United Preview, Park To Fill Space At Arsenal & More

Arsenal travel to Old Trafford this afternoon for a match which they may as well not turn up for, written off by the professional pundits and a sizable portion of their own support. If ever the pressure ought to be considered off, it is this afternoon. The players thankfully will not see it as such and following their win in Italy, will be more confident than at the final whistle last weekend.

Wenger will be hoping that Arsenal break their ducks this afternoon. First domestic goals of the season, first Premier League win and first time in a league match that no-one gets sent off. I am not sure he has the squad to cope with another midfield dismissal, even if the next fixture is Swansea at The Emirates.

It is tempting to say that Old Trafford has never been the happiest of hunting grounds for Arsenal but when things go in their favour, it is a portent of a decent season. The last victory there was too long ago, September 2006. The start to that campaign had been equally poor; two home draws and an away defeat, two goals in three games around a successful Champions League qualifier. Arsenal were in 17th place going into that fixture, some uncanny parallels.

That was the last of Arsenal’s fifteen victories at United, only 25 of the other 77 league visits have garnered a point. Arsenal have only scored 78 goals in the total 95 league matches there, conceding roughly twice as many. There are many trends to be bucked for a win this afternoon.

I cannot even offer the positives of Arsenal always win on the last weekend in August at Old Trafford, we don’t, we have never won at Old Trafford in August, four draws and three defeats whilst the only time the teams have met on this day, Manchester United left Highbury with a single goal victory under their belts. History is not looking kindly on Arsenal.

With the turmoil that has beset the club this summer, low expectations are of no surprise. Demands for a new defender are not quite met although the reported value here does not sit with the same newspaper’s ‘exclusive‘ that Arsenal bid £6m last week. Wait, no, they did not and Phil Gartside made himself look the biggest idiot chairman since, well, the last time a Premier League chairman opened his mouth.

A new midfielder might have been nice going into this fixture, Wenger presumably hoping that Djourou, Koscielny and Vermaelen are all fit as the Swiss international can then drop into the defensive midfield role, the position he was playing in when signed by Arsenal. Arteta for Bendtner and cash? Perhaps, it fits in with the comments from the manager about Bendtner last week, rather too snugly. Lucho Gonazalez is this morning’s long time target who won’t go away. The new one? Mateo Kovacic.

One deal that has been missed entirely by all of those who are ‘in the know‘ was Park Chu-Young for around £10m from Monaco. It has a hint of the archetypal Wenger deal, being something of a left-field signing, although Park has been known to turn up on the right or down the middle. The politics of it all bring back memories of Emmanuel Petit’s signing, the Frenchman borrowing the taxi fare from Alan Sugar to come to Arsenal for his medical. Apocryphal or not, it brings a smile to think that one of Sugar’s Carlos Kickaball‘s stiffed him. Mind you, most of them that turned up at Tottenham did just that…

Lille apparently had not inkling that the Korean was going to do a runner but we now know why Gervinho was originally talking in the third person during interviews. His former chairman does exactly that and Seydoux may now be regretting his decision not to deal with Arsenal on Eden Hazard.

Recent weeks have seen Arsène defend himself against charges of being stubborn, something he elaborated on at his press conference,

You have to be open-minded and humble, but also determined when you have beliefs. We care about opinions, but at the end of the day you have to make decisions. I personally try to do what is right for this Club when I make a decision.

I look at the opinions of people, of course, but if I feel deeply about a decision then I do it. It is sometimes controversial. I do not think I know everything about football but I have massive experience.

All of the managers have a stubborn streak in them, the successful ones anyway. I have never had a problem with that, a number do though. The problems is, as Kenny Dalglish opined last week, who do you replace Wenger with and what guarantee do you have that they will spend, spend, spend, which is the desired Modus Operandi. It is not as if the board can be relied on, although it is hard to see how Alisher Usmanov is undermining anyone since he is on the outside with little input into the club and no sign of an increase in popularity, despite populist soundbites.

A hint of paranoia once more though, it is hard to credit his theory that the fixture list has been sold out to Sky since none of the other teams have had their big clashes this early in the season. I would have thought that broadcasters would be begging for an end of season finale rather than early season bonanza’s. Nothing wrong with a good conspiracy theory though. A shame this one isn’t very good.

The line-up I expect this afternoon is:

Szczesny, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Sagna, Ramsey, Djourou, Rosicky, Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

There are one or two options, Arshavin dropping out for Lansbury for example, in a more orthodox 4-4-2 but I suspect Arsène will want some consistency in the formation / selection.

A win is the objective, it always is. However avoiding defeat would be almost as much of a boost, especially if accompanied by a strong performance. Either way, a continuation of the fighting spirit shown so far, the willingness to work hard for each other will bring positive results. Perhaps starting this afternoon.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. just cant wait to see the youngsters beat manure today

  2. yw apparently coquelin will start today

  3. hatrick

  4. I bet on the young guns getting a result this evening. Don’t disappoint me, but prove the bookmakers wrong. Go gunners.

  5. AOB

    Coquelin? Says who?


  6. Park is coming in for 3-4 million not 10!

  7. football is a funny old game. When no one gives you a chance, then the unthinkable happens. We might surprise a few today, hopefully..

  8. jesus where is everyone this morning , on the basis merse reckons were gonna lose 6-0 we should get a result

  9. yw , apparently coq,sunu,and ozu, have been added to the squad with ryo and afobe now injured out of these you would think coquelin would fit better in front of the back four than dj or heri,also if rosicky gets tired id like to see oz come on for his creativity having given fletcher and gibson the runaround in the reserves

  10. 3-1 to The Arsenal!

  11. love to see coquelin start today and i have this feeling that we will shock the world today just as we did at udinese

  12. Typical Amy Lawrence article, Yogi.

    All hints and innuendo and no sustainable facts.

    I do think that the ‘management team’ have been lacklustre though. Maybe I’ll be proved wrong in the next few days but even if we go on to sign all our targets, there is a feeling that quite a few have been hand wringing over the past few days and weeks.

  13. morning YW,
    great post ,specialy the last paragraph. my sentiments exactly. also hoping for no more injuries & suspensions. although i think web will be his usual stupid incompetent self and try to tip the scales. hope the crew not to give up and give it a proper effort..
    UP THE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. i think the problem we have is without knowing the true facts about offers, deals etc, hints and innuendos is all we have left this summer has been one big cloud of smoke and trying to pick out the truth is becoming more and more difficult even some of the more reliable journos,of which there are few,havent got a clue. john cross always makes me laugh although an arsenal fan never gets anything right

  15. Exactly, CB. She sounds like she doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Actually, I think she’s said as much a number of times on Football Weekly over the past four or five years.

    I could be jumping the gun, but I don’t think we’ll have done too badly come Wednesday, considering the circumstances. We were in a corner with Cesc, and the only thing holding up the Nasri deal was a vindictive agent, delaying it unti the moment he though it would be most damaging for Arsenal. Money-wise we did well. It’s annoying that he didn’t sign for us last autumn when the contract was on the table, but right now there isn’t much we can do when City get involved.

    I still think Everton and Bolton are where we’re going to be looking for at least one of our new players, and clearly we’re waiting for them to blink first. Make no mistake, these teams have to sell this week, but up to now they’ve been expecting to get Jordan Henderson money.

  16. A really bad result could have a major effect on our young team.

    looking at this objectively and without any Arsenal bias it looks an easy Utd win. 2-0 Utd

    And to give Utd an 8 pt start even now is going to be a massive mountain to climb

    On the transfers why are we not going for a LB?

  17. if traore goes to quarter pound of rubbish does that mean baines is a definate or will we rely on gibbs,jenk and maybe j meade steaping up ?

  18. And great blog, YW.

    This could be a very difficult afternoon, but one thing I’ve been wondering is that Slur Alex probably thinks he’s got Arsenal worked out – his game plan against has been the same for the last three years or so. Today though, we’re sure to have a couple of unknown quantities in the team, which just might work in our favour.

  19. OOU,
    hope you are right. I’m just bracing myself.

  20. ferdinand & vidic both out?
    that could be a massive advantage to the gunners.

  21. I watched coquelin play for france at the U20 world cup. tenacious,but too many misplaced passes when under pressure.hardly goes into the opponents half.smallish.i’d rather djourou play dm

  22. Limestonegunner

    OoU, I made the same point yesterday, that we might be playing a bit differently or he might underrate us and actually play a more attacking side at home, for once. Alas, no Gervinho because he would have really confounded their defense. Also Frimpong is a miss as well as Song who together give us a much stronger physical presence. Pace may be vital–the Ox could get a run out if Ryo is injured. Is this confirmed btw?

  23. This world is seriously mixed up when the opinions of journos and jumped up pundits who have never managed a football club are valued over Wengers. You would not take medical advice from someone who wasnt a doctor would you. I have read Lawrences article and this is just regurgitating the same old pot shots whilst missing the point.Given the circumstances a well earned draw is a great result. Unfortunately the world and his wife are expecting us to be humiliated to sell the hysteria of a doomed Arsenal. But if Fergie plays his kids against our kids I think there will be a shock in store for the Mancs. I really hope there is. if we can get Walcott and RVP on the ball plush Ox/Arsh then we can cause united problems as they can with Shrek and Ronaldo Lite. Plenty of surprises in store of which I hope Coquelin is one. Why should Wenger be criticised for refusing to pay over the odds for overrated english players?

  24. 4-2-3-1 formation or as YW suggested 442 possibly .

  25. Well there will be two very young teams out there. Alexs super kids and the Arsenal kids bottlers if you believe the press.
    However they too have alot if young players today. It will be an intetesting match indeed. Hope we can test DeGea, and hope the guys have good games. I want too see ozzy and leCouq that would be very exciting indeed. If LeCouq is as good as frimp my god we have some decent holding midfielders then! Everyone said Ozzy could be as good as Cesc last year. If he’s even half he will still be better than most in PL.
    This will be an exciting match.

  26. Is daily star really phws paper? Wow that’s just embarrassing….

  27. Does anyone know how we apply to the FA for permission for Webb to tell us before the match when he’s going to give the penalty and who he’s going to send off?

    It’s a routine event, so there’s probably a procedure in place by now. At least then we could plan in advance.

  28. Looking forwards to this after noon now. As long as the players give 100%, we can ask no more. Manure have much more quality available to them this afternoon due to our injury/suspension, but if we match them for fight, who knows?

    I am also going to watch the Spuds/M City game, only in the hope of a mass brawl or multiple lightning strikes.

  29. limestone,
    ryo out for ten days and sagna had cold yesterday so might need ft.

  30. If we could field the same 11 as we did in Italy this week, I’d be VERY confident. As it stands, we are undoubtedly up against it.

    Nevertheless, I expect a draw from today’s game. Not ideal, I know, but in these circumstances a draw at their ground would be a good result. It means that we can gain four from a possible six points from the main EPL challenge come the end of the season. It would also continue the positive momentum with Gibbs, 3Gs, Song and Frimps all nearing return following the pending and less challenging fixtures.

    Today’s result: 1 – 1.


  31. I think manusa are still running on confidence fumes from last season.

    Yes, they have belief, but I think that could be fragile as they are nowhere near as good as everyone is making out. Remember the start of last season when Chelsea were going to win the league at a canter?

    If there’s one thing that has been utterly consistent, it’s that the so-called pundits and experts have got it wrong, season after season after season.

    I can recall them telling us manusa would be unstoppable the season they bought ferdinand. I’m open to correction, but I think we did the double that season?

    The same when Chelsea bought schevchenko.

    The same for the season after we went unbeaten.

    Every time they were so wrong it was bizarre.

    Remember how they lied about what Wenger said when he thought it possible a team could go unbeaten, they claimed he said we would go unbeaten THAT season, which was a total lie. When we did go unbeaten the next season, not one of those sniveling oxygen thieves apologized or put their hands up.

    That’s why Geoerge’s tweet wasn’t actually a joke, these scum buckets deserve to be kicked and pissed on, they’re lower than shark shit.

    So, today we’re up against a shaky defense and an even shakier keeper.

    If we take the early chances we’re likely to get, I think we can shake them up enough to rattle that belief.

    A draw would be fine though, and should the worst happen, it’s 3 games into the season, I don’t buy this hysteria about 8 points.

    If 13 point leads can evaporate way later in a season, then 8 points when there are still the majority of points to play for is not insurmountable.

  32. How do I change my avatar on here? Mine which is assigned to my e-mail makes me look like a doomer 😉

  33. for some reason – I’m not apprehensive or anything about the actual game. I’ve seen enough so far to know that we will apply ourselves well and the boys will play for each other. As such, I expect it to be a positive game from us – one which we will fight for a win.

    I’m more concerned with Howard “I’m a Manc” Webb. He’s going to book our midfield and defenders early. He’s going to give dodgy decisions against us. He’s going to pamper to the crowd, and his miserable piece of fuck of a boss Riley is going to be sitting in the directors box grinning with the sort of smirk you want to wipe off his face with a hammer.

  34. It’s interesting that because we seem to be the underdogs today, I seem to have no worries about the result as long as we give Utd a good game and show the same spirit as against Udinese.
    I can’t make a prediction about the result though I HOPE for a draw.
    The only prediction I will make is that Howard Webb will play well for Utd and give at least one penalty in their favour.
    Yogi’s team prediction seems about right, but perhaps Lansbury or Ox will get into the starting XI.
    I just hope Webb doesn’t give us any red cards.

  35. I don’t see much wrong with Amy Lawrence’s article.

  36. I don’t see much right with Andy’s post

  37. I’ve had no time for Amy Lawrence since she and arseblogger trashed Song, saying he wasn’t “Arsenal quality” ………………….. Now where have I heard that phrase before?……….

  38. Stop being pedantic Geroge.

  39. Darius,

    An interesting question is why don’t the more pessimistic and critical factions among our support direct more of their energy against the likes of Webb and unfair practices in the EPL? To turn their anger in a direction that might actually help the club would just seem to make more sense: of course, that’s assuming that we share the same definition of ‘supporting’!

    Just had to get this off my chest.


  40. How does Man Utd’s defence look shaky? They’ve let in 1 goal in 2 games and have 2 centre backs that Wenger desperately wanted to sign.

  41. Dgob – Because not every believes there is some sort of conspiracy against the club.

  42. And while I’m on that particular topic, just a little nudge for those who claim the “away” support is somehow the last bastion of “Arsenalness”, some of those were the self same fuckers who booed Song off, picking on a youngster despite the entire team having a game to forget, including TH14.

    On another note: Funny how some claimants speak on behalf of the away support despite obviously not being part of the away support.

  43. James, because they don’t have their 2 first choice CBs (at least 1 of which, vidic, is rather good), and they have a keeper who has looked anything but assured.

    If that was our defense, I’d bet a penny to a pound of pig shit you’d be slitting your wrists over the prospect.

  44. Mike – The difference is that the rest of their team protect their defence pretty well. Our don’t in general. Their keeper does look a bit dodgy, especially on long shots and when under pressure from crosses…………..oh.

  45. @James_M – Maybe that’s because they’ve only played the Spuds and West Brom. And their keeper is well shaky too. £17m worth of butter fingers.


    It’s easier to doom and bitch than to think of how to use energy intelligently. That’s the only plausible explanation I can think of.

    What’s also bemusing is the reaction especially on Twitter to the impending signing of Park Chu Young. Clearly, like Koscielny, he seems to have been born on the wrong side of the rail tracks so he’s going to be treated like an unwanted step child.

    They asked for changes, they’re getting changes but they still bitch – and complain when we don’t pay over the odds for a defender who isn’t worth the paper the quotation comes on.

    Anti-Arsenal Arsenal supporters baffle me for most part. I wish it was possible to get rid of them during the transfer window.

  46. Andy, go and look through the ref analysis on Swiss Ramble.

    Take a look at the cards per fouls stats etc that Wenger brought a few seasons back.

    Whether it’s a conscious thing or not might be open for debate, but that the bias exists is not really a debate.

    How we deal with it, and how to avoid using it as an excuse for poor performances is yet another issue, but you have to be living in a fairy tale if to think there isn’t a bias.

  47. So Arseblog has gone native?

    Selling access to his blog at £10 a shot – for premium access?

    What is this world coming to.

    Right out of chapter 4 section 2 of how to take people for mugs manual.

    Fine – sell advertising if you want, but charging people for the privilidge of reading your blog? Who can even doubt now that his motive is purely to get the traffic.

  48. I know nothing about Park (like most people) so can’t really comment. Can’t help but feel a bit disappointed though after the manager was talking about “super super quality” last week though. I wonder if it means the same as when Asda claim their home brand stuff is also “high quality”. 🙂

  49. Darius,

    Too true. I’ve spent many nights thinking of what the club could do to remove the negative influences who are steadily making the Emirates a place of disadvantage for our own players to perform at. The law seems the main obstacle to my solutions to date.


    I am not quite sure how you read “conspiracy” into my call for positive support but it does seem that your lack of comprehension explains your bouts of pessimism. Things are often more complex than just spending money that you might have.

  50. Mike SA – Goonerandy wouldn’t believe in cunnilingus if a punani was sitting on his face.

    Hey GA – Good mornign – Are you up for the banter today. I’ll play if you get off your fence.

  51. Should have read: “than just wanting to spend money that you might have”.

  52. Mike – Your bit about using it as an excuse it right of course, we have to try and overcome events no matter what.

    To say the bias is not up for debate is not right though; of course it is. Even if we have more bad decisions go against us than any other team, that does not confirm a bias against us is in place. There are a million and one factors that contribute to a ref giving a bad decision, not one alone.

    Of course I am not discounting that there is a bias against us, as I am not discounting that there is an organised conspiracy against the club (as some seem to believe). But I don’t believe either. We also have plenty of decisions that go in our favor, but these are rarely taken into account when saying there is a bias against us.

  53. Ozyakup’s twitter said yesterday he is off to Manchester. Hopefully he comes through, the dutch are usaully very skilled players.

  54. Darius

    Eh? What’s that about selling blog access?


  55. @Goonerandy.

    Pray tell, if you haven’t seen Park play, how do you know he won’t be better than Bendtner or that he won’t improve our striking options.

    YOu seem to start from the premise that improvement means that you have to bring in a big name galactico and changing and tweaking personnel can’t hack it.

    Your disappointment says a lot about how you manage your own expectations – and as Goonerwife so eloquently put it yesterday “Stop projecting”

  56. Darius – I sure am mate, I have the sneaky suspicion that today will be a fine day. Beer and football all day, and it is quite a nice day over here. Happy to play once you are out of your sheep pen. I just just make you out, if I stand on the fence. You still have the shovel, stop hogging it.

    Dgob – Apologies if I misunderstood mate. I meant your comments of the unfair practicing and stuff. I thought you was aiming at a conspiracy against us. Apologies if wrong. 🙂

  57. goonerandy

    The article is much of a nothingness as far as I could tell.


  58. Darius – Well that is very true. He may turn out to be a great player. And I hope he does. But a player who has been relegated from lge 1 scoring 12 goals during the season does not really scream “super super quality” does it? It is like signing DJ Campbell.

  59. city’s got tevez and dzeko and balloteli.

    they go out and buy another striker that has over 200 goals under his belt and is 23 yrs.

    Arsenal has a striker who has never scored 30 goals in a season – but is regarded as world class.

    we go out and buy a striker who doesnt have up to 50 goals his whole european career.

    henry left because of lack of ambition.
    viera left because of lack of ambition.
    fabregas left because of lack of ambition.
    nasri left because of lack of ambition.

    rvp, walcott, jack and sagna would leave because of lack of ambition.

  60. YW – It is just opinion is it not? Don’t see much wrong with that.

  61. @Yogi – I picked up something on Twitter (you know – the new authority on all things AFC – that Arseblog has a premium service available to willing participants at £10 a shot.

    Maybe it’s a twitter April fools thing – but if true, it’s just a touch dodgy. I’m not averse to advertising revenues, but charging for access?

  62. Andy, I think we have more fans crying “mea culpa” than any other club.

    For e.g. Take a look at our “support” wrt Eboue compared to manusa when they had cronaldo.

    Eboue had maybe 2-3 dives a game and cut that down, but our supporters still crucified him.

    Cronaldo dived 2-3 times every 15 minutes in every game and fungusbum and the manusa support claimed he’d “cut it out of his game”.

    That’s after denying for several seasons that he dived in the first place!

    I dislike manusa as much as the next man, but some of their support is a fuck load better than our lily livered bunch.

    That’s not to say I dont think we make mistakes or that our manager, board, players and club are beyond question, but these days we seem to have such a dramatic chasm between our supporters, either we can do no wrong, or we can do no right.

  63. Arsenal’s record in the league before Wenger was 23 Top 4 finishes in 92 seasons. Under him, it is 14 out of 14.

  64. Mike – That is fair enough. That said, Pires was not adverse to a dive and I don;t really think anybody got on his back. Pires and Ronaldo had massive outputs though, so people were prepared to give them more leeway I think. For many Eboue’s dives just encapsulated everything that was wrong with him (didn’t mind him myself).

  65. Darius, what was it Wenger said about sausages a while back? 🙂

  66. Darius are you suggesting my tweets are dodgy?

  67. Darius – Exactly. People calling for Wenger to go need to remember things like that. I also seem to remember Manure going through a sticky patch a few years ago, and supporters demanding old red nose leave as well. MAdness really.

  68. Andy, Bobby did fall over fairly easy later in his career after his ACL injury, which IMO disrupted a lot of our attacks, but he is still slated to this day about 1 single dive vs Portsmouth.

    Compare that to cronaldo’s serial diving, and rooney’s, Gerard, et al to boot.

    Bobby had 1 significant dive, Rooney had at least 3 just against us, never mind anyone else.

    Gerard dived against Hungary in a fucking friendly ffs!

    Cronaldo stole more points than Webb and his mates have handed to manusa on a plate, bur somehow Eboue gets kicked to shit by our own supporters?!?!?!

    So tell me who are the biggest cunts as supporters then?

  69. Why would anyone pay to to read arseblogg?? That’s insane !

    Can I just ask you andy, what is “super,super quality?”. For me it would be the sneijders, the riberys

  70. Or the benzemas of the world. Is that what u thinking? Not neccisarily those players but that level?

  71. Cos I’d be equally happy with the mvillas and the martins of the world. Good quality players in tire 2-3 on the star heaven.

    And iPhone sucks to write from :p

  72. Arseblog is not charging to read his blog,yet.
    Its something about the “live blog chat”

  73. Poodle – I wouldn’t have though Park though eh? The players you mentioned could come into that category I suppose.

  74. That’s the problem, players we have had that we now consider as having been “super, super quality” weren’t often perceived as being “super, super quality” when they arrived.

    Wenger spotted that quality before anyone else. It only became apparent once they had played for us for a while.

    Now people expect that to change, and forget that particular point.

  75. Nice avatar Andy, what is t? 🙂

  76. Mike – As it goes I have no issue with the park signing. I was just commenting that it is not really the type of expected signing after the managers “super super quality” comments.

  77. Sorry: it

  78. Mike – , Hmmm, I can’t actually see it. I have been messing around this morning trying to get it to work. How come you can see it and I can’t? Strange goings on.

    It is a QOTSA logo.

  79. MikeSA,Its amazing how easily people forget how Arsene brought the club to where it is and how he achieved what we did.

  80. Ah, ignore my last. Seems to have changed now.

  81. Andy, that’s actually my point, he’s exactly the sort of signing we should expect from Wenger based that comment and on his history.

  82. Now I feel like one of the cool kids 😉

  83. Mike – Heh, very true. I imagined with all the cash at bank we now have, he may have indulged himself a little.

  84. “Andy, that’s actually my point, he’s exactly the sort of signing we should expect from Wenger based that comment and on his history.”

    And if you ask me ,that is a good thing

  85. Limestonegunner

    Darius, Wenger’s record is fantastic and it is common knowledge that he is the most successful manager in our history. The problem with that stat is that the first division in England functioned very differently from the PL and the CL era. How many different teams made it into the top four before the big prize money of the Champions League (transformed from the European cup)? Once that transformation happened a very big gap has been produced between the very top and the rest of the league. You see this is the wages paid. Structurally, the big clubs have had their advantages enhanced. It is only recently where the big spending of the sugar daddies has challenged the established order with a new and entrenched elite at the same time that we were financially strapped with the building of the new stadium. Maintaining top four status since 2005 is the real accomplishment.

    If we maintain top four this season, when we have lost players and not spent big in the transfer market and pay the 4th or 5th highest wages, that will be a major accomplishment that shows the quality of our youth and Wenger’s genius. But from 1996-2004 was really a different situation and pre-Premiership/Champions League really a different era entirely.

  86. George – Both yes and no IMO. I like the fact that Arsene takes gambles on players, and polishes little rocks into gems. I really do. On the other hand, we have weakened the squad and have plenty of available cash to re-enforce the squad. Now is not the time to be tinkering and making gambles.

    There is nothing wrong with buying established talent. And whilst no signing can guarantee that they will fit in and perform, the chances are that bringing in somebody more established, the chances are much higher. Which is why they cost more money. In the past finance has been an issue, so Wenger has been forced to improvise almost. And that is to his credit, but this summer (the next 3 days) he does not need to improvise.

  87. I have the feeling we can have a good game today and considering the situation a draw would not be a bad result but if we carry on our good display we could get a win.

    As for park, you need to put the relegation of monaco. They are a one of a kind team, they play in a fairly big stadium which is always empty because they have no support. They survive on the good will of the monaco prince and a dodgy investment group called fedcom and the fact that salaries are tax free. I haven’t seen him play much but from what i’ve seen and the reports he was Carrying the team and being more of a goal poacher if he was starved of good services he could not shine as much. I think he could be a good alternative from what we have

  88. If, and it is an if, we don’t make any significant signings (when the cash is available to do so), and then finish outside the top 4…….what will people’s opinions on this transfer window be? A genuine question.

  89. @Andy – you’re asking people to comment on a hypothesis that isn’t a reality or likely to be at this point in time. We could equally argue what if he doesn’t bring in anyone significant and we not only make the top 4, we also win a trophy.

    @George – It’s the Phil Gartside effect on Twitter….LOL – you don’t know, do you?

    @Limestone – I agree with your take on the issue of how the league has become a different beast after Abramovich parked his russian tank at Stamford Bridge and threw money at the league. In a lot of ways, that is also an indicator of how we’ve been fighting against the tide and especially the fact that for many in the game, the financial doping has actually been normalized and seen as OK.

  90. *Put the relegation of monaco in perspective

  91. Limestonegunner

    Thanks AOB. That is bad news about Sagna. Hope he is 100 percent today. He has been a rock for us and is a genuine, if underrated, leader in our team.

  92. Darius – Well I can answer that easily enough. If we make the top 4 and win something then our “sticking with the kids” if you like, will have been thoroughly vindicated. I am just asking for people’s genuine opinion, the question does not need dissecting.

  93. Limestonegunner

    What do we think the lineup will be today? So many decisions to make but not the good kind of selection headache when there are so many good players to fit into the side.

    Who will play in midfield? What to do about left back? Is Vermaelen fit? Only the front three seems easily predictable to me: Walcott, RvP, Arshavin

  94. C’mon, don’t sit on the fence. Give me an opinion 😉

  95. To add to the point about the genius of Wenger; he never overpays for quality unlike most PL managers. Take King Kenny for example, 35 million for Carroll who only plays for 5 mins yesterday, after the game is won and still looks like shit.

  96. Andy, I think that the point is that Wenger has had us boxing way above our weight, and pretty successfully too for a long time.

    I think people are way too forgetful of what the impact of building a stadium entails, just consider where other clubs who built new stadiums ended up in the most part.

    That’s ignoring the magnificent training ground etc as well.

    Wenger is only human. He does make mistakes, and he can suffer from lapses in confidence etc just like anyone else.

    I think the departure of Cesc has bitten deeper than any of us will ever know or realize.

    Imagine if you can just how lonely it is to be in his position.

    You should know yourself if you’ve been in a strong leadership position that it can be tough to carry on when you’re getting battered from all sides, and it’s not as if the feedback is consistent or on any particularly discernible track.

    For e.g., we have those who insist Scott Parker would be a valuable addition. Others think he is poor. Yet another group thinks he had an indian summer, so who’s correct?

    To still trust his own judgement has to be indicative of just how strong Wenger’s character must be.

    Compare that to the character strength of those calling for his head.

    What I am getting at is although I think Wenger is fallible, and has made mistakes, I think he deserves. Lot more respect and leeway than he is getting from many quarters, not least of all the media, who are reacting very much with a mob mentality and caressing down the path of killing a goose that lays golden eggs for them.

    Once again, that’s why I think the media don’t deserve to be using up everyone else’s oxygen.

  97. Shotta – He has overpaid, that is without doubt. But their squad is also improved, that is also without doubt. If the financial outlay is affordable by the club, then there is nothing wrong with that (although you could argue that the money could have been better spent)

  98. Mike – I agree with that.

  99. @Goonerandy – damn – can’t you even give me breathing space to help my son out with his web thing? LOL.

    My opinion – big name players are not the answer to everything. We have to learn to play better as a team and play for each other. If a new face brought in ala Gervinho improves our lot, I’m more encouraged by that as opposed to a brand new shiny signing based on an over-hyped price tag. Our best players at the moment – e.g. Sagna, Vermaelen and Koscielny didn’t cost mega buck – were relatively unknown and under-rated and hit the ground running.

    Your disappointment seems to be more about the fact that we didn’t spend enough money as opposed to buying a player who will improve the squad. You want a big money signing to make you feel better about things.

    As for today’s game – If we’re playing one of our defenders as a defensive minded midfielder, my sense would be that Koscielny would do a better job in there to act as a spoiler capable of starting counter attacks.

  100. 100 metres final in just less than half an hour!

  101. @Mike SA – regarding your comment about the mob mentality of the media and how they not only attack Wenger but even more dangerously excert a disproportionate amount of influence….

    Never under-estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

  102. Kenyan, there’s a shocker, Usain out.

  103. Bolt faulted he’s out wot a plonker he woulda won this at a canter but hei even the best fail n he has time on his hands

  104. Blake took it though, what a burst at the nd!

  105. Kim Collins wot a ran though!

  106. Any news on the team today?

  107. Collins a very happy lad, nice to see

  108. I have to say I love the long distances myself, the posturing n pseudo agro of the sprinters is too off putting mo farah galant effort but a great last lap from jelani

  109. A shocker, MikeSA. Totally unexpected!

  110. Limestonegunner

    Darius, I don’t think it is a terrible or horrible thing to want a big name signing at this particular moment. There are many benefits to be considered that aren’t direct. We just lost two of our best players, both of whom are “big names” as it were (Fab more than Nasri of course) while most of our new players are young and untested talents from much lower divisions. Gervinho is maybe not a huge name in England but obviously proved himself a winner in Europe’s fifth biggest league. He cancels the loss of Nasri. But the loss of Fabregas is a different kettle of fish. Bringing in a player of genuine acknowledged quality, experience, talent and accomplishment (yes, this costs more) might give confidence to the support and the players, like RvP our captain, who have called for reinforcements without in any way undermining the fierce determination to fight with the squad as it stands. The support in the ground has rallied around the team and has lauded the victory over Udinese. The players have battled and shown solidarity and effort. Now, if the club were to stretch a bit from the standard approach to show that it was determined to bring in a player of high caliber who already has shown through experience that he has qualities and accomplishments–not just talent and skill–to add to the team, this would have some positive benefits. The club, players, and support would be pulling in the same direction and reinforcing one another’s good intentions and efforts. Psychology is as much a part of strategy in battle.

    In addition to the extraordinary quality he showed on the pitch, wouldn’t we all agree that Bergkamp’s arrival to Highbury was also symbolic? Didn’t it seem to herald something? On the blog here there was some talk about Kaka and then some media speculation as well. On the fans’ forum, Tom Watt even made the connection, suggesting Kaka might be the Bergkamp-like signing of this era. A great player who made a move that hasn’t worked out so well and might be available and possibly resuscitated by Wenger. I actually differed with others here when it was first suggested about whether Kaka would be a good signing for Arsenal because I think Kaka’s loss of pace would/has reduced his effectiveness and in the PL would matter even more. But that’s just my limited and inexpert opinion on his footballing qualities–if Arsene Wenger judged him a good possibility we’d back his view. But what we certainly can all agree on is that psychologically it would be a powerful statement to the footballing world, to supporters and our team about the status of Arsenal. If he proved a success, it would be a galvanizing turning point. Everyone would be excited and the confidence would build, that’s why some of you were talking about it as an exciting possibility. Those gains go beyond what the player actually produces statistically on the pitch.

  111. I think a more powerful statement is winning games by sticking to your ideals and proven strategies. Appearing suddenly after all these years to buckle to pressure from tabloids and a minority of easily mislead fans would show weakness and a lack of leadership.

  112. Darius – Ha, sorry about that.

    You have me slightly wrong I think. I am not after a “big money” signing per se. I have never been one to think that this is the way ahead. What must be considered however, is that some players come into the “big money” bracket as they have proved they can continuously perform at a high level.

    Some of the bargains Arsne picks up, are a gamble; it may work, it may not. I don’t think we are in a position to gamble at the moment. The squad has lost quite a bit of experience and quality over the summer (both things which we did not have enough of even last year) and we need players to come in who will perform. Sometimes paying that bit extra gives you a better chance of getting that. We have the money available; there is no need to gamble.

  113. It’s hard to see where we could get another marquee signing a la bergkamp in todays inflated Market. Players who couldn’t even lace bergkamp’s boots go for 40 mil plus wages, for me gervinho is a more than an adequate replacement for nasri. Instead of replacing cesc we should looking to complement welshire and yann mvilla fits the bill. With song and mvilla behind wilshire we I think we can be more competitive.

  114. Modric back for spuds.

  115. @Limestone – I’m not averse to a big signing – but it shouldn’t be to pacify the masses and get a feel good factor.

    Steww captures my sentiment well – it’s selling ourselves down the river. We haven’t run out of alternatives yet.

  116. I agree with Steww at 1:03 pm

    The Arsenal way, or should I say the Arsene way. I’m so proud of the way we do things, we all should be.


  117. Kaka at his very best is two levels below Dennis Bergkamp.

    I believe we would pay almost anything for the right player.I dont think the Fee is the problem.I am sure it is the wages that make a big money signing a non starter.

  118. I agree with Steww as well

  119. we are going to need another brave performance today..like liverpool, like udinese..

    i still dont know why weve let it get to this point where we are thread bare, especially when the windows open..but a bad performance today will just sharpen the knives..result dont matter we are very much the underdog the performance has to be a strong one though..

  120. bleh Rio and Fletcher in the starting lineup? Rio will help them alot in defence…

  121. did i mention hes a dick too?

  122. Arsenal lineup anyone?

  123. Signing a marquee player isn’t as simple as being willing to spend £20m or £30m on a player. They have to choose Arsenal over clubs with greater pedigree (perhaps they’ve always dreamed of playing for Real?), clubs that pay ridiculous wages, and clubs with supporters who generate a positive atmosphere in their stadium. I don’t think we’re a particularly attractive destination for established players.

  124. ” I don’t think we’re a particularly attractive destination for established players.”

    Especially if they are not as good as our kids

  125. great job on your runners KENYAN. they are making your country proud.
    ANDY, this might be painful viewing but you might want to revisit an away game played at OLD TURDFORD about five or six years ago. i believe this jackass RILEY was the ref, in this particular game. the manure basic butchered REYAS all game long with horrible tackles with complete impunity. that game cemented my position that there really was a ref. conspiring to tilt the result to manures favor and a general bais toward ARSENAL. mind you, it is painful enough you might throw your laptop across the room. that game made REYASES mind up to leave us and go back to a more civilised league in spain. RILEY watched the whole thing and after seven or eight bone crunching tackles on jose, he started yellow carling OUR players for giving some back..
    RILEY- SCUMBAG OF THE LOWEST ORDER. viewing that game will makeup you mind, imo.

  126. Nasri getting plenty of stick from the Spuds fans. And I don’t feel one bit sorry for the greedy cunt.

  127. @goonah well tbh money talks. It takes a strong character to refuse 180k a week. and nobody, absolutley nobody can compete with City. So unless you are a fan or you do want to work with Wener(as many palyers really do) you are right, we dont stand a chance to sign the big kahunas. But not beacsue we are not a desired destination. Look at Etoo, anything is possible if you can pay for it. Its all about the money.

    oh and Lennon has no end product what so ever… wonder if he even has a footballing brain. If he had one tottenham would be leading now…

  128. goonah
    theres two sides to that coin..

    i agree, the club is not an attractive propersition for established foreign players..

    but the established PL players are..weve secured CL, im sure the sambas, the cahills, the jagielkas, wouldnt turn down the chance to play for us..

  129. Kamran – That just proves he is a shit ref. Nothing more.

  130. put simple. If Arsenal can stump up 350k a week salarys we can sing ANYONE in the world. nobody will say no.

  131. Thanks Kamran. And Neville claims that Reyes was just soft!

  132. “Nasri getting plenty of stick from the Spuds fans. And I don’t feel one bit sorry for the greedy cunt.”

    maybe he will go out on twitter again and say “i heard you guys,shame on you, im on 180k a week, how dare you boo me”.

  133. Andy,are you sure that is all it proves?

  134. I always wonder how strong Japan would have been had David Silva chosen to play for his mother’s country!

  135. AW is nearly always quoted as being factor when players sign for us. Many will do well to remember that. Without he, there would likely have been no Henry, no Viera, no Pires, no Fabregas and the list goes on and on.

  136. If h plays regularly Nasri will be a great player for them. its a sad fact that is.

  137. RILEY-shit ref.
    web- shit ref.
    macdermuth- shit ref.
    need i go on, hence ref. bais. hence conspiracy.

  138. I think that is what has pissed me off most about Nasri leaving; he is going to become very very good. I thought it would be with us 😦

  139. Nasri will be warming the bench will he?

    Silva best player in the prem by miles

  140. kamran – Hence paranoia. Seriously, if that is what you believe, fill your boots.

    I really cannot be bothered discussing. Religion/UFO’s/Mediums/Conspiracies against Arsenal. All the same; made up drivel.

  141. nasri has jusst made more assists in one game than he did the entire last year for us.

  142. @Mike SA 11.26

    Yes, yes, yes – I have made exactly that point a few times in the past. The number of times D&G twats have criticised signings only to move quietly on to criticise other targets (Denilson, Song, Bendtner) when the player signed turns out to be good (Gervinho the latest example).

    Wenger only ever gets criticism and all successes are conveniently ignored.

    Park is the latest target of their ire – should he sign and turn out to be rather handy it would be of no surprise to me but no doubt the pattern will be repeated.

    I wonder how the media will react should we win today – given that we have been written off so completely in every quarter it would amount to a ‘giant killing’.

  143. then again tottenham looks horribly out of their depts here. either that or Dzeko is a really good striker that properly bullies their defence…

  144. M City have so many match winners in their side. Even if they play shite they will always have a half a chance of getting something.

  145. Nasri playing alongside Toure and Silva no wonder he is looking good

    City look really good

  146. their front 4 are sick though! very few will beat them this year.you need proper good defenders. Luckily we got Kos and Verm… They tamed Barcelona, surly they will be among the few to tame the city front line too..

  147. Nasri more central than he was usually for us.

  148. Nasri will be playing for Barca or Real within 2 years. Of that I am sure. He will be on the footballing scrapheap within 4 years like Adebayor, Diarra and Hleb and others. They are good players with a rubbish attitude, full of self importance and no loyalty. Cesc on the other hand will be a world beater for years to come and is also a great guy.

  149. City will be a threat if they change their policy and buy some world class players in the next window.

  150. Mattyboy – Heh, you tell yourself that mate. I doubt it though. For one, if M City starting winning things, going to the likes of Madrid or Barca will not be a temptation. If M City want a player to stay, they will blow anybody out of the water wage wise. Plus he is a much better player than the ones you mentioned.

  151. Loath to admit that Mancini might have found Nasri’s real strengths. But again he may slump later in the season – as he usually does!

  152. City and their match winners. We saw them at the Ems last season, didn’t we? Looked like they all had their pants full cause they were so shit scared.

  153. Does anyone have any good links to the Sp*rs game please? I do enjoy watching them get a hammering.

  154. My hunch is that Nasri’s ‘ambition’ will be to go to Madrid.

    Had Nasri stayed, he probably would’ve of played around the pitch as is his like at times during games, but not really in the F-Word role.
    Both his assists against BBB (in the CL) were from wide areas. Can you get an assist for an OG? If not, that run down the left to put Arsenal ahead (in the tie) against BBB was straight from the classical whingers handbook. Both assists today (double his assists with AFC in the PL) from the verge of the whinge.

  155. Well one should not read to much into a victory over Tottenham at the moment neithe though. They really were awful aginst United the other weekend.

  156. Dgob @ 10:41:

    I believe that if we control the things we can control and stop obsessing over the things we can’t control then we will have better results. Worrying about Howard Webb sends the most negative message that could possibly be sent, that we are somehow not in control of our own destiny. To me that seems the ultimate in doomer mentality.

    Steww @ 1:03:

    If what you are doing has not been bringing the results you hope for or expect then you have to adapt. We were one of the bigger spending teams in the first part of the Wenger era. The policy of extreme frugality was created because of need and somehow it seems to have morphed into our identity. Ultimately we will have to see the results on the pitch match the level of expectation. Y No one expects us to spend like man city but we certainly could make much better use of the resources we have. The idea that bringing in a specific type of player who is not a typical Wenger player will somehow ruin the team is utter bollocks.

  157. Arry’s value for money title challengers can be seen here:


  158. Evil – I think they may come with a slightly more expansive approach this year.

  159. Bill @ 2:25 – Spot on with both points.

  160. Harry better cash in on Luka.

  161. Will be interesting to see if Redknapps manmanagement can get his team out of tight spots this year too. Tottenham has been very quiet on the market this year no? They look worse this year than last thats for sure…

  162. oh and im sure they overachived both last year and the year before…

  163. Look forward to a great game today. I hope the boys put in a truly spirited performance. No one else in the league won at OT last year so it certainly going to be tough but I think we will surprise them and get a draw.

  164. when is the lineup out?

  165. City is toying with Spurs. Can’t help but feel pretty down watching Nasri rip it up; they look incredibly dangerous. There’s just no way we can compete w/ the likes of City, Utd, Chelsea, particularly if our best players are injured and our “pile” of cash sits idle. And our “pile” of cash is merely a day’s worth of interest income for the owners of City. Sigh.

  166. Many thanks finsbury.

  167. Well, if Clichy was so bad, according to all the self declared football experts and realists, why the bleedin’ ‘eck did Mancini buy him to complement the signings of Nasri and Aguero?

    Tis Uncredible!

    Oh. Gibbs is fine.
    Arsenal announced their intentions with the selection the last time they played the Manc$, and Gibbs looked the part.
    But that doesn’t help to explain why some ‘realists’ like to bite their own noses off.

  168. ArseChicago ,Very true and yet our fans seem to expect us too.

  169. goonerandy – Yes, I will tell myself that, because it is my opinion. My opinion is also that Nasri is not going to stay at Man City if Barca or Real come knocking in two years. He is not yet proven himself to be a MUCH better player than any of the players I mentioned either.

  170. Oops, error. it wasn’t that Manc game where Clichy was dropped/injured.
    Still, when was the last time you saw Clichy with a flying leap of a header that almost scored a goal?
    Gibbs has been fine when on the pitch so far this season, unarguably better going Forward.

  171. matty – Fair enough.

  172. I think the Tottenham might need a new ‘keeper.

  173. And a new CB

  174. Not to menton a new midfielder.

  175. Spuds certainly don’t look like a top 4 team today.

    Dzeko certainly looks like money well spent.

  176. Who gives a fuck what they need?

  177. We should bid for Van Der Vaart

  178. Playing 2 strikers seems to be making a comeback.

  179. Did I forget the striker?

  180. Wait. They’ve got Ade!

  181. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed seeing Tottenham take a pounding less than this.

    Anyone know what UEFA have made of the Etihad deal? FFP is looking like our only hope.

  182. Glicy followed the money so did nasri that’s all there is to it. Their heads got turned n we can’t compete on those terms. Both had they stayed would have been first choice for us. In Gibbs we have a player who if fit can replace glicy adequately and in gervinho we have a player who can make us forget nasri.
    When wilshire is back arsenal will be a very different proposition- do not under estimate the impact a player of wilshire’s ability can make.

  183. Goonerandy, no need for foul language.

    Tis just an observation. Poor old ‘Arry needs to spend some farkin’ moololah.

  184. It’s a spud massacre!

  185. M City running riot.

    Who would have thought buying “super super quality” players would have brought that?

  186. its the second spud massacre in two weeks no?

  187. Finsbury – I have no doubt he will be hanging out of his car window “nearly” signing players on the final day as per normal. The wheeler dealing cunt.

  188. but its not even fun watching, cos everyone knows its bought glory. This will hit back at City. Who would wanna watch them? who would wanna watch PL if this is the way forward? they take all the fun out of footy.
    you want a competetive league not a LaLiga with 1 or 2 clubs and noboty els.

  189. lol @ OOU.

    Perhaps if we all asked in a nice voice, the FA will teleport in Phil Dowd for the rest of the game and things might ‘even themselves out’ for the Tinies.

  190. This embarrassing for spurs could a cricket score

  191. This reminds me of the coming of Abramovich. The rules have changed!

  192. Ah money does wonders. I have never wanted Spurs to win but today I was hoping they beat the shity. it looks like money wins hands down.

  193. And too think they will only lose £200 million every year.
    Seems like a bargain to me

  194. OOU – ‘I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed seeing Tottenham take a pounding less than this’.

    I know what you mean.

    Man City and all what they stand for leave a really bad taste in my mouth. Football has created a monster. I hope they win nothing this season as it will be interesting to see what the mercinaries will do. Anything they do win will have been bought, plain and simple.

  195. Am so nervous!

  196. matty they will probably win everything…..

  197. Maybe there are more pressing collapses to talk about in north London now.

  198. and why should they not? they got 25 world class players… if they dont win everything its a discrace..

  199. Well when Chelsea started winning stuff we were told “you can’t buy success”
    And it was Maureen’s brilliance.
    Well I think we can safely say that you CAN buy success if you 500 times the money of your competitors.

  200. Matty – True. Wenger must be pissed. He has build a self suatining side, only too see his long term plan pretty much blown out of the water by the likes of money rich city. If things were still on an even keel we would be sitting pretty.

  201. @kenya the rules has changed? there is no rules anymore. You will soon see City bullying Uefa too and winning when it comes to their super Eithad deal.

  202. “and why should they not? they got 25 world class players… if they dont win everything its a discrace..”

    That will be overlooked .

  203. Looks like Arsenal will have to defend the pride of north London alone.

  204. What i wonder is if any other fans are pissed off by this. The papers seem to love it, but i cannot see how the fans of all the other teams are ok with this. Its taking the piss really.

  205. George – Yup. You can buy sucess. And we can make oursleves feel beter by saying “yeah, but wait until it all goes wrong for them”. But in this far from ideal world, that might not actually happen.

  206. Precisely, PG and MB.

  207. Wait till United and Chelsea start to cry about the “unfairness”of it all.
    It will be a different story then.

  208. Poodle – Personally I can’t see them winning the big two competitions, but we shall see. They could win it all for the next five years for all I care, its not sport. And as you point out, if they don’t, it will be a disgrace. Its a disgrace either way.

    I really hope todays main course is a cracking battle. Sp*rs have just rolled over and bowed down to the money. There is no way Arsenal would ever do that.

  209. George – Well Chelsea can’t say fuck all. And neither can Manure.

  210. Andy.It wont ever go wrong for them.
    To much money involved,UEFA will have their snouts in the trough soon enough.
    The game is fucked as we knew it

  211. @andy im sure if City does this to every club they meet this year people will be pissed off. Not becaust they are so good, people dont mind good teams if they have been nutrured and grown and been sustainable like say United, Arsenal etc. But nobody likes it when some yuppy kid comes in and uses 2billion to stockpile all the best playes in the world. They dont buy cos they need em, they buy to keep others from getting better.

    i think fans will react, which means Sky will react(they want happy customers). Which means something will be done to stagger City. maybe not this year, maybe not next. but in 3-4 years.
    Nobody wants to watch a LaLiga with only 1 team that can realistically win due to money.

  212. “George – Well Chelsea can’t say fuck all. And neither can Manure.”

    That is my point ,yet they will.

  213. Anybody seeing what Samir Nasri is doing in the Hotspurs Vs Mancity Match? 3 assists and its still game on. Maybe he never had the finishers to finish his assists

  214. Poodle ,City could buy Sky.

    Do not underestimate the power of the £

  215. What kind of satisfaction does one get from watching a team bought with corrupt oil money. They can afford to buy anyone and everyone and if the player flops just opffload him and still pay his wages. They are operating outside of the rules that every other team in the world must live by. It feels incredibly dirty, manufactured, and insincere. City have become the epitomy of the anit-Arsenal approach. I wish them a thousand plagues….

  216. Bale has been hugely impressive 🙂

  217. Poodle – I agree people will be pissed off. But what can be done about it?

  218. I agree with Viceologist at 3:09 pm.

  219. This city team look like they have a soft centre and if anyone ignore the names they have and have a go at them they crumble. United came back from 2 nil and beat them in the Community shield, Bolton came back from 3 nil and almost got a point, and Spurs are dominating in the final stages. City players look very edgy when you have a go. There is hope after all

  220. No TV5 or Sanga. Le Coq starts.

    A draw woould be an amazing result for us. Fuck!

  221. Do we have any idea what the line up for us will be today?

  222. Great – no Vermaelen or Sagna. Just when we need a break.

  223. Christ Verm and Sagna out….

  224. I remember Real Madrid dominating La Liga for years and they really didn’t care a damn what people thought!

  225. Just wait til Dubai takes over United from the Glazers at some point? It’s going to be like the cold war stockpiling of weapons between two enemies. Abramavich will probably head for the hills and we’ll have La Liga II. Two teams at the top, 18 teams 20 points behind.

  226. oh my god no tv5 in the team it just got even more difficult

  227. Can we ever catch a fuckin break. No Vermaelen, no Sagna, no Wilshere, no Song, no Gervinho…almost our entire first team is out. What did Arsenal do in their previous life to deserve this horrible misfortune?

  228. Chill the Thrill

    Gareth “PFA player of the year 7 goals and 1 assist” Bale.

    Did you know our very own Maroune Chamakh had better statistics then the PFA player of the year?


  230. sz jenk kos dj traore ram coq wal ros arsh vp

  231. It will almost be our CC team. This is going to be a long 90mins to watch.

    Jenkinson and Troare against Young and Nani. Jesus!

  232. Szczesny; Jenkinson Djourou Koscielny Traore; Coquelin Ramsey Rosicky; Walcott RVP Arshavin

  233. Glad we got Park. Know absolutely nothing about him. Hope he helps.

  234. No Vermy or Sagna today. Lucky lucky Arsenal.

  235. I am just going to buckle up for this one. Could be a bumpy ride. It would be one hell of a statement if our makeshift side actually get a result.

  236. No expectation for us to win, from anywhere.

    Its 11 Vs 11 after all, well 12, but anything can happen.

    Come on you Gunners!

  237. @andy i dunno, i just think nobody will be asked to watch PL anymore if City is like this in every game. look, tottenham are not great, but they are not shit neither. I think if the outcome of the league becomes predictable the interest will go down. if city dominates everything for 3-4 years. Whos gonna wanna watch the PL? And who except from their already excisitng fans will let themselves be charmed by Citys play? especially when we all know they are bought and have no history. They are not like Barca, full of catalan pplayers or like Real, an old classy giant. They are city! the toy of an oil sheikh that has just changed footy as we know it.
    Then again things may change they may not be as dominant as they look now. they may not win anything. The league may not be predictable. But if it is, then would you really want to watch?

  238. Wow, what a goal!

  239. Dzeko gets a fourth…fuckin a

  240. lol poor Arry

  241. even a draw would be a great result today the doomers are sharpening their knives as we speak I take back what I said earlier merse might actually be right for once this ones going to take a few beers and as many superstistions as can muster

  242. No Vermalen and Sagna ? Really? are you kidding me now?

  243. As i tweeted
    “Drastic measures required today.I am sacrificing a fated calf as we speak”

  244. well we cannot expect to much from a cc cup side against United can we. That would be cruel towards the boys. I think Aw will have to buy 11 new first team players to counter all our injuries and suspensions…..

  245. Limestonegunner

    Chelsea already followed this path and there was no outcry. Quite the opposite. They were celebrated. Why do people think Man City is a different case? Because it is Arab oil money rather than Russian oil money?

  246. i thought we all knew TV wasnt going to be in the team??
    weve known he wasnt going to be in the team when wenger said after the udinese game that he picked up an injury and he had to play through..

    TV could be out for a few weeks..

    and JD and koz are not fit..

    0-0 ches man of the match..

  247. utd will probably beat us by the same score..

  248. bet you he’s fuggin twitching real bad now….

  249. Really with the Doomers talk again? As if Arsenal supporters have no basis for feeling down about their lots in life at the moment? Give me a break. It’s almost as if some folks would prefer Arsenal to be a mid-table team w/ the 35,000 in the stands bragging about how they’re the true supporters, unlike the fair-weather lot from the first decade of the 2000s.

  250. Well if we bought Cahill we would have had 1 fit defender…lol

  251. Right you lot. I can’t stay my usual calm voice of reason during this fixture, I nearly don’t bother watching it, as I detest and loathe everything to do with man u so much that I can’t bear looking at them for 90 minutes, even against us.
    So I’ll just say good luck fellow Arsenal fans, and even good luck to you miserable low life ingrate doomers who don’t deserve to share our success. See you maybe at half time.

  252. Oh my life. On our bench we have 5 players with not one appearence in the PL between them. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

  253. I guess Le Boss didn’t fancy Lansbury playing as a DM. Fran must have really impressed him though, or Steve Bould’s got a lot of faith.

  254. Paul Merson Dooming, Gary Neville sticking up for us, saying the young boys have nothing to lose, go out and enjoy it. Interesting.

  255. Limestone because City have taken it to a new level.
    The game is fucked.

  256. JonJon – waaaah! whinge, moan!

  257. whos on our bench?

  258. Worth repeating, Young Guns had thought that Franny would break through ahead of Frimpong.
    Franny’s been at the U-20 WC, so at least he’ll be match fit.


  259. i find the biggest worrys to be traore and jenkinson tbh. the rest looks ook if you take into concideration half the squad is either suspended or injured.

  260. Neville just made a decent point. We almost have no pressure on us at all in this match, maybe will will produce a performce which will defy logic. One thing is for sure; Manure will “get into” us very quickly to try and bully this youngsters.

  261. Poodle – Agreed. The team need to work hard so they are not isolated.

  262. @andy I genuinely like Neville as a pundit. I’ve not heard him say anything ridiculous and he seems to do his research too.

  263. A salary cap may be the way out of this madness. We will see how FIFA handle it. If people really want to see competitive leagues and a level playing field then it may be the only way. And I am not usually one that would support an idea like that, but who knows.

  264. we had gladly sold a number of players to city till the nasri deal,you could say we had it coming.As for me i can”t blame nasri, he had afterall left marseille to join us, seems hypocritical for us to now rail against his choice of a club offering a better pay and frankly better chances of winning something. the game’s changed, like bill said,at times we do tend to showboat with our frugal transfer policy.SHOW ME THE MONEEEEEEY!!!! that’s football’s new mantra.

  265. Maybe RVP will decide to carry us with some fantastic wonder goals today. Stranger things have happened.

  266. Pundits are having a field day putting out how we are putting out a weak side, apparently crapper than the crappest crap.

    Hmmmm, seem to be missing the interesting point that manusa don’t seem to have a bunch of world beaters on their sheet either.

  267. Gary Neville is really singing our praises. Not following the Sky agenda. He wont last long on the sofa.

  268. Good game from City.

    In my opinion City were there to be scored on, the Spurs only took one of their many chances. They (spurs) played some decent stuff going forward but as we know you have to make it count in goals.

    City still have it all to prove. Not saying they will not but they will have to get it done through out the season.

  269. Mike – Compare the benches mate. They can strengthen from theirs, we most certainly cannot.

  270. dosent look too good has to be said anyone know whos on the bench? this isnt a real representation of our team though…

  271. So we have this line up then huh:


    That is a squad with a lot of key pieces missing. As long as we fight and give it everything I will be happy.

  272. Slight error by Neville.

    Utd played ‘two up’ last time out against Arsenal. (And BBB).
    Didnt work, Slurgus should’ve stuck to his favourite rope a dope tactic.

    If Arsenal were not missing six players, I’d very, very confident.
    Now? I’d be happy with that draw!

  273. Lets focus on the team who is playing. Who is out is out and there is nothing we can do about it.

    Arsenal go ahead and shock the world!

  274. links for the match? no sky sports:(

  275. We always stand a chance with Walcott, Arsh and RVP up top. If any one of them decides to play a blinder they can get us the result.

  276. go out and enjoy it. I do’t buy that. They better fight . there is no joy when your back is against the wall.

  277. Where does sky get these idiots?

  278. Could Fox Soccer Channel, here in the US, have assembled a more underwhelming group of pundits for their pregame analysis. Listening to these guys is painful. I woud rather watch the teams warm up on the pitch with no sound…lol.

  279. good write up yogi. come on you gooners……

  280. Andy, no doubt we’re up against it, but that is a two edged sword.

    The pundits are writing off som of the bench players because they know nothing about them.

    Yes, they may be right, but they have also been wrong through their ignorance on many, many occasions.

    I don’t think that manusa side looks particularly strong, so who knows?

  281. fergies making it interesting
    hes playing his kids as well..piss taking bastard..

  282. Limestonegunner

    No one is giving us a chance today, with all the departures, suspensions and new young players at the club. These folks in the Setanta studio couldn’t be more dismissive of us. Hailing United’s youth while disparaging our young players. Looking at the lineups though, there isn’t THAT much to fear. Their advantages are that they are playing at home and that Rooney, Nani, and Evra made big contributions to winning the league and so on, while Anderson, Evans, and Smalling have had small roles on those winning teams. That’s certainly an advantage but this isn’t a huge gap. The big difference really is the bench. It does suggest that Ferguson is not taking us as a terribly serious threat that he is comfortable putting Giggs, Park, and so on on the bench.

    How wonderful would it be to confound everyone! COYG!!!

  283. wonder if we could sign a 40M warm up top deal too. would be nice…

  284. weve got a chance here

  285. 1lc – I think you can enjoy the fight and battle of a game.

    We can certainly enjoy giving their makeshift defence a tough time, with the attacking players we have.

  286. aparantly Uniteds team is yonger than ours (!)

  287. My lucky hat worked in mid week in the CL. Hopefully it works again

  288. Limestonegunner

    George, is it really a different level? Slight degree, not a quantum leap. Same playbook.

  289. Tots were shit all the while Modric was on the pitch. When Livermore came on they looked a completely different side. Let’s wait until City start playing in the CL and the season gets under way to blow so much smoke up their ass. I’m looking at you Andy.

  290. I’m really afraid for traore.

  291. to win the EPL is practically imposible, nobody can compete with
    Abu Dhabi money, to get fourth place we need Parker, Cahill,
    and a creative QUALITY midfielder so we can do better than Liverpool,
    Our squad is just too weak, no cover at LB, CB or for RVP and Wilshere, Chamakh is
    a dead body and Park Chu has no EPL experience. ALSO WILSHERE

    Lets all cheer the boys today they have a mountain to climb

  292. Rosicky to score a belter from 30 yards today and officially re-announce himself on the scene…

  293. Game on ! Be back at half time!

  294. Gains – Well don’t look at we. I hope they get stuffed.

  295. Hurrah I have power!
    Webb not wearing the Man United strip?

  296. awah! our midfield looks so light 😦

  297. I thought commentators were surposed to be neutral?

  298. Platt always looked a bit of a spazz.

    Apparently jones’ knee is about 2 inches above his ankle?

  299. We need to RVP involved, very isolated. maybe few early balls to him

  300. Come on you Gunners – we’re right behind you

  301. We need to soak up the pressure and play on the counter with Theo and Arshavin

  302. Limestonegunner

    Mike SA, I was wondering about Jones’ anatomy as well. Sounds like we have the same commentary team–David Bleat and whatshisname.

  303. our away kit is fukin ugly

  304. Limestonegunner

    I think RvP should let Walcott or Arshavin take corners as he is one of our better headers of the ball.

  305. lecouq looks the real deal though. he will be a great squad player im sure…

  306. Theo should’ve had a pop himself

  307. What a fuck up

  308. Limestonegunner

    Agree, Darius, need to feed it out to them more quickly when we take possession.

    Kick the ball out! Damn. Chesney doesn’t look happy.

  309. Djourou Djourou Djourou

  310. damage limitations.

  311. omg 😦

  312. terrible mix up there. lack of communication. very very soft goal

  313. Jenkinson is incredibly fast though

  314. Poor defending

  315. We need to hold for at least 5 minutes and slow the game down. Back to basics.

  316. I don’t think I can stand watching us concede any more goals like that.

    When will they wake up?

    Didn’t like seeing Jenkinson telling theo to fuck off either.

    Hardly indicative of a united team.

  317. United play like we used to do.

  318. Limestonegunner

    United are playing a high line too–hope Walcott can break in behind on a counterattack.

  319. well atlest they show their frustration when they yell at eachother. Telling eachother to work harder. That never used to happen.

  320. Yes Yes Yes Mr. Howard.

  321. Limestonegunner

    Penalty!!! From Webb!!!! What is this all about???

  322. Penalty from Webb

  323. Limestonegunner

    Unbelievable? RvP???? Come on guys. No worry.

  324. Fucking hell
    Agree with Mr. Bob

  325. Hmmm, I know we have a reputation for not taking our chances, but missing a penalty is taking the piss

  326. It gets worse.

    RVP missing a penalty, perhaps.

    Passing the ball to the keeper was a bit of a surprise though.

  327. this sucks. everything goes wrong today

  328. Limestonegunner

    I think RvP must have been so shocked that Webb gave us the penalty.

  329. Goodness me. Come on captain head up

  330. Poor penalty. That.was a gift

  331. Can’t do much about that goal. A tale of two penalties this week.

  332. Yes Young is def not arsenal quality hey guys!

  333. well this will be tottenham slaughter

  334. Limestonegunner

    Young has been looking good and now a really good shot.

  335. i cannot belive the United kids are so much better than the arsenal kids.

  336. Bollocks.

  337. Not looking good.

    I’m expecting pleat to run onto the pitch and start giving head to the manusa players any second now

  338. Poodle, how the hell have you come to that conclusion!?

  339. Oh dear Van Persie – where art thou today.

  340. Honestly we should not be 2 nil down. Young will not score a goal like that. Jenkinson needs to be careful he was caught few times. You know what? if the players kepp their heads up they can get something ou of this game.

  341. well atm they look scared, unorganized, comfused and unable to do anything….

  342. Now their goalkeeper starts to play

  343. If we are to have any chance then this shit of giving the ball away and falling over when we are looking like we are on attack has to stop.

  344. RvP should have scored on that pen…

  345. Now you are talking bollocks mate

  346. we need a goal and some confidence. There is a big hole in the middle waiting to.be explioted
    Over to you.Arsene.

  347. Limestonegunner

    We haven’t been playing so badly, though now we are in a bit of disarray. If we can hang on and get one back before the half, we can make a strong second half comeback. The main thing is not to cede this game even if we lose it we need a strong overall performance.

  348. Bad luck. Should be 2:2

  349. the worst thing is, United aint secure at the back today. they have a very young team, we should be able to do better than this. surly.

  350. . RVp is under pressure he is the capatian he is the senior player, maybe the pressure got the better of him. It was poor pen by his standard

  351. Arshavin is going to get a red in a second or three

  352. We need to get this game to half time. Go back to basics and get some composure.

  353. Lets hope Arsh does not get himself a red card >p

  354. i wonder if its possible to play effective 4-3-3 with the playes we got now. I dont think they are good enough to do it efficient. It demands alot our playstyle…

  355. Limestonegunner

    Arshavin living dangerously but he does look ok in the middle of the park and I don’t mind him taking a shot from distance every so often.

    Coquelin has been looking very strong and keeping his composure.

  356. Lansbury for Arshavin before we get red.

  357. I think coward Webb doesn’t see us as threat, so we are getting away with a shit load more than we normally would.

    The lads need to shore this up and take our chances. We cannot afford these shitty passes and dawdling on the ball crap that’s going on.

  358. we need some signings..

  359. wow id never thought i say that,but Webb has been good to us this match…

  360. Why can’t we score a goal from ouside the box? a curler or something. They need to have a pop.We need to put pressure on their defence. when we get to the final third we seem lost a bit

  361. Limestonegunner

    RvP is going to feel foolish about missing the penalty, but at half time and for the rest of the game he will need to be vocal and show leadership. At half time, apologize for not doing better with that and move on–let everyone know the truth; they aren’t thoroughly outplaying us and we can come back.

    Young is a diver, but Jenks gave him the opportunity there.

  362. god its so easy for United

  363. Fucking Anderson was blocking Szczesny. That’s fucking obstruction – it was so obvious before the foul was even taken.

  364. This is lambs to the slaughter stuff.

  365. Limestonegunner

    Oh well, take that back. We are in some real trouble now.

  366. Oh well, let’s see the lads fight with what they’ve got. I’d like to see rosicky replaced at thie half, he’s given the ball away too much. Theo is pretty poor too.

  367. awful defending, ball watching terrible wall bad position everything.Come lads wake up.

  368. We are going to get stuffed today…and I hope it’s not going to be an utter humiliation if it’s not already.

  369. You lot are fucking delusional if you think we deserve anything out of this so far…an absolute disgrace to the name of Arsenal.

    Disgraceful team, disgraceful performance, disgraceful bench but, most of all…


  370. When u r luck is out u r down n out it’s not as they have dominated the game and we r three down football is such a cruel game

  371. That Ramsey chance would be 3:3

  372. its just embarrasing…. we are totally torn appart.

  373. Rosicky knew Rooney was going to score – he didn’t even bother to look round.

  374. we ever had a worse opening for a season? like ever??

  375. I don’t think we have actually played too badly. The ‘youngsters’, Traore, Ramsey and Coquelin have all given a good account of themselves so far. If the penalty went in it would obviously be a different game. 3-0 does certainly not reflect our performance, but we have to take this one on the chin and accept that they have scored two quality goals. The first was very preventable.

  376. Fuck off rhyle

  377. you know, United dont even need a good defence cos we are never there..

  378. is anyone suprised..??

  379. i agree matty, and i think with our normal team things would have looked different. but still our midfield is non existing

  380. mattyboy – would love to have some of whatever your smoking as 3-0 before half time tells me that we have been absolutely SHIT. FLAT OUT SHIT.

    You make your own luck, particularly if your squad is strong enough.

    The penalty would have made no difference whatsoever…none…

  381. They have not dominated us but little details are all missing that was a terrible wall. I don’t know who came out of the wall running to stop the shot. I thought the point of a wall is to jump up and shiled the top corner. Silly little mistakes costing us badly.

  382. Reality.

    For some.

  383. and United is very entertaining to watch, they play with creativity, they got tippy tap they look like us last year

  384. Finally

  385. Limestonegunner

    A half from hell. Really never seen us this out of it so quickly. The bad part is that United are playing their kids and attacking which they never did the last few years. They always played physical veterans and packed the midfield and defense to punish us on the counterattack.

  386. it does not bite mark. i still think we got a gret team, but with 8 players out we struggle. its normal.


  388. That restores a bit of pride too!

  389. Beautiful Walcott goal

  390. Yes – lets regroup boys….

    Their goalkeeper is shit.

    Let’s go back into the dressing room and regroup.

    Their goalie is shit.

  391. Limestonegunner

    Lifeline from Theo!!!!!

  392. Rhyle, seriously, fuck off

  393. Saving an easy penalty does not make an average keeper good. Conceding that goal, I’d expect a 10 year old to do better.

  394. well you know after this match, you have to stay away from this page. its gonna be doomer feast. and they gonna discuss how they are all right and how AW has to go.

    its just how it is. they gonna love it and chat about it all week until next game

  395. Its all about London Pride now. Through the legs of De Gea. Game fuckin on. Give the ball to Theo this united defence is no better. Chamberlain last 30minutes. COYG.

  396. How’s that for 17 million eh de gea! gives them something to thing about even it’s has been a shambles defensively a lot of positives going forward jenks has had a nightmare but le coq has been quite decent in the middle of the park

  397. “Their goalkeeper is shit”

    That’s a fact and if we seriously shoot like Walcott did we may have a little chance of coming back. Our shooting is not that good though.

  398. Badly taken penalty by Van Persie. At 1-1 this is a completely different game.

    Jenkinson is having his baptism of fire. Two goals have been his fault thus far.

    Nice goal Theo. Van Persie made De Gea look good and Theo makes him look like shit right after. Nice.

  399. It is not a question of luck. apart from the Young goal the others are easily avoidable. It should’ve been 2-1 to us if we did cut out the mistakes . This is were experience comes in handy.I ‘m still livid about that wall.

  400. How fucking frustrating. Ridiculous defending on the first, what was Djourou thinking? All in all we are not actually doing that badly, but they have decsive players in the final 3rd.

    i really feel for Jenkinson, he is badly out of his depth and looks paniced when he gets the ball. He is working hard though, so I am not slating the guy. Roskicy needs to step up, the game is passing him by. Ramsey are Le Coq are doing OK, but need more support. Nice finish from Theo at the end of the half. AA is definately going to net a red. I would not mind seeing what AOC has got. Why not?

  401. a ray of hope
    but i cant see that being the end of utds scoring..

  402. Don’t you just love the managerial genius’ who come onto the board to let us know we are all delusional cunts and proceed to wet the bed?

    Rhyle, mark, any others who feel the urge to come and piss on people’s shoes, just fuck off and wank off somewhere else.

    You aren’t genius’, you aren’t inspired or all knowing, you’re just wankers, now fuck off

  403. Get the kettle on, poodle. It’s time for you to snell some coffee.

  404. Webb has also given us more good calls than them, which I don’t understand. What, with him being part of the big conspirecy and all. Whats that? He is not? Ah, thought so.

  405. So – does anyone want to join me in the supporters relegation dog fight? LOL – I assume the truck load of text messages filling my phone aren’t from someone selling Amway products.

    Apparently – we’re relegation material.

    The team must show some character and come out fighting. Losign the game is acceptable – but we have to fight hard and we are losign that battle.

    Everyone is against us – I kid you not, I even heard there’s a commentator who blamed Vermaelen for the first goal.

  406. Young is not Arsenal quality. Thus far he has taken advantage of Carl Jenkinson, but give him a few more games this season and you’ll see. Right now, United are floating on some sort of hype bubble, but they’ll come down.

  407. MikeSA…have some self respect you cretin.

    Anyone who thinks this acceptable at any level is retarded, Joey Deacon style.

    It’s idiotic claims like “we should be 4:3 up” when you’re 3:1 down (and lucky to have kept it that low) that prevents action being taken that would improve the TEAM WE LOVE being taken.

    Accepting mediocrity, or in this case downright atrocity, is a Jamie Theakston-like level of masochism.

    You lot are like the cuckolded husband who knows his wife is fucking his best friend but…you know, you love her, she’ll grow out of it, you know she’s now moved to on to not just your best friend but his brother at the same time…but it’s okay, you’re not far off from being the cutest couple…all is well…all is well…all is well…

    Keep saying it, it ain’t gonna get any truer.

  408. And if that pen had gone in we would likely be looking at 2-2, so suck on that.

    I think the lads might need a bit of introspection at ht.

    If rosicky carries on giving the ball away then he needs to be taken off.

    At this stage we might see Wenger of old taking chances and putting some unknowns on.

  409. We should be shooting at this keeper. We could get some joy out of him.

  410. Neville hitting on the nails on the head the big cunt. So naive at the back.

  411. Come on lads. Come ON Arsenal.

    We can salvage something, maybe only respect but that would do for now.

    Is that you Andy? Looks nothing like you.

  412. Jenkinson is not Sagna. at moment someone need to tell him to hold his position he is getting caught on the wrong side a lot. Theo gave him a bit of rollocking and that made him even more nervous. He needs someone to help him Djourou or someone otherwise Fergie will make sure his players pile more pressure on him

  413. Andy, the penalty was spot on. Evans held Theo. The only call that has gone our way is Arshavin’s second yellow, but there’s still a whole second half to be played.

  414. Who the fuck should respect you rhyle you stupid piece of dumb shit!?

    You blunder on here waffling and splutrgong your 12 year old jizz on here like you’re some fucking rocket scientist.

    You deserve no respect for being a silly little piece of cock cheese you sniveling twat

    Now fuck you sniveling little turd

  415. Limestonegunner

    GA, I agree. I wonder if Chezzer should have come to punch it. But oh well, maybe we should throw on the Ox. I was thinking as well what do we have to lose at this point?

    ManU will probably just shut up shop. They know they haven’t really dominated. We’ve made some awful mistakes and they have taken advantage. After Theo’s goal, Fergie may make some subs. The worst thing in the world for them would be for us to come away with a come from behind point or better. Hopefully he is too full of the praise his youngsters have been getting to think twice about this.

  416. And if that pen had gone in we would likely be looking at 2-2, so suck on that.

    I think the lads might need a bit of introspection at ht.

    If rosicky carries on giving the ball away then he needs to be taken off.

    At this stage we might see Wenger of old taking chances and putting some unknowns on.
    I have no interest in sucking on anything…the pen didn’t go in. It was a shit pen that was easily saved.

    You’re not psychic. That pen might have encouraged Man Utd to step up a gear and in all likelihood we’d have gone in 4-1 down…WHO THE FUCK KNOWS. Don’t be a moron, Mike. I’m sure you’re a great bloke. You’re just clearly not a very bright one.

  417. Yeah Jenk strikes me as the kind of lad that needs an arm around him not a blasting. Theo didn’t help.

  418. Els – My new look. Nice eh?

    Yeah, it was def a pen.

    Limestone – Djourou should have just headed it away instead of trying to stop Welbeck from getting there. He was goal side FFS. It is just basic defedning.

  419. Gifting them the first goal and missng a pen is obviously crucial, but we have not rolled over like the scoreline suggests. We can still take pride and have hope going into the second half. I certainly will be. Nice to see Theo on the scoresheet too.

  420. Anyone who thinks Djouru is a first choice CB and we dont need replacements
    is delusional. Jenkinson is cocky and arrogant and that row with Theo
    was disgusting. Traore is fine going forward but cannot defend, All this BS
    that we didnt need replacement for Clichy is being proved wrong today.
    The next three days are vital for our season,

    Lets come out fighting in the second half

  421. I think our tactics are off, considering the available players we have. United manage to get defenders back behind the ball while we are always chasing to get back. Can’t blame Chezz for any of our goals – he nearly to got to the second goal. But as Cbob said, we just cannot keep giving away goals like the first one.

  422. Must sub Arshavin. Or Webb will kill us.

  423. Cool mate.

  424. MikeSA…and is by magic you prove my “not very bright” point for me.

    SELF respect, clownshoes, SELF RESPECT. Google it.

  425. mike

    Problem is the penalty didn’t go in and we’re a long way from being level.


  426. It is no supise Jenkinson is struggling. He is against a PL class player who has great movement. He has only been playing pro football since Feb.

  427. What a joke this club is becoming.

    Remember when we used to be good?

    Kroenke, Gazidis et al can either grow some balls and do something or they can just fuck off.

  428. Coquelin has been pretty good against Rooney. I like that our DM options are increasing. Frimpong, Coquelin and Song. All good, all young and all academy products.

  429. Rhyle, I’d venture to suggest that some little 12 year old slplurting his “wisdom” on here when everyone is more than aware of the situation is likely to piss people off.

    It’s not clever or bright, despite how much of a genius youapparently imagine you are.

    Not bright? Lol, I think you would be wise to cork that one.

  430. Next goal all important. If we get it, who knows. If they get it, this could get embarasing.

  431. Limestonegunner

    Well, then RvP should put the arm around Jenks and say, I screwed up too but we can pull this back so hang in there.

    Strange, Jenks looked composed in the CL but if you are from England, I suppose going to ManUnited is more intimidating.

    That goalkeeper is really shaky. We could do his head in by getting one or two more.

  432. Anyway, 2nd half……..

  433. Just checked in…what happened to Verm? No injury news on arsenal.com
    Sagna sick?
    Too many missing…

    RvP choked..that was a terrible penalty. 1-1 then would have shared momentum a bit fairer
    Djourou or Szczesny to blame for the 1st…
    Szczeney shoud have moved his feet better..attack the ball on the 1st, moved to the right once it was obvious Rooney was taking the free kick…but maybe he didn’t see it.

    Anyway hope remains with Theo’s goal.
    Actually glad to see AW threw all the kids on for this game. Baptism by fire….

    Last game of a very INTENSE month.
    …I still believe

  434. You really know who the real fans when u r loosing
    We need to tighten up on defence, u couldn’t argue with two of their goals perhaps but when u have welbeck muscling in between three defenders serious questions need to be asked.
    On the positive side they also r capable of making mistakes
    Second half I am calling red card for arshavin

  435. Im worrying for Arsharvin though…. i can see the red coming :S

  436. just watch the replay Arshavin is very fortunate. He is a bit Paul Scholes he can’t tackle and I can see why he doesn’t do it too often. Lets hope we don’t lose him

  437. But you’re the one brain farting all over the blog…I’m making structured, pointed criticism of the team, while all you’re doing is becoming angry at the internet…wonder who comes off like a 12 year old?

    if you can’t do something, find something you can…you’ve done nothing to prove how bright you are…

  438. Come on lads, let’s see the effort weve seen so far this season, who knows.

  439. Limestonegunner

    Come on boys!!!!

  440. and i agree the tactics are off. And is alot of the reason we do look like headless ckickens.

  441. Come on Arsenal. Nothing to lose here.

  442. if my auntie ad bollocks she’d be my uncle.

  443. Rhyme, your first offering was telling us we are all deluded, that makes you a troll.

    Yes, I was stupid enough to fall for it, now piss off

  444. Limestonegunner

    Who is warming up for us?

  445. lansbury

  446. they are cutting through the flanks with ease at the moment

  447. positive is ..their keeper! ha ha .they are not winning shit with him in the team.

  448. Limestonegunner

    Poodle, what tactics? Not much room for selection options or how we should have set up really, are there.

    Come on, give him a yellow!!!

  449. The travelling gooners still love Arsenal. So do I.

  450. Limestonegunner

    Away fans are showing proper fight!!!!

  451. great away fans though. if only all the blogges were like that too…

  452. Great support from the away lads in the crowd.

    Time to get behind the team, unlike the bedwetters.

  453. Limestonegunner

    didn’t recognize him. been a while since he scored v. Spuds.

  454. 😀

    Wasn’t calling you ALL deluded. Just those that thought there were some positives to be taken from that first half performance. So mainly, I was calling YOU deluded.

    I take no joy in this…I’ll be honest, I was expecting it. I predicted 3-0 at HT…but I’m still more pissed off at this level of shit than I have any reason to be. It’s just nice to aim it at someone other than my family 😉

    There’s support and there’s zealotry – one means you love and respect your team, wanting what’s best for it and getting behind them as I do from my season ticket seat. The other? Well…that’s where you blindly accept the behaviour of your spiritual leader to the point you’re strapping on the belt of explosives. Have a guess what trying to make something positive out of this makes you come off like?

    As the sun shines on me, it shines on my neighbour…I have no reason fall foul of ACLTs normally decent room…and I have tended to enjoy myself here…but trying to shine shit is a fruitless labour…

  455. Limestonegunner

    Getting a bit of a foothold here. Let’s convert and put some pressure on these cretins.

  456. Rosicky is clearly still good enough. Unfortunately though Traore does not look like an able back up. He might be good in a more offensive role, but defensively he is dodgy at best.

  457. Away support fantastic and outsinging the flat cap northerners. Some on here should take a leaf perhaps. Awaiting the return of AIC et al if we lose.

  458. A sustained rendition of ‘we love you Arsenal, we do’ – Nearly 10 mins and counting. Thats what you call support!

  459. Limestonegunner

    AAAAHHHHH Arshavin!!!! So close, just what we needed then, alas.

  460. mad props to the away fans. Singing “Arsenal we love you” the whole time.

  461. wow now we playing! 🙂

  462. Come on Arsenal – not a time to give up – let’s dig in deep.

  463. is should’ve been 3 -3 now

  464. Limestonegunner

    Can only hear our support. Good job away fans.

  465. We have been much better in the second halkf so far but we have to take our chances.

  466. The lads are feeding off the support from the crowd, they’re looking like the 12th man for a change.

    Bedwetters, take note, fans, supporters HELP the team, not whine like silly little dweebs at the first sign of a tough time – cowards

  467. The Ox is coming on – I think for Arshavin.

  468. chambrelaiiiin! woohy!

  469. Limestonegunner

    Coquelin’s pocket picked but he kept chasing all the way to the keeper. Good effort, will give everything for the team. I expect something big from him this game–he’s been playing well.

  470. Limestonegunner

    Good save Chezzer.

  471. Away fans really doing their bit….great to see

    We are just not putting away the chances here…AA especially

  472. Limestonegunner

    End to end, wide open game. Anything can happen but we could concede here too.

    Good time for the Ox to come on.

  473. is theo alone on top?

  474. Come on the OX! Get us a goal on your debut son.

  475. Limestonegunner

    I don’t know, Coquelin has played very well.

  476. Traore doesn’t look fully fit to me…we are tethering on disaster here…really riding our luck.

    Ox on …great tackle Kos

  477. 1loosecannon | August 28, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    is should’ve been 3 -3 now

    You’re fucking delusional.

  478. Looking much better!

    Personally this is all I ask of the lads.

    Yes, things could be better, funny, we all know that despite the 12yo nuclear physicists who choose to grace us with their boundless intelligence and fantasy season tickets.

  479. That was poor.

  480. what the fuck?

  481. Why can’t we score like that from free kicks?

  482. Come on you gunners – play some football and let’s enjoy this before the web gets radioactive for Arsenal fans.

  483. Szczesny!….i’m lost for words here.

  484. well we cannot really complain on loosing this. this is just stupid

  485. no organisation, shambolic again. Rooney can pick his spot all day long

  486. In fact, fella, I have two season tickets. just by the corner opposite left hand corner to where the players come out. You’re spouting nonsense does make you sound much brighter than I though…

    Oh, and 4-1. Clearly we’re doing “much better”. Funny how you respond with insults when I point out the futility of your optimism? Can’t explain to me why I’m wrong? Thought not.


  487. This defence crunbled big time

  488. takin’ it in the ass with no lube.

  489. Ah Well!

    It goes radio active.

    We regroup and start again next week against Swansea.

  490. why do you take it out on us rhyse? we dont pick the team or purchase players.
    We just support our team all the way regardless of wheter tehy loose or win.

  491. Hope sol Campbell accepts that training post.

    Pity, we looked like we were gaining a bit of confidence, crowd need to keep backing the lads though

  492. At the moment I wish the tree had fallen on my power line or perhaps just my cable TV line

  493. it is starting to look like training session now. Very disappointing display. they could’nt even hold the line. Sad for these young players. this is the reality when you play at a high level. with inexperienced players

  494. From what I have seen here today Cahill would be first choice if signed

  495. Humiliation it is….

  496. Limestonegunner

    Djourou napping, I think. This is humiliation, frankly. City and United crush north London.

    All the luck for United, except Webb who didn’t kill us the way I feared.

  497. JD is useless. So is Traore. They don’t deserve to play for the club. Arshavin has also become waste.

  498. The worst arsenal squad and team I’ve seen for a long time. God help us this season with this shower of shite.

  499. 6-1. 20 mins to go…still want to tell me how even this is?

  500. oh dear 20 minutes to go

  501. tea anyone…

  502. Limestonegunner

    What must AW be thinking as he watches this.

  503. well we are getting beaten more than Tottenham against city :S

  504. what the fucking fuck is this

  505. Chin up lads we’ve taken a hell of a beating but we will come back stronger from this

  506. What now?

  507. Well I for one am proud to be an Arsenal fan. Proud to support our great club. We’ve been spanked before and come back to greatness and we will again.
    I wouldn’t support ManU if you paid me Rooney’s wages.
    This is the real test of who gets behind the team and who jumps ship when things get tough.

  508. Jolly good show rhyle, 2 fantasy tickets? Well done!

    Now 6-1, I’m sure you’re happy with your contribution. Lol

  509. Some of our own supprters seem to revel in our defeat. Bizzare.

  510. its so horrible you cannot even take the piss…

  511. Thanx Arsenal, thank you Wenger.. I am off to salvage some of my Sunday by doing some thing ,,,,, ummmmmm slightly less humiliating.

  512. it is a training session. it is just too easy for them. This is the worst defaet against United

  513. We are in total disarrray. This is just sorry.

  514. This reeks.

  515. A fucking joke.

  516. a proper wake up call and will affect transfers…players gonna think twice about joining us in current disarray

  517. Luke and Jon Jon and AIC will be back full of themselves after this – you wait and see the rats come squeaking out of their fucking holes. I prefer any spurs or manc fan to those fucking traitorous, spineless cowards.
    Arsenal till I die.

  518. why do you yell at us rhyle? why do you want us to feel worse than we already to? again, WE dont dictate arsenals politics. We dont decide who plays and who dont, who we buy and who we dont.

    All WE do is support our team 100%. What is wrong with that?

  519. 20+ minute to go….it will probably be 9-1…What a disgrace.

  520. the heads are between the nees at the moment they are not talking to each other just gone to peices

  521. we are fucking shite

  522. Limestonegunner

    That’s it, RvP!!!!

  523. RvP…well done Jenks

  524. Truly fucking pathetic.

  525. Fuck off Stew you are a embarrassment

  526. Brilliant goal from Jenks and RVP

  527. This is a hiding.

    The best we can do for the team is for the away support to give them any support. and love. They need it.

    Chin up guys – it’s a cricket score and we take it on the chin.

    I suppose the talk now is whether we can replace the whole team by Wednesday.

    But I suppose we’re going into administration so that’s more of a big deal. Meanwhile, Wenger can be sent to Tower bridge for execution.

  528. donut – disarray? Have you any idea how good we will be when we get our team back? How many injuries? How many injured back ups to the injured first choices? How many suspensions? Think about it come on ffs.

  529. Limestonegunner

    Let’s get a couple more back, lads. Never give up.

  530. I refer the wanker from SA to my earlier answers which at least show a modicum of thought rather than just being plain abusive.

    You may think what you like, sir…I could put my block, row and seat numbers on here. Won’t. But could. I know where I’ll be protesting at the Swansea game. Can you say the same? When the blind (Wenger) leads the blind (you) everyone gets lost…ah well, I can live in hope…

  531. i think there will be a hollow echo when touting for signings tomorrow. Oh well live n die by the sword

  532. take some learning from the away fans peeps. they always cheer.

  533. No-one is reveling in this defeat, mattyboy. We’re just sick of it. You might want to believe what the delusional leader says but some of us dont. And we’re gonna fight to get our club back because it’s going nowhere but down right now.

  534. 3 red cards in 3 games…

    so much for the Fair Play trophy.

  535. 3rd red

  536. Well, the lads are showing some fight, unlike some of our fantasy season ticket holders.

    Wenger will take note of this, positives have and will come from this, plenty negatives too, but not all.

    Lol, wonder if we need to start practicing with 10 players again like we used to?

  537. Nooooooooooo Jenks…it wasn’t worth it…RED!
    Should have let it go…6 or 7 whats the difference???

  538. poor lad. he had a torrid time and a sending off aswell

  539. is rooney going to pick his spot

  540. Is obvious that Gibbs is better than Traore and Frimpong is also better than Coquelin.

  541. i thought couqelin was very good. hes been off for the last 3 goals though…

  542. 3 games, 3 red cards, 1 point. 2 goals scored. 8 goals conceded.

    CAN ANY OF YOU TELL ME WHY I SHOULD GET BEHIND THIS? I love Arsenal too much to accept this. I truly want what is best for the club. What we’ve received over the last 6 years has been a steady decline in standards. I pay just under £1000 for each of my season tickets…that’s a shit load of money that I’ll always be happy to pay…but at least have the decency to tell me where that money is going?

    LIE: I will be super busy in the transfer window (May)
    Truth: I will maybe bring in 1 or 2 super, super quality players (July, after season ticket renewals were completed).

    Embarrassed for all of you who still feel Wenger is the right man for us.

  543. Ramseys’s passes are just not up yet and can’t replace Cesc.

  544. Fuckit……i remain POSITIVE!!!

  545. Limestonegunner

    Inexperience from Jenks, but you can’t fault his effort. Harsh.

    Very marginal penalty call on Walcott.

    Save it Chezzer.

  546. donut – disarray? Have you any idea how good we will be when we get our team back? How many injuries? How many injured back ups to the injured first choices? How many suspensions? Think about it come on ffs.

    It is still a disarray. The defence. Leaving so much space behind the backline for nani to walk in and score. Don’t get so worked up. rather than calling me a donut, have a donut yourself.

    This team, even the one we have on the field is better than one which nconcedes 6 goals. May be 7 now with a penalty. If you think conceding 6 is alright rejoice.

  547. This sucks ass!!!

  548. i think wenger is still the right man rhyles. dont get behind it if you dont wanna. but dont slaughetr us for going behind the team we love. thats why we are fans.

    you dont have to get behind anything if you dont wanna, its a fre world.

  549. I’m 100% behind the team and the manager

  550. We are being slaughtered THE BOYS NEED SUPPORT! and that what you should do as a true gooner.

  551. truly humiliating. The problem now is how do you pick these players and tell them they are good enough after this result

  552. So bad you’ve got to laugh. No more excuses Wenger, today we face the music; this team is just not good enough.

  553. WrightyMightyMan

    Maybe they’re good enough, or have you been watching a different game. Wish I had.

  554. v.persie penalty is the pin point

    definitely need an experience center back…a tall one

  555. Sinking.

  556. When it rains – it pours.

    I refuse to hide away and will help lift up my team in any way I can.

    We regroup and start again for next week.

    And btw, William Hill are already taking odds for the next Arsenal manager. Martin O’Neil is the favourite to take over when apparently Wenger gets fired tomorrow. Stupid fucks.

  557. This is what Arsene has wrought with his quite frankly pathetic work this summer and years of backing players who ever never good enough. He followed his dream of trying to make a team out of youngsters and budget buys and this is the final horrifying result.

  558. May be its time for Arsene to step down. Its a disgrace.

  559. I remain behind the team.

    I feel a bit sorry for them because of this much pressure being put on these young of shoulders. People can talk about injuries and bans, but even if the whole first team is available, they are an incredibly young team.

    I, personally, don’t think it was correct. As the end of last season and the beginning of this seems to be pointing to.

    But I will root for the players at the whistle and until the final whistle.

  560. I wander how wingers will try and spin this we have been well and truly outplayed. its a sham to see my arsenal humiliated like this

  561. well you may get your wish maturks…. and then we wont get any new signings before the window, we wont have a manager for a couple of weeks and we will be stuck with a young team, no new signings and no manager.

    oh i see that as a temptint scenario 😛

  562. It’s darkest before dawn.

    Wenger will either sort this out (bearing in mind we have a chunk of our team missing), or he will leave.

    It was interesting seeing Nasri fit perfectly into citeh’s team. If Wenger finds the right players we can still right the ship.

    We do need the supporters to get behind the team and minimize the damage from this, except the bedwetters of course, but why aren’t they on “that” website where they belong instead of here with the apparently mentally infirm like myself?

  563. The away fans have supported the club. Arsene, sadly, has not with his selling and relative lack of buying. I’ve been an Arsene backer all this time, but that time’s up. It’s time for him to step down. I just hope he does it before Gazidis has to fire him. I’m sure I’ve not supported AFC as long as many of you, but this is the saddest I’ve ever felt about the AFC situation in all that time.

  564. Limestonegunner

    1lc, that is the challenge now. I hope this doesn’t scar the youngsters. It is about mental toughness now. This was a perfect storm, but the damage in the table isn’t so great–it is the confidence.

    The team had so many injuries and suspensions and we haven’t brought in experience to make up for what we have lost or reshape the balance in our team so far in the window. This is going to be a big test for AW and the players. And of course, the support. But that has actually been strong so far and I think everyone will get behind these young players. I just wish there were some reinforcements who could help us and give us a boost coming in.

  565. i wonder how much of the selling and buying Arsene himself controlls. Does anyone know this or does everyone just assume he decides everything.

  566. Limestonegunner

    I hope the boys can bounce back. Luckily Swansea is next and we have a couple of weeks to get this out of our minds. COYG!!!

  567. 8-2!


  568. The problem really is not with the players, the problem is with the game plan.

    When Man United or Chelsea don’t have the players or they are out of form, they come out defending like their life depend on it and then try to steal a goal. We have no such a plan. We did in the 2005 FA Cup final against united but since then we never did again.

    Today we should have had 11 defender minded players on the field to draw or even lose with a respectable result. Every one was expecting us to lose including myself, but not to lose in such humiliating fashion.

    You can say what you will about loving the club, the players, and the manager….but if you’re enjoying this then you are a masochist.

  569. Reveling in our demise from behind a computer screen when we need to stick together and our players need us. Great support that is.

  570. It is a sad day in the Arsenal history

  571. And on that note 8-2

  572. Perhaps Yogi should close the blog down for a week. I just can’t imagine how bad the whinging will be (well yes I can).
    Oh no – eight. When was the last time that happened to us? The gloating from Mancs will be unbearable

  573. What saddens me is that not a single player from our squad can strike the ball like Young, Rooney, Nani do. That’s why we had almost as many shots but four times less goals.

  574. Well things can’t get any worse from here we have to keep the faith and stick together the doomers will be out in force but such aberrations will happen.

  575. Malaysiangunner


    I am wishing they are right. Leaving us thread bare in all areas especially the left back is a gross dereliction of duty.

    AW out now

  576. hmmmm fighting spirit…as much as i love this fledgling team I think Wednesday result was a bit too inflated as a marked change of direction and attitude. Much much work to be done and we ain’t gonna get any help from nobody.

  577. Good stuff from the away support.

    Coquelin should’ve been kept on.

    Webb got his sending off.

  578. We had 3 of our first 11 available. G4E, I doubt if we had 11 defensive minded players available at club. It was no good trying to defend, we had to try to play to the strengths of the players we had available, RvP, Theo and Arshavin.

  579. Eight – Two

    And it could have been more…

  580. Bad day, but half the team was missing. Fight on. We will be back.

  581. Absolutely embarrassing, the score says so much but the third game in a row a player has received his marching orders… Arsenal are behaving like a laughing stock so all the whinging, complaining, angst, vitriol, venom etc they receive this week is deserved.

  582. it is hard to see Arsene face the press after this game… to think I was laughing at spurs

  583. Well we can’t say we didn’t see this coming. We saw it in the pre seasons and it amount to disillusionment to expect to loose Fabregas, Ebue, Delinson, Nasri, and Cliche and not expect the team to stumble. Arsenal management has failed this club. This should never ever be allowed to get this bad. Where is the honour? where is the tradition? Its bad enough not winning a trophy in close to 6 years now and to be beaten by our arch rival 8-2? its so sad. Yes they are those who feel our club is not in crisis and everything is fine I say we need to wake the fuck up. ARSENAL has is going down the drain due to bad management. The board is clueless completely. My heart goes out to the young team who gave their all and fought till the very end. There is just so much one can do when u are let down by people are the top. Viva la ARSENAL.

  584. Our game’s built around totally dominating the possession and controlling the game from the midfield. We’ve sold our two best midfielders and loaned out one of our best distributers. Injuries aside, if we don’t bring in a quality creative player then we’re going to really struggle all season. This was never meant to be the season where Jack and Aaron stepped up, I think they were expected to get at least another year or two to develop. Four days of the window left, I expect at least the two players Wenger still wants and quite probably more.

  585. Us people behind the computer screen aren’t the only ones. RvP, Theo, Cesc, Nasri, etc. They’ve all been sharing in the disbelief we’ve been feeling the last 3 years as this team has been gradually weakened and to what end, no one really knows.

  586. Well I live quite near Manchester.So City might be the way forward for me

  587. Poodle, I reckon we are going to see some interesting things coming out of the woodwork now.

    Has Wenger been digging his heels in over purchases, or has the board been undermining him?

    I think we are going to see a lot of turmoil now, something along the lines of what I predicted a few weeks back.

    At least we did get UCL qualification, it would have been a lot worse otherwise.

    Martin o’niell? Ffs, I’d rather have our faux season ticket genius than that plodder!

  588. This is why I said I don’t buy this “go and enjoy youselves ” we played into their hands today. Maybe a very negative tactic 11 behind the ball and keep it tight. I don’t know it is difficult when 8 player are missing. The door is now will open for the doom. The damge by this result is deep. I hope the players can recover from this

  589. I’m sorry but all the people talking about players missing are talking bullshit, no team should ever be beaten 8-2, none, no matter if we put the U-16 out.

  590. There really is nothing to say. If that does not tell Wenger our squad players are not good enough, then nothing will.

    Merson just bought up a very good point (foir a change); a Championship side could play Manure and not be on the end of that score, and he is right. If we have that many players missing, then we cannot play our normal game. The way we approached the game was naive in the extreme. Our defending was (again) like watching a pub team. Amazing stuff.

    I am so pissed off/frustrated/disapointed at the moment it is beyond words. 😦

  591. Limestonegunner

    MD, that might not be the worst idea. I just don’t see what there is to say after this game. We await AW’s next move to recover from this. We support Arsenal and hope this season will turn around.

  592. Yes we were missing half the team, but that’s not all down to bad luck. We’ve failed to add the true starting CB we’ve needed. Failed to replace Nasri and Cesc. Foolish enough to think Gibbs could be a healthy LB. At some point we can’t keep blaming bad luck.

  593. Anyone put a bet on 8-2? Odds probably were not that high anyway 🙂

    Might take a break from here for a few days, well at least the comments section anyway. Look on the bright side, you can only drop three points no matter what the scoreline. We need to get behind the team starting with Swansea on Saturday.

  594. @mike what did you predict?i totally lost that i think.

  595. We must accept that today were very poor. Worst day to be a gooner. Even Norwich wouldnt get spanked that much.WTF…Far far too easy for united… Defense and midfield non existent. Which is hardly surprising given we played the game if our lives on Wednesday and this is the bare bones of the squad. Minus Frimpong, Song, Gervinho, vermaelen, wilshere, sagna, Diaby, Cesc, Nasri it was always going to be an uphill task. But 8-2. Arsene is going to have to pull the rabbit out the hat big style this time. There you go journos a proper crisis now. Nowhere to hide with that result

  596. well this is the beginning of a new era.

    And the end of wenger’s.

  597. @Malaysian.

    I was just observing what the bookmakers are doing.

    I don’t think Wenger should leave Arsenal though.

    We got a good hiding today and we need to dust ourselves off and start again.

    The international break is welcome for the players as they need the time to regroup, but it’s also toxic for the fans as the crescendo about Arsenal being in crisis is going to disturb the guys at GHCQ and MI5 wondering what the hell all the internet chatter is about.

    Just a peak at Twitter and it’s already gone radioactive.

  598. Hope Gazidis gives Wenger a right bollocking after this. Really what Wenger needs is more people around him who are able to think for themselves rather than choose to lick his arse at every given opportunity.

  599. I feel sorry for Jenkinson. he had a very tough day. poor kid. Well everyone really

  600. Well, JohnN and the result of that plan is 8 – 2….So, nice plan….good luck next time.

    I can find many many excuses for this defeat, we have injured players (Not new), we have suspended players, we have young players, the world is against us, and lady luck divorced us a long time ago.

    But this is fucking Arsenal for God Sake, we don’t lose 8-2 like Sunday Hyde Park league team. I will not accept this, sorry.

  601. Couldn’t watch after the sixth goal. It’s a nightmare!

  602. I just cannot see a manager like AW selling of Cesc and Nasri, saying earlier this year “a good club dont sell off its best assets” then doing it and not replacing them.
    Hes been in the game so long, he knows that not replacing them will lead to today.
    Something is not adding up. I think we can see AW leaving over this and we will be stuck with no manager and no new players before xmas.

  603. Djourou was utterly woeful today, I think he’s pushed himself into 4th choice CB behind whoever comes in. Also Traore’s not progressed nearly as far as he should have which is disappointing. Coquelin looked good, Koscielny did everything he good and Szczesney was fantastic, I don’t there was anything he could have done to stop any of the goals.

  604. Looks like selling eboue was a touch premature jenks will need a season to bed in as he still is very raw.
    My heart goes out to the lads but this how men are made n they will grow to be men.

  605. Malaysiangunner

    I pity the youngsters, They did their best. The management of Arsenal let them down badly sending them like lamb to slaughter without a proper gameplan and personnel.

    AW is behaving like a WW I general with no regard for his foot soldiers for his idealism.

    AW out,out out now!

  606. * Swansea – a week on Saturday. Fucking International break!

  607. If we have the deep squad of quality that people keep talking about (from Wenger to bloggers) than there is no “we were missing X amount of players” excuse for an 8-2 loss.


    We lack depth and we are too young.

    That may sound ‘doomerish’ to the rabid ones on here, but unless you are just trying to soothe hurt emotions after this loss, that can not be used as an excuse after this type of loss.

  608. First team players back, a signing or two, a lot of hard work, some collective balls and and we are back in business.

  609. The shits hit the fan. All the doomers will be celebrating tonight.

  610. Heh, amazing to think that before the game people were saying Manure only had the kids out as well, and were not that much better than ours. Really?

    Darius – It is GCHQ 😉

  611. We had the most unpromising pre-season in years. We’re paying the price.

  612. @henrywinter

    At the end, Rosicky Arshavin Chamakh headed straight down tunnel. Van Persie shouted at them to come back & salute #afc fans. Chaos

    Useless shits, it is the least they do. Fair play to Van Persie pity that he will probably go next summer

  613. What’s the name of that scientist who claimed to clone a human? We need to order some 4 Kozz clones asap.

  614. well the United game was actually younger than ours ours wre average 23.6 their were average 23.2
    shows you can actually win with kids…

  615. arsenal will win a cup this year. let alone this result. doesn’t matter how many goals conceded it’s just 3 points..go gunners!!

  616. To think RVP’s contract has 12 months remaining after this season… can you see him resigning?

  617. how low do we need to fall – for some people to come around.

  618. it just seems like a fresh start is just about the only option right now.
    wenger has blindspots and our problems lie in his blindspots, if he cant see them how can he fix them?

  619. Mattyboy…I’m far from revelling I’m SEETHING, arseclown. I hate the bollocks that comes out of a few of you over here…accepting this as good enough and “supporting” this team when it performs to this standard is ridiculous. If you truly loved Arsenal you’d demand more.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve rarely exploded at the Emirates as I have done on here today but to “get behind” shit is not support, it’s devotion. Blind devotion. ZEALOTRY. You’re martyrs to a cause even you would struggle to articulate. You no longer know why you love Wenger, you just don’t remember anything else.

    I’m 35 years old. i’ve been going to the Arsenal since I was five. My dad comes from Stoke Newington, I was born at St Barts. As a kid I drank in the White House, now I drink in the Hen & Chickens. I’ve seen worse Arsenal sides than this. I’ve seen better ones derided. Arsenal fans didn’t wear this level of performance when Don Howe was in charge…I remember being kept inside Highbury by my old man while there a demonstration on the Avenell Road (that’s the road with the marble halls, SAFA…) when we lost 1-0 to West Brom. I hate to think what those fans think of todays performance.

    I hate having my passion for Arsenal doubted by you jokers because I refuse to blow Arsene Wenger (even though I accept that we’re stuck with the old fool until at least Xmas). I appreciate everything he’s done for us but that is now a long, long time ago. We need to challenge ourselves to be better. We need to ask ourselves…WHAT’S NEXT? WHAT DO WE NEED TO IMPROVE? and have the courage to act on the answers.

    Until we do, this is going to be a long, hard, cold season.

  620. Kenyan, that’s absurd. All of you that view the world through this Doomers vs. Not Doomers lens have this puerile need to feel as if you’re more of a true supporter than the others. I’ve been dying with this team the last 6 years and I’ll die with this team til the end. And I’m going to keep saying that we’ve not been doing enough to put the best team out there. If that makes me a doomer, then so f*ing be it.

  621. Just seen the 5th goal. Jesus christ. Nani stands still unmarked on the edge of our area for 5 or 6 secons before getting the ball.

  622. Poodle

    Why should this happen to us? The directors whose only interest was to wait and sell the club for a huge pay day. Arsenal fans pay the highest ticket prices to watch shit.

    We sold Nasri and Cesc and yet don’t want to buy anybody decent. Once again he’s waiting for Grimandi to recommend useless French/African players for us. The likes of Squilacci and Chamakh.

    We are doomed. I can see RvP and TW14 leaving next season. JD and Traore are shit. Arshavin has lost the plot. Seems like we will play Europa league next season.

  623. djourou should be sacked after this week. no way good enough considering his standing in the club. we need to get real

  624. True poodle…

    but they kept guys like Giggs, Scholes and Rat Face around for years and years.

    We dumped guys who may have been ‘past it’ but could have helped like Pires and others.

  625. and on the note of frustration… why the fudge are we still crossing the ball in to the center when not 1 players actually attacks the 6 yard area?

  626. LOL Goonerandy. After such a hiding from Manure you gonna go pedantic on my arse and call out my dyslexia?

    The worst defeats I can remember as an Arsenal fan are against Manure (6-1) and against Charlton (5-1). Today trumps those days.

    Apparently, the last time we conceded over 7 goals was in 1896.

  627. I’m gutted to say the least.
    I fault Arsene’s game plan.How could we play so openly while fielding a depleted side?And at Old Trafford?!!
    But having said all that,I’m an Arsenal fan forever,I support the team and we’ll pick ourselves up and rebuild from here.Weeping only endures for a night…

  628. Poodle, a while back I was raising the flag that the club (and Wenger) weren’t paying enough attention to the negative vibe around the club.

    I’m not suggesting it was or is time to panic, just that we’re already up against it, and not trying to address the negativity would backfire.

    What I was wrong about was that the away crowd have got behind the lads, and it did visibly lift them for a while, which should have been a lesson for some of our fantasy season ticket holders.

    Nevertheless, it’s time to put on our tin helmets and prepare for a barrage of hate from the weak and small-minded, they’re just as angry and upset as everybody else, they just lack the balls.

    Wenger is not a stupid man, he’ll either resign or get stuck in and sort this out.

    Personally I’d rather he sorted it out at this stage. Changing managers now isn’t going to help.

    If the board were hanging him out o dry, I hope they’ve caught a wake up.

    If Wenger is to blame, then best he take a long, hard look in the mirror.

    IMO we could have done with Denilson and Vela today. Some of the “fans” and Wenger need to have a little think about that and their contribution to that.

  629. the worst thing busch, the worst thing is that United today was how we used to play last year. they were a delight to watch. just lovley. and i hate it.

  630. Desperate times require desperate measures, perhaps Wenger should consider some of the players from our Ladies team…

    Of course i’m only joking. I bet they’d still have done better than the boys did today, though.

  631. SAF just said he didn’t want his team to score any more because of how inexperienced Arsenal’s team were.

    That is quiet frankly pathetic in 6yrs we have gone from fear to being pitied.

  632. Limestonegunner

    Andy, ManU did put the kids out and shouldn’t have had this sort of advantage. That, I think, is what disturbs me the most about this. It just shows you what having experienced winners can do for you.

  633. Fergie on Sky sticking up for AW, nice to hear that. Not reveling in our defeat or abusing our fans or anything. Gracious.

  634. My 2 best players today were Koscielny and Szczesny. It’s the only positive I’ll take out of today’s humiliation.

  635. I agree Mike, a little bit of Vela or Denilson would have helped alot today. Also as you say changing manager now, in the middle of the season is bad idea. Best is to do it in the spring so the new manager has a huge kitty and window to shape his own club.

  636. Darius – Sorry mate. My head is spinning right now.

    I thought Ramsey actually did quite well, and Jenskinson really worked hard but was way out of his depth. Even with a shadow side our defending has amazing naive for profesional footballers. I thought we would struggle, but I am lost for words.

    The only positive that can come from this is that it way persuade Arsene to pay a little extra from our targets as our resver players are maybe not quite as good as he thought.

  637. Malaysiangunner


    Plse stop being a sanctimonious self righteous idiot. No one is celebrating. This hurts to the core. I have not had such pain since we lost to Derby 5 0 in Bertie Mee years when he dismantled a double winning team. The issue is that todays result is so predictable and avoidable.

    AW out now!

  638. Arsene will not step down or get sacked. We all knew it was never going to be easy without six starters on the pitch. We will simply regroup and get going after the international break. This squad has what it takes to improve. Once we get our players back it will be an entirely different season.

    This loss loss will separate the wheat from the chaff. The true supporters will stay and the plastics will simply move on. Those who think that a season ticket gives them some sort of right to bitch and moan louder than everyone else are pathetic. Soon we’ll know who is who and what is what.

    I love Arsenal today more than ever.

  639. lew1234 | August 28, 2011 at 6:15 pm
    SAF just said he didn’t want his team to score any more because of how inexperienced Arsenal’s team were.

    That is quiet frankly pathetic in 6yrs we have gone from fear to being pitied.

    We’re so shit that Fergie actually feels sorry for us.

    Fucking hell.

  640. Limestone – Agreed.

    Poodle – Vela? Are you mental? He would have made no difference whatsoever.

  641. Average age of United: 23, average age of Arsenal: 23. There’s one myth dispelled, Arsene..

  642. The worst game in living memory and if we don’t sort ourselves out it could happen again given the ominous form city are in. We need to get competitive and quick, if we get the lads who r injured back then we can stem the tide.
    We really need to take it out against Swansea

  643. Arsenal’s league form since the Carling Cup final – DDDWDDWDDLWLLDDLL

    Something broke that day, God knows what it will take to fix it.

  644. well i think we will see a new midfield, and a new striker by the end of Thursday. And that will help us.
    Red to Jenkinson is not a disaster as Sanga is alot better anyway. Frimp back and couq played well. I thought Ramsey played better to.

    But what happend to RvP? Maybe he needs someone better than ros to create chances for him?
    Im sure there will be alot of yelling and shouting in the wardrobe tonite. RvP will shout and will make his feeling clear.

  645. @goonerandy well he could hardly have made the team worse could he?

  646. Merse saying that getting rid of AW would be the worst thing that could ever happen to Arsenal. No knee jerk reaction from him on that front at least.

  647. Arsene is behaving like comical Ali or Nero?

    Comical Ali? Announcing the success of the Iraqi Army while American troops had virtually taken over Iraqi capital.

    Nero? Enjoying himself while Rome burnt. Its really a historical disgrace.

  648. Im sure trarore will be sent on loan to QPR after this though…

  649. well ofc getting rid of wenger now is a disaster. again a new manager must be given a window of shoppong and a big kitty to get “settled”. hadrly see that happening now 3 days before the window shuts.

  650. Vela would have been a lot more effective than Arshavin for sure. Why he was charging around in the last fifteen minutes of the first half trying to Frimpong people is baffling, especially having already been booked.

  651. Well some of us are going to have to take it on the chin ,
    A large helping of humble pie for me please 😦

  652. I hope this has finally made Wenger, the board realise in full colour that what they are doing is wrong and it’s wrong for the club and our fans.

    This simply can’t go on and must change now. Not next season or whatever it must change now.

    I knew we were up against it but, that was disgraceful seeing players in Arsenal shirts who were tactically inept.

    The eight players out is one thing. The shit that is supposed cover them is another.

    Fucking gutted beyond belief.

  653. Made le grove happy anyway.

  654. For all those talking the injuries and suspensions Arsenal had
    United had the following players injured: Carrick, Vidic, Valencia, Rafael. Ferdinand only fit for bench.

  655. ‘Coquelin has been pretty good against Rooney. I like that our DM options are increasing. Frimpong, Coquelin and Song. All good, all young and all academy products.’

    G69 I think you ought to be concerned about more pressing matters instead of ‘liking’ that our DM options are increasing!

  656. Not to worry though, we do have a player coming from a side that got relegated from lge1. Great.

  657. I think Arsene should go and hide in the same tunnel as Colnel Gaddaffi

  658. Andy, the rEason Vela might have been useful is that according to Wenger he is our best finisher, and we could have done with someone taking the chances we did get (13 shots at goal btw).

    We would have still lost, but a few more goals might have helped the mood.

    IMO our problem is up front more than at the back. We have steadily been getting less and less efficient up front, and somehow I think that needs to be sorted out first.

  659. goonerandy

    and we only have park to the rescue till he does his national service!

  660. “I know in England when you lose a game, signings are a solution, but first we have to get our players back. We had 8 out today”

    The man is living in some sort of delusional dream world. He has to be it is the only possible explanation.

  661. 2 wins since the carling cup loss.

  662. not to worry tho, we have joel campbell, oops no work permit!

  663. Mike – Good job Berbatov didn’t feature for Manure then. He was the top scorer last season, and as they had 20+ chances just think how that would have turned out.

  664. MikeSA – so now you’re resorting to calling me a liar rather than putting anything constructive together? You’ve got nothing remotely meaningful to come back at me with so you raise a doubt over my having a season ticket…I was wrong about you earlier – you’re a GENIUS.

    I spent 7 years in the RAF, worked with some SAFAs there and since I’ve been in the city. Found most to be a good laugh, some to be smart boys. You? You give them a bad name. You refuse to discuss why you’re right and I’m wrong, you can’t prove why I shouldn’t be negative, how remaining embarrassingly positive about this Arsenal side is going to help and yet you accuse me of being the one who’s clueless?

    Good luck fella…I’ve got a feeling you’re going to be ploughing a lonely furrow after todays result…

  665. Even some of the utd fans didn’t jeer or take the piss because they felt sorry players.

  666. Give it a rest fuckers. Yes we need a bunch of improvements and the boys we had out there today didn’t play up to their potential, but for fuck’s sake this isn’t a time for I told you sos.

  667. what do you want him to say lew1234?
    “im now gonna go out and spend 80M, so anyone with players to sell, let me know so i can buy them?”

  668. Critical that we sign a left back Traore isn’t there and jenks has a long way to go especially on the attacking side, I think we should have traded arshavin too.
    I wouldn’t mind arteta for some experience if we get Cahill, chu young, hopefully hazard and a left back to cover Gibbs we have a chance to get in the top four otherwise this going to a long year.

  669. well
    not only are the fans spirits crushed..
    those young lads are now crushed..
    oxo must be well happy he made his debut in a 8-2 humiliating drubbing..

    well dont arsene, well done ivan, well done stan..now we are relying on the the two week break to save us..but that is going to have as much affect on the clubs confidence as the whole 3 months we just had..none

    hang your heads in shame..

    3 days to fix something youve had 3 months to sort is plain simple mis management..

  670. @runebreaker i dubt we will get hazard now, Lille must be pissed on us after we snatched that korean dude. however the oters are likley.

    Traore is rumoured to go to qpr so there must be something happening on that front too.

  671. Well at least we got our first goals of the season 😀 chin up boys..expansive football does provide a hiding or two…

  672. Malaysiangunner


    No worries mate. I will still be an Arsenal supporter even if we lose by the dozen but to condone AW and the mangement for allowing this to happen is another matter. AW out out out now.

    No fear we are the Arsenal with or without AW

  673. Merson saying none of our players would get in Manu squad bar van persie, well in certain areas we actually have better players but wot let’s us done is the collective we just didn’t play as a team. But like I said before the only way is up from here

  674. Gary Neville spoke a lot of truth about how our defence was tactically inept and in disarray for most of the game.

    The sad truth is that without our full first team, we are not even an average premiership team. The lack of experience has just been exposed for the entire world to see.

    Chamberlain looked lost – and in comparison (and for a few million more) A Young ran the show. You just have to question what our board and management are aiming to achieve making purchases for tomorrow when what we really need are players that will make an impact now.

    Man Utd had the same average age today, but they are better balanced and tactically on a different planet to us.

    Merson said you cannot go to OT and play your normal game given the players we were fielding. He’s right. There was no game plan, and we got what most Arsenal fans feared might happen, only it was worse.

  675. Nothing that 5 or 6 players plus all our injuries returning shouldn’t sort.

    Why do we always get many injuries. If it is our brand of football that causes excessive injuries then we simply have to stop playing that way.

  676. well we can either sit an dwell in the lovley misery or we can try to look forward.

  677. one thing is for sure, the next 4 days will be very interesting indeed…

  678. Lew, there’s not a lot he could have said differently.

    IMO we need to find a striker who knows where the goal is. We seem very short there, we just don’t seem to buy players of that ilk. Until Jack returns we either need a creative midfielder or Robin needs to move back into the hole.

    Unfortunately I don’t think we have enough time right now for any of that.

    Kaka might be a serious option, butni think we need to brace ourselves for few if any new recruits at this stage.

    Personally I think we can still survive this, but something in our training needs to change, and there is definitely something very wrong at the club, quite what it is I don’t know, but it has to be sorted out one way or another. It might even be because of the issue between our two major shareholders, maybe kroenke wants to devalue the club before making a final bid?

  679. poodle

    I want him to say:
    I’m sorry for today, sorry for our fantastic away support, sorry to all the Arsenal support worldwide , as you can see there are some problems with the team that I AM going to fix. There will be players in by Wednesday.

    Not the usual bullshit about tiredness, finding the right player and blah blah six years of the same tired shite, blah blah

  680. Doomers,
    you just might get your wish…but
    will you still support Arsenal
    If we end up in the Championship???

    Well, would you?

  681. Limestonegunner

    I think Coquelin was playing pretty well and that it opened us up too much to take him off for the Ox. It was a case of chasing the game but with such a ravaged backline, it was tough not to have the defensive presence of Coquelin, I think.

  682. On the rare occasion..thank god we have a break from football now..

  683. Transfer problems…wenger and the board.
    Financial vs success…wenger the board.


    RVP AND THEO. The rest looked like…I don’t know.
    We rolled over for them.

  684. Aman…yes, I’d still renew my season ticket if we were in League 2…whatever… This isn’t about “doomers” it’s about WANTING BETTER FOR ARSENAL THAN THE FUCKING CHAMPIONSHIP YOU FUCKING RETARD.

    If losing 8-2 at Old Trafford isn’t enough to wake some of you up, I have no fucking idea what will.

  685. Paulie Walnuts

    Predictable but still totally unacceptable.

    Zero belief.
    Players going through the motions
    Players totally out of their depth
    No tactics
    No passion or fight

    Sure, injuries & suspensions play a part but not enough to justify what happened today

    The buck stops with the manager

  686. Aman

    Will you still support Arsenal if Arsene quit in the morning?

  687. lew1234…once u start apologizing, when do u stop??

    How do u know he’s 100% in control of our transfer policy?

  688. I thought Coquelin did pretty well, all things considered. Considering he was one of our senior players I thought Rosicky was very poor.

  689. JonJon | August 28, 2011 at 6:31 pm

    “well not only are the fans spirits crushed..those young lads are now crushed..
    oxo must be well happy he made his debut in a 8-2 humiliating drubbing..

    well dont arsene, well done ivan, well done stan..now we are relying on the the two week break to save us..but that is going to have as much affect on the clubs confidence as the whole 3 months we just had..none

    hang your heads in shame..

    3 days to fix something youve had 3 months to sort is plain simple mis management”.

  690. 33 to 1 for us to win the premiership.
    Get on us now

  691. After such a thrashing wenger couldnt go out there n show weakness criticise n be patronising. U can see how hurt it was and how painful the interview was. I can guarantee u that wenger won’t be sleeping in the next few days, this will tear him apart. But he is strong enough to bounce back. And so are the team and so should we be.

  692. pedantic george | August 28, 2011 at 6:41 pm
    33 to 1 for us to win the premiership.
    Get on us now
    I will personally give you 50 to 1. Minimum bet is £500. Any takers? MikeSA?! Mattyboy?!

  693. I actually funnily enough, thought we created quite a lot of decent chances today, it was quite close in terms of attempts and shots on target..we were nowhere near clinical enough..Reminded me a bit of the 5-6 or was it 4-5 at WHL a few seasons back..

    Arshavin and Rosicky the only players who can hold their heads high after the game imo

  694. I guess we would have kept down the margin of defeat if we had left Coquelin on. AW took a gamble on Ox which sadly lead to that scoreline. Without bossing the midfield and keeping a check on Rooney, we could not have hoped to contain united.

  695. ArseChicago and Malaysiangunner. Why the fuck are you coming to the defence of the doomers. Bloody right now they are saying “I told you so.” You’d only defend them if you felt they had a point. Even with this big loss I don’t!

  696. United’s average age on the pitch lower than ours today.

    so much for youth policy.

  697. Well, there is no way if we don’t sign anybody he can trot out “I am happy with our squad”.

  698. Left back and a creative midfielder/ trequaista or however u spell it required for sure…we looked woeful in these areas today..Arshavin in the middle might also be an option if he shows the desire and ability to go past people he showed today..but we need to sign someone in that position for sure..

  699. We scored two goals at old trafford, the first time we’ve done that in years. What more do people want.
    A day to forget, but we will come back from this, be sure…… just a small reminder to Wenger as to what needs to be done.
    If any doomer fucking replies to this post then you are fucking dead……….. once a gooner always a gooner.

  700. I am SOO awake Rhyle You piece-of lily livered discard of a fan!!!!!!!
    FUCK U for being such a pathetic BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

    I am as broken as any gooner would be BUT
    I throw in no friggin towel here
    8-2, biggest loss ever
    I’m practically dying here asshole BUT
    where the fuck do u get off categorically attacking ONLY AW?

    Is he in full control of what goes on at AFC???
    Does the 6m bullshit o an offer to Bolton for Cahill at less than a week to go before the transfer season closes????

    FUCK you pussy !!!!!!

    I will support ARSENAL in the 3rd division lew1234

  701. Els
    you ask why we get so many injuries.
    AW has stated that he doesn’t want players to weight on in the gym as this has a negative effect on their co-ordination. I’m no expert on physiology but maybe building up more muscle might do something to reduce injuries, making the players more durable, only a guess.

  702. Aman

    You watched that right? You just watched the worst Arsenal I have seen in my life, an apology for that is not too much to ask for.

    As for the other point that is just obfuscation to try and protect him. He has almost 100% control of all footballing matters (the Nasri situation is the first thing in years where the board have put their foot down).

  703. Rhyle, you have no idea who I am or what I actually think, in fact, your postings aimed at me demonstrate you’ve never read any of my earlier posts.

    You barged on here telling everyone we’ re deluded etc etc, that makes you a troll and an arsehole, that does not constitute a considered debate, and if you honestly think it does, then you are truly stupid.

    Yes, I got caught by your trolling, I should have ignored you, but we were all having a tough time of it, so your moronic dribbling was less than welcome.

    As for the season tickets, so many of your ilk blunder on here claiming to be 60 year old season ticket holders for the last 89 years when they very obviously are nothing of the kind, it all becomes somewhat thin.

    Quite frankly, I don’t give a monkeys who you are, what you’ve done or what you do or don’t lie about, your entry post said it all, you’re a twat.

  704. There is far to many people moaning and winging .
    A nightmare for sure .But whats with the “I told you so ” shit

  705. Malaysiangunner, and for insulting me may I add: “FUCK OFF.” As for ArseChicago I take your criticism in good faith – though I still think you’re wrong!

  706. CORRECTION for Rhyle-u-twat,
    Is he in full control of what goes on at AFC???
    Does the 6m bullshit of an offer to Bolton for Cahill at less than a week to go before the transfer season closes not point to the act that maybe he’s NOT????

  707. Arsenal 4 ever…up the gooooooooooners


    I still cheer for my team at 8-2..the question is do you?

  708. BOOZY, the sad thing is that it appears that with even the best youth policy you still have to break the bank. Football finance has gone crazy. Ask Platini!

  709. I don’t even feel angry anymore, I just feel sad about how we’ve ended up. It was envitable what would happen today, but in my wildest dreams I didn’t ever think it could be this bad.

    The worst bit about it is that you can’t even put it down to one thing, or one player. The whole team was poor.

  710. FUCK it, we live to fight another day. this mountin will be a tough one to overcome. chinup… UP THE GUNS!!!!

  711. WENGERSPIN IS DELUSIONAL.Just like the AKBs here,
    his comments after the game , were ridiculous, his youth
    policy has failed as have his defensive ideas, unfortunately he
    wont go till the end of the season and we alleged doomers have
    to suffer

  712. i wouldnt touch those odds george..

    i reckon the odds on rvp being sold next summer are shorter than that..

  713. We’ll be ready for Swansea.

  714. never mind all this footballing nonsense.
    did afc make any money today ?

  715. Real Madrid lost 5-0 to Barcelona last season, with a full team made up of Galacticos and even a Balon d’Or winner, and the world didn’t end for them. In fact, some of our doomers still think Mourinho is the dog’s bollocks despite this. Shit happens. Tomorrow when you go to work and your Manc mates take the piss, just take on the fucking chin. This is what being a supporter is all about.

  716. Gains – Shit does happen you are right. But Madrid had not just sold their best players, and not replaced them.

  717. lew1234,
    3 games down…35 to go.
    Something VERY UPLIFTING must happen before the 31st
    Something’s got to change..either
    The board alters policy & effects some quick transfers
    if they are as lily-livered as some of our bitch-ass fans..
    fire AW.

    The choice is theirs to make.
    Actually Kroenke’s to make.

    in my case
    i support Arsenal Football Club
    with or without an EIGHT-TWO DRUBBING @ Old Trafford!
    I expect & hope
    we pick up & get better.

    ..i remain RASER!

  718. everyone laughed when we alleged doomers said we had no cover at
    LB and that Gibbs was injury prone and not that great and
    the great manager said we didnt need cover so Enrique went
    to Liverpool.Now what do we do to patch up the defense only Sagna
    and TV are really first choice

  719. And that was a good as a performance you will see for years (Barca). Manure could have easily had ten today, our defending made it piss easy for them.

  720. Reminds me of the final Barcelona lost to AC Milan 4:0. And they had all their stars. We didn’t. Sagna, Gibbs, Vermaelen, Song, Wilshere , Diaby and Gervinho were all missing.

  721. Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith has already confirmed that AW is in full control of the purse strings. Doesn’t put the money but chooses how it’s distributed.

    You clueless fucks have no class, no self respect, no self control. Get over yourselves, you’re an embarrassment to African’s everywhere. It’s no wonder so many of you are exploited so easily 😉

    Don’t see what I’ve said that’s so controversial – you are deluded. You are an embarrassment, accepting mediocrity instead of trying inspire YOUR club, the one that you that you claim to LOVE to better.

    For all of your abuse, accusations and ridicule I’ve argued in the right way – demonstrating my points lucidly and eloquently…you lot? Resort to name calling and intimations that, because I refuse to accept my club at 17th in EPL, I’m less of a fan than you.

    Enjoy yourselves, fellas, I’ve got a feeling you’re going to have long, lonely season.

  722. —————————

  723. Gainsbourg69 | August 28, 2011 at 6:56 pm . Good point.

  724. The Defense was shit today,where is Bill when you need him

  725. ITS TIME KROENKE OPENED HIS MOUTH. There is no board
    just him

  726. Malaysian, who is condoning what? All of us are gutted over this loss. However, some of us are not going to throw our toys out of the pram and whinge like little bitches.

  727. when rvp decides he’s had enough i wonder how much we will get for him.

  728. Manure’s average age was less than ours today, so even playing a young side is no excuse.

  729. Gainsbourg69-

    you really are one annoying dude – i asked earlier – how low do we have to get for guys like you to come around – clearly this isn’t low enough for you.

  730. YW’s column tomorrow:


    Unlucky Arsenal lost a 10 goal thriller at Old Trafford yesterday.They defended brilliantly and conceded 8 flukey goals.They dominated a poor United team.Wenger’s tactical plan was superb to close United down.They never had a kick.Today proved our young players really are as good as we are told.Arshavin and Walcott outshone the useless Ashley Young.£16m what a joke.Its Arsenal’s title no problem.Wenger is a genius give him an extenstion to his contract.All them Gooners who said Wenger should have spent big have been proved wrong.The game was one of the greatest in our history.Carry on Arsene

  731. Rhyle | August 28, 2011 at 7:00 pm Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith is a bitter woman. Since when did Wenger run the Arsenal PLC? He’s the football team manager. The buck stops with Kroenke.

  732. “JackWilshere Jack Wilshere
    I heard all the Arsenal fans singing! You my friends are a fucking (excuse the language) inspiration to Arsenal Football club and i love you”

    From twitter.
    How we need that young man now!!!

  733. George – We don’t need Bill to pick that apart. I honesty cannot believe that a club of our stature could defend like like. It was like watching a pub team.

  734. No solgooner, i was pained we didn’t buy Enrique.
    But how do u know he did not prefer to go to Liverpool?

  735. You’re right, Andy. Real Madrid got destroyed despite a record breaking transfer market, which saw them scoop up the most promising players at the 2010 world cup and a second string worth more than our entire squad put together, you dick face.

  736. Supporting the team now and in the next game is out of the question, because I will, even if we get relegated.

    That doesn’t change the fact that we lost EIGHT 8 – TWO 2 – a humiliating defeat.

    If you really love Arsenal, you can’t accept that. It would be unusual and down right creepy for a supporter to accept his team to lose 8 – 2. This is not Lancaster or Exeter this is Arsenal we are talking about here.

  737. Deano – That is unfair mate. YW has called it how it is recently, and I expect no different tomorrow.

  738. Deano
    Just fuck off you mean spirited wanker.As if we dont feel bad enough without you spunking your joy at our misery.

  739. the buck stops with kronk…………….never a truer word. and somebody said he’s got lots of bucks.

  740. Rhyle, so not only a twat who has no idea what erudite, well defined arguments look like, but a nasty little racist to boot.

  741. Gains – No need to get personal mate. But what on earth does Madrid/Barca have to do with us? (the answer is nothing).

    We have sold our best players, and not replaced them despite the squad not being good enough last year. The young players we have brought in are all decent, but today has highlighted they are not quite as good as some on here believe. We have cash at bank, and whilst nobody is hoping we spend like M City, we have the resources to significantly improve the squad. What is so difficult about that? (maybe the argument that we have left ourselves 3 days, but that is for another day).

  742. Boozy, I’m sorry, but I will never join you fucking drama queens in deriding our manager and our players. The 8-2 looks quite bad, but it’s not the end of the world. If you can’t see this result for the abnormality that it is, then I can’t help you with that.

  743. sorry. of course that should read …………stays with kronk.

  744. ANDY well said,the AKBs have extreme rose tinted glasses

  745. Gains – “The 8-2 looks quite bad,”

    It does doesn’t it?

    It is fucking embarrassing.

  746. “I know that in England that when you lose a game the signings are always the solution. First we need to get our players back. We had eight players out today and anybody would suffer with eight players out.”

    Come on Arsene! You always come out with that old chestnut. It’s also YOUR fault that we had eight players out today!

    Please don’t continue to insult our intelligence.

  747. Clearly state in earlier posts my respect to the rest of your continentsmen (if that’s a word…), and calling you african when you’re from SA is just out-and-out true…so racist is grasping at straws, somewhat Mike. Look at my post at 6.30 and try harder, fella.

    You’ve done nothing but make this more and more personal. You are incapable of constructing a cohesive, coherent argument. I would never dream of using the word erudite anywhere near your name – show me something you’ve posted which actually proves me wrong?!

    I am more than happy to hold my hands up when I’m wrong…and I am often…but in this case, I’m smarter, better looking and funnier than you. Get over it and go…LIVE YOUR LIFE! Remember…no matter what anyone says…words will never hurt you and your mum doesn’t think you’re cool, she KNOWS you’re cool.

  748. Gainsbourg69

    Mate, I think you are deluded.

  749. I really felt for Jenkinson. He gave 100%, but was clearly out of his depth. But he never hid all match, and continued to work hard and get forward to support the attacks. I like him. Troare on the other hand went missing once it looked like we would get beat. He even left the pitch having a laugh. And Lansbury came on and was a having a real old laugh with the Manure players when he came on. Fuck them two, we don’t need them at this club.

  750. Andy, what does selling Cesc and Nasri have to do with anything? All I’m saying is that this is an abnormal result. Any team can get spanked 8-2 on their day. It doesn’t mean anything other than we were atrocious for ninety minutes on the last sunday of the first month of the 2011/2012 season. Nothing less and nothing more. The reason I bring up Barcelona vs Madrid is to remind idiots like you that even the most well assembled teams can have an off day and catch a mauling. By the way, our squad wasn’t good enough last season because those two pricks you mention gave up.

  751. Malaysiangunner


    Lacking in argument hence the 4letters words. Grow up. Plse do notcall anyone who thinks AW is doing a pathetic job thus far are all doomers and we celebrate Arsenals misery. Same to you then

  752. what’s annoying is wenger portrays every one else as stupid.

  753. 8-2!

    i missed the start of the game…where was Vermaelen?

  754. have afc started doing cheque books yet, only………….
    personally i beleive there is only one way out of this crap. start voting with ur feet and see how long kronk will watch his profit falling.

  755. DelboyEssex,to be fair it would not be hard to insult you intelligence,now would it?

  756. Excuse me while I put on my “extreme rose tinted glasses”. There, that’s better.

    How is it Arsene Wenger’s fault that we had eight players out today?

    I cut myself shaving this morning. Fucking French bastard.

  757. Boozy.To be fair to Arsene he is dead right in your case

  758. DelBoy, I am not delluded. I am over this loss already because I know how out of the ordinary it truly is.

    Andy, the 8-2 may be embarrassing to you, but to me it’s nothing more than three points dropped. And why should you be embarrassed, you weren’t out on the pitch.

    Solgooner, as an AKB, I have full confidence that this will be rectified. I feel sorry for you if you don’t. It seems like you drama queens can’t take the heat, eh?

  759. Gains – This isn’t a one off. This is the endgame of an accumulation of bad displays (starting after the CC game). I mention selling Cesc and Nasri (and Clichy to a point) because if you sell your best players, and don’t replace them, your team is weaker. And by the end of last year, this team could not afford to be weaker. Fuck me, what is it you don’t get?

    Signing the likes of OAC/Park/Jenkinson is great is you have a strong squad which is doing well on the pitch. It is building for the future. But we don’t, and we are dropping those players in way too early at the deep end and hoping that they swim. It is fucking madness for a club of our stature.

  760. Aman



    So spare everyone that BS excuse please.

  761. “I cut myself shaving this morning. Fucking French bastard.”

    You see now that is what we need.Humour.
    Not much left today.

  762. Gains – You are saying you don’t feel embarrassed that the football club (note club, and not team) that you support just got humiliated by a supposed rival? Really? I am gobsmacked, I really am.

  763. Malaysiangunner so you think idiot is a polite word do you? Up yours!

  764. On more serious matters I love the way Jenkinson is growing quite fast. First an own goal and now a red card. The boy has the makings of a future great.
    As for G69, I’m with you all the way!

  765. Kind of puts your embarrassment into perspective, doesn’t it Andy? Who the fuck are you to judge how one copes under those circumstances? What did you want Lansbury and Traore to do, mean mug the United players so that some wanker sitting on his couch is satisfied with their reaction?

    Boozy, Arsene doesn’t have to try to make you look stupid. You seem to have a handle on it all on your own.

  766. Andy,give it a rest mate “.Brave face” and all that ,you know.
    Its ok for you because you can say” I told you so”
    Some of us have so much egg on our faces we are barely recognisable.

  767. Rhyle, this is rather tiresome, but it’s interesting that you think I picked you out for racism because you called me an African.

    Yes, I am an African no matter what my skin colour might be, that wasn’t the clue to your racist leanings, the little jibe about being easily exploited was the little bugger dribbling down your leg.

    It’s funny how it seems to matter to you what I think and whether I believe you on any level.

    Personally I couldn’t give a shit what you think of me, you’re a twat, and whether you think I’m erudite or not isn’t of any relevance, after all, you’re the one suffering from the delusion that you posted lucid, intelligent arguments when all you actually did was insult everyone else.

    You’re a wimp, and quite frankly I’ve met more than a few arseholes from the RAF (some decent lads too, mind you), and I’m a fair bit older than you so I doubt we’ve ever met, although I’m quite sure I’d have had you collared as a twat first up anyway.

  768. not an excuse lew1234…our reality.

    We do not pay Man U or Man City money dude…it really matters in our case, whether u accept it or not…with all the CL pressure, twas just too much of a void to carry into Old Trafford.
    Even Red Nose knew this.

    we need reinforcements
    the Summer’s been a bit of a bungle
    NO WAY
    You get rid of AW @ this stage of the season.

    The away fans were FANTASTIC and if we had scored a 2nd early in the game it might have helped keep the scoreline loss more respectable.
    Ditto RvP’s crap penalty earlier.

    Very slim possibility of not losing that match with that line-up.

  769. If this does not bring the cheque book out ,nothing will.
    If we dont spend we will know,almost,that there is trouble at the mill

  770. Btw, I agree with goonerton @ 6:23pm
    ..hope to see some changes

  771. Aman

    It is an excuse no Arsenal team should be beaten 8-2, none.

    This sums up how I feel:
    As a club, Arsenal have been shamed. The boys, who to their infinite credit gave it their all from first minute to last, can be forgiven for being novices sent out to do men’s work, but the old men who sent them as disorganised, unprepared, out-of-their-depth lambs for a slaughter carry nothing but the heaviest burden of shame. The board. The medical department. The management. All of them have disgraced what used to be a proper football club.


  772. Andy, it seems like you want everyone around you to feel as embarrassed as you do. Personally, I choose to look at the result for what it is and put it in the past. It hurts like you wouldn’t imagine, but, my chin is up and I’m not letting it ruin the season for me. I just don’t roll that way. Hopefully, this loss will be the kick in the backside that the team need in order to get to the next level. That’s how I’m looking at it. You can wallow in your misery and your “no excuses’ all you want, but all this lets me know is that you’re not the type of person I’d like to associate with. You’re weak and like to pile on the misery. That’s about all I need to know about you.

  773. MikeSA…and yet you STILL SAY FUCK ALL TO PROVE ME WRONG. I was talking about ZEALOTS BEING EXPLOITED, not Africans, cretin…but to be fair, reading back, that’s not too clear. HANDS UP!

    However, for someone who’s even older than me you do behave like a child.

    You say you couldn’t give a shit but you just keep coming back for more. It’s sadder than watching Larry Holmes step back in the ring…it’s borderline pathetic. At least I’ve got an excuse. I’m pissed off with the state of the club and taking it out on those who think we’ve got “a lot to look forward to”…

    You’re wrong, you know it and you have nothing but insults to throw at me to make yourself feel better. Go back, try again.

  774. 100% behind the team and the manager.
    We played after a crucial tough away game in Italy and we were missing many players. It hurts, but it’s not the end of the world. Wenger will sort it out.
    100% behind the team and the manager.

  775. George, I have a feeling that we are pretty much where we are.

    I said a week or two backthat I didn’t think the club were serious about buying any more players and that it would be better o accept that otherwise there would be an vn bigger shit storm than there already is.

    At this stage, unless there is something very close to being completed, I can’t see anything other than a park young, kaka or maybe a Cahill if we are very lucky, but somehow I think something is broken at the club and we are where we are, we either get on with it or we run around tearing our hair out.

    Of course I’d dearly love to be wrong on this, but I have a feeling here is way more to this than we can guess at.

  776. Chill the Thrill

    We had 6 starters out. Vidic and Rafael (maybe Valencia) were out for them.

    I heard the away fans singing “we love you Arsenal” for a good while. Well done.

  777. You’re right rhyle, this now way more than necessary, cheers.

  778. I used to be a doomer. Now I’ve become a supporter. If you don’t support the team when it’s tough, what’s the point?

    We are rebuilding, it’l take time.

  779. There is no Arsenal supporter alive who has ever seen us lose 8 goals in a game.

    Yet to read some of the comments on here is it doesnt matter.We only lost 3pts.FFS if you dont think the worse result in 115 years is bad you are not a real GOONER.I ashamed at todays result.I am hurting.It is a humiliation.

    Are Wenger Gazidis and Kroenke in his mansion in Colarado hurting like we are?

  780. I just vomited, sick to my stomach

  781. Deano,I would bet my life that Arsene is hurting more than we are.
    How stupid are you?

  782. I see Rhyle has decide to get racist.

  783. SOLUTIONS…surely even those who still back Wenger must acknowlege that something needs to be done?

    What’s next?

    We have to be realistic…who can we bring in? Everyone now knows just how desperate we are for reinforcements…so we’re going to be paying over the odds, too…magic…

    We need:

    2 CBs
    1 LB
    2 CMs
    1 CF

    Can name the CMs, CBs I’d like to see. Can throw a few fantasy football names about as to the rest as well. Just have no idea how much we can actually accomplish in 3 days.

  784. Its the stupid board members, they don’t want to pay the wages. What has Stan got to say about this?
    In Wenger I trust!

  785. Could anyone remind me when ManU were relegated?

    We are experiencing tough times at the moment, but we’ll be back stronger than ever.

  786. You should take a peak at Le Grove. My chit chat with Malaysiangunner, or anything else going on here, is child’s play.

  787. Again…I’d like reiterate, for those who couldn’t be bothered to read any other posts, that I wasn’t being racist and I do appreciate the confusion my post may have caused. I was implying ZEALOTS were easy to exploit, as I’ve previously said to no reaction in earlier posts…

    I may be an arsehole, but I’m not prejudiced in any way. Except against Spurs fans and people who think that Arsenal is in good shape. They’re fucking idiots.

  788. Who’s back in a week?


    Squad won’t be complete till after Swansea.
    Hope we have no injuries during the Int’l break
    Hope whoever we add can play immediately.

    Pray we bounce back STRONG!


  790. Wenger says that Manutd has class. I love that because I’m socialist and I hate class!

  791. we need a fukin left back!!!!

  792. Boozyt what is ur agenda? What do you mean at all ? What do you wanna achieve? What do you want to happen to arsenal before 1september? I think it’s time you outline your ideas of change.

  793. Boozy,they are having a great old time of it over on le grub.Why dont you stay there with the intellectual giants ?

  794. Andy, was Real Madrid’s 5-0 loss to Barcelona an accumulation of bad results or just a bad day at the office? See, you’re hanging on to the loss of Cesc and Nasri to beat this team over the head with because it’s convenient. In that respect you’re no different than someone making excuses for this loss. I mean, who knows whether even having Cesc or Nasri in the team today would’ve been enough to overcome the amount of injuries and suspensions we’ve suffered? I don’t and neither do you, so your criticism is not based on reality anymore than the most rose tinted AKB’s is.

  795. What will happen when we play FA cup, Carling, champions league and premier league all at once????????? We will field fabianski as LB?

  796. It’s the board’s fault in my opinion, no actually IT IS the boards fault.

    The fight between doomers and AKB, it’s hilarious because no one is getting anywhere with anything they say. People need to stop swearing and bad mouthing to hide their obvious inability to back their arguments, it makes you look stupid. If you’re making a point, do it constructively (and without calling for Wenger’s head) and the person replying should do likewise.

    For those who beilive that Arsen wenger should go, i really pity you, you must be seriously lacking in something. Who would you get in at this moment. Think before you type.

    The sad thing is that the board and Arsenal are making a profit out of us fans, we have the highest ticket prices and nothing to show for it. We are a profit club, we are a business, and so therefore the board and kroenke see us as a big money profiting business.

    The less input there is in terms of funding the larger the profit margin, not that hard to figure out.

    We are a business now first and foremost, there is being reponsible with your money and then there taking advantage of people and fans and giving nothing in return.

    It’s sad, but Wenger is most liekly not to blame.

    Question is, do you realise where your money is going to, not on improving your team certainly.

  797. This result is a watershed for the club, fans, Wenger and the board. This week we will see how big everyones balls are. Lots hope they have big cojones and make a real statement of intent. Otherwise…god help us!!!! Amongst the negativity Theo and RVP showed lots of heart , scored and both played well. But without control of the midfield and good service our game was over before it even started.To the bunker.

  798. Dukey,you think?
    We should buy……………
    well you know, some players,maybe!!

  799. 5-0 (even 6-1) happens once in a while….8-2 does not. Once in a lifetime result but to just shrug your shoulders and put it down to a “bad day at the office” is asking for it to happen again.

    We need solutions and action, not excuses and lies.

  800. Gains – You are a buffoon.

    George – This is not about saying “I told you so”, and I am not interested in getting into childish tit for tat. This should be a wake up call.

  801. sorry gains but this is a truly awful embarressing result. no two ways about it. not for me but the club bringing the club into disrepute this is. but it coulld well be the begining of the begining for us. Why Wenger didnt get Enrique fuck knows. we had cl to offer him truth is wenger was not in for a lb coz he thinks gibbs will play there when he clearly will only play about 15 games if we are lucky. he does not warrent being no 1 with his poor injury record.

  802. fuck knows what rvp is thinking now.

  803. Agreed Moe – we wouldn’t get anyone of note in at the moment for a variety of reasons.

    1. too close to the closure of the transfer window.
    2. team is in absolute disarray. it’d be a similar scenario to when GG left…not much to play with. But, regardless of whether it’s Wenger in charge ( who I hold largely responsible but am NOT calling for his head ) or (god forbid) Pat Rice as caretaker…we need ACTION because if we continue down this path you’ll have bigger problems than tickets going on general sale for the Swansea game next year – RvP / Walcott walking on the cheap anyone?!

    The board (NOT Kroenke who’s voice until the last couple of months has been diluted by majority shareholders) are also responsible through placing too much trust and power into Wenger’s hands. Kroenke, who loves a good businessplan it appears, needs also to accept that maintaining the status quo will continue our decline.

    SOLUTIONS AND ACTION. Doublegooner is organising a demo pre-Swansea game. It’s time we let the board / Wenger know how we feel, regardless of whom you hold responsible.

  804. Rhyle and all the doomers who’ve come on to spread their ‘gospel’, please f*** off if your sole purpose is the wind-up and ‘told-you-so’. If you have something novel to contribute other than ‘sack Wenger’ etc when we have suffered the ignomy of setting yet another record in 2011, slam your fingers in a steel door seven times.

    If you want to share your wisdom with bretheren of similar mind-sets and bask in your omniscience, please do one on to the likes of ‘Le Grave’ and ‘Arsenal Truth’ etc.

    For my part, I’m with the likes of Aman, Mike SA, Chill, Gains, Darius and the rest.

  805. As Alan Smith said “the only way is up”.

    As Finsbury rightfully pointed out the biggest low of the day was Fergie feeling sorry for us. How dreadfully bad is that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have supported this club thro thick and thin for over fifty years and have been a season ticket holder for more years than some of the guys who post on here have been on this planet, and i can’t remember feeling so low. Probably being beaten by Swindon Town in a league cup final must come close .

    Arsene has his work cut out, i love the guy for what he”s done for the club but have to say he has had this coming, injuries apart we were dreadful. Sunday morning defending, how you play so far up against United is beyond me !

    He will for certain earn his corn over the next couple of weeks, lets hope he can come up with some magic from somewhere, it cant get much worse !

  806. its amazing how many fans say we had eight first teamers out. are u guys for real?? man utd beat us last season in the fa cup with 8 defenders on the pitch.
    When do you guys stop making excuses and see things for which they really are.
    By the way there is a reason y the squad limit is 25.

  807. YOGI,
    time to vaporize Wonderland, don’t u think?
    such a waste of avatar

  808. Fair play to United, but that result was flattering. We finish our chances we’re right back in that game. Our defending was absolute shite, but then again so was United’s. We created some very good chances with a squad of 3rd choice players for the most part so it isn’t as bad as many Doomers are making it out to be. Difference between our young players and Uniteds is PL experience. Welbeck, Jones, Smalling, Cleverly all have more experience than Jenks, Le Coq (who I was impressed with), Ramsey and Traore. Our fullbacks were pretty shocking but I like the spirit Jenks has shown thus far. It’s gonna be a far different story at the Emirates. Credit to Arsene for sticking to his guns and chasing the game instead of trying to save face by parking the bus. I appreciated that and am proud to be a Gunner. Props to the away fans too they made sure they were heard loud and clear. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

  809. Andy,
    I was trying to lighten the mood.Hence the “eggy face” thingy.

  810. Does anyone really think that new additions now will change very much ? Surely the biggest problem facing us is the ridculous number of injuries and cards we suffer. The latter probably comes from the fact that we treat defence as a second priority so we always end up making last ditch tackles, but why all the injuries ? Yes, a centre back will help as we are woefully short there, but will that solve the full back problem ? Will that solve the lack of goals ? Also our big players aren’t stepping up. RVP and Arshavin let us down today. Lots to sort out Arsene.

  811. notadoomer,

    “He will for certain earn his corn over the next couple of weeks, lets hope he can come up with some magic from somewhere, it cant get much worse !”

    I agree & really feel your pain.
    It dare not get any worse than thiS!

  812. George – I know mate. I am just really pissed at the moment 😦


  814. Andy, me too but I dont want to fall out with me pal’s

  815. Only 3 things can be on offer from today’s defensive performance:

    a. There were no tactics offered to counter Manure’s attacks.
    b. The players were not capable of implementing the tactics.
    c. The tactics offered were woefully short of the mark.

    Because make no mistake about it (I have just watched all of the goals again), our defence was all over the place. It was awful.

  816. are we in a relegation fight this year??????

  817. Take your pick, because it has to be one of the above.

  818. Poodle | August 28, 2011 at 8:11 pm
    Boozyt what is ur agenda?

    what kind of question is this?

  819. Didnt get to watch the whole match but this is my view on the matter.

    I am not sure what happened to Djourou post his dislocated shoulder but he is not the same player. For his size he is way too easily outmuscled and always falls on the blasted ground when he gets beaten. Hope we get a replacement for him or we should play Miguel. Djourou needs to get his head right. He is not aggressive enough right now.

    I agree with those who said we shouldve parked the bus (we did it in the 05 FA Cup with a more experienced side). There is no way you can lose 3 or your back 4 and expect them to be cohisive united. Counter attacking was our best option.

    RVP’s penalty miss was huge from what I saw becuase United made it 2 straight aftewards. Its hard to imagine how much of a confidence blow that was. To me the team looked dangerous and was playing some decent defense up until that point. What the heck happened to RVP’s rocket penatly kicks?!

    There is no way around it, there is a belief when playes go to United so the young players are very confident and that makes them play up to their potential and even better. Look at Ashley Young, he all of sudden looks world class and that has to do with the confident high the team is on. Our team is hurting and there is no way around it, you cannot lose two of your best players and not feel it, especially viewing how the team fell apart last season. Confidence is not where it must be.

    I fear that some big money signings may have to be made to lift the players. Thats not what I want but confidence must be ragained as soon as possible.

    G69 is correct about RM though, they weree torched and couldnt even score a goal and yet that wasnt the end of the world. Its actually worse that they had many big money signings GA.

    Rhyle bad analogy with larry holmes as Holmes knocked the hell out of some boxers when he returned.

  820. Come on people,

    People who want wenger out
    People who want wenger to stay
    People who just want their dear team to improve
    People who have no idea what they think and follow the crowd 🙂

    We are SUPPORTERS, let’s support. At the end of the day we are all fans, and we all love our club dearly, there is nothing you can do at this moment in time NOTHING.
    The only thing to do is support this team

    It is not their fault that they have an incompetent board or manager as some would have us believe.

    They play for you, they play for the club, we have to support them, if you want take your anger out at the board but don’t make these young players suffer for the faults of others.

  821. And if we go into the market now,as we must,we will get our pants pulled down and be well and truly rogered.

  822. man utd had 15 attempts on target to our 13, they had 10 off target to our 6. we had more corners less fouls but they dominated possesion. watching the game we were spanked but should have scored more goals from that shot total as man utd did.

    saying that our defence was shocking and rooney was like really good today.

    Stunned really – slightly worse than we we got spanked for 6 with a much better team

    traore reminded me of stepenovs today.

  823. we need a top top top striker gonzalo higuain, tevez, quiseppe rossi, fernando llorente, ezequeil lavezzi, edison cavani.

    we need to be signing these types of players

  824. Rhyle, I don’t think we need much more to make the squad better. After the injured and suspended players come back this is what we’ll have:

    GK: Szczesny, Fabianski, Almunia.
    RB: Sagna, Jenkinson.
    CB: Vermaelen, Koscielny, Djourou, Squillaci, ? (new defender)
    LB: Gibbs, Traore,
    DM: Song, Frimpong, Coquelin.
    CM: Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, Diaby.
    R/LW: Theo, Gervinho, Arshavin, Ryo, Chamberlain.
    ST: Van Persie, Chamakh, Park, Campbell.

    As it is, our CBs are pretty strong. A new CB will make us even stronger. I definitely think we need an LB to rotate with Gibbs. I don’t think Traore is good enough. With regards to a creative midfielder, I think Ramsey, Rosicky and Wilshere are good, but if we can find a good distributor of the ball, it would make us even better in the middle. Upfront, we are doing alright if Chamakh starts to produce and the new boys turn out to be quality. I have to say I was well impressed with Coquelin. Having him, Frimpong and Song in the middle, I feel calm with what we have there. With a few new additions and some cohesion amongst the players we’ll do goo this season.

  825. George – But you agree that we need to strengthen? We have money, and we have left it late to buy. If f have to pay a little more than we want, so be it.

  826. Le grove is doomer porn. Too much of that kind of thing and you’ll end up like AFC Wonderland. Just say no kids.

    Lew at 7.47 :

    What a load of melodramatic tosh. Your old men sending young boys out to battle analogy is utterly laughable. And mildly offensive. It wasn’t the Somme for fucks sake. Yes it hurts like hell. You can wail and flagellate (look it up AFC Wonderland. You might find yourself an exciting new hobby) yourself in public or you can see who we had missing today and accept that the result would most probably have been very different if even half of those players were available.

    Wenger out. Who needs a lone visionary who can work wonders on a shoestring budget anyway. Let’s replace him with Martin O’Neill. He was doing a great job at Villa. Ok the football was dull as fuck, but he was doing a great job. Until, er, he fucked off in a huff ‘cos they wouldn’t give him any more lorry loads of cash to spend. He’s what we need. Or Owen Coyle! he’s er, well, er, he’s, umm, yeah. Well he’s English. Shit, no he’s Scottish. Owen Coyle!!!

    We are not in a relegation dogfight either. It’s three games into the season ffs.

    Let’s see who we bring in.

  827. Paul N – Rhyle bad analogy with larry holmes as Holmes knocked the hell out of some boxers when he returned.
    I was more thinking of him stepping through the ropes now…he’s an unfortunate mess, if you’ve heard him speak. Think the term is “punchy”…

  828. Now Andy I do agree,If we get spanked it our own doing.
    Sometimes you just have to take your medicine.

  829. 5 Players to stop the bleeding:

    Park Chu-Young 8m
    Gary Cahill 9m
    Lukas Podolski 17m+
    Madjid Bougherra or Samba (for feistyness & spirit)
    PLUS a LB* (might have to just accept Gibbs/Traore not up to it..too injury-prone)

    our central midfield might need a new maestro but I’d take my chances with
    Jack-Diaby-Mozart-Ramsey tandem till Jan.


  830. Rusty.Can you stay here .You are just what the doctor ordered.

  831. Time u moved on Wonderland….you lack fibre!

  832. Gains:

    Keeper: Yup, all good here.
    RB: Jenkinson is really not ready. A long term injury to Sagna would leave us in trouble.
    LB: Same here. Troare not good enough, Gibbs injury prone (and still largely unproven).
    CB: If TV5 stays fit, I am relatively happy, but if not we are in trouble.

    DM: With the emergence of Frimpong, I am fairly happy here now
    CM: Decent options, with Wilshere easily the best best player. If injured for a sustained period we will struggle. If not, he needs more support.
    AM: Is there any player who you are thinking will consistently perform? None have shown that they can, although Gervinho looks very promising (especially if he can add goals).

    ST: We know RvP will score if he stays fit. But beyond that? Chamakh looks lost at the moment, and……..there is no and.

    We need better quality players. I really don’t see how anybody can doubt this.

  833. for those of you hoping we get a recognisable or big signing, don’t be deluded, Arsenal will not sign players like that.

    We usually sign players from the backwater of nowhere and hope against hope they come good.

    It’s not a bad policy if you believe how poor we are in terms of inevstment.

    we do ocasionally sign players of caliber, but with 3 days left i am certain we won’t

  834. Y’know I actually believed we had a decent chance at the top 4 even after the Liverpool game. I blamed it on the red cards. But now, I have nothing to say, other than that I hope we qualify for at least the Europa League. Yes, I am that desperate. Admit it, we ALL are.
    Jenkinson got sent off, but that was when we were already down by what? 6-2? I won’t say a huge overhaul of the squad is needed. I refuse to say Arsene Wenger should quit. I can only say I would put the injured Vermaelen and Sagna out there there rather than Djourou and Jenkinson.
    Szczesny can’t be blamed for 7 of the goals, but I have no idea why he failed to move on the second free kick, and leave 3/4 of the goal wide open. And I was absolutely livid when I saw him cracking a joke with the wall before Rooney scored his first free kick.
    Next, Koscielny. I remember posting somewhere before, when he was being praised for the superb performance against Newcastle, that we should definitely get someone in to replace him. Why? It showed itself today. I said you never know when he could make huge mistakes and start to lose confidence. My oh my did the prediction come true. He and Djourou combined fail to keep out Welbeck, and both were nowhere when Nani scored.
    I have never rated Jenkinson. Even when he was doing well in previous games, each and every game he showed inexperience and poor positioning. You can’t blame the lad, he just don’t have the quality. At least not right now. Now don’t get me started on Traore. He was utterly ripped apart by Nani.
    RVP was terrible, and yes I am actually a huge fan of his. He scored one, but missing a penalty and losing the ball every time you get it isn’t good enough.
    Arshavin, what can I say. Made a brilliant run to get pretty much 1 on 1 with the keeper, had a totally free RVP on the right but decided to put it into the side netting. That wasn’t the only time he was selfish today. He needs to stop getting overly conscious of the stick he has been getting and aim for the assists instead of the goals. We, or I, would appreciate him as much as anyone on the team if he got an assist.
    Coquelin and possibly Walcott were the only positives from today. Rosicky and Ramsey were average, had some bright moments, but too easily muscled off the ball, nothing more.
    I can confidently say that even if Vermaelen was fit today, he couldn’t have single-handedly saved us from such a shambolic performance. The result would still have been somewhere around 5-2, and that certainly is not encouraging.
    I believe I put on a better individual analysis than the rage filled one up there. We will get Vermaelen, Sagna and Frimpong back next game, probably even Wilshere, and whoever we will be signing in the next three days. Let’s just buckle down, hope for the best and hope that stubborn Arsene don’t disappoint us and sign nobody during these next few days.

  835. Rhyle, 5-0 is really no different than 8-2. Whether you shrug your shoulders or organize a laughingstock of a demo, it is abnormal. Shit, Blackburn got pounded 7-2 by United last season and that didn’t happen again. What makes you think it’ll happen to us when we get all of our players back?

  836. Gainsbourg69

    madrid were beat because of quality\

    Arsenal were beat because of their own shortcomings and the board loarding the well earned fan’s money for themselves, we have become a very profitable club to them.

  837. Look on the bright side – none of the media will mention that we had 13 attempts on target to Man U’s 15. I thought Coquelin was excellent and after he went off the defence really fell apart. Arshavin had a shocker – please can we sell or give him away…..

  838. Gains – Maths is not your strong point eh? 8-2 is much worse than 5-0.

    And your example of fucking Blackburn puts this really into perspective eh? It was actually worse, and we are meant to be challengers to Manure. They are relegation fodder.

  839. dukey..
    weve won 2 games since february
    we havent won in 6 straight games
    weve sold our best, brought in babies and certain players are notorious for injuries..
    weve had the worst result in a long long time, i cant remember the last time we let in 8..probably before my time and the majority of other gooners..a year ago ppl would have laughed if someone said arsenal showed relegation form..not so funny now..

    and we can complain about the injuries all we want but all it shows it the complete utter lack of depth we have..utds average age was the same as ours, as well as having no rio, vidic, raphael, carrick, owen out…they took the piss and left giggs, park, berba and hernandez on the bench..

    even howard fucking webb was giving us a chance and we still got totally embarrased..

    8 fucking 2
    and i think wenger took the piss when he said in england the answer is to buy when you have just lost a match

    oh really?? no arsene, pack it in now, the answer is to buy when you havent won naff all in 6 years and your squad is weak and young and its showing relegation form..not to mention the fact weve just sold our best players and hasnt shown any decent form in over 6 months..the 8-2 just brings all the reality home about how much of a mess has been made of this summer…

    thats when you buy and coincidently applies to us..

  840. JonJon – These are the facts (unfortunately).

  841. @Loomer what does kill you make you stronger??? i beg to disagree when it comes to AFC
    remember carling cup defeat to chelsea? 4-4 draw with spuds?
    Wenger is the problem with this team, his arrogance has gotten the better of him.
    By the way you say their youngsters have more EPL experience and its true bcos they have a manager who knows what he is doing.
    Imagine buying cahill and sending frimpong to bolton for a season long loan deal as part of the cahill trade or buying enrique from newcastle and giving them gibbs on a season long lone deal??

  842. Great to see (read) supporters supporting on here, despite the morons and I told you so’s out in force after a defeat, as usual. If people want to demonstrate then i’m all for it, better still, I think a strike would be far more effective. Just a joke kids, no need for bad language or vitriol 🙂

  843. gains…

    Can’t say as I see what you see when it comes to our CBs. No TV and everyone falls to pieces.

    We need two at least. Including Squillacci on that list is also pointless. Even AW has realised he’s a waste of a squad slot. Give me strong, physical, dominant CBs. The kind we used to have.

    Still feel we lack a WORLD CLASS DM – probably our most important position within our 433 framework – he’s the guy who’s going to allow our wing backs, forward thinking CMs and wingers the freedom they need to get up to the final third. Instead, at the moment, we get Song whose clueless forward play results in our CBs continuously being isolated. I’m not saying he’s not a decent player…but he is fairly brainless and doesn’t play a DM role that way we need. NOT world class.

    We need a replacement for Fab4…is that Hazard? Who knows, who cares. Get me someone decent.

    Striker…let’s make the assumption that we’ll get between 20 – 30 games out of RvP this season. Let’s look at your selections to step in – Chamakh (WOEFUL), Park (unknown quantity, got to reserve judgement) and Campbell (visa declined). Which of these truly, certainly has the quality to step in for the other 20 games we’re going to play this season without RvP?

    This is what is frustrating. We’ve continuously been lied to, manipulated into blindly accepting mediocrity. AOC is the replacement for Nasri? WTF! Not even AOC knows how good he’s going to be…and he’s certainly not an immediate replacement for Nasri…bullshit…

    I always go back to ’98. I heard an interview with Keane, he was a manager but I can’t remember where, where he was talking about our side back then. He said that (and I certainly don’t remember the exact words…but the core of it is right) “Arsenal had you beat in the tunnel. You’d walk out of the dressing room and line up against them and they were all 6’3” Africans built like brick shit houses. Frightening.” Who are our opponents scared of now when they play us? Walcott? He still looks like he needs a cuddle from Henry before kick off.

    We lack any sort of physicality and intimidation. We’ve got smaller and smaller and our results have got worse and worse.

    Enough! Doublegooner is organising a demo (denies he’s the “leader”, though) and can be reached here:

    robert@romark.net or doublegooner@hotmail.com

  844. Gainsbourg69
    I cannot believe supporters like you. Your refusal to see blindingly obvious shows you to be lacking in intelligence. This humiliation cannot be dismissed in such a lackadaisical manner. We have just humiliated 8-2 for christsake for the footballing world to see. It hurts like hell ,it’s embarrassing and the reason people are angry is because THEY CARE. No premiership team should be losing 8-0 whatever the circumstances with injuries and suspensions. The defeat was predictable but certainly not the scoreline. This is justy a culmination of the wenger project. Over reliance on youth, arrogantly refusing to strengthen the squad in areas that patently needed strengthening equals lack of trophies and resulting in disaffected wanting to leave and star name players not wanting to come in. No doubt in your rose tinted outlook there is nothing wrong within the club, we are heading in the right direction (is it 2 or 3 wins since the carling fiasco) Anyone who dares to question where the club is going and our lack of trophies for the past six seasons is considered a doomer, disloyal to the club and the wenger ideology. Let me put this as plainly as I can Gainsbourg69 because you seem to be lacking in the grey matter. In life you have to be questioning, inquisitive, curious. Its a sign of intelligence, its how we have involved. If something isn’t working you ask yourself why and how can I make it work. If, after initial success you then experience continuing failure you should question what you are doing wrong. You DO NOT assume that everything will come right eventually, you don’t unquestioningly obey the status quo, you demand changes, action to put it right. That is how you improve, that is how you succeed, how you evolve.

  845. There can be no excuse good enough to stop an 8 2 leathering being anything short of a disgrace.

    That said no good will come of deserting the team ,manager or club in their hour of need

  846. Pedantic George

    When I want your opinion I’ll give it to you.


    Not really a freak result, you could see it coming I’m afraid.

  847. FFS Goonerandy give it a fucking rest. Get the fuck off the Internet already dude. You’ve been posting for a solid 5 hours at this point man. Go practice your guitar or something man, you’ve gotta have something better to do than moan about sport all fucking day. Go pick those splinters out of your arse and come back when you’ve got the stomach for the fight.