Arsenal’s Season Defining Match. Apparently.

Arsenal face Udinese in a ‘season defining match‘ according to the trailer on ITV last night. It is nice when broadcasters go for the understated approach in advertising their wares. A little early to call it season defining since exiting the Champions League does not end interest in Europe, merely shifting attention to the Europa League instead.

Not even Sunday is a season defining moment. Far too few games have taken place for any inferences to be drawn or conclusions made about where the title will go, who will be relegated and which three teams will join the eventual champions in the top four come May. Yet you know that the newspapers have already made their plans for tomorrow: broken cannons across the banners, teary-eyed former players questioning where it has all gone wrong accompanied by a montage of Arsène in various stressed and angered states, nestling in a bed of pen pictures of former players.

The Istanbul clubs used to have banners proclaiming, “Welcome To Hell“. We should adapt it, “Welcome To Our Living Hell“.

Thankfully there is a match taking place tonight. It is probably just as well that the second leg is in northern Italy, the players away from the storm clouds over the club. The sale of Samir Nasri was no shock and the saga is over. Arsène is being hung by his own words, accused of lacking ambition. Football is a business and the maths made the decision quite simple: lose £22m or take the money now and run. I have no issue with Arsenal doing just that.

It is not a signal that ambition is gone from the club, simply that the money was too good to refuse for either Arsenal or Nasri. There is little point in retaining a player who has made it clear that he wants out, especially one who is beset by inconsistency and one for whom there are replacements already at the club.

Nasri was a good player, not consistent enough to be considered world class yet. Perhaps he never will be or maybe moving to a club where he knows that a substandard performance is going to see him relegated to the bench, is what he needs to achieve that standard. In wistful moments we may look back at the mercurial performances but in the cold light of day, he will not feature highly in the list of Arsenal Greats. He will be there but the nature of his departure has chipped away at the store of goodwill he had built up.

And so to Udinese. Despite achieving a clean sheet in the first leg – one of the two Holy Grails of European club matches, the other being a two goal advantage – Arsenal are being primed for an early exit from Europe’s top table. Udinese had their chances at The Emirates but did not take them. The presumption being made is that they will do so this evening, conveniently overlooking that Arsenal could – and should – have scored more. To me Robin van Persie being available for selection is a big bonus over the inclusion of an out-of-sorts Marouane Chamakh.

Defensive concerns have surfaced once more. No sooner does it look like a solid partnership is building than one of them gets injured. Laurent Koscielny’s absence gives Arsène a selection headache that he could do without. Johan Djourou has returned to training but is his inclusion in tomorrow’s team too soon and is it more preferable to rest him ahead of the trip to Old Trafford?

Personally I would go with Miquel. Overall he had a decent game on Saturday and may find the Champions League qualifier is more to his liking that being thrust into the action at Old Trafford on Sunday. This option, instead of using Alex Song as a makeshift centre back, allows Wenger the chance to bolster the midfield, using the Cameroonian and Frimpong as a defensive barrier against the Italians. Likewise Ramsey should continue in midfield, ahead of Rosicky, allowing Little Mozart to recover fully from his minor knack.

As Arsène observed over the sale of Nasri, this is about the whole of the season not just one match. Yet this one match might have a huge impact on the season. A win would boost the confidence of the squad, especially if RvP and others were amongst the goals. More important though is the statement of intent, a desire to qualify, to prove their critics wrong, to dumbfound them.

Arsenal must retain possession and not being profligate in front of goal. An early away strike would certainly lift some of the pressure off the visitors. Walcott and Gervinho are likely to complete the forward line, Arshavin and Chamakh on the bench.

We need to remember a draw is enough tonight, even a single goal defeat will send Arsenal through provided it is one in which they score. The objective is qualification in whichever form it arrives. A resounding win would be great for confidence but so would a flukey one. The team have worked hard over the three matches so far this season with scant reward for their efforts. Time to change that tonight.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Finally somebody makes sense. Keep the faith gunners!!!

  2. It is absolutely unbelievable that a 1-0 victory is being passed over as some kind of disastrous result. Personally I don’t think that the Udinese team have it in them to secure a victory by a 2 goal margin against any of the English top teams. So anything less then qualification would be a major upset. If you look at the media reports though, you would think that Udinese have this wrapped up.

  3. I think we should be set up for the counter tonight. Song and Frimpong as a double pivot, Udinese exploited the space between the defensive line and the midfield in the first leg. Rosicky or Ramsey can pull the strings in midfield. Walcott and RVP should make up 2 of the front 3. Arshavin will probably get the nod for the wide left berth, but Oxlade might be a fair shout. Unknown quantity, pace and all that.

  4. Oops I forgot about Gervinho, he gets the nod ahead of Arshavin and Oxlade. With all these suspensions and injuries it it difficult to keep track of who is available for which game.

  5. Morning Yogi.

    Team for tonight then should be:


    Sagna Djourou TV Troare

    Frimmers Song

    Walcott RVP Gervinho

    I’ld have preferred Rosicky in the middle to keep Ramsey fresh for OT, but i guess we’ll cross that river when we get there.

  6. early post yogi! thank you, some distraction from my afternoon class that is keeping me away from the gorgeous early spring sun in melb…

    I thought we looked very solid last game, and admired the way we hung onto the lead. Bar the run through the centre (hopefully porous defending like that is not repeated), the two shots that came close I believe were well covered by the szc man…we certainly looked a better side throughout.

    Whoever partners the verminator is going to be the biggest, and perhaps most influential player for arsenal tonight. Let’s hope whoever that may be plays well.

    This is a big match for arsenal. A win may restore some pride, and provide impetus for strengthening the squad…come on boys!

  7. I really want to see the Ox unleashed today! Maybe Joel Campbell too. Asking for too much in one champions league night I guess.

    C’mon you Arsenal, this is our night…We Rock!!!

  8. Can’t wait for the match tonight. There’s nothing as refreshing as an Arsenal game to banish all the negativity around.

    I agree that a Frimpsong midfield is the way to go with either one of them given a licence to support attacking play when required. I thought Rosicky was rested over the weekend so he could take the lead in midfield in this game. I suppose if we are able to score early, there might be options to bring on some of the new faces.

    If djourou is not yet fit enough – Miquel and Vermaelen are a good enough punt considering the personnel available.

    But don’t be surprised if Wenger goes for Song in defence and a midfield of Frimpong, Rambo and Rosicky.

  9. Darius – “But don’t be surprised if Wenger goes for Song in defence and a midfield of Frimpong, Rambo and Rosicky.”

    That is what I think we will see if Djourou does not make it. The game has too much resting on it for Miquel to start.

  10. It really is amazing. Just a glance of the news wires and you’d think Arséne is being handed a P45 and sent home tomorrow morning.

    Yogi – I can just picture that montage you’re talking about and it being adopted as the reason why clubs should spend big and those who dare think of living within their means be damned.

    The Arsenal bench tonight will probably be the most photographed and recorded piece of real estate in the world with Wenger’s every facial expression dissected and analyzed by the greatest minds in football like Adrian Chiles and Andy Townsend…LOL.

    Good thing Dan Roebuck and Richard Clarke – will be on hand with a shamelessly Arsenal biased commentary to keep us sane and save us from listening to the tripe that will be served with every move Arsenal make on the pitch.

  11. Wolves for top 3 ..current table
    Arsenal in relegation battle

    Expect this article in leading ingerland dailies

  12. In 12 trips to Italy, Arsenal have only lost on three occasions – and two of those
    defeats led to a penalty shoot-out which the Gunners won.

    Also, Arsenal has won all the European ties that we led 1-0 after the first home leg.

  13. composure on the field, hold the ball and pass with care, no senseless tackles (constant worries with Song and Frimpong in mid.) The last thing Arsenal wants is a red card. Let them come and soak up their pressure early on, pass the ball well to the sides in our final third instead of a long kick to the center where we no longer has Fabregas. Mindful we have the one goal advantage from the first leg and we’ll bury them with just a well timed and executed goal down the flank. My prediction ?1-1 Arsenal goes through. Happy time again.

  14. @Dy – don’t you know that with 1-1, most papers an Sly Sports run the risk of reporting that Arsenal have been relegated and are going into administration. They didn’t even notice we won the first leg. Lord forbid we draw the second.

  15. Also, Arsenal has won all the European
    ties that we led 1-0 after the first
    home leg.

    History will definitely repeat itself.

    I feel Traore’s involvement is more critical than Djourou’s, both for this game and at the weekend. The absence of a natural LB affects the balance of our back four. Sagna will do a good job there but his overall effieciency may be reduced. Let’s hope Traore has a morale boosting performance as I believe he has alot in him than what he has shown.

  16. I reckon Miguel will start but as much sense as it seems to make, I can’t see Wenger going with Song and Frimpong together in midfield. I can see the latter being brought on once we’ve got the away goal to shore things up. Presumably Traore at left back is a given?

    come on the RED &WHITE

  18. From the match commentary, to the “analyses” of football pundits(here we get the likes of ex-player scum like Paul Parker and Don Hutchison!) I get the sense that there are plenty around who would revel in our misery should the unthinkable happen tonight.
    Win, and we’ve “scraped through”, lose and it’ll be “blah bah I told you so Wenger is too stubborn you gotta spend the $$$”.

    It doesn’t matter though, my true enjoyment will come from watching our young team overcome adversity and parading their talents along the way. I’ll be watching and rooting for them tonight, albeit muted or in some strange foreign tongue!

  19. I don’t mind who starts, if we played like we have been, we’ll be fine. The only caveat is that more guile is needed today than we have shown in recent games.

    Seeing how UEFA has had us in their sights recently, the players will do well to avoid giving the officials an excuse to issue cards. An early yellow will slow us down and embolden the Italians to dive and simulate more, which may further frustrate the players, leading to more cards and so on. We can’t afford another sending off. Udinese is an experienced team and know this, so they will be applying their dark arts today. They will be looking to push our buttons as much as possible.

    I hope Wenger is telling the boys that they should play smart. Rotational fouling is one way to do it. No cussing at the refs. We should be on our best and sweetest behaviour. We can’t expect any favours from those officials.

  20. whomever is pick in midfield in front of Troure must not stop treking back and giving the youngster defensive help and cover… offensively we must be clinical and make the right desisions upfront.

  21. Heh, I don’t get that either. After we had won the first leg, people were saying we were in a dodgy position. Surely being 1-0 at half time is pretty good?

  22. good point Henri, great data Darius. let’s take it as good omen.

  23. I like the idea of Song and Frimpong providing a strong barrier in front of the defense and giving Miguel a vote of confidence.

    Few seem to remember that when Song played for the reserves before his loan to Charlton, he was our most creative player for the reserves in midfield, a very high percentage of assists and key passes came from him during that time.

    Likewise, Denilson was/is capable of playing a very different role from what most casual observers have seen in the last few seasons.

  24. aaah, what the hell: come on you Gunners!!!

  25. The media and the doomers n pseudo arsenal fans who Desecrate aclf can suck on it and keep sucking on it. Going through will vindicate the faithful and even if the worst happens and we the faithful will always be there.

  26. let’s shut the media sobs out of our lives for a while. nothing but negative drain on the energy needed for fight on other fronts. ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL..!!
    i see SAMIR in the same position as that other dope adeybayour very soon. A RICH GYPSY VAGABOND OF A PLAYER GOING FROM TEAM TO OTHER TEAM. imo, he will never reach his full potential.

  27. I remember on two specific occasions where we were written off after the first tie. The condesending pre-match analysis in both cases reached a crescendo even worse than what we have now – season defining moment, a turning point, the worst run of Arsenal in Europe…yada yada yada.

    Funny that in both cases, we ended up putting 5 goals past the opposition. Ask Inter Milan and Porto.

    I’m not saying we’ll put 5 past Udinese – I’m just sayng we’re not mugs.

  28. hahaha, alan SUG3
    music to my eares…..

  29. Yah, 1-0 to the guns…
    i can live with it..

  30. Alan Suga – did you take your tablets this morning? LOL! Welcome to the dark side…hehehe

  31. I’m torn between miguel and johan. guess I’m on the fence on that..

  32. Nice to see SAF has come out in support of Wenger.

    He’s returning the favor when Wenger spoke out in support of him a while back when he was under fire, but it will be interesting to see how the media deal with SAFs comments, after all, he’s a managerial god in their eyes ATM.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if it gets minimal coverage somehow as it doesn’t conform to the media agenda.

  33. I feel any true Gooner and believe me i am, would be telling a lie if they didn’t say they are extremely worried about not only tonight but for the next eight days before Sept 1st.
    Never has the pressure been on Arsene so much, it feels the whole world is wanting him to fail and it would be a total injustice if things go against us tonight and we fail to go through.
    We need to strengthen and i just hope we have quality lined up to come in but lets be honest nobody is holding their breath.
    I know there are Gooners on here will say we will survive without buying but lets be honest we are looking at mid table if we don’t.
    Anyway enough of the concern lets all will our depleted team on tonight and get the result we need.
    COME ON YOU GUNNERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Notadoomer.

    At least we’re moving from a relegation dog fight to mid-table mediocrity. that has to be progress, no?

  35. For the media there is no good news for Arsenal.

    Just look at the BBC football site this morning.

    Top of the news is a whole sectiopn on Arsenal which manages to include injuries, the selling of Nasri, Wengers mental state, his ban and the FA action against Arsenal.

    The only manu story is about how ‘frighteningly good’ their young side is.

    We really should be used to this by now and be able to use it in our favour.

    Come on You Reds!

  36. thre will be a late signing or two . i feel AW will wait very late on this since three times this summer we had the vulture moneybags desend on our targets when we made it known who they were. alvarez, campbell and matta.
    this time he won’t give them a chance to steal the fruit of hid hard work….

  37. legrave on tour

    Song and the Pong in middle together would be a massive mistake, not least because Miquel is no where ready for this match.

    Ball retention is a key tonight, you do not want them to have to much possesion. Song and Pong lack the mobility to keep the ball flowing from one side to the other, to make themselves available to the wide players and then tramsfer the ball to the other wing.

    If you close down the third midfielder Songs only option becomes Pong and vice versa. I am sure that Udi will have noted the amount of possesion we lost by WS playing the ball out to the CBs against Pool and impose a pressing game from higher up the field in this match. Song would be better served in a CB role where his composure will help TV.

    Pong, Ramsey and Rosicky to make the Mid. The person who will benifit most from these three in the middle is Robin who will otherwise be a spectator will a Pong and Song mid.

  38. its called propaganda war, they have been after the skinny french dude, who dared to show them how football should be played and how a club should rightly be run, for the past fifteen years. they can’t win ,if we don’t let them..

  39. My only wish before the close of the transfer window is to get back the old arsene wenger, for me the most frightening of all the problems we have is the change in his demeanor,to see him looking drained, frustrated and pleading his case with unsympathetic and at times snobbish officials is worrying.

  40. legrave on tour is wasted on this or any other site. There is only one job for him he’s so clever. Move over Arsène.

  41. if the front three will be gervinho,robin and theo then the service to them must be consistant. use their speed and release them. the ballsprayer must have an exceptional game….

  42. denatalei must be neutralized.. he has lost a step but still very effective if allowed.. no easy fouls should be given in dangers areas..

  43. legrave on tour


    I dont get the sarky comment. There’s a game on tonight and I am discussing formations, a specific subject brought up by Yogi.

    Football is about opinions and I thought this blog was the place to express those.

  44. i for one am concerned about AW ‘S health. hope he doesn’t end up like Houllier.

  45. Quote: I hope Wenger is telling the boys that they should play smart. Rotational fouling is one way to do it. No cussing at the refs. We should be on our best and sweetest behaviour. We can’t expect any favours from those officials.

    The “boys” should now be aware of that, and not make it harder for themselves by giving away silly yellow cards. Be Sovereign and stand above the jibes and provocations of the opposing team, and WIN.

    Onward the new gunners, your time is here.

  46. WOW – never thought id see the day.

    “It’s a crazy world we’re in,” “It’s a critical world and you only need to lose a couple of games to have critics howling down at you.”

    “All the talk is about Arsenal and Arsene leaving. But who can replace him? It’s the most ridiculous situation. The man has been simply unbelievable. He has given Arsenal platforms they never thought they’d get to.”

    “He should carry on. He shouldn’t listen to the critics. The one thing you need in this game is earplugs.”

    Quotes from a famous AKB – SAF.

    Ferguson believes Arsenal will not find a better manager than Wenger and has urged the Gunners boss to reach for a set of earplugs.

    To ll you Anti supporting so called gunners – like frimpong said –

    Shame on you!

  47. F O R W A R D S

  48. 1 loose cannon

    People assume Udnise will attack like they did at the emirates but that will not be the case. They will be very cautious. If Arsenal score they will need 3 goals. The away goal will play a big part on the night and we are more than capable of getting a goal

  49. para,
    You would think they are aware, but it’s still something the manager should be drumming into their ears today. We’ve seen more than once how a silly early yellow can lead to disastrous consequences. RvP at the Camp Nou, and Frimpong against Liverpool are two recent examples.

    So yeah, these “boys” definitely need telling. I called it before the Newcastle game and something tells me today’s game might not be very different i.e. in terms of our need to stay “Sovereign”.

    I love CL ffootball. It comes with a certain something you don’t get in premeirship games.

  50. Season defining indeed because this is a chance to qualify a tournament that’s massively important just on the same level as the premier league – not just for the £ involved but also for the quality of the games. If there is a choice the premiership title & champions league will arguably be joint 1st & not any other title.

    The other reason that it’s important that we qualify for CL is also because I believe we’ll do better in that than the PL considering the technical qualities of our squad – we can go toe to toe with the likes of other techinical teams as compared to hoof n run parked bus approach of many of our PL opposition

  51. Credit to SAF for his comments. Returning the favour, but being honest. Have to confess I rather admire the man these days.
    good point 1Lc – they’ll be cautious, so theo and robin – shoot guys..get that goal early on.
    everyone being positive and friendly this morning…nice to see!

  52. Just Another Luke

    We need a big game from Szcz, a disciplined performance from all parts of the pitch and no more red cards pls. It may go to penalties.

  53. Fergie’s words on Wenger largely match my own sentiments, but my instinct is to always distrust the motives of the old fox.
    Why would he want what’s best for Arsenal or Wenger? Lets not kid ourselves that it’s in his interest that arsenal succeed, so what is his game here?
    Paranoid? Yes.

  54. I would personally play miquel too..but play song and Frimpong in midfield in front of him, considering the onus is on the home side to score 2 line up would be






  55. And a nice strong bench with Arshavin, chamakh, dojorou, Fab, Rosicky if required…

  56. Siva,
    If, heaven forbid, we crash out of the CL tonight, we can always console ourselves by saying stuff like “this is an opportunity to focus on the premiership, CL is overrated anyway, it depends too much on luck and corrupt officials, the PL is the real trophy, etc, etc”

    So basically, no particular game is ‘season defining’ if you think about it, as one can always find a silver lining.

  57. Thinking about it, though I hope & wish to see us win tonight & compete in the CL, the other result will help us win a title this yr – the Europa League

  58. Just Another Luke


    I like your “glass is always full” comment. 🙂

  59. @ YW
    Great post – good summing up of the Nasri situation as well. Having read that article about Bernes, a lot falls into place.

    I’d be inclined to go with Miquel as well as a reward for having performed with such composure on Saturday and to stop him brooding over his part in the og – but if Djourou can play, AW might feel it’s better to use the more experienced player in the more important match.

    Bac speaks, and does himself credit:

    Come on Arsenal!

    @ geeGunner
    SAF’s words don’t surprise me – we have seen in the past that there is a lot of mutual respect between the two longest-serving managers in the PL. As a manager, Slur Alex knows what the job entails and what an amazing job AW does on a limited budget.

  60. The lack of realisation that there is a total north western bias to football in this country amazes me.Nothing short of mairsunreh.

  61. btw, is it true that Sagna has been made a vice-captain alongside TV5? Very well deserved, if so.

  62. Excellent post, Yogs.

    I suppose if Koscielny’s fitness tests show he’ll make Saturday then Djourou is less of a risk tonight. I’d like to see Miguel play for the reasons you say. Also just think he’s a great player to watch. You wouldn’t want him in the air against Huth and Shawcross right now, but Di Natale is just the sort of battle I’d back him to win.

    Also Saturday’s game is about halfway between now and the end of the transfer window – so you never know who might be available for selection that day. Just saying!

  63. Any roared we are going to win ternaht. Reet good thrashin fo yoodunairseh ternaht. nor messin.

  64. Kos might be fit to play ManUre? I thought he was going to be out for two weeks.

  65. @ Frank
    ha ha

  66. Do you know Jeorge Bird the youth team guy, FG? He said…. that AW said… that he could make Saturday. I assumed in his CL press conference which I am just about to watch so I’ll tell you shortly.

    Wasn’t too surprised as a back spasm is just ‘one of those things’ with no tissue or bone in need of recovery, here one minute gone the next. (He says in a doctorly tone).

  67. @ LimparAssisst
    Well, I’m convinced – it was the white coat and the stethoscope that did it. Very good news. Jeorge Bird has genuine club contacts, so I do believe him. Phew. It looked really bad, some were talking about a slipped disc.

    At the risk of igniting one of those arguments, and assuming that Miquel continues to improve, and Squillers will play and the calf problem is just that, I no longer feel that we are light on numbers at the back. They are assumptions, I grant you, but not outlandish ones.

  68. Right – that’s it now till after the game. UP THE ARSENAL!!!!

  69. Nice one YW.

    We will enter the battlefield with pride and leave with pride.
    We are the ARSENAL!

    Keep up the good vibes ACLFers
    Its much more befitting of our goonerworld

    …i remain POSITIVE

  70. I can’t wait for a win so some of those doomers fuck clean off. Yesterday evenings discussion on here was sickening.

  71. Yeah, Arsene says “(Kos) has a chance to be fit for Sunday” in his AFC interview. He also says Djourou and Traore are both fit (in a way which makes me think they’ll both start).

    I know what you mean, FG. Numbers wise it’s fine. I just think Big Squills’ ‘calf injury’ looks ominous for him – coupled with various comments on adding height and prem experience etc etc. I think one of Cahill, Jagielka, or Dann will come in and Squills will be put out to pasture in a sort of Aztec style sacrifice to the fans, on a sandstone altar high up on the North Bank.

  72. Not necessarily one of those three – no idea who it might be, just have a feeling a defender will come in. Maybe one versatile enough to cover LB too? But that might just be making up imaginary uber-players…

  73. As good as Miquel was against Liverpool I don’t think he’ll get the shout. He looked absolutely shattered by the final whistle.

    Don’t think of Song and Frimpong as an uber-defensive midfield pairing. With license to get forward Song can be a match winner.

  74. Did I just hear someone saying on radio that our salvation this season is to sign Joey Barton and to get rid of Wenger now?

    I’m really getting senile.

  75. Apparently – what we lack is a bit of fighting spirit and Barton will knock our heads together – and also play ugly with opponents as that’s what we’re missing.

    I think that’s what they were saying because it’s impossible for aliens to get into the car radio.

  76. Turn off that thing, Darius..

  77. How come the noise about signing Hangeland has died down, 2 years ago he was seen as ‘the answer to Arsenal’s defensive crisis TM’, yet I don’t think he’s even been linked with us window.

  78. Really like Miguel, he’s much more switched on than Djouru. Frimpong, comes in for Song any day of the week and hopefully pushes Song out on a perm basis.

    Would rather see Ox out there than rosicky or any of the other average wasters in our ranks.

  79. It’s the fighting spirit that got us three red cards in two games. I don’t think we need any more. Let alone a self-styled pantomime Hitler.

  80. FFS goonerton, spoiling the mood of a very, if surprisingly, positive mood in the comments today…

    I would be happy with either of the CB partnerships being suggested, Song or Miquel. I like the added protection of Frimp & Song in middle, but also think the composure of Song could be needed in defence. Glad I’m not Wenger! Di Natale is a wily little character and maybe the experience to handle him is needed? Either way, I think we’ll outscore them tonight so wont be a problem. I really want to see Ryo and/or Ox given a chance to scare the shit out of the weary italian defenders at 75 mins…

    Nasri – the more i talk about him to my girl, or mates, the more i dislike the little greedy bugger.

    Absolutely love Frimpong’s tweet to Jack. What a dude!

    Pretty sure they’ve made a bit of a meal of Jack’s injury so he isn’t selected for England…

  81. That was aimed at the ‘average wasters’ comment btw.

  82. @MJ – I did better than that – I left the car.

    @Limpar – it’s the aliens I tell you.

  83. Henristic | August 24, 2011 9:08 am


    you could also say that a good adversary helps to keep you on toes and keeps competition healthy. Weak competition in your own league doesnt necessarily benefit when you face stronger opps in other lgs

  84. Geo, what was Frimpongs tweet? He isn’t listed on the official site’s twitter section.

  85. BREAKING The hunt for Arsenal’s ‘Cesc Replacement’ is over. That 14 year old German-born Ethiopian fella has won the race. Given the no.4 shirt and everything. Congratulations, kid…

  86. The media have officially lost their ever loving minds.

  87. Emmanuel ‘BA’ Frimpong is a gooner ‘par excellence’.
    Am loving this guy 🙂

  88. Haha. No wonder Frimpong’s tweets aren’t listed on the official site. The last two I’ve seen were him telling that twat Pierce Morgan to shut his cake-hole and this.

    Strong-willed, our Frimpers.

  89. Team for tonight

    Bac Djourou Verm Traore
    BA Song
    Theo Gerv

  90. Heh, Frimpong is well on his way to being an Arsenal ledgend already.

    Big game tonight for our young and depleted squad. The world seems to be against them at the moment, so it will be great to see them pull together and get us through what will be a very difficult game. The sounds coming from the Italian camp seems like they really are up for this.

  91. I like the look of that Deise, although unsure if Djourou will start. If he’s fit, then play him I say. I do really want to see the Arsh given a go there too, as is his natural position.

    If we can get more players to gain that passion for Arsenal that Jack, Frimp, Sagna, RvP, TV5 etc have, then we can win games through pure ‘grit’ and determination for the cause. I think with all this pressure coming from all angles, it could well be a blessing in disguise. The added incentive to push these youngsters on to prove themselves. Such a huge part in making the difference between winning and drawing or drawing and losing is down to the mental state of the team, siege mentality could prevail for this current crop of beauties..

  92. Sounds like they are up for it GA. But if we aren’t up for this game, then there’s something massively wrong. We need to go out and prove that we’re not lightweights, and take Udinese by surprise and by storm. I think we’re going to see our attacking line start to click more and more in the next few games, and finally get up to speed. Defence is looking good, clickage is all that’s needed in midfield/attack imo.

  93. of course the Italians are up for it. the media they read is telling them arsenal is dead. everyone in England is certainly not supporting the english team.

  94. Geo – “Such a huge part in making the difference between winning and drawing or drawing and losing is down to the mental state of the team, siege mentality could prevail for this current crop of beauties”

    This is so true, and im my mind a large part of where we have come up short in the past few years. Our players are all technically very good, but mentally came up short. The likes of Frimpong who looks like he plays every game like it is the last he will ever play can only be a good thing for the club.

    No team every won anything without the right mentality, yet plenty of “technically inferior” teams have won trophies over the years.

  95. Frimpong is clearly a fan as well as an employee of the club. He also doesn’t care much for tact, tells it as it is and that’s refreshing to see.


    Fergie likes competition eh? Wait until crunch time when we are neck and neck for the title and you’ll see his true nature come out. I preferred it when he talked thrash about us. This whole sneaky nice talk makes me uncomfortable. We don’t need him telling us how awesome Wenger is. It certainly won’t get doomers or the predatory press to change their mind about our manager.

  96. SSN have already filmed ‘arsenal crisis deepens’ and have it on standby waiting for the Q from the lovely Georgie .. mmmmm

  97. LimparAssist | August 24, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Cheers for the link limpar.

    Is it me or is getting a No. 4 shirt with your name on the back from the manager indicate something special.

    I like the quotes from pilkington –

    “He’s a natural talent,” Pilkington said. “He has balance, vision, ideas.”

    Sounds like a typical gunner already

  98. goonerwife – Apart from SAF! I think he is actually being genuine in his support of Wenger. I hate to say it but, he is probably as misguided as most in thinking we won’t be a threat this year, so feels he can offer us a boost with his comments without causing too many issues. Can’t wait for these wonderkids and underdogs to surprise everyone who doubts. Shouldn’t be hard actually seeing as we’ve been written off like no season before..

  99. Kamram
    Who are these people who are after Wenger. Who is behind this plot. give us the names. As far as i can see it is not the medias fault that our star players want to leave. Could it be our lack of success, our wage structure that means we cannot attract the top stars. When Arsenal were at there best the media were fulsome in their praise of wenger and the team. If ManU were in our position right now the negative coverage would be just as great or even greater. I think this is a case of shooting the messenger. We have always been praised for our football and wenger has been highly admired. The parlous state that we now find ourselves in has been coming for years.The wiser heads amongst us (doomers) have predicted that this would happen. In the past 3 seasons we have thrown away two titles, simply by our failure to sign a decent CB and keeper. These would not have been stellar signings but would have made all the difference. Had we done this we would still have Nasri and perhaps Cesc. I appreciate that this is the site of the Wenger disciples, blind unquestioning loyalty, deluded belief that all will come right in the end. However, even if we do get past Udinese tonight, don’t believe that everything will be ok. We are facig many problems and only by acknowledging them can we begin to put them right. Surely the Kamram’s of this world cannot fail to see we are in trouble. But then again….

  100. They will be up for it Geo, no question. These group of guys are rabid, to the point that Wenger should be calming them then actually.

    Like the rap song says “I walk around, gun on my waist, chip on my shoulder “

  101. Henristic | August 24, 2011 at 11:18 am

    same here i preferred it when he hated us – but if you look around most great advasaries share a common respect for each other – even if they hate each other. i think thats whats happening here myself.

    Maybe it wont turn the huge negative opinions about him doing the rounds, but it should highlight how much the so called anti support arses out there (esp the ones who say the love the club yet hope we loose games to prove a point) are real dumm.

    And the ones that listen to that tW:t Myles ” the c:nt” Palmer

  102. “If ManU were in our position right now the negative coverage would be just as great or even greater.”

    lamia – See this is where you’re right and wrong. The media would definitely give it plenty of coverage, but it would be in a completely different tact to what we’re hearing about us and Wenger. It wuld be along the lines of “this is so sad to see” or “Ferguson doesn’t deserve this harsh treatment” with Howard Webb coming out offering his condolences, pundits sobbing over their jizz-covered Wayne Rooney calendars.

  103. Geo- you are right about that. He only supports us when he feels we are not a threat.

  104. Apparently, Wenger’s manegirial obituary has already been written. The book makers also have him at 6 to 1 as the 2nd favourite manager to lose their job.

    Favourites for the Arsenal job are Martin O’Neil, Guus Hiddink and Maureen 118212.

    As Goonerwife has said, the Sly Sports editorial team is in the editorial suite completing the special effects and final touches to the documentary – “The Rise and Fall of Arsneé Wenger”.

    It even has pre-prepared video clips of Arséne’s favourite protégés like Sam Allerdysio, Tony Pulis, Owen Coyle, Alex McLeash, Alan Pardew and many others claiming how much they learnt from the great man and what he brought to the English game and that Arsenal are in a better place because of it.

    Hacks like Neil Ashton and John Cross have been lined up to appear on Talk Spite radio slots alongside former Arsenal legends like Stewart Robson to give an insider position.

  105. Geo – talking about the different coverage SSN give – have you seen the ‘De Gea IS a good keeper hes just young and needs time and support’ articles? 2 dodgy games from De Gea and they wheel out United greatest ever keeper to tell everyone that they have to be patient and the 17 mil is well spent.

    Szcz on the other hand needs to be replaced ….

  106. Ppppft, Arsene will not lose his job.

  107. geeGunner,
    Fergie is a sly and unlike Arsene I don’t attach any altruistic motivation to anything he says. To me he’s just using this as a media op to make it look like he’s backing a colleague in trouble. ‘Good old Fergie putting in a good word for Arsene’.
    As soon as we qualify this evening much of the negativity and bad press will disappear. Even if we drop out of the CL, the howls will only last a few days till we start winning again. This board aren’t the sort that will make a knee jerk reaction by sacking Wenger. It will be the most stupidest move ever.

  108. So has Frimmers won you over then, andy? I remember you saying he shouldn’t be anywhere near the 1st team at the start of the summer. Not an ‘I told you so’… genuinely interested. I remember thinking the same thing about Wilshere beginning of last season and he made me look a right mug. Easy to underestimate these young players and easy to overestimate the need for ‘Prem Experience’, after all they train with some of the best players in the Premiership, if they can hold their own there – all you’re really talking about is how they handle the pressure of a big match day… and there’s only one way to find that out. I suppose the way the club treats the players as adults has a big part in making sure they have that confidence. Also the culture of bringing young players through means they know they have a real chance to make it onto the pitch at 19. While we might be gritting our teeth with nerves for them, they’ve been preparing for that day their whole lives and can’t wait to take their chance. Selecting players with strong psychological attributes is part of it too I guess.

  109. Fergie is a sly fox, I meant to say

  110. Fergie is a cunt 😉 Great manager but a cunt nonetheless

  111. On the discussion about Frimpong….

    I think that not every young player matures in the same way, and Jack and Cesc have been exceptional cases. However, people sometimes are too quick to pass judgement without really knowing how the young players will cope.

    I suppose it’s valid to say that since they don’t have this so called Premier league experience, then they will be beyond their depth. But the same can also apply in that no one can say for certain that they will not cope. We don’t know that they won’t cope, but the best people to know – Steve Bold, Neil Barnfield, Arsene Wenger – have faith because of what they see every day in training. The most important is that the other players on the team have complete faith in them and trust them to be dependable team players.

    When Ignasi came on against Liverpool, the team was unmoved and continued playing as if the young lad had been training with them for years.

    If players are ready, they’re ready – it has nothing to do with age.

  112. I think it will be a close fought 1-1 tonight. I personally believe AFC are waiting for confirmation of CL qualification before making any major moves in the transfer market. We most likely have key players lined up already (I hope). I don’t really care about the Man U game at the moment, it is all about tonight. Even if we loose to Man U it is not the end of the world as it is still early days in the EPL. Lets win tonight and get in the players that we need to strengthen and go from there.


    made the mistake of reading the comments on a sky sports news story…sometimes i wish i could perform a universal and simultaneous slap across the face for every whinging doomer out there

  114. No time to go through the comments people, wish i could!

    “The team have worked hard over the three matches so far this season with scant reward for their efforts. Time to change that tonight.”

    COYR, i think we may cause a major upset tonight it seems strangely! Enjoy the game gooners.

  115. I’m liking the new toughness and attitude in the side provided by Wilshere, Frimpong, Gervinho, Jenks, etc. added to professionalism of players like Tommy V, Sagna and Szes
    I think we can keep a clean sheet tonight and that’s all we need to do.

  116. Quiet today… I agree with tBM.

  117. Game day baby, come on you Gunners!!!

    Perfect time to find a rare away European win.

  118. lamia1 | August 24, 2011 at 11:20 am

    The media is bigging up teams who have splashed over a billion quid on trying to and winning trophies. There is no critical analyses of the way the game is run in britain – its just who has the biggest checkbook contest at the min.

    That a team should try to live with in its means and compete is met with total ridicule as if the idea is lunacy.

    Seems you have also bought into the media lie “In the past 3 seasons we have thrown away two titles, simply by our failure to sign a decent CB and keeper.”

    How the hell do you know – last yr chelsea splashed 70 million on 2 players and still won F$ck all, what about the sums spent by man city on players in those 3 yrs – didnt guarantee them a tropy and this season all the money they spent and they still not guaranteed to win anything – so to speculate that if we bought a def mid,keeper, pele, jesus and darth vader we would have won the league is absolute BS.

  119. Sincere words from SAF and honest. He doesn’t think much of Arsenal. He knows it was highly unlikely for Arsenal to have done what they have without Wenger. The last thing he wants, and especially in his latter management years as a kind of untouchable senior denizen of the game, is for the level of EPL to be greatly reduced by hounding out its most innovative and exciting manager. Every mature and experienced manager who has seen a bit, as well as ex-players and pundits who play and watch football worldwide knows what Wenger has done in football, the levels he has aspired to and so often achieved against the odds, what he means to football, and what he is likely to do in future. This is different to jibes and mental fluff before matches and EPL challenge. This is more “Are you that stupid? Don’t be, and don’t think I am”.

    Now the funny thing would be for swathes of English football supporters and media to support Arsenal’s “fightback from crisis” (the coming media narrative, if they have any sense, and SAF has given them the cue) EXCEPT a section of its own fans, as represented by two comedians:look-down-my-nose-at-you AIC and “In Arsene we Rust” SPRECTUM, and that bastion of football village idiocy “Le Grove”.

    Wenger, and RvP will realise the all-importance of getting one goal plus tonight. You can never be sure we won’t concede, worse in the last minutes, in an away game, a deflection, a brilliant long-range effort, their home crowd, and therefore we must set ourselves up to score, not to defend for 90 minutes. Ramsey, Rosicky (if he’s AOK), Song, with speed down the flanks, Traore and Sagna, Theo and 3Gs. We score one, they need three. Should be a good match. I like Udinese.

  120. Limestonegunner

    FG, how someone convicted for corruption in the game can be allowed to work in any capacity in fooball is an utter scandal. That Nasri would choose such a lowlife who harboured a grudge against his manager is astonishingly poor judgement at best. It was puzzling why so many of the rumours were coming from France, but now it is obvious that the whole thing was orchestrated by the French network around Bernes, including the comments leaked by That racist Manc Blanc when Nasri was with the national team.

    Anyway, bigger fish to fry. Djourou if fit is better than Miquel, so should start in this vital match. Forget the money, how will we recruit without CL football and the team will be demoralized. I will be bereft on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!

  121. There is a reason we don’t buy many players from the Italian league. Does any PL team? Liverpool, Aquilani woked out well… Vialli, Zola, DiCanio, DiMatteo only success stories I can think of.

    They can’t handle the pace of our game! We will destroy them.


  122. I think Armand Traore could have a lot of new fans by the end of tonight.

  123. Ravenelli? Benito Carbone?!

  124. Markus,

    Players from the Italian league?

    Vieria, Bergkamp, Henry.

    To name a few.

  125. Szczsny;

    Sagna, Djourou, Vermaelen, Traore

    Song, Rosicky/Arshavin, Ramsey

    Walcott, RvP, Gervinho

    That’s the lineup i would field

    C’MON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. I’m just being pedantic, I realise you meant Italians.

  127. On the flip side, you can question why over the last 25 years, only a smattering of UK players have moved abroad.

    None covering themselves in much glory. Owen/Beckham both had one reasonable season at Madrid.

    Macmananamamamamaman had a hearty stint, but to be honest, I would have scored goals / won medals playing in that side.

    Keane, Boothroyd – can’t think of many more………

  128. LimparAssist says:
    August 24, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    I think Armand Traore could have a lot of
    new fans by the end of tonight.

    I agree. He’s got a good performance in him sooner than later. I believe he’ll deliver today.

    I like the mood on here today. I guess this is how it should be. Acknowledge the weakness of the team and give them the deserved support as fans.
    Lets hope we have a reason to cheer by the end of the day. A good Arsenal win sets me up perfectly for the next day.

    We storm Italy;

  129. Limpar – Yeah he has to be honest. I never doubted his ability (not that I had seen much of him), but was just concerned that if Song was missing for a sustained period, would he be able to step in. A few pre-season games are no barometer really. However, the games I have seen him this year he has really impressed me; his work rate and tenacity are something that I think this side lacks, so for me, he brings something new to the table.

    I would still feel better if some more experienced players come in. The danger with having so many so young is that against more “canny” players and teams they will have nobody to guide them through games.

    Anyway, to answer your question; yes, I think he deserves his place in the first team squad, and maybe he will have the sort of impact Wilshere did last year, albeit not playing as many games. He will definitely be a fan favorite due to his playing style.

    He also gives us 2 extra options. Song could move forward in some games to play in tandem with Jack. But in games were we need to dig in, him and Song should provide a great shield for the back 4. We still need another midfielder though as Cesc needs replacing. I see Frimpong as a Denilson replacement.

  130. Has there been a finer British export than John Charles? Kevin Keegan was quite the player at Hamburg?

    Our own David Platt, not so much love, Ian Hartley, Gazza…oh Gazza….

  131. He’s got a good performance in him sooner than later


    Made me chuckle! 🙂

  132. Frimpong >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  133. Ian Harte, Paul Ince, John Collins, Tommy Mooney, Waddle, Hoddle, Platt, Hargreaves….

    Not loads but a few.

    Think more will man up and spread their wings as in-club education gets better and better. Mancienne in Hamburg this season for example.

  134. Mark Hately, Liam Brady, Ian Rush, Gary Lineker

  135. Don’t forget the Luther Blissett Project

    Even wrote a book in Italian. Totò, Peppino e la guerra psichica (AAA Edizioni, 1996)

    “Chiunque può essere Luther Blissett, semplicemente adottando il nome Luther Blissett”
    [Anyone can be Luther Blissett simply by adopting the name Luther Blissett]

  136. Agree with all that GA.

  137. FFS goonerton, spoiling the mood of a very, if surprisingly, positive mood in the comments today…


    Apologies for spoiling the mood if I did that but, I was just stating that Miguel, filled me with much more confidence than Djouru.

    Song’s composure can only be compared to Frimpong’s as he only had 1 start but, one could never make me believe that he is composed because he always gives away a free kicks after doing too much on the ball then losing it. He struts around the pitch with the swagger of a man who has nobody pushing him for his place and that immature stamp sums him up for me. I just think the quicker Frimpong get’s games under his belt the better for us and I hope that’s Wenger’s thinking.

    I love Frimpong’s attitude and he walks it like he talks it unlike some of our millionaires who love to talk but, produce fuckall on the pitch.

    Still think we have enough to see off them Italians tonight and hopefully we can still get 2/3 players in although 2 is more realistic.

  138. Haha! Is that the tag line of the book?!

  139. Apparently big Kevin Campbell played for Trabzonspor in Turkey in 98-99. Loved Kevin Campbell…

  140. So slow but pretty deadly in front of goal. Bit like Bendtner without the crowd on his back. Or Heskey + goals.

  141. Limpar, I don’t know.
    Might have to try and order an english copy at somepoint.

    For those who don’t know, the real Luther didn’t write the book. I don’t know why but for some reason Luther Blisset became an iconic nom de plume in Italy.

  142. Glenn Hoddle *choke*.

    Luke, none of those lads were raised in the Italian league either. Henry had 16 appearances in the Italian league; Vieira, 2; Bergkamp 52.

  143. LimparAssist says: August 24, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Me too regarding Traore. He looked like he bulked up the last time we seen him.
    Fearless and a engine like a E46.

    Hope to see him start tonight.

  144. Big game tonight. Fingers crossed and my lucky hat firmly in place on he top of my head. No idea who will play. I suspect Jenkinson will be on the right and Sagna on the left. If Johan is fit he will start I think.

    Love the Frimpong Song idea in midfield but worry about Frimpers being overly aggressive and making a mistake or 2, on this knife edge of a game we can’t afford that. I really hope the Pong will be a legend someday. He has a Flamini like energy with more skill. Throw in a little bit of Roy Keane (I know we all hate him) into the equation and you have the type of player that Arsenal have been missing for the last few years.

    Arsene is going to be at Arsenal as long as he wants. My prediction is that he will sign an extension after the current contract ends and we will have him until late into this decade.

  145. goonerton, Song swaggers around the pitch? He’s about the most modest player I’ve ever seen. Head down, job done. Instead of replacing him in the team I think Frimpong will give him license to get forward. Can’t wait to see that. Maybe not tonight. Frimpong might start on the bench if we’re determined to get the early goal.

  146. Bill – don’t worry about Frimpers too much. At one point, we’ll have to let him off the leash and let him make decisions on the pitch.

  147. BIll,

    This is one I hope that will happen regarding Wenger. He has to stay because he is the best man for the job and he should be in a position to take all the credit when it clicks into place with likes of Frimpong and the others. Couple of players in and some more of the dead wood out and we shall be ready.

  148. Bill – If Traore is fit, but does not play then that means Arsene does not trust him even as back up. In that case getting another left back is even more impotant. I would have thought he would start though.

  149. Big game tonight, cmon Arsenal. Would love to see a huge goal difference tonight, wonder what the critics would say?


    Sanga TV Song Traore

    Frimpong Ramsey

    Walcott V. Persie Gervinhno

  150. That’s cool Goonerton, wasn’t anywhere near as bad as a lot of commenters can be! But you know what I’m saying yeah? Pretty disrespectful thing to say, the way you worded it this time round was um… better!

  151. Throw in a bit of Keane? eh? Youcannotbeserious?
    What was wrong with the not so small Petit? Parlour?
    Um, how about World Cup and Copa America winning Brazilian Captain, Gilberto Silva.

    Some Viera chap?

    Ah. I remember now.

    He came from Senegal.
    He played for Arsenal.

  152. Limpar and Darius:

    I really do believe Frimpong will be a great player someday and think he will be the cream of the crop in this current group of young players, (at least for me with my defensive obsession). The fans are going to love him. He clearly brings something to the squad that it has lacked. Not sure if it is in his best interest to have this type of pressure and these type expectations at this stage in his career. Just like Jack Wilshere, I think a loan spell away from the club would be the best for him and perhaps for Arsenal in the long term, but that debate is probably better saved for another day.

  153. Mustn’t forget the stamping, sorry tip-toeing, master Song Billong.
    Did I miss anyone? Sorry.

    It’s just that it’s so much easier to copy and past some lame meme after snorting a palmful of gr*t.

  154. Anyone know whats up with joel campbell ? Is he guna play this season or what??

  155. Good post Yogi…..

    This is a massive match for Arsenal and Arsene. A loss will only fuel more negativism from his distractors (if that is possible) and escalate everything that YW speculates in his article.

    A win…….the club, manager, and players regain their footing and focus – build confidence for our upcoming league play.

    I agree with Bill about Frimpong. His aggressive tackling is likely to see the yellow shown early – as Arsenal are not likely to get any favorable calls at Udinese.

    We do need to find an improved player mix for controlling midfield. I have no problem for Miquel starting at CB. So the line up I’d prefer…….

    Since Song and Frimpong are not eligible for the next league matches……it would be a good time to see Dj play the DM role. This would give us some added height when defending set pieces.

    Sagna …… Miquel ……Vermaelen……Traore
    …………..Rosicky / Ramsey………………………

    So far this season, I have not seen enough from Ramsey, Theo, and Arshavin to justify a starting spot…..which is disappointing. For the team to achieve anything, we need consistency from all three.

  156. Andy:

    Will be interesting to see if Traore starts. Just my own gut feeling that Jenkinson will get the nod. I like the way he looks.

  157. Where’s George?

  158. Traore has the benefit of having spent last year in Italy. Probably start if fit.

  159. Bill.

    The only way Frimpong is going to get better with his judgement is by giving him pitch time. It’s easy enough to file young players under the “one for the future” folder, but we’re not going to have an “a-ha” moment where a switch is flipped to say he’s now ready. He has to play with the team while covering for and while complementing Song. He has to play with Vermaelen and Koscielny and Sagna and Jethro.

    The boy is ready. Getting yellow cards and the occasional red cards are an occupational hazard in his position. Vieira used to pick them like nobody’s nonsense. So did the afore mentioned Roy Keen.

    If we agree that he has something to offer to the Arsenal, then it’s time for him to play and we should stop wrapping him in cotton wool and pretending we need more cover for Song in midfield. No – we don’t.

  160. I’d noticed Traore’s bulked up loads too. He looked much better defensively t’other week than before he went on loan. A year more experience, a bit more tactical nous/anticipation? Great to have some healthy competition between 2 younger players in that position. Both lightning quick, getting more powerful, just need technical and defensive abilities to improve slightly (which will happen over time), and they could both be top top fullbacks imo.

    I just read somewhere that RvP has just recruited Nasri, Clichy and Cesc’s agent (Darren Dein). Anyone know if this is true? Can’t remember which site i read it on, but for some reason it didn’t fill me with confidence about it’s credibility…

  161. Darius:

    I really do like Frimpong but don’t agree with everything you say. I would enjoy debating this but lets save it for another day.

  162. When some young players some into the side you can just see if they have “it”. Not many do, as the step up from reserve football is huge to playing at this level. Sometimes you can just tell I think.

    Szchezny, Wilshere, Frimpong, Cesc, are all those types of player. We have had plenty of players come in and do fairly well, but don’t have “it” and you could not rely on them in the long term. I am thinking about the likes of Eastmond, Lansbury, Hoyte, JET. I actually think that Jenkinson would benifit from a loan, but due to our lack of numbers at the back this won’t happen.

    Frimpong as song’s back up is fine in my book. If we replace Cesc well, we will have decent options in midfield.

  163. Does Frimpong seem like he can’t handle pressure? That young mans wants pressure, how many 19 year olds would take on Nasri like how he has? The boy is a natural ball killer (football wise). He hasnt even let the red card get him down. Our prior captian though old enough couldnt handle the pressure by his own words.
    On another note, he is expected to play his role but he is not expected to carry the team.

  164. GA, I agree with all of that except I think Jenk has ‘it’. I think the more he plays now, the better. He is definitely able to cover for Sagna and play in the CC/FA cup or against lesser opposition in the Prem.

  165. I agree Paul, and also giving it back to a massive dick of a celebrity in Piers Morgan in the public domain, love it. I’m beginning to really like him already! He’s got the mindset to brush it all off it seems. Him and Jack are the future England midfield… watch this space.

  166. Geo – Fair enough. Personally I think he looks decent, but no more at the moment. Not a slant on him by any stretch of the imagination as he has played less than 10 pro games in his career so far. He seems solid enough though.

  167. How many 19 year olds would charge at Pool like at Rhino.

    That kid is more is ready.

    I agree with GA, some just have it.

    As fas as mistakes, when a youth makes them it is attributed to them being young, but what about when a more mature player makes them? it happens every week in football.

  168. Frimpong away kit is paid for and in the mail. What a legend.

    Come on you facking Gunners!

  169. Yes Geo, Jenks looks the deal to me. He is tenacious defender and can play with that ball at his feet. I was really impressed with his dribbling last Saturday. He too “has IT”.

  170. Frimpong is a season behind Jack and shouldn’t really get more than 15+ starts. I like his tough nut approach, good sign, that’ll get tempered with pitch time, but it’s the attitude that looks right, and confidence on the ball. Then again, Song with strong defensive qualities is no slouch pressing forward, controlling the ball, and threading a good pass himself, and that could be on Wenger’s mind for the future shape.

    I wonder of M’Vila is still on the radar for this transfer season, or ever was. In some ways we need a younger Rosicky out there. His range of passes and control is still excellent, positioning, movement, and we are naturally offensive with him in the middle, but he seldom looks the part for full 90 mins, so by definition a fantastic bench player.

  171. Some young players just look ready for the first team. Sure they will make mistakes on the way, but games won’t pass them by and they will leave their imapct on the game. More positives than negatives. And that is what I think about Frimpong.

    Some players are obvisouly good, but cannot make their mark on game. These are the players that should go on loan to learn their trade. As much potenital as they have, we can’t afford somebody who just does “OK” in the side (especially at the moment). As it goes, I think Vela is sort of in this category. Whilst not having many chances in the first team, when he has had a chance he has not really given the manager a slection problem. Shame as he seems technically very good.

  172. Zim -apparently we’re upping our bid for M’Vila (if there ever was one). I have never seen him play so don’t really know what he’d bring that we dont already have..? I thought he was more of an anchor man in midfield from what I’ve read..

  173. Zim, convinced Wenger is going to give Song more of a box-to-box role this season when Frimpong plays.

  174. I’ve seen M’vila play for France and he is really impressive. If he joined us I would see him take on Wilshere’s position and enable Jack to take the Cesc role. Blanc plays him sometime as the midfield anchor (against lesser opposition with two creator in front of him Nasri/Gourcuff, Nasri/Martin) but also with Alou Diarra as DM and one creator ahead of him. He is a beast and the most used player by Blanc since he took over.

  175. Sounds promising. I hope we get him in that case. No point trying to find another Cesc, so a change in direction maybe the way forward for us.

  176. Hmm, interesting. Cheers gunnerluc. Well this is one of those persistent rumours, hopefully not another Frey or Mertersacker style one, but like what you’re saying about him… I like the idea of Wilshere moving forward more, like when he was playing for youth & reserve teams. Hopefully he’ll get amongst the goals a bit more. We know he’s got the technique to hit them, just a bit of goalscoring confidence could really push him on.

  177. L’equipe are convinced that we already made a 20M Euro bid for him and to be honest they must have really good insider info on Arsenal because they have been pretty accurate regarding Gervinho, Cesc and Nasri sagas. I see it as a more realistic rumour than Hazard because Rennes might not be able to refuse that kind of cash while Lille and Hazard have been pretty clear that hazard won’t move this season. As for Martin he said he did not want to move abroad yet as he still had much to learn in the French league.

  178. Limestonegunner

    About Traore, I said last might that it was food he was fit to start as he has experience it Italy and would know Udinese better than any of our players.

    Also put out the lineup of
    song and frimpong behind Arshavin and front line of theo, rvp, and gervinho. Song can pick a pass and frimpong will shoot from distAnce while being solid enough to allow Arshavin a free role in his favored position that he has never really had a chance to play for us.

  179. I agree with Limestonegunner. Like the sound of that.

    Thanks again gunnerluc. Well let’s see how this develops. If it is true, I would be surprised if Wenger went in with a bid of more than £20mil. Interesting week ahead in the market.

  180. Frimpong definitely has ‘it’ we all saw that at the Ems pre season last year. What happened against ‘pool however was an eye opener even for those of us who’ve been gagging to see him in the first team. It was the speed and directness of his forward passing that impressed me. He won the ball back or took it from our defence and immediately threaded some Vermaelenesque balls through to the forwards/attacking mids. The red is an annoyance but it won’t be talked about in years to come, this guy could be a legend.

  181. Re: (potentially)Signing M’Villa, do you think AW see’s Songs long term career at CB?

    Also love the commitment to the cause from the likes of Henderson/Frimpong/Wilshere, boys who have grown up and matured with Arsenal. Undefying passion from these players is what we have missed. A true understanding and connection of what AFC is all about.

    Lets hope by the time they are all ready for first team action, the club is still where it should be.

  182. What impresses me most about Wilshere is his dribbling ability. He can drive through the heart of the opposition midfield and defence, he only needs to learn how to SHOOT!!! Something I don’t think even Cesc particularly did well.

    Pushing Wilshere further up the pitch can only improve his game (goals/assists wise especially), but I like the way he galvanises our midfield especially between Song and Cesc (now his replacement I guess).

    IMO if AW doesn’t find a natural replacement for Cesc (I believe Lucho Gonzalez or Eden Hazard can do a fine job), a player like M’Vila can be bought to take up Wilshere’s position while he’s pushed further up.

    Wenger’ll get it right though. I’m just a supporter.

  183. Nice lowdown gunnerluc. With our injuries in midfield I would feel a whole lot better if we brought in another central mid. Very defensive minded so could maybe fill in at the back in an emergency too. If we don’t get M’vila it should be someone similar.

    20 million seems excessive for us but if it calms some of the doomer nation then it’s money well spent.

  184. YW

    This IS a season difining match.Getting knocked out tonight means thursday and sunday matches.Name me an English team in the Europa league who have even challenged for the title.
    getting knocked out tonight will kill the morale in the team
    And an overwhelming defeat on sunday with us being EIGHT points behind Man Utd would put Wengers job on the line
    If thats not season defining nothing else is

    Sadly the lack of signings has kill our season

  185. 20 million seems excessive for us but if it calms some of the doomer nation then it’s money well spent.


    Markus, its money well spent when it makes us a better team.

  186. Markus – It is not about calming the doomer nation mate. it is about getting quality players in. If that is the going rate for a player of that calibre, then we should pay it. He have excess cash, so should not be scareed to use it. If we have to pay slightly more than what we think is the correct value, we just may have to bite the bullet. We need top quality, and can’t really afford to get any bargain basement Silvestr type signings.

  187. I have my reservations about AA in the midfield, LG. It’s not like playing off the striker like he used to do. Front of our midfield three means dropping deep to pick the ball up a lot, constantly moving to find space and lots of simple one-touch stuff. I’m not sure AA’s suited to all that. I do think he’s due an absolute cracker though – but for me it should be from out wide, drifting in. Give him a chance to get the fans saying, Sami who?

  188. Also think a nice wide open pitch in Italy could be just the thing for Ramsey. Crack out the golf clubs and get his passing eye in with a bit more time on the ball.

  189. More from Cliche Corner coming up shortly… sorry!

  190. Signing ‘value’ players and making player trading this summer would be tragic.

    Appreciate time is sparce so spending the c.£90-100 million we have is nowhere near possible, but the one target we are likely to sign, should be the best possible player in that situation.

    Eg, if we want Jagielka, go pay his asking price, dont baulk at it and settle for Scott Dann as he is cheaper.

  191. Limpar – that’s a good point. He was more in the number 10 role at Zenit I suppose, rather than AM playmaker. This season is going to see a slight shift in our midfield balance now though, and maybe wenger is looking at this option, a defensive shield with 2 of Frimp/Jack/Song with one of Rambo/Arsh/Ox/Jack in behind RvP? More of a 4 2 3 1? Either way, an extra midfielder would be a big help, now that the leavers have gone, and Deni has been loaned out…

    But as tateezee says, I’m just a supporter.

  192. Limpar – I agree about AA. The forward lying midfielder has defensive responsibilities as well, and sometimes has to drop to make a midfield 3. That is why nasri was at ease there, and why Wilshere will also be fine there. As much as I like AA, I am not sure I would trust him there. His perfect position is in a 442 just playing off the striker I would imagine, but not as a midfielder.

  193. I suspect Markus knows very well that all that matters is if the money is well spent and the player improves the team. But I absolutely agree with him. For my enjoyment as a fan shutting up the utter brain dead sheep like bleating of the under-evolved doomer nation would be worth 50 million never mind 20.
    Actually I genuinely don’t see why they don’t just go follow SN to City anyway, but spoiling everyone’s season is obviously more fun to them.

  194. Luke – “Eg, if we want Jagielka, go pay his asking price, dont baulk at it and settle for Scott Dann as he is cheaper”

    Yup, I agree. We should make sure we get Arsene’s main transfer targets. We have a wedge of cash, so even if we pay over the odds it is unlikely we would be out of pocket come the end of the window anyway.

  195. Brian

    You’re just the sort of man we want in a crisis. No sign of panic whatsoever. Good god man, get a grip. Playing on a Thursday and Sunday is not different from Wednesday and Saturday. Any manner of defeat – “overwhelming” or otherwise – will put us eight points behind United. So what? Do you think they won’t drop any points?

    Season defining it is not. And nor will Wenger’s job be on the line. You’ve been running with a bad crowd and believed their agenda.


  196. Andy “It is not about calming the doomer nation mate. it is about getting quality players in.”

    Not saying the signing itself would be to calm the doom. Just that paying maybe 5 million more than we had hoped would be worth it if fans would be happy with his signing. It would be breaking our transfer record after all.

    What about it doomers? Would you be happy with M’Vila?

  197. Steww

    Unecessary. Simply saying we should buy our current primary target. Phil Jones was Wengers preferred option. We missed out on him, whose next? We should buy the best possible player within our price range.

  198. Markus,

    Our transfer record doesnt really amount to much. We nearly smashed it with signing a 17year old winger from League One.

    Secondly, if M’Vila is our primary target, if he has been identfied has the best possible player we can add to our sqaud, then he is, 100% categorically worth every penny. Its not like spending 20mill on a player is going to send us in Leeds-esque downward spiral.

  199. Agreed goonerandy.

    AA’s best position has to be the supporting striker’s role in a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 formation. He’s such a dynamic and instinctive player. He always looks to run at defenders with the ball because he has great dribbling ability. He also has that ‘through the eye of a needle’ pass (although, he gets it right 1 out of 10 times). He has put a lot of effort already this season, he’s just suffering from the same syndrome as Chamackh (whatever it is), lots of effort but no end product.

    Do you guys see Wenger changing formation with two men up especially at the Emirates against teams the ‘park the bus’? Cos Walcott is clamouring for a central role and will benefit from partnering RVP.


  200. But we’re also not going to smash our record transfer spend on a back-up centrehalf. The true valuation of these players will surface in the final few days of the window when selling clubs make the right decision for their own coffers, just like we do ours. We will probably go a bit toward them by the same token but we’re not just going to spunk £20 million tomorrow just for the benefit of fan blood pressure.

    I also doubt there is a numbered wishlist, more like 6 or 7 irons in the fire which will be worked on. To be honest there’s not a great deal of difference for me between Dann and Cahill. Dann’s name is less appealing I suppose because his team got relegated. They’re similar players.

  201. As much as Jack is spoken of as a key player, because of his dribbling and ‘keep ball’ abilities, I think Ramsey is as important. He hasn’t yet looked his best, but works extremely hard off the ball, passes neatly, and has great attacking instinct. His positioning is still a bit suspect, he’s not always in the space where you want to see him to receive a ball and control a move, but in many ways Ramsey is a natural partner to Wilshere (whose positioning is fantastic, as is Song’s).

    Now if one player such as M’Vila joins, we begin to have interesting options. Song’s role would be freer, box to box, linking attacking play, with Wilshere, like Diaby when not roped into DM positions. Seven midfielder options, with Rosicky, Ramsey, Diaby and Frimpong as back up. Then there’s Ox, who I guess must make an entrance at some point, given the remarks made by Wenger.

    Diaby may or may not make it, he hasn’t yet, but his glimpses have been enticing, and he looks every part the match-winner. He sure looks good in the national team.

  202. Im just saying

    Have to agree with brian, this is a season defining match by definition. If we win we stay in the champions league and if we lose we end up in the europa. However big you deem that difference is up to you but the fact is there is a difference to our season if we don’t win.
    Go Go Gunners!!!!

  203. Yep. Once again, I WOULDN’T be against paying the money in this instance, Luke.

    But the reality is that a lot of this money people think we have available for transfers in the future will be used to offer our best performers bigger salaries to keep them with us. That is if Wenger gets his way, or the board at least meet him half way.

    Increasing our wage cap for top performers should be a bigger priority than making marque signing like fucking Real Madrid to impress their snobbish plastic fans. We grow our own and the focus should be in making the club a place where they can spend their entire careers and be rewarded for it.

  204. I also think tonight is a huge game. Season defining?….not quite, but will have a huge impact. The game on Sunday is nowhere near as important.

  205. Markus / LA

    Yup, agree lads, the CB signing is just an analogy. Only qualm has we left enough time to sign what AW believes we need. And lets be honest, no-one knows what that is. He has tried to sign two versatile CB’s this summer, and has admitted we are light in midfield. Perhaps we will see two, I feel only one.

    Markus, no-one is calling for a marquee signing. I’ve stated many times before who I would sign based on PL experience, but when Wenger spends a lot relatively (c.£10 million) he gets it right.

    Gervinho looks class, Oxo huge promise, Kolscieny, TV5, Sagna, Nasr, Arshavin

    All solid signings.

  206. GA,

    Yup. Not season defining. But if the worst were to happen, it would greatly affect our strategy over the next couple of years.

    We can effectively write off the Fabregas money, and downgrade our targets if we fail to qualify.

    Our season will be defined by retaining CL football, and hopefully, having a decent crack at the title. Some think we can do the latter, some dont. We all know each others reasons so I dont want to instigate an old flame!

  207. I just like to add that the above is a completley irrelevant scenario, as the boys will get it done tonight

  208. Tonight I reckon something like:

    – – – – – – – Song – – – – – – – –
    – – – – Rosicky – Ramsey – – –
    Gervinho – – – Arshavin – – – –
    – – – – – – – RVP – – – – – – – – – –

    Theo to finish them off when the game gets stretched 2nd half. Frimpong in if Rosicky doesn’t make it.

  209. Limpar – Sounds about right.

    Off out to get some tea and a few beers to settle the nerves.

  210. LA

    Theo should start to expose them. They will come at us and we can exploit their high backline with Theo’s pace.

    AA can come in and do the damage like the Barca match. 😀

  211. I’m not staying on to discuss anything cos off to the bar to watch the Lyon game before the Arsenal game.
    My team selection for tonight:
    —-Sagna —Djourou———–Verm———-Traore

    Game plan: Go all out for a goal in the first 15/20 minutes…………… then defend/possession till half time.
    Second half: Go for a second goal in first 10 minutes then possession/ defend. PARK THE FUCKING BUS.

    That way, we may progress to the group stages and get CL football this season.

  212. I like that too, tateezee.

    Was thinking Andrey could help shoulder some of the creative side of things with Aaron… but I Iike all out PACE (as Finsbury would say) as a tactic just as much. Kill them on the break.

  213. Limestonegunner

    Limpar, I think you have got the lineup well predicted and I did consider your very valid point about AA having to drop back. I think what I am suggesting is a bit risky but both Gervinho and Theo run along the wings and play defence (something AA doesn’t always do) and Song and Frimpong are our best shields—playing together in front of the back four gives a very strong platform for AA to stay in the center and further up the pitch. It combines the need for defensive stability and looking for an early goal. But I agree, the other way to accomplish this is the lineup you have and then bring Frimpong in for Rosicky. My one concern is that Ramsey has played three straight games and not been as sharp, a bit tired looking and not quite familiar with the AM position when Rosicky is out. But fair enough. My one concern defensively is shifting quickly from attack to defense, and this is where the engine of Frimpong is key and Song’s experience defensively.

    Going to be a great game though and for emotional reasons, I think Frimpong, who is suspended in the league, should get a full run out. This is a match to fight for and he is down for the cause in a way few players are. He won’t lose his head after being red carded last game. It is a gamble but the kind of gamble that can really galvanize our spirit. We need that. Just my gut.


  214. As soon as CL qualification is confirmed I’m hoping we bag Eden Hazard and Yann M’Vila. If this does happen neither cesc or nasri will be missed and the mood in general would improve. That Eden, kid shows quality dribbling skills with end product on a regular basis not just every so often.

    Cesc, was quality at his job but, for me Jack is more of an all rounded any type of weather player who got world class ability and loves to get stuck in if invited.

    Not long to go now.

  215. unfortunately goonerton i just don’t see us signing hazard. i would love, I repeat, love to see him as part of our squad (although base this on very limited knowledge of his game), however seeing as lille have just sold cabaye and gervinho, and have qualified for the CL, I don’t see them selling him unless he really agitates for a move, which i just don’t see. i would love to be proved wrong but i think he can firmly be classed as one of those that ‘got away’ (at least for now)

  216. Said I wasn’t gonna stay on but the Lyon game is a bit boring.. 0-0 at half time, Lyon to go through easily.
    Back to discussing Arsenal, I don’t think Wenger should start with Rosicky and Arshavin.
    I agree with Limestone, Song and SingSong just in front of the back four, to protect Traore and Djourou, but also to crowd the midfield and deny any quick counter attack by Udinese. Ramsey to distribute to Walcott or Gerv3 or quick counter direct to RVP.
    An early goal is imperative to kill the game off……. just like the first leg, 4 mins——– GOALLLLL
    Come on you Gunners.

  217. you know things at arsenal are not good when ur mates ( 3 mancs,2 scousers, a chav and jonnyforest ) give you a call and make well meaning and complementary noises about arsenal and wish you luck for tonight.

    in the board we rust. er,no.
    but you get my meaning.

    time to stand strong arsenal

  218. ha ha loud,
    you’ll live, don’t worry. The present state of affairs won’t last long. The transition starts tonight!

  219. henri

    hope ur right

  220. So Psycho has decided he needs Emmanuel Frimpong to sort out his under 21s?

    And nice to see the OX and Henri Lansbury in contention for England.

  221. It’s kinda bemusing the way all and sundry are hyping this up as huge, monumental, critical, pivotal and a season defining game. It’s almost like the radio and TV channels are being paid every time they use a big word.

  222. Ah Well – one way to look at it is that we’re keeping the news cycles alive and giving them fodder to feed on. Otherwise the sports media arena would be a pretty boring place.

  223. I’ve also got a manc friend whom I’ve accused many times of crying more than the bereaved. He’s usually the first to call after any bit of bad news. He seems to be more affected than our poor results than I am.
    Me I’m like, “chill out my guy, e go beta” (things will get better, in Nigerian pidgin)

  224. *more affected about our poor results…

  225. heh, my horrible grammar just got worse
    * …affected by our poor results…

  226. ..A R S E N A L
    ……A R S E N A L
    ………….A R S E N A L
    …………………..A R S E N A L
    ……………………………….A R S E N A L
    ………………………………………………A R S E N A L
    ………………………………………………………………..A R S E N A L

  227. For the first time of my life on this blog, here is my team selection for today:


    ……………………………….ARSENAL (c)…………………………

  228. g4e

    also for the first time – here are my tatics.


  229. @loud

    Tactical Genius 😀

  230. Sounds like a loud sound plan 🙂

  231. Team for tonight is out:

    The Jenks, Djourou, Vermaelen, Sagna
    Song, Frimpong, Ramsey
    Gervinho, Van Persie, Walcott

  232. (Captain) Robin Van Persie……Click Click Click
    (Captain) Robin Van Persie……Click Click Click
    (Captain) Robin Van Persie……Click Click Click

  233. Exactly like my team selection…….Wenger & I are on the same page.

  234. Szczesny
    The Jenks, Djourou, Vermaelen, Sagna
    Song, Frimpong, Ramsey
    Gervinho, Van Persie, Walcott

    I like!

  235. G4E,

    That line up would have most teams shitting bricks.

    Let’s do this.

    Up the Gunners!

  236. G4E has always been over the top as well as over there.

    ARSENAL. Enough.

  237. Henristic

    Bros double twalle for you.

    Keeping the Nigerian gooner spirit.


  238. JB,

    You never know, Eden, might push for move soon as our destiny is confirmed later tonight eh?

    Other players have done it so why not him?
    It a nice but thin hope but, if you don’t have hope what do you have.

  239. JB,

    You never know, Eden, might push for move soon as our destiny is confirmed later tonight eh?

    Other players have done it so why not him?

    It a nice but thin hope but, if you don’t have hope what do you have.

  240. This came into my head on my run this morning: To the tune of Dynamite:

    Emanuel Frimpong, pong, pong, pong.
    Midfield enforcer with Alex Song, song, song song.
    He’ll get stuck in the whole game long, long, long, long.
    He gets his studs up in their air sometimes. Saying uh, oh, another red card.
    But he’ll be Arsenal for all his life. Yeah Baby, that’s right.
    And we’ll sing his name for all night long, long, long. Emanuel Frimpong, pong, pong, pong.

  241. Wenger has chosen a very strong side, Jenkinson as left back the only real risk but he has Pingpong to cover for him if needed. Haven’t seen the bench but is Traore injured?
    Ramsey, Walcott, Gerv3 and RVP will be a force to reckon with……. Song and PingPong just behind Ramsey and covering defence as well………. I think we have every chance of winning this game.

  242. Traore?!!

  243. It was such a nice thought I posted it twice.

  244. goonerton…

    Today it’s Arsenal playing in all positions, our average age is 125 years of history.

    Victoria Concordia Crescit

  245. Jesus, UEFA are supposed to be releasing some kind of statement regarding the Fernerbache thing fifteen minutes before our game kicks off. Couldn’t they wait until after?

  246. CBob, my dear ARSENAL friend…..I’ll be drinking a whole bottle of your famous cider when we win today.

  247. Just watched the team getting off the coach, Djourou looking very relaxed with massive headphones listening ti his i pod……. DEEENCCHHH as Pingpong would say………. I think we are in for a cracking game tonight, Arsenal to silence their critics…

  248. What are we reading from the lack of Traore? For Wenger to prefer playing a right back out of position means we’re going to bring someone in surely?

  249. tateezee,
    O boy, you be naija too? I return the twalle my guy.

    E go be dis evening, no shaking! Dem wan try us? For where… dem no fit.

  250. I thought Traore was to go on loan someplace?

  251. “A little early to call it season defining since exiting the Champions League does not end interest in Europe, merely shifting attention to the Europa League instead.”

    Tongue in cheek I presume?

    What do you think the ACTUAL attendances for Europa League games would be? 35,000?

  252. LOL Henristic.

    A beg.

    @NB69 – Sagna is playing at left back, not the Jenks.

  253. Supposedly QPR waiting in the wings to sign Traore……if hes fit but not picked hes gotta be off right?

  254. All about a.solid.performence tonight an proving all the critics and doom mongers wrong. COYG! Gervinho, Song, Frimpong Rosicky back. 2-1 to the Arsenal.

  255. Newsflash assholes! (sorry, still haven’t got over that) If Traore and Barton both ended up at QPR then surely the little faux intellectual twit(tererer) would get the shit kickboxed out of him? God that’d be good.

  256. Hasard won’t ever come to Arsenal , when he eventually leaves Lille he will play for PSG… that’s what he has stated anyway. They are his team, like Barca for cesc, Arsenal for Frimpong and Man City for $amir

  257. We struggled with udinese’s physicality it’s good to see song and frimpong in the middle of the pack, Ramsey is also more effective up the pitch and if he can make runs into the box he could be a potential source of goals. Rvp on the wings is wot he does for holland so should ok and with gervinho’s pace I think the set up is perfect to neutralise udinese n hit them on the break.


    ….superstoked & gunning for IT!

  259. I might very well join you G4E.

    For the good times.

  260. That would be awesome CBob. I may be moving 2300 miles closer to London 🙂

  261. I’m done eating my curry goat. Game time.

    Good luck boys!!

  262. I thought, Traore was starting?`

  263. Temperature is 35 degrees and 90% humidity. Is that right? That’s a scorcher out there.

  264. unbelievable support for the Italians!

  265. This is what Nasri will look like when he’s older

  266. I am pretty sure now that a left sided defender will arrive. Cheers guys!


  267. Any feeds that doesn’t require p2p software guys? I’m at work and can’t install any software.

  268. any links? myp2p is down

  269. Let the gods smile on us tonight…gunners!

  270. Very purposeful start from arsenal

  271. We are looking up for this!

  272. Great game, this is what football is all about. Good call by the ref and too bad Gervinho did not score. I love Arsenal.

  273. Thanks Paul…much appreciated man.

  274. Wot an open game we have already three excellent chances to score really could have been game over by now, by the udinese goal was well offside wot an excellent start by jenkinson as well

  275. G4E


  276. This is another “edge of the seat” kind of game.

  277. Frimpong really has a chance to stake a first team spot
    We really to watch the two wings they have incredible pace on the flanks n almost scored

  278. come-on YOU ARSENAL!!!!

  279. One goal should kill them off really

  280. The sweet passing is coming back.

  281. This is played at a really high tempo. Awesome. That’s how it’s supposed to be done. We need to score though, calm the nerves a bit!

  282. This is what the doomers miss isn’t it? The sheer excitement of games like this. Imagine sat there dreaming about Mata and Cahill while the rest of us are loving the thrill of an end to end match.

  283. I still think it’s funny that some people thought that Frimpong should go on loan and that he is “not ready”: He was further in his development last year compared to Jack and only that injury kept him out. Now he can finally show that Wenger is a 110% right about him. Frimpong is as ready for a first team spot as any player I’ve seen.

  284. Woo – they are having a go at us aren’t they? Close there, thought they would score if I’m honest.

  285. Buy a fucking left back. One that doesn’t break after a game and a half!

  286. This game is nasty – on my nerves!

  287. Also nice to see that Frimpong is shouting a bit on the pitch, showing leadership qualities.

  288. We are badly missing a midfielder to run the show. Hope to see Ramsy more involved

  289. Sagna dribbling king. Shame he didn’t finish it off.

  290. Song and Frimpong look fantastic in the middle to me Siva – what’s your point?

  291. What goalkeeping from both keepers. What a fantastic game.

  292. This is 120% intensity. We should’ve scored but that Handanovic fella, he does not look like a keeper who wants to concede.

  293. Frimpong is just brutal. I can very well imagine that some grown up players would shit their pants thinking that they have to face him. He is going to outmuscle, outplay and outdribble them at will.

  294. Gunners looking strong, going fir the goal but Walcott should have scored on 32 mins. Di Natale will be knackered by half time

  295. They have done their homework. Seem to be targeting Frimpers trying to buy free kicks and get him into trouble. The lad is purring isn’t he? I know we are supposed to buy into the line that he’s all about muscle and ‘bite’ in the tackle but i think he has a great touch too.

  296. What I am loving more than anything else is that when there is danger we just clear the ball as far as possible.

    Very good!

  297. Walcott *could* have scored. – there really isn’t a divine right to. I have a feeling away goals may be crucial in this tie.

  298. damn it!

    that was poor defending, there was a big hole between the mid and the defense.

  299. Too fukcing easy and to fucking predictable.

  300. We miss Kos/Verm partnership that’s for sure. But then any team would miss their first choice cb pairing.

  301. Di Natale in acres there.

  302. Starting to look like it might have been worth either a) not playing like retards for 3 months or b) strengthening the squad before the season began.

  303. That was very very easy…how is their best attacker is left alone like that?

    We need to score.

    Although Song & Frimpong are doing a great job, the creativity and the eye to see a through ball or a run is not there.

  304. Wenger can shove his team up his arse and fuck off with it. Buy some players, you cunt. The world can see we need them and league one right-backs aren’t what we’re looking for.

  305. They are bound to have a go. We have a massive advantage having not conceded at the Ems, they are at home. One goal from us and they need to win 3 – 1. I don’t understand how anyone can panic. Yes it’s tense and exciting but that’s all.

  306. I must be watching a different match from the rest of you. We have made as many chances as they have, haven’t we?
    Oh and Mark you are a cunt. Not Arsene. You.

  307. This game just got imteresting. A goal.was always needed

  308. No Stew same match different view, they look far more dangerous than us and are more fired up.

  309. We must score, we have it in us.

  310. Really, G4E. You are moving? Or is it the cider talking?

    The worry for us is that we are doing nothing in the final third.

    RVP looks like he’s never going to score again.

  311. We get up field and either pass back or concede possession cheaply. They are going direct and it is working.

  312. Steww, we did have many chances.

  313. Hate to blame the kid, but Jenkinson was at fault there, he had time to close di Natale down and prevent him from getting the header in.
    Anyway thats history, second half gunners got to go all out for an early goal………… they’ve played really well and can still win this.
    Doomers like mark, just fuck off

  314. Mr. Bob, we have been dangerous, we did get a little bit flat towards the end of the half.

  315. CBob, I didn’t have the cider yet…but yes I’m moving.

  316. Hahaha they looked more dangerous. Somebody is having a laugh, huh? What about those several 1 on 1 situations we had from really good positions like the double chance, first from Theo, then from RVP?

  317. ramsey is the new denilson.udinese players go past him like he isnt there.he defends poorly.he backtracks poorly.even the ref outsprints him.

  318. I like that we’re creating more chances in this game, but Ramsey needs to calm down and pick his passes more intelligently. I think he’s a bit too reved up.

    Wenger should tell Jenkinson to sit back a bit and defend. He should let Theo or Gervinho take the attacking initiative. Armero is having his way down the right.

    Come on boys. One goal and we’ll be through.

    Mark’s a cunt.

  319. Stew – “This is what the doomers miss isn’t it? The sheer excitement of games like this. Imagine sat there dreaming about Mata and Cahill while the rest of us are loving the thrill of an end to end match.”

    Get used to it. If this muppet stays in charge there’ll be loads more games like this for you to enjoy.

  320. One goal from us and they need to win 3 – 1. I don’t understand how anyone can panic. Yes it’s tense and exciting but that’s all.

    Because they’ve hit the post twice and Walcott has hit our best chance straight at the keeper?

  321. Now the doomers r out of the woodwork, flipping eck some just love it when we r loosing

  322. Have to say, I don’t have a good feeling about our game. We looks so blunt it’s ridiculous. Gone is our lovely possession and quickness of the ball, replace with this languid, naive, and singularly idea-less play. Where is the drive in my team?

    I hope they got roasted in that dressing room

  323. Udinese are playing at home, of course they’re going to be more dangerous. We just need to catch them with a goal and pass the ball around.

  324. Trabzonspor are taking Fenerbahce’s place in the CL, so we need to win this tie.

  325. Damnit!am so nervous!

  326. Frimpong out rosicky in I hope it pays off as Ramsey has been the one not really up to scratch

  327. And the clown thinks we only need “one or two more players”. It’s hilarious. You couldn’t make it up.

    Oh, wait a second, it’s all going to be all right… rosicky’s coming on for the second half… anything could happen now…

  328. Time for Rosicky to start earning his wage,

  329. If the heat in Udine is anything like the south of France at the moment, then the going must be very tough. Tiredness will tell in the second half.

  330. Ref giving cheap free kicks to udinese

  331. Going east G4E, I assume.

    We’ll win this tie, Paul.

  332. Maybe we’ll see some Chamakh in the second half. Imagine the fear of having to defend against him…

  333. Bloody ell we just need the rub of the green

  334. What was up with that? Rosicky’s tackle was PERFECT, the stuff you see in text books. What was all the fuss about?

  335. Van peeeeeeersiiiiiieeee


  337. Fuck em all we are Arsenal

  338. Fuck yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss

  339. The Captain finally stood up…RVP

  340. Eat tha u fucking doooomers

  341. You said it Mr. Bob!!!!


  342. Great play by Gervinho as well.

  343. In your face. Gervinho to RVP.

  344. Told you we were going to win.

  345. Come on guys…cool it down and control the game now and just be smart in the attack.

  346. Dujurou really has a habit of putting the defence under pressure with his cute clearances

  347. What the fuck

  348. who would have though the match had not actually ended?
    well done RVP

  349. Wot a save cheeses mugging

  350. Yes CBob moving east.

  351. Chesssssssssneyyyyyyy

  352. Fucking great save!


  354. Limestonegunner

    Uefa doing everything to get Udinese back in but Chezzer!!!!!!!!!!


  356. Had a feeling he would save it!

  357. What a goal Keeper..come on SZ

  358. What a fucking save

  359. How much did that De Gea fella cost?

  360. Bloody hell that is some save from chesny

  361. Had the same feeling paul,,

  362. Clerkenwell Gooner

    Sir Chesney!!!

    (I don’t even care if we win this or not – we can concentrate on the league if we go out.)

    ((Although obviously it would help with signings if we did.))

  363. Remember all the fucking morons shouting at the start of last season for Arsene to spend big on a ‘name’ keeper. Once again our brilliant manager knew what he was doing.

  364. Fuck this ref WTF was that. Scezny better that De Gea by a country mile. Mayb ref will take his blinkers off now and see the italians for the diving c@nts they are.COYG

  365. Limestonegunner

    of course, no penalty for Arsenal–that’s not even in consideration.

  366. Song has really stepped up excellent but Ramsey needs to come off he is knackered

  367. Ramsay was clearly tripped. The guy’s foot came up after the tackle. That’s another pen not given.

  368. Why dont you lighten up Stew and forget about the doomers for a while we have a game going on.

  369. Need to take the sting out of the game now keep the ball n slow it down

  370. Ramsey having a poor game. Hope he scores. Would give his confidence a boost!

  371. Geronimo/RVP partnership looks promising.

  372. What a set of fighters at the club!

    I love it!

  373. TR7 for Frimpers looks like a masterstroke too. Older wiser head maybe needed in what was looking like a bit of a frantic game.

  374. bbc live text says pen was for handball

  375. Rosicky lookin very good!

  376. That is a big difference Paul. Fighters at the club. It really shows. Not so pretty football but….

  377. Now with midfield compact they have no room to break we can leave gervinho upfront he is causing them plenty of trouble


  379. Get in!

  380. Theooooooo

  381. Limestonegunner

    Walcott!!!!!!1 and Capello watching, yeah baby!

  382. Theo fucking Walcott.

  383. Walcot my boy

  384. Brilliant team goal. Absolutely brilliant.

  385. Game over Theo Theo Theo

  386. Something Henry esqe about that goal

  387. Great play between Sagna and Theo.

  388. They refused to hoof the ball. Jenks and the other guys over on the right wouldn’t kick it away and look where it ended up.

  389. I hope Capello is going to learn that if he wants to bring England to the next level (from absolutrely shite to not that shite) he has to use Theo in a different way than it has been done in the last years. Not as a traditional winger, definitely not.

  390. The problem with that Theo.Walcott is no footnall brain…my @rse. COYG. The cream.always rises to the top

  391. The fuck happened to Theo?

  392. This has been a massive test n boy have the lads come through where are the fucking doomers

  393. Officials behind the goal? Fucking useless. Theo gets elbowed into the face like it’s the fucking WWF and refs do nothing about it? Should’ve been a red and a penalty. C*nt.s

  394. Where are the fucking cunts now?

  395. That’s another penalty for elbowing

  396. Yes, that set of passes from Sagna and Theo was A1 class.

    The world expected Udinese to beat us but we have spanked them at their place.

    Mr. Bob, the play isnt that bad either, it may not be as pretty but still nice to look.

  397. Of course, the only player getting booked is one of ours. AS USUAL. Fucking useless referees.

  398. I m begining to believe in the conspiracy theory now…

  399. That Theo is shit isn’t he… No football brain… Anyone else loving the crisis?

  400. I am so happy I need Jaffa cakes to top this up

  401. so it is proven again that it is not the first scorer but the highest scorer that wins a game! And at the end of the game too no less!

    Although that should really not be rocket science, but soe arsenal fans are really a wonder!

    This was from an arsenal fan (i really wonder) on bbc live text

    jamiepierre on Twitter: “Arsenal fan here, hope we lose. Wenger needs a big slap in the face that he can’t get away with this mismanagement.”

  402. Wow, is every touch by an Arsenal player now going to be a foul?

  403. Do yellow cards carry to the group stage?

  404. How does Theo get booked for a grumpy look?

  405. They would have to score 4 more goals to win. HA!!!

  406. We need to be smart now and not give them a way back into this

  407. soe = some

  408. Refs obviously don’t give yellow cards for Italian diving/cheating but tackles, that’s another matter.

  409. Ooohhh defence caught napping

  410. Alex Song! WHAT A PLAYER!

  411. Arshavin should come on now.

  412. Tricky to chose man of the match gervinho gets it for me he has been brilliant song comes second as he has simply been massive in midfield breaking play holding the ball n supporting the front two and chesny for the penalty gets third spot

  413. Heads up rosicky he has been a bundle of energy in midfield n credit wenger for getting team selection n bring on rosicky when he did

  414. You could see in the first half how much Udinese had over committed, they look sapped in the 2nd half! I have to say Fabianski will have to be really lucky to get back to no 1..

  415. Anyone else heard about the Met investigation into a private investigator (acting for Sp*rs) illegally accessing phone and bank records belonging to West Ham and OLPC execs?

    Can’t really find much apart from tweets from a Beeb journo, quoting a West Ham statement.

  416. Furious Styles

    Limestone its a very bad thing that capello is watching. He might ask theo to play!

  417. Yeah…I am not surprised, commentators have nothng to say at all

  418. Its hard to believe, the refereeing

  419. come-on guys.. hang in there… this bad for my heart. LOL

  420. Tell you what, never mind the penalty save their keeper has saved them from an embarrassing score line.

  421. @mjg, They can hardly have anything to say, nothign apart from the goal in the first half went according to their plans
    arsenal players did not read their scripts for tonight obviously. LOL

  422. Well said, Steww

  423. Now let’s get some of this money spent so we don’t go through that next summer!

  424. To quote an often overused cliche this was a case of boys against men…and didnt the boys do well!!! Udinese were worthy adversaries giving us the sternest of tests. A great advert for football.Two brilliant goals and a stunning save knocked the stuffing out of the Italians. The fans have been awesome and tonight nothing else matters. A confidence boosting performance for all the young guns. Shame Gervinho is suspended for the Utd game. Evra would be crapping his pants!Bring on the Mancs.

  425. And the MAN OF THE MATCH is:

    ……………………………………………. ARSENAL…………………………………

  426. Now we complete the pending signings with champions league assured

  427. Fuck off JamesM; this is an Arsenal blog and we’ve just won you stupid cunt.

  428. Yeah TS, but its hoing to be a tough tough season with the kind of officiating in 3 out of our first 4 matches, I am in total disbelief!

  429. Superb performance – 11 men no passengers…!


  431. Well for a team that is still gelling that was a splendid performance.

    We still have a host of injuries and we havent even seen Ox, Ryo or Campbell yet.

    Blow wow!

    I just love this team!

  432. Great team performance. Excellent substitution. Match changing goalkeeping. Couldn’t ask for more.

  433. & I hope lady luck blesses us tomorrow in the group stages draw

  434. voooooooohheeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

  435. Even with an injury ravaged back line and our creative midfielder crocked we were great. Easy to forget how good TR7 is. Arsene probably hoped to keep him fresh for OT, a couple of first half goals and he could have but very important game changing substitution.
    Spend the money? Don’t make me laugh.

  436. Come Out Fighting. That was all I was asking and fuck me did they deliver.

    Well done lads. Great goals. What a dynamic team performance.

    Wenger fucking knows.

  437. Song Billong: IMPERIOUS.

    Jenkinson: Not a league one RB anymore. Now he’s a CL rated RB. Fuck you, Mark.

    Szczesny: Great save.

    Theo: What a beautiful goal.

    Van Persie: Well done captain.

    Rosicky: Calmed us down.

    Gervinho: Awesome today.

    Ramsey: Much more composed 2nd half.

    Sagna: Solid as always.

    Vermaelen: He’s back.

    Djourou: Looked good.

  438. Haha…wheres the crisis now u sorry morons…actually decent commentary tonight i thought, from jerry armstrong..

    Im sure some of “our fans” on the blog would be conspicuous by their absence..and thats some fucking relief..

  439. yes… yes … yes…

  440. Wilshere, Gibbs & Kos, That’s THREE of our first team players who didn’t play, Sky Sports pundits take it up their a**

  441. Ooops… Someone forgot to hand Arsenal the script…

  442. legrave on tour

    Great result. Great goals, great save from the pen.

    We looked far better when Rosicky came on and we didnt have two DMs on the field, who would have predicted that……….

  443. Just Another Luke

    Fantastic penalty save from Szcz was the defining moment of this match. Job well done by the whole team.

  444. “Resolute arsenal advance” can almost see the tears of the headline writer..

  445. And as regular as clockwork…

    They now say the next big test is Old Trafford on Sunday. Not that they didn’t expect us to pass tonights massive season changing pivotal career saving game. These guys are so full of shit.

  446. Szczesny, what a fucking legend…

  447. the best… by far…

  448. Ian wright looks like he want to cry he can’t believe we were that good

  449. I can nasri being as popular as ade on his return to the ems..

  450. What did I tell you guys. tonight is when the transition starts!

  451. Chesney’s save was without a doubt the turning point and what a save it was. top top class. the best keeper in the league.

  452. Anirudh, what a relief to not have to read some of the nonsense that has been spouted on here recently.

    What a win, and this Udinese team proved that they are no pushovers. Their counter attacking ability is very good.

    What a performance!

  453. So, so proud of these boys. Great finish from Theo, and RvP. Solid performance all round. and Szcesny, wow. Man of the match for sure.
    What a confidence boost this will be.
    Cheers all, perhaps I’ll be in the mood to critique in the morning. For now, bed time with a giant smile plastered on my face.

  454. Nasri received a welcome phone call from the chairman, Khaldoon Al Mubarak, after arriving at Eastlands, and the player revealed he had spoken at length over the summer with Patrick Vieira, the former Arsenal captain now working as City’s football development executive.

    “He made a big difference because he’s a legend in France. Everyone loves him and respects him and when a player like that is telling you Manchester City is the place to be because they are the club of the future, that they want to win everything and have a big project, you have to listen.”

    Well Fu!k me…did Nasri just admit to being tapped up by Vieira? Some legend!!

  455. and it wasnt even a pen!

  456. take a bow sons, well FUCKING deserved… it will only get better from here. could not believe the refs. when will we catch a FUCKING break …. LOL

  457. @ paul i said there are some specialist “after defeat posters” here..

    It really annoys me..if you really care about someone, and they have had a bad day, would you choose that moment to tell them they are shit? it should be the same with the football club you claim to passionately follow and support..

  458. You missed this too Sixtay –

    “It’s a big relief because it was a long negotiation between the clubs. I was a little bit frustrated because I told the manager I wanted to leave and do the pre-season with Manchester City so I could get to know my team-mates.

  459. @JackWilshere: Sorry Spurs fans….we will not be joining you this year! Enjoy 😀

  460. POT 1: Man Utd, Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Porto, Inter Milan

  461. These teams will NOT be drawn against each other

  462. guys forget about people who left the club. lets enjoy tonight and look forward to the draw tomorrow. Lets hope this is a new start for the team. but we need to move on as fans and help the players who are at the club.

  463. finally, a bit of a lift!

  464. What a game. Bout 15 Gunners by my side going nuts right now. So many positives and things to be excited about. Fuck Nasri, we’ve got Gervinho. What a player he’s going to be for us. I wish I had the feet he has. And how about Little Mozart? What a footballer he is.

  465. What a night for arsenal tellingly the usual doomers n jabers ilk are deadly silent

  466. 1lc, right mate, but I just wish we are drawn against city in the QF!

  467. let’s not anything spoil this for now.. enjoy… hope for a good draw… sixteen years and running… up the GUNS!!!

  468. & its easy to forget Frimpong’s performance, won us so many balls in MF. Well played lad!

  469. ..!.. ..!..

    2 middle fingers to Paul Merson & company

  470. EBOUE just assisted against Real Madrid, Gal 1 – 0 Madrid

  471. legrave on tour. I want to apologise for my attempt at sarcasm this morning. As we saw by the change at half time, you were absolutely right. My excuse is that I don’t like the name you use. Anyway, sorry.

  472. thanks GOD for that lift….. LOL

  473. Well well well

  474. I thought Song had an absolute beast of a game, too.

  475. Sorry guys, that was my last post about the CUNT!

  476. Guys, give Jabba a chance to comment. He’s getting back from the stadium as we speak.

  477. HIGHFIVES all around gooners and gunners and the coachin staff. last but not least AW.

  478. Bradys right foot

    Elated, delighted, ecstatic.

    Where do I start

    Jenks, what a performance an unbelievable find. Szesney weve got a top class keeper who is only going to improve. Alex Song superb in the second half, Rosicky the greatest slide tackler in the modern game lol, fantastic when he came on. Theo great finish and great attitude to keep going after missing the sitter in the first half. Gervinho great contribution direct and effective.

    We obviously disappointed Peter Drury with our come back. He could not hide his sheer delight when Udinese scored. The referee gave the most bizarre penalty descision I think I’ve ever seen and that save was a huge moment in our season.

  479. Vermaelen doubtful for Sunday…


  480. Bradys right foot

    Loomer | August 24, 2011 at 10:02 pm

    My point about Gervinho has always been that he’s going to be effective, im sure he’ll frustrate at times but Im expecting he’s going to be responsible for alot of our goals this season.

  481. @Gains – I think I passed Jabba somewhere on Holloway Road. He was trying to hitch a taxi back home.

  482. Alan Suga – what’s up with Vermaelen?

  483. Great result. Utterly delighted. Rosickys best 45 in years. Very impressive. Shipped the ball with clinical vision and pace.

    Gervinho looks an absolute gem. Love seeing an Arsenal player whose first instinct is to beat his opposing man.

    Sczseny is an absolute gun.

    Squad still needs additions, Song needs to be more disciplined but it’s the perfect way to get the mood up and momentum going.

  484. Speaking to ITV after the match the Frenchman reflected: “It’s a relief of course because we didn’t want to go out. I feel pride as well because we had our backs to the wall at half-time and responded very well in the second half. There was only one team on the pitch in the second half

    “Wojciech saved the penalty, which was [given] very generously. Overall though we had a great football game tonight.

    “Since the beginning of the season when we finished games with eleven players we always won the game.

    “Under pressure [this team] can respond with football. They remained calm and composed on the ball and tried to play like we can play. They showed great belief in the way we want to play football.

    “There are many questions around our club, if we had gone out tonight it would of course had been much worse for the team to play in a serene way. It was very important tonight, not financially as many people said, but more for the fact we want to play at the top level.”

    Asked if the result, and another season of Champions League football, would now result in him spending money in the transfer market, Wenger continued:

    “We work very hard on it, I’ve said that many times. We have many players out. The team that played tonight was missing top class players. I think we can be very positive.

    “There may be signings, but I cannot give you any name tonight. I cannot lie and say we signed somebody, because it’s not true. We try very hard.”

  485. Darius,

    non impact ankle niggle, now let’s pray and hope!

  486. Vermaelen got nailed in the ankle pretty hard.

    I was reading about achilles tendon surgery this morning and guess what? Vermaelen was in the 1% of cases that need a second operation in order to get it right. So all you fuckers slating Wenger for not buying a CB need to apologize. It wasn’t Wenger’s fault that Vermaelen would be in the one percentile of achilles tendon surgeries which needed a second corrective surgery.

  487. Luke – is it possible for you just to chill out on the dooming until tomorrow? Just let go already. You don’t have to fuck up what you said with “but we still need a few more signings”.

    I have sympathy for your girlfriend or wife when you start moaning about something.

    @MJ Gunner – you should have seen how the pathetic interview was trying to trip Wenger on the transfers coming in. At one point he demanded to know “Wait….Are you saying that you’re not going to bring anyone else to the club?”

    Stupid fuck.

  488. I agree about Rosicky – and his slide tackling would have been even better if the ref had known the rules….apparently tackling from the side is now illegal based on some of his bizarre decisions.

    A shame we dont have a full team to play on sunday – anyone know if Coquelin is back at the club or going on loan?

  489. legrave on tour

    Bernard –

    Youre a big man mate, nuff respect!

    Anyway I have emailed my CV to Stan and Arsene is getting the biggest shock P45 ever tomorrow morning!

    Up the Arse!!!!

  490. Suga 3 – That’s just fucked up for Vermaelen

    Can’t he catch a break already.

  491. As I said earlier, Dairus, I am in total disbelief

  492. Goodnight Gooners!

  493. Darius, I wasn’t talking about London. Jabba drove his little Vespa to Tuscany and his making his way back as we speak.

  494. legrave on tour. Cheers.

  495. Our manager remains brilliant.

  496. LOL @MJ.

    It’s very misleading for them to publish just Wenger’s answers without publishing the vile and venomous questions – mostly of a negative stand from the interviewer.

  497. LOL Gains – the punk looked like Jabba.

  498. Jabba'sDelights

    Great team performance, they showed guts and got through a nervy 1st half. Credit should go to them and the coaching staff. well done. Now for some signings and a massive performance on sunday. A happy eveing and a huge sense of relief.

    gervinho looks awesome

  499. dunno Darius, I know it’s out of place to have a moan right now, but our defensive options for Sunday (including the DM position) look pretty damn bleak…

  500. Luke, Song was not lacking discipline tonight. I saw him lord the middle of the park and covering for our fullbacks like he’s supposed to. For me, he was our man of the match, easily. Compared to Badu, Song looked different class in so many ways. Incredible player and he’s only 23.

  501. Jabba'sDelights

    right here gains. havent read all the posts but i imagine your their preaching about how all your drivel for months is now worth it. we played well and im delighted. 1 win………we must go and add quality to the squad nothign changes.

  502. mj , You are FUCKING great. thanks for the extra work and the info. congratulations all. keep faith..

  503. This is the type of performance that provides the bond of belief.

    Backs against the wall; everyone expecting (and hoping) us to lose; missing so many player options…….
    what a fantastic effort – A TEAM EFFORT.

  504. wojo,, motm
    actually the whole team fought tooth and nail. MOTM, GUNNERS.

  505. Jabba'sDelights

    Darius your so insecure. There is nothing wrong in highlighting that we now have 7 days to strengthen the squad. Great win tonight and an absolute neccesity. Huge game at the weekend.

  506. Chill the Thrill

    wow I was watching some crazy stream online and you’ll never guess who was interviewed on the half time show…. mutha truckin herbert chapman yo

    move over Udinese, bring on the red manc’s

  507. Chill the Thrill

    Notice how Alex Song was all over the entire field? Always a step faster than the Italians as well. Midfield was killer.

    Trolls 2 is currently playing and it is not dissappointing at all. So many drawn out screams.


  508. @Suga – absolutely nothing wrong with wondering aloud about Sunday. It’s going to be tougher.

    @Jabba – is that what insecure means these days? Ah well, it’s all good then.

    Gains will be proud of you though – especially how quickly you drove from the game.

  509. What a way to stick it to the tha bastards!

    TR7 was something special. We need that guy on the pitch this season. Some great performances. Walcott is the striker we need. Gerv was amazing once again. Frimpong has some engine and more about him than just the tackle. Jenk didn’t put a foot wrong. He even looked confident going forward towards the end.

    Special mention for chez. Fuck what a save. Deal with that UEFA.

  510. Darius,

    over to Gazidis to prove me wrong, signing Cahill before Sunday will improve the options no end…

    would raid Everton for Baines as well!

  511. So if we had £90m and now + £25m can we not instead of making any signings heavily invest in stem cell research. Perhaps we can get the lads spare legs and other injury combative add ons? Money better spent I feel.

  512. I’m off to bed, didn’t have a lot of sleep last night…

    up da Arse!

  513. Bradys right foot

    SUGA3 | August 24, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Jags is the number 1 target Cahill is only a fall back if the Everton player doesn’t sign. Cahill if done will be last

  514. As usual strange how quite it gets when we win arsene has class

  515. shame, as Cahill is much better…

  516. Jabba'sDelights


    How do you feel about RVP reiterating twice in his post match interview that we need to go sign some players now…….come on babe or should i say ”stupid fuck”.

  517. I really do not like jags he really didnt look the part n was responsible for qpr’s goal n he does not like has pace at all but hei wot do I know if wenger makes the bid then there go

  518. Jabby, you sound mad that Wenger most likely won’t get the sack come January like your stupid ass predicted. As far as this game, I’m not reading anything into it other than CL qualification. Udinese were worthy opponents but the tie was always going to be ours. Also, I know the squad needs strengthening in different areas, but I’m well pleased with what we’ve got in our reserves and I love our new players. Say what you will but Jenkinson and Gervinho look like steals for the price we got them for. Arsene hasn’t lost his touch. Suck it fat boy.

  519. Hopefully this fires us up for the man poo! Def more confidence going into it after today’s performance.

  520. Jabs, I bet if you ask RVP if he trusts Wenger he’d answer with a resounding yes, stupid fuck.

  521. Jabba'sDelights


    You’ve never heard anything but praise from me regarding Gervinho, there in lies much of the frustration. 2-3 more of his type of signing and we would have a very strong side and squad. Nobody on here ever asks us to spend 30m on a player. I’ve said many times that Jenkinson is a good young player, but what you always fail to grasp is that our season is about consistency over here in england over 38 games and i dont feel that if given an extended run in the team you get that consistency from a host of young players all at once. Especially without winners around them

    I dont want wenger sacked before xmas, as that would mean we will have had a horribly poor start to the season. i think if we do have horribly poor first bit of the season i think we should have a new manager.

    There goal came from having young players in our midfield not being led by song. The positioning was awful. These things can happen with young players without leadership. over the course of the season this costs you. I agree that song played quite well but the goal was down to him no marshalling the 2 youngsters

  522. Suga3, is Cahill a defender we want? He looked all over the place against City this week-end. He’s also looking to get into the England squad and I don’t think he’d like it very much if he were sat on the bench. I wouldn’t mind getting Distin, though. Everton had a much better defence than Bolton did last season and they play just as open as they do. Distin is tall, good with the ball and pretty quick. Plus he’s got one year left in his contract and could be bought on the cheap.

  523. Jabba'sDelights


    Can also be viewed has him putting pressure on him poppet. one year left on the contract next year, he has repeatedly said we need new players, and if you actually listened to the interview (which you havent) he makes it pretty clear that there is no excuse not to sign players now that we have qualified for the group stages.

    errr stupid fuck

  524. I think tonight calls for this….

  525. it is funny that we had to qualify and looked down on by pundits yet we are with the seeded group with big boys and man city in pot 3 which mean they will get 2 top teams in their group.I hear Townsend saying City could go all the way in C.league what he has failed to realise Europe is a totally different thing. City lacks experience in Europe and they will need at least another 4 or 5 years plus huge wastage of money to win it. Just ask Chelsea fans , with all their money and expensive coaches they failed to win it.

  526. Arsene on recent criticism…

    “We live in a society where everybody has an opinion on everything. I’m like somebody who flies a plane for 30 years and I have to accept that somebody can come into the cockpit and thinks he can fly the plane better than I do. But that is part of our job and we have to accept that. I just would like to say that the Club is in, overall, a very strong position. Tonight, for 14 years on the trot, we play in the Champions League. We have a new stadium, a fantastic training ground, a very good financial situation and a very strong team. Sometimes you have to take a distance a little bit [from the criticism]”.

  527. Chill the Thrill

    C’mon now lads!

  528. “I’m like somebody who flies a plane for 30 years and I have to accept that somebody can come into the cockpit and thinks he can fly the plane better than I do”.

    Best Arsene quote ever!

  529. First of all, Jibby, Jenkinson is back up for Sagna, so he’s learning his trade from one of the best RBs on the planet. Second of all, the boys who were bought recently, Ryo, Joel Campbell and the OX, are there to give us the pace down the flanks that we missed last season whenever Theo went down injured. As it happens they will be learning their trade from Arshavin, Gervinho and Walcott. All senior internationals and starters for their respective NT’s.

    As far as tonight’s goal is concerned, Jenkinson cacked it by not getting to the middle where Di Natale was at. I’m more than sure that Wenger will sit down with him to watch video of this game and will tell him what he did wrong. Despite the goal, however, Jenkinson was as solid as can be for a boy just plucked out of League One. Now, you can either accept that the boy was brought into the squad because Wenger thinks he’s quality or you can moan about him being a lower league player all season. Your choice.

    I think our injuries and suspensions have not given us the best platform to start this season. This being said, I don’t think we’ll be too far off the top by christmas. But even if it all goes belly up and we get bounced from the top four I don’t think the board will sack Wenger. The only way I see him leaving is if he does something crazy like stab Peter Hill-Wood in the neck. Other than that, Le Prof is here until his contract is up or he chooses to leave.

  530. Jobby, it could also mean that he’s well aware that the team just lost two huge players and is telling the reporter that the team is good but would be even better if we replaced the two outgoing pieces of shit. See, you’re such a negative person that you look for the bad in everything.

  531. Jibber, is the guy who wants to tell Wenger how to fly the 747 despite the fact he drives a Ford Fiesta. .

  532. G69

    Thought it was a Vespa

  533. Gains- 15 years in the c.league is not to be sniffed at. Arry had one year in c.league despite out spending us, he was a called a genius and the next England manager. i hear an Arsenal fan on the radio saying the win tonight was fortunate and Wenger needs to go. I’m baffled how these people think. they think moving to a stadium paying the debts and remain in the C.league is an easy task. honestly I lose patience with these type of people

  534. ilc

    most of those ppl who phone the radio stations to moan at Wenger are not Arsenal fans. Usually spud fans, because they seem to worry more about Arsenal than their own team.

  535. – at Wenger
    + about Wenger

  536. G69. I wanted to post constructive agreement but I’m too pissed. We won so what the bollocks. Anyone who wants to criticise their team tonight should be pitied. Supporting is getting behind your team and occasionally/frequently drinking too much. Up the arse. To infinity and beyond.

  537. The Vespa is for international travel only.

  538. Vieira Told Me Man City Is ‘Place to Be,’ Says Nasri

    Not very nice from PV.

  539. Haven’t read the post game comments but I enjoyed Theo’s duel with the Udine keeper over the two legs.
    Three chances he took with the shot going for the far post.
    When it really matters* he scores the goal to kill the tie.

    Get. In.

    *I did well to avoid the Mata there I thought

  540. I see Jabba as a Fred Flintstone character whose car has just a hole in the floor for his feet.



  542. 1lc, one would think that Liverpool would get more criticism than us, what with missing the CL and not winning a title in twenty some odd years, but the fact that we get picked on means we’ve gone past them in big club status. Spuds? Please.

    Bernard, I know. Jabba has got to be the most miserable person in the world. But you have to cut him some slack because he lives in a cage out the back of his house, with internet connection apparently, and he has no sweat glands.

  543. Duh. Forgot to mention that Theo scored with the shot to the near post. Lovely.

    Nasri moved to $iteh beacuse Uncle Paddy said so?
    Nothing to do with the big phat pay check. Nope.
    Nothing to do with his agent who is right in there with that football legend, Marseille hero and toupe master Bernard Tapie.
    Yeah. Right.

  544. PV, is a petro-millionaire now. Fuck him too.

  545. Jabba'sDelights


    Nothing wrong with a ford fiesta

    I’m delighted its finally come round to you that we need to replace 2 quality players, again this is all that many of us asked for. Some of us asked for 3-4 good quality additions at the beginning of the summer.

    Your analysis of Jenkinson is exactly what a few of us said weeks ago, well done. What you fail to understand is that having rookie deputy isnt so good when you have a rookie starting on the other side also supported by a rookie. Again another thing pointed out by some weeks ago. Your analysis of the goal is less good. one pass shouldnt shred 3 midfielders

    There are many great ex players and current managers who dont understand whats going on with how wenger is flying the plane at the moment but i guess their all just cunts.

    You act as if its just stupid fans on arsene back.

  546. I thought Theo getting infront of the Udinese defender the way he did was a sign. A sign that he could be doing that every game from now on if Arsene plays him upfront on his own. That finish was class too. He left Hamdanovic stranded and beat him at his near post.

  547. Jabba'sDelights


    Nobody is having ago at the team. They played great and credit to them. Some are just agreeing with our captains claims that there is no excuse not to sign some very good players in the next 7 days.

  548. Very gracious comments from Francesco Guidolin, Udinese coach

    “It’s just as well that someone told us that Arsenal weren’t the hardest team we could have drawn. Whoever said that was wrong, even though the match could have taken a different turn had Di Natale scored the penalty. I wish Arsenal well in the Champions League, while for us a new campaign beckons in the Europa League and that’s no small thing.”

  549. Another adjective apart from Drnken style i heard tonight to describe Gervais’ dribbling style:


  550. > Drunken Style

  551. I hope Udinese meet the spuds in the Europa league. I will give them my support. Mind you I will support most teams that play the spuds.

  552. When have you ever heard me say that we don’t need to replace those two pieces of shit? Just the other day I was talking about Marvin Martin and how I would love him at the club. Just today I was talking about my choice for CB, Sylvain Distin. You’re sadly mistaken if you think most people here don’t want to improve the squad. The only thing is that we keep our cool and don’t doom because it’s all we have left, like you do. Predicting failure and Wenger’s sacking is futile. It doesn’t improve the squad and it doesn’t make things happen in the transfer market. All it does is heap more pressure on the club at a time when they need to be cut some slack. But, no, you and the other customers want things done now, now, now otherwise you start moaning like petulant little children. That’s the big difference between yourself and the people here.

    Rookie deputy? What the fuck is Jones then? How about Rafael and his twin brother? How about De Gea? How about Chicharito? Give us a fucking break with this double standard of yours.

    Current managers and ex-players? All of whom are pundits and manage teams that will never be at the level of Arsenal? Please.


    “Sorry doom merchants, it’s just not your night”

  554. Hahahahaha!!!

    Dups, now that you mention it Gervinho does look a bit Krunky, doesn’t he?

    The way he beat the Udine right back to get to the end line for the assist was right Krunky.

  555. A sublime 45 mins from TR7.
    Did you see that D**M merchants?

    I suppose not.

  556. finsbury,

    rosicky was absolutey brilliant after he came on. no doubt about that. the tackles that he made. ffs. more please.

  557. anyone noticed that the articles about the game are all soooo short tonight? poor journalists. their pre-game work has gone to waste.

  558. Gains, we have the mustard! And, in the final analysis, that is all that really counts. Imagine, we still have a truck load of money to spend. We will be entertained royally this season.

  559. @ Markus | August 24, 2011 at 4:29 pm
    Good post.

    @ Passenal | August 24, 2011 at 11:40 pm
    Brilliant Arsene quotes! And good to see the appreciation of the Udinese manager. I think they are a cracking side and I hope they win the Europa League.

    Pre-game reports of the death of Arsenal greatly exaggerated.
    Brilliant Arsenal, brilliant Wenger. Champions League football for the 15th time in a row.

  560. OK, 14th time.

  561. I’m still pissed and I’ve got a great big smile on my face. I’m also having difficulty typing accurately. Anyway, I think that I’m gong to copy someone else (shit this typing is difficult) and share a pipe with Herbert Chapman. Good night and up the arse. AKB

  562. Whoooo Hoooooo! nothing more to say! wooooo hoooooooooooooooo.

  563. Fuck off Jabba with you “us” and “we” talk.

    You dont speak for a fuckiing union you Manc cunt!

    You are such a sad sad boring old cunt.

    You’re a revisionist! You try to make out that no one here ever wants things to change and that they never critique fuck all.

    Do me a favour

    Stay the fuck away from this blog. Its because of wankers like you, that this blog has become so fucking retarded and boring.

    Manc cunt

  564. This one’s for passenal;

    Arsene Wenger looks to have 99 problems, but his goalkeeper isn’t one of them. Wojciech Szczesny is 21 but already has a real swagger about him. Both Arsenal and Manchester United have gone for young goalkeepers in a position where experience is usually critical. I know which one I would prefer in my goal: one looks a man and the other looks a boy.

  565. korihikage

    You are so fucking right about the hacks and there reprts on the game tonight through clenched teeth man, they would have been praying for a loss and so they can carry on their campaign to get Wenger sacked, like they have done against cappello; a wolrd class manager, yet he is to blame for England being shite.

    Great result tonight, Rosicky coming on at half time was key, while others were magnificent. The result was all that mattered.

    Now go and spend that fucking money/dinero/largent/ruble/Euro/lettuce/nelsons/dosh!

  566. United paid 18 million for a mug. Chesney is the best keeper in the league and I mean that. Last year people were mocking Wenger for not buying a keeper and playing a kid in goal now they all gone quite on the keeper issue. he is top class and still a lot more to come from him.

  567. WWhat will the papers ha ve to write about tomorrow.. oh deary me arsenal won… but uniteds young team are the bees knees
    we have the team to win the EPL… GRIT

  568. Hey Northbank me ol artizan!

    The news will be more of Wenger refusing to spend, or board room shenanigans, players wanting to leave and possibly our “lucky” win!

  569. @Dexter
    hello mate, a bit late now and Herbert Chapman has given me a team talk, and I needto go to bed.
    But what a fucking result, that’ll shut up a few critics, I think we can win an OT on sunday, that will really put the cat amongst the chickens…then we’ll see what the press have to say.

  570. Udinese’s coach is class in my book. I’ll be pulling for them in the Europa league as well. So refreshing to have nice people in football, isn’t it?

    De Gea may not be a mug and he might need to adapt to the league, I’ll give him that. But he ain’t no fucking Van der Sar, that’s for sure. How about it Jabba? How do you like Van der Sar’s rookie deputy being incapable of catching a high ball delivered into his box or the fact that he makes basic goalkeeping mistakes?

  571. Limestonegunner

    The fight back has begun and the seeds of a new narrative are being planted. Is this the season where underdog Arsenal on the brink of collapse in the midst of crisis show the determination, strength and cohesion as a team to turn the tables on the big spenders? If win on Sunday, we will see a few journalists starting to wonder if this is the real story!

  572. I have to say after watching the game on big screen TV, we were fantastic given the circumstances in which we entered this game.

    Credit to Udinese for playing a good game, they had their chances but we were the better team. What a save Wojciech Szczesny, what a save!

    I can’t believe this was Jenks first European game, Sagna plays as good a left back as right back, Frimpong? Song? RVP? Gervo? The list just goes on and on…

    A R S E N A L

  573. FUCK th media, shut them out of your minds.. and while we are at it ,FUCK UNITED….
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  574. WHAT A SQUAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shoved it right in of the face all the doubters!
    Made AW proud!
    Made all fans proud!
    Took control of their destiny with such a professional performance

    …i remain RASER!

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