Newcastle United Preview: Are We All Singing The Same Toon?

The return of Premier League action this afternoon, Arsenal travelling to St James Park for the opening encounter. Ordinarily this would be a time of great hopes, expectations raised,  batteries and belief recharged. Summer 2011 tried to quell the ardour for a new season, it still tries but more on that heroic failure later.

The match is the ideal start to the season. Newcastle was the scene of a crime almost as big as the defeat at Wembley. I still shudder at the thought of a four goal lead being surrendered in twenty second half minutes. With hindsight, it is easily identifiable as the day the title challenge died. Fitting that one could begin again with a win.

Yet this has somehow become the distraction, not the main course which is madness. The transfer window is still open and to those in the press, that is more interesting that matters on the pitch. Which is just wrong. Not that Arsenal, or Arsène, help Mata‘s or themselves.

What you make of yesterday’s press conference depends on your viewpoint. It was utterly bizarre in places, not quite Sardines and trawlers territory but seemingly not that far away.  The manager’s denial that Cesc and / or Nasri might leave this summer was a volte face of surprising proportions, especially given previous admissions that it was on the cards. And almost immediately, he contradicted himself by arguing that they might.

As a ploy designed to end a conversational topic, it failed miserably particularly as the English media are more inclined to believe their Spanish counterparts than Arsenal FC. And their Spanish counterparts tell us that Cesc will be unveiled on Monday. I am sure they told us that last summer as well but maybe my memory is playing tricks.

If Fabregas goes, I will be sad to lose a great player but we have been here before as the manager noted,

I will decide what is best for the club. We have enough quality to deal with any situation. We are all replaceable. All the centuries are full of replaceable people

As for Nasri, as gifted as he is, he will always been remembered as Fabregas’ Graham Rix, never able to achieve the levels of consistency of his peer and not quite as talented. Wenger has options at the club, albeit less experienced and when experience was required last season, it turned out to be over-rated. Those who should have led by example did quite the opposite as winter turned to spring.

Wenger will reportedly have a war chest of £58m which he has been told to spend. Or told is his to spend if he wants is actually the quote. Eighteen days remain in which to strike a deal, not replacing Cesc will be a fundamental error, one that I do not think he will make. Replacing is probably the wrong word, we need to become a team less reliant on one individual.

The past six years have seen Thierry Henry and Cesc carry the team on occasion, too much so in some circumstances. There is enough talent available for others to share this burden and allow the manager to use the funds to strengthen the squad overall.

So to this afternoon. The injury news was encouraging with Jack Wilshere the major absence. OK, Abou Diaby is missing but that is normally the case at varying points in a season so we can just take that as read he won’t be around for a while.

It leaves Wenger with some tantalising choices, key will be who takes the central role supporting the attack. Two immediate candidates spring to mind, Rosicky and Arshavin. Both are infuriatingly inconsistent but Arshavin last season was able to prompt and supply impressively. For that reason, I would put him as the midfield spearhead.

Wenger though has to decide if Theo Walcott is truly fit. If he is not then both Rosicky and Arshavin will start, Gervinho on the right flank with the Russian notionally on the opposite wing. The two interchanged well in recent friendlies which gives the manager significant options.

In defence, Laurent Koscielny would be the preferred partner for Thomas Vermaelen. As much as I rate Djourou, the Frenchman looks to have improved over the summer. To be honest, either of the younger players ought to be able to cope with Ba and Ameobi. Calm heads will be needed with Joey Barton revelling in last season’s success in winding Diaby up, a new target will be sought to quell the technical advantage Arsenal hold by a reduction in playing numbers.

The line-up I would expect is:

Szczesny; Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs; Ramsey, Song, Rosicky; Gervinho, van Persie, Walcott

It is easy to overlook RvPs importance. He is still on a Premier League roll, looking to score in his tenth consecutive away game. Keeping the Dutchman fit is imperative, the cancellation of this week’s friendly working in Arsenal’s favour for once.

Since winning at Elland Road in the FA Cup, Arsenal have won once on their travels. It would be nice to put that record right and silence some of the criticism this evening. Arsène wanted the supporters to appreciate the team and not pander to the media agenda. Differences of opinion need to be put to one side and the team supported, for ninety minutes.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Bradys right foot

    Good luck to the boys today COYG

  2. Best of luck boys.
    Best of

  3. It is time to put all our differences as fans away and support this team. If we get another signing we should take it as a bonus.

  4. come on you gunners…
    all guns ABLAZING….

  5. Better check your cut and paste at the end of the post Yogi.

    Thank goodness that the season has arrived. Enough talk around the club to make the consolslel’s knitting circle sound like a monastery undertaking a vow of silence.

    I couldn’t make head nor tail of Arsene’s press conference. He had me a bit worried actually. Stressful times I imagine. What did happen to the mata deal I wonder.

  6. When Saturday comes. At last. A new season. Still just as excited as I was at the start of my first season supporting this great club. Counting down the hours…

  7. Back to real soccer. 100% Arsenal. Only sad note for me is that Lansbury didn’t get a fast team squad number but that’s water under the bridge now. COYG!

  8. Just Another Luke

    “I will decide what is best for the club. We have enough quality to deal with any situation. We are all replaceable. All the centuries are full of replaceable people.”

    Centuries or cemeteries?

  9. Finally football can start and put an emd to this madness. A warm welcome to Joel Campbell…if his you tube cameos are anything to go by this kid is the future…OMG.Yes Arsenals future is bright …Campbell, Miyachi, Ox, jenkinson, wilshere, walcott, sczezny, frimpong, gibbs, miguel,which fills me with optimism. Wenger sold Anelka for 30million after only one season to invest in building an academy and propelling the club into champions league royalty. Stubborn my @rse. Many called him mad then because he always has a long term.plan. The detractors have a blind spot if they fail to see what Wenger is doing. Against the oil money of the richest clubs building for the future and developing talent to sell at a profit is the only level playing field. All that glitters is not gold and spending close to the GDP of a small country on a player is no guarantee for success….so fans must be careful what the wish for.The here and now is tainted with uncertain certainty of the Nasrigas transfer and fans hopes of some marquee signings. I strongly feel that Wenger will vindicate himself by reinforcing emphatically unearthing more new diamonds and sticking two fingers up at the establishment. A genius is never appreciated in his own time but there is method in the madness. We are doomed before we have even started if we believe the pundits and press. As thierry has stated le bosses merits will only be appreciated when he is gone. It should worry fans that despite his exalted faults in the press every club in the world would be fighting for his signature imcluding the English national team. First stop Newcastle. COYG.

  10. go go powerangers! 😮

  11. That is the same line-up I would expect. Having said that I also agree I would prefer to see Arshavin employed in the central role ahead of Nasri. No one is a perfect fit, but the little Russian has been utilised well as a playmaking force for previous clubs and on the international stage. His form over the last two seasons has clearly dipped,as he has found the pace and strength needed to constantly battle with premier league full backs draining on his own resources. However his statistics in the final third remain credible versus Rosicky whose own form has reached a shuddering standstill. Who looks more Metro than Maestro. Reasonable pre-season aside.

    The subs bench is what I most look forward to. Jobs for the departing or a fresh approach and our latest saintly surprise who like all Gooners I am desperately hoping shocking the footballing country with his readiness for action.

    Now now simmer down I tell myself.

    Why is it I think we’re going to be outstanding today- what part of pre-season possibly indicated that.

  12. Not ahead of Nasri ahead of Rosicky sorry!!!!

    I have more than accepted Nasri’s fate. While greatness awaited him, his head was turned and now he will sit alongside a host of nearly men that only wished they had stood longer aside our great manager who makes oh so great footballers.

    Samir your seat next to Hleb, Flamini, Ade, Petit and the rest of the lads is ready!

  13. looking forward to the game this evening. finally the football can start. let the football do the talking.

  14. Bradys right foot

    Consols, watched the press conference no mention of Mata so it must have been later with the print media. It is reported he said, “We will not do Juan Mata,” “I don’t have to give a reason.”

    It could be very simple and that means he’s not coming. However it could be a Wengerism in that he’s not discussing the mata.(Sorry couldn’t resist), yesterdays Press Conference was full of them. I actually thought Wenger was in great form yesterday and as much as he could had a little fun at the hacks expense.

  15. Brady’s right foot:

    maybe he said: ‘we will not do juan mata’ because we have already done it?

  16. Woooooo Hooooooo
    The day has finally arrived.

    I agree on your team selection YW

    If Wenger deploys it like this:


    ——– Verm———Kos

    My prediction: Arsenal to be 4-0 up by half time 🙂

    But more realistically: HT NUFC 1 – 0 AFC
    FT NUFC 1 – 2 AFC
    with RVP and Gervinho getting one apiece
    Bring it on

  17. Barca have succeeded in turning Fabregas from the once-intelligent-and-most-loved Arsenal player to a disgruntled-and-worst ingrate to wear an Arsenal shirt. I hope for Barca’s sake he’s worth all the trouble. For Cesc, I wont wish him any better days without making such confessional statements that Alex Hleb sang on numerous occasions after toeing same inglorious line.
    Fabregas wants to return to his boyhood club. A club that didn’t consider him good enough for first team before Wenger ingeniously did! He is going for trophies. Did he ask Messi which one he would have preferred – all his(Messi’s) Barca medals or just that one World Cup gold medal that proudly sits with Cesc’s collection! If it wasn’r for Wenger and Arsenal Cesc wouldn’t have made Spain’s team to Euro ’08 and WC ’10.
    Wenger let Pat Vieira go once he sighted Fabregas. Vieira’s last kick gave us our last silverware. Six years ago! What has Fabregas given in return? Selfish struggles just to attract Barcelona!
    Wenger made Fabregas Arsenal’s captain at the tender age of 21! What is Fabregas repaying with? Paying part of his transfer fee just to leave!
    I was so mad at Flamini for leaving when and how he did. But Fab has broken the chain. And I am not a pretender. It won’t ever BE WELL WITH FABREGAS ON THE PITCH UNTIL HE CONFESSES AND PUBLICLY APPOLOGISES TO WENGER AND ARSENAL. By then he must have lost his spot on the Spanish National side and cost Barca the Liga and Champions League trophies.

  18. This morning I am accepting the inevitable and coming to terms with the departures of Nasri and Fabregas.
    I must admit to being angrier about Fabregas than Nasri…

    Nasri was always a mercenary little prat, whose ego repeatedly got in the way of his undoubted talent. He is up there with the Adebayor and Balotelli, and will, I suspect, end up being much the same selfish and arrogant waste of talent.
    Fabregas, on the other hand, owes everything he became to Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal fans; who gave a talented kid his chance, supported him, idolised him, and stood by him, only to see him better-deal them at the first opportunity.
    Forget the nonsense about him wanting to go home. What is he… a grown man, international footballing icon, captain of one of the world’s great clubs, and role-model for a generation, or a spoilt brat who bit the hand that fed him before running home to his mummy and daddy, and the very people who shunned him as a boy?
    Forget too all this nonsense about who is better… Thiago or Fabregas; and who will get the nod when Xavi and co start losing their legs; I expect Fabregas to fail at Barcelona… not because he isn’t talented – They all have talent.
    Fabregas will ultimately fail, because he doesn’t have the guts that are necessary to stick and fight when the going gets tough.
    I just hope we don’t ever consider taking him back.

  19. Wouldn’t blame Cesc for wanting to go home. Thank you for the service. Many fans don’t realise what it means that a player can stay at home. I think more mature fans can remember the days that English fans feared that all their good players would go to Italy. Luckily for them the epl was born!

  20. Imagine if miyachi n frimpong join willshire chesney n ramsey as regular first teamers with jenks as back up we have a young team probably that can go places for years.

  21. i am really excited by the signing of j campbell. However i think we will play very poorly today and please no arshavin in middle i would prefer rosicky wit arsh coming from the bench. Also wish frimpong could be unleashed on barton 2day. Hope we can manage a win.

  22. As for the French players its even worse. So long as Paris remain a one club metropolis, unlike London, their league will suck!

  23. Arsene Baggins

    Miyachi, Gervinho, Jenkinson, The Ox, Joel Campbell and we are still not finished?

    Exciting times. All these guys are super fast.

    Miyachi is something special. I can see why they call him the Jap Ronaldo. From what I have seen, he is a real talent.

  24. Arsene Baggins

    Really excited for today. I think our players will be up for it. They have got a lot to prove and that should be a big motivation for them. Really excited!!!

  25. I can imagine the Gunners playing a very fast, counter-attacking game today, no tippy-tappy, square balls across the midfield type game – with a formation like this:
    ———–Kos——- Verm

    << Ramsey > Rosicky > Walcott > RVP / Gerv

    or: Sagna > Song > Rosicky > Gerv / RVP

    or alternatively, Gibbs run down the left, > Gervinho> RVP ———— GOAAALLLL
    Verm /Ramsey need to cover Gibbs, and also, Verm needs to make sure Gibbs follows the off-side line of the back four….. if not Tiorte or Ba will get behind the defence.


  26. Jeeze……… too much pipe this early in the morning can hinder your post
    I bet no one understood my tactical BS in my last post……….. me neither. 🙂

  27. I think Yogi’s got the team right and as Arseblog has said this morning, it should be good enough to beat Newcastle.

    Just about to get the train up there. COME ON ARSENAL!

  28. northbank

    relax mate. understood u perfectly. have u seen m’ lighter.

  29. “We finished the season badly because of psychological circumstances. We lost the Carling Cup in the last minute. We went out to Barcelona under special circumstances. We dropped points to Liverpool in the last minute that were decisive. It was difficult to take for the team.

    “It means the media environment with our team is very negative at the moment – if our fans go the way the media want them to go we have no chance.

    “What I want is for our fans to appreciate and to support our team.”

  30. Clerkenwell Gooner

    When AW says he doesn’t “expect” anyone to leave, I think he means just that – it is incomprehensible to him why anyone would choose to leave AFC at this point, and he simply does not expect it. The assembled press pack didn’t seem to get his nuance, and instead write it up as another supposed example of AW being delusional.

    For Nasri, I wonder how much his desire for £££ is down to the fact of him having had meningitis, then breaking his leg. His one-time partner – no idea if she still is – was also an international tennis player who had to retire early because of an arthritis-type condition. He may have an idea that his career could end at any time, more acutely than some other players, and wants to cash into the big time. Who knows?

    As for Cesc, he is obviously so desperate to get in that Barça team with his childhood mates Messi and Piqué that he can ignore the parlous state of the finances of Spanish football, and the fact that La Liga is going on strike. He may also want to get a season in under Guardiola, his hero, because it’s not clear how long Pep is going to remain in post – he goes year by year with his contract, I believe. (There may of course be other, more personal reasons why Cesc wants to return that are not in the public domain at all.)

    I wonder what they’ve promised Cesc in terms of how many games he’ll start? Strange to go from being captain to maybe not even being a regular starter.

  31. Walcott & Geronimo on the flanks. Nice, early balls inside their full backs.

    Hit them with pace – they won`t cope.


  32. It is the time of the year where so called expert make their predictions and Arsenal will finish 6th according to many but nothing has changed every year we’ve been told we will finsh out of the top 4 only for us to threaten to win the title , when we don’t win the title we are told we have underachieved.
    It is good to start away as the away fans are far better and very vocal. Lets hope we win and win with style to calm the doomers and the media down a bit. We will adapt. We beat united without Fabregas and Nasri so I can’t see what is the big deal.

  33. As we are away from home id go with


    Sagna Koz Verm Gibbs

    Ramsey Song Rosicky

    Theo RVP Gervinho

    Lets hope the players are not affected by the transfer shennanigans and have the heart to right the wrong of this fixture from last season…

  34. Incomplete post steww – that was a quote from AW. I just find it sad that he has to ask the fans to ‘appreciate and support’ the team and not allow the media’s negative agenda to set the tone. But we know all about that based on some of the posts we’ve seen on here all summer.

    Clerkenwell Gooner – he is demonstrating mental weakness by giving up Arsenal captaincy and regular football for the barca bench. But at least he’ll have a medal at the end of the season no matter how little he contributes to it.

  35. 2011/12 begins…

    Well said Gooner4Life.

    Its ARSE against the world…they want us to fail so badly
    Going to be such a pressurized season
    Hope u guys are ready
    I know the RASERS are ready

    IN ARSENE WE TRUST regardless

    Lets do this sh*T….COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Great quote from Arsene, Passenal – sums it up. Our team needs us more than ever. Props to all those who are making the journey up north.

    Woo-hoooooooo! Football again at last!

    What is interesting to me about that Sam Wallace article in the Independent is the tone – Sam Wallace has been the author of many poisonous articles about Arsenal and even Arsene personally over the last few years, but this one is not. Could it be that this is the first time he has met AW or seen him “live” as it were?

    @ lew1234
    Saw what you said last night and I will respond another time.

  37. I like this just seen on Twitter

    “Afc league titles won. With Fabregas: 0. Without Fabregas: 13. Victoria Concordia Crescit”

    from @GunnersToday

    “What I want is for our fans to appreciate and to support our team.” Arsene Wenger

  38. we still have a top four squad without fab and nas, easily.

  39. Fabregas and Nasri want to leave becayse they want to win trophies. It’s that simple.

    If you think that Myachi, Cambpell and Chamberlain are exciting transfers, you are wrong.

    They won’t help us much since they are young and inexperienced.

    Gibbs is a joke of a defender and always injured and Traore is just average.
    We need a world class lb, a world class cdm and a central defender.

    Still think that we need a quality striker since Chamakh is cr*p.
    And if RVP is injured, please Lord have us in your mercy.

    If Nasri and Fab are off, someone must replace them. You can’t expect Ramsey and average, injury prone Rosicky to replace them.

    And Jadson isn’t an answer. I have watched him many times.

    So either Wenger splash the cash and buys few established, phisical, strong, tall players, or we will finished begind at leasta 5 or 6 teams.

    Thank God, he is shooting himself in the foot and in 2 years time his regime will end.

    Hopefully it won’t be to late.

    Now, let’s just sit and enjoy our 7th trophyless season and pray that it will be his last.


  40. Small disagreement . Arsh to start instead of wolcott, with theo coming on as an impact sub….especially if her is not that fit. But who cares….get the backs of the players. We have gone from tip to tap to lighting fast in one season. Anyone doubting that does not understand wenger. He was not always a.tip tap manager, he was just adapting his team for what he had. And what he has now are track stars. Theo cambell, ox, ryo gerv. 5 of the fastest players in the league. Prob 3 of the to 5.

  41. Why are we cursed with some of the worst “supporters” in the league? I’m looking at you, Maciek. It’s the first day of a long tough season and all you can do is whine and whinge. Get behind the team for fuck’s sake!

    Even if all your points were right (they’re not), there’s nothing to be gained form pissing your negativity around like a mangy tomcat. There are plenty of doomer sites where your infantile complaints are the order of the day. Why not give them the benefit of your pessmism?


  42. Just seen the players on SSN and Arsh has got a shiner…!

  43. A good, well thought out and calm assessment Yogi.
    A 1-0 win will do for me.

  44. Limestonegunner

    I think Arsh will start as well. Still lots of quality in our team. A chance for everyone to step up. RvP will have his best season for Arsenal as the team’s captain. Ramsey will find his feet and Wilshere will progress to add goals and assists to his superb all around game. Vermaelen is back, Kos looks stronger. Gervinho gives us force up front. We will improve as we put this summer’s sagas behind us. Perhaps reinforcements may yet arrive. When PV left, the next year we went to the CL final. Then when Henry left, we had our best season since. Wenger didn’t want to lose Cesc, I am convinced of that, but we can and will adapt. Perhaps the team will pull together as underdogs in an us against the world manner. AW is right though, we do have to support this group strongly and reverse last year’s poor home record. You have to wear rose-coloured glasses on your season opener, otherwise why bother?!

    2-0 victory over Newcastle: Gervinho and RvP score from two Ramsey assists. COYG!!!!

  45. AW:

    “350 players out of work in England”

    “There is a top, elite market and no market at all,” he said. “The gap in football has become worse and worse.

    “I don’t know if you have seen in Spain but the top players go on strike because they are not paid. There are only two clubs, maybe three with Malaga, and there is no logical economy to set any price for what a player is worth.

    “If a player is interesting the top clubs, he has a fantastic value. If there is no interest from these clubs he is £3-7million.

    “The same player can be worth £30-50million and £3-7million. There is no logic in the market any more. In football it is very difficult to set the price for the players.”

    “It means the media environment with our team is very negative at the moment – if our fans go the way the media want them to go we have no chance.
    if our fans go the way the media want them to go we have no chance.
    if our fans go the way the media want them to go we have no chance!
    if our fans go the way the media want them to go we have no chance!
    if our fans go the way the media want them to go we have no chance!
    if our fans go the way the media want them to go we have no chance!


  46. Come on the Gunners!!

    The seasons finally underway, seriously hoping we can do newcastle some damage as i think confidence will play a key part this season ( as ever). rvp to continue goalscoring form!!

  47. sorry i know its early but……..

    Myles ” Mr Arsenal” Palmer is a total C*NT!!!!!

    just read ANR never again ( i said that last time)

  48. needed it get that of me chest

  49. Wenger also doesnt believe that Jadson is the answer as he denies he will be heading to Emirates Stadium. “We are nowhere near on Jadson,” he said. “We are not talking to Shakhtar about him.”

  50. Aman | August 13, 2011 at 11:27 am

    I was really struck by those comments too Aman, but many fans are too thick to see what a lot of us have been pointing out to them for some time. Try being part of the solution for a change rather than part of the problem.

  51. Well said Aman and Passenal.

  52. geeGunner | August 13, 2011 at 11:29 am

    No more back-sliding, stop reading that poisonous hack dwarf’s ramblings. You will feel better for it! He knows nothing about Arsenal, but too many people still keep falling for his crap.

  53. Regarding Nasri leaving…i want to remind gooners of one stat – nasri had 1 assist in the epl last season. That’s it. 1. 10 goals also, but some from the penalty spot. Yes, he had a couple of great goals, but he was hardly a world beater. Vp fab arsh theo bendter even vela had a higher goals plus assists ratio to minutes across all competitions…..

    We have replaced him with 3 young flyers….i for one can’t wait for the start !

  54. Good advice. Why read a chelsea blog on the morning of the first game of the season?
    Don’t do it!

  55. For those who somehow might have missed youtube clips of the new players, I suppose I can add a few links to help kill the time till later this afternoon:


  56. Joel Campbell

  57. Passenal,
    I’m done with trying to convince anyone anymore.
    You’re either with us or against us as far as I’m concerned this season.
    No consideration for fools.
    Strictly AKB regardless
    Its the only way to survive the tsunami thats coming
    Many have been compromised
    Many more will join per game
    I do not give f**k what they think or say
    I only care for the true supporter
    No ball’s been kicked and lies are already being spread
    Complacency caused the 2nd World War
    An exaggeration..yes, but the forces are gathering
    Ready to bring down our business model by any means necessary
    Stupidity is no excuse
    Time to man up Rasers
    ‘Tis the time to man up

    ..i remain goonerSTOKED!

  58. Nice comments Aman and Passenal.

    I’m happy that Arsene has appealed to the fans to get behind the team and look at the bigger picture, although I do find it a little sad that he has felt the need to do so. Surely thats the job of ACLF et al 🙂

    At last we have some football again!

    Come on Arsenal!

  59. As Yogi said,

    For 90 minutes today we (meaning every sage calling him/herself a gooner) must stand square behind our boys. Hopefully, they will get what we all want and then that level of support will carry on even when things don’t go right. I just hope we can ALL come together in a ‘supportive’ way this season.

    As for the team, I think Yogi’s line up is there or there-abouts and is definitely good enough.

    It’a’s all about to kick off and I’m floating on excitement and optimism: ABarcodes 1 AFC 3.


  60. Yogi – Welcome back.

    I ask you, is it too much to ask that “Arsenal” bloggers expose the media as liars who undermine support for the club by their inaccurate reporting? For example many bloggers joined with the media in describing Arsene’s press conference yesterday as bizarre because he refused to satisfy the well spun agenda that the club is in crisis with the pending departure of Cesc and Nasri. As usual all the supposed responsible media relied on using half quotes to engage in distortion. For example:

    Asked, whether he expected Fabregas and Nasri to leave, Wenger is quoted in most media as replying:
    “I expect nobody to leave the club.”

    But the media misleadingly inserting a full stop and omitted his next three crucial words, before the weekend. By now everybody knows those three words are absolutely accurate.

    The person who brought this up on a blog in the Guardian newspaper pointed out, noted that the full quote is printed in the Irish Independent, evidently a more ethical paper than the Guardian is becoming.

    As someone who who has studied and experienced methods of of political destabilization used by (both the American and English intelligence agencies, using of the media to distort and misquote quotes are so elementary I would expect a more robust effort by Yogi and others to expose this this type of deception.

    Now to enjoy today’s football.

  61. Some **** came on to this forum copying and pasting comments about signing a CB from that purified source, ESPN. We were asked to believe that they were from the Arsenal manager.

    Well, here are some other quotes from the manager:

    “Everybody looks for centre backs in the whole world,” said the Frenchman. “People with unlimited resources look for a centre back.

    “We have specialised people to work everywhere but we are not in a supermarket where you go to a shelf and you ask where are the centre backs or the strikers.”

    According to Wenger, there are “two markets” at work at this time of the year.

    “There is a top, elite market and no market at all,” he said. “The gap in football has become worse and worse.

    “I don’t know if you have seen in Spain but the top players go on strike because they are not paid. There are only two clubs, maybe three with Malaga, and there is no logical economy to set any price for what a player is worth.

    “If a player is interesting the top clubs, he has a fantastic value. If there is no interest from these clubs he is £3-7million.

    “The same player can be worth £30-50million and £3-7million. There is no logic in the market any more. In football it is very difficult to set the price for the players.”

    The summer started with Liverpool playing £20M for Henderson.
    Lansbury out-performed Henderson at the U-21 tournament, no doubt about it. None.
    As AW said, a week or so ago. There is only one deadline, and thats the 31st of August. Simples.
    Unless you need to sign a certain player before they might play in the CL qualifiers, in which case that deadline could be next week.

  62. Just Another Luke


  63. paying £20M>playing £20M

  64. am definately not happy wt cesc on dis mather except there is more to it than we know. i think we have a team dat can cope sha

  65. Correction:
    “use of the media to distort and misquote are so elementary I would expect a more robust effort by Yogi and others to expose this this type of deception.”

  66. Today is judgement day.Anything other than 3 pts and we will be playing catch up with Liverpool and Utd next up.

    Really sad Wenger didnt have replacements lined up for Cesc and Nasri.He must have known they werent going to stay months ago.

  67. Nice clips Finsbury.

    For all the talk of dissapoinment and negativity, we are a great club, with some great fans and you can bet your life that everyone will be pulling in the same direction in their own special way, come kick off. How can anyone not be excited about our new signings and what the season holds.

  68. Lovely set of comments this morning – refreshing to hear no sniping, no point-scoring and NO fucking trolling. We should be pulling in the same direction here – we all want the same thing. Its just some of us think victory should come at any cost including decency towards our team and heroic manager. Yeah, I said it. Heroic.

    It wasn’t a conscious decision (I leave superstition to others), but I kind of retired my Arsenal retro t-shirt over the summer and I felt a surge of joy and and pride as I dug it out of the bottom of the draw this morning. Lovely feeling. I feel almost ‘Christmas morning aged 6’ in fact.

    Honestly, if you can’t be positive today, just hours before the season’s curtain raiser gets our hearts pumping, our nerves jangling and our vocal chords dancing then you should not be following football. Full stop.

  69. love this website YogI!! it so much more positive than most other blogs which paint arsene wenger all sort if things! le grove being the biggest culprit!> cheers for the great blog keep it up. Anyone fancy a 2 – 0 today? COYG
    hear about joel campbell ? will he play this season??

  70. Thomas,
    take your sadness & judgement day bullsh*t to Man City, Utd or Le Grove
    Really sad to see the likes of you posting here dimwit
    Be off with your weak spine then!

  71. My predictions : 1 Man Utd(Best squad)
    2.City(still short of being the best)
    3.Chelsea(too old)
    4.Liverpool(Dalglish factor)
    5.Arsenal(Cesc and Narsi too big a loss)
    6.Spuds(No signings Modric gone?)

  72. shotta
    “But the media misleadingly inserting a full stop and omitted his next three crucial words, before the weekend. By now everybody knows those three words are absolutely accurate.”

    Arsene Wenger never said “by the weekend” it was the reporter who asked the question who said those three words. Can’t blame the “Media Conspiracy” for that one.

    Part of the Press Conference is available here if you want to listen yourself:

  73. Three points a must today, clean sheet would be nice, Come on you Reds.

  74. Aman

    Should i bury my head in the sand like you.We have lost two world class players and not replaced them.How can you be happy about that?Dont you want us to keep our best players

  75. Thomas I refer you to my midday post. I don’t think this is right for you.

    Perhaps you could take up knitting or maybe try crown bowling as spectator sport?

    It might soothe your enfeebled spirit.

    Poor poppet.

  76. Just looking at that line up that YW suggests, I cant see us scoring too many goals. I think it will be 1-1.

    I saw an interview with Charlie Nicholas on SSN this morning, he said he feared for us more this season than any other. I agree with him.

    Those who are saying we can cope with the loss of fabregas and Nasri are either deluded, or are suffering from memory loss. Watch some of our games again and you’ll be reminded as to exactly how good they are, they are both word class and finding suitable replacements will be nearly impossible. And then don’t forget that, at best, Wenger will only buy one midfield replacement anyway.

  77. Yeaaaahhhs come on. This is it something more important to think about that tittle tattle inspired by clueless hacks, trying to drum up shit to pay their bills.

    Great post yogi, only one thing I may be confused but did you not opt for AA over TR in the write up? It’s just you laid it out the other way in the formation.

    I haven’t read all the comments but no doubt I’m not the first to point this out.

    Anyway COYGGGGGGGGG’s!

    Theo will step up this season, it’s his time to become a senior member of the squad. He’ll more than cover for Nasri’s potential loss. Statistically there was nothing between the two last season. This season Walcott will step up.

    Trophies this season. Are you watching Francesc Fàbregas i Soler?

  78. Good post as usual. I just wanted to point out that all these articles regarding arsene wenger’s comments about the possibility of Cesc and Nasri leaving have deliberately tried to make the manager seem illogical. I don’t blame you because when you read a report by the Guardian you expect some journalistic integrity and not to take things out of context. If you look at the report in the Irish independent you will see that what he actually said was that he did not expect anyone to leave BEFORE THE WEEKEND.

  79. Here’s a curiosity – Arsenal’s odds for winning the prem have scarcely altered, in spite of the voluble club in crisis media shit-storm.

  80. Qash

    Watch this

    As for the Irish Independent they get their football news from the PA, The Telegraph and The Independent and have a weekly column from Dion Fanning and the odd column from Jimmy Lawton (an Irish specific column).

  81. Quick cricket interlude – tragic end to Tendulkar’s innings, India are getting a comprehensive bitch-slapping. 89-6.


  82. excited..but nervous..
    is that a strong enough team to banish the demons of st james?? i hope so..

    im watching soccer sat and i cant believe champers charles thinks we’ll finish 6th..

    merse looked upset too…le tiss was the only one who said top 4 and he said weve got a player in oxo, i seen some of his goals and hes got something i think..

    too right about van persie..he should be captain and i pray he has a great game today..if he carries his run on he could knick us this one.. and then we get those reinforcements in before tues…

  83. “What you make of yesterday’s press conference depends on your viewpoint. It was utterly bizarre in places, not quite Sardines and trawlers territory but seemingly not that far away. The manager’s denial that Cesc and / or Nasri might leave this summer was a volte face of surprising proportions, especially given previous admissions that it was on the cards. And almost immediately, he contradicted himself by arguing that they might”.

    Story of our current lives Yogi.

    The people running our club know what they are doing the only problem is we as fans haven’t got a fucking clue what’s going on. Back to the place where we fucked it all up due to the worse 2nd half defensive performance the EPL has seen and yet we haven’t sorted the extra CB problem yet?

    It’s a high risk game Wenger, is letting them play with him and if this starts to go wrong the only scalp will be Wenger’s and the other bastards get to carry on with it.

    Nevertheless, Gooner till death.

    Come Out Fighting.

  84. Have people seen the new Football Focus studio? What an eyesore. Well at least no Robbie Savage this week.

  85. For all the stick we give John Cross he was very good on the fans forum last night

    He must be OK really because he follows me on twitter 🙂

  86. @mackie Just ask your self this. What would be the best for the boys out on the pitch. How can YOU as a arsenal fan help out? 

    A) tell them how crap they and the manager are?that they will never win shit cos they ain’t good enough   or 

    B) get behind the team and cheer for for them even if they play crap to lift them forward? 

    What do the rest of u think? 

    Do you think you can answear this 
    Can u also give a reason for ur answer?  
    “fuck u I dont have to justify how I support my team to you!” as Luke answered last week is just not good enough. 

    How can you as a fan hep us win, what small, tiny, maybe even insufficient gestures can you do to help the boys keep the faith? 

    Alex ice, Luke,jamesM all of you. 
    Cos you do wanna sin right? Or are you so thick thT you rather see us loose Mackie?  It’s ur way or the highway in how we win? No marquee signing, let’s loose instead? 

    Ball is in ur court Mackie… Are u a bottler???

  87. COYG!!! Gonna be a good game tonight. Ramsey and RVP surely to score!

  88. Don’t feed the warts folks. First day of the season, bubbling with excitement. Just how it should be.

  89. YW – glad your back; fine observations.

    Today starts a new chapter for the club.

    Today starts a new chapter for Arsenal fans.

    The spotlight has moved off Cesc and Nasri, their chapters have closed. If you want to go back and rehash old news, your choice.

    Those remaining players will raise their game. Pick your own line up……Arsenal have talent at every position.

    The team will develop a new character/identity – with new partnerships on the pitch.

    By tomorrow we will be enthralled with THE NEW IMAGE.

  90. russ,

    you should listen to arsene wenger and not some bling bling ex footballer.

  91. I think that there should be a rule that no comment should be longer than Yogi’s post!

  92. No sign of Dexter since Wednesday, hope he has not been looted

  93. I occasionally post on hear just to let out my frustration at what seems to be going on at the club. However now that the season is about to start it is time to give full support to the team, whether you think the club or manager are doing a good job or not.
    I hope the squad will be strengthened by the close of the transfer window, but if it is not then I hope even more that I am proved wrong about the strength in depth of the squad.
    A good solid performance against Newcastle can begin to lay the ghosts of last season, and be the spring board of a good season for us.

  94. people are waiting to slag us off. we don’t have to do it ourselves.

    our boys have got talent. what we need to do now is to get behind them, let them know that.

    life is about the people who are there, not the people who aren’t. this is going to be a tough season, not for the faint-hearted. it’s time to stand up and be counted.

    i am going to be there with my team, lads who are fathers, brothers, sons and human beings. cheering them on.

    so, what are you going to do?

  95. Just listening to last night’s Fan’s forum – some people are convinced that you can’t be successful without being unprofitable.

  96. Poodle, you’re missing the point really. Do you think that anything that is said on this forum really has an impact on the Arsenal’s results…the answer no.

    I agree that those supporters who go to game should get behind the team and be in vocal in their support, but that doesn’t mean that Maciek shouldn’t make observations about the issues that need to be addressed.

    Essentially Maciek is just highlighting the main issues of concern and this is something that all Arsenal fans should do, if you don’t then effectively you are accepting the current mediocrity. Some people come on here thumping their chest and say COYG, let’s come out fighting. But what impact does that really have on team? None whatsoever.

    It doesn’t matter how much we want Arsenal to do well, what matters more than anything is that the team is equipped to deliver…and currently Arsenal are far from being properly equipped. I know that some people can’t accept that, but we have heard the same unwarrented positivity from people who have chosen not accept and address the failings for the last 6 years. And, at the end of season, the result is always the same.

    As supporters, we all need to let Arsenal know that we don’t accept the current situation that we find ourselves in and demand that they address it, and that is the best way for any of us to influence a positive change. If we choose to remain silent and don’t vent our frustration about issues that so clearly need to be resolved, then nothing will ever change.

  97. Karim, I don’t agree with him because it’s his opinion, I agree with him because it’s my opinion.

  98. Fungunner at 1:17. I like that comment!

  99. Actually it’s at 1:47.

  100. Cheers Karim.

    Up the Arsenal! 3.5 hours to go…

  101. Should be a very interesting season sort of a passing of the guard feeling. I have been asking for us to abandon or at least modifiy our tippy tap style for a couple of seasons. Less emphasis on possession and more direct attacking and most important lots more counter attacking. Cesc was a great player and his loss will be huge but I am excited that we may have a chance to make ourselves a more efficient and more exciting team.

    My hope is that the players band together and really take their underdog status to heart and fight like hell for evey loose ball and every 50/50 and they make it their mission to prove the naysayers wrong. No more of the half hearted efforts that we have occasionally seen in the past. The younger players will have a bigger part of the squad this year expecially as the inevitable injuries hit the first 11. May the enthusiam and energy of youth infect the whole squad. Our more senior players will really have to step up this year and play consistently well throughout the year because the younger players are going to make mistakes.

    I don’t expect a PL title, but if we can play well and throw in a CC and/or FA cup it will be a great season and give us something to build on. This very talented group of youth needs positive things to start happening on the pitch to give them the true confidence needed to avoid what happened to the last generation of yoof. Even though this team is still talented its time for them to stop counting on that to carry them. Lets go out and kick some butt.

  102. Anyone gullible and sufficiently stupid to think that public criticism and abuse from our own fans has no effect on the club can add delusional to their cv. Russ we’re all looking at you. You help feed the atmosphere which ends in booing at the Ems. You get quoted in the press who are our sworn enemies. And the players use the net just like everyone else.
    Support the team or fuck off. Simple really.

  103. My friends, my team, my champions. Though it is the same, this is our biggest challenge yet and the stakes are greater than this time last year.

    Last year we were defiant, make no mistake about that. None expected us to achieve, none expected us to do what we did. The juggernauts of City, cowered before us. The mighty Barcelona humbled before us. Chelsea, knelled, and the champions United felled. Though we ultimately fell in our quest, we gave them all pause for thought. We punched the untouchable, bled the invincible, and shook the establishment as though it were Samson’s tomb.

    But our defiance has angered them, and their wrath, all that they could do is spread mistruths and make their expectations of failure bolder. We cannot give them the victory. We must not let the proclamations of doom effect our spirit, our unity, any more than it already has. Now is the time to regain what was once ours; now is the time for our desire for victory to become emboldened by the faith we have.

    Let those who want to leave leave. We have new allies, ready to take up the burden. And that burden begins in earnest now. Today with an enemy who sought to embarrass us like none before. We have a justice to be righted today. Do not play with this in mind, play with the mind to win, to score, to be impenetrable.

    Play as a team, attack as a team, defend as a team, fight as a team, and when May arrives, let us celebrate as a team.

    Vindicate those who believe.

    Victoria concordia cresit.


  104. Steww:

    Its a 2 way street. Some of the fans are crap, no doubt. However, most of the fans will come back if the they feel like the team is giving 100% effort all the time no matter what the results. Both sides of the equation need to improve this season.

  105. Lets forget all the mistakes and the blunders and the tight arseness of the board today and get behind the team.

  106. I don’t care how much money you have. If you don’t use it get a better club then is pure stupidty.I know you don’t like to hear this but Wenger is way past his prime. Here in the states when this happens its time for management to act and fire his ass. Wenger has lost the locker room. I am worried about this match. The side seems in disarry. This is not good. Let’s hope for the best. Still the “D” is suspect. I don’t know what to expect. I’ll be glued to the TV for kickoff at 11:30 heere in the states Central time. Gunner for life.

  107. And England have beaten India, sweet joy. Now for Arsenal, time to hand out one of those good old fashioned trashings to the Geordies. We’ll start in style and win 4-0. RVP to get a brace, just to remind everyone that he’s the best striker in the world with Gervinho scoring on his debut and Walcott to get a goal as well.

  108. ask not what the club can do for you, ask what you can do for your club. never underestimate the power of the support that lifts the crew to higher heights.

  109. FunGunner,you will have heard me on the Fans forum then?

  110. Liverpool coming out all guns blazing. Andy Carroll had a perfectly good goal disallowed. I guess we are not the only team that gets the shaft now and then.

    Andy Carroll may not be worth 35M but he will be a handful this season if healthy. Suarez also.

  111. “Wenger is way past his prime”

    If you are going to make a statement like that give us your reasons .And we might tell you why we disagree

  112. Grand Oral Disseminator

    Happy New Season to all. Apart from the fuckers who delight in defeat. One step at a time please, beginning today.

  113. very excited, nervous. good luck lads, great way to move past some of the summer miserys…

    away support is excellent – lets hope the boys have a lot to sign about in the clouds of st james.

  114. Jerome u wrote like gadget.i loved it,this for me has been the longest summer but am glad it is coming to an hope tonight is we win the game,any score will do but most of all to enjoy the game.

  115. Reina entirely misses cross. Imagine how an Arsenal keeper would be slated. Commentator compliments the cross instead.

  116. Cahill just scored a great goal.

  117. Then free header in Bolton’s area from QPR corner. Funny how all teams can struggle from set pieces sometimes.

  118. Hope we can add some more set piece goals to our arsenal this year. Help us to compliment our open play goals. Set pieces a great way to get around a parked bus.

  119. Maybe you weren’t paying attention last season Bill, but I can think of 2 off the top of my head – Kos scored the winner against Everton from a corner and Squillaci scored in our 1 nil victory over Stoke.

  120. Firstlady, we are one and the same. I putt my twitter details in and the acursed thing posted under my real name! Now I can be stalked by all and sundry!

  121. Passenal:

    Perhaps your right that there were more then I remember. If you can find the stats they would be interesting. I think most of us feel like we didn’t score very many at least compared to what most teams in our league do. Set piece goals don’t have to take away from what we can do in open play I don’t think.

  122. Arsenal 3 – Newcastle 1. Gervinho, walcott, Arshavin.

  123. Go Sunderland, It would be a big letdown for the scousers if they don’t take 3 points today.

  124. @gadget or is that Jerome, well u have earned yourself a follower in me so there is gain! LOL

  125. Team to Play Newcastle from @JamesDoddTS on Twitter (No idea if true)

    Szczesny, Sagna, Koscielny, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Song, Ramsey, Rosicky, Arshavin, Gervinho, Van Persie.

    Subs: Fabianski, Traore, Frimpong, Walcott, Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Chamakh

  126. Older posters will appreciate this more I suspect. watching Liverpool against Sunderland before Arsenal play is like sitting through one of those crap films they used to play in the cinema before the main feature.

  127. Steww, you learn to avoid things that might be dangerous to your health.

  128. Limestonegunner

    Bill, some very good points. I think Vermaelen had a few headers his first season, as well as some terrific shots, so I am hopeful as well that we can get some more than last season. I read somewhere, probably 7amkickoff, that we were indeed on the lower side in terms of set piece goals. I think some here even commented that maybe RvP ought to let Walcott and Nasri take some freekicks as he was skying them last season, even as he was so deadly and clinical in his shooting from open play. Hopefully he will recover his form, as he has been very good at this in the past, but not at the price of a reduction in efficiency elsewhere!

  129. Kenyan gunner – like the Sunderland midfield trying to avoid a lunging Charlie Adam tackle

  130. Limestonegunner

    Firstlady, you must have a finely tuned sense for literary style!

  131. QPR playing like relegation candidates. 3 nil down at home!

  132. sunderland will finish above liverpool.

  133. Now. If Liverpool fail to win today it really doesn’t tell us anything about how they’ll fare over the next 9 months or so. This is pretty obvious to all of us I suspect.
    I wonder if the same common sense can be applied to us, regardless of today’s result?

  134. @steww
    No. If we draw or lose, we are out of the Top 4 for sure. If we win, the decision about if we are going to stay in the Top 4 is just postponed until the first game we draw or lose.

  135. 8 – 0 to the arsenal. a clean sheet is nice to set the tone for our defense this season. am confident we will have the meanest defense

  136. Steww,That is wishful thinking I fear

  137. Evil, I can see you and I will agree on much this season, looking forward to sharing the ride.

  138. Team news from Ashburton Grove blog:

    Szczesny; Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs; Song, Rosicky; Gervinho, Ramsey, Arshavin; van Persie.
    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Carl Jenkinson on bench.

    With some others, I’m sure!

  139. @ george
    ha ha

  140. @ Evil | August 13, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    ha ha. How well you know some of our fans.

  141. I know george. Imagine asking for understanding and patience never mind taking joy where you find it and riding out disappointment with stoicism.

  142. We are playing the only club currently in more turmoil than us today. Difference is, the Geordies will be right up for it and get behind their team where as on Tuesday, if we are not 3 – 0 up in 20 minutes, the slagging will start. Actually, it will probably be in the 1st minute!

  143. Warren Barton just told me that I want Arsene to spend more money. Prick.

  144. butterflies… coyg

  145. Let’s get ready to rumble!

  146. we need the three points today.we need the confidence..

  147. We always need three points but an away draw like we got last season is no disaster.

  148. Van persie to score..

    what a boast having tommy v back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. @steww

    Did you hear him say we need some quality … like Joey Barton. FFS.

  150. Full team:
    Szczesny, Sagna, Vermaelen, Koscielny, Gibbs, Ramsey, Song, Rosicky, Arshavin, Gervinho, Van Persie

    Subs: Fabianski, Chamakh, Djourou, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott

  151. Liverpool have showed why spending loads of cash, paying way over the odds on unproven players gets you the results Arsenal aren’t capable of.

  152. Robbie Ssavage must die.

  153. a PR disastor..
    another stick to beat the club with for not being ready..

    we need the points not just to help us win the league but to shut everyone up for a few days..

  154. Chris Waddle as well.

  155. OK guys strap in. I’m off to find a non English language stream so I don’t have to yell at my pc throughout the match.

  156. COYG!!

  157. was hopping not to see Barton

  158. A good performance is all I ask for. I can live with whatever results we get. Hopefully though we smash them 6-nil with RvP getting a hat trick.

  159. Bloody rain in Nairobi has just lost us satellite feed.

  160. it would not suprise me if Barton injured one of our players and the papers later said its because Cesc and Nasri has left.

  161. Scouser, did you come on this site to cheer Arsenal on did you? Well, did you Punk!


  163. Also hope the boys remember not to rise to Barton’s taunts. He’ll be at his cuntiest worst no doubt.

  164. BBC allegding fans boo wenger if true this is really the pits

  165. omg its so weird to listen to the comentators.
    And Kenya was it u that linked a article about some chinese stuff not long ago? can you link it again?

  166. well fans think they make the team better with telling the manager and the playrs they are crap.

    How thick are arsenal fans?

  167. Can these pple read minds?htf did they know the lady with her scarf in the stadium was livid?fucking imbiciles,lets prove them all wrong.

  168. Beautiful football. Already. Love this team.

  169. Wenger loaned Vela????? This player is only second to Van Persie!! how can Wenger not see this??

  170. Gibbs looking very good.

  171. Cuervo – we’re playing a match at the moment, thought you might be interested…

  172. Vela despite his talent has failed to convince he didn’t convince at west brom time is up for vela am afraid

  173. Is it possible to describe mathematically how much better Ramsay is than Barton? 1,000,000 times?

  174. It wasn’t me Poodle.

  175. Gibbs looks good indeed

  176. Never any danger.

  177. so unlucky!

  178. Sooooo close well played gervinho

  179. Soooooooooo close

  180. Gerv looks very good. Newcastle must be knackered chasing shadows. And they have Theo to face later.

  181. Oh, Arsh…

  182. Ai caramba should have put gervs through

  183. What a difference having a genuine wide man makes

  184. Arshavin has got to pickup his game.

  185. Where are our shooting boots?

  186. walcott will have to come on for arsh

  187. The bloody finishing is off we should be 2:0 up.

  188. seriousley Stoke value Shawcross to 18m???? wtf??

  189. I would keep arshavin u need guile n so far he looks the likely one to give that

  190. boooooooooooo!!!!

  191. So far so good,if only we had put in our chances,let’s hope we do 2nd half.

  192. Excellent first half. Brilliant through ball for RVP, shame he didn’t take his chance but we were all over them. How sick would you feel to be a Newc fan watching yourselves bossed at home like that? More of the same please.

  193. Defence looking pretty solid, though they’ve had almost nothing to do. Szczesny looking great so far, RvP has somehow made himself seem isolated, but this shouldn’t be the case with Gervinho and Arshavin supporting him. Not his best half, but give him a proper chance in the 2nd and surely we’re 1-0 up. Let’s hope so anyway c’mon you GUNNERS!!!!

  194. with some more familiariy this team will do wonders.

    Very good performance, just need to put one in. The defense also doesnt look nervous.

  195. Half time defensive wise we look pretty solid especially vermalen gervinho looks good hard working as well song has also played well in front of the back four we need more guile up front n better quality balls into the box, we also need runners from midfield into the box

  196. Decent half. We look good but the final ball has been missing. Robin had a good chance and I am not sure if that should’ve been a penalty or not because there were no proper replays of the situation. Gervinho has been very impressive and so has been Gibbs. Back four not really tested but I have to smirk at the way we organise ourselves at free kicks with all the hand-holding and arm grabbing going on. Well, as long as it’s effective, I am not going to complain.

  197. Not exactly edge of the seat stuff eh? We lacking a little va va voom. Opening game jitters perhaps..

  198. Song strong in the midfield just worried by the yellow!

  199. va va voom? hehe. Well reports says Liverpool only managed 45 minuts before they got to tired to do anything. I cant deny meeting a tired liverpool could only do us good inbetween Udinese.

  200. wonder if AxOx will get thrown on late

  201. I should have said opening game rustiness. We aren’t really jittery.

  202. Who are these analysts?apparently it has been boring to watch according to have we lost our two best players,insnt van p still around?cunts!that is it am switching off until the 2nd half starts

  203. @Firstlady
    Thought exactly the same, how have we lost our two best players when Van Persie is out there playing for us?

  204. I was actually expecting more of a fight from newcastle. It might still come in the 2nd half though so the boys have to stay focused.

  205. Would anyone here take a draw? Or is nothing but a win acceptable for u guys

  206. Hadn’t realised that Dion Dublin is a jerk

  207. 68% possesion, 3 shots.

  208. Can’t think of a draw whenever we play!

  209. Savage really does not like us.
    If I ever meet him I will be in attack mode

  210. @ZakariaM
    I expect a win but an away draw on the first day of the season is not the end of the world as some people would make it out. Things need to be put into perspective and Newcastle managed to beat Chelsea at home last season as well as hold ManU down to a draw. St James Park is surely not the easiest place to go and get a result.

  211. Glad you changed to rustiness henristic – we are definitely not jittery, very relaxed and in control. Never underestimate how much that half will have taken from the opposition. We have real pace and quality to come on too. The final ball is always the hardest, seldom are we two on one more like one surrounded by four but as the game goes on the pressure starts to open cracks.
    Like everyone I want a goal and quick, my nerves are old and worn like the rest of me, but try to enjoy the game, we are playing some very good football.

  212. the midfield belongs to tr7

  213. people dont count nice passing as entertainment like us gooners, they want goal mouth action and there has not been alot this half but we will soon change that in the second.

  214. Kenyan my signal got interrupted afew times,i just hope it holds for 2nd half coz i dont want to miss a it true that jack is askn for theo n attacking fullbacks on twitter?

  215. come on the arse!!

  216. Really good tackle by Gibbs. Never a free kick.

  217. @dukey i think people gladly would skip the entire match, not really watch footy at all if they got a trophy.
    Footy is only a means to a goal. not the goal itself for alot of fans.

  218. Firstlady, according the not to bright panel!

  219. How close was that? Great free kick.

  220. Yep jack says get Theo on!

  221. Hope barton is badly hurt.

  222. That was unnecessary by Song. Guess it’s revenge for what Barton did against Diaby?

  223. Considering this ref doesn’t normally give many yellow or red cards, he’s started the second half with a vengeance against the Arsenal.
    Dare I say he is probably leading up to give a red to a Arsenal player…….. Deja vu!

  224. Song stamp on Barton sneaky well done song should have been a red if ref saw it

  225. Evil – I’m sure it was an accident. My heart bleeds purple piss for the nasty violent little shit.

  226. Game’s getting rough.

  227. walcott looks like hes buffed up again 🙂

  228. I like that we are using Theo on the left now occasionally. Makes us less predictable if Theo and Gervinho switch sides every once in a while.

  229. Bac going for another of his left foot screamers!

  230. How good has the cb partnership btw vermalen n koscielny looked

  231. so its a bit of a laugh when Newcastle does tackles but its really bad when Arsenal does?

    Nice policy of espn

  232. Im just saying

    Come on arsenal!!

  233. we need a goal

  234. A little over 15 minutes now to get a winner

  235. Kos has been fucking brilliant.

  236. barton is the cunt of cunts. he has nothing but trying to get others into trouble. Nothing.

  237. And the ref has shafted us again.

  238. whaaat???

  239. red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  240. Im just saying

    the referee is a complete cunt!!


  242. Disgraceful refereeing

  243. Oh now a yellow for Szczesny? WHAT THE F*CK.

  244. and gervinho gets the red card? gevinho defends himself against assault and the assaulter get free??

  245. & some here wantedto sign him..

  246. That should be a penalty to us and straight red to Barton. He hauled gerv off the ground.

  247. Wouldn’t u just know it

  248. This game has been f@cked by the referee and they say Arsenal is soft…pathetic..calculated…ban in otder for barton.

  249. So. It’s us against the entire lot of them again is it? The opposition, the media, the football establishment, the referees. Again.
    Well fuck ’em.

  250. First of all there WAS contact by Tiote on Gervinho. And secondly, BArton came out of nowhere and attacked Gervinho who was lying on the ground. How the f*ck do you turn that situation into a RED CARD for Gervinho who was ASSAULTED? And a yellow card for that incredible prick Barton. Holy sh*t I am so angry right now. Where do they get those referee’s from???

  251. Nani would have got 2 penalties for that. I hope goonerandy is listening

  252. how can you ever win with that kind of refereeing when they let thugs like barton have chart blanche like that?

  253. 100% deserved red. No complaints.

    No idea why Barton is still on the pitch. Fucking unbelievable.

  254. How the fuck is Barton allowed to grab and wrestle however he pleases? Same thing vs Diaby last year and Nolan vs Schezney? Fucking refs are corrupt. At least the commentators are condemning Barton against us for once.

  255. Too bad Song didn’t break Barton’s ankle with his stamp. Would’ve served that c*nt well.

  256. Djourou or Frimpong for more steel.

  257. This will distract from the fact weve been shit, the last thing we needed now was another excuse for a mediocre performance.

    Newcastle are shit, weve let them grow in confidence when we should of blown them away.

    We need an rvp bit of magic

  258. Now gervinho misses three games bloody ell

  259. it has started already!!

  260. Also VERY lucky that STUPID Song wasnt sent off for his deliberate stamp.

    We need to learn how to deal with all aspects of football. I suppose that is something that comes with experience.

  261. And now they are starting to simulate? Must be f*cking chuffed with holding us at bay, huh? They’re f*cking afraid of ten men Arsenal

  262. Im just saying

    gervinho gets banned on first match with liverpool and manu coming up, blooming brilliant!!

  263. Luke – who the fuck do you support you utter utter wanker.

  264. Why the hell am I hearing a fucking detergent ad behind my stream?

  265. I hope we dont use this an excuse to cover up for our inability to create meaningful chances. We are obviously and fairly rusty – start of the season, central and best player no longer involved.

    Away fans been fantastic as always.

  266. We will be fine with Wilshere in the middlie. Need a new player to replace Cesc & Samir

  267. Luke you are the lowest of the low. Stop trying to pretend to be so fucking reasonable. Where is the rage? Where are your balls?
    You are worse than any Man u fan or Spurs fan I know. The knife in the back is always more detestable than the one from the front.

  268. Im just saying

    im sick of this type of refereeing, gervinho deserved his red but so do barton, i mean wtf really!!

  269. What did I just say, what did I fucking say……..

    and Barton falls down again to get a Arsenal player red carded………. he’s a CUNT

  270. you are not a fantastic fan Luke. You are what is wrong with arsenal.

  271. How can anyone claim we’ve been shit?

    We have been solid at the back so far, we’ve shown some drive but perhaps been a little rusty around the box, but we’ve been far more dangerous than the oppo.

    I’ve seen more positives than negatives today.

  272. what Steww?

  273. Luke is a tottenham supporter guys, dont let him wind u up.

  274. Stanley, please go away.

  275. A point wouldn’t be thaat bad under the circumstances

  276. please ignore luke, dont feed the troll guys.

    dont feed the troll.

  277. its not “our” luke anyawy, our very own annoying luke that is a gonner after all has a different avatar.

  278. Alan Pardew’s tactical plan.

    Pack the defence.
    Long ball over the top.
    Get Someone sent off.
    Fingers crossed for a draw.

    At home. Shameful shit eh folks?

  279. Hold on boys…

  280. mikesa

    agreed – sczz, gibbs and TV have been strong today. also very impressed with gervinho.

    you lads are obviously keen to abuse so i will just go mull this game over………..try enjoy your weekends.

  281. Newcastle is shit

  282. Djourou playing midfield?

  283. poodle its me. different pcs……….

    away fans letting there voices be heard………..

  284. Better pass from JD and …. ah well.

  285. he should blow the whistle now

  286. Defensively we have been excellent even with the ten we hardly looked under pressure this shows as a unit we have grown though the number of cards dished out is ridiculous

  287. Don’t like our players shaking hands with that c*nt. Hope they make sure they wash their hands really well afterwards.

  288. RVP misplaced his boots. Atleast we defended well:-|

  289. I remember the Invincibles drew a lot of games away from home. In fact Old Rednose said they drew too many to be deserved champions.
    The unbeaten run begins.

  290. Clean sheet is a major positive

  291. Proud of our performance what with all the shit’s thats been flying aeound this week. Solid back 4.

  292. Phew!

  293. question guys. why is it red car offence to slap someone and not red car offence to go over and do what Barton did?

  294. A tough outing negotiated. Vermaelen and Koscielny were absolute beasts at the back and the team were very solid defensively. First game of the season and a fair result minus the theatrics of that moron barton. Onwards and upwards.

  295. you cant slap him you cant slap him i hear people say, but you can actually go over and do what barton did and expect a yellow? its not a red card offence to physically attack another player?

  296. Rune breaker | August 13, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    “Clean sheet is a major positive”


  297. Rusty performance. On that show though, we do need reinforcements.

    Can anyone explain to me why the arsenal players smile and hug Barton?

  298. oh and i think we can all see now WHY Clichy was sold. If this is Gibbs withouth 1 year of first team experience then that is a very very very good start.

  299. and it continues

    the away fans are turning..

  300. Tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We’re already out of the top 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All seriousness aside, that was a solid performance away from home despite barton and walton’s best efforts.

    All things considered that clean sheet is a major plus for our confidence.

  301. Whats the difference between Diaby on Barton last season and Gervinho on BArton this season?

  302. And some people want us to sign that horrible scouse cunt! He should be locked away with his murdering brother

  303. Back 4 looked really well. We defended everything comfortably. Unfortunately for 70 minutes we were not able to create proper chances and the few we created were unfortunately misplaced i.e. VP 1on1 against the keeper when he waited too long. Unfortunately the referee decided to take charge of the game by sending Gervinho off, but not Barton. With 10 each we still could’ve salvaged something but 11 vs. 10 is always a major uphill battle. All in all we can be satisfied with the draw.

  304. cant complain with a clean sheet and a point at st james. nasty fixture negotiated

    sczc looked very assured, sure he will be the best keeper in the epl. woonderful talent.

  305. We don’t need to sign a defender, midfielder or striker. We need to sign a leg breaker, someone to be targeted at cetain players – Shawcross, Barton, Gary Neville (I know he doesn’t play anymore btut he deserves it), John Terry, Kevin Davies etc. After that let’s see who doesn’t like it up them, let’s see who leg breaking tackles suddenly offend?

  306. Final ball today was awful, there is no question we’ll get better there! The CB’s today were brilliant and I cannot wait to see anyone claim otherwise.

    The sending off was justified, due to Gervinho slapping Barton (you absolutely cannot rise your hands) but then how Barton only got a yellow for an assault was beyond me. I have watched the replay 3 times now and I swear the ref was more influenced by Taylors claims of a mystery elbow.

    I was let a little bemused today, is anyone aware of where Shola got his “how not to stay on your feet” guide…. holiday in Portugal or Spain by chance?

    Gervinho was the best on show, whilst others were busy and solid. A big shout out to the defense for there efforts today against a physical opponent. I thought Gibbs was great today both in getting forward and defending.

    I would love to see someone assume that creative role in midfield needed to link the attack and defense, with Cesc and Samir about gone.

  307. Fuck off, Luke, you fucking scumbag Now that you’ve fucked off we just might be able to enjoy ourselves.

    Unbelievable stuff to start the season. Actually it’s quite believable, the same rubbish Arsenal fans (except Luke and goonerandy) have become used to from the refs. Interesting to see MikeSA find some positives as just the other day he came to the conclusion Rome was ablaze. I thought we looked solid, just lacked some bite in the final third.

  308. fuck off keegan you cunt, its a peno.

  309. Just proved on ESPN that it WAS a pen

  310. Bradys right foot

    Clear pen not given what a fucking suprise.

  311. behave loomer.

  312. I predicted this scenario. Why oh why do we fall into Barton’s trap all the time? Make no mistake, barton planned that shit. He wanted pay back for the stamp by Song (and btw what was Song thinking? Extremely daft thing to do) and was hoping to rile us up at any opportunity. Sadly Gerv took the bait, but can’t blame him much as he is new to the team.

    The officials are their usual biased/incompetent selves. It doesn’t even shock me anymore. In fact, I expected it.

  313. I for one am fine with a slow start to the league this year. We’ve always come out of the blocks and faded drastically for too many seasons. If we play with consistency show defensive nous at first and then finish like gods would be different and very welcome.

    As for today, Joey cunting Barton’s attocities continue unpunished yet again. Well done for nSong crunching that fuicker’s ankle, though I rue that he’s bound to be suspended now. In any case I came to the realisation we as a team need to accept we won’t get common sense from the refs. It’s gong to be harsh but we must treat the refs as friends of the enemy and expect nothing from them. Gervinho bless him has learnt a good lesson today.

    We played ok, but I never felt we left 2nd gear, although for that brief period we played with both Theo, we seemed more expansive. I though Ramsey was very poor today. A shade of the player who was injured by the coward Shawcross. However I though we defended really well, dealing with the aerial threat decisively.

    Only way is up from here.

  314. i thikn if it is not a red card offence to do what barton does its a great strategy to get people sent off.

  315. oh and maybe a signing of a Cesc replacement or someone with similar qualities will be good for our attacking mentality.

  316. Did Song actually stamp, and was it deliberate?

  317. I am starting to wonder whether ref’s would be as apt to red card or yellow card us if we had a ‘British’ manager? Everyone outside the Arsenal sphere seem to think he is the devil incarnate.

  318. Premier League disgraceful refereeing and unbalanced approach to what actually happens on the ground continues to be the deciding factor of who wins the league.

    I’m saying this knowing that Song should have been sent off for at least a second bookable offense. Also Gerv’s reaction is a sending off, but how Barton gets out of this with a yellow is beyond any reasonable thinking…and it is a penalty.

    And how about the Respect campaign while the NCU players running around after every foul waiving imaginary cards at the referee? What did he do about that?

    The Premier League continues to be the most pretentious and intentional drama creating league in the world, and it’s becoming shitty to watch.

    Apart from that, I think our defense did really well. Our over all performance was OK. The big and clear element missing is the creative midfielder, maybe when Wilshere returns it will be better.

    A point from the first away game in the season is not a bad result.

    Barton is a big CUNT (Actually a huge one that there might be a big cunt init)

  319. Arsene quote on espn –

    ‘The referee did not zeeeeeee it, the linesman did not zeeeeeeee it, even I did not fuckin zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  320. i love kos

  321. Ray Stubbs, Keegan and Savage should be locked in a sop in Tottenham with Barton tonight and let the rioters back out to torch it!

  322. Problem now is Gervinho has a 3 match ban. We have Liverpool & Man U coming up and are already short on players. As Wenger has just said it’s eitehr a yellow for both or a red or both. There’s also a very high chance that Song will have a red imposed. When we needed a bit of luck and the focus to be on the pitch everything’s going to be about we have no players.

  323. so it was a Pen, barton goes and lifts Gerv up and shakes him around like a ragg doll for filming, gerv retaliates and barton gets a yellow card?

    Atlest everyone think he behaved cuntish now. Even Savage! and when did Savage last think anyone behaved cuntish towards Arsenal?

  324. Steww, shut the fcuk up. You can see our players gettin chummy with barton after the game and you expect luke to be angry? If i was gervinho and saw my new team mates hugging that thug after the match i don’t think my confidence in the team spirit would be the same.
    like luke rightly pointed out it draws attention away from the finer talking points. We clearly need a playmaker with a good assist tally, Ramsey, from today’s performance can’t be expected to fill in for cesc. This is the season of discontent and the manager as clearly contributed to the whole drama surrounding our club and I think that lack of confidence and belief in the team may be the reason refrees think they can get away with atrocious desicions against arsenal.

  325. fungunner,

    yes he did deliberatley stamp on barton and he was lucky no-one saw it. silly silly act.

  326. I think Wilshire would have made a hell of a difference in the game today. His range of passing is pretty impressive and he looks for the ball, something I felt was missing from our midfield today.

  327. Other than that, solid defensive performance. Song was great, and so was the GK and back 4. Gerv was decent too, and you know he’ll get better with the decision making and final balls. RvP and Ramsey were poor I thought. All in all not a bad game considering.

  328. If i ever get a chance am going to stab burton repeatedly until he dies and not stop till he is in hell.a draw was ok under the circumstances and that ref was despicable,am alittle mad at our players for sucking up to that thug.btw rosicky was very good i hope he continues on the same form.kosciely i love you.

  329. slow and steady. slow and steady. van Persie is a slow starter for me. He’ll pick up as the season goes on.

  330. Not a bad result for 1st game of season.
    Back four were solid, Gervinho had a fairly good debut, got forward well but just lacked that final 10%.
    Midfield controlled play well, possession was good.
    It was just the inability to finish………… something they will need to work on, but all in all, a solid start.

    Ref was a cunt and Barton as usual was a BIG CUNT.
    How could he get away with it again!!!!!!! just beggers belief. Hope MOTD analyse that incident to show what a cheating cunt Barton is.

    Shame we’ll now be without Gervinho for two crucial
    league games.
    Overall I feel positive about this game.

  331. yup, not RVP’s finest

    must admit, saw flashes of rosicky 2008 which is very encouraging.

  332. Jesus fucking wept Loomer, did you even bother reading my post the other day?

    My point was NOT a complaint about the team. I specifically said I thought we were fine as far as personnel went.

    My issue was the club was not taking the serious threat of a disenchanted sector of the fan base seriously enough, I did, and still do see it as a major concern.

    It seems Wenger might be coming around to that conclusion as well seeing as he issued a plea to the fans to get behind the team or in his opinion we’re fucked.

    That’s an issue I have about some posters on this board. Some are so determined to be the heroes of the day they don’t bother to read past their own preconceptions.

    As far as I’m concerned, the self-righteous crusaders seen on here from time to time are every bit as bad as the morons on le grove.

  333. In hindsight it’s probably good thing Jack was out today. I have a feeling he might has taken offence to Barton’s presence!

  334. Bradys right foot

    Luke | August 13, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Shite son,if RVP had have been a bit sharper we could have had 4. TR7 was a rolls royce today always availible and knitted everything together quite beautifully.Given the context of the game i’ll take a point, there were some blidingly obvious positives of this display. The two CBs were great and Gervinho is going to be a monster for us. We went down to 10 men and still played them off the park and again denied a clear pen. Very disappointed with Song though, why give in to that fucking wind up merchant over a few taps on the ankle.

  335. Robbie Savage is a fucking inbreed. Even Keegan thinks so. I’m canceling my ESPN subsciption in the morning.

  336. Is it not a bokable offence to leave the pitch as Barton did to complain to the forth official.

  337. FG,

    I know what you mean, from one angle it seemed like Song wasn’t looking at where he was ‘stepping’ on.
    But the giveaway was that he let his leg rest, and even ‘dug in’ more. An innocuous stamp would have seen him withdraw his feet immediately, probably with an apology or such like. Instead he walked away calm as you like and feigned complete ignorance.
    I’m 95% sure it was a intentional stamp and he was lucky not to be sent off.

  338. Legrave on tour

    Did people here watch the same game as me? The one where their keeper didnt make a save.

    Theres being positive and theres being blind to the truth.

  339. it seems you are the latter legrave on tour.

    Even if we won a cup you would be dissapointed cos it would mean AW would not get fired.

  340. thats the sad truth. a large propotion of fans will be dissapointed if we win anything because then AW wont get fired.

  341. FG, Henristic

    He will get a retrospective ban no doubt. Arsenal terribly poor in attack, hope for better on Tuesday.

  342. Legrave on tour

    Poodle –

    Another who knows the inner workings of my mind.


  343. lot

    i think i saw the same game as you. tedious.

  344. and about ambition this season, i think events are already lining up for a fourth place finish that would be widely celebrated by us the supporters. can’t see us challenging for the title with the desertion(yeah that’s the perfect word)of crucial first team players.

  345. @ Henristic

  346. @legrave
    Either you really watched a different game or maybe you are blind to the truth? Theo Walcott cutting inside from the left and shooting at goal, I am certain that Krul had to make a save there because otherwise it would’ve been a goal. But a good try, you certainly come second just after Barton in the list of today’s most pathetic people. Congratulations.

  347. well it aint hard Legrave on tour. you are easy to read.

  348. Couldn’t one of Gervinho’s team mates have warned him about that uber cunt Barton? Winning would have been better, but the point and the clean sheet is a good start.

  349. Decent first game. No point getting alarmed with a slow start. We were not too bad. Ramsey, Rosicky & Gervinho will need some time to settle. The main positive would be the defence pairing of Koz & TV. Not sure about the penalty but it was very difficult to see Barton get away with man-handling a debutante. Song’s challenge was sly but i cannot believe how Barton’s treatment of Gervinho was ignored. The wanker – Steve McMahon on ESPN – even tried to justify Barton’s actions saying Gervinho went down too easily.

  350. wow, a shot on goal.

  351. Stats from the game:

    Newcastle v Arsenal Shots 8-11 On target 1-2 Passing Accuracy 70%-84% Fouls 10-11 Duels Won 45%-55% Possession 37%-63%

    from @Orbinho on twitter

  352. It begins..
    Tough game, Gunners held their own
    Joey Barton will forever be a BITCH!
    Their plan worked according to plan except….
    We live to fight another day
    No consideration for fools.

    To survive the tsunami thats coming
    I do not give a f**k what doomers think or say
    I only care for the true supporter
    The forces are gathering
    Stupidity is no excuse
    Our business model is the target not AW
    We must protect it
    Time to man up

  353. @le grave
    what did you last do for us to preform bette?
    ever cheered a player that had a rough period? ever done anyting for the players to contribute more?
    nah did not think so.

    You are just a bottler like the rest of em. When things dont go as you want, when you think everyone plays shit, you just sit down and die. Not once did it ever occure to you that they need backing fron the fans.

    All you do is moan. You are one of the reasons they are so crap Legrave.
    If we loose we all know you and your lot was part of the reason.

    Look at MikeSA, he manages to be give constructive criticism(most of the time anyway) and have a discussion about stuff. you, you just moan. You are like cancer to our club, slowly killing us off.

  354. @ stanley m , 19:45, f*** off, troll c***.

  355. wenger’s post match comments???? anyone????

  356. hmm have i been misbehaving Yogi since im getting moderated?

  357. Cuntish game for obvious reasons.

    One major positive for me was our back 4. Won everything in the air, looked solid and Szcz was commanding. Gibbs made a couple bursts forward, interceptions, I think he’ll do well. Kos + Verm have so much heart, and Sagna was his usual self.

    Rosicky looked good in possession as well, needs a bit more penetration though. I was impressed at how fluid our front 3 were in the first half, just missing that final ball…

    Decent result overall, but I think the biggest thing was the improvement of our back 4, our obvious weakness in recent years. If we can keep it tight the goals will undoubtedly come.

    Up the arse!

  358. rahl, I really hope the manager and players don’t have your defeatist attitude to the season. It’s day one, game one of a 38 game season. Not even the invincibles won every game.

  359. Legrave on tour

    Evil –

    Its sad that you have to resort to name calling but I wont sink to your level.

    Poodle –

    Yes mate everyone who isnt singing the praises of the team must be in fact wishing that they lose, its just black and white to you right. Thats why I spend my money going to games, just to watch us lose, youre so right.

  360. @ Passenal
    They might have warned him, but heat of the moment, and all that. And also hearing about a player is one thing, experiencing him is another.

    Barton just seems to have a pathological hatred of anyone with a French connection.

  361. I heard parts of the stadium chanting “spend some fucking money”. Someone please tell me that was the geordies, not our away fans!?

  362. arsenadikt

    From @sammetterface on Twitter

    #AFC #Wenger stonewalls on Nasri “I’m not a prophet”

    #AFC #Wenger asked if he might sign Barton “that might be the best solution” (laughter)

    #AFC #Wenger “we are not scared to spend money – important that there’s love between players and fans”

    #AFC #Wenger “you say he dived he says he didn’t – I believe him.”

    #AFC #Wenger “we lack something with our final ball- we didn’t give them a chance”

    #AFC #Wenger “i feel we had a solid performance, they defended well, difficult for us”

    #AFC #Wenger “(barton)he gets away with it (like last year) he gets a yellow”

  363. Bradys right foot

    rahl | August 13, 2011 at 8:08 pm

    If I could take off my Arsenal glasses and wipe my mind clean of everything I think I know and watch the game agaoin as a neutral I come to the conclusion that Arsenal were superioir in every department and overall a much better team than Newcastle. The only thing that held us back today was that the final pass or in Gibbs case that cushioned header. We did create and our play up and around the box was full of movement but poor execution of a few short passes got the barcodes of the hook. Im not having this line that we didn’t create.

  364. @Passenal – hmm now that you mention having a defeatist attitude, I was slightly worried at our second half performance. at one point i wondered to myself whether the players had become a little discouraged, they seemed not to have as much energy and belief

  365. Henristic

    It was the Arsenal away fans.

  366. @ Boss

    Defended the set pieces well?

  367. legrave if you go to the games i bet you are one of those that boo the lads when they preform bad.

  368. The way Barton did it, it would be hard not to react. He should have seen red first.

  369. but dont let me lecture you. just tell me one thing.

    What do you think the fans should do to help the lads winn?

  370. And knowing Barton I would not be surprised if the ‘physical’ treatment was accompanied by some ‘verbal’ abuse designed to push buttons. He is a waste of good oxygen. I hope I’m around to see him get his comeuppance.

  371. Bradys right foot

    Its the old cliche isn’t the best performance in the world doesn’t matter as long as the ball doesn’t hit the back of the net.

  372. @Henristic
    Away fans. Chanted it twice, can’t do much about it but I felt they had bad timing with it. Second time they started chanting it was just a couple of minutes after we went down to 1ß men.

  373. well as AW says, he gets away with it and it is a match changer. why not continiue? Nobody will ever give him a red card agains Arsenal anwya.

  374. @FunGunner – was that a real question, statement or sarcasm? if it was a statement i agree

  375. blimey, must have missed it.
    did theo really come on ?

  376. Legrave on tour

    Poodle –

    I dont boo as I have stated here before.

    The second question, all you can do is cheer the team on. I have discussed on here before the chicken and egg situation of fans motivating players and players getting the fans on their feet. I dont have time to go into it now but next time I see you here I will give you my more in depth thoughts on this matter.

    I dont want to lecture you mate, I just dont want you jumping to conclusions based on nothing. There will be plenty of trols on here today, dont jump down my throat! 😉

  377. FG, Passenal
    I might be wrong, but his hatred might have started when Nasri embarrassed him by clipping him in 2009. Before then he was his generally cuntish self, but never particularly focused on us. Since then however, I get the feeling that he reserves his worst for us.

  378. Spend some fucking money Wenger

    61% possesion and only two attempts on goal

    As an attacking force we were clueless.No Cesc no Nasri no spark in midfield

    Song will get a 3 match ban when the FA review his stamp,just like Bowyer on Sanga last season

  379. @ Boss
    It was a question – I haven’t seen the match yet, only heard the Arsenal Player commentary and it sounded like they had. but since you were giving a summary I thought I’d check with you!

  380. If it’s us, it’s because Wenger is French and we have had a lot of French/francophone players. Barton is a francophobe – the teammate he assaulted was French, wasn’t he?

  381. Really controlled the game well and pretty much closed down their attack. Obertan came on and made a bit of a differnce, but even he was relatively well handled. Was a bit disappointed with our final ball, the decision-making was a bit off from everybody considering how many times we got in to the spaces.
    A shame Song had to stamp on Barton as he is bound to pick up a ban for that which means we will likely be without Song and Gervinho for Liverpool’s visit and either or both of them could even get a three match ban. I know Gervinho won’t know much about Barton, but Song probably should have known better. Maybe he was getting revenge for Diaby last season.
    How Barton manages to con refs and stay on the pitch is beyong me. Shouldn’t he have received a yellow for confronting the fourth official after the Song incident?

  382. @FunGunner – I thought we did well defending the set pieces, off the top of my head I can’t remember any chances. We won almost everything in the air, although it must be said that their delivery was poor at times

  383. Bob,

    That right there is a good enough reason to stop following Arsenal and the EPL. I mean are you fucking kidding me? Is that football? Seriously? HA HA. You’ve got a team full of thuggish players who come to fight football not play it. And the regerees and the FA, fully supports such a football to exist in England. So many fouls. I kind of understand why Barca dive and shit, it is the only way to play under such footballing mentality. Europe is the only place where beautiful football can place, not England. I was glad to see Frimpong, built as Tiote, but actually might know how to play football as well.

    Very dissapointed with our players not sticking up with Gervinhio. He turned out the bad guy on the pitch, he should’ve punched him half an hour back. Is Barton a footballer? That is a headline I would read from the English press. Your media is pathetic. Despite it being England, and me being from a third world country. Media both places, under the prevalent world system, is utterly shit.

    I will stand by Arsene the whole season, nontheless. When cuntish players like Fabregas, nasri, Viera, cant understand loyalty, and what Arsene is up against. We as supporters, at least the sane ones, should stick by Arsene through thick and thin. And I do believe with the right support from the fans, acrross all specturems, we can assault the media, for their biased ways. And generate some fairness towards ourselves. This pathetic injustice can be stopped.

    Arsene had 8 defenders on the pitch in the dieng minutes. Ha ha. Hilarious. The poor man is being fucked over by cunt players, fuck them. Bring in new ones. Others are ready to figh for him in the youth system. Very talented. Both of genuine intents, and selfish intents as well. But soon, a team will rise, that will fuck over european football, for a good long time. It’s in the making. But nevertheless, at least that is the intent, our cause, and we need to be in support of it. Throughh thick and thin.

    That was ACLF last 4 years on here. You can accommodate some differing opinions, but we can’t budge from our stand.

    Dont care about the misspells, you ‘we’re all so literate here’ folks:P There a smiley as well.

    Gervinhio will take time. He thinks it’s the french league. He’ll have to be at his best, to dominate here. Some good signs with movements though. Delivery can be better. But we lacked Cesc, we will have to replace him if he leaves, from outside. Or else we won’t win anything BIG this season.

  384. FunGunner

    That might be a point but his own team has as many French players as Arsenal.

  385. The defence was superb. Barton is a cunt. Fuck biased/incompetent referees.

    We need to sign at least one creative midfielder to replace Fabregas and Nasri. I’m sure Wenger could see that,despite dominating we didn’t really have a player who could split their defence open. Except maybe Arshavin, he looks really up for it, I would love to see him do well this season.

  386. Bradys right foot

    We didnt create.Only 2 shots on target all game.The final ball was bollox.We lacked creativity in midfield.Gervinho can beat a man for fun but his final ball was crap

  387. I’ve gotta say, RVP and Gerv shocked me with some of their decisions in and around the box. Hopefully that’s just rustiness..

  388. Thanks evil and lew.
    That is disgraceful behaviour. They didn’t need to do that.

  389. le Grave: “Yes mate everyone who isnt singing the praises of the team must be in fact wishing that they lose, its just black and white to you right. Thats why I spend my money going to games, just to watch us lose, youre so right.”

    What’s with you realists and money? What makes you think your shit seat wouldn’t be filled by ten other people in less than two minutes? Money doesn’t make you fuckers special, it only means that you can pay for a ticket and nothing more. And it’s not about singing your team’s praises. However, it would be nice if you didn’t display such delight in watching us draw our opening game, you prick.

  390. they werent chantting ‘spend some money’
    they were chanting ‘what ya doing wenger’

    wengers grip is slipping
    this summer will piss too many people off for him to brush it under the carpet..

  391. Cesc isn’t leaving.

  392. @ Boss
    Thanks. Kos seemed to be re-creating his displays against Barca last season.

  393. Song and the other Arsenal players who hugged Barton at the end should be ashamed of themselves.Bunch of soft pussies.Would Adams Keown on Viera have hugged him?no they would have throttled him.Just sums up the modern day Arsenal player

  394. Henristic

    That was the away fans who are usually the most loyal, I worry about what will happen at the Emirates if we lose to Udinese or Liverpool after selling Fabergas and Nasri.

  395. @FunGunner – I did notice all 11 of our boys in the box for a corner in the 1st half, which seems like overkill to me. Not having an outlet to break quickly definitely hinders our counter attacking ability. I can’t remember whether or not we’ve always done this, but I suppose if it helps us not to concede I suppose it’s worth it

  396. If we buy anyone will always depend on the way the situation with Nasri and Fab develops. Wenger is not going to buy until they are off.

  397. premier league ref are a disgrace to the game.

    kieran richardson decision.

    barton decision

    all on the first day of the season already.

  398. @ Boss | August 13, 2011 at 8:46 pm
    Playing a bit too safe?

    @ Evil | August 13, 2011 at 8:46 pm
    Yes – it’s like being in a house-buying chain, isn’t it?

  399. We were a bit sluggish on offense, not sharp with the final ball and a bit slow of pace, but the team played terrific on defense. I said that this team has lacked something intangible. Part of that intangible component is smarts. Barton’s a c&nt but Song and Gervinho have to be smarter than that, particularly after what happened last year at St. James. Should’ve left the fighting for us supporters in the pub, which is exactly what flared up today between a Gooner and one of the peanut gallery. Yes, we’ve had a whole summer’s worth of anger building up here in Arsenal land. Anyway, proud of the all around defensive effort and the cries about spending money should be saved for tomorrow. For today, applause for the effort.

  400. Evil

    Only problem with that is that teams know we have money and they up their prices which means we might lose out on the player.

  401. @ FunGunner – Perhaps, I mean I’m not too sure what a small guy like Gerv adds in defence. Better safe than sorry though.

    Anyone see Frimpong shirtless before being subbed on? The dude is MASSIVE!

  402. Bradys right foot

    Favourite part of the game today was Kozzer v Ameobi early on in the second half. Ameobi handed Kozzer off with a full shove in the face followed by a shoulder, Kozzer still made the tackle.

    Is Kozzer still shit with the doomers btw or has he moved into Song territory where they hate that he’s good.

  403. If that’s what we can expect from opposition in the Prem this season then we won’t miss players like Fabregas and Nasri as we handled the midfield and possession brilliantly. We have to be more ruthless though, charging after the break outs quicker, taking a few more shots taken earlier and more quality in the final ball. This is surely nothing new and was the same last season even with Fabregas and Nasri in the team, camping out in the other team’s half and playing the ball backwards and forwards round their area requires a very accurate final ball. Would love to see us mix it up a bit with some quick breaks and more snap shots as we are too predictable for those teams who want to park the bus, even at their own grounds. Clubs appear happy to give us possession and pull the drawbridge up, waiting for a chance to nick one against the run of play.
    We don’t need a whole raft of new players to change this, just a willingness to mix up our play. Players like Gervinho and Walcott who provide plenty of pace can be instrumental in this.

  404. Eboue's Boutique

    the awaysupporters really needed that red card to get going in the right direction again.

    a bit disapointing tbh…

  405. em ref aside –

    where is the turbo fast arsenal that has been touted about lately.

  406. Eboues boutique,

    Pathetic support. Worst it would have been at Emirates.

  407. I really hope RVP isnt thinking about buggering off aswell, The key to this season is Wenger creating a hungry side with great morale. If Wenger can get the morale levels right up there and everyone being happy bunnies with a couple of experienced players to replace tweedle dum and tweedle dee we could challenge.

    3 shots on target today after all our nice build up play is a worry. and have we carried on our end of season form into this season?

  408. I’d say koz is our best defender aswell.

  409. dukey

    RVP is the only gem we now have. not his usual brilliant self. i wonder what he is thinking.

  410. I think there are a lot of positives to be taken away from this match:

    Firstly, the key gripe of many before the game was that the defence wouldn’t hold up, with an inexperienced keeper and left back. I thought Gibbs was decent, and surely as good if not better than Clichy. As for Vermaelen and Koscielny, I thought both were immense. The fact that Chesney had nothing much to do the entire match was not just down to the inepitude/tactics of Newcastle, but how both repelled everything Newcastle threw at them. They tried testing us at crosses and set pieces, but all were repelled safely. And once again, Koscielny made several crucial interventions to prove that his heroics against Barcelona was not a one-off. Chesney and Vermaelen also shone, but Koscielny really stood out. While most would point and say “It’s only Newcastle”, but I do think given the debacles with Newcastle in recent seasons, it was a stern test and we passed it defensively.

    Secondly, the midfield looked competent, with flashes of potential. I think we did miss Wilshire, and perhaps still a little tentative at times, but all in all I was rather heartened by the performances of Rosicky, Song and Ramsey. As for Arshavin, I would think that he would be more useful being an impact substitute, or filling Rosicky’s position in rotation. As usual he ghosted in and out of the game, and yet managed to create some excellent chances. As for Gervinho, he showed flashes of brilliance, and was a pity he could not keep his cool and succumbed to Barton’s baiting. As for Walcott, I thought he was okay when he came on, but was not really able to capitalize that much on his speed to add to Arsenal’s offensive play. As for RvP, he didn’t seem to be at his best but still had his chances (esp the freekick).

    I believe the overall prognosis is positive, it is obvious that some work has been done defensively over the summer, I thought the first half especially was rather encouraging, showing glimpses of how a post-Fab/Nasri Arsenal would look like. A pity there wasn’t any end product; maybe some tweaking is needed in terms of finishing.

    Nothing to be really depressed about though. Clean sheet, plus none of the home teams won today (including the so-called revived Liverpool). 2 away wins and 4 draws (and 1 postponed match); I think fixtures for Chelsea and Man U are rather tricky too (and away from home), and might continue with the trend of drawing.

  411. A fit Diaby will help our cause no end

    We will be without Gervinho and Song for Liverpool and United.
    Still it looks like Kos and TV will be immense for us
    Djourou will be able to cover Song if he gets a ban

    It was not good today but it could have been a lot worse

  412. Bradys right foot

    I know what he was thinking, “Why The Fuck did I not swing my right peg at it”, when on three occaisions he passed up shooting opportunities on the weaker wing.

  413. my worry is that RVP is getting disilussioned with the ambition being shown by the fukin board.

  414. Load He might be thinking” I will never let myself down and become a mercenary cunt like some of my mates”

    What do you want to think he thinks?

  415. Dukey I am disillusioned with you 🙂

  416. I think a Rosicky-Wilshire-Ramsey midfield triad with Arshavin and Walcott on the wings is just as good, if not better, than the one fielded against Newcastle today. Never rains but always pours.

    Still, perhaps the red card on debut could perhaps be a good omen for Gervinho, since Koscielny proved to be massive for Arsenal, despite the opening-day red card too.

  417. george,

    I knew i bloody spelt disillusioned wrong!

  418. “The players have shown a commitment that deserves the support of the fans.” Arsene Wenger

  419. @Bradys right foot – RVP is usually never afraid to use his right foot, he’s pretty much two footed, or so I thought. Maybe it was a lack of confidence? I was very surprised he didn’t have a go

  420. dukey 9.18


    completely agree.

    finally, you have mentioned the real problem at afc. the greedy profit grabbing board.

  421. As First Lady mentioned earlier, RVP does tend to start slowly. An off day this early in the season is not worthy of concern.

  422. We only one extra defender and a top notch striker to partner rvp, midfield I think we have enough options. Frimpong is a good back up to song and I think the ox n miyachi bring in creativity. But if we were to get a player like benzema I think we tear teams apart. I wouldn’t panic too much today only thing that let us down was the passing in the final third, if we were a bit more composed we could have definitely scored more.

  423. I’ve now watched the incident several times and have come to these conclusions:

    1. It was defo a penalty
    2. Barton had no right to get involved
    3. The ref was influenczd by Taylor who said barton had been elbowed
    4. BARTON took a full 3 seconds to decide to go down after the slap… and therefore purposly tried to get another player sent offF.
    5.The officiating during the whole incident should be analysed by the FA… it was appalling!

    I hope Wenger appeals the red card, if that means Song gets a ban instead then so be it.

  424. loud,Is that the board who does not take dividends?
    Change the fucking record will you

  425. @loud, dukey – What makes you think the board is the problem? Time and again they have said the money is there. Wenger has also said many times that he hasn’t bought players not because of money but because of footballing reasons (ie sufficient quality or need). In countless interviews Wenger has said he believes this squad has the requisite quality to win. Unless you think Wenger is lying to protect the board, I don’t see how you can really blame them.

  426. tosser i will change the record when it pleases me. fuck off dimwit.

  427. I’ve met many guys like Barton in my lifetime, they pretend to be tough and are the first to start a fight. But when you fight back they are the first to call the police and get you charged with assault.

  428. boss fair enough but for me its about attitude

  429. Well let’s say you’re right and it is about attitude, it certainly can’t be the boards. Unless you want a situation where they dictate terms to the manager – a la Chelsea and Abramovich.

  430. Thoughts…

    1. our defence is solid and i hope we can keep the same tempo, concentration and determination all season, if we do we will concede fewer goals than last season.

    2. Gibbs will be a very good left back provided he can stay healthy. Good delivery on his crosses and can dribble as well.

    3. the midfield was sluggish today, and final ball was poor. the season just started so i expect us to pick it up. we were too laborious in possession with no real cutting edge or fluency.

    4. Koscielny is a steal for a defender that good.

    5. We need to find a creative midfielder not a replacement for Cesc, but someone who is very effective and can find the strikers when they make their runs, Rosicky more often than not slows the play down considerably and Ramsey isn’t there yet.

    6. Frimong is built like a tank, holy shit!

    7. We missed wilshere today, hope his injury isn’t too serious.

    8. need a bit more pace in our passing and movement in the final third but i expect that to improve as season progresses. A lot of these players only played 45min in most of the preseason games.

    9. A little fucking patience is needed from the fans.

    10. Support the fucking team and stop over-analyzing every performance. they need our support.

  431. no but i think they are happy with 4th every season just so they can turn maximum profit. do you think much of this money is put back into the team ?

  432. The board is hanging the manager out to dry i think they need to support him and get him the help he needs via new players. Otherwise i fear Arsene could be made the scapegoat here and usually it’s the scapegoat that takes the fall.

  433. Well do you want them to force players on Wenger? That worked out so well with Torres and Ancelotti. Rightly or wrongly, Wenger has confidence in his players so you can’t blame the board for not spending money. Perhaps you can blame the board for being content with Wenger, but that’s another argument all together.

  434. unfortunately i think the board and wenger go very well together, but thats my point. i dont think this is good for a successfull ( fuck it 2 of everything ) arsenal.

  435. i hope the club are happy with the mess they have created..

    wenger and gazidis ought to be ashamed of themselves..
    you know the situation is bad when your own fans boo at the emirates and your away fans chant songs questioning what the managers doing..

    we had a shit ending to last year its followed us right through the summer and its no better this year..

    im failing to see the direction this club is taking..only down

  436. I think Wenger wanted mata, but that the board was to slow to react or did not want to bid enough.

    If it is true that Kroenk vetoed keeping Nasri for one more season the power balance has changed and AW is no longer influencing the economical decisions.

    But this is ofc just speculations.

  437. Loud,what do they do with this profit?
    Is it in their back pocket?

    You are not exactly well informed are you?
    Did you overhear someone in the pub saying that?

    The board will only benefit if the value of shares goes up.The value will go up more if they win stuff.not if they finish 4th.

    At least have an inkling about what you are talking about.
    And you call me a dim wit?
    Deary me

  438. jon jon i’m agreeing with you but i do think weng and the board will strive for 4th if only for the gate receipts.

  439. When analysing Arsenal I think it’s important to consider all factors, especially the economic climate and changes in football today (ie ridiculous spending by Man City, FFP, etc.)

    All things considered, the fact that our squad has the POTENTIAL to beat anyone and win anything on our day, because of sheer quality, not luck, means that our club is headed in the right direction.

    How many clubs can say they have our playing quality as well as stability?

    Winning is great, and it takes time. But if you’d like to do it at all costs then you might as well fuck off to Barcelona and their 400M debt.

  440. boss fair comment. but this attitude has been with arsenal for a long time now. and personally speaking i remember beggining to think this pre weng era.

  441. Even Chris Waddle see things that are invisible to some of our fans

    He said our passing and movement is a joy to behold.Some of our fans call it tippy tappy shit.Go figure!
    Also he said that if Man City come in for one of your players there is little to be done.Yet some of us think its because Arsene and the board show no ambition.

    Some of our fans need full time care.They are too stupid to understand how stupid they are

  442. Are you sure that has always been our attitude? Surely you didn’t think so when we were going a whole season unbeaten. I just think that with our stadium, global climate, emergence of other clubs, etc, this is a different type of cycle for us.

    I can’t think of any teams (except maybe Man U during the Premier League era) that have won consistently over the course of their history. Having said that, if this is our lean patch, well it’s really not so bad is it?

    As for pre-Wenger, I was 6 when he was appointed so I can’t comment.

  443. Mixed messages today.

    Draw not a unexpected result at St. James.

    Liverpool draw at Anfield very encouraging.

    Grreat job to keep a clean sheet. ood start at the back. Hope that continues

    66% of ball possession and only 2 shots on goal and no real end product. Same old, same old. Still early but not optimistic that our coaching staff is willing to do what it takes to make us more efficient..

    Joey Barton is bull dung. We should never rise to his bait.

  444. boss i’m 3rd generation gooner and a fan since i was 7. the first time i remember this attitude thing coming in to play was the abscence of a quality partner for wrighty. something like a target man playing close behind – then with the arrival of the man etc. arsenal just didnt seem to want to take the extra step.

  445. george rodger he fought hard to keep him even in the face of all their petro-dollars, but Nasri couldn’t be swayed and I suspect in the end it was SK as the majority shareholder who had the final say.

  446. Passenal.Yes he did ,But he gets no credit ,or so it seems

  447. are you guys serious? whats with all the damn moaning? come on, are you guys that weak and miserable?

    First game of the season and all of you guys know exactly what we need? how on earth is that possible?

    Take a deep breath and look again, we just lacked the final pass and or our shooting boots. We totally dominated the game and Newcastle barely had room to take a shot.

    It was not the best but there were many good signs.

    JJ,you are too unstable.

    Colney, I thhink you over analyzed the game actually.

  448. Paul N –

    How so? 🙂

  449. Whats with the mohawk? frimpong, Bartely, djorou and Song.

    is it some kind of team bonding or something?

  450. no george, he’s damned whatever he does.

    Jack is probably going to get into trouble for his Twitter comments, but he’s not wrong!/JackWilshere

  451. Bill, do you think you know better then Wenger? and I thought a clean sheet would do it for you actually.

  452. Eboue's Boutique

    Great post colney @ 9:44. thank you.

    I agree with all of it and I want to repeat #4 again. Koscielny is class class class.

    You could see it from the first friendly but people still chose, out of the blue, that he’d be a scapegoat just because he wasnt the big name defender they wanted. I bet if he’d cost 25mil they’d be satisfied though.

    Anyway. When he was brought down vs Liverpool in the first game last season and got carried out, people thought he had broke his leg, I was like “poor Kos, he could’ve been so good” but then he came on and dominated again. those 2 yellows would’ve never been given if he was terry or rio ferdinand. They were really cheap. Atkinson just wanted to even it out 1-1 in sending offs, since he sent off joe cole already. Harsh for koscielny and people started to slag him off blindly (as expected).

    Next game, blackpool at home. our first homegame of the season. I happened to be there and had decided long ago I was going to buy a shirt and guess what name i decided to have on the back. Koscielny was the guy who needed my support and i never regretted it for a second.

    I hope he can have an injuryfree season. He’ll be huge for us.

    People really underestimate him in the air btw. He was huge in alot of awaygames last season. I remember when he was headbutted to the ground by Kevin Davies, he got back up after a while and kept winning everything in the air.

    He had it all except for some strength and experience when he came and those are probably the easiest attributes to improve. He’ll be our best Centreback by the end of the season if he isnt already. He’s proven himself to be a fighter aswell. Love the guy.

    Sry for long post and even if we’re looking slowstarted, please have faith.

    Good night folks.

  453. Bill: “66% of ball possession and only 2 shots on goal and no real end product. Same old, same old. Still early but not optimistic that our coaching staff is willing to do what it takes to make us more efficient.. ”

    Bill, the team is without two key players and we played someone upfront who has had all of 120 mins. with the squad. Don’t you think it’s fair to give the team at least one game to sort themselves out before mouthing off about our coaching staff and its willingness to make our front three more efficient? You’re such a drama queen sometimes, jeez.

  454. the whole club is unstable..

  455. Gains, especially when he normally spends most of his time bemoaning our d-fence! But I guess some people just can’t be happy unless they have something to complain about.

  456. Stop being so bloody melodramatic JJ! Jeez man, talk about over the top mate!

    Decent result today, gervinho had quite a debut didnt he! Defence was solid and the keeper (whp was it again Passenal???) was decisive and brave. The midfield was pretty sharp and I hope the FA dont follow that spud commentators lead and retro actively do him.

    As for barton> he is scum.

    Up the Arse!

  457. whatever you say bro.

  458. “But I guess some people just can’t be happy unless they have something to complain about.

    Quite a few of them on here.

  459. Do Song I meant.

    The forwards were a bit rusty, which is kin of understandable. I hope we do try and get in a striker to ease the burden on RvP.

  460. @ Paul-N
    If we had had the reverse situation, ie looked fantastic in attack and frail in defence, I would have expected the moaning. This is a good foundation. And good evidence today that the problem was lack of organisation, not lack of quality. The front players need games together, is all.
    We haven’t lost anyone to injury, either!

  461. So far.

  462. jon jon talking of being unstable – now its my turn. enjoy.

  463. My sentiments exactly FunGun.

    As far as strikers Dex, I say give Walcott a go.

  464. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but Gareth of the band Los Campesinos! just tweeted “Barton picking Gervinho up by the collar with the ball still in play should have resulted in an Arsenal penalty, clearly.”
    I hadn’t even thought of it that way but he’s absolutely right.

  465. as expected people and media are more interested in the “slapping” than in what happend before the slapping.
    Reading match reports Barton is the victim her.

  466. I’m still holding fast to my 20p Dex!

  467. dex how does going into the new season like this help us
    the fans clearly arent behind the manager as it stands so how does the team expect to get a good start when all they hear is boos..
    those boos wont go away until wenger pulls his finger out..

  468. Gervinho got fouled .it was a pen. Instead he gets a red card.

    We have no fucking chance with refereeing like that,again.
    And it will get worse Song will get a ban.For sure

  469. wow Vince that means we should have had a penalty too…

  470. did we get booed today?

  471. poodle | August 13, 2011 at 11:14 pm

    Are you really surprised poodle? Barton is a gritty Englishman. The English media is never going to criticise him for having a dig at a French speaking African from a team with a French manager.

  472. it should have been a pk because the ball was still in play, many people have overlooked that.

  473. The referees are either corrupt or incompetent colney. It’s possibly the latter, but if the FA don’t sort it out soon, more people are going to suspect the former and start turning away from the game.

  474. People are booing because they are ignorant twats.They most likely dont know why they are doing they are just joining in,A bit like the looters.Just trouble makers with the IQ of an ice-cube,
    They deserve to be thrashed in the fashion of Basil Faulty with a branch from a tree.

  475. Vince | August 13, 2011 at 11:13 pm

    ..“Barton picking Gervinho up by the collar with the ball still in play should have resulted in an Arsenal penalty, clearly.”
    I hadn’t even thought of it that way but he’s absolutely right.

    colney | August 13, 2011 at 11:19 pm

    it should have been a pk because the ball was still in play, many people have overlooked that.

    That makes the whole thing even more sickening.

  476. fuck. thats really made the day. arsenal slumming, having to read georges posts and now ive got red wine all over m’ rizlas.

  477. @passenal not suprised just wondering how much longer its any point to watch PL. And its not only us(even though it feels like we are the vicitms more than others).

    All the smaller clubs get it all the time too. The refs are just not good enough. Its such a shame when the refs ruin games like this.

    Regarding Joey Barton. Well what can you say? the man is on a 80k a week contract up in Newcastle.

    If that was an arsenal player doing something like that. say Frimpong or Song i would be utterly embarrased. Ok song stamped him but nobody saw it so it went unpumished. He probably will get redcarded for it retrospectivley

    Barton assaulteed Gervhino and EVERYBODY saw it yet he only gets a yellow card. Everybody saw it though, its like daylight robbery with the blessing of the police.

    Barton assaults Gervhino while they ball is still in play. He gets a yellow card for an offence inside the penalty box yet no penalty is given??

    Its so many errors here its ridiculouse. I dont think Fa really can digg into this mess, the conclusion will just paint a to clear picture of them having no control what so ever.

  478. but Passenal you know its bad when even Robbie Savage is shocked. He usually thinks Arsenal is a bunch of loosers.

  479. no dukey thats the home fans
    but our away fans are asking questions..

  480. The board probably spilled it

  481. poodle, Jack Wilshere may only be 19 but he’s called out Barton on Twitter and described what he did to Gervinho as an assault. It will be interesting to see how the scum reacts when he sees it.

  482. sure as shit they aint charging me for it.

  483. JJ you are up and down like a fiddler’s elbow 🙂

  484. Well done, Jackie W. The boy has guts.

  485. george that episode is legendery..
    love it..
    your right though booing is very much a bandwagon doesnt help neither do the negative songs today but i think my concerns are valid..

    if this continues how do you think we are going to do this year..
    i dont know whos running the PR department but he better wake up sharpish

  486. it looks like Gervinho slipped on Barton’s foul turd. Last year it was Diaby this time Gervinho. I thought someone in the dressing room would’ve warned him about the pitfalls of the premiership but it does not look like anyone told him anything. He did not dive it was a pen maybe a soft one but he did not dive then the thug took the law into his own hand and decided Gervinho had dived and needs to be kicked. I hear Stan Collymore saying we need someone like Barton to stand up to diving . Really? very funny a thug has now become a hero and he can just walk around the pitch and decide who dived and who didn’t and if he feels like it he can grab anyone from the shirt and swing them around. the funny thing is Barton wanted to show how tough he is and yet he fell like sack of spuds to get Gervinho sent off.Pathetic.

    I thought we had many, many chances and I beleive the players are still rusty and need few games to get going.The comentator could not stop saying how we miss Nasri and Fabregas yet in this fixture last year We threw away a 4 goal lead when we had Fabregas in the side. They try to give the impression that Arsenal are suddenly the worst team in the premiership but that wasn’t the case today.

  487. i hope Gibbsy can stay fit, he is going to be a top player for sure. We can see the dilema Wenger has regarding the defence coz TV,kos,gibbs and saggy is a good backline and i think Wenger wants this as his first choice line up, maybe the Dann option is the right one for us then.

  488. WOW, it was def a pen.

    How did 3 refs not see that?

  489. 1lc, they are just looking for an excuse to continue with their “club in crisis” agenda and judging by JJ and Duke, they have plenty of takers for it. It’s one game. Had we won the game, would that have made us contenders in their eyes? I highly doubt it since they are constantly looking for any excuse to be negative.

    At least we have another game in a couple of days and Gervinho will be able to play in that one.

  490. First of all Gervinho dived, there’s no question about that,” the Newcastle manager said. “Joey’s reaction was to chastise him, which you can understand, and then there was a tussle and Gervinho slapped him. You can’t do that. I’m not going to defend Joey to the hilt, I’ve had my run-ins with him too, but on this occasion he was calm. He was just incensed at an opponent attempting to con the referee and I don’t think that makes him a villain. He’s just an opinionated boy, that’s all.”

    Pardews explanation.

  491. Duke,I still think Cahill because it would allow Djourou to cover Song as DM.

    Cahill 3rd choice but 1st against all the hoofers.

    But I am shit at Champ Man so there you go

  492. dukey | August 13, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    Cor blimey duke, I think I’m going to have to mark this comment, because you are finally starting to see that maybe there is method to Arsene’s madness! Wonders will never cease!

  493. Limstone, there were quite a few matches last season with Cesc and Nasri when we didnt cause any problems. For my money, we got in good positions today and our final ball was wayward or we passed or took an extra touch when we shouldve had a shot.

    Funny, if we can play this “poorly” and dominate Castle like this, I believe it is a good sign.

  494. poodle | August 14, 2011 at 12:00 am

    And of course that version will hold sway because people are only too quick to believe that foreigners dive and Englishmen are as honest as the day is long.

  495. Great point about the penalty…..
    But the Press will totally ignore that in their desire to slag-off Wenger.
    They won’t be satisfied until they’ve driven him out of English football.

  496. And what’s sadder still, is the amount of Arsenal fans assisting them [Press] in their campaign to get Wenger the sack…

  497. allezkev and dont forget Sky Sports .

  498. I totally depair at the attitude of certain Arsenal ‘fans’.
    Liverpool spent upwards of £100million on their team.
    Are the Press going to slag off King Kenny after drawing at home???

  499. Yeah George and all our ‘mates’ on Talkshite.
    I cringe when you get ‘Arsenal’ fans on there talking a load of bollocks.
    You can just hear Adrian Durham rubbing his hands…

  500. I have never felt so despondant going into a season.
    And the reason i feel so despondant is listening to ‘Arsenal’ fans slagging off my club.

  501. I have seen some fairly shitty Arsenal teams…..
    And believe me, this isn’t one of them…

  502. Glad i got that off of my chest… 🙂

  503. Fungunner- Henry Winter bullsiht, can keep his rubbish to himself. He needs to get his facts right. Gervinho DID NOT DIVE.Lazy journalism.If he could not be bothered to invistigate the incident himself at least he could’ve watched MOTD then write his rubbish. Replays showed he was clipped.

  504. They will say to themselves “Ok it was not a dive but since it is Arsenal lets pretend we did not see the replays” that will suit their agenda and continue hounding Arsenal and Wenger. What pleasure do they get from it?

  505. Dupsffokcuf, you may well laugh, but there are Arsenal fans out there, stupid enough to believe it.
    I bet Spectrum believe’s it….

  506. Spectrum is not intelligent enough to know it is not true.

  507. But doesn’t it worry you Dups, that there are ‘so-called’ Arsenal fans out there?
    My God, there are whole blogs full of them….

  508. ‘like him’….

  509. dupsffokcuf- excellent, that was comical. the picture is really funny. Possibly a Spurs fun on a work placement at the Mirror. they will pay his bus fare and tell him not come back, bad writing and bad Photoshop work.

  510. Can you tell who’s face is it? the hands look like Adebayor’s

  511. Barton = Twat. End of story.

    Song = Idiot.He should’ve known better considering what happened last season. What if he had broken Barton’s leg (yeah, I know)? For someone who was on the team when Eduardo and Ramsey had their legs broken, and who chastised Ade for his stamp on Robin, he should really have done better there. If I was the manager and Song was not suspended by the FA, I would bench him on principle. We have cameras everywhere. Do they really think they can get away with this kind of shit?

    Gervinho = I’ll give him a slight pass on this one, although he was fairly stupid as well. Thought he did well overall in terms of play, though I hope he doesn’t start to make a habit/get a rep for going down easy.

    Gervinho’s red and Song’s incoming ban have really set us back for the next two weeks. However, I am hugely impressed with our defense today.

    I was worried about Gibbs after his yellow, but he performed pretty well after it. He dominated the left wing, so much so that he pushed UP after the red card threw off our formation. In terms of quality, I don’t mind that he replaced Clichy, but I pray he stays injury free.

    Koscielny and Szczesny were fantastic. Great anticipation. More please.

    Btw, did anyone see the incident where we were trying to get Theo on as a sub, and the ball went out of bounds, and Pardew threw it back immediately to prevent the sub? Wenger was pissed off. Newcastle is just not a good place for us in recent history.

  512. George Roger's Mum

    I do apologise for my son as he is an ignorant fool he was abused by AW when he was a child and ever since hes allowed AW to continue to fuck him from behind like the little bitch that he is.
    I feel so ashamed of you George. Grow some balls that AW hasn’t tinkled with.

  513. Oh dear. what a plonker.

  514. GRM

    Come back when you mature. Stupid little boy.

  515. Great start to the season. Am very happy with the performance. Was particularly interested in having Djourou placed in the middle of the formation as a defensive midfield player. He may be a solution.

  516. GRM

    what can i say, the basterds decided the game last year and they did it again this year. maybe we need more eyes to wwatch an assault like that. BARTON you’re. no footballer, nothing but a thug. a racist thug. ARSENAL players of even five years ago, would never shake hand or hug a thug like that. i think the coaches should work on this with them. hell bring martin back ss a coach to work on etiqet on the pitch. this shit with the FA and their soulless refs. isn’t a new thing. i remember a game not so long ago ,in OLD TURDFORD, where manure players butchered REYAS all game long and only when we retaliated the yellow cards started flying out. i think it was that dickbreath RILEY. not sure. four broken legs and counting . i think most in the EPL. unless the fuckers start doing something about players like barton, keane, schols ,ferdinand, neville and similar ilked butchers that call themselves FOOTBALLERS.
    the defence did well.
    the offence needs a game or two more to click. hope the red card is reviewed. we can use gervinho ,the klingon, against pool and manure. and now the away fans. the most passionate. FFS if you Cant be of dome help to the team at least don’t do them damage. i think we can reasonably say they have enough on their plate right now. realy wanted to see VELA stamp himself on the first eleven or even help with the cups. can’t understand why we have to loan him out again. lansbury, and bartly also. ALLESKEV , really enjoyed your posts. agree with much of what you said..


  517. The boys are back!!
    Oh and Mr.Barton your are a right CNUT

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