Like All Good Things, Transfers Come In Threes.

A busy day at Arsenal, even with the manager reportedly in Paris. Or to adapt an unfair prejudice, perhaps because the manager was in Paris. New signings all round, ropey defenders sold on to QPR. The best day’s transfer business for this summer certainly. And supposedly there is one more to come tomorrow.

First off was Armand Traore, a prized asset in Queens Park Rangers battle for survival this season. One can only assume that the deal was too far down the road for Rangers to be able to pull out of it following his shambolic performance at Old Trafford on Sunday. Which ever way you look at it, selling the player was fantastic business. No, genuinely, I cannot believe it. They say that the English game is awash with cash and QPR, under new ownership, have tucked up like a kipper. They paid for him!

Next up, Nicklas Bendtner’s dad was hot on the trail of the exit for his son but it isn’t to Stoke. Big Daddy Bendtner though was giving nothing away to the Danish press, refusing any enticement to deliver the final destination for his son. Which leaves you to wonder if he is indeed leaving. Rumours surfaced in France that Marouane Chamakh was the subject of a Paris St Germain bid recently and perhaps Arsène has had a change of heart, preferring to release the Moroccan instead. No, I don’t believe that either.

Which brings us to the new boys. The only surprising one is Per Mertesacker, more of that later. Park Ju Young, or Chu Young Park whichever one you prefer, confirmed his signing, falling back on footballing cliches but we’ll forgive him,

I am very hounoured and I feel very happy to be at Arsenal. They are a team that I dreamed about when I was young. I am very proud to be an Arsenal player. I just want to show how good I am and prove myself. It feels like a big step up but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to perform.

I will work very hard, I will train very hard and I will show that I am able to be part of this Arsenal team. I will work hard to prove myself and build a reputation with the Arsenal fans. I have to show what I can do on the pitch. I will do my best, show heart and give everything for this Club.

It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on the squad following the drubbing at Old Trafford, he must be looking at it and thinking he has a fair chance of starting every week. The reception has been mixed, nothing like a positive welcome for a player but perhaps that has more to do with the mood surrounding the club following the weekend than Park.

He will be joined tomorrow by Andre Santos, the Brazilian reportedly granted a work permit yesterday afternoon. A left back is desperately needed to restore balance to the back four and allow the best right back in the Premier League to revert to his natural position. Again, Santos has had a mixed reception, few people commenting have seen him regularly for his club side and with Fenerbahce embroiled in a match-fixing scandal, I would be reluctant to pass judgement on him even if I had. How can you be sure about someone’s ability when their opponents are allegedly chucking a match?

I read recently somewhere – either in The Secret Footballer column in The Guardian or a pundit passing on their wisdom – that the average transfer takes around ten days. It seems unlikely with Arsenal. Park and Santos may have been left-field signings, under everyone’s radar until the deals are all but completed but Per Mertesacker has been linked with Arsenal for years. This is as long running as Cesc to Barcelona and like the Catalan, this one is being done!

Arsenal fans are nothing if not demanding and before he has even signed, Mertesacker is being criticised for being too slow and having no Premier League experience. Neither did Vermaelen or Sagna – they did not turn out too bad either. And more to the point, as a metric man (2 metres tall if he is 6’6) surely Mertesacker is the monster centre back being demanded.

All of which begs the question, why leave it so late. Arsenal have proven that they can move swiftly and decisively – I don’t buy the panic buyer theory being peddled – so why wait until the last minute before doing deals. It would be good for an honest answer from the club so that we understand the ‘plan’ but I am not expecting it, just more ‘seagulls and trawlers’.

The Express couldn’t believe it and had to tell themselves twice

A picture? A PICTURE? What the hell is that doing here? Yea Gods. It’s all change everywhere around Arsenal.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Dare I say it…Hazard to the Arsenal!

  2. AfroGoonieGooner

    Mertesacker, like a Bentley is all class and just like Bentley hasn’t got the best turning circle going around. Good signing though, I’d be more happy with his organisational skills. Also in the traditional sense he is a perfect compliment for Vermaelen game. However we not exactly very “traditional” are we.

  3. I wonder how how many ‘turning circle’ goals has he conceded. It’s funny how many people Confuse metersacker and metzelder who played for Madrid, one pundit on talkshite authoritatively dismissed him by saying that Madrid had got rid ofhim for being too slow.

  4. I suspect that the reason we leave it so late each transfer window…is because CH€L$€a, MAN ¢ITY and Man United swoop in for our targets when we try to get them done early (like with Mata…) They use The Arsenal’s better scouting staff as surrogates for building up their own, then just throw filthy lucre at the players. Leaving it late means the selling clubs don’t have time to shop our interest around for better offers to our cash-rich competitors.

  5. The press just need to sell their papers. I doubt even they believe any of this panic buy nonsense they are saying. we got beaten on Sunday and by Tuesday we have wrapped up 3 or more deals? Just like that? the scouts didn’t take time to check out the players and all that or did the selling clubs all arrange friendlies on Monday? Really?

    There is nothing strange about arsenal doing deals on deadline day so i wonder what is supposed to be different now? Am sure all these deals have been cooking hence the repeated assurances that we are working hard to sign players

    Am glad all the injuries and suspension and bad luck are coming in early. I recall many of those long term injuries that dis-stabilized us taking place in February most times. surely things can only get better than this from here forward? we have got our worst month (1 point in 4 games) and worst results home (2 nil to pool who have never won at the grove) and away (8 – 2 @ old trafford) all out of the way. Now the unbeaten run starts and we are tops come may next year.

    Watch all the moaners assure you that they knew all along that we could do it with just 3 or 3 buys!

  6. I have a sneaky feeling that Bendtner will stay. It will be hard for him considering our options on the wings and I don’t think he’ll get many games playing upfront.

    On the brighter side of all the negatives already this season, good goalscoring start from Theo Walcott just like last season. I hope he doesn’t get injured in the England games, cos (if I can remember properly) his good start was stunted by a foot/ankle injury during internationals.

    Now for our final signing for this transfer window. Hope he’s a super quality midfielder. I can’t wait for all the madness to end tonight.

  7. AfroGoonieGooner

    I know what your saying, my point is only that he is not the typical Wenger signing which is a good thing I think. He is 6’6 so he is going to be somewhat naturally slower than Vermaelen & Kosh (a complete assumption on my part, I haven’t seen the time trials) I think he will be a very valuable player for us. He is 26 so surely he is on the cusp of his prime as defender. We may have gotten him at just the right time.
    If you look at a back 4 of Santos Vermaelen Merty & Sagna that is a very experienced line up all of a sudden.

  8. Spot on amerigooner… all we need is just another CB and a central mid fielder…..COYGs

  9. @ rume it is likely that is here the confusion comes.

    Ave been dreaming of him and Phillip lahm in an arsenal shirt since i watched him with Germany in euro 2008 and thereafter.

    Not bad for an armchair scout. I also thought bergkamp, cesc, arshavin and gervinho looked like arsenal players when i first watched them play for their respective countres and they ended up here. maybe lahm is on his way? oh we already have sagna in that position and no way is lahm going to sit on he bench. he is too good for that. o well, cant have it all. LOL

  10. The funniest thing about all this is that all those who have been bitching all summer for signings and calling the club negligent haven’t got the humility to acknowledge that the club did actually deliver on its promise for lots of activity in the transfer windo.

    Clichy, Denilson, Eboue, Traore, Nasri and Cesc moved on with Bendy and Almunia still looking for a last minute home.

    Gervinho, The Jenks, The Ox, Ryo, Campbell, Mertesacker, Santos, Ju came in – and Frimpong, Le Coq and Miquel are being promoted – with at least one more signing expected today.

    People screamed and demanded changes in the squad after last season’s collapse, and Wenger ships out 8 players and brings 12 in from outside and the academy – yet people continue to bitch that we have not been as active as they hoped and they don’t believe anything has changed and that we have a weaker squad.

    I’m just curious, what exactly did these people expect this change to look like?

  11. @Darius it is the same wonder that i have.

    I guess it is more about the fact the players they wanted to come in did not and so nothing has been done. why get mertesacker instead of samba or cahill or jagieka? why get santos instead of enrique? you get the general gist cos am not sure there will be space enough to list all the preferred players to the ones the club actually got!

  12. I think no matter what d press are sayin all we as d fans have to do is to supportive to the club no matter who we sign. Remember the Liverpool fans through all they through they stand behind there players

  13. All i can say per is a good signing not enough though as far as that position is concerned, honestly i doubt CL next season(never mind its just a bad feeling). We need another centre back in say cahil.. We also desperately need a little more flair in attackin from the middle, hazard 20/ Arteta 29. I dont see dempsey fillin the fab4 void, m’vila is good too but being a DM, theres not any AM he pair with at the moment.. M’vila en eden/Arteta w’d just fit us well.. We really need quality players b4 tonight 11pm.. Even if we failed to finish in the top 4, in my opinion we w’d still fight back harder with them around, than it w’d be with the young guns the mere fact that every great player w’d turn their back on us opting for CL elsewhere.. Lets Go gunners….

  14. Amerigooner @ 6:26am,

    I was having this conversation with a fellow gooner yesterday. I don’t think the key reasons for the lateness of much of our activity is simply competitor action. I wonder if the fact that (post-Dein) Arsene has to be directly involved in closing our deal plays a more important role here!?

    The end of the season is clearly a time when on the field matters will (perhaps, ‘overly’) occupy any EPL manager. With this in mind, how can Arsene be expected to undertakethe task of completing complex transfer deals? Then, by the time the season ends (as he noted this summer) most players and necessary club officials have done one and are unavailable to advance discussions. Hence the waiting and dilemma. Not the only issue but, surely, an important one.

    Now some might say that any Board running any (successful) business would recognise this dilemma and resolve it with necessary staffing developments! I’ll stop here because I have much to ask about our board and corporate policy…

  15. Santos was apart of that tough Brazil defense in the 2010 qualifiers. Everyone has said they’ve seen him more as a winger, but when i saw him with Brazil he really looked like a left-sided Sanga. That said, this was the same Brazil that inexplicably made Melo look like Paddy.

    Anyone else hoping to see RVP or maybe even Arshavin in the creative midfield role?

  16. Santos was apart of that tough Brazil defense in the 2010 qualifiers. Everyone has said they’ve seen him more as a winger, but when i saw him with Brazil he really looked like a left-sided Sanga. That said, this was the same Brazil that inexplicably made Melo look like Paddy.

    Anyone else hoping to see RVP or maybe even Arshavin in the creative midfield role?

  17. Darius @ 6:37 am,

    Precisely and I also wonder!

  18. Just Another Luke

    Mertesacker is 6′ 6″ while Djourou is 6′ 4″. If height is all there is to defending, then JD, Swiss International, should be no slouch either. Let’s hope Mertesacker is an improvement

  19. S much s I luv arsenal m nt impressed with al ds crap playas dy bot bt I lyk gervino n frimpong s 4da german mxm agg.

  20. A current german international whose national team is a notch above England for the past 3 decades. Not from a small footballing nation. For me , definitely better than Cahill or Jagelka.

  21. sactowngooner916

    people dnt understand anything all we need is a cb and a box to box mid de rossi would be a prefect signing for us although he might be to old so what cdm would u like to see come and we also need an cam rosicky wont cutt it please wenger buy sumone with sum experience and not a young gun hazzard all the way i would like to see albdiol rathere thansantos but fuck it and we could sign anyone who would yall pick

  22. Team Spirit @ 6:57 am,

    I agree. However, I really did feel we missed a trick with Enrique. If you remember his performance against us you can see why he is the only one of the never-ending list of potential buys that I wish we would have went for. Having said that, his attitude and public outburst while with the Barcodes does raise issues about his personality and strength of character. Maybe Arsene’s research led to us suspecting that he would be too great a liability to the dressing room and/or club. Still…

  23. Darius, correct .

  24. KT Tan,

    I agree except that I suppose some will argue that the EPL experience of the Brit lads (or, indeed, of Samba) means that they would need less time to bed in and we would be more certain what we would be getting: even if that is most likely a lesser player!

  25. Thos are three pretty decent signings if they all come to pass. but what would make this a really fruitfull outing is if we could also secure Arteta and Fellani. that would be fantastic!

  26. @Dgob and TS – just on the debate about Mertesacker vs the Premiership 3 aka Jagielka, Cahill and Samba.

    I know its controversial to say, but I think one of the issues that is pissing off some of the ungrateful folks is that we didn’t go for the traditional English steel that had been so prescribed by the establishment as the cure to our ills. This not withstanding the fact that if the much touted English steel with bags of EPL experience was that good, logic would dictate that England as a national side would do better than the mediocrity we saw at the world cup.

    What does it say about an establishment that writes off Germany’s top defender with about 70 more caps than the Premiership 3 (well – give or take a bit). It’s almost like Mertesacker’s signing is an anti-climax. And so is the signing of Santos. For crying out loud, he is the Brazil left back with 22 caps.

    It seems to me that for a lot of these people still moaning and bitching, they wanted signings to make themselves feel better, and not to necessarily improve the squad. Santos is an improvement for Clichy, Gervinho seems to have taken his opportunity well with a more direct approach, Mertesacker is a better option in defence than the Premiership 3.

    We still need to bring in a creative midfielder – and the club is working on that. We can’t replace Cesc like for like. No player out there is like Cesc. We need to bring in a different type of player to compliment Song, Li’l Jack, Rambo, Diaby, Rosicky and any other player who will contribute to a more distributed style of play in midfield as opposed to depending on a single talisman.

  27. No,no,nO Cahill and samba IS better! If they were german they would guaranteed be the german first choice together! Don’t u people know anything? Now when tottenham signs Cahill he will
    Be the one reason why they get top 4. He will also edge out the united kids in England defence. The prefared England pairing being Dawson / cahill.

  28. Mixed comments. Santos is a class believe me, Mer is a monster though he does not like going forward too much which i think is good as it will not leave our defence too expose. In the defensive mid field role, i think Song and Fripong is ok plus Diaby and Djorou can also play the same role. Park is a good signing all that i want to see is the creative mid fielder that we will buy. Hazard might join only in January and may Cahill but Mvilla purchase at this time will not do us good. How can you spend #30m on a player that can not play champions league as he has featured for Rennies in Europa league.

  29. The real question is, why does Wenger not listen to the experts? They have said all the time that Cahill and samba is the real deal. Fans say the same. Why does he not listen?
    I think that is what fans wonder, nobody asked him to go sign Per. They asked him to sign Cahill. Why does he not listen??
    I don’t think he can win over fans with signings. Unless he signs someone that Chelsea wants Ns bids more…

  30. Whatever happens, we’re definitely signing a creative attacking midfielder today. I am so bloody excited.

  31. Leaving transfers late probably “forces” the selling club who possibly has no better alternative (Nasri-Arsenal, Mertesacker-Bremen, Cahill-Bolton) to sell at a lower price. Rather than letting Mertesacker go for free next season, Bremen must’ve been desperate to sell the man, but only now does the price drop.

  32. Just Another Luke

    Late transfers are normal, with the trend being repeated season after season.

    Early transfers are for those with unlimited budgets by making “offers that cannot be refused”.

  33. I’m very satisfied with getting Mertesacker..

    Cahill is bloody overpriced!!! For a CB with ONLY A YEAR on his contract, yet to be accomplished on an international level, to keep demanding 15m pounds this close to deadline day is absurd!

    Arsenal should not cater to dish money to Bolton, if they don’t play along sensibly.

    Arsenal is the club that rips off other clubs (Nasri, Ade, Kolo, etc.); we should not fall into the trap of doing things otherwise.

    Mertesacker will rule the EPL!
    People say he’s slow; how slow are Ferdinand, Terry and Vidic??

    Another Wenger bargain !

  34. Just Another Luke

    Santos looks very fast from the youtube clips.

  35. Leaving transfers late reduces the selling clubs options,when all the money clubs have done there purchasing all of a sudden the players still for sale have to be reduced in price, if City or Chelsea had come on for Per or Cahill then the price would have been £15Mill (as it was for Mata & Nasri), Now Bolton are left with the choice of taking £9Mill from Spurs or not selling him, it will be interesting which if any Everton players leave today as they are also in financial strife.

  36. Lol arsenal was turned down with an 11M offer for Cahill now Harry will get him for 9? How thick are Bolton??

  37. Okay here we go! Some really good signings. Park for me is more a replacement for Vela than Bendtner/Chamack. Santos is brilliant going forward. He is an excellent crosser of the ball and takes a wicked free kick. Plus he scores goals, something we’ve missed since Cole left. Per Mert is exactly what we need. I expect him to bring a lot to the team, plus it strikes me that Wenger is targeting real LEADERS. Park and Mer are club and country captains respectively.

    I expect us to sign 3 more players. I am hoping that Joe Coles move to Lille means that Hazzard is coming this way. I will also not be surprised to see us sign another striker as well, plus eithe Villa or Martin.

    One thing is for sure. Project Youth is officially ended!

  38. A friend of mine in Spain just e-mailed me that the Kaka to Arsenal rumours have resurfaced among the Madrid fans after Real informed him he will be third choice in their midfield.

    He knows his football, is a journalist over there. kaka in the red and white??? I wonder if there is time for that.

  39. Darius – Exactly. Who cares where they come from. As far as I can see we have made two good defensive signings. We have made the CB signing that we so obvosouly needed, and have replaced Clichy. I really don’t see how anybody can complain at that.

  40. Malaysiangunner

    Darius @ 6.37 AM

    We needed to sign these players at least a month ago and not these last minute deals. New foreign players need to be bedded, 6 months to one season according to AW himself. We have nearly destroyed the morale of the young players on account of some negotiation leeway if what these last minute deals hope to achieve. Last minutes negotiation cuts both ways, losing 2-0 and 8-2 shows how desperate your team needs players.

    I am happy that we are finally doing something about our defence but am flabbergasted by the way the club is managing this summer signings.

    No fear we are the Arsenal!

  41. ‘Appy ‘Arry and Spurs can have Cahill and Scottie Parker if they want. Give me Mertesacker and Alex Song any time.

    My highlight of the day will be watching Jim White on Sly Spports explode on screen trying to deliver the most sensational (*notice the sarcasm*) transfer deadline show in the world – ever.

  42. Just Another Luke


    “Last minutes negotiation cuts both ways, losing 2-0 and 8-2 shows how desperate your team needs players.”

    “…your team”? Shouldn’t it be “..our team”?

  43. @Goonerandy – you’ll be surprised at the sheer stupidity out there still about the signings. They are solid and it’s time to move on and play the football.

    @Malaysian. stop the bitching about should have, could have signed them a month ago. Move on.

  44. God, I can only imagine the bullshit if we HAD signed Cahill

    “Wenger listens to reason!”
    “Wenger finally fixes his squad!”
    “Should have bought him last year”

    And then if he was shit,

    “Do defensive coaching ruins Cahill”

  45. @Malaysian Gunner

    Is it so difficult for people to consider that we needed to wait before CL progress before making signings?

  46. These are desparate signings, a direct result of the mauling at manu, that should be clear. Whether or not these players can change the tide remains to be seen. If it is only Per, Park and Santos fourth place is still a big gamble, and any title talk would be as ridicuous as the last few seasons.

  47. Malaysiangunner

    Just another Luke

    Are you another version of pedantic george? My bad, our team but I was giving a general example.


    CL progress is quite irrelevant to our signing of new players, if we donot make these signings we would not make it to the top 4 or even top 10. So we keep the Cesc and Fab sales money to what end? For the short term enrichment of the owners thereby degrading the the overall value of The Arsenal as a sporting franchise? Silent Stan will not want that.

    No fear we are the Arsenal!

  48. @ supporters so how do we look at Arsenal rebuilding or patch up for a season or two I think its in the quality of player bought Park we get 2 1/2 years before the army duty but I trust Arsene about his quality Mertesaker is long term ,Santos probability his last club what I like their internationals and leaders ,captains of club or country I just hope they blend in well so give them time please .

  49. Wow! Arsenal fans whine like spoilt brats! I guess many of you with your vast football scouting skills on football manager can do a better job than the scouts! your club has bought new players rather than talk about who is better than them, FFS support them! thats like your new girlfriend comparing you to other men without even shagging you……Lol!

  50. Just Another Luke


    No problem. Thought it could be a freudian slip on your part.

    Cheers and No fear we are the Arsenal!

  51. @ Yogis Warrior how about putting happy faces as icons on comments

  52. Having to change my name from Paul to PTren. Posters using my name and so forth! I don’t believe for one second these are panic buys. There has been a lot of unforseen problems for us this summer. The 2 protracted transfers of Cesc and the toad, will we qualify for the CL and so forth. While the 8-2 was the catalyst, there is noway anybody could have predicted that.

  53. Since we conceded more from set pieces but had an excellent defensive record last year in open play, Wenger has responded with a player with positional sense, leadership qualities and pedigree (experience). Who knows whether he was priority vis a vis the likes of Jag or Cahill, and/or Wenger was waiting for his chance, it doesn’t matter. On the whole, he comes with a exemplary reputation in a very tough football culture. I suspect he and Djourou will occupy this berth, and fight for this place. Djourou may have had a terrible game on sunday, but that doesn’t negate his generally strong, and consistent performances last season. I think those who think he’s slow will be somewhat surprised.
    German strikers are not slow. Anyway as Tony Adams showed, when you know what you’re doing, the sole attribute of speed is overrated.

    Santos? A brilliant signing. It will be interesting to see who becomes # 1 in that position. While Enrique has his flashes, and is a good player, how exactly was/is his season-long performance? There may have been questions over his consistency.

  54. To hellk with the moaners. Some people are just naturally that way. I bet there are manure fans who moaned that they let in two goals last Sunday. P
    There is excitement in the air now. Can we not talk about the moaners?
    Thankfully the majority of fans aren’t like that, as our in stadium support this season has shown, home and away. Its alright to show concern when things are looking bad, but the situation is clearly turning around.

  55. FFS

    can’t bellieve how many posters on here are dooming our new players to failure before they have even kicked a ball in an Arsenal shirt. I also wanted us to get some of the business completed earlier and maybe a deadline before the season started would have helped a bit (some players would have been put off by no guaranteed CL by the deadline). We have the players in now (maybe a creative midfielder to come) and I can’t wait to see the new look Arsenal line-up. We have so many new players to integrate into the team and the squad, a mixture of youth and experience as we all wanted. Enough quality to allow the younger players like Jenks, Ryo and Ox to refine thier craft with the assistance of established players. And it doesn’t appear that any of the new signings are mercenaries or prima-donnas so hopefully a relaxed dressing room with everybody pulling together as well.

    Can’t wait for the Swansea game.

  56. @ Zimpaul completion in every line puts the hole team,player on edge for their place should be good Arsene is laying down the law.

  57. Darius

    Great points about the ins and the outs. The ne w team has yet to be tested and the only question left being why it was not all ready for the start of the season. I for one am ready to accept that it is about staying under the radar and doing the difficult deals last minute so the spuds et al don’t try to scupper them. If it works the weekend will have been the price we pay.

    Anyone hear the program on 5Live yesterday ‘Searching for the perfect 10’. Very good, I think I learnt something about Arsenal’s philosophy and how it works with the Dutch Total Football or the Argentina playmaker philosophy. One striker and an advanced central midfielder (Cesc) who does not defend.

    I think it shows why certain supporters want hardworking English players and don’t trust this ‘exotic’ football. The conclusion about Ferguson was interesting too, concluding he has adapted his team to do it too because he knew that hard work alone won’t beat teams who play this type of football – Barca. John Barnes and many others gave some interesting analysis which rings true, pointing out that England did the best when Beardo was given that role.

    Suggest everyone check the podcast. I feel more positive and understand more the criticism that is just being heaped on Arsenal.

  58. Some people are naturally born moaners (not all of those are doomers tbh). I bet there are manure fans who moaned that they let in two goals last Sunday.
    There is excitement in the air now. Fuck moaning and moaners.
    Thankfully the majority of fans aren’t like that, as our in stadium support this season has shown, home and away. Its alright to show concern when things are looking bad, but the situation is clearly turning around.

  59. Paul, you are an idiot. Please change your name. Lose on Sunday, go out an buy 4 players on Monday! Paaahlease. Even if transfers, at their most rapid, may take 5-7 days, the decisions related to transfers reveal manu weeks or months of prior thinking, planning and longer term scouting. Arsenal has said crisply and clearly, on no less than 5 occasions, it will be a busy transfer window, all funds will be re-invested, rational overhaul expected, and has done so. Nor does this possibly negate our general development policy and “build for the future” ethos, as a quick check on all the players we have purchased will reveal, the oldest and “wisest head” of which appears to Mertie at the impossibly ripe old age of 26. Wenger has gone and done it again.

  60. Malaysiangunner

    Not sure how you come to the conclusion that CL qualification is irrelevant in signing new players. If a team can offer a potential new signing the opportunity to play in the CL surely that is a real factor when they consider whether or not to move. Nowadays we have to deal with the madness of teams like Citeh and PSG who are just throwing cash at players, so what convinces a player to come to a team like Arsenal? Clearly a lot of hard work by the negotiation team, but also the opportunity to play in the top leagues and the top competitions. If we had not qualified for CL we would have been short a bargaining chip when we really needed as much enticement as possible to bring in our targets.

  61. Bugger the doubts and worries. This is an exciting day to be an Arsenal fan.

  62. At last, at last!!… my work mate has stopped crying out for us to sign samba…. might take the day off to celebrate

  63. Arsene,s way of doing a Fergi [ hair-drier] completion in every line no more mr nice guy

  64. Zim Paul

    Agree with you everything except that Djourou was a disaster at the end of last season also. I would almost put the collapse at his feet.

    It is just so demoralizing to score and then just keep conceding stupidly. He was dreadful, nobody (on this site) wanted to see it last season cause before the injury he was allegedly alright.

    I think that he shows that we need about two more central defenders. Jagielka would be good because he can also cover for the errant Song and Frimpong.

  65. Putting on my very best Billy goat gruff outfit cos I’m pretty sure I smell a troll.

  66. and he’s so well disguised!

  67. AW shouldn’t have left so late to bring in Par and Dos.

  68. @ Wanker you could not named your self better well done lad

  69. Cbob,

    It is, as the saying goes, going to be proper mental today.


  70. Just Another Luke

    One regret I have is that we will never know how good a team built around Cesc with players that grew up in the Arsenal way together could be. Anyway, we move on with the here and now.

  71. Keisuke Honda apparently having a medal…. our new club song as we run out will be

  72. Ozarsenal

    Happy smiling faces? This is Arsenal man, buck up, we’re the most miserable bunch of ingrates going. Moaning because a World Class Centre Back does not have Premier League experience. That’s why he’s world class – his career hasn’t been ruined by an English coach.


  73. Today’s gonna be a long day.

  74. I have been ‘proper mental’ since Sunday afternoon Yogi!

  75. Wankerwengermustgo

    Why don’t you ensure that you have a top spot and go and support the prostitutes at shitty, or be fucked mid-table by supporting Birmingham. The choice is yours, either way you can satisfy your desire to spend huge amounts of money and buy top class proven players, or watch a team play quality football the English way, where you can respect their earnest effort.

    It is just nonsense and I will enjoy watching you eat your own turds when February comes for us, with the same helpings of a packed fixture list and alive in all competitions.

  76. Just Another Luke

    Chel$ki going for Ribery: £30m

    Source: 101 Great Goals

  77. @Consols – remember why your cockerel crowed 3 times yesterday? It was a signal.

  78. Jon

    I wholeheartedly approve of the video but it’s a MEDICAL not a medal. Well, maybe he is having a medal for his work for charity but that’s not relevant on Transfer Deadline Day (TDD)


  79. I think the problem is that the media have spent the summer trying to convince us that Cahill is what we need, so some supporters have fallen for it and are now disappointed that a far better player is coming instead.

  80. Yogi,

    this might be relevant to his medical

  81. smokescreen?

  82. YW

    get those acronyms in. Would like to be able to refer to at least 6 TTD events by acronym by the end of the day.

    One for the player signed as the window closes – last minute signing (LMS)

  83. Can’t even get it right TDD


  84. Its definitely not a Terence Trent-Darby,

    although ‘sing your name across my heart’ is a good way for the new players to sign up.

  85. Today is going to go one of two ways. The Mert/Santos deals are pretty much done and dusted, so no real exciement when they are announced later on. The issue is now midfield.

    Are you going to get another signing which will raise excitment and hopes?


    Will we be untimatley disapointed when the wind closes at 11pm tonight, with just a signing like Benayoun to keep us happy.

    Whilst we did well yesterday, make no mistake that the midfield desperately needs at least one quality addition (I can’t see us making two, although it would be more than welcome). We have lost a lot of creativity (and goals) from the side, and would be stupid not to replace it. Arsene has said himself that we are short in midfield.

    Going to be a long day, and I really don’t think I am going to be very productive at work today.

  86. Good point SA Goon, (my southern neighbour I guess, happy to know you), and a quick run down on the projected two players for every position, and considering those with multiple potential roles, is quite revealing with all the incoming lads listed. Point is, Arsenal had something along these lines planned. Cesc and the toad got in the way of some plans, and this final piece of business has taken Arsene to Paris. Good luck to him.

  87. goonerandy

    be positive. In previous seasons we have been hoping for that TDD signing and seen nothing happen. This summer we know there’s more to come, we just don’t know who. How exciting is that?

  88. acronym I dont want to hear…. HPF…. his passports fake

  89. Goonerandy's boss

    Back to work, mate. Stop raining on everyone’s parade. You’ve been posting way too much lately as it is.

  90. Jon

    I agree, along with the bloody annoying one we got with Campell – WPAD…work permit application denied.

  91. Is there a Goonerandy’s sexy secretary to post as well, or by boss do you actually mean wife?

  92. GA, I think we would do better to lower our expectations in regards to the midfield signing. He will probably be a good player, but not a superstar. Teams do not let their marquee players leave on TDD. If a superstar comes, be pleasantly surprised. I fear a lot of those on Twitter getting over-excited at the prospect of Hazard, M’Vila and Marvin could hit terra firma pretty hard at 11pm tonight if those transfers don’t materialise and whoever does come will be not be welcome because he is not one of the favoured 3!

  93. Looks like Nik B is off…his dad is at Stoke now!

    I am worried about having an injury prone VP, a terribly out of sorts Chamakh, and an inproven Park!

    Great business done in the last 24 hours – for under £20m we have gained a new LB, a CB and a varied option up top.

    Just need to add quality now…a creative midfielder and a striker to challenge/cover/compliment RVP. Its a tough ask in the final hours – but fingers crossed…

  94. Zim, apologies can’t dignify your comment as it doesn’t rise to the level of idiot. Two losses(one of them massive) and a draw. Youth policy utter fiasco of epic proportions. If you can’t be of sound mind, at least try to be honest.

  95. Heh, sorry boss.

    Pas – You are probably right. Shame, because with a top quality midfielder coming in we really could be back on the right track.

  96. Malaysiangunner

    Hi Wavey

    You could be right about them wanting to come to the Arsenal in the first place but compare us with Werder Bremen and Frenebache, I think we would be by far a more attractive proposition with or with out CL football. I am biased of course, I can not imagine anyone not wanting to play for The Arsenal!!! Cesc and Nasri both of you can take a running jump!!!. There I said it.

    No Fear We Are The Arsenal!!!

  97. Wavey – The wife is away at the moment. Hence more activity from me on here in the evenings.

  98. Just Another Luke

    I’m curious as to how long it takes to clear a pre-transfer medical, given the tight timing on TDD. Anyone can shed some light?

  99. I’m disappointed to hear that Bendtner may be going to Stoke.

  100. Well, I wouldn’t say that project youth is over. We just wont rely on it. That’s a good thing. As a massive advocate of our youth set up I have felt pretty low recently. However looking at that back line the problem was that it didn’t have a voice. Coq then Ox, I feel both came on and did very well under the circumstances.

    I think project youth has just gooten a boost. I would like to think that each of our young players would love to be surrounded by the likes of Santos, Mert, Park…

    Today will be a strange one for an Arsenal fan. Not sure about you lot but I barely take notice on deadline day. We get an Arshavin or someone, but it’s usually a done deal 3 or 4 days before. I genuinely have no Idea who this 3rd player could be today. There have been some names bandied about.

    Benayoun, Malouda, Dempsey, M’Villa, Hazard, Hamsik, Goatze. I for one would welcome any of those. For the record, a fit Benayoun is a very attractive prospect. I think the fact that he is known by some makes him a little less desirable. A case of what’s in the neighbours bed I feel.

    Anyways up, up the guns.

  101. I hear we’re doing a player swop deal with Stoke. Ryan Shawcross is coming to Arsenal to shore up our defence with Nicklas Bendtner going the other way.

  102. Els – The youth machine will roll on, and rightly so. Where it has fell down a bit in the past few year is not that is hasn’t produced players, more that there has not been enough expiencence around to help nurture them when they have come into the team.

  103. Zim

    Correct neighbour! ….by eck is it still grim up North. I hear the new US dollars are easing the situation a bit. Bag up the old ones and send ’em to Harry, the spuds are going to need all they can get.

  104. Goonerandy's wife

    Surely there are other things you could doing instead of posting on ACLF all day.

  105. Basically, Just Another Luke, they just bung everything on fast forward. Crank the treadmill up to 15 without any warm-up, chip away at the old knee with the reflex hammer going 6 hits a second like a jackhammer… chase the fucker round with a stethoscope, a thermometer and a giant horse pill. Rubber stamp his forehead and kick him out onto the pitch to do some keepy uppies. You seen A Day At the Races with Dr Hackenbush? Bit like that.

  106. Malaysiangunner

    Fenerbache was in the CL until they were withdrawn by the Turkish FA due to match fixing allegations. Might explain why we hadn’t signed Santos before.

  107. GA at 9.44 I reluctantly agree.

  108. Darius – Stop it.

  109. How’s that going to work, Darius?

    Are we going to bury him in a tumulus in front of our goal?

  110. It’s a sad admission I still find it difficult to type bend(tn)er’s name correctly, must have been the episode with the pink boots…. how refreshing to see Aguero in plain black boots

  111. LA

    no rubber glove treatment?

  112. @ Darius

    and I’m sure young Mr Shawcross would get a very, very warm welcome

  113. If anyone wants to take their mind off transfer day…

  114. Goonerandy.

    A former colleague of mine is dating a postman in the Stoke area who covers the area around the ground. When he was delivering packages today he had to wait for someone to sign for it and overheard an agent on his mobile phone in the corridor saying “They want Arsenal to pay the difference between Bendtner’s wages and Shawcross, but it means we have to get less of a commission if the Gunners agree. I’ll talk to his dad and see how to play it”.

    My former colleague just e-mailed me as she knows I’m a Gooner.

  115. No time for it, Wavey. Woollen gloves and a shower cap.

  116. At least none of them have to do an IQ test, only Park would pass it.

  117. Shawcross gets wages? I thought they just threw him red meat

  118. Darius – Heh, it you “tweeted” that I wonder how long it would take before the main peddlers of crap picked it up. I bet it would be reported by SSN within a few hours.

  119. Woooo… Ju, per, and dos… A midfielder nw… I’d luv fellaini bt fingers crossed… U kno, santos is a g’d left winger (at least, one who uses left leg)… The whinners? ‘Shame’

  120. Pedigree Complete actually

  121. and some Good Boy chocs

  122. LOL Ga – I just might Tweet it in reply to an already hot Bendtner to Stoke twitcon.

    The poastie even took a photo to prove he was there – might get him to send it over for an upload.

    @Merlot – if he has to be buried it’s better to do it in the garbage tip behind the Waitrose on Holloway Road. I once threatened to bury an ex-girlfriend under that rubbish heap after she gave all my clothes away to a charity shop when I dumped her and forgot she had a spare key to my flat.

  123. Campbell to Lorient on loan – hadn’t seen that one before

  124. passenal stop stealing all my thoughts i starting to find it creepy i agree with all of your posts but i am still praying for hazard , dont care about the rest , and i still think it can happen dont know if its heart or head and yes im worried about that 11 o’clock feeling ,good business so far though

  125. “Shawcross gets wages? I thought they just threw him red meat”


  126. “Project youth dead”

    Hardly. We just need to make some additions to compensate from the ‘Project youth’ players we continue to sell…Cole, Clichy, Fab, Nasri, Bentley, Ade, Flamini, Bendnter? You can’t keep everyone happy, some will leave sadly and we can’t replace them all with youth.

    Below is a 23 man squad of players all under 23 (I think), some are already playing in the first team, some are still to come. I would happily bet that 1/3 of this list are Arsenal first team squad over the next 3 years, with maybe 5 England internationals!

    Szscheny, Martinez, Bartley, Gibbs, Frimpong, Wilshire, Ramsey, Jenkinson, Walcott, Miquel, Coquelin, Landsbury, Aneke, Afobe, Jebb, Chamberlain, Ryo, Wellington, Campbell, Ebecilio, Galindo, Ozyakup and Sunu.

    If we can bring these players through with experience and trophies surrounding them, they can eclipse the United crop of the Neville’s, Beckham, Scholes, Butt and Giggs.

    Exciting times, even when within the eye of the storm!

  127. goonerandy, re your earlier post… I don’t think it’s very healthy to draw a line down the middle of a group of players who may be our targets; call one lot exciting and hopeful, and the other lot vaguely disappointing. I mean Jose Antonio Reyes would probably fall on the right side of that line, whereas Vermaelen, Viera, Henry – probably wouldn’t.

    Or – out of the current crop of targets, is it only Benayoun you wouldn’t be happy with? (I’ve always quite liked The Jewish Iniesta myself… clever little player)

    Or is it only Hazard, M’Vila or Martin you would be happy with?

    Where do Arteta, Honda, Vargas, Jadson fall…

    I just think it’s all a bit arbitrary. I take your point about fan’s getting excited about a name and a lump of money but that doesn’t last long. What lasts is support won from performances on the pitch and those can come from an unknown and ‘marquee’ signing alike.

    PS. really hope we sign M’Vila and Martin! 🙂

  128. Next summer’s new signings – Wellington and Campbell. A young, but very exciting pair of strikers.

  129. Christian Eriksen please! Can’t see it happening but I can dream, at least he won’t have a Danish boyhood European Champion dream team to pine after in a few years.

  130. Agreed Wavey, but how long for WP’s?

  131. Darius – If there was any thruth in that conversation, it could be that Shawcross has it in his contract that he is the highest earner at the club. Therefore Arsenal paying some of Bendtner’s wages would not mean they would have to top up the big oaf.

    Limpar – I would not be disapointed with Benayoun, if he was an additional signing. We have lost a lot of quality in the midfield area, and having made the right signings in the defence, it would be a shame not to now sort out the other part of the team that needs work.

    I have no preference whatsoever who comes as long as they are top quality. Benayoun is a good player, but not quite in that bracket. I honestly don’t care if we don’t get any of the names being bandied about, just as long as we do make a significant signing (I mean quality, not fee).

  132. Nice write up Yogi.

    Thinking Santos must have had a get-out clause in his contract that meant when Fenerbache were booted out of the CL he became available. Hence he flew under the radar. Or quite simply without CL money, Fenerbache had to sell.

    As for late transfer activity in general, I think it’s enforced on us. Unless a player really wants to come to our club and no other (ala Gervinho), then we are going to be subject to hijack bids from rivals like City who can afford to buy a player and loan them out even, just to hurt us.

  133. Blackburn have lodged an official bid for Scott Dann…. who’s on his way out and where?

  134. Once again wenger screws the club.

    we are making signing just to hang in there.

    signings that make no statement.

    signings to cover cracks.

    This squad has been begging for a world class striker, and with the exit of fabregas we now need a world class midfielder.

    with 100mil in the bank – what do we do?

    we sign a korean for 1.8mil

    we chase a chelsea reject to cover for the best midfielder in the world.

    no ambition – yet again.

  135. Limpar – And further to that, if I am being honest I (and I imagine most others) have not really seen that much of the players we are linked with. The madness of the transfer window has seen me desperate to sign this M’Villa fellow…..I have never even seen him play. Crazy days. 🙂

  136. Paul, get a grip man! Wenger said he was looking to buy 3 players and he named the areas he wanted to strengthen. What areas do you think he is strengthening.

    Anyway, does it even matter why players are coming in or is it what is necessary?

    Stop your moaning!

  137. Darius @ 7:19 am,

    Too true. I’d also argue that Gervinho is a better replacement for Samir. Nevertheless, the media driven pin heads make no reference to this fact but prefer to join in the crap-fest of “we’ve let a great talent go. We are a selling club. Woe is me!”

    I’m also optimistic that we will be bringing in another creative player before this day’s out. However, I’d also argue that (with Jack and Diaby to return) we can replace Cesc with a slight change in style/formation.

    Deep breaths are needed right now

  138. Wavey

    Has JC gone to Lorient man?

    That must mean he could be back in a year then, cool.

  139. Ryan Shawcross is a principled vegetarian, leader of the campaign for nuclear disarmement, and Taoist thinker! He has been touted, on these very august pages, as a future prime minister of a new kinder, happier England! A noted social theorist, dynamic public speaker, campaigner for social and environmental causes, historian, academician, cosmonaut, physicist, philosopher, spiritual visionary and peace-builder.

    How DARE you bandy that irascable “raw meat” comment about?

  140. Boozy,

    When you sober up and overcome your nationalistic nonesense, maybe you’d reflect on TH14, PV4, TV5, CF4… A Korean who happens to be his national team captain (above his Manc cousin)!

    But of course, you know better.

  141. Dgob – Having Cesc and Jack last year was not enough, so why would it when you take Cesc out of the picture. Jack may well step up, but Cesc creativity needs replacing.

    On thing that struck me the other day watcing M City was how many “match winners” they have. Even if they are playing crap, they have so many players who will conjure a goal from nothing. If we are being honest, we are lacking a bit here. Cesc was undoubtably one of our match winners, and one of the main reasons he needs replacing. We have plenty of players how could potentially be classed as such, but not many who are.

  142. André Santos is a MAJOR improvement on Gibbs (is he still alive?). Although for us Brazukas, we tend to view him, as not the best opção para a posição de lateral esquerdo (left lateral defense). Not because he isn’t solid defensively; but, rather, due to his lack of atypical brasileiro flair. The general consensus from the public is that Marcelo & Adriano are much better at providing this world renowned touch.

    However, o Seleção coach, Mano, happens to prefer him over the aforementioned. So much so, that, André Santos has featured in every International game of Mano’s tenure ( of last yr. Interestingly enough, following the team’s sub-par performances at the Copa, he was omitted from the squad scheduled to face Ghana. His place going to….you’ve guessed it, Marcelo & Adrano.

    Nevertheless, i’m proud to have a felow countryman playing for Arsenal – even if he is ex-Corinthians (private joke). Boa sorte André Santos!

    VAMOS LA ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    VAMOS MEU BRASIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  143. Feeling quite excited.

    Apart from the last signing being a midfielder, do we know if we are going for an attacking mid/playmaker or a defensive midfielder?

  144. Yogi

    Nice post man, regards to transfers and the lateness of them. I guess there are various reasons why we have left it so late. Whatever the reasons, they will look like panic buys after Sunday (oops, not allowed to mention the game!)

    For me, I just think we like to save money, signing Mertesacker in June would have meant paying him since June, so we have saved a few quid and thats what we love to do!

    I think the 3 players we have signed are decent squad players.

    Now, hopefully we can sign 2 or 3 top class players to add to those 3.

  145. Me thinks Boozy is too spaced out to realize he’s supporting the wrong London club.

    Boozy – the £100 million folks are across the river and down the Kings Road.

  146. gotcha, goonerandy. Well that’s pretty much my position today too. We are talking about creative midfielders here after all – pretty much anyone Arsene Wenger signs to create in this Arsenal team is going to have some serious game. We’re not going to end up with Keith Andrews are we.

  147. Borges

    Thanks for that on Andre Santos.

    I think you are being unfair and harsh on Gibbs though!

  148. @ Dexter

    “Has JC gone to Lorient man?

    That must mean he could be back in a year then, cool.”

    Nah. Three days, tops.

  149. Fun – We seem to be quite stongly linked with this M’Villa bloke. Him plus maybe Benayoun is maybe quite realistic? I would love us to sign a top quality playmaker, but who is going to sell this type of player so late in the window?

  150. SAGoon, up here, the weather is fine, the people are wonderful, the music and poetry incredible, and rumours are that the US dollars come out of the half dozen ATMs that work. But if the water don’t get you, the politics sure will! Time longer than a rope though. We are survivors, none but ourselves. Soon, soon. And you?

  151. I think Santos is competition for Gibbs rather than a 40 game automatic first choice. Probably play a similar number of games. Santos can cover left midfield too – apparently. That right, Borges?

  152. Dexter,

    Mertesacker and André Santos will become First-Team regulars this season. There’s also a chance that Ju might supercede Arshavin ad/or Walcott in the starting lineup. His workrate is phenomenal.

  153. FunGunner

    Eh? Joel Campbell will get his work permit after 3 days in France then?

  154. Boozy,

    Sorry, your nonsense gave me brain freeze and I posted prematurely. To quote your closing gambit:

    “with 100mil in the bank – what do we do? we sign a korean for 1.8mil… we chase a chelsea reject to cover for the best midfielder in the world… no ambition – yet again.”

    And when Cesc arrived, other fans of your persuaded(sic) would have levelled exactly the same criticism. I’ve already listed a number of players whose departure was equally greeted with cries of hysteria and who were questioned and/or unknown when Arsene brought them in.

    The real question seems to be: Will you never learn?

  155. Henri Lansbury is off as well – he has had a few PL clubs bidding for him, which must boost his confidence a lot.

  156. Yes, he can @Limpar Assist.

  157. Oh gawd, please not Benayawn!

  158. Limpar – Hah, hopefully not. You never know though, Arsene can’t resist a bargain 😉

  159. @ Dexter
    It’s a joke. JC. Three days.

    Regarding Santos, when I saw the YouTube clip, I immediately thought he was very like Traore or Eboue – you could use him as a wide forward as well as a LB.

  160. FG

    I will be really sad and disapointed if lansbury is sold. Really thought he had a big future at the club.

    Willbe a shame if he is sold.

    Right, have fun today, I will!

  161. FG

    Oh Jesus! 😀


  162. Do the Honda rumours have any basis? I would love to sign him. Amazing player. And creative.

    Darius, you are blurring the line between drumming up discussion and outright troll-like behaviour with that Sahwcross comment.

  163. Darius – been reading some crap you’ve been writing so its no point arguing with you.

    ngob – dont get me wrong in we’ve made some tidy transfers this summer – infact 4 to be exact.

    GERVINHO – who i think is better than nasri.

    THE MATERNATOR – just what we need.

    SANTOS – who i believe is better than clichy

    JERKINSON – for someone so young, shows great qualities.

    but would this players win titles for us – i dont think so.

    And you’d think after 7 years the club should be having a shot at the title no running experiments.

  164. Honda would be a good signing. We are going very……oriental.

  165. @ Markus | August 31, 2011 at 10:43 am

    “Do the Honda rumours have any basis? I would love to sign him. Amazing player. And creative.”

    We enquired about him a few weeks ago and I am secretly hoping for him.
    Not so secretly now, obviously. Be nice for Ryo, too.

  166. Just Another Luke

    LimparAssist | August 31, 2011 at 9:48 am

    This is hilarious! Bring a smile to my face. Thanks.

  167. I think if another worker/passer midfielder like M’Vila is signed in midfield it pretty much paves the way for Jack Wilshere to become lead creator, doesn’t it? That’s always been his natural role in the yoot teams.

  168. andy @ 10:30 am,

    “Having Cesc and Jack last year was not enough, so why would it when you take Cesc out of the picture. Jack may well step up, but Cesc creativity needs replacing.”

    Firstly, could part of that problem be that we built our team and the way we played around Cesc? Secondly, is your thinking not locked into that same team approach that you are seeking to exceed this term? Have we always neede a sole creative player or (when most successful) not soundt to have a team of creative and interactive players? Fourth and finally, do you feel that Arsene really cannot change the style of a team to achieve success in a different but equally beautiful way (remember here that he has always said that the available players dictate the style; did the invincibles not play in a different/pre-Cesc style and, then, your answer to my second question)?

  169. Dgob –

    “And when Cesc arrived, other fans of your persuaded(sic) would have levelled exactly the same criticism. I’ve already listed a number of players whose departure was equally greeted with cries of hysteria and who were questioned and/or unknown when Arsene brought them in.”

    “the real question seems to be: Will you never learn”

    dgob i thought you reasoned better .

  170. I agree with Limpar.

    It seems as always the french league are producing another fine crop for the rest of europe. With Gervinho, M’Villa and Martin coming out in the top 5 assist / performers. So yeah I would be very happy with those names.

    I have to say I do have a bit of a cheb on for Goatze though, from what I have seen he looks to be a real “super quality” player. I like the idea of the odd player coming in from the bundesleiga as it seems a fairly physical league.

  171. Balague – Hazard transfer request????

  172. Limpar, yes. It was my number 1 position to be filled when it became clear Cesc would go. Jack moving forward with another central mid coming in. M’Villa would be perfect.

    But now I’m just getting carried away with transfer deadline day and all these names.

  173. BOOZY is just spam isn’t he? Ignore.

    Or Passover as The Jewish Iniesta might say…

  174. Apparently – Chelsea have offered £30 million plus Flaurent Maluda to Tottenham in exchange for Luka Modric. However, Tottenham want the £30 million plus Drogba instead.

    It’s not just the Arsenal rumours hitting the mills.

  175. Dgob – Yeah, that could well be true. I suppose I am just concered that if we do not replace the goals and assist Cesc and Nasri offered, we may struggle. But you are right, if (and there has been no sign of this yet) we alter out system things may pan out OK.

  176. Bendtners dad says he IS in Stoke ahead of a move there.

  177. Same here, Markus… going a bit mad. Might log off til ten to midnight and see what’s actually gone on.

  178. We’ll steal this darn league title, right from under Man Utd, City and Chelsea’s noses – with just 2 more additions. Preferably Yann M’Villa & Gourcoff/Goetze (since the Hazard deal is as good as lost in space).


    Gibbs is a good kid. I dont see him as a fully fledged No.1 for another couple of seasons. Not until he gets an handle on his injury frailty, and work on his posititioning and keeping concentration in key moments. He’ll go down as a future club legend.

  179. Ignore that Hazard comment it was from a fake account. Thought it sounded unlikely!

  180. I have to say though, despite my slight reservation that Wilshere is not quite ready to step into Cesc’s shoes


    Does look pretty good. One thing is for sure, no teams would be “bullying” our midfield.

  181. Dgob and others,

    just a correction (but absolutely no intention to slight park ju young), he is captain ahead of park ji sung because park ji sung is retired from international football.

    jsut to get the facts right.

    yet having said that, i watched him during the world cup, and i think he is a useful, all-round player. surprisingly he could attack and head the ball well(not a strength usually associated with asian forwards i suppose). i think he would be a useful utility player for us in the front-line since he can play centrally, as well as left and right. i think he might be clever enough to play fluidly with rvp.

    good signing, but still hope we are getting hazard in. the more the merrier, given the way we lose our players to injuries and suspensions.

  182. Limpar – You can’t do that. This is half the fun ;).

    I think with the change of dynamic in the side, one of hte main challeneges for the players will be to get away from our current habit of penning a side back, and then looking to find the smallest gap to pass through. Our signings all seem quite direct, so mabe a change is the best option we have. Will be a hard habit for them to break I would imagine though.

  183. Boozy,

    Ok. Your last post should more perspective. However, I still argue that his price, nationality and relative anonymity need not be the key issue. The quesion is: can he do the required job for us? I believe he is most likely able to do precisely that and would need to be proven wrong in my belief and optimism rather than to assume the worst at the outset.

    Fans and supporters obviously don’t always see things the same way.

  184. ‘I don’t buy the panic buyer theory being peddled’-nice.
    nor do i. IM SOOOOOO HYPE. 11pm cant come quick enough,
    swansea must be hating the timing of events. to be fair im more concerned about jacks recovery.

  185. ‘showed’ not ‘should’. (Multi-tasking, badly!)

  186. Samir Nasri on twitter;

    “This tweet is for the
    english newspaper stop trying to
    made something between me and
    arsenal i love this club and
    everything around it”

  187. Samir Nasri on twitter;

    “This tweet is for the
    english newspaper stop trying to
    made something between me and
    arsenal i love this club and
    everything around it”

    Such are the limitations of 140 characters that he was unable to add

    “But I love money more and in no way was I to blame for Arsenal’s form dropping away at the end of the season, even though I put together a string of shoddy performances”

  188. @Goonerandy.

    Don’t you think the introduction of Gervinho has already helped changed the approach we have to a more direct and in your face attack and a perfect example was his assist to RVP against Udinese. There’s more of that to come.

    We’re not going to replace Cesc like for like, and it looks like we’ve already got an alternative for Nasri – and a more direct player at that in 3gs who will provide assists and score goals.

    Do you think it’s possible that by approaching things differently with the players that have come in – Cesc’s assists and goals may also be covered?

    If we get a defensive minded midfielder like M’vila – creativity can still be through Li’l Jack, Rambo, Rosicky et al – but I suspect there’s a different focus on us using the pace of Theo, 3Gs, Ryo and The Ox to bamboozle our way through the bus parkers we haven’t been able to deal with for some time now.

    When Cesc and Nasri were around, it didn’t work as well as we thought. Not to suggest that they’re not good enough players, they’re excellent, but perhaps its time to try something different.

  189. This is from

    Quick and easy way to get a WP: (once player has signed without one)

    1) Loan him out to your feeder club, if you do not have one, ask the board for one!
    Belgium and Spain are the best countries to have as Feeder clubs (just remember, this is just for Work Permit’s, nothing else)

    2) during his loan period at the feeder club offer him new contracts at least once a month, this will initiate the WP process all over again, sometimes you get lucky while he is playing 1st team football at the Feeder club and his WP will be granted…

    3) he will be granted one after the alloted time it takes to get a WP playing at the Feeder club (Belgium, Poland and Spain are the quickest, they are 3 years)

    General rules on WP:

    Players without this work permit are ineligible to play in the Premier League or for any other member of the Football League. The foreign player’s club must apply for the work permit, or Governing Body Endorsement, on his behalf. To have the work permit approved, the club must prove the foreign player complies with all of the regulations set forth by The Football Association.

    International Appearances

    Any foreign player who seeks a work permit must have appeared in at least 75 percent of his national team’s competitive A matches during the previous two years. A competitive A match includes the World Cup, World Cup qualifying and any other match played in the country’s federation. If the player has not fulfilled this requirement for any reason, the club must provide written evidence documenting the player’s injury history.
    ational Team Ranking

    The player’s national team must also be ranked in the top 70 in the official FIFA world soccer rankings. The Football Association averages the monthly FIFA rankings over a two-year period to assess whether the player meets this requirement. The national team ranking regulation ensures the prospective player comes from a strong international playing background.

    League Membership

    The club cannot apply for a work permit on the player’s behalf unless it is a member club of the Premier League or the Football League. Work permits are only granted to players in these leagues, so his parent club must be a proper member to receive the work permit.

    Length of Work Permit

    When the club’s initial application has been approved, the player is granted a valid work permit for a maximum of three years or the length of his contract, whichever is shorter. If the player’s contract exceeds three years, the club may file extensions in two-year increments.

  190. Guys and Girls: Has Chamakh become 4th-choice striker in the squad starting order?

  191. Just Another Luke

    There are some pretty decent Koreans already in the premier league. Park Ji Sung and another at Bolton (currently out due to a long-tern injury). Our Park should provide good yeoman service to Arsenal

  192. Darius – Quite possibly.

  193. Dont forget Momma’s boy, ZimPaul. Lol.

  194. I’m all for Santos, but could you not make a cheeky swipe at Gibbs while bigging up your compatriot, Borges?

  195. I’ll say one thing. All these new players, I’ll be fucked if we stop playing nice tippy-tappy football. Having two midfielders to cover the back four is great but that shouldn’t stop a nice bis of passing play. It didn’t stop Vieira and Petit or V and Gilberto or V and Edu.

    I don’t think we’ll ever stop doing our beautiful thang.

  196. Can’t believe so many comments about Honda but no-one has said that he has a good engine!

  197. Only a fool would rate Lansbury and not The Jewish Iniesta
    Unless its one of my dear pal’s of course.
    Best put one of these in case he is still depressed 🙂
    Just kidding Dexter 😉

  198. Grimandi was on French TV yesterday and when the others present where talking about panic buys he stated that the club had been following them for some time now and he assured them it was not panic buys.
    When the others stated the fact that the problem with Arsenal could not compete on wages with the super rich clubs he did not deny it saying that the problem was that they could have given super big wage to one player but then the whole squad should receive a raise and indeed it blocked some transfers.
    One worrying thing he said is that they have identified Cesc’s possible replacements but that they were deemed intransferable by their clubs this year (in my opinion Hazard) which probably explain the big reluctance to sell Cesc this year and the fact that we have been linked with a few loan signing (Kaka, Lucho).

  199. The obvious thing to do for little Samir to avoid being misquoted, misrepresented, taken out of context, misread, embellished, falsified, exaggerated or taken out would be to button his lip and let his feet do his talking.

  200. One thing we can be sure of is that Arsenal’s profile and commercial value will increase in South Korea and Japan due to the signings of Park and Ryo. From a commercial point of view, the signings make perfect sense eespecially since Arsenal is expanding in the Asian market.

    It may also open up opportunities for more commercial sponsorship deals for major global companies like Samsung, Hyundai, LG and many other Japanese and Asian brands.

  201. Els – Not stopping the passing game. The football the likes of PV4 played would not be desribed as “tippy tappy”. It is almost that we have recently gorwn so used to dominating possesion, that penetration had actually taken a back seat.

  202. Thanks for the head up @gunnerluc

  203. Just checked the FIFA World ranking charts – Costa Rica are ranked 60 so Campbell would qualify for a work permit if he plays in 75% of their competitve A matches over a two year period.

    So next summer seems to be the most likely point at which his permit would be approved.

  204. Schneider to Man Utd..! Say it ain’t so.

  205. @ gunnerluc
    Thanks for that – that information makes sense and fits with the facts.

    @ Wavey | August 31, 2011 at 11:25 am

    Can’t believe so many comments about Honda but no-one has said that he has a good engine!
    ha ha! good one.

  206. We moan when we don’t sign players, we moan when we do. There is a whole season ahead of us to be excited about, let alone the next 12 hours. As has been pointed out, these are exciting times for Arsenal ‘Haven’t won a trophy in seven years’ FC. Lets not dwell on the past too much.

  207. Sly Sports – Benayoun rejected loan deal to Lille

  208. WS to Man Utd .Now thats what you call a signing

    While we are after Honda

  209. What I want to know is when are the tickets for the CC match coming on sale? Hm?

  210. mattyboy

    Its the quality of signings.we moan about.Remember who we signed last summer Chamakh and Squillaci have been a disaster and Koscielny ok.

    We have £70m to spend FFS

  211. Bendtners first words when he joins Stoke “I have always wanted to play for Stoke i turned down Barcelona to join them”

  212. Looks like Schnieder deal is done. FFS.

  213. Fuck off, Brian. Honda is top class.

  214. Say what you like about ol rednose but he always strengthens from a position of strength.

  215. Brian, Honda is an amazing player. Reputation means fuck all. I’d choose Honda over Sneijder, as RvP is what matters.

    Keeping an eye on the Hazard transfer request situation.

    Santos, Mert, M’villa and Hazard. I think that is a little far fetched yet amazin.

  216. My goodness. Has Jabba hijacked Jonny’s account? Ugh.

  217. Jonny, where you getting the scheider deal info from? Your sources, or is it out there somewhere?

  218. Well said Loomer!

  219. Replacing Cesc

    Think of him as a number and replace the number. The number is 10, the European 10 not the English one.

    What we do need to do though is take the pressure off that player by strengthening the defense. They have flattered to deceive when the Fab played.

    Zim. Weather nearly as good here and there are a few of your countrymen too, so we are all better off for it. Maybe boil the water and add a few politicians for good measure. Keep up the philosophy.

  220. So does anybody know about vargas? That has quitened down now. I think most people would like a central midfielder wouldn’t they. Creative or A little more support minded?

    Personally if we could only get one midfielder I would go for the M’villa type thinking about it. Goatze and Hazard are stunning players, but with options of Song, Frimp, M’Villa, Ramsey and Rosicky sat behind Jack I would be more than happy. Jack deserves his chance. If there has been a youngster in the epl that has shone and deserves to make his mark it’s jack.

    I can’t help feeling like a greedy child at the moment.

  221. I’m genuinely excited by the prospect of all three signings – especially Mertesacker! As for the likelihood of further signings… Gourcuff would be on top of my wishlist, if Arsene is listening! BTW, if Arsene had a 40m “war chest” as the Board proclaimed earlier why was it that no business was done until the conclusion of the Cesc & Nasri deals?
    Anyway, very good signings as usual by Mr Wenger. Last minute deals but astutely done, IMHO.
    In fact, I’d like to see us line up in a 3-4-3 thus :
    gk Szcezny
    def Vermaelen Mertesaker Koscielny
    mid Sagna Song Wilshere Santos
    fwd Walcott RvP Gervinho
    subs Fabianski Jenkinson Rosicky Ramsey Park
    Tasty! : )

  222. Nah this was SSN – which said coming up huge news from Man Utd and has since announced NO NEWS. I give up!

    MY friends at the beeb are too busy running round like headless chickens trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.

    Disinformation has become so prevalent now it’s a total nightmare for them – massive waste of man hours trying to validate the “Kaka to Dagenham & Redbridge” stories.

  223. SSN says Mertesacker has agreed terms

  224. Has anybody read that doc from the bundes (supposedly) it is a list of possible movers. If you aint on it you can’t move. No Goatze. But per mertersacker is on.

  225. Breaking News: Jim White is being filmed all day by Sly Sports preparing for the customary orgasmic TDD show tonight.

  226. KAKA TO DAGGENHAM AND REDBRIDGE SHOCKER !!! (3 exclamation marks).

    This has now been verified. Deal agreed and the player has been given permission to talk to the club. Jobs a bouler.

  227. And Kaka has been seen in a black Jaguar XF outside Victoria road in Dagenham ready to go in for a medical after his father and agent concludes negotiations with Dagenham and Redbridge. Straight from the BBC Sports desk.

  228. Please don’t ever put me and Jabba in the same sentence. *goes for bath*

  229. Morning campers. Some great comments this morning, but some fucking shockers too. I know this has been said by many already, but the complaints about the last couple of days’ activity are just absurd. Hankering for these types of signings, then slating the club when they come. Get a grip you complete fools.

    I am extremely happy with the signing of Mertersacker. A great piece of business for one of the best defenders on the international stage. Bollocks to his ‘slow turning circle’. He is a truly great player with tons of experience and leadership qualities. Nice work Arsene.

    Dos Santos is an unknown to me. I have heard a few things, more positive than Borges description, but Borges is more in the know than me, so I will trust your judgement on that. Hope he exceeds your expectations!

    Park is another unknown, and am looking forward to seeing how he will fit into the squad. I expect more of a back up utility forward. We shall see. Another international captain though, can only be a good thing for mentality on and off the pitch.

    I also hope we sign a creative midfielder. M’Villa would be good, but I think we can cover the DM position/s with Song, Frimp & Jack. Unless we are looking towards more of a double DM shield in front of the defence? Then M’Villa would be a great signing, although fairly expensive. I would absolutely love to have Kaka here, very unlikely i know, and have seen many on here saying he’s shit.. I wholeheartedly disagree with that. Anyway, doubt it will happen.

    Interesting to see who the midfielder is going to be…. If any of course.

  230. Hey Jonny – here’s some Cillit Bang grime and lime – you’ll need it for that bath.

  231. Ha-ha, yes well done. :0)

    I understand it’s a player/manager&owner position and the club shall henceforth DR. Kaka.

  232. I understand it’s a player/manager&owner position and the club shall henceforth be known as DR. Kaka.

  233. Sorry, Jonny. I just absolutely loathe United and can’t even be asked to acknowledge the fuckers.

  234. Haha it would have to be player/manager/owner key to the city Mayor deal I feel.

  235. @ Andrew
    “BTW, if Arsene had a 40m “war chest” as the Board proclaimed earlier why was it that no business was done until the conclusion of the Cesc & Nasri deals?”

    We bought gervinho, Campbell, Jenkinson, AOC and got Miyaichi’s work permit in before now. We have been working on these latest deals all summer. We don’t control when the business is done – everyone has to jump together.

    @ Geo
    Agree. Some people even moaned beforehand that AW was being too fussy and now they are complaining that the players we have brought in, or who are rumoured to be comign in, are not good enough!

  236. If you thought the DR Kaka story was crazy I just saw a tweet saying ‘Riquelme to Everton’.

  237. I once knew a girl who lived just outside the dR stadium on Victoria Road. In fairness to her, she had more game than the Daggers outside her flat.

    Definitely more game than her off Valley Grove by Charlton. I was more interested in Charlton playing than her game. There used to be a fish and chippie shop that only opened on Charlton match days. Nice Turkish guy called Eric (though I doubt that was his real name). He once told me he could pay all the bills by only opening on match days.

  238. Also to add to FunGunners answer…

    @Andrew, why did we wait til after we sold Cesc and Nasri to buy a midfielder… erm well probably cos he didn’t want them to go and concentrated on them staying. As soon as we sign a replacement their price goes down.

  239. els I just like the thought of a club known as Doctor Kaka.

  240. Fuck me what role would riquelme get at Everton? I will eat my own bollocks if Everton get Riquelme.

  241. @ Geo
    Agree applied to the whole comment btw, not just the bit I expanded on. I think a MF is definitely coming, just not clear what flavour.

  242. Would it be daggenham and dr kaka. Or Dr Kaka and Redbridge?

    I think I like Dr Kaka and Redbridge

  243. “Keisuke Honda’s agent has told press that the player is NOT moving to Arsenal.”

    Ah well.

  244. On BBC: Honda’s agent says he is not moving to Arsenal.

  245. I was thinking the DR would be abbr for Dagenham and Redbridge (like MK Dons) but inevitably they would be known to the fans as Doctor Kaka.

  246. Yeah that would certainly do.

  247. So will that be 20 titles for Utd or 21?

  248. Giles Sunu leaves arsenal on 4year deal to Lorient. Nominal fee.

  249. DuncanCastles tweeted:

    “Henri Lansbury set to join West Ham United on a season loan.
    2 minutes ago”

    That will be a relief to some.

  250. That he has not been sold, I mean

  251. Oh well fungunner.

    Not very often a honda breaks down eh?

    Oh by the way, did you realise you are of the lady persuassion? I only just found out yesterday, thought I’d check? Sorry if I have called you mate, and other suck comments.

    Cheers erm… bird?? 😉

  252. Lansbury to WHam on season long loan.

    Which means we are signing a replacement today yes?

  253. Well done Arsenal.. lets hope its not too little too late. The prices being quoted around the media world for our incoming players seems a right steal. I just seriously hope the damage and cost on our season so far is made up for the wait.

    I know its hard to finalize deals when you have teams like Bolton waiting til the last minute of the transfer window for a huge offer, but the state of our squad going to Old Trafford was simply appalling. Who is to blame for not getting the deals done before hand…. I doubt we will get an answer, many will continue to point the finger at our great manager, and it disgusts me to be honest why he has to take all the criticism. He is quite possibly in a position where he has to take the blame, having the fans on the board and owners back’s as well could lead to a major melt down!

  254. els lol

    “did you realise you are of the lady persuasion?”

    FG runs to the bathroom to check!

  255. Good luck to Lansbury if true.

  256. @ els

    “Oh by the way, did you realise you are of the lady persuassion? ”
    Yes, I did, thanks. 🙂

  257. Wavey
    thanks for posting that WP info……..


    FunGunner confirmed as lifelong signing by the XX chromosome.

  259. XY chromosome left confused and bewildered.

  260. SLy Sports journo at Stocke saying Bendy won’t be joining them

  261. SSN – no interest in B52 from stoke.

  262. Lansbury’s contract is up next summer – unless he performs astonishly well on loan, highly likely that he has left Arsenal for good.


  263. As almost all the deals are done on the last day anyway, would it not make more sense to make the transfer window like a week long?

    It’d be loads of fun!

  264. Hardy har har Jonny

    Ok That’s good FG. It snook up on me that’s all.

  265. It amazes me how people know the exact quality of incoming players, as if they have been tracking them for 2 years. It tends to be the same people who don’t realise, or appreciate the quality of the players we have already got!

    I would sooner trust the judgement of Arsenal and one of the best scouting networks in world football, than Brian from the Internet. Close call that one.

  266. LOL FunGunner.

    Now that’s a relief, because if you weren’t of the female persuasion as ELS calls it, then he needs to do more work in getting you to realise it.

    As for Bendy – it might not be a bad idea to get him to knuckle down and play for Arsenal one final season – and while he’s at it, he might want to get rid of his dad as his agent.

  267. Jabba's Delights


    ”Another international captain though, can only be a good thing for mentality on and off the pitch.”

    Rosicky proves that point slightly mute after the weekend where he was disgraceful in his attitude. Teams have got to find there own dynamics. I like the fact that Park is a work horse. Going to be hard for the rest of the forwards to not follow with his example.

    Delighted with the Mertesacker signing as long as its accompanied with a slight change in playing style from the team. Him and TV5 partnership has all the making of one of the most formidable and cultured pairings in europe.

    Santos excities me the most i just hope he adapts quickly. We have been crying out for a full back who doesnt faint when in the final 3rd and he can open up our game so much.

    If we were to go out an get M’vila and an attackign mid we look primed for a much better 35 games than the 3 before. Some genuine competition for places all over the park which is what we’ve lacked for ages.

  268. @ELS – Make sure you also don’t refer to Passenal as a bloke. Once is a mistake – twice, bang out of order….hehehe

  269. How about just one weekend, and have a whole convention. Where clubs take players they would be willing to sell to a large market. Perhaps they could be penned in, related to price brackets. So you could visit the £20 – £25 million bracket and see what’s in there. Attract the player over to the edge of the pen with a glamour model and bottle of crystal. Have a word with the little chap and his agent, throw them in the back of the van and bung the odd suitcase full of cash here and there.

    1 weekend, all done.

  270. I recall Wenger saying Lansbury would be a big player for Arsenal.

    Shame it doesn’t look as though that will come true.

  271. M’Villa is such a good signing, if we obtained his services, and Song and Diaby versatile enough to play a more creative role, and with defensive qualities, and not necessarily for every match anyway, that he would be the top signing of the lot. Hope that’s the way it plays.

    Benayoun would be a good maverick signing, but I doubt the veracity of that one, in a right sided attacking role, behind wonder-boy. He’s done quite good work in various games against us, and has abilty to open up a game. Malouda is unlikely at 31, but I rate him highly. These would be luxury signings if at all; but Wenger does that from time to time.

    We would all like a creative midfielder as main target, because we think we must replace Cesc/Nasri but this may not be Arsene’s view, unless he finds the very right one (Hazard). We already have a creative, mobile midfield, but it hasn’t even played this season.

  272. Darius, did you do that? Hoo hooo unforgivable.

    Yeah Lansbury seems to have done something since the start of the season to put him out of favour I feel. Shame that, I thought he would be a similar player to freddie. Not expected to be all that, but always deliver at the right time.

    Also is it just me or is Ryo getting less exposure than first expected? I know the first two games he was a no no. But the CL away leg and ManUre I thought we’d get more of him. Did I miss something?

  273. @ els | August 31, 2011 at 12:40 pm

    You mean that isn’t how it’s done anyway?

  274. joe cole signs for lille lets hope that means a replacement for hazard and not for park

  275. @ els
    Ryo is injured, is all. He played in a reserves match (scored) to get his fitness back up after going back home but did his groin, and was out for ten days. Should be OK for Swansea. He would have gone up to ManUre if not for that.

  276. @Zimpaul our midfield is VERY light.

    Diaby and Rosicky have never played regularly in any season so can hardly be relied upon.

    Wilshere has an Achilles problem so heaven knows how much he will play this season.

    If, as reported, Lansbury is away to WHam, we are truly struggling for depth.

    Creative midfielders are hard to find but if we sign no further midfielder I can’t help feeling we will go into this season lacking an essential addition to the squad.

    Hopefully Oxy Acetylene will settle & mature at astonishing speed.

  277. els @ 12.40 yup that sounds ideal.

    What a weekend that would be.


  278. FG I think that that transfer system was experimented with in the late 90’s didn’t last long as that is how Robbie Savage made it into football.

    Thanks for the info on Ryo. Completely bypassed me that one.

  279. Sky sports could film the pens and we could perhaps swap, G. Neville and J Redknapp for david attenborough.

    You could get player cam and pick one player to watch or watch the whole thing unfold.

  280. 6 More hours before the King of TV ejaculation takes his place on the SlyPad. The legend of Jim White – its now called.

    ELS – stop hating on Savage. We are not allowed to discriminate against retards – it’s only fair that he benefits from the doctrine of equal opportunity.

  281. Maybe I just like the idea of football players in pens being sold like mad cattle.

  282. Hahaha Darius. Let’s hope that the BBC get his wage subsidised by the government.

  283. SSN LATEST – Jim White is in the building and his phone is switched on.

  284. Currently I imagine Jim White is smearing himself with vaseline.

  285. LOL ELS – that would really be affirmative action.

  286. Not much difference to how it is now really.

    I do often wonder about the situation. Some guy who has liven in Madrid ends up persuaded into a move, spends 3 years living in Hull or summit. No wonder you have to pay them millions.

  287. FFS Jonny – LOL.

    I trust the vaseline isn’t for the HD effect.

  288. Hey Fun xx 😉

    Thanks! I hope we do get a creator, and as much as i like Benayoun, I think we could be aiming a little higher. He has that creativity and guile, but he is no better than Rosicky imo, in fact they are very similar players. But if we’re going to give Jack more of a free reign, then by all means, M’Villa sounds like a great signing. I just hope there’s not too much pressure put on him to create. I have a feeling we will be using much more width this year, with the speedy little ones down the wings, so expect to see Jack or whoever’s in the AM role, to be pinging countless balls down the flanks for Theo, Gerv, Ryo, Arsh, Ox etc to run onto. Could be devastating…

    Jabba –
    You can’t base a player’s mentality on a few glimpses of his demeanor during an 8-2 drubbing. Rosicky has shown so much fight and commitment so far this season, from last ditch amazing tackles, to chasing back relentlessly when losing the ball… He has a great mentality, hence being given the captaincy for Czech Republic. You can’t say that having more international captains in the team being beneficial is a ‘moot point’. That is obviously wrong.

  289. HD meaning Huge Donger?

  290. That was a double ‘x’, not kisses btw!!

  291. We think we have it bad; imagine being a Villa fan today. As we speak they are in talks to sign somebody from……….wait for it………… is going to be worth it………..Shamrock Rovers.

  292. goonerandy

    come on, you can’t knock Shamrock Rovers. After all they’re in Europe and Villa aren’t.

  293. Would like Lansbury to stay. we’ve already lost eboue, so he’s the only good dancer left. Look him up on youtube, he does a great dougie

  294. Just had a quick glance on the AFC website to see if they had confirmed signings. Somebody should seriously have a word with Ox about his bowl cut. That’s just wrong, looks like he’s just signed up to a monastry rather than Arsenal.

  295. In my honest opinion, expecting Wilshere to carry off from where Fabregas and Nasri (two great players) left off, is a tad premature. There’s a huge gulf, between playing the playmaker’s role for the youth and reserve teams and, excelling there at the highest level of soccer. We need an outright replacement, fully versed with his job specification, like he knows the back of his hands, to fulfill this role adequately, RIGHT NOW, and not a future prospect.

  296. I can’t see b52 moving this window.

  297. Come on Arsene get on with it. I’ve got fences to croesote and walls to paint, never mind vegetable beds to manure.

    No thought for the working man. Tsk.

  298. Borges

    Not expecting Wilshere to step in for Nasri, that’s why we bought Gervinho. A like for like replacement for Cesc is virtually impossible, but a different style of holding midfielder who has the vision to pass the ball around from the hole in the middle would free up Jack to move a bit further forward. He has also played in a more advanced role in both reserves and with Bolton. Perhaps that’s why we are looking at M’Villa.

  299. Consolbob

    you never stop talking about Manure

  300. It won’t be such a bad idea if Bendy doesn’t move. Granted, he’ll have a re-entry problem, but he’ll get over it.

  301. Consolsbob I mean

  302. Darius

    Bendy has an amazing ego, he’ll shrug it off like a wet raincoat.

  303. Darius, I would be fairly pleased if he stayed. Maybe Wenger could talk him into giving it another shot.

    Our change of tactic just didn’t help the guy. He needs to play next to another striker.

  304. lol consols! How’s the veg coming along?

    Also, just seen the scores for Plymouth Exeter… Sounds like you were unlucky! Should have seen the amount of police in town last night.. Seemed a tad excessive. I’m not an Exeter fan btw, in case you thought i was trying to rub your face in it! 🙂

  305. @Darius – I imagine ‘Mr Transfer Window’, Sky Sports New’s very own Jim White could help Bendy with re-entry.

    He’s already ‘greased up’ after all.

  306. hahaha jonny! I heard Pulis was keen to pull out quickly too…

  307. any one else fancy ballotelli?

    heard the spuds have had a bid 14 mill accepted.

    lets gazump them like we did with pires

  308. @ Darius
    “As for Bendy – it might not be a bad idea to get him to knuckle down and play for Arsenal one final season – and while he’s at it, he might want to get rid of his dad as his agent.”

    you’re so right……

    sadly….. ‘in life’ its very difficult to separate the child from the parent.

  309. How do I change my avartar?

  310. Fortunately Arsesession, Bendtner (more, even, than most footballers) lives in a meticulously constructed fantasy world.

  311. @Wavey

    Playing for Bolton and Arsenal are worlds apart. A star in a small very club is a good squad player for a big squad. Do you expect that Lukaku dude – a star at his former Belgian club, to suddenly become the main man for Chelsea, without being carefully groomed/schooled in his role by his forebearers? Certainly, not a feasible option!

  312. Gee, Ballotelli looks more like a crass jersey shores members than a footballer now

  313. brilliant signings by wenger, im most pleased with the mertesacker and santos signing, most our problems and weakneses lie in defence so we really needed players with experience and leadership qualities and not to mention that mertesaker is very good at organising the back four.

    it just came to me that when i played werder bremen in fifa ultimate team mertesaker was their man of the match, he just dominated my strikers, he was probably the slowest guy on the pitch BUT he is very very good, i know it just a game but he is a top class player, if he wasnt then he would have never played for the germany team, he is one of our most important buys 🙂

  314. geeGunner Bendy for Ballotelli would interest me. I think Wenger / RvP could get him to knuckle down. Balloteli, has great trotters and weighs in at a hefty 18 stone, good for breeding and future offcuts.

  315. I haven’t had much to say in a while because the tone of conversation coming from certain corners has been so negative…well hello’s to Darius, shotta, consol, Frank, Zim, els, fungun, steww, Pass, finsbury…so glad you are all still here. Yogi, OofU and the others for your posts…Arsenal-brand sanity.

    I think there is a significant misconception that says buying new players is a good idea. Clearly when deficiencies are identified you need to find replacements, but the idea is to build a team. New elements are not to be included lightly. A team has chemistry, familiarity, trust, etc. These things require time to develop and can easily be disrupted. We seem to have forgotten the Adebayor lessons very quickly. One player can destabilize a whole team. Perhaps some will argue that there is not much worth saving but playing the Arsenal way is not an overnight endeavor. Right now, as fans, we are doing the worst things possible. We have fallen from our ranks into squabbling and fighting amongst ourselves. When the bombs are falling thick and fast? That is not the time to question the general, the strategy, and the supply chain. Let us ask these questions quietly, in private away from our enemies who crave the chance to see us broken, sweating, fearful. I do not suggest that there are no questions to ask, or that we never hope to be more than we are…(8-2 to the mancs? I’ve been nauseous for days now,) but let’s not fall into a disarray of bashing ourselves. Protect your family. Remember who the enemy is. They hate us when we win and laugh when we lose. The media and the other teams will kick us when we’re down…why help them? My younger brother and I have an agreement: never tear each other up in front of others. If I don’t like something he’s done or I think he’s wrong…we sort it, but we never compromise each others dignity in public. It would be like some stranger stepping to you in a bar and insulting you, only for your wife to say; “It’s true, you are an #$@hole !!” Betrayal. Of course this isn’t the same thing but, I say it only to make the point.

    The bashing of Arsenal football club is in full swing and coming from all sides. Some of it warranted, some of it less so. It could be the board, it could be Wenger, it could be the players, it could be the injuries, the transfer policy, the transfer kitty, the wage structure, the suspensions, the fixture list, the water in the treatment room…I don’t know.

    What I DO KNOW is this…We must watch how we bash our own club…when the bashing is done, WE are the only ones stuck with whatever remains.

  316. Miami – Get yourself a wordpress account. Go to

  317. Not sure why we have again gone across the water to get a CB. TV was a damn good buy but, Kos for me was a big waste and that money possibly could of got Cahill or Samba at that point in time.

    Saying that, you rarely get let down by anything German and this guy has pedigree. Slight concern on his turn of pace but, Wenger is a smart man will arrange things accordingly to suit.

  318. Ooops…wrong comment…repeat from yesterday.

    Um…so how is everyone?

  319. Join to change your avatar to one of your preference. @MIA

  320. Cheers mate

  321. Axis – Did you not make the exact same post yesterday?

  322. Geo
    “Fortunately Arsesession, Bendtner (more, even, than most footballers) lives in a meticulously constructed fantasy world.”

    lol – as do their parents…….

  323. @Axis – Here, Here! Worth saying twice 🙂

  324. god if United does land Sneijder they will win the league this year.. hes guuud!

  325. bendtner, is the biggest lazy cunt waster I have ever seen who has been lucky enough to somehow even be in a Premiership club. I just can’t see what Wenger, sees in him.

    No first touch, no engine. Guaranteed to give the ball away after a fantastic one touch pass and move play. What the fuck else has he got and what has he shown anybody since he has been turning rich at our expense.

    We need to move forward and getting these types off the books would be a good start.

  326. axis…..
    thanks for reposting……

  327. Well, there’s a lot of sh…manure in my life, Wavey.

    The veg. is very good this year, thank you Geo. French beans had a germination problem and the tomato crop is definitely down, Everything else though has been excellent. That’s probably more than you wanted to know though.

    Yes, Argyle are slipping deeper into the mire. I’ve earnt respect for peter Reid though. He may be a crap manager but he’s stuck with the job in bloody awful circumstances.

    Did you know they are closing the market at Hatherleigh?

  328. Sorry…was going to post another piece of text, which I cannot find now, and grabbed the one from yesterday instead…sorry to all.

  329. els,

    You planning on eating the geezer?

    Sounds good to me though.

  330. bendtner according to the media is going to stoke. This is the one time in my life I’m following a media story with so much passion.

    Please do not let this move break down mr shit brass.

  331. Well even if we have not brought in enough players, we have dumped a whole heap this summer..

  332. Good past Axis. Worth making twice. I missed it last time.

    “One player can destabilize a whole team. Perhaps some will argue that there is not much worth saving but playing the Arsenal way is not an overnight endeavor. Right now, as fans, we are doing the worst things possible. We have fallen from our ranks into squabbling and fighting amongst ourselves.”

  333. Good to hear consols, the charity i work for has a project for local food growing, and they are extremely happy with the crops this year, very fruitful due to the weather so far it seems… Alas, i have to rely on a few herbs & tomatoes in containers 😦 our back garden is overrun with Bindweed. Very annoying.

    Shame about the market, haven’t been there in years but was always impressed with the produce on sale.

    Argyle will be ok with the fighting spirit they showed last night. Hope so anyway, as i secretly prefer them to Exeter – sshhh!

  334. URGENT We have not strengthened our midfield with
    just 8 hours to go. Thats our weakest area.Especially with Jack
    Achilles tendon problems. Please lets have some positive news

    Stoke deny there signing Bentdner

  335. well said axis.

    goonerton, i will just repeat myself: koscielny is a better defender than many people think he is.

    and i think against man utd, the highline and the fullbacks’ inability to cope cost us the game.

    the difficulty of the fullback position is possibly the most underrated. fullbacks can cost you games because they affect the midfield and the defence.

    if we are really getting andre santos in (i don’t know him), but i hope that we still have a leftback coming through from the youth ranks who can play, should both gibbs and him be unavailable.

    given our injury record, the more the merrier.

  336. nb 52 is a quality player check his stats consider his age and remember he was played alot on the wing watch some of the games again and see how many times he gives the ball away compared to theo, arsh , cham, and most players of his age goonerton are you a daily mail reader ?

  337. You are a star, axis

  338. we actually have rvp, rosicky and arshavin who can play in the midfield! likely arshavin is moving there… seeing there are a few more players available for the wings

  339. URGENT, hahaha good one sol. Sarcasm at its best.

  340. Parker to Spurs apparently.

    In the absence of other options surely he would be better than no midfield signing at all.

  341. Borges

    been out of a while.

    Why so quick to discount Wilshere? He has clearly been groomed already and has Premiership experience (the Chelsea lad obviously doesn’t). His role compared to that of Fabregas would be completely different and he has already been taking on that responsibility when Fabregas wasn’t available last season. I’m not talking about a Fabregas role where we build the team around him, that type of player is very hard to come by. We need a system which will work given the players we have and those we may bring in, a direct replacement for Fabregas isn’t out there at the moment. If he were there would be a bidding war for him.
    Although not expected to be press ganged so quickly into the first team last season Jack is now, just a first team player. He appears to like the role a bit further forward and is arguably our most talented midfielder. It seems natural that he would step into that role and with a talented midfielder in the hole behind him we could really make use of the very pacey players we have brought in.

  342. A tenner says Parker has a Joe Cole season……

  343. Very well put together Axis. Definitely worth reading twice!

  344. just that, a first team player.

  345. lol Desi that would be fun 🙂

  346. Really happy about signing mertsacker. We now have the stay at home lump that you have all been telling me I was so dumb to be coveting all these years. Know nothing about Santos but we needed a LB desperately. I don’t know anything about park but i have to admit there has never been a signing I did not like. Hope he works out. My biggest hope now is that we modify our defensive strategy and throw the ultra-high defensive line into the trash bin where it belongs.

    Sorry about Lansbury but he would never be more then a squad player. We have plenty of those.

    Interesting that it’s not really that difficult to make transfers happen when the desire is there. We still have a huge pot of money and are sitting on a significant transfer profit. Lets do something really crazy and pick up hazard and Mvilla and really make this a day to celebrate

  347. Would Benayoun be a new Cole? Or is he that much better?

  348. Bob,croesote is illegal now.
    I hope B52 stays.if only to annoy people who cant see what a good player he is.
    He is far to good for Stoke.
    WTF is a “mute point” when its at home?

    And where the hell is Le Boss?That is where the action will be.

  349. Delighted with the signings so far but PLEASE, PLEASE AW get us a midfielder or two. It’s a weak area for us, you said so yourself!

  350. i think benayoun will be the late arrival of we dont get any
    of the french midfielders

  351. SkySportsNews Sky Sports News
    In the next few minutes on #ssn we’ll have the pictures you’ve all been waiting for – shots of #JimWhite arriving for work on #deadlineday


  352. One line up is currently.




    Which is better than a few days ago, but is still only injuries to Wilshere and RvP away from being fairly average. We need a midfielder of quality to come in.

  353. Wavey,

    i always felt that wilshere is more suited to playing in the attacking midfielder role than fabregas, simply because he is a better dribbler, while fabregas has a longer passing range.

  354. Santos on the AFC website

  355. Santos will wear No11 for us. Strange having a No11 at left back.

  356. Bill you are right about the big guy you have mentioned for a long time. However I would say that Mert is a class above the rest of the lumpers mentioned.

    Also Lansbury leaving would lose us a squad player. If anything that’s one thing we DON’T have.

  357. Wavey | August 31, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Good points, and that is how he should be deployed if we aren’t signing an AM. Jack can do it, just as long as he isn’t burdened with the responsibility as much as Cesc was..

  358. santos comfirmed on arsenal website

    2 down 2 to go

  359. Asamoah Gyan handing in a transfer request… Decent player.

  360. You are correct George. Technically.

    It is now called ‘Creocote’.

  361. korihikage

    sudden change of pace and a low centre of gravity are perfect for a ball carrier

  362. is wenger hoping that wilshere will play the att mid position, thus nullifying any need for another midfielder

  363. Glad to see Arsenal confirm one of the signings that everyone seems to think is a done deal! I won’t believe anything about the big German until I see it on the Arsenal website.

    Thanks to the regulars on ehre for staying the course. I wouldn’t expect anything else but it is nice to know that some things will always hold true.

    In the “silver lining” deparment hopefully this poor start by Arsenal will get rid of some of the less intelligent supporters.

  364. Wilshere is ready, he was the most consistent mid we had last season and showed what he could do on the biggest stage of his career so far when we played Barcelona. Could say he was our best player overall.

    How can anyone say that Kos is a waste of money? he is an excellent defender.

  365. #11 for a fullback. That’s kinda weird I agree. He should’ve taken some higher number.11 would’ve perfect for AOC with PerMer taking 15.

  366. George

    Henri lansbury is a youth team product, hasnt played for us, selling him would be sad because he looked like he could do a job for us.

    Benayooon is a decent pro, nothing spectacular and would be seen as Cesc#s replacement. Therefore a big NO NO for me. Hardly a signing to fill that big gaping hole in our midfield.

    Im not depressed dude, I am angry more than anything. The sad thing is that anger will subside and be left with feelings of inertia and apathy. (How does one do an angry smiley?) 😀

  367. SSN: Arsenal eyeing up Toyota, one of just three Japaneese family names

  368. Paul – N
    We need to see goals from Wilshere…….for me that was ‘ONE’ of our club’s problems: Jack made poor decisions in the PA. Passed when he should have taken responsibility for the shot and took shots that lacked confidence.

    This kid has amazing skills and strength…..don’t remember seeing a more powerful dribbler with pace.

    Love his work rate. Wish he would share some of it with Theo!!!!!!!!!!

  369. Check out Santos – he da mutha-fuckin man.

  370. Els:

    Project youth certainly not dead. In fact live and well. We are building a great squad for the 2015 season which is exactly what project yoof should be about However we have been asking way to much of a group of U21 for a long time.

    This year and probably next are clearly transitional years. The new players we just signed should help and hopefully we can hold on to our CL spots for long enough to let this group of youth mature. I really think we should send Ox jenks ryo and adobe on loan to championship sides this season and PL sides next year. Asking someone to move up 2 levels is tough enough if they would be playing for a mid table squad. Throwing them into our team adds even more pressure. MIquel, Bartley frimpong should may be Afobe should be loaned to PL sides and be groomed for next season.

  371. Now that Santos has got the 11 jersey, what does this spell for Vela?

  372. Jonny

    Parker cost £5m mate. No brainer really.

  373. tateezee

    He is in Spain on loan with a view to a permanent deal man. He aint coming back.

  374. Wavey, Moe,

    i think ever since i saw wilshere flick the ball over the rangers defender before forcing a superb save from the keeper from his lob at the emirates cup 2(?) years ago, he was already that central attacking midfielder for me.

    i think his stint at bolton and last season in central midfield have served well to add another dimension to his game. but for me, upfront is where he belongs.

  375. I dont think we can possibly discount any good player to be honest. If player is good for a lesser team it is quite possible that if they get into the right system they could be excellent.

    Some players look excellent and then go to another team and look quite crap. The ex Chelsea forward comes to mind (dont remember his name), so far you could put Torres in that box too.

  376. @Wavey

    I have taken on board what you wrote…as they are cogent and i have no axe to grind. But the best chance for our beloved club. Only time will tell where Wenger deems Wilshere’s most effective position to be.

    However, i stand by my initial point, of us needing a couple more battle-hardened (proven quality) midfielders, to lighten the load on our young bucks’ shoulders. Just compare our attacking midfield options to that of our 3/4 direct rivals to know we are short on creative quality. Better to be safe than sorry, methinks. 🙂

  377. Thanks for that info about Mertesacker’s ability in Werder Bremen’s high offside line yesterday by the way, Finsbury. Forgot to say earlier. Very interesting indeed.

  378. i think vela has never quite cut it for me. yes, he didnt get as many chances as he would have liked. yes, he is quite a clinical finisher. a classy player.

    but i feel that to really make it in england, you have to have tremendous technique, strength or pace. he has a bit of all 3, but just not enough. i think that explains why he hasnt been very impactful as a supersub either.

    i like him as a player, but i think he is more suited for the la liga.

    i think wenger came to that conclusion after the pre-season games.

  379. Korih

    Its a shame about Carlos, thought he would be a great player for us. Its difficult for players whenh they have to be loaned for 4 or more years. We still have Pedro Botelho out on his 5th year of a loan!

    When he finally gets to Arsenal, he will eligible for a testimonial!

  380. Dexter,

    i had high hopes for him too.

  381. Vela is a decent finisher, with a good first touch. But he never really did anything to make you think he would make it with us. Not in our current formation anyway.

  382. Jonny

    Holy shit. Just let anybody try to get down our left side now.


    Love the idea of battle hardened midfielders as well. Flicking the ball around from the centre of the field. Springing Ryo on one side and Gervinho on the other, whilst threading quality balls through the middle for Theo, RVP and Wilshere to run on to.

    Oops, too many players up front. Oh well.

  383. Arsesession, I agree that Wilshere needs to add more goals but it was exactly the same with Cesc. I believe Wilshere is more of a natural killer than Cesc but most probably conceeded to the bigger heads at times when he shouldnt have. Thank God, they are gone! he will flourish even more now.

  384. A rumour from within the club make Arsene’s post-28/08 statement that we “are behind other clubs in our wage structure” significant. I have been informed that he approached the board with this issue and had his request for a restructuring refused.

    Now, before anyone asks, this came from a fellow long term gooner who knows people working at AFC. I can give you no firmer confirmation concerning its validity. However, the issue is a clear one and Wenger’s comment on Sunday has to be seen as the closest he has ever (or is eveer likely to) come to openly criticising internal financial matters.

    If it’s true, my concerns with the board arise again.

  385. korihikage

    no i think that wenger’s treatment of vela has been extremely wrong, he has been given little to no chances.

    He is better than walcott i believe, people just rate walcott more because he is english and they want him to come good.

    But vela is better technically, abit stronger even and a clinical finisher.

    if he had been given have the chances walcott has then you would be looking at a potential superstar.

    He is that good

  386. Its quite possible that Vela could be a late bloomer. I suspect Arsene really believes in his talent and so he gets loaned instead of sold.

    He played in the Carling Cup against many 1st string PL teams and killed it. With that I dont believe that he is not cut out for the PL, I think he hasnt matured to where he needs to as yet.

  387. Paul-N
    agree about conceding to the bigger heads…

    I believe the entire squad will find some breathing room and flourish.

  388. Anyone hear rumors about Leverkusan’s Renato Augusto?

  389. LOL Dexter,

    RE: Botelho

    I was thinking along the same lines, too. Dudes on a long ass contract, by the sound of things. Surely this season would have been his only chance to force o selecao coach to take notice of him, had he been granted a Work Visa in the UK. I guess some folks are destined never to play at the World Cup….or EPL.

  390. Surprisingly, I am quite happy with Park, Santos and Mert. If we dont buy anyone else, I’ll still be happy.

    All I want is for Him to hire a defensive coach, preferably Keown. Someone who will get upset when we lose.

    Its OK for Him to be the loving father figure, but I’d like to see someone who the lads fear in the coaching staff.

  391. Just Another Luke


    It was suggested that Arsene threw away the game at ManUre to make a point to the Board on what is needed to compete in terms of competitive wages to attract the players he wanted to sign. Possible?

  392. the ease with which wishere gets past players some times is frightening, he really is a gem.

    And the thing with his injury is that the injury itself is not that serious, it is a regualr occurence in basketball and sometimes football. It is just that his body is taking it’s first chance to rest, after all that he’s put it through.

  393. Dont know if this is old news on here, but Nasri’s sticking the boot in again…

    He should keep this shite to himself if he wants to have any respect back here at Arsenal. Oh.. yeah…

  394. Just Another Luke

    Who needs Parker when we have Park? 😀

  395. Moe – If he was that good Arsne would have played him more often. He saw him everyday in training after all. If he wsa that good why would Arsene not play him? It makes no sense mate.

  396. Paul-N,

    i hope you are right about Vela.

    someone wrote that his loan deal was with a view to a permanent deal. so that’S why i was offering my theory that maybe wenger sees that vela’s time is running out.


    i said that maybe vela hasnt gotten enough chances.

    to your point whether walcott or vela is better, i think that walcott has more pace than him and i said you need extreme strength/pace/technique. walcott does have that extreme pace. so maybe that is why he gets the nod.

  397. Yeah, i know of Renato Augusto he used to be at Flugão before he came to Europe. He’s good…i touted his name on here, earlier in the yr, along with Arturo Vidal, Jucilei, Luiz Gustavo and Ganso etc

    What about him?

  398. Vargas would be nice…so would Fellaini.

    Dont think Hazard is coming, though the Boss is supposedly still working on M’Villa.

  399. I agree with korihikage. Vela looks like he could still become a great player, if he is a late bloomer. But Theo’s devastating pace definitely gives him the nod. His finishing is getting so much better now too. I love Vela’s chips, but i fear it’s his workrate and lack of fight that has let him down so far. If he worked his arse off more in matches, I think he would have been given more chances. See how he does in Spain i guess. Hope he comes back invigorated!

  400. if we were in for Renato Agusto that would be as suprising as Santos. But hes good and we dipped into Bundesliga alrady this year with Per. We are going samba and brazilian then. From french to Brazilian.. not bad at all 🙂

  401. From Matt Law (Express) on Twitter – “Told arsenal is a mad-house today and they’re working v v hard to get a midfielder. No definitive progress as yet though”

  402. i have always felt that nasri has been very very badly advised by his greedy agent.

    and i feel that he enjoys it at arsenal.

    and i feel that his words have been twisted.

    and i feel that the only people bringing football into disrepute are: FIFA, UEFA, incompetent/corrupt referees, barcelona, real madrid and the media(which includes the punditry)

  403. Scott Parker won 93 tackles for West Ham in the Premier League last season, only two other players from any side won more.

    With him WH won 23% of games, without they won 6%.

    Don’t get me wrong here – I have never said Parker is the answer but he certainly poses questions, and those questions will sound very loudly indeed if we a) come out of this transfer market with no midfielder signed b) Parker provides a similar high-level of performance for his new masters.

    Here is hoping this eventuality never comes to pass.

  404. Dgob, If that is indeed the case then I think it is tantamount to running up the white flag as far as the league goes.
    It is saying, we are not going to compete with the super spenders ,and will settle for going for 4th.
    Disappointing ?For sure
    Understandable? I think so.
    The reality is we can not compete with their spending,so why put us in debt by trying?
    What is the point of getting into a fight that you can’t ever win?

  405. and are we in for Gignac? if Bendy leaves?? Did we not really want him some seasons ago?

  406. I’d guess Mertesacker will take Cesc’s # 4 shirt (unless someone already called dibs). Surprised nobody has taken Nasri’s # 8. Maybe a potential signing has called it…?

  407. well Nasri mentions the same in his interwviews ” its not Arsene its the board, they cannot spend, “

  408. Jonny, would be worthwhile checking the Mert’s stats. He is a very clean player, clean tackler, despite his size. I am looking forward to seeing him play for us.

    Also, the argument about not having PL experience is crap. Mert is a class act.

  409. korihikage

    It looks to me with the new arriving players: Ryo, Ox, Park, Gervinho, (and Campbell – eventually) that Theo will be faced with serious competition.

    Theo can run and finish……but the rest of his playing wardrobe is not up to Arsenal standards.

  410. I disagree, not radically but modestly, with the view that we lack midfield “creative” depth. My first choice would be Wilshere, Ramsey, Song. Song has rapidly turned himself into a box-to-box midfielder, and is effective going forward. My second would be Rosicky, Diaby, Frimpong. Now, you can play around with selections, in different ways. Then there is Ox, who despite his young age (18), is reckoned as first team material for this season, because he is in the first team. Look at the wide players, five of them, who in our system are flexible midfielders, 3Gs, Ryo, Arsh, Theo and probably Park. 11 players to consider various combinations. Still we need one more. Wengerball.

  411. I want the old Jonny and Dexter back!!
    They are a bigger lose to me than Cesc 😦

  412. He’s getting there though Arsesession. He’s still so young, and has started to provide that final pass more often now. I think he’s going to become an Arsenal great. A bit more tactical nous and intelligent play (which will come with experience), and I think we’ll have an Henry type striker on our books again. Just his pace alone can be enough to win games, with the rest of his game constantly improving he can gop on to do great things for us imo…

  413. I agree with George!

  414. We all already have André Santos and Gibbs on the left of defense; and Gervinho and Arshavin or Park/Ryo/Oxlade-Chamberlain on the left lateral offense. What position would we play Vargas in, if we got him?

  415. Shame, poor Nasri. Can’t move on.

  416. Arsession,

    i don’t deny that theo is not there yet. his overall game is improving but needs to be improved further. i am just saying that between theo and vela, theo has something more concrete to offer. he does get big goals.

  417. Jack,Diaby and Song would be great.Better than great actually.Dynamic even.Yes that’s it “fucking dynamic”
    But will we ever see it, and if we did for how long?

  418. Geo
    Each season his finishing continues to amaze me (as his crossing)……he is so calm;

    but his linking play and movement w/o the ball is poor……not any improvement in 3 years.

    How can you not improve on these aspects while training at this club?

  419. George @ 4:01 pm,

    I don’t think we’re talking about competing with Citeh or Chelski (nor the debt happy Scousers and other Mancs) but we are talking about stepping up nearer to them in line with our revenue streams. This is doable within budget. It might mean board members enjoying smaller dividends though!!

  420. korihikage
    totally agree with the comparison to Vela….

  421. Yeah pedantic me too. Those guys need to get there Arsenal mojo back. Come on guys, we have had some shit let’s get through it and win some fucking trophies.

    Also Chris Gunner, he surprised me earlier. Once was a time he was the military wing of the anti doomer brigade.

  422. so 3 signings done and with 8 hours still left

    i’m certain we’ll get in one more player before we are done.

  423. Well, I think Vela is suffering cos of the 4-3-3 formation we adopted a few years ago just like Eduardo did. He doesn’t have enough physical characteristics to play up front alone and not enough speed and trickery to play on the wings. One thing I know is that he’s a great finisher (the chip master). Still keeping my fingers crossed on him.

    We might not see Denilson in an Arsenal shirt again cos his number was given to the Ox.

  424. And this here M’Villa fellow?
    If he is a DM what do we need him for?
    We have Song and Fimpong.£25+ Million seems a lot as cover for the ACN.
    Or is he just better?
    Or 🙂 is our midfield going to be M’Villa, Song and Frimpong sort of City 2010 like?

  425. Borges, Gervinho is almost equally at home on the right. I don’t know enough about Ox yet, but indications seem to be this is very versatile young man, an attacking midfielder. He seemed to come on for Theo the other night. I suspect Park is similar, versatility-wise, but more of a natural striker.

  426. We can compete on the pitch with City, Chelsea, ManU, anyone……….we don’t have to sign big name players……
    this sport is about understanding, effort, commitment, belief, and doing simple things efficiently.

    There is only one ball.

  427. Can anyone give concrete information about Wilshere’s injury? I’ve only read about his injury being an achilles from blogs. There’s nothing about it on the .com or serious news outlets.

  428. JAL @ 3:50 pm,

    If that is the outcome of the debacle, then maybe it was not for nothing. However, I doubt Arsene would ever take that particular route.

  429. Dgob,How do you take a smaller amount than nothing?

  430. I heard Mvilla deal stalled over them putting the price up on us late doors.

  431. If Wenger was in Paris yesterday and apparently he has flown to Basel today, is there only one conclusion. Basel is not far from Sochaux (Montbeliard) FC… who is training near Paris with his national team and who plays for Sochaux……….. Marvin Martin.
    Could Wenger at this moment be thrashing out the final details of a deal with them???????????

  432. Gainsbourg69

    it seems that he has what you would call a hot spot on his ankle where the stress of using his ankle has created an almost weak spot. It happens all the time in basketball, if you don’t treat it it can become a stress fracture.

    But it depends on the individual on how long they are out. But it is somethings that occurs because of high intensity football for long periods of time without rest.

    So wilshere has to take it easy for a while

  433. If M’Villa arrives, and I do hope so, Song’s role will change much more licence to attack and play higher, kind of Diaby, and the formation may also gravitate subtly towards 4-1-4-1.

  434. Arsesession.Well it is in a perfect world.
    History has proven however that hard cash is king.
    Imagine in January its neck and neck between the two Mancs.!
    City will go out and buy in whatever area that will make the difference.No matter what the cost.

    Does not make it right though.

  435. @nb if that was the truth we have had a ver good transfarewindow indeed…

  436. Squillachi will be moved on no right? i cannot see him playing any games this season at all tbh..

  437. giles sunu gone

  438. M’Villa is pretty much an all rounder in midfield, not sure who usually partners him for Rennes but hes usually partnered with Alou Diarra for the france national team and is the busier of the 2, with Diarra sitting deeper. Thats the impression i get from watching france anyways

  439. ZimPaul,
    Song will never flourish in that role .
    Well I say that, but I actually know fuck all really.So you could be right.

  440. aparantly we are off MVilla for the time beeing though 😦

  441. zimpal we have pulled out of the mvilla deal

  442. Deise.Thanks ,that make more sense of it

  443. Along with the playing staff, haven’t we strengthened our back room staff with new physios, dieticians etc? That would show a holistic approach concerning the impact of injuries etc on us achieving our goals.

    Maybe we will see the option of Jack/Diaby/Song and more competition between Kieran and Andre Santos in the days ahead. Fingers crossed

  444. Moe,gone where?
    On his hols?

  445. Yes, Zim, you are correct. Both Gervinho and Ju Young are flexible strikers adept at playing anywhere along the Offense line.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain, i don’t know much of. My opinions of him, are formed from the youtube clips i’ve viewed. From what i’ve seen he can play across the flanks as well as in an advanced central midfield role.

  446. lansbury done, gone to west ham

  447. pedantic george

    no giles sunu is off to l’orient i think

  448. sunu signed four year deal with l’orient, jc also going there on loan

  449. “…and not enough speed and trickery to play on the wings”

    Not sure I can agree with that regarding Vela tateezee. It is noted that he was the 2nd fastest player behind Walcott.
    There is something holding him back but that surely isnt it.

  450. @ Northbank1969 | August 31, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    Stop getting me over-excited. The tension is absolutely killing me.

    Just checked Duncan Castles Twitter and he says:
    “Not for want of trying, but Arsenal have not secured their new midfielder yet.”

    That was 41 minutes ago.

  451. Wilshere is better than Fabregas combining with other players in and around the penalty area. His close control is better than Cesc’s.

  452. Plus he has skills galore.

  453. Per is on AFC website now …
    Great !

  454. @ dgob
    The board take no dividends – what would be share dividends are re-invested and they take no money at all out of the club. We already spend virtually our entire turnover. The cashin the bank represent mostly cash for security for the loans and the amount which was available to actually spend on players before any sales took place was around £30 million.

  455. @Poodle

    it seems logical to me.

    General question: With a transfer, how much of the paperwork/medical has to be done before the deadline? To allow the playerto officially sign? and finally, could the medical be carried out at Clairefontaine and not Colney?

    I think Enger is is going for Marvin Martin

  456. That’s what I thought, Moe. I don’t know where people are getting this achilles tendon stuff from.

    Wenger being in Basel can also mean Xherdan Shaqiri. The best player at the Euros u-21 for me. I would be over the moon if we got him. He’s built like Jack but plays a bit like Arjen Robben. Meaning he’s a lefty that cuts in from the right with a bomb of a shot on him.

  457. “Wilshere is better than Fabregas combining with other players in and around the penalty area. His close control is better than Cesc’s.”

    Good try mate but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,really?

  458. Malaysiangunner

    HI All

    We need another experience midfielder and striker plus a CB. I am not sure if Djourou can get his head rightsided. On the strength of the last Manure game my confidence is not high. We are about 6 hours away so I am not sure if we can make another 3 more.

    All the signings so far has been some form of gamble or another i.e. PM had a bad season with Bremen, Santos not sure of his EPL quality and Park was off form last season too. Hence their relatively low valuations. So AW well known miserliness has not change. But TH14 was also the same ilk so was PV and EP. But then we have Squillaci , Sylvesters and etc.

    I am not 100% sure when we are so short we should gamble to save 5 to 10 millions each and not buy Baines and/or Cahill.

    Before you lot shoot me down , I will state that these are good gambles in my opinion but I would be more more comfortable making these bets if we had either Cesc or Nasri still with us. Gibbs frankly from what I have observed will not play more than 20 games a season and if we get Santos wrong and TV or Sagna is injured our defence will continue to be very

    No Fear We are The Arsenal!!!

  459. NB69 @ 4:33 pm,

    I hope your deduction is correct. That would sure be a fine replacement for Cesc. As long as we don’t make the mistake of building our game around one player again!

    Need more limbs to cross!

  460. @ Gainsbourg69 | August 31, 2011 at 4:52 pm

    “That’s what I thought, Moe. I don’t know where people are getting this achilles tendon stuff from.”

    I think certain gooners are still traumatised by the length of TV’s injury and with that strange attraction that worst-case scenarios have for some people, they conflate the two things and fear that Jack will be out for the whole season.

  461. Malaysian @ 4:53 pm,

    And Baines and Cayhill had good seasons last year?? I’m not going to even touch the problems with much of your comments. I think there are sufficient responses to these above.. should you care to read other commentators of a non-tabloid nature!

  462. johncrossmirror John Cross
    #AFC bid £10m for Arteta.

  463. A case for Li’l Jack Willy.

    So what’s the answer for our midfield woes. Cesc has gone, Nasri has left. For the record, I think we’ve already done enough to cover for Nasri’s departure with Gervinho coming in with a more direct style of play.

    With Cesc, it’s a different case, having been our talisman for the last few years. Wenger has built a team around him, and we need to take a step back and consider that this team built around Cesc did not do the job and it pretty much collapsed at the business of the last 3 seasons.

    While it’s valid to be concerned about our ability to replace Cesc, we also must consider that the setup with Cesc failed and we need to try something different. This is why I think Wenger has gone for a more direct and penetrative style with Gervinho, Theo, The Ox and Ryo on the wings, as an alternative to the possession football we’ve focussed on. Remember that teams have become experts at parking the bus in front of us and we have on occasion failed to break them down. The direct style and approach to play is a way to break down the folks who bring aircraft carriers to park on our front lawn and stop us from playing.

    So where does jack fit in. For one, I don’t think he needs to shoulder the talismanic responsibility. If there’s one thing we need to learn from the Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas era is that we can no longer continue to depend on superstar to get us out of jams. Responsibility in the team has to be distributed to share the load. We need to defend as a team and we need to attack as a team.

    We have seen breath-taking counter attacks start with a defender intercepting the ball and we work our magic leaving opponents chasing our coat tails as they watch their net bulge with their keeper flat-footed. That’s team work. Equally, we have seen our attacking players lose possession and don’t close down the ball and a series of events ends up with our keeper picking the ball at the back of his et.

    We can’t depend on Li’l jack to run the engine room, but we can depend on him to be a devastating force in midfield. I honestly believe that like he did with Cesc Wenger has started Li’ Jack playing a defensively minded role in midfield purely to build his solidity on his defensive play. His attacking instinct and tenacity has never been the question and he is not likely to lose it, but with a solidity in defence, his game is better all round.

    If we think of it, we do have a solution on the defensive minded side of our play with Song, (hopefully Yann M’Vila), Frimpong and Le Coq. On the attacking and box to box players, we do have Li’l jack, Diaby, Rambo and the elder statesman Li’l Mozart.

    If Li’l Jacks duties are moved so that he is more attacking this season and beyond, he will naturally be in the goals. I remember watching the Carling cup final with surround sound and I kid you not, when Li’l Jack unleashed that 25 yard shot that hit the cross bar, you could hear it in Dolby as the sheer power of that shot shook he woodwork. The goals will come.

    What I particularly like about Li’l jack is that he isn’t fazed and has that “bring it on” attitude. The suggestion that he isn’t ready is nonsense that needs to be filed right between shit and syphilis. The boy is ready – he was man of the match twice against a fully loaded Barcelona side. What other platform do you need to prove that you are ready.

    The reality of the matter is that we are not going to find another “world class” attacking midfielder this transfer window, even if we have the money. No club will let their talisman go since they are more than likely to be in the Champions League themselves. We need to consider the options we have internally with Li’l Jack, Rosicky, Rambo and Diaby working with Song, Frimpong (M’Vila – if he is the new signing we’re anticipating) to give us control of that midfield and to adopt a more direct style of play that will get the best out of Gervinho, RVP, Theo and the forward players.

    Li’l jack isn’t little anymore. Let’s let him loose.

  464. But yes,

    No fear. We are the Arsenal

  465. Darius @ $:58 pm,


  466. Darius

    totally agree, wilshere also has better control than cesc did. Not saying he is better or on par with fabregas, but his dribbling is unbelievably good sometimes. he finds his way out of impossible situations

  467. @George – Your friend John Cross is a shit stirrer. A little piece of fuck who lives off the oxygen Wenger provides yet continuously shits on him. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could spit the fucker.

  468. I think I’m happy with our signings, we now have good attacking options with: Gervinho, Park, RVP, Walcott, Ryo, and Chamakh.

    We have a left back and a CB. Sacker with Vermaelen would be a good pair.

    If we add someone in Midfield it would be nice.

    I think we are back….ARSENAL is back.

  469. I’m not all that familiar with Twitter, but I think John Cross just re-tweeted something someone tweeted to him – doesn’t look like he got it from “a source”.

  470. “No Fear We are The Arsenal!!!”

    after telling us how everything is so uncertain?


    HA HA HA HA!

    That hilarious bro!

  471. @FunGunner – exactly. That’s my definition of shit stirring. He just picks stuff in the sewer and feeds it to thousands of followers who think that since its from John Cross and the Mirror Group Newspapers then it has some credibility.

    If he checked sources and looked for a second source to corroborate – then he is being professional and he can actually publish an article on the Mirror website – otherwise he is just shit stirring.

  472. For me Wilshere has a bigger upside than Cesc though he may not be at his level. As Darius said, he is a fighter but he also does better close control and a better shot, he also takes on players more than Cesc does. When it is all said and done, I believe we will talking about one of the all times greats of football, he is that good.

  473. Old gypsy saying Paul:

    ‘Life is sweet, brother. There’s night and day, brother, both sweet things; sun, moon and stars, brother, all sweet things; there’s likewise a wind on the heath.’

  474. be at his level yet.

  475. not good analysis malaysiangunner and bit naive given arsenal financial restriction

    met was so bad that he get german call-up?
    santos so bad that he got into brazil regularly?

    arsenal play as a team not individual

  476. It will be very clear what the team was missing when Jack comes back. He breaks defenses down with his runs so effortlessly that RVP, Gerv, and Walcott are going to be the very happy benficiaries of his great play. Similarly, if Diaby ever gets fit, he can provide great movement and presence in the midfield as well. Things are not as dreary as they seemed…Up the Arsenal!

  477. Consols – isn’t it a bit early for your home-made cider?

  478. Arteta would be a good signing. Good player, has PL experience, and could slip straight into this side. Good at set pieces as well as seen as we seem to be a bit shit at them.

  479. Sorry George, I really appreciate your concern man. At the moment, I am not at all positive about the club for so many reasons that I wont bore you with.

    And we have bid for Arteta? Oh dear. That hasnt helped! 😀

  480. Yes, George. Fabregas is an awesome player but he’s not a ten in every single area. Jack’s close control is wicked good. You ever see how delicately he pings the ball past opponents? Cesc relies on neat one twos and runs off the ball to make space for himself in tight areas while Wilshere dribbles past his opponents with ball at feet. He did it against Barca when he drove into their area, that shot that Abidal had to make a last ditch tackle on, and that little heel, flick pass to Chamakh against Benfica. That’s close control, yo!

  481. Wiikipedia is saying that Marvin Martin has signed for Arsenal on deadline day for 11m€.

    But I know that Wiki can be manipulated.

  482. And George

    I am with you on the Cesc/Wilshere thing. Its nonsense to even compare the 2 yet.

    Are we that desperate we need to burden Wilshere with being our fulcrum?

  483. Paul – You are getting carried away mate.

    For example “Wilshere has a better shot than Cesc”

    Really, how many long rangers has Jack cunted in then? None I can remember (not to say he won’t), whilst Cesc has done it on a number of occaisions. It is things like this which I find frustrating. Wilshere is a great player, but to be compared yet to Cesc is way over the top. They are not (yet) in the same bracket and Cesc is a far better player.

  484. @ NB1969
    Stop it right now.

    Wind-up-pedia, it should be called. I am trying to work, but it is soooooooooooo difficult.

  485. FG Yeah, Northbank is doing his best!

    Oh FFS! The spuds are gojung to get parker and Cahill

    This shit is fucked up.

  486. Malaysiangunner


    Everything can be uncertain and can be done better but We Are Still The Arsenal and we will pull through.


    Baines and Cahill are tried and tested in the EPL. Cahill was AW first choice ahead of PM in that he bid for him first and when he failed he went for PM. The judgement call now is that AW decides not to pay up and play Bolton’s gamesmanship and buy PM.

    Baines is in Everton a top ten team despite limited resources to the team and quality ahead and around him.

    IMHO a safer choice.

    Still NO Fear We Are The Arsenal!!!

  487. And then we will all see that Parker and Cahill are completely overrated and we will thank the heavens that Arsene Wenger makes these decisions and not the fans.

  488. wilshere and cesc have different qualities.

  489. I’m baffled by this sadness that we didn’t sign Parker and Cahill. If you asked me Spurs can have them with pleasure.

    And what’s with David Bentley playing Championship football – has it got that bad?

  490. you don’t replace a player like fabregas with another player, because there is no other player like him.

    you need a different system, a few players offering different things to ‘replace’ him.

    i would welcome arteta because he can play right away, and he is a classy player who can take setpieces.

    i seriously do not understand why van persie with his technique chooses to whack the ball everytime we get a freekick. why cant he just curl it into the top corner which i am sure he is more than capable of.

  491. Parker could have done a job for us, but given the choice between Cahill and Mertesacker we have made the correct one.

  492. It is a bit strange to see that RVP has lost his touch from set pieces. I used to think that every time we had a free kick on the edge of the area there was a very good chance he would put it in the top corner. I have to say that now I expect absolutely nothing from them. Hopefully he figures it out soon.

  493. Darius, I read somewhere that Wenger played Jack out wide in the reserves in order to make him a more offensive minded CM. He’s going to be our deep lying playmaker and I think Ranmsey will get to be the player that plays just infront, linking the attack and midfield.

    I read the Eurosport comment sections on Yahoo España after we beat Barca and some of the Real Madrid fans, with the arrogance that goes with often getting the most expensive players, were demanding that their president get Jack at once. The boy is going to be very special, perhaps even more so than Cesc. The thing is that he’s young and hasn’t stamped his authority just yet. I bet that at 22 or 23 he’s going to be unstoppable.

  494. GA, carried away?

    so because Wilshere hasnt scored any goals for the first team that means that his shot is not better?

    Shooting is shooting and from the goals that kid scored in the reserves, I would say without any doubt that he has a better shot than Cesc.

    Cesc didnt score many goals when he first came to the 1st team either and only scored many goals one year.

    Cesc is not a “far” better player at all to me.

  495. GB69,

    fabregas himself said that wilshere is at a more advanced development than him at the same age.

    but i would like to reiterate that they are essentially different players.

  496. I think we may see Park Chu Young on the left side of the attacking three against Swansea. Gervinho is still out, and Arshavin just isn’t getting any results despite his best efforts. It would be interesting to see…

  497. Read somewhere quite a while ago that Bentleys head is up his own, doesn’t bother training….doesn’t bother period. Something about a bar in Marbella and he just jets out there constantly

  498. Its as if people believe the sun shines out of Cesc’ behind. He is good but give me a break already.

  499. vice,

    i do wonder what has happened to arshavin.

    a mate of mine once said of him after yet another frustrating game: that’s why wenger doesnt believe in paying more than 10million for a player.

  500. Paul – You don’t think there is a difference between shooting in a reserve game to getting a shot off in high pressure games whilst being closed down by better players? OK then.

    As good as Wilshere is at this earlier stage in his career, Fabregas has proved himself as a match winner, and a player who can turbn a game. I don’t doubt that Wilshere will get bto this level, but he is nowhere near it yet. We expect too much of our young players way too soon, and this is a good example of that.

  501. It seems as though Arshavin just lost his belief…I think he doubts himself when it is time to shine. I would have never expected that out of someone so talented, but the human mind is a strange thing.

  502. @FunGunner
    LOL you have to laugh 😀 Today is like reading a good ‘who dunnit’… but I still think the prof is after Marvin Martin… so we can have Theo VanMervinho

    How can Joel Campbell get refused a work permit in the UK but is allowed to play in France. The system seems fucked up.

    @dexter….. it will all soon be over mate.. chill

  503. Really hope NB52 doesn’t go to Stoke. He doesn’t deserve that.

    Cahill to Spurs? Looks like he got ***ed!

  504. No cider yet, Darius. Off up the pub for a couple now though.

    Must have been a flashback,

  505. Andy, how many years did we wait for Cesc to unleash his “La Masia” talent? Do you remember all the talk about him being a goal machine when he was a wee lad at Barcelona? He started banging them in from range at about twenty or so years of age. Jack, from what I remember, banged in a stunner from just outside the area against West Ham’s reserves and he also banged one in from deep when we demolished Sheffield United in the Carling Cup. He has the ability to shoot from outside the area but he hasn’t developed the confidence to do so. With a more important role in the team I have no dounbt he’ll start letting fly. I don’t think Paul is talking about goals scored just yet, but, like me, sees how Wilshere strikes the ball and has made an assessment accordingly.

  506. Jack is a class act:

    Jack Wilshere
    eating Jammy Dodgers! Simon Thomas or Georgie Thompson please give me some good news about Arteta!

  507. EPL experience!?!?

    But yet all of the creative players we want should come from another league.

  508. Gains – I don’t doubt it. But if we were in the last min of a game and we had a player 30 yards out about to shoot, at this moment in time I would prefer it to be Cesc.

    Stupid argument though.

  509. DuncanCastles tweeted:
    “Confirmed that Arsenal have bid for Mikel Arteta. Am told that Wenger will not increase his offer. Everton’s call.”

  510. Parker and Cahill not signing for us breaks my heart. It really does. Chins up lads.


  511. @ Northbank
    “I still think the prof is after Marvin Martin… so we can have Theo VanMervinho”

    It would be worth buying him just for that name!

  512. @fungunner
    So if Arteta becomes our creative midfielder….. what’s AW doing in France?

  513. Arteta may not be the only target…we could be eyeing two mids

  514. Gains69

    Thanks man. Really need that.

  515. aha, there it goes AW is in Gnomeland with a lot of other coaches

  516. Jeez – Sly Sports News are really full of shit.

  517. comfirmed arteta is in talks with arsenal, also apparently our last player to sign

    we are almost finished

  518. Andy, I don’t. And if we’re going to play this stupid ‘last minute and thirty yards out’ game I’d prefer Van Persie over either one.

    Why do you have to call it a stupid argument, you twat? We’re just musing about one of our players and his abilities. You either follow the argument or move on. You’re not the arbiter of what constitutes a stupid or sane argument, fucker.

  519. Thanks G69.

    GA, Wilshere was arguably our best player against Barcelona, with Cesc on the pitch. Again, to me he drives the ball better, takes on players better, has better close control and a better shot.

  520. I hope people don’t forget that we made Cesc the player he is today. Arsene and Arsenal gave him the chance and the fame.

    His success with Barca now is because of what we taught him, look at the last two goals he scored, they have the Arsenal trademark late run from midfield to beat the defense line.

    For all we know he could’ve ended playing for the B side if he didn’t have his chance with us.

  521. Dex, love you, man, but pining over Cahill and Parker is like pining over a used Volkswagen Rabbit when you can have a new Ford K or a New Mini.

    Arteta? Fuck Yeah! Lovely player.

  522. I’m not judging between them, because I don’t feel qualified to, but isn’t what marks Cesc out his vision and his passing range and accuracy? So it’s not inconcievable that Wilshere could be technically better with the ball at his feet and have a more powerful shot. Cesc’s shot from distance is not particularly hard, but very well placed.

  523. Our new team possibly


    Sagna Mertasacker Vermaelen Santos


    Arteta Wilshere

    Walcott Gervinho
    Van Persie



    Sagna Mertasacker Vermaelen Santos

    Song Wilshere


    Walcott Gervinho
    Van Persie

  524. Nice, Andy. That’s better, but you forgot that he’s chippier as well, dick.

  525. Can we see NB52 at Blackburn?

  526. Funny G69, he was the person who started the whole thing. I only made a simple comment.

    Here is an saying Mr. Bob (like the earlier one). This is for GA, a Jamaican proverb.

    “Me throw me corn, mi no call no fowl”

  527. My bad, Paul. I thought you were Andy being condescending.

    I agree with you that he was better than Cesc in that game. He worked a hell of a lot harder than Cesc did and he created most of the counter attacks that we had. He also danced around Iniesta and Biscuits like they weren’t even there.

  528. looks like we are done lads, finished done and dusted after the arteta and mertasacker deals.

    things are looking up yes?

  529. Someone posted earlier about Grimandi on French TV saying that we had identified our Cesc replacement but the selling club said absolutely no chance this season. That could be Hazard (AW long time admirer) or Goetze. Since both their clubs are playing in the CL this season and Dortmund are in our group, I can see why that may not happen. If you cannot get your first choice and there is not a ‘super, super quality signing’ available at the right price I can see why Arsene would go for older PL experience (Arteta/Benayoun) as they will not ‘kill’ our developing youngsters or prevent us from trying again for our top targets in January or next season.

  530. Arteta deal is not done yet.

  531. here is the song

    Old classic

  532. Fun, I totally agree. Cesc is awesome at seeing a run and making sure that the ball gets there in a way that the player who receives it has very little to do once he gets the it. He did this for Fernando Torres against Saudi Arabia in Germany 06, one of the most beautiful passes I’ve ever seen, and he did it against Barcelona when he put Nasri through. This being said, Cesc isn’t an all action midfielder like Wilshere. Cesc is more subdued. He reads the game and punishes the opposition when he sees a breakdown in marking. Wilshere is a bit more aggressive.

  533. regarding shooting:

    i think everyone needs to improve on that.

  534. Passenal,

    i would love to see Goetze at Arsenal. but i know he won’t be going anywhere this season. he seems quite a level-headed lad still living with his parents and just had his breakthrough season last year. he came through the ranks at dortmund, and despite everyone raving about him over here in germany, he still seems quite humble etc.

    in my opinion, an arsenal player in terms of ability and character. not this season, but hopefully the next.

  535. Sorry G69, I did make the comment about Wilshere’s shot being better but then GA felt the need to defend his wantaway love.

    Maxi Priest version

  536. “fabregas himself said that wilshere is at a more advanced development than him at the same age”
    He said something similar about Rambo.That is the type of person he is.

    Jack is better than Cesc because he is an Arsenal player.And that is the only reason.
    To suggest otherwise is asking to be called “delusional” and we dont want that,do we?

  537. “Arteta deal is not done yet.”

    I’m aware FG, I’m just saying that if true, I can understand why he would go for those players in the circumstances, it’s just that I saw people complaining about those names because they’d built themselves up into a frenzy about the possibility of big name, big price transfers. They obviously can’t say they haven’t heard of those players though!

  538. If we get Arteta we will be left with a huge transfer war-chest.
    It must be for a superstar come January 🙂
    I would not start holding your breath though.

  539. Very interesting comments darius,else and johny.had me laughing like amad woman,good thing am alone in the house.axis thanks for the repost,i had missed it the first time.glad wenger kept his promise of doing alot of business this window.i am happy with the new players coz i trust wenger.whoever else he brings in before the deadline is also welcome.

  540. arteta would be a great short term option if lille and dortmund arent selling

  541. @ Passenal
    I posted at the same time as you – I was talking to Moe, who said:
    “looks like we are done lads, finished done and dusted after the arteta and mertasacker deals?”

    Regarding what you said:
    “Liverpool were favourites for Benayoun but those close to Israeli now say ‘good chance’ he’s going to Arsenal – depends on Arteta.”
    So looks like Benayoun is the fallback option.

  542. ARTETA now on hold rumour also hes terribly injury prone just
    ridiculous he can break down after a few games he would join
    Diably, Rosicky, RVP, as the walking wounded

  543. George, no one said that Wilshere was better than Cesc but he is stronger is certain areas. There is nothing delusional about saying that.

    I can easily see Wilshere becoming a better player than Cesc in the near future. That is no slight on Cesc, I just believe his potential is that great.

  544. @ Passenal
    Benayoun remark is from BBC site, not anyone’s post here.

  545. @ pedantic george | August 31, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    “fabregas himself said that wilshere is at a more advanced development than him at the same age”
    He said something similar about Rambo.That is the type of person he is.

    He meant it, I think.
    But it’s apples and oranges – they’re different players.

  546. Paul N ,Ok I hope so,but if he becomes “better” than Fabregas he will be the best midfielder in the world by a margin.

  547. @ pedantic george | August 31, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    “Fun .good.”

    What was that referring to?

  548. @ pedantic george
    How about if JW just becomes “differently fabulous”?

  549. Moe I like the one where Arteta plays infront of Song and Wilshere. Arteta is also a ‘La Masia’ graduate, by the way.

  550. Check out Emmanuel Frimpong’s Twitter page – some really good jokes on there!!/EmmanuelF4

  551. FunGunner,

    i have been trying to emphasise that cesc and wilshere are different players.

    but cesc rates wilshere highly, and i think it is not difficult to see why.

  552. This transfer window has been a disaster we will not finish
    in top four.

    We have not replaced Cesc,and we have had the money theres
    been no quality creative midfielder

    The supporters were calm yesterday thinking the 3 defense signings
    would be followed by 2 or 3 quality signings now the blog world is
    very underwhelmed

  553. you know, i am ok with people telling us that we won’t finish in the top4.

    because i don’t even care.

    why should i, when i have my own eyes and my own brain to judge for myself?

  554. Transfer window is not closed yet, Cesc cannot be replaced by a like for like signing. The player we wanted was not available so we have to replace his contribution by spreading the load and perhaps adjusting our tactics. Why is that so difficult for some people to understand?

  555. Solgooner,

    Since you have already written the team off this season can we expect you to crawl back into the hole you crawled out of and leave us the fuck alone. One can only hope…

  556. Agreed George. I really dont have any doubts about it actually.

  557. what an arse!

  558. I have always rated arteta,i think he’d do well with us.

  559. I made a mistake of flipping channels in the car on the way home – and ended up with faecal matter in the name of Adrian Durham and Mickey Quinn feigning disgust on behalf of Arsenal fans for our underwhelming transfers. I feel dirty.

    Jonny – pass me that Cillit Bang for a bath. I need to scrub.

  560. “BREAKING NEWS :Man City Bid £55m For Gaddafi,They’ve Never Seen Him Play But Have Heard That Everyone Is After Him”

    Liked this one Passenal!

  561. Gainsbourg69

    i rate arteta but some people don’t think he is good enough

    i really hate robbie savage, according to him, we won’t finish top 4


  562. I’ve got it into my head now that Wenger is signing Marvin Martin and I will be very disappointed if he doesn’t.

    Only 4 hours left… Wenger iis on theplane back from Switzerland and has time to get to the Emirates and make the announcement, By the time he arrives, Martin would have had his medical at Clairefontaine and deal done…….. what the fuck have I been smoking today 🙂

  563. @Firstlady – vipi?

    Hope you’re looking forward to a new season. We’re getting ready for the Jim White ecstasy show on Transfer deadline day – he’s all greased up and ready to explode in climax on screen.

  564. ….the force looks to be back with AFC.
    ……4 hours to go
    ….i remain POSITIVE

  565. All of you AKBs are right we will win EPL and
    ECL this has been a wonderfully planned
    transfer window. The defense has improved
    but cant you see the weaknesses.

  566. Passenal

    unfortuantely most likely that arteta would be our last signing

  567. We sometimes forget how extraordinary a midfielder Jack is at the moment. Do we actually need another. I will add to this that Ramsey is also a wonderful prospect who is continuing to grow in his position. In my humble opinion there is not any need to spend money needlessly, especially if we are not able to purchase top quality.

  568. That’s the trouble with TDD Northbank – raises hopes only to dash them! Arteta is now allegedly off and Benayoun on loan is the only iron left in the fire. If true, prepare to batten down the hatches for the doomer shit storm!

  569. @Moe – why waste your breath listening to Robbie Savage. That’s a part of your life you’ll never get back.

    The only reason he’s employed is that the BBC are legally bound to provide equal opportunity in employment for those who are mentally retarted.

  570. Some people are never satisfied.they’d still bitch if we had bought all the players being linked with us.
    Some of these names dint come up until a wk ago and they think they are the answer to all our problems. Thank God it is only afew more hrs for the madness to end.

  571. Darius

    lol, guess i fell into the trap, well keown was there at least

  572. Its OK Arteta deal is off. now Yossi Benahoun rumoured
    to come on loan.

    So are you all OK?

  573. Gains – Heh, you are a little bit special eh? Not to worry, I know you can’t help it

    Paul – Whatever. Can’t be bothered.

  574. maybe now that the deal for arteta seems to be off

    kaka anyone? LOL

  575. per mertezacker is a top defender, header, tackler, organiser…but he lacks pace so we might see the end of the high line..

    santos..never heard of him

    park..never heard of him either although i like his attitude

    arteta..would be awesome

    benayoun..not convinced butneither are the club thats why hes loan hes just making up the numbers..

    i think we need a winger still and im hearing rumours of adam johnson and i think that would be brilliant..

  576. @ solgooner

    “The supporters were calm yesterday thinking the 3 defense signings
    would be followed by 2 or 3 quality signings now the blog world is
    very underwhelmed”

    Don’t you dare claim to speak for the blog world.

    Is the Arteta deal dead, then?

  577. Darius poa sana.good thing sina wakati wa kuwatch sports saa hii.aclf and are my only source of the epic transfer saga.

  578. So, the patience had paid off and the investment in the squad is (almost?) complete. Its great to see the shiny new signings being talked about on here and then announced on I’m very pleased with the club for identifying areas for improvement within the squad and making the necessary signings. There seems to be a general feeling that we will get at least one more and I trust the club enough to respect their judgement. Its been a thoroughly enjoyable day so far.

  579. solgoner ,, i have no point, no constructive reasoning just
    what an arse

  580. arteta deal dead..
    benayoun the target..

  581. seems like we bid too low for arteta

    yet again we are trying to get a bargain, this is good most of the time, but we have four hours left so why take the risk unless we have other players in the pipeline.

  582. Okay this is it. Phhew.

    Going to set the mood with a bit of Barry White, Sented candles, put a red throw over the lamp and do some naked star jumps while watching Jim White in action.

    You guys got me all riled up with this chat about him earlier.

    By the way Arteta… very, very perfectness.

    Greatest comment of the day by Darius at 4.58.

  583. George @ 4:28 pm
    “City will go out and buy in whatever area that will make the difference.No matter what the cost.”

    Not disagreeing with your remarks…..

    Money can buy anything except guarantee the chemistry of personalities and understanding.

    City is a team of strong personalities: ex. Tevez, Ballotelli, Nasri…..won’t take much to upset their cohesiveness. Imo.

  584. we have pulled out of arteta bid

  585. I am of the opinion that the Arteta deal was never on. It started as a Twitter rumour fest, Sly Sports news picked it up as a story – claiming “Sly Sports understand”. Who the fuck told them and who made them understand. Why would Arsenal’s negotiating team walk out from Highbury House just to pick the guy hanging outside the stadium to tip him off.

    Why can’t they just say “Katie Baldwin from the press office says we will be signing a midfielder if all works out” rather than our sources. Which frigging sources are these – gnomes outside the stadium? Why should we believe that they have sources as opposed to them fabricating shit up for filling news columns or for having something for the 24-7 news cycle.

    And of course after Sly Sports say that they understand we are in for Arteta, the print media and Talk shite radio pick it up as fact and report that “According to Sly Sports, Arteta is on his way to Arsenal”.

    And then it goes back to twitter with everyone takiing it as fact yet some punk on Twitter started it as a rumour.

    Pray tell, why would Arsenal announce to news reporters outside its stadium that we’re going for this player even before they make the phone call to the Everton Chairman and manager.

    I really would like to know who these “inside sources” are.

    Fucking idiots.

  586. Benayoun is going to be the only signing isn’t he?

    How disapointing. 😦

  587. noooooooooooooo

    please, i’m panicking now, we need a midfielder like arteta and not benayoon preferably

    the whole reason i’m watching today is to see if we can fill that gap

    come on wenger, work your french magic

  588. Fungunner go to ten other AFC blogs and see the fans
    reaction or listen to any call in talk show.

  589. Still got a feeling that Kaka might push through for the presidency of Daggenham and Redbridge. You heard it here first.

  590. Random thought/question, but why is it that whenever a deal for a player falls through people always say its because arsenal messed around with the bid? Why can’t it ever be because a deal simply couldnt be done? I mean on bbc sport mcnulty is saying arsenal messed around with the arteta bid so the deals off, and earlier today a bolton ‘source’ said we ruined our chances of getting cahill by messing around. Are we really that bad at making deals or is something else going on?

    Just thought id share my ramblings.

  591. @Firstlady – that’s the best way – ama utachizi na udaku tupu. There’s crazy people out here.

  592. Its sad for once we had money to buy
    one quality playmaker but our 20 scouting experts
    couldnt find him

  593. I don’t believe we have actually strengthened our defence at long last, only to completly fuck up our midfield.

  594. Actually Darius you got it right, the (gossip) gnomes are at work they are employed by the FA to gather intel and sell to the highest bidder. Really quite a well oiled, time tested affair. I think your knocking of such a high class operation makes you look, well… silly.

  595. Sorry Darius I used all the Cillit Bang trying to get the last of the Jabba out from behind my ears. Filthy fucking stuff that is.

  596. Andy Fuck up our midfield?

    Having a solid back four, will have a serious knock on effect throughout the field.

    Yeah we’d like another body in. I can’t even decide wether i’d like an M’Villa or Arteta, but I do think even with what we have the squad will benefit from a good defence and a change in tactic. A more steady midfield with balls played out to the wings, with the fastest red bastards on two legs bombing down the wings. Come on!

  597. Solgooner ‘Fungunner go to ten other AFC blogs and see the fans
    reaction or listen to any call in talk show’.

    That just about sums you up sol, have a good think about that sentance. Sheep.

  598. It would be a bit weird though to only get Benayoun in as a creative midfielder.
    He is a decent player but im convinced that unless we change formation we will need something more than that…

  599. Darius, they may have put 2 and 2 together to come up with the Arteta rumour. Everton are allegedly getting Drenthe on loan, they need money, we have money and need a creative midfielder. Whilst we have money, why over pay for a 29 year old, with injury question marks and no resale value? At the right price he would be a good signing, but not at any price. We have 4 midfielders out injured or suspended so it’s not like we don’t have other options. The selling club and the player have to be motivated or a deal cannot be done no matter how much we might want it to happen.

  600. Els – I think so. Consider this impartially.

    We have sold Cesc and Nasri (2 of Europe’s better midfielders), and as it stands it looks like we are going to add a 32 year old Benayoun on loan. Just think about that for a second without responding.

  601. mattyboy i refer you to my earlier post i think you will agree

  602. i have zero idea why we are trying to loan benayoun..
    it dont make sense he was decent at westham but hasnt cut the mustard at liverpool or chelsea and now we want to take him??

    if we aint prepared to buy him then hes obviously just a stop gap..
    no stop gaps required they never work out..

  603. I would have expected Benayoung and a Martin or Costa or Renato. not a benayoun and an arteta.. but thats me…


    Kaka’s move to become Supreme Ruler of Dagenham & Redbridge seems to have stalled over the naming rights plus him demanding the key to ‘the city’ and 300 people as his personal slaves. There was also a minor revolt over suggestion that next season’s ticket prices would rise by an extra 3 (three) crackers per man.

    It’s a tragedy if that’s fallen through on such minor details – it could have brought some much needed jobs to the area.

  605. els we have still tore the arse out of our midfield with selling Cesc and Nasri – as can be evidenced by our shambles of a game last sunday – granted we had suspensions and injuries – but thats the reason we needed replacements signed

  606. has any one got a hot line to Wenger, tell him to go back and offer £15 mil for Arteta wots he got to lose. (his job)

  607. Jabba'sDelights

    Happy with what we have done in the last few days.

    As mentioned earlier i think we’ve got the best option at cb and for an outstanding price, lets hope he can stay clear from the injury bug which affected him at Bremen a bit.

    Santos really excites me from what i’ve seen from youtube. Lets hope he can get settled quickly as we need him.

    No nothing of park but gone are the days when you can take a south korean for granted. We havent gone for top quality addition up top but might he be the person who can form a good understanding with chamack if RVP is rested or injured.

    Shame about Arteta think he is a quality player. Underwhelmed would be a massive understatement if Bennayoun was our replacement for cesc. He has been a bit part player at both chels and liv and is coming off a serious injury . We need quality there. still a few hours to go.

  608. Noooooooo! I’d bought shares Jonny.

  609. gooner andys right
    benayoun is not going to bring us what cesc and nasri brought us, if thats the replacement then im lost for words..

  610. i could see Benayoun being stop gap for Landsbury out on loan to West Ham….OR maybe we got something lined up for January window or next summer that we need to stop gap for.
    But we still need to tighten the holes left by Cesc and Nasri and now Landsbury, they were all tree in the first team plans..

  611. DuncanCastles tweeted:
    “According to Everton, #AFC offer for Arteta was £10m. Deal has fallen through over personal terms. Taking Benayoun on loan instead.”

    In other words, price bid was acceptable, his wage demands (I assume) were not.

  612. Well OF COURSE Benayoun is not a replacement for Cesc. How many playmakers are there in the world of that quality?
    We’re not trying to replace Cesc by getting a player like him, we’re bolstering numbers.

  613. I can’t believe he has priced himself out of a move. This is his chance to start to play CL football. Very strange.

  614. Poodle Lansbury is out of contract at end of loan
    so we dont get him back

  615. Fun – Even if we are simnply bostering numbhers, we still need one more to be better off than last year. From yesterday’s optomism, we are quickly realising that the squad will not be competative.

    It is placing an awful lot of pressure on Wilshere (who lest we forget is still very very young), and if he picks up an injury, we will be pretty fucked.

  616. @solgooner you sure? cos i heard he signed a new contraact last year.

  617. My F5 key is practically worn away to nothing. I’ve gone to the length of inviting a football-hating girl round to confiscate my phone, laptop and remote control. See you on the other side guys.

  618. ‘Benayoun being stop gap for Lansbury’ – are you on crack poodle? 😉
    Henri is in the shop window and will either be sold or will just go for nowt.
    Benayoun smacks of despiration, and nothing else…

  619. It’s falling on deaf ears FG – they expected a marquee signing, they haven’t got anything to brag about so they are crying foul and not able to see sense. Apparently they are planning to protest at the Swansea game. What a great welcome to AFC for the players who have joined the club.

  620. He might be thinking like Adebayor did – pricing himself according to the value of the player he is replacing as opposed to his own value.

    Maybe there is a bit of false pride here as well – both being Spanish (sort of) and in the same position but Cesc being so much more successful and feted – perhaps his pride is at stake and he wants to be paid the same as Cesc was.

  621. but eitherway Lansbury would have been a squadplayer available to use. which he is not now. with cesc lanndsbury and nasri off then we are light if we only get benayoun in.

  622. Jack IS injured goonerandy

  623. Now we know why Everton having got any money and if true Arteta has no ambition. At 29 years old, who else is going to offer him CL football? But I guess he’s got an expensive looking woman to keep in pretty dresses and make up and that is obviously more of a priority for him.

  624. Mattty yes all the supporters are sheep
    only you AKBs here know how we have
    strengthened our midfield and will end
    up in top four

  625. We have replaced Nasri already havent we? why do we keep talking about losing him as if no one has come in?

  626. What time the crazy transfer window shuts down? Is it 12 midnight GMT?

  627. ‘haven’t got’ not having got!

  628. What other top 4 club has ever loaned a player from another top 4 club? its like borrowing wellbeck :S

  629. Poodle he didnt sign the contract

  630. @paul N still two bodies short then no? with Benayoun in still 1 body short? and that was a qualitybody too!

  631. SURELY NOW Arshavin will play in the ‘hole’ ?????

  632. Ok Andy I have. Firstly Benayoun (if he did come) would not be the only action.

    Out: (of note)

    In: (of note)

    Fair enough you can out only 11 men on a pitch. Gervinho = ample cover for Nasri.
    Deni and Vela, I think are covered well by Frimpong and Myachi.

    That leaves a couple of players to throw into the pot.

    We have learned a massive lesson that no one player should be depended on. Rather than playing the ball through fabregas we will spread the ball about. That means we need players to do a solid job and let our strength on the wings provide our cutting edge. I’m sure you will agree with what we have wide on the pitch we are stronger than last season?

    Now you tell me do you think that with TR7, Ramsey, Song, JW, Ox, Diaby, Frimp + 1 other in the mix we cant cause serious bother for oposing teams?

    I no you’ll say lots of these names crumbled against the scum, but you’ll agree that we didn’t have ANY real authority in the last 2 3rds of the pitch. We would have to be very unlucky to come across such opponents without any of Verm, Sagna, Mert, Santos, Song, Wilshire, Diaby taking to the pitch to lead the younger players through 90 minutes.

    Right that took too long to write, has Kaka got D&R yet?

  633. Desie – So he is (hopefully not for long).

    Our midfield for the next game:


  634. bolstering numbers of average players doesnt make us a better team,

    if we are losing cesc we need quality..agreed we’ll never find another cesc ad if we cant find another cm then use jack but we need quality in another attacking player in either the form of a striker or a winger and benayoun aint it..

    not accpetable..benayoun wouldnt even get on our bench when everyones fit..cesc would cesc would get in the starting 11 thats the quality we need and the quality we will be missing.. benyoun takes the piss..the fact hes a loan says everything..

    weve just sold our captain for 40 mil and benayoun on loan is the answer??..whatever..

  635. In fact, Benayoun is not even as good as Rosicky.

  636. apparently AFC offered cash(less then £10mil i presume) and Bender, wot a fucking joke,

  637. @els i think with just one nice midfield signing, AW would have wone 90% of the fans back thoug. Now he wont. I think fans gaining Aws trust again is worth 25M tbh.

    And we jsut have to face it, there are alot of unhappy fans out there atm…

  638. @arse or brain – agreed. Its mildly annoying for a few seconds, and then it becomes mildly amusing that such negativity is apparently formed purely from the opinions of people on talk radio and the internet. Its like saying that I form my views on immigration by reading the Daily Mail. Pathetic.

    I can’t wait to see this protest! Its easy to hide behind a computer and plan a revolution, but it will be quite different out in the streets of Highbury in the real world. Sadly guys, the revolution will not be televised. Pathetic ‘support’.

  639. to keep you up to speed, Arsène Wenger has proved once again that there is a fine line between stubbornness and self-harm. On the verge of signing Mikel Arteta, Everton, showing the understandable spirit of Robin Hood in trying to reapportion wealth from the rich (and desperate) to the poor (and even more desperate), asked for a bit more than the Spaniard is actually worth. Wenger, who has an economics degree and should know better the effect on prices of supply and demand, refused to bend and the deal fell down l

  640. Els – “Now you tell me do you think that with TR7, Ramsey, Song, JW, Ox, Diaby, Frimp + 1 other in the mix we cant cause serious bother for oposing teams?”

    I do think we will struggle. How many of thos eplayers would get into the other top 4 teams? Wilshere and Song possibly, but not definate by any means. Cesc and Nasi would have got into all of them.

  641. @spy the deal feell through due to personal terms you muppet. Everton were happy with the 10M

  642. All that is missing now is that tottenham signs cahill for 6M and United grab Sneijder.

  643. Eduardo came after Henry, he didn’t replace him in that sense, and he didn’t turn out too badly, did he?

    @ Passenal
    If he’s not prepared to come here for a sensible wage and work his nuts off to get up the pay grade then perhaps he is not the player we need.
    Benayoun always struck me a real trier, and I will be perfectly happy with him on loan.

    Numberswise we have lost Cesc, Nasri, Denilson (who hardly played) and Lansbury (who played even less). We have got in Gervinho, Frimpong and AOC – even if he only plays as much as Denilson and Lansbury put together, so Benayoun would increase our numbers.

  644. nasri wasnt replaced either
    but we were willing to let that one slide and use the kids as long as cescs quality was replaced..
    not really happaning is it..
    its not about marquee signings its about quality..

  645. but United had an utterly boring team last year, and they pulled through…..

  646. @Passenal 7:36 pm.

    I’m more than fine if a journalist tries to put 2 and 2 together. But how the hell do they then get away with “Sly Sports understands” as opposed to “Hey – I just cooked this shit in my head”. Just because you think something is happening or you are willing it to happen does not make it fact.

    And the fact that you have the ability to reach millions of people and shape their opinion through your mass media outlet demands that you use that power responsibly – not use it to peddle shit that is then referred to as fact. This isn’t journalism – this is sensationalist shit stirring.

    So what if they were getting someone from Real Madrid.

    If anyone at Sly Sports even bothered to do the basic research demanded to check the veracity of any story, they will have found out that Barclays Bank has placed an embargo on any transfer income that Everton get. It’s going to pay off the overdraft. Why would they want to sell when they know it’s going to be swallowed by Barclays

    The story was bull shit from the word go.

  647. SO Benayoun our final signing for tonite then, if he comes…
    well then its time for bed soon i guess….

  648. @ JonJon

    Gervinho replaces Nasri.

  649. Was Wenger genuinely in France all day today…? If so I find it odd he’s come back empty handed…

  650. Jim White is in the House – Let the jerkfest begin.

  651. Doesn’t look like Bendtner’s leaving…?

    Yossi to bolster numbers…..agree,
    but I’d rather leave “that spot” for Coquelin, Ox & Ryo to rotate in and out of squad while keeping the seat warm for Hazard in Jan.

    Again, a Jack/Diaby/Rosicky/Ramsey/AA/RvP will do the job more than adequately.

    C’mon ManU are presently kicking ass w/o a maestro…they’re rotating Cleverly/Anderson/Rooney/Nani/Giggs/Park and waxing all comers.

    It’s a style of play that’s better suited to the pace of the EPL..even the Invincibles used it!
    DB was never the maestro, it was a collective effort
    Less predictable, counterattacking, devastating.

    Leave the lateral-overkill-always look to beat the offside trap-little man-style to Barca..
    remember what Jack did to them
    and imagine a Jack-Hazard or Jack-Diaby tandem


  652. My word, I am going to have to take a break from here if this continues. This moaning is dragging down my spirit when sports more than anything else should be about enjoyment. We were all on a high and now things “seem” not to be working our with certain players we go back to whining and crying. Come on already, can we cut that out? please.

  653. Fun – So minus Denilson/Cesc/Nasri, and add, Benayoun/Frimpong/Gervinho.

    Just have a look at that for a moment.

    Have we improved our midfield?

  654. Football is a team game Andy. You live in Germany, how many years did Germany rob victories in international tournaments because they played for each other and had good tactics. They never had the best players.

    I also disagree that Rosicky, Ramsey and Diaby not being good enough for top 4 team.

    Come to mention it look at the personal in the middle for ManUre, shite, absolutely shit as all fuck. I try to get someone in on my fantasy football team but when you look at the names you can;t click that fucking button. That’s because it’s the team. That’s what Wenger is working on and getting back too. Believe in the team man.

  655. Jim White’s co-presenter has great tits.

    Just saying 😉

  656. Lurking. I was thinking of posting a compliment to solgooner for standing up yesterday to Jibber’s foolishness. But after that typically dumb AKB attack earlier I see he can’t help himself. Evidently, Sol, you are not beyond the pale so stop being so miserable and pessimistic. Its always good to be a Gooner.

  657. Darius,

    that sums up the state of ‘journalism’ nowadays.

    i don’t know what is sadder: ‘journalists’ stirring up shit, or people lapping up that shit.

  658. What were they supposed to offer spy – £50m? Arteta is not in that bracket and you would probably be the first to complain that it is too much for such an ‘average’ player.

    There is no ready made Cesc replacement out there. The club clearly tried for several midfielders within our price range. We are not in control of everything and sometimes you have to accept that things happen for a reason and you just have to adjust your tactics to make the best of what you’ve got.

  659. mattyboy, i did say earlier i thought sg was a dailymail reader and you proved my point i totally agree great post

  660. Els – “I also disagree that Rosicky, Ramsey and Diaby not being good enough for top 4 team”

    Really. In place of who?

    “Come to mention it look at the personal in the middle for ManUre, shite, absolutely shit as all fuck.”

    Seriously, after don’t don’t even go there.

  661. After Sunday.

  662. and i agree with supercod…
    Remember how long it took with that Arshavin deal?? it was so so so late. its still time

  663. going after the likes of hazard gotze and arteta suggests the boss recognised that we will miss the quality we had last season..
    for some reason or another they havent come so we are settling for benayoun just for numerical reasons which isnt a good enough excuse for signing someone..
    we need quality in numbers not just numbers..
    quality no quantity..

  664. What started as a really exciting day has really fizzled out.

    Yossi Benayoun? On loan?

    Very, very disappointing.

    We have £78M in the bank from player sales and we couldn’t find a decent midfielder anywhere in the world?

    Would rather sign no one than Benayoun.

  665. nope..
    gervinho originally replaced bendtner..
    but do to circumstances, weve had to shuffle the pack and change the goalposts a little when it comes to nasri..

  666. JonJon,

    no way goetze will leave dortmund this season. dortmund wun sell, and goetze doesnt want to leave. simple as that.

  667. Is it only me or am I really getting stupid.

    When did we actually sign Benayoun? As opposed to a loan move for him being peddled as shit on the rumour mill.

    Lest we forget, it was none other than Stan The Dog Collymore who suggested on Talk Sport that maybe we could sign Benayoun who is out of favour at Chelsea – and then this becomes fact?

    Get a grip people.

  668. “Was Wenger genuinely in France all day today…? If so I find it odd he’s come back empty handed…”

    He was not there to do business Supercod, apparently it was a managers conference of some kind. Contrary to popular belief, he does not involve himself in all the details of transfers. He apparently has 20 people to do that for him! I’m sure he will use his contacts to grease the wheels with clubs or players he’s interested in doing business with, but I would imagine the details are left to the suits to work out.

  669. agreed
    in this instance id rather sign noone than benayoun..
    as soon as we start getting players back like jack and song and frimpong, even diaby..benyoun wont play..
    its pointless getting him..

    just hope jack gets fit quick..

  670. @ JonJon
    Don’t be silly – Gervinho is even playing in Nasri’s position! And you know damn well that AW signed Park “because we know Bendtner will leave”.

    The reason why we haven’t got the players you list is because their clubs absolutely will not sell them this window – source of that is Gilles Grimandi. So we have to adapt. What else can we do?

    @ goonerandy
    If you’re going to sulk, sulk at Fabregas. We will not be playign the same way, so we will not need a Cesc in the middle. Can’t you see that? The midfield just has to function. Is Arteta suddenly a superstar playmaker now, that you’re so upset he isn’t coming?

  671. so stoked on JY Park..he REALLY looks the business.
    Fast, assists well, scores, good long ball, good tip tap….i am drooling!
    A Park-Gerv-Theo counter
    A Gerv-Ryo-Park counter
    An uber-Gunner counter attack……!!!

    man, fuck a midfield maestro
    we’ve got some bullets on our team

    Mozart’s going to have so much fun assisting
    AA’s going to have so much fun assisting
    Jack’s going to have so much fun assisting
    Captain Robin’s going to have so much fun assisting

    Someone call AW:
    Come on home Arsene,
    Come on back to The Emirates
    Time to plot The Renaissance!

    …i’m dizzy with OPTIMISM.

  672. Sol
    ‘Mattty yes all the supporters are sheep
    only you AKBs here know how we have
    strengthened our midfield and will end
    up in top four’

    You carry on as if you are the spoke-sperson for all Arsenal fans, yet admit that you base your views on talk radio and the internet! Please don’t label me, I’m not your enemy, lets just say we have different ways of supporting our club. Good luck with the protest.

  673. consolsbob | August 31, 2011 at 8:48 am

    Exciting day to be an Arsenal fan indeed. Fully convinced the Wenger haters that certain things were out of his control.

  674. i dont see why gotze would join us to be honest i agree, but thats not the point i was making is it??

  675. JJ, you have no idea what will happen b4 the deadline. I remember us pulling off deals for Gallas and Diarra in the 11th hour.

    Take it easy and see what happens. No use raising your blood pressure.

  676. are you serious, we needed a midfielder and we didn’t get one.

    If wenger pulled out of the arteta deal because of the price. that is ridiculous

    if it’s his wages then i understand, but why would he not have one last pop at the cl, is he really that dumb arteta

  677. @ goonerton
    Of course certain things are out of wenger’s control – he can’t force clubs to sell or players to agree personal terms, can he? He’s been saying that all through the window – that it takes three to tango.

  678. Wenger was in Paris for the homeless world cup. Kenya ladies won the womens cup.

  679. Great point JonJon, let’s not forget that there are a lot of people injured and suspended.

    I am quite happy with the signings today. Mertesacker and Santos seem like two quality signings to me. With TV and Sagna back to fitness, a back four of Sagna, Mertesacker, TV, Santos seems like a very, very solid one. Kos, Gibbs, Jenkinson, Djourou a more than capable group of understudies, all anchored by two outstanding Polish keepers and protected by Song and Frimpong. That group seem to have the potential to be absolutely rock solid and ferocious in their ability to chase down balls, disrupt attacks, stand tall in dead ball situations, and pass out of the back…as well as going forward if needed. Like others have said as well a back 7 like that provide a foundation for the top 4 to really play with a license for goal.
    Very excited I think. Well done to the club.

  680. @ JonJon | August 31, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    “i dont see why gotze would join us to be honest i agree, but thats not the point i was making is it??”
    If you are talking to me, I said the CLUBs would not sell the players this summer. Presumably you are aware that the club has to agree?

  681. apparently there is gonna be a protest at the swansea game aimed at the board and their ridiculous policies

    At this moment in time i don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad

    I am seething that no creative players have been signed, it’s unbelievable

  682. JonJon,

    my bad. i am just tired of people thinking buying players is that easy.

    as FunGunner said: it takes 3 to tango.

  683. Would of preferred Mikel over Yossi. Wenger will have most probably something up his sleeves that will shock us all.

    If the Yossi, thing does happen I know he is quality but, how many starts did he get in the last 2 seasons? Also if on loan he wouldn’t be able to play v chelsea.

    I don’t rate him over Mikel anyway.

  684. The tango should of started 3 months ago so I say get to work post haste and no farting around.

  685. LOL – There’s a Chelsea fan spitting fire and brimstone and complaining that he’d taken the day off work and nothing has happened.

    I wonder how many Arsenal fans feel that they just had the mother of all anti-climaxes.

  686. We haven’t signed Frimpong this season. he was already our player.

  687. Fun – Are you being serious, or are you just trying to make youself feel better? Forget, systems and all that crap; we have sold one of the best midfielders in the world and have not reaplaced him him. It is as simple as that. Of course there is no other Cesc’s about, but to not bring anybody in?

    I don’t see how that can be dressed up as anything but a bad thing? Ask youself one question……are our options in central midfield worse than last year (regardless of whatever tactics we use)? The answer is without doubt, yes.

    And then factor in that last year wasn’t good enough anyway.

  688. I agree with Darius. This is all getting silly. None of us know who we are in for, or how much we have offered for anyone. Perpetuating rumour and myth is exciting for a while. Its been quite a while now.

  689. Andy Ramsey for a start turned down ManUre. Yeah. Rosicky and Diaby are better than, Carrick, Fletcher, Anderson, Barry, Milner, DeJong I could go on.

    And yeah, you don’t get my point at all. Man Utd do have average names in the team. They just work better as a team, which is why I’m telling you Benayoun or whoever will be picked on a lot more than just his individual attributes.

  690. Quite interested to know what we’re going to do in Jan/Feb with Song, Frimpong and Gervinho unavailable….

  691. Moe, I would argue, despite the obvious quality of Fabregas and the potential of Nasri, that creativity in midfield is one trait that Arsenal has in abundance already. Yes, a midfielder who can thread the ball that unlocks a defense woudl be fantastic but set Fabregas aside, he is a special player and one that can not be replaced like for like, and I don’t think we are in bad shape for creativity.
    Having said that those types of players, creative ones, are not bad signings on principal, and if one can be picked up that fits the bill than great. But I would not go jumping off a bridge just because of this!

  692. @ goonerton | August 31, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    “The tango should of started 3 months ago so I say get to work post haste and no farting around.”

    The tango did start three months ago. This part of it started today.

  693. guess it’s up wilshere and ramsey then to carry arsenal all season

    This is unbelievable, come on benayoon?

    too much is gonna be put on young shoulders again this year

    and 1 more mid signing tonight could mean the difference between top 4 and top 6

    What will we do when jack gets injured, or ramsey is injured as well

    we saw ramsey isn’t ready for the cesc role yet and wilshere is only human.

    What is going on at the club?

    it has just gone from an relatively good high to a sewer level low for fans now.

    That’s the difference 1 signing to do.

    Well, if we don’t i reckon it’s gonna be a throw in the dark season.

    It can work out or spectularly fail.

    Well, is the board gonna throw the dice?

  694. Come on Gris Gris – why spoil it.

    We actually need some fans to jump off the bridge. Arsenal will be a better place without the whinging moaners.

  695. ARSENAL


    Van Persie-Chamakh-Bendtner
    Rosicky-JY Park

    More than happy with this squad.

  696. i have always thought benayoun was a good player before he went to liverpool. not quite sure what happened after that.

  697. no fungunner that wasnt directed at you.

    but this one is 🙂
    no sorry my dear but you are wrong..

    nasri and cesc were supposed to be going nowhere remember??? but we knew nikki was on his way..gervinho replaced nikki..

    now we have to shuffle the pack cos nikkis still here and nasris gone..but he was replacing nik originally

    and we got park cos we let vela go on loan and then we were denied a permit for joel..thats why he came

  698. @ Northbank and mattyboy,
    I am really feeling what you were stalking about last night and it is profoundly depressing.

  699. Els – OK Then. This would be the Anderson (for example) that pissed all over Rosicky at the weekend. What does it matter that Ramsey turned Manure down? Maybe he didn’t think he would get in their side for a start?

    I tell you now, if Wilshere is out for a sustained period of time, we are fucked in midfield.

  700. @ NB and mattyboy

    “talking about” not “stalking about”, obviously.

  701. Breaking News: The Samaritans have confirmed that they’ve asked all their advisers who have taken leave to come back to work as Arsenal fans are said to be in a state of schock.

    They are anticipating that many of the calls they get on their helpline will involve fans who can be talked down, but they are preparing their staff to accept that some fans may commit suicide because Arsenal haven’t signed super super quality.

  702. Way too early to start complaining.

    Let’s wait and see, shall we?

    We are all grown ups.

    Aren’t we? Well, aren’t we?

  703. And here is a quite crzy thought. Instead of replacing players, a quite good idea to actually improve the squad might be to add to the good players to have.

  704. James nobody said we signed him. He is new to the first team though.

    Fuck when you think about it, you go on an arsenal blog to talk about your support for the team. Surely.

    I felt so fucking happy this morning and I’m just getting dragged down now.

    I for one am loving the signing this window. If it hadn’t been for Sunday bastard Sunday we would be high as kites now. I say again, the team on Sunday was an absolute bare to the bones, last resort effort. With suspensions and injuries we were ransacked. Had it been any other team in the league there would have been loads of coverage in the press to explain, and to talk about the poor luck, and also to tell you brainless fucks out there what to think.

    We will never get to that weakness again. ManU came at a poor time, we had to let players go before we could re-sign. That is the reason it happend. It just so fell that on that weekend we got Man Utd and a whole load of suspensions and injuries.

  705. Cesc and Nasri did not play every game last season and I seem to recall us winning matches without them. In fact didn’t we beat manure without either one of them?

    Poor Gervinho, I know he has been suspended, but why is he being overlooked when he is more than capable of replacing Nasri? We waited 3 years for 6 months contribution from him. I seem to recall him starting with a bang at Arsenal then fading. Let’s see if he keeps up his good start at the money pit.

  706. Darius,

    I know! It has occurred to me that this below par start by The Arsenal could be beneficial to ACLF and supporters everywhere by getting rid of those moaning whingers! I hope it is that easy.

  707. Benayoun will come in because he sells shirts in Brooklyn and Israel.

  708. consolsbob

    errr 3 hours left, i think thats abit late dont you

    and seeing as how arsene take their time, well i lost hope after arteta aint coming, and we are gonna get benayoon, woopie do

  709. I’ve just called the Samaritans to check if they’re geared for the Arsenal fan spike.

  710. Jabba'sDelights

    Still got a 2.5 hours to go but its not looking great.

    We need an outstanding player to come in and help replace one of the worlds best midfielders. We have had months to plan for his replacement.

    We are putting a horrible burden on the currently injured Wilshere.

    one hell of allot of money saved again in a transfer window its looking like, and any way you dice it the signings mertersacker aside are massive gambles.

    Not even i can pin this all on wenger. It looks like we have an asset stripper of an owner

  711. Andy we have replaced them and added to the squad.. Anderson had one good game. Do you not see Rosicky playing ever?

    Andy you must be a barrel of laughs in the pub.

    Jeez imagine getting stuck in a lift with you.

  712. James, others players will step up. By that time the team will have gelled better and some of the other new recruits will have gotten some games under their belts.

  713. @ JonJon

    All right then, have it your way – two attackign players out and two attackign players in – what’s the difference?

  714. Bendtner to Sunderland?

  715. Andy is having a tard-fit over the loss of Cesc.

  716. @ JonJon
    We’ve got to adapt anyway, because of Cesc leaving. What’s your point?

  717. consolsbob

    unnecessary and totally off topic,

    i’m sure i wouldn’t like to get stuck anywhere with you

    now back to football, unless that’s abit too far a stretch for your one celled brain

  718. Els – Rosicky has had a handful of decent games in the past few years. He made no impact on any of the games he played last season. He is a tidy player (I actually quite like him), but in no way shape or form will he transfrom us onto title challengers.

    I would more than likely sneak one out if we were stuck in a lift. I wouldn’t be able to help myself 😉

  719. Moe,
    FUCK “the Cesc ROLE!”
    It takes a world class player to play it
    They don’t come a dime-a-dozen
    The greatest Arsenal team never used one
    We’ve got our eyes on 2 of the next best ones
    But probably not this season

    & most importantly
    even with Hleb, Flamini, &

    Do we want to WIN or just play pretty??????

    We’ve plugged our most pressing holes!
    (f’give me ladies)

  720. Gains – I know, I can’t help it. Fancy being pissed at seeling you best player (and the player most likely to replace him) for a cut price deal, and not replacing him. I know I should should be happier, but I just have this nagging doubt.


  721. I’ve been out all day – just thought I’d have a scroll through ACLF to see if anything exciting has happened.
    Good grief. I hope Darius is right and a whole lot of you go commit suicide.
    We’ve heard nothing but screaming for transfers and major overhaul of this squad. I personally hate lots of transfers I like a settled squad with promotions from within. However, Arsene disagrees with me and clearly knows more than I ever will so I will put up with the moaners getting what they want.
    But no, I read the comments and apparently all this transfer activity we’ve seen this summer is also wrong. You are like fucking children crying for ice cream then crying when you get ice cream because you didn’t get a flake in it.

  722. Aman

    ok, i wasn’t “dooming” as you put it, but if that’s what makes you sleep easier then please be my guest.

  723. I bet the same whining moaning wankers whined and moaned when Paddy left and Arsene didn’t replace him just promoted a talented kid.
    The same irreplaceable talented kid that has now been replaced by JW. Who has been with us since he was a foetus but apparently represents the end of project youth.
    If you lot were on a mission to make yourselves appear the most unbelievably stupid football fans on the planet you could not do a better job.

  724. FG who was it that was claiming Henri Lansbury’s contract is up next season?

    “The Enfield-born youngster joined Arsenal at just eight years of age and signed a new long-term contract with the Gunners in January 2010.

    Everyone at Arsenal Football Club wishes Henri the best of luck for his time in East London.”

    On now

  725. I rest my case…
    Some people will just never be happy.

    Well done AFC staff & AW.
    It’s been an uplifting 48 hours.

    GoodNight RASERS!

  726. agree with els @ 8:37

  727. Well said Aman.
    Moe it’s no good taking a shit on the carpet and saying ‘ok I wasn’t shitting on the carpet’

  728. steww

    What if we we already had an ice cream, and then we lost it and some had all the chance and time to get us our ice cream back but at the last minute before the ice cream man leaves we have to settle for a frozen lollipop.

  729. @ Passenal | August 31, 2011 at 8:58 pm

    “FG who was it that was claiming Henri Lansbury’s contract is up next season?”

    It was YW.

  730. Steww – Well said mate, this bitching is really getting out of hand.

  731. Be careful with that mouldy fence post.
    I’m going to enjoy watching the new Defence Pole play football. Took the Werder Captain a few seasons, and running a contract down into it’s final year* to finally get here, in spite of the demented delusions of the ‘i told you so’s’. So often linked with Arsenal, I almost expected to see Yaya Toure turn up at the next minute.

    Now we can get down to the nitty gr*tty:
    My guess is against the ‘nippers’ Koscielny will get the nod. And Per and (backed up by a hopefully in form JD as cover) will fight for a start against the ‘lumps’. Though the wise state that you need to play CB’s in pairs. I have no idea.
    With our injury record, the more the merrier.

    *Yes, he was the club Captain. Who was in the last year of his contract and didn’t resign all summer long. So, interesting. Eh?

  732. *sighs*. < re-sign

  733. steww

    your opninion, not mine

    and your comparison’s are making me laugh, at you not with you

  734. FunGunner – “It was YW” LMAO!!!!!!!

  735. @ steww
    I feel exactly the same. They are drunk on their own incoherent irrational rage.

  736. Jabba'sDelights


    Could have been better if thats what it ends up being and again thats where the gripes come, not doing all we can.

    40m on wages and fee at the beginning of the summer.

    Eboue, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, Thomas, gone with a ultra conservative 12m in wages between them also gone. Plus with the fee’s lets be ultra conservative again and say 59m. So despite being ultra grey with these figures thats 111m.

    Just to make our spend ultra expensive lets assume all these fee’s we’ve paid for players was upfront and take the top price mentioned.

    Chamberlain 15m
    Jenkinson 1m
    mertasacker 10m
    Santos 7m
    Park 5m
    Myachi free
    Gervinho 12m

    50m on fees and thats being generous. Then lets be really really generous with their wages and say in total they are 20m. So our total spend is 70m thats 40m left in your bank again even though our bank already has a huge sum of money in it.

    bare in mind we generated more like 120m in fee’s and wage sapce and spent much closer to 55-60m in fee’s and wages thats a huge differential.

    If the moves dont come off this is a great illustration of not doing all one can to in our self sustaining way to be as succesful as we can be.

  737. Andy:

    This year is not going to see us give a title challenge. It was always going to be a rebuilding year when Cesc left and its attitude re-adjustment for us. I love the fact that we have finally shored up our defense. Just like you I am frustrated that we are going to have another huge transfer profit when the team is going to struggling to hold on to 4th place but what has happened is a lot more then I expected.

  738. JackWilshere Jack Wilshere
    Disagree with Ian you want Arsenal to buy Messi? Benayoun will create and score goals for us #justsayin

    So seems young Jack knows fuck all about football and footballers.Either that or some people on here know less than they think they do.
    Anyone who says”we haven’t replaced Cesc needs to stop typing now.
    Jack and Rambo are Cescs replacements,It has always been thus.Just a year to soon perhaps.
    So stop whinging,see how we go and allow the lads to become men,

  739. So everton accept offer for arteta who probably gets a wage raise as well and offer of champions league football but deal breaks down as he demands an insane wage! Wot a nutter!

  740. chamakh to Paris…. first picture of him in his new kit

  741. @Goonerandy.

    You were right – Natalie has platinum tits – and she’s better looking than Jim White too.

    That useless cretin David Basset has suggested that Arsenal should have signed either Cahill or Scott Dann and not Per Mertesacker – apparently Cahill and Dann are better quality. Xenophobic bastard.

  742. Nicklas Bendtner has joined Sunderland on a season-long loan

  743. A year ago, the whinging was:

    We need a f*cking goalkeeper.

    When are we going to find a back up for Song.

    Clichy sucks.

    Who the hell is Koscielny?

    We need a TALL CB.

    Fast Forward 12 months:
    Eboue, Clichy, Deni – off

    Nasri is gone – Gervinho will give us better balance.

    Cesc is gone…..No available replacement – so Arsenal will change their attacking tactics.

    As Els has said above, we have more than enough talent on our roster to deliver quality passes: Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Diaby, Song, Arshavin, RvP, and Santos

    targets: Theo, Ox, Park, Gervinho, Ryo, also RvP.

    “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you get what you need”

  744. Steww I’d agree some of the moaning is inappropriate – if only for the nature of it but some criticism is warranted if the club fails in one of its most important objectives. Wenger himself identified our midfield as ‘weak’.

    It is not unreasonable to feel upset that despite the huge amount of money we have at our disposal and the world’s biggest scouting network we are now scrabbling about with a few hours of the transfer window.

    It is also not unreasonable to ask why other clubs have done business where we (seemingly) have failed.

    There could be late news and I am hopeful but it is easy to see this is unlikely to bring in the super, super quality Wenger said we needed.

    I am delighted to support the team and Wenger once the dust has settled but should we go into this season as we are this summer’s business looks like a case of ‘so close, but so far away’.

    I am one of the most positive people I know and an avid supporter of Wenger – but only to a point. Sometimes the merest breath of criticism gets pounced upon by the apologists.

    I have no interest in the serial moaning which some indulge but we must be able to dialogue with a sense of perspective about these things otherwise there is no point talking at all.

  745. @ pedantic george | August 31, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    “JackWilshere Jack Wilshere
    Disagree with Ian you want Arsenal to buy Messi? Benayoun will create and score goals for us #justsayin”

    Jack showing his good sense again.

  746. Darius,Its not Xenophobia its “criminal stupidity”

    Jabba “criminal”was for you 😉

  747. Darius – There are some perks (excuse the pun) to TTD coverage eh? 🙂

    He is. A proper dinosaur.

  748. Looks like Andre is happy to be here at least!!/Andre_Santos27

  749. Having a difference of opinion to some people seems like the end of the world

    Jeez, not everyone is as sickly optimistic as some of you. There is supporting a team and there is turning a blind eye to weaknesses.

    Instead of taking the mick out of some people, have a contructive arguement without resorting to doomer labelling.

    But then that might be too much to hope for some people, who would use peer pressure online than hear what people are saying and have an arguement or leave them alone.

    They’re obviously not gonna change their mind and they have as much right to their opinion.

    Like they say every dog has their day, and to each individual what they are saying is fact to them.

  750. @ Jonny
    So how many other clubs have bought playmakers of the requisite quality?

  751. jb ryo wasnt free and we bought him over a year ago

  752. Cesc and players anywhere near his quality are already playing at big clubs. We’re looking at players like Goetze, Martin and Hazard. These players are currently in their NTs and will, most likely, make it to next summer’s euros. The reason why it may be hard to land them right now is because they are getting plenty of exposure at their current clubs and they have no competition for their places. By coming here they run the risk of losing form, adapting to a new league and system, and being excluded from their NTs.

  753. @ FG – No, no, don’t let it depress you. Quite the opposite in fact. I get great amusement from reading posts on here, what with talk of protests and the throwng of toys out of prams on a regular basis. Having said that, reading some posts is about as funny as getting an arrow through the neck and then discovering there is a gas bill attached to it 🙂

  754. Jonny – Put my thoughts down better than I seem to be able to (could be the beer). Good post.

  755. Am I an “apologists” ?

    Fuck me,I am not happy about that.Dont like the sound of that one little bit.

  756. FunGunner | August 31, 2011 at 8:31 pm

    “The tango did start three months ago. This part of it started today”.

    Apologies I meant the tango should of started 3 years ago.

  757. Jonny, Wenger, identified ‘that’ midfield as weak.

    Andy, what would you squeeze off in a lift? Please tell me we are only talking gas here?

  758. Arteta back on?

  759. Arteta talks back on…. oh ffs!

  760. @ Rune breaker | August 31, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    “So everton accept offer for arteta who probably gets a wage raise as well and offer of champions league football but deal breaks down as he demands an insane wage! Wot a nutter!”
    I know. But for some people, that must somehow be our fault.

  761. So moe, a couple of quotes from you.

    1. “Instead of taking the mick out of some people, have a contructive arguement without resorting to doomer labelling.”

    2. “i’m sure i wouldn’t like to get stuck anywhere with you

    now back to football, unless that’s abit too far a stretch for your one celled brain”

    Yeah, right.

  762. Arteta deal is back on..?!

  763. arteta move back on

  764. Fun – Chelsea and M City for a start.

  765. Oh to be an agent!

  766. Jack makes me laugh – he’s following TDD like a fan!

  767. JackWilshere Jack Wilshere
    ARTETA back on! Come on you Gooners!

    Feck in hell

  768. I wonder if, given that Cesc seems a practically impossible character to replace, Wenger would be tempted to move to a more 4-4-2 type formation…

  769. Right arteta deal is back on interesting

  770. @ goonerandy
    And what do Chelsea and Man City have in common, which we do not?
    Unlimited funds.

  771. Els – Heh, that is what I meant. Only a small one mind, but as we know, they really can be the ones that do the damage.

  772. Oh Jack is providing the information, is he? Good boy.

  773. Bob.Moe is a good guy as a rule.Be gentle with him

  774. Andy, Moe… sign Scott parker now (pr somebody like that, who is available)?? I think not. Perhaps with loan deals being touted, just perhaps Wenger has his eye on the long game. You know just for once.

    As grimandi said on some european games punditry. Arsenal have identified Cesc’s long term replacement but he is untransferrable at the moment. So, maybe benayoun now, hazard/gotze/martin in a years time?

    Point is don’t bet against Wenger.

  775. Jabba'sDelights


    All i’ve ever stated is that i want Arsenal to do all it can in its self sustaining way to be as competitive as possible.

    Last summer we didnt do it with chamack, kosciellny and squilaci this summer we will be making our biggest ever transfer profit despite wenger worst season at arsenal last year statistically.

    Why is it so hard to understand that allot of our fans will be upset with this. We are on the back end of the worst 6 months of form in over 24 years which climaxed in our most embarising performance in over 100 years against a rival who all of you thought hadnt improved this summer.

    If we have another poor season and run out of gas who is to blame. 50-60m we will make out of this window

  776. consolsbob

    lol, im sure you were the one who started it anyway, and you didn’t have an arguement for me to respond to. If you had something other than abuse then i would respond accordingly, but you didn;t so………….

    you kinda of failed.

  777. “Els – Heh, that is what I meant. Only a small one mind, but as we know, they really can be the ones that do the damage.”

    🙂 Yeah, those sneaky ones.

    Well I think I’ll do a Bruce Willis and climb out the roof. Not before obviously returning fire.

  778. Wilshere should be on our negotiating team.

  779. Arteta has asked to leave Everton. For the love of God, wrap this up!!!

  780. Its brilliant that big little Jack is following the Arteta rumour. He obviously enjoys the prospect of competing for places and is like a proper fan. I wonder if he is going to call for Wengers head and say we are shit if we sign Benayoun, or shock horror, nobody. I doubt it.

  781. @ goonerandy | August 31, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    “Wilshere should be on our negotiating team.”


  782. Be jaysus , roll on 11pm , I’m knackered and my F5 key is squeaking

  783. @ mattyboy | August 31, 2011 at 9:31 pm


  784. Els – Heh, nice one.

  785. johncrossmirror John Cross
    Arteta forcing the deal to happen. Clearly desperate to join #afc


  786. So, if we end up getting Arteta on our terms, will those of you who were so quick to criticise apologise and take it back? If you are going to make a deal you need to hold your nerve and be willing to walk away. If it was left to some of you, you’d just chuck money at the situation and then end up with buyers remorse when you realise how much you paid and how little you actually got for your money!

  787. C’mon Mikel. You know it makes sense.

  788. from twitter

    Nobody beats Wenger in a staring contest Arteta, nobody. No shame in blinking first when you’re up against the Professor. Get it signed.

    funny as

  789. @ Runebreaker

    “johncrossmirror John Cross
    Arteta forcing the deal to happen. Clearly desperate to join #afc
    4 minutes ago”

    Now that attitude makes a lot more sense to me!

  790. Well IF Arteta is signed I will doff my cap accordingly as that would be excellent business.

    I cannot understand why Arteta would be sold though – suicidal move from Everton.

  791. Piotr Trochowski is another one that I wouldn’t mind getting. Watched him at Hamburg a few seasons back and I remember him playing really well. Lowe has put him in the mannschaft so it appears as if he’s improved since the last time I’ve seen him. He’s a tidy playmaker with bags of pace, very good dribbling ability and a good shot.

    Andy, perhaps Wenger feels that we have the quality to replace Cesc right at home, even if Jack is crocked for a while.

  792. Feel like I’ve been at Alton Towers for the day!

  793. @ Passenal | August 31, 2011 at 9:34 pm
    They’ll just say it was criminally negligent not to panic and run the risk that it might not work out.

  794. Arteta would be an excellent signing. If we get Benayoun as well (as seems to be the case) our options in midfield are substantially increased. Less pressure on Wilshere and 2 good experienced pros to learn from.

  795. Harry rednapp has confirmed they couldn’t do the Cahill deal- So wenger gets pulverised as a tight arse and appy arry well it’s bolton’s fault they put too highs a fee serves Bolton right if they loose him on a fee.

    Also el hadji diouf has been released by Blackburn perhaps we could sign him as our villain in chief

  796. @ELS – if you’re going to do Bruce Willis makes sure you have a vest on and go bare foot. You have to get into character. You can consider AIC, Jabba or Luke as Hans Breuber.

  797. Jabba'sDelights

    Get him in Arsene, could be an absolute steal if he stays fit. great signing and a good replacment for Cesc and one that will allow Ramsey and wilshere to develop at their own pace.

    Crouch going to Stoke, how tall can you make one team.

  798. seems like if arteta is just hearing about arsenal, then it would seem that he was not responsbile for the broken deal abit back.

    Which means wages had nothing to do with it and we just bid 10 mil and not a penny more

  799. At least I have learned what the f5 button does.Thanks Jon

  800. @ Rune breaker | August 31, 2011 at 9:40 pm
    Yes, that’s how it seems to work! ha ha! (That was wry laughter, btw)

  801. EmmanuelF4 You Been Frimponged
    “@Darren_Agnew: @EmmanuelF4 Why haven’t you been llinked with Barca Yet?”DONT WORRY MY AGENT IS GETTING SACKED LOL
    5 minutes ago

    JeffreyMonakana Jeffrey Monakana
    Most exciting transfer deadline for Arsenal in ages

    These guys are cracking me up – I didn’t think I’d get more entertainment than last night!

  802. Gains – I can sort of live with that and think Wilshere is well placed to do this. Be we need a quality player to come into midfield even if it isn’t a direct reaplacment. We have lost a lot of quality there, lets get some more in. That is all I am saying.

  803. other than Gallas and Silvestre , who was the last PL player we signed?

  804. Moe.Supposition is the way to stupidity

  805. Passenal – can’t speak for anyone else but I won’t apologise! 😉

    It’d be bad business if it hadn’t been done but great if it is – should we be in this position in the first place – playing high-stakes roulette with our season?? It’s a crazy situation!

    Here’s praying for a positive resolution – put it another way will you apologise if it now falls through?

    Didn’t think so.


  806. Jabba'sDelights

    Would be hugely suprised if we got him and yossi.

    Our dead ball options will have gone from basically zero to having 3 outstanding strikers of a ball.

    the way sky are reporting it, Arteta didnt have over inflated wages. They appear to be saying he has asked for a transfer to force everton hand

  807. Frimpong is a natural.

    How many Twitter accounts are you following, Passenal?

  808. I’m cheating by following the people young guns follows, so there is a lot of dross but the occasional pearl like that one!

  809. not surprising to see some last minute activity.

    i think a few hours ago, someone here was screaming that there were only 5 hours left and we have done nothing.

    obviously that person doesn’t know much.

  810. What a shambles !

    2 league wins out of 17 and we have about £70million to spend and we do fuck all with it!!

    Fulham have outspend us today. Pathetic!





  811. @ Passenal

    Aha, OK.
    These last couple of days may have drawn me into this whole Twitter lark. IA tweet is like a prose Haiku if you get it right.

  812. @ ghost | August 31, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    Hilarious! Love the sarcasm!

  813. FUCK OF GHOST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  814. ah ghost – the shallow end of the gen pool just arrived.

  815. Mertesacker – number 4

  816. @ FunGunner | August 31, 2011 at 9:38 pm

    sums it up! lol

  817. Jabba'sDelights


    Hans Breuber was my favourite of all bad guys so that could well be the first things you’ve got right in a while

  818. Fun how do you not lose the plot?You are my hero

  819. fuck off ghost your just boring

  820. “We are delighted to welcome Per Mertesacker to the Club,” said Arsène Wenger. “He is a German international with vast experience and strength and is good on the floor and in the air. I believe he will be well-suited to the Premier League and a tremendous asset to the team.”

    Mertesacker said: “I had a great time at SV Werder Bremen and I’m grateful to the club. Moving to London enables me to fulfil a dream and a further step in my career. The Premier League has always represented a great challenge for me.”

    Mertesacker will wear the No 4 shirt for Arsenal.”

  821. Passenal, you should’ve seen Andy crying about being tired of us not getting a player over the difference of a few million yesterday. He doesn’t mind if the club get gouged and pays over the odds like City and Chelski do.

    I would like to play poker with this GoonerAndy. I bet his bets are fat and, like the whale he is, doesn’t mind losing ten hands in a row just because he can.

  822. Ghost reminds me of the kind of person who has no birth certificate. Instead, his mother has an apology letter from Durex.

  823. who is the super quality player then…benayoun…

  824. johncrossmirror John Cross
    Hearing Yossi done – now to complete Arteta… #afc
    2 minutes ago

  825. ghost’s are not for real

  826. Ok Is B52 going on loan?
    That would make me very happy as he will be back.Good move all round IMO

  827. Delighted with Mertasacker, Santos and the potential of Arteta, including Gervinho we have added 4 first team signings this summer which is positive.

    Cant help but think a shambolic annilation at United capping off the clubs worst 7/8 months in the EPLhistory was what we needed to strengthen. Making a profit of £50 million this summer could anger a few fans – Im not too fussed about money spent, Im just intrigued as to whether we have signed all of our primrary targets?

  828. I have gone from thinking the transfer window should be shortened, to now thinking we should have one every other week. This is getting more amusing by the minute.

  829. Dukey.Per Backbacker and the Brazilian geezer

  830. Apparently in Per we have another Arsenal supporter joining the playing staff – no BBB DNA for us!

  831. dukey, is that you duke goonem?

    Can’t stand all this name changing.

  832. “Jack Wilshere
    The funniest #DeadLineDay joke I got today was #Kaka to spurs haha #beserious”

  833. Gainsbourg, Darius, why get personal all the time? All Arsenal fans on here, surely don’t have to have identikit views?

  834. ^ ha ha ha!

  835. @ Pedantic George
    I have worked with children a lot.

  836. Jabba'sDelights


    I agree with regards to the great dane. has good potential and if Chamck cant get out of his slump with these dead ball players he wont do so nicky coming back after a years starting would be a great move

  837. Damn – the ha ha was at Jack’s tweet.

  838. Luke the £50 million might go to player wages upgrades

  839. Arteta very near to completion and we are talking to benayoun now with cesc n nasri out we are not getting anywhere near the quality we’ve lost but arteta is a solid signing with experience who works hard and will complement wilshire n help ramsy grow into his role. If we get benayoun he gives us back up much as I have hated him as ex chavski he has some skill n is a good impact player. With the defence boosted we will back in the mix and in Jan if we can add the super quality wenger is searching for this season may end very different from how it has started.
    I suspect though benayoun will not go ahead if arteta is completed

  840. Varying views on the arsenal blogs from “waves of optimism” to the “panic buying / anybody will do to “scraping the botton of the barrel” view

    To be honest – if it is just Chu Young+ santos + metersacker I am underwhelmed

    If we got both Arteta and benayoun (on loan), I would be certainly better mood

    These signing certainly deepen the squad with experience. He moves to solve the CB issue (though I suspect many would have liked to see 2 CBs come in) but I dont think he has solved the lack of a top class forward or his CM though arteta and benayoun would buy him time – perhaps to January

    Rgardless, I am unimpressed with this deadline day ‘arry rednapp type wheeler dealing.
    Identify the needs – get them in July – job done. Are we to believe that all of these targets were on teh bubble and just all came together today – not probable

    I dont have a problem with Metersacker – german international, a giant, a leader – will organise. Why not do it in June – other than he is not a first choice. The main issue raised is as to mobility. I’ve read some apparent “inside source” that Wenger has twice declined to move for him on that basis. I think that he has sufficient positional sense (a trait sadly missing from Djourou & Koscielny) and his stats show that he is not that slow. I just hope he has got an assurance that the Arsenal defensive coaches are going to modify their suicidal high line strategy when the opposition have time on the ball to pick it wide open. It would be a shameful use of a resource like Mertersacker to deploy him im such a system

    The Swiss Ramble bolg has put it very wel – after sctaching his head for hours to try to discern teh transfer plan he concludes there musn’t be one

    Having sad idle for 3 summers, this hints of panic and Wenger himself has often said that it is best to integrate a couple of players each season, maximum 3 and do it in pre season. Integrating so many at one time carries a risk

  841. Does anyone else feel a bit sick when they see Sky Sports’ transfer totaliser. That is not amusing at all.

  842. Do loan deals have to be completed today as well or is there a later deadline…?

  843. arterta our number 8 then?

  844. yes bob.

    I hope we get Arteta, he has a very good long ball!!!

  845. @James M – no problem with debating with folks with differing rules. It’s healthy, it’s what makes the world go round.

    But I will not hesitate to tell anyone who gets abusive to fuck right off. What Ghost does is bang out of order. Excusing it with “he has a different view from you and he has the right to say it” is bull shit. I don’t always agree with folks here and vice versa and none of them get abusive, they just argue their point.

  846. Arteta is not done yet, TS.

    Meant to say, great post earlier, at the start of the day.

  847. Gains – When you eat, do your parents put a cork on the end of your fork for your own protection? I am thinking that this may be true.

  848. Jack Wilshere is such a gooner.

  849. rb yossi deal confirmed so both on hopefully

  850. Mertersacker the new Tony Adams?

  851. I know mattyboy – he has been cracking me up all night!

  852. @alanG “To be honest – if it is just Chu Young+ santos + metersacker I am underwhelmed

    If we got both Arteta and benayoun (on loan), I would be certainly better mood”


  853. If moyes keeps everton up he deserves to be knighted, watch this space Haines and fellaini to move either in Jan or end of the season, boy if we had fellaini now that would have added steel in our midfield.

  854. Jabba'sDelights

    Joel Campbell gone on loan to Lorient.

  855. Benayoun is a useful squad member but we need someone else in.. god elp us if he is our only attacking midfield saviour.

  856. Darius ,dont explain yourself to that cock.He does not deserve a moment of your time

  857. It’s off, it’s on, it’s off again! Who knows what is going on! Reminds me of the Arshavin deal. I wonder if it will have the same outcome in the end?

  858. Passenal – nah doubt we’ll buy Arsh again

  859. Duncan Castles is saying the Arteta deal is still off.

  860. Dukey,He will not help us he is busy at Ajax

  861. From Twitter, for those of you who still have a sense of humour

  862. Half an hour left. This is looking more and more unlikely 😦

  863. artetas a big one..

    when everton click and finish top 6..its him..

    2-3 years too late i feel but im glad hes here..would have loved to have seen alonso, arteta and cesc in our midfield 2-3 years ago..

    quality player

  864. ha ha ha!

  865. again, ha ha directed at twitpic.

  866. @ FG thanks
    that deal can surely not go off again?

  867. I don’t think the hacks know wots happening with the arteta deal- to me it appears more on than off taking everything into account. We have made a decent offer and the player at his age would be insane to turn this opportunity down.

  868. FG – it’s comedy gold! I think I’ll save that one to look at during the season if I need cheering up!

  869. If Crouch goes to Stoke can you imagine what kind of game they are going to play?

  870. Bradys right foot

    Benyoun and Arteta are quality players, there is no replacment for Cesc anywhere, a central playing assist ma