The Strongest Arsenal XI Is In The Medical Room For The Swansea Match

Arsenal’s season is twisting in the winds of fate, injuries seeking to wreak havoc through the squad. According to normally unreliable sources, Thomas Vermaelen will miss the next two months having had surgery on his Achilles Tendon once more. It is perhaps the biggest tendon ever recorded, having started in his thigh before the last Premier League fixture, moving down his leg via a shin / calf injury on Physioroom to the now reported ankle.

Given the club knew of this beforehand, and it was bound to come out, why did they not break the news themselves? Were they hoping that he might recover by the weekend and be fit to face Swansea? No, they still have him listed as away on international duty although in fairness, they did tell us that he “did not make the bench” for Belgium’s last international. There was a good reason for that it is now clear.

It also puts a different light on some of the activity in the last few days of the transfer window. Panic buying because of an 8-2 defeat or aware of potential problems in the squad and dealing with them quietly before the moves became public knowledge. No sign of that thought hitting the media, it simply does not fit with the agenda.

Benayoun on loan looks less of a panic-stricken move to cover the loss of Cesc or deficiencies in the squad as a result of one performance, that a buy to provide cover for Wilshere’s absence. Mertesacker being bought twelve months before a free transfer reads more of doubts being raised about the short-term fitness. Had Sebastian Squillaci performed to the level everyone expected when he was bought, would Mertesacker have joined now?

Questions are being asked of Arsenal’s policy of dealing with injuries. Fabio Capello raised the reasonable point that manager’s cannot control injuries that happen on the pitch, bad or poorly-timed challenges will always happen. Questioning the wisdom of letting Wilshere go on holiday rather than treating the injury is not without merit. The injury though was contact, occurring on England duty, exacerbated at The Emirates Trophy.

Judging on his inclusion in pre-season tournaments, there seems to have been a bit of ‘hit and hope’ about the whole affair. The club, it seems, had an idea that Wilshere would be out for several months if surgery was required. Instead of biting the bullet in July and having him return now, they tried to manage the injury, nursing him through a recovery program. It did not work and the wisdom that is questionable.

However, the Arsenal medical team is being criticised for this when the decision would not be their’s to take. Arsène makes player choices, relying on their advice. It seems that it should have been more forcefully put rather than couching bad news in palatable terms. Lessons are there to be learned but please, spare us the histrionics.

There is a sense of crisis building in the back pages, once more a pointless protest takes place claiming to represent the silent majority but with no evidence to back it up. Injury to key personnel, not small ones, ones that keep them out of the side for months. England manager blames club. Negativity rules the waves.

The bright spot even has a downside. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain‘s outstanding displays for England Under 21s are being lauded, the finishing of Henri Lansbury has raised questions over his loan to West Ham. In both cases, caution needs to be applied since the opposition was not strong nor was it a Premier League match. Even so, both deserve congratulations, particularly Chamberlain whose introduction last night brought about a sea change in the England performance.

And to cap Arsène’s day, his expected defeat in a Uefa kangaroo court was confirmed. Happy days indeed.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. reports of Vermaelan’s surgery being the other ankle, not the Achilles he did last year.
    Big blow if this drags on, when Wilshere is out for 2-3 months as well.
    Time for the others to step up.
    Mertesacker got no time to adjust now.

    Nice post as usual, YG

  2. Same Old Arsenal!

    Come on you Reds!!

  3. YW, I meant. my bad

  4. Is it a coincidence we keep getting more injuries than any other club?NO!

  5. this long black cloud is comical, if not so tragic. 😦

  6. it is due to the style of “football” that is allowed to be played against us….

  7. Sedetganw Degafi

    I do not know why our players are injury prone and weak. Wenger may have to re-visit his menu for the players. You don’t see Chelsea harassing Barac players.Come Arsenal, the message is give them a knock and they dont have a chance.

    Walcott, Wilshere, Verma, Diaby, Gibbs, all injured in the space of three weeks. I hope Van Persie would be fine after tonight’s match.

  8. I always imagined that the choice of avatar for new posters was a matter of chance. I see now, having read ‘We are a joke’, that Yogi chooses them all personally!

    Good work, YW.

  9. You’re right Yogi,
    The sheer number/seriousness of injuries and the way they are being handled and reported raises questions, but are no excuse for histrionics , as you put it. No reason to start accusing someone or the other, because no one really knows what the heck goes on.

    What I do hope though is that someone in the management is reviewing our approach to health and fitness issues. While these problem may all be down to luck and PL type football, there is also a fair chance that its related to the way we do things.

  10. I don’t think the defender was a panic buy as I really can’t see the tight Arsenal board going for that, they would go for a season loan player instead. I genuinely believe the player purchases were what Wenger wanted all along, it took the Manchester thrashing to make the board open their eyes and listen to Wenger when he tells them what he needs.

  11. Consols – I think you might be right. I had an unhappy glum face for a long while, but that does not really fit with my genrally jolly outlook on life (believe it or not). A change was needed.

  12. The injuries question is a fair one. But the first question must be “do we actually have more injuries than other clubs”? Or are we just more aware of the injuries that we get for obvious reasons?

  13. Vermaelen has become the “new” RoSICKy, more in the “sick ward” than on the pitch.
    What is wrong with the Arsenal player anyway…? They must be made outta porcelain…one knock and they’re sidelined for months.

  14. Not Vermaelen too!!!damn injuries!!cant we ever catch a break?

  15. Fair question GA,

    Another question to ask is do we have more IMPACT injuries than other teams? I started thinking this on hearing about some of the injuries Bolton’s players have suffered recently, including a broken leg.

  16. Am expecting alex chamberlain,walcott,and kolscieny in our starting line up against swansea

  17. If they were soft tissue injuries,you could blame the clubs training regime.
    To suggest impact injuries are caused the training the players undertake is simply another negative shit stir the Wenger haters want us to believe.
    I train greyhounds,so I know how different types of injuries occur.

  18. Jens u legend.
    still bitter about the 2006 final

  19. Mornin all… with jack out i’d like to see Yossi, Mikel and Fimp as our trio

  20. You are not attentive to ither clubs injury crisis that’s why you wouldn’t know look at utd before our last meeting had valencia,vidic,rafeal,fletcher, and now welbeck and fabio all out its only natural you realize that lack of depth makes our case obvious

  21. Both my son`s played grade rugby. They started when they five years old and one was still playing with an English club at 42 years of age. So, we come to ankles and injury. Whilst all the suburban mums were fanatical about protecting little Johnny`s teeth I was more concerned about ankles . Stomping on insteps and ankles is part of the game so I made sure my two had adequate protection with surgical supports and under socks.
    We suffered broken bones and dislocations of hands fingers and shoulders but never had a problem with ankles. Both were beach sprinters and strengthened their ankles by sand running, in bare feet of course. I don`t know the answer to all ankle problems but strengthening the muscles and tendons plus some form of support and protection could help.

  22. I think against Swansea we will see:





    Sub: Fabianski/Djourou/Jenkinson/Benayoun/Park/Chamackh/Rosicky

    In the news this morning it is reported that Thwo may have a slight strain and will miss tonights game. If so, maybe Benayoun playing in the wide berth with AOC making the bench?

  23. We all saw TV get a huge kick on his ankle against Udinese. JW was fine in pre-season until he got a good kicking from the Boca players. How on earth is that the club’s fault? Any excuse to stick the boot in from the critics. Maybe if they followed other teams as closely, they would realise that these things happen.

  24. In every area, with the exception of the bank balance, the club are failing. Ridiculed by Barca for selling Cesc cheap, indecision in the transfer window, communication that a small child could work out was dreadful, a medical team for whom credibilty has been lost, a manager whose rhetoric is increasingly like that of a dictators in the last days of power, and a board who seem to impotent. Wenger has to go and anyone who cannot see it is either blinded by previous glory or in denial of the facts in front of them. If the board can summon up enough conviction then
    perhaps they will then address their own performance. It is a disgrace that the club has been allowed to rot over the past 5 years.

  25. It’s also easy to be wise with hindsight. It’s normal medical practice to treat conservatively and only operate if necessary. Any surgery carries risk. JW has seen two specialists, if they don’t think he requires surgery, how does some casual observer without a medical degree and without having examined the patient, know what he needs?

  26. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    everyone knows…. arsenal wont win a trophy this season…………

  27. When the team sheet goes out, the first thing to look for is the absence of Arshavin. I’m sorry but you can’t carry any passengers in the Prem and this guy is becoming a liability.

  28. The Sun doesn’t always shine on TV then 😦

    Per Physio room, we are behind the Spuds in the injury table. Yet ‘Appy Arry’s training methods don’t appear to be being questioned by anyone.

    Willie Young? Obviously not the Willie Young then (a resolute, loyal, backs-to-the-wall type character)

  29. grrrr – Not at all. I think the lge will be too much of a stretch, but why not a cup? The team have the talent to beat anybody on their day, so I don’t see why not. It will be interesting to see how fast they gel.

  30. Correction Paul, this guy has been a liability for a long time but on a reported 90k a week he`s not complaining, just giving lots of advice like so many before him.

  31. Our great club is a joke because people say we should buy established world class players and we don’t.
    Oh wait,these same people are now telling us that the established world class player that we did buy ,is in fact a joke.
    Jack and TV are kicked to fuck around the ankles.and low and behold our medical department is a joke,
    I hope the flee’s of a thousand Camels infest the genital area’s of these moaning git’s.

  32. So we have some injured players – but RvP is fit, Gervinho looks indestructable, Theo should by rights get injured more, scythed down as he is – TV5 will survive, and so will we. Please will the negative fuckers atleast wait until after breakfast before dooming our day ? Gracias.
    And Per, Mikel and the Frimp are fit… it’s gonna be alright!

  33. Have you seen this .Atweet sent by Lord Alan Sugar to Piers Morgan .

    “@piersmorgan Why don’t you shut up dishing out advice on Wenger. I would say stick to what you know. But problem is you don’t know anything!”

    How apt

  34. Lol we need more Pony’s and less horse’s backside’s

  35. Now now now George. As your official spokesman I must tell you that I frown on you wishing thousands of camel fleas on thine enemies genitals.

  36. piers morgan is such a tool. The Americans were stupid enough to give him a show now he thinks he knows shit.

  37. When a Spuds Fan (Sugar) is blasting an Arsenal fan (Morgan) for having a go at the manager, you know there is somthing wrong. Morgan is such a smarmy twat.

  38. You have to wonder how robust some of our highly trained athletes are to cope with the physical demands of PL football – for season after season one puff of wind and that is Theo out for weeks, the phrase “Diaby (calf)”, is the third most common in the English language, and RvPs recent run of games ( X15) is the longest in living memory.

    There is a question mark over the player’s training regime and the medical advice and therapy on offer – I cant help wondering if there is not a bigger question mark about the psychology of some of these thoroughbreds 😦

  39. Latest news about the financial horror show in Spain is that Sevilla and Villareal are kicking up a stink about the Barca-Real duopoly:

    BTW: Poor old suga-twat should have a real heartache about this piece since it doesn’t fit into his anti-Arsene agenda.

  40. Trophyless season again.

  41. Sorry to ask but is this the same piers morgan of the “so you think you can dance fame”?

  42. it was pat rice’s thought we all found out about tv’s injury. He was not supposed to tell anyone but he left tv’s medical documents on the train.

  43. Louis,Inane comment again

  44. its the end of the world louis.

  45. Untold Arsenal has been following the injury situation and yes, we do have more injuries than other clubs. The only club which has more is Sp*rs. Whether they are impact injuries or not I can’t remember but I think they are analysed for type and severity as well, which you can see if you check out the site.

    @ Passenal | September 6, 2011 at 8:40 am
    Exactly. Surgery carries risks of its own.

    @ pedantic george | September 6, 2011 at 9:37 am

    ha ha! I am now warming to Alan Sugar! Oh, pardon me, LORD Sugar.

  46. “this long black cloud is comical, if not so tragic.”

    Kamran 7.42
    I am hurt that u would even suggest that I had anything to do with our injury list :^)

  47. well no one should have a surgery unless it extremly nessasery and that is why EVREY team trys to nurse ther palyers first….. just like liverpool did with gerrard…

  48. Looks like you fools can’t tell they play rugby in the epl,if you can’t beat them hack them down and you wonder why players get injuries,it’s supposed to be game of skill

  49. Thanks for that link Shotta. La Liga is getting so ridiculous, it sounds like something might actualy get done about it, or the league will become even more of a farce with teams boycotting and players striking. Imagine if this was happening in the EPL, as well as the Oil Barons, what chance would a ethically run club like Arsenal have? I really hope they sort this out, and soon. Share the TV rights out equally, is it really that hard to understand? Barca and Real already have massive advantages due to years of this financial doping. Thank fuck I’m not a Sevilla/Valencia/Villareal/Athletico fan.

  50. On the subject of us having more injuries then anyone but the idiots at Spuds, could that have anything to do with the fact that apart from maybe Manure we play more games than anyone else? We have already played 2 CL games, who else has had to do that? JW got a nasty tackle on his ankle that at the time he seemed to run off, we now know that is not the case, cant blame the medical team on that surely? Anyways, I stubbed my big toe on Saturday but that did not stop me from sitting on the sofa all day Sunday playing X-box!!! Just sayin’!! AHHHHH Mad Jens 🙂 how we could use some of his madness these days, if only to deflect the media from their usual dross!!

  51. Just when you think you are looking forward to life again some arse at Barca has to open his face. Yes you contrite bastards you got a fucking deal. We will see if he turns out to the best or just close to it.

    I see Le Grove are now pedaling Usmanov as a ‘visionary businessman’ who is going to get a go on the board so Stan can get hold of his readies. I suppose Le Po’ve Face have to pay for their wet dreams somehow. No matter it is mafia extracted, that is Vinnie Cool.

    Oh great we get support pimps and prostitutes all of our own.

    Come on Stan……………….PIMP MY CLUB.

  52. Why are you reading Le Shite?

  53. Does that mean that Yogi’s Warrior reckons that we would not have signed a centre-back at all if TV had not been injured? If so, he must rate Wenger as being even worse than I do – and that is saying something!

  54. Irish made a good point there. The Spuds seem to have the majority of their defenders crocked at any given time.

    Offical site lists Vermaelen as having a thigh injury and until they tell me otherwise I aint getting my panties in a twist. Besides I thought he grabbed his shin after that challenge in the Udinese match. Just before we scored?

  55. Willie Young? Obviously not the Willie Young then (a resolute, loyal, backs-to-the-wall type character

    Thats a generous description …. lumbering CB best known for moving across north london and scything down Paul Allen in FA Cup Semi Final!

    I understand why people want to excuse both Wenger and the medical team BUT as someone once said if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck it is likely to be a duck!

  56. pedant..

    A never ending drive to find out what a half empty glass looks like.

  57. @ irishgray | September 6, 2011 at 11:02 am

    “On the subject of us having more injuries then anyone but the idiots at Spuds, could that have anything to do with the fact that apart from maybe Manure we play more games than anyone else?”
    Very good point.

    @ Markus
    “Offical site lists Vermaelen as having a thigh injury and until they tell me otherwise I aint getting my panties in a twist.”
    I’m clinging on to that hope. And that the thigh injury is not a long-term one either!

  58. lumbering CB best known for moving across north london and scything down Paul Allen in FA Cup Semi Final!

    1980 FA Cup FINAL actually.

  59. @longblackcloud
    sorry to have hurt your feelings, LOL. i certainly don’t hold you PERSONALY responsible.
    as far as the impact injuries. I’m counting four broken legs in the past five years. this trend has nothing to do with AW or the medical staff. in fact for these players to be able to continue at this sport, given what they went through, is nothing short of miraculous. we have to wake up to the facts. we are being hack to death . simple as.

  60. Jabba's Delights

    TV5 injury happened in a game after a solid challenege, its just plain bad luck.

    I’ve read these reports about how Wenger is the issue with injuries but none of them prove anythign other than the fact he does certain things differently to others as many managers do.

    Other teams get injuries but in the past they’ve been better able to absorb them. With Mertasacker bought its not such an issue now. Wilshere being injured is bad but it will allow Ramsey the game time needed to get back to his level.

    We have smaller players and play in a physical league, we also sign players with poor injury records as they are often cheaper. Arteta, Mertasacker and Yossi all have questionable injury records.

    We have a strong squad now, so we must use it. We must start rotating better

  61. Jabba – “We have smaller players and play in a physical league, we also sign players with poor injury records as they are often cheaper”

    Is a good point.

  62. Willie Young

    A|re you even a Gooner?

    You fucking havent got a clue who Willie Young is by the look of it and your comments about Arsenal hardly make you look like a supporter either.

    You got the wrong blog mate.

    Or should that be;

    Quack quack quack

  63. Vermaelen’s father has been quoted confirming the surgery but good news is that he says the doctor said “six weeks” of unavailability. Which is better than 2-3 months.

    Vermaelen’s father claims the 25-year-old flew to Sweden to have the surgery on his left ankle yesterday.

    He told Belgian website Sporza: “The doctor in Stockholm, where Thomas was operated on last time too, recognised the problem now. He would not take any chances and immediately operated on Thomas. He expects a five to six weeks of unavailability.”

    Vermaelen suffered the injury against Udinese two weeks ago…

  64. goonerandy

    No it fucking isnt!

  65. @ matrix & irishgray
    spot on with your observation.

    irish, i Cant believe a stubbed toe was enough to put you out o commission. lol. get well soon.

  66. Jabba's Delights


    No we arent being hacked to death. Injuries happen in sport plain and simple.

  67. “I understand why people want to excuse both Wenger and the medical team BUT as someone once said if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck it is likely to be a duck!”

    You see this statement presupposes that anyone needs to make excuses. We don’t. The onus is on the idiots who want to blame the club they allegedly support for everything that goes wrong. You, idiot, need to offer something to back up your drivel. We don’t need to find any answer or excuse for supporting our team.

  68. Jabba's Delights


    What part of it is untrue?

    You struggling to grasp the truth again Dex?

    Do we not have smaller players? Do we not take more risks than other clubs with questionable injury records.

    Go back over Mertasacker career and tell me he doesnt suffer from injury probelms on a consistent basis. Lets look at Rosicky record at Dortmund and then tell me he didnt have huge questions marks about his durability?

  69. Dexter – Nice logic and all that, but could yuo expand a little?

  70. While the loss of is a blow the chance is there Aaron to show what he can do and press for a regular starting berth – until he was crippled by the Stoke fuckwit Ramsey was ahead of Jack in his progress as well as having more experience. A year later and Jack was a fixture

    It may be that Wilshere’s enforced rest will let Ramsey make up that ground

    I want to see him take more responsibility, hit free kicks and use his height more

  71. 2-3 months my arse.We were told the same bullshit last season when he missed the whole campaign.

    Something is wrong with the way we train our players.How come the other teams dont suffer long term injuries like we do

    And dont forget Arteta’s a nd Benayoun’s recent injury records

    We’re Doomed i tell you Doomed

  72. Jabba's Delights


    I completely agree. Whilst losing Jack is a massive blow, it will give Ramsey an exteneded run in the team which is his only way of getting back to form before the horror injury.

    When Jack comes back we will have more depth and a position battle on our hands which is exactly what we want. If i was Song i would be worried about the African cup coming up as if Frimpong doesnt go i can see him putting some severe pressure on his position.

    Cant wait to see how AOC is used next week

  73. Jabba

    Your comment suggests we actively sign injury prone players as they are cheaper.

    Thats a warped concept in anyone’s book.

    The fact goonerandy agrees with it only compounds it.

    We sign injury prone players ON PURPOSE?

    Thats your truth isnt it;

    Warped to buggery.

  74. You have to admit that injuries do seem to occur to our players alot, now they happen to every team but why is it always Arsenal that seems to be the only team with 8 plus players in the medical room?

  75. Dexter – It is a gamble the club has taken a number of times; Kanu, Overmars & Rosicky are fine examples. Nobody is saying it is a bad thing per se, because if the gamble pays off it is good business. Calm down dear.

  76. Jabba's Delights


    Its called taking a calculated gamble.

    Its for all to see some of our recent signings injury struggles. If we feel we can rotate them in a way to reduce that exposure it works out being incredibly beneficial.

    Mertasacker has had issues with injuries for 5 years, Yossi and Arteta are both coming off cruciate injuries in recent seasons. To anyone who has ever had a knee ligament damage (me twice) it can take a huge amount out of you and lead to persistent niggles in future years. Arsenal know this we know this.

    Rosicky had an awful record at Dortmund and yet we signed him. Are you saying Arsene and our backroom staff didnt do their homework on this or do you agree with me and believe they took a calcualted gamble…………though so

  77. Hmmm, I believe Dexter lack of reply is:

    a. He knows he is wrong.
    b. He is furiously researching the mentioned players injury records.


  78. @Jabba
    Awful? Well, he had ONE season where he missed more than 10 league games, and that was in 2003/2004 when he was out for almost 6 months due to injury. Before and after he was almost omni-present in the side, though he did face a couple of spells on the side lines because he was very often targeted by opposition players. I can very well remember a game in 2001 I think where Dortmund played Bayern Munich and Rosicky was kicked every couple of minutes prompting him to say in an interview afterwards that he was never fouled so often in his career.

  79. @Brian 12.48 – that’s the attitude fella!

    My take on the injury thing is that is both a combination of bad luck, bad management and the style of game we play.

    Bad luck – there have been some freak injuries and plenty that you just could not legislate for. RVP is often cited as ‘injury prone’ and whilst in the obvious sense that is hard to argue with it doesn’t paint the whole picture. He is not injury prone in the way someone like Walcott is – there have been a serious of unfortunate impact injuries. Granted a more robust frame might have recovered better and/or sustained less level of injury but this is a player who is suffering a ridiculous trot of bad luck. The injury to some players may be down to our style of play (high possession ball-to-feet) and also to the nasty encouragement from the media that we are susceptible to rough play. There can be little doubt that tackles of the sort from Shawcross are as a consequence of encouragement to play ‘hard’ and shake us up.

    Bad management – the squad has been too thin for too long and the result is that have overplayed numerous players – especially youngsters. I have lost count of the number times we have brought back an injured player and taken ‘a gamble’. I have lost count of the number of times that this has ended in disaster for the player and the team. A squad richer in quality would have alleviated this problem.

    Wenger’s job is incredibly difficult but it is clear he has got the balance just slightly wrong at times. It’s been cruelly exacerbated by the unfortunate injuries and that leads into a situation where one thing feeds the other – the more short we are of quality first-teamers (both through injury and through having a squad that is noticeably thin in some key areas) the more likely you are to hurry players back and the more likely you are to overplay existing players rather than rotating. Like it or not this is to a significant extent a result of Wenger’s way of doing things – he’s a genius but a flawed one who has not had much in the way of luck.

  80. Jonny – Good post.

  81. With Lansbury playing so well for the U21’s and going on loan to QPR – what the fuck happens if he has a great season? Everyone seems to have assured me that his contract is up in the summer – although I read he signed a long term contract just over a year and a half ago..? Doesn’t seem very long-term to me.

    To be clear – I’ll be extremely upset/annoyed if he gets to fuck off on a free – it flies in the face of what having a youth project is for. At the very least he should be sold for a tidy profit – no?

  82. To those of you who don’t have membership, I am told that tix for the CC game against the Shrews go on general sale at 3pm. Lets fill her up.

  83. To be fair Lansbury has looked good against poor opposition in the under 21’s. When he can do that regularly against better quality while on loan with West Ham, then he might have a chance at Arsenal. Arsenal cannot afford the points it would cost to give him games at this level. With a signing and loan of older players, the door is not completely closed to Lansbury. But unlike his supporters seem to think, he has done nothing to warrant a regular spot at Arsenal and he is the one who wanted to go on loan so that he could play more regularly. He needs to work harder if he wants to make it, however talented, there are no guarantees in life.

  84. Pas – That is a fair assesment I think.

  85. confirm that Thomas Vermaelen will be back in training within a month.

  86. I am not sure what to make of the whole injury debate. Clearly I think its ridiculous to blame the Arsenal medical staff. Part of the problem is that we notice our own injuries much more then we do with other teams. The fact that we do not seem to have the same depth as the other top of the table clubs makes it worse when we do have injuries. I think Jonny’s post at 1:53 makes more sense then anything I could come up with.

  87. Kudos to Arsenal for clarifying the facts about Vermaelen, particularly the fact that he doesn’t have an achilles injury.

    I’m sticking to the thigh injury story…LOL

  88. Jonny, your 1.53 post excellent.

    Darius, just a pity they didn’t release this info earlier. Bad PR!!

  89. Glad to see it is not his achilles again.

  90. JD, that’s because they usually wait for the manager’s briefing before they update on the injury situation. Due to the International break there have not been any opportunities to do so. The medical team do not liaise directly with the editor of the website. But at least they have responded to try to put an end to the ill informed speculation that is currently rife on the internet. But I expect most of the realists will choose not to believe it since it’s from ‘Pravda” and not some hit hungry sensationalist website that has absolutely no inside information.

  91. Pas – I agree with all of that – my fear is actually that we should not be in a situation where a player’s contract is close to running down. We spent a lot of time and money training these players – Lansbury undoubtedly has great potential, it would be a pity to see it lost without adequate recompense.

  92. Just one further query on the subject of TV5:

    if he has had the same procedure on his left ankle that he had on his right ankle in January, why did it take until May for him to play for the first team again?

  93. Just watched the Arteta interview on Arsenal Player,he seems a really good guy.
    When asked about Arsenal he says the most important thing is the way we play,and then to win.
    I agree ,lots don’t though.

  94. I agree with JD ,They should have given us the information before they had it themselves.
    Useless bastards

  95. My spokesman is a bit of a shit stirrer,me thinks 🙂

  96. George @ 3:12 – funny!

    What is this need to want to have news so fast?

    Get well soon TV!

  97. is Lansbury in the final year of his contract? or did he sign a new one recently?
    Saw his interview where he said he wanted to come back and establish himself in the 1st team, but that seems unlikely if his contract expires at the end of this season

  98. Jonny:

    We said the same thing about Fran Merida. Lansbury probably recognizes that is not going to be a top 11 player in the near future and why would he sign a long term deal when he can move on to a better situation after his contract runs out. Giving him an overly generous long term contract may be the only way we could sign him and we have far too many fringe players too do that for all of them. This type of situation will happen frequently as more players come thru the reserves.

  99. Maybe best to leave Vermaelen to do his own PR on Twitter then….

    Thomas Vermaelen
    Yesterday i had a small procedure to take out my plantaris tendon. Just to prevent it becomes a big problem. Back training in 4 weeks.

  100. Lansbury is unlikely to become an Arsenal First team player.He is one who is just a shade below the required level .
    Some will disagree but the signs are ominous for him.

  101. Jonny, we don’t know either way. There is speculation (as usual) that he only has one year left on his contract, but we don’t know if he’s gone to WHU with an option to buy or how long the ‘long term contract’ is for. do not usually mention this when players go on loan, but they made a point of the ‘long term contract’ in the article on the website, so I guess only time will tell.

    Wavey, TV’s tendon injury is extremely rare and it took a while to diagnose. It was thought to be his achilles, so rest was the normal treatment, but he broke down each time he tried to come back. This time, having had that experience they immediately knew what it was and that surgery was the only option.

  102. george, it’s the modern disease, I want to know everything and I want to know it yesterday! I’m also not certain that Lansbury will make it either. He is talented, but still too inconsistent and doesn’t really have any attribute (other than his nationality) to make him stand out from the crowd.

  103. George – he’s 20 years old – would it not be arguable it is a little soon to make such a definitive call?

    I guess this is a problem we will face – we will have to be as clever as humanly possible with sell-on clauses because gauging a player’s value at 20 is nigh on impossible. Just ask £35M Andy Carroll..

  104. Jonny.”unlikely” is hardly definitive,now is it young man?
    I cant think of a very good player who was not regarded as one by the age of 20.Although I am sure there are exceptions.Hence “unlikely”

  105. Jonny, I think the 25 man squad rules have made it harder. Some players mature later, but once they are over 21, you either have to include them in the squad or ship them out. People have to think long and hard about whether they use a valuable home grown space on potential. I really do think Arsene wants him to work out as he is trying to build a core of British talent, but unless Henri makes it difficult for him to turn him away by stepping up his game, he may have to be moved on as there are other young talents on the fringe. I’m sure Henderson would be in and around the first team squad this season if not for his injury.

  106. Passenal, we only named 22 players over the age of 21 this season tho. Room for 3 more.

  107. Possibly left free for January activity?

  108. Markus they will need to be home grown unless we move on some of our existing non home grown players. This season we have lost Cesc, Clichy, Denilson and Bendtner all home grown and I think Vela, although not 100% certain on that one.

  109. Passenal

    I accept that, but on the AFC website they state that he had the procedure on his plantaris in his right ankle in January. So was he suffering from two separate ailments? Was the procedure in January for only one of the problems? Was the procedure on his tendon in January an attempt to fix the problem that didn’t work? Will this procedure work any better?

  110. Markus

    but we have already used our full quota of non-home grown players so will we have to sell to buy in January? We can promote three players under 21 into the home grown spaces in the squad if they have been with us for the required time.

  111. Passenal, True, but I could see Almunia going in Febuary to make room…

  112. Jabba's Delights

    I was sure Lansbury signed a new long term contract last year, makes sense!

    One thing we are every good at is getting decent value for our young players who dont quite make it. I would be hugely suprised if we didnt get him signed up.

    He may not have the quality of some of our squad player midfeilders but he would beat the living day lights out of them in terms of tenacity and graft.

    I would love him to be in the set up as a squad player. The more proper gooners we can get in there complimented by some top quality additions at both youth level and further down the line the better the make up of our squad

  113. hahaha i cant wait t see th next massacre, it will b like a kid(swan-form-sea) slaughtering a wounded warthog(arsenal) as papa(man chu) showed him how…………….

  114. Whats happened to Merida anyway? Its not like he’s setting the world alight is it? If he had stayed he would have become great I think. Stupid kid…

  115. Wavey, yep, getting that now. Ramsey would take one of those 3 spots next year. Actually he’ll be 21 in January so not sure how that works.

  116. @ Wavey
    This is what we know:
    The injury to his left ankle is a new injury, not dating from January. TV sustained it at Udinese, as we suspected.
    The procedure at the weekend was pre-emptive surgery to avoid a persistent problem, ie avoid the situation we had with his right ankle.
    The procedure carried out on his right ankle in January has been successful.
    He should be back in training in a month.

  117. Poodle, he got carried away because his boyhood club was in for him, plus the attraction of the sign on fee as he ran down his contract. He was in too much of a hurry – he could have stepped into the midfield now had he shown a little humility and patience.

  118. @ poodle
    I think Merida felt there were too many players in front of him (which was fair enough at the time) and wanted first team football guaranteed. It just shows that no-one can predict how things will turn out.

  119. Wavey, having missed so much of the season perhaps it took longer to get his fitness back, whereas this time he is already fit and knows what to expect following the surgery. I’m sure there would have also been a mental hurdle to overcome given that each time he tried to return before he had a set back. The circumstances are completely different this time.

  120. Jabba's Delights

    Merida isnt doing so great he hasnt got the athletic ability or engine.

    Maybe in a few years when his technical game is perfect but at the moment they cant afford to carry him.

    Spend a decent amount of time in Madrid and go watch games whilst there and he shone in none.

    It happens to young players. Not everyone of them goes on to forill their potential.

    Chucks Aneke is goign to be our boy. The lad is Jet but with some work ethic

  121. Poodle

    yet another example of the open tapping up that goes on in football. We made it clear that we were in discussions over a new contract with Merida, but Athletico made it known that they were also interested if contract discussions failed to come to agreement. So no surprising that he decided not to sign a new contract with Arsenal.

    And at what point are FiFA going to stop clubs from openly discussing their desiire to sign a player from another club?

  122. From

    Mikel Arteta “can’t wait” to pull on a red and white shirt and show the Arsenal fans what he can do.

    The Spanish midfielder became the Club’s ninth and final summer signing when he completed his move from Everton late on transfer deadline day. Since then Arteta has been busy sorting out his new life off the pitch but, on Saturday, he will only have eyes for Swansea – and a possible home debut.

    “I can’t wait to start playing,” he told Arsenal Player. “I can’t wait to play at the Emirates, I think it’s an unbelievable stadium. I’m so excited.

    “I have always been a big admirer of the Arsenal philosophy, the way they play, the way they do the job, and it’s always exciting watching Arsenal play. In England there is no better team to watch than Arsenal.

    “Hopefully I will not take long to adapt but obviously you need to meet new characters, new personalities and new players with different abilities so you need to pick that up as soon as possible to get an understanding on the pitch.

    “But I have been watching a few videos and have got some work done before training and hopefully that will help me.”

    I like this guy!

  123. Markus | September 6, 2011 at 4:24 pm

    Not necessarily. Benayoun is only with us for a year and who knows whether Arshavin and Rosicky will stay after this season. I think it also depends on when you turn 21. Szczesny is 21, but because of his birth date he still counts as under 21 for this season.

  124. We have sufficient cover for the coming month, or maybe two, I think, if all goes well, and if nothing bad happens, again, like last time, and all remains well on the good ship Arsenal. In short, we are fine.

    I am taking to Arteta.

    Just think Jackie and TV and even Diaby will be like three fabulous new players coming in. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

  125. FG, it’s going to be a very strange looking Arsenal team at the weekend with all the injuries, suspensions and new faces. I just hope they gel enough to get the job done.

  126. By the way Passenal,We are now 8 points behind United after 3 games,
    Did you notice that? 🙂

  127. A quick post as my missive was deleted by my silly cpu, but Jabba and GA, I’m with Dexter on calling shenanigan on your hypothesis. If I’m not mistaken the last player we purchased with an injury record was Amaury Bischoff. He was an acknowledged gamble and was subsequently only given a year’s contract. Beyond that I’m struggling to remember us buying a known injury record beyond the ones listed by GA. I’m pretty certain our players who seem to suffer frequent injuries weren’t know as being injury prone prior, but I could be wrong, and so I’m sure you’ll be offering corrections.

  128. @ Passenal

    It will be very weird – but I am warming to all of the newbies already.

    Oh, God – just watching Arteta’s interview and he says he’s a Barcelona boy.
    ha ha ha

    INTERVIEWER: “What do you think AW will be like to work with?”
    ARTETA: “Well,he seems really calm and really confident. He has shown that confidence by bringing in so many young talented players to the squad, while everybody else was spending a lot of money.”

  129. yes I did pedantic george and I hold you entirely responsible for jinxing us!

  130. Arteta: “Some people didn’t understand my move (to Rangers for three years, when he was 20), but I knew I had to toughen up and get used to the pace of English football.”

    Have I mentioned I like the cut of this man’s jib? Because I do.

  131. Chill with Lansbury’s D**M. I’ve read it. He’ll be fine.
    A quote from Young Guns said Lansbury wasn’t in the last year of his contract, and that’s good enough for me. Uncredible YG ain’t.
    Lansbury hasn’t had a ‘propa run out of games’ yet.
    Unlucky not to at Norwich last season.

    He needs those games. Lansbury’s loan makes sense to me.

  132. Seeing as Song is still serving domestic suspension. Does anyone know whether, Frimpong will be available for selection against Swansea?

  133. Gadget | September 6, 2011 at 4:44 pm

    We didn’t actually buy Bischoff – Arsene did him a favour as he came from his old home club. He made one first team appearance I think, but since he mostly played with the reserves, I’m sure he was not paid that much either.

  134. Borges, unless he is injured, Frimpong had 2 yellows, which is a 1 match ban so he should be available for selection.

  135. Pedantic George

    ‘Lansbury is unlikely to become an Arsenal First team player.He is one who is just a shade below the required level .
    Some will disagree but the signs are ominous for him.’

    Are you sure? Denilson played over 150 games before he was found out. Let’s give Lansbury 30 games at least and see how things pan out before we make a decision.

  136. Arteta needs to start using “we”. You’re and Arsenal man now Mikel.

  137. Lanbury has been on the fringes of the first team squad for a good while now, I doubt that he has the required quality to get into the first team at this stage. He does seem to have something about him though so I expect him tomake a good career for himself elsewhere when he eventually moves on.

  138. maturks,No I am not sure .So I said “unlikely”
    Denilson was way ahead at 20

  139. “Oh, God – just watching Arteta’s interview and he says he’s a Barcelona boy’.

    Let’s hope he’s mature enough if we come up against them not to declare himself fit when he’s not, so that we are effectively playing with 10 men, or trying to show off by backheeling a pass to the opposition near our goal!

  140. Beech running:

    I saw an interview with Michael Holding once.
    Michael and the rest of his pace battery would train during the off-season running on sandy beeches. Miles and miles every day (fast bowling is not easy on the body).
    Those legends played a little less then their modern peers. But then the levels they performed at more then made up for the lack of quantity.
    No fitness trainers, no computers.
    Some sand, a tropical sea and that’s it.

  141. Seems like so many are all ready to write of Lansbury. Why? He is very young after all. Not every player that may have something to contribute to the squad has established themselves by his age. In fact, if we look at ManU’s youth, they are his age or older by a year. Let him go on loan now to a PL side, unfortunately, he is back in the Championship. But next year he could play for a PL club and be ready at 22-3 to give us midfield cover for Ramsey as a box to box player if he does well. If not, then he can be sold. It seems to me we are promoting some youngsters to the first team just a little too early as it is. I think the Ox, Ryo, Jenkinson, even Frimpong could all do with a loan spell to Championship and PL clubs to play more regularly and gain experience for a season before rejoining us. It just seems that for whatever reason, reserve football isn’t really enough to prepare them to contribute. Unfortunately, our squad isn’t deep enough to spare them on loan this season with all the other players who have departed and our current injuries. Of those, only Frimpong seems poised to make regular contributions right now. Eventually, they all look to be really wonderful players for us. Maybe Lansbury will never be a regular starter, but it seems way too early to dismiss his chances of playing some role for Arsenal in the next couple of years.

    However, I think the squad rules that require us to count players over 21 years are going to hurt many of our youth players and perhaps explains why we are bringing players under the age of 19, so that we have a couple or three years to see whether they can earn an over 21 year old place in our team. Foreign players will have to come at 16 and 17 in order to qualify as “homegrown”, hence Toral Harper and so on. I think players like Joel Campbell, Wellington, and others who come just over that age have to qualify for work visas and will have a difficult time making it with us as they have to spend several years on loan in the EU unless they earn enough caps for their national teams and can work in England. What age is that cutoff? Ryo needed one and didn’t get it last year as he had just turned 18 when he signed with us. Perhaps it is 18 years.

    Maybe Arsenal should buy a club in Spain or Belgium (I hear those nations have the easiest laws for us to work with) and use it as a developmental feeder, a youth team for our non-EU players until they get their EU papers. Would that be legal? Why not? Like Barca B, they could play according to our style and principles and be monitored for progress much more carefully. How can we keep tabs on Wellington,Campbell, Coquelin and Vela and so on as they play for different teams? If it was a Spanish team we could run it sustainably and have top level places to send Bendtner, Denilson, Vela and so on as well when we were promoted to La Liga!

  142. *ahem*

    It is fun to run along old tumbled tree logs, but I meant beaches!

  143. I am not maturks, nor do I share the vast majority of his opinions.

    Needed to be said. The avatar/username combo is too similar for comfort.

  144. Pedantic George

    Denilson wasn’t way ahead. Fact.

    We haven’t been successful of late because of so many players we’ve bought who weren’t fit to wear the jersey including Almunia. Why is Almunia still around when he can’t get into the first team?

  145. Is H*ward this black shirted ‘Silent Majority’?

  146. No maturks that is not fact, it’s your opinion and in fact Denilson at 20 was a key member of our midfield who stepped up, changed his style from attacking to more defensive because that is what we needed as we were in danger of not finishing in the top 4. There were a lot of 0 – 0 draws, but he got the job done. He only lost a step or two after the back injury. But it is my opinion also that at 20, he was way ahead of Lansbury at the same age.

  147. I don’t know why folks are making a big deal of Arteta’s Barca lineage. He is 29 and THIS is his big break. Cesc was 16 when he came and with half a career ahead of him, so it was a realistic possibility to go back there. He, born in Basque country, can’t have anything like the same emotional attachment Cesc had growing up in Catalonia. Let’s not let ourselves get traumatized by BBB. Besides, who says we will meet them this year?

  148. An unfortunate choice really.

    ‘I’m going to march through the streets of London wearing black whilst describing myself the ‘Silent Majority’. Because there are no unfortunate historical refrences to this amazingly original concept. Nope. None that I can think of.’

  149. @ Passenal
    Spot on about Denilson. When he was first choice, he was first choice because he deserved it.

    @ Limestonegunner
    Lansbury is not being written off – but he simply hasn’t shown enough in first team games since his great performance in the CC v Spurs last year.

    “Ox, Ryo, Jenkinson, even Frimpong could all do with a loan spell to Championship and PL clubs to play more regularly and gain experience for a season before rejoining us.”

    They are all raw, but they are also exceptional talents. Miyaichi at 17 was the star of a team which I am sure you will admit is as good as Norwich. He turned Feyenoord’s season around. The Ox is one of the top talents in England and at 17 has shone at the same U21 matches as Lansbury, at 20. Jenkinson has stepped up magnificently and his physical attributes are exceptional. They will learn very quickly.

    Don’t forget that players as talented as Carlos Vela are on loan, Ramsey went on loan last year. It’s not necessarily a prelude to pushing a player out. It’s up to Henri Lansbury himself. I was a big fan of JET who looked unplayable at reserve level but never got to grips with actual first team football games. We have to treat everyone the same. I was sad to see him released, but it was down to him.

  150. @ Limestonegunner | September 6, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    “I don’t know why folks are making a big deal of Arteta’s Barca lineage. ”

    We’re not really – it was just a joke from me!

  151. Limestonegunner, have you had a sense of humour bypass or did you miss the sarcasm?

    finsbury, I think the choice is deeply psychological and they don’t even realise it.

  152. If England are going to top the group come what may (not following the tables, but I gather they are in a strong position) then it would be great for Theo to score/assist but Ramsey’s Wales to win or draw. It would mean so much to them. I’ve always had a soft spot for Wales because they try to play attractive attacking football and don’t play the “little me” card that some small nations do.

  153. “I see a red & white door and I want it painted black
    No colors anymore I want them to turn black

    I see the girls go by (in the rain), dressed in their summer clothes.
    I have to turn my head until my darkness goes.”

  154. Passenal is right, regarding Denilson’s contributions as a key member of the team by 20. Wilshere, as we know, isn’t quite 20 yet, and is already considered an Arsenal stalwart and candidate for future captaincy.

  155. International matchezzzZZZZZZZZZZ

  156. @ markus
    I’ll be watching, though. After two weeks I am gagging for some football and England v Wales will have to do.

  157. FG, some people have written him off–please see comments above. That is what I was referring to. How many first team games has he actually played in since the Spurs CC? If anything, you could say Lansbury hasn’t shown what he needs to on loan and in the reserves to earn first team chances. But he hasn’t had many first team games at all, so no one can really judge him on his failure in them.

    I watched a lot of Ryo after he joined Feyenoord and was as enthusiastic as anyone about his work visa. If we weren’t so thin in our squad right now, it would nevertheless be excellent for him to gain experience in the PL at another club since the style of play in the Dutch league is really different to what he will encounter in the PL even if there are similarities to how we play. Would you deny that more game experience in the league we hope to use him in, say a half season like Jack had, wouldn’t be a good thing? I don’t see how that can be argued against at the moment. And that is all I am suggesting while acknowledging that we may yet need him this Fall if Walcott is injured and Arshavin doesn’t play well. Nowhere did I suggest that these young players are not exceptional talents. I think they are. That isn’t enough, however, at their ages to develop fully or to count on them making significant contributions to the first team. Vela, JET and others were just as talented and haven’t had much impact after playing in the reserves and then being asked to step up when there is an injury crisis in big PL games in the past. Unfortunately, some of our players have gone on loan and haven’t had a run of games while on loan and I am not sure why, for example Vela didn’t get more games with West Brom–style of play? It is very unpredictable with young talented players–not all of them will be like Jack Wilshere or Cesc Fabregas–18 year olds who are established starters. That is incredibly rare, so many different things might be needed to develop younger players to fulfill their potential at Arsenal.

    What do you mean: “We have to treat everyone the same.”? Don’t players develop at different rates? It is always up to the player to prove their attitude and quality with the chances they get. And frankly JET got more chances than Lansbury last season. I thought we were discussing whether our young players could use more games at a higher level than the reserves seem to provide and whether Lansbury has had those chances yet such that some can declare him not good enough for Arsenal.

  158. FG, I am with you behind Wales, especially as Ramsey is captain and he deserves the world for what he has gone through. Still remember what he did to Scotland a couple seasons ago before his injury! I always go for the underdog, especially in international football. And I like Theo doing well for England because he seems to get so much stick from non-Arsenal supporters and has a point to prove.

  159. I want to watch an Arsenal game.
    This International stuff is crap

  160. @ limestonegunner

    I don’t think anyone here IS writing him off – which people specifically did you mean? – but I was talking about the club – that sending him on loan is not necessarily a prelude to pushing him out of the door.

    JET was ahead of Lansbury, which is why he got more chances here last year. I think it would be fair to say that Lansbury hasn’t earned his chances in the first team as well – but that could change.
    Norwich is higher than reserve level, and so is West Ham.

    Jack was sent on loan to Bolton because it was thought it would serve him better, Ramsey was kept to develop with us because it served his andn our needs better than going on loan. I think that is the thinking behind keeping the four that you mention close to home. And they are all thought to be good enough right now to make a contribution to the team which is very positive overall. I don’t think t’s a case of the squad being thin in Miyaichi’s area – Benayoun, Gervinho, AA, Walcott, Park and Rosicky can all play wide left.

    Players do develop at different rates, but the youngsters are being treated the same in terms of being given chances, when they deserve them, to prove themselves. Who knows, in five years’ time, JET might have acquired the extra maturity or whatever it was he was lacking, but we can’t wait for him – because of the squad size rules and greater competition for places, the cut-off point is perhaps going to come earlier than in previous years.

  161. Forgot to say – Afobe got a little time in pre-season, made the most of it and was given more. He must have impressed because even though we are now suddenly stuffed with strikers, he is not going on loan – for a while, anyway.

  162. Ghana FA says Frimpong wants to play for Ghana. Apparently he pulled out of the England under-21’s. I hadn’t heard that he was named to that squad. Perhaps the reason is that he wants to play for Ghana now. I would have thought it would be useful for him to play in England for the U21’s as that wouldn’t necessarily affect his eligibility for Ghana’s senior team, would it? That way he could play in European tournaments and stay with Arsenal this year instead of being called up too early potentially for Ghana’s ACN squad. In a year or two he could have determined whether he had a chance for the senior team in England or Ghana. Making this decision now seems a bit premature to my mind. I suppose it means he really wants to play for Ghana and expects to get in their team for the ACN, which isn’t great for us but will be wonderful for him. Ghana has a good team and he will learn a lot and be able to give something back to the country he was born in even though he doesn’t live there now. It isn’t great for Arsenal’s PR in England though, is it? Gibbs injured and out of U21’s, Wilshere injured and out for remainder of England Euro 2012 qualifiers, Arsenal passes on England CB Cahill for German international, young up and coming DM Frimpong chooses Ghana…. You can see why the media is making a big deal of this story–at least a prominent story on Guardian web site, since it fits with the Arsenal don’t do anything for England narrative of the last decade.

    And that is a position in which they will need good players in the fairly near future–Parker, Barry are older players and young Cattermole is a crazy thug. Frimpong pairing with JW could have been a future starting Arsenal/England pair.

    What do folks think? Especially you England based folks?

  163. FG, George said he was “a shade below the required level.” I wasn’t talking about the club. But I agree fully with George that I would much rather have an Arsenal match to watch right now.

    But I don’t disagree with anything you said in your recent post, and you are right about Benayoun and Park being able to play there (I forgot about that), but I am not sure Rosicky has played there on the left. I still don’t think that it would harm some of those four to go out on loan at the right level and in the right team.

    I myself discussed the affect of the 25 man squad and associated rules above. So again, I agree, the youth will really only have until 21/22 depending on whether they can still be counted as 21 for the squad purpose to show their abilities. To my mind, there is even more reason to get them more competitive games at a reasonable level since many can’t just play in the reserves, get a few CC games and expect to progress quickly. Apparently, though, in England you can’t sign a player and send them immediately out on loan. (Is that true?) Depending on what happens, the Ox, for example might go out on loan in January.

  164. Has the reserve league been weakened, btw? Has it ever served to prepare players well for first team football or has something changed in the last decade?

  165. Denilson was scoring wonder goals and holding down a regular place in a premier league team when he was nineteen. At youth level he captained Brazil at every age group and was runner up at the U-17 world cup in 2005. I love Lansbury but he is nowhere near where Denilson was at the same age. Saying that Denilson was found out after 150 apps is idiotic at best. I don’t really know what happened to Denilson for the last two seasons, but I bet his back injury may have played a role in him dropping off so much.

  166. The reserves have produced Jack and Frimpong as of late. Not to mention a slew of players for England at every age level. I think they’re doing just fine at the moment.

  167. Limestone, these youngsters could easily play in the CC game against Shrewsbury and dependent on how we progress loans may be an option in January. Loaning players is not as easy as it seems. You have to find the right club to continue their development and also a club that will actually play them. There’s not much point sending them out on loan to train with other teams and then sit on the bench.

    Benik Afobe on talks about why he is not going out on loan yet because there are aspects of his game that Arsenal want him to improve. Isn’t he more likely to do that training with one of the best youth development coaches around as well as the opportunity to train with world class players than some kick and rush league one team?

    Whilst playing regular games at any level is good for development, it’s only helpful after you have learnt all you need in terms of technique. Watching Henri’s goal against Israel showed his technique that he has learned over the years at Arsenal. Now he needs to top that off with some more match practice to help him learn to be more consistent and able to impose himself more on games and make a difference.

  168. not a great few days for arsenal and injuries.

    all we need now is for someone to tell us theo wont play for england tonight cos his hamstrings gone..

  169. Limestone the reserves used to be just for reserve first team players to keep them fit and for returning players to get a run out. Some teams still use it for that purpose but Arsenal generally use the reserves to promote promising youngsters from the under 18’s for development and to get them more games in readiness for a loan spell at lower league club in need of an injection of quality. Ignasi Miquel is the current reserves captain. The reserves are often up against bigger and older players who have PL experience, which is good for their progress, but there are not enough games even at that level compared to a loan spell as long as they get to play regularly otherwise they might as well stay with the reserves.

  170. It must be Lansbury day today then.

    I`ll admit I was a bit disappointed with the choice of WHU for his loan. Firstly it`s another season in the Championship when I believe he could get starts in the PL (back at Norwich ?) & secondly he`ll be playing for that fat f&ck Allardyce & lining up alongside such charmers as Kevin Nolan & Matt Taylor. I don`t want our club helping people like them out in any way. I also think a spell away from the south east might have done wonders too.

    Frimpong – choosing Ghana would be a blow for Arsenal which for me overides everything else. International Football is drivel.

  171. Ghanaians are the proudest bunch of people I’ve ever met. Intensely proud of their homeland, it doesn’t surprise me in the least that Frimpong wants to play for the black star rather than England.

  172. Frimpong has always been sure he wants to play for Ghana so it’s probably as well that he doesn’t keep another player out since he’s not desperate to play for England.

    @ JonJon | September 6, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    “not a great few days for arsenal and injuries.
    all we need now is for someone to tell us theo wont play for england tonight cos his hamstrings gone..”

    You got your wish.

    @ Paulie W
    I think there were one or two PL clubs interested but maybe they weren’t the right fit for him.

  173. You’ve done too much, Park Chu-Young!
    Now you’ve only got two years when you should be having fun with meeeee!

    He scores so much, Park Chu-Young!
    Now he could go and do the time Or come and run away with Meeeee!

  174. I like that LimparAssist, do you think we can get that chant going on Saturday?

  175. @ LimparAssist
    ha ha!
    nice goal too.

  176. Anyone see Mo Farah being interviewed on the news in his Arsenal trackies – top lad…!

  177. Re: Denilson

    People must have forgotten how talented of a player he was when he first played for Arsenal at 19. There is no doubt in my mind that if Cesc wasnt in the way he couldve been in the middle of the park for Arsenal (GA, I also think Denilson has a better shot on him than Cesc – lol). There is no doubt that injuries have hampered his career. Has nothing to do with being “found out”. The Arsenal supporters turning on him did nothing for his confidence either.

    He along with Diaby wouldve been devestating for Arsenal if not for those blasted injuries.

  178. Supercod | September 6, 2011 at 7:44 pm

    That’s really good Supercod – he’s wearing his colours with pride despite recent set backs!

  179. He might get a game soon Pass…!!

  180. Yeah, at the rate our players are dropping!

  181. I have a funny feeling about Ju.

    Why is it that Yossi is being treated like a little add on? that guy can play.

  182. Our young goalie is doing great, if not for him the game wouldve been over already.

  183. Can Ramsey show Theo how to cross a ball please…?!

  184. Ramsey is doing us proud.

  185. Which game is that, Paul_N?

  186. @supercod you are missing the real strenght of Theo are you not? You should know as an arsenal fan that Theo is not a conventional winger…

  187. Downing however, hes a man of good crossess….

  188. Theo scores goals and links up well with RVP

  189. Friendly match FunGun, Germany vs Poland.

  190. we should all be glad Holland dont play anymore games in this break. atlest we know RvP comes back in one piece 🙂

  191. Thanks Paul. What is the score? And is Per playing?

  192. Sagna startes for France so he must be feeling better.

  193. oh and i agree about Denny. He would have taken Cescs spot had Cesc not emerged as hardcore as he did. Denny is very good going forward, that is his strenght, but we used to have so few defensive minded players and he was better than the rest at that. So denny was stuck with a position he was ok at but never really good.

  194. and if you do not know that about Denilson you just have not watched enough arsenal matches. rewind some years and go look at his younger years(not that his old yet, the dude is 23). he was a smooth player…Hope he find his way in Brazil.

  195. the most disgusting thing is that a whole bunch of United players are becoming the “core ” of new england. Guess that wount make the refs less biased towards englands new darlings…

  196. 0-0 and Per is playing also.

    Poland are coming into the game a little, giving Germany a some worries.

    Great saves again by Szczęsny. This kid is the truth for real!

  197. Good. Hope it stays 0-0 – then they can both say they did their jobs!

  198. Have you ever heard an average player talked up as much as Bale?

  199. denilson couldnt find a runner with a pass that required more than 20 yards, dribble nor shoot..had no pace and no uper body strength..
    and he was ready to take cescs spot??

    give it a rest will a squad where weve got jack, diaby, rambo, arteta, arshavin even rvp who can play in the supporting role and peoples choice is denilson??

    think about it for a second before the denilson love in starts..he had more than just cesc in his way..

  200. even with all the current well as denilson not being here..we can still field a strong squad for swansea..

  201. yeah george
    denilson.. 😉

  202. Yeah, Denilson seemed to be a smashing lad but he had more than enough chances to cement a regular starting place. He just didnt take them. End of.

  203. JJ, when Denilson first came on the scene he was a brilliant young player. His career didnt pan out due to certain circustnces but he was a very different player than what he is now.

    Yes he couldve been playing in the middle of the park for Arsenal.

    I dont know why you feel the need to put down players and comments from other commenters who commend a players. Once you see cesc’ name in a comment its as if you feel some weird need to defend him and/or put down the other player.

    Then you go onto mention players that were not even in the picture when Denilson first got here? If you follow the comments we are talking about when Denilson first played for Arsenal, not now. Geez!

    Wojciech Szczęsny is something else, he just made an amazing double save.

  204. I think his back problem prevented us seeing the best of him.But yeh,never in a million years was he going to taken over from Cesc.

  205. George, please dont follow JJ. No one suggested that Denilson wouldve take over from Cesc “now”.

  206. no one suggested that full stop actually.

  207. @ JonJon
    Nobody said he was better than Cesc, and some of those other players weren’t even at the club when he was in the starting line-up. Try reading properly.

    @ Paul_N
    I was thinking this afternoon that Arteta is a similar player to what Denilson could have become, and perhaps could still become.

    @ Paulie Walnuts | September 6, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    “Yeah, Denilson seemed to be a smashing lad but he had more than enough chances to cement a regular starting place. He just didnt take them. End of.”

    You mean except for the season and a half when he did have a regular starting place? When he was a starter, he deserved his place. He had plenty of creativity and technical ability but he subjugated that to the needs of the team at the time. He shot and scored from outside the box and he made goals. He also read the game well, intercepted and above all kept the ball. He hasn’t been the same player for a couple of seasons, he probably won’t be back, but don’t deny the man’s ability.

  208. Will people stop going on about that barca player for goodness sake!

  209. Wales have done well. And Ramsey looks a class apart, as they say.

  210. I can’t bring myself to watch an England match – turgid football and sycophantic commentating. Life is too short.

  211. ha ha – I’m just desperate, Passenal. And Wales are in red and white, so….

  212. FunGun, Arteta huh? never though of it but an interesting comparison and I see no reason to believe that he couldnt have been just as good.I really do hope that Denilson can get back to his early self. What a player he was.

  213. Ramsey doesn’t get much credit from pundits on Wales. They go on about Bellamy and how he was missed, about how amazing Bale is, but ignore the fact that Ramsey is the dynamic engine of the team. They have a chance to cause big nations trouble when Ramsey is on his game. I hope we see the player who did this again soon for Arsenal.

  214. FunGun, Poland have gone up 1-0.

  215. Just found a stream–can you imagine that PPV on my cable tv provider is charging $22.99 to watch England v. Wales?!!?!

  216. I cant hope for a team to win that has Rooney.Cole and Terry playing for it.
    Sad I know ,but those three turn my stomach.

  217. @ Limestonegunner

    I think they get mesmerised by the spectacular. And Ramsey plays for Arsenal.

    He is not only the engine, he’s the brains of the team. Looks totally at home as captain.

  218. @ Paul-N | September 6, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    FunGun, Poland have gone up 1-0.


  219. i think you need glasses fungunner ive read at least two comments that suggest that cesc was in denilsons way…

    sorry paul but your talking wet.. denilson was a turd just as much as nikki and cesc and nasri..
    he was given his place due to 4 key players being injured..wenger never bought noone so denilson was unchallenged until jack came..he naturally got dislodged and he cried and moaned he was a winner and he knew he wanted toleave arsenal before xmas..

    little shit..

    only difference is cesc played shit hot for five years and went to barca for 30mil..
    nasri went for 25
    nikki and denilson played shit for 5 years and ended up where they ended up..

    its no different from the cesc and nasri discussions denilson wanted out so fuck him..and the club he went to are a reflection of his performances..good riddance..hope he stays dont want him back..

  220. You’re right FG – if he played for manure or chelski you wouldn’t hear the end of how fantastic he is

  221. Ramsey played Bale in and it was miles on side , probably would have been 1 1

  222. Ramsey is the best player on the pitch

  223. Excellent free kick from Ramsey! Earnshaw should have put that away.

  224. If England are the 4th best international team in the world ,the game is well and truly fucked

  225. Wales genuinely deserve to be level. And Earnshaw missed a sitter.

    Aaron MOTM for the ITV pundits. So they are not total canutes after all.

  226. I am flabbergasted FG!

  227. JJ, not sure why you feel the need to buy out the arguement but the fact is that nothing you have said is relevant to the discussion. You have an issue with Denilson and want to have a go.

    Arsenal supporters called Denislon all sort of names under the sky but he says one thing you dont like and he is a this and that? spare me the self righteous talk.

    If you want to engage in an argument stick to the subject matter, that is what is actually being said, if not its better you hold your peice.

    What was said was that Denilson was a class player when he first came to Arsenal and If Cesc has not emerged to be such an excellent player, he was good enough (at that time) to play in that space. No one suggested that Cesc was in his way as how you are making out to seem.

    Big up to Denilson. I can only hope he would come back one day and shut a lot of mouths up.

  228. Well done Rambo…MOTM

  229. Wales did realy well. I’m impressed with them.

  230. FG and Pass, that is exactly what I meant to imply by pointing out that he is overlooked. I think he has been playing rather spectacularly in this second half, in particular. The commentators have mentioned it but we’ll see if his quality is recognized in the match reports.

    This is good news for Arsenal. It looks like he is coming into form. ManU game he was one of our best players (not saying much, since weren’t terrific) and now for Wales, two good matches.

  231. @ Limestonegunner | September 6, 2011 at 9:35 pm
    Agree with that. Good timing.

  232. Midfield for Swansea: Frimpong, Ramsey, Arteta. Ramsey playing forward and Arteta alongside Frimpong to get used to our style. Swansea play it on the ground so this should be fine as we don’t need to dominate in the air. Looking forward to Ramsey taking his chance to get a run of games while Jack is recovering.

  233. 1-1 FunGun.

    Poland have a pen now!

  234. Limestone it sounds like a few Arsenal players have had good international breaks. I just hope they can bring that form back to the club. We often have a bit of a flat performance following international breaks as it seems to take the players time to adjust to playing with each other again.

  235. Szczęsny has been superb!

  236. ooh, exciting Paul

    @ Limestonegunner | September 6, 2011 at 9:39 pm
    Agree again, that sounds great.
    Someone should remember to feed Frimpong half a Mogadon beforehand though.

  237. Doesnt it just make you want to smash Shawcross over the head with a claw hammer?

  238. 2-2 now!

    This is the best match I have seen of all the internationals. End to end stuff!

  239. Pass, that’s true, but it probably came at the right time this time to lift some spirits. Goals for RvP, Park; strong performances from WC in goal. And since there are so many players to integrate, perhaps it isn’t going to make too big of a difference like it often does when we come back from the internationals.

    Here’s hoping confidence is back up.

  240. ^^Wow!

  241. Well I’m very excited about Ramsey and arteta together 🙂 saturday will be nice

  242. Bradys right foot

    FunGunner | September 6, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    Aaron MOTM for the ITV pundits. So they are not total canutes after all.

    They could hardly ignore him FG best player on the pitch by a mile, controlled the game. I’ve always thought that Rambo needed a run of games to start looking like his old self.

  243. Can anyone remember the last time we played with confidence.?
    And dont say away at Udinese

  244. Bradys right foot,are you a vampire?
    You only come out after dark!

  245. Ramsey MOTM, thot he struggled a bit in the 1st half but got much better in the second. Was Bale even playing? Its too easy to shackle him these days. Spurs should have sold him to Inter when they had a chance (if reports of Italians’ interests were true).

  246. Bradys right foot

    Lol George, I work long hours mate.

  247. Limestone – I think that’s the midfield he’ll go with but personally I’d like to see Rambo in the deeper role and Arteta forward. I always thought Aaron looks better when he has time to get his head up and play the more mid range passes. Won’t be such an issue against Swansea but I think he offers more in the engine room than Arteta.

  248. Nearly got me there. Almost had me thinking you’re not all just here for the argument and the self-congratulation and that you do really support the team. Then you blow it away by saying you hope Denilson comes back ! FFS.

  249. Supercod, I’d agree with that normally but for this fame Arteta is playing with us for the first time so sitting back may suit him better.

  250. Szczesny, what a fucking player…

  251. Suga, let’s hear how he did in goal for Poland. Also had he become the starter in goal or is this just for the friendly today?

  252. SUGA3 you have a lot to answer for

  253. Limestone – you may have a point. That said, I’d kind of hope that home to Swansea isn’t the sort of game that requires a gentle introduction for a seasoned player! Away to Blackburn the following week however may need a different approach…

  254. george,

    give me a break dude 😆


    immense is not the word, he conceded two, not at fault with either and probably made a double figure of world class saves…

  255. Guardian match report makes no mention of Ramsey’s play at all. Well, there you have it.

  256. SUGA3 of all the people on here I think I do usually give you a break,No?
    please explain these

    SUGA3 says:
    August 17, 2011 at 23:47

    Watch Cesc go…

    Wenger, fuck off you cunt!!!

    SUGA3 says:
    August 17, 2011 at 23:55


    I don’t hate Cesc, I hate Wenger, the cunt…

    SUGA3 says:
    August 18, 2011 at 00:17


    just for you:

    Na na na na na na na na na,
    Wenger is a cunt, Wenger is a cunt!

  257. Limestone – if I wanted to know the best lentil stall on Borough Market or where Tracy Emin’s latest exhibition was I might consult The Guardian – as for football they rarely know A from E…

  258. Will Wenger let the ox loose….Cahill is good on the ball i think but i hear Chelsea now want him so oh well…lost out on another one due to our lack of enthusiasm.

  259. george,

    look mate, I can get fairly emotional when it comes to all things Arsenal and Wenger’s pathetic mishandling of the summer was enough to make my blood boil…

    let’s not go into this discussion, shall we?

    to be honest, I am almost flattered by all that research done by BRF 😆

  260. im not prepared to argue with anyone over denilson..especially when the goalposts keep getting changed..
    next i’ll be getting told almunia was a great keeper..

  261. I mean, you will have your work cut out to find more posts like these, seriously…

  262. Duke,give it a rest.Good on the ball.?

    TV and Koss are good on the ball .Is he on their level?

    Anyway,how are you tonight?

  263. Did Park score again..?

  264. Ok SUGA3

    I will take your word for it.
    I am a trusting type

  265. why cant rambo play like that for us

  266. Have we signed Dean Ashton yet?

  267. just cleaned wenger's arse yesterday, bad taste in my mouth

    Supercod I believe he did. Our friend LimparAssist embedded a video of his goal. It was well taken.

  268. Oh no ,Gloomy Dexter has returned

    About time you trapped .

  269. Haha, supercod! Still they do have a fun football podcast…

  270. you are a good man, george 😉

    as you know, I will not stop short of criticising the man, but there are some stuff I don’t agree with, like wishing death or illness upon people and that kind of shit…

    I only came on here tonight to rave about my favourite Arsenal player for a bit!

  271. About time I trapped what george?

    A bag of cement?
    Your man boobs in a car door?


  272. did Diaby play tonight suga??

  273. wales should have won tonight
    he ran the show in the second half especially..

  274. I’m good George. You?

  275. duke,

    yeah, on a fucking Playstation!

    no, not him, but my countryman and my namesake, Mr Szczesny…

  276. Ramsey was quality tonight and yes JJ, he does play for us like that. However, due to the fucking late late transfer activity and injuries and suspensions, he has had to carry the midfield so far.

    Now we have finally signed some new players, he should be a bit more relaxed and get back in the groove.

  277. Trapped in the way a greyhound “traps”
    Turns up ready.

  278. Finsbury – I’ve seen enough false dawns over the years to not get prematurely excited but, to coin a phrase, the boy’s a bit special….

  279. Welsh fan killed in a fight outside Wembley…

    R.I.P. [*]

  280. Duke

    Dont encourage him mate, he wants to support an Arsenal player, so thats why he is on here.

    That kind of shit isnt permitted on the other blog! 😀

  281. Geroge

    Ah right man, thats a new one on me dude.

  282. hes gotta be up for swansea dex..
    him frimpong and arteta should be strong enough

  283. Dexter,

    actually, I am on the record on there, rooting for the young ‘un for a few years running…

    I think my hair got a bit greyer when he was playing for the Bees and we had to endure the service of the Spanish Waiter 😆

  284. Dexter its me northern talk,thy nose’s

  285. its that northern shit dex!!!

  286. Hahaha! Thanks dudes!

    Didnt know you spoke Norven Monkeyese mate?? 😀


    Just bustin your balls a bit man. 🙂

  287. What the fuck would you want to kill someone for,over an England game?

    Really,I hope they do life without parole.

  288. to make it even more bizarre, BBC reports it was a fight between the Welshmen, ffs…

    someone did not rise to the occasion and could not put the club differences aside, methinks…

  289. Fucking stupid as fuck; fighting over football shit.

    Pointless bollocks.


  290. Probably Swansea fans & Cardiff fans fighting.

  291. Andrei has spoken

    “When people say no-one is irreplaceable I don’t agree. With [Mikel] Arteta or whoever replaces those who have left, we will play different football, not as we played with Cesc and Samir,” he said.

    “Arteta and Benayoun have long proved themselves in the Premier League, they’re not bad signings. And we needed strengthening in those positions.”

    I dont know if I have ever said ,but I like Arshavin 🙂

  292. BBC saying it was before the match…

  293. This is one of the clubs we can beat or should beat. Anything is possible. We have some huge holes. The biggest is Fabregas. Without him we don’t have anyone to run the offense. He is the QB or point guard a little of hoops lingo. Lets hope these injury reports are not correct.

  294. “Without him we don’t have anyone to run the offense. He is the QB or point guard a little of hoops lingo.”

    What does that mean? I thought Fabregas was a midfielder.

  295. geeman

    FFS give it up! You know fuck all about fusboll, soccah, or whatever version of the game you actually follow.

    I think you are a comdeian rwally, on a massive wind up.

  296. Dup’s It means thegeeman is a cock ,Well I think it does.
    But we already knew that,No?

  297. PG

    Dup’s It means thegeeman is a cock ,Well I think it does.
    But we already knew that,No?

    You could be onto something there.

  298. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | September 6, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    but there are some stuff I don’t agree with, like wishing death or illness upon people and that kind of shit…

    I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Spoken like a true humanitarian Shoogs but i’ll not phone Oslo just yet, last time I checked Sima Samar was still favourite for the Nobel peace prize.

    George your such a tart lol, i’ll still stand on the walls while you wheel the wooden horse behind the barricades. Shoogs I’ve got a box of Bengal matches and a jerry can of good old leaded four star just in case. lol

  299. OK I am sure most, if not all of you, are in bed back across the pond so this goes out to those Arsenal fans scattered to the winds. In relation to the number of injuries we get compared to the “norm” in the EPL, whatever the fuck that is, can someone please (I am way too lazy!!) compare the number of games we play to the number of games the average* EPL team plays? I am pretty sure the discrepancy will be about the same as half the number of EPL games played each year. My point is simple, in comparing the number of injuries we get you can only do so to teams who are also playing an equivalent number of games. Wigan’s injuries compared to ours would seem like a walk in the park, as would Sunderland, Blackburn, Villa etc. I feel I also must point out that we also have a lot of players who come back crocked from international duty (RVP AND TV!!) but oats just ignore that for now and focus on the EPL. Thanks to whomever you areif you choose to take this on 🙂

    * by average I mean those teams not involved in Europe and who, bar the odd lucky year, are never involved in a cup run.

  300. Asit’s it turns out, United and us seem to have the most injuries affecting who starts, Irish. Check out today.

  301. Limestonegunner – Just read the article and while I do think it was very well researched I think it still left out some very important stats. For example, when comparing the top 6 teams as he did he did not mention that after mid-March games come twice weekly for Arsenal these last few years and surely that must influence the number of injuries? Even when we only play 4, 5 or 6 games more than others, these games are sandwiched between EPL games leaving 3 days rest compared to the usual 7.

  302. just cleaned wenger's arse yesterday, bad taste in my mouth

    anybody around these parts? fellow Septics unite

  303. JonJon | September 6, 2011 at 11:00 pm
    why cant rambo play like that for us

    Maybe he’s seen the way you treat Denilson.

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