Crisis? What crisis?

Prepare yourselves, this might be a long week. Emotive language is being used in connection with Arsenal; ‘cataclysmic’, ‘earthquake’ and those are just from the manager. There is an agenda, it has building for some time. Wenger is perceived as the most vulnerable of the ‘big four’ managers, the weakening of the squad over the summer has served to entrench that outlook. Whether that is the truth or not is unknown. Personally, I don’t think the club will relieve him of his duties this season, if at all. Whether he feels that managing Arsenal is worth the aggravation is another matter.

Whilst the next seven days are important, only one of the two matches is crucial. Fail in northern Italy on Wednesday and it will be the first time that the club participates and fails to qualify for the competition proper since 1991 when George Graham’s talented side were battered on the counter-attack by Benfica at Highbury. Memory does play tricks but Sven Goran Eriksson’s side at that point were not great but they punished Arsenal with Isaias the tormentor in chief. I think he pitched up at Coventry at one point. This was one of the tipping points that steered Graham on a path toward defensive rigidity.

Followed swiftly by the trip to Old Trafford, failure in both games would probably see the biggest crisis driven headlines since lines were drawn in the sand. I fully expect depictions of broken cannons, wally without a brolly headlines as the media creates a mass nervous breakdown, online at least. Hysteria and hysterical. Rumours abound once more that Eden Hazard, Yann M’vila, Phil Jagielka or Gary Cahill will be arriving before the end of the month. So many stories do the rounds that even when the sporting director of Rennes comes out with a statement that M’vila will not be sold this summer, no-one believes him or that he actually made the comment.

It is easy to say that the situation could have been avoided, too simplistic to simply say that all of the business should have been completed before now. Even Samir Nasri’s move to Manchester City, due to be completed this week, has apparently stalled. Threats are now being made by Mancini that playing in the Champions League qualifier would create a ‘big problem. With all of their wealth, City’s parsimony is the key reason for this, Champions League football a mere smokescreen. The work of Nasri’s agents is the only reason the deal still exists according to most reports and now City do not want to pay them for this. A salutary warning for Nasri as to what life is going to be like when dealing with the corporate life at Eastlands.

But of all these things together do not sit well, they do not give the feeling that the club is in control. Arsenal cannot control the media stories, especially when the chief columnist at their pet media outlet is one of those pushing the crisis angle. It just sums everything up when Woolnough can bite the hand that feeds and then be asked to come back for more. It is impossible for Arsenal to get good news in sufficient quantity onto the back pages to stem the tide, to slow the apparent descent into oblivion.

So how bad is the current situation? Well, KSE will not have wanted such a bad summer, nor will they want the autumn to be any worse but they may not have any choice. The opening run of fixtures was tough, the scenario of facing Swansea still looking for the first win of the domestic league campaign not that far-fetched an outcome, especially with the form shown in pre-season. Should Wenger be worried? Yes and no.

Saturday’s defeat encapsulated the issues, some which can be solved with a couple of signings. Before the game, nine players were absent, Koscielny made it ten. No matter what transfer business is completed beforehand, ten players being removed from the equation weakens any team. It does need talented and experienced players to step up to the mark. Walcott and Arshavin were subdued too easily by Liverpool, below par is not permitted in these situations.

However, the lack of goals is one which whilst not setting off alarm bells at the moment, is flagging a potential issue: if van Persie doesn’t score, who will? Walcott pitched in with his goal against Udinese but that is it so far. Encouragingly both Frimpong and Nasri shot from distance which might signal a change in mood within the squad. Yet, the chances were not converted when they came and the points went north as a result. That will play on Wenger’s mind and is perhaps one of the reasons for Hazard rumours resurfacing – not that he is a noted goalscorer, more creative.

As I said earlier it is going to be a long week. The mood could be quickly changed if someone arrived ahead of the trip to Old Trafford but it seems unlikely. As is becoming the norm, a late flurry of activity close to the deadline is the likeliest outcome. Let’s hope that signings of Arshavin’s calibre rather than Silvestre’s appear.

‘til Tomorrow.

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  1. YW – Right about the Benfica game. Did they not have brothers playing for them; Yakin, or somthing like that?

  2. 1st

  3. Yogi feeling the heat

  4. That Benfica team ripped us to shreds.

  5. Have a read of this;

    We are all blaming the wrong man!

    Whatever happens we need to stand together and realise it may get worse before it gets better but let us not all fight together and end up like the spuds.

    Good times will come!

  6. The long week starts with a 2 game ban for Wenger. Nice.

  7. “Let’s hope that signings of Arshavin’s calibre rather than Silvestre’s appear.”

    LOL, both useless, at least we didn’t spend any money on Silvestre

  8. Sedetganw Degafi

    Tired of the name Wenger!

  9. AfroGoonieGooner

    Something for you to take a look at when we speak about missing champions league football. We can’t expect to have it forever. LFC, Chelsea, Man City, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, AC Milan, Inter Milan & Juventus have all missed champions league places in the last 10 years some of those teams more than once.
    What’s even funnier is that Barca and RM are basically in a two horse race and still managed to miss out on champions league, yes it was the early 2000’s but they were still the top two teams Spain.
    So anyway, these teams survived and made it back, maybe we should loose our champions league spot so us as fans can stop feeling entitled, also perhaps this would lead to a change of perspective from management. Only Man U and Arsenal have been consistent in the CL, but nothing lasts forever.

  10. Unfortuantely the whole problem of Wenger and Arsenal stems from a lack of communication with the fans, and keeping fans in the dark. It could so easily be resolved if say perhaps Wenger spoke more truthfully on his intentions or what is happening at the club. I’m not asking for him to tell us what signings he is trying to make, that would upset more than one party, he just needs to clarify the situation abit.

    Arsene has a habit of either keeping Arsenal affairs very close to heart, or he just paints everything rosy and red when people can see how much of a problem there is in the squad and overall management of Arsenal. Then people feel agrieved because they feel he is either deluded (which i don’t believe) or he is lying to them.. He gives nothing substantial, he expects blind faith. And it is all well and good trusting your manager, especially someone of Arsene’s calibre but can he be so blind as to believe people will follow him unquestionably, that no one will ask questions. The problem is that he hasn’t dealt with fans being disgruntled, he hasn’t dealt with unrest and the quite yet simmering of fan’s wrath.

    It could be all solved if he just sheds more light on the situation at Arsenal rather than keep everyone in the dark, he is not only toying with fan’s belief, but also the chances of our club making it into the four.

    I do not doubt that our team is excellent and will give anyone a run for their money on their day, but the morale of the squad is taking a hit as well. You have players asking for signings, walcott and wilshere to name a few. It is detrimental to team chemistry if a few players have a little seed of doubt about the team and what we can realisticly achieve this season.

    IN Arsene i trust, but even trust can be stretched too far.

  11. Wenger Suspended for 2 Fuckin Games … Bite that … A Must win clash at Italy and now the Professor is consigned to watch from the stands again … !!!

    Hope the Gunners come with all guns blazing from their conquer of Italy … !!!

  12. AfroGoonieGooner,

    Maybe we shouldn’t lose our Champions League spot. I see absolutely no reason why we should.

  13. do_or_die gunner

    Where is the arshavin who announced himself with a wonder goal from an impossible angle at the emirates? Where is the arshavin who scored four goals at Anfiled? I want him back!!!!

  14. Really annoyed by the uefa ban. Feels like platini is targeting wenger again.

  15. Flint McCullough

    Good stuff YW.

    It will only be a crisis if the supporters make it one. I was reasonably encouraged by the atmosphere on Saturday, the crowd has not turned yet but it is simmering.

    The cry seems to be to spend some money regardless of who it is on. Just buying reasonably good players gets you a reasonably good team, which we already are. We want exceptional players but those that are known are out of our wage bracket because of the activities of Chelsea & M City.

    Difficult times for a club in our position & likely to remain so unless the Uefa FFP does actually come in & with real clout.

    Time to recognise this & just get behind AW & whatever team he is able to put out, in whichever competition we are in. That’s what real supporters do.

  16. The longer this drags on the more i’m beginning to think no new signings are going to be made. How likely is it that we are going to be able to get any new players in – surely no team is going to sell anyone now with so little time to replace them? I’m depressed.

  17. Wenger needs to act quickly before this situation gets out of hand, 10 injured players & we have nt even started the season, a morale boosting win is wat is needed weda @ d friuli or OT, I believe dis squad jst needs 2 gel, once they get it, they would be pretty much difficult 2 stop, IMO ramsey nids 2 be himself and forget the talk abt filling cesc’s shoes, he has the talent 2 b @ par or even better than cesc

  18. Don’t read the papers don’t watch the tv sports programmes don’t listen to sport on the radio. Et voila! Peace relaxation and perspective. No crisis other than the usual injury crisis. Just a game lost thanks to a flukey offside deflected goal after a real gutsy performance. I’m still utterly positive.

  19. Fuck UEFA what a bunch a stupid arseholes Mourihno does it, Fregie does it and it’s fine and then Wenger does it and it’s two match ban and a fine! What a bunch of corrupt tossers!

  20. AfroGoonieGooner

    Bob I agree with you. We shouldn’t loose it and it should be an aim to gain it. I’m only asking us to put it into perspective when compared with the other teams I mentioned.

  21. steww

    unfortuantely newspapers or websites seem the only way to get some much needed news on Arsenal these days

    Wenger keeping quite isn’t helping the situation and this has caused many people to go on websites and rumour mills to try and understand what’s happening at the club

  22. AfroGoonieGooner

    I’ll pose a question, Is it silly to try and buy top quality young players from Spain at the moment, they seemed to have the developed the English “we only want to play in our own country gene” (Mata an exception) I wonder why we don’t buy as many players from Germany. Who was our last German player we bought? was it Jens? If so that was such a long time ago. And they have developed some great youth players since then.

  23. I guess wenger shld nt travel wit d squad bt stay @ home & make d calls & tactical changes from there, @ least dats an option I wonder whether UEFA wld ban him for

  24. Ashburton Patriot

    I see some guys still have faith like potatoes here… good on ya.
    Cant wait for Udinese I think that for me is the biggest test weve had in a long time. weak squad and all the pressure’s on us to deliver. were nt even at home, and di natale is goin to want to put on a show for his home fans. It wont be easy.

  25. Thats insane! Uefa has a thing for Wenger that’s for sure.

  26. Ashburton Patriot

    Steww how are we supposed to get info on our squad then?
    Read alot…. cut out the pure bullshit i.e the over opti/pesimistic ones.
    Wen a rumour comes out do some reseacrh on his wages and his value to the club, try and see what agents say about their players. only take note of artcles that have quotes from personalities working in the club.

  27. Just Another Luke

    vp 10

    Right. And use his iPad to communicate tactical changes to Pat Rice, and Skype for the half time talk to the team.

  28. Just heard the Kaka to Arsenal rumour

    Never Going To Happen

  29. Anyone, If Wenger appeals, can he be there on Wednesday night?

  30. JD Gooner

    the likelyhood of the appeal going through is zero to zilch
    Uefa hate Arsenal

    The whole world seems to be against Arsenal.

  31. SSN delighted they were able to help UEFA crack down on rule breakers.

  32. Shows arsenal should nt expect any favours from UEFA if we qualify, especially from the refereeing angle if all this happening before the group stage

  33. Fuck me this is just ripping the arse out of it now:

    “Arsene Wenger has been handed a two-match ban by Uefa after being found guilty of breaching the terms of a previous Champions League sanction.”

  34. I feel like the current squad is missing an entire tier after all the departures/loans. We used to have a pretty definite first team, then a bench of regular substitutes/occasional starters and then the carling cup kids who occasionally had to make the leap to the bench. That middle tier has been taken away, Bendtner/Eboue/Vela/Denilson and along with Cesc & presumably Nasri that’s a hell of a lot of experience to lose at once.

  35. The first thing we should get straight is that the Board will not push Wenger out. At the moment, he is their first line of defence and without him a lot more information will come into the public domain.

    The club is in complete disarray behind the scenes as evidenced by this new ban from UEFA. Talking to the bench via a coach was something that the club secretary was supposed to have confirmed as permissible but somehow he’s managed to cock it up and Wenger takes the hit.

    Arsene is definitely not without fault but the longer this goes on, the more the finger has to be pointed at the people responsible for club’s well-being.

  36. i think alot of people are gonna be surprised at the impact that wilshere will have on our midfield on wednesday, me included.
    He has become such an important player at such a young age its scray

  37. gunnerluc (remixed):


    For those who do not believe in CONSPIRACY THEORIES please get out your best microscopes and pay very close attention to what’s in store for your beloved football club this week.

    Lets not debate this, we can be scientific.
    Please fill in form below*:

    Mon 22/08 AW gets banned
    Tue 23/08
    Wed 24/08 Udinese (A)
    Thur 25/08
    Fri 29/08
    Sat 30/08
    Sun 31/08 Man Utd (A)

    * any ACLFer proficient with MS Office, pls feel free to create downloadable forms (in pdf format) for all interested gooners.

    Passenal, the games have begun!

    ..i remain RASER!

  38. @ gunnerluc | August 22, 2011 at 10:57 am

    “Fuck UEFA what a bunch a stupid arseholes Mourihno does it, Fregie does it and it’s fine and then Wenger does it and it’s two match ban and a fine! What a bunch of corrupt tossers!”

    Agree totally. It is so unfair and out of proportion to the offence.

    @ steww
    Agree with that. Most of what you get from the papers is speculation – the genuine news is on

  39. If you need any more proof regarding the bias and unfairness of FIFA, UEFA, FA, then you need look no further than todays decision by UEFA. Now watch the reaction of the football establishment. We know that Sky are part of a corrupt organisation and have an anti-Arsenal bias, but let us observe the behaviour of the rest of them this week. Pick out the malevolent ones, the lazy ones. Just wait, watch and report.

  40. Moe, understand that but I feel this is a must win game for Arsenal. Even if it means Uefa consider it a “frivilous” appeal, are they duty bound to consider it as with a domestic ban and therefore allow him to be present on Wednesday night?

  41. This post suggest that most of Arsenal’s problems stem from outside as opposed to anything the club have done or haven’t. For me our problems were all eminently avoidable. Inaction over the past few seasons has finally caught up with us, and I cannot see an easy or short term fix.

  42. “Talking to the bench via a coach was something that the club secretary was supposed to have confirmed as permissible but somehow he’s managed to cock it up and Wenger takes the hit.”

    Or they did confirm it as permissible but the UEFA representative got it wrong; or UEFA decided to punish AW anyway after SSN made a big song-and-dance about it because they thought it made them look silly?
    Without details of their judgement we can’t jump to conclusions.

  43. FunGunner

    but there is so little news.

  44. FunGunner

    >the genuine news is on

    About three weeks after it has happened…


  45. @ YW
    True, but at least it’s genuine – isn’t that the point?

    @ Moe
    Sometimes that’s just the way it is. Speculation and rumour isn’t news, even if there’s nothing else going on.

  46. Not wearing red today?

  47. Yogi’s Warrior

    My point exactly


    Less than an hour after it appeared on NewsNow, with full judgement quoted, and reaction from the club.

  49. Its GUNNERS against the WORLD!!!!!!!!

    There are powers mightier than Platini in “FOOTBALL” today, even at UEFA. So don’t be suckered into directing all your angst at little Michel P.

    They got MEDIA, REFS, AGENTS, PLAYERS…shhiit, and BLOGGERS ???… they definitely have shitloads….we’ve got enuff VIRUS posting here on ACLF..working very hard to demean our ballclub and remove the C from ACLF!



    (..sometimes feel like I was an unused grenade in my past life)

    …i remain RASER!

  50. Well, it all depends on perspective. CL aside, no manager frets too much about early results, with all the lucky and unlucky deflections, team cohesion and morale is far, far more pressing at this stage. I expect 3 things: a good season and minimum top 2-3 finish, an exciting season with the new and upcoming players who look good, a far more supportive fan environment as the results start to look positive.

    Wenger knows what he has and will ride it out (the press). So what. Wenger is often chastised for his simple remarks, but they are typically honest and usually the best and most revealing are not given consideration. It is clear that Wenger, the same Wenger who has bought many good players, thinks we have made very high quality signings already. The fickle fans who don’t listen are the same who poured scorn on players like Koscielny and Gervinho, Frimpong and Gibbs as upcoming players and earlier queried Vermaelen, made scathing remarks about whether we had a plan for keeper department, and so on and so on.

    Having now seen Miquel, I don’t see need for another CB, we are ‘par’ with any top club in that position with 3 first choice types (2 injured but that’s football), one newbie, one who can switch (Song) and one last resort. We need one creative, strong and driving midfielder. We are still light there, and now overly dependent on Wilshere. That’s it. Wenger will have the last laugh.

  51. JD Gooner

    Unfortuantely uefa are so corrupt and so anti-Arsenal it beggars belief. Uefa and duty don’t mix, if they genuinelly want arsenal to fail they will do everything in their power, while the rest of the world turns a blind eye.

    It’s sad, but that’s the reality of being a responsible, profitable and wise business model in a football world that prides itself in insane prices and insane transfer deals. (andy carrol, 30m need i say more?)

    It makes me feel oddly philosophical, the premier league and arsenal’s woes strangely reflect the political greed, lying and refusal to be a responsible world of today.

  52. Morning YW came across this particular link ….Wenger and Board at Logger heads…Who knows..

  53. FG,
    It might be genuine but its no longer ‘news’.

  54. WrightyMightyMan

    There will be no new signings. We’re supposed to believe ‘they are working night & day’ trying to sign ‘super super quality’ – who apart from the dumbest AKB sheep actually believe that?
    Wenger’s 2 match Uefa ban is the least of our problems.
    When asked about Arsenal’s seemingly never ending injury crises, Wenger replied ‘I don;t know, I’m not a doctor’ – WTF kind of reply is that?????
    It’s the media’s fault/the refs fault/Uefa’s fault – yeah yeah, anybody but the people who run AFC.

  55. You either believe or you dont.

    But if you do believe in the Boss ,do so and dont ask the Boss to explain himself to you.Not unless you happen to be Silent Stan.

  56. WrightyMightyMan

    you have a point but that doesn’t stop the fact that the uefa and other football powers detest Arsenal. Our business model and sensibilities grate on their money greed.

    Arsenal success= other teams adopt arsenal approach= less money for football powers

    Arsenal failure= more money for them, and they can continue the current insane approach to life in the PL

  57. 1NilToTheArsenal

    Excellent stuff YW, and Moe@10:49, I agree wholeheartedly.

    Wenger is one of the best and smartest managers in the world, but he can infuriate with his style of communication and his ostensible undying belief in his players. If there’s anything I would ask of him, it would be “to get real” (as my own teenaged daughter constantly says) with the press and the fans. It is rebuilding time at the Arsenal.

    This 2011-2012 will NOT be our year – I believed that since we fell apart in February during the heat of the last campaign. To me, it was a given that Fabregas would go back to Barca after another fruitless season. He is irreplaceable for any club BUT Barca, where he actually has to earn his place. We should be thankful for the fantastic football he brought to us these past few years.

    I believe we are in for a tough few years of rebuilding, and sincerely doubt that we will finish top four this year, now that Man City have finally arrived and Liverpool are resurgent. Chelsea have Lukaku and Mata now, and Manchester United is still…bloody United. It is their title to lose.

    But that does NOT mean that we as supporters, should lose our composure, as many of us have been doing. I get the democracy of the internet and that blogs are all about venting and opining, but the Arsenal support is surprisingly fickle and brittle to the point of being beyond ridiculous. The lack of unity, of a real feeling of community makes it difficult to feel part of this wonderful club. A club that is built and not bought and which remains competitive and entertaining despite the billions being spent by its rivals.


  58. Sky had camers stationed on AW throughout the Udinese game with the commentators ready with script.
    They need to get rid of AW to force Arsenal to toe their line.

    Does an agenda really exist some ask?
    Watch and listen very closely….some of its genius.
    But then so was Hitler.

    …..i remain a RASER@War!

  59. pedantic george

    infortuantely belief and trust can only be stretched so far before it snaps.

    And we fans are getting mighty close to that right now.

  60. Some of you people are fucking unbelievable. Speculation and lies are far better than the truth becuase they are delivered quicker. Farkin hell. No wonder we are drowning in shit.

  61. Aman @ 11:46 – That is one truely mental post.

  62. i hope to god we absolutely destroy Udenese, what a message that would send out to the world.

    We are ARSENAL


    And uefa can only plot so much

  63. Moe said

    “Arsenal success= other teams adopt arsenal approach= less money for football powers

    Arsenal failure= more money for them, and they can continue the current insane approach to life in the PL”

    That is the best post I have sen for months
    And again .you either believe that or you dont.

  64. all the signs were there the last few years that pursuing a strategy of under investment would lead to a gradual weakening of the squad which would eventually blow the group apart and push the best players out of the door
    Wenger is the chief culprit and orchestrator of this deliberate strategy to prove to the world that he is the best coach
    every fundamentalist blows up in the end and leaves huge collateral damage
    that damage is a club on its knees, chased down, cornered and hunted by every rival/enemy in the game with no capacity to bounce back
    it simply is too late now
    Arsenal under Wenger and with the help of inept/ corrupt and overpaid board members and executives has imploded
    this was all so obvious
    and this blog is guilty as hell as it always endorsed the official line spouted by the ones who are now blaming each other for the death of our club

    Yogi, now it’s panic mode for you as well, isnt it – should have smelt the rot a bit earlier – the stench coming out of our club the last few years was there for everybody to notice

    Bye Bye Arsenal

    and Adios Wenger

  65. Its open season on Arsenal and Arsene wenger.

    Attack comming from all angles, all gunners need to revive the spirit of grapham days were everyone hated us for our boring football – lets tell em all to F@ck off

  66. imagine thursday night europa matches at the emirates against teams you’ve never heard of from countries you can’t find on an atlas

  67. Go-on Aman son!

    You’ve gone fuckin militant.

    Erm I’m “Raser too”.

  68. @ Henristic
    It’s information, as contrasted with speculation and rumour. When there is a significant delay, it’s because they are awaiting confirmation or checking their facts. This is good practice which is unfortunately not followed by most e-media because their focus in on getting clicks and making money from advertising. Therefore speed is everything and accuracy is neither here nor there. is an information resource so accuracy is most important – even more than speed. It would be much more infuriating if the website printed “rumours” like “Arsene to sign Kaka”, or premature stories like “Nasri Deal Done”, only to have to row back. The site has to be trustworthy.

  69. enfieldgooner @ 10.44

    yeh mate. i read it.

    the board should be at the top of the transfer list b4 their narcolepsy proves fatal.

  70. Could have had Mata for £20 mil two wks ago, whats going on?
    Fab will take some replacing, but eh it would have been a start.

  71. The whole of England should be up in arms. This is a blatant attempt by UEFA to favour getting another Italian team through to the Champions League. Corruption plain and simple. If we get screwed by the ref on Wednesday I will go mental.

    At least Wenger can watch the match live and ring his instructions through without a camera in his face now.

  72. Many of you are so daft to think it’s all about MONEY???
    ….ok, I’m reloaded

    today’s FUCK OFFs!!!!!!!!!:

    just another luke
    Sedetganw Degafi
    The West Stand
    do_or_die gunner

    … can’t talk dear, i’m@War

  73. WrightyMightyMan

    Get off the mans back, he has enough cunts outside the club to deal with. Some may wonder why Wenger’s back is up sometimes, the whole world hates us and I would hate to be in his situation. The restrain he shows in interviews on a daily basis to keep himself from getting into further trouble is amazing. If it wasn’t clear before I hope most our Wenger bashing supporters see it now. We have been up against it for years.

    It is a combined jealousy against a determined Arsenal looking to do things properly. As they said in the Sunday supplement the other day, Wenger is the only sane man in a crazy world.
    I don’t agree with it being entirely down to Wenger however, the board have a huge say in player purchases and other affairs. It is not always Wenger’s decision or ‘fault’ when we can’t sign someone.

    We have always conducted our transfer business like this, problem now is we have City, Chelsea, United & Liverpool spending stupid money fucking up the market and taking the players who would like to come to Arsenal.

    As hard as things may be, I know our team and manager will come out stronger. These cunts won’t bring us down. Nows the time to stand up and be counted if your an Arsenal fan.

  74. Els – In reply to your post early this morning. Sorry only just noticed it.

    I don’t see how Gibbs is a left back who will sit back more than Clichy. He seems to be a player in the same mould. I thought Clichy was an area we could upgrade on (but not a priority). But we have not done that. Our full backs have gone from:

    Clichy & Gibbs
    Gibbs & Traore


    Sanga & Eboue
    Sagna & Jenkinson

    No way are we stronger

    The reas in which we are stronger is that we now have a kepper who looks thew real deal. We have signed Gervihno who looks a good addition. But fundementally a 1st 11 which needed strengthing has got weaker if anything. That said, having TV5 back is a great boost as he is one of the best in his position.

    But just look at it’ we have lost our best player and first choice left back. Add to that, we look like we will lose Nasri who aprt from Cesc is the player who looks like “making things happen” for us. Now look at who is new to the squad:

    Jenkinson – Less that 10 pro games to his name. No top flight exp
    Frimpong – Less than 5 games to his name. No top flight exp
    AOC – Just turned 18. No top flight exp.
    Mychachi – Was at school 18 months ago.
    Gervihno – Good signing.
    Miquel – Less than 5 games to his name. No top flight exp.

    How on earth do you think that we are in better shape than last season? Even if we were it is nowhere near the progress that we needed. Now 10 days to the end of the window we loook to be in trouble, and now the pressure is on the manager to get in the players we need.

  75. Fun – But surely the club is the first to nkow when we have signed/sold a player? Is it not too much to ask that they are a bit quicker with news of that nature? I think that is where most fans get frustrated with the site.

    Personally I could not care less. As long as I find out about the club, I don’t care where it comes from as long as it is accurate.

  76. Just like you YW I am really worried about where the goals are going to come from this season, even more so if Nasri and Bendtner leave. We can’t just rely on Van Persie; Arshavin and Walcott really need to contribute more goals this time. What the hell is going on with Chamack?
    We just look desperately light up front.

  77. FG,
    But does print the rumours, appropriately labelled of course.

    Anyways, this is a non-issue. isn’t a media organisation, so I don’t really expect them to act like one. They are supposed to be an information/propaganda channel for fans.

    For those requiring ‘news’, at the speed we are used to in this internet age, is not the place to go.
    And yes, ‘news’ includes rumours and speculation, in addition to fact.

  78. Aman appears to be a ten year old, or a slightly retarded adult.

  79. No. Aman is fine. He is right too. You need to lighten up a bit, Andy.

  80. aman calm down. i think you will find that with this board it is ‘ all about money ‘.and i also think kronk is perfectly happy with the situation.

  81. Frank – I am nice at ease here 🙂 Are you his carer?

    Hope you had a nice break.

  82. I completely disagree with how you are looking at it andy. Still cheers for reply.

    On a whole the squad has more depth, if you are adverse to youth then you will not agree. Out of first team we have lost 2 possibly 3 (if Nasri leaves) players. We have replaced with an England international who wants to be here. Gerviho could be for Nasri and again the fact he wants to be here is a big factor. He wants to impress. He is fast and decisive. A different player who will do well. Cesc is another issue. Nobody can replace him. We will try I’m sure. On a whole we are still stronger. This is a totally personal opinion. We just have to support.

  83. No, Andy, I just think that Aman is a star. More business than break but there was a bit of time to relax at the end, thanks.

  84. Uh oh, Aman, you’ve ditched “I remain positive!” for “… can’t talk dear, i’m@War”

    It must be the end of times. Or at least WW3. I’ve got your back in any case.

  85. 1NilToTheArsenal

    Chrisgoona @ 12:04:

    “Nows the time to stand up and be counted if your an Arsenal fan.” THAT’S THE STUFF!
    Couldn’t agree more.

    It’s easier to make delicious food if you use loads of fat and sodium, and it’s easier to buy championships if you spend obscene amounts of money in the transfer market.

    We are NOT that kind of club and it has gotten much more difficult for us to compete with our style of management. People really have no idea how we are so much better off in the long run for not having a Russian oligarch sugar daddy or an oil-rich Emir as a sponsor.

    We are the Arsenal.


  86. @ henristic
    “It does not as a rule print rumours. A couple of seasons ago, it experimented with a “transfer rumour” section, with appropriate disclaimers, but it was deeply unpopular with readers and the section was dropped.

    @ goonerandy
    “Fun – But surely the club is the first to nkow when we have signed/sold a player? Is it not too much to ask that they are a bit quicker with news of that nature? I think that is where most fans get frustrated with the site.”
    They are the first to know when the deal is genuinely done and they publish it. For example, they let us know about Gerv, AOC and Campbell when the deals were done, even before all the formalities were completed. Other outlets are just taking a punt if they report these things even earlier. They have nothing to lose if they get it wrong, does.

    “Personally I could not care less. As long as I find out about the club, I don’t care where it comes from as long as it is accurate.”
    Then your best bet is

  87. Wish we had 20,000 aman’s! It would be like that bit on braveheart. Only with red faces.

  88. Im a Fan and I believe in Wenger and the team. Not stretched at all. But i also realise that if you read the papers, its not good. If you dont you wont feel so bad.

    And remember just because you are paranoid, doesnt mean they are not out to get you.

  89. @ Henristic
    “And yes, ‘news’ includes rumours and speculation, in addition to fact.”

    No, it does not.

  90. Els – Fair points. And quite the opposite, I am all for the youth. But only to supplement a solid side. If we consider Gervihno to be Nasri’s replacement, then we have not added a first teamer to the squad at all. If Gervihno had arrived, with Cesc and Nasri staying we would have made an improvment. But what we are doing is replacing (i.e, not improving).

    My opinions are not based on some sort of attack on the club, as that is the furthest thing from my mind and not what I am interested in doing in the slightest. I love the club, but am simply getting increasingly frustrated with the way things are going. For every step forward we make, we pretty much always take 2 steps back.

  91. The whole problem is sometimes Arsene Wenger is putting too much on young shoulders.

    It is not fair to them and not fair to the fans, as demonstrated by frimpong in the weekend, a lack of experience and a sound voice in the team can backfire.

    Arsene Wenger’s equation of youth=loyalty=less money spent is a good one, however without something to comliment it. It becomes rather dire, and sometimes the lack of experience and quality to guide these young players is painfully obvious.

    People should understand though that with these things that Wenger has brought to this club, we need to go back to our roots and understand that what we have now is a blessing and not something that we are due. Arsene Wenger has transnformed this club, unfortuantely for him in making this club such a success he has attracted some of the most fickle fans who jump at the slightest hurdle. before Arsenal became such a well known and respected club, the fans knew their worth and supported Arsenal through thick and thin, but with the success of recent years, it has also brought the club a fan base that did not know Arsenal before his time.

    This does not mean that Arsen Wenger has free reign over the club, he is subject to questioning just like other managers, but they way Arsenal operate should reflect on its fans.

    We are Arsenal for a reason, we are different, our motto, our beliefs and the way we run such a beatifull club is unique for a reason.

    We struggle because others see the coming of success for us and they don’t like it. It should be a compliment that uefa and co find us so threatning that they would do all in their power to stop us.

    Be patient, i know our club lies on a knife’s edge right now, a knife has two sides and i thoroughly believe Arsene wenger can pull us back into the right side.

    Remeber this, Every manager always compliments us, we are the nevy of many and also the enemies of many, but we are Arsenal.

  92. Just re-watching Saturday’s match. I have to say, comedy gold from Andy Carroll – or Andy Capp as he is being nicknamed – he pushed Miquel, fell over fresh air (very slowly) and claimed a penalty. ha ha ha.

  93. “The whole of England should be up in arms. This is a blatant attempt by UEFA to favour getting another Italian team through to the Champions League. Corruption plain and simple. If we get screwed by the ref on Wednesday I will go mental”

    yeah right. All these other people want us to die so they can take our spot. Thats why fans have been soo annoying, not seeing that these papers and others want you gone so stop helping them get rid of you.

  94. “FunGunner | August 22, 2011 at 12:27 pm
    @ Henristic
    “And yes, ‘news’ includes rumours and speculation, in addition to fact.”

    No, it does not.”

    Not unless you are stupid.
    Which does rather explain a lot.
    Like how someone can post that 2 weeks ago we could have had Mata for £20 million.

  95. Two match ban for Wenger. No exciting signings as promised to us and Wenger, just players leaving and wanting to leave.

    We don’t take long to sell players though do we?
    That get’s sorted in the space of a few days.

    I notice there are a large majority of Gooners who see nothing wrong and all is well. How the fuck is shit happening to our club and when is it going to stop?

  96. Please explain how the fuck Mata, is on his way to chelsea?

    Could we not afford him or was that a long list of fuck ups by our fat wallet brass?

    Fucking joke.

  97. Err……whatever Aman says.

    Only saw highlights of the game on Sat. Everyone is raving about Travis Bickle/mr T/Frimpong – did he really look that good?

  98. Carrol is probably still in TV5’s back pocket as we speak.

  99. im not adverse to youth, but come on this squad now is weaker then last season,
    Have you noticed we have lost our two best players(argueably) Cesc and Nasri,
    Denial must be spreading through the ranks, Gervinho apart the signings make no sense.

  100. Andy we have strengthened in as much as if Denilson or Eboue were called on we will now be playing Jenk or Frimp. I think that these lads will be desparate to impress and have plenty of talent.

    Main thing is, is that a team doesn’t only improve with signings. Surely as Arsenal fans we are realising this. Every fucking year we get wrote off. We only prove the “experts” wrong.

    Many of our current players are improving and tactically the team has already shown improvement.

  101. Gooonerton ,because they are willing to pay the transfer fee his club want and the wages his agents want.
    Explain how that is a “fucking joke”
    Because I am not laughing

  102. goonerwife, do you mean we shouldn’t expect any sympathy from other teams in the PL? If the PL loses one of their CL spots at the expense of Italy gaining one it will be bad for everyone. Not that this match alone will determine that. It’ll take a bit more scheming by UEFA.

  103. Paul – He did. Great energy, and won virtually every tackly we went in for for. Suprisingly good when motoring forward as well, he looks like he will take some stopping. Took responsibility and had a pop from outside the box as well which was nice to see.

    He will get his fair share of red cards that is for sure, but so what? It is nice to have a player who will “mix it”.

  104. We are certainly overall stronger this season, position for position, and the foundation/depth, except only for the Fabgregas and to a lesser degree Nasri scenario. I expect that to be somewhat resolved in the next 3-4 weeks as tactical work starts to produce the required goals. No ways do I see Gibbs as inferior to Clichy, or Jenks to Eboue. Frimpong is a big, big plus. Miquel virtually announces the solid back four CB situation. We haven’t seen Ryo or Ox in action, but the midfield is a little light. Liverpool did well to tie up the flanks, and we didn’t have enough to go through the middle, don’t be deceived. With the arrival of Campbell, I am not unhappy about where goals will come from. Theo will get goals, Arsh will get goals, RvP, Bendtner I suppose might be staying, Chamakh will recover form, 3Gs looks great, Ryo hasn’t been tested, Campbell looks spectular. What all this depends on is creating chances. We must concentrate on midfield now.

  105. Mata was not good enough, over-hyped and over-priced. We have Ryo.

  106. @ Paul
    He was fantastic at breaking up play, but has work to do on his passing – bit of a mixed bag, some very good, some over-conservative or inaccurate, or too slow. The main reason why people are raving about him was that he did not look at all out of place, seemed to take the game by the scruff of the neck and showed fire and fight and determination. Still looks raw – two or three silly tackles, but he is one of those players who you look at and you just Know.

  107. Els – “Every fucking year we get wrote off. We only prove the “experts” wrong.

    When? So far we continue to prove them right. And believe me, there is nothing more irritating than the like of seeing Shearer/Hansen et al, looking smug as we cock things up again.

    We will only prove them wrong when we win somthing.

  108. Paul at 12:34 pm, Frimpong really was awesome. Best player on the pitch for me along with Vermaelen. Shame about his… indescretion.

  109. And of course – how could I forget – a fantastic charge forward and shot on target which Reina only just saved. The high point of the first half – we were all standing to applaud

  110. Zim – “No ways do I see Gibbs as inferior to Clichy, or Jenks to Eboue.”

    Then you know very little about football.

  111. I expect a big midfield signing, Wenger style naturally, not especially well-known but high, high quality.

  112. So for Wednesday night could we see Song and Frimpong in midfield? Their bans don’t extend to the CL do they?

    I’d love to see Frimpong and Song with Wilshere ahead of them. Ramsey looked tired on Saturday.


  113. Zim – Mata was not good enough, over-hyped and over-priced. We have Ryo”

    Seriously mate, you are deluded. I am not saying Mata is the answer, but Ryo was still at school in Japan 18 months ago.

  114. Markus

    no they don’t, only domestic games.

    And that line up looks EPIC

  115. FunGunner

    It might sound like I’m picking on you but I’m not…

    dot com did not drop the rumours section, they hid it in the News Menu and called it “Arsenal Media Watch”. To give it some credibility, the picked a few blogs to lift stories from. It was properly labelled but no-one at Arsenal could see what was wrong with it. Which sums up why the clubs media and PR is such a pigs ear.


  116. @ Markus.
    It would certainly get some use out of our PL-suspended players, but perhaps Rosicky would be a better choice than Frimpers, for creativity – if we manage to score 1 it swings the tie much further in our favour.

  117. ZP

    >We have Ryo.

    Yep. Not sure why Mata didn’t join but something to do with money, no doubt. Wenger was quite definite when he mentioned that the deal was dead a while back so I wonder what happened to make the deal fall through? Had Chelsea mentioned that they would outpay whatever we offered?


  118. Markus – Yeah that would be good I think. Replace Theo with Nasri and we would be there.

  119. @ Yogi’s Warrior | August 22, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    No worries. Always happy to be corrected.
    But it was labelled, as you say – not to be confused with news.
    Re-packaging it must have worked to some extent, though, because I genuinely thought it had been discreetly dropped.
    Again, I’ll have to defend them because they are trying to listen to the fans, and some of them do desperately want to hear the rumours. We aren’t a homogenous bunch, are we?

    Got the red top back on, I see.

  120. Mind you, God knows who will be playing in midfield v ManUre.

  121. Andy every year for the last 5 we have been reliably informed by the likes of Hansen, that if we don’t spend majorly we will be struggling for europe nevermind the champions league.

  122. “We don’t take long to sell players though do we?”

    goonerton – no of course not. Cesc went pretty sharpish, only a few years. NB52’s flown out the door hasn’t he? Denilson went months after that came out. Nasri – well that’s been a swift piece of business. Clichy was the only relatively quick one, and was no slower than us obtaining Gervais.

    So basically, you’re wrong. All transfer business has taken longer than normal this year. Just the way it is this time round.

  123. 1NilToTheArsenal

    Without the creative talents of Fabregas, we need to evolve into a more direct style of play. Less pretty passing, more predatory in the area. Look at at what Drogba has done do us in his prime. He totally intimidated our wilting flowers in defence. We need to supply direct balls to our strikers. RVP is absolutely sublime when presented with a properly weighted pass anywhere near the net.

    Wilshere and Ramsey need to be British Bulldogs now that Fab and Nasri are gone and get their balls through and dominate the midfield.


  124. FunGunner, yep that would be a good shout too. As long as we have Frimpong as an option when we need to keep them quiet.

    Andy, I wouldn’t replace Theo with Nasri. If Nasri plays tho it means we’re keeping him for the season.

  125. Zim at 12.39 my thoughts exactly!

  126. And Miquel is looking even better on second viewing.

  127. 1NilToTheArsenal

    exactly. spot on, either Asenal adapt their play due to lack of creativity of we look to bring in creativity

  128. Miquel was impressive on Saturday. If he (Miquel) can get match fit then Squillaci may have trouble getting back into the team.

  129. Is wilshere def out for the manure game? If not, would have Wilshere (if fit, if not replace with Lansbury), Nasri and Rambo in there. If Nasri’s gone, replace with Rosicky (if fit)… jesus, a lot of ‘ifs’. We need a midfield signing before that game for sure.

    Anyone have any realistic suggestions?

  130. i feel very sad, looking at images and the liverpool video. Arsene Wenger’s body language and face tell the tale of a very sad person. Looking at him i feel sorry for him, and my anger at those who would slight him, who would question such a man when he’s hurt is plain to see for all.

    He cares more about this club than anyone in the world, he looked stressed and fed up, on the point of breaking.

    And who is responsible for cutting such a man to that level. the fickle idotic uni brain celled morons that cAll themselves fans.

    I feel for him on a personal level, whether it is self inflicted or not, the scenes at liverpool were embarassing to say the least

    Those out there who would destroy such a man, probably the most genuine manager in the PL, I SAY SHAME ON YOU


  131. Geo, Seeing Frimpong on Saturday sort of reassured me that we’re okay at central midfield, although we could stand to have some extra cover. Problem is finding a decent player who will be happy as cover. So as for your request for realistic targets… I got nothin. If we can get Wilshere and Diaby both fit we’d be in great shape.

    Song, Diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, Frimpong, Rosicky.

  132. A midfield of Lansbury/Ramsey/Rosicky against Utd is a worry but the most likely combination if Jack’s still out. Has Lansbury ever performed a more defensive role for the reserves? I can’t see Aaron or Tom being the one to sit back.

  133. Zim Paul: “We are certainly overall stronger this season, position for position, and the foundation/depth”

    What pills are you taking? We have lost our best creative player and not replaced him and it looks as though we are going to loose our second best creative player. We have lost our first team left back.
    We have brought in some young players with great potential, but you are seriously deluded if you think we are currently in a stronger position than last season.

  134. Fun @ 12:56 – Rosicky/Ramsey/Wilshere? Maybe Nasri if he is still here? It looks like it will be whoever is available I suppose. New signing?

  135. Markus @ 1259 – That is sort of my point. Play him.

  136. Moe “And who is responsible for cutting such a man to that level. the fickle idotic uni brain celled morons that cAll themselves fans”

    The fans were good on Saturday, they are not responsible for Wenger’s problems. The problems are the players, his or the board’s making, not the fans.
    It’s fashionable on this excellent blog for people to slate the Arsenal fans, rather than criticise the players or manager. That’s great, but the fans are not really to blame.

  137. Markus – yeah me too, he looked great. But at this particular moment in time, we have a very threadbare midfield. If we could get in another attacking midfielder to rotate with Diaby, Rosicky, Ramsey, (Nasri?), Wilshere then it would be a big step towards having a healthier squad, not having to rely on the fitness of some of our more injury prone players, Diaby particularly.

    I think this is the only position that is essential if we are to maintain our free scoring style throughout at whole season. As good as jack and rambo are, I don’t think they are going to score loads of goals from midfield, which is something any new signing must have in them imo. The youngsters have plenty of assists in them, but a goalscoring/assisting player would be a huge boost to that midfield – especially of Nasri leaves. Who that is, is another question. One I hope the Boss can answer!

    A bit more of a doomy post for me, but fear not, I am still confident and excited by seeing this new batch of Wenger Gems coming through. Want to see some of the Ox and Ryo soon, oh and Campbell of course..!

    Someone said to me that Ox can play CM too, anyone seen much of him who could back this claim up?

  138. And for the conspiracy theorists – I get more and more certain of this, every week, after almost every article i see, after almost every match we play. I’m not even sure if it’s a conscious thing any more, particularly when it comes to refs, just simply the norm. Like Manure’s treatment the other way. Just how it is these days. Citeh the next ones to become favourites across the world. Anyone noticing how much everyone’s sucking their balls atm? Hardly anyone talking about buying the league etc, similar to the Chavs. People seem to love this new cunty way of going about winning in football. Sad state of affairs.

  139. geo

    It’s the ox who said it on his first interview with He stated he started as a central midfield player but was introduced in the wings in Southampton first team because of his speed and maybe also to protect him.

  140. the New York Times this morning…

    Wenger under the American gaze…

  141. If lack of money is not the issue, as Wenger said, that hesitates them from buying new players, but rather in finding the right player, why not increase Nasri’s pay to keep him? Wenger himself said they are looking for a good quality player–well there is one right under his nose!!!

  142. theBigM

    yes i did say it might be self inflicted in wenger’s case, but you have to understand that when all else fails, arsene needs the support of fans, not more pressure.

    The fans on saturday were fantastic, they are not he ones i refer to.

  143. Who knows what is really going on at Boardroom management level? Nobody on here, and more than likely very few at the club itself. The problem may lay with Arsene, it may lay with the board. Either way, we will probably never know (nor need to if we are being honest). The same with transfer budgets, plenty of people specualate what it may be, but nobody really knows the truth.

  144. The NY Times article may have been well-meaning but it was highly inaccurate.

  145. Frank – Agreed. Particularly the point about the first time playing CL qualifiers….not difficult for a journo to check but hey; laziness is their forte!

  146. goonerandy says:
    August 22, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    We gave away van bronkhurst for cesc on the face of it seemed like we were replacing a good experienced player with a total novice, point is that it may be that some of those players exceed the ones that departed.e.g Gibbs going forward is better than a cole and clichy, its just defence and injuries that worry me but I got faith in him. Cesc admitted himself that wilshere was better at the same age(smoke up the arse moment-maybe)

    I agree our squad is weaker only for the loss of cesc – nasri is still here.

    I asked this before but anyone know if joel cambell can play straight away?

  147. uefa might as well throw us out of the competition right now and spare us the embarrassment of watching their antics.

  148. Oh forgot to add

    F#ck myles”insider info” palmer the absolute dispicable c*nt

  149. Gee – “its just defence and injuries that worry me ”

    He is a defender first and formost, so that is quite worrying I think you would agree then.

    I think Campbell needs to have a visa granted, so the club will have to do that. Again though, it is asking an awful lot of the lad. The difference between whatever 2nd rate lge he is playing in now to the PL is worlds apart.

  150. i thought jenkinson, miquel and frimpong did very well against liverpool. to me, they are ready to play. i won’t be scared if we have to play them.

    i am just more concerned about the lack of creativity in our attack. how ironic that we never had to worry about our attack until now.

  151. That said, what I have seen of Gibbs during pre-seaons and until his injury was encouraging. He has a hsitory of being injured though, and without any form of decent back up it really is a risk. If we had another left back for him to fight for his place with, surely that would be better? If he is good enough he will play, and if he is injured we still have another solid option.

  152. FunGunner

    Speculations and rumours can and often are newsworthy. That’s why EVERY newspaper or media organisation in the world publishes/reports them (when deemed newsworthy). probably started to report transfer speculations precisely because they found them newsworthy. Hope you finally see where I’m coming from now.

    I’m surprised you thought the rumours section had been scrapped. I remember reading a few of those kind of articles this last summer and was about to look for links to some of the stories when I noticed Yogi’s response correcting you.

  153. 1NilToTheArsenal

    NY Times were once credible, now discerning readers know better. As a North American myself, I know better to look at news sources for “football” rather “soccer” first and foremost.

    Still the substance of the piece is interesting and accurate. Thanks for the link FinalBlazon.

    What else is there to say, really? It’s tough times. We are besieged. It will be a longer rather than shorter road to recovery in the current climate and the man at the centre is key to both.

    Wednesday will be a real test of our potential for this season and the nerve of our support. Wait, there is something else to say: come ON you GUNNERS!


  154. goonerandy says:
    August 22, 2011 at 2:16 pm
    Gee – “its just defence and injuries that worry me ”

    He is a defender first and formost, so that is quite worrying I think you would agree then.

    Well to be fair I thought the same when siliniho took over for winterburn,cole took over silviniho,when clichy took over cole on each occ apart from when a cole took over silviniho (cause siulviniho going forward was amazing @ the time.)

    Each time I was worried about the defensive abilities of the ones comming in. Most of the time they have proved my worry to be a cause of NO concern. Hope gibbs follows the pattern.

  155. Gee – Yeah, you could well be right. My concern though is that Gibbs is coming into a side which struggles without the ball quite often. When the likes of Cole came into the side, the team was full of experience and was fairly solid. We don’t currently have that.

  156. Yogi:

    nice post as always. Big game on Wed.

    I think we will make our way through to the group stages. I suspect 1 – 1 or may be even a 2-1 loss but I do expect us to go thru. Keeping a clean sheet last Tues was huge.

    The frustrating thing is that I am not sure what is happening at the club right now. Your posts from a couple of weeks ago summed up my feelings. To most outside observers the ship seems to be rudderless. If there really is an overall plan in place then the only logicial explanation is that the club recognizes the next couple of years are rebuilding years and they are hoping that we can hold on to our CL spots until our young talent matures. Perhaps Gervinho, OX, Jenkinson and Campbell were really our main targets this summer and the rest was all whitewash to hide our real objectives. If we were going after an experienced LB, CB, DM, striker, creative midfielder and we have not gotten any of those players we targeted then you really have to start worrying about who is in charge and their real motivation. You can rationalize missing a target occasionally. ManU missed Ramsey for example. However, to miss again and again year after year when you really are targeting specific experienced players is not acceptable management. Is the board stopping us, or is this just part of a Wenger rebuilding plan or is the ship truly rudderless? I don’t know.

    Either way there is nothing we can do as fans other then just to wait and see what happens and hope for the best. The club will survive either way.

  157. Traore is gibbs backup,followed by sagna and jenks, even verm is emergancy if needed.
    Forgive spelling mistakes,I have fat arse fingers

  158. thanks markus @12:23..load up bro, the bitches are here

    goonerandy, u pansy:

    Q@12:08: “How on earth do you think that we are in better shape than last season?”

    A: We are much clearer on who we can or cannot depend on (players & fans alike).

    You clearly sell out for money = cunt, doomer, enemy
    You only support if AFC does WHAT YOU WANT = cunt, doomer, traitor, enemy
    You pay back the faith AW had in u to return to your hometown club that just happens to
    be “winning” everything right now but cannot pay their players = pussy, twat, non-legend, dumbass.

    Boy I love it here, such a cultured blog.

    …can’t chat dear, i’m @ war.

  159. I agree with the experience issue, its not ideal but one of our greatest features as human beings is being able to adapt to varying pressures and sometimes being thrown in @ the deepend forces you to swim.

  160. Is this Finsbury’s petition? It’s cool – Sign It:


  161. Gee – Heh, I make tons of mistakes as I am typing fast at work. That is my point also, we don’t have good cover for Gibbs (who does appear to pick up plenty of injuries). We are a top team aiming to win every comp that we enter; we should have better. Not have to “make do”. Traore is not good enough, Jenkinson not experienced enough, and we don’t want to be moving other players out of position to cover. We have sold our best left back, so lets get another (and better if possible) one in.

  162. Limpar – There are some good and valid poiints in that article. I don’t for one second though think that we have had to resort to such stupid actions in the transfer market as Liverpool and the Spuds though. I just think that we have not taken that extra step forward that we needed to to move on.

  163. Aman – “Q@12:08: “How on earth do you think that we are in better shape than last season?”

    A: We are much clearer on who we can or cannot depend on (players & fans alike).”

    That does not spell out out the team is better though does it? Largely because at this moment in time it is not.

  164. I think that the basic direction of the article is right, LA, but

    ‘…the issue has went beyond that…’

    ‘He’s seen the path that the other big clubs have went down…’

    I think the author has been and went and gotten his grammar wrong.

  165. I actually think we are stronger in some positions. Some may disagree with me, but just hear me out…

    Far too many people are writing off some of these youngsters before they’ve had a chance to show their stuff. I’m not saying they’re going to be the next big thing, but let’s show some support – the man in charge has put them there for a reason. Nobody is complaining now about having Wilshere in our midfield, are we? Just because they’re young, doesn’t automatically mean they’re not worthy.

    Eboue and Jenkinson. As much as I admired Eboue, especially after the treatment he received, he was never a world class player. Those who have seen Jenkinson so far in an Arsenal shirt (or in a Charlton one, for that matter) should appreciate that he’s got a lot to bring to the table. For me, he’s a better player, keeps possession better, and is only going to get better from here on in. The guy’s got heart.

    Squillaci and Miquel. I think Seb got a bad press. He wasn’t as dreadful as everyone makes out. Still, I think Miquel has shown that he’s got what it takes. He might still be young, and may still need to work on his strength, but I’d argue he’s already better than Squillaci. Again, he’s Arsenal through and through, has proven to be a good captain at reserve level, and will only get better from here.

    Denilson and Frimpong. I was quite an admirer of Denilson. He did the basics well. He get’s slated for not being adventurous and making basic passes. Yet, these same people praise Barcelona to the hilt for doing the same thing – simply keeping possession and making space. He was sometimes lazy, I’ll admit, but never as bad as some people claim. That said, Frimpong has come in to the fray. Earlier than expected perhaps, but this guy was down to play a part last season before injury saw to that. Despite being a little overzealous, and getting himself sent off, nobody can argue that he was committed and looked eager to impress. He’ll learn from this mistake. He’s also been playing with Jack since their younger years – should be interesting to see. Again, he’ll only get better.

    Clichy and Gibbs. Clichy was a good player for us, no doubt, and he’d been around for a long time – being one of the few to have a winners medal to his name. However, we all know that Gael had moments of madness. Lapses of concentration, or whatever you wish to call them. His crossing was awful too, for a wing back that liked to get up the other end. He didn’t do a very good job of stopping crosses from coming over in to our box either. Gibbs already betters Clichy on all these fronts, and he’s got time on his side. Gibbs’ main problem, of course, is his fitness record. If he can’t stay fit, then we really will have problems, and my argument is moot.

    Gervinho is sometimes referred to as a replacement for Nasri, but Samir isn’t gone, and may still be with us for the foreseeable future, so I won’t draw comparisons. Gervinho looks eager to impress, and has scored some good goals for us already. He’s quick and has good feet. Needs to work on his decision-making, but this’ll improve as he gets used to his team-mates around him. One thing we were often having problems with was breaking down a wall of 10. I think Gervinho’s quick turn of pace and strong shooting will help us in that respect.

    I would talk about Oxlade-Chamberlain and Miyaichi too, but I could spend all day on this post!

    As always, happy to listen to any thoughts, or to be proven wrong 😉

  166. I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  167. why buy any players, we have a whole reserve to use yet!

  168. goonerandy,
    the collective effort on display this season totally supercedes last year’s.
    remember Old red nose’s collective won the league with a similar spirit last season.
    If the energy is not right, talent is irrelevant.
    “Captain” Cesc dragged team energy down aplenty last season.
    So did TH14 before him.

    Commit to the cause or just get the f**k out!

  169. Limpar Great petition. Signed that mutha!

  170. Accordingly, if the Club Supporter puts out NEGATIVE energy, it adversely affects the team..players & staff alike

    & all fence-sitting gooners?

    “..what was that dear..they’re reconsidering?”

  171. One needs to be slow to form convictions, but once formed they must be defended against the heaviest odds.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  172. “remember Old red nose’s collective won the league with a similar spirit last season.
    If the energy is not right, talent is irrelevant.
    They also were rife with experience and nous to add to the talent, with players who have been the distance. We on the other hand are not.

    “Captain” Cesc dragged team energy down aplenty last season. So did TH14 before him.”
    They also dragged our asses over the line in many a game too Aman, lest we forget.

    Sure remain positive and try make the best of things but lets not run away with ourselves as to the negative impact of 2 of our greatest ever players.


  173. Aman – You can still remain positive without ignoring the facts in front of you my friend. Discussing concerns does not make you any worse a supporter as long as you get behind the team once in the stadium. So calm down.

  174. GA
    “Discussing concerns does not make you any worse a supporter as long as you get behind the team once in the stadium.”

    There’s alot of posters on this site should make note of that!!!

  175. The Arsenal are fookin awesome, don’t dare right them off I’ll kick seven shades of shite outya.
    Mahatma Gandhi

  176. The author is Scottish, Frank. Remarkable he held it together that long.

  177. Nice one, els. Spread the word…

  178. @ Henristic

    No, I’m afraid I don’t see where you’re coming from. Yes, publish rumours and speculation. That does not strengthen your argument at all. The speculation is clearly labelled as such, in a special section which explicitly deals with speculation from other media sources, with appropriate disclaimers. Accurate information is published as news.

    Other news outlets often present speculation as “news” in the headline, but it is usually clear from the body of the article that there is only a shaky foundation to the “story”. The reason why they publish so much speculation is because they want to reel in consumers and they have so much space to fill and not enough is actually happening. It is simply revenue-driven.

    Newsworthy means that something is of interest.
    News is information, and is supposed to be correct, otherwise it is not news.
    Good news is usually less newsworthy than bad news. may be slower to publish news (as opposed to speculation) mainly because they are a trustworthy source of information about Arsenal FC and have to get it right.
    If you want to read rumours and treat them as fact, or you’re not bothered whether something is true or not as long as it is published quickly, that’s up to you, of course.

  179. LA, great article. Let’s hope he’s right, eh?

  180. LOL, els!

    “It is unwise to be too sure of one’s own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err”.
    Mahatma Gandhi

    Let me rephrase: “Captain” Cesc dragged team energy down aplenty in his last season.
    So did TH14 before him

    No man is strong or ” a legend” all the time. Positivity usually grows belief which breeds the success we seek.

    There is a time to water the seed, a time to trim the leaves & a time to fell the tree.
    Why pine over a felled tree & undermine the new seedlings?

    at some point u just have to let go off your fears & get behind who we have on board thats fighting for the club. Get over yourself man!

    ….still@war but more cultured (no guns, using chopsticks)

  181. Manu Frimpong was all set to be my new favourite player last season, then he got injured.

    How can you not love a player who has this as their Twitter profile: “I Love Arsenal F.C more than The Person That Founded it.” Says it all really.

    Great example to all who doubt young players and think because you haven’t got first team minutes under your belt you’re not ready. When you’re picked for Arsenal’s first team by Arsene Wenger – you are ready. File under Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs.

  182. What old shite has Henristic been drudging up now in the name of a good wind-up…

  183. Hey, av – nice post above.

  184. Good article, thanks for posting it, LimparAssist.

    But it’s like I say – there is a stubbornly-held belief that you have to be unprofitable to be successful. That disregards the fact that the vast majority of unprofitable teams finish below us every year. The teams who finish above us have had to outspend us massively to do so, crucially in wages, and I don’t think we can afford what a few others pay.

    @ Deiser
    Three out of the last four seasons, what you say about Cesc fighting for the cause and leading by example is true. But you must admit that last season was different, no? His heart just wasn’t in it.

  185. Thanks LA. Surprised nobody’s picked faults with it yet. By default, I must assume everyone agrees!

  186. Oh yeah, absolutely, FG. I think we can win the league, I’ve seen us come so close a couple of times with my own eyes to know that’s true. Bit of luck here and there with injuries and refs and we’d have trophies to go with the football already. Just found it interesting that an outsider can see sense in the transfer policy, and yet some of our own fans can’t.

    Slightly different situation now as we do need to replace Cesc to compete for the title this season IMO.

  187. Either that, or nobody can be arsed to read it because it’s quite a long post!

  188. This Mahatma Ghandi fellow was a jolly decent cove. I have a photograph from many, many years of me and a group of friends sitting around his statue in Tavistock Square. I like to think that he was an Arsenal supporter. Certainly would have been an AW supporter. I think he would have signed that petition you know. I really do.

  189. agogogogogogogogogogogogo..that’s better. Hang on agaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaggggggooooooo. Yep cured it.

  190. Alex Ice Cream

    Utter rubbish as Arsenal plumb new depths. Losing your best player with Nasri to follow, still buying unproven kids, still needing new signings. I point from 6, yet to score, with ManU ready to destroy us and a tricky tie in the CL which could easily end in disaster. Squad still consisting of dross that nobody wants.

    This lot are a joke and Wenger has clearly lost his way. In fact this whole youth policy has proven to be a total failure. Years of investing in average sh1te at the expense of more mature quality has destroyed us. Wenger looks like a broken man – its a shame he did not realise his folly years ago and now its too late.

    People have known about the weakness of Arsenal for years but finally the inevitable is happening. People (many on this blog) have deluded themselves that all will be fine when it was clear that it wouldn’t. Others have accused me of not being a supporter. This was obviously nonsense but now people can see why I have been that way. Its really, really sad and I hate what we have become but it could have been different.

    This lot won’t finish in the top 4.

  191. AIC!!! i was wondering how long it would take you to surface

  192. I am quite glad the youngsters are getting games now. The incidents/injuries could very well be a blessing is disguise, for if the youngsters get games now, they will be ready or more ready to be play a big part at the end of the season.

    We can cry about having a lack of PL experience but I dont want to see a bunch of players from the PL coming to Arsenal. The ones I would like, we most probably couldnt afford and most of the rest are not better than what we have. No point in that to me.

    Cant speak for anyone else, but I cant wait to see Ryo, Ox and Campbell!

    As far as saying players are not ready, well how do you know that? If you see them perform admirably when they get a chance, the only thing you are doing is counting their age against them. Wilshere was ready as was Cesc. If you are good, you are good.

    I believe Miguel could possibly be better than most new signings for the simple fact that he knows how to play the Arsenal way.

    Not sure the team is weaker either. If a team with cesc was as flat as hell then why do we believe he was the answer? It is quite possible that the team will unite and be a better team for losing Cesc. It may not be as pretty but we may be more effective. Sure Cesc is a great player but you just never know.

    Anyway, only time will tell but I believe we should look for the best.

    Be blessed all!

  193. Frimpong, from the matchday programme:

    “I couldn’t have picked a better captain for Arsenal,” Frimpong told the Official Matchday Programme.

    “When I was in the Reserve team and used to come over to train with the first team, (Robin) was always so good to me – he makes everyone feel welcome and cracks jokes with them, which is just what you need.”

    Awww. Lovely. Good on you, Mr van Perfect.

  194. We are certainly overall stronger this season, position for position, and the foundation/depth,

    Wow ! How can the poster of that be taken seriously.

  195. A. Ice Cream!!!!!! Super doomer #1..its been a while goes it?

  196. You can always trust AIC to put a smile on your face.

  197. I think we are stronger position for position, especially if Nasri stays. Cesc is the only position that is troubling most, obviously on face value we are weaker there.

    Overall, I dont see how we are a weaker team and i dont think we should allow the loss of one player to trump everything else.

  198. The upshot is that by bringing intelligent young players through with great technique and a love of passing football AFC have built a self-sustaining squad who can beat any other team on the planet on their day.

    You need a little bit of luck for that to translate across a whole league campaign, or Champions League campaign – and we certainly didn’t get that last season.

    We can bolster the squad to protect us from injury, and we will do.

    But anyone who thinks success won’t be in spite of a mischievous anti-Arsenal media and UEFA is kidding themselves.

    They all hate us, we don’t care. Fuck em all. Arsenal.

  199. hear hear Limpar

  200. “There is an agenda, it has building for some time”

    common why are you spreading such propaganda.

    “It is easy to say that the situation could have been avoided, too simplistic to simply say that all of the business should have been completed before now”

    so those who said wenger should replace clichy with jose enrique ( 6.5mil ) are just some bunch of simplistic, dumb people who have no idea of what they’re saying.

    again i ask why are you spreading such propaganda.

  201. That display from Frimpong got me thinking that we might see a more attack minded Alex Song this season when Frimpong partners him. I reckon he’ll get a few goals for us.

    Paul, looking more likely that Nasri may stay. We’ll know on Wednesday. For me if he does he needs to be more of a team player. As Wenger said he is sometimes too attracted to the ball. Or as I’d say, he’s a ball-greedy bastard.

  202. Quit honestly Boozy Enrique would have been a great addition at 6.5m .

  203. Alex Ice Cream

    Hi Limpar,

    Got some stats for you:

    “Since the start of the 2004-05 Premier League season, Arsenal have scored more goals, conceded fewer, won more matches and collected more points when Fabregas has featured.

    They average 2.04 goals per league game with him in the team but 1.52 without him, concede 0.92 when he plays and 1.07 when he does not, win 59% of games with him and 44% without him, and pick up 2.01 points per match with him but only 1.65 when he is absent.”

    Cesc overrated? Relied on the ability of others? Laughable.

    Success? This lot? You clearly live on another planet. Utter delusion is what has gotten us into this mess.

    Anders Limpar now would be better than some of the shite we have currently have.

  204. I think Jose Enrique will flop at Liverpool. He’s not half as good as people make out. Everything looks a bit of a struggle. Wince-wince, heave-heave, out-of-breath. Quit whining and get on with it you fat prick.

  205. “..with ManU ready to destroy us and a tricky tie in the CL which could easily end in disaster”

    And you would just love that wouldn’t you? that’s the truly sad thing. You would love the worst to happen to us, you would revel in the downfall of a man who has done so much for this club, just so you could feel vindicated. What a truly horrible and stupid c**t you must be. And you call yourself an Arsenal supporter. Dear me.

    Anyone who hasn’t yet signed that petition: sign it.

  206. Signed.

  207. Hi there, Buster Keaton

    I think Cesc is overrated, yes. He relied on the ability of others as much as they relied on him. Who finished those assists? Who assisted the assist? Who did all the defending? He’s been the centre point of a good team for a long time so the stats aren’t surprising at all. Look at the stats for AFC without Vermaelen, without RVP, without a settled keeper – they make similar reading. Of course when you play without one of your best players the flow suffers and results suffer. It’s not rocket science.

  208. Alex Ice Cream says:
    August 22, 2011 at 4:01 pm

    Wow sounds like you gonna cry.

  209. AIC, too bad that didnt pan out at the end of last season, innit.

    Some showed stats for other players in and out of the team also and it was quite favourable towards some of the less favourable players.

    Anyway, a homesick Cesc wasnt a good fit for us. He couldnt even defend his Arsenal team mates against his Barca mates. I dont give 2 hoots how good he was. When you have on a jersey you protect that jersey above all others, if not you are not fit to put it on no matter how good you are.



  210. I don’t think Cesc is over rated at all and would get into 99% of teams worldwide. You were not saying that when he was one of our players Limpar.

  211. I love Cesc as a player. My last good memory of Cesc is his pass to Nasri for the 2nd goal against Barca. Brilliant. His passing is 2nd to none in my opinion.

  212. Alex Ice Cream


    You are wrong. Cesc would get into any team.

  213. I think there are 5 or 6 players who could’ve sat in the middle of this Arsenal team and contributed to as many goals as Fabregas did. The team interplay and understanding is the magic thing about Arsenal over the last decade, not any one individual. Runners everywhere, more separate scorers than any other team, everyone showing for the ball…

  214. Very excited about this squad. Very excited indeed.

  215. Alex Ice Cream


    Delusion is in your veins. Overrated? – good enough to play with the Invicibles at 17! You clearly know very little about football.

    Other than Messi, Cesc is the world’s best player. He is criminally underrated and your laughable comments merely help to prove this.

  216. Alex Ice Cream

    Nam them Limpar.

    Make me laugh some more.

  217. Alex Ice Cream


    You are a joker, or senile, or both.

  218. Boozy

    Common? I am anything but.

    Propaganda? No, there is an agenda. That is, the dismissal of Arsene Wenger as Arsenal manager. It has been decades since the media have been able to report on a sacking of that magnitude and they want it. Now.

    Simplistic? Yes, because of the ins and outs that were required to balance the books. Add that into the mix of Nasri and Cesc, the answer is an unholy mess that the club has to sort out. Clichy for Enrique? Amazing how nobody put that one together until he started tweeting about his dissatisfaction at Toon. Let’s all be wise after the event.


  219. They’ll be a lot of Spurs fans also very excited about this squad

  220. “I think Cesc is overrated, yes.”

    You’ve changed your tune Limpar. Is this the “blind obedience” we hear so much about??

  221. No, it was always a quietly held belief of mine, gandy. Still love him. Just think he has become a bit overrated. Brilliant passer, but with some big holes in his game. Which may or may not have to do with dedication, loyalty, determination… that sort of thing. Not a natural striker of the ball either. We missed lots of good chances because of that. I think that’s one place we can ‘upgrade’ in that position. If you’re going to play an attacking mid right off the centre forward, let him be a natural goal-scorer. Fabregas was often frustrating in front of goal.

  222. Els:

    This year must be great for you who reallys loves to see the younger players get promoted. In retrospect, its clear that the last generation of young players was hurt (at least mentaly) by having so much responsibility so soon. The talent of Denilson, Diaby, Fabregas, Nasri, Adebyor, Walcott, Song, Clichy, Bendtner etc etc was not enough and they never did dominate the league the way we expected. In the end the idea that the age of a player did not matter proved to be rubbish at least for that group of players. Now we are reloading with another group of under 20’s and throwing them back into the fire. Time will tell but I hope its works out better for this group.

  223. Are you drinking, Buster? You aren’t making much sense. Perfect really… wonderful caricature. Mutter, mutter, scratch scratch. Here comes Dick Dastardly round the outside.. honk! honk!

  224. legrave on tour

    Yogi –

    You can say that the press have an agenda however lets not kid ourselves that any other manager of United, Pool, Citeh, Spurs, Villa and Chelsea would be under pressure with Arsene’s current league record.

  225. legrave on tour

    * Wouldnt. sry

  226. Fabregas was good enough to play with the invincibles at 17!
    But that’s because they were the invincibles…
    How about getting behind some of our current young players?
    Because they need to be surrounded by Invincibles to stand a chance….

    Round and Round they go….

  227. We’ve just signed a 14-year old German-born Ethiopian.

    (AIC slings noose)

  228. Limpar, we do get behind our young players. Even though we know their not as good as Cesc

  229. AIC & goonerandy,
    Cesc’s talent is unquestionable. It’s his heart that’s being questioned here.
    It just does not match up to those we hail as Gooner legends.

    Expired too soon, took the easy way out…
    now it’d be a different matter if he was from say, A Coruña?
    we would place his legendary status on ice and woud gladly confer it upon him if he improved Depor & took them back to the upper strata of La Liga/Europe

    So yes, he was really good in red & white but did us a Hleb didn’t he?
    Much talent, much potential, no end result.
    Led us to nada!

  230. I am with Aman there is a definite media campaigne against arsenal having said that we do like to shoot ourself in the foot but… All but the most deranged arsenal fan could tell that cesc and nasri would be on their way and to have no experienced backup is silly that’s before we start talking about our defensive problems.

    no we have to look at our manager and our board because this has not been good enough we have had ample time to iron out the important deals, I mean most thought that Mata would be an arsenal player but he has now joined Chelsea a month later,its almost like we are the other clubs scouting network they buy the player while we dilly dally about.

    To say I am a frustrated Arsenal fan at the moment would be an understatement we have 10 days to save our season otherwise wenger could really be in a tight spot, now clubs will hold us to ransom because they know that we are desperate to sign.

    In my opinion Manchester United and Liverpool have done their business the right way regardless of what you think about the standard of their signings they were completed with ample time to spare which means they can quickly aclimatise to their new surrounding.

    No doubt come the last day of the transfer windows arsenal fans will be hoping wenger gets in the final pieces of his jigsaw, when this could have been done with at least a month to spare. I mean for godsake the experienced players should have priority not the likes of Ox and Co.

    OK I have had my rant now……

    BTW if walcott, ramsey and arshavin play like that again on Wednesday we will be in serious trouble. We need the creative part of our to start firing again.

  231. “Jenkinson – Younger players have to step up”

    se thats the spirit!

    The problem with supportes like AIC etc is that they are so annoyingly whimpy!
    its always “lay down and die”” sack wenger and get someome new in”
    Its like they never had to fight for anything. Let alone fight against the ODDS for anything. Its like everything has to be handed on a silver plate.

    I dont understand how you can live with yorself AIC. Your post suggest you hve no backbone at all.

  232. Supporting arsenal is not for the fainthearted. You need patience and to belive in winning without sugardaddys.

    Its hardwork being an arsenal supporter, nothing comes for free, no refs help you. You team will have to work for every inch and they may even frustrate you.
    Thats what you get as an Arsenal supporter. And thats the reality. If you cannot commit to these values you gonna have a rough time this year.

  233. Frimpong, Ryo, Afobe, Miquel, Lansbury, Gibbs, Traore, Jenkinson, Chamberlain, and Campbell… added to already young, but supposedly the experienced ‘old hats’ of the squad, Wilshere, Ramsey and Chezzer?

    Yes, I’m excited for this squad…. in 3-5 years time, if they all stick around.

    This season? A bit apprehensive.

  234. I don’t know how anyone cannot understand that, Fabregas aside (which for those who read is what I stated), we are stronger this season, player for player, and as a team. I am adamant that Gibbs would have edged Clichy out earlier but for last year’s injury. Gibbs is not especially injury prone, he suffered a major, almost season-long ankle injury last year, and normal 3-6 week niggles and hammies the year previously. I remember the tackle well (FC Twente). With the games he has played Gibbs has shown litle but quality, and made few mistakes, and none that I recall. I really liked and rated Eboue, but all in all, I see no weakness (compared to Eboue) in Jenks’ game, and considering his age and background it is obvious he would replace Eboue in a single season. Good move on both counts. We are obviously stronger in keeper and CB department. We have added Miyaichi on the left, and 3Gs across the top, left or right. We may well keep both Bendtner and Chamakh. Frimpong is an immense find, and I believe when people find out what Campbell is and does, they will be excited, but let that take its time. Ramsey is back. We are light in the middle, in the creative department, and that is precisely where Wenger is looking. AIC is a comedian, ACLF’s finest, and for those who wonder where my views come from, having played for the best part of 20 years, I know about this game, thanks. What if Wenger is right? I am certain he is. There is enough evidence. But I also really, really like this new look side. Wenger has attended to something very important, and in a radical way that I admire. He has attended to the “team ethos”, and selected players who fit. It is a radical shake-up.

  235. Bill,
    the twitter generation might come good.
    They at least sound like they don’t suffer fools.
    Lotsa self-belief…HEART: the most important component of life
    when they lose, they dust themselves off and keep working
    The stuff of champions-to-be whenever their time comes.
    Very admirable

    Very excited about this squad like Frank.
    Very very excited
    With or without CL football…….FUCK UEFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …i don’t trust David Dein.

  236. legrave on tour

    “Fabregas aside we are stronger”


    Looks aside I might make it as a model.

  237. silver gunner,
    pls detach me from your comments..
    I AM NOT WITH YOU AT ALL with where u stand!
    U ooze too much fear
    I-man not a-pussyclat!!!!!

  238. Aman Cesc did his inins I habour no ill feeling towards him. He was a fantastic player for the club it was not his fault alone that we failed to win the trophies we wanted in his time here. I mean 8 years at a club in this day and age is almost unheard of especially for one as talented as he is, if he weren’t so obsessed with Barca he could have had his pick of any top european team.

    I truly wish him good luck I will never forget the performance he put in against Barca whilst obviously injured to me that showed how badly he wanted to succeed here.

    I am praying Wenger gets some experienced players they don’t even necessarily need to have european experience but experience in a top league is A MUST.

    I would like any of these defenders Sahko, Cahill, Samba, Jaglieka
    Any of these midfielders Goetze, Parker, Arteta
    And a 15 goal a season striker Odemwinge, Demba Cisse, Kevin Gameiro

    The players are there we just need to stop dilly dallying and be assertive, or watch our season fall apart.

  239. The only thing left for UEFA to do is frame Arsene for their own crimes and put him in jail. (With the help of the FA and British Media of course).

  240. Aman fair enough I am a realist and whether you disagree with my other views there is a definite media campaigne against Arsenal football club.

    Oh I dont “ooze fear” just a realisation that if the situation is not sorted in 10 days we could be in serious trouble that is if we make it past Udinesi.

  241. radical shake up alright. four of ’em wanted out.

  242. I’d like a LB added to that list silver.

    I know most on this site are sold on Gibbs, but I don’t thinkthe Gibbs/Traore combo are good enough health/talent wise to see us through the whole campaign (especially if we make it to the group stages of CL).

  243. legrave on tour,
    Looks aside u already are a model
    Now fuck off doomer!

  244. Why not just ban Arsenal FC and be done with it..why this farcical dilly-dallying..

    Setting an example..what many divers were punished after eduardo was supposedly made an example of..

  245. silver gunner
    Oh I dont “ooze fear” just a realisation that if the situation is not sorted in 10 days we could be in serious trouble that is if we make it past Udinesi.

    Dude, not getting to the CL group phase for the first time in 17 years is NOT serious trouble.
    Losing Arsene Wenger because we failed to support him…thats SERIOUS TROUBLE!

    Who do u bring in.. Mourinho? Hiddink? Owen Coyle???
    sack the board, bring back Dein, give Usmanov control so we can buy all the great players like Neymar? Sanchez? Maybe offer 200million for Messi???

    …sorry i couldn’t climax dear, the gremlins are back.

  246. For all the talk about getting a new defender

    are u guys sure any of these will be willing to be backup?
    Sahko, Cahill, Samba, Jaglieka

    i dont see any of then replacing our first pair of TV and KOS

  247. Good news guys. Howard Webb (Mike Riley’s pet) to ref our game at Old Trafford.

    We are being stitched up again. 😦

  248. All this talk of CESC did his bit… so who are those that didn’t? When he was part of the invincibles others worked with him. After 8 years, he ought to have been one of the senior guys taking care of the younger once and not rather taking off. it is this very taking off by the likes of flamini and hleb in the past that affected the team again and again. This year, gervinho and others ought to be additions to the squad rather than replacements!

  249. @ dups, am sure you are not trying to suggest any surprise there? LOL

  250. Team Spirit,

    that depends on if you are asking whether I think they would/could/should replace either of them, or if I think Wenger would replace either of them in the starting XI.

  251. @dups..but of course..did u realistically expect anything different?

  252. @ Team Spirit
    I think that is part of AW’s problem. They are first choice players now, why would they come to sit on our bench, and likely be exposed by our more expansive style of play? They all play for teams who let in more goals than we did and, in two cases, are more defensively minded. So I’m willing to bet they are not as good as TV, Kos or Djourou. The advantage that they supposedly have is a) that they know how to defend at set pieces or b) in the case of Samba, great height and bulk. Well, we can defend set pieces and we don’t need great height and bulk – we have Thomas Vermaelen.
    I would welcome any of them for extra depth, but I can’t see them displacing our top three.

  253. “Howard Webb (Mike Riley’s pet) to ref our game at Old Trafford”

    Aaah, 3rd week of the season…bananas all around us.
    Wonder who gets sent off on Wednesday?

    who can we BUY before the weekend to lessen the pressure & hater-ation?
    ..needs to be english
    … definitely a CB
    …maybe break our transfer fee record to seal the compromise…hmmm

    any ideas anyone??

  254. Aman I never once said sack Wenger but at the same time we need more than ever to look at longevity past wenger perhaps moving Pat Rice sideways and getting a young sidekick ala Dejan Stojkovic or Dennis Bergkamp would be wise.

    For me not making champions league is serious trouble, because of all the problems that come with it namely trying to keep our few current experienced players happy namely Arshavin, TV, RVP etc.

    Again I don’t begrudge Cesc leaving, we simply need a replacement and if we cant find a replacement change the style in which we play perhaps revert to a more attacking 442 with two out and out strikers and two holding midfielders. I mean we have some good defensive midfielders now and players capable of playing there in Wilshire, Diaby and Lansbury.

    I am looking for a win on Wednesday and for us to come out all guns blazing against Man U if anything just to say a big F U to the media and their hate campainge against Arsenal.

  255. Yogi I mentioned Enrique weeks ago and he was readily available. We are in a
    crisis situation to reach CL knockout stage revenue from TV and 3 home games is
    around 40 million.The value of AFC is far less than Stan paid perhaps he will
    sell if we are knocked out. BTW Jagielka was as bad as Sqishi this weekend

  256. Q: who can we BUY before the weekend to lessen the pressure & hater-ation?

    Play Nasri against Udinese
    Sign nobody till next week & only non-english (or half like Jenks)

    If we must go out, WE GO OUT SWINGING!

  257. Why is it so hard to see the point that ZimPaul and Els is making.

    All other positions apart from Cesc have been strengthened. I agree with that.

    Cesc leaveing has caused a weakness as far as creativity. Either we can get a player in or we can change how we play (or both)which could possibly make us stronger. Fact is we look more focused.

    Cesc was weak, so get over him already.

  258. aman. mate.

    valium are very overated. but if you crush them into a fizzy drink and have a gulp ur’ll be fine around 9ish

  259. Wsup AKB’s.

    This is Arsenal FC not Arsene FC.


  260. Just signed the petition. I feel great!

    I can’t wait to see Ryodinho and the Ox play. I hope we put ourselves in a strong position in Italy so we can see them play.

    C’mon The Arsenal.

  261. loud & ghost…GET LOST!
    You’re reeking up the place.

  262. Aman
    defenders – Sahko, Cahill, Samba, Jaglieka, baines (11ass)
    midfielders Goetze(6gls 11ass) , Parker(7gls, 3ass), Arteta(3gls,5ass)
    And a 15 goal a season striker Odemwinge(15gls, 7ass), Demba Cisse (24gls in 34app), Kevin Gameiro (22gls, 3ass in 36 apps)

    I would personally like baines, goetze and Demba Cisse although that would probably set us back £65m :s can’t see it even in my wildest dreams

  263. a large tumbler of brandy maybe…………….?

  264. @FG.

    i JUST MARVEL WHY THAT IS DIFFICULT TO SEE. rEST ASSURED THAT A number of Arsenal fans actually think those those people if signed should take over what we currently have.

    dont know much about sakho, but all those based in England were on the losing side this weekend, i think only everton conceded one goal!

  265. ..running low on bullets RASERS
    got to reload, get some nosh
    who’s got the nightshift?

    Passenal? ZimPaul? Anirudh? team spirit? Flint McC? george roger? chrisgoona? FunG? dexter? shotta? steww? poodle? Frank?

    …i pity the dooming fool!

  266. like to help aman, but i too have to get something to eat. er……..a pint off………..

  267. silver,
    i like 1 or 2 names on your list but u’ve got to trust the man.
    If he’s buying, we’ll be flying.

    C’mon man, just close ranks till the month is over.
    Whining (in vain) is not the way to show support

  268. I wonder how long it will take before Jack becomes the new face of Nike and replaces Cesc as the Arsenal contibution.

    cesc is already gone from ctr360 and Inesta is the main ambassador now. Wilshere must be their most salable asset im England after Rooney.

  269. the night-doomers will soon be clocking in, starting with Jabba.

    “i’ll be back”.

  270. i just dont get what anyone would get out of moaning about not signing Enrique.
    its not like just because you moan he will suddenly be an arsenal player??
    Hes history, we got what we got. deal with it.

  271. jolly good aman. whining is certainly not the way to show support. g’night.

  272. This is a great comment Aman!

    “Whining (in vain) is not the way to show support”

    Naming names is easy but more than that has to line up for a deal to take place. More importantly, Wenger has to believe the player is what is needed.

  273. Did Enrique want to come to Arsenal or something? was it a sure thing if we went for him?

    Just asking.

  274. Also regarding Cahill. there is a reason why neither City nor United did sign him this season yet both bought defenders in his positions(savic and Jones). There is also a reason Chelsea did not sign him last year but opted for Luiz at 22M. Cahill was good last winter too. as good as he is today. Yet NON of our big rivals would pay 17m for him. United would rather put their trust in Jones to cover for Vidic and Rio while. City trust Savic more. Chelsea trust Luiz more.
    WHy is that?
    If we buy Cahill i will support him 100% but if we dont i wont be sorry. He wont be first choice anyway and buying benchwarmers for 17M is lavish even for City..

  275. Cahill would probably fit better in Daglishes retro Engish team instead…

  276. FunGunner | August 22, 2011 at 3:40 pm

    There you go getting things twisted again. I’m amazed at your ability to drag out a non-issue like this.

    Look, whether a disclaimer is put on speculation is not the point. In fact if you go back to check my first post about publishing rumours, I already clearly stated that they were appropriately labelled. There is no need to keep banging on a point that I already made!

    Be clear that I’m not making judgements about the quality of news here. This is not a discussion about good vs bad news, or about the motives (financial or otherwise) for publishing speculations.

    It is simply a question of whether rumours and speculations can be newsworthy or not. From what you’ve said you clearly agree that they are, only that you go on muddle the issue by talking about motives/disclaimers and the like, which as I’ve said, is besides the point.

    For the purpose of this argument, it matters not why (or how) publishes rumours, only that they do. And they do so because they consider it to be ‘of interest’ (in your words) to at least some people.

    If you can’t see where I’m coming from after this, then you clearly are beyond help 🙂

  277. @zimPaul its not about understanding we are better its about the will to understand we are better.

  278. “Whilst the next seven days are important, only one of the two matches is crucial. Fail in northern Italy on Wednesday and it will be the first time that the club participates and fails to qualify for the competition proper since 1991 when George Graham’s talented side were battered on the counter-attack by Benfica at Highbury. Memory does play tricks but Sven Goran Eriksson’s side at that point were not great but they punished Arsenal with Isaias the tormentor in chief.”

    Nah it’d be the first time ever, the Benfica game was a 2nd round game in the old format European Cup.

  279. Paul N,
    I wouldn’t say we have strengthened. For instance, I just don’t know enough about Jenkinson to say that he is better than Eboue. Its just it really is too early to call. I realise Zimpaul’s (and Frank etc) statements are mostly motivational. He would probably say the same if we replaced our first team with Bolton’s or Wigan’s, so long as it was Arsene’s idea.

    But what is becoming increasingly clear is that we are working harder as a team. Early days yet, but its looking very much like we are more disciplined and focused in terms of defensive effort. Now, is this because current players are better than the outgoing ones, or because we’ve improved on the coaching side (e.g. the new zonal marking system at corners)? Or maybe its a bit of both? Harder to teach an old dog new tricks and all that…

  280. So now liking Arsene is a problem? If you like him you dont like arsenal? What is wrong with people. From what i heard he is not a bad human being.

  281. AW is astonishing. He has already made vital changes and no-one has noticed. I love that. As for being motivational…naaaah anyone who isn’t already motivated by Arsenal can fuck off. I am no evangelist. Doomers and pessimists can stew in their own miserable juices as far as I am concerned. If you can’t enjoy Arsenal it is your problem not mine. Although the birth of the evangelistic doomer is intriguing. AW is the only manager in the world equiped to solve the problem of succeeding in the modern football world where the odds are stacked against almost all teams. Fascinating to watch him at work.

  282. Personally i think Cahill would be excellent with Vermaelen and would also suit Kozzers game. He would also work fine with Djourou. Hes good on the ball and in the air. He is of an age with the other 3. Wouldnt need to settle into the league just into our setup. He will get you a handful of goals per season. Hes gonna be an england fixture soon enough too i reckon. Time is ripe for him to sign up to The Arsenal.

  283. goonerwife,

    Was that addressed to me? If it was can you point me to where I said (or even implied) that liking Arsene is a problem?

  284. For me the way the press and media feed off and pander to the new found one sided fabulous wealth of one or two teams rather than the brave souls trying to find a solution to it is a bit like supporting cancer rather than the fight against cancer. That is why I hate them.

  285. I meant self-motivational, Frank. Its patently obvious football evangelism doesn’t work when it comes to supporters viewpoints. No one ever convinces anyone else.

  286. You lying prick, Henristicl

  287. you can have the l for free

  288. What a passive aggressive prick you are, Henristic. You talk bollocks, too. Funny that you tried to dispute Frank’s claim that the home support has been better when you don’t even go to games.

  289. This is my testimony dear brethren,
    For many years I was living in darkness and gloom. I was what most of you know as a doomer, But that was until I met ZimPaul. He convinced me of the error of my ways and ushered me from darkness into blind faith. My life has never remained the same since. Gunnersaurus be praised!

    Naah. Doesn’t work.

  290. there is no crisis as far as arsenal fc are concerned
    we have a massive stadia,
    we have a massive bank balance
    we have a shit load of young english kids coming out of the academy full of hunger and fire in the belly..

    we’ll be fine, our futures not in doubt..
    its arsenes future thats in crisis
    the foundations of this club are solid but we need to add some sparkle, for the last 6 months its not been clicking and theres no sign of a turnaround and if this slump continues then somebody has to be held accountable..wengers the manager he carries the can, but if the rumours about stan being a git and not giving arsene the money to get the players we need are true, then its him that needs to go cos weve been through all this already with the last lot..we moved to the emirates to fill the CLUBS pockets and to keep alive, it seems all the people who run the show just give themselves a pat on the back and keep all the cash for themselves…

    the injuries are scandalous and its true they do make us weaker than we actually are..but we still need to sign some more players…and if we dont i reckon it will be a massive pr disastor and all it does is show either the manager is losing control or the crappy direction of the new owners ambitions..usmanov will be rubbing his hands with this situation..
    if the fans think that stan has a ‘getting his money back quick plan’ then i dont think many are going to be too happy that weve waited 6 years for our new stadium to bear fruit and now we are going to have to wait another god knows how more cos someone at the club likes to pocket all the cash…

    it all makes me wonder you know…
    when arsene said ‘i wont walk away’ what did he really mean??

    was it an ‘i’ll do what i like so shut the fuck up cos you wont force me out’ kinda wont walk away

    or was it ‘look everyone, youve got another owner who is going to mug you off for the next 20 years but i wont leave you and il get us through it again’ kinda walk away??

  291. You really do not have a clue do you?

  292. Loomer,
    I think you’ll find you are the bollock talking prick. I never disputed any such Frank’s claim. Where did you crawl out from? Can’t remember reading from you before?

  293. @ Henristic
    Painted yourself into a corner again? Never mind. I can’t be bothered any more.

  294. Arsene Wenger’s suspension is all good. On wednesday our captain, Alex Song, Frimpong and Gervinho are all in the first team. Udinese will not have it as easy as they did at the Emirates. I’m confident that we’ll either draw 1-1 or beat them 1-0 again.

  295. legrave on tour

    Aman what did I say that was dooming?

    Funny how anything that is not sucking Arsenes balls is percieved as dooming on here and worst still greeted with vile hostility from those that preach about all the fans getting behind the boys, from the comfort of behind their screens, round about the time I am in the ground. Sad.

    The spurs team being put out against United today doesnt look all that, bit of a ropey defence.

  296. I don’t think any one should be concerned about new signings, if you know Arsenal & Arsene very well you would know that we will sign new players on the last second of the last hour on the last day closing day of the transfer window.

    I have no concerns at all…

  297. Such a sad and bizarre post up there @743.

    You moving house right now or something, Henristic? Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid? Grow up under some power lines?

  298. JonJon @7:44,

    “it all makes me wonder you know…
    when arsene said ‘i wont walk away’ what did he really mean??”

    U are so devoid of trust.
    Everyday you micro-inspect every word that’s said to have been uttered by AW.
    Your paranoia is of the most pitiful kind… i’m so sorry man,
    Did your parents divorce while you were still wetting the bed?
    Or was did you walk in on your soulmate shagging your best friend after an Arsenal loss?
    Whatever it is mate, please loosen the noose
    U just might need a gentler sport, for some time..say croquet or checkers?

    Why do u do this to U, JonJon?
    U can let go..yes u can
    I believe in u man

  299. JonJon @7:44,

    “it all makes me wonder you know…
    when arsene said ‘i wont walk away’ what did he really mean??”

    U are so devoid of trust.
    Everyday you micro-inspect every word that’s said to have been uttered by AW.
    Your paranoia is of the most pitiful kind… i’m so sorry man,
    Did your parents divorce while you were still wetting the bed?
    Or did you walk in on your soulmate shagging your best friend after an Arsenal loss on your birthday?
    Whatever it is mate, please loosen the’s just football
    U just might need a gentler sport, for some time..say croquet or checkers?

    Why do u do this to U, JonJon?
    U can let go..yes u can
    I believe in u man

  300. Cahill’s team conceded three goals yesterday. With a full strenght first team to boot. As was sad before, if Cahill wasn’t bought by the other big clubs that needed strengthening at the C spot what makes you so sure that Cahill is all that anyway? Anyone saying that Cahill is going to be a fixture for the England squad should really take in consideration that, besides Terry and Ferdinand, they are lacking any decent CB options for the forseeable future. This is why out of the top four teams in England there are only two English CB’s.

  301. i think david deins comments make it interesting as well.

    he was defending wenger..
    if its not wengers fault then whos is it??

    we know the relationship DD has with this baord, was he having a sly little dig or what??

  302. FG,
    You really had me laughing with that last one. Is there no depths you will stoop to?
    You know better than what you’ve just claimed but its obviously not in you to concede an argument to someone you don’t ‘like’. Which is kinda amusing since it was you who dragged out the issue in the first place.

  303. see i posted 2wice to show how much i care JonJon…yes u can

  304. AW certainly has form in that regard, G4E. And for saying “We are not close to signing anyone”….48 hours before we sign someone!

    But we’ve got to remember that we do have about ten players out for various reasons, so the squad isn’t as thin as it appears.

    @ Frank | August 22, 2011 at 7:35 pm
    I agree – it’s as if spending obscene amounts of money which neither the club nor the owners have earned is praiseworthy in itself. Sick world.

    @poodle | August 22, 2011 at 6:52 pm

  305. Gainsbourg69 ,
    I actually like Cahill and believe he’d fit in easily. It’s the asking price that’s the problem. 17m’s a tad too high…11m makes more sense

  306. I see that I’ve acquired an admirer. Why do you think its a sad post, Loomer? Bizzare maybe, but sad? I take it you’re not familiar with evangelical christian lingo?

  307. Im sure Ajax let in 3 goals once or twice with Verm in there. Ditto Lorient with Kozzer. And to lesser attacks than Man City. Cahill just seems a great option from the premier league, but yeah a wee bit pricey. Anyway thats just my thoughts on it.

  308. forgive me legrave on tour @7:51,
    i might have been a tad trigger-happy.
    But u really should latch on to Arsene’s balls sometime…
    Tasty beyond belief…absolutely expands the pallette…& flushes out impurities

    ..on Le Prof’s sack, we suck!

  309. I think we may have dodged a bullet with Mata. Read somewhere he only wanted to move to Barca or Madrid, but when they showed no interest he then OKed a move to England. Give him a season at Chelsea and he’ll probably start crying and agitating about his Barca/Madrid DNA.

  310. Jones will deffinelty be called up before Cahill. Then there is Dawson, Jagielka, Smalling there 4 English defenders already that are better than Cahill…. Cahill maybe called up but that does not mean he plays at all..

    However if the boss decides to buy him i will ofc support him all the way..

  311. “its arsenes future thats in crisis”

    Thats funny JJ

  312. Im preatty sure our biggest regrets in recent time will be to not have gotten neither Smalling nor Jones before United took them…

  313. are you serious aman??

    ive got a little story for ya fella..once this was this board, who decided it would be a great idea to relocate to a new stadium, to do this they needed funds, but rather than use their own money they took the money in the clubs coffers and a bank loan that was held by the football club and they went on a big property venture, then they sold up and walked away with millions of millions of pounds… again, with not a penny of their own money spent..
    meanwhile the football club is still stuck with the loans the previous owners took out, even though theyve made a fortune..the new owner has ploughed 750mil into the purchase of his shares and is probably gonna want his money back somehow i presume at some point, and his first summer doesnt fill me with confidence so addition the manager of this club has had as much money to spend as westbroms manager..

    so thats why im devoid of distrust..

    hope that answers that part of the question but as for the rest then i think your a bit of a cunt of all cunts to mention my parents on a blog to be honest..
    but whatever floats your boat

  314. …”who’s got tastier balls than Arsene”
    makes you want to dance a jig all day
    No one’s got inspiring balls like Arsene
    Chases all the poisons far away”

    (ode to le grave on tour)

  315. Gotta say, Spurs looking better than United right now.

  316. I honestly don’t how how good Cahill is. His stats look very good for an EPL centre back, but there are probably other stuff that are equally important that he’s lacking in. The question about why he hasn’t been snapped up earlier is a good one, considering he’s English and top English defenders are in short supply.

  317. however at 10 -12M cahill would fit the bill though 🙂

  318. however, Wedensday will be interesting indeed !

  319. Paulie Walnuts

    Pool have sold that ugly Greek centre back today so expect them to move for Cahill now.

    Rooney needs some `Just For Men`

  320. Called up? Cahill has 3 or 4 caps to date. And thats playing at Bolton. Soon as hes at a more fashionable team hel be more in demand, thats how it works 😉 Hes still just 25. The right age for a bigger move for him….

  321. f’give my mention of your folks JonJon
    Very bad taste..but it wasn’t meant to be personal.

  322. Anyway im gonna stop banging the Cahill drum now 😉

    Next up —— Joey Barton!

  323. legrave on tour

    Aman –

    LOL Fair play.

  324. That’s my time for today YW
    Its been real.
    Goodnite all

    ..i remain POSITIVE

  325. nice one aman no probs dude..

  326. @ JonJon
    That’s unfair on the board. They reinvest their dividends in the club every year. The money that those who sold up have received is a return on their investment and is paid by the buyer of their shares, not by the club. The club’s income and property is the club’s, the stadium belongs to the club – not to SK. The income from the club goes towards paying off the debts and staff costs (including playing staff). They have not been profiteering. we’re a self-sustaining club, which means that the owners don’t put money in (except for reinvesting dividends) and don’t take money out.

  327. if thats the way you want to see it then whatever but i think its very fair on the board fun..

  328. Cesc was playing forward? (thats what the commentator said) weird!

  329. Jabba'sDelights


    Just out of interest after your prediction about wed, can you name the last time Arsenal won away in europe?

    Aman i understand your sentiments about Cahill being worth about 11m if Kosciellny is worth 8m but how does that work when you have stated how happy you were with AOC fee 12-15m`?

    Zim Paul

    How on earth you can say we are stronger this year than last i have no idea. Eboue is a better player than Jenkinson currently, clichy is a better player than gibbs currently. The team was built around Cesc, Nasri, Bendtner are more than likely off. Nasri was voted 3rd in the premiere league player of the year voting last year, Gervinho needs to be in and around that level. This was a team last year that finished 12 points off top and from what i can see all 3 teams above us have got better.

  330. Macca said teams some team count or should count playing United as getting zero points, even before the game is playes. Thats a bit silly! I know the refs help them out but how can he say teams should give up before they play?

  331. @ JonJon
    It’s not just how I see it, it’s how it is. The legal situation is that the club and its owners are separate and that’s what the rest of it flows from. They’re not making money out of the club in the way you mean it. There might be all sorts of good reasons not to like them, but this isn’t one. If someone said, I hate JonJon, and it was because of something that wasn’t true, I would speak up just the same.

  332. How do Smalling and Jones look? And De Gea?

  333. I dont know how one can say with certainty that Clichy and Eboue are better than Gibbs and Jenks, respectively. Fact is so far our youngsters have looked class.

  334. ^That was @ Paul-N

  335. Not really watching to be able to give a decent opinion FunGun. I did see the keeper nearly get caught trying some fancy dribbling though.

    Spurs missed an opportunity and then United scores.

    Friedel is not bad though.

  336. United are starting to dominate the game.

  337. Chill the Thrill

    Wayne Pooney looks funny with his new hair cut. Van Der Faart has tried two 40+ plus shots in the past 5 minutes. LOL

  338. @ Paul-N
    Thanks, anyway. I see they’ve gone 1-0 up.

  339. Jabba'sDelights

    Paul N

    You can go on over 200 career games from eboue and clichy. Clichy had faults but was pretty consistent. What determines whether someone is good or not isnt whether they perform well in a few games its whether they can deliver a sustained level over a long period of time. Gibbs has talent but hasnt yet shown he can stay fit and until he does that, i can say with certainty that Clichy is currently a better option. Where your getting this from Jenkinson i dont know. Admitedly at lb on tue he got the wrong side of his man almost immediately leading to a chance. 3 times on sat he was horribly out of place in relation to the rest of the line when trying to play offside. These are all errors that are to be expected from a young guy with 10 league 1 appearances.

    a smart front office would bring in an experienced lb to play with gibbs we have traore who has even more problems with injuries and is even less experienced and has less talent……what a gamble and that has led to us playing our best defender at left back, resulting in us having to play the greenest of reserve right backs. Injuries happen in sport to some players (you know who they are) more than others.

    This is the weakest arsenal squad in Arsene tenure by a long long way. This can change but time once again is running out. A horribly poor summer AGAIN

  340. Alex Ice Cream


    The board paid off large chunks of debt knowing that this would have a positive effect on the share price. In 2009 we reduced the debt by 135m.

    Also lady nina did not buy her shares so where is her investment in this?

  341. Alex Ice Cream

    “This is the weakest arsenal squad in Arsene tenure by a long long way. This can change but time once again is running out. A horribly poor summer AGAIN”

    That sums it all up.

  342. no fun thats not how it is at all..that is how you see are just repeating stuff the baord wanted you to beleive..
    arsenal have pretty much always been a self sustaining model, but weve always competed for top players..

    people go on about how wenger got the invincibles for peanuts but the wages they were paid were astronomincal..we had to get rid of them didnt we so we could get the staduim, the stadium that was suposed to help us pay our players more cos highbury was restricting the wage bill is higher than highbury but players like henry, paddy, big sol were on near enough 100k back then..we aint paying our players the top whack we used to at a smaller ground..why after almost a decade are have we still got the same wage ceiing, how do we attempt to repeat the success of the invincibles and teams before that if we dont pay our players good wages?? unless its part of this self sustaining model thats been fed to you by the corrupt board thats apparently only just been invented since our move to the emirates??

  343. Jabba'sDelights

    Did anyone just see Welbeck chase after the ball after losing it. Ask yourself honestly which of our forwards work as hard as that

  344. If players were better based on games played alone the hernandez kid wouldnt be playing ahead of Berba. Wilshere wouldnt be starting ahead of many Arsenal players.

    “What determines whether someone is good or not isnt whether they perform well in a few games its whether they can deliver a sustained level over a long period of time.”

    since you have not seen Jenks and Gibbs over a long period of time, you cannot say for sure what players are better.

    “This is the weakest arsenal squad in Arsene tenure by a long long way”

    You may think that but that is yet to be seen. I dont know why an Arsenal supporter would conclude that after all of two matches. Thats shameful.

  345. neither did phw
    nor the chumley warners nor the wolstenholme-smythes..

    there was zero investment in this club and there never has been..

    and they sold us down the river..

  346. Jabba,
    Your manc envy is kinda embarrassing, I have to say. RvP, Chamakh and even arshavin and theo all track back to varying degrees

  347. Jabba, why do you waste your time with Arsenal?

    Dont take this wrong but I dont think football is healthy for you.

    If all you can see is the negative then it is a waste of your time.

    I am being honest, something isnt right at all.

  348. Henristic, he is no Arsenal supporter. He just likes a good moan and that is a sickness, its like people who have to take a drink to be “normal”. He cannot be a happy man, I just dont see it.

  349. @ JonJon
    why do you say they sold the club down the river?

  350. FunGunner,

    I agree about the players out and the squad being not thin, but I hope we will not depend on Wilshere 19 & Ramsey 20 to carry the huge mantel and ask them to perform miracles. It didn’t work with Cesc who was in my opinion better than both in the same age.

    Also to be honest Sasquatchy is in no way a backup even to Djuourou, we do need a CB. So we would have TV _ Cos and Djourou + new defender, then Miquel and the rest as backups.

  351. I am not trying to be disrespectul either.

  352. Jabba'sDelights


    there a better side than us and one of the main things behind that is that they work harder than us from the top down. our pressing has been non existent so far this season. RVP, Arshavin and Waloctt never track back like that.

    The scary thing is look at the chels, Utd and City squads and then compare them to us. This is a Utd team without 3 of there 1st choice defenders. We have potentially a 100m and our squad need most of that spent on it. We shouldnt be looking to beat out pool we should be doing everything in our power to be catching the 3 clubs who are better than us currently

    Paul N

    Until they prove themselves any rational person would would go with the 200 odd games of evidence. You are speculating as to a youngsters progress, being an arsenal fan you should realise that progression doesnt always follow the path you will think. Jenkinson looks every bit the talented novice who will make mistakes. Gibbs cant stay fit and nor can his understudy so how that puts us in a better position than when we had clichy starting and gibbs 2nd choice i have no idea.

  353. @G4E
    There’s Rosicky as well and I wonder how soon Diaby will be fit.

    I have said before that ideally we would get another midfielder and a CB for depth.

  354. good god, just finished watching the Spurs- Man u game, and manchester united is scary they are so good. They totally destroyed tottenham.

  355. Then we are in agreement 🙂 FunGunner

    And yes Rosicky and Diaby assuming they stay fit for 38 games out of 60/season.

  356. Something very interesting just came to my mind.

    How will Alex furgeson approach the arsenal game. Will he still try to defend and hit on counter. Or now that he believes that arsenal’s attacking power is lost, is he going to attack rather than get men behind the ball.
    Could this be used against them?

  357. G4E, Cesc didnt want to be at Arsenal, thats makes everything worse and the makes the pressure greater.

  358. Well I have to say Sunday will be very tough.

    Easy to see why Wenger put a club record bid in for Jones.

    If he set aside that money for him in June? Why has it not been spent on another target? If we went for Jones in June should we not have continued in our efforts to sign a CB rather than signing a 12m winger who Wenger is reluctant to use ahead of a striker on the wing who is leaving the club?

    Terrible management from start to finish this summer. We are in trouble. It’s amazing how many supposed fans can sit back and enjoy what’s happening.

  359. Jabba, I don’t know why you are bringing up Arsenal’s away CL form from previous seasons into contention. We’re better positioned to go through than Udinese based on the fact that we scored a goal at home and they didn’t score away. We’re also getting RVP back and we’ll have a stronger midfield with Frimpong, Song, Rosicky and Ramsey all available.

    United were lucky that the Spud’s attack was in disarray. Jones, for all the hype he’ll surely receive, left Bale and Defoe wide open on several occasions. That they didn’t capitalize is no proof that United’s defense was secure. Evans was also suspect and if it weren’t for Lennon’s utter shityness they would’ve been caught out as well. United will surely get all kinds of air blown up its ass on the back of this 3-0 win, but I doubt anyone will mention how utterly poor the Spuds were. That first Welbeck goal would’ve never happened if Kaboul and Dawson would’ve stayed awake. From then on the game was done and dusted.

    Jabba, Chamakh tracks back just as much or more than Welbeck. You can take Fergie’s balls out of your mouth now, thank you.

  360. Jabba'sDelights

    Paul N

    Here is the problem mate. All summer i’ve called it far far better than you. You might not like hearing it but it doesnt mean its not true. The club is in trouble and you can continue to have your head in the sand about it.

    All summer the likes of you have preached patience and stated arsene has a plan. This is the same as people said the year before. Yet when it gets pointed out that invariably what he says doesnt actually happen in recent years you get called an idiot.

    i cant sit here and listen to Frank who has got everything wrong all summer talking about Arsene master plan this year when we are talking about kids again. Am i suprised Diaby and Gibbs are injured……..NO, are you…….YES.

    I’ve poured my heart and sole into this club ever since i was taken to my first game when i was 5. i live in the area why is it the people who never seem to go to games who constantly complain to the people who attend games about our support. Maybe our doom and rest assured there can be no doubt that the paying fanbase arent happy with the management comes from the fact we put more into it than you and are fed up hearing the same excuses year on year.

    This team is quite clearly not good enough to challenge over 38 games so there is no suprise when we wont. ”Believing” and ”hoping” is for kids, we are a business and our perfromance should be judged as that. We arent doing all we can to compete………thats all we ask

    Chamack free
    squilaci 4m
    Kosciellny 8m
    Gervinho 10m
    AOC 12M
    Jenkinson 1m
    campbell 1m
    Myachi free

    Thats our work in 3 transfer windows with 9 days to go…………….tell me is that doing enough to make up 11 and 12 points……….then tell me would it be useful to have spent some of our money. That looks pretty average in its own right then consider the players we have lost.

  361. are we being streamlined???

  362. Jabba, No you cannot use 200 games as evidence that they are better players, what kind of logic is that? You make it even worse by saying “rational” person when the statement you make is irrational.

    You can say you “believe” based on the 200 games but you cannot say “they are better” based on the games.

    Again, common says tells you that if a younger player takes the position of a more experienced player, it is usually because the manager believes the younger player is better.

    “You are speculating as to a youngsters progress, being an arsenal fan you should realise that progression doesnt always follow the path you will think.”

    No, it is you who are speculating based on the 200 games played by Eboue and Clichy. That to you is fact of who is better.

    The rest of your statement has nothing to do with the matter at hand

  363. Jabba’sDelights

    i agree with you, but maybe it is more to do with the board of directors than Arsene himself

    the club is in deep shit, whether people believe it or not, or want to believe or not.

    The problem is the way wenger and arsenal are handling the situation.
    People need to determine the difference between fierce support and refusing to face facts

    i have faced the facts but then again there is nothing i can do about it, and voicing my anger or dissapointment is not very good for the team.

    Unfortuantely fans opinions seem to matter little at arsenal, the only way they would listen is if the money started to dry up. And for that to happen there has to be a boycott of matches, it won’t happen.

    Who can honestly say all is rosy and well if we don’t sign in the next ten days?

  364. “Here is the problem mate. All summer i’ve called it far far better than you.”

    LOL, are you serious?

    The only call I make is to support the team. Its not my problem if the team is in trouble, my part is to keep supporting in hopes that we can rebound if we are.

    No disrespect but I am not going to read anymore of your comments. I concede that you are smarter than I.

  365. best thing seems to be to shut up and support the team, not their fault we have corrupt board.

  366. Bonne nuit tout-le-monde. See you after the Udinese game. UEFA, you can stick your two-match ban where the sun don’t shine.

    Up the Arsenal! Us against the world! (and other uplifting slogans)!

  367. can we please get some perspective regarding Jenkinson?

    He is a raw, talented teenager. He made multiple mistakes on Saturday – which is not an insult, rather expected for a young player of his experience. In no way can he be deemed an improvement on our first team. He should play the odd league game this year. No more.

    I respect the kids passion, attitude and heart. But its unfair what the club is asking of him.

    Is he ready to play in an away must win European game and away at Old Trafford. No, of course he is not. Maybe at the end of the season, maybe in a year, maybe two. But not now.

  368. Jabba'sDelights


    If yoru talking about Spurs having space to attack utd defence as ameans of saying they are poor lest not ever talk about arsenal defecne again then. After the Udin game i stated we were left open on 3-4 occasions in the 1st half which every match report i’ve read has said and yet people on here said we were brilliant.

    did you watch the game tonight. Did you see the particular bit of tracking back that i mentioned with regards to Welbeck. he sprinted the length of the field to win the ball back. i havent seen Chamck to that for us and im one of the few who actually praised his work rate on tue night.

    I hate Utd more than you ever could, for those of us who supported arsenal pre wenger, our rivalry was much more ugly late 80 early 90s. However i wont let my hatred cloud my judgement on them. They are a a great side who are incredibly well run and whoever finishes above them will take down the league this year. Thats despite a better wages to turnover % than us (46%) and transfer fee’s paid out over the last 7-8 years not much worse than us. Their manager has shown how to adapt, are’s as yet hasnt……this worries me.

    Luke brings up a great point. Why if we big for Jones in June has he not recruited another defender.

  369. Utd only win (3-0) because of poor opposition. Arsenal only lose because of poor decisions and bad luck. The realism meter on this site is at an all time low. I used to think the debate and comment here was informed and considered but now I see it’s simply pure fiction to support the way you think the world should be rather than how it is.

  370. Luke

    i agree, too much on young shoulders.

    but what can we do? Arsene and arsenal listen to no one even when the calls are so loud

  371. Moe, why are we so deep in crap?

    I am sorry but where is this coming from and who is the authority on how deep in the mire we are.

    I dont get this line of thinking.

    What do you mean by refusing to face facts? after two PL matches, we should all jump aboard your line of thinking as facts.

    Lord knows, I hope these youngsters get it done and I can only hope they dont believe as you do.

  372. 6.5% ticket rise, and this is how fans are treated. We have the highest ticket in the prem and we have nothing to justify the need for people to fork over more money.

    it’s sad.

  373. Why do all the doomers admire man u so much? Are they closet mancs, wearing the manc scarf secretly when their families are out? Maybe even wearing silk man u underwear.

    Guys, this is the 21st Century. Come out. Some of your friends and family will still talk to you when you admit your secret obsession. Some of my best friends are mancs, we just argue occasionally.

    The great thing about you coming out would be that you wouldn’t have to come on to Arsenal sites, pissing off Arsenal supporters all the time.

  374. The Spuds useless as usual.

  375. I hope these youngsters get it done


    Paul, can you not see how inherently wrong this is. We are praying that youngsters with no taste of the big time, can somehow muster the strength, maturity and consistency to perform at the highest level, where the pressure must be unbearable as a player. Bear in mind there is no Keown or Viera or Bergkamp or Henry to aid them.

    They all have to learn, immediately, together. As I have said multiple times before, it is unfair what Wenger expects from them.

    Look at the weight of expectation being placed on young Jack Wilshere. After ONE season he is now tasked with being the midfield general of an elite side that has aspirations of winning everything. It is not right.

  376. I just cannot believe what I am reading on this site. The board is corrupt now. Blow wow!

    Luke, Eboue and Clichy made quite a few mistakes even with 200 games under their belts. Clichy was always out of position but he had speed so it didnt look as bad. Eboue is a good defender but I saw him make mistakes too.

    Jenks will make mistakes but I dont see where he is any less of a defender than Eboue so far.

  377. Paul-N

    omg, are you as deluded as you sound,good god man you are an idiot.

    you really believe that everything at arsenal is well and good

    i actually feel sorry for you

  378. Paul, I meant Cesc in his mid-days at Arsenal. We put too much on his shoulders at a very young age to carry the weight of Arsenal and he couldn’t do it. I’m referring to doing the same thing again with Wilshere and Ramsey, it’s not going to work.

  379. Jabba'sDelights

    Paul N

    There is a difference between writing on a blog about your true feelings and how you support the team at or near the ground. I choose to say what i think and this summer things incredibly unfortunately seem to be going my way. I choose to not blame everyone else as to why this is other than the 2-3 people who are the ones with the power to sort this out.

    If i’m assessing a players ability i think its sensible to judge that guy on his performances to daye. If the sample size is bigger then thats better. Considering Eboue and Clichy are approaching their primes and Gibbs and Jenkinson are still learning their trade to a huge degree i dont think its unreasonable to suggest that they are better players. Ask yourslef the question who wuld you prefer to have played against Barca jenkinson or Eboue?

    Your last point about youngsters go’s along with the premise that out manager can do no wrong. There is an ever growing number of people who are actually looking to see when was the last time he made a key call correctly??

  380. Paul-N

    and i remeber quite distinctly you saying that i am an absolute ass and you would not grace me with your wisdom anymore.

    Please tell me why you are commenting on me now, is your memory leaving just as your common sense is making for the door

  381. Utd were brilliant in the 2nd half.only Friedel stopped it being 7-0

    And they proved what happens when you make signings in JUNE.Jones looks an excellent signing

    Cant see us getting anything other than a spanking

  382. Bernard

    What do you do for living? Are you in a competitive line of work? Does your company have aspirations of growing? Do you study your competitive landscape to see how you should strategise your resources? Do you look abroad to see the models of european firms and how they manourve themselves in the market place? Do you look at the biggest companies in your landscape, learn from what they do right and try adopt snippets whilst remaing true to yout philsophy?

    Fans can appreciate other sides, what they do right, hell, you all bum Barcelonas model which we have just copied, its no different. United do a lot right, they also win a lot. It works both ways, Fergie has realigned his focus on youth, just as we did after the invincibles, he saw the value in Wengers long term strategy and remphasised the importance of developing young players. would you say that he was wrong to look at our great set up and see how he could appropiate that to his club?

  383. Luke, we have TV, Rosicky, RVP, Song, Sagna.

    Many of our youth beat more mature teams in the CC. They want the pressure, they love it. Dont think all players are like homesick Cesc, they are not.

    From what I have seen so far, these younsters look more determined that a lot of what we saw last year.

  384. paul

    so do you accept that hoping this youngsters perform at the most elite setting with no experience and no seasoned pros to guide them is an unfair and unfortunate position to find themselves?

  385. right lads, im off to bed.

    big big week for us. lets start with a win on wednesday, and get the ball rolling on this season.

  386. Moe, you feel sorry for me.

    I dont know if everything is good but neither do you know if everthing is all bad. Unless you are on the board you are only speculating but is me who is the fool? ok.

    “and i remeber quite distinctly you saying that i am an absolute ass and you would not grace me with your wisdom anymore.

    Please tell me why you are commenting on me now, is your memory leaving just as your common sense is making for the door”

    I said that? not saying you are a liar, but not one part of that statement is true.

    I have had worse run ins with people on this blog and we still have discussed things.

    Anyway, its never good to post things as facts based on ignorance.

  387. Paul-N

    yes i remember you and poodle having quite a nice chat about it as well. You should remember the things you say.

  388. No Luke, why on earth should I feel sorry for young boys who a doing something that I wish I did at their age.I am happy for them, I am excited moreso than I have been in a long time and it is all not tied to winning a trophy. The golden generation of Arsenal youth are coming through and some very good young additions are at the team. I believe they will be more dedicated and committed to see this thing through. I believe unlike others, they will want to repay Arsenal for giving them a chance at big time footy.

    I like what I see so far.

  389. When did you see that Paul-N ? Which draw or defeat illustrated that for you ? I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the players but they are too young and too inexperienced for Arsenal to be entrusting their season to. Same old, same old. Young players need experience around them in order to develop and flourish.

  390. Interested to see

    A) what team people think we’ll play on Sunday

    B) what the Score will be?

  391. JamesM

    How will ferguson set out against us?

    Defend like always and counter

    Or now that he belives we are weaker go for the kill, no longer fearing us?

  392. these are very concerning times for the club.
    anyone who thinks its rosey and we are stronger than last year needs a reality check and anyone who thinks this club has not been mismanaged this summer is just too guilabale for words….

    il admit that im looking forward to seeing this team play cos i already feel a connection with some of them i didnt feel with the last lot but im not expecting nothing from them..there wont be no pressure from me this season to win a trophy cos i dont think we are nowhere near ready..

    the burden of the last 6 years is too heavy for the amount of young guns we are throwing in..not only havent we won a title for 6 years we have only won 3 games in 15 in the league or something like that.its shocking we are asking the kids to turn the tide and id take a battering from utd at the weekend if it meant we got passed udinese on weds..

  393. JonJon

    finally, someone who isn’t as deluded as Paul

    Thank you sir

  394. Moe, go it find and post it. Please do.

    I did say you were talking foolishness though.

    Again, you may not be lying but you surely are not remembering the discussion correctly.

    As with your comments about Arsenal, you are blowing this thing out of proportion.

    Anyway, I dont want to have an ongoing feud with you, if we cannot talk than so be it. I can only hope it isnt that serious on your end and if it is my apologies.

  395. Moe, I agree with you, I am deluded.

  396. Paul-N

    ok now i feel like an idiot, my apologies as well

  397. I want some of what Zim is having please, could do with getting off me face and escaping from reality for a while!!!!

  398. dfb, time will tell. I am backing them 100% to shock the world and we do have some more mature players in the team.

    Our better mature players folded up last season.

    In both the draw and the loss, I saw a lot of good from the young players.

  399. Breaking news.

    Pat Rice has been called up by MI5 for his excellent spy work against Udinese.

  400. DFB and Jabba, do fuck off. Any decent team would’ve made United pay for the amount of space and time that Bale, Lennon and Defoe were given in this game. I don’t know if you were mesmerized by the lights at Old Trafford, but Spuds created way more chances and had more shots on goal in the first half than United did. Chances that any decent team would’ve put away. That they weren’t down at least 2-0 at the interval is down to the fact that Spuds were fucking ghastly. Seriously, you two, you need to put those Man United dildos you use as pacifiers away for good. You too, Moe. United were not that good tonight. They were better than the shit opposition before them, period. After the first goal the game was over. The 3-0 is flattering to them. Did you see red nose jump up and celebrate that goal as if it had been scored in the finals of the CL? The look of relief on his face told the whole story. Too bad you choose to gargle Man U’s balls, otherwise you would’ve seen that game for what it really was.

    Jabba, hats off to Welbeck. I really liked how he played last season at Sunderland. I knew from watching him last season that he’d get into the United team and I was right. This being said, Welbeck running the length of the pitch is no different than what I’ve seen Chamakh do countless times for us. Your bias in this regard is astounding. Chamakh usually covers the most ground for us if the statistics are to be believed.

  401. Bloody hell there is a lot of manc love on here. Get a grip. Moaning & worrying will only give you high blood pressure. Stop moaning about things you have no control over and get on and enjoy life.

  402. Luke, I hope you have night terrors, dick.

  403. Hahahahahahahaaaa!!!

    Bernard, it’s not Man U if your balls don’t touch.

  404. Luke, glad you use business as a comparison for football. Barcelona, United and Real Madrid all run on deficits and borrowing, If you look at the financial/housing crisis in 08 you’d see that everyone who was doing business that way lost their shirt. Chelsea and Man City show the arrogance and pure stupidity inherent in the fossil fuels and extraction industries. Chelsea and Man City are the Venezuela, Nigeria, Russia and Saudi Arabia of football. Throwing money around will not paper over the fact that those countries are shit.

    Arsenal is run well, you fucking idiots. We are competitive and we are operating on a shoe string budget. Abrahamovic and the Arabs at City would give their eye balls to have a manager like Wenger and his network. How dare you insinuate that Wenger is somehow shit compared to the artificially rich and badly managed clubs.

    Luke, given your business acumen, I’ve got some land to sell you, if you’re interested. The land is in Bolivia and we’re startiing a beach resort, by the way.

  405. @Bill earlier on

    Yeah, really is an exciting season in the youth respect.

    Frimmy and Lansbury are the ones I’m busting to grab a hold of this opportunity. So far all the developed players are showing themselves to be of a high standard.

    I have to say I do favour the lads that have served their time in the ranks more than these fasttrack promotions such as Jenk and Ryo 😉

    This said I will conceed that the squad does need a touch more experience. I don’t mind what shape it comes in.

    What do you think of the defence so far then mate? All in all I’d say a definite improvement on last season. Judging by the pool game they still can’t manage to defend when opposing players are allowed to shoot from an offside position.

    I think it’s a great thing that Bacary has been given more of a voice for the club. The guy deserves some respect and I’m fully expecting him and Verm to keep a tight unit at the back.

  406. I for one remain confident that AW will spend to reinforce the team/squad, however the PR from the Club is not good which leads to frustration amongst us fans.

    Lets all see what happens before Aug 31st, surely we will get some surprises? I cannot believe that AW will will do nothing!

    I am also confident we will qualify for CL proper and finish in top four this season, why?

    Cos I’m an Arsenal fan, and always will be!

  407. My goodness Gains. You do have a foul mouth, plus an unhealthy fascination for balls and dildos and stuff.

  408. Time for JD or TV to play defensive midfield on Sunday. Is KOS available, anyone?

  409. Sock it to em Patty Rice! Release the Cracken!….but only if you are in dire need.

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