Ox Arrives Before The Carthorse & Other Gossip

Arsène proved true to his word and signed someone this week, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (or just plain Chamberlain as his shirt will display – another missed opportunity by the commercial department) joining for an undisclosed fee from Southampton. Except no-one can print that the fee is not known since that will look like reporters do not know what they are talking about. Instead, speculation puts the fee at anywhere between £6.5m and £12m down, rising to between £12m and £15m.

Good luck to him in his Arsenal career, let us hope that the great potential is realised. Having lost out to Sir Alex Ferguson over Phil Jones and Chris Smalling in recent seasons, Wenger will have enjoyed this signing a little more knowing that the United manager was waiting for it to all fall through.

Despite being a player of promise, Chamberlain was not the player that many were hoping for this week. His capture it appears, has made some very unhappy because he is not a monster centre back, Wenger apparently taking a leaf out of Nero’s book and fiddling whilst London burns, tinkering with the midfield and attacking options instead of the defence. The concept on working on several deals at once has escaped their imagination. Still, when complaints are made about the attendance figures to the extent that the club will no longer announce them, what do you expect?

Talking at the AISA AGM last night, Ivan Gazidis alluded to that point,

Arsene recognises we need to have additions and addition or additions in our defence. He recognises there has been an issue there. And he will take steps to do that…Our challenge is a little bit different. We’ve got a young squad and so we’re actually looking the other way round. We need a little bit more know-how and experience to supplement some of the young players that we have.

It is a slap in the face to the manager’s critics. Their theory is that he is unaware of the problems faced last season, gleefully pointing out that the goals conceded was the highest total since Herbert Chapman was in nappies.

The suggestion that the manager and coaching staff are not doing anything to work on this problem is ludicrous. Criticism of the pre-season friendlies is valid yet in denial to a certain extent. The first choice defence did not concede a goal during The Emirates tournament nor in Lisbon. Equalisers and winners came only when wholesale tinkering had happened.

That is not to say the problems have been eradicated or that we should not buy a centre back. They have not and we should, no-one denies this, not even the club. Impatience is the core of this, a lack of understanding or knowledge about football and its business. Gazaidis observed,

it’s not a supermarket where you go in and pick good players off the shelf. That’s not the way it works. I’m sorry but it’s much much more complex than that.

The theory that Arsenal just slam a suitcase of used fivers to seal a deal has gained too much traction. If football transfers were that simple, Nasri and Fabregas would have left Arsenal by now. That they have not indicates the problems in striking a deal for whatever reason but principally when a club does not want to sell.

Wenger has a policy of wanting to improve the squad yet falls foul of the soundbite. “Why haven’t Gazza or Jagz joined yet? You lazy ****’s are wrecking my club” – how far down the shopping list should the manager go? Does he buy simply for the sake of it, irrespective of whether the player improves the squad in all of the required areas? Or are we at a point where some improvement will do?

As much as Ivan may rail against agents and their associates, he and Wenger are as much to blame for the current undercurrent of discontent. Platitudes they may have been but telling all and sundry that we could expect a busy summer was a PR gaffe, raising expectations unnecessarily. Completing their summer business before the end of this week might go some way towards quelling the pre-season nerves.

Elsewhere, Samir Nasri is apparently leaving if Manchester City pay up whilst Nicklas Bendtner is taking a gap year without telling his mummy and daddy where he is going. But it won’t be Stoke. Or will it…?

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Fffffiiirssttttttt…Morning..

  2. Some fans make me sick.

    How much do they think Ramsey & Theo are worth today?

    I’m glad that the club is continually scouting talented prospects.

  3. “The theory that Arsenal just slam a suitcase of used fivers to seal a deal has gained too much traction.”

    It is that simple as long as there’s enough of those fivers in the suitcase. From reports I’ve read, it’s the amount of money involved in the bids for Jagielka, for example, that’s the problem, not that they won’t sell at any price.

    Say we take the middle of the road of on the Chamberlain deal and call it £10m including add-ons. Is it unreasonable to say that England international centre-backs with bags of Premier League experience (say Jagielka or Cahill) aren’t worth twice that? It smacks of penny pinching (unfortunate phrase I know).

  4. Good post, YW.

    Welcome, Mr Chamberlain.

  5. Or should that be…

  6. Its a fair article, but I think Block4 touches on a very valid point.

    We were obviously in for Jagielka, we have been deterred because of his price. Now, instead of upping our bid, we have moved for a highly rated, very expensive, completley inexperienced teenage winger/midfielder. Dont get me wrong, Im very excited he has joined, but he couldnt be further away from top priority if we tried.

    It will be a real shame if we end up signing a CB in the same bracket as Silvestre/Squillaci, then cry sustainability for not being able to afford the English premium on Cahill for example.

    If we do have limited funds, I would hope the club would use these to buy the best CB possible. Then use what we have left over on luxury signings.

    I know its impossible to know fully whats going on, but nothing thats happened for the last 3 windows is filling me with much confidence.

    We are 4 days away from our most important start to a season under Wenger.

    Gibbs, TV5, Walcott, Diaby are all in the physios room with Cesc/Nasri dying to leave, it has not been a great summer to say the least.

  7. “From reports I’ve read, it’s the amount of money involved in the bids for Jagielka, for example, that’s the problem, not that they won’t sell at any price.”-did you get that from the sun, mirror or daily star. I have not seen any quotes from anyone involved with the 2 clubs.
    The reports contain word like – “jagelka is thought”…, “the sun understands”…, and one of my favourites “a source close to the player”

  8. Good post, well balanced. Block4 does have a point though and reading the 3rd last paragraph I find myself wondering where Skilllacking improved the squad. How many central defenders are there in the Premiership (or even the Championship) that wouldn’t be an improvement on him?
    Let’s hope and pray that kind of mistake is not repeated as it has happened before.

  9. I don’t understand why people are upset about this. We need to be welcoming this new talent to our team with resounding excitement, a true welcome from his fans for the forseeable future…

    To think that we aren’t conducting deals for defenders in the background is just ludicrous, especially with the comments from Gazidis. We’re going to sign at least one defender, of that I am certain, and if we sell Nasri, we’ll have plenty to spend (although I’m sure we already do). I can’t see us buying a CB of less quality than Djourou (a la Squil/Silv) so by the end of the week, I reckon we’re going to end up with a damn healthy squad. You never know, we may even get one more attacking player if Nasri/Cesc are to leave… Naughty I know.

  10. @Block 4 – The argument that goes against what you suggest are simply the facts.
    Even if we agreed a fee with Everton, Jagielka did not want to uproot his family. No Deal!

    Even Chelsea, with bigger suitcases stuffed with cash, did not get Pastore because someone else came along.No deal!

    Man U are still awaiting Sneijder, and they have bigger suitcases than Arsenal.

    One player for the future is not mutally exclusive for the needs of the present. Nor is it valid to to argue what each are worth. We have waited, but still haven’t got AOC any cheaper than he was in June. But we have got him. Cahill is still no cheaper than he was in June, but we may still get him.

    The reason I put the two together is because the selling club were in a strong position. They did not need or want to sell. AOC would cost a whole lot more next year, and Cahill will not go on a ‘free’ next year because he will sign another contract. Those are the facts. But don’t let it get in the way of your pre-programmed rant,eh?

  11. Gerry Lennon, that’s a completely different argument. If we had agreed a deal and then he didn’t want to come fair enough. In fact, it would be nice to see a footballer not toally driven by money!

  12. Sorry, YW – carpet-spamming your post with tunes.

    Exciting times at the Arsenal!

    Why are we buying superquick, superfit, versatile young players like Gervinho, Jenkinson and Chamberlain? Is this part of some… I dunno, masterplan? No, no, no… can’t be.

    Watch out for more examples of Arsene’s criminal negligence and Ivan’s Gazidis’ sloth and greed coming to an Arsenal.com website near you soon!

  13. Absolutely incredible. Wenger can’t win.

    It’s not that he doesn’t buy, not that he is stingy. It’s that he’s not buying high profile names.

    Wenger is the guy that has unearthed more talent than any other manager in the league. If any of these fucking disgraces of fans take pleasure from Ox’s performances or when he becomes a first team star I will whip out my little book of names and throw some comments back (I wont because I can’t be arse, but if I could…).

    Man or Woman Up. Support and have faith. No ball has been kicked in anger yet and you right off your own club. That can never be classed as support for Arsenal.

  14. not very unequivocal Block. No quotes whatsoever. Another fabrication. You know they will always include quotes, in bold or capitals with explanation marks etc etc, if something was actually said. Geegunner was right.

  15. @Luke – Pray tell, how do you know how expensive the OX cost. Or that he wasn’t already in the club’s plans to replace a player who had been given an exit strategy?

    I hear the Daily Heil has a forensic finance department that supports it’s hacks to know such things, but then again, they keep telling us that they know where Jimmy Hoffa was buried.

    A defender will come – I really don’t see what the frustration is about.

  16. Luke,
    I think its too late to worry about signing someone before the start of the season. There is no player we can buy that’ll make a difference right away.
    Although it would have been great to have finished our transfer business before the end of pre-season, I see no value in rushing to close deals at this point. The target now has to be getting best value before the window closes and we still have three weeks left for that.

    The players we get now will have to dive straight in. If they are experienced enough, they’ll be fine.

  17. Geo, how is “EVERTON FC today confirmed they have rejected a bid from Arsenal for England defender Phil Jagielka.” not unequivocal?

  18. Excellent article, and altho’ there are many who will not, or cannot, grasp the fundamentally simple point made that buying players is not the same as buying a jar of coffee in a supermarket.

    What I cannot comprehend is the simplistic attitude of some who declare we have enough money, just ladle it on for a player and we will get him. Easy when it is not your own money I suppose.

    Remind me not to ask those types to pop down the shops and buy me a jar of coffee. “it cost four thousand pounds because the shop owner was not keen to sell his last jar — so I just ladled on YOUR money until he folded!”

    Yeah, right!

  19. Henristic:

    “There is no player we can buy that’ll make a difference right away.” Hmmm… Sagna? TV5?

    “The players we get now will have to dive straight in. If they are experienced enough, they’ll be fine.” Oh I see.

    A bit of a contradiction there Henristic…

  20. Luke, you have no idea who we’re in for, and no idea where we are in negotiations. Chill your boots.

    I can see us putting 7 past Newcastle on Saturday. Koscielny and Vermaelen for another cleansheet too.


  21. Hmmm, interesting Darius, I seem to remember you and many others on here bathing in what a steal Gervinho was at £11 million…..

    (which he is, but thats not the point).

  22. @ELS – I’m well away from N17 and the London hotspots. Thanks for asking. I’ll give you a shout later.

  23. Block – putting your own quote marks around the headline of a rag doesn’t say anything. No one has said they rejected a bid, apart from the paper’s reporter. No quotes from Everton or Arsenal officials. No quotes from the player or even his agent. No quotes = probably not true.

  24. I can see us scoring 7 too Limpar….

    Can we hold onto such a lead? 😉

  25. Geo, “No quotes = probably not true.”

    The only equivocation appears to be coming from you 😉

  26. Alex Oxlade- Chamberlain looks like the real Ronaldo – before he got fat anyway. The official site has him barefoot – though I doubt he’ll play that way.
    Red nose snatching Smalling from under our noses – sic – still gulls. We wouldn’t have had to buy Squillaci and maybe we wouldn’t have needed a new defender this season!

  27. Ok Block, I’m sorry… or am I?

  28. Kenyan, agreed. Smalling, and now Jones both look like excellent additions. Shame we missed out on both.

    Its a good indicator that our manager has his finger on the pulse….*crosses finger, prays for new CB*

  29. what is all this instead of buying cahill or jag or samba, we have bought AOC. I am quite sure the AOC issues is almost 1 yr old in pursuing and hence independent of whether we buy any or all of those defenders? No way was he bought instead of defenders.

  30. morning all..
    & welcome ALEX THE OX.
    4 bigdays to the new season and REAL FOOTBALL..
    my feelings on this summer and AW in general is this was never about the defense. not for a second. AW is on the mission to create an offensive jugernut that will try to steamroll any opponents by out scoring them….
    hence most of the purchasees of this summer have been up the field players. as far as the back line, the theory is that of a great player returning from injury and more practice at set pieces to reduce the amount of goals conceded. he will concentrate most of the resources towards this goal and mission. final product being a team that will core 20-30 % more than last year and concede 10-20 % less than last year,therefore winning more and chalanging
    for titles. the next four to five games are huge if we are going to have a good season.. should be very exciting.. enjoy the ride. and not to worry about the many injuries. some are probably made up so that we can avoid the international friendlies planned by morons at FIFA, AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON NO LESS..

  31. I can understand why some people will be frustrated that we’re getting another expensive youngster instead of ‘experience’. But such fustration can only be the result of a lack of reasoned analysis imo.

    It is clear to any reasonable person that this isn’t an either/or situation. Ivan was clearly referring to defensive signings and Chamberlain ain’t no defender.

    Its ok to start the season with what we have. Most agree we have a decent 1st 11. Have a little bit of patience and you’ll find that we’ll make the necessary defensive additions before the window closes. If we fail to sign someone by Sept 1, then by all means criticize all you want.

  32. The Smalling and Jones transfers are a case in point. Having, as widely acknowledged by the clubs concerned, met the transfer fees demanded, the players both chose to go to Manure.

    Bigger salaries offered – inducements to agents? Who knows? But if those players had chosen to join us instead of Utd, everyone would say “problem in central defense? what problem is that then?

    Oh, OK, let’s all blame Wenger then shall we? Bollox!

  33. Yogi,

    Well put.


    I think your penchant for melodrama is well summed up in the claim that: “we are 4 days away from our most important start to a season under Wenger.”

    More important than the years in which we won the double? More important than the years in which we made the Champions League semi or final? More important than the year we went unbeaten? ALL UNDER WENGER!?

    No! What I expect you are addressing is the unreasonable pressure that people like you place on him and our team.

    [Commpelled expression of exasperation) FFS

  34. ps. that id not to.say AW won’t by a good playet in defence if the price is not right . that he will. i have felt this had been his goal since the transfer window opened..

  35. Ashburton Patriot

    he’s a great talent. but i though that we didnt have money. so we cant spend 17 mil on gary but we can pay 15 for the ox.

    please explain this to me ACLFers

  36. Good stuff Darius. Hope everyone on here is fine and well after the hella shit storm.

  37. Henristic (and others). I don’t think anyone thinks that we are buying the young lad instead of any defenders. The only point I was making is that we appear to be able to pull out all the stops to sign a young player who may turn out to be a great, but won’t do the same to sign proven players who are more likely to help us right now. And the manager and Chief Exec (if that’s what Gazidis is??) have both said that the defence was/is a priority this Summer.

    Also, if we haven’t signed any experience in the centre-back department by September 1st, we’ll just get the “judge them in May” argument.

  38. It’s not annoying that Smalling and Jones decided to go to Manure. What’s annoying is that Red nose only decided to buy them once he heard that Wenger wanted them!

  39. Henristic @ 9:54

    Your comment is fine and I agree, except “some people will be frustrated that we’re getting another expensive youngster instead of ‘experience’.” Who said it was “instead of”?

    We are looking to sign a CB and there is still time. OX is not “instead of”, he is special and will play well for us.

    The negotiating for different types of player is multi-tasking and perhaps Arsenal will announce the signing this week of Per Mertsecker or Cahill. Watch this space!!

  40. No contradiction Geo (not in my head anyways).

    My point was, there’s no need trying to sign someone before the Newcastle game this weekend. Whoever we sign can’t possibly make much of a difference to the first few games, as we have a decent first 11 already.
    I was saying this in response to Luke using the start of the season as some sort of deadline.

    Whoever we do sign has got to make an impact this season though. We can’t afford someone needing 1 or 2 seasons to adjust to the PL. Chamberlain falls into this category. An experienced defender on the other hand can pretty much slot straight in and be expected to perform.

    Hope I’ve explained myself better?

  41. Jabba's delights

    I think Chamberlain has been bought to compliment our wide areas for whenever Nasri leaves. Arshavin, Walcott, Gervinho, Chamberlain as a quartet has real talent as long as we can get the best out of the little russian and Gervinho hits the ground running. No point spending such cash on this hugely talented kid unless he is going to get game time. I ‘m happy with those 4 and said weeks ago Nasri has to be sold due to the nature of how our club is run. Why do you think the best run teams in europe us, utd and a host of German sides sign up young talent, it becuase one they are cheaper in the long run and 2 they have resale value.

    Arsene main job was to sort out a defence by the first game of the season. As it is our defensive squad looks remarkably weaker than last seaosn. Regardless of what people thought of Eboue he is a better right back than Jenkinson currently and it isnt even close, we have 2 rookie left backs and the cb situation is the same.

    Yesterdays signing shows that we have resources available to us to do whats needed. We have supposedly the best manager at spotting talent and the best scouting network in the world add that to some decent wedge and numerous highly sellable assets and there is zero excuse not gaining significant improvement on last seasons spurs like league performance over 38 games.

  42. AP – from what I’ve heard, it is more likely to be a smaller fee with add ons in the future. £15mil is the highest figure being bandied about, so i expect it;s much lower then that anyway. All speculation of course. No quotes! 😉 Don’t worry a defender will be bought. We have money.

  43. Red Arse,
    Which is why I said only a lack of common sense can lead to such a view!

  44. What Dgob???

    Most important for this reason:

    1. Divise fan base
    2. Fighting amongst fans at the ground
    3. Stupid black scarf demonstrations
    4. Empty seats, week in week out
    5. Increased ticket prices, year on year record profits not reinvested in the playing squad
    6. Best players itching to leave / demanding new face
    7. Booing in preseason
    8. No silverware

    What do you think a poor start to the season will result in? If we lose to United away and Liverpool at home, what do you think the result will be? Do you think all these idiots who protest, boo, dont turn up etc will subside.

    Idiot. What country you writing from?

  45. smalling and jones went to man utd simply because they are more likely to win trophies there.

    getting a new LB is as important as a new CB

  46. gary IS NOT BETTER that what we have… neither is SAMBA of JAGS for that matter. Its not exactly rocket science! They have played longer in the EPL is the only diff between them and ours, definitely not technical skill. If Phil and Gary prices are about being English, is SAMBA English also?

    Am glad am not the manager, but i feels its cos of our bad injury records that we need more defenders and not that what we have is not good enough. also the likely reasin why Bartley was sent on loan and one of these ones may yet come in is more for experience. note that Sylveste had loads of experience, but didn’t exactly work out did he?

  47. I think it is an excellent signing. And I am aslo sure we will sign the defender that we badly need. If we had signed the defender first, then AOC later nobody would be complaining. After Ivan’s comments last night, I am much more relaxed that we will bring what we need.

  48. Block4,
    What stops did we pull? We’ve been after this guy for quite a while. Its no different from any of the other long drawn out signings we make. Only difference was Southampton/Agents were graceful enough not to blab constantly to the media about it.

  49. We were anyways going to buy the Ox and seeing how the prices for English players are, we might have done very well to get the Ox for 12m. As it is, I am very glad Wenger is buying proper wingers to play in wide positions instead playing CAMs like Rosicky and Nasri there.

  50. Come on now Henristic, there were plenty of clubs interested in him. I very much doubt a sizeable fee wasn’t involved even though exact figure is not known.

  51. Would the negative have been please with the following at the start of the window?

    + 1 defender along the lines of Jag, Cahill, Samba, Mertesacker

    …as this is likely to happen. They have been, as promised, very busy. The 3 signatures prove it. Just because no transfers happend immediately does not mean that they have had their thumbs up their Arsenals.

  52. People are categorised into ‘pessimists’; optimists; and ‘middle roaders’, and Arsenal fans are no different.

    That must explain the persistent niggling complaints and anticipation of dire forebodings by some pessimists on here.

    Perfectly valid opinions, on their own terms, but that is all they are — opinions.

    Give me the optimists any day of the week, they make my life worth living and I feel good about being a Gooner.
    If I lived on a desert island with the pessimists they would depress themselves to death and perhaps take me with them. No thanks!

    Lighten up — we will sign a good CB, if any are available.

  53. team spirit… you really think cahill, jagielka and samba not better than squillachi!?

    the juries still out on JD – he started well but went a bit mental towards the end of the season (maybe due to the shoulder injury) and koscielny to an extent to although he looks to have the ability to be a top defender once he settles down and gets the right guy next to him.

  54. Henristic – apologies, I get it now! Fair point. I’ve got a feeling Wenger will get a CB that’ll slot right in. Fingers crossed… I reckon Ox will fit into our style of play fairly quickly anyway. We shall see..!

  55. Els

    Jenks / Oxpot have never played a minute of Championship football, lets not assume these guys are ready to set the world alight.

  56. els… still need a LB mate… gibbs will undoubtedly get injured and that only leaves traore as a natural LB

  57. If we KEEP Fabregas, then we need a CB, LB, DM and a striker.

  58. Henristic, I agreed with you on the ‘instead of’ point. I just did not want Block4 to try and make capital out of an expression! 🙂

  59. @ Ashburton Patriot

    Who said we paid 15m for him? there are varying reports. Yet you choose the one that best suits you? how come you didn’t see the one that says initial fee of 7M rising up to 15M based on other factors. That does not prove that we could not pay an extra 2m for a defender right?

    also AOC is better at what he does than the listed defenders at defending! apart from being much younger and hence can only improve

  60. els, I think yes, that would be acceptable. Ideally we would have had the defender in time for the start of the season as that’s the most important in many people’s eyes.

  61. Ok I disagree with Luke and Tom. But I wont go on. Do you admit that Wenger is at least dipping into his pot? He is addressing defensive options also.

  62. Block 4.easy on the insults you web browser bad boy.

    If you can find the same story on the everton website then that would be a more reliable source than liverpool echo. And my point was-how are you so sure that it down to money alone.

  63. Block4 | August 9, 2011 at 10:00 am

    “Also, if we haven’t signed any experience in the centre-back department by September 1st, we’ll just get the “judge them in May” argument. ”

    True, some here will definitely say that. But to me it depends on the sort of criticism you offer at that point. I would personally be disappointed if we don’t sign anyone else, and in fact will go so far as to say it is a sign of negligence from the management.

    But to constantly slate the manager/team and not give the team a chance would be over the top. For all we know this is might be the season where the stars align and the balls hit the net instead of hitting the post, etc. So in a sense, once the season starts we can only really judge in May!

  64. Does anyone feel we need more cover in midfield? Song will go for the ACN, and there’s a chance Frimpong will too. Diaby keeps getting injured which leaves Wilshere, Rosicky, Fab and Ramsey. Lot of attacking options but I feel a bit more cover at DM would be good.

  65. Red Arse, I would never do such a thing! See my comment that got in before yours 🙂

  66. I dont think Oxo is instead of a defender. I also think hes a Rosicky replacement in the squad. One we bed in while Rosicky is still here. This deal has been in the works for almost a year now. We were always going to sign the kid it was just a matter of when. Kinda put a dampner on the kids big move a wee bit that hes been signed before a centrehalf…

  67. Henristic, I see what you’re saying, but doesn’t that just feel like constantly moving the goalposts? So if we don’t sign that centre back and judge next May and have exactly the same season as last time, do we judge at the end of the trasnfer window in September next year. And then May 2013? Where does it end?

  68. 8 – 0 versus Newcastle. i hope barton is there too so they do not have any excuse.

  69. Common sense. thats why i love coming to this blog.

  70. Congratulations gooners! OX is here Curt to follow. We really need to learn to enjoy the small victories. Manures won the edging title last season and freaking enjoyed winning the commitu shield….. I was watching the curling cup last year and people around me were disregarding it because it was the EPL. Surely we lost it and painful experiences continue. Chill out support the team including squallaci ahem. I’m glad Wenger put the meaningless internationals int their place. I grantee you that Theo, Thomas, Jack, and Robin will be available for New Castle clash. Young players still want to cone to arsenal their fathers want to drive them to colony training grounds and Despite the poison of the media Arsenal now has more young promising English players than other London clubs combined. Take that spuds…. I had to respond Gaint crouch for conceding to everyone else and mentioning Arsenal. Cheers gooners.

  71. Ashburton Patriot

    Team spirtit.

    Complete Poo.

    Squelch is shit he must fuck off.

    Djourou Verm Kos cant defend set pieces Cahill and Samba can.

  72. els… thing is we’ll probably sign a CB thats great.

    but if we then sell cesc & nasri, if those two aren’t replaced then creatively we’ve been hit massively especially with loosing fabregas. gervinho looks a good option on the left so would offset the loss of nasri but, cesc is the best creative mid in world football so where do we go from there… can we really expect to be challenging for the title with a first choice midfield of ramsey, jack & song (who’ll be away for a month at the ACN)? then diaby (guaranteed to get injured) frimpong (never played a PL game) and lansbury (same)as back up we’re looking very very thin there.

    id like to see parker brought in as cover and depth and a experienced creative mid if cesc goes.

  73. Block4 | August 9, 2011 at 10:09 am

    “Come on now Henristic, there were plenty of clubs interested in him. I very much doubt a sizeable fee wasn’t involved even though exact figure is not known.”

    So what? I’m not sure I get your point anymore. Whatever the fee we paid for him doesn’t mean we won’t do similar for a defensive signing?
    If we ‘pulled all the stops’ as you said, we should have signed AOC since the start of the summer when we’d agreed terms with the player. The only probable thing that could have delayed his signing is the usual haggling over transfer fees. Remember he is english. Factor in the fact that he is an attacker and you’d find his fees are rather respectable in the current PL market.

  74. Deise – I think that is bang on.

  75. Block4

    I dont remember anyone from Everton coming out saying they hads rejected a bid, however, we may well have, but Everton knocked it back, as is their perogative.

    So, erm, what is the issue? I can’t remember! We bid for a defender, his club (or perhaps the player?) didnt fancy it. What should Arsenal do?

    Personally, I hope we dont sign him, but thats just me.

    What is REALLY SAD, is Arsenal fans whinging, when we have just signed an unbelievably exciting young player, who was linked (no quotes I’m afraid!) to every big club in the land.

    I read (on here maybe) from Southampton fans, who were telling us how top this lad is and how he is better than Theo.

    Fuck me! If that isnt reason to be happy, then some of you need to find another past time, seriously.

    Welcome to the Gunners Alex!

    Cha-cha-cha- Chamblain!

  76. Block4 | August 9, 2011 at 10:00 am
    Henristic (and others). I don’t think anyone thinks that we are buying the young lad instead of any defenders.

    Um yeah. they do. Total lack of common sense

  77. Hear hear Dexter!

  78. News from an insider: Mertesacker on his way to London at the moment for a medical!
    So there you have it, a tall experienced center back will be signing for Arsenal before the end of today or maybe early tomorrow!

  79. Who’s this insider Rocky? Any quotes? 😉

  80. Well I never… is that James?!

  81. Ashburton Patriot

    Team spirit.

    i was merely asking a question

    how can you say that about aoc. u dont watch him nearly as much as you watch prem players and he plays in league 1.

    Cahill leading the prem in headed clearances and you say some league 1 teenager’s better at what he does than cahill.

    get a grip

  82. Have we EVER been interested in Mertesacker? I doubt this. Any insider news on Seb Frey joining?

  83. I agree with Dgob. Luke you seem like a very constricted, confused young man. Or a melodramatic old dame – can’t be sure…

  84. deise… frey is travelling with trabelsi mate, both to sign before the end of the week

  85. Arsenal Tom

    I cant see both Cesc and Nasri going this summer. nasri is most likely out the door, IMO.

    I also think the defensive signings gazidis alludes to, includes a midflielder man, well, I hope that’s the case.

    Arsenal patriot

    So, none of our defenders can defend a set piece?

    What a load of bollocks, but thats you all over.

  86. Block4

    There will obviously be a point when everyone will have had enough. I don’t know when that is, but right now, we are about to start a season. Shouldn’t there be more enthusiasm and you know… optimism?

    Go check the archives, I was very critical (reasonably, of course) of Arsene and the club at the end of last season.
    But the boys will be playing in a few days men. I can’t be constantly worried about stuff like that especially when the club’s CEO has come out to say they’ll sign someone (hope not experience like Silvestre and Squil.

    On the other hand we’ve enough attacking options to make the head swirl. If they could just click, you can see lots of goals coming our way. Lots. Cesc or no Cesc, Nasri or no Nasri.

  87. cahill enrique and a DM/CM then we’ll have a chance for the league providing we have a miracle with injuries

  88. Deise and Arsenal Tom

    Hahaha! No way are we in for Per M man.

  89. dexter… to be fair, he’s in the last year of his contract (makes him cheaper) and bremen had a shit season (makes him even cheaper 😉 ) so i wouldn’t be too surprised

  90. We should all be happy that the friendly with England vs Holland has been cancelled, so no chance of RvP being crocked!

  91. Henristic, it doesn’t seem like we want to do the same with a defensive signing, no.

    Dexter, if you don’t rate Jagielka, that’s fine, your opinion, your perogative. I can’t say that I would be to upset if we don’t get him in the end as he hasn’t struck me as some world-veater, but it seems our manager thinks he’s the answer. The only point really, is that there is a market value to be paid for these players and we don’t seem to be willing to meet it. We may get them for a lower fee on August 31st, who knows? But come 1st September, the management will be under incredible pressure if they haven’t signed a defender, if you thought the booing at the Emirates Cup was bad then just wait.

  92. Block4

    I think you are right and wrong on the Jags affair. The article starts with:
    “Everton FC today confirmed they have rejected…” which is probably based on a real quote from Everton FC officials but then he changes to:
    “the Gunner would have to offer in the region of £20 Million…” and this I feel is more an assumtion from the author that it is a money problem but it could be for a number of other reasons.

  93. Arsenal Tom

    Ha! All of that is very true man, OK, lets sign him AND Cahill then! 😀

  94. Block4 | August 9, 2011 at 10:37 am
    “Henristic, it doesn’t seem like we want to do the same with a defensive signing, no. ”

    And why would you say that? Because of that news report that Everton rejected our bid? How do you know Southampton didn’t reject our 1st, 2nd, or 3rd bid for AOC?

  95. Ashburton Patriot

    Dexter quite frankly, no

    ” We have conceded, I think, 21 from set-pieces and only 17 in open play” Wenger after stoke.

    by the end of the season that number was 23. The highest number in the premier league.
    thats more than half of the goals that we conceded in a season.

    No we cannot defend set pieces.

  96. Mertesacker would be an interesting signing. He is fairly slow, with a huge turning circle, but wins virtually everything in the air and has good experience. I have no idea if he is an organiser

    He is 100% different from our other defenders, and is far from the perfect player. But peronsally I think we need somebody who is different from our other defenders. We have plaenty of pace at the back with the rest of our players, so I think he would compliment TV5 very well.

  97. Grow some balls people. Everyone wrote us off last year, and we ended up so close to winning something. With the added goals that will come this year, that could well see us over the finish line.

    Playing in front of an optimistic and positive crowd will serve the players much better than the groaning doomers sipping on their half empty glasses. The difference that would make should be the final ingredient to a title winning recipe, conjured up by Le Prof.

  98. Were the Black Cardies out and about last night? Opportunists like that never miss a trick… “Spend sam facken money or we torch Club Level!”

  99. Be funny if AOC replaced Theo wouldnt it?

  100. cahill is the one, most headed clearances in the league, young but experienced and english.

    he’d give us 10 top years to.

  101. gunnerluc, the £20m thing is probably an assumption on the author’s part, agreed, but everyone has a price (See Cesc Fabregas). And Everton are in a poor financial state.

    Henristic, we may have had to haggle over Chamberlain. We don’t seem to have the same appetite for Jagielka though do we?

    Geo, “With the added goals that will come this year…” a bold statement to make considering we have yet to sort out the futures of Fabregas and Nasri with all the disruption that one or both leaving could entail. There’s just so much uncertainty around the club at the moment.

  102. Whoever shoved penalties in with corners and freekicks to get Arsenal’s ‘goals conceded from set-pieces’ is a right cunt.

  103. Geo,
    Unfortunately, I have no expectation of optimistic positive in-stadium support for much of this season. Even if we have a great start, at the first sign of a hiccup, the groans WILL return.
    Part of it has to be the clubs fault to as this situation was entirely predictable.

    The players and Wenger will have to do it by themselves.

  104. LA,

    If you insist. But I would be suprised if you – probably been going to the Arsenal for 25/30? years – can’t see what a volatile state we find ourselves in, especially from these new age fans who demand we do x,y,z, and no, despite my constant protestations against the public management of the club, I will go, as always, and lend my support.

    For the small minority of idiots who live on Le Grove, a poor start to the season, and the ground will be unbearable.

    All I want is for us to get off to a winning start.

  105. Ashburton Pat

    I think we can IMPROVE our defending, but saying catagorically that we cant defend set pieces is bollocks mate. If we couldnt defend them, we’d have conceded a shit load more than we did and wouldn’t have beaten the likes of Stoke 1-0, with a back 4 that contained Sqillaci no less.

    I really hate it when people talk in absolutes like that.

  106. block4,
    How in heavens name would you know that? Did you know what was going on with AOC’s negotiations?

  107. “He is fairly slow, with a huge turning circle, but wins virtually everything in the air and has good experience.”
    sounds like pascal cygan I a real legend for villareal

  108. Henristic, what? I agreed with you that we may have been back several times for Chamberlain?!?

  109. Limpar Assist

    Ha! Is that true? The penalties thing I mean.

  110. Any defenders with a lack of pace will prob get very exposed with the high line we play, unless they have gps positioning and are good @ springing traps.cygan, sendeross,stepanovs all seem like they were runnin in slow mo

  111. Nice Yogi

    I’m with Red Arse, optimism all the day every day.

    Oxlade’s excited to be a gunner. His dad was a really skillful player in his day, Always thought he was ahead of his time.

    AW & IG are clearly working.
    Yes it might have been better if they hadn’t raised the hopes of DOOMERS cause now their VIAGRA’s worn off!

    A NEGATIVE person will keep complaining whether we buy FOUR experienced, tall, mobile, agile, world-class, EPL-defying, fully fit, super DEFENDERS before the weekend.
    Blaming everyone but yourself is the way of the WEAK!

    A big F**K YOU to all doomers this lovely Tuesday morning.

    Welcome to ARSENAL FC, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.
    May you achieve great things.

    …i remain POSITIVE.

  112. Block – Bold statement, optimism, positivity, whatever you want to call it… Have some faith. We’ve played plenty of football without Cesc, and Nasri is hardly Mr Consistent when it comes to contributing assists/goals. We’ll be fighting for the title this year, with an even younger average age. For me, that’s what we’re all about. I don’t care if we don’t win a trophy for however long, as long as I get to see this young talent emerging and being nurtured at my beloved club. I get so much enjoyment from seeing young talent, whether it’s on the football pitch, musically or whatever, so I am very happy with life at Arsenal.

    People worry so much about stick they may get from their Manure/Chav peers, whereas I am happy in the knowledge that, secretly, they wish their club was run in the same way as The Arsenal. (cue ‘rose-tinted view’ backlash)

  113. Ashburton Patriot

    We can imorove it by buying defenders who can defend set pieces.

    Limpar if Mertesacker has about 12 yellows in his career that would mean he’s very disciplined. he would help the penalty and direct and indirect fk count come down a bit.
    He can head very well he has good presence in the box.i think PM/Kos or PM/Verm or Verm/Kos is good enough

  114. We conceded just under a goal more than the Premiership average from corners. Granted we should be better than average, but it’s cheap freekicks and penalties in the dying minutes that killed us last year – and some of the crooked referees that gave them.

    Already signs of a new set-up at corners and freekicks. One of our traditional two men on the posts has been added as another zonal marker. Looks a good idea to me. Vermaelen, our best defender for headed clearances, is back. I think we’ll tighten up from ‘set-pieces’ this season with or without a new centreback. It’ll have been the focus of much of Boro Primorac and Arsene’s defensive coaching this summer. I still think we’ll sign a defender – purely to put Super-Squills out of his misery. Probably by the end of the week. Poor old Seb.

  115. I read a comment from the independant arsenals supporters meeting with Big Ivan, that just tickled me…….

    Supporter” Why are Arsenal not agressively pursuing a centre back?”

    Ivan “How do you know we are not?>”

    I got this comment from a poster named Harry on Arsenal Arsenal. love it!

  116. A pen is counted as a set piece. You don’t need to stats to see the chaos in our box when we are defending corners and free kicks though. Hopefully a new CB and the return of TV5 will bring more solidy there. Also Szchezny seems quite vocal, so hope we will be a bit more organised in these situations. You can’t legislate for people not tracking their man though.

  117. Aman says”Blaming everyone but yourself is the way of the WEAK!

    A big F**K YOU to all doomers this lovely Tuesday morning.”

    Well said.

  118. This stupid riots burned my little shop. It means I can’t afford to watch any matches until Oxdale is old enough to play for the first team. Please stop booing the team! Instead go and watch Westham/Bham you will fit in with the depressed crowd. Gooners for life….. I can’t wait for the roller coaster…. Did Arsene manage to cancel Englad vs Holland too! It means Jack and Theo are safe for now… Wait they were in ice already. Robin too? Damn you Benfica we will never invite you for the Emirates Cup. To sell or not to sell… We are selling because the professor knows money and he makes no mistakes when counting! That was a joke:) to buy English saviors head masters, set piece solving machines or not to buy.. The proffesor needs extra tutoring for that one. He doesn’t understand it me neither…. Foolish they call me. Let the games begun. Welcome Oxdale let’s hope the cart is the works too. Cheers.

  119. Geo, I get the positivity, the first home game of the season does bring out the child in me (pity I’ll miss it this year!). I have just looked it up though and losing Nasri and/or Fabregas takes 15 and 9 goals out of the team respectively based on last year’s numbers. It’s going to take a huge effort to make those up for someone coming into the team afresh although Gernvinho does look like a threat from the little I’ve seen of him.

    Does it not hurt a bit when these young players we have brought through then want to leave just as their best years are approaching? Is there nothing managment-wise that could be done to make sure that if they do insist on going for the big money that we get a silly transfer fee to find a replacement? The Nasri situation is bordering on negligence from whoever is responsible for contract renewals.

  120. Dexter, yeah, that stat includes the 6 penalties we conceded. We had 9 given against us – the most in the league. About 3 of them would have been given against Utd.

  121. Anyway, I am off.

    We WILL sign more players, Cesc isnt leaving (he got 3 goals last season BTW) and we will beat the geordies on Saturday night and I’ll be there! Come on!


  122. Ashburton Patriot

    so are limpar and dexter trying to say that we DON’T have a set piece problem now.

  123. The nasri situ is un-acceptable. Personally I would have sold him as soon as he didn’t commit this summer. The fact he missed the game on the weekend and then trains and reports say he will play for france is begining to look like a piss tAke.

  124. Block – yeah it does hurt a little, and that is the worst part i suppose. But if the players aren’t loyal and don’t realise how much the club have done for them, and that wherever they leave to will be worse for them in both playing time (sometimes) and style, then they can piss off if you ask me. It’s a shame, but I know that Wenger will replace them with someone just as exciting (Ryo, Ox, Wilshere etc). I love it. And when you get someone that is Arsenal through and through like RvP, it’s a joy to behold. Legends becoming legends – because of Wenger having faith in them from a young age. Any of these youngsters could go on to become arsenal legends through and through.

  125. im exited!!!!

  126. It really hurts that these players want to leave after we’ve raised them as it were. But such is life. i dont even want to se cescs face right now. i hope he decides to stay and comes out to announce that he is never leaving arsenal because he plans on winning many titles with Arsenal. Yeah. I can dream.

  127. Ashburton Patriot

    Gooner wife c’est la vie. People want success. if they cant get it where they are they will move its human nature.

  128. thanks patriot. i’ll keep that in mind.

  129. Limpar @ 9:38
    “Exciting times at the Arsenal!

    Why are we buying superquick, superfit, versatile young players like Gervinho, Jenkinson and Chamberlain? Is this part of some… I dunno, masterplan? No, no, no… can’t be.”

    Good stuff.

    How can any Arsenal fan with a reasonable IQ believe that the money spent on signing Jenkinson, Gervinho, or Chamberlain affect the money available for a CB?


  130. What is it with football supporters? Why do they behave like possessive spouses hell-bent on making their partner ‘do it’ their way? Those Arsenal fans who moan and bitch about their own team, why do you consider yourself supporters of the club?

    Unless you’re geographically located in North London, there must be other factors to make you root for a club? Footballing style and your club’s philosophy must surely be a couple of those factors. So if you think your club is not being the run the way it should be, why don’t you just start following a club that is run consitent with your philosophy.

    You want big name signings, follow Chelsea or Man City. Of course, all City have won in 3 years of sheikhdom is an FA Cup, but at least they throw big money for big names, right? And Chelsea paid 50mil for Torres, that should really excite you – the fact that he’s a scored a total of 1 goal since joing them should be a concern to you.

    I love Arsenal because of the way they play football and the way the club is run – as a healthy business with a strong future. I have seen first-hand what it can do to individuals who bury themselves in debt. It’s the same for a football club, it’ll catch up with you sooner or later. In a football world gone mad,
    Arsenal is one of few clubs that is run fantastically well. As a supporter, I am very proud of this fact.

    While my blood boils and various items of furniture are flung at the TV screen when we throw away a 4-goal lead at Newcastle
    or a 2-goal cushion at home to the Spuds or conspire to gift a late late late goal at Wembley, it doesn’t make me go online and take out my frustation by mouthing off expletives at my own club. That’s not done.

    Look, I am not saying you shouldn’t have an opinion about your club. But expressing an opinion is quite different from writing your team off in every blog on the internet, painting the entire board of the club as being imbeciles, passing judgement on how Wenger has lost his marbles, so on and so forth. The bile that each summer brings from so-called Arsenal fans on their own team, manager, management and the club is disgraceful.

    My point is, if you feel so strongly that things are screwed up at Arsenal, get a divorce. If not, then please maintain some realism, faith and just good-ole loyalty to the club you call your own.

    Have a great season.

    P.S. Welcome to Arsenal, Alex. The fans aren’t so great but everything else about AFC is.

  131. Nice one Maverick 🙂

  132. Flint McCullough

    Great headline, Yw.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out that the much awaited panacea CB(s).
    doesn’t indeed turn out to be better suited to employment at Fullers Brewery.

  133. What opinions are people allowed to hold then maverick?

  134. Would love to hear the noise made if another big team had outbid us for Alex OC. There is a reason Wenger doesn’t pay attention to these fans. You are fucking idiots.

  135. well said, Maverick.

    as i said before:

    if you believe the longer the game, the more value for money it is, watch man utd.

    if you love wallowing in past glories, watch liverpool.

    if you love money and oil, watch chelsea and man city.

    if you love football and believe there is a proper way of doing things, watch arsenal.

  136. Ashburton Patriot

    watch the arsenal pre 2006
    especially the “O2 shirt sponsor years”

  137. well said Maverick. And dont answer that question? people always try to lead you down some bullshit. I think your point was clear.

  138. Jabba's delights


    Your little statistical masterclass forgets to mention that we got given the most in the league last year and some highly dubious one’s at that………….otherside of the argument and all that…..silly silly me. Swings and roundabouts as per usual.

  139. Ashburton Patriot

    pre 06 is wen we played he best footy.
    im not talking about trophies.

    One of my all time faves was arsenal middlesbrough at highbury in 04/05 5 3 to arsenal

  140. Sickening comments yesterday on this blog regarding the London riots. Asking for the army to step in as well as busting a few heads of these youths, is an appalling appeal. I am not justifying their actions, but you have to put their actions in perspectives at least. Violence really isn’t an answer to the problems, but you have to realize why the people took this route and how fighting back with violence will only aggravate the situation. This is a natural outcome when other political alternatives to demand rights are blocked off, while the establishment gets away with bailouts at the cost of the general public. Most of the social welfare, however minimal, were hard fought victories by the working class since the early 20th century. The bailouts(which only benefits the upper classes), was frankly a day light robbery of a much bigger scale than the ones you are witnessing these days in London. Sure on surface it seems violence wasn’t used, but they will lead to damages to the working class in billions, as opposed to the ones being inflicted right now in the riots. And lastly, these riots too, have their roots to the financial crisis, and the State helping out the capitalists, while throwing a large section of the public in haunting conditions, which will grow each passing year.


  141. Jabba's delights


    I think you will find that for many longtime hardened gooners footballing style plays no part in our love of the club whatsoever as that is only a recent invention into our makeup. I was just as happy revelling in being brilliant defensively in the late 80s and 90s as what i am today with our attack. I also think you miss the point. Possesion football isnt necassarily the most exciting football to all. I know that i find plenty of teams better to watch than spain or barcelona. Wonderful at what they do but for me i find it quite broing at times.

    Good luck to Oxlade now lets get in a lb, cb and striker and then i think we will have had a very fine summer.

    Nasri, Eboue, Almunia, Squilaci, Bendtner out and we would have even made a profit out of it.

  142. i always enjoy reading posts from amam and jonny – 2 top guys.

    amam i dont like being seen as weak- so i take the blame for arsenal being trophiless.

    that said – does ox coming in mean theo switching to center forward, that would be interesting, could be a masterstroke.

    but loosing both cesc and nasri, without replacements, could be a disaster.

  143. Gawds sake Ash Pat – you can’t help but find the cloud in the silver lining, eh?

    Good stuff Maverick.

    Jabba – shouldn’t you be over at Le Grove adding your negativity to the big wobbly mass of the disenfranchised? Have you anything positive to add at the start of the season?

  144. And who was the genius who asked why would someone steal a bag of Rice? Good Lord. Why do you think someone will steal a bag of rice, eh? Heard about poverty and hunger? You do realize that just before the financial crisis of 2008, you had the biggest food crisis in the world, where food prices shot up? A lot of hoarding and treating food commodities as investments e.t.c. So my guess is, someone who might not have eaten for a few days decided to pick that bag of rice and leave with it.

    But the bigger question is, how the hell did the government get away with a bag of ‘Your social benefits, your tax money e.t.c’, and delivered it to the capitalists?

    Like I said I object to the riots of course, but I do see them in perspective. An organized peaceful demonstration would have done more than this seemingly scattered acts of looting. But that’s what you get when you’ve killed off all political alternatives.


  145. Ateeb,

    These london riots have NOTHING to do with workers right or a fight against capitalism. Nothing whatsover. Its just some yobs ‘getting theirs’.

    I agree that there is not need for the army though. Decisive policing is what is needed. As many as possible should be prosecuted with harsh sentences to send the message that such behaviour just isn’t acceptable.

  146. It’s just lovely that you think so highly of me boozytits.

  147. Block4

    This statement – “Henristic, we may have had to haggle over Chamberlain. We don’t seem to have the same appetite for Jagielka though do we?” – is what I was referring to.

    How do you know we don’t have the ‘same appetite’ for Jags since you can’t possible know details of either negotiation?
    Neither of us know how many bids we have made for Chamberlain, Jagielka or any other signing, so don’t act like you do.

    I get that you’re frustrated, but some common sense is what is needed at this time. That and a little optimism.

  148. Henrisric,

    Exactly. And that has to do with the squashing of the left over the past decades, as a political outcome. And it’s not some yob you dumb fuck. The violence represents a growing anger among the unemployed youth, which sadly has taken this route, rather than a political demonstration.

    So when Egyptian demonstrators and youth, take this route, you all applaud that they’re revolting for their rights. But when your own citizens do it, they ought to be taught a lesson? Ha ha.

    Next time read the articles I paste, before commenting, so that you don’t come out looking like a fool.

  149. “Unless you’re geographically located in North London, there must be other factors to make you root for a club? Footballing style and your club’s philosophy must surely be a couple of those factors. So if you think your club is not being the run the way it should be, why don’t you just start following a club that is run consitent with your philosophy.”

    So Jabba says
    “I think you will find that for many longtime hardened gooners footballing style plays no part in our love of the club whatsoever as that is only a recent invention into our makeup”

    Would the geographical location be the reason for that?
    If you are born into Arsenal then I understand that “style”has nothing to do with the reason you support.
    But for literally millions of people the very reason they started to support Arsenal was the playing style and football philosophy of the manager.
    Of course these people are not proper fans like the guys who sit in local London pubs and have to work with Chelsea fans who have won stuff.Are they?
    There are basically two types of fans .The ones born into it .And the ones ,like me,who chose and married in.
    There is nothing more pathetic than when some dim wit try’s to justify his arguments with questions like”do you even go to the ground?”when the guy he is arguing with is from the USA
    There is no reason why a foreign or remote fan can not have as deep a love for the club as a Londoner.

  150. kudos Maverick…

  151. “These london riots have NOTHING to do with workers right or a fight against capitalism. Nothing whatsover. Its just some yobs ‘getting theirs’”

    Sadly true.Feral children.

  152. There is no political agenda to this rioting. It is the natural progression of the last decade’s emergance of “yob culture”. They are doing it for shits and giggles and to get some new tracksuits. It is now out of hand though; the police should come down on this much harder. CS Gas, Baton guns, and water cannons to quiet the hoddies is the way to go.

  153. Jabba's delights


    There are many differences between me and the le grove lot. I dont portray my disappointment by using insults to the club or their staff, never have never will.

    In terms of excitiment for the new season it depends what your objective at the end of it is.

    If your a Jonny come lately and are happy to watch a young massively talented but flawed team show a good level of football but come untstuck and battle for 4th im sure your tremendously excited. Even with the extra pinch in your pocket this year…….if you go of course.

    For me this is the least excited i have been for a new season for years AT THE MOMENT. You see it dawned on me last year watching our 3rd collapse on the trot that actually we arent as good as we think we are and the press, bookies, pundits arent all anti arsenal cunts and they actually speak some sense at times.

    We have got worse each of the last 3 years………this is a statistical fact.

    We are again riddled with injuries before a ball has been kicked, we lack depth this has been exposed on countless occasions

    We have had a poor summer SO FAR if one is aiming to catch Barca in europe and Utd in the league………..which is exactly what we should be doing

    Our captain and best player is desperate to leave as is one of our better players.

    RVP is in the same contract situation as Nasri next year his calls for experienced signings hasnt happened

    Our defensive squad amazingly looks weaker than last year.

    This at the moment is a squad built to fight off Liverpool for 4th and it could be so much better. Ive heard on countless times for seasons from Glazidis and Wenger talking about defence and nothing good happens one only needs to look at the conceded column to see this. We need to be more proactive our defence on starting day could be Sagna, Squilaci, Djouou, Traore…………….there is one player there who is deserving of uttermost trust.

  154. Maverick and kohirikage, nice one guys.People need to get that through their skulls.

  155. Ateeb, I read the article and it reads like a 19 year-old sociology student wrote it. I particularly like the bit where they state “The circumstances of the death are still not clear, but – similarly to many previous cases – it appears the version of events fed to the media by the Metropolitan Police is a tissue of lies”. If the facts are unclear how can they be lies, or otherwise?

  156. Morning George – for what it’s worth I agree with you but responding to Jabba’s half-formed thoughts is a waste of time – he’s a paid up anti-Wenger, Le Grove lap-dog who occasionally trolls over here because it’s the nearest he can get to pleasure in his meaningless life.

  157. Henristic, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been back for Jagielka after our intial offer was rejected. Granted, I’m not in possession of all the facts. The fact is you can take a year to negotiate the transfer of a young squad player, whereas the need for defensive reinforcements, and I will remind you that Wenger and Gazidis have said they are needed this Summer, is a tad more pressing.

  158. The point, Jibs, is that Arsenal players spent far more time in the opposition penalty area with the ball at their feet than any other players. While we were there people tried to tackle us. Some of the tackles were foul tackles and consequently Arsenal were awarded a high number of penalties. That seems quite an obvious correlation even for a dipshit like yourself.

    The strange one is when a team that spends less time defending in their own penalty area than almost every other team in the league – concede the most penalties. Do you see?

  159. Too wasted to go alooting boozy?

  160. Block4,

    You do realize that the article is written for easily accessible purposes and not as an academic work.


    So it’s just a coincidence that the youth involved come from impoverished backgrounds, who have been institutionally discriminated for decades? Their social benefits all gone, in one massive cut. They face violence and discrimination at the hands of the Police, more than any other ethnic group? This is an outcome of high unemployment, racism, poverty e.t.c.

    “They are doing it for shits and giggles and to get some new tracksuits”

    Really? ha ha.

  161. Here’s a better view of events than the press has so far managed.


  162. Last Of The Country Gentlemen


    The current violence in London and the uprising in Egypt are really not comparable. They are two utterly different sets of circumstances. You only need look at the behaviour and the targets of these kids in London to see there is no political aspect. This is not disenfranchiement, this is blind ugly violence and thieving.

  163. Jabba's delights


    You absolutley correct we have some wonderful fans from acorss the globe, but as pointed out before you like some of them support the club becasue of the manager and football played if this were to change you would be off………..thats what comes across from your posts. I have little respect for these fans…………..as you cant say the line………..i will be here long after Arsene. You to me are the same as any of the hated chels glory fans or utd clingers on.

    With regards to attending games my gripe with you in particular is this. You are rude to the life blood of our club who spend their hard earned cash on the club they love, the people who travel over the country to support arsenal football club not Arsene. That 3m of revenue generated for homes games is what keeps us ticking not you, like it or not. You show zero respect to fans who attend games who have judgement and oppinions of arsenal that you could never get close to getting. When your around the ground in the pubs or god forbid at the ground one gets an understanding as to how GOONERS view the current situation at the club. Its not very pretty with the vast majority viewing your chat as delusional

  164. Well pointed out Limpar – I couldnae be bothered to point out these pretty well-known truisms.

  165. Ateeb, are you saying that it’s meant to be contradictory and call the police and IPCC liars when, in this case, no such thing has been proved? Wow, that’s as bad as those lying corrupt police, oops.

    I know there are problems, I’m from North London my self although I no longer live there. But what’s going on at the moment is going to acheive nothing apart from more of a police crackdown. Nicking plasma TVs isn’t going foment social revolution is it?

  166. Jabba's delights


    I love the fact that you just used the fact that we have the ball for long periods to justify us getting more penalties but anyone who says that we conceded alot from open play considering tha lack of posseission of the oppostion gets called a cunt………..hahahahahahahahahahahah candy from a baby, you middle aged mug

  167. Speaking as a daily reader of this comment section, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jabba say anything insulting about Wenger or any of our players. At the most he might just think that some aren’t good enough, which seems quite fair, it’s his opinion. Basically, he just seems negative. But that’s fine, why don’t we all just call him a troll, make things up about him and insult him. Very reasonable.

    I also disagree with maverick’s point ‘My point is, if you feel so strongly that things are screwed up at Arsenal, get a divorce.’. As if it’s impossible to be outraged or extremely upset with something you love and not abandon it. I’m not extremely negative about the club, but if I was, I could no more abandon us to join City or someone than I could cut my own arm off.

    Everyone has their own opinion, and they’re entitled to it. If it’s a stupid opinion, then point it out. Questioning the level of support and love others have for the club is just pointless.

  168. Ateeb,

    This is an Arsenal football blog, not an effing political debate. To try and justify thuggish criminal behaviour, which is ruining the lives of so many others is perverse.

    Just shut it, or talk about Arsenal, if you are even a fan!

  169. Ateeb – I am not disputing that all those factors have contributed to them “being the way they are”, but they are not making a point. Just rioting because it is a bit of a laugh for them. If they were trying to make a definate point against the system, they would not be wrecking where they live. Why is it not in Westminster?

  170. Jabba I am rude to you because as Limpar so well puts it ,you are a “dipshit”

  171. Maverick,

    Excellent stuff earlier. Clear, concise and spot on.

    I notice there are one or two trying to pick holes, but that would happen even if you offered everyone £100 to become real supporters. You aren’t, are you? 🙂

  172. Limps.Seems like he “ageist” on top of everything else 🙂

  173. Bob,

    maverick’s comment about ‘getting a divorce’ is a device for making his point.

    It is no different in essence than your own dramatic ‘I could cut my own arm off’!

    Put your own opinion forward by all means. Disagree with his too, if you are so inclined, but gives us a break, we do not need your attempts to ridicule his prose, when your own leaves something to be desired.

    This is a footie blog, not an English language course!

  174. @ YW
    Good post. However I think that IG and AW would have been slated for NOT saying that they were going to be doing transfer business. They cannot win. They’ve explained why the delays occur, yet people who know nothing about transfers insist they know better.

    @ dexter, geo, team spirit
    great posts.

    @ maverick
    potd so far! (with honourable mention to Dexter)

  175. Jabba's delights


    I live in Hackney and am left leaning . Whilst there is some merit in what you say from what i saw last night these were classless little cunts with no respect for their communities who need to be smashed round the face. An uncontrollable sense of entitlement from these kids and their families has been the issue. Welfare is a wondferful thing if used properly and sadly is hasnt been in this country. These kids are thugs and trouble makers and they need to be met with a fist of granite. Loved the local shop keepers in my area exposing these pussies for what they are when they took the defence of their livelyhoods into their own hands last night.

  176. Red Arse,

    Go fuck yourself. And try to read my comments with your eyes open. I didn’t justify the events, not once. Rather giving a perspective of the events, in light of what’s been happening since 2008. If you’ve got a problem, don’t read and fuck off.


    I am assuming you agreed with the rest of the article, by putting this ‘thuggery’ in light of the ongoing onslaught against the working classes by the capitalists in the world at large. Your issue remains only with petty issues, about lies. This isn’t about the shooting, in my own opinion. The article had some flaws, which I can’t verify. It’s about a bigger perspective.

    I agree though that it is mindless, that is why I said a political alternative would have been better, demonstrations e.t.c. But you have to realize that given how impotent the working class unions and parties have been over the decades, this was bound to happen. Hasn’t this been happening in France, Greece, e.t.c for a few years now? All a reaction the massive cuts. Didn’t the people who are at the bottom of the society, reacted most violently to these cuts?

    “Nicking plasma TVs isn’t going foment social revolution is it?”

    And isn’t that a 19 year old sociology student question? Put it at a larger perspective, and you’ll make sense yourself. You do realize what happens when consumerism is established as a natural human trait and sold so vehemently under the current system, that those left out of such opportunities would react in stupid ways. I have sympathy for them, for they are misguided and acting foolishly, but I do understand the reasons for their actions, however unjustified, you have to understand the reasons, no?

  177. Bob – maybe that’s fair enough but the endless negativity is so pointless – especially at the beginning of the season. We do not know what Wenger and co will do/are doing and we don’t know how the start of the season will go – except in Jabba’s eyes we can only compete for 4th and the season is over.
    I agree that he may not insult the club and manager, as some do on Le Grove, but his air of ‘Wenger is ruining the club and making the same mistakes’ is more fitting with their negativity than the generally more balanced views over here.
    To be clear I can see there are problems but why go on and on about them – aren’t we supposed to enjoy this sport? Can’t we accept that not all of the problems are easy to resolve as many of the lay-fan’s suggest?
    Jabba seems to enjoy sticking his stick into the bees nest for fun. Boozytits fucking lives for it.
    Just so tedious.

  178. Red Arse

    Please point out where I ridiculed his prose.

  179. Ateeb,
    There you go throwing insults at whoever disagrees with you. You’ve just called me a dumb fuck and fool, and for what? Was I rude to you? Was my post offensive in any way?

    What is so bad in saying the riots are been perpetuated by thieving yobs? Since when was unemployment an excuse for the sort of behaviour we are seeing?

    I won’t even bother going into a discussion of the politics involved as you quite clearly are unable to have a civilized argument/discussion.

  180. Jabba,

    I read your rant at George and wonder why you felt the need to get so personal.

    You and he differ on many things — so what? Then you try to win your argument (really a quarrel0 by claiming some how to represent the views of many (most?) Arsenal fans who go to all the home games.

    Here’s a News Flash, you don’t represent my views, or many like me — and how do you know you represent anyone’s views other than your own? Have you canvassed them?
    Thought not!

  181. Anyway,Be honest ,how many of you had your heart in your mouths when Robin hit the deck on Saturday?
    Nick is on his way and poor Chamackh is having a crisis of confidence which shows no signs of abating .
    Do we need a striker as well?

  182. I’ve tried reading it twice now amd I still don’t understand what you’re trying to say there, Jabs.

    I’m excited about the new season. No time to waste fucking around trying to decipher a load of old horse bollocks.

    I am 26. How old are you?

  183. Jonny

    I’ll agree with you there, it gets rather boring and repetitive at times. I suppose I just don’t like seeing insults thrown about, it ruins the great discussion that we get on here most of the time.

  184. Jabba's delights


    No response to my post at 12.39. Highlights once again your hypocricy.

    One cant be ‘dipshit’ for nailing your point.

    If we get alot of pens because we have the ball more surely we should concede alot less from open play than we do as the oppostion has the ball less???????

  185. Jabba,

    True it’s sad that the acts of violence are directed at people from the very same class, albeit perhaps ethnically different to them.


    So according to all you enlightened people, the reasons for these riots are that these people are thugs? That’s it? Seriously? Is there no one who can make any sense out of these events?

  186. Ateeb, it’s very simple. Direct that violence at No. 10 Downing Street and have some demands that would make a change in society there would be plenty who would support them. Direct it at your local Dixons and steal TVs and people can see them for the mindless opportunitic idiots that they are. You don’t need to be a sociology professor to see that.

    I agree with much of what you’re saying, the problems in our society are there for all to see, but the violence being perpetrated at the moment does nothing to address those problems.

    Unfortunately the article you linked to was childish and contradictory.

  187. Yes, your 12.39 was a real doozy.

    Fucking hell.

  188. Jabba’s delights | August 9, 2011 at 12:52 pm

    As Dexter likes to say “good post man”

    Pity your football post are less so

  189. Jabba
    We pass the ball more in the opposition box and therefore should expect more penalties to be awarded
    We allow the opposition less access to our area and therefore should expect less awards
    I do agree that as we have more of the possession we should ,and indeed do, concede less from open play.

    Is that clear enough?

  190. Jabba @ 12:52

    Great post.

  191. Jabba's delights


    Let me explain it to you.

    You constantly call people cunts for pointing out that actaully our defence isnt very good in open play considering the amount of ball the opposition has.

    You then try to win an argument regarding us being given the most pens in the league last year by saying we should be given the most because we have the ball for longer.

    If thats yoru thinking then we should concede alot less from open play as the oppostion have the ball for so little time………….yet you call people cunts for saying such things.


    I dislike George as he is a fan of wenger and our style and not The Arsenal. He will be off when wenger leaves. Fans like this have no merit to me or alot of AFC fans. His disaparging comments about GG are disgraceful. If you support arsenal make an effor to knwo the history of the club. Arsenal style will change in different cycles i have no time for fans who are only there for a cycle. When these ”glory” fans then have the audacity to start being awfully rude to proper gooners it makes me sick. Im well aware that arsenal have fans from all over the world and many of them are brilliant. If however these fans only support arsenal because of one man, i would almost prefer it if they didnt support the club as they are no better than chels glory fans.

  192. I agree with Jabba. Wenger is a bastard.

  193. Thanks Bob – normally I’m against personal insults too – I think the riots thing is getting to me. I note the first death has just been confirmed.

    That said I feel there is a generally positive consensus over here – we by no means agree on all points and that’s a good thing but there is synergy and for the most part I enjoy the discussion.

    With posters like Jabba and Boozytits there is no discussion worth having and the intent seems to be to stir. In this respect I do consider it akin to trolling.

    Both frequently come on to ridicule and mock in fairly direct terms to opinions of others.

    We all know the situation at present is not ideal but we “remain positive” because we know that, contrary to to naive view peddled by others, Wenger cares HUGELY and is working very hard to address the problems. We have to accept that we know less than we think we do – we are not experts – and that the playing field is vastly stacked against us.

    We have SO much to be proud of as a club and to spend day-in, day-out fighting against people who claim to know everything – from why a player hasn’t been signed (Wenger’s too cheap) to the clubs chances of success (no hope of a trophy) to where we are right now (worst than any point in the last 3 years) – all of which is simplistic to the point of outright lying – it’s not why I come here.

    I believe in being constructive and being proud of our club and our manager’s amazing, staggering achievements. I think all should remember the levels to which the stakes have been unfairly raised all around us and take on the responsibility to support our manager and our club more not less.

    Ask yourselves what would the ScumU, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and City fans want – an Arsenal with a divided, polarised, disloyal, moaning, sniping fanbase moving into civil war or one which supports the players and the manager wholeheartedly. It’s a long season ahead and we all know it is a vital one – ask yourself, are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

  194. I am still none the wiser.

    Look, the season is almost upon us and I am far too excited about the good things going on at Arsenal to get into your self-gnawing fuckwittery. Goodbye.

  195. Back to back days of having my posts awaiting moderation Yogi…what gives?

    Could it have something to do with my CONSPIRACY THEORY of a few days ago???

    Hmmm, holla back before new dots make new connections, head-of-my-lifeline-to-fellow-RASERS & DOOMERS….moderate me in p’leez!

  196. Jabba,

    I need to apologise to both you, and George, as I read only today’s comments and I now realise there is some history between you, which i am not qualified to pass comment on.

    For what it is worth, I agree with what you seem to be saying, that Arsenal will be here long after we are all gone, and only distant memories, like the fans who supported the Gunners in the 1920′ and 1930’s are now.

    Managers, players and fans all come and go.

    There is nothing wrong in giving support and respect to AW, and admiring the football style he has brought to the club.
    In his day, GG brought a lot of pride to Gooners because he won titles, even if his style was different.

    But there will be other managers in the future and I would hope they too will be given support and respect, without fans feeling the need to disparage earlier Arsenal managers.

    That is the point — they were, are or will be Arsenal managers — without Arsenal FC what is there?

    Arsenal forever!! 🙂

  197. Johnny, re your 1:24,

    Well said! 🙂

  198. @ Jonny | August 9, 2011 at 1:24 pm
    Top comment.

  199. Aman – You seem to be the most paranoid man on here. Don’t listen to the voices, they will lead you into trouble mark my words.

  200. jabba i think limpar raised a very valid and very disturbing point.

    arsenal always have the most possession, but yet concede the most penalties.

    what’s worse is – at a point we where the dirtiest team in the premiership – based on the number of cards against us- its ridiculous, and makes no sense that the team that outplays every other team, ends up with the most cards – it should be the other way round.

    All refs in the lg, without exception are all cunts – we should factor them in the mix, if we intend to win again.

  201. Impatience is the core of this, a lack of understanding or knowledge about football and its business.

    six years of waiting will make the saints impatience lol. Agree that the club has set itself up by trying ralley with bull but getting a player is not that difficult and dont let anyone tell you any diff. Its about supply and demand simple as. dont get foolwed by this, making sighnings is complicated, is it f its easy, other clubs do it. reason cesce is here is two fold, one, barca cant afford him and two barca cant afford him. we dont get players not because we cant afford them its because we dont value them ? we never value players, if cliche played for any other club he would have gone for about 10mil. lets hope we get a new cd and then i think more will be happy. I still maintain cesc and naz will be here this season and beond,

  202. What is your experience of conducting transfers, boomer? What is your basis for saying it’s easy?

  203. Ateeb et al,

    The rioters could well be thug just out for shits and giggles, it really doesn’t matter. The simple fact that we have seen spontaneous eruptions of looting and pillage suggests society has a problem we have overlooked. We can always write the criminals off as just that, thieves, looters, thugs, or we can goes futher and look at the conditions which lend themselves to creating a mindset where such actions are seen to be ok and legitimate forms of enterprise.

    Just because the rioters don’t have a political agenda doesn’t necessarily mean their isn’t a political issue to be addressed

  204. Jonny

    I agree with pretty much all of that. There is quite a lot to be positive about and only an idiot would believe that Wenger doesn’t know what he’s doing and what we need in order to improve. It’s just a matter of discerning whether some are genuinely interested in constructive criticism and having a good discussion or whether they’re just looking for a fight and reasons to complain about our management.

    I have to say though, having read through the comments of various blogs and websites these past few weeks, the amount of venom being spewed by Arsenal fans is ridiculous. You would think we had been relegated or something. It’s disturbing.

  205. For all the people angry at LeGrove and John Cross for that article last night save your ire for someone who really deserves it: http://t.co/oaP22FS Appalling BS. That someone could use the events in London and twist them into something to beat the Club and Wenger with is disgraceful. I may question him and the club and think he has made a lot of mistakes but that is beyond the pale.

  206. bob – arsene doesn’t know what he is doing.

  207. Jabba's delights


    ”only an idiot would believe that Wenger doesn’t know what he’s doing and what we need in order to improve.”

    Problem is babe we have got less points each of the last 3 seasons with regards to points and conceded more year on year resulting in our lowest ever points totla under wenger last year, so no one isnt an idiot for questioning whether he still has the same greatness as before as every statistic you care to bring to the table suggests we are getting worse

  208. @ Bob
    “I have to say though, having read through the comments of various blogs and websites these past few weeks, the amount of venom being spewed by Arsenal fans is ridiculous. You would think we had been relegated or something. It’s disturbing.”

    I agree, Bob. I wonder if it’s orchestrated to some extent – there seems to be a concentration on particular themes, and the crazies post under different names, fake email addresses etc.

  209. ”so no one isnt an idiot for questioning whether he still has the same greatness as before as every statistic you care to bring to the table suggests we are getting worse”

    Except, this isn’t what I said. Whether he is still as great as he was has no bearing on whether he knows what he’s doing and what we need. If you think the greatest manager Arsenal ever has doesn’t know what he’s doing then I think it’s safe to say that you’re an idiot.

    ”we have got less points each of the last 3 seasons with regards to points and conceded more year on year resulting in our lowest ever points totla under wenger last year”

    Also, you do know that ‘getting worse’ can also be seen as ‘other clubs getting better’. Man City and Chelsea have gotten better by several hundred million pounds you know, and it’s not just them who are improving. The league is more competitive these days, nobody is going to win it with 90 points anymore. Does that mean all the top teams have gotten worse?

  210. Jabba's delights


    Maybe is a conspiracy against the arsenal again to go along with the media and ref ones that already kill us every single year , year after year. The blogging conspiracy……

    Or maybe just maybe alot of arsenal fans just feel the same that 3 consequitive seasons of less points and inaction in the tranfer market is wearing thin. Maybe the managers word is being taken for what it is these days and people dont believe he will do much more this window. He insisted last year he would sort out the keeper one. The new season starts at the weekend and we have done nothing……………….different year same thing at the moment. There is your conspiracy

  211. Fungunner

    I’ve seen the name ‘Spectrum’ all over the place for instance. He likes to share his wisdom across the web it would seem.

  212. Fun – Why would anyone bother doing that? It makes no odds at the end of the day anyway and would serve no purpose. If someone really were doing that though, I would suggest that they have way too much time on their hands and really should get out more.

  213. Jabba, I agree with your earlier post that if there are no further addition/s before 31st August, we don’t seem to have a squad that is likely to challenge for top honours. Still, I don’t know better than the manager and his team – and neither do you. So I am taking a deep breath and hoping for the best – suggest you do the same (take a deep breath, that is!)

    Your other point about ‘foreign’ supporters – I shouldn’t have to tell you that football is a global game today. It’s not just the 3m home ticket sales that keeps Arsenal going – it’s more likely the 25m of mostly TV revenue Arsenal will gain from a place in Champions League group stages that actually keeps the wheels turning. The TV coverage we ‘foreign’ supporters will be waiting for (at 1am in the morning in this part of the world) to see our beloved team play.

    I am always amazed by the illogical presentation of the argument that the ‘local’ support is empowered to bitch endlessly about the club they profess to love – as oppossed to ‘foreign’ support – because you’ve somehow earned it? How? If you are season ticket holding lifelong Arsenal fan, YOU should be the one with unflinching love towards your club, come what may – it certainly doesn’t come across in your posts.

    Jabba, don’t you realise what your club are trying to achieve? That they are trying to position Arsenal as a world class football club that is not hostage to banks and pawn brokers? So that they are not reliant on a fickle fan base that may wear a different hat tomorrow? You, of all people, a local, should be more proud of this. Because you are right, I may not support Arsenal forever. But if the club doesn’t do things prudently, there may be no Arsenal for YOU to support in 10 years.

    Bob, I am not for a minute questioning anyone’s love for the club. But really, if you read some of s**t that’s posted on every Arse-loving fan’s blog, you certainly have to question – where is the love?

    my wife and 2 daughters are Arsenal members, as am I. There’s no point buying a season ticket as I don’t Iive in the UK. But I buy my fair share of Arsenal merchandise. I even flew into London last season for just 1 day – only to watch the Birmingham home game. I remember Arshavin was terrible that day, lost the ball just about every time! Hell, if I was manager, I would’ve sold him the same day.

    But I am not, and neither are you. So chin up. Trust them to do their job, let’s do ours. Let’s not back-stab our own team before the season’s even begun.

    Good luck!

  214. FunGunner

    Or it could just be that leading up to the start of the season our defence hasn’t been sorted (i.e. no new defenders), preseason results haven’t been great (whether they matter or not come the season they affect the mood)and the Fabergas and Nasri situations haven’t been dealt with so people who wouldn’t say or post anything normally are getting antsy and are venting.

  215. I don’t agree with such violence. I was merely pointing out the reasons for it and asking people to have some perspective that isn’t shaped from the mainstream narrative of things. I said they appear to be misguided. I doubt these acts of violence has anything to do with class consciousness, in the marxist sense. Rather, a consciousness of their wretched conditions, and without much understanding, they’re taking out their frustrations in this manner. Wreckless and violent. Constructive? I don’t know. Sometimes constructive things do happen from violence and Chaos.


    “Since when was unemployment an excuse for the sort of behaviour we are seeing? ”

    Since ever.

    Sure, apologies for my harsh tone. Just angry at people’s uneducated response. Which is as reactionary as that of the “Vandals and hooligans”.

  216. It’s worth reiterating that there was a season in recent memory where we were written off in every quarter, having signed no one of note and having let several players leave. We had finished 15 points behind Man Utd the previous May and most expected us to struggle to finish in the top 6 let alone top 4.

    Why do fans forget that seasons hinge on myriad factors – not solely signing players but bringing on those who are already at the club. Pulling together, not pulling apart.

    The impression of Arsenal starts as much with the fanbase as it does the club. We already seeing Le Grove in the pages of The Mirror a voluble mouthpiece of dissent portraying a club in discord and crisis. This poisonous backdrop stains the club and further fuels the desire for some players to leave and perhaps helps to dissuade others to join.

    We have an important role to play – ask not what your club can do for you but what you can do for your club.

  217. bob – i post regularly( almost simultaneously ) on 3 arsenal blogs – which i consider to be the top 3 goonerblogs – irrespective of ideologies.

    and i my opinions dont change – is any thing wrong that?

  218. Maverick @ 2.08. Exactly.

  219. Glad we got the OX. He sounds like an absolute beast who can really make an impact in a couple of years. Hope he lives up to his potential at Arsenal. Bit surprised at the price no matter which of the rumors is true. I guess we should be a little less self righteous and stop making fun of Kenny and Fergie.

    The transfer pot is obviously limited so how much is left to fill our other needs? May be Sol Campbell is willing to move back to London for 1 more go round. Will be interesting to see who if anyone arrives before Sept 1.

  220. I’m never getting into a debate with you Jonny. You can do bold. I can’t compete with that kind of firepower. Luckily I agree with most of your posts.

  221. We could always go for Upson, Bill?

  222. jonny what’s your obssession with legrove.

  223. els – Heh.

  224. Jabba….You are definitely being excessively harsh in your assessment of George Roger! George Roger, in my opinion, is the purest of the pure. George is attracted to Arsenal Football because of the beauty in the way Arsene is technically interpreting the game. Of all the Football Clubs in the UK George has deemed that Arsenal is the club worthy of his time. That is an astonishing achievement for Arsenal. There are many like George over here in North America. We purchase shirts and all kinds of Arsenal parapheralia but are sadly unable to attend games. Now then Jabba, if you would kindly purchase tickets for both George and myself we would happily attend a game at the Emirates. We would prefer tickets on the fifty yard line. Oops, there is an North Americanism slipping out. I hope that does not disqualify us.

  225. Jabba's delights


    I dont think wenger is an idiot far from it, but one can certainly feel that maybe he isnt what we need in this day and age. His idea of value for money is quite clearly hurting our club at the moment. Squilaci and Chamck 2 thirds of our business the previous year is testamount to that. He needs to prove himself this year again. Being wonderful is in the past, 3 years of patience with numerous mistakes has taken that away. This is his year to prove he still has it. I hope he does…………not confident at the moment thats all.

    Your abosolutly right City have got better but chels have got worse in the last 3 years compared to the Jose era. Wenger also has the added advantage of being able to shape our squad over a long period which mitigates city money somewhat.

    Our points total last season was less than the points total secured by Spurs the year before. If you want to make up excuses for some of the defeats last year go for it but i will look at our defence, mental strength, depth and coaching. I see the same defence minus one starter and one useful backup, i see the same leaders minus the one our manager deems the best probably, i see less frontline depth across the board and our coaching team is exactly the same.

    Anyone who suggest we are young and will learn need to understand we were young 4 years ago, we should have learnt from disappointments 3 years ago and these young players are producing less total points year after year.

    Now if wenger doesnt deem cb an issue there might be managers out there who deemed that 12-15m on oxlade might be better spent on Cahill 2 months ago…….and i think many would agree that we might have gone in to the next 3 weeks with a better chance of getting points

  226. I can see any Nasri sale funding a new CB. I would prefer he were replaced, but we have plenty of wide players so Arsene may not bother. If we got in a top CB with the Nsari cash I could live with that.

  227. Consolbob,

    I don’t think this Arsenal addiction is good for me. Too much of an obsession to hold. I think it’s about time, it be given up for something more constructive in my opinion. For me, at least. Need to find the right balance. Other places I need to pay attention to.

  228. Boozy – the big problem is that I notice you post here and on Untold and yet you know the stance of Untold is unflinchingly pro-Wenger. You invariably post anti-Wenger diatribes and argue vehemently against the content of the post and with the other posters. To this end you are just a shit-stirrer and for the life of me I cannot see the logic of stirring up angst amongst your own fellow supporters.
    You think Wenger is fucking things up and that upsets you – most of us see a larger picture and don’t like your endless negativity.
    I do hear your points but they are the same again and again and there is no conversation worth having when your viewpoint is entrenched and vastly different to the majority of more balanced viewpoints.
    And so the question remains – when there are other sites more which vastly more apt for your repetitive moaning why come here and especially Untold and ruin what might otherwise develop into a more interesting discussion? It can only be deliberate.

  229. I wasn’t disagreeing. Certainly, the wanton consumerism of a priviledge society is some what culpable. Along the Walworth Road, few shops bare the scars of looters attention, Footlocker, the phone shops, the pawnbrokers, Argos, and yet I couldn’t help but notice the poundshops were left well alone. The same way our youth is swept up along with gang culture, they are still susceptible to the lures of capitalism, and what crime of appropriation is not just an extention of capitalistic principle?

    However, the knowldege of right and wrong has and is being overriden. It’s a corruption we’ve known about for years, but in our individualistic ways, we’ve ignored it, essentially swept it under the rug: “don’t go to Peckham”, “be careful in Clapton”, etc. We’ve let it fester, now we’re seeing the rug move, and we’re repulsed by it. Sure the first insticnt is to deal with the symptom, but we need to address the cause because if we don’t, how long before we get a recurrance?

  230. Gazidis said that Arsene knows we need a defender, and is confident we will get one. Good enough for me. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

  231. Jabba's delights


    our revenue is 220m our home gate brings in 100m you do the math.

    Go read the swiss rambler who has written at least 3 articles about how reliant we are CURRENTLY for our home support. I completely agree this will change here is to hoping they are genuine fans who love the club first and then the manager, we can do without the ones who just love the manager as he will be gone hopefully in 2014 when his contract runs out but as early as this year if things dont go well again

  232. @ Bob | August 9, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Actually I meant the people who pretend to be half a dozen different commenters and who hammer the same themes – and target blogs like this. That sort of behaviour does seem suspicious to me. They post fake email addresses as well – that sort of thing.

  233. And not Scott Dann obviously.

  234. Els

    That’s nothing I can italics too. :))

  235. @ goonerandy
    Of course it serves a purpose. It weakens the club.

    @ Jonny | August 9, 2011 at 2:13 pm
    Another corker of a post!

  236. If you have to ask what my problem with Le Grove is you’re bigger fucktard than I thought.

    This is like arguing with a banana.

  237. @ lew
    Why would that cause people to pose as several different people or post fake email addresses?

  238. @Jonny
    Which season are you talking about? Last one? The one before? Or the one before that one? It’s always the same “Blahblah Arsenal weakest link blahblah will struggle to finish in the top 6 blahblah slip out of top 4” and in the end we finish well in the top 4 challenging for all trophies.

  239. Gadget,
    There has always been a political issue to be addressed. I’m pretty much left leaning myself could go on a long rant on the governments role in the socioeconomic disparity that gives rise to the underlying problems.

    I don’t think this is the time for doing such an analysis though. The rioters should be condemned and dealt with because they are putting the lives and livelihoods of mainly innocent people at risk. People who had nothing to do with the ‘problem’ in the first place. People who are themselves trying to eke out a living.

    I wouldn’t be saying this if it was an attack on the political/corporate establishment.

  240. Sensible post Gadget. I agree.

    “Sure the first insticnt is to deal with the symptom, but we need to address the cause because if we don’t, how long before we get a recurrance?”

    But in capitalist democracy, addressing the cause means something totally different to what we would want as progression or construction of society of any kind. The targets of the violence suggest a bad misreading on part of the working class. No class consciousness. But close consciousness and correct way of understanding comes with time. The working class historically has articulated it’s view on consuctive issues. For now, such a medium, like a party remains missing or inaccessible to the people. But their own conditions with time would generate a more holistic conception of their own place in the capitalist mode of production.

  241. Fun – If that is the case they are very sad individuals.

  242. Els:

    Upson shmupson. I still like Sol.


    I need to go to your eye doctor, rose color lens probably matches your skin tone well. I guess you must be an autumn.

  243. You are like the bloginator Jonny. I’m steering well clear. Go on give boozy some of that bold and italics shit. That’ll teach the blighter!

  244. Fun – How? I can’t see Gazidis reading the various blogs, taking into account the “fans” opinions when considering the future of the club. It only serves for a few idiotic individuals to pass the time from their bedroom I would wager before their mum calls them down for tea.

    The type of posts you are referring to are so full of crap, anybody with any sense just ignores them anyway.

  245. Jabba, you are obviously intent on being unhappy. As you are in a position to influence the club by not attending the games, I guess you will exercise this power by your absence at the ground? That would be the route of constructive criticism, or maybe you just like to ramble? Anyway, it’s been a pleasure. Enjoy your misery….

  246. jonny

    i have posted in untold probably thrice this year – how is that regular posting?

    maybe if you read my post, you’ll know i’m not totally anti-wenger.

    i’m an arsenal fan – not an arsene fan, when arsene goes, i wont go with him.

    its ridiculous when most people place blame on fans for our difficulties .

    you still haven’t explained your obsession with legrove, where you banned?

  247. Henristic,

    Left leaning? What be the solution to address to this problem then? Sure they’re on a wayward path, senseless violence. But, they are the working class. So how do you deal in such situation? You call for more policing, shooting them to death, how? Incidents like this will happen next few days. Violence dealt with violence. Sure the violence of theirs isn’t against the state, where it should be. But you’re siding with the state in violence against them? Ha ha.

  248. Yeah Bill I tend to agree. I would love Sol, Keown, Bergkamp and Henry all coaching here NOW DAMN IT! (If I new this bold secret, that was the time).

  249. FunGunner

    Where is the evidence of that? Maybe one or two are sad enough to do that or maybe its easier to accept that people are annoyed and venting.

  250. Jabba's delights

    two owls

    As stated before im aware we have great fans from abroad, i make a distinction between someone who likes our football and our manager and someone who is in love with our club.

    We wont always play good football in future, times change surely an american can understrand this better than many with changes in an nfl franchises strategy more marked with coaching changes than any sport i know well.

    If wenger and our good football has enticed you and George to arsenal then great thats fantastic but to call yourself a fan you must now be bought into arsenal football club and its history and its future. Changing our style should in no way lead to losses in current FANS. George would jump ship immediately. He calls fans who put there heart and sole into supporting arsenal for years cunts and yet he doesnt even like the club just the manager and his ways.

  251. Bill – Heh at the anology, but I don’t really get what you are saying (its been a long day at work :))

  252. The link he posted may not be the best, but in principle, Ateeb is quite correct. All will come to see more fully in time that riots of this dimension can’t just happen because of thugs, but very precisely because of an underlying political economy and deep-seated social alienation. It cannot be solved by resort to violence.

  253. Jabba said

    ” the manager as he will be gone hopefully in 2014 when his contract runs out but as early as this year if things dont go well again”

    So there you have folks.Point proven.Horses mouth even.
    Anti Wenger,As I have said all along.

    Or have II taken his “hopefully” the wrong way?

  254. Henristic, if only the rioters when the introspective type, then perhaps we’d see them attacking institutions only. As it stands I doubt the basic rioter has an idea that could be representing something beyond their desires for a free pair of Nike’s.

    With this: “I don’t think this is the time for doing such an analysis though”, I disagree for two reasons: 1) we are creatures who are able to multi-task. It’s takes but a second to condemn a person, much longer to identify and deal with the actual problem. We are a society able to compartmentalise problems and solutions. The police and law enforcement can punish the criminals but it will forever fall upon the rest of us to fix that which is broke, whether it is us providing the solution of the intent and desire to see it fixed.
    2) there is no better time, once the rioting is over, people will forget.

  255. Jabba's delights


    Unfortunately its like a rush i cant stop going and as mentioned before sing my heart out and would never ever contemplate booing. There are however endless amounts of season tickets being offered on loan but nobody is taking them. 1st home game of the year had tons on general sale against liverpool noless………….lets hope we start the year well

  256. @ lew1234
    Ask YW. And Tony at Untold Arsenal. I only know about it because they have complained about it on their respective blogs.
    And it’s not venting I’m talking about, it’s the subterfuge and deceit and the repetition or the same themes. That is the suspicious behaviour.

    I believe these people also use different IP addresses but they get caught by running their posts through software which detects if it is the same person posting.

    @ goonerandy
    Come on. Think. Or read these excerpts from Jonny’s posts:

    “Ask yourselves what would the ScumU, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs and City fans want – an Arsenal with a divided, polarised, disloyal, moaning, sniping fanbase moving into civil war or one which supports the players and the manager wholeheartedly.”

    “The impression of Arsenal starts as much with the fanbase as it does the club. We already seeing Le Grove in the pages of The Mirror a voluble mouthpiece of dissent portraying a club in discord and crisis. This poisonous backdrop stains the club and further fuels the desire for some players to leave and perhaps helps to dissuade others to join.”

  257. Well said ZimPaul – that was my reaction.

    Of course it isn’t the same but, like the transfer market, people with no expertise in a given area vehemently defend simple solutions to complex problems that once would have been out of their remit altogether .

    Everyone is a fucking expert these days.

  258. Jabba.
    When we lose I cant eat for two days
    I struggle to sleep before we play again.
    My wife avoids me,to the extent that she leaves the house for several hours.

    How much more do you want me to love The Arsenal ?

  259. Ateeb – Nobody is saying shooting them is the answer. But force is needed to put an end to this. To say they are “working class” to a bit of a stretch as well. To be working class it helps if you go to work in general.

    They are mindless yobs comitting theft and property, and now starting to mug people and break into their houses. There is no excuse for it whatsoever, and the system needs to show them that this is not acceptbale. This is a sign o the times and job culture has been building towards this.

    If there was some sort of message behind this they would not be robbing trainsers from JD Sports and trash specsavers for no reason. I agree that there must be reasons behind why they are like this, but that is not an excuse to behave like this.

  260. “repetition OF the same themes”, I meant

  261. Ateeb, I agree fully however, capitalism as a system is going to have to suffer a radical adaption. A system which relies upon an class of people low enough to do menial tasks cannot possibly survive when that class then finds it’s aspirations cannot meet reality due to impossible barriers. This is one of the problems we’re facing in London right now. Whether it’s the uni grad who can’t get a job, or the school drop out steeped in gang culture, the people may be different, but the root problem is the same

  262. Jabba's delights


    When he singed his last contract until 2014 he said it would almost certainly be his last so my ”hopefully” actually means him seeing out the duration of his club days with arsenal which i do want. Like i stated though im an arsenal fan and i want whatever makes us best and now given our strength i think wenger has to prove that he is the right man for us now. the last 3 years havent been good enough considering his wage packet (and the talent that is meant to bring) our continuity and our financial resources.

    Were you not supporting arsenal when he signed that contract. Had the professor and his new brand of tippy tappy football not yet convinced you to start supporting arsenal yet…..George out of interest where do yo live as i can understand foreigners starting their support for arsenal due to wenger and our brand of football but your times of blogging are condusive to you being in britain?

  263. On a side point, a horrific thought, but what we’re witnessing could essentially be the rise of the Neitzschian ubermensch. Discuss.

  264. GA, I agree force will be needed to restore order, however, I can totally appreciate the absurdity if a Middle Eastern nation were to pledge assistance to the rioters in their quest to rise from the tyranny of the priviledged. Propoganda.

  265. Jabba's delights


    Quite simple really, i would like you to show that you wont stop supporting arsenal when wenger leaves or if we start playing a different type of football. Your obvioulsy a huge fan currently why else would i find myself on arsenal blog debating with you constantly it what you will do when the football changes and the professor hopefully moves upstairs that i will find interesting………..thats what will tell me whether you love The Arsenal

  266. Jabba,I have told the story of how ,why and when I came to Arsenal on this site .
    Had you been here longer you may have read it .But I am in fact in England,As I told you before several hundred miles from London

  267. Fun – I have read that, it does not mean it carries any truth though. It is just his opinion. If your avarage fan does not the the bile affect his judgement, why should it really matter? If he does let it affect his judgmenet, he/she is a bit dumb.

  268. Who fucking cares where an Arsenal fan lives?? I love having fans in Kenya, USA, Ireland, Australia – the more the better. I love to hear the different perspectives.

    Anyone who isn’t reading yankeegunner

    Is missing out on one of the most vibrant and interesting Arsenal writers out there.

    Arseblog divides but is consistently interesting and frequently funny from his base in Dublin.

    Untold is co-written by a Belgian.

    Geography is irrelevant these people care about their club as much if not more than some of the bitchass losers who go to the stadium to boo the team and manager.

  269. Ateeb – “in light of the ongoing onslaught against the working classes by the capitalists in the world at large”

    I have my own small business, does that make one of these evil “capitalists”. If your talking about the merchant bankers in city then fair enough, but someone who runs their own business or shop is hardly a “capitalist”. It’s not so black or white as you make out

  270. George you must be oop north like me then eh?

    Well said Jonny. Never heard of yankee gunnerblog.

  271. @ goonerandy
    Have you not noticed what is going on with the fans? It has an effect, regardless of whether you think you would be influenced, it is having the desired effect.

  272. Jabba If I confirmed that I would continue my support I would be empty words because I could say anything and you would be no wiser
    I suppose if I am honest ,I will probably continue to support ,but most likely with reduced passion
    My love is for the beautiful game and Arsenal personify that.There is,I guess,a reason I did not support when GG was in charge.And if a “Big Sam” was to come in I would ,as you say,most likely lose interest,

  273. Jabba's delights


    For someone who just said your so keen for discussion and differences of opinion you always seem so unwilling to listen to others on the blog with a different one other than your own. ……………fuck off to le grove seems to be the common theme from you.

    Whilst i cant stand the booing in the ground anyone who pays what it costs to be in the ground can do whatever they want even if i completely disagree with it. Its the most expensive football club in the world to support and some fans dont think the current board and management are being upfront and fair with them.

  274. Luke @ 10:04 am,

    The answer to your question (although I’m not too certain how it relates) is England.

    On the list of reasons that you feel make this THE most important start under Wenger: you simply confirm my suspicion without seeming to realise that you are doing so. The advantage of youth and its carefree-ness I supposse.

    Just one relevant question: do you really see yourself as more positive than those you list?

  275. Fun – I know the fans seem to be turing on Arsene and this current squad. But why does it have to be because of the crap which is wrote in the media and on blog sites? Why is it not because many fans are simply fed up with the way thigs are going at the moment?

    People can make their own minds up. It is the opinion of many posters on here that anybody that is critical of the club, “have got their opinions from the media”. But that is as much crap as some of the stuff wrote in the media.

    I agree 100% that things like people booing the team is not helpful, and is something which I personally would never condone. But the fans doing it may just be pissed off, that does not mean that they have been media fed.

  276. Ateeb | August 9, 2011 at 2:39 pm
    “Left leaning? What be the solution to address to this problem then? Sure they’re on a wayward path, senseless violence. But, they are the working class. So how do you deal in such situation? You call for more policing, shooting them to death, how? Incidents like this will happen next few days. Violence dealt with violence. Sure the violence of theirs isn’t against the state, where it should be. But you’re siding with the state in violence against them? Ha ha.”

    Jeez man, if you’re not insulting me, you twisting my words. Shoot them to death? Really? My original post on the matter clearly said not to involve the army. The only ‘harsh’ statement I made was that they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. and they should. its the only way to get the saner ones to chill re-think their actions next time.

  277. You’ve created a false opposition Jabba – there are no Wenger first, club second fans. They do not exist. No fan will go and support the next club he manages instead (though they might take a passing interest).

    There are people that look at the bigger picture and see what Wenger is trying top create involves a great deal more the ensuring immediate success. You rag Wenger for failing for 6 years whereas I see that on loads of occasions we came so close and I think its amazing we came so close. I champion the skill of the man in getting us so close whilst everyone has moved the goalposts but you think that he should be vilified for getting so close and failing.

    The truth is other managers might have gotten success but only by damaging the club – equally there is every chance a new manager would come in, have one season of success and the next be out of the top 4 (like Spurs).

    Many of the players play and stay for Wenger we would attract less and retain less if he left.

    He has global respect but I suspect you can’t explain to fans like you what you will miss until it’s gone.

    I am confident that many years after he has left the perspective of Wenger’s achievements for the club will be understood by all for the first time.

    You guys are just impatient and care more about short term baubles rather than the long-term big prize.

    Project youth has not failed – it’s only just started.

  278. Jabba. I am interested in the opinions of everyone but I just find both you and Boozy too negative.

    I maintain you’d find a better audience for your attitude at Le Grove or another site than this one.

    I don’t think I have had an argument of any note, other than with you two.

    Says a lot, as you are currently in several and always seem to be in one with someone..?

  279. Jonny: “Project youth has not failed – it’s only just started.”

    The thing that frustrates fans is that it is continually re-starting. It looks like we are going to lose one or both of Fabregas and Nasri. We have a replacement in Chamberlain for Nasri, but he’s 17 and can’t be expected to perform the the same level. And as I said earlier in this comments section, a lot of our players get towards what should be their peak years and then want to leave (Clichy, Fabregas, Nasri this season). We’re always going to be the nearly men unless the club can hang onto these players and get their best years from them in a red and white shirt. If that doesn’t engender frustration then I don’t know what will.

  280. Jonny ,next time you think of doing a post like that please put my name to it .Then people will think I wrote it.

  281. Gadget | August 9, 2011 at 2:49 pm
    “Henristic, if only the rioters when the introspective type, then perhaps we’d see them attacking institutions only. As it stands I doubt the basic rioter has an idea that could be representing something beyond their desires for a free pair of Nike’s.”

    You sure you not making the classic middle/upper class mistake of thinking the masses are mainly mindless fools? Of course the basic rioter knows the difference between fighting for an idea and stealing a pair of Nikes. The rioters in Tunisia, Egypt, etc clearly knew the difference didn’t they? So did though those involved in sit-down protests in Thailand.

    Lets be clear, the London riots started because of an unfair shooting by the police. Yobs have just taken advantage of the demonstrations that followed to start this whole looting campaign.

    If this was something more than just thieving, those rioters will have a LOT more sympathy from the public than they are currently getting. So in a way they’ve played into the politicos hands, as not many will be holding them to task on societal issues based on these criminal acts.

  282. Jabba's delights


    So do you not pay much attention to football other than arsenal? I take it you dont watch other teams if they play ”inferior football”?

    Why didnt you support newcastle during the mid 90s they were by most neutral observers accounts the most exciting team in the prem period.

    Or are you just a fan of the very recent tippy tappy culture to decend on the european game since the spanish win of the european championshiops.

    You see to some of us our football from 2001 to 2004 was vastly supperior to what we play today and we were better defensively…………..this is why i struggle when people talk of our football being otherworldy these days. Its just different i think we were more entertaining pre 2007.

  283. Bloke4,That is a very good point you make.The trouble is that the new Oily clubs have made that all but impossible.
    If a player is offered 3 times his wages you have to accept that
    a) you can not compete money wise
    b)In most cases he will want to go
    c)there is fuck all to be done about it

  284. Jabba I am not going to bore all the others ridged by continuing this childish encounter

  285. george rodger | August 9, 2011 at 3:43 pm
    You really are a doomer, aren’t you. Or maybe a realist?

  286. @ goonerandy

    You’re still not getting it.
    Some people are posting under many different names, posting fake email addresses and even using mutliple IP addresses. The content of their posts is similar and the tone is uniformly anti-Wenger and anti-Arsenal. They repeat certain themes, eg Wenger is an autocrat, the club are not trying to sign players.
    This is evidence of orchestration. As to why, the answer is to weaken the club. That was my original point.

    I also find it very hard to believe that anyone would NOT think rival fans would welcome disharmony at Arsenal. And is it really a stretch that an image of disharmony would effect a player’s decision about joining us?

    As to fans not being influenced by what they read from other “fans”, constant repetition is a time-honoured way of turning a lie into accepted truth.

  287. henristic.Just a part time gloomer me

  288. Block 4 – yes I kind of agree with that. I don’t think Wenger want’s it this way though. He genuinely wants them to stay – it would seem hard to blame him for some players wanting to leave for more money – it’s fucking crazy when you hear what Nasri has been reportedly offered.

    We are undoubtedly being targeted and unsettled by other big clubs – it’s a clever and worthwhile tactic.

    I’d agree that Wenger could have perhaps been more savvy with Nasri’s contract but who knows when his head was first turned..?

    Wenger has made contract mistakes but its clearly difficult to get right – on the one hand we pay some players too much (Bendtner) and the other not enough (Nasri) it’s often a matter of dealing with unscrupulous agents. It certainly isn’t an exact science.

    Project youth is about something bigger and its success should be judged not just by first team players but by the money we save (allowing us to compete at all) and also by the money we get from sell ons (Bentley anyone?).

    Moving to the new stadium but doing what everyone else does in the transfer mkt and we would probably no longer be financially viable as a club. On some sites they claim that youth costs money but the reverse is true and it is the (open) secret of our success in staying competitive.

    Right I’ve said enough for now best go get some things done.

    Peace y’all and big up to all you Arsenal brethren who live in lands far away.

  289. George 3.38 lol!
    I’ll try.

  290. Jabba you said.

    “I dislike George as he is a fan of wenger and our style and not The Arsenal. He will be off when wenger leaves.”

    I seriously doubt anyone on here believes that George will stop supporting Arsenal when Arsene leaves. Jabba, to me all you worry about is trophies.

    George, your comments on yesterdays post were class.

    Maverick, great posts!

  291. Henristic, such was never my intent. The rioter do not appear to have a cause other than God knows what. The riot in Tottenham may have a tenuous reason in the link with Mr Dugan, but the scenes in Clapham, Woolwich, Camden, etc, do not. I’m not saying the masses are mindless, I’m saying there is no shared cause beyond individual gratification

  292. Gonnerandy

    I think what funngunner is trying to say is that there is a conspiracy out there by people to destabilise the club for their own nefarious means. This conspiracy is obviously working in conjunction with the media conspiracy and referee conspiracy (All under the leadership of Alex Ferguson probably)to make sure that Arsenal never win anything again.

    Or maybe more simply and logically people are just annoyed that its four days before the season and that new defender hasn’t come in. But then that simple explanation wouldn’t appeal to some people paranoid delusions.

  293. Jabba's delights


    Who has ever called for immediate success? 6 years without a trophy and only in the last year or so has there been real discord amongst supporters. Dont start saying he hasnt been given time 6 years is a long time.

    Was it to much to ask of his arsenal to beat a team relegated to the championship in the carling cup this year. Did we lose as we couldnt stop a set piece and a horrendous defensive error……….was it to much to ask for these weakneses to be addressed in the summer or the summer bfore that when they were also issues???

    Wenger was the only manager to guide us through the new stadium abosultely 100%, now that its been done the question is is he the man to lead us through the post stadium era. At the moment he has proved not. The big picture was making an oustanding academy and building a new stadium. Did Arsene understand the bigger picture when he took us on our 1ST asian tour this year, was that looking at the big picture or should that have been doen 10 eyars ago?

    You say the players only play for him, btu from what i see i see players trying to leave when they are reachign their potential. They havent bought into it anymore its they AND the fans that need success now or at least MUCH MUCH better league performances than the last 3.

    Project youth is failing as its poster child want out. its uselss having a youthful team if they leave when they start getting really good to stop that we need success plain and simple that should be fucking obvious. RVP and walcott in Nasri situation this year both have been the most vocal calling for signings…….which havent arrived. What do you say when RVp refuses to sign.

    What is the long term big prize Jonny the champions league on a regular basis? in 15 years we have reached 1 final and 1 semi under wenger and thats when things were fairer. Yes getting to consistent quarters is an achievment but have you supported arsenal long enough to no what its like to win a trophy (any fucking trophy) it wonderful and i would galdly drop all of those quarterfinals for one more league title in that period. I love the guy but his achievments both recently and in the distant past need to be weighed together.

  294. My beer mug is half empty.

    jonny i need a refill. asap.

  295. Obviously Wenger doesn’t want to lose his best players when they are about to reach their peak. So what can be done about it or to mitigate the effects of it?

    The contract situation with Nasri is silly, surely if contracts aren’t renegotiated earlier in the future then players must be sold leaving us with money to buy a replacement. And sold early in the transfer windows too, we’re days away from the season beginning and we have no idea what our midfield will look like.

    Would earlier and more decisive action in the transfer market create a more settled atmosphere within the squad? The club looks like it’s dithering in the transfer market (fairly or unfairly) after having said a couple of months ago that an experienced defender is a priority. Maybe doing our business earlier rather than having this brinkmanship on the last day of every transfer window might convince some of these players that they can be winners here? It might mean that you pay a few extra million for these players, but wouldn’t it be worth it to have a settled squad all pulling in the same direction from the start of the season?

    Everyone loves to see good players coming through, even the most hardened booer at the ground will have delighted in Wilshere’s emergence last season (and hopefully Gibbs this!), but if we’re going to lose them before they fulfil their potential then people are going to question the policy.

  296. Jabba ,did I ever tell you I think you are a cunt?
    Because I meant to 😉

  297. I am the happiest spaniard alive, how would i not know this!??.. I did not realize that Thiago was permanently given the #4 shirt.. This if full of significance!! As this was Pep´s legendary number, that had been vacant since Rafa Marquez left.. It was allways thought that it would be Cesc who would inherit Pep´s legendary number, as it is well known, that Pep had personally offered this shirt # to a young Cesc years ago, when his parents where going through divorce.. To me, this is very clear warning message to Cesc and his agent, to make up their minds and stop feeding bullshit to both teams.

    It takes enormous ammounts of stupidity and ignorance, to think that Barca could not pull another 5 million for Cesc.. Barcas problem with Cesc´s price, is that they would not have to pay as much, had he not signed the contract extention. Barca simply shouldnt have to, and that is what pisses everyone off in Catalunya.

    I hope you keep him, but ffs relieve him of the armband..

  298. @ lew1234
    You cannot seem to get it through your head that I am not talking about people like you venting. I am talking about the phenomenon of orchestration to make the discontent seem worse than it is.

    I repeat, why would being annoyed that a CB has not been bought in this transfer window lead people to post under different names, for the last two or three years?

    You asked me what the evidence was of orchestration. I gave it to you. You think there is nothing suspicious about the same few people pretending to be lots of different people and making similar comments?

    As for the saracasm about outsiders wanting to destabilise the club, why would rivals not want to destabilise the club? Is it an outlandish notion? Why do Spurs fans come onto Arsenal blogs and pretend to be Arsenal fans? And is there no money at stake in football any more?

  299. Block4,Nasri was in negotiations 2 years ago.He only had a 4 year deal.When should they have started negotiating?
    You simply state the fucking obvious ” but if we’re going to lose them before they fulfil their potential then people are going to question the policy.”
    We know this ,Please tell us what is to be done rather than simply moaning and blaming the club

  300. I’ve been following since the mid 80’s – Jabba.

    “Wenger was the only manager to guide us through the new stadium abosultely 100%, now that its been done the question is is he the man to lead us through the post stadium era.”

    The stadium has been built but not paid for – we are still paying a huge mortgage. The challenge isn’t to build the stadium it’s to alleviate the debt burden once it has been built so that we can become the only big club in the country that isn’t bought through leveraged debt or owned by a sugar daddy. That’s always been the aim and the prize.

    Jabba – you seem like a knowledgeable fan – albeit one whose desire for trophies skews your opinions in opposition to mine.

    You should know this already.

    The job is a long way from done and from a financial perspective he is the only man for the job the question now is can he balance things on the pitch. We are not so far away as many think.

    Boozy @ 4.06 – you’ve have had enough. In fact, were it up to me – you’d be barred.

  301. Jabba's delights


    He actually stated it himself he would lose interest if we stopped playing the football we play today and when wenger leaves. His words not mine. Ther are fans out there like that and its a shame

    Im from the area most of my family are big gooners even in the lean years and there have been a few the overriding aim/dream was always to win a trophy as thats what it used to be about. Myabe that has changed to a certain extent but the aim should always been about winning. Look at all the most succesful sports franchises in the world and there is one common theme…….winning no matter what and we have lost that under the recent wenger era.

    I enjoyed the title triumphs under GG just as much as i did the ones with Arsene. I loved GG reign and i loved the pirde the team took in defending and the passion the team had in working there butts off for The Arsenal.

    You cant always win things but the aim of yoru club should be to do everythign in its power to do so without risking its long term health. There is no betetr feeling than when you win somethig and no amount of consecutive cl quarter finals or great bank statements can make feel any different.

  302. The Septics have arrived. Good morning/ Good Afternoon

  303. negative boozy- if cesc and nasri goes, and rvp gets a long term injury – we become a mid table team.

    positive boozy- nah those 2 wont leave, and rvp would stay fit most part of the season.

    post for two sets of minds.

  304. George @ 4.11 LOL

  305. Jabba- The consecutive CL quarter finals will feel great once we strap up our boots the right way and go out and win the fucker!

  306. “It takes enormous ammounts of stupidity and ignorance, to think that Barca could not pull another 5 million for Cesc..”

    I am wondering Where Barca get money from in the first place. For a team that has won so much, you dont have any blasted money.

    Barca should balance their books, make sure they can play their players and all that.

  307. Morning Bill. It’s been spicy today.

    London’s burning and ACLFers are feeling the heat.

  308. @boozy
    Remember 2009/2010? We had RVP out for almost the whole season, Cesc was injured for a longer time etc. and where did we finish? Not in the middle of the table, unless you consider 3rd to be a mid table spot.

  309. @ Paul-N
    Don’t they still owe us for Hleb and Henry? As they say oop north, “Fur coat and no knickers.” That’s Barfa.

    This Cuervo is obsessed with us. Good entertainment, though.

  310. Hah Boozy you forgot the middle of the roader!

    Neutral Me: RVP has an okay season. Walcott? Okay. Gervinho does well for his first season, but FFS it’s his first year in the prem give him a break! etc….

  311. george rodger, you’re an abusive idiot. Read the rest of the post before that.

  312. pay their players…

  313. Bloke4.I am an idiot little doubt about that .but please point out the abuse?

  314. Fuck off Cuervo!!


    “I have my own small business, does that make one of these evil “capitalists”. If your talking about the merchant bankers in city then fair enough, but someone who runs their own business or shop is hardly a “capitalist”. It’s not so black or white as you make out”

    It is pretty much black and white when it comes to the mode of production and it’s ills for 2 centuries now. Historically, such acts of violence can be put in a framework to explain things.
    You are correct, I am not talking about ‘small capitalists’, because that is solely a myth. You don’t fall in the establishment neither do you have the resources to reach that status( I am presuming). I am talking about monopoly capitalism, which over the last century, has been attacking ‘small capitalists’ like yourself, leading to bankruptcies followed by employment in these very large industries. If anything, you are as much to lose from the financial cuts as those ‘yobs’, but they were the first in the shooting line, hence their reaction.


    “A system which relies upon an class of people low enough to do menial tasks cannot possibly survive when that class then finds it’s aspirations cannot meet reality due to impossible barriers.”

    Menial tasks are a separate debate. Capitalist production extensively through extensive division of labor entails the taylorisation of tasks and degradation of workers, at almost every sphere of production.


    I’ve been looking for articles, and so far that is the better ones I could find. You have to understand how the media is portraying this, I am waiting for better articles from the sites I usually read. But these riots are at their infancy, takes time I guess. I agree, it wasn’t the best article, sadly that was the only one I found, which tried putting the riots in some perspective. I think I should write my own then?:p

  315. Fungunner

    People are booing are a preseason friendly how could things get much worse then they are?

    You told people were using muliple e-mail address and IP Masking software.That is statement might be true (there are definitively 1 or 2 weirdos out there) might not. Can’t say in the places I read (Here, Arseblog, Arsenal Mania, Twitter, F356- Between Jobs at the moment lots of time on my hands) that I have noticed much of what you are saying, maybe the odd lunatic (This being a great example- http://t.co/oaP22FS). I have seen lots of people annoyed and venting like myself but I think it best to leave it at that.

    But to another topic I wonder if Wenger is launching Youth Project 2.0. Youth Project 1.0 was get the best Foreign youngsters bring them to the club, train them, let them grow up together, create a winning team. I think we can all agree that this has failed(The first recruit- Gael Clichy has gone and the star pupil is desperate to get out- Cesc) so he has gone with Youth Project 2.0 get the best British youngsters in (Jenkinson, Ramsey, AOC)who would might be less likely to leave, no problems settling in (Denilson described how lonely and isolated he felt in England) and other intangibles .

    The only problem I see with that is very little patience left for Jam tomorrow (I include myself in that) and someone has done a similar youth project better (that is debatable I admit) at Borussia Dortmund (Their average last season was 23.3 years and they played wonderful attacking football).

  316. Jabba's delights


    Its Glazidis who states that our debt is very very managable over 25 year fixed rate term. Our debt is down to 150m odd. if we chose to we could pay that off over the duartion of the period for like 8m a year if it wasnt fixed. The biggest burden of the stadium has been lifted. Of course we need to eb careful but i feel that our prudence is what brings about the greatest risks to us staying in the cl.

    Do i think Liverpool will win the league this year…………absolutely not. Do i think Liverpool and Spurs are perfectly capable of gettiing between 70-75 points this year…………….absolutely. Do i think this current squad can smash that…………….no. Do think with more ambition by the way of 2-3 players would we even need to worry about 80 points…………absolutely not we could be that good.. That is where i and many frustrations come from. Its our conservatism which is creating the risk. We have lots of self generated money that still might be spent but past history tells you not to hold your breath and it would have been much much much more prefeable to sign players earlier. In see the same squad as last year a few days from the season

  317. If realist are intent on posting tosh they should not get so damned upset when it is pointed out to them.

  318. Don’t get too excited but I have heard a rumour that Miyachi has been granted his work permit…

  319. United is now doing a baca on Sneijder. All their players take turns to tell him how he’s perfect for united. They learn quick up there , today it’s Rafaels turn.

  320. Jonny you are teasing me! I would love to see that little schoolboy running circles around the big PL defenders.

  321. Bah nvm it was the wrong rafael. I think that’s good thouh. It will be a sad day when a PL club sinks as deep as Barcelona.

  322. George rodger re. abuse:

    You simply state the fucking obvious ” but if we’re going to lose them before they fulfil their potential then people are going to question the policy.”
    We know this ,Please tell us what is to be done rather than simply moaning and blaming the club

    And you’re abusive to anyone who doesn’t agree with your point of view in general. Post of note at 4:11.

  323. Jabba's delights


    I would love it if Alacatra is given the number 4 as it should tell cec everything he needs to know about why he should stay with The Arsenal. Arsenal with Cesc is a completely different proposition than without. Nasri can and must go we cant affrod not to and i think others can pick up the burden.

    I see no possible benefit of not allowing Myachi out on loan. The guy obviously needs proper game time and how can we juggle Oxlade and him proepr game time.?

  324. We should just go out and buy 3 world class finished articles .I am not asking for £80 million Ronaldo’s or a £50 million Torres.Just 3 world class player who’s names escape me at the minute.
    3 @ £30 million each should do it .That about £90 million plus wages ,say another £90 million on top.So for just £180 million(a good Euro lottery win that’s all)we will almost certainly be sure of 4th spot.

    Cant see any problem

  325. Block4,that is not abuse by any stretch.It would take a complete cunt to think it was (oh hold on that might qualify,sorry)

  326. Ateeb. I know how you feel.

    I have always seen supporting a football club as madness and therefore to be done with one foot firmly rooted in something that might pass as normality.

    Therefore I keep chickens, grow fruit and vegetables, help raise grandchildren, drink wine, beer and cider and love my wife.

    Oh. and I steer clear of politics these days. Anything that I can’t make better by my own actions has little part in my life. You can have my sociology degree if you like!

    This also helps – Fuck of Cuervo!!

  327. Block4,seriously,if you can find me being abusive to anyone other than Jabba and Luke I will be most grovellingly apologetic

  328. @ george rodger | August 9, 2011 at 4:54 pm
    ha ha – got that right.
    Or, any fule kno how to doo transfurs, as a certain teenager might have said.

    @ consolsbob
    One of the rules I made for myself when I started reading and commenting on blogs was that I wouldn’t get involved in political or religious arguments. It’s just about the only rule I have managed not to break!

  329. ryo is a decent player, i prefer him to vela.

  330. Yeah, the Miyaichi news has been confirmed. It’s incredible given our record on WPs. I assume we won’t loan him out again, although I could see the sense in him gong to another PL side perhaps.

    Bloody hell – we’ve got so much pace in our attack now it’s untrue.

  331. ryo! hooray!

    # His name is ryo and he dances through the defence… #

    No? I’ll get my coat.

  332. Jabba's delights


    is the worst of all yours and shotta arguments.

    Who the fuck is asking for 30m pound players?????????? i’ve never seen anyone on this blog ask for them

    If we keep Cesc and i assume we lose Eboue, Nasri and Bendtner i think we need a striker an experienced LB and a CB who can compliment our current cb’s. Lest be conservative and say those 3 net us 30m in fees and 10m in wages (nasri 90k, eboue and nicky 50k each)

    Cahill 17m
    Bridge negligible fee
    lukaku 18m

    Thats 35m or so in fee’s and about 10-12m in wages. Add those 3 to your squad






    Oxlade chamberlain


    Now look at that squad and tell me its not better suited to playing in 4 comps than our current one. All the potential signings are available or were for exactly those fees just mentioned. our outlay for the summer would be about 10m with a 5m or so rise in wages.

  333. Big Al

    What’s the good of all that pace if we have not got a big CB? 🙂

  334. Wow, I’m first on the breaking news two days running.

    I’m off to find my trumpet.


  335. Miyaichi does not sound like the big English CB we have needed since Frank Mclintock left(see Jabba I do know stuff 🙂 ) All be it that he was not English either

  336. far from it goonerandy@1:33, just having a little fun.

    Jonny@ 2:31:
    “If you have to ask what my problem with Le Grove is you’re bigger fucktard than I thought.
    This is like arguing with a banana”.
    LOL!! (in bold)…u rule dude!

    thanks for the Barca insight. Thanks for destabilizing us and giving Thiago the no. 4 for his unwavering loyalty to the Catalunya cause. Glad to see you’re so happy and…oh yeah, let your people know it’ll still be FORTY MILLION POUNDS for our number 4…NO DISCOUNT!

    LIKE I LOVE ……………..! (fill in the blank)

    Thanks for not moderating me YW
    Feels just like home again.

  337. Hope we keep both Miyaichi and Alex OC in the squad and let them loose on the domestic cups.

  338. AFc.com just confirmed Ryo’s work permit.

  339. Ignasi Miquel

    “And for all the questions, I will not say I want to go back to barcelona when I am 24, I owe nothing to them.”

    Good lad

  340. Jabba ,Bridge? ha ha ferkin ha.

  341. “We are absolutely delighted that Ryo has been granted a work permit. This is almost like a new signing for us.” AW

    Nice one AW the D&G brigade will love that!

    He’s fucking right though AND in contention for the Newcastle game (though I doubt he’ll start).

    Ryo on the left, Oxy Acetylene on the right and Theo up top (with RVP) – young yes, but fuck me that’s crazy ass pace.

  342. we lacked direct players last season – theo and arsh were the only ones who could run at defences – now in gervinho, the ox and ryo we have 5.

    things are beginning to shape up.

    time for some grown men action.

  343. Jabba, Wayne Bridge? Really?

  344. Jabba's delights


    I think Gibbs has talent but needs games so i want an experienced premiere league and cl performer to come in and who can sit on the bench and do a job if needed. Hence why i say Bridge. When you have an oustanding performer such as Sagna i can see the benefit of having a young talented guy as his understudy when its the other way round i can see the benefit of having a solid old pro behind him

  345. CBs, dups? Where we’re going we don’t need CBs.

  346. Woo Hooo!!! Ryo’s work permit granted!!!

    GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  347. Big Al

    And Campbell still to come. Mouthwatering attacking ability.

  348. @ Markus | August 9, 2011 at 5:16 pm

    “Hope we keep both Miyaichi and Alex OC in the squad and let them loose on the domestic cups.”

    I love it when we play the kids in the CC and I hope AW goes back to that policy.

  349. Arsène Wenger: “We are absolutely delighted that Ryo has been granted a work permit. This is almost like a new signing for us, as we weren’t completely sure we would be given the authorisation. Ryo has worked extremely hard in pre-season and performed very well during the matches in Asia, Germany and Portugal.

    Ryo has natural technical ability. He has good balance and phenomenal pace, and his passing and crossing is consistently of a high quality. He is a very exciting player. He had a successful time with Feyenoord in the Netherlands last season, who gave him the opportunity to play regularly, and we’re looking forward to his contribution this coming season with Arsenal.”

  350. “CBs, dups? Where we’re going we don’t need CBs.”


  351. For a team that hasnt done much we have done quite a lot.

    That would be 4 new players in. love it!

    In fact we did lack some pace on the wings at times last season(we missed Vela I thought). I was even saying that I wouldnt mind Young (Villa) but it seems we have gotten some electrifying players.

    I say we are going to shock the world this season!

  352. WELCOME TO THE FIRST TEAM, EPL, CC, FA & CL RYO MIYAICHI………ooooh yeeeaaahhh!!!!

    2nd signing in 2 days…howabout this JD u must be a bit happier?

  353. ..beginning to look like goodbye Samir Nasri…..I AM SO STOKED!

  354. What an amazing year it has been for Ryo Myaichi – from schoolboy football in Japan to Arsenal football club in England.

    It’s a massive leap for anyone, let alone a 17-year-old. We must all be gentle with him.

  355. Aman – if we signed neymar- you could scream ooooh yeeeaaahhh!!!!
    if we signed hazard – you could scream ooooh yeeeaaahhh!!!!
    if we signed benzema – you could scream ooooh yeeeaaahhh!!!!

    you dont do this when a school boy just got work permit. this is what really gets to me.

  356. @aman i dunno maybe worth 22M to keep Samir in the transition season of the two other youngsters. After all he could ease their way in.

  357. Boozy,what have you got against school boys?ohh arr miss’s

  358. boozy wooohooooo!!!!! Myachi got work permit!!!
    m super stoked!!!
    Im also super stoked it really really annoys you! Its almost worth not winning a prize just to know you sit in your room being so angry you almost xplode.

  359. Jonny @ 4.38pm

    Typical Guardian story, which appeared on p1 of their Sport supplement today. On the day we sign Oxo, they lead the front page with the sparkling new observation that Nasri might leave.

    Either they’ve lost the ability to distinguish real events from their own world of speculation – or they haven’t yet caught up with the fact that they stopped being the Manchester Guardian in 1959.

    Excellent news about Ryo: wonder if they’ll bother to cover the story tomorrow?!?

  360. both samir and cesc are in the CL qualification squads. Hope we use them.

  361. And there you are again Boozy, telling other people not to enjoy themselves and even the terms by which they may and may not enjoy themselves.

    Aman, knock yerself out and pay no notice to king of misery.

    I reckon the last time he cried oooh yeaaah was when he was getting raped in prison.

    Presumably incarcerated for crimes against optimism.

    So sad, no wonder he drinks.

  362. Nasri had a fist fight with Arsene on the plane home .He is history.
    (said a source close to a player’s mums friend’s dog walker)

  363. Poodle
    so are Eboue, Bendtner and Almunia!

  364. Andy @ 2:41:

    Sorry if obtuse. I am skeptical regarding your 2:26 post based on what has happened the last few years. Not that it makes any difference but rest of this window will give more insight on our priorities as a club. Hope I’m wrong but I suspect Joel Campbell is our last signing. If we concede 10 – 12 fewer goals next year we will give ourselves a chance no matter who is in our back 6.

  365. @johnN dont ruin my argument man 🙂
    I’d much prefere Cesc and Nasri to start inplace of Eboue, Bendtner and Almunia tbh…

  366. Bill,is that right?
    If you combine that with scoring another 20 we will be laughing.

  367. Miyaichi got his permit? OH YEAH! Damn, that is on threatening wide attack we have there. Theo, Gervinho, Arsh, Nasri (if he stays) and we can throw in Oxlade-Chamberlain or Ryo in for the odd surprise. Attacking-wise I am very content and very confident with what we have.

  368. What is going on with Almunia?
    We are not hearing much,When is his contract up?

  369. whatever jonny.

    theo better start getting his center forward training together, because we’ll need him there.

  370. Great news about ryo. Will be interesting to see who he replaces. Should be an interesting CC squad should we decide to go back to the old way of doing the CC.

  371. George:

    Concede 10 fewer and score 20 more and we will top the league for sure.

  372. Bill seriously it is not beyond what is possible

  373. Paul-N | August 9, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    “I am wondering Where Barca get money from in the first place. For a team that has won so much, you dont have any blasted money”

    Old debts, bad business practices.. Laporta did not pave the way for Rosell, but rather mined it to make him look bad. they have been bitter rivals for over a decade. Dimitro Chigrinsky & Zlatan the flop, are the best examples.. Dimitros purchase, remains a mistery to me, he was embarassing to watch and Zlatan, well he thinks hes Berbatov, but he did not score the 20 goals like Berbatov and is just as lazy or even worse defending.

    FunGunner | August 9, 2011 at 4:26 pm
    LoL!! not obsessed with Arsenal.. But i can honestly say that it is the most entertaining team in England and are rivals i actually like to follow.. I despise Chelsea, Tottenham and especially Manchester City.. and i dont know how i found this blog, but i like it haha.. sry bout that!

    Nothing would make me happier than Arsenal keeping Cesc and us getting a serioius center back that can replace Puyol, who has become our very own RVP.. Fantastic player, but injury prone in the last 2 years (not to mention we would spend about half of Cesc´s price).. Thiago did in fact get the #4 and hopefully Cesc will be dissapointed and now will commit to your team and end this endless transfer saga ffs.

    consolsbob | August 9, 2011 at 4:58 pm
    Blow me!

    Aman | August 9, 2011 at 5:15 pm
    thanks for the Barca insight. Thanks for destabilizing us and giving Thiago the no. 4 for his unwavering loyalty to the Catalunya cause. Glad to see you’re so happy and…oh yeah, let your people know it’ll still be FORTY MILLION POUNDS for our number 4…NO DISCOUNT!”

    Destabilizing you?? oh, the hipocrisy!! But you think of course that Arsenal did not destabilize Mata and his team with TWO rejected offers allready.. or that you didnt destabilize whatever team you got Gervinho from? c´mon, this is the transfer window.. Grow a pair!! The sole reason Arsenal can ask for that price is beause of Cescs own fault.. Correct me if im wrong, but had he not signed the extention, he would have like a year and a half left on his contract.. Again, that is why Barca are reluctant to pay more, because the player (not Arsenal or Barcelona) put himself in that position. And now it all seems even less likely, because Cesc was announced in the lineup against Udinesse, making him unavailable for CL. yessss!!

  374. I don’t care if Cesc turns up for the team photo in a Barca. shirt with his name on it.As long as he plays well for us.Oh, and hands over the arm band.

  375. you dont do this when a school boy just got work permit. this is what really gets to me.

    I would say that was a personal problem you should deal with in your own time. what a killjoy.

  376. George:

    No doubt it’s possible.

    Really looking forward to our carling cup squad. Torn between the desire to get some sort of trophy and the interest in seeing ryo and OX.

  377. Gawd. How in the good name of Arsenal can anyone take seriously the b.s. that JD writes?
    Unbelievable! Rant over. Back to the other 300 plus posts.

  378. A lot of pointless crap has been posted today, but thank you LA for 2 of my favourite POTD

    LimparAssist | August 9, 2011 at 9:20 am and 9:23 am

  379. We’ve had riots in Miami at least twice since I’ve been here. The rioters burned down their neighborhhods and the scars are still visible after twenty years. This being said, it looks like your media have taken a page from their American counterparts and focused on isolated incidents of looting in order to divide opinion and keep the public uninformed. In New Orleans, after the hurricane, looting was limited to a few sections of the city but they made it appear as if the city had descended into chaos. Meanwhile, stories about white vigilantes killing unarmed blacks and the political corruption that was responsible for the chaos to begin with, were given minimal coverage. This let the real criminals off the hook and the poor, black citizens who weren’t even involved with the rioting got fucked. Their political greivances unheard of because the average American, after being spoon fed information for so many years, equates the black youth with theft and violence.

  380. Dups, that Ignasi Miquel is alright with me. Fuck Barcelona.

  381. good news about ryo..
    but the question still remains why isnt the defence being adressed??

  382. FunGunner | August 9, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    I’ve come to the conclusion that GA is either incredibly thick or naive in the extreme. It’s basic psychology but he either just does not get it or in his idealised world everyone is completely above board and there is no such thing as politics, agendas, deceit or corruption. Machiavelli would have loved him or maybe not since there would be no challenge involved in pulling the wool over his eyes and out manoeuvring him!

    “Im also super stoked it really really annoys you! Its almost worth not winning a prize just to know you sit in your room being so angry you almost xplode.”

    Funny thing is poodle I was just wondering today whether this is a deliberate ploy by Arsene to hold out on the CB signing until the bulk of the doomers have exploded in frustration so that the rest of us are free to support our club

  383. @jonjon

    I read a comment from the independant arsenals supporters meeting with Big Ivan, that just tickled me…….

    Supporter” Why are Arsenal not agressively pursuing a centre back?”

    Ivan “How do you know we are not?>”

    I got this comment from a poster named Harry on Arsenal Arsenal. love it!

  384. “but the question still remains why isnt the defence being adressed??”

    Give me strength.

    From Gazidis’ recent Q&A with AISA
    An AISA member asked the CEO: “Why aren’t we aggressively going after a couple of centre halves?”
    To which Gazidis replied: “How do you know we’re not?”
    The chief executive added:
    “I have not had an evening off – and I’m leaving here to do some more work – we are working extremely hard on this but it’s not a supermarket where you go in and pick good players off the shelf. That’s not the way it works.
    “I’m sorry but it’s much much more complex than that.”

    “Of course ideally what you’d really want to do is sign players early. Manchester United have been successful in doing that this window. They’re not successful every window in doing that. They’ve been successful this window.
    “Other clubs haven’t been that successful in doing that this window.”

  385. @ goonerwife

    Perhaps the guy asking WAS JonJon….?

  386. Gainsbourg69 | August 9, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Good points. There are definite efforts to characterize these riots as the usual suspects (young and black) when the reality is that people of different ages and colours have participated in these events. Simple solutions such as meeting violence with more violence do not seem like a long term solution to a complex problem.

  387. If Miquel really said that, I hope Cesc reads it and may it haunt him at night. That is a very mature comment to say the least.

    JJ, I dont think our defense was as bad as is being said. I believe we needed to add some pace and creativity up front. Lets be real, we really did seem out of ideas in some matches with our passing. A lot of the ball but no one running behind the defense or taking players on.

    I love what I am seeing and I love how the team is doing business. Like when Sugar Ray Leonard used to fight, spin one hand and punch you in the face with the other, while everyone expects defensive signings..(BAM!)we put together an even more potent attack. Likewise the defender will come in when people are looking the other way believing we will not act.

    Blow wow!

  388. Passenal | August 9, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    FunGunner | August 9, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    I’ve come to the conclusion that GA is either incredibly thick or naive in the extreme. It’s basic psychology but he either just does not get it or in his idealised world everyone is completely above board and there is no such thing as politics, agendas, deceit or corruption. Machiavelli would have loved him or maybe not since there would be no challenge involved in pulling the wool over his eyes and out manoeuvring him!

    I thought i was the only one who noticed. I thought GA would be a great study in sociology and human behavior. Oh to be so naive (im being kind).

  389. dupsffokcuf | August 9, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Where is that quote from?

  390. Passenal @ 7:38

    I think you have unlocked the true answer to the mystery in the last paragraph of that post. Top notch deductive reasoning.

  391. “The theory that Arsenal just slam a suitcase of used fivers to seal a deal has gained too much traction. If football transfers were that simple, Nasri and Fabregas would have left Arsenal by now. That they have not indicates the problems in striking a deal for whatever reason but principally when a club does not want to sell.”

    Nail on the head!

    I’m trying to imagine how Barca fans feel when they’ve been trying to sign Cesc for 3 years running and so far failing?

    It is easy to say sign this player or that one but if his club doesn’t want to sell or holding out for the highest bid, there’s pretty much nothing you can do about it. The only players out there who are easy to sign are the bad ones or over-priced + over-hyped English players like Young, Cahill, Downing, etc..etc…

  392. the correct response after ivans last comment would have been
    ‘cos you havent signed one yet’

    we havent been agressive this window at all..
    i can see why it tickled you gunnerwife…

  393. Goonerwife:

    Andy iis thick or naive, exactlynthe opposite. Many of the conspiracy theories are so far fetched that how could anyone really believe them. I believe his view is really the true positive way to look at things. If the conspiracy theories are true then we don’t really ever have a chance so what’s the use of even trying. We are just beating our heads against the wall and no matter what we do we screwed anyway. We can’t control any of that other stuff anyway so why obsess about it. Like andy i believe that if we control the things we can control like how we play then we will win. Psychologically it seems that giving ourselves excuses especially when we blame things that we can’t prove or control just makes it easier to come up short. Not speaking for andy but that makes sense to me

  394. Sorry iPhone spell check screw up. First sentence should read

    Andy isn’t thick or naive. Quite the opposite.


  395. our defence isnt bad paul
    but it has no depth and a few glaring holes..

    and i agree about the attacking options, ive been calling for more wing forwards all summer to stop us from playing like crabs in the final third but why are we sorting our attacking options first and doing nothing about the defensive side..

    so far weve brought in gervinho, oxslayer, jenks, campbell, frimpong, lansbury, ryo, afobe..

    thats alot of changes, but wheres the experience and the CB in all that lot??

  396. For “aggressive” read “reckless with the clubs money”
    JJ you have no idea how hard they are trying.But you seem to be suggesting a bigger suitcase is all that we need.
    Do you want to bet me a shinny shilling that we sign a defender YOU will be happy with before the window closes?

  397. Bill what you say makes sense to me as well.But they are still conspiring against us.

  398. @ JonJon
    the correct response after ivans last comment would have been
    ‘cos you havent signed one yet’

    we havent been agressive this window at all..

    So the fact that we haven’t signed a CB is proof that we’re not being aggressive? It’s only proof that we haven’t been successful so far.
    It’s “we’re didn’t win therefore we didn’t compete” all over again, isn’t it?

    Define “aggressive” in the context of the transfer market, please.

    As for…
    “thats alot of changes, but wheres the experience and the CB in all that lot??”

    From Gazidis’ recent Q&A with AISA
    “We’ve also got a slightly different challenge than some of the other clubs.
    “Some of the other clubs – our major competitors – have older squads where they’ve got players who’s future they need to look at and they need to bring players in to replace those players.
    “Our challenge is a little bit different. We’ve got a young squad and so we’re actually looking the other way round. They’re looking to sign young players to come in. We need a little bit more know-how and experience to supplement some of the young players that we have.

  399. Limestonegunner

    G4E, From the sound of it, Barca fans aren’t all that eager for Cesc to return. And I would question how eager the club is as well given that they haven’t made acceptable offers that come close to what a player of Cesc’s quality is worth but are quite willing to pay vast sums for other less accomplished players. They don’t really believe they need Cesc right now, probably do feel Cesc has been disloyal, and don’t mind keeping this campaign up to insure he doesn’t go anywhere else, that the fee will diminish through our exasperation, and that our club is disrupted. It is working fine for them.

  400. Andy gets more abuse than he deserves,By a long way,There are some more deserving recipients if you ask me.
    Which I know you didn’t.

  401. I really hope that we get a defender in. It’s obvious that’s it’s on Arsene and Ivan’s agenda. However if situations change such as groin ops, broken arms, inflated fees, targets teammates being sold, then knowing Arsene’s caution and unwillingness to give in to fan demand he will make do with what we have. In my eyes this is as it should be as there is no point in wasting money. But with the statements saying that they are “looking” at the situation this is to most fans an absolute promise that it will happen. The backlash will be like nothing we’ve ever seen.

    The thing that made me realise this could be happening is the fact that a PR damage limitation seems to be put into action, as both Bartley and Miquel are being talked up on Arsenal.com. This could be a weak attempt of trying to convince fans we have what we need already. If that’s the case then I would say that either we have the football worlds worst PR team or the board are completely out of touch.

  402. *pushes open the emergency exit to the bunker, underneath Jack Straw’s Castle
    (not the eeedjiot Jack Straw, but the ‘realist’ Jack Straw) up on Highbury Hill*

    Wassat you say? Miyachi?
    Work Permit!

    Whoop whoop…

  403. Patience JJ, The defensive signings will come. Ivan says so 😉

  404. so Blanc has come out and said Samir wont sign new contract with Arsenal but are in talks to find him a new club? hope they ship him to Milan…

  405. Ryo Ryo Ryo!

  406. Theo! Theo! Theo!

  407. Limestonegunner ,He might just cotton on to the situation and decide here is the best place for him.
    Wouldn’t that be a thing?

  408. it would be good to keep him for our two matches against Udinese and sell him for 5M less if that means we qualify for CL 🙂

  409. Gervinho! Gervinho! Gervinho!

  410. I regularly have a different opinion than Andy, however along with Bill they are both great for a debate on any subject. They put across points that often get me thinking. Not the usual tripe spouted by 99% of the alternative thoughts from my own.

  411. @ poodle
    and he’d be cup tied….muaha-ha-ha (evil laughter, for those unfamiliar)

  412. Limestonegunner,
    I’m beginning to come round to your view on the Cesc situation. The boy has put himself in a tight spot, which could turn out to be a win-win for us if he stays and decides to show Barca what they are missing.

    I hope someone in our management is having this discussion with him.

  413. @els Bartely is going(or has already gone?) to Rangers for a second loanspell….

  414. Great news about Ryo’s work permit, although I have to say I’m really wondering how we’re gonna give them all enough game time!

    I hope we can be just as over-prepared in defence by the time the season starts.

  415. Were has JJ gone now half way through a conversion? Typical of him and his fast and loose attitude 🙂

  416. Passenal @ 7.47

    Looks similar to another quote doing the rounds that is from a fake Miquel Twitter account.


  417. Define “aggressive” in the context of the transfer market, please.

    Bidding more than £10m for an England international centre-back?

  418. what happend to your kitten george? You replaced it with a meerekat??

  419. Yeah he’s already gone poodle, but in their eyes they don’t look at it 1 season at a time. They will be thinking that we have Verm, Kos, Djourou, Squil AND Bartley, Miquel.

  420. “If that’s the case then I would say that either we have the football worlds worst PR team or the board are completely out of touch.

    I think both els, which is why I feel for Wenger sometimes. Often he has to do these peoples jobs or it doesn’t get done!

  421. fun
    agressive-not arsenal

    i think i answered the first bit in my previous

    and ive been hearing quotes from gazidis and wenger all summer and ive yet to see something..

  422. Where the fuck is the CB Arsene WAAANKKKERR??????

  423. @ JamesM

    “Define “aggressive” in the context of the transfer market, please.

    Bidding more than £10m for an England international centre-back?”

    That’s what I suspected JJ meant, but I’ll wait to hear it from him.

  424. “I hope we can be just as over-prepared in defence by the time the season starts.”

    Or better still; “…by the time the transfer window ends”.

  425. JJ you realize that once we bring in a CB, all your whinging just makes you look silly. I guess you have the right to complain though.

  426. Limestonegunner

    George and Henristic, let’s hope Cesc can see this as he and we stand to benefit ultimately.

  427. ..phew, just got back from celebrating Ryo & I see the doomers were complaining as usual.
    C’mon boozy, I have never used your stick to pee so why rain on my parade???
    U really think I care doomboozy?

    AW will so make u all look so stupid & short-sighted
    Just u wait gooner-doomies

    2 down 2 or 3 to go!!!!!
    Oh yeah baby
    its on now

    (..building up my f**k offs for Samir the ingrate, if the rumblings become fertile)
    Love u guys…u know who u are.

  428. @ JJ

    “agressive-not arsenal”
    Right. So you’re saying they have not been “not Arsenal”? What does that even mean?

    So what if you haven’t seen anything? Does that prove that they are not doing anything?

  429. Jabba'sDelights


    thats the whole point, how does one give Chamberlain and Ryo enough game time which is exactly what they need for their development in order to satisfy both. i think its great he has got a permit but only in that it could mean that we can loan him to another prem team or top level championship side like leicester. Afobe needs to go on loan as well the guy has so much potential but sitting around itching for a game isnt going to benefit him as much a loan to a championship side. Gervinho, Chamberlain plus improved performances from Arshavin and Walcott can more than makeup for losing Samir and then some more. As pointed out by someone earlier the added pace is exactly what we’ve needed. attacking central midfielders on our wing has been one of our biggest issues in recent years. Add a striker into the mix and we are ready in an attacking sense. 75-80 plus goals 4sure

  430. Limestonegunner

    I think folks have been glossing over an important point in Gazidis’ AISA discussion statements. The club has recognized that with so many young and developing players that there is a need for “know how” and quality “experience.” So far our signings don’t address this very fully (even Gervinho albeit a winner of the French league doesn’t have PL or CL experience), so I would expect to see more signings possibly on the way. That’s very positive news as far as I am concerned. To genuinely address this we would need more than one new experienced player joining us. This and Gazidis’ mention of “addition or additions” to improve us defensively suggests we might see a CB and either LB or, even better in my view, a strong, defensively capable presence in the centre of midfield.

  431. bill
    i hope the club do make me look silly..it will benefit the team..i’ll happily eat my words
    will you eat yours if we dont??

    who was the last big name cb we bought?

  432. Limestonegunner

    Congrats Ryo and welcome Alex! Hope you light up the CC and FA cups and get a few runouts in the league or in some dead rubbers after we wrap up the group stages (looking way far forward). If you get lots of league games it either means you are absolutely terrific prodigies (wonderful!) or we have lots of injuries or poor performances ahead of you. So I’ll be happy if you play effectively and thrillingly in the cups, learn the Arsenal way, and get used to England and domestic football this season. Looking forward to many years of speed on both wings and counter-attacks galore!

  433. nasri for balloteli?

  434. FunGunner some of these people seem to crave instant gratification.

    Their logic is something like this.
    No confirmed CB signing= No attempt to sign a CB

    Clearly that logic is false. I made an analogy recently to buying a new car. You have an idea of what car you want to buy. You go around to various dealerships and find info on pricing, performance and such. After two months of research, no new car has been purchased.

    See what I am getting at?

  435. Bill fear not I will eat them for you

  436. JJ we on for this shilling or what?

  437. “Passenal @ 7.47

    Looks similar to another quote doing the rounds that is from a fake Miquel Twitter account.


    I thought as much. No player will burn his bridges and who knows how he will feel in 5 years time?

  438. Boozy yes but his wages are prohibitive

  439. Limestonegunner | August 9, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    I understand what you’re saying, I was just trying to make the point that when a club (us in Cesc’s case) are holding out to get what we want for him, there’s nothing Barca or their fans can do. It’s the same issue with us when we are the buying club, the seller can hold on to their player till they get the price they want.

    I think people define aggressive in the market maybe like the Mancs or the Oilers who will pay double the price for a player just so people can psychologically think they mean business?

  440. JJ take your words, fry them, dip em in ranch dressing. Then i’ll consider eating them.

  441. @ JJ
    When do we ever buy big names in any position?

    So what do you mean by “not Arsenal”?

    The fact that you haven’t seen anything doesn’t prove that they are not doing anything, does it, or that they are not being aggressive – you don’t know what is going on.

    @ LimestoneGunner
    I think folks have been glossing over an important point in Gazidis’ AISA discussion statements. The club has recognized that with so many young and developing players that there is a need for “know how” and quality “experience.”

    When I posted that quote in response to JJ, I put the part about looking for experience in bold!

  442. WYF Fake twitter accounts?
    what next ,posting on ACLF with false names?

  443. no fun
    im saying they arent adressing the issues

    if anyone thinks a solid pl cb isnt worth more than 10mil i dont know what to say
    would you sell any of our top CBs for 10mil??
    would you sell TV for 10??

  444. so you dont remember the last big name cb we got??

    i’ll say it again
    agressive is not us..

    jeez its like yesterday, it dont matter how many times you say it or reword it..my answers the same…

  445. Jabba'sDelights


    If wenger thinks he could handle him i would take that transfer in a second. Then for a lb and cb and we have a squad that could realistically want to win every comp.

  446. JJ- I think we could all agree that 10millions is reasonable for the type of CB we are looking for. However, Cahill is valued at 17millions right? It seems like Jagielka requires an even higher price tag. 7 million is nothing to scoff at. That is a lot of money, so the club would be wise to negotiate and acquire the neccessary players at a reasonable price. That is hard to do in the current market where any English CB gets marked up 5 millions solely because of


  447. @ JonJon
    You don’t know how high they are prepared to go. You don’t know who else they are looking at. For example, we didn’t go for Alvares presumably because we were getting Gervinho.
    A player’s price, solid PL or not, is dependent on a whole load of factors.

  448. Limestonegunner

    FG, glad you did as it hasn’t been much commented on. Lots to take heart in those remarks, though of course it is a potential rod for doomers to beat the club with if the player(s) don’t materialize. Fingers crossed, because frankly despite how late in the summer it is, a couple decent signings on top of the good Ryo news and the other additions and it will indeed have been a very active summer and an exciting start of the season. A couple good results, CL qualification, and resolution to the Cesc/Nasri sagas sooner rather than later and we’ll put all the gloom behind and build some confidence for this season.

  449. i dont know how you did that bill but that sounded nice..
    whats in ranch dressing??

    your on mate..
    put it in the cyber kitty..
    id be thrilled if you were right..

  450. Fuck, now Jabba fancies himself chief of youth development?

    Balotelli? I’d take Barton before that silly twat.

  451. Ranch dressing is a condiment made of some combination of buttermilk, sour cream, yogurt, mayonnaise, minced green onion, garlic powder, and other seasonings mixed into a sauce.

    In other words, your mouth says “more please” while your body says “WTF guy this is not healthy.”

  452. @ Jon Jon
    If you mean Campbell (the first time), that was a decade ago. We hardly ever sign big names.

    Speaking of yesterday, have you thought of an example of the official website lying or making up a story yet?

  453. Are you ready for wengerball v.4.0?having signed gerv/ryo/oxo and arsene loosening his stance on nasri may be the clearest indication that we may be moving away from playing AMs wide.it looks like we are returning to playing the game at raw pace hopefully coupled with deadly incisiveness.the next few signings especially nasri’s replacement will confirm if thats the case.

  454. Limestonegunner

    I think Wenger would have a decent chance of turning a Balotelli around. I am sympathetic to him as he suffered a great deal of racist chants and abuse in Italy. It doesn’t excuse some of his immaturity and self-indulgent petulance (and it is hard to forgive his remarks about Wilshere) but I think he is talented. Just needs to grow up.

  455. Limestonegunner

    K-TR7, I was thinking along these lines. I know others have as well too–genuine wingers who are fast, Cesc/Nasri perhaps departing. Wenger did mention last season that we needed to be more direct and incisive in attacking, this could be what he wants to do with a new configuration of forward players.

  456. JET has scored for Ipswich.

  457. thats all speculation though fungunner
    i could argue in that case that we pulled out of the mata deal cos oxslayer was the cheaper option..or we dont need a cb cos tv is our new signing..

    whats not speculation is that we havent yet signed the experience we said we needed two months ago..

    bill i think everyone wants to eat my words now..sounds good..

  458. Jabba'sDelights


    Its an opinion you idiot. But yer i reckon youngsters probably do learn more by getting game time and you here as much from every single one of our boys who got on loan. Surely a Yank gets this with college sports? How would Luck be NFL ready if he hadnt got 4 years at stamford???? come on mate what are your thoughts? Do you think Myachi or Afobe both of whom have repeatedly stated that last season they learnt so much would benefit from playing 3-5 games for us or 30 odd at a good level for another club…..??? Chamberlain and myachi will be competing for the same spots on the bench it doesnt take Arsene to work that out or cant you see it. players develope with game time.

    RVP was considered and even less talented silly twat at an older age and look how that turned out, the guy is 19 and can still change…….do you know anything…..you silly twat?

  459. Balotelli is on (allegedly)over £200 k per week
    Are people not reading my posts.Not that I would blame you

  460. Jabba'sDelights


    Thats why it wouldnt happen. then again Ibra and robinho were on ding dong money at barca and city and restructured their deals.

  461. Jabba you just called gains an idiot and a silly twat.
    Because he disagrees with you?
    And you claim that is what happens to you.

    Are you listening G69?

  462. LG I do not think we’ll completely discard tiki taka.we’ll keep some elements of it while fusing it with some elements of the invincibles game.

  463. @ JJ
    The point is that a) you do not know what is being done behind the scenes and b) the fact that we don’t get all our targets does not = we are not trying hard enough. Clubs do not always get their targets. Football transfers are a lot more complicated than you make out on the basis of zero experience and close to zero knowledge of the facts.

    And no examples from arsenal.com, I see.

  464. ktr
    lets talk tactics..
    wenger ball 4..
    the return of the pacey wing foward..

    you need more than 10 mil mate..unless he comes on a free..
    good defenders dont grow on trees only the best ones make a name for themelves in this league if the asking price is 17 mil then its 17mil and its still nothing when you consider the likes of city utd and chelsea have all paid 20-30mil for their defenders..

  465. theres loads fun..
    but like i said we will be here all night..
    i find it easier to just not answer you anymore cos i seem to be writing the same thing over and over again..
    sorry dont mean to be rude but id rather talk about something else..

  466. Chelskum paid 20 odd millions for sideshow bob. We paid less than 10 millions for Koscielny, who does the same thing (minus the hair and media jizz fest)

    I’ll take the Arsenal way please.

  467. Jabba'sDelights


    what can one say i posted an opinion about why i thought myachi should go out on loan and he had a rubbish response.

    Pretty reasonable opinion as to why a youngster should go out on loan as well and as an american one would think he would understand youth development a little better.

  468. JJ, I for one believe this constant focus on the defense is a bit of a joke. One more time, the whole team fell apart. I believe Squillaci has been given a very raw deal, not to even mention Djourou who again was the real deal prior to being injured.

    Any attempt to just say Arsenal cannot defend is premature at best. I have said this many times but again, for a team of defenders that have never played together I am impressed and I wonder how other teams would fare in the same situation.

    I like our defenders and there is more good than bad. What the TEAM/Managers need to do is work on defending as a unit on set plays. Will an addition help that? possibly, but he will still have to work with the other players. Its a team thing.

  469. I think what Arsene will do is that we’ll be attacking teams at pace especially when they try to attack us before they reorganise at the back.off the ball movement will be key to be effective and thats something theo/gerv are excellent at.

  470. George @ 8:21:

    LOL. I know they are.

  471. Ok wengerball 4

    Arshavin= Freddy
    RVP= Dennis
    and we know the rest

  472. Jabba'sDelights

    Bill Turner

    Its a big big year for both Kosciellny and sideshow bob both teams performance will be hugely affected as to whether both can make the step up from talented but raw to defensive lynchpin. Ridiculous to make a comparison as of yet.

  473. I wonder which will finish first, the riots or the bitching/whining/doomering on ACLF? Christ give it a break guys!! 😦

  474. @ JonJon
    There aren’t loads, I suggest that there are none, and you have been here all night anyway. But yeah, leave it there.

  475. They could be ” The Vincible’s “

  476. There was also a tactic i saw us employ in away games.we did not push teams deep into their area but insead lured them out by playing tiki taka more in central midfield.this way we found more space in behind the defence to run into.

  477. Irishgray,Dexter is the resident peacekeeper,find your own niche.

  478. ktr
    a diamond formation in attack rwo interchangable inside wingers with robin playing as the cental striker and an advanced playmaker behind him..
    with a midfield deep laying duo as the pivot…
    i agree it will give the fb’s more protection too due to the reluctance of the oppo fb to push forward due to getting countered on the counter by our speed

    bill, luiz and koz were both PL virgins..of course we got a good deal..

    george i put theo down as more of a freddie type..just quicker..

  479. I would like to see more of that this season K-TR7, playing the ball in the middle of the park and baiting teams with the ball. With the pace we have now, we would give them nuff problems!

  480. I think Kos and Sideshow bob are similar in their styles. Both are aggressive CB’s who don’t mind taking a few touches upfield and trying to play a killer pass.

    I agree with the middle of the park tiki taka. I’m sure we all have seen that beauty of a goal Vela scored against Bolton. We did our one touch stuff in the middle of the pitch (rather than on the edge of the 18 yd box) which opened up the Bolton backline.

  481. George I am not interested in peacemaking, was just doing some of my own bitching. 🙂

  482. that would have worked ktr
    but when wenger was playing midfielders and eboue and nikki out there in certain games it just made it difficult because as soon as the ball went out wide we werent direct enough and the ball went back to midfield..which lead to tiki taka turning into tippy tappy..

    we have more directness with the players weve recruited so it should work better this time round..id like to see use it to score more counter attacking goals..
    we were often too slow on the break..with a more direct approach would see us up the other end of the pitch in seconds..tika taka on the counter dont work really, which is what we were often left doing sometimes last year..

  483. Irish, just keep your bitching to a minimum would ya? We’ve got more important things to bitch about!!!

  484. JJ I think we could use a bit more counter attacking. Our players have the quality to play the quick one touch passes that a deadly counter attack requires.

  485. GR.
    I’ve had 4 strogn ccoktails already- and everything you’ev sadi in 9.55 looks real.

    i like the omood i’m in.

    keep it comign.

  486. Jeez no need to yell Bill T!! I am just waiting for the doomers to try and spin Miyaichi getting his work permit into something negative. I confess to trying to think of something myself but am unable to be that fucking negative.

    I am trying to remain positive 🙂

  487. Paul i hope we do that more too.i think for us to do that we’ll have to sort out our pressing first.its clear as day that we’ll play a high offside line.what we shouleo is to employ a mixture of aggressive pressing and through marking (marking space) similar to how we played barca at the Emirates.that night it seemed like we parked the bus in the middle of the pitch.Milan under Sacchi played this way whereby the distance between the furthest player forward and the furthest defender back was 25metres.if we employ this tactic we’ll have lots of space to run into in behind.

  488. I was just playin with ya Irish. Your bitching is just as important as mine. =)

  489. @ ktr-7
    Agree – that could be the way to go. Make the most of our technical ability but still have a style and players to work well in European competition. We are clearly going to espouse a more direct style, anyway. Which will be exciting!

  490. “in PL and European competition”

  491. direct pacey wing fowards give you an outlet in any type of build up play bill
    we can tika taka and then put them in or we can get get it over the top like sol used to do with henry and put them in

    when jack makes those little midfield breaks from deep imagine the space two quick guys will get using the width…that goal we seen v barca last year was a peach and we could do with more of them..

    a counter attack done properly is indefendable..

  492. Jabba'sDelights


    Its not doom to suggest that Myachi needs game time to develop properly as to Chamberlain. We have a crowded bunch up top this year. We only have 2 who can play up top in a 433 in RVP and chamack.

    Gervinho, Arshavin and Waloctt are the senior wingers and then we have vela, Chamberlain and Myachi all 3 of them need decent game time to develop this isnt thinking of nasri and a potential replacement

    Myachi receiving a work permit was greeted by some on here with delerium as was the signing of chamberlain and the keeping of vela………..how to they reach their potential if they are sharing 1 mans’s game time between 3? This sint doom it a logical way of looking at our squad we dont want another JET on our hands. Players learn with getting proper game time

  493. Players also learn by training with the best. I bet RVP loves the opportunity he has to pass on the knowledge he has learned from the greats. RVP spent time training with true legends, now he will pass on what he learned to the young’ns.

  494. Jabba,For once you have a good point
    They could go out on one month rolling loan’s which would mean we could recall them if they looked like they were ready or we had some injuries.

  495. Bill RVP was way ahead of Ox and Miyagi when he arrived Perhaps similar to Vela

  496. Jabba'sDelights


    Your absolutely right players do learn alot from training with the best but you get less training time with the best if another guy has rvp red bib on in practise as well and you have the green on and are at the other end of the pitch. Vela, Afobe, Myachi, Chamberlain are alot of players competing for spots in training let alone on the bench for games. Reserve football doesnt come even close to the real thing and all the players say as much. Bartley will come back a significantly better player with another years 1st team games under his belt than sitting around waiting this year. Utd use there loan system very well and barca have the huge benefit of being able to field a competative B team, its amazing how in favour things are for them with tv rights and stuff like that.

    if Vela is going to prove his worth he needs a decent run of games otherwise i see no point in keeping him. That leaves Chamberlain myachi and Afobe scrambling ofr potentially one spot on the bench most weeks

  497. True. Playing week in week out is probably the best way to progress. Once Ryo and the OX are squad players, i’ll let Robin teach them the tricks to make them world beaters. Sounds easy, right?

  498. Jabba'sDelights

    George (stop flirting)

    They could do that but its harder for players to learn and feel settled if they dont think things are permanent. Thats why season long loans are more beneficial as the player can just mentally understand that he is in a particular system for a decent period of time. It takes time for players to adapt to new environments. We need to try and win every comp we are in this year and that includes carling cup. Senior bench mixed with the best youngsters are a must i think meaning less kids getting a try which is a shame as its exciting and wuld love aneke to get a go, but needs but we must go for it

  499. Bradys right foot

    The Ox, with a name like that this kid is going to be a legend.

  500. Jabba do you think we are going to try and win all 4 cups after what happened last year?

  501. ok first half of the season then?

  502. Listening to his interview, and watching the second half of Soton’s FA Cup tie vs Manure, AOC is destined to end up in the middle. He was always a central midfielder, but switched to the flanks at the start of last season because of his blistering pace, and because it made sense to ease a guy who had just turned 17 into League 1 action on the flanks.

    He’s certainly physically ready to play in the centre already though. And, technique-wise, he’s got great control and good passing, especially one-touch. Can’t say for sure of course, but I imagine he’ll make a few sub appearances before the new year. If he impresses, then maybe some starts to go with his CC games.

    As for the others, I think AW’s going to be rotating more than ever this season. And when you take injuries into account (hopefully not too many) all of our wide forwards will get a chance. I still think we’ll be favouring Gervinho and Walcott, but Arshavin adds extra creativity and Miyaichi’s undoubtedly going to be working extremely hard to improve and get his chance (sorry to stoop to Japanese cliches). We all know he’s very quick as well.

    Vela’s an interesting one. I thought he looked quite interesting when he played in RvP’s role in preseason. I quite like the idea of him as backup for the CF position, because he shares a couple of RvP’s attributes – great finishing, close control and surprising upper body strength, but can both build attacks and play on the shoulder. Offers an alternative to Chamakh depending on the circumstances.

    So there’s room for all these guys to get games, and I’m sure the younger players are under under no illusions about what they’ll have to do to get regular games at Arsenal. By all accounts AOC and Miyaichi are very mature young men.

  503. Jabba'sDelights


    dont get we wrong there is crop coming through at the moment that makes me salivate i love the idea of an arsenal squad with scezesny, martinez, jenkinson, miquel, bartley, gibbs, frimpong, colquin, wilshere, aneke, myachi, walcott, afobe and chamberlain in it but for all these guys to reach arsenal 1st team level they are going to have to learn at other clubs.

  504. Bill I think it was an accident that we ended up going for them all.It just dropped in our lap.And it looked like we had been given the CC.to lose.Which we did ,as it happens

  505. Jabba'sDelights




    Yes i do, as i expect much more from our second team this year. If we are to challenge for the title we need these players pushing our 1st team players at every opportunity for their positions. We were tired because the same players had to keep playing as the others couldnt be relied upon. If we add a defender or 2 and a striker and keep cesc i think our squad looks very strong with depth in every area. our collapse didnt wasnt due to tired limbs it was down to mental weakness more than anything……….one must hope that this has been addressed this time

  506. Bradys right foot

    “lets talk tactics..
    wenger ball 4..
    the return of the pacey wing foward..”

    Very astute young man, and for me definately points to life after Cesc. Over the last few years I think the biggest loss for the team tactically was Hleb.He created space where their was none.A trajedy for his career that he moved to Barca he was beginning to look awesome for us.

  507. BRF we could have him on a free

  508. Jabba I agree with you on many points. The 2nd team’s poor performances against Leeds and Huddersfield and Ipswich added extra games to our schedule, and required extra appearances from the likes of Cesc and RVP.

    A new season is upon and it is up to the squad to make the most of the opportunity in front of them. Onwards and upwards!!!

    I think Gadget needs to post one of his great inspirational speeches before the season starts. Do you hear me Gadget? The team needs you!

  509. Bradys right foot

    Georgie Hleb looked a shadow of the player he’d been in his last year with us.

  510. He did but Messi would look shit at Birmingham

  511. BRF
    hleb was a massive loss to us..
    but we have to remember in that same period we lost flamini and rosicky (to injury..thats some of the best football ive seen us play and we lost that midfield in one go no sooner as we had found it..and we went with youth..
    im worried that that situaion will arise again this time..
    but we are bulking up our wing options for a reason..it would suggest the cesc era is over..

  512. Bradys right foot

    lol he woudn’t have got a game under McLeish m8.

  513. Bradys right foot

    JonJon | August 9, 2011 at 11:27 pm

    The team that nearly was JJ, in hindsight its remarkable how well and how quickly we adapted post Flamster and Hleb. The real danger in all of this is that the team gets ever younger. Frimpong, Myachi, the Ox, Jenks I have no doubt will be exceptional players in the future but their kids, Its easy to introduce one or two in a winning team but this team has had a mare at the end of last season, and has exceptional kids in Ramsey Wilshire as lynchpins of the team. It is extraordinary to think that our two best players last year RVP and peerless Bacary Sagna are the only ones you would say are in the prime of their careers.Just imagine what we could achieve if we could manage to hang on to our players until they mature.

  514. BRF Arshavin is in his prime

  515. Hleb is just turned 30,worth a punt for me

  516. Jabba’s Delight – A late reply I know but I have to agree to a point with what you are saying. However, I believe it would be more beneficial to play two teams this year. One, the senior team, in EPL and CL games. Two, made up of young up and coming players and squad players, should take the FA and Carling cups. My only issue with sending players out on loan is that we are trying to establish a very specific way of playing and as such players on loan have to readjust when they come back. I would argue that GK’s and CB’s may be excluded from this generalised rule as they will need more experience (in my mind anyways) than more advanced, attacking players. I think this set up would be more beneficial to us as a club and would relieve the likes of Sagna, Song, Gibbs(?), Wilshire, RVP and Arshavin from playing too many games and risking injury almost 60 times a season.

  517. IMO we must take FA cup seriously. We have not done that in the recent past (apart from last season) & suffered in a competition where we could have done well.

  518. Irish @ 3:56 am,

    I think your point is valid and the risk of overplaying and injury are too real to be ignored. I’d be happy if we did prioritise the two big ones and play our second string in the other domestic cups. I think that would allow those who hit form to both demonstrate this fact to Arsene and, thereby, force thier way into the EPL/CL team: an increase in competition that can only benefit all!

  519. I fully agree. Especially, if he stays, bringing on Cesc to salvage games in the CC or FA Cup when he is not fully fit should be an absolute no-go.

  520. Mr Underrated – Captain of the Deadwood XI

    Little Fucking Genius.

  521. Thanks Limpar – that was an extraordinary watch.

    So many things became more apparent – these things really stood out for me

    1. He was more influential when he did play last season than I realised
    2. His tackling can be absolutely sublime
    3. He still has remarkable turn of pace and acceleration
    4. His delivery (I knew it was good but it’s at times Bergkamp quality)
    5. If we practice our striking and improved it across the team we would win trophies – horrible to be reminded of how many simple goals we squandered. I rate this as a much bigger problem than set piece defending.

    A final thought, if Rosicky can continue this road to recovery and improve significantly on last years showing (both consistency and games played) he’ll be the best ‘signing’ of the summer.

    Thanks – that’s got my optimism a notch higher (as though it needs help!).

  522. great video, Limpar. and i agree with Jonny that we need to improve our finishing, be more clinical. we just don’t convert enough. if we do, maybe conceding from setpieces and longballs won’t matter.

  523. Korihkage – someone suggested to me that as little as a 20% reduction (set piece goals) and 20% improvement (squandered chances) would have been enough to win the league.

    Don’t know how one would calculate that but I do get the feeling the swing needed is a very small one and that we had the personnel last year – but just lacked the execution

    This year there can be no excuses in not knowing the problems in advance.

  524. Know what I mean, Jonny?! He should’ve had 20 assists last season!

  525. *Korihikage*

  526. I think we were the team to create the most chances (despite us never, ever shooting unless the ball is 5 yards away from goal) as well as the team to hit the post and crossbar the most time. If only half of those shots going for the post had gone in we would still be the team leading the league when it comes to striking aluminium but just imagine what difference those goals could’ve made.
    I think we hit the woodwork more than 20 times. It’s also ironic that teams playing against us NEVER seem to hit the post. Only twice in the whole season!! That’s the lowest in the league.

  527. @Jonny
    In fact, it would’ve been by far enough if we stopped hitting the post. I saw a table floating around that calculated what the table would look like if all the shots of all teams that hit the post had gone in — we would’ve won the league by a margin of 12 points.

  528. The video is by “Mr Renoog” aka @BackwardsGooner http://mr-renoog-videos.blogspot.com/

    Great videos and some anoraky statto stuff.

  529. Evil – yeah, I’m all too well aware of the freaking goalpost issue. It’s an extraordinary thing – RVP must have been a woodpecker in a former life.

    Perhaps we try to be too clinical? I remember a few years back and a prolific striker (cannot remember who) was asked his secret and he said most of the time I aim for the keeper and if I get it slightly wrong it goes in…!

  530. No post today Yogi?

  531. Limpar thanks for the Rosicky video he is truly amazing when he is on his game.Hopefully we will get to play him more often this season.

  532. OneOfUs | August 10, 2011 at 9:23 am –
    Young Emccee – old skool baby!

  533. Yogi is sleeping-in today?

  534. Talking of taking our chances – Alex Song is a good example of a midfielder ‘learning to shoot’, or rather; discovering himself as a goal-scorer. Bit like the confidence in front of goal Cesc found in 09-10 – and which has subsequently deserted him a little bit.

    All of our forwards and wide men were deadly in patches and there were notable, excellent improvements from a couple of individuals – but overrall too many chances were wasted… often, seemingly scores of them in one twenty minute period. The expectation has to be that the forwards will improve again – after all, scoring goals is their job, and Arsenal’s stock in trade.

    What will be interesting is if we can get a few more of our midfielders to ‘do an Alex Song’ this season and add goals to their game. I am thinking of Wilshere, Rosicky, Diaby, and Ramsey. That would make a big difference. Plus Song to keep his happy knack and Cesc to refind his (if he’s here) from the back of the attic or wherever he left it.

    I think added competition for places in midfield from young players coming through and the signings made already focus those on the pitch and push them on to take responsibility, take chances and win games.

  535. To be fair Ramsey is one, as avaris pointed out the other day I think, who rarely shirks a chance to shoot.

  536. Limpar,That video does rather kick the” Nasri(one assist in his best year) must play in the middle”argument,into touch,And the “without Cesc,we have no creativity” mantra.And the “he is just not good enough”,
    I could go on but you get my drift.

  537. “…already, will focus…”

  538. Yeah, George, I agree with you and whoever else was saying… maybe OOU… that Rosicky should play the AM role until Cesc is fit. Sharing the time with Ramsey I would say.

  539. I might have to read Arseblog at this rate

  540. Most who doubt Rosicky pay too much attention to his profligacy in front of goal. Somewhat valid considering he’s really not been himself for 3 years but boy aren’t we glad AW didn’t gave up on him?

    I noticed a revival last season and was especially frustrated with games where we had run out of ideas in midfield and TR7 was left on the bench. The frustration he must have felt leads me to believe that he’s going to prove this season that he is truly one of the best midfield maestros in the world. A truly fantastically gifted player.

    The sooner Nasri leaves the better. TR7’s going to have so many assists this year with the new boys its not even funny. I really expect a BIG year from him & AA23.

    Theo’s going to have to up his game or else he’ll be a backup to Oxlade & Ryo. He’s going to have to score 15+ goals to maintain status.

    Once Bendtner +/- Eboue leave, our CB(s) will arrive.
    Of this I’m sure.

    …i remain POSITIVE

  541. Was Yogi out rioting??

  542. In the absence of Kamran

    “3 days to go”

    In the absence of Yogi I might write today’s post 🙂
    Wouldn’t that please some gloomy Gooners?

  543. His lap top has been looted

  544. @Limpar
    Honestly, I think exactly THAT has been the biggest issue, even over set piece defending and subpar finishing at times. The goals just dried up from midfield. 2009/2010 Cesc was in the double digits, Ramsey, Diaby, Denilson and Rosicky all scored several goals in the league, etc.
    Last season I think Song was probably the only one from our midfield who actually improved on his goal-scoring record while everyone else scored significantly less. I hope that with maturity little Jack will learn how to score, while I expect Ramsey to get more goals this season now that he is properly back. As long as everyone chips in with the goals and the responsibility does not lie on Robin’s shoulders alone to score the goals, I can see us improving on our points total easily.

  545. Definitely, Evil. We’ve all seen enough re-runs of The Islington Squander Show to know we get enough chances to comfortably win almost every game we play. Now’s the season to ruthlessly start taking them.

  546. Limpar (when did you stop assisting?) I’ll echo what everyone has said… stunning player Rosicky. If fit and confident he is without doubt the best replacement for Cesc (whenever he does go). When in form dare I say he would add a better all round game?

    Also if we had Robin on the end of lot’s of his build up play we would have won the league.

    I’ve heard that Cham want’s to touch his bum and he aint even one of the gays. That’s how many assist he got off him.

  547. george rodger | August 10, 2011 at 11:19 am
    I might have to read Arseblog at this rate – Exact same thought.

    george rodger | August 10, 2011 at 11:26 am
    His lap top has been looted – Wanted to post a similar gag

    You are on a roll.

  548. Jack scored 1 goal.Now I know he is everybody’s darling but that will have to improve,
    And improve it surly will .Ramsey will score a good few .So these two alone should make quite a difference.

  549. Regarding clinical finishing, I was watching the 2003 and 2004 season reviews recently and it struck me that our finishing wasn’t the most clinical then either. The difference was we were breaking fast against the opposition, committing at least 4 players to the attack and there was always someone following up a saved shot. The number of goals we got like this (especially by Pires) was pretty significant.

    Obviously teams have changed their tactics and we can’t counter-attack as often as we used to now (at home anyway), but when we do get the opportunity it should be swift and deadly, as it was in the first half of last season. There is a time for slow, patient build up but that’s really all we seemed to do toward the end of the season.

  550. I remember Big Sam once saying that he dreaded being awarded a corner against us and Strachan replied that he considered telling his players to kick the ball into touch from corners.Such was the effectiveness of our counter attacking

  551. If Lansbury gets games i tip him to score at least 7 goals. Direct, anticipation-sliders. The flaw in Chamakh & Bendtner’s game was that they really aren’t that good in running without the ball. Gerv’s going to score a lot because of this as this really is how to get the best out of TR7 & AA.

    We should see a much more direct, counterattacking strikeforce.

    Reinforce the rear and we’re guaranteed to kill it this season.

  552. So if there isn’t a post and therefore a fresh debate. Could somebody (limpar?) possibly tell me how to embed youtube vids into a post?

  553. Jabba's delights


    Teams who create alot of chances always come across alot more profligate in front of goals and an arsene wenger team will always create alot of chances. We can obvioulsy improve on this and i think we will do. Wilshere has always scored lots of goals at youth level as did cesc. In the 1st season they both snatched at chances. I would expect 5 goals from Jacky this year but a host more assists. Ramsey has lots of goals in him and we know Rosicky when fit and if used in the right way (no more wing) can score. Its up tiop where i expect the players to carry much more burden as thats where Barca get all there from. Gervinho, Walcott, RVP, Arshavin all need to be getting 15 upwards and all are perfectly capabale of doing so.

    The difference betweent he 01-04 teams was that they were capable of wining 1-0 which this current team havent been on a regular occurance these past years. Thats why sorting out the defence is such a priority for arsene.

  554. I take that back for Chamakh. On-form he runs well enough w/o the ball. Should actually make that more his game than just headers. Love how he stands strong and holds up a long ball for his team mates.

    I’m hoping greater responsibility will bring the best out of Chamakh, Jack, Rambo, Theo, Gibbs & Traore. They are going to have to step up.

    TR7 & AA23 are ready. There’s no better player than this 2 in transition play. We just need the others to supply the end product…….>goals = >confidence

  555. If Cesc goes,and we change formations,Will Song be used as first choice of two midfielders?
    He might be our new CB,

  556. Limpar,

    Thanks for the clip. When he first came to us in 2006, I argued with others that Tomas was ‘the best midfielder’ in Europe. His vision, first touch and tackling ability made him something very special. Unfortunately, his complex injury stopped him in his tracks and I thought that that, as they say, was that.

    However, last season his fitness, speed and touch all showed major signs of a welcomed come-back. If this season shows a continuation of the progressive trend I really believe that he could easily replace Samir or Cesc in the middle of the park and might make Arsene’s continued faith in him althemore praise worthy.

    I would still like to see a bigger CD come in and probably Enrique in support for Kieran. However, I have not fears about the coming season except for the media inspired stream of negativity that flows into the stadium and (thereby) onto the pitch.

    Fingers crossed

  557. Aman TR7 and AA23 both have looked stronger and fitter than ever before in pre-season I have thought.

    Looks like the TR7 clip has gotten people excited here. Great stuff eh.

  558. Jabba, “The difference betweent he 01-04 teams was that they were capable of wining 1-0 which this current team havent been on a regular occurance these past years. Thats why sorting out the defence is such a priority for arsene.”

    Actually 1-0 wins were few and far between in the invincible season. There were only three. Home to Blackburn, away to Southampton and away to Fulham. But I’m not up for discussing the defence today.

  559. George, Dgob

    It’s getting to the point that if we did use song as a defender instead of signing, and we did use TR7 instead of a creative replacement, the backlash from “fans” would be unreal.

    However both good calls for me.

  560. Markus,Out of interest, how many 1, 0 last year?

  561. George, I think our 4-2-3-1 is the same as our 4-3-3. And they are both the same as our 4-4-2, with the only difference being whether an attacking midfielder or a centre forward plays in the creative hole.

    I can’t see us changing much based on players leaving or arriving.

  562. @George
    Three, against West Ham, Stoke and ManU. All of them at home as well.

  563. George, three last year as well. Home to West Ham, Home to Stoke, Home to United.

  564. I don’t really Markus, unless we buy a new striker and RVP sits in the hole.
    Something I would love to see .Just to remind me of Dennis(I have an unhealthy fascination with Dennis Bergkamp)

  565. So another myth exposed.

  566. Limpar – thanks for posting the video

    Rosicky is one of my favorites. You cannot teach what we saw in the video…..it is all natural ability and instincts. (Bergkamp and RvP – same talent just different body styles)

    In the sport of basketball……gym rats were kids who spent excessive time crafting special skills to be implemented in their play. Tomas, in his sport, is one of the same.

    People wonder why Cryuff was such a great player since he did not have great speed. It was that he excelled in his change of direction and change of pace.

    What a great learning experience for Ramsey, Wilshere, and our other youngsters.

    This is why I follow Arsenal.

    Aman –
    Excellent observation about missed opportunities – they just place extra burden on the defense.

    Our manager has an eye for finding players that can do something exceptional with the ball under pressure.

    current squad: Arshavin, RvP, Rosicky, Diaby, to name some. (deliberately leaving off the 2 other most obvious examples)

    This is why I follow Arsenal.

    Maybe Arsenal fans will be fortunate to see something special from the new signings: Ox, Ryo, Gervinho and with Theo……enough back up speed options.

    Speed from left/right/center gives the Arsenal attack a new dimension in how we play every opponent; not just a new plan A……but a B and C.

  567. Yeah, I’d give Rosicky the shout in the middle in a 4-2-3-1. If that doesn’t seem to be working I’d go to 4-4-2 with RVP in the hole behind Chamack, Gervinho or Walcott. Whoever is looking most lethal!

  568. Jabba's delights


    Song is our only experienced DM, and has been a key component to the set piece issues of recent seasons. He is also away for the African nations cup and has a very laid back attitude which is one of the main issues some believe. He was the one who came out and said at times the team thought they just had turn up last year.

    TR7 is a good player but is 3 years removed from a good season of football. Last year was an improvment for him but he was the cpatain of the team that struggled so badly in the cups against inferior opposition. He has a key part to play if we will be succesful next year both on and off the pitch but he isnt fit to tie Cesc boots over the course of a year never has been and never will be.

  569. http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2896/premier-league/2011/08/10/2613400/arsenal-in-advanced-talks-to-sign-scott-dann-as-arsene?

    Please not Scott Dann. I have my hopes up that we are doing to sign a defender who can realisticaly play in the 1st 11 and will be of sufficient quality to imporve the side. Dann would be a squad player, and no better than anything we already have. I would have rather kept Bartley than this.

  570. Just like to add:

    Clean sheets 2010/11 : 13
    Clean sheets 2004/05 : 15

  571. This Stuart Broad guy is quite good, wouldn’t you agree, Jonny?

  572. Whoops, should have been 2003–04

  573. els,

    I agree and it’s that type of pressure that I fear most for our club. It seems that when it comes to AFC we have too many chiefs and not enough Indians among our supporters. Or, to put it another way, everyone’s an expert.

  574. Jabba's delights


    I dont see where a myth has been exposed. We werent good enough at the back or going forward last year we drew 11 and lost 8 games for a multitude of reasons. 01-04 were succesful as they won more games whether that was due to them conceding 3 rather than 4 in a game or scoring 1 more it doesnt matter. What matters it the team must get significantly in an attacking or defensive sense or just better at both. I hope it the both option.

  575. Jabba regarding Song I would obviously rather see play in DM where he belongs, I was speaking hypothetically in the event of a formation change. My post was more to illustrate the point of in-house promotions and re-arranging not being an option.

    I’m not sure you understand how certain players can play better than supposedly more skilled footballers in their own environment and tactic. For instance it’s similar to saying that Cesc is better than Song so could therefore do a better job than him as a defensive midfielder. Rosicky and Cesc have different abilities. If the tactic is arranged to suit TR7 in the centre, and you can bet your ass that Wenger has the knowledge to do this, then Rosicky can shine in the role and possibly do a more effective job for the team.

    I don’t know about you but I’m excited by the prospect of a return to more attacking, direct wing play?

  576. Rosicky a better all round player than Cesc???

    Good lord. Hitting new heights I see….

    Rosicky is a quality squad player, but handing him the reigns of this team would represent a significant gamble, and a significant drop in quality from last year (if Cesc leaves).

    I see Rosicky better used where Wilshere plays. He is tenancious, excellent in the tackle, a genuine leader, has an outstanding passing array, and always wants the ball regardless of pressure.

  577. Eboue's Boutique

    what Rosicky is showing in that youtube-clip is mostly Nasri’s lowest level. It doesnt show everything he did badly last season. All the times he acted ballwatcher and didnt play hard enough isnt there. Rosicky has rarely been good for a whole game since his injury. Dont forget that, just because he can give a good pass with the outside of his foot.

    This doesnt mean we shouldnt support him though, like some wiseasses like to think.

    I hope he can keep a higher level throughout this season, because we really need the depth so our starters wont have to play too many games. I think a big part of our collapse last season was due to lack of rotation and that we commited too much (and played starters very often) in the carling cup.

  578. Song > Frimpong
    Wilshere > Rosicky
    Cesc > Ramsey

    Gervinho > Arshavin
    RVP > Chamakh
    Walcott > Ryo

  579. just another often overlooked facet about TR7’s game…..he is just as proficient tactically without the ball.

    RvP, Arshavin, & Cesc are also tactically superior without the ball – they know how to read the opponent, find the gaps and exploit. (as did Hleb). These are players that are 2 passes ahead of the game.

  580. Jabba 😦 and you were doing so much better.TR7 at his best was as near to Cesc as you are going to get,

    You can be a truly superb player and not be as good as Cesc.Hardly a stick to hit him with

  581. @Eboue’s Boutique
    If you call the Rosicky YouTube Clip “Nasri’s lowest level”, what exactly do you call Nasri’s performances past February? Send me a postcard when you have invented a term for that.

  582. Team to play Saturday?





    RVP (c)

  583. George, out of curiousity, when was Rosickys best?

  584. Jabba @ 12:40 pm,

    I tend to ignore your outbursts because they are so unimportant to my way of thinking. However, you have begged a response when about the loyal Tomas you state: “he isnt fit to tie Cesc boots over the course of a year never has been and never will be.”

    This just proves that you know little about the history of AFC, Tomas or football itself. I am not certain what your national sport is but I am amazed that you find so much time to comment on something about you which you clearly have no real interest.


  585. @Luke
    To be honest Wilshere is smaller by a couple of inches compared to Rosicky, and Chamakh is taller than RVP but you’ve gotten the other one’s spot on. Congratulations

  586. Ah well, Ryo is taller than Walcott but hey, 3 out of 6! Still quite good, Luke. Did you cheat by checking Wikipedia?

  587. Gervinho better than Arshavin?
    That remains to be seen .And to say that is a reflection of…………………oh never mind

  588. @Luke
    2004 to 2007. To be honest, in 2007/2008 Rosicky was on fire. He scored 6 goals in 18 league apperances which is extraordinary for a midfielder. Unfortunately he was injured shortly after that but to be honest if Rosicky can get back to the form he was in that season he would clearly be pushing for a starting place. A midfielder that can score 1 every 3 games is as good as they usually get.

  589. Evil have I misread or are you taking the piss?

  590. Ryo’s much taller than Walcott Evil. Didn’t expect you to know that much.


  591. I corrected my mistake before you could grade me on it! Doesn’t count!

  592. Agreed Evil. He was outstanding in 2008. Struggled with injury induced form since. Hence why it would be a huge risk to give him the keys to the team.

    He has a huge part to play this year if we are to go the distance. However, I can’t see him as a direct Fabregas replacement.

  593. Evil thanks ,saved me the job.And I don’t like to talk to him.I don’t know if you have noticed ,but we don’t get on terribly well.

  594. George, the one thing you and I do agree on is Arshavin playing centrally.

    Would have him take the reigns over Rosicky.

  595. Haha – no your right George, we don’t. Lets try keep it civilised for the sake of other posters eh?

  596. You just copy and paste the URL now, els. Easy!

    Excellent post, Arsesession. Yes, it’s that supreme ‘naturalness’ that I really love about Rosicky’s technique. (Though I’m sure it’s born of thousands of hours with a ball at his feet, as you say). All about touch and timing and weighting of a pass. The way he gets a fast pass to pull up is jaw-dropping… like he’s got it on a bungee tie. That skill level in his passing is what makes him 2nd only to Cesc for successful throughballs. Exquisite brush strokes.

  597. I would have put Ryo mainly on the left and Gervinho mainly on the right.

    A run of games and we’ll see the old Rosicky back again. Also agree with Arsesession. He is one of the better players with and without the ball.

  598. Eboue's Boutique


    Yeah, lets overlook the actual quality and potencial of Nasri just because there has been talks this summer. Everyone is doing it. So why not be as objective as them and keep the rant going?

    Nasri is a matchwinner and a fighter. Rosicky aint.

    And how many Arsenal players where there really that brought so many goals and assists during the 2nd half of the season? RvP was class, but other than that? Not so many.

    How many games did Nasri play before we started to fuck things up? He played too much and thats because our bench wasnt good enough.

    People like to whine about arshavin aswell, but he played alot too. He was class in the final third for the most and we really have to value that since, for the rest, we werent very effective overall.

  599. Ha! I’m not reading Jabba dab anymore but Dgob’s response is priceless.

  600. Right, must do some work.

  601. So true Eboue.

    People are getting on Nasri’s back because he hasn’t pledged his future to the club. Before there was interest from City and a potential departure, no-one was banging on about him being good for only a few months.

    He is pure class, one of the most explosive, exciting talents in the league. He is years from peaking too. I for one will be hugely upset if we lose him, but fully appreciate the reasons of why he needs to be sold this summer.

    I hope the board learn from this and tie down Walcott, RVP and Arshavin

  602. And I disagree with Luke (on pretty much everything you’ve said today), specifically on Rosicky. I think he is the most natural replacement for Cesc we have right now.

  603. Btw, els, the arse end of my moniker seems to come and go these days like a fickle mistress. I know not how to predict her so am at her mercy. Wonderful while she’s there, but won’t be tied down. Bit like Arshavin.

  604. Limpar no way? Oh man I will have to use restraint. I may just post the occasional tune.

    Luke I guess it was my comment that stated Rosicky is a better all round player than cesc. When in fact I stated he could add a better all round game. In as much as he can tackle a lot better and closes down quicker. This as many agree is essential to a tighter team defence, ironically closer to how Barca do it.

  605. This just proves that you know little about the history of AFC, Tomas or football itself


    I’d love you to expand on that Dgob. Has Rosicky ever achieved what Cesc has?

  606. Eboue’s Boutique One assist in his best ever year!
    (I am beginning to repeat myself Jabbaesque fashion)
    Andrie was poor at the start of the season ,so how is that the bench’s fault?
    Nasri is good ,but nothing special,
    Give me a fit Thomas any day

  607. Hahaa Limpar/LimparAssist.

  608. Markus, I wouldnt expect to you make decisions/opinions on anything other than personal perception of the poster. Don’t worry. You can refrain from jumping up, saying you disagree then disappearing again. We will just take it as given yeah? Thanks.

  609. Oh man… This summer holiday you can play the Arsenal way for just £15 a session. Who’s with me? You don’t think there will be a height restriction do you? Looking at some of the other players I’m sure we’ll shit em.

  610. I literally find it astonishing how the most productive creative midfielder in Europe for the last 5 years, who happens to be our best player, captain, and the reason we play this current style/formation is so happily being replaced by Rosicky. A player who did not shine in the Cesc role last year, and last showed brilliance 3 seasons ago.

    Dont get me wrong, I like and rate Rosicky. I think he has huge purpose for this squad, but think Ramsey / Arshavin would be bettered placed running the team than him.

  611. End o’t day, we have 4 days till our first team plays a competitive game.

    With Cesc absent, this is the perfect indicator to see who Wenger (never wrong) believes is his best replacement.

    Personally, I think we will start with Ramsey at the tip of the midfield trio.

  612. Luke obviously we all wish Cesc would stay. But only if he was committed to the team. We all appreciate what a player he is and what a player he has been for us. That said when our last “talisman” left (who was far more successful), we replaced him from within. For a while it looked like all would be fine.

  613. @Eboue’s Boutique
    Nobody overlooked quality and potential. I didn’t even talk about any of that, I just asked you what you think the way Nasri performed in 2011 should be called when Rosicky’s best last year is supposed to be Nasri’s lowest level. So I don’t really understand why you are so diverging because what you have written is not part of any discussion that is going on here and I am not going to do you a favour by taking your flamebait. Nice try, anyway. But would you still kindly answer me what you would call the way Nas has performed in 2011?

  614. Disappearing? I don;t have the time you and Jabba devote to talking bollocks granted, but I was enjoying the banter here until you two turned up.

    For the record Rosicky 5 years ago was better than Nasri is now. What we are suggesting is that with a run of games he can be there again.

  615. Wow hang on there Luke old chum.
    I for one have been screaming till my lungs hurt saying that Cesc is irreplaceable.
    TR7 may,and I am with you Andrei would be my choice.be the best option.
    His injury put him behind the curve even when he regained fitness .There was no room for him in the starting eleven due to the team shape and Cesc being the best midfielder in the world
    Dont forget that the team shape changed between him getting injured and his return to fitness.

  616. Els

    When Henry left, we replaced him with a new system built around Fabregas.

    That promotion from within hasn’t bought success has it? Fabregas is one of, if not the finest creative midfielder in Europe. I just don’t see replacing him with Rosicky as a step in the right direction.

    If Fabregas does stay, being the consumate professional that he is, his quality will be the same.

    I’d be delighted if he stays. If he goes, I wont complain. I would thank him for such high service.

  617. To be honest I have been slightly disappointed by Ramsey in pre-season. I still remember seeing him in 2008 and 2009 come on as a substitute and replace Cesc to that point that no difference in pass quality could be made out but in pre-season so far other players had provided the creative sparks. Before his injury I thought he could easily replace Cesc in a year or two but now it looks like he is still some time away.

    But obviously you shouldn’t condem a player based on pre-season so I am confident that if he starts he will provide the creativity needed on Saturday and that all we saw in pre-season was, well, pre-season tiredness or whatever.

  618. “For the record Rosicky 5 years ago was better than Nasri is now. What we are suggesting is that with a run of games he can be there again”

    That is what I wanted to say.

  619. For the record Rosicky 5 years ago was better than Nasri is now

    Markus. I will, 10000000000000000000%, 10 out of 10 times take the player who is better NOW. I’d also take a player who has time and wellbeing on his side. I’d also take the player who is coming off his best ever year, rather than someone who has spent the last 3 seasons trying to find form.

    But what ever you need to do to make Nasris departure easier big guy.

  620. Tricky playing well so far but he is no cesce never has been, he is good at turning his head when he passes the ball though, by the way you lot cesce and naz are going nowhere, ive told you so many times but still you show no faith. We still nedd a CD, there are so many better than djorou and sqill so why bother with dann cahill they are not better just the same for me, come on Arsenal put your hand in the pocket and get some quality n i mean high quality if everyone can stay fit it could just be our year. Once again fab 4 n naz goin nowhere so get over it you will feel better, if you knew what i know, bye

  621. Rosicky is perfect to sitting deeper and pulling the strings a la Wilshere, Pirlo, Scholes.

  622. The footnote to that would have been that comparing the two isn’t fair since they play different positions.

    But yeah, I’ll take the guy who wants to be here over the one who doesn’t. Also my point was that Nasri isn’t better because of 6 months of good form.

  623. Fair enough Markus, and your right, its impossible to fairly compare. But, Nasri’s best ever period was last season. He was the stand out performer of this team, and a vital match winner. He had stadiums rocking with his superb individual displays.

    I won’t forget how critical he was to this team for a huge amount of this season just because he is considered his options.

    Every single one of us was going nuts for him. He has turned into a scapegoat becaise of his consideration of offers. If he signed in Jan. Not one person on here would be criticising his ‘poor’ second half to the season, and that is a crying shame.

  624. Luke ,You cant agree more than 100%.
    Why are you suggesting that Markus has ulterior motives for what he is saying?
    If he thinks Rosicky can be better than Samri again ,that is ok .Why do you doubt him?
    As Markus said It was good banter here this morning .What changed?

  625. I was somewhat critical of Andrei early doors.He was not considering his options.
    So why would I excuse Samri’s poor run in?

  626. @Luke
    You are ignoring the sub-text: the club made him an offer in 2010, the club made him an offer in 2011, both of the times Nasri’s camp rejected because they wanted parity with Cesc and Robin. Do you think that Nasri, based on his performances throughout the 2010/2011 season — not just the first or the second 6 months — deserves to be paid the same as Robin and Cesc?

    I think people are just infuriated by Nasri’s greed and the way he is insulting our club’s top performers by aspiring to receive the same compensation while still being a level or two below them.

  627. Also, did you people know that Nasri signed a contract extension with Marseille just a couple of weeks before we signed him so that the French club could demand a higher transfer fee?

  628. “I think people are just infuriated by Nasri’s greed and the way he is insulting our club’s top performers by aspiring to receive the same compensation while still being a level or two below them.”

    But its not about the money for the little darling, its about ambition and trophies. 😉

  629. Evil if I am “you people” then yes we did

  630. You people is everyone. But you really did, George? I didn’t, it was news to me, but it certainly makes me think less of Nasri.

  631. Evil

    It just seems all these hidden issues are now apparent because he may wish to leave. When he was bossing games week in week out, no-one cared for his contract demands. It seems a lot of disappointment is being channeled through Nasri.

    His drop in ‘form’ is also a myth. His goal return subsided for sure, but he had already hit double figures, his miss at Bolton was poor, and tiredness and exasperation at the nature of the collapse goes someway to explaining why he, and other players in the sqaud looked run down and exhasusted for the final 3/4games.

    He deserves parity with the clubs top players, not because of what he did last year, but because of what we know he can do over the next 4 years.

  632. Or more in that he wanted to look after the club that had given him the chance perhaps?
    I don’t like what he is doing ,but I also don’t see him as the low life people are making him out to be.
    I still like the kid

  633. “He deserves parity with the clubs top players, not because of what he did last year, but because of what we know he can do over the next 4 years ”

    Sorry Luke but that.is stupidity of the first order.
    You would pay he the same as our RVP and Cesc in the hope his 6 months becomes the norm.?
    So Jack and Rambo as well as we know what they can do in the next 4 years?
    Dear God.The worst argument yet from you .And that is quite something.

  634. I don’t think you can offer reward based on potential. Especially not to someone who only found form when arriving at the end of his contract.

  635. @george
    Well I do not think as lowly of him as it might seem. If for some reason he would have a change of heart and decided to sign an extension, I would be dlighted because I am very well aware of what Nasri could do. But maybe the problem is that I’ve seen this happen too often in the past. Player’s having one good season and then agitating for a move or an enormous rise in pay. We had it with Flamini, and he left on a free. We had it with Ade who, after getting his pay rise, thanked us with a sub-par season. And now Nasri.

  636. Err – it happens the whole time.

    Wilshere got a new long term contract half way through last season, why? Smalling has a new long term contract, why?

    Nasri was nothing short of outstanding for the majority of last season. The fact that European giants are sniffing around, offering him big wages is indicative of what the footballing world thinks of his talent.

    I’ll let the scouting networks of United, City, Inter, Bayern and a hugely improved contract offer from Arsenal be the indicator of this kids talent.

    Not internet warriors who think he was good for 6 months only.

  637. Oh, Ramsey has already been given a contract extension George. Its how you protect yourself from losing players for nothing.

  638. If you make someone your best paid player just based on his potential, it’s definitely a slippery slope. Arshavin and Walcott would both have good reason to ask for the same, Arshavin because he performed better (in terms of end product delivered -> assists and goals) and Theo because he has got potential while being 2 years younger than Nasri (and having almost equal figures in goals and assists.
    To be honest, Luke, if you believe that we should reward Nasri who scored 10 and assisted 1 in the league with a contract that’s worth about 110k a week, why shouldn’t we reward Theo, who scored 9 and assisted 7 (while making fewer appearances than Nasri in the league) with the same?

  639. Luke has Smalling been given paraty with Rooney?
    Has Wilshire been given parity with Cesc?

    He was being offered a big pay rise.
    You are wrong and being silly now .Digging a deeper hole,again.
    And calling people “internet warriors”for exposing your stupidity is why you are so well liked perhaps?(well liked being a joke of course)
    Keep digging 😉

  640. Evil, thats a fair point – re: Ade etc.

    My point/gripe is, how Nasri (because of a contract situation) can be so easily disregarded, when he was one of our only outstanding players last year. He has had 3 years to bed in, everyone on here is a fan of development, continuity, it wouldnt be unreasonable to suggest that we have not seen anywhere near his best.

    he has not disrespected the club, he has done nothing different than The Gas this summer. been quite and leave it up to the club.

    Even if we sign Mata as his replacement (which I would love), we would still have to wait for him to bed in. Nasri is one of our most talented, settled, match winning players.

  641. I guess yogi took the day off. Good for him. It’s hard for me to imagine doing this everyday. His wife must be an absolute saint of a human being to let him spend all this time and energy on something that brings no real tangible rewards. I would not have even had the cajones to think about doing something like this when my kids were younger. Yogi and his wife should be granted knighthood by the queen have. Sir Yogi. I have a mental picture of yogi and family similar to the Cleaver family in the old American sitcom “Leave it to Beaver”. Yogi probably looks like Ward Cleaver. Just my guess anyway.

  642. Eboue's Boutique

    George that 1 assist-argument is of the calibre of a typical doomer and I cant even be arsed answering that. There’s more in football than goal/assist-stats and Nasris workrate & performance has been alot higher than Rosicky lately.

    Rosicky looks like a quiter the way he doesnt work in defense at times. He’s too much of a comfortable player and with too many of those we wont get anywhere. Vela is also that kind of a guy who prefers not to play hard.

    I’m not saying that they lack talent or that they never will get that play hard-instinct. But I hope they get there this season because as soon as u get on the pitch in a competative game there’s no excuses. A couple of those on the team and we can lose against any opposition in the prem.

    Like Luke said earlier, just because you feel that Nasri might be leaving, please dont overlook his performance last season. He was one of the hottest players in premier league during the autumn and just because he doesnt deliver birmingham away and fulham at home-type of perfomances throughout a whole season it doesnt mean he was our worst player during the spring.

    I can understand the idea of it, since it will fall easier on your ear if he leaves but its not fair.

    I do agree he shouldnt be paid as much as Cesc and RvP, yet, but thats not the question. He should for sure be just below them btw.

    What I meant is that its not very special for arsenal, what Rosicky does in that highlight-video. I said “for the most”, which means except for a few clips in that video, its not very impressing what he does compared to Nasri.

    Make a Nasri highlight-video and it would give you chills and it would also last for alot longer.

    If anyone would also happen to do a Not so good-video of the two players, Rosicky’s would be far longer than Nasris compared to playtime even though nasri was exhausted like alot of our players last season.

    I really hope we can rotate our wingers and inner midfield more this time. The Gervinho-signing is very exciting and i hope Lansbury, Frimpong, Traore and Gibbs will be up for it be able to contribute well this season.


  643. Eboue's Boutique

    I agree Luke.

    I’d like for the people who argue selling Nasri to name, qualitywise and potencial for next season, what better player there would be for us to sign for those 20mils or whatever they’re so sure we’d get for him.

    I havent seen too much of Mata in Valencia and when I have its not with the same kind of eye I watch Arsenal. Its been more of a relaxing eye, being more interested in Manures but for me he does seem rather straight for goal than Nasris kind of inside out kind of style.

    I’m not so sure Mata would be as good vs parked 10men-busses but I’d love for him to prove me wrong if he came.

    What other players are there that you could come up with that are even available?

    When a doomer talk about how dumb Wenger is not so sell Nasri already and sign someone they like to think that its possible to just conjure a replacement from nowhere and its really not that easy.

    I’d love Schweinsteiger or a Redondo of 99-00 but its out of this world and tbh I prefer real clubwork rather than just buying too many already complete products.

  644. Jabba's delights


    Offering players contracts in terms of portential is something arsenal do more more than any other club in world football. We pay our youngsters more than any other and its based on their potential. Nasri contract demands are based on him being judged in the top 3 players in the prem this year and french player of the year. Its just becuase he is in that band right before our top earners that has made our club baulk.

    You say Nasri has no other reason of joining city other than greed then the same can be said of Ramsey joining us. Benitez and Ferguson have long spoken about the unbelivable wages we offer teenagers.

    Rosicky hasnt had a good season for 3 years and hasnt had an outstanding individual season since his days in prague. Cesc in a woeful year scored 8 less goals than Tomas has in the whole of his career at arsenal and got more assists than Tomas has in the whole of his career at arsenal. Tomas has also never managed to play more than 38 games a year in total since his days in prague. So no giving Rosicky the keys to the car would be a poor decsion. Good squad player and crucial to us this year but like i said not fir to lace cesc boots and that is means more about cesc than it does rosicky.

    I see that more people are calling for less tippy tappy and more penertration now. Pretty sure some of us were called cunts for pointing these same things out months even years ago.

  645. Eboue's Boutique

    I’m not saying they’re Nasri-type of players in that last paragraph btw, sry for any confusion.

  646. I like Rosicky, and he is a good player. The way he uses his body to shield the ball and turn away from his man is amazing sometimes. The issue with him though, is that of end product. There rarely is one.

    He would be great in a well functioning side, but talk of him replacing Cesc to madness. Despite looking very good, his actual impact on games is negligable. If he had not sufffered the injuries he has, it may have been a very different story, but there we have it.

  647. Christ, this doesn’t look good – Spanish TV (TV3) joining Sport in reporting the imminent transfer of Cesc Fabregas.

    TV3 – has close ties to FCBarcelona.

    Rumour is 36mEuro plus 4MEuro add on.

    This is just the first rumour though. If that’s true that’s simply awful. Terrible, terrible news.

    I believe he is going – just can’t believe the price is right. We should get so much more.

  648. Can’t be right. More Spanish crap I would have thought.

  649. Andy. We don’t have many other options at least until the cesc thing gets squared away, so hope must spring eternal.

  650. I’m still amazed that LimparAssist was dissappointed by Radiohead this year at Glastonbury. Their new songs live are magical!

    You hear me Limpar!!??

  651. Which of the International Friendlies do yall plan on watching today?

  652. Bill – Of course we do. We have this years transfer budget regardless of the Cesc and Nasri situations. Obviously none of us know how much that is (there was talk of £30-£40M being available). There must be a fair bit of that sitll left.

  653. Andy – I’m remaining sceptical – but TV3 is Barcelona Public Television is certainly a source to take more seriously than most and they claim the deal is imminent.

    It could be nothing but reading this mornings papers there was also a gut feeling of the deal gathering momentum again in the past 2 days.

    Add it altogether and I don’t what it means but I have a baaaaad feeling about this.

    Surely not 50 hours before our season kick off…?

  654. Andy re Rosicky do you mean end product in terms of shots? Or passing as well?

    I’d agree on shots but his final ball is brilliant.

  655. Jabba's delights

    Horrible news i love the guy but at least if true it gives us closure with cesc, the boy wants to go home and played his heart out for us.

    If we sell him and Nasri i would have thought it the end of the world 2 months ago and to a ceratin extent it is but with the way things have rumbled on i just want it over so we can move on.

    I turst us to only sell if we have replacments/s ready

  656. None of us know whats happening behind the scenes If cesc is stalling and not really getting ready for the season with us we don’t have any real choice. Keeping him here hoping that his attitude will change once the transfer window closes is asking for a a lot. Nice as it would feel to flip middle barca a middle finger salute that is not in our best interest in the long term I don’t think.

  657. Nasri was not the stand out performer last season, that would be RVP followed by Sagna. Nasri was on fire at the beginning but like the team, being good for part of the season is good but not good enough.

    To say that Rosicky is not fit to tie Cesc’s laces is a joke to be honest. A Fit Rosicky is one of the best mid’s in the game. He is world class and there is no doubt about it.

    What Rosicky has that neither Cesc or Nasri brings to the table as of now is that his tackling I would say is on par with the best in the world. When he slide tackles it is a thing of beauty.

    Luke, no one is getting on Nasri’s back because he wants to leave or whatever, he simply wasnt good as far as getting goals at the end of last season. Not sure what match it was but RVP set him up countless times only for him to make a mess. He needs to give us or another team a full season of greatness to really prove himself, as is expected from all great players.

  658. Jonny – I mean in general. Shots and assists. He is a good player to keep the machine ticking, but is no way a replacement for Cesc.

  659. Andy @ 3:35

    Remember when I made that reference to your rose colored glasses a couple days ago? Cue Steven Tyler belting out “dream on” .

    Hope this is all a rumor and it passes and I am wrong about what’s actually happening, however it gets harder to think anything else as this drags on

  660. Bill – We will have to agree to disagree on that. As a club, it cannot be benifical to sell (especially on the cheap) our best player 3 days before our first game of the season. For me, Barca have dallied too long on this. We should now tell them to save their pennies and come back next year if they stil want him. Cesc should remain an Arsenal player another year.

    Nasri is slightly different, and now I think we should get rid and use the cash to get ourselves a quality (super quality even) centre back. Cesc is a professional guy and still give 100%.

  661. Sure thing Andy but then no one is.

    He was second highest for through balls last season and he would surely have had better stats if was allowed to come centrally. I agree he is not a replacement but he is played out of position for Arsenal and, if Fab goes, I’d like to see him get more playing time in the middle.

    Paul N is right: the timing of his tackling is amongst the best in the EPL – it’s truly a thing of beauty.

  662. Bill – Heh.

  663. Jonny – Very true.

  664. Jabba's delights


    I rate rosicky but your comments below are misguided

    ”A Fit Rosicky is one of the best mid’s in the game. He is world class and there is no doubt about it.”

    He hasnt been fit for years, he never completed a season at dortmund and has had an even worse time with us. He has had to seasons back since being out for 18 months both of which have been understandably average so your jumping over 4 years nearlly since his last GOOD season.

    ”that his tackling I would say is on par with the best in the world.”

    I mean paul come on, he is a very good tackler for an offensive player but there are numerous players i would prefer to have in a defensive role.

    The context we are talking about is him replacing Cesc Fabreags the guy who has got more assists in the last 5 years than any other player in europe. The guy who scored 8 less goals in a ‘shit’ year than rosicky has in 5 with the club. His assists total last year eclipsed rosicky entire total whilst at arsenal. You claiminng that he is world class is the perfect illustration of how the term gets just swung around these days. Cesc is considered one fo the best playmakers in the world if not the best by some, Rosicky is considered a very good squad player at arsenal. Different leagues

  665. Agreed GA – I can’t believe we would countenance an offer at this late date.

    It seems we were happy to sell but Barce did not have the funds. There should have been a date set in steel – selling now is ludicrous.

    Maybe we have a quiet agreement to nip in and sign Schneider when Fab goes.

    Well no further news from TV3 guess they should have qualified ‘imminent’.

  666. Tackling, tenancity, vision agreed Paul N. All attributes I cited earlier for suiting Rosicky in the deeper Wilshere roll.

    Jabba gave an excellent post showing why Rosicky should be given the creative role of this team. Its not a criticism, he is better suited elsewhere. And to say he is unquestionably world class, well, in that instance, you would expect him to start this weekend.

    Lets just see how that pans out.

  667. Jabba's delights


    I agree but what if cesc has demanded to be transfered. You cant have someone at the club who desperatly wants out. I trust that arsene knows this and has only caved in if he thought cesc mind was completely in catalunya. We need to move on.

    The King is dead…….long live the king (whoever that might be)

  668. Andy:

    Still don’t know what will happen, but I am certain we would never sell him if cesc was not somehow forcing our hand. Arsene would keep him if he thought he could somehow get a good season out of him. To keep him if arsene does not believe he will be effective would be counterproductive to the current squad and continue to be a distraction and would delay our efforts to rebuild.

  669. *shouldn’t be given thr creative role

    I see a new post has come up to that degree again

  670. Jonny

    Sniejder is probably the only player in Europe who could pacify me sufficiently for losing Fabregas. Wait, that sounds boring. I’d be fricking delighted if we signed Wesley. Would make Nasris wages look like peanuts too! 🙂

  671. If Rosicky can get back to his old self, there is no doubt in my mind that he could replace Cesc. I guess the question is can he regain that form, given he is over the injury, I dont see why not.

    I also believe that when on form he has a shot that is as good as Nasri’s and Cesc.

  672. It was really good on here this morning.
    Fucked up now though

  673. Don’t think we will sign Sneijder — he hates RVP’s guts, doesn’t he? Besides, his injury record is even worse than Robin’s and Wesley is playing in the Italian league ffs.

    @Bill Turner
    England vs. India, of course!

  674. Ah Evil, is that the cricket? Being a septic i’ve never really fully understood the nuances of the sport, thus never been able to enjoy it.

  675. Jabba, if I say a “fit” Rosicky, why on earth are you telling me how much he has been injured. When he was fit for us he was a world class mid, if you dont believe that kool. You too luke, read the comment in context as far as world class.

    He is one of the best tackler’s I have ever seen but I am not asking for him to play in the defense for that is not his make up as a player. He has more to offer.

  676. Evil – I don’t think we will either – but it’d be kinda funny.

    Afternoon, Gilbert and George.

    England are playing into Dhoni’s hands here.

  677. Eboue's Boutique


    He probably does. I’ve never heard or read anything about it, but Sneijder and Robben combined had maybe 3-4 attempts of passing RvP the ball in the WC final last year even though RvP had like the highest distance coverend on the pitch.

    Shame how the TV producers doesnt show distance covered in the prem, atleast not where I’m watching.

    Like most sport-journalists, they probably arent very interesting in football at all.

  678. Just my observation……
    Nasri has a different personality with the ball than Tomas or Cesc. His first instincts are taking on players to get his shot off. Trying to beat his opponent is foremost……while

    Cesc and Rosicky first instincts are to get teammates involved.

  679. Oh, it surely would be funny! After United came out wanting Nasri, we sell Nas to City and then storm out buying Sneijder right in front of their noses. I guess Slur Alex would be fuming if that would really happen.

  680. There is a rather lovely rumour doing the rounds that on his first day at The Arsenal, Ryo went and started collecting the cones at the end of training.

    Aww, I fink I wub him.

  681. @Eboue’s Boutique
    I think I read reports that they had fights and stuff and that they just can’t get along. If Sneijder could get over his differences with RVP he would certainly be the best possible player outside our club to replace Cesc .. but I guess that would be a big if. Because a player that’s only going to pass to our best player once or twice a game, well, …

  682. Exactly how my twisted humour was working Evil.

    No wonder you gave yourself that name. 😉

  683. Paul N if you don’t agree with them it is because you are a delusional internet warrior!!

    Why do some people seem to read a post and interpret it as something totally different?

    Thomas is the finest player of his generation from a very good footballing country.How the hell can that be anything other than world class?

  684. RvP and Sneijder – oil and water.

    Sneijder is on a weekly salary (est. at $165k / week) and that seems to be the stumbling block for ManU…..and it certainly would not work in the Arsenal structure; along with the obvious dislike both players have for each other……..

  685. @Jonny
    Ryo is the kindest player you can possibly imagine. When I saw him in Cologne at the end of the game he bowed to us fans. Deserves all the respect in the world for the way he behaves.

  686. Arsesession – you could be right but why??

    Rosicky used to be a scourge of keepers from long range. These days when he tries it he looks like Scuff McScuffson son of Scuff.

    Does Wenger really drill players not to shoot?

  687. How low did he bow Evil?
    Because it might have been an insult if it was not low enough.
    I am an expert on the Japanese .Having studied Martial arts for 40 years and watched “rising sun” tens of times.

  688. “Thomas is the finest player of his generation from a very good footballing country. How the hell can that be anything other than world class?”

    Excellent question there George!

  689. Don’t answer that question.

    India all out. Cook just took a catch with his eyes shut, turning his head away, at silly-mid off.

    Came right off the face of the bat and somehow stuck in his arms and chest. Must have hurt like buggery.

    Imagine a footballer feeling that pain – you’d have to call an air ambulance.

    Tough bastards those cricketers.

  690. or a wahhhhhmmmbulance

  691. “Does Wenger really drill players not to shoot?”

    They are to busy for shooting practice because of he Economics and language leasons they have to attend

  692. Yeah Jonny, & imagine Danny Alves getting that sort of hit!

  693. Jabba's delights


    It depends on how you intepret world class doesnt it.

    Is David Healy world calls as he is the finest player of his generation?

    What about Shota Averladze?

    Landon Donovan?

    To some world class means you are one of the best players in the world in your position. As far as im aware Rosicky despite being a very good player has never quite been of this calibre maybe its due to him always fighting a losing battle to stay fit who knows what matters is the results and i think both you and Paul are fighting an impossible battle here.

  694. @JD
    I guess when Rosicky joined us he was thought to be either World Class or just a notch below it. Back then he was linked to a move to basically every big club in the world. Real Madrid, Chelsea, us, etc.

  695. I think you are an impossible bore .
    And what battle do you think I am fighting?
    Do you read the posts before you churn out your terminally repetitive boring drivel?

  696. Before he got injured Thomas was world class by any reasonable measure.
    How can even an idiot argue against that?

  697. i hope the league isn’t postponed, i’ve waited too long.

    our first game would be against this team.


    simpson taylor colocini enrique


    yohan cabaye Sylvain Marveau

    ben arfa Jonas Gutierrez


    subs- barton, obertan,Danny Guthrie and shola ameobi in case things aren’t going well

    This isnt the same newcastle that got thumped 4-0 in the first half.
    if you haven’t heard of some of these players in the first 11.
    youtube them.

    we would be matched on flair and grit. if we scale this huddle, we meet a well oiled liverpool team.

    if we manage to get 5 points from the first 3 games then maybe our season won’t be a disaster.

  698. There are few terms more annoying than ‘world class’ until the world’s football pundits and writers can achieve a consensus on the definition, there should be a moratorium on it’s use.

    Honestly if we all mean different things by it – then it’s fucking useless.

    You might as well say Rosicky is definitely an ‘Egyptian Cotton’ quality player or an ‘Ice Station Zebra’ quality player.

    “Really? Ice Station Zebra??!”

    Yes, that good.

  699. Jabba's delights


    I just find it amusing how easy it is to pick apart your weak points.

    Guess you dont know who any of those players as you only care for teams that play the beautiful game………just what is the beautiful game george?


    I agree rosicky was a fantastic talent 5 years ago just below that top echelon, its been a frustrating 5 years for the little mozart. Still has alot to give though

  700. But George – what is a reasonable measure of something with know agreed definition?

    Cats per square ironing board?

  701. That is why I said “reasonable measure” young Jonny.

  702. *no*


  703. The beautiful game is cricket Jabba.

  704. Jabba you most likely find licking windows amusing.What is your point?

    Is America a footballing country in the same way the Czech republic?You argument in poor

  705. JB, there is no way to deal with anything sensibly if you refuse to actually read a comment properly and apply it appropriately in your mind before you respond.

    Battle? who is a any battle anyway?

  706. Jabba's delights


    What do you consider to be world class? Your 1st barometer was usless

    ”Thomas is the finest player of his generation from a very good footballing country.How the hell can that be anything other than world class?”

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahah – Borgetti you turnip (quick wiki to see who he is)

    What statistical measure do you want to bring to the table?

  707. Nice one, Paul!

  708. And if we loose cesc and nasri – wouldnt it be right to say sp*rs have a better team ours.

    we are royally f**ked.

  709. Jonny I take your point but I feel you are being obtuse,
    You know very well what I mean.

  710. Jabba you really cant take a spanking can you?

  711. I had my doubts about Boozy but with that statement he has made it clear that he is on a wind-up. Either that or completely mental.

  712. Its as simple as this Jabba(see how I have not called you an ignorant cunt)
    If we were to sign a player of the Quality that Thomas was when we signed him ,even a dipshit like you,would say we had signed a world class player.

    Now can you understand that? If not ask your carer to explain it

  713. Hah I liked Boozy when he gave us the double sided opinion. One positive, one negative.

  714. Sorry George. 🙂 I feel like I’ve been scolded now!


    Now I’ve got the image of Jabba being spanked. It’s not pretty.

  715. I never really liked Boozy.

    Though I’m happier to think he is just mental.

  716. AW is a world class manager!!!
    Any takers?

    F**k Sneijder! He’s good but I remember how a certain Andrei Arshavin made him & his dutch colleagues look like toilet trash at the Euros a couple of years ago.

    Confidence is everything in football and what we are celebrating here is the seeming return to form of our dear Tomas Rosicky.
    Who cares about him replacing Cesc or Nasri? He does his thing.

    Just rejig the team around the players we have and have a good go at winning matches and most fans will be happy.

    Restating my case, a Cesc & Nasri sale …should fetch 60million
    I would:

    Buy Eden Hazard, leave him at Lille for the year

    Buy TWO CBs btw Samba/Meresacker/Bougherra/Cahill ,one of whom doubles as a DM

    Complete the Joel Cambell purchase, obtain work permit or loan him out

    Verify from our first 2 games if we need a LB..if so get Enrique.

    Close shop, close ranks… be done with it.

    See how well the team copes till January, buy if we absolutely need to.

    The key thing is instilling CONFIDENCE in the players we have.
    Get that right and we’ll still kick ass
    Barca, Man U, whoever…make sure they feel our wrath!

  717. if wenger wins the title after selling cesc and nasri – he should be immortalized.

  718. Jabba's delights


    No, you see i dont chuck around the whole world class player tag like some. Each to there own ive already said what i think consitutes world class and Tomas has never been that.

    Let me chuck you so some stats as i like dispatching you

    Nedved is the best player of his generation and has won the czech player of year many more times than our tomas so has Cech that nails your first stupid point.

    Rosicky for an attacking midfielder doesnt score many goals or get many assists. Goals he has socred 39 in the last 10 years and with regards to assists a similar amount. i know that might be unfair as the last pass isnt always the key one so lets delve deeper. His dortmund team averaged a whooping 52 goals a season in the 5 years he was there, equivelant to Everton last year but less than west brom.

    He has never won an individual award in germany or england. In all of this time he as averaged 27 games a year for 10 years.

    Good squad player never been world class even in his best days he wasnt of a world class calibre

    Would you like fries with that you IDDDDDIOTTTTTTT!

  719. I could go for some fries right about now.

  720. I agree with Boozy.

    *chokes on words*

  721. @Jibber
    Wow, your statistics are broken. What does the amount of goals Dortmund scored 6 – 10 years ago tell us, when you compare them to goals scored this year in the Premier League? Surely you should compare like with like. (besides the obvious flaw: Bundesliga having fewer teams in the league i.e. Dortmund playing 4 games less each year compared to EPL teams)

  722. aman can you please explain why after selling nasri and cesc – we should buy hazard and leave him at lille for a year.

  723. Jabba's delights


    Sell Cesc and Nasri and leave their replacement on loan for a year………hmmmmmm

  724. omg! jonny agrees with boozy.

  725. Pedro Botelho joins on a season-long loan from Arsenal. 300,000 loan fee

  726. Nedved was the previous generation
    Jabba you are taking a huge hiding recently.
    You are becoming a laughing stock and only Luke seems to think differently.
    I would cut my losses if I were you

  727. I agree with Jonny @ 5:33 (can’t say it man)

  728. joel campbell – no thank you.

    i think we should learn that strikers are rarely made.

    and the only one we’ve managed to turn into a first team international – we played on the wings, and is about to leave the club at the point when we should be reaping the rewards of all the loan spell and investing.

    so again i say no thanks – go out a get a proven poacher.

  729. Paul:

    Even if you are right about how good rosicky once was, what are the chances that he can ever return to being close to that good consistently at this point in his career. Certainly nothing that we saw last season would argue for that. It takes a huge dose of optimism to believe it will happen

    Nothing wrong with you as a fan being optimistic but you’re arguing that we should run our club based on that type optimism. I agree with andy’s post earlier that we should get the best cesc replacement possible and if rosicky does come back to somewhere close to his best then we have a huge bonus and we have incredible depth. Logic argues that as a team you expect the worse and plan for it as best you can. Nothing wrong with hoping for the best but you can’t assume thats what will happen. What’s frustrating is that frequently decisions seem to be made based on the best case scenario and when that optimism does not meet reality we suffer for it.

  730. Do you think “thiiiiiiiiissssssssssss” make” this” sound more impressive ?Or am I just a silly twat?

  731. Jabba's delights


    Germany has been the highest scoring league in europe for years Tomas Dortmund have never been that i wanted to try and see if despite him not scoring or setting up many directly himself whether his world class play was having an affect on his team. In his 5 years at Dortmund his team averaged 1.5 goals a game so multiply that by 4 and you have 6, so his dortmund team were scoring on average 58 goals a seaosn over 38. George told me statistically there was no argument against him being world class……….well you show me a statisticcal argument for him being a world class attacking midfielder.

    He is the 3rd best player of his generation from a good footballing country and has had tremendous trouble staying fit for 10 seasons…………..not world class even my george own barometer.

  732. Bill that is a good post in part.
    But you seem to assume that things are done i a certain way when you have no idea if that is the case,
    Do you really believe that Arsene crosses his fingers and hopes for the best?

  733. See George, the sad thing is, everyone knows you lose 99.9% of the football debates you have on here. Your a nice guy, well to those whose school of thought you adore, but you have a terrible understanding of the game. I wouldnt expect anything less for someone who only supports Arsene Wenger. You should look outside the box old bean, there is plenty happening.

    On that hugely irrelevant note, I’m off home to catch the remainder of the cricket.

  734. on leaving Eden Hazard @ Lille:

    – would reduce asking price

    – would better prepare the young man for the EPL, he’d leave his parent club properly, with CL experience (pls read his bio in Wiki) & partake of whats left of a preseason* with us.

    – we don’t need him immediately.
    TR7, Jack, AA, Diaby & Ramsey actually need to show what they can do with the added responsibility. Remember some of them have been playing out-of-position most of the time.

    His addition could complicate things with too many new young players to bed.

    In a year things should be much clearer, Squilly leaves, TR7 & AA should be on yearlies & any other players that don’t quite cut it are sold.

    A bit of breathing room could be good for all.

    *Euro 2012

  735. “George told me statistically there was no argument against him being world class…”

    Jabba you are a fucking liar as well as an terrible bore.If you can show where I said that I will plait piss.
    You can just make stuff up you clown.You will be exposed on here because you you are towards the bottom of the intellectual food chain.

  736. Luke ,
    When a person uses the words “everyone knows”
    what they are attempting to do is suggest that their opinion is the accepted view.
    Your opinion is far removed from ant accepted view on ACLF.

  737. Jabba's delights


    hahah your hilariiousyou genuinlly have my team in fits of laughter almost as much as my bad spelling. Rosicky isnt world class if you consider that to be one of the best players in your position in the world. Nothing you have shown proves anything against that. Once again your inability to watch any football other than the beautiful game (what is that) or speak to anyone else who isnt an ardent akb lets you down.

    Maybe just maybe you should get yourself off to your local stadium maybe Aberdeen and just speak to some good honest football folk and let them pound it into you that your ideas on football are actually comical to your average football fan.

  738. @amman we should probably do what Barca has done over cesc for the last 4 years. groom the transfare until when we need him. Mind you doing so has not really lowered Arsenals asking price on Cesc.

    I read all the time that barca is “confident” they will land his man after bidding 30M Euro.
    fuck they live on the moon man. totally deluded club that is.

  739. Also too much weight on Hazard,(the “new Cesc”, perpetual comparisons) at a time where AW & the club are under too much hostility cannot be good for a young man who was never bedded properly…too dangerous.

    Yes, i’d take the chance of him getting injured. Talent-wise he’s worth it!

  740. George @ 5:48:

    Call me a doomer if you want but If you step back and look some of the things that have been done, more then a few seem to be based on the best case scenario. Perhaps that was needed a few years ago when we were skint but we are past that point now. GK situation last summer and TV5 injury status last January the first that comes to mind but Im sure I could come up with a dozen others without much difficulty.

  741. I was under the impression that most posters on here regarded Luke and Jabba as WUMs if not outright trolls. You’re under the impression that you win arguments because nobody except George could be arsed to argue with you.

  742. Jabba I take it from that childish rant that you are deflecting from my last post .So again I ask you to reply to this
    george rodger | August 10, 2011 at 5:56 pm
    “George told me statistically there was no argument against him being world class…”

    Jabba you are a fucking liar as well as an terrible bore.If you can show where I said that I will plait piss.
    You can just make stuff up you clown.You will be exposed on here because you you are towards the bottom of the intellectual food chain.

    So come on show me where I said any such thing or admit you are a sad liar

  743. nah poodle, we have more class than that.

    Respect the player, respect his club, agree on a price, leave him there, give them room to replace him.

    remember Lile OSC hadn’t been champs since 1954 AND they sold us Gervinho!

  744. Jabba’s delights | August 10, 2011 at 5:46 pm

    That first sentence hurts my brain. No idea what you’re on about there.

  745. Jabba, do you think Iniesta and Xavi are world class? please take a look at their stats in their career (In their leagure) and come again. Not impressive to be honest.

    Xavi has never scored more 7 goals and only has exceeded 10 assists in two seasons.

    Iniest has only scored 8 goals and has had no more than a 8 assists in the league (mostly way under these numbers.

    Now do those stats tell the whole story?

  746. Their business model’s very much like ours. They do things the right way. They develop players…even expected to move into their NEW STADIUM in 2012!

    Let them enjoy their Eden for a final season (like we did Henry)
    Then he’d join us really focused.

  747. Their business model’s very much like ours. They do things the right way. They develop players…even expected to move into their NEW STADIUM in 2012!

    Let them enjoy their Eden for a final season (like we did Henry)
    Then he’d join us really focused.


  748. Well Bill, I totally disagree with you. It seems you forgot how impressive Rosicky was at the beginning of last season. The man was on fire making many defense splitting passes along with his smooth tackling.

  749. Bill I am not calling you anything.I never do
    I just asked you if you think Arsene crosses his fingers and hopes for the best?
    Well do you or dont you?Its a simple question and I am not trying to be a smart arse.

  750. Jabba has left the building it seems.
    He will be back with his standard posts when people have forgotten what answers we are waiting for.
    I am sorry but he is a sad lying cunt.At best )

  751. I remember Nasri talking about needing to become more consistent at the beginning of last season. In my mind he became more consistent but he didn’t take up the slack when Cesc got injured the way RVP did. For a player to be at pairity with two world cup finalists, who are considered two of the best in the game, they need to show just a bit more consistency than Nasri did this season. Had he kept up his form we would’ve easily finished above fourth. But he didn’t. He drifted away and didn’t man the fort like a player earning £100k a week is supposed to. I love him as a player but he’s nowhere near what he thinks he should be earning just now. Had he agreed to an extension, a modest pay rise and played his arse off, I have no doubt Wenger would’ve put him on wages that mirrored his performances. In fact, I’m gald Wenger stuck to his guns and didn’t put him on higer wages just because. A player has to convince his manager that he’s worth what he’s asking for and the old proffessor knows when a player has reached that level better than anyone else. Let Nasri go off and find someone who will pay him over the odds if he wants to. I’ll miss him but the world’s not going to end.

  752. Gains ,I agree.Just about exactly what happened and how it is

  753. Paul. That’s what I mean. Most of the season he was not on fire. He certainly did not show any consistency. You choose to look at the short run of good form and assume that’s what we will see this whole season. I think that is unlikely to happen. I have no heartburn with you believing whatever you want, but I don’t agree when you argue that we should make decisions based on an optimistic scenario and in my opinion it’s unfortunate that the club often seem to do that.

  754. Bradys right foot

    Thankfully it looks like a deal for Cesc has finally been done, we can at last move on. Personally I’d sell Nasri as well. He is hugely overrated and looks pedestrian as a midfielder, he is not capable of replacing Cesc he doesn’t have his passing or imagination. For me Nasri is ideally suited with his dribbling, sublime close control and pace to be given a free role behind a front man but please let that be at another club. With the deal with Barca agreed hopefully this also points to someone coming in.

  755. BIG NEWS

    Lets see if I can go three for three here – I’m still hoping not…

    Just had update regarding the Fab rumour I posted earlier.

    BBC correspondent claims to have spoken to an Arsenal board member who says that yes, Fabregas is definitely leaving.

    The deal is expected to be completed before the weekend – no news on fee, but apparently all funds are going to be reinvested.

    Which begs one question – WHEN?

  756. What is all this Cesc has gone malarkey?
    I cant see anything that makes me think the deal is any closer.
    Is it not the same people telling us that told us it was a done deal last year?

  757. Fuck Cesc I never liked him anyway.Well overrated jonny foreigner. 😉 😉 😉

  758. i suppose if we are waiting for cesc/nasri to leave before we invest heavily in the squad it would make sense..
    more money to spend right??

  759. George @ 6:32

    I choose not to answer the question directly to hopefully avoid a go round of the good fan/bad fan debate. You have seen enough of my posts to know that I don’t understand the logic of some of the things the club has been doing and that’s frustrating to me as a fan.

  760. I’m getting my info from the same source who told me about The Ox deal and Ryo’s permit – both of which were called before announced. This looks concrete and rings true.

    The BBC correspondent has just confirmed it via his twitter account.

    I still respect Cesc – none left for hypocrite Nasri though.

  761. Which begs one question – WHEN?

    Jonny.next year when we know whether we need Premiership or Championship standard players .
    Oh woe is me the end of the Arsenal world is neigh.

  762. Bill,a bit of a cop out but fair play.
    You will never be told by me you are not a good fan

  763. JJ – It should mean ‘more’ funds but at the moment all we have heard is that all of the Fabregas funds will be reinvested.

    Lets just hope they mean during ‘this’ transfer window.

  764. Bill, how could you have meant what I said when you said “nothing” from last season?
    Rosicky has been inurjured every year so thats why he has not been able to be consistent.
    What decision did I talk about that should be made? All I have done is come out in defense of whom i believe is a class player and I believe if he does get fit again he can get back to his best. I am in now way advocating that Arsenal shouldnt replace Cesc if he leaves

  765. Nasri was far from pedestrian at the beginning of last season. He has never been a creative force but his direct approach was refreshing. He will be a miss.
    Is it really his wages that has prevented him from signing a new contract? I don’t think so. It’s just an excuse. He is for some reason not happy at the club…maybe something to do with playing on the wings.
    He might change his mind about leaving if he stays another year. It’s risk worth taking.

  766. If Cesc is leaving, Im glad. Enough of this bullshit.

  767. Jabba'sDelights


    I’m a few steps ahead my 5.32

    ”i know that might be unfair as the last pass isnt always the key one so lets delve deeper. ”

    So i showed the amount of goals scored by Rosicky team in his period in Germany to see if even though his own individual stats werent great whether his ability allowed his team to score freely. it didnt averaged out over a 38 game year his team scored 58 over a 5 year period about west brom level. this compared to xavi and Iniesta Barca is appaling, and remember Barca havent always been what they are now but one thing is for sure they have always scored alot of goals.

    i also highlighted in that same post that Tomas has never won an individual award whilst in germany or England not even picked in the team of the year. Xavi and Iniesta have been nearlly ever present and picked for major european and world individual awards.

    Now to be world class i think you must consistenly produce at an oustanding level at the highest level over a decent period of time to warent being called one of the best players in the world in your position. Our Rosicky has averaged 27 games a year in all competitions for the last 10 years which equates to under half a season every season for 10 years

    Show me how he is world class, paul

  768. jonny it would make sence
    cescs been leaving for over a year its just got to the point where the deal has to be done and if we are valuing the worlds best mid at 40mil then its obvious the club have been trying to get the deal done too
    just barca fucking about..

  769. If Fabregas leaves I am moving home and taking up residence on Le Grove where you will find me posting such gems as “Wenger out” and “In Arsene we rust”
    It should be quite fun as it will reequire no thought or logic

  770. stupis ass arsenal fans bitching and moanin on the air waves