Dein Dashing Blade Leaps To Arsene’s Defence

Ordinarily the complaints would begin that international week is disrupting the season. Treading the turbulent path of Arsenal’s pre-season, this is probably a welcome distraction. Either that or this week has the potential to drive everyone to distraction. Fifa’s decision to schedule internationals before the seasons around Europe have begun has never been a popular one, even Fabio Capello questioned the timing recently

The media are looking to whip up a storm over Jack Wilshere, even if none exists. Thanks to Sir Alex Ferguson and his policy of dubious injuries to key players for matches such as this in decades passed, those called up now have to get their sick notes from the England medical staff. Despite the sensationalism, Wilshere is expected to be sent home from the England squad this morning. Only another eight to go…

It is going to be one of the few things which brings a smile to Arsène’s face this week. The rest of the press coverage is likely to focus on his two wantaway stars and a host of injured stars needing replacing. We should not underestimate the intellect of Daily Heil reporters, they worked out all by themselves that Arsenal are interested in Gary Cahill. Or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain‘s interminable transfer saga, one that is beginning to rival Cesc to Barcelona, albeit without the intensity.

Wenger is being cast as a beleagured soul in the back pages, isolated, embattled and possibly embittered at the perception of him, even amongst Arsenal supporters. David Dein offered his support in a 5Live interview,

Arsène Wenger will admit he has had the most difficult couple of years of his career, for two reasons.

One is the fact the game is getting more competitive, we have seen more money coming in so the competition out there is more intense. Secondly, he has had to contend with the fact he hasn’t achieved what he would have hoped to achieve, albeit he has done remarkably well in the quality and style of play.

Dein’s words present Wenger’s detractors with a problem. I am not going to cover old ground once more regarding his return to the club, it is not going to happen so is a pointless debate. However, it is apparent that Dein would not sack Wenger nor would he have been able to change the philosophy of self-sustanence of the financial front.

His attempts to introduce a benefactor to Arsenal failed. It is not hard to see why he jumped from the KSE ship to Red & White, Kroenke’s defence of his bank balance as ingrained as his silence. Were the American interested in investing in the club rather than the former owners’ pockets we would have seen the resultant PR by now. Usmanov is even less palateable which shows how bad Dein’s judgement was in this respect.

Would he have been more successful in getting Wenger to spend? I am unconvinced that the money was there for much of the time. Could he get him to spend now? Perhaps but is impossible for anyone to successfully argue that he would as there is no definitive proof.

Wenger is frequently criticised for his stubborness, and the voices of dissent against the manager are growing. Until the football starts, all that is left of Arsenal in competitive action is the distress of last season’s collapse. At this moment in time, silence is only going to come from the signing of a player who is perceived to strengthen the squad. Only once the season is under way will you know definitively if the squad has been improved. Even then, the results may not be immediate and the patience that will be required is not much in evidence at the moment.

Dein is convinced that will happen,

Arsène is very focused and very determined. I see him regularly, I see a man who still has as much fire in the belly today as when he started. He wants to win. I believe in his ability and I know for a fact he is trying very hard to improve the squad this year and I hope he does it.

As much as Junior is a right royal pain in the Arsenal, Senior is a very good PR man for Wenger. No promises just the hint of jam tomorrow. I wonder if this summer has been the prelude to what will come next time around without silverware? It is deemed unacceptable in the Premier League era for any sustained time without trophies, no matter how minor. Brian Glanville’s encapsulates this with his assertion that this is the Greed Is Good League.

Dein finished with a salutory warning,

People have got to remember what he has achieved. It is easy in life to get rid of people. Then what? How do you follow Arsène Wenger? That is going to be the trick for the board and it is not going to be an easy exercise.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. is dein’s last statement about wenger or is it about himself – how his sacking years ago has left a void that has not been filled.

  2. Please God let the football start again soon.

  3. @ dila (7:52)

    You have to agree with him though

  4. I wish that Dein, along with everybody else, would just shut up. Let Arsene get on with his job.

    Second guessing has become our national sport. Just as pointless as West Ham in the Championhsip.

  5. Consols

    The post as it was last night contained seven characters:


    Yours was more eloquent.


  6. Whilst I’m not suggesting this happens and I certainly believe the first month of the season will bring some positives, I thought one paragraph stood out in one of the articles on The Times’ website this morning:

    “Were Arsenal to exit the Champions League in Italy on August 23, then lose badly to Manchester United in the Premier League five days later, a tipping point might be reached. That is not to say Wenger would be sacked immediately, but there might be a realisation that this season, too, is doomed to disappoint and that the manager has, at long last, taken the club as far as he can. It sounds daft to say that these are some of Wenger’s darkest days — we are at the start of August. Yet it feels true, and very rarely do great managers leave clubs on a high. Things get messy.”

    It is a valid point that even great managers can find themselves turfed out by clubs if it is felt by the Board that a sell-by date has finally been reached. Where do we think that is for the current Board? Being the the Champions League group stages? Qualifying for the Champions League next season?

    I’m convinced that getting rid of Wenger is not the right thing to do and I can only see a replacement doing a worse job at the moment. AW has ensured that we have had CL football every season since the competition started whilst being to some degree hamstrung by the club moving to a new stadium. Whilst it might be felt that he was managed to ensure that this club continues to overachieve to stay in the CL positions every year, what do we think the Board’s view is? Is CL qualification the minimum expected even with the limited resources we have had compared to other clubs?

  7. Let the football start and football do the talking. United are already getting carried away with their practive session against City. Reinforcements needed though…Scott Parker, Scott Dan,…done

  8. kentuckygunner

    Arsene Wenger continues to be an astounding coach for Arsenal, with results that all can see. But the buck stops at HIS table.
    Yogi, you have to admit that Arsenal’s leadership crisis on and off the field has been self-inflicted. Every year for the past couple of seasons, we play the best club football in England, challenge for trophies, only to run out of steam in the second half of the season. Every season we have been sold the bogus mantra that Arsenal will strengthen. It never happens. A thousand David Deins nor his stubborn reputation will not save AW if our title challenge comes off the rails again due to injuries, or perceived defensive and offensive weaknesses.
    Lately at Arsenal, perception has met reality. We appear to be deficient defensively and in offense. Yet there is no public relations unit at Arsenal. Players and staff sing discordant tunes about our situation all the time. Healthy dissent I hear. But it has become a festering spot, worse than a 3-ring circus. The famous AW may be deaf but will be answerable to someone.

  9. Ashburton Patriot

    Makes sense… But not too sure about 6mil. Surely they’ll ask 4 more

  10. @Ashburton
    6 million would be realistic, as Mertesacker’s contract is running out in 2012. Don’t forget, he is not English, so there is no 10 million premium added on.

  11. Wavey – your point would be valid if he still has the dressing room which on last year’s evidence along with Nasri and Fabregas wanting out (granted – it is all media speculation), perhaps he has lost it. If that were the case, then there would be no point in continuing with him.

    Personally, I will look on with interest, but I think that this year will be Wenger’s last. If he doesn’t buy and we are struck with injuries to RVP, Vermaelen, Gibbs and Wilshire, like we are now and there aren’t any additions, things will get very very ugly at the Emirates. Fans don’t like to be hoodwinked and over the past few years, I believe that they have been.

  12. Ashburton Patriot

    Yeah I know… But that’s cheap. Or maybe english players are just way too fucking overpriced.
    Would love for that deal to materialize. That would make me fell a lot better about this season

  13. Metersacker for £6m
    or Cahill for £15m?

    How much do we need the extra home nation player. Where are we at with filling our qouta?

    All things considered I’m not sure that Metersacker is the brawler many are crying out for. Sure he’s big but that doesn’t mean he “gets stuck in”.

  14. If Wenger loses his job, it will not be because of the fans, but because of the the players not believing in his vision. The fact that a 24 year old footballer can have an argument with a legendary manager shows a lack of respect in the dressing room. When players who owe the manager so much personally and professionally become indifferent you know the club are in trouble. I hope we are not at this stage.

  15. Merte is certainly a great player. Full international and an integral part of the German national team he is also renowned for his fair play and he knows how to score against the Chavs. I would prefer Merte about one billion times to Dann, Samba or Cahill. And for 6 million — and considering that he is just 26 — it would be a steal.

  16. Ashburton Patriot

    We don’t need a ‘brawler’ at the back. Our main problem is set pieces. Per is a great reader of the game. But he’s tall and strong and he’ll do a good job marking Kenwyne jones-like players at set pieces

  17. Koscielny and Vermealen both fantastic readers of the game. And Djourou and Bartley both tall defenders. Once these lads gel we are very well equiped. That said I do agree if this £6m fee is true and the whole things has any truth then let’s keep our fingers crossed.

  18. Just reading through last nights post. Why do people point to the Barac game as proof that our defence is fine because they did well in one game. I can point to plenty more when they royally cocked up against much worse oposition, so what does that say? It needs improving, it really is as simple as that. Somebody even compared Kos’s passing to Beckenbauer last night. Really? Jesus christ.

  19. ELS
    Merte is a combo of both.
    We need to be well prepared for our injury proneness

  20. @GA
    The thing is that our defense has usually done very well against top opposition. Chelsea, ManU (the FA Cup game aside), Barca. It’s a mystery why they seem to be able to handle Messi, Rooney and Drogba, but fail to defend against Zigic, Davies and Jones.

  21. GA that game proved what they can do in their first season.

  22. Ashburton Patriot

    Yes GW19
    You can’t tell me that u still think we can rely on that defense els

  23. if all else fails fall back to Per Mertesacker!!
    Seb Frey to Arsenal will be doin the rounds soon so….

  24. “what sort of a man are you?”
    Is what we ask people when question their morals and motivations.When we want them to look at themselves and reevaluate their behavior.
    So we should be asking people “what sort of a fan are you?”
    Are you a “chav” of a fan?Someone who thinks that bling(trophies)and possessions(expensive players )are essentials for your well being?
    Or are you a person who values the less tangible things ?Things like principal and ethos?
    People will tell you that”winning is everything”.when what they mean is “winning is everything to me and I cant understand any other viewpoint”
    Well for me, winning is only important if it done in the right way.Because I feel the playing style of the team and the managers principals are of greater value to me than is me being to brag about trophies is.
    No doubt the “winners” will brand me a “loser” .But in life I have always found relationships are more rewarding than material possessions.

  25. Ashburton Patriot


    Its a possiblility. wenger hasnt expressed interest. All this news is coming from Mertesacker’s side.

    this was just to say that Mert is available
    Theres a difference between that and a rumour

  26. Ashburton Patriot that’s exactly what I’m saying. If needed those players could cope well for a season.

  27. @Ashburton
    That’s too often the problem with all the press reporting. You never know if it’s genuine interest from our club or just some agent telling his journo friend some things over a drink at a bar to help his client get a better contract or make it known that he is on the market.

  28. Ashburton Patriot

    okay fine. aslong as we dont pair any of them with squelch.
    Bartley djourou and Kos and Verm and Mert all battling for a place.


  29. George I had that very discussion in mind last night. It seems to me a lot of the current arguments come down to what is important to each individual fan and how they prioritize what they want from the club they support.

  30. Els – That game proved what they can do. The other games proved what they are more likely to do. For me it is partly down to concentration, and lots to do with communication. Communication with the midfield as much s each other. We still leave a huge gap between defence and midfield. We really need to close that down quicker when we lose the ball. It would make us far more compact and harder to break down.

    The defenders are often the subject of our defensive woe’s, but sometimes we don’t give them a fighting chance to be fair on them.

  31. Yes that would be an amazing defensive list. I would rather sacrifice Squilachi over Bartley or Miquel. That said he’s not bad for a fifth choice defender. I think sensibly though either of our youngsters getting minutes in is a better long-term decision.

  32. Good post George. I agree completely.

    I also think we should jump at the chance to sign Mert for £6mil if that’s true.

    Thanks Yogi!

  33. Ashburton Patriot

    Els Merty is 26/ he can still give us 4-5 years of top quality. he could lead the way for Bartley and Miquel abit better than Koscielny

  34. If a player does not fit in with how the manager wants the team to play then he is useless .
    If(for example)Samba ,in the managers view is not mobile enough or technical enough it does not matter at all that some “expert fans” think he is what we need.
    The entire team must be built from interlocking blocks that when put together have the possibility of producing the finished article he has in mind.
    Now if you cant afford the right shaped blocks or there are none ,you have to make your own,This takes a while are some times you will have to have a few attempts before you get it right.

  35. Hear hear george rodger…

    There’s only one Arsene Wenger!

    who do u think he’s going to choose of these much-touted lanky CBs?

    Mertesacker 6m*
    Samba 12m*
    Jagielka 13*
    Cahill 15*
    Bougherra 2m*
    Dann 8m*

    I’d go for 2, Bougherra & Merteacker….a combined 8m!!
    May the best defenders make each game.

    ..i remain +++

  36. Per Mertesacker:

    Madjid Bougherra:

    How AW & IG make it work is up to them but boy we’d be defensively SOLID immediately!

  37. Delia--Block 112

    I just hope we are not forced into panic buys, time is not on our side and injuries are mounting up!
    Something that worried me over the weekend saw our “kids” over run in the second half in Lisbon whereas United’s “kids” put one over City’s defence yesterday. This should tell us and the Club that our back-up squad is just not good enough!
    But as always COYRs

  38. Samba’s pace get’s questioned in our high line, yet Mert is fine…

    Mert would be a great addition. Simple fact is, we need a CB. Wenger knows this. Hence bids for Jones (looked good yesterday) and Jags. Rowley at Birhimgham game this weeked. Will be sick to the core if we sign Scott ‘Cheaper Option’ Dann when we look set to record another summer of profit.

  39. For years now there has been argument on this site about how a “proper” fan acts. I’m in total agreement with those who say that booing of the team or individuals is completelty out of order. Support for the team should be just that, support to help them try to achieve.
    Support for the club is another thing. I liken this more to supporting family members. you may not agree with what they are doing, perhaps not even like them at times, and certainly have arguements, but when it comes down to it you will be there to help in any way you can.
    However there are those who seem to argue that any critisism of the club is unworthy of a “true” supporter. Is this chauvanistic support the best for the club? I don’t think so personally. It is counting on people to be supporters rather than customers that allow clubs to get away poor treatment of fans, after all they will still turn up to the games.
    In my opinion, it is the long term supporters who are the heart and soul of the club. (I don’t count myself amongst those, despite “supporting” the club for over 40 years I don’t go to games for financial and other reasons, so don’t expect anyone to listen to my views)
    As the heart and soul of the club those supporters have not only a right but a duty to express their opinions and to try and keep the club on track.

  40. Back to yesterday’s thread and especially to Bill – So a refreshed United (De Gea, Young, Welbeck, Cleverly and Jones) led by the might of Ferdinand and Vidic will be rampant in England and crush all of Europe?
    Going back to my “dogmatism” as you describe it, this group has a lot of big bodies who are very efficient but lacking in creativity, something you and others undoubtedly crave at Arsenal. This is the best England can produce. So outside of Utd’s domination domestically and two European trophies, tell me how much success has it brought on the international stage.

  41. all defensive positions will be backed up even in emergency situations:


    This should allay all rational fears both on & off the field.
    We do this and we just might WIN some trophies.
    Just my 2 cents.

    …i remain POSITIVE

  42. So outside of Utd’s domination domestically and two European trophies, tell me how much success has it brought on the international stage

    Hilarious, Shotta. Utterly Hilarious.

    Let’s not sign the much coveted English spine, which you accept wins the league and european trophies, BUT because of Englands failure on the international stage, its used to support a horrificly biased, one sided opinion.

    Ridiculous. We are Arsenal FC. We play in the English Premier League. Everything we do should focus on winning it.

  43. As the heart and soul of the club those supporters have not only a right but a duty to express their opinions and to try and keep the club on track.

    Football fans are like poker player.I have yet to meet one who thinks he is a bad one.Despite always doing their money in.
    Why do fans with the footballing qualifications equal to a “cycling proficiency badge” think they should have a voice in the running or direction of the club?

  44. Luke ,you are making the assumption that an English spine is a requirement .The Invincables tell a completely different story

  45. This English Spine thing really grinds my gears. If the players are good enough, why should it matter where they’ve come from? If they are top class footballers, they should be able to come to the prem and adapt. That’s one of the things that makes them top class, not their bloody nationality. I’ve seen many players play with the holy ‘english passion’ from other countries. It’s a huge sweeping generalisation to say ‘English players have that winning mentality and foreign players dont’. Look at the international side to see where that argument falls down massively.

  46. George, two things.

    Thank god your submissive, I know nothing in comparision to the men in charge attitude wasnt represented in the AST.

    Secondly – you are correct. Passport is not the overiding factor. Players who understand the game/league are. How much value do you think Vieria would have brought to our run in last season? what was the purpose of Lehmans return? How would have Henry helped drive stalemate games? What would have given for Keown to be marshalling our back line?

    All of these players represented a true spine. They all knew, appreciated, and respected the nature of the EPL and what it meant to win it.

  47. Ashburton Patriot

    Well played Geo.

    some just dont get that.

    the whole english players thing is bs.

    english players are over fucking rated and over priced.

    Heres an example.

    Jagielka 20m, Mert 6m
    Carroll 35m- Benzy 25m

    many of them dont have the technical ability to play for arsenal anyway. bar Young and Johnson

  48. A nice gesture from Dein to back Wenger like that. It certainly counts for a lot coming from him as some section of the support seem to think Dein is the god of arsenal.

    In the end though, only a performance on the pitch can ‘help’ Arsene right now. If we go out and splurge 80M tommorrow, and still have a bad season, many will still be calling for his head.

  49. Saturday 5.30 pm can’t come soon enough.

    It matters not who crosses the white line on behalf of the Arsenal. It’s a new season, a new start, and the long awaited opportunity to shamelessly go tribal and support my club to the hilt in this new campaign. We might actually get to enjoy the football too if we removed the poles from whence they prop our arses.

    The proper business starts Saturday. Contrary to the maxim Post hoc, ergo propta hoc (which is often not the case) – watch the Arsenal defy all the odds. Don’t be ashamed to enjoy the roller-coaster ride.

  50. Ashburton – agreed. Passports are not defining factor.

    One thing that does gripe me is ‘hardly any english players have the technical ability to play for Arsenal’.

    Why don’t we look at players who improve us first, rather than judging on technical ability only. Our solely techincal focus has not set the world alight, so lets have a rethink.

    Wenger had the perfect model for a football team in the invicibles, and his revamp isnt paying dividends.

  51. Luke 3 out of 4 of your examples are not English.
    So please tell me how we evaluated the “understanding of the English game” of Vieria,Henry and Lehman,before we signed them?
    In other words its “suck it and see” when buying a player

    “.I know nothing in comparision to the men in charge attitude wasnt represented in the AST”.

    I know you think you are as well qualified as the manager and that your opinion is the most valid,but you will have to excuse me if I don’t agree with you

  52. Here’s an idea for a starting team based on nationality:

    GK—————–> Eastern European/English/German
    Back Four——–> English
    Midfield———–> Spanish / French
    Forwards———-> French/Dutch

  53. Metsacker for 6 million is a steal. We should grab it with both hands. Even at 12 million it’s still good!

  54. “Wenger had the perfect model for a football team in the invicibles,”

    Do you think he might have had reasons to change that model?
    Or perhaps you think he is like Madonna and wants to constantly reinvent himself?
    Or maybe he simply forgot?

  55. George, think you drastically misunderstood the post. You also show your ignorance of all things Arsenal pre Wenger.

    When we signed Bergkamp and Vieira in consecutive summers (when you started supporting Arsenal), at the club we had (and who would stay): Seaman, Dixon, Adams, Keown, Bould, Winterburn, Parlour, with cameo’s from PLatt, Merson, Wright.

    Now. As Bergy and Vieria understood the clubs values and english game better than most, it would be fair to suggest this was down to the LEADERSHIP and GUIDANCE they benefitted from. You see where this is going?

    It was a spine which appreciated the clubs history and its standing in the english game. It also knew how to win in any conditions, at any ground. It was side full of men, full of winners. Not excuse makers and finger pointers. Leadership, discpline, spine. The English bit is just terminology.

    Its the side that allowed Fabregas to learn / develop so perfectly, it was side that had the best player possible to nuture the volatile young talent of Van Persie. It was a side that had experienced CB’s guiding younger talent.

    Once again, 7 years on, we look like we will start the season with another new look.How long do we play the transitional / youth team card? When can we expect a settled team at Arsenal?

  56. Metsacker is only a good buy ,no matter what the price,if the manager thinks he will fit in

  57. George, re: the AST. I was clearly saying thank GOD they don’t have your attitude. Your submissive approach of ignorance would be damming to the noble and purposeful cause they represent.

    Nothing about me thinking I know more than Wenger (which I dont) but what you cant resist from twisting most of my comments into.

  58. Luke is the Chav fan I was looking for as a example .

    Dennis and Paddy taught the English spine far more than the other way around.
    Dennis was more of a winner than Adams or any of the others,
    And Luke ,fuck off with the “holier than thou” about pre Wenger times.You were most likely not even a teenager pre Wenger,so your memories are non existent

  59. Extraordinary, flimsy comparison from Le Grove this morning – “We need a Barton in there, forget what you think of him, what he did was as stupid as Alex Song driving with out a license, Barton stubbed a cigar out on someone, Song could have run someone’s kid over, footballers do stupid things, it doesn’t take away his ability and he’ll cost nothing, better a Barton than a Chamakh for nothing.”

    Yes attempting to blind someone with a cigar is exactly the same and no worse than driving when you don’t have a license. You heard it here first.

  60. This “English spine” narrative is beyond contempt now and just bemusing. For one, the English Premier league would never be the English premier league without the soft, lily-livered, tippy tappy foreigners that are branded with that “not English enough to have a backbone” nonsense.

    The notion that only English players can provide a spine – whatever that means is insulting at best and arrogant to the extreme.

    the irony being that the English haven’t won anything of substance since 1966. Who’s fooling who here. Where was that backbone when Germany pulled England’s proverbial pants down and gave them a good rodgering in South Africa?

    If a player is good, they’re good – doesn’t matter if they hail from England or whether they come from Sierra Leone.

  61. I join the group that is patiently waiting for our manager to handle everything.

    Others may chose to waste their precious day by arguing over matters they have no control over.

  62. le grove and barton are synonymous and neither worthy of being mentioned at this site.

  63. Or Congo eh Darius? 😉

  64. “Metsacker is only a good buy ,no matter what the price,if the manager thinks he will fit in”

    thank you George!

  65. But Darius.This is the EPL we must maintain hoofball at all costs.All change is bad.

  66. That too Geo…LOL They come with pluck and spirit too.

  67. English spine at Utd? So Van der Saar and Vidic changed nationality while I was sleeping. And winning the ECL by penalty kicks over Chelsea now count as European domination?
    Just wondering?

  68. Haha Darius! Pluck & Spirit as standard..? Nice.

    Did anyone watch the charity shield? I heard De Gea was a bit dodgy… was he that bad? and any other interesting moments/player performances? Cheers!

  69. Why is there is an obsession with technical skills in our defense? Sol Campbell was hardly the most technically gifted centre back, but he was a bloody good defender with plenty of heart. It was Sol joining the team that really pushed the invincibles on.

  70. I think the English spine mentality reached it’s zentih last season when Andy Gray was asked by fellow Neanderthal and Sex-Pest Richard Keys whether he felt Messi and Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo would be capable of scoring so prolifically in England.

    Gray opined that the Argentine would “struggle in a cold night at the Britiannia Stadium”. He added that “Barcelona would struggle in the EPL as they’ve never played the likes of Stoke.”

    Sure thing Andy. Sure thing.

  71. I am utterly sick of being told what an achievement it is for the worlds biggest club to dominate its own league.
    Well that’s what you would expect ,is it not?
    The achievement is that we managed to interrupt that dominance without buying it as every other challenger has had to do.

  72. George Rodger – as they say, follow the money.

    The only reason the EPL enjoys it’s stature in the global market is that B Sky B are able to sell on the rights to networks around the world. It defies belief sometimes that the EPL is prostituted around the globe as the best show on earth and then we all go xenophobic and protectionist about the quintessentially English. The only reason it sells in the far corners of the world is because of the colourful variety of international players that ply their trade week in week out in the EPL. It is the international followers from around the world that pay their hard earned money to get a glimpse of this footballing phenomenon that occupies a bigger space in the sporting arena in many countries around the world.

    And then we go forth with this jondist spine thing.

  73. “It was Sol joining the team that really pushed the invincibles on.”

    Ha ha fucking ha.
    There is bollocks then that.

  74. Ashburton Patriot

    We could do with a bit o concordia now lol.

    when that match with newcastle starts we need to be totally behind the gooners. love or hate wenger. So no boos in the stadium. no anti wenger chants no “spend some fucking money” no “there’s only one arsene wenger”
    get fully behind the players and get some fucking revenge.

    and keep squilacci on the bench.

  75. “There’ll always be an England,
    And England shall be free,
    If England means as much to you,
    As England means to me”

    Tally Ho old chaps, chocks away and all that
    Mines a gin and tonic ol’ boy!

  76. Darius “The only reason it sells in the far corners of the world is because of the colourful variety of international players that ply their trade week in week out in the EPL. ”

    Partly true. But you underestimate the attractiveness of the qualities of the English game abroad: its combatative nature, pace, aggression, etc. which are very much home-grown aspects of the game. When I lived in France, French people told me they preferred the English league because of the “fighting spirit” of the players.

  77. But there is only one Arsene Wenger.That is not an opinion,that is a fact.

  78. Geo,

    de Gea looked pretty competent but had an absolute shocker for the 2nd goal. He had clear sight of the ball (scored from c25yds) but just did not move until it was way too late. It was an embarrassing, amateurish and inexplicable – though well struck, the ball was easily reachable but past him because he was rooted.

    Lets hope its signs of mental fragility. Still I understand their other goal keeper “Lindegaard” has really looked the part and is pushing hard for first choice.

    The other point of note was how good Ferguson’s youth looked. Their second goal was a sublime series of passes with Cleverly contributing impressively. Wellbeck had a superb game. A bit depressing to see.

  79. GR @ 12:29

    Excellent comment.

  80. George Roger – “There is bollocks then that”. Can’t you speak English or something?
    Sol was the backbone of the Invicibles team, was he not?

  81. Slysports said that de Gea had the worst record in Spain (last season) for being beaten by long range shots.

  82. “French people told me they preferred the English league because of the “fighting spirit” of the players.”
    That is because football is tribal.And some people like a bit of violence.
    Some friends of mine truly believe the most important thing in a footballer is his willingness to “get stuck in”.Not skill?No they say.There is no answer to that type of thinking.Is there Luke?

  83. George Rodger – You miss the point. Fighting spirit is not about violence, it’s about agression, toughness and wanting to win which is not the same thing as violence.
    Fighting spirit is also about being mentally tough and not giving up. Top teams need this as much as they need skill.

  84. I agree with BigM

    I live in France and watch most EPL games in a bar. The French who are therr to watch the game say they enjoy the pace of the English game, the spirit and the combativeness.
    They never say they watch it because Fabregas or
    Hernadez are playing.

    Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves!

    There’ll always be a Wenger
    And Wenger has the key
    If Wenger means as much to you
    As Wenger means to me

    Tally Ho………. Arsenal to go, go, go!

  85. GR – I do like skill but I also like a bit of rough and tumble to my football. I don’t condone deliberately injuring an opponent or dangerous tackles but getting the balance right is crucial – I’d hate for it to become too sanitised.

  86. Sol was the backbone of the Invicibles team, was he not?

    No.Good player .but to suggest he was the driving force of the Invincible’s(which you did)is simply rubbish,or bollocks as I said.

  87. George. I’m amazed how you think Vieria and Bergkamp taught Adams et al about the value of the club, and the skills required to win the league. Remarkable stuff. You know they had won titles before Wenger right?

    And I fully agree that the spine doesnt have to be made up of Englishmen per se. I guess the huge misrepresentation comes from people judging the poster, and reading what they want to.

    We dont have enough players in the squad who understand what it takes to get over the line in a full season. Two easter collapses in 3 years is sufficient evidence of that.

    We are now going to lose our best and most experienced player, have lost our most experienced defender and will rely on chance and faith that thier youthful understudys magically posses the attitude and ability to make this team better.

    This is why an ‘English’ Spine is being sought. Sadly, we have lost our senior players who can pass on certain values, and offer wise words at the business end of the season.

  88. Next you will tell me people are attracted to boxing for its skilfully application of queensbury rules.

  89. @The BigM…

    Fair enough – but are you suggesting that that agression, pluck and spirit is an exclusive preserve of the English?

  90. Thanks Jonny, appreciated. Hmmm, dont like the sound of their youth playing well. Fucking UTD, the ones to beat every year. Getting ahead of myself i know, but someone (Arsenal) needs to knock them off their damn perch.

    Interesting stat there Dups… Rosicky to bang in a screamer in a few week’s time?

  91. Campbell was a vital part of the invincibles, without doubt. Just look at Thierry Henry’s quotes about him. Where you even supporting Arsenal then?

  92. Shotta

    Beating Barca to get to the final was quite the achievement. Since our only CL final apperance, United have been in 3. Like it or not, they are obviously doing something right.

    Or are all European refs / the draw / the fixture list / injuries on thier side too?

  93. 10000000000% Campbell was critical to the Invincibles.

    Lehman – Campbell- Vieria – Henry

  94. don’t understand the tribal attraction that football is.
    Football is basically racism on a smaller scale.We don’t like people with a different colour to us .Only it is their shirts.It is tribal and that is why we like the gladiator type of player.

  95. @Luke.

    You say:

    “And I fully agree that the spine doesnt have to be made up of Englishmen per se. I guess the huge misrepresentation comes from people judging the poster, and reading what they want to.”

    and then in the same post, you conclude:

    “This is why an ‘English’ Spine is being sought. Sadly, we have lost our senior players who can pass on certain values, and offer wise words at the business end of the season.”

    Talk about a contradiction. The issue is simple – how did we get to the stage of suggesting that only English players can provide this so called ‘spine’ you’re seeking?

  96. Ashburton Patriot

    george thats not the point

  97. You cock Luke.
    I did not say he did not play a part and an important part but thebigm was suggesting he was the driving force.Thats”the” as the main force.He was most certainly not that

  98. Darius. Have a read of my earlier posts. Full explanation of not needing Englishmen in the team, rather than players who understand the club, and demands to win the league.

    When you see multiple players of our current squad coming out with statements where they openly admit to undervaluing opponents who we dropped points to, its very clear there is an attitude in this squad that is not indicative of a side who knows how to win a league. Hence the need for a better spine. Its been coined an English spine, but IMO thats reflective of the understanding of the game/league not birthplace.

  99. Ashburton Patriot |Which point?

  100. Luke
    “Let’s not sign the much coveted English spine, which you accept wins the league and european trophies, BUT because of Englands failure on the international stage, its used to support a horrificly biased, one sided opinion.”

    Is how it all started.No mention about”understanding of the game/league not birthplace.”
    there .
    Or did I miss it?

  101. Stop digging Luke.

  102. And Luke ,fuck off with the “holier than thou” about pre Wenger times.You were most likely not even a teenager pre Wenger,so your memories are non existent

    What say you?????

  103. George, dont take my comments out of context, and use them to prove a utterly pointless, non arsenal, non football related point.

    The thread following that point offers a clear indication of my thoughts. That comment was directed at Shottas increasingly talented ability to make some ludacrous connections between utterly unrelated events.

    But thanks for the concern and effort. Try talking about football.

  104. You just have to look at the history books.
    How many wars have France or Spain won, or Brazil, Argentina………….. and Italy ha ha.
    No fucking backbone or dangloids………..
    I won’t even mention North America!!!!!!!!!
    It’s got something to do with England being an island people and nothing to do with colour or race.

    You may call it jingoistic……… but I call it having a will to win.

    God Save the Queen

  105. ”We have to stay focused and confident,” Wenger told

    “I don’t think there is any reason to have a bad mood. All we can do is prepare well.”

    Wenger has already added Gervinho and Carl Jenkinson to his squad over the summer and the manager admits he still in the market for new additions.

    “Yes,” he said. “We will [be in the market for new players before the season starts].”

  106. As ever Luke you are wrong and exposed as a cock.At least you are consistently a cock

  107. Darius – No, I am not we had French players who had plenty of fighting spirit, grit, etc. like Petit, Vieria, so it’s not exclusive to English players. But it’s not a negative thing to have in a team along as there is plenty of skill in a team also. As TH said last weekend, the reason that the invincibles were great was as much to do with Keown as it was with to do with him.

  108. Err, alright Darius???

    George – I feel absolutley zero attraction/inclincation to talk about my age, what I do, what I was doing before Wenger etc with you.

    These are the simple cold hard facts:

    You have constantly stated on here you care for nothing pre Wenger, I simply do. I was going to Arsenal long before Wenger, and I will go long after.

    I guess you will just stop supporting the club when he leaves. Well, every cloud eh?

  109. Yaaaaaaaaaaaawn. Of course I have George.

    You are a mighty fine ACLF mascot.

  110. Luke you have told us you are considerably younger than 30.So you either lied then or you are lying now.Either way you are a lair

  111. I’m not considerably younger than 30 George. I’ve never said that. I’m considerably younger than you, and more so Frank.

    Again George, stop trying to put words in mouth simply so you can abuse me. Is that the peak of your input today?

    Getting very tiresome George.

  112. mj_gunner

    I hope so, you couldn’t be abused for not trusting such rhetoric coming our the club, such statements do come around like clockwork.

    Is there any idea if Rowley was watching anyone else at the Birmingham games this weekend???

    Iggaruo (sp) sadly broke his leg this weekend so that puts that rumour to bed.

  113. Come on guys, put the handbags away for once eh? It seems you come on here for an e-argument every day, not a footballing debate or discussion… Well it soon detracts to that anyway.

  114. @GeorgeRodger

    George, I don’t like liars……………… perhaps he is a Lairy Cock!

    People have to accept that the English league is the best in the world, Barca would be 4th /5th maximum if they played the same football in the EPL as they do now. To get higher they would have to change their
    style totally. They’d probably need a couple of English CB’s whereby Arsenal get 3rd / 4th with Wenger at the helm…………. coming season is going to be massive for the Gunners. Just wait and see.

  115. You have constantly stated on here you care for nothing pre Wenger,

    Thats a statement and half,Hes given me some great memorys but nothing will compare to Georges Darlings the team containing Adams Rocky etc will always be my most cherished,

  116. Spend some money Arsene, Spend some freaking money

  117. I don’t think it matters what nationality. All that matters is his quality, and just as important, his mentality. Any winning side have quality players with a winning refuse to lose mentality.

  118. Chamberpot at Arsenal for medical.

  119. I can hear the backlash from moaners already!

  120. Ashburton Patriot

    GR the point is that once the season starts we should forget the wenger debate and get fully behind the players. stop making divisions between pro and anti wengers. i know some people that hat other gooners more than mancs,

  121. So Oxcart deal done.

    If we sign a good CB by the end of the week and hold onto Samir and Fab will we consider it a good summer..?

    I’d like another striker too please.

  122. Good piece on where the Pilgrims stand here, Cb. If you can face it…

  123. Northbank69 – The thing about Barca finishing 4th or 5th is garbage, and there is no evidence for it at all. Do you think teams don’t get “in their faces” in their own league. They well struggle with the likes of Stoke’s direct game, but realistically they would dominate possesion against them and simply outscore them. Don’t be naive.

    I am not saying they would definately win the lge, but they would be there or there about.

  124. Jonny,

    Add a LB to that and I’d be delighted.

  125. Thanks Luke was starting to wonder if I was talking to myself! I know it’s hard to get too excited about another 17yo prospect – it isn’t what we wanted but we are done yet and I think The Ox looks like he good be a beastly marauder.

  126. *aren’t* done yet


  127. Agreed Jonny, I will never be upset about signing a belting prospect – it will be a dangerous move if the powers that be fail to secure a primary target and scream sustainability at the end of it.

    For me, Chamberlain is a huge luxury signing. I hope that we have the next pieces in place to finish our summer.

    Gibbs and TV out, so we really do need to add some defensive cover sharpish.

  128. Goonerandy

    You just countered your own arguement:

    “I’m not saying they would definately winthe lge, but they would be there or there about.”

    As I said 4th or 5th…………. 🙂

  129. There is no 2nd or 3rd in your league?

  130. I’ll have some of what Northbank is smoking please. That shit looks the business.

  131. Mertsacker for 6M? far to good to be true. I would take him for 2 or 3 times that amount if he is the best option.

    Bolton lost a cb to a broken leg last week. I doubt they will sell Cahill now and if they do the price has probably gone up and not down. Blackburn has already sold jones. We should have gotten samba last January. Waiting until the end of the window definitely has it’s drawbacks

    40% of the goals scored at the community shield game were set pieces. I dont have the energy to look up the numbers but I suspect that we probably score as many goals in open play as the red mancs and chavs but the reason they have consistently outscored us is set pieces. Scoring on set pieces does not have to detract from our ability to score in open play. another benefit of a “lump” of a defender would be to improve our ability to score set piece goals. Samba for example is a beast on both ends. Even if he does not score he creates havoc and knocks the ball down so someone else can get the tap in.

  132. Barca would struggle to finish an EPL season with thier squad. Only use about 16 players FFS.

    Bottom half of the league just bend over 99% of the time in La Liga too. Its more top heavy that the SPL.

  133. In the 125 year history Arsenal have had four great managers (GeorgeRodger wouldn’t know this because he only started supporting AFC when Bergkamp arrived)
    1. Herbert Chapman ( I still personally talk with him)
    2. Bertie Mee ( the physio who didn’t think he could do it)
    3. George Graham (stroller) great arsenal legend as player and manager.
    And 4. Arsene Wenger…. the greatest of them all, and he’s not Scottish or English.

  134. Ashburton Patriot

    The best of england got raped by barca.
    The only other team tha would challenge them is us on a good day.

    if they could finish uniteds backline then i dont think they’d have much trouble with blackburn hey.

    Plus they know how to render physical footie useless.
    its called diving not dwelliing on the ball
    And they can defend set pieces

  135. And 4th this year was 12 points off the pace, so not “there or there abouts” 😉

  136. What George won’t also know is that ever since the days of Chapman we have focused on the developmentn of young talent (coupled with the odd big signing)…..As Chippy mentioned earlier, Grahams Darlings where youngsters, and relatively unknown lower league recruits.

    Revolutionary styles of football have been synonomous with the football club since the 1930’s

  137. Ashburton

    When do Barca every deal with an aerial threat posed by Stoke? Pace, physicality, the fact its 38 competitive games in a season and not 10 mean there tiny squad would be pushed to the absolute limit.

    Impossible to say the outcome, but they certainly wouldnt stroll to victory each like in La Liga. Win one and draw one in Spain and you are basically champions.

    Mourinho will figure them out though.

  138. Chris 🙂 I have all the books you know
    And I was watching Arsenal pre Dennis.

  139. Luke – They play against plenty of different styles in the CL. And I am sure they come up against their fair share of thuggery in their lge. They are probably the best side in theor world at the moment, and much like our invincibles the product of a number of special players peaking at the same time. They won’t be the same in 5 or 6 years, but I have no doubt the team of today would win, or go very close in the PL.

  140. The Referees would not allow Barca to expose the poor hoofball in the EPL Just as they did not allow it at Newcastle .
    The reason I believe there is a bias against us(I expect a torrent of abuse for that)is that were we allowed to play we would expose the weakness in the EPL.That would suit nobody apart from us.

  141. Jonny

    It’s not bad stuff that’s for sure………. it’s what keeps me young.

    All my English stuff today has been very much tongue in cheek……. or should I say, pipe in mouth!

    There’ll always be an England……………

    time for a cuppa tea and a cucumber sandwich and listen to my Vera Lynn albums.

  142. Shotta @ 11:08.

    Have you re-read that post to see how silly it sounds?

    My wife and I won our clubs husband/wife golf tournament yesterday. I Shot the best round of my life. Birdied the final hole with a pitching wedge to 1 foot from 120 yards for the win.
    I know you guys don’t care a bit but I damn that was fun

  143. NEWS…
    OxChamber deal to be concluded by the end of the day.
    c£12M including add ons.
    Long term deal.

  144. Northbank in drugs keep me young shocker! :0)

  145. GA – and Barca’s away record in the CL is nearly as bad as ours!

    George – I don’t understand your point? Refs and the EPL etc deliberately encourage the success of hoofball?

  146. Wilshere pulled out of England friendly – common sense alert!

  147. Well played Bill.
    Wish my wife had any interest in sport

  148. Jonny

    Its a big commitment. Perhaps AW sees him as a player to come straight into the side/squad..


    To be honest, if you are going to have explosive raw talent and inexperience in the side, the wing is the best place for it.

  149. George – No abuse. just 100% disagreement.

    Luke – Was that while they were busy winning it?

  150. Luke ,Yes, In order to maintain the illusion of a good league.Maintaining the illusion created by Sky Sports
    In order to generate income.As Darius said “follow the money”
    Ps when I say “referees”I actually mean “establishment”

  151. George @ 2:31:

    If your wife loves cats she has to be a great person. Having things in common makes for one heck of a nice life.

  152. Andy,I know because you and I have been here before.
    Have I ever abused you?

  153. Bill – Well in mate.

    I also like the fact that people say Manure and not as creative as us, yet outscore us pretty much every season. We are the best team at possesion football, that is for sure.

  154. okay, George, I hear you loud and clear.

  155. George – Don’t think so. Why do you ask?

    I would have fotgotten with seconds anyway mind. Any abuse on an internet forum does not injure my mortal soul at all 😉

  156. jonny

    Is that 100% sure……… or still twitter rumour?
    He’s a bit expensive but a real talent.

    Goonerandy and ashburton Pat,

    Barca, as they currently play their game, wouldn’t stand a chance in the EPL…….. no stamina and refs would punish the diving and histrionics. Can’t be proved I know so it is just opinion.

    George, I am only turning the handle mate 😀

  157. I ask Andy because you and I often disagree without the need to abuse.Just saying

  158. Chris ,I know exactly what you game is. 😉

  159. Northbank – So the fact that we beat Barca in one game last season, explains why we are a great team (the genaral thinking on here). Fine I can live with that even if I don’t agree.

    But the fact that they have repeatedly beaten all of the PL top teams for the past few years in the CL only serves to prove that “they would not stand a chance” in our lge. Perfect logic.

  160. Northbank – 100% – it’s on youngguns, sky sp news and verified by BBC journalist on Twitter.

  161. George – Yeah, all good. That is the way is should be I think (I mentioned abuse as you stated that “you would probably get a load of abuse” for your post). Not from me you wouldn’t, I try not to decend into that..

  162. Chainberlain will be a good signing as he looks a realt prospect. This signing has nothing to do with the Cesc/nasri saga though, we have been after him for ages. If either of them leave, will will still need to replace them.

  163. @goonerandy

    But thats what I’m saying, over the length of a EPL season, Barca would fail…….. in a one off they can do it, but put them in the English league and injuries, red cards, physical abuse ie: Barton, Shawcross, Ferguson, would take it’s toll and they’d struggle to get 4th………… they could possibly win the FA Cup 😮

  164. Oxlade’s coming eh?
    1 down 3 to go….

  165. Oxlade chamberlin: know nothing about him. For 12m at that age with no PL experience he must be really really good. I suspect he will be somewhere around the first team if those figures are true. Happy to have him. We obviously have been courting him for a while.

  166. ‘Arse not what your team can do for you
    Arse what you can do for your team’

  167. – Slight Tangent.

    If Henry Norris were still alive and had brought out one of those quality rags, like The Metro, we might’ve seen a headline like this over the last day or two:

    ‘Disgruntled, grunting Tottenham fans trash Tiny Totts Ticket office!’

  168. Ryo, Theo, Carlos, The Gerv Triplets and now Oxbow-Lake … some serious pace options! The future is Arsenal.

  169. Ashburton Patriot

    Northbank the argument will never end until barca play in the epl.
    itwill just be assumption vs assumption

  170. I’m a regular reader of this fantastic blog…it heaps more positive than le grove etc…with a touch of realism…im an avid fan for years and will always support my team and manager but some of the arguments on this page are getting pretty tiresome. Some are not even about arsenal! On a different note i fully expect a cb coming in wengers not stupid!… Chamberlain looks exciting tho..

  171. Oxlade chamberlin?

    Well, he’s quick!

    According to ‘reports’, he wanted to come to Arsenal.
    According to ‘reports’, his dad wanted him to come to Arsenal.
    He turned down other big PL clubs to come to Arsenal.
    Hence the long haggle with Southampton.

  172. @Bill at 2.37pm

    Bill, my girlfirend and I have sex in common, but just because of that doesn’t make our life together nice. In fact it would make life fucking boring if we agreed on everything……… we fuck and then we argue, we fuck again and then argue again…….. life can be brilliant, I love it. And everytime we have a row we split up and it gives me the chance to fuck someone else.

    A bit like an Arsenal blog

  173. Ormer,


  174. Bill,
    Hes a top talent – is he what we need right now – Not be a long shot but id rather him coming through at Arsenal rather than united etc Tricky one if the transfer affected what else we can spend id say its a waste but if it dosent hes a good signing for the future,

  175. Northbank

    Not sure I agree that barca would struggle to be 4th in the PL. I think they would win or come very close. I do think they would not be any where near as dominant as they are in Spain for the reasons you suggest.

  176. Bill I think he’s already good enough to get game time in the prem – very, very quick, direct and and eager to put himself about.

    I’m delighted we fought off Liverpool and Man Utd (both showed interest) for his signature. He also has a strong physique so hopefully will be more free from injury than is our norm.

  177. we need a CB LB and playmaker more than a 17 year old wonder kid

  178. @ consolsbob | August 8, 2011 at 8:17 am
    Hear, hear!

    @ Arsesession | August 8, 2011 at 12:08 pm
    “I join the group that is patiently waiting for our manager to handle everything.

    Others may chose to waste their precious day by arguing over matters they have no control over.”
    Exactly. He’ll sort it out or he won’t. We do not have any power or control. That’s just a fact. Completely delusional to think otherwise.

    @ theBigM
    It’s not an obsession with technical skills, just an understanding that whatever the size shape or nationality or personality of a defender, he has to be able to play in OUR system. Wouldn’t you say that was just common sense? Otherwise what we gain in one area we would lose in another.

    “Fighting spirit is not about violence, it’s about agression, toughness and wanting to win which is not the same thing as violence.”
    Agreed – and also agree that spirit is not the preserve of the English. The attraction of the PL is the pace and energy and the fact that the teams don’t give up until the final whistle, I think.

    @ george rodger | August 8, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    “I am utterly sick of being told what an achievement it is for the worlds biggest club to dominate its own league.
    Well that’s what you would expect ,is it not?
    The achievement is that we managed to interrupt that dominance without buying it as every other challenger has had to do.”
    *clap clap*

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, welcome to Arsenal. You have joined the best club in the world! Looking forward to seeing him.

  179. Chippy

    Nothing wrong with stockpiling talented attacking players. If money were really an issue for the club I would struggle to understand the logic of buying someone who probably won’t have an impact on the first team for a few years. we already have a stable full of players with similar skill sets. I hope he turns out to be a great player.

    Northbank1969: @3:10

    TMI for me, but whatever makes you happy is a good thing.

  180. Mate – if he meant to score that goal at 1:22 mins in – then sheeeeeeeeeeeeeettttt! what a player – that was a bergy henri type moment.

    any ways he prob fluked it – dont wanna put pressure on the kid. well taken goals tho

  181. Northbank – But all the arguments you make for them not making and purely made up, and you are presenting it as fact. They have all of those things in their lge you know (and no doubt the equivament of players like Barton). And they seem to deal with it pretty well from what I can see. It is hard to “get into” players when you can’t get near them.

  182. “I am utterly sick of being told what an achievement it is for the worlds biggest club to dominate its own league.
    Well that’s what you would expect ,is it not?
    The achievement is that we managed to interrupt that dominance without buying it as every other challenger has had to do.”

    hear hear

    i suppose its a compliment that we are constantly compared to the best in the world. – but that is where the pressure is born by trying to or at least appearing to look like keeping up with jones’s. which i think wenger has done well to keep us competitive with what amounts to the footballing equiv of a fortnightly giro!

  183. @Andeeeeee123

    This blog really needed to get away from talking about Arsenal…….. it was the same thing, day in, day out………. the defence (whether problems or not) who every fantasy manager thought Wenger would buy next, if we needed a CB or not, Wenger IN, Wenger OUT…….. it’s why I’ve hardly contributed for over a week. Today has been refreshing, talking about football in general……. and hardly any abuse………
    apart from between George and Luke and Goonerandy 🙂
    And no one has yet been called a ‘cunt’…….. but I may be wrong on that one!!! 😦

    Wenger is doing his job………. let him get on with it in his own methodical way……. no fanfare, just business.

  184. Oxlade’s capture covers Ryo’s possible unavailabilty (if not granted work permit), puts some fire under Theo & Vela.

    Adding a Joel Campbell raises the bar further and could even negate losing Nasri, if/when it happens. The team becomes even more potent in attacking zeal. I pray the new boys have the right kind of egos to match their prodigious talents (with a bit more self-drive than Theo, Bendtner & Vela).

    Should be fun watching them all progress @ AFC.

    I hope we replace Cesc with Eden Hazard. Like I posted a few blogs ago, if Cesc leaves this year, I’d buy Hazard & leave him at Lille for the year. Let him get some CL experience and a proper farewell to the team that invested so much in him. It’d also reduce their asking price which we really like a lot @AFC.

    Top off the Summer with Per Mertesacker & Madjid Bougherra, sell off Bendtner, Eboue, Almunia +/- Cesc +/-Nasri and we’re good to go.

  185. If the matches we have played against Barfa are any guide, they get a lot more protection from the officials than we do. The English officials are out of step with the rest of Europe, is the impression one gets comparing CL officiating with that of the PL. Barfa can look after themselves – they dive and feign injury etc only when it suits them – but they would definitely get knocked about a lot more, with predictable implications for injury and squad fatigue etc.

  186. Er, um, Referees?
    Whatever the reasons, they are not the same in Spain.

    Exhibit A: Howard ‘I know Kung Fu’* Webb.

    *read with your best Keanu reeves impression. Ah if only I could get old Webby onto the matts for some ‘training’.
    That’d be a fun day.

  187. Fungunner has posted a more legible version of my own thoughts. Right. I’d better try and finish this drawing then…

  188. Jonny @ 3:15:

    He must be really really good. Glad to have him. Not sure whose playing time he will take but I can’t see someone with that price tag not getting playing time very soon.

  189. And in other news, Arsenal Ladies are in the driving seat when it comes to winning the inaugural WSL. With three games to go they are two points off the leaders but with a game in hand. 9 points will win it for them.

  190. if wenger signs either of alex ox or joel campbell, i got no problem.

    but if he signs both of them, without signing an experienced striker we desperately need.

    then i think, there shouldn’t be any argument about his time being up.

  191. I have got terribly excited about Alex Orange County. I hope I haven’t jumped the gun by not waiting to see it on the official website. After all, Campbell had “a medical”.

  192. da hopeful me:

    Fab@40m + Eboue@4m + NikB@8m + Almunia@3m
    TOTAL = 55m*

    Oxlade@10m + Campbell@1.5m + Mertesacker@6m + Bougherra@2.5m + Hazard@15m+
    TOTAL = 35m+*



    …i remain POSITIVE

  193. I am pleased about this signing, he is a real prospect. I just hope it is not at the expense of what the squad needs at the moment. I am sure it is not though. At least another new signing would not suprise me this week. As yet we have only still signed one player who realistically is going to have a major impact on the 1st 11 this year.

  194. Ashburton Patriot

    where im working now. every1 supports arsenal on my floor. Its a fucking beautiful.

  195. Andy @ 3:55:

    Hope you are right.

  196. Bill – I’ll be delighted if Wenger uses him as a sub for some of the games early in the season – especially if we are 3-0 up at home. Give him some early exposure – he looks fast and fearless and will only improve at the academy.

    I have friends who support Southampton and I’ve been picking their brains.

    They say he is much, much better than Theo was in terms of skill. Apparently he used to play down the middle and is more of an old school box-to-box midfielder and what we won’t have seen is that he is really strong defensively (so his future might be the middle?). He’s two footed and his close control is consistently good – especially at pace.

    He is also said to be a model professional, having worked very hard to bulk up because he was slight as a youngster. You certainly cannot say he looks slight now.

    They both think he is good enough for the prem already – but then they would say that!

    Thumbs up for The Ox – cue moaning from solgooner and other le grove idiots.

    Wenger’s not done spending yet…

  197. @fungunner

    Agree……… knocked about by John Terry, Ryan Shawcross, Joey ‘ex con’ Barton, Paul Scholes, etc etc… Arsenal suffer this every season,

    Question: when was the last time a Barca player had his leg broken in the Spanish league?

  198. Im all for signing good prospects but im a little tired of prospects being the only signings. We have bought 1 established attacker this close season in Gervinho and if Oxo and Campbell goes through that will be 2 more for the future to go with with Jenks. All well and good but id really like to see established defensive players coming in sharpish!!

  199. Looks like we are about tO build a very british team. With the addition of OX we now got OX, Gibbs, Ramsey, wilshere, Walcott, Afobe,Jenkinson, Frimpong in the first team this year with Bartely waiting in the wings.

    In five years tint we will have the strongest British spine in the UK.
    Also we do not yet know if AW are out for Cahill or not. With Cahill it could result in an all English back three made up of Jenks, Verm, cahill and jethro. More englishmen than United soo …..

  200. Bill at 2:27 pm – Your obssession with turning Arsenal into a more defensive team is well known. So is your love and admiration for United. The fact that the Red Mancs were so totally outplayed by Barca in the last Champs League final (at Wembley of all places) has not quenched your ardor. I would suggest to you that in any big footballing nation, except England, such a result would cause great reflection and soul-searching about the footballing philosophy that led to such a humbling. I am happy to acknowleddge that Sir Alex has a core of British players, to whom are added quality foreign imports, who play a very efficient system that is marked by pace and power. Functionality is given priority over creativity. Their style of play, aided and abetted by the English football establishment, has been very successful. But how do you explain why they looked so poor against Barca while we were able to be competitive and even beat them at our place?

  201. Sorry dont get the Barca wouldnt do well in England thing theyd have pissed last years title they are a class apart possibly the best club side to have played the game, Yes the diving and feigning of injury would be less tolerated but theyve still got far to much talent to worry about the likes of Stoke oh and dont forget they are the darling of UEFA so even if Stoke did try to kick them off the park phsyical contact would be outlawed 🙂

    United tried to rough them up in last year champions league final it worked for the first 15mins and then they chased shadows,

  202. signing 8 youth players this summer is stupid.

    signing another 2 is criminal.

    JET is just an example of this ridiculous project.

    if we didn’t sign a single youth this summer, it wont spell the end of arsenal.

    if the 8 players signed where experienced players.
    arsenal would be challenging for the title.

  203. Northbank @4:06

    That’s a good question!

  204. moderation YW?

  205. @chippy at 4.20pm

    That was just over one game…… 90 minutes.
    Over a season of 38 games that type of play would take its toll, injuries, fatigue, drop in motivation, fear even…….. and I go back to my last question:

    When was the last time a Barca player had their leg broken by a bad tackle in the Spanish league?

  206. Agreed Chippy. Most sides never see the ball. We did well against them but there was no doubt they outclassed us in the 2nd leg (even though we could have won).

    Yes the are repulsive at times but they are also breathtaking – especially in the way play without the ball.

    Do I like them, no. Do I respect them, not really. Do I think that when you look past those issues they are the best team on the planet by a country mile? Yes. Fuck yes.

    I think people need to remember the Stoke’s of this world would never see the ball and would mostly end up with players off the park if they tried to kick them out of the game.

  207. Bradys right foot

    Poodle honestly don’t think Cahills top of the list, I think well go in for Jags again first and if Everton don’t play ball Cahillmaybe an option.

  208. My prediction for Saturdays game at St James………..

    Arsenal will be at least 4-0 up by half-time!

  209. Revision on the price – Fee thought to be £7m for O-C with around £4.5m in performance variables.

  210. @Bradys right foot

    I really don’t think David Moyes will sell Jags. Why? because I think he has a team to challenge for 3rd/4th place this season and Jags is an integral part of that plan. Realistically, if Wenger is looking to buy another CB it would be Cahill or Maerstaker whatshisname! Both cheaper than Jags and Samba.
    I don’t normally talk about other teams prospects but I think Everton will do better than the other scousers next season. Dalquiche is just spending money and not thinking about how the team will fit together, whereby Moyes, is more in the mold of Wenger, and seriously considers any additions to the team.

  211. Andy, I think your referencing my comments about beating Barcelona and United’s creativity. I made those comments about Barcelona because Ashburton said that Koscielny wasn’t good enough and Bill was moaning about skillfull defenders, when a recomendation of his, Matts Hummels, is the epitome of a silky defender. With regards to United’s creativity, the fact that they have less creative players on the pitch is not an indictment of their style. It suits them defensively, but they only managed to score so many goals at home versus away.

  212. Jonny,
    Spot on thats exactly where i sit on Barca horrible club of the pitch now – but one of the best to ever set foot on one, Shame as i always held them up to be an example especialy against the evil empire of Madrid now i have to get on with supporting Sporting Gijon 🙂

    Teams in spain have tried to stop Barca playing witness Bibao against them last year when they mistook Messis legs for the ball and he was stretchered off after about the 6th terrible tackle in the first half its happens to all top sides that try to play, Best,Pele cruyff could vouch for that the Top Top sides will always find the will and have the ability to overcome that,

  213. A bold proclamation but I think that, as usual, Everton’s squad will be their undoing. They have a good first team when all fit and firing and they are well drilled but there is no way they can compete with Liverpool’s squad.

    You are right though, Dalglish’s spending seems haphazard at best, but if he addresses the problem at the back by transfer window close then it won’t look too bad.

    Be strange if the surplus of midfielders led to Mireiles’s departure as he was one of their best player’s last season.

    I’ll be interested to see how Adam gets on – I was surprised Liverpool were the only team in for him…

  214. Shotta:

    I don’t really care at this point how we do it I just want arsenal to win things. We are doing things differently both in the type of players we have and our tactics compared with the successful arsenal teams of the recent past and the teams that are successful now in the PL. Its great to be an innovator but when you are not as successful as expected you need to be able to recognize and admit that you may have made some miscalculations. Re-inventing the wheel when you had a hugely successful template from arsenal past success and have successful teams around you makes no sense. All the successful teams in the PL for years, arsenal included have started with a solid defense and built on that rather then the other way around. They have all had a balance of size and strength to go along with their technical players. Even barca are in the top 3 for goals conceded in Europe in the last 5 years. Spain conceded 2 goals in 8 WC games at the WC. Having that solidity and strength in the back is even more important in the ultra physical PL IMO. Call it an obsession with playing defensively if you want.

    With regards to English football reinventing itself because of the CL final, Breaking a mold that has worked very well in our league and been moderately successful in the CL for years seems unlikely to happen. Using that logic then after last year we should have all started to play like Inter. Barca are an amazing team and their approach has not been successfully duplicated by anyone else in recent times. Our experience to date shows how difficult it is to do anything similar to what they do on a consistent basis in our league.

  215. Thanks for that link LA. Good digging

    Very nice summary of how to fuck up a football club.


  216. With Gervinho and Chamberlain being brought in, what is Walcott’s future? He’s got 2 years left on his contract if things I’ve read are accurate, so are we going to sell him next season or are we making him one of our strikers up front?

  217. Watched the Dortmund vs Hamburg season opener. Dortmund had this very exciting Japanese midfielder (can’t remember his name). Very good player, finds spaces especially in tight areas. Missed a few scoring chances but he has a real engine. The commentator said he was only snapped for 300m. Can anyone help with his name. I think he is good enough to play for Arsenal

  218. I can see it now the date 1st Sept cesc gone nasri gone. and wingers will say to our `surprise ` that he believes the squad I pray I am wrong. actions speak louder than words

  219. Arsene Wenger’s quote from Yahoo Sports:

    ““We have to stay focused and confident,” Wenger told the club’s official website. “I don’t think there is any reason to have a bad mood. All we can do is prepare well.””

    Kind of hard when it feels that we had the worst prep ever to a season in terms of players injured and players (Plural) who we are not sure they’ll be with us next season (5 days away) or not.

    I think what Wenger is trying to say is “Support us in spite of all this”?

    I sure will, is there any other choice?

  220. G4E glad you said what you did. Unfortunately there are many other choices, one of them being “Wenger OUT !!!” Arsene is trying to unify the fanbase, but some people see his words as lies.

    Some see our situation like this. We’ve sold Adebayor and Toure, so we have at least 30 millions to spend. Cahill costs 17 millions. Simple enough right?

    Man Shit has put up the illusion that all one needs for a transfer is money. Partially, but not wholly true.

  221. Wenger is bloody cheating us again. Only paying 7m for OX whereas Fergie and Daglish would have paid 20m!

  222. this is the only season i have started – and agreed with pundits when they rule us out of title contention.

    call me doom.

  223. Harry Redknapp got a call from the police last night saying that looters had broken into White Hart Lane. His first comment was “What about the cups?”. The officer reassured him that the looters had not been anywhere near the canteen.

  224. tatezee: you are talking about shinji kagawa. yes he’s quite a talent, can play with both feet and attacks the ball with his head even though he is not the biggest. man utd were interested in him.

    but on the dortmund team, there is another player called mario götze, whom they hail in germany as the jahrhunderttalent. century talent. i hope that the day götze leaves dortmund, it will be for arsenal.

  225. Ashburton Patriot

    am i still a twat?

  226. Tateeze, his name is Kagawa. Very good little striker. I watched that game last night as well.

    The player I’d get from Dortmund, however, is Goetze. He’s one of the most exciting youngsters I’ve seen in a long time. If we got him to replace Cesc I’d be very happy. He’s the only player out there that I’d pay £30m for. A midfield consisting of Goetze and Wilshere would be out of this world.

    What happens to Theo now that we have Oxlade-Chamberlain? He gets moved up top so he can concentrate on running at defenders and nothing more. A front three of Gervinho, O-C and Theo would be the scariest thing in the world. To make matters worse we’d have Vela to sub in for Theo and Ryo to sub in for Gervs.

  227. Boozy, you’re not doom, you’re clarevoyant.

  228. well hello Bill Turner, it’s that time of day for the ‘septics’ 🙂
    I really do agree, people think that arranging to buy a player is just about offering the right amount of cash and presto…….. deal done!
    They forget about the wages that need to be negotiated, the add ons, the length of contract, any buy out clauses, or sell on clauses, the gaurentees of first team football, the house that will bought for them in a crime free street somewhere in St Albans, the school arrangements for his kids (or future kids) his wifes (or girlfriends) Anne Somers prescription and his lifelong surply of condoms……. and that’s before the agent puts in his demands.

    And they think Wenger takes too long to sign someone……… it must be a nightmare.

  229. its strange how some fans are still excited about the signing of another kid.

  230. well Boozy atlest nobody can accuse AW for not splashing cash! he splashes alright! And alot of money too taken the age of the kid into concideration. Hes not stingy at all.
    The fact he does not use money like you want him to is a totally different matter. But he does ues money.

  231. On a related note, Neuer only had one save to make in Bayern’s 1 – 0 loss to Gladbach … and he fucked it up really bad:
    That’s even worse than Fabianski against Newcastle last season.

  232. Jeez boozy, lighten up.

  233. Boozy, some fellow in Barcelona said the same thing when they signed Messi!

  234. @northbank you think Everton will fight for 3rd or 4th place this season? That will be really hard for them. Im sure Tottenham will be no 5-6 together with Liverpool. I just cannot see either City, United, Arsenal or Chealse loosing their top 4 spot. their team is in noway better than the top 4 atm.

    Its a right shame United never bought Rodwell but had to go for Jones. Im sure we would have landed Jones if they had gone for Rodwell instead.

  235. @Boozy

    It’s so called kids that kept us in the game at the end of last season……. Wilshere, Ramsey, Chezzers….. when the older heads of Cesc, Nasri, Clichy were dropping and giving up……. as a so called arsenal fan you should be glad that Wenger is buying young, passionate players who actually want to play for Arsenal.

  236. More English spine, hehehehehehe.

  237. The cynicism from Arsenal fans about young players is just appalling. AOC will get game time this season; he contributed to 20 League One goals as a 17-year-old! That’s pretty much unheard of, and all the proof you’ll need that he can handle to the physical side of things, as well as being able to pass and dribble. By all accounts he’s going to end up as a box-to-box midfielder. Can’t wait to see him in action for us.

  238. How can anyone not be excited that we’re adding quality to the team?

    Oxlade has been on the cards since forever. His signing won’t affect are business elsewhere. Our net transfer spend is probably still in the negative.

  239. *are=our

  240. Alex is supposed to be as talented as Theo … so if you can have two Theo Walcotts as opposed to just one … isn’t it obvious which choice to make?

  241. Kenyan Gunner, what a distraction. You had me googling to check if Obama smokes…:-)

  242. @Poodle
    It’s only my prediction from what I saw of Everton from the last part of the season. Also, I believe that David Moyes is a better manager than Dalquiche and ‘arry car salesman. Can only wait till next May to see if my prediction is correct.

    And I don’t think Arsenal and Man U will drop out of top four, but Chelsea and City……….. this isn’t just a dream, it’s something I truly believe based on the managers of the teams.

  243. Peacefrog, he claims he gave it up!

  244. Cool
    So Le Boss spends upwards of £10 million on a 17 year old and is prepared to lose £20 million on Nasri.
    So what is all this “he thinks it his money” come from?
    Another pack of lies exposed

  245. OOU,
    Box-to-box? Interesting indeed. Reminds me of how Schweinsteiger was moved back from a winger to a CM.

  246. AOC, as OOU put it, is a good buy as he’s exempt from the first 25 list for the next three years. We can still buy if we need to!

  247. i watched chamberlain last season against man utd if i remember correctly in one of the cups. compared to walcott when he joined us, oxlade chamberlain is definitely a more complete player.

  248. Bradys right foot

    The Ox signed, one down two to go.

  249. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t George.

    Evil – careful of the Theo comparisons, your actually doing the Ox a disservice – he’s much more advanced and rounded as a footballer than Theo was when we signed him. The only real comparison is speed, though I imagine the Ox is just a tad slower.

    As I said before, two-footed, tracks back and makes great tackles, excellent close-control at high speed, scores and creates and can also play in the middle.

    Unless you are a moronic depressive like Boozy this is a good signing at a decent price and i am confident he will get game time and make an impression.

    I hope and anticipate more good news before the week is out.


  250. Paulie Walnuts

    The OC looks a natural.

    English & £7M – got to be worth a punt.

  251. Two comments about our new young prodigy:

    First, you notice that wenger describes him in totally different ways than wolcot. In fact he calls him an attacking center mid. Second, why do I think that those amongst us demanding an english spine will not view him as….ahem, that english? I mean with him and wishire and gibbs….plus the english kinda in ramseyt

  252. I’m sure Obama smokes, but he only partakes when he is alone with his wife………… it just adds that little bit of je ne sais quoi to the preceedings……….

    George……. it really is “it’s it official. 🙂

    Oneof Us, I hope he gets some game time, can’t wait for Saturdays game, Newcastle fans and Joey ‘lucky not to be in prison’ Barton are already laying down the gauntlet………… we will punish, they will hurt, they will suffer pain, they will bleed.
    Team to inflict serious GBH on Newcastle:
    depending on injuries:
    —————- Chez
    Sagna——-Verm—–Kos——-Gibbs or Traore
    ——————– Song————- Ramsey or Frimpong
    ————- Theo or Ryo
    ————————————————- Gerv the head
    —————————- RVP

    Newcastle slaughtered

  253. I have been watching and enjoying football since the late sixties. Although I am North American by birth and have other sports that tug on my enthusiasm, I enjoy the sweet nuance of Arsenal Football under Arsene Wenger. Prior to this wonderful manager, I was a fan of any team that would present the technical side of the game. I particularly enjoyed watching Argentinian and Brazilian players in whatever leagues they were happening to play.

    When Arsene arrived at Arsenal I was an immediate convert. I admit that I am not a supporter in the sense that many of you happen to be. My only allegiance is to the quality of football that is played, which gives me everything in the way of entertainment value. Arsenal are supreme in this aspect of the game. If they are able to win a trophy along the way that is nice. However, I stress that, to me, trophies would be meaningless without the form that a Wenger team presents – virtually everytime it takes the to the field of play. In addition, Wenger stresses the technical side of the game from an early age in his Youth sides. The development of the Youth Program also engenders an enthusiasm in me, as well as decent football players.

    I know there are many in the Media who tend to scoff at Wenger’s developmental system and often refer to the team as Wenger and the Kids. I do not give these naysayers a pinch of salt since we all know and understand that occasionally a superb gem arrives from the Youth group that places them all in awe.

    From afar, I can tell you, without a regional bias, that Arsene Wenger is the supreme, unchallenged Manager in the world!

  254. @NB playing good half a season gets you nowhere. You should know that if you have followed Arsenal for a while. We are the living proof.

    With him as “english” in our 25 man group we would have room for more foregins even if we sell Cesc right?

  255. So will Chamberlain go to the reserves or be thrust into the first team?

  256. Two owls….you have my vote….

  257. We only got him for £7m? Not bad.

  258. Ashburton Patriot

    Its a start.
    Just the fact that he has ox in his name.

    Whens the cb coming arsene.

  259. we got a “real british spine” going now. WIth Gibbs, Wilshere, Walcott, Lansbury, Frimopong, Jenkinson, Afobe all being included in the first team. And Bartely and most likley Aneke waiting in the wings.

    Oh and i forgot Ramsey ofc.

    So AW now splashes cash. lots of cas according to the tabloids on young english talent. We also got an English spine coming through.

    Most critics are on about how we are a foregin team and that we dont use cash.

    Look at our first team lineup and tell me we are a foregin legion is answear to point 1.
    We use cash, we just may not use it on what you feel we should is the answear to point 2. How els can you xplain using 15M on a 18 year old?

  260. Two Owls

    Nice post………..

  261. peacefrog,
    Straight into the 1st team according to “”

  262. According to @OliverKayTimes

    Arsenal confirm signing of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. Southampton get £12m guaranteed, further £3m worth of add-ons.

    Well thats what I get for making fun of Liverpool overpaying for English talent 🙂

  263. korihikage says:
    August 8, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    Gainsbourg69 says:
    August 8, 2011 at 5:57 pm

    thanks you two.. That Goetze looks a great player. I can only imagine a midfield combo with him and Jackie.

    peacefrog says:
    August 8, 2011 at 6:51 pm
    So will Chamberlain go to the reserves or be
    thrust into the first team?

    Def. Check

  264. “There’ll always be an England
    And England shall be free
    If England means as much to you
    As England means to me”

    Wilshere, Walcott, Gibbs, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Oxo Gravy, Afobe, Bartley, Lansbury
    Ramsey———– welsh but nearly English

  265. emake no mistake we have a class player in oxo. but we still need these exp players ready to go straight in but we will worry about later for now we should be happy to see us get this quality kid.

  266. will oxo be our record signing then if those figures are correct?
    now how about slingin a few mil at a centrehalf too
    that’d be nice wouldnt it?

  267. hah its funny, on his “Join the club pictures” he trys really hard to look cool but he does not manage to hide his enourmous grin 🙂
    i like it! thats how excited he is to join Arsenal 😀

  268. is oxo superquality?

    No, another hypercritical comment from arsene

  269. First team at 17?…Brilliant…so I reckon another loan spell for Lansbury…

  270. yeah john hes so super quality he doesnt even need boots (check out his pics on

  271. Welcome on board Oxo – sounds like a decent prospect. Clearly no-one really knows the fee. I’ve been reading on the internet for 10 minutes and have seen it quoted as £5m +£5m add-ons, £7m +£5m and £12m + £3m.

    For anyone that doesn’t understand the 25 man squad rule, this doesn’t make any difference as he doesn’t need to be named in it because he’s not 21 for another 3 years.

    Now, please spend on a centre back!!

  272. Depends on if the 15.5m figures floating around for Nasri and Arshvain are true but one thing is certain Arsene Wenger can’t complain about high prices for players anymore.

  273. He is the big name people have been calling for. Reading up on him the Southampton fans say he has all the tools to be star and has the right teacher in AW for it so fingers crossed he will be a great buy (Then city can bid 60m for him in three years:) )

  274. I do love the idea of an Ox in our team. He sounds awesome.

    Poodle @ 6:58:

    That spine you just described has an average age of less then 20. The squad is getting younger almost by the day. The fact that they are English helps with the homegrown rule but otherwise is not important. Hope this group can stay together long enough to form an effective spine

  275. Still a couple of weeks left to sign someone. If he doesn’t sign a defender you lot can moan for ONE day and then you zip it, agreed?

    @ Jonny and Chippy
    Not being able to get near us didn’t stop Shawcross et al from diving in late, did it? Didn’t stop Taylor trying to unscrew Clichy’s head or those Stoke players from kneeling on Cesc’s neck and yanking his head up by the hair. In fact not being able to get near you is probably why they make these horrible fouls. Remember Manure in the CL final? They stamp on us, elbow us etc – because English referees let them. No-one can say how they’d do but you can’t dismiss the effect of that sort of physical punishment. Like NB says, how many broken legs for Barfa in the last five years?

    @ john
    “No, another hypercritical comment from arsene”
    I suspect you are the “hypercritical” one.

  276. @ Two Owls
    bravo to that comment

  277. “I’ll always be a Septic
    Pour your piss on me
    If Sh!t means as much to you
    As Sh!t means to me”

    C’mon Septics!!

  278. I doubt very much if oxo goes directly into the first team, Lansbury will be there.
    Gerv the head and Ryo though, still haven’t got their team numbers……. Ryo possibly because of work permit.. but the gervinhos should have a number by now.
    4 and a bit days to kick off……… can’t wait!

  279. Ox is worth the transfer fee, of that I have no doubt, not just a prospect but an amazing talent at his age. Well, in terms of players returning and team changes all round it seems like 8 “new players” in, so far: Jenks, 3Gs, Ox, Frimpong, TV, Ram, Fab, Traore and Vela, and likely 1 to come (a CB). I somehow doubt the problem will be depth. More, finding the right combinations and cohesive team play with so many changes. We have a few injuries, but nothing like last year with only Diaby out for too long (end August) and maybe Gibbs, and others minor, AW trying like hell to stop them playing for national sides this week. The Nasri saga seems to have died down, and I now assume he will stay, especially after being involved in pre-season and sign an extension. The Cesc saga is clear, like last year the offer has not matched the value. Nothing to say, or do.

  280. It’ll be nice to start flying my Arsenal flag again. All the Red Manc lovers in town need to get put in place.

  281. @ NorthBank1969
    “Alex will go into the Arsenal first-team squad and immediately start training at London Colney in readiness for the start of the new season.”

  282. James clarified that Ox need not be named in the squad, so Lansbury might still get his chance…

  283. None of the new younger players will get that much first team time, but 2 or 3 games, a few more off the bench, why not? That is the strategy.

  284. @Lewl123 why cant he complain about high prices? The price on OX is high becuase hes an icredible talent. And hes homegrown which means everything when it comes to the 25 man rule(yes i know hes under 21 also….)
    Cahill is not worth 17M . Hes good but hes not incredible. I bet both Smalling and Jones wil be infront of him in the England peckingorder unless Cahill gets his ass to a big club very quick. He was not even our first choice defender this year. not our second choice neither. IF we buy cahill he is the third choice option. After Jags and Jones.

    OX is as good as Jones. Those two are incredible prospects. You should not pay same price for diamons as you do for silver. Thats why AW is moaning about prices cos atm you pay dimond price for silver players.

  285. @ Bill T
    Flying the flag on your car, you mean?

  286. @zimpaul Nasri signed an extention?

  287. well he clearly doesn’t think we need defenders, before the season ended he said we will not be buying anyone for the flanks.

    I think this may have been after the liverpool game, then the week after he said we are weak defensively maybe he thinks clichy was the main culprit, or he lied when he said he would address them, either way our defensive has got worse.

    it’s ok though we have about 2 dozen midfielders.
    cesc fabregas the best player in the league is going to leave us and he gets oxo, jenkinson and gervinho.

    these fucking yobs are a disgrace sky news now i hope they blow themselves up

  288. Ashburton Patriot

    What if frimp totally declared for england, isn’t he like ghanaian

  289. Nah, flying it outside my apartment FunGunner. It is the best when i’m sittin on my porch having a brew or something and a dude wearin a Red Manc jacket walks by. Quite the earful I give em!

  290. how do you work that one out fungunner?

  291. i do like gervinho though

  292. poodle

    Because he is paying £12 -15m for a player that has only player first team football in League One. I have seen all of ten minutes of him playing but people say (Southampton fans who have watched him) he is the business so I have to trust them.

  293. Pumped about signing Chamberlain. Walcott’s been worth the money we spent on him back then, and if you disagree, I’m sure Dalglish or Mancini would be there with a bucket of cash to take him off our hands. Yes we still need defensive reinforcements but as a fan of Arsenal, the style and the brand, be excited rather than joyless about Arsene working to continue the entertainment into the next decade. Be thankful, too, that the best young prospects in the world still consider AFC to be an aspirational pinnacle. Good work, Arsene.

  294. @ Bill Turner | August 8, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    haha – well if you run out of abusive remarks for Mancs make sure you come and ask us for more ammo!

    @ john
    hypercritical = too eager to find mistakes in everything; extremely critical

  295. Arsene’s clarification of the difficulties that beset our efforts to sign players can be found on Arsenal Player. It seems very clear and honest and should be listened to by anyone not too blinded by the blindness of their acquired hatred.

  296. look at it how you want fungunner that is what deluded people do..

  297. @ Dgob | August 8, 2011 at 8:12 pm

    Quite right. But some people are resolutely determined to ignore the reality. They are determined to get upset about things that they can’t affect and AW can’t change.

  298. FunGunner I could always use some more ammo. Please, do tell!

    That Oxlade Chamberpot sure looks the part. Short enough to the point were he can dribble around the big loaf defenders, big enough to the point were he can shrug off said loaf defenders

  299. ok no use complaining about the ox.

    i welcome him, and hopes he makes an immediate impact to the team.

    now wenger go and get what the team really needs.

  300. @ Bill T

    You need to ask people like Limpar Assist and Dexter – they’re the experts in anti-ManUre insults.

  301. Welcome to the best club in the world A.O.C. It’s great to have another player who can’t wait to play for AFC. If he has the ability (super quality), his age is irrelevant. We will not be dependent upon him, but if he can contribute to the quality of the squad while he adjusts to the PL he is welcome. Remember young Cesc? Look at JW and Szczesny. They have all made valuable contributions despite their youth.

    As for the CB, Arsene has said that he will look to buy a defender. I think the reason Jagielka is his first choice is because of his versatility and ability to fill in elsewhere in defence and midfield. But I’m sure he’ll move onto the other names on the list if that one does not work out. Cahill at £17m in the last year of his contract is way over-priced. It’s also telling that he is not being linked with other top teams if he is so desirable.

  302. Bill Turner @7.36pm

    LOL 🙂

    It’s interesting that no one has come back with the stats of how many broken legs suffered by barca players in the Spanish league!
    Which leads me to believe they haven’t suffered in the Spanish league like Arsenal have suffered in the EPL………. conclusion, Barca would finish 4th or 5th due to injuries and fatigue in the EPL.

  303. jonny what doesnt make sense is you salivating over the arrival of ox.

    you never learn anything.

  304. Northbank I am pretty certain that Messi, Xavi and Co haven’t spent nearly as much time on the injury table as our guys. FFS the last time I saw a Barcalona player get stretchered off the field, he actually sat up while being carried off the pitch, then ran straight back on. Fuck you Dani Alves.

  305. “Join the Business class (see: cheating class) of Barcalona”

  306. Alex Orange County – if he really is more promising than Theo was at his age, then wow! He sounds very sensible, intelligent and hungry. He is delighted to be playing for Arsenal, Henry was his favourite player growing up and he loves our style of play. And he very properly and humbly gives credit to Southampton for his development so far. Sounds like an Arsenal player to the ends of his toes.

  307. At least the ox doesn’t have spanish DNA.

  308. Do you think Wenger is trying to recreate his young policy with English players that are not as likely to want to go home to Spain,etc. ?

  309. I was impressed by his interview too FG. He could barely contain his excitement

  310. 15 million for oxo??
    why is it we have no problem breaking the bank for a youth player but when it comes to established PL players we haggle over a few quid??
    none the less, oxo gets rave reviews from the southampton fans and fergie was after him so the kids got something, but i fully expect us to match that price and beat it to get a CB..

    its a decent signing, but i hope its not the superstar signing wenger was on long as oxo is the first of many then alls good, but if we waste our window buying more under 21’s then clearly lessons have not been learned

  311. Right, I’m gonna have an early night…….. been hard work posting on here today, I had to use what little brain cells I have left and at the same time finish a painting.
    It’s alright for the Septics who come on when it’s 3pm over the pond…….. but in France it’s 22h 14 .
    Bon Nuit, roll on Saturday……… I’m getting excited 🙂

  312. This is a Wenger signing no doubt. Sounds like close to a new club record. Would never have paid that without a bidding war. The board is clearly not the part of AFC that is controlling the check book.

  313. i for one think that if you are good enough, you are old enough. jack wilshere didnt look out of place in terms of ability against the bastards of barcelona. of course you might say that he is an exceptional talent.

    but what i feel is that supposedly experienced players have let us down when we needed leadership on the pitch. by that i meant older players like squillaci, almunia, rosicky, eboue, arshavin. did they step up when we needed them to? on the contrary, it was the youngsters like sczesny and wilshere who stepped up.

    what i feel the team needs is not so-called experience, but confidence and guts to play.

    someone like AOC can come in and inject some freshness into our team.

  314. An upfront fee of £6.5m has been agreed in a deal that will rise to at least £12m.
    Oxlade-Chamberlain, 17, underwent a medical earlier today and has signed a long-term contract.
    Arsenal have pursued Oxlade-Chamberlain for the best part of 10 months, with Arsene Wenger and Chief Scout Steve Rowley rating the England U19 international as the best attacking player of his generation.
    Attempts to sign the player fell through in January and at the start of the summer due to Southampton’s insistence on including a sell-on clause in the deal which Arsenal were reluctant to agree to.
    By increasing the initial outlay from £5m to £6.5m, both clubs finally reached an agreement.
    Oxlade-Chamberlain will wear the number 33 shirt.

  315. Bill

    According to Jeremy Wilson on Twitter

    Interesting detail on Oxlade-Chamberlain is that Man U asked to be kept informed but were not willing to pay £12m. #mufc #saintsfc #arsenal

  316. i for one don’t think we need a centreback because our centrebacks are not good enough. in my opinion, only one of our centrebacks is really bad.

    i think we all know that vermaelen is quality. and i still havent figured out how people could come up with the idea that he be moved to leftback. that idea has never ever crossed my mind.

    i think koscielny is better than many think he is. i like his reading of the game and his passing. laurent blanc apparently rates him highly as well, and i think blanc knows a thing or two about defenders.

    djourou has made high profile errors. but i think he is a better defender than he thinks he is.

    miquel and bartley are definitely ones for the future. maybe not quite ready for a full season.

    i don’t know why squillaci is still with us, and why we paid 10million for him in the first he is the centreback i wish we could replace, then we are ready for the new season.

  317. Jabba's Delights

    Zim paul

    ”8 “new players” in, so far: Jenks, 3Gs, Ox, Frimpong, TV, Ram, Fab, Traore and Vela, and likely 1 to come (a CB). I somehow doubt the problem will be depth. ”

    Did i honestly just read that right. Thats exactly what the problem is. You just named 4 players without a top level start between them and called it depth what planet are you on. All appear talented players but all need time to adjust the the rigours of the strongest league in the world and time is something we dont have. Traore as a starting left back in the prem is a scary prospect. from spending the last week with 3 season juventus season ticket holders their reports on him were shocking. If he wasnt injured he wasnt good enough to make their bench. He currently is starting for us if gibbs cant recover from his latest injury set back. I cant understand how Liverpool get smashed for paying loads of cash on english talent and yet we are applauded for spending big on a hugely talented kid.

    no more chat about not having cash, its quite clear we do, arsene go out and get the players we need.

    good luck to chaimberlin, he looks like he has all the ingredients but so do a few youngsters in his position at the club.

  318. Oh for fuck’s sake Boozy – first ‘salivating’ is hardly accurate – I posted a few comments based on what Southampton fan friends had told me as I thought it would be interesting for fellow Arsenal supporters to get some more detail of our signing.

    Secondly I am an Arsenal ‘fan’ – how can you claim to be a fellow fan and criticise me for being excited about a new quality, arrival at the club?!!

    Sure you may disagree that he is a bad signing, or not the signing that is needed – in fact you may do so to your heart’s content (and to everyone else’s misery). But you cannot tell me whether or not I have the right to feel happy about a signing and to express positivity.

    I don’t often make personal attacks – especially to another Arsenal fan – but you really wind me up. You repeatedly come across as a total prick who likes to pick holes in everything.

    I know you won’t but why don’t take your negativity somewhere else? If you have a Le Grove mentality why do you spend your time picking fights at Untold and on here?

    I don’t mind hearing a balanced argument and I am not against criticism of Wenger but you spend more time picking fights with your fellow Arsenal fans than you do supporting the team. It’s perverse, unhealthy, pointless and fucking tedious.

    Now you are telling me what/how I should think/react?? Get over yourself.

  319. JonJon | August 8, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    Have you been reading and believing the media again? You have no idea how true your assumptions are.

  320. There will be some miserable bastards on Saturday if this turns out to be the only “good news” of the week.
    I demand Wenger buys the players I want ,If he does not he has lost it.

    Top post from Two Owls

  321. “i don’t know why squillaci is still with us, and why we paid 10million for him in the first he is the centreback i wish we could replace, then we are ready for the new season”.

    I’m not sure where you got that idea from. He was not bought as a first choice defender, so I highly doubt that we paid that much for him.

  322. JJ, Arsene spends big on youth prospects so that they don’t cost us double or triple down the road. They also get time to play proper football at Arsenal before becoming super stars.

  323. moan moan moan.

  324. korihikage £10 million for squillaci It was nearer £2 million as I recall

  325. Arsenal fans like Jabba are seariosley worse than the worst dinner ladies! all they do is moan. i mean, thats what old women do. moan moan moan. Jabba you are like an old women!

  326. i think we could sign the entire England team and people would still moan.

  327. Samba has to operate a groin btw. lucky we did not buy him. Dread to think wasting 10M on him and hes out until xmas with a groin injury

  328. sorry passenal?? hello to you too…
    have you been reading and believing the bullshit again??

  329. Squillaci cost about €3 m I think, no where near £10m

  330. To those saying Bendtner’s wages are the problem I have news that he’s agreed terms, just not sure with which club yet. Guess the fee is now the hold up.

    If this is true, and he is sold and RVP is barred from the Udinese game who the fuck will be playing up front?

    The mind boggles.

  331. I have to admit to being excited about the signing of the young Ox, he will be great to throw on in he last 20 minutes or so against those who like to park the bus. Theo needs the competition as well I feel, although where AW will end up playing him I am not sure.

    On a different note, I will be missing the first game of the season as I am of to Disney World of all places from Thursday til Monday. If I can find somewhere showing it I will watch it of course but I doubt it is high up on Disney’s agenda. Fucking should be though!!

    Went for a beer with four friends who are all born and raised Liverpool fans, imagine how surprised I was when they all confessed to being very fucking nervous about this season. Apparently they conceded an average of 3 goals a game in preseason and that is after they have spent over 100 million since king Kenny returned. Although they where all still laughing at Torres only managing 1 goal for the Chavs, not bad for 50 million, huh?:)

  332. That will be Chamakh Jonny and Wenger 🙂

  333. I would not mind Vela playing upfront against Udinese. Best finisher in the team other than Van Persie.

  334. @ Poodle: If we where to sign the entire English team then even I would be calling for AW’s head!!!!

    As for Samba having to “operate a groin” what is the problem with that? I have to “operate” my groin every now and then and I can still go to work no probs!!!

  335. Ox sounds like he has fantastic potential. I hope he really is the best attacking player of his generation. He clearly is a luxury signing at this point but I love any Arsenal signing no matter what the circumstances. Always have. Lets do a whole bunch more.

  336. Lol George! :))

    I don’t think I’d add much to the attack…maybe enthusiasm.

    Wenger at least has the ‘experience’ people have been clamouring for!

  337. gains i think thats a good policy to have but doing this in bulk just creates a problem i feel..
    weve got an academy but we continue to buy young players for big sums?? isnt that just overloading??
    so far weve recruited gervinho and weve recruited two u21’s (maybe thats 3 if its true weve got joel campbell) and four players from the academy..
    they all seem exciting purchases but wheres the experience?? wheres the balance??

    i agree our cb’s are individually talented but they have weaknesses as a unit..none of our cb’s have a year of pl experience under their belts..

    which i finds a huge problem..

  338. According to Gary Jacob in The Times:

    “The Premier League club have agreed to part with most of the £14 million fee up front — an initial £12 million, rising by £2 million — for the winger, who has played only in League One. That is substantially more than the money Arsenal first offered in January that was worth an initial £4 million, rising to £7 million.”

    If true wow.

  339. ‘long term contract for an undisclosed fee’ really is the only answer we can hope to be sure of 🙂

  340. Jabba's Delights


    Its just that some of your guys chat over the last 5 months is hilarious. You change your opinions at a whim. The majority of gooners and make no mistake about it it is the majority what arsene to spend his money on 3-4 establisahed players like gervinho to make us a better team come 1st game of the year. Once again it looks like he isn’t going to do what’s needed 3 years running. He has failed to sort out nasri or cesc like he said and quite frankly we have failed to impress in pre season our defensive organization looks as bad as ever. Have we done enough to close a 12 point gap to utd…….not even close at the moment.

  341. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain
    20-Goals and assists

    Benik Afobe
    20-Goals and assists

    its positive that we have two of the best attacking talents in the lower leagues so now our 2020 team is sorted can we at least try and spend some money on sorting this seasons team out??
    cos so far this window weve done nothing but buy and sell youth players..

  342. “have you been reading and believing the bullshit again??”

    So you’d rather believe the media who have their own agenda against your own club?

  343. if we can afford 50p up front and offer to pay off saints leckky bill for the next 40 years we can afford to sign more players like gervinho, only from our own league and have been grabbing headlines for a few seasons for barnstorming games..

    what the fuck are they doing to london?? what are they playing at…
    we need to get easten block on them and blast them all with one of them high powered hose pipes..or just get the police cavalry in and stampede them..if your stupid enough not to move then its your own fault your fucked up..shouldnt be fucking about in first place..

  344. Have to laugh at the Spuds (don’t I always!!?) as they are worried the recent rioting may cause their opening game to be postponed. Personally I don’t know what they are worried about as all of the rooters will be in Shite Hart Lane by the time kick off comes about. And as for after the game you would imagine they would be used to thousands of scumbags strolling around drunk and pissed off?

  345. i dont beleive any to be honest passenal
    any media outlet is propaganda its all bullshit..

  346. Radiohead has had enough of the media bullshit. Lyrics to a new song, entitled “Daily Mail”

    “We are here to keep you down, we will feed you to the hounds, to the Daily Mail”

  347. whats happening is off the scale of daftness..
    they are destroying their own community..robbing from the shops they buy from
    burning down the post offices they get their benefits from..
    the buses they use..
    they are going to regret this..stupids not the word..

    theres other ways to approach such things.

  348. @ JonJon are at least speaking from a position of knowledge, not pure conjecture or actual fabrication. Why the distrust of the official website? Have they ever posted anything which has turned out to be factually incorrect? They may well put a positive gloss on any news, but why is that worse than putting a negative gloss, or as I said, just putting out fabrications. The media outlets lie repeatedly, but you still trust them? Irrational.

    @ korihikage
    “what i feel the team needs is not so-called experience, but confidence and guts to play.
    someone like AOC can come in and inject some freshness into our team.”

    Yes. If you have confidence and guts it doesn’t matter how old you are.

    Interesting post about mufc, also fee just proves that Wenger is perfectly happy to spend if he believes he’s getting value. It’s not the amount, it’s whether we are going to get a commensurate benefit. Alvares for £12 million not worth it, AOC for £12 million *is* worth it.

  349. JJ, FunGunner | August 8, 2011 at 10:37 pm covered the points I would have made in response to your post.

  350. FunGunner

    What I got out of was that Ferguson who paid £16.5m for Phil Jones, £27m for Wayne Ronney, etc. was not willing to pay £12(15)m for AOC. Wenger must really think he is the business if as The Times reports it is £12m upfront (A very large chunk of the transfer Budget). Especially when you consider Ashley Young went for £16m as well this summer and Juan Mata was available for around £20m (I know not the same but…). Hope that he is right because if not will be another stick

  351. Jon Jon – I see your point but TV has over virtually a year of PL experience and anyway settled straight into the team. 50 or so appearances and 8 goals.

    Djourou had an incredible record for much of last season (we never lost when he played) but faded.

    Koscielny started slowly but looked excellent towards the end of the season. He doesn’t have a full season but he is settled now and looks the part.

    And – well I’ll stop there.

    The first choice pairing is obvious. The amazing thing is that we coped so long without TV for the entire season – only really fading towards the ignominious end.

    Wenger WILL sign a CB – of that I am not worried – and if TV/Koz/Djorou stay reasonably fit then we’ll be massively stronger than last season. I’m not much bothered who we sign to fill the last slot – I’ll let Wenger sort it out – I have no doubt he will have done the due diligence.

  352. fun tell you what they want you to believe..
    and yeah i can search thru the archives and find you loads of articles that have turned out to be crap..
    i chose not to believe them because i dont believe they tell the truth..
    any outlet…
    but i find you can form an opinion of your own from treading the grey area in between the black and white..
    and seeing the same recurring theme over and over again with your own eyes..

  353. lew1234 | August 8, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    Mata was paper talk. We have no way of knowing how much substance those stories had. He is also Spanish and we have been burned by Spanish players – Reyes, Merida, Cesc, so there were no guarantees that he would settle here. AOC will not be hankering for a return ‘home’ and if we decide to move him on we should be able to make our money back with the ‘English’ premium.

  354. Carl Jenkinson isn’t English by the way. should have all known by the low fee. he a fin.

  355. johnny a player like jagielka has more pl experience than those three put together so we need someone that will come in and be first choice and who knows how it works..someone who has been solid in this league for a good few seasons and a player who is at the top of his game and doesnt panic defend cos hes learned enough to stay composed..

    its ok saying we will buy a cb and wenger will sort it but we needed one last year and we needed one in january and we never got one..
    we need one this window and weve done everything but sign one..

    actions speak louder than words and so far its all been words..ive stopped listening i’ll believe it when i see it..

  356. jenks is Finglish

  357. Passenal
    All well and good what you say and I’m not disputing any of it but the fact is Mata was available for £20m and Ashley Young was available for £16m, two full internationals, Mata a World Cup and U-21 Euro winner while we spent £12(15)m (too much money I think) on a player that has only ever played in League 1. If things don’t go well it will be stick to beat Wenger with.

  358. Jabba feels Arsene has let him down,yet again,and failed in his duties.
    Criminal negligence if you ask me
    All he is asking is that Arsene does his best to carry out the wishes of the lad down the local Arsenal pub.
    Not to much to expect ,is it?

  359. JJ has your prescription run out?
    You seem a bit glum tonight old pal

  360. dukey | August 8, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    His mother is Finnish, his father is English.

    lew1234 – the papers ‘say’ he was available for £20m. You have no way of knowing whether that was true, so don’t state it as fact. You also don’t know whether Valencia were willing to sell or whether the player was willing to join us. Everything you read in the media was pure speculation.

  361. Passenal he knows its true because Jabba and Luke told him so

  362. Mate he had a clause in his contract that he was available before August for around £20m, if you choose not to believe that its up to you. Why no comment on Ashley Young?

  363. @ JonJon tell you what they want you to believe..

    What, like the fact that we have just signed AOC? Oh, hang on, we have.
    Go on, then – let’s have some examples of purveying lies. In your own time. give you Arsenal news from an Arsenal perspective. That is honest. What is dishonest is outside media pretending to be objective and either putting a negative spin on any stories whether they are good or bad news stories, or making negative insinuations or just plain lying.

  364. lol Lew1234 you contradicted yourself in a manner of seconds.

    “I’m not disputing any of it but the fact is Mata was available for £20m”

    I see Passenal already pointed out this fact but i will hammer the point home. You read that in a newspaper. So it must be true!!!! =)

  365. What he had a clause that said we put in an offer?
    WTF are you on about?

  366. Have you read Mata’s contract lew1234? Unless you have, I put it to you that this was also speculation by the media. As for Ashley Young, what has that to do with anything?

  367. hey William how are you ?

  368. George

    Thanks always like to know who tells me what I think.

  369. fun its propeganda..if i dug out all the bullshit articles ive seen id be here all night..
    you believe them, i dont like being brainwashed so i dont…
    we could debate this into next week but it wont change any opinion so whats the point?

  370. JonJon – Wenger has said he will buy one.

    Last season he made no such promise – though it is clear he did try.

    I think he gambled on TV recovering fitness and Squallici not being as big a lummox as he is. I think Wenger got that wrong and should have tried harder then to fix what was always going to potentially be a problem. I also think he should have done more last January to address the problem.

    That said he is not the only manager to make mistakes – he has said he will sign a defender and I think it’s best to take the view that still intends to do so.

    The window is open for another month.

  371. Lew1234.A tip for you.Don’t drink and post

  372. @ Jon Jon
    If it’s as bad as you say it is, it shouldn’t take you that long to find something. One article which propounded a lie will do.

    Propaganda? This is football, we’re talking about, right?

    If you don’t like being brainwashed, why do you pay so much attention to press speculation?

  373. Welcome to arsenal Chamberlain!

  374. Mata was paper talk. We have no way of knowing how much substance those stories had. He is also Spanish and we have been burned by Spanish players – Reyes, Merida, Cesc, so there were no guarantees that he would settle here. AOC will not be hankering for a return ‘home’ and if we decide to move him on we should be able to make our money back with the ‘English’ premium.

    How exactly did we get burned by Merida?

  375. I as a human being dont like to be brainwashed either one of the 5 things they say you shouldnt be.

  376. In my original post Mata was just one of the players I focused on, Ashley Young was the other. You chose to focus on Mata and ignored Ashley Young. As for seeing Mata’s contract, no I have not (and even if I had I don’t read Spanish) but unlike you I don’t believe everything in the media is baseless speculation (only about 50%) and that was reported by journalists that I have come to trust from looking at the stories they publish and see what is correct or incorrect. Like I said it is yours to believe or not.


    I wasn’t disputing the Spaniard failing to settle stuff or the that Arsenal hadn’t made an offer.

    And with that I’m off to bed.

  377. good point passenal about the spanks. dont like em, they have not thee balls, its why they lost the fukin spanish armada.

  378. george rodger

    Been teetotal all my life (no drugs either before you pipe in), but thanks for the gracious insult.

    And with that its definitely bed

  379. Bradys right foot

    I didn’t realise just how much Arsene wanted the Ox. This signiture really is a red rag to those crying out for experience.However I think this signing is something that was going to happen and shouldn’t be judged as what Arsene believes the sqaud needs at present.

    Interesting but unsubstantiated rumors regarding the upfront fee which personally I don’t believe but if you put it into the context of Silent Stans recent meeting it could point to some extra funds being made availible to the mysterious Transfer Aquisition Fund. Pure speculation on my part but it would be interesting to see if we get a bit more aggresive with our transfer targets in the next few days.

    I think we could sign two more players but with the Nasregas situation still unresolved and without the espionage skills of Markus Wolf who they’ll be remains a mystery save to probably Rawley and Wenger.


    bloody hell John Cross has mentioned le fucking grove as the mouthpiece of Arsenal fans who are not happy with us signing Alex bloody joke

  381. I’d rather a lefty then a center back coz Gibbs has a shocking injury record, so Wenger to gamble on him staying fit is a huge one and it will back fire on us and we will end up with are man traore in at the crucial end of season fair. atm i can see us sending this lot out to do battle later in the season.

    jenks. squid. kos. traore.

    fukin looks weak.

  382. Woolwich is burning at the moment guys.

  383. fun you can ask as much as you like in as many ways as you want but the answer will be the same..

  384. Sweet – reads pretty much what my Soton mates said – seems born & bred for The Arsenal.

  385. oneofus
    thats apalling..
    and football games are being called off in the area..

  386. Shops in Ealing & Notting Hill are also on fire

  387. John Cross has lost the plot

  388. maybe the geordies can start rioting so we can get the game called off till we get some defenders in!!!

  389. its obvious the police have full control then??

  390. its de ja vu george

  391. where are all the fukin pcso’s? .

  392. One of those fucking idiot looters was pictured with a stolen bag of rice FFS. Why the fuck would you steal rice?

  393. I kind of feel guilty worrying about new players when our Capital is being burned down.
    What on earth are these people thinking?

  394. why the fuck would you set fire to buildings with people in it?

    i think they’ll have to call the army in to regain order cos the dibble are usless..

  395. Its horrendous George. I dare not go outside – it sounds like hell on toast never – heard so much shouting, sirens, helicopters. Sad and sickened.

    It’s across most of London now –

  396. This just about brought me to tears – just humanises it all. So awful.

  397. Are you and your family safe Jonny?

  398. They might have to introduce martial law?

  399. has camden been hit??

  400. im watching them rip clapham up..

  401. These scum are now breaking into people’s houses because there are no police to stop them.

  402. when you live in a society where the pizza man comes quicker than the police you know its fucked up..

  403. Incidents in Camden Town now getting more serious particularly Chalk Farm Road.

  404. Thanks George,

    I think I am okay (my family live outside the aptly named big smoke) but I have friends across London many of whom live in hackney and dare not or cannot go home.

    The sirens are all I can hear for the last 4 hours solid, without respite and there has been shouting from the main road but I’m safe (I think) as I am tucked away from the high street.

    One of my flatmates should be back from work 2 hours ago and I can’t raise her but assume she is in the pub laying low. The wife is fretting like mad but fine.

    Literally as I type this I realised I can actually smell burning on the air outside – assume it is coming on the wind from far away as I cannot see or hear or locate any burning from the windows.

    This is real carnage – I’ve never experienced anything like it.

    It’s surely only a matter of time till someone dies as a direct cause of these cunts actions – it could be either side or a complete innocent. Then what happens?? The gangs see this as a way to get at the police (and nick stuff) and they know the force is stretched beyond compare. If it kicks off on Croydon it makes sense to start up somewhere else nearby – they know the force will all be in Croydon and so and so on.

  405. I’ve got a poodle that sounds like a Rottweiler when he barks! And a baseball bat. Won’t sleep until the helicopter stops circling! Looting down on Bugsby’s Way in Charlton as well.

  406. This from a friend just now – I already know of a friend of a friend who lived above the Carpetright building in Tottenham who only just got out in time and has lost everything, but luckily escaped. I’m amazed no-one has died yet. If that happens, you’re right, it will kick off even more massively. And shipping in more force from the home counties is not going to help much.

  407. hope to fuck they stay away from the Emirates!!

  408. Bradys right foot

    The state simply abandoned ordinary decent people to a mob of scum.

  409. Kind of puts football into perspective

  410. Reports on the BBC from Chalk Farm that scum are attacking passing motorists with scaffolding. This isn’t a riot or politics. It’s evil.

  411. Charlton’s not on that map, but has definitely been got, Jonny.

  412. The PM cutting his hols short. What a hero, not. Surely he can make a decision by phone. Send in the army and bust a few heads.

  413. Jonny and OOU, and of course any one for that matter who may be in London now, keep your heads down and be safe. Some advice guys. Pack a to-go bag, passport, bankcard, water, change of clothes that sort of stuff, meds if you need them as you never know and keep a fire extinguisher handy.

    Not sure the army would be such a good idea(yet) but will say a prayer for you guys. Hope your flatmate is ok Jonny.

  414. Well what can the police do about this lot?

  415. They are going to have to shoot a few looters

  416. How the hell am I meant to sleep? It’s a wall of noise out there and I’m to angry to turn my brain off. The thin veneer of ‘society’ and ‘community’ has been decimated. Tomorrow when some of these little idiot sons of fucks see the burning wrecks, and what they have done on their own doorstep, to their own neighbours, and to people’s lives…I hope they want to kill themselves with the shame.

  417. Jonny,they will think it is all good fun.They have no morals

  418. If someone in NYC would be so kind as to marry me I’d like to green card my way out of this awful country ASAP.

  419. Jonny, they have no shame.

  420. I keep seeing videos of the police charging these scumbags and they simply turn and run away. It does not take a genius to figure out that when you want to catch someone you surround them and give them no way out. It seems to be the best solution would be to surround the streets these fuckers are busy destroying and slowly tighten the noose. It may seem slow at first but once they realize they cannot get away with it, they will slink away like the fucking cowards they are. In time, with the aid of video evidence, the ones who think they got away will get what they deserve.

  421. Jonny these are kids in hoodies, they’re not the type to feel remorse. This is the shit they’ll brag about to their kids, like they’ve ‘stuck it to the man’ or something. It’s disgusting.

  422. My god they are just feral kids by the looks of it

  423. Sadly I agree with Vince. These are just stupid ignorant sons of bitches who tomorrow Jonny when they see burnt out cars and buildings, will simply point and snigger.

  424. I have never bean frightened of physical violence,but I would shit myself if I was in London tonight

  425. I said ‘hope’ – I do realise it will be mostly in vain.

  426. England friendly cancelled – wonder if the start of the season will be delayed.

    Those fuckers will probably stop when they realise there is nothing to watch on their shiny new plasma tvs.

    Can’t imagine many games in London will have police support able to spare the manpower…

  427. Shoot to kill,,, works in Africa and the middle east,, Asia too.

  428. Off to bed now hope all you London boys are ok whoever you support

  429. If they gave Totenham the olympic stadium this would not have happened .

    Seriously I’m really disgusted at what is happening in London. Too much human right bullshit and PC brigade ruining the country. a 16 or 17 year is not a child and the authoroties should stop pussy foot around these thugs, Bring back public flogging anything barbaric will do to stop these mindless thugs. Thay are burning and looting ordinary hard working people’s property for a laugh. It is sad to see a teenager slaping the police around while they stand and watch powerless. The law has to change and tougher measures need to be brought in place. The teacher can’t discipline a child in school because the PC brigade will accuse him of abuse, the parents are in the same situation, you hear parents taken to court for smaking their children when they misbehave. What is going on?

  430. I grew up in Africa and we did not dare so much as look at a cop funny for fear of a beating or worse. I remember getting caught with weed as a 15 year old kid. The cops put us in the back of the cop van and tear gassed us for 10 mins before taking us on a ” JOY ” ride through the sugar cane field with a loose spare wheel in the back with us. My friend broke his arm and I broke 2 ribs. We got home and cried to our parents who then proceeded to beat us for getting i trouble in the first place.
    Tough but we grew up with respect for the law. And our parents.

  431. I second George, I hope all are safe in London tonight. Gather these fuckers up, put them in uniform and send them off to Iraq or Afghanistan and let us see how tough they are then. What is the bet they all piss their pants at the very thoughts of going to a real war. They say these riots are really being caused by poverty and lack of opportunity? Then why would they lash out at their own neighbours? Burning their business to the ground, torching their cars, their homes. For what? The answer is they are simply ignorant fucking scumbags who would not know opportunity if it walked up and kicked them in the balls!! As for poverty, give them money and watch them go down in a drug induced, drunken orgy of the same violence we have witnessed these last 3 nights. I come from working class North Dublin, pretty similar, if not almost identical to a lot of the areas in and around North London. We where just as piss poor as these fuckers are claiming but we never did this!! No we went and looked for work in Dublin and when that failed we went some where else. I ended up in New York for fuck sake!! Life is what you make of it and any decision you make has consequences. I have no sympathy for these people, they deserve all that will happen to them and more besides. My sympathies are for those around them who try and make things work but have it all burn down around them by their so called neighbours.

  432. All well, Yogi?

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