The negativity is doing nothing for the cause.

Everybody has an opinion, and that’s not a bad thing. But too often, the opinions are formed from second hand news, prejudice and pernicious self interest. One suspects that loyal fans have become increasingly disenfranchised with the arsenal scene this year. Not with Arsene Wenger, nor the squad, nor the exciting new additions, but with the media, the section of arsenal anti-support, and the constant negativity. Some will argue that moaning is a cultural thing. There are staunch gooners who do it. A friend around on Saturday groaned every time Gervinho got into a good position but didn’t make it count. But this is one of the more benign manifestations of negativity this summer.

Talk Sport seem to have a daily obsession with Arsenal. On the radio in pre season, the discussion was mainly about us, as if we are the only team in the premiership, and no other teams had negative talking points. Yet, we have the Sp*ds who have signed Brad Friedel, are clinging on to Modric, with the biggest delusions of grandeur about winning the premiership, yet nobody mentions anything about them. We have City, who with their £400 million Etihad sponsorship deal, announced the financial scam of the summer, in my view up there with Enron. A nice little earner that will mean £40 million gratis is injected into their company accounts every year, but this is strangely no longer newsworthy. We have Liverpool, who have paid over the odds for several players, who don’t appear to be top draw internationals, but just good players with a mixture of potential and experience. We have Manchester United, who have made, according to the general media, signings that have already won them the title. Really ? Could have fooled me. And then there is Chelsea, who looked remarkably pedestrian last year, have an ageing squad, and have just signed an 18 year old, and appointed a young manager, but can be otherwise excused from any criticism because he is new on the block.

So what is the media obsession with Arsenal ? We have a bigger twitter presence, have more article hits on the internet, and it appears from Talk Sport, more coverage on the radio. Is it that the plotline is just too full of rich pickings ? The trophy absence, the difference in style, the apparent refusal to go big in the transfer market. The deviation from accepted wisdom. The refusal of Wenger to do and see the obvious. The Cesc and Nasri situations. It is frankly, a bonanza for the media. The talking heads keep talking, as we are doing, but unfortunately the things that are being said are not all good. Paul Hayward talked about the demise of Wenger as a force on Sunday Supplement, siding with those who agree that we have invested too much in youth and not enough in experience. His comments will hopefully be disproved in the next two weeks, but in any case it’s an example that anywhere you turn there is criticism.

MikeSA made some excellent comments yesterday about the failure of the Arsenal PR machine. One can echo this wholeheartedly. Whoever is running the PR department should be given a single bullet at dawn. The press conference on Friday morning was a fiasco. Because of Twitter, everybody knew in advance of it’s 9am shedule.  We knew there may have been news about Cesc and Nasri, and were hopeful of other announcements. Instead, Wenger did an excellent job of stonewalling the press, much to the chagrin of the anti-support. The press conference was disappointing, not because of the comments, but that it did nothing to stem the tide of negativity towards our transfer dealings this summer. It was actually the pre match press conference, but the timing was unbelievably bad, coinciding with rumoured departures of both Nasri and Cesc. The result, some reported booing before the Newcastle game. AW may have a thick skin, but there are now rumours that this season will be his last, a job at PSG awaiting. The PR department may be being unfairly criticised  here, as it was the first, routine press conference. Still, somebody could have advised AW not to comment on any transfers by only accepting questions related to the game.

The other point about the press conference is the change in culture. Before the internet, we would have probably read about it in the Saturday paper. Then came the internet with a report of the press conference on, with quotes and a download.  The next evolution was AVTO, with a live feed, followed by us adding comments on the blogs. Now, with Twitter, the exposure is magnified. Fans tweet advance news of when the press conference is taking place, during which there are instant tweets of live reaction and thoughts. The negativity is immediate, an outpouring of opinion reflecting the mismatch of expectations and actual events.  If we just read the paper on Saturday, the negativity would not be so concentrated.  So this media and instant news phenomenon needs to be addressed.

Fans are even getting angry about perceived news that may not be true.  A case in point, the Mata interest. There were rumours that this was a done deal. Gillium Balague said that we had not forwarded payment to Valencia by a July 31st deadline. Cue criticism. Then we heard that the release clause had been upped by Valencia from €23 million to €60 million. Cue more criticism. Wenger then received criticism for not explaining why the Mata deal was dead. He was accused of arrogance. Well, first of all, we don’t know anything about this situation. Mata’s wage demands could have been sky high. Valencia may indeed have been demanding a ludicrous fee. We just do not know. In light of this, we should just move on, but instead, waves of criticism go around about situations that may have valid reasons for why we acted in the way we did. We could even still be in for Mata. Wenger is notoriously quiet because he doesn’t want to alert other clubs of our interest. When we were in for Joel Campbell, there was a strong rumour of another premiership club who followed Richard Law on the plane to Costa Rica with a counter offer. Spu*ds have been rumoured to be on the tail of Mata. Keeping schtum will protect our interests.

We are up against mendacious and ruthless operators who want success. They are continually on the lookout for our best players. Nasri is one who has had his head turned. The Cesc situation is maybe different, as he wanted to go home. For those who believe the fault lays at the door of AW, please, get real. The figures put out recently on ACLF demonstrated that there is only one manager who has outperformed AW in terms of his achievements related to expenditure, and that is Alex Ferguson. Wenger was able to win trophies and compete with Manchester United up to 2005, but not since, which is no surprise, given the combined expenditure of £2 billion by Chelsea and Manchester City in the last 6 years. The effect of our best players going, and the finite pool of good players being snapped up by the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United is reflected in our lack of trophies.  The press don’t want to concentrate too much on this, as they don’t want to bite off the hand that feeds them. Instead, other reasons are conveniently attributed for our “failures” (final of the champions league, 1 semi final, 2 quarter finals, and in the premiership – , 2 3rd places, 4 4th places);  The lack of a centre back. The myopic stance of Wenger towards our defence. The lack of english players. If there was a sanctimonious view here towards the money, club owners would just up sticks and situate themselves in Spain or Italy.

Some arsenal fans are simply incapable of accepting that we are outspent by at least 5 clubs (at home and abroad) in the transfer market. They don’t want to be told any financial realities. They criticise the current squad, accusing them of underachievement and then in contradictory terms argue for a change in the model, which they see is just self preservation by the board. There is sympathy with the view that we need to invest in players. But please let it be with those players that are of AW’s choosing, and will not bankrupt the club, or disrupt the dressing room. Calling for Usmanov style investment will achieve what exactly ? We finished just 3 points behind City and Chelsea, despite their squads being worth at least twice ours in monetary terms. We already have the spine that we need. No gooner to my knowledge is criticising Szczesny, Vermaelen, Wilshere and VP. The accepted wisdom now is that we just need 2 or 3 players to make a challenge. A central defender, a midfielder, possibly two, and maybe another striker. There are two weeks of the window to go, and we have at least £60 million, even discounting any money from Nasri. There should be a smile on people’s faces come September. Let’s hope so.


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  1. hmmmm…..
    Cesc leaves for Nou Camp… Sigh.. it is going to be a long week….
    but you are right.. let us just get back to supporting the team… bcos at the end of the day that is what we have

  2. Good summary of the misery that trails our club like a bad smel, Muppet. Savage on 606 last night fielded a call from a 14 year old gooner who questioned spending so much on young players when we could have bought Samba. Savage was ecstatic, called the young man a genius who really knew his stuff. It was Arsenal press 101.

    Still, our PR is dreadful. Doesn’t Gazidis know this? A more hands on approach from him as CE would be welcome. So far, i have not seen too much to be impressed about in his performance but we hear very little from him or about him.

    I haven’t heard the PSG rumour. Don’t like the sound of that.

    If we don’t produce something in the form of squad strengthening in the next couple of weks, the knives will really be out. I have to say that, although we doubtless do have trouble competing with money doped and/or stupid clubs, we actually can afford to buy ourselves!

    Personally I’ll back Arsene to turn this around on the pitch. A bit more nous from the rest of the management team would be very welcome.

  3. Try being a Newcastle fan and you’ll know what it’s like.

  4. Spursfor 4th spot

    Few do have the imagination to go to this level of analysis. Great analysis. It is sad that fans are booing the team and the manager. The players are harassed by some fans. I thought that what Wenger has achieved for Arsenal would make him a legend whatever happens today and in the future. A manager who has achieved all that is booed. Shame for fickle Arsenal fans. That is why some players are reluctant to join Arsenal. You dont have the voice to support your team. But when it comes to booing, your are too noisy.

  5. Cyprus The Immortasl Gooner

    There is one little detail about been outspend. 99% of the fans never asked to spend like Chelsea or City!! We demanded a decent keeper (we had to wait 5 years hoping the Pole will deliver) and a couple players per year JUST BETTER than Eboue, Denilson, Diaby, Clichy, Vela etc. HOW HARD is it to get better players than them with our finances??!! You don’t need trillions of money to admit there are some players that just didn’t develop as Arsene hoped.

  6. Outrageously good post this morning. Nice to start the day with something other than unmitigated negativity toward the club and the manager. I feel that if the supporters will support the team from the stands we have every opportunity to prove the pundits wrong again. Last year we finished in the top 4, played in a cup final, and were United’s main league challenger for the majority of the season. People act like Wenger had us fighting relegation. We’ll make signings and we’ll be stronger than anyone realized. As usual.

  7. Wrightydehenry

    Great article why don’t our supporters stand up for our team and club. We are bombarded by media negativity of which only 10% is the truth and reuse this as a measure of our clubs progress. I agree club should do more positive PR look at how we were received in the far east. Look at what other fans say about our club it’s us they want to be not the hyper rich ones! Yes we need a centre back and a replacement for Cesc. Stop the boo boys there’s 37 games to go!!!!!!!!!

  8. well said. despite the obvious shortcomings in Arsenal’s squad and the frankly shambolic way in which this summer’s transfer business has been conducted, all the booing and blog/twitter-fuelled negativity can in no way, shape or form help the club.

    This season may well be a struggle, but there’s no way that some new faces won’t arrive in the next few weeks, and a fresh, new-look Arsenal is surely something to be excited about – a run of good results will change the mood around the club and that is what all Gooners should be focussing on, not booing the manager and board.

  9. good read. wish everyone could just get behind the team. i wonder why the media doesn.t talk about liverpool who spend more than us every year but haven’t won anything since 2006. and no CL the last 2 seasons

  10. Why have you cancelled (strikethrough) it? Or is it my computer?

  11. Wonderful Blog this morning. I shudder to even imagine that Arsene Wenger would go to another football club.

  12. Man united lose two central defenders, have their own flappy-handski… hopefully the media have a new bone to chew

  13. Muppet,

    Agree 100%. People tell about trophies as if its their right. The most telling line I read in the papers was a journalist on soccer net ego slammed wenger for an entire article but then added at the end, “…having said that, should arsenal not have wenger, any manager that replaced him would view a fourth place finish as a good season.”

    And that would purely be based on money spent. Its almost like wenger is the only coach for whom money spent is not considered in his evaluation….

  14. At last a balanced view. I watched the game at my local at the weekend and most, if not all fellow gooners want rid of AW. very short sighted in my view. Pleasantly surprised by Neville’s defence of AW too.
    as you have stated, financial doping is one issue brushed under the carpet by myopic journo’s to often.
    could this be our year?
    C’mon you reds!!

  15. Yogi for arsenal PR head!

  16. well when there have been 6 seasons to fix the same old problems as paying fans we have the right to be upset and concerned.

  17. Hurrah!!! We need to rally the fans for Udinese and Liverpool. Let’s get behind the team and show them that our negativity is not directed at them. Let’s support our boys!!!

  18. Muppet – Nice write up.

    I have to say, personally I really don’t care how the media portray us. I am more interested in the going on’s at the club, that what outsiders thnk a bout the club. Who cares what they write, and what crap they spout on the talkshows. Not me, that is for sure.

    We have to move on now after Cesc leaving, but it is hard not to feel cheated when you realise how little cash we have gotten for a player of that quality, and our prime asset. I really don’t think we have dealt with this situation well at all.

    As its stands 2 days into the season, we have lost our most creative player, and are about to lose the player who many thought would step into his place. Arsene sure has his work cut out.

  19. Great post Muppet.
    ACLF is a place of comfort, no matter how dispirited doomers want to make you feel, those on here encourage you.

    Gotta run along..see y’all later.

  20. I bet even with a few more signings the miserable bastards that pertain to ‘support’ Arsenal will still moan that we didn’t do enough! It is sickening that Arsene is treated this way. The problem is with this horrid feeling surrounding the club players like RVP will lose the love he obviously has for the club. No matter how much you love something if that love is not reciprocated then you will be unhappy and look elsewhere. Of course if this did happen Les miserables would then say he left because we didn’t sign anyone.

    I would love RVP to come out and state that unless the fans get behind the team he will look for somewhere else to play. Put the ball firmly in the fans court and see how they react.

  21. Excellent post, Muppet. Could not agree more..

  22. BrightonGooner

    Excellent post! As usual it has been a depressing pre-season in part because Arsenal fail to manage the media. I hadn’t realised so much gossip online was about the Arse relative to other clubs. When DD left, it seemed that Wenger’s role/ responsibilities increased. Can’t really imagine how he is coping: his best player, Cesc, along with Barca, pressurising him into accepting the transfer (& Fifa standing by as usual and doing nothing about clubs tapping our players up!!), players heads getting turned by nearly double the money at financial dopers €ity & ¢hav$ki (eg Greedybayor and now Na$ri, and previously Ca$hley Cole)….(the behaviour of those two teams breaking all the rules on financial fair play…and the media turn a blind eye, as do Fifa….sigh), ..the fallout from all this for the rest of the squad and its morale….

    How Arsene will gel the team together and keep their focus is anyone guess. Am amazed he hasn’t had a major health scare by now the pressure he is under to meet his own expectations on a comparatively small budget….. Yes he ain’t perfect. His idiosyncrasies…well we all have our own…and placed in the context of this pressure, and the unfairness of the game, all make sense as mental survival mechanisms! But frustrating for those on the outside!

    I am ever hopeful that Wenger will bring in more talent and help us get that 4th spot at the very least. He has been a remarkable manager. On his budget, nothing short of a genius. He is in a slightly unique situation having £50 million burning a hole in his back pocket… Arsene knows!!

  23. Thank you for this piece of work..great that soe arsenal fans are falling in the trap of the media. Arsene has said over a million times that Arsenal cannot compete with the likes of Man city when it comes to spending but the average minded Arsenal supporter thinks he has all the money but will not spend it. We already have a good golie and the central defenders pairing of Koscielny and Vermaelen is perfect with a back up of Djourou we are sorted out.

  24. What i think i funny is that we cry out for Samba, and you see his defence in Blackburn being turned every week in and out. He is probably better at set play but other than that I’d take Verm and Kos any day!

    Sorry to see Fab4 move. We should by young still, but not from big reputation clubs like Barca. You don’t see F. Torres crying about going back to Atl. Madrid.

    I also like to go back to the game on Saturday and say that Gerv should have gone off and the same goes for Baboon, but what is interesting is that the situation should have given us a penalty. The ball was still in play when the mug took Gerv by the neck. A clear penalty!

  25. Regardless of how we do, I think this will be Arsene’s last season. It’s shameful that our official history will reflect that the most successful manager in the history of the club was hounded out with boos ringing in his ears.

  26. We need to ensure the boos are downed out with cheers and singing. It is time to turn on the idiots who think booing and jeering is a way to make the players perform better. Glad they are not my parents is all I can say!!

  27. Excellent post. Something worth knowing on the media coverage front, and this is well known in the online print world, is that Arsenal stories generate far more comments/feedback than stories on any other clubs.

    Now this isn’t because we have more fans or because Arsenal is more interesting than clubs like Man Utd or Chelsea/even Barca, but its a fact.

    This is the reason that you we see a daily column on Arsenal in the likes of the Guardian/Telegraph. Its the same reason that the radio shows focus on them. It isn’t bias – its just a very sad way on generating site hits and in the case of a radio show, a call.

    Newspapers are dying a slow death so the advertising revenue on Arsenal blog pages are going to be milked for all they are worth. Its the same reason Arsenal has far more fan blogs (like this one) than any other club.

    Perhaps the only way of stopping it is by asking the fans to boycott commenting on Arsenal stories in the press but thats a harder task than getting Arsenal’s PR machine to work properly!!

    Incidentally Jollymike – I think you are absolutely right on the penalty front as the ball was still in play when Barton grabbed him.

  28. Muppet,

    Well said Sir. I no longer hold a season ticket. Reason? Boo boys and deteriorating atmosphere at the Emirates.

    I’m very happy with the slow start. Players have just arrived, more are coming (Campbell today other[s] expected!) and we had an unusual preseason (Asian tour). Nil-nil with the barcodes at their ground simply aint that bad. Look at Chelsea and Liverpool. The latter having spent over £100, 000, 000 since their acclaimed king took charge.

    How we educate the fools who attend our matches and haunt the darkest corners of blogosphere is a tough question. Maybe only results will do so but even our moments of success are generally met with warnings of pending doom. I hope things change soon. Would it be possible for the club to eject booers, maybe if enough real supporters lodged complaints that they found the abuse and negativity threatening or unpleasant the club would have grounds to introduce such a ruling. I know it’s an extreme suggestion and that the club would be running a major risk concerning backlash a loss of income, but FFS…


  29. Amen to that – good post.

    the negativity has been brewing for yrs. i read a blog by a 22 yr old gunners who had been supporting the club since he was 10 cursing wenger for not spending money. i came to realise that he would have only known arsenal since 1999, which would explain some of the views that he had regarding the club and the lack of knowledge of the way arsenal have operated in the past seasons before wenger. Big name signings and paying dum wages is not a thing arsenal do even before wenger we had a tight wage structure and rarely paid british transfer records. The media in my opinion builds up this un-necessary expectation for big name world class signings that they list as world class. Journos with very limited football knowledge term such and such a player as world class and also suggests the price we should pay.

    Ask any of those learned journo’s before 1998 who was pat viera and how much would they pay for him and the response you would have most likely got is patrick who?

  30. ChrisNettleton

    Part of this is a phenomenon of social media. People publish their thoughts when they’re hacked off, maybe even from in a match when someone misses a sitter, and it becomes our press. The actual media (especially talksport) pounces on fan disaffection and goes on a power trip to try and genuinely topple Wengers regime like they try to topple governments, and such is the stupidity of some fans they are unable to see through that. The commercial media values money, dollar signs, signposts of materialism. Arsenal constantly huntIng for bargains and financial prudence goes against the media’s modern set of values. We are not ‘playing the game’. I wish our fans were as stalwart as the scousers, bit at this moment, the biggest impedent to this team is armchair fans on a power trip after seeing their own words published on the net. Confidence is 50% of a flair team’s battle, and the people who boo instead of cheer and slag us off at every juncture are working against the club. I would rathe they switched their allegiance to a club that plays by their own set of rules ( usually 1970’s ones) than stick around and p**s on our chips.

  31. Still sad that it’s finally over with Cesc. I sometimes try to think of scenarios where the transfer still does not go through because he fails a medical or because he does not agree personal terms with them etc. but it’s to no avail. In a couple of hours he will officially be one of them and no longer one of us and there is nothing we can do about it. I will always remember the thing’s he has done for us fondly, the incredible goals he has scored, the passes he has played, the attitude he displayed at times, especially in the 2009/2010 season. Back then he seemed like a real leader, somebody worthy of the armband but unfortunately the very next season it was obvious that his heart was no longer in it and the player who brought us so much joy didn’t want anything more than to go back to his old club. Still, I will miss him, nonetheless because he was one of my favourite players, but I can’t wish him the best because I just detest Barcelona so much. While I hope he can finally prove to the world that he is the best midfielder in the world, something we Gooners have known for a long time, at the same time I wish only the worst upon Barcelona. I wish for them to go bankrupt, not that they aren’t already morally bankrupt, and I hope that Mourinho is going to stuff them good in the coming years. Barcelona have managed to turn from somewhat of a second team to one of the most hated clubs in the world for me.

  32. I have to say as a fan nothing hurts as much as seeing a captain i had always admired, who at his prime,is willing to do anything to facilitate his exit including taking a pay cut and dragging down your team mates and club’s reputation due to ur wish to fufill a is just not justifiable.Where is the sense of responsibility and pride in leading the greatest club team on earth?

  33. Well done Muppet.
    Now lets get behind the team tomorrow night and make some real noise. I suggest those sitting near the scum pressbox make their feelings about the obvious bias known to the inhabitants. Lets make their lives uncomfortable.

  34. This is a shite of a post and I wont mi nce my words. What really is the aim of the post? To tell the whole world that Wenger is right and aggrieved players are wrong? You must be delusional. I would rather have Cesc and Nasri at Arsenal now, at the peak of their careers even if i have to pay huge money than all the years past only to loose the finished article that they prese ntly are. In your opinion I know you think 40mils is enough to pay for the trust, sacrifice and education we gave Fabregas for 8years? And Nasri too. I even dare say a good actively buying coach would have made more money than Wenger these past few years. How? If the players were winners a nd not a disgruntled bunch their market price won’t be so low. Why do you think C. Ronaldo left Man U for that ridiculous sum? Cos he was a winner. So Man U get the equivalent of what we get for 10transfers from one and you think hell will be let loose if they invest 40mil on a good talent. Then, are there not monies earned from winning, don’t the numerous cups come with sackful money sums, dont UCL club income increase with the progression of the team. WTF. It is only from a team like Arsenal that Thierry Can be transfered for a fee less than Darren Bentls. It is only in a club like Arsenal that Flamini can go for free, An amazing Hleb for 10mil, and Clichy for 6mils. That is treachery. Do you know how much Real paid to get a similar left back to Clichy, Contreao, from the Portuguese league? Yet Arsene hides under the cloack of breeding kids as an excuse for his failure. I can live with Arsene, he is a man that cannot dissapoint cos simply put I expect nothing good from him. His testosterone level has run dry and let the board keep watching as he takes us to where teams that dont venture end. What i can’t live with however are supposed Arsenal fans like you that will cling to money than success. Dont keep posting ridiculous pieces defending an arrogant Wenger and think sensible Arsenal fans will keep visiting your page. And I am sure i am not alone on this. A million flies can’t be wrong, shit must be good. Come on ye Gooners, shout it louder and louder ‘Spend some fucking money, moron’.

  35. The first casualty in war is the truth.
    For “war” substitute “Transfer Window”.
    Never, in the past, have I known such a close season for negativity, moaning, impatience and general lack of confidence in our Manager.
    The ill-informed “experts” seem to believe that first-class players the world over are clamouring to join Arsenal, all at low prices, with their Clubs desperate to get rid of them.
    Cesc and Nasri are both keen to stay but are being forced to leave by a penny-pinching Manager.
    From some of the comments I read, many authors are living in cloud-cuckoo land. Over two weeks remain in the Window, plenty time for a bit
    of careful buying.

    All fans should await the end of the Window before reaching an opinion on the way our Club is being run. In the meantime please don’t jump the gun.

  36. Why do we pretend that we do not know that it’s Wenger that chiefly does PR for arsenal even in matters that are not strictly football related.

  37. Great post as usual muppet although I miss your irony. Sadly the only way to silence the mob is by winning otherwise we are always going to be an easy target for the pundits and media. Good luck and farwell to Cesc who has given his heart and soul for the club. Cesc owes Arsenal the same debt of gratitude that we owe him. Thanks for the memories. Next stop Udinese. Over to you Wenger.

  38. Clerkenwell Gooner

    The ultimate irony in the whole CescMesc ™ would be if AW does leave at the end of this season, and Guardiola were to come in as his replacement.

    Pep has never hidden his desire to manage in the England, speaks excellent English, and has a record of success in management like no other at a very young age.

    It could happen, that is, unless the Mancs will snap him up first as a replacement for El Ferg?

  39. brilliant post.your right everybody has an agenda against us and because they just follow the money they especially love to kick us when we are down.however that is our fault for allowing ourselves to be in that is without question that this is our lowest point we have been at in the last 15 years which i put down to kronke and the odious gazidas.arsene is working within a money frame but he is his own worst enemy by allowing this whole cesc saga to drag on for two years without positioning a replacement.i am afraid his press conferance on friday was his worst and made him look like a muppet.

  40. I have much sympathy for Wenger at the moment, he is giving nothing away on sales or purchases to maximise our bargaining positions, plus this is the Arsenal way. The press do not like this as it does not fill column inches-cue make it up as you go along. However the frustration of fans is justified, the need for a strong centre half has been with us since Toure caught malaria. We have had the money but have opted for cheap options (Squillacci,Sylvestre) instead of buying the required quality.,This has cost us in the final third of the season for several years, we have been in a good position in March but when the defence is left threadbare, the challenge has faltered. This is then hard to take when the manager says that he is only interested in ‘super quality’. It would appear that there is one strategy for buying attacking players and a quite different one for defensive reinforcements. I just hope his bonus is not related to profitability, because it should be related to success!

  41. Wonderful post Muppet. Adios Cesc4, my best player, hope he proves that he is the King at barca.
    Were is chrisGonna? We need him to battle all these non – belivers that have their head twisted by the media

  42. Well said Muppet.

    I agree with Consol, I don’t put much hopes in the board doing their job. Only wenger can turn things around, via improvements on the pitch. He certainly can’t depend on the 12th man either. Its just him and the boys for the most part.

  43. It would also seem that FunGunner is alone in their views that our PR is doing a great job. They clearly aren’t and are letting the team and Wenger down by their incompetence.

  44. *FunGunner is alone in her views

  45. If there is one think that may bring down Arsenal is this negetivity. It i snot Wenger who is at fault for majority of the issues. It is Arsenal PR machine. They need British people talking more on issues & defending Arsenal. Wenger’s french Nationality works against him when it comes to defending against this shrill media.
    Also someone from Arsenal board should talk to FIFA about refering. There is peculier pattern of decision going against Arsenal.

  46. We’ve been 2/3 players away for 2/3 seasons.

    Wenger has made some huge mistakes.

    Of course Fabregas going is his fault. With careful investment in established stars AND re-negotiation of contracts, we would still break even, and have made more of a challenge. And hence Fabregas would’ve stayed. He loves Arsenal. He left because he wanted to win. He didn’t believe he could do that here.

    How can Wenger fart out the same crap about maturing squad each season, while each season losing at least one of his most experienced players?

    If he doesn’t sign Sneijder (who clearly wants to leave Inter for the Premier League) or someone of his calibre, then I’ve lost all faith in him.

    If he doesn’t quality for the UCL (a distinct possibility when we can’t create for toffee at the moment) then he has to go, effective immediately.

  47. Well done, Muppet. Just goes to show how uncommon common sense is.

    Let’s see how well Manure deal with this: ‘Sir Alex expects Ferdinand to be out for six weeks, Vidic for two and the injury-prone Rafael da Silva, who dislocated his shoulder in training last Friday, for 10 weeks.’ And De Gea…

  48. Muppet- The radio talkshows about Arsenal get the fans dialling and their ratings go up, if it works why bother talking about another team, It proves Arsenal have a huge fan base add to that the spuds obssession with Arsenal get them going I noticed whenever there is a show about Arsenal you get Spurs fans calling in, they are more interested in what is happening to Arsenal than to their club .

    Lets see if a show will be about Lampard diving yesterday. No chance. because no one bothers to call, he is English and its Chelsea . If it is Arsenal and the player concerned is foreign then it is a perfect receipe for a talkshow.

    I did not see anything to suggest that Arsenal are inferior to United, Chelsea or Liverpool. United won because of a lucky double deflection, West Brom put them untder huge pressure their keeper and their second string defence remind me of our young players 4 years ago. If their senior players remain absent, you will see a very inconsistent team over the season. Few years ago our young team looked really good but they were not consistent so why would Smalling, Jones, De Gea, Wellbeck, Clerverly be any different. Its a long, long season and when I hear so called expert handing out trophies already it makes me laugh. Arsenal will not lay down , we will be fighting up there. You just watch.

  49. Excellent blog again, Muppet. Great work.

  50. Adrian Durham is a parasite. He’s a brilliant manipulater and spin-doctor. Why some of our fans are so tupid to fall for his crap is beyond me. Even if they agreed with him, why ring and embarras arsenal in public? Wenger has gone insane, yes, but for gods sake lets not wash our dirty laundry in public any more.

  51. Thanks Muppet for a welcome bit of sanity. There have always been the outrageous spending clubs and more often than not they have been failures in the long run. Those of you who are old enough may even remember Stan Seymour and Sunderland.

    But we are not talking about Arsenal spending ridiculous sums to join the super spending, we are talking about strengthening the obvious weaknesses and there certainly are the right players around who would not cost the earth. If Cahill, Samba and Dann are the right solutions now they were just as right a year ago. And not only a central defender, but a replacement for Eduardo whose career with us was cut so tragically short. The likes of Vieira, Edu, Henry, and Pires do exist – players who were unknown here before AW brought them to the club. Diaby, Denilson, Eboue, Almunia and others were no doubt bought for the right reasons but when it became clear that they were not the answer then was the time to move them on and find better alternatives. Not to encumber the team with second rate dross and hamper our better players.

    One further thing. There surely has to be something basically wrong with our playing method. Whether or not it is because of the mediocre players we fielded something happened to our system. In the days of Vieira and company we moved electrifyingly from defence to attack – we were almost at our most dangerous when breaking from defence – in
    just 2 or 3 passes we threatened our opponents goal and no amount of ‘parking the bus’ stopped us…..but not today. Now we pass, pass, pass and then get bogged down before getting anywhere near their goal. Our incisiveness has gone, along with the trophies.

    I love Arsenal, and after many many years of doing so I have been through or poor seasons as well as the good ones The sad thing now is that we seem to be on the cusp of failure by our own standards, and doing little to not only bring in the right players, but to play the type of magical football that we did in AW’s earlier days.

    I don’t want to finish on a pessimistic note – the difference between success and failure can be as little as one or two players – and I am still optimistic that the right changes are about to happen and that we will enjoy watching the resurgence of our Arsenal.

  52. Sorunmu Olufemi – think you are on the wrong blog, you are looking for arsenal action or le groan. Over there they will listen to you miserable moaning with sympathy and you can all moan together and be pleased at how miserable you all are.

    Here and a few other places are where Arsenal ‘Supporters’ hang out. You know, people who support the team, yeah that’s them, SUPPORTERS!!!


  53. Well said Muppet. The anti Arsenal media bias has been getting more and more pronounced. Arsene was even misquoted by the BBC to make him look bad. They have their wish now that Cesc has gone, I guess they will only be satisfied when Arsene walks too

  54. Although I agree we do need a CB to be a back up of the pair Kosc/Vermalen, the stupid argument he went on cheap option Sylvestre/Squillacci has to stop.

    Firstly between the purchase of sylvestre and squillacci, Wenger also went to buy Vermalen and the next summer Koscielny! they might be cheap thanks to Wenger’s negotiation skills but you can’t deny they are top, top quality.

    Secondly, our potential targets in defense might actually see that Kosc/vermalen is a strong pairing and might be reluctant to join because of the possibility that he won’t be a starter. Cahill, Jagielka and Samba are all the main defender at their respective club, will they agree to give up this status to join us? Especially the first two who are hoping to replace the aging Ferdinand and Terry in the England squad.

    As for this week end, if barton is not charged for his assault on gervinho, it will be definitive proof that their is a bias against Arsenal and foreign players in general and all those old folks in the FA should be replaced after numerous case a blatant incompetency from their part.

    We do need a strong replacement for cesc, who I’m thanking for all he has done at Arsenal and wish good luck but I feel he will soon realise that the grass is not greener elsewhere, as we lacked the creative spark and the burden seemed a bit too heavy for Ramsey who did not look like his usual self.


  55. gervinho didnt dive. there was contact.

    and joey barton should be charged for assault. but will the FA do anything?


    this is Arsenal against the world. if you don’t stand up for your team, who will?

  56. gunnerluc… barton was yellow carded that means no further action can be taken because the ref dealt with how he though appropriate.

    davey… well said

  57. Ashburton Patriot

    So if Spurs, liverpool, villa, everton whoever all start spending like city, will we keep going down and use that as a valid excuse.

    Times are changing and its sink or swim.

    That squad that played against newcastle were awful and if we play like that the whole season were fucked.

    The arsenal are supposed to be a team of creative expertise, flair, an inspiration. there was diddly squat in that match. 8 shots and 4 on target. it was the first game, yes, but these are the same problems that wer in the preseason aswell.
    Nasrigas gone… bring some1 in to replace them before we play united and get embarrassed.

    Defense looked good though.
    But what Verm/Kosc get injured

  58. Thanks Muppet, this is a great article.

    I think that this stage Arsenal do need to think holistically about PR. The club needs to consider/reconsider the quality and characters that are given recognition by the club. I am refering to the likes of John Cross who spends a large proportion of his articles doing the club down and wildly speculating on club matters in his Mirror articles in the way that Darren Lewis would never do about the spuds or Brian Reade about Liverpool.

    Inviting someone like him on to Fan’s forum is plain and simply wrong because it gives him tacit approval and reward to keep his crap up. John Cross should only be on Fan’s Forum to answer and defend the rubbish he has written about the club via email & telephone. Surely there are better quality journalists out there that could be invited on to Fan’s Forum?

    Stuart Robson is another example. Listening to him comentate on an Arsenal game is like listening to lecturer that has walked into the wrong room and has just launched into his memorised points. It would appear that Robson is not really on board with our style of play and researches our players only for negatives in their game. Perhaps he thinks this makes him look smart.

    The man to my knowledge, does not have any coaching badges or premiership management experience. Listening to his continous dour commentary about Arsenal has me grinding my teeth a little. Giving such a negative and overly critical man a platform within Arsenal is a mistake.

  59. Ashburton Patriot

    Gervinho dives too much i hate that shit. if he wants to keep diving he’s asmuch of a cunt as joey barton.

    There was contact but not enough to make him go down like that.

    So barton didnt dive? there was contact.

  60. Totally agree with korihikage: “This is Arsenal against the world. if you don’t stand up for your team, who will?”

  61. Excellent stuff Muppet. Truly better than any ‘professional’ journalistic writing I’ve seen in a very long time.

  62. AshburtonPatriot is a troll looking for an argument just ignore it folks. It’ll go away if no one talks to it.

  63. “Wenger was able to win trophies and compete with Manchester United up to 2005, but not since, which is no surprise, given the combined expenditure of £2 billion by Chelsea and Manchester City in the last 6 years.”

    If anyone says “yes but we are not asking for spending like them Just….blah blah blah
    They miss the point completely.and it is because they a dense.

  64. A positive take on this..

    Cesc and Nas leaving, ref decisions going against us, blatant media bias, and moron fans booing..

    Should create enough of a siege mentality at the club for the players to look at the trepidation and self doubt which has plagued us in the past, stare it down and ask it to fuck off along with the refs, media, moron fans, and the palyers wanting to leave..knuckle down fight for one another till the end and win everything there is to win..

    Up the Arsenal..Cmon u Gooners..In Arsene I trust !!

  65. Ashburton Patriot

    not really steww.

    City Chelsea have become big spenders… thats one of wengers excuses.
    If every1 decides to become big spenders will our expectations have to drop aswell. would you be satisfied with qualifiying for europa by the skin of your teeth.

  66. Marvelous Muppet’s magical mussing’s

  67. “Yet, we have the Sp*ds who have signed Brad Friedel, are clinging on to Modric, with the biggest delusions of grandeur about winning the premiership, yet nobody mentions anything about them”

    I think this is rather pathetically bitter if I am honest mate. No point comparing our situation with theirs. We are supposed to be bigger. Talk about delusions of grandeur but what must they think about us at the moment. Every year we sell a player and barely re-invest it and get further and further away from the title. We then have our fans booing in pre-season games and shouting spend some fcuking money. There’s nothing to gloat about our club at the moment unless you are a shareholder.

  68. Excellent Muppet – You nailed it.

    The worst aspect of this negativity is the role played by so-called “Arsenal bloggers” in fomenting discontent rather than actively counteracting the mainstream media who reap commercial success (e.g. hits on their websites) by daily inventing a story along the lines of Arsenal in crisis, underachieving etc. On Saturday in reaction to Yogi’s post:
    ….is it too much to ask that “Arsenal” bloggers expose the media as liars who undermine support for the club by their inaccurate reporting?”

    To the contrary, one of the most popular (I refuse to acknowledge him by name) has for all intents and purposes decided it is more lucrative for his blog and commercial operations (news service, retail operations) to actively campaign against the manager. Take for example, his report on last Friday’s press conference where he joined the assorted hacks in putting a negative spin to AW’s refusal to make the Cesc transfer the main issue. Like the Telegraph, Guardian and others the meme was the press conference was “surreal” particularly the quote that he expected “no one to leave.”

    In so doing AW was portrayed as a doddering fool who was out of touch with reality. Someone on a Guardian blog said it was a misquote and disinformation. So I finally had time to review to the video (see
    Note the question was: Do you expect anyone to leave “this weekend”?.
    The answer was: “I expect no one to leave.”
    Up to late late Sunday night this was a completely accurate statement. Yet this so-called Arsenal bloggers use this and other partial quotes to engage in anti AW diatribes and negativity.

    I for one am slowly coming to the conclusion if fans do not resist this negativity and dis-information this will come ta nasty end. For all the faux realists whom I am sure will be eager to attack the messenger and not the message “be careful what you wish for.”

  69. Flint McCullough

    Great stuff Muppet

    This chronic pernicious negativity has slowly been strangling our club. It started from match 1 at the Emirates & has crept up to this crescendo, which I fear will lead to us losing the only manager with the capability of keeping us remotely competitive against those clubs with unlimited spending power.

    Who would want to play for these so called supporters, who seem unable to do just that- support their team.

    We all know if it does not go well tomorrow the atmosphere will be so poisonous that all confidence will go. After 50+ years I am not sure I am man enough to go along to witness it.

    In the historical context never has there been so much moaning with so little to moan about.

    I fear these people will get what they want which will lead to what they deserve- mediocrity.

  70. Thank god! A thinking Gooner. Great article… Maybe over the heads of some.

    Still fear the boo boys are the reason some players want to leave. Pray for some success to turn round the negativity but its catch 22!

    If we want mentally stronger players we fans have to be mentally stronger and not fall for the media BS.

  71. Thank you Muppet……..FACTS are of little consequence to the media and uninformed self-entitled fans.

    This repetitive squabbling is not only exhausting but unproductive.

  72. I really don’t understand why people listen to TalkSport or read these publications with such a perceived anti-Arsenal bias. If some fans want to do that and get into it on the radio or in comments sections of websites let them, who exactly are they hurting?

    On the PR side, it has been a disaster.The club seems like it’s drifting, reacting to events and payer demands rather than setting the agenda. And I think it all comes down to getting to the start of the season and not having the playing staff sorted out.There would be much less moaning and whining if Nasri and Fabregas had been sold earlier in the Summer and replacements brought in. People on this very website were sneering about the transfer business of Liverpool and Manchester United, but they got their deals done before the season started and those new faces have injected a sense of optimism into the fans going into the new campaign. Whether you think their signings are good or bad, the way they have gone about their business is exactly what fans want to see.

  73. I’d be interested to know what specifically Peter Walton carded Barton for. He can’t have carded him for the initial incident because he didn’t see it, he had his back to it as he watched play continue. He didn’t take advice from the linesman as he had already carded Barton when he went to have a chat with him behind the goal. In fact, the result of that chat was a card for Chewie. So, I can only assume that Barton received a yellow card for the struggle with Gervinho that the referee did see, which should mean that the initial hauling up of Gervinho by Barton should still be subject to an FA review. If Walton tries to claim that he carded Barton for hauling up Gervinho he himself should be subject to an FA ban as he should have then awarded us a pen for the attack on a player whilst the ball was still in play.

    In the ongoing transfer saga this summer the only gripe I have is on the subjest of a central defender, I am fairly relaxed that TV5 and Kos make up a solid defensive pairing, but we should have four CBs who are comfortable playing first team football. Whilst we actually have five CBs available to us (TV5/Kos/Djourou/Squillaci/Miquel), Miquel is too inexperienced to provide cover and Squillaci just can’t hack it. All the other transfer matters have hinged on what is going on with Fabregas and to a lesser extent Nasri, but the CB situation was known and has been flagged by management since the start of the transfer window. I accept that AW looks to acquire players that will add to the squad, but surely he has been able to find a better CB than Squillaci by now? If Cahill is a target then why have we not either paid the alleged exit clause fee of £16.5m, or stated that we have no interest in a player for that price and moved on? It seems a bit arrogant of us to complain at Barcelona not matching our valuation of Fabregas on one hand and then allow specualtion on a player from another club to continue on the other hand. Just because we haven’t formally bid for him, doesn’t mean we haven’t unsettled the player. We haven’t been anywhere near as bad Barcelona and their players in their approach for Fabregas, but we know the price for Cahill so if we don’t want to pay it we should just walk away.

  74. Nice piece Muppet. I asked a lifelong Liverpool fan the other day why Liverpool don’t get negative press like Arsenal, despite dropping out of the Champions league and not having won anything for 6 years. He was a bit confused. The only thing he could offer was that we’d came close for the last few years.

    Darkest before the dawn.

  75. Yes, we have lost Cesc and will likely lose Nasri. ManU survived after losing Ronaldo and then Tevez.

    Relish, in the young talent that has entered the Arsenal home:
    Wilshere, Ramsey, Song, Gibbs, Szczesny, Gervinho, Diaby, Traore, Djourou, Theo, Frimpong, and Fabianski.

    Sprinkle in the experience of RvP, Arshavin, Rosicky, Vermaelen, Kos, Sagna, and Squill.

    Then there is the next wave of new talent: Ox, Ryo, Campbell, Jenkinson.

    Now is not the time to throw in the towel.

  76. @Drew10 – agree with you re:RvP (and Jack too) should come out and say “This boo-ing is childish and pathetic and is unhelpful in the extreme” ~ or whatever; just a few tweets, guys!

  77. Arsesession, was your post serious or a joke?, either way you’re a very funny man.

  78. Wavey @ 12:03 pm
    “I’d be interested to know what specifically Peter Walton carded Barton for.”


  79. We need to get the atmosphere back into a positive one in the Stadium. We need a new song for every player to make them feel appreciated. Join us at Positive Gooners on Facebook with any suggestions for new songs. I want all of you guys and Yogi, Muppet the lot of you to join altogether in helping rid us of these miserable bastards who are dragging our great club down and making Arsenal fans a laughing stock.

  80. I agree that we have lost better players than Nasri and players every bit as good as Cesc and we still coped. We are a top 4 club and that’s not going to change, no matter how much some people want it to happen.

  81. The club has done an excellent piece of business with Cesc and a reported 70 million for his services as indicated by the BBC. The amount of money involved in this transfer was not something that was going to be achieved early. It will now be interesting to understand who Arsene will show interest in and I am betting it is someone who is under the radar which has always been the Wenger style. In addition, the fee will also be in the lower amounts.

  82. The cheers have to drown out the boos but it is a two way street. The players also need to show they are proud to wear the shirt and perceived to be trying their best for the sake of their pride, the manger and the club

  83. as good as Fabregas were, I just realised the reason why we haven’t won anything since the arrival of Fabregas. We might not have stolen him from Barcelona but they were fuming that we had nicked their son. There was a curse upon us, and now we have sold him back, I think the curse has gone.
    call me naive or what you want, but Fabregad was not good for us, even if sounds ridicilous.
    the good times are around the corner. mark my words

  84. We are to appeal Gervinho red card that means an extra game no doubt.

  85. @CAT
    Partially when you have ONE stand-out player, as opposed to many, is that the focus shifts onto him. For most of the time, everyone expected Fabregas to carry us through (because the only other true world class player (Arshavin has been on the fringe of that), Robin, has been out so often) and so people would tend to look to him to produce the magic. It’s the same syndrome we had with Henry in his last years after the Invincibles were broken up. We had one great individual player but we lacked the ingredients that make a great team. If the loss of Fabregas and the player/s we are going to add might be the missing ingredient is not yet clear but it might very well be.

  86. Good post, Muppet.

    There are two issues – Public Relations vis a vis the general football public and supporter relations.
    In the matter of PR proper, I’ve defended the club’s PR machine because I feel we are caught in a perfect storm – massive interest in Arsenal plus a rich seam of prejudices to be mined plus media outlets desperate for money and market share. There are also aspects of club policy which make us fair game for journalists – we don’t give out that much information. What journalists hate above all is not getting information (cf the poison dwarf). Trouble is that the information they want is sensitive. And of course, we are not recent winners. Winners are worshipped and winning gives retrospective justification. These are some of the factors against us.

    Basically you get a good press by giving the media lots of attractive content and by cosying up to editors et al. We welcome journalists onto the Fans’ Forum as a way of cosying up to them – they love special treatment. It may be that editors and owners are being schmoozed as well, if not, they should be. The articles published on do make it into newspapers and e-media, so you can’t say they are not succeeding in getting out a positive message. The trouble is that those articles are swamped numerically and in prominence by the negative ones, and they are often given a negative gloss or coda.

    This is where the money comes in. The point about declining revenues is the killer – they need Arsenal to be a talking point, a whipping boy and a demon because of the cash generated. We can help by not colluding and that might help to turn things around – fewer clicks on negative headlines in Newsnow (even if it’s to disagree) and more clicks on the positive ones, for example, thus making the financial equation less heavily weighted against us. Because although some editors or individual journalists do have an agenda, in other cases the negativity is not personal – they actually like Arsenal and Arsene personally a lot. It’s just about the money and the clicks. And they make more money by pandering to people’s prejudices than by being fair or saying nice things about us. Also, don’t give them the material – the negative blogs enable the media to press the buttons of Arsenal fans.

    Regarding AW’s press conference the other day, I don’t feel like most do about it because I twigged what was going on – that the negotiations were advanced but not final and a bit of poker was being played. Would it have been better to say no comment? I’m not so sure.
    Another possibility that has not been considered is that Arsene will not take instructions from a PR person. It wouldn’t be out of character, would it?

    Also, you have to have something to work with. If the club is being held to ransom by two players, that’s not the fault of the PR people. The financial or football reasons for the club not signing a CB yet are not the fault of the PR people. If negotiations are stalled, waht can they do? Some people would have been just as critical if we’d sold Cesc two months ago for even less, purely for PR reasons. And don’t forget that these transfer sagas are not the preserve of Arsenal. Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez, Modric – the PR issue is not that these things happen to us, it’s whether these things can be spun positively or people can be distracted from them. The department are not idiots – even with Cesc and Nasri saga rumbling on, the Asia Tour was a massive PR success and it even quieted some of the more anxious fans, but things started to go wrong when the team returned to the UK. Which is when fan negativity kicked in.

    Which leads me on to the other strand of what is being called PR but which I would call supporter relations. The comment is already really long so I won’t go into that but I think although they make the occasional misstep they have upped their game since IG took over. I would also commend him for the project of Arsenalisation of the stadium, the Q&As, as examples. And he has addressed some of the root causes of unrest, eg the feeling that we aren’t maximising our commercial revenues – renegotiated deals are on their way.

  87. All these reports that we neeed half a dozen signings is utter bollocks.

    We have a good goalkeeper, we have good centre halves, Newcastle hardly had a sniff of goal, Gervinhio is a more than adequate replacment for Nasri, Gibbs is as good if not better than Clichy, Frimpong and Eastmond are better replacements for Dennilson

    One quality signing in midfield to replace Cesc and perhaps a replacment for Bendtner, job done. Forget the media bullshit, don’t buy into it, pundits and journos make a living out of it and it’s just very safe to regurgiatate the same old shite.

    Remember we have until Aug 31st to complete all our signings. Arsene will pull yet another rabbit out of the hat.

  88. @ Luckyarsenal | August 15, 2011 at 12:22 pm

    “The cheers have to drown out the boos but it is a two way street. The players also need to show they are proud to wear the shirt and perceived to be trying their best for the sake of their pride, the manger and the club”

    They were doing so on Saturday, weren’t they? Inspiration was lacking perhaps, but not persipiration. They deserved better than to hear chants of SSFM. That’s like chanting “You Lot Are Crp”, isn’t it?
    I say always show the love on a matchday – what fans think of as not trying can be lack of confidence.

  89. Football history may well record something so utterly distasteful that worldwide Arsenal will lose its still considerable fan-base, and mediocrity with the odd FA cup will return to Arsenal. The global fanbase is loyal at the moment, founded principally on the belief that Arsenal represent the best in football technique in England. But what if it was learned that the local fans not only ‘hounded’ Arsene Wenger out of the club, but played some part in ensuring Cesc and Nasri left, as well as a few others by their contemptuous attitudes. The irony is that Cesc and Nasri, as well as others, may have been tempted to remain with more supportive and knowledgeable fans. The irony is we would have done better on the field with fully supportive fans. The irony is that Arsenal fans themselves are beginning to suggest that Arsenal does not deserve Wenger, or this football feast he serves up every season, not the other way round. I myself begin to look for a club with decent supporters, because that is half the joy of this game. Perhaps WBA will be my next club, after 41 years of following Arsenal. Were it not for ACLF I would be tempted now. Many local Arsenal fans are rubbish.

  90. The fact it was the away fans booing makes it all the more worrying

  91. Thanks for the link Shotta.

    You realise though that Yogi himself described the interview as bizarre? Its not just your favourite irishman who thought it was weird you know?

    Having now watched the interview however, I’m not sure it was strange at all. It was in fact very characteristic of Arsene especially with questions he’d rather not answer. Evasion and obfuscation are tools he loves to employ. I suppose Yogi et al was expecting him to be more direct, especially as it was obvious to everyone else that Cesc was in fact leaving.

  92. The chanting was so awkwardly mistimed. After a change in odds towards Newcastle by a ludicrous decision by the ref that sees us reduced to 10 men, how is going to chant that one thing going to help the team? In those cases fans should be able to display solidarity more than ever and help the team prevail despite playing against 12 men, not turn on the players in the way they did. I really wonder how you must feel as a Gibbs, a Rosicky, a Djourou, a Frimpong or a Koscielny down on the pitch when the fans are basically saying “We don’t want you to play, we want someone else.”?

  93. Cesc deal has completed – At Barca until 2016.

    interesting to see how much they value him now his is theirs, with a €200m buy out clause!!!


  94. Muppet

    Utd KEPT Rooney.

    As Wenger said a month ago if we sell Cesc and Nasri we cannot be call a big club.And he is right

  95. @ Henristic | August 15, 2011 at 12:45 pm
    Good that you get it now, anyway.

  96. @Paul
    After virtually doubling his pay. We could’ve kept Nasri, if we had done the same. We didn’t, and I think that’s a positive thing.

  97. I’ve not read the post yet but just wanted to say that Arsene looks quite unwell and is obviously feeling the pressure. He is a proud man but I reckon he could do with some help i.e. a right hand man of some character or a friend at the club he could trust like he had in Dave Dein.

    I hope he makes a couple of signings like I said yesterday (Gourcuff and Cahill) both are about 25 so are not kids and have top flight experience, I feel they could slot straight in and do a good job. £30m should secure them both and wages wouldn’t be silly.

    Still, we’ll have to wait and see, I must say I feel optimistic and really want us to stuff our critics words down their throats!

    Please Arsene just spend £30m in the right direction and silence your critics.

  98. Evil

    When are the fans supposed to chant.On the coach on the motorway back to London.Its called freedom of speech.

  99. Totally naive article pretending to talk about points of interest but ignores all realities. You could get a job with Wenger at this rate.

  100. @Paul
    After the whistle has gone, if they really feel the need to.

  101. Muppet thank you for your well written and thought-out piece, My hope is every fan gets to read it, after the game on Saturday afew of my arsenal pals texted me with the the now so common theme “Arsene has lost it and should sign new players” . I couldnt text back since i felt that wouldnt cover it so I called each one of them to ask whom they thought we should sign putting into consideration our display with Newcastle. Amazingly most just wanted a defender for first team and when I asked what was wrong with the combination we played on Saturday they didnt have an answer. I continued to argue my case that despite us not winning it wasnt the defence’s problem since we had enough chances and if the strikers would have put them in we would have won. As someone mentioned these kind of fans just want new players and the more expensive they are the better even if they are not good enough. Obviously we need reinforcements but it should not be at all costs.

    Going by how many likes the Fabrigas story has on, it looks like alot of us were fed up by this saga and now that he is off we can get back to dealing with the football.I thank fabrigas for the many years service, I’m honestly not gonna wish him well coz i feel like a jilted lover and I am hoping against all hopes he gets to regret his decision.

    Our team needs us, let us support them with all we have got!!!

  102. @Fungunner,

    On the subject of PR, I think you are probably right. Gagging AW is not an option. The PR that came out of Malaysia was good. Regarding the press conference I think I probably got caught up in the frustration myself. We need to keep a sense of perspective. Thanks for the heads up.

  103. It was saddening to see the away fans chanting like that. I really, really hope it doesn’t repeat itself because that is a clear indication of how bad relations between supporters and the club are.
    I didn’t think it will get to this point so quickly, but under the other hand, it is entirely predictable and to be fair, some people did in fact predict it.

  104. btw. isn’t there going to to be any sort of press conference today? We are playing tomorrow, after all.

  105. Thanks for positive feedback all.

  106. FG,
    Oh, no, I don’t agree with your point that this situation couldn’t have been helped. Arsene certainly should have been more forthright in that interview (again from a PR pov). There was no way evasion would have made any difference at that point in the negotiations for Cesc, so why risk the bad PR.

    There is hardly positive news to report on the club, so can’t blame the media alone for the negativity. Yogi is one of the more positive bloggers out there, yet tell me how many positive posts (compared to negative) he has made in the last 3-4weeks?

  107. Evil ,he has done one


    “They were doing so on Saturday, weren’t they? Inspiration was lacking perhaps, but not persipiration. They deserved better than to hear chants of SSFM. That’s like chanting “You Lot Are Crp”, isn’t it?”

    Never quite thought about it in that way but yes,that is exactly what they are saying.
    Disgraceful behavior.

  108. Johny, makes me feel even worse for losing him!!

  109. And when I say forthright, I’m not meaning that he should give details. He could have just said the situation is unresolved or something like that. There are many ‘PR speak’ for situations like this and a PR person to brief Arsene would have helped him.

  110. always positive nad always refreshing keep it up ACLF crew

  111. Cesc is on Telly speaking some funny language.Anyone know what is going on?

  112. Spot on Muppet, well done.
    Thanks FunGunner@ 12:37pm, very insightful

    korihikage @10:50am:
    “if you don’t stand up for your team, who will?”

    Flint McC @ 11:28am:
    “We all know if it does not go well tomorrow the atmosphere will be so poisonous that all confidence will go. After 50+ years I am not sure I am man enough to go along to witness it.”
    “In the historical context never has there been so much moaning with so little to moan about”.

    Arsesession @12:08:
    “Now is not the time to throw in the towel.”


  113. ………and it is because they a dense………. you couldn’t make it up.

  114. The buy-out clause in the midfielder’s contract is 200m euros.

    Why can’t English clubs also do this? It would keep the vultures away

    @ fungunner – the damage was done during the run in last season. We should have been challenging right to the end but apart from the Utd game they folded.

  115. Boo Wenger out of the ground – we need to get rid of this serial loser!

    I can’t wait to get this cancer out of the club.

    How anyone can defend him beggers belief!

  116. Yes, all real Arsenal fans should stand behind their manager and support their club. But the fact remains that despite promises made at the end of last season, the club are, with two weeks left before the transfer window closes, not just no stronger but (on paper at least) weaker than last season, and could be weakened further by the more-likely-than-not departure of Samir Nasri.

    I will not support Arsenal with any less fervor if they do not sign more steel and talent in the next two weeks, but realistically I would be satisfied if they are able to maintain a Champion’s League place with the present roster; winning the Premier League seems a stretch.

  117. Have you noticed how many geniuses like Henry14 appear during the school holidays?

  118. Henry14 how anyone would listen to you beggars belief, just fuck off!!

  119. Just watching the highlights of the Chelsea game – nice to see Shawcross’ first contribution of the season (literally in the first few minutes) was a deliberate, nasty kick to the kneecap of Torres with the ball already in a different postcode. He’s definitely not that kind of player though.

    The media have written us off –

    Reading F365 this morning and two of their 7 strong writing team have Wenger down as the first manager to get the sack in the Prem this season. 5 of them have Arsenal down to finish out of the top 4.

    Alan Tyers – paints the gloomiest picture stating that the top of the table will be the same as last year but with Spurs stealing 4th, that “Arsenal are going to suck, never mind struggle”, and that “Unthinkable a few seasons ago, and with due deference to all his accomplishments, but I think Wenger’s time is up; and I think his board reckon so too”.

    Reading the comments section some of our ‘support’ agree.

    Well good. Fuck the lot of you. I like being written off by you no-marks, hatchet-men and inbred, ignorant ingrates.

    I don’t know why anyone bothers watching the games seeing as everyone knows how its all going to end.

    Won’t somebody spare me from pessimist, know-it-all cuntmonkeys??

  120. It is sad watching Cesc on Barca
    I am as sick as a chip

  121. C’mon wipe your tears georgerodger,
    forget Cesc, remember you’re still a gooner…
    a true supporter of the most envied team on the planet.
    Stay strong…
    The club needs fan loyalty more now than ever before

    Its the SEVENTH year…a deeply profound year


    Pick a side
    ‘Cause the WAR has come
    “Bullets” flying everywhere
    Tomorrow needs believers
    Gooners step up be RASERS!

    ARSENAL!!!!!! ARSENAL!!!!!! ARSENAL!!!!!! ARSENAL!!!!!! ARSENAL!!!!!! ARSENAL!!!!!!



  122. I wish people would stop worrying what the media think of us. Who cares?


  124. The reality is that all those moaning and goaning “fans” who want Wenger out are glory hunters who ironically only started supporting arsenal on the back of Wenger’s successes

  125. @ goonerandy

    Spot on..wish some of our *cough*Cough*Fans*cough* would follow suit..

  126. @jonny

    Well said..if u find a way..please do enlighten us..

  127. George

    Do you think we will have a similar line-up to Saturday for tomorrow’s game? If I were AW I’d be tempted to play Nasri if he hasn’t signed for Citeh by tomorrow. Not sure when Campbell officially turns up, but I’d love to see Ryo and Ox on the bench ready to stir thing ups a bit in the second half once the first eleven have got our noses ahead.

    Football back at the Emirates at last, my lad’s been looking forward to it since the start of the summer.

  128. Aman

    the initiation of god’s wrath upon the earth during the day of vengance.

    fuck man. hope your right,

  129. This goes out to all the trolls, doomers, gloomers, the sad, the petrified, degenerate losers who depend too much on other people for their own happiness…..

    JUST FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    …i remain POSITIVE.

  130. Zimgunner @ 1:40. If only that were true. There are some who were there long before Wenger who are chanting for him to spend money in the transfer market.

  131. Just gotta say, a Top Post

  132. goonerandy – i think the main issue with the media coverage is not so much the feelings they inspire in us, but the fact that they are affecting the opinions of less free-minded fans, resulting in boo’ing and matches etc. by taking this editorial line, they arent just offending our sensibilities, they are creating dischord which is affecting our performances on the pitch. personally, i can dismiss whatever bile they throw our way, as i couldnt care less what some ingrate hack thinks about our club – but when a sizeable amount of people read what they produce and take it as gospel, then they are doing much more harm than merely offending us.

  133. Arsene is still talking about keeping Nasri. If that is the case, he should play him tomorrow night.

  134. I dont remember being this disgusted withchants..since tht day at OT..and from supposedly arsenal fans..thts the worst bit..

  135. Block4

    I remember when they used to chant for George to get his cheque book out.

  136. Wavey ,I dont think he can play Samri if we are considering selling him to City.It would knock to much off his value if he were cup tied
    I think Theo will start and Andrei will replace Thomas centrally.

  137. Wavey ,George only worked with cash 🙂

  138. @wavey..
    If nasri does start tomorrow..its either cos hes signing or AW is prepared to allow him to leave on a free..cos i dont see anyone even city pay 20 mill for a cup-tied player..if he does not start, i think its safe to assume hes leaving

  139. goonerandy

    Will you give it a rest telling people not to worry about what the media say?

    What do you care? You dont live in England FFS!

    You obviously have no idea how it works mate, therefore you need to shut the fuck up dude.

    If the media didnt have an effect, then the likesof fox news, talkshite and the Sun wouldnt be so opoular. These organs are agenda driven, with strong political bents.

    If they didnt help (some) to form opinions, they wouldnt exist.

    Just because you are impervious to such things, please dont imagine thats the case for all.

  140. Cesc say’s Arsene will always be the best person in football I have ever met

  141. Jabberwocky – Then those people are retarted.

  142. It’s indifferent performances on the pitch that feed that dischord. I’m not suggesting that was the case on Saturday, as I feel it was more a case of rustiness and some more tweaking to be done in the final third. It was more about games like the home game against Villa when we started off with such a sense of apathy from the players that the crowd started to get agitated. When we then conceded goals the tempers started to fray. I know our season was pretty much over by then, but we still had a chance of getting back in to 3rd place and it was our last home game of the season. The team did themselves no favours by seeming to not give a f*ck, maybe with hindsight some of them didn’t.

  143. Cesc can gush and fawn all he likes.

    Bottom line is he acted like a petulant child this summer, was disunterested last season and basically helped barca get him for a song.

    So, fuck off cesc you selfish spoilt brat, here’s to you failing miserably in Spain.

  144. Dexter – Not at the moment I don’t. But I am English, and have lived in England for most of my life. I just happen to be worknig in Germany at the moment. So I know full well hoe the UK media work thank you very much.

    I quite liked the Lord of the Rings Films, but I don’t think that they are true. It is the same as the media; people like to listen to other’s views, but that does not mean that they will take them on as their own. Maybe you do, but I, and I believe most people don’t.

  145. Wavey, considering some of the players who George had on his playing staff, they had much more of a point than those chanting the same thing now!

  146. Someone has kicked “The Peacemaker” up the arse I fear

  147. If that’s the case why didn’t the little fucker show his loyalty to him by staying.

  148. For all those saying cesc left cos of Wengers lack of ambition..

    “If Arsenal want to be the club they aspire to be than they always have to be under his control, because he is the best. For me, he is the greatest man I have met in football.”

  149. I think Nasri being suspended will put paid to any thoughts of playing him tomorrow.

  150. goonerandy

    You just dont get it.

    And I cannot be arsed.

  151. Block4 now there is a point

  152. goonerandy – unfortunately stupid people vastly outnumber intelligent people in all walks of life, which is one of democracy’s major failings, as you give voice to people who shouldn’t be allowed to have one (yes i am a snob, and proud 🙂 ). so as stupid as it would be to take the negative opinions of media outlets as gospel truth, unfortunately there are enough people out there who are stupid enough to just do that. it is highly irritating when it happens with regards to arsenal, but is nowhere near as damaging as its effect when applied to politics, history, etc. without the Daily Heil and many of the redtops constantly forming opinions on anything from immigration policy to ideological social-engineering then half the problems in the uk (indeed elsewhere) wouldnt be as prominent. just because you, or myself, or anyone who can think for themselves can be impervious to the attempted opinion manipulation that the press engage in so frequently, does not mean that we are outnumbered by people who are most definitely not impervious

  153. @Dexter, just because someone doesn’t live in England, that doesn’t mean they cannot have an opinion. Arsenal receive revenue from all over the world, everyone is entitled and they do have all those papers in other countries. Yes there is internet here in the Caribbean as well. I read Arsenal news more than i read my own news. I actually prefer it though, if you think reading about football and a few financial matters are negative, you should pay attention to news of 3rd world countries
    Arsenal puts a smile on my face mate and I have family in North London a stones throw away from the emirates who possess season tickets!

  154. Block4

    bugger, I forgot about that, again!

  155. I maybe a bit naive in my views..but I truly believe even if we had won the quadraple every season Cesc would have gone home to Barca even if they were in relegation trouble..

  156. Block4 – Heh, excellent point.

  157. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Sack that fucking cunt Arsene and all the fucking sheep cunts that follow him!

    Especially you Cesc broke my heart – your a grade A cunt.

    I’ll break your ugly fucking face if i ever see it.

  158. @block 4..well there goes my theory 🙂

  159. *does not mean that we are NOT outnumbered….

  160. Jabberwocky – Fair point.

  161. I love a well-reasoned argument.

    Well done, Henry14!

  162. Henry 14 does your mum know you speak to strangers on the internet ?

  163. Carib

    You misunderstand my point.

    I know goonerandy is ENGLISH but living abroad.

    The point ios the affect of the media output about Arsenal in ENGLAND. The constant non-stop negativity and how it helps some form their opinions on all things Arsenal.

    Jabberwocky made the point alot better than me BTW!

  164. I’m not making a point – it’s a fact.

    “Cesc broke my heart” is a cunt.

  165. My apologies.

  166. and before you believe i’m being completely hyperbolic, this effect has obviously not twisted the belief of the majority of arsenal fans, yet, but the fact that there was booing at the emirates cup, and on the first day of the season, shows that the media’s influence is growing. obviously the team have hardly helped themselves with the late season collapse, and there are, perhaps in some instances, understandable frustrations, the fact that the negativity is so profound (flint’s comment earlier really hit the nail on the head) cannot be purely formed by our performances over the previous seasons, as they have been frustrating, but not so bad as to warrant this much dischord so early in the season.

  167. Cesc broke my heart – block 17 row 20 seat 214.

    Come and see if my mum let’s me speak to strangers.

    After i have smashed your lights clean out i’ll fuck your mum in the arse.

  168. No probs Carib dude.

  169. Well he has my number .I am a cunt for 100% sure.Glad he noticed.

  170. jabberwocky

    the nazis didn’t like people to have opinions. i beleive they were proud too. for a while.

  171. Henry14 proves my point exactly – the scary thing is that if he is actually an adult, then this fucker is actually allowed to vote?

  172. I am frightened can someone protect me from this scary gangster ?

  173. Jabberwocky – not only an adult but a wealthy one as well.

    Just sick to my stomach of rodents like you and everyone else that follow our useless manager around like a bad smell coming out of his bony white french arse.

  174. Jabberwocky,I doubt he is an adult.And I doubt even more he could read the ballot sheet

  175. But why does it have to be because of the media that fans seem to be turning? Is it not beyond the bounds of reality that many fans are pissed off with the club of their own accord?

  176. loud

    The nazis were helped by propoganda dude, you know? Media and shit. You missed the point entirely mate.

  177. Cesc broke my heart – your also a big cunt.

  178. Lets be honest, trolls aside we all support Arsenal or we would not waste our time popping in to read and reply as the case may be.

    The game on Saturday was ot a bad point, neither should it be seen as a solid performance. I thought both teams lacked any edge and though I was happy to watch defense not concede I was very wary of the threat of the long ball or a set piece, often our demise late in games.

    We have become media fodder for the promise we had, the years where we had real title aspirations. That, statement is not a kick in the teeth it may first seem. Arsenal have been stuck with a stadium and loans which have meant that in the past years we have been unable to compete finanically with the likes of the state owner Man City or the Billionaire owned Chelsea. The Manc’s wearing Red are another story, as debt ladened as they are they know they need to continue success on the pitch at all costs or the house of cards (leveraged buy out) is going to crush them under the weight. Arsenal have a model, it is self sustaining and it is the road they have decided to pursue in their journey for to promised land of titles, cups and trophies. It may not be the road we would all have chosen, but at the time it was the one to have made most sense. The conservative funding, loan repayments etc were there to protect the club and did so in the years proceding the credit default debacle. As the years have slide by we have not competed as well as we may have wanted, no trophies for 6 years is the cry often heard and yet we have to acknowledge that the club has moved forward, albiet in a now completely different footballing landscape. The sound financials well be the path to us to compete financially with the largest of club in time. Many have lauded Arsenal’s approach to football economics, FFP seemed to have set a standard for the playing field to be levelled based on club sustainability. It is with great interest that the world of true fans now watches the Man City situation with their sponsorship deal, because it is a slap in the face to FFP and if UEFA are not going to curb this type of balant backdooring then Football well be tarnished forevermore.

    We all love Arsenal, those lads representing us each week deserve nothing but the best of the support we can give. We may not all like the way the world turns at the moment but there is a team representing our interests on a pitch week in and out that deserve all we can give through vocal encoragement.

  179. jabs

    can you think of anyone who didn’t completely agree with everyone else. i’ll give you a starter…………….. Darwin.

  180. oh here we go! loud – that is what forums are for, or pub conversations, while you may have a fundamental right to boo on the terraces, the fact that you dont have the mental capacity to even contemplate what the effect of such actions will have or why anyone could possibly see that as wrong clearly demonstrates the type of person you are. no one is claiming censorship or rescinding season tickets etc – however in the absence of any external regulation, perhaps a little self-regulation wouldn’t go amiss, save it for when our boys aren’t trying to win a difficult football match. how would you like it if you had a crowd of people standing around your desk at work booing and sighing every time you made a typo?

  181. “I wish people would stop worrying what the media think of us. Who cares?”
    I’d say alot o people care otherwise there wouldnt be all these bullshit that is spout by the-so-called expert arsenal fans since most of them get their information from the twatty media!

  182. Well written post muppet

    All in all not a bad weekend for us. Liverpool drawing at home and Chelsea looking impotent is good. Our draw had good and bad points but was very please with the confident defensive display. If that continues I think we have a very good chance at the top 3 spot.

    The whole negativity thing is inevitable given the circumstances. Imagine the negativity at old trafford or Stamford bridge or the nou camp if they went 6 years trophy free. What is happening is unfortunate but is the same thing that would happen with any club like ours. The fact that even a fan as loyal as yogi has become frustrated with some of the things that have happened says a lot about how poorly the club has dealt with the situation Raising fan expectations about early and busy transfer season at the start of the summer was the dumbest things that they could have done. It’s almost like the club enjoys negative attention. I don’t understand what’s happening which is the most frustrating thing.

    It would all go away if the results on the pitch matched the expectations the of the club and the fans. A strong top 3 finish and an FA or CC trophy would be a great way to start.

  183. Boo Wenger out of the ground!

  184. Henry14

    You friends with Gunnerjones by anychance?

    He didnt like it when I said he was a chu=imney sweep and kept on telling me how rich he was, just you have done.

    You dont even sound like a Gooner, more like a sad spud to me. And a 12 year iold one at that.

    Anyone calling Wenger a cancer is obviously a cunt. Regardless of my opinions on the manager, his mistakes and failings, he will never be a that.

  185. Dexter – 🙂

    Go fuck yourself you stupid prick.

  186. dex you can look at a point from all sorts of directions.

    how’s the carpet ? had to throw mine away.

  187. @ jabberwocky and Dexter
    well explained. And your points are being proved right now.

  188. Henry 14 He is wealthier than you.Does that not count for anything? you seem to think it does.

  189. loud

    Its a bit singed dude, but my mum hasnt noticed yet!

    Still got a few iPods to shift though. 😀

  190. jabs you talk a lot but you dont say much.

    anyway, talking of pubs……….

  191. Cesc broke my heart, actually you said i was a child and i gave you my seat number and said come find me.

    That other tosser jabbacunt then said i was also a child and mentioned voting.

    I was simply pointing out that actually i am neither.

    What i actually am in all fairness is a season ticket holder that finds scum like you, dexter and jabbacunt the very reason Arsenal are still keeping faith with this fraud called Arsene Wenger.

    People like you make me sick to my stomach, your the rot that’s allowing this farce to continue.

    Wenger will be boo’ed out of the ground this season and i and thousands of others cannot wait to see him gone.

  192. Loud, if you’re going to try and be profoundly clever, why not choose a figure more revolutionary than darwin? yes his views have changed the world, but his theory on evolution was accepted by most intellectuals of his day, even numerous people within the church, as the concept of evolution itself was considered as being true by most academics and theologans…it was the natural selection bit which got people into a tizz because they couldn’t contemplate how any god could allow a world to be so cruel. so yes, maybe try a bit harder when trying to compare my belief of the susceptibility of large percentages of the population to the agendas set by the media to the machinations of a fascist state or a stifler of independent thought, when i feel my post was highlighting the absence of that very individual thought. anyway, no more posting for me until later, my employer’s IT department seeing to that.

  193. Ok going to pump some iron in case I ever meet that scary dude Henry14.

  194. Henry14,
    U reek of the purest doomer DNA, son
    Swastika’d, bald-headed & proud
    oh..and rich too
    but remember
    we don’t f** fellow gooners’ mums in the arse!
    ..even if we ever got relegated
    … a tad un-adult of you,
    now be a good boy and apologize, son.

  195. Aman – my bad.

    Your right i do reek of the purest doomer DNA…..i stink of it.

    Your right on all counts.

    I’m very sorry for suggesting that i would fuck Cesc broke my hearts mum in the arse.

  196. Henry14

    I don’t agree with everything AW says or does (as I have often said on here), but at the moment who would you want in instead? Are you willing for us to go backwards before going forward, because that seems the most likely outcome?

  197. Wavey – i am willing to go backwards for a few seasons.

    Why not give someone a chance at the top level? Van Gaal and Bergkamp combo – something along those lines for a few seasons.

    Ancellotti should never have been sacked at Chelsea, i would take him over Wenger in a heartbeat.

    I used to love Arsene and i brought into everything he said – but he’s a fraud.

    What he once had is gone and it’s time to freshen it up and make some bold changes.

  198. Jabberwocky – “it was the natural selection bit which got people into a tizz because they couldn’t contemplate how any god could allow a world to be so cruel”

    Heh, did they still not realise that he is not real? Do keep up people 😉

  199. brilliant press conference.

    I had some dude on here yesterday sasying that the press innocently write these articles and the fans take it the wrong way. he could not see the way the media manipulate the view of fans.

    Wenger clearly warns against it.

    Also remember when the media were saying fergie was past it and needed replacing and a few of their lot actially bought it and were telling everyone that would listen that he was passed it.

  200. Henry14

    Is gunnerjones and doesnt even live in the UK, never mind have a season ticket.

    I will be at the ground on Saturday and I’ll pop a long and say hello shall I? But I’ll be wasting my time won’t I?

  201. That’s a good boy, doomer-Henry14,
    so u still booing your team on Tuesday then?

  202. Dexter – please do mate. I would love to see you.

    1987 i have had my season ticket since.

    I’m based in Canary Wharf, live in Highbury and i have given you my seat number.

    It would be a pleasure and i mean a pleasure to see you.

  203. sorry meant to say

    brilliant press conference.

    I had some dude on here yesterday sasying that the press inocently write these articles and the fans take it the wrong way. he could not see the way the media manipulate the view of fans.

    Wenger clearly warns against it.

    Also remember when the media were saying fergie was past it and needed replacing and a few of their lot actially bought it and were telling everyone that would listen that he was passed it.

  204. Aman – 100% i’ll be booing Wenger.

    I’ll boo him all season until he’s gone.

  205. Henry14 | August 15, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Wavey – i am willing to go backwards for a few seasons.
    Not too difficult for you, since you’ve been backward all your life.

  206. Dexter – haha you fucking little weasel cunt.

    Like i said – come find me and i’ll put your fucking lights out you piece of shit.

  207. Both are interesting options and Ancellotti certainly has Premiership experience, but a rebuilding to that extent is going to require investment from the owner. If we were to go backwards for a few seasons it would likely mean no CL football and potentially no European football at all. Without funding from the owner that would be a pretty big pill to swallow as it becomes difficult to get players to join you when you can’t offer football at the top level. Citeh managed to get around that to some extent by offering big money instead, but they found it very difficult to convince the players they were trying to get in, even with all their cash. Do you think we will be able to compete with no European football and no pot of money?

  208. Heh, keyboard warriors everywhere. Scary.

  209. hanry14

    Oh do continue with this elaborate fucking fraud mate. You are killing me!

    A van Gaal/Bergkamop combo, with Ancelotti on drums perhaps?

  210. henry 14 – must be his age

  211. geegunner

    Either that or his IQ man.

  212. Heh, internet warriors everywhere. Scary.

  213. It is so easy to blame the media, fickle fans or whatever you want for the negativity. Fans are just people, some are optimistic, some pessimistic.the idea that the media has some sort of concerted plan to undermine Arsenal is just paranoid idiocy.
    Fottball writers and pundits say things as they see them. They may not have the detailed knowledge of the goings on at Arsenal that some fans claim, and often regurgitate the perceived wisdom without applying any critical thought. However neutral observers are not going to wear the rose tinted specs of some fans on this forum.
    But if it is negative propaganda that the media are giving out there is one proven weapon that will prevail every time, the truth! however Arsenal and club are not prepared to trust supporters with the truth. How many people now believe AW’s statements? Even his most ardent supporters try to justify his obvious attempts to obscure the truth rather than than claim he is telling the truth.
    Why did we all have to wait a month after the deal was agreed for Jenkinson to hear about when the Finnish FA has already reported it? Why did it only come out after a direct question to AW that Gervinho had signed/ Surely the club could have reported as they have for Campbell that the signing was done subject to regulatory requirements?
    Perhaps some lessons have been learnt, as the announcement of the agreement for Campbell, and even the statement of the agreement in principal to sell Cesc did not wait until they were general knowledge.
    No one expects the club to give detailed breakdowns of for whom they are currently negotiating but surely a statement to the effect that they are currently in negotiations with a number of clubs etc would help settle the fans
    Of course the situation might be that they are not in negotiation with anybody, that they have not identified any transfer targets and that we are likely to go into the season with the squad we have now.
    Many fans might find that unpalatable, but if it is the case better to announce it now and let the fans get over it than drag out the uncertainty for another two weeks or so.
    So Arsene and Arsenal, if you want to reduce the negativity start informing the fans with the truth.

  214. Hmmm, am I being moderated? Any if so, why? I am not posting anything in the least bit dodgy?

  215. Henry14,
    You’ll boo your team all season till the manager’s gone?
    ALL SEASON????
    Why not just sell off your season ticket?

    Sad…really sad

    How did u get rich Henry14?
    Off the misfortune of others is it?
    …do u sell coffins? own a funeral home?
    own a factory that puts sells fake infant milk?

  216. Wavey, In my view SK is a businessman and he’ll continue to treat it as a business even if that should mean he has to put money in himself.

    As usmanov said all of our commercial deals are up for renewal soon. We need to be competing at the highest level in order to get more money from these deals – so whatever he needs to do i.e invest himself – he will have no choice but to do it – if we go out of Europe.

    The fan base is divided, Arsenal fans are fighting Arsenal fans and the team is getting boo’ed in pre-season.

    It’s crazy, the club is in chaos, some big changes need to happen.

    All this self sustaining model crap is admirable but the bottom line is you cannot charge the highest ticket prices in European football and fill the stadium with average players and if Arsenal continue to do it, people will desert in droves.

  217. Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri, who has been heavily linked with a move to Manchester City, has reacted to criticism directed his way by Gunners fans during the team’s 0-0 draw against Newcastle. “I heard what the fans were singing about me on saturday and it is really disrespectful because i’m still a arsenal player,” the 24-year-old tweeted.

  218. I agree with an earlier point made by goonerandy, there’s this nasty taste that we have been financially raped by Barca. And I wish players wouldn’t kiss the club badge – it’s like kissing the wife on the forehead – it doesn’t mean anything.
    I’ll get over it though, perhaps a nice Maryland pasty will help.

  219. Aman, Yep. All fucking season.

    I have doomer DNA.

    I considered selling it this year, but then i thought actually i’ll go to every game and boo instead – much better idea.

    This situation makes me sad, having this manager makes me sad.

    I got rich by milking people like you for every penny they are worth………i work for JP Morgan.

    I came out of the banking crises with a nice fat pay cheque.

  220. Miami Arsenal – agree.

    Our manager has been clear for the direction of ‘what the club’ can afford. At this moment in time, we cannot compete with the club or ownership philosophy of ManU, Chelsea, ManC, Barca, RM, ……….

    It is easy to follow any team when they are winning silverware, but a true test of your commitment to the club during transitional times.

  221. goonerandy

    I am moderating you as you refuse to believe in the power of the media over the more simple minded amongst us,

  222. JohnN | August 15, 2011 at 2:50 pm – what about the perception that we were a french club and was not seen as british even though at the time we were the only british owned club. We have been hammered with that over the yrs but the “only report what we see” journos didnt really let the fact that we were british owned stand in their way. also the eduardo diving incident(they made out like eduardo was the only player in the history of the league to ever dive while forgetting about rooney, gerrard, young etc, henry handball, ramsey leg break (painting shawcross as a saint with no previous when he assaulted adebayor). call me paranoid but those bastards magnified what was in effect BS

  223. Henry14,
    “All this self sustaining model crap is admirable but the bottom line is you cannot charge the highest ticket prices in European football and fill the stadium with average players and if Arsenal continue to do it, people will desert in droves”.

    well..shouldn’t you be chantig: “LOWER THE F***KIN’ TICKET PRICES!” instead?

  224. Aman

    Dont worry dude, henry14 wont be anywhere near the Grove this or any other season dude.

    He’s a fraud

    And a shit chimney sweep.

  225. Dexter – I forgive you. I know you can’t help it 😉

  226. Dexter – Your right, i’m a fraud, but do you have the balls to come and find out?

    I doubt it, you sound like a little fucking rodent to me.


  227. JohnN

    If the football hacks just reported the facts, instead of the increasing trends of opinion pieces, you might be onto something.

  228. Chant that and we’ll all join u!

  229. But if really depends on how far SK would go down that route. It wasn’t until the market realised that Citeh was serious about paying well over the odds to build their team that things started to happen. It became clear that their owners weren’t just in it for the short term, but were willing to bank roll the club.
    Do you think we need to change things too dramatically in the current set-up? I think we probably need three or four players max, but have been disappointed in the past that we have not spent money to fill the holes, particularly in the depth of the squad. We have the cash from the existing budget and from Cesc sale so let’s spend it.
    But I think JohnN is right, its about activity and information. With so many sources of information to fill the gap, the void from the club doesn’t help.

  230. Internet Warriors everwhere.

  231. oh dear oh dear… Henry14 really has got some anger management problems. Henry, you do know that is an indication of ‘latent homosexuality’ and repressed memories of being sexually abused by your father when you were young…………

  232. FunGunner,
    You see that I was right now about the fact that Wenger’s evasivesness during the Newcastle preview interview couldn’t have had ANY influence on the negotiations?

    It wasn’t some sort of tactic to squeeze more money as the deal had pretty much been done by then. Cesc met him that same friday to say goodbye. Unless you think the negotiations were still going on by then….

  233. Northbank

    Hahahaha! Shouldnt laugh as you have probably hit the nail on the head there.

  234. Henry14,

    You’re the kind of fool that made me give up a season ticket that has been in my family for generations. You should be ashamed of yourself and the childish comments and actions that you’re spouting.

  235. Wenger never gives anything away in press conferences, especially regarding transfers (either way). He statements abuot not expectnig anybody to leave were a bit wierd, but that is his normal way of things in conferences. Only today he stated we are not intersted in Jedson, so I fully expect us to sign him now.

  236. I don’t deny for one moment that the press has a pro British/ anti foreigner bias bordering on racist. Arsenal without any top England players and many English players for a number of years suffers from this, not only in the press but on the field. ( I’m convinced that it much easier to get yourself sent of if you are of African descent than an English player, and top England players are almost immune but this is another topic)

  237. goonerandy

    Dunno why your two comments went AWOL – now in their rightful place.


  238. YW – OK mate. No worries anyway, I wasn’t posting anything ground breaking (not that i ever do). 🙂

  239. Someone has looted Yogi’s Red banner

  240. Great job Muppet, thanks for a bit of encouragement my friend!

    That is said isnt it John?!

    Henry14, When you boo you boo the whole team not just the manager and as FunGun says, in essence you are telling the players who you want to win mind you, that they are not good enough.

    Also when you boo it has nothing to do with Wenger it is all you. Others are at the game and dont boo. Dont blame Wenger for you poor attitude and immature behaviour.

  241. Ashburton Patriot

    Henry 14 you are a cunt. I dont like wenger but i dont express it like such an immature scum. uve made your point Cescbrokemyheart aka GeorgeRodger is a cunt.
    well done.

    So how do you feel now, do you feel cool yet.

  242. Van Der Vaart,?

    Suit yourselves then

  243. Destruction is always an easier route to take than creation. It takes no skill, no creative energy, and no mental strength to destroy something. I attribute the negative “group think” and poor behavior by our support to this fact.

    Trying to destroy morale and be negative is the default position of a non-thinking brute. It requires nothing more than being angry and joining in with the mob mentality. To sit back and actually take stock of the position the club are in, and of the great things Wenger has accomplished in spite of the clubs limitations, takes far more intelligence and honest reflection.

    It is just unfortunate that those set out to destroy Arsene at the moment don’t even realize that the demise they are wishing for would bring a far darker period to the club than anything we have seen in the last six years. Defeating the negativity starts with each thinking indivdual. Those who refuse to think will never see the big picture and are not worth any wasted breath.

    The only way out now is for Arsenal to produce on the pitch. Nothing else will turn the tide we are seeing build. I hope the lads can deliverthe results. I fear for the direction of the club if they don’t this year.

  244. I like Wenger a lot!

  245. Why am I so popular with the plebeians ?

    What do I do to rile the window lickers ?

  246. George

    I don’t know how you do it

  247. Hello everyone…Cheers Muppet.

    The negativity is truly bad. Arsenal fans have let a very clever media manipulate us into a strange self-hatred. I can go on and on about this as some of you know. I won’t. Just wanted to say hello to all the faithful and the best of luck to us this season.

  248. Nasri didnt like the chanting at Newcastle did he? I didnt sing about him, bit I was tempted. But there’s still a (very) small chance he could stay on.

  249. People on here shouldn’t slag off the away support.

    If we were relegated the away support would still be there, but I doubt very much if many of you on here would be.

  250. George

    They are the flies and you, my friend, are the shit!

    And I mean that in the good way man. 😀

  251. Vidic injured, supposedly for a fortnight. So do I waste a transfer or hang on in there knowing I lose him for at least two weeks in my fantasy football league team?

  252. Kevin M

    Dont pretend you know anything about anyone ion here. Booing is out of order, although it wasnt universal, or prolonged, its still out of order.

  253. Nasri can’t have it both ways. Wants loyalty from the fans, but won’t give any back. Still an Arsenal player, but only because the deal hasn’t been done yet.

  254. Just Another Luke

    I was going through Cesc’s bio on to gather the facts on the extraordinary vision that Wenger had, and yet been given little credit for.

    Cesc signed for Arsenal as a 16-year old in 2003. Most important of all, Wenger had the foresight to tie Cesc, then 20, down to an 8-year contract in 2006. That contract enabled us to gain some leverage in retaining Cesc for as long as we did, and when the attraction to return to Barcelona for Cesc proved irresistable this summer, that contract prevented Barcelona from taking Cesc from us for next to nothing.


  255. The behaviour of a section of Arsenal fans that chants and boos against their own team and its players is disgraceful. They are cowardly scum, anti-Arsenal. I ask an honest question. Have you ever heard Spurs fans booing and chanting against their own team, or ManU, or Chelsea, or Liverpool? Then why do we think Arsenal is better? It is plainly not better but shameful.

  256. Dexter,

    If the away support booed, they must of had there reasons. They are more Arsenal then you, accept it.

  257. Well for whatever reasons,and we all think differently,Wengerball 4 failed to win silverware.
    4ball was built for and around Cesc.So the need for Wengerball 5 is here.We have no choice in the matter .4ball may have worked if the team had stayed together but it did not and has not.
    Onward and upwards is our only option.Unless we want to wallow in pity and self recrimination.

    Let it be Wengerball 5 then.

    All in favour say aye

  258. Kevin M ,ha fucking ha
    Dexter is the away support ,and as Arsenal as it comes

  259. Kevin M

    I was there you mug! More real than me? Fuck off

    They must have their reasons? Like the away fans are a separate entity to the rest of the Arsenal support? A few booed, like a few booed at the grove.

    You are chatting shit mate.

  260. have you noticed how most of the people coming on here spreading doom (apart from the most preposterous of them, i.e. Spectrum and AIC) are always called ‘dave’, ‘kevin’ or ‘gary’ (as in just a forename, not those 3 names in particular). don’t know what the corrolation is but is definitely noticeable

  261. Haha! Thanks George!

  262. I hope Wengerball 5 has a bit more experience, a bit more muscle, more pace on the break and more willingness to shoot.


    Never heard anybody described as shit, but in a good way before. Very funny.

  263. viceologist says:
    August 15, 2011 at 3:49 pm

    For real.

    The same applies to the way a team plays – much easier to be destructive(11 men behind the ball) than constructive (brave enough to trust ur own skill and talent).

  264. Then he understands what Im saying. The away support are a great bunch who deserve alot of respect

  265. Dexter,

    Judging by your comments it is clear that you are not true arsenal. You like many on here only think you are. You are an arsene fan, not an Arsenal fan, accept it and move on.

  266. Zimpaul @ 4:05. You’re joking right? Only last year Liverpool fans hounded Roy Hodgson out. Admittedly not many wanted him to be appointed in the first place, but don’t delude yourself that booing is limited to Arsenal fans. If a team which has been successful doesn’t win trophies for a while then this kind of thing is inevitable and I’m sure Arsene Wenger knows that better than anyone.

  267. Well I suppose those that booed nasri are happy that he now knows how they feel now so I guess it workeD for them.

  268. The away support are made up of a few 1000 Arsenal fans. I love away games because the support is fantastic. BUT I have been to many a game and seen Gooners standing there not singing, or justm moaning to their mates, so if a few boo, that is no indication that things have changed for the worse, or that it is a gauge of worrying times ahead.

    I think it was bourne out of frustration and I can appreciate that, I dont agree with booing, never will.

    Now we need to get behind the team tomorrow night and then, hopefully, we will see a few new faces brought in, sharpish!

  269. kevin M

    Fuck knows what you are? A sad prick by the looks of it. Yeah, I go to the games and spend 90 minutes watching Wenger.

    What a sad twat you are.

  270. He will be putting pen to paper very soon to appease their anger- think rhats how it works

  271. KevinM,

    Why would anyone deserve respect for doing an act that fulfills their very own needs and desires?
    Away fans go to away game because they enjoy football and supporting the team,Not to mention tribalism and such like human desires.
    Respect,for being a fan?
    You get respect for being a good man/woman,not for buying a ticket to he Britannia Stadium

  272. George

    I deserve respect for travelling to away games, getting pissed and having a good old sing song and a few pies!

    I am a good person!

  273. geeGunner

    not saying I would have booed him, but he now knows how they feel about him turning his back on the club. Him putting pen to paper with Arsenal would have appeased their anger, but he didn’t even entertain the idea for a minute.

  274. Wavey ,what am I looking for on that page mate?

    Need some more Aye’s boys

  275. Is this desending into “who is the better fan”? If so, grow up guys.

  276. “@EmmanuelF4: Hopefully There will be Positive Chanting For Players and Staff On tuesday Unlike Saturday #StickTogether”

    Well said Frimpomg

  277. Dexter

    you deserve respect for having to eat mystery meat pies at northern football grounds.

  278. *Frimpong

    Bloody fat fingers

  279. Fab sold…

  280. Big props to Frimpong. Coming out and saying something like this definitely deserves a lot of respect. Let us hope that the negative part of the fanbase will take those words to heart

  281. @ Henristic
    Re the statement about Cesc still being an Arsenal player, yes the deal seemed to have been done in principle by then, but that sort of remark *can* back up a negotiating stance.

  282. Wenger the parasite

    Time to kick out the fucking French parasite out of the club.Wanker will take us down before fucking off to grab the bonuses of PSG next summer.

  283. No goonerandy, I am apparantly a Wenger fan, not an Arsenal fan. How that conclusion can be drawn, is beyond me.

    My guess is because the idiot assumed no one goes to games, who post here and when that wasnt the case, the dumbfuck had to backtrack some what.

    My guess is she’;s probably fucked off back to le grove.

  284. Dexter,

    Calm yourself. I am only stating that the away support are loyal. More loyal then alot of the hangers on weve picked up since wengers reign. They are frustrated, there would never be boo’s at an away game otherwise. I know because I used to be one many years ago. If people were booing for no good reason, they would be told to shut up, trust me on this. This is how I know you are not true arsenal. Please except it and move on.

  285. Being as it appears to be the first time you have posted on here Kevin, I would hazard a guess you know nothing of Dexter, or anyone else on here.

    What do you think the minority who did boo Nasri hope it will achieve?

  286. George

    does it link you to the artcile on Cloughy? Further down it talks about Wenger.

    Will copy and paste.

  287. He will however probably get a lot of stick for it from some of our fans …

  288. Great blog.Should be named as Arsene’s Arsehole lickers blog.Should have been more suitable for this blog

  289. Fuck me, this sad cunt has a strap line like Rectum!

    Fuck off Kev, you chat shit.

  290. You really can tell it is the school holiday’s can’t you….

  291. To those who subscribe to the belief that football started in 1992, the enduring legend of Brian Clough must be rather odd. By the first season of the Premier League era, this great manager had become a washed-up drunk, a blotchy Spitting Image caricature, looking impotent as, like King Canute, he found that his majesty alone could not stop the rising tide.

    Almost two decades on, the grim details of Clough’s final year in charge of Nottingham Forest make for excruciating reading. In Provided You Don’t Kiss Me, Duncan Hamilton’s award-winning book based on 16 years reporting on Forest for the Nottingham Evening Post, Clough comes across as a man who had lost touch, stripped of his aura and his authority to make difficult — and correct — decisions.

    As relegation loomed in April 1993, Clough told Hamilton of his regret at selling Teddy Sheringham and failing to replace him. “We’ve got the money,” he said. “I just don’t have the inclination. I don’t know if [Stan Collymore] is right for us. I’m not sure he can play. And yet the thing is, I used to know.”

    He continued: “I’ve never been so depressed, so down. I’m getting older, the players are getting younger, the game is moving on. I have to accept I’m not as good as I was. Even Clark Gable had to accept in the end that he had got a few wrinkles.”

    A few weeks later, Clough’s managerial career ended with Forest relegated in pitiful fashion. It had been 15 years since he led the club to the First Division title, 13 years since their second successive European Cup. If his first 5½ years at Forest brought success on a breathtaking scale, changing financial circumstances brought an anticlimax; in his final 13 seasons, they won two League Cups, two Full Members Cups and achieved a few top-three finishes with a young team that was lightweight when compared with the great teams he had built with Forest and Derby County.

    Why the trip down memory lane? Because it serves to put Arsène Wenger’s struggles at Arsenal into context. No, not a context that suggests a great manager can fall into terrifying decline, but one that offers a reminder of the unconditional warmth, respect and reverence that Clough enjoyed among Forest’s supporters to the bitter, sad end and to this day. At no point in that wretched final season did the City Ground faithful turn on him. They questioned him like never before, yes, but they still worshipped the man.

    It seems that level of respect no longer exists in modern football. Just as Clough would not have been forgiven these days for putting his faith in bargain-basement buys and eschewing expensive short-term fixes, neither would a Liverpool manager be allowed to endure seven years without a trophy as Bill Shankly did while rebuilding his team between the titles of 1966 and 1973.

    Funnily enough, there is a statue of Shankly at Anfield, much like there is a stand named after Clough at The City Ground. On Shankly’s plinth, it says, simply, “He made the people happy”. It is an epitaph that Forest’s supporters would apply to Clough with equal relish.

    The modern supporter, though, is happy all too rarely. Opinion can swing violently even against a manager who has done as much for his club as Wenger has. His contribution has not been as dramatic as Clough’s transformation of Forest in the late 1970s, but it should still accord him a reverence that is clearly absent when an online poll has 47 per cent of Arsenal supporters saying it is “time for Wenger to go”.

    How far would Arsenal have to tumble for hostility, rather than mere criticism, to be justifiable? A lot farther than this, certainly. Farther than being the sixth-best team in Europe, which, according to Uefa’s clubs rankings, Arsenal have been over the past five trophyless years while spending far less than their leading competitors.

    Wenger’s critics might cling to the Clough comparison as evidence of what can happen if a legendary figure outstays his welcome. But that is not the point. In any case, there is a critical difference. Clough, as Hamilton documented, lost the conviction that was his hallmark. Wenger’s is as strong as ever. He made the people happy. Given time and patience, he will do so again.

  292. It was a lot quieter here when most of those kids were busy doing other things last week.

  293. Matt.Do you clean Arsene’s arse on a daily basis?

  294. Dexter – You are probably right mate.

  295. Matt,

    They are hoping it will let Nasri know that he is a cunt.


    I can appreciate you find it hard to understand what Im saying, but am I right in assuming you are not old enough to properly remember life before wenger? This is why you are not true arsenal, except it and lets all move on from this silly bother.

  296. Wenger the pride of Tottenham

    All hail Arsene Wenger, the pride of Tottenham.

  297. Is that the best you can do? Must of taken you ages to think of that.

  298. Wenger is our legend

    Kevin M.
    Fuck off you mug.We are here only to lick Wengers arsehole.We used to support Tottenham before Wenger came in. We wont support Arsenal anymore,after Wenger leaves,and will go back to support Tottenham.If you dont like Wenger, go somewhere else and read some other blog.

  299. Kevin,

    And by a few fans calling Nasri a Cunt – what is that supposed to achieve?

    Do you think it helped the performance on Saturday – and inspired the players who were actually on the pitch?

  300. Wavey says:
    August 15, 2011 at 4:24 pm.

    Ok now he knows how they feel but what has that really achieved? Is he more likely to sign or search for a new start? (I cannot stand his behaviour but like he accuratey pointed out – he is still an arsenal player more so now than cesc at the moment.

  301. Kevin – I am not getting invovled in this little tiff, but are you saying that your age has some sort of impact of if you are a true supporter or not? If so, what is your threshold for being a fan? I want to check as I consider myself a very dedicated supporter, but am now a bit worried that I might not be.

  302. also how on earth is Dexter supposed to ‘except it’. except what?

  303. KevinM

    You really are getting desparate man. You aint real Arsenal if you are under a certain age?

    Haha! What a pathetic argument that is.

  304. hoof it to row Z, would ya?

    Arsenal: Each pass is calculated and (intended) to have a specific recipient.

    Newcastle: Get it near the touch lines and launch it in to that tall guy’s general area.

    The choice is easy, really.

  305. Matt,

    You seem to be under the impression that fans who go to away games are a bunch of pussys. Well, let me tell you sonny jim, they are not.

    Nasri is a cunt and he needed to be told.

  306. KevinM

    I am getting a sense over the interwebby waves that you are closely related to that psycho schizoid paranoid angry ‘my willy is small so I’ll be aggressive instead’ mother fucking wanker Henry14.

    George, there are no flies on you mate 🙂

  307. Andy,you can be very dry at times.
    It comes as a shock when you introduce humour to your posts.But It is welcome relief today

  308. Kevin M

    Put the shovel down.

  309. Wavey

    Thanks for posting that article man. Cloughie was a genius, one of a kind, byt he also had a brilliant number 2, right hand man, who he fell out with and his booze problems knocked the stuffing out of him.

  310. @ viceologist | August 15, 2011 at 3:49 pm
    Your conclusion is mine. And the scary thing is that the “solution” is out of our control.
    @ Wavey
    good article. The injustice of it all is what is so galling.
    Well said, Frimpers. Sad that he should have to say it, though.

  311. Couldn’t bring myself to read about the Fabregas transfer articles until now. Had a look at the one on the BBC website, gutted that he is kissing the badge already. Not sure what the complete transcript was, but nowhere on the BBC page does he thank Arsenal, all about Wenger. Would have liked him to at least thank the club as well.

  312. Kevin M.
    Ignore it.I started supporting this club after Wenger,and I support this club only because of him.I used to support Manchester United before.They are my second favourite club,Once Wenger goes,I will go back to the old ways of supporting them.

  313. GA 😀

  314. The Original Gooner

    On Saturday from where I was standing I could not honestly say which set of fans where chanting. The Newcastle fans are just as pissed of with their board and they showed it.

  315. just cleaned wenger's arse yesterday, bad taste in my mouth

    George you should karate chop that Henry14 “i get rich off of scum like you” banker man. Video tape it as well would ya now?

  316. Norhbank.
    He was a scary man .He frightened me,Said he would break my face.
    What do you think I should do?
    Are the police an option?

  317. Wavey,he did mate and the fans,Said he will do a video to explain himself.

  318. Where is my dad?

    Wussup Mr. Northbank. Did you happen to find your friend, Herbert Chapman?

  319. Wow – someone has gone to the trouble to copy my Avatar and name and post a hilarious post under it.

    Well they do say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.


    I am not sure what made you think I am under the impression that the Away support are Pussy’s (good use of grammat by the way). – I attend away matches on a regular basis myself.

    I actually asked you 2 question’s – which you didn’t answer.

  320. To be honest George – at your age you might struggle walking all the way back to row 20 – no offence.

    it seems being a very rich man like henry 14 didn’t help him get a very good ticket did it.

  321. Matt,

    I did not answer you’re questions for 2 reasons.

    1. They were designed to cause a negative reaction.

    2. They were dumb.

  322. Tired yet Yogi?

  323. Matt I just thought it was you being sarcastic.I am disappointed now.It was funny.Not now though 😦

  324. My son is missing, call help!!!

    On the good side, our shit backline comfortably dealt with about 30 some hoofballs into the box. Our in-house defensive specialist, Bill, made note of this. I think the offense will come around, but it was good to see solidity at the back. Sczshesney worried me with a few decisions, but if he wants to come for every ball like that and punch it off the pitch, go on lad! Also it seems Wojeich has finally learned how to punt the ball past the half way line. Hooray Wojeich!

  325. Hello AKB’s. How does Wenger’s balls taste in your mouth? Mugs.

  326. Cesc says going to Barca is the greatest challenge of his life. So helping a smaller team with lesser money and less stars that actually beat his current team, over the last hurdle is a lesser challenge?

    Muppet, there are some trolls that need to be dealt with, It seems.

  327. Got my members box over the weekend. Like the new season ticket wallet.

    Cheers George, I thought he must have said something. Typical of BBC to edit it otu.

  328. Kevin,

    My questions were not designed for anything – other than to ask your thoughts on them.

    If my questions were dumb – then what does that make your conclusion that by asking them I think that all away supporters are pussy’s (sic)?

    Surely booing one of your own player’s is nothing other than counter productive – do you not agree?

    Sorry to disappoint you George!

  329. kevin m – so in essence matt’s questions had the same characteristics as yourself?

  330. Bill ,perhaps Sczshesney could punch Henry14 on my behalf?
    I would be forever grateful

  331. @George

    In my experience mate, the police are never an option… but when you get these wankers who want to start a fight, be careful, cos as soon as you slap ’em they are the first to call the billies and cry foul…. a bit like that pretend gangster wanker Joey Barton.

  332. I can’t believe they have internet access in Caravan’s these days…. Amazing what they can do with technology.

  333. #nufc #afc charged by FA with failing to control their players. Barton, who caused ruck, faces no action (as got YC). Song charged, rightly


    When it rains it pours.

  334. Matt

    Haha! I also thought you were being funny with that other post dude!

    Shame on you!

  335. You and whose army?

    “when you get these wankers who want to start a fight, be careful, cos as soon as you slap ‘em they are the first to call the billies and cry foul…. a bit like that pretend gangster wanker Joey Barton.”

    I believe the proper term is “Wankster”

    BTW I tweeted at Jack Wilshere told him to tell the squad to ignore Barton. 2 red cards in 2 matches cause of that Wankster!

  336. Hurts a bit to see Cesc in that shirt. They are a team of fuckers and I lost all respect for them over the last 2 years.

    All the best to Cesc tho.

  337. Man U TV hab=ve the Arsenal Res v United Res live on their TV channel. Arsenal do not.


  338. William

    Yes thanks, I managed to find a good piece of Herbert and now ensconced in serious conversation with him..

    Great on here today… I love it when the wankers arrive.

  339. Wavey, that was a very well put together post.

    Excellent work and a telling statement of where our society is now.

  340. YW

    If you are not to busy could you get put the troll bin into action.


  341. I cant find it in my heart to dislike Cesc.
    He meant too much for too long,
    The best midfield player in the world if you ask me.

  342. Who stuck that ‘get’ in that sentence?

  343. Wavey’s post at 4.32 is one of the best ever written on this or any other site.
    I salute the author.

  344. Bob, how do you see the mind set at the club now?
    Better or worse for our lose and imminent losses?

  345. tat would be “loss” and not lose

  346. You and whose army?

    Northbank you might be onto somethin with that “latent homosexuality”

    There have been quite of a few of those “You AKB c*nts done licking Wenger’s arsehole yet?” today. The real angry ones like to get nice and descriptive with their insults eh?

  347. lol at henry 14. Imagin using so much money to boo someone? WHen you could buy yourself a bike, go on hollidyay to a nice place, eat nice food or just do something that makes you happy.


  348. Without wishing to join in the troll feed could I just point out that you don’t need to be homosexual, latent or blatant, to enjoy licking someone’s anus.

  349. And whats up with Nasri? I dunno, part of me thinks he should have seen it coming. Then again if Cesc was ordered not to talk abot any transfares, then its very likley Nasri was to and then its not really his fault he has not condemd or confirmed any rumours.

  350. Wouldnt be surpised if they were one and the same person Bill.

  351. See what I did there?

    Its easy to change the IDs on here.

  352. I hope we fight the Song charge, I reckon we could make it hard for them to prove he did it intentionally.

  353. Delia--Block 112

    What on earth has happened to this blog, I always enjoyed the considered opinions of true Gooners , I can only hope they are on their hols and will bring some sanity to proceedings on their return. Meanwhile, I will join the Holics, at least they make me laugh.
    Sorry Yogi but as always COYRs

  354. lol the trolls are even more stupid than usual today 😛

  355. Wavey at 4.32……wonderful stuff. So true it hurts. You have to wade through a ton of depressing and puerile bullshit these days, but sometimes, if your lucky, you strike gold. That was it. Thanks for posting that article mate.

  356. and what i Mirror and daily mail going to write about now? Fabregas was their cash cow for the entire summer.

  357. Paulie Walnuts

    Wavey 4:32 – brilliant

  358. Thanks chaps, but can’t take the credit. Just reposting an article from Times website which I thought deserved an Arsenal audience.

  359. Brilliant stuff Wavey, the wouldve been a great follow up to todays post.

    Good stuff and very pertinent.

    George I am dissapointed with Cesc but you really cannot give someone something that they dont have. Cesc isnt strong enough to be the man (as yet) and to me he wants an easy road to trophies. I believe he said it himself, in other words.

  360. Andy, see what happens when you don’t back one of your own? You left Dex hanging. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

  361. cannot give someone something that they dont have (as far as leadership that is).

  362. @steww at 5.19pm

    That was brave of you to share that steww,

  363. Paul,I too am disappointed in young Cesc.But I just cant dislike him.
    I might manage too fall out with Samri though

  364. All you realists saying that Cesc left because Wenger didn’t sign quality should take a look at Cesc kissing the Barfa badge. He was a little mercenary at 16 and he will continue being a mercenary throughout his life. Fuck him and fuck FC Barcelona

    Ironic that this twat who calls himself Henry 14 wants the manager who nurtured Thierry Henry, at Monaco then at Arsenal, out. If it wasn’t for Arsene, Henry would’ve never come to Arsenal.

    I’m really hoping we sign Marvin Martin.

  365. Steww,the someone would have to be in really pristine condition.

  366. good Blog. to be hated by Talksport means we are doing something right! simply the best

  367. careful Henry14 is a tough guy.I have gone into witness protection I am so terrified

  368. its funny how the first thing Goldenbly Villa boas does is slaugher Stoke for cheating pushing and unfair tackles.

    Maybe the press will finally get it now when more than AW telling them what is really going on .

  369. oh and yeh ! marvin martin would be exciting regadless of Nasri leaving or not.

    I would keep nasri if we could though. Hes a decent player, easily replaced maybe, though he knows the arsenal way now. Im sure if he stayed here he would have a good season. If he goes he wont. Wonder if he will play for us tomorrow…

  370. Come on guys seriously?

    What is wrong about a player wanting to go back to his family and his home town after living eight years abroad? Yes, maybe he was sulking the last couple of years but he gave his all at least for 6 years.

    Also the people complaining about his price tag should realize we paid nothing in him. We actually made $35 million profit out of nothing.

    I think people are mad because we are losing him to Barca and after the disgraceful way they behaved, but we should not take it out on Cesc as fans or as a decent club who has higher standards. It just happened that he is from Barcelona and he wanted to go back home, at least he is not a Reyes who gave up after one year.

    You can’t also fault someone for wanting to try something new after 8 years.

    I’m not defending him, I wish he would’ve stayed with us, but sometimes things just don’t workout the way you want them and you move on.

    Sometimes you think something is bad for you when it happens, but after awhile you realize it was actually a good thing because it forced you to take a different approach in life or whatever it is you’re doing.

    Chill, we have Wenger who pick Cesc out of the darkness and made him the player he is now. That’s the one you don’t want to lose to anyone.

  371. Thanks Gains69! 😀

  372. I think we’ll be better now George- as a team I mean. The cesc business must have had a corrosive effect inside the camp. It certainly has been damaging to the fanbase!

    Everything will be portrayed in the most negative light as we know and too many so called supporters will swallow all the bollocks they hear on the box and see in the comics.

    A couple of nice shiny signings would help that situation but even as we stand i would take our squad over anybody elses- that’s not to say it’s perfect.

  373. g4e

    “Sometimes you think something is bad for you when it happens, but after awhile you realize it was actually a good thing because it forced you to take a different approach in life or whatever it is you’re doing.”

    Hope you are right 🙂 it will be nice to get some peace and quiet around the team though.
    And a “mr. arsenal” that really wants to bleed for the team and has the neccesary leadership skills and experience as captain. Prefreably someoen older than 24 🙂

  374. Heh heh, look at me , Im George………. next time a troll comes on I have the solution… just keep changing your name to their’s. everyone would be confused

  375. euh? when did george become a troll?

  376. my avatar gives it away.

  377. Just having fun now…. feeling a bit childish! sorry poodle. 🙂

  378. Poodle, we have Van Persie and we have Vermaelen both are good as Captain and debutant. We will survive, because we have to and because we are the Arsenal.

  379. Arsenal and Song charged by the FA.

  380. I love & respect wenger’s way, it was the best way & still is.

  381. im upset..
    and im totally dissillusioned..

    we must have been desperate to sell the worlds best midfielder for that price..weve been stung..

    i want to phone the police and tell them weve been robbed… 🙂

    anyhow..cesc leaving will enable us to re form and re shape the way we play and i think we will be better for it but we need to invest in some quality players to help fit that shape..

    im sitting on the fence with the post..its a good point of view but the negative PR is a monster the club has created itself..cant blame the fans for feeling so let down after the last 6 months..

  382. Right, now back as my self, and something more serious. How can the FA charge Song retrospectively but then say because Barton was already sanctioned on the pitch they can’t retrospectively charge him.
    He fucking started the fight and yet they make it sound as if Gervinho squared up to him.
    And furthermore, I think Taylor should be examined for intimating that Gervinhi had used his elbow.

    It’s all fucked up and Arsenal come out worse. The FA is a joke if they think this is justice.

  383. Northbank there was about 3 Newcastle players all looking at the ref imitating a punch and point at little Joey Farton rolling on the ground. All this after the commentator was going on and on about this new “respect the ref” campaign. Lol that isn’t going to accomplish anything. At least not with the league being filled with whiny cry babies who roll around after any sort of contact. Look at our little Arshavin!! He took an actual elbow to his noggin and played on. Good man that Andrey.

  384. The FA is a joke, I think they should force them to issue those farcical edicts on TV wearing the straight jacket for all the world to laugh at them.

    It’s like charging the victim of making the criminal’s life difficult while he is robbing you.

  385. Jon its confusing to hear AW say we have got 4 new players, Jenkinson, Ryo.
    Chamberlain and Gervino and I will only buy quality when 3 of these are kids,
    I will be more convinced after the Lpool game

  386. Sol….Kids can be quality too.

  387. PS there is a clip of the Reserve squad up on the main website. I think it was Aneke who pulled off a Bergkamp “flip it over the defender, 360, rocket to the side netting” type deal.

  388. Confidentgoner

    Sometimes I wonder if Wenger has us on his leach permanently. How can an Arsenal supporter be happy with what the club has done so far wrt transfers? Blind faith in Wenger will only be delusional as THE MAN IS A MERE MORTAL AND can make mistakes. His time is past and he knows it. The fans know it, but the board are still slow in uptake. It will come to a head soon, very soon. I’d like to know if you’d still be here supporting Arsenal when your ‘god’ leaves or is sacked?

  389. You need to check your spelling mate, then come back.

    Unless you are a goner for real?

  390. Confidentgoner

    Confidentgoner….. fuck off

  391. Made himself look a right dick there.

  392. A better link for the reserve game

    May want to turn sound off though as it’s from manc TV

  393. G4 they take time to develop and we need more strength now

  394. Fabregas can fuck off. If he loved the club as much as he claims he wouldn’t have left us now that we need him the most. He’s a selfish coward, who would rather take the easy route and be carried to trophies than stay dedicated and work to earn them, under the man who made him what he is today. I hope Real Madrid win everything in Spain for the next ten years at least.

  395. solgoon

    Hopefully, we will see a few more new signings man.


    I agree 100% thats exactly how I feel about it mate.

  396. Breaking news,Arsene has apparently found” it,”The missing it” was found at the bottom of Cesc’s locker.
    The “it” in question will now allow him to enter the transfer market and spend shit loads of money.
    The board have said that had “it” not turned up he would have been shown the door.

  397. Dexter ,what has come over you old friend?Such bitterness!!,JJ might share his med’s with you 🙂

  398. Dexter if we dont it will be a disgrace abd the supporters will
    be really upset

  399. Only Liam Brady could pass a ball better than Cesc.

    We need to get a playmaker in.Mata please

    But sadly i dont think Wenger will sign anyone till Aug 31.Too fucking late

    We will get £60 plus for Cesc Sami and Super Nic.No excuse in not spending all of it.Mata Cahill Jagielka Baines

  400. Sol,

    It doesn’t contradict Wenger’s statement though which I know you are trying to point out, they’re quality young players.

    Should he sign “Strong” old players, maybe yes but they have to be quality as well and that’s what he is saying.

  401. George

    I support the players while they are with us mate. Cesc has gone and the manner in which he departed showed him to be a selfish, spoilt twat.

    So, he can fuck right off.

  402. Bob

    Cesc did love Arsenal but loved his hometown team more.He is a proud Catalonian and a Barcelona fan.Just like Shearer turned down Man Utd to play for his boyhood team

  403. George
    When I took over your name just now I didn’t intend to imply that you were a troll 🙂

    Chill Turner… keep the name it suits you 🙂

    I’m off to the bar… a demain

  404. Hey Dups thanks for that link. My workday just got a whole lot more ARSENAL.

  405. Cesc acted like a petualtn 12 year old, refusing to train with the squad, not appearing for pre-season and making it clear he wouldnt play for us again.

    Thats a mighty big love he has for Arsenal!

  406. Anyone else watching the reserves against manure? It’s a stream from mutv and I was watching for quite some time before I realised.
    In other words the commentary direct from the Man U staff is no more or less biased towards them than the stuff we’re used to hearing on sky or the bbc.
    1 – 0 Sanchez btw.

  407. Richard, Cesc came here when it was convenient for him so I am not so sure how the Shearer thing compares. If Barcelona were not winning Cesc would want to go this bad?

    He said it himself, going there gaurantees trophies.

    I wish we would stop petting this man.

    Dont have to curse him out but lets be real for crying out loud.

  408. Can we just stop talking about this Barcelona player? This is an Arsenal forum.

  409. i agree with dexter..
    cesc went on strike
    the fee was naff all its obvious we were forced to sell..
    im upset by that fee..
    wenger said the club is in an excellent financial position and we are not in a position of selling our best players and then cesc leaves for nothing practically when hes got 4 years left..

    his time was up we were forced to sell and he had as much a part of it as barca did..i love the guy but hes a tit to be fair..

  410. Steww i’m watching. Great pass to set up the first goal. Manure has some really tall dude matched up against Conor Meade. Funny stuff.

  411. Aneke looking very good at Underhill.

  412. They are monsters aren’t they CT?

  413. OK Dex, fuck him 🙂

    Give me your team for tomorrow then

  414. You are right Steww but its quite fresh and hard not to feel a bit upset about it.

    Do we even know what the fee is? lets not worry ourselves about that, the bad part was being forced to see to only one team and then so early is his contract. Thats is not kool!

    As far as Arsenal players, I really want Chamakh to get his confidence back. He can make a big difference, he proved that already! COME ON CHAMAKH!

  415. why does a powerful club like Arsenal get screwed from every direction by the FA? Does this club have no clout at all? Sometimes it seems like all the negativity from the media is just a way to cover for the FA and their incompetent and possibly corrupt referrees to ensure that we get screwed sideways while Manchester United gets whatever they want/need. How did this happen, and how do we allow it to continue? It won’t matter what Wenger or any possible replacement spends or doesn’t spend if this situation continues.

    I wonder sometimes how much this contributed to Cesc’s disillusionment with the club. Maybe it wasn’t Arsenal he wanted to get away from as much as the entire culture of English football. He’s a bright guy, he sees what’s going on. And he knows that playing for Barca means having that protective UEFA halo around you. What player wouldn’t want that?

  416. george/dex
    remember a while back when we talked about the odds for both cesc and nasri leaving this summer? 🙂

    one down 🙂
    the other one looking good 🙂

  417. any links where you dont have to download anything?

  418. Wenger said recently, he’s not the only one involved in the transfer market. That means Gazidis and the Board. This the first time I hear him saying that in public and it may means that things has changed from what they used to be.

    I agree with Steww, I think we should move on and stop talking about a Barca player.

  419. Paul try the ones that say “other” I would recommend getting the Veetle player, it works nicely and has a HQ stream.

  420. Paul all I will say is I think the people who made his mind up are Ryan Shawcross, Dan Smith and Martin Taylor. He would have known it was only a matter of time before the British football establishment sanctioned his leg break.
    Anyway he’s gone. If I can get over Frank Stapleton, Liam Brady and Frank Maclintock going I can sure get over this.

  421. Nice one George

    My lineup (although I dont think we have too many players available to have wildly different ones;

    Sagna Kos TV5 Gibbs
    Song Ramsey
    Theo Arshavin Ricky

  422. Genius double save from Mannone

  423. JJ thank god you did not bet I would be skint,I also said Gail would stay so I am 0 in 3 😦

  424. George, you lie!


  425. goonzablazin

    Football governing bodies are dictatorial in nature and will do what they please, they have no oversight. They’re rouge nations within nations and they have their own laws, in fact, they’re more powerful than the mafia. The amounts of money in the game makes it more sinister and I’m sure there is a lot of stuff we don’t know about.

  426. Ok Dex.That is my team so no room for debate,
    It does show me however that you are a tactical genius

  427. @ G4E
    “Wenger said recently, he’s not the only one involved in the transfer market. That means Gazidis and the Board. ”

    I think he meant there are other coaches looking for players.

  428. Its all good with me Steww, such is life. I believe overall we will be better for it. I am sure that the other players will step up.

  429. Bill ,you have lost me please explain

  430. Traore & Afobe off injured in the 1st half (groin strain) 1-1 HT

  431. Dexter

    Was that the same Cesc who scored a penalty against his boyhood club with……………………………a BROKEN LEG

  432. Dexter

    Was that the same Cesc who backheeled to his friend Iniesta against his boyhood club with…….

  433. Yep, the same Barca player who refused to play for the team that was paying his wages. The same barca player who returned from the world cup in a strop because he didnt get his move last summer.

    Give it a rest with the canonisation of a player who turned out to be just as selfish and gutless as the vast majority of footballers today.

  434. Cesc has abandoned Arsenal in our time of need. That makes him a selfish coward, there’s nothing more to it.

    It’s like your girlfriend breaking up with you during troubled times when you need her the most in order to go out with the guy you hate, telling you ‘I love you, but I love him more’. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  435. That’ll be the one Bill! 😀

  436. Richard ,do you not feel a little bit let down by him?

    Anyway, we should not be falling out about a Barca player

  437. Swansea City giving Man City a bit of a warm time.

  438. True Gooners are starting the fightback – it’s time to reclaim our team from the media induced moaners and whiners

  439. Fantastic individual goal from Aneke 2-1 to us.

  440. OK Pass .That is fandabbydosso

  441. consolsbob | August 15, 2011 at 6:07 pm
    “I think we’ll be better now George- as a team I mean. The cesc business must have had a corrosive effect inside the camp. It certainly has been damaging to the fanbase!”

    Esteemed C-bob, I really hope so. There is so much polite but necessary hypocritical blathering by AW but especially Cesc, wishing each other well, it is so sickening. I can imagine the players on the team sniggering when the boss calls for commitment to the cause when they know full well that Cesc was already committed to buggering off to Barca. If it has a demoralizing effect on the fan base then, dear god, what has it done to the team.

  442. I agree shotta.

    One love!

  443. Arsenal Res 2-1 ManUre Res final score. Great match.

  444. Shotta,looking back I think that the team knew he was going to go.So perhaps it was not to demoralising.
    Cesc has said he had been told by the club to keep quiet for over 2 months.So it follows that his team mates would have known the situation.
    Or is that wishful thinking from me ?

  445. But both Afobe and Traore injured – groin. Aaaargh,

  446. Great result for the reserves, but it’s a shame about losing more players to injury

  447. Was it just me or did Luke Freeman look like AA running down the left.

  448. Thanks for the update FG and Dupsff

    Great result for the rezzies. Real shame about the injuries. Gibbs had better stay fit!

  449. @ dups
    He did! I love that player – he’s got so much enthusiasm. Jernade Meade is another one I like as well – he’s like one those little Jack Russells which you see cowing Rottweilers. Very nimble of course being so tiny. Although he has grown a bit since I saw him last, which I am sure is a relief to everyone, him especially.

  450. And this one is specially for dukey – Arsenal ladies are two wins away from the WSL title. But they have to win. They are two points behind Birmingham with a game in hand and a one-goal advantage in goal difference.

  451. Dexter

    You friends with Gunnerjones by anychance?
    He didnt like it when I said he was a chu=imney sweep and kept on telling me how rich he was, just you have done.
    Is gunnerjones and doesnt even live in the UK, never mind have a season ticket.

    Besides being a obviously miserable cunt with a small penis you are also bordering on obsession with me Dexter.

    You poor thing.

    And then you cry out
    No goonerandy, I am apparantly a Wenger fan, not an Arsenal fan. How that conclusion can be drawn, is beyond me.

    Probably the way you draw you conclusions you fucking retarded cunt. I cant believe I have been drawn onto sinking to your level of insults but hey we are all weak some times.

    I agree with who ever posted earlier that you are not a Arsenal fan just a cunt on a wind up mission,

  452. Hahaha!

    You protest too much numbnuts.

  453. Everytime i see YaYa Toure i remember Wenger didnt think he was good enough for us

  454. Dexter “A mission on a wind up cunt”

  455. richard, we could not get a work permit for him when we could have used him and by the time he was available, we didn’t need him or his price was prohibitive. If you are going to slate Wenger, get your facts straight. Even the most casual Arsenal ‘fan’ should know the history of Yaya Toure and AFC

  456. gunnerjones

    You clearly are warped mate and have a friend who posts exactly the same shit you do, in exactly the same grammatical manner. Your lame insults are even similar.

    The fact you both boat about being wealthy (from chimney sweeping), pretend to go to games etc etc makes your last comment very dubious.

    You’re a 15 year old on school holidays

  457. A wind up cunt is a mission to be on Bill!

  458. Passenal

    You beat me to it.

  459. @ Dexter
    Another one in the long and illustrious line of chimney sweep millionaire playboys, do you think? Coo! Lawks a mussy!

  460. “A wind up cunt is a mission to be on Bill!”

    Sod that if the spring breaks.

  461. FG

    Do I detect a little Terry Pratchett there?

  462. Well, after one round of games, we might as well hand the title to united and the runner’s up spot to man chavvy.

    Fungunner; 😀

  463. @ dups
    You’ve lost me there…

  464. Swansea’s keeper looks decent.

  465. FG

    The “Coo! Lawks!”

    Straight from Witches Abroad (I think) by T. Pratchett

  466. Jabba'sDelights

    Aguero looks terrifyingly good. They are going to be incredibly hard to beat this year. Playing 2 games a week with the cl will affect them less than anyone else due to their depth.

    Good bye Cesc, fantastic servant to the club and cant blame you at all for wanting to leave to your home town club. As said before what would we do if The Arsenal tried to buy us if we were lucky enough to be footballers. Whilst not getting an outstanding price we have money to burn and 2 weeks to do it. I trust we will have identified targets and alot of work is going on behind the scenes. Work some magic arsene all is not lost but it could be if we dont act.

  467. @ dups
    My reference was the comics I used to read when I was a child – there was an ongoing story about a maidservant in Victorian times who used to say “Lawks a mussy”.

  468. Actually dexter you limp dicked moron, you were the one making claims as to knowing my profession and financial state like you have some sort of inside knowledge of my life. I simple corrected you. You are stupid beyond all comprehension and you add nothing to this site.
    As some one said before

    Fuck off you non Arsenal supporter… You are not worth the energy no matter how pathetic your rants are..

    Just out of curiosity how old are you? it might explain alot.

  469. If it was Arsenal and an Arsenal player, you would most probably have read that it was only Swansea.

    Arsenal cannot win to blow wow.

  470. Well, that is what £35M gets you.

    Great performance and 2 goals for Augero. 2nd was a quality strike.

  471. Nice strike that was still.

  472. 4-0

  473. Impressive display by City, they will be a force this season despite what many say.

  474. Jabba'sDelights

    Balotelli and Tevez not even on the pitch. If they can foster Utds spirit they will push them very close this year their depth is out of this world


    Great vid earlier even for supposed doomers it brings a smile to ones face.

    Slightly jittery about tomorrow night but thats mainly due to RVP absence rather than anything. Hard to see where the goals will come from. Great opportunity for Chamack to prove some doubters wrong though

  475. Congrats to Man City for buying a player who is actually pretty good. Not. Jabba I understand the rational viewpoint you take. But c’mon man, f*ck Man City. You realize that Mr. Oil Money could be saving people’s lives with the hundreds of millions. Outrageous spending like theirs is what caused the Banking Collapse thing, and it will fuck up the footballing landscape as well.

  476. All that pent up aggression and obsession with dicks GJ.

    If Northbank1969 was here, he’d swear you had latent homosexual tendancies, but he isnt, so he cant.

  477. They will be one to watch for us that is for sure. They finished above us, and have strengthened their squad.

  478. Dexter your immaturity is staggering, please answer my question as to your age, it really might help to understand why you are the way you are.

  479. I know its an outdated and widely mocked view, but being allowed to have a wage bill that is well over 100% of a clubs turnover is just sick, they make the original chavs look like penny pinchers FFS.

    I am not going to give them the steam from my piss never mind a fucking compliment. They dont have toi balance the books, they can offer obscene unheard of wages and they can unsettle players from any7 team.

    Unless we get Bill Gates to buy Arsenal, we are fucked!!! 😀

  480. In his best bumblefuck, simpleton manner Ian Darke wonders: “I bet Arsenal fans are asking themselves why they couldn’t get a keeper like Vorm.”

    No, Ian, we’re not wondering why we couldn’t get a keeper like that. The team whose iffy goalkeeper made all the headlines this week-end was United. Ask them whether they’d prefer Vorm, who is a very talented goalkeeper by the looks of it, over De Gea, fucking prick.

  481. Bill,it is too late football has been fucked by City and Chelsea.
    And as UEFA are going to allow them to ignore FFP then we may as well get used to it

  482. GJ

    Your stupidity is fucking hilarious man.

    You are the one calling people nasty names yet again and then trying to take the moral high ground. Are you really that thick?

    Lets get to the bottom of your cock obsession shall we?

  483. Dexter
    There you go again you poor boy,, still cant answer my question can you. Im guessing 17 sounds about right. And you say I am the one calling names, I called you names as you came on here insulting me first,,remember bright spark !
    Your first post of the day was

    Will you give it a rest telling people not to worry about what the media say?

    What do you care? You dont live in England FFS!

    You obviously have no idea how it works mate, therefore you need to shut the fuck up dude.

    If the media didnt have an effect, then the likesof fox news, talkshite and the Sun wouldnt be so opoular. These organs are agenda driven, with strong political bents.

    If they didnt help (some) to form opinions, they wouldnt exist.

    Just because you are impervious to such things, please don’t imagine thats the case for all.
    Besides the very poor spelling you do nothing but insult some ones opinions. So I will add hypocrite to you ever growing list of personal flaws, You poor boy , go get a hug from Mummy now.

  484. Fukin el, alot of nut swinging on ere today, put them away chaps.

  485. Jabba'sDelights


    Very true but alot of peoples money could be spent saving people’s lives. They unilke Roman are pumping money into the local area of manchester and encouraging a huge amount of tourists to go to their country which will have massive benefits. Thats why they are doing all of this. A conservative estimate of an extra 200,000 tourists a year spending 1500 nets you 300,000,000 a year.

    It is what it is. i think if we go out and bring in 2-3 high quality additions that lifts the spirits of both the fans and the players we can match them if we get lucky with injuries and they have a bit of blow up which is always possible with so many huge ego’s in one dressing room.

    I just cant see us not spending the cash. Ticket sales are incredibly down and club needs a lift and personally for the first time this summer i can see it happening. i was pleased with how we defended at the weekend and i thought Scezesny looked quality from a number of different perspectives If that can continue and we can bring in a complimentory defender to what we have and 2 quality additions further up the pitch and we will be close as long as we learnt from last year.

    Failure to spend on quality additions is unforgivable

  486. Is it me or are there an ever increasing number of trolls turning up on ACLF?

    Is it because Yogi allows freedom of speech,or because it is school holidays?

    Now I know I am perhaps the worst of us for getting into spats but why do we do it?

    Its like when you get into a fight in the pub and people hold you back and say “leave it ,he is not worth it”.You know your mates are right but you still want to punch the twats lights out

  487. Right on que, your Dukeness.

    I’ll settle the matters. GunnerJoe– Dexter is 18 yrs old (lol check the archives FFS noob!)

  488. Sorry Dukey, when I haven’t even posted and some little boy comes on here and starts slinging my name around he is gonna get a spanking. His mummy needs to teach him some manners. Problem is judging by his rants Id be willing to put money on it he talks to his mummy( Yes I know thats not the correct spelling Dexter just sounds more condescending) like he does to people on here.
    That would be very sad indeed.

  489. ….Dexter asks his mum “Lets get to the bottom of your cock obsession shall we?”

  490. GJ

    Do me a favour and explain what that post to goonerandy has to do with anything?

    I really cant wait. Then you could explain the fact you are trawling through todays posts and copying and pasting them. Seems kind of odd to me.

  491. 18 thanx makes more sense now. I shall just ignore the little moron from now on then, he probably hasn’t ever had a job yet he can label me a chimney sweep.

    Don’t worry Dexter one day you will mature, most of us went through that angry, angst and self loathing stage before we discovered the joys of life. You will too.

  492. Aguero is good, the question is whether Mancini has the balls to play a more wide open game against better clubs. If he does, then Aguero will have a partner and he’ll do excellently. If he doesn’t, Aguero will be up top on his own and useless.

    Swansea needs a loanee or two. They need a better striker and someone who can hold on to the ball further up the pitch. They looked Arsenal like this evening and had similar possession stats as we did against the rich bus parkers.

  493. Jabba,I was nodding my head to your post until “Failure to spend on quality additions is unforgivable”

    Why spoil what is a good post with such an emotive statement

  494. Bill Hahahaha!

  495. Good to see Robbie Keane playing for another one of his teams that he supported as a wee lad.

  496. Hey GunnerJones, my chimney is getting awfully sooty care to give it a sweep for me?

  497. No Dexter you are the stupid one, your posted at me( and Ill paste again for you)

    You are the one calling people nasty names yet again and then trying to take the moral high ground. Are you really that thick?

    I was showing you that your first contribution on here today was to insult some one, being GA that time. Your second post ( I believe) was to insult me. So does that answer your question? I am not your school teacher and don’t see why I should have to point out things that are so obvious

  498. Ask Dexter Chill, he needs a first job, or something, I don’t know what will help the poor child.

  499. Gunnerjones: “Don’t worry Dexter one day you will mature, most of us went through that angry, angst and self loathing stage before we discovered the joys of life. You will too.”

    Joys of life according to GJ:

    Boasting about his wealth to people he’s never met.

    Dooming as if his life depended on it.

    Spats on the internet with strangers.

    I am by no means a bon vivant, but your life seems quite shit, GJ.

  500. Dexter what have I told you about picking fights?

  501. I dont get some of the people who comment on this blog. Man City struggled with Swansea for the most part and then it all came apart after the new guy came on. However we are still talking about Swansea are we not, so what is the big deal?

    If that is the case then we should be bigging up Bolton.

    Man City may be the best team but to hail them almost king based on this, I find very confusing.

    I really dont like the feel of this blog right now. I will never get people hailing up other teams and the slighting there own. Makes me sick!

  502. oh im very excited but i do have an apology to Arsenal fc, i was on here the other day moaning about me not getting an Arsenal key ring and book this season but low and behold what was on me doorstep today…..yes a nice Arsenal gift box with a nice afc wallett dvd and an arsenal badge. also a Herbet Chapmen book which will give me a good read on the bog now. cheers AFc. maybe you are not as tight fisted as i said the other day…all is forgiven….unless you dont buy any players this summer!!!!

  503. There you go Gains jumping on the band wagon are you. I never boasted. I was called a chimney sweep by a child and responded. I don’t recall boasting. I have made a good life for myself and my family and it took allot of hard work. I take offense to some little turd who probably get benefits from he government.
    So if you think that is unreasonable then you must be in the same ilk as Dexter.

    Pretty pathetic really. Are you also 18 Gains?

  504. Dukey

    You got the HC book too? Im looking forward to having my mum read mine to me. Good job we got the pop up version, otherwise she’d have no fucking chance with it.

  505. Gains

    Its like having a fight with a sick puppy, you wont get any joy from this shit. This fucker is too warped to realise how fucked up he is man.


    I know, I thought I’d give you an evening off dude!

  506. “…Im looking forward to having my mum read mine to me.”

    Ha ha!

  507. Jabba'sDelights


    As i believe it to be true. We constantly here about our scouting our manager has a great record in the main when he actually spends in the 8-15m range, i think with 3 additions in this sort of bracket we could be close. There is no excuse for the club to not do everything in its power that doesn’t jepodise our future in trying to match the 3 clubs above us.

    There is a chance that even with that we still might not catch them, but you wont here any negativity from me about that. I’m well aware that we aren’t on a level playing field with their oligarchs and Utd higher revenues my gripe has always been us not doing all we could in my eyes to remain truly competitive. There is no excuse for that now. We have money, we have 2-3 holes to fill, and i think the club will do that.

    There isnt a legitimate argument i can see for us not having a very proactive couple of weeks in the transfer market. We dont even need to spend all the cash. i love the gervinho signing and he cost about 10, 3 players in a simialr type mould who are ready to compete now

    i want to se the effort. The whole club needs a lift and that starts tomorrow night against the italians.

  508. Bradys right foot

    Are we still naval gazing ladies.We have the first competitive home game of the season TOMMORROW and a very important one at that. Time for a win a bit of support,lets hear thecannon roar tommorrow.

  509. Sorry Dexter ,, no comment about my post showing you why I copied and pasted your post to GA,, did that just go away because you didn’t get what you wanted out of it.. I thought you could not wait for me to tell you why I did that! Now it just gets swept under the rug , come on sunny boy,, what now.. Sick puppy, wow thats what you do in your spare time, beside swearing at your mum. You are a big big boy Dexter. I

  510. Jabba – Spot on. Nobody is asking for stupid amounts to be spent, but to not significantly add to the squad would be negligence.

  511. BRF

    Right on man! I really hope we put in a good performance and get a few goals. Getting Chamakh into form would also be on my wish list too, then a few signings before we smash the scousers on Saturday!

  512. Chamakh to score a brace tomorrow. !

  513. GJ

    You are odd, I work with people with mental health issues, so am familiar with dealing with sick individuals and you need help man, I am being serious.

    Are you really making such a big deal about my post to another person(goonerandy) are you really that twisted?

    It wasnt even an insult to goonerandy, if you had any insight or intelligence, you’d see that. But as I say, you are one sick puppy 😀

    Please get help

  514. Jabba,I get you and I agree on a lot of points.
    I just wish you could be less demanding with your conclusions .If you tempered you language I feel we would not have our fall outs.
    And you must admit it is not just me who gets hot under the collar. As I say ,a lot of what you say makes good sense.So it must be your posting style which is creating the problems.
    And I know all about annoying posting styles don’t I ?

    I will try if you will?

  515. Jeeez, Jabba wants less signings than I do! WTF??? 😀

  516. just looking at player stats and bendy scored 43 goals in 156 games. thats a goal every 3.62 games. not to bad really seings as he played out wide alot.

  517. Perhaps we could do a trade nasri with balotelli I know he is a nutcase but with some wenger magic he could fulfill his potential and wenger has publicly admired him, just a thought!

  518. Rune breaker, it is a good thought but unfortunately any swap with a player is ruled out by the ridiculous wages City players are on

  519. Rune breaker

    We have got enough nut case fans without having nutty players to. Apart from a keeper of course

  520. Jabba’s Delights | August 15, 2011 at 10:37 pm

    good comment right there.

    I believe that players will come in and I believe the team should be very active and even buy a powerhouse player if possible over the next couple of weeks if possible, along with a couple others.

    The thing is though, that if they dont it is not a reason to slander the manager and we have to still support the players that are here.

    More than anything else I want Chamakh back on fire. He has ithe talent.

  521. Dukey ,and he played injured for almost a year,And Ade never passed him the ball for 2 years

  522. NO Dexter I was showing you that you are the one throwing around insults and just being a general idiot.
    But Like i said and I mean it this time, no more time wasted on you,, you are a child and I don’t play with children.
    Please one last thing , do you treat your mentally handicapped patients with the same contempt you show to those one here. I mean you have shown to have no patients with others, rudeness, a habit of making up crap to suit your own agendas and nothing that even resembles compassion or intellect. So how do you go about working with the handicapped?
    Just curious. This is a industry that calls for calm, level headiness and compassion, which you show none of.

  523. Oh we dont use the term mentally handicapped GJ, that is so out dated and very disrespectful.

    The correct terminology is Spazzers.

  524. Bradys right foot

    Would love a few signings myself but our world class players emerge and develop at this club we don’t buy them. We rescued Bergkamp from his mare in Italy pre Wenger but that is the last truly off the shelf World Class player we signed its just that the rest of the football world didn’t see it somehow.

    Looking forward to seeing Gervinho make his home debut hopefully the Barton incident will give him an added incentive to make his mark. Theo back in the fold and looking to impress with Myachi, Arsh and Gervinho all competing for a start. I dont think Chamakh will start as he looks so off at the moment and the game is too important, Gerv or Theo down the middle.

  525. Yes Dexter,come on answer the question
    Do you treat your mentally handicapped patients with the same contempt you show to those mentally handicapped on here?

  526. BRF,if he does not start Chamakh I think the writing is on the wall for him.So I think he will start.

  527. “I promised I would let him go if he found the right club and that has not changed because when I make a promise I keep it.”

    Arsene is just pure class

  528. Jabba'sDelights


    Agreed. Season has started now and with all the negativity surrounding the club i’ve found its created a bit of a seige mentality. You will find alot of us doomers backing the boys to the hilt now its kick off. Its the ones who are almost happy with our predicament at the moment who are the ones who do the club no good.

    Here is to hoping for a good result tomorrow!

  529. George


  530. BRF

    I am sure a few of our current lot will develop into world class players (then fuck off to man city!) But I think a few quality additions are also needed. Not rocket science I know, but thats how I feel.

  531. I dont think we will sign anyone till we know the outcome of the cl qualifier.

  532. Bradys right foot

    Dexter | August 15, 2011 at 11:25 pm

    I am sure a few of our current lot will develop into world class players (then fuck off to man city!)

    lol m8

  533. Dukey stop worrying me.
    I thought I knew the outcome.Now I am not so sure.Thank a fucking lot

  534. So we aint even going to fight the Song ban, so he misses the games vs the scousers and manU. Not good. If Jack doesnt get back for those games, we are seriously light.

    It is fucking relentless.

  535. Dexter we cant fight it because he did it
    I just wish it had been his neck or throat

  536. Some fine stuff today from Muppet, Flint, jabberwocky, Miami Arsenal and the usual suspects.

    Goonerandy, Block4 and a few others would do well to go pick up a film by the name of Idiocracy.

  537. Bradys right foot

    It was a very stupid reaction by Song and he’ll miss two vital fixtures, were very light on numbers. Ill discipline is one of my pet hates its unforgiveable and even more so against Barton. De ja vu Diaby last year, Alex this year when will we effing learn. If we can’t we should just buy the bastard so we don’t have to play against him. It would save the aggro for the next 3 or 4 years.

  538. BRF

    Ha, hyeah, lets sign the cunt!

    But it is pathetic that once again, we lose players to stupid reactions. I am really fucked off right now, so will leave it there.

    Good night

  539. Nasri

    I think some Arsenal fans are so stupid they are not realizing how much they are hurting the club they claim they love by attacking players who are still on Arsenal books.

    This treatment of players regardless if they want to continue to play for us or leave is disgraceful and will only hurt us as a club. What big name player would want to join the club if he’s going to get abused because he changed his mind after 3 or 8 years of service?

    Someone or a few are hell-bent on destroying Arsenal at least the way we know it.

  540. How I forgot Wavey is beyond belief. That was a cracker at 432

  541. My God some people are completely deluded on here, the level of blind faith is akin to a happy clapping born again Christian movement. Can you really not see what an utter mess is unfolding down at the Grove, the loss of Fab4 & more so Nasri have completely derailed Arsene’s plans just as the season starts. He already looks like a broken man and we’ve only played 1 game, he looks far from in control and that will inevitably transfer to the team. His pre season comments regarding these players have already come back and bitten down hard, Arsene looks hurt and vulnerable, his old school honorable values being trampled on by those of a game fast changing. Although I’d stop short of accusing him of naivety I feel greed has increasingly out maneuvered him lately, which is sad and at the same time worrying.

    I have always defended our club & the manager against the crap spouted by the media, wind ups and rival fans but with recent events unfolding I now fear we are on the verge of a real crisis. We are hemorrhaging quality and belief with time running out to address it, it’s not as if we’ve a great record at transfer brinkmanship either is it.

    Either there’s a power struggle going on or people are simply not agreed in a resolution or path. Whilst I appreciate qualification for the CL may well have some bearing on prospective international transfers, I doubt it holds much weight with the “Premiership experienced” players Arsene himself has stated he requires. Whilst I welcome clearing the decks of certain squad players I can’t for a minute be confident adequate reinforcements are imminent, though at a club like ours they bloody well should be.

    Big big game tomorrow, will be shitting myself all afternoon for sure.

  542. Kevin M,

    I think you mean “‘accept’ it and move on”, rather than your repeated use of “except it”!?

  543. I think we can all appraise the position of the team from a perspective of believing in the team or not. But crisis….FFS.Save your epitaphs for the end of the season when I will happily eat my words if I am wrong. Otherwise fans your team f@ckin needs you now. Dont be fooled by the media fuelled Arsenal on the precipice talk. Make the Emirates a fortress and spur your team onto victory. Thats all that matters. Arsene knows.

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