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Morning all, relatively normal service is being resumed with a troop of outstanding volunteers filling the internet-less breach. Over to the voice of reason, Big Al…

Trying to write a blog to kick off the new season during this week, of all weeks, has been like trying to juggle sand in a hurricane. So I gave up. Nobody knows how we’ll be lining up come the end of August. If we don’t know the personnel, we can only guess the system and style of play.

Still, it’s a brand new day. Congratulations if you managed to make it with your sanity intact. Let’s step outside and see what happened on the surface while we huddled in our bunkers. Don’t worry; it’s not as bad as you might think – the stadium’s still standing, the turf is still green and the ball’s still round.

There are some people for you to meet up there. And it would only be polite to introduce them properly.

Meet Gervinho a bearded Ivorian medallion man, with a hairline that goes all the way up. League and Cup double in 2011. Player of the year for his country, team of the year in France for 10-11. Those who know him do not doubt his ability for a second; Sven-Göran Eriksson charged nothing to sing his praises last week, and France-based journalists, Phillipe Auclair and Ben Lyttleton have waxed lyrical. When we bought Koscielny from Ligue 1 last season it was a bit of a surprise, but Gervinho has been tipped for the top for a couple of years now.

What will he bring to the team? Pace, especially over short distances, speed of thought, movement, no little strength and a shambolic but effective dribbling style, which should all help dismantle a few of those cowardly massed defences this season. He’s a winger who can finish, and dispatch the odd killer pass. We expect to see more of him this season than any of our other signings to date.

Next I give you Carl Jenkinson. A rangy full-back with doleful eyes. He must be the first Finnish player in history to speak with a flawless Eltham accent. In his not so distant youth days he was monitored by us and Manchester United, but suffered a handful of injuries, delaying his first-team debut for Charlton, which only came last season. After eight appearances Addicks fans were sure he could play at a higher level, despite taking a couple of games to find his feet. My Charlton supporting friends don’t like him now, but that’s got more to do with his single-mindedness in joining Arsenal than anything performance-related.

He’s got pace, strength, some of that inborn defensive nous, and can’t fight the urge to get forward – so why should we stop him? One of the best things about him is that he’s a Gooner. I don’t know why that should matter, but it does.

Last of the recruits for now is Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – he’s still only 17, but at first glance he could be twice that; until he smiles, and a youthful joy and confidence shines through. His physique also belies his age; he’s an inch or two short of six foot and looks solid. If he were any shorter we’d call him “stocky”.

AOC was intermittently demolishing experienced teams last season. He made enough of an impact as a 17-year-old to be named in the League One Team of the Season by his peers. January was probably the first time a national audience got to see him play, in the FA Cup against Manchester United. It was a typical smash and grab win by ManU, who were total spectators until Southampton tired in the second half.

Re-watchingAOC’s performance that night; he made some powerful runs and clearly has a turn of pace, but perhaps most exciting were his close control, one-touch passing, and the ease with which he switched to a central role in the second half. To my mind, these are the qualities that marked him out as a potential Arsenal player.

It’s hard to tell how much he’ll play. Much of that depends on what happens to our latest Lord Jims, Cesc and Nasri, and how they could be replaced.

So instead let’s look at a couple of the squad players who get a sniff of first team football for the first time this campaign.

There’s Emmanuel Frimpong; a hyper-enthusiastic defensive-midfielder with a great line in slang. You won’t see many 19-year-olds more powerfully built that aren’tindulging in those special shakes. He’s athletic, unbelievably strong and knows when best to make a challenge. Expect cards though, because this boy does not hold back. This tenacity and power is matched with plenty of technique, as noted by Riquelme and Boca Junior’s coach. He has a good touch, and is adept at moving the ball on first-time. His distribution can occasionally let him down when he’s trying to force a pass, but he’ll surely have a strong understanding with Jack Wilshere, having played along side him for the best part of ten years.

Emmanuel will offer backup for Alex Song, and may face some competition from another young’un, Francis Coquelin who got good grades at Lorient last season and has been in Colombia for the u20 World Cup.

This week we got the news that Ryo Miyaichi has earned a work permit. He’s as quick as a bullet train and nimble as Totoro’sCatbus (as I betray my lack of Japanese references). This time last year he was drawing admiring glances from bashful female classmates at high school. Since then he’s broken his leg, signed for Arsenal and helped turn around Feyenoord’s season cutting in from the left-flank.

In less than 24 hours a convoy of coaches will be rolling up the M1. Nobody will know quite who will be turning out in red and white in Newcastle, but that’s not ours to worry about. For the first few weeks we could be fielding a young team, and it’s up to us to give these lads the boost they’ll need, both on and off the pitch. Anything less is a waste of effort.

Never underestimate the role that you can play.

’til Tomorrow (and yes, there will be a post tomorrow)

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  1. Bloody ‘ell!

  2. That was a refreshing article!

    I’ll be watching from aussie, in the middle of the night! i’m excited as ever, probably more so that football can start and the cesc/nasri deals are finally (ALMOST) done. Great write up on the new guys!

    bring on what this game is about…FOOTBALL! no journo’s, bently’s, agents and adults size pascifiers!!

  3. Nice roundup of the new arrivals. Hopefully they will be joined by a few more before the end of the month.

    Glad to see you’re still about yogi. Was getting worried with the silence!

    Oh, and 1st!

  4. Superb. I was hoping the air would clear when the football started and we’d start actually supporting the team.

  5. thank you for such a breath of oxygen and positive approach around the Arsenal F.C. blogoshitosphere.
    We need badly people who can tell what’s OK with us and why we don’t need to end this world in order to avoid another Arsenal implosion.
    I honestly believe this team is really good even if we lose Cesc and Nasr.
    Your article helps a lot showing people that we bought quality.


  6. We were great before Nasri and cesc and well be great after.

  7. Nice one…looking forward to all your posts for the rest of the season.

    And to all the whingers & toxic brigade (you know who you are) time to stop now & get behind our lads for the season ahead. This our team, support them.

  8. 没有提到后卫线的问题,想要有所突破,后卫上的S18,简直无解

  9. great blog yogi.. but your right.. we all have a part to play in the coming season.. we must all get past our stages of grief and get on with it..

  10. one more thing.. chelski’s Alex anyone.. big, strong and on the cheap

  11. Well said…..sad to see Cesc gone….but the show must go on….one man does not make a team

  12. Well said, a POSITIVE article…!!!!!

    Come on you REDs

    Come on you Arsenal

  13. Brilliant post Al, well done for stepping up. Hope YW is ok. Looking forward to some actual football now the bullshit is nearly over.

  14. Wrightydehenry

    And a revitalised Rosicky and fitter Arshavin???

  15. Nice post OOU. I know that you also follow our youngguns. Seems you don’t rate Henri Lansbury. Should think that if both Nasri and Cesc leave – and even if we buy replacements – it’s an open chance for him and others to grab. The new buys – if they do come – will take time to settle, I’d think. I think it’s an opportunity for the likes of Lansbury which he must grab with open arms. Or maybe Wenger doesn’t really rate him as high as I do!
    Nice having our addiction back Yogi. Two days without a post felt like hell!

  16. xiaofa | August 12, 2011 at 6:36 am . A translation please. Is that Mandarin, Nipponese or Corean?

  17. “Imagine the worst situation – we lost Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that,” Wenger told The Mirror.
    “I believe for us it is important the message we give out. For example, you talk about Fabregas leaving, Nasri leaving.

    “If you give that message out, you cannot pretend you are a big club, because a big club first of all holds onto its big players and gives a message out to all the other big clubs that they just cannot come in and take away from you.

    Well there we have it. Wenger stands condemned by his OWN WORDS. Face it, A.K.B.’s your master has confirmed that we have no ambition., and that we are no longer a big club.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  18. I see the dooming of Arsenal has spread to Red China, with chinese doomers entering the fray.

  19. Rocastle | August 12, 2011 at 6:28 am . Hold that name with honour chum. Rocastle was one of the reasons I became a gooner!

  20. @Kenyan It’s in Chinese. Rough Translation goes like this:

    “(the author) doesn’t mention issues with the backline, if we want a breakthrough, S18 just doesn’t cut it.

    K6 and V5 could perhaps forge a good partnership.

    With Van Persie (so I think) always getting injured, it’s going to be a tough season.”

  21. This from a former (?) A.K.B. ! –
    Your safety in numbers are dwindling……..
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  22. I am one of those who is glad to see the back of Fabregas, Nasri, Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia and Squillaci. Conversely I`m excited with the names Wilshere, Frimpong, Miyaichi,
    Ramsey, Ox-Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Coquelin and Gervinho, not forgetting our two young Polish goalkeepers and our established players. The need to support these young players is very apparent to me and I look forward to signing an experienced centre back, playmaker and striker not to take their place but to rotate with them and let them mature.
    I`m of the age where trophies don`t mean so much as seeing our young talent express themselves and humble the money bags.

  23. nice article atleast we gotta know that there is still sth good about arsenal.we ll be a lot better without fabregas nd masri

  24. Mertesacker not good enough for Arsenal. Wenger obviously prefers Squillaci –
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  25. fofo@7;17 – “We’ll be a lot better without Fabregas and Nasri ?” You’re kidding aren’t you ? We lose Fabregas and we’re a better team ? When he’s in form, Fab is the best midfielder in the world. Last season I read somewhere that he was our leading passer and assist maker, according to the stats. Yes, he’s troubled again this season. But that’s because he’s sick of false assurances from Wenger that the team would be strengthened with QUALITY signings, and that if only he would stay on, we would win the league. He fell for it, and stayed. We ( predictably) collapsed yet again, have not strengthened with QUALITY ( yet again ), so he’s understandably decided he’s had enough. Can’t blame him.
    He also said ” Arsenal must decide if they want to go out to win, or develop players.” link
    here ;
    We’ve lost our best player, our defence is actually weaker than last season, our pre season matches have displayed the same familiar errors, two of our players want out – and the manager is too weak to have sorted it out before this, and you think the team will be better than last season ? There’s a pig flying past your window.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  26. Thank you Big Al for a positive article. Hope all is well with you and yours YW. I know from experience moving can be quite traumatic but at least you where not swallowed up by the riots which is what some of us feared when you did not post. Will miss the game as I will be in Disney World, Florida with The Girlfriend. Ah timing!!! So will wish everyone (except Spectrum of course) a great weekend and COYG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh yea….FUCK OFF Spectrum you twat!!!

  27. Fuck off spectrum u fucking cunt….. Hell of a way for our young lads to begin their season by reading the shite written by you, innit?

    Come on lads…..! Backs to the wall stuff now yeah? Stick together and lets begin the season with a bang!!! Nobody likes us… So fucking what?!! We’re the Arsenal!! We’ll always be the mighty gooners….. Before cesc and after…..

  28. Morning y’all.

    Thanks Big Al for a refreshingly refreshing post.

    Jeez Spectrum, did a nightmare wake you?

  29. Fun post.

    We are the Arsenal. Whoever comes. Whoever goes. We are still the Arsenal!

  30. @spectrum

    What exactly are you trying to say? Anything constructive? Can’t see it.

  31. one more thing.. chelski’s Alex
    anyone.. big, strong and on the cheap.

    Really? Wenger doesn’t see those. He prefers marquee signings. 😀

  32. We pay 12 million up front for another youngster in a position we DON’T have an urgent need to fill, ( Oxlade-Chamberlain ) yet we won’t pay the same amount – 12 mill – for Samba, whose position we DO urgently need to fill ! Is Wenger going senile ?

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  33. great post POU, and good to know YW & FAMILY are well and in a new residence. we were concerned for your well being. may you enjoy much moments of joy in the new place . we missed you YW.
    A VERY INFORMATIVE piece on the team and the new arrivals. I’m filled at the same time with optimism,concern, excitement, sadness, betrayal and a few other emotions. it is what it is ,for better or worse. hope the crew come out like raging guns. make us all proud, against all odds and do the best you can. the only thing any one of can do is to make them feel they are capable of amazing feats this season. it will be one of the most chalanging one yet. i wish them also the best of fortunes. ONE DAY LEFT BEFORE THE THE DAY ALL GUNS GO ABLAZING….


  34. kenyan gunner says:
    August 12, 2011 at 7:08 am

    I rate Lansbury too, but I fear Wenger doesn’t as much. He should’ve been more involved in preseason. Hoping for a breakthrough season for him. Ala Flamini.

  35. * that’s OOU. APOLOGIES

  36. The sheer mysery of Spectrum contrasted with your’ bright new morning’ says it all about the current polarity amongst Arsenal fans.

    Well and bravely said Big Al.

    Sad and cowardly Spectrum.

  37. tateezee@7;35 – Well it’s apparent that nothing will wake you – or your A.K.B. mates.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  38. Scott Dann – is this the “super quality” we are supposed to be bringing in ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  39. Gooneraside@7;40 – It’s constructive, if you see it as it’s intended. And yes, you can’t see.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  40. Do you mind expanding your SPECTRUM of insults? It’s getting boring and annoying.

  41. DNFTT

  42. worry not, there are plenty more cesc’s in the sea.. plus we can all take to heart that our current crop are The Arsenal through and through.. trust me this squad simply oozes quality.. on the other hand nasri can f’off.. we need players commited to the cause.. all it’ll take is an injury or a poor season and city will be in the market for another AMF.. he won’t be given a chance to flourish.. his bed

  43. Legrave on tour

    Good morning people.

    I heard yesterday that the pre match Q&A is at 9, does anyone know if tthis is true?


  44. i would like some ketchup with my fries spRACTUM..

  45. cant wait to see our ivorozillian gervinho in action.. them geordies what know what hit them..

  46. Sprectum is the wart, with the hair sticking out of it, on the bum of life. He knows no other way, has no other purpose, than that of wart. He has no argument or point to himself, no original idea, no idea. He writes only so that we may know life has a wart. Telling him to FO is like telling a wart to fuck off. Making a point to him or with him is a little mad. Personally, I would opt for a scalpel or surgical spirits.

    I am extremely excited about The Ox. This to me is the signing of the summer, in any EPL club. The little I’ve seen says everything about technique, speed, shooting for goal and determination and a beautiful weight on the ball. Wonderful, wonderful. There are signings and signings. Ronaldo and Rooney were (for ManU) such signings. Messi was a signing. RvP was a signing. Henry and Vieira were signings. Bergkamp. When I look at the extraordinary vision of Wenger in selecting young players I am deeply impressed because it is not just The Ox. In fact, amidst all this the crassly stupid criticism, I must admit I have seldom or never been as excited about Arsenal as I am today. Man what a team we are assembling. The hair on the back of my neck says it.

  47. Does anyone know if Barca have actually submitted a bid?

  48. consolsbob – Why am I a “mystery” ? A mystery to those who don’t understand, or don’t WANT to understand. Instead of calling me cowardly, why don’t you and others like you, debate the points I have raised ? This is supposed to be a debating forum, isn’t it ? Well, I’ve given you plenty of ammunition to debate. But it’s easier to just use personal abuse, and keep your fingers in your ears, isn’t it ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  49. Legrave on tour

    Henristic – LOL

    after reading your comment I had a vision of someone kicking the tyres of a car for 8 hours then looking at the owner and saying, Nah its not for me.

  50. An interesting factoid courtesy of Mayank from LG,

    “I can’t believe how similar Cesc and Liam Brady’s career paths have been,
    Both joined the club at 15, quickly got into the first team. Were the best players at their time here.

    Liam scored 59 goals playing 307 matches.
    Cesc scored 57 goals playing 303 matches.

    Liam left the club at age 24.”

    Anyone know what the fans thought of Brady leaving for Juventus in those days? Especially at such a young age.

  51. kamran and Zimpaul – “Imagine the worst situation – we lost Fabregas and Nasri – you cannot convince people you are ambitious after that,” Wenger told The Mirror.

    I await your defence of the above statement. Do we now have ambition or not ? Are we still a big club, or not ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  52. Guys just do what I do, dont read spectrum’s bullshit, if we dont engage him at some point he’s going to get bored and bugger off. Nice one OOU, so excited for tomorrow, atleast the transfer madness is almost over and we can go back to the real thing, watching the beautiful game instead of squabbling about things we have no say in ultimately. On the official site wenger says everything will be resolved quickly so am expecting some news probably before tomorrow on Cesc and Nasri, the sooner the better i say. It is about time we closed this saga once and for all.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we kicked off the season with 1-0 score and the defence having a blinder?or better still let’s go out there and enjoy our game by revenging on that very humiliating outcome last season.Tomorrow cant get here faster enough.

  53. My earlier post – “We pay 12 million up front for another youngster in a position we DON’T have an urgent need to fill, ( Oxlade-Chamberlain ) yet we won’t pay the same amount – 12 mill – for Samba, whose position we DO urgently need to fill ! ”

    Anyone game to debate ? ……Anyone ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  54. we have had f**king ambition up the qazu man. we are also in fight to achive by sticking to the right way and the moral way. open you eyes. its a garganchant task against many many odds and j would say against establishment. have some pride for that and get behind the team. they are giving everything body,soul and blood. grow some balls and be a positive to the cause. don’t deflated them in their mission….

  55. So we’ve got everyone fit apart from Wilshere and Diaby. Thoughts on the team for tomorrow?

    Here’s my punt:

    Szcesny/Fab (really don’t care who makes it)

    Sagna Kos Verm Gibbs
    Ramsey Rosicky Song
    Gerv RvP Arsh

    Subs: Theo, Frimpong, Szcesny/Fab, JD, Ox, Lansbury

  56. Er, anyway.

    Thanks for the friendly comments, guys. Big press conference in a little while.

  57. Always been a dreamer Zimpaul? Tomorrow has to come sometime, for you it seems you are happy to write off the last 6 years, and let Wenger start again in trying to build a loyal youthful team from scratch. Admirable. But his first effort has failed miserably, and everyone wants out. Shall we watch another side grow with promise, flashes of brilliance, only for players to jump ship when they start to deliver on their potential?

  58. I honestly don’t know what to make of Chamakh. He didn’t show ANY sign at all in pre-season of what he might offer us.
    Even Vela managed one of his chipped goals but we saw nada from Marouane. Is he up for it? Can we depend on him?

  59. Henristic, I think SCZC is nailed on as our Number 1. As he should be. Strikes more confidence into his defence than the other two.

    Also agree that Rosicky will sit in the Wilshere role – suited perfectly to share the burden with the young Englishman this season.

    Gervinho – RVP – Arshavin is terrifying.

  60. That’s pretty much how I see it, Henristic. Just wondering, is Ramsey fit?

    And KG, Lansbury slipped my mind. I suppose he’s kind of a familiar face now – it’s easy to forget that he’s barely played for us beyond reserve level. Didn’t he break through to the reserves in 2006? I quite like the idea of him getting games or at least a chance this season.

  61. Hi, Luke. Good to see someone else trying to shake this lot out of their suspended animation deep freeze.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  62. A Cultured Left Foot……my arse!

  63. I just don’t want to hear the “we are young and still learning” excuse rolled out after our first howler induced defeat.

    If you sell your best players, who are about to peak, and replace them with teenagers, then the age of the squad is a non event in my eyes.

  64. i swear you guy here on ACLF are in denial. We can go anywhere with this team. Ramsey n wilshere cant replace cesc. AOC or gervinho can replace nasri. But we are awful rite now. We rili nid 2 invest the fabregas money to show any form of ambition.

  65. OOU,

    on rumours around Ramsey and Arshavin getting injured on international duty
    “From the internationals, everyone is alright. I am positive on all of them, so they should be able to travel tomorrow. Many of them have played 45 minutes to an hour.”

  66. Writing down that team list have made me realise just how lacking in depth we are, especially without Cesc and Nasri.

  67. we are all wide awake ,thank you. and we see the task at hand. And we chose to support the team and the manager. instead of backstabbing.
    HENRISTIC, don’t lose you faith in marouane. he is the consumet team player with ability. he will deliver, mark my words. and he won’t get his head turned by money…

  68. The word was mysery, spectrum. Also spelt misery.

    Memory tells me that we accepted it pretty much, Henristic. He was going to a bigger club than we were in those days. I don’t remember any animosity and he has always been held in deep respect. Glad when he came back as well.

    Of course, he didn’t play footsie with the enemy like cesc.

  69. Just listened to the interview, but I must have switched off at that point, Henristic!

    Still, he did say that Scott Dann was one of the CBs that he’s looking at – which means the quote that emerged yesterday about not being in the market is most likely made up.

  70. wojo to take his place in goal and Fab as the number two. Mu vote for captain,,, BACARY

  71. glad Andrie and Aaron are ok and the injuries not major..

  72. Thank god the season is here. The football can finally do the talking. Contrary to popular belief Arsenal is a big club and with or without Nasri and Fabregas we will still be here. Just as united lived without tevez and Ronaldo so will we. Wenger has something up his sleave…trust.

  73. Thanks consol,
    That’s pretty much what I expected. I guess it shows how supporters expectations have grown over the years, largely due to you-know-who…

  74. Great post, a nice update on new faces we will see in the first team this season. Hoping that there are still more to come and that any transfer monies coming in are spent in new players as we need a squad balanced between youth and experience (and by that I don’t mean age).

    Arsenal seemed to think it was important to give us an update on the Fabregas/Nasri situations on the website yesterday. So why were we treated to a one minute video which said nothing? I would have much preferred if our manager had said that he accepted that both players were likely to leave unless agreement couldn’t be reached on the terms and that the club would seek to spend the monies on new players. Instead we hear that the Cesc situation will be resolved very quickly one way or the other and that the Nasri situation is stable. Neither statement means anything and it seems pointless to even make them. The more clear indication will be that neither player is likely to play tomorrow even though Nasri played for France on Wednesday.

  75. Aussie Jack

    Of that age where trophies are not that important but the development of young players.

    It is this ridiculous and stupid stance that has resulted in the parlous state the club now finds itself in.
    So that when they become established they can be sold on to Manure, Chelsea, City etc. I wonder what JW or VanP would think reading this. They are players with ambition, how long will they stick around while we continue to be a nursery and feeding club for more ambitious clubs. VanP will leave next season and probably Jack following. This really is the site of the truly deluded. Our best players choosing to leave, weaknesses failing to be addressed season after season. Given the calamitous ending to last season (relegation form) we were promised that these issues would be addressed and the team strengthen. Like many, I expected we would hit the ground running and have new signing bedded in ready to start the new season. Unbelievably, nothing has been done to address our needs, only the continually signing of youngsters. Meanwhile we have nearly every expert (journalist, pundits, respected ex players, all predicting a season of struggle to even make 5th spot. No doubt you will get the usual dimwits who inhabit this site dismissing them has doom merchants and predicting success, just as they have no doubt done in the previous six or is it now seventh trophyless seasons. It should be evident to anyone who knows anything about football to see that we are a club in crisis and we need to resolve where our club is going. The balance between youth and experience is wrong, our lack of success makes it difficult to attract the very top players (not that we would ever bid for them, it would destroy our wage structure and also stop the youngsters from getting a chance) In the twilight zone inhabited by the usual contributors I am just a doomer. We are serious challengers for the Title, CL,FA cup etc. We are not weak defensively, we can defend set pieces, etc,etc. And following ANOTHER season of failure we will get the same old excuses, unfair bias officials,penalties not given, injuries to key players, we cannot compete with richer clubs, Arsene knows what he’s doing etc etc. The same unquestioning loyalty, the same acceptance of failure, the lack of ambition, repeating the same the mistakes season after season in the insane belief that it will all come good in the end. Classic sign of madness. I will save this message and post it at the end of season. It will be Arsenes last. Up the Arsenal.

  76. The grauniard reports that Wenger will appoint RvP captain.
    Hmmm, I would wait till he signs a new contract before doing that. He has one year left on his contract right? that means he should be have signed a new one by now following the 24 month ‘guideline’.

  77. OOU another great alternative uplifting post. Great! I would have liked a bot about Lansbury and Afobe, but I am a greedy bazza.

    I do not read spectrums posts, but from accidently reading the odd first line, I wonder if a guy that negative and pessimistic can enjoy it when we win a match. Once you have slated a team and entire era of “your” club, you can no longer enjoy the team. When we win games, it proves Spectrum wrong and he can no longer be classed as a supporter of Arsenal. Arsenal have hired Wenger and maintained his position, they have sanctioned each signing, the ground, the tactic, the plan. And everywhere you look at Arsenal it is Wenger. Even if Wenger left tomorrow Spectrum, he would still leave a massive contribution and effect on this club for ten years.

    Wether you like it or not there is nothing here for you. No joy, or anything that coincides with your vision of football. So do yourself and the rest of the fans on here that can enjoy this club a favour and find another team.

  78. anybody has any updates from the press conference?

  79. Spectrum
    From your comments it is clear you only follow Arsenal because we are a ‘big club’. Therefore, as we are no longer a big club, you can go and ‘support’ Man City to be with the rest of the glory hunters Ade, Toure, Clichy, Nasri.
    Bye Bye!

  80. Luke – we sold our best players because they WANTED to go. They’re disillusioned. They want success, and they’re sick of waiting for the QUALITY signings Wenger keeps promising them (and us), will eventuate. They want trophies – REAL trophies, not imaginary ones like the “top 4 cup” the A.K.B.’s are happy to “win” every year.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  81. I’m not too bothered about Nasri going, Gervinho has looked good from what I’ve seen of him so far, let’s hope he can do it when the shooting starts for real.

    Fabregas is a whole other problem, I don’t think we have anyone who can step into his shoes right now and be anywhere near his level regardless of what people think of the relative merits of Ramsey and Rosicky.

    I don;t know how you make out the defence is actually weaker this season SPECTRUM, Clichy is the only one who has left and the amount of times he just falls down for no reason always alarmed me. He’s already contributed to giving away the winner in the Charity Shield, I suggest you at least give Gibbs a chance to make the position his own.

    It looks like Wenger has gone back a bit and has started buying players with real pace again. The tippy-tappy stuff is hard to pull off against massed defences, but pacy front men who can get behind the opposition will always firghten the hell out of them. We might even get back to having those devastating counter-attacks on a more regular basis, there was a few glimpses of it last year, but when Bergkamp, Henry, Overmars, Anelka, Ljungberg, Pires etc. were at their best it was defending a corner to scoring at the other end in ten seconds.

  82. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Going to a few beers and something to eat with the wife in Dusseldorf, and then watching the game.

    Disapointing we are losing Cesc and Nasri, but it could be an excitnig few weeks to see who Arsene brings in. He will have rarely had this amount of cash at his disposal, so it will be intersting to see what happens.

  83. Luke, I imagine you are a youngish guy, and by the sounds you have real enthusiasm for this club, therefore I make allowances. The way you have presented recent development (that is the last 5-6 years) as ‘just investing in more youth without a result’ or whatever, is the kind of mechanistic approach that lacks depth. The simple acid test for any Arsenal debate is to take out the word ‘trophy’ – as if that is the only thing that ever mattered – and analyse a team and its fortunes, including the new stadium issue (which simply can’t be ignored). Into this new debate arises all the other things that matter; style, method, tactics, passion, players, strategy, development, foundation. No one, to my knowledge, has tried to say Arsenal has no weaknesses or problems, that would be unreal. But one starting point is to imagine a team that has been able (it takes years to achieve such a position, because it can’t be ‘bought’) to offer to its fans, and football fans everywhere, such an exhilirating, modern style of play (truly admired around the world) around a large group of gifted players at such a young average age, with to mind just enough ‘proven mature players’ to ensure cohesion, perhaps one more at the back because Skilly does not excite. It is to my mind unprecedented, although there are comparisons with Barcelona 7-8 years back, Manu at the dawn of their current successes, and the Ajax of old. It is this that is exciting people. In a word it is the combination of players themselves, and the method of play that makes me enthusiastic at the prospect. No Arsenal squad, ever, has looked like this one. The roll-call of players we have assembled simply dwarfs the exit of two excellent players. Whet your appetite and be excited. It is a personal opinion from watching the players but to my mind there is no second guessing the prodigious talents of Chewie, Gibbs, Jenks, Kos, probably Bartley and Miquel; Jackie, Song, Frimpong, Ramsey, and probably Coquelin; Theo, 3Gs, Vela, Miyaichi and Afobe. Enter the Ox. The sheer scale of this, and I have not mentioned all the younger players, tells me Arsene isn’t playing games, nor taking a gamble. He is methodically building the best team. I acknowledge it takes time, trial and error, and a few setbacks. I am already prepared for all that. That doesn’t matter. What only matters is that if he can succeed, we are not talking about a very good team, but a stunning team. And all happening in the club I support.

  84. Thnks Big Al…

    After such a tumultuous Summer
    Another season begins
    New gunners aplenty
    Doomers & sellouts waiting to pounce
    We the believers* choose only to lend support to the cause
    No matter how tricky things might look
    We must close ranks
    Fix up, clear our throats
    And be ready to out-shout the boo-bitches
    At each & every game

    Its going to be long season folks
    And it definitely looks like WAR!

    Long live Arsenal FC
    *RASERS Unite!

    …..i remain goonerSTOKED!

  85. lamia 1 – Brilliant post ! A great summation of where we’re unfortunately, ( but avoidably ) at. Sad, but at least WE’RE being honest. We don’t like doing it, but we’re prepared to be passionate enough about our club, to point out the glaring problems and weaknesses that, incredibly, STILL aren’t addressed. The biggest, of course, being the man in charge of this farce.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  86. ZimPaul

    but I agree with Block4 that our style of play has been focussed around possession and camping out around the other team’s area without some of the pace that led to great break away goals in the past. I would have liked us to give Theo something to chase every so often, but he was usually in our box when we defended a corner when he could have been on the half way line just waiting for that ball out which would set him running. With Gervinho in the team maybe we will see some of that from him this season. What would be depressing would be to see Gervinho break down the wing with nobody busting a gut to get into the area and be on the end of the ball he puts in.

  87. @ OOU

    “Nobody will know quite who will be turning out in red and white in Newcastle, but that’s not ours to worry about. For the first few weeks we could be fielding a young team, and it’s up to us to give these lads the boost they’ll need, both on and off the pitch. Anything less is a waste of effort.

    Never underestimate the role that you can play.”

    Absolutely. Good positive post, nice assessment of our new players.

    @ firstlady
    “Wouldn’t it be nice if we kicked off the season with 1-0 score and the defence having a blinder?or better still let’s go out there and enjoy our game by revenging on that very humiliating outcome last season.Tomorrow cant get here faster enough.”

    Agree, firstlady. It would be a great start!

    @ Henristic
    Brady and Cesc are different situations. It’s his part in the saga and his reasons for leaving which are resented, NOT the fact of his going. Very important to understand the difference. But let’s not go there again – that is history and this is a new dawn.

    @ YW
    Hope the move went well. Now comes the statutory three-month wait for your broadband provider to get it right, am I right?

  88. Bob John – So you’re happy that Wenger has downgraded our status / image from being a big club, to an average sized one ? If you are, then you’re a sorry excuse for a supporter yourself. If you CARE about your club, as you presumably do, you would be alarmed at this development. But nothing short of Wenger falling under a bus, or horror – leaving – will change your view huh ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  89. goonerandy,

    you are in düsseldorf? cool! nice to see another gooner in germany 🙂

    i hope my mates will be at the pub tomorrow for the game. somehow not sure if they will show up.

  90. Wavey,

    I don’t think it’s necessary to have anyone on the half way line when we’re defending corners, we never did when those great players were scoring on breakaways. In fact, when Wenger arrived he started this defending corners with 11 men in our own box which everyone thought was pretty weird. It’s a mindset that when we clear a corner and gain possession, poeple like Wlacott and Gervinho should be breaking their necks to get up the field while trusting their teammates to get the ball to them. Unfortunately, Fabregas was the most likely one to supply that kind of pass.

  91. On Twitter from Dan Roan at Arsenal press conference . . .

    Wenger: “At the moment we have too big a squad. We are not in a position where we are short of players”

    “I don’t expect anyone to leave the club”.

    WTF is going on??????

  92. “Cesc and Nasri out of squad for Newcastle”

    Some suggestions that he is taking a hand out of the press??

  93. Block4

    but wouldn’t it get the opposition a bit concerned about the outcome of their own corners going Arsenal’s way if we had Walcott hovering with intent a bit further up the field?

    And one our most talented passers of the ball for that kind of range is Ramsey.

  94. Arsene is trying to build a great winning team but is doing it the wrong way. All the teams u mentioned integrated the new young player in a team with experience n consistency. Losing cesc n clichy will cost us this year.

  95. Thanks BigAl!

    Luke, get behind the team, thats all that matters isnt it?

    you cannot change anything.

    Cut out the negativity and get behind the team, it is possible the young guns have the fire in them that Cesc and Nasri lacked. They could just surprise you.

    I dont know, but the season is upon us and the worse we can do is moan, expecially when the world is against the team. The best you can do is tell yourself to be positive inspite of what you feel or even see and expect the team to schock even you. This is what it is all about in my view.

    We didnt win with Cesc, maybe him being gone will allow others to prosper?

    I too am very excited!

  96. Wavey, maybe, I was just pointing out that that’s not the way it used to work.

    I hope Ramsey can grow into that position, I don’t think you can say he’s anywhere near Fabregas’ level right now though. If he has a stellar season I will be delighted!

  97. I agree with you Wavey. I have generally been frustrated by tendancy for Arsenal to slow the game down in order to assure possession, as if the two were mutually incompatible. Now to say the unsayable, but I said it before, part of the problem (for me) was Cesc himself, assists and beautiful passes aside, had this tendancy and so too Nasri. It has its place, but has been used inappropriately too often. Sheer speed and pace of controlled counter attack, epitomised by Pires’ passing and Bergkamp’s speed of decision, was to my mind what resulted in the Invicibles. That and Henry’s finishing. It is a game highly suited to RvP and Arshavin, and of course Theo.

  98. Luke.
    The fact that Spunktrum seems to to allying himself to you should be a worry .
    Much as you and I dont get on I do not think of you as a low life ignorant low life piece of dog shite like him(no offence Spunktrum))

    Great writing OOU

    I just can not get my head around people thinking that Nasri wants to leave because he is ambitious.That is total nonsense. Mind ,if you look at who is saying that it becomes more understandable.

    The team that will start at Newcastle will finish 4th as a minimum.
    I expect us to challenge come what may

  99. some people are so silly, blaming all but the players who are leaving.

    So Nasri and Cesc played no part in last season did they? what a load of nonsense from some of you. Cesc wants to leave for Barcelona and Nasri wants money. They are not committed and they did not do what it takes to ensure we won something

  100. even if they stay, they are not truly committed players. Such is life.

  101. korihikage – Where abouts are you mate?

  102. Well at least theres a match to watch tomorrow. My team…


    Fabz, Djourou, Jenks, Frimpong, Rosicky,Oxo, Vela

  103. oops ill swap Oxo for Chamakh

  104. I think Myachi is more likely to feature that Oxo; he is already bedded in with the team.

  105. Bradys right foot

    SPECTRUM | August 12, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Bob John – So you’re happy that Wenger has downgraded our status / image from being a big club, to an average sized one ? If you are, then you’re a sorry excuse for a supporter yourself. If you CARE about your club, as you presumably do, you would be alarmed at this development. But nothing short of Wenger falling under a bus, or horror – leaving – will change your view huh ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

    A lack of perspective reduces your contrention specs to verbage. Arsenal are the third biggest club in England a team known across the world and a huge club. The spending power of Man Utd, Chelsea and now Man City are a reality we have had to contend with for a number of years. This spending power has been the dominanat factor in shaping the destiny of the Premier League since Abramovich came to Chelsea. Your purile contention that Wenger has “downgraded” our status stands against our record of competing every year for the title and qualifying for the Champions League. We have done this with £0 new money invested in the team since 2005, while our competitors have invested billions.

  106. Deise.I would be very happy if that was how we lined up.
    Arshavin behind RVP,lovely

  107. NIce lineup Deise

    I think it might be Rosicky in the starting lineup instead of Arshavin though.

  108. goonerandy – le boss says Ryo wont be involved in Newcastle or Udinese games

  109. george rodger – So you think that I’m saying nonsense in stating Nasri wants to leave ? Do some research, moron.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  110. @ deisegooner
    Yes, at least there IS a game!

    @ goonerandy
    Miyaichi won’t be playing tomorrow or against Udinese.

  111. goonerandy

    I think AW has already said that Ryo won’t be in the squads for Newcastle or Udinese

  112. Perhaps, GA. But then AOC had a season of English football. I think Miyaichi’s going to have a lot of adjusting to do off the pitch as well. Although (and to generalise) it’s got to be easier for a Japanese person to settle in London than almost any other western city.

  113. Just watched the press conference from Arsene – it was mightily bizarre, with Wenger being incredibly coy about everything and looking as though he was enjoying the fog of mystery. At the end of it I knew even less than I did before. It was like trying to nail blancmange to the wall.
    It sounded as though he doesn’t expect either Cesc or Nasri to be sold but then he thinks it will be sorted one way or the other and they might or might not play.
    I know business is being conducted in The Arsenal way but would it be too much to ask for a little more info?! 🙂

  114. @ BRF
    well said – wenger has in fact done the opposite of downgrading our club.

  115. Deise/Fun – Ah, right you are. My bad.

  116. goonerandy: munich

    i agree that fabregas is still our best long-range passer, though wilshere has shown by setting up walcott’s goal against shaktar that he can pass as well. i would like to see wilshere pushed higher up. i have always felt that he was more a natural attacking midfielder than fabregas, because he is much better at dribbling than fabregas, while fabregas has a longer passing range. hence i was surprised when wilshere played further back.

    a switch back to the henry-pires-bergkamp days is very possible because we have the attacking players for it. but let’s not forget that they could turn an opposing corner into a goal because the defence was solid. we had such a lethal counterattack back then, because we could win the ball in defence.

    as i said before, i don’t believe individually, our defenders are bad (except squillaci), but we need to defend better as a unit, get some clean sheets to boost their confidence. because they are clearly better than they think they are.

    what is key is maybe better protection, more backtracking, more discipline in midfield.

  117. Its time for AA23 to play in the position he made his name in. Let Gerv and Theo do the leg work on the wings and behind the opposition defense. AA23 feeding them all day long. We know Arsh loves to play quick passes forward. This way if they dont come off at least we wont be exposed on the wings to counter attacks as we will have plenty of bodies centrally. Also playing just off RVP the 1 – 2 combos and shots ratio would go through the roof….

  118. @ OOU
    I also think that at some point the poor boy (Ryo) has to have time to draw breath. His progress has been meteoric and a little time out of the limelight will do him good and take pressure off him. AOC to my mind looks like someone we could throw on as a sub against anyone.

  119. Mancini on now and he says he doesn’t have a cue what’s going on either!

  120. vs NEWCASTLE 13/08/11

    1 Szseszny
    2 Sagna
    3 Traore
    4 Koscielny
    5 Vermaelen
    6 Song
    7 Gervinho
    8 Ramsey
    9 Van Persie
    10 Rosicky
    11 Arshavin

    SUBs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Djourou, Walcott, Frimpong, Vela, Chamakh.

  121. Bradys right foot

    I am going to infuriate everyone by Copying and pasting that post of yours like a Spunktrum signature atthe end of every one of my posts .It is spot on.

    “A lack of perspective reduces your contrention specs to verbage. Arsenal are the third biggest club in England a team known across the world and a huge club. The spending power of Man Utd, Chelsea and now Man City are a reality we have had to contend with for a number of years. This spending power has been the dominanat factor in shaping the destiny of the Premier League since Abramovich came to Chelsea. Your purile contention that Wenger has “downgraded” our status stands against our record of competing every year for the title and qualifying for the Champions League. We have done this with £0 new money invested in the team since 2005, while our competitors have invested billions.”


  122. Deise

    I like the idea of Arshavin in the middle and the two wings covered by the pace of Gervinho and Walcott with support from Gibbs and Sagna. From the preseason games, Gervinho seems to have demonstrated that he is happy to drop back to support the full back as well.

  123. Eboue's Boutique

    Deise its easy to just picture Arshavin dishing out some nice passes here and there, but there’s more to it in a football game of 90 minutes.

    The way we rotated our inner 3 midfielders last season, Arshavin wont cut it. He loses the ball more easily than Cesc or Nasri and he doesnt have the same defensive abilities. Does he even have the stamina to be able to have top quality lategame? I’m not so sure.

    I love him in the center when we counter-attack but thats about it. He looks good with the ball when there’s alot of space but other than that, he wont play in there in a 4-3-3 imo. He did play there for short bits (of maybe 1-2 games, 15min total) while we played 4-4-1-1 last season.

    I’d love for him to prove me wrong though, but I really think that’ll hold back Ramsey and Song instead.

  124. OOU – Yeah, very true. Looking forward to seeing both of them this year. They both look exciting talents. Hopefully we will be able to slowly give them playing time, instead of them needed to perform too quickly.

  125. Mancini – “We just want to complete our team”.

    We feel for you Manc, we really do.

  126. korihikage – Very nice. I agree with your post as well.

  127. we were good before wenger, we’ll be even better after.

  128. aman… gervinho hasn’t got a squad number yet mate

  129. Spunktrum.
    this is the first and last time I will reply to your nonsense.

    But seriously,what do you expect Samri to say?Something along these lines

    “I am a greedy little cunt and I am leaving because City are going to double my wages”

    I dont think so!!!!

  130. Latest is that ManC have offered £23M but Arsenal want £28M!

    RVP captain tomorrow.

  131. Brady’s right foot – Sorry, it’s not me saying it. It’s your Great Leader. Read the statement he made again. The words are unambiguous. You A.K.B.’s are always so convinced he is right, that when he gets caught out, and boy, did he get caught out – you don’t want to believe it. Yet you have no trouble believing everything else he says.
    Then you fall back on the usual tactic when cornered, of living in the past. “Our status stands against our record of competing every year” e.t.c. ( Yawn.)
    We are no longer a big club. Wenger said this would be the case if the two left. Fact. Shameful, but a fact.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

    Oh, did I mention that he said we also would be showing no ambition ? But I already knew that.

  132. So the BCC “announces” that Cesc and Nasri are leaving, by um, today or this weekend, according to highly placed sources in the club, even quoting final figures (for Nasri), and AW says I know nothing yet, I don’t expect them to leave, but they might, and I will make the best decision for the club. What does it mean? It means that BBC were as per usual media speculating and prodding, hoping they had a little scoop, but that negotiations are not conclusive. Not yet. No. So basically offers have been received and Arsenal are reviewing and chatting to the two guys also, perhaps countering with Nasri’s manager. It is best to wait for these to take place. I have also read that little Brazilian Jadson from Shaktar is in London with his people talking to us, which is very interesting, and that Dann is imminent (which I kind of doubt).

  133. Yeah FG and GA, I can’t wait to see them though – they’ve both got loads of momentum behind them. Either way, they probably won’t be in direct competition since I think they prefer opposite sides of the pitch.

  134. Press conference is up now.

  135. nasri wants to go for money but also the chance to be with a more competitive ambitious team.

    its sad but true. why would he or cesc stay with us?? they’re not arsenal fans after all.

  136. Arsene just said
    “United sold Ronaldo(their best player),are they a big club?”

  137. i said this on twitter, but I think native French people occasionally confuse the word “expect” with “hope” in English.

  138. Lose the “native” part.

  139. george, so what? the way we do our transfer business and the way united do theirs incomparable.

  140. Tom,what you would not rather be in London than Manchester?
    You would not rather play attacking expansive football?
    You would not like to play with friends you have spent 3 years with?
    You would not want to be loyal to a man who has shown faith and loyalty to you?


  141. Tom ,how does that make his point less true?
    Did they not sell Ronaldo?

  142. Of course its a lot more to it than that Eboue’s Boutique. But if you loot at it this way defensively…


    It switches to 2 banks of 4 with 2 clever passers of the ball in RVP and AA23 waiting for it to break down and 2 speedsters ready to break free.

    Also attacking wise its really versatile when these players rotate throughout the game

    AA23 RVP Gerv

    AA23 RVP Theo

    Gerv RVP Theo

    I reckon it will work a treat

  143. vs NEWCASTLE 13/08/11

    1 Szseszny
    2 Sagna
    3 Traore
    4 Djourou
    5 Vermaelen
    6 Song
    7 Walcott
    8 Ramsey
    9 Van Persie
    10 Rosicky
    11 Arshavin

    SUBs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Koscielny, Squilly, Frimpong, Vela, Chamakh, Gibbs.

  144. Deise

    “loot at it this way”


  145. George – To be fair, Manure came out of that situation as winners. Sure they lost their best player, but look how much they demanded for him. We are losing our best player for nowhere near his market value.

  146. george royder – Yes, Nasri was greedy. But he wanted to win trophies just as much, I suspect, unless all the media reports were false (dozens of ’em ? ). But then, Clichy says the same thing ( what a co-incidence ! ) ;
    And Fabregas was, and IS, restless too ;
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  147. T and K not even close to each other on the teyboard


  148. You know, with all the chavs out looting, I would have thought the blogosphere would have been a bit safer…sadly not…

  149. Guess rectum got up nice and early on the wrong side of the bed this morning and so eager to spread his cheer

  150. ha ha Wavey, i of course meant look at it this way….in no way was in involved in what went on in london this last week,

  151. “loot at it this way”.. Haha.

  152. Andy I agree but that is a different point .Is it not?

  153. George… manchesters a shit hole but lets nor pretend he’s going to play in Beirut here, he’ll be there for maybe 5 years out of the 50 odd he’s going to live for!

    attacking football? yes we try and attack but man utd still out scored us last year!

    playing with friends? how do we know nasri has any real friends at arsenal? thats just conjecture… ive worked in the same place for 7 years with many of the same people, are they all my friends? nope!

    and as for showing loyalty, then you definitely have a point, but we have constantly been told that wenger will be looking to strengthen the team, only buy ‘super super class’ players (silvestre, squillachi included) so surely the loyalty is a two-way thing. i doubt nasri was brought to the club with promises of “we’ll be competing for 3rd/4th come the end of most seasons, ill buy a few good players, but not enough to win the league”, he’ll have been sold the dream of being part of a title winning team, and as it stands every summer since we signed nasri wenger hasn’t done what he needed to to win a trophy.

    if we look at this objectively then theres allot more reason to leave than to stay unfortunately. if he was a fan then he’d probably stay and stick it out but he’s not and although he’s clearly had his head turned by cash, watching city overtake, us and win a cup and carry on investing in top players must have some part to play in his decision.

  154. and yeah course man utd sold him… for 80m!!!!

    we’re selling the best creative midfielder in the world for 35m ish!

    both players have said theres only one club they want to leave and we’re not even getting half of what they did!

    again… non comparable.

  155. ryo is in Japan applying for his visa.

    @ george rodger | August 12, 2011 at 11:03 am

    “Andy I agree but that is a different point .Is it not?”

    Agree – SAF absolutely vetoed the move but because of the amount offered and Ronaldo forcing it through, they had no choice either in the end.

  156. ZimPaul – I’m still not buying the Dann rumours either.

    Jadson is an interesting buy – may not qualify for a work permit for a start. Sounds mercurial in nature but from the look of this happy to have a dig from distance. Wenger will soon beat it out of him lol.

  157. Eboue's Boutique


    It looks very simple in theory, yeah. So does the transfermarket, obviously.

    Anyway. Good pressconference overall imo. Its just the last bit that would worries me but I hope that our bench will be stronger.

    I loved it how he said something like “Ryo wont be a backup, he will be competing like everybody else”.

    He’s just doing whats best for the club. If its not for certain about Cesc and Nasri yet, then why would he go on about it before matchday?

    Too bad the journalists waste like half the time of the press conference with basicly the same shite that we’re not interested in.

  158. His figures at Shak look distinctly uninspiring but it would be interesting to hear the gen from a Shaktar fan….

  159. Wow, what a cool post…

  160. Typical bollox from Wenger.To compare the sale of Ronaldo and Cesc is bonkers.Utd got £80m and wouldnt back down till they got it.We gave in for £35m.Big clubs win trophies dont they?

  161. @ george and GA

    The point is people look at figures and forget about the terms..Like for example 40 million up front is worth more than 60 million over a gazillion years in old one cent coins..Most ppl forget the basic concept of interest calculations..We need to keep this also in mind when comparing transfers..

    The second point least with us..we dont give away any info, so amount, terms etc arrive out of consensus from the story writers in the press..Im sure Ivan and Co wont get cheated that easily..

  162. I think the reason he is still here is that we haven’t given in, Ted.

  163. george rodger – “Tom,what you would not rather be in London than Manchester?
    You would not rather play attacking expansive football?
    You would not like to play with friends you have spent 3 years with?
    You would not want to be loyal to a man who has shown faith and loyalty to you?”
    Manchester United’s players have done ALL those things under Alex Ferguson. The difference is, that they’ve won a Champions League title, five Premier league titles, two F.A. Cups, and two Charity Shields since 1996 – the SAME TIME PERIOD that Wenger has been with us. Read this and weep ;
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  164. @ Jonny

    Jadson does sound the most credible of the rumours. Sometimes it’s just a case of putting a player in the right environment to flourish. Cf Eduardo. Anything from your sources? About anything at all, I mean.

  165. if jadson was good enough to replace cesc then i doubt he’d still be playing in the ukraine at 27 (nearly 28)

  166. @ Arsenal Tom
    Doesn’t mean a thing. Players mature at different rates. eg Drogba, Ian Wright. And it could be that no-one else has had the imagination to see him in a different context.

  167. Anirudh…

    man utd got their 80m in one lump why shouldn’t we? he’s got 4 years left and is the best at his job in the world! but we bend over and take almost half his value just because they say they haven’t got any money! fuck em… tell em to come back next year and tell cesc “sorry mate, they wont pay what your worth, they spent it on sanchez, now how about getting fit and showing some loyalty to the club that does appreciate your worth”

  168. Arsenal Tom – You don’t need me to tell you that players peak at different ages, and Shakhtar have loads of scouts in Brazil; they consistently pick up top talent that isn’t spotted by other European clubs. On top of that, Jadson won’t be a replacement for Cesc. If Cesc goes, the system will change, and if we sign Jadson he’ll have a different role in the side.

  169. fungunner… possible but unlikely mate. brazilians are usually snapped up very early doors mate if they’re top class

  170. oneofus… “isn’t spotted by other clubs” could very easily be “isn’t wanted/rated by other clubs”

    selling the best creative mid in the world and replacing him with an unproven from the ukrainian league would be although very likely a massive gamble and appalling management, especially given our transfer budget

  171. Bradys right foot

    SPECTRUM | August 12, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Brady’s right foot – Sorry, it’s not me saying it. It’s your Great Leader. Read the statement he made again. The words are unambiguous. You A.K.B.’s are always so convinced he is right, that when he gets caught out, and boy, did he get caught out – you don’t want to believe it. Yet you have no trouble believing everything else he says.
    Then you fall back on the usual tactic when cornered, of living in the past. “Our status stands against our record of competing every year” e.t.c. ( Yawn.)
    We are no longer a big club. Wenger said this would be the case if the two left. Fact. Shameful, but a fact.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

    Oh, did I mention that he said we also would be showing no ambition ? But I already knew that.

    The perception of the size of the club is somewhat subjective and in all honesty nothing Im going to feel “cornered” about m8. I’m looking forward to the season starting tommorrow, Im not concerned about how big you think the club is. In your zero sum logic all paths lead to Wenger, in your zero sum logic he is responsible for these barren years. This isn’t Formula Ford where the competitors all have the same machine and the best driver wins. Money plays a huge part in deciding the title, your inability to rationalise that doesn’t make this fact any less real. I contend that we have overachieved and will continue to overachieve under Wenger.

  172. Arsenal Tom – ” both players have said there’s only one club they want to leave and we’re not even getting half of what they did! ”
    Yes, mate. And it demonstrates Wenger’s ineptitude. The man who just can’t seem to find those “super super quality” players that are so elusive. He’s just sooooo unlucky in the transfer market. Those naughty clubs not matching his valuation of them. But funny how he never has trouble finding more kids to sign.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  173. Nobody is good enough to replace Cesc Tom.
    So what is your point?
    who do you think we should buy .
    Bear in mind they have t be available,and accept a wage within our structure.
    So lets here what you would do.Or is it just easier to moan and whinge?

  174. Jackie Boy is Cesc replacement both as heartbeat of the team and as captain – eventually

  175. Ok Spunktrum same question to you

    who do you think we should buy .
    Bear in mind they have t be available,and accept a wage within our structure.
    So lets here what you would do.Or is it just easier to moan and whinge?

    Lets see your Champ man answers

  176. “Society dies of speculation.” (AW, 12 August 2011)

  177. Bradys right foot

    A Jadson reel for those interested

    Highlights Jadson Jul2010-Jun2011 from Think Ball on Vimeo.

  178. those who’ve seen anything of Jadson will know he’s a good player, and for 10 million a very good put considering the market and other transfers we’ve seen. to me, he seems like a cross between cesc and nasri as he has good interplay, long range passing but also a deft touch, twinkle toed like nasri. although he doesnt dribble as much.

    @arsenal tom, not good enough? he was in the brazil squad for the copas and tim vickery, south amerian expert no less, rates him very highly indeed. if you consider ukraine, or indeed shaktar as being of poor standard then you are a numpty.

  179. @ Desiegooner
    “Jackie Boy is Cesc replacement both as heartbeat of the team and as captain – eventually”

    Amen to that! Or it could be Ramsey…love that boy. Jack and Aaron – Fire and Ice.

  180. george… we should be going for someone like sneijder… he’d cost what we’re gettign for cesc and i know it’ll never happen and you’ll say we couldn’t afford him but we could… what good has our wage structure done us? paying bendtner 52k (thats why he picked 52 as his shirt number by the way) a week! paying almunia and denilson so much that no other club will take on their wages!

    we should pay the people who deserve it top whack and the rest get they actually deserve.

  181. The Cesc/Ronaldo transfers are comparable. Both wanted to leave, and both wanted to only go to one club. The main difference is that Manure demanded a high fee, where we are not. The difference in stance of both clubs is frustrating. We should have done exactly what Manure did.

    For example, we value him at £60M, pay up or don’t bother us.

  182. So exactly how many trophies did Arsenal win before Arsene came along?
    Wake up…

  183. very good buy** oopsy! though with that mistake i still dont manage to look half as silly as arsenal tom

  184. Is Jadson the one you mentioned as worth a watch a month or so ago, Oofus?

    I’ve done some ‘youtube scouting’ and his passing is pretty amazing. Can thread some ridiculous needle.

    All I know is having Brazil’s current No.10 would be as exciting as fuck.

  185. OK, you’re not getting the points that FG and I made.

    Let’s try this – you assume that Shakhtar are some kind of joke club. But they won the Europa Cup in 2009 and demolished Roma in last season’s Champions League. You could even watch their QF against Barcelona last season; their midfield created loads of chances, but the lone striker had a mare, especially in the first leg. It’s arrogant (amongst other things) to assume that just because their based in the Ukraine they’re not all that.

    Besides all this, they guy’s a Brazil international.

  186. Wislhere#4

  187. boss… when did i say it was a poor standard? i mearly stated that a TOP player is unlikely to still be plying his trade at 27/28 in the ukrainian league. do top players from england/spain/italy go there at 27/28? nope! that alone tells you its a lesser league

  188. Deise

    I like Wilshere at 19 and Ramsey at 16…. maybe Diaby should move to 8. 4 should go to a defender.

  189. spot on andy

  190. Carlsberg cut ties with liverpool at the end of the 2010 season antony. do some research

  191. Tom, you mean like Arshavin??

  192. U10s are prowling on this blog too I see.
    Trolls… they are like virus these days…
    In one of the sites, they found out that these trolls actually use multiple emails and different screen names to spread their garbage. Pathetic I know, but that is the class.

  193. Carlsberg don’t make football clubs, but if they did…


    @ boss | August 12, 2011 at 11:29 am
    I wish you hadn’t said that, because I am now very excited and we may not go for him!

  194. Yeah, LA. He’s caught my eye every time I’ve seen him play. I posted about him here back in June.

  195. Tom, sneijder,really?
    Do I really have to tell you why that is a predictably stupid answer.Because I will if you want to look even more stupid

  196. @ GA 11-30

    Agreed Andy but I think Arsene’s/Cesc’s relationship in this affair should not be underestimated. It’s almost father/son unlike Ferguson/Ronaldo. It’s becoming increasing apparent, I feel, that “promises” have been made between our manager and captain.

  197. @arsenal tom – by your logic, eto;o, one of the top strikers in world football, going to Anzhi must make it a super top club

  198. Not that I’m feeling smug about it or anything…

  199. a joke club? no i never said that, nothing even close to that. im just of the opinion that if he was good enough for arsenal he’d have at least been snapped up by a mid-level club in a stronger league. if we get him and he turns out to be a great player then great but its not really the sign of ambition we should be shown after selling 2 of our best players.

    as for being a brazil international again thats good but kleberson has 32 caps so i wont read too much into that.

  200. JD – Maybe, but I really hope not. Arsene is manger of Arsenal football club and should be doing what is best for the club, not Cesc’s buddy.

  201. boss… no it makes him a greedy fucker

  202. JD,I think that can be the only answer

  203. OOU – Heh, good for you. 🙂

  204. 4 is midfield general
    Diabys 2 should be for a fullback
    8 is attacking mifielder

    and thats that!


    Oh and give the No1 jersey to Szcz already – we all know its his

  205. Great write-up OneOfUs. Very excited about the new season.

  206. deise… arshavin is a good player and had his moments but he’s hardly taken the prem by storm since we signed him

  207. @arsenal tom – okay, you win. i agree, we should break the bank and go for sneijder. you’re so intelligent you must have a top job, making lots of cash. maybe you can help arsenal pay his 200,000+ quid a week wages?

  208. Delia--Block 112

    One small crumb of comfort, the Barcodes will have prepared to face tippy tappy Arsenal , so hopefully will be caught cold if we go there with pace and a counter attacking approach to the game.
    As always COYRs

  209. I am not enthusiastic but hopeful about the coming season. i hope the pace and trickery of Gervinho,Ryo, and Chamberlain can be good enough to dismantle the typical 10 men walls we face every week! imagine going into the last 10 minutes of the game and Ryo comes on the pitch to add to Tgeo and Gervinho!! i think Wenger could prove us all wrong….again!

  210. Barca keeper Valdes and spanish mouthpiece Ballague both saying its a matter of hours until Cesc is released from his prison

  211. george… no but you could explain why you dont think he’d be a good signing

  212. Boss, and maybe he can recommend a striker to replace Robin when he want to leave because we are paying a lesser player twice as much for nor passing him the ball,

  213. FG – nothing concrete – both deals expected to go through this afternoon. Nasri c£25M.

    They’re sceptical about Dann too which is something.

  214. Oh deary me….it seems Arsenes slide into Alzheimers is getting worse.


    As the legend Spectrum says….In Arsene we rust.

  215. Thanks, Jonny. £25 million is good.

  216. @george – why dont we just start a petition to have him made manager? what a twat.

  217. Agree Tom, hes been a bit hit and miss. But you cant doubt his quality just maybe his application sometimes. Hes a highly desirable player but only became so in his late 20s.

    I reckon we move him centrally and he will turn it on more often than he has to date for us. Just my opinion.

  218. thanks im gald you’ve realised im right, but no i dont have that money spare. maybe when bendy 52k, cesc, 110k and nasri 40k, plus whatever we were paying denilson we can stick it all in a big bag and give it to him?

  219. deise… out of everyone in our squad if we replace from within which is highly likely it should be arshavin, problem is it’d mean allot more work for jack defensively

  220. Jonny – £25M for Nasri is a great bit of business all things considered. It also really highlights what a rubbish deal we are getting for Cesc at just over £30M.

    Either way, Arsene is going to have plenty of cash availe to really freshen up the squad. Longer term this may not be a bad thing, but it seems like we have another “transitional” season on our doorstep.

  221. if we are sincere and not prejudiced in our views, i do not see why we must accept OOU’s vision of the coming season and not at the same time admit that the scenario presented by LAMIA and SPECTRUM could just as well occur

  222. selling nasri for 25m is a great bit of business.

    hope we spend that on mata

  223. chowdhury:

    AFC has won countless trophies before wenger spunked-up..

  224. Yup, no messing about. Just go in with a decent bid and not the £11.5M and some training cones we usually start with.

  225. Who the fuck’s Eduardo? Croatian League at 24?! Must be shit.

    Who the fuck’s Manu Petit? Monaco at 27? Must be shit.

    Who the fuck’s Viera? Milan sub bench. Rubbish. Who the fuck’s Terry Henry?! Shit winger at Juve. Who the fuck’s Vermaelen – untested, eredivise wank.

    If it ain’t worth £40 mill I ain’t havin it. If he ain’t been on the cover of Match magazine, I ain’t havin it.

  226. Tom.
    He is 27 so resale value towards the end of his contract would be relatively little
    We would have to out bid United and City.So as we cant do that for that reason alone its not viable
    He would expect upwards of £200k per week,impossible to allow that and keep any sustainable wage structure
    He and Robin dont get on.he will not even pass him the ball

    Sneijder is a typical Champ Man answer and shows your complete lack of understanding about the reality of football transfers

    Is that clear enough for you?

  227. Tom agreed – though we missed his release clause and they will try to play hardball on money now – they genuinely sound as though they want to keep him but it could be bluff – they are skin-diddley-int. Depends if Mata really wants to come I guess.

  228. The money we lose from Cesc going for under his true value is made up by the nasri deal, so moneywise its good deals. Playerwise they are big big loses. We could still come out if it in good shape if we get the right replacements and if they settle quickly

  229. If he is a good player, it is a good signing, simple as that. People should stop viewing every potential signing as a replacement for Cesc. It is unlikely to be that simple.

  230. Deise – True.

  231. Nicely put George.

  232. george very clear… shame you had to put an insult at the end though because until then you actually had a good points.

    why cant people on here just debate football with getting all bitchy and putting sly digs in all the time?

  233. goonerandy | August 12, 2011 at 11:56 am
    If he is a good player, it is a good signing, simple as that. People should stop viewing every potential signing as a replacement for Cesc. It is unlikely to be that simple.

    Well if only people could get that into their heads we could move on.
    A bit much to expect though I fear

  234. Tom ,you are right.

  235. johnny…. apparently they’ve taken the captaincy of him which makes you think he’s off, plus they’ve signed players who play in the same or similar positions.

  236. Good job OOU. Glad you stayed out of the fray this week to write such a brilliant post.

    I don’t know about the rest of the ACLF crew but this summer and the past week, in particular, has been a great education. As ZimPaul explained earlier, despite the massive achievements of Wenger in making Arsenal one of the most supported football clubs in the world (3rd largest in Europe, admired world-wide for its style of play, consistently challenging in England, 15 years consecutive qualification in the champion’s league) despite these massive achievements with substantially less money than Utd, Chelsea and City, at the slightest setback the likes of Luke, Jibber and their acolytes in this blog and others were quick to pounce and declare project youth a failure. Such a remarkable statement when in fact the possible-poaching of Cesc and Nasri is only possible because of the success of the club in developing young talent. The fact that both Cesc and Nasri tacitly collaborated with the poachers for financial and other reasons, rather than commit to to becoming winners at the club, is not a mark of failure of the strategy but a mark of their weakness as human beings. Yes indeed, the youth strategy has its risks but despite the hand-wringing, back-stabbing and dooming, if they are both sold the club would have made between 40-50 million profit on its investment in both. What a loss!

  237. The senile one is in denial. He KNOWS Fabregas is definitely leaving, yet he is saying he expects NO-ONE to leave ! He’s outright lying, or deliberately misleading the fans. This is disgraceful. Time for him to be sent to a home.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  238. fair enough george.

    to be fair to cover loosing cesc i think we’ll be looking to be more productive from the wings. with gervinho, miyiachi and mr ox we’ve brought in 3 players with real pace into the squad.

    although i dont expect to see much of ox other than the cups with gerv and theo we should be able to become a bit more direct in our play

  239. Spectrum, I prefer to think that there are a few deals going on behind the scenes and Arsene is playing this down in order to get the best deal(s).

  240. “All the cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people.” (AW 12 August 2011)

  241. i see luke made a friend. I thought he was just a complainy fan. i guess not. he is worse.

  242. Chowdbury – “U10s are prowling on this blog too I see.” No, they’re mostly just the regulars on here.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  243. Can’t bloody wait for tomorrow!!!

    No matter what team we put out I can see us netting a few tomorrow. This Gervinho has looked awesome in pre-season. I have never seen a wide player able to switch wings with ease as well as this guy. He will do the business this season, then there’s Walcott, Ox, Arshavin bombing up and down the wings. I hope Chamakh finds his confidence, when he arrived he was immense for us playing as the lone striker.

    I can honestly say I do not care whether Cesc or Nasri want to be with us. I just hope Arsenal get the money we deserve for them. As I stated yesterday, I would sell Cesc to the highest bidder if Barca were not able to meet our valuation which I assume should be around the 40-50m marker. Anything less is a bargain and I’d rather have him depressed playing for Arsenal as Ronaldo was with Ronaldo in his last year.

  244. @ merlot
    Is there a book of Arsene quotes? There should be.

    @ Jonny
    What release clause?

  245. Cook 2 runs away from another double century. Run machine.

  246. Fun – Mata has a release clause in his contract which has just risen from £21M to £60M. As I understand things though, that is only valid within the Spanish lge so does not affect us.

  247. @ chrisgoona
    I don’t think we can sell Cesc to a club he doesn’t want to join because he is a party to the contract as well. If anyone know different, please correct me.

  248. 200 (378) 🙂 Gooch’s 333 should be target.

    Cricket interlude over.

  249. “knows different”

  250. Eve of the new season yet we got cunts like Spectrum posting absolute nonsense.

    Spec… what do you make of this Gervinho? So far you are yet to contribute to any meaningful discussing regarding team affairs.

    Your obsession with Wenger is scary. As someone pointed out to you before, if you hate Wenger you hate Arsenal. This is how we are, this is how we roll, if you don’t like it there are plenty of other clubs.

    My take on you is you know Wenger and Arsenal can win the lot, but you are so pissed we don’t it kills you. Why else would you stick around right..

    Pls don’t reply with the in Arsene we rust shite. Change it to in Arsenal we rust, that would be more understandable as it is clear you don’t love Arsenal no more. Its very sad when there are so many things to be proud of.

  251. FG – Mata could have been bought for 25MEuro but we did not meet that – it’s a baffling decision all in.

    There are rumours from Spain that a deal was agreed in the event Cesc was sold so all may not be lost in terms of price.

  252. @boss

    Carlsberg stopped being the shirt sponsors… but they are still on Liverpool’s site as one of their sponsors.

  253. Fun – That is right. We can’t make him sign a contract with another club.

  254. Out with the grandsons this morning and had a coffee. Picked up the Mirror. Now I understand why all the twats out there believe all this ‘crisis club’ bollocks.

    I never read the papers on a daily basis but what utter tripe passes for ‘journalism’. Isn’t John Cross meant to be a gooner? He can fuck off with nasri.

  255. Shotta,
    Of course its a loss as wenger himself said, for the very reason that it will cost more to replace them adequately. You should have seen by now that having money in the bank doesn’t neccesarily help the team on the pitch.

    On a related note, I’m not sure I like this idea of changing styles (i.e. using more wing play). I love our style. I just want it to be more efficient. We can get someone in there who doesn’t have to be as productive as Cesc. Xavi, for instance, is the heart of Barca’s defence yet his stats aren’t anywhere near Fabs, even though his team scores more(and probably creates more chances overall).

    I see Wilshere being that person in a few years, but I wouldn’t risk it this season. It would be great to get some experience in there. Rosicky maybe, but I wonder if he has the stamina required for that role.
    Anyone know any other viable trequartista/playmaker that meets these requirements (i.e. experience/stamina)?

  256. FunGunner

    If he is unhappy at Arsenal and wants to leave then we shouldn’t care what club he wants to join. That is his problem like with Bendtner, whoever matches our valuation can speak to the player.

    Why should we honestly give a toss about letting them play for their childhood clubs. That is seriously bad business.

  257. Before we are to harsh on Samri I dont know anyone who would not consider moving to a new employer who was prepared to double their wages,
    It is not a weakness in Samri
    It is not a weakness in Arsene or the board that they are not able to match City,City have an owner with personal wealth upwards of £500 billion
    It is just the reality of a free ,yet distorted,market,
    We must accept things to be as they are and just do our best to compete.
    It is only very stupid people who can not see the change that Chelsea, and worse City, have brought about.The old order is gone

    If not for the mind numbing sums of money that is and has been spent since 2004 by reckless owners how can afford to lose £100 million per year,even with the move to a new stadium we would always finish 1st or 2nd.

  258. @ Chrisgoona
    The point is, I don’t think we can’t make him sign – for the contract to be binding, all three parties have to agree. If the player doesn’t agree, no contract.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve pretty much had it with him as well.

  259. *Xavi, for instance, is the heart of Barca’s play yet his stats aren’t anywhere near Fabs

  260. my heart weeps at how naive some people are.

    when you are in a high position at a company or running a country, at press conferences, you have to watch your words, because you have to protect whoever you are representing.
    you have a responsibility to keep things in check, to prevent mass panic.

    the british premier could easily have said: britain is screwed, everyone run for your lives, there’s nothing to be saved.

    barack obama could easily ahve said: america is bankrupt.

    and if you think: but other people like mancini, ferguson, the barca bastards just speak the truth, just speak their minds, why are we so guarded with the information?

    everyone is just playing with words. it’s only the stupid journalists who are lapping up every single word.

    and as for what the barca cunts have been doing all summer. it’s a shame that we tried to treat them, fabregas and ourselves with respect and dignity, but this is how they repay it: taking advantage of our silence.

  261. Chris – I agree with that 100%.

  262. Also, who’s going to come in with big money for a player who they know for a fact doesn’t want to play for them?

  263. @ antony – right you are, my fault. thought its not uncommon for sponsors to be involved with a few clubs. off the top of my head i know audi sponsors quite a few

  264. merlot – “All the cemeteries are full of irreplaceable people.” (AW 12 August 2011)
    I missed that statement of his. It would make an apt epitaph for him. The A.K.B.’s should pay attention.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  265. Fun – That is also true, but we should not let these factors affect our valuation of him (which we appear to be doing).

  266. JCbob – John Cross is notorious for being a tosser.

    Didn’t he recently get verbally raped by Fergie for making up quotes Fergie had never said?

  267. OOU *cough* spam bin *cough*

  268. Can I suggest we communally ignore Spectrum? Stop giving him attention – you’re only encouraging him to play up.

    Remember, being Spectrum is his crime but it’s also his punishment.

  269. ChrisGoona – “Eve of the new season yet we got cunts like Spectrum posting absolute nonsense”. And the “nonsense” is…… ? Facts, please.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  270. @ chrisgoona

    It is infuriating, but by only considering one club and by being so desperate to join them, Cesc has put us in the position in which his market value has been lowered. You can’t ignore the factors which lower a player’s market value, because, well, they lower his market value. I believe we have to just look at the two deals together – £60-£65 million – and the fact that we would be offloading two players who do not want to play for us. Let’s move on, I say.

  271. Spectrum.
    I cant tell you what evil torture I would do to you if ever I got the opportunity
    You are the singular most obnoxious little weasel on any blog.
    Why do you come on here?
    It is clear that you are somewhat dim, at best.

    I am all against censuring, in the way Le Grove do,but if I were Yogi you would be history

  272. Fun – I agree it would affect his market value if we were actively trying to sell him, but that is not the case. We don’t want to sell, the onus is not on us to make the transfer go through (in this case by having a lower price). £35M is nowhere near the market value of a player in Cesc’s bracket. We are losing our best player, an not receieve the appropriate amount of compensation.

  273. ChrisGoona – My earlier post – Mertesacker not good enough for Arsenal. Wenger obviously prefers Squillaci –
    “Nonsense” ? Then what’s YOUR take ? Stop talking out of your arse, and debate.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  274. You don’t really want to be feeding warts. Or so I hear.

  275. John Cross tweeted me yesterday saying he was looking forward to speaking to me.
    We will see about that wont we?

  276. freedom of speech comes with responsibility. liberty in society comes with responsibility as well.

    unfortunately, as the cunts of barca, the riots in london, and some people here have shown, we humans are too flawed to be entrusted with that responsibility.

  277. Andy,if his head has gone what do you suggest is the way forward?

  278. George Rodger – I just love to make your day, George. I’m still open to debate, by the way. The truth hurts though, doesn’t it ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  279. Nice post! Woohoo. Browser isn’t shitting itself trying to load 1,500 comments anymore.

    Agree with Henristic’s line-up at 8:30 (or so), except that I think Gibbs is maybe injured.

    I think we’ll start the season using the same formation with Rosicky/Ramsey trying their hand in the hole. If it starts to look a bit flat we will probably see RvP dropping deeper.

    Wonder if there is a recall clause for Deni. May end up needing backup in central midfield come January.

  280. I wish I had that power, LA.

    Instead, time and Arsenal’s good form will thin their ranks. Actually, it’s worth remembering that all this stuff they write is indelible. After spreading lies all summer – right now these guys must feel like looters waiting for a knock on the door from the cops. I mean, if you do want Arsenal to succeed how awful it must be to write the team and manager off and get proved wrong. I don’t think you could mug yourself any more than that.

    It’s probably the reason Rectum was missing from here for most of last season. He/she was probably too ashamed to stick around when things were going well.

    Has anyone else got a fantasy injury crisis going into the weekend?

  281. @ goonerandy
    If he isn’t committed, we do have to sell him. If he will only agree to go to one club, we have to sell him to that club. That is what is lowering his price.

  282. Jonny

    That was Bob Cass, not John Cross.

  283. George – If Barca did not meet our valuation, I would simply explain the situation to him and expect him behave like a professional and not a child. The guy is a winner when it comes to football, so whilst disapointed I think he would still be fully comitted on the pitch. If he has any grievence, it should be with Barca, not us.

  284. FunGunner

    Your “One Club” point can be refuted in two words: Cristiano Ronaldo

  285. Further to that, if he was so set on leaving:

    a. He should not have signed another contract with us.
    b. Handed in an offical transfer request (which should also not affect our valuation).

    He can’t have it both ways.

  286. OOU, yeah I’m pretty sure I recall a lot less doomers posting during last season.

  287. Fun – Just because he wants to leave, does not automatically follow that he would not still give his all for us in any games he plays. It is nice and simple to look at it that way, but not nessasarily true. Going back to Ronaldo (unfortunatly), he wanted to leave Manure the season before he did. His final season there was none too shabby. PV4 wanted to leave us for countless season, yet still gave 100% for us week in week out.

  288. As no-one seems keen to debate, here’s some more “nonsense” from me ( just to fill in the time ) –
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  289. From what the Arsenal site says Gibbs, TV and RvP all AOK, and Theo back. Jackie out for a wee spell with angry ankle. Diaby end-August back in training. All good. Wenger wrily notes it is better than most pre-seasons. And so it is, and so it is.

  290. @ goonerandy
    I said “committed”. If he is not committed, it DOES follow that he wouldn’t give his all.

  291. Fun – Fair enough. But could it not follow that once he realised Barca could not afford his transfer this season, he would then be committed to the season ahead?

    I think he would. He has a winning mentality, and think he would give 100% for whoever he plays for.

  292. @ lew1234
    Barca don’t need Cesc.

  293. Markus – “OOU, yeah I’m pretty sure I recall a lot less doomers posting during last season.”
    And who was proved right in the end ? I will make another prediction now ; we will not win the league this season either. I’d love to be proven wrong. But I’m confident I won’t be. The bookies seem to agree with me. We’re 9/1 to win it. And that’s before Cesc and Nasri leave.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  294. I’m still waiting for john Cross to get ‘nasty’, as he described it in June 2010.

    Is a D-day transfer haggle nasty? I don’t know. Shall I ask the board at Zenit St.Petersburg?
    Are his quotes of eedjiots lampooned by all and sundry, including Sundry’s dog in his, um, his articles as ‘the voice of Arsenal fans’ ‘nasty’ or funny?


  295. Lol ,Spunkrum cant understand why nobody want to “debate”with him
    Clearly he has a different understanding of”debate”than the rest of us

    Andy I agree but you are assuming his head can either be put right or he can produce despite it.
    I think that is no longer the case.ead has gone ,he is an ex gooner (said like John Cleese in the parrot sketch)

  296. FunGunner
    What does needing have to do about anything? Its completely irrelevant. Arsenal allowed themselves to be completely screwed over on the fee and that is unacceptable (I mean if true we will only get upfront £7m more for Cesc then we get for Narsi).

  297. ZimPaul, in that case I’d love to see Henristic’s line-up tomorrow.

    Andy I think keeping Cesc another year would be breaking a promise we made last year. Better to move on at this stage. Honoring agreements is more important that a few more million. Cheap-ass debt-to-the-eyeballs Barca!

  298. What no gr*t? Phew. That’s better.

    Thanks for the post OOU.
    I saw that Manc. Southampton game too. And I couldn’t imagine the Mancs would let AOC pass them by after that.

    So that was a result. Along with Ryo’s permit. Arsenal have some friends after all.*

    *Bows in the direction of the Japanese embassy.

  299. FG,
    I’m not sure I get your point. Are you saying that considering the circumstances, you feel selling Cesc at the reported prices is a good deal?

  300. Cesc done gone.

  301. Spectrum in what world do you live that you think we should start as favorites?
    How much would we have to spend before the bookies saw us as favorites?
    How fucking thick are you.
    Really you are going from Dumb to Dumber seamlessly

  302. Cesc done apparently, unfortunately this summer has ruined him in my eyes. Ahh well some good replacements with the paltry fee please Arsene

  303. where is this coming from Spain?

  304. Hi FP,

    Yeah man, that was good performance. Certainly went some way to proving that he can handle PL football – even at 18. I’m especially excited about AOC.

  305. Maybe we think he is broken and will never be fixed?
    Like we thought Paddy and Titi were past their best

  306. Prediction:-
    Sag Kos TV Gibby
    Ramsey and Ros’kicky’
    3Gs RvP Arsh

    Bench: Fab, Djourou, Frim, Theo, Vela etc …

  307. @ lew1234 and Henristic
    It’s not a good deal. But it’s down to Cesc that it’s not a good deal. The price is realistic for the circumstances in which he placed us.
    Barca do not need Cesc, therefore that strengthens their position in relation to us because we have to sell him to them.

    @ OOU
    Where did you hear that?

  308. Markus – Keeping a promise?

    That is mental thinking. We should do what is best for the football club, not mollycodle players! Maybe he should keep to his promise when he signed a 5 year contract? It works both ways.

  309. You know, in the build up to all this, the only part I’ve dreaded is the unveiling and all the triumphalism that will go with it. It’s going to be pass the sickbag stuff.

  310. @ OneOfUs | August 12, 2011 at 1:30 pm

    You know, in the build up to all this, the only part I’ve dreaded is the unveiling and all the triumphalism that will go with it. It’s going to be pass the sickbag stuff.


  311. Fun – “we have to sell him to them”

    You quote this as fact, when it is anything but. We don’t have to at all.

  312. Well that’s typically unrealistic of you, goonerandy. But it’s over now – he’s gone.

  313. Ah, I see what you’re saying. But have to disagree that the price is realistic in the circumstance, mostly because we didn’t have to sell. In fact, we didn’t WANT to sell.

    Besides Cesc didn’t do anything unprofessional, Wenger himself said so today. No reason why his wanting to go to one club should make a difference either as the C.Ronaldo saga showed.

    In any case these points have been made before, so I’m guessing you’re not gonna change your mind on this. Fair enough.

    This deal just leads me to believe that we’ve been outsmarted by Barca somehow, and that’s hard to take, given how well regarded our management team is.


    Hi FG, this one’s well respected, unlike those crappy football papers they have. There’ll surely be snaps of him at El Prat (how appropriate!) pretty soon.

  315. @ Henristic
    That’s kind of the point. We didn’t want to and we did have to.

    It is infuriating but we haven’t been outsmarted by Barca, we’ve been shafted by Cesc.

    Onwards and upwards.

  316. @ OOU
    “El Prat”

    ha ha ha ha ha! I feel better already.

  317. George – Ah ! So you do do debates. It’s not a matter of how much we spend. It’s a matter of how wisely we spend it. And spending the money when and where, needed. Especially when we HAVE sufficient funds to do so.
    Prioritising would help. Which do you think is the most urgent signing ? An experienced, rugged, commanding centreback with E.P.L. experience, like Samba, or an unproven 17 year old, league one teenager, who plays in a position we’re already well catered for ? Our most pressing CURRENT, repeat CURRENT, problem is defence, and also defensive midfield – (also ignored.) Does it make sense to sign YET ANOTHER kid for the future, when the priority is NOW, and in DEFENCE ?
    Given all this, if you had 12 million to spend, and could buy either, which would, and should, you go for ? It’s obvious, right ? Wenger is paid 6 million a year to make these sort of decisions. And you know which one he chose.
    And you accuse ME of being dumb ??!!! Grow a brain.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  318. “Do you want fries with that thick shake?”

  319. Spunkrum .I asked you some questions ,debate would mean that you answered those questions .Not just repeat you spiel


  320. Fun – you keep saying “we had to”, but we didn’t. You really should stop postnig that as some sort of fact.

  321. Yes, To a certain extent Barca are taking advantage of Wenger’s good nature and class. But I think the fee is genuinely all they can realisticly afford. The new president does not share his predecessor’s views on spending and they are in shitloads of debt.

    But there is also a rank hypocrisy in expecting Wenger to care more about getting the maximum he can for Cesc when the same whingers have criticised the guy for years for putting profit first.

    If the fee was huge then the haters would say we were bought out.

  322. Does anyone feel as I do ,In that we seem to have sold our best player for half his value ,and yet it comes as a relief?

  323. Markus – “But I think the fee is genuinely all they can realisticly afford”

    Not our problem.

  324. So Spunktrum If we had spent the Ox money on say Cahill,Your think that would make us start favorites to win the league.

    Fuck me it gets worse

  325. George – Sort of. We just need to move on now, and need to re-invest well.

  326. This is beginning to remind me of “Chemical Ali” saying the Americans aren’t here as the tanks rolled up behind him!

  327. But its not over FG, not by a long shot.

    This deal will hang over the club and Wenger for a long time. I wish it won’t be that way but, there.

    And I agree with Andy. I don’t see why we had to sell him, unless you believe he threatened to score own own goal or something….

    Look at Modric. No one will be too surprised if he stays at spurs despite publicly stating his intentions to leave. Its not the first time a player agitates for a move and doesn’t get his way. Why is the Cesc situation different?

  328. @ george rodger | August 12, 2011 at 1:53 pm
    Second best player, but yes, that is how I feel.


    @ goonerandy
    OK. If Wenger didn’t want to sell Cesc, and Wenger thought that Cesc would be committed in the coming season, why did we sell him, if we didn’t have to?

    @ lew1234 and Henristic
    Since Barca don’t need Cesc for football reasons (unlike RM and Ronaldo), but know he desperately wants to go to them and won’t go anywhere else and that they have succeeded in unsettling him, they have a big say in the price we can get for him.

  329. Wenger?

    It’s a close call.

    The measured, relective quality of Spectrum’s contributions reveal a knowledge and experience of the game which clearly rival that of Wenger.

    But . . . . . . . on balance . . . . . . . . . . Wenger probably just has the edge.

  330. the saga at least is over.

  331. Enough of Cesc. He came, he played, he’s good, he’s gone. Bye bye. I don’t think he’s been quite as good at Arsenal as some think over the last 2 seasons, and a lot of passion was gone, but I really like his close passing skills in and around the box, and some of the chipped balls over the top are sublime. On the minus, I found he slowed the game a little too often for my liking. I think he could do exceptionally at Barcelona, mainly without the Stoke games to bruise him up. He may not have heard of the Arsenal curse, but we can’t help that. It’s OK. I neither begrudge him nor admire him. He’s proved to be a bit ordinary in the visionary department, but obviously reverted to the clause in the gentleman’s agreement with Wenger last summer.

  332. Henristic – “Its not the first time a player agitates for a move and doesn’t get his way. Why is the Cesc situation different?”


  333. boss

    I’ve actually been watching Shaktar regularly and can offically tell you here that beformentioned brazilian Jadson is no way in any comparison to Fab4 or even Samir (not to mention you purely redicolous refering to his as a cross between the two).
    If he’s a cross between the players we have/had that would be a strange fruit made of Denilson, Eddy (on his bad days) and Rosicky.
    Very easily brushed off the ball, very slightly built, weak and sporting a tendency of disappear completely in games…
    It is a unforgivable mistake to buy the player of such mediocre quality in such a demanding times.
    But what do I know, poor sod who doesnt work in foorball a halfday in his life?

  334. I think it was either £35M this summer, a bag of peanuts next summer, or fuck all in two years time. For an increasingly moody child sulking in the back seat – as our captain.

  335. Can anyone give examples of other situations where a lower transfer fee is accepted by selling club because of the actions of player to be sold? And how do such situations compares to Cescs?

  336. Fun – I can live with the fact that we have sold him, and the reason for doing so. What I don’t get is why we have settled on such a low price. We have not been robust enough with our stance.

    Like everybody has said though; time to move on. If we make some good signings and start the season well, he will be quickly forgotten.

  337. Shotta

    The fact that both Cesc and Nasri tacitly collaborated with the poachers for financial and other reasons, rather than commit to to becoming winners at the club, is not a mark of failure of the strategy but a mark of their weakness as human beings


    a) The above statement is nothing other than made up fantasy. You have absolutley zero idea of their intent. Apart from making it up to suit your argument.

    b) Our best ‘project youth’ side was in 2008. Who remains? Denilson, Diaby, Bendtner, Fabregas, Clichy, Nasri, Adebayor, Flamini, Diarra all gone or wanting to go. It has failed in the sense the players want to leave. It has failed (to date I should add) as it suffers the same mistakes (tragic collapses before the end of the season)

    Dont call it back stabbing, I dont think the club has performed particularily well on and off the pitch in the last 24 months. I am not going to ignore that because of what they achieved in the stadium move.

    Look what happened at Liverpool. Die hard Rafa fans wanted to constantly forgive him and support him because of his CL victory, regardless of how much of an ass he was making of himself, and the constant tactical and personal mistakes he made. I know you had an opinion on that.

    Get off your high horse. Stop berrating those who arent delighted with everything thats happening at the club.

    I’m going to be behind the team 100% tomorrow. What will you be doing? venting your anger and attacking fans because they dare have a different opinion


  339. It might not be the right time to say it but I always thought of Fabregas as wildly overrated. Great passer, great vision, great touch – but too reticent, too meek, too slow and not natural enough a striker of the ball to class as a truly great central midfielder.

    I think he took a lot of credit for what a whole team did.

    Looking forward to a system with no ‘Cesc role’ to worry about filling.

  340. It will come as a great relief to the players.

  341. so according to wenger we aren’t a big club anymore.

    finally he’s realising the damage of his actions over the last 3/4 years

  342. Oh, Zimpaul, regarding your earlier post, I thought it was a delightful read, and I am thoroughly excited about all the caveats of Arsenal FC you retort. However, our key difference is that I don’t believe the talented Ox, Jenks, Lansbury, Frimpong et al, will have the distance in them to make us a better team. I think its unfair to expect this from these kids.

    As GA alluded to earlier, it seems another season of transition is upon us. I will still scream my support in the blind faith allowed by fans that everything could go right, and that United suffer some of our poor luck.

    One thing I can certainly say, is that I am thoroughly excited about the next crop of y outh coming through, I just wish it was supplemented with the necessary experience, to guide the players, to cover for the players, and put the younger players in title winning positions.

  343. You’ve always been a cunt, Arsenal Tom.

  344. How do we know they don’t need him? How does anyone measure this need? They’ve been chasing him for years and will pay 35 mill for him despite being a deep financial hole. Of course they ‘need’ him. we just blinked first.

    On an unrelated subject; I heard somewhere Vela is open to a loan move? I think he should stay and fight for a place. Granted, the competition is tougher, given the signings of Ox and Ryo, but he made his bed. He should have done more to impress the coach in previous seasons.

  345. Arsene Baggins

    It seems like Le Grove doesn’t have many friends left. I noticed that they have been removed from the blog roll of most major Arsenal Blogs.

  346. Limpar – Then you would be wrong. Check out his assist records. He is one of the most creative players in Europe.

    As seen as you held that view, does that not make you a closet doomer? I am fairly sure if somebody had posted that on here in the last few months they would have been the subject of quite a bit of abuse.

  347. *makes us a better team this season. Certainly think they will improve us in the future.

  348. and you limpar are a fuckface.

    great debate provoking comment by the way.

    its spastics liek you that ok all wenger’s shitty decisions that mean we’ve still got the has-been in charge. i hope your proud of yourself.

  349. Arsene Baggins

    @ Henristic,

    Barca don’t have the best record in the transfer market do they? They don’t have a good record of spending their money wisely, do they? Fabregas is a bench warmer at best but that is some thing he is familiar with from his days in the Spanish squad.

  350. Everyone deals with break ups differently.

  351. Arsene Baggins

    Fabregas would improve any squad, I am sure but you have to question is character on this.

  352. Arsene Baggins

    @ Luke,

    Apparrently so!!!

  353. This nonsense about Fabregas being a bench warmer needs to stop.

    He will start. Iniesta will move further forward and Pedro will be dropped.

    Villa and Sanchez will fight for the other place.

  354. Barca didn’t need Zlatan, yet paid shitloads for him.

    Watching/reading/hearing about Cesc perform for Barca will be excruciating. I hope he flops big time. I hope he gets the Hleb treatment.

  355. Henristic- If Cesc had been totally professional he wouldn’t have gone on a virtual work stoppage. He would have acknowledged that he had a contract to fulfill with Arsenal, travelled and trained with the squad and made it known that he would continue to honor his contract until such time as Barcelona met the valuation placed on him by his club. He effectively undermined the bargaining position of his own club in order to force a transfer that he wanted, and attempted to do it without having to incur any financial penalties that had been written into his contract specifically to address transfer situations like this one. If that is acting professionally, then professional standards no longer exist. As odious as most of find Nasri’s behavior, he at least made a half-assed attempt to appear as if he was still part of the team, and never gave an indication that he would not play out his contract. But Nasri is being vilified, to some extent justifiably, while many are giving Cesc a free pass that I don’t think he deserves.

  356. And before you say George, yes, I do know more than Guardiola! 🙂

  357. Our system of play certainly creates a lot chances, andy, and Cesc was a great focal point for that final pass – the glory pass. Still think he was overrated though. The idea that he ‘carried’ Arsenal, for instance, is a complete myth.

  358. Arsene Baggins

    I just put money on Arsenal winning the league this season. We will see a different Arsenal this season.

  359. Just reading the fee was £31M. I feel sick.

  360. Limps Do me a favour 🙂

    You promised me Clichy ,Cesc and Samri would be staying.
    I hold you personally responsible for my state of depression.You are a scoundrel and not to be believed.
    That said you always cheer me up so give us a lift!!!!!

  361. Henristic,

    “How do we know they don’t need him? How does anyone measure this need?”

    That’s funny. I remember you hacking away at your keyboard till the letters turned blue in an effort to ‘debate’ that the Barfaholes neither wanted nor needed Cesc Fabregas.
    Ah well.

  362. George – Not the Oxlade money, he was 15 mill – ( 12mill upfront + extras). But we can now spend the proceeds from the Nasri sale, and buy Cahill outright, with money over. No excuses.That’s one option. But we’ve had the option to buy Cahill BEFORE this. But we haven’t had the balls. By all reports, we haven’t even made a bid, (at least until very recently) ! No bid – and yet this is the season we’re meant to be “serious” about winning the league, remember ? (Much like we were meant to do in the last one, too).
    Signing Cahill wouldn’t guarantee us winning the league. Though it would certainly help. But it takes more than just players to win trophies. You need a manager who can steer them through, has tactical nous, and the ability to instil a winning mentality. It’s a co-operative effort. Ferguson still has it. Wenger has shown time and again that he’s not up to the task.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  363. Arsene Baggins,
    You’ve made my point. “Need’, as you or I will define it, is not a factor in Barca’s spending.

    We just didn’t play our cards right. Either that or, like I said before, the club feels they owe Barca something for how Cesc was signed 8 years ago in the first place.

  364. Luke I said something similar yesterday

  365. Good post OOU thanks

    Will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of weeks. I really doubt there will be a lot of new players arriving. Can’t imagine that we will change our usual MO and go out with wads of cash in hand. Very little time left in the window. I think/hope the club believes that we are in rebuilding mode and they will be doing any business with 3 years from now in mind. That said I hope for a couple of players who can keep us in the top 4 until then.

    I agree with the idea of moving away from our ball possession at all costs mentality and become more of a counter attacking team. I have thought that for a couple of years. Putting arsh in the hole behind the striker is how I think we should go. I hope we dont try to maintain the cesc role since there is no one who can fill that role and we often struggled to break down teams even when he was with us. Barca can play that sort of game in Spain but it has not been consistently effective in england for us.

    I really hope we do not throw all these really talented young players into the fire too soon. We as fans, the players Ox ryo etc etc will have to be patient. I know many don’t agree but I think one of the reasons the last generation of young players did not achieve what we thought is because they were not mentally ready to handle the amount or responsibility they were gIven. The cumulative trauma of their struggles has to be part of the reason they never reach their true potential as a team and struggles with “mental weakness”

    I hope we really take the FA and CC seriously as our chance to win some silverware this year. An FA and or CC trophy and a CL spot this season will be a huge boost after all the turmoil of last year and this summer

    Looking forward to a 2 – 1 win at St. James tomorrow.

  366. Arsene Baggins


    Like all myths, the media love em. No matter that it has been disproved since the time of Hleb and Flamini.

  367. Limpar – Yeah, I agree he did not “carry the team”. But I don’t think he was overated either. We looked a much worse side without him there last year.

  368. Let’s talk about the players we have, shall we? After all, this post is partly about the new arrivals, isn’t it?

    AOC is a central striker playing wide because of his relative youth, is that right?

  369. No Henristic.

    Pep Guardiola’s prodigy will not get the ‘Hleb treatment’ from Pep Guardiola.

  370. Check out

    this guy is onto something concerning the new Arsenal team for the season ahead

  371. LA

    Well, you can certainly argue he did carry us. A simple look at our win% with Fabregas compared to without gives a good indicator.

    Also, I doubt Wenger would build a brand new team (having disbanded the best EPL side ever), and build it around this overrated kid. Seems like sour grapes to me. Lets just remember the maestro for the right reasons.

  372. Limpar @ 2:10

    I’ve felt that Cesc hasn’t been the same since that Gardner hack (which wasn’t even called a ‘foul’). In short I agree with ZP @2:05. Have to go, enjoy the match tomorrow.


  373. Finsbury,

    You sure about that? Doesn’t matter anyways as you’d have seen from my previous post.

  374. Arsene Baggins


    If Barca really bought players that they ‘need’ -they ought to be throwing money at the centre of defence as back up -unless they have some hidden gems in their youth set up.

    I think we sold Fabregas because he wanted to leave and Barca wanted him back (for pride I suppose, rather than need). In a market of one, £35 million is better than the inconvenience of your so called “star” player being the centre speculation every winter, summer, every time some fool from barca opens his mouth and starts talking DNA.

  375. Merlot – ” But . . . . . . . on balance . . . . . . . . . . Wenger probably just has the edge.”
    Not to boast, but I think even I could have made better decisions than the boss over the last few weeks. And I don’t get a 6 million salary like he does. But thanks for the vote of confidence.

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  376. Luke, which idiot decided “2008” was our best so-called “project youth” line-up; in fact what a supremely idiotic thing to say about a long term evelving process of all sorts of factors. You disappoint me.

  377. Fun – He is more of a midfielder than a striker.

  378. FG,

    Thanks. Tired of the Cesc talk, too.
    OOU was saying the other day that AOC could play as a box to box CM. I find the idea of a player with his pace in that position, intriguing indeed.

  379. Arsene Baggins

    The way I look at it is that Fabregas came to Arsenal to develop as a player and thought he had a better chance of establishing himself as a player at Arsenal than at Barca. I suspect he saw it as an opportunity to advertise himself to his former club and the go back at the first opportunity. Last summer, was his first real opportunity to go and you can tell from his performances (when he was not injured that is) that he wasn’t playing at his best week in and week out.

    For Nasri, just read Flamini.

  380. I absolutely agree with Limpar on this issue. Very good player but not all he was cracked up to be. His ‘mental’ strength was questionable- see recent activity- a committed cesc was worth his place but we’ll do very well without him.

    It will be interesting to hear what his ex team mates say about him.

  381. Arsene Baggins,

    They did throw money at some Eastern European with an un-spellable name. sold him soon after I think.

  382. There is only ooonnnnnnnnnnnnne AArroonnn Ramsey

    Get it
    fuck it he has gone

  383. Arsene Baggins

    Personally, I am excited at the prospect of a new season with Gervinho, The Ox and Wacki Macki. I can see some speedy counter attacks tearing teams apart next season.

    If we can concentrate on improving our TEAM work at set pieces -I think we can stick it to the media and all the so called Arsenal fans who despair at the first sign of difficulty.

  384. Arsene Baggins


    Yup, they paid something £18 million for him and then sold him back to the same club the following season.

  385. Göteborgs Gooner

    I\m waiting for a confirmation from dot com to unfollow Fabregas on twitter.

  386. Can’t believe people are now coming out of the woodwork with “he wasn’t that good anyway”. Jesus christ.

    Ironic that if they had said the same thing a few months ago they would have been jumped on and told to “get behind your team” 😉

  387. Arsene Baggins,

    I believe Wenger when he says Cesc loves arsenal. I just think he loves Barca more + they are winning stuff right now + he doesn’t believe in ‘project youth’ anymore.

  388. Andy,

    People handle break-ups in different ways 😐

  389. The closest to a negative comment you’ll hear from me about Cesc is that having such a big talent in the team forced us to play a certain way. Him leaving is regrettable, but it should liberate us in many ways.

    Look to the future! We swapped an up-and-coming french talent for the best player in the french league last season. Nice.

    Maybe we’ll bring in another player, but we don’t necessarily need to. I have a feeling we will see another midfielder come in, but as we stand we are looking good.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  390. Henristic – Yeah true.

    “She was ugly anyway”

  391. Arsenal have announced the new squad numbers. Oxlade-Chamberlain takes 15, Frimpong 26, Miyaichi 31.

  392. Arsene Baggins, a recently departed colleague of mine was Catalunian (thank god, he’s not around now) he used to harp on about their CB’s coming through the club. Can’t offer more than that I’m afraid. But many a mini-Pique it would seem. Terribly modest man……..

  393. Markus – “Maybe we’ll bring in another player, but we don’t necessarily need to. I have a feeling we will see another midfielder come in, but as we stand we are looking good.”

    Wow. Just wow.

  394. Arsene Baggins


    Oh I was wrong, they paid 25 million EUROS for Dmytro Chygrynskiy and then after one season sold him back to Shakhtar for 15 million EUROS.

    Yeah I agree with that sentiment. He loved Barca more and I can understand that -his entire family, friends are all season ticket holders their. I would possibly feel the same.

  395. Hey A.K.B.’s ! We now have heaps of cash. We really do. Now we can go out and spend it and buy the players we need !!! This should be cause for you all to celebrate. Now we don’t have to hold back anymore. Wenger can now change his approach, throw off the shackles. No more haggling to save a few bob. Not necessary anymore. You’re confident now, er….. aren’t you ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  396. I’ve always preferred “they were ugly anyway” types. Much more fun. It was the crying into your nightie for weeks on end types I couldn’t be doing with.

  397. Just saw the trailer for Arsenal Udinese on SKY – my sphincter tightened a little.

  398. Exactly. Expect to see much of that from now one. Anytime he doesn’t get a game, misses a chance, loses form, etc, people here will be celebrating.
    I’m not ashamed to say I will be joining them for the most part. Not quite yet though, I’m still in the please denial stage.

  399. Eto is being offered £340k per week to go and play in the back of beyond WTF
    We should offer him more and “make a statement”

  400. Arsene Baggins

    I am really excited to see Miyaichi. The guy has some serious talent. Miyaichi , Walcott, Gervinho, The Ox are all super fast players.

    There seems to be more of a British core to our squad this season. Has Wenger been listening to some of the cretins that frequest our blog complaining about a lack of British fighting spriti? 🙂

  401. Limestonegunner

    Wenger has sometimes talked about having two squads, one for Europe (particularly in the case of some sort of breakaway super league or competition) and one domestically. I think perhaps recent problems matching ManU and Chelsea for the league have convinced him that at least we need two strategies and ways to play–one for Europe and to match other big clubs with attacking quality and another for the sort of side we come up against routinely in the PL. Perhaps this reshaping will take the form of this flexibility–playing different formations and different combinations of players according to circumstances. Hopefully this will also have the effect of blancing the squad and resting players without sacrificing continuity, which happened in December-February when we ended up with a clear first and second teams that involved massive changes because of fixture pile-up. If there is more rotation throughout the season, we might be better off.

    It will be interesting from a tactical perspective to try to see what has changed and developed. We know set-pieces are being addressed in this manner, so I don’t see why formations and styles wouldn’t adjust a bit depending on the qualities of our players. We won’t be abandoning possession, I just can’t see it, but perhaps their will be some other nuances to our style.

  402. Well he was no Dennis Bergkamp so lets get his lose in perspective

  403. Arsene makes me chuckle.

    “I don’t expect anybody to leave”

    6 hours later, we sell our best player. I reckon he walks out of every press conference, gets a high 5 from Pat Rice whilst they both burst into laughter.

  404. Arsene Baggins

    Ah I wish Fabregas well. I hope he achieves everything he wants to achieve at Barca. I just question his ambition when he knows from his experience with the Spanish team that he will not be a regular and will sit on the bench quite a lot. I can’t see this changing an awful amount for the next few years unless Guardiola drastically changes his game plan (which he might) .

    Bring on the Geordie! Arsenal until I rust. 😉

  405. George – Who is? He ws still our most creative player.

  406. @ goonerandy | August 12, 2011 at 2:34 pm
    Not quite true.
    We always resent unfair or unremitting criticism of Arsenal players while they play for the club, but we did not see him as above any criticism. If anyone did see him like that, it was the doomers – AIC and the like. I myself would point out that his failings were excused because he was a favourite; that too many fans worshipped him uncritically and that sports writers seemed to write their player ratings before the match and gave him the highest marks, regardless of whether he deserved them or not.

    In his breakthrough season of 2007/08 and in the following two seasons he did deserve most of the plaudits which he attracted. He developed his game, worked even harder when he was being pushed by Ramsey and above all showed fight and loyalty. He stood up for teammates on the pitch, he even rebuked Barca for quasi-tapping up three summers ago. Last season was a different story.
    I am already over him, I went through the emotional disinvesment last summer when I felt he was behaving badly but others did not agree.

  407. Vela on loan has to mean a new striker on its way. Doesn’t it?

  408. No number for Eboue as Gervinho has got #27 – gone?
    Still no 1 jersey for Almunia – surely gone?
    Cesc named – why?

  409. goonzablazin at 2:19 pm:

    I hope you don’t mind me sharing your excellent assessment with know-it-all Luke. Afterall he will be in Newcastle this week-end so he knows better than all of us.

    “If Cesc had been totally professional he wouldn’t have gone on a virtual work stoppage. He would have acknowledged that he had a contract to fulfill with Arsenal, travelled and trained with the squad and made it known that he would continue to honor his contract until such time as Barcelona met the valuation placed on him by his club. He effectively undermined the bargaining position of his own club in order to force a transfer that he wanted, and attempted to do it without having to incur any financial penalties that had been written into his contract specifically to address transfer situations like this one. If that is acting professionally, then professional standards no longer exist.


    Can I ask you why are you debating Arsenal matters with these people?
    After some fun times spent here you might have realised that most of the regulars here are in that AW’s mood namely ‘in denial’ mode.

    There is not a thing under the old sun that this football manager can do wrong for them.
    It is a very very bizzare state of mind but here you go, they see it that way and why fight them so feverishly for it?! 😀

    I’m not being smart arse here, really , but I wondering why you feel this need to come back and try prove your points? They will never accapt your stance and you are probaly just casting that proverbial pearls before …

    One thing I noticed though, every time that they cannot form a coherent reply to any reasonable question, they start calling names and obcenitys and stuff… Kindergarten behavior, really
    AW’s warriors, my arse

    But on a more serious note: Jadson is poor, very poor indeed. Gutted if reports are true!

  411. Andy I know but am clutching at straws

  412. I read somewhere that we won 66% of the matches Cesc played in last season. This season we won’t have him. You do the math.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  413. Arsene Baggins

    It could all go horribly wrong and find out that Cesc and Nasri are not leaving. Imagine!

  414. goonerandy

    I know everyone here hates the media but the games he played with them this morning were ridiculous. He was disrespecting the fans as much as the media.

  415. MD what do you mean we resort to name calling?
    Fuck off you cuntish twat.That is just not true.

  416. Fun – Fair points, but that would really depend on what your assesment of “unfair” is I suppose. I would have bet that it somebody like Bill had posted those thoughts a couple of months ago he would have been set upon by the usual suspects. He would have been called all maanner of names and no doubt had his support mocked and questioned.

    You may agrue the point on this, but if you are honest about it you know that this is the case.

  417. “Maybe we’ll bring in another player, but we don’t necessarily need to. I have a feeling we will see another midfielder come in, but as we stand we are looking good.”
    Did Wenger really say that ? Wow. The guys over at Le Grove will have a field day with this. Le Senile just digs himself a deeper hole every day now, it seems.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  418. George
    that was a good one 🙂

  419. Why not give Vela a shot? If not then just sell him. Why the continuous loan deal?
    I believe that Costa Rican Joel Campbell might be the striker – but will he get a work permit?

  420. Thanks for the lighter moment Jonny, by God we need it!

  421. Anyway, I’m off to spend the weekend camping and dancing in a field. Transistor radio for the match, bottle of Bundaberg rum for the heartbreak.

    Faint hopes Cesc on a plane is more media horseshit – because he’s a damn good player.

    Not a great one, mind.

    Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey on the other hand….


  422. eboue not given a squad number, and fabregas and nasri are. maybe we have sold eboue to barcelona?

  423. gooner andy at 2:46 haha yeah probably.

  424. Hi MD how are you mate? Yeah… yeah… ok FUCK off. Take Spectrum with you.

  425. @ Limestonegunner
    I agree. We are not going to fundamentally change our identity, just give ourselves a bit more variety in attack and more solidity in defence.

    @ consolsbob
    Looks like you are getting your clearout after all, doesn’t it!

  426. Not me JD – I honestly just can’t wait for the season to start. I love running the rule over new signings. So we have little chance of winning the league but we are still in with more of a shout than Spurs and Pool – that’s amazing.

    Whats the point of winning something by spending 2billion pounds? Really though – what IS the point?

    We’re fucking amazing – I couldn’t imagine a better club to support.

  427. SPECTRUM You are so right. from the proceeds of sales of Cesc,Nasri
    Bentdner. Ebuoe, Wengerspin should spend the all the funds on strengthening
    the squad, todays press conference was Pure Wengerspin, “Cesc,and Nasri not leaving,
    we have too large a squad, we dont need Centre backs, we have ample coverage at
    leftback”, all a load of BS,
    Unless Wengerspin comes back to reality we will be out of the top four, we need four
    new players, this youth policy has failed OXO and company are OK for the CC but not for
    the EPL this season..

  428. @ goonerandy
    I am not going to argue the point any more, but I am being honest, as always, and I stand by what I said.

  429. Jonny – Agree with all of that.

  430. Fun – Fair enough. We will have to agree to disagree then. All good.

  431. Sky now insinuating that Gervinho is unhappy WTF?

  432. Limestonegunner – Tactics ? What does Wenger know about tactics ? He couldn’t even beat a Manchester United side in the F.A. Cup that had seven or eight defenders in it.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  433. Vela on loan. As if I knew!

    If he goes, I’m quessing we are putting him out on the shop window. I really can’t see him getting another chance with the team. We have too many players vying for the forward positions now.

  434. solgooner | August 12, 2011 at 3:02 pm
    SPECTRUM You are so right.

    Fucking laughing like fuck.That is so funny on so many levels

  435. Shotta, moving the goal posts to suit your argument, whodathunkit.

    Enjoy slagging off fans tomorrow. If for one second you can cheer for the team, that would be great!

  436. Sky now insinuating that Gervinho is unhappy WTF?


    How George?

  437. Limestonegunner

    George, you are a trooper. But apparently a lot of people here have been secretly depreciating Cesc as a footballer (not just as a person) for years. They must be celebrating and thrilled at how we have fleeced Barca yet again, the chumps!! (It is true the future is unpredictable). I’ll just admit like you that I thought he was our best player and am quite disappointed it has come to this. I am already trying to look forward and think about what comes next as the season is about to start.

    But I won’t be sullying my Arsenal memories of Cesc’s brilliance quickly directing lightning through balls far up the pitch or lofting accurate passes from within our half over the opponents defense onto a streaking forward’s foot just because modern football can be cruel to those of us who invest emotionally. Slowed us down indeed! He and the teams built around him didn’t bring ultimate glory, so in time when we have other terrific teams who achieve more fully their potential, perhaps this will be easier. But I for one dreamed often of Cesc holding a league trophy and a champions league cup in a reprise of the Paris final, adorned by red and white.

    I am so happy for all the others who have managed to divest in such a wonderfully matter of fact way.

    Tomorrow is the future. But today is a sad coda to the Arsenal side of the recent past.

  438. George what did you hear about Gervinho?

  439. Bradys right foot

    SPECTRUM | August 12, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    I read somewhere that we won 66% of the matches Cesc played in last season. This season we won’t have him. You do the math.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

    Pulling a figure from the statosphere in isolation is meaningless when you don’t actually make a point. You would have been just as informative if you said 29% of people know something. I’ll help you out its just the type of guy I am, why not make a meaningful comparison by looking at our win percentages for the other players in the team, so smoke on these specs accuarate up to the 23 Martch 2011 for last season, and why not make some type of point then.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Manuel Almunia starting this season in the Premier League is 43%, without him 64%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Lukasz Fabianski starting this season in the Premier League is 64%, without him 53%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Szczesny starting this season in the Premier League is 63%, without him 57%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Emmanuel Eboue starting this season in the Premier League is 50%, without him 61%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Sebastian Squillaci starting this season in the Premier League is 53%, without him 67%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Laurent Koscielny starting this season in the Premier League is 48%, without him 100%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with @JohanDjourou starting this season in the Premier League is 79%, without him 40%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Denilson starting this season in the Premier League is 33%, without him 65%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Alex Song starting this season in the Premier League is 71%, without him 0%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with @jack_wilshere starting this season in the Premier League is 63%, without him 40%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with @cesc4official starting this season in the Premier League is 72%, without him 36%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Tomas Rosicky starting this season in the Premier League is 75%, without him 52%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Theo Walcott starting this season in the Premier League is 75%, without him 47%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Andrey Arshavin starting this season in the Premier League is 52%, without him 75%.

    Arsenal’s win percentage with Van Persie starting this season in the Premier League is 70%, without him 53%.

  440. Luke Cesc was a fabulous player but a poor excuse for a loyal captain.

  441. MD – I come on here because I enjoy the challenge. The cut and thrust of the fray. Yes, I know it’s largely futile trying to make these Wenger slaves awaken from their slumber. But one or two HAVE BEEN converted – see my post at 7:15.
    You’re right about the abuse. But when reason fails, this is what they resort to. It’s the facts, and the growing weight of evidence in the case against Wenger, that will tell in the end. Though I must admit he’s doing a good job of burying himself at the moment. With that, I bid you goodnight.
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  442. BBC source claiming that Arsenal sources say the deal is still days rather than hours from final completion (but only due to Newcastle game)

    Cesc even trained with Arsenal earlier!

    Disinformation is the watchword of our era.

  443. Stats from BBC…Arsenal w/ and w/o Cesc

    “They average 2.04 goals per league game with him in the team but 1.52 without him, concede 0.92 when he plays and 1.07 when he does not, win 59% of games with him and 44% without him, and pick up 2.01 points per match with him but only 1.65 when he is absent.”

    hope wengers got a plan

  444. Sky sports bloke standing in front of the stadium said he had heard that Arsenal’s recent signing was questioning if he had done the right thing by signing

  445. longblackcloud

    I agree with you, we didn`t win much with the legend and all round genius that was Liam Brady in the team, but cannot argue that he was anything but superb for us.
    May not have won everything in sight or even as much as we promised to at times, but in the same way Cesc was a great player for us in a with hindsight dissappointing period

  446. @ Limestonegunner
    He has left great memories on the pitch – no-one is asking you to sully them.

    But I would ask:
    Do you consider that this transfer saga has been good for Arsenal?
    Do you feel that Cesc has been blameless in the whole affair?
    Is it wrong not to voice every criticism you may have of a current player?

    I think the answer to all those questions is no.

    I can only wish you a speedy recovery from your separation pain. I’ve already been through that so I can assure you it will ease. My first love is the team, not any one individual in it.

  447. FC Barcelona Next Tuesday’s deadline for their haggle is the CL game?

    Cescy boy was in the R&W this morning:

  448. Bradys right foot

    Specs m8 I don’t think anyone considers you or your zero sum logic a challenge. Infact any attempt to spoon feed you would simply be regurgatatted and i don’t think your statements have in any way shape or form been a discussion or as you put, “The cut and thrust of thr Fray”. If your going to piss against the wind m8 be prepared to get wet.

  449. george… cant blame him, we’re hardly showing ourselves as ambitious title challengers this summer are we!?

    we’ve signed 2 players from league 1 and gerv himself! plus lost/about to loose 3 first teamers

  450. OUT: Bendtner, Denilson, Almunia, Fabregas, Nasri and Eboue likely
    IN OR BACK OR ‘UP’: Vermaelen, Ramsey, Miyaichi, Jenks, 3Gs, Fabianski, Frimpong, Ox, Vela, Traore, Gibbs, Afobe, plus I would still guess 2 (31 August is a way off)
    INJURED: Diaby, Wilshere (slight)

    Let the games begin. I am a bigger fan, if that is possible, than ever. Arsenal supporters support their team for the sheer joy of watching this adventure unfold, and the thrilling football we are witness to that all over the world is so admired and emulated. Welcome to the new players! Good luck at Arsenal. To those departing, thanks for the past efforts and the memories, good luck, you might be cursed though. To those returning from lay-off and injury: we’ve missed you guys. So good to see you! To the youngsters starting their first team careers, we are very proud of you! To the team, we are behind you, no matter what.

    Arsenal. COYGs. Can’t wait to see you in action.

  451. pique’s twitter is:

    We already have him here.

    Puyol (to Cesc): “Booooyyyy!!! Welcome home!!! Happy to have you here. Ooohhhh moc moc”

  452. Limestone

    Briliantly put.There were muppets saying the same thing about another genius 30 years ago a certain Chippy Brady.Some gooners on her wouldnt know a good player if they landed on their heads.The same who think Denilson Diaby Eboue and Bendtner are good players

  453. ArseyTom –

    The stats were similar for when Henry left – we will just learn a new way of playing. Perhaps Wilshere and Rambo will blossom out from under his shade. Who knows?

    That’s what’s exciting.

  454. George

    But why was Fabregas captain? Because he wanted to be? Or because Wenger gave him the armband as an ad hoc benefit of staying? Why are we giving the armband to RVP who could quite feasibly leave next summer (considering he has one more meaningful contract in his career)

    This is how we differ in our assessment of things George. And this really isnt an attack on you or anything like that.

    My mind:

    Fabregas was a poor captain. Why was he made captain at 22? was he really the best candidate for the captaincy? if so, why? why was henry made captain?

    Poorly explained – in a rush to leave work….

  455. Well done Alastair Cook!

    250 runs.

    Now for the rarest of achievements a triple tonne.

  456. jonny… exciting? maybe… risky? definitely! pinning our season on 2 youngsters of which only one has played a full PL season staying fit and being good enough to win something is very risky management!

    our midfield options…

    song (off to the ACN for a month)
    diaby (we all know he’ll be injured for 40-50% of the season)
    lansbury (no pl games)
    frimpong (no pl games and maybe off to the ACN)

    that really isnt good enough if we are really serious about winning the league.


  458. Now it seem Pep G doesnt want the deal to go ahead yet! LOL is this a fuckin episode of eastenders?

  459. not to mention we’ll probably be loosing chamakh and traore (he’s switched to senegal) to the ACN as well.

  460. Jonny | August 12, 2011 at 3:21 pm
    “BBC source claiming that Arsenal sources say the deal is still days rather than hours from final completion (but only due to Newcastle game)”

    Strange, considering wenger told Arsenal TV that stories about the Cesc matter being resolved this weekend are ‘completely true’.

    Maybe, just maybe, Cesc ain’t going nowhere?

    Did I mention earlier I was still in the denial stage?

  461. Barca are some pack of shitehawks…

  462. @ Jonny
    Didn’t your sources say that both deals were due to go through this afternoon?

  463. Deise

    Barca are completley dominating this negotiation. Now the player, Arsenal and our fans believe he is off, they can cool interest, and lower there offer. It will get to a situation (as we have been so weak in our handling of Cesc) that we wil WANT to sell him.

    Quite simply, we have had our pants pulled down in a big way.

  464. longblackcloud

    gooner Ted your post gave me serious de-ja-vu all over again !

  465. Good tweet that sums up this mornings press conference:

    “Arsene Wenger insists that Charlie Sheen will not be leaving the cast of Two and a Half Me”

    From @arsenalist

    Well you have to laugh don’t ya.

  466. seems have taken down the ‘story’ about the new squad list and reverted back – gerv, ryo and oxo now have no numbers on there again.

    Amateurs running that website!!

  467. I agree with ZimPaul. Looking forward more than ever.

    Anyone who can’t handle the ride better stay off the rollercoaster.

  468. “Anyone know what the fans thought of Brady leaving for Juventus in those days? Especially at such a young age.”

    I was a heartbroken 14yr old. I didn’t begrudge him moving to Juve as he was world-class and Serie A was where it was, at the time. I was more put out at the stupid Uefa regulation in force at the time which meant we only received £600k for him.

    If Cesc is like Brady, then Nasri’s like Stapleton. A couple of decent seasons then off for the cash.

  469. Yes FG but it’s still second hand info for the BBC! He’s twittered it as well. Could be bollocks – there are reports he’s already in Spain and reports he’s sitting on my lap helping type this. As I said disinformation is the watchword of our era.

    ArseyTom – we haven’t finished spending yet and it’s still an exciting team.

    I can see you are determined to wallow in the misery of the situation we find ourselves but that’s up to you. It won’t change anything, all your wailing and gnashing of teeth, you know?

  470. @ Deisegooner
    Still there, actually.

    Where did you get that information about the squad numbers beign revoked?

  471. I see some of the usual suspects are trying to use Ronaldo’s transfer fee of 80 million as a stick to beat Wenger and the Board for accepting substantially less for Fabregas. As much as we are tribal in our support of AFC, any comparison between Ronaldo and Fabregas in terms of marquee appeal is untenable. The criticism that Fabregas failed to deliver despite his undoubted talent is evident when compared to Ronaldo’s acheivements while in England
    Premier League: 3 2006–07, 2007–08, 2008–09
    FA Cup: 1 2003–04
    League Cup: 2 2005–06, 2008–09
    FA Community Shield: 1 2007
    UEFA Champions League: 1 2007–08
    FIFA Club World Cup: 1 2008.
    Other Honors:
    2006-07: PFA Players’ Player of the Year and PFA Young Player of the Year awards, PFA Fans’ Player of the Year. Also one of eight Manchester United players named in the 2006–07 PFA Premier League Team of the Year.
    2007-08: Runner-up to Kaká for the 2007 Ballon d’Or, third in the running for the FIFA World Player of the Year award.

    Fabregas has one FA cup to his name but the biggest cross he will have to bear for the rest of his life is that as captain of Arsenal he was never able to drag his team across the line for the in 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 campaigns. At 24 he had plenty of time to tough it out but chose the easy way out of going back to Barca. Regardless of our own personal opinions as to the causes of failure of Arsenal, “history will not absolve” him for leaving the club.

  472. not revoked but the link to the story did disappear , you are right it is back now, and if you follow the links at the top of the page to first team – players, their numbers also disappeared from there – again now they are back – just a server issue i suppose then eh!!

  473. or just still doing work on the pages and they are flipping from old to new pages.

  474. mugs he aint going, you mugs mugs mugs

  475. shotta

    I don’t think anyone thought that Arsenal were going to get £80m for Fabergas (£45-50m would be the value I’d have attached to him) and getting only £30m is a disgrace.

  476. Luke said – “Why are we giving the armband to RVP who could quite feasibly leave next summer (considering he has one more meaningful contract in his career)”

    I dont get that comment. It seems you will find everything and anything to complain about.

    RVP is a born leader and shouldve been captian over Cesc to begin with. For me he is the best player and leader at the club. The guy really loves the team. We could possibly give the armband to another player and they up and leave also but the man has shown himself a loyal Arsenal player above most. To look at this negatively doenst even make sense to me.

  477. if Cesc leaves, along with Almunia, Bendtner, Eboue and as seems possible Nasri, and with a loan move for Vela, we would only have 17 “over 21” players at the club. how can AW say we have a big squad?
    Based on the prem league rules of who we have to declare in our 25 man squad we will probably have the smallest squad in the division!
    I really hope we are going to bring in some more experience, this squad will just not have the staying power to do well even if they have the talent. We collapsed last year, and we look destined to do the same this.
    I know there is over 2 weeks to go in the transfer window, but complacency at Arsenal makes an ostich with its head in the sand look like a worried .. whatever happens to be a naturally worried thing!!! (Ok I couldn’t think of a suitable simile)

  478. Brady’s right foot – Before I go to bed over here in Australia, the other players you list don’t happen to be the most creative player in Europe. Unless you count Denilson, that is.
    ( quote ) “The Spaniard, who has been the midfield orchestrator for the Gunners for several seasons, produces a chance from open play every 29 minutes – better than any other player in England, Spain, Germany, Italy or France. ” Source ;
    Statistics ( from Wikipidia )……..

    Statistics accurate as of 22 May 2011[16]
    Club Season League Cup[86] Europe Total
    Apps Goals Assists Apps Goals Assists Apps Goals Assists Apps Goals Assists
    Arsenal 2003–04 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 0 3 1 0
    2004–05 33 2 4 8 0 0 5 1 0 46 3 4
    2005–06 35 3 5 2 1 0 13 1 2 50 5 7
    2006–07 38 2 13 6 0 2 10 2 1 54 4 16
    2007–08 32 7 19 3 0 1 10 6 2 45 13 22
    2008–09 22 3 10 1 0 0 10 0 5 33 3 15
    2009–10 27 15 15 1 0 1 8 4 3 36 19 19
    2010–11 25 3 14 6 3 1 5 3 2 35 9 17
    Total 211 35 80 30 5 5 61 17 15 303 57 100

    The other midfielders in our team may reach Cesc’s standard one day (?). But for the present time, we will MISS him. The shining light of Wenger’s failed Project Youth policy. Where did it all go wrong ?
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  479. “history will not absolve” him for leaving the club.


    Errr, yeah it will. The history books will also record Fabregas as one of our greatest ever players. Correctly so.

    Fabregas made no bones of his desire to leave last summer. He was open and honest. He was returning to his family and birthplace. Cant really begrudge him for that can we? We all KNEW this would happen.

    We all know that Wenger had talks to CONVINCE him to stay, for how long, we dont know. Picking up on the rhetoric throughout the season, you could reasonably suggest that Fabregas wanted the squad to be supplemented with quality players. The well publicised mid season interview being a ver clear indicator of this. Supported with similar calls by the majority of his team mates, and you could assume that Fabregas has been left disappointed by the clubs transfer activity. His dream club are calling. One can accept him for remaining SILENT and NOT handing in a transfer request. Nearly 10 years loyal service he gave. You can forgive him for losing faith in a project that is ending up further adrift of winning titles. He is a professional sportsman of the highest degree. Winning is everything. Competitive atheletes dont have the love for the balance sheet and possession stats. They are winners.

    I cant blame Fabregas for thinking like this. because its clear to many a fan, ex-player, pundit, journalist that we have NOT made the necessary steps forward with our available resources to make us the best team we can be.

    I do not begrudge Fabregas one bit. I feel sad that we couldnt have acted soooner, signed the required talent, perhaps won the title last year, and avoided this mess we have found ourselves in.

    I know you wont agree Shotta, that would be you questioning the establishment. We cant have that from one its most loyal servants.

  480. Paul N

    Try not to take my comment completley out of context please. Henry, Fabregas. Neither should be made captain. Both made Captain to anchor them to the club further.

    RVP is in Nasri’s situation next summer. It just seems it is happening all over again. We dont know that RVP will be an Arsenal player in 12 months. Surely thats enough of a factor to stop him having the armand?

    And if you think he will magically sign a contract that I pity the level of naivity. I love RVP, he (as always stated) is our most critical player. I will be in pieces if he leaves.

  481. Zimpaul @ 3;29 – Very stoic. You would have done well as Churchill’s speechwriter. “We will fight them on the beaches” and all that.
    (Definitely goodnight this time.)
    “In Arsene we rust.”

  482. Yes I am Fun!

    Just need a few incoming as wqell as numbers are getting a bit light.

    An old broom sweeps cleanest as they say……

  483. longblackcloud

    oh god! he`s an ozzie

  484. Luke, it seems you should support Barcelona. Arsenal have no ambition, so what is the point of it all, the whole world according to you know this.

    Cesc isnt culpable at all is he? he didnt play injured and backheel Barcelona through in the CL did he. His goals didnt dry up did they. No it was all the school boy errors of the other players.

  485. Paul N

    Fabregas playing injured against Barca..

    Who picks the team?

  486. Paul,be fair he pull off a great save against the Tots.

  487. No disrespect Luke but that is pure nonsense. There is no context apart from you just being your negative self.

    How do yo know that RVP will behave like Nasri next year?

    Isnt Cesc under contract now? what difference has it made in him wanting to boogey.

    You pick the best man for the job now and RVP was vice captain anyway.

    you are way too fearful and negative.

  488. Aw, you’re not that old Consol. 😉

  489. Luke,stop digging.

  490. Bradys right foot

    SPECTRUM | August 12, 2011 at 4:03 pm

    So your telling me how good Cesc is and how much he creates for us. I’m flattered that you went to all the bother of trawling the Interweb to tell me the blindingly obvious.

  491. Also, your blaming Fabregas for his goals drying up? well, considering he only reached double figures once, does that mean you didn’t value him for his other seasons?

    Again, his back heel was a huge mistake. Anymore? Or can you only think of that high profile one. In fact, isnt it right that it was all deliberate so Cesc knew he would be joining the European champions?

    Unfuckingbelievable. I really cant wait to hear Yogis take on his impending departure, because the extremists on this site have blown my mind with the treatment he is getting.

  492. How am I digging George?

  493. Luke, he said he was ok and admitted to being selfish. Dont get it twisted.

    He did George.

    All I am saying is that he too was a part of the problem last season. He is no less a great player however he didnt get it done.

  494. Wenger said”If Fabregas says he is fit ,you play him”

    Cesc said he was fit and later admitted he knew he was not.

    Even you cant blame Arsene for that.Or can you? 🙂

    The majority feel let down by Cesc
    Some feel betrayed
    Others chose to absolve him

    It matters naught.
    He was a great player and now he has gone.Almost.Nearly.Perhaps!!!

  495. “Arsenal supporters support their team for the sheer joy of watching this adventure unfold, and the thrilling football we are witness to that all over the world is so admired and emulated.”

    Personally, I dont give a rat’s ___ about the style of football we play. I loved the team in the ’80s, loved them in the ’90s and now.
    Wengerball isn’t Arsenal. It is the ‘current’ Arsenal. If a new manager comes in and wants to play defensively and we get derided for ‘boring boring Arsenal’ .. I will still love the club and have joy in watching them.
    I get a bit tired with the whole ‘style’ argument.

  496. i dont know why, but i’m feeling mighty optimistic about this season.

    and i’m not being sarcastic.

  497. Luke saying he contributed to the debacle is not the same as blaming him.
    Stop being a drama queen

  498. Please lads, you mean Wenger didn’t consult our expert medical team and let Fabregas decide? What the fuck happens in our club if thats the case?

    DOC: Cesc, I’m sorry, your hamstring hasnt recovered sufficiently, you can’t play
    CESC: But Arsene, I feel fine, pleaseeee!
    AW: You can play

    How about subbing him after 3 mminutes when we all realised Cesc couldnt even run.

    Look it at this way. Emile Heskey is a shit footballer. He knows it. The world knows. Why was he asked to the WC? No-one knows. But of course he will play if asked. Jeez, even I would turn out for Engalnd at the WC, regardless of how detrimental i thought it would be.

  499. I get a bit tired of people saying style does not matter.
    Materialists, that is what they are,

    Oh and I forgot to say “boring twats” to boot

  500. Luke, extremists? give me a break man. You always look to crap on things, you find it hard to look at the positives and dig up negative crap but for Cesc! no he comes out smelling lik a bunch of roses in the whole fiasco. You sir are biased.

  501. George, he CONTRIBUTED to our false hopes of success more than any player in the ruddy squad. RVP would have but hasnt played as much.

    Fabregas was the reason you lot have been banging on about our title “challenge” last year.

    He made one high profile howler in a game he SHOULDNT have played in.

  502. Luke ,Wenger should shoulder some of the blame for Cesc and his help to his future Barca team mates 😉

    But so should Cesc.Or is it all the naughty incompetent manager?

  503. You sir are biased.


    Just dont like shit footballers! 🙂

  504. Limpar@2:10.

    I too look forward to team that does not have to fill the cesc role. I have really enjoyed some of the unique names you have called me in the past for trying to make a similar argument. I guess consistency of opinion is greatly over-rated.

    Andy @ 2:46:

    Instead of a high 5, my mental picture is a double barrel middle finger salute to all the doomers and pundits. Steve bould joins in to show solidarity.

    Henristic @ 12:22

    That style hasn’t worked over a 38 game season in England even with cesc. Consistent defending seems to be impossible and we were outscored every year. Despite the intermittent brilliance the reality is not great. Risk/reward ratio much to high for any sort of consistency. We can still call a counterattacking style wengerball if it makes everyone happier.

  505. Luke, again nonsense about consulting the expert medical team. Obviously Cesc was back in full training so he wouldve gotten a pass and medicine cannot detect everything anyway. If a player says they are good to go, that is on them.

  506. Fabregas has not an ounce of dirt on his hands for his minutes in an Arsenal shirt. I genuinely, hand on heart believe that.

    If the Barca game is the only focal point, then its clear he shouldnt have played. Thats not his fault.

    Whether some choose to tarnish his behaviour this summer, the fine, but I wont.

  507. “you lot”

    WTF does that mean?
    Us Arsenal fans?
    No ,let me guess “us delusional AKB head in the sand jonny come lately fans”

    Did I guess right?

  508. Well tbh EVERY team in the planet would miss Cesc. He is that good! Hes a million times the midfielder scoels every was. ANd people always think scoles was the best. He may have more cups but individually Cesc is a better player.

  509. Sorry Luke, but when Henry left I was upset and he has done more for the team. I didnt like how he did the team after committing the year before.

    Cesc is a great player but he has punked the team. Even if he stays he has put the team under way too much pressure.

  510. But he will go now. So will nasri. Thank god, one less thing to whine about. The papers will also stop moaning so much now. Im so bored of reading about cesc. Its like Arsenal is cesc, we are not.

    I wonder if we will change style though. The team last year was engineered around him, obviousley without him we may have to play different.

    Wonder how it will play out. I think it will be to the better. Without him last year in a formation designed to get the best out of him, we were vounerable. This year we can play more “boring” if you like, and be more efficient.

    That should make everyone happy.

  511. What shotta said. Great captains drag their teams to victory. And great, inspirational captains drag even ordinary teams to glory; Gerrard (CL Final 1985), Maradona (Argentina 86 & 90) and Liam Brady ( FA Cup 1979).

    When McIlroy equalised with two minutes to go I was literally in tears, thinking defeat was almost certain. Brady stood tall and carved out victory for us. Having achieved that he almost surpassed it the following season, his final for us, when we reached the finals of both the FA Cup and the CWC.

    Cesc should have kept the faith and delivered victory to the club, and manager, who nurtured him. Then he could have returned to his homeland in glory and perhaps even gone straight into the Barca starting line-up. I’m very sad and disappointed. At the top of all sports, the margin between victory and defeat is extremely small. Cesc did not do enough himself when it really mattered.

    So, a truly fantastic player for Arsenal, but a great captain? No.

  512. barca again are very arrogant i see. They anounce the deal before it has gone through the paper mill. United did the same with Ramsey and got badly burned.

  513. Bull____ George.

    That is utter bull____.

    I said NOTHING about trophies. But, of course, you had to go there because in you mind it is a slight to say one doesn’t care about how Arsenal plays.

    I loved “boring boring Arsenal” chants. I loved “1 nil to the Arsenal”. I loved shoving it in peoples faces.

    I love the club. I know you are a post Bergkamp-Arsene Arsenal fan, so I know you will stop supporting the club if/when someone comes in and manages a different style. It will happen. Wenger isn’t immortal, and everything is cyclical.

  514. ffsshhoot?

    Shotta avoided this earlier.

    Why was fabregas made captain at 22? If he was the best captain we had available, then why was this case?

    Did he seek the armband? Or was he given the honour, anchoring him to the club?Who chooses the captain?

    cause and effect

  515. Cesc WHObregas?

  516. aaah i just hope they do the deal soon. Id love it to be done quick so we can concentrate on more important issues.

    Good luck to cesc. Hope he gets what he wants at Barcelona.

  517. @luke why do you care?? its the past. WHy do you care about the treatment cesc got? hes not an Arsena player anymore. he should not concern you.

    All you should care about is doing WHATEVER IS IN UR POWER for the team to win tomorrow.

    You should ask yourself. what can i do to contribute to the team winning?
    Is talking about cesc gonna help or is maybe tweeting players you have faith in them gonna help?Or is slagging them off gonna help?

    Then you go and do what YOU think will benefit the team most tomorrow.
    It may not be alot but altest you contributed….

  518. and why dont we have a no9? is that shirt reserved for someone coming in?

  519. Am I the only one that thinks this is all quite exciting? Big names leaving, lots of new young talent about to be displayed, lots of nail-biting waiting for these last signings to complete the squad. Time to chrome plate your nut sacks, ladies, and show some fortitude, This is gonna be one wild ass season, and all yer moaning ain’t gonna make one bit of difference, so please STFU and lets watch some football!

  520. Oh fuck off with your contribution shit poodle. I dont have justify my actions supporting this team to you. I know how I am when I watch the fecking boys play.

  521. rrespective of who we buy – our success this season lie on the shoulders of these men. i predict-

    jack – 7 goals 11 assist

    rvp 25goals 10 assist

    gervinho 20 goals 15 assist

    vermalean 3goals

    ramsey 12 goals 10 assist

    theo 15 goals 10 assist

    arshavin 10 goals 10 assist.

    sagna 7 assist.

    key men.

  522. Busch @ 4:38:

    Spot on

  523. @luke I bet you were the one that booed the team when they played crap……
    Says alot about you mate…

  524. @verminator i think your values and ideas rub alot of fans the wrong way, especially the Lukes of the world….

  525. Yup, good call Poodle. That’s exactly right.

  526. @Luke im sorry i offended you you are ofc right, how you want to watch your games and how you want to contribute to us winning is entirly up to you.

    If you feel abuse is the way to go then you do that. If moaning about how horribel this season will be makes you “tic” then you do that. If you find it more exciting to talk about how shit everything has been handled and how incompetent AW is than to talk about how our team can change to cope with their future challengers then you do that.

    Who am i to judge your actions and your way of going about the affairs of Arsenal? Its not my place to criticise you for being soly negative.

    Its every humans right to act how he wants.
    i accept that. It is after all every ones choice how they choose to treat arsenal and show support.

  527. I dont see how not caring about how we play can be good. Now we can see why the Spanish team is doing good internationally, the whole country care how they play as with Brazil and the likes.

    Arsenal are known to play good football and long may it continue. Its only for us to get fighters in the team who will not bail for the bigger payday or whatever.

    I care and I pray we never play “ugly” football.

  528. i think large proportios of the Arsenal fans will say you dont care enough about trophies Paul N and thus cannot be a true arsenal fan as trophies are everything….

  529. i do agree with you though.

  530. Im just saying

    I used to be able to say i was ‘pro’ wenger without a shadow of doubt in my mind. Sadly though, that is no longer the case.
    Anyone intelligent enough to see the success he has brought the club( trophies, new stadium, financial stability .e.t.c) should also be intelligent enough to see that some of his decisions have and are bringing about are demise.
    Make no mistake, AW is NOT a god. He is a football manager and we are a football club. Of the two which do you value as more important? Hopefully that doesn’t necessitate to much thought!
    I am still not completely anti wenger, he is probably the best manager in the world at developing players and i would be hard pushed to name a suitable replacement.But i find too many important questions that are just left unanswered or swept under the table.
    If i was looking from an objective point of view i would crown him the consummate waffle merchant when talks of a transfer nature are involved. He has built me up to let me down(not gently i might add) so many times it is impossible not to feel some kind of frustration or even anger towards him. In reality this is called ‘ bullshitting’ or ‘speaking out your arse’.
    Surviving a pub crawl on pub scratchings might some peoples idea of success but it certainly isnt mine!!

  531. Im just saying

    pork scratchings

  532. Will you stop being an Arsenal fan if we do Paul?

    Will you not support them and cheer for them no matter what?

    It’s the club, not the style. The style is the current suit we wear… and it is a pretty suit. Sexy and sleek, making us look like a James Bond type guy.
    But people put it on the same level as the club itself… same as the manager, and that is b.s. to me.

  533. Im just saying

    busch, i know my replacement. . . . . .mourinho!

  534. Poodle, the funny thing is if many forgot the trophies and focused more on just getting behind the boys, it is possible we couldve helped them to that first trophy.

    The fact that the lack of trophies is used as stick to beat the team with makes me not give a damn about them but for the players and managers for the most part. Wenger to me deserves to come out on the top for being such a class act. I couldnt care less if these moaning Arsenal “supporters” get to enjoy Arsenal winning something.

  535. Jadson looks good though. It would be typical Wenger to bring in a player with no English reputation. But a good reputation in rest of europe.

  536. Luke at 4:04 pm
    Thanks for confirming that in your quest to show how much Wenger is to blame for the current situation you completely absolve Fabregas of any culpability and weaknesses, as good a player as we all admit. In doing so you conveniently avoided the contrast I painted between Ronaldo’s achievements in England vs Fabregas. History won’t be so kind to Fabregas however.
    Remember the old adage: When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

  537. Busch, that is not the point for I supported the team prior to Arsene.

    If you create a culture that is better and more productive than the one before it, it is better to maintain in my view.

    I agree its about the club but right now the club is synonymous with playing good football and they are admired around the world for it and long may it continue for it is a joy to behold.

    You may not care and that is your choice but I do.

  538. Alex Ice Cream


    “It might not be the right time to say it but I always thought of Fabregas as wildly overrated. Great passer, great vision, great touch – but too reticent, too meek, too slow and not natural enough a striker of the ball to class as a truly great central midfielder.

    I think he took a lot of credit for what a whole team did.”

    UTTER BOLLOX. he made the team what it was. The others took credit for what he did not the other way around. This is delusion of the highest order about a player who didn’t buy into Wenger’s failing any longer.

    Are you so stupid as to really believe this Limpar? Really?

  539. Jadson and Mata would make me happy. Does not even have to be Mata but a player of similar quality. I dont evn have to know who he is(i did not know jadson existed but hes getting good revies)aslong as hes a decent player that has a bit more class than Nasri.

    I also agree with Kroenk even though it hurts to say it. not accepting 22M for Nasri, a player with 1 year left on his contract would be madness. Nasri is good but not THAT good. Hes going from a key player to a squad player.

    WIth the ego these boys have i dont think it even occurs to Nasri that he may not be key player at City. I think he belives he will be their next Tevez.

  540. This time tomorrow we’ll be knee-deep in Goon Juice.

    Less than 24 hours to go….


  541. Sorry AIC but Cesc is not the only player responsibe for this team. That is utter nonsense.

    he wasnt even in the team when the team was playing some good stuff last season.

    Not that I agree with Limpar but you have gone overboard AIC.

  542. When the going got tough our captain ……….just went

  543. AIC – If you had posted the same comment a few months ago it is a fair bet many on here would have given you an amazing amount of stick and abuse. Ironic eh?

  544. Blonde mohawk. Awseome Song.

  545. Im just saying

    Cesc was always going to go. He was and is a fantastic player. if messi was trained by arsenal grew up in highbury and wanted to come back, would you blame him? good luck to him and thank you!

  546. i cant wait to get some new fresh fighting blood into the squad. Players who aint afraid of a challenge! Players who can renew us and do a good job. Yay!

  547. UTTER BOLLOX. he made the team what it was.

    That would be the team you said would always fail and never win fuck all?
    Is that the team he made?
    Cant have it both ways Alex.
    Andy Limps made it clear those where not his true feelings.Did you read his other posts, Tongue in cheek

  548. Arsene Baggins

    On Saturday, at 5:30pm I will be cheering on Arsenal. I am so excited and optimistic for the season. I really think we have the means to be Champions with Nasri, Fabregas and a whole host of players leaving and a new group of players coming in -there will be a freshness to this squad. I am looking forward to seeing the kid from Japan, The Ox, the return of the TV and the development of our defence. There are always reasons to be positive and optimistic. It’s going to be fantastic. I am sure it will not be a bed of roses but it never is -is it when there are so many sh*t referees, journalists and fans? But by god, I love my team and believe they can win it. F*ck em all who think I am deluded. I am a fan. We’re supposed to be mental! 🙂 We are the Arsenal!!!

  549. @ goonerandy
    The stick for Limpar’s comment would have come from AIC and Luke.
    JonJon is the same with Chesney. Their idols can do no wrong and their scapegoats can do nothing right.

  550. The kid from Japan won’t be playing – he’s in Japan sorting out visa and work permit bits and pieces.

  551. Fun – That is crap and you know it. If a few months ago somebody like Luke, AIC, or Bill would have posted what Limpar did they would have gotten loads of stick from the usual suspects. Probably told they “were not proper supporters” or something equally creative.

  552. Actually, if a player signs a contract they shoulnt put the club in a bad situation. It doesnt matter what club they love, even if it Arsenal.

  553. Im just saying

    You have a point paul but remember without no long term contracts no club would get money when the player decides to leave. imagine one year contracts all round?

  554. George – He didn’t, and I don’t think it was. And I have no issue with him thinking that either, I don’t agree with him, but if that is his opinion that is fine. My issue is that is a so called “doomer” would have posted it, the reaction on here would have been very different.

  555. Arsene Baggins

    Jonny, and?

  556. @ goonerandy
    It’s the truth, and you know it. (And they would never have posted anything like that about Cesc anyway. Certainly that applies to Luke and AIC. Can’t remember if Bill likes any of our players.)
    This was what used to annoy us – that every time one of their scapegoats made a mistake, they were slaughtered but on the occasions when Cesc or another of their favourites did the same, they would excuse him.

  557. Arsene Baggins

    I would prefer it if transfer fees were abolished entirely and that salaries were capped EU wide but I can only dream.

  558. Im just saying

    salaries capped, yes. but what do you mean by transfer fees?

  559. Something needs to change, certainly, Arsene Baggins

  560. And nothing AB – perhaps you meant you are looking forward to seeing him later in the season but that wasn’t clear from what you wrote. I was just giving you forewarning as it sounded as though you were unaware.


  561. The sad thing IJS, is that Cesc just signed the contract and wanted out the next season. Something is wrong with that, no?

    Seriously, at what point should we be even a little bit loyal to ones own signature?

  562. Fun – We seem to be arguing different points here. My point is that posters on here get stick due to their perceived “doomer” status, as opposed to what they actually post. I didn’t see anybody giving Limpar stick for his view (nor should they). If somebody else had posted that, the reaction could have been very different depending on who the poster was.

  563. Thats the truth FunGun!

  564. Im just saying

    i think loyalty should be hugely important paul N. And 4 some reason i think its because of some loyalty/ respect for cesc that i dont begrudge him that much. Nasri on the other hand!!
    the fact is also that humans do have a right 4 free will. if you sign a contract 4 a job in real life you can terminate it within so many weeks notice.
    the whole football scene is crazy and i dont have any answers but yes it is sad and yes i would rather see him stay!

  565. So Andy would you say then that Spunktrum should be read with an open mind in case he ever stumbles on a valid point?

    If a poster is perceived in a certain way it is most likely because he has portrayed himself/herself as that type of person.You cant blame us for forming an opinion about someone when they are the ones who have out the messages from which we formed the opinions

    In other words if it looks,acts and smells like a rat it most likely is a rat

  566. If Spectrum brought a valid point, and presented it as such why not? Normally he just spouts shite, but even a broken watch is right twice a day.

  567. @goonerandy he does not get stick cos hes a doomer. he gets stick cos hes annoying. AIC never contributes to anything but dull preaching over the same subject in thousand different ways that he continiue to produce day in day out. All his posts include either dissing of wenger or dissing of Arsenal as a team with compulsory whining.

    Hes like watching the soap Days of our lives. You can see one episode a year and you still know whats gonna happen next. Its the same with AIC. You hardly have to even read his posts to know what comes. its the same all the time. Thats why he get stick.

  568. Arsene Baggins

    What do I mean by transfer fees?

    I mean using money to BUY players.

    And I mean that transfers should be a percentage of direct turnover.

  569. I never read AIC posts.

  570. Arsene Baggins

    What do I mean by transfer fees?

    I mean using money to BUY players.

    And I mean that salaries (not TRANSFERS) should be a percentage of direct turnover.

  571. Arsene Baggins

    Johnny, thanks for clarifying and yeah I don’t bother with AIC. He only crawls onto this forum when there is bad news.

  572. The football thing is just about turning my stomach.

    Millionaires acting like idiots and we pamper them for it. Poor Cesc afterall!

  573. @ goonerandy

    You posted this:

    “AIC – If you had posted the same comment a few months ago it is a fair bet many on here would have given you an amazing amount of stick and abuse. Ironic eh?”
    and then this
    “I didn’t see anybody giving Limpar stick for his view”

    Are you saying you didn’t notice AIC giving Limpar stick in the post of AIC’s to which you responded?

    “My point is that posters on here get stick due to their perceived “doomer” status, as opposed to what they actually post.”
    Funny you should say that, because my impression is that you respond to posts based on who is posting, and furthermore you assume you already know what points are being made. Which is why “debates” with you are so protracted because it takes the first few hours for you to grasp the original point.
    And I agree with poodle | August 12, 2011 at 6:28 pm, which is why I rarely read his posts and those of a few others.

  574. Arsene Baggins

    It’s rather fanciful of me but I’d like to see:

    (1) Abolishing transfers all together
    (2) Clubs can choose players on the basis of talent from any where in the world and train that talent.
    (3) Player salaries should not exceed a percentage of direct turnover.
    (4) Referees should be professionalised and use cutting edge technology.
    (5) Goal line technology
    (6) All officials should be women.
    (7) Only the Captain of the team can talk to the referee.

    Oh shit like that would be useful…but I live in cloud cuckoo land. 🙂

  575. Im just saying

    arsene baggins – do you mean that all players should be raised by their own clubs and there should be no movement whatsoever in the transfer market? the fact is that football is a business and players are commodities. in an ideal world the ffp rules would actually mean something but they seem not to. would you please clarify the elaborate system you have worked out in your head and how it is going to work?

  576. Im just saying


  577. goonerandy, that would mean that you would have to subject yourself to reading Spectrums foolishness. If you see “In Arsene We Rust” after every comment why on earth should anyone waste their time trying to find out if he has a valid point or not or even commend him when he does?

    The doomers are self made as george is saying.

    That clock either needs to be thrown away or put some batteries in it.

  578. Agreed – to be clear AB, I think you and I are pretty much on the same page – your 5.58 post echoes mine at 3.00 carry the right balance of childlike enthusiasm and defiant optimism, I feel.

  579. Roll on tomorrow 5:30pm. I need a proper game to focus on.

  580. The worst thing about being an Arsenal fan are the Arsenal fans. FFS, does anyone have anything to say about the game tomorrow? Or, Tuesday? It’s time to rally and get behind the squad that’s going to play, instead of moaning and bitching about which player sucks most for leaving, who’s the better fan, and who’s to blame for whatever success they think they’re owed by the club. I mean, how many times can the exact same thing be said. It’s childish.

  581. Arsene Baggins

    Spot on Jonny!

    Verminator, have you not been reading our posts?

    Tomorrow’s game is the only thing I care about!!!

  582. Didn’t see Lansbury’s name in the first team. I’m devastated!

  583. I feel we are in for a treat tomorrow and for the season.

    I am so excited about the speed in the team now.

    I am looking forward to the whole team and even the new signings but the players I am most looking forward to are Ramsey and Wilshere this coming season. Something tells me hat these two are going to lead our club to glory for many years. They are such fighters!

  584. Im just saying

    wilshere and ramsey are the way forward!!

    Like any game its going to be tough but i think theres going to be players looking to prove something tomorrow!!
    looking forward to see how gervinho is played !

  585. Arsene Baggins

    Spot on Paul-N!

    The speed of the team is certainly going to be exciting to watch. Certainly looking forward to Rambo and Wilshire in the centre -stroking the ball about.

  586. @ Paul-N.
    Yes indeed.
    Re Jack and Aaron, their styles and personalities are complementary.
    I am also v excited about seeing RvP linking up with Gerv and Walcott.

  587. AB – can I add

    8) A post match review system to punish diving/feigning injury/cheating
    9) Abolishment of the old players network dominating punditry – bringing in new ‘football experts’ who study the game and can speak eloquently and provide insight rather than morons like Shearer. They do exist and they should be utilised.
    10) Kissing the badge should mean you complete your contract and NEVER agitate for a move.

  588. Im just saying

    i hate henry 4 kissing the badge too!!

  589. Can’t get this song out of my head today for some reason!

  590. Im just saying

    nice one passenal!! that put a smile on my face!!

  591. so who do you think will get no 4 after Cesc? surly it will be the potentian new CB?

    Also what will be the lineup tomorrow ? hmmmm… im hoping for Frimp, i really liked him last time. Hes not afraid of being physical anyway… I also wanna see Miyachi and the OC. I look forward to that.

    I bet the boys are really pumped up to show they can do it without Cesc and Nasri.
    Onwards and Forwards!

  592. read somwhere that Frimpong was chubby. He does not look chubby to me…

  593. I don’t think Vela should be loaned out. I was looking forward to seeing him played as central striker this season. Now he’s going to Zaragoza where he’ll be played out wide as well.

    Cesc and Nasri leaving could be the start of a very exciting tactical change at Arsenal. With Wilshere taking up the mantle for Cesc and the focus Wenger has been putting on acquiring speedy players, I think we’ll become deadlier.

  594. i just wanted to thank george, LA, poodle, paul-n, fungunner, shotta, jonny, oou etc for keepin this blog somwhere where we can still enjoy the team and the arsenal. you guys have kept this place fun and readable.

    THis is my favourite blog but there are many here who are insistent on ruining that. I dont know why that would be the objective of anyone or decent people for that matter but thats the world we live in.

    Thanks guys!!!!!

  595. how could i forget gains and passenal!!!!

  596. cesc and nasri will only be exciting if the money is put back into the team..

    cesc is shit hot but the shape we play with him hampers the rest of the team..

    theres an excellent chance for us evolve this season with a new style and new players..i hope wenger doesnt miss it

    good post today..

  597. goonzablazin | August 12, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Excellent points. The difference is that cesc has his groupie arseblog in his corner painting him as a saint let down by Arsene not buying the players he needed! And since arseblog seems to supply the opinion of many gooners I think he got too big for his boots. The Arsenal team was designed around him in order to bring the best out in him. At least with him gone, we will have more of a ‘team’ than cesc plus supporting cast.

  598. Been a while… the news today about as well received as the down pour currently engulfing Biscayne Bay here in Miami.

    It is hard to not to wonder where so much promise went wrong, where we were lauded as a team on the rise only to fall short, time and again. So Cesc is off, he did us proud for the years he was there. If Nasri goes so be it, he was never Arsenal, he was part of the newer breed that play for any club giving them the dollars to spend.

    Still, the season now beckons and August as many have already pointed out is sure to test the resolve of all, whether they support the current regime or detest it. I wonder personally, at what point we are all going to realise that Arsenal are not the marketable product we all seem to think we are. That is not a shot across the bow, it is not a statement of disgust or frustration. Arsene was handicapped by a new stadium, the finances were not there, maybe they still aren’t? In any event, football has moved on from the growth model Arsenal favour, our wage and transfer structure is not appealling to the top teir talent on the market and so we are left to largely buy young or fringe players in the hope they develop in to the next Cesc.

    I love my Arsenal, have done for 34 years now, they’ll recieve my earnest support regardless of whom is in charge and the decisions they make. This is my Arsenal and they deserve all I can give, regardless of the league position this year, whether we are in our out of the CL, they are my Arsenal.

    Seasons a long one all, lets digest it with as good a grace as we can muster because the boys playing out there are doing there best for us.

  599. “so who do you think will get no 4 after Cesc? surly it will be the potentian new CB?”

    Eboue is looking for a number…

  600. Great news lew!!!

  601. I am looking forward to the new season with cautious optimism. Hopefully we can replace Cesc’s and Nasri’s goals and assists with greater determination and commitment. But we need replacements eventually; there is no substitute for talent in any sport. But nobody expects us to do well. That suits me fine and I hope it liberates the 1st team and the entire squad to just play football to the very best of their ability. We still have a tremendous amount of talent on our books. COYGs!

  602. Big ups to goonerwife!

  603. Jesus, a right shower of cunts on here today! Do people like Spectrum not realise we’d take them more seriously if they didn’t only show up on days where we have setbacks like a defeat or a player leaving? They’ll cheer with the rest of us when we win something, it’s pathetic. I see this season as being like the season after Henry left, the shadow Cesc cast over the team with both his own talent and his constant bumming by the media will be lifted. I reckon If we build our style around Jack’s direct play we’ll be just fine, particularly with the injection of pace that Ox and Gervinho’ll bring.

    Also, wouldn’t it be hilarious if we’d snuck a buy back clause into Cesc’s transfer? a nice little penalty for them breaking the non-disclosure agreement.

  604. Where is Lansbury on the squad list?

  605. When I grow up I want to be as wise as Shotta

  606. as i am 50 odd there is little chance though

  607. Just lifted this from Gunnerblog – quite amusing to see us sticking it to the scumbags in a small way…

    “Why have the club chosen to announce the deal now? Well, partly because they knew the press conference in Costa Rica was about to steal their thunder somewhat. But there is an amusing sub-plot: Barcelona officials are currently waiting in their offices for an email confirming the deal for Cesc after the clubs reached verbal agreement this morning.

    Catalan journalists close to the club have told me that Barca leaked news of an agreement and are now left feeling embarrassed and concerned that an official agreement has not been forthcoming. Arsenal, meanwhile, are presumably enjoying making them suffer a little. Announcing Campbell now shows we have staff on call – we’re just letting them stew.

    Petty, but amusing.”

  608. Campbell’s ours…YES!

    Jonny u were on the money on this one….u sure you’re not Pat Rice’s fave nephew?


    ..i remain goonerSTOKED!

  609. maybe we were just taking barca for a ride? and end up selling eboue to them for 30million.

  610. Never seen this Campbell fella play. I have heard good things though. Hopefully he can contribute something this year.

    I think it would be absolutely hilarious if Arsenal just played a really nasty joke on Barca, and never had any intention of letting Fabregas go just to prove a point. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he stayed with us after all this nonsense…


    Who’s this guy NOBODY?
    might be his new name for traitors.
    Gotta love AW

    Now he’s just having fun with the press…twats!


  612. @shotta, Rumours say Jadson from Brazil. Experienced winner and experienced head. 27 and every thing. Not the bling that most fans want though.
    But if we get in 3 decent player befor end of window we will adapt. We always do. PL is all about survial of the fittest. We always fit in, we always adapt we always find a way cos we are Arsenal.

  613. come to think of it, have we ever bought a bling player at all? closest we got is arsharvin i guess.

  614. I do think that if Nasri and Cesc are leaving that Wenger already has replacements ready to go at the drop of a hat. I see Mata and another unexpected name coming in iof that haoppens. My only concern at this point is that we navigate our way through this tough opening stretch of the season while the new players settle.

    Not the best timing to have so many uncertain situations developing at the club. Oh well…I will have a beer in hand screaming my lungs out here in the states tomorrow. Time for a little payback for last year’s debacle at St. James’.

  615. oh and i expect Arsh to have a great season. He thrives with responsibility and with cesc and nasri out he will be a key player for sure. Old, wise and experienced

  616. aslong as we beat Udinese im cool. We can afford to loose to Liverpool and United but we cannot afford to go out of the CL me think anyway.

  617. I agree…if we go out of the CL to Udinese the fervor of the anti-Wenger brigade will be too much to bare.

  618. poodle: well for me francis jeffers, davor suker, baptista, squillaci never quite impressed me.

  619. but other than that, we rarely have expensive flops like juan sebastian veron 😉

  620. Aman | August 12, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    I’m surprised at these so called intelligent people missing the emphasis in Arsene’s comment. If you imagine the word ‘expect’ emphasised in that sentence you would get it!

    (people may leave, but) I EXPECT no one to leave.

  621. i dont understand how people can say Xavi is 30 now so he will soon hand his place over to Cesc. Man Scoles kept going until he was what?? 36? and he was good until he was 33. why can that not happen to Xavi?? There are hardly any tackles in LaLiga and the liga in itself is less physical and less demanding. If scoles could go until he was 36 Xavi could be good until he was 38 atlest.

    You dont just break up a proven matchwinner group like busquetes, xavi and inesta just because you sign a new player.

  622. Welcome to Arsenal Joel – it’s good to welcome another player who wants to play for us. I hope he will get his work permit and not have to go out on loan first.

  623. poodle | August 12, 2011 at 9:21 pm

    Who cares?

  624. Joel Campbell signing for us is awesome. Not only is he a good player but the doomers can doom some more about not signing a defender.

  625. i can see villa being benched…
    i have visions of cesc playing with xavi and biscuits and pedro ineista and messi up top..

    this should have been sorted ages ago viceoligist.ive spent all summer listening to wenger tell us cesc and nasri are going nowhere and the big experienced pl players were coming and its been anything but and kickoff is tomorrow..brilliant timing by the club, as well as tip top usual..

    poodle id sign another winger..
    with mata/hazard?? gervinho theo oxo and ryo we can put arshavin and rosicky back in the middle

    arshavin would be my first choice beind rvp with two interchangable wingers tearing up the flanks..we’ll be more fluid..and then theres ust the defence to sort

  626. Hopefully Campbell’s agents were smart enough to line up Irish citizenship for him based on his Irish grandfather. Even if not, hopefully doing so won’t take too long — apparently it is automatic upon proof of an Irish grandparent — and work permit shouldn’t be much of a problem.

  627. P.S. Almost forgot to say how sorry I will be to see Eboue go! I hope he takes his tiger suit with him. The Turks won’t know what’s hit them. All the best my friend, it’s been fun. I wish you well.

  628. Gainsbourg69 | August 12, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    It’s funny, but far from the ‘youth project’ being abandoned, the team seems to have become even younger with these purchases! It’s like we’re just going for broke with the speed and fearlessness of youth. But I guess if you’re good enough, you’re old enough as JW has shown. Arsene has also wisely kept some of the older heads like Rosicky, AA and RVP to guide them through. With many clamouring for 23 year old Mata to be our saviour, they seem to be forgetting about the experienced players we already have within the squad. I’m expecting a big season from those 3 players in particular.

  629. GoonerinLA | August 12, 2011 at 9:36 pm

    Gunnerblog, who first broke this story is suggesting the Irish grandparent is a myth!

  630. Yes, sad to see Eboue go!

    I hope he has a long and great career with his new team.

    What kind of visions are you talking about there JJ? The only visions I have is of us finally beating them in the CL.

    The one things they are a afraid of is speed and we have in abundance now.

    I know it seems far fetched but I think our team will be galvanized with certain players leaving and I believe that RVP will be a great captian.

  631. Passenal: what’s important is that these young players play without fear, that they are unencumbered with past failures. it’s sometimes written on the face. compare sczesny and almunia, that’s why i still believe in youth. if you are good enough, you are old enough.

    lille and borussia dortmund won their respective leagues last season based largely on the same principles as us.

    why did they win while we fell short? there is no oil money in those leagues, at least until this season. and the standard is of course a little lower, so there is more room for error. but they have shown that our way is not wrong.

    football will triumph over money.

  632. the clamour for mata is cos we dont want our experienced players being played out of position again..
    arshavin and rosicky are not totally comfortbale playing wide in a three man attack they are better inside and with age catching up let the young players take the flanks and let the old heads pull the strings in the middle..

    mata is left many left footed wingers do we have??
    mata could play left and gervinho could play right and even when the switched sides they could come inside and shoot..we’d have balance on each wing with a lefty righty combo..
    the clamour for mata is cos it will benifit the way we play and not cos we just want to see money spent..

  633. From The Times:

    Arsenal suffered another blow when Wenger admitted that Mata, the Valencia winger, would not arrive as a replacement and there is no sign of and imminent deal with Jádson, the Shakhtar Donetsk attacking midfield player. “We will not do Juan Mata,” Wenger said. “I don’t have to give you a reason. We are nowhere near Jádson. We have a big squad. The demands to bring in some players are high and I am not the only one working on that.”

  634. BTW

    The Times also says:

    Barcelona are expected to pay an initial £29.8million plus a further £5.3 million in add-ons for Fàbregas

  635. Hi like to add on our debate the other night.when mourinho joined madrid in his first i/v he said that with forwards like ronaldo/kaka he needed to create space for them to run do that he instructed his team to hang around the halfway line to lure the opposition out.they employed relaxed pressing luring them to a false sense of security.when they won the ball ronaldo/marcelo/di maria/higuain would break at pace with özil/alonso picking them out even before the defence could reorganize.özil was also able to ghost into the area unnoticed as the retreating defence was all panic stations.özil ended up with 20+ assists with half of them to Ronaldo only.this strategy worked like a charm and madrid as a result scored 24 transition goals to barca’s 8,mancs 5 and our 3.

  636. paul if wenger pulls this off we could be alot stronger next season..

    we were one dimensional because of the way we played..we played that way for cesc..

    we wont be this year but we need reinforcements cos those kids will be in for a tough time..they are talented but they need help..

    wenger has brought the youngsters in..nasri and cesc will go and then the money will be used to bring the big guns in..then we are ready for a challenge and not another collapse..

  637. howdy ktr.
    it works a treat when u have the right players..

  638. So Joel Campbell has joined the ranks. Exciting times at AFC, that is four signings in one window with more to come. I for one am not depressed with Wenger’s summer hustle. Just add another CB and it’s prefection from the great man once again. Can’t wait for the season to begin, its been to loooooooooooooooong,


  639. ktr
    lets just say our attacking line up for this season is


    what would be your expectations??

  640. True also like to see jack stay at the edge of our penalty area and theo/gerv on the halfway line during setpieces.that will create more goals and reduce some as we’ll peg the opposition back.

  641. my expectations would be we get more than 3 transition goals..

  642. ive often toyed with the idea of playing jack in cescs role, but his runs from deep are devastating it all just opens up in the blink of an eye and if hes got wing forwards in abundance in front of him waiting for the quick pass and not the tippy tap we’ll carve chance after chance..

  643. I wouldn’t mind seeing this combinations in the middle.

    Frimpong – Song

    Song – Jack

  644. “I don’t believe that people who watch football are conscious of what is going on in the world, you have 350 players in England who have no job”

    Spot on Arsene – there are severe economic problems in the world, no one wants to pay more for their tickets, but they want you to ‘splash the cash’ to make them feel better about their empty lives.

  645. Mata/Gerv/AA can all play left/right/centre creating a fluid attack that can switch formations within the blink of an compare it to the ronaldo/tevez/shrek trident in terms of fluidity and unpredictability.the only reservations i have is AA’s lack of stamina there would expose us especially in defence.jack/song will be overworked.

  646. Passenel

    Funny that Wenger brings that up considering in the depth of an economic crisis that is the worst the world since the 1930’s the club that he is manager of raise the already highest ticket prices in the world 6.5% that helps fund his salary of £6m per year.

  647. One thing I know is that Wenger is a shrewd dude. He realized that we had problems getting behind defenses and has done some major work on that end.


  648. Pass,

    Did Arsene say that today? I for one loved how he played those media whores today, they were sure soooo he was going to give them some headlines. Na da. Arsene does not play that.

  649. true..
    so after 70 mins we bang theo on for arsh and we move mata in ’10’ with gervinho as the lefty?? and we carry on as before only with even more pace..

    we’ll be knackerd but so will they..even more…

  650. Yep, I just watched the press conference. Those journo’s are such morons and their questions are pathetic. He runs rings around them in his second language.

  651. News tonight is that Mata wasn’t involved in the friendly game tonight, but went over to his fans and gave a extra long wave. Like a goodbye one. However, AW did say today “We will not do a deal for Mata, I don’t have to give a reason – we will not do it.”

    As usual only Arsene Knows.

  652. Arsene knows how their minds work, he knows they’re under pressure from above to produce a particular narrative in many cases and so he can anticipate the elephant traps they have set for him. It amuses me to hear their increasingly desperate attempts to get him to provide the quote for the story they have already written. But they can’t complain – if they have sensible questions he’ll always give them a good answer.

    @ lew1234
    Relevance being….? They didn’t put up the ticket prices to fund his salary.
    The price increases are all the more reason for AW to spend the club’s money wisely, I’d have thought.

    So Campbell signed, more or less, eh. Lovely.
    Good night all. Happy first day of the season.

  653. Passenal

    Amazing how two people can watch something and get the completely opposite view. The only person he was running rings around was himself.

  654. That will be fantastic jj.also rumours are rife that mata is joining us…

  655. im not giving up on this rumour
    this guy will be our new overmars..
    we need an overmars right now..

    if cesc goes i want mata..
    fuck nasri hes a selfish prick he assisted fuck all in a selfish season and now he wants all the cash hes a greedy little prat he can fuck off, for 20-25mil, im not bothered we got the cover but we need someone to take cescs place..and they need to be good..

    and if we are selling cesc and nasri we need at least one big name player to appease the fans its that simple..

  656. The fact that he changed the times on them was a wonder stroke too. What would we do without our Arsene?….*le sigh*

    Nighty night Fun.

  657. FunGunner

    Traps those dastardly evil doers asking questions and stuff they should be flogged. I mean asking those outlandish questions about Fabergas the bastards. Trying to get a straight answer out of someone I mean don’t they know they are speaking to Arsene Wenger, I mean how dare they.

    Sorry went over the top there with the sarcasm but I mean come on there are questions there to be asked, they asked them. If he doesn’t want to answer them don’t give a press conference.

    About the other point, people should expect their money to be spent wisely, not sat in a bank account when the team has obvious problems that the manager refuses to fix.

    Reading quotes from his Press briefing, they might not be solved this year either

    “We will have a new centre-back by the end of the transfer window – because Vermaelen only played five games last year,”

  658. lew

    you lack intelligence maty.

  659. karim

    How is that? Care to elaborate at all? If you disagree with me no problem the world is thankfully full of opinions but vague insults are pathetic.

  660. evening all.

    well getting rid of cesc and nasri is like having yor wisdom teeth out, a bit painful but well bloody needed and all the bloody better for it. good riddance although i hope Cesc gets a goodish reception when he comes back but Nasri..well i hope he gets the proper hate treatment when he slivers back.

  661. god elp us if we dont bring in a bloody defender. i predict some more of those 4-4 er…thrillers.

  662. Hahaha….I’m loving this, Wenger is playing a game of the “Mentalist” with the media.

  663. Really looking forward to some blossoming partnerships this season.

    Mainly Aaron and Jack, But I’m keeping an eye out for Kos and Verm, Gibbs and Arsh also hopefully Lansbury and Frimpong will get a good spell in the cups.

    Sad that’ it’s almost the end of the post henry era. It didn’t go as expected but we always competed at the top level in all comps and we have watched the best football in the land. Now onto another era, with lessons learned and a more loyal squad I can see silverware on the horizon.

    Potential squad for tomorrow looks fantastic…

    ————– RvP (C) ———–

    Let’s enjoy it tomorrow peoples. Get behind the lads and the Boss.


  664. Els,

    What do you yhink about AA instead of Rosa? His more clinical and would link up well with RVP.


    If all of ye want a good laugh.

    And a great article that reminds me Wenger is still a great man (even if I think he has lost the plot somewhat) and makes me hope that he makes me eat all my criticisms

  666. Eight years of his life as an Arsenal player… Is this not enough?? wouldnt you need a change??? i mean, not everyone can stay forever.. Even as a Barca fan i didnt want this to happen, but what i cant believe is how ungreatful some of you Arsnal fans can be.. Some feeling betrayed, bla, bla, blah.. grow a fucking pair! Some even saying that this came as a surprise?? no way, everyone allways knew he would leave… In this particular situation, dissapointment can only come from having lived in denial.

  667. Just Another Luke

    What a summer of discontent. I’m glad that I skipped most of the moanings in the world of arsenal blogs.

    Life goes on without Cesc and Nasri. I’m fully behind the team and Arsene.

    Let the season begin! COYG!

  668. hay cervey, you dumb booro.
    is it the end of your shift. hay, time to get piss drunk like always Amigo..

  669. fuck off cuervo

  670. Hey Curvo, we are ypset because we made a player and a man out of him. I hope he doesn’t change into a cunt like the rest of your squad.

    Just Another Luke | August 13, 2011 at 12:37 am

    What a summer of discontent. I’m glad that I skipped most of the moanings in the world of arsenal blogs.
    Life goes on without Cesc and Nasri. I’m fully behind the team and Arsene.
    Let the season begin! COYG!



    “It means the media environment with our team is very negative at the moment – if our fans go the way the media want them to go we have no chance.

    “What I want is for our fans to appreciate and to support our team.”

  672. The Sun claims that we asking for a Nasri – Tevez swop.
    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha …..oh

  673. The strongest English cricket team I’ve seen since I started following cricket 15 years ago.

  674. Whether Cesc leaves or not…he will be an Arsenal legend…I cannot understand the bitterness

  675. Because Cesc has been a very good player for us blinds people I believe.

    Its easy to see why people would be ticked off, legend or not.

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