Reinforcements Arrive, Wenger’s Busiest Transfer Deadline Day Yet

ACLF Transfer Deadline Day Ticker….ACLF understands Sky Sports News gained their understanding by reading Twitter and then contact ‘Arry to see if it was true…

Well, not too sure if the second bit is right but Redknapp Junior (or should that be Redk-nappy?) made sure that Pops was on TV a hell of a lot. It would be even more but Redknapp Sr doesn’t have a Twitter account. A pity since Sky Sports News rely on it as an information source. As if to emphasise the point, Martin Samuel in yesterday’s Heil told the story of Jack Sullivan, son of West Ham’s chairman, tweeting that his Dad was doing everything possible to keep Scott Parker. SSN duly reported it, showing the tweet as proof. Jack Sullivan is 11.

It is funny but not in the way Samuel intended. A columnist from a disreputable and discredited rag extracting the michael from a disreputable and discredited TV company. Where’s Brian Marwood when you need him?

So to the final transfer deadline day outcome. Henri Lansbury and Gilles Sunu both left the club in the morning, West Ham and Orient respectively. No, wait, that’s Lorient, where he will play alongside Joel Campbell. Stoke nearly joined Cinderella Rockerfella’s on Chingford High Street as being a club that welcomed Nicklas Bendtner. Apparently the deal fell through when the Dane asked for a translator. Tony Pulis and Peter Coates told him that his English was very good, Bendtner sank any hope of signing by answering, “It’s not for you, it’s for me. I can’t understand a word you are saying”. Instead he found Steve Bruce and Niall Quinn at Sunderland more welcoming and considerably easier to understand…

But the main business of the day were new faces. The club confirmed the deals for Santos and Mertesacker. Intriguingly Bild reported that Arsenal had already reached agreement with Mertesacker for him to sign in 2012. Presumably Arsène decided that he wanted his defence to go Per-shaped and brought the deal forward, influenced to some extent by the annihilation at Old Trafford.

Transfer Deadline Day being TDD, rumours flew around the globe more frequently than ‘Arry pulled his car over to talk to SSN. Speculation was rife, most of it tosh. Criticism of Arsenal’s negotiating skills became more intense as the hours passed, the crescendo coming early evening with reports that Arteta would not be joining.

Cesc commented on Twitter last night that he wondered why Arsenal fans did not recognise his replacement was already at the club. In Jack Wilshere he claimed, Arsenal has one of the three best young players in the world. Who the hell are the other two? And then the frenzy broke, deals for Benayoun and Arteta struck, the latter being the usual last minute prayer that the fax machine did not jam.

The Israeli international was warmly welcomed to Arsenal by Jack Wilshere, as was Arteta. It was a tangible outpouring of relief from the youngster. Five players in two days signing for the club must have seemed like the cavalry was thundering over the hill, the swords of a thousand men ready to crush any foes.

But it was not straightforward. The Times alleges this morning that the deal fell through because of wages initially, Arsenal baulking at paying Arteta £75k per week. Such was his desire to play for a big club and taste Champions League football, he has reportedly taken a £20k per week pay cut. No surprise that his agents walked out, their commission diminishing accordingly.

So what to make of all of the activity? It was a whirlwind, the timing made it easy for tabloids and supposedly respectable journalists alike, to claim that it was panic buying. Having been chastised for not paying over the odds for Gary Cahill, Wenger must have been happy as a pig in, well, you know, to see Cahill’s deal to Tottenham fall through over money. Parsimony does bring some reward.

The defence looks better. A strong, commanding centre back and a natural left back. The latter we cannot comment on too much but Santos needs to hit the ground running. Given the criticism that Clichy faced despite being one of the better left back’s in the Premier League, gives an indication of what will lay ahead for the Brazilian if he has a horrendous home debut. Equally, Mertesacker is not being universally welcomed. Elements of the media have let their xenophobia get the better of them, believing that only experience gained in England is worthwhile. Anyone who believes that a man who has seventy-odd caps for Germany is not a world class defender, is an idiot or a liar. Or both.

Young is the unknown quantity to some extent, from a struggling side and not seen regularly. By all accounts he is an intelligent player and one report I saw yesterday suggested that whenever he has taken a step up in footballing terms, he has not let anyone down. That is all that you can ask.

As for Benayoun and Arteta, we know their strengths. The former was the surprising signing for me, similar to Arshavin and Gervinho, he will definitely put pressure on the pair for a place in the starting line-up although consistency has been a problem according to some. Arteta meanwhile has been the guile in the Everton midfield, complimenting Cahill’s pugnacious qualities. Both are different to Cesc and hint at a more direct approach being adopted. Neither is shy of getting into the area and although their goalscoring is lower than their predecessors, that may improve with the quantity of chances created.

All in all, it was the sharp stick to poke in his critics eyes, Arsène busier with his output in the transfer market than I can remember in one session. Whether it has been wise business, time will tell. We’ll look more at the full ramifications of the deals over the next few days. In the meantime, at least enjoy what has been a productive end to a turbulent summer.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Just Another Luke

    “In the meantime, at least enjoy what has been a productive end to a turbulent summer.”


  2. 4 year deal for 29 year old Arteta… God… what has happened to AW? 😛

  3. Hope Arteta would be the guide needed for our youngsters

  4. Good stuff. AW seems to like national team captains. Vermaelen, Rosicky, Ramsey, Park, Benayoun…

  5. Amazing depth in the squad now.

  6. Szczesny

    Sagna Vermaelen Mertesacker Santos

    Song Wilshere


    Gervinho RVP Walcott

    Subs: Fabianski, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ramsey, Diaby, Arshavin, Chamakh

    Others: Djourou, Jenkinson, Squillaci, Mannone, Almunia, Oxlade Chamberlein, Frimpong, Benayoun, Rosicky, Park Chu Young, Miyachi, Coquelin, Miquel

    I am a little surprised that Squillaci and Almunia were not moved on to be honest.

  7. Glad it’s all over!!! Now we can move on, get these players integrated into the team and work 24/7 to get our other players fit. We desperately need Wilshire back. Up the Gunners!!

  8. PTren

    You can’t force a player to move if his contract hasn’t ended. Right? Almunia is not prepared to go anywhere because he can’t get the 50k per week at any other club.

    Squillaci has been here only a year and perhaps Arsene wants to give him one more season; besides he’s the 5th CB. I believe JD and Squillaci will be replaced by Bartley and Miquel.

  9. “Young is the unknown quantity to some extent”


  10. I don’t think we can automatically assume that Santos is going to be first choice ahead of Gibbs. It will be interesting to see the Brazilian in action. He scores goals and that is something we’ve missed since Cole.

    I just watched a bunch of videos on Cho. Man does this boy have a wicked right foot!!

  11. Oh, Park. I get it.

  12. pharba
    Chu Young Park, South Korea’s captain I believe.

  13. I liked Max Rushden’s (Soccer AM) tweet yesterday that ‘Arry seems to spend the whole of deadline day driving around in a Range Rover giving interviews out of his car window…..

  14. Yes pharbo. His nickname is Cho! I believe it means thunder??

  15. I would have loved to see us sign Meireles or someone like that but I have to say that I am rather pleased with the signings we’ve made.
    Benayoun can play in a few different positions and I think that he could live up under Wenger. Arteta is not Fab but is a decent player and if not injured he can def add quality to our starting XI.
    Mertesacker was my no1 choice for CB all along as I think that Cahill and other PL CB:s are over rated and lack experience. Mertesacker has made in further in European championships and World Cups than any English player ever will probably.
    Santos – don’t know too much about him but if we could play Clichy on that position we can play him there.
    At least now we can compete. We were never going to brake the bank signing experienced top drawer players like Kaka and we already have so much talented young players. These late signings add experience at an Arsenal (Kroenke) price.
    I hope there is some money left for the January wondow though as I think we may still need to add one or two more top players if we are still in all 4 competitions come 2012.

    Dortmund here we come!

  16. Have to say I am absolutely DELIGHTED that spurs failed to get Cahill. I just hope Wenger is first in the que come January to secure his free transfer. They say that the deal failed because of a fee that Bolton would be happy with. Personally I believe Cahill himself wasn’t interested in a playing for a team that can’t match his ambitions. Let’s be honest, Cahill is good enough to play CL football.

  17. I thought Park’s nickname was Ju? what the heck, he can have any number of nickname he wants so long as he scores goals.

  18. If the mossad agent and arteta can stay fit then it looks promising. The last thing we needed is more cripples.

    but.. Lets not jump the gun. Onwards and upwards.

  19. If this Korean forward is going to play for The Arsenal, we might as well pay him the respect of getting his name right.

    The player’s family name is Park and his given name is Chu-young (the hyphen shows that this is a combination of two names).

    Since Koreans always say the family name first, his actual correct birth name, then, is Park Chu-young.

    However, this may well be ‘anglicized’ for local consumption, in which case it will be switched around to Chu-young Park.

    When referring to him in a shorter form, most normally and properly he would be called Park (like calling Per Mertesacker ‘Mertesacker’), but if you know him well or want to sound friendly, only then is it Chu-Young.

    However, it is being said that apparently his preferred nickname is ‘Ju’. Perhaps there is a Korean reader who can confirm, but I would guess that this is simply another, more accurate way of phonetically representing the ‘Chu’ name in the western alphabet.

    The one thing that he would not be called is ‘Young’. That is a bit like what we would call the ‘middle’ name.

    FWIW – these are the same rules as with the already anglicized ‘Ryo Miyaichi’. Miyaichi is his family name, and Ryo is his given name. He would normally be referred to as ‘Miyaichi’, but since he appears to be a teen idol type player, the catchier ‘Ryo’ seems set to become his one-name marketing brand — the same as ‘Theo’.

  20. Let’s give YOSSI the heroes welcome he deserves!! Afterall he was the guy that scored the desisive goal for West Ham that sunk spurs and allowed us to leapfrog them into the champions league! That alone gives him hero status in my book!

  21. Good morning y’all.

    Great post as usual Yogi, thanks.

    “Both are different to
    Cesc and hint at a more direct approach
    being adopted. Neither is shy of getting
    into the area…”

    Exactly, this is what we need to understand. They’re aren’t natural replacement for Cesc (if there’s any), but bring their own special qualities.I’m particularly excited about Arteta. I expect them to hit the ground running due to their premier league experience.

    keysersoze says:
    September 1, 2011 at 6:21 am

    Did you notice the varying nationalities? 10 different nationalities in that starting lineup. *Strength in Diversity* 🙂

  22. “You can’t force a player to move if his
    contract hasn’t ended. Right? Almunia
    is not prepared to go anywhere
    because he can’t get the 50k per
    week at any other club.”

    Yes you can. Terminate his contract or seek mutual consent.

  23. Nice summary of yesterday’s event Yogi. Your post match my feelings on the TDD.

    I posted this late yesterday:

    “From: @arsenalreport
    Final net transfer dealings 2011-2012 summer transfer window: £12,388,200 – 14 players in, 14 players out.

    We made a healthy profit, yet by anyones definition, this was a clear out. Not sure how much of it was in Wengers ‘plan A’ for the summer, but good business all the shame. Shame it took an 8-2 defeat to ‘accelerate’ our efforts.
    Anyways, here’s to Wengers new team! We are definitely top four material now, let’s hope these guys gel on time and play with the discipline and focus required to win shinny stuff.

  24. Oh! Chu-Young Park…Ju-Young Park..

    Scored two great freekicks against Nigeria. One in 2005 (world youth championship in Netherlands) and annoyingly in 2010 (South Africa 2010) to kick Nigeria out of the tournament.

    We have a freekick specialist in our team now.

  25. Hi all(post this one hour ago but I am just happy enough to post this again here)

    I am very pleased, in fact relieved also that we had managed to steady the ship with these signings after our horrible last match (unmentionable now in my household). These signings will not only give the fans like us a lift but also the players that we value , like JW ,TV, RVP and Sagna. Morale and the overall atmosphere surrounding the club has been dark and rancid but look what spending loads of monies does to our morale. ( my wife and daughters can not read this entry). More importantly a lot of the money was spent wisely.

    Arteta and Yossi are perfect signings/loans, they will hit the ground running and I have a been a admirer of Mikel for a long time. Classy passer of the ball and wonderful at dead ball situations.and Yossi is more skillfull than a lot of people give him credit for. Although I think like most of us, he was loaned just in case the Arteta deal falls through but it is a happy problem. We are thin on experience as it is.

    No fear We are the Arsenal!!! COYRS!!!!

  26. Great revival…Lets` spare a thought for the man who made it all possible…Sir Alex Ferguson.

  27. Just Another Luke

    The South Korean players are well known for their spirited and gutsy performances. They are a tough race and will fight to the end. You will never see them stop running and chasing.

  28. Hi Luke

    Fully agreed on Park.
    And they are all super fit. The S Korean national team will run everyone to the ground if need be.

    No Fear We Are The Arsenal!!!

  29. The signings will help us push through the season competitively. In defense we can now say we may be close to invincibility. However invincibility was also as much the attack as in defense. But knowing the injury history of Arteta and Banayoun, we must be thinking about succession. Wilshere and Ramsey are there to learn but we need to go out there and sign either two from the following three – Shiqiri, Hazard and Martin Marvin. Maybe pre-season agreement should be done to lure these prodigies to Emirates. Within two seasons they should be the mainstay in the side in a natural passing of the button.
    My first team with this signings would now be
    Sagna, Vermeleen, Metz, Santos
    ——Song ——-Wilshere
    ——-Arteta –Walcott
    RvP in the Berkamp role, Supporting the attack…Walcott with a free role to roam the wings and support the advancing wing backs. Arteta pulling strings in the the centre together with Wilshere and Song/Fringpong sitting infront of the back four…

    Ok, that was a good try but where do i fit Gervinho…Mmmmmh. It good to have the headache of plannning a squad at Arsenal…Let the Manager suffer that kind of headache for once…hahahaha!

  30. Last sunday has turned out to be the best thing that could ever have happened to us

    If we has lost 2-0 would we have bought all these players?No fucking way

    Sunday at Old Trafford was the end of project youth

    Signings of 28 and 29 years olds at last.Experience experience experience

    The only deadwood left at the club is Almunia(WHY????) Diaby and Rosicky

    Yesterday was the first day of a new dawn in Arsenals history

    And it all goes back to last sunday

  31. Just Another Luke

    Hi Malaysiangunner

    Good to see you in more bullish mood this morning. 🙂

  32. @Yogi – Oh don’t be fooled, ‘Appy ‘Arry has a Twitter account. How can he not have one…He’s the only manager who is a self confessed Talk Sport daily listener and claims he gets his news from Sly Sports. Sandra runs his Twitter account for him from behind the scenes.

    Welcome Mertesacker, Santos, Ju, Yossi and Mikel – we look forward to your contributions. Arsenal is a great club.

    I’m of the opinion another top quality player is coming in either in January or next summer, but I’m very happy with the additions we’ve made.

    With this sort of experience, it’s time to unleash Li’l Jack and let him take his place in footballing folklore.

  33. This is a post to pacify the doomers (if not the xenophobes) who I think will be a little more tolerant of Wenger. Why they felt Wenger was a stubborn old goat without rational thinking to his ‘game plan’ was always beyond me. They said get a better keeper. Wenger conjured up Chewie, and no matter which hymn book you sing from, the brightest prospect in EPL, backed by Fabianski. They said bolster the defence. He re-created the entire defence, finding TV and Kos, now Mertz, with usually highly rated Djourou and Miquel in support. They moaned Eboue, Denilson and Bendtner were weak links. He found what for me is an exciting prospect in Jenks, and just consider his entry. Could this be one of the toughest tests a young lower division player has ever faced? He has now found an extraordinary array of midfield and attacking options. They said, DM, DM, DM. And in (or rather ‘up’) walks Frimpong, a thrilling find, as back up.

    I am really delighted with Benayoun, and Arteta. I am certain they were up there in Wenger’s plans, and are very intelligent purchases, but not his first choice.

    Could the dismalists acknowledge how hard, and how well, Wenger has worked listening to all the criticism, acknowledging, responding, while brilliantly keeping “plan A” intact (a strong development policy) and his attacking style; and in the midst of one of the most vicious and hateful campaigns an EPL manager has ever had to stomach.

    Well fuckin done Arsenal (and you know I never swear unless it’s serious).

  34. Hi Luke

    Yes , my wish for the Arsenal to be competitive is being met. I always believed that we needed balance between youth and experience in order to be successful. We are getting that now with these signings. I was hoping for Lansbury and Vela to stay to learn from these experience players and not be loaned out. But at least Jenkinson, Coq ,JW , Ramsey, Gibbs and Frimpong will benefit from experience heads around.

    And in PM and Mikel we have players who actually wants badly to play for the Arsenal without one eye on the exit door. Plse stay and fight for the club.

    Up The Arse!!!

  35. Darius:
    “I’m of the opinion another top quality player is coming in either in January or next summer, but I’m very happy with the additions we’ve made.”

    Can I ask why do you think that? I thought the conventional wisdom was few significant transfers happen in January (except panic buys like Torres), because no one wants to lose quality players mid season.

  36. @ YW
    Good, funny post again. And nice to see Jack knows a good player when he sees

    This is what you can do when you have money in the bank.

    It wll be weird having to get to know all these strangers but it will be exciting for us as well as the squad.


    @ PTren | September 1, 2011 at 7:08 am
    Yes!! I’d forgotten that.

    @ Antony | September 1, 2011 at 6:13 am

    “4 year deal for 29 year old Arteta… God… what has happened to AW?”

    The policy kicks in for over-32s, not over-30s. so he is OK until the 11th month of his 32nd year, when either he’ll be moved on, or accept rolling one-year extensions.

    @ Kenny | September 1, 2011 at 7:29 am

    “Last sunday has turned out to be the best thing that could ever have happened to us
    If we has lost 2-0 would we have bought all these players?No fucking way”

    We were going to buy these players, or most of them, anyway.
    AW and IG have been saying before the window and all the way through the summer that they are after experience.
    Project youth, as in developing players for the first-team, is alive and well.
    but we have been able to reduce our reliance on youngsters (because of our financial burdens) for the last two seasons. Last season all our first-team purchases were experienced players (Chamakh, Kos, Squillaci).

  37. The Jim White show was crazy last night – though to be honest, it was more appealing concentrating on Natalie (with Goonerandy only looking at her tits) but I digress.

    They had Ian Dowie and Dave Basset on and they were asked to comment on Per Mertesacker’s signing. Can you believe the punks were claiming that Arsenal could have done better and that Cahill and Scott Dann were a better option and had more experience than Mertesacker. Of course they jumped on the “he’s a slow son of a bitch” band wagon and won’t hack it in the EPL. I couldn’t help but think “you xenophobic cunts”.

    There’s this obsession with Englishness as a solution to footballing issues it’s not even funny any more. I couldn’t care less whether players were English or from another planet as long as they were quality. The EPL is a global product and by definition will have a global constituency.

    I remember a debate a couple of months ago where pundits were calling for Wenger to sign an English centre back like Samba. The fucker didn’t even realise that Samba was from Congo.

    But the biggest disappointment for me yesterday was that Kaka’s move to Dagenham and Regbridge failed because of the small matter of naming rights and his appointment as the local mayor. I blame ELS and Jonny.

  38. ZimPaul,
    So basically you’re saying the doomers were right (in wanting a clearout) and you were wrong? 🙂

    I hope you don’t feel I’m picking on you or anything…. Just find your attitude to supporting Arsenal intriguing, much like I find Frank’s.

  39. @ Darius
    Good post. And xenophobia also underlies much of the hostility to AW.

  40. Henristic

    There is no doubt Wenger is an admirer of Cahill and he must have been delighted he didnt join the Spuds.He is a free agent in january so we can sign him for free to start next season or pick him up for as low as £5M in january.The Cahill to Arsenal story hasnt ended

  41. FG: “The policy kicks in for over-32s, not over-30s. so he is OK until the 11th month of his 32nd year, when either he’ll be moved on, or accept rolling one-year extensions.”

    You sure about this? I thought it was basically for over 30s.

  42. Kenny,
    I doubt that Gary Cahill was the ‘top quality player’ Darius was referring to.

  43. It’s all good but Mertesacker has to be the one that’ll make most impact. Two WC Semis and a European Cup Final for Germany and yet some “journalists” still try to claim that he’s not good enough for the Premiership. He is not to be compared with Cahill, Jagielka, Samba or Dann, they are barely international quality whereas Mertesacker has proven himself to be World Class. I watched England lose to Germany in South Africa and he had Rooney in his pocket all match.

  44. @ ZimPaul
    Great post.
    Changing 30% of the squad was partly a response to the end of last season, and partly forced on him by the high-profile MF departures. (Anyone remember the doomers calling for Cesc and Nasri to leave? Me neither.)

    AW has vindicated his reputation as an asture talent-spotter but having a clear-out brings challenges of its own – if AW can get this team to gel quickly, he will have done brilliantly. Mind you, his record in getting new players to fit in seamlessly is very good, so I am hopeful.


    The best thing is that he has stuck to his principles about the essentials – we will still be playign attractive attacking football with technically able, mobile players all over the field, including in defence. I particularly welcome the injection of speed all through the squad.

  45. Henristic – Gilles Gramandi confessed on French TV that our marquee targets had already been identified but their clubs will not release them this summer. My sense is that it may be due to their own Champions League commitments and we have to try again in January or next summer.

    We still have some money to spend, and it doesn’t mean we need to spend all of it in one go. The additions that have been made so far are astute and we can improve the squad further in the next couple of windows.

  46. When i say watched i mean i was sat behind the goal so i had a very good view of Mertesacker for the first 45 minutes, not quite so good for the second 45 but you can hardly miss a bloke who’s 6’6″.

  47. @ Charlie | September 1, 2011 at 7:59 am

    I also feel that Mert will be a good role model and guide for Djourou especially. My impression of him from what I have read is that he is a taller, older, more experienced version of JD – technically able, very mobile for his size. AW says he’s “good on the floor and good in the air”.

    One thing is sure – we really shouldn’t run out of fit CBs this year, with SIX good ones to choose from. Miquel might go out on loan, though.

  48. ZP

    I don’t pacify anyone. Rethink the basus of your wholly inaccurate presumption.


  49. @ YW
    I thought ZP meant his own post?

  50. Darius,
    Ok… although I hope we don’t have to spend in January (except to sign players in the last year of their contracts, like Cahill for example), as that would probably mean things aren’t going very well either due to injuries and /or poor results.

  51. ^^Actually, ignore that – I should stay out of this!

  52. Darius,

    In addition: Only English footballers put the effort in; Only English footballers track back, make the tackle and can be relied on to cost a fortune and win bugger all. There are exceptions, but not many.

    It is an illusion created by the way we worship. We don’t like style, we like grit and determination and not even Maradonna or Messi will persuade us otherwise. This belief means that when the shit hits the fans, the fans (and the English press – coz they are from same mould) start chanting for commitment, hard men and toughness – not creativity, possession and talent.

    It is a gut reaction that we as English football followers have. It is our latent obsession and our gut feelings. It is well placed in the Championship and below, but long may it remain there.

    I love football and we do that the best, without the sugar-daddies and prostitutes.

  53. FG,
    Was your 8.03 post some sort of veiled response to my 7.50 comment to ZP?

  54. Now you’re having a go at an ACLF stalwart. More doomer pacification YW?

  55. Delighted we have added strength and quality to our first team. Following on from Grimandi’s comments, I have to agree with Darius. Bennayoun is probably the best stop gap before we land our big fish, perhaps in January…All roads point to Hazard/Martin/M’Vila???

    We have a very new look squad, lets hope TV5 returns to fitness asap and forms a formidable partnership with PM4. They have the ability and complimentary playing styles to create something truely special. Backed up by Scz, flanked by Sagan and Santos, our defence is suddenly looking the strongest it has in the best part of a decade. Massive massive improvement in that respect.

  56. Henristic, you make me angry sometimes. I knew the little lost boys of Arsenal fanhood would come with “I told you so”. You are one of those. Try to grow up now. It is not me you see, but Arsenal that deserves 100% support and credit throughout for its sensible inner workings, it’s depth of reasoning, and ability to act fast but cleverly. Look at last season’s disappointments and understand the process at work. Look at the 10 players Arsenal has invested in, all 10, and tell me what conclusions you draw. Look at your own criticisms and tell me how Arsenal has failed to respond, and where exactly the club has been dishonest or disreputable, or plain stupid as mane think. What is most exhilirating and remains the heart of this club is the steady stream of young players working their way through the system, and now coming in. It is second to none, and is the foundation. Let’s just see: Chewie, Mannone, Gibbs, Jenks, Miquel, Djourou, Wilshere, Ramsey, Ox, Ryo, Frimpong, Theo, Coquelin, Aneke and Afobe in with a shout, and Vela, Denilson, Bartley and Campbell on loan. 20 players. I had no problem with Eboue, but can well appreciate that Jenks is the better prospect. I had no major problem with Bendtner either, but can well understand that in some situations you can take a horse to water but … I certainly have no problem with Denilson, happy he is on loan, surely Wenger’s call, although I understand he might not return.

    So, what was your point exactly? That people who maintained a thread of trust and understanding and perspective were wrong because Arsenal, once again, got it right? That people who supported the team through thick and thin and all its players were somehow “wrong” because we bought the range and type of players, this off-season, we (Gazidis and Wenger) already announced we would be buying?

    Shame on you Henristic. All you have to say is it seems Wenger has made some moves that are surprising to you because you thought he might not.

  57. Just come out and say it steww. You think Yogi is a doomer now don’t you? 😛

  58. Zim, you fail to accept that Wenger was forced to play Sczc due to injuries to Almunia / Fabianski. If these didnt happen, Sczc would not be our number 1 today.

    This was after Wenger spent the whole summer trying to sign Schwarzer, so spare me the masterstroke Wengerspin.

    Sczc was a fortunate youngster he took his chance with both hands. A much better prsopect than the other two, and supported as number 1 by many gooners, long before his inclusion.

    The business (minimum) has been conducted – this isnt to pacify anyone mate. Its finally accepting that the defensive options for the last 24 months have not been good enough. Last chance saloon stuff, and the old fox delivered.

    Please stop your polarisation of the fanbase. Majority of Arsenal fans have wanted our defence addressed significantly for two years. Through luck, injuries and signings, the defence is looking great. Lets look forward, hope they gel quickly and get some clean sheets under our belt.

  59. Pleased with the signings as a whole. Good to see that Wenger identified that as technbically talented the squad were, we lacked maturity and experience. He has certainly put that right, and as well as improving the squad it will be of a huge help to the younger players and heopfully help their development.

    Strange Arsene has performed such an overhaul given most of our results were due to bad luck, the opposition, and corrupt referee’s 😉

  60. “We have a very new look squad, lets
    hope TV5 returns to fitness asap and
    forms a formidable partnership with
    PM4. ”

    Fingers crossed about that.

    BTW PM, sounds like Prime Minister. Such a towering figure, wouldn’t be bad if he were referred to as the Prime Minister of Arsenal’s defence. 🙂

  61. Apologies YW, it was my “post” that was to pacify the doomers, not yours. I wasn’t commenting on your post, it didn’t enter my mind, although it does influence my opinion sometimes. Perhaps I ought to have said, “this is a comment to pacify the doomers”, but being digitally almost illiterate I barely know the meaning of word “post”. I post a comment, right?

  62. @ ZimPaul | September 1, 2011 at 8:26 am
    great post

  63. I give up on Luke and GAndy. Different versions of “I told you so”. Childish and mean spirited, but also plain wrong.

  64. SA Gooner.

    The irony is this. A good barometer to measure the strength of the collective that is English football is the performance of the national team. Kick and rush has been the hallmark of our national team for I don’t even know how long. This is augmented by the demand for pluck and spirit and the grit and steel that those in the establishment suggest is a preserve of the English domain.

    The truth is that success will emerge from a mix of attributes and no single entity can claim they’re the best at it. There’s different ways to skin a cat and considering that we haven’t won fuck all since 1966, we’re in no position to tell people that the only way to be successful is to sign English players who have EPL experience. Worse still, suggest that Cahill Jagielka, and Scott Dann are more experienced than Germany’s top central defender. Mertesacker has more international experience in his beard than all 3 of the folks combined who are being touted as better than him.

    My interest in England has only come back with the emergence of ball players like Wilshere who are a revelation. And apart from the customary pluck and spirit, he can actually play football. The last time an English player excited me that much was when Glenn Hoddle and Paul Gascoigne played. Every time they got the ball, the hairs at the back of your neck stood up. The way they would caress and seduce the ball, the way they would use it and work with it with such panache – you would think, now, that’s a footballer.

    Since then we’ve just been fed with kick and rush merchants, and in recent times had this “Arsene Wenger needs to sign English players” mantra shoved down our throats.

    It’s got to the point where it’s not even bias towards all things English – its outright xenophobic and in many cases as in Talk Sport, outright racism.

    If it walks like a duck, smells like the fucker and quacks, it ain’t a chicken.

  65. Happy Christmas one and all!

  66. Zimpaul @ 7:36 am,

    Well said.

  67. Whoa!

    Chill out ZP. We wouldn’t want to make you angry now would we?

    You make this about supporting Arsenal through thick and thin but its not. You saw how the away fans supported during the thrashing at manure. you agree that was good support? Yet I bet you’d call many of those same people doomers if you listened to them.

    What you don’t realise is that blindly accepting every decision/action from your club (even those that fly in the face of common sense) isn’t a better way to support at all. Your type of ‘support’ isn’t any better than those guys who voice their concerns online or in some pub, and then go on to sing their heart out in the face of a humiliating defeat.

    So yes, you can be wrong sometimes, as you were in this case, clearly. Conversely those people who felt a clear out was needed, turned out to predicted events better than you did.
    Incidentally, not all them were doomers.
    I wasn’t one of those people. Until we lost Cesc and Nasri, I thought our only real need was a defensive coach.

    Whether our current approach (clearout+replacements) actually works is still up for question, but as supporters, we can only all hope it does.

  68. One of the most exciting days for years and we have more spats on here this morning than in ‘Al Capone’.

    I thought ZP’s posts have been excellent this morning, bang on the money. Not sure what’s upset Yogi. Late night maybe?

    Darius has got a good handle on near future developments too, I’d hazard. (Hazard. Geddit!!)

    For those who think all this was a response to last Saturday, you are plain wrong. This clear out was always going to happen after the collapse last season. If you have a clear out then you bring a few more players in than usual. That’s what has happenned.

    Check out the numbers. The squad had no more players than last year but is definitely richer in experience.

    Bring it on.

    Oh, and thank you Fun for your common sense and insights over the last couple of days.

  69. Mertesacker, Arteta, Santos, Benayoun and Park within 48hrs! Amazing…never dreamt that possible. I don’t want to dwell on the 8-2. All the five players cost us just around 27 mil. Just about what we made from Nasri. I’m not too certain Nasri is a better player than Nasri but all I do know is that shipping him out and getting these three sure make The Gunners far stronger.

    And honestly, I rate Arteta higher than Luca Modric. Why? Modric’s stats as an attacking playmaker is rather very poor. While I believe there’s no other Fabregas any where in world football, I defintely do agree that Arteta is a decent choice for our creative spark. But believe me, Wilshere is our best bet. And I believe that’s why Wenger went for a 29-year old. Don’t forget Ramsey too. Suddenly, Arsenal’s team are full of leaders. How many National team captains? Seven?

    Where is Swansea?


  70. Jabba's Delights

    Delighted we’ve brought in 6 players ready to compete for a starting job.

    Think the defensive additions are whats needed and what many have called for for a very long time, so well done to the big man for finally doing it. Mertasacker for me is the best we could have got as long as he can get over the injury bug. Its been well documented by some on here that Clichy was neither that good at defending or going forward so to bring a player in who clearlly appears to excel at one i think is an upgrade.

    Arteta i think is a wonderful signing. I lovwe the fact he has prem experience and will view us as the big team who finally have given him his chance. Bennayoun adds depth and can make sure that Rosicky never has a performance or attitude like sunday again or he can go to the scrap heap with immediate affect.

    Watch hom much more dangerous we are from attacking set pieces now and i bet the work in training with these dead ball speacilists makes us defend them better

    The squad looks strong and experienced with some brilliant youth in and around the mix to be used at the right time…………………exactly how it should be.

    They must integrate quickly now. Cant wait for Swansea

  71. ‘I’m not sure that Nasri is a better player than Arteta’

  72. Luke,

    Wenger has always seen Sczesny as the long-term solution.

    yes, it was luck that forced his hand.

    but he was trying to sign schwarzer, because he wanted someone who won’t be around forever, since sczesny was coming through.

    his emergence was earlier than expected and a pleasant surprise.

    but it was always in the plan.

  73. Best you leave the chicken identification stuff to me Darius. It can get a little tricky.

    Why I remember a little Dutch Silver couple of years ago, at least we thought it was a Dutch Silver…but that’s another story.

  74. It was Wenger who bluntly announced a major overhaul, not me (“this will be a very active transfer season”). I just noticed it all taking shape with keen interest, while the headless chickens were running around in circles, mocking Wenger mainly for want of something to say.

  75. Just had to watch some idiot journalist on Sky Sports try to talk down the deals done yesterday saying that Wenger had a list of 20 and the ones he bought weren’t top of his list.
    And said idiot journo would know how? It’s not as if these people ever write anything with perception and insight approaching some of the stuff qwritten by certain fans blogs, is it? Honestly the relentless negativity and bile coming out of the press is nauseating. Not only have we now largely restructured the first team squad through loans/purchases and judicious sales of squad players who were never good enough, but we have done it at a profit.
    Strangely, none of the press is pulling ‘Arry up for leaving a weakened defence in the absence of the Cahill purchase and with King and Gallas perma-crocked and clearly no faith in Bassong. None of the press is making the point that Tottenham taking money in in this window is the result of them not qualifying for the CL this year and having to cut their cloth following a splurge last year which clearly hasn’t paid off.
    We have money in the bank for the next window when Cahill will be realistically priced should we need. We have also sent out a message to all the clubs who seek to take the piss on transfer fees that we won’t stand for it as we understand the new financial reality even if they don’t. With the exception of Man City to whom we will continue to sell players for well over the odds.
    A much happier man this morning. Screw the media negativity.

  76. PTren | September 1, 2011 at 7:08 am

    Do you know what i was very underwhelmed when i heard we signed him but if what you say is true then what a Gunners legend.

    Fair play Yossi.

    I reckon the only player who might walk into the team is metersakker @ Koscienly expense and maybe santos @ Gibbs expense i think – the others have to face stiff competition for a place in the team which is good.
    Still miss fab4 (passing , vision) not as much a $amir(everythings so much better @ man shitty – did i mention money)na$ri.

    Just have to wait and see how the squad gels – for what we lost in cesc and na$ri (ball retension and creativity) – maybe we can gain directness and defensive solidity.

  77. Luke @ 8:20 am,

    I wholly agree about our new defensive options and potential strength. A positive and accurate outlook and statement.

  78. No one likes to be told ‘I told you so’, so I understand all the bristling from some of you who wouldn’t have wanted this outcome, if asked at the beginning of the summer.
    But you’ll all just have to live with it. Fortunately for you, I also didn’t particularly desire the current turn of events or you’d be suffering the ‘I told you so’ from me too. 🙂

    Its actually a bit hypocritical considering many of you gloat at the slightest opportunity. Gervinho scores on his debut pre-season game – cue the gloating. RvP has a good scoring run – some more gloating. But Wenger has the busiest summer transfer window in a while and ‘oh no, its suddenly not ok to gloat’. These are all events that benefit the club, so whats the difference? C’mon guys.

  79. Just Another Luke

    YW the wise one has already said: “Whether it has been wise business, time will tell.”

    I’m happy to leave it at that. At the same time, I’m looking forward to Arsenal v Swansea for the showcase of the new talents.

    Quote from Kungfu Panda: “Remember dragon warrior, anything is possible when you have inner peace.”

  80. Just Another Luke

    Only my wife is entitled to tell me “I told you so” without retort, my dear Henristic.

  81. I know this is off topic but i cant help myself.
    “What if Arsenal’s first-team squad went to Kenya?
    Joe: You could see how enthusiastic they were with me and Henry turning up in Kenya, I think it would go pretty nutty if anyone from the Arsenal first team turned up.” I’d literally go mad if it was to happen.

    Very astute business form Wenger, bring on the season. I am happy that Wenger bought where he thought we needed reinforcements not because we fans wanted him to buy.

    Limpar just received the kiss, am still blushing 😀

  82. and now the interlull…. please no injuries ….other than to ickle S

  83. So, if all are fit, how about:





    Sub: Fabianski/Kos/Benayoun/Frimpong/AA/Chamakh/Park

    That leaves the likes of Ramsey/Rosicky/Gibbs/Djourou/Jenkinson/AOC/Ryo to scrap to get into the match day squad. Obvisouly with injuries (that reminds me, I forgot Diaby, heh) everyobody will get their fair share of games.

  84. From last night this was aimed at people abusing and not those with legitimate concerns

    Ok ,Now all these cunts,and I fucking mean CUNTS .Who said Arsene was a liar because he said we would be busy in the window,And that our board were criminally negligent,can come on here and admit that they are a bunch of retarded fuckwits.

    And its our turn to say


  85. Gloating, Henristic, has conflicting connotations. What exactly are you ‘gloating over?

    That we have signed a batch of players or that you perceive yourself as being correct against the ‘consensus’ view of this site and it’s adherents?

  86. Indeed very late but still very Arsenal-like multi-national transfer activity!

    A Korean from a relegated French club who is due for military service, a goal-scoring Brazilian left-back from a Turkish team who asked to be relegated, a German who could be the tallest ever Arsenal player, an Israeli international who scored THAT goal against spurs and has played for two of our biggest rivals, and a Spanish midfielder from an English club willing to take a pay cut.


  87. Henristic @ 8:46 am,

    You argue that: “What you don’t realise is that blindly accepting every decision/action from your club (even those that fly in the face of common sense) isn’t a better way to support at all. Your type of ‘support’ isn’t any better than those guys who voice their concerns online or in some pub, and then go on to sing their heart out in the face of a humiliating defeat.”

    This is either naive or downright dishonesty. In the real world ‘during a season’, negativity is not left down the pub nor do publicised criticisms (meaning those posted on blogs or spouted at every opportunity on any phone-in show on the radio or TV) remain within the club. No my dear dreamer, they make their way into the same types of rags as Yogi has referenced in today’s blog. Worse still, those louts (now filled with the good cheer from the same sensationalising media and the pub’s that you reference bring that criticism into the stadium and help make our home a nightmare for any playerwith the courage to attempt to paly at the extremes of ability. Then we wonder why some players do not want to join us, want ot leave or beg t feel the need to beg to support them on their first club interview.

    Excuse any typos but my posts always get covered by the logo and underlying personal details section and I type bllind.

    Yogi, is that phenomenon unique to me?

  88. Dgob – The same happens with me mate. Added to the fact I am typing fast as I am at work does make me make lots of typo’s.

  89. I agree with AW.

    Pretty good ending to the tsunami of summer.
    Team looks better balanced on paper
    We wait to see how they play together
    The force looks good in red & white
    Hope they make us all proud


  90. For me its a question of priorities-if we dont stop shipping goals from poor penalty box defending we are not going to challenge for anything. OK so Motorcycle is weak on the turn outside the box- thats true of most tall centre backs. I like Cahill and hope we can sign him in January- but I would not sign him over Motorcycle and I can see him staying up North.
    I dont know about Santos- but a first choice Brazilian left back is unlikely to be a bad player. In fact I will wager that he is a better player than Clichy who has never been a great defensive full back.
    If Benayoun is not overused (he’ll never play 2 games per weak at the same physical level) he will surprise a lot of people. He is a good player, as is Arteta.
    Frankly these signings give us at least some future to look forward to- and the likes of Nasri can shut up- hes got his wish- we’ll see how he feels after he spends half the season on the bench-the same goes for Fabregas.Considering what we got these guys for its very good business.
    No one should be fooled though- we need to buy a top striker and midfield player- and we have the money to do so.

  91. Nice one Yogi.

    Sounds as if you got your mojo back. Very stupid but, I had to double check with wifey if we made a shit load of signings last night or was it all a cruel dream.

    Wenger, is being taken seriously now by the board and media has been firmly put in the place. They didn’t have a clue who we were signing until it got going or was done.

    My word how does Arry feel this morning? No body wants to go there and seeing the boys in red and white make power moves as if Dein was back in the hood.

  92. Lads – we are a stronger squad. This is a huge a positive. Its happened. Lets stop the creation of factions in the Arsenal support.

    Cant wait for seeing the new lads against Swansea. Just slapped Arteta in my FF football team. We might even score from a free kick this season!!!

  93. andy,

    Good to hear that I’m not alone here.


    Not to bitch, but this never used to happen with the old layout!

  94. Jay @ 9:28 am,

    “No one should be fooled though- we need to buy a top striker and midfield player- and we have the money to do so.”

    That you’d make this statement at this precise moment says more about you than anything to do with football, IMO.

  95. Tai Obasi, Lagos | September 1, 2011 at 8:51 am

    But believe me, Wilshere is our best bet. And I believe that’s why Wenger went for a 29-year old. Don’t forget Ramsey too.

    Yeah i think that too. These signings have been made for the now but wenger does not want to stifle the expected rise of Ramsey, Jack, Ryo, Campbell, gibbs, afobe etc.

    Good signings, hopefully will add a bit of a guiding hand to the youngsters and perform straight away when needed.

    Would have loved a marquee but for less than 30 mill whats that a henderson and palacios we got good additions to the squad

  96. New faces not only freshens the place up but, also brings out the very best in players that were already there.

    Stop ruining the high with talk of “it wouldn’t of happened if not for 8-2” shit.

    It’s happened so enjoy it because I am enjoying it and more so because the media didn’t really want us to sign any body on the quality level that we have because they know what happened last time we did and they know that Wenger, is the only man who can topple the sugar daddy lot with out all the sugar.

    See the bigger picture my friend and don’t watch too much skytv.

  97. @Goonerandy.

    What the fuck were you drinking last night. LOL! In between announcing that you were going to the toilet and panicking with every 5 minutes – its a good thing your wife is away. You really did come out with some outlandish shit.

  98. Over the last day or so Fungunner has been nothing short of tremendous.My favorite
    poster at the mo. Well done
    Also Jabba ,surprisingly good of late.(all relative of course 🙂 )

  99. Wenger has done amazingly well to bring these players to the Emirates and still be in profit. Astute business.
    For all the press and some fans who are suggesting it was panic buying after the Man Utd game just have no idea. These players have probably been on Wengers list for months, and even some of the negotiations were in place well before last Sunday.

    Personally I don’t think Arteta was Wengers first choice for MF but that doesn’t make him a bad purchase, he can still do a good job for the Gunners.

    My reasoning behind that statement is why was Wenger in France/Switzerland for the last two days. The answer I think is that he was after Marvin Martin, but he had Arteta arranged in case the Martin deal
    could not be concluded.
    Wenger will go back for Martin either in January or next summer. He plays for Sochaux, mid table ligue 1 side with no CL football so could be tempted to join Arsenal.

    Finally, one interesting observation on Twitter, Muslim Arsenal fans have already started to bait Yossi because he is Israeli……. I fucking hate this. Did Jewish fans bait Chamakh when he came to Arsenal, No they didn’t……. so I hope it stops and doesn’t filter through to the stadium when he is playing.

  100. Great to see some experienced, both in terms of age and in Benayoun and Arteta in terms of Premier League, players coming in. I don’t think anyone ever doubted the talent of the young players coming through, just that it was too much to ask them to play for the title without some experienced heads around to help them. Hopefully Mertesacker and Vermaelen can form a good partnership at the back and Arteta can get back to some of his best Everton form. If he can then we have a gem and by the time his four years is up Wilshere should be coming into his prime. Benayoun is a proven Premier League performer, I doubt he’ll have an automatic starting spot, but he’s excellent backup from the bench. Santos I have no idea, his YouTube clips are great, if he’s as good a defender as he is goalscorer then he’ll be great! 🙂

    Now that we have brought these players in the guys like Jenkinson and Oxlade-Chamberlain can slow down their progress from League 1 to top flight with some games in the domestic cups and appearances from the bench. Being thrown into the lions den at Old Trafford was always going to be asking a lot.

  101. Darius – I camped out in front of the TV with my laptop, a load of German Beer, and a load of optimism. The club put me through the mill last nigh I can tell ya 🙂

    She is back tomorrow night though, so I suppose I will spend tonight cleaning and generally hiding away any signs of my slobishness from the past week.

  102. We are gathered here today to say farewell to a bastard love child.

    May thee Rest In Peace.

    God Bless.

    R.I.P. Youth Project 2004 -2011.


  103. @Dgob and Goonerandy.

    This version of WordPress is what is causing the ups and downs when you type. A lot of people complain about it. There’s nothing Yogi can do as most blogs update with new fixes and the best way to approach it is the Microsoft way. Don’t call it a bug in WordPress, call it a feature.

  104. @ Northbank1969

    If what you say about the baiting of Benayoun on Twitter is true, that is disgraceful.

    “Suddenly, Arsenal’s team are full of leaders. How many National team captains? Seven?”

    We were stuffed full of national captains before, in fact. But it is still a good sign.

    @ ClockEndRider | September 1, 2011 at 8:56 am
    Yay! Love it.

    @ consolsbob
    Thank you kindly, sir. Likewise, I’m sure.
    @ pedantic george
    Cheers – keep up the good work on Fans’ Forum.

    Just as well I employ myself or my Arsenal obsession would have got me sacked years ago. There has been no more updating of the site this morning. I think everyone involved in it must be sleeping off monumental hangovers. Still so excited, can’t wait for Swansea. I woke up on Monday and burst into tears, woke up today with a massive smile and a song in my heart.
    Up the Arsenal!
    The icing on the cake would be to hear that Jack is on the mend but won’t be fit for the internationals….

  105. Nice Goonerandy.

    German beer, a greased up Jim white ready to blow his load at any time, Natalie’s tits, and a very inconsiderate Arsenal FC for the roller-coaster….hehehe. What a bitch.

    I hate that last few hours before the missus comes back. I usually just employ a cleaner to do the house top to bottom. She knows I’m not capable of that though – but who cares whether I got a cleaner or not. Anything for world peace.

  106. Northbank1969 | September 1, 2011 at 9:43 am

    Muslim’s think it’s their divine right to do such things matter what effect it has on the general public.

    No worries because they will soon realise there is no god whatsoever and we were put here by aliens.

  107. Darius – Heh, exactly. It was almost the perfect night.

    I have started the process many times this week, only to always find somthing to distract me. TV/Guitar/Internet/Going for a run. Anything really. I must be strict with myself tonight though.

  108. Just Another Luke

    goonerton | September 1, 2011 at 9:51 am

    “The Youth Project” was a worthwhile project required by the financial circumstances of the club over the stadium development. While not an unequivocal success, it was not a failure. In fact, we were on the brink of pulling it off in recent years.

    Men with ideals should be celebrated and not be mocked. I am disappointed with your comment.

  109. goonerton | September 1, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Dont think its dead at all, in fact its still going strong judging by some of the youth signings we made this yr ( 2 lads from barca, swedish lad, we also signed a 14 yr old ethopioan and wenger gave him the no.4 shirt with his name on)

    we signed jenks, chamberlin, cambell, ryo all below 20.

    I think your hoping its dead (dont know why) as we have made money from it (muamba, bentley, hoyte, clichy sales ) and also gained jack wilshere, gibbs, frimpong, theo etc into the 1st team squad.

    If you ask me apart from man utd and they bought at very high prices most of their youth can you name another club that has achieved this?

    Not winining a major trophy had more to do with moving to emirates which forced the youth policy than the youth policy itself.

  110. Goonerton – “No worries because they will soon realise there is no god whatsoever and we were put here by aliens”

    I agree with one of those statements 100%.

    Seriously, these “fans” baiting a player becuase of which particular fairy talke he believes in. It is schoolyard behaviour, and they really need to get a life.

  111. Strong signings for me, every single one. Still would have liked a strong central midfielder but what the hell do I know.

    Maybe Arteta can start taking our direct frees. Scoring free-kicks is something we have lacked it has to be said. I think Santos will stroll right into the starting 11 and play very well. I mean, we are the English club version of Brazil… Mertesacker, who the hell would complain about that signing. Young Park and Benayoooon I would think are squad players, unless one of them really steps up and shows something. But with Bendtner gone we needed another player who can play wide. We’ve bought two.

    And we get the experience necessary to fill the gap in that advanced role until Jack is well and truly ready to claim it as his own.

  112. goonerton | September 1, 2011 at 9:59 am

    “Muslim’s think it’s their divine right to do such things matter what effect it has on the general public.”

    Please dont generalise people of the backs of a few idiots – its very offensive.

  113. Our marquee targets are most likely one of m’ villa,Martin or Hazard. That would be why Benayoun is only on loan. They are however all very young so if maybe wise to let them thrive in their clubs for one more year while we play with arteta and youssi.
    We loom like a solid well balanced team now instead of a young team with two superstars. There are no superstars now, just stars. That is very good I think.

  114. zagoon,

    “Indeed very late but still very Arsenal-like multi-national transfer activity!

    A Korean from a relegated French club who is due for military service, a goal-scoring Brazilian left-back from a Turkish team who asked to be relegated, a German who could be the tallest ever Arsenal player, an Israeli international who scored THAT goal against spurs and has played for two of our biggest rivals, and a Spanish midfielder from an English club willing to take a pay cut.


    u forgot:

    All for 27m quid????? Nasri + Traore???????
    WTF AW…why are u such a cheapskate???????

  115. It will be interesting who is the most used centrally out of Park and Chamakh.

  116. Consolbob,
    I’m not gloating over anything, Bob. I did not predict or demand for the clearout/signings. I’ll leave you to decide if that was against or for ‘consensus view’ on ACLF.

    I used the word gloat as synonym for I-told-you-so. Couldn’t be arsed to keep repeating the phrase.

    Uhn? The in-stadium support (home and away) has been great this season so far, despite a summer of what many regards as the most horrible media attack on the club.

  117. goonerandy | September 1, 2011 at 10:06 am

    “Seriously, these “fans” baiting a player becuase of which particular fairy talke he believes in. It is schoolyard behaviour, and they really need to get a life.”

    You’re doing some baiting yourself GA, aren’t you? 😉
    That statement is bound to annoy religious people and you know it.

  118. ….gloating:

    (repeat till hoarse)

  119. @ Gains69 and Borges Spinelli

    You seem to know a lot about Santos – can you clear something up for me, please? (when you wake up) I have heard him described as a solid defensive FB, but the YouTube clip posted showed a player who was all about bombing forward and scoring/creating. (In fact, I don’t think he was ever even on the left, let alone in the LB position!) So is he good at both, depending on what he is required to do?

    We’ve got to wait 12 days to see some of these people in an Arsenal shirt. Bloody international breaks.

  120. I think Arteta will play his arse off for us. How refreshing it is to hear of a player taking a pay cut and putting his career ambitions ahead of money. He deserves a run in the Champions League. And a god-damn pay raise when he does well for us! Will he take Nasri’s #8 I wonder…

  121. Henristic – Heh, I suppose so. Nobody would offended if I were to slate their chosen political party though (for example). I don’t see why religion should be taboo ground.

  122. we can all drag up negative sheet and think our selves superior to what ever peoples,faiths , ideas we think we are above – all of us can do it.

    I came here to talk about arsenal and football.

    There are other blogs where you can point out our differences if you want to

  123. Andy is a naughty boy,you tell him. H.

    The main question that needs to be answered is” will the transfer activity be enough to shepherd Jonny and Dexter back into the fold”?

  124. I really like Arteta – for years now. Always felt that he was under-rated because he was foreign and plays for a mid table team.

  125. Dgob

    Seems to be. Drop me a note at the email address on the contact page. Let me know what browser and screen settings you’re using. If it’s a Mac, then way out of my league…


  126. Nice post YW and great COMMENTS ZP 🙂

    Absolutely can’t wait to see the new boys in action, I feel almost childlike excitement this morning.

    AW – damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  127. Markus,I would not put to much stock in the “alleged” fact that he took a pay cut.
    I believe that is made up bullshit in order to try to make Arsenal and Arsene seem cheep.
    We might have knocked back a big rise but I doubt he took a big £20k cut.

  128. Cbob

    ZP clarified his comment so I clarify mine with a “Whoops, my bad”.


    Does that count as an AKB pacification?


  129. Just Another Luke | September 1, 2011 at 10:04 am

    “The Youth Project” was a worthwhile project required by the financial circumstances of the club over the stadium development. While not an unequivocal success, it was not a failure. In fact, we were on the brink of pulling it off in recent years”.

    I didn’t say it was a failure but, I think too much effort was put into it while the first team suffered but, that’s just my opinion.

    “Men with ideals should be celebrated and not be mocked. I am disappointed with your comment”.

    Too right they should or we would never have seen Jack Wilshere in Arsenal colours. How do you know that it wasn’t the stance of the board forcing Wenger, to try to promote from within all these years?

    Well you don’t do you so I’m not knocking Wenger, if that’s what you are implying so save your disappointment for another day and chapter.

  130. I’m just excited 🙂

  131. Northbank1969 at 9:43 am, I think Wenger is in France to do commenatry on the internationals.

  132. What is interesting for me in the changes that have come so far this summer is the shift in focus. We haven’t necessarily changed our philosophy of Wengerball, but there’s one thing I’m noticing.

    This is the guile, spirit and determination that the players have shown. If there was a point of major criticism last season (and possibly before) it was that we did not show the application needed when it mattered and that players failed to stand up and be counted. Nasri for example stopped playing football once Vieira got to work on him in January and turned his mercenary head. Other players were not showing fight when it was called for. Cesc’s attitude during the Barca game was out of order and that was unfortunate as letting him play when his head wasn’t right was costly.

    What I’m seeing with this team is a fighting spirit that we’ve missed. A fighting spirit that will complement our quality. Our issue was never quality as we had that and continue to have that in abundance. It was the last mile that proved impossible to complete.

    The additions we have made provide excellent experience and helps bridge the gap for Li’l jack, Rambo, The Jenks, Miguel, etc.

    I feel sorry for Manuel Almunia. Set aside his performances and quality at Arsenal. He is still a human being and like all of us, is bound to be emotionally affected by everything that has happened to him in the last 2 years and how he has been treated in the media and by Arsenal fans. It doesn’t matter that he’s being paid good money, if it was in any other business, he has justifiable grounds for being aggrieved by treatment that would be classed as bullying and emotional abuse. Almunia deserved better and I hope he gets the opportunity to find a good club where he can ply his football for the rest of his career.

  133. It’s lovely to see that we’re all one big happy family once more. Well almost, apart from the guys arguing over whether the ones complaining about a lack of transfers were more right than the ones believing that there’d be some transfers.

    My two bobs worth would be to say who cares because the manager has done what almost every fan wanted so after everything that’s happenned take a breather and be happy.

    Amazing how he managed to do it while still not spending more than he brought in. What can you say but Bravo Arsene ! I know we’d love to see some reckless spending once in a while but few can argue that the man’s a genius. Well i suppose we better see how the team does this season first. We’ve ended up with a very nicely balanced team with experience in key positions and a load of competition for the youngsters to become regulars.

  134. I think everyone is reeling from the effect on the club. 10 players. Yikes. And we are still to know more about their effect as individuals, within a team, roles and combinations, form, some goals. That’s 3 months of an ACLF blogfest right there. The immediate effect is to raise the level of competition for places and team morale.

    It will be intriguing to watch team selection over the next month, I suppose reflecting mainly what is seen in training, and the immediate objectives. I’m interested to see a Song, Arteta, Ramsey combination, until Jackie gets back, and Diaby, and then it’s anyone’s guess. I guess Rosicky may revert to his old role, off the bench, or a starter from time to time when the situation warrants. He’s worked hard. Or perhaps Arteta will unleash Rosicky’s creative talents.

  135. geeGunner | September 1, 2011 at 10:06 am

    It’s all about the right balance of Youth and Experience. And the balance was very wrong for a very long time and I don’t think Wenger, wanted it this way but, now he has he way.

  136. Delia--Block 112

    I’m just grateful that the TW is now over and we seem to have come out of it ahead of the game. Last Sunday’s debacle must have hit home a good deal harder than we can possibly imagine. The reputation and status of Arsenal took a real hammering.
    The reinforcements seem to fit our needs very well but the proof of the pudding will be in the future performances of our team. So you Gooners who were going to stay away from the Ems as a protest to whatever ,get your shirts and scarfes out and come and give our new look Gunners the support they need to get our season up and running.
    See you all at the Swansea game . By the way any player who takes a 20k a week pay cut to play for us must really want to play for the Arsenal, Nasri please note!
    Glass almost full, as always COYRs

  137. geeGunner | September 1, 2011 at 10:10 am

    Please dont generalise people of the backs of a few idiots – its very offensive.

    I thought that was the way of the world these days?

    What was the generalisation after the recent riot’s?


  138. Compared to steww, Yogi, we’re all doomers!

    OK Henristic.

    As we are all in a good mood this morning let’s assume we all meant the best.

  139. This is a comment from another site, comment made by Woolwich Peripatetic, slightly edited by me.
    September 1st, 2011 at 9:24 am

    Why on earth are people expecting tactical changes?
    After a bit of research, Santos is a natural fit for our system. If Mertesacker is the last man then we’ll concede from open play. So he has to play with one of Djourou or Koscielny behind him.
    Arteta just drops into the Cesc-hole. Benayoun is basically another Rosicky.
    Park provides competition with Gervinho, so again, no change there.
    We will play four across the back, with an attacking left back. Three in midfield, a double pivot and an advanced midfielder.
    Three up top, two hard working fast wingers and a false-9 looking to draw the opposition defence out of position.

    Sounds right to me – what do people think?

  140. Darius | September 1, 2011 at 10:42 am

    “I feel sorry for Manuel Almunia.”

    Same here but he can’t complain like Nikb about not getting a fair crack of the whip..

    He did well on most occassions and was made a scapegoat to often for other team mates poor performances but he got a chance when not many title chasing clubs were willin

  141. Fair enough, George. Usually I’m the one rubbishing reports… what’s going on here?

    Even if he didn’t get a pay rise, or only took a small cut he is still putting ambition before money. Fair dos.

  142. Just Another Luke

    goonerton | September 1, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Thank you for the clarification, goonerton. I’m glad that we have more points of agreement than I earlier thought.

    Apologies for being presumptuous. That RIP comment of yours about a bastard love child riled me abit.

  143. Crivens it’s a little fractious on here first thing eh? Can’t we all just be pleased with where we are rather than obsessing with how we got here? Eh? Eh? Oh.

    Well the truth is – none of us know the truth! Furthermore we couldn’t handle the truth even if we did. That said, I have my suspicions about the truth and I’m pretty damn sure I’m right ;).

    The Mertesacker deal is one of the most interesting for me – whilst I agree that such signings don’t fit in to the xenophobic paradigm of the English media there is reason enough to wonder if he is the right signing for the club. The notoriously slow tag was not invented last year and is not unique to this country. Ask anyone who follows the Bundesliga and they’ll all admit that he gets caught for pace (acceleration) on the turn. The good news is that we are long term admirers and the bad news is that we have secured our man after the defence in which he featured shipped 60+ goals last season. I can dismiss the goals shipped because we all know how bad Koscielny can look when playing alongside Squill and so I am optimistic. Nonetheless I worry that Mert may struggle to adapt to the high speed of the prem. I remain positive (as I have heard somewhere before), and hope this fear is unfounded, but do not make the mistake of assuming this inkling of concern, on my part, is based on the view of xenophobes.

    Moving on I’m delighted with where we have got to but I do hope we can resurrect the Chamakh of old but I am slightly fearful of RVP’s next injury. Park sounds versatile and skilful rather than deadly. Maybe Theo will finally get his wish and become the next Michael Owen?

    I’m looking forward to seeing Santos. A LB who scores goals eh? Whatever will they think of next?

    The player who I have highest hopes for is Oxy Acetylene Chamber Maid. Ignore his 30 minute cameo on Sunday and lets look forward to seeing him against the Shrews.

    @Darius “But the biggest disappointment for me yesterday was that Kaka’s move to Dagenham and Regbridge failed because of the small matter of naming rights and his appointment as the local mayor. I blame ELS and Jonny”.

    I think els was largely blameless in this Darius, he was busy restructuring the format of future transfer windows at the time so that they would only last 3 days and involve herding players through opens with bottles of cristal as bait.

    I have to admit I was all too distracted by Natalie’s norks when I should have been mollifying a clearly agitated Kaka – it seems he had slipped in Jim White’s trail earlier (he leaves a remarkably wide effluent behind him like a monstrous snail, fed on KY Jelly) and had come to the conclusion that England was some kind of xenophobic hotbed managed by madmen dieting on football lunacy. It was hard to disagree.

    I blame SKY.

  144. Just Another Luke

    If shirt numbers are good indicators, Park (no. 9) may start more often than we think.

  145. “I feel sorry for Manuel Almunia. Set aside his performances and quality at Arsenal. He is still a human being and like all of us, is bound to be emotionally affected by everything that has happened to him in the last 2 years and how he has been treated in the media and by Arsenal fans. It doesn’t matter that he’s being paid good money, if it was in any other business, he has justifiable grounds for being aggrieved by treatment that would be classed as bullying and emotional abuse. Almunia deserved better and I hope he gets the opportunity to find a good club where he can ply his football for the rest of his career.”

    Well said Darius.He has been kick from pillar to post.And for doing his best and being a good servant.

    I looked on Le Grove last night to see what they were saying.
    Its been a while, but one thing struck me we should not ever be upset by what is said over there,Because they are the thickest bunch of people I have ever know to congregate.I cant even bring myself to get annoyed with them .Truly they deserve sympathy not condemnation..

  146. Darius – Good point ref Almunia. He seems a decent bloke, and has been a good pro for Arsenal. In all truth he was probably never quite at the level to be the No1 for a club of this size, but that is not his fault. Hopefully he will find a club and continue his career as he would like.

  147. Just Another Luke

    Mertesacker = Motorcycle. That’s witty.

  148. goonerton | September 1, 2011 at 10:45 am

    you dont have to make it the way of the world.

    The generisation i got from the riots was that it was caused by people of a certain colour and culture. They were even trying to argue the case on newsnight.

    Its highly offensive generalisation. so are most negative generalisation

  149. Over the past 5 seasons Arteta has been the 5th most creative player (creating about 3 chances per game on average) in the premier league. The other 4 Malouda, Giggs, Lampard – all in championship winning teams, and our dearly departed Cesc.

  150. Nice comment Charlie.

    Banging our collective heads together a bit too, I like that.

    Right I’m off to put a fiver on us to win…, I’m not going to go there


  151. I suggest one thing is certain, Arteta will bring strong positional sense to midfield and a solid, assured going about of business. He keeps the ball exceptionally, won’t be out of place in the passing game, and seems to defend well; but without much hysterics. The more one looks at it, it’s an astute move. Is it my wild imaginings, or has Wenger taken stock (of last season, and the one before) and placed a high(er) priority on spirit, resolve, loyalty because Arteta is that type, and I pick up some similar sentiments from a few others.

  152. Just as excited as all the regulars.

    Thanks ZP for putting the childish and mean-spirited in their place. (We know who you are.) No doubt if the new signings don’t gel immediately or they have a cock-up on their debut, the knives will be out sharpish. You truly measure “support” when the chips are down.

    Fungunner – You have been always been fount of wisdom and knowledge but especially these last stressful days.

    Consols – I must admit you (and YW) nailed it during the downturn at the back-end of last season by basically calling for a clear-out of the “deadwood”. Yours truly was not so sure even opposed. I am not sure whether at the time you foresaw/advocated Cesc and Nasri going through the door. What is certain is the “doomers” never saw that coming yet they gloat.

    Darius – Do you still have a job? Where do you find the time?

    pedantic George – What a trooper? When Dex and Jonny lost faith and vacillated, you held the fort. You have the “cunts” dead to rights.

    Finally – I never thought I would see the day when ACLF would have over 1000 posts. I joined 5 or so years and on a good day there were at max 50 comments. Despite the best efforts of the doom and gloom merchants and the whorish sell-out by many so-called Arsenal bloggers YW has always tried to make this site a place for supporters who support a well-run football club which is faithful to the best and most progressive footballing values. Good job YW.

    (PS: My internet is back at home so I have time for a reasoned post. Geez those smart phones are really hell to post on and to trawl through 400-1000 Comments.)_

  153. Sounds about right to me too, FunGunner

  154. Geoarge – ‘but one thing struck me we should not ever be upset by what is said over there,Because they are the thickest bunch of people I have ever know to congregate.I cant even bring myself to get annoyed with them .Truly they deserve sympathy not condemnation

    Hahahaha, thats so funny, because its true.

  155. Fun – Sounds about right apart from the Mertesacker bit. He will be able to play with TV5 (who is no slouch) I would think. Maybe we will defend slightly deeper?

    I would have thought Mertesacker/TV5 would be the preferred pairing. I know people have suggested playing certain players for certain games, but I have to say I don’t think we will (or should) do that. With defence you should play the same players as often together as possible (especially the CB’s). Kos will get his fair share of game with injuries and suspensions, additionally he may up his game even further to give the manager a selection problem.

  156. Sheeeeet we let go of 21 players in total this transfer window and have gained 10 not including internal promotions. wow thats a lot – our new signings can make a first 11 on their own bar keeper

    Fab\tech 9

    Jenks Mertz arteta santos

    park chamber benayoon ryo

    Campbell Gerviniho

    Almost a new team

  157. This was meant to be a separate comment. ;D

    @Darius “But the biggest disappointment for me yesterday was that Kaka’s move to Dagenham and Regbridge failed because of the small matter of naming rights and his appointment as the local mayor. I blame ELS and Jonny”.

    I think els was largely blameless in this Darius, he was busy restructuring the format of future transfer windows at the time so that they would only last 3 days and involve herding players through opens with bottles of cristal as bait.

    I have to admit I was all too distracted by Natalie’s norks when I should have been mollifying a clearly agitated Kaka – it seems he had slipped in Jim White’s trail earlier (he leaves a remarkably wide effluent behind him like a monstrous snail, fed on KY Jelly) and had come to the conclusion that England was some kind of xenophobic hotbed managed by madmen dieting on football lunacy. It was hard to disagree.

    I blame SKY.

  158. @GA “Kos will get his fair share of game with injuries and suspensions, additionally he may up his game even further to give the manager a selection problem.”

    Ain’t that the truth!

  159. @Jonny.

    That idea of pinning players in pens like chickens and having managers prod them with sticks and getting them stripped and parading for their medical could be a plot. Have it only on Tuesday and Saturday morning like Billingsgate market – which is a story in itself btw.

    On my first date with my wife, we went for dinner and then clubbing, and in her mini-skirt and 6 inch heels, I took her to Billingsgate market at 5 o’clock in the morning straight from the club. Needless to say, that if it wasn’t for the fact that I bought her a whole salmon to cook for us later on that evening, the trip to the fish market was a shock to her system. It must have worked cause she’s still married to me…but I digress.

    I think it’s plausible that Jim White and the Slypad producers have a lot to answer for. Considering all the applications had been made for change of deeds and for the ceremonial formalities to be undertaken by Dagenham and Redbridge council, then it’s a very big disappointment that Kaka spent his entire day in a jaguar XF outside the ground on Victoria Road listening to Talk Sport radio, and watching Harry Redknapp drive up and down the south east on Sly Sports. Yes – his XF had satellite TV.

    The best we can hope for is that the Daggers will sign Kaka in January.

    And for the record, I had business to do at Billingsgate market and the choices were to leave the missus at a bus shelter and pick her up later or have her walking around the fish market in her wowowo and stilettos.

  160. i hope the weather stays fine until after the international break – we have a new first team photo to take 😉

  161. Darius – Your story reminds me of a recent trip to Hamburg. Me and the wife went to watch a Bob Dylan concert and decided to stay in the night in a campervan partking area (in our campervan) next to the world Famour Hamburg Fish Marrket. We had a very good night, had plenty of beers after the gig, and was safely tucked up asleep by about 3 in the morning.

    Only to be awoke at half 5 (in the morning) by a brass band playing not 10 yards from my van. I looked uot the window to find the fish market had just opened and there were hundreds (maybe more) of people around. In the fish market you can continue the motion, and there were beer stalls alplenty. By nine o clock we had got up and went for a bimble around. 9 in the morning at a fish market, where there were live bands and plenty of drunk people. It was quite sureal.

  162. Some more Arteta facts:

    -Started his career as a defensive midfielder, in the mould of his hero Josep Guardiola.

    -Most fouled player in the league 2006/07.

    -His total of 12 league assists in the 2006–07 season was second only to Cesc Fabregas and Cristiano Ronaldo.

    -He is genuinely two-footed, and although believed to be right footed has himself said that he considers his left foot to be the stronger more dominant weapon.

    -In Feb 2008 he received his first call-up to the national team, only for his career to be sidelined by a cruciate injury a few days later, suffered in a 0-0 draw with Newcastle.

  163. That’s a beautiful first date story and kudos for being so hardcore that you went straight from the club to conduct a business deal. I just hope no one made any ‘fishwife’ jokes at the wedding!

    I met my wife at a wedding, having had almost no sleep from the night before. The wedding was at 10am and my wife joined the evening reception at 6pm. You can only guess my state.

    She fought off my attentions, later admitting she would have kissed me, but I smelt like a “fucking petrol tank”.

    Ah true love.

    I think the Kaka deal is very much back on for January – he’s clearly disillusioned at RM and no other club seems prepared to acquiesce to his increasingly bewildering demands. As I understand it, he’s rather hung up on the comedy factor of being known as Dr Kaka (especially when I explained what kaka meant over here!).

  164. @Shotta 11:01 am.

    I’m doing a bank holiday long week away from work and will be back next week.

  165. Arteta will flourish with us.I know this to be a fact.My Tarot cards told me

  166. What a squad. I don’t think the opposition will know what hit em! We have quite an unpredictable squad now..

    Attack we have…

    Gervinho’s trickery, and when pace is needed we have the Ox and Theo, then theres Arshavin’s directness. The silky Benayoun, a player who has quality but never really got the recognition for his talents, I think he can prove to be a good option for us especially when competing in 4 competitions. I do believe he was a backup recruit just in case Arteta fell through, but there is no harm in having more on board. The Spaniard will have been top on Wengers wish list of Cesc replacements… Spanish flair – check, playmaker – check, engine of the team – check. On top he has vast experience in the Premiership, something we wouldn’t have got from a Hazard or that french guy we were after. Plus he is 28? hes mature and a very reliable player by all accounts, probably Everton’s most consistent over the last 5 or 6 years. How about Park, another international captain, 28 years old, I am sure he has a lot to offer when on the field. Saw some of his highlights on youtube, I will reserve judgement until he plays a few games for the Arsenal, but he does look like a handy addition. With Bendtner and Chamakh we didn’t have the alternatives up front we needed.

    In Defence…

    75 caps German giant should prove a wise choice considering our inability to defend set-pieces last season. In terms of experience, we couldn’t ask for a better signing really. Despite what the media tell you, Samba, Cahill, Dann hardly offer European or International experience. The addition of Santos could be crucial as Gibbs can’t seem to put a run of 5 games together. I think it will be interesting to see who establishes themselves as 1st choice come christmas. Jenkinson looks like a decent buy already, he has truly had a testing start to his Arsenal career, as a squad player he looks a decent replacement to Eboue. Time will tell how he copes, but he looks like a mature lad.

    Overall, I am positive Wenger can use our transfer blitz buzz to get the team to gel quickly. One of the main reasons, aside from experience, in why we shipped 8 to united was the number of changes we made. Any team that is without 8 players, a reserve youth in DM and a makeshift back 4 is going to struggle. We may need a few games to going but I am certain we have the numbers and quality now to last in all 4 this season.

    Confidence will be crucial. Going by young Jack’s twitter, we may have got a chunk of it back.

  167. Just Another Luke | September 1, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Due to being like a kid with a new toy some post may come out in the wrong context.

    I’m just bursting with happy vibes today and buzzing about the new look Arsenal and what this means and where we could go with it.

    I love the way Wenger got the youth through and our Jack and Frimpong will be called world class within the next few years along with a host of other youth we have so no way knocking it just thought we wasn’t balanced properly.

    We damn sure are now though!

  168. Morning George

    Thanks again for wondering about my cup being half empty or full man!

    Its more full than it has been for a while. Signing Arteta AND Benayoon gives us some real depth, while the PerM and Santos supplement the defence nicely. No idea about Park, but he could be a gem too, so all good really. I am also happy that Bendtner only wne ton a loan as I think he could come back a much much better player after a season playing every week. On SSN they showed some footage of him scoring against Stoke and other teams and his goal was awesome, he still has it in him to be a top player, IMO.

    I am also chuffed lansbury is only on a loan too.

    But, almost as happy as I am abour our business, I found it fucking hilarious that even afte the classless Bolton chairman Gartside;s disrespectful tweets, Gary Cahill is still at Bolton and his transfer value is dropping by the hour!

    Serves the twat right! Lets snap him up for free next summer and really rub it in!

  169. Aah-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-DA!

  170. The thing is Jonny – I didn’t tell her we were going to the market. I just told her that before I drop her home, I just needed to check on something across town. She didn’t even know it was a market until I told her to get out of the car and walk with me.

    I was doing some buying for a few restaurants and the guys were joking that I didn’t have to bring my business manager, they would have still worked with me. At first she was really pissed off because it was cold like fuck and strolling around in a fish market in heels after clubbing is so not romantic. The irony is that once her shock had subsided, she was the one doing the haggling for me.

    She makes a mean salmon though.

    I must admit, a sleepless, cranky, smelling like a petrol refinery type of bloke does display some presentation issues….LOL! Glad you still had the guile to stick to the task.

    @Goonerandy – the only thing missing there was that someone han’t set up a grill to fry some fish and compliment the flowing booze and music. Nice. Better than sleeping in a caravan.

  171. Darius – There was. There were loads of food places. It was a bit like a festival and is on every Sunday. We are going to go back purely to do that before the end of the summer.

    For the record, I had Rock Salmon, grilled prawns and Bratkartofel (sauted sliced potato’s with bacon, garlic and onion) washed down with a cold one. It was quite bizzare all in all. The Germans use any excuse possible to croack open the food and beer wagons.

  172. Backing Santos to have the biggest immediate impact for us. As well as Gervinho obv. Can’t see any of the others getting into the first team just yet.

  173. Ah, the Hamburg Fischmarkt. I do miss Altona and Sternschanze. Reeperbahn not so much.

  174. Hey, Keysersoze – I think maybe Arteta will play more as a deep-lying playmaker – releasing one of Wilshere and Ramsey (sometimes both) to fulfil their attacking potential ahead of him. That’s where he seemed to be playing for Everton last season (when he came back from his injury). A sort of Pirlo/Alonso type role – bit of patrolling in front of the back four, dictating play from our own half with that wonderful set of Spanish goal clubs he has. PINNNNG. Deennnk. Swisssssh. Course there’ll be more movement and more freedom than at Everton (their true pass and move of 09/10 seemed to dry up last season for one reason or another), and all the quick switching and rotating that comes with being in that midfield three of ours. Should get more chances in and around the box with us too. Top, top signing with real Premiership pedigree. My old man was well chuffed having been a fan for years. He was less impressed when he found out we’d bought Ben Haim. “Tal Ben Haim??!” No, Dad – Yossi Benayoun. “Oh. He’s good”.

  175. Good morning All!

    Great business by Arsenal!

    as for the moaning posters yesterday, shame on you!


    Have a blessed day all!

  176. Aaaaaaaaaaahhh morning darling!

    What a beautiful day.

  177. Funny you should mention Alonso Limpar:

    “Arteta began his football career at the local side Antiguoko and befriended fellow midfielder Xabi Alonso as they would play together every weekend. The two would often play along the beaches of San Sebastián and dreamed of playing together at Real Sociedad when they were older.”

  178. The Bendtner loan, on reflection, I realised is better than selling him. He is still very young and improving and is very unlikely to regress. He was mostly played out of position and was never the main man (except in his head).

    At Sunderland he’ll be on the end of a lot of crosses and free kicks and is essentially the big fish in a small pond.

    He’ll either improve greatly and come back to the club as a ‘new signing’ or be sold for more than what we would have got for him now.

    Conversely he might stay about the same in which case he’ll still frustrate but get goals and be sold for something similar to what we would have got if we sold him now.

    Solid business.

  179. Consol,
    No worries. I am in a good mood today too.

    If PM is indeed as slow as you fear, then we may have to move back our high defensive line a little bit, at least in the games in which he plays. Don’t forget we still have a kick-ass pairing of Vermalaen/Kos, so he might not be played that much in his first season.

    I do wonder how our three main CBs will be combined/rotated. They all cost about the same, although PM’s experience is far greater than the other two. On the other hand Verm and Kos, has shown to be reasonably reliable in the PL. Its a good ‘problem’ to have though.

    Interesting times ahead…

  180. And for those Mertesacker moaners worried about the number of goals conceeded by Werder Bremen last season, here is what German journalist Ulrich Klose had to say on official site:

    “Bremen had an awful season last year, and part of that was down to Mertesacker being out for a long time.”

  181. I like how everyone has forgotten about Song, Wilshere, Diaby, Frimpong, Gibbs, Sagna and Gervinho. It’s like the Arsenal side that got beat at Old Trafford were Arsenal and now they’ve had to go out shopping because of that result!

  182. Does anybody else think Moyes might be a great candidate to come in when Wenger decides to call it a day?

  183. Very interesting, Markus. I didn’t know that.

  184. OOU – Yeah agreed, the reeperbahn really is a shit hole. That said, we founf some decent bars off the beaten track in between their and the fish market area. My wife was doing smoe photography as well and found some really cool stuff. I didn’t like Hamburg the first few times we went, but it has grown on me a bit. Not a patch on Berlin or Dusseldorf though.

  185. ZimPaul | September 1, 2011 at 7:36 am
    good reflections….

  186. I’m personally proud that our club takes the serious amounts of money that transfers cost… well, seriously. The dismaying reaction of the press at our doing things differently (properly) is hilarious. We negotiated long and hard over important, big money transactions for the club – rather than waltzing into negotiations like Sp*rs or Liverpool and spunking money all up the wall on any player who can trap a ball (and many who can’t).

    I think we’ve done great business. £30 million on M’Vila is far too much, especially with Frimpong and Coquelin coming through. £20 million on Martin seems prohibitive for a young player too, and apparently Arsene would prefer him to spend another year or two developing at Sochaux – doesn’t think he’s ready yet. Hazard is again way over priced in my opinion (wank name as well, why anyone thinks ‘Eden Hazard’ is cool is beyond me), and do we want to risk another Jose Antonio Reyes?

    I’ll take Mikel Arteta over that lot any day of the week. We’ve got enough exciting youngsters of our own.

    And…. The Jewish Iniesta.

  187. Well shotta, i certainly thought that cesc might go. I think he was part fo the problem, as for that matter was Nasri. they were both part of Arsenal teams that failed when it mattered.

    Things have panned out pretty much as I expected. I claim no prescience. It just seemed inevitable and necessary.

  188. There would rumours this morning that palliative care specialists were brought into the Emirates last night to help manage multiple symptoms with which senior members of the Arsenal hierarchy are afflicted with. According to teams of doctors, nurses and other specialists, support would be required to help senior board members and executives function. These include simple tasks such as online shopping, putting milk in their tea, and putting the bin bags out. A spokesman said:

    “We offer inpatient care, day care and provide a full range of services for adults. These may be provided with charities and working in partnership with the local authorities”.

    The key to effective palliative care is to provide a safe way for the individual to address their physical and psychological distress, that is to say, their total suffering. Directors at Arsenal, previously incapable of adding numbers and keeping track of dates, will now have aid in maintaining their faculties and function. One director who didn’t want to be named said,

    “This is going to be an absolute boon. I have difficulty keeping track of numbers, so this would help us with calculating the amount of money we can spend on players. We can also, with the help of our new carers, add up the total of all the money that we have got for spending on players. With the help of consultants we can then decide what players are available.”.

    Another senior executive who has trouble remembering what day it is said:

    “Every day someone will come in with a calendar and tell us the date. This will be really useful in tasks like having to get some players in on a deadline day. Previously, nobody knew what the fuck was going on, and it was like groundhog day. So we lived from day to day.”

    Media experts welcomed the news of extra services provided to Arsenal FC. They said that dementia had affected the clubs transfer activity for years and a way forward was now clear.

  189. Aman | September 1, 2011 at 10:26 am


    Hilarious !

  190. I agree with LA at 12.58

  191. What is this i am hearing of Kroenke being tempted by Umasnov big bucks?

    Ladies out there did you notice Mert is quite a looker? am already pining for him.

    Whatever happened to Maria, havent seen her since we collapsed last season.

  192. Yeah, I thought 22 mil for M’vila was too much in the first place. That even runs the risk of spoiling the harmony in the team because it’s so different from the amount payed for any of the other players.

  193. I do like Moyes and that ever-present “backs-against-the-wall” look of his. Keeping Everton in the top 6 or 7 with just 3 quid to spend on chips and a coke has been more than challenging. But not for Arsenal.

    So, Markus, are you saying that Mertz is yet another injury-case? Has it never dawned on our board that they should just build a hospital and be done with it. With our experience, it should be simple. I can see Dr. Diaby with his scalpel and blood-spattered coat, ably assisted by consulting surgeon van Persie and nurses Gibbs and Ramsey, and a pioneering surgical procedure to fill SPRECTUM’s empty cranium with a grapefruit, apparently the last resort. If it works they’ll stick a bowl of 3-minute noodles into AIC’s with a dash of soy sauce.

    Hello SPRECTUM! Hi AIC!

    Sorry Luke. I forgot we were big happy family, like the Waltons. Just kidding around.

  194. consolsbob | September 1, 2011 at 1:00 pm
    Well Bob, I am not afraid to say I advocated that we should try to keep both. Hopefully, you share my sentiment that if Wenger didn’t the doomers would have had his head, making Monday’s post 8-2 shit-storm look like a picnic. Take credit wise, old head, you saw it, you called it.
    Hopefully the new boys will help take us over the line next May.

    PS: We both have 6 trophyless years at ACLF. Sometime soon we will truly have the right to gloat.Six

  195. Darius
    “I feel sorry for Manuel Almunia. Set aside his performances and quality at Arsenal. He is still a human being and like all of us, is bound to be emotionally affected by everything that has happened to him in the last 2 years and how he has been treated in the media and by Arsenal fans. It doesn’t matter that he’s being paid good money, if it was in any other business, he has justifiable grounds for being aggrieved by treatment that would be classed as bullying and emotional abuse. Almunia deserved better and I hope he gets the opportunity to find a good club where he can ply his football for the rest of his career.”

    very mature perspective…..

    and the same should be said about those players whose careers at the club have past.

  196. I wonder what Lehmann thinks of Mertz?

  197. consols – “as for that matter was Nasri. they were both part of Arsenal teams that failed when it mattered”

    A bit simplistic don’t you think? So was Kos, but he is treat like the 2nd coming on here. You could argue he was even more to balme as part of our shambolic defending towards the end of the season. Why are we pleased Nasri has gone as he was part of the team that failed, but not Kos?

    It is a genuine question.

  198. Talking shit about Almunia (and Eboue, and Denilson) was always just shit. Remember Big Al v Barcelona? Remember Eboue’s earlier period as a thrilling attacking right back taking apart defences? And Denilson’s season with Song, two kids holding the ship together?

  199. Mr. (Dr.?) Holmes always said when you have eliminated all possible suspects to a gruesomest murder, the remaining suspect(s) are the murderer, no matter how implausible, or something similar. Only then you see the pattern.

    Samir Nasri. Cesc Fabregas.

    Watson looks astonished! “you can’t be saying…!”

  200. Zim – If it was all “just shit”, why has the boss decided that none are any longer part of the 1st team squad? They all had good moments (like which you highlighted), but overall were not good enough for a club like Arsenal. If they were, they would still be here.

  201. Darius @ 8:04

    Agree although somewhat surprised to hear you say that.

  202. GA I think that Koscielny was not the finished article yet last season. Certainly not the player that we looked to when the shit storm hit. That would have been Nasri, Clichy and Fabregas. Also Van Persie, but as you know he took the fucking world on, on his own.

    I agree that this is not a black and white case. Many things aren’t in football, but to suggest that maybe Cesc and Nasri could have done more to encourage and spur on the team is certainly not a silly thing to say.

    Looking at the new signings, experience and moxy was the order of the day. I don’t think Wenger intended on sutting both players but he will have known what the strenghts an weaknesses where with each player lost. In my eyes he has done a fantastic job in compensating and improving on many fronts.

    Seems to me we have a more solid squad and a tactic that can take full advantage of the fact. Perhaps we look to be moving more towards the invincibles tactic?

    Cesc was special, regarding replacement there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    We wont be giving that much creative influence and therefore importance to one player in a hurry. To be honest at the end of that era, I think it was too much for Cesc too.

  203. Andy. Our biggest failings were upfront last year. The creativity just ebbed away and Nasri certainly didn’t lift us as a man of his talent surely should. No goals, no wins.

    Kos did well. For what it’s worth I wouldn’t have bothered me if cahill had been signed as well as per and Kos became no 3.

    He’s done nothing wrong. He’s just a little inexperienced and has suffered from not having an older head alongside him.

  204. My dear Watson, I am convinced our two friends at the business end of last season either ALREADY knew or suspected they were leaving, and would have mentioned this to confidants amongst team mates. Do you really think Samir’s strange loss of form, from player of the season to almost anonymous, was just coincidence. Do you really think Cesc, a player of such sublime class was fighting tooth and nail to maintain the title chase, at all costs? How naive. You know I don’t believe much in coincidence, because it is so rare. Both have had such interesting things to say since their departure.

  205. Hey Bill, are you happy with the defence?

  206. GAndy, you’ll notice The Boss never talks shit about his players. He encourages and nurtures them. So should we.

  207. Does anyone know if Park is much of a dribbler? It strikes me that in Gervinho and The Jewish Iniesta we have two of the oddest looking, limb-wiggling dribblers out there. At 6ft something I imagine Park is an awkward looking runner too. Anyone know if he dribbles? (No, not like Jabba, like Garrincha)

  208. I agree with ZimPaul.

    For all the deficiencies we might have had, it’s disingenuous to ignore the fact that Cesc and Nasri were part of the problem. No one takes away their quality as players, but the conventional wisdom is to assume that we have failed and they have left to win trophies elsewhere plus all the other sentimental or mercenary reasons given.

    When the post mortem is being done, the questions have to be asked? Cesc, are you a bottler? Why did you take the easy route to success – or as Adrian Durham put it, all you had to do is move to Barcelona and in 2 weeks, you’ve won 2 trophies therefore your move was justified.

    Nasri why can’t you just say “I’m going for the money and I was distracted by Patrick Vieira and had my head turned, therefore I was not focussed and couldn’t deliver in the second half of the season as I was already spending the money”.

    Each and every one of us has strengths, and we also have blind spots that make us uncomfortable when brought under a microscope. As much as we can’t hide from the fact that the just disbanded cohort of players weren’t able to make it in the last mile, we also can’t hide from the fact that Cesc and Nasri abandoned a ship they had the responsibility of leading in the last mile.

    We may have lost 2 quality players or rather super super quality, but we haven’t lost our ability to reinvent ourselves and adapt to the current environment, and perhaps it makes it a good thing that Cesc and Samir have left, and it makes us stronger.

  209. bob – If we were looking towards forward players, why has nobody mentioned Theo or AA? As it goes, I think our main failings last year was the way we collapsed in many games. It could be argued that much of that was down to a lack of maturity, which we have just addressed signicantly in the trnsfer market. Kos did OK, and I think he is a decent defender. But he was still as culpable as anybody as he was the constant in that defensive line.

    Els – Kos is older (I believe) that the both Cesc and Nasri, so more of a finished article. Good points on the tactics though. Maybe a shift is what we need?

  210. @Bill – why are you surprised I said that we’re still in the market for a player or 2?

  211. Oh dear, ZimPaul is right, people trying to crowbar in I-told-you-so’s… how utterly sad, pathetic and pointless.

    (PS I said 3-4 players on Monday. Count em and weep “L” )

  212. The season has started, we have loads of exciting new players and we are talking about… culpability… and last season’s collapse?! Jesus wept.

  213. I don’t really recall anybody talking about Nasri’s “loss of form” until it became apparent he might leave. Fair points that the goals dried up a bit, but I was alwasy happy to see him on the team sheet as in general he was one of our better players.

    All of that said, I have been a firm beliveer for a while that our teams problem was one of attitude and application, and not quality. With some fresh faces around the place, it will be interesting to see the difference in team dynamic. If we start playing well, and the new players make a positive differnce to the team both Cesc and Nasri will be forgotten fairly quickly.

  214. I agree with ZimPaul and LimparAssist

  215. You are a star, Moopay

  216. GA No one is calling out Theo for last seasons goals drying up as he and RvP were the only 2 regular scorers at the end man.

    The whole team were part of the problem, as was the manager. The fact he couldnt get them firing again was pretty terrible really.

  217. GA

    Again, nasri went missing from January inwards. If you missed that, then thats your look out mate! It was fucking obvious to everyone else.

    Even the hacks picked up on it, using it as an excuse for him not getting player of the year.

  218. *onwards even

  219. Goonerandy,

    You could also mention Song. He was also part of the team that collapsed and is in Cesc’s and Nasri’s experience level.

    I think George put it best yesterday when on the Wilshere vs Cesc debate he said something like, Wilshere was better only because he is still an arsenal player and Cesc is not.
    Following that logic, we can put as much blame as we like on the players that have left us (especially under acrimonious circumstances) because they are no longer ours. This frees up our current players for adulation.

  220. LimparAssist

    You are effin right mate. Why I am getting dragged into last season again? My bad.

    The season does indeed start now man.

  221. Andy Please dont start on kolscieny, he may have been older but he sure was newer to our system (infact i think he should be applauded for coming in and doing a very good job) as Consol has pointed out most of our failings came from not scoring!!if we had scored our chances the defence failing would have been moot!!! You do like justifying even the unjustifiable, like you comparing the cesc saga to modric’s. It is not like Chelsea were after him for seasons and it has been his long life dream of playing for them!!!!!

  222. That odious twat Tony gale on SSN yesterday tried to suggest Scott Dann was a better signing than Mertesacker!

    Do these twats get told they have to always big up English players, regardless of the evidence in front of them?

  223. I am not really trying to get into a disection of last years collapse to be honest. I was just pointing out that it sounds like a spurned lover saying “we are better off without them” when they were plainly two of our better players.

    All in all though, the squad does have a solid feel to it now. A good mix of youth and experience, and from what I can see some good strength in depth. The only area which would really hit us hard with a long term injury is RvP I think. We have excellent cover in all other area’s.

  224. All in all, there some decent business conducted at the end of the wndow. I like that Arsenal have strengthened with some experienced players and one’s with enough leadership to help those younger players around them which I think is the key to Arsenal’s future successes. I have been looking at the stats for Mikel the most, he is pivotal as a creative force for Arsenal now along side Jack. It is interesting to note that whilst Mikel’s numbers have indeed dropped his glory days of 2006-2008 he is still quite a force for an otherwise frail Everton team. The numbers for last year basically noted that his passing accuracy is 87%, tackiling success 77% (rounded), crossing accuracy was 33%. Mikel scores a goal every 804 mins, which equates to 3 goals in 22 attempts. Finally, he created 58 scoring opportunities last year for Everton.

    Now stats on there own can be weaved into any pattern you may want to highlight the point you wish to make but it is clear that Mikel has the ability to be instrumental for Arsenal. Lets not forget that Arsenal play a very different brand of football from Everton and I can see his numbers going up not down.

    As mentioned above there are some who suggest that the monies paid for his services are a little over the top due to his decline in production. It is worth noting that whilst the numbers have indeed been in decline it has also been at the same time he was asked to change position and also the emergence of Baines at left back, who it turns out is a crossing machine in lead the EPL on that stat category. I think Mikel well be a great fit in the team and I welcome him along with Per, Santos, Yossi and Ju.

    The only way is up 🙂

    Oh, and lastly for all the people (not just on this board) whom have clambered for the signing of Hazard. Seriously, get real. Lille have just made the CL and have zero, nada, no interest in selling a prise commodity like Eden to any club when they have been presented with the opportunity to show case their wares in a global stage. Now, assuming Lille are put out early and are unable to get a CL position next year you can expect some movement!

  225. We really are better off without them since they warent too happy to be here, if they were since the club wanted to keep them they’d be here.

  226. ARRGGGHHHHH!!!!!! i hate wordpress…nice long post and claims i didnt enter valid email address and deleted my post. grr

    so here is the shorter and less eloquent version, if i can remember everything…

    goonerandy – i think what he is trying to say is not that cesc and nasri were solely, or mainly to blame for out meltdown, but as two of the most talented and ‘star’ players in our team, they also, along with the rest of the team (apart from RvP) failed to deliver when it counted most. this does not mean that they are mostly to blame, but that they, along with arshavin, theo, whomever, failed to deliver when it counted most. the meltdown was a collective failure, and it comes across in recent quotes that nasri, and to a lesser extent cesc, seem to absolve themselves of having any responsibility for the failure that was the end of last season, and that they were performing extremely well in a team that was self-destructing. they failed to deliver, the whole team failed to deliver, and for the last few months of the season they were no more or less responsible for our capitulation than any member of the squad. the only difference was that their lack of application had a bigger impact just as in previous months/years than other squad members just as their abundance of application had a bigger impact on performances and results than other squad members.

    and also, I note that you seem to be calling out people with negative things to say about cesc and nasri, and their performances last year, but you have to remember that it is like being dumped, in one case for a richer guy than you with a big car and house, and in another by a tall, dark, handsome and ever so charming slimeball that she met on holiday. football is emotive, and subjectivity rules the roost, so while you are almost entirely correct in denouncing a lot of the criticism directed at these two as sour grapes, let us have our sour grapes as it is theraputic, helps us move on, and eases our transition to the ‘rebound’ stage where we get a crush on the older and not quite as attractive, but still beautful rebound-girl. let us save objective views on these two until the wounds have healed. your wounds might have healed, and well done, but let the rest of us bitch and suffer and move on in peace! 🙂

  227. Oh, and for as good as Cesc was in his hay days the fact is his production had slipped dramatically with injuries and obvious disinterest. I added the latter due to the fact that if any of you have watched him since the move he looks happier and once again a monster on the field!

  228. Firstlady – In some game we were three and four up, and still collapsed. How many do you want us to score to be safe?

    Dexter – That is plain stupid. Mertesacker is an excellent signing. Scott Dann………please!

    Henristic – You could, you are right. I was not pointing fingers though, I was just saying it is too simplisitc to say we are better off with Cesc and Nasri as they were part of the team that failed. So were plenty of others, but nobody is asking for them to be sold.

  229. Jabberwocky – “I note that you seem to be calling out people with negative things to say about cesc and nasri, and their performances last year, but you have to remember that it is like being dumped, in one case for a richer guy than you with a big car and house, and in another by a tall, dark, handsome and ever so charming slimeball that she met on holiday. football is emotive, and subjectivity rules the roost, so while you are almost entirely correct in denouncing a lot of the criticism directed at these two as sour grapes, let us have our sour grapes as it is theraputic, helps us move on, and eases our transition to the ‘rebound’ stage where we get a crush on the older and not quite as attractive, but still beautful rebound-girl. let us save objective views on these two until the wounds have healed. your wounds might have healed, and well done, but let the rest of us bitch and suffer and move on in peace”

    This is exactly my point, thank you. Heh, bitch away mate 🙂

  230. Well you can’t sell everyone andy.

    Cesc and Nasri might have been no more culpable than, say, Arshavin but they wanted to go Arsh. didn’t.

    I think ZP has a valid theory though as to cesc and Nasri’s performance.

  231. There is something hypocritically smug and self-righteous by certain posters. today.

    It is certainly more pleasant when almost everyone is back-slapping and triumphal today after a good day of business yesterday. But I can bet my last bottom dollar that the slightest hiccup as AW tries to mold this new team together and the usual suspects will be quick to jump on the fence and stick the knife in, shamelessly.

  232. Szczesny

    Sagna Mertesacker Vermaelen Santos

    Song Wilshere Arteta

    Walcott RVP Gervinho

    But a lot will depend on how quickly some players gel and others come on.

    I actually have an expectation Park will force his way into the team sooner rather than later.
    The same may be true of AOC. And if Diaby has finally thrown off his injury-proneness we could have the player we saw when he first arrived. Ramsey too, will have to work harder as will Arshavin. Benayoun will probably be a constant option on the bench. And if RVP gets injured I can see Walcott or Park being used up front. Koscielny maybe preferred in the CL. And I think we may have seen the last of Squillaci in any match of importance. Not sending Coquelin back to L’Orient may give us cover at right back while Jenkinson has some reserve time, or it could be the other way around.

    Our reserves could now include Frimpong, Miyachi, AOC, Ramsey, Miquel, and Coquelin/Jenkinson alongside Aneke, Afobe, Ebecilio, and Ozyakup. which could be a very good thing. Djourou and Chamakh too could benefit from some time there.

    All-in-all what we have now are options and some bought time. At last we’ll have some ‘game changing’ alternatives on the bench rather than teenagers. And our Carling Cup team should be a strong one from the word ‘go’.

    But make no mistake this is a transition squad. Benayoun is here for just a year. Arteta will be sold after three. Arshavin will be gone sooner rather than later. As will Rosicky and Santos. Park has to go in 2013. Sagna and RVP are both 28. And if Chamakh’s form doesn’t improve, he, like Bendtner will be offloaded.

    What might be left for the 2013-4 season: Szczesny, Gervinho, Walcott, AOC, Vermaelen, Mertesacker, Wilshere, Ramsey, and Song. Diaby too, injury and form permitting. And if Frimpong, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Miquel, Coquelin, and Djourou all step up they could be there too. As might be some of the youth like Jon Miquel Toral Harper, Hector Bellerin, Ozyakup, Ebecilio and the rest. And there’s Campbell, Bothello and Wellington also to consider.

    And they really should be of Wilshere’s and Fabregas’ class to break into the first team. But regardless of home-grown players we should still be importing the likes of Mario Gotze and Xherdan Shaqiri and doing so now.

    If we’re to compete with RM, Barcelona and the Manchesters and not be scrapping for 3rd or 4th and losing unluckily in CL semi-finals we cannot wait.

    Barcelona currently have the three best midfielders in the world and Lionel Messi. Not doing something to compete with that and the spending power of the other big clubs could mean Arsenal will remain trophyless for another 6 years.

  233. Bob – “Well you can’t sell everyone andy.

    Cesc and Nasri might have been no more culpable than, say, Arshavin but they wanted to go Arsh. didn’t.”

    That is very true.

  234. Jamie Redknapp is such a twat!

    “I actually thought Arsenal were crying out for a bit of ‘Britishness’. I really thought they needed someone like Scott Parker and in that respect I still don’t think they have sorted out a problem that was crying out to be fixed: they still don’t have someone to sit in front of that back four.”

    The mere suggest that Parker is better than Song in a holding roll because he brings :a bit of Britishness” is why England is an Island! This Island mentality of them all against us is what breeds the Xenophobia in this country and it shan’t change until people are educated enough to look up from their cups of tea and see the world is now a global community pretty much without borders!

    Rant Over… hate that TWAT!

  235. Cesc is a brilliant player, I am gutted he left, replacing him is almost impossible and I am happy we havent tried to. Instead going for 2 experoenced PL players who have an eye for a pass and goal.

    Cesc acted like a fucking child though and forced his way out, when I was sure he would stay for one more season. That would have been the best for everyone I think. But no, Cesc refused to play for us and Wenger, being a very honourable man, let Cesc have his way.

    I think Cesc was worried that if he didnt go to barca this window, then that Alcantara dude would have stolen a march on him and made him superfluous.

    Selfish cunt.

    Nasri? He wasnt around long enough to warrant any acrimony, suffice to say, he is a money grabbing twat, like most footballers.

    My pessimism is rooted more in the general decline of the game rather than Arsenal’s failings. Obviously they hurt like hell, but defeats, however spectacular, are healed pretty quickly, whereas watching how the obscene unheard of spending and wage unstoppable spiralling demands made by average over rated players and that knock on effect means football is in serious shit.

    The long term health of the game is in grave danger I think.

  236. I asked a question after the first West Brom game last season, with Cesc still recovering from his Gardner inspired World Cup hobble-a-thon, with Diaby playing when he should’ve been in the infirmary recovering from another kick, with Almunia comitting another hari-kiri death charge. I had no problem with a shot that wasn’t ‘straight at him’ as Trevor Francis stated, after his D-fence evaporated, after he’d crocked himself in his mad dash with that first goal. Nope.
    The first goal was the game and confidence changer for our squad in that match. Not even a smidgen of doubt in it (see West Brom Away if you doubt that logic). I found it hard to understand gr*tty, footy experts not picking up on that and choosing to repeat that well known Arsenal fan Trevor Francis’ uber-gr*t. For days. And days.

    So, the question was:
    ‘How many broken legs can one squad take before it needs to be rebuilt?’

    My answer at the time (& before last Summer) was that Gardners hack at Cesc F-Word was a non-foul (according to the ref) flying kick too many. Cesc F-word chatback to the refs last season was something to see allright. Especially in some of the FA cup games, the incidents where the ref passed to the opponents stand out, it happened more then once. He didn’t hold much back. Not how you want the Captain to play the refs that Arsenal get, but also understandable.
    The only response I got was from Consolbob.

    Now that TDD has passed, I’m in shock at what happened.

    A second, almost rhetorical question could be: ‘How many big clubs, or any clubs, have suffered as many leg breaks in matches as Arsenal in recent years, if ever?’
    But that’s a question I’ve asked before. Unlike some, I do not feel compelled to repeat it every day upon YW’s generous forum.

    The season can finally begin!

  237. Darius @ 10:42 am,

    Your final paragraph is moving and reminds many of the class that we (AFC) have come to be associated with. I hope it soon makes a happy return in these interesting times.

    I also hope Manuel finds better rewards for his years of service. Many only focus on problems and fail to remember the occassional match winning penalty save and the like.

  238. According to the latest blog by Dan Roan, BBC Correspondent, on Arsenal, “Le Grove” is a respected fan website, who they conveniently provide a national platform for.

    Out of all of the Arsenal blogs they could have contacted, it should be no surprise that one was chosen whose world view is consistent with the anti-Arsenal narrative of both Fleet Street and their broadcasting counterparts.

  239. correction: A liitle in shock. I expected a few changes. However, not quite as many as that!

  240. who are the signings exactly that people are so convinced are triggered by the defeat on Sunday? Really?

  241. Dexter, the game is in peril which is why UEFA introdcued FFP. I am not extolling its virtues because it does shamelessly favour the bigger teams, that said it is a step in some direction, whether the right one or not time will tell. I actually don’t think it went far enough and write downs due to ground reconstruction etc was always an open loop hole to avoid its penalties. This loop hole now going to be exploited by Man City with the developement of the new training facilities and regenration of the surrounding area. I am not saying that the monies being invested in the area is a bad thing, far from it but it should not be able to be used a loop hole to avoid the financial requirements of FFP.

  242. Els:

    Absolutely stoked about our new defense. Truly excited about Mertsacker. Sounds like the stay at home lump of a CB that I have been begging for since I first infected ACLF with my defensive obsession. I was shocked when it looked like we would start the season with Gibbs and Traore at LB so Santos is truly a welcome addtion. I really hope we can move our back line a little further back and we play with a little more defensive sanity and I will be in defensive heaven.

    I have always been an Arteta fan. He adds savvy and is a very “gritty” player along with being skillful. Perfect compliment and allows for the slower transition for JW and Ramsey. Yossi always has been an excellent PL player who will add much needed experience in depth. Don’t know anything about Park but I suspect he will be a back up and perhaps move into Chamakh’s role as RVP back up. I think we have significantly improved the squad and I think we have significantly improved our chances of holding on to 3rd or 4th place. Hopefully we can throw in a decent CL run and get the CC and/or FA cup and make this a great season.

    I was on record several times as saying that Joel Campbell would be our last signing and I did not believe that we would really finish the TW the way we did. So for all those who enjoy “I told you so” please address them directly to me. I can’t help but believe that the drubbing at OT had a little bit to do with the way things worked out but who cares at this point.

  243. Shotta

    When we have a hiccup? WE havent played well since February mate. Thats one big fucking hiccup!

  244. Magneto,

    If angels could weep.

  245. To clarify the reasoning behind my comment at 2:25:

    Some discussions about rebuilding the squad or parts of it have been taking place upon this forum since last Autumn. Before maybe, I don’t know. Although, if you read and believed the self -declared ‘realists’, you wouldn’t know it! Such threads didn’t drag on and on because mid-season isn’t the best time for such chitter chatter. Like others who aren’t interested in sandblagging, I just prefer to watch the footy.

  246. Henristic,

    That is of course to forget certain responses during pre-season friendlies (for Christ’ sake) and a host of home games (to which my comments/responses were obviously directed) from last and the prior seasons. That is what we need to protect against and that is what your initial picture neglected.

  247. Dexter | September 1, 2011 at 2:32 pm
    I agree with you that since February its been more like retching rather than a hiccup.

    That is why it puts great pressure on AW and the players to get up to speed pronto. But the generation of mercenary footballers has bred mercenary fans. I hope they give the team time to gel but I am not overly optimistic.

  248. Magneto

    Looks like the Beeb have found a blog that fits their agenda. No surprises really.


    Yeah, in theory the FFP rules look like a good thing, they need to be enforced and clubs monitored. Although the way City flouted the rules with their dodgy deal, it doesnt look good. And I can see a big club threatning a Euro league breakaway if UEFA asks serious questions or tries to enforce a ban or some other punitive measure.

  249. Well Henristic, no one said that Wilshere was better than Cesc so George made an incorret statement which makes your whole statement invalid to boot.

    I dont know but in all my life when dealing with sports it is always the job of the bigger and best players in the squad to get it done when the team is struggling. I am surprised that people talk about Song and Kos as if they were seen as the best players at Arsenal.

    Nasri 1 goal in the 2nd half of the season and from I remember he had some good chances. Cesc against Barcelona was just embarrassing in the 2nd leg, he left one year too late in hindsight.

    I agree with Shotta, I didnt agree with Mr. Bob about the changes but I now see he was right. We had some excellent players that we soft and weak at the end of the day.

  250. Shotta

    we have had a wretced summer, with major departures, then we had loads of injuries before a bvall was kicked, suspensions and a really tough start to the fixture list and the worst CL qualifier opponenets out there.

    So now, with this break, we can start again!

    I hope the team smash Swansea and get some momentum and the fans stay with the team. I was pleasantly surprised with the atmosphere at the Liverpool game though. It was a bad performance, but the crowd were great (2 seconds of booing at the end aside)

    Perhaps the fans realise how difficult things are now with the mega spenders we have to compete with?

  251. Dexter – Nice post

    Miami – He really is a little turd eh?

  252. Can’t wait for the Dortmund game now. It will be my first chance to watch the new players up close. Ironic that Mertesackers debut could come in Germany (if he doesn not make it in the next lge game)

  253. Team Spirit

    Howdy mate (sweety, darling!)

    I think the media would have you believe all the defensive signings were signed as a consequence of Sundays game.

  254. GA

    Its typical, our toghest CL opponents were in the last pot! Should be a good game man.

    I think we should offer Bolton half a mill for Cahill in january! See if Gartside tweets a disrespectful response to that!

    Mikel Arteta is our new number 8

  255. Gooner, I lived in London for 9 years I understand how my English friends were I just wish that all people were a little more worldly, would address a lot of the issues globally.

  256. Good experienced players give a team the ability to play better at different speeds, be more wily and temper over-reacting to adversity during a game.

    AW has, by these acquisitions, transformed crucial aspects of our team.
    A more collective spirit, balance & resolve should be the result.

    Arsene can finally rotate players without fear of diminishing quality.
    Overplaying players should be a thing of the past.

    Less dependence on superstars should definitely see us shifting more goals & silverware. Much like his last great team.

    I look forward to The Renaissance.


  257. Bradys right foot

    Jonny | September 1, 2011 at 10:53 am
    I have to admit I was all too distracted by Natalie’s norks.

    I was hoping Arsene would make a late bid for them, Natalies Norks in the new home top with that badge. Just as well we didn’t as even the industrial strength emulsifiers needed to coagulate Jim White into one loose seeping carbon compound would fail leaving literally a huge smear on the transfer window.

  258. I think this season was always going to be about rebuilding after Cesc left. I think our new addtions give us much more depth where we needed it and will significantly improve our chances to hold on while we await for the likes of OX, Ryo, Cambell, Afobe, Bartley, Miquel etc etc to mature.

    It probably won’t happen but I really think we should re-evaluate how we develop our young players. 4 years ago we had Cesc, Nasri, Adebyor, Vela, Walcott, Bendtner, Song, Diaby, Denilson, Clichy, Flamini, JET, Merida, Nordtveit. You look at that group and think what could have been. I know that some lost their way due to injury and there were lots of reasons but I can’t help but think that they were mentaly hurt by being thrown into the PL pressure cooker too soon and the inevitable inconsistency of youth and failure to live up the their hype and to deliver the trophies we expected hurt their development and they never matured together into the team we expected.

    The dead line day signings do not signal an end to project youth but I really hope it means that the young players will be treated differently and we learn a lesson from what has happened before. I know is a mortal sin to say anything good about ManU but the way they developed their current group of youth seems like a better model then the one we used for our last generation. Our experience with Jack W should also be a guide. I really hope Ox, Ryo, Miquel, Frimpong, Campbell have a least 1/2 or a full year of PL loan experience before they become significant part of our first team.

  259. GA
    “The only area which would really hit us hard with a long term injury is RvP I think. We have excellent cover in all other area’s.” (you worry too much)

    One of the major problems with the club (past few seasons) is reliance on key players. As spoken so clearly (above).

    When Cesc was not in the line up, ‘WOW IS ME’.
    When RvP is not in the line up, ‘WTF are we going to do to score goals.

    I believe our manager/club has taken correcting steps to add options with these new additions and take the pressure off RvP.

    Any team will struggle in finding belief in their own abilities if there is too much reliance on specific players.

    So many criticized Song for going forward last fall – even when he produced goals. When he reverted back to cover in front of the back 4…….our offensive options dried up.

    So many will argue that Song needed to stay back, ‘we were vulnerable on the counter’……and my reply is that other midfielders did not fall back and do their job.

    Ju, Benayoun, Arteta, Santos will bring out more offensive production from other players and create headaches for opponents to set up defensively.

  260. GAndy

    I think we will 100000000000000000% definitely see PerMer at Ewood park mate! Might wrap him in cotton wool till that game too!

  261. We start winning silverware and some will say they were right the squad wasn’t strong enough and needed to be changed.

    We start winning silverware and some will say they were right about the boss having a plan all along that would lead us to victory.

    Some will say both are c__ts for even caring about silverware.

    Everyone wins.

  262. Bill

    With very young players its just a matter of hoping they come good. The percentage success rate is very low, about 10% or less really. Thats why you need a mixture of young players and those with experience.

  263. Yogi you need to get on the contact sheet for the BBC so that I am not having to read the rambles of Pete Wood (Le Grove) as an apparent blog expert on Arsenal. The dumbass from the supporters trust is no better, complete tosser! It absolutely amazes me that people still have not got it in to their heads that Arsenal cannot compete with the financial strength of the mega rich clubs in England. If we had moved for Arteta earlier you think it would have been 10 million? hell no, it would have been 22 or more and this name would have been shopped around to every mega club so to try and then further inflate the value.

    Sigh, so tired of dumbasses this morning already… lets get our first win play in the background and see where the season takes us.

  264. Nice one Aman


    I think one potential area in the squad that might become a problem is Song’s position. But thats IF FRimpong gets a call from Ghana to go to the ACN.

    If that doesnt happen, then we could be left short.

  265. @ Dex

    I think our manager will give Coquelin sufficient playing time prior to ACN, and believe he can do the job.

  266. Darius @ 1:47:

    In the past I have never seen you openly advocate spending our money on new players. I am elated about what we have done this window but I think there is still some work to do. We started this summer with about 35 – 50 million available to spend and we now have closer to 60 – 70million burning a hole in our pocket.

    I really hope you are right that we will be doing a more business in January and next summer. We were short of numbers and this window has really helped that but our war chest is as big as almost anyone in the world. I hope you are right and in the next couple of windows we don’t go for numbers but we go for true top quality players, May be even the dreaded “big name” player or 2. Adding a Dzeko, Suarez, Aquero or 2 to this squad could make us truly awesome. After all you have always said how much AW can improve a good player. Think what he could do with someone who is already great to start with.

    Isn’t it a lot of fun to sign new players? Damn I love it.

  267. Dexter @ 3:00

    Spot on. That was the mistake we made with the last generation. Hopefully a lesson learned.

  268. “There’s this obsession with Englishness as a solution to footballing issues it’s not even funny any more. I couldn’t care less whether players were English or from another planet as long as they were quality. The EPL is a global product and by definition will have a global constituency.”

    Great comment, Darius.

  269. Dexter – Good point about Song. But if Frimpong does not go to ACN we are fine. And even if he does, and we need to play Coquelin for a few games, we now have the experience in the team to help him through the games. this has not been the case in the past, and one reason why we have struggled.

    My only concern would be RvP I suppose. Chamakh does not inspire me with confidence, but he could always get his mojo back. And who knows, maybe Park will take to the PL like a duck to water and be an able deputy? I am also hoping that Gervihno will be good for goals once he has settled.

  270. A Dzeko, Suarez, Aguerro. I fancy Wenger thinks phhaff, I already have added five, a Chu, a Ryo and and 3 Gs.

  271. I don’t care what anyone says, Andre santos cannot be a LB

    I saw clips of him , and he loks like a better striker than Chu young lol.

    No seriously the guy is gonna be a major asset when going forward.

    But i wish someone on youtube should videos of defenders actually defending, midfielders passing and scoring, and forwards scoring.

    Maybe thats something i can start hmmmmmmm

  272. am i the only one who thinks that when gervinho gets passed players, he makes it look so easy and effortless it’s ridiculous. He just glides like a certain jack wilshere

    Gervinho is gonna be one heck of a player seriously

  273. Was this dude, Mertesacker, whom some refer to as slow and not so good, the same guy who stood tall, strong and unflapable in the heart of the inpenetrable German defense, at the last World Cup match, against the “gritty”, technically-deficient speedy gonzalez(es) of team England? I, believe the scoreline was 4-1 on that blitzy night.

    Hmm… why would said individual, with 75 international games under his belt, suddenly struggle to adapt to life in the EPL?

  274. Player form and self-belief is an odd thing, so many factors we don’t quite appreciate or know, personal and otherwise. Chamakh has not looked good, but his form before Arsenal, and last season, early when he got a lot of game time, was strong and also interesting. He is not a very “typical” striker. Therefore, I suspect, the form will return.

  275. Borges Spinelli

    the problem is that we play a high line, and he’s speed could be a problem because arsenal over rely on players sometimes to get back using their speed. i.e clichy, gibbs

  276. ZimPaul

    yeah, people sometimes under estimate how much the mind of a player can affect his game, they don’t realise that you have to have a strong mentality and confidence to be a great player. And also quality of course.

  277. Zim:

    Lets give Ryo some time. For heaven’s the kid is 17 and playing for a Japanese school club a little more then a year ago. Same with Ox, and Jenks and even Frimpong. I love Frimpong and I expect him to be a bedrock player for us for the next 10 years and I think he will pass Paddy Viera in on our greatest player lists but lets the give the kid some time. He is going to mistakes at his age. Not his fault but mistakes like he made against Liverpool are inevitable at his age. We are definitely in for a very tough fight this season and those type of errors may be cost points if he has to play significant minutes. Wish we had the depth to let him go on loan to a PL club and make those mistakes somewhere else and learn away from the envirnment that surrounds a team fighting for a top 4 spot.

  278. Long(er) strides and good positioning makes up for lack speed. @Moe

  279. Borges Spinelli

    true, but doesn’t a long(er) stride constitute as speed, im sure it does.

    His excellent positioning will probably help him out i guess.

  280. alright people off to work on video for arteta and signings, defenders actually defending and midfielders passing and all that.

  281. I’m thrilled with the 5 acquisitions made over the last 72hrs. Well done Mr. Wenger. Our first 11 could look a little like this over the coming games:

    Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, André Santos;
    Song, Wilshere
    Park, RvP, Gervinho


    Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, André Santos;
    Song, Wilshere
    Gervinho, RvP, Benayoun


    Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, André Santos;
    Song, Diaby;
    Walcott, RvP, Gervinho

  282. Borges 3:33

    Great comment!

    The Mert will be an Arsenal great, I am convinced.

  283. Paul N
    I think I said”Jack is better than Fabregas only because he is still an Arsenal player,for no other reason”

    Now ,I dont want to fall out but if that is wrong,as you say,please point out why..

  284. goonerandy :”I don’t really recall anybody talking about Nasri’s “loss of form” until it became apparent he might leave. Fair points that the goals dried up a bit, but I was alwasy happy to see him on the team sheet as in general he was one of our better players.”

    This is going to sound like bollocks now obviously, but at the end of the season when in the slump, I got frustrated at Wenger’s apparent reluctance to drop players who were clearly not performing.

    He stuck with the ‘Theo Vanasrigas’ front line even when some of them were very much not on form and it just wasn’t happening for us. The best single example I can think of was starting Fabregas against Barca, but in truth it happened in every PL game too. Nasri was one I was always surprised to see on the team sheet in those last few months because he contributed very little.

  285. I suspect the Boss will try out 4-4-2 again this year. Possible line ups include:


  286. Dexter,Arteta can play DM for 2 or 3 weeks .during ACN
    Arsene knows you know 🙂

  287. Should both, Song and Frimpong leave for the ACN, we’ll have to make do with Diaby, Wilshere, Coquelin and Djourou/or Koscielny taking turns in Defensive Midfield roles. Injuries and schedule permitting (touch wood), we ought to be able to cope for 3.5 weeks. That’s the sort of luxury we can now afford with our newly found depth.

  288. PDT, Mertesacker is fairly similar to the great Tony Adams in playing style and reliability.

  289. PDT I doubt the boss will revert back alson you haven’t included Arteta in that otherwise nice line-up.

  290. Heh, some people are determined to get one of our defenders playing in the defensive midfield slot. It is always like their subversive goal in life.

    Markus – Fair one.

  291. I liked “alson” better

    A new word,can I have it?

  292. Can we all stop talking about Cesc and Nasri for the love of God. We have new players in and a quality squad to support. Gervinho will make Nasri’s name nothing more than a faded memory. We may not be able to replace Cesc, but now we have a midfield combination of committed professionals and prodigious young talent.

    Time to look forward. The future is happening right now. Enjoy the ride and subsequent demolition of Swansea…COYG!

  293. Not one to wish my life away, but roll on September 13th, I know we play Swansea before then and I’m not being disrespectful to them, but I’m looking forward to seeing the set up against Borussia.

    We talk about the cloud being lifted off the fans…. imagine the mood in the dressing room now, the guys still here must be buzzing…. well… you’d hope so

  294. AWs point about introducing offside for throw-ins is spot on. Long throw specialists have a huge advantage because their team mates can goal hang, quite legally. It means the defence have no control over the position of the line. Pearls before swine Arsène, pearls before swine.

  295. viceologist, deal. Not another word.

    Also, poor Swansea. Facing a newly invigorated Arsenal with reinforcements and a point to prove after ‘the defeat’.

  296. Lets leave that alone George, it isnt important and surely nothing to fall out about. Misunderstanding it seems.

    The only thing that is important to me is that I believe that Wilshere will eclipse those who have left in the near future. The young man has the skills to make one of the best to ever play the game.

  297. 5 deals done in 2 days
    Do you think Dick Law and his merry band of 20 men have been beaten to death with the paperwork prepared for the deals they were working on but failed to complete?

  298. Well said, Viceologist.

    @goonerandy lol

  299. Sorry, Paul its my pedanticness (I just made that word up ,its mine) I cant help myself.

  300. GA, Song drops back into the defense also and has been quite effective when needed.
    The system seems to be so designed to where players can play a different role if need be. Most of the defenders we have have the ability of playing with the ball on the ground, that to me would allow them to make an easy transition to DM if needs be.

  301. I hope Merts and Arteta are talkers on the pitch. We need to have proper communication right through the spine of our team. Merts and Verm need to pull the back 5 into a proper unit who knows their positions and jobs at all times. Then also need to talk to the midfielders and have Arteta marshall those around him with our captain doing the same from the front.

  302. No worries George, you are someone I can roll with even in disagreement. You never wavered and I love that!

    Vice is correct!

    What an exciting time to be an Arsenal supporter. We have a hell of a team now and I predict we will mash up the blow wow PL dis year!

  303. Sorry Paul, its my pedanticness (I just made that word up ,its mine) I cant help myself.

    See I cant even have a coma in the wrong place .Perhaps its OCD .Maybe I should be called “OCDgeorge” instead.

  304. You can definately understand Arteta at 29 wanting an opportunity to play in the CL. If not now, when?

    I am sure Everton are sad to see him go but can understand his desire to do this before his career ends.

    I hae a good feeling about our team. It seems we have balance our skill with the right amount of “grit”.

  305. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀 I feel like I’ve just started supporting a new team. There is a surprising lack of doomers on here today.

  306. I wonder how much Newcastle paid for Davide Santon? Quality young player him.

  307. I feel that City are going to suck the life right out of football
    It depresses me that people seem not only to accept financial doping but actually see it as the way forward.
    We will have to take our joy from doing things the honest and fair way.

  308. Gibbs should be back by the time we play Swansea, he’ll be like a new signing.

  309. Apparently, there’s an online poll asking which has now got the better squad, Tottenham or Arsenal.

    Talk about these N17 fuckers with such an inferiority complex. I bet you they have a DVD out with ‘Appy ‘Arry driving his Range Rover around the M25 talking to Gary Cotrell of Sly Sports News.

  310. Dexter,it does not suit you ,really,

  311. George

    My feelings exactly. Not just allowing it, but actually trumpeting it as a good thing is unbelievably sad man.

    Sky love it. They drool over the tranfer fees and wages, with their transfer window totaliser going into overdrive and the twat stood next to it going all giddy like a kipper.

    Football is in a very precarious position.

  312. Poor Harry ,let down by his chairman,dont you know.He wanted Cahill.Poor show by Levy 🙂
    Well according to SSN last night

  313. What I do George? (innocent smiley face)

  314. So what’s going to happen at Stoke. Will Crouch just stand at the far post and wait for Dilap to do his shit?

    Can’t wait to see how Golden boy David De Gea handles hoofball.

  315. It was so with Chelsea George.

    It amuses me how the football establishment treats it as if they have actually accomplished something great.

  316. Dexter ,That people ,neutral fans,dont see it as revolting is beyond me.

  317. Paul it was.but this is a whole new level of distasteful.

  318. I actually heard a commentator on Sky say,and I shit you not this is word for word “City are building a team,the right way”
    If I could have afforded it I would have thrown my shoe at the screen.

  319. Darius, I begrudgingly have to admit that Stoke have had a very decent transfer period.

    Jonathan Woodgate and Matthew Upson on frees. Wilson Palacios for £6m, Cameron Jerome (undisclosed) and Peter Crouch for £12m. Shrewd buys all.

    Tottenhams transfers reek of lowering the wage bill. Better squad? Christ, Stoke have a better squad than them now.

  320. Scouting report on Andre Santons –

    finsbury to collegue: “So, wos e like then?”

    Collegue who happens to be a Fenerbache nut: “Waaaaaaah”
    After a few tears & sobs and sniffles,

    Collegue who happens to be a Fenerbache nut: ‘He’s the best LB in the world! He played for Fenerbache.’

    finsbury: ‘Yeah. Sorry about that. I hope they let your club president out of jail sometime soon. And do not relegate the club. It could never happen here.
    Anyway, you ever though of supporting Arsenal…as your second team? Well. As your only team now! Home away from home”.

  321. I been looking at various blogs and I think alot of people find it hard to distinguish between good signings and expensive signings.

  322. Jeez, they really do put us through it don’t they!

    Yes, yes, I am here to hold my hands up and say I got caught up in the whole storm of negativity last night and descended into a mood of major hump-ness at the thought of just signing Yossi.

    Arteta is no Fabregas, but as I have mentioned before, it looks like AW is re-jigging the team slightly to a more direct, pacy approach, and having Arteta and Jack pulling the strings in the middle with Gervinho, Theo and RVP interchanging up top looks mighty interesting.

    And I am sure Mertesacker will prove to be as astute signing, hopefully providing that bit of solidity we have been crying out for at the back.

    I would be inclined to agree with Darius, that with £30M still in the pot, that we have plans for another face or 2 in Jan.

    The 1 area we may be short may be DM, if Frimpong decides to play for Ghana, and gets called up for the ANC.

    But overall, a very, very positive Summer of dealings – can’t wait to see some of the new boys next week now.

  323. Shouldn’t there be an IQ test required for football media pundits? And we should set the bar high at the begining – 100 would be some improvement.

  324. Unfortunately for the football loving population, media houses that broadcast to the masses play on the collective gullibility of the masses.

    How else could you explain the continuous strategic recruitment of semi-illiterate and unintelligent former players who for most part probably didn’t go the whole 9 yards in the educational system. They give them a Mataland suit and stick them in front of a camera to unleash their “wisdom” onto the world.

    It wouldn’t be unreasonable to ask that there be some sort of standard to communication and punditry, say an NVQ or something in public communication or media, or even some basic training on what impact mass media has and the importance to you know – do a competent job.

    Licence fee payers surely can have a case of grievance against the BBC for the systematic abuse we get of having to be charged a monthly fee for the privilege of being subjected to the torture of watching match of the day. The relics on there like Hansen have never had so much of an appraisal to try and make sure he is still relevant and provides value for money.

    How can a corporation like that justify employing Robbie Savage. It’s not like out of a population of 50 million plus people they couldn’t have found someone who is simply professional.

    When it comes to talking about the financial state of football, these guys are so thick and incredibly stupid, they can’t even fathom the impact of the economic situation around them on football. They gesticulate with ecstasy at the mention of big money spending as if it was normal. How can it be normal for a club to spend over £1.4 billion to distort the sport financially. It doesn’t matter that the money is available. That is even more than the GDP of most countries classified by the UN as least developed countries.

    Man City don’t even generate enough money to pay their bills and wages and it’s seen as normal to “splash the cash”. Fine to spend it if your football club actually generates it – but you have to ask what the impact will be when this bubble bursts.

    I really despair when decent clubs like Everton can’t even buy toilet paper without checking with Barclays if they can spend the overdraft. They don’t have the money and can’t spend it. And when these plundits are asked to comment, all they can come up with is – they need to get a sugar daddy.

    It’s like Bernie Madoff of the footballing world is in town.

  325. poodle, have a look at this mad shit!!

    Tim Payton and Pete Wood? Did Dan Roan intentionally ask the two most negative Arsenal fans on the face of the earth for their comments or was it just a coincidence?

  326. I’ll admit I was wrong in doubting that the squad was going to be re-in forced in the last few days of the window and am delighted to be proven wrong. the Arteta transfer was the surprise icing on the cake. A bit underwhelmed over the Benyoun signing and hopes this doesn’t turn out to be another silestre, AW signings of players past their best haven’t really worked out in the past.
    I was pleased NB has only left on a loan. A good season at Sunderland, with plenty of games and I do believe we might find we have a top class player on our hands
    i now feel that we can achieve something this season despite our poor start in the league.

  327. The last time we signed a German as part of our back 5, well we all know what happened. Very excited about our signings, of course the “myth” will be that Arsene was forced into a panic buy but who cares, I love the way we do our business. Astute signings for the price of Andy Carroll. Time to get behind the team now. Onwards and Upwards.

  328. park chu yong has an IQ of 150?

  329. 100 MD?

    Bloody hell. 50 would be a target.

  330. “let us save objective views on these two until the wounds have healed. your wounds might have healed, and well done, but let the rest of us bitch and suffer and move on in peace!”

    Amen to that Jabberwocky! Some people have no problem slaughtering players while they are wearing the Arsenal shirt, but somehow want to defend people who left us in the lurch and took the easy way out. I’m still very angry with both of them, but I know I’ll get over it in my own time.

  331. It’s funny Passenal. They simply cease to exist once we sell them. It’s like they die. I understand your anger but I have this switch in my brain, the moment you pull on the shirt you are one of us. the moment you leave it’s like you never were.
    Unless you are Dennis Bergkamp or Tony Adams of course.

  332. CB

    “100 MD?

    Bloody hell. 50 would be a target.”

    My thoughts exactly.

  333. OMG

    “Pete Wood, the man behind the respected fan website Le Grove,”

    Respected ?,let me say that again without the laughter.Respected?

    Well ,I am truly speechless..
    REfuckingSPECfuckingTED ???

    Give me Strength.

  334. when did LeGrove become “a highly respected arsenal fansite”. Does BBC ever do research? and who in power does LeGrove know? I mean its no wonder the entire media cicus thinks all arsenal fans hate Arsenal if they think LeGrove is a highly respected fanside

  335. And wonderboy Cahill is actually still in Bolton. Nobody, not even Spurs could be asked to pay over the odds for that one.

  336. @Consols or dupsffokcuf

    Isn’t 50 the published IQ for a fence post or an asparagus?

  337. So, Darius, you are saying that the pundits are just selected to play to the level of the mass audience?

    Cbob, yeah I had forgotten how low things has sunk, especially on TV. Britain certainly leads the world in reality shows, and exporting them around the globe. Every time I am in the UK the programmes seem to be more and more banal. Never see a good TV play again, or even the Fast Show.

  338. 125 iq is what is required to do a Phd..

  339. I mean, Robbie Bloody Savage.!

    I’ve still got the mealy mouthed response I got from the BBC when i complained about him defending kicking better players somewhere.

    I’d shut the BBC down on those grounds alone.

  340. Paul – “Most of the defenders we have have the ability of playing with the ball on the ground, that to me would allow them to make an easy transition to DM if needs be.”

    That is only one of the things needed to play there. People never consider all of the other things; spacial awareness, first touch, vision, tactual positioning (different to a CB), stamina and the list really does go on and on. Just because a player looks quite comfortable on the ball bringing it out from the back is no indicator whatsoever that they would be able to function (to the required standard) in central midfield.

  341. Darius

    And the lesser spotted Barton

  342. Its like watching Theo make a decent tackle, thinking he is very fast as well,……..lets play him at full back.

  343. Bashi-Bazooks, LA! Fantastic new avatar.

    Love the comments today from the regulars…great stuff. It is indeed a new dawn and a happy day to be a Gooner.

    I am a simple person, for me it is all about whether you are a supporter of your own ideas or the ideas that come from the club. If you are more about your own ideas then who and what are you supporting?

  344. LA, is that avatar from when Haddock is making his radio address at the end of Tintin and the Shooting Star and he drinks a glass of water thinking it is whiskey?

  345. have you guys looked at the “inns” and “outs” at the club page? Damn we shifted alot of bodies this summer.

    Its a shame we lost cesc and Nasri. I think Nasri is still uncertain wheter it was the right move or not though.He keeps talking about Arsenal all the time and keeps coming up with several different reasons to justify why he left. But i guess 180k a week.. you got to have a very strong back to turn that down.

    Anyhow, they are gone and should not concern us no more.

  346. Savage makes me laugh (at him, not with him). Like last night when he decided Mertesacker had had a few bad season at Madrid even though it was Metzelder that played there. He is beyond stupid, yet probably gets paid a pretty packed by ESPN for his expert analysis. Amazing.

  347. Gris Gris would make a poor pundit.Far to clever.

  348. Jabba's Delights


    Fully agree with you about City, but it wont continue.

    As ive said a few times before football is behind the NFL in terms of professionalism. The rest of the owners will collectively give a resounding NO to city in a few years.

    Wage inflation is the biggest danger to so many crucial people in the game that it cannot be allowed to continue. Fans, future fans, broadcasters and owners cant keep up with the rate of wage inflation which is artificailly increased by a city, chels, anazi (russian team).

    There will be a collective bargaining agreement set at some point in the future. This will will give rise to the possibility of more players strikes than we’ve seen before but it will arrest this cancer in the game.

    Uefa should make an example of city becuase of this ethiud deal. Its fully 20m a year more than a club of there standing deserves.

  349. I can’t wait for the transfer window to open.

  350. glad weve finally got a squad together..

    very happy about per and micky being here..
    mostly happy that weve had a overhaul of last years ‘losers’ and heres hoping to a baggage free season..

    its interestig to note that we havent touched any of our orignial warchest..weve built this team using last years team and if come january we are struggling we can reinforce further.

    top 4’s still the battle..still not expecting any trophies but footballs a funny old game..

    i just hope it all clicks..

  351. jeezes jabba when did you become so smart? You eaten to much vitamins or something ? 🙂

  352. and when did you start to agree with george?

  353. i find it amazing that arteta reportedly took a pay cut to join us.

    just goes to show..there are players in our league that are good enough to play for us and would jump to join us..

    we dont have to look abroad every 5 minutes, theres good deals to be made in the PL if we really try..

    wanted him at arsenal for years..gave up on him and forgot about him to be honest but excited hes here now..

  354. Jabba's Delights

    I’ve been following our new striker Park diet for about 3hrs and my brain capacity has grown 250%, still coming in at below 100 on the iq test though : (!

    Ive followed american sport very closely for a along time, and it they’ve gone through the same growing pains that we are currently going through with regards to wages and clubs dominating. They ahd to arrest the issue as fans were getting turned off by it after a while.

    Hence why Salary caps are the most crucial element of there sport. Ours will look more like Baseballs cap system than the NFL or basketball though. As the big players in football just like baseball will never allow complete parity. Far to much history has happened for everyone to be reset to zero.

  355. ACN 2012: Jan 21 – Feb 12

    Players OUT from: Jan 7 – Feb 26

    Participating Players: Song (CAM), Chamakh (MOR), Frimpong (GHA), Gervinho (CD’I)

    Games TO BE MISSED:

    11 Wed Carling Cup N Semi-Final 1L
    14 Sat Barclays Premier League A Swansea 15:00
    21 Sat Barclays Premier League H Manchester United 15:00
    25 Wed Carling Cup N Semi-Final 2L
    28 Sat The FA Cup N Round Four
    31 Tue Barclays Premier League A Bolton Wanderers 20:00

    04 Sat Barclays Premier League H Blackburn Rovers 15:00
    11 Sat Barclays Premier League A Sunderland 15:00
    14/15/21/22 UEFA Champions League N Round of 16 1L 19:45
    18 Sat The FA Cup N Round Five
    25 Sat Barclays Premier League H Tottenham Hotspur 15:00
    26 Sun Carling Cup N Final

    Some crucial games here.
    Hope CAMEROON & COTE D’IVOIRE get knocked out early..(sorry)

  356. updated my fifa 11 team

    im thinking of editing mertasacker for more speed but i have to say true to reality right lol.

    You know all this shit about him being too slow, well surely he can’t be as slow as some people say surely.

    And on the Park chu young IQ, well you would expect from our korean friends now wouldn’t you. I heard a while ago a little kid from there hacked some major company because he thought it would be fun, and he was bored. Scary shit right there.

  357. that said, howevr Jabba i hope you are right. Its insane atm how the football economy works. Its even more insane that people buy into it. And is dangerous when people seem to think the city way is the way it should be and teams like Arsenal and Tottenham and Everton are only stingy.
    Look at Everton! they are in deeep shit.

  358. Jabba's Delights


    We can find our common ground at times.

    1st we both love the arsenal

    2nd we are both now happy with how our squad looks.

    I see no point in complaining about how long its taken us to make the buys. I love our moves and cant wait to see them in action. If arsene can get them gelled quickly which is crucial i see abolutetly no reason why we cant have a good season in the prem 78-82 points, well in cl semis and have 2 great domestic cup runs. Our squad is significantly better than last year in my eyes. We just lack Cesc star power but a multitude of others will have to step up.

  359. Im excited to see Youssi now, even Terry sais hes a decent player. But that he never reaiszed it until they were on the trainingpitch together.
    I never rated thim, but then again i never really followed him. So im looking forward to be proven wrong 🙂

  360. mertezackers not slow as such..once he gets going those long legs carry him well in terms of overall speed
    its the lack of acceleration over short distances thats his weakness..
    if we play a high line against pacey strikers that are quick over 10 yards he’ll get found out, but hes a composed defender with good positional skills he’ll do just fine as long as we protect him..

    could well see us play more compact at the back or playing song and frimpong together..

    be interesting to see what we do..

  361. JonJon

    when both vermaelen and kos are fit, i honestly think they are a better pairing, i just don’t know who i would play at the moment, will have to see mertesacker play. Then i’ll judge if he is better than kos in my eye

  362. Suggestion at the moment seems to be that Hazard is a distinct possibility in January – depending on them finding a replacement.

  363. koz is a good dfender but hes not a composed defender, he plays on the edge and that suits his game and our style of high line as hes an interceptor and a recovery defender

    mertazackers just a big fuck off out and out agressive, defender, organiser, leader..composures his game..i think you will like him, hes not a ball player so dont be expecting stepovers but expect alot of strikers being put on their arse and alot of oppostion attacks breaking down cos theyve hit a brick wall..

    mertezacker/tv for me with jd and koz as backup..

    for the past few years weve been trying to play like spain but it seems we now have the personel to adopt the german style which would suit me down to the ground..

  364. im off to watch oxlade in an hour i think

  365. id settle for hazard in jan..

  366. Moe
    We can rotate defenders to suit opponents now.
    Such a luxury

  367. Aman

    ah yes, actually quality back up players, and we got song as well who can play CB

    Squallaci is not gonna get a game i don’t think.

    Oh and Andre santos cannot possibly be a LB, the man should be a striker, have you seen the amount of goals and the way he plays. He doesn’t look like a LB, he looks like a lethal striker, seriously LOL

  368. JJ

    Hey mate, how you doing?

    I am happy with our transfer activity this summer, finally, eventually!

  369. aman
    koz/tv would be suitable for the more technical teams who keep the ball on the floor mostly, especially in europe..
    the teams who like to peg teams back with direct play, long balls and such.throw the big german in..mostly pl
    jd on standy..he’ll still get games and he needs to earn his stripes back after the utd performance..i still rate him but he owes us a performance or 20 after that..

  370. I really hope Arsene can get the new players to gel quickly and we can hit the ground running after the international break. It would be nice to keep this feel good factor going for a bit longer. I also want to ‘stick it to the man’ aka plundits who are lining up to tear down our new players, particularly Mertesacker it seems because he had the temerity to displace true Brit Cahill as the plundits choice to rescue Arsenal. Oh and worse still, he’s bleedin’ German! Who won the war anyway?

  371. Nah Moe,
    I hope Squilly does get to play.
    He’s not as bad as we think
    Feel everyone will play better now they have more competition.
    Feel he just landed @ AFC at such a rough period.
    Ditto Silvestre

    Even Gallas & Sol didn’t always look good when paired with the less experienced.
    DJ has made many a CB look like shite.

  372. Santos has a crazy amount of goals for a defender. He has scored 14 goals in the last three years. Bear in mind Clichy scored once for us…..ever. Sagna only has maybe 3. For a full back that is pretty impressive. Plus in our team he will get the ball in dangerous areas more often.

  373. dex
    dude i lost it for while mate i was on the edge and tipping in the wrong direction..
    i still think theres questions but now we have all season to answer them instead of a few days.. 😉

    we wanted change and we got it..
    change of style change of players change of captain lets go at it again..
    left it late though..squeeky bum time.

  374. i thought squillys contract was up next summer. i guess that is why we keep him. I think hes seen as a useful backup pplayer.

  375. add:

    “Feel everyone will play better now they have more competition AND EXPERIENCE ON THE TEAM”

    Improves EFFICIENCY all around.

  376. Aman

    treu enough, and he may have been a victim of our high line.

    Because with a highline, you and centre back pairing have to know each other’s game inside out. I don’t care if they ask each other what colour boxes they’re wearing , they have to get to know the other’s ability and habits and positional sense.

    Basically to have a high line, you have to have two centre backs who understands each other’s game, otherwise it becomes a shambles.

  377. cahills good and i still think we should get him on a free just to piss spurs off but mertezackers 27 and has 70 caps for his country..
    dont let the price tag reflect the value hes a big player..bargain..
    hes not coming to sit on the bench hes putting his 6’6 frame slap bang in the centre of our defence.. 😉

    this is going to sound silly but we could play a 352 here..

    sag, mert , tv
    gervinho arteta, song, jack, santos
    theo rvp..

    and theres players who could push for a first team place too..strong bench..

    agree i hope it all clicks early..

  378. Poodle, Aman
    I hope we never come to point where we need Squil.

  379. GA,
    Didn’t know Santos scored that many goals. I thought someone said he was a more defensive minded type?

  380. Not silly at all JJ, I’ve been thinking about 3-5-2 or a variation it for a while. I really reckon that’s where the game is going.

  381. Santos has an absolute rocket launcher of a left foot. As do all brazilian left backs. If you dont you are told to go play volleyball on the beach 😉

  382. oxlade starts for under 21s

  383. GA, if Song can drop back why do you think other players cannot play his position if need be? Our players are very versatile, on purpose.

    Have you coached before or played each position to know how the awareness necessary is so different? just asking.

  384. 2 days ago i was looking forward to the int. break and now i want it over..
    i want to see this team play…
    yes the 352 has potential
    can switch to most attacking formations in one game as long as you have the right players to do it..

  385. You`d think our high line of defending wouldn`t suite Mert so maybe we`ll stay deeper , soak it up & bit & hit on the break with our pacy front men.

    Benny & Arty are both versatile , skilful & experienced. When JW & Diaby return it`s going to be tough to get a game in our midfield.

    For me Santos & Park are more of a gamble but in a way much more exciting. You just know the Korean will run his gonads off for us & who couldn`t love a goal scoring full back.

  386. JJ,

    Hmm.. I like the look of your formation. Using it, we can more easily replace RvP with arshavin if the need arises. Gerv is certainly hard-working enough to play wide. RVP and Arteta, playing through balls for walcott all day if the opposition don’t sit deep. If they do, replace Theo with Arsha instead and get him to find space.

  387. Paul – It is much more difficult to play in midfield than at CB. Quite often midfielders will drop back to CB later in their career. You get much more time on the ball, and genrally the play is all in front of you, where in midfield you have to be very aware of what is around you.

    Not done any coaching yet, but hope to do my badges fairly soon. But I have been coached by some well qualified guys though, and also guys which have coached at quite high levels. I was a midfielder for many a year, but as I started to get a bit older (only 35 now mind 🙂 I dropped back to central defence. I am no giant either. It is miles easier when you are in posession. A good recent example was Lother Matthaus.

    Just my thoughts though, plenty might disagree.

  388. When we need to defend, it becomes a 5-3-2, which still leaves us with players to carry out deadly counter-attacks.

  389. henristic..
    if park is hardworking too we can use him wide..if he just wants to play and run around like the park at utd does then let him do it on the flanks..gibbs would get the protection he needed..

    we could even play santos and gibbs together..we can take arsh off the wing now

    so many perms..

  390. yes defensive minded too..

    its a solid base but alows you to be fluid..
    like i said earlier we have the players to play a number of systems to me it seems like weve abandoned the spanish approach of trying to pass teams to bits for 90mins with 11 central midfielders and weve taken the german, it looks like we can switch to a defensive team to an attacking team and then back to a defensive team in the blink of an eye..

    its a more balanced squad..

  391. Yeah JJ,
    Even Ramsey can play wide sometimes too. I recall he played wide for Cardiff sometimes, didn’t he?
    In any case he’ll have plenty to do in that midfield. Hope we rotate this time better than we did last season

  392. I still like the spanish approach. I think its also balanced if you’ve got the players for it. Unfortunately it doesn’t like those kind of players are common at all.

  393. *it doesn’t look like

  394. you see, the transfer window has made us happy..cos we bought some actual proven experienced quality in..
    it makes us happy..
    we should do it every year and it dont break the bank either..
    we spent big this year and wasnt far of utds sending spree and we didnt even touch our kitty..
    it can be done..

    i feel so much better that i forgot almunia is still at the club 😉

  395. AOC looking pretty good on the ball. He has given the ball away a few times, but looks like a hard worker, and is destroying their left back every time he runs at him.

  396. i like the spanish approach too..
    but not for 38 games in the pl

  397. lansbury you beuty, overhead kick

  398. Bradys right foot

    I swear I nearly choked on my dinner, lol.

    “Pete Wood, the man behind the respected fan website Le Grove,”.

    Oh that Pete Wood thank god its the one from the respected fan site Le Grove, as opposed to the other Le Grove you know the one which perpetrated the lie that Wenger got a cut of the transfers, the one with the unmoderated,libelous and racist comments section where Wenger is a paedo.

  399. Bradys right foot


    I’m a big fan of 3-5-2 in theory but in practice it almost always flatters to decieve. The main problem is the centre halves it very easy for a team playing two front men to run between the lines of the back three.

  400. BRF I tweeted much the same

    Blackburngeorge george rodger
    “Pete Wood, the man behind the respected fan website Le Grove” Is the funniest thing I have seen in donkey’s ages

  401. I like that “total football”Dutch sort of thingy from 1970’s
    What shape was that? 🙂

  402. BRF
    id tend to agree with that but if we had good defenders it would work maybe??

    ive seen us play 3 at the back before when we had keown adams and bouldie and wenger even used adams keown and grimandi for a bit when he wanted to close games out and it seemed to do the trick..

    and if song or frimpong or even both were to be in midfield it would be solid 4/5 at the back..

  403. well i thought Chelsea was gonna try that formation this year since AVB stated he only needed 3 defenders… That would be interesting to watch.

  404. george
    i think the spanish stole the dutch approach.. 😉


    then its official. Wenger IS among the european elite…and Chelsea are very proud their manager was invited too..

  406. I hear you GA! Cant argue with your experience. Anyway, I believe that would be a last resort thing.

    I have a feeling that Ju is going to be something special for us.

  407. you know what, i cant wait until Joey Barton goes to Newcastle with his new club. Woner how much “luve” they have for him after he tries to break all their playes leggs and behaves generally obnoctios.

  408. Well BBC and most media are most likely to seek those who sing from their hymn sheet. Were it otherwise, would Yogi not be the person approached?

  409. JJ

    I think I wasnt too far away from you on the despairometer man! But we need to move on now, this break is like a natural erm break and lets look at the season from now on in.

    I am pissed off we left it so late to sign players, while hanging onto those who wanted out for too long as well.

    But fuck em, lets look forward now.

    And on the bright side, I get to go to another away game for free! 😀

    Up the Arse!

  410. I think Yogi or his entourage(like you Dgob) needs to be more active on the dating market if that is gonna happen. LIke chat up some BBC bird that works in the sport section(if they exist ofc).
    LeGrove is so shit i just cannot see any other explanation for them to get so much exposure. They have shagged their way into the BBC. Can you imagin?? doing the female version of Sagave?? eeew! Come to think of it, maybe we are better of as we are. i would not wish Savage on anyone…

  411. Paul – Hope you are right about Park. Can’t wait to see him.

  412. Bradys right foot

    JonJon | September 1, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    id tend to agree with that but if we had good defenders it would work maybe??

    No it can work but how well?

    The problem with any formation built on 3 centre half whether its 3-5-2, 3-4-1-1 is how the centre halves pick up two opposing frontmen. I actually think that its best in its original form. Billardo used two markers essentially and the extra man sweeping. 3-5-2 can dominate against 4-4-2 but not against the flexibility of the modern 4-3-3.

  413. You know the world is fucked when the BBC considers Le Grove to be respectable. That’s just taking the piss. Those hateful scumbags should be rounded up and put in front of a firing squad.

  414. Shawn Wright-Phillips went to QPR! what a waste of a career. Ian Wright messed that young mans career right up by advising him to go to Chelsea.

  415. Dexter ,is that you?
    Are you on your way back?
    Oh I have missed you(smiley jump up and down whilst clapping thing)

  416. Does anyone know what expenses are incurred with a site like this?

  417. Paul N @ 8.43 pm – I guess it depends what you want out of life. No doubt he has a healthy bank balance as a result of that decision. Not sure how much career satisfaction he got though!

    Loomer, they are ‘marketing men’, which is from the same effluent pool as journalists so probably came across each other in the same cesspit.

  418. I suppose Sturridge and Mceachren will be the next victims killed off at Chelsea. how to ruin you r career if your young english, go to Chelsea

  419. @paul N was shaun wright phillips ever that good to begin with? He always loooked a bit immature to me.

  420. I agree with Paul-N @8:43

  421. george, dont you mean donkeys years!!

  422. BRF
    wouldnt argue with that mate, i like the sweeper system
    if you get a good sweeper its like having an extra playmaker on the pitch..but its not easy to find the likes of beckenbaur and moore these days

    would probably be vunerable in the modern game, but it could be an option..

    dex..i felt for you that day mate..i mentioned it to george..what a kick in the marks for being amazing by the way..

  423. id take sturridge

  424. Anyone got that BBC link to hand for me please?


    Yep, I am on my way mate! (cue uplifting strings theme tune)

  425. lol dukey i was thinking that..

    is that you dukegoonem?

  426. Yes poodle, he was on his way to becoming REALLY GOOD…but he opted for quick money..QPR?????

  427. Paulie Walnuts

    Thats what I was thinking man;

    With our pace we can afford to defend deeper, soak up pressure and hit teams on the break more. That way any percieved or real lack of pace in defence wouldnt be such an issue.

    Funny thing is,m we kinda played like that at home to Liverpool, then went all gung ho away to ManU and Udinese!

  428. Dukey Yeh but oop eer its “ages ” owd cocker if’n thy getens me

  429. Oxlade is playing unbelievably good.

    Albeit in U21s but still, he looks dangerous.

    Lansbury is the creative hub for england.

  430. Been impressed with the Oxo kid tonight and Lansbury (he’s just scored his 2nd)

    Been typically unimpresed with Stewart Robson and his incessant bitching.

  431. 2 goals for lansbury

    2 assists for oxlade, well done both, Arsenal is the future

  432. Well u can’t win if u r arsenal and wenger I really feel for wenger sometimes I wonder why he puts up with all this personal vendetta by the media against him. Then to top it arsenal fans pile in. Contrast this with wenger’s behaviour, intelligent, respectful, professional, he could easily do a fervie n throw a 7 year strop, but the man respects arsenal fans and does his best for them, even when he makes mistakes. I wish we arsenal fans collectively can come together and reciprocate the dignity and respect wenger has the fans and the club.

  433. Where are you George. are you a northern monkey????

  434. Rune breaker I wish I had said that .Bravo

  435. oxo is a class act.

  436. Dukey . hence “Blackburn george” o you need any more clues? 🙂

  437. ha ha .. didnt read the first bit sorry, im in lazy reading mode tonight. half cut. burp…..yes i remeber you like rugby. is it league or the (better) union?? must be league as that is the northerners game.

  438. Pedantic wot I really can’t understand is the vitriol and malice in the criticism of wenger especially by some of our fans. I think in a wider sense this says a lot about the nature of people.

  439. Yes its is the “hard “one ,League

    I was from Wigan when they were a non league team

  440. Poodle, I actually do think he was that good, he just needed the right person to mold him and we all know who that shouldve been.

  441. Bradys right foot

    JonJon | September 1, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    Napoli have used a 3-5-2 very well in recent years mate but they tend to lie deep more of a couinter attacking version. Personnel plays a big part.

  442. Rune.I know I go on about this a lot but the abusive anti Wenger people are, as a rule,real dumb arse’s.I am serious.the majority of them will have an IQ below 75.
    I have yet to meet an intelligent person that does not appreciate Arsene.People may think he has flaws and yet still appreciate his genius.But to do that you have to be at least of average intelligence.They usually are not.

  443. SWP was a quality prospect
    should have stayed at city..
    i still think if roman wouldnt have come along we’d have got him that season and he was freddies replacement..
    but money talks..

  444. i used to play a bit of rugby(union) . a great game to play. used to go to watch a team called rosslyn park in london before it went pro. totally different from going to a football match. one would dare not swear as it would be met with disapproval from the crowd.

  445. 6-0 to england

    Lansbury 2 goals and excellent play

    Oxlade crosses and shots dangerous.

    An all round good night for Arsenal

    This has been Moe The Supporter, goodnight and happy dreams

  446. Bradys right foot

    George your a northerner I never knew you poor bastard lol

  447. Listening to talkshyte drooling over dyer to qpr and bollocking arsenal for signing a crock in arteta. U cant make it up.

  448. of course Brf
    yeah if you got the right personell you can adapt to a few formations in one game..
    dont need a plan b or c on the bench cos its already on the pitch..
    i think we’ll have a good few options this season no matter what formation we set up as.

  449. Jonjon swp career was destroyed by his dad who made him chase the money. The same Ian one loves chicken to tonight wright who has been calling wenger names for not throwing about money at players he hardly knew existed like yann mvilla

  450. Lansbury laughed his was out of Arsenal on Sunday I fear

  451. Rune, dont worry about it!

    Talksh*te are what they are…….people talking sh*te!

    On another point Ive been watching Santos on Youtube, that boy takes a mean free kick!

  452. BRF ,it gets worse,I was born a Jock

  453. Runebreaker, it’s because he did not spend big money on a ‘name’, (or an English defender) so they can’t brag to their mates. The rumours of huge last minute late bids on Hazard and Goetze, if true suggest that he may have tried to bring in ‘super quality’ when he thought there was a chance of getting them after the big boys had done their business and were less likely to gazump him as chelski did with Mata. I suspect that when he couldn’t get what he wanted he made the pragmatic stop-gap purchases/loans required for the here and now. I’m not sure whether he will still be able to get them now that he has shown his hand, if indeed he is really interested.

  454. Bradys right foot

    pedantic george | September 1, 2011 at 9:33 pm

    BRF ,it gets worse,I was born a Jock

    lol It could be worse mate spare a thought for Stokegooner, I mean for the love of god.

  455. Talking about people with IQ’s less than 75 .Stuart Pearce.

  456. not entirely true rune

    everyone knew wenger pretty much wanted him..shaun wanted to come ian wanted him to come..
    but we wouldnt match chelseas 23 mil bid..huge stumbling block
    we never got to talk to shaun we were never in the running he went to chelsea cos he wanted cl football and chelsea were the only club in for him cos we were never going to bid that, city werent exactley going to reject that for our 12-13mil offer or whatever it was.. ian slammed wenger for not showing ambition and matching chelseas offer and thats when all the wrighty bashing arsenal talking shit started but theres not a right lot wenger could do on that one..

    they did the same to parker as well. chelsea just went thru a phase were they just bought players for the sake of it to stop other clubs getting them and they stuck them on the bench

  457. Passional I think u said pragmatic buying aptly describes our deals

  458. digressing, I’ve been trying to find who and what this track for a couple of years now, so I thought I’d whack it here in case there’s any one that knows it

    Bit off topic but I thought I’d give it a punt

    first ten seconds of the youtube are blank


  459. oops wrong one… sorry… feel a proper muppet now


  460. I really believe Arteta will see us through until Jack and Rambo are ready.I dont believe Hazard or Goetze are better prospects than our two.
    And that has nothing to do with pink spectacles.

  461. yann m’villa is a very good player by the way..
    his own fans call him le enforcer hes just a french frimpong..
    his names been thrown around a while now and im not suprised if wenger went in for him but im not suprised rennes didnt want to sell either..
    theres some good french players coming up in that position..sissoko and capoue showed good form too last year..
    gervinho and hazard tore the show up though for lille..
    we got one i was hoping for the other.. maybe next window??

  462. so what with you being scottish george you can fully understand the clubs prudent approach!!

  463. Jon ,did you hear it in a lift?

  464. artetas a good player george.
    hes no cesc but he can pull a few strings and if he can run evertons midfield with the strikers they had imagine the passes he makes when hes got rvp in front of him..
    i think his best form is still to come..

  465. and his set pieces are shit hot as well

  466. Dukey,you would not believe how true that is.I am one mean bastard .

  467. I ask earlier if anyone knew the costs involved with a site such as this?.I take it then noone does!

  468. Thundering typhoons no, Gris Gris! It’s from the beginning of Seven Crystal Balls when he’s given a glass of South American sugar cane brandy – says, “I’m used to it, dear boy” and chokes. (Good knowledge though!)

  469. what do you mean? anyone can get a blog cant they?? thinking of doing one george.

  470. must have been a big lift goerge..
    we never bid for shaun..and if we did the offer was beat..we never spoke to him city just sold him to chelsea so the ian wright greed thingy theory dont add up does can go to chelsea over us when there was never an us in the equation cos chelsea took us out of it??

    or is that not what happened..

  471. oops my bad george

  472. Lol no Dukey there would only be Frank not banned after a week?

    SoI know you can get one ,but does it cost?

  473. JJ

    Ian Wright told SWP to go to Chelsea because they were the team who would win the PL (correctly as it happens) and the CL (incorrectly) It had nothing to do with his cost at that time.


    Lother Matthaus. Pity he is not a bit younger. What a player.

  474. well i’m happy i was on the side screaming for transfers lookee what AW’s done now… well done. All the fans buzzing and excited for the next game. i finally have confidence in our defence and midfield… good TDD definately would have like him to bring in M’vila though… shame, weve still got January… anyway leave that out january’s a long way away.

    Think we should play a 4-4-1-1

    Sagna Verm Per Santos
    Theo Arteta Song Chamberlain

    Until Jack and Gerv are back

  475. Totally free george.

  476. no thats a lie, i think you have to buy the web space.

  477. Consolsbob, last night on the BBC’s rubbish Sky transfer deadline day rip-off (they cut away to the weather at 5 to 11!) Robbie Savage declared with a despairing shake of his golden locks that Arsenal sadly hadn’t bought the defender they so badly needed, dismissing our new German centrehalf on the back of a “Poor spell at Real Madrid”. He sunk back into his overstuffed sofa with trademark gormless self-satisfaction.

    Per Mertesacker has never played for Madrid. Silly tossbag thought we’d signed Christoph Metzelder.

    How is he employed as a football analyst??!

    It ranks up there with Alan Hansen sneeringly calling Lee Dixon ‘the class swot’ at the World Cup for knowing who Marek Hamsik was. One of the brightest young talents at the tournament. And we wonder why there’s a bounty on English players… it’s so parochial it hurts.

    Talking of Per – here’s a good rationale on Arsenal’s capture of Mertesacker.

  478. Bill was right about what he wanted to see happen, although he was wrong about whether it would happen. He even got his big lump. Kudos to you, Bill.

  479. Ashburton Patriot
    Thank goodness he listened to you and your enlightened brethren.You knowing better than him and all

  480. Look for the Per necessities
    The simple Per necessities
    Forget about the Stokkies and lowlife
    I mean the Per necessities
    That’s why a fan can rest at ease
    With just the Per necessities of life

  481. oops meant frimpong/ not song

  482. Haha George u know ur happy he brought some players in!
    It was obvious we needed players and he kept saying signing players is not the solution. Obviously there will be an uproar. anyway TW behind us hope Gooners can unite agian and make 2012 memorable

  483. Very good ,Dukey does not know Jungle Book it would seem

  484. Limpar, is that true about savage.

    Thats hilarious.

  485. Dups – He was. My favorite non Arsenal player through the 90’s. In his pomp he was the perfect midfielder.

  486. Savage is a tool.

  487. That is good news FG. To think that Jack has become such an important player in such a short time, even with our new signings I’m thrilled at the thought of him being back.

  488. Darius, or anyone for that matter – is there a transcript of Grimandi’s interview on French TV where he mentioned this untransferable long term replacement for Cesc anywhere?

  489. Forget about the 3-5-2. We’re going to stick with the 4-3-3 but it’s going to be a lightning fast formation from now on. Gervs and Theo, with more solid fullbacks, are going to be played a tad more forward. Expect a lot of goals like the one we scored in London against Udinese and our first one at Udine. Plenty of players in the box waiting to receive crosses.

    Andre Santo reminds me of a more defensively sound Garreth Bale. They’re about the same height and about the same pace too.

  490. Fun, you wanted me to describe Andre Santos a bit more, right?

    From what I saw of him at the Copa America, the guy is very good at defending. He has size and pace so very few players get past him. He’s also good in the air and helped Brazil keep their defense tight all tournament. At the far post with a player coming in he will not seem overmatched as he’s a big guy and seems to time his jumps pretty well. Unfortunately I didn’t see him get forward too often at that tournament. That may have to do with the fact that Neymar or Robinho played on the left from time to time and he was asked to stay back since those two don’t defend. On a team like ours hell probably be asked to go up more because of Song and how he covers for the fullbacks.

  491. Fungunner

    Looks like its all good news from here on in!

    Our miserable summer and start to the season have ended!

  492. Darren Lewis (Mirror) on summer transfer winners & losers.

    “Arsenal: LOSERS Are Mikel Arteta and Yossi Benayoun really adequate replacements for Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri? Arsene Wenger left his shopping far too late.”

    No mention of Santos, Gervinho, Mertesacker, Park, Oxo, Jenks etc

    Then says:

    “Tottenham: WINNERS Landed top target Emmanuel Adebayor and also West Ham’s Scott Parker. Kept hold of Luka Modric and swept a stack of fringe players out.”

    One word for you Mr Lewis : Prick

  493. Bradys right foot

    dupsffokcuf | September 1, 2011 at 10:12 pm

    Look for the Per necessities
    The simple Per necessities
    Forget about the Stokkies and lowlife
    I mean the Per necessities
    That’s why a fan can rest at ease
    With just the Per necessities of life


    Wherever he wanders wherever he roams
    Hes one big fucker the groves his home
    The spuds are quaking in their kness
    Its not about money but quality
    Made like a panzer no crock nor pants
    Arsene took a chance he’s not from france
    But Germany and proud to be.
    The Per necessities of life will come to you.

    lol awful i know best I could do.

  494. Miserable summer?

  495. How do these hacks get a job?

  496. Good stuff BRF

    All a bit of fun. Apart from that idiot Bendtner and his childish comments..

  497. Bendtner, 23, said: “I will never go back to Arsenal. If I can have it my way, I will never play for them again.

    “After my car accident I never really got the chance to earn a spot in the first team.

    “That is over 1½ years with no real chance to prove myself.

    “I am really looking forward to playing for Sunderland and then we will see next summer.

    “I will find a new club — but I will not go back to Arsenal, that’s for sure.”

    Good fuck off you tosser

  498. Bradys right foot

    NB52 displays his great attitude once again, thats what secured his step up from Arsenal to Sunderland. What a legend sorely missed but I wouldn’t begrudge him the move after all he did for us. I’ll never forget the clearance he made infront of the Barca net in the away game last year, thanks for the memories our loss is Sunderlands gain.

  499. You’d have thought Bendtner would be a bit more humble seeing as how no big club even looked at him.

    He might come round though. Daft sod that he is.

    As for Darren Lewis, he is just another spud hack, like his boss martin Lipton.
    When the spuds are languishing in 10th spot, with an unhappy, demotivated Modric, a lazy twat Adebayor and injured defenders and a one season wonder Bale lets see how they think then.

    Oh and I havent even mentioned Arry being in the clink!

  500. George

    There was no reason for NB to say that. Just had to say that he thought he needed a change to get his career back on track. Fans will not want him back now anyway even if he cannot find a club at the end of the season.

  501. One or two so called pundits confuse Mertesacker with Metzelder who did play for Madrid. The legend of slow pace comes from the same confusion and is being repeated by everyone like an echo until everyone believes it. Sometimes I wish I had a pundit’s job.

  502. “Oh and I havent even mentioned Arry being in the clink!”

    You just did.

  503. Park shu young is the cousin of Park ji sung at United. That guy has a habit of scoring against us lets hope Our Park returns the favor .
    sagna, Per , Verminator, Santos that is some powrful back 4. Ther are all fully grown men and well bulit for the Premiership.

  504. Just Another Luke

    Monday morning after the 8-2 defeat…

    Mrs Wenger: “Wake up Arsene, its 9 already!”
    Arsene: “What? They scored another one?”

    (Apologies if you have not fully recovered from that and still unable to afford a smile.)

  505. Poodle @ 8:37 pm,


  506. Yes and take all the negative press about Wenger and the club with a pinch of salt. In the Independent, Lawton essentially gave David Moyes a pat on the back. Apparently Moyes’ potential as a great manager (and successor to red nose) will never be realised because they have a huge debt, forced to sell their “best” player and cannot buy replacements. Never mind the fact he managed Everton for years without much success and spent the club into trouble. This is an obvious double standard.
    Look, I know Arsenal FC have been saying that our debt is good and everything is OK. But is it really true? With govts in Europe upto their necks in debt and the economy still shitty, is there a threat that banks/lenders will call in their loans earlier? Even Man U is rushing to raise funds thru an IPO.

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