Weakened Squad In Lisbon Is Fuel For Summer Saga’s

The final pre-season friendly takes place, the squad which flew to Lisbon was missing several key players. Despite the manager explaining why, a whole different perspective is unveiled in the morning media. It seems that Samir Nasri and Wenger shared an ‘apparent argument‘, whatever one of those is. Wenger can speak all that he wants, the media have other agendas which will be pursued even if they fly in the face of rational thought.

Continually we have been told that the quality of the Premier League is in decline, that mantra seems to be at odds with the glee that the discontent at Arsenal is being reported. Nasri may believe he is joining Manchester City – and that seems distinctly possible – but his playing time will diminish when his inconsistency becomes apparent. Aguerro joining will be more than offset by the departure of Cesc.

His situation is a whole different kettle of fish. He is refusing to play – apparently – having been informed of the Arsenal board’s decision to reject the final offer from Barcelona for his services. The word final seems to have a different definition when it comes to football, emphasis switching from definitive action to wishy-washy. There will no doubt be another final offer, their pet media outlet genuinely shocked that anyone dare refuse their masters.

Peter Hill-Wood has had a touch of the verbals in recent days, commenting,

Their offer was nowhere near what we are looking for. It is very straightforward from our point of view. We have told them what we want and we are sticking to it. We do not think we are being at all unreasonable when you see the sort of prices players are being sold for, who are not even half as good as Cesc.

Barcelona are offering extra payments which are dependent on all sorts of fantastical things, but we are not interested in that. We want them to pay what he is worth.

What he is worth is, of course, subjective.  Many believe that Wenger is valuing too low at £40m, that the man who is the best midfielder in the world according to the manager, should be worth £10m more. I understand the latter point of view but £40m strikes me as a valuation set to get a deal done.

Despite his public protestations about how much he wants Cesc to stay, and I genuinely believe he would prefer this outcome, Wenger is aware of the negative impact it is having on his captain. Even though his rehabilitation might benefit from a minor runout tonight, it seems certain that Fabregas’ first match this summer will be in Bari for Spain. The lead up to that game is going to be a nightmare from the stories leaked to the Spanish press corps from inside the squad and the stuff that is just made up.

A testing summer though is drawing to a close, just over three weeks left of the turmoil.

So to Lisbon. The chance for a final run-out with the first choice starting line-up is denied, the niggling injuries of this pre-season have been as disruptive as the media sagas. For the manager, it is a chance to eradicate the negative mentality on the pitch denied. That work done behind the closed doors of London Colney will be crucial at St James Park a week today.

The already tough start to the season was confirmed when Udinese were confirmed as Champions League qualifier opponents, the first leg at The Emirates. The away leg is the match prior to the trip to Old Trafford, which apparently handed Manchester United the advantage. It seems that Arsenal having a full three days rest is a detrimental factor, more damaging to the pursuit of three points than a poor record at Old Trafford over recent decades.

It seems that this, from the footballing point of view, was the toughest draw although Wenger would be pleased to avoid a long journey to play the match. Having sold Sanchis and Zapata, the Italian side will be weaker than initially thought. That is not to say that they will face the same Arsenal squad of the moment. Arsene believes that something might happen next week regarding transfers. Be prepared for a welter of criticism today following his comments about the lack of summer business.

Enjoy the match wherever you are watching it. ’til Tomorrow.

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  2. disgusting i do no what aw & board heading our team they don want 2 sell either 2 buy while time is running xpect poor season ever cant wait c.i.a.o

  3. Very rounded as usual, YW.
    Saga’s what, is there a word missing?

  4. this is what we’re told a busy transfer some1 help me what r they biz 4? biz 4 nthng or saga im seek & tired beta sami & fab leave coz ths pple r not serious at all

  5. Barcelona are definitively a strange lot. Either you want to buy the player or you don’t! Am a little disappointed in Cesc though. I think its his desire to move more than anything else that has put us in this position. We definitely do not need to sell

    So all players that have arguments with their managers get sold? I don’t see any of them leaving at he end of the day, maybe its me being my usual optimistic self

  6. LuisIto Joaquín

    I wouldn’t mind being bracketed as a mid-table side, low on ambition and have the odd FA Cup run if the tickets were cheaper, but the embarrassment continues. Wenger’s philosophy was wrong and we’re suffering. Should we sack him? I believe it is not that he doesn’t want to spend, I believe there is no money there. But he seems to dig himself a deeper and deeper whole with his bizarre decisions and he is losing respect due to the magnitude of his hypocrisy.

    It is and always has been simple. As soon as Nasri and Fab wanted out, Barcelona should have been told 45mil by 5th July or we report you and Nasri should have been sold to the highest bidder and Mata brought instead.

    As it stands in 20 years, I have never seen Arsenal in this mess.

  7. @ LuisIto Joaquín

    What Mess? In 20 years how many stadiums has arsenal built? In the end, its about perspective!

  8. LJ @ 7:57 am,


  9. Oh there has got to be money to spend. And if we’re skint you can blame Wenger for the 50 kids he’s bought in the last 5 years time that will never see 1st team action. We’ve sold Toure, Clichy, Eduardo, and Adebayor and only replaced one with Vermealen. Wenger has chosen not to reinforce and now we will pay the price. This squad is in shambles.

  10. I cant believe the philosophy of arsenal now days, i have remained quite just to wait for the very disappointing season again however i still remain the gunner for life.

  11. doomers are in force today

  12. I think that no matter what happens, players can’t be ranked higher than the club. If they don’t want to stay, put them on transfer list and take the highest offer.

    Have never been so depressed about th start of a season, last years collapse still haunts me….

    Please sign defenders Arsene!!! And please sign someone who will fight for th shirt, we are not a feeder club!!!

  13. Legrave on tour

    Just a quick straw poll to see what peoples perception is of this summer;

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being a mess and 10 being ideal preparation, how do you feel we are entering this season?

  14. To the clown at 7.57,
    “I wouldn’t mind being bracketed as a mid-table side, low on ambition and have the odd FA Cup run if the tickets were cheaper, but the embarrassment continues.”.
    Two things. Firstly – “bracketed”. Nice use of the passive. By whom? Do you mean the media? Why do you care what an industry which routinely hacks the phones of murdered teenagers thinks?
    Secondly, when did we finish mid table? Either you have no short term memory or you are suffering from some form of mental illness which removes all capacity for critical thinking.
    We are all frustrated but do try to keep some sense of reality in what ypu write. Lest we might think you’re really spme kind of a troll…..And that would never do, would it?

  15. arsenal just built a new stadium – people shouldnt complain.

    and their is no money- because the over 35million derived from ade and kolo sale needed to be ploughed back into the clubs finance in other to declare record profit. we are a self sustaining model.

    at most 15million only out of 60mill proceeds from cecs and nasri sale should be reinvested in the squad, the rest should be ploughed back into other profitable investment. we are a self sustaining model- we really shouldnt be throwing money about.


  16. Nice ClockEndRider. Nice.

  17. Boozy – you been drinking again or is that hilarious sarcasm I can smell?

  18. Boozy

    Too right.WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE TOURE/ADE MONEY? £41m never spent on transfers.The club takes us all for mugs

  19. YW,
    Please help a confused old man.
    I don’t understand these words in your article: “Aguerro joining will be more than offset by the departure of Cesc”. How are the two connected?

  20. Legrave on tour

    Nicky –

    I think he is refering to the standard of the league as a whole.

  21. Christ on a bike it’s D&G madness on here this am.

    Have Le Twat not posted yet and the zombies are wandering the net..?

  22. Legrave on tour,
    Ta for that. My head has cleared.

  23. 2 or 3 at the moment. Gervinho and Jenkinson look decent enough but nothing has been done to strengthen the spine of the side, which Wenger promised to address.

    I’ll be doing my vocal exercises on Saturday morning as the seats at St James’s are a long way up and it’s important that the chants of ‘spend some f*cking money’ can be heard on the Arsenal bench.

  24. Wenger and Silent Stan OUT!

    Geoff and Pedro in!

  25. we will not be going into the season halfass. any tweaking and or purchasing that needs to get done, will. the coaching staff will see to it. no matter what, when the season does start, i will be behind the team and the coach 100%. the last thing this team needs right now is to fight on the supporters front. no booing and no disrespect. unconditional love and support to the red&white matter what happens even during the season. UP THE GUNS OF ARSENAL!!!!

  26. I still can’t believe that Barcelona continue to offer a deal which includes add-ons and, according to PHW, fantastical ones at that. Barcelona continue to insult both Arsenal and Fabregas, but it seems that Cesc is so in love with the idea of returning to Barcelona that he would allow himself to be publicly insulted. Barcelona don’t have the money to do a deal for Fabregas at the right price this summer, so they are working on the player’s desire to return home to get a cut price deal done. If they don’t sign Cesc this summer will they pay the right price next summer, or will they find yet another main target and try to do a deal to get Fabregas on the cheap again? About time both Cesc and Arsenal told Barcelona to fuck off. I don’t want Cesc to go, but I can understand he does want to someday return to Barcelona. That doesn’t mean that we should take a lesser amount to keep a player who is, after all, under contract happy.

  27. lucky seven days to the new campaign….. 7

  28. Yeah Geoff and Pedro could run a football club. HA HA.

  29. wavey, what i can’t understand is how when CESE should be feeling insulted and hurt, he is not only not telling them to take a walk but helping them by practically refusing to play, which playes right into BARKAs hand. no wonder the feel empowered and think they can get him on the cheap. i would have bet that CESE was not the striking type. and all that jive about loving AW and the ARSENAL, complete bs.

  30. (time to close ranks here again…..time to get my bulletproof vest on & gooner helmet….there, all done.)

    Ok who’s here?
    (..teamspirit, clockendrider, mumbai, jonny…..not bad)

    Good post Yogi…morning

    (don’t think I need the big guns yet)

    Glad to see Kroenke put his foot down yesterday

    “Cesc, have your people pay the cash money or you ain’t going nowhere son!”
    Sulk all u want we don’t give a sh*t…they’ve got 3 weeks.
    “We’re in charge of this negotiation, pay up or shut up!”

    “And u Samir , you got a game on the 16th against the Calcio…whats that?
    U don’t want to play?
    Wanna be a blue Manc u say?
    Ok, get them to pay up & u can go, u ingrate….leeching twat”

    …the saga continues
    they’re setting us up to fail
    turning out the weak among us
    want to downgrade us

    WE shall never surrender
    we are the ARSENAL!

    ..i remain POSITIVE

  31. excommunicate gerkoff & pedo. le grove my ASs, more like old turdford. stupid backstabers.

  32. wenger and jonny are the only people in the world who dont know that rvp would be out 3 months this season.

  33. Doomers are really doing my head in now.

    A mate of mine said yesterday that he hoped we got knocked out of the CL by Udinese because that would send a message……..WTF?

    Just beyond a joke, people would rather us not compete in the greatest club competition in the world because it will send a message? I wanted to take the stupid cunt out the back and give him a double tap to the back of his head myself.

  34. boozy’s the only one who knows for sure RvP wil be out for exactly 3 months this season…you are an IDIOT dude!

    Do u really think you matter boozy?

  35. include me too. imo RVP is going to have a breakout year. might be the top scorer.

  36. I think there’s a decent chance we will get knocked out by Udinese.

    RVP and Nasri definitely won’t be playing in the first leg
    Wenger finds it ‘very difficult to say’ when Wilshere will be back
    There’s every chance that Cesc won’t play in either game as even if he isn’t sold Wenger has said he doesn’t expect him to be fit for the start of the season.

    Without those players we look like a mid-table side

    On a separate note, Miyaichi has not got a work permit and Bartley has signed on loan for Rangers (to play as a central midfielder) so clearly they aren’t going to add to the squad this year.

  37. Pep Guardiola says, “We will fight to the end to try to get Cesc because we believe he will improve the team and the squad”, but he doesn’t have the decency to say that he is trying to get Arsenal to sell one of the best players in the world on the cheap. It won’t happen and he needs to fuck off along with all the other disrespectful wankers at Barcelona.

  38. I keep on hearing these ‘Wenger and Jonny’ comments. I fucking love them!

    Keep them coming. I might compile a book. Wenger and Jonny are going to play in the park. Wenger and Jonny are the only people who understand algebra.

    Also, boozytits, you cannot say ‘would be out’ it’s ‘will be out’ or more accurately ‘could be out’.

  39. sick to the core, when you wish your own team misfortune.

  40. Wenger and Jonny are watching Geoff get gang-raped by seven dwarfs. Wenger and Jonny are giggling and smoking a spliff, filming the achondroplastic buggery on their phones whilst noticeably not calling the police.

    This book is going to be ace.

  41. A bit concerned that Wilshere’s relatively small knock which was only meant to keep him out for 10 days has suddenly becomea situation where, “it is very difficult to set a concrete deadline on his comeback”.

  42. Cesc mystery have lost all self-respect over the summer for letting someone buttrsle him as bad as Barcelona is doing now. Wake up cesc you aint worth it for barca. If you were , if they relly wanted u they would buy you. They got the money. And people call AW stingy???

  43. I think Barca should just F_@k off if they can’t pay the full amount. They keep on talking up the transfer in the press in order to shape public opinion in the lines of us having kidnapped their fair maiden Cesc ‘gwenevire’ Fabregas. In my home country- Kenya- the opinion is we are a bunch of kid stealing peodoz who shud return Cesc to his parents Barca shite as quickly as possible. Well all i have to say to Barca and the media spin doctors around the world is PAY UP OR SHUT UP.

  44. Ríçhîèé – I’ve never seen so many accents on one name cidilla circumflex ecoute and grave. That’s just showing off.

    I agree with your sentiments but feel Arsene actually now wants to sell why else would he not have drawn a line under the whole debacle?

    And to borrow from Arseblog, I think the term you are after is CUoCO. 😉

  45. yeah that boozy’s definitely an idiot dude.

    and rvp would have a break out season and end up top scorer.
    And chamack would also score 20+ goals this season.

    theo and vela are ready to take the world by storm.

    jonny would grow a brain before the year runs out

    and arsenal would win both the league and champions lg.

  46. Yogi,

    Conspiracy pointers all around AFC
    Massimo Bussacca’s the “Head of Refereeing Development” with FIFA (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Massimo_Busacca)

    Barca had to win that game…the euphoria of the Spanish is the pre-requisite for a greater fall…(working according to plan..World Champs, Euro U-19 champs, Euro U-21 champs..perfectomundo while their economy collapses)

    We are playing an ITALIAN team

    Sacrifices must be made by Blatter to maintain his presidency

    An ENGLISH team must be sacrificed

    We operate a model at odds with the money bags of the New World Order

    We operate a system that if successful can mess it up for “everybody”

    If we were GERMAN we’d be protected

    So they attack us on all fronts….the PRESS, the REFS

    By any means necessary…exploiting player ANCESTRY, countering Platini’s FFS rule

    Probably even paying DOOMERS, creating a BOO brigade..swaying public perception

    its becoming obvious

    that Arsenal FC MUST NOT SUCCEED!

    Once we fail to make the CL group phase..

    Arsene Wenger MUST BE SACKED!
    …..is it really just a game??


  47. powers that be will place obstacles all along the way and against all odds we must fight…

  48. jonny- Hahaha you got it right about the accents, it was a tad too much but i had my reasons. I think i’m generally pissed with the longevity of it all. A whole summer of ‘won’t he will he go’ just ends up frustrating the fans. I love Arsenal and i support the managers policy with the youth players and all that but the transfer dealings need a major rethink. On the plus side i am happy to see Afobe, Miyachi and Frimpong get a solid run out during preseason. Frimpong is proving highly impressive and might provide Song some solid competition for the DMF role.

  49. legrave on tour

    Conspiracy theory. Oh dear.

  50. Aman great analysis – totally agree.

    uefa, fifa and the fans are to blame, for arsenal not winning trophies.

    though you forgot to include the FA.

  51. our preperation i’d give a 3 outa 10

    actually my weekends have been very peacefull and i dont know if i want the season to start yet. mind you i have been missing the old dog house which im sure i will be back in come next few weeks when our defenders let in some sloppy last minute goals and i take it all out on the wife!!

  52. Wenger and Jonny are on top form this morning,
    And a special mention to Wavey for his Double tap on his mate.
    Yogi’s slight gloominess about how the club has allowed the media to consistently bash us and Arsene seems to have given doomers the green light to attack this site with their usual ignorant drivel.
    Are we favorites to win the league this season? No.
    Should we be given the spending power of our direct rivals? No
    Do we have a decent chance? Yes.And that is all we should expect,In fact it might indeed be more than we should expect ,if we did not have Arsene to work his genius.
    If people would resolve to enjoy the ride ,rather that whinge and moan,they and we would be happier.

  53. Wavey | August 6, 2011 at 9:52 am
    Doomers are really doing my head in now.

    A mate of mine said yesterday that he hoped we got knocked out of the CL by Udinese because that would send a message……..WTF?

    I know wavey, its like cutting off your dumb nose to spite your stupid face.

  54. Duke.I have resolved to stop punching holes in my living room door and screaming at kids.I broke my hand twice last year 😦

  55. Wenger and Jonny agree with George Rodger’s last post 3000%.

    They also suspect some people just enjoy being miserable and feel slightly sorry for them.

  56. Aw George you ruined it! The post before last!

  57. When doomers have sex do you think they only care about orgasming and like to get there as quickly as possible – so they can get to the pub and boast to their mates?

    I worry they just haven’t learnt to enjoy the ride.


  58. Do doomers have sex?

    Maybe they just spend their time moaning cos all of their magazine pages are stuck together.

    More research is needed to help them integrate into society better and find some happiness.

  59. Sneider is joining M City.

    That means 2 things:

    1. They don’t need Nasri now, so our chances of getting anything like £20M for him have gone. He will probably stay.

    2. Anything who thinks they won’t be a threat this year a re hugely kidding themselves.

  60. Anything should be anyone obviously 🙂

  61. The sad thing is Jonny that his behavior is exactly what a huge swath of our fans would want our managers to be like

  62. Jonny – I have just read that link, what exactly has he said which meets your disapproval? It all seems fairly tame to me.

  63. Andy,they will be a threat.And it would be inconceivable that you spend £500 million and not be a threat.
    There is fuck all we can do about that though

  64. Jonny

    any manager who sends his team out solely to contain the opposition is a wanker anyway. Imagine Neil Lennon sending Celtic out with the express instruction to defend in numbers and stop Rangers winning rather than actually trying to compete against them. He’d get lynched by his own fans 5 minutes after the final whistle.

  65. Andy.Yes its standard stuff really.What you would expect I suppose.

  66. How would Neil Lennon being lynched be a bad think?

    Just kidding 🙂

  67. He’s appallingly negative. We can’t compete! We don’t have strong enough squad to win the league! Try playing to win occasionally and instilling some belief into your squad.

    It is pathetic to claim they CANNOT challenge for the title with what they have.

    I’ll say it again embarrassing.

    Meanwhile in the bluer corner we have Villas Boas complaining that City are buying the league and it just isn’t fair.

    It’s fucking madness gone mad.

  68. George – Yup.

  69. He is just playing down things to try and take the pressure off. Nothing new there.

  70. I have heard from a good source that the Schnieder to M. City deal is just another journo fantasy.

    I also hear there are news reports in S America saying the Campbell deal has just been sealed for £900,000.

  71. Jonny – I hope both are right (although I know hardly anything about Campbell).

  72. I’ve been reading the blog for the past 2 months and just wanted to tell Yogi to keep up the great work.

  73. Jonny I agree ,he is negative but its a good tactic for him at this stage, as if they put in a challenge of any type he can claim it as a success.
    Unlike us ,because any challenge we make is seen as a disappointment. Despite it being somewhat of an achievement give our relative spend .
    Strange that really!

  74. More news –

    I just realised it is RVP’s birthday today (wish Wenger had reminded me!) and someone tweeted this quote from him.

    “I’ve received many proposals to leave Arsenal, but my heart speaks louder and will not let me leave.”

    Mate I hope you play for us till your career ends.

    What a fucking legend.

  75. There is no way Cesc and Nasri can ever play for us again

    Remember Wengers words at the end of Adebayors final season.Wenger said the effect of what happened the previous summer had a poisonous effect on the dressing room.Does Wenger think it will be any different with Cesc and Nasri.Especially Nasri he knows he is going on a free so why risk injury

    Sadly another summer without quality signings will stop us winning things for a 7th season

    But when the annual profits are revealed they will be record breaking.It kind of sums the club up.Do we want to be top of the premier league or top of the profits league

    Wouldnt be surprised if we ended up signing Barton he is free(Wengers favourite word)after all

  76. jonny

    No play owes us more than RVP only once has he played more than 20 league games in a season!!!!!

  77. Right said Fred.
    Poor malcontent

  78. Fred ,Does he owe you personally ?
    Because I have had a look on my balance sheet and I don’t seem to have RVP down as a debtor .How much does he owe me ,because I am a bit skint?

  79. YW good point about cesc’s value..
    i think 50 million is too low..for a player of cescs calibre in an open market bidding war, we could fetch nearer 70 i think if the major players were involved..but they aint..
    so barca it is..40mil is a fair price but it is a fee thats designed to get a sale..
    and i think if this city bid for nasri is true, at 22mil or whatever it is we should take it..

    dunno about anyone else but im sick of this bollox from these players..

    as for udinese, zapata and sanchez are a massive loss for them..but the same will apply to us if nasri and cesc dont play though..

    we need a good performance today..

  80. lol george
    rvp’s a class act mate..
    the dudes a jedi..

  81. Fred – wow I’d never thought of it that way. He’s been getting hobbled by other people deliberately, hasn’t he.

    In fact that rates as one of the dumbest fucking comments I have ever read on these pages.

    Must have taken ages to type in using the stick on your forehead

  82. Fabregas has been refusing to play since before the end of last season when we accepted a £50m offer from Real. He spat the dummy ‘cos Barca won’t pay that much. Its a complete deadlock. But surely we should stop paying him now?

  83. How do you know that bob john?

  84. For the sake of £5m i say we sell and then we can get on with our lives. this shit is bringing everyone down and is seriously disrupting our preperations. again i feel the board are willing to scupper the teams chances for a few extra million. heard that before though haven’t we. its like having an ex wife hanging around trying to get the tv and car off her, just let her have it so we can move on. £33-£35m is a tidy profit still.

  85. Delia--Block 112

    We are in a real pickle! A week to go to kick-off with half the side injured ,the Cesc/Nasri saga still unresolved and underminding the whole Arsenal family.
    Have you noticed that there are still tickets available for the Liverpool game, when in the past they would have been snapped up the moment they were put on sale. This should tell the Club how despondent fans are feeling, including me ,who is a glass half full person.
    I feel we will all be drowning our sorrows before the Liverpool game rather than after it! Still 2 weeks can be a long time in football and AW might surprise us yet!
    As always COYRs

  86. Will people stop selling Cesc.
    I want him to stay.And I am a fan Wenger must listen to me .Otherwise he has to go

  87. ok then george, do you think if Cesc was made to stay we will get a good season out of him? and it would not affect the team?

  88. I cant believe how many ‘fans’ are so keen to see Wenger go.

  89. dukeGoonem

    I’m not sure it is just £5m. Last suggested bid was £29.6m with another £5.4m of add-ons, some of which PHW has described as fantastical. So if he finally meets all of the targets they have set we get £35m. Chances are that one of them is something like having made 50 appearances, so we would have to wait at least two seasons for the balance of the cash unless he played every game.

  90. I get the feeling that a lot of posters on here don’t regularly go to games. Problem with that is that it’s easy to see the positives and not be affected by the negatives when you’re just watching on TV and posting on the internet.

    My mates and I have already paid £35 for our memberships, an additional £15 for the travel club memberships, £36 + bkg fee for Newcastle tickets, £49 + bkg fee for Man Utd tickets and a ball hasn’t even been kicked yet.

    So the club has already had over £50 from me before the season starts, with another £80 spent on away tickets and £50+ on travel.

    There’s been no reciprocal commitment from the club in terms of spending the money that’s needed to keep the squad competitive. Instead, we hear that something ‘might happen next week’. Well that’s a bit fucking late late because the season starts next week.

    The fans who attend games are getting sick of paying through the news to see the same failings every season, the same excuses and the same empty promises.

    It’d be cheaper to set the alarm to 6.00am, get a copy of ‘I Want You Babe’ off iTunes and move to Punxatawnee…

  91. James,

    Like the way you didnt get any little dvd or last seasons results info book or a nice little key ring this year after they increased the price of the membership…just a plain old letter this time.

  92. James M you are right mate The club deffo owes you ,They have made no fucking effort to meet your requirements.
    It seems like there is not a single soul at the club who want “it” like you do.You a a shinning light,an inspiration to all .
    If only Wenger would try a leg to win something ,egh?

  93. Where’s my key ring?

  94. I was looking forward to my dvd of last season….sprung in spring. bastads.

  95. Duke,yes if he stays fit we will get a good season out of him.
    And further I think the team will get a boost when they see the best midfielder inthe world still in the Arsenal colours.
    Do you think RVP will be happier if Cesc leaves?

  96. george i ope your right. and you usually…er ..are.

  97. Try to think of a player as good as Cesc?,Now imagine we have just signed him?
    Now stop trying to give that feeling to the Cuntalonians. Miserable bastard 🙂

  98. Just because they are skint, and he wants to go does not mean we should drop our price. Even at £40M it is a fucking steal.

  99. James- i don’t see the point of ranting over your expenditure it is your own choice and no one forces you to spend. Abramovitch and the people in Manchester have spent a little bit more than you did, just several 100 millions but trophies are not garanteed every year. I can understand you wanting trophies but it is tough getting top players when their heads are turned with the mega rich money wasters throwning money at them. I hope Wenger does not fall into that shit, I don’t think he will, he is not stupid. I started to hate football because you get idiots throwing money on players who have no loyalty to anyone (I don’t expect them to) in the past you had succeeful teams who could afford players because they are well run as a business. I’m almost certain if it wasn’t for the like of Chelsea, City, No player would be paid 250 grand a week, because they don’t deserve it. it is simply not possible to run a business on such a finacial structure. I’m really fed up with people who have no interest in the game itself, all they want is success at any cost to feed their egos and boast to others. Well done to Wenger for been sensible and does not give in to the pressure to spend money that Arsenal don’t have. Anyone else would have ruined and plunged Arsenal into debts.

  100. 1LC.
    well said that man

  101. I am skint and want a new car.I hope that the Mercedes dealership let me have one for the price of a Ford.
    They may as well I have no more money.In fact if I keep asking I think they will get fed up and renege.

  102. That Sneider is a bit tasty why don’t we buy him?
    I want him it must be easy just pay what Inter want and pay him any amount of wages.

  103. Why does everyone assume that Nasri won’t be committed because his contract expires next year. He’s still got to attract the offer of a new contract and if he has a poor season it will be 18 months since his run of excellent form. Man City are like magpies – they are attracted to anything shiny and have a very limited attention span.

    They are plenty of other players who are going to have good seasons and of course he will get offers but if he’s chasing the money, which I believe he is then he might be disappointed if he doesn’t perform.

  104. Get the Mercedes to behave like a dick and you might have a chance.

  105. If he preforms like he did in the second half of the season he might end up at Stoke

  106. What by parking quietly and doing nothing?
    Perhaps I could get the press to keep saying my Mercedes wants to go back to Germany.
    That should convince all involved

  107. By refusing to go for the test drive you need to prepare it for owning it? (God this metaphor is getting stretched isn’t it?).

  108. Looks like we might have missed out on Alvarez.He looks a good un

  109. Looks a tidy player alright.

  110. What now you want a stretched limo for that money. 🙂

  111. Many gr*tty realists were not impressed with the rumours linking Rickeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to Arsenal. ‘Spot on’ as usual.
    Gervais will do.

    Did Chamack not set a CL goal scoring record as he moved clubs, whilst ‘running down’ his contract?*

    *Yes I know, his form piddled away, getting a few minutes here and there after RVP returned to score a goal a game. Inexplicable eh?

  112. Team a goal down against their biggest rivals, damn these Milan fans are rubbish.

  113. We should be getting the money for a stretched limo but at this stage Arsenal seem to be willing to settle for Mercedes money. Hope we don’t get so fed up with the situation that we settle for Ford money. And with that I think I beaten the car metaphor to death 🙂

  114. Quite right Finsbury.But surely Flamini taught us something.People seem to want the worst possible outcome rather than hoping for the best.

  115. And with that I think I beaten the car metaphor to death

    Ye,and me

  116. Twas more fun than name calling though

  117. george- Yeah lets get Shneider for 35 millions and pay him 200 grand a week. How about paying 20 millions for a 28 year old Jageilka and pay him 100 grand a week. The figures I hear just make me laugh. Stewart Downing for 18 millions or whatever it is. Andy Caroll for 35 millions? I better stop I’m feeling sick already.
    In the past Wenger flogged few players for ridiculous money, it is not his fault. Because these idiots never learn they keep coming back for more and Wenger is more than happy to teach them another lesson. Look at Barcelona they are chasing one of their own youth player that cost Arsenal nothing , now they want to buy him for 35 millions add to that they don’t really need him. Wenger is telling them ” go away leave me alone,I want to keep my player” but they continue harassing him and he is more than happy to wack them with a 40 million asking price. Is it his fault? not really. They should’ve learned from Hleb. If they had any common sense they should walk away from this deal and use their money wisely. I’m amazed that Barcelona the most succesful team in the past 5 years have problems getting another 5 grand despite their Qatar sponsor and the comercial success they are still in debts. A great football team run by idiots.

  118. “Twas more fun than name calling though”

    Very much so.

  119. Players going to teams like Citeh don’t realise the damage they are potentially doing to their careers by seeking the big bucks now. A good example is Wayne Bridge who has no hope of getting back into the England setup if he isn’t playing. A player like him would probably have found a home at somewhere like Everton or Villa and with a few good appearances would have made his way back into the England squad. At Citeh he has no hope of playing and, unless he can find somewhere to go out on loan with Man C still covering his wages, won’t get any playing time at all. Citeh can’t sell him because he is still in contract and won’t go to a club who won’t match the wages he would get whilst in contract. Catch-22 and Bridge’s career is effectively over.
    Not suggesting Bridge is a fantastic player, but that’s the point, the mix of players Citeh has bought means that some of the reasonable quality players will find it tough to move elsewhere. Adam Johnson better hope that he shines week in, week out because otherwise Mancini will get bored with him and spend a packet on a replacement in January.

  120. The one good thing that’s come out of it is that have managed to fuck Adebayor up.

  121. they have

  122. wavey- You forgot Adebayor, he might be happy with the money but he is training witht the kids from the reserves.

  123. George,

    I don’t know what to make of the debris left in the wake of Barfa’s broken games.
    I do know that the funny papers have lead with stories on Fabregas and Nasri every day since the beginning of June. So, as far I would understand it, that would drive their price up? Perhaps the resident media studies expert/troll could enlighten us?
    If Arsenal did a credit check type thingy on the Barfa bid, would it pass? What knocked Whimsey into ‘form’?

    Not surprised by the draw.
    In spite of sales, Udinese have a good team. They could be beaten when they were stronger, a few months ago:

    Looks like that was some game.
    I like the No.3 Isla (don’t worry, not as good as our own No.3), and that’s not because of the link to Marcelo Bielsa.

  124. 1lc

    i felt he needed special mention all on his own.

  125. Here is a quiestion. papers say City is about to buy Sneijder. Where does Nasri fit in then?

  126. I hope they do we can swap him for Nasri in January. 🙂

  127. Poodle – Maybe he doesn’t. Snijder is better than Nasri, if money is no object why not go for the very best I suppose.

  128. Andy that would be Cesc then

  129. How many different ways to spell “Wesley Sneijder” ?

  130. Cesc does not to go anywhere but to his bumming mates at Barca does he?

  131. No need for rudeness Andy. 🙂

  132. True though. Bored of it all now, I just want the season to start.

  133. @geore i only know how to spell our own players name Xcept the crazy pole with the z c z s in is name.
    Sneijder, snejider, sijder… i dont care. hes not playing for arsenal. aslong as you know who i mean then thats the most important. Besides Robin says hes an ass so he must be 🙂

  134. walter snijder

  135. Funny thing though Poodle you were the only one who did get it right
    Happy birthday to Robin by the way

  136. Anyone know whether Lansbury on big bird to Lisboa?

  137. Wenger And Jonny love sitting together in a tree kssing each other’s neck.

  138. I meant to say kissing.

  139. Kenyan gunner

    a bit slow in coming back to you, but the answer is yes. The full squad on the plane was:

    Van Persie

  140. Article on the AFC website discusses why players are missing, but makes no mention of Gibbs.

  141. That’s what you call an Average Squad, And yet wenger thinks we can win a Title with this Rubbish players and Squad.

  142. More useful insights from gooner2.

  143. I was idly musing as to the whereabouts of the blogger/Football Manager in his mind par excellence known as Rectum/Spectrum when gooner2 chimed in. I had thought that Rectum’s absence was explained by his Saturday job as a quantity surveyor of silage heaps.

  144. When’s the game?

  145. Thanks Wavey. I’m an unbashed Lansbury fan!

  146. Their stadium looks remarkably like The Grove

  147. all spurs fans have been circumcised……. suck on that you helmets

  148. Thanks dups.

  149. Liverpool look a really good team………………………………………not

  150. Harringey council has blocked Tottenham Hotspurs plans to build a new ground on Northumberland Park. A town hall source said : “We don’t mind having a funfair there once a year, but a circus every fortnight is a bit much”.

  151. Feel that Red nose wasted Obertan. The fellow would have developed into a real star under a Wenger-isque manager.

  152. Livepool are apparently letting Valencia so as to test their shape and get to know each other.
    So not because they cant keep the ball

  153. letting them have the ball I meant to say

  154. 1 loose cannon | August 6, 2011 at 2:00 pm

    Geniuses like yourself, dont commonly write something as stupid as this comment right!! please share with us how you are lighting up the sky in your corner of the world!!..

    Yeah, stupid people run Barcelona.. yep, a very elaborate and smart insult!! you my friend, get a cookie!

    Doomers and rivals will allways want to see a team like mine fall.. We may be in trouble financially, but we have LOTS of support.. Buying Cesc and Sanchez this summer proves it!.. 😉

    On Cesc..

    It is not only Cesc´s fault that he is in the middle of all this mess.. The reality has allways been the same, he has allways wanted to leave. You may prefer to think otherwise, your opinion is understandable for the love of the team, etc, but that my friends is simply irrelevant.
    Even when Arsenal and the world knew that he WANTED to leave, the team pressed on (lets not forget his age please, so young!) and convinced him to sign a new contract. It is 100% his fault, that he actually did sign it, nobody forced hiim to do it.. A year goes by and he now fully realizes his mistake, he really wants to leave and he has no choice but to press on to force his exit, dissapointing a lot of people in the process.. Of course some are hurt because they wish that a talented player like this, stayed loyal and commited, but hey, are you really that surprised?? c´mon! you allways knew!

    The other key element in this ecuation is Thiago Alcantara.. Cesc knows that if he does not come now, he might as well forget about ever doing so. Hes got some SERIOUS competition in Thiago and knows that its now or never.. If i was Pep Guardiola, i would forget about Cesc and play Thiago.. But i would buy Carlos Vela haha, we need a great left winger..

  155. KG

    The good thing about Fergie is if they are shit he bombs them out not like us we keep the deadwood for years


    Liverpool were shit last year as well but we couldnt beat them

  156. Ted – True, but we finished above them, and that is what counts. Not individual games.

  157. Good to see Wengers been busy all summer trying to seal deals for players, hes a true legend.

    All the success of the last 6 years and hes still out there trying to improve.

  158. We did however outplay them twice.
    But the only thing that counts is the results.Is that right Ted?
    So we are better than city ?
    Cant have it both ways

  159. Elinesel,what sort of a reaction do you expect from that comment?
    Will this do ?
    Go and fuck yourself you tedious little unimaginative weasel

  160. The only that that means means fuck all at the end of the season is final league position. Th lge is a true reflection of a team over a sustained period of time. Even if we got turned over 5-0 by Manure (for example), but still won the lge would anybody really care? Nope.

  161. George – You don’t get anything for outplaying a team, unless you make it count.

  162. Bradys right foot

    Cuervo | August 6, 2011 at 6:16 pm

    Pay the fuck up then, price has always been £40 million, dont have the money then fuck off.

  163. And even at £40M is is a bargain.

  164. Andy,you do if you are a football fan.You get to appreciate skill and understand that you were the better team.
    If points are all that matters Big Sam is your man

  165. this is crazy, how can chamakh stay and Bendtner go? I mean clearly we all know who is the better between the 2! C’mn Arsene… Arsenal will win 3-0 and Chamakh will be wasteful!

  166. George – Don’t get me wrong, it is appreciated, and we do play some great stuff. But you need to have something to show for it. There are no prizes for completing 20+ passes. Football (any sport) is about winning, pure and simple. The players would say exactly the same thing.

  167. Pete I bet you were not saying that last Christmas time

  168. George rodger

    Im just pointing out that hes great….maybe we could have a wenger day on here or something.

    Some of the things i like about wenger:

    – The massive success hes had recently
    – He never lies to the fans about making signings, something that would be quite tempting
    – He respects our finances by working for us for free, he could easily ask for a salary of £3m, or if he was really evil £6m, but he doesnt
    – He has been really busy this summer, desperately trying to make improvements, where other managers may be in the med on a super happy funslide
    – He isnt basically a glorified child trafficker
    – He is a god when it comes to defence. Notice that every year the goals conceded column goes up! Thats excellent progress, more is better with that particular stat? Right?
    – He shows total respect to the Arsenal captaincy
    – He has IN NO WAY turned us into a laughing stock of a selling club
    – He invented a new trophy! Yes thats right, the third place trophy….hes an innovator
    – He has commited himself for the next 20 years. Yep…legend…he said he would take second place for the next 20 years….the mans ambition is stunning! Obviously we sharply fell to 4th, but thats beyond the point cos we still picked up the 4th place trophy

    I just love the guy. All these doomerlars or whatever theyre called dont understand that the point of a footballl club. Its not about winning, its about being also rans but making money from the stupid fans. You dont actually put money back in, why on earth would you. If you start winning things you have to design, build and maintain a cabinet thingy at the emirates, not to mention buy a tub of metal polish once every 4 years….its more trouble than its worth.

    I cant wait til Wenger goes to PSG and true fans like us Georgie boy can follow him, while all the real Arsenal fans have to think about buying trophy polish, oh the tribulations they will have to look forward to once they have an orthodox manager that wants to win things.

    Viva L’Arsenal, may we never see the return of the old Arsenal.

  169. Not all of them RVP and Dennis say something different

  170. That is bollocks. Wenger will want the team to win more than anybody.

  171. George – Do you think at the end a footballers career, they will be happy with no medals? The fact they played some nice stuff will be no consolation. C’mon, get real. A number of the current squad said as much last season (I would be worried if they didn’t to be honest). Sport is about winning, and if you can do that in style, all the better.

  172. Anyway, off to get a Chinese before the match.

  173. Second everything George Rodger has and will say!

  174. I will start pleading for good quality streams in approx 30 minutes.

  175. The game is on Arsenal Player

  176. Indeed it is, but that would set me back the near-princely sum of £1.50.

  177. wenger is the only coach i know to say he loves a player.

    imagine fergy saying – i love rooney.

    wenger and jonny are closet gays. FACT

  178. anybody got good feeds?

  179. yes cuervo come back when you got the money. oh thats right your country is bankrupt,

  180. anyone know the lineup btw?


  182. daypass at arsenalplayer will give you better stream though…

  183. how much better than Benfica is Udinese? Can they be compared?

  184. gervinho RVP arshavin Rosicky Song Ramsey Sanga Verm Djourou Gibbsy Szceznsey

  185. Are we really playing 4 4 2?

  186. Well, the answer is on the pitch.We are not. Gervinho on the right, Arshavin on the left. Why the hell do they always seem to get it wrong on ESPN?

  187. FINE I’LL PAY THE £1.50.

  188. It’s time for us to let cesc and nas leave now. I did think the more games we could get out of them the better. However it’s starting to dawn on me the massive effect these long drawn out procedures must be having on the squad. If anybody can handle the psychology involved it’s Arsene. But the absolute fuck on involved with the whole business is taking attention away from players who want or would like to play for Arsenal FC.

    As stated by the boss transfers take time. If a team receive an offer for a player they are willing to sell at then they must find a replacement before being willing to sell. Therefore if we sell cesc or nasri we need to do it now to be able to spend the time to replace the best premiership midfielder and Nasri who can reach that mantle when in the mood.

    If we could get £60m combined then let’s just do it. I will be sad to see them go but we can turn this to a positive and a whole new team ethic and frame of mind. Perhaps it would help new signings to bed in if they where coming into a new era. Does that make sense? I feel lots must be done to get a creative player that can supply RvP. Fuck it if we did the deals quickly perhaps we could place a bid for Sniejder? I don’t play the transfer tittle tattle game usually I just worry that replacing cesc although completely necessary is coming at a seriously problematic time. I think if there was ever a time to splash out on an established player then it’s now. We have Wilshire and Ramsey both of which are capable of being world class. Let’s get them in a player who want’s to play in our colours to learn from.

    Alternatively drop van Persie into cesc’s position. Play him behind a striker as his once idol Bergkamp did, and I shit you not he will be far better than Cesc could dream of being.

    Perhaps I’m getting a bit emotional here. I just need to find a feed for this fucking game!!

  189. two dives already by benfica

  190. gerv looks goooood.

  191. wow arsharvin is on fire. now hes heding too!

  192. Keep the comments coming. Only way I can follow the match.

  193. Unlucky Gervinho.

  194. Elinweasel at 6:52 with the post of the summer. What a psycho. If i were you Id drop everything and go seek some counseling asap.

  195. if we sign only one more player this summer with gervhinos qualities i say we have hade a very good summer indeed.

  196. And Arsh.

  197. You still there Kenyan?

  198. @boost

    As much as I have grown tired of the childish “fuck off” rants whenever some one on this site doesnt agree with someone else, that comment truly deserves a “fuck off”.

    It does however, bring me to a point that has been niggling at the back of my mind.

    Our club is in trouble.

    It’s irrelevant who is to blame: fans, board, Wenger, players, referees, barca, citeh, chelsea, manus a, etc etc, the fact is we have several unresolved issues of consequence unsettling our preparations, a fair size minority of vocal fans who feel their goodwill has been abused, and a media lusting for our blood.

    We have long running commercial deals that we needed at the time that are weighing us down at this stage, but that fall due for renewal in the not too distant future.

    Personally I’ve always felt we have an excellent squad, but there is definitely something wrong at the club, and I suspect it’s something that should be placed at the manager’s door.

    At this stage I fear for the season ahead. I think there is enough doubt and dissent in the support that is impacting the players as well that could get really ugly if the season starts badly.

    The club cannot afford to carry on like his, it will affect new commercial deals we so desperately need.

    I am concerned that the board and manager have taken their eye off the ball. I suspect they feel they are right about sticking with the manager and the squad, and I would tend to support that, but I think we are in a situation where a bit of work needs to happen in the PR space, regardless of how right they think they are.

    I suspect that Nasri will go. I am not entirely sure about Cesc.

    I also suspect that if any signings do actually arrive, they will not meet the expectations of the fans.

    I strongly suspect that Znsri and Cesc will depart at the last second of the window, leaving AW “no chance” to find any replacements.

    The disenchanted fans will feel they have been p!ssed on, and would be right if that actually does play out like that.

    If we start well and get through into the group stages then we stand a very good chance of getting a good season in.

    My concern is that if we draw or even lose the first few matches, things are going to get very, very ugly.

    If that scenario plays out, we could well see AW forced out of the club, and then I think we will be in real trouble, because I can’t see this board finding a suitable replacement, I just don’t think they’re capable of it.

    Im sure I’ll be told I’m a doomer and get flack from idiots, but this is not something that can be glossed over.

    The board and manager need to catch a wake up, I think we are in a lot more trouble than they realize.

  199. Still about els. Counting on you guys!

  200. What a pass.

  201. is Ramsey playing? i cant see him,

  202. Ramsey’s been incredibly quiet.

  203. OK my run down Kenyan.

    Looking steady at the back. As you’d expect Sagna shinning getting up and down and really hustling. Gibbs made a few decent interceptions also. Midfield three a fairly assured, not a lot happening though. Rosicky seems to be putting himself about nicely. Upfront it’s gervinho that’s looking dangerous lots more nicely timed runs of the defenders shoulders. He looks leggy, fast and has got a good touch. Looks more Henry than any other player I have seen.
    Arshavin is getting up and down and looks fitter than anytime I’ve ever seen him. RvP is quiet for RvP but looks like he’ll beat the offside at one point.

    Ramsey just nearly linked up nicely with RvP.

    All round it’s slow going. Something will happen down our right I expect. We are getting a bit of space.

  204. Yeah RvP getting sooo close there. Song put him through for a tasty chip. Just wide of the post though.

  205. Good post MikeSA

  206. RVP!


  208. Thanks Henri I got one through veetle eventually mate. Average.

  209. Rpbin van Perfect!!!!

  210. think i like gibbsy. hes gonna shine this season if he stays injury free.

  211. Get in. That was coming.

  212. Nice play Gibbsy.

  213. I wonder if the odds at bookmakers for Robin scoring a goal in any match are already at 1,00?

  214. Els you’re a diamond.

  215. Gibbs assists nicely for an RvP move.

  216. Lovely goal by RVP from Gibbs cross.

    More please!

  217. first time i’ve gotten a look at the gervinhos tonight. great timing and anticipation and seems to always be around when we’re getting closer to goal.

    also good first half by gibbs, and theres the assist!

  218. Agh, we noticeably play so much better once the first goal goes in. That was a problem we had last season, the longer it went on without us scoring the harder the games got.

  219. Ah, nothing like a bit of Saturday morning doom. I love how almost all of the comments towards the top are from cunts you’ve never even seen before. Something smells fishy.

  220. No probs mate Kenyan. Just my opinion. Not sure how accurate I am 🙂

  221. that would be typical arsenal luck, somebody breaking RvPs ankle the last game before season starts.

  222. Dirty cunt.

  223. Horrible tackle on RvP.

  224. fuck nooooo

  225. stamp on RVP ankle

  226. so what are you insinuating about the comments towards the top Loomer?

  227. Oh God. No. Please.

  228. Bradys right foot

    dirty fucking bastard,
    done RVP

  229. What a c*nt that Garay guy is. 100% deliberate.

  230. well we now know why its called the gervhno triplets. The guy is EVERYWHERE!!!!

  231. Nice Gibbs

  232. sick tackle by gibbs there.

  233. Right, if RVP is hurt then we cannot let Bendtner leave. Has Chamakh scored since news of his alleged super injunction leaked online?

  234. I would replace RvP right now. Why take the risk? We already know what he can do. Let Chamakh get some gme time to improve his confidence

  235. ‘”Hah. the commentator said “one thing arsenal lack is some real gr!t in the midfield.”

  236. Gibbs keeps getting better and better …. some people might have to eat humble pie this season.

  237. *replace=substitute

  238. Also … might it be that RVP is not that injury prone anymore? He has been on the end of some mad tackles this year and he didn’t get injured?

  239. Is it snowing in Portugal or why are the commentators blabbering on about grit?

  240. We dilly dally again. Naive/clumsy play from JD

  241. Evil | August 6, 2011 at 8:34 pm
    “Also … might it be that RVP is not that injury prone anymore? He has been on the end of some mad tackles this year and he didn’t get injured?”

    May well be true, but Arsene should take him off anyway.

  242. We need to take Robin off at half time. That Garay c*nt looks like he wants to draw blood with his challenges.

  243. Not a bad half eh, guys/ladies?

  244. Henristic Djourou should just hoof the ball away! The last thing we need to do is fuck around in our own box one minute before halftime.

  245. Gibbs has had a good first half, and a well taken goal from RvP. Our midfield has struggled at times to dictate the game without Cesc or Wilshere there. The game is passing Rosicky and Ramsey by. Nice to see Szchezny being very vocal, and looking assured.

  246. Terrible post, MikeSA. Disagree with practically every word of it. Put the papers down and just enjoy the football. All and sundry are trying to unsettle us if you haven’t noticed and from the looks of you and many others it’s working. There’s loads of stuff to be excited about, It’s too bad you aren’t able to see it.

  247. @Bill T.
    It’s the problem we have had for some time with Szczesny. I am not sure if he does not tell his defence but if he is not going to come for a ball, he has to tell them to just kick it away. Djourou thought that Szczesny was going to pick it up (and Szczesny went towards the ball but then stopped and went back). Obviously Djourou’s instincts should tell him to just kick it anyway, but it surely would help if the goalkeeper, who has a better view of the situation than anyone else, would help.

  248. Exactly Bill T.
    There simply isn’t any excuse for not being more decisive in situations like that given all that has happened in last few seasons. Wenger should have be giving him a bollocking for plays like that or you just know its gonna be repeated in a game that means something.

  249. Evil – If Djourou doesn’t not hear the keeper call, he should assume he is not coming and clear the ball. That really is basic defending. Djourou is a good player and I rate him, but he makes bad decisions.

  250. Good point Evil. But a defender should ALWAYS take the safety first approach. He ended up lobbing the ball to Sagna (I think), and could easily have booted it instead.

  251. Shades of CC Final.
    A propos of communication, Mannone has impressed me.

  252. Good first half.

  253. One thing is for sure, from everything I have seen in pre-season, if Cesc leaves we certainly need to replace him. We don’t have the quality in the squad to do it from within. Wilshere is the closest, but we should be complementing him, not relying on him.

  254. It’s great to have Robson-free commentary as well.

  255. Fun – Mannone?

  256. @Henri…. i dont know if you remember, but last season, in the beginning, JD was utterly crap. He was so crap it was embarrasing. He kept making very bad decisions like all the time. Then gradually he became better before he went out injured with that shoulder. But him and Kos had a very fruitfull relationship before he went out with injury.
    Just a thought…

  257. That last post was me agreeing with Evil, btw.

  258. Pas – ESPN are not much better. That get our formation completely wrong, then insist that Song is down injured when it was obviously RvP. Even after a replay they still thought it was Song. Lets be honest, they don’t really look alike do they?

  259. Chesney says he will have the no 13 shirt this year. who has the no1?is it fab?

  260. I wonder if the club have got the message about Stewart Robson or they are just saving him for the real season?

  261. Loomer, you can disagree as much as you like, it’s your right to do so.

    It’s also my right to be concerned and express my opinion, which on the face of it is lot more reasoned and thought out than yours.

    Personally I hope I’m wrong, but I doubt it.

    For me, sticking my head in the sand and singing lalalala while the iceberg looms is not an intelligent approach, but feel free to carry on with that.

    However, if you do want to debate the issues intelligently, I would be interested to hear your view.

    What I am not interested in is the sort of response you have provided so far, it’s poor and substandard.

  262. Fun – Ah, righty oh.

  263. I find the amount of names I’ve never seen here before interesting, Furious Styles. Guarantee you’ll never see the names again, too. Just like that Ashburton Patriot bloke. The fuckers go through names like underwear.

  264. Evil | August 6, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Part of why I don’t think he’s ready to be our number one. It was the same problem Almunia had.

  265. Szczesny has to come out for that ball, Andy. We play for possession and it’s to our advantage for the keeper to hold it instead of hoofing it away. That ball was there to be taken by the keeper, end of.

  266. Poodle,
    I’m not saying he won’t get better poodle, just that his mistakes should be highlighted and dealt with before it repeats itself, as is wont to happen with us.

  267. @poodle
    Almunia. And if Almunia leaves, I guess we won’t have a number one for at least one season.

  268. I’m watching the game in Romanian. From what little I can discern they tend to stick to the game and spare their audeince their tired analysis.

  269. wooohoo myiachi!

  270. Benfica probably on similar levelto Udinese. Similar playing style, from what I have hear. Good practice for us, whatever the final result.

  271. Gains,
    I don’t get why people feel the need to pick on Szczesny as some sort of counterbalance to his perceived popularity. It reminds me of how doomers kept blaming Almunia for stuff he ‘should have done’. Amazing how alike seemingly opposing views can be….

    JD was in control of that situation and didn’t handle it properly. He actually had the presence of mind to try lobbing the ball when he could just as easily have booted it.

    Now to the second half….

  272. Shite defending again. Why the hell was Vermaelen not goalside of Aimar?

  273. i just hope im rigth henri 🙂

  274. Bradys right foot

    TV5 awful for that goal, hewent wrong side by choice.

  275. @ Gains69,
    Henristic is stirring. Don’t rise to the bait.

  276. I’m not going to sit here and write put a list of positives for you, MikeSA, you’re smarter than that. If you can’t see em with your own two eyes than I can’t help you. I’m not going to sit here and try and convince you the sky isn’t falling. I simply stated I disagreed and gave you a few tips that work for me. Obviously they don’t work for you and if you can’t find any positives do something that you can find positives in. Maybe a break from football and a pursuit of some
    healthier hobbies is in order. We are so far from a meltdown it’s not even funny, so we’ll just agree to disagree. Nobody is irreplaceable and the window is still well open so I don’t understand your point of view. We’ve replaced stars in the past and will do so in the future. I’m backing Wenger to get it sorted and have us challenging for the title like he always does.

  277. Fuck Sake Chamakh! Turn and shoot!

  278. i hope Chamak scores 🙂

  279. I’m backing Wenger to get it sorted and have us challenging for the title like he always does.

    Until February?

  280. lol FG,
    I wonder why you’d think that. hmmmmm…..

  281. Someone answer my Chamakh question and remember to use the word ‘alleged’!

  282. If it stays 1:1 it goes to penalties. That would be quite interesting!

  283. At least this way we know we still have it all to prove.

  284. My connection went down – anyone got the second-half line-up?

  285. benfica playing goood and entertaining footy. they play the way we want to be playing really.

  286. Fuck off, James.

  287. Lansbury!

  288. Prefer her ‘Life After Love’ – era stuff?

  289. Loomer, you obviously missed the point of my post completely.

    I don’t think we need superstar (or any) replacements, I think our squad is extremely talented.

    My point is that we have some issues that are of concern because they are destabilizing the club.

    IMO they are serious problems, and I think all and sundry, including the manager and board, have underestimated the damage that can result if the situation is not intelligently dealt with.

    As far as I’m concerned, 60% of the problem is the continual efforts to blame everyone else.

    At this stage it simply doesn’t matter who is to blame, playing a blame game is simply not going to resolve the problems.

    The manager and the board need to wake up, they are fiddling while Rome burns.

    The propensity for a core element on this blog comments section to claim the moral high ground and pretend there are no issues is, in my opinion, as silly as the approach of the clowns over on le grove.

  290. Lansbury was the name I was waiting for.

  291. Boring song, boring comment. Yawn

  292. well this is how it is to watch arsenal vs any PL team i should guess. Xcept tonite Benfica is starring as Arsenal

  293. Michael Thomas is a god

    Would love some of the akb to expalin how arsenal have got any better defensively this summer. 2 goals 2 cb errors are depth looks weak as it did last year. Arsene is paid 6m a year and seems to take every summer off.

    Poorest summer in recent memory and there have been some bad ones. Failure to have a good start this year and arsene should get his marching orders. His inability to improve the side on a consistent basis despite resources is average

  294. are you having an anger fit michael thomas?

  295. cos you sound very agry. Since MT obviousley knows best i suggest you outline your toughts for change and how things should be done. Im sure people would like that.

  296. Making so many changes disrupted our flow. Although I wonder why Benfica’s changes seemed to have the opposite effect.

  297. Watching Arsenal is being like stuck in Groundhog Day, Go in front, concede due to poor defending, concede due to poor defending, lose/draw match, next match the same story. Would be funny if wasn’t so tragic.

  298. We’re struggling to keep hold of the ball and distribute it well in midfield. This is the sort of game Denilson was amazing at calming down and taking the pace out of.

  299. Benfica’s changes didn’t include Squillaci…

  300. Squillaci giving his best Stephanovs perfomance

  301. benfica playing lovley footy tbh. even a grumpy one like lewl1234 must be able to see that?

  302. Someone give me the changes please?

  303. 2nd half line up: Ryo Chamakh Gervinho
    Rosicky Frimpong Ramsey
    Traore Verm Squil Jenkison

  304. the ‘no more excuses’ thing is soooo last year
    concered this year is gonna be the ‘not actually good enough’ one…

  305. Lansbury on for Rosicky and Miguel just came in for Verm

  306. Lansbury. lol.

    Why are we so poor at free kicks?

  307. Was that Henri or Angela Lansbury that just took that free kick?

  308. So Arsene and the board are just fiddling as Rome burns…ROFLOL

    I simply can’t take you seriously after that comment, Mikey. At least you have acknowledged the existence of forces trying to destabilize the club. I don’t get your whole blame game comment and what exactky do you propose we do to eradicate said blame and solve our problems? As YW has pointed out recently the media are going to play their game no matter what Wenger or anyone else says. No amount of PR will change the story as it’s already been written. Our problems get solved behind closed doors in training if you ask me. Trying to pander and match wits with soulless hacks isn’t the way forward. Just my opinion.

  309. Brilliant save by Fabtastic!

  310. Michael Thomas is a god


    after a poor season last year which followed 2 poor ones before that i expected and was told that we would be ambitious this summer. we have had the same weakneses for 3 seasons and our manager who is paid amazingly well seems completely incapable of sorting them out. akb always slag off doomers but lets see who understands things better who predicts our season better. We are set up and look like a team destined to fight it out for 4th we have a tiny chance of hitting the 80 point mark in the league which is what you need to have any remote chance of winning it.

    Our manager job is to make sure we are ready to role by the 1st game of the season. as it is we look weaker both defensively and going forward despite us having money. None of the work he said would be resolved has been done. He is living with past glories and at any other big club he would be out the door. We will finish 4th this year 10-15 points off the championship and the only person to blame is our manager. Have we worked on anything in pre season

  311. dunno Henristic. That was prime real estate there and Lansbury sends it 20 ft over the bar!

  312. The first team is good but the squad is nowhere near strong enough.

    People are crying out for Lansbury and Frimpong to be given games but they can’t find their team-mates to save their lives.

  313. It could have been 4 or 5 they have killed us in the 2hd half.

    Defensively we were VERY POOR

    Our back up players not as good as some think they are

    Chamakh the Invisible man.Again

  314. Loomer, Angela Lansbury?

  315. Hard to pick many positives from the 2nd half.. Fabianski made a couple of smart stops, and Frimpong looked snappy in the challenge. That’s about it.

  316. Loomer – doesn’t need the media to say or do anything. If you watched that game it should be patently obvious that our squad is not good enough to challenge for the title.

    The Udinese game should be a major concern.

  317. If not for Fabianski we would have been demolished. Very worrying. Squillaci and Traore seem to have no idea what they’re supposed to be doing.

  318. Loomer
    “As YW has pointed out recently the media are going to play their game no matter what Wenger or anyone else says. No amount of PR will change the story as it’s already been written.”

    I think you’ve stretched Yogi’s words more than was ever intended.He is on record as calling for a better handling on our PR efforts.

  319. Sorry @ jamesM and not Loomer

  320. Good game. The youngsters struggled in the second half but it was good experience for them. Fabianski did well to keep the score down so that they weren’t embarrassed.

  321. Good game. I think Jenkinson could well be a very good defender, we certainly won’t see him making any intricate passes on the edge of the box that is for sure.

  322. Thought that Ramsey was a bit poor today. He had almost no impact on proceedings. I was impressed by Traore. Once he came on the left seemed a lot more secure. Chamakh was awful. He lacked touch and was off the pace.

    2-1 against Benfica is nothing to go crazy about, especially since half our first team is in London and we played with the bearest of squads today.

  323. Kenyan – Some old nosey bird in a rubbish TV show.

    Chamakh is worrying, if RvP gets injured he really is offering very little at the moment.

  324. “Weakened Squad In Lisbon Is Fuel For Summer Saga’s”

    You bet.

  325. Thanks all. Almost midnight. Switching off. Gnight.

  326. Hmm…so we lost ehh?

    Cue the doom and gloom brigade. (…I’ll just go get some pop-corn…)

  327. I thought Traore was decent for the most part. The first goal was Verma’s fault for trying to do the Koscielny thing of nipping in just in front of the forward and taking the ball off their toe. When it doesn’t work you’re really screwed. Squillaci just did what he does for their second, I used to go with the “he’s fine for a 4th choice” line but really, is he? I spose never getting a consecutive run of games handicaps him to an extent but still. Ryo looked really good which was cool. I don’t know what to say about Chamakh…I’d hate to see his pass completion stat, I’m not sure he found a blue shirt once.

  328. @ Michael Thomas
    all you do is moaning you not coming with a potential solution. “removing AW” is not a solution, cos it wont happen.
    You got to work with what we have, can you do that and come up with ideas to make us better? or will you lay down and die?

    You can dream as much as you want about change and firing AW. In the meantime you got to face reality. And the reality is that we got these players now, we may add one or two and we will not change manager.

    You cannot change these facts. you cannot influence the facts. you got to work with the facts.
    This is what we got for the Newcastle game pluss injured players. How will you make these players win Michael Thomas? That is what you should concern yourself with, reality not fantasy.

  329. What is worrying is that we don’t know how many of the players not available will be available against Newcastle or more imoportantly the 1st leg against Udinese. We could easily have to start against Udinese with the team that started against Benfica less RvP. I wouldn’t be confident of getting a good result, in particular not conceeding with that team.

  330. @VInce i wonder if Chamakh needs someone to serve him the ball more. And the Midfield did not do that. Maybe that is why he was so crap. I did not see him get alot of balls at all.
    I felt we missed some creativity down the middle.
    Once Walcott, Nasri and Cesc is back(or replaced with simirar quality) we will be much stronger.

  331. Bradys right foot

    Been away on hols, been completely out of the loop no interweb, no phone, come back today and see the same morons spouting the same shite. Last time I checked this was a friendly, fair play to Benfica they played the match like it mattered as they should infront of 40,000 plus. We got a good work, out role on Newcastle.

  332. and the goals are a bigger worry than the conceeded no? If we dont score we have no chance to win at all.

  333. so whats exactley changed from last season??
    the strength and depth in the squad is none existant..

  334. Apart from substitutions, I think the fact that we conceded (after initially being in the lead ) again knocked us off our stride. I’m a bit worried this issue might become even more of an albatross this season as I feared. Preseason or not, the ‘trend’ will very likely reinforce certain perceptions in the minds of fans, opponents and most importantly our own players.

    On the plus side, there is hardly any risk of overconfidence now. We really do still have it all to prove.

  335. Impressed by Gibbs today, with the assist among his least impressive exploits of the evening. He tracked back well, covered very well and gets back into his position very quickly and doesn’t leave much space behind him as a certain left back used to do all too consistently last term. I would love to see the following line-up next weekend:
    Sagna Djourou Vermaelen Gibbs
    Song Ramsey Rosicky Arshavin
    Gervinho v.Persie

  336. “This is the sort of game Denilson was amazing at calming down and taking the pace out of”.

    It’s funny, I thought that was also what was missing in the second half against Boca. I’m still sorry we let him go on loan. Maybe some Arsenal supporters will notice what he brings to the squad in his absence.

  337. Brady’s right foot I tell you what I haven’t been on this blog for 2 years or so, and I have found it quite amuzing how the same people are making almost identical comments now as they were a few years ago. It’s like a bar in which the same people gather to do the same thing as always, much like Moe’s tavern in the Simpsons :.p

  338. Bradys right foot | August 6, 2011 at 9:55 pm

    BRF – they have already played a competitive fixture this season, so they are ahead of us fitness and match practice wise.

  339. *amusing

  340. I would take Frimpong any day over Denilson. And I have only seen him play a handful of matches.

  341. Shows what you know about football GA – Frimpong is probably the right player in certain games, but he was on the pitch tonight, and along with the rest of his colleagues in midfield, that is where we lost the game. Denilson may not be that ‘tough-tackling’ brute that the average fan is impressed by, but his positioning is spot on and he knows where to be to intercept the ball and he knows how to hold possession and distribute the ball accurately. Frimpong may get there one day, but he’s not there yet.

  342. So do you think Wenger was wrong to let Denilson go on loan?

  343. Come off it GA, it’s all about circumstance. Frimpong’s physically very imposing but the second half of tonight’s game called for a certain deftness of touch and some serious accuracy with the ball. It’s not about “I’d rather have player x than player y in general”

  344. We needed somebody who would keep the ball and pass it safely and provide an out for teammates under pressure. Denilson is that sort of player.

  345. frimpongs strength and power beats denilsons 2 yard tippy taps and constant falling over by a country mile, especailly for a holding player..
    we wont miss him one bit..needed selling years ago..the fact that nobody bought him tells the whole story on that reject..

    but thats not the issue..that defence still needs strengthening and we need to decide what we are doing with nasri and cesc cos this team needs strengthening even if they stay..

  346. We were missing Jack, Cesc, Nasri, Theo and Koscielny. Had we started with them and ended the game with the players who started the first half, the result would’ve been a lot different. The boys we saw today are the ones who will be playing the carling cup and some of the easier games in the FA cup. To see some of you dooming the way you are is pretty funny considering how Barcelona got demolished the other night against Chivas with an equally young team.

  347. Michael Thomas is a god


    This is what we have becuase of our manager. There is money and plenty of players that can be sold. He sounds like the kid in school who fails but says he tried his best. He says he has been working hard but where are the results. He has failed to sort out contracts he has failed to sell 3-4 players that needed to be sold and bought one guy capable of playing 1st team right away. He and the front office have had a shocking summer and the team that finished 12 points off the pace last year and 11 the year before that looks weaker this year. All of this and our manager is the 2nd best paid in england. He isnt giving us value for money anymore as we arent in the same position as we were 3 years ago. Our organization at the back looks garbage and we still lack depth going forward. The manager must stop telling everyone how hard he works and actually start showing results.

    Our bid for mata was nothing short of disgraceful. He has a very reasonable buyout clause of 22m euro what on earth is the point in bidding below it.

  348. Vince – That is the thing. We have plenty of players who can retain the ball, and have deftness of touch. That is why Frimpong really could develop into what we need. If our squad was bereft of players who were good in possession Denislon may have been more valuable. As it was, we just have many players at the club much better than him at that. We have no other midfielders in the mould of Frimpong.

  349. Gordon | August 6, 2011 at 8:50 am

    Too right.WHATEVER HAPPENED TO THE TOURE/ADE MONEY? £41m never spent on transfers.The club takes us all for mugs.

    While your at it. Try and find out what happened to the Anelka, money.

  350. So basically this website is like this

    Destroy the doom and gloom,
    Frown on the realist
    Paint over arsenal’s failure’s and Arsene Wenger’s shortcomings with the red of fierce pride.

    There’s nothing wrong with defending our team no matter what, i and many others will always support arsenal, but to support a team is not to turn a blind eye to their many failures, it’s not to defend them even when you see the same old crap. That’s called being a mindless zombie. People have to face the facts, we are weaker than last season, we really are, you may say that pre-season is about fitness and all that, but we are past that stage now. We have our first prem match coming up and who here can tell me they are confident we will beat Newcastle soundly.

    The second half team was atrocious in defending and there was so many gaps that I’m surprised Benfica didn’t tear us to pieces. The first half team was decent, they were OK.

    People need to face facts, they are those who want Wenger out, i don’t agree. But for god’s sake, how many times every pre-season is he going to feed us the same rubbish.? He’s fooling himself more than he’s fooling us.

    It’s good to stick to your guns and believe in your philosophy , but their is a fine line between believing in your team and absolute idiocy.

    And we are walking that line.

  351. Well, all those that are suggesting that we should have not let Denilson go are obviously disagreeing with our manager. So in that case get behind your team, it is supporters like you which drag this club down. Stop being cowards!

  352. Yeah it’s bizarre how we’ve made all this money from transfers and by complete coincidence this big fucking new stadium’s appeared out of nowhere completely free of charge. Moron.

  353. All tongue in cheek of course 😉

    But that is what happens the other way round eh?

  354. The brass are cunts counting money while respect for Wenger, is gone out the window.

  355. Gainsbourg69

    But Wenger said this was his best squad ever.

    Squillaci should not be near a club like ours,He is an awful defender

    Both LBs like Clichy before them cant concentrate

    Frimpong is Song with more fouls

    And upfront we are relying on “Invisible” Chamakh and Vela if RVP is injury

  356. Apologies Loomer, I had to nip out to fetch my eldest daughter.

    Perhaps I am not expressing myself well.

    The disruption being caused by the media and the dissent amongst a minority but sizable portion of our fan base is a serious Issue IMO.

    Yes, the manager has some issues to sort out “behind closed doors” but that is not what I was referring to. Nevertheless, the manager has those problems and either can’t or doesn’t want to sort them out, but that is an entirely different debate.

    The manager and the board have underestimated the risk of dealing inadequately with the disruption and dissent in the fan base, so yes, whether you take me seriously or not, they ARE sitting and fiddling while Rome burns because they are not addressing this looming train wreck.

    The club needs to address both the media problem and the disgruntled fans as a serious problem.

    The approach of some on this board mirrors that of the manager and BOD, they seem to think that calling people shit fans will make the problem go away.

    Here’s some news: it won’t, and what is bothering me s that the players are being affected too.

    Yes, a lot of that is down to some shit fans, but as I said, blaming someone else isn’t going to sort it out.

    If we have some poor games there is going to be shit, whether any of us like it or not.

    That’s the problem. That’s what the club needs to wake up to.

    The club is approaching a major PR disaster, and they seem blithely unaware of the danger.

  357. Goonerguy – Decent post.

  358. Noone’s suggesting Denilson shouldn’t have gone on loan. If it gets him back to the form he showed two seasons ago pre-injury then awesome and in 12 months time we’ll have him and Bartley coming into the team ready to go.

  359. @ goonerandy
    I think you’re missing the point. We’re not debating who’s better, we’re saying Denilson would have been better for this situation.

  360. If Denilson is so good why did no one want to buy him?.We couldnt give him away

  361. Fun – That a fair point. My comment was really meant for the squad in general. Whilst Frimpong is inexperienced (which is a worry if he has to play a run of games), I think he offers the squad more than Denilson as he is very different from our others players in that position.

    He is the type of player we have needed for a while. Shame he does not have a few more years behind him.

  362. Fred – That is also a very good point.

  363. Well Fred, maybe Wenger didn’t want him to go. Maybe his wages priced him out of a move. Maybe teams worried he wouldn’t return to his pre-injury form. There’s all kinds of possible reasons outside of “duuuh he passes sideways and hes shit lol”.

  364. my wife works nights on thursdays!!

  365. “While your at it. Try and find out what happened to the Anelka, money.”

    It paid for a new training centre.

  366. Am I the only person who would rather keep Bendtner over Chamakh?

  367. “While your at it. Try and find out what happened to the Anelka, money.”

    If you were an Arsenal supporter you would know that we built a state of the art training facility with that money as well as investing in a certain Thierry Henry.

    This is why 9 times out of 10 your contribution is greeted with a ‘fuck off’. You try to comment on a club you claim to support, yet know nothing about. Do some research, make your comments from a position of knowledge and then you might be taken seriously.

    P.S. and the Toure/Ade money went towards strengthening existing player contracts and buying, Vermaelen, Koscielny etc

    I thought we missed Koscielny tonight. I was going to post at half-time that I thought Vermaelen was having an off-day. He didn’t seem quite on the ball first half, so it was disappointing, but not surprising that he got his positioning wrong for that first goal.

  368. GA: “I would take Frimpong any day over Denilson. And I have only seen him play a handful of matches.”

    Not at the minute I wouldn’t. Denilson was very good at reading the play and cutting it off. He’s also miles better than Frimps at keeping the ball moving about. I know Frimpong is just coming back from a long lay off and may improve as he plays more with the first squad, but right this minute Denilson is beyond him in his development. One thing I do like about Frimpong, that Denilson lacked, is his all out, dynamic style. With a bit of refinement we may have a very good player on our hands.

    JJ, our squad isn’t doing that bad when you consider how many first teamers are out. The first half against Benfica we were all over them and we were playing with Gervinho, Rosicky, Arshavin and Ramsey. You change those players for Cesc, Nasri, Theo and Wilshere and we’re a completely different team. I’m actually very pleased with our subs, to tell the truth. Also, the fact that our third string kept the score at just 2-1 was very promising as well.

  369. “Am I the only person who would rather keep Bendtner over Chamakh?”

    Actually no. I’m worried about Chamakh. I’ve never seen a player lose it so quickly. He may get it back, but it is a worry. However, I’m not sure that Bendtner is willing to climb down and stay and fight. I think things have gone too far now.

  370. vince
    chamakhs a flop..even rvp stays in the box more than that dude..which is coincidently the reason why he scores and chamakh doesnt..
    i think chamakhs the only cf ive seen who still likes to run the channels even when hes got two wingers either side of him
    totally clueless..he runs everywhere but towards the goal..

  371. I was surprised to hear a caller on Arsenal player comparing us to Liverpool who have ‘done their business early’. Does he not realise what their pre-season results have been? I’d rather wait for ‘super quality’ than buy over-priced crap early, for the sake of it.

  372. Gains – You are right about that. He does look a very very good prospect. He may get a chance when the ACN is on. I can’t imagine he would be in the Ghana squad with so litle experience, so he may get a few games in Songs absence.

    Vince – I am not a Bendtner fan, but Chamakh really does look very poor at the moment. Regardless of my criticisms of Bendtner his goals ratio for games played was pretty good.

  373. He lost it after the alleged injunction leaked! His confidence just totally vanished overnight. There’s no way that whole “he’s exhausted from playing more games than he expected in the first half of the season” thing holds up, he’s a bloody professional footballer and played the whole of the season before in France just fine. Also if it IS a confidence thing then that’s definitely not an issue Bendtner would ever have in his entire life. If some scandal came up he’d brag about it for weeks, not get an injunction. “Orgy? Yeah it was great, thanks for asking”.

  374. Lansbury just posted this on twitter

    “Wow I was fucking shit sorry lads”

  375. @michael thomas i ask you simple questions and all you do is arguing your own case not even trying to answear them?

    Arsene Wenger is not a variable in this game. he will not go no matter how much you want him to. How can you make this team better with AW in his role and the players we got??
    Or is this a task that is to hard for you ? or is it just to much fun to find “100 ways to moan about AW” on? Dont you get it? he will not be sacked, the board wont allow it. Thats the reality. If you want to come up with smart comments about how to make arsenal better that is the frame you got to work within.

    It does not matter “how crap aw is to do buisness” or “How crap he is to renew contracts”, he wont go away just because you moan about it.

    I am not saying AW is always right, he is not god.
    I am just saying hes going to stay. He will not go away.
    What you could suggest was that maybe Miquel should be no 4 defender instead of Squilly. Or you could suggest that Wilshere has to replace Ramsey or you could suggest that Vela is a better striker than Chamakh and thus gives us more chance to win.
    There is plenty of stuff you could come up with to make us BETTER!
    but nooo, you just wanna moan and indulge in our misery. Lets not try to make Arsenal better and focus on what we got. lets rather moan about how things could have been and what should have been done. that makes sense….. its always best to look at what we could have had instead of working with what we have no?

  376. someone got a paper bag im hyperventilating here.

  377. I really liked the look of Lansbury, would love to see him get some PL action this season. What does every one think about cesc fabregas, will he stay or go!!

  378. Goonerandy

    Im glad you approve 🙂

    And another thing, there was a time, once upon a time when our posession football used to reap so much more, when we used to tear teams apart at will. Now we’ve become slow and plodding. This may have alot to do with the way teams set up to play us, but i think it has to do with the fact that we don’t have that urgency, that will when we used to attack and raid opposition halves with energy and threat. Teams used to have so much problems with us.

    They still do but not as much. We’re not as feared.

    The concept of possession football is a good one, but the problem comes when you overdo it, the monotonous passing backwards and forwards, from side to side and absolutely no cut and thrust.

    That’s why players like gervinho and miyaichi are a breath of fresh air, they are direct and dangerous, they pose an immediate threat, same with walcott and Arshavin before he started the one pass too many rule.

    I would love to see the Arsenal i knew again, the arsenal that could break defences at will, the Arsenal that didnt waste the amount of possession they had.

    Arsene Wenger is like a little sister, you love them but sometimes you want to strangle them.

  379. nikkis time is up naturally..
    but id still take him over chamakh..
    in an ideal world id sell both of them and let afobe have a pop..
    but i cant see wenger giving up on chamakh after a year, but franny jeffers was better..
    at least chamakh was free eh?? saving grace..but thats what you get for shopping at car boot sales..

  380. Why would Lansbury say that sure his freekick went quite far over but so what? He didn’t even play that long, he’s being harsh on himself to some extent with his twitter status!

  381. At least he is honest about himself dupsffokcuf.

  382. @vince what injunction was that? or what is an injunction? im sorry English is not my first language so got to ask.

  383. Bet he was all pumped up and a wee stessed out. Am sure a couple of PL games will sort Lansbury out and show what a good player he really is.

  384. @ Gains69

    Fabianski was excellent, I thought. And Gibbs played really well. I think the they needed Rosicky to stay on and knit the play together. As individuals they didn’t do too badly but they needed a “brain” in the centre of midfield, I felt. What do you think?

    what is this super-injunction about? First I’ve heard of it! Was it to do with what we discussed on here last autumn?

  385. ZakariaM, no, he is not. He was poor, and by acknowledging it, he shows good self-awareness and a willingness to improve. He could not impose himself on the game and if he wants to make it at Arsenal, he needs to do that. Doesn’t mean he is shit, just that he had a poor game today. That is the difference between a true ‘realist’ and a doomer. Being able to acknowledge a poor performance without labelling the player as ‘shit’.

  386. Vince – Heh about Bendtner.

  387. Arsenal really are producing doom and gloom football still.

  388. Passenal, fans respect that honesty.

  389. oh 😛 nvm i found out. just its a word i associate with Wayne Rooney not arsenal players usually 🙂

  390. AW always says that the really good players can accurately judge their own performances.

  391. gains
    i take your point and i agree the squad isnt that bad..but it isnt that great either..it needs strengthening…the players you speak of totally fucked up last season and fell to bits so that doesnt fill me with confidence that they were ‘missing’..
    cos they werent exactley ‘found’ last year..they need strengthening..cos all the preseason has shown is that we are even worse when we play without them so it needs sorting..
    ideally it needed sorting when last season was over but for some reason we are one week away from the new season and naff alls been done apart from an over haul to the reserves
    this is a big week for us now..

  392. Some riots in spudville tonight then.

  393. Rosicky is an excellent player and he could be the stand out player this season , but sometimes he tries to use his upper body too much and 9 times out of 10 it doesnt work. He needs to realise he is not Frimpong

  394. Chamakh allegedly got a super-injunction to prevent reporting of his private life in the papers. A silhouette was printed in The Independent that bared a resemblance to him during the fuss around Ryan Giggs.

  395. Bradys right foot

    Jesus H christ this was a FRIENDLY, – no injuries check -good work out check – result meh. Those are the priorities and in that fecking order from tonights match. Poodle your right m8 Arsene is not God, but he’s closer than most to divinity. I swear I must be the only gooner looking forward to next week and the start of the season COYG.

  396. I can’t remember what was said last Autumn, to my knowledge this came out via that @injunctionsuper account that broke several of the injunction stories before the press was allowed to. As the story goes, there is video footage of Chamakh and some of his buddies in a hotel room (I think it was in Vegas) sexing up some laydeez and liberally plying themselves with booze. While i don’t think Chamakh was involved in the sexing part (which I find very believable what with his current inability to score, geddit?), he’s always claimed that abstinence is a big part of his Muslim beliefs and that he doesn’t touch alcohol. Now obviously there’s a big fat ALLEGEDLY attached to all of this and aside from what I’ve read online Alan Davies and Keith Dover mentioned it briefly on one of the final Yellow Boots podcasts of last season before realising they probably shouldn’t and stopping. I’m pretty sure that this coincided with Chamakh, frankly, turning to crap on the pitch.

  397. You are not, BRF! I can’t wait for it, either.

  398. @ Vince
    Aha, well if what is alleged is true about the person alleged, I can see that the stress would be detrimental.

  399. I’m amazed that Squillaci appears to affect the CB playing next to him, I thought TV5 was doing pretty well in the first half, but his decision making in the second half was lousy. Does he try to over compensate for Squallici? Milito just beat Squallici with speed of thought for the second goal. Squillaci’s reaction speed is poor which is why he is likely to struggle in botht the leage and the CL and is why we need to bring in at least one more CB. If TV5 or Kos picks up an injury (and Kos has already picked one up) the thought of having to rely on Squillaci again is a major concern.
    I agree that the service from the midfield in the second half was dreadful, but at least Gervinho was still looking for the ball. Why is Chamakh so ball shy having started last season so well? We should be looking for another striker as well because the lack of strength in depth upfront is worrying. If RVP were to pick up a knock we would likely have to rely on the midfield to score goals and we all know how well that went at the end of last season. I think Gervinho is going to make a difference on that front, but more firepower upfront is still needed assuming Bendtner goes and Vela goes out on loan again.

  400. “I thought TV5 was doing pretty well in the first half, but his decision making in the second half was lousy.”

    Totally disagree wavey. Vermaelen was an accident waiting to happen in the first half. He was mostly a step behind his attacker throughout. It’s understandable. Sometimes even good players have an off day. Better to get it out of the way in pre-season though.

  401. Wavey – I would have thought that Djourou is next in line if Kos or TV5 get injured. That said, it would be nice get get in another CB to partner TV5. Kos would be good back up and would still get plenty of games.

  402. Goonerguy: “So basically this website is like this

    Destroy the doom and gloom,
    Frown on the realist
    Paint over arsenal’s failure’s and Arsene Wenger’s shortcomings with the red of fierce pride.

    Destroy the doom and gloom is obvious. How often do you mugs say that the club is bigger than Wenger or any other player? If this is how you think, then why would you boo the club that is so important to you?

    You doomers are no more realists than us AKBs. The difference is that you choose to see the negative and only the negative. Take today, for example. This is the first loss we’ve suffered throughout the pre-season but the way you lot react to any set back makes one think that we’ve lost every single game thus far. For all the negative results we’ve had you seem to overlook the good perfromances we’ve produced before making wholesale changes in the second half of every game in the pre-season. And those games have been without Cesc and Nasri.

    There’s nothing wrong with defending our team no matter what, i and many others will always support arsenal, but to support a team is not to turn a blind eye to their many failures, it’s not to defend them even when you see the same old crap. That’s called being a mindless zombie. People have to face the facts, we are weaker than last season, we really are, you may say that pre-season is about fitness and all that, but we are past that stage now. We have our first prem match coming up and who here can tell me they are confident we will beat Newcastle soundly.

    I guess you came to your conclusion based on some poor second halves in the pre-season, no? Why don’t you wait until the team starts the season to make your judgements? Maybe then you’ll have a more accurate read on what players Wenger is going to rely on and what tactics he’s going to use in actual games. Taking the pre-season for what it is is not turning a blind eye, but it seems like you pessimists are looking for any excuse to lash out eventhough you swear up and down that you support the team.

    The second half team was atrocious in defending and there was so many gaps that I’m surprised Benfica didn’t tear us to pieces. The first half team was decent, they were OK.

    Bravo! This is the first realistic thing you’ve said all day. If you would’ve just said that and tried to have a civilized conversation devoid of name calling or stupid assumptions, you would’ve started a lively debate. See, it’s not too hard to do. Just state your case without getting all drama queen on us and we’ll debate our fingers off, simple.

    People need to face facts, they are those who want Wenger out, i don’t agree. But for god’s sake, how many times every pre-season is he going to feed us the same rubbish.? He’s fooling himself more than he’s fooling us.

    Wenger is not a stupid man. If he feels the need to strengthen the squad he will. If he can’t get the players the supporters want because those players are tied up with other clubs or may choose to go to clubs that pay them much more than we can, that’s pretty much out of his hands. The reason I think you all are so frustrated is because you think that buying a player is as easy as waving a wad of cash infront of them. You have to realize that some players make moves when they want to and not when we want them to. Take Mata, for example. If Mata comes to Arsenal and plays his arse off there’s no guarantee that the Spain manager will pick him for the Euro squad for next summer. If he stays in Spain, however, he can play well in their championship and keep himself front and center in the group of players the Spain manager will be picking from. I’m not saying that this is what happened with Mata but I’m just using it as an example of the many variables that revolve around signing a player.

  403. In case anyone’s interested, the Ladies season is hotting up. Crunch match tomorrow against leaders Birmingham City – if we win, we go top of the league with three matches to go.

  404. Come on Arsenal Ladies – you can do it!

  405. Passenal

    I’m wondering if TV5 thinks he should always be watching out for his partner, especially when he’s alongside Djourou and Squillaci. I noticed that Tommy and Djourou don’t hold a very good line, Djourou was often two or there paces behind Tommy.


    I agree that Djourou is first option behind Kos/TV5, but the likelihood is that Djourou will get games this season any way as there are so many competitions which would mean that we would have to fall back on Squillaci for a number of games as well if either of the first two get injured.

  406. Yay, someone IS interested!

    @ Gainsbourg69 | August 6, 2011 at 10:55 pm
    Top post.

    What did you think about my Rosicky comment earlier?

  407. @wavey i think AW will pull off a defensive signing this month though. So he wont have to play Suquilly so much. Maybe so he can even have Djorou as no4.

    I think we will get a defender and a replacement for Nasri if he leaves.
    I doubt it is possible to get a replacement for Cesc, him leaving will mean a change of playstyle. So i hope he stays.

  408. hah did you guys see Arsharvin trying to head a ball into the net early in 1st half??
    Arsharvin heading?? and he almost succeeded even! the guys is tiny. hah that would be cool if he scored a couple of heades this season.
    he seems well up for a good season though

  409. Arshavin almost scored a header against Man Utd in May. That would have been excellent if it happened.

  410. A nice performance from Fabianski, who should have been given all carling cup games to be honest, ahead of Szczesny. Why on earth was he dropped in the first place? Played really well and I can bet you he would not have made the mistake szczesny made in Wembley.

  411. ZakariaM

    Fabianski picked up an injury initially which allowed Szczesny in.

  412. JJ, we can always strengthen but we will not see six changes in any game next season like we did today. The players who came in, Miyiachi, Lansbury, Frimpong and Chamakh are not going to be playing on the same pitch all at once. If any of these players were to play with our first or second team squad they’d do a lot better than what they showed today. Personally, I think that even Squillaci in a team with a decent midfield infront of him wouldn’t be that bad. This being said, I think that Squillaci should be replaced with a Djourou-type defender in order to have two one short, one big pairings or two tall defenders at the back.

  413. I agree poodle. Arshavin seems re-motivated this season. I really hope he lives up to his ability.

  414. ZakariaM

    Fabianski was injured

  415. Oh yeah forgot that. What a shame, he was just coming in to fine form. I wouldn’t mind him taking the no.1 spot again to be honest, all he needs is some confidence in the box from set pieces and along with his great instinctive abilities he can be one of the best in the EPL on his day.

  416. Fun, I completely agree. We needed someone to pull the strings and this game was no different than the one against Boca or NY red Bulls. When we don’t have a playmaker in the side we don’t hold possession and without possession we’re not going to play well. The only thing I’m worried about is that we only have Cesc and Rosicky as legitimate playmakers at the moment. Hopefully Diaby is on his feet soon and we have another player to pull the strings. Did you see Alex Song play-making? He was pretty good keeping the ball moving in the first half.

  417. agree with the point about TV
    thought he was poor..think he was at fault for the first goal really he just got outmuscled too easy..positioning was off as well..he’ll come good though

  418. Awesome shot stopper, but does need to command his box better particularly from set pieces. He did really well with that free kick in the second half as it came at him low with pace. I know they set up a couple of players in front of our wall who parted as the kick was taken, bu why did our wall part as well?

  419. Fabianski was tops today. I’m liking him more every day. I also think Szczesny is a very good player. Hell, I’m just happy that we’ll be going into the season with at least two very good goalkeepers.

  420. gains i think frimpongs ready for first team, we dont need scotty parker or a new ‘DM’..i was impressed last pre season and im impressed this pre season..he looks like a bull and hes exactley the player we need to play in the ‘song’ role..has alot of attributes and i hope he stays fit cos it will be interesting to see if he can do a ‘jack’ this year..i have hopes for keiran as well..jenkison can cross at least..
    these kids have been a shining light for us this summer in a window of darkness but the last thing they need is the pressure of winning a title at the 8th time of asking…they need help..we needs signings too..

  421. Whoever up thread said no injuries after the game great jinx 🙂

    on Van Persie’s injury…
    It is an ankle problem, I don’t know how bad it is. Gibbs is injured and Vermaelen is injured. That is the negative side of the night.


  422. Going back to someone mentioning barcelona, did anybody see the first and particularly second chivas goal? Something special!

  423. @ G69
    A fit Diaby….sigh! I’m holding on to the hope that post-surgery, we will finally see that. Apart from him, there’s Ramsey who can play that role, I think. Potentially, anyway – he was more or less there when Shawcross broke his leg. And I did notice Song’s work in the first half.

  424. Good cal,l JJ. I think Aimar should’ve never gotten infront of him. The rest of the game he was flawless, though. I liked the look of him and Djourou as well. We have three defensive combinations we can play and not lose any quality. Verm, Djourou, Verm Koscielny and Koscielny Djourou. Djourou, Squillaci isn’t that bad either. If we get another Djourou type we’d be incredible.

  425. Gainsbourg69 | August 6, 2011 at 11:26 pm
    “Fabianski was tops today. I’m liking him more every day. I also think Szczesny is a very good player. Hell, I’m just happy that we’ll be going into the season with at least two very good goalkeepers.”

    Totally agree. No need to pull one down in order to big the other up, like some have done.

  426. Fuck. Van Persie being injured presents a problem.

  427. JJ @11.26

    Completely agree. These kids could really be special for us. But we mustn’t put the weight of expectation on them. Like Thierry said, the cannon is heavy, too heavy for young shoulders as we now know.

  428. “Fuck. Van Persie being injured presents a problem.”

    What are you talking about?? Don’t tell me he is injured….

  429. Ah, just seen lew’s post….

    Gave me a proper scare initially, but seeing how phlegmatic Wenger sounds, it can’t possibly be a major problem? Its not as if things were not bad enough….

  430. Van Persie being injured quite simply ruins our chances of winning any match at the moment. It’s the harsh truth.

  431. I’m hoping these are international friendly absentee injuries.

  432. Zakariam,

    We can’t win with him either at the moment anyway!!

  433. Me too Dups

    So far this summer we have picked injuries to Walcott, Kos, Wilshere, RVP, TV5 and Gibbs as well as the op Diaby had to have on his injury from last season. In addition to that we have an alleged injury to Nasri and Cesc’s head not being right.

    RVP clearly thought that the stamp by Garay was no accident as he was giving him a lot of grief when he came back on the pitch and the snidey little shit had a smirk on his face when he went over to see how Robin was.

  434. and on that note I’ll sign off for the evening. Night chaps.

  435. Tottenham is ablaze. Police suspect Arsene.

  436. I would not get worked up over the second half. lets face it we will not play a single competitive game with jenkinson squillaci miquel traore frinpong Miyachi, Lansbury, Chamakh in one line up. First half was more or less the team we will see playing regurlarly. Second half was a case of testing the fringe players and see how they do and it is obvious they are way behind the first 11. but a run in the league cup will do them a lot of good .

  437. loomer is a total cunt

  438. Ashburton Patriot

    Ya ey. Err Howzit. Were looking fanfuckingtastic for next season. We gonna win the treble…
    We’ll conced 25 goals this year and ascor 100.
    Fucking beautiful permonce against benfica. Keep it up boys.
    Once again really admiring the positivity

  439. Ashburton Patriot

    There are positives in VP getting injured. Now we get to witness the quality of old Nicklas and Marouane

  440. lol ashburton you can right eff off man. It is preseason.

  441. also, there aren’t any positives in RVP getting injured.

    you are a spud on one of these wind-ups.

  442. Ashburton Patriot

    Bill I’m just tryin to be like u lot and snoop for positives everywhere

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