Liverpool Preview: Compare & Contrast This Summer’s Activity

Before we get started on the blog today, you will have seen much in recent weeks about releasing official documents regarding the Hillsborough Disaster. There is an e-petition to obtain full disclosure of all government documents relating to the tragic events of April 1989. Please sign the e-petition here but make sure that you are eligible to do so. Normally such matters are restricted to British Citizens, Subjects or Residents.

Liverpool arrive at The Emirates today, the first Premier League home fixture of the season. The squad faces its first test of the season. Or was that on Tuesday? What constitutes a test? Arsenal face so many over the course of a season that I struggle to remember the definition.

It has been a different first week of the season to the one expected. Few foresaw consecutive clean sheets or a petrified Theo Walcott meeting a cross – a cross, of all things! – on the edge of the six yard box to score the only goal in two games. And nobody contemplated Matt Lawton concocting an open love letter to Arsène in the Daily Heil

Everyone foresaw UEFA (when did they stop being EUFA?) disciplinary action once Sky showed Arsène talking to Boro talking to Pat. A fine will be his punishment, no doubt, with a warning of worse to come if he transgresses again. The Gnomes could help matters if they stopped employing incompetents as referees but that is another debate.

Today’s opponents offer a compare and contrast scenario. In Liverpool, we see a squad that is being built quickly, decisively. Whether it is efficiently is open to debate but regaining their top four slot was the driver for Dalglish spending heavily this summer. Not all of the new signings were players that Arsenal wanted or needed. We might argue that Enrique was one whom we could have signed but Charlie Adam, as good as his range of passing might be, is too ponderous in movement to fit in with Arsenal’s style.

It is this contrast which has driven some to distraction. Whilst we might claim that Liverpool paid over the odds for the likes of Henderson or Downing, if they finish in the top four that argument is spurious. The value of a player is that which someone is prepared to pay. Crucial to all of this is that Liverpool had fallen from grace, requiring the investment to catch the leading pack. They needed decisive action, they took it. Now they wait for the season to unfurl and for history’s judgement.

Arsenal might have done things differently, been pro-active, but were stalled to some extent by Cesc and Nasri. When speaking earlier in the summer of how busy times will be, Wenger and Gazidis were guilty of misjudging the mood of their audiences. It was not departures demanded as such, arrivals were more important. Tension is building as demands for new signings have not been sated.

It is not as though they have not tried. Valencia informed the world that Wenger had dithered, a week or so before Chelsea turned up with a new bid of £29m for Juan Mata. Cynical I may be but it is hard to believe that they did not know of Chelsea’s interest. Despite this, the clamour’s crescendo will come in the next ten days or so.

So to this lunchtime. Injuries and suspensions have hit the squad hard. The problems are exacerbated by self-inflicted wounds. Whilst not defending Gervinho, you could understand his actions having been mauled and hauled by 1930s throwback, Joey Barton. Alex Song? Malice and retribution are unprofessional. Surely he knows in a TV dominated era, cameras will catch his actions in all their g(l)ory? Even Paul Davis was chastised thirty years ago when grainy images caught his hook to Glenn Cockerill’s jaw, told he was stupid in a TV dominated age.

Song never considered the implications of his actions, Arsenal pay the price for his stupidity.

It earns Emmanuel Frimpong his chance. He had a busy time on the pitch against Udinese, his playing style more akin to the energetic Flamini than the languid Song. Tomas Rosicky’s absence truly underlines the folly of Song’s actions. Arsène’s dilemma is whether to compensate for the inexperience in the centre of the pitch with numbers or in attacking options.

Increasingly, the likelihood is that any deal for Samir Nasri will have to wait until after tomorrow’s match, his ‘sickness’ now cured. Being a professional, you expect him to perform at the height of his powers. It is a perfect match for him to say goodbye (or stick two fingers up), a big name opponent with a chance to show what is being lost. I hope he does, genuinely, as delivering three points for Arsenal would be the perfect parting gift.

Defensively things go from bad to worse. Gibbs, Traore and Djourou are out, limited options come in. It is a stark choice: Jenkinson or Squillaci. The latter transmits a nervousness that surpasses anything Almunia was ever accused of whilst the former, as likeable as he appears, is inexperienced. I would still take the risk on him, slotting him into the left back position.

The trade-off is keeping Vermaelen and Koscielny’s partnership going. They are capable of dealing with Carroll and Suarez, key is going to be cutting off their supply. It might be that Wenger decides that Sagna might be a better substitute left back, leaving Jenkinson on his favoured right side but that depends on the starting XI he anticipates for Liverpool.

It leaves the line-up looking something like:

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Jenkinson; Ramsey, Frimpong, Nasri; Walcott, van Persie, Arshavin

The bench? Well, what time can you turn up with your shinpads and boots? Miyachi, Miquel, Lansbury and Chamberlain will be waiting, their combined ages less than Squillaci’s. Chamakh supports the forward line which leaves your spot unless when Wenger spoke of working with Cesc again, he has struck a crafty loan deal. Either that or Nicklas Bendtner is going to prove he is worth £52k and a first class ticket to Gard du Nort for PSG’s watching scouts.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ‘til Tomorrow.

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  1. Just Another Luke

    1-0 to Arsenal!

  2. tnx YW, good luck to the gunners today. hope i see a examplery team effort. UP THE GUNS OF ARSENAL!!!!
    AS FAR AS , ALEX AND HIS STUMP ON JOEY ” THE JACK ASS” BARTON, what else remains to be done by our players. for years we have waited and waited for the refs. to do their job. to enforce the rules equally. do dice. we can’t count on them or the Fa. the calls on the pitch, the retroactive actions by the Fa, all stink to high heavens. i don’t condone violence on the pitch no matter what but the crap i have seen for the past 15 year makes me sick to my stomach. the crew have no choice but to defend themselves, and i wish next time the sob gets his head knocked off. because as sure as heck the refs. will let butchers go at ARSENAL.time to break some legs of our own go make the bullies back off and play FOOTBALL. sorry for the rant but that is how i feel right now. after much thought.
    nothing left for us to do. remember, four broken legs and counting, four broken careers.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!

  3. Just Another Luke

    Nasri in the line-up due lack of options. Agreed.

  4. jal, do we have another choice? to get at least a draw i would pack the mid, with a helping hand to the defenders.hope they give it their all. counterattack with one strikers at the helm and let’s hope Robin has a great game… upthe guns…..

  5. I believe Juan Mata was linked with Arsenal because of all the hoopla sorrounding Fabregas and Nasri. Seeing as we needed a creative player, they probably sent the press a few words claiming that we’d been interested in order to push up the price Chelsea, who were probably the club most serious about getting Mata to begin with, would eventually pay. As far as Wenger is concerned, he might have had a look see, but from there to actual bids and negotiations is something I don’t think ever happened. The real story here is that Chelsea, once again, were made to pay the English premium for a foreign player. And if any of these doomer idiots think that Juan Mata or David Luiz are worth in excess of £20m, then they need their head examined.

  6. ‘…..their combined ages less than squillaci’s.’ Yogi, please explain to us dimwits how that is possible or is this a case of dislike for a particular player burying your ability to be logical or perhaps it was a joke i missed?

  7. As far as the line up is concerned, I think he’ll put two CMs behind Ramsey so he can move about without having to defend too much. Who that extra CM will be is anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Vermaelen were played there, though.

  8. chelski are sitting on shitloads of money. they don’t care if they overpay. by all rights Pool should be in the lower league for their overspending the past ten years. financial rules? ffp? all a joke , none of the mercenary team will be reined in. some other sucker with money is always going to come in and buy out these broke ass teams. or another sugerday. the whole thing is a joke. Fa, a joke. the refs,a FUCKING major joke. uefa and FIFA, the biggest of all. pigs.

  9. Ace,

    It’s a joke you miserable sod!!


    Great post!

    All things considered. If that’s the line up, it could be worse,

  10. Just Another Luke


    The Etihad Stadium thing would be the test case for Platini’s uefa FFP. It won’t be a surprise if they fail to do anything about it.

  11. Just Another Luke

    Let’s hope Nasri scores 5 goals and gets rewarded with a £200,000 a week contract by AFC!

  12. kentuckygunner

    Nasri is not scoring any goals tomorrow. We dont need losers. Maybe Vermaleen will score again. Massive game fellas!

  13. jal, from what i have heard nothing will be done since UEFA don’t have enough resources to investigate. it is just saber rattling. that is what pissed me off the most. the sob s have taken over the game and with the blessing of the ruling agencies are taking a shit on the FOOTBALL landscape. 90% of the teams in football world have absolutely chance whatsoever in competing moneybags. the whole set up is a stink. sugerdaddies all around for all. we take some credit in this since we have TWO billioners on board and thank god we aren’t getting involved in the cesepool. to begood for goodness sake.. and still complete with the basterds year in year out. healthe guns of ARSENAL!!!!

  14. liverpool are not the only ones. latest addition to sugerdaddy clubs, Malaga and PSG. GREAT ,THE FUCKING CANCER SPREADING. AND THE AUTHORITIES, LINING THEIR POCKETS.

  15. Arsenal always talk about how they have £50-60 million to spend each season…but nothing is ever spent!! 3-1 to Liverpool!!!!!

    Arsenal far weaker team this year!! Soon arsenal get rid of Wenger the better!!

  16. Borges Spinelli

    It’s gonna be tough game. My preferred line-up would be:

    Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Squillaci, Vermaelen; Frimpong, Ramsey, Nasri; Arshavin, RvP, Walcott

    As much as I would prefer to keep the partnership of Koscielny + Vermaelen in place, under the present circumstance, the more prudent action would be to play Squillaci in the middle. While Vermaelen moves over to the left. Starting a rookie like Jenkinson, in a big match, in his least favored position, would further weaken the team’s effectiveness.

  17. On this day, Saturday the 28th November 1970, Arsenal played Liverpool at Highbury.

    ‘Topics of the Week’ welcomes Peter Simpson and Jon Sammels back to the team after spells of injury but warns that Charlie George, who broke an ankle in the season’s opener at Everton, is training but not yet match fit. The writer tells us that, “It is gratifying to feel the strength of our first team squad”. That is an interesting insight into squads at that time as my memory was of a very stable team that season where only 13 or 14 players featured to any extent.

    The first team squad enjoyed a complete break from football this week as they had played 27 games between the 15th August and the 21st November and went off to Jersey for two or three days golf.

    “27 games played, only 3 lost and we stopped the opposition scoring in 16 of them.”

    A total of only 15,035 for this game would mean that a million people would have watched Arsenal that season to date with the best attendance at Highbury so far was 54137 against Manchester Utd. (Not the highest of that season as I recall there being over 62000 people leaning on my back in the game against Chelsea).

    The Liverpool team that day was:

    Clemence, Lawler, Lindsay, Smith, Lloyd, Hughes, Hall, McLaughin, Heighway, Toshack and Ross with Boersma as the substitute.

    Arsenal fielded:

    Wilson, Rice, McNab, Kelly, McLintock, Simpson, Armstrong, Storey, Radford, Kennedy and Sammels. Graham was the substitute.

    The ‘World of Geoff Barnett’ betrays the suburban existence of that era’s professional footballers with his son playing an acoustic guitar on the sofa while his daughter admires a truly awful looking doll., Geoff cuts the edge of his lawn with a pair of shears and then relaxes with his wife, Susan, by playing a hand of cards.

    Elsewhere we learn that we have just won the Combination Cup Final. Players in that side included Jack Carmichael, Brendan Batson, John Woodward and, of course, Geoff Barnett.

    The letters page has a writer nominating his younger brother, Mike Lenihan, as the ‘most ardent Arsenal fan’ on the basis that he lives in the Bahamas but has returned to watch several first team matches and a few reserve ones as well. Not only that but “He has purchased some Arsenal gear and plays in this strip for a team in Nassau. I have to forward all the news clippings, programmes, etc., together with reports of the matches.” What, no internet?

    Another letter brings a response that tells us that the highest attendance ever at Highbury was 72,408 against Northampton Town!

    Yesterday’s referee was John Yates who used to play football for Bromsgrove Rovers, Hereford town and Torquay Utd. He also enjoyed a game of darts at his local.

    The Arsenal Board at that time comprised:

    DJCH Hill-Wood, Esq, MC. Sir Guy Bracewell Smith, Bt, MBE,MA. Sir Robert Bellinger, GBE, DSC, SC McIntyre, Esq, MBE, FCIS, PD Hill Wood, Esq and the Rev. NF Bone, TD.

    The Programme of Music, played by the Metropolitan Police Band with vocalist, Alex Morgan, included ‘Five Minutes with Jerome Kern’, ‘Viscount Nelson‘, ‘Trafalgar’ and the aforementioned vocalist singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’.

    Here is yesterday’s football result: Arsenal 2 Liverpool 0.

    For me however, the stand out memory of the match was my father, after Smith had just attempted to behead another Arsenal player, bellowing out, “ Smith! You’re a poof!”

  18. Delia--Block 112

    Just off to catch my train, everything crossed . Time for the Archbishop to offer up a suitable prayer! See you later.
    As always COYRs

  19. my preDICKtion hassanee, liverpool 0-3 hull
    morning consel, morning all

  20. coyrs
    come-on the red&white

  21. If we go 2 goals down it will be very ugly at the Emirates.

    This is indeed a game with many interesting issues:
    1) empty seets for a Liverpool match – tickets was for sale for red members last night. So sad but the best way for supporters to show discontent.
    2) using Nasri? If so it has to be for 90 minutes. Imagine him being substituted! The crowd will react dispite the score.
    3) losing the game. All our good intentions will be forgotten and the “spend some ….” is going to be at a volume Kroenke can hear from the States.

    My money is on

  22. I´d go for speed and some dribbling;
    Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Jenkinson,
    Miyaichi, Frimpong, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain/Arshavin
    RvP, Walcott

    The speed of Miyaichi, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott can terrify anyone, get Frimpong and Ramsey to sit deep with both Ramsey and RvP able to make the killer pass/link-up necessary. Alternatively, start with Arshavin and let AO-C have a go with 30 min left.

  23. Consols – it seems a long time since we’ve read one of your walks down memory lane. I hope it’s an indicator that football talk is back and we can focus on enjoying the game.

    Having brunch with some friends before easing into a few cold beers. I’ve convinced our friends who we’re visiting with to mute the sound on the TV and hook up my laptop to listen to the commentary from Dan Roebuck on Arsenal Player instead.

    Also Cbob you asked the other day about Arsenal’s own commentary during the game – I think it was to do with Steweart Robson prompting you for the sick bag. Robson does the video commentary, not the radio one. The radio commentary that takes place live with Dan Roebuck is much more Arsenal friendly – infact, shamelessly Arsenal friendly. My only problem is that they sometimes read out too many e-mails (some inevitably doomer e-mails) as opposed to focussing on the game.

    I usually synchronize it with the live TV feed by pausing the TV video feed for about 8 seconds to let the radio commentary catch up.

    But Roebuck’s commentary is the most sane out there and he is shamelessly Arsenal. I remember in February last year when Phil Daud was wearing a Newcastle shirt in the second half of that game, he actually put out a disclaimer saying that he’s now not commenting on behalf of AFC and it’s his own opinion before he let rip at the madness happening in front of him.

    My best commentary team is Roebuck with Nigel Winterburn, but Kenny Sansom also has his moments of madness.

    I do hope we see Ryo or the Ox this afternoon – but I’m also hoping Joel Campbell will settle in soon.

  24. ah a simplier time when supporters were men and would sing no matter what the score ,even a small crowd then would outsing the 60,000 of today much like the away fans do every week now anyway coyrs

  25. big big game today. keep a clean sheet against charlie adam’s set-pieces and andy carroll’s aerial presence, and i think people might shut up about our defence once and for all.

    great chance for our boys to prove themselves.

  26. @Arse or Brain

    “ah a simplier time when supporters were men and would sing no matter what the score ,even a small crowd then would outsing the 60,000 of today…”

    I’m sure Passenal, FunGunner, Firstlady, Goonerwife, Team Spirit and many of the fine ladies shamelessly supporting the Arsenal would want to correct the testosterone thing going on.

  27. Massive game for Frimpong and Ramsey in the middle of the park. I reckon le boss will also give a debut to Jenks at the back and maybe Oxo on the wing. Why Oxo, simply because he at least has played english football where as Ryo hasnt. Szcz needs another game of dominating the box. Verm and RVP need to be the leaders at either end we know they can be. 2 ways of looking at starting with more youngsters than we would have liked – inexperience or unknown quantity…

  28. Darius,

    Passenal, FunGunner, Team Spirit are ladies??

  29. Spot on G69,Cbob, Darius, Kamran, This media hype thing is ridculuous. When did they ever know anything about football masquerading as the voice of the fans from the terraces. Despite the fortunes spent, Liverpool will be exposed as a very expensive lame duck. Arsene is saying to everyone that he is here for a long time and he is building a team of the most talented young players from around the world that is very exciting prospect for the future. I think fans will be pleasnatly surprised this season with Miyachi, Ox, Jenkinson, Frimpong, My heart says Arsenal can annhilate Liverpool. RVP, Nasri, Walcott, Arshavin and throw in Chamberline at the end but these games always end in a draw. Livderpool give nothing away so will sit back and attack on the break…predictable stuff. Apparantely we should be worried because Andy Carroll terrorised our defences so much last season they are having flashbacks.. really?.It looked like a goal keeping error to me and Kos and the verminator are rock solid. Hopefully 2-1 Arsenal. Walcott and van persie to score.Liverpool obligatory penalty from suarez or Kuyt dive. Chamberlain setting up Van Persie at the end. COYG Make the Emirates a fotress. Keep the faith

  30. Deise – following on from your discussion yesterday with Poodle and others….

    I think the fact that we’re an unknown quantity under siege is to our advantage. There’s a lot being said by all and sundry about how Liverpool are going to run riot, but they have more at stake by being beaten by a dogged Arsenal.

    My take is that both the Newcastle and Udinese games have given the team the appropriate psychological conditioning ready for such a battle. They know they have to earn it and they know they have to earn the trust of their fans.

    The key today wwill be the reaction of the crowd. They need to cheer every move we make, every tackle we win, every little action that will lift the team. The protests from those who are so inclined can take place before an after the game but not during the game. It’s quid pro quo time.

    RVP and Szczesny need to have massive games today.

  31. korihikage – yes they are.

  32. Enjoyable post as ever YW- Arteta anybody…???..Onwards Forwards – Arsenal…

  33. hoooooooot. 😉

  34. darius, while i comend your support for the “gentler” gender ( and i have actually many female friends who follow Arsenal all round europe and have done for years) my point was more about % and as isms are a generalisation about supporters wags and mums who take kids and dont really want to be there and treat the day like a day at the pictures or seeing a show down the west end. so basically yes we have always had good commited female supporters its just as a % there are more who are there for the stadium than for the team.

  35. Paulie Walnuts

    Nice post Yogi & thanks for the stroll dowm memory lane Cbob. Strange that the most memorable thing about Geoff Barnett was his , erm , Barnet.

    Anyway, the vultures are circling at The Emirates. So sad to hear Arsene having to defend himself yesterday. Ridiculous, but Arsenal are THE story right now – the hacks may as well wear Liverpool shirts today.

    Sure it`s been a frustrating summer & we still haven`t got a clue about signings etc but what I do know is that 11 young men are walking out onto that pitch today wearing OUR shirt & doing their best for OUR club. They should be supported 100% & cheered from the rafters.

    It`s us against them , people

  36. COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. I can’t believe how these punks in the media are apologists for David De Gea.

    It’s clear that Szczesny is a more robust keeper and didn’t cost north of £17m and yet they treat him like a step child born on the wrong side of the rail tracks. Besides, Tech 9 has more caps internationally than De Gea who between the trail of Spanish keepers on the bench is not likely to get a cap in the next I don’t know how many years.

    And the same for defence. Arsenal apparently has kids in defence while with Manure, they say Ferguson has faith in his young recruits. Stupid pieces of fuck these guys are.

  38. @Arse or Brain – no biggie – it was tongue in very obvious cheeck.

  39. Wonderful CB! I was telling a friend in the pub last night about your ‘trips down memory lane’ as he, like you, is a long standing (when it was terracing) supporter and often comes up with some fantastic anecdotes and memories which are always a pleaseure to listen to.

    Its seems very strange to say, but I sincerely hope the supporters get behind the team today – even Samir if he plays – and we shout, sing and scream our way to victory, through harmony.

  40. Darius, id go along with that for 1 game at a time every now and then but not over the course of the season. We still need to add solid consistent experienced performers if we are to make a success of this season.

    For instance, if we had Cahill on the books already this would look pretty mean –
    Sagna Cahill Kos Verm

    And thats entirely do-able. Similar in defensive central midfield position. Sure im excited about Frimpong i just wish it wasnt always sink or swim with these guys. Song suffered for a while for it.

  41. I agree with Paulie Walnuts.

  42. …Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenaaaallll….Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal…Arsenal….Arseennnnaall……

    Robin van Persie…clickclickclick…Robin van Persie…clickclickclick

    …I’m off to the game……….bye

  43. isnt it amazing we have 94 players injured ,sixty have left ,ten dont want to play, and everyone hates us ,but im still really excited about the game today ! I feel like a four year old waiting to open his presents , I love arsenal COYRs

  44. I’ll try that Darius. Sounds like a good move.

    As for the difference between how the media treat Degea and Szczesny, I’m glad somebody else noticed.

    Last week it was bloody Savage defending Degea on the basis that he’s only young and will come good as he’s an international player.

    That’s the same savage who bangs on about our need to buy a ”dominating keeper’.

    Actually, Paulie, if you think about it Barnet and Wilson had similar barnets. Barnet just had more of it.

  45. by the way, before i forget, a big thumbs up and congratulations to my favored ladies team in the world. THE LADY GUNNERS OF ARSENAL!!!
    may your last game of this season stamp your authority on the ladies league. COYG.

    hopefully a good omen for AW and the crew.

  46. Arsenal fans are the biggest hypocrites in the world.Last week he was a cunt.Today he puts on an Arsenal shirt and they will cheer him next week when he joins City he is a cunt

    He is no different from Greedybayor or Cashley a moneygrabbing mercenary cunt.

  47. Why would the press be hard on De Gea, they know they are being cunts when they bash young players – the difference being is that Sir Alex would throw a strop and not talk to them any more if they did whereas Arsenal is fair game, no matter the player involved. But he ho – lets wait and see if De Gea muddles through…

  48. Malaysiangunner

    Hi all

    YW your usual excellent standard.

    The dithering surrounding Nasri is understandable. Cesc if AW had heard him correctly from last season, he was leaving and even willing to take a pay cut to leave, so it was up to Farca to pay up which they finally did. But he was going if not in person then in spirit so the last 5 million was the issue with us but it should not be given his desperate desire to leave. Bottomline we should have planned for it way before it came to this.

    Nasri as much as I understand the pay structure we needed to have him sign an extension one season ago or sell him then and not now. We are lucky to get 25 mio now because of Man$hitty.

    Both the above transfer ie the midfield well there is an element of uncertainty.

    What I can not understand is the appalling lack of depth in our defence. It is blind faith to believe Gibbs will not be injure at any point this season given his history with injuries. We then have to rely on Traore is also dumfounding. This is completely unacceptable management. For the CB position AW has figured by not buying or paying up is that Squillaci is acceptable as a backstop. From last season we will be moaning and groaning about our defence.

    As it is we are effectively paper thin in all areas given the form of Chamakh. AW asked us to trust him but looking at the squad , yeah sorry I donot believe in blind faith.

    With or without AW we are the Arsenal!

  49. Deise.

    What is sink and swim about Frimpong. It’s a suspension for Song. Suspensions happen. Frimpong is not expected to play all games – but at some point, he’ll have to be given the opportunity to play.

    Also, the assumption is that we are stalling on getting whichever defender is needed. But are we really? Let’s think about it – Koscielny and Vermaelen are first choice CBs. That’s not in question. The situation is then that we’re looking for a back up defender not a primary defender. All these players being touted around don’t want to be back up defenders, and the question is – should we be paying more than we paid for our excellent first choice defenders for a backup defender. Someone who will be happy to sit on the bench and come in when needed for injury or suspension, or come in when tactics need to be changed e.g. to tackle a particular opponent playing in a certain style.

    To be honest, I really don’t rate Cahill or Jagielka for that matter. Vermaelen and Koscielny are much better players as first choice.

  50. Jack – Nasri shouldnt be playing, for numerous reasons. Theres only one reason he will play, and thats because we are short in midfield. Thats the clubs fault and playing Nasri now seems a little shallow to me, if im honest. We played a similar game with Cesc when we delayed his transfer because Barca acted the cunt. We should be above this..

  51. Nigel Winterburn thinks that Chamakh should play up front and Van Persie should join Rambo and Frimpong in the midfield if Nasri is not playing.

    So a team of;

    Sagna, koscielny, Varmaelen, Jenks
    Frimpong, Rambo, Van Persie
    Theo, Chamakh, Arshavin

    Not a bad starting lineup, is it?

  52. YW, if i may ask.
    why is it now that the petition being circulated to openup the books on the tragedy that was HILLSBOUROUGH. why not let the past be gone.??
    it is only going to open up old wounds, no?
    will be very painful for the families of the victims..

  53. “Valencia informed the world that Wenger had dithered, a week or so before Chelsea turned up with a new bid of £29m for Juan Mata”.

    I’m not sure that they did Yogi. Ballague came up with that convoluted nonsense about buy out clauses, with absolutely no proof. It was Mata’s father who allegedly claimed that Arsenal made a bid that was turned down by Valencia. If true, it suggests that Arsenal do not think he is worth what Chelsea are allegedly paying for him.

    The latest claims about Jadson and an attempt to loan Lucho from Marseille suggests that we think there is better value elsewhere.

  54. malaysian,, Nasri was offered and almost signed last year. that’s where you are ill informed. and you are also wrong about AW. if not for this man and his vision the new stadium would have been much harder to achive, and the new academy. he even kept us compatative during those years WHICH IS UNHEARD OF.
    have some respect for the man and his compliments fellow gooner. where would you go to watch great FOOTBALL if it wasn’t for him. MANSHITTY, GIVE ME A BREAK.

  55. .DeiseGooner | August 20, 2011 at 10:10 am
    “….We still need to add solid consistent experienced performers if we are to make a success of this season.”

    Sorry Deise and others but I doubt there will be more than one, if any, signing along this lines. There are few of these quality players available on the market and all the usual suspects are trying to sign them as well.We have an extremely inflated, bubbly market at the top-end fed by the likes of of Man City and Chelsea who are not football clubs playing along normal commercial lines but special financial entities financed by billionaire sugar daddies, one of which is akin to a sovereign nation. Both are close to spending in excess of 200 million in transfer fees this window, not to mention wages.

    From where I sit, Arsenal and Wenger in particular are not going to risk the future of the club going along with this madness. The playing staff is being transformed in front of our very eyes into a fast more youthful outfit. Signings will be made but not at stratospheric prices. Most fans naively assume that football is immune from the current worldwide recession despite a footballers strike in Spain and evidence that the banks are reining in their lending to clubs (see Everton). The club is wise to spend wisely, ensure their is money to cover short and long-term expenses including the stadium debt and save a wedge for a rainy day.

    None of us know when, but sure as night follows day, this bubble like all others before it will have a nasty splat. In the mean time we have to hang tight and support our team.

  56. Passenal – a loan for lucho smacks of cheapness – that and/or that Jack and Ramsey are now our first choice for midfield. Now while im ok with that, but if you get an injury to one or both, we are at a loss as who to put in there – buy him if you think hes gonna be a player for you.

  57. I like that line up Darius. I like it a lot. Although I have a feeling that Vermaelen will be moved out to left back, as Arsene hinted in pre season that he could play there. Jenkinson looked assured and capable covering at LB in midweek, but its a tough ask for a right footer to play the whole 90 mins in that position. It will be interesting to see how the team lines up today.

  58. shotta – ‘Arsenal and Wenger in particular are not going to risk the future of the club going along with this madness.’ We have gone along with this madness. We have and are taking the huge sums of money for our players. Just reinvest this money. Not saying its easy but it has to be done.

    ‘The playing staff is being transformed in front of our very eyes into a fast more youthful outfit.’ What….. you mean transformed into a faster more youthful outfit to the one we had of average of 23? Its not youthful exuberance we need but experienced calmness and nous.

  59. Basically we are in the hunt for a player inbetween 10 and 15M. That is our budget limint for one player and has been for a while now. So if you want to sign anyone then those are the numbers you should be looking at.

    Our problem is that very few players in that price range is on the market atm.

  60. I see sp*rs are reportedly trying to buy Lassana Diarra. Another fool who left us and has ended up on the football scrapheap merry-go-round, grabbing Millions wherevever he can. Talking of which, do we get a percentage of any transfer money involved?

  61. Well matty DIarra and Adebayor together with Modric and VDV aint that bad for spurs. can you remember last time they had that good a team?

  62. “a loan for lucho smacks of cheapness” Why?

    Surely if you have young players coming through who you believe with one more season of regular football will be first choice, why would you buy a 30 year old? You seem to forget that we also have the experienced Rosicky and Arshavin in the squad, Diaby to return from injury and players on loan who could be back next season? Loaning an experienced player makes sense to me.

    Anyway I’m off to do something useful – supporting my team at the game. Come on you rip roaring Gunners!

  63. I havent forgotten Rosicky or Arshavin but neither have i forgotten Cesc and Nasri. 2 players in their prime to be replaced with a 1 year loan deal on the promise that 2 younger players will make the step up in that time….just buy Lucho on a 2 or 3 year deal of you think he has something to offer.

  64. poodle – Two of our casts offs (who they haven’t bought yet) along with a player who clearly wants to leave, plus VDV does not constitute a good team in my opinion. All it constitutes is one player, who had one good season last year in Rafael Van Der Vaart, and if he has another good season, Man City will probably buy him for £40M and treble his wages.

  65. The curse of leaving Arsenal/where are they now? Hleb, Adebayor, Diarra, Toure, Gallas, Flamini, Bentley, Clichy, Fabregas.

    Actually, not a bad team on paper, but you wouldn’t want to have them round for Christmas dinner would you. With one exception perhaps.

    “more stuffing Cesc?”


  66. Limestonegunner

    Nice preview post, YW. Gare du Nord, we may have to learn about Paris if AW ends up at PSG at some point.

    I don’t want to withdraw RvP to midfield as we need him sharp in finishing for Udinese not being the playmaker. That game is even more crucial. No harm in a defensive lineup as a draw is fine given the thin squad and a big game in a few days. Very interesting to see what AW will do in linep and what changes he might make in the second half in all circumstances. We’ve seen a willingness to reinforce defense if there is a draw away or narrow lead to protect. If we are chasing, I can definitely see Ryo coming on with Chamak as Ryo crosses very well when he bursts past or cuts behind the defence even from way out on the wing.

    COYG!! I expect full throated support as this is a big game. Don’t think that Gooners, despite concerns, plan to back down in the face of the consensus that we are weak. The only response is to will the team on for 90 minutes of determined support. An early goal at home would be nice though. Arshavin from distance?

  67. @matty its not a great team if you compare it to top 4(or i think anyway) but its a great team if you compare it to Tottenham and what they are used to. Infact i cant remember last time they have had such a good team. Surly its the best team they have had since Redknapp took over.

    I think they are better than sunderland and bolton and probably on pair with liverpool. Which means they will end up between 5-8 th place.
    I think they will be 5th or 6th. Not a bad achievemet in this economic climate for a club as Tottenham.

  68. oh im gonna go make a bacon butty. its serousley the best invention by the English ever!!!
    Before i moved to England i had no idea it excistet. It did not even occur to me you could have bacon on a butty!!! And borown sace? took me 5 years to appreaciate.

    But now.. well what can ever beat a bacon butty on a cold cloudy day?

  69. DeiseGooner | August 20, 2011 at 11:02 am
    “Just reinvest this money.”

    So Deise you obviously think Gervinho, Jenkinson, Oxo and Campbell are not investments. Did they come free? Don’t they represent recurrent expenses on our books? Do you think the club is going to underpay them so they are easy targets for next year’s poachers? Do you think the club is not planning for the resigning next year of those players who it wants to keep and that this will come at higher wages?

    Silly me for thinking that expenses of running a football club keep rising faster than the rate of inflation. Or my failing to understand that the rise in ticket prices at the beginning of this season was to cover such increases.

    Deise – I will not insult you but it is this type of lame thinking that the faux supporters, fence sitters and plain old doomers now perpetuate on ACLF which gets on my tits these days.

  70. I’d rather play Lansbury than a quiting Nasri!

  71. Yes shotta i get all that. But we are told there is money ring-fenced for transfers, which has been spend on Oxo and Gerv. Campbell and Jenks are far smaller expenses but expences all the same. That still leaves the Cesc and Nasri monies to pay for replacements of said duo?

    I am neither a faux supporter, fence sitter or plain old doomer just a deeply concerned fan after what i see as a transfer window mishandled —– to date.

  72. poodle – I think your interest in Sp*rs is getting a little unhealthy mate. To be honest I don’t give them that much thought, but finishing 5th or 6th is not really an achievement when you look at the money they have spent.

    A bacon butty sounds like a good idea though, although i’m a red sauce man myself! Enjoy the game everyone.

  73. Limestonegunner

    Saaamir Nasireee! Na na na!
    Don’t go to City!
    Don’t walk on a free!
    Na na na! Saamir Nasiree!
    Sign the damn contract!
    To Arsenal come back!
    Na na na! Saamir Nasiree!
    Don’t chase the money!
    Stay and win a trophy!
    Saamir Nasiree! Na na na!

    Sing this if he plays. Inspired by Gadget’s remarks last night. In any case, it is clear that the support needs to up it’s game and be a bit more clever and creative than simply expressing frustration. That is poor and we should be better at turning things around and showing we have our wits about us and guts inside us.

    Bring it on, scousers!

  74. It’s official Nasri, Jenks and Frim start!

  75. Limestonegunner

    Very interesting–what’s the full lineup?

  76. feeling nervous..
    looking at that lineup we should have enough to beat liverpool man for man..but can we click as a team??

    alot of kids in the squad today..lets hope liverpool dont crush their spirit

  77. I hope plays well and stays unharmed. We know hes gone so we cant afford for it to blow up in our faces. Desperate times call for desperate measures eh? Squill not even on bench !

  78. Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Frimpong, Ramsey, Nasri, Arshavin, Walcott, Van Persie

    Subs: Fabianski, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ryo, Miquel, Chamakh, Lansbury, Bendtner

  79. Team in full: Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Jenkinson, Frimpong, Ramsey, Nasri, Arshavin, Walcott, Van Persie

    Subs: Fabianski, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ryo, Miquel, Chamakh, Lansbury, Bendtner

  80. No defensive cover on the bench!

  81. Win lose or draw what is the betting there will be loads of posters saying “I told you so” after the game.
    I just pray I am one of them


  82. the interchangeability of the front 4 should be exciting and probably key in this game..

  83. For me however, the stand out memory of the match was my father, after Smith had just attempted to behead another Arsenal player, bellowing out, “ Smith! You’re a poof!”



  84. To say that Arsenal hung on and were lucky in the last two games is utter tosh. 2 clean sheets requires a degree of luck but also 100% effort, No doubt had United drawn their first two games we would be subjected to endless sycophantic eulogising by the poisonous media. And they say there is a crisis at Arsenal. F@ck the lot of them and lets annhilate Liverpool for good measure. Scezcny is better than de Gea beleive it. Liverpooh are very overrated even the Spuds have a better team than them. Liverpool are going to get spanked. Gary Neville the voice of reason again. Shame he looks like a tw@t. COYG.

  85. A new defender is coming in before the end of the transfer window. It says a lot when Squillaci isn’t even on the bench.

  86. @ too mate..

    heres to hoping that the post win absentees here..err remain absent..

  87. Limestonegunner

    Still frightened of Arsenal, eh “king Kenny?!”. 1989 has scarred you in more ways than one! Starting Suarez on the bench! Real courage and ambition there! That team is going nowhere. It is going to be long balls and high crosses into the box. It is a sensible but uninspired strategy. Our boys should take heart, after all the talk and all the transfers, the mighty Liverpool is coming for a draw against a Cescless Arsenal and a debut starting midfielder in Frimpong and debut starting right back from league 1.


  88. Well it’s about time redknapp is being his usual kunty self he really is crap at this job, whinny voice talks like a panda wot an a twat

  89. i think nasri will play left..with rvp and arsh i the middle..cant imagine arsh on the left with jenkinson on the same flank..

  90. Any links lads dyin to watch the game?

  91. Jenks baptism of fire. Kuyt, Downing and Suares will be going for him!

  92. SSN Jeff and the boys about to embark on a confidence building exercise for Man Us De Gea….

  93. What is there to say which hasn’t been said before? Everyone doubts us. Everyone wants us to lose. Everyone expects disharmony.

    What they have forgotten is that there is but one entity who is called The Arsenal, and in times of difficulty we pull together.

    There must be no more of this chicken and egg thinking. No more of the idea the crowd will become fired up if the players play well or vice versa. We must accept that both impact one another, a symbiotic relationship which acts parasitically upon the enemy.

    We must play without a care in the world, feel free to express ourselves because sometimes the easy, simple option isn’t the right one. They must play with the courage to take the harder path, find the conviction to play with flare

    Our defence is strong enough to repel the Liverpool attack. Our attack is strong enough to breach the Liverpool defence, and similarly, our midfield, weakened and depleted as it is good enough to act as both shield and provider.

    Liverpool are ahead of us, so let’s have at these fuckers

  94. Actually jenks I think will cope a lot better with the likes of kuyt than clicy I just have a feelin

  95. Any decent links there lads? Myp2p is banned in Thailand (booooooo!)

  96. Insider try this, it’s a bit stoppy starty for me though…

  97. Looking for a decent feed which isn’t Sopcast. Anybody?

  98. DeiseGooner | August 20, 2011 at 11:44 am

    “…. just a deeply concerned fan after what i see as a transfer window mishandled —– to date.”

    Mishandled – I don’t buy that conclusion. Obviously things haven’t gone ideally because there were severally mutually contradictory events. Example: Fabregas desperate to leave vs Nasri’s wavering. Obviously it is easier for an armchair manager than Wenger to rush decisions.

  99. Limestonegunner

    Gadget, what do you think of my song above?

    I agree, no waiting to see how they play–need to get the players going with strong support from the get go.

  100. Frimpers is a monster.

  101. That boy is ready, he is so ready.

  102. Limestonegunner

    Definitely bad sign for Squillaci, not even on the bench. That’s a slap from the manager. On the otherhand it isn’t a sign that we are definitely signing someone. He could have Miquel as 4th choice, since, to be honest, there are kids with even less experience at this level on the bench with him.

  103. Cheers for the link anddeee

  104. Frimpong’s is going to be awesome..youthful exuberance has to be held in check..yellow card makes him to think more.his game is a physical one..he has to becareful he can’t afford another..

  105. This ref is shit, but who thought it would be different?

  106. Still early but ‘pong looks up to it!

  107. Oh dear kos has gone down blimey is this a curse or wot

  108. lucky we dont need to buy any centre backs

  109. Kozzer fucked??

  110. Holy shit. Kozzer is down!

  111. Fuck Andy Carroll. The cunt.

  112. Miguel coming this is going to hard but hey wot a chance for Miguel though

  113. And now all the doomers will say they new we should have bought a new cb. Yes of course. we all new 2 first choice cbs would be injured in the first 2 games of the season. We all saw that. It was bound to happen. Fucking morons no one could ever have predicted this.

  114. Let’s do a carling up on them

  115. That does not look good … not at all … hope it’s not as bad as it looks …

  116. Kos injury look serious…Jus got to go pay whatever is required now for a CB…

  117. did wenger build his house on an old indian burial ground or something – jinxed

    Cahill, pack your bags son, you are in…..

  118. u have got to be joking, koscienly injured

    this is a joke

  119. Arsenal – this is no retreat, no surrender.

    Come on you Gunners.

  120. Limestonegunner

    Whether we knew or not, we do now and there is still time to do something about it, thankfully.

  121. fuck me how unlucky – Verm out all last season. Kos Verm partnership in its infancy – will Kos be a long term? Lets hope not…

  122. This is a blessing in disguise as we’ll definitely sign someone now

  123. I never criticise an Arsenal player in public, but I will say Song should now be at CB with Frimpers coming on as sub. I presume Alex is thinking about this.

  124. Limestonegunner

    Still, if Miquel does well, and we all must back him to do so, we may yet survive this game and rhe period kos is out. Hopefully that is not a long time.

  125. Macca pounding and slagging Chamakh on ESP?N. Isn’t he on the bench?

  126. You can hear the crowd mumbling to eachother, the booing could start early today if liverpool score

  127. Bloody hell vermaelen is evetywhere

  128. WTF was that – can’t we even tackle any more?

  129. Poor stanleyM. Wishing and hoping.

  130. I think our reserves are doing very well against their multi million pound mercenaries.

  131. Outrageous skill from RVP

  132. Jerks has pace to burn but he gets caught out a little lucky break for us but we need to keep the ball better

  133. I fear ‘pong may see red!

  134. Frimpong will be lucky to see half time

  135. This hard man Carroll is really a soft cunt and a diver – ins’t he?

  136. Limestonegunner

    Gooners at the emirates, the lads need you, don’t go weak now, give them a lift and show are fight. Plenty of time to talk transfer after we make the bindippers pay.

  137. Loving this – backs to wall. Blood and guts. Hardly Wengerball but it’s got my pulse going.

  138. Our midfield has gone missing and we’re loosing the battle in the middle of the park.

  139. Haha, we know that, don’t we? That kind of yellow card. And the plundits are in disarray about it, great. Idon’t think they had the same reaction when we played against Barca.

  140. No sympathy for Carroll nasty piece of work as a human being but should have been booked for diving anyway.

  141. Frimpong wot a try well done son

  142. Fucking love Frimpers.

  143. Great shot from Frimpers. He’s making an impression, isn’t he? We got our second D**M right there.

  144. Miguel defended really well against henderson

  145. Limestonegunner

    Can’t watch the match; what are you referring to Evil?

  146. Evil – we were saying that after the Ems Cup last year. That injury robbed him of a vital year of development but he’s a good ‘un

  147. What is up with this Carroll piece of fuck always looking for a foul.

  148. @Limestone
    Frimpers having a really good shot from about 25meters out. Wen’t for the corner but Reina got a hand to it.

  149. I think second half oxo or miyachi will come on in place for arshavin

  150. Nasri unlucky

  151. What a storming counter attack led by Nasri!

  152. I was screaming for Nasri to pass to RVP but he knew what he was about.

  153. Limestonegunner

    Thanks, Evil. We are coming back into this now aren’t we? Sounds like Chezzer is impressive too.

    We are going to win this if we can keep from conceding this half, I can feel it.

  154. Fuck this referee

  155. I can see a red for arsenal coming

  156. Ref seems not to understand the rules of the game.

  157. Well I like what i see ths far, depleted side or not.

  158. Yes Limestone, we settling down a bit.

  159. Well said Paul-N.
    Passion, fight, guts and occasional skill.

  160. Rambo needs to get back into the game – he’s gone missing.

  161. The lads are working really hard Liverpool look very uncreative

  162. fsdafgsdfg. Arshavin was SO free down there but well, Theo couldn’t see him, placed wrongly. Still … aaargh.

  163. Theo is also out of the game.

  164. What a fucking brilliant game. Jesus my heart.

  165. Frimpong is so massive.Can he be dispossessed?

  166. Best player on the pitch vermalen with frimpong coming a close second

  167. Trust me when this team gets over Cesc walking out on them and regains confidence, its going to different business.

    Frimpong is a BEAST!

  168. I must say – the most heartening performance this half has been by the crowd. Well done for backing the team – the support has been great.

    Special mention to Frimpong and Szczesny. They’ve really played well.

  169. arsenal coming back to life

  170. Only Liverpool player worth the transfer seems to Enrique

  171. Aye aye PaulN a really beast!

  172. Agreed, Theo and Ramsey need to come into the game.

  173. Well done lads even though Alan smith is dying for us to concede

  174. The Scousers wont be taking our champions league place, nit impressed with them at all.

  175. The Emirates crowd has been very impressive this half and got behind the team.

  176. Tv5 awesome so far. The team is working very hard. Great to see that sort of effort. That was missing for much of last year especially on defense

    Hope that kos is not out for long.

  177. Baptism by fire, isn’t it? Crowd has been great, they even sang the proper Nasri-song and I hope they keep this up. The team and the crowd both need to give 100% in the second half and maybe, just maybe, we can snatch this one because, going forward, I felt we looked quite dangerous at times.

  178. Wot about Miguel eh! The kids are alright aint they

  179. I followed the advice on here and put the commentary on from the Arsenal site and once I’d synched it to the tv (a short pause) it’s perfect. The commentators are willing us on, brilliant. Stuart Robson could learn from them.

  180. Also, I love Arsenal.

  181. This boys are legends! I’m so impressed with their teamwork, doggedness and determination.

  182. This Frimpong chap is a massive unit, isn’t he? LOL – A true specimen of a no nonsense fuck off midfielder. I really like his direct runs – they scare the living shit out of anyone.

    The most important thing right now is that we play as a team and we play for each other. It’s backs to the wall time and the crowd need to continue doing a brilliant job.

    Well done lads, we’ve enjoyed that half and you’ve made us proud.

  183. I must say, Macca was saying some good stuff pre game. He admitted that Arsene was a genius and that the support should let him do his job. He said that when Arsenal pay off the stadium that we will have nuff money and potentially be the richest club in the world.

  184. *These

  185. Limestonegunner

    Maybe Rosicky should come on for Ramsey? How is Nasri playing?

  186. What a change. We are in a dogfight and seem to have the cojones for it. Apart from the diving, cheating wanker up front fair play to the opposition for coming out and making a game of it.
    I hope it’ll be their downfall.

  187. Very funny, Darius!

    All calm analysis before the match…then it starts and you turn into a nervous wreck.

    Bloody good show from the defense. Midfield needs to get a better grip though, forwards can’t get a kick.

  188. Furious Styles

    Tense as fuck but honestly not that great of a game, lots of misplaced passes etc, on both sides. Need to get a hold of the midfield. Hope suarez stays on the bench, lots of space for him to exploit. Verm has been absolutely incredible, frimpong really came into it after a while.

  189. what’s happened to ramsey?

  190. Steww – the commentary is great, isn’t it. Dan Roebuck and his summaryzer are shamelessly Arsenal and they don’t hide it. The irony is they know their job is to make sure they present a positive spin while being fair about any issues we have. But it’s actually enjoyable commentary – and the small talk is great.

    You should here them when any team scores against Spurs and they have to relay the score. They hate the Spuds.

  191. Moe, Liverpool are bypassing him with the ball over the top. Our midfield aren’t seeing much of it either from our ball or theirs. Frimpong is so involved because he’s playing deeper.
    Ramsay hasn’t done much wrong, he just hasn’t done much, The Boss will sort it.

  192. Optimistic_Gunner

    What the heck Arshavin? You make Chamakh look like he was outstanding on tuesday!!!!

  193. Paul N – Macca went downhill since pre-game.

  194. Darius

    I love the way the co-commentator can be heard off mic yelling ‘Go on son’ and ‘shoot’ just like we do at home!

  195. hey arshavin was actually looking lively

  196. Am I watching a different game to you guys?

    Great game?

    Please dont tell me this is great

  197. Djourou Squill Kos Gibbs

    Diaby Song Wilshere

    Rosicky Traore


    Decent line up eh…

  198. @george
    It’s as intense as football gets. I am literally on the edge of my seat and I do wonder if my neighbours are taking issue with me yelling loudly.

  199. pedantic george

    kind of reflects arsenal’s current problems this game.

  200. vermaelen has won every header what a beast!!!!!!!! sad about kolscieny 😦

  201. George a great game means many things. Sometimes it’s great because of the fine balance between the teams, sometimes because it’s a massive occasion with much at stake, sometimes because as today we are up against the injury gods, suspension, shit fans, bent ref and the whole world media and yet we are fighting and battling and scrapping and never giving up.
    Great game means many different things.

  202. Solid first half. Our defence is bossing corners and free kicks and the communication that’s happening should silence the critics for a while.

    Our attack has yet to click. Rvp has been a little reticent in getting into the box for some crosses. I think Walcott needs to hang off the shoulder of the defender a little bit more and quit trying to appeal to the refs – they are wankers. Arshavin’s first touch has been missing a few times.

    Other than that, Nasri’s professionalism is a joy to behold (speaking of which bravo Limestone. You picked up the baton and went for gold!), I hope he get’s that goal, and I truly hope he stays. Frimpong is brilliant, a different style to Song, and he took the initiative to shoot from range and test Reina. I would yet again like to see a bit more from Ramsey, but I have a suspicion he may score one today.

    TV has been magnificent at the back and it’s a shame Kos has gone off injured. To my ignorant eyes it looked serious so I don’t expect a speedy recovery, but I hope for it nonetheless. How MIquel, aside from early nerves, has fit in quite well. I expct the test will be Suarez’ introduction as he’s a wily one. As for our keeper, in conjunction with the D, he’s brilliant.

    I think we’ll probably act and get a new defender now, as well as a midfielder, but nevertheless the kids are giving a good account for themselves

  203. LOL @Consols.

    No one in the room is talking to me – it’s just me and my Arsenal.

    They think I’ve lost the plot.

  204. Frimpong is really impressive

  205. I don’t think arsene will buy anyone before aug 31. At this point its less about money and more about his philosophy. If the team continues to work this hard for him it may turn out ok. Certainly will be interesting. So far the enthusiasm and energy of youth has worked. Great to see that Type of commitment.

  206. Shotta, what are you gonna do about it. I was pleasantly surprised and have to give him some credit.

    As far as the mid, I thought we were much better towards the end of the half.

  207. Nasri move broke down – thats why hes puttin in a shift so…..cynical ?

  208. I think one reason our midfield is being bypassed is a Liverpool tactic. They are pressing our inexperienced out of position back four very high up in order to force rushed clearances. So long balls are the end result

  209. will he sign a new deal though?

  210. err what happend to kos?

  211. George, it is great as far as passion and fight.

    All things considered I dont know how you cannot feel very proud of the youngsters.

    Miguel, Jenkinson, Sagna have been great also.

  212. Kos had back spasms supposedly, had to be dragged down the tunnel 😦

  213. Another reason it’s great is you cannot predict the outcome.

  214. spasm?? what that mean? is he injured?

  215. Some great performances out there.

    Hope the crowd gives Nasri encouragement to stay. I wonder if we do the numbers if it isn’t worth paying Nasri a whack to stay?

    Must say, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Szezny, Miguel and others all having a good game.

    The ref is an arsehole.

  216. if we keep Nasri and Bendtner i dont think we have such a bad team at all. Mind you maybe an additional defender if Kos and Djorou are both out though.

  217. Carrol is having such a bad game that should he score it would be an insult to decent football!

  218. Frimpers wins more fouls than he concedes.

  219. muscle spasm – painful as fook – might be better in the morning but it could be something like Henry had and comes and goes….

  220. The Liverpool bus is beginning to manoeuvre into position.

  221. Song has got serious competition on his hands, and we look great if we ever want to play with 2 DMs.

    Some pool players starting to look tired. Love to see Ryo or The Ox on to push on at the tired pool players.

  222. How much did Carroll cost? Just asking the ‘spend the money’ brigade.
    Cash does not equal quality.

  223. i dont like it when Kos has spasms :S

  224. Well done chesney top stuff

  225. Frimpong jenks sagna tv5 szcz excellent. MIquel looks good. Disappointed with Theo arshavin. Ramsey not doing much.

  226. Great will be if we win without me having a heart attack.

  227. i guess it was worth waiting for Frimppong then and not buying some new DM 😀

  228. Arshavin even though had some poor touches has put in a hell of a shift

  229. mabe arshavin plays better when he gets more responsibility.

  230. Ramsay having one of those days, even I can see that now. Frimpong playing well enough for both of them.

  231. whats up with Squillachi anyway? if hes not injured he just lost his place on the bench to a 19 year old spaniard.

  232. A lull before the storm.

  233. Fucking blind bent ref.

  234. Aii chi ga

  235. How the fuck did that stay out.

  236. Just like I said

  237. Frimpong was doomed to go from the start. Referee set him up nicely.

  238. No surprises there then.

  239. UNBELIEVABLE. What do we have to do.

  240. thats insane! we gonan get one red per match how insane is that??

  241. Two games two red cards n we can only hope n pray

  242. fuccccccccccccccccccccccccck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  243. He was MOTM up until then. Come on you Gunners, heads up.

  244. LOL – Backs against the wall stuff – it’s just us against the world.

  245. Pity, Frimpong deserves better than that, but he will grow this season.

  246. Song is more languid player. Frimpong is all action. They could easily play together when needed. BUT i will still take another in th emiddle. Frimpong a bit too reckless just yet

  247. Yeey Lansbury on

  248. Frimpong had been bossing the midfield in the last 20 minutes, spraying the ball very well. I hope we can still somewhat retain our shape …

  249. this is just insane….

  250. Limestonegunner

    Then bring on Rosicky and one of the Ox/Ryo for Theo

  251. Furious Styles

    That wasnt unexpected. Hang in there!

  252. ah FFS – will anyone be available for man u?

  253. @Deise
    Jack had the same recklessness last season. A lot of bad tackles in his first few games, not just the one against Zigic but also a lot of revenge fouls etc. Look what he has turned into.

  254. In the heart of the storm now.

  255. i think we will get one sent off until end of August to force wenger to spend some money and do as the PL wants him to do.

  256. Denilson looks very good right about now, doesn’t he?

  257. Time to shut shop and pull down the hatches.

  258. Carol lol wot a waste of space

  259. I think we got the best keeper in the league.

  260. 2 games in 2 red cards 3 suspensions already …..balls

  261. Denilson would have thrived in this Arsenal team with our new style and young recruits.

  262. Alan smith the chief doomer is loving this

  263. Park the bus boys let’s hope for a Theo break out.

  264. this is unbelievable,

    seriously has this ever happened to any other club

    we are so fucked against manure, who we gonna play good god

  265. Limestonegunner

    Oops, may have to take that sub idea back. Hang in there lads!!

  266. No denilson does not!

  267. That would have been some goal from vermalen wonderful

  268. On the bright side, we’re much better than Liverpool aren’t we?

  269. If we had more cover in midfield i reckon Frimpong might have been subbed by now

  270. Unlucky so fucking unlucky it’s unbelievable

  271. That’s nothing more than terrible bad luck. No blame on anyone.

  272. Bloody ell we just can’t catch a break can we

  273. well Liverpools expensive squad beat arsenal due to red card. :S

  274. Fucking offside man. What the fucking hell is with these officials? Why even bother watching these shit games, when the score is decided by incompetent referees. Fuck this shit.

  275. If our reserves can do this well I have high hopes for the season.

  276. 1-0

    omg this is a disaster, im no doom and gloom

    but even akb have to realise we are in serious shit

  277. Furious Styles

    Obvious final proof theres some voodoo shit at work here. Incredible.

  278. Effen Suarez was offside.

  279. Adrian Durham you sarcastic cunt, fuck off!

  280. Fuck me! When I said Ramsay would get a goal that is not what I was expecting!

  281. N he was off side as well bastards

  282. why are we in serious shit moe? It was offside…

  283. this has to be the worst luck and incompetence by arsene wenger.

    i can already hear the i told you so

  284. we will get a goal.

  285. Moe – fuck off this is as Arsenal site.

  286. oh shit sorrry for feeding the troll guys

  287. poodle

    because of the squad,

  288. Unlucky, but not much anyone could have done about that.

    Bit late with the Walcott sub.

    Problem is that if we had a fit and unsuspended squad, we wouldn’t need any more players, especially if Wenger can somehow get Nasri and Bendtner to stay.

    If we’re looking for a quality extra body in midfield, what about Hleb?


  290. But honestly. Frimpong is going to he HUGE!

  291. wtf is wrong with Arsenal players and cards!

  292. this is really back against the wall a very high wall indeed. it is really a kick in teeth moment for the team. Very sad indeed. Miquel had a good game and Liverpoll don’t deserve anytthing from this game very fortunate to be up. I’m not impressed by any on their signing and would not worry to much about them regarding the C.league spot. When we get all our players back we will kick ass

  293. steww

    oh shut it, even someone as dim witted as you can see arsenal is in trouble.

    or are you wearing the rose tinted arsene knows best glasses

  294. what a load of bull from Moe.

  295. Another one fucking injured. Jesus.

  296. Now jenks is injured flippin eck

  297. Paul-N
    why?, saying the club is in trouble is bull

  298. Good to see Theo off because he really had a terrible game. He kept on running himself into 3 men alleys giving himself no options whatsoever. I think he needs to decide what he wants to do with the ball before he gets it.

  299. And yes, Denilson would have been perfect right now, and fuck all the ball bag cuntflap thicko Fuckwads too dumb to know that.

  300. Loosecannon, the problem with waiting for players to come back from injury is that the table is a revolving door…1 back 1 in.

  301. you can also see why AW wants miquel around.

  302. Tv5 has been an absolute beast. By far the best player on the pitch. Dreadfully bad luck with the own goal.

  303. if this game and this effort from the boys does not make you proud you got no right to call yourself an arsenal fan.

  304. MIke, I feel Nasri was Hleb’s upgrade. I think we need a passer of the ball

  305. Well Moe, I am sure that Wenger couldve forseen what has happend in the last two games. I am sure that you knew that all these things would occur.

  306. we have the worst luck ever or there is a conspiracy somewhere

    this is unnatural

  307. Hats to the lads worked hard after udinese n do not deserve to loose

  308. Paul-N

    good god, you actually tried to sound intelligent there, of course he should have forseen what would happen

    he had a thread bare team, and he still refuses to buy cover

    not that hard to work

  309. dont engange in conversation with moe. you know hes here only to whine you up.
    If you dont reply he will go away. trust me. he will either go away or spam in anger.

  310. You know what? We’d have won the league with TV fit last season. By a mile.
    Still as disappointing as this is today we have shown we’re better than Liverpool even playing a reserve team and with all the quality to come back I am very confident for the next 9 months.

  311. great effort by the boys

  312. Yes Jerome, but if we did need a stop gap body who could come in, hold the ball in tight spaces and fit in quickly, Hleb, having learned his lesson, would not be a bad choice.

  313. and offside again????

  314. so they get two goals against us and they both offside??

  315. The ref is a cunt, I’m loving Lansbury’s heart. In fact, I’m loving the heart on display by the entire fucking team. And Poodle is utterly correct.

    Poor team defending there. But still TV was our best player today

  316. Heads up we will be back stay strong guys this season will be special

  317. Show your true colours now you Arsenal fans. You got balls? Do you stand up no matter what life throws at you?
    Or are you crying little babies who cannot cope with disappointment?

  318. poodle

    funny how you’re the one who commented on me, you are actually an idiot

  319. No Moe, what has happened has nothing to do with incompetence, thats where you went wrong.

    I dont know why we dont just park the bus in these situations, we shouldnt play the highline.

  320. You know what MikeSA I don’t do transfer speculation, it chaps my arse, but I like that suggestion.

  321. oops

  322. Paul-N

    ermm yes it does, arsene wenger inability to get cover

    not asking for world class just cover for a thread bare squad

  323. second goal offside aswell.This is really painful

  324. Furious Styles

    It was well fought but it was in the cards. Best to forget this one and move on.

  325. Another offside goal, if I understand the rules correctly. So it took Pool, to play against 10 men, 2 bad calls to score goals. I mean I don’t know how you can blame the manager or the players for that effort? They don’t deserve that score. If anything, it shows that we’re a better team than them, and shouldn’t be worried about Pool’s title challenge. However, our attack shows a significant lack of creativity. With Ces’s departure, I really believe if we don’t get an experienced player in to replace him, we won’t challenge for the title.
    Frimpong looks like a better prospect than Song. And ghiven our luck with injuries, I am sure he will get a lot of games this season.

    I think for now, the best thing that can happen for us our less injuries, and a signing within the next week.

  326. Second goal u can’t do anything about chasing the game it was bound to happen but on the evidence no way Liverpool r better

  327. couldn’t have asked more from the boys today, great effort.

  328. Moe, that must be the dumbest comment that anyone has posted on this site. He shouldve forseen that we would have 3 red cards and a host of injuries in the first two games.

  329. I’m proud of the lads.

    There was some booing, but it could also have been for the ref.

    Don’t hear much of it continuing, so hopefully the crowd gets behind the lads now, we need it more than ever.

  330. I hope Liverpool don’t think they earned this win. Very lucky indeed

  331. if you got 7 players out anda you still manage to put together a team that is that good then you got decent cover.

  332. Beautiful – a standing ovation from the crowd. Excellent support.

    We dust ourselves off and start again on Wednesday.

  333. If Nasri goes, I’ll agree with you MIke, but despite today’s display, I think both Nasri and Ashavin can do that.

    I think a change of formation is needed. This formation isn’t working without HIm. Let’s go 4-4-2 and have at them

  334. Well if that doesn’t get him to spend then nothing will. All this a mess of his own making. Hope he can turn it around.

  335. what was wrong with the effort and the players today Lew1234? come on give us your best shot.

  336. Dont expect an easy ride because we were 10 and two off side goals.
    That will count for nothing.
    And perhaps it shouldn’t
    Oh FFS
    All I want is some justice..

  337. no Lew1234 should tell us how cahill would hve saved the day and how him and Samba would have saved us from defeat today.

  338. Can’t fault the team for effort but the quality is sadly lacking. The second goal was a direct consequence of the first as we lost concentration.

    Liverpool may have won but I wasn’t impressed. They’ll do nothing this season.

    Over to Ivan and Arsene to sign some players and fast

  339. MOe, the sending off changed the game. 11 vs 11, game likely stays 0-0. The first yellow for Frimmy was unnecessary, the 2nd was deserved. Lack of cover had nothing to do with the score line

  340. Paul-N,

    and you must be the dumbest guy on this site.

    of course he should plan for eventualities, thats what being a manager is about

    a MANAGER, someone who manages, or are too thick to work out what that means.
    He should have supplied adequete cover.

    now shut up, you’re starting to bore, insults aren’t a very good way of hiding you’re inability to analyse and comment constructively without resorting to abuse.

    a foul mouth belongs to a foul head

  341. I’m happy with the efforts. I’m not worried the slightest about this Liverpool team. Really they could not have had it better. Key players suspended. A red card, Kos got injured, a fortunate own goal. and the second is offside.

  342. what will the feeling towards wenger be if he leave the team as it is and resigns on 2nd september

  343. absoloutely draining no way the liverpool deserve that !
    We have djourou kos squil gibbs wilshire song diaby gervinho traore rosicky not playing!
    fair play to the lads gave it everything but we need 3 singings im afriad to say…
    and now frimbong out!

  344. brave effort..
    but we need to spend some money

  345. btw i see Barton was in a fight again today?oh barton..

  346. I love this team more than ever. Absolutely everything against us, but we fought like warriors. This team is gonna win stuff, I can feel it.

  347. well if our lucks going to be like this every week, forget wenger/ferguson/mourinho/guardiola, we need harry potter as our did not just did not just cycloned/typhooned/hurricaned and volcano erupted today..

    good to see the fans backing the side up people..rough long ride ahead..

    to quote from the liverpool anthem

    when you walk thro the storm..hold ur head up high!!!

  348. my bro’s a pool fan any help dealing with the shit his going to say lads?

  349. we will need to hire Jesus Budda Muhammad Spaghetti Monster to sort this shit out!

  350. The talk will be Liverpool finishing above us but I can’t see them do that at all just 11 V 11 would’ve been enough to see out this game without counting the events tthat went for them. Very fortunate I’d say.

  351. excellent support, couldn’t have asked for more.

    Next game, udinese

    bring on oxlade!!!!!! 🙂

  352. Limestonegunner

    Proud of the team, the fight. Arsenal shows its class.

  353. Anyway, people I’ve got to go shopping for some tatooes. I’ll bid you all a good day, and remember, we are the Arsenal. Stick two fingers up at the world together!

  354. Great game ! This team is on the verge of total domination…

  355. Vermalen wot a player! Sky r trying sooo hard to trash arsenal

  356. Enrique man of the match wot the fuck

  357. Well played The Arse.

    Usual rubbish officiating and injuries.

    Onto the next game. Flags flying.

    Fuck ’em all.

    We are the Arsenal.

  358. despite our very thin squad, the subs came on and gave the liverpool “i spent a hundred million” a good game,

    liverpool lucky and they know it

  359. Definitely need to spend money…poor result. Frimpong was an idiot for getting the red card. What a twat!

  360. Guys no problems with the effort only the quality. Wenger sent out boys armed with water guns to fight men armed with machine guns. Lee Dixon just tweeted “Too much on young shoulders” and he is right. You guys might not see that but I hope to God Arsene does.

  361. Moe, you are talking pure foolishness.

    foul mouth? so calling a man incompetent I presume is a compliment.

    If you can say that about Wenger, then you open yourself to also be criticized.

    I stand by what I say you are talking foolishenss.

  362. Seriously liked the performance today..took a red card and an offside goal to beat our side today..

    Vermaelen was a legend at the back..Miquel seamlessly fitted in to the back 4…Fergies probably praying smalling and jones could do half as well..and how much did they cost??

    Jenks was good..Frimpong was awesome..theo and ramsey flattered to deceive a bit, but every game all 11 players cannot be amazing..

  363. Didnt deserve to loose that game. A lot of heart shown by the team but minus Frimpong and Koscielny on the day and minus Song, jack, Gervinho, Diaby, TR7, Gibbs it was always going to be an uphill task. Vermaelen MOTM Reinforcements needed. To the bunker!

  364. Andee gunner- You brother should be embarassed to boast about this win because I feel they did not earn it at all. They were very fortunate in every way. they did not play us off the park with 10 players and the goals are hard to take. when we have key players back plus 1 or 2 signings we will be fine. It could all change within weeks. At moment we just have to accept we are not in good shape but it will not be forever.

  365. tbh, this game does not matter. what matters is Udinese. Ones they are bagged, the preassure is off. PL is over many games. Chelsea was pap until xmas and still ended 2nd.
    But CL man we need CL.
    We want CL. and we shall get CL. Forget United game. Is Udinese that is the most important.

  366. it’s not a crisis, it’s a result, simple as that…

  367. paul-N why do you bother? hes clealry out to whind u up. Dont let him get to you .

  368. From around the world

    We played ok, without doing anything.
    But I think these players as are, will get Arsene the sack.

  369. Such games show how important song is and the energy he brings in the team

  370. The squad is not wafer thin..10 people out with injuries/suspensions..any squad will be stretched..Might proud of the team today..thought the defending and organization was amazing..

    Up the arsenal!!

    MOM: Mr Atkinson of course ,)

  371. If only we still had Fabregas….may have been a different result 😦

  372. Paul-N

    whatever, my opinion, whether you respect that or not, i couldn’t care less

    next time you decide to criticise someone, do it like you at least have half a brain and not your customary knee jerk reaction to defending arsene wenger.

  373. Could we have been any more insipid in attack? the defense did their job for the majority of the game but you cannot win a game 0-0, wholly poor displays by Arshavin, Walcott. The carding of Frimpong was coming, both were fouls deserved red. Lets make some excuses for why we got reduced to 10 men again today.

    My worry looking at Arsenal right now is where we are going to get any goals from? Van Persie is dropping deep in to channels to get the ball and we have no one taking a punt through the middle with crosses from in. Why, are we even crossing the ball?

    Yogi, you are of course right Song’s suspension was poor and absoluetly lets the team down.

  374. Good effort from the lads, they held their own while it was 11v 12, but when we were down to 9 ( Jenks could barely walk
    by the end) it proved to be a bridge too far. I was really heartened by the crowd today, great support even at the end to drown out the boo boys. The seige mentality and realisation that we are in this together is finally starting to sink in.

  375. So next game no frim and no Song? thats poo.

  376. poodle

    coming from the guy who started the commenting, laughable

  377. Exorcism required at Emirates?
    Not too bad before the sending off (at least in defence) but no cutting edge up front.

    What the fuck are Arsene and the board playing at? We’ll be 8 points behind out of the CL by Sunday week at this rate

  378. tbh, this game does not matter. what matters is Udinese. Ones they are bagged, the preassure is off

    wrong wrong wrong

    thats not the right attitude

    we should have the needed players in place to deal with this pressure and make sure we get the wins under our belt – and not have to take this knock to an already thin squad this early on

  379. RuneBreaker Frimpong has done really well in place of Song. his tackles are over enthusiastic , reminds me of Wilshere’s tackles when he started but it a leraning process

  380. Fa are very good at weakening our team in time for manusa games.

    As someone has already said, time will pass and our squad will look in a lot better shape.

    We do need to work on being more dangerous up front, but the defense is looking better (two offside goals should not count).

  381. Mong, I am starting to think that the money is looking set for shareholder dividends.

  382. That hurt like hell.2 fucking offside goals and one an own goal plus a red,unfuckingbelievable.

  383. Perhaps its time to replace Arsene and the board. The club is becoming a joke.

  384. 1loosecannon: ya exactly but uno how othere fans can be!
    Ah well im proud of the lads and the support The boo boys should fuck off tbh!
    i reckon we need 3 tho cause injuries are always a triait of ours which is so unfortunate..
    what we could be if we a fully fit squad! A man can dream, a man can dream .. Oooh his ringing me now get ready for stick

  385. Football god opened up his butt cheeks and shat a big, fat turd on us today. Despite this, we looked the team likeliest to score until the offside inspired own goal. Vermaelen, Miquel, Szczesny, Jenkinson, Frimpong and Sagna were great today. Theo, Arshavin and Nasri were invisible. Van Persie never got a look.

    Liverpool getting into the top four infront of us? You’re having a fucking laugh. They looked shit for all the money they’ve spent.

    When we get our injured players back this will be an entirely different team. The only purchase I’d make is a creative midfielder to rotate with Jack or Ramsey, eventhough I wouldn’t mind it if Arsene persevered with Lansbury.

    Darkness before the light and all that.

  386. For everyone out there who thinks that everything is fine let me ask you this: If what is happening at Arsenal was happening to any other club like Liverpool or Man Utd what would you guys be saying about it? You would be laughing at them I’d say.

  387. one thing i did notice was even when people are saying arshavin wasn’t good, he was absolutely spot on today, he’s passing with nasri and co, very good

    we just need some creativity lads



  389. hard to take defeat like that ut we didnt do enough to win today. Van P needs more support from midfield. good effort by the players and the support was good – just needed a bit of luck.


  390. I blame injuries and Song’s suspension!

  391. I have no complaints whatsoever. The Jenks was solid, Miquel announced himself, Emmanual Frimpong went through a customary baptism of red card fire, and the odds were stacked with Koscielny coming off injured.

    The boys should be fully aware never to expect the officials to do their jobs and assume that it’s Arsenal against the world.

    Absolutely no positive press will come our way and for the cunts who think that this was good because it forces Arsene to spend the money – you must wonder whether they noticed that the change we asked for from the team from last season was there – and it had nothing to do with personnel. It was obvious how the players fought for the shirt.

    Szczesny is the dogs bollocks and Miquel should definitely stay and be blooded in the Carling cup and FA cup.

    The crowd was also amazing today and it was great that the Arsenal commentators let rip on the ESPN soccer website who were lying that fans are leaving after Liverpool scored the first goal. They were livid that such lies then become fact and spreads poison around the web yet the fans were magnificent today.

  392. Moe, we defend Arsenal on here.

    If you dis the manager and the players on here, you will hear it.

    I am done now Poodle.

  393. Gutted, argue the decisions or not… we were poor, created nothing and deserved shit all. The gods were not smiling on us and players need to take some fucking responsibility for there actions.

  394. Perhaps it’s time to adjust our expectations. Maybe we are not competing for the top 4. We’re certainly not competing for the premiership.

    Good FA and Carling cup runs perhaps?

  395. Paul-N


  396. Moe, does that mean he’ll join them for free next season?

  397. Maybe we have got rid of all our bad luck for the season in this one game…from now on it will be opponents getting sent off, us scoring offside goals etc etc..

    After OT of rules dont apply there

  398. Kenyan gunner

    most likely, i can’t see nasri wanting to stay at the current arsenal team

    he might even be sold to another club this season, we’ll see

  399. mong fuck off i suppose you think aston villa are a better team than us now yeah..god your incredibly dim

  400. Rather odd no post match interview with arsenal players or wenger

  401. Man that Frimpong is something else.

  402. FFS we didn’t deserve to lose that game, both Liverpool goals were offside. Frimpong wasa a fucking giant in midfield till the red card, and he didn’t desrve it. Nasri, played his heart out but tried too hard. Defense, fucking massive…….. but why are we putting in quality crosses when there is no one in the middle? Wenger needs to make sure the forwrads are in the box when those crossed come over.

    Liverpool werr fucking lucky … cunts

  403. bbc strangely quite about the arsenal game

    there was no way they could criticise the players so they shut up i guess lol

  404. wilshere is coming back,

    fear not lads, he’s gonna boss that midfield

  405. For such a big lad Carroll is a bit of a lightweight and goes down under the breath of the nearest defender. Why wasn’t he booked for that blatant dive to win a penalty?

  406. Lewis: “Guys no problems with the effort only the quality. Wenger sent out boys armed with water guns to fight men armed with machine guns. Lee Dixon just tweeted “Too much on young shoulders” and he is right. You guys might not see that but I hope to God Arsene does.”

    If it took one off side goal, a sending off and two injuries to beat our water guns, then what were our water guns packed with, acid?

    Look at the players we have out: Diaby, Jack, Djourou, Koscielny, Rosicky, Gibbs, Gervinho, Squillaci, Song and Traore. I don’t believe, for a second, that this Liverpool team would’ve beaten us with half of these players in the squad. What this game proves is that the conveyor belt of talent is on fucking overdrive. We produce players ready to step in to the first team and anyone doubting Wenger is an idiot.

  407. @Paul N

    Frimpong could easily be the revelation of the season – where most people would be looking at Ryo or the Ox.

    He and Li’l Jack have been playing together since the age of 9 so imagine the chemistry.

    Scottie Parker my arse. Even Old timer Frank Mclintock was moaning this week that Arsenal must buy Scottie Parker. Frankie should just keep off the coolade.

  408. grow up and maybe watch the game again without emotion, notice again how well the youngsters played, notice the chances we had , notice how badly the ref played ( watch the amount of small descisions he got wrong ) remember how much we payed for the two worst players on the pitch aa & tw, money doesnt make players and scorelines dont represent how well a team played.there are still more positives than negatives any real fan can see that clearly

  409. That’s how I saw it too northbank and despite the scoreline TV5 was my MOTM

  410. Really spirited display by the young guns. For me the only worry is our attack, as we are finding it hard to score goals.

  411. Miami Arsenal, maybe I watched a different match but Arsenal were good for atleast a draw and actually did create a few chances. Maybe not as much as we are used to but then we havent defendes this well in ages. Could you see Pool scoring when it was 11 vs 11.

    Frimpong was unfortunate actually, there was no malice in tha tackle, it was one of those things that happen in football.

    We may not be passing it around as we are used to but we were not poor in my view.

  412. Did anyone notice we haven’t conceded a goal from set pieces? Between the organization we’re showing, Szczesny acting like a monster and the aggressiveness of our clearances, I wonder whether that “let’s get a big lump” narrative is still in play.

    And I hope Wenger and the players don’t speak to the press at all – I’d be happy for the bus boy to pass a note to the press corps from the dressing room that reads “Fuck you” in no uncertain terms.

  413. Gainsbourg69

    absolutely spot on, totally agree

    it’s not doubting wenger, it’s just that people including myself are scared of what might eventually happen to Arsenal. So i guess that’s what is called over reaction.

    im guilty 🙂

  414. Defense did a great job. Miquel looked really good. Offensively Arshavin looked poor. Hope he gets his touch back. Unnecessary first yellow from Frimpong but he looked very sharp. Any news on Koscielny/Jenkinson?

  415. Jabba's Delights

    Good effort from the team they did all they could given the circumstances.

    Our manager has alot to asnwer for. 2 games and whats left of the transfer window to save his job as i can assure you having just witnessed the booing that he has lost without a shadow of a doubt the home crowd.

    He cant talk of only looking for quality when he can only field a team of youngsters. 2 of his buys from last summer arent even deemed good enough to make the bench this year………..?????

    The sad thing is a number of people who havent worked a day in football seem to have a slightly better idea of things than a manger at the moment………………..the most ardent AKB’s need chech their posts from a few months ago and look at the bile they spouted to a few of us and understand that once again the manager has pulled the wool over your eyes!

    We are in turmoil.

  416. Gains, seriously you cannot argue Frimpong didn’t deserve his cards today mate.

    Im definitely frustrated right now which makes my judgement suspect at times but please don’t argue we were better than Liverpool, they didn’t deserve the win etc because they did win and they have the points in the bank.

    I realise the side was young, but how long are we going to use that as a crutch? I mean we produce young players that have and do show potential but potential doesn’t get you competing week in and out. Do I have a solution? Alas No!

    The epidemic that is the Arsenal Injury room continues season on season and it is no different now…

    Sad day, many reasons for it but not least the insipid, very insipid attacking display… no teeth is being kind.

  417. injury room gettin crowded now

    was jenks injured as well?

  418. Peace, if Kos’s injury is a back spasm it’ll be a day or two at most had them before myself. It is just that tweaking of a nerve in the back that screams at you for a little bit… usually end up being unstable to move much but fades fast.

  419. The media shit storm and the doomers will have their knives out this week. They’ve would’ve been out anyway had we drawn or beaten Liverpool 1-0. I refuse to engage anyone with anything bad to say about this team.

  420. Wake up!!!!!!!!

    We have lost, we are almost in the relegation zone, in our last 3 matches we created maybe 3 goalscoring chances and you say that we are heading in the right direction?

    We need 6-7 new QUALITY players, we can’t create, we can’t score, we are average at best and with this squad we will finish 8th at best.

    And Udine is able to murder us.

    And it’s all Wenger’s faul because Nasri and Fabregas situation should have been sorted weeks ago.

    Nopw we have 10 days to make some transfers, but with inept Gazidis and a joker Wenger we have a slim chance to sign some quality.

    At penny-pinching Club, where a profit is more important.

    We saigned 18 years old for 12m pounds, but still can’t sign any experience player and we need a few of them.

    The end of Wenger’s era in near. Thank God. We can only live in hope.

  421. Jabba's Delights


    Another thing pointed out by some of us a few months ago was that if Frimpong plays really well he goes to ANC along with Song, Gervinho and Chamack. Poor planning.

    We spend 12m on an attacking player and yet when we need a goal he hasnt yet been deemed ready to come on and help get a goal for us………….its crazy, what on earth is our manager doing.

    Poor results against the Italians and Utd and the noise about a new manager will be huge. Afraid to say its the ones who are at the ground who have the say in that!!!!

  422. Maciek


    take a breath son

  423. Darius, Frimpong is going to take the league by storm. I do believe he will be the revelation of the season for us. I dont remember seeing a 19 year old player take charge like that. He is fearless!

  424. Jabba – stop being a drama Queen.

    Wenger’s job is not at risk. There’s more chance of him walking away than being fired. It’s the crisis mode nonsense being peddled that amplifies the situation.

    Do you honestly think the board will get rid of a manager who has carried this club through a massive transition?

    Of course there’s work to be done, but what makes you think it won’t be done. Do you think Wenger is responsible for Gervinho and Song’s suspensions, or the hammy’s Djourou and Jethro got or the freak injury that Koscielny got today?

    Get a grip – this is not the time to panic.

    What’s more important is that the team, regardless of the personnel has shown the never say die attitude that we’ve always wanted. The odds were stacked against us today. It’s cheap to blame the manager and be all dramatic about his job being at risk.

    We should just continue planning for the new arrivals and preparing for the Udinese game.

  425. who the hell is udine ? and two matches and transfer window to save his job ! “almost in the relagation zone ” these are spoutings of madmen . and jabba after todays performance you actually think your right . I thought people were using considered opinions not drug induced musings i honestly cannot believe what people are writing. i suggest coming down and watching football for a few more years yet and then think,collate and then write

  426. I’m hoping for a slow start to the season and a rousing finish (as opposed to last season). There’s a long way to go yet.

  427. Moe, what can happen to Arsenal? If this is absolute, rock bottom and Liverpool beat us so unconvincingly, then what is there to be scared of? Remember, we’re not going to play this line up the entire season. What today proves is that, despite their greenness, the players Wenger brought in are pretty fucking good.

    Miami, I think you are getting me mixed up with someone else. I didn’t say that Frimpong’s sending off wasn’t justified.

    Jibber, Wenger holding on to his job? Wenger can go to Stan Kronke’s office, take a massive shit on his desk and he still wouldn’t get sacked. Keep dreaming, you cunt.

  428. Anyone really suprised?

    We have lost our last two home league games

    We are playing a player whose heart is with Man City? Another Bendtner who is off

    Its just a good job Liverpool didnt start with the brilliant Suarez.Why didnt we sign him(oh yeah he cost money)

    We we cluessless up front.Arshavin and Walcott were non existent again and RVP invisible

    Top 4 you must be joking.But dont worry the profits are going up

  429. Paulie Walnuts

    All things considered that was a brave performance today. TV5 was outstanding & Frimpong is going to be a monster. He was just about the only player on the pitch who would have been yellow carded like that early on. The young players should be proud of their efforts.

    Unfortunately we just could get going out wide or up front. Theo had one of his most frustrating days & Arshavin looks a stranger to his game. Ramsey tired in the last third too.

    Things could be worse. Pool have spent well over £100M for that lot.

    Our lads need a bit of luck & a lift because the game in Italy is going to be like the home support. Very hairy.

  430. And Jabba – try supporting your team as the default instead of moaning about everything. There’s not much to moan about today. Well, we could have asked to have 11 players on the pitch, but shit falls.

    Your defensive pessimism (you could do well by looking for the definition) is just mind numbing. This sin’t about Arsenal being in crisis – this is about those weak arsed, lily livered supporters who can’t stand the heat and look for the worst in everything we do so that they feel better about themselves.

    So we’ve lost a game – we pick up and get ready to shamelessly support the team on Wednesday. Let the folks at Highbury House sort out the squad.

    And btw – our defence played very well today – if you removed the pole up your arse you would have relaxed enough to enjoy it.

  431. Arsene out talk is rubbish, you cannot label all this his doing! The Arsenal board have created this situation as much as any.

    We have a new stadium and the squad has suffred, where the hell do we have the right to think we are better than any other team playing in the EPL? The arrogance is astounding at times. Once, we are out from under the debt we’ll be in a better place to get and produce quality players. One day Man City and Chelsea will need to balance their books and no amount of fudge accounting will save them.

    I personally think a fully fit side would have troubled Liverpool but the fact remains we have never had a fully fit side.

    Everyone needs to climb down off their high horse and realise that the economics of Arsenal are not the same as those around us… get use to it. It is probably going to be worse under Stan because he wants a return on his investment unlike Roman or the State owned Man City.

    I am always however left utterly perplexed by the injuries that hit us every season. The play that leads to players being sent off it just unprofessional.

  432. Apologies Gain

  433. With a completely healthy squad this would be my first team:

    Van Persie



    The only additions I’d make are a creative midfielder to rotate with and perhaps a striker to come in like for like for Van Persie.

  434. I don’t think we can fault the players for this result, they have done what they could with what they have.

    But I just wonder why Frimpong was not substituted 10 minutes earlier? He played 60 minutes with a yellow and had a “Red Card” sign written all over his forehead.
    Can’t fault the player for his efforts, he did very well. His first booking was so soft….Still a question of inconsistency from referees in the Premier League, another referee may have given him a warning since he was confused thinking it was his throw-in.

    We have players injured by the dozens in every game, it’s becoming an Arsenal phenomena we may end up starting a game with 6 or 7 players instead of 11.

    It’s up for grabs now…We are under siege more than we ever dreamed of before the season started and it will either galvanize the team together or it may be a spiral nose-dive. I think negativity breads negativity and it’s favorite food is bad results (Regardless of all the valid excuses for the bad result)

    I think change is necessary when things don’t work out, I think the man capable of making this change is Wenger himself. There is no need to change philosophies or principals, but something needs to change.

    I commend the positive attitude on this blog, it is mostly needed at these difficult times while on the other hand you need to couple that with new ideas to help turn things around, Optimism alone will not.

    There are a few positive from this defeat, Szczesny looked good, Vermaelen is back, Frimpong is good backup for Song.

    Better luck in the coming weeks Gunners.

  435. Forgot to add Lansbury. I am really starting to like him.

  436. I agree with your squad there Gain, just the issue of the 6-7 players always in the treatment room which makes it untenable.

  437. Jabba's Delights


    transition………3 years we have had money to spend for 3 years our points totals have got worse. His transfer activity last summer was a disaster.

    Was it his fault about song and gervinho………..yes it fucking was. After last year and barton why the fuck wasnt our team more aware of the dangers of barton and his behaviour. Were they not told before the game ”make sure you dont rise to him”………….because if they werent and it looks like they werent our manger just failed. If they were warned and they still did what they did then our players dont listen to our manager.

    This isnt just a loss. This is on the back of 6 months of poor resuolts and 3 consecutive seasons of reduced points. This is on the back of a summer of lies. Look at wenger qouted form may and June and look how stuff has played out.

    The ground was at least 7-10 thousand shot of capacity today as it was on tue. The crowd has had enough and despite what some of you think of us home season ticket holders it our fucking money that pays his wage and quite frankly he isnt doing a good enough job.

    Frimping was on a tight rope all game. Numerous times he looked at giving away fouls did wenger sp[eak to him at half time?????? His 2nd yellow was a terrible tackle. He has brilliant potential but where was the experienced head next to him.

    Glazidis made it very clear, its the fans who will decide arsene future and failure to buy and get positive results ovee the next few weeks and it will be made very very very very very clear that a new manager is required. previous greatness can only get you so far. He hasnt shown greatness in 3 years

  438. Looks good G69, I guess you think Nasri is surely gone then?

  439. I hate all this try support the team nonsense from cunts who post during matches. I’ve just got back from the game, the support was excellent at the start – at the end, it was clear (from those who bothered to stay) that the home crowd is turning. It is not good.

    Thought we defended well – Jenks is still a few years away from being ready, naive in his positioning and unable to hold a defensive line.

    Frimpong can’t complain about being sent off. Very reckless indisciplined challenge. But it’s his first game, so we should expect and allow such inexperience.

    Nasri was our best player going forward. Thought his attitude was excellent. Well done Samir. Wish more of the squad showed such metal.

    Our front three were terrible. Reina not troubled at all. We must make significant signings. Not players for the future. Players for now. 2CB’s, LB, CM, Striker

    Baffled why AOC is not deemed good enough to come off the bench ahead of Bendtner who a) is leaving b) isn’t a winger.

    The predictability of Wengers ‘tactical’ substitutions is embarrassing. Play like that for our next two games and we will lose them both.

    Despite playing with spirit – we lack quality. Change the make up of the squad or change our targets as a football club. This is not a squad that cn win titles, domestically or in Europe.

  440. By the way, I don’t think Kozzie’s is a back spasm. Caroll kept kneeing him in the back and the ref did nothing. He’s probably got a bruised muscle in his back.

  441. Miami Arsenal

    We have 120m pounds sitting in the bank. We have money from Fabregas selling, from Eboue and Clichy sells as well.

    He was given 40m pounds to spend, yet he wasted 15m on signing Chamberlain who was sitting on the bench and wasn’t playing.

    We are in danger to become an average Club in the next 2-3 years and it’s all due to him, since he is afaraid, scared of buying a ready made players.

    He thinks that Gibbs is the answer to our lb problems, yet Jose Enrique showed him what a proper left back, bought for 6 milion pounds CAN DO.

    DON’t BE FOOLED by the spind doctor Wenger, we HAVE MONEY to SPEND!!!!!!

  442. Comment from a Man United supporter – more positive than some of our own!

    “What a dull game. The only bright spot was the emergence of Frimpong who looked great. His red card was coming though, he should’ve been subbed earlier.

    What is Andy Carroll for? I thought with Dalglish being a genius he would’ve figured out a way to get the best from him but all he seems to do is stand around for a while pushing people who get near him. Is he supposed to be a footballer?

    Liverpool look an average side without Suarez. If he gets injured god help ’em.

    Wouldnt read too much into the result if I were an Arsenal fan. Down to the bare bones, suffering with injuries and suspensions. Things will get better. Different for Liverpool, who look pretty average and benefitted from an offside goal and finding a good time to play Arsenal”

  443. Wenger holding on to his job? Wenger can go to Stan Kronke’s office, take a massive shit on his desk and he still wouldn’t get sacked

    and this is exactly what is fundamentally wrong here, Wenger is s fucking EMPLOYEE and should be accountable…

  444. Bloody Hell.

    Where have all these bottlers come from?

    Oh dear, we lost. Must burst into tears and run for mummy.

    Grow up and grow some.

    Decadent, spoilt, traitorous cowards.

  445. As a negative- the team look to be low on morale right now. Too many players were so far off their game, they really need to get over Cesc and Nasri and get on their game.

    As a positive – Frimpong is just what we need and what we’ve been missing since PV4. He has the agression and perhaps the ability to be a star.

    The defence were great and Miquel looked a good future prospect.

    Sczenzny is getting better and better and looks commanding – again what wev’e missed for a few seasons.

    A few new players will get the morale back.

    We couldn’t expect to win with so little experience on the field and the luck that we seemingly didn’t have today.

    As for the Pool. 100 million investment. I really hope we can do much better than that for a lot less.

  446. G69

    So you would keep the same squad that finished 4th last season with the exception of our only world class player Cesc.Even Wenger isnt that mad


    The board have given Wenger a free rein he has signed 17 year olds instead of experience

  447. Frimpong first booking came on the back of the two-footed tackle minutes earlier and the second yellow was easily a red in its own right, malicious or not, simple as that…

    yes, he has massive heart and I love him for it, but…

  448. What do you think needs to change G4E?

    I seriously didnt see anything wrong with what we did today. We lost against lesser teams with all the big guns in the team last season.

    I dont believe there is blind positivity, we do have a good squad. We just need less injuries and red cards.

    I trust Wenger to bring in some players also.

    I like what I saw today!

  449. Exactly Suga3

    I want to know whether AW told him to chill out at half time?Such a shame he didnt have a Keown / Toure / Campbell / Gilberto / Vieria on the pitch to guide him through the game.

  450. Paulie Walnuts

    Arsene really wears his heart on his sleeve doesn`t he. Just seen him interviewed by seasoned shouter Jonathan Pearce & Arsene looked like his dog had just been run over.

    I`m worried for his health

  451. I like what I saw today!


    Yeah, it was great………always love watching the boys lose 2-0 at home. Suppose your happy with the period of dominance these young players will deliever at some point in the future…..

  452. Paulie Walnuts,

    heat and kitchen springs to mind, not like he needs any more money, is it?

  453. @Luke im sure AW told Frimpong to go our and rip them appart and do some nasty tackles. dont you ? 😛

  454. Mr. Bob, I dont know how there can be so much doom when Pool could only win when we went down to ten men and an own goal still was our undoing.

    Anyway, if the players stick together and play with this kind of heart, the goals will come.

    Loving the spirit of the team!

  455. Even if we won today, suga3 and luke would still say we need to strengthen.. so i dont htink the result make to big a difference for them. The conclusion would have been the same anyway. We need strengthening.

  456. Yeah, Paul. Nasri’s gone. You could see it in his face that he didn’t want to be there today. Hopefully now that the chief capitulators are out of the squad we will see more commitment from the team.

    Hahahahaha!!! Luke, so misguided. Wenger’s tactical substitution, you cunt? Bendtner increases our chances of getting a goal off a corner or a free kick and increases our height for defending the same. By the way congratulations for getting tickets to the game. Do you want a fucking medal? Go fuck yourself.

    Jibber, give up your season ticket. I hear there are at least another twenty some thousand who would take it off your hands if it’s too much trouble. From the looks of it you think that your season ticket gives you the right to decide when Wenger stays or when he leaves, and how the board makes its decisions. Here’s news for you, you’re just a guy that goes to games, period. Your sense of entitlement is completelky disproportionate to what you contribute to the club. But I forgive you because you’re dyslexic and possibly suffer from some other forms of mild retardation.

  457. I can’t even explain what I feel. right now but, it’s defo feeling that I don’t want to be around anybody

    I can’t take seeing Wenger, looking like and everybody having a go at him from so called pundits and his own followers.

    We need to bring some players in that will lift the players we have because they are broken.

    Fuck know what will happen during the next few fixtures after watching that. We need help and need it now.

  458. lots of positives from the game today… Lpool hardly created any chances aprt from Carroll header in the first half…Frimpong is looking awesome.. needs to stay cool…defending was excellent with essentially 2 reserves…goals as usual came from dodgy off side non calls…

  459. poodle,

    if you seriously think that this squad is equipped to stay in the top four, let alone challenge for the title, well…

  460. Miquel, Jenkinson, Frimpong – well done (our manager has found Arsenal talent).

    Anxious to see if Ox, Campbell, and Ryo can make similar impressive performances.

    Theo and Ramsey – where were you today?

    I feel the pain for our manager.

  461. Luke

    Your pissing in the wind here mate, if what was happening to Arsenal was happening to any other team they would be laughing at them but because it’s Arsenal they can’t look at it logically they see what they want not what is actually there.

  462. Ofc i do. i dont think Liverpools squad is better than ours at all. If this is all they got, and it is cos they were at full strenght today, they will not be good enough for top 4.

  463. Luke, dont be silly.

  464. why would we do that lew1234? Most neturals are not lauging at arsenal they are admirering arsenal and want them to win. Infact most neutrals are alot moe positive about arsenal than arsenal fans. weird that huh?

    Anyway if we did win today you to would say taht a win does not change anything we need to strengthen.

    So AW cannot win regardles. if his team wins, you say he need to strengthen and it was luck. if his team looses he needs to strenghten cos the team is poo. If he wins the CC you say its a micky mouse trophy and does not count. If he looses the cc he does not take cups seriouse and should go be ashamed.

    I think for you lewl1234 the only solution is to spend 50M on two players. There is no other way in your opinion is it? A 15m player is not a big signing its a signing everyone does nowadays.

  465. Yes, Jack. The core of the squad is strong. Maybe a new creative player who can rotate with Jack would be nice. Other than that our defense looks solid, our front three has bags of pace and our bench looks deeper than most.

    Suga3, Wenger will not get sacked simply because he has had this team punching above its weight on a limited budget for years. Wenger is in a league of elite managers whether you like it or not. That’s why the board will not get rid of him.

  466. Can anybody please let me know if they do why the fuck Theo, gets subbed for a player who does fuckall for the team but, give the ball away and has the worse first touch I have seen at his level.

    We can’t even give bendtner away and that tells you everything.

    Really put the anger on seeing that shit STILL in an Arsenal shirt. Like he gives you that “yeah we might grab a goal back” feeling when you see him come on.

    Even in the warm up chamk was fucking walking around. Get these players the hell out the club and let them turn into millionaires some other club.

  467. but again for suga3 nothing will be good enough until we splashed 50m and wenger is sacked. Its not even interesting how we do in the league or in the cups.

  468. G69,

    but our budget is no longer as limited as it was and this tranfer window was nothing short of atrocious…

    if we can afford to spend as much as we did on AOC, we can’t be skint, surely?

  469. G69

    So you were pleased that Wenger brought Bendtner on for Walcott?

    always his primary ‘attacking substitution’ – which rarely brings a goal. You laugh at me, when was the last time Bendtner scored from a set piece? If that was Wengers intention, why did he not utilise Chamakh (his signing last summer) who is nototiously excellent in the air? Do you not think it is strange that he calls on Bendtner a striker who is leaving to come on the wing as opposed to a £12million summer signing? Does that mean AOC is not ready? If so, why are spending so much money on teenagers?

    I see you have resorted to calling people mentally retarded so I wont expect you to provide an answer to any of the above.

  470. poodle,

    that’s an absolute nonsense, all I want is for AW to see what everyone and his uncle is seeing, fuck me, even AW staying true to his word (remember the quotes about improving the defence?) would be good for me…

    but yeah, if he continues with this nonsense, I believe that it would be better for everyone concerned if he packed it in…

  471. Indeed there are positives but, I sure the sperm spuds have been saying that for the past 15yrs and more.

    You don’t get fuckall for positives unless it’s converted into winning things or just losing out. I can’t recall pool ever being so dominate at our place in the last 15yrs so fuck positives.

    Wenger, was let down today but, some players and I don’t mean Frimpong, as he just stating out and hopefully will be in a position to replace Song, who has let Wenger, and the team down on a regular basis.

  472. We cant scream financial constraint when we record year on year profist, have our CEO confirm we dont spend our transfer budget, make a profit every summer from player trading, and drop astronomical fees/wages on inexperienced teenagers……

  473. “I think for you lewl1234 the only solution is to spend 50M on two players. There is no other way in your opinion is it? A 15m player is not a big signing its a signing everyone does nowadays.”

    The thing is poodle we have bought 2 players of the 10 to 15 million ilk but with only one of those an actual starter its frustrating. We need another 2 or 3 ‘starters’ in this team for exactly the situation we now find ourselves in.

  474. Poodle
    So Arsenal don’t need to strengthen in your mind is that right? So let me ask with this team even if a miracle happened and every player stayed fit and the cabal of evil referees that hate Arsenal stopped, would be good enough to challenge for the title or win the Champions League? Would a 1-0 win for Arsenal have made a difference to your opinion. As for your frankly silly strawman agruement about £50m players I won’t even bother.

  475. @luke what do you think happend to the profit? And you know aswell as me that Henderson and Smalling are not on low fees in United and Liverpool. Neither is Gibson and Anderson and bebe. or Kelly and Ngog and the rest of the liverpool youth or the City youth. Or even the chelsea youth. they earn shit loads of money.

    Bebe is on 50k a week! so is gibson! United could not move gibson on this summer due to his wage demands!!

  476. well lewl1234 cahill and Mata would be a good 50M would it not?

  477. SUGA3 | August 20, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    Mate, I totally understand where you coming from but, be very careful with the Wenger pack it in talk.

    The media want that to happen because they have seen what Wenger, can do with a team first hand. We don’t know the reasons why he hasn’t brought anybody in but, no doubt something should be revealed very soon.

    Something will crack because from the fan reaction today at the ground and Arsenal fans all over the world I can’t see this situation continuing much longer.

    Be very careful what we wish for.

  478. poodle,

    perhaps not spending money on kids like people were to stop fucking would leave some funds to pull this off?

    radical idea, I know…

  479. Luke how are you going to get to know what Arsene said at half time?

    Ask for something that is possible.

    There is no one more supportive of Arsene and the players than me ,but even I can see we have problems that will not be solved without spending a big chunk off money.

    We will have to wait and see but I predict ,sadly, that we will be 8 points behind United after the first 3 games,

    I do not however blame Arsene .Yet he does have a hand in it,no doubt .

  480. Right boys, I’m back out for a few beers.

    Shit result, we must move on and quicky – 4 days to the biggest match in recent history.

    No CL football is unthinkable.

  481. Cahill & Mata, would be fucking beautiful.

    Faith in the club and manager would be rekindled by the rebels and I would start taking our title challenge seriously.

    Samba,Mata and any striker from any where that takes shots from outside the box and get’s into the box when required would be very nice.

  482. ofc they need to strengthen but paying 17m for cahill is madness. Paying 30M for Mata is madness, competing going head to head with Chelsea to sign Mata would be madness as we can never pay more than them in salary as we dont have a sugardaddy.

    Arsenal needs to strengthen but with the right players with the right experience and the right qualities. Lucho from Marseille would have been a great signing but HES NOT FOR SALE unelsss you bid 30M or something ridiculouse like that.
    Jones would have been a great signing but being from up north he wanted to continiue living at home, and that could not be done moving to Arsenal. Paying more than 10m for smalling would be madness.

    You make it seem like all you have to do is snap your fingers and the replacements will roll inn. Its is that easy if you have unlimited funds. IF you are prepared to pay 20M for Hendeson and 35M for Carroll. However arsenal is not prepared to do that. they want to buy quality but not overpay for the players.Thats the reality, “our car runs on sweat” as AW says.

    that will not change with a new manager. silent stan has a philosphy like that. As a Arsenal fan you got to accept those premises or jog on. Cos those values wont change. not even with a new manage in town.

    we have to strengthen but not for any price, we have to strenghten but we need quality for the right price. If they cannot find good enough players within the budget they wont strenghten.

  483. goonerton,

    whether it is AW or the board or these two combined, the way the club is managed is shocking…

    I reckon AW has to take the bigger share of the blame, do you think he would listen to Gazidis or Kroenke? not a chance…

  484. George, firstly – try get some food in you – from previous posts I imagine Mrs George is in for an uncomfortable evening!

    Also, it was wishful thinking wanting to know AW’s HT exchange – and I fully agree that AW is not fully to blame, behaviour / reaction of GErvinho (yes I know Barton is a cunt) /Song last week are completley out of his control. RVP starting slowly, if he started this season in last seasons form you could reasonably argue we would have maximum points at this moment. So even over the last two games, its a burden of responsibility shared by all, however, as we all know, the buck stops with the big guy.

    Result on Wednesday, a few new faces by the weekend, and we can start to build momentum

  485. thought we’d have a chance. even with a depleted team. when i realised theo was’nt playing.

  486. luke , the bentner sub was to hold the ball up because we were down to ten men (which he did really well and has done for years ) if our subs had been choices rather than forced ryo or ox or both would have been on to replace aa and tw ( i think we paid good money for those two but the buy ,buy ,buy merchants forget this) and for all those who are waving season tickets in the air ,this neither proves your knowledge of football or the strenth of your support have some respect for the people on this site who have paid their dues for years and just happen to disagree with you. jb next time your in the changing room listening to AW teamtallks can you grab me some memrabillia (are you for real )

  487. I disgaree with that George, some Wenger type signings like Sagna, TV, Kos or Eduardo would be great. Sure the big name seems to be all but for my money our defenders are some of the best in the PL and they didnt cost a huge amount of money.

    I am kool with spending money but the amount is not the only factor.

  488. Jabba's Delights


    How do you know there wages. Arsenal fans get called cunts on here for having the audacity to try and interpret our wage structure, how the fook do you know what gibson and anderson are on?


    Sadly gains no there arent, as nobody is buying the tickets that are up for grabs. Both home games have gone on general sale and not even many of the red members are jumping on board any more.

    All luke 1234 and myself want is for the club to do all it can within our means to catch the top 3. If we cant beat them after that then so be it. For 3 years we havent done enough in the tranfer market our performance last year was garbabge and so fat this its been even worse. This si dispite funds being available. Chamack, squilcai and kosciellny, after finishing 11 points off the title. After finnishing 12 off the title this year we sell potentially 3 first team starters 2 of whom are in the top 4-s players in the club and 2 useful squad players and bring in 1 player ready to compete for a 1st team spot………….you do the math and ask me whether we are doing all we can do to remain competative

  489. SUGA3 who do you see coming in and changing the situation? it has to be a wordclass coach that can develop youngsters and buy cleverly in a market filled with billionaries that does not have to think about money befor buying.

    Only one i could think of is Alex Ferguson, and he wont come. But i dont see any other great managers out there. Martinez maybe, i like his style.

  490. arse or brain,

    brilliant, we have paid good money for a couple of teenagers, one of which was a League One player and the other played in some Japanese high school league!

    not like we needed to improve the defence, is it? year by year, we are conceding more and more goals, ffs!

  491. poodle

    this is what I dont get – why is Cahill at 17mill madness? We have the money, we clearly need a player of his ilk, and we have just spent 12mill on a 17yr old winger, his value will be determined by his impact he has on the season.

    Squillaci was 8million? was he worth it? no, because he isnt of the desired quality – do you see what i mean? aguero at 30mill, if he bags 15 goals, 15 assists this season, does he become value?

  492. @oh jabba i know that just aswell as Luke knows how well our teenagers earn

  493. poodle,

    Louis van Gaal?


    especially the latter is a miracle worker, remember what he did with the Korean team? not exactly the top footballing nation, no?

    it’s not necessarily about the players, it’s about the discipline, we now have both DMs suspended simply because of the lack of any!

  494. 17m pluss wage which is what you think Cahill is worth a week? 50k? on a 5 year contract. woops that is all our budget gone. sad that.

    Aguero os 30M pluss 200k a week. thats more like 60 or 70M? even with 15 assist and 15 goals and a torphy to his name no fucking way is he worth that. Neither is Adabaoyor on his silly 165k a week or balotelli on god knows what he earns.

  495. SUGA3,

    I’m convinced it’s the board who are fucking up our club and the new owner is just as bad if not worse regarding fatting up ones pocket.

    Wenger, can’t do anything without their approval because that’s got to be like telling your boss at work what to do. I said before that I think they take the piss because they know how much of a gent Wenger, is and that he will not slate or ever blame them.

    Even after retirement Wenger, will still now say how fucked up they are.

    Gazidis, to me looks like a fuckng snake child who is still sticking his fingers up and making faces at Dein’s back because he’s there and David is not.

    Fuck em all and back the man who has kept us in the Champions League for 15yrs and the man who has made it good for us to always take the living piss out spuds.

  496. goonerton,

    who do you think sanctioned spending £12M on AOC, Santa Claus?

    as for Gazidis, he’s withering because he knows he is out of his depth here, simple as that…

    take the results of the survey for example, 70% wanting Dein back is pretty much equivalent to saying ‘Fuck off you clueless cunt, you can’t cut it’

  497. Jabba

    Poodle knows because it is okay to prove points about other teams with info from the press but when it comes to Arsenal if you use info from the press you are an agent of the “Media Conspiracy”

  498. Both goals were offside. With so many things against us, that was the last thing we needed. All that bullshit about things even out eventually, we already carry a lot of bad decisions from the last season with us. I really don’t see any point following the league anymore, with such horrendous decisions that go against us.

    We need reinforcements. We lack creativity. Keeping Nasri this summers will be good business. Add another creative player, and we’ll challenge on all fronts. Let’s hope we find the right player in the next 2 weeks. For this month, winning against Udinese, will be job well done.

  499. There were some positives though,
    TV is back and top class.
    Jenks will be a top player.
    Frimpong will be top.

    But some of them have let us down big time
    Gervinho,Song and Frimpong must be either stupid or fucking really stupid.
    There is no excuse for the position their lack of discipline has put us in.None,

  500. Lous van gaal was just fired from Bayern was he not? cos he was to shit. why would we want him?
    Hiddink? Hes been into managing countrys for a while now. Hes a Turky manager now?Why whould he wanna go back to club football? Does he own someone at Arsenal a favour or something?

  501. as for taking the living piss out of Sp*ds, well, I am seriously concerned whether we will get to celebrate St Totts’ Day this season!

    don’t get me wrong, Jack, Ramsey, Song and Frimpong are good players, but hugely inexperienced and if we lose the former two, we will be watching fucking Diaby and Rosicky, both of which were on my ‘OUT’ list at the beginning of the summer…

    can you imagine a midfield of Rosicky, Diaby and Song? give me strength…

  502. Jabba's Delights


    Are you going to tell me you know so little about our club that you dont know that we offer loads of wages to young players? Every man and his dog knows we pay incredible wages to young players. Why do you think we cant sell them half the time? Why do you think Benitez, Ferguson, Guidiola, Morinho have always talked about our youth wages. Is it a conspiracy????

    If AOC performs this year he will get offered a new contract early as was the case for Ramsey and wilshere early in their 1st 1st teams seasons. What do you think they are on 10k? no about 50k as was diaby, bendtner. Do you think Cahill is worth 50k a week when you look at those 2 just mentioned. 17m is a bargain when you compare him to AOC.

  503. LvG shit? he has won more trophies than AW ever will, and by the way, he was sacked after leading the club to a double a season earlier!

    as for ‘favours’ on the Hiddink subject, I don’t think there is any need for pulling one if you can offer £7M p.a. salary, simple as that…

  504. How come i cannot use the press to find out about other teams wages when you do it with our teams players? I only use the same tactics as you guys.

    But you are right lewl1234 its no point even trying with you guys. We will just have to disagree. i caba anymore….

  505. Ateeb,

    We could by pass this “poor decisions” factor by scoring some fucking goal and stop letting in silly goals.

    The stars we had when we won everything use to do just that in the face of “poor decisions” against us.


  506. Any chance we hear anything about booing at Goodison. QPR gave a passing masterclass, and this from a team picked to go down after one game. Pundits putting usual spin around ineptness of the toffy attack and overall play as “it’s a long season”.

    Not surprisingly, after two games, the same bunch have predicted our season all but over.

    I’ll stick with AW.

  507. Luke, I was at the game too and I thought the exact opposite to you. I’m not a season ticket holder, but I regularly attend home games and today a lot more people stayed behind and they clapped the players off the pitch. I’ve been there when we’ve won and 2/3rds of the ground have already cleared out 5 minutes before the end. For a change the home crowd did it’s job and cheered the players on regardless of the score even into injury time. Maybe you had already left by the time a chorus of ‘we love you Arsenal, we do’ rang around the ground. They applauded the effort from a mix and match team trying their best with 10 players out through injury or suspension. Liverpool had their best players out and only scored after we were down to 10 men thanks to a friendly referee.

    The referee was hopeless or bent. Carroll got a free kick everytime he fell down, I was actually amazed that the referee had enough backbone not to fall for that pathetic dive in the box although he should have been carded for simulation. What a waste of £35m. The first yellow for Frimpong was uncalled for and was obviously setting him up for number 2 in order to give luckypool the advantage they needed. People saying Arsene should have subbed him earlier, who for? The bench was light, Frimpong was becoming more and more effective in the middle and Lansbury did not make that much of an impression when he did come on.

    The team has been through a lot of upheaval and as disappointing as it is to lose, perspective and the ability to see the gold nuggets of positvity amongst the gloom is definitely required. Miquel was one of them and I can see why Arsene keeps him around. He’s a defender, but he has a better first touch and a better range of passes than the £35m man.

    And surprise, surprise the slug suga3 comes out because we’ve lost a game. I won’t be wasting my time either reading or replying to your pointless drivel.

  508. suga 3 , i think we brought a cb in each of the last two seasons (not counting squach) and another will be coming in , jenk played well today and looks like becoming a good servant for the club and ryo has been on loan for a year so is not this years signing (and the dutch league is not that bad )
    we will bring in two players by Aug 31 so calm down .i do agree with luke that some of the signings that have costs money havent worked but it has proven time and time again money doesnt always make good signings overall arrsene gets it right most of the time.

  509. Jabba's Delights


    do you know anything. van gaal was sacked for the way he took on the board.

    the previous year his 2nd at the club he got to a cl final and won the double. Go home and do some fricking research you idiot. We need a manger who has the balls to take on the elite 3, we need a manger who gets a response form the players. We need a manager who isnt past it

  510. Bendtner hasnt played a minute of pre-season because he is surplus to requirements and told he can leave.So WTF is he coming on today for.

    Nasri wants to leave.He calls the fans disrespectful.Yet starts today

    What is happening at our club?Cesc goes as he has been all summer yet no replacement lined up

    We cant keep using injuries as an excuse when we have £70m in the bank

  511. Really proud of the squad today. The game was always going to hang upon one incident with us so depleted. Emmanuel sent off. That was the incident. Liverpool were never going to score before that. Emmanuel, Ignassi, Carl..players you are, great performances. Thomas you are brilliant. Horrible to lose but I like the look of this side. Wednesday is the most important game this month. We can do it.

    ..Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal….

  512. Poodle
    I have no issues with you using the press for those figures how else would you know? What I object to is being called a “c**t” for saying Bendtner is getting £50k and being told I’m mentally challenged when I say I read it in the press.

  513. Well said, Passenal. I was at the game too. A lot more fans stayed behind. Big Scouse and the refs were booed when they walked off, then ‘We love you Arsenal’ from thousands of fans. We will be fine this season. I think the supporters have turned a corner.

  514. Spot on Passenal. The referee set Frimpong up in the first half.

    Another disgraceful official watched by his equally disgraceful boss in the stands.

  515. aob,

    gets it right most of the times? hmmm…

    Squillaci – fucking shit
    Chamakh – ditto
    Koscielny – decent, but not top class

    good signing: Vermaelen

    plus about a million kids who either get released, can’t get a work permit or take few seasons to be up to scratch…

    how does that constitute ‘getting it right more oten than not’?

  516. @ suga3we will be struggeling as arsenal fans and tottenham willl smash us just like Liverpool and manchester. we will be out of CL and we will be out of top 4.
    We will be without a manager and all the good plaeyrs left will want out of the club comes summer. No rvp, nor song, nor walcott no nobody.
    And ones that happends most fans will go on strike and we will be a club like Sunderland.

    These are the words of alot of worryd fans. Thats what alot of worryd fans think will happen.

    Honestly, if i thought this would happen i would not even bother to watch arsenal. I wonder why anyone would bother. It must be so painful to sit there and think thoughts like that for 9 more montsh to come. Always depressed, week in week out. never any hope, week in week out. i feel sorry for you suga3 and luke if this is your grim everyday life.

    Honestly guys, you will suffocate and go under if you going to continiue this all autumn and winter. If you listen to emo music, live in a lifless concrete council block and are unempoyd too your life must seriousley be living hell.

    The best thing you can do to help yourself is try to find positives with your footy team, cos comes 31st of Agust and we have not bought any, this is how it will feel until January. You got to find a way to live with it suga3. its the harsh reality of life.

    Do like me. have faith in our playes and our manager, support them and cheere for them and make the best out of a bad situation. Or go around and be miserable all autumn. its your choice….

    now i cant be asked anymore 🙂 i much rather have a constructive discussion with people that seek to find solutions.

  517. like I said, Frimpong could have walked for the second card incident alone, and the first was minutes after he went in two feet, studs showing…

  518. The referees decisions were predicted by several around me before the game started. We were debating which of our players would be sent off. The consensus was Emmanuel. We were right.

  519. we need fans who isnt past it jabba. thats what we need,. i feel sorry for you to. you got to much rage inside you lad. you should go out and excersice. you know jog or something to get out your anger. 🙂

  520. Poodle

    you have just proved you know nothing about football.Van Gaal built the great young Ajax team that won the CL in the mid 90’s He won titles with Barcelona and the double at Bayern and took them to the CL final.He has won more trophies than Wenger ever will
    Go back to sticking you head up Wengers arse

  521. Lyiing cunt, Alan Sugar3. Fuck off.

  522. Frank, Weds is much more important than today. We should have Rosicky, Song and Gervinho back and well rested. It’s round 2 of a 38 game season in the PL. We are not going to win every game, so it’s a bit early to be throwing the towel in – I’m looking at you Pedantic George – man up for goodness sake! Had we lost with our first choice 11, I still would be positive given how early it is in the season, but I could maybe understand others being less so. But to lose in the current context, I really cannot see what people are getting so worked up about, especially when there are still 2 weeks left in the transfer window and we have a history of late buying.

  523. You too, jack. Aptly named. Fuck off.

  524. If you listen to emo music, live in a lifless concrete council block and are unempoyd too your life must seriousley be living hell.

    oh, don’t you worry one bit, I am more than happy in my life and pretty successful, being an ambitious, result driven mofo 😉

    seeking solutions? you may want to tick the ‘continue as it is’ off your list…

  525. wooh Jack too, you been to wiki? He was sacked though cos he was rubbing the wrong people the wrong way. and that is a fact. Regardless of him being good or not.

  526. Frank,

    or what? will you once again tell me how you will punch mi lights out?

    lying? fuck off…

  527. This squad is too young, even younger and more inexperienced then last year when we lost out on everything due to inexperience. Fuck knows what Wenger sinatra is up to. is he taking ze piss.

  528. suga3 , i you seriously saying AW is not brilliant in the transfer market it would take hours to list the great signings he has made ,do you think he has only been manager for two seasons or maybe its his evil twin who took over in 2005. we might disagree but be realistic

  529. Today was all about massive positives. The only negative was the result. This is a fantastic squad. Better than Big Scouse by a country mile. Probably see some new faces shortly too. Oh and to the Scouse supporters showing their arses from the coach window as they left….wipe your bums properly, please. It is just basic hygiene. You know it makes sense. My god, no wonder they have only just got rid of cholera up there.

  530. aob,

    let’s not talk ancient history, shall we?

  531. oh and jack i dont know what you are used to from home but, just because i support someone i dont tend to stick “my head up that persons as”.

    What a weird thing to suggest. man you are seriousley sick if you think thats a normal thing to do.

  532. I would certainly be happy to punch your lights out, Alan Sugar 3. Where do you sit?

  533. guys its no point discussing with suga3 he has his opinions and i doubt anyone here could change them, especially if he is as resultdriven as he says he is. He would NEVER and i repeat NEVER cave in on his righs and wrongs. Am i right suga3?

  534. i think suga3 is one of those guys you just have to accept is disagreeing with you. and if he pisses you off just not involve in your discussions.

  535. how childish…

    first of all, your willingness to resort to violence is proving that you have bugger all argument, secondly, what makes you so sure you would be able to do so?

    boohoo, mummy, please protect me from this big, scary bully!

  536. today was all about massive positives. the only negative was the result. ?

  537. Arsenal have too much integrity to do it, but since it’s seemingly so easy to hack people’s mobiles, I’d be seriously tempted to hack a few referees to catch them out when they are planning the fixes! Isn’t that how the Italian referees were rumbled?

  538. poodle,

    I am big enough to admit when I am wrong, are you?

  539. Frank

    Yes TV was brilliant…………………while the usless Carroll was on the pitch.When Suarez can on things changed.He dropped deeper and controlled the game.TV couldnt stop him

    It amazes me how Liverpool who were not in the CL last season and struggling could sign a great player like Suarez for just £24m and we couldnt

  540. It would be remarkable if we got a red card in the United game too.

  541. Frank,

    I cant see alot of positives, yes frimpong looks the nuts and jenks looks good tv back is great but thats it, no flair, no style we look like the old gg side but without the win. very boring to watch compared to our usual standards. my question is if we carry on losing AND playing boring football will the fans stand for it, the fans that support us coz of our style of football. but i quite like watching us play boring defendind football for a change if frimps never got sent off we would have got another 0-0 draw and another clean sheet.

  542. suga3 , you sound remarkably like a chelski fan supporting a team is lifelong thing not a one season wonder. some of your posts are so funny and i can see why people call you
    judging on the lenth of time you consider ancient history i would say you are very young
    its 17:31 and nearly time for bed

  543. poodle

    Are you complaining about Frimpong being sent off?.The second tackle could have been a straight red

  544. Jabba's Delights


    Utter bollocks from you again. Referee set song up……………your utterly deluded!

    What have you said this summer that has actually come true about arsenal football club. Your run around and tell everyone they are cunts and yet they are cunts who seem to have better understanding of whats going on than you. The fans booed today at Wenger and board nobody else.

  545. @suga3 the day i am i will yeh. that day has not yet come though…..

  546. aob,

    don’t you fucking lecture me about the lifetime shit, I have been supporting Arsenal for nearly 20 years, and I will continue to do so for the rest of my life…

    but that does not equate to taking things as they are and not criticising things I fundamentally disagree with, fair?

  547. DId anyone think Liverpool deserved to win btw?

  548. howard , suarez wasnt used until frimpong went off ,kg saw hes chance and then went for it but we looked comftable until the sending off

  549. Passenal.
    I said this,

    “We will have to wait and see but I predict ,sadly, that we will be 8 points behind United after the first 3 games,”

    That is my prediction of how we will stand after 3 games.If you dont think that is the case then OK we will see come next weekend who is right.
    How you can manage to take from that prediction that I need to man up and not throw the towel in is somewhat bemusing.
    I suggest you think a little harder before you start pointing your finger in my direction.

  550. fucking cunts at least tell the truth in your blindness wenger out.

  551. poodle,

    compare the number of saves Szczesny and Reina had to make and you will have your answer…

  552. @howard no he was shit was he not? and we deserved to loose did we not and AW should go and the board should go and we need to sign.

  553. The board need something. cunts have let this situation arise, should have got rid of cesc n nasr i on day one of the window and bought in replacements. the mancs have a dodge keeper and chelsea could have a dodge manager. all is not lost if we bring in some bloody quality mids and a lefty.

  554. Jabba's Delights


    Do you think we deserved to win on tue?

    You were shouting about the result being more important than the performance on wed…………..well the same applys to today.

    Stop making excuses. All of yoru guys chat all summer has been shown to be utter rubbish. you called people idiots for questioning our ambtion and wenger despite statistics his teams decline. 10 days from the end of the window and we have 2-4 1st team starter players needing to be brought in. 3 average performances into the season. When will it end what shows you that the manager can get us out of this hole??

  555. This season our play has been ponderous.The slick passing isnt there.Our build up play is so slow.RVP must have touched the ball 3 times in open play.AA23 was his usual lazy self now Sagna knows what Clichy had to put up with.Walcott keeps flattering to decieve.Both AA23 and Walcott rightly substituted

    Looking at liverpool they werent great but they had a player we are crying out for.Dirk Kuyt.He reminds me of Ray Parlour not spectacular but will give you more than AA23 and Walcott week in week out

  556. awh YOGI what happend to your page?Its turning into LeGrove today..

    time to go i think. Have fun slaugthering your team and finding 101 ways to say how shit we are and how much we need to sing and change…

    I can just encourage everyone that thought we pplayed well to fuck off too, cos if you did think so you will get slaughtered for it…..


  557. did passenal tell you to man up george! ha ha . you know you cant get all negative even when with bloody good reason. dont conform to the site etiquette george, dont do it.

  558. 10 points from the last 10 league games, this is fucking relegation tally!

  559. Sorry george @5.39pm, but if you think that is a supportive comment, you are not the person I thought you were.

  560. suga 3 , that sounds fair although you have to realise firstly 20 years is just a puppy and those of us who have seen real bad times know what situation we are really in . secoundly some of your comments are not constructive well thought out criticism and your ancient history remark was straight out of the playground. in your twenty years you have been spoilt by the the most sucessful manager in arsenals ancient history so dont take my lectures read some phil soar does a good one.

  561. Where is our £15m man??? why fukin buy him to have on the bench in all these three toothless attacking games, why didnt he go and get Young for a coupls of mil more who could start a game. we have not got the fukin time to wait for oxox to get ready.

  562. poodle

    Maybe we should ask the FA to take the points off Liverpool because they didnt deserve to win.

    I bet you think we deserved to win the 2005 cup final

    The score was 0-2 today end of.Stop looking for excuses and ask why our manager has failed to strengthen the team this summer

  563. Saga

    3 wins out of 15 league games.

    Managers have been sacked for less

  564. Passenal ,What,I am to say what I dont think so as to be supportive?

    I am saying how I think it will be come next weekend.
    Am I too pretend I dont think that?
    It was not intended as a supportive comment or a critical comment .It was not a comment at all.It is a prediction .
    Now if you cant see the difference between the two you are not the person I had you down as.

  565. aob,

    puppy? yawn…

    as for the ancient history comment, let me put it this way: how long does one dine off the past success? the last proper challenge we mounted was the 07/08 season, then Wenger fucked it up spectacularly by letting Gilberto (Orwell’s Boxer springs to mind, this is not how a big club is supposed to act), Diarra (would have him ahead of Song any day) and completely cocking up the Flamini situation…

    if you think AW is doing a good job, we have a major disagreement here…

  566. George ….site etiquette. remember.

  567. Is that bloody Howard back now? I thought he had slit his wrists a couple of years ago.

  568. Song? Come on, Jibber. Shape up.

    Positives. Yes there were many positives. We will be there or thereabouts at the end of the season. But Wednesday. Wednesday is very important.

    Where do you sit Alan Sugar 3?

  569. George dont worry mate, i cant see where the next goal is coming from!!!

  570. howard i dont think people are looking for excuses but as you pointed out yourself the result doesnt always reflect the performance and all a manager can do is improve performance the 2005 cup final left me walking away from cardiff feeling like we had lost ,really strange , results will come just have patience

  571. Our manager, howard?

  572. Dukey it is coming to something when I am labeled a Doomer.
    Goodness gracious me!!!!!

  573. Frank,

    not a ST holder, I sit wherever the fuck I buy the ticket for…

    how many black scarf marchers did you beat up again?

  574. @howard, you do know that both liverpools goals were offside right?
    But only slightly so i guess you can excuse the ref for not seeing it…..

  575. Beat people up, Alan Sugar 3? I did not beat any of the 200 sinpletons wearing black scarves up. Why would I? I just watched them.

  576. poodle,

    first goal wasn’t off, besides, you probably did not complain a lot when we were getting decisions our way, did you?

    how many saves did Reina have to make again?

  577. right i’m off for a bbq with a bunch of lithuanians who luckily enough are not that much into football so its vodka shots and talkin about this basketball championship thingy that is coming up , apparently england are in the same group as them and they cant wait to beat us. !!!!!

  578. So there is no point for going through the comments section tonight. I see them saying “I told you so”.

  579. Liverpool’s finest against Arsenal’s up and coming and walking wounded. Took a sending off to sort it out. Says it all really.

  580. Frank,

    I recall you talking about doing so days before the march took place, I thought a big, scary hooligan like you would be good to his word on that 😆

    seriously, don’t you realise how stupid you look?

  581. I said we would be watching them, Alan Sugar 3….and we still are.

  582. Jabba's Delights


    If we are there or there abouts but finnish 12 points off top having not bought anyone for the remainder of the window the manger should be sacked as that not doing all we can to be the best we can be. Finishing 12 points off top but gaining 4th reasonably comfortably should be viewd as a poor season. It should infuriate the manager and she should want to go out and improve his team with the cash we as a self sustsining buiness model has generated ourselves.

    10 days tick tock tick tock………..just to think how i got laughed at on 1st july for saying such a thing. Same old same old wenger

  583. Can some of the critical posters tell me what they think Arsene could have done today(I repeat today, not over the past 10 years)to positively effect the result.?

  584. Hey, Suga,why don’t you start supporting Liverpool then. They buy lots of players. If you kick the ball at Arsene they might as buy you as well.

  585. suga 3 chelki and man ure and now city have first pick of players so the fact we are chanlenging shows what a good job AW is doing . you dont know what hapened with some of these players remember diarra has left chelski and now wants to leave rm.while I always want to win more but I also want to see an Arsenal team do it and not eleven carlos kickabouts if you excuse the pun.Chelski fans have not experienced this and it is different. so yeah I think Arsene is doing a great job would you rather have mad harry

  586. You have the power to sack the manager, Jibber? Really?


    and suga ive seen RvP been called ofside on in these situations, Walcott to, infact most of our players. Did any descisions go our way today?

  588. Jabba's Delights


    they are a new team. Our first team squad is made of youungsters thats arsene fault not liverpool.

    i count 3 starters missing from their team………how many from ours?

  589. george,

    how about buying the players he was allegedly after?

    it’s not 10 years, it’s the whole summer he faffed about as per usual, like I said, it’s not a crisis, it’s a result…


    what a complete idiot you are, is ‘Mongolian’ a reference to nationality or to medical condition?

  590. Most of their side have been playing since January.

  591. One big positive for me is that no one can say the support were in some way at fault. I find that particular argument tedious. Our support is no better or worse than most of the others.

    I was impressed by our dogged defending and ‘spirit’, but not so much our creativity. The latter is down to lack of quality in a squad depleted by injuries and Wenger’s seeming reticence in the transfer market.
    I worry a bit about Ramsey. Our midfield was begging for a playmaker today and he couldn’t step up. Hope he finds his mojo soon.

  592. With eleven players on the pitch we easily matched them

  593. aob,

    challenging? challenging for what exactly? the league?

  594. Jabba You have today said Arsene is” past it.”
    Is that what you mean when you say you are never disrespectful ?

    Well if it is then in that spirit,and I say this with every respect to you

    “Fuck off ,mate”

  595. Yes challenging for the EPL.That is what all 20 teams in the EPL are doing. Always been that way. It is how it works.

  596. Henristic, Ramsey has not gotten back to where he was pre Shawcoss,He can not be expected to replace Cesc in this system.
    Saying that nobody should

  597. Frank,

    what you said is just semantics or technicality, whatever you may want to call it…

    seriously, have we actually properly challenged since 07/08 season? the season ends in May, not February/March!

  598. suga3 , you said 2007/8 i was just using your opinion that cant be too long ago surley and while i dont think many of us thought we would win last season we were up there until the final nosedive

  599. Jabba's Delights


    Why narrow it down to today, its what he could have done over a whole summer that meant we put that team out today. The team worked hard but lacked quality…..thats not to do with injuris (to the same players) and lack of dicipline. The buck stops with the highest paid individual at the club. 3 wins in 15!

  600. isn’t that the point. arsenal dont seem to be challenging.

  601. aob,

    the nosedive happened in the previous season and the one before that too…

    do you think 3 years on the trot is enough to consider that a pattern?

  602. suga3 do you think AW was doing a good job in 2007/8 ?

  603. Liverpool 2-0 Arsenal !!!!! Hahahaha

  604. Jabba because today we know who was available and what happened.We saw it.
    Whereas what has gone on over the summer is a mystery to all but a few within the club.You and I are only guessing what has gone on .And what Arsene might have done.

  605. Arsenal are shit!!!

  606. aob,

    I think I have already answered that question, haven’t I?

    still, it was for him to get the squad to get their shit together after that Brum horror, and this is where he failed miserably…

    correct me if I am wrong, but wasn’t it when the whole ‘fake-it-til-you-make-it-mental-strength-bollocks’ started?

  607. def a pattern but for different reasons, AW infuriates me with his subs (not nearly as good as george) but overall i cant see many managers doing as well under the circumstances

  608. we are struggling to adapt to the new system..
    i hope wenger dips into the transfer market because this could be a long hard season otherwise

    im impressed with frimpong, hes some player but hes eagerness is going to get him into trouble..

    make no mistake the situation has become stickier than when sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun..

  609. Hassan,

    I will beat Frank to it: fuck off

  610. Hassan .Top post mate .Well done you intellectual giant.
    Thanks for that insightful post


  611. Kamran your nob!! Liverpool 2 Arsenal 0

  612. cunt.
    thar would be – arsenal 0 – liverpool 2.

  613. Jabba's Delights


    1)We have been told we have money buy everyone at the club.
    2)We were told the nasri situation wouldnt be allowed to develope like flamini.
    3) we were told we would be looking to strengthen the defence.
    4) we were told we would be a small club by our own manager if we lost cesc and nasri
    5) we were told we lacked experience at points last year
    6) we were told by all of cesc best mates that he was desperate to move to barca

    So knowing all that, i would expect the only fucking person who we do break our wage structure for to perform much much better than what he has so far this year. Winners get things done no matter the circustance losers make excuses and that is what we as a football club do now.

    Look how Athletico

  614. Jabba's Delights


    1)We have been told we have money buy everyone at the club.
    2)We were told the nasri situation wouldnt be allowed to develope like flamini.
    3) we were told we would be looking to strengthen the defence.
    4) we were told we would be a small club by our own manager if we lost cesc and nasri
    5) we were told we lacked experience at points last year
    6) we were told by all of cesc best mates that he was desperate to move to barca

    So knowing all that, i would expect the only fucking person who we do break our wage structure for to perform much much better than what he has so far this year. Winners get things done no matter the circustance losers make excuses and that is what we as a football club do now.

    Look how Athletico responded to losing agurro, i would expect a little bit more action like that.

    We arent doing all we can to be competative and thats all i and the majority of arsenal fans want.

  615. hassan were you at anfield today ?

  616. aob,

    different reasons? really?

    I think you will find that each and every season, the reasons were:

    – running players into the ground
    – lack of depth
    – fringe players never getting a look in unless the situation is dire, resulting in lack of match fitness

    shall I continue?

  617. Last season and the season before I saw some lackluster effort in some games. Alex Song admitted that this was an issue in one interview.

    I said then, and I’ll say it again, I have no complaint if he team gives their all but lose, what I don’t want to see is performances where drive, effort, desire etc are missing.

    Today I don’t think anyone could have asked for more.

    In fact, this season the team has looked driven and have given everything.

    That is all we as supporters can or should be asking for.

    What irritates me is statements made in the game against Udenese, where I saw someone clang Chamahk was “lazy”.

    The guy ran the second furthest in the game, so the halfwit who claimed e was lazy is talking total shit.

    That’s what is wrong with our support.

    We have a bunch who persist with their “own eyes” valuations which are
    dramatically incorrect, and cost us the use of players like Denilson who
    would have been very useful today, never mind many others over the years I could list.

    Then we have those whose sole criteria is winning. What happens in the game appears to be irrelevant, as long as they win. Quite frankly I accept that everyone is different, but why those people attach this demand to a football match does baffle me. Why dong they just go to a casino instead?

    Then we have a bunch for whom nothing is good enough. The grass is always greener on he other side of the fence, and very other team has better players, better manager, better board, etc. For this bunch nothing is quite as enjoyable as a jolly good bitch session, like old bats t a tea party.

    We as have the defensive pessimists. I guess they are people who expect the worst so that they aren’t disappointed if it goes wrong, but are pleasantly surprised if it goes right.

    Yes, we have all types, even the terminally optimistic.

    Personally, as long as the lads do their best, that’s all I ask. Yes, I’d like them to win things, but hopefully the “right” way, and with some honor.

  618. Semantics? I don’t think so. You are judging previous seasons with hindsight. At the beginning of those seasons and even for most of those seasons we were challenging. As you do not have the benefit of knowing the outcome of this season you must conclude that we are challenging. If you don’t conclude that then not only your support but your logic is faulty. Which of course is obvious from your posts and your name Alan Sugar 3. Now why don’t you respond quickly and head over to the grave where you can squeeze your spots and snicker away with your mates about being on here and taking potshots. Tell them you tried to fuck up someone else’s blogsite. They will like that.

  619. Chill the Thrill

    who gives a f*** about the result. At least we are still making a profit!!!!

  620. Frank,

    dude, my name comes from my stage career as a D’n’B DJ & MC, nothing to do with Alan Sugar (who by the way said getting involved with Sp*ds was his biggest mistake)…

    seriously, at the beginning of the last three seasons, I thought we would challenge, this time around, I am not so sure…

  621. chill. mate that really aint very funny.

  622. The comment only when we lose brigade are back..somehow this always brings that image of brutus with the final thrust to mind..I wonder why…

  623. Apologies, while I do enjoy Apple devices, the spelling “corrections” (and some of my typing too, admittedly), can make a pig’s ear of a post.

  624. and no, I am not taking ‘potshots’ or ‘trying to fuck op a blogsite’, it’s you who is yet to offer a coherent counter-argument…

    spots? typical ol’ Frank, argumentum ad personam and threats of physical violence, got anoything else in your locker?

    thought not…

  625. The one thing that worried me today was that needing to try and pull a goal back did AW turn to one of his new “quality” signings?
    No, he brought on NB.
    Maybe neither Ryo or AOC are fully match fit, but turning to player who wants to leave doesn’t say much about AW’s faith in his young buys.

  626. Chavs equalise…

  627. Frank, I totally agree with you. Anyone who isn’t blinkered by negativity could see how this team is not too far away from being a truly great team. Once Diaby and the rest of the injuries clear up we won’t see the doomers around here as we’ll be winning games left and right.

    Hey dicks, what makes you so sure that Man U will be eight points ahead of us by the time these first three games are played? Let them play those fucking games first before throwing in the towel, you pussies.

  628. It was good to see an Arsenal side fight like they did and they were unlucky not to get a draw. Can’t argue with Frimpong’s sending off really, he looks a real talent but is still pretty raw. Tommy V was awesome and all the defence played well. We look very light up front though and need some more striking power.
    Considering the in injuries, suspensions and thiness of the squad we battled well, but we just had too many inexperienced players out there today.
    I am liking the return of our fighting spirit though.

  629. Diaby?

    ‘scuse me…

    hahahahahahaha ahahahahaha hahahahahahah *cough* bwahahaha!

  630. Solum quando homo malus a conversatione

  631. JohnN

    Yes a player he didnt use once in pre season and who has been negotiating a move away.The madness of Wenger shows no end

  632. lets be realistic..
    unless arsene brings in some quality and experience we wont be challenging for anything..

    these kids have talent but it would be unfair to put the pressure on them of saving wengers bacon and mounting a sustainable challenge this year..

    we are in the deepest of transitions and this year will be another year of development of youth and moulding a new system and i feel without new signings we will only make it harder for ourselves..

    we are right back where we started when we moved to the emirates, only this time the number of clubs who challenge for the title have increased so forget the title, the real challenge we are facing is not to drop out of the top 4..

  633. frank, waterstones are also doing a bluffers guide to french. personally i prefer icelandic.

  634. anyways, that Diaby bit did it for me, catch you lot later…

  635. Bluffers guide, ‘loud’? I simply used Google Translate the way I often do. We have discussed it before. I was responded to in Latin. Simply returned the favour.

    More to the point..don’t some of you people support Arsenal at all? Why are you so dead set on shitting on the club, manager and players?

  636. Abou Diaby is an excellent player btw.

  637. ah well. thats me squoshed. off down the pub. seeya all.

  638. MikeSA

    Was it the fans who sent Denilson to Brazil or Wenger?

    Was it the fans who brought Bender on in front of Chamakh today even though Bender is leaving or was it Wenger?

    Was it the fans who played Nasri a player who wants to leave or Wenger?

    I think you will find it was Wenger

  639. Abou Diaby is mediocre. He is not the answer

  640. This match against Liverpool was a diaster. Wenger needs to go. Look at the facts. Arsenal is in the shits. It has been this way since the Barca diaster in March- Look it is time for a change. No way should Nasri be playing put in a player who wants to play. This is my rant. It is time for a change. Here in America when a Manager loses the locker room and the respect of the players he’s outta here.


    Great comments from AW, you’d think he’d been reading ACLF! I see the media unsurprisingly managed to focus on a few negative people chanting and not the fact that they were immediately drowned out by real Arsenal supporters. They have really decided what the story is this season and are determined to only highlight the things that support it, ably abetted by slug3 and his ilk.

  642. Suga so your a DnB Man….?? You heard of Markus Intelex? Outo of Madchester – Soul R Records..

  643. Howard, the “fans” have contributed to destroying many players’ confidence, including Denilson and many, many others over the years.

    Yes, Wenger might have “allowed” him to go, and might have selected some players ahead of others, but the “fans” are not going to pull a “Pontius” on this.

    Those Fuckwads who moan and groan and boo, yes, those fuckers have a bucket load of shit to swallow for what they’ve done.

  644. I agree with Passenal

  645. Jabba


    1)We have been told we have money buy everyone at the club

    We have money

    2)We were told the nasri situation wouldnt be allowed to develope like flamini

    It wont he is being sold

    3) we were told we would be looking to strengthen the defence.

    Has the window shut?I missed it did I?

    4) we were told we would be a small club by our own manager if we lost cesc and nasri

    That was not what he said.

    5) we were told we lacked experience at points last year

    Well we should have gained the experience because of what happened

    6) we were told by all of cesc best mates that he was desperate to move to barca

    What is you point here ,We knew that from Cesc .We didn’t neeed his mates, or you for that matter, ,to tell us

    Sorry but your post was therefore a bit rubbish .

  646. Its the players who dictate the fans. What a pathetic excuse. Laughable.

  647. WTF is going on with this site? Is Le Grove or that other poxhole Arsenalnewsreview down or something? I’m a season ticket holder, have been for years. I was at the game today as usual and for one did not see droves of people leaving? There was a boo at the end but that, in my eyes, was for the shocking officiating that was going on today!

    We lacked quality in the final third; the quickness of mind and body that Cesc would have brought us. That is completely understandable though as for 6 years this team has been built around a system that had Cesc as the fulcrum! it’s not going to re-invent itself in 1 week is it?

    The quick passing, but most importantly the movement was gone today. No matter how hard you battle and drive forward or even hit one cross-field, if everyone is static then it’s not going to come off.

    I thought for 60mins, with the team we had, we were solid and secure. I even thought that for about 5-10 mins coming up to the sending off that we were getting on top.

    I think that even with Wilshere back we need to change the 4-3-3 into something that can bring Theo into the game? He is a wasted talent out on the wing as he simply doesn’t have the craft to play out there.

    There is zero point playing in a position that effectively stifles his best attributes; his runs off the defenders and his shooting ability!

    We absolutely need to bring in midfield quality and then find a way integrate it with Jack. These youngsters will provide 10-12 games of quality but anything else over a long season will be asking too much of them as inexperience doesn’t make good bedfellows with consistency!

    To all the people that say Wenger out, i’d say you’re not thinking with your heads. Wednesday will be the defining point of this period of turmoil simply because of we will then know WHO WILL WANT TO SIGN FOR US. No-CL then the quality will not want to come, simple as that.

    Think before we condemn because some of us may get what we wish for, and it might not turn out the way you hoped. Stability is key, not panic changes.

  648. It’s difficult to stay away from blogging, when you have such intelligent posters as Bob, Passenal, Frank, Fun, LA. Gb69 and host of others whom under my current state i cant remember. Noetheless Fuck them, the Fa, every other club, both in the U.K and Europe. Because no one does it better than us. Trophies, shove them up Barca’s, Chelsea’s, City’s, Madrid’s ass, that is no way to win a trophy. Robbing other clubs, the flaws and gaps in the imperfect system of football federation. It’s inevitable that we will soon, I see no reason that it won’t happen under Arsene.

    Don’t you think with sizable resources Arsene wouldn’t know what to buy? He’s chosing a different path, that as a whole is graceful, because Arsenal is the only club, which is doing this, and seems to be challenging for trophies as well. Which makes it the best club in the world. There are obviously been mistakes made, but the general progression has been excellent. If the decisions were fair last few seasons, we would have won twice at least. But anyways, even counting future adversaries, I am sure a team will soon develop that will over ride that interference as well, and tell the world to go fuck it self.

    I’ll be there shouting loudest when that happens, and so will a lot others. And none more than Arsene and his players. Past and Present. Even the ones who jumped ship. They’d know exactly what they missed on the chance to be. But then again their time here did keep things rolling, didn’t it? So I’d respect them to, but not as much as the players who would eventually succeed.

  649. Jabba's Delights


    Right so nasri is being sold when the seaosn has already started, where is the replacement? We are going in to Udin and Utd games with what defence? As pointed out a month ago by some of us the most important thing is to be ready come 1st game of the season……we arent! Wenger said a club cant call themeselves big if they cant keep their best players well 2 of our 3 best our out. Our squad is less experienced than last year……………………..they want out. RVP walcott contracts same as samir next year, will you be suprised if they dont sign new ones.

    I brought up the cesc mate thing as it illustrates how off the ball our manager is. Its been fucking obvious to everyone all summer that our cpatain and best player wanted to leave so why do we wait until a day beofre the new seaosn to selll him…………….doesnt that make you think STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS!!

    All summer some of us said we didnt believe arsene and that the club was in trouble due to his stubborness. You all told us to have patience and to forget all the statistscs that point to our decline over the last few years when in theory we should have been getting stronger. You all said wait until the seaosn wait until the end of the window.

    The season is here and the window nearlly done and this is without a shadow of a doubt the weakest arsenal sqaud i’ve seen in 14 years. If we can agree that arsenal are a business then we can agree that as a business the main boss needs to be accountable/ At what point does are poor performance and in action in the transfer market make wenger job untenable. How many years on the trot do we have to drop our points totals. How many times doe we have to not do enought in the transfer market?

  650. oh dear oh dear oh dear

  651. Jabba,Are you actually saying you think Arsene did not know Cesc wanted to leave?Really?

    How many Cesc’s,TV5’s,Kosser’s ,Theo’s Sagna’s,Ramsey’s.RVP’s,Song’s,
    Gervinho’s,does Arsene have to sign before you and your ilk will believe that he stands alone as an expert in the transfer market?

  652. Brady right foot

    Gutted , pretty even contest up to the sending off I thought. Frimpong young lad great player but crazy to go in the way he did after he got booked by that fucker when he could have had a word with him.

    TV5 simply awesome performance, kozzer another man down, plenty of battling but the fucking OG. Football karma really owes us a slice of luck. No time to naval gaze big big game coming up against Udinese. Get over that and finalise the transfers and then roll on Man U, COYG.

    Lets see where Liverpool are at the end of the season judging by todays performance I’d be very suprised if they finished above us.

  653. “Anyone who isn’t blinkered by negativity could see how this team is not too far away from being a truly great team. Once Diaby and the rest of the injuries clear up”

    What year is this again?

  654. Brady right foot

    Lets see where Liverpool are at the end of the season judging by todays performance I’d be very suprised if they finished above us. A fit Arsenal squad would have had too much for them.

  655. Jabba you make a statement like “2)We were told the nasri situation wouldnt be allowed to develope like flamini”
    I answer it and then you change it to”Right so nasri is being sold when the seaosn has already started,”

    You can see how you seem confused in your thinking?

  656. Jappa,

    Get a grip over yourself. Your comment, was hilarious to me, before I realized you are serious with such simple views.

  657. Frank you are the voice of reason

    We were brilliant today

    Ramsey was magnificent followed by Walcott and Arshavin

    If we keep this form up i can see us winning the double of premiership and Europa league

  658. I cant imagine that we will field as weak a team as that again and still it took a sending off and 2 off side goals to beat us.
    So all in all we should have no worries as far as 4th spot is concerned.

  659. I thought Andrei did ok

  660. “If we are there or there abouts but finnish 12 points off top having not bought anyone for the remainder of the window the manger should be sacked as that not doing all we can to be the best we can be. Finishing 12 points off top but gaining 4th reasonably comfortably should be viewd as a poor season. It should infuriate the manager and she should want to go out and improve his team with the cash we as a self sustsining buiness model has generated ourselves.”

    I expect she will want to go and improve the team. Jesus wept.

    “I brought up the cesc mate thing as it illustrates how off the ball our manager is. Its been fucking obvious to everyone all summer that our cpatain and best player wanted to leave so why do we wait until a day beofre the new seaosn to selll him…………….doesnt that make you think STUPID FUCKING IDIOTS!!”

    And lo the mighty Jabba brought forth more pearls of wisdom. Jesus wept (again).

    I’ve always been suspicious about the motives of these “supporters” who appear to get a hard on whenever this team loses. Dubious officiating and bad luck with injuries has cost us today, that’s all. I’m bloody proud of the team. They did us proud as well, especially in the circumstances.

    Here’s to Wednesday. Massive game. For real. Your either with us or your not.

  661. Jabba's Delights


    So not allowing a flamini situation to develope but selling theguy as the season gets started with no replacment is good???? We were told that it would be sorted ”quickly”………….is this quick?

    Yes he has been good with some in the transfer market but summer of chamck, squilaci and kosciellny can make him look just as poor in the transfer marekt. He obvioulsy needs to sign more as 68 points was his lowest ever point total at arsenal and we had loads of money left over. How does Suarez look to you………….22.5 m????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    we have won 3 games in 15. if we lose on wed and considering how theylooked at our place that can def happen we are in all sorts. That 30 odd mill for cesc when kiss that goodbye. Negligent management so far this summer from him and the board.

    They lie and then they lie again. No excuses we have 70-80 maybe more million to spend and have numerous depth and 1st team issues not even to mention mental weakneses………………….do something. 6m a year…the only person who in his system can break the arsenal wage structure for.

  662. Brady right foot

    pedantic george | August 20, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    I cant imagine that we will field as weak a team as that again and still it took a sending off and 2 off side goals to beat us.

    I think well be pretty light going to the theatre of illusions next week, Kozzer looks long term, JD and Gibbs another two/ three, Jacks still wearing a boot, Rosicky doubtful, Diaby wont be availible til September, Song, Gervinho and Frimps suspended.

  663. Just got back.
    Passenal, totally correct. The booing was directed at the officials. The team was deservedly clapped off the pitch.

    Great comments again, MikeSA. So true about Denilson – the fit and confident version.

    MOTM Vermaelen but I was hugely impressed with Miquel as well. They tried to target him for pressure when he first came on, but gave up because he stood up to it. Frimpong will be a beast.
    We sorely needed a playmaker (I hate Nasri in that role) but given the crucial importance of next Weds, I am glad AW rested Rosicky.
    A performance of courage and heart.

    As for Andy Carroll, dearie me. I guess that’s what £35 million gets you.

  664. Brady right foot

    Harry Flowers | August 20, 2011 at 8:01 pm
    I’ve always been suspicious about the motives of these “supporters” who appear to get a hard on whenever this team loses. Dubious officiating and bad luck with injuries has cost us today, that’s all. I’m bloody proud of the team. They did us proud as well, especially in the circumstances.

    Here’s to Wednesday. Massive game. For real. Your either with us or your not.


  665. Jabba's Delights


    jog on poppet, hate to say it but who looks like they know more about football, an akb who has called me a cunt all summer for saying almost to the exact point how we would look right now, or a jonny come lately who only likes arsenal becuase of wenger.

    If i trusted wenger like he aske me to, i would have judged him in may like he asked me to last year……………….??

  666. george – in fairness F*@K 4th spot – many on here say we are not far short of a great team – just a few players maybe? So why havent we been getting those players? And dont tell me Oxo, Ryo, Campbell, Jenks are the players to take us that next step – they aint ready yet. Neither is Frimpong for all the good he did today hes a way to go yet too. While some positives can be taken from todays performance work has yet to be done to change our fortunes. We could all probobly point to where we need players so i hope the management address this … as i have hoped all summer … im still waiting

  667. Jabba's Delights

    brady right foot.

    The booing was directed at the manager today not the team. Nobody is jumping on the players, its the manager who needs to answer some questons.

    Let me assure you that the vast majority of the booing was directed at wenger. None of us at the ground could conclusively see if it was offside or not and everyone thought frimpong deserved to go…..pathetic excuse from some copouts who just refuse to actually view the truth. lose next weekend we will be in the relegation zone…………..FACT

  668. Don’t worry fellow gooners, even with our 1 point we are still above Spurs!

  669. Jabba Delight, from where I was sitting I thought it was directed at the officials. I was by the clock though..

  670. @jabba “. lose next weekend we will be in the relegation zone…………..FACT” and?

  671. Oh a relegation zone after 3 games? calm the fuck down ok! would you be saying we are going to win the league if we were top after 3? no and if you were i’d say you were certifiable

  672. “We live under circumstances where every defeat is an absolutely a disgrace and an earthquake. We are at the start of the season and we are very disappointed that we lost the game. But we are at the start of the season.”

    that about sums up the night one should pressume.

  673. Jabba,Please stop with the emotional outbursts
    “They lie and then they lie again. No excuses we have 70-80 maybe more million to spend and have numerous depth and 1st team issues not even to mention mental weakneses………………….do something. 6m a year…the only person who in his system can break the arsenal wage structure for.”

    They lie to you but I cant find any untruths in their statements.
    In other words its only a lie because you think it is.
    Your decent points are overlooked because you are prone to outrageous misinterpretations of the facts,

  674. Hi I’m a really, really successful super-driven ambitious guy… rararararrara

    What a massive fucking CUNTBAG!!!!

  675. Lionheated scrap we witnessed there. Fight beyond their years.

    Now’s the time to rally round the club while every other fucker slings shit. Circle the wagons.

    Anyone on the inside doing that job for them gets lobbed off the rampart. Fuck right off.

    Agree with Pass, Frank, Cb, Ateeb and FG about the performance.

  676. @ LimparAssist | August 20, 2011 at 8:23 pm
    ha ha!

    @ Deisegooner
    Regarding why we have not got all the players we want, AW said:
    1) the £5 million to £20 million market (our market) is not moving, so we haven’t been able to do all the deals we want to do.
    2) the quality isn’t there – all the clubs are therefore chasing the same few players.

    To those who say that none of that is true, or that other clubs have managed to get their business done, or that it’s just a question of slapping enough money on the table, I would pose these questions:
    Why have Man City not bought Nasri yet?
    Why have ManUre not replaced Scholes yet?
    Why have ManUre not bought Wesley Schnijder?
    Why have ManUre replaced Van Der Saar with young keeper?

    I think the answers to those questions bear out what AW said.

    It seems to me that we have so far bought the players for whom it was possible to close the deals. There was a leaked document reported on in the Independent today – Jagielka is one of a list of four players which Everton are adamant will not be sold. So that might be a good reason why there has been no movement there.

  677. I’m not reading your posts Jabba but I can tell you’re being embarrassing. Pull yourself together please and stop being hysterical. Not becoming. Lie down with a damp towel on your brow. Run yourself a hot bath… something… just fuck off.

  678. LA,

    eloquent as always, I bow to your superior arguments, oh wise one 😆


    not heard him, I will maker sure to check him out, thanks!

  679. Brady right foot

    Jabba’s Delights | August 20, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    brady right foot.

    The booing was directed at the manager today not the team. Nobody is jumping on the players, its the manager who needs to answer some questons.

    Let me assure you that the vast majority of the booing was directed at wenger. None of us at the ground could conclusively see if it was offside or not and everyone thought frimpong deserved to go…..pathetic excuse from some copouts who just refuse to actually view the truth. lose next weekend we will be in the relegation zone…………..FACT

    No Song, no Gervinho, no Rosicky, no Wilshere, no Diaby, no Gibbs, no Djourou and now no Kozzer, a right back starting as a left back, Frimpongs and Jenkinsons first competitive starts and Miquel premiership debut. A sending off and an own goal. All the above are FACTS, i haven’t paraphrased them given an opinion on them I’ve simply listed them.

    Now I will give you my opinion, I don’t blame Wenger for any of the above facts.Maybe you do and your entitled to your opinion however illogical it may be.

  680. was Jabba at the match?? cos he posted here very vigourousley very shor time after it was finished. must live very close then i pressume…

  681. BRF .that is a very good post and I agree wholeheartedly.

  682. If he was he would have known the main booing was directed at the ref and his blind helpers because it started after the Arsenal players had gone down the tunnel and as the officials were coming off.

  683. He shares a house with Arsenal Tom I think.

  684. BRF,

    so, let me get this straight, you don’t blame AW for the following:

    – lack of discipline in the squad, resulting in Song being suspended for violent conduct (not that we did not cock up the same fixture last year for the very same reason), same goes for Frimpong today
    – keeping Rosicky (ditto Diaby) in the first place, with them being nowhere near the required standard
    – fucking around in the transfer market, which results in a 20 year old player out injured (no matter how good he is) being a minor disaster
    – believing that a permacrock Gibbs will last the season
    – not buying a CB, which results in having to play another teenager in a big game


  685. Jabba’s Delight
    You are a fucking depressing loser of a human being
    A Total BITCH!

    After the effort that “your team” played with today all you do is moan, bitch, complain, whine & perpetually feed us your negativity????????????

    and go support some other team!!!

    You are beyond miserable dude!!!
    What kind of asshole are you man??????

    I am so tired of your absolute gloom
    Go find some other team to support or maybe just take some time off football

  686. SUGA3

    Hand on heart I dont blame him for any of those.
    I also disagree about all of them

  687. suka3 you are so tiresome….

  688. and ofc agree with brady….

  689. george,

    suit yourself, I am not going to try and convince you, like you don’t try to convince me, each to his own and all that…

  690. And as for u Suga3…..what’s there to say to a “fan” that only shows up here when we lose a game???????

    ……nothing…U don’t exist.

    Go back to where u came from
    This is not the site for you….

  691. Effen weak-willed, treacherous Judas cunts.
    You know who you are.
    Easy spending 50-100 million of someone else’s money regardless of the consequences.
    Fuck-off. This team will prevail without you.

  692. if I don’t exist, why do you address me, are you seeing things or something?

    they say using more than three question or exclamation marks screams ‘mental issues’, so the cap fits…

  693. “This is not the site for you….”

    I sometimes wonder if it’s even the team for him

  694. effin million miles away from the stadium never been to a game keyboard warrior wanker, you know who you are….

  695. Chill the Thrill

    If the team doesn’t buy players I think many people will be upset. Myself included. Even when the injured players start getting fit again, they will undoubtedly experience those minor setbacks that add a week or two of sideline time.

    At this point it is a matter of taste. Does a 100 million pound squad that scores an offside OG deserve praise? You can argue “the result is all that matters” which is pretty damn valid. But still, saying that we are in the relegation zone is pretty laughable. I think that type of false argument is called “the slippery slope” and i have seen that many a time on the innerwebs.

  696. ah passenal dont do that, now you opened the floodgate of suga, the “im a very succesfull bla bla bla thank you, and ive been a fan for so and so many years, and bla bla bla…..”

  697. Chill the Thrill

    Hey Sugarcane 3. Us million miles away keyboard warriors make a significant contribution to the Arsenal Blogosphere! =)

  698. poodle,

    I think you will find that I only said that in response to your nonsense about emo music and council blocks…

    and I have been supporting Arsenal for 20 years, started doing so when I was kid living in another country, Arsenal is (and will be) the only club I have ever supported, what gives you the right to question my support?

    kissing Wenger’s arse does not give you the right to do so…

  699. Anyone think Jack will be back for un*ted away? We are effectively fielding a midfield of


    without him in it?

  700. It’s good to see Denilson still following Arsenal on Twitter. Looks like he wasn’t just blowing smoke when he said he was a supporter even before he joined.

  701. Is Coquelin back from u 20 by next weekend?

  702. Bill,

    of course you do, but that does not give anyone the right to call others traitors and all that shit…

    all of us want what is the best for the club, the opinions on what it is may differ, but…

  703. @Suga3 i think it’s quite obvious no-one on here want’s to talk about sacking Wenger etc etc so why not just say something constructive?

    If you’ve supported us for 20 years (which makes you about what 25??) then you’d have only really known the end of graham and then Wenger’s reign. I remember 17 years without a trophy – 17 fucking years.

    I agree we are in a sorry state but it’s not something that can be sorted out by us on a blog at 9:15 on saturday night!

  704. Well looking at what you write and how you behave, you dont come across as a arsenal supporter at all. You come across as someone who loves to whine up real suppoters after every match we loose. If you really love arsenal you express it very very very very very poorly. I think nobody could read out of yor comments that you actually like the team.

    and as a true supporter i got every right to question anyone that comes and slashes the team and refuses to give them support. I expect all true supporters to do so, and they do.
    You are either just a windup merchant or a man with a very strange way of expressing love.

  705. @ poodle
    I think so… Might need a rest, though.

  706. suga let me ask you a serious question then if you are such a hardcore suppoter.

    Why after a loss are you so obsessed about coming here,slaguthereing the manager, ridiculing the players and telling us all how we gonna finish outside the top 4 this season???
    Why do you feel you have to enlighten us with all this crap all the time

  707. Brady right foot

    SUGA3 | August 20, 2011 at 8:50 pm


    so, let me get this straight, you don’t blame AW for the following:

    – lack of discipline in the squad, resulting in Song being suspended for violent conduct (not that we did not cock up the same fixture last year for the very same reason), same goes for Frimpong today
    – keeping Rosicky (ditto Diaby) in the first place, with them being nowhere near the required standard
    – fucking around in the transfer market, which results in a 20 year old player out injured (no matter how good he is) being a minor disaster
    – believing that a permacrock Gibbs will last the season
    – not buying a CB, which results in having to play another teenager in a big game

    Since you’ve had something which resembles a verbal brain fart with a bit of follow through, i’ll get my mop and bucket.

    I blame Song for stamping on Barton not Wenger, I blame Barton and Gervinho in equal measure for the Arsenal players suspension. I blame Frimpong for his dismissal. I think personally that when a footballer takes to the pitch he is responsible for his actions.

    Rosicky is a very good footballer and a more than welcome addition to our squad. His performance at Shite Hart Lane last year in the CC was for me one of the best individual performances we had in the 2010-11 season. Abou Diaby is a great but injury prone player for me he’s a great player to have in a squad. He has the ability in a more physical sense to create space in a different way to Hleb, when we are confronted with blanket defenses.

    I didn’t realise that transfer negotiations could cause a player to get injured on a football pitch. Gibbs is a great player unfortunately he has suffered a few injuries as they have been different injuries i’d like to think that he’s been unlucky and hope he is not a permacrock. To loose Gibbs and Traore in the same week is unlucky however I don’t blame Wenger for this either. Infact our third option was ko’d when we lost Djourou as TV5 could have covered.

    If you’d like to have a proper conversion about squad depth and the difficulties of balancing a team which is designed to give a route to the first team of exceptional young players like Frimpong, Miquel and Wilshere and balancing that with the starting 11 no probs. Or you could revert to type and regurgatate some verbage.

  708. Never show up after a win cause it did not fit with the agenda of doom and gloom.
    Always showing up after defeat to put down the team, putting down the warriors who fought 10 vs 12.
    Effen treacherous Judas. Fuck of back to your dingy, stinkin hole of doom!

  709. Blinky,

    I am not talking about sacking Wenger, am I? I am merely pointing out the shortcomings, which result in the fans getting a bum deal in exchange for the highest ticket prices in Europe, that’s all…

    I am talking about the groundhog seasons and groundhog summers, lies uttered when the STs are up for renewal and reneging on the promises made, I am talking about repeating the same mistakes and expecting the different results, heck, even making these mistakes in larger scale every year!

    17 years without the trophy? now when did that happen in the last 20 years? did I miss something?

    even in that 17 year without a trophy period, there was not a single manager who lasted more than 4 years, look it up if you don’t believe me…


    tough love breeds success, blind fluffy love breeds failure, simple as that…

  710. wow, the sky is falling after two games.

    I really cannot join the debate becuase I just pass over certain names now. I use to try to reason and all that but when you find that people are always bent towards the negative aspects of a thing, its quite hard to reason because that is who they are as a person. If they dont look within themselves and lighten the hell up, reasoning is all but a waste of time.

    I dont think a person who only appears when something negative happens should be engaged at all. That person only has one intent and it is not good. A person like that has no right to celebrate wins with the team and even their positive comments are poisonous because they doent come from a genuine place, for if something negative happens next week, they mouth will spew venom again about the same people who they have just commended.

    The same people saying we shouldve sold Cesc early are the same ones saying we didnt get enough money. Now, I am not the smartest person but we had to wait until we got as close to our valuation of him as possible. It took Cheap/Broke Barcelona some time to better their offer.

    This site is the best, not because of these doomers but because it is a place where belief can be found and I must say, the most intelligent people as far as I am concerned. Admittedly we have believed and not gotten what we expected from the club but I dont think that makes us any less as people. We just continue to believe, even if all the odds are stacked against us.

    For those who dont believe, thats the easy was out. It easy to come on here and say I told you so. You want to be seen as smart so you hide behind caution and instead of actually encouraging the team you no doubt wish the demise of the team so you can say, “I Told you so”. If your aim is not to say I told you so, why on earth do you say it? what are you trying to prove?

    And if you know so much, you need to go and coach some youngsters and work yourself up to the big league.

    How on earth someone can look at this match and spew unending nonsense and criticism is beyond me. What a way to lose, I am so proud. Pool were not the better team, thats for sure.

  711. Ashburton Patriot

    Bonjour tout le mend. Defence top class. Will need cover for kos. Midfield not good enough. Frimp needs time, that card was unneccesary . We need a rep for cesc. Nasri’s an AM nt a CM. We need sum1 that can dictate the game aswell as defend and pass like cesc he won’t come cheap whoever he is. U don’t know what u got till its gone. I hope jack gets back but imo he should be played instead of AR16. We need another dm.
    Would have loved to see ryo or oxo on.

    I think we played to direct today and never got our possession footy on. Shame.
    Bt we defended well. Up until the own goal. United next and things are looking grim.
    They may underestimate us and that’s one thing teams should never to against arsenal. Underdog status will be helpful

  712. @ Paul-N | August 20, 2011 at 9:22 pm
    Eloquent and accurate. Great post.

  713. Paul N,

    let’s say it’s a ‘frat buddy getting behind the wheel pissed and smashing the car against the nearest lamp post’ kind of ‘I told you so’, there is no glee in it…

  714. @su3 – That’s my point – it’s what has happened before! All clubs have cyclical periods of success. Man U hadn’t won a thing since the 60’s, Liverpool are now 20 years plus without the title. We are not alone in this.

    I remember it because i’m nearly 40, so i don’t need to look it up!

    I think the board have to come clean about transfer targets and funds as i think that hasn’t been forthcoming, however we don’t know what the final squad will be until after the transfer window closes.

    We need to get behind the players we have now (and after the window closes) and support them – otherwise things are going to get a lot worse for the team.

  715. Ashburton Patriot


  716. Ashburton Patriot


  717. “Is Coquelin back from u 20 by next weekend?”

    Not sure. I think he may be going back on loan

  718. Blinky,

    the support in the stadium today was flawless, did it do any good? of course, I know we could have lost by a bigger margin 😉

    as for the budget, I guess this fella must be pretty damn close to the truth:

    as I said before, a skint club would not be able to afford to spunk £12M on another teenager, wouldn’t you agree?

  719. Some people are optimists and some pessimists, Labour or Conservative,Democrat or Republican,Christian or Atheist.
    No one deserves to be called a cunt simply because they hold the opposite view to the other.People are cunts for no other reason than that they are cunts.
    A thick cunt thinks a smart arse intelligent person is a cunt because he is made look stupid by superior arguments and better use of language.
    A more intelligent person thinks someone who is unable to see a bigger picture is a cunt for not getting it ,and keeping paping on about shit.
    Which ever camp we think we are in it does not help to keep descending into petty bickering with the opposition

    Now if you dont agree with me it is because you are a thick dooming cunt 🙂

  720. well paul-n i have to dissapoint you there, today its been open season to everything positive here on this blog.

    If you have one positive thing to say you are shoot down and stamped at.

    I think im off to bed. Its just no point discussing with suga and the rest.
    With asburton just back i can see this page turning into a greaveyard this nite.

  721. What i’d like to know is when Jack will be back 😉

    Also if we have 55 million in transfer kitty does spending £25m + their wages over the term of contract mean that the kitty is gone?

    I’d also like to you all to tell me the lottery numbers!

    Until then i’m just going to have to watch the game again and then count down the minutes until the udinese game.

    Love The Arsenal 🙂

  722. SUGA3.Like United spunked £12 million on a teenage Ronaldo?

  723. Blinky,

    answer me this:

    are the players paid upfront for the whole contract?

    what about the sales income? with the sale of Cesc, Clichy and Eboue that’s also some wonga to add to the kitty, making it what, nearly £100M?

    at things stand, we are making the profit on transfers, do you think it’s healthy?

    we need to qualify for the CL, yet we are weakening the squad, madness or what?

  724. george,

    this is not the point, I am not saying that AOC will not come good, what I am saying is that you can’t possibly spend so much money on a kid when you have other areas that need urgent attention…

    AOC will get to play in what, 15 games this season (if that)?

  725. Well, I cannot say someting and then not stand by it. A person who only comes on here when something goes wrong doesnt deserve to be conversed with in my book.

    So with that, have to get ready to go to a kiddie party.

    @Poodle, I know. There has been a slight shift on here for the last few weeks and the ship needs to be righted before it sinks.

  726. the bad thing about frimpong is that he is song’s deputy.dat lad is a first team player.he bossed thd midfield.i didnt see lucas,adam,henderson faze him.he dominated them.and he knows how to shoot.thats something song cant do.a star is born.pity he’s gonna play for ghana,england could do with a player like him.

  727. Suga3.
    I believe we were going to buy him and it is not going to affect any other purchases.
    I also think we will buy players in this window which you and I will be happy with.
    I also understand that you think this should already have been done,I believe it would have been done if it could have been.It has for many reasons ,unknown to us mostly,not been possible.
    I believe these things because common sense tell me there is no other explanation.
    I simply refuse to believe it is because of incompetence on the part of the manager or executive.

  728. Brady right foot

    SUGA3 | August 20, 2011 at 9:56 pm

    Liverpool, Man Utd and ourselves were all looking at the Ox. After hearing Utd were looking to make a formal bid we moved big and quickly because Wenger and Rawley believe that this kid is going to be a special player, he is being viewed as potentially one of the best players of his generation.

  729. it’s a marathon not a sprint. easy folks.

  730. george,

    if we are under-bidding for ‘here and now’ players, then it’s either a case of Wenger thinking he can mug everyone off or one of spending £12M affecting our ability to compete in the market…

    everyone knew Cesc was a goner, why wait instead of selling him early and getting a replacement in time?

    why wait until the end of the transfer window, allowing the selling clubs to see how much of a need for a player there is? seems like a strategy aimed at driving a hard bargain may backfire in such situation…


    again, this is not the point…

    and by the way, seems like we can do transfers in a snap if we want to, no?

  731. if weve got the money to invest 30mil on players from other leagues that are barely out of nappies then weve got the money to buy the established PL players the manager and the baord both told us we were getting..i dont think many people will accept us missing out on a player for a couple of mil this window..not when weve just sold the worlds best midfielder..

    and i dont agree that we are a club in crisis..we are not, we are the arsenal weve been around years and thanks to very prudent management we’ll be around for a few more..we’ll be fine.. the real crisis is for arsene wenger..he’ll find the legacy he created will all end in tears if this is sorted soon..i dont agree with any calls that we should get rid of him now…theres no point, this is his team its his bed let him lie in it and finish the season..

    any new candidate will need a whole summer and the whole bag of cash arsenes been stashing to build his own squad..

    i just dont understand why we havent sorted it yet..its like ive said before..wengers recruited 9 new players to the first team..which makes me think the squad is done and now we are just looking at moving players on?? but this surely cant be the squad??

    anyone involved in the running of the club needs to hang their heads in shame for whats happened this window..its totally unfair to ask this squad of young players to go out there and save the day and get us points in the league and get us into the cl in this difficult period of fixtures…

    im pretty sure wenger knew the fixture list, if we get off to a bad start he must no the implications it will have on the rest of the season…
    going 7-10 points behind the league leaders and going out of the cl before sept will crush any spirit the fans had left and crush the spirit of the young guns before their careers have got going..

    this is a very risky game the club are playing..i hope they know what they are doing..but if you play with fire you get burned and it seems the we never learn our lesson..

  732. BRF: Does that stop them coming back once he’s developed into an even better player ? Big worry now is whether we can ever hang on to good players when the high payers come calling. If not then what’s the point ? Can envisage MU or MC coming for TV next year or the year after. Why would he stay ?

  733. frimpong is some player isn’t he, he could down the line turn out to be better than Essien.

  734. dfb,
    Thats the reality of the new oily football world.We have to accept it.There is no viable alternative

  735. there is Usmanov, you know?

    Kroenke can’t sell his shares for 12 months, watch this space…

  736. Brady right foot

    Dfb we can’t compete on wages with Man Utd, Shiity or Chelsea infact no one can compete with Shitty in financial terms. 2013 is going to see a seismic shift in football. Stan, the Glazers, NESV are going to renegotiate the collective Premier League deal. It is the main motivation for the Americans purchasing these clubs, it is an incredible opportunity to generate additional revenue. .

  737. Uzmanov has one fiftieth of the wealth of the Oily Arab

  738. Vermaelen was amazing. the other positive is Frinpong. Yes he was silly for the bookings but he will curve his agression in the right way I’m sure, it will come with time and experience. But from what I have seen this kid is just awsome. Powerful and can pass aswell.
    I don’t se what all the fuss is about Liverpool sigings. they looked ordinary nothing special at all, Andy Caroll what waste of space. Honestly this liverpool team will not finish above us. 8 or 9 first team players were missing and yet they needed an offside own goal and a sending off tio win this game. I’m more disappointed because we didn’t desrve to lose this game. If they beat us convincinly then you just put your hands up but they caught us at bad time with suspentions and injuries. we will not have players sent off every game and the injured players will not be injured forever so still early in the season and things will get back to normal. People seem to forget we have beaten United without Nasri and Fabregas last season most of those players who played in that game are still at the club. the media frenzy will die down once we get going.
    how about Chesney? the best keeper in the league

  739. Good point, ace. I didn’t even notice Lucas until our little pitbull put him in the air.

  740. I think red and oil are all mouth and no trousers

  741. So our approach is doomed to fail then ? So should we do something different ? Bargain players for short term gains ? Don’t try to build long term, look for immediate, quick wins ? Depressing isn’t it ?

  742. its a distinctly humbling time being a gooner right now. thats ok, thats life, thats football…

    if i was arsenals mother i would just be happy if i knew arsenal was happy doing his thing, and we do cut an individual figure against the erosive tides against us, but really its far less than what our hopes were and still too far away from where we are absolutely sure our true self belongs.

  743. dfb,yes like Villa and the Spuds and now Liverpool,Has it worked for them?

  744. after wenger stripped down the invincibles it took us until 2008 to build a team that could have won a title..but that fell apart..wenger then opted to develop another team, which could have won a title in 2011 but thats fallen apart..

    it seems we are going to develop another young team but the fear is
    1..they will learn by losing, therefore the culture doesnt change
    2..when they get good they get sold off like previous teams
    3..wenger doesnt have time to wait another 3-4 years..i cant see the fans going with it again to be honest..not when the moneys there..

  745. We will be ok. The title isn’t on at the moment but we will get it together; i have no doubt about it. What we are doing is the right way to do things, if we strengthen where needed.

    Playing football manager is sensible but 1-2 more and i think we’ll be up there. Anyone see Chelsea today? Shocking performance, yes they won but in the last two seasons they have lost a game and fell apart for months. If we can get through this start, get our players back with a couple of additions then everything is to play for.

    Anyone who says we’re in a relegation dogfight after 1 draw and 1 defeat is deluded more than us ARSENAL fans

  746. george,

    yes, but about five times wealthier than Kroenke and according to the business analysts, due to double that in a couple of years…

    of course, no one can compete with Arabs, but then again, what is wrong with improving the odds a bit?


    I guess there is only so much they can do with SK not even allowing them a place on board, not like they own nearly 30% of the club…

  747. isnt sensible i mean’t

  748. G69

    Did you notice Ramsey Walcott or Arshavin at all.The last two the quickest they ran today was when they were substituted

    Frimpong is the new Essien eh? What next Chamberlain the new Henry.

  749. George, it’s all very well you being ‘mr reasonable’, but those of us who have been around a bit longer know slug3 and his ilk very well. They never post here unless we lose, they never have anything good to say about Arsenal and it doesn’t matter how many claims he makes, he is not an Arsenal supporter. He has revealed who he really supports but he is kidding himself usmanov is only interested in earning dividends – He is a businessman, not a fan, so why would be throw his money at the club? Any promises he made were about getting gullible fans onside so that he could get his feet under the table.

  750. Suga3 its a slippery slope you suggest,We end up Chav’s mark2 at best

  751. BRF: “Liverpool, Man Utd and ourselves were all looking at the Ox. After hearing Utd were looking to make a formal bid we moved big and quickly because Wenger and Rawley believe that this kid is going to be a special player, he is being viewed as potentially one of the best players of his generation.”

    Why are you even arguing with Suga3 about planning ahead and the club’s infrastructure when it’s obvious that his reptilian brain dominates his thinking? Suga3 can’t plan ahead or think about the future like normal people. Expecting him to understand why Alex Oxdale Chamberlain is a good buy now is like trying to reason with the Hulk when he’s mad.

  752. Passenal,

    interested in earning divindends? he could just buy the damn joint with his lunch money, ffs…

    gullible? oh, the irony 😆

  753. Mike, Theo and Ramsey were invisible alright, but we’re in a crisis, Liverpool are not. Keep up.

  754. Well, maybe George, it’s up for debate. Looks like the gap’s closing. If we can’t compete with the new big three then these are our rivals. So perhaps that should be our goal. I don’t know. I’m finding it hard to see how we can attract and retain players anymore. I think we’ll really struggle to compete this year. Not enough experienced talent to help the young players develop. Plus ca change, plus ca la meme chose. Think it’ll be very hard this year.

  755. Suga3 – He doesn’t need to though (SK) does he?

    Look at PHW when SK joined – completely against the idea. Now he owns the club, so i know where you’re coming from on this one.

    The problem is that David Dein caused all this bullshit in the first place – for his own gain. It seemed like he wanted power over Fizman (remember that Dein didn’t want us to move from higbury). Fizman got rid of him and then Dein goes and finds another ‘businessman’ to help in his power struggle.

    Dein lost any right to his say in Arsenal when he was paid £75 million for his shares by Usmanov. What he could have done is re-invest that stake back into the club by buying shares. Instead he thought that he could be CEO of a ‘new Arsenal’ owned by Usmanov and STILL have his £75million!

    You would also have thought that Kroneke, on taking complete control of the club, would have had Dein back? especially with Fizman passing away, Nina gone as well as most of the old board member. Has he? No, so maybe Kroneke is happy with what he’s done either?

    Dein was majority shareholder until he went bankrupt in the late 80’s/ 90’s and had fizman buy out most of his shareholding. Games within games – all of which we are not privvy to so we can only speculate!

    Let’s give the man time, it’s his club now and time will tell if he will make any difficult decisions’s needed.

    One thing that isn’t clear is this – the previous board never took any dividends from Arsenal. Usmanov said that he would – so money leaving straight away. Will Kroneke?

  756. george,

    if the choice is between that and getting raided by the Chav clubs for your best players once you have done all the legwork to find them, train them and sift the grain from the chaff, I know what I will have…

    being the cynical bastard that I am, I am firmly of the opinion that moral high ground gets you nowhere…

  757. Brady right foot

    Mike | August 20, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    Frimpong is the new Essien eh? What next Chamberlain the new Henry.

    Listen mate Frimpong hasn’t just appeared, he has been one of THEE standout underage players over the last few years. He would have been brought into the first team last year if it wasn’t for injury. Everybody involved in fooitball knows about him because he’s exceptional and yes he could certainly be as good if not better than his injury prone countryman.

  758. Man City and Chelsea are richer than United but who has won the title 4 out of the last 5 seasons.Its down to good management and that manager buying the right players.Thats why Fergie is the best manager in the country.And he tells the Glaziers who he wants and they back him.Compare that to our board and manager.We wont spend big money even though we are crying out for major signings in areas where we are obviously weak.CB,LB and upfront.But one week left in the transfer window and we are still waiting.And the reason for that seems to be we want to get players on the cheap.A mad strategy when we have £70m from the sale of Nasri and Cesc

  759. Mike I thought Andrei did OK and Theo got no service .What do you expect?
    Ramsey was poor but that does not make him a poor player.Can no one have an off day?

    Someone will be the new Henry,why not the Ox?

    Do you just want to be a miserable bastard or what?

    Passenal is it all right for me to be reasonable or is that not supportive enough for your liking?

  760. Brady right foot

    SUGA3 | August 20, 2011 at 11:06 pm


    if the choice is between that and getting raided by the Chav clubs for your best players once you have done all the legwork to find them, train them and sift the grain from the chaff, I know what I will have…

    being the cynical bastard that I am, I am firmly of the opinion that moral high ground gets you nowhere…

    We can’t compete financially with four other teams in the league, therefore our only alternative is to do what we currently do and bring talent through. Its not about moral high ground its gritty reality.

  761. Brf

    We have heard it all before.Clichy the new Cole,Diaby the new Vieira,Gibbs the new Cole

  762. Theo is a waste on the wing, simple as that. he has no craft to play out there and i find it a shame that we persist with this strategy and hinder both our attacking threat and his development in the striker that he clearly is.

    Look at today, he had no idea when to take the ball on, cross or try to beat someone. Invariably his instinct was to get his head down and run for the corner.

    look at the one bit of quality movement inside he did which had us through on goal (he passed it to RVP) and you see what i mean!

    He is a player with good movement between the centrebacks, a good finish and blistering pace. Use him where he SHOULD be used and i think you’ll have a proper out and out striker that will terrify the defences up and down the country.

    It’s all down to the system we play – this 4-3-3 – which was built around FAB4.

  763. Blinky,

    agreed, Walcott should just hang on the shoulder of the last defender, receive a pass, run and shoot, there is no point in trying to reinvent the fucking wheel, is there?

    and this whole 4-3-3 nonsense should have been put to bed shortly after we ran out of players to play it, IMO…

  764. Mike, I reckon Frimpong is going to be better than Essien. If you can’t see it, then you need some goggles or something. The boy is only 19, had his debut against Liverpool and he looked like he’d been playing these types of matches since he was five years old.

    Actually, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out who the Ox reminds me of. I don’t think I remember a player as stocky as him with such silky skills. He reminds me of Franck Ribery and Nigel de Jong all rolled into one. So yeah, I’ll just call him Nigel Ribery, for now.

  765. Mike you are wrong

    United have gone into massive debt to keep up and have to float to dig themselves out of the hole.

    I posted something like this the other week

    “I am completely pissed off with people crediting United,the biggest team in the world,for dominating their own league,That is what you would expect,Credit should go to us as the only team in 20 years to interrupt that dominance without out spending them”

  766. Brady right foot

    Mike | August 20, 2011 at 11:15 pm


    We have heard it all before.Clichy the new Cole,Diaby the new Vieira,Gibbs the new Cole

    lol you never heard that from anyone in the club, maybe fans and a few hacks made comparisons but not Wenger or anyone at the club. You might not accept the fact that we can’t compete with Chelsea and Man Utd financially but its still true. I don’t think we have any alternative but to nuture talent and bring it through the club to the first team, while making astute signings. We are never going to be able to buy an established World superstar unless we get a sugar daddy so what would you do?

  767. Yes mike we also heard Henry is the new Anelka.He wasn’t though egh?
    What a load of crap you spout

  768. ‘looked like he’d been playing these types of matches since he was five years old’

    now, now…

    yes, you can’t fault his passion and he actually bossed these Mickey Mousers for most of the game, but you would think that someone boasting such ‘virtual experience’ (for the lack of a better expression, given your statement) is not going to lunge in like that, wouldn’t you?

    I know it’s all down to his massive desire and love for the club, I recall him saying that he would need to be dragged away from the club kicking and screaming, but a professional footballer should know better than flying in like he did for the second yellow, having already been booked, then following this with a good ol’ ‘Fuck off’ in the ref’s direction…

    if he chose to play for England instead of Ghana, he might have gotten away with that, just like Rooney does and that ginger Manc Scholes used to!

  769. Brady right foot

    L8r George, got to go mate early start tommorrow got a bit of work to do hopefully get finished before the Udinese game. Mike, Suga3 fuck of home lads Le Grove missing you COYG!!!!!!!

  770. Right on, Blinky. Theo’s pace between the halfway line and the opposition eighteen yard line would be lethal. He’d keep defenses well pinned back and scared shitless. If I had it my way I’d play Theo furthest forward, RVP slighlty withdrawn, Gervinho on the right, Arshavin on the left and Wilshere in the middle with Song or Frimpong.

    Suga3, I like this side of you. A little less moaning and a bit more football talk and we could get along famously. I still think you have a reptilian brain, though. Please prove me wrong.

  771. to be honest george i think rambos been poor in the last three games now..
    we need jack back..and as much as diaby frustrates me, him too..

    and as much as i love song i think when diaby comes back id like to see a diaby frimpong jack midfield

    if diabys op works and he can string a run together we’ll have a beastly looking midfield..

    we just lacking killer creativity still…

  772. G69,

    dude, if I have a reptilian brain, I must say I have tricked quite a few people into thinking quite the opposite :mrgreen:

  773. JonJon.

    Diaby would have to play in the most advanced position of the three, it’s pretty simple, the further upfront he starts, the less space for his showboating he gets, which can only be a good thing IMO…

    ideally, he would have to play just behind the strikers, as he can pick a pass, shoot, etc.

    but once again, there are some deep discipline and attitude issues that need sorting out, if you watched that video where he is tormenting Ben Arfa at Clarefontaine’s dormitory (or wherever the fuck it was), you will know that he is a bully type and a bully only listens to another bully…

    as for his injury record, well, the less is said, the better, isn’t it? how can people still blame it on that leg break is unbelievable, how long ago did that happen again?

  774. G69,

    I would prefer to use AA as a sub for RvP (dare I say: in the Bergkamp role?), it is his natural position afterall…

  775. Good night, Brady.

    Suga3, what the fuck are you on about? Essien is one of the dirtiest cunts around and he’s been a thug since day one. He hasn’t mellowed with experience. Just ask Diaby and his fucked up ankle. When did you become a FIFA fair play ambassador?

  776. G69,

    it’s not about being a saint, it’s about getting away with it…

    Essien has a grand total of 7 dismissals (2 straight reds, 5 double yellows) in 408 games played for the clubs and the country…

    not bad for a dirty cunt, eh?

  777. We could do with 4 players being bought who can play on Wednesday.And Sunday.Just because of injuries and suspensions.

  778. Suga

    If you think Usmanov will be a suga-Daddy, you’re off your rocker. He’s a PR merchant, who would not invest the necessary money to give a manager the funds to combat the Mancunian and Chelsea owners. You accuse others of being gullible but anyone who thinks the slug is the saviour is on medication that should be prescribed (and is probably proscribed).


  779. YW,

    do you seriously think he needs the dividends from the club? how much would that be again?

    as for the patronising statement about me falling for his spin doctor wizardry, no offence mate, but I have a degree in PR, so let’s just not go there, shall we?

    let me explain: yes, he needs the club as his PR outlet, he would not let it rot as it would make him look bad, plus, given the stuff that he does back in the old country, he would like to upstage RA to look good in Russia, you would need to learn a little bit about the Russian oligarch environment and mentality to know that, once again, no offence, but it’s a different planet for a Westerner, however, it should not be too hard to understand 😉


  780. It’s 1, 360th of a circle George.

  781. george,

    something you get when you finish your education at the uni?

    that place you go to after leaving the high school?

    just kidding!

  782. Not temperature then? like just above freezing.

  783. Suga3 why would I want an education in riding a one wheeled bike?

  784. George, you can also buy those degrees from dubious online sources.

  785. Suga

    So you complain about being patronised yet do so to everyone else, including the hypocrisy of calling someone a ‘keyboard warrior’ from a ‘million miles away’ despite the fact that you admit to starting supporting Arsenal in another country…

    Emigrating gives you more say than others supporting Arsenal from another country? OK, my 40 years of supporting Arsenal trumps yours in that game.


  786. Huge game on wednesday night, of course because we need the 25 million pounds in revenue coming in just from playing in the C.L so badly right!

  787. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a doomer, I thought we played very bravely, impressed with Jenkinson, I really like him as a person and a player now, and frimpong was immense, but of course I presume this has been mentioned…anyway, it’s not so bad, I’m sure we will make the top 4. I hope..

  788. YW,

    I think you will find that I had a few spats with the individual in questions in the past, and I don’t suffer calling me a traitor just because I happen to disagree with a few things very gladly…

    funny that you only pick up my wrongdoings, whereas you allow others to call other names and all that shit, but as they say in my old country, it’s your circus and your monkeys 😉

  789. dups,

    got yourself one then?

  790. Suga

    >funny that you only pick up my wrongdoings

    Sheer volume

    >whereas you allow others to call other names and all that shit

    But all you do is come here and pick fights following defeats. What do you think is going to happen?


  791. sheer volume? I respectfully disagree…

    and don’t tell me that I never came on here after a win, offered words of praise and was greeted same as always…

  792. Diaby is not a bully Suga3. He’s a pacisfist and an artist. His outburst against Ben Arfa is the same type of rage that I felt for my little brother, who was a gigantic snitch when we were little. Joey Barton was just the straw that broke the camel’s back as he fits that snitch description to a tee. Other than that he’s nver been violent.

    Diaby, I’ve always felt, has been a bigger worry for premiership managers than Cesc. Call me crazy, but when that bubba looking bastard gets a full head of steam he’s unstoppable. He is almost impossible to dispossess and his dribbling is out of this world.

    Arshavin doesn’t play well in the middle. He didn’t play there for Russia or Zenith. If you’d watch Zenith’s UEFA cup run, like I did, you’d see that he is a second striker. He;d do awesome in a 4-4-2.

  793. Suga

    I never realised you were a comedy genius. Until your 12.48 post.


  794. G69,

    and I think we should switch back to 4-4-2 and be done with it…

  795. YW,

    that, and much more 😆

  796. Suga3. while I appreciate your degree in PR, you must remember that Usmanov is Uzbek. Uzbekistan is a country within the American sphere of influence. They’re oil rich and Washington has been propping up their little tyrant for years now. It’s actually a point of contention between the Russians and the Americans. Think Georgia not the Ukraine when you think about Uzbekistan. Usmanov could give three fucks what they think of him in Russia. The reason he hasn’t poured money into Arsenal is because Kronke got there first. That’s what the whole stalemate is all about. Kronke won’t spend because the fat bastard is in the way and vice versa. You can thank David Dein for the mess we’re in. he courted them both. Arsene is just in the middle. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s the highest profile coach they could get he would’ve been out of a job three years ago.

  797. Uzbekistan is mineral rich, not oil rich. My bad.

  798. G69,

    ‘Usmanov could give three fucks what they think of him in Russia.’

    then how do you explain his charity donations to the Russian galleries and all that stuff? Uzbekistan may be close to the US, but despite his origins, AU is considered to be a Russian oligarch, but where do you think the Metalloinvest does most of their business?

  799. The 4-4-2 is on a come back and now that Cesc has gone, I think Wenger can make it work better than Ferguson. I wouldn’t be surprised if all these years he was trainning the kids to play in the same fashion that his first Arsenal squads did.