hope that helps?

  288. Dexter, where do u think we’ll finish this season? Top 4?
    Will be a struggle as far as I can see…

    Also, you mean ‘cite’ not ‘site’.

  289. *17 goals

  290. Maciel

    If enough is enough, then Might I suggest suicide for you?

  291. Dexter,
    “I am hoping you can also help me wipe the memory of seeing Andre Santos having to try and mark Samba and Dann. That was defending of pub standards!”

    Just watch Torres’ MOTD highlights tonite man & u’ll forget about Andre Santos.

  292. JamesM

    No, I meant petty twat sorry.

    I dont see how top 4 wouldnt be achievable.

  293. Maciek,Oh so its 11 years now ,earlier it was 8 years.
    Your arguments are illogical and irrational.In short Loomer was right .Cow shit thick it is fellow.

  294. Dexter

    In that for we and with that manager we could be relegated. I’m serious.

    At best we will finish 6th. There is no chance that we will end up in the top 4.

    No chance. City, Manure, Chelski are miles ahead of us. 4th will go to Liverpool or the spuds.

    We are 11 points behind United after 5 games!!!

  295. Dexter – fair enough ;o)

    No it’s not unachievable at the mo’ but we seem to be doing everything we can to make it as hard as possible…

  296. Somewhat Agnostic

    You are probably right in saying Blackburn didn’t deserver to win the game.. They are shite… But they did! They didn’t have the offensive capability to really hurt us but we managed to help them on their way by our bad defending. The attack was decent yesterday but let’s not get carried away that all is fantastic.3 nice goals however. And nice to see two newbies scoring.

    It was not just bad luck all round.. There was poor play involved also.

    Goal one for BB… Yakubu… nice finish.. much free space and time in behind the two CB’s?

    Goal two for BB…. Song OG.. Well, yeah.. maybe shit luck there.. He was unsighted by the jumpers in front of him and he was standing in a zonal marking space…

    Goal Three for BB… Yakubu… Again all Arsenal players concentrated around the zone of the 6yd box.. . Three BB players lining up… unmarked… ready to whip the ball back in… Yep you can say Yakubu was offside.. and he WAS… But those free BB players in the box from a set-piece?

    Goal Four for BB…Another OG… Unlucky? Well look at the pattern of play before that.. BB break. Djourou made a horrendous blunder, then Song was easily bypassed and the ball arrived at Koscielny’s feet. There were two Arsenal players involved before Kos got to play his part. He made a wrong choice to play with his right foot IMO. However, we made it quite easy for the ball to arrive at his feet in the first place. Yep I feel sorry for him but he did play it into his own net. Perhaps he should have used his left and sidefooted it back out the direction it came from?

    These are all causes for concern and need addressing. If you stand on the side and take the deserved plaudits when Tony Adams slams in the 4th goal against Everton to clinch a PL title you must also be prepared to take responsibility for what goes on on the field when things go pear shaped… That defensive line is disorganised and not playing as a unit. It was called again correctly today on GOS (Goals on Sunday) by Kamara and Barton on that first Yakubu goal.

    There is no given right to immunity from criticism if one holds the Arsenal managers Job. The performance on the pitch cannot be off-loaded to someone else.. Refs, bad luck etc..These things generally even out over a season.. Yeah we could say we’ve had more than most but that’s just glossing over the cracks and ignoring the deeper issues of consistent poor results now from the team particularly over the last 6 months. And we are sitting 17th this evening in the PL table. 11 points off the leaders after 5 games. That’s the harsh reality that’s hurting all gooners… Whatever their persuasion!

  297. whens the NLD??

  298. Sorry George, you asked me to get a grip simply because I happened to express my honest opinions after watching us play pretty awfully against a very poor side mate. I assumed I had said something wrong, or incorrect. My bad.

  299. Aman

    Ha! Yeah, I saw Torres bad bad miss mate! The chavs deserved a point atleast

  300. “No it’s not unachievable at the mo’ but we seem to be doing everything we can to make it as hard as possible…”

    Well even I cant argue that

  301. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion. I decided to critisaze Wenger based on the last 5 years and especially last 6 months and rightly so.

    You can abuse me as long as you can, but it won’t change a damn thing. We are in some serious trouble.

    I have every right to what I think about Wenger.

    Night all!

  302. Exactly what happened at Liverpool… American owners take over the club, best players sold (Xabi Alonso, Mascherano etc)… Results start going tits up, all scousers claim Benitez has lost the plot & gets sacked replaced with a proper ‘English’ manager.. Hodgson. The board still don’t give him any support and that’s when the Scousers recognized that it was the board, Gillete/Hicks that were CUNTING them over.
    I’m no AKB however people need to stop swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool & start recognizing that our yank is CUNTING us.
    Out with the board, Wenger should be sent upstairs and bring a new manager in… Don’t know who, but Joachim Lowe or that Jurgen Klopp look good.
    Demonstrations against the board are needed…

  303. good post yogi but I take issue with your statement “solutions have been previously found.” This problem has plagued us for years and has never really been fixed. I borrowed this from another poster on another blog:
    A catalogue of shambolicness, by shambogunner.
    Brought to you in association with breeding mediocrity ltd and the people that brought you hit comidies – Mikael sylvestre, seb squillachi and manuel almunia, amonst others.
    08/09 season;
    27 sept 2008 Arsenal 1-2 Hull. Shambolic.
    29 0ct 2008 Arsenal 4-4 Spurs. Shambolic, were 4-2 up.
    1 nov 2008 newly promoted Stoke 2-1 Arsenal. Shambolic, couldnt defend.
    15 nov 2008 Arsenal 0-2 Aston Villa. Shambolic.
    NEXT GAME 22 nov Man city 3-0 Arsenal….no pride after previous home loss. gutless.
    10 dec Porto 2-0 Arsenal. absolutely shambolic defending and keeping.
    21 april 2009 Liverpool 4-4 Arsenal, 8 goal thriller masks SHAMBOLIC defending.
    10 may 2009 Arsenal 1-4 chelsea. A hiding at home.

    09/10 season;
    12 sept 2009 City 4-2 arsenal. Shocking defending.
    25 oct 2009 west ham 2-2 arsenal. west ham come from 2 down outa nowhere.
    9 dec 2009 olympiacos 1-0 arsenal. Shambolic.
    16 dec 2009 newly promoted burnley 1-1 arsenal. awful stuff.
    24 jan 2010 stoke 3-1 arsenal. FA CUP- knocked out by stoke. Shambolic.
    31 jan 2010 Arsenal 1-3 Man Utd. Mauled in our home stadium. Shambolic lack of drive.
    17 feb 2010 Porto 2-1 Arsenal…nothing learned from the earlier defeat from same team.
    27 march 2010 birmingham 1-1 Arsenal. Almunia is asked one question all day and fails in the last min. phillips equalises after we have 197% possesion. Shambolic defending.
    14 april 2009 Spurs 2-1 arsenal. gutless performance after the 4-4 draw at our place.
    18 april 2009 wigan 3-2 arsenal. Gave away 2-0 lead with 15 mins to play. Disgrace.
    3 may 2009 blackburn 2-1 arsenal. lead lost again because we cant defend corners, or in general play. Flappy-handsky has a nightmare, again.
    p.s we are told we have identified our frailties and will be making the necessary adjustments in the summer. Chamakh arrives on a free and 19m is spent on koscielny and squillachi.

    2010/2011 Season;
    18 sept 2010 Sunderland 1-1 arsenal. rosicky blazes over from the spot, we crumble and allow a last min equaliser after owning the ball.
    25 sept 2010 Arsenal 2-3 west brom. ridiculous, shambolic defending.
    7 nov 2010 Arsenal 0-1 newcastle. Lumped ball into our box, no pace on it and Carroll outjumps everything freely to head into an abandoned goal. Scandalous defending.
    20 nov 2010 Arsenal 2-3 spurs. more hurt for us fans as a two goal lead is surrendered at home and we go down with a whimper. more shambolic defending.
    FOLLOWING GAME braga 2-0 arsenal, a team we hammered at home cruise against us.
    29 dec 2010 wigan 2-2 arsenal. nzogbia sees red and wigan still pegs us back after leading 2-1. nothing new there then.
    FA cup arsenal 1-1 leeds. went out last season to stoke and this is how we kick off this years campaign…lucky to get a pen in the dying moments.
    30 jan 2011 arsenal 2-1 huddersfield. an undeserved win.
    5 feb 2011 NEWCASTLE 4-4 ARSENAL. im not even going there again. newcastle take 6 pts off us for the 2010/2011 season.
    FA cup leyton orient 1-1 arsenal. embarrassing display. right result.
    CARLING CUP FINAL arsenal 1-2 birmingham. relegation bound birmingham beat us in a wembley showpiece in front of millions, laughing stock AGAIN.
    20 APRIL 2011 spurs 3-3 arsenal, another two goal lead thrown away, nothing being learned. humiliating.
    next game bolton 2-1 arsenal. wenger and rest of squad scarper down tunnel at full time leaving Wilshere to offer consolation to travelling fans. awful defending.
    last three games;
    stoke 3-1 Arsenal
    arsenal 1-2 villa
    fulham 2-2 arsenal.
    our manager says theres nothing wrong with second in march and we go on to finish fourth and play a CL qualifier vs udinese..,,i suppose theres nothing wrong with finishing second in a weak CL group aswel and get drawn against Barce either.
    we are told, this time from Gazidis aswel that we will be working hard in the summer to recruit. wenger tells us no-one is leaving. nasri and our cpt leave, we miss out on alverez to inter and jones to utd by delayng and foolishly and arrogantly thinking (A. we are the only interested clubs or (B. the player will choose us over, eh, I dunno Inter Milan and Man Utd respectively.
    deadline day we panic buy players that could have been brought pre asia tour and given time to form understanding with their new teammates. I suppose Arteta was the marquee signing, even though he wudnt get near the utd or chelsea or pool line-up.
    0-0 away to newcastle.
    0-2 at home to liverpool.
    8-2 away to man utd.
    1-0 at home to swansea, although they had the better chances.
    4-3 away to blackburn.

  304. JamesM

    Just being a bit sarcastic man, thanks for telling me the right spelling! 😀

    4th nis definitely achievable, the fact is the season is just started, sure we are in a bad place right now, but shit happens and form comes and goes for all teams. The chavs looked unstoppable about this time last year and they went right off the boil.

    I do think there needs to be a few tweaks to our game, like when we played DEnilson and Song in CM when we needed to tighten up and then went on a 20+ game unbeaten run. A bit negative, but solid.

  305. Dexter If you had seen my comment yesterday when I got back from the match it would have been you telling me to get a grip 🙂 I was fuming and distraught.

  306. JJ

    Excuse my ignorane, but what is the NLD?

  307. ““No it’s not unachievable at the mo’ but we seem to be doing everything we can to make it as hard as possible…”

    Well even I cant argue that”

    George – that’s the thing that pisses me off more than anything. Yes, we don’t have some divine right to be winning trophies or even competing for the title, but the guys we have in our squad should be doing sooooooo much better.

    We just seem to be getting steadily worse at defending, steadily less respected/feared and it’s horrible to be watching…

  308. Somewhat Agnostic, I guess what I am trying to get at is even though we certainly contributed to the errors yesterday, we also have to understand that the bounce of the ball also didn’t favour us….. yet again I might add. This team will find its feet we just have to be patient until we get there. Luck is an intangible in a game, it works for and against you and at the moment any moments that have that element in even the smallest % seems to run gainst us. The own goals should not have happened but they did, the off side could have been called it was not, the penalty was indeed a penalty but there again it was not. I do believe that to some degree you make your own luck and thus I also believe you can make your own bad luck and it is no stretch of the imagnation to see the players stressing about what might happen… turning in to just what they dreaded most.

    We support a team because it is in our blood, I try to explain it to my wife but she doesn’t understand it at all. Arsenal are in my blood whether good or bad and yes they have given more grey hairs this year but I know in time I’ll be smiling again.

  309. George

    Ha! Yeah I bet mate! I went straight out, got shit faced and rolled in about 5am. 😀

  310. damn tomth_oy,

    I wouldn’t want to offend u or your friend shambogunner.

    After 66 years, have u forgiven the germans?

  311. tomth_oy, so what are you saying that Arsenal should never lose a game? or perhaps Arsenal should only lose games by 1 goal, or maybe that Arsenal should never have a bad game because everyone knows Arsenal are perfect?

    There is no divine right for us to win anything. There are 11 players on the pitch working hard to win for the club and the fans… you know what, they are also human. I know I am not perfect, though my wife sometimes thinks I am (I’ll let her believe that for moment).

  312. I think we forget sometime that those players are hurting worse than we are with the performances of late. They’ll be working hard to get through this hump…

  313. JamesM.I said yesterday that this team is less than the sum of the parts ,which is the opposite to Wengerball teams of the past.

    I don’t pretend to know the answers but I do know that Wenger has the best chance of finding the solution.
    I can’t begin to tell you the esteem I hold him in,and the respect for him as a man that I have,

  314. JamesM.I said yesterday that this team is less than the sum of the parts ,which is the opposite to Wengerball teams of the past.

    I don’t pretend to know the answers but I do know that Wenger has the best chance of finding the solution.
    I can’t begin to tell you the esteem I hold him in,and the respect for him as a man that I have,

    Fair play George – we’re in the season now and we both want the same for the club.

    Guess all we can realistically do is shout the side on and keep our fingers crossed.

  315. Somewhat Agnostic

    The Arsenal are in my blood too.. I’ll follow them all the way down to the conference if that ever happens..

    And you do make your own luck. We are not making much of it recently. And as I said in an earlier post if this game could be taken in isolation then perhaps we could write it off and forget it.

    Can you imagine how nervous the Ems is going to be on Saturday against Bolton.. until we score 1 or 2 and get ahead.. and god help us if they score first.. the nerves! Anyway I think we’ll win that.. hope we’ll win that.

    Nevertheless, I do remember Bertie Mee leading us to the historic double.. In the days when that was one hell of a mightly achievment. Only the 2nd in the Century.. However, the same manager led us to something like 15th or 16th place a few seasons later! (74/75)

    It’s much more a results driven game nowadays and all managers live and die by this criteria. I’m not for one minute advocating the Chelsea model of sacking a poor guy who finished 2nd and narrowly lost a CL Final,or anything remotely close to it, but Arsenal and Arsene can be victims of this too. Only difference is IMO is that we set that bar much lower. i.e. 4th and CL is, it appears, acceptable. But the way we are heading that bar will be approached if the team don’t dramatically improve this season..

    Do I think they will improve? Yes sure I do, we can only but shoot up the table after a string of wins as we are down among the muck.. However, the final finishing point is very much debatable and worrying.

    I’m off!

  316. Spooks is on! I’m out!

  317. I have to agree with Dexter on one point. People need to remember that the Wenger years of the past were not all like the Invincibles year. We did have dodgy starts, awful patches, lose three or four games on the trot, suffer heavy defeats etc but we had good seasons overall and still won not a few cups and a couple of titles.
    If we were top of the table now, a lot of you would be saying (rightly) that we can’t read anything into our position in September. So think on, as I am sure pedantic george would say.

    Anyway – good night.

  318. “Guess all we can realistically do is shout the side on and keep our fingers crossed.”

    Therein lies the answer.

  319. Excuse my ignorane, but what is the NLD?

    North London Derby

    I believe the abbreviation was originally coined by scum fans i.e. “I knew we were inconsistent but we’re gonna get rinsed in the NLD”…

  320. Fellow Arsenal fans I was only highlighting the fact that our defence has been a problem for years, and for whatever reason Wenger has been unable to fix it. There seems to be a fair number of people who want to give him the chance. The real question is can he? I’m not anti Wenger or a doomer, merely pointing out a problem to which Wenger has not found a solution. I don’t believe we have a divine right to win either. I would just like to see us stop making schoolboy errors, focus for 90 minutes, and stop throwing away points. Cheers

  321. Ha! Cheers JamesM

    I fucking hate how everything gets abreviated these days FFS! 😀

    I thought JJ was referring to something in response to that Stan Kroenke article!

  322. Its gone quiet since Downton Abby came on.WTF big girls 🙂

  323. All about Spooks George.

    If you take the first letter from each character’s sentences then you can deduce who we’re signing in Jan, who from and the fee!!

  324. Levante 1-0 Real Madrid

    So Maureen Yo can’t even win in a 2 team league.

  325. Ooh full time? Game over in La Liga then…

  326. Dups,I watched the first half Real were leathering them.
    They must think they are us

  327. Dexter, you can ignore or not ignore whatever. All I am saying is that this is a different team and a different season, if you want to string seasons along then go ahead

    What grip do I need to get? As I have told many and will tell you, I just simply look for things to turn around, stating what happened yesterday over and over will not change the scoreline. I believe that with time the team will get better and I saw signs yesterday.

    You seem to think I am “kidding” myself, I only responded to you accordingly mi bredrin.

    Bill, you were commending the defense not too long ago and after one match we are in the same place. You see I cant take that yo you type of thing. From game to game we are good or the worse and I am the one who nee

  328. Two own goals killed us. We have juts invented new ways to lose. Maybe it’s time to take heed to these words. Wenger must go. I’ve been writng this since March 2011. It looks like it is time for a change. Before you go nuts look at trhe facts. The guys have been on a downhill slide since we lost to Barca. Enough said.

  329. Wenger said ‘The next strategy is to bring the young players through that we have at the club, like Ryo, like Chuks Aneke, like Benik Afobe, like Francis Coquelin, like Emmanuel Frimpong. We want to bring them through and give them a good environment in which to develop. The other step is to get the few injured players back as quickly as possible and then we will have a very strong squad.

    ???? we are a fukin college!!!

  330. needs to get a grip?

  331. PaulN

    Thats all good mate. I wasnt stringing seasons together, just stating that we havent played well for fucking ages! The defence hasnt improved and doesnt look like doing so at the moment, even though we now have a keeper that the vast majority of Goooners are happy with. And we have our very own big fucking german CB too.

    What you need to get a grip on, is your cooment that I am somehow wavering…. From what?

    My being at Ewood, singing all game, getting pissed on before, during and after the game and hearing Blackburn fans singing; “You must be shit, coz we’re beating you 4-2” I think I am allowed to vent my spleen a little, no? Even if I wasnt there too. Jeeez, what am I meant to do? Pretend we played and defended well?

    You’re a good guy PaulN and I am not trying to pick fights with anyone, well none of the decent people on here anyways! 😀

  332. Maybe Wenger needs to open an academy because he obviously has a passion for teaching players and not so much the winning, he cleraly enjoys seing his players come to fruition maybe more then his team parading a cup.

  333. DukeG

    That crack pipe will be the death of you man! 😀


    Go ask Duke if you can borrow his crack pipe dude.

    I remember us losing a home game 3-0 to Boro who had 1 shot on goal all game.

  334. dex,

    you go right ahead pal. we are all alowed to vent, sod the aclf etiquette of being up in the clouds not allowed to say anything untoward.

  335. Ga! Thanks Dukey!

  336. “My being at Ewood, singing all game, getting pissed on before, during and after the game and hearing Blackburn fans singing; “You must be shit, coz we’re beating you 4-2″ I think I am allowed to vent my spleen a little, no?”

    I believe their exact words were ‘We’re winning 4-2, we’re winning 4-two-oo-oo, how shit must you be? we’re winning 4-2.”

    Regardless of the exact phrasing, it was upsetting. Could almost be called a nadir, although I hesitate to say we’ve hit our lowest point yet…

  337. JamesM

    You keep on correcting me!!! Grrrrr!!! Haha! I knew what the wording was and the rhythm, melody, tone and timbre too! 😀

    I think we are on an upward curve now; we conceded 50% less goals than in our previous away fixture afterall.

  338. Duke ,have a bit of desert,cheer yourself up mate

  339. JamesM,

    its george who is the pedantic one!!!

  340. Dexter, my bad if I offended you.To me the team actually played well against Udinese and Liverpool, until the sending off. We defended exceptionally against Dortmund and have defended well in most matches to be honest. I saw a lot of positives yesterday but hat’s just me.

    You too are a kool kat!

    I believe Team Spirit has summed up this season quite perfectly.

  341. george it hasnt worked, im in a foul mood. this was our very near strongest team just wilshere n tv out. . i cant see the light!!!

  342. “I think we are on an upward curve now; we conceded 50% less goals than in our previous away fixture afterall.”

    Now I can’t argue with that!

  343. I think United will come down to earth. Teams are having loads of chances but not taking them at present.

    They got their customary pen I see. (just watching the match)

  344. Assuming Sp*rs have ditched their racist song about Greedy. Quite annoying to hear the MOTD commentators mentioning his name as they score..

  345. They got their customary pen I see. (just watching the match)

    That’s what generally happens if you scythe down someone who’s about to shoot…

  346. Duke, you always vent.

  347. coz Arsenal are always losing Paul!!! (smirking winking face)

  348. “That’s what generally happens if you scythe down someone who’s about to shoot…”
    Unless you are an Arsenal player ,that is!

  349. I hope all the Wenger apologists are happy with what this man is doing to our club. He can no longer motivate the players. He has zero tactical nouse. Time to go.

  350. I hear that Duke, we need a winning streak badly or your wife to bake you something you like, what was it again?

  351. “That’s what generally happens if you scythe down someone who’s about to shoot…”
    Unless you are an Arsenal player ,that is!

    Yeah I used the weasel word ‘generally’ in there!

  352. Nooooo our ‘highlights’ are about to be shown. I can’t find the remote!!

  353. Djourou, Song and Koscielny should be refunding me for that 4th goal. Fucking appalling.

  354. goalie_up_front you piece of shit .Please go away

  355. How mature of you George. Always resulting to insults instead of a counter-argument. How old are you?

  356. “He has zero tactical nouse. Time to go.”


    Right, I’m off to bed. Laterz…

  357. That was going out to Dexter BTW, to prove I’m not just picking on u!

  358. OK goalie.
    I will reply in the style you post.
    Wenger is magic, he is the best

    Its called drivel .

  359. “Are you Arsenal in disguise” sung today at both WHL and OT.

    We are a laughing stock of football thanks to Le Senile Prof.

  360. “We are a laughing stock of football thanks to ‘Le Senile Prof’ ”

    And you asked George how old he was.

    Go away, your immature nonsense is not wanted.

  361. “We are a laughing stock of football thanks to ‘Le Senile Prof’ ”

    And he want us to post counter arguments.
    I cant begin to tell you how pathetic I find these disrespectful imbecilic twats.

  362. I heard Torres had a miss of the century. Just saw it and it was really the miss of the century. The chavs should’ve got something out of the game, the United goalie and defence does not convince me and I feel their wheels will come off. Maybe wishful thinking.

    I read the players had a word and wants a defensive coach to work with them ( a souce said according to The Mirror ) that means it is really rubbish. maybe thats what is needed, somone to sort our defence once and for all.

  363. “4th is like a trophy”
    “2nd for twenty years would be great”
    “if someone is better than you, you must accept it”

    All loser statements from the man who is supposed to motivate our players to win.

    Insult me all you want but all you AKB’s are a dying breed.

  364. Goalie,what are your big achievements in life?
    You being a winner.
    In case you missed it

    “I cant begin to tell you how pathetic I find these disrespectful imbecilic twats.”
    That is you by the way ,in case you are so thick that you do not realise

  365. George

    I think he is just another of the thick twats from the grave. Best to ignore his poorly thought out arguments. He will rejoin the other idiots soon enough.

  366. -3 wins in the last 18 league games.

    – Losing a Cup Final to a now relegated team, a team that scored the fewest goals in the Premiership.
    -Becoming the first team in Premiership history to lose a 4 goal lead and with only 20 minutes left.

    -Throwing away a 2 goal lead against the Spuds….twice in a season.

    -Persisting with a goalkeeper that was totally out of his depth.

    -Buying quality cover at Centre back. But was willing to waste 15M on a 17yr old who can’t even make the bench. You couldn’t make it up LOL !

    -Throwing away points because we can’t defend.

    -Insulting the fans by saying we don’t know what we are talking about because most of us haven’t had half a day in football…the same fans who pay his wages.

    – Announcing he would be happy to finish 2nd for the next 20 years.

    -Droaning on about mental strength and team spirit which everyone can see we don’t have.

    -Telling everyone this is the best squad he has ever had. AN ABSOLUTE INSULT TO THE INVINCIBLES

    -Not getting a defensive and goalkeeping coach who has a clue.

    -Ten games to go and only the title to play for and we win TWO games. Abysmal doesn’t begin to describe it

    What I am asking now is for an AKB or two to come out of hiding and give evidence for the defence. You want him to stay tell us why he should. C’mon, don’t be shy.

  367. ****Not buying quality cover at Centre back*****

  368. the better informed pwople have been trying to tell the pro Wenger mob on ACLF & elsewhere that AW must go, and the board too

    Sadly, we can’t ditch the board

  369. Arsenal’s miserable start to the season reminds me of Bayern Munich’s start to last season.Their defending was all over the place and could not put the ball in the back of the net for sometime as Robben and Ribery(key players) were out for quite sometime.They started off well in the UCL and did well in the competition’s group stages and went on to lose only to Inter at home in the knockouts.Bayern were on with 8 points from 7 games with 3 losses from those 7 games.They grinded out results slowly without really playing well and kept it tight at the back.Slowly gained confidence and went onto finish 3rd with a UCL play off place.Arsenal can take a leaf out of their books and solely concentrate on getting on to top-4 finish with a run in in either of the cups or even winning them would do a lot to the players.And i agree we are just too adamant to carry on with same formations again and again which has made us predictable.I am a Bayern fan(Bundesliga) as well as a hardcore gooner.So i can spot the similarities in a lot of ways.We need to make sure of winning the next 3 home games against Shrewsbury,Bolton and Olympiakos.Once we start winning the confidence shall slowly return and after the international break we can expect Vermaelen and Diaby back which would give us a better balance.Hoping for a crucial ten days and with optimism.I trust the team and the boss.Lets support the team and make sure we make Emirates a living hell for the opposition.
    Come on Gooners!!

  370. I fear that perhaps Wenger is no longer the man to take the club forward. He is fast becoming what Rafael Benitez became at liverpool: stale.

    He can’t motivate the team enough. He cant change the culture. He can’t change the attitude. He can’t change the discipline. He can’t change the tactics. He cant change the defensive organisation. He can’t motivate the players. He can’t get the best out of them. Do the players still believe in him? Considering we have changed several players but the weaknesses are still the same, is it not worth arguing that a change of coaching staff is required? The squad we have is very good, contrary to what most people think. The problem is application and organisation. That’s where a change of coach might help.

    By all means, let’s give Wenger time to turn things around. But personally I have no hope that much will change. It’s sad, but this may be the beginning of the end for Arsenal’s greatest manager.

  371. Somewhat Agnostic

    As mentioned to in my previous posts on this thread regarding defence and zonal marking..

    it is my opinion that the zonal marking for example led to Akubu’s ‘offside’ goal… Three BB players unmarked in the box from a set piece. One of these whipped it in for Yakubu to poke it in. The shot coming in in the first place was, again IMO, the weakness and the problem. If you only focus’s on the injustice of the offside goal and fails to see the action that led to that goal, (and the others), then you fail to see the full picture.

    I don’t like to read the words.. the Mirror understands….I’m much more comfortable with direct quotes from players that at least we can interpret clearly rather than the sensational headlines sub-editors like to put on it..

    However, It seems to be becoming a popular opinion regarding the remedy for the defensive shortcomings. I wonder how much speed it will gather?

  372. Not suprised. I’m not shocked/surprised in the slighest that this side is capable of producing another defensive nightmare that see’s us lose 4-3 at Blackburn.

    Puts things into perspective. Maybe the aboslutle battering United dished out wasn’t an anomaly, rather a fair representation of where we stand as a football club?

    The positive in all of this? I’m delighted at the prospect of getting my season ticket next year.

    Gazidis will take notice of every game going on general sale, bums on seats maxing 55,000, poor results, and murmurings of protests.

    Sadly for the Arsenal front office, thier commercial development and revenue streams are so piss poor the entire self sustaining model is centred on charging fans ridiculous prices, and squeezing into the Champs League every year.

    We have been far to risk averse.

  373. Well done Satish. We often say on this side of Africa that “you can’t live in a house half built”, and 70% of building is the foundation. The meaning is that you don’t see the work already achieved (foundation) until the building (re-building in our case) is 95% done; then results come. I saw enough on Saturday to convince of the work being done.

    For all sorts of reasons, including these, it’s premature to worry. Otherwise YW’s comments are good. So are AW’s. Two things in addition: a good introduction to what “up north” means to new guys, especially Santos, Per and 3Gs; and a lesson for them all. Secondly, statistics boffs, even with our erratic defensive work yesterday, how often does a team score 2 own goals, on average, in one game in EPL. Anybody?

    Is OGs our highest scorer this season(with Pool)? Is that 3 so far?

  374. a good introduction to what “up north” means to new guys


    why do we have to get beaten by the worst team in the league, defend like amateuers, and throw away another lead at the first sign of pressure to introduce players to the north?

    The fact you accept getting beaten so by Blackburn as a great learning curve for the new recruits just amazes me.

    Zim, do you know we have taken 33 points from our last 26 league games.

    Let that sink in.

  375. Look on the bright side Zim. If you are going to have a season rebuilding your team, let it be when one side looks like they will truly dominate and Manu-re do look unstoppable this title challenge. Let the warning go out though, they are truly laying down a new standard for the Premiere League and yet they still probably will still not beat Barca.

    There are big hurdles ahead and we have a long way to go, that is not to say that there is any manager out there that could actually do a better job of surmounting the problems, or an amount of money either. The die is cast and it just may be another five year plan for anyone.

  376. Stoke scored two own goals yesterday Zim paul. Getting quite popular actually. I couldnt agree more with your analysis though. Everything good and bad about the teams performance showed that this is work in progress. No one wants to see their team taking a beating. The most important thing that was evident was the desire and effort of the team in the last 20 minutes. It was too late by then but an improvement from the OT result where heads dropped and we allowed ourselves to be humiliated. United are the team to beat but wont be able to sustain that level of performance all season. Every team peaks and dips.

    Unfortunately Wenger is an easy target, he talks to the press and is french. Can someone tell me what are the board doing to help him? At utd, liverpool and to some extent newcastle the fans have voted with their feet and laid the blame equally on the board who have just as much responsibility but all the doomers blame Wenger. Noone knows whats going on behind closed doors. But from the outside looking in it is not looking good. Wenger needs help and to see him broken in this way is just not on. The question remaining is when are the board going to tell us the truth about what happend to the 60million for nasrigas and other players sold. Just to rub it in cesc is in the form of his life in a resurgent Barca. To the untrained eye it looks like he really was being ‘stiffled’at Arsenal though what is closer to the truth is that when surrounded by quality his own qualities are accentuated. Wenger needs the fans to believe in him even more. He deserves every chance to prove the critics wrong. Surely we can only get better. Next stop Tottenham and a reunion with Ade. Sorry for the rant.

  377. I’m not worried Arsenal will come good in the next game and then our winning run will commence.. thats the Troof

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