Blackburn Rovers Preview: Get The Winning Habit

Arsenal travel to Ewood Park this afternoon looking for a repeat of the 2-1 victory the last time these teams met on this date in 1946. This time around, Arsenal seek to continue the fledgling run being put together. The problem for Arsenal was succinctly highlighted by the manager on Thursday,

We must win. We live in an environment that questions us when we don’t win. We do not criticise that and have to live with that. We have to show performances, consistency and attitude quality, that makes us respected. It is as simple as that. That is why it is as important that we do not talk too much and play as well as we can

There is relish amongst the media that Arsenal have reverted to fill the club in crisis story. There has to be one and from their attitude towards him, a number of reporters will be only truly happy when Wenger is removed from his job. The difference in attitude was highlighted in the midweek results and their subsequent coverage. Arsenal lucky to draw, United and City unlucky despite both conceding chances which would have resulted in defeat. Luck in equal measure you would have thought.

Wenger though knows why, understands and reluctantly accepts this as being the world we live in,

For me [standing still is not an option] and in the modern society a cycle takes zero days. But I will judge myself by giving the best of my intelligence, experience and commitment to the Club and after I let other people judge what I do. At the end of the day and at the end of the season you know yourself whether you took the maximum out of the team and the team’s potential or not. I want our fans just to be happy and you make your fans happy if you win things and if you win games. That I think is that.

Except that is not enough. When Arsenal grind out a win, the result is not greeted as part and parcel of the game, a good team out of sorts but still winning. It is a failure, a betrayal of football. Wenger has turned matters on their head and now Arsenal must win with style and panache. Gone are the days when 1 – 0 is an acceptable scoreline. Yet at the moment, everyone would take such performances and results as the squad binds into partnerships and understandings, recovers the poise and swagger that return with confidence. That quality was brutally destroyed, slowly the building blocks are put in place to allow it back into the squad psyche.

Wenger received backing this morning from Gervinho. The Ivorian displayed humility when talking of his upbringing, revealing the source of his determination to play for Arsenal. Crucially, he wants to be here, not seeing it as a stepping stone for somewhere else and the manager was key to this in his view,

It’s Arsene’s job to choose his players and I believe in his vision. Whatever player Arsene picks to play for Arsenal, I respect that and so should the fans…I’d still have signed for Arsenal if [Nasri and Cesc] had been sold before I arrived — there are still great players at this club.

As usual there are those who would disagree but Gervinho’s loyalty is to be commended, even if it is expected from a new signing. He has not had the easiest of starts, wrongly accused of diving at Newcastle, rightly sent off under the Laws of the Game but he will recover and thrive. At least that’s the theory anyway. A goal or two will speed that process along, as much for his confidence as anyone else’s.

His place in the side brings a directness to the attack, as well as the ability to meander into a dead end or two, similar to Theo Walcott yet different enough to warrant both’s inclusion. Whether that will happen this afternoon remains to be seen with Walcott the more likely to make way for Gervinho.

Arshavin was, I thought, unlucky not to be included from the start in Dortmund, Walcott was unable to evade the German’s tactic of mass defending when he was in possession. This afternoon it strikes me that the Russian ought to be included, adding guile to the attack. Walcott as a late(r) substitute would take advantage of any tiredness in the Rovers defence.

Blackburn have problems, Steve Kean under pressure with a protest being mooted beforehand. A turbulent summer for Arsenal did not descend into quite the farcical depths of that endured by Blackburn where the owners talked loudly about signing ageing stars, none arriving nor seemingly interested in doing so. The Lancastrians highlight the problems of having a Sugar Daddy, or more starkly, when that individual is no longer around. A fall from grace that was not supposed to happen fifteen years ago, a title win that must seem a lifetime away and an eternity from ever being replicated.

This is a match even an out of sorts Arsenal ought to win. Rovers are bottom and although they showed indications of winning earlier in the week, they have yet to do so in the Premier League. Three points takes Arsenal (temporarily) into eighth, highlighting the over-reaction to the poor start in terms of points. The gap to United and Chelsea will not grow any wider with a win, closing on at least one of them this weekend. Getting the win is crucial.

Few changes to midweek should expected, Arshavin for Walcott would be my main one. Consideration might be given to Santos for Gibbs, the youngster is enhancing the attacking options on that provided by Clichy; a pity he is a defender. Age will bring the experience required and Gibbs has the potential, growing quietly in the shadows may make more sense in terms of confidence when he comes into the side.

Ramsey or Frimpong in the midfield might add more bite in what may be a physical contest, ‘Blackeye’ a hard moniker for the hosts to shake off. My line-up would be:

Szczesny; Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Santos; Ramsey (Frimpong), Arteta, Song; Arshavin, van Persie, Gervinho

Which won’t be the one Arsene chooses but so long as a win happens, at the moment that is all. Winning without the substance of performance is not a long term aim but with confidence growing, the substance can be added.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.




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  1. Building blocks? A wrecker’s ball is the only thing understood by the modern media.

    Terrible state of affairs.

    I don’t buy newspapers but I do pay a licence fee for the BBC to regurgitate bollocks.

    Anyway, off to the caravan for a week and football on my ipod!

    Come on you Reds!

  2. Morning Cbob,

    >football on my ipod!

    Not quite The Good Life!!!


  3. I am second. Gibbs has to play. Dont touch the defensive line. I would bring Park, Benayon and Walcott in the second half if things do not work.

  4. Respect,

    Not second, fourth. Although I could of course alter the time that your comment was posted and that would make you second. Which I’ve done in the past when people have said first and I’m in a childish mood!


  5. Good preview Yogi, and i agree with Theo coming off the bench as an impact sub if things are not going too well.


  6. Good morning people.

    Looking forward to the game – it seems like ages since Tuesday. I doubt if winning even by a cricket score will appease the hacks and pundits. To them, it will always be undeserved. The disproportionate negativity about Arsenal is so suffocating, you almost wonder if someone is paying for a media propaganda against us. But hey, we’ll be told it’s a conspiracy theory without a basis in fact.

    The best thing we can do at the moment is just grind out our results and fly under the radar. Let the football do the talking.

  7. First? – go on Yogi, do the timeline changy thingy and make me number 1!! Would be good if you could do the same retrospective adjustment to Premier League results. 4-1 away win at Old Trafford would look great…

  8. Yogi
    I agree with your starting XI but think Wenger will start Walcott and bring Arshavin on later. I really hope CY Park gets a run out today, can’t wait to see him play in the red and white. It will be a tough game, Samba will be out to prove himself against us and it will probably be a very physical game. Hope the Pong keeps his cool and doesn’t get carded (if he plays) .

    I know the team are still learning to play together but hope Le Boss plays a more creative and counter attacking formation………. he needs to start experimenting with plan B’s and a more attack minded formations. If things are going well in the second half I’d like to see Park and Gervinho linked up as a double attack pairing………. but Wenger will probably opt for a much safer gameplay.

  9. “Fernando Torres and Andy Carroll: what’s wrong with them?”

    Now that is a headline of ironies. Whats wrong? They cost £85 million in transfer fees.

  10. Morning YW another exceptional good piece.. No I’m fffffffffffiiiirrsttttttt…..3 points any how they come is all that matters…3 points..

  11. Good post. Like the starting line up, AA looks a bit more up for it this season. Cant help thinking Nasri going has been a blessing for others in the team.

    Theo frustrates me, decision making and passing are way off at the moment, could argue that will come with games but I’d like to see Ryo get a run out. Reports say he is blistering and has great control…..

    Come on the Arsenal!

  12. First! To wonder how you know you are first when you post…or 2nd for that matter. By the time i finish writing this all I know is that I will be next. YW can you change this so that it is last, because of the obvious quality of observation.

    I have not seen Arsenal try to defend a game for so long – as with Dortmund. We have got used to the attacks working leading to a 4-0 scoreline, or the attacks ending in a goal at our end 4-4 scoreline. This is a different team, Mertesacker seems to be taking control of the back, he is talking already. I hope we can do a bit more attacking than we did in the 2nd half at Dortmund. Just defending is very hard and closing shop is not something we have practiced and will take time.

  13. As a supporter of Arsenal since the 1930’s, to associate “relish amongst the media” with our famous Club, is music to my ears and brings back happy memories. It means scribblers have had to sit down in darkened rooms all over the country and prepare news, good or bad, true or false, in order to satisfy the never-ending thirst for “something to read about Arsenal”.
    Students of human nature will realise that a headline like “Gunners pip United 1-0″ will not sell a newspaper as much as ” Mutiny in the Emirates dressing room, after 1-0 win”.
    Once upon a time, I used to read all I could about the Club and try to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Now I realise, like the Club’s historians, that news broadcast in whatever fashion is good publicity, because the truth will only ever be known by those who really matter.
    The rest still makes good reading, though!!!

  14. @Nicky.

    If I’m speculative and make a guess that you started supporting Arsenal by the age of 5, it would make you at least 86 years old this year.

  15. Darius,
    A bright and breezy 88 in November. Started at 11 in 1934.

  16. i bright sunny arsenal type morning where i am ,cant wait

  17. By the way, was yesterday an entirley doom/negative posting day?

    I don’t recall any sniping at all. Is that a first on ACLF?

    Must be to do with the nature of Yogi’s posts as against those of Big Al, I suppose.

    Yogi just encourages the naysayers. It’s obvious!

  18. We are truly humbled by your online presence nicky. Perhaps a true example of what is required of an Arsenal fan in an age One night club stands. I doff my hat to you Sir!

  19. nicky you 100% have to be listened to , fantastic support

  20. @consolsB
    perhaps it was a doom/negative “free” posting day 🙂
    It was a pleasure reading all the posts.

    Yogi is on the brink of doomerism, a few good results and that will be cured 😀

    @Nicky……… respect to you, a supporter of the
    highest order. Lets hope some of these young ‘since the invincibles supporters ‘ carry on through the good, the bad and the truly appaling Arsenal teams which you have experienced.

  21. Off to Ewood, let battle commence.

  22. Good post as usual Yogi. No surprises at the reactiom of the media to the mid week performance although to be fair many pundits and journos commended it even Paul Merson. It just shows how the strength of the competition has improved. The team is nowhere near hitting top gear but the potential is plain to see and I would rather the team started badly and had all their injuries now but finished the season strongly which has been our achilles heel and robbed us of possibly three potential premier league titles in the last 6 years. We were so close in those seasons until the last ten games. I think the game will be a hard fought battle. Blackburn love playing us and putting the boot in but we are mentally stronger and a team again. 2-1 to the Arsenal. Frimpong , Arteta and Song to balance the midfield.We are going to steal the league title from right under their noses. COYG.

  23. @George the Pedantic
    Have a good day mate……. if any Arsenal supporter Boos or sings ‘spend some fucking money’ please punch them on my behalf. 🙂

  24. Nicky you surely are a true Gunner. Much respect.

  25. IIIIIIIRELAND (I’m half Irish, deal with it)!

    Great start to the day and England won the cricket last night. NOW to smash the blackeye bastards.

    I expect good things today.

  26. Good start to my sporting saturday. Ireland beet the Oz in rugby world cup. Lets keep the run going with an Arsenal win.

    Sagna Per Kos Gibbs
    Song Arteta
    Theo AA23 Gerv

  27. @ jonny

    Great result for the Irish…splendid performance..

    As for the cricket..awinless tour for us 😦 never thought I would see that anytime soon..

    Anyway an Arsenal win would tip the scales firmly to the good…

    Up the Arsenal..2-0 to the gooners..

  28. 1-3 Arsenal you read it here first.

  29. Santos, Ramsey starting…

    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Santos, Song, Arshavin, Arteta, Ramsey, Gervinho, Van Persie

  30. 45 minutes to kick off, my starting XI:

    Jenks———Squillachi———— only joking



    Bench: Fabi, Gibbs, Djourou, Pong, Park, Walcott, Yossi or Chamakh

    Attack, Attack, Attack………….

  31. Anirudh – yeah it’s been a disappointing summer – I’d have far rather seen a close series. great to see Dravid though – what a fucking legend of a player and a man – they broke the mould when they made him. Great to see the England players falling over each other to shake his hand last night. Much respect.

  32. come on arsenal, show the world what we are about!!!

  33. Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Santos, Song, Arteta, Ramsey, Gervinho, Arshavin, Van Persie (c)

    Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Gibbs, Benayoun, Coquelin, Walcott, Chamakh.

  34. I’ve just recieved an e mail from Arsenal FC:

    Dear Mr D
    Thank you very much for your letter and the attached Bar bill, as you know, we are offering an away match ticket for all fans who were at Old Trafford for the 8-2 loss. In hindsight, we believe all fans who suffered a financial loss for that game should be reimbursed. Cinsequently, please find enclosed a cheque for 63 euros to compensate for your drinks on that unfortunate day. Mr Wenger expresses his sincere apologies and hopes that today, against Blackburn, your money will be well spent during the match.

    Forever your servant
    AFC management

  35. Wenger has included Coquelin on the bench and not CYPark…………… I don’t understand, unless it is to build confidence after the manure game?

  36. Afternoon all.
    Thanks for this blog YW, nice to have somewhere to go with a chance of meeting some true fans.
    I suspected Arsh was rested Tuesday for this one. Yet another new look back four line up today, I hope Arsenal fans will have the patience to let them get to know each other, that takes game time.
    I want us to rout B’burn by enough goals to wipe out OT, but I’ll take a scrappy 1 – 0, it’s all about the new boys bedding in at the moment.

  37. The team looks promising if we can get the ball in midfield and zip it around we should fine an early goal will do nicely. With Per in and Kos being his usual tenacious self I am not worried about ariel threats

  38. Nice post YW…….

    Nicky – good for you; mature remarks….

    Clean sheet, 3 points, no injuries….


  39. I am confused. Is Blackburn trying to play football??? What has happened since Fat Sam left?

  40. Nice to see them trying to play…

  41. Who said Sagna can’t cross? Two great crosses by him in the first ten minutes.

  42. Not me Evil. He’s a great crosser of the ball, always has been. We’ve not always had anyone on the end of them…

  43. What a pass by Song…..


  45. Great, visionary pass just like Theo’s in midweek and another fine finish

  46. do you now see what song offers at the table guys? he does not only defend well he has some clever passes too..

  47. This Song fella just hasn’t got the passing rage players like Busquets, Khedira or Fletcher have.

  48. Poodle – there is one nob on this forum who hates Song, everyone else knows how good he is I’m sure.

  49. No danger, over hit free kick always going out.

  50. steww that post was ment for that nob 🙂

  51. not for you normal people. I also think Coquelin is very good indeed. maybe hes less agressive and more”cunning” if you like, than Frimpong atm?

  52. We look better and better here

  53. Wow – Santos stopped that guy dead like a Samoan forward.

  54. The way we are passing the ball can give one a hard on!

  55. Gervinho to Sagna was sublime then. We have a real player on our hands.

  56. Woops. That wasn’t in the script. time to break their hearts now…

  57. Good preview yogi:

    So far we have looked great today. Playing Blackburn off the park today so far. Hope it can continue. A good performance and a good win will get our season going.

  58. Just as I say that we are playing them off the park we concede. Santos played Yakubu on sides. Bummer.

  59. Well done again Bacary. Get passed Szezzz and Bac’ll stop ya!

  60. Samba really wants to score against us.

  61. I hope we dont get scared just because they score a goal. THere shold be perfectly normal for a club like Arsenal to still KNOW we can win a game against blackburn even if they score.

  62. Bill cheer up – totally against the run of play stay confident.

  63. Samba is a beast on those set pieces. Hopefully Mertesacker can give us that type of threat when we have corners.

  64. We just need a little more authority in midfield, Arteta or Ramsay to step up and say ‘This game is mine’ if you know what I mean. Back four don’t know each other and Santos is playing himself fit so not much more can be hoped for than them climbing the learning curve. Up front we have all the options.



  67. What a cool finish.

  68. that is two assist from Song today! the man is on fire 🙂

  69. Again Song with a great pass. Really, what is he thinking? He is supposed to destroy, not create. I bet Luke is really angry right now.

  70. Arteta!!!!!!. We are looking very good again. Lets keep it going and score a few more.

  71. Fuck Luke this is a day for us Evil. Well, so far anyway!

  72. So we let our full backs switch sides? Now that’s a novel tactic!

  73. Arteta, superb GOALLLLLLLL

    Arsenal fans…….. I can hear you loud and clear here in France, keep it up.

  74. Song has been derided on Le Grove for so long – great to see him confirming what the rest of us knew. Class act.

  75. That Rosina (sp) looks like a tricksy little Hobbit mind…

  76. Our attack is looking very seamless.

  77. atlest we no longer dependent on only rvp for goals 🙂

  78. good point poodle……like to see some others get on the score sheet…..

  79. is there a new trend now among teams to preassure Arsenal higher up the field?

  80. @arsession especially when they are newly arrived players. shows AW knows what hes doing …

  81. Ooooooooh that was so close. What a break out, a bit like the Arsenal of old.

  82. Yeh…..I’d love to see Santos take a free kick or get more involved in the final third.

  83. Love the way song is playing. Not a fan of the hair.

  84. Delicious from Ramsay but a Le Grove pass from Song.

  85. Everyone is working hard in attack and defense……reasonable 1st half.

  86. i think we really needed Arteta. he just slots in perfectly…

  87. Well, good half I’d say. This team is coming together nicely now. Looked brilliant at times today, should’ve scored at least one more though in my opinion.

  88. That’ll do me. More minutes for the defence to gel and the first green shoots of an Arsenal spring beginning to show. Ramsay starting to look more confident, Gervinho really looks the part. Song typically calm, confident and decisive.
    Only concern for me is RVP is a little quiet.

  89. i wonder how much better Arteta can become as a player with Arsenal instead of Everton. Im sure he will develop even better at ours….

  90. Also very important to see Arteta score. Cesc chipped in with 10 to 20 goals each season, so we need a midfielder that can score. Good to see that our new Spaniard knows where the goal is and how to put the ball in.

  91. Gerv a bit too selfish here….!

  92. At the Grove Nzonzi had dominated Song before seeing red. Today Song has owned him!

  93. RVP gave Gervinho a rollocking for not passing to him. had he done that it would’ve been 3. I love Gervinho’s confidence for doing everything himself but sometimes the simple pass is the better option.

  94. Definitely better passing rhythm today..hope we get the 3rd early in the second half..

    Oh and this song chap..he has got a pass or two in him eh..

  95. ramsay u fucking beauty

    what a pass, what a run. pat on the back son

  96. well RvP will sort out the players as he finds fit, he is after all the captain.

  97. Gervinho should have passed the ball to RVP. damn

  98. This goes beyond the must win situation. The guys are up 2-1 over Blackburn. Way to go garoto. We need the points. The Rovrs goal was a bad mistake other than that it is good so far.

  99. our best half of football this season. Sign of things to come.

  100. our rythym seems to be back, ray of light at the end of a very dark tunnel

    RVP to score next

  101. Very good performance so far, if I had to be super critical Gerv should of put Robin in then for a certain 3-1.

    Keep playing boys!!

  102. awh geeman if we dont whin in style will you whine then too?

  103. Ped George is at the game, I guess, but does it always rain in Lancashire?
    Just seen the half time presentation, on the club’s food offering, so while Cbob’s in his caravan I am going to dig up his spuds for my pasties.

  104. and why do we have grey things at the sock heels? all football socks have that, what is the reason?

  105. Fluke. Time to break their hearts yet again.

  106. Oh effing hell

  107. Evening all.

  108. dangerous this

  109. bleh, thats like our 3rd owngoal this year 😦

  110. Set piece nightmare continues.

  111. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  112. Not a fan of this zonal marking system.. A poor goal to give away.. Poor Goal….

  113. Expect them to have a go for five minutes but then we’ll dominate again. They still have Theo to face later.

  114. Since when did we do zonal marking?

  115. Who on here today wanted Song to get a goal….. well there you go, he got one.

    Don’t panic, keep heads up, can still win this.

  116. Still plenty of time…..keep our heads up!

  117. poor Santos look awful

  118. 1loose since we changed system….

  119. but i still firmly belive we will win today

  120. Matt @1.46 I Agree totally…..Ball should have been squared…RVP face said it all…

  121. oh sanga off??

  122. Chezzer saves us again

  123. Fuck a couple of flukey goals conceded – the defence will only get better but Sagna being injured is a genuine disaster.

  124. AA at least is looking up for it. We are a much more dangerous side when he is on. Song is playing very well, I hope his own-goal does not sap his confidence.

  125. Jesus what the fudge is happening today…

  126. Good smothering defence there.

  127. well they start to misplace passes. they should know better than to loose confidence just because blackburn scored a goal.

  128. Christ i would rather lsten to Robson than this idiot Mcmanaman.

  129. Their left winger is quick and tricksy – Johan has his work cut out today I feel.

  130. the pressure is on, they need stay calm and take the sting out blackburn

  131. tbh i did not even know that Blackburn coudl have a sting…

  132. Oh for fucks sake = offside

  133. total colapse. shit zonal making. WEnger might need to revert to the old way

  134. We are in a game here. Time for the experienced players to step up now.
    Two flukes and an offside goal does not make us a bad team and we have plenty of time in this match.

  135. FFS. You couldnt write this script. COYG.4 -3 to the Arsenal.

  136. FUCK!!! Another set fucking piece!!! And yes he was off side but who cares we are letting in every fucking set piece!!!!

  137. well offside or not, we probably could have done better clearing that ball in the first place…

  138. Total collapse? You watching highlights of India in the cricket 1LC?

  139. Why do we panic so much??? We need some of the mental strength that AW says we have. We have shown none in this half

  140. i think the pundits will say maybe it was offside but it was so so so marginal that it does not really matter.. blah

  141. @matt, that is the only word for it. Panick. its like nobody wants to take responsibility cos they are afraid of doing something wrong, so instead everyone does stuff wrong…

  142. As positive as I am trying to be and yes it was offside… we cannot defend to save our lives and whats more it seems every opportunity turns in to a goal. 14 goals conceded in 5 games is just not good effort.

  143. That goal was offside……….. but arsenal marking is poor and passing is piss poor, need to do better.

  144. For God’s sake calm down you lot. we’ve done far more good than bad and it isn’t over yet.

  145. Marginal or not, offside is offside

  146. the new supertaactic to win against arsenal is stress them and they panick… that is just so sad.. im still conviced we gonna win today.

  147. We are more than capable of turning it around, Hopefully Theo will give them something to think about

  148. Santos has had a poor first game.

  149. miami if you take away the 8 against United, that is still alot of goals conceded against weaker teams…

  150. Steww, the second half has been pathetic, no getting away from it

  151. We need to force Blackburn into some mistakes……

  152. This team is fucking broken. It looks like any team from the bottom of the table can use us to build their confidence. Too bad Arsenal wont be able to play themselves when they fall to the bottom.

  153. Theo coming on.

    The PL really needs video replay. They should review every goal like the last one. Yakubu was clearly offside but in real time its almost impossible for the linesman to get it right. If the linesman is not positioned exactly at the right spot its impossible to get those decisions right when it is that close. 50% is the best you can expect them to do.

  154. Djorou is shit. Pathetic. Totally pathetic.

  155. Stew. is that not a collapse ?

  156. Why didn’t I stay in bed?

  157. yay another og

  158. heh.. we gonna loose with United numbers here… they just totally fell apart…

  159. Steww do you think this Arsenal team can concede 5 flukes in a game ? anoher record breaking performance…

  160. Fucking hell. Another flukey own goal. Utterly incredible. I suppose people will blame Arsene for that as well now?
    Just rotten luck and nothing more. Heads up people.

  161. This is truly getting ugly. 2 OG in the second half.

  162. Unfortnately I cannot watch this embarrassment anymore… chat later all

  163. Horrible.

    Truly horrible.

  164. FFS. This is embarassing. Sagna off and defense looses its bollocks. Walcott hatrick now.

  165. foock sake when will our dreadful luck change

  166. The difference: When Blackburn put in a cross, they have 2/3 players already in the box, when Arsenal put in a cross ……….. NO ONE THERE, simple.
    Sort it out Wenger…… we have the forwards…… need to be quicker into the box.

  167. i wonder what is wrong. this is not the Cesc and Nasri effect. ok we are bad, but we are not THAT bad. to loose 4-2 against Blackburn??

  168. Truly, get fucking santos off

  169. Fucking shambles.

  170. This team is fucking hopeless. When are you guys going to wake up? Being outclassed by Blackburn. Utter shite.

  171. Takala – you watching the game ? It’s right in front of you. or you rather blame your own players?

  172. anyone know when we last score a goal from a corner… almost seems like a pointless part of our game now

  173. Someone in the team need to speak. A rollocking is needed soon

  174. Fuck off Mark. Spineless piece of shit.

  175. Shut up Steww, this is not bad luck. It is Shambolic defending. Open your eyes.

  176. anyteam being outplayed by Blackburn should be ashamed. You know its bad when Nikky B goes to sunderland and they are higher than us in the table…

  177. Maybe i should be deluded and clueless like you, Steww?

  178. Jesus Christ it’s the fucking muppet show. Blackburn are just about the worst team in the league and we’ve conceded 4 inside 70 minutes

    Maybe it’s actually time to practice defending instead of passing in pretty little triangles

  179. This zonal marking thing clearly not working. Back to drawing board. A goal or 2 still in us but we just need to steady the ship at the back and hope something come our way

  180. Oh, wait, it’s alright, Chamakh’s coming on.


  181. All out attack now. Nothing to lose. The right decision. Doesn’t matter if they score again we need to pull this back.

  182. nothing is going in at the moment we need something soon

  183. I am stunned. Played well first half and gave just capitulated second half. Worse than OT.

  184. 10 corners we have had

  185. even an imaginery foul is gooing against us

  186. COYG.

  187. Hurrah here comes Chamakh to save the day!

  188. i think supportsrs have a right to question this defeat(if it becomesone) we have been leading twice druing the game only to loose 4-2?? Blackburn have not played well. Yet we are outpplayed. yes outplayed when it matters as most. nobody cares if you play well the forst 20 mins. it what is up at the board after full 90 mins that counts. that is what its all about…
    loosing against united is bad enough but they are a good team. This is a piss poor blackburn, that has not won for ages and most likley will go down.
    One huge defeat against the best team in the league well that life, but two huge defeates one coming against Blackburn is weird. After all on paper we are better than Blackburn in EVERY position. better by MILES….

  189. Steww i admire your loyalty but sometimes in life stress/panic induces mistakes… you cannot say this is a confident defensive display.

  190. and yet they do the right things when it matters and we dont…

  191. I know the problem, our players need to stop having silly haircuts and hair colour, Song, Sagna, Djourou, Chamakh, Gervinho, Kos, Frimpong………. stop trying to be filmstars and concentrate on playing football.

  192. will say it Wenger has lost the plot he takes out arshaving honestly!!

  193. The only good thing I can take from this is that Championship games aren’t televised in the USA so I won’t have to suffer through this shit next year.

  194. if chamackh scores he will have done the right move clay.

  195. 1 point would look pretty good right now.

  196. Indeed Poodle. A lot of it is down to the coaching and tactics. Or the total lack of.

  197. lol this was suppose to be a good match to get Santos into the PL. A good match because we were 99% sure to win it…

  198. Fucking hell. Horror show. Commentator called it.

  199. time to go back to 442

  200. Blackburn will be happy to just sit nback now. If we get a goal soon then will have a chance.

  201. get in

  202. Imagine how much worse this is going to be when Spurs fuck us up the ass.

  203. Chamack attack. Glad the players have more balls than our fans.

  204. Get in thier chamakh.

  205. Lol we are going to win 5-4

  206. Now thats the way to score goals – early ball in, bodies in the box

  207. At least Chamack may regain some confidence…

  208. Great header for Chamakh. Lets get the equalizer.

  209. please wenger go back to 442

  210. if we get a draw today,i will scream of joy

  211. see, Chamakh know how to get into the box for a cross, fucking good goal…… coyg

  212. Wow Chamakh has totally changed the game

  213. chamakh saved us last autumn…

  214. Ramsey has been miserable. Whats going on with the boy. He has had a run of games and he looked great during the international week.

  215. how much added time? 3 mins? we can still get a draw.. go go go go gog !

  216. Djorou is shot. Gone.

  217. yet ramsey set up arteta for a goal in the first half…

  218. Steww… yeah, what balls, huh? 4 conceded today, 8 at utd. They must be swinging like melons in a wet tissue.

  219. 4 minutes of extra time. Plenty of time to score.

  220. Wot a ridiculous scoreline I haven’t watched the game so I’ll let others do the analysis but regardless of the ins and outs this exactly the kind of result that will leave us floundering in mid table mediocrity. For arsenal its just unacceptable! We are not and should never be a team to rely on confidence, this was a must win game and to concede four is just simply a atrocious

  221. mertasacker wow that was close

  222. two own goals today though. we basically did Blackburns job for them…

  223. Yes Matt JD looks below ground zero

  224. Well that was a good chance for Merte to score

  225. fuck sake

  226. what a waste chancwe after chance

  227. What a fight back. So proud of this team.

  228. its time to say what we all scared to say…

  229. Blackburn are useless. A very poor side. Steve Kean is a dead man walking.

    And yet we bend over and take it up the shitter. Gifting them 3 points. How many more times Arsene?

  230. its done we were spanked by Blackburn

  231. Proud?? Shut the fuck up steww.

  232. 2 fooking own goals wenger has some serious questions to answer

  233. That should of been a penalty

  234. Fair play to them. They didn’t kick us they rode their luck and got the breaks and their keeper kept them in the game. But what guts from our team fought all the way.

  235. SHOCKING!

  236. Can’t believe mertesacker missed that. Early attack balls into the danger area. Possession football and tippy tappy has to die.

  237. you will probably get your wish guys, AW cant take to many of these beatings. But we will not get in a better manager.. we will go backwards when that happens…but yes it will happen if we loose more like this..

  238. Fuck me – where did all these cretins come from.

  239. fuck..gutted..especially after a very good first half..the old frailties returned again..set pieces and playing offside when there is no pressure on the ball..Santos and Djorou were utter and total bollocks..out of position or not JD as a professional footballer should be better than that..

  240. 2 own goals and and an off side goal did us in the end. the defensive matters need sorting out. NOt good enough I’m afraid

  241. Steww, you should go into comedy. Seriously.

  242. Positive: Chamack may be back with some confidence
    Negative: defense still very very fragile…hope TV really recovers

  243. The cretins were mostly playing for the Arsenal

  244. All I can say is that the sun came out too late. When you play in driving rain, with the ball skidding off the surface, mistakes like the 2 own goals can happen.
    That’s my excuse, either that or blame Ped George

  245. Wenger bought the cretins.

  246. The story of 2 OGs, missed chances, individual goal keeping and an offside.

    Personally, I blame Consols and his caravan trip. We always seem to lose when he hits the caravan with his Ipod.

  247. You are a wind up merchant Steww.

    Just as bad as a doomer. Being proud of the team after that?

    Good job you are not a manager, if that is acceptable to you.

    I really can’t believe you are proud after that. Mental.

    We played well first half, but our ability to utterly panic at the slightest sign of pressure is more than worrying.

  248. Oh….. my……. fucking….. god.

    Did that just happen?

  249. MDGunner, yep, it’s the weather. It’s been a long six years of weather.

  250. True AFC very unlucky to be located in a fairly wet country

  251. LOL – the cretins are right up here – only turn up when we lose.

  252. I dont know what to say really but how does a team score 2 own goals in 1 match and then an offside goal to boot. Damn!

    The only change I question was Djourou, there is no way he couldve stayed with that kid (he is good). Wouldve been better to bring on Gibbs.

    Our passing style came back and we didnt defend as well, confusing to say he least.

    Dissapointed but we still support and believe!

  253. AW and IG can talk about petro dollars all they like. It doesn’t explain why we can’t do the basics

  254. The funny thing had we relied on the high balls into the box all game we might have won. Once Chamakh came on all of sudden Santos showed he is a actually a very good crosser of the ball. He had someone to aim at for the first time in the game and we really rattled them in the end. We need a balance and we can’t find it at the moment. I would love to see RVP behind Chamakh and then you have 2 options. iF there is no space then you can pump the ball to Chamakh for a nock down.

  255. bye bye champions league…….

  256. There is something major wrong with aresenal, and whatever it is doesn’t look like going away soon.

  257. Awful result and didn’t Wenger say the squad was ‘stronger’ without Cesc and Nasri?

  258. Darius what’s your take on the game ?

  259. this has to be the worst arsenal for a while

  260. Koscielny seems to be our most reliable defender. Both at OT and today, he’s playing with literally 3 different defenders.

    Ah well, back to the training field and get the cobwebs sorted out and the understanding in place.

    Disappointing result. Which is totally different from disappointment in the team. Their own goals and the offside were unlucky, but its part of the game. We have to accept that.

  261. The basic problem we have is that we cannot defend. Regardless of how unlucky we might have been (1st own goal, Yakubu offside), you just can’t ship 4 goals to Blackburn.

  262. Our problem is we have two awful defenders : Kocelny and Djourou….absolutely dreadful. They don’t deserve to be at Arsenal

  263. A dozen references in commentary to Arsenal’s “lucky win” v Swansea last week – but were Blackburn lucky to win with an offside goal plus two own goals ? Apparently not……

    We played well – one day that will lead to results….

  264. It’s all bad luck and the refs.

    No one on the squad put a foot wrong.

    No one at the club should be held accountable.

    It’s all bad luck and the refs.

    Maybe if we keep saying that long enough, it will be true. The only unfortunate thing is that it’s been said for the last few seasons.

  265. I dont get why its WRONG of steww to be proud of the team he supporst though. He supports them throgh hell if he has to, thats more than you ca say about lot of the rest. Ridiculing a fan cos he belives???

    Its ok to be pissed off, but not to moc fans that belive.. who are you to judge what others should thing and feel?

  266. That result was the medias fault. When we play these financially doped teams it just skews the whole league, all that chicken money pumped into Blackburn its a disgrace.

    4 goals conceded against the bottom of the league club. Not to worry we wont have to play them every week so unlike that we will see another team score that many against us again this season, its only an “aberration”.

  267. never stop supporting but we are still shite in defense

  268. Darius | September 17, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Fuck me – where did all these cretins come from
    Yes Darius, they have been missing in action for the last couple of games and only come out when we lose. Keep their gobs shut when we are OK and then run their mouths off at the first chance to criticize. Call themselves fans, too. You watch, there will be 500 comments today. Symptons of modern society.

  269. You guys didn’t think it would take time for this team to gel? I see a lot of positives, and I only watched the last 20 minutes. Could’ve equalized through Mertz, or if Theo had tried for a penalty. Anyways. This team will come through. Saw a lot of passion from the boys, right till the end. Didn’t see the head dropping, so characteristic of players like Cesc and Nasri. That’s the biggest positive one can take from this game. Give them more time, before you judge.

  270. PS Johan is a cr*p right back by the way, Kozzer should have moved across

  271. It’s probably because steww is an ass to everyone who isn’t a brownshirt like him.

  272. Santos was at fault for two of the goals toniote, twice he did not capitalize on the offside rule. that is what cost us tonite.. pluss own goals…

  273. Good thing is we scored 5 goals today!

  274. Joke result. I can’t even be bothered to read through the posts to see the usual suspects excuses.

    Off on holiday for a week or so now.


  275. We scored 3 great goals today and could have had more, the team going forward looked good indeed.

    We conceded 4 goals today, 2 own goals, 1 marginally off side effort and the concensus must be that the team didn’t defend at all. It is a hard one to swallow because there was some bad luck involved, we created there good luck by not controlling possession and moreover not working as a unit. The play of Santos going forward was okay but we was caught out in defensive responsibilites all the time, Sagna’s exit was the nail in the coffin as Djou clearly is not in a mental state capable of helping the team.

    The introduction of Chamahk and Theo gave us more going forward in the latter third and Theo crossed some delightful balls in to space which were not attacked.

    As I ponder the last 6 years and the net transfer spending of -32,000,000 I cannot help but wonder whether our conservative approach to servicing stadium debt has finally caught up with us. I feel for Wenger because so many of the mistakes are so poor it begs belief that they are coming from professional players.

    I shudder to think about how it’ll be possible to attract names to an Arsenal squad devoid of CL inclusion next year and then the most glaring issue of how to keep RvP with 1 year left on his contract.

    The stadium is both a security blanket for further growth but it has also lead to years of under investment in the squad. It is a tough road to travel at the moment for Arsenal and perhaps the most telling aspect of the game was at the end where Arsene shook hands with Kean and then left down the tunnel not a word spoken to a single player.

  276. still bush! ridiculing arsenal fans for supporting their team???????

  277. only positive was chamakh goal

  278. and the worst thing is we were so dominant in the first half..and if we had taken the glorious chances we had in the 1st half, we would have put the game to bed given blackburns situation..but still no excuse for the 2nd half..that was pathetic in terms of organization, passing, tactics, and also effort..

  279. Hi Paul, can you honestly say your surprised at today’s result?

    I’ve been saying for sometime that this team can fall apart at any moment and it’s getting worse

  280. just hope we play 442 need more in the box

  281. When did djoroue come on? What did or didn’t he do?


    I agree. Santos’ crosses were amazing. Will come in really handy when we need to break teams which park the bus, with Chamakh running in.

  282. other teams have far worse individual defenders than us but the difference is they look like they have seen each other before and have at least worked together to form a coherent unit – where the fuck did the defensive grit go from the last game?

    You just know that as soon as runs interviews with manager and players about defensive changes that the defense will go to shite

  283. Clearly someone spoke to Gerv at half time because he actually tried passing the ball in the second half. Gerv is a great addition to the squad but he shot a few times when a pass was the better option.

  284. @andy there are no xcuses. we were not good enough and did basic mistakes in defence. A good backline would have smoked out two of the goals by rasing hands and crying OFFSIDE! and the ref would have waved the flag. simple as.
    We lack the cunning atm to make the luck go our way. You create your own luck is a saying. We make it relly hard for luck to benefit us.

  285. Paul N- own goals normally happen when players are not comfortable the Song one I put it to the zonal marking nonsense. When you are doing that you are static in the box , you are no chasing players in the box. And the offside goal is just tells you what kind of season we are having so far. I would like to see Chamakh more he offers something different

  286. What a fight back…that was very encouraging…20 attempts on goal threw everything and the kitchen sink in the last 20 and dominated the game. The players could not have given more Welcome back Marouane. But a long way up now.This is a bit like the Newcastle game…honestly you cant account for two own goals and two gifts. Lets not kid ourselves this game was lost in two gifts in defence but no need to go overboard. Blackburn is still going down. Let the press and pundits talk.We have to pick ourselves up and take the positives.Onwards and upwards.

  287. poodle,

    I hear ya and understand… but it’s probably more a dig at the person and less the supporting the team.

  288. Ateeb, the issue with Santos was he was 3 times caught behind the defensive line of Arsenal which allowed players onside.

  289. oh and anyone els think that RvPs amazing skills are better used maybe on the side or behind a mean Chamakh?

  290. 16 points from the last 16 games.

    That is half a season of relegation form.

  291. and a penalty not given

  292. Poodle, I have suggest it before… RvP in the hole seems the most logically placement from my point of view because he is our most creative player. I don’t think this formation is working for Arsenal at all.

  293. True supporters are angered when the team fails to perform in a manner according to its ability.

    Some idiots around here seem to believe the players are actually reading the crap they post here and take heart from their support.

    “What the boys need more than ever is for us to believe in them!!”


  294. Miami,

    So Santos is rusty. I expected that given how little he has played in the last few months. But his crosses in the box and passes in general were spot on. I liked what I saw.

  295. Tokala

    I thought we were under pressure in the 2nd haf and it showed. The team as a whole still seems to be in post pre-season mode (if there’s anything like that) with players getting an understanding of each other.

    The 2nd Yakubu goal was offside and added to the own goals, it makes the situation look and feel very bad.

    Blackburn fought hard for the win, you can’t take that away from them. At least they didn’t kick and bully us out.

    We also need to be more clinical in front of goal to relieve undue pressure on the defence. Don’t forget that we also lost our shape with Song’s exit and were playing a 4-2-4 formation which comes with its own risks.

    Wenger should have changed to a 442 system with Theo and Gervinho on the flanks, Arteta and Song in the middle and Chamakh and RVP up front.

    All in all, it’s a disappointing result and its clear that we’re still on the long road to recovery.

  296. GunFlash, please dont tell me that you couldve seen us losing today 4-3. Obviously I am surprised because the boys were playing very good stuff and we looked as if we would be up by atleast 3 goals in the 1st half. Gerv’s couldve/shouldve passed to RVP.

    Djourou is bothering me at this point though, he just isnt his pre injury self.

    Most of our woes are not down to lack of quality though but a lack of familiarity.

    a very unfortunate match.


    Big respect to Steww!

  297. @bush hope so, im pissed off btw. and i am questioning now the point of bothering to watch the next game. that im not a fan but i dont wanna sit though pain like this every week.

    @1loose cannon you are correct, however it is a shame though that we have to rely on a penalty in the last minute to get a draw against Blackburn. I mean we should have put the game to bed long before that.

  298. Im still in shock. I’ve actually turned my phone off. Never done that before

  299. goonerandy completely agree

  300. Poodle- I’m with you on that. RVP behind Chamakh would be the way to go for me. RVP’s amazing skill would come in handy around the box and Chamakh to hold the ball up. I can’t see why not. At least against certain teams away from home.

  301. Defence still not sorted.
    Much work needed or else!
    Djourou just doesn’t do it for me at all.
    Some formation change might be in the offing.
    We seem to need a bit more in the midfield.
    4-4-2 maybe?

    not a day to be proud of.

  302. i agree miami, as it is today the formation does not work at all.

  303. Agreed, Chamakh is great on headers, won everything, attacks the ball like no one else we’ve had in a while, much better than Bendtner

  304. The current formation was 100% designed to accommodate the talent of Cesc. he is no longer here, so maybe going back to 442 is the way forward.

    I don’t know, but something needs to change.

  305. The lack of mental strength in this squad is just amazing. We can play well at times but then we fall apart at the drop of a hat. Hard to understand. I am sure the boss has tried everything he can to fix it. Not sure what to do.

  306. but our biggest problem. Confidence cannot be bought though. it can only come through winning. its a bad spiral…

  307. Djouro is having a terrible few months. We need TV5 back, get Ramsey and JD out of the game. Ramsey is a good player, but young, need someone who can hold the ball up.

  308. the thing i notice.with Santos is that he overlaps a lot on the inside channel whereas arsenal full backs consistently overlap on the outside, which means when the move breaks down the full back has more distance to cover to recover his position, this is something the team needs to get used to, and quickly..

  309. Mark | September 17, 2011 at 2:42 pm

    MDGunner, yep, it’s the weather. It’s been a long six years of weather.
    And much longer for Blackburn

  310. Ateeb, the knock on Santos prior to his arrival was he is great going forward but not so much a defender. I am not knocking the guy, I thought going forward he looked good but it was not a lack of goals that cost us today it was the inability of the team to defend. Why do we even take corners? what we had 13-14 corners today and not one came close to netting us a goal, yet Blackburn managed time and time again to put us under press from free kicks and corners. The team has not turned a corner yet and moreover we now have Sagna injured to add to TV5 and others.

  311. @CommonSense

    It is only common sense that we keep supporting and believing. What the heck else are you going to do that will do any good?

  312. “Santos was at fault for two of the goals toniote, twice he did not capitalize on the offside rule. that is what cost us tonite.. pluss own goals…”

    Probably has a lot to do with the fact that it is his first game with this team and the understanding with his team mates is not there yet.

    Some of us have been saying all week that it is going to take time for the team to gel. Let’s not just say it, let’s understand what that means in practice i.e. days like this. You have to take the rough with the smooth and bounce back from adversity. That is what it means to be mature.

  313. lets not forget today we did look good going forward… I have no idea anymore what to say about our defending because clearly it is a blight on the team as a whole.

  314. We are the only team in the world that could of lost that game.

    60% possession and 20 shots on goal.

    We looked good in the first half and dangerous at times on the second but our defending and sloppy play in our own 3rd was truly awful.

    An offside goal and a blatant pen turned down at the end didn’t help, but the sheer panic we showed when being under the slightest bit of pressure is so, so poor.

    No mental strength shown at all today, that should of been an easy, routine victory.

  315. poodle,

    I’ll just have to do what I did after the collapse last season saw the end of our title chances.

    Remember I’d watching because I love the team and root for them to do well.

    The expectations though? Gone.

    If Im a poor fan for having expected so much from the club, then fine. But I believe they were set up by the manager and the club themselves. So in that aspect, Im disappointed.

  316. Confidence comes with results. Keep your shape at the back is one of the basics the other thing is the Zonal marking takes long time to master. It is a bit of a headache for Wenger this defencive situation, GOing forward is not an issue at all. We just need a mean defence to win 1 nil.

  317. Matt @ 3:03 – That pretty much sums it up mate.

  318. Cannon, Im not sure I can take to many 1-0 because my heart thumps in the chest so hard knowing that Arsenal have the ability to get a defeat from the jaws of victory everytime.

  319. @pass you are totally right but it is still the reason we let in two goals. Ofc its not only Santos fault. the guys in the middle and upfront should have captalized on their chances and the more expecienced players should not have panicked like they did. but if he had raisd his hand on the offside goal to signal a offside im sure the ref would have waved his flag. If he had held his line on the first goal Yakubu would have been offside. Just saying.

  320. if we had gotten that penalty that was clear as daylight we would have had a draw too.. but those things should not have mattered as we should have been good enough before that to win.

  321. Time for Wenger to bring in a new coach to work on the team defending.

  322. It was really great to see Chamakh out maneuovre Samba and Dan. With Santos getting more into how we play I can see Chamakh getting his swagger back and giving us different options up front.

    To be honest, I don’t see what the fuss is all about. It’s totally disengenuous and totally misguided to expect that a team that has at least 5 new players to hit the ground running. What happened in the summer is immaterial now, and the changes have been made. Expecting that the team will post positive results immediately is just very unreasonable.

    The result is disappointing of course, but it needs to be taken in context and the team given the space to do its thing. The next thing we’ll hear is that Blackburn are better than Borussia Dortmund and Udinese since they scored more goals than the Germans or the Italians.

  323. What would make sense though is that we play a tall line up, Chamakh wouldve been a better choice to start since Blackburn always try to beat us the same way.

    1lc, the zonal marking has been working for the most part, what we lacked was correct application. For the offside goal, Kos simply understimated the the flight off the ball. As far as the Song goal, that kinda crap happens. What we did not do in the game was attack the ball, which we have been doing in most of our matches. I am confused as to why we looked so confused at the back.

  324. Paul-N, with no TV5 we never have defenders who attack the ball

  325. Paul, could I see us losing today? yes. Did I think we’d concede 4? no but I’m not surprised.

    This sort of performance has been occurring with alarming regularity for the last 18 months. Expect more of the same

  326. Passenal- I agree it will take time , I would prefer keeping our shape at the back, grind out results and conceed less. Then you bulid on it as the season progresses.

  327. We have had 3 seasons to get some decent defenders and we have not, choosing to patch, we are just shocking at the back. When Cesc did not play we looked bad at the back and that should have been the warning. It is Cesc’s work rate that demonstrates why Nasri was not good enough to fill that position and neither is Ramsey or Arteta (who I like). The backs have been exposed for what they are, which is not good enough.

    Even if Ramsey is good enough to be a Cesc replacement, we do not want to be in the same position of needing him to play to prevent the back line being exposed. Lets just deal with the back line.

    442 ? No, but if you are playing this system you need an absolutely rock defense.

  328. MDGunner, i think we should set our sights higher than comparing our records to Blackburn.

    (Unless it’s when they’re winning football matches like they did today).

  329. We have shipped 14 goals in 5 games, that is not settling in it is a clear issue with the team. I want to be positive but how can you be positive when you have just watched an Arsenal side that on paper should have been way to good for Blackburn lose in the manner they did and say it is settling in.

  330. The team will take more time that we thought but make no mistake we have a talented team. Some of the stuff today was pure class, it was a joy to watch. As many have said, it will take time for the players to get to know eachother.

    Poodle, why on earth wouldnt you watch the upcoming match. Pull yourself together my friend. This team will come good yet!

  331. ” It’s totally disengenuous and totally misguided to expect that a team that has at least 5 new players to hit the ground running.”

    Theres hitting the ground running and then theres hitting the ground and not getting back up. We are rock bottom and something serious needs to be done with how this team functions.

  332. It is not exactly a mystery though is it? A team that struggled towards the end of the season and only just made the top 4 sells 2 of their best players and struggles even more!. Shock horror.

  333. Correction it should read ‘even if Wilshere is good enough’ not Ramsey.

  334. From what I see our problems come down to proper team defending and a lack of attacking the ball when it is in the box. The first own goal was a freak incident, but when players are on their heels and not attacking the ball things like that can happen.

    The second own goal was a complete breakdown in defending a counter attack. I have no idea why Djourou was on the field for Sagna. I am assuming Jenkinson was not in the squad today.

    We did show a lot of fight right down to the end, and for that we can be very proud of the squad. I still can’t quite believe Per missed that header. RVP was very unlucky as well, being denied by a few brilliant saves by Robinson.

    These crazy games with poor results are definitely a worrying trend though. And it seems to happen regardless of personnel changes.

  335. Good post Passenal. Completely agree!

  336. It just shows how awesome Sagna is. once he was out, Blakburn capitalised on his absence big time sending nzonzi down that channel. Djourou did Ok but he is no right back.

  337. goonerandy, 16 points in 16 games, is that correct? Wow. That’s seriously worrying. Doesn’t bode well at all.

  338. Arsenal why do you pain my heart !
    Horrible Own Goals!

  339. goonerandy

    Gervinho will probably be better for us than Nasri. In other words we only ‘lost’ Cesc, but since we hardly won a game without him it was a big loss and your point is valid.

  340. GoonerAndy,

    Get a grip over yourself. Stop spouting nonsense all the time.

  341. With the expected annual ticket increase next year and the probability of no champions league to draw additional income from we are going to slide further than some may think. The clubs finances were built on the principle that we may not get yearly CL income but I wouldn’t be surprised to see more players shipped out to inprove the bottom line. Say what you want about sugar daddies, but at least they give there toy some gifts. Stan, the much loved man here isn’t going to add a red cent us his own money to the bottom line of Arsenal FC.

    yes, Im frustrated… it isn’t the losing, it is the manner of the defeat that yet again makes us all wonder what is going own.

  342. I am usually one to stay very positive about things, but it is hard to see how we are going to remain in the top four if it takes us a long time to settle. We have managed to dig quite an early hole for ourselves. It is going to be a long hard road from here. I hope everyone has the stomach for it.

  343. @paul im afraid i will get heart attack if i do! i know, im a coward.

    i just feel horribely nervous everytime we play nowadays. If the players even feel half as nervous as me then i can understand why they loose all the time… If they got the same low confidence as me, then the “will we loose” question will nag in the back of their head all the time and they will panic when they see that they may loose.(luckily i dont play so i never have any reason to panic).

    another question. Do you think the players look happy on the pitch atm? does it look like they are having fun? even when they are 2-0 up?
    I think its hard to win if you dont have fun playing. Hope they rediscover the fun sooner rather than later.

  344. Maybe the title is beyond us now but we are still very much involved in those C.league spots. Just need to get going soon

  345. Scoring three goals away from home in the Premiership would normally be regarded as an excellent day at the office for any team. We can lament our missed chances late on and the potential penalty, but the only reason we can moan about missing them was because we needed at least four goals.

    There were plenty of individual errors and quite a few coaching/technical errors:

    For Yakubu’s first goal Santos played him onside, since he hasn’t played any competitive football for some time and he is playing in a new back four its hardly surprising that lapses like that happen.

    Song’s own goal and Yakubu’s offside goal were both down to this bizarre system of zonal marking we are trying to use. Wasn’t that the same system that Benitez had such a spectacular failure at Liverpool with? Didn’t they have to adapt their style because, as we found today, all you need to do is line your attacking players up a bit further out and attack the ball late to beat the zonal set up? The idea of players running from one zone to another and being passed on to the player covering the next zone seems flawed. Samba had a great time today lining up in Kos’s zone so Mertesacker was never up against him.

    I will get slated for this, but the fourth goal was largely down to Djourou. Why didn’t he just flatten the player and pick up a yellow card? I haven’t seen a worse attempt at a tackle on the wing by a centre half since Stepanovs against Man U. Why was he on at right back any way? Hoillett was giving Sagna a bit of trouble in the first half so why put a player like Djourou, who makes an art of backing off, on as right back? If a player is having a bit of a crisis of confidence surely he shouldn’t be played out of position. Didn’t we see just that when Wenger asked Eboue to play as left back?

  346. Well Poodle…we were never 2-0 up, so I am not sure how happy they could have looked when your scenario never existed.

  347. I’d rather we start slo and peak in the spring rather than feel the pressure of having to keep up.

    Just watching the last 10 minutes and the chances we made were really really good. Robinson did make a couple of good saves from RVP (just before Chamakh scored) and at the end again. Mertesacker was really unlucky and it was great to see his run ant hunger to attack that ball. It was almost like he knew the ball had his name on it.

    Gervinho is also a very effective player. There’s a move that he took out 4 Blackburn players with a dribble and a swing of the hips.

    Also curious on the question of communication in defence – with Santos being at the stage where he’s learning English, I wonder what “language” the others use to communicate. I know it will take him time to get some chemistry with other players, but considering it was his first game, he did fairly well.

    We need to get our injured players back and more time on the training field with the squad and we’ll be fine.

    Patience is not a word in the Gooniverse vocabulary these days, so no point in expecting any of it.

  348. we are(still)shot to fukin pieces. Mid table beckons.

  349. The worst part about another embarassing defeat? I’m not even shocked anymore.

    That’s half a season of relegation form.

  350. Wavey…he didn’t flatten him to pick up a yellow because HE WAS ALREADY ON A YELLOW

  351. We have conceded 14 goals after 5 PL games.
    Thats about as many as you would want to concede in half a season.

  352. If we are going to have criticism of the team today can it at least come from people who watched the fuckin game!

  353. Our bad run stretches from the time when both Cesc and Nasri played for us. It’s not peculiar to this squad alone. This squad however, show signs they will improve once they understand each others game.

  354. I am not sure as to why SA Gooner is laying the goals squarely on our defenders. Set plays require good team defense. Pure nonsense to say we dont have good defenders, the team played poorly at the back but for the most part we have been solid. I dont know why we looked so out of sorts this match but apart from United where we missed so many players we have looked good, even defending set plays.

    I think you are bigging up Cesc way too much, there is no way he made that much of a difference at the back. Where the heck was I was thi was happening?

  355. Can we at least get criticism of the game coming from people whp actually watched the fuckin game…

  356. Djourou should do nothing more than serve sandwiches and beverages on the bus. The rest of the defense is 2nd rate.

  357. sorry for double post…computer acting funny…

  358. Just five games. I believe we’ll still challenge for the title. Don’t see any reason we won’t or can’t. They’ll get going soon.

  359. The Penalty would’ve been given had Theo left his leg dangling like Rooney and others do he tried to jump over the keeper. Which is the best way avoid injurey. Sadly the refs only give something when you play dirty or risk an injury. The keeper made no contact with ball , how is it ok for keeper to trhrough a player like that without getting a ball and yet its not a pen.

  360. What exactly are our expectations? 16 games, 16 points would suggest we are aiming not be relegated. Yes, I know that was last years as well. Okay, 5 games 4 points and 14 goals conceded… expectations? It is not a question of talent, Arsenal are indeed more talented that Blackburn but I watched the game today and I have to say that at this point a CL spot is out of the question on the basis of form. So my expectations, a top 8 finish… 5th is a Europa spot so maybe that is what we should be hoping for.

  361. Vice

    no, he wasnt

  362. The core of the defense is not second rate. Our team defensive tactics seem strange at best, and absolutely criminal at worst…

  363. I went for a walk with the kids at half time(On holiday in S France) thinking we’d get a result today..I came back with 10 mins to go and could not truly understand what has happened..

    I don’t hear to hear the likes of JD, TW or the Manager talk about mental fortitude or anything pertaining to that matter.. Yes there are a new players brought in who have to bed in but losing to Blackburn in such a manner is ………

    With performances like that we leave ourselves open to ridicule and to pathetic and unjust (some might say) copy from the various hacks that masquerade as Journo’s….

    The question of mental strength has constantly raised its head.. What we lack in my humble opinion is that streak of ruthlessness.. i.e today Gervinho near to end of 1st half had he passed to RVP we may have gone 3-1 up(it’s all conjecture now).We have to convert MORE Chances and put games out of the reach of the other team.

    Formation n tactics have ALL got to be looked at. As somebody alluded to esrlier Cesc n Nasri are no longer around and so team has to find a new way of playing.

    I feel to much is put upon Ramsey..Good to see Chamack score maybe he can rekindle some of last seasons early form…

    For me Theo n Gerv are to similar( lots of pace – run head down into areas where they can be negated or corralled by defenders easily – final ball from both and decision making is not decisive enough..Gerv yes is still settling in, getting to know team mates….TW does not have a trick up his sleeve only pace.. I know he did not start the game today….Going to be a long week….

  364. Vice

    I thought he picked that up later on

  365. Darius

    You write like our problems havn’t been glaringly obvious for three years with significant resources available to address them.

  366. Wavey…go watch the game again…Djourou got a yellow immediately after coming on.

  367. I’m trying to picture Goonerandy punching holes in Wenger’s voodoo doll with knitting needless and only pausing to gulp from his bottle of beer…LOL

    “ArsenalHasntWonATrophyIn6YearsandHasn’tWonAwayfromHomein1OutOf11AwayGames” should be the new name of the club. That should settle some folks down. A web adress with that name is also available.

  368. “Miami Arsenal | September 17, 2011 at 3:26 pm What exactly are our expectations?”

    Top 4 would be like a trophy.

    And Im not even being sarcastic.

  369. Unless I completely missed it and the ref gave that to Song for his challenge right before Djourou’s…I was almost certain it was Djourou’s for pulling the attacker back after being beaten hands down…Oh well, we are kind of just splitting hairs at this point.

  370. Vice

    I don’t think I can put myself through it again, but he definitely made a complete arse of the attempted tackle.

    Was Jenkinson injured? Surely his pace would have been a better option as a replacement for Sagna.

  371. @Vice 2-0 was not about today, it was just to illustrate how even if we are up 2-0 neither me nor the players feel sure that we are going to get a victory.
    My secenario existed last year dude! it has happend to us before. if our players dont feel secure on a 2-0 lead how can we expect them to feel secure on a 1-2 or 2-1 lead.
    they just dont.
    they panick and that is our biggest problem atm. the confidence is shattered. its so low. Why would it not be? we twice had 1 more goal scored than the oponent today. yet Blackburn out tricked us. They pplayed to the max of their ability im sure, we did not play to the max of our ability. and when we got preassured we cracked.

  372. Ateeb- I hope so but we need to get going next game. no room for error from now on.
    Last season we won at Blackburn, lost at Old Traford drawn with Liverpool drwan with Newcasle . That is 5 points, this year 1 point. so it is not so bad we lost 4 points from the same fixtures.

  373. Theo put in a great effort today and his crossing was neat and deserved someone actually attacking the ball.

    We have to understand why Arsenal are being put to the slaughter to understand how to get out of it. The unit (Arsenal) are not defending as a team and moreover they do not attack the ball ever!

    14 corners today ffs, not 1 of switch threatened the blackburn goal… I’m stilling asking, when was the last Arsenal goal scored from a corner?

  374. Hitting the ground running is one thing…..getting shellacked by relegation bait is another.

    Anyone who thinks we’ll challenge for the title is a fucking moron.

  375. Poodle

    I thought your reference was purely about the game today. Sorry I misunderstood what you were trying to get across. I definitely agree with that statement applied to games in the past.

  376. Paul

    Just watched too many games where we could not defend anything. Other teams just do not have our frailty at the back – inability to keep a 2 or 3 goal lead and especially not the teams that we are trying to beat. Otherwise it is just mid-table stuff which is what our defenders are. Having said that we did score 5 of the 7.

  377. Ras, you didnt watch the game but you are talking negatively about players. Gervs and Walcott were always dangerous. Walcott did not run into dead ends as people were criticizing the young man. He looked the real deal!

  378. Agreed Paul-N… Theo looked sharp today

  379. @commonSense,exactly what were your expectations for this season and why?

  380. The one thing I really want to see corrrected after today is that zonal marking shit. It is criminal to have a guy like Mertesacker in the squad without getting a chance to mark Samba one time the entire game. Seems an incredibly flawed approach…

  381. and Walcott has been one of our most efficient players this year. hes scored and have several good assists. He looks more agressive and looks ready to take one step up on quality this season. I think he will too.
    Would not be suprised if the boy has double numbers in both assists and goals if he continiues like this through out the season,..

  382. Anyone who can take positives from today is a better man than we ,Fucking dire .

  383. I do honestly think the formation needs to change, just my opinion. The concept of the 4-5-1 or indeed the 4-3-3 as some may look at it is fine until you see how far apart of forwards get from each other. We need one of these forward players to attack the 6 yard box, really we need 2 of them to do so, but for the most part we have none of them doing it.

  384. Luke, seriously?

    The difference between me and you is that I’m not a defensive pessimist. Notwitstanding the fact that talking about the last 3 years is like crying over spilt milk, I accept that being an Arsenal fan has its ups and downs. Today is a disappointing day, and we pick up next week and do better than today.

    I don’t see how the moaning and bitching about could have, should have and would have will help us play better next week.

    You need to park your anger for what should hae happened and focus on what is happening. So we’ve hit an obstacle at the beginning of the season. We pick ourselves, dust ourselves off and get back into battle.

    If we were in the trenches together I swear to God I’d shoot you myself if only to stop you from bitching about how the management got us in the trenches instead of going into battle with what we have.

  385. George, I feel ya mate I do. But there were positives in the team going forward, the issue and it is a HUGE issue is the teams inability to defend.

  386. My expectations for the season are what they always are:

    A Champions League spot
    A top four finish
    A team that is able to beat the likes of Manure and Chelsea on their day and is never out of a game with the likes of Newcastle or Blackburn.

    The players we have are certainly capable of this, but something is horribly wrong.

    They are never safe and are capable of blowing a game at any time against any opposition.

  387. It really is beyond words today. I fear that Van Persie may be running for the exits if we cannot show something better than what we have been lately.

    I think our defense plays with an “afraid to make a mistake” attitude and it leads to all of the seemingly “unlucky” goals we concede. A confident defense will manage to avoid those kinds of things. At least that is how I see it.

  388. Darius, If you were in the trenches today you wouldn’t have needed to bother shooting yourself the enemy already killed you.

  389. Vice, the RvP contract is a huge blow waiting to happen and the sad part I couldn’t blame him for wanting to leave.

  390. You can see it all over his face.

  391. I am just rambling now…I should probably take a break…too frustrated to think straight.

  392. All can all be positive, we can all be negative but the truth is that Arsenal for what ever reason have regressed, at seemingly an increasingly alarming speed.

  393. on concerns about Arsenal’s defending…
    “You cannot say you are not worried when you see the performance we put in today. It’s just not defensively solid enough. When you are 2-1 in front against Blackburn and you know that you are solid defensively, we will score goals.”

    well AW is not giving any excuses today. the doomers must be so dissapointed….

  394. Blackburn are the worst team in the league,They will be relegated by Easter.And they have just beaten us,
    Awful,Dont tell me we looked good going forward because we looked good for nothing.If we don’t buck up we will not get top 10 never mind top 4.

  395. AW is not happy with todays preformance and he is letting it shine through in his pressconferance..

  396. @george well AW agrees with you… not that it helps one bit 😦

  397. AW – “. It just looked like we had a lack of focus for what we knew they were good at – corners and free-kicks. ”

    No shit sherlock, and why was there a lack? Its been like this for years now. It looked like we had got better but we revert to type today.

  398. Miami.

    If I was in the trenches today, we fought back well but took some serius hits. They didn’t kill us, they just made us retreat back into the trenches to fight another day. This clearly gives me the opportunity to shout down Luke as he gets familiar with the business end of my AK47. Shooting him will be a pleasure as clearly, trenches are places where we don’t take prisoners.

  399. AW isn’t happy, but steww is.

  400. George we played some good stuff going forward. I was confident that we had this game in the bag to how we were attacking.

    The sad part is that we have looked quite assured at the back. Could it be that Gibbs shouldve stayed at LB? could look that way, but its easy to manage the game after the fact.

    Djourou is a bothering me. I just cannot see how he can bounce back from this and worse of all I fear that with mistake after mistake that Arsene will totally lose faith in him.

    Chamakh was impressive.

    I know we play to our strengths but I really believe that we should start considering our opponents strong point.

  401. Poodle, at this point does it really matter? He should be giving them the hair dryer treatment and telling them to grow the fuck up and start acting like football professionals or expect to be dropped.

  402. lol, nice Darius

  403. poodle, there are no excuses any more, just actions needed to remedy, its been far too long, whatever he has been doing aint working, changes to coaching needed, pronto

  404. In one sense at least I can relax about results now… I kind of feel like that now with the title more or less out of the hunt we can try and stay in the shadows and just start to work as a team, though the seige mentality is not about to stop from the press.

  405. I have supported this team though thick and thin for 34 years now and hope to for some time to come or at least up until Death rides up on horse called Binky and lets me know it is a time for a new start some place else!

  406. Guys – the result was disappointing on many fronts, there’s no getting away from that.

    But we also need to get a fucking grip on the amargeddon nonsense.

  407. Still there are some good teams in The Championship, I will look foward to watching them next year!

  408. Funny, we have been commending the defense thus far and now it all needs to be scrapped. What ah bam bam!

  409. The sad part of this story is that through all of the defensive strugles thoughout recent years we have seen different personnel come and go. But, one thing remains constant, our management and coaching. For this reason alone I think it is very fair to criticize them and ask questions about what the hell the team is doing to correct it.

    It seems to be a blind spot that is never addressed. Something has to change, and it needs to happen quickly.

    I really feel Vermaelen would have provided that solidity and calming affect to the defense, but the injury bug never seems to be kind to us. It is too early in the morning here in California to drink away the defeat…damn!

  410. George. If you need any refuge from Blackburn, I’ve got a safe house in Suffolk. I’ts available if you want to you know, get away from all this pressure. They’re not going to let you live it down you know.

  411. Darius,

    I think this is all therapeutic for everyone at this point. Everyone just has to get this shit out of their system so we can start thinking clearly again. I usually don’t get too caught up in the negativity, but today I am finding it rather tough to keep that unflinching positivity going…it will come back by midweek I am sure.

  412. When did djourou turn into such a poor player?

  413. Darius. disappointing?
    FFS !!! disappointing?
    The team is less than the sum of the part’s.That is a huge concern,not a disappointment.
    I am thinking of taking up hill walking,That’s how disappointing it is.

  414. Darius, amargeddon it aint, but dont you agree something in how this team is functioning needs to change, and change rapido?

    A defense, after a dodgy start, did well in Germany. How do you account for what happened today? Sure there were some unlucky outcomes, but defensively we collapsed, again! Different players, same result. Surely then its the coaching that needs to be questioned.

  415. Exactly DS!

    Its funny but all these comments of impending doom actually force me to look more positively. I just cannot be bothered with all the Drama.

    Cant wait until mid week. Looking forward to my team getting a win.

    Matches and season like this will cause you to stand or sit the hell down. Poodle, I am expecting you to stand, even through the dissapointments!


  416. Against the germans we defended well but our attack suffered. Today we did well going forward but the defense suffered.

  417. Anyone have any reliable news about what happened to Sagna? Having Sagna, Vermaelen and Wilshere out is a huge blow to us. But since we’re in the zone, why don’t we blame the Arsenal medical team for injuring them. It’s open season, isn’t it?

  418. Carling Cup on Tuesday, my ticket has arrived and I’m looking forward to the game. Should be plenty of our new youngsters playing in that one and Park will get a rubn-out as well.
    Could be a funny crowd for that one though, so I hope there isn’t any of that stupid booing that we saw against Udinese.

    A shame that there were a couple of articles posted up on the website recently about the defence (Sagna saying we were tighter at the back, etc) and we get what appears to be a shoeing from the worst team in the Prem.

    Seems so strange that in two of our three Prem games away from home this season we have looked like we have plenty of goals in us, but our defence has had a mare.

    I hope Sagna’s removal today is precautionary as we need a settled back four in both training and on match days. The period of settling in is going to get longer and longer if continue to pick up injuries.

  419. And now the cricket looks like it’s going to be rained off. What a terrible day!

  420. At some point we are going to have to admit the truth that whatever Arsene is doing to prepare this team to play is not working. Look what happened last season and in reality what has happened for the last several years. We seem to lose our concentration and come undone when the pressure is on. We can not seem to keep our focus consistently and we become disorganized without any real reason. The boss does not get out on the pitch and make those mistakes but well coached well prepared teams are able to show reasonable consistency and no other top team consistently make the sort of mistakes that we do. Different players have come and gone over the last 5 years but the exact same problems happen over and over again despite the deficiencies being completely obvious to everyone who watches the team. I expect that we will go on a run of good form at some point this season but it does not matter how much potential a team has if it can’t keep its composure. Not sure how we can fix the problem at this point.

  421. More than prepared for the fight Darius…

    Still always going to try understand why we are where we are – only human nature.

    Oh – I thoroughly enjoy your attraction of constantly pysco-analysing me – keep it coming.

  422. Right, what I’m about to say is based purely on emotion, there is nothing to do with logical and loyal support:
    I was ashamed today to be an Arsenal supporter, more so than against MU and Newcastle last season. WTF was happening.
    My observations:
    1st: Zonal marking doesn’t work, we need to man mark, from corners and set pieces.

    2nd: If we are relying on crosses from the wings, then why aren’t we getting players into the oppos box to convert them, Chamakh did, but otherwise, no one.

    3rd: Passing accuracy was fucking appalling, the amount of bad passes and giving away the ball, well, nothing else to be said.

    4th: Where was the direction and incentive given from the bench…….. Kean was on his feet throughout the match, where was Wenger and Rice.

    If we continue like this I may become a doomer, Wenger out, Rice out……. get Kean, at least he knows how to give some fight to his players.
    Someone please help me to see the positives from this ………………… PLEASE, I don’t want to be a doomer, Le Grave type person.

  423. @desi would it make any different at all if he said we were shit compaed to i “It just looked like we had a lack of focus for what we knew they were good at – corners and free-kicks.” same meaning, different wrapping really.
    The players dont need anyone to tell them they are shit. heck i bet our first elleven is terrified to play next game, terrified to again be up 2-0 and loose. Terrified that they cannot hold on to a lead. probably begging to not be leading a game again as it just results in panic.

    they know they are shit, they know they cannot hold on to a lead. they know they will be ridiculed. They know 80% of their own fans will hate them. They know, the manager knows. I doubt there is anythign any of us can say or do that makes them feel more shit than they already feel tbh. You can be as miserable as you want, you still wont come close to Kos and what he feesl after his own goal.

  424. Again, we have been commending our defense thus far.

    Its possible we just had a crap match. The timing is what is very unfortunate. The team needs to build confidence.

  425. Bill: “Early attack balls into the danger area. Possession football and tippy tappy has to die.”

    I know this is a heat of the moment comment, Bill, but god damn is it stupid. The fact that we play possession football is not down to choosing whether we play that way or not. We can play this way because we have superior players. The likes of Blackburn, Bolton and Stoke would love to be able to play tippy-tappy possession football, but they can’t because their players are inferior. It’s that simple.

    Anyway, onto my analysis.

    I think we were very unlucky to concede the Song own goal, the first Yakubu goal and the offside Yakubu goal. The second own goal would’ve been a goal had Koscielny not intervened as Yakubu was right there waiting to pounce. We handed them this victory on a silver platter. I hope Kean sends Wenger a fine bottle of red wine, because this game saved his bacon.

    Despite the spell where everything went belly up, I think we showed glimpses of good football. I really liked Arteta in this game. Him, Song and Ramsey combined well. They created enough chances for us to have been up at least 4-1 at the end of the first half. Compared to how little chances we had against Swansea, it is promising to see us create so many scoring opportunities.

    Andre Santos was out of position a few times, but I think he’ll improve. Wengerball is not an easy thing to learn if you’re not used to it. This being said, I think he looked dangerous every time he went forward to help out in the attack. As far as his one-on-one defending he looks pretty good. He’s got the size and strength necessary to be a really good player in this league.

    Gervinho and Song being back in the squad and going through this game unscathed was good. Gervs looks a right menace when he’s on the ball.

    I was never too crazy about us buying a big lump of a defender, but Merty is here and I have to deal with it. I hope he improves and gets up to speed quickly. I hope all of you who were praying for a gigantic defender got to see today how easy it is to bypass height. Had Merts played on the back post they would’ve sent balls into the near post and vice versa.

    I’m not going to engage in the emotional reaction to this game because it’s useless. All I have to say is that this team will improve once everyone is up to speed and I think we’ll be fighting for the champions league spots in May.

    Injuries for this game, Ramsey and Sagna. They’ll be out a few weeks. I hope Benayoun can take up the slack for Ramsey and Jenkinson for Sagna.

  426. From this point forward I srtrongly believe that Mertesacker should man mark the opposition’s best set piece threat every single game at every single set piece. What is the point of having a guy that is a 6’6′ monster at the back if he just stands in a zone that the ball never gets played into. I have to wonder who thought this approach is the way forward.

  427. Darius .I am pushing a straw in your direction as we speak .You grasp it and I will try to pull you up.

  428. Paul, how many ‘crap’ matches have we had in the 20 or so games?

  429. heh i thought we hit rockbottom at United, but this was far lower. NOW we cannot sink any lower. From this day on it can only be one way and that is upwards…

  430. Its hard being an Arsenal fan at the moment, I remember 1974 / 75 season where we spent most of the season occupying the bottom place and ended up 17th…..

    Its going to be long and painful nethinks!

    come on you Gunners!

  431. @George, LOL. I’m not sure there’s too many hills in the Suffolk countryside, but the idea of a safe house is that you don’t venture out. It’s also a media bunker.

    Deise, in case you hadn’t noticed, Arsenal shipped 11 players out and brought in 9. If you talk a step back from the emotive state most people are in, I would suggest that the changes already signal an intent about something different.

    The expectation that this will take shape immediately is unreasonable.

    Saying that, we can wish we had a settled defence who had been together since the beginning of July, that we could have had Sagna for the full game, Vermaelen, Wilshere, Diaby and Rosicky available. That horse has bolted.

    My point is that focussing on what should have been done differently to avoid this situation is a red herring. The team needs to work better to defend as a unit and attack as a unit. The new players have to get familar with our game and ofellow player. While all that is happening, results like Old Trafford and today are results that we have to deal with.

  432. Poodle,

    Definitely true, nowhere to go but up. We just have to hope that the team builds an understanding, and we get our injured players back in full flow to make a barnstorming late run in the league to secure a Champs League spot. Hopefully this season will be the reverse of the last 3 and we will finish strongly.

  433. RvP was very upset with Gervinho for not passing but trying to shoot through three players. Later on, he raised his hands in frustration because he was open in the box. We didn’t have the best service to him until very late on when he started getting better chances. Notably, he delivered a wonderful cross to Chamakh. For tough away games at cloggers like Blackburn, we might need to play Chamakh and give RvP a freer role. It was good that Gervinho got a goal, but it seemed to go to his head for a bit until the second half. Chamakh’s goal and his header wide show that he can get in amongst the defense in the box if there is decent service and he isn’t having to play deep to do all the linking up.

    Outside of the defense, which is rightly being criticized for looking pretty frail and confused the whole game and especially when Sagna went off, the player I am bemused by is Ramsey. Apart from his excellent cut back to Arteta for the well-taken goal, he looks out of sorts with errant balls and a safety first attitude. He use to have a bright head looking up and making things happen going forward, swift in movement and thought–the injury seems to have taken something serious from his game, and I am worried for him because I love how he played before the injury and thought his ManU goal last year heralded his return to confidence and flair. Despite a run in the side, he has looked great for Wales, but awkward with us. We are really suffering without Wilshere.

    I thought Song had a great game apart from letting the ball knock his knee. I was surprised he came off as he gave us quite a bit going forward in fact and can head the ball. I would have taken Ramsey off for Chamakh.

    It is true that the side needs to play and practice together, especially the backline (though this is the third game with Kos and Merts together), but unfortunately we don’t have the luxury of patience because this isn’t preseason and these games count. Confidence will not recover from the depths of 8-2 at this rate but fall into a reinforcing cycle downwards without a big positive result. I had hoped for that today and it looked within our grasp. I really don’t understand how we managed to do this to ourselves. Long slow road back in the league; we have to fight for top 4. Hopefully we can get a lift with a CC cup win and a home victory in the CL.

  434. I’d blame that c*** dann for crocking sagna. Funny how the told you so brigade draw strenght from our defeats.

  435. LOL Darius,
    “If we were in the trenches together I swear to God I’d shoot you myself if only to stop you from bitching about how the management got us in the trenches instead of going into battle with what we have.”

    “Djourou is a bothering me. I just cannot see how he can bounce back from this and worse of all I fear that with mistake after mistake that Arsene will totally lose faith in him.”

    I have lost faith in Djourou.
    I feel Ignasi Miquel is a better defender than him at the moment & I hope AW opts for him instead.
    I’d even be worried to play him in the CC.

  436. Gainsbourgh, do you have any clue how insane you sound?

  437. George, from the tv pictures it looks like there a lot of wonderful green hills to walk through in your part of England.

  438. but Darius, do you not honestly think that despite all the problems we have, despite all the new players, despite the “gelin”, despite all our flaws, WE the mighty Arsenal should be able to beat a Blackburn team like this? Its not a good Blacburn team we are meeting. its a Blacburn on the verge of disaster.
    Even with our reserve string we should be able to beat them.

  439. Ok ,All is not lost .Each of our players are good enough .But Ramsey is a worry.I love the lad but he pulled out of almost everything today.That is a mental thing(but hardly surprising)
    Djourou has imploded worse than Big Phil ever did.

  440. i think its dangerous to expect to much from Wilshere too though. Hes still only 19 and when he comes back he wont have played competetive footy for god knows how long.
    He may not even be back until after xmas….

  441. sure Darius, the player exchange is a signal if change, but to me its only half the job, changes in coaching, new coaches, new ideas, freshening up the training, these things need doing in my opinion, because what we are doing right now aint working – or its only working half of the way

  442. Limestonegunner

    yeah, I saw RVP was getting a bit exasperated as well. Ramsey had the ball and was looking left the whole time whilst RVP was level with the last defender with a lot of space in front of him. Looked like the best option by far, but Ramsey never looked and played a ball out the left where the play broke down.

    Maybe a bit of sour grapes, but the dick on the studio who was analysing the game with Dwight Yorke afterwards needs to be taken out and shot. His view on Yakubu’s second goal was, “Well it was offisde, but it was only inches”. Offside is offside, inches, feet or yards, it makes no difference. Yorke tried to put him straight, but this just demonstrates some of the biased reporting.

  443. Sometimes change is the only option, and this is one of them times. There is too much baggage with Arsenal now, we need a fresh start to erase the nerves. Yes. its a shame, but its the truth. Ive got a funny feeling arsene knows it and i wouldnt be suprised if he makes an announcement soon. Scoff if you want but remember i said this.

  444. We need to improve defensively and fast.

    Praying for a draw between spurs and pool tomorrow otherwise we are going to struggling.

    Title is gone already, but we can do 4th.

  445. Poodle, I agree. He will be coming back from a long injury and had only his first full season last year in the PL—too much pressure on him, but that’s been the story for sometime, hasn’t it? Depending on leadership and stability in our midfield from a 20 year old with a year and a half in the top flight. But that is where we are–we really miss him because our other young midfield player, Ramsey, has had his career completely disrupted by a horrible injury and isn’t quite ready either. While I thought Benayoun ran around a lot somewhat fruitlessly, he did do some important things and perhaps we need to start Song, Benayoun, and Arteta for several games to get us through this patch.

  446. We should be able to cope without 2 or 3 players at any given time and any 2 or 3 players as well.
    FFS how bad do you have to be to get beaten by Blackburn at the moment?
    Arsene has got his work cut out .

  447. @poodle 4:19 pm

    I would call that arrogance. The arrogance to assume that we have the divine right to beat certain teams. Nothing should be taken for granted.

  448. GunFlash, Here is my point, I will build a season out of a game or even a few. Sure it is not looking up right now but that could change very fast. That is my hope and belief.

    This team was very direct today and it was not all “tippy tappy”. If this was mid season we wouldve score many more goals.

    I just want to enjoy the season and I have made up my mind to do it becuase I love Arsenal and the game. If we have to buy and build more In Jan and at the end of the season then so be.

    Lets get behind the team!


  449. Nah, Stan, I’m not insane. I am just not going to cry and throw my dummy out just because of this loss. I saw the game and called it like I saw it. The fact that we were in with a shout for a draw, despite the horrible luck we had, is what I’m focusing on. You can go on and predict all the horrible shit you want, but I just don’t see those predictions pan out. Football is a game of very tiny margins and those who stretch the margins out, just because they want to moan, are more than welcome to do so. But don’t expect me to join them in that. I’d rather analyse tactics and players individually instead. I have no time for grown men acting like five year old little boys.

  450. I think Arshavin should be played through the middle.He is wasted where he is .We need to do something radically different.And sharpish.

  451. Wavey, yeah, everyone is piling on. But then we have made it pretty easy to do–two o.g.’s and poor communication for Yakubu’s first–the second o.g. was was down to our defending–and it isn’t just bad luck and refereeing decisions. A point away and we would at least say slowly but surely we are getting on track even if the media was putting the boot in. But we haven’t got much to console ourselves with and I can only imagine the feeling in the dressing room.

  452. Darius, with the team we had out and the way we played going forward we should of absolutely expected to beat Blackburn, no question.

  453. Gainsborurg, Your tough guy act is laughable, who are you trying to impress? I think youve used enough cliches for one day mate.

  454. Gainsbourg69,you are like one of those people who slaps the hysterical man around the chop’s and tell him to pull himself together.
    Well done mate.I consider myself well and truly slapped.

  455. Just got back from the game. Great performance by the fans, pity the team didn’t match it.

    Koscielny was fucking terrible all game, barely found a red shirt once. Ramsey was poor for most of the game. Possibly the worst piece of play was by Djourou in the build up for their 4th. How he allowed the ball to stay in by the touchline is way, way beyond me.

    Arteta, Song, Arshavin and Gervinho all did well though!!

  456. Nothing to do with luck today, just rank bad defending.

  457. George to be honest, Arshavin out of position or not, we created a host of chances today. That was far from the problem this day.

  458. JamesM ,where do you live that you have got back from Ewood so soon?

  459. Well, you said it Paul-N, if we have to add in January and next summer we will. But we have probably needed to do better in those windows for a couple years, certainly 18 months. If we are not doing well in the league and don’t get out of the CL group, what sort of talent do you think we will be shopping for? You have to buy from a position of strength, and we are very loathe to do that.

    George, I agree that some formation changes that include giving Arsh more chances through the middle or even trying Theo up with RvP and so on might get more from the players we have. The only problem is changing on the fly is quite risky too and you can see how difficult 11 out and 9 in during one summer is proving to Arsenal. Now we want to experiment with formations and roles to add even more adaptation. Do you think Arsene will do this? He changed to 443 over the course of a summer rather carefully and has not altered the formation up to this point.

  460. Gains, the analysis is as follows –

    Arshavin gives the ball away in our own 3rd, we get caught square, good finish by yakubu.

    Very poor panicked defending results in OG.

    Very poor panicked defending leads to offside goal.

    Djorou very poor challenge leads to player getting into our box and Kos turns into own net.

    We definitely panicked under the slightest pressure, and made it worse with some very sloppy play in our own 3rd.

    We need to improve defensively quickly, apply a bit of calmness and common sense in our own 3rd.

    Going forward we were good, plenty of positives to take from that.

  461. although the lyrics aint apt, the title is, and its a great fuckin tune
    and i need some cheering up

    Tighten Up –

  462. Yes Stanley M,
    “Sometimes change is the only option…BUT
    not the change you’re suggesting.

    Formation changes….yes
    Selection changes…yes
    Defensive tactic changes…yes
    Managerial change…..NAH, F**K OFF!

    maybe AW should have:

    moved Kos to RB when Djourou came on OR
    brought in LeCoq to play RB or DM switching Song to CB & Kos to RB.

    played man-on-man on set-pieces with Mertz on Samba

    subbed Ramsey for Chamakh or Benayoun.

    …hindsight sucks!

  463. Paul, you confuse religion and support. I question where you follow blindly.

    Sure results may well get better but don’t kid yourself. They’ll be plenty more results like today.

  464. Yes! the cricket is back on

  465. For long stretches of the game, all I could hear were Arsenal chants. Truly, the away fans have been terrific and even the Emirates crowd has been rallying behind the team. We will need much more of that determination this season.

  466. Leeds. And I fucking thrashed it back after that shit.

  467. Paul N ,I was there and I did not see a host of chances,
    In fact I cant think of many good chances at all.
    Maybe we played better on TV, 🙂
    Seriously,I hope we were not as bad as we looked from where I was standing.

  468. Three home games in a row coming up. Can still close out September on a relative high (from this point I mean).

  469. George,

    if you can bear it watch the highlights. Certainly Gervinho had the chance to lay it on a plate for RVP in the first half and there were a number of chances missed at the end.

  470. Somewhat Agnostic

    “I’d rather we start slo and peak in the spring rather than feel the pressure of having to keep up…”

    “Just five games. I believe we’ll still challenge for the title. Don’t see any reason we won’t or can’t. They’ll get going soon.”

    Seriously guys, stop defending the indefensible and get some perspective on what you’ve seen over the last 6 months and particularly over the last few weeks. it really can’t get any worse… That was a shambles, defensively pathetic. Stop blaming OG’s, dubious offsides, the weather, the lack of time together as a team… the ref…and on and on and on…… This club pays approx 120m a year on salaries… we should be getting more return on the field.

    Wait and we’ll see someone will beat City and Utd… probably be one of the lesser teams… But over 16 games… 16 points??? Not a chance. That’s bottom end of the table form. Do I think we’ll finish down there.. No way… we’ll improve but to say you saw a Premier League winning side today is bordering on lunacy and to defend the team to the death likewise.

    Don’t confuse criticism with a lack of love or support of the club.

  471. We seriously need to tighten up IMMEDIATELY. I’m watching the other games and we are at a massive disadvantage right now with:

    the baggage of last season
    the Cesc & Nasri sagas
    timing of our new arrivals
    the lack of EPL experience of 3 of our newbies
    that we are TOTALLY under EVERYONE’S microscope

    “every breath u take
    every move u make
    every bond you break
    every step u take
    i’ll be watching you”

    how our gooner hearts ache
    with every bad game you play….sigh

  472. oh but.. i remain POSIVE!

  473. Paul N.. If you read my first post. I stated I watched the first half n came home after a walk with 15 mins to go..

  474. Stop bullshitting JamesM, you know u were NOT @ the game!

  475. what has happened to wenger, poor end of season even poorer summer and an evev poorer then that start to a season. Wenger has now lost it. Time to step aside as he clearly is making too many big mistakes and still comes out with quotes like we can win the title. Shame to see him so lost.

  476. Jus to put you straight Paul N I watched the first half and as just not long stated returned home with 15 mins to go…. When I spoke earlier about Gerv n TW being similar it was not based on today’s performance..

  477. Somewhat Agnostic your 3rd paragraph is BANG On…To many excuse the ref this the ref that…

  478. fix up & try to look sharp dukegoonem…time to step aside, AW has not lost it.
    Stop being so lame & predictable.
    There’s real work to do

  479. Duke ,the loss of the Boss is the last thing Arsenal need.Get a grip.

  480. Good !!!!!

    You fucking AKB’s are becoming extinct.

    You are the reason why Arsene and the board are treating fans with complete contempt.

    This is Arsenal FC…not Arsene FC.

    Maybe you can follow Your Great Leader to PSG once he gets the sack…..bunch of pillocks!!

  481. Whichever way you look at this is going to be a long hard season and it will take some doing to turn this wretched run. I feel sicker than a horseshoe crab and unfortunately there will be many more days like this. Injury after bloody injury, freakish goals conceded, inept referees, its all happening, the players who step on the pitch need to wakeup n fast. This was a poor poor Blackburn side I am just seething with rage and my whole weekend is shot to pieces.

  482. a gooner mate of mine who I battled with all Summer cause he was all-D&G just wrote:

    “I know this would sound very odd coming from me being one of Wenger’s greatest critics but i think we were very unlucky today with 2 own goals and one clear offside goal against us.

    As ridiculous as this might sound, the team is actually getting better, we were more co-ordinated today than we have been all season long.

    Our flank players in Gerv and Sagna as well as Arsh and Santos are building an understanding and we are getting in decent crosses.

    We also saw today that with the right service Chamakh would thrive which takes me to the next issue, Arsene needs to change to a 442 formation now, we have the flank players who can whip in the crosses and moreover we need all the goals we can score now to clear our deficit.

    The only minuses for me in this team are Arteta and Mer.
    Arteta cos he is still coming up short, his fitness level is below par,
    while Mer, our tallest CB,
    “what are you doing with are supposed to be picking up Samba?”
    So he needs to get his act together and get into the groove of the EPL.

    Taking a look at our injury list if we have those guys back we would be able to plug these holes”

    ..if a doomer can become a believer..???
    ..the players, AW & staff will work it out.

    …i remain POSITIVE.

  483. Well every cloud and all that,
    At least this result has made the real cunts happy.WTF is all that about?
    Fans? Like fuck they are fans,

  484. Stan, if you think I’m putting on a tough guy act just to impress someone, then that’s on you. I sincerely do not have it in me to try and guess why you think this is so.

    Matt, so you watched just the highlights? Even after Arsha’s giving the ball away, the defense could’ve caught Yakubu off side were it not for Santos not pushing up. On offense, Gervinho’s first premier league goal was well taken. So was Arteta’s. The way we moved the ball around in the build up to both goals was scintillating stuff. We were flying until the first half came to a close. I also liked the way we went hell for leather when our backs were against the wall at the very end. The reason why I’m able to take these possitives out of the game today is because I am fully aware that the team has not gotten used to playing together. What I saw in glimpses, however, I loved. Very promising stuff if you ask me.

  485. Good stuff, Aman. Good to see I wasn’t the only one who didn’t let a hissy fit cloud what I was watching with my own two eyes. The team moved the ball around like we haven’t done thus far this season. All we need is Santos and Benayoun to learn what’s required of them and we’ll have a pretty good squad.

  486. Seen AW’s post-match interview on BBC now. Not overly impressed with him saying that the defence is fragile because confidence follwoing OT game. Only one of the starting line-up played against Man U and two of them weren’t evn at the club then. Also linked the secong half performance with a hard game in Dortmund on Tuesday. Really?

  487. Cant wait for my jollof rice to get here. Im so dissapointed/ pissed off. Only food can fix this one.

  488. Wavey,what do you expect?really?
    If we fell shit just imagine how he feels!

  489. George

    but he surely can’t be saying that its a confidence issue after OT? Its a completely different defensive line up.

  490. I’m looking forward to our next victory and thus the instantaneous disappearance of the doomers. See you guys tomorrow.

  491. Wavey ,yeh but he most likely is not thinking straight.
    I think it is a general lack of confidence though

  492. I’m envious of you, goonerwife. I could do with some Jollof Rice right about now. Yumm!!!

  493. Wavey – i agree, those players arent the same players as at OT, plus that defense did well against the germans. Seems to me the coaching was off or the players panicked and ditched the coaching – everyone and their nan know whats what to expect against blackburn – we just cant seem to get it together and defend against it though…….

  494. GunFlash, how am I confusing sports and religion. This is a game, not life and death. I choose not to stress myself out about and hope for the best, please show me what the issue is with that? If things dont get better what are you going to do about it?

    On a different note I feel like you are stalking me.

    George, This game shouldve been in the bag from the 1st half.

    Ras, walcott didnt play in the first half.

  495. Eh Wavey,
    what would you prefer he says?

    Is it wrong to define our defense’s confidence level as fragile?
    Is linking the 2nd half with a hard day @ Dortmund wrong?

    As a manager do you expect him to just vent & point out the errors of his players to the media???
    To THIS present day MEDIA????
    Wake up dude, Robbie Savage’s a top pundit on the BBC.

    Vent if u must
    but please don’t start this past summer’s bullshiit again.
    Show some class, ok..
    We are the ARSENAL.

  496. Limestone, I cant be bothered to cry over spilt milk. Many things happened this offseason and I think it is unfair to say what couldve been done when we dont know the whole situation. Everything looks easy from the outside.

  497. on the day:

    Santos, crap defending, good forward play

    Ramsay shone in some instances

    Arteta is good,

    Djourou is absolutely shite

    experience is overrated(LOL)

    van persie WILL leave, but TBH he wasn’t that good today

    Gervinho WILL be top scorer

    Walcott is getting serious

    Arshavin is absolute quality, but played out of position like ke most of our squad

    Tomorow we will be in the relegation zone, if spurs, fulham win.

    Arsene will not stay another season, his choice though i reckon because he can’t take this stress anymore

    Our formation needs to change, seriously this has to be change number one

    And last of all, i would like to say that arsenal is on a very thin line at the moment,
    we are on an edge, and if we don’t right ourselves, then that can be the difference between champions league and top 10 team. I’m serious, it can go either way at the moment.
    Arsene has always had to work against the odds, but what will he do correct this? Not much is the reality, arsene wenger isn’t one to change things. Not that this was his fault.

    And i may get a bashing for this, but rvp needs to be either played in behind the striker or BENCHED. He makes good runs and is still quality but without a fabregas behind him, then he doesn’t play alone for me.

    OH well… sighs……

  498. Another week of D&G + hater-ation
    (..where’s my bullet-proof jacket?)

  499. there WILL be a bbc blog post about this (LOL)

    here come the media people, and they are armed to the teeth

    All gooners to their posts, we’re in for it tomorow

  500. I watched the whole game Gains.

    I have said we looked good going forward and can take many positives from that, but it doesn’t matter how good you are going forward if your defence is a shambles and you panic everytime the ball comes in your 3rd of the pitch.

    Much work required on the training ground this week, and hopefully ryo will be fit for Tuesday and him and Oxo will cheer me up.

  501. yeah… Sir Nicky! More grease to your elbows Sir…. U are fully welcome to this blog sir!

    I think punching those singing rubbish is also a goof idea! Am not even usually one that advocates violence. LOL

    was trying to post this much earlier and my internet went off till now. am back on and am rather shocked with the results. Did he preseason without Austria affect their preps?

  502. don’t blame the defence

    i have always said it is the offside trap we so often play

    it’s an all or nothing tactic and it is killing arsenal

    STOP the offside traps seriously

  503. dont worry peopl, chamakh will be a good replacement for rvp.
    The mess we are in is more then just fixable with players.

  504. btw, anyone got the skinny on Sagna’s injury?

  505. I know we still have time to rectify this situation but will we? Arsenal never really seem to surprise us in a good way anymore. We have no magic whatsoever. We need some magic and some of these players need to become a damn force of nature.

    In the mean time i guess Wenger could look at this formation he persist with and be creative. WE need to play to the strengths of our players. But we seem to be playing to strenghts of players we wish we had.

    Comon Arsenal, I dare you, surprise us. Be more than we ever thought you could be. Pleeeaase.

  506. Aman

    harsh comment mate.

    I earlier pointed out both positives and negatives from the game, but was subsequently disappointed that AW had attributed it to defensive confidence and a game in Dortmund on Tuesday.

    I don’t expect him to slag off individual players, or to go on a rant (he should be doing that in private), but rolling out statements about confidence and mid week games is not acceptable either.

    Anyway why should our defence’s confidence be fragile? A clean sheet against Swansea and a very late goal conceded at Dortmund. The only bloke who should be feeling fragile is Szczseny after conceding 8 goals at OT, but he still commands his area with a hell of a lot of confidence for a young lad. Even realising when he isn’t going to get a ball sometimes today and stepping back rather than diving in and missing it. That lad is quality.


    I will give you that maybe he is a bit shell shocked.

  507. Collective ineptitude on a grand scale

    Three more points thrown away & Arsene trotting old lame excuses

    Time for the kids to cheer us up on Tuesday

  508. My target of 500 comments already passed and not even 7.00pm in the UK

  509. Wavey,
    “rolling out statements about confidence and mid week games is not acceptable either???”

    are u so ordinary that u expect AW should ‘be above disappointment & always say the perfect things?

    Pls compare him to 2 of the winningest..SAF & Mourinho after a painful loss…???

    Apology accepted Wavey..
    stay strong mate

  510. goonerwife | September 17, 2011 at 5:43 pm
    “Cant wait for my jollof rice to get here. Im so dissapointed/ pissed off. Only food can fix this one.”

    Ha ha ha. I find myself looking forward more and more to your comments and you don’t disappoint.
    I hope you getting some dodo with that jollof.

  511. This is not the forum for people who want to be disrespectful twats,
    Those of us who still love this team need a safe haven.
    The only way is up……….baby…………you and me……baby

  512. Paul I Know Walcott did not play in the 1st half..

  513. Been away for the day, didn’t follow the match. I’ve just seen the score. Two own goals. That is unbelievably bad luck

  514. Fun,would that it was just bad luck.

  515. As the song goes… “if it wasn’t for bad luck, we wouldn’t have any luck at all…”

  516. Do the people on here who blame luck and other stupid shit have jobs? Do they live in the real world? How can they possibly say this stuff in public with straight faces?

  517. its not a game Blackburn won, Arsenal gave it away. The first half we played well enough but the second half started with a very worrying 5 minutes, please watch the game again, Arsenal at the back was passing the ball sideway and back and for that few minutes, while not under great pressure, never got the ball out to midfield and mounted an offensive play. All along the problem really is at midfield, I’m worried about Ramsey because he’s not bringing anything into the game, Arteta and Song are more effective defending and carry the ball out and now we rely on Rvp to drop back to receive the ball and try going forward. This tells me the midfield isn’t working at all (compare to last season’s team.)This situation happens to other games we played so far this season. Something got to change tactically, a different formation perhaps. I’m afraid this will be a long season before we see any positive and strong result. The score doesn’t matter much now, it’s an urgency to see the team play well together and establish confidence with some definite formation and authority.

  518. Stanley M ,If you think posting on a blog is “public speaking” then I very much doubt you have much of a job yourself.

  519. might u be related to james M by any chance Stanley M?
    Did you just get back from Ewood Park too?

  520. Henristic this sort of result stopped being “bad luck” a long time ago

  521. Should we play the first team on Tuesday?
    They need the practice.

  522. Stanley M, the own goals were quite unfortunate, were they not? that doesnt mean we played great but how many times does that happen. Inspite of us not being covincing at the back, what on earth is going on? couldnt the ball go off of the oustside of Songs knee?

  523. The longer you hold the ball without real movement, the more time would allow your opponents to regroup and press your players. Arsenal need to bring back their pace which was once frightening to the other teams. It takes time, I know.

  524. dy,so you are saying that to be quick takes time.
    Did you intend it to be funny?

  525. Henristic- dodo, egusi the full wack. Im very very dissapointed.

  526. pedantic, alot of people laugh at those comments, its one of the reasons this site is so entertaining, its like a comedy show. I was just wandering if they said the same nonsense to peoples faces. Anyone who knows football knows weve got serious issues. Its nothing to do with luck and never has been. Every club thinks they are the most unlucky team – even man utd, which says it all really.

  527. i agree with george. This is no place for reality on ere , the trees are made of chocolate and we all get about on the back of dragonflies.

  528. Bill,
    You can’t deny that bad luck was involved today, although I agree our longer term problems (defence, attack, tactics, organization, mentality, etc) aren’t solely down to luck. Those are down to the coaching staff yet based on Arsene’s words, no one seems to have a clue what the problem is.

  529. I don’t mean to be funny…
    Pace means more than hacking the ball down the field, its about passing the ball to you teammates knowing where it would go and continue the run into space, a string of movement without interruption, it involves understanding between every players among the team, THAT, I’m afraid takes time.

  530. no george,
    play the kids on injury excuses for anyone on the 1st team.
    No better “diversion” than to see Ryo, Ox, Park, Jenks, Afobe, Aneke, etc in full flight.
    I hope Squilly plays too.

  531. goonerwife | September 17, 2011 at 7:36 pm
    “Henristic- dodo, egusi the full wack. Im very very dissapointed.”

    Whoa. Dodo, egusi AND jollof? And I’m sure the egusi is filled with all sorts of meaty ‘obstructions’. Eeeh yah, You really are suffering.

  532. Oh honestly, we were shit – we are looking at a frighteningly awful season – but we can’t help but love our team. No real need for analysis – we have yet to gel, and certain players are not at their best.

  533. dy I knew what you meant and I agree .I was just trying to lighten the mood.

  534. Appropriate song for Wenger post-Invincibles era…

  535. this is the outcome of poor preperation. questions seriously need to be answered on Wengers judgment now. why. 1. didnt conduct transfer business in the summer.2. Wenger prepared to go into the season with two dodgy left backs and only a panic buy unproven Santos brought in when enrique or baines is what we could have got in after our p[ant pulling mauling at the mancs..3. why sell Eboue? a very good back up for when saggy is out, a strong exp player and now wenger cant rely on his replacement jenkinson instead playin out of form cb at rb. 4. cb?? he would have been prepared to go with out buying one and only brought in mert after tv was out. and mert was a cheap option who they had doubts over.5 tactics, why persist with this 4-3-3 when we dont now have the players to play it.6.16 points in 16 games shows a big problem. this team will not get 4th. blackburn fans fukin protesting about how shit they are and they do us. we are in a very poor situation and we really are in a dog fight this year but wenger STILL insists we could win the title??

  536. Plenty of times when a defender tries to clear or the ball just hits him, and doesn’t go in the net, so yes, TWO own goals does sound like unbelievably bad luck.

    Good to hear that our attack clicked at least some of the time. At least now we know it can.

  537. Duke ,We will not play a worse team than Blackburn all year.

    He has to say that,otherwise we would be saying “5 games in and Arsene has given up the ghost”

  538. I almost feel as though we bought Arteta 1season to late.
    Could you imagine fabregas and Arteta linking up?

    Poor defensive display. This team needs to work hard on the training ground, day in and day out. These are very silly preseason mistakes! WTH are the defensive coaches doing at Arsenal????

  539. the great Albert King !! One of the great Three KIngs !!!! The SONG to clear the day. I’ll pick up the guitar and jam along, feels better.

  540. the new hot prediction from the Daily Mail is that Stoke will grab the 4th Champions leauge spot ahead of Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool.

    If that happens i will honestly cry…. Stoke is just everything i hate about football. Even if they did get that 4th spot, i would never watch a club like stoke. they are horrendous…

  541. Given the players in the current team.
    Given the confidence of the current team.
    Given the injuries we have.
    Are we playing the right formation/system/style ?

  542. OK. I’ll start us off.
    No. We’re playing like a team which has much better players and which other teams are afraid of. We’re no longer that. We need to play more defensively and on the break. Discuss .

  543. Good issue to raise dfb, but that isn’t the only option for changes. George (and I) have suggested giving Arshavin a more central role. And I have also thought we might try Theo or Chamakh with RvP behind, either as a classic 10 in 442 or as the middle of a 4231. Today the defense looks terrible so we are talking about that but earlier this week we did a nice job away in Dortmund, at home to Swansea and in both games v. Udinese. Of course we can improve there but how to do so without unduly sacrificing our ability to score, which has typically been a problem although we put 3 past Blackburn today.

  544. Henristic:

    Luck is by definition random. Clearly the “brain cramps”, disorganization, and screw ups that we have seen from this team for the last 4-5 years are not the work of random chance. The problem with blaming things on bad luck and always looking for the positives is that you never make the changes. Either our coaching staff wears the same rose colored glasses we do and they are patiently waiting for our luck to turn or they are actually trying to fix things and they can’t. Not sure which of those options is worse.

  545. The problem with any big experiments is that we are in the middle of the season and falling fast behind the head of the pack. Perhaps the group just needs to play together in our 433 system to begin clicking. If so, results will improve whereas lots of changes besides the massive turnover in players is likely to disrupt this process and take longer to start improving. It is a tough decision.

  546. Limestone, 4231 is more likely I think 442 is a thing of the past

    Something has to change.

  547. I agree. There are options. I’m happy to permute up front (RVP was poor today but would never be substituted). But will that make any difference if we concede 4 poor goals ? If we do that we always have to play catch up. If we don’t concede then our front players will score and we will win matches but not if we carry on playing this suicidal way.

  548. from preseason up to now we scored 5 own goals is that a coicendence? Not really. Something is not right. I don’t know what it is, training , coaching or just pressure, who knows? but there is a pattern. there seem to be a bit of panic in the box at times. Maybe the players are desperate not to conceed they panic. It happens in life. when you badly want a job and go for an interview its more likely you will be nervous like shit and end up complicating your answers. Arsenal are expected to win titles and trophies and pressure is imense for the players to deliver. last season we didn’t do well at home, the home fans are shit they would be on the players back if they mispalce a pass or make a mistake, that brings more panic more pressure. Fans need to get behind the team at the moment and maybe get few ex players like Keown or Adams to advice the players and help with coaching. I don’t know. I hope Wenger finds the answer.

  549. I think the Koscielny own goal is not bad luck especially. Blackburn got into a very threatening position on the by line and the cut back in was heading toward a poaching Yakubu for a potential hatrick in the box. It was a matter of poor defending and good aggressive attacking play. The offside goal was bad luck but with so many players moving around in the box, that could be hard to spot. I am not sure the offside trap works well that deep in the box. Even if Santos had stepped forward, would the official have recognized Yakubu as offside if it was as close as the Yakubu offside goal? Someone mentioned holding up your hand to insure the official sees you clearly when you are playing someone offside. Does anyone do that typically on other teams? I don’t recall. Anyway, my concern there with the onside Yakubu goal was that Kos pointed to Yakubu but neither Santos nor Mertesacker who was close to Kos with his back turned reacted to whatever Kos meant nor did Kos position himself to guard him better, perhaps relying on the offside trap, not knowing that behind him Santos was playing him onside. Just seems like there wasn’t much coordination or effective communication despite Kos being aware of the danger.

    Some bad luck (Song’s own goal) though it is odd that he and others don’t seem to have reacted much to the flight of the ball. Perhaps they were having to worry about players coming in and out of their zone rather than attacking the ball. The same thing can happen worrying about marking your man who is moving too, so I can’t say it is the defensive strategy in that case.

  550. Well, George, than that is what I would go for if we are trying to change the formation. Walcott or Chamakh up front. Robin behind with Gervinho and Arshavin free to switch around. In that case I would play Song and Arteta deeper until Wilshere is back to full fitness.

  551. Well, 1lc, there does seem to be panic when a ball comes over the top or from a cross into the box. It seemed WC was helping here but the last couple of games he has had a couple moments of running out and missing balls. I am puzzled about why Merts doesn’t seem more dominant in the air.

  552. Limestone that is what I would do as well. Could Park play in front?

  553. I mean he has a good record in the air previously, is smart and experienced so should be able to position himself well and is tall and reasonably athletic. He just hasn’t asserted himself in the defence, it seems. Hopefully he will grow more comfortable–on the ground he seems quite good at stopping dribbles and intercepting passes.

  554. It sounds like Park could theoretically and he is pretty tall as well. Who knows? We haven’t seen hair nor hide of him yet. Didn’t he play there for Monaco? I just don’t know.

    As far as pressure, 1lc and George, what do you think of this approach: At this point, perhaps the pressure is already off. No one expects us to get far now, so it is up to the fight and determination of the players themselves. Let the lads play, let’s support them, but let’s not demand they win the league or get into the top 4 and hold off judgments until December when we will have a more realistic sense of where we stand and whether strengthening in January will help us achieve one or the other of those goals. By that time the team gels or not. This would be the: let’s not make any changes but let the players play together without burdening them with “saving” our season or destabilizing the situation further by making lots of changes to our setup approach. Maybe the players would want to try something different at some point, though.

  555. Lime- the question here why the panic then? is it lack of communication or organisation, well I guess communication and organisation go hand in hand. n the past the core of the defence was english Adams, Sol, Keown , Dixon, Cashley. English does not mean better but certainly the communication would have been a lot better. I don’t know I’m so desperate to know why we are conceeding goals like this.

  556. has wenger resigned yet??

  557. This season so far reminds me of the one after Flamini and Hleb departed and we lost Rosicky to injury. The team had to start again with a new midfield. We managed to limp our way to fourth. I’m still hopeful we can do it again.

  558. Passenal,the good news is the other contenders for 4th are not so good.

  559. Somewhat Agnostic

    1Loosecannon @ 9.54
    ..the home fans are shit they would be on the players back if they mispalce a pass or make a mistake, that brings more panic more pressure. Fans need to get behind the team at the moment and maybe get few ex players like Keown or Adams

    It’s really clutching at straws to look in the fans direction for god-awful defending.. (From the back 4 and the team as a whole). The fans were awesome at OT for the 8-2. Simply awesome. Brought moisture to my eyes.. It didn’t help much did it?

    How about this back 4: Eboue, Toure, Senderos, Flamini! Not every fan’s favourites there! Would they be the answer? That’s pretty much the back four that set a 10 game clean sheet record on the way to the CL final in 06. (Due to injuries to the regulars)

    I don’t profess to have the answers but I can offer an opinion. This team is seriously deficient in it’s defensive abilities. Whether that is tactics, player ability, coaching, confidence, belief and passion i couldn’t say. But it is clear that something is not working. Martin Keown was at the club at that time taking his coaching badge and I think.. but I’m not 100% sure.. he had some input into the defensive coaching then…

    Grahams famous back four operated as a unit. it wasn’t just the players it was the sum of their output. They were a superb combination. And if Keown or Adams was out then Bould knew exactly what to do, when to do it, and what part of the field to do it on. There is an old story told that he made them train tied together with a rope to get them to work as a unit. That was just bollocks but the actual truth was that he told them to imagine that they were tied together and if one moved they all had to move.

    I did not see any evidence today of the back four working as such a unit. Now I think the personnel are not the main problem, although we could all offer opinions on this player or that.. Cahill over Mertesacker.. whatever, if you get to see the highlights again observe them with that in mind. They are all over the place and disorganised. They don’t work well as a unit. Mertesacker and Koscielny had very little understanding of where each other was throughout the whole 90 mins. Not that I’m faulting only them for the 4 goals.

  560. Honestly if vidic or even shawcross had held his hand high and there was ever a doubt bout offside I’m sure the ref would have blown…

  561. Stop the excuses.We are not that good.And unless the manager and the board and still some fans realise that we will continue to suffer defeats like today

    In the last 2 away games we have conceded TWELVE goals

    That is a disgrace for a team at the bottom of the table let alone a so called top 4 team

    The lack of defensive organisation is the fault of Wenger.Do they practice defending set pieces in training.

    Today was worst than the Man Utd defeat.Utd are a great team Blackburn are shit

    YW not more excuses for Wenger please

  562. two words

    offside trap

    it is an all or nothing tactic, and it should be dropped for cover
    But wenger never ever EVER, changes anything. i love him as a manager but he just doesn’t tweak tactics, he has a tactic for all kind of thing.

  563. Limestone:

    We did not make any changes to the 433 in the last 12 games last season and we did not make any changes in our formation or tactics over the summer. The squad melted down last year and if we don’t get our heads together soon this year could quickly go downhill even faster. I think we to do something to change things up and hopefully kick start this season.

  564. I like The system Limestone outlined earlier.
    But the problem is Arsene does not do it for a reason.I do not believe that he has not thought about it.
    And as he knows infinitely more than me then I have to think I have missed something.

  565. For the first time i would not be suprised to see Wenger go now, There is obviously something deeper then what we know happening. if true that wenger didnt want certain players and wanted to keep certain players it could be curtains for certain.

  566. Duke where are you getting this “certain players” stuff from?

    Tell us.I am interested

  567. I think Wenger should offer his resignation, he has absolutly ballsed up pre season and all his decisions are woefully wrong, lost faith in his decision making and his know how. what the fuck has happened to him????

  568. Duke

    Wenger is not going anywhere. I do think they are afraid to make any significant changes because they have so much invested in what we are doing. Every segment of the organization is invested in this system and there is a big risk to making significant changes. In retrospect i think that the biggest mistake that was made this summer was not adding anyone new in the coaching staff. Some new ideas and someone who does not have the emotional investment in the status quo an could actually ask some different questions could have helped

  569. Well, Bill, I am just articulating the counter argument that there has been lots of change already. So far it isn’t working but we can understand why–is it any wonder that the back 4 is disorganized when there is no continuity? But, fundamentally, I agree with changes to the setup because I like 4231 and would like to try Theo or Chamakh up front in such circumstances. Arteta is pretty tenacious, so I think he can play beside Song deep behind a fluid attacking three and a striker.

    That is what I would go for myself. In the end, 433 may not suit the mix of players–I don’t see Arteta substituting entirely for Fabregas and Wilshere is injured and it is a lot to expect him to just take over a new role as midfield creator. So maybe, in for a penny, in for a pound. Hail the changes.

    The other point, though, is that we have obviously changed the set piece scheme for defending. Yet that didn’t work that well today. What now?

  570. Duke ,Its a bit soon for that kind of talk ,don’t you think?
    Even for you!!!!

  571. He heard it from a bloke in the pub probably George

  572. post office actually dups.

  573. Shit result, move on. Another game tuesday

  574. Well Dups I have been talking to that bloke down the pub and I can tell you for a fact, that he knows fuck all.

  575. dups its not the result, its the incompetence that Wenger is now showing. what has happened to him? any ideas?? is it really that dolly bird? has his wife still got him in the dog house for all this time? why cant he make good quality decisions like he used to.Its not the board is it?

  576. Duke the one thing Wenger gets the blame for is the nonsense over Cesc & Nasri. He should have just got rid of them early in the TW enabling us to get our new players in.

    Today’s result was about poor defending as a team, not just the back 4. Get pissed, move on to Tuesday.

  577. Duke .last week you were blaming the board for everything.Make your mind up will you!

  578. I blame it on Diaby & Denilson. We would have won with them playing.

  579. George

    Duke just needs a good rhubarb crumble & custard, he will be good to go then.

  580. We could all use some comfort food, it seems!

  581. thought i recognised the avitar

  582. Dups

    To go with all the other shit results in the last 9 months.Are we just going to let things carry on the way they are? Are Kroenke and Gazidis just going to do nothing? Wenger has to be judged on the here and now not what he did 7 years ago.Football has moved on he hasnt

    Compared to Man Utd our GD is minus 23 and that is after 5 games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  583. I need chicken soup. Slight fever and shakes after getting wisdom teeth extracted Friday. Not sure whether that or the game was more painful! Ah well, time heals all wounds.

    Felt sorry imagining George sitting in the rain surrounded by happily splashing Rovers fans.

    On to the CC. Ryo, the Ox, Miquel to cheer us up.

  584. Jason

    What do you suggest we do then?

  585. If you are going to compare teams against United and City then every manager outside those two will be sacked.

  586. Who is going to step in right now and do a better job–I mean today–with AW’s players and the next transfer window months away?

  587. I was in with the Arsenal boys ,but had to walk home among them

  588. Ah, that’s good, George–didn’t know you scored an away ticket. Is our away support the best or what?

  589. i reckon george rodger could do a better job!!

  590. and on that bombshell im off to go put some pins in my wenger voodoo doll!!!!

  591. Yeh good .I have some gooner mates who get me tickets for the North west games

  592. But on the bright side Ireland did beat Australia 🙂 I think I will just focus on that tonight. Now if Dublin can win the All-Ireland football final tomorrow then at least I will have gotten 2 out of 3, which is never a bad thing in my book. Chin up Gooners 🙂

  593. no matter how you juggle the formations, Arsenal absolutely needs a midfield General. I don’t mean Fabregas or Wilsere, no, they don’t cut it.

  594. Stop bullshitting JamesM, you know u were NOT @ the game!

    OK AMAN you fucking cunt how do I scan my ticket to prove to you that I was at the game game you fucking no-mark fairweather cunt?

  595. In fact Aman have you ever been to an Arsenal match in your life? You fucking arsehole.

  596. JamesM

    Getting a bit heavy there? A simple. “I can scan my ticket” would be good enough don’t you think?

  597. Even if it did take almost 11 hours to reply.

  598. I can imagine that JamesM got in from the game and decided he needed a few drinks.

  599. Yep sorry, maybe a slight over reaction. However, I did go to the game (and can prove it!)

    I then got on with my pathetic Arsenal-fixated life for a few hours before catching Aman’s woefully inaccurate comment.

  600. “I can imagine that JamesM got in from the game and decided he needed a few drinks.”

    More or less exactly what happened.

    Fortunately I had a wedding reception to go to.

    Unfortunately, this left me open to allegations of deceit regarding my attendance of AFC games.


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