Jack’s Knack’s Back, Arsene’s Headache & More

As Arsène heads off to Switzerland today, others contemplating their navels and his fate following the farcical implementation of a two-match ban for the Champions League. Whilst I still find it hard to understand how Arsenal allowed the farce to occur in the first place – although as it involves Uefa, it is hardly surprising – it is now largely irrelevant as qualification was achieved.

That Uefa were willing to impose a punishment twice as punitive as the original simply beggars belief and is disproportionate considering that the racist abuse from Bulgarian fans will attract no more than a €15k fine. It is good to see that the governing body places an emphasis on getting to the root of the real problems in football.

Any punishment will just about top off Wenger’s weekend. He was no doubt expecting it but Jack Wilshere’s absence of up to three months is a blow, even by the standard of a season that has started with continual blows. The youngster picked up his ankle-knack for England in June so it is not untrue to say that the curse of international week strikes again. Merely stretching it somewhat.

Of course his absence has led to criticism of the manager and medical staff. The latter are everyone’s favourite punchbag when it comes to injuries, every internet medical expert or their mate believing that they know the problems and the solutions far better than the professionals. Except they do not otherwise they would have been employed by Arsenal Football Club for their expertise in the area.

And they never get the praise when players return to first team fitness because invariably, it is believed that this is despite the medical teams efforts.

Wenger admits that Wilshere playing 50 games last season put stress on the player’s body. It is a fair comment and one that leads to criticism of the manager, something he too must be used to. In a sense it is hard for him to escape this. He, after all, is responsible for the number of games played by individuals.

That he was let down by the performances of more experienced players and injuries to others merely highlights the lack of depth in last year’s midfield. Wenger has, you hope, put this right although there are some harsh questions to be answered over the course of the coming nine months.

Not least of which is whether the time has come for the club to cuts its losses and run as far as Abou Diaby is concerned. I have a lot of time for the player despite his increasingly annoying inconsistency. Who knows maybe he felt intimidated by the presence of others in the squad and his performances suffered accordingly?

But the Frenchman continually suffers with injuries, all of which have their roots in Dan Smith’s appalling challenge at Sunderland all those years ago. Even so, Arsenal need someone they can rely on and last season was a setback as his availability had been steadily improving. Can the club take a continued risk if this season sees another drop in the number of appearances he makes?

On which cheery note…no, wait I keep forgetting that there is another England international in the Arsenal squad. Established bestselling author, Theo Walcott, has taken time out from his hectic writing schedule to deflate those looking to stir the Arsenal pot with a lack of confidence.

Walcott floridly described in another blockbusting paperback, TJ And The Winger, how confidence has been boosted by the activity in the death throes of the transfer window.

Walcott span, his eyes meeting his interrogator. “No, I won’t divulge anything to you. You’ll have to kill me first”, he rasped. “Kill you, Mr Walcott? Oh no, we’ll just put Aaron Lennon into the team instead. Mental cruelty is so much more fun”, his Italian host sneered.

Or he might just have said,

I’m looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday. When you get new faces in, it tends to get everyone bubbling. I think we all have to lift our spirits, we can’t dwell on that United result. Hopefully, those new signings will do the job.

Indeed. Swansea are the right sort of team for Arsenal to face, concerned with playing a passing game rather than six studs onto the shin as some others who deserve to be relegated might do.

That match is less than a week away. It feels a bit 1970s Star Wars-ish (you know the proper ones, not the contractually obliged ones of the last decade) – a new hope, etc.

’til Tomorrow.


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  1. ffiiiirrsstttttt….

  2. Now on to read the Daily Sermon..

  3. I have a solution to our annual growth in injuries to our midfielders.

    Let’s put Mertesacker up front and get Szchesney to hoof the ball up to him and completely bypass the midfield.

    The long ball game is the future.

  4. Good post Yogi,
    Re; Diaby, If he is indeed earning close to 50K per week, something has to be done about his case. Although,rather than letting him go, I’d be happier he was put on some kind of pay-as-you-play deal. Despite the injuries and inconsistency, I still think there is a beast of a player somewhere in there.

  5. Jack being out for 2-3 months is a blow but the players we have at the moment will be able to cope. We never seem to catch a break where injuries are concerned(at the start of the season we usually have atleast one major injury) I guess this is it for this season. Anyway may his recovery be swift and come back stronger.!!

  6. @ YW

    Nice post. Diaby’s recent operation is meant to sort out his ankle once and for all, so we will have the chance to see if it has worked later on in the year. Last season, we saw what we have been missing out on. I thought he was sensational when he got going.
    Such a shame about Jack, but at least we don’t have to rush him back, since no new midfield injuries have been reported. *touches wood frantically*.

    Re UEFA, are you saying the two-match toucline ban has been upheld? Infuriating if so.

    “Whilst I still find it hard to understand how Arsenal allowed the farce to occur in the first place”
    Did I miss something? I thought we had checked with UEFA beforehand concerning what Arsene was allowed to do.

    @ poodle
    good question! I was wondering the same thing. Perhaps the club are not saying because it’s too hard to judge and they don’t want to create expectation and put pressure on the player.

  7. Cesc quoted as saying this:

    “Without him I would not be a Barca player now, he convinced the owners of Arsenal, who would not sell under any circumstances, to lower the price.”

    I seriously hope that is not true. I am a 100% Arsene advocate, but if this is true I would seriously question what on earth he is doing?


  8. Diaby is a strange one. Like many on here, I really rate him as a footballer. But can we justify havnig a player on the books at £50K p/w who cannot play more than 1/4 of a season?

  9. With Jacks injury we could see Yossi,Arteta and Song as our midfield.
    And good it would be in my humble.

  10. Andy,If the boss thought Cesc was not as valuable due to his mental state,and he knows him better than us,then we have to accept he could have been right.
    He always acts in the best interests of Arsenal,so why would he do differently in this case?

  11. I think our midfield for the forseeable future will ber Song/Arteta/Ramsey.

  12. George he should be back by the end of this month.

  13. George – Convincing the board to lower their price of our prize asset is nowhere near having the best interests for the club in mind? It is crazy.

    People are overplaying the fact that he wanted to leave as a factor. Plenty of players don’t get moves that they want, and then just get on with life. There was no suggestion that he was unprofessional (nor would I think he would be) over the episode in refusing to play or the like.

  14. So what are you saying Andy?

    Think carefully here

    He did it because he is crazy?

    He does not know as well as you?

    He misjudged Cesc’s mood,when you didn’t?

    He has lost it?

    He just really likes Cesc,and thought he would give him a hand with his move?

    Or one of your own 🙂

  15. On the contrary, there was plenty of evidence that he was being unprofessional andy.

    Leave it now. he’s gone. We have a whole new midfield to play with. Look forward to that and leave cesc to his Spanish Heaven.

  16. Just Another Luke


    All those who feel that CF should go based on the rationale that a fully committed player is better than a half committed CF would feel that AW has done right. The buck stops where a decision has to be made. Evaluating a decision based on £ value is one-dimensional.

    Enough said as this is may turn out ot be a never-ending inconclusive exercise.

  17. Diaby needs to give us about 20+ appearances this year. Great player, would be a shame if we cut and run now.

    Think there is a chance we could see a few of our new signings against Swansea. No disrepect to Swansea but playing them at home should be a fantastic opportunity to give the new lads a successful introduction to the fans. First impressions can make or break a player in the eyes of some.

    No Gervinho who is suspended. Song is also suspended, so I reckon we’ll see Frimpong, Arteta and Ramsey/Rosicky start in midfield. Santos should start. Don’t think we’ll see Mertesacker if both Vermaelen and Koscielny are fit tho. Not really his kind of match? Benny and Park off the bench for a cameo.

  18. @ pedantic George
    I think you’re right. AW made a point of saying in public that Cesc had to be committed and focused. He wouldn’t have said that if he thought that the player’s commitment was not going to be a problem.
    I think he spent most of the summer trying to get Cesc to be enthused by the idea of staying as opposed to just staying on sufferance.

  19. @ Markus
    Also factor in who has played in internationals and for how long and how far they had to travel, which could mix up the selection a bit.

  20. I’m with Yogi on the Diaby issue, I can’t remember him both starting and finishing the same game. I think he has become our Darren Anderton. Man U. recognised and dealt with the Hargreaves situation, sad for the player but can Arsenal afford to carry Diaby as a non-paying (non-playing) passenger any longer.

  21. If Cesc stayed, he would have been committed to every game he played as that was his nature. Lets not forget, he had not even handed in a transfer request. Whilst he wanted to leave, that does not sound like somebody trying to get away at any cost.

    There is no way the manager of Arsenal football club should be advocating letting our best player leave on the cheap. For Arsene to rubber stamp his sale……fair enough. But to then be asking the club to lower its valuation??? Bear in mind, that we were not actively trying to sell this player.

  22. Bob is correct ,as ever,lets move on.
    Nothing can be gained by further mourning his lose ,or the reasons for it.

  23. Markus,

    I doubt that Vermaelen will be playing, In the Telegraph this morning it says “no date is given for Vermaelen’s return”. He picked up a thigh injury against Udinese.

  24. Andy maybe lowering the price was the best thing to do at the time. We had a player on our hands who wanted to leave and a cunty club who had been unsettling him for a couple of seasons.

  25. Markus

    Diaby great player.Get real,Henry Bergkamp Vieira and Cesc were great players.Diaby is not and never will be great.There are 20 players better than him at the club are they great?

  26. Brian, we have 20 box-to-box midfielders at the club? Awesome.

  27. Wenger was loyal to Cesc for sure, perhaps too loyal. Yes he said he wanted to be sure about Cesc’s commitment, but he also said Cesc (and Nasri) where never unprofessional at any time. I’m sure Cesc would have played if asked, just as Nasri did, or is there any evidence to the contrary?

    Also, Cesc would have being focused if he stayed, even if he wasn’t particularly happy, although I don’t see why not being delirious about playing for us would have been a problem, or a reason to let the player go for less than he is worth in the current crazy market.

    I said a while ago that this Cesc saga will haunt us for years. Wanting to move on is nice, but its simply not gonna happen, unfortunately. Unless perhaps we win something this season….

  28. Just in support of Diaby I’d make the point that in 08/09 and 09/10 he made 36 and 40 appearances for us respectively.

    Also in all this talk of replacing Cesc nobody once mentioned Diaby, but he started his career as an attacking midfielder/support striker. People complain that he neglects his defensive duties but if he was playing an advanced role he could fully commit to his attacking instincts and we might get the best from him.

    “He (Diaby) is more of an offensive player. He is not a defensive-minded player and he’s not a holding player. He’s a player who crosses the field at ease, goes from box to box like it’s no distance and has good power as well”

  29. Brian, why cant you make mature comments instead of being so disrespectful and condescending?

    ANYWAY, Diaby level of skill and physical attributes are rare. I hope he can get past his injuries, he most certainly could be a great player if everything works out.

    GA, Cesc professional? until we play Barcelona again? he also took a while to get going last season, the young man looked liked his puppy died for quite a few matches. The only regret for me about Cesc is that he left a season too late. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on.

  30. Henristic, no the Cesc situation is not going to haunt “us” for years and we dont have to win anything to get over it as we didnt win anything with him here.

    The only thing that stops you from moving on is you.

  31. Diabys biggest problem (other than the injuries) is because of his build peopl are always comparing him to Vieira and want him to be the new Vieira. He has different strengths and if we can keep him fit for more than 2 -3 ganes in a row he could be a huge asset to the team

  32. Marks,
    Diaby is more like Nasri than Cesc. He have Cesc’s awareness, quickness of thought and vision, or his passing range. But like Nasri he can go past markers like they weren’t even there. What he has that Nasri doesn’t is better defensive abilities, and that power to cover long distances with what looks like no effort at all, as your quote describes.

  33. Just curious….

    For the folks who claim to know, can you confirm how you’re so sure that Diaby is on £50K a week? Is this public information that we can peruse alongside the salaries of other players on the Arsenal FC payroll?

    It’s being quoted here as a matter of fact. But is it?

  34. I am still upset with Cesc to be honest. I feel there’s a lot which has yet to be disclosed on the matter of his transfer, and I have this unshakable feeling that some dishonourable poo went down on the part of Cesc.

    His performance against Barcelona in the Camp Neu, not as a player but as a captain, was nothing short of unforgivable.

    But yet the barstard put in some legendary performances for us. I couldn’t help myself, I had to refollow him on twitter.

    I am so torn. This is my most severe break-up ever. My eyes are welling up and all I want to do is weep into his replica jersey and beg him to return. I’d even allow him to sleep with Rosario Dawson without recompense if he’d just come back. The memories of seeing him caress the ball into Robin’s path are just too vivid, only that is matched by the sting of his treachery.

    Let us not speak of him anymore.

    And if he lays a finger on Rosario’s perfect frame, I’ll break him

  35. @ longblackcloud | September 5, 2011 at 11:25 am

    “Diabys biggest problem (other than the injuries) is because of his build peopl are always comparing him to Vieira and want him to be the new Vieira. He has different strengths and if we can keep him fit for more than 2 -3 ganes in a row he could be a huge asset to the team.”

    Very good point.

  36. Paul-N

    Easy on the agro bro. No need to pick fights with me. That’s the first comment I’ve made about Cesc in a while, in response to many other comments that had gone before.

    And you miss my point. Its not about ‘getting over’ Cesc. Its about not having to hear from the press about how good/bad a business decision his leaving was. In some ways the press dictates the agenda on blogs and discussion forums, and this is another example of that. If we win a trophy, the discourse will likely be that wee are better of without him and circumstances of his leaving will take a back burner.

  37. longblackcloud,

    I’ve always believed in the Diaby is different from Vierra view, and your overall point about the unfairness of comparing players like that.
    But thinking about it just now, I’m beginning to wonder just how different they really are from each other. I could be wrong, but it’s now occurring to me that they have more similarities in their game than differences.

    They both have incredible skill, a good eye for goal, similar ability to turn markers with ease, etc. Vierra had more defensive duties but that probably due to the 4-4-2 system we played then. In our current system, will Vierra play very differently to how Diaby is utilized?

  38. My take on the Diaby debate is that Arsenal need to hold onto him for as long as it takes to get him the run of games and to hopefully stay fit.

    He is possibly the most exciting box to box player in the league with the ability to give us something very different. Those who are frustrated with his injuries should ask themselves whether Diaby feels good about it and how it affects him – not being able to play as much as he wants.

    Saying that – his appearances in 2008 to 2010 were quite significant and he had decent runs, more than or equal to RVP.

    He is also a preferred starter for Les Bleus when fit.

  39. Darius

    It isn’t a fact, no-one has proof of that information. It’s one of things, like a lot of footballers wages, that is spoken by someone authoratatively and is not questioned at the time, merely accepted as right.

    A bit like how everyone but the Arsenal Medical Team knows how to rehabilitate injuries.


  40. Fabregas Episode : I think it goes back to a deal Arsene made with Fab last year’s summer. That we would start winning trophies and Fabs job is to inspire the team to get them. If not Fab would leave next summer.
    I think Arsene kept his promise, I think Barca knew this and hence they took advantage of the promise made by going to press repeatedly saying they dont have the money but Fabregas should come. This is what makes me mad. But then we are not in a position to preach as Gervinho and chamak deals were more or less done this way. Pers too would have been done next year, but we needed him this summer.
    I would rather Arsene not give any commitments/promise like this to anyone else in future. But if you have given someone your word, you better stick to it.

  41. Henristic
    fair point they do have similarities but we do need to bear in mind that Vieira was legend! To expect Diaby to match Paddys standards just because he`s tall is unrealistic. The past few seasons we have built our way of playing to get the best out of Cesc (are we still mentioning his name?) meaning other players strengths have maybe been sacrificed. With the change in personel perhaps we can utilise better what other players can bring (looking at you Arshavin/Theo) That said Vieira would still have been awsome however we utilised him!!

  42. Darius
    Good point, been reading Paul Lakes Autobiography and the anguish he suffered when injured (admittedly exacebated by his clinical depression) but an insight into how tough the players take it when they can`t play. Let face it most players aren`t the best at finding other constructive ways to occupy themselves and must succumb to boredom


    in the reveiw of book in Guardian, theres a picture and the look on brian Mclairs (wanker) face as Lake is running past him in with a knee support caught my eye, mix of pity and maybe dread that it could come to that for any player

  43. Yogi – my sentiments exactly. There’s even couples who are married and live together yet they don’t know what the exact details of the other’s salary are – and you get experts proclaiming contract values as if it was as certain as Arsenal wearing red and white at home.

    As for the Arsenal medical staff being incompetent – I gather Alan Brazil declared that this was the case and so it must have some credence….LOL! This is the same guy who in the same half hour declared Andy Carroll as a certified drunk. Talk about pots calling kettles black.

  44. Jabba's Delights

    Nobody knows Diaby wage for sure.

    However with regards to the wage structure that the club has put in place, its more about estblishing what band a player is in. We dont offer bespoke wages like most clubs, especially not lower down the scale.

    With regards to his ability, as stated by some on here many times before the guy has tremendous talent but has never had the chance to show this over a consistent period, which is crucial when evaluating players.

    Huge year for him, especially if Lansbury establishes himself as a star at west ham and with england u21

  45. @longblackcloud

    Diaby himself has admitted that there are times giving up football has crossed his mind.

    When you think the genesis of all this was the mindless assault on him by Dan Smith – who became a pariah in football. I gather he’s a carpenter now.

    And even at that time, Mick McCarthy who was the Sunderland manager took the view that there was little wrong with that tackle.

    Michael Essien just proved that he was an imbecilic cunt when he litterallly stamped on that same ankle knowing full well what it would do to Diaby. Couple that with what Paul Robinson did to Diaby with another mindless and thuglife hack at his ankle, and you start to understand the reaction he had at St. James Park against Barton.

    In fact, the only regret I have is that Diaby didn’t punch the fuck out of Barton and dislocate his jaw while knocking out a few teeth. He was going to get a red card anyway, so he might as well have got his money’s worth.

  46. Darius

    If we are to use any wage offered by City as matter of fact in our attack of their policy, then we must be fair to our players. As I said the other day, having only Arshavin in the top 100 wages (an article you took for complete gospel?), would suggest we have a very flat wage structure. Diaby being on anything higher than 20k/week would represent poor value.

    FG – its not Diabys ankle that keeps him out though is it? Constant minor muscle twangs in the hamstring/thigh. Its an omninous sign for a professional athlete.

    Diaby is back training at the end of this month. So he will not be match fit for another 2-3 weeks. We are then approaching the end of the October. If he can stay fit and perform consistently then of course he is a useful addition to the squad.

    If not, then we need to be ruthless and drop him. He has had ample time to prove his fitness. We also forget that he played 40 games the season coming of the Smith assualt, so its fair to say that these constant and increasingly frequent niggles, pulls, strains, minor tears are indicative of a man who has not recovered properly.

    Shame, talented player, never shown he can cut it consistently at the highest level.

  47. Terrible news about Jack. I hope he is rehabilitaed properly, and not asked to play when not fully fit.

    Lets take our time and mend the little maestro properly.

    Song – Ramsey – Arteta is a very strong midfield.

  48. I hope this operation has sorted Diaby out once and for all and his injuries are behind him. I doubt it but i really hope its the case. If there are any doubts then i reckon its the case of getting him fit, not really playing him all that much and hope someone takes a chance on him and we move him on….

    I really hope Wenger didnt do what Cesc says he has done. Cesc has just given his new masters a stick (with a nail in it) to beat Arsenal with. Thanks Cesc. His barca DNA seems to be exerting itself!!

    What a shame for Jack, and us, that we wont see him for a while. BUT please make sure hes 100% before letting him come back – no recurring injuries please.

  49. LMFAO at Andre Santos who asked Arsenal fans on Twitter to help him settle down by learning English. His first 3 English words properly learnt and tweeted back “I hate Tottenham”.

    The guy will be a legend.

  50. @Luke – “(an article you took for complete gospel?)”

    Get your shit straight. Which article. And your argument still doesn’t explain how someone can authoritatively claim they know what Diaby’s salary is as if they were the signing witness to his contract. Speculation is not fact.

    I don’t even have a clue what Arshavin earns – why would I know that.

  51. is that for real Darius? If so, let the Santos crush begin 😉

  52. @ Darius
    “In fact, the only regret I have is that Diaby didn’t punch the fuck out of Barton and dislocate his jaw while knocking out a few teeth. He was going to get a red card anyway, so he might as well have got his money’s worth.”

    Ditto Gervinho and Barton!

    “(Santos’) first 3 English words properly learnt and tweeted back “I hate Tottenham”.”
    ha ha ha! Excellent.

  53. No one really knows the wages but what we do know is that neither Diaby or Arshavin are earning their wages they are just taking money and the piss!

  54. @ DeiseGooner
    “No one really knows the wages but what we do know is that neither Diaby or Arshavin are earning their wages they are just taking money and the piss!”

    Really? In what way are they taking the piss?

  55. Arshavin eats too many chops and Diaby never plays..

  56. Jabba's Delights

    The word on the street is that our new Brazilian has some issues with how much he eats as well

    Got fined for being overweight in Turkey.

  57. yeah i read that somewheres Jabba – to many lamb kebabs and bottles of effes 😉

  58. Years from now, the ghost of Cesc (at Arsenal) will continue to haunt many Arsenal supporters.

  59. It would have been nice to have seen the form Fabregas is currently displaying for Barca in his last season for the club.

  60. HI all. YW at your usual best.

    Yes we should get over Cesc ASAP as fans and players. He is gone because he thinks being somewhere else is better than at The Arsenal period. Personally if there are good players who are also fans and it is their childhood dream is to wear the Red and White, I would get my hands on as many of them as possible to play for the club. Cesc is now living his dream at a lower pay playing for Barca. That extra commitment and fight is worth a lot more than being a fantastic player. Then that extra 20,000 to 40,000 per week will matter less.(Ca$hley Cole is the exception than the rule.). That is why I believe like most of us here we should build the team around Wilshere an ardent Arsenal fan who happens to be very good.

    Some may disagree but I am biased to the extreme.

    No Fear We Are The Arsenal!!!

  61. re: Diaby (I agree with Markus and Paul-N)

    a good talent ? No, an exceptional talent. 1v1 – passing – scoring – height – deceptive speed; so many different ways to contribute. I don’t see another Arsenal player with the same ‘arsenal’ of attacking weapons.

    I recall last week, one of our astute bloggers (and I apologize for not remembering) gave a very succinct description of Song’ in possession of the ball.

    something on this order:
    its my ball, if you try and take it, you’ll regret the effort; if you’re persistent, I’ll show it to you, but you’ll only get a brief look as I’m going past you. Now f*ck off.

    Well Diaby is the same type of confident ball possession player.

    RvP (at 28) has been through an ‘injury period’ of his career – and has endured miles of criticism, yet our manager had faith and we are now starting to reap the rewards for our manager’s patience. Diaby is only 24.

    We have supporters who spew criticism at player’s and manager and base their opinion on conjecture / speculation……they post:
    as if they attend board meetings
    as if they know player salaries
    as if they are included in the club finances
    as if they are part of training
    as if they are integral in transfer negotiations
    as if they are experienced in evaluating talent for Arsenal
    as if they are clairvoyant

    facts aren’t relevant.

    Even if Diaby can’t return until mid-October – so what. Others will gain playing time from his unavailability and of Wilshere’s – providing the manager more options for the final run in.

  62. Cheers to All and Up the Arsenal,

    Regarding Diaby, a big thank you to Darius at 12:24 who puts the record straight. Abou is a fine player and if he’s healthy this season, Arsenal will be all the stronger.

  63. An interesting thought; if Diaby continues his pattern of playing a handful of games, then being injured for 4 months, at what point to the club give up and hand his spot in the squad to somebody else? There has to come a cut off point.

  64. Jack has hardly played a full season for us and he is out until Christmas.
    He is clearly injury prone and should be cut lose.
    He got a huge wage increase last year and repays us by taking half a year off.Poor form.
    Pinning our future hopes on a sickly child is criminal negligence on the part of the manager and the board.
    If we continue to put us with these slackers, then we will never win trophies.

  65. Andy ,28 years old ,the same chance as Robin was given?

    You tell us though!

  66. Goonerandy.

    to be fair, Diaby has clocked over 38 games for 2 seasons in a row, that’s even more than RVP during his “injury” stretch.

    Good thing we didn’t reach RVP’s cut off point.

    It’s almost like you’re willing Diaby to fail to get fit like it was his own fault and he’s been cursed by some serious muti that even the best practitioners of the dark art haven’t come across.

  67. Not picking fights Henristic, just setting you straight mi bredrin.

  68. When Diaby is fit and firing he can be really useful. His ability to just take the ball and waltz through the midfield is incredible, it’s just that at the last moment he seems to make the wrong decisions. Despite that I feel that he is still young enough to turn his immense potential, I don’t think anybody would seriously doubt that he possesses it, into raw skill and ability.

  69. Darius – Not me mate. I am a Diaby fan. I think he is a very good footballer, who gives us something that none of our other midfielders to be fit. For me, if he were fit and had match fitness he would be a definite starter.

    The problem is he is every time he seems to get fit, and injury quickly follows. How much longer will the club persist? Regardless of wages (value for money is another issue) he is taking a place in the now limited squad.

  70. In a sport that is so cut throat it is nice that Arsenal sticks by their players. Clichy was another player that was injured constantly and given time.

  71. Steve of Chiang Mai

    Darius I am not sure of this, as my 54 year old memory sometimes deceives, but Diaby’s problems were often calf related and this could be a compensating strain as a result of his ankle problem. Hopefully the surgery fixes it once for all. If he comes back from Surgery as strongly as Vermaulen I will be thrilled.

    With Jack missing he is probably still the quickest Arsenal player when it comes to moving the ball forward at pace and is very good defensively. Were he able to capture the sort of form he displayed scoring against Blackpool last April he could be a bonus for Arsenal. Diaby in form with Song and Arteta would be a strong midfield.

  72. Evil, I am thinking that the more games Diaby gets the better his decision making will get.

    I believe we have rushed players back too soon at times, I wonder if this has been an issue with Diaby?

  73. Diaby also had a history of reocuring injuries whilst with Auxerre.

  74. What makes you believe we have rushed players back Paul?
    If we have ,that would suggest incompetence on someones part within the club.

  75. Andy,Gerrard had recuring injuries as a teenager(his back I think).I dont think that his injury record pre Arsenal has much relevance.
    I think we do medicals and stuff :).

  76. George, I said last season that I didnt think Wenger trusted the bench enough hence as soon as our better players were fit they were played. Many times the players simply didnt look ready.

    Not calling it incompetence, maybe he got anxious with the not winning for x amount of years.

  77. Well Diaby never had issues at Arsenal until his ankle was crushed.

  78. @Paul
    I noticed the same thing. How often did we play Cesc shortly after we had recovered in more or less unimportant games, just for him to get injured again? Sometimes I feel that keeping him off the pitch for a couple more days would’ve been the better choice, even if it would have lead to a loss or a draw, if it would have meant that he could recover properly. Just remember his brilliant cameo two seasons ago against Aston Villa. Came on in the second half, scored two goals, injured again.

  79. George – All clubs have rushed players back at some point. It is a gamble that sometimes pays off, sometimes it backfires. We are no different in that respect. I remember Arsene admitting a few times that Henry had been rushed back from injury for an important game. No biggie really.

    Only last year Cesc was on the bench (against Villa), only to come on win the game, and then go off again. That type of thing is a calculated gamble.

  80. I see what you mean Paul but no player ever looks ready when they first come back.I think we just hope they we take up where they left off.But they dont.
    Also I suspect it is the same for every team.Just we dont care about them

  81. George – I am just pointing out that he has always suffered from reoccuring injuries, even before the ankle injury. He is a fine example of an injury prone player.

  82. C Henderson tweeting that Arteta looks “unreal” in training. Sounds promising.

  83. To add to the back-to-soon-from-injury debate; JD was probably rushed back to soon as well, in the final part of last season. His form has been poor since then, whereas before the injury he was just about our most dependable CB. Or maybe like Bill says, the clumsy JD is the real JD, and the other other good one was a fluke. In any case I’m glad Wenger has decided to plan conservatively this time by getting one more quality CB in.

  84. @Evil, I agree, I hope we dont see it this year.

    George, I think the issue was that many times, as Evil says, our players aggrivated the same injury.

    I think it would be good to give the senior players ample time in some reserve matches to play themslevs back to match fitness, as much is possible.

    We boasted about our depth last season and then we hardly used it thus Nasri felt he had no competition in his spot, even though he didnt do much for half a season.

  85. 28 Injuries in his time here. A few are impact injuries such as that horrendous tackle and a concusion which obvisouly are nothing to do with him being injury prone.


  86. Darius,

    “Diaby has clocked over 38 games for two seasons in a row” How many did he both start and finish.

    Most of those games were virtually cameo appearences, last twenty minutes on as a sub, or off at half-time with a “niggle”

    I can’t remember him playing a whole game for a couple of seasons let alone playing two whole games on the trot.

    Diaby is an expensive luxury that we can ill afford.

  87. Henristic,

    It would not have been necessary to rush Djourou back so quickly if we had bought a decent centre half instead of Squillaci.

  88. Well when Squillaci was signed, I dont remember anyone saying that he wasnt good. As far as players, some work out and others dont. Carrol and Torres two big time, high priced flops so far. Who wouldve thought it?

    I stand by what I say that he has taken way too much slack.

  89. Some of you blog as if rushing a player back is the manager’s fault. Really?

    The manager can only observe a player in training and then ask the player if is he ready.

    Many times players honestly believe they are ready, when their desire to be on the pitch over rides their awareness that there is some lingering of the injury.

  90. Arsession, I dont think the point was finding fault but seeing what we could do better.

    Also it is true that Arsene himself has admitted that he took risks with players.

    What was evident was that we didnt use our depth enough last season and it wasnt good for the team overall.

  91. Arssession it was ZImpaul, the poster you cant remember who described how easy song shrugs off his opponents.

    Last time i can remember Diaby playing was during the infamous newcastle game and he was really great in that game. For a person his height it is really amazing how he dribbles the ball.

  92. Arsesession,

    Proffesional footballers are just that proffesional, they should know just how fit they are, how much the rehabilitation has worked and how ready they are to return to playng. Maybe some do need a nudge in the right direction but with all the sports injury science and the best possible medical advice available to them they should have no difficulty in making that decision. All that being said, it is finally the manager’s decision that matters.

  93. Stupid decision.

  94. Hardly unexpected, Uefa need to clarify the situation, perhaps the ban should be not just from the touchline but from the stadium entirely.

    It was rumoured that Mourinho was once smuggled into the Chelsea dressing room in a kit basket, on another occasion he watched the match in a hotel room on tv and communicated with his bench by ‘phone.

    It wouldn’t be such a disaster, for Arsenal, if Wenger had a more reliable assistant.

  95. Lifelong – I highly doubt you have detailed knowledge of what Pice Rice actually does. How do you assume he is not capable?

  96. Goonerandy,

    Watch him during a match, he agrees with everything Wenger says, you never see him giving an opinion, he never seems to show any emotion or offer any encouragement to the players.

    You’re right I don’t have detailed knowledge but I have the evidence of my own observations.

  97. I dont doubt Pats capabilities but a change on the coaching staff every now and then isnt a bad thing. How messed up did Wenger look sitting on his own on the bench in the rain? Where were the rest of the coaches? Why wernt they all heads together to sort some of the onfield issues out during the game?

  98. @ Firstlady – I was also thinking ZP….but too lazy and research. Thanks.

    @ lifelong gooner
    final decision by manager is based on players answer to manager, “are you ready to play?”
    Wilshere is a great example desire to compete.

    @ Paul-N

    Last season was a web of sticky issues.

    Cesc, Nasri, and Clichy were contract diversions (for me) that affected the entire club; not related to injury, but very visible to how the team executed and impacting our final run in.

  99. I am curious, what exactly was the improper conduct by Arsenal officials referred to in the UEFA reply to the Arsenal appeal?

  100. Lifelong Gooner
    You do seem to have 20/20 hindsight ,dont you?
    I feel you have stumbled in here by accident.Perhaps a less informed blog is the place for you.

  101. arsesession,

    Final decision by manager is based on players answer to manager, “are you ready to play/” plus the opinion of the medical staff and his own and final opinion.

    Wilshire is a great example of a desire to compete and of inexperience in recovery from serious injury.

    Wenger has admiited that he, Wenger, was wrong to play Wilshire too much last season.

    It all goes back to the lack of reliable depth in the squad due to the persistent injuries to Diaby and others.

  102. Pedantic George,

    You could be right, it is all a bit cosy on this site and it seems that having an opinion that doesn’t tally with the perceived wisdom is anathema to some of the regulars.

    Perhaps a less but better informed website would suit me.

  103. Lifelong Gooner
    We are agreed then,

  104. Have we all read this?


    He speaks for me ,don’t you know

  105. The whole cesc issue is difficult to understand. The interactions of the board and arsene take a stranger twist. No way to even guess what is really going on. We did the right thing by getting the most we could for him. I think the real mistake we made was to build a system required his specific talent in the first place. I don’t think that was ever the intention but the 433 has sort of evolved that way. I really hope we learn a lesson and evolve towards a system that does not require a single creative hub or a single playmaker. A more direct counterattacking style of play with no single person charged with the “creative responsibility.

    Diaby is a conundrum. Anyone who could look at the record and argue that he is not “injury prone” is eating the wrong mushrooms on their salad. However his talent in undeniable. We made a huge transfer profit again this season so I think his wage is a nonissue. The problem comes if he is taking a valuable spot on the 25 man roster. Occasionally players do overcome the injury bug so if he does not take a roster position then there is no reason to not stick with him for as long as possible. If he does take a roster spot then we have a tough decision.

  106. Somewhat Agnostic

    Off you go now Lifelong.

    How dare you express a contrary opinion.


  107. Henristic @ 2:59

    What I said was that we really did not know which djourou was the real one. The one who was excellent in jan/ feb or the one we saw after the injury. Same with chamackh. Nothing wrong with hoping for the best but you have to assume the worst when making personnel decisions. If JD does come back to his best and we bought in adequate cover then we have more depth.

  108. Would you believe it. The legendary Jim White has produced a DVD of the best moments of transfer deadline day.

    I hope it embeds (don’t know how)

    Goonerandy and Jonny might even get a sneak preview of Natalie’s titties.

  109. @George – seeing as I speak for you, I would honestly advise you to desist from making public utterances….LOL

  110. When a team acquires a talent like Monsieur Diaby, it is difficult to leave hold of the grip on his very obvious abilities. When fit, Diaby is capable of bossing the midfield! His technique with the ball ravages the imagination. I think to myself, this man is a footballing God! The predicament with this player is his apparent gift for acquiring injuries.

    I am not sure when exactly Diaby began the long parade of injuries but I am sure it followed the fracture of his lower leg…I think it was his ankle. Earlier, someone mentioned that Diaby had difficulties with injuries with the French team from whom we acquired him. In any event, he seems to have been particularly vulnerable following the ankle fracture. Again, someone mentioned that perhaps he has overcompensated and hence is particularly prone to injuries in the region of his calf. It is a difficult one to determine. However, I often think of those players who revceive the ankle fracture as being gifted at dribbling the ball. Opposing players lunge in with the intention of not being beaten on yet another occasion.

    I was amazed at the treatment that Ramsey received for his lower leg fracture. The technique was new and was, I believe, pioneered by a London physician. He seems to have coped extremely well following his injury. With respect to Diaby, I have always thought that he is the one player, who, should he emerge from his frequent injury demise, will undoubtedly rule the world.

  111. Coming on here and spouting negative drivel with the aid of hindsight ,like “It would not have been necessary to rush Djourou back so quickly if we had bought a decent centre half instead of Squillaci.” is not an opinion of any description.

  112. Diaby had spells where he played many games in a row. Don’t you guys remember all those games he played out on the left? Where, although out of position, he did a decent job and the moaners slated him unfairly? Thought so.

    Diaby is a monster. Hopefully his injuries will dry up after this surgery and we can see him perform at his best, at last. I’ve always thought that his physical attributes and his finesse make him a very special player. A midfield partnership of Diaby and Cesc never really materialized, but when they did get the chance to play together they were sublime. My fondest memory of a Cesc, Denilson, Diaby midfield was against Manure. That game where Nasri scored after 24 passes saw Diaby do whatever he wanted with their midfield.

    As far as when to cut our losses if he can’t come back, that will have to be up to Wenger. He obviously rates him and knows what he’s capable of giving the club better than anyone else. Let’s not forget that Diaby, after a injury riddled season, made the France 2010 squad and was one of their best performers until the melt down. The boy is class and I can understand why Wenger wants to keep him.

  113. Bill,
    Apologies, I only gave one side of your argument. In any case, Wenger took the more conservative route this time around, so its all good.

  114. Arsesession, I think those comments about Song were by Darius. It was one of my favorite plays over the two legs against Udinese.

    With regards to Diaby and his dribbling, the guy is almost impossible to disposses when on his game. I’ve seen him make defenders look like midgets trying to reach for something up high the way he shileds the ball.

  115. @Gainsbourg – it was ZimPaul who last wrote those lyrical words about Song.

    Back in December 2009, I actually did a profile of Song called Arsenal’s Unsung Song at http://wp.me/pInoW-4o

    My sense is that he’s better than he was at that time.

  116. So, we don`t have to be playing Spurs for it to be Diaby Day then.

    My take is this – the bloke has practically everything required to be one of the best midfield players around. An excellent physique, good first touch, fine passer (short or long), aerial ability, coolness in front of goal, acceleration past oppenents & a howitzer of a shot.

    All in all this is a player who should be right up there with the biggest names in the land – & yet he isn`t – & that`s the most frustrating thing. Injuries apart there appears to be something missing. Is it a lack of real belief ? Could it be a concentration thing ? Or is the game just too easy for him ? He`s still a relatively young man after all.

    Whatever it is , he`ll continue to fall short until he finds real consistency in performance & this season may be his last opportunity to find that with us.

  117. Abou Diaby is a fantastic player. Stick with him and he will pay us back many times over. But then AW already knows that.

  118. hmmm…

    nice eh? can’t wait till the weekend. I have a feeling Theo will thrive feeding off from through balls and lobs from this guy.

  119. diaby should be back in a few weeks..

    diabys a talented lad but i feel there are two major problems with him.
    the first is obvious..he spends most of the time in ‘pre season’ mode..
    he gets back from injury, has a few unconvincing games then he gets it together and pulls out a match winning performance that leaves everyone wishing he was fit forever then hes injured again and its back to the start..
    the second is how wenger uses him..diaby is not and never has been a holding midfielder like song, he just wants the ball and if he doesnt have it he has lapses in concentration and is often caught day dreaming.. nor is he a deep laying playmaker like jack..he likes to break like jack but he tends to hold on to the ball too long so the attack breaks down..
    neither problems are diabys fault..the injuries all stem from that leg break and his performances all stem from the role he is given in the team as well as the injuries..
    the solution?? i really dunno..for a start it would be a real boost if this op works..and with cesc and nasri gone our compact pressing tippy tappy game will go out of the window..having wideplayers that actually use the flanks will help spread the centre of the park and leave gaps in the middle..cesc would still try to pass his way thru but diaby will have the room to dribble his way thru and thats his strength and the cesc role is where i see diaby..different players but just as devastating if utilised properly to the players strengths..
    id releive him of his ‘deep’ role..hes not vieira and never will be..id back him up with song and jack and id tell him to attack attack attack and not shackle him with the defensive burden..and if he stays fit as well he’ll win us games by himself..

    if the op doesnt work?? then its time to show him the door..cant keep a player thats been injured for the past 6 years just incase he might have one good season when hes 29..its just passenger carrying and i feel weve done enough of that over the years..

  120. Abou Diaby links up with RvP brilliantly

  121. Abou is not a carbon copy of PV4,but he does have the same courage. PV4 would have been sent off after that Barton tackle too.

  122. …so would Martin Keown

  123. Patrick would have committed the same tackle as Manu Frimpong did to get sent off too. But they call Frimpong young, hot-headed and inexperienced.

  124. yes he does frank

  125. All the pieces are in place now for a very successful season. Just have to fit them all together.

  126. Very proud of this squad, and Abou is right at the centre of it.

  127. JJ, this is what I’m hoping for in the middle.


    Both Diaby and Jack penetrating through the middle and getting into the opposition penalty area. With the speed on our flanks, as you pointed out, they will have space to break through the middle and make our counter attacks more efficient.

  128. frank i think it was that barton tackle that has lead to this op to be honest..
    but your right he doesnt allow himself to get bullied hes the bully, which is why i think wenger plays him deeper but i think thats just taking his natural game away and its a waste of talent..

    yogi hit the nail on the head in the post with the intimidation thingy.
    diaby and cesc dont go into the same midfeild but with cesc gone the real abou can now stand up..



  129. Gervais sounds like a fantastic character too. In fact the squad is full of great characters. Got a feeling…

  130. I think Arshavin will have a great season
    For the first time he will have to fight for playing time.
    If everyone plays to their full potential only RVP is his equal

  131. I believe that Diaby is at the centre of it too, Frank. I’m confident that he’s going to be Wenger’s ace in the hole for the next few seasons, despite some twats calling him a freeloader or deadwood. I mean, fuck, how can this guy be deadwood if he started in the middle for France and is smack dab in the middle of Laurent Blanc’s youht revolution?

  132. weve got alot more depth now..
    we had better players last year but we had a weak bench..

    i wouldnt say our first team is as strong but we have a great bench and thats the key..

  133. Yep. Agree with all of that. In fact I think we just got rid of three chaps whose nerves were jangling. Three spineless wonders. Two to the little Mancs and one to the Spanish team. Really looking forward to this season now. Bit of catching up to do. But we can do it.

    Oh and Platini, fuck off you fat giggling little squealer. You now look ridiculous. Patently obvious that one or two UEFA officials are lying.

  134. There is no doubting that the squad as a whole does look stronger than in recent years. We still dont have someone approaching anywhere near RVP quality but hopefully when he needs a rest Park and Chamack can form a lethal duo. I really do think the main benifactor to our business on the 30th and 31st was Chamack.

    We have neglected set pieces as a club for far to long and now by bringing in 3 players who appear to love taking them it brings Chamack aerial game into play which will bring his confidence back.

    These players must hit the ground running though. Signing them so late was our choice which is unfair on them but we need them. Santos, Mertasacker and Arteta straight into the team please.

  135. Frank, are you calling Cesc a spineless wonder?

  136. Frank

    They were all players who you thought would stay.

    Why do you shit on arsenal fans who give a legitimate view of their opinions regarding players or management that isnt rude and yet you feel that its okay to write bile against old players.

  137. I should have thought that was obvious, Jibber. Don’t be lazy. Give it some thought.;

  138. Oh, i get it Frank, Cesc is no longer Arsenal so you wash over how hes been a brilliant player for us, but as Diaby is still here (injured) hes the bees knees?

    I happen to think Diaby has potential to be a great player (if he could just stay fit) whereas Cesc IS a great player, and sadly not ours any longer. Spineless, do me a favour!

  139. jabba can you imagine arteta and rvp freekicks pin point on mertezackers head??

    weve pretty much got a an attacking weapon now as well as a defensive one..he could find himself a focal point of our dead balls…

    and gervinho likes to hit the byline and cut it back just as much as he loves to go alone and come inside..we didnt go round the back and cut it back much either last year so couple that with having a 6’6 german at the back and theres two reasons to think that we will be a better overall side this year

    the plan a has been aborted the little shits gone and we have a plan A, b and C on the pitch at the same time..it does need to hit the ground running but if it does we’ll be fine this year..

  140. What Cesc has done is utterly unforgiveable

  141. …and he knows it

  142. It just makes you look stupid and hate filled.

    You should have a little bit more respect for our former players.

    you write hate against some people on here for just giving their honest appraisal of some of our own players. These same people wouldnt ever consider writing bile against present or former players.

    Thats where i guess some of the frustration comes on here. Reading what you write about Diaby allday then when someone gives the honest much truer perspective as to his ability and development you tear into them. When is comes time for him to be sold you will be saying the same thing as that person today but much much more nasty.

  143. But as always AW has turned adversity into opportunity. Just sit back and watch (and cheer constantly of course), this is going to be great, great fun.

  144. Oh shut up, Jibbsy. You are embarassing yourself.

  145. I find it impossible to forget how much Cesc meant to me,but his behavior was terrible.

    Fans who do not think that Cesc let the club and the manager down do so because it suits their own agenda,Which is to diminish the value of Wenger and the board

  146. Jon Jon

    its also what these dead ball specialists can do for us in a defensive sense.

    in training now our players will now actually have good quality balls whipped in from right footers to deal with. When was the last time that was the case? This can only improve them. Add in a 6’6 giant into the mix and we should be much stronger.

    I love the idea of a TV5 mertasacker partnership. in fact its what some of us have wanted for absolutely ages.

  147. And, says the 26-year-old, he has followed Arsenal since he was a child, and resisted the temptation to support Manchester United.

    “There is this emotional connection to Arsenal, since my youth, when I walked around in an Arsenal shirt,” he told reporters.

    “The circle closes now. I think I will finally realise it, after the first training or when I walk out for the first time into the stadium.

    “I’m very happy that the request came. I didn’t think it would.

    “When I was young I visited my aunt in England. As a football maniac you always brought back a shirt of course and I took the Arsenal kit. My brother took one of Manchester United.

    Per Mertesacker, 2011 (Real Arsenal legend in the making)

    Got a feeling

  148. “when someone gives the honest much truer perspective as to his ability and development you tear into them.er”

    Jabba there is the problem.You insist that your (and other negative)opinions are more valid than Franks or more positive views.
    Do you see that?

  149. Its official RVP has the edge over Cesc

    Ant and Dec proved it

  150. George

    I just dont really see what he did wrong. he wanted to go the year before.

    what would you or i do if the Arsenal came in for us if we were footballers. it was our board and manager who fouled it up.

    We draw a line under it now. He is gone and we have a good replacement who i cant wait to see wear the shirt.

    I will always adore Cesc and i think he handled himself with class.

  151. cesc was and will be a great player and he helped us and held us together in the transition to the emirates but he had about 8 years on his contract and he went back to barca for peanuts because it suited him..

    the price alone says we were forced to sell and we were forced to sell becuase cesc demanded to leave..if he goes to anyone else we get 60-70mil easy so why the ridiculous fee?? its a fee of desparation its a value of a quick sale, we needed him out cos he wanted to go..it wouldnt suprise me if he handed in a request

  152. What part of Cesc’s behaviour was terrible, George? The fact that he wanted to leave? or something else?

  153. George

    i can see that there is different perspective yes.

    but just like with Rosicky chat a week or so ago or the clichy chat before that, there are some who’s opinions are formulated without blinkers on and there are others who are formed with them perminently on.

    one must understand that there is a plethora of arsenal fans on other blogs who lay into these players to a huge degree. the perspective of what you call doomers in most cases on here is actually a balanced outlook on things. It is you guys who are the anthesis of the le grove guys. Diaby is a very talented player who is as yet to show the consistency required to be seen as a fantastic player. He is 25 now not 21, he must step up soon. he has the talent now he needs the luck and mentality to get over the hurdle.

    All are entitled to an opinion but some people appear to be proved right with hindsight and others appear to be proved wrong most of the time

    One needs to only look at Darius monster turnaround with the cb situation to see ”doomers” frustration.

  154. AOC with another assist for the U-21s.
    Seeing as Pearce doesn’t usually pick players till they are twenty two (stone), that is quite a result!

  155. The part that he signed a contract and then did not want to honour it.
    The part where he made it clear he was not committed enough to play for Arsenal.
    The part that made us sell him for a fraction of his open market value because of his “love”for another club
    The part where he was tonguing his Barca brothers before and after our CL match
    The part where he put personal glory before his team and played knowing he was not 100% fit
    Shall I go on?

  156. “Craig Levein calls for Czech winger Jan Rezek to be banned”

    I would like to forward a motion, with advanced apologies to the Scottish Arsenal nation, some of me best friends are scottish Arsenal fans. It’s true!

    Scotland shall henceforth be banned from all football.

    Spurious reasons?

    a) Too much gr*t. (Yes! It’s possible to have too much gr*t. Incredible. But true.)
    b) Too many orthodox right ole whingers plying their trade in the eviserated boardrooms norf of the Wall.
    c) Too much whinging.

  157. George,
    Yes please. Still waiting for the horrible part.

  158. lol Jabba, the Darius thing was funny. On Transfer deadline day, he’d got himself into believing that the Arteta stories were invented by the press, only for the stories to be confirmed shortly after. More recently he was slating people for making up stories about Wilshere being out for months, minutes before the player himself tweeted it. He is certainly not a fence-sitter that one. 🙂

  159. Unlike yourself Henristic?

    I wonder if you’ve managed to figure out why the Barfa wanted Cesc F-word?
    There’ve been one or two clues in the ether of late.
    Oh, that was just another wind up. Silly me.


  160. Jabba,
    The chances are we will always fail.Such is the nature of the competition.So if you predict failure you will nearly always be proved ,with hindsight,to have been correct.
    You see us making excuses,we see these “excuses” as factors contributing towards failure.
    It is always easier to get it right if you take a negative stance.But where is the joy in that?

  161. If you were Per Mertesacker visiting his aunt, I suspect you would have returned with a Manc shirt on, Jibber. You don’t have what it takes to support Arsenal. Do you? Obvious isn’t it?

  162. Real Arsenal supporters are a bit out there. Bit different. Not you though, Jibber. Dull as ditchwater.

  163. finsbury,
    I’m way more of a fence-sitter than Darius. Heck, more than goonerandy even. Humpty-dumpty, thats me.

    Was anyone wondering why they wanted Cesc? Surely you didn’t just find that out ‘of late’.

  164. Dull as ditchwater. lol

  165. I will tell you what was “terrible” Henristic.The fact that I loved the boy and he tore my heart out and shit on it.That he crushed the faith that I and millions of others had put in him.
    My weakness,? I know!

    Fucking terrible all the same.
    God alone knows how Arsene feels.

  166. You see that is why the Per story is significant. The natural, run of the mil, mundane chain of events would have had him returning with a Manc shirt. But he didn’t…he wore an Arsenal shirt. That is what makes us Arsenal supporters. You wouldn’t have done that though, Jibber. You would have tried to rationalise….and that is why you will never understand us.

  167. George

    1) Thats what happens in football these days i afraid. Arsenal have signed plenty of players who have broken contracts

    2) He wanted to leave the club. Footballers careers are short. His boyhood team, his family team, his friends team, the best team in the world wanted him. Alacantra was gaining momentum the time to leave was this summer.

    3) He only wanted to go to Barcelona. he loved Arsenal the only club he would leave us for was them. The smaller fee was due to there unwillingness and inability to go higher.

    4) Song a player some on here have been praising all day regularly jokes with opposition players before games, hell i mean he was all over Barton this season. These players are his boyhood friends. look at his reaction to the goals both the season beofore and last seaosn and tell me he didnt want to win for us.

    5) yes he did put glory in front of the team. He was never and should never have been our captain. its our manager who makes our best player the captain even if completly unsuitable. All players want to play especially if it was there last chance to ever play at camp nou with an opposition side. time and time again we have rushed players back to quickly. Our manager has got to get a better grasp for the players attitude.

    It was obvious to everyone that Cesc wanted out early doors this summer, and it was our complete and utter stupidity in judging the situation that led to him leaving a day before kick off with no replacements lined up.

    We should move on. he has left and will be held incredibly fondly by a great section of our fans.

    Arteta has the keys to the car now.

  168. Well, you finally hit the nail on the head George. I felt pretty much that way myself, although I’m almost over him already.

  169. MoTM performance from the OX for the under 21’s – 3 assists out of 4

  170. Yup, another assist for AOC.
    Another goal for Lansbury.

  171. AOC, well done, that lad!

  172. Frank

    You see the funny thing is old timer the Arsenal i see today is a very very very different club to the one i started supporting and much of it for the better.

    One thing that becomes immediately clear on this blog is that many of your brethren wouldnt have started supporting the arsenal i or you started supporting.

    I support Arsenal, as thats the club i was taken to support as a very young child. I support arsenal when our identity was that of britishness and dull football, i support arsenal when they are known as foreign with exciting football.

    I didnt have the luxury of picking my team like some but if i did i would have chosen arsenal as i loved there grit, backs to the wall attitude, team spirit and togetherness. The fact that they were my local club and that nearlly all my family were in love with them just made things that much easier.

  173. Henristic,
    You appear to have trouble remembering your own comments.That is a genuine surprise. Ah well. I hope that favourite old fence post hasn’t got any rusty nails embedded.

  174. Hesristic,dont think that I was not always aware of the true reasons for my disappointment.
    I know its as much about my weaknesses than his,But the pain is just as real no matter who is at fault.

  175. Where you guys watching it? Link

  176. Game Over

  177. “What Cesc has done is utterly unforgiveable
    …and he knows it”

    Which is why he cannot stop talking about Arsenal and why he was so hurt by the recent result. He is carrying a lot of guilt and I hope it’s eating him up

    How the fuck is Sordell the MOTM, when it’s AOC who came on and changed the game?

  178. Fuck off, Suga3

  179. Per Mertesacker away kit is in the mail. What a legend.

  180. Jabba ,you should thank your lucky stars that you were born into Arsenal.
    Because clearly you would have chosen United.
    And believe it or not, I do not mean that as an insult.You just seem to value “their way” above ours at present.

  181. Loomer,

    what a complete tool you are, son…

  182. so 3 assists out of 4 goals?

    Next Tue is going to be an absolute delight




  183. Cesc is an utter cunt.

    Why that needs to be explained to so called fucking Gooners is embarrassing.

    Great player, shite human being.

    Well played the Oxo kid tonight and great quotes from Connor henderson (about Arteta) and the Arsenal love in Per has had with the Arsenal.

  184. Dexter,I think he is less than we hoped for .By a long way.Hugely disappointing but………..
    Not sure he is an utter cunt,or a shit human being.

  185. Regarding UEFA’s judgement
    “In upholding a two-match ban for Arsene Wenger they have accepted that their observer, who advised Le Boss on the night what was acceptable under the terms of his ban, was incorrect and out of his depth.”

    Sorry if you’ve already seen this – it’s from Goonerholic. If true, it seems unbelievable and against natural justice that they could uphold the extra two-match punishment. Their representative got it wrong so AW and Arsenal are being punished. Did Mourinho get a two-match ban after he deliberately flouted his touchline ban? Genuine question, I don’t know.

  186. George

    I’m a londoner, would always have supported a london club.

    Back in the 80s the most important reason behind supporting a team was locality in most cases you supported you local team. luckily for me mine was the Arsenal.

    I loved our style because that was what we were back then. More than anything though you could never not fault their effort back in those days and that was the main thing.

    I have no idea what its like to pick a side, and that isnt a slight i’m well aware that that is going to be the case these days. I wouldnt be able to say what criteria i woudl pick my team on. football changes what might be in fashion today might be out of fashion tomorrow.

    I loved the GG era just as much as loved the wenger era and i’m sure i will love the next guy just as much as the 2 previous, i mean i actually quite enjoyed BR one season in charge in fact i would go as far as saying the 1st game of the seaosn aaginst Middlesboro was the most excited i had ever been before a gooner game. 1-1 Ian Wright Wright Wright….DB10 was awful!

  187. Diaby oh Diaby.if only your teamates have a fraction of your vision.how many times have you found yourself in no man’s land in the opponents half becos you did the unimaginable.in a few strides and jinks you ghosted past enemy’s midfielders only to come face to face with 4 defenders starring at you with murder in their eyes.you look around.you are alone,no red shirt to offer support because nobody thought that kind of move was possible.you look back at your amazed team mates as if to say,’o ye of little faith.’

  188. FG, everyone knows Mourinho was snuck into the chelski dressing room in a laundry basket, but when he breaks the rules it’s a source of humour. Different rules apply where Arsenal and Arsene are concerned and it’s a disgrace that UEFA is such a corrupt organisation that they can make up the rules as they go along. The media do not help the situation because instead of shining a light on the real issues in the game, they would rather keep their place at the top table by keeping their mouth shut and as Consols so eloquently put it, make (up) the news, rather than report it.

  189. @ ace

    Ah, but those are the times when he beats four defenders on his own, bambooozles them with deceptive feet or cows them with his mere presence, then strides into the penalty are and calmly but firmly sidefoots the ball into the far corner!
    Formidable! Sensationel!

  190. @ Passenal | September 5, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    And I suppose there is no higher authority to appeal to? Even if they are the final arbiters it seems utterly wrong that they can’t be legally forced to apply their own rules consistently.

  191. George

    You’re too nice a person mate to say it.

    His actions this summer spoke volumes man, he basically refused to play for the team. Nasri has been lambasted yet he played for us even though he was more out the door than Cesc, the captain.

    No mate, he acted like a cunt.

  192. Finsbury,
    I see you’ve confused the word ‘need’ with ‘want’, in your hurry to score points.
    Every team in the world will want Cesc, dude, even Barca who need him the least.

  193. @Emmanuel F4 You Been Frimponged
    There is some really sad ppl following me always Moody Gosh U live in europe And U aint Dead so Smile God
    4 Sep

    I like this tweet from the Frimp – he would not suffer doomers gladly!

  194. and care to remind us who made the decision for him to remain the captain, despite everyone and his dog knowing that Cesc openly asked for a move a year ago?

  195. Dexter I believe you are right .He did “act” like a cunt.As we all do from time to time ?
    I just dont think that he actually “is” a cunt.

    I cant describe my disappointment in the lad.But I am not prepared to condemn him as a low life.
    He was too good for too long for me to forget.

  196. Dexter,
    How do you know he ‘basically refused’ to play? Genuinely interested, because I missed that bit of news.

  197. Suga3
    I do try to engage you as a rule.
    But in this case you should just Fuck Off

  198. Henrristic.I think it is plain to see ,with hindsight,he could have been playing for us.
    He was ok to play for the cunts 2 days after he signed.
    He may have found a miracle cure , coincidentally,I admit.But what are the chances?

  199. Henristic

    The fact he miraculously was fit to play for barca 5 minutes after arriving in Spain, yet was not fit enough for us


    I dont know what your point is? Oh I get it, its yet another Wenger bashing innit.

    How original of you.

  200. say what you want, allowing a wantaway player to retain the armband was piss poor management…

  201. The fuckers gone though and we should move the fuck on. I cant say shit as I keep responding to those who keep bringing it back up.

    My bad

  202. Fucking hell Dexter its almost plagiarism. Glad I’m posting first.

  203. You have missed the obvious paradox, Alan Sugar 3, and have thus drawn the wrong conclusion. Think for a while, it might come to you.

  204. Alternatively you could just snicker away in the grave

  205. Frank,

    please enlighten me: you are not going to say anything about the armband being a candy for the disillusioned poster boy of the project youth, are you?

    I think it is no coincidence that we have stopped winning stuff as soon as we dumped the last proper old school captain in Vieira and started using the skipper job as a trump card…

  206. Did Cesc really claim to not be fit? He was out running with the others on members day. I think wenger didn’t just want to play him.
    I can’t see wenger picking Cesc and he refuses to play.

    Anyways, lets leave it for now.

  207. Passenal

    Personally I doubt that Maureen did go into the dressing room in a laundry basket, it was just an urban myth that he allowed to run away to make himself seem more interesting than the egotistical turd that he is.


  208. Henry: a great player, a legend, not a very good captain…

    Gallas: an absolute insult to the likes of Gilberto or even Kolo…

    Cesc: similar to Henry, not a leader…

  209. Vieira?

    Didnt he almost leave every year? Wasnt he as good as in Madrid one summer? Flirting with them for 2 or 3 seasons.

    Funny how you choose to ignore that.
    But not surprisingly you choose boring negative shit to home in on.

    Fucking hell, must be a laugh a minute hanging with you man.

  210. So AOC tearing it up for the U21s, eh? I have tickets for Swansea and the Shrewsbury CC game and he is bound to feature in at least one of those matches, surely.

  211. No I am not going to say that, Alan Sugar 3.

  212. Suga,
    Of all the factors affecting our lack of silverware, the choice of captain has got to be way down there, yet you talk like they are directly linked?

  213. I think the choices of captains has been an issue, but thats just my personal opinion. I thought Gallas was a decent choice TBH, even after the Brum game, but thats because i was feeling exactly what he was that day. It was fucking terrible and perhaps a captain should try to be above mere mortal emotions?

    I also think the media jumped on the incident and him. He fucked up with his public criticisms also.

    Then again, once he went to the spuds, he was suddenly a brilliant player and right old scoop for Arry!

    Weird that

  214. Dexter,

    whatever you say dude, Vieira was a natural leader of men and did not leave in the end, but was sold like cattle, despite his desire to finish the career at Arse…


    allow me to put some shades on then, as I’m sure it will be enlightening…

    OK, go ahead!

  215. No, Alan, you have to get there yourself. If you don’t you have faiiled…… I think you will fail.

  216. Gallas is a good player and a committed one, but giving him the skipper role ahead of the club’s stalwarts, coupled with selling them, sent out the wrong message, IMO…

    how can you expect to breed loyalty?

  217. nah, seriously dude, I can’t wait…

    but you don’t have anything to say, do you?

  218. Rumour on twitter that TV needs an ankle op.

  219. Ahh, rewriting history to suit your agenda?

    You could make it as a tabloid hack yet mate!

    Vieira went a year too late in my opinion. He flirted with madrid and others for years. Loved him as a player for us. But not as rosey tinted as you about him, obviously.

    Then again it suits your skewed logic.

  220. Keeo working at it

  221. one injury away from seeing Djourou, two from Squillaci then?

    you have to laugh, really…

  222. Dipsff

    Hope thats fucking well wide of the mark mate.

    This season is supposed to be on the upturn now!

    Anyway, got to go.

  223. rewriting history?

    try being an ambitious club that would not just bend over and let everyone poach their best players…

    facts: Vieira did not leave like Henry or Cesc, he was considered a surplus and sold…

  224. And another good decision it was if you ask me

  225. george,

    yes, he had lost a yard of pace or two, but he still did quite a job for City last season, remember?

    five years down the line, still managed 28 apps and 3 goals for them, no?

  226. suga3

    FFS! You are boring mate.

    The point was that cesc was captain and that decision was questionable as he wantewd to leave.

    Now that I made the valid point Vieira did exactly the same thing, you want to move the goal posts?

    No wonder you get grief on here.

    And Vieira should’ve gone to Real the season before he did actually leave, IMO.

    Now I am definitely off.

  227. Dups

    there were rumours after he missed out on the Belgium game.

    Nightmare if is the case and i feel for the guy.

    made the Mertasacker signing utterly cruciate ligament for us. Kosciellny has talent but is a long way off being a consistent performer as yet, playing with a leader like the german can only benefit him.

  228. i would have still sold vieira when we did.
    its pires we should have kept..

  229. dups

    Saw that, physioroom which is normally quite accurate on these things has it down as a calf/shin injury with this weekend as return date.


  230. Suga

    >was sold like cattle, despite his desire to finish the career at Arse…

    Bollocks, he’d flirted with Real often enough. The man was a giant when he played for Arsenal but save us the crap how he never wanted to leave the club.

    Captaincy is a non-issue, Wenger places no store by it nor it seems, do many of the players. Except of course the one in possession of the armband.


  231. Dups
    Stop that right now. I thought it was his thigh, anyway?

    So basically AOC made ALL the goals – and in 45 just mins? Now that is just showing off.

  232. Suga

    When you use the word “facts”, try to make sure that the information you are imparting is actually true, not your opinion.



  233. Dexter,

    I see that comprehensive reading is not your forté, so let me rephrase:

    Cesc – great player, poor captain, flirted with one club and left in his prime after asking to be let go and sulking for a season

    Vieira – great player, a true leader of men, flirted with a few clubs, but never actually left, until he was sold as a surplus

    if there is any further need for explanation, I can only help you to understand this simple summary, if you bring your crayons along 😆

  234. i remember watching him get whacked v udinese and it looked like he had his shin smashed in
    it wasnt his ankle..

  235. SUGA3
    Really ,mate Dexter made a monkey out of you.Live with it.

  236. YW,

    with all due respect mate, saying that captaincy is a non-issue is complete and utter bollocks, why do the clubs have them in the first place then?

    try telling that to peopple who played under McLintock or Adams…

    and I have only used the word ‘fact’ when stating a set of facts:

    Vieira might have flirted with Real, did he go there? did he fuck…

    he did not want to leave Arsenal in the end, but was told that it was not really an issue whether he stayed or went, which is equivalent to telling him to fuck off…

  237. My goodness. Get a life, Suga3.

  238. YW

    I hope you are correct.

  239. without jack and tv.. per and miki just slot in..

  240. Loomer,

    right after you!

    funny how you only show up to have a pop at me, not just that, you are even condescending, what makes you think you are even in the position to think you are better?

    fuck me, you’re amusing…

  241. Suga

    How do you manage to come out with such a sustained bout of bollocks? It might, in some circles, be considered impressive. Probably the fifth or sixth circle of Hell.

    No point in comparing football of 20 or 40 years, even 10 years, ago with today. Quite simply the days of the inspirational captain are almost over. Most players now are believed to be strong enough not to require a bollocking on the pitch, intelligent enough to carry out their instructions.

    Vieira did not go to Real because they did not cough up. You have yet to explain him clearing his locker and saying goodbye to the players 12 months before he was sold. And no selling a player is not telling them to fuck off, it is a fact of footballing life that you will either leave or be sold. If you think that is him being told to fuck off, why would he then hold the manager is such high esteem? Your logic is noticeable by its absence.


  242. yeah, he holds Wenger in such esteem, he effectively tapped up Nasri 😆

    once again: did he leave on top of his game? nope…

    and this time around Barcelona did not cough up either, so we just bent over and flogged Cesc, arguably the best creative mid in the world entering his prime for half price…

  243. Chill the Thrill

    The main man Alan Hansen is back with his elite logic and other stupid shit.

    “It was undoubtedly an encouraging display by Fabio Capello’s team, but the positives of the performance must be tempered by the quality of the opposition. Bulgaria were as bad as I have seen in a long time — they even made Arsenal look good!”

    right. so, Arsenal, the team that won the 4th most games in the EPL last season, is used as a benchmark for shite-ness.

  244. >once again: did he leave on top of his game? nope…

    That is the same vagueness as is being applied to this black whatever you call it, billboard. Totally without point and utterly meaningless.

    Oh dear Suga, you’ve fallen for the Catalan PR machine, you know the one which says they’ve paid £29m forgetting that they’ve to pay bonuses. And there was me believing there might be hope for you yet…


  245. John Cross (spits) reporting Thomas Vermaelen underwent surgery on his left Achilles in Stockholm yesterday – initial prognosis is 2 months out

  246. making that a grand total of £35M, whereas Cesc is easily worth £60M, PR or no PR…

    where did I say they paid £29M for Cesc?

    no matter how much you will try polishing that turd, it will still be a turd, we have got a bum deal, simple as that…

  247. How do you know that he was “easily worth £60m”? What comparable players were sold for that price this summer?

    Please tell.


  248. Oh dear, dups, that sounds ominous. Unbelievable bad luck. Again.

  249. Nothing about it on Twitter though – is it in the Mirror?

  250. look no further than Nasri in his last year for £25M, Cesc had what, 4 years left on his contract?

    hell, even Sp*ds baulked at £35M for Modric who is not fit to lace Cesc’s boots…

    and we did not need to sell Cesc either…

    if you want a model reference on how does one sell a top player, look at Ronaldo situation…

  251. and please, don’t give me all that financial crisis talk…

  252. FG

    It’s all over twitter at the moment

  253. Oh bugger. Oh well. Thank goodness we have so many CBs now. Is it the same ankle?

  254. I expect it is the same Achilles. Still I think we can get Sol on a free transfer. 🙂

  255. Suga, Cesc had us over a barrell. we know we sold at half price but we got him for nowt from their acadamy. im sure the next step in cescs bid for freedom would have been the tried and tested transfer request then followed by a strike and i would guess that cesc told wenger he would do it if he didnt get his move.

    this saga has been done to death, lets look at it that we made £30m + pure profit on im.

  256. Oh bugger indeed.
    On the bright side TV jack and Diaby will be as fresh as Daisy’s around the busy new year period 🙂

  257. win some lose some, we got Gervinho for half price aswell didnt we.

  258. Dukey I blame the board.Bastards

  259. again, Ronaldo tried doing the same with Fergie, in the end not only they have got their money, but also an excellnt last season out of him, unlike us…

    ‘lets look at it that we made £30m + pure profit on im.’

    ‘The tractor has three good wheels’

    I am off, nightie nite!

  260. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | September 5, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    say what you want, allowing a wantaway player to retain the armband was piss poor management…

    SUGA3 | September 5, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    making that a grand total of £35M, whereas Cesc is easily worth £60M, PR or no PR…

    Shoogs your always going to struggle to grasp the realities of the Cesc situation. I’ve told you before mate your schema are fucked, you can only process Arsenal information one way to a very active doomsphere at the back of your left hemisphere. I’ve scanned a random page from your usual hangout and I hope you don’t mind I’ve copied some of your great posts which show not just a keen wit by the way but reflect why the comments section over in that forum is such a scintilating hotbed of Arsenal discussion.

    SUGA3 says:
    August 17, 2011 at 23:47

    Watch Cesc go…

    Wenger, fuck off you cunt!!!

    SUGA3 says:
    August 17, 2011 at 23:55


    I don’t hate Cesc, I hate Wenger, the cunt…

    SUGA3 says:
    August 18, 2011 at 00:17


    just for you:

    Na na na na na na na na na,
    Wenger is a cunt, Wenger is a cunt!

    Reasoned, articulate informative you should start your own blog mate.

  261. Bradys right foot

    ……. maybe call it Wenger is a cunt? Oh thats right you would never resort to personal insults. lmao

  262. BRF

    He is just a WUM and it’s not worth even reading his drivel.

  263. Bradys right foot

    Dups I know mate just having a little fun, im perma banned from over the road for some reason I can’t think why lol.

  264. BRF if your IQ is over 75 its a perma ban,I believe

  265. Bradys right foot

    Im borderline then George lol.

  266. Ronaldo had won a CL and league double right before he left for Real Madrid. That’s the discrepancy between the Cesc deal and the Ronaldo deal. I’m not saying he was worth so much, mind. That was way too high a price to have paid for him, especially since it’s Barcelona leaving the dance with their arms full of trophies and Ronaldo is not even mentioned as a possible candidate for Balon d’Or. Barcelona was 1-2-3 last season.

    What I think happened is that the Alexis transfer made a lot of people believe that Cesc’s price should’ve been higher when the Catalans grossly overpayed for Alexis in the first place. I mean, the guy plays in a decent national side and Udinese had a good season, but £35m for him was way over the top. As opposed to Cesc, however, Alexis was offered around by Udinese. A.C. Milan wanted him, Inter wanted him and I’m sure he was in Mourinho’s wish list as well. Had Cesc been on the open market like Alexis was, he would’ve gone for at least £50m. I Imagine competeing bids from Inter Milan or Real Madrid would’ve made Barcelona cough up more. But, no. Cesc’s deal was basically: I’m not going to sign an extension so every year you keep me my value is going to go down by ten million. Them, that’s where I want to go, so hurry up and make a deal because I can’t wait to be back in the arms of Gerrard Pique.

  267. I think you summed it up nicely G69.

    Your last sentence has me cracking up!

    Think about it, Cesc didnt do anything that would give Arsenal any leverage as far as getting a better price.

  268. Except signing a long term contract and extension even when he knew he wanted to go to Barca and they had expressed interest in his return. In fact the Barca supporters blame Cesc for signing that extension and costing their club lots of money. The rest, yes, he let us down.

  269. Chill the Thrill

    Alan Sugarcane 3 does not understand the meaning of progress. And i quote…

    “08/09: 4th, paltry 72 points (18 off), 68 scored, 37 conceded

    09/10: 3rd, 75 points (13 off), 83 scored, 41 conceded

    10/11: 4th, pathetic 68 points (12 off), 72 scored, 43 conceded

    progress? fuck off!”

    Look at the numbers in parenthases (18,13,12,). You wouldn’t happen to notice a trend there would you?

  270. wiliam,

    straws, clutching and all that, try looking at the goals conceded stat…

    or look at the context of each season, how many points did it take to become champs, etc.

    last season, we have simply handed the title to Yoonited on a silver fucking plate!


    nice research there, but surely, you could tell that I didn’t really rate OGL before? 😆

  271. and by the way, calling the dictator a four letter word is one, calling your fellow blogger names is another…

    Wenger has wasted this summer, simples, as far as I am concerned, this is negligence!

  272. someone who has lied to you the whole summer is a ‘so and so’ in my book…

  273. Suga

    >and by the way, calling the dictator a four letter word is one, calling your fellow blogger names is another…

    No, it merely exposes you as a hypocrite. And that is forever how you shall be remembered.


  274. Yogi,

    insults uttered at me by your ‘cream of the crop’ are quite frankly laughable, simply because the capacity to present a reasoned counter-argument is not there…

    Wenger lied to us the whole summer, dithered around in the transfer market and the result of all this was getting put in his place by Ferguson…

    and we would not have lost 8-2 if he had any clue about tactics and using the resources, expecting the likes of Jenkinson and Coquelin to perform at the required level smacks of ineptitude…

  275. Sugz

    You’ve shot your bolt. Don’t bother with your pathetic floundering. You exposed yourself as a hypocrite, you’re done, bolt shot.

    Run along and play somewhere else.


  276. Somewhat Agnostic

    Chill the….
    Thanks for that mate… I’m off to work laughing my belly off… and it’s quite large so it is really wobbling!

    “You wouldn’t happen to notice a trend there would you?”

    Can’t wait to use that in a workshop.

    So, ladies and gents, settle down now..
    Now observe how one can call Arsenal’s meltdown in the 2010-11 season progress.. Note the dismisal of the actual facts and how the mind works to convince oneself that progress was made..

    I’ll pay you royalties for permission to use that one..

    Can’t even tie my shoe laces.. still laughing….

  277. hypocrite? oh please…

    once again, if I was to discuss the matters with OGL, I would not resort to insults, trust me…

  278. But you do here. And insult everyone before whining about people being abusive to you.

    Discussion ended.

  279. The ‘reasoned counter-argument’ is that none of us knows for sure what goes on behind the scenes at Arsenal. The only person who does is Wenger, who can only work within the framework the board provide him and who has a history of doing right by the club. For him to do otherwise would be perverse and entirely out of character with a man who has shown his worth as a manager time and time again. To insult the most successful guy who’s ever sat in the Arsenal dugout shows me the difference between ‘fans’ and ‘supporters’. Short memories and Sun subscriptions, that’s all these people that slate Wenger are. Joke’s on them though, as the man would never walk out on his contract and the board will never fire him.

  280. who have I insulted on here then? Wenger? I have merely criticised him, I am not stupid enough not to know that calling him names makes little sense on here…

    and if you see no difference between emotional name-calling when someone is paid £7M p.a. and is slowly taking us down and the insults being the only thing some of the posters being able to muster altogether, well…

  281. Vince,

    he used to be a great manager, not so much anymore, what is so hard to understand?

  282. *are able to muster

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