Scattered Defences, Premature Attacks & More

It is going to be a long season, a pile of obituaries have been published in the wake of the Old Trafford defeat with Arsenal’s tenure in the top four of English football consigned to the wastebin. They are joined this morning by one of Paul Hayward’s last pieces for The Observer before returning to The Telegraph and his colleague, Andrew Anthony. The latter sways between admiration and condemnation, a bittersweet eulogy that may yet be published too soon.

There is a mistaken belief amongst his critics, wilfully promolgated that Wenger is above criticism. He is not, simply that at the moment, he is the best man for the job. Over time that may change but right here, right now, he is the best man to manage Arsenal. And as manager, he should be supported. Not without faults – no human is (except Mrs YW, of course) – he has displayed a knowledge that is beyond his critics.

Interestingly, few of them have actually played or managed football professionally nor do they come up with any viable alternatives. That is not to say none exists but there is a looseness of complaint where the only alternative you are left with, is anyone but. When Wenger eventually leaves Arsenal, it will be interesting to see how his departure is met amongst his detractors. I suspect that unless it is going to be less than positive, even if that person has an impeccable record such is their entrapment in a cycle of negativity around the club. There will, you see, always be someone better.

Hayward offers a more positive (or less reactionary) view, suspecting that the purchases have actually brought about an improvement to the squad. I still struggle to comprehend some of the adverse comments, especially the ludicrous suggestion that an experienced international is somehow Cahill-lite. Someone, though, needs to tell the media that Nasri was a big name signing when Wenger got hold of him, the manager polishing the raw talent so that we got half a season from him. The French international is not a footballing God.

Equally, replacing Cesc is done through the sum of the parts, not in one individual. Much like United did when Ronaldo left, Wenger has chosen to give more depth to his squad than buying one player. Time will tell if that is the right path but if this morning’s Mirror reports are to be believed, the loan deal for Yossi Benayoun has as much to do with the potential absence of Jack Wilshere as the departed Catalan. Caution of course, is applied to any story of cautionary treatment. It’s a natural precaution.

David Dein has been vocal in recent weeks about the club needing to keep faith with the manager, almost planting the idea in the subconcious that the board are going to dispense with the services of Wenger. As much as I like to believe that there is a genuine defence of his friend involved and there is an element of that, a more telling comment comes at the end of the piece,

I do regret not ­working on a daily basis with ­Arsene. We had that special chemistry that worked for 11 years

Nobody questions that bond but Dein took the money and ran straight into the arms of both billionaires who own the club. Crocodile tears are shed by those who miss him. Moreover, simply because Dein and Wenger formed an impressive partnership before is not a guarantee of a rerun now. No matter how much he may ingratiate himself with a section of the support, it is hard to see how he can come back to Arsenal unless he has a unique selling point about himself. Please don’t tell me it is about his contact book, a list of names who backed him so well when he came to be nominated for the role of FA Chairman.

One whose nose might be put out of joint in that eventuality is Ivan Gazidis, the subject of a lovefest with Tom Fox, that can be found here. Warning this article contains effusive praise from Arsenal’s business partners which may not be merited. Especially since it apparently “took Fox time to appreciate that Arsenal had one of the highest season-ticket prices in the EPL“. Surely it was not beyond the wit of the club to already have a comparison to show competitors pricing for matches? The price rise announced for this season becomes clearer as a by-product of the mentality that those who have worked over the pond shown by this observation by Fox,

You look at those two things as a U.S. sports executive and you think two things: one, you’re not charging enough for tickets, and two, you’re leaving money on the table by not showing games on TV.

That is not to blame Fox for it but with the non-board senior management level having similar experience, it is not hard to see where the mentality that would have pushed for increases has come from. The TV deals are rightly collective, English football would no doubt become even more financially fragmented that their Spanish counterparts. Arsenal’s decision not to produce an in-house TV channel though, makes them an oddity of the big clubs in those two leagues. The Arsenal Player is more style over substance and does not maximise the exposure in the same manner that a proper TV channel might.

And just to keep the transfer gossip going, I know you’re suffering withdrawal symptoms, Eden Hazard is signing in January for £28m. I know its true because that is what the media tell me.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Good Post YW. I hear he’s signing for 25M + Denilson

  2. Excellent Article as per norm..I am really looking forward to the Swansea game and beyond

  3. Kenya wins marathon gold.

  4. I am tired of these ill informed articles like Hayward’s.

    They all share a common approach and are all built on half truths and lies.

    They are all part of the modern media in that they attempt to create news, to form an agenda, rather than to report it. As such they are not jounalism at all, they are propaganda. Proaganda which has the aim of undermining a great manager and a great club.

    I think Arsene has made mistakes, he should have strengthened the team more rigourously in earlier windows but the notion of ‘panic buying’ in response to one defeat is absurd. As is the notion that he has abandoned ‘his principles’.

    Those articles are just up market versions of Robbie Savage’s less eloquent outpourings for his employers ay ESPN and the BBC. Two more examples of why I no longer bother purchasing newspapers.

    I am another reason why the likes of Hayward and Anthony are working for increasingly desperate employers. Ironic really. If they actually concentrated on writing properly analytical articles on what is actually happening in football then I would probably buy their papers.

    Simple message to editors, report the news, don’t make it up

  5. Bloody Hell, Kenyan!

    I tend to watch highlights of the athletics, given the time it is on and the poor UK coverage, but you are always telling me the results- and always the same one!

  6. I guess a lot of people dont know this. But at the end of last season, Wenger has said this for many times, he will only do his deals very early or very late during the transfer windows. It wasnt panic buys, but i think it’s his way of getting the least of plaayers’ valuation

  7. Well done kenyan gunner hell of a championship for kenya incredible you guys have shattered the ethiopians. Kenya is a great country too and I have been taking a great interest in moving there from the uk. In the process of acquiring some land in mambrui then I can actively cheer the team on as a proper “local”

  8. Remonstrate. Thanks for the info and link.

  9. @Consols – I told you yesterday, all the hacks (except for Paddy Barclay as I was quickly reminded), need to be put in a stadium and lynched.

    They’re cretins, lazy arse two dollar pretenders who couldn’t string up an analysis if their life depended on it. They’re propaganda mediums for a dangerous and vindictive press who are hell bent on a negative agenda and will do everything to shove the sensationalism down our throats.

    I did actually reach for a sick bag (pack) yesterday when Soccer Saturday punks were trying to assess Arsenal’s fortunes in the transfer window.

    On another note, does anyone know yet whether Alex Salmond has lodged an official complaint with UEFA and FIFA. They seem to run to the 1st minister every time someone dives. Last time it was Eduardo and we all know what happened (not to suggest that Dudu dived), but they decided to lynch him anyway. Fair play to the ref for handing over a yellow card for a revenge dive by the home team.

    But I’m sure this case will reach parliament.

  10. The 8-2 defeat could work in Arsenal’s advantage. First of all it shook off Arsene and forced him to sign some players. But the biggest advantage will be that after the 8-2 defeat no one is going to consider Arsenal as a League Title contender in the near term, and that should give time and space for the new recruits to settle(there won’t be any big media outcry if they stumble in the begining) and also Wenger time decide on the system which will work best with these players. Once settled you guys may make that go for the titles.

  11. A good post with one omission…..those without fault must also include the memsahib in my house.
    On the subject of Eden Hazard, the reason he is not one of us at the moment is so plausible I BELIEVE IT. Roll on January!!

  12. YW When David Dein was at the club we were successful no one can deny that.He was a great man for Arsenal and Wenger has defenitley missed him

    Is Wenger the best man for the job?.The lack of defensive coaching.The lack of a plan B if things are going wrong.Playing players out of position(Arshavin Bendtner)Saying Cesc and Nasri would stay when that was never ever going to happen

    Lets hope last weeks humiliation was a wake up call for Wenger and not treated as a one off.If we fail to win anything this season it must be the end for Wenger

    The time for excuses are over

  13. Darius

    In all fairness to the press they are writing after the worst defeat in 115 years.What would you expect them to write Everything is great at the Emirates

  14. My take on the signings in the transfer window is that they are designed to give support to the likes of Wilshere, Ramsey, Frimpong, Gibbs et al support while they mature into top flight players. The only problem with it is that it has been done at least two years too late, which many people have been pointing out for the last two years. I have no doubt as to the talent of these young players, now that they have more experienced players to lean on they will hopefully fulfil their potential while not under so much pressure to deliver instantly.

  15. arsene cannot win..
    if he signs players hes panic buying, if he sticks to his ‘principles’ hes a mug..
    go figure..
    i agree we wasted too much time and weve wasted too many windows in the passed but the players we brought in are good quality players..
    gervinho, arteta and mertezacker all come with pedigree..
    cahill is not better than mertezacker but i would still go back in for him in jan. and hazard..

    lets keep strengthening and not making the mistakes weve made previously..we can now judge at the end of the season whether arsene is still the best man for the job..if we waste another window and the team does not gel i think it would be fair to call it time..

  16. hope the news about jack isnt true..
    3months is too long to have him out..maybe wenger knew this and thats why we went after gotze??

    its a huge blow..

  17. @Runebreaker u know Mambrui?Have u been there b4?I can tell u it’s a beautiful place and ancient town with interesting history and traditions.Welcome 2 Kenya my Gooner friend and more so the North Coast.If u eva come 2 Kenya pliz contact via email can really do with a Gooner who’s actually been @ the Grove.Cheers mate!

  18. Nice piece YW.

    Particularly liked the article by the SBJ…. so thank you for bringing that to our attention….not sure I like being referred to as a ‘franchise’ however.

  19. HI All. Good one YW even if I can not fully agree with.

    At this point we have no choice but to stick with AW. And as long as he is the manager I will support him and any one who wears the Red and White. The few things I believe he needs to get right this season and they are the following :

    1) We need to organize our defence and attack on set pieces and dead ball situations badly. 52 % of total goals score against us on such is very very bad coaching. Not only do we need to defend well in dead ball we need to attack as we tend to get a lot more free kicks near the penalty box. Now with Arteta and Park plus Santos in place that may now change.

    2) Defend when we are leading. Last season we were pathetic and now with more experience heads in place I hope we do much better. I can not wait to sing One Nil to The Arsenal and feel safe again.

    3) Plan B. We were one dimensional last season both when we were losing and drawing and even winning. AW needs some one very capable to sound out tactics and set ups. I am not 100% sure we have that in the coaching setup. AW needs to know something about that.

    4) Finally, I observed that in the last few seasons there was a prevailing sense in the team that there will be no adverse consequence for failure to perform. You were pick again and again no matter how badly you performed the week before. Many players were not fighting for there careers on the pitch and their first place in the team. Now there is more competition all over I sincerely hope that the players will fight tooth and nail for a chance to play for The Arsenal as the first choice.

    One thing I am glad is that we have many more leaders in the team Arshavin, PM, Park, Yossi , TV, and RVP. Even Arteta was leading Everton’s creative force. I hope the days when we hung our head down when losing is over and we fight to the final whistle.

    Despite the horrific start we have had this season, I am actually much more optimistic than last season that we will surprise the so called pundits.

    No Fear We Are The Arsenal!!! Up The Arse!!!!

  20. gazidis and his team of ‘experts’ have yet to show why they are ‘experts’

    theyve been here a while now..their job is to increase revenue and market the club..

    so far weve seen one of the worst 6months most arsenal fans have witnessed, so as far as the PR side of things go someones got their finger up their arse and the best we could come up with to increase revenue is to make the fans dig even deeper into their pockets with a price hike to tickets that are already too high as it is..

    they can talk a big game all they want but its time we saw some action..

  21. @Gordon.

    I think you’re being a bit naíve to suggest that the venomous media onslaught on Arsenal started after last weekend.

    @Runebreaker – Of all the countries where I‘ve encountered Gooners, Kenya has to be one of the most fascinating. I work with Kenyan colleagues and visit the country occasionally, and it gets tribal between Man United and Arsenal fans…believe me.

    A few years ago, I went to a downtown pub in Nairobi to watch a game and the waiters refused to serve my friends and I because I was wearing my Arsenal shirt and the pub (or at least the area I sat in) was strictly a Man United zone. I was even advised that if I didn’t want to be lynched, I best move to an isolated Gooner zone or an exclusively “Arsenal friendly” pub.

    Kenyan might know the pub – it’s near the Nation Centre round from Kosewe’s.

    In another incident in an inner city local pub called Jam Rescue (you don’t get this version of tourism on the official brochures), I witnessed an actual bar brawl between United and Arsenal fans because United fans were bragging about their trophies at the cost of Arsenal’s pretty tippy tappy bs (their words, not mine). What was fascinating about the entire brawl was the passion from both sets of supporters (idiots if you asked me) – with Arsenal being accused of being masters at seduction without the ability to get the sex at the end of the chase.

    Absolutely fascinating – and these are guys who will never even get anywhere near the N5 post code area in London. And it’s not just the men – the girls are equally tribal about either their Manure or Arsenal support.

  22. in response to people who said I did not understand that article about IG & TF…

    Fox admitted it took him long time to get his head around how the things are done here and all that, well, fuck me, I would expect a top commercial exec at the club to hit the ground running, do you think it is too much to expect?

    as for the idea of selling memberships in Asia, what is in it for them? the club does not even have a proper TV channel to entice the foreign fans to do so…

  23. Just Another Luke

    Why are some of us still bitching about “what might have been” (if we had strengthened in the past) instead of looking forward to what we could achieve now that we have bolstered our strength in depth?

    The glass is half full, my friends.

  24. the news on jack is eight weeks and i heard that a week ago , so still bad but not 3 months from now as dm is reporting.

  25. Just Another Luke

    Not good news too?

    “Bacary Sagna missed France’s 2-1 victory over Albania with a virus”

  26. I’m just baffled about this Tim Payton guy.

    When was it exactly I gave him the authority to speak on my behalf as an Arsenal fan.

    It’s not like we sat down and had a beer and I said “Tim my friend, I honestly have a problem getting my point of view across – and I’d like you to help me out on this. Whatever you say, I’ll be happy with it”.

    This Arsenal Supporters Trust thing – why are they claiming to speak on my behalf?

  27. Physio room (which is usually pretty good) has Jack returning on the 17th. Vermaelen on the 10th. (Lifted from Twitter)

  28. Darius,

    it has to be said that Payton speaks a lot of sense…

  29. Well, consolsbob, GB gets the 5000.

  30. @Kenyan – just watched the marathon guys get their gold and silver medals – and Kirui (I think that’s his name) had blood shot eyes – the ones that tell you “hey – I’m high like a maa faka and I don’t even know where I am”….LOL


  32. Darius, knowing Kenya as you do did you realise that everyone of our medals are from the Kalenjin sub-nationality?

  33. There are moments in life when words are useless. For me that time is now. No more will you hear(or see) me talk about how we could have bought players,change the system,etc. All i mant to do is watched my Arsenal take to the pitch and collect our first of many 3 pts this season! ALL of the players that i wanted out are gone,and i cant wait for Gervinho,Arteta’s freekicks,Santos incissiveness,Parks real predatory instictiveness,Per’s aerial dominance, ALL set the league alight! I trust wenger when he says he does his best for the club,and for me,his best is good enough. I will not take kindly to negative vibes from some so called fans,after a defeat! COME ON ARSENAL!!

  34. Farah’s a gooner? That’s nice!

  35. Just another Luke – Bac missed the manure match because of that virus. He’s was at least well enough to make the bench for France, although the media presented it as him being ‘dropped’

    It fits with Consols point at 8.43 am. The media comment on things unencumbered by facts. A lot of people then form their opinions from these half-truths and in most cases outright lies. I don’t buy newspapers for the same reason Consols.

    As for Arsene’s transfer business, even the most casual observer would know that he always does his business early or late. He said on more than one occasion this summer that he was looking for experience and PL experience if possible. He also said that there was not much movement in the price range we were looking at. A lot of business was done late in the window, which fits with what he was saying. It’s interesting how what he says is only picked up when it creates a stick with which to beat him.

  36. Yeah Kenyan – they’ve pretty much had a monopoly on athletics since the Kipchoge Keino hey days in the 60s. I was reading this fascinating article by some coaches in Iten – who were mostly scouting for runners from schools like St. Patricks’s Iten.

    There was also a lot of outcry that many talented young runners were being poached by Qatar and paid a lot of money to switch nationalities and run for the Qatari’s.

  37. Tim Payton is a nobody who has got himself into a position where he can raise his own personal profile on the back of AFC. Some Arsenal fans may agree with his perspective, not all do (even amongst AST members), so he has no right to claim that he is speaking on behalf of Arsenal supporters.

  38. On the issue of the Mirror and Daily Mail bs articles about jack Wilshere.

    Li’l Jack was interrviewed on Absolute Radio last night by Ian Wright and Jack himself confirmed he’s back in light training and taking it easy.

    The Daily Mirror and the Daily Heil are just shit stirrers who are hell bent on mischief.

  39. Kenyan gunner | September 4, 2011 at 12:09 pm Farah’s a gooner? That’s nice!

    Yes he is indeed. He was cheered onto the pitch last season after his double gold at the European championships. Now he has world 5k gold and world 10k silver. All gooners should be proud of him!

  40. Passenal,

    well, what is stopping you from putting yourself in the same kind of position and publicly tell him that he is talking bollocks…

    but something tells me that you might find it hard to back up your argument with non-emotional stuff, you know, the evidence…

  41. @Mattyboy – Interesting that Ferah today is British, but he’s usually somali-born when he doesn’t win gold.

  42. Kenyan Gunner,
    Great to hear that Farah’s a Gooner. I wear his trousers!!!

  43. Suga3 – the issue isn’t that Peyton hasn’t got a right to talk in public. He can do that all he wants. What I resent is that he’s doing that in my name. he doesn’t speak for me, and I suspect he doesn’t speak for many Arsenal fans.

    If he wants to build his public profile – that’s fine, but he shouldn’t be saying its on behalf of Arsenal fans.

  44. why are arsenal fans so quick to forget and fast to praise without any substancial proof of improvement.maybe another 6 nil lashin from city would make us our thinking caps

  45. Oh yea football gawds.
    I had hoped the groaning troll and sandblagging fools would at least take a break upon an interlull Sunday.

  46. Further scouting report/salvaged memory upon the Defence Pole:
    WC match between Germany & Spain, 0-1.
    Spain score from a corner, Spain/Puyol outfox their German markers and score. Per not at fault.

    So, he dealt with the Pace of Villa, Pedro (the Spanish Theo) et all OK.
    Interesting. Very interesting.

  47. Well like f*ck Suga. If Payton was supporting AW against the odds wanna bet he would be the chosen spokesman of Arsenal fans? Just like how your dearest friend Pete Wood of that execrable blog was given prominence by the BBC.

  48. Anybody suggesting that Cahill would be better than Mertesacker definitely needs a reality check. On one hand we have an established professional who was played in finals and semi-finals on the big stage, has international pedigree, one of the best defenders in Germany and on the other hand we have Gary Cahill.

  49. I wouldn’t be surprised with a January (record?) transfer after some more banter and barter.
    It would not be the first time it has happened.

  50. Evil – perhaps you’re forgetting the primary qualification of Cahill being English. You should listen to the likes of Jamie Redknapp and other plundits deride Wenger for daring not to listen to them and finally sign the good old fashioned English grit and steel that we need.

    For crying out loud, even Ferguson went for Smalling and Jones, two relatively untried youngsters with great potential. Man City haven’t even bothered to look his way and Chelsea opted for Sideshow Bob.

  51. you see shotta, it’s difficult to support he manager after such a mishandled transfer window, club increasing the ticket prices (the only thing our ‘top marketing executive’ could muster) and keeping a significant amount of money in the bank…

    not to mention stuff like suicidal tactics at OT last week…

  52. Kenyan Gunner wrote here in YW’s forum in early June how Arsenal would have to conduct their transfer dealings this summer. Obviously, specific (outgoing) cases vary in their complexity.

    Now Kenyan probably hasn’t been a fan for the last ninety nine years, (he might’ve been!) and like most of us he has not been to every single Arsenal game in recorded history.

    So, if the gr*tty self-declared realists and oh so subtle propagandists from within the Arsenal support to choose to ignore these issues, then it is disingenious at best.

  53. p.s. Kenyan was right! Arsenal brought in players just when he said they would.
    Amazing! eh?

  54. When the going gets tough….

  55. For all that id still like to see us get Cahill in January if at all possible 🙂 How there can be so much doubt over Merts is beyond me. The usual how quickly will he settle in questions yeah but doubting his worth as a centreback, with his record, is shit stirring and cannot possible a judged opinion.

  56. One can say allof this stuff but lets look at how this translated on to the pitch. No trophies in how many years? since 2005. The club has a habit of blowing up at the wrong time. Look Wenger gave my Gunenrs the best season when the guys went through the entire EPl season without a loss but the facts are the club is in disarry. Let’s see what happens the rest of the way. My gut tells me it will be a very long season. In the end if Wenger hasn’t a title you can kiss his butt voce vai. If the guys are lanquishing near the botton or mid table by mid season he will be fired,. Here in the states good coahces have been fired or forced to quit for less.

  57. AI am not going to give Alan Sugar any further oxygen to sustain his miserable existence but to paraphrase Wenger it is amazing when someone who has not even had flying lessons starts lecturing someone who has been flying elite aircraft for 30 years. In fact it is plain imbecilic. Tactical lessons indeed.

  58. cahills a great cb..
    its hard to compare the two..cant really say one is better than the other as one has made a name for himself by playing a zillion games for a very respected international team and the other has made a namae for himself standing out and being a bloody good cb in a shit team in a very respected league..
    im happy mertezacker is here but id be just as happy if we went back in for cahill in jan..
    just cos we signed per doesnt mean we dont need gary. hes currently the blue eyed boy of english cb’s and hes also in the last year of his would be foolhardy not to go in for him again, even more foolhardy letting him go to spurs who will surely go back in for him too..

    having them both would only benefit the club..

  59. shotta,

    then perhaps you should shut the fuck up?

    or consider contributing something to debate other than moaning about:

    – me
    – the referees
    – the press
    – financial doping
    – global warming
    – add as appropriate?

  60. Great blog, such varied opinions, so thought provoking. Shame so many of you love to bitch at each other!

    Must say the angle/dialogue in the last three posts have been outstanding.

    Not been so great in the past myself with some comments but I have my frustrations under control now and really looking forward to the season which IMO starts proper v Swansea.


  61. Sly Sports and their sources have now picked up the daily Heil bs about Jack.

    I would have thought the horses mouth was a more plausible source of fact. Why would Jack say last night that he’s back in traning. The 2 months set back bs is a figure provided “if” and only if he gets a set back. But Jack himself says he’s back in light training and taking it easy.

    Now that Sly Sports have it, apprently it becomes fact.

  62. Well I’m a member of AST, have been since it’s inception, and Tim Payton certainly doesn’t speak for me.

    I have made that point to the AST and await their response.

  63. Ah well, looks like we’ll have to do it without Jack until December time.

    Jack Wilshere
    I can confirm I will be out for around 2-3 months! I am working hard in the gym to stay fit and I am gutted but I will be back stronger!

  64. Consols – can you tell us more about ST – the insiders view, not the sanitized PR view.

    What actually happens and what value does the group add?

  65. straight from the horse’s mouth:

    JackWilshere Jack Wilshere

    I can confirm I will be out for around 2-3 months! I am working hard in the gym to stay fit and I am gutted but I will be back stronger!

    here we go, a fatigue related injury due to playing some 50 games in a season at 19, clap, clap, well done Wenger!

  66. Suga3. Look on the bright side. When Wilshere comes back, he’ll be like a brand new signing.

  67. I don’t think there is any chance that Wenger will not finish his contract. He clearly is still the best man available for the job. However, the last few years have seen patterns emerge which raise concern. Although I am happy with the ending of the recent transfer window, it seemed so obvious that doing our business early rather then maintaining the status quo would have been a huge benifit to the club. Our lack of attacking and defending tactical flexibility and the inability to improve our defense for several years in a row raise concerns about the apparant inability of our club to adapt and change as needed. The loss of Cesc and the addition of Mertsacker will hopefully see a slow evolution towards a more efficient, more direct style of attack and see the long needed end of the high line and naive defensive tactics that have served us so poorly for the last few years. This transfer window has seen some significant changes to the status quo. Mertsacker, Benayoun, Santos and Arteta are not “typical” Wenger signings so perhaps we are already on the way to making some needed changes. Time will tell how it all plays out. Would love to see a strong win against Swansea to get things back on the right track.

  68. Darius,

    the ‘one man new signing – like flurry’ in our lanky freeloading friend Diaby will be enough, thank you…

  69. @SUGA3 – Give it a rest now mate, we get your message. Even DelBoyEssex is looking forward and being positive. I’m in shock. Keep it up DelBoy, you know it makes sense! 🙂

  70. So – how does a midfield of Song, Rosicky, Arteta look like – still very interesting me thinks. Very experienced.

    Or Song, Diaby, Arteta – or Song, Rambo Arteta, or Song, Diaby, Rosicky or Frimpong, Song, arteta.

    I’m getting dizzy….

  71. Thay sucks. Worst news one could expect after losing cesc and nasri.

    Time for Ramsey to shine.

  72. Wilshere out for 2-3 months. Time for some voodoo, are the Emirates pitch or the practice ground surfaces a problem?

  73. I like the sound of Rambo, Arteta and Song, but we have so many options now, especially with Frimpong breaking through this season. The competition for places in midfield should bring out the best in everyone. We have a lot to look forward to.

  74. Darius.

    Well, I joined AST back in early 2005. At that time it seemed like an effective way of supporting the club from afar, seeing as I wasn’t going to be an Emirates visitor on anything like a regular basis.

    In principle I support the idea of supporters’ Trusts, as long as they don’t take themselves too seriously. It’s cheap to be a member and it is a visible sign of being ‘involved’, even in a very slight way.

    Through all the early ‘doomer wars’ they did give some insights into how the club was being run and a decent analysis of the financial and governance issues. They did establish dialogue with the Board and with stan at a time when we knew very little about what was going on.

    Added value? Not much. I got a nice badge! Everyone sees the results of the members’ survey these days and the outcomes of their meetings with the club but if the AST didn’t exist that information might not be in the public domain in the same way, so I suppose their existence is positive in that sense. I get invited to their meetings at the Emirates and with Gazidis. I’ve never been but plan to this year while taking in a match, if I can tie the two things up

    It would be easy to just decry their purpose but that would be to break a butterfly on a wheel. I suspect most members are like me, just a supporter that thinks he should do something positive- even if we don’t!

    I’m happy to stay a member although I think they now are on the verge of being seen as something they are not. That is, a voice for all supporters. They can be used by individual members who give themselves a platform, and by the media, of course.

  75. what is wrong with that dude!

  76. I’m a member of AST and joined because their objects appeared to be securing shareholding for supporters and representing supporters to the board of directors. In that they have been very successful, particularly with the Fanshare scheme. I am paying £20.00 monthly into the scheme and currently own 2% of a share. I have also been to an AGM but, as only a Fanshare member, was not allowed to speak.

    I will probably be at the next AST meeting on 12th September and will ask representatives of the Trust to make it clear when they are speaking with the authority of the Trust and when they are voicing their own opinions.

    It’s very sad news about Little Jack but the club may well have taken Benayoun on loan in the knowledge that the injury was more serious than at first thought. I agree that the season starts against Swansea and I’m confident that we will finish above fourth.

    Up the arse.

  77. how is it so difficult to understand that cahill cant tie per’s bootlaces.if he were above mediocre,united or chelsea or city or daglish would’ve made bids for.he must be overated for somebody like daglish to ignore.i mean,this’ a manager who seems determined to buy any english player.instead he went for some unknown uraguan.cahill plays for bolton for a reason.

  78. Consols and Bernard.

    Thanks for the info about AST and your own personal reasons for joining.

    The objectives seem straight forward, but it looks like some individuals are running ahead with everything and forgetting what the trust was set up for. They may well be speaking on behalf of AST, but AST by itself does not represent the views of Gooners worldwide.

    By not correcting this misguided narrative, people like Peyton are being given a platform for their own self gratification. They must be reminded that they do not speak for all Arsenal fans, regardless of whether we agree with what they’re saying or not. Their assumed legitimacy is bang out of order.

  79. one from an esteemed fitness specialist:

    @raymondverheije raymond verheijen

    Arsene Wenger should understand that all these injury crises every season don’t just happen to him. He’s responsible and he could change it.

  80. Darius | September 4, 2011 at 2:30 pm
    “Suga3. Look on the bright side….”

    Don’t bother Darius. Telling a self-styled doomer to look on the bright side is like telling schizophrenic psychopath to have empathy.
    He is a ‘doomer’ precisely because he won’t/can’t look on positives. 🙂

  81. If they give Raymond ver heije a job?

    Darius ,despite you routinely assuring me that my worst fears will not happen,then subsequently they do, I authorise you,Darius Stone to speak on my behalf as an Arsenal fan.
    Anyone else claiming to speak for me is a charlatan and a prick.

  82. Oh ye miserable ones, Please stay away. We choose not to partake in your misery and general bitterness. We would like to try and enjoy the team and the club. Take it out on the banks or something.

    Yes, it can be frustrating at times but stop acting like it changes your life one way or another. But if bitterness and petulence is your thing, cool. Roll on down to the grave (where arsenal souls go to die) and stop trying to drag us with you.

    sick and tired of all these whinny babies, grown ass men you know.

  83. Good one Henristic, you said it better than me.

  84. Payton takes his beard seriously.dats d problem

  85. Very nice piece! Good points of view, well articulated. Kudos sir!

  86. Stop moaning suga. Its always moan with you. Bla, bla fucking bla. You got aynthing useful to come with today?? Wenger is here, he won’t go away. Be glad jack did not go to the u21 last summer. This just shows AW was rift when he said the kid could not go. Even though the pundits moaned.
    Now can you stop moaning about AW? He is NOT a variable this season. He will stay and willnot go away no matter how unhappy you are. Try to
    work with that and for the love of god stop moaning like a bitch all the time. Atleast moan about something you can change. The manager is not one of them, atleast not this season.

  87. well, if you think that a cool analysis of the problems at the club is not something useful, then perhaps I should just agree with everyone that everything is rosy and the sun shines out of a certain Frenchman’s arse, yes?

    it’s not just moan, moan, it’s a concern, you can trust me that I will go to the game next week and sing my heart out, but I happen to disagree with the club’s policies and I am of the opinion that the management team is massively underperforming as a whole, not just AW…

  88. and yes, I agree that AW wil stay until the end of this season, unless things go completely tits up…

  89. @Goonerwife – at least your saving grace is that you’re not married to a moaner like Suga3. I don’t think it’s possible. I’d shoot myself if I had to listen to the moaning and bitching about everything, and the fact that it’s framed as a concern.

    He’d moan about the house, his job, the guy who delivered the take away, how come they didn’t show what was in Jules’ briefcase in pulp fiction, why there’s only 6 pieces of meat in a small kebab – anything. Moan, moan moan, bitch bitch bitch.

    And he’d even tell his children that he’s only moaning and bitching about everything they do because he loves them and he’s concerned.

  90. SUGA – If you go to the games and sing, why come on here and call one of our players a lanky freeloader and sarcastically clap the Manager of Arsenal Football Club? You should retract those comments and be ashamed. It makes you look snide, two-faced and ignorant. On the whole it equates to pretty pathetic support for the club you love, regardless of how loud you sing come matchday, no?

  91. Cahill is a good player, just not the kind you break your neck trying to get. Per Mertesacker, on the other hand, is a classic Wenger signing in that it was a coup. Germany is a football powerhouse in the ascendancy once again and our Per is a fixture on that team. The same team that destroyed England 4-1 in the world cup two summers ago, in case those pundits want to forget.

  92. mattyboy,

    I called Diaby a lanky freeloader, because in my humble opinion, that’s exactly who he is, you can count his good games on one hand and his injury happened what, five years ago? or was it six?

    it is also my opinion that Wilshere’s injury was caused by overplaying (Wenger admitted himself that it was risky to play Jack in the last few months of the last season), same goes for TV missing the whole last season, hell, even the Lego haired one felt the effect of 50 or so games played at way too young age!

    retract? don’t make me laugh…

    and no, it’s not two faced, I support the team on the pitch, but I am highly critical of the performance of our expensive commercial team, fitness staff and – last, but not least – Our Glorious Leader Arsene Wenger OBE…

  93. Excellent post, YW. I don’t know why we don’t have Arsenal TV, a channel of our own to broadcast games and so forth. Arsenal player is slick looking but holds less content, it seems to me, and organized less effectively than the clunky previous version. Bringing in US based sports professionals has obvious risks. I am sorry to say, but I have been saying it consistently for two or three years, that Kroenke and his team aren’t of Arsenal quality in some important respects and it isn’t clear that his takeover and his executive team really have had a handle on the commercial, PR, and transfer part of the business. Leadership is needed to give some support to Wenger. In just the same way a team built too much around the particular gifts of a great player, like Fabregas, a club and organization depending so heavily on the genius of Wenger, has some weakness fundamentally and isn’t ultimately designed to get the best of that talent.

    However, this end of transfer window has been positive. The club stepped up to join the support and the players in battling for The Arsenal. Hopefully, they have learned their lesson from the price hike and understand that turning transfer profits but charging more and more for tickets is going to hurt the morale of the support upon which the club currently is overdependent. They have had time to put in place a strategy and hopefully soon there will be commercial successes to strengthen the club’s ability to pay the wages Wenger wants to for the right players.

    On the playing front, my only concern is the health of Wilshere. We need him to push on further and add more attacking and finishing to his game after his excellent season last year. But, his health is worrying and the long-term issue is to manage him so that he doesn’t develop chronic problems by rushing him back and overplaying him. It means a great deal rests on Ramsey, who has had a mixed start, but I back him to be the player he looked to be before Shawcross assaulted him.

    The season is looking up.

  94. Suga3 moans because he feels the club doesn’t match his ambitions. He’ll only calm down when this team has a sugar daddy. That’s why he’s always calling for Usmanov to step in.

  95. G69,

    I will be happy when I see that the club is performing at its full capacity playing staff and commerce wise, we are paying top money to our execs, hence it’s ony fair to demand top output, non?

    a sugardaddy? try spending what we have in the first place 😉

  96. That’s probably why he’s called suga as well either that or it’s a typo!

  97. Suga3, the bit you don’t see is how hard injured players work in order to get back to full fitness. If you’d actually been through an experience like that you wouldn’t be calling anyone a freeloader. Calling Diaby a freeloader just shows how uninformed and hateful you are.

  98. Suga3, what goals should be met, in your opinion, in order for you to feel like the club is operating at full capacity?

  99. well, a proper TV channel would be a start…

    PPV system to watch the games not televised in particular countries would not go amiss either!

    the next step should be signing more commercial partners, we have 8, MU have 23 (yes, twenty three)…

    and since we can sell like a big club, we should start buying like one too!

    once again, we have made significant surplus in the transfer market this summer, which came on the back of the ticket and membership price hike, motivated by (quote) ‘escalating and ultimately unsustainable levels of spending on transfer fees and salaries.’

    but then again, what do I know?

  100. Thanks mattyboy. On another matter AW is obviously a complex individual and I for one still back him all the way, even if he does confuse me at times. The man is a legend and we must never forget what he has done for Arsenal Football Club.

  101. I’d be willing to bet good money Suga3 is a juvenile little punk who doesn’t go to games or sing. He’s just a snot nosed little asshole with no life so he has to com

  102. …compensate on the Internet.

  103. SUGA3 worries me ,I must admit.
    I am convinced that most Doomer’s are ,well,a bit thick.That would explain a lot ,
    Problem is SUGA3 is not thick,abusive or even monotonously repetitive.
    If you take the time to engage him ,he can justify(to himself and his ilk at least)every stance he takes.
    It is worrying because the anti arsenal agendas have taken in people of average or even above average intelligence.Something I did not expect to happen, and somewhat disturbing.

  104. Bradys right foot

    Suga you sir are a 24 carat cunt, not because your a doomer, not because you whine moan and wail against seemingly everything and everyone in the club that you remarkably somehow still support. No because you put Wenger at the heart of your own dysfunctional relationship with the club and JWs latest injury is of course Arsenes fault. You have to look at the club through a prism of hate for the manager I actually pity you. You can’t embrace the heights unconditionally and find comfort in lows, what a way to support The Arsenal.

    How JWs ankle knack be it a fibrous micro tear or hairline crack is the fault of Wenger is anyones guess, Im sure after the summer break and preseason JWs GPS when analysed by the medical staff gave no cause for concern before the redbulls game. Im sure that wont stop you creating another layer to your delusion that the ills of the world are caused by Wenger. Your schema are totally fucked dude i’d suggest some cognitive therapy or maybe just go and support one of the Manc clubs.

  105. Fuck off, George. In the nicest possible way. He’s a first class dunce just like every other regular at Le Grove.

  106. BRF ,Indeed it is the very opposite,Arsene probably saved him from worse by digging his heels in about participation in the U21’s

  107. JW’s injury is a big set back for us, if the tweet from Jack and the news that the club has confirmed this. Good thing Benayoun was brought in and Rambo will have to step up. Arteta is key. We can weather this but let’s just hope we don’t have another Vermaelen situation and if needed we reinforce in January. We have the resources right now and keeping top 4 status is crucial at the minimum. The big loss of JW is not only because he is quality and we need him to increase his attacking effectiveness–goals and assists. The really important aspect is his spirit and attitude. He loves the club and has established himself now as a young leader. Get better soon, JW.

  108. Just about everything the cunt spouts is bollocks. It’s the same regurgitated crap that’s fed to him by the likes of Geoff and Pedro. He’s a fucking two bit lemming end of story.

  109. Loomer,

    why so nervous? you have to watch it, son, or you might burst a vessel…

    lemming? oh, the irony…

  110. Nervous? Get a clue, suga. Far from it pal. Im still high from seeing Guided By Voices last night. I pity you.

  111. And it looks like you’ve got bigger fish to fry than me. Why dont you address BRF’s fine post? Oh that’s right you don’t have the mental capacity.

  112. dude, I am not about to start a slagging match with you, as I am finding you boring and repetitive…

    don’t have the mental capacity? I think I have voiced my opinion on just about every subject BRF raised in his post and once again, I am not too bothered to respond to the solitary 24 carat insult that has not been discussed before…

    my opinion is that Jack has been overplayed last season, he has NEVER played a similar number of games in the course of the season, full stop!

    of course Wenger did not allow him to go to that poxy kiddie tournament as he would get injured just about any given moment there, turns out that 2 months rest was not enough, what is so hard to understand?

  113. Suga3, Manure has fifteen more commercial partners than we do, yet we make like £30m-£40m less than them a season. Could it be that Arsenal are a bit more picky about who they choose to team up with? Whoring yourself out also carries the danger of your brand becoming second rate.

    The PPV idea is horrible. If you want to see our foreign fan base dry up, then by all means give them pay per view. I mean, if you’re happy with losing all the revenue that comes from abroad, that is. As far as PPV for matches not broadcast in England, if you think people like you moan about ticket prices just wait to see how people react to PPV. Football is the people’s game, put a PPV fee in the mix and you’re asking for trouble.

    Suga, the only reason why we sell like a big club is because the manager and his network of scouts unearth talents which end up being stars. This is the reason why we’re able to compete with the sugar daddied clubs at a fraction of the expense. Big players come with huge pay packets. This club will not and should not compete with money wasting clubs on this front.

    With regards to a proper tv channel, I couldn’t agree more. It would be awesome to watch the team trainning and other behind the scenes matters. People would pay for that with pleasure.

  114. No Geroge, Suga3 is a lemming and is thick as all fuck. He’s the typical disgruntled human that gravitates toward negativity because his life is shit and he can’t make sense of the world around him. His only reaction to what he can’t understand is indignation and hate.

  115. G69,

    to be fair, I would gladly pay, say, five quid for the privilege of watching an untelevised game in good quality and without Tyldesleys of this world talking out of their cracks…

    why would that dry up the foreign fanbase? what I mean is that the club would offer the games that are not aired on any of the local platforms…

    it’s not rocket science, but a money spinner and a half!

  116. Jack Wilshere
    Hear a lot of people giving our Medical team stick? I can assure I am in very safe hands and we have top class physio’s and masseurs!

  117. Jack is not a little boy. Stress injuries happen to all players. I’m reading Maradona’s biography and he played three times as many games as Jack played at the same age and he didn’t get crocked. Shit happens sometimes.

  118. Brady’s right foot. Thanks for that post. Put a smile on my face. Trolls like him have no life so they trawl the net looking for a fight. Best ignored. Excellent foresight from the most successful manager in our clubs history to sign a creative skillful and experienced midfielder on loan to cover Jack’s absence. And Abu should be back soon so we look well set.

  119. Great, Barcelona has now admitted that Cesc was worth alot more than they paid for him. And that they got him at a very very good price. And they are very happy for that…

  120. But JWs injury is the reason we signed Yossi on loan is it not? We dont wanna buy some hotsho to take Jacks spot, we wanted to have a decent player that can fill in for him until November and that can be used more frequent next spring so Jack can get some more rest. Good plan that 🙂

  121. Suga3, if your satellite provider had an Arsenal package, where you get to see every Arsenal game, including the reserves and the ladies matches, it would be a good idea. TV on the internet, where you can watch anything you want whenever you want is not too far away, though.

  122. Of course you’re trying to start a slagging match you fucking imbecile. You know very well that you are not welcome here by the vast majority of commenters so why do you do think it’s your duty to come here and slag off our greatest ever manager and his players?

  123. Gains69,I defer to your greater knowledge of him.
    So I am happy now.My theory stands up.Doomer’s are thick 🙂

  124. Poodle, we made about £30m on a player that came out of their own academy. I’m not too concerned with Barcelona saying they got him on the cheap.

  125. from twitter

    Just saw that Cameroon failed to qualify for ACN final, which means Alex Song will not be leaving us in January. Good news for Arsena

  126. Cheers All and Up the Arsenal,

    To put minds at rest, Sagna missed France’s match Friday because of the same illness which kept him away at Old Trafford. He has now resumed training for les bleus and is available for selection against Romania.

    Am very excited for the “start of the season” against Swansea Saturday. This Arsenal team can win the title. IF WE SUPPORT THEM!

    We should be figuring out ways to make the Emirates more intimidating rather than bitching and moaning about when and where Wenger goes to the toilet…


    David from New Mexcio who also likes Guided By Voices

  127. Poodle, had we been able to put him on the open market, thanks Cesc, we would’ve gotten twice as much.

  128. *yawns and ignores Loomer*


    exactly, and it is for Mr Fox and his cronies to work that shit out, I don’t think the likes of Murdoch would sniff at the money from the people who would not necessarily buy the whole sports package otherwise for various reasons (not much interest in other sports, lack of time, etc.)

    if I see them doing that, I will be a happy man, simply because it’s only an obvious thing to do…

  129. Just proves that Barca are indeed the shower of cunts we thought they were

  130. Bradys right foot

    Gainsbourg69 | September 4, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Gains looking at revenue streams going forward I think Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpools American owners see the collective PL tv rights as archaic. I’m pretty sure that in two years time the three clubs will be demanding the right to broadcast their own matches, infact i think that is the main reason that Kronke got involved with the club.

  131. That’s what’s wrong with the world today, poodle. In what world is the money they paid for Cesc cheap?

  132. 2 years in to a 5 year plan.How do you know what they have in the pipe line?

    And you did not reply to this

    pedantic george | September 3, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    How do you lay the blame for deals that were done before he joined at his feet?
    A deal is a deal,no?
    If they have a five year plan ,and are ahead of that after two years WTF do you expect?

  133. Exactly. Now fuck off back under your bridge you fucking troll.

  134. Loomer In a world where Carrol is worth £35 million?In that world Cesc is as cheep as chips

  135. george,

    I expect them to improve the product Fox is trying to peddle in Asia, I mean, Chavs have their TV channel, MU has one, fuck, even Benfica has one which is, if you are to believe the stadium tour guide, broadcasting 24/7…

    my beef is that he had to get his head around the marketing of the sports team, one would expect a top exec to hit the ground running…

    I mean, what the fuck has he done so far to earn his keep? oh, I know, he figured out that the tickets and the memberships are too cheap…

    credit for making the Player free for the members tho!

  136. Fox wants to sell the memberships in Asia, the only enticement for your everyday fan is the TV, not like he will be flying to many games, is it?

  137. SUGA3 if the board approved his 5 year plan,(which they must have)and he is ahead of that after 2 years.Then he is earning his corn.

    Perhaps his goal are not the ones an amateur like you thinks are correct!
    Maybe a top professional is better at his job than you are!!
    I think that applies to Le Boss as well.

  138. george,

    funny that you assume that I am an amateur 😉

    not in footbal coaching, that is, as far as this subject is concerned, I just write what I see and what I think,judging by my own impression of gameplay, body language, etc., not because some two bob hack said so…

  139. George – that is good news indeed about Song…..

  140. @loomer in a world where Ronaldo went fot 80M and the English players are valued ridiculousley high. But yes, Aguero came for 38M and we got 35M so in the light of that 35M was not a bad price.

    I think what pisses me off is not that we did not get “marketprice” for cesc. but that Barcelona after getting what they wanted, still feel the urge to tell everyone what a great deal they did.

  141. Besides i trust Grimmandi when he says our marqueesignings will come in the January window or next summer as the clubs were not ready to part with the players.

  142. Suga3
    I am prepared to have a wager you are not on their pay band.

  143. hmmmm…

    I thought not judging the player by his price tag or pay package was the policy? :mrgreen:

  144. poodle rumour has it we have a buy back clause at a fixed price for Cesc and a cut of any sell on fee if he goes elsewhere. We may not have got maximum up front value, but if that is true, our ‘useless’ negotiators got the best deal they could under the circumstances. If BBB had any class they would just be glad they got the player and shut their cake holes. But nothing lasts forever and I hope I’m still around to see the day when they come crashing back down to earth.

  145. by the way, Cameroon are not quite out of the ACN, they are yet to play Congo, who have 7 points to Cameroon’s 8, so it’s a decider…

  146. A few points of fact. Fabregas cost Barca as little as he did because they were not in an auction with other ‘rich’ clubs and they didn’t have to buy out his loyalty clause which he passed up on. Arsenal didn’t stop being ‘successful’ when Dein left, they slipped down a couple of places thanks to Chelsea and Man City spending a combined £1bn of money that they didn’t preciously have. In fact some of the worst players to be bought by Arsenal in recent history were bought when Dein was at the club. The prospect of his return was boosted by a question put in the AST survey. It was put there by Tim Peyton who is a friend of Deins. Or at least is trying to be.
    Nothing of the ticket price rise was available for transfers – it goes on the VAT rise and on inflation in such things as utility bills at Emirates.

  147. like Bergkamp, Pires, Henry, Campbell, Freddie, Petit, Vieira, Cesc, fuck, even Hleb?

    yeah, they were all pretty shit all right 😆

  148. “Arsenal didn’t stop being ‘successful’ when Dein left, they slipped down a couple of places thanks to Chelsea and Man City spending a combined £1bn of money that they didn’t preciously have.”

    I agree,
    Great post

  149. Insideright and David from New Mexico with two excellents posts!

    Thank you both!

  150. george,

    all fine and dandy, but where does that leave Yoonited then?

    surely, they can’t be classed as a sugardaddy operated club and their wage billl is not that much higher than ours either?

  151. Suga3, I believe that in the next decade entities like Arsenal are going to produce and distribute their own content while sidestepping gatekeepers like Berlusconi or Murdoch. The platform already exists in the U.S. with ESPN 3 and it could easily be something the big clubs do on their own. I see this happening in the next decade easily.

    As far as the Man U and Chelsea channels, I have seen them and they are pretty shit. The production value is very shoddy and the format is antiquated. They would have to seriously spruce their channels up in order to make any type of money off them.

  152. No but they have gone £700 million or so in debt in that period in order to keep up with Chelsea

  153. We had a TV channel and then Setanta went bust

    We must have decided not to transfer to Sky for some reason.The set up was there.So we must have opted for a different path.

  154. Manure is tits up at the moment and I don’t see any sugar daddy stepping in to save them. Why would any one buy such a debt riddled club when they can buy Everton or West Ham for a quarter of the price and make them a global brand overnight like Roman did with Chelsea or the sheiks did at Man City?

  155. seems our medical staff are just as incompetent as our board.

  156. You better informed about it than Jack Dukey? Because he say’s different.
    What treatment did you mate 🙂

  157. george,

    I think you will find that Manure are only in debt because Glazers’ takeover was funded by the bank’s money, in our case, the only thing that stands between Kroenke and doing
    exactly the same is Usmanov…


    but to create a brand, you have to spend whatever you would spend dragging Yoonited out of shite, so I guess buying a ready made tried & tested ‘product’ is a no brainer, surely?

    as for the ChavTV and MUTV, whether the production value is gash or not, these channels are there and you would definitely not see the interview with a newly signed player shot by the former club, like we saw in Arteta’s case…

  158. Was Monika Lewinsky under Rafas table??

  159. George,

    Jack is a nice lad(unless he is pissed out with mates) and is sticking up for the medics coz they are getting stick.

  160. Its a good job Arteta decided at the last minute to except a pay cut or we would have truly been up the creek.

  161. And you know that because?

    Or that is what you choose to believe,again?
    You choose to believe the worst case scenario,as ever.

  162. SUGA – Anyone who calls an Arsenal player a lanky freeloader and disrespects the manager whilst admitting to cheering at games is a two faced rat. Refusing to retract your dispicable comments shows a limited ability to reflect on what you say and realise you are not always right.

    I hope you feel like a moron the next time Diaby scores a goal and you have to cheer. Shape up because Arsenal need your full support.

  163. Arteta never get selected for international duties, that might be an extra bonus, if he does well for us he might be selected and I’ll be happy for him. There were lots of rumours that he was going to play for England as he is eligible.

  164. George,

    I was right about Mata though wasnt i, and that was the worst case scenario.

  165. mattyboy,

    don’t wanna sound like a dick, but firstly, he would have to be fit for once and secondly, not get himself sent off for being an idiot in that one game in five when he is actually any good and likely to score…

    I am cheering on the Arsenal players, unless I see lack of effort, and you have to trust my word that I am rather fair…

  166. Dukey,to the very best of my knowledge you have never been right about anything 🙂

    I honestly cant say I remember what you said.
    I if it was that his agent got wind that Chelsea was interested and got greedy ,then yes,you were right about Mata.

  167. SUGA – So will you cheer if Diaby scores a goal or not?

    As for effort, I don’t think you are making enough effort to support the team and Manager when they need you most.

  168. Diaby is an excellent player

  169. When will people understand that a fit Diaby is a starter .Every time.No question.

  170. mattyboy,

    of course I will cheer when my team scores a goal, what kind of fucking stupid question is that?

    I have every right to rate an Arsenal player and my opinion is that Diaby is gash, put him in the middle and it’s guaranteed that you will have no such thing as counter attacking speed, there is just one position where he might prove useful, and that is in the most advanced midfield position where he will have less space for his snake impression…

    just like Theo, he is an instinctive player, if he has any time to think and make a decision, the decision will inevitably be the wrong one…

    as for supporting the manager, I am simply not supporting him for the way he has been negligent for the last few years, and I am expecting him to get his shit together this season…

  171. Diaby is an enigma…am i right george??

  172. Dukey,I believe you are.

    Seems you have out foxed me .

  173. SUGA3,

    Usmanov as you’re aware (I hope) is not on the board, there is no logical follow-up on your assertion that he prevents kroenke from leveraging the board

  174. leveraging the club*

  175. he does not need to be on board, it’s enough that he owns in excess of 22 or 24 per cent of the joint…

  176. SUGA – ‘of course I will cheer when my team scores a goal, what kind of fucking stupid question is that’?

    No need to get all uptight. It appears I backed you into a corner and I apologise, but
    I was only asking a simple question and you chose to answer a different one, which is your choice.

    If you publicly and personally critisise a player and then cheer when he scores a goal, I think that says a lot about your support in general. Also, there is no shame in admitting that you are wrong from time to time. Once again I apologise for backing you into that corner, I couldn’t resist.

    Arsenal need your full support at this time.

  177. Bradys right foot

    Shoogs you still here mate? You could be over at Le Grove instead enjoying the intelligent and scintalating debate which I’m sure is happening right now, in between the paedo jokes, racism and general hatred aimed at the players staff and other fans. Instead your debating over at ACLF I wonder why?

  178. Brady’s Right Foot – It is funny you should mention Le Grove as they had this to say the other day: “Park Chu-Young literally smashed Lebanon to bits with a hatrick which was thoroughly excellent to hear! If there is one player that I have reservations about, it’s him. His lack of top class experience and his slight frame is a worry. However, knowing that he’s taken a world-class defence apart gives me hope.”

    What a bunch of idiots!! Since when have Lebanon had a “World Class Defense”? They are almost as bad as San Marino and though RVP would never disrespect an opponent by stating the blindingly obvious, I feel I have to in order to make a point. Apologies to any readers of Lebanon.

  179. Le moan was being sarcastic mate. They’d rather he didn’t score so they could revel in how their prediction of him failing is bound to come true. The fact they emphasized the opposition, without mentioning the quality and diversity of the goals, is further proof why any sane fan stay well away from the “gutter rag” wannabe site that is le grove.

  180. Just Another Luke

    Sarcasm that is so obvious is the lowest form of sarcasm.

  181. Just Another Luke


    Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is set to learn on Monday whether or not his appeal against the two-match touchline ban given to him by Uefa has been successful.

    If upheld, the ban would ensure Wenger must watch both his side’s away trip to face German champions Dortmund and home clash with Greek side Olympiakos from the stands.

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