A Win Is A Win. Unless You Are Arsenal.

Arsenal 1 – 0 Swansea

1 – 0 Arshavin (40)

When is a Premier League win not a Premier League win? When Arsenal are the recipients of the three points. Unless it is achieved with sparkling passing, stunning finishing and a bragging swagger, there is no point. At least that is what you would believe if you took on board all of the back pages and some of the Arsenal support. Only an Arsenal win can lead to more questions than an 8 – 2 defeat.

Unrealistic expectations beforehand have led to criticism post-match. Swansea could – and perhaps should – have equalised at the end but to highlight that is to ignore chances that Arsenal spurned. If you seek the negatives, you will find them in any performance. And let’s be honest, it is much more financially rewarding copy if they are Arsenal negatives.

Arsenal recorded their first three points of the season, the squad emerging from the gloom of August into September’s autumnal sunshine. Andrey Arshavin capitalised on Lady Luck’s benevolent smile, bringing his international form to the Prmier League playground. There is an argument that her grin in the direction of North London is long overdue this season.

Three weeks ago, the absentees would have provided a formidable barrier. Post transfer window, the squad is improved with experience that minimises the impact. The directness of Gervinho’s running may be similar to Walcott’s, the inconsistency of the final pass the same but somehow the Ivorian carries more threat. For all of the positivity of his words beforehand, the young England international seemed beset by doubts. Confidence is in short supply, not just defensively.

And Walcott was not the only sub-par performer. Gibbs lack of match practice was evident, as much as unfamiliarity with some of his colleagues. Frimpong meanwhile, seemed inhibited by his red card against Liverpool. The balance between the enthusiasm of his previous performance and the conservatism of yesterday will come with experience. Equally, Aaron Ramsey was subdued. The impact of Old Trafford resting heavily on his shoulders. It was not that he played badly, simply well within himself.

And that, collectively, was the problem with the performance. There is much more to come but right now, it was good enough.

Mikel Arteta shone of the new boys, Per Mertesacker was solid enough but caught out a couple of times by the pace of the Premier League. This morning saw the criticism of him stoop to baffling levels, his abilities dismissed because no big clubs came in for him. The Spaniard’s passing provided “technical security” according to the manager and looks a promising basis for a partnership with Wilshere’s guile. That was something that Yossi Benayoun brought when he came on for Arshavin. Wenger will not have been disappointed in any of the debutants performances.

Winning will relieve these burdens and when that becomes the habit, the swagger will return. As it is, the spirit cannot be doubted. Off the back of such a heavy defeat, confidence was inevitably low. That will return – as the manager noted, more slowly than it was lost.

Ramsey spurned an early chance, Walcott unfortunate that a Welsh defender had the pace of the ball measured even if Worm did not. It was not all one way traffic, Swansea counter-attacked and exploited vulnerabilities. When they breached the Arsenal back four, Szczesny was there, a formidable barrier, equally reliant on good technique and wayward finishing. The Pole reportedly was outstanding against Germany in the week, carrying on his good form early on, his cockiness in executing a Cruyff turn counterbalanced by the flap at the end which nearly led to an equaliser.

Graham’s early effort spurred a reaction, van Persie setting up Frimpong. Arshavin took aim and blazed wide before Worm had a moment which, had he been an Arsenal goalkeeper, would have ended his career. His quick throw hit the defender’s heels, Arshavin coolly taking advantage from the tightest of angles.

The second half followed a similar pattern to the first. Arsenal probed, Swansea countered, neither side convincing in front of goal. Sinclair clipped the top of the bar for the visitors as the hosts retreated, content to defend their lead.  van Persie striking the post was probably the closest to an Arsenal goal, although Marouane Chamakh brought a good save from Worm near the end. Despite failing to score, the Moroccan’s cameo was encouraging, a sign perhaps that form is returning.

That and Gibbs failure to finish at the end meant that the margin of victory remained one goal. And, as my youngest son said this morning, “At least they won“. And that is all that matters.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. A Win is a Win is Win…That’s right…We just need to build on that.

  2. Good well balanced review Yogi, and yes the result in the circumstances is all we should be interested in.

    The media can do and do one, we will build on this and will get an awful lot stronger.

    Theo ? Is he giving us enough ?

  3. Just Another Luke

    Right. A long season ahead. Germany beckons as Per heads back to his home country in midweek.

  4. A win is a win. Whether it’s swansea or liverpool, it’s still 3 points.

  5. Just Another Luke

    Just like the result at OT… 😉

  6. Your criticism of Gibbs is beyond belief. Gibbs was one of the best players yesterday. His defending was good and was great going forward, something Clichy couldn’t for over six years.


  8. The immaturity of Ramsey disturbs me. Jack should recover quickly.

  9. Just Another Luke

    I have no problems with the critique of Gibbs. He was unsteady at times, while he went AWOL on other occasions.

  10. Good post! Couldn’t agree more. Let’s build on this win. Not the ‘beautiful game’ but nevertheless very important. For the minds of the players and for the league table. We have new players who’ll have to adept and important players missing in Gervinho, TV5 and Wilshere.
    Let’s have some patience!

  11. We got the points but are well down on sheer class. Arsene needs to spend big in the January window to make us compete at the highest level. The signings bring experience and cool heads but we will struggle to win anything this year.

  12. Motm,scot sinclair

  13. a win is a win unless your arsenal, never a truer word spoke!

  14. All i knw is dat, Arsene need a lot work to do n dat team, dis a cheap goal.

  15. man u scraped points one way or another last season and won the cup arsenal have to hang in there until form and confidence come back the tallent is there for champions place and cup and still be team most would want to whatch

  16. not a convincing win and lots of work needs to be done. But looking ahead to next week CL game away from home, bet it’ll be a different and better performance from the team. I just have the feeling that this season Arsenal will rely on Gervinho to provide firepower up front and support for RVP to bang in goals.

  17. Hicks the gooner

    United stardd poorly last year( yea they didn’t loose two of the first 4) Chelsea where unstoppable and well we were Arsenal. This year man u are unstoppable Chelsea well they look ok but we are still Arsenal. Let’s forget what people say let’s not be negative a 1-0 win Is far better than a 8- 2 defeat. And we did not concead has to be good for the confidence of the team. UP THE ARSENAL!!

  18. .I can’t believe you just said gibbs defending was good! Its evident we was not seeing the same game. The dude was all over the flace man. As a fullback, you shouldn’t back-out of tackles, you should hold your ground, else, the winger/forward would run you riot! Lucky ramsey was on point yesterday to cover up for gibbs many lapses!! Theo was trash!! He should cut down on the new found vocal cords a lil, and concentrate on beating defenders on the run.. Maybe see some more TH14 tapes over the week or something. RvP10 didn’t have the required midfield service, AA23 upped a level. MA8 was class enuf for a debutant. AR18 held is own..MODM imo! frimpong’s still got a tad to learn! PM4 had a decent one. LK6 was awesome in the defence. BS3 was a bit not on his usual. S13 was terrific as usual, bar the last min. Scramble.

  19. Gibbs was terrific,and anyone watching the game without a negative mindset,even subconciously, towards him would agree.
    Other than that,a good article.
    Unfortunately,I do not think Theo will ever be any better than he is right now,so I would let him go.
    When matched against fullbacks with speed,he loses his advantage,and is totally negated on the wing….in the middle,it may be different.
    We would get top dollar for him,and Ox will do a siimilar job right now,but with massive scope for improvement.
    He would probably get a gig with a mid table club as a striker and go well.
    I am not knocking him,I just don’t think we need him.

  20. G Clarke

    United have won many trophies in the last six years and made 3 CL finals. We, on the other hand have won NOTHING. Don’t compare us to United. We aren’t in their league.

    The problem is- we have been average and played against one of the worst teams in the league. The goal was a fluke, a gift from their gk. If not because of him we would have never scored a goal in this match.

    We still can’t defend, we aren’t creative enough and we DO NEED a 30+ goals a season striker. RVP isn’t that guy and Chamakh is a total joke.

    Peter Storey said yesterday that Wenger has lost the plot and that he is expecting us to finish 7th or 8th.
    Based on our 8:2 trashing and game against Swansea I can only agree with him.

    In 3 days time we will play against Dortmund and it can be another defeat for us since Dortmund’s midfield and defence is far superior than ours.
    Yes, Dortmund lost their last match but only because of the fact that they were resting many players. They have nothing to prove, they are champions of Germany. We have a lot to prove, since 2008 we are a joke of a Club.

    Peace and have a great Sunday!

  21. A win is a win, end of.

    I’d love to know what language Adeyemo is ‘speaking’, because I can’t understand a word!

  22. 1st win was a relief! I feel that theo is better coming on off the bench in the last 30mins of games. He doesnt seem focused across 90mins and shorter games let him open up his afterburners more? Im still a bit concerned about Mertesacker because 3 times his man beat him to the ball in dangerous positions. Once was even in the air! Arteta looks like he fit straight in & pulled all the strings in midfield. His passing was very precise into feet most of the time & I think he’ll create most of our goals to come.

  23. I agree with you about Chamakh – give credit where its due, he tracked back several times to tackle & help out deeper, then his run was timed perfectly and he outjumped Swansea to get a decent headed effort late on – he really deserved a goal. If Chamakh keeps his effort up at that level more often then it will prove Wenger was right to keep him over Bendtner.

  24. Arsenal were poor today, but who gives a rat’s ass. They got 3 points, a clean sheet and NO red card. The road back will be a long and hard one but I sense this will be the start to the formation of a credible spine down the middle of the team. Perhaps the last 6 months is what we needed.

    Up the Gunners!

  25. “I’d love to know what language Adeyemo is ‘speaking’, because I can’t understand a word!”


    Im just glad we won. Im not sure Ramsey is quite up to the task yet. Well at least he wont get too much abuse withy him being british.

    WE just need to keep dragging out results till we flow better. It will happen there is alot of talent in the side.

  26. Maciek,
    Peace and have a great Sunday far far away from ACLF & Arsenal PLEASE u joke of a supporter!
    We have NOTHING to prove to all you dimwits out there.
    Nuff said YW…nice post.

    We march on
    Tuesday: Dortmund.


  27. maciek
    peter storey wont be managing any premier clubs any time soon so you can take his opinion with a pince of salt and although it is easy to say we one nothing that is totally disregarding what we have done in recent seasons , which is pretty good compared to most

  28. Well done yogi, I don’t care how we win as long as we are winning

  29. stafs – no one is perfect and no matter what game you play you dont get everything right. Mert got beat one time in the air. Really? one time and you are complaining. comon.

    the point is to do more right than wrong. Did he do that?

  30. so are people gonna stop belittling Kos now? Next time he has a bad day can we not throw him in the bin again. im a little sick and tired of people overlooking him. and you know its because the press cant be bothered to give him credit so some of numpty fans cant give him credit.

  31. GW, Kos was MOTM for me yesterday, superb.

    Gibbs did look rusty, and certainly the left was our most vulnerable area.

    Arteta slotted in very nicely, would be interesting to see his pass completion stats from yesterday, as I would say it must of been close to 100%.

    On another note, Peter Storey has not been involved in football for 30 years so who cares what he says, he is a yesterdays man.

  32. The people criticising Merts are the ones who still think we should have bought Cahill instead because of course he is helping Bolton to be so defensively solid! Like the 2 doomers I heard on my way to the ground yesterday going on about how Arsene should have bought Samba and Parker! Let’s not give a player time to adjust to a new team and league or cut him some slack given that he has had 1 training session with his new team!

    I agree with Yogi’s assessment of Gibbs yesterday. I was sitting right behind where he was defending first half and he started off very hesitant and looked rusty. He did play himself more into form and improved significantly in the second half.

    goonerwife I agree. Kos was his usual excellent self yesterday. He’s a bit like Sagna, quietly and efficiently going about his business without attracting the praise his performances deserve, but one step out of line and everyone is ready to come down on him like a ton of bricks.

  33. Exactly right, Yogi. Anyone who expected an almost entirely new side with just a couple of days’ training together under their belts to fire on all cylinders was unrealistic. The result was paramount. And the side will get stronger as they start to gel, Song and Gervinho return from suspension, and other injured players recover. I wouldn’t judge the side for at leash another month yet. Pre-season (unfortunately) effectively begins now.


  34. We are stronger, or as good as last year all over the pitch apart from where Cesc was.
    So we should be challenging .
    The problem is we are ,or appear,mentally weaker than at this time last year.
    Now if it turns out that United and City have improved and pulled away then so be it .Money may have won the day.
    But however it turns out there is nothing to stop us from taking huge pleasure from our team.That is what it should be about.Nothing else,Winning stuff is a bonus,Supporting is what it should all be about.

  35. I thought winning when playin poorly was the sign of a good team!

    I liked the way MOTD showed all Merters mistakes, now i wonder who’s fukin idea that was. shlags.

  36. George,

    The brutal truth is we have never been as far away from the mancs then we are now. you said it your self mate. we are £400m away from em!!!

  37. Duke,Lol,take no notice of what I say mate .I know fuck all 🙂

  38. Tim good point, hence the reason we should have bloody conducted our transfer business at the start of the window. i seriously beleive if it were not for our pant pulled down bent over whip arsing at man utd we would not have seen the amount of investment we have seen and needed.

  39. It was all a bit mixed yesterday, but as has already been said, the squad haven’t really had enough time to work together. Mertesacker didn’t meet up with the squad until Thursday and Santos hasn’t played a competitive match since the Copa America.
    It is funny how there is a real mix between rose-tinted glasses and doomers on here this morning, those not giving the squad a chance to gel are already writing us off whilst others defend the players at all odds.

    I agree with some of the criticisms, but not all, from yesterday:

    Gibbs looked very rusty, but had little support against their nippy right winger until Ramsey helped out. Gibbs appears to be unsure as to whether he should close the player down, or back off whilst tryingto stay in the player’s path. Whilst this ensures he doesn’t end up on his arse up the field whilst the player takes advantage of the huge hole left, it does allow wingers a free run into the area where the attacking options increase significantly.

    There has been much made of Walcott’s inability to play as a true winger, with many saying that he doesn’t have that “trick” needed to beat a full back, but I think he needs to use his pace a bit more when taking on those full backs. I only saw him play the ball down the line past the full back and chase onto it once yesterday, when there is so much space down the channel he should surely be using it more rather than waiting for the FB to close him down and then try to beat him. If Theo flicks the ball down the line and chases it the FB has to either take him out (a free kick), or try to beat him for pace (unlikely). We did pick up a couple of free kicks that way yesterday (and one nailed on one that the ref didn’t give).

    I felt Ramsey probably had his best game of the season in an Arsenal shirt yesterday, he moved around the pitch picking the ball up from a deeper role, helping out down the channels as well when needed. A much different player than the one who maybe felt a bit over burdened with his role in the team following our high profile midfield departures in our first three games. The MOTM performance for Wales against England clearly did him a lot of good.

    Arteta started with a bang, really grabbing the midfield by the scruff of the neck. It was unlikely he would be able to continue at the pace for the whole game, but even with a more subdued performance in the second half he has an amazing ability to find those quality passes from the middle of the field. He is likely to be the key man in a number of games this season, especially with the likes of Gervinho and Wilshere back in the fold. Players like Ox and Ryo are also going to benefit from his vision when they get a run-out in the team.

    I’ve just booked my ticket for the Carling Cup game against Shrewsbury Town, I’m guessing Ryo, Ox and Jenks get a run-out for that one with Fabianski between the sticks. Any views on the rest of the team?

  40. “At least we won”. Your youngest son is spot on there Yogi. As I said yesterday the last thing we want to do at this time is to set unrealistic expectations for this NEW team. There’s work to do, we all know that and it’s not going to happen in 2 or 3 games. Don’t kick their arses when they win FFS. We would have been delighted with this result if it was the League cup final. Let’s get real, give them a bit of grace and wait till the new year to judge.

  41. reading around, i think its actually funny that the ppl who love the style we play and are proud we try to win leagues playing the ‘proper way’ are over the moon we played shit and got a result..at the same time, the ppl who have been calling for us to get scrappy and grind out results are fucking moaning when we do it..

    three points, clean sheet, no injuries..

    it’ll do..

  42. Kos just shades AA to me for MOTM… Kos was immense. I don’t think there’s a better passer in central defence than Kos. He gets both the short and long passes right. Now I honestly believe AA is wasted on the wings. He’s best position is just behind the striker and being allowed to drift around. He found lots of space especially in the first half yesterday.

    Good link up play between Arteta and RVP, they showed good understanding between each other.

    Walcott, the less said the better.

    Frimpong had a decent game, a little bit loose with his passing but made up for it with good energy. I think a year on loan has really helped Le Cog.. I wish Frimmers can get such time with a good PL team.

    Ramsey dwells on the ball a little bit longer than necessary, maybe because there wasn’t a lot of movement ahead of him. Rosicky will bring in much more dynamism. I must confess, I was impressed with Ramsey’s defensive contribution..did a lot of covering for Gibbs..

    Good performance all round. Next Dortmund

  43. motd should have show the “great” cahill many mistake against MU ,well he was worst than mert

  44. I want AW to string in some changes from the Swansea game for Dortmund, but fear too many changes might affect team cohesion (if it exists ATM).

    I’ld love to see Santos for Gibbs, Song for Frimmers, Rosicky for Ramsey and Gervinho for Theo.. This I believe should be our starting 11 till Wilshere and TommyV return. I’m seriously rooting for Arshavin, he’s game is beginning to pay dividends.

  45. A win yes.But the performance was poor especially in the 2nd half.Lets be honest we wont play many if any worse teams than Swansea yet no one could have argued with them getting a draw

    As you said YW Walcott is so fucking frustrating.When will he ever learn to cross a ball.He has been at the club for 5 years FFS.

    Gibbs showed why we have signed Santos.Not only is he injury prone he isnt very good at defending.So many times caught out of position

    Ramsey is a big worry.His form all this season has been poor.It Jack wasnt injured he wouldnt be starting

    And why does Wenger keep playing one upfront.Both City and United play two upfront home and away.RVP is isolated

    But we have the best keeper in the prem on form in Szczesny.What a save.Although there are still some misguided fools on here who think Flappy is better.He isnt muppets

    Its going to be a long hard season and the target is 4th place no higher

  46. @ YW
    Absolutely spot on. Your title says it all! Nice to see you noticed Benayoun. He reminded me of a pre-injury Rosicky.

    Great comments as well from Billyboy.

    @ JonJon | September 11, 2011 at 11:29 am
    You’ve actually got this backards. The people who love our style of play still love our style of play. But as usual we are realistic and a win of any kind, given what has happened, was what we called for and got.

  47. An honest assessment as usual YW.

    It has to be small steps for the squad right now. With so many personnel changes partnerships will take time to improve.

    The new signings on show all looked OK although I get the feeling Mert is being lined up by the media already. Cahill was awful yesterday by the way.

    Tat, yeah Kos has a range of passing which a good amount of PL midfielders would like.

    Jon Jon @11.29 , ha , so right !

  48. Who the f*ck cares what the press and the AAA blogs say? The sooner they f*ck off the better. Like it or not, we are rebuilding slowly but surely. 1-0 suits me fine. Takes care of the irrational expectations.

    Looking forward to Tuesday. Apparently Dortmund is a well run club like ours and their youth project is alive and well. They had a close scrape with bankruptcy some years back but followed the same template as AW’s and are healthy. Won the the Bundesliga title last year, not only because of the young talent, but evidently due to the Germans not allowing financial doping of their football. No Oil City, no Chelseas and not even United with their funny financials are allowed. As usual the English press and blogs can’t bring themselves to highlight this salient fact as much as they now admit how well the League is run, even this piece: http://thisisfutbol.com/2011/09/blogs/the-proof-that-the-arsenal-model-can-work?

  49. Its been a terrible 6 months

    Lose a 4 goal lead
    Lose a cup final to a relegation bound team
    Go from 2nd to 4th in the last 2 weeks of the season
    Lost 8-2
    Worse start in 20 yars

    A 1-0 win v relegation certainties is greeted like a CL final win.How things have changed in Wengerland

  50. irrational expectations? give me strength…

    this was fucking Swansea, not Barcelona!

  51. Dortmund team Santos in for Gibbs Song for Frimpong Benayoun for Ramsey and Gervinho for Walcott

  52. Did anybody see how Chicharito make a fool of Cahill yesterday in that 1st goal? Will there be a public inquiry by the English press of that shambolic defending vs the inquest into Mertsacker’s performance? At least PM was glued to the attacker but Sir Cahill was MIA.
    Like I said f*ck the press.

  53. Well said Yogi.

    3 points in the bag. Onto the next. We can’t expect a team missing two of its best players, two debutants, a LB lacking match sharpness and dealing with the absence of three of last years first teamers to produce fireworks.

    It would have been nice if Ramsey buried his early chance and we had a platform to reduce our goal difference deficit. It would be nice if my girlfriend looked like Mila Kunis.

    Arteta was solid and Mertsacker promising. His pace of lack of it will be negated when a stronger partnership if formed with TV/Kol.

    Well done boys, tough midweek game coming.


  54. shezzer
    saggy tv sacker andre
    wilts bilong arteta
    vinyho rmvp andre2

    this is a top team if all were fit.

    whith a bench of……. cotty, benny,kozer,oxo,makhy,gibbsy,sicks.

  55. And the finish from AA was amazing. The angle looked impossible!

  56. YW

    Did it not cross your mind that Chamakh did well was because he replaced RVP.He was good last season as the lone striker 10 goals
    RVP and Chamakh cant play together.It just doesnt work

  57. When you look at Utd and City, they are bubbling at the moment. Our time will come and their form will drop, its a long season. We need to string a few results together until we get 5-6 players on top form and not get carried away as to where will finish yet. Our best football is in front of us. Keeping a clean sheet was important yesterday, Bacary Sagna in particular had a great game and the atmosphere in the ground wasn’t bad, for a change. Lets build on it!

  58. Shotta,

    You need to stop reeling out your socio-political leftist anti capitalist bullshit on here daily. We are all aware of our competitive landscape, either your knuckle down and deal with it, or you moan like a little bitch about it.

    Let’s make sure our house in order as best as it can be, and see where that leaves us.

    Oh, as for Cahill I see you tactfully decide to ignore how Jones, Young, Parker performed yesterday……

    He was a Wenger target, we missed out on him, he may come in January, so stop your little crusade. Its boring.

  59. And yet when Utd win 1-0 nothing in an ugly and unconvincing fashion we are told it is the way of champions, finding a way to win even when they are not playing well. Ignore the fucking pundits, enjoy the victory and enjoy the CL football against Dortmund on Tuesday(?).

    COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. @ PW
    I love our style and I don’t want us to become a functional team, in the sense of setting up to play functional football deliberately, but I’ve always understood that we are not going to get beautiful football every time. Many times I have defended the team for just getting through a game when others (like some people today) complain bitterly about the performance. Winning with beautiful football remains the aim, but under the circumstances, it was most important just to get a win under our belt.

  61. As usual genius observations by Luke. What a trooper.

  62. Marcus, I don’t agree – a couple of times last season Chamakh with RVP just behind him looked very good.

    No reason why that wouldn’t work, in fact, at home it would be nice to play 2 up front against teams who defend in numbers.

  63. Theo was utterly abysmal yesterday, has he just stopped progressing out on the right altogether? I wonder what Wenger’s got planned for him, it’s a real concern though as I’d have expected the arrival of the Ox to have given him a kick up the backside.

  64. Who gives a damn about what an ex-convict like ‘Peter Storey’ says. A win is a win. Three(3) points in the bag and a clean sheet is a good way to start after a month to forget. Go arsenal! One step at a time.

  65. In the face of financial doping moaning like a bitch is the way forward.
    If you believe something is fundamentally wrong you have a duty to keep bitching until somebody listens

  66. As usual Shotta, an attack on the media, rich clubs and Cahill.


  67. As usual Luke,an attack on Shotta



  68. george,

    ‘If you believe something is fundamentally wrong you have a duty to keep bitching until somebody listens’

    where does it leave the Arsenal moaners then?

  69. Suga,i thought you ve a site where losers like you go to moan. We won against a good team with 11 disciplined men and have 3pts in the bag! Those saying it took a mistake to get the goal re stupid. Pls show me a goal scored that has not been as a result of mistake,player or keeper. Now nobody is talking about liverpool’s loss to stoke or maybe it was just liverpool’s mistake.

  70. What’s with the Theo bashing?

    If his shot had gone in during that first half the narrative of some comments above would be different.
    The twisting and the turning and the twining he was enjoying (took out two defenders. Theo !) before his shot rebounded via the ‘keeper into Arshavin’s path for the goal would not have been possible if he had spent the last three seasons pinging the ball thirty yards ahead of himself down the line and the running after it like a good little orthodox right ole whinger. At times maybe he could ‘mix it up’ a little more, but it’s not too hard to figure out what he’s been up to.

    Anyway if he’s actually out of form at any point during the season then there is Gervais, Ryo and AOC to compete for a start, not to mention Yossi and Arshavin. Afobe?
    Flippin eck.
    Enjoy the win!

    Oh yeah.
    For gr*ts sake, Theo Walcott plays like some kind of an Inside Forward. Not a Whinger.
    Has done since before that hat-trick against Croatia. Same as those guys who play for Barfa, Villa and Pedro* (more like Pedro of course. Pedro is a little older and I find him a useful measure for our own Theo. Theo’s coming on just fine.).

    Listening to the plundits and fans, it’s like hearing a cricket commentator/fan constantly refer to a leg spinner as an off spinner. Dumb. Dumb. And Dumber.

    Sort it out.

    * I can just imagine the reaction of the Barfa fans after their 2-2 result yesterday:
    ‘Waaah, Pedrto was sheeeit. Always a threat, missed a few half chances. He’s rubbish. Why can’t we have Aaron Lennon instead?’

  71. George – Has it struck you how the truth hurts the pricks? They would prefer a site moaning and bitching about AW while concurrently sucking the balls of Slur Alex.

  72. < Listening to some plundits &…

  73. Shotta-

    “Did anybody see how Chicharito make a
    fool of Cahill yesterday in that 1st goal?”

    Well, don’t totally blame Cahill for that goal, Chicharito’s movement was just great (too much for Cahill to handle,maybe). Atimes, we only need to salute the quality of the goal. Obviously there will be no media inquest to Bolton’s shambolic defending of which Cahill was part of.

  74. theo has games like that..
    but although hes inconsistent hes also a match winner so the benefits of him in the team outweigh the negatives..

    theos better as an impact sub to be honest..a gamechanging sub..

    but we’ll never find the consistency until we find someone who can actually fit that position and make it look natural and not just play there cos hes fast..

  75. Can’t argue with a word Yogi.
    Now then. Anyone else use ATVO or Arsenal Player, as they now call it? If so please drop them a quick line begging them to stop showing the score. Utterly ruined my weekend as I was away and deliberately avoided the result in order to watch on ATVO when I got home.
    The front page of the web site told me the score and who scored and when and the player displays the score clearly beneath the match.
    Fucking imbecilic.

  76. mic,

    ‘we won against a good team’

    you mean, a team with zero goals scored in the league thus far and pretty much dead certs to be relegated?

    I was there mate and three situations aside, we did not look like scoring…

  77. Even if arsenal should win d league title, some fans wil stil complain. a win is a win ( especially united) except arsenal.
    The only thing i want to ask those castigatin our players is, how well are they doin in their private life? are u d best u can b in ur careers? were u or are u d best in ur class? are u d best among ur peers? are u older or younger than bill gate nd what outstandin things hav u done in ur lives?
    U know what? it takes pple who have archieved success to appreciate d effort of others

  78. Suga3,It leaves them uninformed,ignorant and misguided,Where else?
    But they do have the right to complain,They should just stick to the correct forum.

  79. Well written, buy yourself a drink or two
    Very realistic and lets hope some supporters read the message, we cant have champagne football all the time.
    We have too work very very hard this season and not fight shadows, given the current form of manchester city and united we are unlikely to win the EPL.

    We still have to resolve some of the issues at broad and executive level, and some of the coaching isses and dip into the January transfer market.

  80. Steww,you have my admiration mate.
    I have to have Sky Sports on because they are 10 seconds ahead of my stream.How the hell can you wait?

  81. Funny to see how out of nowhere you come charging in to start an argument Luke, wonder what got got you going this time? ‘lefty bullshit’ insulting your right wing views on the world, the defence of one of OUR players (not a ‘potential’ signing, an actual fucking signing) in the context of highlighting the fact that the piece of ass you’ve been sniffing around all summer actually had a mare? Honestly, do one

  82. suga
    i hear what your saying dude but there was times last season we couldnt fucking buy a shot on goal and thats when we had cesc and nasri..

    it was only swansea but id have taken a scrappy one-zilch against newcastle and westbrom at home last season rather than have 99% possesion and get beat..

  83. Layksite,

    if Arsenal were to win the league, I would change my name to ‘AKB’ and be over the moon, simple as that…

    as for the probing about the personal success of people who like to have a moan when it’s due, I can only speak for myself, but I have a pretty successful career, have won quite a few awards in sports (admittedly when I was younger), science, hell, even took third place (actually, we were the best band, two top spots were taken by solists) in the national music competition, so believe me, I know what it takes to achieve success…

    I do appreciate the effort, but sometimes you have to admit that you are out of your depth, take last night Klitschko v Adamek fight for example, the latter was a trier, but the former beat the shit out of him without breaking sweat anyway!


    how is calling things correctly before they happen any of these things?

  84. Agree Theo was not at his best, but he was playing better when he came more central. Kos was a rock and the new boys did well. Benny was very lively and is bringing a new more direct aspect to our play. I saw the start of something promising yesterday. The first green shoots of spring poking through after a long and harsh winter.

    Gutted that ox didn’t get a run out. His warming up was excellent entertainment during the endless stoppages yesterday!

    Was my first game attended since 2010 and a great day out. What did people think of the support? Seemed vocal enough from either end but very quiet where I was sitting on the halfway line. I did my best to change that of course!

    Oh, and well done Chamakh. I hope some of his teammates can start to take advantage of his knockdowns. We could have a more varied attack this season with our current options. Maybe we were getting a bit stale last couple of years.

    Just wish Rambo could have released one of our boys when we broke from their last minute corner. Looked like we had 3 men over and would have been a nice way to round things off.

  85. Oh for crying out loud…..we won..how come we never get the “winning while not playing well” plaudits….

    It was important we won..to carry momentum into midweek..a good result in dortmund..and another hard fought scrappy win at blackburn would do just fine…we should win the carling cup tie against shrewsbury in all fairness and then bolton at home…

    This can realistically be 5 wins on the trot, and then watch us turn on the style, even 4 wins and a draw in germany would do fine…I think this run of games can be the springboard for our season as we slowly get our confidence back…..

    I believe!!!

  86. @ steww
    But I rely on the website if I can’t follow the match. I hate not knowing the score. this is an example of fans wanting opposing things – very hard to please everyone. What does irritate me is that it seems to take so long to upload the match video, longer than it did before.

  87. tateezee | September 11, 2011 at 1:02 pm
    Just saying where is the media inquest?
    At least PM did not lose his man at the near post who in truth did get a toe poke on the ball which took a world class save to keep out.

  88. Martin Samuel ,hack extraordinaire,said on the Sunday Supplement that Stoke(26% possession at home by the way)would threaten Arsenal’s 4th place.
    I mean seriously,this guy gets paid to write about football.

  89. lol so they critizise Arsenal for buying a Defender that no other big clubs were after? good think we did not buy Cahill then cos absolutley nobody except from Tottenham was after him…. In the logic of the mirror he thus have to be a crap player…

  90. YW – very solid analysis…..

    The line up yesterday was an example of the squad missing 4-5 usual starters; throw into the equation, we had three players making their Arsenal debut; THE TEAM DID WHAT THEY NEEDED TO DO to earn the 3 points. Over the course of a season……..not every match will be worthy of a dvd recording.

    I’ll take our 3 points (its a good start in rebuilding confidence) and focus at the next task in hand, Dortmund.

    “but we’ll never find the consistency until we find someone who can actually fit that position and make it look natural and not just play there cos hes fast.”


    Most supporters want the team to succeed – the line up for success should not matter.

  91. @gooner ted why do you care if the preformance was poor? you go to the match to be entertained or to win? Last time i checked you were more into winning than to “tippy tappy”.
    If we play this shit every match and win a trophy who are you to critizise?
    We dont even have to bee good. we can be shit for 90 mins aslong as we have a goal more than the oponent.
    This is what alot of arsenal fans have asked for the entire last season. Less glamour more winning. Now we win as ugly as they come. It was a boring match, alot of the players were under pair, it was not exciting to watch, im sure even Rooneys ass is more lovley to watch than our team last nite, but we won, wich is all that counts. those three points.

    @Mackie are you jealouse of United and their supporters or something? WHY DO YOU CARE HOW WE WIN? and how many times does the team have to win before you support them? we win and that is all that should concern you. trophies is ALL that you should be worried about not wheter we play poor or well to win. are you thick or something?

  92. There seems to be this notion that every team that arsenal plays, if they so much as get a sniff of goal then it is a disaster, we must sack wenger and get roy hodgson in. It’s absolutely unbelievable that people are so dissillusioned. The “mighty” united get countered and attacked all the time, i mean against Bolton, beilieve it or not, they got attacked alot and nobody mentions how poor they’re defence was, but they scored more goals and they are united so we must all bow our heads whilst sniffing up their pungent ass crack.

    Arsenal won

    We had more chances

    Arshavin looks back to his best

    Arteta is NOT fabregas lite, he is his own gem

    Mertasacker will get better

    And link play between van persie and arteta was sublime.

    WE are Arsenal. Do not read the absurd articles out there, just look forward to Tuesday’s champions league where teams will not park the bus.

  93. I think time is gone for being happy with “only a win”. “only a win” is not enough. Unless we burrie the bottom teams 5-0 like the manchester teams we are just not good enough. Its not about winning its about winning with style. Not achieving that is just rubbish. Winning with some luck(like united did some matches last year) is just not good enough.. not far good enough. 3 pnts its not good enough. 3 pnts and looking convincing is what matters.

  94. @vince i thought Theo was ok for England. And he plays the same position there. If Sanga could cross as well as Gibbs, Chamakh would have plenty to head away this season btw.

  95. @scott gibbs was rusty. but we should be happy this was not his best game, as we all know how good he can be when he is at his best. He showed glipms last nite but imagin how good he will be when he fires on all syliners. He will be a very good player indeed.

    Btw, the fact that Smalling plays LB for England. Where is Glen johnson? and is there really no other good LBs in this country than a United CB? I mean surly that cant be the case? if so its disturbing…
    Also i read that the core of England will be build on United. Who would wanna watch United vs Germany, United vs Spain and United vs Holland?

  96. When united strugle for a win, they say: d hall mark of a champion is the ability to squeez out result on days they didnt perform… I bet those words are not in the dictionary specialy prepared for Arsenal… Can any team play at its best in all of his38 matches in the EPL??? Even our unbeaten squad didnt managed it… If u cant acept us as we are feel free to suport swansea and be happy every weeks..

  97. Tom Cleverly broken foot?

  98. FunGunner,

    Yup, no such thing as a bad win & yesterday`s was vital to confidence.

    A first step up that long ladder

  99. @ SUGA – What an absolute delight it was to read about your sucessess. As concieted and self righteous as ever. I bet you do lots of work for charity too don’t you. CLAP CLAP CLAP.

  100. as a matter of fact, I am about to sign up to do some voluntary work helping out with transporting blood and organs between the Essex hospitals, how’s that?

  101. I am watching Arsenal player 2nd half and Andrei has ,in the first 3 minutes , given instructions to Gibbs,Frimpong and Theo.
    He is a little star of a player and a star of a man

  102. @SUGA – give yourself a pat on the back. And a clip round the earhole from me.

  103. feeling a bit silly now, eh?

  104. Its almost getting to the point where the league us already been decided and we might as well fuck off and not bother.

    We win and thats still not good enough.

    Moan bitch and whine and be pompous and smug about it too.

    Fucking hell football is dying on its arse I tell ya.

    The fact some ex Arsenal player has written off Mertesacker and Gervinbho after one game is quite pitiful and the exat type of shit the hacks love to print.

    Jaap Stam looked shite, garbage when he signed for United (dont remember any other big teams wanting him either) and he turned out alright.

    In fact when Sol started at our place, the hacks were writing him off because obviously once he signed for us, he wasnt any good any more.

    I’ll take and scrappy, nervy victory after the summer we’ve had.

    Up the Arse!

  105. I’m not sure why Theo is being lined up as this season’s scapegoat. He is currently our leading goal scorer and has a lot to do with why we are still in the CL. He had an off day yesterday, which doesn’t surprise me since he had an injury scare prior to the game and who knows whether he was really 100%? Even the best players have days when not everything is clicking, but somehow when it comes to our players some of you so called supporters are only too quick to put the boot in. But it’s also interesting to see how quickly some rush to make excuses for players that do not play for our team.

    Anyway, the Theo out brigade will get their wish as according to the player himself he is suspended for Tuesday due to the yellow he picked up against Udinese.

  106. Passenal

    I completely understand the Theo haters;

    They are wankers, thats all you need to know.

    He is a goal threat and his goal vs Udinese should tell anyone all they need to know why he is an important player for us. But I have always been a fan of his. people seem to want him to do things that arent part of his game, even though in other areas, including finishing, he has improved immensely.

  107. “he has improved immensely.”

    Which is more than can be said about your mood Dexter,or so it seems 🙂

  108. Dexter, if they actually followed the team as closely as they claim, they would know that Theo is not actually a winger. He is a right sided striker and is pretty good at it. He may not get down the line and whip in regular crosses, but that is not actually his main purpose. When he is on form though, he links up well with RVP and made some good assists for him last season. I expect to see that partnership take off again soon.

  109. Im still gloomy as a mutha fucker george! Just got back from the hospital, visiting a dear old friend called football! Doesnt look good man!

  110. Jabba's Delights

    Great write up

    I agree some of the players appeared to play within themselves. Confidence was obviously going to be quite low. Delighted we got the vital win and who knows that Graham miss could prove to be huge for our season.

    Was pleased with the new signings performances and it was good see Arteta show that he still has that burst of pace and power which is so important to be successful in the final 3rd.

    Hopefully like a house being built the players confidence will come back brick by brick.

    Scezesny is developing into a wonderful player and you get the sense he truly loves the club. We really have what you sense is a great influx of arsenal educated youth players about to start holding a number of positions in the squad.

    Good to see Liverpool slipping up.

  111. yes i’m miffed with the theo slaters. the guy is a striker, when we bought him form Southampton when he looked very good he was playing as a striker, if you ask me this is all Wengers doing coz he plays him out wide too bloody much, granted it is hard to fit him in but surely he has to play upfront with rmvp just behind, i’d like to see this.

    saggy koz mertersacker santos
    rosicky arteta song arshavin
    rvp theo

  112. but then gervinho is a starter… where to play him.

  113. duke

    He’s fine where he is mate. He scores and assists on a regular basis man. I can see him playing more centrally too though, especially now we have Ryo and the Oxo kid coming through.

  114. duke

    If thats your team for Tursday, then I would rest Arshavin. He’s played a lot lately while Gervinho should be well rested after his ban.

  115. I’ve said before i’d like to see how well someone like Owen would have done stuck out wide.

  116. He’d have been shite mate most probably.

  117. exactly dex. makes theo all the better for actually being a better winger then the likes of Aaron lemon who is a natural winger.

  118. Important 3 points yesterday. Who gives a flying fuck how it came about?

    We looked pretty solid I though. Amazing save from Szchezny early on which does not seem to have gotten that much attention. It was brilliant. We got a bit of luck for our goal, but even then it was a superb finish by AA. Not easy from that angle.

    New signing played well, but Theo was pretty pump. He needs to be careful, I suspect AOC will be after his stop sooner rather than later.

    We struggled with creativity during the game, but given the team was devoid of Cesc, Nasri, Gervihno, and Wilshere there is little surprise there. Once we have adapted an have our missing players back we should get back into our grove hopefully. I thought Ramsey was very busy, and has a great engine on him. Pops up all over the pitch and want5s the ball all of the time. Needs some end product, but when he gets it he is going to become a very good player.

  119. Funnies comment of the day:

    Luke: “You need to stop reeling out your socio-political leftist anti capitalist bullshit on here daily. We are all aware of our competitive landscape, either your knuckle down and deal with it, or you moan like a little bitch about it.”

    Yeah, Shotta, you Marxist revolutionary, stop being so anti-capitalist. You and the president of Sevilla should go and hang out with Daniel Ortega. Hahahhahahahaha!!!!!

    By the way, Luke just learned the words socio-politcal. That’s why he sounds so stupid and uninformed.

  120. An to all those who are ijn the “theo is a striker” camp. Get over it. He is not going to be a striker in our 433 formation. And nor should he; in a 442 he would be OK, but not as the lone striker.

  121. What the hell’s wrong with leftist anti-capitalists anyway?

    Exploiting them was how I made my first million.


    True man, very true.

  122. Nice post as always Yogi.

    3 points is 3 points and I have always been a big fan of being able to win ugly. I have probably said 10,001 times that you have to be able to win games 1 – 0 in order to win in the PL. No complaints about the result or the performance from me.

    I think this is going to be a long season and we will have to grind out a lot of results In the last 6 months it looks like the league has figured out how to defend against our possession game and the 433. Hopefully we will adapt. Strangely I think our team defense will actually be our savior if we are to keep our CL spot. Hopefully they will be up for the challenge.

  123. Job jobbed yesterday. All impressive debut’s. Including mert who will defo bring something that was missing. Arteta was fantastic. Add those skills into a ticking team and we will reap the rewards. Benni was a livewire when he came on. Looked up for it.

    Have to say though, we now have a keeper of world class standard and finally of Seaman skills.

  124. Dexter | September 11, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    I hear what you are saying Dexter, but I guess it’s all relative. We’ve been fortunate in recent times to have a manager who has taken us to the top table in Europe and kept us competitive domestically on extremely limited funds. There are many teams out there with supporters with very little hope of competing or winning anything worthwhile, but they find pleasure in just following their teams and enjoying the highs when they get them. If that is to be our fate because we cannot keep up with the Jones’ so be it. As long as we have Arsene there is always a chance so lets just enjoy him while he is here and make the best of the situation we find ourselves in. This must be what it feels like to be outside the top 2 in Spain. The deck is seriously loaded now towards the monied.

  125. Credit where its due Szcez looks the best keeper in the Prem now, I for one was calling for another keeper in the transfer window, must admit i was wrong.

  126. For how the game went listen to that Arteta interview. We could’ve scored two or three early on and had a completely different result. We were a bit off key, but stayed strong defensively. That was due to the new players not being on the same wavelength as the rest of the team. Arteta is still learning how our attackers move and what he’s required to do. A 1-0 after so many modifications is a result I’d happily take.

    With regards to Theo, I think the referee did a poor job for not booking the Swansea left back early on after he’d fouled Theo three times while the game was less than twenty minutes old. If a team sets out to foul someone rotationally and the ref doesn’t do his job, then what can you do? Watch Cristiano Ronaldo and you’ll notice that he gets shut down when teams double team him. When in this situation he dives and play acts just to get the best out of his markers. Theo didn’t dive yesterday eventhough he suffered the most fouls of any player on the pitch. Despite this I think he did a good job overall and I like that he gets pissed off for the shit treatment he gets. He’s going to be a huge player for us this season.

  127. the good thing about benny and arteta is they like to shoot, hopefully they wont get infected with the just one more pass syndrome.

    and Mertersacker… i wouldnt say he was slow Per se!!.

  128. not the first time a spy!

  129. Duke ,you tell him ,Dont let the doomer’s get away with it. 🙂

  130. Passenal

    I am more concerned where football is heading rather than how Arsenal do to be hinest.

    It is getting to the stage now where unless you have a multi billionaire owner, then you will be destined to feed off scraps for the forseeable future.

    Unless UEFA actually finds its teeth and some balls then things look very bad.

    Wages are the real issue here, Rooney held Utd to ransom coz he knew how much he could get at City and nasri knew exactly what was on offer there 18 months before his contract was up at Arsenal.

    WE cannot compete, nor can any team, not in the longer term anyway.

    I used to love boxing as much as I live football, now I dont even follow boxing, apart from the odd fight.

    Thats how I could it going with football.

  131. Not a bad joke -‘Per se!! for you Duke(must be a first for everything)
    And George i was begining to like you

  132. Geroge has lost another potential new friend! 😀

  133. Classic Dexter

  134. But I have gained a Dukey,The protector of AKB’s

  135. Good strean available for the game yesterday morning Gains?

    Hope you remembered to wear your scarf and hit f5 if the picture stalled.

  136. 1-1 spy.

  137. spy,

    Your not Pat Rice by any chance?

  138. Bradys right foot

    JonJon | September 11, 2011 at 11:29 am

    three points, clean sheet, no injuries..

    it’ll do..

    JJ a pint of perspective m8.

    looking forward to the Germans, Song and Gerv back away win.

  139. Good point re: boxing Dexter. Money men will always have their way.

    UEFA’s strength is ficticious – if they banned clubs in tandem with the FPP regs, said clubs could form an elitest European super league like the NFL with no relegation / promotion.

  140. Dexter | September 11, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    I knew that was what you meant, but when you think about it, it is relative. Fans of smaller clubs would say that there has been a top four and then the rest in the PL for years thanks to CL money. There was a time when we could count ourselves up there, now it is getting harder because as soon as we get a decent team together, we risk losing out to the monied. It very much reminds me of La Liga, where eventually the also rans lose their players to the top two or they go abroad because there is no hope of winning anything against the duopoly or the lack of money coming into those other teams means they have to sell to keep the wolf from the door.

  141. No im not Pat, I would never get caught on the touchline receiving coded messages

  142. Bill, when well executed our 4-3-3 is one of the best formations in the league. It wasn’t well executed yesterday simply because the guy who controlled our passing and direction is not up to speed just yet. When Arteta learns how Van Persie and the players on either side of him play, I think you’ll see a vast improvement from him. Don’t forget we were also missing Gervinho, Song and Jack. With those three back in the side, our 4-3-3 is full of movement and speed.

  143. Nah, Luke. Watched it live on my capitalist 55″ plasma screen tv on ESPN HD. I was in boxer shorts and my Diaby 2 shirt. Too hot for a scarf down here at the moment.

  144. Passenal

    If we drop out of the top 4 then so be it. The money from CL football is chicken feed these days. hardly gets you a Teves, never mind the wages!

    The way things are heading and the way Sky want it to go is for “fans” to follow only the successful teams, regardless of afinity, location etc.

    The thing is, without the likes of Stockport County, Carlisle etc and their fans there would be no top 4.

    I think that gets forgotten, especially when the media and some Gooners decrie the fact we havent won anything for a while.


    Uefa may well be scared of a breakaway league man, but it would probably make the rest of the leagues a lot more competitive! Thats the irony of it. Although I think it would be completely crazy for the teams to even contemplate doing it. The thing is, I bet quite a few of these elite clubs would rather the playing field was a bit more even and fairer, otherwise they will have to find billionaires of their own. I woldnt hold my breath that Uefa would do anything for the good of the game TBH.

  145. Just got done watching Blackburn v Fulham. A tale of Arsenal CBs that were and could’ve been. Senderos, Samba, Dann and Hangeland. Scott Dann wasn’t that bad.

  146. Passenal says:
    September 11, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    “…Theo is not actually a winger. He is a right sided striker and is pretty good at it. He may not get down the line and whip in regular crosses, but that is not actually his main purpose…”

    Exactly, but why did he continue (unsuccessfully for most part) trying to beat his man out wide? His game is obviously built on pace. The LB just had to scurry out wide and gbam, he got the ball. I saw that as an opportunity to take the ball infield and link up with one of the midfielders to cause damage. Not comparing Benayoun and Theo, but that was what Benayoun was able to do well when he came on.

  147. I actually can not wait for the day arsene goes..

  148. Passenal says:
    September 11, 2011 at 4:49 pm

    “…Theo is not actually a winger. He is a right sided striker and is pretty good at it. He may not get down the line and whip in regular crosses, but that is not actually his main purpose…”

    Exactly, but why did he continue (unsuccessfully for most part) trying to beat his man out wide? His game is obviously built on pace. The LB just had to scurry out wide and gbam, he got the ball. I saw that as an opportunity to take the ball infield and link up with one of the midfielders to cause damage. Not comparing Benayoun and Theo, but that was what Benayoun was able to do well when he came on.

    I’m not bashing Theo here, I only want him to exploit and develop his other abilities other than pace.

  149. John , me too mate
    No more worries about top 4 finishes .
    No worrying about the top teams pinching our good players(we wont have any)

    Yes, bring on mediocrity

  150. Be careful for what u wish for, if Arsene goes we have not got too many candidates
    who are ready to step in, The top managers are set at their own clubs, X Arsenal players are a long way off, Bergkamp one day perhaps.Sit tight lads its gonna be a bumpy ride.

  151. (we don’t have any)

  152. i wish for arsene to step down i’m being careful he isn’t god we will survive but to compete again we need the russian or another rich owner because sadly that is the way football has gone

  153. Jonn,and that is Arsene’s fault !!
    And you need your trophies, dont you!!!
    Because your mates support traditional winners like City and Chelsea
    You are everything that is wrong about our society,let alone football

  154. no candidates to take the mantle for £7M salary?

    good one!

  155. Comment of the day from Suga – we didn’t look like scoring apart from the 3 times we looked like scoring.


  156. Suga3,you have seen the Boss’s wage slip have you?

  157. Its worth remembering last season we started out like City and ManUnited are now. Scoring so much, having such a free flow. then we imploded…
    This year its different… which may be a good thing.

  158. but John how will Arsense stepping down bring you a rich russian or a rich american that wanna invest?? its not like Arsene hired Kroenk or did not hire Usmanov…

  159. george,

    it’s no secret that he is on more than £6M p.a., because this is how much he was paid under his previous contract…

  160. Of course if Pep Guadiola wants a challenge………………..

  161. george we haven’t won anything for a while so I don’t need trophies you moron arsenal need to compete we have gone backwards wenger is at fault deal with it.

  162. the must fun is how England are moaning about non of the top clubs taking the National team serious? well non of the owners of the top teams are English, why would they care about the national team of england?? they are not english and proud. they are american and russian and abudabian. They are only in the game to earn money or to promote their country.
    And england find it weird they dont care about the english team? The top top stars of all the clubs except United are foregin anyway. Aguero, Tevez, RvP, Torres, Drogba, Mata, Malouda, Anelka Nani, Valencia, Vidic,Vermaalen.. the list goes on. Wilshere and Rooney will be stand out stars in England most likley, but except from them who are real big stars at egnland atm? then i mean WORLD stars. non.

  163. it won’t poodle i said we need one, wenger will not take us further so i believe a change is needed it is an opinion respect it.

  164. john dont need trophies he needs a sugar daddy that can buy him the agueros and the tevezes in the world. Someone that can pay 250k a week wages. and its AWs fault we dont have it. hes the one who decides that we dont want a sugar daddy.

  165. john i disagree with you, my opinion is that you are wrong. respeect it.

  166. be tough for Pep to follow in Arsene’s footsteps!!

  167. it wont duke cos we will then have a sugardaddy and he can spend 100m on decent marquee signings and that will make able to win the PL. Everything can be bought, so also trophies.

  168. john You say its Wenger’s fault ” arsenal need to compete we have gone backwards wenger is at fault deal with it.”
    And you say”to compete again we need the russian or another rich owner because sadly that is the way football has gone” Which clearly is not Wenger’s fault.
    You have defeated your own argument,without any help from me.
    Well done ,only a true half wit can achieve this.

  169. city will prove that either this year or next. If mancini can win the PL with an unlimited “war chest” then anybody can(anyone decent ofc, im sure Harry and even Big sam would win PL if they had a bottomless treasure chest to pay players with).

  170. we will never know(till someone brings out a book about it)but who ever is responsible for the sort of decisions that made us drop signing Mata is to blame for us not challenging now.

  171. Poodle,not everything can be bought,Otherwise John would have bought himself a decent argument.

  172. Passenal @5.39

    I`ve had similar thoughts about the way the league is going. Liverpool spending over £100M in the hope of grabbing 4th is a sign of desperation.

    We have the best Arsenal manager ever scrambling to compete & he`s most likely p*ssing in the wind , bless him. I hope he`s got his waterproofs on put it that way.

    La Liga is quite ridiculous. A Barca draw in early September is seen as a significant result – why ? because they & RM are expected to win every game. Very similar to Utd, City & Chelsea just now.

  173. Duke ,you know very well why we stopped .
    Chelsea and their deeper pockets,that’s why.Simples

  174. John has returned to Le Grove to brag about his exploits behind enemy lines

  175. george, Matas own father was expecting him to go to Arsenal but we never come up with the money, we stalled and the deal was then off. Chelsea then came in. but lets just agree to disagree on this as i know you will refuse to cave in!!

  176. two totally different points just in the same paragraph forgive me

  177. well if City does win every game this year 5-0 beacaus they got so incredably much players the very core of the popularity of the game, the fact that PL is so competetive is gone.

    United i think have been a bit lucky and are just having a good momentum, they wont winn everything. but City, City have three teams now that are better than ssay Boltons firs team.

  178. @duke, i think we will know everything that happens and have happend the day AW resigns. And i do agree with you that was weird. Maybe it is down to something so simple as Nasri saying “yes im staying and will sign a new contract” which in case we would not need Mata for then to change his mind. Or maybe Cesc was about to stay for then to change his mind.

    AW said something about that in his interview. Players changing minds etc. Or maybe Chelsea just bid far more in both salary and money to the club. Or maybe someone at the board thought he was to xpensive.

  179. Poodle.I agree,
    Just incase anyone has miss what I have said in the past
    City’s owner’s have a wealth in excess of £500 billion .They make Roman look like a dole dosser.
    We can not even begin to compete with them.

  180. Poodle,If you want to know exactly what happened with the Mata deal.Just ask Duke,It seems he is a personal friend of his Dad 🙂

  181. You had to laugh at that one Duke! @George

  182. FUCK OFF John!!

  183. Matt | September 11, 2011 at 7:02 pm
    Comment of the day from Suga – we didn’t look like scoring apart from the 3 times we looked like scoring.


    Lol Matt I was thinking the same thing. Suga3 has been doing some good posting as of late then he says that malarky!!

    Breathe this quote in deep my fellow ACLF’ers.

    “I was there mate and three situations aside, we did not look like scoring…”

  184. A good cameo also by Coquelin (after being one of the few to emerge with credit from Old Trafford) – an exquisite dinked pass over the top towards the end plus good defensive harrying. I wonder if he could be the find (or rediscovery) of the season….

  185. does Coquelin also play right back?

  186. Good,because Jenks is a bit raw

  187. I’ll take a win like yesterday’s any day of the week and twice on Sunday if it means the three points are inthe bag.We never play our cavier football after internationals (a fact most people seem to have forgotten) now add to that 3 new players, our main players being out on suspension or injured. We may have struggled but the important thing is we bagged the three points. Whoever said that Swansea should have been level, looking at how many chances we had at goal they are lucky we only won by a goal, Van persie should have scored atleast three, not to mention Theo and Ramsey and that header by Chamakh.

    I am pretty sure we will gain momentum as the season progresses,atm its one step at a time and am happy with that as long as we continue winning games.

    ooh and those going overboard criticizing Gibbs and Theo, Gibbs had been out for several games so he needed time to recover, whereas Walcott could have done better with a couple of his crossing he did try to play. Good to see my avatar man doing well in defense,also Sagna despite Sinclair being a threat I was never worried because Sagna was onto him every time.

  188. spy,

    I’m always laughing at georges comments.

  189. I can’t really call the ‘negatives’ about this game negatives, because it has to be understood that a team with this many new faces and absentees are not going to look super sharp nor totally in sync.

    3 points, clean sheet, new players looking good and 2 didn’t even play. I look forward to Wilshere, Song and Gervinho working into the mix as well.

    I, as some probably won’t believe, am positive about this squad once they all come together. I only wish Vermaelen was healthy and 100%.

  190. If it was the Mancs the journalists would be tellings us how they know how to grind results out when not playing their best.

  191. 3 points makes me happy regardless of the fact that it was not our greatest display but as I said this morning when Utd win in a similar fashion, it is hailed as a sign of champions. SNICKER!!!! Besides this time last year the Chavs were the pundits choice to win the league as they were running away with it, remember what happened then? Faceplant!! That’s what happened. Clean sheet and 3 points, so fuck off doomers!! Cahill was absolute shite by the way against Utd. I did not watch the game but my old roommate is a Utd fan and he was dying laughing watching the idiot struggle.

  192. Suga lives in Essex, where?

  193. Just loved that surging run of Kos in the second half. Pure class.

  194. irish- yes i remember when Chelsea were thumping everyone at the begining of last season, and I remmeber few pundits who called it one horse race, and they will go unbeaten all season , pundits like fans are fickle you are as good as your last game. Liverpool were the team to dump Arsenal of the C.league spot today I hear different tune about them because they lost a game. I do beleive united have started the season so early with their preparations which gave them the edge, We satrted preparations with players who are no longer in the team and now we have new players but we will catch up over the season and I predict United’s wheels will come off at stage it is up to the teams chasing to take advantage. City is in a similar situation lots of money, new boys with money falling off their pockets as they walk, everything is rosy . lets see how they cope when everyone works out a way of stifling their game, lets see how the millionaires in the team react when things aren’t going so well. there will be lots of questions asked of every single team, how they respond is crucial. a long way to go and lots of football to be played and I’m not thinkng of hanging on to 4th, the title should be the aim once all the boys are back in the team.

  195. 1loosecannon – Well said mate, I for one am Gunning for the title. Do I think we are favorites? No to be honest but I do think we have a CHANCE of winning it, which is more than can be said about a lot of Arsenal fans and every pundit.

    On another note I see Arry Redknapp claiming Ledley King is as good a defender as Alan Hansen and Bobby Moore. In as much as I agree, I have to say it is a bit unfair as the latter two are well past their prime and would look ridiculous running around with men a third of their age!!! Arry must be having a LARF!!!

  196. No wonder alan Hansen loves Arry, if Arry uses him as benchmark for good defenders….

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