Baring Chests, Raw Emotions

Thanks to Bluebob for the temporary solution to yesterday’s IT, if you’re reading this, well done Blue. If no-one is, well, you useless…

Under different circumstances, many jokes would be told of Arsène getting a Brazilian. Funnily enough, now does not feel like a time for jokes, even though it is probably the most productive and therapeutic outlet for the angst and anger pervading the Arsenal universe. There were enough of them on the pitch on Sunday…

No hiding from it, the absence of an internet connection at home was a source of distress not just for me but No.2 son who was sure that he was going to be a Club Penguin Special Agent, whatever one of those is. Maybe today will be a better day for both of us. It cannot be much worse for Arsène in footballing terms. I am sure he has done so but I cannot recall him welcoming an international break.

Whatever we may feel, the only reactions to Sunday’s humiliation that I cannot see any justification for are those that are personally abusive toward the manager, the players and fellow Arsenal supporters. I don’t understand it, never have, never will. Those who believe it to be the way forward, well, you’ve lost my interest in anything you have to say. The only reason I can see for these outbursts are (a) social inadequacies, (b) anger management issues, or (c), puberty has yet to arrive. Gentlemen, Ladies, Boys, Girls; grow up.

As for the rest, I understand the anger, the grief, the humiliation, the blasé dismissals of the result, the restraint, the ignominy, the primeval screams; everyone spent time on that spectrum of emotions. The result was an aberration. I tried  them all, you fool no-one. It just hurts like hell, the humiliation, the anger, the capitulation, the shame. If only I could be sure that all of the squad felt that. They don’t.

I found no surprise that Traoré and Lansbury are reportedly on their way out of the club, short-term initially; longer term, well? No matter what either says, post-match laughter and smiling showed an absence of responsibility for the result, unprofessional to the point of amateur. No matter what length of time, even if there was none, was spent on the pitch, the squad at Old Trafford suffers collective responsibility for the performance and the abject capitulation.

I found the performance bewildering. Wenger blamed lack of recovery from Wednesday in part; how can that be? They should have been on a high, qualifying against outside expectations. Why would three days be insufficient recovery time, especially since at least four players did not participate? A player who cannot recover this early in the season from a midweek match is going to be worse than useless in February.

Eight players out? United had five. The three imbalance? All self-inflicted, suspensions for stupidity or over-exuberance. You choose which cap fits, I know what I believe. Late withdrawals? Sagna and Vermaelen not playing were harsh blows, not least because it meant Traoré was on the pitch. More so, Djourou was in defence, bereft of belief in himself defensively. But more so because it robbed the manager of options, choices.

But and this is where it comes in, ‘but’ always does. Had Arsène completed his summer transfer activity, some – not all – of Sunday’s problems might have been avoided. A defender with experience – not just Premier League – might have been able to make a difference. Replacing Cesc immediately – his departure was no surprise – might have resulted in young players not being thrown into the Lions Den. If, buts and maybe’s but all sticks with which the manager is being beaten.

It is impossible to say that anyone is exempt from criticism. We don’t know what is going on in the club, whether Wenger and the Board are differing in philosophy over spending or not, whether Stan has any, many or full input. It’s conjecture, nothing more. No matter what is going on, the appearance to outsiders is that of a machine which has developed faults, cogs worn down, the new and old abrading.

The final score is an aberration. Let’s not kid ourselves that Arsenal conceding eight is a regular occurrence. It has never been and never will be. Most people saw the defeat coming, no-one the scoreline. Anyone who says they did or that it has been coming, is a charlatan. The defeat less so, most of us hoped for something more but were geared up for a defeat. It is a rare feeling but the opponents, the referee, the squad travelling, it felt like the points were not coming home.

August has ended. Eight points and a whole lot of goals separate 17th place and top. September? Thirty days in which to reclaim the season. Not to close the deficit entirely but an inroad is required. Any wider and genuinely, I fear for the sanity of us all. Not because it is irretrievable but because the mercury might explode its’ casing with the collective high blood pressure.

The next two days are crucial. Signings in the right positions, of the right quality, will settle nerves to some extent. Yes, the argument will be about the delays in signing players – and I do genuinely feel that there are answers needed to explain these intense finishes to transfer windows – but if they come in, the ailments may not be instantly cured but there is a better chance of a long-term fix than currently exists.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Morning Yogi!

    Great Post! Sums up everything in its entirety. I couldn’t summon the courage to come online since after the defeat. I feared the most for AW.. And from your post, I guess insults were rained on him.

    I really don’t know if signings alone can solve the problem, because sincerely I believe there are more problems than meets the eye (don’t ask me what problem, just a feeling). I don’t think AW has lost the plot, If there’s a rush of transfers, I’ll be gutted that it took such a bashing to realise this. Key signings in the right positions will help in strengthening the squad, my only fear is our reputation and how other teams and rivals will see us.

  2. Aberration indeed. 8 to 2, but with 35 minutes to go, had vp or arshavin buried chances we were in with a shout….I’m not saying we deserved anything, I’m saying that it was not a case of them purporting our goal. 4 great goals and a dodgy penalty, and the loss is respectable. Strengthening in some positions needed, I can understand waiting to buy – in this market til chelsea and man city are done you pay a huge premium. At this point selling clubs are desperate. One loss is not worth 10 million. Anyway chill everyone. We are still ahead of spurs…..

  3. Really early post, couldn’t get some sleep YW?

  4. I believe the major problem now would be the confidence of the team especially the younger ones. Wenger has a big job on his hands but a big signing could lift morale. Benayoun won’t be that bad a player but I’m worrid about potencial injuries he could have as he gets injured often. Andre santos? Over 20 caps for brazil, might be an excellent buy

  5. So that’s Park and Santos for now, a center bac and a worldclass attack midfielder and we all set

  6. I think that Armand Traore was on his way before the game. He did not expect to have to play. Part of the reason for his poor performance. Looks as though we have replaced him anyway. Arsenal will have been negotiating with Fen…Fenee…the Turkish club for some time, the illusion created by the press and media though will be that we only went in for the player after the game in Manc town.I am looking forward to the return fixture.

    The reaction of some on here and the press and media have been disgusting over the last day or two. Like blaming your wife or daughter for being raped. The effect of the little Mancs and their money in the EPL is absolutely massive.Monstrous. A gross distortion. The effect of tapping up by Barcelona is absolutely massive.Never before have I seen such blatant attempts to distabilise one club.

    It is not just a question of how many players from each side were out on Sunday it is how many important players were suddenly out on Sunday. I have never seen an Arsenal squad so depleted and yet we still managed to create chances.

    One man will dig us out of this though. Only one man can do it. That man is in Paris today.I hope he is not negotiating his next job. I doubt it because it is not within his character. But who would blame him if he was. We are lucky that he is not a quitter. Neither is his captain.

  7. We offered 8 million for Phil Jones last winter. Blackburn wanted 10. We said no. End of season Man U offered 16.5. We offered to match that. Within months we had deemed him worth twice what we initially offered. But it was too late. Whomever is in charge of transfers at Arsenal needs to be fired. If we had Dein or someone in charge of transfers we might have had Jones. We might have had Ronaldo. And none of these acquisitions would have sent us into massive debt. The dithering in the market has been going on for years and it is mostly responsible for the mess the club is in

  8. Yea, reports have it that AW flew to France this morning, possibly to tie up the M’Vila deals. I’m not particularly impressed with the Benayoun rumours. He’s almost always injured and may not be what we actually need at the moment. I hope we tie up the Cahill deal quickly. I guess the England team are training at London Colney, so getting a medical could be easy and done quickly. #Just saying

  9. The quicker we get WENGER out of the club, the quicker the rebuilding can start, this has been coming for a long time, we have been short for a long time ,relying too much on Fabregas , this was clear to thesupporters but appparently not to Wenger, ,the only true and positive way forward is a new leader with new ideas ,who knees dont turn to jelly when he has to go into the transfer market, even now after this humiliation , and not just the Man Utd game, a draw at Newcastle,Liverpool beating us at home ,we were lucky against Udinese, he still insists in going for players for 3 mill.6 mill. what do you get for that nowadays , more Denilsons,Chamacks,,, NO better that he goes now and we can start the REBUILDING.

  10. if the fans allow themselves to lower their expectation of Arsenal’s performance for this season, just to be realistic with a proper objective view, the future would look a lot better down the road. The last thing we want is a clueless and lame manger at AW. Perhaps it makes better sense to help Wilshere fulfills his potential as a leader in the team, he got what it takes to be someone taking charge, if not this year, perhaps the next season or two.

  11. i know it’s blind optimism, but i feel ok about the season ahead – as long as we get a top class midfielder. now that santos is coming in and we have park to go up front as well i really believe our midfield is just lacking someone top class to play alongside jack, and when he returns to the side things are going to change, i’m sure of it. surely we won’t be facing triple suspensions regularly throughout the season, song and frimpong look good enough to fight for the holding role between them and if worst comes to worst then coquelin aint too bad for 3rd choice. aggghhh this is a horrible horrible situation alright…. i totally trust wenger to bring in the midfielder, a cb would be a nice bonus too. what else can we do but trust? for the next 2 days at least. old trafford really came at the wrong time for us.

  12. And amidst all the hullaballoo, let us not forget yesterday’s record 1550 odd postings on dear old ACLF. I jest.

    Why am I not worried? Because it’ a funny world. And this is important as a statistic, but actually not that significant. We played so poorly it was laughable, so subdued, and ManU, bless their little socks, were exceptional. And I end up thinking so what? We got the trashing we needed in one way. Welcome to the season, and wake up.

    One must credit Ramsey in all this however. In such a situation, he showed character and fortitude. I was deeply impressed. Also, Carl Jenkinson. He was several times caught out, outplayed, out-skilled, and never once stopped. This is a player to watch for the future.

  13. You are a patient man, YW! I wish my boss was like you!

  14. The belated transfers really show what it’s about, and it’s not about Wenger losing his mind or being out of his senses. As far as I can tell, it’s really a case of the board failing to sanction costly acquisitions and of a sorely inflated market. And, of course, anyone can blame Wenger now, but it’s not like he’s responsible for sanitation as well, there are people at Arsenal who negotiate the deals, who contact players and players’ agents, etc., etc. It’s not a family business, for C.’s sake.
    About Jones and his failed transfer: Arsenal regularly bring in kids from over the world into the academy. If Jones came in, he would most likely fall feature in those measly few games that rookies from the academy are given every season. Or be loaned to Levante, Lorient or Norwich. Since when is he our lost saviour? I thought what we lacked was an offensive midfielder…
    What I didn’t like about the game was that Wenger simply refused to admit his side was facing an opponent which would prove unbeatable in that game. Knowing he’d have to field 3 untested kids, at least one of them (Coquelin) in a key position, he still set his team in the same way, perhaps wanting to show his players he believed in them. At half time it seemed they might still be up to it, so it’s logical he stuck to his principles. Anyway, these decisions, while obviously prompting the despicable result, came from Wenger wanting to uphold his team’s spirit, not Wenger the madcap who for some reason makes all the wrong moves.
    And, for the record, ManU lacked only 2 1st XI players. Welbeck, Cleverley and Young have by now become regulars, with maybe Cleverley a little wobbly. Only the defence was seriously weakened, but with next to no midfield, Arsenal could not use that advantage. Their own defence had no wings to fly.

  15. Freak results happen and teams climb to greater things. I seem to recall Southampton thrashing manure a few years back. Didn’t mean they went on to exactly dominate the manc scum did it? This was one of those things. As for your insults about those of us who lash out at other fans YW, I will always defend my club against anyone. If you insult or fail to support us you are not a fellow fan and you deserve it.

  16. sorry i disagree”any one who saw this coming is a charlatan”this has been coming since we shipped 4 goal against defence this team is clueless without TV and sagna this defence was built to ship goals.for the last 4/5 years this team has cried out for a centre back pairing yes we bought TV but never a decent partner.the club should have acted when TV was out injured and bought cahill(we had the money and always have)but no the club felt we could soldier on with a french/swiss has beens and no marks it didnt work!look at the results since the fine defensive display against brum in the league cup final,one word crap.that situation needed addressing asap and to date it has not.this result is (i hope)a one off but our B defence is not up to it, the A defence needs cahill(or somebody else)just to cover TM being injured.the thing that pisses me off is this result could have been avoided as could the shambles at wembley and the crap results after the wembley farce.PEOPLE DID SEE THIS COMING.

  17. Yesterday was one of the most weird days in my life. Everyone seemed to be either a Manure fan or an Arsenal hater. It probably didn’t help that I was walking around town with my Arsenal shirt and everyone looking at me as if I was a lepper. At one point, some young men shouted obscenities at my family and I and I wondered to myself how we got to the point where being an Arsenal fan meant it was open season lynching. A passer-by even suggested that I should change my Arsenal top to avoid the sort of vulgar abuse directed at me, to which I replied I might as well strip naked and walk the plank.

    Clearly, something broke and needs fixing though I doubt we will get the space to fix things calmly with the intense scrutiny that the club and the manager have and will continue to face. My concern is that the biggest casualty of all this will be the team’s confidence. this should not be a quick fix thing and we need to ride out the pain and anguish. As the season pans out, this past weekend will take its place in the distant history.

  18. I think for about 2/3rds of the game Arsenal was in a decent position to reverse the tide. By the time the 70 minute mark rolled around though, it was clear the back four were phoning it in and doing so badly. Two fouls conceded right in front of the box, letting Nani and Park loose long enough for them to score. I wouldn’t have blamed Szczesny started punching the back four in the face. They were truly terrible and were just a dead weight on the team throughout.

    The final score doesn’t reflect that United’s defense was pretty crap, too. Had RVP been in slightly better form or Walcott gotten a couple lucky breaks the scoreline would’ve been closer to 8-4 or 8-5. Still an absurd line, but one that’s a bit more reasonable given the relative performances of the two sides on the pitch.

    Wenger deserves some blame for having no options. The club should’ve dealt with the transfer situation much earlier in the summer so they could have some replacements lined up, but realistically it was as much luck that kept De Gea from having 4 concessions on his record. Arsenal’s defense is terrible, but its offense seemed decent and getting Gervinho back along with adding Park should at least improve that part of play.

  19. Zim – I agree about that (Jenksinson). Whilst clearly way out of his depth, the guy never hid or gave up. It would have been easy just no not cross the half way line and don’t show for he ball (which exactly what Traore did once it looked like we would get beat). Good for him, exactly the type of attitude we want at the club.

  20. @steww: Is it correct to remain in a state where you will never accept anything bad happening with the club? You may call it love to the club. But one question – if you are not ready to even accept the short comings of the club then who is going to correct it? An 8-2 defeat is no regular or “No Big Deal” thing. Even though I am a Barca fan watching, even I was hurt with the final result. When people criticize you, it’s natuarl that we all will jump to defend rather than try to see whether there is any point in those criticism. But the last result is the point where you seriously look into criticism, even if it’s totally biased and stupid.

  21. The current criticism is valid. It does not mean that I will support the club any less though.

    Darius – That really shit mate. Especially when your family start getting abuse; some people really are stupid eh?

  22. You are neither intelligent or subtle enough to do what you are trying to do, Bibin

  23. Cape Town Gunner

    While watching, in agony, the game on Sunday, I heard Peter Drury say “We’ve put so 8 goals past the Arsenal.” So much for unbiased commentating

  24. Traore was on his way to QPR before the game.

  25. “Most people saw the defeat coming, no-one the scoreline.”
    Yeah, I thought we’d get more like a 6-1 spanking.

  26. The Darius experience is not at all unusual and to be expected if you listen, read or watch the coverage over the last couple of months. People are being whipped up into a fenzy. This is a witch-hunt and some Arsenal supporters are falling for it.

  27. @Frank: I may not be intelligent enough to get you out of te state of contant denial. Is that my problem or yours? I am not going to get hurt with that.

  28. Why is my state of mind as an Arsenal supporter of interest to you, Bibin?

  29. Most of the Arsenal fans, who are optimistic and have real perception remained quiet on internet. But one thing struck me all through the ‘doom and gloom’ period, when some one comments personally against Wenger, they often do not get a reply in writing, but the likes are very low compared to the unlikes. There may be sad, dejected and uncomfortable fans but no one likes personal abuse. Some one even was calling him paedophile.
    In my arsenal years I was angry when we lost 2-3 to spurs last year and 4-4 NewCastle game. Compared to that this is just numbers gone wrong. Those performances were horrible experience.
    One of the main culprits yesterday is already off to QPR. So, Wenger still knows. He is a professional and thats why he believes in collective responsibility. That is a good character.

    I would have stopped believing him if, Wilshere was not the Young Player of the year, TV were not in the PFA team in his debut season,didnt believe Nasri’s ability last season, he let RVP go even after his physical problems, Gervinho hasn’t played well, Sagna didnt play 130+ games in consistent form (2 times in the PFA team) out of possible 160+ etc etc etc

    Even if Wenger leaves, the club has a lot of assets and wealth due to his foresight and management. If there is a huge problem (CRISIS!!!!), the board should be the one who are accountable. Wenger is just the part of the plan, and I believe he is doing his best.

  30. funny how this IT and internet issues work out some times….

  31. I wonder if the silence at the club, the sheer not knowing what is going on, in fact not having a bloody clue, does the club a disservice.

    Are other fans as ignorant of what is going on at their club/ Newcastle fans? Liverpool fans?

    I don’t know. I do know that some very knowledgeable and intelligent Arsenal fans haven’t got a clue what is going on at Arsenal.

    I know that this is the ‘Arsenal way’ but is it sensible?

  32. I’d be interested to know when Traore was leaving. At what point had it been decided or had he decide he wasn’t going to be back-up to Gibbs? Was it early on in the transfer window? Was Traore ever going to be regarded as cover for Gibbs, or had we always intended to buy in another LB? Unfortunately it all appears from outside the club like another situation where we have been too slow to bring a replacement. We have again sat on our hands when others have moved to fill the perceived holes in their squads.
    Cesc/Nasri was largely out of our hands due to the buying clubs (wankers) and the first choice back 4 is clearly quality, but a football season is never about only eleven players. Now, due to injuries and suspensions, we need to throw any new signings into the starting line-up immediately. Maybe no-one could have predicted the decimation of our first eleven so early in the season, but shouldn’t we have at least had the cover to call on if needed rather than having to blood the newbies as soon as they sign up? Even if the new signings are experienced players they still need to settle into the club’s playing style and that shouldn’t be a process which starts at the end of August.

  33. It was a matter of how important the players who were out for both teams re to their teams. How true and the only players utd had out would be just 4(fletcher,vidic,rio and rafael). Djourou and traore gave the backline a hard day,there was no help for the young jerkinson(who was more active than theo going forward) both from walcot and djourou,kos spent his time trying to cover for traore and djourou. The goal nani scored,traore was out of position not having a clue of what to do giving nani all the space to do what he wants. That’s why i refuse to agree with those saying wenger gave flimsy excuse about having players out. Kos and vermalen will always provide back up for the wing backs when needed. We lost to indiscipline and injuries but then things like these happen.

  34. Mic – At least we had one of our first choice CB pairing playing. Manure didn’t.

  35. Consols – I think the one place that the club has definitely failed is not taking hold of their media agenda and shepherding people towards their own message.

    Where there is silence, people will fill the vacuum with conjecture and more often than not, bull shit. A classic example is when John Cross says in his headliner that an insider, Frank McLintick says the board may sack Wenger. Now tell me how we got to the stage of McLintock being an insider of the Arsenal board. What – do they send him the minutes or does PHW call his former captain and says “Frank – you know what, things are really tight out here”.

    In a lot of ways, the substantive situation at the club matters less than communicating what the situation is. Arsenal fans want leadership from the board and short of that showing, they will end up listening to whoever stands up at the podium to speak.

    I think Wenger can and must do a lot on the tactical issues on the pitch, this regardless of what players he has at his disposal. However, Wenger is also acting as a firewall for the board and absorbing a disproportionate amount of shit that should be aimed at Stan Kroenke and the board.

    I am of the opinion that what has happened this summer regarding transfers in and out points to an impasse behind the scenes. Arsenal is a world renowned club that can carry out its business without the issues that have arisen. The more I observe, the more I tend to think the Arsenal Times article last week about the board refusing to back Wenger in breaking the wage structure is plausible.

  36. goonerandy

    but when the other CB is so poor that his partner on the field doesn’t know what he’s going to do next you might as well be playing with two back-up CBs.

  37. Wavey – True. But many on here feel that Djourou is a more than capable back up, and he played plenty of games last year.

  38. Boozy

    Yeah, moderation works in funny ways as well…


  39. Highbury Tealeaf

    Papers seem to have two stories on loop right now
    a.) the ‘expert’ coloumists opinion of why Arsenal are doomed and why Wenger must go.
    while the oppisite page
    b.) yet another sound bite from another manager telling Arsenal fans not to forget what Wenger has done for the club.
    Both can stick, end of…

  40. @ tomth_oy

    Not only are your comments unsubstantiated bullshit, they are taken directly from David Hyntner’s latest column in the Guardian.

    Even if your opinions are going to be rubbish, at least try to come up with them yourself

  41. Darius

    Interesting that when Bolton feel the offer for Cahill is derisory both Gartside and Coyle are talking to the press, but when Wenger responds that the £6m figure is wrong why is he the lone voice from Arsenal? Where is Gazidis backing up his manager, or is that not deemed important in our management structure?

  42. tolduso

    Now that’s just not true, no-one saw an 8-2 thrashing coming. Had they done so, they would have made a killing from the bookies.

    Since you brought up Newcastle, it is true that the only clean sheet we’ve kept away from home was Newcastle this season. However, we have only conceded more than 2 goals on our travels on 3 occasions and none of them were this season. So how did you see it coming?


  43. goonerandy

    Djourou did put in some good performances last season, particularly against (an admittedly under par) Drogba, but his performance vs Manure was amateurish. The last time we took a beating from Manure the CB deemed to be largely at fault found that his career at Arsenal was pretty much over.

  44. You must understand that it is not possible to keep control of the communications agenda. Those days have gone. The genie is out of the bottle.

    Similarly it is not possible to compete at the highest level consistently without shed loads of money…but we seemed to swim against the tide time and again and punch well above our weight. Even more suprising considering the baggage we carry. if think we can do it again but it is getting tougher and tougher.

  45. YW

    I did see it coming and bet my house and all of my savings on the game. I am now a millionaire. On Friday I look forward to winning enough money to buy Arsenal Footbal Club when I collect the winnings from my prediction that Bulgaria will beat England 13-3. This football score predicting lark is easy.

  46. I’m still shell shocked. It’s no exaggeration to say the last time I felt this way was after the 9/11 attacks.
    How can we wipe this blot off the glorious history of our club ?
    While it’s pointless pointing fingers and making recriminations, questions must be asked and answers are needed.
    Why have we had such a shambolic preseason ? Can any savings Arsene is trying to make by making last minute signings justify us being 8 points adrift in the second week of the season?
    There was also a tactical flaw on Sunday. Why play an attacking game with a severly depleted was simply Hara Kiri. Pundits have always noted that we seem not to be able to vary our approach to games. This worries me.
    Then I hear we have made enquiries for Benayoun? That to me has panic buying written all over it.
    We can still turn this season around and all is not lost. My only concern is that neither the manager nor the board seem to have gotten their act together. This is worrying as we have previously prided ourselves in being the best run club probably in the whole of Europe .

  47. YW – You are right, snobody thought we were on the verge of conceeding 8 goals. But given some of our defensive collapses last year this “sort of thing” had being given prior warning I think.

    Wavey – Agreed. I think he is not a bad player per se, but has shown that he is prone to mistakes and bad decisions. I would prefer he was out 4th choice defender, with Kos as the 3rd. TV5 + New CB as the preffered option. IMO that we be a good pool of CB’s.

  48. Just because you can’t control the communications agenda doesn’t mean you cannot direct to some degree.

    The club is silent on so many issues, and a few other talking heads at the club can really take the pressure of AW. Have a look at all the other big clubs. Owners, CEOs, Directors of Football etc. all pipe in when things concerning their area are relevant.

  49. I was at old trafford and as usual, no matter what the result I had a great time with my away comrades. Yes we got thrashed, but one thing that struck me during our 30 minutes long rendition of “we love you Arsenal” was that we weren’t singing it for the manager, the board, or the players; we were singing for the pride we have in our clubs’ good name. It doesn’t matter how much we lost by, we love our club and will continue to love it after the current crop of prima-donnas have long gone. Those man u fans surrounding the away section looked in puzzlement at us with our arms in the air clapping and singing when they turned around to laugh and point when they scored over and over. They did not get the satisfaction they craved. We as away fans stood there together until the end, singing our hearts out. Van P stood in front of us and applauded for a very long time after the game. In acknowledgement of the extraordinary love we had showed for the club. That was a victory for me.

    Personally, I want the board out. They are making our club stagnate. We have two of the richest men in the world with large stakes in our club, give them a chance to drag us into the now of premier league football by appointing a board of people who want the best for our club, and not a bunch of ageing old men stuck in their ways about how the club runs it’s frankly long outdated wage structure.

    Do we also need a new manager at the helm? Maybe. Wenger appears to have taken us as far as he can. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on that one but you can feel the press are out for his head.

    Look out for the Arsenal in crisis headlines coming to a newspaper near you.

  50. Fellow troopers,

    It has been a tough, painful weekend of emotional rollercoaster. One i certainly never, ever want to relive again, in this lifetime…

    With the uplifting news of André Santos joining Arsenal, circulatiing around , i feel a tad more confident with the direction our club is steering towards. A couple more proven quality players, added to the squad and our season will be given a rebirth. Although i’m not sure how much Sunday’s heavy loss has affected the team’ psyche. I guess only time will tell.

    As ever, i urge you all to hold your heads up, and keep believing, troopers.

    COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Direct, control..whats the difference. It is not possible to do either as a football club.

  52. Ah, just what the doctor ordered. A bit of YW, a bit of Frank, a bit of Darius and I’m suddenly feeling a bit better. Nice stuff from ZP, RSI, steww, and nobster as well. All the cunts like Mel and tolduso can fuck off back to the hole they’ve been hiding in since our victory over Udinese.

    Interesting point, consolsbob. I’m not sure there is an alternative. Surely it’s not pandering and giving our enemies (who it seems like is everyone and their mum as Darius pointed out)oxygen and the time of day. I want to see us do our talking on the pitch and I’m sure we will go back to doing so very very soon.

  53. New manager? Pray tell me which manager is going to do better with limited funds and opposition on the patch who can afford to buy players and not play them?

  54. there are two mistakes you can make on the road to truth, one is not going all the way and the other is not starting. ( buddha )

    seems to me presently that arsenal are not doing both.

  55. Managers who according to the press and media are good at managing sides with no money. Pulis? Coyle? Allardyce? Which ones are we going to replace AW with? Which ones want to come to the club? AW will prevail but you really do have to wait. He will sort it out. So will RvP.

  56. You a bit stupid, loud?

  57. @Frank

    There is a huge difference. The silent of the club only leaves room for speculation. And without Gazidis or anyone else ever chiming in on anything, the intensity is focused on Wenger.

    Other clubs have a variety of people involved in the club with a media presence. They can’t control how everyone is going to perceive the club, but they can at least give a better picture of what’s going on and relieve some of the pressure on manager. The corporate distance of the club is creating a pretty big gulf between club and fans

  58. My greatest fear is that, the next time we face Manchester United, our players might actually believe they aren’t going to win the match. Even before the ball is kicked.That’s the sort of damage an 8-2 defeat does to one’s belief.

  59. Comparing the 9/11 attacks to a football match? What an absolute cunt.

  60. frank

    spend some time on it.
    er, no, probably not. how’s the french ?

  61. Far from silence I think that the comments over the last 24 hours from AW, RvP and the club have been exemplary.

  62. OR Borges…it makes them think ‘that is never going to happen to me again’

  63. same old stroll. is that all you can manage ?

  64. Thank **** you are back Yogi.

    I was a lost soul without the daily read of sense among madness.

    Have to take the e49 in to sort out thermostat problem then I will be back to read this proper.

    Still hurting though.

  65. Aaaah a xenophobe trying to quote Buddha. Excellent.

  66. Well said YW
    Things looking UP this morning.
    Can’t wait to shove all the “sympathy” right back in the faces of SAF & all so called sympathisers!

    We are the ARSENAL, appreciate don’t sympathize
    We are sooo far from dead its ridiculous!

    Didn’t know Lansbury was leaving on loan….where to YW?
    Agree with Frank, Traore was gone before the Manc game.
    Frees up valuable squad space.

    After all is said & done I would really love to see our 2 most maligned players,
    Chamakh & Squilly, step up and prove their worth.
    We are going to need every available player to win silver

    After Santos, Chu-Young & Cahill…hope AW sticks it even deeper with a big namer like…

    a big game player who’s never really done well at club level, has so much experience & I think could excel under AW’s guidance & EPL pressure.
    Also shouldn’t cost too much.

    …i remain RASER-stoked!

  67. I always thought it was a conspiracy theory, but I am now starting to feel like there is some truth in AW being hamstrung by the board.

    I don’t believe for one minute that AW is so stubborn he wouldn’t want to spend money on better players than what we have, so what possible explanation is there for this summer’s mess?

    I might be proved wrong, and we may bring in some top quality signings before tomorrow night, but we are certainly leaving it very, very late.

  68. was quoting…………try harder

  69. L’Equipe claiming we have signed Mertesacker, keep them coming, hope we are still going back in for Cahill

  70. Frank | August 30, 2011 at 9:23 am
    New manager? Pray tell me which manager is going to do better with limited funds and opposition on the patch who can afford to buy players and not play them?

    we dont lack money- we are the seventh most valuable sport franchise(not just football) in the world.

    so give me pep guardiola – he signs only 1 year contracts for barca- always said he’ll like to coach in the english league one day.

    so give him a contract for next season, and give wenger the honour of managing us for one last season, for all he has done for us – even if we know we’ll not win anything this season.

  71. You have used your own words……that is not quoting. Inserted ‘one’ when you should not have and removed ‘one’ you should not have. Important because ‘one’ has a subtle meaning in English. But then for one who hates foreigners you will know that, loud.

  72. you googling frank, waiting for a little quip.

  73. Can u imagine a
    Gerv-RvP-Podolski-AA frontine??


    I pity the fools who doubt THE GUNNERS this season.

  74. On the issue of Arsenal and the media agenda….

    I’m not suggesting that we can control the news cycles . It’s impossible to do that in a 24-7 dog eat dog news world where any whiff of a rumour or innuendo is converted into hyperbole before you can even say the word bullshit.

    The issue is more about leadership and knowing that Arsenal has the ear of all supporters by default. They already have an audience, and its clear that the audience want to hear something that will give them some hope, some reassurance, some confidence and also remind them why they need to continue to have faith.

    The lack of leadership on the board regarding communicating to an entire constituency has been held by Wenger simply because Wenger has the capital and goodwill to do it. That doesn’t mean that this won’t run out and that’s why I suggested that Wenger is the boards firewall and is taking a hell of a lot of shit from them.

    Wenger has literally earned the board at least £267 million in player businesses since he came to Arsenal. He is the boards cash cow, he’s their golden goose and their failure in leadership is about knowing when to protect Wenger better and when to back off and let the manager sidestep the landmines.

    The worst thing Arsenal can do is take the view that Arsenal supporters are not intelligent enough to differentiate between the faecal matter and sheer malice peddled in the news, and a club which is using its own channels – website, Online TV Channel, Supporter forums, news conferences etc. – to communicate with its fans.

    My sense is that most fans can accept being told that for the next few years, these are our expectations and this is why it is so. We have the stadium debt to pay down, we have player contracts to improve and we have to compete within our means.

    What City and Chelsea have done to distort the market is not normal – and Manure are happy to sink themselves in debt to compete. In this respect, Wenger and Arsenal have done nothing short of a miracle to keep us where we are, and because of that, people expect more.

    The boards silence is testing the boundaries of negligence at a time when the natives are restless. It’s tantamount to the Prime Minister and the cabinet shying away and shirking off responsibility of public unrest and saying – don’t worry, we have a capable lieutenant who has served us well and can handle the shit.

    Wenger hasn’t lost his ability to manage a club or be tactically astute. It’s like suggesting someone has forgotten how to drive a car, or a bike, something he has been doing for over 3 decades.

    This man has been working in a strait jacket and he has to get some breathing space. He’s not going to get it from the media or from fans of other clubs. Managers from other clubs, despite their smugness and public delight about what is happening to Arsenal know too well how much Wenger has done. They know they would never be able to do it under the circumstances.

    Mind you – the answer is not to blow away our business model and throw the baby, the bath water and the entire bathtub out the window onto the Holloway Road. It is still not acceptable for the club to live beyond its means via a sugar daddy. However, options like rights shares, a bit more creativity on the commercial side with business in Asia and Africa and better corporate deals can make a difference.

    What is blatantly obvious is that without Wenger being the glue that holds the shit up right now, we will need the mother of all fans to deal with the shit that will hit. It would be good if the board recognized this and did their job, otherwise, the most effective change may be a change of the board, and not a change of the manager.

  75. ah, jolly good. so please tell again why arsenal dont have any probs.

  76. I 8 2 say this but after Sundays game things can only get better.

    Yogi, I was only joking yesterday when I commented about your internet problem and avoiding being negative 🙂

    L’Equipe are reporting today that we have signed Merstaccccc , you know, that German guy!
    If so, with the Brazilian geezer, perhaps a new defence is starting to materialise???

    Hope we don’t sign any Chel$ki players.

  77. I agree with Darius

  78. Did not suggest that you do

  79. On the issue of spending money….I don’t think Wenger is averse to spending money.

    He is not an advocate for inflation, but more importantly, if the money was generated by the club, then it is organic money that he would be happy to spend, whether for wages or player acquisition.

    What Wenger has a problem with is financial doping.

  80. Looks like the trenches are well dug in here. Good stuff. Good post Yogi.

    Great support Frank, Darius…

  81. Thanks YW! very composed and well balanced comment.

    I believe our team will come back stronger this season. We have been dealt some very hard blows this year.

    What I very proud of though is that we got rid of some players that didnt want to be here. People were talking about holding onto Nasri and the Board or whoever forcing the sale of the player. There is no way we should want a person like narsi out our club, can you imagine how he could possibly undermine the club from the inside? You have to wonder if he or Gallas was the problem at this point.

    Our team will be stronger in the long run for we will have weeded out all of the soft, home sick, money hungry players. We need didication even if it takes a little more time to recover.

    In Arsene we trust!


    God bless you all!

    Back to bed for me!!!

  82. Have we really signed Per Mertesacker?

  83. I agree with Darius again..and Paul N too. Night night, Paul.

  84. Yeah the Mertesacker rumour is gaining weight – not sure how I feel about this.

    Is he the right player to sign..? I’d take Cahill over him. Some PL experience would be really useful and he brings goals and determination.

    He’s a Wenger type defender but most of all I can’t help feeling this would represent the most pathetic, fucking rubbish bit of business – to conclude a deal now for a player who was touted for sale a month ago. If true – it’s just baffling.

  85. Traore.

    Playing this guy in the first team when he was leaving the very next day.

    One of the many reasons why my faith has taken a massive beating.

    Who are c**ts at our place who makes these choices?

    It’s not over for us I think it had to come to this to make the powers that be understand that this isn’t working and needs changing. Do we still claim to be an elite club?

    We have sold most of our best players without no back up plan which is very strange and odd. Making loads of money off of sales these days thought aren’t we?

    Never thought I would see the day when we would be labelled as a feeder club.

    Why won’t replace what’s gone already?

    Even Toon are looking to replace their LB position! WTF?

  86. Paul N, But whats annoying is that if you sell the player who’s being a spoilt brat, ie, nasri, modric, it encourages the sugar daddy teams to unsettle your other players.

    Unfortunately teams which live within there means are dammed if they do, dammed if they dont.

    Its so fricken depressing isnt it, im thinking about switching to Badminton.

  87. Djourou was awesome last season. Right up until Vermaelen got fit and then Djourou seemed to crumble under the pressure of not being an automatic starter. I remember the very game. First time Vermaelen was fit enough to sit on the bench Djourou had an absolute shocker.

    And I’ve yet to hear an explanation for Rosicky walking away from that Rooney free-kick totally disinterested. I mean the only possible reason he could have is that he knew by the way Rooney hit it that it would be a goal. And even then it doesn’t show much faith in the keeper or our ability to launch a counter-attack. Bizzare doesn’t even cover it.

    tateezee: “my only fear is our reputation and how other teams and rivals will see us.”

    If anything this reult will encourage other teams to have a go against us. Which is preferable to them parking the bus.

  88. Loomer @ 9.30:

    I guess the best you have to contribute is spout foul language.
    I take exception to that.Neither will I risk coming down to your level by replying in similar vein.
    Your types are not needed on this site.

  89. @Frank

    I am talking about guys like Gazidis. Kenyon, Gill, Cook, Henry, these guys all speak up when needed to take some pressure off their bosses. They also give the impression that the club (and not only the manager) are heavily involved in the day-to-day

    The Arsenal way is to let Arsene be the figurehead for everything. That has some drawbacks for Wenger, and it creates the perception that the club is very hands off and almost apathetic.

    More communication from the club figureheads about certain things would help repair some of the problems many of the fans have with the owner and board.

  90. no mistake i’m not saying we dont need reinforcements. but is it a good time to buy now? personally i think better to let the dust settle, and go after good players jan. things are feeling a bit ‘knee jerky in response’.

  91. so basically for the next 48 hours we will be linked with every player possible then.


    Not bad for a mornings work

  92. I agree with Frank and ZimPaul. For example, Cleverly = Wilshere for ManUre.

    On the “media silence” front, there is talk coming out of the club, eg an article in the Telegraph but there is a lot more crap coming out from other sources over which AFC has no control and which news sources prefer to publish. The only outlet which we can control, rather than influence, is and I strongly suspect that many fans just don’t read it. AFC and our manager are being demonised and we shouldn’t be assisting.

    @ consolsbob
    When you say you want to know more, what sort of thing do you mean?

    @ Jonny
    We coudl be going for him now because he is number 7 on the list (Jones being no 1) and he is what we have been able to get.

    @ goonerton
    we played Traore because we had no-one else.

  93. Yogi,

    You’re right that this is a critical time for reflection and action. I’m now going to take this time to commit near blasphemy.

    RvP is one of the most exquisite players in the EPL. However, and here comes the blasphemy, he is a luxury player. By this I mean that his strengths are not his strength. In other words, he cannot handle a more physical game and this limits his ability to play as lead striker. Yes he’s effective in front of goal but he needs service and/or to be coming onto the ball and in the box.

    I feel that this is where our attacking limitations are most evident (ironic, given his great return). Although of similar build, a good comparison seems to be 3Gs who currently appears able to hold the ball without being forced off it: RvP contrasts. I therefore think that Robin needs to play in the hole as a supporting striker. Yet, if his role is changed and becomes more related to supplying rather than finishing, there are probably better options for that role… This is why, for all the love that I have for our captain. I consider him a luxury player.

    If any of that holds, then the arrival of Park, 3Gs and Campbell would need to see our be opened up to thinking the unthinkable both in formation and selection for our forward line.

    This is just on the issue of our finishing rates and, of course, written in the bitter aftermath of 28/08.

  94. What a softie. Fuck off, Gunman. This is fucking football we are talking about here, not life and death.

  95. I’m not sure why Cahill would be any more determined than Mertesacker but I generally agree, Jonny.

  96. els

    You forgot M’Villa

  97. Still not sure on what’s going on with Campell. Do we have a visa for him? Is he able to play this season, or is he going out on loan?

  98. To those who say there is no point in turning on the players or the manager I agree, but if a blogg is worthwhile we must be able to voice our opinions, so we can vent our frustrations and read other ideas. There are players who should not be in the squad and who have recently let us down badly and Arsene is to blame to some degree, because they are positions that we know have been weak for some time and we have been begging for them to be filled.

    That said, I do not believe that we should just bitch about it, or propose that the Red and White investment Blob takes over so we can all support prostitutes. I like the club philosophy and I think it should be given respect by the press for its stand on fees and wages, we see their true colours — they love money.

    Cesc leaving has had a massive impact and he is irreplaceable, we have never looked like the same team without him. His attacking ability, as the theory goes, was our best form of defence and his tireless presence has covered for the hole we have at the back.

    I think Wenger has made a mistake in not understanding that we would be so horrible a team when there is no defence and no Cesc, the warnings were there at the beginning of last season and was exposed at the end of the season. So often we have scored and let the lead go and we are next to useless defensively when Kozzer and TV are not at the centre. History has told us that we need cover that is at least as good as those two.

    We cannot replace Cesc, but we have already got the central mid players if there is a defence behind them that can do their jobs.

  99. Explaining the Traore situation, based on the comments I think AW believed Vermaelen could deputise if needed, as could Sagna. Djorou was probably going to fill in for either Vermaelen or Sagna in such a situation. Now, Vermaelen AND Sagna were both out along with Gibbs, so the third choice was needed.

    It was always a poor plan to not have an extra out and out defender, and with Djourou being rubbish, this became more obvious. Djourou can’t be counted on this season, hence panic buying now, but planning for the 4th CB and purchasing early could have meant we avoided this situation.

  100. Agree with Jonny, it will look stupid if tottenham now run away with Cahill and we get

  101. Mertesacker better than Squillachi anyway if it’s true (which I doubt).

  102. @ AndyE | August 30, 2011 at 10:19 am

    IG is a good communicator, so yes, I do think it could be good for him to talk more to the outside world. He seems to concentrate on the fans. PHW does give the odd “exclusive” but fans tend to discount what he says, unfairly, in my view.

    But none of this negates the fact that everyone’s having too much fan bashing Arsenal to stop now, unfortunately. And that is what we are up against.

    When was it decided that Djourou was a rubbish defender who can’t be counted on?

    For what it’s worth, from, Mertesacker is rated considerably higher than Cahill. But it’s all speculation anyway. I mean, we know we’re buying one player, we just don’t know which one, yet.

  103. Poodle

    left us with a cliff hanger?

  104. @ Wavey
    Campbell didn’t get his visa. He’s a full international, I think, but costa rica is a small country in footballing terms, so that fact is given a lot less weight.

  105. kind of like the old Flash Gordon series – stayed tuned for next week’s episode

  106. I am sure we have been looking at central defenders for some time. Not sure why people believe that Cahill is a better option than Mertesacker?

  107. Then again Metter has more international and highend experience than Cahill. So if AW is predominantly after a leader and a psychological prescence maybe Metter is the better choice after all. When sol was here he was not the best defender we had, yet he did have good influence on mental wise…

  108. oh yeah dups, that’s another.

  109. AndyE,

    Take stock. Are you suggesting that our need for a CB boils down to “Djourou being rubbish”?

    That kind of statement beggars belief.

  110. Fungunner

    so going out on loan? I didn’t think it mattered which country you were actually from, just that you were a full international. So are countries in and out of the list based on GDP, FIFA ranking, succes in the Eurovision song contest or equivalent?

  111. Cliff hanger? Sylvester Stallone? I’m so so confused wavy…

  112. Maybe it’s one of those rather go with the devil you know things, Frank. Perhaps Cahill has a bit more flair, but I’m not sure thats what we need right now. I like the idea of Wenger buying a German just to piss off some of the nationalists, too.

  113. Poodle your post at 10.31 read….

    Agree with Jonny, it will look stupid if tottenham now run away with Cahill and we get

  114. Not sure if we are going for Per Mertesacker or not but dising a player with 75 caps for Germany at the age of 26 seems a little wreckless. Especially as people were baying for Samba to play for us because of his height.

  115. Good question Fun!

    I think I mean that because we, as supporters know absolutely nothing about what is going on at the club, we listen to any source, any rumour. Even if we avoid the usual peddlers of lies and distortion we get to hear their poison eventually on this blog and anywhere else we chance upon any football fan of any club. It’s poisonous.

    That story from Darius was horrible.

    I would love to know more about Gazidis and his ‘corporate team’. I’ll say one thing, I’ve been a Chief Exec. and if I kept myself out of the front line as mush as he does then I wouldn’t have thought much of myself.

  116. Why is Cahill better ? Premier League experience of shipping goals season after season. Mertesacker is a proven international and a winner. great post by the way..

  117. Mertesacker could be an excellent signing. I’d take Cahill as well.

  118. Might depend upon where you perceive the frontline to be, CBob

  119. Darius and Frank,Great work.Especially Frank @6:41

    Also James make the point about how it is next to impossible to resist the Sugar Daddy clubs when they come calling.

    Yogi said “It’s conjecture, nothing more. No matter what is going on, the appearance to outsiders is that of a machine which has developed faults”

    The problem is.and no offence dimwits,is that you have to have a level of intelligence and understanding of Micro Economics and the Business world in general, in order to understand the difficulties of competing on an uneven playing field with clubs that are extraordinarily more wealthy .Without this understanding this it is not possible to appreciate the true genius of what Arsene has achieved and continues to achieve.

    I am afraid that

    “Wenger out ” = “Thick as fuck person”

    Just saying 🙂

  120. Mattt” “…now starting to feel like there is some truth in AW being hamstrung by the board.”

    What other explanation can there be?

    For me the supporters calling for Wenger’s head aren’t aiming their anger at the right people. With our current ownership’s apparent approach to investing funds into the team (or apparent lack of), and our current wage structure, we are closer to Aston Villa than the Mancs… without Wenger that is. The board needs to meet him half-way and that defeat may just be the catalyst.

  121. @ Wavey | August 30, 2011 at 10:39 am
    Yes, going out on loan. And yes, it does matter which country you’re from. It might seem harsh but actually it makes sense – a full international from the Faroe Islands is highly unlikely to be even as good a fringe player from a heavyweight country.

  122. So our defensive line up for out next game could be:




  123. I don’t agree that Cesc is irreplaceable SA.

    Cesc was a very, very good player, don’t get me wrong, but where did building our team around him get us for the last 6 years?

    Did he ever really control things in a really big game? When the going got really tough, where was he?

    It is so easy for these players (Cesc, Nasri & Clichy) to say they are leaving to win things, but they were 25% of the team that didn’t – so where were they? Where is the responsibilty?

    I may be in the minority, but I am pleased we are shot of Cesc and Nasri, I would much rather have players who want to play for the cannon.

  124. I am with you, Mattt

  125. Sorry… Matttt

  126. Dgob, Fungunner,

    Djourou was terrible on Sunday. And he’s been rubbish since he’s come back from injury last season. He is in terrible form and it shows when he plays.

    Yes, our need for a CB is partly due to Djourou’s poor performances. Of course, I think we have also needed an extra body for some time in the CB position, but I believe Djourou’s form makes it even more pressing.

  127. I agree with Matttt about those players who have departed.

  128. anyone has any updates on the transfer situation? i am avoiding all the usual media outlet so would appreciate any updates.

  129. Andy, I could see Santos going straight into the first team, but I’d say Mertesecker would need a little bedding-in period to learn our system.

  130. I should clarify, when I say “being rubbish”, I mean “being in poor form”

  131. If we do sign Mertesacker, it will mean that our back line will more than likely to to drop slightly deeper. He is not very mobile, but is a superb defender. I think he would compliment TV5 very well. If either are not availbale Kos coming into the side would still be an excellent CB pairing.

    I am sure he will get caught out for pace a few times during the season, but the positives would far outweight the negatives with him.

  132. Matttt – Can’t agree that we are better off without them. Surely it would have been better to add the players which we now seem to be consdiering to a team with them in it?

  133. Darius.

    I have know idea of corporate governance, how does one go about changing a board?

    Is that responsibility with Kroenke and what if Kroenke is half of the problem?

    I would love to be rid of this current board, they were quite ineffectual for years until AW came along on his white steed (visualising here and he’s got SAF impaled on his sword,….no make that a lance, steed rampant *sighs* ) with his model for rebuild.

    Seems since then as Yogi states in his article they’ve milked the cash cow. Fortunately for us AW has an abiding passion for Project Arsenal.

    So if the board have served their purpose other than in a back-slapping, self congratulatory aren’t we fekkin rich sort of way what’s the next step?

    …… and what is wrong with our recruitment department? Why are they so awful? I’m visualising (again) Mr law telling Joel Campbell to come back in a week as he’s never been to Costa Rica before and he quite likes it

  134. FunGunner

    not having a go at you about that. Did not know the Home Office gauged the quality of footballing nations as part of their vetting process. Just amuses me that there is someone who decides that. In your example, suppose the player for the Faroes Islands happens to be 21 and outstanding having broken into his country’s side when he was 18?

  135. I agree with Mattttttt about the Two departed ships rats,but,we should be aware that most of the team that remains might go if City come a courting.Because they are still here does not mean that they would not want to go.

  136. The CE needs to be visible in any organisation, Frank.

    Arsene might be the face and main front man but no CE worth his salt keeps out of the firing line.

    And yes, of course, we are well shot of anybody who prefers another club’s colours to our own.

  137. Markus – Yeah maybe. It may depend on what state the squad is in after the international break I suppose.

  138. @ consolsbob
    But they do provide information to fans – the Q&As, the website interviews and articles. My contention is that the fans don’t even look, or don’t want to believe what they read. Or simply want more details about areas which they are never going to be (and shouldn’t be) fully briefed on. Maybe they could give certain subjects more prominence?

    My take on that arsenal news “insider scoop” abotu an impasse at the club is that two things rang true – that AW wants to pay star performers more (this is consistent with his previous behaviour) and that he won’t buy players unless he thinks they are going to positively improve the side, even if he’s short of numbers. But I suspect that the “rift” does not exist. I’m sure they disagree about lots of things – they are all strong-minded, powerful people. For example, I could imagine that AW is saying, we need to pay our stars more, but IG or SK wants to wait until the new income from renegotiated sponsorship deals comes onstream. But on the fundamentals of how to run a football club, they are as one.
    The other factor which makes me doubt that there is a serious disagreement is that fact that there actually hasn’t been much business in the PL in our price range, for the quality we need and in the positions we want, apart from the players we actually went for and we were either gazumped on or the players chose ManUre.

    @AndyE | August 30, 2011 at 10:59 am
    I should clarify, when I say “being rubbish”, I mean “being in poor form”

    Well that’s completely different. He wasn’t rubbish last Wednesday against Udinese, though, was he?

  139. GA, any news on Mertesacker from your end??!/bbcsport_david

  140. George – Very true. It alright us wanting players who “want to play for Arsenal”, but in thruth they will be few and far between. Most players, especially the foriegn one’s simply won’t have the same affection for the club that we fans have. If a team that has an amazing squad offers to tripple their wages, most players won’t think twice.

    Even players who have come through our system and are Arsenal “through and through” can turn. Look at Cole, we all despise the little rat now. But before all of that scandel kicked off with Chelsea, he was one of the players you would bank on staying at the club for life. Money talks.

  141. @Mattt

    Sorry, I really have to disagree. He’s had great individual moments vs Milan, vs Man Utd, vs Barca at home, vs Aston Villa vs Tottenham countless time, vs Stoke, in 2006 Champions League run, etc. Without his performances we wouldn’t even be in positions to challenge for the titles.

    Never winning a title with him was more a consequence of haemorrhaging players. Every time we built up a decent team, something happened to it and the balance had to be reshuffled. Flamini, Hleb, Rosicky’s injury, Nasri’s injury, Cesc’s own injury etc. meant we never got two seasons out of the same midfield. Plus, he can hardly be faulted for defensive problems, keeper mistakes etc. etc.

    He may not be the chest-thumping Tony Adams style captain, and his last season wasn’t the greatest, but he has scored important goals and provided countless assists against all kinds of opponents.

  142. @ Matttt | August 30, 2011 at 10:50 am
    Agree – the only way we’re better off having them now is if they wanted to be here.

    @ Wavey | August 30, 2011 at 11:03 am
    I know you’re not having a go, no worries! The guideline about giving weight to which country is involved is a rule of thumb, not a golden rule. If the Faroes Islander was thought to be that outstanding then I would think the club would make representations to that effect – much like we did with Ryo. Japan is not a footballing giant but the evidence from their FA was decisive in gettting him his work permit.

  143. There is the 8-2 loss for the fans and then there is the christmas bonus for the media. It wasnt as though they were holding back before. BBC which is supposed to be ubiased in everything (yeah, right), kept publishing messages from “fans” moaning how arsenal was falling and wenger’s time was up. How a loss would put them abover the relegation zone and they woul berelegated. Such wisdom.

    It is infurating with the feeling of not being able to do anything against the relentless repetition of the crisis arsenal are in. You know they are creating it, but they make it to be true. This was there even before 8-2. Why is arsenal being targeted? Liverpool fell from grace a long time ago. Tottenham are at the bottom of the table. Why only arsenal. Why is arsenal being bullied into splashing cash like Chelsea and Sheik City? Why do “fans” moan that Wenger doesnt spend? Why is everyone so determined for arsenal to splash the cash? Cash they dont have. Not everyone can re-route money from Daddy’s air line company to even out the account books.

    The 8-2 loss makes the atmosphere quiet for people who like watching arsenal. It could be devastating like the carling cup defeat was. There is a small chance, a wounded arsenal will rip everything in it’s path. Fans would be hoping for the latter. Such an event would certainly be a folklore.

    For the viewer, sport is pleasure of seeing incredible feats. For the player, it is playing to a personal best, being appreciated by the viewers. Winning is good. Not the be all and end all. Some guy who won something in the Olympics said this. It is not winning that matters, but participation. I would add, the manner in which you participate. I am proud of the way arsenal participate in football.

  144. Is chelsea farming out Lukaka to stoke? hahah bet the kid is “over the moon” he joined Chelsea now.Why not stay one more year in anderlecht than to take a year at stoke(!)

  145. Good post Yogi,

    The final score was indeed an aberration, but the performance was entirely predictable. We have this tendency to capitulate in the most spectacular way when things aren’t going for us, and sometimes our opposition are lucky or clinical enough to take advantage.
    Over the past few years, we;ve had way too many ‘aberrations’ for a club of our stature.

    I remember thinking that the manner of our loosing that CL semi-final game against Liverpool in the 2008/2009 season was weird. We were winning the tie due to that mazy run from Walcott in the last few minutes of the game, yet we ended up losing 4-2. Too many times since then, we’ve lost points under such improbable scenarios. Way too many times.

    Many of those incidents were put down to either luck, refs,or immaturity. Of these factors, immaturity is the only one under our control, and incidentally Wenger himself has highlighted this many times. Perhaps we would get more ‘luck’ our way if we were to spend less on potential and more on experience?

  146. And why would we want Sneijder, grantedly he is a graet player but i thought him and our captain just could not stand eachother? How can that be a good way to build a strong team? when your two starmen just dont go together at all?

  147. “It is not winning that matters, but participation. I would add, the manner in which you participate. I am proud of the way arsenal participate in football.”

    krish,I feel the same as you.However we are in the minority I fear.

  148. he’s big
    he’s blond
    he’s bearded
    he’s beast

    he’s 6ft 6in


  149. Good post by Yogi as usual and an excellent long comment from Darius. There is something wrong with the club’s communication.

    Yogi, if you feel this is inappropriate or has too much exposure because of sensitivity, please remove this. I mostly wanted to share this thought with one of the best bloggersand possibly Darius for a seed of thought.

    So, I’m not sure I should say this, and have left it this far down as to only serious readers of this blog to possibly see it: could AW be suffering of some level of depression?

    If so, firstly: it’s a very serious disease and those close to him and working with him have a very high responsibility of having their antennas up.

    I’ve been thereabouts for a couple of cases and have read enough elsewhere to know that a main symptom is the inability to act and react. You get letters with bills, you don’t even open them up. You just don’t have the energy. You just try to hang on.

    Think about last Spring’s collapse, then the unravelling of the creative team that you’ve built upon for so long. Just the kind of circumstances that would have an effect on anyone. And possibly, just possibly one explanation to the illogical delays we’ve seen this summer.

    Has he been left too alone? Is he a victim of his own success in that no one close at the club dares to sit down and talk with him?

    Fortunately it’s recoverable with good assistance. And I hope it’s just me panicking (I’m good at that which is another story…)

  150. I think we should just go about quietly fixing the club. Every man and his dog is adding his opinion in the press and media. No need for IG to get embroiled in the mess. AW isn’t. He is in Paris. IG just needs to make sure that our transfer business is sorted out. As for the other stuff, I am sure that he was instrumental in the ove to pay for away fans tickets.

  151. Who wants Sneijder?

    Cant and wont ever happen.
    Was it a Dimwit asking for him? 🙂

  152. @Fun Gunner

    It’s not simply about providing information. It’s about providing cover for the manager and having another “face” for the club. It’s about presenting an image of the club and an image of how it operates. Being more open with the fans and press, and being less secretive, would certainly help make the owner and board seem less aloof. Whatever information we hear about transfers come by way of conjecture. The club doesn’t have to open up about everything, but Gazidis providing some clarification on who we are going for or who we went for and why we failed wouldn’t be so bad.

    This attitude has been compounded by the mixed messages we have been receiving during the break about transfer comings and goings. The silence has led to more and more confusion, and then understandably for the fans, to frustration.

    As for Djourou in Udine, well he wasn’t rubbish, but then again, he didn’t have as much to do.

  153. ‘The club doesn’t have to open up about everything, but Gazidis providing some clarification on who we are going for or who we went for and why we failed wouldn’t be so bad.’ sure about that?

  154. @george.. well it was daily mail. i guss they can be put in the category of dimwits together with Mirror 🙂

  155. I must admit I am not a Wesley Sneijder fan. But then I have not seem in an Arsenal shirt.

  156. Fucking hell, at this rate I am going to have to wear two monocles when I am typing.

  157. @Jon.

    Unfortunately for us supporters, the bottom line is that Stan Kroenke holds the power at Arsenal. Everything else is academic, even if Usmanov throws his weight about. What is sad here is that David Dein in the cold light of day, did not act responsibly by selling out and cashing in with the hope of Red and White re-installing him as the saviour.

    From a company law point of view, we’re at the mercy of Stan Kroenke and we can only hope he has the right intention and the leadership. For one, he could start by appointing a new Chair, but this needs to be done in a way that gives PHW a graceful exit strategy. Other board members can be brought in with time.

    Short of a bloody overthrow of the hostile takeover kind, or one of Usmanov or Kroenke buying each other out for the sake of world peace, the board is set up for a classic case of head in the sand governance until someone has the balls to do something different.

    That’s why it’s so important for people to recognize that this man called Wenger is the glue that is holding this club, and he does it with such humility and sacrifice to his own ambition. No one in the world has to endure the abuse and foul mouthed vitriol that his coming his way, yet unbeknown to the masses, this man’s genius and tenacity is holding us through a very tough time, with what is seemingly misguided support from the club.

    I would rather they work behind the scenes to support him vigorously rather than proclaim they’re doing it.

    Ivan Gazidis has a key role to play, but I also suspect that he is having to play referee to a very difficult state of affairs. I know from experience and I’m sure Consols will also tell you that as a CEO, things are never what they seem, but Gazidis is the one person who has the tangible power to shepherd things in the right direction. He is the link between all the constituencies of the club – board, staff, supporters, corporate partners, etc. It is times like these when he needs to be less of an executive and more of a Chief.

    As was famously said, Arsenal fans will crawl around the desert looking for an oasis, and if they don’t find one, they will drink the sand. This is a time when people want leadership, and in the absence of leadership, they will feed off anything that is thrown their way.

  158. Sneijder is excellent and just about the only possible Cesc replacement head to head, but if he doesn’t communicate with Robin, we’re better without him.

  159. It looks like more weight to the Per Mertesacker rumours..

    Definately excited by this but I will believe it when I see it.

  160. Andre Santos….hmmm rumours flying about us signing him now. I saw him in Brazil’s last match and he wasn’t too good. Who thinks Aly Cissokho might’ve been better?

  161. If it was not for the fact that he would make a fortune from the publicity I would put a price on Piers Morgan’s head.

  162. I think the Mertesacker rumours are a ruse.

    Agree with George, Sneijder will never happen. NOt sure he’d be a good fit anyway.

  163. @Finnish Hit

    Sneijder is superb. Great at free kicks too.

  164. Why do you they are a ruse Markus? To bring down the Cahill price?

  165. Sneijder is excellent ,but so is Messi.
    Its fantasy football and a non starter for many reasons.

  166. @Frank

    Silence can be golden. At other times it can suggest complicity or apathy.

    When the manager says that he doesn’t want to sell two of his star players, and then sells both players, then I don’t think silence is productive. Wenger took a pretty big hammering in the media for this, which is pretty unfair, don’t you think?

    I don’t want Gazidis to be like the odious Gary Cook, but currently I think too much is left unsaid, and thus open to speculation

  167. OK, OK spill the beans time. We might as well have it out here and now. Is anyone else on this site an ex-CEO? Come on we won’t embarass you by asking why you are not one now or what you were CEO of. Promise.

  168. Darius: “That’s why it’s so important for people to recognize that this man called Wenger is the glue that is holding this club, and he does it with such humility and sacrifice to his own ambition. No one in the world has to endure the abuse and foul mouthed vitriol that his coming his way, yet unbeknown to the masses, this man’s genius and tenacity is holding us through a very tough time, with what is seemingly misguided support from the club.”

    Well said. With the current structure and without Wenger we are a top ten team at best. The board has to see that.

  169. I am CEO of a company Frank.Trouble is I am also the entire work force

  170. Great Article YW

    Taking a step back and looking at the game rationally

    Unlike the likes of Frank who are entrenched in the view nothing is wrong and Wenger is running the club properly.This has given Wenger a long due kick up the arse.The point everyone missed was Utd’s average age was younger than us

    Utd did their transfer dealings early and had all their new signings ready for pre season we didnt

    To go into a season with no new CB’s and a LB pairing of injury prone Gibbs and not good enough Traore was rank bad management

    YW you made the comment that most saw the result coming but if you read sundays post there were still many on here who predicted a win.You really do wonder about these fans

    What we have to do after sunday is learn.The manager and the fans.We have to get in a Defensive coach.And have more than one way of playing.If not we will suffer many more defeats this season.Looking at our squad compared to City’s and Utd’s we are light years behind them.We have to admit that and not live in a “we are the best team in the world” dreamland.We are not but some deluded fans STILL believe we are.And we havent been for 7 years.If we do learn we can progress if not we will end up a non top 4 team for many years to come

  171. I believe that AW believed that he would be able to keep Fabregas and Nasri. That is why I think both of them can rot in hell. I think that at the end of the day both of them told him one thing and did another.

  172. I am entrenched in the view that AW will fix any problems, to be precise, Brian.

  173. “Well said. With the current structure and without Wenger we are a top ten team at best. The board has to see that.”

    The board does see it Markus.Despite all evidence to the contrary ,they are not dimwits.Unlike some journalists,pundits and fans

  174. but i do think Frank is right in his assesment that AW thought he would manage to keep Nasri and Cesc for one more year.
    If we did add two individuals of similar quality, in addition to defensive signings and the striker plus all the youngsters we have added this season. We would be a very good team indeed…

  175. @Frank

    Certainly. Like when we missed out on Mata a statement about the difficulty in competing on wages from Gazidis would have cleared things up. As it currently stands, there are all sorts of theories why we didn’t get Mata, including the type so typically levelled at Wenger that he is stingy and didn’t want to pay the fee. The issue is compounded when he turns up at one of our rivals, and it only puts more pressure on the manager and causes more unrest in fans

    Hell, other clubs do this. Utd said that Sneijder’s wages were too high, ‘Arry said Mata’s wages were to high — most clubs let something out once in a while

    This doesn’t have to be all the time, but on occasion, clarity on some matters is valued by fans.

  176. Brian, I think it’s more likely that it’s the board and not Wenger who needed the kick up the arse. We’ll see if it worked by Wednesday night.

  177. I don’t really care about the clubs communications. I would prefer them to do their talking by actions. As long as we make the right moves in the transfer market, they can reel of (or not) whataver crap they like.

  178. Yogi’s Warrior | August 30, 2011 at 8:58 am

    Yeah, moderation works in funny ways as well…


    thanks for that one Yogi. You do all that work just for some Tool to keep talking out his ass.

  179. Not sure why my name had so many tttt’s in it by the way!

    I see Football 365 are reporting in there usual unbiased manner by screaming that we are after the ‘painfully slow’ Mertesacker…..

  180. But you see Markus, that’s the problem. We don’t know WHO is responsible for signings at our club. In most other clubs the manager identifies targets and it is then up to the board to act. Is that the case at our club? Reports suggest that AW had absolute power and decides not only on targets but how much is paid as well. It this the case??? The deafening silence from our club only leads to speculation like the above. This summer has been a PR disaster for the club, but even as we speak no-one really knows who is to blame.

  181. This has been on the cards for ages. I predicted 4 or 5 nil before the match and was obviously too optimistic. The score was an aberration but not the result. Anyone with any sense could see this car crash coming from 3 years ago. If it heralds some changes then some good will come of it.
    It is clear that there is something very wrong at the club but nobody is 100% sure exactly what. Just how hamstrung is AW by the board? It’s obvious that he has financial restraints but nobody knows exactly how much.
    I believe that the problems with the manager go far deeper than money however. It was AW who wanted to pursue his vanity project youth, it was AW who recruited this shower of sh1te and he was the one that decide on these losers’ wages. He is the one who has been unable to create a team that can defend and has fostered a pampered, arrogant, complacent attitude amongst the squad. Worse, he is responsible for the loser’s mentality that plagues the club. He has been proven wrong time after time but will never admit it and thus won’t change.
    Personally I think that the only reasons to keep Wenger as manager are negative ones – the season has already started, lack of alternatives and if the board won’t make enough money available to a new manager then you may as well keep Wenger. I have no faith in him anymore to be honest and I believe that we will never win anything with him in charge. We won’t make the top4 this season either. It looks like we are stuck with Wenger until at least the end of the season and he is looking like buying some players at last but I am not optimistic.
    The board need to make more money available to preferably a new manager. If not we will continue to fall behind. The self-sustaining model is a lie – it isn’t self sufficient as the fans have to offset poor commercial deals and it does not sustain us as we are falling behind. The board needs to improve commercial revenues and rethink the way the club is run especially with regards to transfers, otherwise they should go as well.
    Enough is enough. Change is needed.

  182. @ AndyE
    No question, Cesc is a wonderfully gifted, intelligent footballer. He gave us amazing memories in three of the last four years that he was here. He scored hatfuls of goals, he rescued games not just with his skill but with his determination. But that Cesc left in the late summer of 2010. In his final season, we had a gifted footballer whose heart was not in it. His face lit up with pleasure when Messi scored his penalty against us at the Nou Camp. He was no longer prepared to go the extra mile and it showed in the last third of last season when he wasn’t there for us when we needed him and it made it worse that he was our captain.

    On information

    I’ve already said I do see merit in IG being an alternative “face” of Arsenal – the corporate face. But transfer business s one of those areas about which fans will just have to accept they can’t know everything because it could be sensitive information. Even as fans, we’re not entitled to know everything, and they can’t tell us without telling everybody. And some fans are perfectly happy not knowing the details – don’t assume that everyone feels as you do.
    Regarding “mixed messages” – are you talkign about messages coming out of the club? You can’t blame the club for messages disseminated by others.

    AW always said he’d “fight” to keep Nasri and Fabregas, not that they were not going. They both assured him they loved the club, neither put in transfer requests, he wanted to keep and tried to keep them until it was clear that he could not. IG didn’t say anything to contradict that. Apart from AW impying in that press conference that Fab might not go, what do you mean? IG and AW both said that they would be active in the transfer window and we have been. We have not done all our business as early as we wanted to but both AW and IG have been saying consistently that a) he has the money to buy b) he cannot find players of the requisite quality partly because c) few clubs are selling. the market has been sclerotic this summer. We can have all the intentions we like but we are dependent on other clubs to sell the players we want to buy.
    Tell me why Man City didn;t buy Nasri at the start of the window and why Manure didn’t buy Nasri, and haven’t bought Schnijder?

    @ Darius
    They could be proclaiming their support for Wenger AND workign behind the scenes, couldn’t they? One doesn’t preclude the other.

    I can’t help feeling this obsession with our supposed communcation failings is transference – people just want to see signings and some tangible success on the pitch, and when they come, the problems they see will be far less significant.

  183. Wnger obvisouly sactioned Cesc’s sale.. Simple as that. If we wanted to keep him for another year, we could have done. The only thing that should have turned our head was a huge bid that we realistically could not turn down. As it transpired, we let him go for a bargain price when the ball was strongly in our court. I still feel we really bent over for Barca in this case.

    The Nasri situation was obviously very differnt, although I highly doubt that Nasri was sold against the manager’s wishes.

  184. @ Matt | August 30, 2011 at 11:51 am

    “I see Football 365 are reporting in there usual unbiased manner by screaming that we are after the ‘painfully slow’ Mertesacker…..”

    ha ha !

  185. “As it transpired, we let him go for a bargain price when the ball was strongly in our court. I still feel we really bent over for Barca in this case.”

    Fundamental misapprehension.

  186. And I thought you were too gutted to post yesterday Yogi!!

    WE aint doing anything this season. The late late panic buys just smack of, well, panic really. Some Korean dude who hasnt lit up Ligue1, a Brazilian who played in Turkey and dear old Per M.

    How much Premier league experience have they got? None.

    Fuck knows where the club is going, probably to mid table mediocrity, an old friend we havent seen for quite some time.

  187. I just can’t understand how Joel Cambell cannot get a work permit… or more relevent, has his application for a work pemit refused by the UK.
    Here is a guy who will enter the UK and start earning £40-50,000 per week…… it’s not as if he wants to enter Britain and start claiming dole and housing benefit ffs

  188. AndyE.I think you are right the club could have cleared up many thing with simple statements, like……………..

    Nasri turned out to be a greedy young man
    Cesc decided to jump ship despite Arsene’s best efforts to keep him
    Joe Cole £90k per week ,as if we would pay that for him
    Mata,Chelsea came along throwing big spanners

    That sort of stuff perhaps?

  189. It is SO frustrating that I have to agree with the D&G merchants, with regards our transfer activities. Our activity this summer has been shambolic and indefensible.

    On the subject of the club’s PR and relation to it’s fans – yes it is not good enough. They do have a duty to us – all clubs have a duty to their fans as we are the reason they exist at all.

    Comments like “I don’t have to say why” from Wenger do not help at all.

    I’d love to think the club would explain why the transfer activities have been so mismanaged this summer but “We don’t have to say why” is my bet on what we’ll get instead.

  190. On the day each of them went the cock crowed three times. I suspect Fabregas will suffer for that for the rest of his career. Nasri could give a fuck.

  191. Dexter,be of good cheer old pal

  192. Fun – “His face lit up with pleasure when Messi scored his penalty against us at the Nou Camp.”

    What a load of crap.

  193. @ Darius.

    Until recently I was one of those that couldn’t work out what the opposition to Usamanov on the board was (ignorance is no excuse I know) however , a little bit of googling and a great read of Murder in Samarkand I wholly endorse the boards mistrust.

    As PHW is oft quoted as saying ‘we don’t want his sort’ I’m sure in private and never quoted he must have said ‘and we’re certainly not having that fucker’ in regards the other pursuant.

    So is Ivan the Politician stepping up to the mark?

    Blimey, wish I was that 7 year old again pulling on my cotton top and pretending to be Charlie George…. if I’d known then what it was going to bring me to

  194. @ Jonny
    Is it more important that the fans know who we are trying to sign than that we should get the player?

  195. Sorry goonerandy, I don’t believe he ultimately wanted to sell Fabregas this season. Maybe it was Fabregas that pushed it, but I certainly don’t think this was like the Henry and Vieira sales, where Wenger clearly decided it was time to move on.

    I base this on the fact that he was saying all along, even two days before the sale was confirmed, that he didn’t want anyone to leave, and based on the fact that there were no replacements lined up.

    One more season from to help shape Ramsey and Jack for next season was always the plan I think

    Anyway, Nasir has just added more fuel to the fire:,,11670_7138491,00.html

  196. @ goonerandy | August 30, 2011 at 12:00 pm
    I’ve seen the picture. It was posted on here.

  197. Shambolic? That is just total rubbish, johnny. We have spent a huge amount of time on transfers in an almost impossible environment, and bought well. And we are not finished yet.

  198. Et tu Dexter.

  199. Morning Andy, Morning George, thanks for your therapy session yesterday

  200. @ goonerandy
    If Fabregas wanted to stay and AW wanted to keep him and Barca wouldn’t offer the price we wanted, why was he sold at all? Any ideas?

  201. I find it highly amusing that as soon as well have sold a player the very same people who have decalred that they were such special players (and would throw a tantrum at anybody who would question them) only 6 months ago, are now trynig to reel out reason as why we are better off without them.

    I don’t recall for example anybody saying that they thought Cesc was overrated last season. Yet it somebody like Henristic or Bill had said such a thing, the responses they would have recieved would have bordered on hysertia.

  202. Oh no not another Craig Murray fan. In his original book the Usmanov mentioned is not Alisher Usmanov.

  203. I heard a man on the radio yesterday angrily demanding that we sign Kevin Davies.

  204. Frank | August 30, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    “Shambolic? That is just total rubbish, johnny. We have spent a huge amount of time on transfers in an almost impossible environment, and bought well. And we are not finished yet.”

    Agree. Just because things haven’t worked otu as planned doesn’t mean anyone has cocked up.
    Why did City take so long to buy Nasri?
    Why did Manure not buy Nasri?
    Why have they not bought Schnijder?

  205. @goonerandy

    Well that’s always a reaction when a player leaves a club. It’s not surprising. If everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home, they also think that their ex-wife was a dirty, classless, skank. That’s just human nature isn’t it?

  206. I thought you might be more astute than that, GoonerAndy?

  207. George

    Heh, thanks mate. However, after the Liverpool game I was really worried man, THAT was the worst I had seen us play for a long long time, then Sunday happened!

    It is true, it has been coming, any signings now, especially the ones I just mnetioned, look like desperate buys and the fact they dont appear top quality, hardly helps my dark mood dude!

    I was at OT, we look like a team going nowehere at the moment and given the poor form at the end of last season, well I cant see much has changed, or reason for optimism, sorry mate.

  208. Trust me, the only people who need a kick right up the arse are the entire ManCiteh ownership, players and management. Well, perhaps Chelsea, since their fans are such loutish snobs, and their whole ethos stinks. And well, you know you may as well add ManU, mainly for their arrogant fans plus Rooney, and Evra.

    YW was a little off the mark this morning re: the question of which team was harder hit by absences. I won’t go into it much, but we wuz shorn, like a naked sheep. The big absences were Jack, 3Gs, Song, TV, Sagna, Gibbs and possibly Diaby who may well have started a match like this ahead of Ramsey, especially after mid-week excertions. Djourou, was he playing? I don’t recall him playing to be honest. Apart from the back central 2, Manu had their “form” team on the field. It’s a good team, playing very well at the moment. And then we were down to 10.

    Lots of what-ifs, but the big worry right now is RvP and that penalty. That’s not the penalty of a high confidence striker, and yet his goal was typical RvP magic, as was his volley, good save I thought. It looked to all intents and purposes as if the team was nervous and fraught beforehand by the sudden loss of TV and Sagna, to add to all the other woes. Not nice to visit OT like that.

  209. “His face lit up with pleasure when Messi scored his penalty against us at the Nou Camp.”

    Really? I’m really surprised to read that coming from you. But even if its true, why was Wenger trying to keep him this season? Surely that’s as treasonable as it gets?

  210. Wenger’s health has to be acknowledged as a major issue…he looks awful and has since the melt down last season…

  211. Fun – It is a very good question. I have no idea. Nothing about the transfer makes sense. We have sold a £50M+ quality player for a fraction of his value. I know he wanted to leave, he hey ho son, you have recently just signed a long term contract.

    We should have done what (reportedly) Dortmund and Lille has done respectively with offer offers for their players. “Not enough, come back when you can match our valuation”.

    Old ground though, and we have covered it to death already.

  212. That was spooky. As I read Frank’s last comment my cockerel crowed three times.

    I have absolutely no idea what this means.

    Actually, there is no Board, only Kroenke with Gazidis and Wenger. They are all who count.

    Stan is silent, I suspect Gazidis is a busted flush and that leaves Arsene isolated.

    Fuck off AIC.

  213. Markus

    THis is me being rational compared with how I was Sunday man.

  214. Frank – Kevin Davies, heh.

    More astute? Please expand.

  215. Cesc was special,Nasri not so much.
    Who says different Andy?
    I think less of them as men ,not as footballers.How about you?

  216. Actuallt andy I would have been happy to see Cesc go the previous summer.

    As soon as a player starts seeing himself as some kind of star and trails their skirt tails in front of another club, they can go.

  217. Zim – “Trust me, the only people who need a kick right up the arse are the entire ManCiteh ownership, players and management”

    Yeah, things ain’t going to well there eh?

  218. FunGunner | August 30, 2011 at 12:08 pm

    “Why did City take so long to buy Nasri?” – Because he wasn’t that important to their plans?
    “Why did Manure not buy Nasri?” – Ditto
    “Why have they not bought Schnijder?” – Ditto

    City and Manure pay over the odds for players they really want. For anyone else they can afford to haggle. Its common sense..

    Its also common sense that we on the other hand are desperate, and waiting only increased our desperacy. Now, any sensible potential seller (who doesn’t have to sell) will increase his asking price.

  219. I reckon Wenger had the Korean, Brazilian and the German under his radar all the time. His way of doing business is to wait till the last minute and get a good deal., which if they all sign, is very good business.

    Everton and Bolton will lose out for being so greedy in their overpricing of mediocre players…….
    I doubt ‘arry was seriously thinking of buying Cahill, he was just trying to stop Wenger from getting him, but Wenger didn’t want Cahill anyway.


    Like George, I am a CEO in a one person enterprise. And I agree with you about that cunt Piers Morgan.

  220. @goonerandy | August 30, 2011 at 12:05 pm
    We’ve been through this. The Cesc worshippers who would have ripped into Matt were people like AIC who felt Cesc could do no wrong. You have already seen this in action

    The rest of us would have come down on anybody who was laying into ANY of our players unfairly or continually.

    No-one is irreplaceable. But we will take time to adapt our team from one which was assembled to make the most of Cesc to one which does not depend on his special gifts.

    There is no mystery about why we sold Cesc for less than his value – it is obvious to everyone except you, apparently.

    @ Henristic
    You wouldn’t expect me to be able to click on a link and look at a picture?

    Wenger probably wouldn’t have seen it and even if he did, it may not have mattered to him as a professional of the game. He more than anyone knows how much Cesc loves Barfa and wanted to go there.

  221. George – A couple have people have now recently been sniping at Fabregas, saying he was overrated, went missing too often, and was only good because of the team he was in. It is pure denial, and a little hypicritical that they were not aiming these views when he was at the club. But where happy enough to slate anybody who would offer up a less than rosey opinion on one of our players.

    Yeah, I am more disapointed in them as indivuals. Cesc recently signed a new contract, if he was so desperate to leave why did he does this (higher wages)?. Nasri I am pissed with as it is obvisous that he is going to become a top player, but it won’t be with us.

  222. My other big worry is AIC trying to sound rational as he is insane.
    It’s unnerving.

  223. Fun – Are you seriousy suggesting that Cesc was happy when Massi scored against us?

  224. cesc was great now he is gone.he left you. move on!

  225. AIC for many years I have agreed with most of your comments.
    BUT not today. Study the accounts there is no way to increase
    commercial revenue for 2 to 3 years, except in Asia or USA and
    thats difficult. We cant compete with Abu Dhabi, Abramovitch, or
    the MANU spending, so the best we can hope for is fourth and a
    good run in the various cups and ECL.

    Unfortunately AW is stubborn and the youth policy without bringing
    in experienced players to mix with them.has failed, and he has been far too
    soft with the players. Worst of all he refused to admit that we would
    lose Cesc this season until the last minute, and he persisted with Almunia which
    cost us 10 points last season. and cannot admit that players like Sqichi
    were a mistake. If he brings in several players even though they are
    not Megastars but are gems like Sagna or TV we can forget Sunday
    and go forward especially if he realises he also needs a defensive
    coach like Martin Keown

  226. Traore has gone to QPR

    I wonder why we didnt sign Enrique when we had the chance? He is a decent left back, with PL experience. Now we are signing a player who is older, with no PL experience and for more money!

  227. Ha h GA,
    I did say ZimPaul is delusional, but in a good way.
    Like that band playing as The Titanic sank. Only in ZP’s case, the lower the ship sinks, the louder and happier he’s singing gets.

  228. Fun – And I refer to you the Ronaldo/Madrid transfer as to why the fact the player just wanted to go to one club, does not mean why we have to sell at a discount.

  229. GAndy, if ManyCiteh is the type of success you would want, then no they don’t need a kick up the arse, they are doing so well. I think they stink, and the real and total humiliation for Arsenal would be to try to stink like them.

  230. It’s really good to hear a couple of players are coming in! One more please, attacking midfielder!

  231. How can a German international with 60 odd caps and the same age(ish) as Cahill be a bad thing?
    Dont tell me he is not better than Samba!!
    Fuck me it looks like unless we buy Messi and Ronaldo we will be deemed to have failed in the market.
    FFS get a grip here people.
    Its getting so you cant tell the good guys from the bad.Are the very best of us losing faith?
    Lets hope not

  232. @ goonerandy
    Barcelona and Real Madrid are different clubs. If Barcelona were only prepared to pay £X million then that’s what we had to work with. They held almost all the cards because of Cesc’s desperation. If we’d waited another year we’d have had an even less motivated player on our hands and have had to accept even less money.

    @ Henristic
    “Why did City take so long to buy Nasri?” – Because he wasn’t that important to their plans?

    City and Manure pay over the odds for players they really want. For anyone else they can afford to haggle. Its common sense..
    So how come they didn’t haggle about Nasri? Seeing as you say that he was not important to them. Nasri so unimportant that City tapped him up and Mancini has been bleating to the press about him all summer and they paid well over the odds for him and he started the first game for which he was available to them?
    Nah. They took so long to sign him because we weren’t prepared to sell him, even for silly money. They were dependent on us changing our mind.

    “Why did Manure not buy Nasri?” – Ditto
    ManUre are lookign for a playmaker but backed off Nasri because City were in the frame and they couldn’t beat City’s offer.

    “Why have they not bought Schnijder?” – Ditto
    They also balked at Snijder’s wages.

  233. Zim – Don’t get me wrong I think it stinks as well. But a kick up the arse? I am sure that they are happy as larry over there.

  234. Dex,”I wonder why we didnt sign Enrique when we had the chance? He is a decent left back, with PL experience. Now we are signing a player who is older, with no PL experience and for more money!”

    Perhaps he is better.!!!!!
    That is a good expiation ,dont you think.?

    Then again…………………:)

  235. Dexter TV Sagna Kanu Viera had no EPL experience but fitted
    in immediately Jeffers and similar from EPL did not

  236. Henristic, I loved that band, and that moment. The rest of the film left me cold and bereft. Delusional is an interesting concept. It depends you see why you support a team and what you want from it. In other words, even when I respect the play of any of the other ‘big teams’ (yawn) I actually feel quite sorry for them, and their fans, because their ambitions and horizons seem so pitiful.

  237. @ pedantic george | August 30, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    “How can a German international with 60 odd caps and the same age(ish) as Cahill be a bad thing?”

    I know very little about Mertersacker, but my instint is to be a bit surprised that some people are so negative about the idea.

  238. Andy I think Paul meant he wants to kick their arse’s

  239. FG,

    Re the Cesc picture: You usually show more scepticism to stuff in the media and on the internet, so its a bit surprising you haven’t considered all the other options here, and how unlikely your conclusion is considering.

    For one, your view of the picture could have been misconstrued? Still images aren’t the most reliable way to show stuff like that is it? Was there a time stamp on the picture to show the exact time he smiled? The picture could also have been doctored for all you know.

    Why didn’t we see any videos of it, surely Sky would have had a field day of it? That is huge news and we know there are cameras covering ust about every detail on the pitch. Even if there wasn’t, the tabloids at least should have reported it in a big way?

  240. Jabba's Delights


    I once read a man write on here that there was absolutelty no chance of Nasri and Cesc being sold.

    I’ve just read a man say that we’ve bought really well this summer. Hmmm expalin to me which guys so far have shown themselves to be capable of 1st team action right away.

    1. we’ve lost 4

    We are now signing a brazilian who notoriously find it very hard to adapt and yet there was a player with 4 english years experience who just went to one of our rivals for a cheaper price.

  241. FG – it is a shambles.

    You can’t paint otherwise by citing two difficult transfers as proof. Sure some transfers are that difficult – but all of them? We could have signed players but we have not been prepared to pay.

    Mertesacker had a huge FOR SALE sign over his head over a month ago – since then we have made weak bids for Jags and Cahill. If Mertesacker was not our first choice target a month ago why do we think he is good enough now? If, as it sadly appears, we are choosing players based it being a good deal financially (he’s the least expensive) then we will in all likelihood pay for this on the field. Mertesacker was third on the list of choices for a reason and the Arsenal blogosphere just collectively sighed at his appointment.

    We have demonstrably repeatedly missed out on players we targeted simply by refusing to ever go over our predetermined valuation or to meet another clubs valuation.

    We missed out on Jones by bidding 8Million then tried to match Man Utd’s of 16M offer 6 months later and failed. This is one example of many where we have failed through pecuniary motives.

    I think Wenger has an incomparably good track record in the transfer market but it is clear to most fans that we have, of late, got the balance wrong.

    To be clear, you claim we have bought well and yet we have yet to even spend the amount we got for Nasri. Campbell didn’t get a permit, Park is yet another budget buy.

    I don’t doubt we will make more signings but the reason business is being conducted this late is surely related to our refusal to go over our own valuations even though we had plenty of money available to spend – even before we sold Nasri and Fab.

    FG – I’m usually in agreement with all of your posts but I feel you are out of step with the majority here – not just me.

  242. Fun – So we should just accept what they can afford, and not worry about the players value? Riiiiiight. Lets hope the likes of RvP don’t suddenly start to want to play for Everton, we would be forced to sell him for £1.2M acording to your logic.

  243. @ goonerandy | August 30, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    “Fun – Are you seriousy suggesting that Cesc was happy when Massi scored against us?”

    I am saying that in the picture you can see his face, smiling delightedly. It was posted a few weeks ago around the time he was being sold. It was probably an instinctive reaction – I don’t think it was a conscious desire for them to win the match, but it was a sign that already in his own mind he was a Barca player. Even though players appreciate the fine play of other professionals, during a match you would expect them to be involved and committed to their own team. So seeing that look on his face really hurt.

    But it’s over now – he’s gone and we are a different team.

  244. Looking forward to a line up of:-





    Should be nice, eh. Hmmmm? Something not quite right here.

  245. Right Jabba is here and I have heard it all before ,lots, the same stuff,
    So I am off,laterz

  246. ZimPaul,
    Agree it was one of the better points in the movie.
    I suppose that sort of attitude is ok in situations when there is no hope. Me, I’m a bit more like Jack, the protagonist. I’d be trying my damnedest to get the heck out of there and maybe saving a few people along the way. Unlike Jack, I wouldn’t die in the end though.

  247. This Premier League experience angle is overplayed. Vermaelen didn’t have PL experience.

  248. Fungunner,

    That’s my point. And why didn’t we have any one else?

    So we end up playing a player who is leaving the very next day. Have any of you ever been in the office or the warehouse with the person who is leaving the next days?

    You get fuckall out of them and everything they actually do has to be checked just in case because they won’t do things as they would normally do.

    Another master stroke by our brass.

  249. Fair point Markus

  250. Love how Nasri likes to kick us while we are down. He won’t be laughing come end of the season. I am pretty confident we can pick the pace up fairly sharpish. New players will arrive today or tomorrow and we will have installed the confidence we desperately needed, as well as the experience.

    What to say about the result. We have a season ahead of us so there’s not much point dwelling on it, we knew reinforcements would be late, and we have been punished for it. 8 players out is a tough ask on any team in the world, never mind a team that lost two of its best attacking players and a LB who played near enough every game for the last 6 years.

    Really really can’t wait for the next game now. They said our season started at Old Trafford…..

  251. And once again, the people who actually know what they’re talking have all had glowing things to say about all three of our (purported) signings so far. Couldn’t give a toss about anyone else’s opinion.

  252. Jonny

    >If Mertesacker was not our first choice target a month ago why do we think he is good enough now

    May be its a case of him being good enough but others considered better. Jagielka is first choice (apparently) and at £20m is overpriced in my opinion. If he were that good, others would have taken him. Cahill is not first choice so does that mean he is not good enough either? The logic of your comment is that if you cannot sign your first choice, don’t sign anyone.

    It doesn’t work like that. As for Jones, perhaps – just perhaps – the finances in January would not stretch the extra £8m? We don’t know. Which brings us back to Bob’s earlier point about communication.


  253. Haha, I meant “reported”.

  254. Jabba did Gilberto find it hard to adapt?

  255. George

    Ha! Hope you are right mate! Enrique would have been a no brainer though for me. WEnger said we didnt need a LB though. That seems to have changed somewhat.

    I am not surprised people are questiuoning our transfer policy right now, as it has looked clueless all summer and now it just smacks of panic.

  256. tolduso | August 30, 2011 at 7:27 am

    You saw it comming when we beat man utd 1-0 @ the emirates or when we put 3 past chelsea or when we beat barca 2-1 @ home or when we had the best away record in the lg last yr.

    If so we should pay you wengers wages as you are far more insightfull than all of us

  257. solg

    Thanks mate, you are the voice of reason today dude!

  258. OOU who has said what?

    Which of the current rumours carries any weight?

    I’m struggling to see the ones with any actual substance.

  259. Jonny, we can only guess at which bids are for real and which are duds. As for who is top of our list, only Arsene knows that.

  260. And the reason people are underwhelmed about Mert is that he is notorious for being slow (though great positionally) and we play a high line meaning we usually need mobile central defenders. Squillaci is not a bad player but does not suit our style of defence.

    Furthermore signing a player this late, would it not be better to get someone who has PL experience?

    As I said before, if we were going to sign Mert we should have done it over a month ago when it was clear he was available at a knockdown price. At least then we would have had the player bedded in and just maybe Sunday would not have been such an apocalypse.

  261. Markus

    It was Wenger and Gazidis who said they were going for more PL experienced players. Thats why it is being mentioned mate.

  262. Sorry Markus, are you actually suggesting we did not make lowball bids for Jags and Cahill?

  263. AndyE | August 30, 2011 at 10:19 am

    “I am talking about guys like Gazidis. Kenyon, Gill, Cook, Henry, these guys all speak up when needed to take some pressure off their bosses. They also give the impression that the club (and not only the manager) are heavily involved in the day-to-day”

    They have been doing for years but, it didn’t matter so much because it seemed everything was Rosie and Jim. As I have said many a time they know that Wenger, is too much of a gentleman to come out say anything negative about his players or his employers so they take the piss on a regular basis.

    “More communication from the club figureheads about certain things would help repair some of the problems many of the fans have with the owner and board”.

    The board could never repair the damage they have done to our in the last few years and for me the only way they could do this would be to pack up and leave and leave Wenger to run the club with new owners who want us to get back to where we were before we started to drop behind everybody else and use the new stadium as a excuse while all our best players are being sold off to a now main competitor.

    Just look at the slimey bastards squirm around now rushing deals through that should of been done and dusted 3 fucking months ago. I feel so sorry for Wenger, working for cunts like gizard and co.

  264. It is entirely possible that we have a number of transfer projects for a particular type of player running simultaneously.But as we approach the end of the window we only need one or two to come to fruition. If Mertesacker comes it does not mean that he was lower in our list of preferences than any other player, to think that way is perverse.

  265. Dexter – To be fair, even if it is a bit on panic buying, if it improves the squad it can only be a good thing. We needed at LB at CB, and it looks like we are on the case there.

  266. Sorry to dissapoint those who are hoping for an Arsenal impolsion. I think we can all acknowledge the weekend as the lowest point for the Gunners and no one would be feeling a sick as Wenger about this. But the only way from here is up and as deflating as the result is we all know that the season is defined in the last 10 games and very little of the pre amble will count for anything. So I am deflated but not disheartend. Last season we started like a bullet froma gun and ran out of steam. Chelsea faltered spectacularly and still came second.Unioted were unconvinving all season but ground it out. If anyone can turn this round it is Arsene. How anyone could think that Arsene doesnt care about this club is beyond me. Even Cesc and Nasri say that he was like a father to them. Kudos to Wenger for sticking his neck out and not bowing to pressure to fork out millions for overrated players. Looking forward to Park Chu Young and others pulling two fingers up at the establishment and the doomers. A genius like Wenger is never appreciated in his time.To the fans who cheered the team to the end of the game. You are awesome. Plenty more of that please. COYG,

  267. I bet Neil Warnock is wondering what he has bought after seeing the way Traore played at OT. Either he is just crap, or didn’t give a shit because he was leaving. EIther way I wouldn’t be too happy about the ability, or attitude of my new signing if I was Neil Warnock.

  268. Poor Swansea are probably going to suffer the backlash of our defeat at OT and get a right spanking at the Ems on 10th Sept…………

  269. FG,
    I sense that this is about to drag into another long debate so here’s my last response on this issue

    “So how come they didn’t haggle about Nasri? Seeing as you say that he was not important to them. Nasri so unimportant that City tapped him up and Mancini has been bleating to the press about him all summer and they paid well over the odds for him and he started the first game for which he was available to them?
    Nah. They took so long to sign him because we weren’t prepared to sell him, even for silly money. They were dependent on us changing our mind.”

    Clearly they haggled for Nasri. That’s why the transfer took that long. they could conceivably have offered us more to close the deal sooner. Read this article someone just posted;,,11670_7138491,00.html

    Thats why Mancini was moaning. Mancini wasn’t moaning at us, he was moaning at his bosses. He wanted them to close the deal quicker, but his bosses clearly didn’t agree. I

    And why wouldn’t Mancini play him immediately. He’s match fit and is their player. What should he have been waiting for? Doesn’t mean they couldn’t have got him sooner if they wanted.

    My point is simple. Clubs pay over the odds when they feel the player is important enough to them. Its not the only reason they do (sometimes they are just stupid and gullible) but that is neither here no there. Even Aston Villa did it with Darren Bent ffs. I’m amused you find this idea controversial.

  270. Jabba's Delights


    Babe we are currently buying a brazilian left back. If our ineptitude continues on the management side of things it creates new stories for some of us doomers to beat people liek you over the head with to try and get some sort out of sense out of you.

    If we sign Mertecker it going beyond a joke. Its our manager who stated we needed defenders with enlglsh experience.

    Its a constant stream of never ending bull. Enrique is a better option than the Brazialian for the here and now, and if your talking about % of boom or bust our manager is playing his cards right. Mertiecker isnt even our 3rd prefered option at cb, but once again we are going for the cheap option whose contract might i add has been down all summer. This transfer could have happened on 1st july but been agreed in febuary. We were lookign at other options and liked other options.

    Did we learn anything from Kosciellny, squilaci and Chamack. This summer we have a huge amount of cash and massive holes and yet


    All smell of bargain basement. If these deals happen as we expect we will have made another huge profit in the transfer window. By making such a fantastic profit Arsene keeps his job despite a lackluster performance

  271. Mertesacker, Cahill, Jagielka – some poker playing by Arsenal.

  272. we have got rid of Traore and 20k a week wages amd hopefully
    NB will go for 9 million and another 52k a week saved. and the rumours
    of Chamakh should mean theres plenty of money available after the
    3 signings we may complete today

  273. YW – but we did know that 8-10M would not get Jagielka and ditto for Cahill – if we are only in the market at a lower price, why did we wait till now to bid for a player who was clearly available over a month ago?

  274. Els, BBC rarely get it wrong – so I expect there’s a fair bit of truth in Mertesacker, Santos and Young. Not sure about anything else

    There’s a lot of stuff in Germany about Mertesacker as well, and he was released last night from the Germany camp.

    All this talk of desperation is nonsense to me – we’ve been playing the long game all summer, and have clearly been monitoring a whole bunch of targets. This isn’t a response to Sunday’s match either – there’d be no time to do the groundwork for this many targets.

    On top of this I still expect a midfielder to arrive, and a couple of players to leave. It’s going to be a busy 48 hours and as LA says, I wouldn’t spend them on Twitter!

  275. GA

    We need a LB, now? What changed? We didnt need one a week ago! How come we aint in for baines? This Brazilian might be another Silvinho, fucking hope so anyways.

    Do you think the club have confused him with that Michel Bastos?

  276. Well said, Big Al

  277. Nice write up YW……

    In nine months we can revisit this past weekend and debate its significance on our season’s results.

  278. Jonny – You are right about the high line. But maybe will would slightly alter our style of play and drop a little deeper as a defensive unit. It is not like our current system is a roaring success, so maybe a change in this respect may actually improve us anyway?

  279. You too, Frank and FG, George, Markus and Sol (well done standing up to AIC!).

  280. Whoops – well, you get the point!

  281. OneOfUs | August 30, 2011 at 12:59 pm


    Late business is the usual for the club.

  282. Dexter – I have always been of the mind that we needed a left back. I know nothing about this guy, but am releieved we have at least attempted to address the position.

  283. OOU

    Sorry mate, but this long game is a busted flush. It is gambling on a huge scale and to be honest, I think we arent very good at it. Perhaps we might sign Cahill for a million or so less than what Bolton wanted, then again, we might miss out on all our main targets and be left scrabbling around in the bargain basement. This waiting till the window closes is falwed IMO. There are so many factors that need to be considered and so many things that could go wrong to. What happens if we start the season shit, concede loads of goals and look like we are in a shambolic state, with our best players wanting out and, I should stop now.

  284. I assume Young will get a work permit. Really gutted that Campbell didn’t.

  285. @ Jonny
    We did the easy transfers

    @ Jonny
    1) I think the players we have bought so far are good players, if that’s what you mean by “bought well”. I can’t comment on the ones I haven’t seen, but I’m not going to assume that they are rubbish because they were not expensive. We did all the easy transfers early, just like everyone else. Nasri to Man City proves it’s not just a question of frontign up the right amount. What has happened was not the plan. But if we had not suffered the suspensions, we would have put out a team at the weekend similar to the team which beat Udinese.
    2) Prices
    – we paid around £12 million for AOC.
    – we bid £16 million, exactly the same as ManUre, for Jones – he chose ManUre.
    – we bid £8 million rising to £10 million for Cahill as an opening bid, not the £6 million quoted. I doubt Everton will sell Jagielka anyway – their financial problems mean that the chairman is desperate to hang onto his prize assets and not use thme to stave off the banks.
    3) If Mertesacker was lower down the preference list it could be because he has no PL experience. I don’t think we can assume he’s not as good as the PL-based CBs.
    4) Who are all these other clubs who operate in our market who have done lots of business?
    5) Cesc and Nasri money was not available until they were sold, therefore couldn’t be spent.
    6) It doesn’t matter who we’ve missed out on because of being overpriced (and it’s not a question of having one set figure). It only matters that we end up with someone who fits. Why would AW keep saying he has the money but he can’t find the quality in the league? Is he just lying? Would that not explain the delays and why we seem to have wrapped up transfers from outside the PL?
    7) why are you judging a player on what he costs? Park “a budget buy”. Why don’t you wait to see how good he is?
    8) Was Campbell ever presented as the star acquisition for this season? No – the “big buys” were Gervinho, Miyaichi and AOC. who are all expected to feature in the first team this season. AW said that he was buying Campbell as a gamble, but one he was sure would not backfire.
    9) I don’t write my posts with a view to whether or not I fit in with the majority view. I say what I think.

  286. Thanks OOU

    Yes well I’m sure that are all at the end of a lot of hard work. Wenger can do nothing right it seems. Now he is making the signatures many have asked for and it is seen as damage limitation form the defeat. Surely even your basic idiot knows there is a lot more going into these deals for them to be conducted and almost completed from Sunday evening.

    It’s all up from here. I can see us pulling some serious sockage up and getting some great performances this season.

  287. Wavey

    Yep, it was always going to be a gamble with Campbell. Hopefully he wont have to spend 4 years away like Vela and Botelho.

  288. but on the subject of communication I can’t find or have completely missed the announcement that Campbell didn’t get a work permit. Probbaly my fault.

  289. DEX, Santos is cheap because his club are in a pay off scandal,
    and Bremen are in financial shite and its last year of Mertz contract
    whereas Bolton are not desperate so we may lose Cahill to Spers
    if they sell Modric.

  290. LOL

    Skysports speculation that Owen Hargreaves may sign for Man City as he is having a medical at a local hospital.

    Very, very funny.

  291. We didnt pay more than 7 million cash for ox the rest is
    add ons

  292. Campbell should be in the squad next summer, or earlier, as he’s already looking like a regular starter for Costa Rica.

    Hi Dexter, I can’t speak with any certainty about our targets this summer, and I’m surprised that so many people do. Just because we’ve bid for one player doesn’t mean we don’t rate others. I’d say we think there’s very little between any of our defensive targets and would rather go for another than come back to meet Everton and Bolton’s (two clubs deep in shit) ridiculous valuations. My guess at this point is that we’re trying to protect a certain sum set aside for a marquee midfielder (but can’t say for sure).

    As for the rest – welcome to life as a fan of a second-class European team. Sad I know, it’s the brutal reality of the situation, and we have to make the best of it. injuries and suspensions haven’t helped at all, but we’ve got time to recover.

  293. Okay, found something on Campbell.

    According to Young Guns we applied to the FA for a special dispensation for Campbell as he hadn’t played enough games for the senior national side. Anybody know how many you have to play in what period to qualify under a conventional work permit?

  294. Solg

    Thanks mate. I think Bolton are desperate to sell Cahill. Thats what their chairman resorted to tweeting our bid in order to drum up some auction type action! I think we might well buy 2 CBs, as well as a LB.

    WE apparantly also bid a shit load for that mario Goetze from Dortmund too.

  295. I’m actually happy that we’re ending up with Mertesacker as opposed to Jagielka or Cahill. I think the German is a better player all round.

    Have not got any intelligence on Andre Santos but I am confident he wasn’t picked in a lineup after the massacre on Sunday.

  296. Jonny “Sorry Markus, are you actually suggesting we did not make lowball bids for Jags and Cahill?”

    No I know we made the bids (well for Cahill anyway since Wenger confirmed it, although debated the amount being reported in the press). I’m just saying we don’t know the motivation behind each bid.

  297. @ OOU
    Thanks and spot on with your post, too.

    @ Henristic
    My point is simple. Clubs pay over the odds when they feel the player is important enough to them.
    Which is why City paid over the odds for Nasri – he is important to them and they have been desperate to acquire him for ages. They could easily have left him on the bench at the weekend – they have top quality players in abundance, but they chose to play him immediately. Just like us playing Gervinho immediately.
    Your original point was that they took so long to sign him because he was not important to them, and you have disproved that yourself. It took so long because AW did not want to sell him.

  298. OneOfUs | August 30, 2011 at 1:21 pm
    Exactly – a point I forgot to mention – we’re buying a lot of players, even with the Cesc and Nasri money we can’t afford to just say to a selling club “How much do you want?”

  299. and Skysports have Per travelling to London for a medical

  300. @ Wavey | August 30, 2011 at 1:22 pm
    you are obsessed! 🙂

  301. @ Dexter
    “WE apparantly also bid a shit load for that mario Goetze from Dortmund too.”

    Sadly he is staying for another year at Dortmund to develop. He must be amazing for us to bid a huge amount for such a young player from a foreign league.

  302. Per Mertesacker is now having his medical at London Colney.

    And according to FIFA, Mertesacker’s top-speed was 28.35 km/h, John Terry’s was 22.53 – so where is all this “Mertesacker is slow” coming from. km/h

  303. “Wenger has apparently signed Park, Santos, & Mertesacker for the price of about 1 Downing. Or half of a Carroll.”

  304. Leaving it to the last minute to sign your major acquisitions doesnt make good business sense. If the targets were that good, they’d have been snapped up already! Going for a few last minute bargains is fair enough.

  305. @ solgooner
    Whatever – rising to £12 million then. Still a lot of money for a 17-yr-old and he is intended to be a first-team player.

    @ OneOfUs | August 30, 2011 at 1:21 pm
    This is indeed the reality that fans will have to face. It’s essentially all about money. There will be a reckoning for clubs like Manure, Barca and RM who survive on debt, but there is nothing to hold back the petrol-fuelled clubs.

  306. FG

    Yeah, Goetze is very highly rated. I wonder if we’ll go balls out for hazard now? WE need a creative spark in the midfield. The rumours about Benayoun hardly excite.

  307. FG

    you’re right I am. Campbell is a real talent and I was so looking forward to seeing him this season. Hopefully he gets the number of senior appearances to play for us from next summer then. 🙂

  308. Darius, interesting point, though it is worth pointing out that top speed is almost never the important factor – acceleration over a short distance.

    Whether deserved or not, the slow tag is nothing new – my friends in Germany told me he is notorious for it. That said, they still rate him.

  309. Well if the Mertersacker rumour is true, surely to holy fuck he is twice the player Cahill or Jag is. I’m quite flummexed by the negativity on here about him.

    I said a while ago he would be my ideal. The guy is a first rate international defender. He has more all round experience in his beard than jag or cahill have put together.

    Can’t comment on Santos no doubt that the scouting network has been to work on them and he will be a good addition. He’ll have to be if he wants to keep Gibbs out of the team when he is fit.

    Looking like the business is coming out now. Good work and nicely timed to lift our spirits.

    Come on you gunners. It’s all up from here. Swansea are going to suffer. Two weeks time ad the team from Sunday that had to resort to Traore will be unrecognisable.

    In Arsene I trust. How about you?

  310. It has took time for our trasnfer machnie to kick in, but it is good things are now starting to happen. If the reports of our bid for Goetze are true it is a good sign. Firstly as he is an excellent player, but more importantly that we are prepared to spend that type of cash to attract that type of player. If we don’t get him, we may yet see a top quality creative player come in from somewhere else.

  311. GA, thoughts on Mert?

  312. I agree with Darius. Mertesacker looks like an excellent centre half. Very happy to have him on board if he comes.

  313. @ Dexter | August 30, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    “Leaving it to the last minute to sign your major acquisitions doesnt make good business sense. If the targets were that good, they’d have been snapped up already!”

    You may have answered your own question there. We went for Jones in January and again in the summer – that is early.
    From what he has let slip in press conferences, AW is not overly impressed with the other choices in the PL. With Miquel and Bartley around, perhaps he felt he could afford to wait if he couldn’t get his first choice? And presumably he has gone for PM on the basis that he’s as good as the others available, so why pay more for the PL defenders?

    Re Hazard, we have royally pissed off Lille by nicking Park, and they REALLY don’t want to sell him so our chances are probably close to zero. This is why I tend to believe AW – who are the really good orchestrators and how many of them would their clubs let go? Think of Benayoun as a stop-gap if he comes – the real maestros will be Ramsey and Diaby in time and meanwhile we have Gerv and Theo to make chances from the wide positions, not to mention Miyaichi.

  314. I’m not overly fussed about Mertesacker’s pace – clearly he is a top defender for a top footballing country. As Goonerandy would say – he is super super class compared imo to Jags and Cahill.

    He will also give us something different in defence to compliment the mobility and dynamism that Koscielny and Vermaelen bring.

    Just waiting for Bill to check in and start drooling about a new look defence.

  315. I trust in AW too, Els. Well done for spotting Mertesacker if he comes.

  316. Darius, thanks for info regarding Mertesacker’s speed. I was wondering about that. Never actually see him do the 100 meters ya know.

  317. @ els

    great posts

  318. My mate at the beeb says we are still in for Cahill


  319. Hope the work permits for Park and Santos come through quickly.

    Right. Time I did some work. ACLF has a lot to answer for in terms of lost wo(man) hours!

  320. One thing is clear – we have, at the very least, signed ‘experience’ this summer.

  321. D fact that a player isn’t bought for 30million doesn’t make him less productive,how productive has Torres been after his 50million move to Chelsea?

  322. Jagielka is a top class CB, however, I am glad we didnt go for him as he is very similar to what we have. Mertesacker is the type of CB we dont really have;

    Big, lumbering and ponderous. Cant get enough of that type of CB! Ha! Only joking!

  323. “Your original point was that they took so long to sign him because he was not important to them, and you have disproved that yourself. It took so long because AW did not want to sell him.”

    Problems with comprehension? Where did i disprove myself? Ï can’t be bothered to write more so here’s a cut and paste of what I said earlier. Show me where I disproved myself, if you can.

    Clearly they haggled for Nasri. That’s why the transfer took that long. they could conceivably have offered us more to close the deal sooner. Read this article someone just posted;,,11670_7138491,00.html

    Thats why Mancini was moaning. Mancini wasn’t moaning at us, he was moaning at his bosses. He wanted them to close the deal quicker, but his bosses clearly didn’t agree. I

    And why wouldn’t Mancini play him immediately. He’s match fit and is their player. What should he have been waiting for? Doesn’t mean they couldn’t have got him sooner if they wanted.

    My point is simple. Clubs pay over the odds when they feel the player is important enough to them. Its not the only reason they do (sometimes they are just stupid and gullible) but that is neither here no there. Even Aston Villa did it with Darren Bent ffs. I’m amused you find this idea controversial.

  324. Selling Cesc, was the rght decision. His body language spoke volumes on the pitch against Barcelona (both legs…especially in the tunnel) and also in a few Cup games with him sat on the bench, looking dispirited…at times, even disinterested. He, very clearly, had stopped believing in the team, that which he was entrusted with its captaincy. Not replacing him immediately, and then, allowing the next best player to leave, was SHEER lunacy on Arsenal’s part.

  325. FG

    Yep, nicking Park is hardly going to help us sign hazard! But you best get off and do some work for a change! 😀

  326. ‘Most people saw the defeat coming, no-one the scoreline. Anyone who says they did or that it has been coming, is a charlatan’.

    After watching Manshitty destroy the spuds, I was always fearful that Manure would want to silence their noisy neighbors, so for me, I was not surprised at the scoreline, especially with our starting eleven.

    Our team of 20 odd negotiators, the management team and the board have all acted shamefully and now we’re playing catchup, still better late than never!

  327. Fun, Hazard was never going to move this year period unless an obscene amount of money was thrown at Lille. Lille have made the CL this year and are attempting to see how far they go, now in the wake of the money they receive from it and dependant upon whether they make it again next year will speak volumes about their interest in off loading Hazard in January or new year.

  328. Els – he is a very good defender. It is a fair point that he seem a but lumbersome, but his positives far outweight his negatives. From what I have seen he is a good organiser, dominant in the air, and reads the game very very well. He would compliment TV5 as a CB parnter I think. We may have to defend a little deeper, but who is to say that would not improve out set up anyway. Our current system is hardly foolproof. A good signing.

    Darius – Not my saying mate, it is the managers.

  329. I like Mert. Happy we are getting someone of that pedigree. I wonder how his stats match up to Jag and Cahill

  330. Interesting that Nasri last parting shot at Arsenal mentioned that the there was to much political bullshit in the background at Arsenal to ensure the club stayed ambitious.

  331. Mertesacker is as fast as Rooney and a bit quicker than Pique,Puyol and a lot quicker than Vidic and Terry. FIFA seems to think so.

  332. We are looking good so far! Hope all of these signings work out and we are able to get work permits for those that require it. Imagine the lift this will give the team?

  333. Don’t you think it is interesting that Arsenal are the 3rd most valuable FC in the world behind Man Utd and Real Madrid and also the 5th highest money earner and yet the state of the media feed hysteria would suggest we are in crisis? The team needs to be gel, it needs some final pieces and moreover it needs some self belief!

  334. @Miami Arsenal

    There must be some truth to it.

  335. I’ve heard rumours that Mertesacker has and always will play more World Cup play-off games than Cahill and Jagielka have and will.

    Sorry. 😉

    What is concerning though is that Werder Bremen were not very good last season. Although Bolton and Everton, well, you know…

    We’ll see. Seems we have the height issue ok’d now.

  336. I would imagine that Nasri knows fuck all about the ‘political situation’ at Arsenal. Absolutely fuck all. His recent behviour is appalling. Still, what goes around comes around. Little Mancs are going to have some difficulty with that bunch of mercenaries.

  337. Just to note Deloitte’s value Arsenal at $1.2 billions dollars whereas United are values at 1.13 billion Pounds

  338. Darius,

    But Johnny made a good point that its about acceleration, not so much top speed. Anyways, I’m happy things are falling in place. This will be a much happier international break for Arsenal fans and players, than it could have been.

  339. Take 90 minutes away from this season and we would all be very excited bunnies indeed. That squad that took to the field was barely Arsenal. I am exercising my right to ignore Sunday’s existence.

  340. Frank you may be right, but then he was closer to the Arsenal than any of us. I do think it speaks volumes of the little lesbian that he seems to aim swipes at the club but then again he is a small man to begin with!

  341. Darius – That list also has Vela’s top speed at 19K/ph, and placing Mertesacker at the same speed as Ronadlo. It is safe to say that it is not really telling the full story.

    Not that it matters, as I have already mentioned, he will be a good signing from what I have seen of him.

  342. Am I the only one that thinks Sunu or Afobe should be given a chance before Park, once many of the regulars are back from injury?

  343. Someone at arsenal is playing championship manager. Soon someone will be telling them to slow down, or at this rate they’ll bankrupt us. 🙂

  344. Sky say Hargreaves having medical at Man City. WTF?!

    Lansbury to QPR..?

  345. Miami,
    Sunu and Afobe are young and will get the chance. What’s the hurry?

  346. Thing is those 90 minutes are now etched into the fabric of history, in our 125th year too. The mighty Arsenal should never have been in the position fielding a team so deficient, after all we’re supposed to be the 5th or so wealthiest football club on the planet and with the highest ticket prices as well.

  347. Re: Mertesacker speed

    Big ships turn slowly, and seem awkward. There will be some elements of Samba in him; nobody is perfect.

    We’ll could get Cahill next summer for free, unless Bolton come to their senses.

  348. Hargreaves, the ultimate Man City piss take.

  349. people peddle out names of who we should buy and who would do the business but in reality the are only quoting names they heard in the paper or seen on telly with no justification.

    All im saying if wenger would have bought Joe Cole just of the clamour for us to sign a so called “big name” last summer quoted by the red tops or pundits then he prob be getting more stick than he is now from all those telling him he should have bought him.

    Truth is unless they are scouts, watched the good and the bad and prob about 20-30 games of potential new signings then their guess on how a player will perform and if they are the right fit is as good as any layman who has seen a player on youtube

  350. Lansbury became surplus to requirement, the second we secured Oxlade-Chamberlain’s services for 15 million euros. With both playing similar positions; one deemed more promising than the other; It was only a matter of time.

  351. Henristic, I’m in no hurry but I am sugesting is that Afobe showed some skill in preseason and perhaps as opposed to signing Park they might have just promoted either Sunu or Afobe. Now it could be that Park is the 2nd coming for Henry, hell, I don’t know what he is as a player and I’m not bagging him before he arrives I have merely pointing out that these two youngsters have impressed.

  352. Borges, Lansbury unfortunately never truly impressed with his loan spell at Norwich… that may have been his death nail.

  353. Jonny, regarding that article on Park. So he needs to get into the Olympic squad in order to be exempt from military dury. Something tells me he would have been better choosing Lille. He’s hardly going to get many opportunities with us. Then again maybe he will be motivated to impress when he does get a chance. Literally playing for his career. Plenty of goals/assists from the bench I’m hoping.

  354. I disagree with Dexter’s first comment.

  355. @ Finnish Hit | August 30, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    “We’ll could get Cahill next summer for free, unless Bolton come to their senses.”

    I wonder if that deal is in fact dead because of their behaviour – blabbing to the media and the rude text? Apparently they are making it known that they would accept £12 million, somewhat ironically given their insulted reaction to a bid for £8m rising to £10m. The word is that we are only going for one centre back, so that “one” could be Per Mertesacker.

    @ geeGunner | August 30, 2011 at 2:30 pm
    Too right. It’s natural to have your own opinion on a player, but when people start calling the boss an idiot for not signing whoever they have YouTube scouted is when things get foolish and disrespectful.

  356. rude Tweet, not rude text.

  357. The sad thing about that tweet was that it spoke about how unprofessional many of the so called professionals are in football.

  358. Els…..thanks for the input on Mertesacker above.

    Jonny – you are so right……EXPERIENCE.

    So many for the past few seasons have been whinging (or pointing) about lack of experience at CB…..
    now we sign experience and they move the goal posts.

    Our manager will prepare the roster to exceed fan expectations!

  359. Fungunner,thanks for the good fight but some people just cant get it. Ooh well atleast it is only one more day to get to hear the “experts” opinions on who is better than who.

  360. hmm, Stan’s buy out of Arsenal places the value at 725 millions pounds whereas Deloittes had a value of 605 million pounds… anyone know why? Is it due to the fact that the shares are rising in values as the acquisitions take place? I thought during a buy out the shares were marked a nominal value.

  361. According to this, we are definitely going for Mertesacker:

    Germany international Mertesacker, 26, could also join the club as a defensive reinforcement and is due to have a medical on Tuesday.

    International coach Joachim Loew confirmed that Mertesacker had been given permission to leave a training camp and negotiate a move away from Bremen.

    “Last night I told the player I am giving you a free day and I expect he will come back this evening. I know there was a specific offer from a club,” Loew told reporters as his side prepared for Friday’s Euro 2012 qualifier against Austria.

    And, with time running out before Wednesday evening’s transfer deadline, it appears beleaguered manager Arsene Wenger has responded to calls to spend his way out of trouble.

  362. FG, I think the Cahill deal is as good as dead. Bolton gambled on another team coming in for him. Maybe they have but I’d love it if no one did now. Idiotic move by the chairman to go public with our bid.

  363. So Mertesacker is now an Arsenal player and Cahill has agreed personal terms with Bolton accepting £14 million

    Interesting times.

  364. Has Parked actually signed or is it still all white noise?

  365. lol… opps, Park!

  366. I think if we sign Park – arshavin will see a lot less game time.
    what struck me in italy was that it was a vital result for us and he started on the bench behind theo and gerviniho.
    In my eyes he is not an arsenal player – ive been saying it for a while now his decision making is very poor,like his passing at times and he looses the ball to often for my liking (seems like you have to beg him to track back – he has got better tho). yes his numbers look impressive but what i actually see defies those numbers(he had similar numbers to theo last yr-dont know if they played the same amount of games but thoe seems more effective).
    obviously im not the coach so dont know what im talking about – but if i was coach he would have been on the list last yr. sorry Mr AA
    dont get me wrong im not hating and would love for him to proove me wrong and even show the form when he led the line for a bit – but im still waiting, was waiting on sunday to then he hit the sude netting.

  367. Nice post yogi. The result Sunday was an aberration but the reason for the result lie squarely on the clubs shoulders. It was crystal clear that the players were in mental meltdown at the end of last season. Swift positive action in the summer was absolutely critical not only for the sake of the improving the quality and depth of the squad but most important for the mental health of the team. Instead look what has happened.


    I realize that your first instinct is to defend the club but trying to come up with a positive spin for what has happened this summer has gone past being believable. The statements that AW and Ivan made at the beginning of the summer raised the hopes of the players and the fans and then to back that up with the way we have done business this summer makes one wonder again “what in the world are they thinking”? How do think RVP felt starting a game at OT with the lineup we had on the pitch after hearing all summer how much money we have and how this summer would be different. His performance and body language said all that was needed. We started the summer with lots of money and there is no reason why we had to wait for the sale of cesc and Samir to get going. The bids we made for jag and Cahill had absolutely no chance of working and we just made ourselves look even more silly by making bids like that. The summer has been a total meltdown for our front office. Blame whomever you want but to deny that we have screwed up is unbelievable.

  368. @ Bill
    I don’t have time to go through your post point by point but I stand by what I said.

  369. Apparently Park and Mert are doing medicals today?

  370. @ firstlady

  371. 6 milllion for parker is a bargain we shouldnt miss

  372. 6 million for Parker wouldn’t be the worse deal, he brings a clear head to the table… that is not saying we should be after him just pointing out his strength!

  373. And please in all this drama let’s not forget about the fabulous Ladies – champions again and probably one of their sweetest victories.

  374. @geeGunner, I agree, Arshavin doesn’t have the work rate for the position he plays, and I think hard-running players on the wing will always be preferred to him

  375. Everyone talks about how great Parker would be. Yet no other club has taken a punt. Even Spurs, short as they are in the middle, seem to have pulled out of a deal.

  376. Rumours of an agreed fee for Cahill..?!

  377. AndyE, I wasn’t suggesting that Parker was great by any means I just think you know what you get from the guy with is a level headed experienced player in the middle of the park. I am shocked given the issues at Spurs that they have not made a move but then they have spent a lot of meny over the past 3 seasons and the question maybe one of cash? I seem to recall an article where Redknapp said something along the lines of them needing to sell before they can buy.

  378. Jonny where did you get that from?

  379. Darius – What was that about Cahill accepting £14M from Bolton?

  380. parker remind me a bit like joe cole.

    I think people remember his form from a few yrs back cause i have not seen anything in the last 2 yrs that suggest that he would not struggle in the champions lg ( like he does in the england shirt execpt when playing wales). yes he is a chest thumper but like i said before i would rather give frimpong and even coquelin the chance.

    he doesnt even bring that much experience to tell the truth – he was on bench at chelsea and managed to get relegated with west ham – a team who had better players than the teams that stayed up at their expense.

    who the hell voted him for the writers player of the yr last yr when clearly vidic single handedly kept man utd competitive when they had everyone out in defence.

    I dont want him – would rather nigel reo coker, palacios even bring back muamba cause thats the league that he is in.

  381. nothing like kicking a team when its down eh $amir!

    Makes Gallas seem like Mahtama Ghandi

  382. Darius, Cahill agreed terms, really? Source?

  383. Gee, I think you are being a little unfair. I believe Parker was one of 5 finalist for the PFA Player of the Year 2011… cannot be all bad. That said, neither he or Dann have secured EPL teams this year to date though I heard that QPR are now interested in Dann.

  384. Fair enough Miami, I just think he is overrated as a footballer, and that people overstate the impact that a non-playing player can actually have on a team.

    It’s the same with people who want to bring back Vieira or bring back Sol and instil “winning mentality”. The players can’t instil anything unless they are playing, and if Scott Parker is not technically capable of playing in the Arsenal midfield, how much of a leader will he really be?

  385. andy, stick a comma in between the words ‘terms’ and ‘with’ in Darius’ post.

  386. I shall pose a simple question which I want people to answer truthfully.
    Has Arsenal become deluded in his quest to prove all wrong.

  387. Players in so far santos definite improvement on the left can’t be that bad with 22 caps for brazil, metersacker 6’6 means we should never ever ever again concede from set pieces, Park from Monaco will bring the Korean work ethic the team needs, certainly will be a role model to Arshavin, wot we now need is a creative midfielder, if only we can get hazard (wishful thinking and a great surname- Mr Hazard) or Marvin Mavreaux (great name again but more wishful thinking) but most likely it will Journey man Ben (spits on the chav) Ayoun which for me is a no no, he has this ability to stick around like avram grant whose just a sticky piece of shit

  388. The Cahill to Arsenal thing is one of the rumour threads doing the rounds on Twitter, the holy grail and authority on player transfers.

    What’s really interesting and bemusing to observe is how the signings of Mertserker, Young and Santos are lifting the Arsenal blogosphere. If you didn’t know better, you’d actually think we were in melt down after the weekend.

  389. Confirmation on AFC website that we have signed Park


    GoonerAndy, I love your avatar, where’s it from?

    Rumours are going crazy today: I’ve heard we’ve come to an agreement for Cahill, Mertsacker having a medical, interesting times

  391. Just noticed Park will take up Edwardo’s olde number. Hope he makes us all proud.

  392. I second that, FG. Well done Arsenal ladies.first ever WSL champions. Excellent.

    Is Emma Byrne married does anyone know?

  393. Markus – Ah, yeah that read better.

    Really? That would be interesting. Mertesacker and Cahill?

  394. Darius:

    I don’t think there is any chance of Wenger not finishing his contract with us. In fact I bet he signs an extension. Sacking him would be unthinkable. That said, I would not feel sorry for the man. He has a huge wage package, he has total control of everything the club does, he controls how we train, which players we target, how much we pay players, who are hired as assistants, which players we bring in. Maybe most important he was granted unlimited patience from his “bosses” to try to complete his vision. Going to Madrid would have meant he probably would be forced to spend a lot more money whether even if against his wishes and he certainly would not have had the patience of the that he has here.

  395. i maybe a bit harsh but he is well over rated so maybe thats why im being harsh but even when the boy was playing for chelsea – i thought he was a squad decent player but in my eyes has not progressed at all since then – he may have even gone backwards cause he never seem to be as good as when he played for charlton.
    And song shone for charlton when he was there also.
    i think there better def mid in the prem to tell the truth all over the lg – i mean hate him as you will but barton (joey) is a much better player than parker

    i would have rather we signed him

  396. AndyE, I understand your point mate. Leadership is one of those intangible qualities we won’t all our lads on the field and yet in truth a leader is found in amount every 20 people or so the story goes. It is evident, at least to me that Arsenal do lack an on field leader, though I liked the way RvP has started. Arsenal have this frustrating habit of dropping their heads when things get tough, it is not an attractive quality. I wish I could sit here and type out the perfect answer for you but I cannot and I shall not persume to know what to tell the lads even were I given that opportunity. I have played in some teams where that same ugly quality has shown itself and all I can say is from my experience it is a lack of confidence that creates it. Arsenal were thread bare to start the game against Man United and it showed, as soon as the first goal went in we all knew we were in for a tough one though not as it happens the 7 goals that then followed.

    Anyway, my point is that experience and leadership help whether in a game or on the training pitch and with so many young players it is important to have those around them that can give them the further confidence they need to push on as professionals. Hate it though we may, Man United always seem to find a designed balance between youth and experience and I do think it shows at times.

  397. darius – where are you seeing this on twitter? I cant seem to find it (partly cos i am new to the whole twitterverse). I am laying here is agnoy with a back spasm – definitely know how Kos felt! so thought I might get to know Twitter

  398. Darius, It’s not hugely surprising. Signings make (many) people happy.

    Spanish club elections are run on this very principle.

  399. Miami Arsenal – as I said at 13.49, my friends at the beeb told me that Arsenal were still in for him. I was feeling deeply sceptical at the time.

    I’m trying to get hold of one of them now but, as present, I only have a source on Twitter who I don’t know and so I have no clue to it’s veracity.

    Nonetheless 2+2 sometimes equals 4 doesn’t it?

  400. Wenger said that there were 20 people working on getting players in. Do we think the 20 people were looking at only 4 players?

    What is all this crying about PL experience and all that?

  401. I am very very surprised at us signing even one centre back. Pleasantly so it must be said. I hope this means we don’t now go and sign another midfielder. M’Vila would be the icing on the cake!

    Another surprise is that Park Chu-Young is a six-footer…!

  402. Jimmyd – look for hash tags of Cahill and ArsenalFCFeed – It’s out of my timelein and the rumour mill is moving faster than you can refresh the screen.

  403. Yes Firstlady, I noticed that myself. Just tweeted old Limpar that we should call him Juju

  404. Ju brings one hell of a work rate, I hope he likes to attack the 6 yard box because I am tired of watching semi-decent crosses floating in for no one!

  405. Gadget – Just from the net mate. Got bored of my “doomer face”, people were getting the wrong impression of me 🙂

  406. Btw whilst we await news of transfers etc. This Bluebob, YW? Is he all blue or just part of him? If the latter which bit? Oh I know does he have a blue bob? Bit out there for a bloke if he has. The blue is ok, but a bob? Naaaah blokes don’t have bobs. I know, is he really rude? Does he swim in very cold water? Can’t get him out of my head.

  407. Gooner, for the less than tech savvy how do I change my avatar?

  408. Patience and trust has been important during this transfer window, although I still think the window should end earlier, as it obviously has an effect on players being linked and is not fair on those teams involved.

    Samir and the Man City mercinaries will not stick around once they have a big enough pot of money. Any who perform well will move onto to the two ugly clubs in Spain, or end up on the scrapheap, being replaced by the next big money mercinary.

    The Arsenal way is the only way for me, keep up the good work Arsene.

  409. Markus | August 30, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    6 foot for real? – thats a bonus i thought he was the customary 5 foot something we used to

  410. This friend of yours at the BBC, johnny? Credible? I mean he is not a CBeebies presenter or anything like that is he? He does have a sports connection?

  411. Frank you already have enough wives as it is(I stopped counting at no. 7 a couple of seasons ago) congratulations are in order to the ladies, atleast it is not all bleak in the arsenalverse.

  412. @ Darius… fun though isn’t it

  413. CHeers Darius,

    Not sure if I am reading it right but it appears 14 million agreed and medical tomorrow?

  414. He’s a bona-fide sports journalist!

    SSNews have just announced we have no further interest in Cahill!

  415. goonerandy, isn’t it a Queens of the Stone Age album cover?

    geeGunner, yep a bona-fide six foot tall asian.

  416. GA, I want that image on a t-shirt!

    Wrong impression? Worry not, we know where your heart lies even if I disagree with half of what you say! I think that half part may have been a joke about your fence sitting image – in fact you should go meta and post an image of a fence!

  417. Mattyboy

    I agree, closing the transfer window three weeks after the start of the season disrupts those players who are moving, especially as they are still available to be selected for their club whilst finalising negotiations. It also plays havoc with my fantasy league team selection as I then have to decide whether or not to waste early transfer allowances to swap in players who subsequently join the league – now do I put Mertesacker in as a CB or not

  418. frank i forgot to add 😀 😀

  419. Frank

    its Mr Blobby

  420. Sorry Jonny, just messing about

  421. Disinformation is the new information.

  422. Not sure how true this is but apparently we have had a massive bid for the Dortmund wizard goetze turned down! If we could goetze wot a coup that will be!

  423. Frank,

    Emma Byrne is indeed married to some footballer.

    the ladies won it when everyone said they wouldnt. nice to see them proving everyone wrong.

  424. Wavey – lol – no apology necessary! 😀

  425. Rune

    I saw the rumour on Goetze earlier this morning. If they have turned down a massive bid it doesn’t seem likely that we will get him, unfortunately.

  426. geeGunner,

    6’6! From head to toe. I can’t wait to see if he spins round faster than Samba, and how he adapts to the silly risky high line we play.

  427. Wavey – I agree and seeing as Arsene famously completes most of our business during the last few days I feel it would benefit us if the window closed earlier. Also there appears to be no good reason as to why the window is so long.

    I know I’m not supposed to, but I almost feel sorry for Sp*urs the way they have had to deal with the Modric rumours, although its interesting to observe those sorts of sagas happening at the smaller clubs, as well as ours 🙂

  428. Yes seven, firstlady. I never intended it to be that way. Looking back it is just one long sorry tale of divorce, poisoning, attempted murder, conspiracy to defraud, accidental death, prison. There is no figuring these things out is there? You think you know people.

  429. Markus – It is the logo used when promoting “Songs for the Deaf”.

    Gadget – Heh, maybe that is not a bad idea. Check out “low-hi mechandise” on line. You should be able to get something there. I have tons or their t-shirts, but have picked them up at gigs.

  430. She married a footballer? Phew, that was a lucky escape. Completely misread the signals there when I went to see the game.

  431. @Jimmyd – looks like you found the tweets about Cahill agreeing personal terms.

    But don’t take twitter seriously – everyone things they know what is happening – just like Sly sports news, and I wouldn’t trust them as far as I could spit the fuckers.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow night to see Jim White act like a maniac and jizz on the screen with transfer speculation deadline. He’s crazy you know – it’s worse than the energizer bunny getting shagged in the arse.

    To tell you the truth, he looks to me like the kind of guy you find behind the counter at a kebab shop in Greenlanes at 3 in the morning.

  432. Oh bugger is working in a kebab shop in Green Lanes in the middle of the night not considered to be cool then?

  433. Frank,

    my bad, she’s together with an ex footballer who is some manager of some small team.

    what signals are you talking about?

    she’s pretty hot. together with katie chapman. can’t believe chapman has got two kids.

  434. I can’t see the Cahill deal going through, I think the most likely scenario is Cahill if he doesn’t opt for another team may come in in Jan or possibly on a free next year, Squillaci is now carling cup material and Djourou is not doing enough to convince, he is more likely 4th choice now.

  435. Seen a couple of clips Andre.

    Looking ok from the vids I checked. He does like a shot on target from just in/outside the box though which may make him look out of place a bit but, hopefully this could spread throughout the team and they can do this more often instead of after being 3-0 down.

  436. Thanks DS

    I agree re: JIm White He may well shoot the biggest of loads tomorrow – not going to be a pretty sight!

  437. You know – thinking about it, there might be some method to this Cahill Bolton madness.

    Has anyone here thought of the fact that the low bid for Cahill, the dilly dallying around and the apparent dismissal of the Cahill interest just after Mertesacker has signed was purely an exercise in misdirection. Classic smoke and mirrors if you will, so that Arsenal could focus on Per Mertesacker’s signing without anyone knowing we were flying in under the radar.

    This could really be genius you know.

  438. Darius, yes. See my post at 1:23.

    Same reason we have to leave it late in the window to sign, when the dust has settled. Other teams will hijack our bids.

  439. Its a weird one because he was also in his final year at Bremen. At least Bremen seem to be realistic about transfer prices

  440. he shoots ,
    he scores,
    he eat your labrador,
    great chant from the away boys if a little un pc

  441. Mattttt.

    Cesc’s statistics alone showed that he is irreplaceable, in Europe he runs the furthest, most assists etc etc. He will probably go to Barca and replace God (Xavi), in Barca and the Spanish team and good luck to him for trying. Nasri can go fuck himself and his Shi’ey fans, he has already been replaced by Gervinho who will probably do better for Arsenal.

    The point I make is that with Cesc gone we need now, more than ever, to address the fact that our central defense has not been up to the task, they had it easy when Cesc played now we must adapt the team to this reality, or suffer defeats like this.

    At this point I would jump for joy if AW bought 3 top class central defenders and no midfield players. It is only because Scezny has stepped up that I have dropped the requirement for a keeper, but he is too young to be protected by juvenile loafers.

  442. “Has anyone here thought of the fact that the low bid for Cahill, the dilly dallying around and the apparent dismissal of the Cahill interest just after Mertesacker has signed was purely an exercise in misdirection. Classic smoke and mirrors if you will, so that Arsenal could focus on Per Mertesacker’s signing without anyone knowing we were flying in under the radar.

    This could really be genius you know.”

    Darius i like this better than people thinking he wasnt good enough(as our earlier targets) that is why we didnt go for him first.

  443. Darius I just don’t get that. Mertesacker has been available for the last month and at about the price we are paying now – its hardly under the radar! We just dicked about before making a bid – this was my point earlier – namely we could have had bid for and got the player over a month ago.

    Maybe there are reasons why we didn’t but they are certainly not obvious to anyone.

    Regardless, using the word ‘genius’ is a massive award to give someone for finally bidding for a player who was has been making eyes in our direction for the last 5 weeks.

  444. Darius, to continue on misdirection:

    I wouldn’t be surprised of a double smoke and mirrors. Now Bolton know that we’re not desperate, and everyone knows they have to cash in now or never. I’ll bid a little less than 6 m.

  445. Bolton r blowing hot air and they will come a cropper if Cahill doesn’t go during this window they will be lucky to get more than five mil in Jan and zero in the summer, let’s see how clever how gartside looks

  446. @ Darius | August 30, 2011 at 3:43 pm

    funny you should say that;

  447. No one is irreplaceable.

    As I said – cesc is a very, very good player, and clearly most team’s would be better of with him in the side.

    However, we had a team built around him for 6 seasons, that was not good enough to win a trophy.

    So maybe it is time to take a different approach, which it seem’s AW is doing by bringing in some more direct, pacier players like Gervinho.

    Mertesacker may be a touch slow, but would he really get 75 games for Germany at the age of 26 if he wasn’t any good? Germany are typically very good defensively.

    M’Vila is the one I really want, I may just have to have a little lay down if that one comes off.

  448. I think it’s safe to say that Phil gartside is not a genius.

  449. Park has only 2 years left until he must come back to Korea to do his military duty.
    It’s around 20 month long. It is compulsory in my country. As a South Korea male, I did my duty 11 years ago.

    But athletics can have two ways to avoid his duty. Winning a gold medal in Asian games or winning any medal in the Olympics. He had a chance last year in Asian game, but won a bronze medal only. The only way left is winning a medal in London Olympics, and that is highly unlikely.

    So we have to let him go free in 2 years time. 6m pounds doesn’t sound cheap, does it?
    Military duty is the biggest obstacle for Korean footballers. He should have done it as early as possible.

  450. And to all our Muslim brothers/sister on ACLF. Eid mubarak.

  451. So we continue to shop in the bargin basement, this is where you have to look at Wenger and wonder why he can’t see the transfer market has changed.

    Arsenal first bid for jagielka (price was to high), then Cahill (price was too high) and now Mertesacker. If you consider the order of bids, then you can reasonably say that Mertesacker is our third choice.

    Don’t get me wrong, i’ve seen mertesacker play for the german side on a few occasions and he’s looked mustard. But it’s sometimes difficult to gauage the quality of international games.

    My issue is, why do we always compromise on our targets for sake of money? We’ve got loads of money at the moment, let’s do what the biggest clubs do and just spend what is required to get the best players!!!

  452. Jonny,

    Obvious possibility is that we were waiting to qualify for Champs League. That was Wednesday, and with the game on the weekend most of the activity was always going to happen this week.

  453. So, Arsenal have finally signed the Defence Pole* eh?
    He’s been wanting to come for years, not weeks!
    70 odd caps more then Cahill, a lifetimes more experience, and seven odd million squid less.
    Oh me lawd, spend somebodies monies. Please.

    *tm PZ. Dammit, where is Polizano?

  454. @ Jonny
    The reason for not going for Mertersacker before could well have been that he has no PL experience. Both IG and AW were clear that that was a priority. AW must have given up trying to get value in the PL. I think there was an order of preference (AW has said they have a 1-10 list for each position) but the PL experience might have bumped Cahill and Jagielka above him. Anyway, we will who we end up with but it seems certain it will be one of those two. Is your personal preference for Cahill? Is that why you are bit narked about the PM story?

  455. @Firstlady – Mertesacker is a year older, and has 72 more caps than Cahill. There’s little argument that he is more experienced than Cahill.

    It could even serve our purpose if Bolton realised their bluff was called and choose to cash in at a lower price. We might as well snap him up too for good measure.

    Santos has apparently been issued a work permit at a regulation hearing – clearly playing for Brazil with 22 caps gives you a straight pass.

    If Wenger can come away from france with M’vila and Martin – I’ll make sure Jim White’s orgasm on Sly Sports news on tomorrow’s deadline is caught in technicolor.

  456. Zim Paul,

    Yes Djourou was playing, giving away free kicks that lead to a goal, letting in goals through his legs, missing clearance headers that either go directly in or get stuck in, not marking his man, clearing balls into the path of oncoming in form strikers who promptly score. The usual stuff for him. I know it was a shocker to watch, but not noticing that our central defense headed by Djourou were a disaster, is letting him off a bit lightly.

  457. Russ, you are wrong.

  458. Agreed it’s possible AndyE – the question is should that be the case? We were told new signings did not depend on CL qual and additionally that was after the sale of Fab.

  459. Yeah Russ,

    It’s pretty hard to judge the quality of the two freaking World Cups and one Euro Cup that Mertesacker was first choice for. Apparently the German team is pretty poor as well. Flat-track bullies who thrash lesser teams.

  460. Markus, care to provide any remotely constructive reason as to why?

  461. Russ, no. Bye all.

  462. The fact we went for Jags and Cahill first may also have to do with those two being homegrown. Per is not. Both Jags and Cahill would probably also sell more shirts. But non of them are guaranteed a starting place in the England team. and with the emergence of Jones and Cahill as the nations new favourits, there seem to be even slimmer chances for jags and Cahill.

    Whatever you say, Per has a good pedigree and is a regular at a very very good German national team. He may well win the EC again this next summer.
    Hope he will turn out good with us 🙂

  463. Give it a rest Russ, your giving me a bad name.

  464. Would love the Ox getting more chances he briefly showed wot good skills he had, team for Swansea, chesney,sagna,Per,Vermalen,Santos,Ramsey,Frimpong,rosicky,Park(arshavin), rvp, Theo,

    With song,wilshire,diabby ,gervinho to come back, koscielny,djorou,The Ox, Afobe, plus the other youngsters we don’t look to bad now,

    Certainly a first 11 of chesney, sagna,per,vermalen,santos
    Ramsey Song, Diabby
    Theo, RVP, Park(Arshavin)

    Looks pretty decent.

  465. Darius,

    If AW comes back from France with both M’Vila and Martin he might not be the only one having an Orgasm.

  466. Marvin Martin would make me very happy. He’s like a French slightly more experienced Jack Wilshere. Little bulldog of a player with killer skills and a good engine.

  467. Jonny, one thing I can believe is that you can never believe what is said about transfers.

    This has been the case for years. 3 years ago various board members would come out with different numbers relating to our “transfer budget”. Then we were told it is actually transfers and wages combined. This year we were told we won’t sell our best players. Then we were told we will only sell if we get the price we want. When it comes to making statements about transfers, nothing this club says can be taken at face value.

    The other aspect is that some players might have waited until we qualified before expressing interest.

  468. well bobby in 33 hours time you will know 🙂

  469. @ Jonny
    Also, AndyE makes the point about PJ and GC being homegrown. All in all, there are quite a few good reasons why we waited till now.

    @ Russ
    It’s not about the price, it’s about value – different concept. Jones at £16 million, good value. Cahill at £17 million, not good value. Doesn’t matter how cheap they are if they aren’t good enough. We get the good players as cheaply as we can, but they have to be good for us to be interested in the first place. We made a loss on the footballing side last year, I believe. Only some one-off property income put our accounts into the black overall. The money is being spent. Don’t forget the impact of wages as well.

  470. I find people’s “informed opinions” of players and transfers very funny sometimes. The funniest is to hear people talking with greatest authority about buying this or that player, right to the prices offered or negotiated, and even the terms, as if they just did the same last week themselves, and actually bought a 5-10-15-20m player, and who really have no clue, none, zero, zilch, minus.

    The other funny thing is hearing people talk of players as if they coached them last season, and the one before. Mertsakker, 26, however it is spelt, and if the medical is true, has 75 national caps for a team that quite possibly has the second best defensive record of any European, or perhaps world side. Oooh aaah, but he’s slow you see.

    A certain Brazilian LB has 22 caps (what’s that, 2 … 3 years at national level) for the top 1,2,3 side in world football, and he’s “an unknown”. But OMG, Cahill, or worse Parker, these are gods, heroes, wondrous players. You have got to admit, you are a funny lot.

    On the bigger landscape, the way I see things, from … um facts, is that we have started the season in pretty poor shape, and a variety of factors behind which have all been unpacked, 5 competitive matches, won 2 (home and away), drew 1 (away) lost 2 (home and away), including the 4th placed Italian team (somewhat weakened) and the EPL champs on a roll, and Pool, on their own roll. No, not good enough, even with 8 players out. I mean that. But please try for some, the tiniest bit of perspective. The best way to describe Arsenal is “not up to speed”, which is literally true, with 6 players out, and 5 in (so far, looks like 8), as well as about 3 making their way into the first team from reserves. Wow, that’s a whole new team almost. Having said that I agree with someone (MikeSA?), who pointed out that the loss of Cesc has had a bigger impact on Wenger than might be thought. For my part, and since people did raise this very issue, yes, sacrilege, I did think Cesc was a little slow in his role/position in Arsenal, and shall we say “out of sorts”.

  471. @ Matt | August 30, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    “If AW comes back from France with both M’Vila and Martin he might not be the only one having an Orgasm.”

    ha ha ha!

  472. Russ, why should anyone have to explain about the concept of having multiple transfer targets. If one doesn’t work out, you move to the next one. That is patently obvious. There isn’t necessarily a first or second or third choice, there are just multiple possibilities and you go for the deal that works out best.

  473. AndyE, and yet he is 26 year old and plays for Werder Bremen. I would imagine the World’s top coaches watch the World Cup/Euros…seems a bit strange then (if they were convinced of his top class quality on the back for those performances) that a Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd, Arsenal hasn’t come calling for him some time ago.

  474. Whats gonna happen to everybodys darling scotty parker if Spurs decides to sign hargeraves instead?
    Scotty was suppose to be the one everyone fought over this summer. the pundits ssaid!

  475. I would be amazed if we signed Mertesacker and Cahill, that would make Kos 4th choice, unless the plan is to play TV5 at Left Back, but then why sign Santos as well?

    No, I think it will surely only be 1 CH and it looks like Mertesacker is the man.

    We need reinforcements in Midfield, so I pray AW is in France for that reason.

  476. Mertesacker 75 Germany caps £8M, Santos 22 Brazil caps £6M, Park 53 SKorea caps £3M Total £17M. Cahill 3 England caps £17M. You do the math! (courtersy of Duffy)

  477. AndyE, because it just makes sense that you have an order or preference. Therefore the it would makes sense that the first bid represents the priority target. It generally doesn’t work out for us because Arsenal/AW won’t spend the extra money…then we end up with players like Squillaci and Koscielny.

  478. Here’s an ugly thought:

    Now that we are signing Mertesacker and clearing the stage, Spurs may be able to nick in and grab Cahill for the bargain price that Arsenal always wanted.

  479. So let’s get him as well then HKM! 😉

  480. Erm, SA Gooner, my reference to not knowing whether Djourou played was a joke, a jibe, a double meaning.

  481. Excellent point Russ. There have never been good players available that haven’t been wanted by Barcelona, Man Utd, Madrid, and other big clubs. The ONLY good players are those wanted by big, high-profile clubs.

    In fact, instead of scouting our own players, we should just ask other clubs which players they think are good, and then bid on those guys.

  482. if cahill is a smart boy he stays out his contract and goes to a big club next year with a hefty salary instead of going to Tottenham this year.


    Welcome Ju!
    Look forward to you scoring lots of goals and selling lots of shirts for The Arsenal.

  484. Well nobody really thoght about Santos as a target so maybe our midfielder will be something similar? or maybe AW is in paris to met Lucho Gonzales? or Valbuena or someoen that has not been mentioned as frequently as Martin and mvilla.

  485. No Russ, often there is no priority, there are is a number of options that each meet certain criteria. Not every option will match up exactly, so you choose which one fits best.

    And one element of that is price. We are not a club with unlimited funds that generates a huge amount of money annually. Most of our transfer funds come from player sales. If we don’t consider price, then we won’t be able to buy any of the other players that we inevitably need.

    If we paid 17mill for Cahill, that’s about 7 million we would have wasted that could be put to wages or to another transfer. And he’s not a “super quality” player that warrants spending over the odds for.

  486. To be clear FG – I have no problem with the club signing Mertesacker. At all.

    I’d have preferred Cahill and I would bow to Wenger’s judgement on this, but it presently appears that Jags/Cahill were preferred targets too.

    One does not come away from this thinking we identified our prime target and we were prepared to pay to get him. I don’t think Jags is worth £20M but if we really wanted him we could have bid £16M to see if they would bite. It’s still a bit overpriced but so what? That is the domestic market – overpriced. Sometimes I pay more for things than I should but I accept that because I can afford the cost. This is where the club is now (ironically this is largely thanks to Wenger’s vision and frugality).

    But this summer we needed to think who is best for the team and then do what it takes to get it done. But we didn’t.

    This obsession with ‘value’ is misleading and though some clubs consistently overpay I feel we have gone too far the other way.

    I’d just like to think Wenger wasn’t compromising on his targets just for the sake of £5M – no other big club does this. Wenger is to be applauded for identifying talent and getting deals done on the cheap but it’s weird that it was obvious we could have had Mertesacker ages ago and have ended up doing a last minute deal seemingly because we were obsessed with not paying the extra for Jags/Cahill.

    Maybe he’ll sign Cahill as well, maybe Mertesacker will prove to be brilliant but other clubs identify a target and pay slightly over the odds. We identify our targets make late lowball bids for them and only then buy a player who was available over a month earlier because he is the cheapest option.

    It’s a strange way of going about it that’s fer sure.

  487. AndyE, people always seem to take what you say and generalise it. I didn’t say it never happens, but GENERALLY by the time you are 26 a big club would have signed you if you were that good…and especially if you have performed on the international stage.

    Ronaldo, Messi, RVP, Rooney, Henry…just a few names that popped into my head, all signed before thy were 26.

    It’s NOT the rule, but tend to be the case.

  488. Well, after the storm comes the calm. Wenger has been active over the last couple of days and the team is now shaping up nicely. I can see a fully fit squad being something like this:

    ————————– Chez
    —–Sagna——-Merter—–Verm———— Santos

    ————————-Song or Frimp

    ——Walcott or JY Park—————->
    <——————————— Gerv or Ox
    Bench: Fab, Jenks, Gibbs, Kos, Song/Frimp, Walcott/JYP, Gerv/Ox/Myaichi

    Having just looked at that, we are still looking a bit light on the back four, but the forwards selection is looking
    Arshavin, Rosicky, Chamakh, will have to fight for their places. The future is looking bright

    Walcott—————————————- Ox/Gerv or Ju

  489. goonerton | August 30, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    “how he adapts to the silly risky high line we play.”

    come on now, that high line was the making of our legendry back four.

    sometimes it seemed like tony and the linesman were working in synchronisation

  490. Poodle – both Martin and M’vila are together at the French national team training camp. It’s the kill all birds with one stone sort of thing…

  491. wooh newboy park is our new no9. thats a dangerous number to wear. Though those that wear it always do well 🙂

  492. firstlady | August 30, 2011 at 4:17 pm


    Eid Mubarak!

  493. WOW – Mertesacker is 6ft 6 inches tall. Does that mean he just stands next to Crouch and doesn’t even jump? Or maybe we score more goals at corners and freekicks where our central defenders go forward? And he can actually – you know, defend!

  494. AndyE, you mean a bit like £7m we wasted on Squillaci? I don’t believe there isn’t an order of preference and I think you are being a bit naive.

  495. You make I larf, ZimPaul

  496. …and thats a fact it is

  497. Darius,

    Let’s hope that AW and IG just pulled up in a transit van at the French Training camp and bundled M’Vila and Martin in the back.

  498. The new players (in the first team) I am most excited about, thrilled actually, are in this order: Ox, 3Gs, Frimpong, Park, Gibbs, Ryo, Jenks, Coquelin, Cambell (if he gets a work permit). Hypothetically, if anyone had whispered to me Wenger was already working on that particular list, never mind the next 2 or so, I would have said the man is a genius, no kidding, a flipping genius. He has just bought Arsenal or developed from the kids another supremely talented crop. He said as much. Let those with ears to hear … etc. Scott Parker! Heaven help us. A spirited player, no doubt, skilled and fit, a great player to bring on, maybe, but if that is the level fans aim at they’re aiming for mid-table mediocrity. The thing is, Wenger is not.

  499. arse or brain | August 30, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    “he shoots ,
    he scores,
    he eat your labrador,
    great chant from the away boys if a little un pc”

    our korean brethren may take issue how about
    “he shoots ,
    he scores,
    he’s not from singapore

    “he shoots ,
    he scores,
    like to eat fish raw

    “he shoots ,
    he scores,
    drove betndner out the door

    and the obious one

    “he shoots ,
    he scores,
    much better than adebayor

  500. Russ,

    If he was crap, he wouldn’t be playing for Germany. There can be all sorts of reasons why he might not be signed up to a bigger, not related to his quality at all. Maybe he has the wrong “profile” for certain clubs, maybe something to do with agent politics, who knows. Often it’s a question of timing and resources. If he was in demand a few years ago and his club didn’t want to sell him,

    It’s not like Bremen are a small club in a backwater league. The Bundesliga is a good league with great atmosphere and good wages. And Bremen have been playing in Europe consistently. He had no huge reason to move and the club had no need to sell.

    By your own logic, we shouldn’t have gone for Ashley Young, because he was 26 this year, and no one had picked him up yet, and he was relatively cheap.

  501. But Werder Bremen IS a big club. they won the bundeslinga and have been top 4 for many years down there.
    They had and Ozil and Per and alot of other stars. They also have big talents like Kroos, they got Frings. they are not a shit team like Tottenham, they are more like a top 6 team in Bundesliga. Or have been more or less since the early 2000s.
    Just because you are an ignorant brit that does not pay attention to other leagues does not mean other leagues do not have big teams.
    Werder Bremen is a solid club.

  502. ZP, wouldnt it be better we celebrate the players we have coming in than bemoan and speculate as fact the players we dont have coming in?

    Seriously we signed a quality player like Gervihno and its as if we didnt even sign the guy.

  503. LOL Matt – that would be kidnapping across State borders, no? With a South African and French national jailed for trafficking following a lengthy court case.

    Well, at least they’ve got enough doctors and facilities at the training camp to carry out medicals if the transit van plot doesn’t work….

  504. you guys think anyone will actually come in for Parker this summe?

  505. Rune breaker | August 30, 2011 at 4:30 pm

    OX looks exciting for real – he is only young but what a prospect. He can similarly breeze past player as he did on one occasion @ OT but can also play in the middle – looks very very promising.

    Still want a creative Mid to come in but i feel this boy is gonna go far – technically very good too.

  506. will be very happy if we really get Santos and Mertsacker. If we actually get Mvilla and another top midfiielder I will be even happier.

    I hope the whole idea that we were using Cahill as a bait and switch ploy to get Mertsacker was said with a tongue firmly planted in cheek. Is it really a bad thing to just admit we made some mistakes and we are now running around do the best we can to pick up the pieces. If these rumored transfers really happen I will be absolutely delighted. Late is certainly better then never. Santos, Mertasacker, MVilla and Martin along with Gervinho, Park, OX, Jenks would not be a bad summer. No matter how this all plays out we are probably still going to make a huge transfer profit again this summer so at least we can still claim the moral high ground.

  507. Zim Paul

    Thank @$#k for that. Just sick of people saying how great he is and not smelling the bacon.

    Sorry, will try to concentrate on the humorous! Will be easier to find humor if we sign ‘the slow one’ and an expensive overrated English back for that matter. I have come to dread Djourous name on the bench, let alone the starting line up.

  508. anyone know what they actually do at medicals? do the players have to run a certain amount of length at a certain amount of pace for example, to prove tehy are in shape?

  509. Russ,

    Squillaci was not 7 million. Don’t know where you are pulling that from.

    There is an order of preference, but YOU are naieve if price isn’t a factor also governing that order. Unless the player is exceptional, there is little value in paying over the odds. Paying 20million for Jagielka is pretty stupid, especially since most Everton fans think Distin and Heitinga are their best defenders. He’s worthwhile at the right price.

    And anyway, getting your “first choice” doesn’t preclude failure anyway. Veron was Fergie’s first choice to dominated European midfields, and he turned out to be rubbish.

  510. Good point Darius, maybe not then….

    I am still dreaming about seeing ‘Arsenal agree to sign Yann M’Vila’ on the website before tomorrow night!

    I can’t remember the last time I wanted a rumoured signing to happen as much, I think it was Overmars.

  511. Ultimately I think its very unlikely that we can maintain our status as a big club with our self sustaining ownership model. If we can’t pay wages that are close to market rate for the big clubs then we will not be able to hold on to our top players. I guess it depends on your priorities. If self sustaining is really important, then more power to you as a fan. Wenger has done an absolutely amazing job of keeping us where we are on the budget that he is using but we certainly seem to be at a plateau. Either we get some significant financial input from our ownership above our revenue generated or I suspect we will slowly fall out of the top level of European football. Hope I am wrong but I think the writing is on the wall.

  512. you know no new signings will help if Tottenham gets Cahill on the cheap. People will be so pissed off, as the general arsenal fan adores cahill. To them Cahill is what would make this season really..

  513. Bill,

    Or we get to a point where the stadium is pretty much paid off, and we can compete on wages…..

  514. @ FunGunner
    I realise it’s value, but I think we worry too much about resale value. Cahill won’t go for £17m, he’s in the last year of his contract. Likely max £15m. If we rate him, then just pay £15m.

    At the start of the window IG said we had “substantial” funds available, since then we’ve sold Clichy £9m, Nasri £24m and Cesc £34m…that’s £67m. Add to that the “substantial” transfer funds already available (let’s say a conservative £20m) and you’ve £87m! With that in mind, is anyone really trying say we can’t afford a £15m player?

  515. poodle | August 30, 2011 at 5:11 pm

    Parker is a prem player and should find a team, just not any team challenging for league or in the champions league.

    The fact that stoke wou;d rather palacios (who i like but used to get shown up regularly by our lot) says a lot

    i would have thought bolton, wigan, west brom, even newcastle would have snapped him up by now. sheeeeeeeeet even QPR went for Barton instead.

  516. @bill that is true.. but that is the model Arsenal has chosen and i dont see them go away from that.
    So either one has to accept one is supporting a team that cannot sign 200k a week players or one has to change team.

  517. AndyE you are wsting your time, hes only winding you up…

  518. poodle | August 30, 2011 at 5:12 pm

    The killer Bleep test!!!

  519. Poodle

    if Spurs do get Cahill on the cheap it will just add fuel to the arguement that the handling of our transfer discussions has been poor. I like the idea of bringing in Mertesacker as he has pedigree, but its just annoying that we seem to do all the hard work on a good player and let the Spuds get him. Didn’t something similar happen with Carrick?

  520. Thankfully I don’t support Arsenal because we are ‘big’ club, Bill, you miserable fucker.

  521. AndyE, again, you’re not listening to what I said. It’s not my logic, I said that TENDS to be rule with most of the Big clubs…so citing Ashley young makes no real difference to my point.

    So you’ve changed your mind and you agree that there is an order of preference. Good, because that is all I was trying to point out.

    Of course money comes into it, but my point is if we have a preference and we have the money (which we do), then pay the extra money for the player that you want. It’s not like we’re even talking an extra £10m, more likely £5-7m more.

  522. @ Jonny
    The prime target at CB was Jones, and we did not compromise. Our bid was exactly the same as ManU’s, it was accepted by the club and the player was given the choice.

    My understanding is that there is an amount of money available which covers transfers and wages in a fluid way. This amount is finite. There is also a list of players, also fluid, depending on their circumstances, but all deemed to be good enough for us. If we are dealing with a special talent, we are happy to bid high. For example we bid an obscene amount for Reina 18 months ago (according to Bob Wilson) but Liverpool would not sell for any money, we have just bid a large amount for Goetze apparently, but the player himself thinks his development is better served by staying put for now. Those are special cases.

    Most of the players we are after, who are not special talents, are seen as more or less interchangeable so we are losing nothing by going for the cheapest of those, and we are losing something if we pay for them as if they are special talents. Every million unnecessarily spent on a transfer fee is a million lost from the pot to buy a special talent or increase the wages of a star performer (or bear the loss of a transfer fee by keeping a player to the end of his contract). And since we are not talking about a special talent, it is not the end of the world if we don’t get any of our targets – we can find another solution. If we are desperate for numbers we buy, as we are doing now.
    And each year the team gets more expensive, even without additions, because wages always go up, not down. So the pre-committed amount goes up each year as well which has an impact on the total available.

    And quite frankly I suspect these stories about missing out on X because AW wouldn’t pay a bit extra are just made up because people know it will wind up some Arsenal fans. If people want to deal, deals don’t fall apart over relatively small amounts like £200,000 (or whatever it was supposed to be in that Xabi Alonso story).

  523. @Bill.

    We will be able to compete once we’ve paid for our stadium. Sorry you have to wait a while longer while we languish by making a choice to pay the bills. Unfortunately, getting a sugar daddy isn’t the answer – or even going into obscene debt like the Manure.

  524. Germany was the best team at the World Cup for my money. They did seem to be intimidated by spain, but overall a brilliant side.

    I dont know but I believe that Mertesacker is top quality. He was very good at the world cup and just the kind of experienced player we need.

  525. WARNING For the Swansea game we still have, Gervinho, Frimpong
    Jenkinson, Song suspended.JW has a serious achilles tendon injury
    but as usual no information from AFC is forthcoming as to whether he will
    need an operation as in the case of TV.

    So we have still got no midfield except Ramsay and some of the dross
    that played Sunday. We need strengthening in midfield area and I will
    be choked if Spers get Parker and Cahill to add insult to injury.

    We still have most of the players on international duty and normally that
    means m ore injuries so keep your fingers crossed.

  526. @ Paul_N
    Good point about Gervinho – great player and has hit the ground running.

  527. Wavey, dont let that bother you. The whole signing of players is hard work, some things work out and some dont.

    Out of all of the defenders we have been linked with, I believe we have gotten the cream of that crop. The only thing that may have swayed us to look at some players was PL experience not becuase they were so much better.

  528. The fact that people are downplaying the Mertesacker signing is a little strange to me. This guy has played at the highest level on the biggest stages and somehow he is not as good as Cahill. Give me a break. He is first choice for the German national squad that far and away superior to England’s national team. The same England national team that this Cahill fella has barely played for.

    I think it is a great signing and I prefer Per to Cahill any day of the week.

  529. That would be the same Jones who we weren’t prepared to pay more than £8M for 6months earlier?

    Given that we, according to what you have outlined, think that none of these CB’s are a special talent and are interchangeable why did we not just buy Mertesacker before the season kicked off?

    The way we have gone about this looks amateurish and led materially to the drubbing we suffered on the weekend. It might also have cost us our place in CL.

  530. Coquelin looked good on Sunday.

  531. Sagna—-Per—-Verm—-Santos

    I would say that looks like a very solid back four. Defensive issues addressed…time to help that midfield out Arsene…

  532. FunGunner, our sqaud is quite strong as is. The United game has blurred our vision but I would give them all of their players an we have all of our current players fit and ready and quite like our odds. Sure we are a bit light in some areas but United are never 6 goals better than Arsenal under normal circumstances.

  533. ZimPaul | August 30, 2011 at 4:35 pm

    well put….

  534. Darius so what is your solution?

  535. Solg

    Prepare to be choked then man as Parker is almost a spud

  536. arse or brain | August 30, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    Now come and clean up my spat out lunch off the computer keyboard.

  537. Darius | August 30, 2011 at 4:39 pm (duffy)

    Exactly why our manager is brilliant.

  538. It could be worse, imagine Ken Bates as Club Chairman…

  539. I agree with Vice! If true, we have signed a class player, better than Cahill.

    Do we really think Kos will be benched so easy though? He hasnt put a foot wrong and no team has scored against us when both he and TV play.

  540. @ Jonny
    Are you sure you’re not getting the bid mixed up with Smalling – that was £8m. But does it matter? We offered the right money in the end and the player chose another club.

    And like I said, both AW and IG prioritised PL experience. PJ and GC have it, so we tried them first. But if their clubs want silly money, or are acting totally unprofessionally or simply will not sell, then why not go for PM. We haven’t just been sitting around all summer, it’s just that the transfer deadline concentrates the selling clubs’ minds as well.

  541. The signings come marching in…..

  542. Solg

    Coquelin is a top prosepct man, he doesnt deserve to be called dross mate.

    Ramsey has played poorly all season and no wonder given the burden of responsibility on his young shoulders thanks to out sell first policy.

  543. @ Paul-N | August 30, 2011 at 5:52 pm
    I agree – although there is no doubt we are short of numbers, that match gives a warped view because we were freakishly depleted. Our losses were more significant than theirs. With the three suspended players, we could at least have fielded a strong midfield.

  544. @ Dexter
    Agree. I’ve liked Coquelin since he came in as a 17-year-old. He’s held down a starting place in a good Ligue 1 side. That is at least decent.

    You’ll notice I haven’t been to keep away from the blogs, ha ha.

    Anyway, cheer up! 🙂

  545. SSS reporting interest from us in Vargas of Fiorentina!

  546. FG

    Allegedly we bid £8m for Jones back in January, Blackburn would have accepted £10m but we never came back, again allegedly we assumed Blackburn would bite our hands off. Then United came in with the £16m bid in June, which we matched.

  547. FunGunner

    Ha! Sorry, but I am still in a bad mood. Sunday has only excacerbated it.

  548. Latest is that we are enquiring about Fiorentina’s Vargas.

  549. Even given our lack of numbers Sunday; again completely self inflicted, apart from Wilshere’s injury. The manner of that defeat was pathetic, amateurish and the kind of perfomance that people get sacked over.

    We didnt have the wherewithall to try and shut up shop and played like a bunch of kids in the local park.

    Embarrassing beyond words.

  550. Sorry Deise, I’m repeating you.

  551. You are getting very boring, Dexter

  552. Wavey I think that’s sky telling porkies the story is ver vague..

  553. What happened on Sunday Dex? I cant seem to recall….

  554. I just ‘met’ Chu Young Park on Arsenal player. Main points for anyone interested.

    – He says it feels like a big step up but he will work hard to do well.
    – There are lots of AFC fans in Korea and he feels a responsibility to do well.
    – He didn’t have a full pre season.
    – He has 2.5 years before he has to return to Korea to do National service (he gave the impression that he won’t be coming back)!
    – He hopes Mr. Wenger will be nice to him!

    I get the feeling he will be used mainly as an impact substitute. His commercial value in Korea will pay back a lot of his fee, so its not much of a financial gamble even though he does have to return to Korea.

  555. Fun – yes, I’m as positive as one can be what with the media and all.

    Surely it does matter? If we had been prepared then to bid closer to what Blackburn wanted we would have secured our target ahead of Man Utd.

    Clearly once Man Utd were interested we had little hope but again our obsession with getting a bargain meant we missed out.

    It’s a real pity as he looks a helluva player – a ‘special talent’ if you will.

  556. why would we bid for Vargas if we already got Santos?

  557. Frank

    Then we are more alike than I thought!

    I dont really give a fuck what you think Frank. Your pious inane ramblings bored me months ago.

  558. @jonny Jones was out with a horrid injury last winter though was he not. I thought that was why we never tabled a proper bid for him.

  559. Sunday was my first opportunity to see Coquelin play.
    I saw his play as one of the few bright spots of the match. Composed and assured in his tackling and passing – definitely not overwhelmed by the opponent or venue.

    I was wondering about his foot speed. Does anyone know if he can adjust at another position?

  560. SSN say Parker has handed in a transfer request.

  561. Deise

    Ah, you are obviously lucky enough to have had a mind wipe man!

  562. Arsession

    I’ve followed Coquelin since he signed for us. He is pretty quick and can play right back too. Like him a,lot. He could become a top player for us. He could get another start vs Swansea.

  563. poodle, isnt Vargas a winger? started at left back but used as winger to great effect these last few seasons at Fiorentina…

  564. @desi ah ok, i thought he was a LB.. shows what i know 🙂

  565. yes Dex, its called Cider, buckets of the stuff, im still sick over the amount drank!!

  566. Poodle – if you are prepared to go to 8M for such a young player then you ought to be able to go a little further.

    Jones wasn’t injured when we made the bid – even then Man Utd were prepared to sign van Nistelooy whilst he was injured.

    I still think this was most likely down to us quibbling over a few million.

  567. With Arsenal unsuccessful at maintaining form through spring, lack of depth in our roster, are we seeing a new team model being constructed?

  568. I hope Park hits the ground running but Chamakh really needs to start scoring to ease the burden on RVP, hopefully Theo can move to play upfront, I wouldn’t mind Ramsey starting on the right with Gervinho on the left and Song/Wilshire in the middle.

  569. Deise

    Yeah, I thought Vargas was a midfielder too.

    Oh the cider mind wipe was it then? Good for you. I drank myself silly, and got a hangover from hell to go with my conversion to the dark side! 😀

  570. We still need a central midfielder though especially not knowing how bad Wilshire’s injury is

  571. Dex…..
    thanks…..I really was impressed. So calm in his play and strong on the ball!

    Hoping that he’ll get more playing time, and not just with Swansea.

  572. So what is the correct spelling?? Park Chu-young says the Guardian. Is Park the Korean equivalent of Brown or Smith?

  573. Jonny

    Quibbling and dithering are what we do best man! 😀

  574. @ Dexter | August 30, 2011 at 6:05 pm and Jonny | August 30, 2011 at 6:14 pm

    OK, maybe that particular bid was misjudged. Maybe his injury influenced our bid, not unreasonably? And who knows, perhaps he would never have wanted to join us anyway. But the general point still stands, and coming back and doubling our bid showed we had learned. Also Miquel and Bartley could have been in the back of AW’s mind. We signed AOC despite interest from Manure, so that was one that did work for us.

    I suppose what I essentially reject is the assumption that if we don’t get a transfer done, it must be our (or indeed anyone’s) fault. Sometimes things just don’t work out. We’re not in control of other clubs or their players or the wider economic or political situation, all of which can play a part in negotiations breaking down. And I particularly reject the assumption that money trumps all. It doesn’t.

  575. Bradts right foot

    Dexter | August 30, 2011 at 6:18 pm


    Ah, you are obviously lucky enough to have had a mind wipe man!

    I got one on Sunday night Dex 2 bottles of cheap south African red worked a treat.

  576. Bradts right foot

    MDGunner | August 30, 2011 at 6:27 pm

    . Is Park the Korean equivalent of Brown or Smith?

    Its Jones actually lol

  577. Arsession

    Yeah, I was chuffed when I saw his name on the team sheet Sunday. He is a strong character and will learn from that experience, I am sure. Hopefully others like Jenkinson will too.

  578. @ Jonny
    Just to add – if you have a finite budget and a wage structure, you have to have a cutoff point. You negotiate, you incorporate wiggle room, but there has to be a point at which you walk away.

  579. BRF
    Ah….. Welsh Korean then?

  580. His name is Chu Young Park. According to our website: ‘The striker prefers to be known as ‘Ju’ and will therefore have J. Y. Park as his shirt name’.

    He also metioned he was the cousin of Man Utds Park, but he hasn’t spoken to him yet regarding his move. I would give it a few weeks if I were him 🙂

  581. Althought the defeat this Sunday was demoralizing and equally embarassing, I really feel we need to avoid a short sighted view of the squad. With Gerv, Wilshere, Song, Vermaelen, and Sagna back in the lineup we are a different prospect altogether. The front three of Walcott, RVP, Gervinho will deliver the goods this year. One very strong addition to the midfield and we will still compete for honors this year.

    Everyone take a deep breath, this ship has taken on some water, but we are not going under.

  582. Dexter, we all know that it was self inflicted but that is not the point. The point is with our fully fit and available squad and United with theirs, they are no way 6 goals better than us and I have no doubt that we could beat them. There is also nothing new to add to the loss, it was beat to death Sunday and yesterday.

    There is also no way that Sagna and TV was self inflicted either.

    We can cry a river over what happened Sunday or we can look to the positives and hoping we do better going forward. The choice is yours but it seems you are stuck in a rut.

    What about Ju?

    We just signed another player!

  583. Deise

    Surely you remember Sunday. You know. The day Arsenal won the FA Women’s Super League tile.

  584. Fungunner

    I didnt have an issue with us not getting Jones for £16m. The fact we were in for him to that degree showed we meant business. I was only stating what I had read (in the daily Express mind!) about the January bids. But that doesnt make it a reality, far from it.

    Same with Smalling, we offered good money for him, Fulham accepted our offer, only for United to double it and gazump us.

    Thats what we do to other teams so we cant really moan I guess.

    Although I’d still like to have a go! 😀

  585. Bradys right foot

    Stil haven’t come around judging by my spelling, watched the invincibles DVD and generally ranted and raved incoherently.

  586. Bradys right foot

    MDGunner | August 30, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Ah….. Welsh Korean then?

    Well known in the valleys lol

  587. @ Dexter
    Fair enough – I guess I should only have addressed my post to Jonny, then.

  588. Well said Vice. My thoughts exactly but worded much better.

  589. On names, I’ve often wondered, are Brazilian players called by their first names (or a first name) because so many Brazilians’ surname is Silva or da Silva? Or is there another reason?

  590. FG – I always had the impression that Brazilians get to choose whatever name they want and they get away with it simply because they are Brazilian!

  591. Does this mean that Alex isn’t coming after all?
    Happy Eid Mubarak all!

  592. This lineup instills me with plenty of confidence:


    Keep the faith peeps…we will hit our stride soon enough…I could see Ramsey loising his place if we make a quality signing in midfield. But I still like the look of that squad.

  593. @ mattyboy | August 30, 2011 at 6:46 pm

    “FG – I always had the impression that Brazilians get to choose whatever name they want and they get away with it simply because they are Brazilian!”

    Sounds entirely fair to me.

  594. FunGunner | August 30, 2011 at 6:40 pm

    And is it the same for referees as so many seem to be called “W*nker” or “Mr. Useless Twat” ?

  595. No need to duel on the past, it was painful. I think we’re doing something to rectify it. Sometimes you need something like that to wake up.

    We are signing players, we now need to all be like those away supporters that stood there till the last minutes and took it all on their collective chin. I was pissed myself, but now I’m happy things are happening and we have to support the team to stand back on it’s feet.

    Talk is cheap, let’s do our job and support this team.

  596. I could also see us playing with two holding players behind Jack:


  597. Bradys right foot

    New Brazilian centre half signs Leteightinho.

  598. Interesting to see that 50% of Chu-Young’s Ligue 1 goals last season came in the last fifteen minutes of matches. Fitness and stamina is a definite trend to our transfers this summer.

  599. I am sad that my pal Dexter seems to be slipping into a gloomy decline.
    What can we do to return you to your old peace keeping role which you carried out with such diligence.?

  600. Paul N

    You’ll have to forgive me (or not!) and allow me some slack as I wasnt around Sunday or yesterday man.

    I dont want to relive Sunday ever again, but I dont think we can ignore it, or the events that lead up to it.

    But I am sure things will look alot brighter when we get a few of our players back from injury and suspension, not to mention the new faces too.

  601. @ MD Gunner
    ha ha

    @ Bradys right foot | August 30, 2011 at 6:53 pm
    I have zero sense of humour about last Sunday. Give me a few seasons.

    Ju has always wanted to play for Arsenal – that’s what I like to hear.
    When he scores his first goal: “It had to be Ju!”
    No? I’ll get my coat.

  602. George

    Ah my mate! I know, I know, but its just something I will need to work out for myself.

    I feel a naval gazing journey of self discovery through the Andes via Scunthorpe in the offing.


  603. looks like Djourou and Squilacci’s days are numbered. One will probably leave in January and the other at the end of the season. Then Bartley and Miquel will fight it out for fourth cm.

  604. FunGunner – yes, broadly speaking, I agree and I don’t think business has been bad this summer it’s just that it has just looked rather amateurish and shambolic.

    If we loosened our values just a little bit we could have greased the wheels and been in better position to start the season as a unit.

    We should be in no doubt this is a defining season for the club – Wenger risks polarising the support and costing results on the pitch.

    I’d be heartbroken were he to leave the club due to a disastrous season. If we save £10Million no one outside of the board will care abut the money saved if we go on to have a trophyless season. The priority right now should be success on the pitch and that would be easier to achieve if we had loosened the purse strings and compromised a little on our values to get the necessary done and in good time.

    We have to hope players bed-in quickly and that we can undo the damage done to the hearts and minds of Sunday’s starters.

    I started this season thinking we would our business done soon after the season started and that we would compete for the premiership. The sad truth is that we will be fighting for 3rd or 4th at best.

    Here’s hoping we can fare well in all the cups.

    I’d say we have more chance of wining the CL than the prem.

  605. What an exciting day! We welcome the Captain of South Korea to the team (IQ of 150 by the way – another trend) and the Captain of Werder is on his way too apparently… along with Brasil’s first choice goal-scoring left back!

  606. Bradys right foot

    Bradys right foot | August 30, 2011 at 6:53 pm
    I have zero sense of humour about last Sunday. Give me a few seasons.

    lol, Too soon ?….. I know m8

  607. Parker asks for transfer we should put in a bid now
    hes well worth having

  608. Congratulations Kenya. Gunner David radish was awesome wot an athlete! Looks like another good championship for Kenya 3 gold in the bag possible gold in 1500 men n probably 3000 steeplechase, not bad

  609. FG – When he has to go back to Korea to do his military service: ‘Call of Ju-ty’

    Grab my coat for me, while you’re there.

  610. Per Mertesacker is exactly the kind of player and DC Arsenal is crying out for.
    He’s vastly experienced, dominant in the air, has great positional awareness and is one of the cleanest tackler you’ll find.
    But most importantly I feel he could really help organise the defence as a unit. His leadership qualities shouldn’t be underestimated.

  611. An M’Vila signing would only make sense if he is significantly better than Coquelin – there is an age difference of just 1 year between the two.
    If Mertesacker signs he’ll probaby be rotated with Koz, with TV having a more permanent role as the left CB. DJ needs to prove himself again.
    Santos looks like a good player going forward, not sure about his defensive qualities.
    Park is probably the NB52 replacement. Looks like a gamble.
    Now for a creative midfielder…

  612. Is David Rudisha an Arsenal fan?

  613. ‘An M’Vila signing would only make sense if he is significantly better than Coquelin’ – he most certainly is that

  614. Peacefrog mv’illa is in a different league to Coquelin he’s a better player, vastly experienced and has that star quality about him, established international, he would definitely improve our squad big time. Exactly the kind of player we need!

  615. @ Mattyboy
    ha ha! congratulations – that’s worse than mine! Some achievement, there.
    Is yours the green parka with fur around the hood?
    @ Jonny
    I’d say in response to that, that when you have guidelines you also have borderline cases, judgement calls. Sometimes you will get those wrong, but it’s still essential to have the guidelines.
    But hey, let’s leave it there and enjoy the ker-azy rollercoaster ride of transfer deadline day minus one! Woo-hoo!

  616. According to Wikipedia, the Guardian version seems to be correct – Park Chu-young

    “A Korean name consists of a family name followed by a given name, as used by the Korean people in both North Korea and South Korea.A long history of the use of family names has led to surname extinction. There are only about 250 Korean family names currently in use, and the three most common (Kim, Lee, and Park) account for nearly half of the population.”

    He needs a nickname, like all Clarks/Clarks used to be “Nobby’

  617. Bradys right foot

    M’Villa, Martin and Hazard, I think well bid for one of those again before the window shuts.

  618. clarcks used to be “nobbys”? i like Dick for Richard. always makes me laugh… dick.. hahaha

  619. bwt the rumourmill seems to be overheated tonite regarding Arsenal. We must have been linked with every top player in every league twice!

  620. Sky said we had dropped interest in Cahill.
    Is this true?

  621. In an effort to cheer up Dexter could I just point out the following; on Sunday 25th February Arsenal were destroyed 6-1 by Man U at Old Trafford. The team comprised Seaman, Luzhny, Cole (Ljungberg 45), Grimandi, Stepanovs, Pires, Vieira, Parlour (Vivas 69), Silvinho, Wiltord, Henry. (Subs Not Used: Bergkamp, Manninger, Kanu.) Dwight Yorke scored a twenty minute hat-trick in the first half.

    A little over 14 months later, Arsenal returned to Old Trafford with a team consisting of Seaman, Lauren, Keown, Campbell, Cole, Ljungberg, Parlour, Vieira, Edu, Wiltord, Kanu (Dixon 89) (Subs Not Used: Jeffers, Bergkamp, Wright, Stepanovs) won 1-0, and left with The Double – the second of Wenger’s reign.

    The result on Sunday was a terrible blow, but let’s have a little perspective.

  622. Nobody knows for sure, George, but it wouldn’t be surprising under the circumstances.

  623. Sorry that was 25 February 2001

  624. FG – Haha, yes thats the one, it has one of those comedy horns in one pocket and a swanny whistle in the other 🙂

    MD – How about we give the new boy park, the nickname ‘Blur’ after LA linking him to the song Parklife the other day?

  625. who would you want most out of those Brady? if we get any that is ofc…

  626. Mertesacker will give us the physical edge at the back.But as a follower of the Bundesliga who has seen him play many times he is woefully slow.His job will be to win headers in the box.But if he plays we have to stop playing that high line we play.If we dont look out for a few red cards.We have to hope TV stays fit because i dread a partnership of Mertesacker and Koscielny.I still hope we sign Cahill because i never want to see that car crash waiting to happen Djourou ever play for us again.

    Hope we sign M’Vila now that would be a great signing

  627. Thankyou for the sanity Yogi…needed around here.

  628. Here’s the other thing that’s noticeable about all these signings: they’re all big, tall players. The shortest is Gervinho at 5,10. The Ox is 5,11, Santos 6, Park 6, Jenks 6,1, Per 6, 6.

    No more midgets running around. Not sure if it’s deliberate, but I think it’s healthy having a much more physically imposing team.

  629. well, well, well…

  630. Wenger, in his native German:
    – Mein Sohn, Arsenal braucht dich.

    -Jawohl, ich bin bereit.

  631. can someone please explain to me whats going on at the club, it felt like a piece of me died sunday and im struggling..

    im trying to find positives but i feel like im clutching at straws..

    these players we seem to be signing seem like panic buys and cheaper backup options..

    maybe when the numbness goes i’ll come round but ive lost faith in the direction the club is taking..

    ive thought long and hard and changes were needed and called for in the squad but maybe the changes were needed at the top instead??

  632. Is M’Vila known to be creative? He may be good in rotation with Song…

  633. Calm down Jon Jon.

    Maybe it’ll be alright after all.

    Let’s wait and see.

  634. Feeling much better today.
    “Crisis” progressively being downgraded with solid additions.
    27 hrs left…more could come.
    2 weeks to reboot the season
    4 fronts awaiting our involvement
    …i remain POSITIVE!

  635. OK Dex. The dooming thing doesnt suit you though and you have been at it for a while now.

  636. Yeah JonJon, exhale. These are good players. Experienced & itching to show their worth with us.It’ll be a different September for sure.

  637. To those that doubt Koscielny…mince ya words ye shall!
    Djourou’s more of a weak link who is 1-2 more errors away from losing his place on the team.
    AW’s been very patient with DJ but its clearly on its last legs.
    Personally I’ve rarely been a fan of his.
    But Kos?…I’m a HUGE believer.
    He’s the real deal.

  638. If we have got the Brazilian LB and Per Backpacker I say that is excellent.

  639. A good day all in all. I can see me getting even less work done tomorrow. It will be sat staring at the screen all day hitting F5.

  640. With the exception of very few blogs such as ACLF, the casual football fan has the foggiest notion of how financial doping by 1st Chelsea and now Man City has inflated and distorted the transfer market to the detriment of the long-term future of English football. A club like City for example can boast of almost two world-ranked players in every position paying them stratospheric wages, oftentimes to sit on the bench. Last weekend, while spanking Spurs, Tevez and Balotelli were riding the plush Etihad pines while their bank accounts were fattened by nearly 300 thousand in weekly wages. Poor Spurs could not even field their potentially best striker, Adebayor, because they can only afford him on loan from their very opponent who, by all reports, are paying most of his 170 thousand in weekly wages. Yet there was nary a peep from the British press and plundits who covered the game, in educating the public about this financial horror show which caused this to be a less than competitive game.
    Yet one day later it was open season on Wenger and the club’s board because they refused to join the madness of United, City and Chelsea by overpaying on fees and wages during the early stage of the window. Most hurtful and disrespectful are the so-called Arsenal bloggers who joined in lynching even when they claim to be knowledgeable of the club’s finances. Now the proof is now in the pudding.
    Mertesacker 75 Germany caps – £8M, Santos 22 Brazil caps – £6M, Park 53 SKorea caps – £3M; Total £17M. Cahill 3 England caps £17M. You do the math! (courtersy of Darius at 4:39 pm). And Wenger isn’t finished shopping.
    Yes it is risky and arguably we paid the short-term price with that 8-2 shellacking by United. But once again Wenger did not imperil the long-term future of the club despite the wailing and gnashing of teeth. He who laughs last, laughs best.

  641. LOL Goonerandy my friend. Better than fencing, in’it?

    It shall be a very interesting day for sure. I’m hoping for a M’Vila or Martin signing, hell – even both.

  642. “Look towards the light”, Dexter…doomday’s over…the force is back with AFC!

  643. limpar:

    Previously, last summer or the one before, I mistook Mertesacker for Metzelder when freaking out about Pace. If you haven’t already seen 7am* dug up some interesting numbers on the old boy today:

    “Mertesacker ranks as one of the world’s best central defenders who at 26 years old already has 75 caps for Germany. Of all the defenders that have been linked to Arsenal this Summer, Mertesacker led the pack in aerial duel percentage at a massive 74%. He’s also impressively mobile for a player who is 6’6″ and that shows in his 2.2 offsides drawn per game and that he also he racked up 3.5 interceptions per game for Bremen last term.

    Youaremyarsenal mentioned on twitter that Bremen play a high line and an examination of average positioning for Bremen’s back four on does show similar positioning to Arsenal’s back two.” Obviously there are also some differences to how Bremen play when compared to the Arsenal.

    *a blog I don’t always agree with. Yet for some unfathomnable reason I do not feel compelled to leave snide comments there all day long. Day. After day.

  644. Thanks to (who ever we thank for good things)for Shotta and his ilk.
    Without whom the Arsenal world would be a poorer place.

  645. “.the casual football fan has the foggiest notion of how financial doping by 1st Chelsea and now Man City has inflated and distorted the transfer market to the detriment of the long-term future of English football”…..hear hear Shotta.

  646. @ Aman 8:14pm Agreed, Kos showed what a quality defender he can be, last year against Messi and co. He’s only gonna get better but I just wish he wouldn’t shy away from putting his head where it might hurt sometimes.

  647. Jabba's Delights

    Good to see that we are actually doing something in the market, all have good experience, lets hope there is a huge midfield signing on the way as well. I think then that we can get to that 75-80 points i think it will take to fend off liverpool for 4th. Its good that the stubborn Arsene has finally decided to stop neglecting attacking set pieces and both santos and park now give us a good left and right combo, hopefully this can get better play and more goals out of the criminally wasted Chamack. This of course all depends on how quickly they gel and become intigrated.

    interesting point on mertesacker, why didn’t Bayern go for him instead of Boateng? He was cheaper, still based in Germany and had lower wages. Considering they bought Boateng to play exclusively at cb i find that interesting. A defence of Sagna, Mertesacker, Tv5, Santos
    looks promising such a shame that they have to be integrated well into the season when all were available earlier doors

  648. Darius – Yup, better than fencing, hole digging, sheep herding…..and all the rest of the things most of us get up to on here on a weekly basis 🙂

    From what looked a very desperate situation, things are looking much brighter. We really do need a quality midfielder to come in, there is no doubt about that. Hopefully Wenger/The Board/The tea lady/whoever job it actually is to get players, comes up trumps tomorrow.

    Nobody (even those who claim to be in the know) saw the Santos signing coming. Maybe we will have another one sprung on us tomorrow.

    If we don’t sign the midfielder, it will be hard to asses this window. He will have addressed out long standing defensive problem, only to have a new lack of creativity problem in the midfield. Fingers crossed.

  649. See Dexter, even Jabba’s facing the light!
    AW finally got u some experienced players eh Jabba?
    Good to see u believing again….

  650. heres where i dont agree with you shotta

    yes theres much financial doing that goes on and if we came behind the likes of city and chelsea etc and 5th or 6th in the spending table then i could understand that side of the arguement.

    but we aint..were about 17th in the spending table..we are behind the likes of west brom..

    now, either the self sustaining model is so badly run we cant challenge financially with the likes of bolton and everton or we are just tight and we try to do everything on a shoe string just for a laugh…

    we dont have to act like city or chelsea, but we dont have to act like bolton either
    we have to act like arsenal…and i think thats where alot of ppl who use the city cheating debate get their wires crossed with whats actually happening at the club

    it isnt mancitys fault that we cant get a squad built before the season opens..its our own..

  651. I agree with Shotta!

  652. It would have been criminal if the criminally negligent criminals on the board had not done what us fans(some of us really are criminals)have been telling them to do. 🙂

  653. Football supporters are a fickle bunch. When Mertesacker was first mentioned as available plenty were lining up practically begging Arsene to get him. Now that he is (almost) here, all of a sudden he’s too slow and I’ve even read that at 26 he is on the decline! Werder Bremen have obviously valued a player in the last year of his contract at the right price, but because he’s not an over priced English man, he’s suddenly not good enough?

    Arsene was looking for PL experience, but when people are trying to mug us for okay, but not super quality players and add insult to injury, they’re lucky he’s too polite to say ‘fuck you then keep your player’ (although he came close to that with Bolton!). It’s interesting that Gartside did not come back to challenge Arsene’s version of things.

    According to Arsenal Column on Twitter, Bremen say that they have been negotiating with Arsenal all summer. Clearly Mertesacker was waiting to find out if we would be in the CL. The short term signing of Park, was probably a last minute decision once we knew that Campbell would not be getting his work permit. Two and a half years should give some of our youngsters time to develop. Twenty-six is a good age, he’s also tall and versatille as he is able to operate in any of the front 3 positions, will not be going to the ACN and sounds like a hard worker. Some supporters need to understand that we can only afford sausages at the moment, not caviar, to paraphrase a Wengerism!

  654. disagree on JD too

    hes a good player, our best cb last year but he wasnt fit..he needs help so we can chop and change and keep him fresh

    i have seen defenders cave in games before though and as soon as poss the club had them out of the door..i hope jd can recover mentally and hes not added to the list of sendy, big sol and stepanovs

  655. Well i would not mind the “chelsea rejects” of Alex, Malouda and you guys have convinced me Benayoun….

  656. goonerandy,
    methinks a Jack-Diaby-Mozart-Ramsey CM tandem
    with a Song-M’Vila-Frimp DM
    in front of a dos Santos-Verm-Kos-Mertesacker-Sagna backline
    should be more than creative enough.

    If, as I suspect, AW really wants Hazard, he might have to wait till at least Jan. (if Lille don’t progress beyond the CL group stage) to seal the deal. Young Eden is worth waiting for.

    plus, couple that CM tandem with AA & RvP rotating and it looks even more creative.
    Remember that even on Sunday we created chances
    I’m more concerned about our finishing though I expect that to lessen with greater defensive stability.

  657. JJ they have not paying down the debt on a sparky new stadium.
    It will not always be thus

  658. @JJ JD was really good until his shoulder fucked up. But that shoulder thing really affected Walcott too until he had an operation…

  659. funny how it took the board a 8-2 drubbing to finally give wenger the cash or stop being so stingy.

  660. @ JonJon
    The 16 clubs above us in the spending table are running deficits, borrowing to defray their costs and amassing debt. They cannot afford what they spend, but are spending it anyway. And they have nothing to show for it. Some of them have sugar daddies (just not as wealthy as Abramovich or the Man City owners) who are subsidising the club and the others are livign hand to mouth staving off the banks. Billions of pounds are owed by PL clubs, putative income from the future has been spent. If the banks decided to call in their loans or wouldn’t extend them (the problem Everton are currently having) they will have to go into administration. If clubsdidn’t run deficits we would be near the top of the spending table.

    We can pay our way from our revenue. The debt we have from building our stadium is manageable – the matchday income alone pays off the interest and some of the capital. In time it will be paid off completely and we can spend all our money on players. We are tryin to bring that day forward by exploiting new sources of income in the Far East market and we have re-negotiated sponsorship deals.

  661. Rune breaker | August 30, 2011 at 7:05 pm . There was a blackout during that 800 meter final. Very Kenyan thing!

  662. Moe ,now do you think these deals have just happened since Sunday?
    I believe they were in the pipeline.
    So all your assumption does is confirm your poor view of the board.

    But I accept that my opinions could be wrong because I dont know all the relevant facts.
    And perhaps you do?

  663. Jabba's Delights

    Jon Jon

    thats exactly the point

    nobody is asking arsenal to spend city or chels money. Many fans just want Arsenal to do all it can in its wonderful self sustaining way to be as competitive as possible. If the financially doped up city and chels plus the resurgent Utd still finish above us than so be it. People are upset as they don’t think we have done enough and we haven’t in recent seasons. However last day or so has been a marked improvement and the lack of prices doesn’t deter me from thinking we have strengthened. That is half the frustration. we have such a good scouting network and our manager has a great gift at spotting players but we haven’t done enough and don’t appear to have had a plan.

    Signing players who can cross balls and take corners and free kicks makes complete sense when you have one of the best aerial attackers in europe in you squad.

    Signing a full back who can be devastating in the final third makes sense when you are an attacking team who requires its its full backs to provide width. Whoever plays left wing now will have more space to cut in which can create more space for rvp

    Signing a experienced cb who has played at the highest level who is known for his brilliant attitude and calmness and almost being unstoppable in the air makes sense when you don’t have any cbs who can do that.

    i think these are good signings and if complimented by an outstanding midfielder will provide us with the depth for us to go on and do whats needed on 4 fronts which is to genuinely compete.

  664. JJ if we are 17th in spending how the hell do we keep finishing top four.?
    Please tell me that.
    Anyone else can help him if they wish .As long as I get to know.

  665. Perhaps Jabba can tell me

  666. is chamakh really being farmed out on loan?

  667. wonder how mertesacker will cope with the high back line, as he’s pretty slow. excited nonetheless, very experienced and clever player.

  668. I think whatever flauds and strengths Meter has, Arsenal know about them and will play a game that suits him. Doubt they would buy him if they all knew he did not fit our system. Who knows maybe we will change system…

  669. Was thinking that, maybe play somewhat lower with increased focus on counterattacks? We’ve acquired some serious pace up front this summer…

  670. George – I think what they might be getting at (I am staying out of it), is that if we are finishing in the top 4 with spending relativity little compared to all other PL teams (17th in the spending charts), just think where we could finish if we spent enough to say finish 6th or 7th in the spending charts (not that spending more that other teams is the motivation of course). Just a thought.

  671. You can cut this sevnty-five ways to Sunday but the true is this. Wenger beeds to be fired. He lost control of the locker room. The guys quit. Actually they quit way back in March 2011 after the Barca loss. This is not abereration. We are hurting big time. The was a total ass whopping plain and simple. The problems need to be addressed. If not this will be a long season. The weaknesses have been exposed. The truth shall set you free. So be if I am viewed as sch a herotic. I live in real ville. So be it.

  672. Being 6th or 7th in the spending charts in this league could possibly mean that you’re spending more than you earn

  673. Jabba's Delights


    Because as Arsene quite rightly says most fans don’t ever factor in wages as a cost. We have had the 3rd highest wages bill by a country mile until the last year of Rafa and City entering the equation. Us awarding all those nice shiny new contracts to players costs a hell of allot of cash i’m afraid.

    on top of this we spend a huge amount on our scouting network and manager for precisly there ability to identify talent. Wenger wage last year was nearly 50% of Blackpool whole wage bill.

  674. Andy.Thanks but the question was….

    i”f we are 17th in spending how the hell do we keep finishing top four.?
    Please tell me that.
    Anyone else can help him if they wish .As long as I get to know”

    That post of yours does not answer it.I accept what you say .But it does not in any way answer my question.
    JJ .Jabba, anyone?

  675. lol geeman! man will live at the moon and we will all have our on private robots that can do all the dishes and walk the dog before Aw gets sacked…

  676. HA Ha so Jabba your answer is that we finish top 4 because we pay big and Wenger gets a huge salary?

    Well ,fuck me all we have to do then is pay our usless lot even more and we should finish even higher..

    What a load of old bollocks.

  677. Jabba

    I will give you the answer that you can never bring yourself to admit


    no other reason.

  678. George -Because we have a good team……..just imagine if it was better. Not brain science mate.

  679. lol someone is posting before they should at Wikipedia

    “On 30th August 2011, Arsenal and Chelsea agreed a fee around £6m for the transfer of Alex.”

  680. Evening gents, seems like optimism has re-entered our lives

  681. F**k off Nasri. I hope you win nothing at your “team” of eleven individual mercenaries.

  682. Yes Andy but why do we have such a good team when we have spent so little on it?

    You my friend ,do know the answer.

    And dont for one moment think I dont know that spending more would improve us ,but that is a different discussion

  683. Jabba's Delights

    Furious Styles

    no because the difference between 17th and 7th in transfer fee table is considerably less than that of league table for wages.

    our wages were roughly 120m this year plus 50m in other costs which we don’t declare. This dwarfs every clubs entire turnover bar, City, Utd, chels, Liverpool, spurs. newcastle entire turnover is 54m for example despite there massive loyal fan base.

    our interest payments on our ground stands at 16m a season over a 25 year period at a fixed rate.

    We have declared 50m profits for the last 3 years straight. It was our choice to spend vast wages on middle band players which ultimately failed to progress how we hoped. it was our choice to pay youngsters unbelievable sums of money compared to what comparative players got at other rival clubs. It was our choice to pay off that debt at record pace despite repeated claims by our board that the debt was increibly manageable.

    We could have been more ambitious without jeopardising our future and i’m afraid to say that is plain to see for anyone who cares to look at our financial results.

    thats where the issue has come from. our plans haven’t been in the best interests of being the best team we can be without buggering up our future.

    hopefully the reduced performance over the last 3 years culminating in relegation like form over a 6 month period and the departure of 2 of our best talents way before their time and the quite frankly embarrassing performance this weekend have jolted the whole hierarchy into action. lets hope we have learnt from our mistakes and these exciting signings signal that.

  684. Where are these geniuses with my answer? 🙂

  685. George – I have never doubted that. Just want us to take the next step.

  686. so Jabba how do our “middle band over paid also rans” keep getting us a top 4 finishes?

  687. Chill the Thrill

    Mertesacker 75 Germany caps – £8M,
    Santos 22 Brazil caps – £6M,
    Park 53 SKorea caps – £3M;
    Total £17M.

    Now compare with all those Man City players who were bought for around £20M. James Milner, Gareth Barry, Shaun Wright Phillips, Craig Bellamy……..

  688. I haven’t had much to say in a while because the tone of conversation coming from certain corners has been so negative…well hello’s to Darius, shotta, consol, Frank, Zim, steww, Pass, finsbury…so glad you are all still here. Yogi, OofU and the others for your posts…Arsenal-brand sanity.

    I think there is a significant misconception that says buying new players is a good idea. Clearly when deficiencies are identified you need to find replacements, but the idea is to build a team. New elements are not to be included lightly. A team has chemistry, familiarity, trust, etc. These things require time to develop and can easily be disrupted. We seem to have forgotten the Adebayor lessons very quickly. One player can destabilize a whole team. Perhaps some will argue that there is not much worth saving but playing the Arsenal way is not an overnight endeavor. Right now, as fans, we are doing the worst things possible. We have fallen from our ranks into squabbling and fighting amongst ourselves. When the bombs are falling thick and fast? That is not the time to question the general, the strategy, and the supply chain. Let us ask these questions quietly, in private away from our enemies who crave the chance to see us broken, sweating, fearful. I do not suggest that there are no questions to ask, or that we never hope to be more than we are…(8-2 to the mancs? I’ve been nauseous for days now,) but let’s not fall into a disarray of bashing ourselves. Protect your family. Remember who the enemy is. They hate us when we win and laugh when we lose. The media and the other teams will kick us when we’re down…why help them? My younger brother and I have an agreement: never tear each other up in front of others. If I don’t like something he’s done or I think he’s wrong…we sort it, but we never compromise each others dignity in public. It would be like some stranger stepping to you in a bar and insulting you, only for your wife to say; “It’s true, you are an #$@hole !!” Betrayal. Of course this isn’t the same thing but, I say it only to make the point.

    The bashing of Arsenal football club is in full swing and coming from all sides. Some of it warranted, some of it less so. It could be the board, it could be Wenger, it could be the players, it could be the injuries, the transfer policy, the transfer kitty, the wage structure, the suspensions, the fixture list, the water in the treatment room…I don’t know.

    What I DO KNOW is this…We must watch how we bash our own club…when the bashing is done, WE are the only ones stuck with whatever remains.

  689. Chill the Thrill

    truly inspirational stuff there AXIS. Who cares what you say though? I would rather just keep arguing with those effing doomers than resolve any differences I might have with them!!!!! =)

  690. Jabba's Delights


    Wenger has a great talent, there are many talented people behind the scenes at arsenal. When faulting wenger in the transfer market its also important to say there a lot of other people at fault. the same is true in the good times.

    You neglect to get involved with the figures because quite frankly you don’t understand them and this has been shown repeatedly when getting in a technical debate about our beloved clubs finances. Wages are just as important in fees and the fact we have paid huge wages over this entire period is a massive reason as to why we were also in the top 4.

  691. I am with you Bill.
    If they are stupid enough to spout shit they must be told and not tolerated,
    A dickhead is a dickhead even with a cannon on his chest

  692. CtT – Heh, zing.

  693. You got to love the media out of pity of course, no some people are questioning if Arsene & Arsenal are panic buying.

  694. Jabba,You jest right?
    we have a large wage bill because we have good players,Hense the top 4 finishes.
    But these good players and good team have cost nothing because Arsene is a genius that gets them playing well as a team.
    This is the man that you say “wenger out” about
    Dont presume to lecture me on finances .

  695. Charlie

    Last time Kos stuck his head in the way Squillaci knocked him out.

  696. JABBA we pay of our debt at the same amount each year over a 25 year period
    other bank repayments were for the property development which we paid
    off in full and the profits went into AFC

  697. Jabba's Delights


    You just don’t quite understand it all do you big boy.

    We have had some phenomenal players in that time, and lets be honest they have helped drag some quite average ones through the hoop. Some of the players have been incredibly well paid considering there actual statistical performance. Many of these players had found it impossibly hard to find clubs of a similar level who could pay their wages.

    Look at the teams competing with us over that time. Everton, Spurs and compare their combined net fee’s spent and wages over that period with ours and you will see why we have had an outstanding chance to finish 4th every year up until the last year or so since city have entered the equation which conveniently coincided with Liverpool slump.

    The league has changed now, there are teams who are now outspending us in both wages and fees combined. We will drop out of the top4 if we carry on like this and it will be of our own doing.

    Your idea of arsenal is wenger, but one must actually look deeper into things to get the full picture

  698. Is nobody else seeing this nonsense Jabba is spouting or have you all become immune to the drivel?

  699. Interesting day so far 3 players and most definitely more to come tomorrow, especially from France. Sochaux are in deep financial doldrums so expect Mavreaux to move, to Arsenal perhaps? We offered Pjanic from Lyon today but turned him down, he was a real favourite of our die hard championship managers, he has gone to Roma surprisingly after they announced they didn’t want him. Mv’illa is still alive a lot of talk from hacks especially in France seems a lot of smoke here and as Arsene has said we are short in midfield this could really happen. Still talks that Cahill deal is not dead and there is some talks yet, I think Canill really has his heart set on joining Arsenal, it would be great if we could get him. Having Per,Vermalen,Koscielny,Cahill as CBs would give the strongest bench in the PL

  700. Sorry George, drivel shield up at the moment

  701. Have we actually signed Santos and Mertesacker? I’s and T’s tomorrow then?

  702. If we still get Cahill, great. But the priority must now be in midfield. One (or even 2) signings there and we are set. Still about concerned when RvP gets injured, but lets not push our luck eh?

  703. Wavey – I think so. As far as I can can medicals are done, and personal terms agreed.

  704. Wavey Santos and Mert deals are done, Santos has got his permit and passed his medical. Just waiting for all paper work to be done. Mert had his medical today and agreed personal terms, word from Germany is we are waiting for his medical scans, with terms agreed with weirder Bremen the signing should be announced tomorrow or day after.

  705. pedantic george – I don’t bother reading them anymore, I just scroll on. Its regurgitated and boring, I have heard it all a dozen times before and it does nothing to convince me how (not) to support the team, players and manager that I love.

  706. @ george
    What mattyboy said.

    Please note the bit in bold, all those who think we have been sitting around doing nothing all window.

    Tuesday, 30 August 2011
    Grimandi confirms deals for Santos/Mertesacker -Says Arsenal still in market

    Arsenal’s chief European scout Gilles Grimandi has confirmed the club have agreed terms for Andre Santos and Per Mertesacker and says the club are still working to add new faces to the squad…

    ..Speaking to Canal Plus tonight, the former defender defended the Arsenal manager and said he is ready to fight on.

    Grimandi said:

    “Arsène Wenger is a experienced man. He can endure the pressure on him. He’s ready to fight.”

    He told the programme:

    “Park is official, the others I don’t know (smiling). Anyway, we were working before on all the files. Defeat against Manchester United has accelerated the move, but we were working a lot before that.


    And with that, it’s good night from me.

  707. I know this is going to be a mistake…..

    So how did we get into the position where the Board wanted to move us to a larger stadium? Where we decided that we should ‘borrow’ Wembley Stadium for our CL home games? Could it perhaps be due to our extended success on the pitch? A period of continued success year in/year out which hadn’t been seen at the club since the 30s (although GG’s era was pretty good)?
    It’s all Wenger’s fault, that bastard shouldn’t have made us so bloody successful in the first place.

  708. george, their logic is that because we did not pay a lot for them, they should not be paid a competitive salary. How would we attract or keep players?

  709. No George. Skip, skip,skip. [There really should be a delete button]

  710. Interesting that the contract deals we made for the two lads from Barcelona are for an initial three years with the option on another two. I’m guessing that is the kind of contract we are puttting place for all of our young signings now. Not sure if this is different than arrangements before, but it kind of feels like it is. It puts some of power back in the hands of the managment hierarchy as we get long enough on the contract to see if the players develop, but not too long to be funding the cost of a player who doesn’t work out.

  711. Jabba's Delights


    Which bit of it is drivel though. Show me where I’m going wrong. Its our own manager who talks of wage costs and how that people forget how important they are. You just have no idea what your talking about so your resorting to name calling. Once again this will be another one of those time where you get proved utterly wrong 3 months later just like this whole summer. Go learn about your club

  712. Heh from Giles. Accelerated the move? How much later were we thinking of leaving it?

  713. Liverpool have signed Coates.

  714. MDGunner or an ignore button for certain posters. They have them on other forums. Brilliant, you just never hear from them again.

  715. I just dont get it .I must be a right thicko

    Arsene does what no other manager has ever done at any club,No other manager has come close, and yet some people say he is the problem.
    Well I will tell you that they are the problem because if they meet and somehow breed they will be a threat to the human race ,or at least their zombie off spring will.

  716. “What I DO KNOW is this…We must watch how we bash our own club…when the bashing is done, WE are the only ones stuck with whatever remains.”

    That is brilliant Axis, as is the rest of your comment.

    That should sober some people up.

    JD, what does paying players have to do with it? if the players are not as good as others how do they keep getting in the top 4. You havent answered the question. The reason, as George said, Is Wenger himself, who you so avidly want to get fired club.

  717. Did you see that chaps Jabba says I am wrong .
    Oh no I forgot you all dont read his posts ,sorry

  718. Same here pedantic George. I just scroll by Jibber, AIC and the like. They offer nothing positive. No alternative to the financial doping.

  719. Paul If you were reading earlier apparently we finish top 4 because Wenger get a huge salary.

    Simples 🙂

    Well some such shite anyway

  720. George, I read a little of what Jabba said because your question is profound to say the least. That again should cause some people to sober up.

    Its simple question, if Arsenal spend so little why the heck are we always in the top 4?

    JD is typing a lot but hasnt come close to answering the question because he doesnt want to give credit where it is due. Thats how I see it.

  721. George

    I told you before, Wenger is a bastard. How dear he be the most successful manager in Arsenal’s history whilst playing a style of football admired across Europe. And we pay the bugger a big wage for what he’s done as well. Outrageous!

  722. Interesting Twitter gossip – AFC are no longer interested in Cahill and he is most likely to go to the spuds. Typical ‘arry – don’t bother with scouting, just wait to see who Arsene goes for and pick up the pieces when the deal falls through! If true, Cahill can thank his chairman and manager. Maybe that is one time when discretion would have been the better call.

  723. Shit if you ask me Andy .Just another Fergie lap dog
    Fuck him and his Manc worshiping

  724. I would put my money on it that Spurs players are paid comparably to ours. If they spend more and most probably pay similar if not more, why is that they are not in the Top 4 regularly? What about L’pool? I know they spend more and pay their top players better?

  725. Jabba's Delights

    Nothing that has been said is untrue it just shows we haven’t spent all we can to be as good as we can be in the last few years. This was blindingly obvious to most but was accepted. The lasta 7 months and this window has meant that allot of fans have reached the end of their teather with the management and front office. This isn’t news but one can think all this and still be happy now that we have signed 3 established international players with maybe more to come. Better late than never and hopefully its the spark we need to get back on track. If that is the casethen well done wenger outstanding effort and I should be ashamed of myself for doubtingf. If these signings don’t come off and they dont turn out to be saviours or a catalyst then we are going to be in a very sorry state. That is how I feel.

  726. Passenal,They can have him .They need him more than we do,A fact our friends in the press have somehow overlooked

  727. Passenal

    looking forward to his first interview as a Spud already: I’m looking forward to busting a gut every other week on a Thursday night for an also-rans trophy and then playing at the weekend in a cramped little stadium when I could have been playing CL football in front of 60,000.

  728. Spurs have a ceiling of 65k per week Paul ,I think,

  729. George – I thought it had some good points. Many a time we have had better players than them, only for them to easily beat us. Some of the points in that article him the nail on the head why.

  730. I told you before George. For your own sanity just scroll past the rubbish.

  731. Dups its to late mate in am a mad as a March Hare already.
    Why else would I engage every dipshit that comes on here?

  732. One thing can be said for certain, when speaking about how much Premier League players get paid; too much.

  733. Jabba's Delights

    Paul N\ george

    I’ve said 3 -4 times this evening that wenger has a gift for spotting talent and that we aslo have a wonderful scouting network. I also said they are incredibly well paid for there services, so we should be getting oustanding results from them.

    For 3 years now we have had great funds to spend compared to the previous 4 years due to the stadium move.

    The fact is that for 3 years our performance dropped considerably. We are a multi million pound business within the biggest sporting league in the world. Do you continue on with a chief has made repeatedly poor decisions in the recent past for do you marvel at his greatness from 3 years before. At what point is the tipping point, do you be proactive or do you wait for it to decend even further. This last 2 days work from wenger will be just as important to his future as his utter greatness 1997-2008. This window and how it rejuvinates our 7 month decline decides whether wenger keeps his job.

    I would do anything for these guys to be brilliant signings and for the rest of the squad to pick themselves us and do have a great year. Swallowing my words would be easy as the only hope is for arsneal to be as succesful as they can be whilst not fooking there future.

  734. Bradys right foot

    This is just getting ridiculous now were being linked with just about everyone.

  735. BRF, Not Joe Cole though ?surly not?

  736. Joe Cole to Lille on loan, apparently! Twitter is highly entertaining!

  737. Bradys right foot

    No george weve lost out on Joe again!!

  738. And he was well worth his £90k a week (alleged) salary!

  739. Oh dear and he ticks so many boxes
    and all for only 90k per week

    We seem to have been criminally negligent again 🙂

  740. Pass what is your twitter name?

  741. Jabba"s delights

    Big article on goal with regards to us bidding 25m for vila.

    I just dont see why we would big all that for him when there is Frimpong and Song. Would love him but think a brilliant creator is more important especially with question marks of wilshere short term and ramsey gradual path back to full fitness.

    Martin and vila and i would be delighted

  742. I don’t have a Twitter account george, I sometimes surf a few Twiter accounts on line. I’ve discovered a gold mine of fun as the window winds down to it’s closure. It’s very entertaining!

  743. I’ve supported Arsenal for a fucking long time. Over most of those years I’ve always assumed that Arsenal supporters were cool and unique in the world.
    However, with the invention of the internet I have discovered that many so called Arsenal supporters are fucking wankers and have no idea about supporting a football team.
    Way back in the late 60’s and early 70’s there wasn’t much contact with other Gooners but there was an assumption that we all batted for the same side.
    The internet has blown that assumption out of the water……….. some of them are utter idiotic fucking cunts.

  744. Bradys right foot

    Jabba I think Martin is the most likely signing tommorrow, M’villa at around £25-30 million might be considered just too high. Lets be honest though this is Arsenal, no one knows who were going for except Wenger and maybe IG, the Brazilian fullback caught all the so called ITK’s completely out.

  745. Interesting post Goonerandy @11.02…

  746. Northbank1969 – I agree. Unfortunately, with the discovery of the internet (my discovery of it I mean) I would tend to agree with you. Thankfully, in the sheltered area I call real life, the Arsenal supporters I know all support the club in the manner I agree with. Of course we question, debate and argue but its done in a reasoned and often humourly way. One thing is for sure, nobody I know wants us to get rid of the greatest Manager we ever had, for obvious reasons They don’t constantly go on about how long it is since we won a trophy either! We leave that to the media and the ‘idiotic fucking cunts’ as you call them 🙂

  747. Coqueling was awesome on sunday. He kept Rooney well busy in the first half. It’s when he was taken off that United started to score at will.

    Per Mertesacker is an exciting signing. Now we have dual one big, one small partnerships and can even go with two bigs against the shit kickers. At 26 he is in his prime or just reaching it. He will be an important influence in the dressing room and in mentoring the likes of Miquel and Bartley. Very good news.

    Andre Santo reminds me of Garreth Bale. A big guy who can dribble, has pace and has an eye for goal. This guy has the size of Bacary Sagna and knows how to hold his own in the challenge like Bacary does. If Mertesacker, Djourou, Sagna and Santos all play together, we have one of the tallest back lines in the league. Don’t think Arsene forgot about those pesky hoofballers. Our left side looks well stocked now. I’m dying to find out what he can do in an Arsenal shirt.

    Park, I’ve never even seen play in a competitive match. He can very well be a diamond in the rough, who knows? Given Wenger’s contacts in Monaco, I’m sure he’s well informed about what this player can bring to the club. That rumor about him being bought only to sell shirts in Korea is a horrible way to welcome a player who is just joining our club.

    Sol, Jack Wilshere doesn’t have an achilles tendon problem. He had a hot spot on his ankle and they’re checking to see how bad it is. If he had a tendon problem they would’ve found it in all the scans he’s had since coming off at the Emirates cup. The injury that may keep him out, if it’s found to be bad, is a stress fracture in his ankle.

  748. Those man u fans surrounding the away section looked in puzzlement at us with our arms in the air clapping and singing when they turned around to laugh and point when they scored over and over. They did not get the satisfaction they craved. We as away fans stood there together until the end, singing our hearts out. Van P stood in front of us and applauded for a very long time after the game. In acknowledgement of the extraordinary love we had showed for the club. That was a victory for me.

    Lovely bullshit..

  749. Best fans in the world, I have alway said it.

  750. @George, yes I think, Therefore I am 🙂

    @Mattyboy, keep to the sheltered area of real life mate.

    I have only recently started to search all things Arsenal on the internet cos now I live abroad don’t have the contact with old Arsenal friends and find it quite amazing and disgusting how so called supporters treat the team. I hope to get to a few matches this season but am worried how I might react if some cunt next to me starts to boo the team. I think I could become quite violent.

  751. Chris ,thats the spirit.
    I am all in favour of giving them a punch in the mouth.
    If all else fails 🙂

  752. @George
    Unfortunately, I’m not the sort of person who waits to see if ‘all else fails’ I will just go for them… not the best solution I know and has got me into plenty of trouble in the past… but for me that’s how it is. Arsenal till I die

  753. If we get Marvin Martin, then Yogi’s right. This transfer window will have been the one that shapes this team for the next few years The best part about it is that it was all done under the cover of darkness while placing all the attention on that greedy little prick at City and the Catalan mama’s boy. We’ll see. I’m watching transfer deadline day to find out. I don’t discount Wenger for a fucking second, despite what a reptile like Jibby says. Has it ever occured to you idiots that Wenger leaves his transfers till the last day because he doesn’t want managers nicking players he’s been scouting for years? Look at City and Manure. They got nailed in this transfer window. They spent close to £50m despite having a very expensive squad.

    Seriously you fuck heads, Wenger is at the top of the managerial premier league and you want to replace him with a cheque book manager? A guy like that wouldn’t last a month at Arsenal. The minute he starts understanding the constraints under which this club operates, he’ll call his agent asking him to get him the fuck out. Our academy is very lucrative and a fly by nighter wouldn’t be around long enough to care whether it remains viable or not. We need a manager here who is willing to see out a project for at least a decade. Opting for the menagerial merry-go round is a horrible startegy for a club looking to pay off its debt and remain competitive.

  754. I want to know how Joel Campbell can’t get a work permit to play in England but he can be sent out on loan to play in France…….. isn’t that Europe as well, do France have fewer rules for non EU residents? I find this totally bizarre……. fucking British Home Office, they’re cunts as well.
    You may realise that at the moment I hate the fucking world 🙂

  755. According to the Mirror, Hazard has told told Lille he wants to quit. They want 30M+ for him, so we will see. Getting Goetze and Hazard would be a dream! 😛

  756. NB69 @ 12:43 pm,

    I know what you’re saying and have personal experience before deciding to relinquish our season tickets. Everyone has their limits!

  757. GAINS Lets hope we dont have a screw up like with
    TVs injury!!!!!

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