Replacing Nasri Is Not The Problem…

Time and other commitments have overtaken One Of Us, you’re stuck with me again this morning. You’ll survive…

So Samir Nasri is bidding Arsenal a fond farewell and an even bigger grin at his new Mancunian pay-packet. In cricketing parlance, it was a drama that almost carried its bat through the transfer window but Arsenal decided to succumb to the realisation that a £10m profit now is better than a £13m loss next summer.

Did I say a fond farewell? Recent events suggest otherwise. Rancour surfaced at Newcastle, Nasri demanded respect. It was a forlorn request. Having kept quiet, tantalised early on that the speculation was perhaps misleading, the player was inviting the response he got. Stapleton had trodden the path before him and could have advised him better than his agent has on how to deal with the fallout.

Nasri indicated last year that the deal was all but done, re-iterated by Wenger early last season. Problems arose and suddenly the PR came that it was Arsenal’s fault the move is happening. Money talked very loudly to the player in the interim period. Why not accept the offer of doubling your salary, few would deny him that opportunity. We would not turn it down ourselves without very good reason, so why should he?

Sadly for Nasri, it is not indicator of his abilities. Nasri was infuriatingly inconsistent, incapable of realising his potential, unable to move from being very good to having star quality. The missing ingredient for me, was not being able to lift the side, to carry them when times were tough. A £200k weekly wage will not hide those deficiencies. In his defence, age may allow for that responsibility to develop, being in his mid-20s he has time but the seasons pass quickly and I hesitate to say whether he will take the necessary steps.

Perhaps I am doing him an injustice. Could it be that he cares more about honours? Perhaps he does not buy into the (continual) rebuilding process undertaken annually at Arsenal without realising (or caring) that he will contribute to the process by refusing a new deal with Arsenal. But he is going or gone by the time you read this and I don’t believe either of those are prime motivations.

Amid the rancour it is easy to forget the stellar moments in an Arsenal shirt, a brace against Manchester United, a stunner against Porto, they will be remembered well. But Samir will be mentioned in the same breath as Marinello, as Petrovic. He could – and should – have been on the same level as Pires but that is not to be, at Arsenal at least.

When the promises of a busy summer came early in the pre-season, selling was not the interpretation put on the transfer window. We were steeled for Catalan approaches and the question is what damage has losing both Nasri and Cesc in one summer done to morale. The players must be wondering who the leaders are, where is the star quality.

Some will step up to the plate, expectations are high for Jack Wilshere and a fit Robin van Persie is no slouch. But in midfield we look inexperienced. Ramsey’s career was crudely interrupted by injury, a similar issue faced by Frimpong. Song and Rosicky are the two genuinely experienced players in the central area. Not threadbare but tissue paper thin.

The ongoing sagas over both departures has stifled Wenger’s ability to strengthen the midfield. Yet they have been dragging on for so long that surely replacements / alternatives have long been identified and contact made? Should Arsenal have bought first, ready to sell? The theory is that the purchase price would have been lower as clubs would not know how much Arsenal really have to spend.

All well and good but knowing that Arsenal have replacements already for Cesc and Nasri would not have driven the selling price up, more likely down. Signing the replacements first sends a signal that deals can be completed for the want-away players. Where is the motivation for increasing offers if Arsenal are ready to sell? Perhaps the purchasing should have been carried out first but in Barcelona’s case there was no guarantee of them being willing or able to meet Arsenal’s demands.

That ignores replacements who are already at the club, for Nasri at least. Gervinho is more direct whilst in Arshavin, we fill the inconsistent role in the team with more attacking reward. There is no apparent necessity to replace the Frenchman.

Fábregas is an entirely different matter. You do not easily replace a player of his quality. Signing another world-class player is desirable but even then adapting formations and tactics to compensate for deficiencies in abilities, will be necessary. Personally I would rather Wenger addressed the issues of Cesc’s departure and invested the remainder from the two deals in strengthening the defence.

Bill Kenwright has bemoaned Everton’s inability to spend, the reluctance of their bank to fund transfers highlights the problems faced by many clubs. Perhaps Arsenal could lend a hand by sending them a suitcase full of used tenners and getting a Jagielka in return?

Some would argue that a new forward is required but with Miyachi and Gervinho on the wings, is Walcott playing centrally the answer? He seems to think so and his pace would compliment van Persie’s movement well. Yet there is a part of me that wonders if Theo’s ambitions are still driven by the dream of emulating Thierry Henry, The Emirates his playground rather than the concrete squares of the Thames Valley’s education facilities.

The obvious similarities are there, wide men with pace, moving centrally. Perhaps these are the discussions that took place on the terraces of Turin and Monaco, how no-one could see Henry making it as lone striker. How wrong they were as we might be too.

Finally, ‘Appy ‘Arry gave an astute lesson in signing players, Emmanuel Adebayor and Tottenham are apparently well-suited because they share a hatred of Arsenal. Lassanna Diarra is also a target for the chirpy character or is that caricature? So Mr Fancy Pants Wenger, get your hate-o-meter out and do the business…

‘til Tomorrow.

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  1. I love it, The arsenal ship is sinking.

  2. Replacing $ami£ the nazi was done long time ago with the signing of that guy with one name. We need to replace cesc and WE NEED TO REPLACE CLICHY. And dont tell me we have Gibbs, i knew that already and we had/hadn’t him last season and it’s started already

  3. Fuck off watfl

  4. Gibbs/traore are both injured, weve got problems, do something wenger/gazidiz.

  5. Anthony Onwuekwe

    Now we need experience and obedient players not triators.Wenger should buy now before it is late.

  6. Hey WATFL, The spurs ship has never even been built…

  7. Can’t imagine what I’d EVER be doing on a spurs blog. What brings them here?

  8. morning all, morning YW…
    hoping for some good news today on the injury front. godwilling we will go to anfield with some strength and lay it on them. UP THE GUNS!!!!!

  9. At Xmas time last year Gooners were saying Nasri was the best player in the country.Remember.The same Nasri who Wenger said he would let go on a free next summer.Nasri will treble his wages at City.Who would turn that down?We will be in the same position with RVP next summer

    We have £70m to spend after the sales of Cesc Sami Super Nik and Eboue but we wont spend a third of that

    Everton havent got a pot to piss in.They cant buy any players.We should off £30m for Baines and Jagielka and they will sell

    Mata is on his way to Chelsea.A player we could have signed 2 weeks ago for £17m with his buy out clause.Well done Wenger

    We have one striker at the club RVP and we all know he will get injured how have we got to this position.We have to buy a quality striker

    Why are we paying 6.5% season Ticket rise? To line Kroenke’s pockets?It certainley looks like it
    Will we be the richest club in the Europa league?

  10. I really don’t think Nasri is going for the money as much as i would love to believe it!,19528,11661_7015881,00.html

  11. Nasir could have been gone, but Arsenal fc still remains. So Mr. A.W, please kindly see reasons while you need to sign QUALITY PLAYERS as replacement for the departing ones.

  12. go nasri

  13. With the arrival of Ryo,Alex and Gervinho there is replacement for Nasri already.However,we need tested playmaker,centre back and left back as replacement for Cesc and Clichy.

  14. Sedetganw Degafi

    I am afraid that your blog today is short of its standard. The problem in Arsenal is not replacing Nasri and Cesc. Even when they were playing for us, fans and others were calling that we need to buy some players. So, the manager should have bought some three players whether Nasri and Cesc stay or not.

    This team, in its current composition, would finish sixth or seventh. Very confusing to hear the manager talking about the huge quality and large size of the squad. His arrogance is paving the way for his downfall. The number of empty seats at the Emirates in the game against Udinese is a sign that fans are not happy with him. Wilshere and Walcott expressed their fear that they cannot compete with other teams unless he spends some money. Next summer Walcott, vermalen and Van Persie would consider leaving the club.

  15. @bill
    tend to agree with you on the 30 mil or so to everton. we get two good players to fortify the team and they win by having money to invest in new players. even if this doesn’t happen, reinforcements have to come in and quick. from elsewhere. our players are quality, even the young ones. great potential. but we can’t ask them to do the impossible. i would be very content with three draws in the nxt fixtures until we get the suspended players back and also some of our injured. good ridens to nasri and CESE. they both left for $ & automatic trophies. good ridens.

  16. soulrebel – LOL!

    Does anyone get the sneeky feeling that Nasri was turned well before the final year of his contract? The dip in form, change of attitude suggests this could very well be the case.

    We must bring in another striker. I think Cambell will struggle for a work permit and will see his first season on loan. The prospect of RVP injured, which is very likely, and MC our only option for big slices of the seaon is very worrying. A world class creative midfielder and obviously a CD.

    How do you feel about telling City to give us the money and Wayne Bridge Yogi?

  17. Yaaaawn. Morning.

    Wow Tottenham fans are getting all jizzed about winning a meaningless match against Hearts.

    Ignore them – we have bigger fish to fry.

  18. Arsene wenger should pls buy a play for nasri he is a triator and he should be allow 2 go cos there is a better replacement for him,is case will be like that of adebayor hleb and flamini that force a move.up guns

  19. The Cesc, Nasri, Flamini, Hleb & many other sagas show us what football has come to. Not that it was all hunky dory in the days past. But no matter the length of the contract, the players definitely wield a lot more power.
    Looking at our squad – We’ve been here before. At the start of the 2008-09 season, the midfield was unrecognisable from the one which took to field in March that year. And it was RvP & Arshavin combo that saved our backsides against a tiring Aston Villa squad.
    Although I would refrain from football manager madness, I’d definitely like to see a versatile defensive player as cover for Song & Gibbs, a good attacking midfielder & a proper striker. But thats just me fantasizing, whoever Arsene & Ivan get in by the end of the transfer window, my only hope is that they are of good quality and hopefully the squad we have in September will be a collective improvement to the one we had in May.

  20. Morning YW. Morning those of you who think you have the right to tell Arsene how to do his job. Morning any Arsenal fans our there.
    Am I the only one excited and confident about the coming season? Good solid start, excellent players still to come back from injury, loads of exciting new signings.
    I’m convinced never watching morons on TV, never reading morons in the press and never listening to morons on the radio gives me a much clearer perspective.
    I recommend you all try it. Or you could go back to spending the day shitting your pants and talking about Everyon’s centre half.

  21. With Cesc and Nasri we werent good enough.So we dont just have to replace them but the improve on the others.We are weak at CB,LB creative midfielder and striker

    YW i wish i shared your opinion on Gervinho to me he can dribble yes a bit like Hleb but like Helb no final ball.Watch him run he never looks up.

    As most of the posters have said we need to sign quality not potential

  22. Bill @ 6:46 am,

    Take stock of yourself man. “Well done Wenger”!? Didn’t you read Yogi’s comments on the issue around the correlation of selling and buying?

    I hate to say that I told you so, BUT, at the end of last season I said on this blog that the link between selling and buying should not be ignored. I argued that the fact that he needed to see who went and for how much before buyng would most likely mean that transfers would be made late in the window. I consequently urged that we avoid gnashing of teeth should such delays materialise. And yet, here we are…

    Any numb-nut could write a long list of players that we have not bought. A modicum of intelingence might be shown in first acknowledging who we have bought. Concerning calls for a new striker (as Yogi notes) there is the potential of Theo and we have also bought Campbell who is set to prove why Arsene’s purchases are followed and then sought by other managers.

    It’s early in the season with a partly new squad and much potential. I agree a new defender or two would be nice but we can only get who we can get. Remember we have already bid for English defenders and so I would not go jumping out your bungalow window just yet.

    Grow a pair

  23. We will sign no players arsenal fans have to realise the club is bring run by money greedy aholes who won’t want to miss out on their 100 million annual bonus!!! Fans need to unite and get the board out!!

  24. Fatgingergooner

    I agree with Zama.

    Players hold all the cards these days due to the value that is placed upon them. They aren’t worthy of 100k salaries, yet the fact they earn such amounts means that they can’t really be punished, thus can do what they like. Fines are useless and they won’t lose sleep over 3 game bans! They pretty much run the rule over referees and even take the law into their own hands off the field. They are untouchable. Add to that the fact that Other clubs value these players at ridiculous amounts of money and it means that players can blackmail there employers into taking the money on offer or being left with an unhappy employee who will no longer produce 100%. what can they do? Fine them!!!?

    On the team front, I have never been as worried with an Arsenal squad going into a season under AW. We are ridiculously light in midfield to the point where I would like to see Denilson back if no-one is signed! We MUST bring in at least one CM, preferably a creative one. As for whom, that’s AW job. We definitely need a CF as Chamakh has lost all confidence. I still believe he could be a good player for us but he needs to find his shooting boots which he lost half way through last season. As for the much talked about CB position, at least we have 4 natural players in that position, unlike in midfield. We must sort the centre of the park before we buy at the back.

  25. great post with some great points..
    nasri has already been replaced and id like to see the money we get from him spent adding depth to the defence..
    cesc remains the priority and if we are changing styles id like to see another wingfoward brought looks like we dithered with mata and hes off to chelsea for a few pence more so hazard springs to mind..although i think hazard is right footed..i would have prefered mata to fit the left side but oh well..
    theo centrally has been talked about forever and if we are selling nik and not buying benzmema then theo would be my choice over chamakh..
    as for everton yeah they are in the shit..good chance here to give them a helping hand and take a few of their players in return..the money stays in the morals broken..we use our self sustained financial power in helping out one of englands most historic clubs and we take a few of their tasty lads in return..we show the league that serious money can be changed hands without a sugar daddy..

  26. the mist important game coming up would be the italians. we cannot not play in the CL. it effects many many things. most importantly the money, exposure and attracting good quality transfers.

  27. I think the worst thing we can do is rush to replace marquee players with other so called “big name” players who are out there.

    We are not going to be able to compete with Man City and Chelsea when it comes to wages, and players will take notice of the obscene wages offered elsewhere, affecting their decision as to whether to come to us or not.

    What we also have to bear in mind is that other clubs will use our scouting network by proxy and jump on any interest we have on certain players. Juan Mata may be an example, but there’s loads of other examples where clubs only express an interest in players after Arsenal is said to have had an interest – ergo – let Arsenal do the ground work for us and we’ll just guzzump them. My sense is that new signings will be spread – maybe one or two players before the close of this transfer window, and more in January and next summer.

    I don’t think we’ll find a suitable alternative (not replacement) for a player of Cesc’s ilk in the next 2 weeks. We may do, and that’s a bonus, but I suspect our first choice midfield could end up being Song, Li’l Jack and diaby, with Rambo and Rosicky and any new additions providing cover.

    There is some food for thought and I think you mentioned it Yogi – could it be that perhaps our biggest deficiency was that our big name players couldn’t carry us through the difficult patches? Isn’t change in this respect a viable option? Isn’t it already a statement of intent that other fringe players are and have being moved on.

    Perhaps what we need is some patience in letting the changes being currently made take their course – let the new arrivals ala Gervinho, the Jenks, The Ox and Ryo bring a new dynamic. Maybe it’s our own expectations that we need to manage better.

    I’m confident that new faces will come in, but I don’t think we should be panic buying. We’ve advocated for change all summer, but ask any expert in change management – change very rarely takes the form you think it needs

  28. the club have dilly dallied this window..make no mistake about that..
    the squad shuld have been sorted weeks ago, at the minute we are still in no mans land..
    the squad has been stripped with transferred players and now the injuries and suspensions are kicking in…

    reinforcements are needed and i hope they come in soon..

  29. Darius – patience? From plastic fans with no concept of history nor grip on reality? Don’t hold your breath.

  30. darius
    the club have had all summer…and now theres a fortnight left
    if we panic buy its the clubs own fault..

  31. i dont think we will be signing anyone to be honest..
    i still remember what hapened in 2008 and ive seen nothing from the club this window to suggest we are unleashing the shackles..

    wenger has already bought his players..gervinho, oxo, jenks, campbell and frimong, ryo, lansbury, afobe from the reserves..we are going with youth again..

    i hope im wrong and whilest the windows open il keep my fingers crossed but my gut feeling and the arsenal way says no chance..what we have is what weve got..

  32. LOL Steww – I know.

    JonJon – I don’t think Arsenal will panic buy – not our M.O – I’m just saying many want us to panic buy. to be honest, it’s not that we’ve been idle in the transfer window – we’ve brought in 3 players, possibly 4 with Campbell and 5 with Ryo. We’ve also shippped out Clichy, Denilson, Eboue and Cesc, with Bendy, Almunia and Nasri on their way out.

    Expect some new faces, and they will have already been scouted for a while. It may not be at your pace – but even so, it’s amazing how judgement has been passed on the Jenks, the Ox and Ryo even before they get settled in.

  33. JonJon,

    RE my comment @ 7:53 am, please insert your name along side Bill’s.

  34. I don’t think Mancini really wants Nasri – though he will make use of him. I think it’s got more to do with the owners. Nasri has got I’d call “the one of us” thing. He’s being Arab is a very big sell for the club from Morocco all the way to Iraq to Oman. Something like the Kanu Nwankwo effect in East Africa. Arsenal is the best supported club in this region but it all begun with the fact that people in the region felt that Kanu was “one of us.” Despite the distance between Nigeria and East Africa. Today they want Nasri and tomorrow it will be Karim Benzema. It’s always interesting the way the Arabic commentators scream when Benzema or Nasri score a goal. In England I think it’s more of an English player than European!

  35. its ironic that we have added more players to the first team than what weve sold and we are still looking at the sqaud and saying the cupboard is bare..

    is this a subconcious admittence that weve mismanaged our window up until this point??

  36. JonJon – how do you know the recruits like Frimpong and Afobe + the Jenks, The Ox and Ryo won’t cut the mustard.

    Last season this time, everybody was screaming as to why Wilshere was being thrust into the first team with so much responsibility, with others claiming Bolton were the ones who are responsible for his meteoric rise.

    Have you actually seen the Jenks play and ask yourself, is he that bad – really? Are Phil Jones and Smalling any better than him because they cost 10s of millions of pounds while the Jenks came for a derisory 1 Million?

  37. May I add the way Chelsea’s money-man keeps trying to bring in Russian players!

  38. daruis
    thats my point to an extent..
    with a fortnight left will it be seeing as panic buying??
    or will wenger not panic at all and trust the players hes already got??
    history suggests….

    dgob..we have the money even without the sale of cesc and nasri..we didnt have to wait for any chain reaction the squad needed strengthening even if we had kept cesc and nasri so what exactley do we need to wait for??

  39. Is it not dangerous to continuiously refer to Diaby as a first team regular? He will not be match fit to the middle of October at the earliest. And if he plays 10 games on the bounce after that I will buy everyone on here on an e-beer!

    Talented player he is, but he is nothing more than a luxury. We should consider our depth without him.

    He certainly shouldnt be used as a refernece of our first 11 being strong.

  40. daruis
    no no no ive wanted those lads in the team for a while now and i think gervs a good signing and i think jenks is a good buy but im not confiendent about the chances of throwing 5-6 under 21’s in the mix without the experience..its a learning curve again..

    i think wenger will see it that way though and think they can do it..

    the truth being we cant expect to see a jack like season from every single one of wont happen, they are talented but they need help..

  41. Luke – don’t look now, but Vassiriki Abou Diaby is a first team player at Arsenal. It’s not an illusion.

    And he’s not expected to play every game in the same way Song, Li’l Jack, Rambo, Rosicky, Frimpong and any other additions won’t be expected to play all the games.

  42. guys did you see the team news from the official site….
    even rosicky is not fit for pool,what happened to him..can anyone tell….

  43. Darius – Excellent point made. You should laminate it and hand it out on matchday. I am sick and tired of all these so called supporters who are convinced that a player is only world class or good enough if he cost millions! I bet nobody gave Kolo Toure a second thought when we signed him for like 50 000 pounds?? Or Ljungberg for that matter? If Jenkinson had cost us 15 million you’ll be guarenteed these supporters would be questioning why Sagna is starting ahead of him.

  44. JonJon.

    I actually think the biggest expectation will be from Rambo. Until the Shawcross Redemption interfered with his progress, he was already earmarked for a bigger role in the team. Ironically, it was Wilshere who benefitted.

    Gervinho of course will be expected to play a key role this season, but I can see the Ox, The Jenks, Campbell and Ryo being eased in.

    However, whether it’s in the next two weeks, in January or next summer, I think some new faces will come in.

    One interesting thing will be to look at Arsenal’s M.O when it comes to signing players in the summer. It is usually in the first 2 weeks of July or the last 2 weeks of August.

  45. jones and smalling are bit better than jenkinson coz they performed well in the premiership…and that counts.while we are signing players from the championship….now you should know that there is a huge difference between the 2 leagues….jenkinson may be as good as them or even better but atleast with jones and smalling they have already performed in the pl while jenkinson and oc havent….

  46. “Finally, ‘Appy ‘Arry gave an astute lesson in signing players, ”

    Que? Who has he actually signed?

  47. rosickys nothing more than a back up anyway..
    his legs have gone he couldnt do it last year he wont do it this AA needs to play that role hes always fit and he scores and assissts..
    rosicky got 1 goal and one assisst all last season in 30 games i dont know why we are actually considering him being in the first team any more to be honest..i dont mind him staying at the club to help mentor the kids but we need somebody else on the pitch..

  48. daruis
    yeah i think rambo can shine this season and gervinho looks lively..
    totally agree the others need easing in..maybe in the cups??

    but id add that i think january is too late..
    we need it sorting this window..

  49. if jenks plays like he did v udinese he will make that LB spot his own..

    i rate him, jones and smalling are good players and you can see why wenger bid for them but if jenks gets the games this year i think weve got a rising star..

    totally composed..natural impressive for one so young, can see him moving to cb with experience but for now hes our left back..
    he had the confidence to tell sagna to stay rb and udinese targetted him and they couldnt get past him..

  50. Darius

    But citing our first team midfield of being sound and ready for battle with Diaby listed is a moot point because he will miss the first third of the season. We can expect a maximum of 40 games from him this season, if he doesn’t get injured again. Honestly, with his reoccuring muscle twangs, we will be lucky to get 20 games out of him, most of which he is returning from injury and therefore not match fit.

    Like I said, utter luxury. If we make no more further signings and our assuming everyone is match fit, our midfield will be Song – Ramsey – Wilshere

    With Rosicky / Frimpong / Diaby as the second team if you will.

  51. YW
    2The obvious similarities are there, wide men with pace, moving centrally”. Yes but one can take the ball side on or back to goal, lay it off, or turn and run, actually taking the ball with him.
    And the other one is Walcott.
    I do feel he gets and awfully easy ride presumably on the grounds that he’s English. We wouldn’t tolerate such poor control from a foreigner. Bendtner for example who shares Walcotts steely self-belief alongside a complete lack of self awareness.

  52. Luke – perhaps the surgery was a concious effort to pre-empt and resolve the niggles. The season is a marathon, we’ll need all the bodies we have including Diaby.

  53. anyway
    whatever happens the young guns deserve their chance to shine and after years of watching our best players up sticks and fuck off and leave us and refusing to sign contracts and basically being diva’s its come to the point where id rather watch a bunch of lads who are 100% arsenal battle out for 1-0 wins than watch a bunch of mercenaries throw away title after title and blame it on the fact they arent paid enough..

  54. Rosicky injured. It is worrying how many minor muscular injuries our players suffer from.

    Midfield for Liverpool:

    Ramsey – Frimpong – Oxo

    VERY exciting, but utterly ridiculous that this is the midfield of our first home game of the season.

  55. This will be our team VS Pool.

    Sagna – Verm – Kos – Jenk
    Rambo – Arshavin
    Walcott – RYO

    You know how much Arshavin enjoys swimming in the POOL!

  56. we’ll need all the bodies we have including Diaby

    Completley agree Darius. I just wouldn’t strategise with Diaby being fit for 50% of the season that’s all. We must start taking injury history into account. Can anyone honestly say they are shocked that depsite the season just starting Walcott, Gibbs, Rosicky, Diaby, Djourou have all picked up injuries?

  57. that is a very exciting midfield
    but its a midfield for 5 years time..
    its not a midfield for liverpool, nor is it a mifield for 38 games but at the minute what choice do we have??

  58. paul thats the team id go for mate..

    we all wanted ryo..weve got him, lets use him..

  59. I’d like to wade in on the diaby debate. I have always felt that given a long run, and a respite from injury, Diaby could very well be the best midfielder at the club. I say this with Cesc included. It has in no way occured yet. But looking at his touch, pace, physical qualities he can do exactly what we need in midfield.

    Sadly an injury free season seems an impossibility.

  60. Rosicky isn’t completely ruled out. Wenger told arsenal Player folks that Rosicky has a slight thigh strain and Djourou a slight hammy, but both look possibilities for Saturday and will be given late tests.

  61. agree again
    we need every man weve got right least diabys got an excuse.
    what about nasri??? whats his excuse
    wheres that little turd when we need him..if hes fit, which he is, and hes not leaving, which wenger says he isnt, where the fuck is he..

  62. has anyone said yet that JD’s hammy was caused by him stretching to block that shot?

    took one for the team did the lad..hope hes back soon..

  63. Looks like the asylum door was left ajar,steww at 7.46 very well said. I thought now that the football had begun people would stop stressing about things they have no say in.

  64. Considering that Cesc was crocked during the latter stages of the last 3 seasons, does that mean he is injury prone like Diaby?

    ELS – Diaby is arguably the best box to box midfielder in the league, though it’s a statement often appended with “when he’s fit”. The irony is that Fernando Torres and even Steven Gerrard for his early career and now latter career is more injury prone than Diaby, and the lad is villified for injuries that are a direct result of Dan Smith’s assault on him.

    Even though Torres is as equally injury prone – fuck all is said about him, they even put a £50 mil price tag on him.

    Nasri and Diaby are the future of the French midfield and that alone should be a statement of his value to a team.

  65. Excellent attitude and insight from stew and dgob. I think Darius hs got it spot on in terms of what has been going on this summer.

    A clear out because of the failures of attitude, not talent, in the squad. We must assume that Arsene identified the weak points, and that could include cesc and nasri.

    New blood was, and is, needed.

  66. NJR

    That’s the point, he hasn’t…


  67. i too am impressed by carl & emmanuel and also gervinho. they all seem to be quality and i can see they all possess ARSENAL HEART . we should all be happy and proud of their additions. yet for the next three games we are without at least five players duo to injuries and stupid unfair and unjust suspensions. this could turn out ok but it also can and has the potential of going very wrong. as i said the game in italy is the most important one to get a result. hopeful the win last week will boost the confidence in the crew and they can give us a great effort. i just hope the young players are not asked too much too soon. i also think Darius is right when he says AW is playing the cards close to the vest. last thing you want is for the vultures to desend and scope up our targets, like countless times before.

  68. LOL @JonJon – indeed, where the fuck is Samir Nasri. He still is an Arsenal player and the midfield should thus be Frimpong, Rambo and Nasri.

    @Firstlady – long time girl. I love the way you’ve developed a nasty streak up in here….

    Mambo vipi?

  69. Paul – I’d love to see Arshavin play centrally.

    Els – I’m sorry? Best midfielder at the club? But you also recognise that he will never complete a full season? We will have to make a very tough decision on his future either in Jan or next summer.

  70. Wenger made one of his simple points again. The quality of players is not to be judged by their price (where other factors are at play, as we know). He mentioned Gervinho, rightly, in the context. He mentioned other players that have arrived, but are obviously not tested yet in the same extent as 3Gs. He mentioned Campbell along the lines of “a gamble worth taking, and so far so good”. He intimated, very Wenger style, that the transfer window has been as active as he said it would.

    A basic understanding of the practicalities of transfers and Wenger’s approach would inform us that the 5 players that have arrived to date, Jenks, 3Gs, Ryo, Ox and Campbell, have been medium-long term targets. In other words, they were being seriously considered anyway BEFORE this pre-season, and are not “replacements” but part of something bigger.

    The decisions on re-molding and strengthening with likely agreed or known departures (before we knew) of Eboue, Bendtner, Denilson, JET, Clichy, Almunia, perhaps even Vela on loan, but not Nasri and not Cesc, were made early in the transfer window, and these 5 new players were already scouted. Consider those leaving, those coming and returning: Wenger knew exactly what he was doing, although I suspect he did not want to lose Denilson (hence loan, and some talk at least of a return).

    By his comments and those of Cesc, Wenger had considered the probable departure of Cesc, but that needed board authority and agreed terms anyway, but he had not intended the departure of Nasri and clearly Wenger had intended an agreement on his return from South America.

    As YW states, Cesc is not a player you “replace”, you have to re-build and re-conceive tactical options, think long term, as we had with the original development of Fabregas in the centre, which took 2-3 seasons. It is certain that Wenger, no fool in these matters, considered Mata, and decided he was not an answer, not at that price and not with Ryo, a long term prospect, in the wings; and with Wilshere performing and Ramsey likely to develop quickly, again. I agree.

    I would find it plausible that offers for CBs are still being pursued, but not at “any cost”. Right now, I do expect two late signings, and one of those will be a midfielder. I notice Wenger poo-poo’d the Jadson talk, but at one point it looked plausible, and perhaps he has kept a few other options open, or simply looked and discovered we have better youngsters already. I would happy with Jadson, personally, although it is unlikely he, or any other incoming midfielder, would take an immediate starting place anyway. The preferred midfield line-up, with Nasri gone, is Song, Ramsey and Wilshere, an excellent cohesive unit to build around, with Frimpong, Diaby, Rosicky, Lansbury, Ox and someone new, perhaps experienced, (Jadson-ish) challenging, testing, perhaps staking their claim. Certainly, we seek a creative force.

    I expect Wenger, again, is right on the mark. He sees players. We do not. We knows the quality of what he has, looks elsewhere, prods and tests, and if he cannot justify a purchase over and above what he has, he will not buy to satisfy puerile whims of a detestable media and an ignorant section of fans who do not know what they are saying.

    Perhaps Denilson will make a happy return, ideal in the circumstances. Maybe Bendtner will stick it out once again. Perhaps a CB will arrive.
    Either way, I anticipate Ox has a role this season, and I am guessing it is one of our most exciting player acquisitions since Fabregas. Others who’ve seen a bit more of him are saying the same about Ryo.

    Exciting times for gunners who look beyond the gong and money culture. To me this looks like Wenger’s Arsenal # 3, and has been in preparation longer than we think. Whatever happens, a few seasoned football commentators out there are beginning to notice how assuredly Wenger has, or may have, acted in moving towards Arsenal # 3, despite being rocked by some premature moves.

  71. Darius

    It will be interesting to see how injured Fabregas is at Barca, could be something in our training methods.

    Also, Torres, Gerrard, Fabregas play more (maybe not Stevie G), but they have all delievered consistenly more than Abou ever has.

    Like comparing a beaten up 3 series with a Ferarri.

  72. Darius when I say best midfielder in our team then the league should go without saying 🙂

    Also, I’m not sure I would agree that Diaby has had the minutes on the pitch that Gerrard or Torres has had. Plus and I think you know this but, being of the french sort and being in that Monsiuere Wenger’s team doesn’t exactly make you a media darling.

    I would love to see a team of


    Let’s go positive. I have no doubt that Frimpong can do a great job this season and is ready even for Liverpool. I would like to see Diaby play in this role more though. I think Ramsey and Diaby would play very well together. Frimpong for a good spell in the 2nd.

    Simply though Arshavin has to start against pool.

  73. Sedetganw Degafi

    You had me going until the last sentence. Where is the evidence of to back up your claim, none of them have indicated that this is the case.


  74. Oh hang on Diaby is still crocked isn’t he.

  75. Can’t say I agree with it all but I do with most of it . . . Strong Stuff . . .

  76. Arshavin didn’t start against Udinese and will also be on the bench against the Italians on Wednesday because he has to be a starter against Liverpool and the Manure, particularly with the suspensions of Gervinho and Song.

  77. i stand corrected, the pool match is at home in front of our own supporters.

  78. Darius @ 9.19

    Yes, Cesc (if he was still playing with us), has so be considered a minor crock. But in the not too many games he played, his contributions were massive. Only RvP offers us that same level of value.
    That said, I wonder like many others how much of Cesc’s crockiness is in his mind. We’ll know soon enough I guess.

  79. The Spanish league does not carry the same physicality as EPL, although seeing that tackle on Cesc in the second leg against Real might have people questioning that statement! I remember Cesc lasting only 25 minutes in a game against Stoke and then missing a month. I’ve noticed a lot of players considered injury prone go on to have injury free campaigns elsewhere. Cisse and eduardo come straight to mind!

    This is why I believe it would be a huge mistake to sign Wesley Sneijder. If his hamstrings can’t cope with the italian league then how will it stand up to the Prem?

    Diaby will come good. This operation he’s just had, is for me, 2 years too late. But let’s hope it is the answer to his continued ankle problems.

  80. I agree with Steww

  81. Maybe having a team bulit around one player isn’t a good thing. Fabregas was the heart of the team and by default everything was played through him, Maybe we could look at the possible positives of not having him around, We might finally play as a unit were resposibilities are shared and not rely on one particular player. from all the games so far this season it looks like a work in progress. making sure the defence is solid seems to be the priority at the moment, the rest will fall into place. The style will not change and that will make it easy for new players to adapt quickly.

  82. What has nasri actually done wrong? he joined us signing a 4 year contract and has offered to.see that contract out. however instead the club are selling 3 quarters of the way through that contract. people have to understand when u sign a player you only sign him for the length of the contract you offer. if we wanted nasri until he was 30 why on earth didnt we give him a 10 year contract? or perhaps after 1 season re-negotiate? why not cos he werent worthy and as far as the board is concerned he is still not worthy. otherwise they would say yes nasri is worth 30m for one more season or they would offer him 200k a week for the next 7 years. basically he is not worth it. we have signed 2 players to replace him gervinho and miyaichi. we have signed or promoted players for every sold player so far with the exception of cesc. people.seem to think we have a smaller squad than last season well that is bullshit. all 31 players were used last season 8 have gone and 8 have come in. lehmann eboue clichy fabregas denilson nasri emmanuel-thomas annd vela have left last seasons used players whilst mannone jenkinson traore frimpong chamberlain gervinho campbell and miyaichi have joined the players that we used last season admittedly the experience of these players does not replicate the ones that have left but that does not appear to have bothered alex ferguson or kenny dalglish. they are more.concerned with the quality. admittedly we have yet to replace fabregas at the moment his replacement is simply not identifyable. wenger is looking at whats there and is basically thinking that ramsey rosicky diaby wilshire and lansbury have enough between them to cover the 2 positions when you consider for the last 3.seasons fabregas has only played half the matches he could be right. everyone wants another centre back well we already have 5 that is more than chelsea liverpool spurs and man city and the same as man united. again admittedly we all want better quality but who is to say that our 18year old centre back recent winner of the european championships and captain of his country at that level is any worse than say phil jones or jonny evans. yes spuillaci is poor for me there is a really simple cheap deal to be done. arsenal offer werder bremen squillaci plus cash for mertesacker for me that improves our defence on 4 fronts quality height composure and squillaci is gone. that signing would not stop me buying another centre back or perhaps another left back. i would offer everton 15m for baines and bolton 15m for cahill with perhaps one or two youngsters on loan. vertonghen is another if one of those.did not come off. hazard for me is the cesc replacement and i would also take a gamble on scott parker perhaps we.could get him and carlton cole by offering bendtner and a couple of youngsters on loan. i would then leave it till january.

  83. And by ‘seasoned commentators’ I am, of course, referring to one-horned goat who can foretell the future and knows other things, and a certain unprounceably-named former Red Star Belgrade captain, who said something thought-provoking after Udinese, “Wenger has said the team is not quite ready, I wonder what it looks like when he feels it is quite ready. Don’t write off Arsenal, Wenger is too good for that. Let’s see if they can keep clean sheets in the next three and then talk”.

  84. If only things were that easy bc. The fact is he duped us by first saying the new contract had been agreed and was ready to sign only to stall and stall until we’ve come to this. It didn’t help him by inviting United to make a bid and flirting with City. If he’d have come out and said I have no interest right now in playing elsewhere it would have made things easier for him. The fact is he lied to the club and he lied to Wenger as to what his intentions were. Wenger was very confident that he would sign the contract extention. Why? Surely Nasri must have indicated he would? I personally understand wanting more money, but I see no reason why it should be done in such a dirty way. Ronaldo to Real for me was done in such a way that fans weren’t calling for blood. Granted United got a lot. But the transfers of Cesc and eventually Nasri were sour, disruptive and ultimately BAD for us, which makes the whole thing and Nasri disgusting in my eyes. Cesc will also be forever tainted in my eyes.

  85. Is Ryo in the squad to face Liverpool?

  86. At which point the interviewer said … “That’s hardly likely and they are not creating much either”, and the wily Yugoslav said, “Arsenal always create chances, but this is a more cautious Arsenal, and it looks solid in the centre and not easy to score against”.

  87. According to the Guardian “… Mourinho is likely to escape official punishment for his actions as there was no mention of the incident in the referee’s report.”

    So how was the FA able to punish Song? Isn’t there some inconsistency there? Was Arsene mentioned in the referees’ report after the Udinese match/

  88. nasri may have offered to see out his contract which you can class as doing nothing wrong but if he offered to see out his contract then why isnt he playing??
    thats what hes doing wrong..
    its all very well and good seeing out your contract but you have to play for it to count..hes not..

  89. What Mourinho did was more of an assualt really wasnt it? That guy could prob press charges.

  90. Paul @ 9:07 am,

    I think that team (and its midfield) is far more positive than the pessimistic midfield dreamed up here by others. If anyone thinks that that starting eleven is “not good enough” I would challenge their appreciation of football as a sport.

    Well done

  91. The point is James that he is not being charged with anything because the referee didn’t include it in his report. Nor was Song included in that match’s referee’s report his but he was charged.

    Was Wenger, for a direct comparison, included in the referees’ report/

  92. hope we dont play with the handbreak on against liverpool

  93. I am starting to respect Mourinho. We feel there is a media/officating defence of United?

    The preferrential treatment Barca recieve is quite astonishing. The amount thier players fall to floor at the first possible instance is disgusting.

    For the first time in my life, I find myself wanting Mourinho to succeed, and hope he breaks Barcas dominance.

  94. In I trust but, the board will make us rust if they don’t him sign the players we need. I will not believe for a second that it’s Wenger who’s playing stubborn because he’s not stupid.

    We need to replace clichy, Ces, nasri and fuck knows why we haven’t purchased either Samba or Cahill. Song and Rosicky are waste men who I have never trusted and I can’t believe that that big head waster bendtner is still in an Arsenal shirt.

    Sort it out.

  95. who cares what the spanish FA decide to do? their rules have nothing to do with our rules.

    song shouldn’t have stamped on barton, it was selfish and stupid.

  96. You can imagine the top brass of the spanish FA having heavy, heavy links to Real Madrid.

  97. if johnson plays saturday ryo will tear him up
    johnsons shit

    in other news
    vidic is out for 5 weeks..

  98. goonerton… the board have consistently come out supporting wenger and telling the world he has money, we’re now owned by a billionaire and you still think its them stopping him spending rather than him just wanting to do things his own way!?

    he’s admitted he is stubborn and has complete freedom at arsenal to work the way he chooses so why keep making excuses for him?

  99. It is worrying why we are unable to move Bendtner? There must be some traction in his astronomical wage demands. Are these fed by his current pay packet or is he trying to improve his piece?

    Honestly, I’d rather we moved Chamakh. Think NB52 is a better striker and more suited to our style of play.

  100. luke, i dont think any clubs are willing to pay him what we do… 52k a week… hence the shirt number!

  101. I’m with ZimPaul @ 9:26:
    “Exciting times for gunners who look beyond the gong and money culture. To me this looks like Wenger’s Arsenal # 3, and has been in preparation longer than we think. Whatever happens, a few seasoned football commentators out there are beginning to notice how assuredly Wenger has, or may have, acted in moving towards Arsenal # 3, despite being rocked by some premature moves.

    This team will come good
    They’ve started well
    Even with injuries they have belief
    Much more than they had at crucial points last season
    Even with the assault on all things Arsenal
    I believe in the players we have
    After Udinese I hope many more will too.

    …i remain POSITIVE

  102. Agreed Arsenal Tom. Songs retrospective punishment was completley deserved. It was, hopefully, the last stupid act this season from him.

    The most annoying thing about our display against Newcastle is that sides now know they can wind us up. We need to grow up, and become more experienced and not bite to on-field taunts.

  103. Thing is Cesc is in the best place for him now. That Spanish teams players all get to watch videos of the game afterwards whilst sitting on their mummies laps, having a suck of tit during the nasty bits.

    Fucking splitter. Fuck off you disloyal creep.

  104. not only bendtner..what about almunia??

  105. i thought the 2007/2008 team was arsenal no.3?

    surely last season with the emergence of nasri, Szczensy, jack and theo becoming more influential is no.4?

    this seasons arsenal is no.5

  106. AT

    Anyone who suggests our squad players are on too much get called liars, cunts, doomers etc on here.

    I fully agree with you, and believe the reports we recieve about Bendtners wages via the press are in the right ball park. Interestingly, the same people use the same sources to justify what City are paying players……….

  107. jonjon… probably paid the same mate. problem is that literally no one seems to want him.

  108. Anyone here feels the nasri deal is taking so long because of a cash+player situation??

    I certainly believe that it is a strong possibility..maybe quite wrong though 😀

  109. Great blog Yogi, thanks! We’ll never know what Nasri’s incentive is. I, for one, will be glad to see the back of him. Not because he wasn’t a good player, because on his day, he was. But therein lies the problem, he was only ever good in short bursts. When responsibility was rested on his shoulders, he collapsed – he couldn’t take the weight of responsibility. I’d much rather see somebody else playing there, someone who has shown love and dedication to the club.

    As far as I’m concerned, we can’t get worked up about something we have absolutely no control over. For all we know, we might still have some players coming in. Just because we don’t know which players, or where they’ll play, doesn’t mean we need to panic. And those that we have already got, you can’t judge them before they’ve even kicked a ball. I am looking forward to seeing AOC, Ryo and Gervinho terrorising the defences this season.

    It’s a new era for Arsenal Football Club. Be a part of it, and support your team – we’ve all got a part to play.

  110. Frank, you are a very vile, twisted human being.

    Cesc was nothing but a legend for us. Wish him well. Shame we were unable to keep him.

    Wonder why you still love Denilson despite him asking for a transfer, citing he needs to leave and win trophies, only for no-one in Europe to want him. Surely this is a greater act of disloyalty to the cause?

  111. anirudh..
    which player??

  112. luke… spot on… anyone who might disagree with someone at the club is always bullied and name called here. thing is its a shame for the guy who writes the posts because they are always well thought out and written but then the possible debate gets ruined by the kids who cant see any problems at AFC.

    i also find it strange that cesc and nasri are only called disloyal now they that they have left us… it was fine when they both left their home town clubs to join us for more money though.

  113. Cesc was not a legend, he was a good player passing through. Now he is gone. He didn’t have the bottle to stay. Couldn’t take responsibility for helping Arsenal to succeed so he has gone whrere he thinks it will be easier. Splitter and quitter. Not a legend. Never made it.

  114. Jonjon..

    Kolarov maybe..or santa cruz for bendnter..not just guessing as to why the deal is taking so long..almost certainly not over 1-2 million..not man city at least..

  115. I think that it was unfortunate that Luke called me names too, Arsenal Tom. Really isn’t fair you know.

  116. JonJon | August 19, 2011 at 9:12 am

    Darius | August 19, 2011 at 9:23 am

    Good point, why isn’t Nasri available to play tomorrow? Haven’t heard anything about him being in Manchester for a medical, so why isn’t he available for the match?

    He claimed after the abuse at the Newcastle match that he was still an Arsenal player. If he’s fit he should be on the pitch tomorrow.

  117. frank… out of interest how long would you expect a genuinely world class player like fabreags to hang around at arsenal when the manager wont give him the tools (a good defence) to succeed?

    he cant do it all on his own can he?

  118. Oh and Denilson will be back. I think you are deliberately misquoting a guy whose English is not good. Spiteful of you, Luke. But then I might have expected it.

  119. You are in fact an old-fashioned doomer, Arsenal Tom. Get with the game, son. Dooming is out. Supporting is back in. Listen to Roy Hodgson, David Pleat, Kenny Dalglish. They know. You don’t.

  120. Feck me, we are busy this morning!

    Good post YW, tend to agree with most of it. I was a big nasri fan, backed him from the get go, even when he was being slated by some. I always thought he was a very intelligent talented and not to mention hard working player.

    Now he is just another money grabbing selfish cunt.

    The squad needs strengthening. The whole spine needs adding to, except the keepers.

    There is still time, but we are leaving it late. I cant pretend I am overly happy at the way things have gone so far, but I doubt Wenger is either. We dont know what is going on at the club, but thats part of the problem isnt it?

    All we have to go on is the incessant negativity, player exits, injuries and no sign of a erm, signing!

  121. A Tom @ 10:26 am,

    I believe help is now available.

  122. I have said it before but will repeat that I believe last seasons melt down was due to the squad size where we had only 19 over 21 players.
    This season we could well end up on !st Sept with only 17 players at the club who count as over 21 (assuming Nasri, Bendtner and Almunia leave and no-one is briought in.)

    How are we meant to compete over a full season?

  123. nasri is defo going city

  124. Arsenal Tom

    Out of interest, how many times have you copy and pasted that post?

    You chat shite mate, Cesc leaving was always going to happen. We could have signed any fucker.

    Dont pretend you know anything about Cesc moving, you dont.

  125. Hmmmm, so Fabregas is a quitter. But Denilson who can’t find a new club is what Frank? A sh*t quitter??

    Fabregas took a pay cut, has voiced concerns for well over a year about the club preferring youth development to signing established players and pushing for trophies, he has been open and honest about his ambition to play for barca, and as for not carrying us? Well, if it wasnt for fabregas, we wouldnt have maintained our top 4 status. He delieverd for us. Its a shame we didnt have more players of his ilk.

    Amazing how his quality gets disregarded. Frank, Fabregas was the individual the never wrong Wenger built his team, philosophy and future around. Must say something about his quality, or that Wenger got it wrong.

  126. Dexter,

    “We don’t know what’s going on at the club”. For good reason: as Arsene and many of us have pointed out, other teams are looking to strengthen in the same positions as us. Now, given the fact that every one and his dog (look no further than ‘Appy ‘Arry for confirmation here) try to make us do the hard work and then slip in with more money to snatch a target from us, how is the club supposed to make its intentions known to we the demanding few and not alert the eager many?

  127. JohnN

    You assume the worse mate, put on your sackcloth smock and thorn headband and whack yourself on the head every 5 minutes with a hard back version of Good Housekeeping annual 1957! Chanting; Woe is us! Woe is us!

    Thats what I’ll be doing Sept 1st if that happens! 😀

  128. frank… great avoidance of my comment there.

    well done. try answering the question mate.

    roy hodgson knows so much he got sacked from liverpool and is now managing the mighty west brom.

    david pleat knows? one of the most clueless commentators in the game who hasn’t been working in football properly for 14 years other than caretaker jobs at the shithole down the road!?

    dalglish? i actually think pretty highly of him so fair enough, but strange he’d rate wenger when his philosophy is so different

  129. Misqouting him Frank? He handed a transfer request in.

    Denilson wants to leave, I know its hard for you, but its true.

  130. Dgob

    Erm, they should have signed the players by now man. I aint talking about the club naming their targets I am talking about the club SIGNING THEM! The season’s started, we could have done with them already no? We can’t use any in Italy, so again, not too clever mate.

  131. dexter… never copied and pasted it mate… of course cesc was always going to leave everyone knew that.

    but do you really believe that if we’d have been winning and genuinely competing and i don’t mean doing well for half or 3/4’s of a season then collapsing then he’d have been so desperate to go back? our defence has got worse every year for the last 4 seasons!!!!!! thats a cold hard fact mate, hardly giving him the platform to succeed were we?

  132. You are too transparent, Luke. Your respect for Cesc is just another stick to beat AW. He is a young man, slightly immature for his age. Forgotten at Arsenal in a few months. Denilson? Tricky for a kid with no mother to pamper him working to support his family from a young age and booed by cunts thousands of miles from home. He will be back.

  133. @ arsenal tom 10:26

    Its not that people do not want to discuss the negative..its just that the constant shroud of negativity which surrounds the club is the result of the wind-up nature of the media, who are helped by moron overly negative booing/chanting/groaning fans, makes most sane fans sick and make them want to get away from it..

    The biggest thing is over the past few seasons there has been no need for this negativity,,any person with half a brain usually realises that long term success usually is built on short term sacrifice..But some fans are so blinkered and idiotic that they cannot see any of this, but go on with 5/6/7 years without silverware like drunk zombies..

    The thing is ACLF has been like an oasis for sane fans who actually believe in supporting the club..even here I have seen quite healthy debate..but constant negativity is not welcome..the positive nature of this little oasis is bound to be defended from constant negative posts by most regulars..A debate means give and take and if someone re-iterates the negatives being spouted aplenty else where then there really is not much point debating it again here is there…


    “I’ve simply been to see (manager) Arsene Wenger and told him how I felt – and he has agreed to let me go,” he said. “This has been the worst season of my life and I am so upset, so frustrated. I am a winner and I came here to win trophies but I’ve been here for five years and won nothing.

  135. I realised my question was not all that exciting as it was about football players who actually play for the club but -Is Ryo in the squad for Saturday?

  136. Luke

    How was Cesc a legend?

    He came through because he was given a chance at such a young age. He developed thanks to Arsenal, then fucked off, after refusing to play this season.

    I loved cesc, he is an amazing player, but Arsenal legend?
    Do me a fucking favour mate.

    He was pants last year, most probably down to being in a hissy fit about not going to barca.

    Not the actions of a preofessional, never mind a legend dude.

    I dont enjoy thinking or saying these things, but thats how it is.

  137. i dont think anyone knows yet arsene baggins but its looking like it

  138. Just a sample of people who really understand AW and his work. There are many others. You guys don’t even have the bollocks to support the club. Just join the masses in the press and media. Join the anti-support. Everyone else in the football world thinks you are stark staring mad. Arsenal Tom, Luke. Fuck off we don’t need you now. You are not good enough.

  139. Frank – Arsenal do have problems, we can all see it. I find nothing wrong with critisizing the club and questioning them when we can all see what the club needs. I do disagree with hard core GLOONERS though that Wenger must be replaced. He is still the best man for the job. A new manager would not come straight into our system and would require time to instill his own practices and way of play. Lots of money would be needed to replace the players that would all leave after Wenger. I still believe nobody could have kept us competitive and in the CL for as long as he has with very little money. The GLOONERS see only there here and now and not the long term project. This summer though things are different. Wenger definately has money and now he has to spend it. Is he waiting to see if we qualify for the CL? Will money be needed to be kept back to cover what we’d lose if we failed in Italy? The club needs to be more transparent with the fans.

    I do however agree 100% with Frank regarding Cesc. What justification can you give that makes him a legend? He might have given us more years than Henry or Pires, but years alone does not qualify you to be a legend. Arsenal must be the one and be all. For Cesc Barca was always his number 1. This is proved in his performances against them in the CL. A goal scored from a penalty was his only contribution in those games. He will become a Barca legend, but in a year or two, we won’t even remember him. Arsenal Legend??? No Way!

  140. Anirudh… the problem at arsenal recently though is that its a constant rebuilding process…

    2007/2008 was a great team and a good season then what happened- hleb & flamini left, edaurdo injured with a replacement, ade turned into a cunt during the summer.

    we’ve been building the next team up to next year which although dissapointing in the end showed real promise… then what happens… cesc, nasri, clichy, all leave, denilson & vela loaned out (again).

    when does it stop? what happens next summer if RVP and theo haven’t signed new deals? will they both be sold?

    i agree theres allot of negativity around arsenal some of it needless but we aren’t making progress at the moment we’re just treading water, the problem is that people around us (liverpool, city) are spending big showing real ambition to overtake us.

  141. @ dex..agree with the legend bit..but the last part was maybe a tad unfair mate..

  142. It does not surprise me that you find a useful ‘resource’, Tom.

  143. ATom

    Cesc was always going to leave. He let us down last season, the atack dried up when it mattered most, not the defence, the defensive lapses came after man. Remember those 5 draws on the trot? Thats 10 points there man. Cesc was part of any problem, as was nasri and the rest. Simply blaming the defence was over simplistic and not to mention misguided.

    BTW Cesc has gone now, he isnt a Gooner, so please, stop chatting about him.

  144. frank… having an opinion different to your bullshit blinkered wenger loving one doesn’t mean i don’t support the team.

    i support the team and club always will. but just cos your a cunt with a hard-on for wenger and don’t see the problems we have doesn’t mean we all cant.

    the fact you couldn’t even begin to argue your point shows your wrong, and a cunt.

  145. frank… it came top of the google search mate. doesn’t change the facts though does it!?

  146. Me transparent Frank??

    Looking forward to you predicatably calling him a disloyal weak cunt when he leaves at the first opportunity.

    So thats Clichy, Nasri, Fabregas who you hate now. I wonder Frank, is your condition which restricts you having an opnion about the football club the driver for eagerness to be abusive and agressive at the very first instance.

  147. Eloquently put, Tom

  148. You miss the point Arsena ltom.

    Song did deserve to be punished. The issue is why the inconsistencies. Try understanding what is posted before you lash out blindly.

  149. Not terribly astute, Luke. Read the clues.

  150. Just Another Luke

    What a waste of time and space, still talking about Cesc, a player is no longer with Arsenal, and Nasri who is close to moving on.

    I suggest that this season will see the emergence of more young Arsenal players who will prove once again that “if you’re good enough, you’re old enough”.


  151. dexter… agreed it wasnt just the defence.

    however the defence has conceded more goals every season than the previous for the last four… and every summer wenger has said he’ll fix it and hasn’t…

    if i promised to improve something in my job for four years on the trot but it got progressively worse every year there’d be questions asked, i don’t see why it should be any different for arsene.

  152. Arsene Baggins,

    Good point. sorry, the team for tommorow has not been announced yet but international (mainly Asian) press are suggesting that he’s going to start. He is available to do so, I believe.

  153. Thanks JonJon!

    I am really excited to see Ryodinho play. I don’t think I have seen a more exciting prospect out of Asia. Ever.

  154. concolsbob… thing is its a different country and different FA… do people even knows what their rules are on retrospective punishment? do they know if the ref included it in his report?

    inconsistencies when talking about FA’s from different countries is a bit of stretch really don’t you think?

  155. I give AW a standing ovation, always, in my head, for I can barely imagine what any other manager would do with the squad we’ve had for the past few seasons…our worm, I believe is the board that trusts him too much, which is good 2 some extent but not to full extent.

  156. @ arsenal tom…

    All part of the same problem..Hleb, Flamini, Ade, Nasri etc could have been kept only if we break our wage structure which we cant..Arsene isnt responsible for their greed..except Cesc I do not see any of them doing any better after leaving, do u?? And eduardo again was something which no one could have done anything about..except that c*nt taylor..

    The rigid wage structure is our primary short term sacrifice..Liverpool were almost in the toilet sometime back..and what happens if the city owners get tired of owning the club..Do u want that kind of precarious position for Arsenal too?? We are doing things the right way..self sustaining, investing in youth, new stadium, great academy..

    we were nowhere as big as Barca before we are just a few steps away from replicating masia, the stature, the football champions league etc that is REAL progress which you should be proud of..It cant happen overnight but it will sooner rather than later and trophies will follow in no time..

  157. ‘david pleat knows? one of the most clueless commentators in the game who hasn’t been working in football properly for 14 years other than caretaker jobs at the shithole down the road!?’

    I can only assume you mean ‘The Big Red’ pub on Holloway?

  158. I agree with Dexter & Frank re Cesc.

    Paul merson proved once again what a cunt he is. His predictions on SlySports looks like its written by a 12 year old .

  159. Surprised Cesc was able to make the bench for the game against Real Madrid. I imagine they will have to put him through a rigorous training programme so he is compltely up to speed on diving, rolling around and clutching his face. Most Barcelona players train for months to get it right and Cesc will only have a short time before their season starts

  160. Inconsistencies always interest me. all FA’s play under EUFA rules I assume.

    I will concede that their rules may be different as i don’t have the means to argue and a scaffold tower is calling me.

  161. and forgot to big as barca but without their monumental debt…

  162. It would seem, Arsenal Tom, that you have made a case for AW not making a very good middle manager in a dreary corporation. I fear you may be right there, young man.

  163. Just Another Luke

    Why couldn’t those morons in uefa think of the possiblity of Arsene communicating with Pat Rice surreptiously away from the TV camera, e.g. from a toilet cubicle, while serving a touchline ban?

  164. Effen treacherous, two-face Luke. Talk about “vile and twisted”. After all the polite hypocritical platitudes by both Cesc and Wenger, earlier this week, it is sickening that a so-called fan of Arsenal, who pleads, like Judas, his love for the club (because he pays to attend matches – how great is that) should stand up for a player who admitted:
    * He decided that he wanted to return to Barca 3 years before the end of his contract
    * Was willing to turn his back on the club and manager which made him into a world class player and club captain
    * Was complicit with his boyhood club-mates and national team members to make this happen
    * Was complicit in making the club lose a significant part of his true value in the transfer market by insisting that his destination was only one club, Barca

    What did he return to? A two-club league with a football league that is a commercial basket case. All the players are on strike this weekend because they are owed 50 million Euros in wages over the past two years. Poor Fabregas is now bemoaning the fact that the Spanish League is not as disciplined financially as the English league. What a comparison? Serves your treacherous raas right.

    And effen treacherous Luke and his tag-team pal, Arsenal Tom, have the fucken brass to stand up for Cesc and to attack Frank, one of the few bloggers whose been willing to put his neck out on the line for Cesc and the team these past 5-6 barren years (a country mile comes to mind). Vile and twisted should make Orwell turn in his grave.
    lways needs another c*nt to help spew their vile doomering ideas. underhanded

  165. Anirudh… again mate… its not all about greed… money plays a part but nasri isnt leaving for JUST money. man city are much more of a trophy threat than we are currently.

    ade got his money remember… we upped him to £80k a week after his good season and he still didnt wanna hang around so we offered him to the highest bidder.

    flamini went for three reasons… money, the fact we tried to flog him off the season before and the lure of playing for AC milan.

    our wage structure needs to be addressed massively… theres no way fringe players like bendy should be on 50k a week when our top earner RVP is on 80k.

    there needs to be direct distinctions almost pay grades… youth, fringe player, first teamer, superstar. i know thats very simplistic but the fact we are struggling to shift the like of denilson, almunia and bendy because they are so well paid is a disgrace. top players should get top money but we cant offer that because we waste on the mediocre players

  166. ATom

    If we lumped in 4 seasons as one, then you will come to conclusions that are skewed IMO. Whereas I think the defence has been a problem, there have been changes in personnel etc.

    1) The keepers, we now have a top quality keeper and his understudies are good too. We havent had that and that is something Wenger should have addressed earlier.
    2) We have improved massively defending from open play, where the set piece defending need
    3) We have changed formations and I do think that effected the way the whole team defends. The whole team need to be more defensively aware and do their jobs.
    4) Defensive personnel; we lost Vermealen for all last season, while having to bed in Koscielny and Djourou was returning from a year out. I think we should have signed a CB in January BTW.

    In conclusion, I think the team have been found wanting on occasion, but the defence has been changeable for various reasons, for instance, IF vermealen was fit last season, I think we would have won something. Its all ifs and buts innit!

  167. frank… he’d probably do a better job there than he is at his current position

  168. * Obviously everything after “Orwell turn in his grave” are not part of my post but they certainly some of my thoughts concerning at Luke and his ilk.

  169. Apparently they did, JAL. I understand a couple of them waited in the toilets together for quite some time.

  170. A Tom

    You dont know how much any player is on dude, we can guess, I’d say he is on close to £100k.

    Fact is United were paying their fringe players over £60k a week 10 years ago.

  171. Just for everyone here who thinks that questioning Wenger doesn’t make you a proper Arsenal Fan:

    “I love Arsene Wenger but I love Arsenal more.”

    A perfectly reasoned blog about our problems at the end of last season and during the summer. Not a doomer, not a troll, just an Arsenal fan with big concerns like a lot of us.

    (Warning is a little long)

  172. Lew

    It isnt that Geeman is it? He is fucking crackers dude!

  173. dexter… well said “all ifs and butts” that kinda sums arsenal up at the moment.. we’re always about the future… problem is in 3 years time if the cycle continues they could well be peddling the same lines to the fans about the future because the likes have of theo, RVP, sagna have had enough and moved on before its too late to win anything.

  174. dexter… bit much to say i dont know how much bendy’s on but you know how much the united players were on 10 years ago mate!

    its been pretty well publicised though that he choose the number 52 shirt to match his weekly wage, which if true is disgusting from the player and shameful the club would allow it

  175. Lew

    I dont think its rocket science, or indeed herecy to suggest we need new signings man.

    The fella aint inventing the wheel over there on that blog dude.

  176. @ arsenal tom..

    To follow up on dexters point..u really have no clue how much a player is worth..these figures are given to u by the media..which people seem to happily lap up..why??

    And nasri going to win trophies..Arsenal there or there abouts bar 1 or 2 seasons since 1997..13 league trophies..FA cups etc etc.. and man city..all that money for an FA cup..please give me a break..Oh and i suppose ade went to win trophies too..thats why he is so loyal to city..

  177. ATom

    United had to announce salaries back then dude. Either that or it was tabloid tat!

  178. UEFA are doing Wenger again!

  179. Bit OTT Shotta? Have a read of this:

    Its hard, but a very accurate read.

    Frank / Shotta etc, be warned, you will be adding another person to your ever growing despicably hate list.

  180. anirudh… ade was a dick everyone knows that.

    dont get your point about player worth though?

    on nasri trophy thing… yeah we used to compete i agree… but have we really been anywhere near a trophy since the CL or the carling cup? city finished above us and won the FA cup, then went out and spent 40m on aguero alone, plus another 15m on savic and clichy to add to their already tight defence, look to be keeping tevez and are about to buy one of our best players!

    do you seriously think they wont be competing for trophies with the team and squad they have?

  181. @gooner tom
    Ronaldo won everything that was possible to win with United. he was still DESPERATE to leave. He still did absolutley not wanna stay. he was as desperate as fabregas.

  182. luke… hate meaning “tells it like it is” list yeah?

  183. I don’t expect to see any movement in until we have seen off Udinese, which we will of course do! COYG

  184. narsi is going for the money. No way would he even think of joining United of City if he was offered 25k a week. or even 50k a week. If they offered 50k a week and we offerd 100k a week he would stay. simple as.

  185. poodle… yeah and they got £80m upfront for him mate.

    we got 12m and another 12m in october and we’ll get another 10m in add ons over 5 years if everything goes to plan.

    another example of the ineptitude of the negotiators.

  186. poodle… its a combination of the money and the chance to join a team showing real ambition to win things.

  187. Give it rest. my God! Support the arsenal now. The season is on. what is the point. Fine, some off you hate Wenger. So what? It is time to move a positive attitute towards your team now. They need us and we want a trophy. Quid pro quo people.

  188. your point tom was that if we won cups cesc would never leave. thats a lie. And it is proven by the departuer of Ronald.

  189. …and which person would that be, Luke?

  190. i dont think its a combination at all. the player would NEVER go to United if they only offerd him 50k a week and City offered 180k a week. Yet United is more guaranteed to win trophys than City.

  191. No Goonerwife, we dont hate Wenger. We dont hate anyone. Its the blind faith that cover the hate category. You can hide behind the ‘support your team now’ facade (without actually appreciating everyone does support the team) if you wont.

    There are those that are genuinely concerned (rightfully so) about our ability to maintain our top 4 status, there are those that are concerned we are choosing not to spend money depsite being considerably weaker than last year. In fact, just read the link that many people are posting. very eloquent, very fair and accurate.

    Tell me, what are you thoughts on us poentially fielding a midfield of Ramsey, Frimpong, Oxo/Lansbury tomorrow?

    Pleased that our squad is at its limites in August?

  192. Interesting Article for anyone interested in the commercial aspects of the club:

  193. No one seems to have noticed that Richard keys and Andy Gray are a good place to listen to arsenal and other football talk. Very fair and Keys backs Arsenal all day everyday. It turn out Keys is a fan.

  194. poodle… everyones different and makes different decisions, so its not a lie is it? one persons decision doesn’t become the law. plus cesc loved us far more than ronaldo did united.

    all i said was that he wouldn’t be as desperate to go back had he been part of a winning team rather than a declining one.

  195. Err, the blogger Frank. Come on, keep up.

  196. Which blogger, Luke?

  197. Hell, it’s good and so refreshing to have Frank back, and Shotta around saying it like it is and exposing the confusion. We shall talk about Cesc for some time, that’s normal, and whatever our personal views (mine tends to be a little more accommodating to the “pull” of both hometown and an excellent Barcelona squad than Frank’s, I quite like the lad), from Arsenal viwpoint he is a weak, little no-hoper with some skill but not enough character who did not have the vision and courage required to “finish the job”. He signed for 3 more years and quit. He’s a failure, and we are well rid of failures. His ‘star quality’ was made possible by Arsenal, chiefly Wenger, and Arsenal both made him, and made him look better (stats) than he actually is (at least right now).

    The case of Denilson is very, very different. Derided and almost hounded by fans, troubled by nagging back injury, and confidence low he was sadly completely misjudged, and definately mis-quoted. I am certain he remains in our plans, and we in his.

    Nasri doesn’t matter that much, and that narrative is more about mercenary attitudes in the new football culture, corporate cheating, stupid money and even more stupid buying and tapping up. More a case of “a pity, but whatever …”. Bye! (If he goes).

  198. Its about the money pure and simple. And tbh Nasri would be an idiot if he did not take an offer like that.

    No cup is worth earning 100k less a week.

  199. Why have you posted that blog again, Luke?

  200. Bill, I wouldn’t mind if we had a cheeky bid on Baines. 11 assists last season. Don’t want Jagielka tho. I think our reported bid on him was just strategic.

    If Wenger gets further punishment from UEFA for sending messages to Pat Rice in the Udinese game I will go clean fucking mad.

  201. poodle… you missed the point completely mate… he’s going to city because they have offered him a shit load of money but also because they have shown they want to win things and become one of the biggest clubs in the world. we have offered more money and the chance to stay at a team crying out for investment having just sold two first team players one of them the our best player and captain.

  202. goonerwife

    “I love Arsene Wenger but I love Arsenal more.”

  203. I really hate it when people talk so definatively about things they really have no authority over. 90+% of the comments have been this. Truely infuriating.

    What’s the odds that that odious and insidious chant will be sung at some point DURING tomorrow’s game? I’m not advocating the censoring of it, but if it must be sung, do so after the game.

  204. You are a star, ZimPaul

  205. Luke I read the first sentence of that blog and disagreed. No point reading the rest.

  206. @luke-

    Im a little worried for the guys to honest. they are soo green. But i hope they pull it off. I really hope they pull it off.what else am i supposed to do. I want to enjoy it as much as possible.

    some people hate wenger and you know it. Its seethes thru everyword they write on the page. Dont tell me ‘WE’ dont hate wenger. Who is we?

  207. zim-paul… do you by any chance have the real denilson quotes?

    id love to know what he really said if the the stuff reported is all wrong

  208. Baines would be an outstanding signing. Miles better than what we currently have, excellent delivery so poor old Chamakh might get to use his strengths.

    If we add Cahill/Baines I think we would have one the best back 4’s in the league.

    Sagna – Cahill – TV5 – Baines

    Very solid.

  209. Well its not the truth neither is it? cos you do not know what the decision was made up by. You got no clue what so ever if Cesc would have stayed longer if we won stuff. Precedence however shows that even the most succesful player gets tired of England after a certain amount of years. All we need to do is to look at ROnaldo.

    With that as a measurepoint we have to conclude that Cesc did not leave arsenal due to lack of trophies. he left arsenal because he wanted to go home.
    Its understandable, hes not english, neither was Ronaldo. they both spend a long time abroard. One had won everything that was to win, the other had won nothing. yet both left.
    Cesc would have left if we had won everything too, cos there would be no point staying he would have achieved everything.

  210. @luke what is wrong with Kos? Surly Kos is better than Cahill. Cahill would be a decent backup though….

  211. i dont hate wenger, i do actually feel a bit sorry for him though.

    he looks to be out of his depth.

  212. Arsenal Tom

    So Man City are a club with ambition?

    Or put it another way, they have more money than any other club in history, can pay wages unheard of previously and can tap up any player they want.

    And you think we can compete with that?

    What is your fucking point?

    You are lashing out so much, in that many directions, you are making yourself dizzy and making me sick.

    Telling it like it is?

    You are chatting shite mate.

  213. @gadget gooner tom always does that.

  214. Markus, I wouldn’t expect you to read a reasoned article that would hurt your eyes.

    Goonerwife, your absolutley right, we have to support the boys and hope they pull it off. Its such a shame we are hoping a bunch of teenagers, some with no EPL experience pull it off. Its very unfair on them.

  215. cahill had the most arial clearances in the league last year,that stat alone should tell everyone he’s the kind of defender we need!

    plus he’s young, fast, and technically sound.

  216. Agree with poodle. Wouldn’t put Cahill ahead of Koscielny.

  217. lol poodle… telling tales now?

  218. Markus

    It wa the title that did it for me man! 😀

  219. ‘Real’ quotes mean nothing unless you have the full context including questions, and nuances and intonations in both qiestions and answers. Body language helps too.

  220. @ arsenal tom..I meant wages not worth i.e you get your figures on player wages from the media..which could be and probably is far from the truth..

  221. Cahill would be my choice as a CB signing. Although I’d be happy to stick with Vermealen and Koscielny for more technical teams. Basically the ones who dont hoof it.

    So, Cahill would be playing tomorrow if we had him!

  222. Arsenal Tom, your 11:47 is, I would respectfully contend bullshit. We were not a declining team prior to He-who-plays-with-cunts’ departure. In fact, it was his departure which give credence to the claims we are in decline.

    Also you acknowledge different people and different circumstances can lead to different decisions, and yet in your 11:40, you fail to take this into consideration when you lambast our negotiation team for the deal regarding He-who-plays-with-cunts.

    Like a typical human, you are internally contradicting yourself, but it’s the lack of due consideration you’re displaying which is particularly telling.

  223. Denilson handed a transfer request. 100% undenibale fact. An action that can’t get lost in translation.

    Lost belief and bottle to stay with the boys, mutiny against the cause, spineless whimp eh? Pah. Be done with him.

  224. Luke

    You say that blog is reasoned, but thats because it resonates with your own viewpoint mate. Thats how things work dude.

    Like I read the daily mail and want to set fire to it, whereas my mum thinks its very reasoned and accurate!

    You get me man?

  225. Markus

    So arsenal were good enough to win the league last season? Why did they only win 2 out of last 8 games so? Why the epic collapse? Nice to see you are open-minded as well.

  226. dexter… what other way is there to show ambition? they’ve got a big, reasonably new ground, they’ve spent 20m updating their training facilities.

    how else do you show ambition and try and win these days? do what we’ve done and buy youngsters and hope they come good and then hope they stay loyal!? worked well for us hasn’t it?

    they want success now so are buying and paying to players to get it, if we cant compete with it then why do the club charge us as if we can? why do they post polls on asking “Which of Arsenal’s title rivals do you rate most highly”? if we cant compete with them fine but why not just admit it and charge and treat us accordingly.

    course im lashing out, im fucking angry mate, angry the club constantly bends over for transfers, angry we are constantly told one thing and shown another (“we’ll be very active this summer” “ill improve the defence” – thats an annual release and lie that one), angry that hill-wood seems to think he can talk to the fans like shit and its ok, angry we’ve got a new billionaire owner who hasn’t even bothered to address the fans about his plans.

    im angry that a man who has got progressively worse at this job for the last 4 years seems to have accountability to no one and is allowed to carry on with an ideology that clearly isn’t working.

    dispit all this ill still be cheering them on, just cos im not happy with how things are doesn’t mean im not a fan. i still want whats best for arsenal i just don’t think the club is doing it at the moment.

  227. Dexter, yup, ok, I should add it echos my thoughts in a far more reasoned way in which I can.

    Like it or not, sections of that are quite damming. Specifically looking at our ‘cavalry’.

    We are weaker than last year, and the inaction in improving the first team has been quite astonishing this simmer. And before anyone asks, I dont consider Jenks (league 1), Oxo (league 1), Ryo (school boy), Campbell (15 games) (all teengaers) to be additions to improve our first team today.

  228. Dexter

    Explain what you disagree with so (presuming you actually read it). I mean the Kool-aid can’t be that strong.

  229. Denilson will want to get back into Arsenal, and better than ever. He’s out on loan. I am confident Wenger did the right thing, he’s quality and needs confidence from being the star in a smaller set up and get his mojo back. I have high regard for him as a player. Calm and composed.

    As for that Emperor has no Clothes article, it’s a disgrace, inaccurate nd not worth reading. The writer should support another team of lesser ambitions and quality, that he seems to think are some sort of “model” for us. I propose Chelsea for him. It’s about his level of ambition.

  230. Luke, I think one of the reasons Chamakh isn’t scoring as much in this system is partly because of the way he’s seemingly adjusted to it. I noticed against Udinese, he would get the ball ping it off to Theo or Gerv, and then take what seeemed a ponderously long time to get into the box. Generally by the time the ball was crossed into the box, he would be just arriving. I’m not convince Baines would help MC get more goals at all unless he changed his game

    MC’s a player who links really well with others, and as a tinkerer, I wouldn’t mind seing him in midfield, just to see how he reacts.

  231. Same ole groanin’ sandblaggers.

    A laughin’ stock in the eyes of all sane football fans up and down the land.

    What could be the discreet agenda that they have been pursuing for so long now?
    I wonder.

  232. ATom

    You completely failoed to even mention the real issue here

    That is that City have bottomless pockets man. NO OTHER TEM can compete with that.

    No other team should HAVE TO compete with that! Thats the fucking point mate. They have completely and utterly fucked up football even more than what it was previously. £200k a week wages as a norm??? Are you fucking getting that? Do you not see how warped that shit is?

    I am talking about the bigger picture here, man Chavvy have distorted the landscape on a bigger sclae than the original chavs did.

    Its unreal and fucked up

    So, fuck off with your accolades for these cunts man, they havent even bought the stadium FFS! Its still council owned!

    But seeing how you choose to miss my point, I doubt this will even register with you.

  233. Chamakh scored 10 last season. I wonder why he gets so much grief. He would score more with decent players around him, and Wenger shutting up and letting them play the game

    Wenger & board OUT!

  234. lew1234,

    I totally, emphatically, 100% disagree with that article you posted. Its bullshit form start to finish. Peter Andre loved Jordan, she was the one. He was true to her and she betrayed him. She’s a fuckin bitch I dont care what you say.

  235. gadget…

    2007-2008 83 points. 74 goals scored 31 against

    2008-2009 72 points. 63 goals scored 37 against

    2009-2010 75 points. 83 goals scored 41 against

    2010-2011 68 points. 72 goals scored 43 against

    ok…. so we’ve conceded more goals every year since 2007 – bad thing

    goals for has been up and down but reasonably consistent – good thing

    our points barring a little rise of 3 points in 2009/2010 our points have dropped… and in four year has dropped 15 – bad thing.

    show me the progress there gadget.

  236. ZimPaul – Your response was perfect. Right on cue! 😉

    Gadget, purely from set pieces Baines would improve Chamakhs goal return. If I’m being honest, I can’t see where you would play him in midfield, I dont fancy his passing array, his touch or compsure to be the platform of our attacking moves..

  237. If players like Nasri are leaving Arsenal to join Man City because they want to win things isn’t it something that are joining a team fielding many of the same players they have been playing with in the past.

    The Man City line up includes, Kolo Toure, YaYa Toure (should have signed him when we had him on trial), Adebayor (even they saw through him) and Clichy. So Nasri wants to go to City to win things with the players he was playing with at Arsenal? Let’s face it, the reason he is going there is the money as it was with the rest of them (although maybe Kolo just couldn’t hack being in the same dressing room with Gallas anymore).

  238. Lew

    I said I got as far as the title mate! Didnt like it, so didnt read it!

    Oh plus, going over what happened last season? Been there, done that…. To fucking death mate!

    I was there, dont need someone else to re-hash it all for me dude.

  239. dexter, it is fucked up i agree but we dont need to compete directly with them… theres enough good players for everyone.

    madrid have been doing what they are for years, the chavs did it before them and man utd have consistently spent big.

    my problem is that we have done NOTHING to improve the first team, in fact we’ve weakened it massively. we’ve signed four players under 20 for fucks sake 2 of which have only played league 1 football when the whole world knows we need a bit of know how and experience.

    im not saying they are bad signings but they should be brought along with experienced players not in front of.

  240. @tom so clubs with sugardaddys that can pay 160k a week to squad players are showing ambition while clubs that have to live within their means are not?

  241. James, you sir are 100% wrong. How could Jordan be expected to stay with a gay man?

  242. ZimPaul

    Back away from the Kool-aid mate.

    “As for that Emperor has no Clothes article, it’s a disgrace, inaccurate nd not worth reading. The writer should support another team of lesser ambitions and quality, that he seems to think are some sort of “model” for us. I propose Chelsea for him. It’s about his level of ambition.”

    I love the almost textbook response of someone who can’t argue against something reasonably, to childishly shout: Go support another a club. What a ridiculous response it is sort of like the way that people on LeGrove respond if you try and make some positive comments.

  243. Wavey

    Well not really, then won the FA Cup last year, are in the best position to challenge United this year, have an outrageous squad, regardless of how its been assembled, its a very real challenge.

  244. A Tom

    What do you hope to achieve?

    You are like the atypical doomer man. Telling people what they already know. ie Facts and figures, tables and shit. But doing it over and over again, like a fucking sledge hammer. When we all know how we did man.

    We dont need you spelling out the alphabet dude!

    The difference is, some people like to (you’ll get a real kick out of this one!) GET BEHIND THE TEAM OCCASIONALLY!

    You know? Support the fuckers!

    Constantly going on and on about what HAS HAPPENED isnt going to win you any points (or friends)

    I suggest you move the fuck on, you are doing my head in mate.

    Are you related to Jabba?

  245. @arsenal tom problem is though that most players are so vastly overpriced its insane. its like buying a Huyndai for 50k, its worth half.
    Would you have been happy if AW went and bought Henderson for 20M? or Dawson for 25?

  246. poodle… no mate…

    clubs who spend money on buying top players to improve themselves and bolster their squad are showing ambition.

    clubs who sell 3 first team players, loan out another 2 players, and sign 5 players, 4 of which are under 20 and none who have played a game in the premiership, all while sitting on cash reserves and an estimated pre sale transfer budget of 40m are not in my eyes showing ambition.

    please explain why you think different if you do that is

  247. FFP – Wont work as city have proved with there sponsorship deal.

    WAGE CAP – Wont work because the owner will keep losing to the player at high stakes poker.

    Sugar daddys all round anyone?

  248. poodle… no and no. but i would be happy with cahill at 15m ish.

    mata was talked about at 20m – that would have been great business but we pulled out.

    baines for 10m would be a great buy as would have enrique at 6/7m.

    im not asking for 5 40m players but there are good deals out there.

  249. is sort of like the way that people on LeGrove respond if you try and make some positive comments.


    Spot on.

    Dexter – You didn’t even read the article?!?!?!

  250. Dexter

    The first paragraph is about last season to set the tone for the summer. Amazing how you are arguing against something that you haven’t even bothered to read. Pretty sad too.

  251. dexter… the only reason i put them tables up was cos i was told i was talking bollocks which the figures i showed prove im not.

    im behind this team as soon as im at the stadium or watching on the box mate. doesn’t mean i shouldn’t be allowed to put my opinion on here.

    we are doing things right… the emergence of jack and Szczensy last year was brilliant. but if we don’t put proper players around them they’ll be doing a cesc & nasri to us in a few years.

  252. Markus,

    Andre is straight…………….well either that or he doesn’t find me attractive……..

  253. Arsenal Tom, you can’t pull figures out of your arse and then claim there are good deals out there. Come on now.

  254. A Tom

    I agree with you there. I think the squad is weaker, obviously, the wait for new signings is painful and worrying. I agree with all that.

    I am fucking glad we can discuss what is happening now BTW!

    I thought we would have strengthened the squad by now and we havent. Why that is? I dunno? Hopefully and I still do have hope, we will be making significant moves in the market before Aug 31st.

    Tomorrow will be a great gauge of the team, especially its reserves as we will be fielding quite a few thanks to bans and injuries!

    But, I really like the look of Jenkison and his attitude is spot on (well, so far!) But I heard he has a Catalunian Granma.

  255. dexter and you have a good point about le grove… positive comments usually get unfairly slaughtered, a bit like the ‘doomers’ here.

    really i just want a bit of football chat

  256. markus… those numbers are all there or theres abouts give or take a million or two.

  257. Enrique, Young, Kompany, De Jong, Fellani, Baines, Smalling, Jones, Cahill, Jagielka, VDV, Alonso

    All transfers within the last couple of years, well within our budget, well within our play structure, some we bid for, some we came close to signing.

    Hiding behind Citys wage offers is the easiest place to hide for people unable to accept there is great value in the market that we choose not to capitalise on.

    Also, if Citys wages are being taken as gospel, then we can all agree that Denilson, Diaby, Walcott, Bendtner, Almunia and our youth and reserve team players are all on overinflated wages? Ergo, our wage structure is flawed, and most importantly, we are the Man City of youth football.

  258. Lew and Luke

    I havent said anything negative about that article apart from that I didnt like the title! Get orff my back!

    I said if it suits someone’s perspective, they will obviously think its accurate and good, etc.

  259. Luke

    The comments section here (I stress the comments section Yogi’s post’s are great) is like the mirror version of LeGrove. Anything positive said there and you are an AKB anything here that isn’t this team as of 19/08/2011 is the best ever and you are doomer. I hate the fact that the extremes of the Arsenal fan-base won’t allow you to be in the middle and I hate the fact that fans are labelled as AKB or doomers, we should just all be Arsenal fans but unfortunately the crazies at both ends won’t allow that.

  260. Arsenal Tom, what’s the point in your data? Yes it shows in terms of goals conceded and point accrued that there was a decrease, however, that doesn’t go to show that prior to He-who-plays-with-cunts’ departure, the team itself was in decline. What it doesn’t show is that the team beat Chelsea, Man u, and Barca. It doesn’t show that the team cause Man C to come to ours and defend for 90 minutes. Your data doesn’t reveal anything as to the actual strength of the team, it’s capabilities only, that over the course of the season they’ve been conceding more goals, etc. However, all that would have had little baring upon this season, hence the silliness of the assertion that the team were in decline.

    Would you say Liverpool are a team in decline? You may now attempt wrangle a mediocre answer to justifiy your position, but no one would reasonably suggest they are a team in decline. And it was the case with Arsenal prior to He-who-plays-with-cunts’ departure. You could have made a better argument for stagnation, but decline is just simply incorrect

  261. Its my contention that Arsenal are the most ambitous club in the EPL and probably Europe and maybe even in the enitre world. Most courageous and audacious too.

    Why everyone is willing to put up with UEFA openly trying to get an Italian club into the ECL is beyond me. Their case against AW is a farce. Why don’t they just ban him from all ECL games. It is not necessary for them to justify it. They can do what they sweet well like and they know it. I bet Platini is giggling away like a person who giggles a lot.

  262. @tom i think Mata to Arsenal was almost a done deal when Chelasea arrived as a contender. then it was all stopped. Why if you were Valencia would you sell mata to Arsenal for 20m when you knew it was a slight chance of getting 29 M from Chelsea 4 weeks later?

    @Luke the Bendtner, Denilso, Diaby and Walcotts of City earn far more than our own fringe players. Same goes for the United fringe players. Sunderland did not even wanan buy gibson due to his insane wage! Liverpool and Chelsea also pay their Denilsons and bendners alteast 50k a week. Thats the going rate for subs in top 6 clubs.

  263. dexter, lol, yeah i hear she knocks up a mean seafood paella!! he looks good i gotta admit, tall strongish and the fact he was apparently a paying fan last year is so nice to hear. think he’ll end up at CB though with to his height.

    the signings thing is strange, i really did expect this to be the summer where it all came together… cesc stayed, nasri signed, clichy replaced and then 2/3/4 players brought in to really fill the squad out.

    i know its never that simple but we’ve got the cash, should have the contacts and enough pull as a club to get our business done pretty quickly and efficiently. the way man utd went about getting their players after another league win and CL final just makes it that bit harder to take to.

  264. poodle… rumour is it he wanted £90,000 a week which breaks our wage structure.

    could be bollocks though. also there was the buy-out clause running out and then rising story.

  265. Dexter,

    Wise words mate, like most things on planet earth – its all about points of view.

  266. Djourou, Gibbs, Rosicky not available for Liverpool game. Miyaichi is in the squad for tomorrow

    From @Arsenal on Twitter

  267. I hate people who sit in the middle, lew1234. Show me a supporter who sits on the fence and I will show you a bloke who sits on a fence who isn’t a supporter, and thats a fact so it is.

  268. Luke

    Surely Theo, an England starter (well until his book came out!) is deserving of a decent wage? In fact he could probably earn a shit load elsewhere (Man City next summer!) whereas Diaby, for me anyway is top, injury prone, but still top and he could also get good whack elsewhere. Bendtner is Denmark’s top man, so again, he could porbably expect decent wages. Not sure where you’re going with this one?

    Man City cannot buy every player (thank fuck for 25 man rule eh!) And there are many players out there. I just hope we get the main ones we are in for.

  269. Cesc Fabgregas and Nasri transfer speculation has de-stabilised our club, there is no doubt. Fuelled in both cases by different forms of avarice. What has held the club together is Arsene Wenger. For some time we demanded better defence. He brings in TV, then Kos, and ensures we keep Djourou. Now he brings Jenks. We demanded a better keeper. He offers Chewie and Fabianski, and blow me down if we don’t have the best keeper department in the EPL, with Mannone in reserve. We demand cover for RvP and more direct striking power. He brings Arsh, Chamakh, then finds 3Gs for us. He pursues Ryo. We demand a DM, in case Song is out. Frimpong “appears”. Now we need and demand midfield reinforcement. Apart from the simple fact that a midfield comprising Wilshere, Ramsey, Song, Diaby, Rosicky, Frimpong, Lansbury, Ox is exceptional, and ahem, has not yet played this season, as a unit, with two key players out, just wait, that midfielder is coming. We demand changes. He makes sweeping changes. When will some of you learn that Wenger is about a year ahead of where we are, with all our wisdom, and listens and learns – unlike some of us.

  270. LeGrove has bottled it totally though.They cannot handle preassure what so ever. They break into cryin choire the mintue its getting tough out there.

    they are such woozzes. They are alianating themselves from Arsenal. They are doing a much better job than the away fans in breaking down our player and our club. Their page is like a funeral.

    Seriousley, why watch arsenal if you dont find it fun?
    can you explan that to me lew1234 or Luke or gooner tom? if you sit with a bad feeling infront of every game, if you dread to go to work after Arsenal looses a game. if arsenal without cups bring you no joy. Why bother?

    I am not questioning your love for arsenal. but just like with a girlfriend, if she makes you unhappy why do you stay in the relationship?

  271. Nasri is in the squad tomorrow dudes!

  272. Dexter, any potential signings will be waiting until we’ve qualified for the Champions League. I’d say we;ll know either way after the Udinese game.

  273. Wages? You want to talk about wages? Shop stewards conventions, collective bargaining, how many points off the max is Theo anyway? we need a pay spine, performance related pay, beneifts systems. Fucking hell some of you need to get out more.

  274. @tom well if i was valencia no way would i sell to Arsenal when i know i can milk chelsea for alot more money…After all Arsenal cares about their money while Abramovich is so loaded that 10m here and there makes no difference what so ever.

  275. Tom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve tried my best to ignore your made up lies when you post because of your subjective and bullshite over at the biggest joke of an Arsenal blog the world has ever known. At least there you are who you are hysterical in your belief. Here though you attempt to come across as a debator and it’s damn funny and embarresing on your part.

    See the link:

    Where you got that it is a direct reference to what he earns is made up bullshit on your part to simply try and prove a point. You really are EVERYTHING that is wrong with our club Tom!

  276. Markus 11.51.

    Your post is exactly the reason why the article is called “The Emperor has no clothes on”.

  277. Lew @12;31

    If you truely think that, then you are not very bright mate.

    Apologies if you do actually suffer from a mental health related illness.

  278. gadget… liverpool were in decline definitely, this season for them will be massive because they need to show a big improvement.

    we are also facing a problem we never have before… players wanting to leave before we want them to… nasri, clichy, fab, even denilson have all said they want out… that is a big big problem and something we have to stop otherwise we’ll turn into the ajax of england.

    both theo and RVP’s contract will only have a year to run after this season, who’s to say they wont look at the squad (if it stays the same) and think like henry and co did and be off… we seem to be forever rebuilding whilst slipping further and further behind whoever’s at the top of the table.

  279. @dexter could they not in theory just stockpile players and not include then in their 25 man squad and let them rot on the side?

  280. paul bendy saying

    “I chose to move to 52 because it’s a special number to me personally, and I hope that it brings me good luck for the new season.”

    LOL!!! that article explains nothing… why is it special to him? what actual evidence have you got its not his weekly wage against my claim it is?

  281. Dont forget the afternoon tea break and biscuit allowance Frank!

  282. ZP

    Whilst I agree with your rousing post, there are flaws. Whilst some may be extreme and demand £50m, the majority want experience. With the best will in the world, Frimpong, Lansbury, Ox, Ryo do not possess that. And that is before we start on Gibbs, Traore and Jenkinson.

    Crucially, Arsenal suffer badly from injuries. Look at your list: Wilshere, Ramsey, Song, Diaby, Rosicky, Frimpong. Four of that list have missed 6 months or more of a season. Some, in the case of Frimpong and Ramsey, were contact but Diaby and Rosicky? Sorry but you cannot rely on them for a season. Which leaves the midfield bereft of experience…

    And that is before you consider that as good as Rosicky & co are, they are not in the league of Fabregas. Which means investing to better replace that quality. And experience…


  283. Frank = Steww.

    I’m convinced of it, because there cannot possibly be two separate people on this planet who are A) So deluded, B) Are completely in capable of accepting the truth and C) Cannot justify (even in a minutely sensible way) the comments they/he makes.

  284. Jabba's Delights

    Frank good summer?

    How are all your predictions shaping? I thought there was no chance of either cesc or Nasri leaving and that we would 100% be in a better position come the start of the season.

    Once again with the luxury of hindsight you got all of your calls wrong……again. I think this needs to be understood the next time you make judgement on anything.

    This is the weakest arsenal squad currently in 14 years following on from the poorest season in terms of points in 14 years. The side fielded on sat will be the weakest put out for a prem game in wengers tenure………………..hows the progression looking?

    11 days until the window shuts …….tick tock tick tock!!

  285. Luke, I was thinking the free kicks and corners would be the unique selling point of Baines, which would benefit Kos and TV as much as it would MC.

    As for MC playing in midfield he probably doesn’t have the range of passing admitedly, but I like the short quick passing which he can pull off with aplomb along with his movement and first touch. He abiity to win th aerial duel for throw ins and goal kicks, I think if there was another striker waiting further upfield, one he releases the ball to anyone, it’d serve to make us a bit more dangerous. All that said, a switch to 4-4-2 would accomplish the same goddamn thing! Maybe that’s what I want, except I really like the 4-3-3. Curses.

  286. poodle

    I think City are in fact building a massive Matrix style facility where they will “store” every single professional footballer, putting them into a catatonic state, feeding them fluids and letting them think they all play every week, live in mock tudor mansions and all shag Abi Titmus.

    Dam those dastardly oil rich twats!

  287. @tom we cannot compete with 160k a week . thats the simple fact. Clichy got 90K a week up in City and is sitting at the bench. If playes refuse to live within our wagestructure we got to sell them imo.
    Aslong as we dont got a sugardaddy its nothing we can do with it.

    Only Fag and denny wanted to leave for other reasons.Fab becayse he was homesick and denny cos he was a fringe player.

    Clichy and Nasri leaving due to money.

  288. fuck cesc and fuck nasri
    we got lil jack..

  289. lol jabba… did he really say neither cesc or nasri would leave?

    wow, and i thought despite his reluctance to engage he might actually have a clue about what was going on at the arsenal

  290. @well if you get 160k a week and unlimited acced to wine and women and status i bet alot of those young men would rather do that than work their ass of to win a trophy 🙂

  291. and sorry, FAB, FAB, FAB not fag.

  292. Dexter

    Thanks for that, it means so much that someone who argues against something they haven’t even bothered to read is calling my intelligence into to question. I’m amazed though at how quick you and some of the people here are to reach for the empty insults. It’s a pity that they fail to carry a bit of class like the manager they all worship.

  293. poodle i disagree with you on why they left, we could do this all day though mate so ill leave it.

    our wage structure needs realigning though so we can pay top whack to top players

  294. Arsenal Tom “we are also facing a problem we never have before… players wanting to leave before we want them to…”

    Are you kidding? How long have you been following Arsenal dude. Players leave, big deal, we move on. And we’ve been replacing them with youth players since way before the invincibles.

    As for Mata, if he choses Chelsea then he doesn’t WANT to play for Arsenal and we’re better off. I’m sure Gervinho had other offers.

  295. sigh! friday afternoos are rather quiet at work one has to say…

  296. does anyone have a squad for tomorrow??

  297. Russ

    I think you are bang out of order man. The club, every club in fact needs fans like Frank and Steww. A shit load more than it needs the fucking pathetic doomers who “tell it like it is” FFS!

    Can you not see that? That is why clubs like Man U and the chavs have so many plastics and fair weather fans. Those fuckers “chose” those 2 teams because their local teams werent doing it for them, they werent “real” enough, ambitious enough etc.

  298. And you can’t link to the Sun as a fucking source man.

  299. markus… we kept most players as long as we wanted… PV and henry all stayed on till they were past their best usually through wenger’s persuasiveness.

    before cesc and nasri, cole was only the real world class player we lost to a rival before we would have liked.

  300. Le Grove is another disgrace to Arsenal. They hate Arsenal.

    But seriously what is it about bloggers either with numbers Lew12345567 and names starting in ‘Arsenal’ or ‘Gunner’ … Arsenal Tom, Gunner Jim or whatever and of course capitals SPRECTUM. It is a strange fact that a high proportion of bloggers with these style of names are idiots. Luke you see is Luke, is not an idiot, but should get the fuck off the fence for once in his bloglife and say “glorious, glorious Arsenal”.

    Then, naturally Spuds are mostly called James, and every Chelsea supporter is a Dave. Many spurs fans do not have a sense of ridiculous but James does, so maybe he is One of Us. Ooops, sorry Big Al.

  301. Predictions? You are looking to me for predictions, Jibber? My predictions and my opinions mean nothing. You are the same as Luke. You really have not got it yet have you? Some have, but not you.

  302. JonJon,

    Cesc and Nasri contributed 24 goals and 22 assist last season, and that wasn’t even enough to help us win anything.

    I doubt very much if Wilshire will fill that void this season.

  303. lol markus… not the best source agreed, but they must have heard it somewhere mate.

  304. Jabba's Delights

    Arsenal Tom

    Frank is the first person to call someone a cunt for stating what they think when invariably that person gets proved right over time.

    Its a tough tough time for the most ardent AKB’s on here as once again they are being proved wrong and the ”fucking stupid cunting idiots” that are myself and people like Luke are very sadly being proved right…….again!!

    The manager has 11 days to save his job. Failure to win on saturday and the manger will get an unbelivably poor recption. He gets a -1 out of 10 for his performance this summer whilst being the highest paid employee at the club. Its amazing how we break our wage structure for him but not our players

  305. Arsenal Tom, forgive me if this sounds facetious, but what argument are you making for Liverpool being in decline? The points table again? If so, this is undoubtedly the source of our disagreement. While I accept it is a useful barometer of certain things, I don’t particularly hold that it’s a good measurement of a team’s strength.

    My reason for this view is simply this: different teams will employ different tactics depending on the opposition. If team A find it’s opposition always employ defensive tactics, while team B find it’s opposition always play openly, it stands to reason team B may find itself winning more games than A. As such team B may find itself higher in a league table than A, but it doesn’t mean team B is the stronger or even better team

  306. Lew

    How many fucking times man? I have not argued against that fucking article you twonk! I havent read it so why would I fucking argue about it?

    Check you post at the time I stated and get back to me.

    If you cannot grasp the concept I am putting across, then FFS seek medical advice pronto!

  307. Reluctance to engage? Are you wooing me, Tom? If so I am sorry to disappoint but I am in hot pursuit of someone else. Female actually. Red hair. Sometmes.

  308. Dexter, your 12:37 feels me with more hope than you know! Is it true? Do you have a link? I really hope he stays.

  309. Russ

    Cesc got 23 assists last season and Nasri 21 goals?

    I only ask because cesc got 3 league goals and Nasri 1 assist mate

  310. Frank, it’s not Rebekah Brookes is it?

  311. Gadget

    Mate, its from AW’s Press Conference, according to SSN

  312. Dexter, so what exactly do you think Frank and Steww are doing to help the team by ignoring the issues (that are there for most to see) and instead just talking utter nonsense about how all fan’s should have confidence in this current squad?

  313. ZimPaul | August 19, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    Lew1234 is no more stupid then ZimPaul but glad to see you are going straight to the attack only proving my point from above

    Yogi Warrior

    You write a great blog, pity about the LeGrove-like comments section with its intolerance of anything outside of its own narrow viewpoint.

  314. Liverpool were held to ransom by a manager who put himself before the club.

  315. gadget… on liverpool… prior to this summer id say they were declining gradually after their 2nd place finish, benitez had filled the squad with rubbish players (jovanovic, rieira, dossena etc) they had no money, owners who were at war, a manager who had clearly had enough being there and players who looked like they felt the same – only managing to keep gerrard because the locals threatened to break his legs!!

    they were also the ones who usually flirted with finishing 5th rather than us, and have always been less stable than us when it came to the league.

  316. I take your point YW, and yes, there are flaws, gaps. We are short in the middle, and probably defence too. Poor Mr. Wenger adores his midfield and must, I assume, be more worried than us. So I presume an excellent sixth signing, and possibly seventh, a record (?) may be in.

  317. so on the whole cesc and nasri together couldnt even do what henry did by himself..

    i miss henry
    true legend..

  318. Dexter, that was their combined contribution to all competitions.

  319. No but now you come to mention it. Very handsome woman with interesting contacts. Tapped her phone for a while. Stories that would make your hair curl. Not the hair that is already curly, the other stuff. On your head.

  320. Hubris is a son of a bitch. Some should beware that dog

  321. Jabba's Delights



    Every club need fans that spend money on the club. Our ”stupid fuckign cunting idiotic” home crowd is the only current reaosn why our club is alive. Whetehr Frank chooses to blog about his club or not is irrelevant. The fact that our manager’s performance can deterriorate so badly and still not be under horrible pressure is a daming indicment of fans such as frank. We are in turmoil and our manager has very little idea of how to get out of it. Why is their no replacment for Cesc………………how can it be that we dont have a plan in place. You may say we might do………………………………i will say we have 3 of the biggest fucking games within the next 9 days and our squad isnt just short of quality, it s the shortest it been of quality since 1996.

  322. Driving up support, Russ. Heard of it?

  323. Russ, it’s not our job to address the issues. We’re here to support.

  324. Lew

    Again, I have to wonder about your mental capacities dude if you think a wide and divergent viewpoint isnt tolerated here. Look at my posts for example. Look at others too.

    You really are being simplistic and wrong, perhaps on purpose.

    Maybe you want to perpertuate the myth that everyone who posts on here thinks exactly the same?

    We all support Arsenal, maybe thats the sticking point for you?

  325. You’re driving most people up the wall Frank, that’s all.

  326. You speak for most people do you,.Russ?

  327. Just curious – how the hell are UEFA going to proove that Wenger broke the rules by using a mobile phone. He could have been ordering a kebab or calling Annie to make sure she lives his dinner in the microwave before going to bed.

    And JonJon – since you asked a while back – Samir Nasri has been named in the squad to play Liverpool so I suspect the midfield will be Frimpong, Rambo and Nasri.

  328. Lew22, don’t take it personal mate, it’s just … um … one of life’s oddities. Hell, I don’t know why. I am an observer of anecdotal life, can’t help it.

    But that article, seriously, has not one jot of originality, and is sadly misinformed on many counts, and deeply patronising and insulting about Arsenal. I have no interest in debating it. I’d rather talk about football, and get some hard information about, say ‘The Ox”, or Ryo, or this Campbell guy, or people who know more than me about Afobe and Aneke, or latest injury news. Why read an article like that, just go to Le Grove, it’s all there, and more ‘colourful’?

  329. Jabba

    No surpises you dont get it.

    The bigger picture is too much for you to take in.

    Those home fans, who you like to call nasty names for some reason, wouldnt be there, if they all thought like doomers, as they’d be down the road or up north by now.

    “incorrect” you say? How fucking funny that you try and patronise me when you didnt even get my point!

    I would have thought a ManU plastic like yourself would have got it straight away amn.

  330. Naaah. We will be all right. This is a tough time and the club, manager and players need our support. Those of us who get behind them will help to pull us through. The others can just fuck off. Well they don’t have to really because they already have. This is the very best Arsenal squad for me and it needs my help.

  331. Markus, who’s job is it to address the issues then? Surely you understand the concept that any football club exists, primarily, because of the people of support the team. So without the fans there is no club.

    So what are you saying then, that the primary people who ensure that the club exists have no say in how’s it run?!!

  332. Russ

    I doubt you’d find anyone who doesnt think Cesc and Nasri leaving leaves us short mate.

  333. Dexter, I am overjoyed, but I’ll rein in my optimism. Still, Na Na Na Na…

    Arsenal Tom, so then with “prior to this summer id say they were declining..” the implication is that Liverpool are no longer a team in decline. I don’t wish to make any presumptions, as it’s apparent I may have already made some, but when you say this Summer, do you mean the end of last season or this transfer window?

    Frank, it rare to hear a woman described as handsome, but I think that is a rather astute observation

  334. ive just seen the arsene interview

    hes bigging up the kids hes going to use them..
    which could be interpretted as not signing anyone else

    but hes also admitted we are short in midfield and defence..which suggests we are bringing someone still like another wing forward but if defence and midfield are wengers priority and he brings in quality and experience then i’ll go with that..

  335. AW side stepped question as to whether he was any closer to bringing in more players at his press conference.
    Not sure whether this means yes or no, either he is closer or no-one will be coming. Usually you get some clue from his tone etc but not this time.

  336. JJ

    Scott Dann is a cert apparantly, then again thats according to SSN.

  337. JohnN

    Ive spent the last week kicking next door’s cat, waiting for transfers dude! But now I am up for the game tomorrow and anyway, getting all het up for new signings wont get me anywhere!

  338. I speak for myself Frank, obviously.

    I was just pointing out that, having read many blogs in the past, you have proven track record of abusing anyone who does not conform to the “We are the Arsenal, we are the bollocks, fuck anyone else” attitude.


    UEFA to probe Wenger

    Now maybe they can find out where the money is?

  340. The signing of Scott Dann will be nothing but a disgrace.

    We have pursued Jagielka. Wenger clearly believes Jagielka is the best player for our squad. He can’t baulk at a price of a (reported) few million more, then go buy the cheap alternative.

    Dann will be the manifestation of what is so fundementally flawed about our percieved prudence in the market place.

  341. Russ : “Markus, who’s job is it to address the issues then?”

    Really? You really need me to answer that? Done with you. And Tom.

    Darius it wasn’t even as bad as Wenger using the phone I think. He was talking to Boro beside him, covering his mouth at times. Fergie sits with a fucking satelite phone when he’s banned, big brick of a thing, and Mourinho passes notes.

  342. dex/darius

    i agree with his inclusion,if hes fit he plays, we need him..
    all i wanted from nasri was for him to show hes still committed and if hes up for playing and helping us thru this sticky patch then fair enough
    lets just hope he dont get injured 😉

  343. @ Russ
    “so what exactly do you think Frank and Steww are doing to help the team by ignoring the issues (that are there for most to see) and instead just talking utter nonsense about how all fan’s should have confidence in this current squad?”

    How exactly is your behaviour helping the team?

  344. Dexter | August 19, 2011 at 1:13 pm
    “I doubt you’d find anyone who doesnt think Cesc and Nasri leaving leaves us short mate.”

    I’m not sure about that Dexter…

    Frank | August 19, 2011 at 1:11 pm
    “This is the very best Arsenal squad for me”

  345. Hahahaha! LUke I knew you’d bite!

  346. YOGI 1244, Your comments were just right, unfortunately
    after DD comments and I am sure more crap on BBC tomorow
    AW may decide to call it a day and join Megarich PSG. especially if we are eliminated at Udinese.

    I may be called a doomer but have never said AW should
    go, just the policiies need changing, as can be seen by
    the probable team for tomorow, a bit more experience
    mixed with youth would make all the difference, for years
    I said we are injury prone ane need a stronger squad without spending fortunes, last January I suggested an
    extra CB like Samba as TV looked like he would be out for a long time, then recently I suggested Enrique to augment the injury prone Gibbs and Traore and the inexperienced Jenkinson, and that we need a playmaker to replace Rosicky
    who is an adequate sub for 30 minutes.

    When I make these remarks all I get is foul language
    normally expected from the old Milwall days, lets hope
    we at least draw with and survive at Udinese and get 3 or 4
    additions before the window closes.

  347. Ooooh la la! Ryo, Ox, Theo, Gerv,, Arsh. Mmmmm… Delicious. Counter attacking wide play again? The new Invincibles in the making.

    Fuck Citeh, Fuck Chavs, Fuck Manure, Fuck Pool, FUCK the Spunks. We’ve got younger, fresher, faster versions of Pires, Ljunberg, Overmars etc right here.

    Trophies will come, but just sit back and enjoy this amazing new set of youngsters blossom into Arsenal-loving winners in the meantime – even if it’s a year or 2 away. The lack of patience makes these pessimists sound like you’re a season away from finally falling foul of some savage terminal disease. Arsenal is developing into Arsenal #3/4/5 whatever, and I for one, am so excited to watch it happen.

    Jabba – I was wondering how you’ve been ‘proved right’? What have you proved exactly? These guys have really let us down so far haven’t they!? 2 clean sheets (I’m sure you were hankering after those), plenty of movement in the window (again, sure you hankered after that) and – this is the mother load – it’s only 19th August! If we’re doing as badly as you expect come May 2012, then…. actually I couldn’t give a flying fuck, because i would have been watching some of the best unheard of youngsters on the planet showing the world what they’re made of. That, to me is what Arsenal is all about. Selling club? If that’s what you wanna call it fine, but I look at it like this: If they want to move on, fuck em, if they want to become and Arsenal legend and remain at this wonderful club (i.e RvP/DB10 etc) then that’s a beautiful thing in today’s football, and these players will be loved forever, not for a few seasons.

    Doomer or AKB, couldn’t give a fuck, just don’t write these little one’s off before the season’s even 2 games in for fucks sake.

    I must say, i would like another midfielder in though, and they could be 16 for all i care, as long as Wenger has chosen them, I’m sure they’ve got something to contribute to this beautiful team.

    Oh yeah, people seem very confident about Campbell joining, is this pretty much a done deal then?

  348. Markus at 1:03, I fence sit on your comment – I both agree and disagree, but it’s probably just a case of semantics. A job implies and obligation and our obligations as supporters is primarily to support. I think part of supporting is to both observe the positive and the negative, and in doing so we must encourage the positive and in doing so dissuade the negatives.

    On a wider point it fine to highlight the negatives, but what is not fine is to make the assumption that nothing is being done to correct such.

    I think whoever we get as a replacement for HWPWC, will probably not be good enough for some. I’m reminded of Eduardo. He wasn’t a direct replacement for Henry, and I suspect he was never meant to be. I think this should serve as an indication of what we should expect with our next midfielder.

  349. Russ, Russ … how can I put this? You seem like a normal misinformed, shallow, unamusing and naive media-hoodwinked “gooner” with little in the way of character or confident opinion, but I find you irritating all the same. You have neither numbers, nor capitals, nor ‘Gunner Joe’ to your name, and although Russ is not a nice name, and you can and should hold your parents responsible for that, it is your whining, nasal, spineless tone that you need to do something about. Good luck!

  350. Markus, yes, I do want you to answer that because it’s a valid question..

  351. Lew1234 at 12.31 – spot on.

    I hate the creation of these two extremist camps.

  352. JJ

    If Nasri is in the squad, he 100% plays in my opinion. Dam straight mate, we need him. And he can perhaps leave on slightly better terms with a good performance and a winning goal!

  353. Luke, I wouldn’t be happy with Dann either. But I think Cahill is a better fit for us than Jagielka. I think the Jag bid was to show Bolton we had options. Having said that I’m not sure we’ll land any of those players. I would welcome Cahill definitely but can’t see it happening.

  354. Tom are you serious??? Did you just post a link to an article in THE SUN???? You did didn’t you. Not only the SUN, even though not once, apart from the headline, does it refer to him ACTUALLY earning 52k. This is the problem with people like you and fans who grace your sister blog Le Grove. You believe everything the media says. Every single thing. Common knowledge? The only thing that is common is that you have lost what little respectful argument you have left by first quoting the sun and then quoting a blog that quoted the sun. What a joke!

  355. i dunno about dann

    i liked that johnson better, i think maybe we should take jagielka from evrton or cahill from bolton and whoever does the deal can use the money to pay off some debt and buy dann for themselves

    id take samba over dann i think..

  356. Ah, Geo, I like what you say, I do. Let’s sit back and enjoy this.

  357. @ Luke and Lew1234

    ” – spot on. I hate the creation of these two extremist camps.”

    There is a simple solution to that.


    @ Russ | August 19, 2011 at 1:25 pm

    “Markus, yes, I do want you to answer that because it’s a valid question..

    I want the answer to my valid question, please
    You said:
    “so what exactly do you think Frank and Steww are doing to help the team by ignoring the issues (that are there for most to see) and instead just talking utter nonsense about how all fan’s should have confidence in this current squad?”

    How exactly is your behaviour helping the team?

  358. Russ, I don’t think it is a particularly valid question you pose to Markus. I’d place down good money that none of us are even remotely qualified to address any such issues. I’m pretty certain the manager and other facets of management have the responsiblity and the abilty to identify and address an negative issues.

    By all means highlight them, but don’t make the assumption that if transfers aren’t being made that nothing is being done about the issue

  359. ZimPaul, I really don’t know what to say to you, it seems like you want to sound clever. But you’re just babbling about, well, actually I don’t really know…it makes no sense. Make a point man, say something constructive about Arsenal’s situation, or say nothing at all.

  360. The team needs strengthening, we can discuss who we think we should sign, its pointless, but I like doing it sometimes.

    We can also discuss tomorrow’s likely line up, should nasri play? Who will play LB? etc

    We can also talk about the possibilities of seeing Ryo or Oxo or perhaps Lansbury.

    And of course there’s the actual game we are about to play as well.

    There’s loads of fat to chew, cant see why there’s any need to bicker and fight dudes.

    That was me speaking with my best UN Peace Keeper blue beret on!

    Laters, Im off to the gym then the boozer to undo all my work in the gym! 😀

  361. You could easily do the same Russ.

  362. I’d like for the crowd to sing Nasri’s name followed, by the words “sign the damn contract”. Unfortunately, it probably won’t happen any the fans will remain, in my eyes, complicit in driving Nasri out the doors and up the motorway.

    Chances are he gets booed with every touch of the ball, and with every boo my misanthropy will grow.

  363. We have Song and Gervinho suspended. Diaby and Wilshere are injured. Djourou and Traore will not be available and Gibbs will not be available. Apart from that, the moral is strong and the belief is strong. I believe we have had a decent start.


  364. LOL Dexter! Have one for me mate…

  365. OK.

    *Ducks and dives past the gr*t merchants*

    I’m going to ignore the Xeno-blaggers and try to re-start a football thread. Bear with me please.

    Djourou. He had thirty minutes in the CC against Carroll in game up norf.
    Carroll came on as a sub, but was in the middle of a good run and barely had a touch of the ball as JD didn’t let him.

    So, am hoping JD is ready for tomorrow, and maybe LK or TV5 get a breather for the Udines.

    Nasri? Well, I hope and have a hunch he’s not going anywhere. It was the birfday cake early on in the summer with a big red and white No.8 on it. If I was off, I’d have had something different on the cake I was eating. Maybe it’s just me. We shall see.

    The prospect of Gervais and Nazmundo dribbling and weaving past opponents is enough to make me order a new bib.

  366. For Russ & ZimPaul

  367. Luke, I hope you are aware that after years of sitting on the fence AIC began to walk funny, and even talk funny, and now the poor bastard is part of comedy duo after a life time trying to taken seriously. Just saying …

    If Scott Dan it is, then there are some reasons. Sounds fair and fine to me, it is highly unlikely that Wenger would sign a player without the attributes he believes important for growth and development. Perhaps the others have ludicrous conditions attached, or perhaps this is a bit of brinksmanship.

  368. haha
    ssn say the nasri deal is being held up by agents..
    why is it plural it should be

    would anyone take ade back? the mans been thru hell since he left us if he came back with his tail between his legs and signed a 5 year 40k a week contract to be our backup to rvp id take him..

    although i was there the day he ran at us and i wasnt too happy about it at the time..

    i take that back..maybe not..fuck him as well 😉

  369. solgooner

    back 4..sagna, koz, tv, jenks

    and hope we get no injuries..

  370. Rus, I’m only making fun of you, for the sake of having some fun, hopefully at your expense, because the football talk is now boring. Forgive. Nice song Dex.

  371. Funny JonJon. I was thinking the same thing about Ade, but I’m afraid those bridges are burnt to a crisp.

    Do you think we as the fans could maybe get out there tomorrow and back Nasri? I know he’s been a little scum bag, but maybe, just maybe we could do something, along with him playing in his favoured position could tip the scales back in our favour?

    This is what the starting 11 could look like now…

    Sagna – Verm – Kos – Jenk
    Rambo – Nasri
    Walcott – Arshavin

    mmmmm. Suddenly that line up doesn’t look that lightweight.

  372. I agree with that back four JJ. I would like to see a Frimp, Rambo & Nasri midfield, with RvP, Arsh and Theo starting, Ryo and the Ox to come on when those weary ‘pool defenders would be asking for anything but them to come on.

    How can anyone not be excited about this new look team? I can see a late winner from one of the speed demons getting the goal or roasting defenders for the assist.

  373. Paul – same thoughts.

  374. gadget i think if samir scores a hatrick his name will be sang to the heavens..

  375. Arsene Baggins

    Geo, I think we got more chance of buying Messi than seeing Nasri start on Saturday. I doubt wenger will want him to play and “show” the boys what they will be missing when he moves for truck loads of petro dollars. Right?

  376. Baggs – Maybe its a sign that the City rumours are exactly that? Here’s hoping anyway. If he doesn’t start, that confirms his departure imo. We’ve still got time to buy a replacement for him/cesc so let’s chill before we get all Jibbery…

  377. Good morning all,

    I have set out a couple of definitions for people so that we are clear in our understanding of the terms.

    Potential: Capable of being or becoming, Possible, as opposed to Actual.

    Experience: Knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone.

    I just wanted to ensure that we are all clear as stated above because there seems to be a perception that replacing experienced campaigners with potentially exciting youth is leaving Arsenal right now in the same position it was this time last year. We understand that we have been dealt a blow with the departure of Cesc and the impending departure of Samir but to suggest we have replaced both with youthful potential and should hold the same expectations is nothing short of blind stupidity. Now, for me regardless of the team fielded, I am behind it 110%, even if I don’t agree with all the decisions being made by the club at this point in time. The argument that Arsenal should have anticipated this is a strong one indeed, Arsene knew the board knew. This is fact not fiction. We cannot expect to keep players when they clearly are not interested in staying. Player power is the rule not the exception. Whether we have been priced out of moves for experienced players or not is rather irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Arsenal do not have power in these negotiations, if someone wants X million for Y player and they are not in a position where they are compelled to sell then we are going to have to meet there asking price. Rather simple, no?

    With August upon us and the injury table already looking like an atom bomb has been dropped on the Emirates, and the suspensions of Gervinho and Song we are looking nothing short of thread bare. Now I understand injuries cannot be anticipated, but the suspensions show a lack of understanding on the part of the players, whether provoked or not. Arsenal can be and are frankly at times quite petulant, we can argue provocation in numerous instances but to do so blindly is to not take any responsibility for our own actions. Barton, was and is a cretin, we knew it going in and we should not have reacted.

    The youth generation coming through the Emirates right now is encouraging but are we asking too much for so many young players all at the same time? I have read above where people have stated that Wilshire was thrown in and see what he did, true but he was not surrounded by so many youthful counterparts.

    I have high hopes for the season, it may not sound like it from my opinions above, but I really do. The thing is my expectations are now top 6 not top 3.

  378. @ Arsene Baggins
    AW’s pragmatic, and he isn’t pushing SN out of the door, so he might well play him – if the deal is more or less done it would make no difference, and even if it isn’t done, Man City know what he can do and it would show SN what he would be missing if he moves.

  379. I’d prefer it if SN didn’t play in the middle, though – he really is much better out wide, I feel.

    I am going to the game tomorrow, very excited and hoping to see Ryo play.

  380. Have a great time at the game Fun, never been to the Emirates but I cherish my times at Highbury.

  381. Agree Fun, I’d play Arshavin in the middle and Nasri out wide

  382. Indeed it would JJ, but I believe his name should be sung anyway, along with desires of him signing the contract. People say he’s acted repugnantly, but other that not signing and a few bad performances, I really don’t know what he’s done which is so terrible. I am baffled when people say he’s acted terribly and think it justifiable to call him a cunt. The fan seemed to have turned on him because of speculation and imagination which is really no good reason at all.

  383. LOL Arsene Wenger is a crazy son of a gun.

    Technically, he didn’t actually talk to the bench, he was talking to Boro sitting next to him in the Director’s box at the Udinese game. So clearly, he hasn’t broken any rules as he didn’t speak to the bench. What a sly fox. UEFA are pissing in the wind with this new charge. All they can prove with video evidence to boot is that he was speaking to Boro.

  384. Hey Fun. I’ll be there too and I’ll certainly be singing Nasri’s name and my desire for us to keep him. Hopefully there won’t be a Wenger hating Glooner behind me ready to stick a knife in my back.

  385. @ Paul
    Ha ha! Well, if there is, I’ll be behind him, ready to stick a cleaver in his head. How’s that?

  386. It still amazes me that large sections of the fans think that we should be competing with the signings and wages paid by Man City and Chelsea. They see ‘money’ generated from tickets and player sales and think that means we have umpteen billions in the bank.

    In a world without Chelsea and Man City’s ownership model then yes it’s correct but with them there Arsenal simply cannot compete financially, end of story. People forget that without the property sales and player trading that’s been going on previously, last year we actually made a loss of about £8million??

    There is still around £150m of the debt to pay off as well, whereas the wage bill i believe is the fourth highest in the league behind Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd. Arsenal have always been a financially prudent club so although there is talk of £80 million in the transfer kitty i doubt Arsenal would spend it all.

    A player on £90k a week costs around £4.7 million a year in wages, without win bonuses etc so by signing say two massive players on Man city wages the ongoing cost of to the wage bill would be about an extra £15-20 million a year. I just can’t see it happening as it would probably mean Arsenal making a year-on-year loss with no guarantee of a trophy in any case.

    It all depends on who Arsene brings in however I would say that he will bring one / two midfielders and a CB. I have no real idea who, as the media have linked us with every player in the dictionary, however if i was to speculate it would most likely be this Jadson fella or maybe Eden Hazard plus one of Jagielka / Dann

    If he brings in no-one then I think we are in a scrap for 6th. If we don’t beat Udinese on Wednesday then it severely limits who he’d want to bring in, which means you’d have to think he might be forced out.

    Two major issues that no Arsenal fans have contemplated is:

    1) If Wenger is forced out early in the season without any signings then who would replace him?
    2) based on the squad available today, would the new manager be able to finish higher?

  387. That makes me feel better Fun. Thanks….

    Stephen. The post of the day mate! Well done and agree whole heartedly

  388. Everytime Ryo speaks I imagine most people just go “awww bless”.

    “Arsenal is a Club loved by people around the world so I am proud to be a part of the team. I also want to be a player loved by you. I will work hard, so please support me. Thank you.”

    Impact sub this year I reckon. Lets see him for a the last ten minutes at Liverpool.

  389. @ Stephen Holt
    V sensible realistic comments. I have to say I can’t agree with your prediction of 6th for us, though, even as we are!

    And nice to hear AW confirming he won’t walk away and he realises that the moaners and whiners are a minority.

    @ Geo | August 19, 2011 at 2:22 pm

    “Campbell signing confirmed”

    Great news. And as he is a regular in his national team, that should mean no work permit problems.

    @ Markus
    Ryo is adorable, isn’t he? He, AOC and Jenks have made a really good first impression.

    “Impact sub this year I reckon. Lets see him for a the last ten minutes at Liverpool.”

    From what AW is saying, I think he is hoping Ryo will play a bigger part than that.

  390. Excellent observations, Stephen.

  391. Yogi:

    Great post.

    Arsene has put us in the rebuilding mode all summer. I look forward with great hope to the Arsenal team of 2015 and for now we have to tread water. I suspect RVP will be moved next summer as his age and contract status will have to be considered.

    The last group young players including Diaby, Denilson, Clichy, Bendtner, Fabregas, Nasri, Adebyor, etc etc was supposed to be dominating the league by now. Somehow it all fell apart. A culture of complacency and a lack of true self belief overtook their potential. I think that throwing them in to the PL pressure cooker far too early damaged their mental strength. I worry that it will happen again.

    Today’s situation at Arsenal demonstrates the danger of building for tomorrow without considering the importance of having some success today. Injuries and player movement can not be controlled in todays environment and there is no way to predict what will happen in 3 years. I know how difficult it is to compete with the moneybag teams but despite that Arsene did a fantastic job to give us a group of players that really was close to being able to win titles. The thing I don’t understand is that he appeared to stop just short when we had that success in our sights. I have no doubt that with a little more consideration of the importance of team defense and better use of our resources in the transfer market we could have won several trophies by now. Had we won just 1 or 2 trophies I suspect the momentum and mental confidence could have carried us to much more and who know what would have happened to Fabregas and Nasri.

    I know its negative and useless to cry over spilled milk. The only good thing is that past experience hopefully will teach us some lessons and the same mistakes will not be repeated with the current group of young players.

  392. SSN news just tore Arsene’s press conference apart 😦 it’s a witch hunt that I can only hope ends well for us! i’m hoping by 1 minute to go on transfer deadline day we have got who we need to augment our squad; simply because of our injury record!

    I agree with what we’ve done this summer so far:

    Campbell in for Bentdner / Vela (i’d still like to keep nicky, but as a striker not a winger!), Jenkinson in for Eboue
    Ryo / Ox to provide pace to our team
    Gervinho in for Nasri

    But barring OX i think we have simply brought in players to supplement the ones deemed (by us fans mostly) as ‘deadwood’.

    Arsene normally says that it’s not ideal to add more than 2-3 players into the squad so if Gervinho is nasri’s replacement then i’m hoping for 2 more!

    @funGunner – It would be my worst nightmare us finishing 6th, simply because of the knock-on effect to the team, fans and any future targets. 4th is a minimum of a good season 😉

  393. Stephen,

    what did SSN do? any links or whatsoever?

    to all:

    based on photos from the training session, it appears that armand traore is fit again, and there is a picture of ramsey nasri and frimpong together listening to wenger. so high chance nasri to start?

  394. Stephen, I like that you are stayin positive in these trying times 🙂 All the players in have zero EPL or even top flight football experience (save Gerv) to draw upon which makes me think top 6 is actually a good finish.

  395. I am not so sure any monies made through recent transfers out are going to be re-invested in the squad during August… but would be happily surprised if it is.

  396. @Steven Holt – this is why we call it Sly Sports News..

    Rather than play the damn press conference, they chop and slice it to fit their narrative and use their “Chief Correspondent” to emphasize they did send the top dog to listen to Arsenal’s fate.

    I enjoy the part when they present themselves as the authority of a whiter than white bastion of journalism that speaks for the many disenfranchised Arsenal fans. They might as well have cut to the chase and demanded “Arsene, why aren’t you spending the fucking money”.

  397. If Samir Nasri plays,dont be so foolish as to boo him or sing stupid chants. and he was right when he said that he is still an Arsenal player. you can boo him when(or if) he joins citeh…rest assured i will be booinng too if he leaves.

    Rooney went farther than nasri but you couldnt hear boos from Manyoo fans! SUPPORT THE TEAM!!

  398. nasri will never play for arsenal again he fucked wenger over and got called a cunt by our away fans – the same ones wenger praised as brilliant lets not forget.

    gervinho was brought in as bendy’s replacement… winger/forward so nasri still should be replaced – knowing wenger probably by AOC.

  399. Tomas Rosicky, from the matchday programme:

    “It’s time to show that we’re serious with our home results,” the 30-year-old told the Arsenal programme.

    “At times we played better football away from home last season. I think that’s because you automatically play quicker in away games, when you’re under more pressure from the opposing crowd and their team.

    “It’s important that we pass the ball equally quickly at home – when you take too many touches you give the opponent time to regroup, to get their shape back. Teams drop off us and you need to move their defensive block around at speed.

    “That’s what we lacked in a few games last season – we played a bit too slowly and held the ball too much.”
    “Passing the ball quickly is a basic strength of ours and if we start doing it consistently I’m sure we will have a very good winning streak at home again.”

    Yes! Well said, Tomas.
    We can play more quickly than anyone, and if we do, no-one can live with us.

  400. The news anchor on Sly Sports right now is one of the most vile punks they can put on screen. He just looks and sounds like a guy you would find behind the counter at a kebab shop on Greenlanes at 3 in the morning.

  401. Nasri is an Arsenal player until he is not an Arsenal player. Respect the shirt, whatever you feel about the man.

  402. Yep, great stuff Tomas. Exactly what we needed to be doing last year.

  403. well said, Tenji.

    i do wonder if the fans did boo him, or was it just a case of the media inventing it, and nasri believing it, because he isnt a native english speaker.

    journalists have shown time and again how unscrupulous they can be.

  404. I wish i could be more eloquent but i will say this…YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU,tomorrow at the Grove. COOOOOMMMMEEE OOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNN AAAARRRRSSSEENNNAAALLL!!!!

  405. Tenji

    That’s more than eloquent.

  406. korihikage lol… yeah its all the media’s fault!! there are clips out there where you can hear the song mate. its true what they sang anyway fuck him.

  407. So over £300 million has been spent on the transfer window so far. But at least 50% of that has been spent by the Manure, Man City and Liverpool..

  408. darius… that world wide or just the english clubs?

  409. A Tom – just in the EPL.

  410. Arsenal Tom | August 19, 2011 at 10:17 am

    In my view the board are taking the piss out of Wenger, and us by coming out and saying such things. I do not for moment think that an educated man as Wenger, would of let the Nasri, Cesc, situation get to this.

    Are we talking about the same man who has put us in the Champions League for 15 years straight?

    Yes he may be stubborn but, I believe that the board is at fault for allowing Wenger, not to replace our talented players that have been sold off and is making our club look like a feeder club.

    Our billionaire owner you refer to is not known for spending money and if he wanted to purchase a top quality replacement he would of forced Wenger, to do so as many a owner does so if you or anybody else hears anything from our billionaire owner please let me know.

    Wenger, is too much of a old school gent to say anything negative about his employers as he doesn’t say anything negative about his players who have let him down.

  411. “Fuck Citeh, Fuck Chavs, Fuck Manure, Fuck Pool, FUCK the Spunks. We’ve got younger, resher, faster versions of Pires, Ljunberg, Overmars etc right here”

    Fucking A!

  412. Wise words from Rosicky.

    Surprised at some of the folks on here thinking we’ll drop out of the top 4. I expect us to challenge for title again. That has to be our goal. Aim high. Thankfully we play better when the media have written us off so keep it up you crowd of vulturous wankers.

  413. goonerton… for me its a two-way thing… the board put no pressure on wenger and let him do as he pleases – signing kids and unproven talents that he can develop, and in return he makes them a nice big fat profit every year (thus upping the value of their shares) and takes home £6m – way above what any player is allowed to earn.

    wenger has done well keeping us in the CL granted but how he manages to cope with the threat of city (already finished above us) liverpool’s spending and the yids (i know they haven’t improved but we’ve lost 3 first teamer’s) will show what he can really do as a manager and tactician.

    this squad is all wenger – mentality wise, numbers wise and quality wise… any faliure or achievement will rest/be accredited to him

  414. The way this summer has panned out i believe there is someone being hung out to dry at the club. I cant see how else to explain it. Its like amateur hour and the people with the power are far from amateurs. Is there some sort of power struggle going on? Or maybe theres some master plan? Fucked if I know whats goin on!

  415. goonerton | August 19, 2011 at 3:19 pm
    “Fuck Citeh, Fuck Chavs, Fuck Manure, Fuck Pool, FUCK the Spunks. We’ve got younger, resher, faster versions of Pires, Ljunberg, Overmars etc right here”

    you either dont understand just how good those players were or overrate what we’ve got at the moment. hard to believe some of the stuff written here these days.

    which of our current wingers is better than pires or ljungberg?

  416. UEFA have charged Wenger. Again. Probably just get a fine tho. Wenger has said he will appeal.

    I’d walk into the appeal hearing, whip down my bags, squirt a big creamy loaf on the carpet, give them the finger and walk out.

  417. i suppose song is better than vieira?

    kos better than sol campbell?

    gibbs better than ashley cole?

    your a maniac

  418. Keep up the good fight Frank, ZimPaul, Geo, FunGunner and Markus! We must not let sensibility slip us by in the midst of the increasing negativity from certain individuals that profess to be ‘fans’.

  419. Could anyone here explain who are the board that are frustrating Wengers plans? PHW is a doddering fool,Gazidis
    is a glorified PR man,and then theres Silent Stan.

  420. Arsenal Tom – It was tongue in cheek mate. But who’s to say at this stage in their careers that they won’t go on to be just that? My point of that whole post (if you read it) is that we have a hugely talented bunch of youngsters there, all of which are better than the players I listed in the invincibles at their age. None are better yet, but when in their prime, if they develop at the rate they already have, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all as good or at least as effective.

    Any road, I’d much rather be a happy, hysterically-laughing maniac than a depressed pessimistic nutter crying and rocking in the corner because we haven’t played the market in the way I’d hoped…

  421. Thanks Chunnel, my only fear is that we are beginning to become outnumbered…

  422. To add to the:

    “younger, resher, faster versions of Pires, Ljunberg, Overmars etc right here”

    We also have Ryo, who has been granted a WP and is in the squad for Saturday.

    Best time to play The Arsenal they said because we are reeling.

    Can’t wait for it and how the media will react if the team that has spent spent spent as advised by the media comes up short against a team who foolishly didn’t listen to the media and hasn’t spent spent spent.

  423. Arsenal Tom, since your venom is quite obvious, I’m hoping you might be able to articulate what Nasri has done wrong for me. I’m still stumped! Please refer to examples which don’t rely on speculation.


  424. Too far Tom. You don’t slag off Alex Song. Song is the main man. He’s better than Vieira was at that age.

  425. Hear hear GT! – I am happy that we’re (once again) the underdogs. Last pre-season was exactly the same. This year, I am confident that the exuberance and enthusiasm of youth will push us that extra yard. Removing the pre-madonnas could be a very astute move by Wenger. The complacency that hindered us last season, will be replaced by young determination me thinks…

    Come on you young Gunners!

  426. Fucking great news if Nasri starts.

  427. Too far Tom. You don’t slag off Alex Song. Song is the main man. He’s better than Vieira was at that age.


    Is this some kind of sick joke? You can’t actually believe that.

  428. I think it will be intriguing to see if a fit Nasri plays tomorrow. Under normal circumstances of course he would, but will Wenger risk him getting injured and possibly scuppering a deal despite the fact he needs him. If he doesn’t play, it can , IMO, be taken as certain that he’s on his way out. Very interesting to watch.

  429. Vieria was 20 when he signed. He was better in his debut than Song has ever been in an Arsenal shirt.

  430. goonerton, that’s a good point about Liverpool’s spending. I guess we’ll see if they got value for money.

  431. Just because Liverpool has spent an obscene amount of money to get their heads back above the water doesn’t mean that they’re coming over to Arsenal for a walk over.

    I actually fancy our chances, particularly with Theo, Arshavin and RVP upfront, as well as Vermaelen and Koscielny out back.

    A midfield of Frimpong, Rambo and Nasri will do well on the day.

  432. Value for money Markus? Well, if they take 4th spot from us, then they certainly have.

    Thats the wierd things with value. No-one on here thinks Cahill is worth over £12 million, personally, signing a CB for an additional 5 who could have an immediate impact on goals conceded is worth the money.

    Paying the extra 2mill for Schwarzer last summer would have been outstanding value as that clown Almunia wouldnt have been able to single handely cost us 8 points.

    8 points for 2 mill, is that good value? Or was Schwarzer overpriced at 4 million?

  433. You sound surprised to be fancying our chances Darius… I’m very confident. Henderson? Downing? £40mil well spent there…

  434. Comparisons are odious, and quite impossible, between players of different teams and eras. Ljunberg/Arshavin, who the fuck could tell unless they were playing at the same time, together, over a period, and even then there would be 73 different opinions, results.

    But this vintage looks thrilling to me. Young yes, granted. But let’s see shall we. If we make progress, it won’t be the first time a young team with a few older heads has shocked the world. Wilshere sure doesn’t seem like an 18-year old kid, and Ramsey seems older, and Gibbs, and Frimpong, and Song and Theo seem like veterans. It would not shock me at all if Ryo and Ox, Jenks and young Campbell made an impact, obviously as subs and short term replacements in most cases. I expect Frimpong to make his impact, over shortish bursts at his age.

    Onwards and upwards, forwards, sideways, zig-zag, hop-skip-jump, left and right but never ever backwards, not with Wenger. And Scott Dann, hell who are we really to judge? Barely no one had heard of Jenks, and early indications are ooh aaah, this lad is not bad at all. He could do a job. Over short bursts, for now.

    So come on Arsenal, and its rag-tag band of spoiled fans, who have been dished up the best football in England for over a decade. Have a little faith will you. Wenger might be a stubborn old goat, with his wild ambitions, firm principles, and belief in his players, but he’s no idiot. Surely, even the surliest of fans should say, OK, let’s take it from here. CL is a must, our proudest record in many ways, and we will win or draw in Italy. A 1-0 lead is a tactically huge lead, because one more goal, and that is likely (we might have had 3 more, RvP and Theo x 2) and then they must score 3, and that even for the doomiest, is unlikely. Therefore, big advantage Arsenal.

    Liverpool will not find it easy tomorrow, don’t think they will. And ManU will find it much, much tougher than the media and blogosphere might have led them to believe. Because we are the Arsenal, Cesc has fucked off, that itch has been scratched, and the team spirit get higher and higher.

  435. Luke, I’m biased because Song is my favourite player. I know Vieira was awesome but he doesn’t play for us anymore. Why would I not want to big-up our current players!

    It’s a little unfair to compare Song to him anyway. Vieira played with a partner who would hold back more than he did so he was able to get forward more. I think he’s more like Diaby in that respect.

  436. I’m so pleased we didn’t sign Schwarzer. I’ll take a few points dropped in order to pave the way for Chezney’s opportunity any day.

    We’ve got the rest of our lives supporting Arsenal. The odd barren patch means very little in the scheme of things.

  437. Jenkinson dealing with Suarez / Downing is a worry. He has never played a competitive minute of football against players of thier calibre.

    TV/LK winning aerial duals against Carroll will be critical as well.

    Liverpool will be bouyed from last years draw, despite significant possesion last year, we were very poor in the final third. I expect a similar game plan from Kenny with more attacking options. They will be dangerous on the break.

    If we play like we did against Udinese I can’t see us winning.

  438. Arsenal Tom | August 19, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Granted. The players mentioned are no where near the level that Pires, Overmars and Freddie was on but, trust me the likes of Campbell, Ryo, Oxo, Theo, will get there and then click there’s no doubt about that.

    The team we have only need tweaking.

    By that I mean a CB, as in Samba.
    Cahill doesn’t appeal to me because we have TV and if Djouru, can cut out the stupid mistakes and stay awake for 90+minutes, we could depend on him too.

    DM – simply because I don’t trust Song (tackling or positioning) and never will as I feel he takes his position or granted because he isn’t being pushed for his place.

    Striker – to back up RVP if the worse happens. A proven goal scorer who works off the ball and get rid of the shit we have up front aka Cham and bendtner.

    If we can somehow make some repairs on these subjects then I think we will finish the job we stopped doing last season and go all the way this season no matter how much these other have spent.

  439. Geo – the development of Sczney was nothing but luck. He wasn’t in Wengers plans at all to start. It took two long term injuries before his hand was FORCED. Almunia still has the number 1 jersey, im not entirely convinced AW sees Szcz as our long term solution, which would be ludacrous.

  440. Jenkinson won’t start, Luke.

    Sagna – Squillaci – Koscielny – Vermaelen

  441. Markus

    I’d rather Viera was in the squad currently than Diaby. But thats just me.

  442. Didn’t mean to upset the Song, fans among us. It was just a personal statement.

  443. Luke – I didn’t say it was a materstroke by Wenger, I said I was happy the way it panned out (i.e. not signing Schwarzer + injuries = Chezzer’s chance) – the risk paid off, and will have benefited us for years to come. Luck shone on arsenal for once – albeit at the expense of 8 points (if Manuel can be blamed entirely that is).

  444. ‘the development of Sczney was nothing but luck’ ?

    The development of Fabregas was nothing but luck.
    The development of Jack wilshere was nothing but luck.
    And the list goes on.

    What utter, uncredible, bollocks.

  445. The Sczney factor was more than lucky. I was begging for a new keeper too at the time and boy am I glad that my wishes weren’t granted.

  446. I see him as our long term number one. Definitely not ludicrous. He reminds me of a young Schmeichel.

  447. He meant the circumstances that allowed Chez to get his chance I think Finsbury.

  448. Right I’m off but just to say. Vieira is a legend, too true, yes? I have carefully watched (recently, last year, I have an interest in ‘historical’ football) several of his earliest games at Arsenal, I can confidentally inform the assorted fence-sitters and riff-raff doomsday brigade that THAT Vieira in the first few months would
    a) have been greeted by many stupid remarks by current Arsenal fans for his wayward and sometimes just awful passing, worse control, with the odd brilliant interception/tackle and pass, and inspirational instinctive move on the ball, he was Diaby-like subtly fast
    b) would NOT have been considered ready for this Arsenal squad, in comparison to Frimpong, let along Song or Diaby
    c) But, my my, you could just see the potential and reason for Wenger’s excitement, he had “something”, a presence, a belief, and in time because Wenger gave him that, control and simple but effective passing started to become natural to his game

  449. I’m off too – Zimpaul – Nice one.

    On that note – Frimpong’s better than Vieira!! 😉

    Have a good one all.

  450. Luke, sorry old stick, you are not a fence sitter at all, I had you all wrong. You are a farce, you make stuff up, you purport as fact things you could not possibly know. You don’t have clue. Oh fuck. DNFTVI. oops a daisy.

  451. I for one would take a 1nil win and concentrate getting the replacement for cesc and the defender so badly needed

  452. A mixed grill at Bodurm, a bottle of Efes and a win at the Emirates then into the Bailey for a couple of pints before heading home. A great way to spend a Saturday.

  453. Seems we should be talking more about the signing of Campbell to me.

    The boy looks to be deadly!

  454. Can someone say if joel cambell can play for the club straight away. The quotes in him from wenger sounds like he expects him to play this season

  455. Just support your team, for one day, you bunch of louts. Don’t ask, just support. Tis called being a supporter. And you happen to have Chelsea, Manu and ManC “friends” (oddly enough I have none, only Liverpool and Spurs, Celtic and Barcelona), do yourself a favour and insult them, their big deal team, its arrogant players, their buy and win at all costs ethos, their anti-football attitude, their football intelligence, and all they and their team stand for footballistically. It’s a fine way to have a nice day, tra la la, la la.

  456. Alex Ice Cream


    Is that the same Vieira who smashed Sheff Weds to smithereens when coming for his debut, who set up Wrighty for a second at Blackburn in AW’s first game in charge and rescued us from losing to Derby with a last gasp winner?

    Is this the same player that added steel, drive and purpose to our midfield?

    You are talking complete sh1te. Vieira transformed our midfield – immediately. Comparing him to Song and Diaby is a joke. He got better and better and in his second season he was awesome with Petit. Diaby is rubbish and Song no better than above avergae.

    You say that you’ve watched these games again recently and that’s your conclusion? Utter nonsense.

  457. Luke,

    wenger does see sczesny as our long-term no1. he did say so a long time ago. he said sczesny and be the no1 for the next 10 years or something along that line.

    but it is true that at the start of last season, he didnt believe that sczesny was ready yet, but a combination of factors forced his hand, and boy, did sczesny took his chance.

    but you can see that wenger was going for old keepers like schwarzer, because he wanted someone who could play right away, but yet won’t be around forever, because sczesny was waiting.

    as for why sczesny hasnt been given the no1 jersey.. i think maybe it is because he didnt want it? or maybe it was out of respect for almunia, who is after all still at the club.

    eboue’s number was given out to gervinho because eboue was almost gone.

    that’s how i see it.

    wenger sees sczesny as no1 now. last season, szesny came back from injury and people (including me) were wondering if he would start in place of fabianski, who played during his absence. he did. so i dun see why there are still questions over his place.

    what’s in a number anyway.

  458. Agree ZP, these questions questioning Wenger need to take a back seat right. I think it was Luke who talked about blind faith. How is it blind faith to Trust Wenger? that is not blind faith that is trusting in someone who is tried and true. The man is proven and committed.

    One thing I rate about the US is the respect for the managers, especially long term managers who brought Success to the club. Fans may say its time for them to leave, but trust me it is with all due respect. Not this nonsense that I read from so many Arsenal “supporters”, calling Wenger names and all that.

  459. Exactly AIC

    Song is 6 years and nearly 200 games into his Arsenal career. Turns 24 next month.

    If he ever reaches the standard of a 20 yr old PV4 reached within a matter of months I will be delighted.

  460. Our team is a lost cause then AIC.

    What an utter waste of time with just above average players like Song, innit? As for Diaby, he is an utter waste of time if you ask me. What is really becoming clear to me is why would anyone want to support Arsenal anyway!

    People say that United get help from the refs, but obviously it is us, how can a team with mostly crap players finish 4th if not for the refs?

  461. paul n merida looked amazing on youtube and yet failed to deliver lets hope in Joel case this is different.

  462. either that (we get help from the refs) or we must admit that Wenger is more of a genius than we think (those of us who believe he is).

  463. Yes my comedy friend, I have watched the lot and I know exactly what I mean and say. It’s instructive to watch such games in hindsight, and see how many times young Paddy gave the ball away, and missed his passes, and fell over, as I have said with the odd inspirational move or pass.

    But your comments about Diaby (rubbish) and Song (average) say everything about your routine, and the mean streak that goes with looking down the nose. Don’t get me wrong, I love it, and I think you have a winner, but it is so much better with your partner.

  464. Just the support the damn team on matchday you negative gits. I’m not saying you don’t, but IF you don’t then you ought to. That’s all.

  465. In terms of polarity it seems to me that the two extremes are ‘Arsenal is going to win all before them this season’ and ‘hope so but lets just wait and see’ at the other. Anything outside of those limits just isn’t support.

  466. ”Time for us supporters to stop giving Sky and the rest of the journo-filth ammunition for their anti-Arsenal crusade. It’s the first home league game of the season, so let’s get the place rocking. Support the team, be the 12th man and let’s ‘ave it.”

    Victoria Concordia Crescit. Come on you Gunners!

  467. ps … how’s the walk?

  468. I wouldnt even go there, just stick with the positive and let everything else go.

    I dont think Fran Merida couldnt have delivered either, he may have moved on too early with Cesc gone, who knows?

    The kid is all but 21.

  469. Thank god the AST don’t think like you Frank.

  470. On the debate about how clubs are supposedly “active” in the transfer market – it’s an indictment to the whole process of development and nurturing and growing talent. This culture of “splashing the cash” has really provided a hammer blow for football academies and development of young players. It really has damaged the fortunes of the national team because there is very little substance to work with.

    Everyone now seems to want stuff bought off the shelf, ready made to plug and play. No one wants to build things any more.

    If something goes wrong – the conventional wisdom is to use the transfer market instead of the training ground or promotion from within. I do respect teams like Everton who have no choice but to work with the players they have and those coming through from their academy.

  471. AS fucking T. You have to be joking. What a bunch of absolute wankers. They do nothing to drive up the support of this club. In fact just the opposite. When I asked them to help to stop people leaving early three years ago their answer was ‘not our problem people probably have trains to catch’. Arseholes to a man….and lets face it almost none of them are women. The AST are a leading negative influence on supporters. Utter, utter pricks.

  472. If I am not mistaken that AST was the group that was giving Wenger agro when the title was still within reach last season.

  473. if it is true that payments to agents are holding up the transfer of nasri, then it will just confirm that nasri’s problem is his agent. badly advised by greedy agents.

    uefa, fa, refs, pundits, media, agents.

    these are the problems in football.

  474. Agreed about Merida we will never know now but ,most agreed that he was an exciting prospect.

    Whats clear is that Campbell has a devastating left foot when he hit that ball it stays hit.

  475. Its funny how most who have moved on have made quite a mess of their careers. The irony.

  476. RVP
    Gervinhio, Arshavin, Walcott
    Frimpong, Ramsey
    Jenkinson, TV, Kolcielny, Sagna

    I hope Ryo & Ox gets 15 to 20 minutes tomoz. Arshavin simply has to start giving his record against the scousers.

  477. Frank, im not one for extremes but i will put a few things out there that i believe to be true.

    Last season we were close to winning something but fell short.
    Then we fell apart right at the end. The ‘mental strength’ deserted us.
    A couple more experienced heads would have helped.
    We needed to add those experienced heads to our existing squad this summer.
    This hasnt happened but we have added a few talented youngsters.
    OK, fair enough that would beef up the squad a little and replace those fringe players (Vela,B52, Eboue)
    BUT whats actually happened (so far) is that we havent added experienced quality, in fact we have lost it, in Clichy, Cesc and more that likely Nasri.
    We havent replaced those guys yet and we are 2 games into the season already.
    If we do then we are just back to a similar squad as last season but with quite a few new players to integrate.

    My worries about how we have handled/are handling the outgoings. Nasri obviously close to a move yet Wenger going on like hes just signed a new deal…..
    Same carry on with Cesc. Similar too with B52 situation, Wenger says hes talking to clubs but still being named on the bench.

    Seems to me that perhaps there are some sort of games being played and its making everyone look foolish.

  478. cool hand duke

    any sniff of us spending any of the Csec money yet??

  479. No-one looks foolish, DeiseGooner. We have not conceded a goal yet. Our transfer dealings have been better than almost every other club, maybe every club, and we have cash in the bank if we need it….and why would you not name players who are still at the club? Very good idea if they need to prove their worth. Can you see no positives at all? Really? It seems such a crying shame that you are operating without postive sensors. Must make life miserable at times. Cheer up, I am sure we will win the EPL this season against all the odds and in the face of adversity. Wouldn’t like to be on a polar expedition with you though, thats for sure. Probably pig out on all the rations in a fit of despair whilst the rest of us are out dealing with the elements.

  480. I didnt say there are no positives Frank but i do think the negatives currently outweigh them. Do you believe those players we have signed so far (while of good quality) replace or improve on those we have lost? In some cases maybe but not at the top end. Therefore we are weaker than we were last season.

    Some positives. Im quite ok with Jenks instead of Eboue. I like Gervinho and think he will offer more than Bendtner. Im delighted Vermaelen is back. I think we have found our keeper for the foreseeable future. Frimpong looks a real prospect.

    But losing Clichy, Cesc and Nasri make us weaker IF we do not replace them from outside our current squad. And i do believe the manner in which the Cesc and Nasri situations have panned out do make the statements made by Wenger foolish.

    It can still be turned around but i am losing faith that those in the position are doing so. Im still waiting.

  481. Wenger Out Now


    The words of our crazy manager today.Does this man live on this planet?

  482. Case in point.

    Trying to loan a player after losing Cesc – do you find that acceptible?,,11670_7112616,00.html?

    Dont question Nasris commitment – not a bit foolish no?

  483. Wenger Out Now

    Nasri is worse than Adebayor and Cashley rolled into one

    I hope Wenger plays him so us the fans can give him a send off the greedy cunt deserves and then Carragher breaks his legs

  484. Wouldn’t like you to be my bridge partner, WoN. Certainly like to play poker against you though. You are so thick I could make a fucking fortune. With an intellect like that you probably have no money anyway though.

  485. @wenger out now… lol.. please entertain us with some more.
    how about “hope carrager breaks AWs legs!” or ” Carrol hedbutts AW and then we get a new manager!”

    awh even as a wenger out now fan i as a arsenal fan come up with better insults than you.

    You dont know footy and you cannot even insult well wenger out now..

    awh you are just rubbish.

  486. Yep, Samir with a broken leg is certainly going to have the Little Mancs pushing the price up. Sharpen up, son.

  487. yes nasri is as bad as stapleton and i hope he wins as much but if your a manager looking to win a game for arsenal wouldnt you pick from your best available players or at least tell the oother team your going to ?

  488. and if City had any balls at all they would just pay the agents enough so taht the transfare couldl go trough. who knew they were so stingy??

  489. …and that is what close seasons are all about. This one is fascinating. I think we are winning hands down.

  490. Good write up. Great blog. I read this everyday but seldom comment. I’m a life long arsenal fan and season ticket holder. Traveling up from north devon for all home games. Will be leaving tomorrow morning for the liverpool match.

    I just want to say, more than ever, our team needs us to get behind the team and manager. We are all frustrated with the lack of signings this summer. But tomorrows match is a big one, lets all get behind our lads and see how we do.

    I’m glad our fans supported our boys well on tuesday night, lets do the same again.

  491. You think this is fascinating and we are winning Frank? Seriously? Care to share?

  492. please desi can you outline the solutuion for me? you seem to be so knowlageble….

  493. you seem to ridicule everyone that belive and downright call them stupid for beliving.

  494. @Desi lets rather discuss this:

    Lets say we do not buy any new players now until end of window Desi, how will you aproach the season with what we got now? how do you make the best out of a situation like that?
    That for me is a much more interesting question as if we do not add to the squad we need to find an answear to that.
    You have any thougt on that?

  495. Are you referring to me poodle? I never said i had the answers just that i have concerns. Nor have i ridiculed anyone or called them stupid.

  496. that is a question for everyone actually

  497. I did already share, DeiseGunner. This close season our signings so far are better than almost all others, maybe all and we still have money in the bank. There are some fascinating negotiaitions going on out there and we are winning. Meanwhile we have yet to concede a goal and are still in pole position to qualify. All we need to do as supporters is turn up tomorrow and support the team like never before because they have a few injuries, new boys and returning players.

    On a different note I am going to the Arsenal Stadium tomorrow to watch Robin Van Persie’s Arsenal.Supported him since he first came to us and I am as proud as hell.

    You lot can grizzle if you want but I am a happy supporter.

    ..Arsenal, Arsenal, Arsenal….

  498. And as for how will i approach the season if this is the squad. Well i will be 100% cheering on my team. I have no choice, they are my team right to my bones. I will hope we are right there in the mix and that we are entertaining, same as always. I will hope the players fight for all they are worth. I will hope those younger players who still have it all to do actually shine in the of unnecessary pressure having to replace more senior players too much too soon. But it will be tinged with a bit of extra nervousness and frustration due to us not strengthening but in fact becoming weaker.

  499. @desi i meant more like formation and players etc 🙂 though i do like your attitude.
    Reason i ask is you seem like a bright lad you must have some opinions on how to utilize our personell as good as possible.

  500. Wenger Out Now


    This time next year you will be calling RVP a greedy cunt like Nasri when he leaves with one year left on his contract.RVP wants to win titles and he wont under Wenger unless you call 4th place a title

  501. yes wenger out now. we all agree with you in everything you say. Always. You are our king. Now will you go?


    this to is fun as the players ask for something that is impossible to give. The clubs cannot give them something they dont have. And they are all skint.

  503. Well poodle if we have no more additions i can only go on what i see Wenger doing. I believe 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1, was to utilise Cesc to his fullest. Due to how late in the day it is now for a replacement or change of formation (we used 4-3-3 in the 2 games to date) it will still be 4-3-3 variations

    It seems Wenger will use Kos and Verm as his first choice pairing at the back. Im cool with that. Djourou if happy with a second choice but i worry seriously about Squill. I have no worries at right back but im concerned by both Gibbs and Traore at left back

    Whats becoming apparent is that Wenger sees Ramsey – Song – Jack as his first choice midfield 3. With Ramsey and Jack alternating the ‘cesc’ role. Now while i love both Jack and Ramsey, Cesc they aint. Nor are they at Nasri level yet, but i reckon both will surpass.

    Theo and Gerv will be first choice for the wide starting positions but will be more interchangeable with RVP centrally.

    Quite decent all in all but still weaker right now for our loses.

  504. @Desi, i wonder if Miquel will surpass Squil in the pecking order.

  505. I dont see how Wenger looks foolish in regards to Nasri and Cesc. They are grown men and if they make up their minds to do other than what he wants what is he supposed to do?

  506. I guess money wasnt the reason that Cesc joined Barca.

  507. 2 hours to read all the posts
    It is sad that James,A Spud,is more of a supporter of Arsenal than some of our so called fans.

  508. Its not the fact that we lost / are losing those 2 Paul-N its the statements from Wenger regarding not losing them and putting them in the squad.

    As for Miquel, leave him be for a while yet, its a mid to late 20s player of better quality than Squil we need not an 18 year old

  509. So what Deise?

    The man thought they would stay but they made their minds up for their own reasons.

    When all is said and done, he is the big man is everything because he stays and fights. He couldve gotten more money from another team and I believe wouldve won more at RM than he has at Arsenal becuase he wouldve had all the money to spend, plus the league is not competitive.

    The man is class and my respect for him has grown even more.

  510. Yes he may have thought they would stay .. at one point. But on the day Cesc was signing for Barca Wenger was still saying hed stay. He is also now saying Nasri will stay and is committed….when its obvious he is neither … and put him in the squad for ‘pool.

    You think thats clever?

  511. DeiseGooner,I think you are the clever one.To be able to draw conclusions whilst only having a fraction of the relevant information.Pure genius IMO

  512. @desi i think its very clever to use Nasri if he can make a difference yes. We will soon find out. Why should we not use the players we got until they are gone? after all we pay his salary. if he can turn in a couple of good shifts before he leaves then good for us.

  513. It is clear that you don’t really get RvP, do you?

  514. I am of the same opinion Paul-N,

    “The man is class and my respect for him has grown even more”
    Our very own Arsene Wenger…what a guy!
    The absolute best manager on the planet.

    ARSENE”S GOING NOWHERE (..repeat till hoarse)


  515. george – did wenger not say cesc was staying on the day he left? Does a transfer as convoluted as the cesc one happen between your cornflakes and your cheese sandwich? On that day Wenger knew he was gone so why say otherwise? And now Wenger is saying similar with Nasri.

    poodle – If he uses Nasri i believe its because he has no real choice due to departures & suspensions…

  516. Why would you talk to someone called “Wenger out now”
    Footballing Luddite.


  517. So Deise,What exactly do you think he did or does it for?
    Do you think it is so people like you can take the piss?
    Why would he do it unless he knows some reason that we are not privy too?
    Just think about it!!!

  518. Cashri should be used fully for 90 minutes per game till we sell him off. No excuses, no subbing, no whining even if his groin & ankles flare up and start whistling…

  519. Aman Add me to the list

    He greatest manager we will ever see.
    The most honorable and honest man I can think of in any walk of life.

  520. Beats me why hes doing it george but whatever reason he seems to have it doesnt seem to fit with the outcome…..

  521. 11 days left and no superstar signings 😦 OH Mee Geeez what are we going to do?

  522. u just do not get AW DaisyGunner…his peculiarities are lost on u, though I’m sure u wouldn’t really care what he has to say once the team starts winning.
    Withdraw the microscope and have faith Deisedude
    Not worth the high bp

  523. Deise,That is why we should not take things at face value.
    If you do ,I would concede that it is stupid behavior.But No matter what you think of the man he is anything but stupid

  524. Had your seat reserved george, warm & comfy for fellow RASERS!

  525. G4E
    “11 days left and no superstar signings OH Mee Geeez what are we going to do?”

    We are going to go on hunger strike gooners…from sunrise to sundown!

    ….oh but wait, millions are already doing that…its an Arsenal Ramadan!

  526. Tell me then Aman, what am i missing in these instances whereby what Wenger says wont happen is actually happening as hes talking about it? What good comes of it?

    I have always found Wenger an engaging and thoughtful man in an interview. Please dont miscast me as some sort of sing when you are winning type either. What im talking about here is not about winning its about what Wenger is saying in the face the opposite happening.

  527. maybe using him will make City hurry in paying the fee agreed and get the deal done.

  528. I agree george hes anything but stupid. Which is why i cannot get these foolish statements or the reasons behind them…..

  529. That’s just a game he plays. Why be sincere with the dishonest?

  530. read between the lines Deise

  531. Aww come off it Aman. If it benefited us then yeah but thats clearly not happening. If you simply believe the man is infallible then so be it.

  532. Deise,I do understand what you are saying and on the face of it it seems stupid, at least.

    But that is why I believe there must to reasons I cant see.

    I cannot contemplate the alternative

  533. Luke: “I am starting to respect Mourinho. We feel there is a media/officating defence of United?

    The preferrential treatment Barca recieve is quite astonishing. The amount thier players fall to floor at the first possible instance is disgusting.

    For the first time in my life, I find myself wanting Mourinho to succeed, and hope he breaks Barcas dominance.”

    Luke, wipe Mourinho’s spunk off your face. Would be nice to see you jump up to defend Arsene the same way when we get hard done.

    Be honest, despite everything horrible about Barcelona they outplayed Madrid to a man. I didn’t see too much diving from Barcelona in that game. At least not as much as they dove against us. What I did see was Ramos, Pepe, Carvalho, Alonso and Marcelo playing like they apprenticed under Tony Pulis or Alex McLeish.

    That Yankee gunner post is absolute shit. It’s very telling that you thought it was succint.

  534. i dont think desi is a whiner. grantedly hes always been a bigger sceptic than me and i dont usually agree with him. but he always(or often anyway 🙂 ) behaves with respect and i dont see anything wrong in being critical to the transfareprocesses aslog as the window is open. He also states that he is behind the team and our playes.

    Regarding Wengers comments, I think the balance of power has changed slightly within the club. Its clear to me that Wenger wanted Nasri to stay for one more year and then let him go for free next summer. Nasri was also willing to do this, It would have been good for the club imo to keep him, play him and let Jack and Ramsey get some support as main players in the midfield.

    I think the new owner though is not interested in that. And buisness wise it is madness not to sell him, a player in his last season for 22m. its the best deal ever!
    Club wise and team wise on the other hand, it probably would be better to keep him. And tbh i dont care if he loves the club or not, aslong as he played good for one more year.
    Chamakh did the same with bordeaux before he joined us. He helped them to was it quartefinals? in the CL. Surly Nasri could do the same for us.
    Im not saying he is gods gift to footbal, just that it would be handy to have him sticking around for one more year. Regardless of wheter he loves his club or not. Aslong as he does a good job who cares who he loves. I bet samirs only love in life is Marseille, all the rest is just “buisness as usuall”

    The irony atm is that his greedy Agent that adviced him to go to City is hampering the deal as he is asking for to much an agent fee. So the same agent that in the first place tempted him with a lucrative deal could be the one to wreck it all due to greed.

  535. george – one alternative, now i have no facts to prove this so calm down its just thinking out loud here, is that there has been a disagreement behind the scenes regarding transfer policy.

  536. Poodle City will pay the agent in the end

  537. I think you are giving this way too much thought.

  538. That would not explain last Fridays press conference though would it?
    He must have known Friday morning that Cesc at least was a going.
    Just as he knows today Nasri will be going.

  539. cool hand duke

    So we now know silent stans motives regarding the club then.

  540. Enlighten me oh wise Dukey

  541. cool hand duke

    but Wenger should have sold Cesc on the first day of the window. big cock up there im affraid coz it has seriously fucked up our pre season.

  542. cool hand duke

    er… make some pat cash george what else.

  543. You cant sell anything unless the buyer tips up
    Would you just have asked Barca to give us what they wanted too?

    Duke,did you think his motives were that of a massive Gooner.Profit is, and always has been his motive.You must have known that.

  544. No way will Samir play tomorrow, I think unless something weird happens then he’s in the squad to sit on the bench and squirm. In other news that will only appeal to a tiny percentage of you, Josh Groban is set to play Andy Bernard’s brother in The Office. This year keeps on getting better, roll on tomorrow!

  545. Vidic being out for five weeks and MU dropping some points will put all this Arsenal in crisis rubbish into perspective. Or at least it will silence the cunts who point to Manure as having done their businesss wisely and early on. Either way, it’ll quiet the drama queens posing as Arsenal supporters until the next faux crisis appears on the horizon.

  546. Gains don’t count your chickens mate

  547. wonder if Raul would be a good signing for us?or is he deffo over the top? I used to really like him in his heydays.

  548. He is ancient though(in football terms anyway).Mind you may be a decent backup.

  549. oh and if Robin stays fit this season he will become the best player in the PL 🙂 go robin!!!!

  550. Chelsea are close to signing Mata…

  551. My god poodle can you imagine the hullabaloo if we signed him.

  552. @geroge i dont care. Raul is king! or was anyay muahaha!

  553. that said George, i cant wait to see Ryo neither. I really liked his interwiev where he said that when he first came he was filled with joy but very quick it was replaced by a feelling of responsibility to play as good as he could and achieve greatness.

    Thats very mature for a 19 year old. Talking about responsibility and wanting to pay back people that put faith in him. You got to like the kid.

  554. George, they play the Spuds on Monday without their first choice CB duo and a shaky goalkeeper. I am predicting that they drop points. And if they drop points the media narrative will swing against them for a bit. That’s not counting chickens. It’s also not some sort of disaster for Manure. I’m just predicting the way our media obsessed drama queens will likely react.

  555. Team for tomorrow?

    Oxo ————Theo
    —-Frimp – Ramsey—-
    Jenks Verm Kos Sagna

  556. If Mata does well at Chelsea you can expect to see Arsene beaten repeatedly with that stick forever. Does anyone know roughly how much stadium debt we have left to pay off?

  557. Vince my best guess is £150 million

  558. If the rumours are right its well likley that chelsea are doing another 100m spendingspree this august.
    First lukaka 20m then mata 30m then Modric 30m and that dutch wonderkid that i dont remember the name of 10M. Last winter it was Sideshow bob 23m and torres 50m.
    They almost dwarf even City if this goes through.

  559. Fuck, Mata is a good player but nowhere near as good as people are making him out to be.

  560. Mata could be the creative spark we have missed in our two games so far – but he wont

  561. A bit like Nasri then Gains

  562. I’d be surprised if Chelsea were to buy both Mata AND Modric, although if AVB is in this for the long haul then he might be looking to replace some of those geriatric midfielders. It’d be interesting if Chelsea were to go down the route of more nimble, technical, slightly-built players. Were his Porto side physical? In terms of height and stature I’d say the current Chelsea side has a lot more in common with a team like City than us.

  563. Not to worry guys we are close to signing a new striker. Admittedly he is only 16.

  564. Ramadan Kareem Aman.

  565. “Over the past few years 22 of the 42 clubs in Spain’s top two divisions have passed through administration. ”

    thats sick stats. With the wider spanish society in a deep economical crisis its even more sick.

  566. @dups why they papers make a big deal out of a top 4 club signing a 16 year old beats me. Its a rathe comon event and happen with most clubs all the time. Its nothing extraordinary in Arsenal doing so. Papers just wanna creat fuzz as usual.. :S

  567. the headlines of todays papers. Arsenal only play kids while Ferguson puts faith in his young defence. ..

  568. poodle

    The papers know it will wind up some of our fans. That’s why they see it as big news.

  569. Vince, by the time Mata gets a go at Chelsea I’m confident that Arsene would have unearhted the next best u-20 player on the planet. His impact at Chelsea this season will be equal to Josh McEachran’s. A few games in the CC and when they’re 3-0 up against someone like QPR or Norwich.

  570. another bid bites the dust.

  571. over the hill-woods ambition this season. the transfer window to fukin urry up and shut, squeez into the cl round.

  572. We will not do Mata.
    What sort of a bid was that?

  573. George,

    Would have been nice for our new owner to wake up in th moring and whilst eating his syrup and pancakes with jelly thinking how to make Arsenal title winners again.

  574. George, Mata is closer to Theo than Nasri. Like Theo, he was an unused sub for his NT and people are blowing his ability way out of proportion. The difference, however, is that Theo was only seventeen when he was called up and Mata was twenty two. Compared to Nasri, however, I think our little, greedy dip shit is miles better than him eventhough they’re a year apart in age and Nasri has only ever played three months of quality, consistent football for us.

  575. Because young Mr.Grace will profit in what way.Dukey?
    He only owns 2 shares and does not get a salary.They don’t take dividends so what way will he profit

  576. He would have to sell his shares to Bill Gates for that to be possible Dukey

  577. pah. balance sheets. its their drug.

    George, where was the memo saying we wil not be able to challenge financialy when we move to the stadium? they said we are moving to be able to compete on a financial scale did they not. or did they just get the sums wrong. i doubt it. So we had money to spend before the departures of the two johnnys. so where are the bloody players tht we so desperatly fukin need, why the cheap arse bids still? why have a £15m player on the bench and we cant play him coz he is not ready to play?? squad is as thin as thin lizzy skating on thin ice.

  578. Dukey.I get it you think it is going tits up,

    As for the memo.Well the to Oily clubs made it a whole new world and we just have to accept it.

  579. Haha damn those ‘yonger’ fans. Must be very disheartening for older supporters to have to put up with these kids who’ve been spoilt by Wenger’s earlier successes and don’t understand the peaks and troughs that all clubs go through. Le Prof has inadvertently instilled an unhealthy sense of entitlement.

  580. So Dolphin head is on the point of joining the tiny totts. What a come down after playing for us, Madrid & Portsmouth.

  581. Vince,

    i am 24, i started supporting Arsenal at about the same time Arsene Wenger came in. so you can basically say, i only know the Arsenal that wins trophies with style.

    but i am not whining when the going gets tough.

    so i don’t think that has to do with age.

    it’s about values and what the media is making people believe is the way to go: win at all costs, because debts will always be bought up by some fool.

    i don’t believe in that shit. that is why i am glad i am an arsenal fan.

    i look at all the trophies man utd, chelsea have won. do i feel jealous? not a fucking bit, because they were all bought.

  582. Limestonegunner

    Glad Nasri is in the squad. Puts pressure on City to do the deal if they really want him. So what if he gets injured–then the deal is off and on his recovery he will have to play hard to attract any interest. Perhaps he ends up having to sign up with Arsenal. At this point I don’t see us spending the money so I’d rather go with Wenger’s original plan to use him this year and then let him walk. Sorry Kroenke. If your sole input thus far as an owner has been to pressure our manager to sell one of his best players than you are no good to us. Let’s win something and see what happens; then we’ll know if he has ambitions or just greed. I hope everyone cheers and agree with Gadget, sing the Nasri song but tell him that he should sign the damn contract.

  583. Just Another Luke


    I don’t think it is necessary to ask anyone if he knows how much money £20m is.

    I respect you for stating your stand, but I’m on the side of those who say: cash in. Regardless of Kroenke’s views.

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