Arsène Ban Another Arsenal Farce & More

Arsène would have been looking for a positive start to the week, a rousing beginning to raise morale for two tough away trips. It sums up his luck that before lunchtime most of his plans were swept away in a footballing sandstorm.

Per Mertesacker got the ball rolling by stating that the only one who knows where he will be playing this season is himself, and that is in Bremen. The German defender must be a nightmare client for his Mr20%, all that hard work in keeping contact with other clubs has been to no avail. Worse still, his client didn’t even tell him. Hard life, isn’t it.

The day turned for the worse when Wenger received a two-match ban from Uefa following his indiscretion in transgressing against his ban for being indiscreet with his opinions. This new ban trebled meant that a one match ban extended to three and highlighted the lunacy of Uefa. It is now more of a serious offence to flout a ban than it is to be, ahem, honest with your opinions of a referee. Next time Arsène is upset with an official, a swift uppercut would land him a three-match ban straight away and stop this faffing around with appeals. At least then we would all know where we stood before the season started.

The club has said it will appeal against this further punishment. Admirable though their defence of the manager is, why bother?

The ban is surprising and at the same time expected. Arsenal and Arsène know that media work is a central part of the Champions League, something upon which Uefa has always placed great emphasis. Wenger made a crucial misjudgment in unilaterally extending his ban to the media conferences, creating further tension in the situation. This was then compounded by the club’s failure to send Pat Rice in his place. Little wonder that Uefa have come down on Wenger like a ton of bricks.

Uefa are impotent when it comes to dealing with most issues but if any attempt to undermine theirs, or the referee’s, authority takes place, the punishments are swift and disproportionate.

There is no conspiracy theory. I find it amusing when people claim Uefa would prefer an Italian club to go through. They would not. Globally, English clubs are more attractive to the sponsors than their Italian counterparts, especially in the current economic climate. If anything, Arsenal should be favoured in this conspiracy. Platini may dislike Wenger but he knows the value of the sponsors pound, which is infinitely more important than personal antipathy.

What makes this so pointless is the schoolboy error in the first place. Wenger has enough form with the football authorities for both the club and manager to be well aware that he could not communicate with the bench. The story that there had been confusion arising following a pre-match briefing with a Uefa delegate does not hold water. If the club were uncertain, they would have contacted Uefa HQ to clarify the situation.

It was no surprise to anyone other than Arsenal that Sky chose to follow Wenger with a camera for the Udinese game. They have cameras pointed at the managers during most matches anyway; simply changing the angle to the stand is no hardship. It was an excuse concocted once the full extent of Sky’s coverage became apparent.

As much as I dislike Uefa and Murdoch’s empire, the blame for this farce sits squarely and firmly at Arsenal’s doorstep. And it is the team that suffer. Ahead of an important match, Wenger is missing from the dressing room. It is not a minor omission. For whilst there has been important work done beforehand, the manager cannot make any minor adjustments to tactics in the final minutes. This result is all down to the players and Pat Rice.

For their efforts, Arsenal will be opening the piggy bank and sending Uefa €10k in white fivers to pay off their fine. Still, if Arsène doesn’t make the trip that will £26 saved in flights (although including taxes and fees, that rises to £2,827.46). You have to question whether it was worth it in the first place, the blank expression on Pat Rice’s face suggested that the message was lost in Chinese Whispers each time Boro phoned down the orders.

Team news is little different from the weekend. The squad received the boost of Jack Wilshere training last week and things improved further with Sebastien Squillaci’s calf-knack not improving. Perhaps he and Arsène could have a barbecue, share a few Special Brews, chill out and watch the game on ITV.

Pat could always pretend it is his wife on the phone when Arsene calls with instructions. “No darling, I haven’t forgotten that I need to pick up some spaghetti on the way home” or “I don’t know how I got here. I turned left at Hangar Lane and the next thing I know, I’m in Udine”, when any officials are nearby, writing down a shopping list that is a coded tactical message. Pat, just remember that 2 kilos of Maris Piper is code for “Tell Arshavin to get his lazy arse into gear” and not something to pick up in Asda on the way home.

And to top Wenger’s day off, Howard Webb is to referee for Sunday’s encounter with Manchester United. At least we don’t have to wonder if the referee was incompetent or biased in United’s favour…

‘til Tomorrow.

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  1. Good post Yogi this morning.

    when any officials are
    nearby, writing down a shopping list that
    is a coded tactical message. Pat, just
    remember that 2 kilos of Maris Piper is
    code for “Tell Arshavin to get his lazy arse
    into gear” and not something to pick up
    in Asda on the way home.

    Love your touch of humour.

  2. ahh bollox

  3. Arsene must be terribly frustrated now. Everything seems to be going against him and the team. Injuries, suspensions, bans, ref’s decisions.

    Well, I hope all the team’s facing now will prepare us adequately for the season.

  4. glad Pat at least didn’t abandon AW in his time of need. we are up against it that is for sure yogi. let hope we get a result at the italians and we can breath a little easier. one thing is for sure. good times and/or bad, i will never let the crew think for a second that I’m not pulling for them or have withdrawn my support. ONE LOVE.

    PS. F**K UEFA

  5. Time for JD or TV to play defensive midfield on Sunday. Is KOS available, anyone?

  6. Yogi,
    Interesting post, love the humour.
    I too thought at the time that Wenger’s excuse was a bit iffy, but didn’t dwell on it much. I’m sure Pat Rice will be up to the task. Surely he has worked under Wenger long enough to be able to act as manager for 1 or 2 games?

  7. Something just occurred to me. I can’t remember Arsene missing a game due to illness or whatever. Does anyone know if this is the case?

  8. ManU, especially Wellbeck, were quite excellent last night, but then Totts were especially poor. Kind of reminds me of Arsenal’s flying start last season, everything flying in. It will be an epic match this weekend, you can guarantee it. We face them, away, without Song and Frimpong, Kos, Gibbs, maybe Traore, Diaby and 3Gs, possibly Rosicky and Djourou stil doubts; 9 players, and on the back of a draining away CL match. I expect us to show them a thing or two about team spirit, skill, tactical nous and bravery; the usual decent match between two proud and strong teams. Bring it on. Henri will his work cut out, and this is his big test, but I’m not sure he will start, maybe he has to. An alternative would be Wilshere, Ramsey and Nasri (well that, um, depends now doesn’t it), which is not a bad shout. I don’t worry overly about the back four, especially if Miquel and Jenks are fit. What the hell will people say if we win it?

  9. You seem a little fed up Yogi.

    Can’t imagine why.

  10. YW – “For whilst there has been important work done beforehand, the manager cannot make any minor adjustments to tactics in the final minutes. This result is all down to the players and Pat Rice.”

    Firstly, nice post as always. Secondly the above sentence really hit home how inexperience could really cost us tomorrow. Who amongst the players make these minor adjustments? As has already been discussed (countless times) this squad does not have many “leaders”. RvP and TV5 are the only ones you would really bracket this way.

    mj – Why do people have some sort of obsession with playing players out of position? We have seen how important TV5 is in central defence, why on earth would we move him away from there (especially to a position that he has never played) . Djourou started out there but got moved backwards to be a CB. Playing CB and playing CM at the top level is a world apart. It is football manager fantasy moving these players everywhere.

  11. Wenger will be frustrated, but he’s fine. He’s been around enough to know about swings and roundabouts, or snakes and ladders if you’re Hindu. I prefer a stern test early, when you’re at your weakest, young and new players, injuries everybloodywhere, everybody talking shit. That’s when I love supporting the team, love it, love it. Arsenal.

    That’s when I remember WHY I support this team, and how godawful boring I find the others, aside from West Brom, a little, at the moment.

    So, come on all you “realists”, bore us with your turgid, petty and utterly pointless, passionless outlook. Tell us how great and good are our opponents, how weak our own team, how dismal our prospects, and remind us, again and again, how many years since we held a trophy, and don’t forget to say we haven’t got a chance. I know it will leave you feeling empty inside, and that’s your lot in this football life.

    Not me. Tonight is a lovely test for Arsenal. Can’t wait. I just love to see this team challenge itself, over and over. What a team!

  12. I hope we can get ourselves in a strong position in Italy so we can play either the Ox or Ryodinho. I eager to see them make their debut. Especially Ryo; he’s got this directness about his play which I like so much.

  13. Zim – Yeah, the did look pretty good. Jones, Cleverly, Welbeck and Smalling all looked good. Their keeper does not look to be all that though. Shame we rarely shoot from distance or get men in the box to got on the end of crosses as he looks particularly suspect there.

    Manure really do get lots of men in the box when crossing opportunities present themselves. Pretty much at least 3 men everytime.

  14. *I’m eager

  15. Andy, because our only 2 options at that position are suspended & we need to play a genuine destroyer in MF against manure. Not rocket science, is it?

    it isn’t an obsession. i can really see TV as a great DM. i think with his abilities he would be a better DM than CB. why not use him there if the need ,in case of depleted number due to injury. all around he is a great find. lion heart..

  17. Kamran – Really? One of the most important aspects of playing there is spacial awareness. You don’t really get a hold on if a player has that in a back 4 as play tends to be ahead of you when in posession. As such, how do you believe he would be a good DM? Just because he can tackle and has a decent shot on him does not even nearly mean he would be a good midfielder.

    What is his ability like to take the ball of his back 4? To make space for himself? To dictate the tempo of the teams game? To know where to position himself (completetly difference to CB)?, etc, etc.

    And why has nobody ever tried him there at this stage of career? But more importantly than all of that, he is our best CB by some stretch; why on earth would we move him away from there?

  18. Andy,
    Remember its a team game. That TV is great at CB doesn’t mean the team as a whole won’t benefit from him playing at LB or as DM. For instance, who knows if playing him at DM could form a better screen for our defence, ensuring that our CB’s come under less pressure?

    My only problem with moving TV at this point is that we don’t have anyone else to reliably deal with high balls, especially as JD seems to be injury prone. Which is why one more experienced CB of that calibre is needed.

  19. mj_gunner and kamran

    I think removing TV from CB isn’t ideal. It’ll weaken the position. Moreover, we do not have adequate cover in that position too.
    We only need to be disciplined in my opinion. Watching Man Utd play last night, they didn’t play with a typical “destroyer”. Everyone just has to do his job in midfield properly i.e. Defensively and offensively.

  20. The Mancs rarely has a flying start to the season. Maybe we will see an equally unusual weak finish this time around eh?

  21. Morning all,

    Thanks fro another informative post YW.

    Does anyone know when Campbell will be available to play in the first team?

    I’d love to see him on the bench against the Mancs, then getting a run-out with 10 mins to go and scoring the winning goal. Manure has done that so often to other teams in the past (Macheda against Villa immedaitely springs to mind) that it would be great to see them caught out by an ‘unknown’ youngster for a change.

  22. Can’t believe there is viable discussion to move our only exceptional CB to a completely alien position which has not been tested in any friendlies.

    TV5 is our best CB by an absolute mile. He helps the team most by being there. Miquel looked assured next to TV, would that be the case for the other 3. I highly doubt it.

  23. Henristic – He could maybe cover at LB in an emergency (I would prefer us just to buy a proper left back instead, but hey, I have crazy idea’s sometimes). But moving into midfield is a completetly different ball game, and requires a completly different skillset. People (not aimed at you) do it on Champ Mananger and think it is just the same in real life, when it is anything but.

    It is like saying “I saw Theo make a great tackle in the last game……and he is really fast…….lets play him at full back, he would be great”.

    And you are 100% right when you say there is no way he could move anyway at the moment as he is our only realy solid option at CB at the moment. I remember for years everybody wanted Kolo to play in midfield, but he never did. Probably as he did not have the engine for it. Who is to say that TV5 has the stamina to play there for a start?

  24. If the statements attributed to Juan Mata on the Sky Sports website are true we now know the real reason why discussions with Arsenal fell apart, money.

  25. Wavey – The reprt I read from him said the opposite. That he had more chance of winning stuff with the Chavs, which is why he went there. I am sure the extra £40K per week (or whatever it will be) did not harm their cause though.

  26. If reports are to be believed, Mata is on around 70k at Chlesea. Not astronomical. Not considering we have just moved Fabregas off the wage bill.

    We could have matched any offer made by Chelsea. Maybe we did. Maybe we didn’t. One thing we know is that he certainly isnt a bank busting signing.

    Paying that bit extra for quality is what we should be doing to close the gap. Not hoping inexperienced teenagers deliver on promise in thier first season

  27. Andy,
    I’m also concerned about his stamina, but like I’ve mentioned before I have the same level of concern around the impact injuries to his achilles and lower limbs, from having to leap so high and so often, if played as CB consistently.

    And I get that different skillsets are required for DM, or LB. I just think TV has enough of those skills to do the job. Recall how Pepe played as DM for Real Madrid in some key games last season?

  28. no one suggested moving our best CB to the DM position at this time, specialy since we are short there too. there might be a chance in the future to experiment with this and it is then when ,i think, he will show he can be a capable deputy. for the record, i prefer to get my football fix on the pitch as a RCB OR RB. i never play the computer games. 🙂

  29. goonerandy

    I’m reading between the lines, if he’s in discussions with us and the spuds and suddenly Chelski come in over the top with a much better financial offer he is always going to say that he went to Chelski to win things.
    Although at least he tried to explain that Villa-Boas had talked to him about how he would fit into their 4-3-3 system, whereas Man City will be playing 8-6-6 if all of the players they buy are going to be in the first team.

  30. Mata attributed his reason to joining Chelsea is based on a higher chance of winning trophies.

    I’ll rather he confesses..the extra quid was the motivation.

    Excellent PR by Chelsea to demean the other teams through his statement.

  31. Andy who would you prefer…

    Jones, Cleverly, Welbeck, Pogba and Smalling


    Miquel, Wilshire, Frimpong, Afobe and Bartley?

    I know who I’d go for. Chill out on the ManUre youth. They aint a patch on us.

    How come when Man Utd use young players it’s scary for the rest of the league, yet when we do it, it’s irresponsible?

    Also don’t give me the argument that we rely on ours. We have 9/10 absentees from the first team. When everyone is in the squad we have a fair amount of experience. Add a couple more and we are far greater in the youth department. I mean in as much as that we have them and the time to integrate them.

  32. Sid Lowe’s done a good little article/intro to Juan Mata, he seems like a good kid.

  33. Lads,

    Lets be objective. Chelsea have won much more than us in the last 6 years (this is not a discussion on how this was achieved), then have outperformed us in the league every single year for the last 6 years, they score more, concede less and have a more mature team.

    If Mata says he wants to join Chelsea for trophies, perhaps he is telling the truth? We are selling our best players, replacing them with teenagers and falling further away from the top of the league. We can support, or course, we can have blind faith if we need to, but from an outsiders perspective, you have to appreciate why silverware seems more likely at Chelsea.

  34. Blows my mind that 4 years ago Valencia were fighting against relegation with a front three of Mata, David Silva and David Villa! God knows how much that little trio would set you back now.

  35. Henristic/Kamran – Fair points.

    Wavey/Tateezee – Was probably cash. But maybe he simply thinks he has a better chance of winning things with them. Not nice to hear for us, but that could be the genuine truth.

  36. Basically, we need to stop hiding behind excuses. Constantly thats all we here. Chelsea offered this, the ref did that, UEFA this, injuries, luck blah blah blah. Its gets tiresome.

    Mata, Jones, Jagielka are this summers missed targets. Mertersacker has pledged his future to Werder. This is a reoccuring theme. How many of target agitate their current employers to force a transfer? No-one. When was the last time we really got a player gunning to join us?

    Think JonJon mentioned it yesterday, I don’t expect anything from the boys this year. I will support them all the way, but these bunch of kids shouldnt have the burden of previous failures placed on their shoulders.

    Baton down boys, we are building for the future. Again.

  37. everyone wants the ready made automatic trophies, no one is willing to work for it anymore…. f**k the chelski mercenaries

  38. els,
    I don’t recall Andy saying the manure youth are scary for the rest of the league. He only said they were good, in response to ZP saying Wellbeck was excellent. You’re making it sound like andy is creaming over them.

  39. kamram,
    What do you mean by willing to work for trophies?

  40. Fair point and apologies. I think it’s an accumulation of comments. It’s just that there seems to be more excitement for other teams than our own.

  41. my expectations for ARSENAL this year before the season opener was the same as last year. 3rd or 4th… thats before all these injuries and suspensions of Jhe last few weeks. with a little luck, we might finish second or maybe push MANSHITTY for the title. one can hope and pray anything over fourth would be an underachivment,imo.

  42. @ Luke

    Before chastising your own club did you ever consider the following

    1. No player is going to say it was for the extra money

    2. You have no idea what his wages are

    3. Wage structure means a high initial wage will mean a much higher wage when his contract is up for renewal, and large increase even during the course of his initial contract

    4. High wages to a player just being signed can have an adverse effect on moral, say for example he gets more than RVP, that can be viewed as not rewarding loyalty, a manger has to consider this very strongly

    Its so convenient to have a media fed warped myopic view of things, looking at the big picture is too difficult I suppose..

  43. morale not moral sorry..

  44. You’re a top dude, els.
    I understand where you’re coming from.

  45. i mean it is much harder for a player to win trophies if he isn’t surrounded by mercenaries brought in to ensure the title is bought. as in with teams who rely on suger.papa and /or teams buried in debt.

  46. Els, I thought Jones looked excellent last night. It is easy to see why Wenger bid a club record fee for him.

    Wilshere/Frimpong are the real talents for me. These boys are the first two true products of London Colney having practically been there since its inceptions, they have grown up together, bossed every age group together.

  47. I will kind of restate my views on the UEFA ban-

    How come UEFA decides to make an example only out of Arsenal..Eduardo, Wenger etc

    I remember Jose doing roughly the same thing some time back..

    As for eduardo, how come busqets is never made an example of??

    Why not make man city an example for FFP??

  48. Amirudh

    Do you realise how utterly flawed your argument is? If you need help figuring it out. Let me know.

  49. We missed the boat on Mata, he will be great in this league.
    Something happened to make Wenger say flat out that the deal was dean, end of. What that was we will never know, so lets move on to other targets.
    I dont think we have EVER been interested in Mertesaker.
    SSN congratulating Man U for using their youth, and english ones at that. Please extend the same courtesy to us and any other team this season. You continually moan about not being technically on par with other european national teams – well take a lok at some of these youngsters and adjust your training methods from grass roots up – just like Arsenal and Man U have and you will be better for it.

  50. Henristic – Answered for me. Cheers. 🙂

    Els – I am excited about our young players, but the difference between blooding ours and Manure’s is significant. Our are coming into a struggling side, and one that is relatively young. Their’s are coming into a winning side, which is packed with experience.

    Out of the players you listed I would no swap Wilshere or Frimpong for any of them. Would I take Jones or Smalling over somebody like Bartley. Yup.

  51. Amirudh

    They are very focused on arsenal. Even the pundits have noticed it. But we need to focus on winning games no matter what these fuckers want to do the arsenal.

  52. Like ZimPaul – I concur there’s something romantic and tantalizing about the situation we’re in.

    Bakcs to the wall, it’s us against the world, fuck ’em all and the mother of all siege mentalities may be just what we need.

    To be honest, it’s really unfortunate that we’ve started the season with all these injuries and suspensions, but this could be a blessing in disguise. It will harden this team, and as if they weren’t already playing for the right to wear the shirt, it will make them sweat even more and bleed for the team.

    Driving back home yesterday I had the misfortune of listening to Piers the celebraty ass licker Morgan and Adrian Durham (don’t ask – I lost a bet with the driver) talking about Frimpong’s spat with Morgan. It occured to me that these young players really know what time it is and they’re really up for it. They know it’s Arsenal against the world. It wasn’t just frimpong, there’s something about the new guile and the new determination for this team not to mug themselves as they did the last few seasons.

    Of course, new faces will be welcome and we still look forward to the possibilities. But come Sept 1st, we have who we have and it’s time for all of us to knuckle down and bat for the Arsenal.

    The sheer amount of faecal matter being peddled about Arsenal out there is capable of making anyone drown, and it’s sad that we’ve got to this state. Granted, there are many points of concern e.g. squad strengthening and tactical matters, but none of us despite having our blood boiled by the inaction or action of the club in the transfer market will stop supporting Arsenal because we love this club for a reason.

    It’s nights like tomorrow night in Udin with the odds allegedly stacked against us that you want to see Van Persie up front deliver the ridiculous and turn around to Wenger in the stand and say “Boss, that one’s for you and fuck everyone else” – a true salute if there was ever one. It’s nights like tomorrow where we want to see Field Marshall and General Thomas Vermaelen of the 1st Arsenal Squadron say “Only over my dead body are you getting past us”. It’s nights like tomorrow when you see Li’l Jack have that wily smile as he takes the ball and controls the midfield with the arrogance of a lyrical poet saying “Cesc, Who the fuck is Cesc…or was that Alice?”.

    It’s nights like tomorrow when Tech 9 maraudes around the 18 yard box and controls it with the confidence and arrogance deserving of a top goal keeper as if the penalty area was just like his own piece of real estate.

    When the chips are down and you ask yourself why it is you support the Arsenal – it’s because of the adrenaline that runs through you when you set aside the drama off the pitch and salute a collective fuck you to all who have dared write off the Arsenal.

    If you’re so inclined, please feel free to pick up on the bitching come Thursday morning. Continue to moan like a prostitute who hasn’t been paid until you go black and blue. And come Sunday at 4.00 pm – pack that shit in and knuckle down for the team – because that is the reason you support the Arsenal.

  53. of course you would Andy. You’ve been eyeing up Manu for a while now all jealous like. Arghh

  54. @ luke

    Please enlighten me..

  55. refs , fa,uefa, media , certain ARSENAL blogs even. these are not excuses,imo. there is a concerted effort being brought on and its is mainly towards us. after the last ten or fifteen years of viewing ,i have no doubts about this. i see many many odds stacked against the club and the crew and i for one am truly proud that they do finish where they do every year. overachivment ,every year.

  56. I was glad to see that despite the negativity surrounding the club,we as fans,are even louder at the Grove. special mention to Flint Mc @10:55 yesterday,a true gunner indeed. fingers crossed we can salvage something from old trafford on sunday. am not worried about udinese,with song,gervinho,frimpong,van persie,and nasri all available. UP THE GUNNERS!!

  57. The ban sums up our club in the last 4-5 yrs. When other managers such as get a ban they clearly understand what it means and you won’t see them on live TV chattingy to somebody who is blatantly passing a message to a guy on the touch line who’s looking back up at him.

    They could of at least disguise it for fuck sake.

    It’s this sort of behaviour that has seen Nasri, contract run down without anybody noticing and the why we can’t sign anybody in the top quality bracket.

    Was it the same people who fucked up the Mata deal that advised Wenger?

    What a fucking joke.

    Something needs to change and it will happen very soon because no matter how much bullshit excuses I hear and see I can also see that our club is moving in the wrong direction and skating on thin ice. I have admitted to myself that it will only get better after being rock bottom and if that’s where we need to go then so be it.

    The whole thing needs clearing out except for our great manager Wenger, then he can start again. Fuck the board who our fucking up our club.

  58. Henri – cheers.

    Andy, who’s to say that some youngsters wont benefit from the kind of baptism our lads are getting. Also like I said once we get over our current inruy/suspension issue we can rest the youngsters. I’d say that only Jack is classed as a first 11 player. Perhaps having a place on the bench is better for the young lads, rather than them fighting for it. Ask, the ManUre youth if they would rather have a regular place on the bench. I bet they would.

    Anyway I think we’ll have to agree to disagree, as I’d take Miquel and Bartley (much classier players).

    Anyway, have you heard the Schweinstieger rumour? I’m guessing that’s utter balls. What’s the take of our man in Germany?

  59. Anirudh, you have dismissed my opinion, in which I alluded to the credibility of the press reports, due to it being based on nothing but assumption. Failing to recognise that your whole respite is indeed an assumption.

    Your saying that he moved for money over trophies whilst having no clue of the dealings, yet you dismiss my opposite stance based on exactly that.

    Lets agree to disagree. I for one, cant accept that constant refusal to join our club over another is constantly down to wages. Does that mean we are only bidding for mercenaries. Pity we can idnetify the correct character considering our rigourous scouting methods.

  60. Why are we blaming uefa. the real culprit is old Pat Rice the worse bloody spy in the world , would not have lasted 5 minutes if parachuted into enemy territory during trhe war. still laughing at his standing out like a saw thumb looking up at Wenger cupping his ears waiting for instructions.

  61. Darius – Yeah, you might well be right. There is a lot to be said for a seige mentality.

    Goonerwife – You wouldn’t swap Jones for Bartley? As it goes I can’t stand Manure, but unfortunatly they are the benchmark at the moment.

  62. *pity we can’t

  63. “things improved further with Sebastien Squillaci’s calf-knack not improving” you got me laughing there Yogi.

    Wenger is a rebel and does not like been told what to do. the guys from eufa probably told him you can cheat or do a Mourinho and smuggle yourself in a laundry trolley or whatever just don’t do it in front of cameras but Wenger been himself he just thought it is more embarrassing to talk to the team from a laundry trolley, hiding under Frimpong’s smelly socks. So he just went ahead and did it in front of everyone.

    I feel sometimes Arsenal as a club are a bit honest and naïve, you can see that in the players too. getting red cards for things they should not react to. they have to be more canning like most players in the premiership. Faint an injury. time wasting , fall like you’ve been shot and all that malarky. It is not bad discipline it is more like honesty and naivety that gets us into trouble. You watch every game and you will see things that other teams gets away with but they know how to do it. We just do it blatantly that is the difference. Song’s stamp on Barton. when you look at it you think why did Song do that, for fun? no. it was a reaction to Barton’s antics throughout the game, Diaby last season the same thing. the difference is Barton got away with it on both occasions Song and Diaby didn’t. The players need to wise up a bit and stop giving in to the wind up merchants on the pitch.

  64. Dukey – Wenger, Boro, Pat are all to blame. How easy is it for Wenger to walk back into the box he had his dinner at, get on the radio to the physio (he is miked up aint he?) tell him what he wants Pat to do, then come back out. Simples.

    Or, surely Pat knows how to make changes to the team himself? How long has he worked with Wenger? Surely we can trust him for one game to make the changes if needed?

  65. Els – Yeah, maybe so. I just think that we are not suplement the squad, and our youth players well enough. Like I said though, I have no issue with our young players and really hope that they all make it with us. My only gripe at the moment is that our 1st 11 needed strengthening after last season, and now 1 week away from the transfer window closing it is actually weaker (debatatable point I accept, but it is definately not stronger).

    On Schweinstieger there is nothing really doing the rounds over here. I can’t see it myself, very few German players leave Munich. That is the best place for them to be with regards to the national side as well. Excellent player though.

  66. @ luke

    I do not summarily dismiss the notion that it might have been a factor, the thing is, since jose, they have won one league title, last season except for the first 2 months they never looked like really challenging and got second because of our momentous collapse.

    So a player who has done his homework about the club he is signing for would not have haughtily discredited arsenal in relation to chelsea

    Im not saying i know 100% either, just that we should not be so quick to belittle our own club, listening to a players opinion, least of all a fresh chelsea recruit looking to curry favour with his new fans..

  67. @ dukey

    Like a scene from blackadder 😀

  68. “The story that there had been confusion arising following a pre-match briefing with a Uefa delegate does not hold water. If the club were uncertain, they would have contacted Uefa HQ to clarify the situation.”

    No ‘if’ about it the club were uncertain hence seeking clarification from the Uefa appointed representative present. Why would they have needed to do anything differently? Even so the idea that they might have been able to call Uefa HQ in Geneva around 9 pm their time to check whether their appointed representative on the night knew what he was talking about (if he was unsure he could also have sought clarification himself) is a bit ambitious. True they might have caught someone with some seniority on brown envelope filling duty or that the cleaning staff might have had a better grasp of Uefa rules than their appointed representative but, on the facts are far as they are known, Uefa caused a fair amount of the confusion themselves.

  69. 1lc , agree about AW flipping his middle finger at the uefa basterds. as far as learning the dark trades, i don’t know about that. the whole thing is in the refs hands and they seldom don’t FUCK it up..
    I’m off, have fun with the chat

  70. Yes Darius! Yes Zimpaul!

    My thoughts exactly. Galvanisation through this negativity. It’s not just the youngsters that have everything to prove now, it’s the battle hardened regulars that need to shove 2 fingers up to the footballing world too. We are the Arsenal, we will be fighting on all fronts.

    Up the Arse. With a massive cannon shaped fist.

  71. At this moment in time Chelski are in a better position that us – simply because they are already in the champions league. That alone is a swaying factor for someone like Mata. We missed out, move on. Lets hope we get our next target, and soon.

  72. You touting for a job with TalkShite, YW, or just blowing with the wind?

  73. No one answered my question earlier about whether or not Wenger has missed games before for whatever reason (not neccesarily bans). Has Pat rice ever had to make match day decisions himself?

    Yogi, you’re the purveyor of all Arsenal facts. Do you recall any such instances?

  74. Haha. Read the Pat Rice lines in his voice. Can’t see him saying ‘darling’ somehow. “Darlin’!”.

    Yogi, I appreciate that UEFA were pissed at Wenger due to the media snub, but don’t underestimate the greed of individuals on the disciplinary board either. A little backhander goes a long way. And with 50 million at stake for Udinese I wouldn’t rule that out.

    Howard Webb is one of the least biased refs in the league. Mostly due to the fact that he is already very well repected and doesn’t need to fear Furguson ending his career. More worried about the ref for tomorrow night…

  75. Darius @ 9.33

    sir, excellent posting.

    i only wonder why the grey suits dont have the same attitude.

  76. Thanks for link Big Al.
    Good one Yogi. You deserve more than anyone else to be the first blogger invited to contribute.

  77. Henristic,

    Nope – can’t recall anything.




  78. Nice one YW..congrats

  79. Cheers Yogi, I agree with your views. Nasri should be ket this season.

  80. *kept

  81. Thats gotta be impressive right? 15 years and not missing a game? Wow.

  82. The tone of the article. The logical conclusion is that unless you cowtow to UEFA pettiness and probable bias/corruption, or Sky definite bias/corruption, as a club or manager you only have yourself to blame.

    My view is the fact that not one press or media outlet, club, football organisation, non Arsenal player, pundit, editor, presenter,commentator has come out and supported Arsenal or AW, means that the whole lot are a bunch of testerone fuelled, thick, guffawing, snickering take it up the arse from the authorities’ and money men morons. But then that is just my view.

  83. Markus,

    Disagree. Webb shouldn’t be allowed to take charges of big games at Old Trafford. Every single 50/50 decision will go the way of United. In fact, for a referee who acts like he has a massive spine, he ALWAYS leans towards the home side.

    Just look at his performance on the weekend. His favouritsim towards Sunderland was sickening.

    I for one don’t subscribe to the national conspiracy, but when Webb is in charge at OT, I certainly don’t expect any favours.

  84. “Platini may dislike Wenger but he knows the value of the sponsors pound, which is infinitely more important than personal antipathy.”

    Not the antipathy I’m worried about. It’s the greed and corruption of the individuals who call the shots.

  85. take it up the arse from the authorities’


    That’s all you do Frank, albeit a different authority 😉

  86. Which authroity is that, Luke?

  87. Henristic – unquestionable commitment from a true Arsenal man.

  88. Luke if a decision is truly 50/50 i’d argue that the only logical way to call it is to go with the home side. How else can the refs call it without the ability to review on video. And even then, it will still be 50/50.

  89. Frank

    Your logic is skewed.

    Even EPL touchline bans mean no contact with the bench. UEFA ones are the same. Arsenal know this, no matter what they plead. They have enough experience in dealing with these situations.

    And they know the regulations require the manager or his assistant to appear before the media afterwards so why wasn’t Pat Rice there?

    These are schoolboy errors that exacerbated a situation. It’s no use blaming Sky for this one when Arsenal fucked up.


  90. Keep digging, YW

  91. Frank

    Don’t need to, on terra firma.


  92. Best place to dig

  93. Arsenal has lodged an appeal and a 61 year old guy from Barcelona will decide when the appeal will be heard.

    Arsene will be on the bench tomorrow so happy days.

  94. So Darius, he’s allowed to be present while the appeal takes place? Good times.

    Markus – Howard Webb has definitely shown biase towards Manure in the past. He may well have put that behind him, but i doubt it.

  95. YW

    I’m not entirely clear what you’re saying about the charge against AW.

    It’s clear you believe that (someone at) Arsenal must have known that what AW was doing was not permitted.

    Are you saying that he knew this but went ahead and did it regardless – knowing full well that he would be detected since the cameras would be covering him?

    Or did he think the cameras wouldn’t cover him?

    Or was he not told that what he was doing was not permitted?

    Or did he forget?

    All of these are perfectly possible, but none sounds very plausible. Or at least less plausible than the story that he was told by somebody in authority that what he was doing was permitted. This story can presumably be easily checked, so is unlikely to stand up if it isn’t true.

    And is failing to attend the media interviews part of the charge?

    I’m mystified.

  96. “And is failing to attend the media interviews part of the charge?”

    I wasn’t sure about that either..

  97. Darius/Geo surely that was always going to be the case. You cannot have Wenger sitting in the stands while an appeal is pending. He would then be punished without a verdict on guilt or not.

  98. Darius

    >a 61 year old guy from Barcelona will decide when the appeal will be heard.

    Didn’t think that Sandro Rosell was that old…


  99. Geo

    No it is not part of the charge but it is probably the reason for the severity. It is certainly the reason Arsenal were hit with a fine.

    UEFA broadcasting rights are expensive; the powers-that-be make sure the clubs do not do anything to jeopardise that.


  100. Merlot

    >This story can presumably be easily checked, so is unlikely to stand up if it isn’t true.

    It didn’t stand up hence the 2 match ban.


  101. Who are we gonna sign then peeps? I’m intrigued, curious and flummoxed. Bring in an attacking midfielder and we’re sorted imo. Jenks/Sanga/Gibbs/Traore (even TV5) provides the cover at FB that some are hankering for, the attacking forwards/wingers look devastatingly fast, just a bit of clickage needed, RvP can be deputised by Campbell, Theo, Chamster, BN52 if he stays, CBs are fine with TV5, Kos, Djourou, Skilly, Miguel, and Song if need be. Song/Jack Frimp can cover the DM. Rambo, Rosicky, Diaby and Jack can do a job in the creative side, but I feel we will need someone of ‘super quality’ in there to take up some of Cesc’s slack. If that’s going to be Nasri, then great. But if not, I’m very interested to see who comes in. Hopefully someone who will add goals to our midfield.

    Don’t normally get into this speculative transfer business, but comments are slow at the mo so why the funk not eh?

  102. LOL YW – Rosell is still an a-hole regardless of his age.

    Believe it or not, UEFA have a one man appeal decision team.

  103. geo… i dont think we’ll sign anyone else mate, wenger loves to chance to play youngsters and prove people wrong.

    if we were going to do anything serious surely we’d have done something by now, they’ve had long enough, besides all the top players (benzema, kaka, mertesacker) we’ve been linked with aren’t interested.

    problem is we were about 3 players away at the end of the season, with all the sales we’ll need 6 (never gonna happen) before we can even think of being called title contenders.

  104. Geo – a centrehalf of sufficient quality that if we have to move Verm to left back wed still be as strong in the centre. I dont have any faith in Squil im afraid. A left back would be nice but if we got the centrehalf id be ok with waiting on gibbs.

    A creative central midfielder as we have lacked that hub so far this season. Sure Jack and Ramsey will offer a lot but its too much for them to replace Cesc this soon. Rosicky will have a say but hes not up to that standard either.

    We are fine on the wide attacking positions where we can pick from AA23 (although id like to see him behind RVP on occasion) Theo, Gerv, Oxo, Ryo, Campbell.

    A striker would be nice to as i reckon B52 will go. RVP & Chamakh is one short in the centre.

  105. Idealy though id like….

    1 centre half
    1 left back
    1 DM
    1 playmaker
    1 striker

    But at this stage the 3 i mentioned earlier would be the most i could wish for

  106. Arsenal Tom.

    It’s sad when you and many others believe that Arsenal’s youth policy is all an elaborate plot by Wenger to massage his ego and prove the whole world wrong.

  107. YW

    And the immediate appeal?

  108. Deise

    I’m in agreement with what we need. The players bought in need to challenge for a first team place today. I can’t imagine us not adding a CB at least. Wenger has been bidding for one since January so he obviously feels the same.

    Cahill & Baines would be the priority signings for me.

  109. against udinese we’ll have a big enough squad to choose from.

    you’d think after 15yrs pat rice would have learnt few things, and should be able to lead us through this game, without any help from wenger.

    if he qualifies us, no fuss – its the least he’s expected to do.

    if he doesnt- then he’s a total waste of space, who has prevented other arsenal legends from learning under wenger- and should have been sacked years ago.

  110. Daily Mirror writer John Cross on Twitter: “Nasri trains for Arsenal. Traore and Djourou also training. Reckon Nasri will go but not sure he’ll play…Wilshere not here training so likely to miss”

  111. Sczc

    Sagna Cahill TV5 Baines

    I would argue that as the most impressive back 5 of anyside in the league.

  112. REALLY hope Wenger doesn’t gamble and rush Wilshere back at a detriment to his long term fitness.

  113. Oop – just seen the Guardian article. No Jacky Boy for tomorrow night.

  114. Luke
    good morning
    Dont you think it is a coincidence that players always pick teams that pay bigger wages because of thier ambitions ? 😉

  115. Arsene’s touchline ban is a fucking joke. Cruel and unusual punishment meted out vindictively by the jealous lover Platini once given a going over on French TV by Arsene who criticised his management at the ’92 Euros. It’s a snide little vendetta and it all started with the wrongful dismissal of our best player in our biggest match last season. Sent off for taking a fucking shot. It’s one punishment for Arsenal and another standard for every other fucker. Arsene being victimised – again. Clear as day. Get behind him.

  116. Team for Udinese….

    Sagna Djourou Verm Traore
    Song Frimpong
    Theo Arsh Gerv

    Hope Jack is ok and bench Ramsey for Man U.

  117. Luke.

    What’s this obsession you have with Cahill. He’s not better than Vermaelen or Koscielny, our first choice defenders.

  118. darius… although you’ve made it sound more extreme than how i feel, unfortunately i haven’t seen enough evidence to prove its not mate.

    look at the players we’ve signed this summer…

    gervinho 24
    campbell 19
    ryo 18
    jenkinson 19
    the ox 19

    this all in a summer when it was clear we needed experience!

    these players might all turn out to be great and i hope they do, and they should be signed but along with top experienced players.

  119. Good morning to you too George,

    Does that mean our wages match our ambitions? Our wage structure is certainly a hot topic at present…

    Re: the Mata deal. He is on a reported £72k/week, big money. I know its impossible to 100% verify that this is indeed his pay packet. However, media outlets would hardly publish that figure when its closer to £150k.

    My point being, having lost Fabregas, Eboue, Clichy, Denilson off the wage bill, we should be relatively healthy in that regard. Arshavin came in on a reported £80k/week. That was reflective of his talent, status, and our ambition.

    I cant see that Chelsea have blown us out the water on wages – like City did for any other bidders for Aguero / Nasri.

    The only reason I can see for him not joining is that Wenger doesnt see him as a worthwhile signing (valid, he does indeed know more than us 🙂 ) or Mata purely felt Chelsea was a more promising prospect.

  120. FFS this is a bit late even for the BBC

  121. id have Cahill over Koscielny, either way it’d be good for both of them and JD and Vermaelen to have proper competition for the CB places, we haven’t had that for a long time.

  122. Darius,
    Be fair,even to Luke,Cahill would be a good addition ,he does not have to be better than them. Just good enough to improve the squad.

  123. Luke ,
    You could be right but if I was a betting man,and I am,my pound would be on money being the deciding factor.

  124. YW is simply saying that we knew Arsene was banned, and then proceeded to make it a bit obvious that he was communicating with the bench. Even if they were trying to catch us out, we made it very easy for them to do so. The club acted naively. If we had been a bit more cloak and dagger we would not have been found out.

  125. Darius – Cahill is a match for Verm & Kos and is better that Djourou & Squill and has more experience than Miquel. Hed be proper competition, would offer something a bit different and allow for more flexibility when injuries and suspensions kick in (they have already)

  126. Complaining about transfer policy all summer long is one thing, whiles away the time I guess. But with one week to go… aren’t we best reserving our judgement/scorn/joy/relief until the window shuts? Makes you look less silly later on. This week more than any other talking about who you think Arsenal should buy just seems like a giant waste of time. The light at the end of the tunnel draws closer! Hold!

    Maybe the anticipation is half the fun but it just seems like bollocks to me.

  127. I must say, Baines is actually a very good shout, one that i was ignoring before. I think he would be excellent in this team, very productive for a defender. Not too bothered about the CBs now, but if we can get someone who’s better than Djourou, Miquel and Skilly who’s willing to warm the bench, then I wouldn’t complain.

  128. point is, most if not all of our linked defense targets are first team players where they are coming from so except its for the love of a boyhood club like cesc, may not be willing to sit on the bench. They are not better than what we have now!

  129. Deise,
    I hope that is the team .Perhaps you could help Pat on the night if the Boss is missing

  130. As you say Limps, a bit of fun… Just thought I’d see what people were thinking about the possible ins, no harm there eh?

  131. Tom. You’re missing my point.

    Do you really think all this is because of a personal agenda for youth that Wenger has? That he is doing this because he is a narcicistic son of a bitch who wants to prove the world wrong and do things against the grain. That he is so selfish and stubborn about his youth policy that nothing else outside it matters?

    Arsenal’s choice to depend on players we can develop is not a preferred choice but a necessity. We all hope that once in a while we can bring in top class players and we have done this with Vermaelen, Sagna, Arshavin et al.

    No other manager would have agreed to work with the constraints Wenger has and also keep us competitive. Not Mourinho, not Guardiola, Not even Hiddink or ‘Appy ‘Arry. Wenger has been working with a straight jacket when it comes to playing in the big league.

    Granted, he could have made different tactical decisions with the limits he has, but the narrative that this is all the plot of an individual operating with the impunity of a dictator is just sad.

    You really have no idea how much self-sacrifice Wenger has made to set aside his personal ambition for the sake of the club. He could have opted 3 years ago to go to Real Madrid with an unlimited budget to buy big name players with outrageous transfer fees and wages. He didn’t because he knows what he committed to do for aArsenal with a straight jacket on

  132. That’s fair enough, Geo. More than fair. I’m excited to see who we go for myself, of course I am. It’s just the one’s who are already complaining about what we haven’t done – when he haven’t, not done it yet – if you see what I mean. Time left on the clock, scores tied at the bottom of the ninth.

  133. @Deise and George Rodger.

    Cahill may well be a match – but he’s not going to be the first choice at Arsenal before Vermaelen and Koscielny.

  134. geo… what constraints exactly?

    he had 40m available at the start of the summer… by the time nasri goes that’ll be closer to 100m sitting in the bank added to the record profits we’ve been posting every year for god knows how long!

    the board have come out on numerous occasions saying money is available… wenger himself said just last weekend he had money! fair enough in the first year or two of the stadium it makes sense to be more frugal but why are we still doing that?

    and yes i do think he likes to fight against the grain… just look at this quote from the weekend

    “I am a passionate person. It excites me sometimes to fight against the tide, against a lot of things. At the moment things are great, as I have a lot to fight for.”

    the youth policy is good, but unfortunately its the only policy we seem to have at the moment. if it was complemented by buying ready made players id have no problem with it.

    its also very unfair to be putting so much pressure on 18 and 19 years olds in their first seasons in the PL.

  135. A useful starting point in considering Wenger’s minor and major decisions is that he is not a fool, is usually not petty, and generally does things with reason.

    This may help those seeking explanations on his UEFA behaviour, which I suspect was typical Wenger – “I won’t be ridiculous even if you are”; and Mata, which Wenger must have felt was not quite right, at that cost, at that time; or Mata simply said no anyway. There are many considerations in buying a player apart from the obvious. Attitude, actual record, age, skill, technical ability, place in the team, current players in that position. My guess would be the obvious one, Wenger considered Mata seriously, made an offer, was given a figure, looked at Ryo, considered Arsh, and said to himself, no, not at that price, he’s not that good compared to what we have, and it’s not priority. This would also explain the CB purchases touted around. Why the hell would you buy a 9-17m pound overpriced player, as a second choice, when you know you have Djourou, Miquel and later Bartley, and you see the quality you have on the practice pitch every week.

  136. Well Darius thank you for telling me what I already know.
    My point was,and I dont see how I could have been much clearer,he does not have to be better ,or first choice.
    So ,do you think he would improve the squad?
    Because if he would I would like to see him come in.
    That said ,fees and wages do have to be factored in.But that is a different discussion.

  137. Cool LA, didn’t think about the obvious doorway i opened for slating the club for lack of action or whatever…!

    I am interested to see how well Campbell does, and how much time he’ll get to show what he’s all about. Have only seen a couple of Youtube clips which obviously made him look quite handy.. some have written him off already for playing in a sub standard league. Well if they’re using that logic, they should have a look at Chez and Jenk, who have fared quite well I must say.

  138. Geo
    Some people just dont get it ,do they?

    I agree with Geo.

  139. Well thats great then Darius, stronger at the back right away, nice one – we wont always have Verm and Kos fit and available. Nor will we always have Gibbs available. Just like now in fact. 🙂 Squill can go and Miquel can learn at a slower less presurised pace, maybe even go on loan. Just like Bartley. Everyones a winner.

  140. I think you were meant to aim that at Darius, Tom.

  141. I’ve been searching the press this morning for the “Chaotic North London club in relegation battle after defeat by moderately good Lancastrians” stories – but no joy so far.

  142. geo… absolutely was mate! apologies

  143. Geo,
    In that case I agree with Darius
    I have mixed myself up now

  144. Maybe Wenger feels that Cahill isn’t any better than what we have.

    I’d like us to have young Ignasi as our number 4. Wasn’t match fit on Saturday but a great performance from him for the majority of the match.

  145. George, of course money will play a part. Its only natural. But if we assume he had two equal offers on the table, purely because we can afford his reported wages, then it must be he was sold Chelsea’s ambitions better. That is of course assuming Wenger viewed him as a worthy player to command a huge salary / starting berth.

    Perhaps we could have matched Chelseas offer, however Wenger didnt believe Mata was worth it. I wouldnt question him in this instance. We do seem more than comfortable in wide forwards. We have a lovely balance of experience, pace and raw talent.

  146. Yogi’s Warrior,
    Fact is you don’t know whether UEFA’s contact person at the Ems did or did not misrepresent the rules to Arsene/Arsenal.

    If he was clear, then there’s no reason to be confused and then contact UEFA HQ. Why assume that the person was unclear? You don’t know and I don’t know. But you do assume that Arsene/Arsenal were not clear in their understanding of what the UEFA rep told them.

    Now IF there was a willful misrepresentation by the UEFA contact to Arsene/Arsenal at the match on match day, then, with SlyNews cameras affixed, there was a Gotcha! set up at work. Either there was or there was not.

    And as to your argument that UEFA want an English team in the CL, first of all you don’t know what is Platini’s past with Udinese management (nor do I), but it’s worth a look before you leap (especially in the Italian League!); and second, it is possible that the UEFA contact was “approached” independently of UEFA itself, which you don’t consider.

    I feel that in the stampede to oust Arsene that most of the media are about, and given that there are real enemies that would like to oust him – including a zillionaire savior to swoop in and save the failing franchise – that you and I and all readers need to consider all the possibilities.

    Of course doing so risks the label “conspiracy theorist.” If you let that labeling work, however, what we miss are, indeed, conspiracies. Whether this is one or not remains to be seen. But your laying the problem at Arsene’s feet is, of course, you opinion. But it is no more nor less than that. (And yours is an opinion I respect, or I wouldn’t waste our time on this. Cheers.)

  147. Fine George, bollocks to you then 😉

    No worries Tom.

  148. LA

    You can not say that criticsm of the clubs summer dealings is unfounded. We find ourselves in a very precarious position, where against all odds and lessons from history, we assume AW will make big moves to improve the squad were necessary.

    I imagine we will add one more and to be honest, as much as I am excited about this young crop, I fear for its ability over a season in securing champs league football.

  149. Merlot – You would think after last nights games there would be plenty as well. 😉


    Interesting comments from Winterburn. Believes this ban will have a huge affect on the boys.

    “Pat Rice will do the man-marking from set plays, but Arsene will do everything els”

  151. Luke nobody is going to sign until we qualify for the CL. Not to mention the window being open until the end of the month. So criticism is premature, if not totally unfounded.

  152. Guardian also reporting that Nasri has not traveled. Well, thats that then.

  153. Bob, you old conspiracy theorist,

    That was a wonderfully paranoid comment but I didn’t blame Wenger, I blamed the club. As for being unclear, Arsenal were the ones who threw that one into the public arena, not me.


  154. Markus, well if your right, and you believe that, then you are categorically saying our CEO lied to all the fans. When he quite clearly stated we wouldnt wait for the outcome of this tie, and it would be foolish to do so.

    Its just a further excuse to cover this summers disappointment to be honest mate. We have been left to get excited over 3 inexperienced teenagers and Gervinho whilst watching Nasri/Fabregas leave.

    We scored 72 goals in the league last season.

    Nasri and Fabregas where directly responsible for 25. Thats 35% of our goal threat gone.

    Considering Fabregas had a ‘poor’ season and Nasri, according to some posters here, was only decent for or month or two, its a big big lose.

  155. Limestonegunner

    LA, I agree with you that it doesn’t make much sense to complain that we don’t have signings since the window hasn’t closed and the club is working on it. Sure, it would have been better to have them earlier but what’s to be gained dwelling on that–as long as we do bring in the experienced players of quality who will enhance the team to give us a chance to challenge strongly for the title.

    However, time left on the clock, bottom of the ninth score tied–are you mixing sports metaphors to describe a football transfer situation? Baseball has no clock–let’s just say it is the 80th minute, still time for an equalizer or even a winner in added time! 🙂

  156. Luke just to totally confuse you BBC London are reporting that Nasri WILL travel, but not Jack

  157. @ liuke, Nasri effective for a month or 2?

    be sarcastic by all means, but you do not need to lie to do so. nasri was effective for half a season is what i have usually seen and i doubt that a month or two is close to half a season

  158. Fabregas has been gone for a week, we must have know it was happening for a while, this eventuality must have been planned for. We need to invest every penny from his transfer in strenghtening the team.

    How much time will Wenger have to work on transfers? We fly to Udine today, back Wednesday night/Thursday morning, half day, train friday, travel to Manchester on the Saturday, United Sunday, then we have 3 days to finalise all business.

    It is, and make no mistake, a massive underperformance, a huge lack of foresight and strategic planning that we have waited untill to the last 3 days of the window to finalise our business, if we do indeed sign anyone.

  159. YW,
    Now that you are officially a coincidence theorist and in denial that there’s systemic gambling in Casablanca :), I humbly submit the following:
    Not that either of us wish to be contrarian, but there’s a very good (and yes, contrary to your) piece in the (equally respected to ACLF) today (no, I’m not their shill) on whether the first-time UEFA supervising official at the match gave the it’s Ok to relay instructions to the bench, or not; and there’s further mention of witnesses to this exact interchange at the Ems, whose testimony in the appeal will be in evidence. Notwithstanding the credibility of the judges, I think you should back off in the rush to judgment and from lending your credibility to the currents that would use this – on the eve of the CL match – to finally oust Arsene. Conspiracy monger?, me? Et tu Yogi?

  160. For all the mancs out there:

    Via Orbinho:

    Of the 9 games where Arsenal fielded a younger line up than last night’s United side, the Gunners won 7 & lost 1. (Scored a 6, a 5 & two 4s)

  161. Markus,
    Do we really need to wait until qualification is assured to sign someone? I can understand if the delay is coming from the transfer target, but from us?

    We should be aiming to sign the best quality possible irrespective of qualification imo. Worst case scenario, we will very probably need such quality to get back into the CL.

  162. Ha! Cheers JD. I am confused…..

    Team Spirit – well must on here assume the league finished in Febuary so two months is about right 🙂

  163. As regular as clockwork…

    Manchester United youngsters make Ferguson proud and show the way for the future while Arsenal are pathetic, depleted and only depend on their youngsters to lead them in the relegation dog fight.

    It’s even more amusing when they write it up.

  164. Darius,

    But they can take them off and bring on Giggs, Park, Berbatov

    Thats the key difference. Youngster for youngster we are outstanding. We just dont have the required experience. Hence why Wenger started this window by saying “we lack experience, that will be addressed this window” (excuse the paraphrase)

  165. tick tock…

  166. I’m just interested….and this is to all those out there who are breathing fire and brimstone about our lack of signings, whatever the reason.

    Come 1st Sept, if we don’t sign anyone, what you gonn’ do?

    On my part, I do hope that many of our lily-livered, weak arsed fans could grab the opportunity with both hands and stop supporting Arsenal because we really can’t hack it – as they say.

    It’ll be really great if and when we bring new players in, but come the end of that window, it’s time to buttter one side of the bread.

  167. Luke, yeah we wouldn’t wait. Doesn’t mean our targets won’t wait before signing. Honestly I think we’ll only bring someone else in if Nasr goes. If he stayes we’ll press on with what we have.

    Darius, David Pleat reckons Jones is apparently looking like a “rolls royce of a player”. Our Ignasi didn’t get a mention in most match reports.

  168. No Luke – that’s not the point.

    Enough with the sycophancy. Even for you.

  169. Ignasi kept Carroll at bay. Jones, Defoe…

  170. Darius, I won’t do anything apart from feel hugely disappointed, and get behind the boys hoping they can hang on to 4th spot.

    I’m intrigued, if Wenger walks/gets sacked, does that mean you and the troops will be off to PSG? Or would the fact they are petrodollar club cause your interest in football to end permenately?

  171. Sycophancy? Care to expand……

  172. I guess AW thought the team could hold forth till the end of the month atleast pending the completion of business especially on outgoing players. But with the amount of players missing through injuries and suspensions this has become very difficult for him.

    I hope we can bring in at least 3 quality and experienced players, 1 in the defence(CB) another in the midfield(attacking) and a centre forward. It’ll greatly help if SM8 is kept.
    If AW is going to make only one signing, I hope he brings in an attacking midfielder. Lucho gonzalez or Eden Hazard will do.

    I can only speculate and hope AW does some serious business.

  173. Luke at 12:40

    Nice to see I got a mention from my old bud Nige…


    Interesting comments from Winterburn. Believes this ban will have a huge affect on the boys.

    “Pat Rice will do the man-marking from set plays, but Arsene will do everything els”

  174. Luke @ 1:01 – Exactly.

    Darius – If come 01 Sep we have not signed anybody I will just cross my fingers and hope we don’t get too many injuries or suspensions. Then support the team ni every match. What else can you do?

    If that happens though I will be really disapointed and won’t hold too many hopes for the season. It would also be negligence by the club if that should happen. As it goes, I don’t think that will happen simply because I don’t believe that we are so stupid to end up like that.

  175. Probably reading FAAAR too much into it, but Nasri not in one of the training photos from earlier on dotcom…………….

  176. No Luke – you’re a Manure apologizer and sycophant like Jibba.

    I’m going to also say – if we don’t sign another centre back, I’ll be very happy with a first choice of Vermaelen-Koscielny and a backup of Djourou-Ignasi with Song and Squillaci being 5th and 6th choice considering the Frimpers is very much on the ball.

    What I’m disappointed about most is the fact that football has lost it’s soul, not that we aren’t’ signing so called experienced players. People don’t want to build and develop things any more. They want to buy new and shiny ready made off-the-shelf plug and play models.

    Problem with form – lets buy.
    Problem with injuries – lets buy.
    Problem with suspensions – lets buy.
    Problems with refereeing decisions – lets buy.
    Problems with a dodgy curry in the dining room on match day – lets buy.
    Problem with a player having personal issues with their missus – lets buy.
    Problem with a player shagging another player’s missus – lets buy.
    Problem with the manager’s tax return – let’s buy.
    Problem with the pitch cutting up – let’s buy.
    Problem with a player having a toothache – let’s buy.

    Let’s buy buy buy – let’s buy.

    Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with buying fresh talent for the squad – but Jeez – whatever happened to working on the traning ground, to developing players through your academy, to tactical battles and polishing your game.

    Next time someone has a hard on and can’t play a game – you’ll hear that we need to buy.

    Whether players come in or not is beyond each and everyone of us – we can shout till we’re blue and black – but come Sept 1st, it’s time to stand up and be counted.

  177. YW,
    Your statement to merlot – “It didn’t stand up, hence the 2 match ban” – assumes that UEFA is not covering its behind, or worse. There’s an appeal on, which you have appeared here to pre-judge as a sham; and, if we could look at the appeal, we would hear any evidence that would be presented – something evidential as opposed to your glib and evidence-free conclusion. But, hey, that’s what a coincidence theorist like yourself would do :). Alas. Time may soon tell us all what the real story is. However, getting lost in this shuffle is the original sin of the totally crap call against us at Camp Nous by Basura who is now UEFA’s chief of referees. More coincidence, YW?

  178. “whatever happened to working on the traning ground, to developing players through your academy, to tactical battles and polishing your game.”

    Nothing, as far as I know. All those things are an integral part of modern day football.

    You seem to be pissed off for no real reason.

  179. whatever happened to working on the traning ground, to developing players through your academy, to tactical battles and polishing your game.


    Firstly Darius, if you feel the need to call me a United apologist then so be it. I posted a comment last night in response to similar claims which I will go find and re-present.

    Secondly, as for the above. Thats what we have been doing, as a result we have regressed defensively and in points tally over the last 2-3 years. We have also lost our captain and lynchpin, one of our most proflic attackers from last year, and have not made moves to strengthen a first team that obviously needed strengthening. Regardless, this is old ground. Im not happy with whats happening at the club. How you can enjoy our most troubled period in 15 years with our top 4 status fully at risk is beyond me.

  180. NAsri gone its on

  181. From last night Darius:



    What do you do for living? Are you in a competitive line of work? Does your company have aspirations of growing? Do you study your competitive landscape to see how you should strategise your resources? Do you look abroad to see the models of european firms and how they manourve themselves in the market place? Do you look at the biggest companies in your landscape, learn from what they do right and try adopt snippets whilst remaing true to your philsophy?

    Fans can appreciate other sides, what they do right, hell, you all bum Barcelonas model which we have just copied, its no different. United do a lot right, they also win a lot. It works both ways, Fergie has realigned his focus on youth, just as we did after the invincibles, he saw the value in Wengers long term strategy and remphasised the importance of developing young players. would you say that he was wrong to look at our great set up and see how he could appropiate that to his club?

  182. Yeah Luke – so lets go buy.

  183. Same situation as Cesc/Barcelona, CL qualifying game created a natural deadline that forced Citeh to do the deal.

  184. Oh No – we’re totally screwed now – we’re going to be relegated….

    First Cesc, now Nasri – Oh No – what are we going to do.

    Hehehe – clearly the party line is that he’s going somewhere he can win trophies.

  185. Now whose being the sycophant. Joke all you will mate, but we have won three of our last 15 league games. Dress that up how you will, blame 1,000’s of poor decisions, luck, injuries, buts its terrible form.

    Does it look like subsiding? Well, losing two of your best players wouldnt be the best place to start.

  186. nasri agrees deal with man city

    bbc reports and they are pretty accurate

    bye nasri, good luck to you

  187. Darius – You might want to add to your little list:

    “Sold our best two midfielders – Buy”

    Or maybe you would prefer to see Lansbury given his chance?

  188. With Nasri gone how likely would we be to get Hazard? He is contracted until 2015 and Lille have already lost Gervinho and Yohan Cabaye.

  189. it just keeps getting worse doesn’t it.

    is there an end to all of this,

    light at the end of the tunnel, i fear not.

  190. and why is ryo playing for the reserves

    i don’t get

  191. legrave on tour


    Because he is super super quality.

  192. Darius – what do every single team that win trophies in football for the last 30 years have in common?

    That’s right you fucking mug they buy players.

    But not Arsene and his fucking apologists – what a crock of shit.

    Football doesn’t need to be re-invented and the stupid skinny french fucking fraud is trying to do that.

    He’s a cunt and so are the AKB’s that follow him.

  193. legrave on tour

    lol, yes i suppose he is, hint hint

  194. If you looked at a table ranking clubs for the last half season worth of matches, I’m not sure we wouldn’t be relegated. Half a season’s worth of matches not significant? And we’ve sold our best midfielders? I wish I could comfort myself the way some on here do.

  195. well it’s quite impossible for even the most single minded person to miss the simmering anger of fans isn’t it?

    whether they’re fickle or not, they pay the money (well some do) and Arsen wenger needs to listen.

    Cos fans make a club, they are the club.

  196. Our board dont fukin eserve to qualify for the champions league, they deserve fuck ll. cunts.

  197. If we sell everyone and just pile the cash in the middle of the pitch, some of you apparently would still not concern yourselves, right? Wake up, folks. What’s happened this summer and over the last half season’s worth of matches should confirm that we’ve not been aggressive enough in our transfer policy. You can’t keep selling Toure and Gallas, and replacing them with Silvestre and Squillaci. Can’t sell Adebayor and replace him with Chamakh. Can’t sell Fabregas and Nasri and replace them with teenagers. I appreciate positivity and I’ve tried to maintain some positivity and belief despite my concerns since 07-08, but we are certainly knee deep in crisis at the moment.

  198. henry14, why dont you fuck off you spoilt little ingrate cunt? dont like the ‘stupid skinny french fucking fraud’, well fuck off then, i’m sure if he met you he wouldn’t like you, except your complete insignificance, not only to matters regarding football, but i’m sure to the livelihoods of pretty much anyone on this planet, renders that near on impossible. why dont you fuck off back to whatever hole your crawled out of you despicable piece of shit

  199. Our club is being wound down and fukin streamlined!! are the board going to sell up…..scorched earth policy going on.. utter disfukingrace.

  200. We have Ramsey and Wilshere….surely they can replace Cesc and Nasri? Right?

    Do we really need to buy more midfield players?

  201. At the start of the transfer window Arsne said “You cannot sell your best players and say you are a big club”. Well, we have done exactly that.

    We have 8 days to make our moves in the transfer market (we must have at least £60M slushing around the accounts now), and if we make the right moves it will go so some way keeping face and giving the fans a renewed hope. I just hope that the players we have in mind are not put off by the fact that we have just sold 2 of our best players, 1 of which was a world class performer.

  202. ArseChicago – i admit, i’m as down-trodden as i have ever been as an arsenal fan, however before we write of this transfer window as a complete failure, why don’t we wait until it closes?

    i’ll admit, i wish we’d bought up Cesc & Nasri’s replacements in June and had had all summer to prepare with these new players, however for reasons unbeknownst to us, this hasn’t happened…whether it be negotiating for higher fees for Fab and Nasri, players not wanting to sign for us until we are guaranteed CL football…whatever. We’ve got a week to replace them, and no matter how much you or I or anyone else wishes this had all been sorted months ago, it hasn’t so we’ll just have to wait and see.

    If we don’t sign any creative players to, if not replace, then lessen the impact of Fab and Nasri’s departures, then i will be significantly fucking disappointed. whether my ire should be directed at board or wenger or both i do not know. However, if such an eventuality comes to pass, we’ll all just have to batten down the hatches and hope for the best. I am, with most things in life, an optimist, so I will treat whatever situation arises with as much optimism as i can, but as stated, lets just wait for the transfer window to close before we label this off-season as a total and unmitigated failure…

  203. I wonder if 442 might be an option tonight? Not the time to be messing with the formation I know, but we only played 3 in midfield as we had plenty of quality to pick from. Tonight we don’t.

  204. goonerandy – doesn’t happen all too often (not entirely rare, but not common either), but i am in agreement with you

  205. jabberwocky,
    so well said! henry14 is a disgrace to his namesake and were it not for four letter words he’d be even more of a cunt.

  206. Sid – That was tongue in cheek right?

  207. Not just the sales that’s concerning. Hearing rumblings of Wilshere now being out for an extended period of time. Koz out a few weeks. Gibbs hurt now and surely will be a recurring name on the injury list. RvP can’t stay healthy. Theo doesn’t have the greatest injury record. I appreciate that Wenger only wants to buy if the players are better than what we have, but it’s getting to the point where we don’t have anyone and thus, anyone would be better than nothing.

  208. 4-4-2 = RVP/Walcott = Goals

    Very risky to go for it now. God, I miss the days when we broke with unreleneting width and pace…..

  209. goonerandy, that was in response to your 2:10 post….undecided on 442 as havent really had time to consider it. either way, our midfield is extremely light and i do not like it.

    i was quite taken by the song/frimpong backup for a marauding wilshere, however as it looks like he’s not playing i dont know what to think. if rosicky is fit then play him in front of those two and rest ramsey as he looks shattered. i think song/frimpong could provide a good solid base from which we could counter attack and nick an away goal, however good possibility that could give away a lot of free kicks etc so could be risky.

  210. goonerandy…. yes, it was 😛

    But you never know, Wenger may come out and make those claims if we fail to buy any replacements

  211. How has Wenger put his faith in a LB with Gibbs injury record.As soon as Clichy left we should have bought Baines.Instead we are playing our RB at LB.Utter madness

  212. next thing i’ll hear is that nasri wasn’t good enough.

  213. If we were to do that I would go with RvP/Chamamh up front. Defend from the front. Can’t see it though, too risky a game to be changing things I reckon. It will probably be:

    Pole No1




    Sub: Fabianski/Jenkinson/Miquel/Frimpong/AA/AOC/Chamakh

  214. Goonerandy

    You cant sell you best players and not replace them and think you are a top 6 club.Wenger knew Cesc and Nasri were going in May and has waited till the season started to sell.
    No get ready for the excuses that there are no players of quality available to replace them
    How is Kroenke letting Wenger get away with such rank bad management?

  215. Jabbawocky – Yeah, that also sounds like a good idea. I would prefer that, but I think Arsene will go with Ramsey. I agree about Ramsey, he looks way off the pace at the moment.

  216. Henry 14 – How can you have that as a username and then say Wenger is a cunt? You’re a fucking imbecile of the highest order if you can’t work out that without Wenger you would never have heard of him.

    I cannot stand fuckwits. Arsenal seems to be proliferating them quicker than fly eggs hatching from shit.

    I tell you what, why don’t you fuck off back to your local barbers and add a few more layers to your ‘ironic’ haricut and pince off down hoxton… mug

    right, now that’s over.. Anyone heard is Jack will be fit for tomorrow?

  217. Brian – I do agree, but we have 8 days to go yet. Not ideal, but still. I refuse to believe that we won’t replace both of them. I believe this as it would be negligence, and and don’t believe that to be the case.

    The sad thing in all this is that, 2 quality signings to replace Cesc and Nasri would see us back to square 1 almost. We needed to add quality to the side, not be worrying about replacing players. If we replace Cesc/Nasri and then still add another couple of quality players, things will look remarkably different. But can anybody see us buying 4 (or more) signings at that level? Unfortunatly I can’t 😦

  218. Bob

    Wilshere 100% not going.

    Where you pinning your hopes on a 19 year old who has only played one season?

  219. Whilst this transfer window has been the most depressing I can remember, surely it is now up to the fans to get behind the team and do all we can to get us through this difficult start to the season?

    Whinging about Wenger being a c**t is not only the most pathetic thing I have ever heard, but the most counter productive bit of so called ‘supporting’ – along with booing Nasri – I am sure that really helped Wenger try to make him stay.

    I sometimes think we have the most embaressing bunch of pussy ‘supporters’ on the planet!

    Get behind the team – if you don’t want to – then fuck off and support someone else.

  220. Sheesh, one thing is for sure. Man City really are going to be a force to be reckoned with this year. They are a solid side, but have so many matchwinners in their squad.

  221. brian… because he’s just put close to 60m in the companies bank account in two months mate.

    he doesn’t care about us winning he’s not an arsenal fan he’s a business man who saw our potential earning power because of our poor commercial practises.

  222. goonerandy

    I agree that with 8 days to go we should still be able to add to the squad before the deadline and I hope that AW has already identified the players he would like to bring in. I am tad concerned that the article on the website seems to suggest that maybe he hasn’t, or is not comfortable with his targets.

    Do you think he has a number of players in his crosshairs? Some of whom would be his first choice and others who he will look to bring in if he fails with his first picks?

    I’m wondering as to the ‘quality’ of the players who he considers to be a gamble, as I feel Squillaci was certainly one of those ‘gambles’ last summer.

  223. Yogi:

    Another great post. Pat Rice has been with the club and with Wenger for enough time that he certainly can handle the touchline. Does anyone really think he will do anything different from the boss? It makes no difference to the players. I expect we will go thru.

    Sorry about Nasri leaving but its the right thing for the club to do. I can not see him contributing anything if he stayed. I am under no delusions that we will spend that money and I don’t believe there will be any “significant” signings before the window closes. In the past we have at least heard some plausible rumours by now. Even though we signed him at the bitter end we had all heard about Squillaci long before now. We will win the accountants cup by a country mile again this year.

    Clearly we are rebuilding for the future and have been all summer. We have a fantastic group of young players coming thru the ranks and I hope they handle the pressure better then the last generation. If we can hold on to 4th place and win a CC it will be a very good season. If we can get 3rd and the FA cup it will be a fantastic season.


    I guess the pressure is getting to you a little. Time to take the advice you have handed out many times and lighten up.

  224. Wavey – Well, as I see it he needs 2 players who could come strieght into the starting 11 as a must. One in central midfield, and one wide man, to replace Cesc and Nasri respectively. For me a left back would also be a priority, and a CB nice to have, but we will get away with not doing so if we don’t get too many injuries.

  225. I’m so f***ing depressed. It’s not as if we didn’t know it was going to happen but now it’s confirmed reality sets in. A bit like Cesc I suppose. Have to say if Arsene is true to his word he must not only replace the 3 departing first teamers, he must also add experience to the squad as he promised at the end of last season. It would be unforgivable if he allowed Clichy, Nasri and Cesc to go without having replacements lined up. Do you think he has? This is going to be one of the greatest coups in the history of the EPL or the club has f***ed up!

  226. Luke – I was hoping that we would have a player that would be able to inject a bit of creativity into the midfield and the final third; which is what we have been lacking these last two games.

    I couldn’t care less if he was 29 or 16 at this point. Jack is the only player we have at the moment that comes near to Cesc’s ability to see a pass.

    I’m no fantasist, if we don’t qualify tomorrow then our list of potential targets to strengthen is slim indeed.

    Personally i’d do this:

    ———————- SCZ————————


    ———— Frimpong———-Ramsey——

    ———–Gervinho—— RVP————Arshavin


    But then I’m no football expert, i’m just a fan

  227. Bob, I realise how arsy that comment sounds, so apologies.

  228. the empire has final fallen, players leaving , we cant buy any decent ones now coz we are not a big club. i think we need to all just realize that we are no longer a big club, firstly the media need to lay off our backs then about this winning shit if we cant compete with the top clubs. then we can all just get back to supprting.

  229. JD i think its the latter mate… the players are seeing what a number of fans are to which is that we dont appear to have prepared for loosing both players.

    we started the summer with 40m+ in the fund plus the much reported cash reserves, if we knew we were going to sell cesc and nasri for logical and value-for-money reasons we’d have been much better off buying before we sold which we obviously haven’t done.

    replacing clichy with gibbs is classic wenger… he did the same thing with cole and clichy.

    i hope to god im wrong but its getting so late in the window its hard to believe this is all part of some master plan, especially with how we knew we’d have very difficult opening fixtures.

  230. OptaJoe on twitter

    “49% – Arsenal’s PL win
    percentage with Samir Nasri
    starting is well below the 62% win
    rate for the Gunners in his absence.

    blessing in disguise?

  231. “I’m going to also say – if we don’t sign another centre back, I’ll be very happy with a first choice of Vermaelen-Koscielny and a backup of Djourou-Ignasi with Song and Squillaci being 5th and 6th choice considering the Frimpers is very much on the ball.

    What I’m disappointed about most is the fact that football has lost it’s soul, not that we aren’t’ signing so called experienced players. People don’t want to build and develop things any more. They want to buy new and shiny ready made off-the-shelf plug and play models.”


  232. Is Wilshere definitely out? In that case my shout for midfield:

    Alex Song, Song, Song
    His last name it is Billong
    Partnered by Frimpong

    Ahead Rosicky
    God help poor Udinese
    Three assists easy peasy

  233. Els:

    I think our young players have the potential to be every bit as talented as the group that United is now featuring. The difference is that United does not throw them into the fire until they have significant PL experience. I think we really should be sending players like Miquel, Afobe, Frimpong, Bartley, OX, RYO etc etc etc on PL loan. Look how well a PL loan worked with Wilshere and how well it seems to be working for Wellbeck and Cleverly.

    I think the results of throwing to much pressure and expectation on our young players is obvious from what has happened in the recent past. The idea that age and experience does not matter has clearly been shown to be rubbish. This group of youth is no more talented then the previous one. How do you explain what has happened to the previous generation?

  234. Henry 14

    Its been a while since this was said on here in all earnestness

    Fuck Off Howard.


  235. “At the start of the transfer window Arsne said “You cannot sell your best players and say you are a big club”. Well, we have done exactly that”.

    I keep hearing this. This is why I said Wenger shouldnt talk. All of a sudden his word is gospel? Keep holding on to that and see how far it gets you.

  236. Bob, I like that side. If we have Walcott lurking on the last man, he is always going to be a huge threat. Has decent European pedigree does our young Theo.

  237. Nasri is a good player, a very good player in fact, but is he really a great one?

    OK – He has had his moments, but half a good season does not make a great player.

    It does seem we won’t be doing much in the remainder of the window, although I remain optimistic.

    If we don’t, then so be it – we will continue on.

    Player’s come and go in football – that is fact, and no one is bigger than the club.

    We have lost better players than Nasri in the past and still competed, and we will continue to do so moving forward.

    Have faith, and get behind the team, they need us to now more than ever!

  238. Nasri has been gone. its not really news people.

  239. Unfortunately after 5 or 6 years we seem to be almost back to square one. We have only one player who was bought in as a young man who is now a mature top quality player (RVP) and a couple of others who are good prem level players (Song, maybe Djourou, maybe Diaby if he ever gets fit)
    We can write down our team of youngsters and dream what they will be like in 3,4 or 5 years time but how many will still be with us.?
    If we have a couple of seasons of mid-table I believe it might be worth it if it allowed these players to develop, but we have seen that few if any of the players will be willing to wait around.
    I just hope AW can keep us in the top 4 this year so that the club can develop further.and bring in the odd top quality reinforcement the youngsters need.

  240. goonerwife… exactly… wenger lies all the time everything he says should be taken very very lightly.

    we haven’t acted like a big club for a while.

  241. eden hazard in my honest opinion is better than nasri, more energy, more pace and finishing

  242. nasri isn’t a great player but he’ll become one over the next few years.

    the improvement in his game since he joined us has been massive and he’s got all the qualities to make it, speed, technique, aggression, ambition.

  243. Goonerwife – Are you religious? You sound like you might be. I mention this as if I am ever dabating with a religious type and start picking holes in the Bilbe it quickly becomes obvious that only the bits that suit their agenda are the bits that “are to be taken seriously”.

    You keep hearing that particular Arsene quote as it stands to reason and hold lots of logic.

  244. sorry Arsenal Tom but you have misunderstood me. Wenger is not a liar. Just telling you what he beleives to be true at the time.

    You are all grown ass men, sometimese things dont work out. Like I tell my 3 year old You jus need to deal with it.

  245. Bill

    Exactly, that’s a huge concern. The weight of expectation / pressure placed on kids with the most basic of EPL experience can only be detremental. We can’t expect everyone to hit the ground running like Jack.

    Cesc, Wengers finest youth product, learnt from a side with Keown, Henry, Vieria. We don’t have winners/leaders ready to pick up the slack for youngsters you are understably going to have poor days.

    IOn terms of present quality and experience we have massively regressed this window.

    We have improved in potential.

  246. I dont believe in God

  247. Luke, Hey no problem and no offence taken (expecially after i just went mental at someone i’ve never met!). I think we are all in shock about this pre-season.

    I like theo up there as well, he’s wasted as a winger. if he can sit in between the two centrebacks then they have a problem. One of them will have to go deal with him or they will have to double up / bring in the fullback(s) as cover which would narrow their defence.

    it would allow RVP to drop deeper into the gap between the defence and the midfield (or Arshavin to push up) and hopefully then allow either the ball on to theo or out wide.

    It would be nice to play with a bit of width for once as we tend to get really narrow and compressed.

    We’d also have two midfelders in Ping-Pong and Ramsey that can protect us..

    Amateur tactics i know but football is football!

  248. well no transfers today or tomorow, arsene said he is happy with the current players for a while. probs transfers maybe likely, probably slightly perchance hopefully after the udenese game. Maybe, lol.

    but with arsene , you just never know. His loyal followers just don’t want to admit that the precious Arsene wenger has got it wrong. No point in arguing with some people who let their pride rule their common sense and lie to themselves that there is nothing wrong at the club.

    It’s sad.

  249. I agree with Arsenal Tom. Nasri will be a great player, sometimes you can just tell when a player has that extra bit about him, and he was one of them. Heh, amazing to see people now coming out with “he wasn’t that good anyway” type of lines. The same when Cesc was sold.

    I am 100% certain that if RvP is ever sold, some people will trot out something like “well, he was always injured anyway, we are better off without him”. It sounds like the 12 year who has just been dumped “I didn’t like her anyway”. Yeah, that fools everbody.

  250. Luke

    I agree, Theo does have decent European pedigree,

    he is also a bit of a confidence player. I hope his confidence wasn’t too badly shaken by the match on Saturday as he didn’t exactly put in a good shift.

  251. Goonerwife – Heh, that is good to know. 🙂

    DB10 aside of course 😉

  252. goonerwife… he is a liar… he’s said for 3-4 years he’ll improve and for every single one of those years we’ve conceded more goals than the previous one.

    every season around season ticket renewal time we get the same guff about keeping everyone and adding “super super class” players…

    one year it was silvestre & bischoff last year it was squillachi and chamakh, this year it was 5 players who have never played a top flight game of football in this country and 4 of whom are under 20!

    they are either lies or he is outrageously out of touch with football.

  253. legrave on tour

    ‘You’ve lost two great players, will you replace them with two great players?’, to which he replied: “I’ve bought some great players. We’ve bought [Alex] Chamberlain, you’ll see that he’ll be a great player. Gervinho too will be a great player.

    LOL. Oh dear, what a rubbish summer this has been.

  254. All these people feeling let down by Wenger’s quotes are assuming that he had any say in the sales. That quote may have been directed at the board more than anything.

    Nasri won’t become a great player until he learns to play for the team.

  255. Arsene has said in his press conference that we have already signed 2 players who will be great (Gervihno/AOC) in reply to a question about replaceing the 2 great players we have just sold. As Goonerwife quite righty pointed out, that really must be taken with a pinch of salt. I don’t believe for a second that he believes that they are the replacements.

  256. GA- I will reposte this again for you. I know your world is perfect and everything works out, yada yada but life is not.

    Wenger is not a liar. Just telling you what he beleives to be true at the time.

    You are all grown ass men, sometimese things dont work out. Like I tell my 3 year old You just need to deal with it.

  257. Andy:

    There is no way we can bring a first 11 ready player into the squad at this point. How many top quality player signings are totally unexpected in todays media driven envirnment when the players agents spread rumours. Do you think the club could hide it if we are currently negotiating with anyone. Squillaci signed close to the end but we had heard about him for at least a month before he signed. If I am wrong I will gladly eat my words.

  258. i dont care when he lies to the journo’s but giving fans false hope and buttering them up for season ticket renewals is disgusting

  259. Very happy to hear the Nasri deal is done. Gawd, another monkey off our backs, and good riddance too. We had one on each shoulder for the last 2 months. A bright day for Arsenal. Hleb, Diarra, Nasri, Reyes, I see little difference overall. Very talented players who couldn’t hack it at the best club, didn’t make it, moved on.

    Nasri was “replaced” by 3Gs, but I hate the logic of “replacing”. 3Gs is a different, but on current showing, just as effective. Having said that I’m even more delighted with the other signings to date. It’s the big one I’m interested in though. that’s coming. That might be January. Time is short. You mugs who honestly think Wenger doesn’t know exactly what he needs are the clowns of Arsenal. Like most clowns there’s an air of tragedy about you.

  260. Limestonegunner

    ArseChicago, lol! Some folks are so adamant about being positive about every aspect of the club that it can lead to some absurdity. But let’s also not claim that we have failed to strengthen until the window has closed. Hopefully, the club will manage to bring in at least two players of experience and quality. I am prepared to let Frimpong back up Song and be enthusiastic about his possible breakthrough–just have a feeling from what I saw in the Emirates cup before his injury and how well he has come back from it. But I think Ramsey needs another season before shouldering the attacking responsibilities fully. So one player in defence (whether LB or CB) and one in attack, either for creativity in midfield or a striker. There are arguments for either. If Theo can play through the middle, which I know you have called for elsewhere (7amkickoff–a great blog btw, ACLFers) then an attacking midfielder. If a good striker, then let RvP move back on occasion to provide more creativity. The one thing I fear right now is a long term, Vermaelen-like, injury to Wilshere. I don’t even know what kind of an injury he has–is there any info on that?

  261. bill… if the people involved in buying the players got their act together we could…

    find out how much they want offer close to it and negotiate, find out if the players interested, then do the same with the players wages. simplistic view? yes but lets not pretend its rocket science.

    isn’t that why we brought in gazidis and his big team? so we can get deals done?

  262. Goonerwife – I never said he was a liar. I think leads the press a merry dance when it comes to transfer targets, but why not?

    The comment about “not selling your best players” was not about a specific target though, so I don’t see why we should just pay lip service to that quote. It is true.

    Bill – you may well be right mate, but if that does turn out to be the case then we are diffinately up shit creek. We have lost 3 first choice players, and will be weaker if we don’t replace them. Simple as that.

  263. Gunners are due some good news. A win tomorrow will be a good start, followed by the unveiling of 3 shiny new players next week.

    In the mean time will some of you guys calm the heck down, and I mean both sides of the fan divide. AKB’s taking out their frustrations on doomers and vice versa ain’t gonna cut it.

    Positive vibes people, not just towards the team but towards each other as well. 🙂

  264. zim how can you judge gervinho as “just as effective” after getting sent off and helping us to a goal less draw at newcastle compared with nasri’s 3 seasons and 18 goals in 86 games.

  265. Zim – Are you a relative of Chemical Ali? Seriously?

  266. Luke. Don’t repeat messages to me without putting them in context. Are you still wearing your silk man u underpants or are you waiting until your mum has gone out?

    And YW. I’m sure I said “Fuck off Howard” a couple of days ago on here.

  267. You mugs who honestly think Wenger doesn’t know exactly what he needs are the clowns of Arsenal. Like most clowns there’s an air of tragedy about you.


    ZimPaul. God, you have no idea how much I want you to be right. You have no idea how much I want to believe you.

  268. BILL ANDY Wengerspin latest comments

    Arsene Wenger believes he has already signed the players necessary to ease the loss of
    Samir Nasri, who headed for a Manchester City medical on Tuesday.

  269. Bernard

    Please read the post. It was reposted for Darius, as it says at the top.

  270. legrave on tour

    Henristic –

    I agree but it wont happen mate, any of it.

  271. You’ve lost two great players, will you replace them with two great players?’, to which he replied: “I’ve bought some great players. We’ve bought [Alex] Chamberlain, you’ll see that he’ll be a great player. Gervinho too will be a great player.

    ZIINPAUL like AW is delusional

  272. We replaced Nasri with Gervinho. We brought in Cesc’s replacemt years ago. Ramsey got badly injured so we rushed Wilshere through in case Rambo couldn’t get back to his best. Now we have the two of them. Wilshere is my shout for replacing Cesc.

    I posted it a while ago but, after Cesc, Wilshere had the highest chances created last season. Moving him forward will convert those into actaul assists.

  273. Of course Wenger lies. Who doesn’t? In fact, I would be worried about his statement of mind if he wasn’t a liar, seeing how he tends to contradict himself.
    His lies tend to look a bit silly and unnecessary sometimes though, but what the heck, no one is perfect. He still has my backing.
    There might just be a method to his madness, and if there isn’t, at least the club is in a relatively healthy enough financial situation for whoever the next guy will be.

  274. *worried about his state of mind..

  275. Markus – Even if you were right (which I don’t think you are), the squad would have not improved since last season. That is one of the problems; even if we now do replace them, the squad won’t be any better. And it needed to be.

  276. Mata is better then Nasri.

  277. Our hope for tomorrow is that Theos football brain is working
    and he has an outstanding match, hes been lousy lately
    speed is not enough

  278. Nasri was a squad player. He’s been replaced by three more Miyaichi, Gervinho and The Ox. Arshavin will also fight for his spot on the left.

    By my maths we are one playmaker short going into the final week of the window. There’s a couple of areas we could embellish – and that might happen too – but as it is, the only position we are actually short at is playmaker. I expect us to wrap up one of our targets before the week is out – or else on transfer deadline day. Strap yourself in!

  279. it’s all sabotage.

  280. Yeah that winner in the first leg was a real bummer.

  281. and has gone to Chelsea

  282. Limestonegunner

    We have a big big game tomorrow. I don’t see any value to us or our team to be obsessing about the transfer away of Nasri since there is no way we could have anyone in to bolster us–that is probably true for this weekend. So we need to stop panicking and concentrate on what it will take to go through tomorrow night with the team we have available. If we lose to ManU away, big deal, that isn’t going to make or break our season. Hopefully, we will have some reinforcement coming in that will lift the support and the players even though no new player is likely to contribute to these games. In the meantime, I hope the away crowd drown out the fans at Udine and at Old Trafford. Time for some defiance. The home support vs. Udinese and Liverpool deserve a great amount of credit for their stalwart fight for the cause. Lots of posters love to target the rest of the support but should applaud our fans for recognizing that the team needs us and is putting in determined effort despite all these setbacks. Bravo! Now the club needs to do its part and make the last week count.

  283. nasri was a squad player….love it.

  284. Limpar thats all he did he disapeared for most of the fame and was
    a ghost in the Liverpool game

  285. Yeah, I’ve been thinking of Wilshere reprising his boyhood role of out-and-out attacking mid this season. Sharing the role with Ramsey. Interesting, Markus – very interesting.

  286. We don’t know if Mata is better than Nasri Dukey, he has never played in the Prem.

    Nasri had an outstanding half a season last year, and only contributed 1 assist, albeit a good number of goals.

    We have the quality to cover his loss, although losing him and Fab at the same time is a real blow, but nothing we could really do about it – It would of been silly to let him walk for nothing next year.

    8 days to go, and I as much as anyone hopes that we do something, but if we don’t it is time to put faith in the kids we have got, and hope they come through.

  287. Alex Ice Cream

    First Clichy (no great loss) then Cesc and now Nasri all deserting the sinking ship for one reason or another. It was obvious that this would happen and when I pointed this out I was ridiculed on here. Not too bothered about 6mth wonder Nasri but it shows once again that we cannot keep our top playerss. We are a combination of a finishing school and a feeder club for Barca.


  288. Nasri could not head the ball and was a 6 trick pony.

  289. Limpar – No he wasn’t, where on earth did you get that from? If he was available, he started without doubt. In most people’s books that makes them a “starter”. He was one of the 1st names on the team sheet.

    If we have Gervihno as of of the starters in the wide berth’s, and a new nplayer on the other all would be good. Theo and AA are too inconsistant to be a regular starter for me, although I do like both players. Miyaichi and AOC will hopefully get a a few games due to injury/suspensions. To not replace Nasri would be stuipd.

  290. fair point matt but he would have been a bloody good replacement for the same bloody price.

  291. In terms of goals and assists Nasri offered little. And he certainly doesn’t offer a lot in defence. A couple of eye-catching moments of individual brilliance – which is what has allowed us to squeeze quite such a ludicrous amount out of City for him in the last year of his contract.

    It’s a big shame because he was an intelligent footballer and will only get better, but in terms of the hole he leaves in the squad, it is just that, one less squad player in the midfield.

  292. Arsenal FC’s logistics over the few days, and because we all accept signing players isnt as easy as popping to the shops, I will be suprised to see more than one addition.

    Fly to Udine tonight, game tomorrow, back early hours Thursday, half day, full (light) session Friday, travel to Manchester Saturday, game Sunday, last 3 days of the window.

    We are in a stage of rescuing our summer. Not once have we had the upper hand or momentumt his window. City / Barca have dominated proceedings, we have failed in our big targets (bar Gerv). Terrible foresight. Where is this experience we were promised/needed?

  293. but Nasri’s replacement was sitting on the bench in our opening games taking notes on big games.

  294. BOOZY | August 23, 2011 at 2:21 pm
    next thing i’ll hear is that nasri wasn’t good enough.

    its already started-
    first cesc was overrated
    clichy was the weak link.
    now nasri was a squad player.

    when rvp goes it’ll be- he was always injured .
    when jack goes it’ll be – he had only one good leg.

    when would you guys just be objective for once, and let it out.

  295. Well it looks like youth will prevail. I actually like the idea of a line up set up like ts with our new personnel:

    ————- Van Persie————–

    I feel like this team is still capable of great things if we can get our fitness and then our cohesion back. It would be nice to see one or two creative forces added to this mixture with the funds we no doubt have in the bank. We shall see…definitely interesting times ahead.

  296. Nonsense. If Nasri was just a standard squad player why did Wenger say he was prepared to lose him on a free next summer? Utter tosh.

    He would have been handed the keys to the side this season. Wenger recognises his undoubted ability, and was prepared to keep him for one year.

  297. Limpar….??? come on. he scored 20 goals last year, who will get them this year from midfield? seriously have some perspective its all good and well showing your support for the club but no point lying.

  298. The quality of posting and debate today and most days is infantile. It’s getting worse. Anyone who can’t get excited about a signing like Ox, or even bother to talk about him, and the prospects of a player like Campbell, really are juvenile. More than that, people who grovel like cowards when there is joy and adventure to be had are victims of the self-inflicted variety. You sound pathetic because you are.

    Life and football at Arsenal could be so much worse, you can scarcely imagine now the depths to which tomorrows are capable of sinking. It’s hard to explain because you haven’t had to face it before. All it takes is a few twists and turns of fate. Be careful what you wish for. Be careful what you begrudge, the hate you inspire, the jealousy and envy, the emptiness of backbiting, the sense of life passing you by. Life is now, here, today and gone before you know it. Enjoy what you have. Ox. 3Gs. Jenks. RvP. TV. Chewie. Song. Arsene Wenger. Pat Rice. ACLF. Udinese. ManuU away and an almighty challenge. A season of adventure. The stuff of dreams really, if only one is still able to dream.

  299. Limpar – “In terms of goals and assists Nasri offered little. And he certainly doesn’t offer a lot in defence. A couple of eye-catching moments of individual brilliance – which is what has allowed us to squeeze quite such a ludicrous amount out of City for him in the last year of his contract”

    You could say exactly the same thing about Rosicky (only more so), but only a week or so ago, he was being discussed as Cesc’s replacemen by plenty on here!

    Plus it is bollocks; he has a great work rate, and as he showed in the Liverpool game one of the few players who looks like being able to make anything happen for us.

  300. Limestonegunner

    Everyone knows Wilshere is a creative player. However, just like Cesc, assists and, especially, goals take some time after making the leap up to the top league. This year, it is reasonable to expect that JW will get a few goals and several assists to go along with his all around excellent play–passing, keeping possession, defending, setting up attacking moves and so on. Assuming, of course, he doesn’t miss a large part of the season to injury–fingers crossed! He benefited greatly, however, playing with a talent like Cesc as part of his development. It is a little too soon to expect him or Ramsey (who actually was on target for this season to really step forward before losing a year) to assume that burden. There is a lot of decision-making involved in those roles and that gets better with experience and playing with other good players. We would do well to bring in someone, like Arteta?, to ease this transition and spread the creative burden around more equally. This is one reason I think Ramsey should be on the bench tomorrow night. He does look knackered or a bit overwhelmed.

  301. There is too much tension and miss directed passion in the Arsenal world.

    We are allowing the media too much influence. They have all copied their style from Murdock’s business model – ‘inflammatory headlines’ cemented in misquotes, miss-information, and disruptive commentary.

    Who the f*ck do they think they are?

    Are we going to allow them to destroy our club, manager, and any player they choose to target (specifically foreigners), because they think they have all the power and right?

    I’m with Aman….
    Its time for the supporters to lace up…….
    Arsenal Nation needs to declare war on these media whores, the FA, UEFA, and whomever.

    There is more football knowledge and writing IQ on this blog site and other Arsenal sites…..we need to restore or demand fair and balanced commentary; divert our passion and footballing IQ at our real enemy – not internally.

    We are Arsenal……and they are no match for us.

    Structure for communication is in place….ACLF, Arseblog, Goonerholic, etc……there are proven warriors on this sight: Darius, Frank, George, Dexter, Shotta, Consolsbob, Limpar, Geo, Chrisgooner, Aman, Markus, Wavey, Gains69, Paul-N, Anirudh, Steww, Poodle, FanGunner, ZimPaul, els, Mark Pascall and I apologize for leaving off others.

    Its’ time for solidarity……..let the manager, players, and club focus on the battles on the pitch and fans provide a frontal attack at the media.

    Time to make the media play defense.

    The only crisis we are in ……is the one where fans are complacent.

  302. Miyaichi just scored against Wigan in the Reserves. Getting his fitness up.

  303. I just watched the AW interview, he did say that he has already signed 2 potentially great players in The Ox and Gervinho – but then added that we are short in midfield and are looking to strengthen that area.

    But why let the whole of a quote get in the way of a good soundbite!

  304. Zim – The signings of AOC and Campbell are exciting. But they are not the type of signings we should be prioritising. If we had not just sold our two best players, and maybe added a couple of quality players to the squad…..and then made those signings, I think everybody would be more than happy. They are signings for the future, but the present is far more pressing at this moment in time for us.

  305. Gervinho will make us forget about Nasri in due time. I am not really that worried by it. I am more worried by our injuries than anything else. I believe a fit Jack in the lineup changes everything. It would be nice to have one more really creative influence available, I am sure Wenger has his eye on someone, or maybe just plans to change our tactics to suit who we have available.

  306. LOL

    amused that the first team section on the website still includes Nasri and there is an option to buy a shirt with his name and number.

  307. @@Bill 2:41 pm….

    Whatever happened to your sense of humour. Do you really think my tongue wasn’t firmly in my cheek? Or maybe I’m just very bad at playing doomer.

    Fuck it – where’s Muppet.

  308. I wonder how many fans bought the new shirt with Nasri, Clichy or Fabregas names on the back. Reckon AFC will allow them to exchange them?

  309. unfortunate that Nasri went for the dough, lookin forward to some new signings!

  310. Wavey – Only for AOC (in full) if they pay the difference 😉

  311. And, I am supremely confident that we will do what is needed tomorrow night. We will score the away goal we need and they will not be able to put three past us. We will have Champs league football, and we will go to the house of Manc and give them hell.

  312. On the flip side of things, getting £25M for a player with only one year left on his contract is great negotiating by the club.

  313. I applaud Nasri for playing against Liverpool. He didn’t bust a gut like the rest of the team though. He languished around like the prima donna that he is. Played at walking pace for large periods of the game. Why he is being painted as some Robin Hood type character is beyond me. He went for goal a couple of times when there was a good pass on, which surprised me. Made me think he’d seen the headlines rather than keeping his head and playing the percentages. Also didn’t like how his head dropped when we went down to ten men. He all but gave up and you have to say that his arm-swinging, face-scrunched sulkiness was not a wholly original sight. Sadly we were party to all that huffing and puffing a fair bit at the end of last season – when he went MISSING FOR THE RUN-IN.

  314. “I’ve told you that we are in a position where we can say ‘No.’ And we will [in the case of Nasri].”

    Nasri with no guarantee that he will sign a new contract represents a £20million gamble – the fee his suitors are reportedly prepared to pay.

    “You are the same people who reproach me for not spending money and now you reproach me for wanting to spend it!” replied Wenger.

    “It is in the interests of the Club,” he went on. “Imagine the worst situation – we lose Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that.

    It’s official Arsenal under Wenger prove we are not ambitious

    There is no amount of spin that can change that

  315. Vice – Yeah, I think we will go through as well.

  316. goonerandy

    Need to pay to exchange to an XXXL shirt as well then

  317. viceologist | August 23, 2011 at 3:52 pm
    Gervinho will make us forget about Nasri in due time.

    I AGREE- i believe he’ll be a better replacement for nasri.

    but he cant do all by himself, we need others of his quality to make us competitive, not 17 years old who we can’t call on in this crucial times.

  318. “I wonder how many fans bought the new shirt with Nasri, Clichy or Fabregas names on the back. Reckon AFC will allow them to exchange them?”

    I wonder how many Arsenal fans walked past the Arsenal shop in Finsbury Park, anytime over the last two months, looked up and saw no images of Fabregas and Nasri,and thought ‘hmmmmm…’

    Yes indeedy. The realists will hack away till their keys are all in blue. Poor lambs can’t pass by a half formed prospect at a WUM.

    Gervais was always Nazza’s replacement.

    Obviously I’d like to have kept him, but Gervais, Campbell, Miyachi and the Ox are all players that can play in Nasri’s former role in this team, whatever it was.
    One out, four in.

  319. So Cesc’s replacement in the team is now finally gone. Gervinho just signed with us so at least we wont lose Nasri’s replacement just yet!

    Great timing too, just as we are to fly out to Italy for a vital champions league qualifier!

    Fucking shambles of a summer if you ask me.

  320. legrave on tour

    Unfortunately levelling the accusation that a player is leaving us to join city only for the money is simply not true anymore.

  321. It doesn’t take any spin at all, Franchise.

    Arsene wanted to keep both players. The players wanted out and the board decided to cash in.

    As for ambition we have 8 days and a nice little war chest burning a hole in our pockets. We’ll see where that gets us.

  322. Oh I see that Samir Nasri has left. Good riddance to the cunt.

  323. Heh, Limpar you are making youself look a bit silly. Turning on players as soon as they have left, when bigging them up whilst they were here. A bit hypocritical don’t you think? Fence sitting even. At least if I don’t rate a player I will say so even if he is still at the club.

    Nasri is an excellent player, who will probably go on to become even better. He was pretty much the only player against Liverpool that looked like creating something, but now you refuse to accept that as he is left. It is a shame we have lost him, but if we replace him well enough he will soon be forgotten.

  324. In usmanov & dein we trust.

    In this lot we rust.

    Like it or not its a fact.

    You dinasours indenial need to wake up & start speaking up for the club you supposedly love instead of sitting back thinking wenger & co can do no wrong.

  325. “Come to see Eboue, I only came to see eboue”

    Fuck he’s gone

  326. It is a shame that he is a greedy little cunt and jumped ship, yes that’s a crying shame. Whole squad full of talent willing to play for the cannon to replace him though. So I’m not sweating it.

    And Arshavin created our best chance against Liverpool. Nasri might’ve looked like he was because he had a couple of pot shots – no surprise at all.

  327. if clichy isn’t a big loss are people expecting traore to make the jump then? because we all know gibbs will only manage to play about 15 games all season

  328. Darius @ 3:54

    My bad. I guess we are all a bit overly serious about this stuff.

    Arsenal Tom:

    Even the money bag teams don’t negotiate a big signing within a week. If we really are after anyone who could have a real impact this season we would have been started sooner and the players agents etc would have leaked the news. No way to keep something like that secret

  329. Well the Nasri fee (25 mil supposedly) will have covered the fees for Gerv, Oxo and Jenks.

    Leaving the Cesc monies and what ever we originally had earmarked for spending this summer.

    Now its like Brewsters Millions, where Arsene Bruster has 70 mil to spend in 7 days to make sure he can be in for the big prize.

    Can he do it? Continually hit F5 to find out…


  330. finsbury –

    i ordered my NO.19.

  331. Sorry i should have said Cesc + Clichy + Eboue monies added to our original fund.

  332. Nasri was meant to be Cesc’s replacement?

    Really. Even though Nasri’s idea of a slide rule pass was a twenty yard shilly shally around three opoonents, and then back again, just to take the footballs.

    I guess one learns something new on ACLF every day.
    They ain’t called D**Mers for nuffink!

  333. Part of me is really pissed at him for jumping ship. But another part of me almost thinks “who can blame him?”. He is not an Arsenal fan like us, and has had a massive wage increase and has joined a club very much on the up (for all the wrong reasons mind) who are bound to be winning trophies in the not too distant future.

  334. Deise – Heh, quite.

  335. @Bill – it’s OK my good friend. I forgive you.

    You’ve got to admit though, that seeing a new character in defence is a refreshing thing, right? Even for you, it must give you a boner to see the spirit we’ve displayed so far.

  336. Could it be that both Nasri and Cesc were aware that there was going to be no more “big” signings and decided to jump ship? I ask this in all seriousness.

  337. bill… more incompetence from arsenal then. nothing new.

    so we’ve got song, diaby, jack, ramsey, frimpong, lansbury, rosicky as our CM options this year?


  338. our only chance against liverpool

  339. Yeah finsbury Nasri was to shuffle on into the centre and be our playmaker, like he was at Marseilles and is with the french national team. But 25 mil is too good to turn down for a player who has one season left on the contract and has been tapped up to the tune of 180 grand a week and 5 mil signing on fee….

    We have a serious lack of creativity and ball retention in our midfield now. Serious lack.

  340. Part of you is pissed? Thats clever. Can you get drinks which just make bits of your body pissed and not others? Some people might find that quite helpful in certain situations of course, but not others..people or situations I mean.

  341. So what would you of done then Franchise??

    Kept a player with one year left on his contract and let him walk for nothing, or take the £23M?

    Cesc wanted to leave to go to Barca, who are his boyhood team, and also coincidentally currently the world’s best team – You can’t really blame him for that.

    And Nasri has left for more money – simple – no other reason.

    None of that means we are no longer a big club, in fact we are one of the biggest in the world, and there are plenty of other players out there who would love to play for us.

    Players come and go in football, and better players have left us in the past and we have managed without them.

  342. “Farce”, no better nor apt word can better tell the tale so far this pre/season. I understand that Cesc had to go, that Samir was wanted the greater funds of the State Owner Enterprise known as Man City. We all knew this as the preseason began. Arsene knew this as well. I still think Wenger is a great manager but like it or not the club at the moment is in crisis and it is in part due to our Manager.

  343. False-realists rejoicing in their valiant quest to ‘not rate’ players at their own club! Onward brave truth-tellers, expectation lowerers and dampeners of footy passion! Only you have the courage to talk our young players down, to wallow in our woes and piss on everyone’s chances…

    Wilshere – Nah. Not ready yet. Needs at least another season out on loan.
    Szcesceny – Nah. NOWHERE NEAR ready yet. Needs at least fifteen yrs Prem experience.
    Walcott – League One standard – never gonna improve. No football brain.
    Van Persie – Injured all the fucking time. Never gonna play. Offload.
    Koscielny – Lige 2? You’re havin a laugh! 5th choice centreback AT BEST.
    Frimpong – Nah. Not ready yet. Needs at least a season out on loan.

    No fucking imagination. Not an ounce of it.

    And now I look silly…

    Forgive me for not heeding the warnings of the false-realists.

  344. JD possibly… but for me their difference situations…

    cesc, said he stagnated at arsenal… hardly surprising when the whole club seems to have done the same, he wanted to go home to a team that competes and wins trophies… something we cant offer.

    nasri has gone for two reasons… huge pay packet, and the fact that man city are showing very very serious ambition through player signings. they want to win the league and be a force and do it quickly. its gotta be a pretty exciting prospect for a player (lets remember he’s not an arsenal fan so had no real loyalty to us)

    either way both departures are massive massive dents to us as a club more than a team… these are young players yet to peak and both have decided to go. we used to be able to hang onto players and sell when we felt they were past it but now it appears we cant hold onto our best players.

  345. Bradys right foot

    £25 Million for a player in the final year of his contract is money too good to turn down. will I miss Nasri? No, I believe he was tapped up around February and was a passenger in the last few months of the season. He looked a different player from the one that threatened to be the best player in the league in the early stages. He has wonderful world class qualities, his skill dribbling and ball control, however he is no Fabregas and while a good continuity player his attributes are not best suited to a creative midfield role simply because his passing and vision are ordinary. He has a tendancy to dwell on the ball and slow attacks down by taking possesion rather than seeing the pass. One of the biggest differences I noticed between Cesc and Nasri was that Cesc knew where he was going to play the ball before he got it, Nasri asssumed possesion and then would make up his mind. He will score spectaculer goals and look fantastic at times overall however I would question his out right effectiveness. To get the best out of Samir you would give him a free role off a striker. Credit to the lad he played well at the weekend but for me its a huge relief that the wantaways are away.

  346. wenger thinks oxo and ryo are so good that he hasn’t even played them.

    when walcott and arshavin were having thier woorst games in an arsenal shirt he didn’t bring em on

    lets be clear nobody here knows fuck all about how well these new guys are going to do

  347. That is probably the type of crap you would come out with if we had sold any of those players as well. You just can’t bring youself to admit, that having sold Cesc and Nasri we have sold two of our most important players. Denial it is called my friend. I find it quite strange, when it is blatently obvisou to most people.

    All that said, if we do replace them properly we will hopefully be able to move on. If we buy in a couple more squad players, we are in for a very long and disapointing season.

  348. We cannot replace Cesc and Samir with the like of Ryo, AOC or Gervinho… none of which are creative, distribution type footballers. Arsenal in two games have looked short of ideas when going forward, you cannot argue against it because it is fact. We have a need for a creative midfield player and with August coming to a close fast the only beneficiary of the transfers out of Ashton Grove to date are the shareholders. I would hope that even the shareholders realise that no CL football, a good league finish or cup runs will do anything to increase Arsenal’s commerical profile.

    Yogi, if you are a little feed up with it at the moment you are not alone. I love my team but I cannot sit by and pretend all in well when the morale in the squad looks nothing short of just sad. We are now left with 3 world class players (Sagna, RvP and TV5) and they cannot carry the entire team.

  349. AOC and Ryo look great prosepcts. But lets be clear, that is exactly what they are. AOC has just turned 18, and never played a second in the top flight. Ryo was at school in Japan 18 months ago.

  350. Rumours from France and the Belgian Congo say that Kaka has agreed a 2 year deal with Arsenal and will be moving to the Emirates before the end of the week.

    Sly Sports understands that Arsenal’s Chief lawyer has been seen hanging around churches in Madrid and having lunch with Brazilian looking folks carrying out low key negotiations.

    Meanwhile, insiders at Highbury House – actually, it was the watchman from SGS security services who cover for the regular guys who do security – noticed agents for Hazard popping in and out for secretive meetings with Ivan Gazidis. He knows this because he asked them where they’re from and they said they were from a fishing village just off the shore of Lake Malawi – though in the funny accent they spoke in the secuirty guard simply heard that where they were from – swimming in the lake was a Hazard.

    Relax folks – Sly sports have said it – it will happen.

  351. Limestonegunner

    Franchise, re-investing the funds into the team would answer those concerns, as all clubs lose players but find ways to reinforce the squad through both promotion of younger players and purchase of new ones. There is still a week to go. How about we table the discussion of ambition until Sept. 1? Right now the best thing is to figure out how to deal with the next two games, particularly the return leg of our qualifier.

  352. And just to clarify, I have nothing against blooding these players. But to do it in this current team could set them back, not bring them on. There were comparisons earlier with our current youngsters and Manure’s. Not for a second do I think that overall Manure have better talent there, but they can nuture them into the squad with some vastly expericed pro’s to help them through games. By and large, we can’t at the moment.

  353. it is obvious why people are concerned we have sold two of our best players

    they haven’t been replaced so we are weaker.

    some on here say they will get behind the team no matter what happens that goes without saying

    we are not stong enough to win the league as it stands surely we are all in agreement?

  354. Darius – Heh, excellent stuff.

  355. Matt they are not my words they are le boss’s.

    we cant be taken as an ambitious club if we sell those 2

    well we arent then

  356. Even the rose tinted brigade are starting to feel the tears welling up… going to be a long season.

  357. The only good news this season to date is Tottenham in 20th spot 🙂

  358. with 8 days left, history tells me Wenger wouldnt panic buy meaning he wouldnt buy at all

    or probably he wouldnt strengthen the positions you expect or when he does he would sign the unexpected

    like the saying goes ‘you fail to prepare ……..’

    it might be 8 points dropped by Sunday. injuries, sales, suspension and inaction has decimated our team

    We need a miracle at OT

  359. Whatever you think about the players that have left, Cesc, and to a lesser extent Nasri were matchwinners. This is the aspect that needs replacing.

  360. We came closer than City to the title last year despite them spending even more than they have this year. I believe we can do it again. Hopefully we emerge from under this black cloud of bullshit speculation when the window closes.

    2010/11 Apps – Goals – Assists

    Gervinho : 53 – 18 – 10
    Nasri : 46 – 15 – 5


  361. Two excellent players have left becuase they wanted to leave for whatever reasons. I dont rate what they have done but Arsenal have acted with class by allowing them to go to who they wanted to go to.

    All this does is leave room for new players and for others to step up and be counted. I believe Gervihno can make a big difference, he is more dangerous than Nasri (I Think) as far as when they first joined the team.


  362. Its amazing what i am reading.On saturday Gooners we singing Nasri’s name now he is a greedy cunt.Yet four days ago he wasnt.Make you minds up.The same when Greedybayor was playing for us the fans were singing his name.And he was a greedy cunt

    Listen RVP and Jack will be next out the door unless we we something.

    Good players are not going to stay at a club with zero ambition.Wenger really has lost the plot this summer

    The title.Not a hope in hell of winning that.Our only hope is the Carling cup.And we know we will even fuck that up

  363. It’s not as black and white as that Franchise.

    Aw has always publicly backed his players, and always will – and clearly at the time didn’t want to sell either player, but it became clear over the summer that we had little choice.

    Realistically there is no value to the team to keep players who do not want to be there, it doesn’t matter who they are.

    We are a big club – fact, one of the biggest in the world – bigger and more well known globally than we have ever been.

    Selling or even buying players does not change that.

  364. Markus, I thought they finished above us????

  365. Markus – That is crazy logic mate.

    1. They finished 3 points ahead us (i.e, we were not closer).
    2. They have added some quality footballers to their squad.
    3. We have sold tow of our best players, and our 1st choice left back. As yet, we have not replaced these players.

    The stats you have posted actually favor Nasri given as he was playing in a much better lge, so I don’t really see your point there?

  366. Limestonegunner

    Hilarious blogpost–some may yet have some enjoyment today! Frimpong is already becoming an Arsenal twitter legend, commenting on Jack’s diplomatic tweet well-wishing Nasri.

  367. Markus

    Gervinho was playing in the French Mickey mouse league.Even Chamakh looked good there.And Bendtner would get 30 goals there

  368. Why wouldn’t you cheer him when he is playing for us Paul?

    Would it of helped the team performance if we had boo’d him at the weekend?

    And Nasri has gone to City to double his money – no other reason, so maybe that would explain why some people think he is a greedy c**t.

    RVP is club captain and Jack is loyal to the club, they have never given out any signals to suggest otherwise – and maybe they have the backbone to stay and fight for the cause – unlike some of our supporters.

    Do you expect us to win the title every year?

  369. Anyway off home. Gyros and a pils for tea. Hurrah!

  370. no one used the word ‘big’

    he just said ppl will question our ambition

    ‘big club’ is as misplaced a term as ‘world class’

    everyone has their own definition

  371. Matt – Heh, the club captain thing is normally the first nail in the coffin for leaving the club 😉

  372. Limestonegunner

    GA, in Germany I thought that would have been a Doner?!

  373. Limestone – You could do, but Gryos is where it is at. Mit Zatziki sauce. mmmmm

  374. Ambition is one thing – but selling those 2 players had to happen – for the good of the team.

    I agree it was an unfortunate quote – but if you only know one thing about AW by now it is that his Press Conference’s give very little away.

    I do not for one minute think that AW, the team and staff of the club are not ambitious – do you?

    They all want to win as much as we do.

  375. Limestonegunner

    No way, GA, Turkish yoghurt sauce is even better. Enjoy!

  376. I think folks are a bit miffed that there’s only 8 days left, we have 10 players out on injury or suspension and all we’ve done is buy a bunch of cheap little kids that no one has heard of.

    They can’t breathe or possibly think rationally because the media all around them is suffocating them with their new agenda – Cesc is out now and the next target is Wenger. Wenger must go! If I was cynical, I’d believe that, but I digress.

    The point is people are feeling miffed – just like when you’ve been dumped by your girlfriend, even though you knew all along she was going to leave you at some point.

    Clearly, we’ve got some spring chickens in to cover for her, but they won’t cut the mustard – that’s what the media tell us of course.
    Arsenal fans are funny in that they want replacements. As if it was ever possible to replace a girl with an identical one in looks, habit, characteristics, figure – and abilities in other unmentionable areas. They’re angry and they want to go on the rebound.

    They say look – The Chavs and Blue and Red Mancs are strengthening – where are we? These guys are shopping at Harrods and Selfridges and we’re bargain hunting at Lidl and Aldi. How on earth are we going to compete? Especially when Mancity line up a front 6 of Yaya Toure, Nasri, Silva and Tevez, Djeko or Balotelli and Aguero – players who collectively cost more than the GDP of at least 47 developing countries on the UN LDC index.

    We’re in a relegation dog fight we here – and that’s where we’re going to stay until we buy – wait for this – one or two – players. How come it’s never 3 and a half players – always one or two. Just like ‘Appy ‘Arry likes to operate.

    Guys – take it easy, there’s worse things in life than being an Arsenal fan. Don’t take life too seriously, you’re not going to make it out alive.

  377. Deise,

    Nope you dodo. I never wrote that a player who grew up idolising Zidane cannot play at CM.

    I just wrote that he’s a very different player to the F word. Which he is. Not much ‘debate’ there I am afraid.

    Move along now. Nothing to see here.

  378. Hope you’re right Matt cause, if he doesn’t sign a new contract soon, this time next year RVP will have only one year left .

  379. if our ambition is ensuring we finish at least 4th then we have been ambitious

    otherwise not at all

  380. What is really dissapointing is the support turning on the manager for selling two players who wanted out. I believe players will be coming in and I can only hope they have more heart than those who have gone.

    People say we are weaker without them but it was those same players who went missing towards the end of last season. They were no better than the “dead wood” at the team as far as us getting results. For me they dont have it or their heads were turned subsequently they were not benificial to the team.

    I am dissapointed in them but happy to see them leave. What the hell is the point of having a money hungry or home sick player in the team if they cannot fully give their all?

    Get behind the team. The people at the club are the team, that Includes Arsene. Stop bashing the man and using his words to hang him with. He isnt in full control.


  381. JD Gooner this time next year Theo and Van Persie will have only one year left?

    VP is 27 and has won nothing of note in club or world football

    I doubt he’ll be signing any contracts until the manager convinces him we can build a strong team again. not by words but by action

    theo is more likely to sign an extension

  382. Finishing at least 4th is a good starting point – and then challenging for the title and cups – which is what we did last season.

    Do you seriously think that AW start’s every season with just the objective to finish in the top 4 and not the try and win things?

    If you do – then you are deluded.

    We are trying to win against all of the odds.

    The fact that we are even able to challenge Chelsea, Man U and now Man City is a miracle!

  383. Limestonegunner

    Franchise, he just turned 28. If he doesn’t sign a contract extension, you can predict what some on here will say about him.

  384. finsbury what are you talking about? You questioned my comment that Nasri would have been Cescs replacement in the centre, did you not?

  385. Bloody doomers why are people beating themselves up about nasri he made it clear he was going and wenger did great negotiating 25 mil for him. We move on next is champions league n this is the focus, we go through n there will be no shortage of players wanting to join. So why don’t all the doomers jump in the proverbial n let us get on with supporting the team.

  386. As for winning the title – who said we have to beat Manure, Chelsea and City to do it.

    Even if we lose home and away to these 3 teams, win at home against teams below us in the league – draw away against the rest of the top half and win away against the bottom half of the league – believe it or not, you get to be champions.

    The fact that City, United and Chelsea have spent over £2.5 collectively more than we have does not stop us from winning the title. We can stop ourselves by not playing to our full potential and by not supporting whatever team Wenger puts out.

  387. That’s at least £2.5 billion collectively.

  388. Well we have to get more points than them Darius, I might be being pedantic, but I think that is what most people meant.

    We will challenge for the title this year – of that I have no doubt.

    We have a sticky start to the season, compounded by player sales and injuries, but we still have a very good squad of players who are all committed to the club.

    Plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

  389. Would you not prefer the term ‘faux realists’ in the context, LA?

  390. darius stop with the media thing its pathetic arsenal fans hate the media well known fact even when we were invincibles

    very simplistic to blame the media for fans views on our current situation

    maybe just as simple as believing wenger that we are in a great position.

  391. Matt we flatter to deceive with our challenge

    its been all too predictable over the last few years

    we sell sit on the cash replace with players that are inexperienced or not good enough, then we sell again and the cycle continues

    we have been a young team for 5 years now, you will think our players dont age. truth is we have almost completeley broken two teams since 07/08

    some will say all the players that left are greedy. well, if that is true, then one can question the type of players we recruit

    invincibles team all sold by 2009 remaining sub clichy who was sold this summer

    starting 11 07/08 team

    VP, Sagna, and Rosicky who IMO is hopeless are the remaining of 11 in Wenger’s plans

    Players get fed up of failures and they leave. It’s not rocket science

  392. With the personal we have right now we should go back to a 442 because we have real pace on the wings and not necessarily the players for a slow build up play like we used to have in Cesc and Nasri(i.e players that can look after the ball under severe duress)

    My team against Udinesi:

    —–Walcott—-Van Persie

  393. We have talent at the club, its up to them to not drop their heads. The most important thing will not be talent (we had the best mid in the world and it didnt pan out). This team will have to be united as never before. If they can acheive that, they have the talent to prove the doubters wrong.

    So, what we need is a determination like never before. Forget those who have left and believe in those who are with the team regardless of age. The players themselves must also fully trust the manager, even if it seems as if it is not working out.

    The supporters must also forget those who have left and get behind the team. This team can win but they must believe and the support must support.

  394. …. broken two teams since 07/08 04/05

  395. I thought ‘faux’ might give them a false sense of grandeur, Consolsbob.

    ‘Foe Realists’ might be a better fit, come to think of it.

  396. GoonerAndy: “I agree with Arsenal Tom. Nasri will be a great player, sometimes you can just tell when a player has that extra bit about him, and he was one of them. Heh, amazing to see people now coming out with “he wasn’t that good anyway” type of lines. The same when Cesc was sold.

    I am 100% certain that if RvP is ever sold, some people will trot out something like “well, he was always injured anyway, we are better off without him”. It sounds like the 12 year who has just been dumped “I didn’t like her anyway”. Yeah, that fools everbody.”

    Young Samir is twenty four, not exactly a baby by any means. By now he should’ve been the world beater we were all hoping he’d become, but he’s not. Last season, when Cesc was out of the squad, Nasri was a flop. The same inconsistency that plagued him at the beginning of his tenure at Arsenal was something he never quite improved upon. He’d play a couple of blinders, score some amazing goals (like the ones against Porto and Fulham), but he’d drop off into anonimity for long stretches. Say what you will about Samir Nasri, but this doesn’t quite make him a player who has that extra little bit about him. Quite the contrary in fact. If the end of season run in is any indication of where Samir Nasri’s career is currently at, then I don’t think he deserves that £150k a week City are allegedly offering him. As for how he’ll get on at City, we’ll have to see. Different manager, different tactics and, above all, higher expectations, now that he’s made his big money move. Let’s see if he can cope with that and doesn’t shrivel up over there like he did with us. Good riddance.

    Robin Van Persie was our top scorer last season and would have probably become the league’s top scorer if he’d been healthy between august and november. Also, he didn’t go missing like Nasri did. The big difference between Nasri and Van Persie is that Robin kept banging in the goals that took us to within touching distance of the top of the league while Nasri’s goals dried up. And given that he made only a handful of assists last season, I’d say that he basically did fuck all once he was given the responsibility to run our midfield on his own. So, no, I don’t think people will be able to write off Van Persie. His contributions were there for everyone to see. He played alongside the same players that Nasri played with, but excelled. This being said, however, I wouldn’t mind Van Persie being teamed up with another striker in a 4-4-2. I’d think he’d be devastatingly good with someone who can play off him up top. I don’t think Wenger is getting the best out of him at his current position.

  397. We just need to get the win against Udinesi to kick start up I truly believe we have to go back to a more normal 442 with two defensive mids sitting infront of the defense in and we have the ideal candidates in Frimpong and Song, RVP can drop a little deeper when we are not in pocession of the ball find those little holes and feed walcott for the goals we all know he can score.

    But we can’t continue with 433 with procession football that is laboured because we just dont have the ball carriers in midfield of the calibre of nasri and cesc anymore.

    Walcott deserves his chance upfront now he has done his stint on the right wing ffs.

  398. LA: “Miyaichi just scored against Wigan in the Reserves. Getting his fitness up.”

    According to the realists/football experts, Ryo is in the reserves because he’s not good enough. I mean, players only get sent down to the reserves because they’re shit, obviously. They can’t possibly be in the reserves because the manager feels that they need to get up to speed with Wengerball or get their stamina up. Nope. Ryo is just another example of Wenger getting it wrong.

  399. Gainsbourg69 5.34pm agree with your last paragraph…..

    And I would also weigh in that nasri for all his obvious talent was not a creator of goals 16 goals 4 assists in 52 apps.

  400. I agree with that whole comment G69.

    As far as RVP this season, he seems too isolated. He is to much of a play maker to be stuck up top. He needs to able to use all of his attributes.

    He is a great player!

    Rosicky is hopeless? wow!

  401. Paul-N Rosicky certainly is not the player we signed all those years ago he used to be able find that 5 yards space to make a telling pass or shot now is simply involved in what I call OPTA stats passing ala Carrick.

  402. Hopeless was a bit harsh. He doesn’t offer us much anymore I meant to say

  403. It’s going to be an interesting season. Very much sink or swim. I think without Clichy, Cesc and Nasri we will have a much more “mentally tough” team, but beyond RVP, it’s hard to see where the goals are going to come from.
    I expect a lot more 0-0 and 1-0 results this season, but with a couple of additions I think we can make 4th spot.

  404. The fake moral high ground and accusing players of being arrogant or greedy.

    No fan likes his best players to move to other clubs for any reasons but they’re human beings and we don’t own them. If any one of you out there (including me) got a better job offer that pays you double, you will be gone so fast we will only see your shadow.

    Life is too short, specially a sports-man life. They make the most of it while they can and yes I know they get paid ridiculous amounts of money but it’s not their fault is it? It’s the people that pays them that kind of money greed knowing they’ll make more.

    I don’t like Nasri or Cesc leaving but it happened, they don’t mean much too me now since I will only watch Arsenal games, but I’ll not slate them. (Actually I would only slate them if they go to the Spuds).

  405. So you are writing Nasri off at 24 then Gainsbourg69?

    “and, above all, higher expectations, now that he’s made his big money move” – erm wasnt that to us from Marseilles? A move to Arsenal at 20 for 12 mil or so isnt his big move?

    Im sorry but Nasri is a good player, getting better, but will see his best years at Man City and not Arsenal. He will be missed. – Or is Nasri one that Wenger has got wrong?

    “According to the realists/football experts, Ryo is in the reserves because he’s not good enough.” – i dont recall that being said. I reckon all on here rate Ryo but just not enough to be expected to be in the first team yet. And therein lies a problem…

  406. Paul: “Gervinho was playing in the French Mickey mouse league.Even Chamakh looked good there.And Bendtner would get 30 goals there.”

    Sagna also used to play in the French, Mickey Mouse league and has become one of the best right backs in all of world football. We also have Koscielny who played one season of top flight football in that Mickey Mouse league and was the only defender to put Messi in his back pocket last season.

    David Luiz played in the Mickey Mouse Portuguese league and was sold for £24m. He’s obviously better than our players, right?

  407. Personally, I think getting all dramatic about Nasri and saying how sick it makes you feel and how wonderful he was – it’s a little bit, I don’t know – pathetic? At the very least it’s not very useful.

    We’re talking about an attacking mid who contributed 7 assists in 85 league appearances. And we’re talking about someone with no loyalty at all. He can fuck off and I certainly won’t miss him.

    Don’t let Nasri walking out the door make you lose sight of the rest of the squad. Where is Nasri in the pantheon of current attacking mids in the world? Now look at Vermaelen against his peers, Alex Song, Bacary Sagna, RVP. They are all far better in their own area of the pitch than Nasri but as soon as Nasri goes that’s forgotten; Nasri’s irreplaceable and it’s crisis time.

    Nasri was slagged from pillar to post the season before last by the very same on here who are up in arms blubbing about him leaving now. You honestly couldn’t make it up. I suppose you don’t know what you have til it’s gone – if you’re a miserable foe-realist.

    Nasri is what we made him. AOC can be another Nasri. Miyaichi can be even better. And in the mean time we have a ‘ready made star’ already doing it at the highest level in Gervinho – and a feisty little Russian magician who only a fool would write-off.

    And there’s 8 days left to buy reinforcements! Relaaaaaax.

  408. If only there was some sort of premiership for under-21 players, we would win this every year, surely?

  409. Jabba'sDelights

    Zim Paul post at 3.16 today is one of the most remarkable idiotic post’s i’ve ever read. Your utterly mad.

  410. Oxo didnt cost 15 million , its around 7 immediately another 4 on appearances and
    4 more on results achieved so Clchy fee paid for him

  411. Silver Gibbs and Kos are still injured

  412. Wow. Comedy gold on here tonight.

    I can see something in the defiant/denial approach as a self consolation tactic. After all, like Limpar says, it beats acting like a pathetic dumpee pining after a lost love.
    Its entirely predictable of course, but still riveting to watch how many different ways Nasri will be slated by former praise singers. Do you guys go to le-grove to pick up the insults, or you invent them yourself? You all have those doomer instincts lurking just below the surface don’t you? How long before someone calls him a fat, double chinned fucker?

    Football fans are indeed a fickle bunch.

  413. G4E,

    Nasri was is still an Arsenal player so how did he happen to know how much he would be paid at City? Its obvious that there was a discussion and that made him change his mind as far as signing.

    No much difference to the Ashley Cole situation in my view.

  414. I’m not writing Nasri off at 24, Deise. I just don’t think he’ll ever be at the same level as say Cesc or Messi. He’s a decent player, but his loss is not as earth shattering as the realists are making it out to be. In fact, I’m rather relieved that he took off. It means that our days of having playmakers on the wing are coming to an end. I’m more excited about what Gervinho and Joel Campbell can do out wide. Those two are who we should be talking about, not some mercinary who played three years with us and only gave us six months of decent football.

    Check it.


    This is what I’m excited about. Fuck Nasri, Cesc or anyone else who doesn’t want to be part of this team.

  415. Zim Paul sometimes crosses the line between being positive and completely dellusional/ in denial.
    That’s the problem with these relentless optimists, when the shit hits the fan they enter denial mode and start going on about conspiracy theories.

  416. Henristic, both Nasri and Cesc are good players. I am not going to deny their talent but they were not with us and they were the most important players that caused our demise last season, simply because your better players must produce even if the rest of the team is suffering. Thats sports over and over and over, when it comes to crunch time your best players HAVE to step up.

    The best Arsenal player was not Cesc or Nasri, it was RVP, he proved it by standing up and being counted when most shrunk for whatever reason.

  417. @ goonerwife | August 23, 2011 at 3:03 pm
    “Wenger is not a liar. Just telling you what he beleives to be true at the time.
    You are all grown ass men, sometimese things dont work out. Like I tell my 3 year old You jus need to deal with it.”

    So true.

    @ merlot, frank, amos, bob
    Agree – other managers have done worse, and why should we automatically disbelieve the club’s version of events? It would be interesting to see what evidence the club bring forward, but I expect the appeal will be held in private.

  418. Quite right Paul.

    ‘Foe realists’ indeed.

  419. @ Paul-N
    “The best Arsenal player was not Cesc or Nasri, it was RVP, he proved it by standing up and being counted when most shrunk for whatever reason.”

    Absolutely right.

  420. johncrossmirror John Cross

    #AfC boss Wenger has just denied making those ‘we’re not a big club if we sell Cesc and Nasri.’ Er, yes you did, Arsene. I was there

  421. Limpar, well said. Nasri was considered not good enough by large swaths of the doomeristas before last season, but, now that he has parted for a huge amount of money, they are talking about him as if he’s the second coming of Johan Cruijff. Pre-fucking-dictable, you idiots are. If you want to see how hypocritical you are, I’ll point you to Abou Diaby. Internationally he’s on par with Samir Nasri. They both got in to the French NT around the same time, excpet Diaby played in South Africa and little Samir didn’t. He wasn’t good enough, apparently. They’ve both shown promise and have gone on bad patches of form. However, one is considered dead wood and the other one is talked about as if he’s the greatest player in the squad. Fuck off. We’re not bitter we’re being realists.

  422. Jabba'sDelights


    Was rvp a world class performer aged 24? Players have different stages of development. Nasri is a wonderful talent and was voted the 3rd best player in the league last season. His best years are well and trull ahead of him.

    nobody thinks Myachi is in the reserves as he isnt good enough. people doubt that he is ready for consistent 1st team football same with AOC.

    ”koscielny who played one season of top flight football in that Mickey Mouse league and was the only defender to put Messi in his back pocket last season.”

    He was also made to look average by west brom and newcastle. He has been inconsistent so far at arsenal and this year in his 2 full performances he has shown that inconsistency.

    As we get weaker the die hard AKB’s get even ruder and more insane……thats what todays posts show.

    if we dont spend and our form continues to suffer due to lack of quality our manager will be out before xmas…………..that is a certainty, he paying crowd wont stand for it.

  423. Nasri considered not good enough?

    no, his application was questioned every now and then and yet he scored what, 15 goals last season? now, where will that come from now, dare I ask, Miyaichi? Chamberlain?

  424. Paul N

    The demise of last season had nothing to do with SS18 and Koscielny playing so many games did it.That Almunia was number 1(Wengers maddest decision ever)That we were relying on Bendtner and Chamakh as cover for injury prone RVP

    Cesc was 3rd in the assists table with 14 assists Jack W had 3.Nasri scored 15 goals and was on fire until he injured hid hamstring in the FA cup.City are a much stronger team tonight

    To blame two players who did so much to get us so close is plain stupid.Yet you wanted them to stay

  425. Why is it being ‘in denial’ to see the positives in getting shot of a couple of players who wanted out? It’s not about ‘lost love’ or whatever other tired metaphor you want to string out; it’s about football.

    Let’s talk about how the squad looks in 8 days time anyway shall we, give the club a fair crack at making some signings. Big week ahead behind the scenes.

  426. LA,

    oh, don’t you worry, we will talk…

  427. OMG wenger said if we sell nasri and cesc we are not a big hes basically admitted we are not a big club..if our manager says it where is his ambition…boooo

    The people who go around repeating this drivel conveniently ignore the same wenger when he says things like “we were unlucky” or the transfer scenario is difficult.then hes just being blinkered or making excuses..

    If you want wenger to get the sack..then just openly say so by all means..everyones entitled to their beliefs..dont use quotes which are convenient and ignore things which are not..dont hide behind the guise of realism or concerned with the squad..

    Either you trust someone or you dont..

    I have no qualms in stating where i stand in this arguement


  428. Jason, you dont know what you are talking about. Sure they had good numbers overall but that means little if you dont produce at the end of the season, if you dont know that you dont know sports at all.

    The job of your best players is not only to get you close to the finish line but they must ensure that you get over first. Its simple, two of your 3 best players cannot go missing when you most need them.

    And yes we can highlight mistakes but we do love to forget the mistakes of our beloved players dont we?

    Also Almunia wasnt in goal for end of the season and there was nothing wrong with Kos towards the end of last season.

  429. I don’t…

    whether it is his own delusion or just plain simple well paid lack of integrity, he can’t be trusted…

    if he is shackled by the board so much, why does he stand for this, who the fuck is he, Father Kolbe?

  430. Dun-dun-duuuuh!

  431. Henristic, I’m actually glad we were able to get rid of Samir Nasri. He didn’t get the money he was asking for so he fucked off. I don’t care if you’re the realest realist on the planet, but you can’t justify giving him wages on pairity with Cesc and Robin because he just simply didn’t deserve them. I don’t think that it is bitterness or sour grapes to point out that for the three years he was at Arsenal he only produced a few months of good football. That’s a fact. Whether he’ll become the next Zidane or not is speculative. But if you guys want to mentally masturbate, go right ahead.

  432. Paul N,

    the best players can only do so much if they are surrounded by the likes of D******n, Diaby, Rosicky and other dross, a team needs balance and more quality players than three!

    and you think you are in position to tell people they don’t know anything about sports?


  433. I also never blamed alone but if you dont know that your best players have more responsibility then again you know nothing about sports.

  434. @ LimparAssist, BRF
    Great posts – I’d say Nasri on form is a dangerous player for any team but no good to us if he doesn’t want to play for us. I agreed with LA’s take on his performance on Saturday, thought it was a bit selfish.
    I also felt that he was a work in progress for Wenger – there is so much more to come from him and he is leaving prematurely. Maybe AW could have turned him into a playmaker, but he isn’t one now and isn’t going to learn at Man City under Mancini. Still, his problem, not ours.

    There’s nothing hypocritical in not slagging off or constantly criticising a player *while he plays for us*. To say it is is like saying it’s hypocritical not to boo one of our players if he is pissing you off. Counterproductive in both cases.

    @ Gains69
    Great posts again today!

  435. And now… presenting… the biggest arsehole in the world… the type of spoilt Arsenal fan currently acting as the laughing stock of the football league… a mewling brat grown fat and decadent on too much beautiful football… and now he’s here to chat shit about the greatest ever manager his club has ever known… the one who made him think of that football as his birthright…. right when the going gets tough he’s here to whinge like a teenybopper on her birthday It’s SUGAAAAAA Threeee!!

    Wooo!!! Wooooooo!! wooo Woo…uurrrghh. Oh. He’s just a wanker in a leotard.

  436. oh yeah, keep them coming, seriously dude, you are amusing beyond belief…

    too much beautiful football? you what? all possession, no penetration? million passes with fuck all purpose? no one willing to take on his man and passing back?

    newsflash, asshole, the things started going tough after the 07/08 season, this summer is an absolute fucking disaster!

  437. funny thing about all this is that the fans are bonding with the new team..
    its young and it doesnt stand a chance but i think 99.99999% of gooners realise this and the trenches are being dug by pretty much everyone..

    whats not funny about all this is the baord the ceo and the manager have taken the piss out of us this summer and have been out of their depth..
    exhibit A…we wont be selling our best players..oh really, so cesc and nasri are shitter than almunia and nikki..which is why weve sold cesc and nasri and kept almunia and nik
    exhibit B…we will be buying players we are lacking..oh really, the only players weve bought are all under 21 bar one who’s never played PL or CL before and i cant remember the last time we were lacking u21 players..
    exhibit C…stan understands the club, loves the club and his
    funding for arsenal will not involve arsenal business..oh fucking wheres the 60mil thats being made from selling our captain and our 2nd top goalscorer last season, the 25mil that was made after we sold of a chunk of the queensland rd develoment, and the 6.5% hike in tickets, all going?? for the boys will be stronger than ever we are going to have to dig our heels in and help them through the wilderness..the ppl who run the show can all get fucked though..what was once labelled as a ‘big summer’ has now turned into a ‘big 8 days’ wtf..totally clueless..

  438. I’ll miss Nasri, but the moanfest here is embarrasing. It’s too much to expect pride and integrity from Arsenal customers nowadays I guess. I won’t use the word supporter on people like goonerandy and Franchise as it would be false. Remember how the doomers declared last season was Nasri’s make or break season? Now all of the sudden playing well for half of a season is considered making it at the Arsenal? When looking at Nasri’s production last year it’s obviously a tale of two halfs. First half he looked solid and was well up for the fight but he didn’t maintain that over the course of the year. It’s a bummer he went cold and disappeared during the business end when we needed him most I still can’t get that sitter he missed against Bolton out of my head. Its obvious he had his head turned at some point last year, and if he’s not up for the fight than he can fuck off so we can get someone in to fight for the shirt. I think it’s safe to say Nasri is just another fabulous piece of business by Le Professor at this point. I reckon we’ll see a midfielder come in before the window and that will probably do it for us. Anyone know anything about the Jadson rumors? I don’t read the papers but a friend told me we put in a bid or something like that.

  439. and I would just love to hear once again how competent Gazidis and his team of fucking unemployed Yanks is, I need a laugh…

  440. hehe..childishly hopefully lift the gloom from this place

  441. You knocked it out the park @ 7:05, LimparAssist. It’s so embarrasing. Worst supporters in the league by a country mile.

  442. perhaps some of you could try answering the fucking questions for once instead of wanking off the ‘hilarious’ ad personam bile…

  443. I would love to read something from Suga3 that left me with the feeling that he wasn’t anything other than a complete failure.

  444. Jeez what is it with some of you guys? Trying to explain how you feel losing good players and replacing them with younger less experienced players makes the team weaker, seems to be the hardest thing ever…..

  445. complete failure? yep, keep telling yourself that…

  446. Deise,

    they would need brains of their own in the first place, but since Wenger told them that he already bought quality replacements, it must be true!

  447. Jabba: “Gainsnourg, was rvp a world class performer aged 24? Players have different stages of development. Nasri is a wonderful talent and was voted the 3rd best player in the league last season. His best years are well and trull ahead of him.”

    Maybe so, but he was asking for wage pairity with Van Persie and Fabregas eventhough he’s not at their level just yet. And Van Persie may not have been a worldclass player at 24 but he’d already played a world cup when he was 22, while Nasri wasn’t included in France’s world cup squad at the same age.

    Gareth Bale won the player of the year. That about says it all, really.


    “nobody thinks Myachi is in the reserves as he isnt good enough. people doubt that he is ready for consistent 1st team football same with AOC.”

    Someone actually did say he was in the reserves because he’s shit. Scroll up and you’ll see it with your very eyes.


    ”koscielny who played one season of top flight football in that Mickey Mouse league and was the only defender to put Messi in his back pocket last season.”

    “He was also made to look average by west brom and newcastle. He has been inconsistent so far at arsenal and this year in his 2 full performances he has shown that inconsistency.”

    Rubbish. He was one of the best players in the squad in his first full season at the club. Him and Djourou were impeccable during the time they played together. And if he’s inconsistent I’m glad he fluctuates between being average and playing the way he did against Barca. And in his two first performances he played a blinder against Newcastle and was subbed off against Pool. Why are you chatting shit just to prove me wrong?


    “As we get weaker the die hard AKB’s get even ruder and more insane……thats what todays posts show. ”

    How are we AKB’s becoming insane? Because we don’t think that our squad and the new players being brought in are as awful as you doomer fuckers suggest? If anything, today shows how easily you realists are swayed by big money transfers and the media machine that pushes them.


    “if we dont spend and our form continues to suffer due to lack of quality our manager will be out before xmas…………..that is a certainty, he paying crowd wont stand for it.”

    Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! You’re precious. And you have the cheek to call us AKBs insane?

    For one thing our form will not continue to suffer as we have a good squad with quality players still waiting to come back from injuries and suspensions. Even the most blinkered fucker on the planet wouldn’t write us off so early. It says a lot about your present state of mind that you’d say this and expect to be taken seriously. Let’s make a wager. If Arsene doesn’t get axed by Christmas you fuck off and never come back to this blog. If he does I’ll fuck off and never come back. Deal?

  448. why would an Arsenal supporter come around and gloat about the percieved demise of their own team.

    As for the comment, any sensible person will see that that is foolishness seeing that it was the same dross in the team all season and these great players were quite dross like when it mattered most.

    grow up

  449. Perhaps you could just give up on football, Suga3. It’s made you into a raving lunatic.

  450. Yes. Complete failure. I’ll keep telling myself that as long as you keep proving it, you dunce.

  451. ever heard the word ‘fatigue’? you can’t expect the same set of players to be effectively competing against these who have enough capable deputies in the squad to be allowed some rest?

    Wilshere played what, 50 games last season? now he’s injured, there’s a fucking surprise!

    what about being realistic about winning stuff then? do you not think it does nothing to motivation?

  452. @ Paul N

    “why would an Arsenal supporter come around and gloat about the percieved demise of their own team”

    Perfectly said..I have never ever understood that unfortunately about quite a few of our “fans”

  453. i just hope we see jack wilshere before the new year again.

    it is becoming like the vermaelen situation last season all over again.

  454. Paul N

    “Nasri was is still an Arsenal player so how did he happen to know how much he would be paid at City? Its obvious that there was a discussion and that made him change his mind as far as signing.

    No much difference to the Ashley Cole situation in my view.”

    All players do it Paul, actually all working people do it. They look for a better job while they have one. We can’t be naive and think it doesn’t happen %99 of the time.

    Only players who are happy to stay for other reasons that satisfy their own needs and agendas don’t look for other jobs. Specially players who have kids and wives who are settled down and moving is not always a good or a possible thing for them…Kids in good schools, they like London, wife likes it here, etc..etc. Single and young players are so easy to move about with no restrictions or restraints.

  455. Gains, Paul-N,
    Go and check, and you’ll find I haven’t written a single comment about wanting Nasri to stay. He was gone in my mind a long time ago. Unlike Cesc, he is eminently replaceable.

    In fact, unlike most of you, I’ve always argued that he should be sold, whereas you guys where as usual parroting Wengers words at the time about not wanting to lose either player.

    My only problem was with selling to a close rival, but what the heck, its 25 mil! Wenger or the board would be daft to turn that down.

  456. korihikage,

    if that happens, we are royally screwed…

    and when I said last season that Vermaelen injury had ‘Rosicky’ written all over it in big fuck off red capital letters, everyone said I could not possibly know that…

  457. Suga3: “the best players can only do so much if they are surrounded by the likes of D******n, Diaby, Rosicky and other dross, a team needs balance and more quality players than three!”

    Funny, I didn’t see Denilson or Diaby thereabouts when the wheels came off last season.

    Are we making excuses for why Nasri was shit when the going got tough? I mean, the dross, as you call Diaby, Rosicky and Denilson, were in the squad when the team went on that awesome patch of form after christmas, were they not? So what changed? Could it be that little Samir didn’t pull his weight like a player who demands wage parity with the two best players on the team is supposed to? No. Poor Samir and poor Cesc, they were part of a team that didn’t have enough quality to accomodate them. Nevermind that our entire starting eleven were internationals for their respective countries and all but one of the so called dross was an international as well. Poor bastards had it tough. Tough I tell ya.’

  458. Nasri is a great player. His style of play complemented that of Cesc. Good at keeping the ball, dribbling as well as shooting. He will be missed. Good luck to him. I guess it is not a good idea to keep a player against his wishes. I’m glad that the Cesc/Nasri speculation is over.

  459. Suga, Barcelona used the same fourteen to fifteen players throughout the season and their players went all the way to the CL final. Apparently quality trumps fatigue. As far as Wilshere is concerned, his ankle injury is what happens to football players. Also, noting that Wilshere may be fatigued Wenger gave him the summer off and excused him from the Euro u-21s. He was perhaps the most rested player in the whole squad. Stop being ridiculous.

    Suga, no one knew how bad Vermaelen’s injury really was. Not even the specialists who saw him. You just took a doomer’s shot in the dark and it panned out. That is all. Even a broken clock is right twice a day and all that.

  460. G4E, all working people dont have a contract, so if I look for another job I am not doing what Nasri did. The rules of the PL are against such things. If his head was turned from last season, it is possible he didnt give his all.

    A football player and the money they make is not all together similar with the normal working man. How many working men can buy whatever they please?

    I dont think everyone runs after the money either and People should still realise that they are blessed beyond the norm.

  461. Henristic, so seeing as we’re saying basically the same thing, why trot out that nonsense about break ups and all that? Why couldn’t you just zip your fucking mouth and let people have their say so? Are you such a huge dick that you’d crtiticize your own opinions?

  462. Gains,

    no, it’s not that, you just see certain patterns in what is being said in the press conferences, body language and all that: once you see the manager making ambiguous ‘safe’ statements, you just know that it does not bode well…

    as for resting Wilshere, resting time alone is not enough, if someone with not fully developed body is playing excessive number of games, it will take its long term toll, it’s as simple as that…

  463. …i remain POSITIVE

  464. Jabba'sDelights


    ”And in his two first performances he played a blinder against Newcastle and was subbed off against Pool. Why are you chatting shit just to prove me wrong?”

    Notice i said his 2 full games. Are you conveniently forgetting his mistake ridden performance against udin. Considering you were having ago at Jones last night for allowing Bale space to attack their defence how about Kosciellny giving Udin the ball in crucial positions to allow them in on goal, or giving away an utterly ridiculous foul in the final min when their player was going nowhere…..the same type of mistake he made to give away that crucial pen at newcastle last year. He has talent but it a long way short of being a consistent prem performer at the moment which should be the barometer of class prem cb.

    ”him and Djourou were impeccable during the time they played together.”

    Were they, well off the top of my head the Carling cup final and Newcastle results, the 2 FUCKING results that insane people like you point to for our season collapsing were both littered with defensive errors.

    ”or one thing our form will not continue to suffer as we have a good squad with quality players still waiting to come back from injuries and suspensions. Even the most blinkered fucker on the planet wouldn’t write us off so early.”

    Right so bring back those good players gainsbourg and where are we at compared to last year. we finished 12 points off top, all the 3 teams above us have got better. things dont just magically happen in life. Were us stupid doomers off base when we said we couldnt see how we would make up an 11 point deficit by just signing chamack, squilaci and kosciellny. We finished with 7 fewer points than the year before and a place less. Well in the same way after selling our best player and 3rd best attacker plus another 1st team starter and a couple of experienced subs with only gervinho ready to start being brought in…………i cant see how we have got better. infact its rather to easy to say we have got worse.

  465. Cesc already had two full seasons of football under his belt by the time he was Jack’s age. Why can’t you just accept that you may be full of shit about fatigue or whatever else you’re making up?

    The body language and interviews showed uncertainty. The same uncertainty shared by the specialists who were working on Vermaelen’s achiles injury. If you are going to sit here and tell me that you were 100% certain about Vermaelen’s injury, then you are in the wrong field, my friend. You should grab some Tarot cards and open a little stall where you can tell people’s fortunes. You’d make a fucking mint.

  466. one of the problems that jack and us have got its that jack wont get a proper rest..
    hes now seen as one of the clubs talismen and hes what…12..which is shocking in itself, but he will be rushed back to training cos we have zero depth and he’ll keep picking up niggles..

    this injury will keep him out longer than it should..seen it before with many players at this club..

  467. I agree that doomers like Suga are basically hypocrites. They bashed wenger for saying he wanted to keep Nasri and are now bashing him for selling him. No surprises there though, as they are doomers after all, right? They are by nature anti-wenger and not necessary the most self-aware lot.

  468. OK, answer me this, was Cesc required to pretty much carry the midfield on his shoulders in either of these seasons the way Jack had to?

  469. Jabba'sDelights


    ”, Barcelona used the same fourteen to fifteen players throughout the season and their players went all the way to the CL final. Apparently quality trumps fatigue. ”

    Rather conveniently you like our manager forget that we play in the premiere league where games are alot more demanding physically. its nice having 2 ball playing cb’s in europe and la liga but the difference is the prem is different and it would help to have some metal. Barcelona are also good enough to rest numerous players in their domestic cup and still get to the final. They also have a squad full of young players who were good enough to finish 3rd in their championship who can be called upon at any moment.

  470. Henristic,

    er, no, it was pretty fucking obvious that both Cesc and Nasri would be sold, hence the whole ‘bashing’ was aimed at leaving it late and putting bullshit spin about ‘being an ambitious club’ on it…

  471. Its just amusing that some of more virulent AKB’s are essentially mirror images of the doomers.

    Wenger: I want to keep Nasri as he is one of our best players.
    Doomers: How dare he. He’s gonna just let 25 mil walk away on a free!
    AKB: Shut-up doomer. Arsene’s right. Nasri is a world class player and should be kept.

    Wenger: I’m going to let Nasri go
    Doomers: All our world class players are leaving us. We are doomed!
    AKB: Nasri was never a world class player. He’s just another squad player, the inconsistent cunt.

    Hilarious actually.

  472. Jibber, Koscielny was awful against Udinese? If Udinese had as much ease going forward as they did it’s because we failed to pin them back. In contrast to Jones’ performance against Spuds, Koscielny didn’t allow any Udinese player to be left 2 on 1 with the last defender. Jones did that last night at least three times. The shots that Udinese took against us were all from distance.

    What did Koscielny do wrong against Newcastle, Jibber? He got whistled for the softest penalty in the history of soft penalties, that’s what. And if I recall it was Szczesny who bobbled the ball not Koscielny. Koscielny could’ve easily cleared it had Szczesny not claimed it.

    Stop crying Jibber jabby. We’re only two games into the season and you’re already anointing MU champions and us relegation fodder. Get. A. Fucking. Grip. By the way, we got rid of the deadwood that failed to show up in the last month of the season. You should relax.

  473. djourou wasnt on the pitch for any of the newcastle goals

  474. Sadly for you, Henristic, most AKBs were alright with Nasri staying but were fully aware that a player of his quality shouldn’t be making as much as our captain and vice captain. Now that he’s gone, however, the doomers are using his departure to bang Wenger over the head and call him criminally negligent for the state our squad is in. The differences between the doomers and AKBs are quite visible. It’s just that you have a bug up your ass and want to look for similarities even when they don’t exist.

  475. now the fiascos over we can assess the damage properly..we have the added bonus of seeing early season form and injuries and suspensions kick in… so we now know we defo have the money and we defo know where we are short we can go out and adress the issues..
    cahill baines parker and hazard and we back on track..

    the money needs to be spent this time there really is no excuse…

  476. @ JonJon

    How come City took until now to buy Nasri, when they knew they wanted him six months ago and are offering silly money?

    How come ManUre have not replaced Scholes or Van der Saar with a quality experienced player?

  477. is the reason why Diaby was in the France WC side instead of Nasri due to talent or was there some personality issue that worked against Samir? He seems like a bit of a prima donna that might not be the most popular guy in the dressing room. If this is true, lets hope he gets really disgruntled at City and becomes toxic.

  478. I guess that’s aimed at me, Hen… So no, not really… There’s been a whole range of opinion on Nasri on here. I favoured keeping hold as he’s a good player but that was also based on my somewhat foolish notion that deep down he might come good and do the decent thing. Cb, oou and frank – just as an example – all lost patience/cottoned on far quicker than me and wanted shot. Now he’s gone I don’t mind sharing what I see to be weaknesses of his – same with Cesc. That’s not to say those weaknesses have only just occurred to me, just that i’m not the sort to talk an Arsenal player down.

  479. you mean in Domenech’s France squad?

    the same Domenech who would not pick Pires because of his Zodiac sign?

  480. Yes, Suga. By the time he was nineteen he was fully in the squad like he is now. By the age of twenty he took us to a CL final. Keep making shit up.

    Jibber, Suga and I were discussing Wilshere’s injury and whether or not it was down to fatigue. My comment has nothing to do with ball playing CBs. You’re essentially arguing with an imaginary friend and should, thus, take care of that creeping dimentia of yours.

  481. *He = Wilshere.

  482. Jabba'sDelights


    Rubbish argument but Kosciellny pen was a fricking pen against newcastle considering the soft pens we got last year due to chamck on a few occasions i find it remarkable how you can gloss over that one.

    Your right we are only 2 games into the year. However to fail to strengthen now gives us no chance, simple. unlike you i dont make excuses for our poor performance the last 2 years. I dont choose to blame everyone and everything other than the main people responsible for it…….our board and manager!!

    i wasnt surprised when we finished 4th last year, i will not be surpised if we finish 5th this year. i look at our squad and compare it to our rivals and thats what i see, when you add in the fact that we cant afford to take any of our cups lightly we are utterly thread bare from defence going forward. You, Zimpaul, Limpar, Markus and that cretin Aman dont live in the real world. You nail realists for saying what every man and his dog can see.

    With regards to Utd and the league. I think this will be the closest title race in years. All 3 teams have strengthened and boast quality squads. All 3 will be between 80-85 points. Arsenal currently have no chance of hitting 70.

  483. G69,

    Don’t forget that end of the 09/10 season, Nasri wasn’t good enugh for the haters.
    Tis uncredible.

  484. at the end of the 09/10…

  485. @ goonzablazin | August 23, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    I think Diaby was and is very highly thought of in the France set-up – but injuries have of course restricted his progress. Regarding Samir, I don’t know. He used to be bracketed with Benzema and Ben Arfa as the future of French football, but I think his meningitis year and the knock-on effects hampered him as well. Short answer – I don’t know!

  486. Gains,
    You and your foul mouth, eh!
    If its not stuff up someone’s arse, its dildos and ball sacks etc. You’ve got issues men.

    Ok, to your actual post. You say sadly for me? Sadly?
    And are you saying you didn’t agree with wenger when he said he’d like to keep Cesc?
    And how do you know Nasri wanted to make as much as RvP or Cesc? Since when did you become privy to info like that. Don’t tell me its from the same media that you bash doomers for believing without caution?

    Now if you read my comment properly you’d notice I said “some of the more virulent AKBs”. Basically meaning I was referring to a section of the AKB crowd, not the whole AKB family. Its not unlike a doomer trait to jump to (usually wrong) conclusion.
    In fact, I think you epitomise the sort of doomer-like AKB I was referring to.

  487. Say what you will, but Diaby became an international before Nasri. Domenech or no Domenech. Apparently Blanc likes to have Diaby around as well. But I’m sure he’s just some blinkered idiot who doesn’t know how dead woody he really is. Blanc should have a chat with Suga and Jabba so he can have his eyes opened once and for all.

  488. @ goonzablazin
    I don’t know about the personality issue, I mean

  489. Jabba'sDelights


    Um, lest be honest here Utd won the league last year they arent quite in our position are they. They also had a young lad called cleverley who was gaining prem experience last year ready to step up. They also rather annoyingly have a squad full of seasoned veterans with medals to help guide young players into the team………not really many comparisons with our arsenal are there.

    the onus is on us to try and catch the best like them and barca. so far this summer we have got worse and no sane person would say anything else

  490. Jabba'sDelights


    Unfortunately for your argument Nasri was named French footballer of the year last year

  491. Cesc took us to the CL final?

    oh, so the likes of Henry, Freddie, Pires and the like obviously had fuck all to do with that 😆


  492. Henristic, how did that verbal haymaker via LimparAssist and G69 taste?

  493. Who cares suga? Whatever happens, no matter how incompetent you think the board is you still have to support the boys. Back them and the manager all the way.
    We got no senior players and the club is in a mess according to alot of fans. Surly this is the time to rally around the entire club and not the tome for “I told you so”. Who cares if you are right or wrong? Nasri is gone and cesc is gone and maybe nobody comes in and thats the reality. Regardless of wheter you are right or not. Live with it. The board won’t go and they wont sack Wenger regardless of what you feel. Fact. You know the old saying. If you cannot beat them then join em? That is basically your only option. Cos Wenger stays, the board stays, the wage structure probably stays. Cesc is gone, Nasri is gone. They will not come back. Put ur faith in the kids. That is he only option.

  494. Fuck off, JD, you fat Manc.

  495. Jabba'sDelights


    We have some incredibly knowledgable Yank based posters on here on both sides of the spectrum, you without a shadow of a doubt know nothing. Your opinion swings wildly almost everyday, all you know and understand is the word of wenger…..nothing else/

    To you as well. Nasri was French footballer of the year………IDIOT

  496. Henristic @ 8:18 – Heh, bang on.

  497. 2 things you can count on for Sunday. Manure pen and a red card (Vermaelen?)
    Anyone else think Nasri was playing for Man city and not Arsenal on Saturday? After all, it would be in their interest to take points of the scouse.


    Adebayor 150k/wk
    Bellamy 95k/wk
    Bridge 90k/wk
    SWP 60k/wk
    SantaCruz 8m so far (started 8, scored 4)
    Onuoha >40k/wk


    In AW I trust
    …..remain POSITIVE

  499. Funny, I’ve only brought that up once, but you’ve gone out of your way to bring that up twice already. Seems like someone can’t get those things out of their head, eh? I won’t judge, though. I’ll just leave you to your lifestyle.

    Henristic, you don’t need the media to feed you information in order to figure out why a player who was proclaiming his love for the club just a few months ago is now at the richest, most spend crazy club on the planet. But, if you need someone to point out the obvious for you, then don’t be surprised when you get called obtuse.

    I read your comments properly. You used the AKB descriptor and you knew full well who you were referring to. Don’t be coy.

  500. Jabba'sDelights


    You tell people who attend nearly every home game to rally and support the team, is this a joke! The blog is here for us to portray how we really feel as all we do is support the team when in and around the ground. This is what the blog is for. what is the point in lying to people on an arsenal blog about the state of the club?? What is the point in me telling an arsenal fan everythign is fine and their is a grand plan when there is quite clearly not?

    Un wavering support is for at the ground a blog is for us to discuss our football club. You choose to have your head in the sand, we dont


    tell me its not true, what i just said in the previous post?

    does it not make sense to you to break young talented players in with experienced veterans who have won everything like we did when we were at our most successful? or does it make sense to you to push them all into the team at once with no winners to learn from. Lets not even get onto the fact that their youngsters were playing prem football last year and our were playing league 1, championship, school and out injured.

  501. Weren’t Sagna and Koscielny defender of the year and what this whole conversation was originally about, you fucking dingbat?

    Jibbsy, if I know absolutely nothing about football, then where does that leave you?

  502. But that shows Citys aim…

    Buy in these players to attract higher calibre of players, then keep attracting better players and discard those that you have!

  503. Jabba'sDelights


    Be careful you fool your bringing the media to the table as a way of knowing a clubs wages. not allowed on here, you as a newly found king akb should know this

  504. @JonJon
    I am knackered so I am going to bed, but will check back sometime in case you get a chance to answer.

    I have to say your posts about the board and Wenger today and yesterday made me quite sad – the anger and resentment was palpable but it’s being directed at the wrong quarters, in my view. I would like to talk to you about it another time if you are interested.

  505. “Get behind the team – if you don’t want to – then fuck off and support someone else”.

    Couldn’t have said it any better Matt.

    We’re really scraping the barrel now that Franchise is here. They must have run out of bile over at le shithole.

    It’s interesting how it’s okay to dis certain players while they are wearing an Arsenal shirt, but the minute some cry baby runs home to mama or some mercenary runs after the next pay day they are suddenly immune from criticism. I agree with Paul, they didn’t step up when we needed them and they couldn’t wait to get away, so goodbye and good riddance.

    Thanks for the link to that article limestonegunner, I think Frimpong might just be my new favourite player!

  506. Jabba'sDelights


    Do you think nasri has more of a chance of winning trophies at city? Well he almost certainly does and i would imagine that was also a pull for him.

    Its our manager who’s quotes are getting more and more worrying who stated at the weekend that he loves the club.

    Nasri is a Marsielle boy not a gooner. He left Arsenal to go to a club who pays him loads more and has a MUCH better chance of being succesful currently

  507. When Jibby gets taken out of his cage for feeding time, his dad puts a little tv set next to him so he can watch Man Ure’s 2010/2011 season of dreams DVD.

  508. Paul N,

    Come on man, you know I respect your opinion but you really going to single out Nasri for talking to other clubs while under contract? It’s being done almost on a daily basis in the PL and every league in the world by clubs, managers, players.

    People can take it out on Nasri out of their own frustrations but I don’t think he is different than any other player.

    I’m done talking about Nasri now, he has chosen a different path…I say goodbye but no luck.

  509. Jabba,

    karma is a bitch:

    – Flamini came on a free, having refused to sign a new contract, left in the same manner
    – Fabregas came for peanuts and left for peanuts
    – Nasri came for bigger money and left for bigger money

  510. WrightyMightyMan

    Beginning of the summer we had 3 world class players, now we have 1. Shame that, they don’t grow on trees.

    Got to get Dein back in – Dein/Wenger was a proven success story.

    Lets lay off Wenger and turn on those bastards Gazidis & Kronke.

  511. Jabba'sDelights


    nice kids reply and no kosciellny wasnt anywhere near team of the year. i would say you should stick to the NFL but i remember that time i dispatched you on that as well you cretin.

    Will say it again all we want is for the club to do all it can to finish as high as it can………it hasnt done it in 2-3 years its as simple as that. This is where the discord comes from. our repeated failure in the transfer market must be blamed on someone and i conveniently hold the board and wenger guilty for that. There is a reason behind our points totals going down year on year, you think the fans, refs, fa, uefa and god are the reason behind this…….i think its our manager.

  512. Whoever was banging on about Wenger’s quote about not being considered a big club, should check out his interview on – he has made it quite clear that it was a ‘business’ not a football decision. He knows from having tried all summer that there are not that many players out there of the quality and within Arsenal’s price range who are either available or willing to come. Footballistically, he was willing to lose the money on Nasri to keep him for 1 more year but he was obviously over ruled. At the end of the day, he is an employee of the club and I’m sure the owner would have had the final say when it came down to business.

  513. Jabba'sDelights


    As stated before a Jonny come lately like you cant get even close to the hatred that long time gooners has for Utd. Our rivalry in the late 80s and 90s was nothing short of vicious so spare me the Utd crap. The difference between you and me is that i can see the strengths in them as well. They have copied our model with young players coming into the team we are trying to copy their work off the field. i have no problem saying Ferguson is a remarkable manager in the same way i dont with Morinho or Gudiola. Im entirely secure with my love of Arsenal and will do so with all my heart long after Arsene is gone………not sure of some of you

  514. You are dealing with higher intelligence than what you have. I dont have much time for sugar , jabber or in fact many on here but you should really shut up before you look like a even bigger idiot.

  515. Jabba'sDelights


    Why is it so hard to replace a player that all the most ardent AKB’s have called average or a cunt on here today. Wenger was rightly overruled. Its he who preaches self sustainability more than any…….you cant let an asset like Samir go for a free especially not if we dont make the cl which is a very real possibility

  516. O yes that’s to you gains

  517. Jabba'sDelights


    ”You are dealing with higher intelligence than what you have”

    hahahahahahahahahaha come on poppet put something together to show us then you silly sausage

  518. JO,

    do yourself a favour…

  519. I like to come here daily to read YW’s posts. I also used to read all the comments.

    Sadly the standard of comments here has dropped badly in the last few months.

  520. Jabba'sDelights


    Such a shame

    What are your thoughts on the current squad?

  521. Passenal-If they decided to sell Nasri then they better make the money available to replace him. they will realise they might have to pay more than what they’ve got for Nasri to get a decent player these days. not only that , Wenger is taking the flak for everything. I wolud like those cowards hiding in the board room to come out and take some of the pressure of Wenger by making a statement or at least show their support in the media. I’m totally against spenidinbg money we don’t have but Just for once they should forget about balancing the books, in this difficult times we’re in, they should say ” Arsene , tell us the player you want and we will do the rest , don’t worry about the money” just one big name signing to make a statement that he is not alone in this and that they are willing to support him 100% in difficult times. They might be saying all the right things to him behind closed doors but they need to come out and show their support by actions.

  522. Who will Nasri fall out with first at Man Kiddy??

  523. Gains,
    Once? lol.
    Well glad you’ve seemingly decided to stop it. Its not nice to read, really.

    Trust you to try and back up your attempt at speculating (FG should have a word) based on faulty logic. If in fact Nasri left for the money, then it makes it less likely he was demanding that his wages match RVP or Cesc, as the City pay scale is well above what any of our stars earn.

    And yes, I was clearly referring to a section of AKB’s, not all of them. Are you always this slow?

    I called you obtuse first, you numpty. It bothered you a great deal too if you remember. Not surprising that you love to dish it out but can’t take it.

  524. I agree G4E, no matter what he is gone. We will be better for it, in the long run.

  525. Probably Ballotelli duke, that should be fun

  526. Ah. My admirer, Loomer is back. How you doing?

  527. Fabregas left for peanuts? Bwahahah. That explains everything. It’s just play money to you isn’t it? It would take you a millenium to earn that kind of money.

  528. Youre so daft I can’t turn away, Henriboy. Youre like those Real Housewives shows.

  529. Jabba'sDelights


    its almost to the penny the mount of money we wont have if we dont get a favourable result tomorrow. such a shame our team didnt play for our manager down the stretch then we wouldnt be in this position. Such a shame that our manager and the board couldnt even manage a c- this summer so far again we wouldnt be in this mess.

  530. Fabregas’ market value is about double what we haver got for him, how much is his current buyout clause at Barca again?

    £35M? a millenium? an able, money driven person is able to earn that much in a decade or quicker…

  531. I doubt very much we will have any more arrivals of any significance now.

    The sooner the fans realize that, the better, otherwise we are yet again going to have howls of disappointment and anguish when the window closes and no superstar (or experience) has walked through the door.

    IMO we need to get behind the team we have now, for better or worse.

    I might be wrong, but I doubt it, historically the signals are there.

    Now, while accepting my premise might be wrong, I think this is where the club gets it wrong.

    The club keeps on dropping ambivalent hints that are read differently by various parties.

    Some are convinced the club and Wenger have categorically said they will buy, others hear the various caveats and provisos in those statements and conclude that it’s just smoke and mirrors.

    I don’t know whether Wenger or the board or both genuinely still intend buying or not, or whether they think they can bluff through it or what the intention is, but I am concerned that we are yet again building up false expectations, and that these expectations will explode in catastrophic fashion, more so if we have a few unfortunate results.

    What fans also have to realize is that boards very often have completely different goals and perspectives on the club and it’s ambitions compared to the fans or the “shop floor” so to speak.

    They might profess all sorts of “ambitions” that appear to align with the fans desires, but I suspect that for the board, 4th is good enough, and in fact, they might even be prepared to sacrifice the UCL for a season or two for some reason or reasons we might not be aware of.

    I don’t think the board (and possibly the manager too) quite understand just how badly the mood could swing, and that’s where I think they screw up.

    I do think there is something dramatically wrong at the club. Quite what it is, I really don’t know, the possibilities are just to varied and too numerous to accurately guess, but I do suspect that the manager and the board do disagree on one or more fundamental points, and I think this is what is leading to the mixed messages coming from the club.

    What I am very concerned about, is how this will develop this season if things are a bit rough for a while.

    Whatever happens over the next week or so, just temper expectations on arrivals, and remember that between injuries and suspensions we have some excellent players ready to come back along with some exciting prospects to look forward to.

    It’s a marathon, not a sprint, and even an upset early in the UCL might not be the unmitigated disaster everyone is trying to paint it as.

    the vultures are circling. The fans need to remain calm and ride out the storm, no matter what happens.

  532. As far as the touchline ban, does UEFA even know what they are doing Yogi? I can certainly believe that the rules changed somewhere down the line.

  533. Loomer,
    Enjoy the show, Einstein.

  534. Not really anything to do with most of the board any more. Kroenke and Usmanov own over 90% of the club.

  535. Wait weren’t we the ones copying them a week or two ago, Jabba the Manc? Now they are copying us? You’ve changed your tune quite a bit. And how are we trying to emulate them off the field? You don’t see any of our players out shagging Grannies and hookers do you? Funny how you will wank off to Mourinho, Ferguson, and Guardiola but not one word of priase for Arsenal’s greatest ever manager Arsene Wenger. You really are a scumbag of the highest order.

  536. I must say that AW puzzles me sometimes eg. Theo is never a wide player nor Bendtner both would prosper from being used centrally, Theo in an Owen role and Nick more of a target man. TV, Kos and in past Kolo as def mid. Just my uneducated opinion mind!

  537. the purpose of the touchline ban is for the manager not to contact with the bench during the game, Rice looking up the stands awaiting instructions was a pisstake, I seriously wonder why have they even lifted the ban!

  538. Am doing, Henristic. Wouldn’t miss your posts for the world.

    No what’s too bad is a Manc trolling on an Arsenal blog. Get a life, JD, you fucking bore.

    I’d bet my house and car keys you aren’t able or money driven, Suga3. I’d be surprised if you cracked 20,000 a year at some point.

  539. Suga

    Recheck your logic. If Nasri left for bigger money, surely Fabregas left for even bigger money.


  540. MikeSA,
    I don’t think anything is wrong per se. Its just that as you say, the board’s ambition doesn’t quite match the fans.

    Our relative lack of ambition isn’t a recent phenomenon. We are the biggest club in one of the largest cities in the world and have been for a while but look how much less successful we are, historically compared to the Mancs and Liverpool. Despite the fact that for much of that history we’ve had at least as much resources as those other clubs.

    It seems to me that its the tradition for our club to just be up there or thereabouts, but not really to dominate, and that tradition doesn’t seem about to change soon.

    The only problem with that is, the fans have tasted recent glory and want more of it, especially considering they pay about the highest ticket prices in world football.

  541. There is absolutely no sound argument that suggests we are stronger than 12 months ago.

    Not only are we significantly weaker, we have had months and money to improve.

    Terrible foresight from our management in every single aspect of this summer.

    We now have 8 days to rescue our summer. Anyone expecting major movement from Wenger is an idiot.

    Our most important summer and it couldn’t have gone worse.

    Suppose we can hide from the inevitable by saying there is 8 days left.

    I’m not holding my breath. I also hope that I’m completely wrong.

  542. Jabba'sDelights


    Afraid to be the person who breaks it to you but Utd, chels and City are significantly better than us this year and that talent gap is nobody else’s fault apart from our own. They can spend whatever they want and we cant do anything about it……….our lack of spending is what has contributed to this gaping chasm. This is the weakest 1st team and squad we have had in years

    you should hang out with Aman more, there is a place for idiotic cretin’s such as yourselves.

  543. There are people here who need to watch themselves, moderation will be permanent or more likely, the spam bin.

  544. YW,

    oh, don’t you worry, my logic is spot on, perhaps I did not make myself clear enough: we have got Cesc for peanuts and now Barca got him back for peanuts, as for Nasri, no need to explain, is there?

    Cesc took a pay cut to join Barca as well…

  545. come one people if you wanna blame someone or hate someone.

    Blame the board and gazidis. Bunch of greedy sons of………….
    We all have to suffere while they enjoy holiday yatchs, pamper their wives and blow our hard earned ticket money on anything.

    Wenger is not to blame, this stinks of greed and milking arsenal for all their worth. Business can turn ugly if the correct people are not installed.

  546. Jabba'sDelights


    Afraid to say i think the blame can be shared equally amongst them all. The manager has an incredible amount of power compared to most and some must accept some portion of the blame. our lack of action since Cesc has gone is quite unbeleivable.

    his quotes from earlier in the summer look ridiculous now and his quotes over the last week just look plain strange. He has 8 days to save himself and our season, and the fact that its come to that is sad as he is our greatest ever manager but times change. There is no question that the board also have alot to answer for

  547. Gaping chasm? Bwahahahahahaha! I’m not sure the talent gap is as wide as you claim but that’s as far as I’m going with you as spending like the clubs you mentioned seems to be the only way to quench your thirst for talent. God forbid Wenger uses his vast network to find deals and players who actually fit into our system and the bigger picture right?

  548. Dukey got it right a few hours ago. I feel quite sanguine now and am looking forward to cheering the team on this year. I no longer suffer under the delusion that we are in the running for the league. We’ll still be fighting for 4th with luck, but that’s OK ’cause we can’t hope to compete with the big money clubs. Hopefully we’ll put a cup run together too. If we don’t expect too much and celebrate each success then the season will be much more bearable. My problem was associating us as we are now now with our great teams of the past without appreciation that times have changed. Time to move on, and to look forward to competing with our new rivals.

  549. But Suga, Cesc went for £10m more than Nasri so it isn’t peanuts is it? And you’ve missed the point. Market value is what a buyer is willing to pay.

  550. Looks like that xenophobic asshole Kleinfeld got binned. Thanks for that, YW. That was out of order.

  551. Jabba’sDelights

    i have an eerie feeling that we won’t sign anyone of note ( anyone who is not still in diapers)

    it saddens me that our club is going to struggle this season so much, i await tomorow with hope but also a realistic view, knowing that we might not get through and even if we do, we won’t win the damn thing

    No chance at all

  552. Piss poor support from dfb. Waaaaaaa. Just the sort of entitled cunts LimparAssist was talking about. No spine whatsoever.

  553. Jibber, there are plenty of other life long Arsenal supporters who don’t glorify Man U like you do. Why is that? Everything that Manure does gets the Jibber seal of approval. They pay loads of money for unproven players and Jibber jumps on one leg. They get rid of arguably the best keeper in football history, replace him with Spain’s u-21 goalkeeper and you are happier than a pig in shit. But Arsenal buys some of the most promising players in the world and they’re not good enough because they played in the Championship or played in Ligue 1. What gives, buddy?

    Johnny come lately? I’ve been supporting Arsenal for fifteen years. The moment British football was made available to American audiences I picked Arsenal. That Wenger’s arrival happened to coincide with this event is just icing on the cake. I originally started to support Arsenal because of Bergkamp, as I’ve been in love with Holland since I discovered football at ten years old, just so you know.

  554. Did you not read that Wenger said we are light in midfield and are looking to right that, Moe? Or are you just having a moan? This might get you in trouble with your friends at Le Moan but you should try and check out the Official website sometimes.

  555. Jabba'sDelights


    incorrect. We cant spend like City.

    We could afford Young or Jones though. i know we tried to get Jones but then doesnt it seem strange if wenger wanted a cb so much to make a club record bid for one in June why havent we followed that up?????

    Chels have bought Lukaku and Mata both of which fall within our price range. I would suggest spending 12m on a player with 40 games in league 1 is more of a risk than spending 4-6m more on a player with 2.5 years football in the belgium top division with european and international experience.

    That gap i talk of good be reduced by 3-4 signings that we had money for.

    The stupid thing is, all of our prices have now gone up.

    The gap between us and the champions last year was 12 points. its much easier to make a case for that gap widening in fact its almost impossible to not do so at the moment. we are weaker than last year………show me how we arent

  556. YW,

    if you have just one earmarked buyer in the situation where other clubs would be tripping over one another to pay double that, then it’s not really called ‘market’, is it?

  557. At the very least we shouldnt be giving up on the whole season and making claims that we wont do anything. If that happens, then so be it but atleast we should wait to see how things pan out before forcasting utter doom for our team.


    Liverpool for all of the money spent wouldnt have beaten a full Arsenal side, they couldnt even beat a team with quite a few youngsters but for some fortunate calls going their way.

  558. I can see Nasri and Balotelli having a training field tiff. And I think Nasri would win if it came to fisticuffs. Nasri would be like a sneaky streetfighter. He’d shout “Oi Balotelli look over there!”. Balotelli, not being the sharpest multi-millionaire bulb in the box, would look and ickle Nasri would deal him a sharp killer kick in the knackers. Mind you if it was an off the field tiff, their wallets would weigh them both down, so christ knows who’d win.

    Could happen. Food for thought eh? no? oh well, f*ck it then.

    Here’s to tomorrow night….


  559. My goodness. Moan, moan, moan. You’re as good as dead, JD. Just fuck off already.

  560. Loomer, easy to talk bollocks. Let’s see who has the most realistic outlook at the end of the year shall we ?

  561. Loomer

    yes im a having a moan, leave me be man. I’m feeling rather down at the moment, need some good news.

  562. We shall. But in the meantime could you just fuck off and put that spineless moany shite at Le Moan where it belongs, dfb?

  563. I’ll leave you be, Moe. Go on have yourself a moan.

    Offski. Catch you lot manana.

  564. Jabba'sDelights


    Wenger your messiah, the manager of the the love of my life made bids for both Jones and smalling. both had prem experience and both get to learn from one of the best cb partnerships in europe. i hate utd but respect their club as they know how to get it done in a self sustaining way playing attractive football. I hate chels and city but dont respect anything they do as they dope and dont play great football.

    AOC in his own right looks a wonderful prospect, but the issue is we have lots of prospects we need players for the here and now. The onus is on us to try to close the gap with Utd domestically and barca in europe. AOC hasnt been deemed ready to play yet, in all these games we have struggled for penertration up top. Our manager deemed bendtner more worthy to bring on at the weekend. is it crazy to suggest we got our priorities wrong? If money it tight why are we spending it on 17 year olds after our worst prem season under wenger management?

  565. Paul-N. If that was a response to me then I’m not forecasting utter doom. I’m simply saying we won’t win the league but we might might compete for a cup and a champions league spot. Why is that doom ? Not a glory-seeking trophy hunter are you ?

  566. ^^^ Bollocks

  567. That was for JD originally, but if the hat fits wear it right?

  568. Suga

    The market for Cesc was one club. That’s it, that was all the selling party were able to involve. No matter how much whining may occur, no-one could force Cesc to sign for another club therefore if there was a sale, it was Barcelona or nothing. Which means that the price Barcelona paid was the market value.


  569. Didn’t we make like £30m off the Fabregas transfer? Even if we had sold him for £5m we would’ve ended up making twice what we paid for him. Keep listening to those motivational tapes, Suga3. If you ever get above the £350k mark I will not consider you a failure.

  570. latest rumour doing the rounds,,,,,,,,,,,,
    kronk is in hospital. severe panic attack. apparently he was grubbing around in the muck looking for 20p when he stumbled across a quid. hospital spokesman said he was responding to treatment and would be back to his normal greedy self 2morrow. the arsenal board are gonna be clubbing together to buy a get well card. and of course 2 or 3 grapes.

  571. “Loomer, easy to talk bollocks. Let’s see who has the most realistic outlook at the end of the year shall we?”

    I fear that you have missed the whole point of supporting a club dfb. If you believe that it is meritorious to say at season end that I was right about the team failing then you are wasting your time. Even though you dont like what is going on, you should still bet on the team to pull it off. So what if you are wrong?

    Thats a comment of weaklings, you want to be right and in doing so you wish for the team to fail!


  572. Jabba'sDelights

    Paul N

    Thats exactly what people like you said last year when doomers were saying Squilaci, chamack and Kosciellny isnt enough buiness to close an 11 point gap. You constantly move the goal posts. At some point someone has got to arrest this situation and say……what the fuck is going on at our club. Everything that could have gone wrong this summer has done after the worst season in wenger’s tenure which followed 2 consecutive seasons with reduced points. We are now once again sitting on loads of cash signinig young players and lack experience and top draw quality. We stand closer than ever to dropping out of the cl and have had a poor start to the new seaosn due to our squad being incredibly inexperienced. This is the manager and the boards fault nobody else.

  573. Loomer

    don’t worry loomer, it’s only for tonight, i’ll be back to my “post of the day best” tomorow

    tonight i’ll dream about the best way to strangle the board, and then hang dein by his toe-nails

    ah dreams what would we be without them ey?

  574. It wasnt directed to you dfb, but I simply believe we will win the league. I am pulling for the youngsters to rise and shine above expectations.

  575. Jabba, I move the goal posts? nonsense! I simply believe every year, if we fail this year I will believe next.

    I know you cannot do that, you are just too real.

  576. £350K? right after you…

  577. Jabba'sDelights

    Paul N

    none of us so called doomers want to be right. We want our club to have a wonderful season and we wish they would do all they could within their limits to try and ensure that. We are on an arsenal blog what is the point in us lying about how we feel the squad looks. The squad looks incredibly bare and we look like we are in for a very very tough season this year and this is of our own making. These same doomers can say that and then be in the ground on match day singing glorious Gooner songs until they are blue in the face……….that still doesnt change the fact that our management have alot to answer for and that the gap between the top teams and us is so large becuase of our own inactivity, despite having vast resources

  578. Jibber, Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra are the oldest starters on their team as of right now. Rooney is just 25 or so, Anderson is 23, Nani is 24, Ashley Young is in his early twenties, Rafael is twenty one, Chicharito is early twenties, Welbeck is early twenties, Cleverly is 21 and De Gea is 20. It looks to me like they will be learning from a few old heads, like we have in Vermaelen, Van Persie and Sagna, and will be around a bunch of youngsters just like our players will. I don’t see why you think United are doing things right and we’re doing them so wrong.

  579. YW,

    if it was not for Wenger’s fucking around for a few years on the trot, Cesc would have still be an Arsenal player and so would Nasri…

    RvP and Theo both have 2 years left on their contracts, watch this space…

  580. Jabba'sDelights


    Fine your a believer who questions nothing. Thats entirely up to you but quit with your chat to certain people on this site who choose not to just go along with things. Your like one of those fanatical bible belt people. Whilst i dont like my team being in the dumps i choose to try and understand why they are in the dumps rather than blame everything else in the world other than the people who are directly to blame.

    Its these people who you call doomers who have better grasp of whats going on. Thinngs arent pretty at the moment and currently we have as much chance as spurs as wining the title or there or there abouts

  581. Bad mobile connection so about to give up … but – Paul-N, that is your definition of a supporter and it’s not mine. Do you think every Fulham/Everton/Aston Villa supporter thinks they’ll win the league ? I don’t, does that make them bad supporters ? No, of course it doesn’t. If you want to set your goals for the season then go ahead. I’d rather hope for what’s possible rather than fantasy based upon recent experience.

  582. Jabba'sDelights


    As stated by me earlier Utd are copying us with investing in younger players and we are trying to copy their model off the pitch.

    Age for me isnt a true reflection of experience. This is a argument i’ve used lots before. game time is a better indicator. Many of our younger players had over 200 games experience as they started so young.

    the difference between them and us is that their youngsters are learning from winners. the likes of Anderson grew up learning from Scholes, their wingers from Giggs and Park. chacarito learns from rooney and berbatov both of whom have won a cl and numerous prems. Rafael had 3 years under brown and g neville. None of these guys were thrown in to the deep end with no guide. our talented kids are all chucked in at once. When things go down who do they look to???? Its mis management of the biggest degree.

  583. Jabba'sDelights


    ive stated many times that Utd are trying to copy us and get younger but look how they do it.

    All of there young players had mentor’s in their positions to learn from and win with. Anderson has learnt how to be a pro from Paul Scholes. He is now a winner of numerous prem and a cl, he can now pass that on to Cleverley. Valencia and Nani got to learn from Giggs, they have both now won numerous titles and can pass that on. Rooney learnt from Nistelrooy he has won numerous titles and can pass that on to welbeck and Hernandez. Rafael has learnt form brown and neville.

    they arent being thrown in at the deep end all at once and for that they will benefit.

  584. Suga

    >Cesc would have still be an Arsenal player

    Personally, I doubt it. This summer onwards was always the time he was going to leave in my opinion.

    >so would Nasri…

    Let’s get one thing straight. According to Nasri, the deal was done last summer, a new contract was ready to sign. Then something happened which meant it wasn’t. Given the club were happy with the deal, the only thing is that contact was made by his agent to City so an offer was on the table for him, one that blew our wage structure away. So, again, no, Nasri would not have been an Arsenal player.

    As for RvP and Theo, there are signs that they have started to deal with those whose contracts have entered the last two years. The two are different, principally because Darren Dein is not Walcott’s agent. But he is RvPs. Whether van Persie wants to go is another matter.


  585. I still haven’t got over Suga starting a post with “newsflash assholes”. Incredible. I think that’ll be what I call my next band.

  586. As close as Arsene gets to criticising a former player

    “It’s not that by coincidence that everybody suddenly lands at Man City”.

  587. YW,

    the season before the last, it was patently obvious that Cesc was giving his all to see if he can achieve something, he played like a man possessed…

    we needed to stregthen, yet Wenger allowed the winter TW to pass, hence the decision to call it a day…

    I believe that had we won ANY silverware in the 09/10 season, Nasri would sign an extension and there would be no talk of Cesc leaving either…

    just my opinion 😉

  588. Jabba, Jones, De Gea, Welbeck and Cleverly are all essentially being thrown into the deep end. None of them got to play with the older players. They are learning as they go along. Let’s not be too quick to anoint them champions just yet, though. There’s a full season of football ahead of us and they’ve only played two games. Also, when left to their own devices, these youngsters were kicked out of the carling cup way before us and got kicked out of the FA cup one round after they kicked us out. This year they’ve lost five of their oldest players and may lose two more next season in Ferdinand and Giggs. This being said, what if they fail to win the prem this season, won’t they pretty much be in the same boat as us? What will this experience count for if City and Chelsea volley the title between one another for the next five seasons? Will they have to get rid of these youngsters and build a mega squad like the billionaire funded clubs?

  589. This being said, what if they fail to win the prem this season, won’t they pretty much be in the same boat as us?


    and for so many reasons, I can’t be arsed to list them…

  590. unfortuantely wilshere’s injury seems to be a hotspot on his ankle.

    I know these types of injuries cos i play a bit of basketball sometimes and they are quite common, it’s when the body is put under too much stress and it cannot “heal” or deal with the stress in time. Which means a long rest is needed. The BIG problem is that it depends on the individual on how long he takes to recover. Arsenal have probabaly erred on the side of caution because if you push it can cause a stress fracture, which is no little injury i can tell you.

    let’s hope wilshere is a fast healer ey?

  591. Limestonegunner

    I think it is good Traore is available. He has been to that stadium before and knows Italy and Udinese as a result of his loan spell at Juventus. On the other hand, Udinese has probably seen him too. I don’t know if Traore played against them though.

    Moe—-what is disturbing is that Wilshere started to get this problem months ago and yet it hasn’t healed. The Asia tour was probably not a good idea for him to play and train. Now, he needs rest and shouldn’t be rushed back because this is the sort of practice that started to plague Fabregas and his hamstrings–rushing back because the side depended on him. We saw this with Djourou last season too. Too much dependence on a young player before he is physically fully developed and hardened to the rigours of a full PL season is dangerous. This is what I worry about for Frimpong now. He had a bad injury and has rehabilitated, now with the transfers away and suspensions and injuries Frimpong is going to play a lot of games early this season, especially if we don’t bring in new midfielders. If he emerges like Jack as a first team regular, he needs to be rested so he doesn’t go “into the red zone” either. I like this kid and his fiery, pro-Arsenal spirit. I hope he makes it and plays for Arsenal for years. In the end, though, the only solution to the development of these young players is experienced players who have a decent injury record to fill out the squad. Let’s get a couple more, Arsene!

    Best wishes, Jack–get better soon.

  592. Can’t be arsed, Suga3, or you can’t come up with any reasons to back your stupidity with? If Man City and Chelsea share the title between them for the next five seasons how would United be any different than us?

  593. Limestonegunner

    So it comes back to the old enemies. Nasri, you are a pawn in a larger game. Things make a bit more sense. I also have a grudge against Laurent Blanc–Manc and racist. Now this.

  594. Limestonegunner

    Good interviews from AW and he says he is willing to gamble on some experienced players. We can turn this around with a strong performance v. Udinese and a couple good signings. Despite all the frustrations we have had about how this summer has gone, frustrations that we vent as criticisms of Wenger sometimes, let’s remember that we are talking about a man of scrupulous ethics and integrity who is being targeted because he isn’t as weak as others to take corrupt shortcuts to success but rather adheres to principles and practices in a philosophy that challenges established interests profiting from the game. In this day and age, that is something worth preserving and supporting. He is still committed to bring Arsenal success.

    As far as the board/owners–I am not impressed with them at all and feel they have hung him out to dry. The supporters have at least begun to come together to support the team in the stadium in strong voice and deserve full credit for that. The players are giving their all and fighting for the shirt. Time for the club to do its part.

  595. Limestonegunner

    So, to the task at hand. What lineup for the crucial second leg?

    Sagna, Djourou, Vermaelen, Traore
    Song, Frimpong,
    Walcott, RvP, Gervinho

    Playing two tough tackling DM’s would allow Arshavin to concentrate on breaking through the Udinese defence. Song is a decent passer and can support the attack from deep. Frimpong will take long distance shots. Arshavin has never had a chance to play in his favored position. Let’s give it a try. If it isn’t working, Rosicky and/or Ramsey can come on but we don’t have to score if we don’t concede, so I would emphasize defensive solidity in our midfield.

    Alternatively, play a 442 of Theo through the middle with RvP behind and Arshavin and Gervinho on the wings. If we need more creativity, Ramsey for Frimpong.

  596. Lazy “cut and paste” – done the ‘earthquake’ today, Hurricane Irene due later..


    1. Nasri – 601

    2. Malouda – 593

    3. Fabregas – 548

    4. Silva – 530

    5. Modric – 528

    6. Wilshere – 527

    7. Arteta – 499

    8. K Davies – 499

    9. Murphy – 483

    10. Adam – 465

    Source: Opta

  597. Limestonegunner

    MD, didn’t you get the memo? Nasri was just a squad player for us!

  598. No Limes, communications poor this afternoon. Still it’s all water under the bridge now as he’s no longer a Gunner. Onwards and upwards Gunners.

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