Arsenal In Low Bid Transfer Shocker & More Gossip

Whilst Arsène no doubt feels some benefits accrue from buying late in the transfer window, for example capitalising on a selling clubs desire to cash in, there are numerous unpleasant side-effects, not least of which is media questioning and misinformation. It hit the extremes of that yesterday with the misreported amounts being angrily retweeted, withdrawn and chastised from Bolton, Wenger having to call out Bolton’s Chairman, barely disguising his contempt. Not the sort of exchanges that members of Arsenal’s negotiating team will have wanted.

Wenger did admit that he was still in the market, having a look around the produce, aware of the shortcomings in his squad,

I will try to strengthen the squad in depth because at the moment we are a bit short number-wise but if we get two or three players in we have the quality to challenge. I am anxious yes because I want to do it and I try everything to do it.

Before adding a warning that brings a chill wind to the arena,

But I am confident as well because we have some good young players who can make a big step very quickly. There is a chance [we could make no signings] because again we are dependent on the desire of the people who have the players to sell the players.

It seems unlikely that no-one will join. Bolton were more upset at Arsenal’s incorrectly reported valuation of Gary Cahill than they would have been were this just a rumour. In speaking out, Phil Gartside warned Notlobians that their prize asset may well be on the move. In incorrectly reporting the fee, the media served to reinforce a million prejudices against Arsène. But they bought him some time, knowing that he is at least trying.

Everton want a similar amount for Phil Jagielka and not much less for Mikel Arteta. Given we could buy the club from Bill Kenwright for about £20m, that may be the more attractive option. Elsewhere, Arsenal are still interested in Yann M’vila, £22m is believed to be enough to entice Rennes and have been linked with P’tang Yang Kipperbang from Caen. He would be a Blockbuster signing.

Looking ahead to Sunday, Arsène has few problems picking his squad for tomorrow, essentially every fit and unsuspended member of the first team squad will travel. Having failed to sign anyone in time to enhance his choices, the squad is what it is. Paul Merson has written Arsenal off which I always find re-assuring, even before Arsène’s press conference.

Injury news got better with Laurent Koscielny returning to partner Thomas Vermaelen (if he’s fit) with Johan Djourou presumably moving to be the defensive anchor in midfield. Tomas Rosicky is also fine and dandy. Arsène said he had enough bodies for midfield. He recently watched ‘300’ and worked out that the Spartan tactic of building a barrier with dead bodies could be adapted for the football pitch. Let’s hope the victims were all home-grown otherwise the squad list might become a tad cramped.

The Champions League draw has not been unkind to Arsenal; the away trips are a summer holiday flight as opposed to the journeys which could have been demanded by St Petersburg, Donetsk and to a lesser extent, Istanbul. As it is, nobody is suggesting that the matches in Dortmund and Marseilles will easy. Hopefully the trip to Greece will be rendered irrelevant by a storming set of preceding performances.

It is the only away fixture preceded by a domestic away game whilst September’s trip to Dortmund is the only one of the three followed by an away game, and even then there are three clear days between the two. We may have complained in the past about fixtures but they have been reasonably kind this season.

Manchester City and Chelsea provided unintentional humour in the hoopla surrounding the draw. Villas-Boas observed that Chelsea had “always been in the Champions League”, an Orwellian re-writing of the competition’s history which now began in 2005. Anyone who considers the Champions League roots to be in the Champions Cup, first played in 1955, will receive a visit from the Thought Police.

Meanwhile Brian Marwood bemoaned the “irony” of the top two seeds in City’s group – Bayern Munich and Villarreal – having to qualify to reach this stage. It’s not irony, Brian; it’s called being employed by a club with no European pedigree. Actually I could have left the word ‘European’ out of that phrase entirely. As if to emphasise to Marwood what the word ‘irony’ really means, there was no hint of it when Michel Platini spoke yesterday that the duties of the Presidents of Fifa and Uefa included ensuring the integrity of the game. No, really, he did say that. More frighteningly, he actually seems to believe it.

Finally, Sir Alex Ferguson has ended his squabble with dear old Auntie. I wonder if it has crossed execs minds at the Corporation to dub Sir Alex’s voice in the way they were ordered to for Sinn Fein in the 1980s. Surely the choice is between Leslie Phillips and Terry-Thomas in that instance. Failing that, we could just all sign this petition. No doubt his feud will be replaced by one at Manchester City, Brian Marwood pouting over being called ‘administration officer’…

‘til Tomorrow.

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  1. Alan u bastard

  2. P’tang Yang Kipperbang from Caen would add spice to the team.

  3. Why would Wenger leave it late to strengthen the squad? It smacks of negligence and inefficiency on part of the administration to me. The selling clubs knows he his desperate and that he has money.

  4. Just sign anyone…

  5. Nice post. That Caen player has a unique name!

  6. But, does he have a unique style of football?

  7. Nice post!!
    I’m sure bolton are talking about a supposed low sum so that they can buy a replacement on the cheap and won’t get ripped themselves..

  8. Mrng Yogi!

    Nice post.

    Segun says:
    August 27, 2011 at 7:44 am

    What a way to start your day.

    What planet are you from or did you just crawl out from under a rock? Even if the club doesn’t divulge most of its transfer details, you can get lots of credible info online and here as a matter of fact.

    And what makes u think he’s “desperate”?

  9. We wil all wait and see

  10. I will be pleased if we sign 3 more senior players.

  11. “And what makes u think he’s “desperate”?”

    thank you to that one. like i said yesterday, its some fans that are desperate. stop projecting.

  12. Most people don’t understand that the important part of the transfer business (i.e. buying a creative midfielder, which imo is priority number one at this point in time) could not be done until after Cesc was sold. While on the CB front we have been working very busily on that all summer. We made bids for Jagielka, for example.

  13. Really funny post. Particularly pleased with the Brian Marwood baiting. The group has been relatively kind, but as you say, not with so much regard to the quality of opposition but in terms of taxi-ing to and fro!

    Having said that, I’ve no idea, which out of the champions league and our league we’re more likely to glory in,

    Strangely enough I’m drawn to the kids of Ajax triumphing so impressively a few years ago. He’s my line up for the champions league final- we’re Arsenal so of course we’ll be blighted by injuries and suspensions.





    Untill we’re out-I’m enjoying it!

  14. If we buy M’Vila, what are the chances that Eastmond and Coquelin make it to the first team? With Frimpong’s call up to the English side, will he go for the ACN?

  15. peacefrog

    >With Frimpong’s call up to the English side, will he go for the ACN?

    Not unless the FA has withdrawn Uefa…


    PS Ghana are reportedly going to name him in their full squad for an upcoming friendly

  16. Hehe, you English…

    You know St Petersburg is like a 2,5 – 3 hour flight right?

    Russia man… that’s like far.

    Some parts in Russia yes. St Petersburg no. Would have been a great draw.

  17. legrave on tour

    Yogi –

    Although rose tinted you are a funny fucking guy.

    Loved the post, too many points to just quote one.

  18. we ‘re all hoping to see AW bring in new signing soon.

  19. I was a bit apprehensive about tomorrow’s game (tell you why in a minute) until I read Paul Merson’s opinion on our fate…..and immediately cheered up.
    On our line-up, I would like to see Ryo and AOC introduced at some stage,
    (say) when we are 2 or 3 up with 10 mins to go (no, 5 mins to go).
    Back to my apprehension which concerns Howard Webb the ref. On the last 10 occasions he has officiated at OT, he has awarded no less than 5 penalties to Man Utd. Now THAT’S what I call a worry….

  20. Fatgingergooner

    Has anyone thought that maybe AW was waiting til CL football was in the bag? Makes Arsenal a much more enticing prospect for any future players, espescially people like Hazard who are already guaranteed CL games next year.

    As for Cahill, AW always goes in low and ups his bids until he finds the lowest possible figure that the other club will be willing to sell at. Let’s just be patient.

    Looking forward to the game tomoz tho Man U looking strong atm. without Vidic and possibily Rio, and also with the new nervous keeper they may be suspect at the back,hopefully Van Persie can tear them a new one

  21. Bolton already replaced Cahill. They landed Boyata on loan yesterday.

  22. “hopefully Van Persie can tear
    them a new one”

    I miss the old RVP with the dynamic left foot. Not a great regular goalscorer, but a regular scorer of great goals.
    I like the new one though as he scores more goals and has taken up a lot of creative responsibility.

    By the way, I noticed RVP wins a fair share of headers from Arsenal goal kicks which wasn’t one of his strengths. Great improvement in that wise, linking up with another striker, say walcott could feed off such knockdowns.

    Well, I guess I’m rooting for Theo to be deployed as a CF.

  23. yeh bolton have their replacement, so you would have to assume cahill will leave… this is so negligent and i cant believe our squad has been allowed to get to this level… i know it’s looking a bit brighter, cos all our players seem to love the club and will die for it, which is class. worst trip to old trafford for a while i reckon though… hopefully this happens


    sagna kos verm5 gibbs (is gibbs back?)

    rosicky JD20 rambo gervinho

    rvp theo

    i think this is about as good as we can hope for, we need to press hard, stay compact and try and break using gerv and theo’s pace, letting rvp drop back to receive and turn playmaker occasionally… what you reckon?

  24. Great post Yogi – love the humour.

    As for Frimpong, the interest of Ghana’s FA has been heightened by Frimpong’s recent cameo’s and the fact that Psycho decided to name him in the under 21s a few days ago.

    England have apparently made enquiries about his registration, but Frimpong is likely to be going for the ACN as Ghana have stated that they will be calling him up as soon as they can do the paperwork.

    Frimpong is also on record as stating that if Ghana was to call him up, he’d ride a bicycle back home to play for Ghana.

    Speaking of Paul Merson, is there a time as a plundit that he’s actually tipped Arsenal to win?

  25. The misuse of the word negligence by the trolls has become a rather delicious pastiche

  26. Goonerwife,
    Lol at the idea that these people understand what “projecting” is.
    This is the problem ,they understand nothing,ziltch,nada.

  27. LA

    *thumbs up*

  28. Bolton also linked with Nedum Onuaha, likely bollocks but looks like they’re preparing for a post Cahill world.

  29. Limps,We all know its “criminal negligence” now.They really must keep up.

  30. Paulie Walnuts

    Loving the humourous sarcasm YW,

    Bolt On are just using the old tried & tested `derisory` method to squeeze a few more million from a buying club.

    If Cahill wasn`t in the frame of mind (like Modric) to play today that would help our position immensely.

    If we`re still keen & see it through I`d guess we`d get him for £14/15 M

  31. As much as we’re looking a bit depleted for tomorrow, manusa also look a bit thin at the back, and barring one of fungusbum’s legendary “mind game” specials, the CB situation for them looks suitably dodge.

    Likewise, that new keeper of theirs could be a joy to behold for our young Robin (remember how SAF struggled to replace Schmeichal?).

    Manusa are also a bit thin on the playmaking side in MF, but theirs is not because of injury or suspension, they just don’t really have the players in their squad.

    As a result, I expect saf’s love child, Fletcher, to be let loose with coward webb’s support and blessing, and also put park on one of the flanks.

    If we stifle them down the wings, I think we can come away with something.

    I expect coward to pull a few of the following on us, so we need to plan accordingly:

    1. Fletcher to get away with 8+ fouls without being blown up, let alone a yellow anywhere.

    2. ANY opportunity whatsoever, even near the box, never mind in it, Webb will be looking to give manusa a pen if scores are level or manusa are behind.

    3. Our players will be given very early yellows, manusa will get f-all until well into the match, if at all.

    4. If we break one on one or look dangerous, we will get flagged offside, even if we aren’t.

    5. Manusa will get away with any penalty offense in their box, be it a trip, handball, whatever, it just won’t be given, even a scholes goalkeeping special just “won’t be seen by the ref or assistants).

    6. If a manusa player commits a red card offense it won’t be given.

    Make no mistake, we are up against it in this game. It’s no coincidence Webb has been given this game by the corrupt fa.

    We will need to dig deep, keep our composure and show these pieces of shit what we’re made of.

    Btw, I didn’t notice any comment the other evening about the Udinese’ strikers mysterious hamstring “injury” shortly before he scored which miraculously disappeared afterwards?

    Methinks we got mugged by a bit of gamesmanship there somehow.

  32. Aussie Gooner Dave

    Platini and his cohorts at Eufa have been smoking each others cigars. I believe they’re all clogged up with Man Paste.

  33. “As a result, I expect saf’s love child,
    Fletcher, to be let loose”

    Think I saw it somewhere that Fletcher’s got a virus or som’n. Don’t think he’ll be playing.

  34. Why does Webb seem to get almost all the important and big games? Can’t no one see his incompetence?

  35. All the lowball bids for Jagielka and Cahill achieve is to piss off the selling clubs and ensure that neither of them are in place for important games.

  36. Yogi why should we fly to Istanbul? No teams participate from Istanbul. Due to match fixing Fenerbahce was replaced by Trabsonspor which is located near the Black Sea..

  37. On the contrary James, I think there are 2 completely different scenarios at play.

    I suspect everton can’t afford to sell for the simple reason that it looks like the banks will grab the money and prevent or limit any reinvestment. So a deal for jgielka would probably have to include a player trade, maybe Miguel for e.g., which I doubt we are interested in.

    Bolton are treading a fine line. They have debt which is driving them to cash in on an asset that will leave for free in 12 months, same as we had for clichy and Nasri.

    Just because they want a huge wedge which the player certainly isn’t worth, doesn’t mean we have to offer it.

    We didn’t say anything about the bid, so you have to ask, why did Bolton insist on publicizing it?

    I suspect they have a multi-faceted agenda.

    Firstly, they would like to put pressure on Arsenal to pay more.

    Secondly they are trying to alert other potential buyers that 17m is not cast in stone and they would like some sort of bidding war.

    Thirdly, they are putting a lowish figure out there to prevent getting ripped off when looking for a replacement.

    From our perspective, we probably have more than one target lined up, so looking to see which seller blinks first at the lowest price is a good bargaining tactic.

    We also know Bolton have to sell, so at some stage soon, just like we did with Cesc, they are going to have to take what they can get.

    I love the people who claim “what’s a few million, just pay it”‘.

    Bearing in mind this is NOT some silly computer game, take a quick look in your own wallet and have a little think about forking out a “few” million extra just for the hell of it.

    Also bear in mind that extra dosh to a rival means they get to strengthen that “little” bit more which might have a bearing on results down the line.

    That’s the problem with dealings at this level. Very few people who whinge about this have any knowledge or experience to realize what is at stake, the foresight to grasp the wider picture, or the balls to hold out for the mid to long term implications rather than the immediate fix here and now.

    That’s not to say I think Wenger and the board are anything like “the immaculate conscription” 🙂 , I’m sure they make their fair share of mistakes, it’s just not quite as simple as the more simple minded tend to claim it is.

  38. This game reminds me of that game back in 2008 when we had all our key players and had to rely on the Senderos – DJ20 pair in defence and the newly signed Adebayor in attack. We were completely written off but the score was one nil to the arsenal! Up the arsenal, make us proud!!!

  39. About the Cahill deal, those who want us to pay as much as £15m should think of how much will it cost to buy out his remaining contract. That along with other factors already stated by other people above show that he worth at most £10m.

  40. This is rubish (in fact, fungi-infested rubish) by Wenger and Co to deflect pressure from fans for quality player signings. But the Arsenal tragedy continues on sunday as the club heads to the “slaughter house” and to be hammered to pulp by Man Utd at Old Trafford. Red-nose Alex Ferguson is a soccer master-psychologist who would never back-up Arsene Wenger when Arsenal still boasted a squad to reckon with in 2003. Now, Fergie realises that Arsenal are fielding a squad of mainly “fisher-men” for tomorrow’s match (which he will obliterate), so he offers this sarcastic “support” for the clueless Arsene Wenger. So now, the Arsenal situation is so bad, foe Fergie, now “protects” Wenger from his own fans pressing for some quality signings before 31st August 2011! In fact, realistic Arsenal fans shouldn’t go to Old Trafford – for another round of pain. For a curiously strange reason (it could be marijuana and/or cocaine consumption), Wenger + Board decided 2011/2012 is the season they wind-up Arsenal as a foot-balling entity. As it has turned out, the “busy summer” they promised, meant auctioning of Arsenal’s star players! The transfer window closes in mid-week but can obstinate Wenger + his parasitic Board having refused to strengthen the squad since June 2011 be trusted to do so by Wednesday? RIP Arsenal FC!

  41. @MikeSA – well said sir. For those “simple minded” arseclowns who think they know better than everyone when it comes to transfers here’s some insight to its complexities.

  42. Wow Moses, try not to do any harm to yourself before tomorrow!

    Such admirable self-control, such steel in the face of adversity!

    I hope you’re never next to me in battle! :-0

  43. Kenya women take a 1, 2, 3 at the marathon world championship at Daegu, Korea.

  44. Moses – tell the nurses to up your medication.

  45. So the logic goes that Cesc has now won 2 trophies in 2 weeks since he left Arsenal – ergo – he was right to leave Arsenal for the trophies.

    Of course that line is followed by Arsenal hasn’t won a trophy for 6 years.

  46. MikeSA .Moses is the type of guy I would want with me in battle,
    Friendly fire,I think they call it.

  47. MikeSA – Some good points in there. Agree with your interpretation of how Bolton are trying to play things.

    However, Arsenal are playing games NOW with a squad that Wenger admits needs additional players.

    Lose tomorrow and we’re already 8 points behind Man Utd. 2 of our best attacking players have left and won’t be replaced for tomorrow and we’ll most likely have players out of position in both defence and midfield.

    Regardless of what Djourou thinks, I doubt he’s mobile enough to play midfield and I ‘m worried that Nani will have a field day against a right-footed left-back and a rookie right back.

    Fingers crossed that playing for the cannon can make up for the lack of strength.

  48. Sports journalists must be the lowest form of humanity.They should be euthanized to improve the gene pool.

  49. The lack of respect from Bolton shows to me that they are shitting themselves, as they know Cahill is only worth what we are prepared to pay. Personally I could take him or leave him, but if we do take him, I would like us to publish the transfer fee to show that we won’t be held to ransom on fucking twitter of all places.

    Although we are far too classy to do that.

    Arsenal and upwards!

  50. @George. Some people are only alive because it’s illegal to kill.

    And I want what Moses is having…that must be some really good shit.

  51. Rumours awash that we have gazumped Park Chu Young’s move to Lille and he is on his way to Arsenal for a medical. He’s a Korean striker at Monaco and would 3-5M Euros.

    I have never heard of him.

  52. Darius – ‘So the logic goes that Cesc has now won 2 trophies in 2 weeks since he left Arsenal – ergo – he was right to leave Arsenal for the trophies.

    Of course that line is followed by Arsenal hasn’t won a trophy for 6 years’.

    Haha, yes it fits the agenda perfectly doesn’t it Darius. Perhaps we should change our name to ‘Arsenal haven’t won a trophy for 7 years FC’ just to show we are one step ahead.

  53. Seems he was a Liverpool target. Here’s some factoids –

    Name: Park Chu-Young
    Date of birth: 10 July 1985
    Birthplace: Daegu, South Korea
    Position: Forward
    Club: Monaco
    International appearances: 51 (17 goals)
    Honours: K-League Cup, 2006 (FC Seoul) Coupe de France, 2010 (Monaco)

    The South Korean has reportedly attracted interest from Spurs and AC Milan but would favour playing for Kenny Dalglish – his boyhood hero – as reported by talkSPORT this week. Read the story here: Park Chu-Young news story

    1) Chu-Young enjoyed the finest of his three seasons at Monaco last year with 12 goals in 33 league games.
    2) He was voted South Korea’s most popular player in 2005 and 2006 and won the South Korean K-League’s Player of the Year gong in 2008.
    3) He played with Bolton’s Lee Chung-yong at FC Seoul for two years, where he scored 23 goals in 69 games.
    4) In April 2009, Roy Hodgson expressed an interest in bringing him to Fulham but a deal never materialised.
    5) Despite standing out for Monaco last season, the French club were sent crashing into Ligue 2, the first time Chu-Young has tasted relegation in his career.

    HE SAYS:
    “There is no more reason to remain in Monaco… I would like to have a new challenge in a stronger team capable of competing in bigger Europe-wide tournaments like the Champions League.”

    “We would love the club to have players of nationalities from the markets in which we operate. Look what Park [Ji-sung] has done for [Manchester] United in terms of coverage in Korea.” Gavin Law, head of corporate affairs at Standard Chartered, Liverpool’s shirt sponsors.

  54. Also my flatmate say’s Chu Young is “well-good” and “awesome”.

    If any of this is true, the club would make a mint out of the Korean market.

  55. I thought Bolton wwere a bit dirty to come out in public with the whole thing. But also the person who did the negotiation for Arsenal, I assume Gazidis I don’t know, does not come with any credit. I’m not a David Dein fan at all but I feel we are really lacking a go getter negotiator. Who ever did the negotiation he possibly went in there wrote the figure down on a piece of paper and left , he possibly wrote 9 on the paper but Mr Garfield picked the paper the wrong way and it looked like a 6. Only kidding. but honeslty we seem to have lost the ability to do deals these days.
    They are leaving the whole thing for Wenger to deal with. Why does he have to face up to the press about deals. Why can’t they come out and speak for themselves they are the money men after all. We have cowards for board members, that NIna woman had a point when she said the board need a kick up the backside. If they had any guts they should say “Arsene, leave the Cahill thing for us, you want him we’ll get him for you” instead they are probably asking him for advice on how to do deals.

  56. How old is your flatmate Jonny?

    Boy or girl?

    Is he/she able to speak English?

    Perhaps he/she is an American teenager.

  57. Samir Nasri has proved he really didn’t have what it takes to be a leader of a young team. Pity.

  58. And as regular as clockwork, Jeff Stelling and his reprobates are vilifying and trashing Wenger for being too cheap. “Spend some fucking money” you hear them shout (in code of course).

    I don’t even know why I switched over to soccer Saturday – I was happily watching Chris Rock doing stand up comedy…some really funny shit.

  59. Consolbob – a tad harsh, eh?

    He’s 32 – I think he was speaking ironic yoofspeak – he’s from Brum – anything is possible.

    This deal does sound like it’s actually happening though even more amusing is that he had already agreed a deal at Lille and had completed a medical. When the club president, Seydoux, went to his room to find he had disappeared.

    Lille Pres. Michel Seydoux: “Park went to England, apparently to Arsenal. We are stunned by this unacceptable behaviour.”

    This might rather scupper any chance of getting Hazard!

  60. Darius.
    Did you not hear Phil Thompson say how we need 2 CD’s.
    Merson reckoned we will not make the CL

    Shower of shite.The lot of them.

  61. Cahill, M’Vila and someone like Park Chu Young. Sounds about right. I think I remember the lad from this or was it the previous world cup. He’s like a tornado, shakes things up.

  62. L’Equipe confirm Park had left his hotel room in Lille when LOSC President went to get him for signature of his contract after his medical (£3m price tag apparently). Pretty strange story…

  63. @George 11:32 a man after my own heart.

  64. Mike I tweeted that same thing and John Cross has retweeted and is getting a hard time for it.

  65. It’s entirely acceptable that Wenger be the public face of transfer news, that’s normal in football. The convention is that you don’t broadcast your business, until it’s done. Except for Rednapp who feels sufficiently informed to comment on everyone else’s deals too.

  66. Wel George, for his recent efforts, John Cross should be in the front of the queue IMO.

    While I do realize that he probably has a family to feed, I still think he could put his efforts into intelligent journalism rather than toeing the line along with the other oxygen thieves.

  67. Beautiful goal from Cesc last night. He has so many heartfelt words of support and affirmation for Arsenal he’s either feeling guilty, or was and is genuinely torn. I guess the poor guy is homesick.

  68. @George.

    If Phil Thompson and Merson were that good, they’d be managers working from the touchline every weekend. It’s easy enough sitting on a sofa and throwing shit around when you can’t actually do the job.

    I didn’t wait to hear everything they said. I’ve run out of sick bags in the house. Chris Rock is much more entertaining.

  69. Sorry: well, not wel, I’m sure I do have some German ancestry, but I’m surprised my iPad allowed that considering some of the “corrections” it applies at the best of times.

  70. Mattyboy
    “Haha, yes it fits the agenda perfectly doesn’t it Darius. Perhaps we should change our name to ‘Arsenal haven’t won a trophy for 7 years FC’ just to show we are one step ahead.”


  71. I hate to keep harping on this but it is time for Wenger to go. This bull shit needs to stop. We are bleeding big time. Yes, we picked up a huge win over Udinese to make to the Champions League for 15 straight years but out club is going backwards fast. We need some help big time- Anotehr striker a good mid-fielder to run the offense and a defender. God help us.

  72. Soccer Saturday”City Chelsea and United just go out and buy.Why don’t Arsenal”
    Thus displaying their total lack of understanding on every level

  73. Arsenal HWATI7Y FC

  74. GeeMan you go first, and I promise he will follow. Quick.

  75. I’m not a Redknapp fan…..but I thought this comment and “one line summary” about Nasri was worth sharing for those that missed it.

    “He wanted to go to Man United, that’s what I heard. But then Man City came in and offered him more money again so he went to Man City. That’s how it goes.

    It’s just a shirt and off we go.”

  76. thegeeman.
    God help us if you are all we can muster as a fan.

  77. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Is AW going Dutch in his old age?

    Rumours about another potential striker to join us, Eljero Elia, 24-year-old Dutch international who currently plays for Hamburg. (I remember him coming on late in the World Cup final – gave the Spanish defence, or at least Ramos, quite a bit of trouble IIRC. I have a faint memory that it was Cesc and Ramos shutting him down on the side of the penalty area, then playing out the ball to Jesus Navas, that started off the move that led to Iniesta’s goal.)

    If only we could get Sneijder as well – then Robin’s life would be complete!

  78. “If only we could get Sneijder as well – then Robin’s life would be complete!”

    Is that sarcasm?
    I fucking hope so!!

  79. George @ 12:34pm

    Would that be Phil “I call it the Big Three – Arsenal aren’t on their level” Thompson?

  80. George – ‘Soccer Saturday”City Chelsea and United just go out and buy.Why don’t Arsenal”
    Thus displaying their total lack of understanding on every level.’

    So true, but surely it doesn’t surprise anybody. Its such a shame that the monopolised, mass media have far too little insight and yet so much influence. Intelligent insight is far too dangerous! It doesn’t fit the agenda and is deemed too boring and not sensationalist enough. Where is the profit to be made in that?

  81. Limestonegunner

    Dry humour–very enjoyable read, YW.

    Better for us if Frimpong makes England full international, but better for Frimpong to join Ghana.

    If England, continues to play with Jack and Kieran, gets leeway from PL refs, enhances Arsenal’s value to England and reduces view that we are a foreign club and are soft if England all action DM plays for us, isn’t away for ACN.

    But Ghana, a very good team and he’ll get more chance to develop his game with international experience early on. Emotionally might mean a lot to have a strong connection with the country he was born in and family is from but had to leave to pursue opprtunities.

    Very best thing would be to give him a season just to concentrate on making it at Arsenal though. Hope Ghana and England leave him alone right now, to be honest.

  82. Brilliant a ligue 2 striker who scored 12 goals last season and has to do national service within the next two years.

  83. Artnoon

    I have no idea about this Korean player, but am as qualified as JamesM to slate him because thats how I roll baby! I am a cunt.

  84. Yogi: great post. Love the sarcasm. You are the best

    MikeSA @ 10:45.

    If negotiating and signing players is such a complex thing then why do we wait until the end to start our work and then fire out lowball bids whose only purpose seems to be to anger the other club and make them more anxious to find another club to deal with. I understand that arsene is trying to save a few quid but the only thing it really does is make our bids likely to fail. The club complains endlessly about how difficult it is to complete transfers and then does everything it can to make the situation more difficult. You can come up with all the rationalizations you want but our record in the last several transfer windows speaks for itself. The club does a lot of great things but the way we handle transfer business is just plain dumb

  85. Funniest post to date Yogi. I did in actual fact LOL (I’m not one for that either).

    Great work.

    Just one thing, fuck you thegeeman!

  86. I remember this Park Chu Young guy scoring a terrific free kick in the world youth championship in the Netherlands in 2005 against Nigeria. Teriffic player I thought then I must confess, because he ran the Nigerian team ragged that day. Didn’t hear much about him till his move to Monaco, where I think he was decent. He’s not a world beater I know but comes at the right age and probably the right level of experience.

  87. Have to say, I dont think we are in for that S Korean. Sounds like the Lille Prez has put 2 and 2 together and come up with Arsenal. When it could more likely be Fulham who have gazumped the deal.

    It would be a typical Wenger though; piss off 2 clubs in 2 days! No Cahill and no Hazard!

    That’ll please the doomers! 😀


  88. Sorry Bill I know this wasn’t aimed at me but, who says we have left it til now to begin negotiations for a defender?

    We know that we have been laying ground work for Jagielka, this has died of death. There will be a reason. Probably as somebody above very astutely pointed out that if Everton sell the bank will take all money from proceeds.

    Look at it from Cahill’s point of view, he has known we are interested for a while now.

    As far as signings in other areas I think Wenger has only been able to act after we get CL qualification and the deals for Cesc and Nasti are done.

    Oh and by the way, I’m genuinely please it’s going good for Cesc, I would hate him to have left us for nothing. A great man and in this day and age a loyal footballer. Just not a great captain.

  89. Canal + and BBC now reporting the Arsenal Park deal.

    Now that I have gotten over the shock of losing both Nasri and Fab I’m rather enjoying this transfer window. It’s going to be an exciting new-look Arsenal.

    Wenger hinting at debuts for players this weekend – Ryo and Oxy Acetylene off the bench anyone?


    Ryo (I’m counting this as a new signing)
    Chu Young

    Speculative OUT

    Speculative IN

    That’s my best guess for the rest of the transfer market. I think Hazard is extremely unlikely. Wenger will probably poach a few more youngsters from somewhere just for the hell of it!

    The only question mark is a ‘creative’ for when Wilshere is injured but you could argue with the raw pace on the wings, people to break up play in the middle plus the trickery of players like Gervinho we will just adapt a more direct approach.

    I also wonder if The Ox might get utilised in the middle in Wilshere’s absence – he has played there plenty of times.

    Finally, as we saw on Wednesday, if Rosicky can be used sparingly he can fulfil this role admirably too.

    Yeah. I’ll consider it remarkable business if we fulfil the above guesswork as our summer business.


  90. Nice one Dexter. I know that this guy averages roughly a goal every 4 games in Korea and France and one assist every 10 games. I don’t think that’s the standard we require. Having raked in nearly £60m in the last couple of weeks I think we can do better.
    I guess I distract myself by actually going to games and leaving myself insufficient time to appreciate how these signings take us to a new level.

  91. Bill says:
    August 27, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    We all know that Arsenal have been trying to get players (infact we’ve got four already). Welve had bids for Jagielka, and Mata turned down and reportedly met the asking price for Phil Jones who opted for Man Utd.

    I wonder where this notion of ‘waiting till the end’ comes from.

  92. I would love to also love to get the Japanese guy Honda. Awesome player. I only mentioned this last night. We would make some serious money from the other side of the world if we signed Keisuke Honda and Park Chu Young.

  93. 1lC @ 12:04:

    Did you ever consider that perhaps the boss is the one who is directing the way things are done. Since DD left he has not shown much interest in delegating authority.

  94. “Oxy Acetylene”

    Made me chuckle 🙂

  95. He scored 11 in 33 games for a relegated team, they are 2nd div now JamesM. Not too shabby, but still, as I said before, I dont even think we are in for him. Read the quotes and its more the Lille Prez assuming its Arsenal.

    But going to games doesnt make you knowledgeable, look at me; I go home and away and have no fucking clue about this player and 1000s more besides!

  96. This is one seriously great guitar solo. If you like the sound of music, then just fucking wrap your ears round this. Beauty at 2:42.

  97. We are obviously tring to corner the Asian market if we sign this dude. Very cynical marketing move. Tut tut.

  98. Bill

    The folk employed by football clubs are not always the sharpest scalpels in the tray, but the notion that their negotiators are going to be emotionally stressed by a low bid sounds just a shade implausible. Club Chairmen, on the other hand, . . . . . . . . .

  99. James! Wow!!! You actually go to games – you must be some kind of God yeah?

    Which direction should I align myself in order to pray to you?

    I’m in East London near Canary Wharf.

  100. els 2.04 sweeeet.

  101. Nice one Jonny.

  102. Limestonegunner

    Best thing would be to find a Chinese player for the Asian market. Is there even one in a top league in Europe–haven’t heard of anyone making a name for himself so far.

  103. Hi guys, I’m a South Korean gooner. Everyone in Korea is surprised by the news of park Joining Arsenal! Shocked!! Especially by the manner that he left Lille! Shocking!

    I’ve seen him from his highschool days. He has got good skills and techniques. I think he can be a good sub. Starting 11? Not sure yet. He has still a lot to prove.

    BUT HE’S GOT A BIT PROBLEM! He hasn’t finished his military service duty.It is compulsory and as far as I know, he has only two years left until he must join the military! (I finished mine 10 years ago for 2 and a half years. Now it’s much shorter.But still around 20months.) I suppose that was the main reason why many clubs didn’t show much interest in him.

    Football fans in my country are divided by this story. Some blame him for the way that he screwed Lille, others are thrilled by him possibly joining Arsenal.

    It this story is true, then I wish him all the best! But not only South Korean but also a gooner for more than 10 years, I’m not so sure about this move!

  104. Els:

    Its almost become a bad cliche that arsenal works”tirelessly” to get players and makes all these bids but unfortunately circumstance always get in the way. If we are really serious about getting these players we bid for and repeatedly fail then the people who are doing the negotiating are not very good or the methods they are using are wrong. You don’t continue to rationalize failing.

    You can’t have it both ways, if it really is that difficult to make transfers such as Cahill happen then it’s really dumb to wait until this late to actually make a bid. There are a lot of times that arsenal and arsene get unfair treatment from the fans and media that is not deserved but it’s hard to defend the way we do our business in the transfer market.

  105. Bill there is a reason behind this cliché. Arsenal are the only champions league quality club in the EPL that doesn’t have either a sugar daddy or irresponsible backers.

    This means that:
    A. we are fucking awesome for achieving what we do on what we have.
    B. We will NOT waver on quality needed in the squad as we need to cope with CL.
    C. We have to act in a more discreet way to capture our targets as, like many times before richer clubs will gazump our bids after using us to source pure quality.

    That is why we roll how we roll.

  106. We got Shrewsbury Town in the Carling Cup at the Emirates.

    Hope the young guns can light up the place. Ryo, Ox, Jenks, Frimmers and a host of other.

  107. We got Shrewsbury Town in the Carling Cup at the Emirates.

    Hope the young guns can light up the place. Ryo, Ox, Jenks, Frimmers and a host of others.

  108. @Mattyboy August 27, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    You know what they say: Never under-estimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

  109. @George – what was John Cross’s response to your suggestion about assisted suicides for football journalists?

  110. Darius he retweeted it cause he thought it was funny.His mates dont agree

  111. Oğuzhan Özyakup is reported to be included in the Arsenal squad for tomorrow’s game.

    Seen him play a few times – hell of a prospect.

  112. George – It’s funny because it’s true and we all know that, to sports journalists, truth is anathema.

  113. @George…LOL! Clearly – Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

    btw…what’s your twitter ID – just started up an account for the Arsenal

  114. george rodger

    Darius what is yours?

  115. I’m delighted to see Ozzy get his call up – I wrote piece for Untold, back in 2009, predicting a bright future.

  116. @George.


    Only just set it up

  117. Another clean sweep for Kenya. Women’s 10,000.

  118. Very well thanks George. I’m having a lazy Saturday afternoon then off to the pub to play table-tennis, get drunk and catch up with some old friends.

    I’m loving the fact that we have been written off like never before. Every win has added meaning and greater satisfaction. New players to watch and enjoy.

    These are good times.

    How’s things with you, sir?

  119. Merlot:

    It seems like we send out low ball bids that have little realistic chance of success and then shrug our shoulders and saying at least we tried. Has not been a highly effective strategy to date. Its like the potential homebuyer who throws out a bunch of lowball bids hoping that someone is desperate and thinks that no other competing bids will come in. That rarely works and its no surprise that we get labeled as “cheapskates” by the other clubs we try to deal with. You can rationalize when it happens occasionally but when the same things happen over and over the methods we use stop making sense.

  120. Coquelin in the squad too – wonder if Wenger would be brave enough to start him – unlikely but he does play defensive DM and looked the business even a couple of years ago.

  121. Great stuff, we’ll show them what proper youth is!

    If they play their youngsters we’ll shit em.

  122. Jonny ,nice article for untold .Have you done many?

  123. Get over it Bill – I’ll bet we end up getting Cahill at a decent price. Leaving other teams to get mugged by paying way over the odds.

    We have a record in the transfer market that is the envy of everyone and have qualified 14yrs consecutively for the CL – might as well accept Wenger won’t change and your moaning is a waste of time and effort.

  124. Thanks George – nah I just wrote a couple.

    The other one was on Benik Afobe around the same time. Personally, it’s satisfying to see them both fringing the first team now as they were the only two I singled out. I would have written more articles but I was more interested in calling out the ones I personally thought looked likely so that kind of limited the series!

  125. Els @ 2;24

    Everything you say is true. The way our methods evolved in the lean years makes sense but at this point they have become outdated and the need to strengthen the squad has become more important then saving a few quid. It’s not just the fans who are frustrated. Look at what the players say whenever they are interviewed.

  126. To those doubting the Park story, the ever reliable Jamie Sanderson has just confirmed that he was at Colney today meeting the players and being shown round and he is having his medical right now.

  127. Els @ 2:04 – Very nice mate. I was messing around earlier for a few hours. I reckon I have got “God is in the Radio” by Queens of the Stone aged just about licked.

  128. Another song with a great riff (easy to play as well). But it is the vocal which sets it apart. The greatest vocalist on the planet for a long while in my humble opinion.

  129. Jonny @ 3:02:

    Our record in the transfer market was the envy of everyone in 2004.

    I do agree with the part about nothing is going to change.

  130. Bill

    An extract from AW’s press conference to keep you entertained

    Hack: It seems that you’ve offered £6m for Gary Cahill which Bolton are very upset and insulted by. Is that really what Arsenal rate him as – a £6m player?

    AW: First of all I would like to say that number is wrong.

    Hack: It’s less.

    (Laughter from Hacks and AW)

    AW: You know me quite well.

    (More laughter)

  131. Bill @ 3:10 if it were the case of saving a few pennies then yeah, no good. It’s the case of, as I said earlier if we make it known how much and whom we want, the richer clubs swoop in. We are cagey as fuck. Hence this leaving of a hotel room for Park Chu Young. Let me ask you… do you think he came of his own free will? No way, Gazidis is a fucking ninja and he swooped through the window for him. FACT!! capital letters.

  132. @jonny, who is Jamie Sanderson, other than the Young Guns guy. I mean he is practically gospel. What access does he have and why? Where did you hear these comments from him on Chu Young?

  133. Park Chu Young -ppffffttttt

  134. Park Chu Young gets issued a gun shortly.Could come in handy against the likes of Stoke

  135. Andy it’s cracking isn’t it. Gods in the radio eh. Quite a nice bouncy rythm that if I remember. Good stuff. That Lano one is great. First time I heard it. He’s got a good voice alrite. What a stunning track. What’s the album called. I might just get that now.

  136. Haha George.

  137. Can’t comment on Young himself as I’ve never even heard of the guy, but if nothing else it’s probably a good buy with regards to club exposure in Asia. Park at united is basically a demigod in his home country and a huge factor in the club’s revenue from there.

  138. Also didnt see the Drogba knockout until now, that was like straight out of a comic.

  139. Bill, put your money where your mouth is. Sell everything you have and hand it over to Wenger so he can make these outlandish bids you want him to. Until you do that, I suggest you keep your mouth shut.

    How about Norwich, huh? Nice little team.

    Chelsea with a defnsive blunder that would’ve made the realists cut their wrists open. If it weren’t for the penalty, Norwich would’ve won that game, as they were all over Chelsea for large swaths of the game.

    Mata for £30m or Gervinho for £10m? I’d take Gervinho, myself, and not because I support Arsenal. Mata looks like a hella expensive Josh McEachran. That little creative player Villa has (i forgot his name) seems better than Mata. Chelsea get conned again.

  140. I think the Villa youngster is called Gary Gardner.

  141. Els – That song is from an EP, not an album. It is called “Here comes that wierd chill”. His best albums are “Bubblegum” which is a bit of a departure from his normal solo work as some of it is quite “rock”. Normally he solo work is more subdued and dark. “Whiskey for the Holy Ghost” and “Field Songs” are unbelievebale albums. The guy writes such great songs. He will never be well known, but is a criminally underated songwriter, and his voice is ridiculous. He is my favorite artist.

    I mostly try to learn Queens of The Stone Age and Pixies stuff on guitar, but will have a crack at anything.

  142. Els – Also on that EP there is a haunting song called “Lexington Slow Down”, and a really upbeat chilling song called “Meth Blues”. All good stuff.

  143. Any with the list of players who’ve travelled to Manchester?

  144. Well i still think Mata would have been a good deal at 19M. 30M is a bit to much. But if Mata is a good deal at 19M how can Cahill be a good deal for17M?
    I think bolton will loose out here. If we do not buy him, he will stay for one more year then go for free. To compare Cahill with Nasri is just stupid. Nasri is a french international, an important french international. Cahill is on the fringe of the England team, and is dependednt on a move to alteast a top 6 club to ever get a sniff again.
    Nasri is worth every penny of the 23M that City paied. In the United team he would be devastating, im thinking he will be a squad player at City and thus not fulfill his potential. Cahill is a 10M player at max. CIty paied 7M for Clichy with CL experience,francce experience and highend league experience. i dont see why Cahill should cost alot more.
    What do you think Cahill is worth Bill, and why_

  145. @kenya i hear Ozzy and leCouqe is included 🙂

  146. Poodle ,Merson and Thompson say he is worth £17 million.
    You are not suggesting that those two are wrong are you?
    They are professional pundits,they must know,right?

  147. Sorry Jonny, but Saunderson from Young Guns relies on gossip and hearsay as much as any hack man.

    If we do sign Park, I wont be doing a cartwheel any time soon. Nothing to get excited about mate. Pretty piss poor actually.
    I am still reeling from the performance against an average scouser team last week. I havent seen us play that shite under Wenger, ever.

  148. once again wenger shortchanges the fans.

  149. Yeah, I bought a can of pepsi from his burger van and now I am out of pocket to the tune of 25p!

  150. The Park thing must be a smokescreen. It is hardly a “super super quality” signing that the manager spoke about last week.

  151. Cahill watch not impressed at all loosing to Liverpool n being given a run around by Suarez he definitely is not worth more than the 6 mil on offer

  152. Gery Cahill playing awesome for Bolton, keeping a clean sheet and not letting Liverpool have a sniff of a chance.

  153. goonerandy

    Its complete bollocks mate. We’d be better off signing Craig bellamy, or David Bellamy for that matter.

  154. lol@dexter.
    If we do sign Park he wont be happy, if we dont sign Park its a sign Arsenal cant negotiate at all, and he deffo wont be happy.

    If we do win against United, we are riding our luck,united are having an off day, and he wont be happy.
    If we do loose against United then the preformance is shit and he wont be happy.

    Conclusion must be whatever happens this weekend he wont be happy.

    aaw Dexter, tell you what, you should go down the pub and get youself a oint. that might cheer u up 🙂

  155. Really terrible news concerning Didier Drogba who suffered a sickening head injury today;

    Unfortunately he is OK.

    Sorry to pass on such bad news.

  156. i think you should all boo Park when he enters the emirate grass, to show him and Wenger you dont take shit no more.

    How about that for an idea Dex? maybe write a poster about how Park sucks and how we really wanted Mata. Maybe they will rethink and give Chelsea an offer they cannot resist so we finally get mata.

  157. poodle

    Shut up you dawg!

  158. If cahill playing awesome maybe Liverpool, United, City or Chelsea wanna splah 17M? they really should. why they havent is a mystery to me.

  159. him being english and everything, and so so so so good! surley a sugar daddy would not even blinker on that one. 17m is a bargin for City! a Bargin! then they go off buying savic.. they just dont know class when they see it.

  160. Stop embarrassing yourself poodle, seriously, you are really making a real tit out of yourself, again.

  161. poodle

    Look up the word sarcasm, then go back and try again.

    Oh dear, you really are a thick cunt.

    Liverpool are beating Bolton 3 nil you tool.

  162. lol@dex

  163. poodle

    We aint got a chance tomorrow man. Howard Webb will make sure of that.

  164. i dunno, you always sound so “happy” regarding our signings… so your “sarcasm” for cahill really passed me by.

  165. and i agree. even if we play great tomorrow we probably will be done in 😦

  166. And if we win the pundits will hate us even more….

  167. another question. Is there anyone els English young and bright outside the top 6 tha can do a job in defense? or did United snap up the last two talents in Jones and Smalling?

  168. The suspensions and injuries dont help either man. I think an uncharacteristic shoot on sight policy should be adopted tomorrow.

  169. Rodwell at Everton?

  170. I quite like the look of this Park guy, and people who know what they’re talking about sound quite enthusiastic. Good backup, since RvP is pretty much undroppable as captain. Looking forward to seeing how he fits in.

    The crucial signings of course are going to be in midfield and defence – I don’t think many people really believed we’d be in for a striker until yesterday’s press conference.

    Not sure how anyone could see him as an alternative to Mata – totally different kind of player, in different positions.

  171. Gooner Andy, an EP eh. That might be why I hadn’t heard of that one. I’m familiar with the work of Lano. Yeah he is dark and cool, but to be honest I like him best when he rocks like a bastard.

    Now the pixies are something special. got to be on of my favourite bands of all time.

    I love this version of Wave of Mutilation…

  172. poodle I don’t know mate 🙂

  173. Cahill’s defence has conceded three goals in back to back games. As for his £17m asking price, I’d say that £6m is about right. In fact, I think it’s a bit generous. City paid £7m for Clichy and the guy is a France international with at least five seasons of Champions league experience. Is Arsene’s offer penny pinching or smart business, Bill?

  174. Park Chu Young is SO GOOD … on Pro Evolution Soccer 6. Not sure if he is any good in real life, but I know that hhe was supposed to be the biggest talent of his generation in South Korea, renowned for pace, dribbling and a decent shot. Certainly he does not seem to have fulfilled his potential, but he has a decent scoring record and is a player who has played internationally and is captain of his national team — ahead of SAF’s Park. Certainly, for the price, he might be a decent back-up option and who knows, maybe he will even manage to finally become the player he was supposed to be a couple of years ago. I certainly don’t mind him, because I don’t see striker as the position where we need to desperately strengthen.
    Now I can’t wait to see what Wenger is going to do the last couple of days on the market. Midfielder is certain and I think we might end up getting Cahill as well — and for far less than the rumoured 17million Bolton want. If we manage to snatch him for a much lower price, say 10 million, I don’t think anyone can argue that I would’ve been bad business. Certainly better than just splashing out on him on the first day of the window.

  175. Haha Drogba got knocked OUT! Whew must have took some punch there. All hail John Ruddy.

    Oh I hope he’s allrite.

  176. I think Cahill’s price is going down every game he plays! Coyle and his chairman are so desperate to flof him, but they keep making the mistake of playing him! Thats not going to hike up his transfer fee.

  177. Poodle, Mata is not a £19m player. Florent Malouda could go for that much and he’s twice the quality that Mata is.

  178. Els – Yeah, i know what you mean. His vocal on QOTSA “Song for the Dead” is beyond reproach. The finest rock song in my lifetime. It really does have the lot.

  179. Els – Yeah, the Pixies are one of my favorite as well. “Gouge Away”, “Bone Machine”, “somthing Against You” are all very special. My favorite is “Caribou”.

  180. I think mata will become good though, but then again im probably biased since i always liked him. Thats why i think hes a 19m player 🙂
    And why is our no 9 shirt vacant? Did Eduardo not have that shirt?

  181. Drogba dove. What knocked him out was the landing.

    Dex, I would love to hear what the realists have to say about Cahill’s team conceding so many. When they criticize our defence they talk about loose organization and no natural leaders. Well Cahill is supposed to be the best CB at Bolton and their defense doesn’t look organized or well led. On top of that they criticize Wenger for being a penny pincher for making an offer which seems about right for a player who will be back up on our team.

    With regards to Park, let’s not judge too quickly realists. Bacary Sagna, Thomas Vermaelen and Laurent Koscielny weren’t really known before coming to the team either. But look at them now. Perhaps, just perhaps, Wenger knows just a bit more than you dorks do.

  182. Poodle, he may become great, but as of right now £19m is a ridiculous price for a youth player with little to no CL experience. The most anyone should’ve payed for him is maybe £15m and not a penny more.

  183. It does not really follow to judge Cahill (or any player) on the team that they come from. It is waht indivudual qualities that a player can bring to our group. If you deem that Cahill is not good enough as Bolton conceed “x” amount of goals, how can you justify any of our current summer signings aside from Gervihno?

    Not saying he is the answer per se,…….. just saying.

  184. Plus, Arsene is trying to buy him, so he must see something.

  185. Wenger said we will put up a good performance,and i stil trust him. I wonder what our formation will be.

  186. Just seen the Drogba injury. Ouch! Out cold before he hit the floor.

  187. goonerandy

    I think its the fee Bolton are holding out for thats the issue here.

  188. Dexter – Without doubt.

  189. If Mata was 19 m and the figures thrown around are correct about the fee we paid for the OX then 19 m is a fair price as Mata has a rather more impressive resume.

  190. Mata was 30 the Ox about 12.
    So what is your point?
    Oh yes I remember ,Wenger is shit and the board suck.

  191. this Young guy actually looks the right type for us. He looks like he make a right nuisance of himself. We need the type of player that will make little darting runs into the box and get on the end of some crosses, deflections, loose balls etc.

  192. My point George is the discussion was about if Mata was worth 19 m ,, please try keep up if you want to add snide comments.

  193. otherwise you just look like a fuckwit..

  194. Hes right age too. If he can play across the entier front he will be a very valuable member indeed.

    awh the pundits will be way dissapointed if AW manages to do some good buisness in the last days of the window…

  195. Discuss it all you want because he was not 19 he was 30

    And Ox was 12 so what is your point?

  196. Gunnerjones ,I am a fuckwit,Just not a thick one like you

  197. Well if you can get involved in a grown up conversation george then just shut the fuck up as you quite clearly are just looking to start shit. I have no interest trying to explain the conversations that were going on as you seem to just scroll down till you find something you can throw insult at . So please just shut up and fuck off you sad little prick of a man.

  198. So your point was that if you knock 11 million off Mata and add 7 million onto Ox it comes to the same number?
    Have I got it right?

    If not then for the third time i ask you what is your point?

  199. PGeorge

    Grow up you are acting like a spoiled kid.

  200. Like I said george I have no desire to entertain you, If you cant follow what was being discussed on your own at your age then just leave it alone. OK ,,
    As for my point , you have made that assumption already yourself, and it is typical of you.

    Oh yes I remember ,Wenger is shit and the board suck.

    Why would i even take you seriously with that shit. ?

  201. This time last season Wenger signed Squillaci.I remember Gooners saying what a great signing he was.He has to go do as one of Wengers worst signings.A shocker

    Hilario is Almunia’s brother

  202. PaulN and Poodle, finally found a fox in the box possibly…?!

  203. So let me get this right.
    This person comes on and try’s to say we could have bought Mata for what we paid for Ox(ignoring wage differential it is still absolute nonsense)And when I point out that it is bollocks ,I am told to leave it out?

    That is what you tried to say is it not?
    You did try to imply bad management ,did you not?

    So just wind your neck in .

    But if that was not your intention please,for the 4th time of asking.
    What was your point?

  204. Deano who did you want last year?

    Joe Cole I would wager

  205. How do these people find this site?

  206. Reports on fb is young is the new no.9 and that campbel work permit has been denied.any truth in this?

  207. You wind your fucking neck in you miserable stale of fart, I never implied any thing along those lines at all you just make shit up and go on rants, now do every one a favour and fuck off. I have no need to entertain you, you are clearly to stupid for reason.

    If Xo is worth a punt at 12mil then Mata is surely worth a punt at 19 , due to all the information, stats, previous performances and the fact that he was selected in a world cup winning squad and is so young with room to develop. At 30 million he is way over priced !

    Now if you dont get it George then just go back to your hole.

  208. Id be very surprised if Cambel did get a work permit, we seem to always get screwed on those.

  209. You should make a beeping noise when you back up lick that.

    We were it seems having a punt on Mata @19 then it went to 30 with Chelsea showing up
    So I dont see any sense in what you are trying to say.

  210. What I was saying George was that 19m was not a bad price for Mata. I never wanted him, never was upset we didnt get him, dont care that he went to Chelsea. I think he was was over priced at 30 m . Thats all I was saying. How you came to your conclusions on my thoughts such as

    That is what you tried to say is it not?
    You did try to imply bad management ,did you not
    So what is your point?
    Oh yes I remember ,Wenger is shit and the board suck.

    Is very very fucking wide of the mark and pure tosh to say the least. If you have trouble reading go get some specs.

  211. Ok I will take your word for it and accept that I got it wrong.
    In which case I apologies unreservedly

  212. *beeeeep beeeep beeeeeep*

  213. Ok George, apology accepted. I just wish we could have skipped the in between.

    Im off ,

  214. Clerkenwell Gooner


    Yes, it was a joke re: Wesley. (I don’t think we can afford him for a moment, and his club don’t sound like they want to sell.)

    But I can imagine, in some parallel world, AW suddenly trying to populate the squad with Robin’s Dutch colleagues as RvP moves towards the end of his contract – only completely blind to the history between Wesley and Capt Vantastic. A bit like what’s happened to poor Gervinho, who thought he was coming to play with his good mate Sam – only Sam bugger$ off practically the day he arrives.

    I also wonder what would have happened to us if, say, AW had pursued this strategy with Cesc? For example, what might we have done if Alonso had become an Arsenal player, instead of returning Spain after quitting Liverpool – that is, if ‘pool would have even sold him to us, a direct competitor?

    Would more of his and Cesc’s World Cup-winning compatriots have been attracted to joining us as a result? Silva? Mata? What might have been, eh? (We still have one WC-winning Spanish iron-in-the fire left if the rumours are to be believed: Albiol, apparently.)

  215. How tall is this Young dude?

  216. Arteta/Bendtner swap.Great business if it goes through

    Also Cahill will be a Gooner

  217. Coyle “Bolton ready to sell Cahill to highest bidder” no shit . they should be happy they now have themselves an actual bid to start their ball rolling with the cunts,they have been waiting long enough.

    not bothered if we get Cahill. i know we wont offer too much for him and with good reason, he will be 3rd choice i reckon.

  218. Thanks Irene for dropping half a tree in my front yard…

  219. What happened to the other half? 🙂

  220. Last seen heading for NYC 🙂

  221. Touché 🙂

  222. Andy, Bolton conceded a fuck load last season, so my assessment is not over two games. I mention these two games because they’re the most immediate and show where his quality is at the moment.

    Deano, Squillaci has only played one season in the league and he wasn’t as bad as people claim. In fact, when he was paired up with Djourou he was pretty good. He’s also a CL proven CB we can rely on whenever the need arises. Our worst signing ever was Nasri. Arsenal payed all that money for three months of good football.

  223. G69

    >Squillaci has only played one season in the league and he wasn’t as bad as people claim

    True and false, all in one sentence!


  224. YW

    Quit posting smart-arse comments and get back to writing today’s piece!!!

  225. Irish

    I was on a tea-break, British workers have to have a tea-break.


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