A sense of Injustice. Newcastle V Arsenal match report.

Newcastle 0:0 Arsenal

This was a game of very little incident, except for two altercations, both involving Joey Barton. I suspect you’ve all seen the game, I probably don’t need to go over the 2nd and main incident again. Mid way through the 2nd half, probably seething with rage and seeking retaliation from an earlier stamp by Song, Barton decides that Gervinho is simulating when he goes down in the area. He grabs Gervinho angrily with both hands by the shirt and in the resulting melee receives a limp slap in the face, which causes him, this hard man who has done bird, to go down like Monica Lewinsky, and cry foul to the referee. Speechless. Not only that Gervinho is then sent off, but that a penalty decision is not given, given that it did look like a trip (however soft) and the case for it was a hell of a lot stronger than last year’s 2 risible penalty awards. And the other grating thing is that Gervinho was provoked into a reaction by Barton in the first place, which makes it in my book a ludicrous injustice. Barton should have walked as well.

Now, in the interests in balance. It has to be said that Song should have walked as well. He did stamp on Barton, presumably because of some earlier incident, which I did not see. Pardew said that this beahviour from Song was out of character. It probably was. Still, it was disappointing from a viewpoint of discipline. We lost momentum last year because of Diaby’s reaction to Barton, the same player. We can ill afford incidents like this, particularly in the current climate of negativity.

The Barton Gervinho incident of course overshadows the whole game. In reality, it was not a turning point, as both sides were defensively parsimonious, very parsimonious. On reflection, I was nervous at half time. We had dominated possession, but hadn’t really created any clear cut chances. In actual fact, I can’t recall any clear cut chances in the entire game. Gervinho was a threat  in the first half, making 4 or 5 incisive runs, alas with little end product. Either down to a lack of synchronizity with VP or just poor finishing. Still, Gervinho’s directness was encouraging. I thought Rosicky was composed, and sprayed the ball around well. At the back we looked composed, we defended set pieces well, and dare I say it, Szczesny, Koscienly and Vermaelen looked commanding.

The 2nd half was more of the same, save the 2 incidents involving Song and Barton, and then Barton and Gervinho. We lacked any real punch to create space and openings for clear cut chances. Our defence I thought was outstanding. The only worrying moment was in the last 10 minutes where a Newcastle player went through on goal but could not make contact. Frimpong came on in the last 5 minutes, presumably to scare the opposition. Djourou was brought on in the last 2 to shore up the back line. There was a breakaway chance led by him after that, where the ball was squared to the wrong arsenal player and it resulted in nothing.

All in all, it was a relief not to have lost. The away crowd, normally very supportive, at one point were singing ‘Spend the f*cking money’. I shudder to think of the reaction if we had lost, but we looked quite good defensively. Unusually for us, we lacked sharpness up front, and failed to carve out decent openings. Walcott when he came on, was half a yard off the pace, which will be down to just coming back from injury. We have to hope now that the FA will review Gervinho’s suspension and be kind to us, reducing it from 3 games to 1 game. A return of Wilshere would also be welcome. Anyway, let’s enjoy the positives. It was a clean sheet and the portents look good with the Szczesny, Vermaelen and Koscienly triumvirate. To give credit to Newcastle, they were defensively well organised, competitive and disciplined. They have a bit of bite, and some physical players. Like us, they needed more cohesion and firepower up front.

Transfer news ? It looks pretty bleak at the moment. Cesc is more a less a done deal as you know. Nasri didn’t travel with the squad, put down to a mystery ‘illness’. There is the quite bonkers rumour going around of a Tevez Nasri swap. There are 2 interesting rumours, amongst all others, that stand out for me. Sochaux midfielder Marvin Martin and Marseille winger Andre Ayew. The latter player, Ayew, is an exciting Ghanian winger who plays for Marseille, and has a €13.7 million release clause. Martin is a midfielder with a very impressive assists record and is vying for a place in the french national team  with Nasri. It could all be a load of guff, but I think patience is called for in the final 2 weeks of the transfer window. We have at least £60 million to spend, so we have the financial power to make any deals happen. We just have to hope that AW makes the right calls and can find adequate replacements for Nasri (if he does go) and Cesc.

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscienly, Gibbs, Rosicky (Frimpong 85), Ramsey (Djourou 92), Song, Arshavin (Walcott 61), VP, Gervinho
Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Jenkinson, Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Frimpong, Chamakh

Newcastle: Krul, Colloccini, Simpson, R Taylor, S Taylor, Cabaye (Lovenkrands 81),  Gutierrez, Tiote, Ba (Obertan 46), Sh Ameobi (Best 73)
Subs: Forster, Willimson, Gosling, Lovenkrands, Best, Obertan, Sa Ameobi

Til tomorrow.


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  1. “ludicrous injustice”

    Is the best way to describe it YW and it’s becoming a repeated occurrence in the Premier League that it’s sickening to watch.

  2. does not matter how softly gerv touched barton or how hard barton is…u dont reach out for another players face in the premierleague in this current climate..end of.

  3. in hindsight, wenger should have bought barton. would have saved us 2 red cards!

  4. I don’t want to hear about how “great” our away support is ever again. Booing the manager before the game and then chanting about money while our boys we’re fighting back bravely with 10 men. Arsenal put in a gritty performance yesterday and deserved better from the ref and the fairweather muppets.who claim to support us.

    One thing we now know for sure is that Wenger’s position at the club is untenable and he has to resign. There’s no point in carrying on if he’s going to be booed before a ball has been kicked. No signing he makes will be good enough from our “fans” perspective and unless we go unbeaten all season he’s got nothing but hostility, booing and abuse to look forward. He needs to cast us adrift.

  5. Your report and views mirror my own thoughts on the match, Muppet.

    A disappointing opener. The team doesn’t look ready-or complete-to me at the moment. No shortage of effort though.

  6. GB,

    Reality check. Let’s see how well you consider the ” current climate” when out of the blue, you’re grabbed by your collar hauled from the floor and set upon by a thug, in any other scenario would surely be about to crash a bottle down on your head,

    If Gervinho let himself down, it’s that he didn’t Paul Davis the c#nt!!!

  7. Does this mean that Barton is not going to transfer in now?

  8. Morning,

    a fair report on yesterday’s game, hoping the lack of thrust in the final third is just a bit of ring-rustiness.

    If Nasri and Fabregas are finally going we need to complete those deals as quickly as possible and get round the table with the clubs of or intended acquisiitons.
    With a pot of c.£55m to spend I hope that AW remembers that he has just won the lottery and doesn’t need to buy Aldi baked beans anymore.

  9. “You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on.” ( quote from George W. Bush )
    Hmmm. Wonder if George has been having a word in the ear of Wenger ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  10. Actually. The most obvious penalty was Bartons attack on Gervinho. The ball was in play when it happened – freekick and penalty. Because of Songs stupid stamp probably poetic justice.

    Do we really have anything to complInt about?

  11. wistful thinking that gervinho’s suspension is gonna get reduced. looking for justice from the FA is like… i don’t know.

    if anything, song would be slapped with a 5 game ban, and i seriously won’t be suprised if they find some lame reason to increase gervinho’s ban too.

    and referees wonder why they don’t get any respect?

    i thought we looked good defensively. kos and vermaelen looked strong together, and the way sczesny plucked out crosses from nowhere was refreshing. what would worry me is if we get hit by an injury crisis to such an extent that squillaci comes on. i think that’s why we need a 4th centre back.

    rosicky, until he faded off, was a joy to watch. we lacked creativity, but that’s because wilsheres not on the pitch. and yes, we could do with another passer-kind of player.

    i didnt like the substitutions we made, because yes, not losing was more important, but in this climate of negativity, it sends out the wrong message to the media and the doomers that we lack ambition to win the game.

    i think at the moment, we need to replace nasri more than fabregas. nasri might not have that many goals and assists, but what he brings to the team is someone who can hold the ball up in attack. he helps to create the space and opportunity for the final ball to be made. arshavin loses too many balls, and gervinho is just not that kind of player. the natural replacement in our squad for that role would be rosicky. i think people will understand the idea behind arsene wenger putting central players like pires, hleb and rosicky out wide after seeing yesterday’s game. an intelligent player put out wide on the flank to help hold the ball will create the space and time for the other winger to make his run.

    0-0 away at newcastle is not the end of the world. a season is a marathon, and we are just getting started.

  12. you dont want to know

    The performance yesterday was very poor to me.we had chances to kill the game but were unable to get a good finish.Gervino to me doesn’t look like a striker or a winger to me becos he lacks the finishing touch.I still prefer bendtner to gervino cos bendtner is a good finisher while gervino is not.gervino only makes a run nd later make a silly pass which is annoying.And also the players should also try shooting the ball outside the post yard.

  13. You don’t want to know

    “I still prefer Bendtner to Gervinho because Bendtner is a good finisher & Gervinho is not”

    Hang long have you been having this debate with yourself? Not one to allow time to get in the way of making a judgement eh!

    Oh and I still prefer Kevin Campbell to Patrick Vieira because Kevin was a better finisher!!!

    Debatable I know!!!!

  14. -in Martin Marvin and a C/B pls. -out Squilacci and Chammak. Bendtner to stay as back up striker, at least he knows where the opposition net is. Kozza to be our best defender this season, credit to AW for that.

  15. Is it going to be yet anither season of rvp free kick misses (5 years and counting except a defection last year)? A new free kick taker will get us an extra 6 points.

    We definitely lacked killer finish yesterday. Hope we get aother striker to keep rvp company.

  16. you dont want to know

    hey danny

    Debate you said sound funny to hear.
    Try to get,Gervinho made up to 15 silly pass yesterday nd also had many chances to win the game. but still,he was scared to shoot the ball in the net.

  17. Muppet, an excellent match report. For once, our defence was strong and confident. Rosicky shone. Only our finishing was lacking but this will improve. Gervinho will learn to “go it alone” sometimes.
    Still time in the Window to buy what we need.

  18. Can’t believe he’s on here so early and already trying to make some kind of ‘told you so’ statement. I accept that we certainly weren’t the complete package yesterday, but neither were we the unmitigated disaster that so many predicted. If/when Nasri and Fabregas leave the money needs to be reinvested in players, but overall the lads did alright for a tough away game at the start of the season. We are already 1 point ahead of where many on here thought we would be in August. A CB in, mainly to replace Squillaci as TV5 and Kos were very well organised, another striker to take some of the responsibility from RVP and an additional creative midfielder are probably still on the shopping list.

  19. Average Performance

    I think we really perform excellently well yesterday taking into considerations that this is the first day of the new season and that the players need to play at least 3 game together to be at top gear. Everybody should forget about nasri and fab4 for now and stop all this booeing of our great coach, how do you want them to perform when you have started the match booeing. For me this team will go far if we can just get one additional center back and when wilsher comes back to the team. We don’t need Mata in that team because what is happening to fab4 now will eventually happen to Mata one day after the prof would have taken him to the highest place in football (ie going back to play in Spain because they equally have good league). The ref wa fare yesterday but we just need to pray that gerv suspension is reduced to 1, i know that without fab4 and nasri we need gerv, Walcot and wilsher in the middle to play man u at their theater of slip and destroy the unbeaten home record

  20. @you dont want 2 knw
    u b mumu, gervinho is a far beta player dan bendtner.
    The mst painful scene yday was hw r players were hugin dat bloody barstard barton afta d match.
    Credits 2 Rosicky,sczessny,vermalen,koscielny yday

  21. Sorry A.K.B.’s. Bad news. The Great One has ruled out signing Mata. He arrogantly said “I don’t have to give a reason.” – when asked why we hadn’t made an offer for him. Seems he wants you to love HIM and the players, but has no respect for YOU, in return.
    We’re in dire need of quality replacements for Cesc and Nasri, but Wenger doesn’t think you’re entitled as loyal, paying supporters, to know what his thoughts are. I suppose you’re all happy to be treated in this way, then ?
    I’ll pre-empt what you’ll say ; “I have complete faith in whatever Arsene decides”. ( see ? I can read your minds.)
    You deserve each other, then.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  22. Song is the new diaby!


    if we “deserve each other, then” does that mean you are washing your hands of us and leaving us alone?

    I’m not sure what you are trying to do on here as you pick the most negative stance you can in every situation and use it to beat AW. I am not just one of the AKB brigade and am happy to debate the views on both positives and negatives for the team (I made it very clear in the summer I was nervous as to the start of the season), but you just seem to want to attack the team. Do you actually support Arsenal, or are you just a Spud trying to wind us up?

    I would have loved us to have made our signings early and I still believe we should have brought in defensive cover much sooner, but the roles to be filled futher up the pitch have been complicated by the Fabregas/Nasri sagas and hopefully we will start to see these being resolved.

  24. and do you think its right that fans should be booing and having a dig at the manager before and during a game? I don’t agree with booing the team, but if the guys on the terrace are trying to make a statement to the manager I guess it’s their right. They surely shouldn’t be trying to make their point when the team about to play – doesn’t exactly instil you with confidence if your fans are on your case before a ball has even been kicked. We should be supporting the team when they cross that white line.

  25. Song stamped on Barton yesterday….clear red card.

    Last year Diaby violently and arrogantly grabbed Barton by the back of the neck and threw him to the ground. Another clear red card.

    Barton is a wind up merchant, the sooner he moves on the better.

    BUT….man you myopic gunners side with your moaning manager…just LOVE to moan. You are a disgrace man…

  26. Why is everyone saying song stamped on him??/ He trod on him..big difference…Also as the ball was in play when barton tried to throttle Gerviniho thats a pen isnt it..??

  27. If Song had of been given a red card as he should have, against ten men NUFC would have went on to win the match easily….. then Gervinho punching Barton would have been even less significant…cos we would have been at leat 2-0 up.

  28. This is the team the manager put out, and WHERE was the creativity ? The chipped through balls, the defence splitting passes ? Fabregas’s influence is noticeably MISSING. You can’t take out our leading passer and assist maker for last season, the most creative midfielder in Europe – and NOT miss him.
    To the match itself ; Our defence was hardly tested. That is yet to come.This was a poor Newcastle side, who didn’t show much desire. So how ordinary does that make US ? Last season we would have beaten this lot easily and…..oops ! wait on, we were four nil up, and we drew THEN, too.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  29. Muppet – Nice post. Mirrors my own thoughts on the match and incidents.

  30. Come on, folks, that game wasn’t that bad. Playing with Ameobi, Ba and Cabaye, plus the tireless Jonas and later tricky Obertan, the Gunners defense never once quaked. The passing and movement were there all right. Just that final ball… but though we know the major reason, the second most creative player in our fold, talking about Wilshere, unfortunately missed the party. And in Gervinho, we have a player worth well over his transfer fee. And though they are kids, I believe Ryo, Chamberlain and Campbel would be good hands towards the end of the season…that point we always faltered. I think the cup is half-full. It’ll only get better.
    And believe me, Wenger has two more signings to make. And if I were him, I’d battle to make certain Walcott is always fit, then make maximum use of the ex-Southamptom sprinter. If deployed effectively, roving freely around the front three in all matches, Walcott would definitely be our joker this season. But if Wenger insists on wasting him permanently on the right wing, then it’d be a pity indeed.
    On Fabregas, Barca have succeeded in turning him from the once-intelligent-and-most-loved Arsenal player to a disgruntled-and-worst ingrate to wear an Arsenal shirt. I hope for Barca’s sake he’s worth all the trouble. For Cesc, I wont wish him any better days without making such confessional statements that Alex Hleb sang on numerous occasions after toeing same inglorious line.
    Fabregas wants to return to his boyhood club. A club that didn’t consider him good enough for first team before Wenger ingeniously did! He is going for trophies. Did he ask Messi which one he would have preferred – all his(Messi’s) Barca medals or just that one World Cup gold medal that proudly sits with Cesc’s collection! If it wasn’r for Wenger and Arsenal Cesc wouldn’t have made Spain’s team to Euro ’08 and WC ’10.
    Wenger let Pat Vieira go once he sighted Fabregas. Vieira’s last kick gave us our last silverware. Six years ago! What has Fabregas given in return? Selfish struggles just to attract Barcelona!
    Wenger made Fabregas Arsenal’s captain at the tender age of 21! What is Fabregas repaying with? Paying part of his transfer fee just to leave!
    I was so mad at Flamini for leaving when and how he did. But Fab has broken the chain. And I am not a pretender. It won’t ever BE WELL WITH FABREGAS ON THE PITCH UNTIL HE CONFESSES AND PUBLICLY APPOLOGISES TO WENGER AND ARSENAL. By then he must have lost his spot on the Spanish National side and cost Barca the Liga and Champions League trophies. Unfortunately, he will never become an Arsenal legend.
    On Nasri, the least said about him the better. But believe me, the duo would learn the hard facts of how not to quit Arsenal.

  31. and the rant continues

  32. No way the FA will reduce the ban. It was a slap and to be fair, if an Arsenal player went down, we’d be excusing because that’s the only way a player will get sent off for it. Gervinho made the most the touch to go down and Barton did the same thing. Both as bad as each other.

    Song will also get a ban. That was a sickening act and if was Barton, we’d all be calling him a thug. Who cares if it was ‘out of character’. It stamp on someone, you deserve a red.

  33. Spectrum, it must be really frustrating to see Fabrecas and Nasri squirming to get away from your great club. However thats the way football is now unfortunately.

    Pity to see how a brilliant player like Fabregas is also being reviled and abused by Arsenal fans after how much he has contributed to Arsenals play over the last years…

    It’ll be a pity to see them move on, but Wenger has most probably something up his sleeve.

    Hope you survive the Champs Leagus quali though…gonna be tough..

  34. When I saw the highlights last night, (I cannot watch duirng the day on a Saturday), I had difficulty in containing my anger at what i saw.

    That the standard of refereeing is plumetting has been clearly evident for some time, nevertheless, without suggesting that there is a specific campaign against us, why does one get the feeling that we seem to suffer from it more than most.

    If Gervinho dived, then he should have been given a yellow card. If he did not, then it was a penalty.

    What were the linesmen and 4th official doing when Barton assaulted (there is no mistake, it was an assault) Gervinho?

    Yes, I agree, apart from the fact that a penalty offence had already been committed on Gervinho, this was a second.

    I also believe that Song did not deliberatley stamp on Barton, but trod on him, simply when he put his foot down. The question is, therefore, whether he could have put his foot down without trading on him. I suspect that he could have, but did not.

    It seems that Barton wishes to follow in the footstpes of that other delicate rose, Vinnie Jones, and to foloow an acting career.

    If what he did, twice, was not a clear example of simulating, then what is?

    If Song receives a retrospective susoension for what he did, then Barton should receive one for his attack on G.

    If the referee did not see what Barton did, then he gave the yellow card for his involvement in the subsequent fracas only.

    That being the case, because the ref did not see it, and did not mete out a punishment for it, then that assault should be the subject of a review and he should be suspended for it.

    Did the ref ask the linesman what happened? That was not apparent from the highlights.

    Finally, in my view Fabracas’ conduct has been a disgrace and has, in my view cast a dark shadow over the team during the last few weeks and clearly affected the confidence of the players.

    I hope he rots on the Barca bench for many years to come.

    His total lack of gratitude for what we have done for him and for the millions of pounds he has received from us is a clear indication of the sort of person he is. Good riddance.

  35. The reason Wenger doesn’t want to say why Mata isn’t coming is because Mata rejected us. It wasn’t a club/fee issue, it was a player issue. At Valencia he’ll be in the CL playing in front of Valencia fans. He obviously thinks that’s better than playing in front of Arsenal fans. Can’t say I blame him.

  36. in any other circumstances a first game of the season away at Newcastle ,that game would have been considered a good performance that wasnt finished off, we failed in their area and that was it(that even happened to the invincibles at times) What is clear is rectrum is a spud, even if you didnt like the manager you would still say some things positive,so I think we can look at everthing he says from a blue and white perspective. oh and wavey being sad I looked up that cup run we had against leicester it was the 74/75 season we played them away four times that season.

  37. Wavey@8;39 – “Attack the team” ? It might appear that way only because I’m trying to highlight the bubble of ignorance you Wenger worshippers are content to live within. Refusing to recognise the reasons behind why OUR team isn’t performing to anywhere near it’s potential. It’s so easy to see, if you’re WILLING to.
    The Fab / Nasri saga ( I shall call it for what it is ; a farce ), as I have said, should have been sorted out long before this. It’s appalling that it’s been allowed to fester, and disrupt planning for the new season, and that is unacceptable, and weak management. Why does this situation have to stop Wenger from getting on with his business ? He doesn’t need to wait and see whether they would go or stay. He had the money available before the sales of these two. He should have shown leadership and demanded they make up their minds by a certain date, or they will be out the door. What does this do for team cohesion and morale ? You think all this doesn’t affect the players, at least to some extent ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  38. aob

    good research, I’ll bow to your efforts my friend.

  39. I thought it was a poor game attacking-wise from both sides, plenty of disjointed play and poor decision making in the forward areas.

    For us, the two players who I thought played really well were the two who did and probably will fall foul of the law. Gervinho was quick and direct and frightened the hell out of both Newcastle full-backs. It was a pity that his final ball wasn’t there. He deserved to go and deserves his three match ban, there’s no chance that will be reduced. Barton deserved to go as well, but I don’t really care what happens to Newcastle players. That he was able to wind up our lads for the second year running shows we didn’t learn a thing from last year. Song was the other I thought was really good. He did what he does best, sit in front of the back four and break up opposition attacks and then give it easy. I don’t think he once went on a big run forward and leave a great bog hole in front of the two centre halves. If it weren’t for the idiotic stamp on Barton, which I’m sure the FA will be reviewing at their earliest convenience, then it would have been the perfect defensive midfielder’s game.

    I was a little surprised that Ramsey was left on so long, hew looked knackered to me. At one point with about twenty minutes to go he was chasing after one of the opposition and he looked like he was running through treacle.

    Whether Wilshere coming back will bring enough creativity to unlock a game like this I’m not so sure, the manager will need to get into the transfer market to get replacements for one or both of Nasri and Fabregas. And I think a good centre half would still be useful, as good as Koscielny and Vermaelen were last night they are on the smaller side for central defenders. Someone like Cahill or Samba would be a better fit against the likes of Stoke or Bolton who will pump it up to a target man on occasion.

  40. rectum, it is interesting you see that this teams potential is higher than of its performance.that potential is wengers team and wengers signings .it is great that you have finally ammitted that wenger is doing somethings right and just for balence what else do you admire wenger for or can you just confirm now you are a spud

  41. From where I was seated – a 42 inch plasma screen – I clearly saw Barton put his leg below Song’s foot!

  42. I also wish the farce had been resolved much quicker, but the only way that would have been achieved would have been to take less money. Do we really sell our best players on the cheap? I think the fee Barcelona is paying is still way to cheap for a player you describe yourself as the “most creative midfielder in Europe” and we had to fight for that. It seems likely that Fabregas has made it clear that he does not want to play for Arsenal anymore, I’m not saying he was on strike but I think he was making it fairly clear to management where he wanted to be. Should we have tried to hang on to him for another season and go through the same scenario again as Barcelona made it clear they were never going to pay the right money? Next summer we would have been in exactly the same position with it festering inside Fabregas that we wouldn’t let him go back to Barcelona for yet another season.
    The Nasri situation unfortunately goes hand in hand with the Fabregas one, Wenger had to resolve Fabregas before trying to sort out Nasri. He was trying to ensure that we didn’t lose two first eleven players in the same summer and therefore needed to work out which one was staying before making arrangements for the sale of the other. In the end he’s been a bit blind to the fact that both were going to go (Fabregas going home and Nasri a mercenary) and that he couldn’t change either of their minds. Because both matters dragged on so long we missed out on Mata, whose £22m exit clause was apprarently changed to a £60m one if it wasn’t triggered by 31st July. Who was Mata going to replace Fabregas or Nasri? If we don’t know who is going we don’t know who to replace.
    Many would say that both leaving was inevitable, but it was never clear whether or not Barcelona was going to stump up the cash and that was pivotal.

  43. No excuses for Song TREADING on barton’s leg, but people are ignoring that Barton hacked him from behind to make contact with the ball, twisting Song’s knee, take look.

    Funny how that’s never a foul against Arsenal, but almost always a foul anywhere else.

    A few seasons ago that was a straight red card btw.

    The ref had his back to the incident when barton attacked Gervinho, so he genuinely did not see it.

    barton’s dive is every bit as much cheating as a penalty dive (which Gervinho did NOT do, he WAS tripped, look at the replay, it’s very clear).

    Not only was the trip on Gervinho a pen, so was the assault.

    Any bets we get a suspension for Song and we are told the FA cannot do anything about barton because the ref already saw it?

    Never mind that that particular line is a blatant lie by the FA which is perpetuated by the media (as shown by an Arsenal blog last season), the ref is clearly shown by one camera angle to have not seen the incident at all.

    I see some are waking up to the point I raised a few days back, about the negative sentiment round the club.

    Raising the seriousness of the threat does not mean I agree with the negativity (something that seems to have escaped some rocket scientists), rather that I see it as a problem that requires some planning to address.

    Does anyone genuinely think that chasing Wenger away will mean the board miraculously finds a genius to take over?

    If the board is really is as greedy and stuck in the mud as is claimed, then any bets we can look forward to fat Sam, Alan curbishly and that ilk? Basically the board will look for a manager who will stay within the financial boundaries, and there are precious few who can do that and still come close to competing.

    Charlton fans felt Curbishly had taken them as far as he could, and wanted him out.

    They were right, he had, but it was also as far as the club were capable of as well, hence where they are now.

    If the club don’t wake up and address our PR abortion soon we are in deep shit.

    On a positive note, all those decrying yesterday’s result would do well to remember many of their own words: a winning team is built from the back.

    Yesterdays clean sheet could be massive for our season ahead, let’s build on it, fans, players and the manager.

    And before everyone starts getting their hopes up, I think Nasri is gone, Cesc hanging by a very unlikely thread, and no, I don’t think we will get any more signings before the window closes, Wenger does not want to buy, and he’s not going to, so his future with Arsenal will hang on the squad you saw yesterday plus the injured.

    I say this because the club need to be honest and make that clear instead of bullshitting their way through it as they have for the last umpteen seasons, underestimating the damage done by falsely raised expectations.

    The clubs PR is frankly some of the worst seen anywhere. Whoever is responsible should be fired.

  44. Tai Obasi -Lagos – “If it wasn’t for Wenger and Arsenal, Cesc wouldn’t have made Spain’s team to Euro ’08 and WC ’10.”
    Hardly. Cesc’s talent would have shone through and been utilised by whoever he played for. If it hadn’t been developed under Wenger, it would have been under someone else. We dubiously stole him from Barcelona ( fortunately for us ). If he had stayed at Barca, I’ve no doubt they would have exploited his talent, to the max. That’s why they were so angry to lose him to us.
    To be fair to Wenger, he was in a dilemma. We didn’t NEED to sell him. We had the upper hand as he was under contract. But when your best player wants to leave because he wants to win trophies – (and THAT was the footballing reason, that and homesickness ), then is it wise to force a player to stay, when his heart and mind are not 100% on the team ? Wenger wanted to keep him, after all he was the centrepiece of the failed Project Youth. This was his mistake. Strictly speaking it was correct to hold out for the 40 million, but having an unsettled, disillusioned player is disruptive to the team, certainly when you’re also the captain.
    Making him the captain was Wenger’s second mistake. Cesc didn’t want it, or ask for it. It was part of the sales pitch Wenger used along with ( false ) assurances that we would be a force last season, with big name signings, ( that weren’t forthcoming, sound familiar ? ). Cesc hinted he didn’t want the responsibility of captaincy. It should have gone to RVP or Vermaelen. Another case of putting individuals ahead of the team itself.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  45. So we should sell him, or we shouldn’t sell him? We should hold out for the money, or we should let him go home? I’m glad you have such a decisive view on it.

  46. numb nuts – Yes, it’s sad that Cesc has left. We definitely will be and ARE, missing him. But letting him go was the only realistic option. This story had been allowed to drag on for far too long. By the way, another piece of poor management – we got a poor return on the deal. We may not have got the 40 mill we wanted, but we should have done better out of it than we did. Who on our staff does the negotiating on these transfers ? It’s laughable.
    Will Wenger spend big on a replacement or two ? If he wants to keep his job, he’ll have no choice. The fans ( those of us who care, that is ) will lynch him if he neglects to do so. Will it be Mata ? No. We’re not to ask questions about that. Children ( that’s us ) must be seen and not heard, according to our boss. We’ll likely get a second rate Frenchman from ligue 1.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  47. gervinho should have punch barton on the eye instead of slapping..timid?

  48. @ Muppet
    Well done – good post.

    @ MikeSA
    Very perceptive comments, agree wholeheartedly with most of what you say. However, I have to disagree about Wenger not wanting to buy. I think Gazidis’ remarks make it clear that we are trying. Also, it’s unfair to call it bullshitting – they’ve assured us they are working hard on it, explained what the hold-ups are and even told us who they are looking at. I’m not sure what else they can do from a PR point of view.
    The problem is that some fans have gone into a funk and are translating their fear into anger. If they looked at the bigger picture – ie realise that contributing to the negativity does not help the club or the players to perform. It might even hinder our transfer negotiations.

  49. “If they looked at the bigger picture – ie realise that contributing to the negativity does not help the club or the players to perform.”

    should read:

    “If they looked at the bigger picture – they would realise that contributing to the negativity does not help the club or the players to perform.”

  50. MikeSA,

    Great points. I particularly agree with the PR problem. There was a Wenger interview that was put up on Arsenal iplayer, I think, on thursday night, which was a complete fiasco. The press conference the following day was also a PR disaster. By stonewalling the press, huge sections of the vocal minority are having a bonanza. It’s time that there was some kind of PR fightback, as the nonsense is becoming more and more pernicious, and if we are not careful, will result in AW starting to look elsewhere, which would be a complete disaster.


    It’s nice to be reading your posts on here. Make sure you understand that AKBs are not allowed to post their views on Le Grove, as the posts are moderated, edited and then binned by that site’s authors. Enjoy true freedom of speech. Your views are complete shit by the way. Just so you know.

  51. Can’t believe you are willing to converse with a fan from another club who is just on here to wind everybody up.

  52. spectrum,
    you seem to be coming round first you admire wenger for putting together a team with potential and now your saying he has only made two mistakes(surely not enough for your vitrial towards him).
    you still havn’t said what else you admire about him

    “in Arsene we acknowledge we actually have one the best managers in the world and thats why all the worlds top clubs want to buy him”
    slightly longer than yours by hopefully you will see my point

  53. Wavey,

    If that’s the case, then I’m inclined to put him into spam, as I have the controls for today. If that is the general consensus that he is a troll and not actually an arsenal fan. What do you think ?

  54. Cesc is a great player, but his behaviour has been unprofessional. He clearly wanted to go, and has for a long time. But he should have done the proper and correct thing, and formalised his desire to leave, by handing in a transfer request. Instead, he allowed Barca to undermine the club with all the constant and damaging speculation. This tarnishes his record. Pity.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  55. @ Muppet and MikeSA

    Regarding Cesc and Nasri transfers, if that’s what you were talking about, the problem for AW and the club could be that we are playing hardball as much as we can – perhaps, for example, we are refusing to finalise the deal for Cesc until we are sure of the money being paid upfront. To play hardball credibly, we can’t admit publicly that he has gone. Make sense?

  56. Legrave on tour

    July 27th Yogi’s post entitled – Can The Squad Really Learn From Failure?

    August 13th Song’s answer – No.

    Thought the write up of the game was good. The GK’s decision making meant chances were not created out of hopeful punts into our box.

  57. FunGunner,

    Totally understand that. The trouble is that a lot of fans don’t, which is why it is a PR problem. I think that’s the point being made by MikeSA and myself.

  58. Muppet,

    Numb nuts at 8.49 said,

    “If Song had of been given a red card as he should have, against ten men NUFC would have went on to win the match easily….. then Gervinho punching Barton would have been even less significant…cos we would have been at leat 2-0 up.”

    I assume we being 2-0 up means NUFC, so no way is he a gooner

  59. Great work as ever, Muppet.

    Bit of composure missing yesterday. Loved Gervinho’s pace and dribbling – he and RvP just need a little time to gel. Maybe a little midfield creativity absent as well. Still, I thought Rosicky had a good game. Ramsey’s not quite in form, but will get there no doubt.

    I suppose we have a creative player to come – and Wilshere to return.

  60. Spam ,Spam Spam(I am singing it in the manor of Monty Pythons).

    If someone lifted me to my feet by my neck I would view that as assault and give myself permission to defend myself.In other words I would clean his clock.Gervinho did not slap him ,in any case,he pushed him with a open hand.If someone assaults you ,natural justice says you should be allowed to fight back.What you just have to take it?pffft.

    And why, when Pardew said he dived, did the interviewer not say “no the replays show clearly there was contact” ? The Media do not help matters

  61. I believe that yesterday’s game was the sort Henri Lansbury would have excelled. A lot of hard running and long shots and getting in the rough!

  62. Comment by Numb nuts at 8.45:

    BUT….man you myopic gunners side with your moaning manager…just LOVE to moan. You are a disgrace man…

    He is a troll!

  63. Jackie Mareno@9;10 – Where was that story ? And if it is true, which I doubt, why not just be open and transparent with the fans , and say so ? Wenger is fully aware of the mood around the club, particularly over the lack of signings. Wouldn’t it have been better public relations to have been honest with us ? Rather than treat us as if our curiosity is not important ?
    “In Arsene we rust.’

  64. Ok Wavey, if I get more people on here complaining about Spectrum, I will put him into moderation. I wouldn’t like to censor on the basis of any related arsenal opinion, whether it’s good or bad, but if the consensus that he is a troll, then I’ll do it.

  65. Moderate him, Muppet – he’s been trolling since Friday.

  66. Muppet ,put him on the naughty step

  67. Muppet

    I didn’t mean Spectrum, I mean’t Numb nuts. Spectrum is just a pain in the arse.

  68. I thought Song was superb yesterday. Stupid (but understandable) stamp on Barton and I would imagine we will lose him for 3 games now. God game in general though.

    I thought Ramsey was fairly average, but thought Rosicky had a very good game. Gervinho looked really lively, but needs to work on his final ball. The back 5 looked very assured. Nice to have a keeper that patrols his area with that much conviction.

  69. Why do we have a weaker squad then last year? We are a massive club, who are in a brilliant financial position.

    This summer has been a proper fuck up.

  70. If people are trolling, simply ignore their posts.

  71. goonerandy

    I was, but Spectrum is so determined to keep going on and on that he got sucked in by Numb nuts and started to engage him.

  72. Some serious troll feeding going on today guys, why are you bothering? Anyone who insists on putting a little signature at the end of EVERY SINGLE POST is deranged and not worth our time. What the media will overlook in the wake of the Song/Gerv incidents is how incredibly solid our boys at the back were, Koscielny learned a lot last year and seemed even happier to have Vermaelen next to him. Anyone see Hansen on MOTD slaughtering Djourou for not providing Theo with a Cesc-esque perfect through ball at the end? He’s a bloody defender you idiot.

    Finally, Arsene saying he won’t sign Juan Mata really doesn’t mean anything either way. He said the squad was big enough about 9 hours before we announced Joel Campbell’s intention to sign. When he does these seemingly mental press conferences we’re meant to be smirking along with him, it’s a shame too many people don’t realise how much he enjoys winding up journalists and just fall for their bullshit.

  73. Spectrum isn’t a troll, he just got sucked in by one.

    Numb nuts is the troll

  74. If true that Silent stan made Wenger sell Nasri this could be the begining of the end for Wenger what with the spoilt half of our fans turning on im i fear this will be his last season we get from him.

  75. Why ignore them Andy ?
    A troll like Spunktrum deserves to be banished.Simple because he is plain stupid and never makes any footballing points.
    He deserves to be banned for the annoying signature alone.

  76. I really pay no attention to what Arsene says to the press. Anybody who heard him say “he expects nobody to leave” a few days agomust have surely realised this. He works it both ways.

    I fully expect a “we are not close to signing anyone”

    To be followed 4 hours later with unveiling 2 shiny new players.

  77. What exactly did Arsene get asked about Mata?
    And what was his exact reply?

  78. oh dear seems i have missed the pleasure of reading rectums posts.

  79. Dukey “if” means pure conjecture.

    Arsene should walk.He deserves better than the shit being tipped on top of him.
    Let the booing fans have a Happy Harry ,see what difference it makes.It will make a difference but the opposite to what they are hopping for.

  80. Wavey – We should sell him, and we did. It was the wrong thing financially, but the right thing from the viewpoint of the team’s interests. And the team interest is paramount. No individual is bigger than the club, including Cesc. So though I could understand Wenger wanting to keep him, not least to avoid the embarassment of seeing his best player ( and Project Youth icon ) leave, in the end he had no choice but to give in to the immense pressure he was under.
    However, for a man who likes to talk about “efficiency”, he sure didn’t display any HIMSELF during all this, did he ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  81. There is so much negativity it’s impossible to tell who’s an Arsenal fan and who’s a Spurs fan on a windup. I guess a Spurs fan might be willing to give Wenger some credit?

  82. num nuts never said he was a gooner so at least you can take that into consideration when reading his post, more dangerous is hidden spuds like rectum who just slate wenger and are continually negative because they infect the more falable supporters. it is fun bringing their true allegences to the fore and so i dont think we should moderate their post’s.

  83. Dukey I will do you a summary

    Wenger out

    In Arsene we rust

    Nothing new 🙂

  84. So we sell and, as I said earlier, we don’t just let him go for peanuts. If the market for Fabregas was a free one and he just wanted to go anywhere other than stay here we would have got a lot more for him, but he only wants to go to one team. Because Barcelona are arrogant and they have no respect for any other team they were willing to drag out the negotiations as long as possible. Their only concern was that we might play him against Udinese and therefore cup-tie him. Given that we have probably dragged as much cash as we could have from them by having the threat of playing him against Udinese. So how were we meant to have made the transfer happen any quicker? Sell him for less? That would have been madness and AW would have truly deserved to be questioned as to his handling of the matter. The funny thing is that by having to qualify for the CL proper we have forced Barcelona’s hand and given them a much tighter timetable than the 31st Aug deadline they would have been happy to work to.

  85. on the game yesterday surely we should all be happy with our defensive performance. I like the look of this backline. Gibbsy, Kozzer, and Scecsers were great.

  86. George


    Very accurate

  87. I agree with Vince.

    The sheer mediocrity of thought on here makes one realize why dictators will always exist in human society.

    Well said Muppet,
    but clearly there’s too much porn available to the irresponsible. Every little troll with a blood rush to his member feels his IQ’s up there enough to validly analyze AW. I guess if the Alan Hansens can make a career of it, why can’t a troll?

    The war has just begun!
    It’s ARSE against the World

  88. What if the fans put the booing energy into shouting and singing for the team? that sort of behaviour could take us through this media hate. Its not really for arsenal fans to join the slightly prejudice media in putting their club down, its for you to stand up as men and support and try to help drag them across the line.

    some people say the fans have no effect yada yada. there is a reason olympic teams do better when its done in their country because of fan and spectator love. when you think you can do no more, the fans shout for you and you make over the line.

    Some of you are scared and angry mostly brought on by the media and your friends and co-workers ripping in to you. so you answer is to make the team feel even worse (You boo wenger, you boo the team) when you could use that energy to push that team over the line and maybe they’ll win something and you can raise your heads proudly again.

    instead everyone is trying to out-angry each other. Oh im so hurt my team is not winning and Wenger is not spending the credit card. the media are parasites and revel in ruining lives but the fans have been so dissapointing. Wenger is not a bad man,or maybe being french makes him barely tolerable for some? Dont know where this comes from. I do know that this history of trying to bully people to do your bidding needs to stop. So he buys 2 defenders, what if they are not the ones everyone wants? where does it stop? where does the entitlement to being a nasty person to others stop? When does supporting the team start? At what point do you stop being part of the problem and being part of the solution?

    Okay you are mad at the 6% rise without the guarantee of trophies. Thats life people. People go on about what Wenger promise. I have never heard him promise anything. Only state what he is trying to do. This is the type of self entitled personality that started rioting on false premises.

    HOw would this situation be different right now if all the arsenal fans stood firm against those mocking them instead of joining them? Think about that?

  89. gibbs will be great for us. You can see why Clichy was not given a 90K a week deal which he wanted. How can one justify making him the highest paid LB when there is one younger and better emerging?

    I think Frimpong will be great too once he has played a bit more. That boy is physical man! You could see he maybe was not used to the quickness and sharpness of the PL but he did not do to shabby on his debute.

    I think it was clear for all to see that our MIdfield is what struggles most. No Cesc and no Nasri makes us shadows of ourselves. Lets hope we get some adequate replacements.

    If we can get 3 PL draws this month together with winning the Udinese game i think we should all be happy.
    Udinese should be the focal point of attention this month imo.

  90. Muppet – The A.K.B.’s that were banned from Le Grove were because they abused the moderator personally. Have I done that to you ? No. And some of the regular realists on Le Grove also wanted some of them to stay, citing freedom of expression. Are you going to extend me the same opportunity ?
    If not, then you’re saying it’s alright to abuse me ( quote ) – “your views are shit, just so you know “) but I can’t put forward MY views, however much you lot disagree with them. Very democratic. Are we adopting China’s censorship policy now ?

  91. @goonerwife.
    Players say they go to Liverpool due to their fantastic supporters. Not becaue they can win but because tey have the best supportes in the country. Same with Newcalste.

    There are many reasons why playes go to Arsenal, however i can safly say its not due to the suppoters.

  92. Spectrum – Some of your views may be vaild mate, however the way you put them forward (quite sarcastically normally) irritates people to the point of missing any decent point you may have. If you temper your writing style you find find that your points become up for debate, rather than you just been called a pleb.

    Just a thought.

  93. I find it quite amusing how people are saying the away fans are wrong for booing arsene before the game. I am forever the optimist, I love arsenal but i also think that the manager does deserve some flak for the current situation i.e The fact we have already started the new season, are about to lose (open to debate) two of our best players and do not seem to be moving at all for what most think and have thought is needed for two seasons now.
    If a player wants to go, fuck em, go! Noone player is bigger than this football club,In the same way that no football club is bigger than its fans.You voice your opinion here cant they voice there’s there. They pay enough fucking money following the club around.
    If we were going to sell nasri we should of done it a long time ago. I know wenger has to release certain statements in the press to say that we will keep him regardless to help the chances of him signing a new contract but where are the contingency plans, whatever happened to ‘what if’ or ‘ plan b’. Make no mistake this is not a good position to be in at the start of the season. que sera, sera but lets just get this transfer business done as quickly as possible for the team and the fans!!

  94. @ goonerwife
    Brilliant post *clap clap*

    @ Vince
    Very true

    @ Wavey | August 14, 2011 at 11:07 am
    Absolutely correct

    @ MikeSA
    Also the good PR/bad PR debate is a side issue, because the only announcement which would placate the negative fans is an announcement of a new players. And we cannot control that timetable.

  95. Jack was sorely missed yesterday. Although Rosicky did a good job of keeping things flowing (and he does have the finest head of hair on an Arsenal player since Bobby Pires), we missed that perpetual forward motion that Jack provides when he’s on the ball and it’s easier to create chances when you’re permanently heading towards their penalty area. If this is the year that Jack adds goals to his game then they may as well just give us all four trophies now.

  96. why bother goonerwife?

    The innately unhappy only know joy via one way… win or else!
    This is where market capitalism has led us.
    Strictly on or off, no in-betweens
    “Throw away organic traditions man we’re digital!”

  97. Hands up who had to google “parsimonious”

  98. Barton had nothing to do with our lacklustre display.Its just being used as a smokescreen by Wenger

    Our midfield was awful yesterday.The service to RVP was no existent.Ramsey and Rosicky lacked the guile to create anything.We are going to see this season that Cesc was even better than we all thought before.61% possesion only 2 shots on target.Unbeliveable

    Song is a brainless idiot.No excuses

    To those saying the defence played well.Against who?Newcastle’s none existent attack.Dont be surprised if Wenger uses yestedays goal-less draw as an excuse not to sign a CB

    We now have £60m to spend.Go out and spend it on 4 players.What is the point in having it in the bank.

  99. Spectrum,

    You haven’t demonstrated that you are in any way an Arsenal fan. The consensus of opinion is that you are a troll, therefore your comments are going into moderation. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech, it’s all to do with maintaining a forum that serves the interests of arsenal fans. You suddenly appear very intelligent and make some quite smart arguments about being put into moderation, which contradicts every one of your posts beforehand. Your views don’t cut any ice with me as they are complete shambolic nonsense. I would suggest that Le Grove would be an ideal platform for them, if there is any degree of sincerity behind them.

  100. @ Gary

    “We now have £60m to spend.Go out and spend it on 4 players.What is the point in having it in the bank.”

    We DON’T have £60 million in the bank until the deals go through.

  101. Further to what GA and Muppet say:

    – Try not insulting most of a website’s users to get a reaction

    – Lose that quote at the end of each post; it’s spamming if you repeat it over and over. We get the point the first time

    – Try posting on-topic occasionally (I’m not precious about what I write – I’m no better informed than anyone else – but it was incredibly tedious having to scroll past wind-up after wind-up from you last Friday on one of the few days I’ve had free recently to talk football. You were starting to do the same on Muppet’s post today.)

    – Avoid linking to Goal and other websites with reputations for shit-stirring and churnalism

    – Avoid using that three-letter initialism, which is a nonsense and was contrived in the first place to turn Arsenal fans against each other

  102. No, the PR problem is not only about Cesc, he’s one small part.

    The negative press we receive on a daily basis, the problem of the negative support that is gathering momentum, etc etc.

    The club needs to find a way to neutralize the media problem, and it needs to do that in conjunction with the fans.

    The media are pond-life. As weve seen, they have no regard for honesty or integrity of any kind, they truly are the most despicable form of scum going, just look at the current debacle of tapping phones etc.

    The media have realized that there is rich vein to mine with negative Arsenal “news”.

    Just take a look at any article allowing comments, those with shitty views on Arsenal get masses more responses than any others, so in this new jungle where the print media are struggling to find footholds to survive, this is a beacon of hope for them.

    The club needs to put together a strategy and plan to combat this.

    Personally I would love to see certain publications and “journalists” banned or treated like shit, but that might just be me getting hot under the collar.

    What the club should try and do is communicate more effectively with the fans via direct means, even though that might mean forgoing some revenue streams, like publishing Wengers conference free to air without allowing the media to attend etc.

    Nullify the media, circumvent them, find way around their lies, whatever, but we need to actively combat this.

    What doesn’t help is telling other fans to fuck off etc (idiots like rectum excepted of course, especially considering that it’s quite likely he’s a spud) when anyone disagrees with them.

    Those disgruntled fans are not going to go away, and they pose a realbthreat, so how can we turn it around?

    I want the club and the fans to look for real, workable solutions, not glib dismissals.

    Ensuring anti-Arsenal media get less hits is one of the best ways to turn that well of disinformation off.

    The answer lies in achieving that by ensuring more honest sources get the attention and hits, and the dishonest ones are left to rot.

  103. And is this blogsite supposed to be a forum ? A forum where people can express their views freely and openly in robust if often heated, debate ? Or is it an Arsene Wenger fan club / appreciation society, where having a contrary opinion to the “collective mind” is strictly forbidden ? Suppose I don’t need you all to tell me the answer to that !!!
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  104. As much as I hate the little turd, I do think he might turn out to be a decent pundit.

  105. To those having a go at the fans for having a go at Wenger at newcastle yesterday get a life.These are the real fans who gave up a whole day to travel to Newcastle and paid over £100 for the privilege.They are not the fans who sit in front of a computer while the game is going on.Just check yesterdays blog and see how many on here were posting DURING the game!!!!! They have every right to vent there feelings.The saddos on their computers who back Wenger but dont spend a penny going to away games hundreds of miles away should have a bit of respect for the real true supporters.Fans have a right to express their opinion

  106. Spectrum – There are plenty on here who have (end express) views on the club which are not all from the “everything is OK” matra. If you have valid points, put them across in a valid way.

  107. The difference between an intelligent person having an opinion and a total cunt having an opinion, is that the former will listen to the thoughts and ideas of others. They take these on board and are capable of changing their opinion in the face of compelling arguments from others. You on the other hand end every vapid statement the same way; with a pathetic signature you have no intention of ever changing. Pathetic.

  108. think u can add Gary to the moderated list there Muppet / YW. Smells like the same troll rectum

  109. FunGunner

    So if we sell Cesc and Nasri on Aug 31st how are we going to replace them?.We all know they wont play for Arsenal again so get the replacements in now

  110. Attempt at a wind up/spam after attempt at a wind up/spam after attempt a wind up/spam. On various Arsenal blogs.
    Enough to conclude that there is a specific agenda here for the cunning and discreet Arsenal blog troll.

    I wonder what it could be?

  111. Aman

    So sorry not to agree with you.My opinion doesnt count but yours does.
    I find it amazing that Gooners can sit on their computer posting during a game


    Change the title of the blog to Wenger is always right and the fans are wrong

  112. Gary- stay home save your money. If you spend you’re money only to boo, then what kind of person are you?

    Everybody trying to be an anarchist.

  113. Vince, my worst fears have been realised with neville’s article. the world is ending.

  114. The moment suga3 logs on you know that the shit has hit the fan.

  115. Gary

    I said earlier I didn’t agree with booing myself, but accepted that those fans who had travelled and paid their money had a right to make themselves heard. If at the end of a game they are unhappy about what’s going on they should make their statement. But surely they shouldn’t be booing and having a go before the game has even started? The players should at least have their own fans behind them when the game kicks off.

  116. @ MikeSA

    “No, the PR problem is not only about Cesc, he’s one small part.”
    If that was a response to me, see my later post as well.

    As you say, some fans are colluding, consciously or not, with media – negative blogs outnumber positive ones and get more hits. We are also up against deeply held beliefs which seem to underpin the attitude to finance in football – that to be succesful you have to be unprofitable.
    Combatting the toxic media is a tall order – we are at the centre of a perfect storm. Bashing and demonising us makes money and confirms deepseated prejudices. Plus journalists love to feel that they have a scalp – getting Wenger to leave would be a trophy for them.

    As to your solutions, I can’t see most of them being effective. If the press were excluded, it wouldn’t be a press conference, and I believe we are contractually bound to hold press conferences.

    We issue denials of the factually incorrect stories, but you need a microscope to find them because the media are not obliged to give these equal prominence to the original false story. There is no incentive whatsoever for them to stop spinning against Arsenal because it makes them money – which is the primary aim of the “information” media – and if Arsenal fans are lapping up the stories.

    The interviews the club do with IG, the Q&As, the meetings with the supporters’ trusts, these are all intended to achieve the direct communication. But there will always be matters that the club simply canot disclose to the fans because they are sensitive. Also fans choose to disbelieve the club and choose to believe the negative propaganda.
    That is the saddest fact – they WANT the negative narrative to be true.

    So the cure for that lies with the fans. The underlying problem is that these fans are angry, scared, resentful (Goonerwife expounds that theme very well). Some of the fans just hate Wenger because he is French, but even with the others and the only things which will appease them are signings, in the short term, and trophies in the longer term. Neither of these things are entirely within the club’s control. The media love winners, so trophies would cause an abatement in the negativity but it would only resurface as soon as we had a fallow patch.

    I honestly don’t know if there is much more the club can do without the fans’ assistance.

  117. goonerwife | August 14, 2011 at 11:13 am

    Great post, but it’s a shame it will fall on deaf ears. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and we are destroying ourselves from within.

  118. Okay A.K.B.’s you’ll be delighted to know that I won’t make any more posts till the end of the season. I’ll just read all your dreams and excuses on here through each week of the fixtures, then we’ll see if I’ve been vindicated. If by some miracle we do win the league, I’ll admit I was wrong. If I’m right, then you in turn, must admit Wenger’s time is up. Deal ?
    Look forward to seeing you in May.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  119. What’s the worLd. Coming to, I just read a very good article by gary neville supporting arsne wenger. People should read that and remember carefull what you wish for.

  120. @ Gary
    “So if we sell Cesc and Nasri on Aug 31st how are we going to replace them?.We all know they wont play for Arsenal again so get the replacements in now.”

    I was talking about the MONEY. If they are to be replaced the player(s) will already have been identified. But we can’t actually sign him/them until we have the deals for Cesc and Nasri go through because we would be committing money which we might not have.

  121. If/when Nasri and Fabregas leave the money needs to be reinvested in players, but overall the lads did alright for a tough away game at the start of the season.


    I think thats fair. Disgrace that Barton didn’t get sent off, shame we didn’t get the penalty, but very tough decision to make in real time. Am disappointed that our players rise to the expected behaviour of Barton, we must must must learn to deal with inferior sides who adopt all of the dark arts to knock us from our stride.

    All in all, it was a standard first game, bit rusty, some bright sparks, side will surely suffer a short term hangover when dealing with the impending departure of Fabregas/Nasri…

    Ramsey still seems a few games away from finding his pre break form, and I was very impressed with how Rosicky handled himself centrally. Certainly will play a critical part in our season.

    Cant complain with a point, unhappy with the ref, disappoinnted of our reaction and lack of sharpness in the final third. We need to improve quickly if we are to win at Old Trafford.

  122. Gee

    What paper? Or do you have a link for this Neville article?

  123. Nice match review.
    It wasn’t a ‘tough decision’, Barton fouled Gervais whilst the ball was still in play. The experienced referee of fifty plus years didn’t seem to know the rules of the sport he was officiating. Ah well, nothing we didn’t know from Stoke a few seasons back.

    Some thoughts: Ramsey is still rehabilitating himself this year? A much more confident game then in pre-season, but is he still rebuilding his fitness levels back up to the stupendous levles required at the the top of the PL? He seemed to drop a bit in the last third of the game. I’m sure if Gervais hadn’t got sent off both Rosicky and Ramsey might have come off sooner.
    And as George wrote a few weeks ago, Rosicky probably had this season marked out as the one in which he’d feel like he was back to top level. A reminder for the gr*tty realists: Hargreaves had a similar injury, so the older Rosicky has done well to get back to where he is. Not sure if he’ll be up to three intense games a week, or if his tendons will ever have that same snap or strength for that long distance shooting he used to thrill us with, but the rest seems to be working fine. It’s OK, Kevin Davies rebuilt himself as an Attack Pole (tm the Defence Pole) after being hacked to bits as a kid when he was a pacy forward, but don’t expect the ‘realists’ to be realistic about what footballers experience in their careers.

    And we only got ten minutes of Gervainho and Walcott on together. Subbing Gervais for Nasri, this was a similar attack to last season, but as the weeks pass by we’ll see the younger & newer players settle in and play a little more I expect.
    Frimpong made his first team debut (a little pep talk from the manager as he came on, “Get in mon ami”), so that was important with Diaby & possibly Wilshere out for a bit. He left the declining Gattuso in the shadows without the need to ask his assistant manager for help, against Milan team last pre-season. The guy can play.

  124. @ geeGunner | August 14, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    “What’s the worLd. Coming to, I just read a very good article by gary neville supporting arsne wenger. People should read that and remember carefull what you wish for.”

    Amen to that. Still, if AW leaves, we could just go to Top Manager (right next door to Quality Player on the Footie High Street) and get another one.

    @ Passenal | August 14, 2011 at 12:03 pm
    “The world is going to hell in a handbasket and we are destroying ourselves from within.”

    I woke up this morning with a profound feeling of depression, and that is the reason. It’s all so needless.

  125. Spectum,

    seems like being right is more important to you than Arsenal.

  126. Looks like we definitely in for Jadson

    “Lucescu confirms Arsenal want Jadson”

  127. we were poor yesterday

  128. Luke http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2025700/Gary-Neville-Arsenal-fans-shouldnt-criticise-Arsene-Wenger.html

    And I hate g neville but if ur arch enemies got more respect and perspective than ur so called bros in arms – then that’s messed up. Stop with the dis-respect to our own.

  129. Am I being moderated?

  130. Muppet, MikeSA, Fungunner:
    IF Arsene is driven from the club by the impatience and immaturity of a large section of our fans who believe the only way to a title is to “spend some fuckin money” (compliments of the blog whore and his acolytes) which translates into blow as much money as is necessary on overpriced players (e.g. Cahill at £16-17 million), I won’t be surprised if he ends up at Spurs who are dying for a manager who can make them competitive while they build a new stadium. While not likely, immediately, it is far from improbable. It would be such poetic justice. I may live long enough to see these “numb nuts” squirm as the club blows a wad on Mourinho-esque coach and players. Win a title, go bust, while their cousins up at Seven Sisters road thrive.

    I came to to the above scenario, as I read your concerns about the climate of negativity around the club. Unfortunately we live in an era where most in the developed world have a sense of entitlement for the very best built (titles), even if it means a huge mountain of debt, while the powers that be slowly but surely undermine the hard won social gains (medical care, public pensions, unemployment insurance etc) as they bail out the rich and soak the poor. Did the riots in England teach us anything? In this climate I have my doubts as to how much PR can counter the prevailing contradictions: the Board and AW are committed to self-sufficiency while large sections of supporters believe the club should spend for a title joining the futile arms race led by City, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barca et al.

  131. I agree FG – Mike SA’s thoughts seem reasonable under the circumstances, but we are not in control of the agenda. Whoever Arsene buys, unless they meet the criteria of the fans i.e. the media, they will never be considered good enough. It doesn’t help when an alleged gooner writes off an exciting young talent claiming he’s speaking on behalf of all fans. I don’t recall him asking my opinion. He’s scum, like the rest of them. Journalists are the lowest of the low their purpose is always destructive. Look how quickly they’ve dropped the phone hacking story. And these are the people whose opinions we’re supposed to listen to and respect?

  132. Ah, must be the link I was trying to post.
    The said link was about a news story with a quote from the Shaktar Donetsk coach confirming our interest in Jadson. An agreement between the clubs have been reached apparently, and the deal now depends on the player.

  133. Muppet:
    I am against binning Spectrum as much as he is irritating and adds nothing to the debate. Those who are obviously trolling under multiple IDs and multiple IPs should however be exposed and banned. Let us not become another “le-grave.”

  134. Shotta,
    Do you realise you sound like you’re actually looking forward to the club suffering when Wenger leaves. Isn’t that cutting of your nose to spite your face?

    Your hatred for some sections of arsenal support seems to have blinded you my man. Its no different to how the hatred that some doomers have for wenger makes them wishe for the club to fail.

  135. Just interesting how everything is all the “media conspiracy” fault. It an easy out but Oliver Kay of The Times had a good point about that yesterday:

    Does criticism hurt? “Yes, I’m a human being,” Wenger said. “My reaction is that I don’t listen to what people say. What I want is for our fans to appreciate and support our team. The media environment with our team is very negative. If our fans go the way the media want them to go, we have no chance.”
    This is the kind of line that Sir Alex Ferguson trotted out in those rare troubled times at Old Trafford. Get the fans onside, make the media the enemy — it is textbook stuff, but it ignores the reality that, as a journalist, you are suddenly more likely to antagonise Arsenal supporters by defending Wenger than by criticising. Certainly, you would not find anything like 47 per cent of sportswriters advocating that Arsenal look for a new manager.

    Of course there are some wind ups in the media (Adrian Durham being the annoyance in chief) but the way some people go on its like “The Media” meet in their Masonic-like lodge to plot the downfall of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal.

    The fact is there are problems at Arsenal and of course they are going to write about them. Arseblog had a good post about this yesterday:

  136. @ shotta
    Unfortunately we live in an era where most in the developed world have a sense of entitlement for the very best built (titles), even if it means a huge mountain of debt

    Agree with this bit 100%. And if they don’t get it, someone else has to pay.

    @ Passenal
    It doesn’t help when an alleged gooner writes off an exciting young talent claiming he’s speaking on behalf of all fans.
    Oh, no. Just what we don’t need. Who was that, and who was he talking about?

  137. if arsene went to spurs would you follow shotta? you cunt

  138. Only one team will win the league
    Does that mean that every other team is crap and they must replace their manager?
    I will come back at the end of the season and if more than one team has won the league I will admit I am wrong.But if I am right will you all admit that I am a footballing genius?

  139. “the spend some f***ing money” chants are getting really annoying..The season is one game old for for gods sake..Liverpool spent some fucking money and drew at home…Some supporters with spine please..

  140. Not wanting to sound like Darth Ferguson but I thought the pitch made things harder (for both teams) yesterday.

    It was very slow & a made it harder for slick passing interchanges & running with the ball at pace.

    Not a bright moment from Song but it must be so dificult to get through a match against Barton without resorting to that sort of thing. Personally, I`d maim him in the warm up.

    Any thoughts on D’jourou playing DM in Song`s expected absence. I know Frimpong is next in line but could the games coming up be too big an ask for him ?

    On any incomings, I`d prefer Cahill to Jags & not just because of that fine goal he banged in yesterday. He just looks a bit more accomplished to me & seems to do proper centre back stuff in both areas. I`m not being critical of our current defenders either it`s just that in a season as busy as ours I think another centre back can only be a good thing.

  141. @ shotta
    Sorry, didn’t edit properly. Should have said:

    Unfortunately we live in an era where most in the developed world have a sense of entitlement for the very best

    Agree with this bit 100%. And if they don’t get it, someone else has to pay.
    @ george rodger | August 14, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    ha ha sob.
    That is a weepy laugh, btw.

  142. This was a tough away outing in which the pundits were hoping we would be battered and bullied into submission and have our supposed weak underbelly exploited and our premier league challenge concilied to the scrap heap. Those saying Gervinho is all tippy tappy and no end product FFs its his first game and players have to get in sync with each other. Bloody hell Torres couldnt even score all last season and hes supposed to be in the best team on earth. Personally I think given the negativity surrounding the team from fans and media the team were strong defensively as a unit. Nobody took any chances or were frightened to kick the ball into row z. Van Persie, Rosckiy and everyone were all back putting in defendinsive blocks and headers when needed. We were slightly off the pace in the final third though we still created half chances. The media are no doubt focused on the absence of cesc and nasri. Song was a monster taking no prisoners.. While I dont condone the stamp all midfield hardmen pull no punches and Song is definilety one of them. Barton desereved that..Praise must be singled out for the defense who had few heart in mouths moments and were decisive and tough tackling. Vermealen and Koscielny won every header launched at Ameobi who fell theatrically every time our defence launched in at him. Yes Newcastles hoof ball strategy didnt work at all and Ameobi was rightkly hauled off in the second half for being rendered ineffective by our defence. This would have also boosted Gibbs confidence as he coped well defensively. As for Barton he is a C@nt and the less said about him the better. But from an unexpceted source unwavering support for the boss and reasoned anaylsis.


    All in all a well fought for point. Bring on Udinese.COYG!

  143. FG, Passenal,

    I think MikeSA’s point is that we aren’t even trying that hard at all from a PR perspective. The few attempts we’ve made to combat the negativity smack of naivety and incompetence.
    In some ways in fact the club’s lack of a coherent message might be contributing to all the ‘unrest’.

    For instance, Ivan comes out to say we are definitely in the market for defensive signings, whereas Arsene is hinting the opposite. Obviously the media will focus on Arsene’s more ‘negative’ words, over Ivans.

    These sort of mixed messages certainly don’t help. Are we in the market for a defender for not? If not why should Ivan make those statements. Shouldn’t there be some more coordination?

  144. FunGunner | August 14, 2011 at 12:03 pm
    – As usual you explain this very well, better than I could. My thoughts exactly. There are prevailing prejudices and socially accepted ideas (often media inspired) which are plainly erroneous and in the long-run damaging to our own well-being which make a PR campaign almost futile. That is why it is so important for well-meaning fans to preach patience and urge support.
    – It is an uphill task, however. Had a long argument with two of my sooner-supporting siblings after the game yesterday. Their pessimism was so palpable. Unbelievable.

  145. @ PW
    Certainly JD used to be a DM, so I am sure he could do a job there. He tends to lose the ball when he charges upfield and he can’t pick an attacking pass like Song, so it would be a more limited role. But he is more experienced than EF, though not in that position, so it could be helpful and it would give him game time – because either of the first choice combo are going to be tough to displace. On the other hand, Frimpers needs games, too. Who’d be a manager, eh?

  146. pass,

    why do you keep with this media thing if arsene buys the correct player everyone will be fine with it if he buys potential of course we are not going to be happy it has fuck all to do with the media

  147. gr thanks for pointing out to rectum what a true lunatic he really is,his logic is more apt for one flew over the cukoo’s nest oh well we can let someone else morderate his medication from now on !!!

  148. Lew 1234.

    I bet if you counted the number of articles written in the press about football clubs arsenal wouLd be top or near it. Also with online comments and polls and hit rate related to advertising, there is the possibilty of journos writting sligthly more controvesial articles to attract hits. Then there is speculation of events that have not happened and are yet to happen and you can see enough scope for journos to have agendas when writting about clubs. Also you make journos sound like saints – do you think they care if they antagonise arsenal suPporters?

  149. Henristic | August 14, 2011 at 12:40 pm
    – Oh gawd Henristic! Why would you choose to distort the points I made?
    Do you realise you sound like you’re actually looking forward to the club suffering when Wenger leaves. Isn’t that cutting of your nose to spite your face?
    Simply because I point to a unlikely but not improbable scenario if the current climate of negativity grows unchallenged. Would you prefer if I pretended otherwise, that if Wenger should be forced out he could end up at Spurs like Graham, Gallas, Bentley?
    BTW: Have you read the Spurs blogs and their mouthpieces in the media how they are dying to get Adebayor on their books?
    Believe me Henristic, I am not interested in a pissing contest with you or anyone else on this blog, just a healthy debate. Cool sah 🙂

  150. NUFC – have a very strong, pacey, and physical club. Tiote and Barton in the midfield are as strong a ball winners and play disrupters as we will face.

    For an opening match of the season, with such unsettling climate at the club……I saw this match as a positive start.

    Defensively and offensively Szcz had an excellent match. He dominated the box “aerially”; his long punts were infrequent (as we lost all of them), and consequently the balance of his short distributions, allowed us to maintain possession, start the attack, and stretch their defense.

    Arsenal back four were outstanding. Gibbs looked comfortable, some fine runs forward, and furnished crosses that looked threatening. With more matches, his teammates will do a better job of anticipating the targeted space of his crosses.

    Amazing performances from Kos and Verm. Ditto for Sagna.

    Our midfield – did what they needed to do….not lose possession carelessly. Every time Barton or Tiote came in to knock them off the ball……they were rarely given the chance…..as our players seemed to have radar for their approach and touched a pass along. Of the three midfielders Ramsey seemed to struggle to make his game work against this type of opponent. His preseason has been lack luster, so I believe he’s still recovering and anxious to see his talents fully expressed.

    Rosicky did his thing. I believe his talents could have been better utilized if our outside wingers had shown more movement inside – forcing the Newcastle defenders to make defensive choices.

    Arshavin made the pass of the match with his chip/lob over the defense to RvP. Other than that……he found difficulty with Newcastle.

    RvP had some good play coming back for the ball, but the rest of his game was mired in awkwardness. (for me) He is a world class striker……..but in the box today he looked like his mind was somewhere else.

    Gervinho looks to be every bit capable of replacing Nasri. Welcome to the epl…..I believe Kos was sent off in his first match ( against Pool ) last year.

    I still have questions about Theo. After the number of years at the club, his linking play is still championship quality (or worse); maybe if RvP is struggling to make things happen in the middle, then he needs to move to a wing and allow Theo to navigate for spaces BETWEEN defenders. His pace yesterday seemed hampered by the earlier injury.

    Considering the caliber of officials that we are graced with week in and out……poor officiating is the standard in the epl.

    Sorry for the long post.

  151. @paulie yeah that Cahill goal was a beauty wasn’t it? Although if he scored one of those for Arsenal the Le Grove team would be up in arms over one of our defenders being that far down the field.

  152. Its like on the one hand, the board wants to pass on the message that we’ve got money and we will spend it this time around. On the other, Arsene is implying it’ll be business as usual (i.e. squad is good enough, we don’t have defensive problems, etc)

    In the mist of it all, we’ve got the Cesc and Nasri matter which is more a management bungle than a PR one. It should have never have been allowed to go on for this long.
    Of course the consequences of the Cesc/Nasri thing on our reputation is enormous, as Wenger himself pointed out earlier in the summer.

  153. Did not deliberately mean to omit Song from my write up. He was amazing……he looks trim, gained a step, and MORE cool under pressure.

  154. Shotta,
    your words:
    It would be such poetic justice. I may live long enough to see these “numb nuts” squirm as the club blows a wad on Mourinho-esque coach and players. Win a title, go bust, while their cousins up at Seven Sisters road thrive.

    Those words sound like you’re looking forward to seeing ‘them’ squirm, which only happens when the club isn’t succeeding as much as it is now (in your eyes at least). I haven’t distorted anything.

    No pissing contest here, just debate 🙂

  155. Besides Shotta, you really think it is probably that Wenger goes to Spurs!!
    Jeez man, for even thinking such a thing, you get zero points in the pissing contest.

  156. *probable

  157. @ Henristic

    You have to balance the demand for a coherent message with the fans’ demand for up-to-date and honest information and the club’s need to keep its transfer dealings confidential. And the transfer situation changes daily, if not hourly.

    Regarding co-ordination, Ivan made that statement over a week ago. Wenger said the same then. And if you look on the website, a piece appeared inthe last couple of days about the difficulties he is facing in signing a new CB. That is consistency. As fans, we should, after nearly a decade and a half, be able to distinguish between what is coded information for us and what is business bluffing. Wenger says the squad is big enough, but it turns out we buy Joel Campbell. Wenger may be saying that TV is like a new signing as a bluff, or it might be true. He may be saying he will get one CB rather than two. We don’t know, but then neither do the clubs we are trying to buy from. As I said, the club can’t tell us everything because there is no information delivery mechanism which will inform Arsenal fans but not the wider public as well.

    And we cannot decide what the media publish. We can present them with information, but they will publish what is most profitable for them, and negativity is.

    If Arsenal fans were not complicit in the negative narrative and stood four-square with the club and the manager, it would matter a lot less what people say about us. The waves of negativity would dash themselves fruitlessly against the rock of our support. Football fans have always had to have faith.

  158. “john | August 14, 2011 at 12:55 pm

    why do you keep with this media thing if arsene buys the correct player everyone will be fine with it if he buys potential of course we are not going to be happy it has fuck all to do with the media”

    So in other words if he buys the players you would buy on Champ Man you will excuse he incompetence up until this point.
    I am sure Arsene will be pleased to learn you are prepared to give him another chance.Very good of you I must say.

  159. @ Henristic
    Shotta is not “looking forward” to Arsene going to Spurs, nor that he thinks it is probable. He is saying it would serve the “Wenger out” brigade right. Stop stirring.

  160. Henristic | August 14, 2011 at 1:13 pm
    Misquoted, distorted. Sounds familiar, Henristic. You conveniently forgot I started off the post in bold capital letters IF
    But it is interesting how you make me the issue rather than the media/blog-inspired/supported climate of negativity. Should we all pretend that this couldn’t have a nasty ending?
    My contention is many of these impatient negative fans don’t mind if Arsene sacrifices self-sufficiency in search for a title. Arsene has made it clear, he will never let a club go bust under his watch. At the rate things are going, something will have to give. Sooner or later it will be stick or squirm time.

  161. Good post there Fungunner. agree with every word

  162. george,

    are you really that dumb people like passenel and shotta will find whatever they can to defend thier hero, champ man is a football game when i was younger i won the league with roma and conceded 5 all season the game is pathetic.

    i’ll explain if arsene signs a world class player as opossed to a player in joel, oxo and karl’s quality it will make a difference with the fans. we have just lost a guy responsable for creating more chances in europe then any other player for five years

  163. personally i won’t arsene to go his love for cesc to stay has fucked our season he put cesc before arsenal for that he can fuck off

  164. I bet if you counted the number of articles written in the press about football clubs arsenal wouLd be top or near it. Also with online comments and polls and hit rate related to advertising, there is the possibilty of journos writting sligthly more controvesial articles to attract hits. Then there is speculation of events that have not happened and are yet to happen and you can see enough scope for journos to have agendas when writting about clubs. Also you make journos sound like saints – do you think they care if they antagonise arsenal suPporters?


    Of course Arsenal would be near top of written articles they are one of the biggest clubs in the country. I’m sure Utd and Liverpool would probably have even more Articles about them on balance.
    I don’t think Journalists are saints but by the same token I don’t think they are devils incarnate plotting to take down the club. The fact is most (as I said they’re are wind-ups out there)write about things where the story is and Arsenal at the minute is where the story is and if they didn’t talk about Arsenal they would not be don’t their jobs properly.

  165. Sorry accidently copied your post there geeGunner.

  166. FG,
    I agree there isn’t a separate information delivery mechanism that is for fans only, but in my opinion, there needn’t be. The clubs public statements should be made with interests of fans in mind, not as some kind of pointless business bluff (the selling clubs certainly won’t be fooled that easily).
    I’m no expert but I imagine that a basic tenet in PR should be to keep a message as clear and as simple as possible. Expecting fans to decode meanings and implications is naive at best. That is precisely the PR incompetence I was referring to.

    Another thing is that the wave of negativity you referred to isn’t coming from the press. It is coming from the fans, based on what they see on the pitch, and what they perceive as inability of the management to address long standing problems. The media is just feeding off that sentiment (as they are won’t to do).

  167. Can we get away from the press driven idea that we must sign world class players for big fee’s. Wenger’s best signings were either relatively unknown or players who we bought and developed. The big money signings have rarely paid off. We do need to bring some players in but I worry that a good player who does not carry a huge transfer fee will be dismissed before they have had a chance to show what they can do.

  168. FG
    What am I stirring? I don’t get what you mean.
    In any case, you’ll find is it you who is distorting Shotta’s words. He clearly believes it is probable, according to the quote below

    “Simply because I point to a unlikely but not improbable scenario if the current climate of negativity grows unchallenged.”

    You’ve also distorted my own words. I never said Shotta was looking forward to Arsene going to Spurs.

    I thought we were having a civil conversation here. Why are you guys mud slinging all of a sudden?

  169. Henristic | August 14, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    FG can respond better than I can but according to you the “wave of negativity” isn’t coming from the press coming but from the fans from the fans “based on what they see on the pitch, and what they perceive as inability of the management to address long standing problems.”

    So can I assume that is a sentiment you concur with and as a result you won’t stand four-square behind the manager and the players? Just asking.

  170. Paulie Walnuts

    Stoke / Chelsea really is one for the purists.

    The visitors are holding their own so far in the rucks & mauls but Delap`s supersonic line-out throwing is something to behold. He`s just lauched one from the car park right into the six yard box.

    Nice crowd there too

  171. @ lew 1234
    Ok let’s take transfers for eg.
    The pressure to spend on inflated transfer targets that the journo speculate on everyday is something that is instigated by them mainly to sell papers. It mainly leads to un-necessary building up of expectations esp when the club does not get those targets cause they were never interested in the 1st place.

  172. BTW: I know it is early days yet but do the Chavs look any different under Villas Boas than Ancelotti?

  173. lew 1234 , untold have done an article on the % of articles on diff clubs actually the invincibles were written about less than our “unsucessful teams” pure media bias (well worth a read) and john the in and outs of the cesc and surrounding deals are not known to condem arsene purely on that is folly at best

  174. shotta | August 14, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Misquoted, distorted. Sounds familiar, Henristic. You conveniently forgot I started off the post in bold capital letters IF

    The words IF make no difference to how I interpreted your post. The point is, you said you hope to be alive to see those who want wenger out squirming, IF they achieve their aims. But the squirming only happens if the club is failing, right? How is that different to Spectrum saying he hopes we come 7th IF Wenger doesn’t change his ways and “spends the fucking money”?

    But it is interesting how you make me the issue rather than the media/blog-inspired/supported climate of negativity.

    I can have more than one conversation at once, Shotta. See my discussion with FunGunner on the climate of negativity issue.

    Should we all pretend that this couldn’t have a nasty ending?
    My contention is many of these impatient negative fans don’t mind if Arsene sacrifices self-sufficiency in search for a title. Arsene has made it clear, he will never let a club go bust under his watch. At the rate things are going, something will have to give. Sooner or later it will be stick or squirm time.

    Sure it could have a bad ending, but not necessarily. We could also win the title this season, with or without fan support. Certainly our chances are higher with the support of the fans. The club can go some way to ensuring that by making sure they add good players to the squad as Ivan says, no excuses.

  175. John .
    You complain that we need world class players because we have just lost (cesc)the best midfielder in Europe And then you condemn Arsene for trying to do everything to keep him.

    Make up you mind will you.
    What do your school mates think should be done?

  176. CHavski Stoke what utter dross no pace no creativity and to think some of our fans are booing the team madness.

  177. On motd yesterday alan hansen asked a hypothetical question that I thought was very interesting- what if wenger splashed the cash, brought in more def signings,changed our style of play to be more rigid and solid but a bit less spectacular and still don’t get any trophies- what then?

  178. geeGunner

    Transfer stuff is interesting Rafa Honigstein made some points about it on Twitter:

    “99% of transfer stories are reported in good faith. real problem is that clubs and agents often lying – with impunity, off the record

    sifting through the spin and counter-spin very difficult. one example?

    Bayern nearly signed a Chelsea player a few years ago. he failed his medical. next day, Bayern: “We were NEVER interested in him”

    by the way: absence of quotes means nothing. zero. nobody on this business goes on the record, for the very reasons outlines above”

    Gazdiz spoke about agents using Arsenal last Monday in his meeting with AISA as well.

    But to get back to the point I don’t think the media has that much to do with the mood about the club and its supporters at the minute. Much more likely is the stuff that everyone knows that I’m not going to bore you with.

    arse or brain

    Of course bad news sells better then goog news, have you ever seen a newspaper headline that went “Dog gives birth to litter of adorable puppies”.

  179. Yogi:

    Nice report, thanks. Draw not an unexpected result.

    Our defense did indeed look very good yesterday. The back 3 were solid throughout the match which bodes well. Very happy with that and may it continue. We can’t keep 38 clean sheets but if we play like that way consistently we should able to hold our own this season.

    Was disappointed to see us have 66% of possession without creating any clear cut chances. Bad memories from the last part of last season. I really had hoped we might see us luring them out and hitting with counterattack. Its early but I am not going to hold my breath for any tactical adjustments. We seem to be married to our ball possession style for better or worse. Suspect yesterday will be repeated alot this season. Hope I am wrong but time will tell.

    Gervinho was our best player and its really ridiculous that we have lost him for 3 games. He got himself into some good positions but then could never get off a good shot or deliver the right pass. Part credit for that goes to Newcastle defense but I suspect there were some nerves for Gervinho. I suspect that he will be one of our key attacking players this season and his final ball will improve with time.

    Not much one can say about Joey Barton . Hate to say it but I wish he would drown in a large pile of bull dung. Appropriate ending for someone like him.

  180. shotta | August 14, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    “FG can respond better than I can but according to you the “wave of negativity” isn’t coming from the press coming but from the fans from the fans “based on what they see on the pitch, and what they perceive as inability of the management to address long standing problems.
    So can I assume that is a sentiment you concur with and as a result you won’t stand four-square behind the manager and the players? Just asking.”

    Well, I suppose there are varying levels of that sentiment. Some fans are so vociferous in their disagreement of our management that their support is affected.

    I am not like that at all. I completely support the team and manager (I suppose it helps that I admire Wenger a great deal). But unlike you, my support and admiration doesn’t preclude me from criticism.

  181. Shotta,

    Have you always ov er complicated everything? Always created a solution for a non existent problem?

    No-one is advocating a City/Chelsea esque splurge. In fact, all the majority of fans are asking is that the profit generated from off field activities and player transfers be reinvested in the squad.

    This doesnt leave to the doomsday scenario you constantly use as justification for attacking large portions of our support. It lookls very likey that will we have another summer where a tidy profit is made. Even if we are fighting on a limited budget, spedning £12 million on an untried teenage winger
    a sensible strategy? How does AOC’s transfer value become within reason when you cite Cahill aas ovcerpriced for another £5 million?

  182. geeGunner | August 14, 2011 at 1:56 pm
    Take the Juan Mata speculation for example. There is absolutely not a shred of credible evidence in the public sphere that the club was ever interested in the player. That did not the English press from expending mountains of ink and bandwidth to suggest that his signing was imminent, ostensibly to replace Cesc and/or Nasri. Furthermore, on this very blog there were several posters willing to file charges of criminal neglect vs AW and the management for allowing his buyout clause to double by failing to file a timely bid.

    When AW last Friday dismissed any interest in the player I doubt if this removed from the minds of fans the idea that we were in for this player. This is despite most admitting they had never seen him play. Or evidence from the Liverpool vs Valencia pre-season game that he is lightweight and would struggle in the EPL and was never convincing either as a wide player or central midfielder.

    Yet the media continue to suggest that he is a credible target with dare I say millions of gullible readers

  183. george you know what i’m saying don’t be a fool

  184. Only positives can be taken from yesterdays game….. ie: the defence = solid, something everyone has been saying should be strengthened. From what I saw, Sagna, Kos, Verm and Gibbsy were massive, especially Gibbs.
    It was a tough startvto the season, demons from last season obviously affecting the boys but they came through it well.
    With regard to Barton (the cunt) take it that he just wanted to welcome Gervinho to the EPL in his normal, nasty, viscious way……. no harm done, and I hope Gerv learns from it, it will stand him in good stead for the rest of the season.
    My only disapppointment was the attack, good movement, created chances but unable to finish????

    This proves that the defence wasn’t the problem at the end of last season, but the attack. Jack should add more to the offensive power when he is fit to play.

  185. The defence dealt with the very limited threat posed by Newcastle admirably yesterday. Newcastle will be a side fighting for relegation, we should expect a disciplined clean sheet in this scenario.

    Much sterner tests now coming wiith Liverpool and United. We will have a bunch clearer understanding of this teams progression after these fixtures. (not even mentioning the tough CL tie)

  186. John the problem is that you dont seem to know what you are saying.And when I point out to you the stupidity of you posts you call me a fool.
    You are not alone though.

  187. I don’t like Stoke City, but watching the match against Chelsea and seeing how their fans get behind them and support them totally, is something some of our wanky, wimpy fucking fans could learn from.
    At best they are a middle table side, but fans are 100% behind them………. Arsenal fans watch and fucking learn.

  188. Our mid field will be Jack,Song and Diaby when all are fit(wishful thinking I know)That will be a different beast all together

  189. Anyone know which games Song will miss if he gets banned? Can we drag it out so he is available for United?

  190. Stoke roar at every tackle,pass and corner.It must help them.Well it does no must about it.

  191. Shotta, while I agree Mata isn’t the player for us, surely the statement by his father/agent that Arsenal had a bid rejected and AW statement that the Mata deal is off (implying it was once on) are both “credible evidence” You can’t dismiss everything other than Arsenal.com as credible evidence out of hand.

  192. hahahaha

    chelsea denied peno. fuckers.

  193. Shotta,

    Yes. Don’t want to ban people on the fringe. But if they are just a troll, which appears to be the case, then people will just get hacked off.

  194. Henristic | August 14, 2011 at 2:24 pm
    “I am not like that at all. I completely support the team and manager (I suppose it helps that I admire Wenger a great deal).”
    Quite happy to read your words. Now for the deeds. (Mind you, this is not a pissing contest of who is the better supporter. OK.)

    ” But unlike you, my support and admiration doesn’t preclude me from criticism.”
    – I think there is enough unwarranted, puerile criticism of Wenger in the media and blogs. I refuse to join in. Just to give an example: In yesterdays heated discussion with my siblings where they suggested that the club was somehow negligent in letting the Cesc-Nasri sales/transfer drag out so long, we were able to agree that it was a no-win for Wenger. If he gave-in early and didn’t fight to keep either or both he would have been accused selling off his best players without a fight. Maybe you and I can have this type of agreement. 🙂

  195. Luke – The upcoming games against ManU & Liverpool will certainly provide the defence with a more serious test but we are going into these games with our midfield torn to shreds. Song should miss them, Wilshere might miss 1 or both, no Cesc or Nasri and Ramsey still getting back to his best. We might need to make an allowance for the defence not having the quality midfield in front them that we would usually expect.

  196. Luke ,someone should have grabbed Frank by the throat and pulled him to his feet.

  197. id rather someone just kicked him in the face george.

  198. I got to say Lampard denied a clear penalty just like Gervinho.

  199. Media and ref conspiracy for Chelsea too then Shotta?

  200. @ lew1234
    All clubs have problems or areas the fans are unhappy about. Why are Arsenal’s problems so overwhelmingly interesting to the printed and e-media?
    As a pilot project, mediawatch on Untold Arsenal looked at The Sun over a period of a few weeks. There were, in absolute terms, more articles about Arsenal than any other English club. Sometimes there were more articles about Arsenal than all the other clubs put together and virtually all of the coverage was negative. That’s just for starters. Many more publications will be examined over this season.

    @ Henristic
    Bluff is not pointless as long as you back it up ie walking away when you say you will. That is an integral part of making deals and getting value. All clubs publish misinformation about transfers when it suits them.
    In any case, only talking to fans would not result in any more detailed information being disseminated than at present, would it? It might even mean less was published.

    Yes, PR messages are best kept simple, but assuming common sense and intelligence in the fans shouldn’t be a bad thing, should it? And fans hate the idea that what they as fans are getting from the club is “PR”. They want information. It’s up to the fans – they want journalists to ask for information on their behalf and become enraged if none is forthcoming. They can’t have it both ways.

    There is certainly what I call a negative feedback loop which is the press feeding speculation or spin based on the fears or grievances of fans, but additionally there is a slew of negative stories propagating certain themes. For example, a newspaper doing a story on FFP reported (in the same sentence) that Wenger “whinged” and that Liverpool “voiced concerns” about the Man City naming rights deal. And only yesterday I posted a link to an article blaming Arsenal players for Joey Barton’s behaviour. That is proactive, creative negativity and there is plenty more where that came from. Not to mention all the “stories” that they literally make up.

    From the website:
    Sagna praised his team-mates after the final whistle.

    “I think it was very important to start the season with this kind of game,” he said. “We were very consistent throughout and I think we were all defensively aware, from the forward players to the back four.

    “Even if we had setbacks during the game we fought hard until the end, and we have to keep showing that kind of spirit if we want to win things.

    “This is how we want to play all season, and it was a good start.”

    I agree, Bac. Good start.

  201. @ Henristic
    “And only yesterday I posted a link to an article blaming Arsenal players for Joey Barton’s behaviour. And also claiming that we had destroyed the good name of football.”

  202. So lampard dives there was more contact on gervinho than lampard

  203. shotta, out of interest are your siblings gooners?

  204. @ Northbank1969 | August 14, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Hear hear.

  205. Lampard was going down before the contact was made. Does that make him a diver?

  206. Bag of sweets. cheeky smile…

    Arsene Wengers a Paedophile.

  207. Who would have thunk it? Shotta on a charm offensive..
    And dearie me, its working….

    Fine, you old mungla! We have an agreement 🙂

  208. Marc ,he is English,that makes him cleaver.He would have to be foreign for it to be a dive

  209. cccccmon you stoke you filthy bastards!

  210. Cheers George always struggled with that one

  211. Luke ,I am beginning to warm to you

  212. Watching stoke against chelski, I find the stoke “play” so fucking hideous, basically carthorse inspired thuggery, that I find myself wishing chelski could annihilate them.

    How bizarre is that? I despise stoke even more than my dislike of chelski.

  213. seasons started George, we are all on the same team!

  214. Terry and shawcross pulling and shoving each other.

    Is it too much to ask that they simultaneously karate kick each others heads off?

  215. Paulie Walnuts


    It`s almost certain Song will be charged by the FA tomorrow & the cases get cleared quickly now unlike the old days when delaying tactics could be used.

    I`d be amazed if he played next week but who knows, stranger things have happened. Just not with Arsenal players though.

  216. The fans are upset because they feel like the club has not done everything it can to give the squad its best chance to win. Most of us believe the club has been really close to winning these last few years and a little more aggressive negotiating and effort in the tranfer market could have put us over the top. Perhaps naive and overly simplistic but based on what the players all say they have similar feelings.

    The excuse that it is so difficult to make transfers happen because of the complexities of the market place just don’t ring true when you see what other clubs are able to do. A big club like us with a profit in the transfer market when we have the current trophy drought just does not make sense to the average fan, pundit, or player. Any other big club in a similar situation would not even consider having a transfer profit because they would be trying to improve the team by whatever method possible and they would know exactly how their fans would react if they did. Its great to be different if the results are good but to date that has not happened so the fans, the press and everyone are going to second guess management. Its inevitable for Arsenal or any club in the world in a similar situation.

  217. Luke, every credit to you

  218. It’s worth noting that players like AOC and Joel Campbell are clamoring to join Arsenal because Wenger has a reputation for youth development. We can sign exciting youth prospects despite interest from clubs like United, Chelsea, and Citeh because we’re the more attractive proposition. They’ll choose us over them. Youth signings are easy, so we see a lot of those.

    Signing marquee players with existing reputations is harder, because their aspirations are to United, Barcelona, and moneybag clubs without wage structures. It’s tough competing on that level no matter how much we’re willing to spend.

  219. So arsenal Liverpool and Chelsea drop points n it’s only who r in crises Chelsea without Torres look ponderous n toothless

  220. Villas Boas out!…not good enough…no cut and thrust…bereft of ideas…how dare he draw the first game of the season in a tough away environment…get ready for barely taking a top four spot at this rate Chelsea…

    Wow, being negative and ridiculous is so easy. No wonder everyone does it.

  221. FunGunner | August 14, 2011 at 2:53 pm

    Bluff is not pointless as long as you back it up ie walking away when you say you will. That is an integral part of making deals and getting value. All clubs publish misinformation about transfers when it suits them.

    In general bluffing is like you say an essential tool in business negotiations. It needn’t be done in public at the expense of bad PR though .e.g. your example of Wenger saying TV is like a new signing. That has no effect on a potential selling club as far as I can deduce, but has a negative impact from a fans/PR perspective.

    In any case, only talking to fans would not result in any more detailed information being disseminated than at present, would it? It might even mean less was published.

    Yes, PR messages are best kept simple, but assuming common sense and intelligence in the fans shouldn’t be a bad thing, should it? And fans hate the idea that what they as fans are getting from the club is “PR”. They want information. It’s up to the fans – they want journalists to ask for information on their behalf and become enraged if none is forthcoming. They can’t have it both ways.

    Yeah, but detailed info is not the issue. Few clubs gives out detailed info. The point is to have a consistent message, that paints the club in a positive light.

    There is certainly what I call a negative feedback loop which is the press feeding speculation or spin based on the fears or grievances of fans, but additionally there is a slew of negative stories propagating certain themes. For example, a newspaper doing a story on FFP reported (in the same sentence) that Wenger “whinged” and that Liverpool “voiced concerns” about the Man City naming rights deal. And only yesterday I posted a link to an article blaming Arsenal players for Joey Barton’s behaviour. That is proactive, creative negativity and there is plenty more where that came from. Not to mention all the “stories” that they literally make up.

    But the negative feedback loop applies to every situation, not just The Arsenal. Its the way media-society interaction works in just about every sphere of life I can think of. The club should know this and plan/act accordingly, rather than let it get out of hand. Again, it is why I talk of naivety/incompetence in our PR approach. Some negative events occur that are out of anybodies control, but how an organisation reacts to those events show how PR savvy they are.

  222. Liverpool have spent upwards of £100 mill and we have still to enter the market for real.
    And I think we will spend big yet.
    Well big for us anyway. 🙂

  223. I have watched with keen interest all that’s been going on in our club recently and decided to stay away from commenting as a lot of information been passed around have been false and people have certainly had their minds made up for them by the press. The press has set an agenda, and they would go all out to push their agenda. I find it hilarious that a lot of people subscribe to press neutrality while history has taught us otherwise. Wars have been won through propaganda and it’s naive to think a press that would hack a dead girls voice mail couldn’t go as far as trying to get a foreign manger sacked or destabilising the club. People like John Cross and Henry Winters should be barred from the club as they don’t give positive reports anyway so don’t see it getting any worse. Here are my thoughts on certain issues;

    People talk about conducting all our transfer businesses early, Ideally yes but in the current 25man rule players have to be sold first.
    Our defence or the lack of it has more to do with organisation rather than personnel.
    We need to find a way of breaking teams who pack the bus and be more efficient in front of goal, for me that’s more of a worry than our defence.
    Fans need to support and stop moaning and over analysing as it is getting tedious. We are already up against the ref and institutions, so what do you aim to achieve by booing your team. It’s unfortunate that a lot of “fans” prefer to be right than see the actual success of the team.

    The game yesterday was not a disaster as some people will have us believe, I can imagine how disappointed a lot of them would have been that we didn’t concede on a set piece or make any defensive blunders. We would have won if we took the few chances we created and been able to create more. I would say it’s the early season rustiness though and can only get better with 2 more additions if the usual suspect leave.

    I would not even dignify that odious Barton with a comment as I see he is being made the victim of assault in the press. He is a coward and a bully. Song’s action was inexcusable but it was isolated and had nothing to do with the assault on Gervinho. Expect the press to focus on the two “villains” from arsenal though. Homophobia is a big issue in football, one we all like to pretend does not exist but is truly active, institutionalised and more prevalent than racism. It’s is very blatant yet extremely difficult to prove in this environment of political correctness.

    Whatever you may think of Arsene, the team or the board, the boys are back and so is football. It’s time to get behind your team and push them over the line. Keep up the bile and moaning, then I fear it’s going to be a long sad season.
    Sorry for the long post.

  224. Nice to see Woodgate can still play a bit, wonder if ‘arry’ll regret letting him go. He’s a lot more comfortable with the ball than the lumbering Shawcross, but it certainly appears to work as a pairing. Pennant’s a bit of a dick but his wide play is perfectly suited to a team like Stoke. A 0-0 draw away from home against ‘lesser’ opposition for a top 4 side eh? Wonder if Chelsea will be written off the way we have.

  225. FunGunner

    Because Arsenal are the biggest club in London and one of the top three clubs in the country which means that Arsenal are bigger news then lets say Bolton and more people will read a story about Arsenal then about Wigan.

    Look at Everton at the minute, a lot of their fans are in revolt, not a lot about it in the papers as Liverpool are bigger news.

    I mean I was joking about the “Media Conspiracy” but do you think that there actually is one?

  226. And I think we will spend big yet.
    Well big for us anyway. 🙂


    thanks george, we are only heated because we care so much about the same thing. everyone has different opinons /perspective, but the whistle has gone, lets support what we have.

    and i would be delighted if the above happens. i guess wenger can frustrate fans sometimes because when he does spend relative big money, sagna, tv5, kolscieny, gervinho he gets it completly right….just add a few more gems and we are laughing.

  227. 1coolsteve | August 14, 2011 at 3:27 pm


    Have I missed something

    Care to explain because you have my interest.A juicy new subject

  228. ARRRRRGGGH. Makes me fucking sick.

    Franks “clever” he buys the penalty.

    Eduardo??? I dont agree with the media conspiracy supported by some, but I 100% fully agree and despise the protection english ‘stars’ get from punits ex-players etc.

    he was going down (should have been a peno) but he was diving to win it.

  229. FG
    Regarding the slew of negative stories, my response are in two parts

    1. If you were owner of a media house, who would you report about the most to get hits on your website, given it is common knowledge that arsenal fans have the most online presence?

    2. The club/wenger aren’t exactly helping themselves with regard to ‘managing’ public statements. For instance, regarding the Mancity/FFP situation, my own thoughts on reading Arsene’s comments was, ‘why did he speak about that’.
    Even though I agreed with him, I knew right off the bat it was going to be a PR bungle. Those who take pleasure in ridiculing Arsene would have been given more ‘ammunition’. There was no advantage to AFC in making those statements in public at all, so why make them? Shouldn’t we have a PR person who advices Arsene on these kind of things?
    On the other hand, I do remember reading some opinion pieces where his statements where reported in a more positive light so it wasn’t like there was just one monolithic view out there.

  230. Henristic | August 14, 2011 at 2:59 pm
    – I can see you are a fan and trying to make sense of the current craziness in football.

    As for many others (I refuse to call names although they have been trying to bait me), I can only hope that when they consider the consequences of fomenting this climate of negativity, at the club in general and Wenger in particular, they may call time-out. There is a point when supporters have to stand four-square behind the cub or the manager.

    Beware of what you wissh for. If this madness continues, Arsene may end further up Seven Sisters Road. They may hate us and call us all kinds of dirty names but they don’t mind our best ex-players and managers.

  231. Correction: “There is a point when supporters have to stand four-square behind the club and the manager.”

  232. I think Bill should replace Wenger when he goes.

    We would never lose a game and he would easily get deals done.

    Buying players is easy but Nasri and Cesc are still with Arsenal and lets not mention that we have signed 4 players either.

    Good start to the season.

    So Newcastle are just not good so our defense wasnt tested? well the team cannot win. I remember us struggling with lesser opponents last season and from set plays. The fact that we dealt with them comfortably is again used as a stick by some to beat the team with. Blasted joke.

    Whats the point if you turn a positive into a negative?

    The big problem I saw yesterday was RVPwasnt sharp but that will come.

  233. Luke,
    The clear bias doesn’t bother me much anymore to be honest. The best thing to do is to get our own ‘English/British untouchables’ and that’s precisely what Wenger is doing.

  234. I see your points Shotta. I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.

  235. Oh God Gary Neville is good.Fuck,I wanted to slate him

  236. Right I’m gonna behave like a ‘doomer’ Liverpool fan for a few seconds:

    Our fucking defence is so weak even Sunderland can score against us. Our fucking attack are toothless and couldn’t score a goal even if they were the only team on the pitch. Dalgleish out, in Dalgliesh we rust! Spend some fucking money! oh, we have already!

    Now I’m gonna be a Chelsea doomer:

    Away to Stoke and all we can manage is a fucking 0-0 draw, Villa-Boas has lost the fucking plot, we need to sack him and bring in Mourinho or perhaps Steve Bruce, or even Roy Hodgson. Then we need to spend some fucking money, then we’ll win some trophies. duh, oh, we have already spent millions!!! and we didn’t win anything last season.

    Arsenal supporters take note………… in Arsene I trust.

  237. Bradys right foot

    1coolsteve | August 14, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Well said mate.

    Regarding the press issue this really should be dealt with by the club and its press office.

  238. Northbank,
    You know whats funny? I bet that you can find actually statements like that on the fansites of those clubs if you look for it.

  239. @lew1234
    Another example – John Cross was saying on the Fans Forum that it was a subeditor who put in the headline “Arsenal in Crisis” on one of his articles, against his will.

    @ Henristic
    In general bluffing is like you say an essential tool in business negotiations. It needn’t be done in public at the expense of bad PR though .e.g. your example of Wenger saying TV is like a new signing. That has no effect on a potential selling club as far as I can deduce, but has a negative impact from a fans/PR perspective.
    Off the top of my head, it could make it more credible that we are not desperate for a player on whom club is holding out for a silly price.
    As to it being done in public, he said it as a response to a journalist’s question – fans like lew1234 want all journalists’ questions answered. Some fans (emphasis on “some”) hate the phrase “LANS”, but it’s preparation for the fact that a deal might not come off.

    Detailed info is not the issue. Few clubs gives out detailed info. The point is to have a consistent message, that paints the club in a positive light.
    Detailed information IS the issue for many fans – they want to know exactly what is happening with a particular transfer, etc.
    And as to your second point I can only remind you of JonJon’s attitude to a positive message, or that lots of fans nickname the website “Pravda”.

    I assume you accept the second part of my answer about the negative themes. And regarding a negative feeback loop not only applying to Arsenal matters, I will remind you that the media will stick to a story if it sells papers/gets clicks because that means money.

    There’s no money in putting out a positive message about Arsenal. The only things which will alleviate the situation or even reverse it are a) signings (in the short term, especially if they are for huge amounts) and b) trophies. We cannot control those eventualities. We can do our best, but we cannot force them to occur. The other possibility is if Wenger walked or was sacked and a new manager was appointed. But that’s a crazy step to take for non-football reasons.

    We can chat up and woo editors all we like, make our message as attractive as possible but ultimately the decision as to the slant or spin is not ours.
    And the fans have to stop being complicit in the negativity because it does us damage. Do we want another Eduardo-style penalty ban? Do we want potential transfer targets to think twice because of the lack of support?

    And before I forget, the Club PR did a great job over the pre-season Asia tour.

  240. And you can already find the articles questioning Liverpool’s spending.


  241. Henristic I bet you cant .
    And I will risk up too two bob

  242. It’ll never happen, and I’m sure his wages are out of our range, but there is a world class midfielder available at a reasonable price that would shut up every bleater in our fan base.


  243. FunGunner

    Like I said there are some wind-ups. But you didn’t answer the question do you actually think there is a “media conspiracy” ?

    As I type 1-0 to Utd.

  244. fucking shrek

  245. Bloody hell that was a gift of a goal to manusa.

    Why do so many teams drop their rods and haul out the Vaseline for these twats on such a regular basis?

  246. Off side law not applicable to United then?

  247. MikeSA

    Too old, too injury prone, too expensive (in both transfer fee and wages) foe Arsene Wenger I think

  248. A lot of alleged doomer fans dont want the manager to go, just a change in
    his policies and less BS in his statements,

    The youth policy hasnt worked it needs to be blended with experience Scottie Parker
    would be useful now whilst Frimpong and Ramsey develop and to say we dont need
    defense strengthening because A weak Newcastle team didnt score is laughable,
    we will see more clearly after the next 3 games and then it will be too late

    Udinese have a strong defense lets see if we can have enough creativity to break
    them down its terible that Chamakh has just gone to pieces as he would be ideal to lead
    the line in RVP absence. Our sustainable model goes down the drain if
    we get eliminated now, and we would be doomed having to play in Estonia, oe Cyprus
    on Thursday nights.


  249. “Arsenal supporters take note………… in Arsene I trust”

    Not with your children though.

  250. Never thought i’d say this, Gary Neville defending Arsene and actually making a lot of sense. Its unfortunate a manc has to be the one to highlight our progress and vision. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2025700/Gary-Neville-Arsenal-fans-shouldnt-criticise-Arsene-Wenger.html

  251. Re Newcastle game some perspective is needed. People make the mistake of underestimating Newcastle. Last season, out of the top 6 teams, only ManCity managed to go to St James Park and get a result (1-3) — all the other teams were held to draws and Liverpool (after Daeglish took over!) even failed and lost 3 – 1.

  252. @1coolsteve

    Homophobia??? what are you saying, Gervinho is gay and Joey ‘facist’ Barton called him a shirtlifter?

    Or do you mean that Joey Barton is a nasty, aggressive and violent cunt because he suffers from ‘latent homosexuality’ and takes it out on other men during a match?

    I would probably conclude that racism is more prevailant in the EPL and it wouldn’t surprise me if Barton said something racist to Gervinho when he tried to rip the shirt off his back.

    At the moment, I’d rather be a Stoke supporter, they have passion and total belief in their mid table side with no chance of CL football or a trophy. In fact, I am ashamed to be an Arsenal supporter when they go away to Newcastle, get a decent draw in a difficult match and sing, ‘ spend some fucking money’ and boo the team off the pitch. Fucking disgusting.

    Bolton will win the EPL this season…………

  253. Lew, there are elements in the media who very definitely have an agenda, remember that spurs twat reporting for the BBC on finance (mihir bose), not to mention the examples of how Wenger’s comments are reported compared to others, see example earlier, as well as the media’s approach to Wenger objecting to Wilshire’s overuse by the NT compared to Daglish saying precisely the sme things bout Carroll.

    How many articles did we see that fuxking moron pearce claiming ONLY Wenger was complaining, NO-ONE else, despite Daglish having a full go too?

    All that aside though, the media go for Arsenal because they get hits when they sprout shit about Arsenal.

    That comes back to my point earlier. The club needs to find a way to discredit the worst culprits and disincentivise that behavior.

    That has to start with a campaign aimed at getting the fans back onside and earning their trust.

  254. george rodger | August 14, 2011 at 3:34 pm

    Oh , actually meant to say Xenophobia. My bloody iPhone corrected it to homophobia. Thanks for highlighting.

  255. Chris, you should do a picture of Barton in full “shirt-lifting mode”

  256. MikeSA

    I think people are seeing some all incomposing agenda when it is as simple as Arsenal are news, things are not going as well as they could as at the minute so people will write about that simple as. The idea that people at the Guardian, Telegraph, Times, Independent, etc are sitting at their desks thinking “Well I have an article to write for tomorrow, I hate Aresnal and that Frenchman Wenger I’ll write another article in my mission to bring them down” is ridiculous.

    I will quote from Arseblog as he has put it better then I ever could:

    I don’t believe there’s any media conspiracy against Arsenal. There might well be some sh*t-stirrers in the press who use the obvious and repeated failings of the team to bash out lazy articles but as Arse2Mouse pointed out, it wasn’t the media who sang en masse at Craven Cottage, urging the manager, the board, anyone, to ‘spend some f**king money’.
    It was the away fans, the ones who follow the team not just to West London, but up and down England and across Europe, week in, week out. They’re not influenced by what they read in the papers, only by what they see on the pitch, and it was to that they were reacting last season. And the same goes for the majority of fans. There may be some who fall in the traps set by the talk radio trolls and the occasional wind-up in the press, but most of us form our opinions by what we see when the team play.


  257. Terrible error form DeGea!!!

  258. oh dear De Gea!! glorious!!!

    he looks scared, lost and nervous!!


  259. FG,
    I don’t think saying TV is like a new signing makes it ‘credible’ that we aren’t anymore ‘desperate’ than we really are. Not to any one who knows anything about arsenal anyways. Unlike some fans, the selling club aren’t mugs you know (or at least it makes business sense not to assume they are).

    In a nut shell my point is this. The club ain’t doing enough to manage the clubs reputation. Either because they don’t think its necessary or because they don’t know how.

    Improving our PR means pandering to the fans. The majority of which are not very happy with how the summer has panned out, on the back of previous season’s failures and relative inactivity in the transfer market.
    Reduce the occurrence of mixed messages, keep things simple. Make sure good players are signed even if we have to ‘overpay’. We are not going to go bust if we do that for one or two players this season (within reasonable boundaries), and the lift it will give to fans will be immense.

    Pandering to the fans might not go down well with some people, but at this point, that is exactly what is required if we are to stop our normally stoic away fans singing “spend the fucking money” whenever we have a below par performance. There simply is no other way, save awesome jaw-dropping performances in every game which culminates in trophies (a far more unpredictable outcome).

    Fans are who they are, and we are no longer talking about a minority here. Its the same for every other club. The way fans react will not change. Its the club that has to adapt.

  260. Bradys right foot

    Choi is an absolute Tank

  261. @GeorgeRodger

    A painting of Barton ‘shirtlifting’ is vraiment possible, especially from the photos of the ‘disturbance’ yesterday……. I’ll give it some thought. ta mate

    And whoever said you can’t trust Wenger with children, YOU CAN FUCK OFF
    I ain’t even gonna give you the credit of putting your name on my post……….. TROLLING SPUD

  262. @ lew1234
    We are not bigger than ManUre, are we?
    The internet and national newspaper media coverage is not confined to London.
    And why the unrelenting negative bias? Why no articles about what great entertainment we provide?

    Regarding your question about a media conspiracy – I agree with what MikeSA says. And as I keep saying, there is money in it because Arsenal-bashing confirms prejudices eg about diving foreigners and people love to demonise and feel righteous about themselves.

    @ MikeSA
    Yes…but HOW? And at least some of the fans have to help.
    I worked in PR for a year about a decade ago, helping out a friend and her business partner, and another good friend has been in PR all her life. This one is a toughie!

    @ Henristic
    Arsenal are discussable. My question to you is why is the coverage and online presence so overwhelmingly negative? How can the club help that? It’s part of the negative feedback loop.

    AW spoke about FFP because he was asked. He refused to be drawn about one or two of the players who broke the leg of one of our players; that didn’t stop the press spinning negatively.
    And this negativity is a football phenomenon – financial articles by proper journalists are almost always positive about us. So it wasn’t “bound” to be a PR bungle.

    great post 1coolsteve at 3:27pm
    Or cool post, should I say?

    I’m going back to work now. I’ve already spent way too much time on the blogs.

  263. Right, Herbert Chapman has run out on me and I need to go out and find him……… panic!!!! #e right back, cos Sunday evenings in Avignon are a bit boring

    GOD SAVE THE QUEENS………. I lived in Brighton for several years!

  264. Btw, if there is a moderator on right now, elinesel IS a troll, and a disgusting one at that.

    That’s not freedom of speech.

    Trash the cunt.

  265. De Gea looks a bit rubbish at shot stopping. Which is a bit of a drawback for a keeper.

  266. MikeSA

    Cant believe youre sticking up for a confirmed Paedo.

    Hes probably got your kids right now.

  267. @ Henristic
    Had to say – LANS does work, whether you personally believe that or not, because it almsot always means he is buying no-one. Sows seeds of doubt.
    They have been trying to pander to the fans – that’s why they been giving so much more detail about transfer targets, announcing deals earlier, using Twitter, Fans Forum etc.

    What is do the disgruntled fans want to hear? That we’ve signed someone for CB and for MF.

    Are the fans happy when AW or IG say there is no news but we are workign hard? No.

    Do the fans liek it when other, unrelated, good news is given out? No, they treat it as a sop.

    They are not interested in anything else at the moment except for things which the club cannot control the timetable of. We need a lucky break basically.

  268. And now I really am off.

  269. FunGunner

    Utd aren’t having many problems this summer (but wait if DeGea keeps this up there will be articles about him) but remember last October (???) and Rooney where the sports papers were wall to wall about Utd and how they were in trouble or Liverpool and their two American clowns or Chelsea when they were going their “Bad moment” last November/December. This isn’t isolated to Arsenal.

    As for happy news stories there are some out there (Sam Wallace in Saturday’s Independent is a good example you should read it) but as I said before bad news sells.

    With that off out, will be back later after more mind control from the Media Conspiracy 🙂

  270. Elinesel is a vile. PLease get rid

  271. Happy working Fun Gunner, come back later!

  272. Bradys right foot

    Any rudimentary content analysis of the media online in print or on air over the last two years will show an unrelenting and persistant media narrative of negativity. The fact that we have been trophyless does not help and the fact that if we had have stayed the course we could have possibly won two of three previous four league campaigns.

    Is it a conspiracy no, there is no descretion involved it is an outright attack and attempt to undermine the club and more importantly the manager. Gary Neville summary is good in that its pretty simple we haven’t had £30-40 milion to spend every year for the last five years.

    The motives for the anti wenger sentiment in the press are easily understood,its a pissing contest to thos that have continously criticised the team and the manager. Are we really at the point were we have to sign Gary Cahill to pacify the media, FUCK OFF. He’s an improvement over Kozzer or Tommy now if we were buiying someone better than those two i’d be all for it,any signing should be improving on what we have.

  273. Thank god we have Wookash and Szcz.

  274. Have fun at work FG.

  275. I think everyone is forgetting the huge amount of praise we get from the media. as mentioned earlier, its cyclical. remember chelseas poor run last year, liverpools demise, united after losing to barca, each club gets hammered.

    we are just taking longer than most to eradicate our flaws – essentially we have left ourselves open for criticism.

  276. I agree with Goonerwife

    Yogi, get rid of the vile bile… he ain’t worth even responding to!

  277. Wow, ref doing his best to help ManU with all the little decisions going Slur Alex’s way.

  278. Two clangers already from de gea if this one of our keepers we would be slaughtered- 17 mil he cost you say!

  279. Shoulder to shoulder by WB player is apparently a foul.

    Against us yesterday, leading with an elbow is fine.

    And these referees aren’t on the take.

  280. Hmmm.

    Vidic off crocked, now Ferdinand with a stuffed hamstring

  281. Henristic | August 14, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    “Improving our PR means pandering to the fans. The majority of which are not very happy with how the summer has panned out, on the back of previous season’s failures and relative inactivity in the transfer market.”

    Surest road to disaster. How quick we forget how the Newcastle board pandered to a similar set of impatent fans and fired Sir Bobby five games into the season in August 2004 because fans felt the club was underacheiving for coming 5th the prior year and a poor start to the new season. Sounds strange 7 years later, Newcastle fans felt coming 5th was an underachievement. Just as strange as Arsenal fans who regard qualifying for champions league for 15 years on a trot and coming 3rd or 4th for six years on a run is underachieving.

    That was the start of the long igmonimous slide of Newcastles to the Championship. Today, back in the EPL, best they can hope for is mid-table mediocrity. But not before changing owners to the risible Miuke Ashley and odious mangers like Souness and Allardyce.

    The lesson I draw from this that not even a great English manager as Sir Bobby is immune to the foolishness and impatience of fans. (The consolation of being revered after succumbing to cancer is slight consolation.) As Wenger said the cemetry is filled with men who think they are irreplaceable. If we pander to fans as suggested by Henristic the Board will no doubt do a Bobby Robson.

    Here endeth my charm offensive. 🙂

  282. This De Gea is surely not what you would call a dominant keeper. Can’t wait to see him play against Stoke and company.

  283. @ MikeSA
    Sorry – feel like a ham actor refusing to leave the stage – I remembered that I meant to add that the disgruntled fans have decided that certain things are the case:
    1. If we spent more money we would definitely win trophies
    2. The board or Wenger or both do not want to spend money, ergo do not want to win trophies
    3. Transfer business is just a matter of “how much” .

    None of these statements are true but the fans beliefs are supported and echoed by football media and the club have to find a way to work around them or break down. That’s what makes it so tough.

    @ lew1234
    So how come so few Manure articles, compared to articles about us? They have a go at ManUre and others (to an extent) when they are having a tough patch – they have a go at us continually. Good news is often spiked with something negative.

    I read the Independent regularly and as I said yesterday or whenever, that article from Sam Wallace is literally the first one in about four years which has not been absolutely toxic – which was why I speculated in jest that Wallace might have met AW for the first time and fallen victim to his charms.

    @ BRF
    Great post. Agree with that.

    OK. Sorry. That’s one of the downsides to working for yourself. Really truly off now

  284. @luke why is your avatar changed? cos when i logg onto a nothe network with a different IP my avatar does not change.
    Am i missing something?

  285. Not meant as a criticsism btw, i just wonder 🙂

  286. Someone should annoint Gains69 as a prophet. He declared that DeGea was no improvement on Van der Saar. On cue, Young gets a goal via a deflection.

  287. Oh its in their Dna ?.Really ? own goals are in United’s Dna

  288. fucking typical. a double deflection………..

    at least de gea looks very shaky and rio/vidic could both miss our trip……..

  289. Besides by signing AxOx both the board and the manager has shown hes not afraid of using money.

    The fact he signs someon that the fans dont think we need is an entirely different matter all together.

    But so far we have used 27£ and sold for(how much is it again?) We do not know how the sales have been structured though, it could be we get 1M straight away and the rest ove 10 years.

    anyhow. my point is 27£ is not “Not using money”. Its the combined value of Cahill and Samba.

    If the club wanted to they could have easily bought cahill and samba, they proved that by signing axox and gervhino.

    So the conclusion mus be. the board is not afraid to use money, they just do not see value in the players the supporters want them to buy, but rather want to invest their money in other targets.

  290. Jabba'sDelights

    Was there ever a doubt that they would score though George. Dosent matter how they go in. Great news if vidic and Ferdinand are out for a while. Thats 3 of their starting defenders out.

  291. no idea poodle, not computer savy in the slightest…

    alll i can say is that no-one would want to copycat me on this site! 🙂

  292. @luke. 5.45 .lol

  293. FunGunner | August 14, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    John Cross in the mirror the day after AOC was signed – welcome to AFC Alex

  294. oh no, it’s a Luke copy cat

  295. Passenal | August 14, 2011 at 5:56 pm
    FunGunner | August 14, 2011 at 12:42 pm

    John Cross in the mirror the day after AOC was signed – welcome to AFC Alex

    Well I must have missed that Pass.And I always read John Cross stuff.
    I would be very surprised if he wrote him off

  296. lol Shotta, I knew that word ‘pandering’ will get in someone’s craw soon enough.
    C’mon man, what you’re saying is clearly not what I meant. I’m talking about improving our PR here not sacking wenger. Does one need to state that?

  297. Shotta: “Someone should annoint Gains69 as a prophet. He declared that DeGea was no improvement on Van der Saar”

    Don’t anoint me a prophet for that, Shotta. Saying that De Gea was nowhere near as good as Van der Sar is just plain old common sense. You take a keeper who is 38 years old, has been at the top of his proffesion for twenty years, replace him with a u-21 goalkeeper from Spain and you don’t have a like for like replacement.

    I will, however, accept the anointment on the grounds that I called Vidic and Ferdinand getting crocked at the same time. When they both came off West Brom got on top of them. Ashley Young’s goal was a lucky deflection that could’ve gone either way. What’s important is how MU looked once their two stalwarts were out. Rooney and Nani were nowhere to be seen. Mulumbu and Morrison were the two names you heard for most of the second half. Man U supporters did take a shit when it was down to Evans and Jones like I predicted.

    I want West Brom’s Tchoyi at Arsenal. That guy is an absolute tank. Did anyone see how he shrugged off Vidic?

  298. Forgot to add. Evra is out injured and Rafael dislocated his shoulder. If Smalling pulls up they’re really in the shit, defensively.

  299. Gains,
    I’d feel better about all of that injury news for United if they didn’t end up winning the darned game!

    I’ve been putting down manure and their chances for years. Season after season, they start badly, show ‘promising’ signs that they are in trouble, only to somehow manage to get the wins they need.

    Until they lose the ability to do that, it is fair to say they are favourites to win the title every year.

  300. Any one read this? It’s weird that a Manchester United former player is defending Wenger and our fans are not…


  301. Hello Luke 🙂

    If I stay@ as Luke then I can have lots of disagreements with George ;P

  302. Wow, I think I prefer this name instead of Luke, what do ya think George! 🙂

  303. I fail to understand why Song, Szcz etc shaked the fucking hands with the CUNT at the end

  304. Lucky win, Henristic. And luck is not something they can count on in every game. Had that deflection been two millimeters off, it would’ve been a draw. This tiny distance, to me, is how much better MU were than West Brom today. What I did see, however, is an over reliance on Young out wide, a flat midfield, a dodgy keeper and a shakey back four, once the big boys went off, which will happen more frequently given the amount of games they’ll have to play this season. Had West Brom sat back and been happy with a draw they would’ve accomplished that easily.

    By the way, I think it was you who said that Vidic never gets injured, when we were discussing our defense vs theirs. How you like me now, sucka?

  305. Luke is tuning into the Gervinho triplets. He’s everywhere!:O

  306. I fail to understand why Song, Szcz etc shaked the fucking hands with the CUNT at the end

    Barton went up to Szczesny. It wasn’t like Tec 9 went running up to him with arms open. Song was just doing some PR. Have you ever noticed how Song seems to be a very well liked player wherever he goes? This works to his advantage. Besides, can you imagine the media shit storm that would’ve erupted had Song told Barton to fuck off? As it is, Barton is being made the victim in all this, despite what Savage and others have said about him. Even that cheeky falling over, which the English despise when a foreigner does it, ask Nani, is being overlooked by the well ‘ard lads.

  307. Gainsbourg69 | August 14, 2011 at 6:18 pm
    Gains – I was about to mention how prescient you were about the replacements for Vidic and Ferdinand and at that very moment Young’s lucky deflection took place. Actually I was about to say he was a good player but no enhancement on Scholes but it would have looked churlish.
    But as you noted, the injury gods have struck on some of their older players. If these blows cause them to lose major points in the next month or so, one can expect the usual apologetic media, the same media who would hammer Arsene for not signing enough world class players.
    Come on Fergie, spend some effen money (not)!

  308. The problem with that is that Ferguson has spent money, Ashley Young was involved in both goals today and Phil Jones came on and looked assured (like he did in the Charity Shield).

    A point that no-one seems to pick up on is that not all the fans yesterday were on board with the ‘Spend Some F***ing Money’ chants, Once we hit injury time, I was happy to join in but it was far from unanimous. A lot were immediateky responding with ‘We love you Arsenal’, which got everybody singing,

    I guess that’s the sort of nuance that you don’t get from watching on the telly…

  309. Previous Taylor elbow on Arshavin.

  310. judging by the first match of the year Bolton look good for the title!

  311. And this is an example of a dive:

    Sorry Robby Savage, you Manc sucking scum, Gervais stumbling over someones clearance which clipped him (Gervais) is not a dive. I can’t be Arsenalled to check, but I think Robbie might have been playing in the above Blackburn game, alongside his ole mucker Pederson.

  312. So ,was United’s first goal off side? and second a double deflection?
    We have a pen not awarded and will lose 2 players for 6 games
    And this is week one
    And we are told things even themselves out.
    Like fuck they do!!!

  313. United have been getting consistently bailed out by the refs for as long as you’ve been putting down their chances, Henristic. It’s really quite easy to see why they are succesful as they are. If Arsenal played with twelve men as regularly as United we wouldn’t be talking about PR and our lack of trophies. Brady’s Right Foot comment up above nailed it for me. Its become far too blatant for the word conspiracy to come into play, it’s become an outright bombardment on everything Arsenal and Arsene Wenger stand
    for at this point. Conspiracy is the word Mancs use to try and belittle us and our achievements as any mention of the word conspiracy nowadays seems to take away from the beloved Mancs achievements and automatically pigeonholes you into the mental box.

  314. Part of the problem why some fans appear to be turning on AW must be laid at his own feet. More and more he seems to be asking for blind faith. Apart from a few AW fans most people were totally bemused by his Friday press conference.
    Surely he knows fans are concerned over what is happening about Cesc and Nasri? Wasn’t this a chance before the first game of the season to try and re-assure them? Couldn’t he have said then that there is a possibility of them leaving but he was lining up replacements should that happen ?(which I really hope is the situation.)
    Instead all he does is deny there is any problem and poor cold water on rumours of replacements.
    The press conference should be his chance to inform the fans what is happening, not to play games with journalists.
    AW is a great manager. It would be terrible if his time at Arsenal was cut short by his refusal to connect with the fanbase.
    I accept he knows a thousand times what I do about running a football club, so Arsene, please just explain what is really going on. Lets not pretend you have to keep secrets from Barca or City, they know whats going on!

  315. Jabba'sDelights


    ”Have you ever noticed how Song seems to be a very well liked player wherever he goes? This works to his advantage. ”

    His international side might tell you differently.

    ”And luck is not something they can count on in every game. Had that deflection been two millimeters off, it would’ve been a draw. ”

    Its amazing how often they battle out those lucky wins isnt it. Thats the key attribute about title winning sides, they are the ones that some how find the strength to gain 3 points when not playing well and Utd are the masters at it. Thats not to say arsenal and chels have given them a big advantage. points were hard to come by at the britannia and st james last year for away teams. Its a great start for them especially considering they are notoriously poor starters

  316. Fuck off, JD, you fucking greasy Manc.

  317. Jabba you are going to win no friends with your constant admiration for the Red Mancs
    Looked at from a different angle you might think it happens too often for it to be just luck.Just too many decisions going their way
    So if its not luck then it is something more sinister.

  318. James, you are so casual with your appraisal of United yet so negative about your own team that you even chanted about spending money. Young was involved in both goals and Jones was decent yet United looked the likeliest team to concede for most of the second half. Had we had a similar showing against West Brom our fans would’ve cried themselves to sleep. Why do you cunts hold such a double standard when it comes to our team?

  319. “Blind faith” seriously?! Wenger has kept this team at the top of football for over a decade so how can he be asking for “blind faith”? This man knows what he is doing and you would think people would be embarrased, shut up and get behind the team seeing that an a United player had to spell it out for so many Arsenal “supporters”

    “Be careful for what you wish for” indeed.

    Its simple, If United didnt have so much help from the refs they wouldnt of won so much. Even up tp last season.

  320. Gains69 “Why do you cunts hold such a double standard when it comes to our team?”

    You answered your own question .Its because they are cunts

  321. Because it’s not his team, G69. It’s quite apparent he’s a sandbagging Manc at this point.

  322. Jabba, why are you so taken by the myth that is Manchester United? They were flat as fuck today. They simply took a chance that presented itself and it banged off some legs into the goal. In other words, they got lucky, Why are you so willing to dangle on their balls and totally trash our own?

    Alex Song’s uncle Rigobert may be the reason why he knows so many players, but I think he’s popular with other players because he’s a cool guy. And Cameroon can thank their lucky stars that Song plays for them and didn’t decide to become a French international.

  323. And please dont bother with the word “appear”, you and people like you have turned on the man.

    Its funny Cesc has hung out the team high and dry and he is a golden child that can and has done no wrong but the most inmportant and most dediacted man at Arsenal gets the crap end of the stick from these folk.

  324. “Its simple, If United didnt have so much help from the refs they wouldnt of won so much. Even up tp last season.”

    The problem is Paul its a bit like the blind faith thing You either believe that statement or you don’t.A lot simply do not.Like you though,I do.

  325. that cannot do…

  326. Bloody hell even the shitty Red Manc leaning ESPNsoccernet knew it was luck. “United ride luck at Hawthorns”

  327. It’s not like Young even intended to shoot at goal. He wanted to cut the ball back. Massive luck for them and fair play, curious to see what kind of luck they are going to have in two weeks time and if that’S going to be enough to paper over the cracks in their team.

  328. George, I have even talked to United supporters who admit to it.

    United can count on atleast 3 wins from the refs per season as far as I see it.

  329. Onto Tuesday now then.

    Big game and a clean sheet is a must.





    Sub: Fabianski/Djourou/Jenkinson/Frimpong/AOC/Vela/Afobe?

  330. Andy where is Gervinho? Has he gone back to France for the week? 🙂

  331. Ah, I knew I had forgotten somebody. He will definately play with his domestic ban coming up.

  332. Jabba'sDelights

    Christ Madrid look good. there pressing game is a joy to see

  333. goonerandy thinks the gerv is suspended.

  334. just watched the 2nd United goal, that had nothing to do with a knack to get a late goal, it was pure luck. Nothing for you to really praise your team about there JD.

  335. Karim – Nah, I just forgot about him.

  336. I see there is now an official announcement on Arsenal’s web page that terms have been agreed with barca for Cesc pending paperwork

  337. People talking about Utd been lucky forget the old axiom that you make your own luck.

  338. Now the team can move on.

    Lets get rid of Nasri now, if he isnt down with the program.

  339. Hay ho and away he goes
    Dexter how are you

  340. Hello George

    I’m good thanks mate. Had a fine old time “shopping” last week.

    Hopefully WEnger will follow suit. I make it 4 players we need now.

  341. Well Lew1234,the lucky ones certainly do

  342. I suspect cesc’s drive to get back to barca has a lot to do with him knowing thiago was making inroads. I reckon Cesc was getting nervous and felt it was now or never.

  343. Oh the irony.

    Barton admits he made a meal of the slap and that Gervinho didn’t dive. I wonder waht all the Arsenal fans who were insisting 3Gs dived will say now?

    Thanks Passenal and george rodger
    How weird since John Cross was raving about AOC on Fans’ forum and saying that he was *definitely* one for the first team.

  344. Good Bye Fabregas, thanks for the eight years of service.

    As I said before, the right player at the wrong time.

    A new era begins for Arsenal.

  345. Keepin an eye on your boy Fraudnaldo eh, JD?

    Fuck Real Madrid.

  346. Yes Lew, and some feel compelled to “help” a little to make sure that “luck” comes along………………. Like the odd ref and the fa for eg

  347. Yes I have George and they’re great!

  348. He didn’t dive anyway. It was a soft pen, but a pen all the same.

    If we had got that we would have won the game; Newcastle really were not causing us any problems.

  349. why do we need 4 players anyway?

    what positions are those Dex?

  350. Fuck off cesc, you judas cunt. Running off to barca after Arsenal made you the player you are, ungrateful spoilt brat footballers.

    I am getting sick of football and we’ve only played one game!

  351. Thanks Cesc.A truly great player.8 great seasons.Sadly we havent had a team as good as your talent deserved.Always an Arsenal legend

  352. Fun it was me on the fans forum telling them to cheer up and give Andrei the keys.

    John Cross actually follows me on twitter.He is OK on a personal level

  353. @ Dexter
    You sound depressed! I reckon we coudl do with a midfielder for creativity and maybe a CB for depth, and we are sorted. Remember we have Jack and Abou to come back.

  354. @ argues with Luke a lot | August 14, 2011 at 10:17 pm

    “Fun it was me on the fans forum telling them to cheer up and give Andrei the keys.”

    Seriously, george, you were on FF? I thought you were joking when you said so before!

  355. Paul N

    You really need me to explain where the squad needs strengthening?

  356. Dexter,he has let Us, Arsene and himself down.
    Something he will spend the rest of his life knowing.
    We dont know how hard it has been for him.So I am choosing to remember him as a good player just a bit less of a gooner than I had hoped.

  357. Thanks for nothing, Cesc. You’re going down as a spineless piece of shit. At least in my book. I’ll never forgive you for that back heel. That team photo you signed from last year is getting binned along with all of the other crap I have with your name on it. “Keep supporting” my arse you fucking hypocrite.

  358. FG

    I think I am! Had enough of this summer’s football related bollocks, its fiunally worn me down and Cesc finally going has just finished me off. I really thought we’d hang on to him for one more season.

    As well as the 2 positions you suggested, I think we also need a top class striker, cover for Song and even possibly a LB.

  359. Fun yes I was saying everyone will be better and Andrei will step up and Cesc slowed the game down.And there was no need for pessimism

  360. So Cesc has gone.

    I’m over it already and hope the team can now settle and play football…

    Gervinho will play on Tuesday night and also in the second leg.

  361. @ george
    Do you think he cares? I don’t. As for the romance about his boyhood club – fine if he had left at Robin’s age after giving us his best years. Weak, in a word.

    Up the Arsenal. Just re-watching on Arsenal Player. The team yesterday showed fire, hunger and resolve. The combinations (always makes me think of grandad’s underwear, that word) will come in time. Fantastic defensive performance and that Chesney has improved his decision making and his kicking.

  362. Cool name mate 🙂 very inventive

  363. George

    I did a few too many Friday/Saturday, that probably explains my mood!

  364. FunGunner | August 14, 2011 at 10:26 pm
    @ george
    Do you think he cares?

    Not really but I do try to think well of people.It makes life’s journey more pleasant

  365. 1coolsteve | August 14, 2011 at 3:27 pm

    Great post, it’s nice to know there are real Arsenal supporters about who understand what we are up against

    “Arsenal are discussable.”

    It’s funny you should say that FG. I was with some hammers earlier today and they’ve all got an opinion about Arsenal as do my Liverpool supporting workmates. We seem to be fascinating to everyone. They all think they are entitled to have an opinion about my team and that they are all entitled to tell me about it. I’m not interested in their teams or in their opinion of my team. It just shows how much Arsenal is in the press that they feel they are knowledgeable enough to have a view!

    “Cesc has gone” – There was a time when I would have been upset about that, but he’s only been going through the motions for the last couple of seasons so I’m way past caring. I’m just glad it’s over and we’ve finallly got some closure.

  366. Have a line then Dex a bit of a lift.

  367. @ Dexter
    Cheer up me old matey. We might get a playmaker to share duties with Ros and eventually Diaby and Ramsey. If we get a left-footed CB he can provide depth. TV could cover left back and JD is top class cover for CB – Kos and JD was ace last year – and JD can even play CM for a bit if necessary. Theo can cover the striker position, Chamakh might regain some form. Um…how am I doing? Feel better?

  368. Jabba'sDelights

    We need a cb to compliment the ones we already have, if he has prem experience and is good enough to start any games rather than just cloggers from the north i would suggest that removes are big need at reserve lb.

    If nasri and cesc both go i think we need one player to come in and replace them.

    We desperately need a top quality striker.

    cracking game going on in spain. madrid look like they are going to be a handful this year. All their star including Ronaldo working so hard in both defence and attack.

  369. @ Dexter

    And about Cesc, remember the title of the film “He Just Not That Into You.” We were second best for him. Knowing that makes it easier to let go. But I feel for you, honestly. We all had such hopes. But what can you do?

  370. Haha! Thanks you 2!

    I wonder if Lansbury will get a sniff now that Ricky’s got himself that ban? Hope so.

  371. Vela is more likely dont you think Dex.?

  372. Dex, if you say 4 players in, I needed to see why you said that. I dont agree with wholey but I see you explained yourself to FunGun.

    I can see why you are so tired though bro. This crap is getting old! a bunch of spoilt milloinaries crying as if they have problems in life. Ridiculous.

  373. From The Telegraph

    Barcelona were on Sunday claiming they will only have to pay €14.5 million up front, with a further €14.5 million to be paid in October. It is then understood that €1 million will be released for each year of a contract that lasts until 2016.
    Providing Fàbregas wins one European Cup and two La Liga titles over the next five years, Arsenal will receive a further €6 million. This takes the potential overall fee to €40 million (£35 million).

    Wow we really did bend over for them. Absolutely sickening. The Arsenal board should be ashamed of themselves.

  374. Thanks Fungunner, you are a sweety!

    I’ll be alright! 😀

    I have been losing my love for football for a few years now, really. The money is obscene and so are those involved in it.

  375. @ Passenal | August 14, 2011 at 10:30 pm

    I get the same thing. It’s because we are unique, we have charisma, we have class and in a way we are still everybody else’s second team!

  376. Lew

    You would rather belive the Catalan cunts than our own club?

    Nice one dude.

  377. Lew1234 give it a rest FFS ,Its bad enough without you and your ilk pulling us into a cesspit of bile

  378. Paul N

    Nice one mate, thanks.

  379. Of course Barca will tell all that they paid peanuts for cesc, it suits their pathetic DNA and kidnapping bullshit lines, while Arsenal dont reveal transfer fees. I do hope they make an exsception in this case.

  380. @ lew1234
    Not that you can believe anything BBB say anyway. But hey, I guess the board should have kept the whole thing dragging on another year with all the wonderful consequences for team and fan morale. Put the blame for the low price where it is due – on Cesc and Barfa.

  381. supposedly barcelona always releases the transfer fees, so i guess we will know the correct amount tomorrow.

  382. I’m with Dex on this. I feel like I’ve been dumped. Utterly gutted moving into anger. All the good times as being seen as bittersweet. My inside in weeping, but fuck you Cesc. I can’t wish you and the cunts happiness, so I wish you fucking heartbreak and misery.

    May Madrid rink them silly and I pray for the day we meet again so we can dump you fuckers out the champ league.

  383. Right, Ilm back as myself, got fed up with being Luke.

    Hello Dex…. keep popping mate, it’s the only way!

    George…. CESC HAS GONE

  384. Furious styles

    No that dont dude.



    Right on bro!

    I hate Madrid and Mourinho, but I hope they fuck Barca up and I would laugh my knackers off if Ronaldo breaks Cesc’s legs.

    Have I gone too far?

  385. I wish Cesc all the best. Hope he does really well in the future. He gave us 8 good years. Many more good memories than bad. Probably the greatest player we’ve had who never won anything with us. Great shame. As someone above said – right player, wrong time. Good luck to him. Now we move on.

  386. Let us not be bitter

    I never rated him anyway 🙂

  387. By the looks of things, RM look ready to take the lead from Barca and this would be the best year to do it. Barca looked 2nd best to say the least.

    Anyway, Dex, lets hope Arsenal can shut some faces and get it done. I can see a world class player coming in, even if they are not world known. Arsene has a knack for that.

  388. Dexter

    Arsenal will say undisclosed fee as they always do, won’t get a proper idea till the half yearly accounts in November I think but was angry with the fee during the week and this has blown it all up again.

  389. Lew

    I just cant see us kniocking back £31m, then agreeing to less mate? Doesnt make sense to me.

    Anyway that’s that, the judas twat has gone and we should move on. I just found it all very nauseating all the heart string tugging about it being his home town club and all that crap.

  390. Paul ,wishful thinking I am afraid.Barca are still superior to Real.More so now with Ces…….(spit)c

  391. Paul

    I am with you on that one man.

    I wonder where this leaves nasri now?

  392. I ‘m intotal agreement, want to see Barfa now fall apart and finish 2nd or 3rd in Spanish league, get dumped out of CL (preferably by us) and win nothing for the next 6/7 years.

    George, can we stop changing names now, Im feeling slightly Schizoid……. I want to go back to being Northbank 🙂

  393. Probably george, in a swapsy for teves then?

  394. Well the teves/Nasri swap story is a lot more plausible than the Sagna to the spuds story in the People today!

  395. Cesc gone. Nasro next.

    Cue headline “Arsenal a club in crisis.”

  396. I would now suspect a leftfield signing from Arsene in the next couple of days, or perhaps a swap deal involving a Barca player.

    RvP or TV for captain?

    Thanks for the memories Cesc, feel free to return in a few years when you realise what a bunch of cunts Barca are and you discover that Arsenal is in your DNA .

  397. I’m with you Dexter on being disillusioned with football.

    The club can charge our own fans more money but cannot hold out for proper transfer fee for a world class player.

    Carroll – £35 mil.
    Fabregas – €29 mil then €1 mil a year for 5 years with a possible €5mill add ons. = £35 mil

    So Cesc worth the same as Carroll. Disgusted with the board.

  398. How much do you think we will spend before the window closes?

    Given Arsene knows the will of the away fans ‘)

  399. Well the only thing which gets me over being dumped is lots & lots of promiscuous activities. That means we’ll buy a ton of players or we win a ton of trophies. Here’s to the latter.

    Victoria concordia cresit.

    Fuck Barcelona. Should they ever sell our erstwhile 4, I will laugh and curse them to hell

  400. Dups, carroll was only worth 35 of monopoly,sorry Torres ,money.

    It is more than we got for anyone else,ever.
    And he is a semi perma.crock

  401. not happy with cesc and he should not make any speech thanking us, he is certainly not welcome!

  402. Ashburton Patriot

    Awful display. No cutting edge, flat performance.
    We need som1 in the middle that’s very creative. Sign Toni Kroos. And sign Jack Rodwell as back up for song or for kosc/verm.
    Sign a striker of quality. Tevez for Nasri + 20 mil sounds nice.

  403. If you think its 4 Van Der Vaart’s it sounds much better .A good deal even.

    Cheer up.

  404. George, your pseudonyms are very meta. It’s some good stuff

  405. And Teves is on 250k per week.Think again brain box

  406. “And he is a semi perma.crock”

    I’m hoping that has something to do with our willingness to do business with them. Maybe we know we’ve sold them another crock!

  407. George

    Yeah, that story appeared today man.

    I have always felt we would sign a fair few players this window, time’s running out and I do wonder if we are waiting till our Champions league place is confirmed? I seriously fucking hope that is not the case though.

  408. Gains,
    I didn’t say he never gets injured, you obtuse liar. Anyways let’s hope he is out long term. That would do me just fine.

  409. No it wasnt an awful display, but I expect nothing better than complete reactionary bollockds from a spud

    Why do you post here?

  410. dupsffokcuf

    The initial fee for Cesc Fabregas is the same fee Barcelona paid for Ukrainian flop Dmytro Chygrynskiy in 2009.

    From @catalconspiracy on Twitter

  411. Dexter ~~ maybe it’s the players we want who are waiting to see if we qualify for CL before signing.

  412. Well I for one am intending to start the new season with an open mind. I am a massive Arsenal fan since 1968 when my dad first took me. Born in North London and proud of our club!

    I hope Arsene makes some signings, two would do for me. Gourcoff and Cahill would be my choice but what do I know? Thats what I hope, I think they would make the difference to our season. If we sign no one then I’ll be disappointed, let;s just see what happens before we make judgements.

  413. Strong rumours about Marvin Martin & André Ayew

  414. DelBoyEssex

    Good post. That would do for me ,as it goes
    But like you said “what do I know”

  415. Forgot to so add smiley face in there, but it should be obvious I was kidding right?

  416. Delboy

    Gourcuff was the flavour of the month a few seasons back wasnt he? Seems to have gone off the radar recently. As well as creativity, he would add some height and presence to the team.

  417. Never thought Gorcuff was much good myself.

  418. Dupsff

    Hope that isnt the case, but you never know.

    As for that Cesc fee, I seriously doubt its right, just barca PR if you ask me.

  419. What about Van Der Vaart?
    How much would he be?

  420. George, from what I saw today RM was clearly the better team. I wouldnt be surprised if they are tops of the 2 team league at seasons end.

    Cesc is good but its no sure thing he will make them that much better, we will have to see on that one. You just never know.

  421. Paul, Real had their best 11 starting .Barca almost the 2nd eleven and the still drew away,

  422. My worry now is that Arsene will say we have a good squad and don’t need any more players.

  423. I wanted the Fabregas nonsense to end. Now it has come to an end i feel a bit sad, we watched him grow at Arsenal, 8 years is a long time. He could have become one of Arsenal ‘s all time greats but he wished to go back to his homeland at least not for the money and I can understand it. Anyway we move on and Wilshire will fill that void and if he does well, Fabregas will be forgotten.
    Tonight Lee Dixon has joined the doom brigade, he thinks Arsenal will miss out on the top 4. So far no one has given us any hope at all. But as an Arsenal I beleive we will challenge for the title. Wenger is not finished recruiting. So far Denilson,Clichy, Fabregas and possibly Nasri, Eboue and Bendtner on their way that is 6 players out so I would expect at least 2 more signings and that could change the whole picture.

  424. Lee Dixon is a Man City fan, I wouldnt expect him to back Arsenal.

    The hacks are tipping the scousers simply because they have spent alot of money, never mind the fact Dalgleish has been out of the game 10 years and his methods and tactics are out of date and crude.

    So, if we spend £50m by the end of the window, will we be in the pundits good books?

  425. Dixon is a Blue Manc.?
    Merson a Chav,
    Wrighty a cunt .

    who is with us?

  426. 2nd 11? far from that.

  427. Paul I am prone to exaggerate 🙂
    Just cant help myself

  428. Real were the better team because Barca ain’t shit without Xavi Hernandez. Also, I think they got mugged on that Alexis Sanchez deal. There’s no way that dude is worth the price they payed for him. When Barca starts up again, however, you’ll see them overtake Mourinho and his limited managerial acumen. Real Madrid is a one trick pony. Their game only involoves getting the ball to Ronaldo, period. Their defenders are also dirty fuckers. That Carvalho is a fucking pig and so is Pepe.

    Is it me or does Benzema have a touch of the Bendy’s? I saw him get into three goalscoring positions where he fumbled them pretty badly. For a guy so hyped I think he’s rather shit.

  429. It is hard to criticise fromer gooners/ pundits, I think once you cross the line and become a pundit loyalty or emotional ties go out of the window. You have to prove to the audience and your bosses that your views are not biased and sometime they go beyond that and become very critical of the club they played for. Well, we can’t expect any favors, it is up to the players and the manager to prove them wrong, also the fans have a part to play, they cannot give up on the team and follow the rubbish in the media.

  430. What is important is for our players to fully believe in themselves and their manager. What will put them over the top is that they are fully committed to eachother on and off the pitch if possible or as much as possible.

    I dont care what other people say about our team. Since Henry left we were never going to be in the top 4 so it doesnt matter what these clowns say.

  431. 1lc ~~ you see plenty of bias from ex Chelsea & ex Liverpool players.

  432. Bradys right foot

    Glad Cesc is gone and the whole saga has come to an end, time to drop Nasri off in Manchester and move the fuck on. There is a challenge now for the rest of the squad to step up and get over the transfer of Cesc. Nasri will not be missed, very good player that he is but his absence adaquately covered by the squad. Cesc is different you dont get over a player like that you simply adapt and move on.

    COYG!!!!! i think the Italians could be in for a spanking

  433. Seems I’ve been moderated.

  434. I have said all along that Cesc will probably regret this move in a few years’ time. He is not going to be an automatic starter. He will probably play a bit part role in a team that may haul in a few trophies this year.

    He had a chance to be the main man here and could not handle the responsibility. My sincere hope is that Real Madrid now swing the pendulum back in their favor and dominate La Liga. It would be quite a turn of events if he left for his boyhood club and trophies only to land in another 6 year drought at Barca.

    Anyway, fuck Barca, fuck La Liga, and fuck Joey Barton for good measure. We will move forward…the future is still very bright. Time to enjoy the ride!

  435. Paul, I detest Cesc for what he did, but he’s going to improve Barcelona immensely. The way he can see two passes ahead of everybody on the pitch is going to make Barcelona even more deadly than they already are. Plus Cesc has grown up playing in the EPL and will be a bit like a bull dozer with magnificent touch and vision. He’s going to make that league his own in a couple of seasons. Arsene wasn’t messing around when he called him one of the best players he’d ever seen eventhough Cesc was only sixteen years old at the time.

  436. Without any more signings we are top 4, no problem.

    But we can win some shit with the right additions. Today was the darkest bit before the dawn, Nasri leaving won’t even register now!

  437. Gains- I don’t give a shit about the 2 spanish clubs, they live in a bubble in la liga. They should come to the premiership and deal with character like Barton and the folks up north like Stoke during cold winter nights. They will not survive, Messi will not play a full season, They very rarely get injured in the spanish league, Any faint touch is a foul. here in England you have to snap someone’s leg before they get that red card out. I watch some foriegn sport channels and all I get is reruns of Barcelona -Madrid games because there is nothing else to watch from la liga.

  438. ACLFers – I was vehemently in support of the manager’s declaration of his intention to do everything possible to keep Cesc (and Nari). Cesc is a very special player who will be difficult to replace. Only over the past week was I convinced the battle was lost. While I can only wish Cesc the best, I am convinced that despite his undoubted achievements at Arsenal history will always remember him as a “nearly-great”, unable to lead his team to a title after four years as captain. Soryy Cesc but history will not absolve you.

  439. I have a very good feeling that this may be the season we finally get the best out of Arshavin as well. It seems that everyone has forgotten how good he can be. Hopefully this is the moment that will push him forward to take on more responsibility with the club.

    I would still like to see Arshavin in the hole behind Van Persie with Walcott on the right, and Gervinho on the left. That is a devastating amount of skill and speed to have in the attacking area.

  440. Arshavin will definitely have the opportunities to show everyone how great he is Vice.

  441. I fully expect Cesc to do well G69 but still you never know. If he is not the main player will he be the same? Only time will tell.

  442. I would also like to see Walcott up top with Van Persie in the hole/Bergkamp role, with Gervinho and one of Ryo, Ox, or new addition on the wings.

    I also feel like this will be the year that Vermaelen and Koscielny cement themselves as one of the premiere defensive partnerships in the league. If they can stay injury free they will be immense.

    It would also be great to have Diaby back in the fray…I am starting to get excited about the possibilities with this squad again. Hearing the Cesc saga is finally over has really brightened my outlook. Like finally breaking up with a girlfriend that you knew was wrong all along, but kept the relationship going in spite of it.

  443. Vice- Maybe we want to Cesc fail but this is not the main issue here, otherwise we will become like Spur, a club exist simply because they want to see Arsenal fail. We are Arsenal and we need Arsenal to be succesful and what ever happens to Cesc, Barcelona, Spurs will not concern me at all.,

  444. Viceologist,that is my favored line up but we would lose a lot of possession.with Andrei and his low percentage game.It does however create lots of openings

  445. fabregas who?

  446. Poor Chamakh everyone has forgotten him

  447. 1 Loose Cannon,

    Very true…I am not one to hold grudges or wish bad things on people. I just wish footballers would be able to see that what makes heros and legends is the ability to lead and overcome obstacles, not jumping ship to a ready-made winner. The entire idea of leaving for trophies is nothing more than an indictment on the player’s own ability and resolve when placed in the context of a team like Arsenal.

    This statement is a little more true for Nasri than for Cesc, but regardless, I get really tired of hearing it. If they were jumping ship from a team like Fulham or some other mid table side then I may understand their point. For Cesc, it was the easy way out, and Nasri just wants the prestige of having a wage package that will boost his ego. T

    Losing them both may be the thing that finally galvanizes this team and solidifies their mental resolve.

  448. I know we would probably have less posession, but I think our game may evolve that way anyhow now that Cesc is gone. I think we will look to play at a much higher tempo now. a midfield of Arsh, Jack and Song would suit me just fine.

  449. Chamakh just needs to give everyone a reason to believe in him again.

  450. George

    We’ll see Chamakh on Tuesday mate. He will grab a hat tirick!

  451. I definitely think a proper thrashing of Udinese would do a world of good for the vibe around the team right now. We need something to change the mood of our pathetic fan base.

  452. Rio is definitely out for our game against the Mancs. Vidic and Evra may be out too.

  453. Gains…when is the game against the Mancs scheduled…next week we have Liverpool right?

  454. 28th August 4pm

  455. Cool…So Rio definitely did himself in for a few weeks then. Vidic didn’t seem to be quite as bad.

  456. Rio is out for 6 weeks.Vidic 2 perhaps

  457. Not going to the game Tuesday, hope the fans get behind the team from start to finish.

    I’ll be there saturday though and I’m going to OT again. Bout time we won there again. Having Rio and Vidic missing is a start!

  458. So who is Marvin Martin,? rumours in France suggest Wenger has made a failed bid for the player but will return with another bid.

  459. I would rather Howard Webb was missing

  460. Dexter- If you have seen the United keeper you will go there with plenty of optimism the guy is useless, he cost them 18 millions. Chesney worth double that.

  461. I’ve been hoping to see Theo upfront ever since he came to Arsenal. I wish we get to see that this season. I’ve also been hoping to see Vela played upfront ever since he single handedly destroyed Sheffield Wednesday with his finishing.

    I would not mind seeing this against Udinese:

    Arsh—–Lil Mo——Gerv

    Devastating pace, directness and creativity.

  462. 1LC

    Can’t believe I forgot about their dodgy keeper! It is getting better and better!

    As for that marvin marvin dude, never heard of him?

  463. Fergie bought all the hype about De Gea being the next Casillas.

  464. If we really are in for players who are waiting till we are in the CL proper, then we shouldnt be going for those fuckers in the first place.

    Shit, we are also going to need to get Theo, RvP and Arshavin to sign new deals before the year’s out or we are going to have the nasri shit all over again.

  465. Dex, here you go:


    “Today, Sochaux are eighth in Ligue 1 and play the best football in France outside of Lille. At the turn of the year, no team had attempted more dribbles or more shots from outside of the box. The attack that was firing blanks – just 28 goals in the 2009-10 campaign – is now being supplied live rounds from the ammunition factory in Martin’s feet.”

  466. Eboue's Boutique

    did we ever have RvP and Cesc together for even 50% of a season lately?

    Anyway. hope we can get back to the same highest level as soon as possible but most importantly improve our lowest level this season and be more consistent come springtime.

  467. -Sorry Cesc but history will not absolve you.
    -fuck you Cesc
    -Cesc who?
    -Fuck off cesc, you judas cunt. Running off to barca after Arsenal made you blah, blah..
    -I detest Cesc for what he did
    -Cesc will be forgotten..

    8 years commited to your team.. More commited to Arsenal FC than all of you put together.. Ungreatful bastards! and still you wonder why hes leaving..

  468. FUCK you cervey and your FUCKING mercenary team BARKA. now go by yourself another trophy you FUCKING cock.

  469. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/14531861.stm?

    brilliant press conference.

    I had some dude on here yesterday sasying that the press inocently write these articles and the fans take it the wrong way. he could not see the way the media manipulate the view of fans.

    Wenger clearly warns against it.

    Also remember when the media were saying fergie was past it and needed replacing and a few of their lot actially bought it and were telling everyone that would listen that he was passed it.

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