Thrills & Bellyaches Over Cesc, Pills No Longer Required

The weather is unsurprisingly grim this morning, the clouds that have hung over Arsenal for a while have burst as Members Day arrives. I wonder if there will be booing from the stands if a pass goes astray during the training session. A certain levity would be brought to the proceedings if the players barracked each other for every mistake. Or gave the crowd grief if a round of applause was not up to the required standard.

Attention turns toward Cesc Fábregas, whose fitness is apparently open to question. The player’s hamstring injury is morphing to his hip as if following the lyrical path of a song. The saga is as unsettling as the weather. This has been the hallmark of Arsenal’s summer.

And I have to say, this is all rather bizarre. Not the occurrence, simply that a saga can continue unabated with no apparent let up in its’ reportage. There are some (un)expected twists. The ‘threat‘ to play Cesc in the Champions League qualifier is a perceived one; it is no threat, if he is at Arsenal, failure to include him in the line-up could be considered dereliction of Arsène’s duties. Such an eventuality has occurred to them, the latest deadline is the Spanish SuperCopa.

However, if the Arsenal captain is cup-tied for the Champions League, you know that the wrangling will go on, with more heartfelt bleating that the transfer fee is too expensive, especially as they cannot use him in one competition. Hopefully Arsenal will maintain their stance that £35m including incentive payments, is nowhere near enough. Except it’s €34m according to the Spanish media. Little wonder Arsenal never disclose the fees paid.

Whatever the case, it is obvious that either the player is returning to fitness or quite simply, the well of excuses for not playing this pre-season has run dry. At least the club quashed the ludicrous suggestion of taking photos today with or without the captain. Some aren’t giving up although was Vic Akers annoyed with the brouhaha or an Arsenal captain on club duty, turning up in his decorating jeans and t-shirt. Not too sure.

August is a testing month, Arsenal need to be ready to face some matches which will play a huge part in this season’s outcome. Obviously there is the financially crucial Champions League Qualifier but more important longer-term, are the Premier League fixtures. This is the test for the squad. A new season, a new hope, a new mental approach or the same head spinning frailties?

Fábregas‘ circus is an unwelcome distraction and I hope the other players are putting it to one side. The kerfuffle over Nasri has died down with his commitment to the club although most would prefer he be sold for £20m. It seems that Arsène’s spendthrift moment is not approved of, despite years of bemoaning the fact he will not use the club’s funds. This time it is the opportunity cost of which he falls foul. No, monsieur, you cannot win!

Barcelona don’t let up either. They talk of not talking anymore and then their Sporting Director tells the world that negotiations will resume, whilst not mentioning the details out of respect for Arsenal. The same Arsenal that Gerard Piquet respects but orders them to listen to the player. Speaking of his love for Shakira might have been more interesting for the player but apparently not.

Elsewhere, Emmanuel Eboue is off to Galatasaray for about £2-4m. Part of me hopes that this deal does go ahead, just so someone will sign for the Turkish club having been linked with so many of the Arsenal squad in recent seasons. Nicklas Bendtner is apparently holding out for a hero to pay his missing £2m, he would probably would even listen to Bonnie Tyler belting out her hit if she had a suitcase of used fivers making up the shortfall in his wages.

Kyle Bartley‘s new contract means a new loan spell in all likelihood, perhaps as bait for Gary Cahill? Or not, since Lucho Gonzalez is the new centre back on the block according to this morning’s Daily Mirror. All the while Karim Benzema is a ghostly presence, his haunting siren call of 6 goals in 6 pre-season matches having no effect on Arsenal whatsoever.

Finally the ACLF Fantasy League is up and running here, the code to join is 820625-204250. Not sure what the winner’s prize will be yet but there will be one.

’til Tomorrow.

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  1. Legrave on tour

    Yogi –

    The doomer!


    Nice work keep it up.

  2. Morning!

  3. Legrave on tour

    Yogi –

    I have read that Cesc is only cup tied should we be in the same group as Barca. Not 100% on this though.

  4. If we play Cesc in the CL Qualifiers he is not cup tied. As soon as he plays one seconds for us in the CL proper he is cup tied for the remainder of the comp I think.

  5. Legrave on tour says:
    August 4, 2011 at 8:30 am
    Yogi –
    I have read that Cesc is only cup tied
    should we be in the same group as
    Barca. Not 100% on this though.

    We can’t be in the same group if we qualify, cos we’ll both be seeded.

    Mrng y’all

  6. Nice post Yogi. So the summer transfer circus continues with the season only a couple of weeks off..I’m glad this time I stopped reading most of the tripe, ACLF is now my sole refuge when I’m hungry for Arsenal news and commentary. Can’t wait for the window to shut and the season to start proper!

  7. LGT

    No, it is if Arsenal qualify for the tournament proper – there was a link somewhere which explained it all. I’ll dig it out.


  8. morning all, eleven days to go…

  9. Andy

    If he plays in the qualifier, he is cup-tied if Arsenal go through.


  10. Nevermind Cesc being cup-tied, the big question is will Chamakh be goal-tied if ever he scores a goal?

  11. morning all, eleven days to go…

    Sheer excitement for me. Great season ahead for us all.. Can’t wait for the rollercoaster ride.

  12. YW – Oh, right. My bad. That said, if he is fit he should play.

  13. If he’s still an Arsenal player he has to play and it will be tough luck on Barca for all their messing about.

  14. im exited for the season to start too. Yeah!!

  15. Nevermind Cesc being cup-tied, the
    big question is will Chamakh be goal-
    tied if ever he scores a goal?

    Very funny.

  16. The fact the daily mirror states that lucho gonzalez is a defender just show how useless the tabloids are as a little research would have told them he is actually playing in cesc’s position in their 4-3-3 formation!

    I’m fed up with cesc’s transfer saga. Either he hands in a transfer request and we sell him to the highest bidder or he sucks it up and play for the team he owes everything!

  17. First great article! You mood us rather down, I guess the transfer window And lack of positive arsenal news is draging you down. As for cecs; for man who respects this club, doesn’t say much and supposely his only crime is homesickness! Is queitely holding AFC hostage. Mind you the mayor of Barcelona. We have no captain, our ship isn’t exactly battle ready and we need to win some wars quickly. We risk turning onto New Castle!

  18. Damn the phone keyboard. I meant…. Your mood is down.
    Cecs needs to hand in a transfer request. Im probably unfair when I say! My most vivid memory of cecs will be him putting up the substitution sign and his hamstring problems…. I’m actually looking forward to the amount of games he plays for barca and relative injuries. I suspect that he hasn’t given 110 percent for
    sometime. We need a captain and ammo for this arsenal ship before sending it to enemy territories. Cheers gooners.

  19. gunnerluc,

    Or he could get tired of this tiresome drawn out affair and commit himself to the team who wants and needs him most.

  20. Tateezee

    Season starts on 13th Aug so its only nine days.

  21. zong_

    I might have put it a bit too harshly but what I mean is if he doesn’t want to play for us he has to be clear about it and then we can officially put him on the market and let barca competes with the likes of AC Milan, inter, RM and even city for his transfer which enable us to get his real market value. Or he commits with us, says so and be fully commited with us like ha has been in the past.

  22. Yogi,
    I agree there is a contradiction in many fans’ minds asking the manager to spend and at the same time opposing Nasri’s last year at the club costing £20m of opportunity costs. I suppose the reason may be the fear of an exception player not replaced properly and the squad losing quality again.

    I would sell him to City without a thought, he will not strengthen them (but not to ManU). This is another one where the manager demonstrates his principles where a pragmatic approach would be more beneficial for the team.

    Our possible CL qualifier opponents (I think):
    Rubin Kazan

    Could be a very tough one. In the first leg without suspended RVP, we will the gaols come from?

  23. No excitement for the new season at all. The only new players signed are Gervinho and a bloke from Charlton called Jenkins ( for £ 1 milllion). Apart from Cliche and Denilson – the squad is exactly the same that collapsed at the end of last season except that our two best midfield players have no desire to play for the club and it will show in their performances next season – most of the time they will have mysterious injuries! My heart will be in my mouth every time as usual whenever we “try” to defend set pieces and corners! No trophies and we will be competing with Spurs,Liverpool,etc for 4th position. Wenger coming out with all the usual cliches at press conferences,etc .

  24. Haha the first are predicting that Liverpool is going to finish above us and kick us out of the top 4. And here I was thinking that silly season was full underway but THAT surely takes the cake with the cherry on top of it.

  25. Wavey says:
    August 4, 2011 at 9:46 am
    Season starts on 13th Aug so its only
    nine days.

    Yea Wavey, I’m thoroughly anticipating the season ahead..9 days feels like eternity. I don’t care who comes in or not, I just want a settled start to the season (Cesc n Nasri saga).

    Our possible CL qualifier opponents
    (I think):
    Rubin Kazan

    We can cope against without Van P, against any of them. Chamackh will come in and do a good job.

  26. good observaton Martin

  27. I think a lot will depend if we play away first. Away without RVP might be a tricky task in the first leg but if the first leg is at home, even without Robin, we should do extremely well against either one of those.

  28. Ashburton Patriot

    Good morning everybody


  29. Martin 90 – in that case you really might as well find something better to do with your time than to bother watching eh? Certainly coming on here and spreading your nihilism is a waste of your time and ours.

  30. Rubin Kazan will easily be the toughest draw if we get them. I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that we willplay at home in the second leg because we are the seeded team. If so, it will be a balls because I will be away!!

  31. Fuck off Jonny – I was watching Arsenal long before you were even thought off! I have every right as any fan of expressing my opinion on the way the club is being run. I am a season ticket holder and will still be one long after Wenger leaves and the American has sold his shares.

  32. @Block4
    I fully agree. Didn’t Rubin Kazan give Barca a run for their money in 2009 or so? Beat them 2-1 if I remember correctly and even in 2010 Barca couldn’t beat Rubin Kazan away.

  33. I wonder how as a supporter, one only derives joy and satisfaction by slating the team and the manager and spreading doom. Why carry on as a supporter if you cannot get behind the team at all time. Yes, we all want the team to improve, be it personnel wise, transfer activities or in general team play. Acknowledging these deficiencies and hoping the team can improve on them should make u want to support the team further.

    I cannot go to the store, buy a shirt I do not like wear it and go about complaining. It doesn’t make sense.

    Please, learn to support the team properly.

  34. Open draw – we cna play home or away 1st

  35. Ashburton Patriot

    So tateezee if we go 10 years trophyless or dont qualify for europe will AW still be the man for you?

    Just asking. When is enough enough

  36. You are making unrealistic assumptions, Ashburton Patriot. But to somewhat answer your question: as long as AW keeps Arsenal a top 4 team that challenges for various titles season after season without ruining the club or running it into the ground and at the same time ensuring that we play entertaining football and hold the values that this club stands for in high regard, as long as he keeps doing that, he is the man.

  37. gunnerluc

    I understood what you meant, that would be the ideal scenario.

  38. Evil

    Even this year Barca found the away league tough against Kazan. The score was not a fair representation of the game.

    They are a very very good outfit – and if we get them, I will 100% take a draw at thier place.

    Last thing we need – a re-ding-dong round trip to the far reaches of Europe amidst huge EPL games.

    To be honest, thats the only draw I fear. We will still progress after they recieving a complete pasting. but its an injury and logistical nightmare.

  39. Limestonegunner

    I am beginning to think that getting Cesc back at this stage has become a secondary goal for Barcelona. They show no urgency, have not made it a top priority and can afford to wait a year or two. Their policy works to lower his value whenever the transfer might take place. No, rather, their top objective seems to be disrupting and retarding Arsenal’s development as the main challenge to their hegemony. They fear and hate Arsenal, whom they know have played them the toughest over two legs in the last few years and also have claims to an attacking style but even more impressively as a financially responsible club. They expect to meet us again in the knockout stages and might understand that their victory at the Nou Camp was a farce. They are attempting to weaken us already as we are getting closer to taking them down and exposing them for the cheats and whiners they are. Everyone else has to resort to thuggery to challenge them except us. Don’t fall for their game.

    The sad thing is that they are quite willing to harm the player and his career they claim to want back. No doubt they see this as appropriate punishment for his teenage betrayal. When Alcantara is ready will they even remember your name after hanging you out to dry and possibly ruining your status at Arsenal with some vengeful or weak-minded fans? Wake up Cesc, grow up and free yourself from the emotional shackles and guilt for having left your boyhood club. You are a man now, an Arsenal man, and you should see that the only way to have dignity is to win trophies with Arsenal and defeat Barcelona in the CL. Then you can go back as their savior and have earned full respect that comes from self-respect.

  40. @Luke
    Full agreement. We sure as hell don’t need to go to somewhere in far eastern Europe when Liverpool and ManU are looming. I sure hope that we get home first and win comfortably so that we can keep some of our more important players at home for the away trip so they can prepare to kick Fergie’s ass.

  41. Ashburton Patriot

    Thats very selfish Evil.

    “as long as AW keeps Arsenal a top 4 team that challenges for various titles season after season without ruining the club or running it into the ground and at the same time ensuring that we play entertaining football and hold the values that this club stands for in high regard, as long as he keeps doing that, he is the man.”

    Then only AKB’s will be happy.
    Lots of other fans will be depressed.

    Where as if we start winning things

    Every1 is happy. Unless AKB’s arent happy with success if Wenger doesnt bring it. Then in that case you support Him more than Arsenal.

  42. True Evil.

    Home leg, some thumping 5-0 win. Send Henri and the boys over in the second leg.

    Just a thought, the Russian league doesn’t run in tune with ours – Does anyone know where a potential tie would sit in thier season?

  43. @Ashburton
    Here you are making the assumption that another manager would bring automatic success.

  44. ACLFers, please. Many of us are beginning to sound like a bunch of whiny kids. Almost every other poster is in toddler mode: I want Fabregas to do this, to do that, to do the other, ad nauseam. Replace Fabregas with Wenger and that covers practically 90% of Comments daily. Unlike what our educational system, media and society in general misleads us into thinking, our needs and desires are no substitute for reality. To think otherwise is wishful thinking or Idealism.

    Yes, the uncertainty about Fabregas is unpleasant and unsettling but the reality is he remains our player and our best player to boot. The reality is we are a much weaker team if we lose him. The reality is he is torn between Barca and Arsenal. The reality is he remains an Arsenal player under contract until 2014. The reality is Barca cannot afford him so instead they try to get him on the cheap by playing on his emotions and unsettle his relations with club and supporters. The reality is that Fabregas is not totally innocent.

    But Wenger and the club is right; we fight to keep Fabregas on board. Just like in 2010-11, when he was also unsettled by Barca, we can live with his footballing skills and his 15 assists. I am sure a fit RVP and Gervinho will have a field day. Take a look at the first 3 months of last season and see how much of his killer passes were squandered by our forwards:

  45. Ashburton Patriot

    Thats like saying dont buy any1 because they might not play well.

    If the man is Tactically adept and not afraid to spend on quality i dont see why we cant win.

  46. Martin90 – sorry mister but I most certainly will not ‘fuck off’. Look at your last post, what was the point of it?? Why did you waste your time sharing these barely formed thoughts. Time is precious at your age – you may not have much left.

    You tell us who we have signed. Bravo, that was illuminating for everyone. I think we should take turns to thank you for the gaping holes you have filled in The Arsenal hive mind.

    You tell us that our two best players don’t want to play for us. Wow. This is like listening to some kind of omniscient sage.

    You tell us they will be shit next season because they don’t want to play for us. Wow you are also clairvoyant. I imagine you must be sought for your opinion far and wide?

    You tell us our set piece problems will continue unabated – again your oracle like abilities astound me.

    You tell us we can only compete for 4th and that we will win nothing – and so your Nostradamus
    tour-de-farce is completed.

    So in summary Arsenal are fucked and the season is over. All I said in response is that you might as well find something better to do with your time than to bother watching. And that coming on here and spreading your nihilism is a waste of your time and ours. And these words are clearly true.

    You know nothing of who I am and yet clearly believe yourself better than others due to the fact you are old and have a season ticket. Well I’m happy to be younger than you and on the waiting list. Especially if being as old as you are (I have to ask are you really 90?) makes one so miserable, pessimistic and downright dull. Longevity as a fan should have given you more perspective and yet you have almost none and you couple it with the feeble ‘culture of entitlement’ that is usually the hall mark of the selfish and the immature.

    I pity the people who have to sit next to you if this is the standard of your support. The cusp of a new season and all you can do is moan, antagonise and whinge to others.

    It’s a new season – cheer up, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride granddad! And next time you post, don’t forget put your teeth in.


  47. Bravo Shotta.

  48. Bartley has just signed a new contract till 2014. You can see what Wenger is setting us all up for, can’ t you ? He pretends to sign a quality EXPERIENCED defender, ( you know – the one we really NEED ), all the while intending to have Bartley take the spot. Then he’ll say, “We tried, but we couldn’t get a defender at the right price, so we’ve decided to promote 20 year old Bartley.” Project Youth continues on its merry way. And we end up with the cheap option.
    Speculation on my part, admittedly, but based on Wenger’s mentality, and past behaviour, could be very plausible.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  49. Limestonegunner

    I agree with Shotta, but think that is a limited objective of BBB at this point. Why not destabilize Arsenal who “stole” the player and other young players recently? Arsenal have sold them several players past their prime, making them look foolish. Impede the Arsenal transfer policy so they don’t strengthen or get the best out of their best player. Divide the support and make the club look weak. It goes beyond Cesc; that would be a bonus to get him, cheap and grateful to return home, but even so they can weaken a rival that was leading in the second leg of a CL tie at the Camp Nou both of the last two years, and the year before last without a starting spine, missing the teams best players (no Cesc, RvP, Gallas, Vermaelen, Arshavin)! It is about vengeance, a history of bad blood, and about the threat that Arsenal progressing might pose.

  50. Limestonegunner

    And that threat is on the pitch and in ideological rivalry as well. Arsenal is the only salvation, Barca is a heresy of the true doctrine, the image of good football masking an arrogance and corruption.

  51. So tateezee if we go 10 years
    trophyless or dont qualify for europe
    will AW still be the man for you?
    Just asking. When is enough enough.

    I pray it doesn’t get to that.

    Just a question tho, what actually guarantee success.

  52. @Luke, a quick look suggests the Russian league is just over half-way through so Kazan will be fully match fit. They have just come off a 3-0 loss at home to Anzhi Makhachkala no, I’ve never heard of the either) who are just below them in the league.

    Barca should be told to do one at this stage, enough is enough.

    I’m still uncomfortable with Nasri running down his contract. We could use the fee we get for him to find a replacement this year, but we’ll still have to shell out that money next year for a replcement with nothing coming in.

  53. Ashburton Patriot

    ill tell you what doesnt.
    Sitting back with the same squad and /or manager if they’re under achieving.
    in the hope that it all comes right.

  54. @ Shotta
    “But Wenger and the club is right; we fight to keep Fabregas on board.”

    But this would have been much easily done if this problem had been addressed by Wenger and the Board back in May when even the dogs in the street knew that Barca would come knocking again (albeit I’m not totally convinced they actually want him). The fact they didn’t set a deadline then means we have to put with this shit until the 31st August. In this instance Arsene and the Board have let us down.

  55. Can I as a ‘senior’ supporter second Jonny’s response to Martin? The man has no ‘bottom’.

  56. Shotta – For a change, I agree 100% with your post 🙂

  57. Limestonegunner

    Spot on. I can’t see no other reason for it all. They don’t desperately need Cesc and he wasn’t even a priority signing… Why Cesc can’t see this drives me mad.

    I feel for Wenger in this situation. He always does whats best for the player and the club. Nasri looks to have had his head turned and Wenger has seen that destroy Hleb’s career and a few others. Then Cesc is being blackmailed by his family and mates from Spain on a daily basis.

    Fans shouldn’t turn on the players, it is a very nasty industry to work in. Every comment, decision, movement and thought is monitored.

    I said it long ago, I bet Cesc wishes he never expressed his desire to return to Barca one day. They are really a classless bunch of wankers who have made life very hard for Cesc.

  58. Limestone @ 11.23 – been thinking along similar lines myself of recent. All seems a bit Art Of War by Sun Tzu, and given the response of many of our fans and even some players the unsettling seems to be working. They aren’t stupid – this lot.

    “When the enemy is at ease, be able to weary him; when well fed, to starve him; when at rest, to make him move. Appear at places to which he must hasten; move swiftly where he does not expect you.”

    I get the feeling that the football world at large recognises the threat we pose to the financial hegemony – because there is simply no one doing things the way we are doing them. This is uncharted territory.

    We must learn to expect them to play foul and adapt our game, off the pitch and on. But we must also relish the challenge and learn to love the struggle.

    Moaning helps no one – we are Arsenal.

  59. Thanks Consol – good job for the padded seats at the stadium eh?


  60. Limestonegunner

    Keeping Cesc isn’t enough at this point. The damage is being done to our morale and cohesiveness as a team. We need to rebuild confidence and hope at all levels. Bringing in someone to strengthen the defence, whether in midfield, centreback, or leftback–whether through depth or versatility or physicality–, would be a boost. Bringing in another quality attacker whether in midfield or a forward, since Bendtner is planning a departure, would also enhance the squad since we had problems scoring goals later in the season apart from RvP. Gervinho already looks to help us here. Then a clear decision on Nasri. If it is ambition–there you go, reinforcements and keeping Cesc, sign an extension. If it is money–a one year extension with a raise so we can sort this out early next summer if you progress and have a better/consistent full season or you can leave then to a club outside England. Selling him or keeping him even without an extension–neither here nor there, but recovering the initiative and having a clear direction seems important to the club and of value to our start to the season.

    No injuries during internationals, the return of Walcott and Wilshere, a good performance against Benfica, a win away to Newcastle, and a good first leg in our qualifier and we will be headed in the right direction and with enthusiasm. Then any reinforcements being integrated into the team will just add to our momentum. But knowing they are on their way could motivate and energize our players and turn the talk away from negative speculation to enthusiastic confidence in the coming season.

    Let’s not lose our heads. It’s members day–we have our ideas of what might improve the team but we should have some confidence that despite all that has happened, the club can still make this a successful summer/pre-season and is trying to improve the team in many ways–practicing set pieces, giving a look to young players breaking into the first team, trimming players who don’t have a future by allowing them to find transfers, and seeking additions of quality. Sure, I would love to see more positive developments, but it is good to have Gervinho, the return of Vermaelen and Ramsey to fitness and form. It would have been better to have finished our business earlier and Cesc hasn’t been blameless but the damage can be repaired and the team enhanced still. We can’t carry the grudge that this should have been sorted in May or June. Maybe, but it hasn’t been, and we do want all this sorted as it is better late than never.

  61. Chris – Yup, I agree with that. Cesc is no victim in all this though; he could quite easily put a stop to all this by clarifying his situation.

  62. What a goal form Overmars! Rolling back the years in VDSar testimonial

  63. Limestonegunner

    Nice connection to Sun Tzu, Jonny–the quote seems quite appropriate to Barca’s endless and varying forms of harassment. We must love the struggle, acknowledging that dispiriting the enemy is a goal as well, without suppressing our ability for self-scrutiny and self-criticism in the desire to improve. It is a tough balance and our club is being tested quite hard and has perhaps made some missteps, our players have let down the manager, and our support has been sometimes wanting or blinkered.

    One thing we ought to be talking about in pre-season is how we might prepare to enhance our support, improve as supporters. No silly imprecise booing in the ground–all it does is dishearten our players and feed the frenzied media narrative of our crisis. How can we make Arsenal’s home stadium a greater asset? How can we enjoy our club and team more? How can we overcome the polarized factional atmosphere? I don’t know. But between the corporatization of football and our recent, depressing shortfalls with success nearly in our grasp, it is becoming a challenge for Arsenal supporters to do more than wallow in anxiety/despair/anger or drink the kool-aid of blind zeal.

    Yesterday morning my three year old unprompted and out of the blue asked to wear his Arsenal strip from last year, purchased when we attended the Emirates cup a year ago. He was so excited and asked me to do the same so that we could “play Arsenal football” (the two are so conjoined in his mind) where he would be Nasri (his favorite player!) and I could be Fabregas! I said, can I be van Persie, but he wanted me to be Fabregas. They are still Arsenal players, hopefully they will remain so and bring us glorious success. Let’s not forget that. Otherwise, I will have to try to explain to him this whole complicated situation. Right now, I’d like to absorb his enthusiasm at the start to the season even though I know the future will have its awkward moments.

  64. “No excitement for the new season at all. The only new players signed are Gervinho and a bloke from Charlton called Jenkins ( for £ 1 milllion). Apart from Cliche and Denilson – the squad is exactly the same that collapsed at the end of last season except that our two best midfield players have no desire to play for the club and it will show in their performances next season – most of the time they will have mysterious injuries! My heart will be in my mouth every time as usual whenever we “try” to defend set pieces and corners! No trophies and we will be competing with Spurs,Liverpool,etc for 4th position. Wenger coming out with all the usual cliches at press conferences,etc .”

    @ Jonny
    Got to give you props for having the energy to respond to this drivel. For me, this is an example of a lazy post.

  65. No Nasri at the members day showing

  66. Ashburton Patriot says:
    August 4, 2011 at 11:35 am
    ill tell you what doesnt.
    Sitting back with the same squad and /or
    manager if they’re under achieving.
    in the hope that it all comes right.

    Yes, I agree.. But what makes you think you are more concerned about this team than AW. He has put personal glory aside to build a team that flourish amidst financial constraints. Winning trophies boosts his CV of course, but he’s so committed to the Arsenal Vision. He’s not full of ego as majority claim he is. Glory for Arsenal, means glory for AW. His frustrations were evident towards the end of last season. He doesn’t need to employ a firebrigade approach to sort the problems. Our preseason matches have given an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the team from last season and where improvements have/can be made.

  67. It is easy to blame Barca in the Cesc saga but imagine the boot on the other foot, a world class player who had played for Arsenal as a youth and who had expressed a desire to play for us again. Wouldn’t we try to bring him in at a bargain price, even if he wasn’t in a priority position? I don’t think any one is at fault, everybody is trying to do what is best for their club/themselves. As for it being some plot to destabilise Arsenal, I can only say paranoia is alive and well!
    And I agree with Limestonegunner, keeping or losing Cesc isn’t the problem, it’s the feeling amongst many fans of another bad pre-season.
    And it is no use blaming them, expecting everybody to be “Super Supporter”, leaping tall buildings at a single bound, wearing their underpants on the outside and able to ignore all the stories in the media.
    We finished last season badly, not done well pre-season and don’t seem to have done anything about our weaknesses, so it is up to the club and manager to recognise fans are human and do something to raise morale.
    Let’s see if AW has anything positive to say today other than “nothing has changed”.

  68. Jonny – ” The Art Of War” – should be required reading by our manager. He might learn something about tactics, raising morale, motivating his troops and DEFENCE. He’s constantly out thought and out manouevered on the pitch. Could be because he hasn’t got much in “reserve” ? Or maybe the players have trouble making sense of his orders – ( Bendtner being played as a winger ) ?
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  69. MD, apparently Nasri is there but is alongside Walcott not training.

  70. Walcott is there, but no sign of Nas yet

  71. Photoshoot called off because of the weather???

  72. Martin 90 if you are going to moan at least get the players names correctly spelt bloody hell

  73. The funny thing is, despite the doom-mongering and the sirens of death, 4 wins from 4 starts at the beginning of the season and these very same people will be clamoring for a quadruple.

  74. Ashburton Patriot

    The only improvements I’ve seen are Jack and the siging of Gervinho tateezee. How are wengers wants more important than the clubs needs.
    Why can’t he make money buy winning things rather than by the transfer window.
    Why can’t we win existing trophies rather than settling for this 4th’s a trophy and Best away team in the prem.
    The problems in this team are obvious crappy defence, being found wanting cos a few players are injured and not being clinical infront of goal.
    Why doesn’t he actively set. Out to fix it by bringing in the teams needs instead of hoping it goes away.
    Clichy, Nasri. Cesc, Ade, Hleb, Flamini, Toure, all left or want to leave because of success.

    And don’t say that cesc misses barca… If Barca wernt a team that won much do u think he would still want to go.

    AW plan is failing and he can’t admit it.
    Seeing us slip below City was the final straw for me.

  75. Ashburton Patriot

    Bringing the players we need not teams. My bad

  76. In Spectrum we thrust.

  77. spectrum (in capitals – cos you’re worth it) – I have no doubt he has read it and knows a lot more about football tactics than you besides.

    It is you who should be learning – to see the bigger picture, to be a better fan and to come up with an original strapline to close your small-minded arguments.

  78. Too much negativity. I’m away to have a discussion with myself.

  79. Paulie Walnuts

    I feel the Cesc situation is now close to untenable. Eventually the club will have to bite the bullet & sell him for much less than his true worth.

    His head wasn`t right for large parts of last season & despite what his departure would do to us on the pitch another season of niggly injuries & lack of focus does nobody any good.

    For what it`s worth I`d take the money for Nasri too. Clean slate & all that.

  80. Exactly Shotta – seen it on Le Grove time and again – they go from dizzying levels of euphoria to book-burning levels of hatred and despair in the blink of a gnats eye and they always had the answers all along.

    Better to be a little more Zen and recognmise we are fighting in a rigged game with odds stacked against us and still regularly outgunning the cheats.

  81. Limestone 12.25 – thanks dude, good post. Nice to hear the human element.

    I’m still amazed at kids when they are still relatively uncorrupted by the harsh realities of the real world.

  82. Oh gawd! Can someone put Ashburton Patriot down? He is whining like a dog in misery.
    Lots of you have been indulging him/her but this has gone past the innocence stage.

    PS: Well thank you GA @ 12:00 pm.

  83. As to how to enhance this polarised support – I’m at a loss.

    I fear that a few bad games at the start of the season could be very damaging.

    A few great ones could allow everyone to move past the summer and think anew.

    Unless you are Gambon – he should ripped to pieces and eaten on the centre circle just before the first game – by a starving gunnersaurus.

  84. Nas IS there after all, just not taking part in the footy session

  85. Yup. Cecs isn’t blameless, Nasri is right to show ambition and Arsenal is Ill prepared for a very deficult start of new season. We could start the CLQualifier under strength! Van persie and nasri suspended. Diaby, Theo, and possibly Jack injured. Cecs, eboue, and NB52 all possibly gone. while the Realistic replacements are not very convincing(Jenkinson, Lunsbury and Ramsey). We desparetely need good news soon with both injuries and squad additions. We definitely need plans and playing style changes. We need a Clear captain and leader to guide this ship. Most importantly we need a good start to keep young players morale high. We really need Ramsey, Woj, Gibbs and Bartley to grow up real fast and carry their weight and then some. I for one will enjoy the season from the confy of my chair, I wish you Gooners a very productive and happy season. Cheers!

  86. @Jonny
    Unfortunately I don’t agree with you re: support. Even if we won 10 in a row, if we lose the 11th one, especially by means of a defensive error or a goal conceded through a set piece all the supporters that were pacified by the 10 wins in a row would come out again to voice their complaints.

  87. Limestonegunner

    Thanks ChrisG, but I don’t know if Cesc regrets it yet. It is painful to acknowledge the reality here for him. But he’s been mooning around a bit long and AW’s goodwill can be dragged toward indulgence at some point. So I am for a bit of tough love and shaking him up so he can see what this is about and inspire him to commit himself to the tough season ahead. He has to live with his choices, to leave at 16, to sign a long-term contract and to accept the responsibility of being an Arsenal captain. I think the latter has, however, been abandoned and it would be better to relieve him of that.

    Meanwhile, we should let him know that he has unfinished business at Arsenal. Take a page out of the Malaysian fans and direct our ire to Barcelona. I don’t accept what JohnN suggests–Arsenal wouldn’t act that way. Sure, we supporters might want him, but I can’t see our players and all our officials conducting that sort of a campaign of sleaze. No way.

  88. Jonny – You talk about seeing “the bigger picture”. Tell me, then, wouldn’t it be wiser to sell Nasri NOW for 20 million plus, and use that money to trigger Cahill’s buy-out clause of 18 mill ? Rather than keep an unsettled player for another year, and let him go for nothing ? And you A.K.B.’s are always crying poor, and saying we don’t have the funds. Yet Wenger is prepared to throw away 20mill plus ! If you were on the board, would you be satisfied with this state of affairs ? Or would you intervene, and overrule the manager ?
    On the Fabregas farce – it is absurd that Wenger has allowed it to get to this late stage. The speculation about whether he will stay or go, and for how much, is disrupting team cohesion and morale, wouldn’t you say ? Wouldn’t a strong decisive manager have put a stop to all this ? Why hasn’t he set a deadline before this, to leave time for other transfer business to be conducted ? We have the upper hand, as he’s still under contract. Pay the 40 mill or he stays. Simple.
    If he’s letting him go, then that’s what he should do. Get rid of a player whose heart and mind isn’t here anymore, and get a replacement in. Either way, Wenger needs to stop being weak, and make a decision for THE GOOD OF THE CLUB. And not let one or two players put their own self interest first.
    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  89. Ashburton Patriot

    Shotta pointing out abvious flaws and saying that they won’t go away by hoping, is nooot whining.
    All I’m saying is that AKB’s and wenger always overlook the little things. U guys keep sweeping the shit under the carpet.
    I have no explanation as to why u lot are so magnanimous to Arsene.

  90. Sigh. These may or may not be good points spectrum – I don’t know the inner workings of the situation and neither do you. I suspect there is more to the situation than we are aware of.

    I admit Arsene has made mistakes but I don’t know that any other manager could have guided us through the new stadium move and keep us in the top 4 year in and out. We are in the current position of privilege because of his brilliance. You are effectively standing on his achievements and saying it’s all worth shit cos we ain’t won nothing for a while.

    Look at the money spent by Spurs and Liverpool – would you rather we were there?

    There looks to be another financial reckoning coming and I suspect the next collapse will destroy football as we know it. Even if there isn’t, football clearly cannot carry on as it is.

    I think Wenger believes this and is playing to a much bigger picture – hence the levels of caution.

    If he is wrong – well maybe this will be his last season but whoever comes in will be standing on the platform that Wenger built.

  91. RIP Naoki Matsuda. Very sad news. Only 34

  92. Ashburton Patriot

    Jonny no doubt that wenger is a great manager. He brought in Henry, Vieira, Pires, Ljungber, Kanu people I loved watching.
    But if we look at the bigger picture, 50 mil on 3 or 4 players in one season realy isn’t bad at all. If we get 3 young players that are doing well in their positions like tasci, sakho, subotic, or mvila or gameiro. We are still not spending much at all. And we are strengthening the team in weak areas.
    Why does he want to keep penny pinching and gambling with players re Sylvestre, Bischoff, Squil.
    Why does he keep faith in Denil and Almunia.

    I understand that we are competing with bigger spenders but is that an excuse really.
    If he buys a few 20-25 year olds then they will still grow and mature with the club and we won’t have to buy many players after that.

  93. Sending one player out on loan while the other one didn’t feature in pre-season at all and only played 2 games in total in 2011 — for all other games Lehmann even took his spot on the bench — is what you call keeping faith?

  94. Ashburton Patriot

    Why did it take him so long to realize that they we’re useless.

  95. AP is just another rabid troll, dressed up as a “Patriot”. Different name, same garbage. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.

    Dups is right. DNFTT.

  96. Ashburton Patriot

    Wow. So I’m a troll because I don’t have the same views as you.
    I’m a troll cos I donth think this team is good enough?
    I have not posted anything provokative, and have not retaliated anything provokative written about me.

  97. Haha Big Al. A dirty bunch of players.

  98. I feel like this blog is being over run by “realist’s”

    Ashburton, I saw you kept bringing up Djourou in a negative fashion yesterday as if he is a liability. Well you are talking pure nonsense, his play only went down with the rest of the team and he had a very good reason after coming back too fast from a dislocated shoulder. When he was fit, he was a beast. Get your understanding straight and stop looking to point out individuals when it was a team issue not just a defensive issue.

    Anyway, this negativity is disgusting and worse of all it is not “A Cultured Left foot” style. Go and be real somewhere esle, there are many people who love it (Ashburton), why the heck are you trying to drag down this place with you constant moaning and miserable comments as if to get people to see the light.

    Hope I am not out of order but the vibes isnt right in the place!

  99. Ashburton Pat

    You have too much time on your hands mate.

    Did I see you use that pathetic, inane, meaningless lazy term akb earlier?

    If so I’d say you were a sad cunt.

  100. Bored. Anybody want to guess our line up for the first game of the season? I am going with:


    New CB



    Sub: Fabianski/Koscienly/Jenkinson (Eboue if not sold)/Rosicky/Chamakh/Ramsey/Theo

    I have not included Nasri as I think we will sell him, but not replace him unfortunately.

  101. Another good post yogi

    I have always enjoyed transfer banter and talk and the debate about which players might help us. Same thing with the trade deadlines in baseball over here. However last summer was tough for arsenal with the whole GK issue but this summer is much worse. Will be glad when the window closes this year. a great start to the season would quiet a lot of the anxiety floating around the emirates


    Glad your back. I usually love your posts but the idea that barca’s goal in this whole cesc situation is to destabilize arsenal because we are a threat to their world domination is a bit of a stretch. I think they really feel that cesc would be a luxury signing and they want to get him as cheaply as possible and if they can’t get him cheaply then so be it. Although our method of negotiating is much more palatable the basic mindset is the same as we often use when we pursue a target. My impression is that they are smug bunch who think they are unbeatable and bullet proof and dont give a damn about what we or anyone else in world football thinks about them. Hopefully they will knocked down a few rungs in the coming years

  102. But Umbro and Jennings, dups – can’t be 87!

  103. We have shown that we have the technical quality to win the league but certainly not the defensive solidity to do it,.We need to add, of course, and we will do, we will be ‘active and busy’ in the summer”

    Anyone care to comment

  104. “I feel like this blog is being over run by “realist’s””

    Could not agree more Paul. Sad but true.

  105. Yogi

    Yep, this close season is pretty fucking frustrating man. The lack of a resolution to the cesc saga is over shadowing the new season for many as well as the lack of new signings.

    Yep, frustrating as fuck, reading the complete bollocks on here doesnt help though.


    I’d say that team, but possibly have Theo instead of gervinho. (Bring him on later and ease him in to the premierleague)

  106. @GA
    Fun idea!



    Ramsey(isn’t Wilshere supposed to be out because of his ankle knack?)



  107. Bill – Agreed (Your response to Limestone).

  108. Never noticed that Big Al, was busy laughing.

  109. Evil

    Jack and Theo will be fine by the 13th mate.

  110. I thought Jack was supposed to be out for 10 days while Theo might be fit just in time for Newcastle? Anyway, in both cases, if they are not 100% fit, I don’t think we should risk them in a league game against Newcastle when an important qualification play-off as well as Liverpool and ManU are waiting.

  111. dups, I can only hope that with the start of the season those who have held down the fort for years will post more regularly, so we can get back to the normal flow of things.

    This is a special place and we cannot afford what is going on at present to be the norm!

  112. Paul – Don’t get too carried away mate. Healthy debate is a good thing as long as it remains civil.

  113. goonerandy, sorry but there is nothing healthy about this debate. Debating in and of istself is not healthy it depends on how it is done. The constant tearing down of our players and manager is bull.

    Funny, you dont see that as getting carried away do you?

    No response needed. I stand by what I say.

  114. I didn’t mean today;s debate mate. I just meant in general. Plenty on here (and I include myself in this) don’t “tear down” the managers and players. Flaws in the side and at the club can be discussed without resorting to that. Just as the pro’s and good bits can.

    People (most) only discuss them because they are passionate about the club and care what goes on.

  115. Goonerandy

    Nothing wrong with a bit of debate, different opinions man. There are loads on here with divergent opinions. Opinions I dont agree with, all the time; Shotta, passenal, Paul, you (!) George, Dupsff, CBob, Frank, Luke, LGOT, Jabba, Kamran, DukeyG, IrishG, etc. Yep a wide range of diverse opinons there and I have debated with all on various topics regarding Arsenal.

    However, just trawling through some posts on here today, I can see a few that aint here to debate, they’re here to be antagonistic wankers.

    You like a bit of that action? More power to you.

    I am out of here, got beer to drink.

  116. goonerandy, I am not talking about you man!

    I am not against debating and sure we can talk about the pro’s and con’s, I do it also. R

    I am all for passion but the people who booed the team recently will claim that they are passionate! what good is that?

  117. Andy and Evil


    Sagna tv kos Gibbs

    Song cesc wilshere

    Gervinho RVP arsh

    Cesc’s inclusion will depend on his health. Hamstrings hips who knows what’s really going on. If he plays against benfica he will start if not then I doubt he will.

  118. Dexter – That is why I said my comment was not aimed at today ;).

    Paul – All good man.

  119. longblackcloud

    Dexter – How do i get your job?
    not gone 3.30pm and you`ve got beer to drink!
    lucky lucky man

  120. Ashburton Patriot

    I came here to get solid answers as to why we should kepp faith in AW.
    Answeres u could not provide.
    Ask any1 anti wenger and they’ll give you loads.
    I was a fence sitter and you pro-wengers actually made me anti wenger. Extremely defensive and not able to have a simple debate about what you believe in.
    Anyway I pray that we win something this year and as fellow gooners I suppose you want that too.
    Good luck with the whole wenger thing.

  121. longblackcloud

    Ashburton fat:
    how is anyone supposed to provide proof of the future?

  122. Ashburton @ 3:25

    That was a load of crap

  123. Ashburton, dont keep the faith in Wenger then, you have that right.

  124. debate? harping on the same thing 50 million times is no debate and you have your mind made up so what is the point?

    Things are not all rosey but what the heck are you gonna do about but hope things turn out well and try to look at some of the many positives within the club.

  125. @ Ashburton Patriot

    It is simply that what you were told does not seem like reasons to you. Its all about perspective. Am solidly pro Wenger and at no time did I get any impression you were trying to be convinced on why AW should stay

    That he has precedence for building up winning teams before now should really be sufficient. What do you want to hear exactly. If not for the spectacular loss of form at the end of last season, would that team not really have won the league?

    well, barring any spectacular drop in form this season, we will win! Is that good enough for you? LOL

  126. the fans are too blame for arsenal being trophiless. FACT

    The fans are to blame for loosing almost every final wenger has been in. FACT

    The fans are to blame for top players wanting to leave. ANOTHER FACT.

  127. So, remind me again what are the reasons why AW should go?

  128. Ashburton Patriot

    I’m not. Askin u to prove the future. If nothings changed then how is this season goin to be better.

  129. Boozy by name……. 😉

  130. @ boozy

    of course Arsenal has been trophy-less throughout AWs time in charge. it has nothing whatsoever to do with building a new team that is gradually coming together.

    Do I need to add FACT to that?

  131. Boozy @ 3:34

    How do we fix the problem at this point?

  132. AP wasnt here to debate. He is on a mission. Sweet innocence while tearing down players and the manager on a consistent basis. He overplayed his hand by using the AKB meme. No wonder Spectrum and the other “realists” from le-shit felt emboldened to piggy back on his posts to repeat their usual nonsense.

    The reality is we fight to keep Fabregas and Nasri on board while trying to improve the team from within and without. The fact is we have no control over the market, even Oil City is discovering there are limits to players they want to sign despite their unlimited pockets. The window is open until August 31st. As supporters we have no alternative but be patient and give our support. Anything else is wishful thinking at best, whining and dooming at worst.

  133. @ Ashburton Patriot

    what are the things that have not changed? And how exactly have you proven these things that they have not changed?

  134. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve taken to lurking simply because there’s been far too much fruitless mind wank going on.

    I couldn’t care less about the transfer window simply because no-one outside of the club has a clue what’s going on and so those prone to hysterics and ill-thought are quick to recriminate.

    Every debate has been bled dry and there’s nothing really new and engaging and concrete to consider. Yogi does fine work to write a post everyday, but even these lack substance and analysis because there is little to feed from other than the putrid, fetid teat of that foul bloated slothful heffer that is the media.

    I yearn for football. I yearn to consider, analyse, and tease out the nuances of a performance, to see what has been learnt, what has been changed; to see if we can cope with the battle ahead. These friendlies are little more than skirmishes with cardboard swords – it is fortunate then they offer glimpse of allies new.

    The proof is in the pudding, and I’m half way through the main course.

    And as I’m culpable of neither adding or creating debate here’s a little question to placate my feelings of hypocrisy: Last season was Wenger guilty of poor rotation of the squad?

  135. Team Spirit – “If not for the spectacular loss of form at the end of last season, would that team not really have won the league”

    To be fair, that spectacular loss of form is just as fundemental in this team as the excellent football we are capable. I have heard a few people use the end of season collapse as some wierd inexplicable thing that happened, but that is really not the case. It was not a freak occurence, and the reason behind it need rectifying if we are going to kick on.

  136. Andy @ 3:37:

    I want a little of whatever he is smoking.

  137. Gadget – Nice post, and all very true. I need somthing to make my day at work to pass faster though.

  138. Ashburton, relax, sit back and enjoy the new season. It’s going to be fun and at times very frustrating.

    The likelyhood is that AW and the old board will be gone in 12 months. Until then we are a club in limbo. Playing the same season over and over again.

  139. Team:



    Fabregas (I don’t think he’ll go this Summer)

    Van Persie
    Walcott (Or Nasri if he’s not gone)

    Subs: Fabianski, Djourou, Rosicky, Ramsey, Arshavin, Walcott (Vela), Chamakh

  140. On another note.

    Are any of the regular attendees at Arsenal home games planning on going [u]less[/u] this year for whatever reasons? While keeping my season ticket I am going to be going to less games, partly for financial reasons and partly because I’ve got the bug back for playing again (Only the Essex vets league, but it’s still playing!). Luckily, I know a bloke who lives not far from the stadium and will take my ticket on a game-by-game basis for the ones I’m not planning on going to.

  141. “I need somthing to make my day at work to pass faster though.”


    On another note, would someone care to explain how to type in italics? thanks much.

  142. Ashburton,

    just like everyone thinks they have the prettiest wife at home, everyone thinks their opinions and their perspectives are the right ones. Debate is a very loose term for any blog or message board.

  143. I’ve discovered reddit, snopes, and tv tropes to be wonderful tools to help speed along the day

  144. Ashburton Pat is a slow moving little troll. He’s like Jabba but plays dumb. He says all this shit about our team’s shortcomings but hasn’t bothered to look around the league to see what the other big boys are doing. Hint, Man U still has a shit midfield and lost one of the best goalkeepers ever in football and replaced him with a boy without any experience in this league. Chelsea are a year older, more injury prone and haven’t bought anyone to re-enforce the first team. City have lost their best player and have a shit manager. I could go on but I don’t like picking on Spuds or Liverpool as they’re not even in the same league as us. By the way, City getting passed us is due to our implosion. They spent all that money and made the CL by the skin of their teeth. Can you imagine if that happened to us?

    Why Wenger? Oh, I don’t know. He has kept us competitive amidst a financially doped atmosphere, has helped us move to a stadium that helps our revenues and ensures a brighter future, is tactically one of the best managers on the planet (ask Guardiola) and he’s an honest man who doesn’t win at all costs like Mourinho, Ferguson or other disgusting men in football.

  145. Hey, Andy. I hope that fence your sitting on has barbed wire on it.

    Trashing the team and offering visions of doom is not merely a different opinion. It is a dark, negative mindset that these pricks want to push on other supporters so that their sack Wenger, spend, spend, spend agenda gains popular appeal. Possitive supporters, the real realists, should push back any time a prick of this magnitude stands up and trashes the team. They should get it through their skull that they’re a minority amongst real supporters and should shut the hell up and get behind the team. In fact, I hate our own doomers more than I hate Spuds, or Manure fans. If we win the league I will throughly enjoy rubbing it in their faces all next summer like they’ve done to us the past few years.

  146. Gains – But we are no better off than last season either. TV5 is back, but he have lost our No1 left back. Manure’s shit midfield won the lge at a canter in the end. We also have a boy in goal. City losing their best player? Same boat as us, he is not gone yet.

    Just saying. There are two sides to every story. If we do strengthen more before the season start, then we may kick on and could well be in contention. If we don’t, how on earth are we going to be an improvment on last season?

  147. Gains – Fence sitting? Heh, you are like a sheep following others without any real thought behind what you are saying. I expect nothing less though. Back in your pen 😉

  148. Home time.


  149. Gadget | August 4, 2011 at 3:39 pm
    – I had the same feeling early summer until I kept reading the unchallenged garbage from the faux-realists. Much of it is old ground we have already covered but then a new generation rears its ugly head e.g. Jabber’s Delights. In my experience, when a lie/falsehood is allowed to run unchecked it gains some credibility, at least for a while. So I am arsed to respond.
    – Just my little pebble in the water.

  150. Andy, I was one of the first ones to call you out on it many months ago.

  151. Paulie Walnuts

    One Of Us @ 2:46,

    Nice stuff & it`s always nice to employ dwarfs but it can`t have been `87.

    Mariner`s in there for starters & him & his mullet left us in `86

  152. Too much miserabilism on here to accompany some of the rose-tinted nonsense that sometimes appears on this excellent blog.
    Whatever happens this season, we are going to play some lovely football and score some belting goals. Let’s just enjoy the ride!

  153. Well said BigM

  154. We’re not better off, fuck? Wilshere, Theo, Nasri, Cesc, Song, Szczesny, Koscielny and Djourou had a good season’s worth of football under their belts, including big nights against Barcelona and victories over our biggest rivals. All these players are young and they are becoming better and better. Now contrast that with Chelsea and Manure who have squads with legitimate age problems and youth who are nowhere near as good as our own. We also have TV5 back and we bought the French player of the year. Nevermind the fact that we have RVP on a hot streak and Sagna as solid as ever. With regards to Gibbs, I think he’s going to prove a lot of people wrong this season. He’s way better getting forward than Clichy and has an end product to go with all that forward thrust. Then we have our bench which is the strongest out there. We’ve got Rosicky, Arshavin, Djourou, Squillaci, Eboue, Ramsey and Fabianski. I think the so-so pre-season we’ve had doesn’t do justice to how strong our squad really is. But keep sitting on that fence, I hope you fall off of it soon.

  155. Miserabilism, nice word! I have to say I agree theBigM. We are going to play sublime football. We must remember that there will be games when our attack is crisp, and others where our attack seems toothless. Luckily, being the Arsenal, the toothless matches are few in number.

  156. …i remain POSITIVE.

  157. longblackcloud

    looking forward to the season as aways, dreading the lows but anticipating some fab highs also.
    As a question not a ppod to provoke – Of the players that have moved clubs this summer, which would we realistically have wanted?
    We were apparently in for Jones and linked with countless others, but who did we really want that was available?

  158. Yeah, PW. 10 years before my time, but going by kit and personell I think it’s got to be around 1983.

  159. Gainsbourg69,

    Well said.

    I was well chuffed with Gibbs going forward against NYRB. He really looked the part.

    An exciting season ahead. There’s still time to get those players in we need. If not, we are the Arsenal, and we will still be amazing!

  160. Personnel!

  161. longblackcloud

    ppod should read prod, dam that typing stutter

  162. Yeh GA, the same clichy that most Arsenal supporters wanted out, now all of a sudden he is a huge loss.

    I am confused!

  163. I am really looking forward to seeing some of the young lads perform this season. Particularly Ramsay, Frimpong, Gibbs, Sczes and Wilshere. I feel there is a lot of passion in these players to go with their undoubted talent.

  164. “In Arsene’s wife I plant my seed”

  165. That Dennis Bergkamp looked a bit tasty last night.We should try to sign him

  166. Imagine us finishing behind a team that only cost £400 million more than ours?
    Pffft last straw for me that.

  167. Not a week ago, i read that Jack Wilshere was saying that Mata would be a “great” signing for Arsenal, that he thinks that Mata would add to the team and his playing style is “compatible” with Arsenal´s.. Read this statement, and tell me what is the difference between it and any of the statements made by Barcelona players (putting aside the fact that they personally and profesionally allready know the player)

    Jack Wilshere, WANTS Mata at Arsenal… Just like Barca players want Cesc at Barcelona! It is that simple! But you dont see Valencia fans emulating their rabid, Arsenal counterparts, foam in mouth, screaming and raging as a result of the “disrespect” caused by the interest from an opposing team in their player.. They did not write about the LOWBALL offer that was rejected by Valencia either, they simply move on.

    I am uncertain about the Cesc transfer.. Clearly he wants to come, but if he does not, Arsenal does have to relieve him of the armband.. Asenal will look way too weak otherwise! Saw some plays by Gervinho, gotta accept hes not as bad as i thought!.. But i dont see him as the breacktrough player for Arsenal.

    Saludos desde Barcelona!

  168. Gains – I would be intrigued to know your definition of sitting on the fence is? Maybe we are getting our wires crossed. To me it means somebody does does not commit to a view either way. I am pretty sure that is not me as I am quite forthright with mine; if it were I would come in for a lot less stick on here for a start.

    Paul – Nobody really mentioned it until it looked like he could leave. Personally I thought he was a good player, but one which we could have improved on. Unfortunately we have not done that, we have taken a backwards step.

  169. Agree BigM – I think we have a golden generation on our hands with our current youth and I also believe they are really passionate and best of all for Arsenal.

    G69, I too am optimistic as far as Gibbs, excellent player. He needs to play now!

  170. Gains – But I enjoy the view from your imaginary fence. I can see you smoking your crack pipe from there.

  171. GA, people have been complaining about Clichy way b4 the thought of him leaving.

    You dont know if we have taken a step backwards or not. I can understand why you feel that way but at the end of the day the proof is in the pudding not feelings.

  172. I think Gibbs will be creating a lot offensively this season. He seems to have the touch needed to zip the ball around quickly, and he has already shown this pre season that he can link up with others. There were times where Gibbs was basically playing as a left winger.

    The best we can do for Kieran is to sing his name when he plays well, and sing it louder when he makes a mistake.

  173. Gadget | August 4, 2011 at 3:39 pm – great post, perfectly pitched. Loved the bloated heffer line too.

    In response to your question I would have to say, from my admittedly lay p.o.v it did seem that way at times. It’s certainly notable that other clubs seem to adopt a more fluid approach to formation from game to game and often within a game. I notice this less with Arsenal and that is a criticism that has been levelled by people who understand the game’s nuances better than I.

    That notwithstanding not all of the teams that were more varied in setup and fluid in formation fared better than us and some of the very best teams struggled against us head to head.

    We are more guilty of being small percentages out in terms of profligacy, defending set plays, luck, injuries and mental belief. I think across the board these tiny percentages and we were poor on all of them cost us dearly. The good news is that with the exception of luck and to an extent injuries we can train for all of them. The mental belief should come if we get the rest just slightly improved.

  174. Paul – Very true. And I hope I am 100% wrong.

  175. Although there seems to be no signs of shoring up the holes on the left side of our defense. I expect many a counter attack to be directed down our left flank.

  176. Bill Turner – your Gravatar looks remarkably like the winner this year’s Masterchef.

  177. Heh, it does.

  178. Yes GA, lets stay hopeful about the whole team actually, we dont have much else.

  179. We may share the (dashing) looks, but I have very little of his cooking talent.

  180. Bill ,your seed would be better in the French punk singer

  181. GA, “Very true. And I hope I am 100% wrong.”

    There’s my definition of sitting on the fence. You have no courage or conviction to stake a position and stand behind it. You’re limp wristed, man. Just accept it.

  182. G69.

    We should believe, if our views are rose tinted, then so be it!

    Gibbs will get the job done!

  183. Grauniad claiming Henri Lansbury has failed to agree terms on a new contract at Arsenal and looks set to leave, with Blackburn Rovers and Swansea City among the interested clubs…


  184. Wenger knows when to hold on to players and when to let them go. I believe Wenger let Clichy go to give Gibbs a chance. He probably saw something in him the same way he saw something in Cesc and let Vieira move on. For all the stick le prof gets he has no equal when it comes to spotting, developing and nurturing talent. He also knows when a player fits his tactical system and how to get the most productivity out of him.

  185. while Young Guns say – Arsène Wenger has included Emmanuel Frimpong, Henri Lansbury, Benik Afobe and, providing he is granted a work permit, Ryo Miyaichi in his first-team squad for the new season…

  186. The arsenal home page metiones John Cross as a guest journalist overseeing some interview with Wilshere at members day.
    Why does the club let that man in? All he does is write shit about us.

  187. Lansbury denies the first-team call-up this on his twitter feed..

    And that’s all the news. Lovely talking to you all – except for some of you. You know who you are.

    Play nice now…

  188. I agree G69, I do believe Gibbs has more to offer overall that Clichy. He is more versatile. This is no knock on clichy though but Gibbs is more decisive and dangerous going forward. He has a brilliant shot and can cross the ball better.

    It would nice to see an article that highlights some of our promising youngsters.

  189. Paul,trouble is he is a defender and his first priority should be defending,I am not so sure about his positional play.And that is putting it mildly.

  190. The way I see it – Lansbury’s good, but hasn’t really looked a first class talent for a few years. He stood out in the few minutes he got for the U21s in June, but that’s not exactly hard; half those players will be in the Championship within three or four seasons.

    Say we keep him, I imagine he’ll get a handful of games every season, without ever really breaking through. Don’t want to sound too negative about him, but if he needs a lot of game-time then he won’t get it at Arsenal. There are just too many players in his way.

    I’d like to see him go to Swansea with a sell-on clause.

  191. I think saying that our views are rose-tinted is letting the negative nancies have their way unopposed, Paul. I mean, it’s not viewing things through rose-tinted glasses when you or I say that our squad is as strong as any other in the top four. Yes, we imploded at the end of last season, but we did really well for the eight months prior. This whole negative cloud most of these idiots live under doesn’t include the great patch of form and the big victories we had.

    If I could improve anything for next season it would be not dropping stupid points to lower table opposition and putting away our chances. We must be more cynical and ruthless. I have no doubt that last season’s experience has made our boys take a good look at themselves and assess their shortcomings. If we can come out of the gate fighting like mad dogs, then I have no qualms with saying that the league title should be ours.

  192. Gains – Ah, now it makes sense. You don’t actually understand what the saying actually means. I do apologise.

    I have stated that I don’t think he is good enough, or at the least not ready yet to be our number one left back. I do hope I am wrong. That is not sitting on the fence.

    Sitting on the fence would be something like: I am not really sure if he is ready or not, we will just have to see I suppose.

    Do keep up gains, you are coming across as a bit “special”.

  193. But I am still happy to go with Jethero in the first team because that the sort of thing that makes us Arsenal rather than the other “buy the finished article” teams

  194. Gibbs was pushing Clichy for a spot last year to be fair to him. And he got into the England squad without even being first-choice for his club.

    Must be shit then…

  195. Andy,if he s not good enough we will soon know.And all the realists can blame the boss for his criminal negligence.
    If he is good enough we will hear no more about the matter

  196. I agree George. We’ve got a young, talented LB who is challenging for a spot in the England first XI. I guess that doesn’t prove much considering the status of the England national team.

    Still, I think Kieran deserves a go at run in the first XI. He will do well.

  197. George – If he turns out to be good enough, I will be the first to say I was wrong. Like I said, I hope he proves me 100% wrong.

  198. You see Markus I don’t think he was pushing him.Gael was first choice by a long way.
    IMO of course.

  199. Paul, I loved Clichy, but the first thing that popped into my mind when the rumors of him leaving started popping up is that Arsene wanted to replace him with someone more offensively adept. I think that Clichy got into trouble sometimes because he couldn’t pin down the opposition through constantly threatening the opposition RM and RB. Now we have someone who can get to the end line to deliver a tasty cross or penetrate and create a scoring opportunity for himself or someone else. Something tells me that even with Arshavin on the left we will not suffer as much defensively through that side.

  200. And we only sold Clichy because he had one was in the same position as Nasri.

  201. Keep digging, Andy. Next thing you know you won’t be sitting on the fence, you’ll dig a tunnel and won’t know whether it’s safe to go through it or not.

  202. Andy I know you will ,But I don’t have you down as a realist.
    You are just a little bit of a Gloomer.

    Ps A Gloomer is one prone to short spells of negativity,but do understand that there is a bigger picture

  203. Clichy got in trouble sometimes because he had a bad habit of losing his concentration. His speed got him out of many a sticky situation though. Gibbs may offer more going forward, but given our defence I would have preferred somebody who was better defensively (than both of hem). We had a chance to upgrade, and we have gambled.

  204. Gains – Thought your comeback would not acknowledge you were wrong. Heh, so predictable. I hearby christen you, “The Sheep”.

  205. How do you know what his contract negotiations were like before hand, Andy? How do you know Wenger didn’t let his contract run out to give Gibbs a chance? And if he was in the same position as Nasri why hasn’t Nasri been sold already? You’re clarevoyance is astonishing.

  206. George – If we were a PC hard drive, we would be on 90%. I just find it frustrating that we don’t add that extra 10%, thats all.

  207. Wrong about what, Humpty?

  208. Andy I know mate.
    I have no problem with your position.I ofttimes don’t agree ,but that’s why we debate.

  209. I know nothing of his contract negotiations, nor did I say I did. Let it run down on purpose? Really, is that what you think? We could have sold him regardless if we wanted to give Gibbs a chance (and got more for him on a longer contract).

    I reckon he is playing his cards close to his chest with Nasri as he does not want to lose both him and Cesc. I think one or the other will go. Rather than just try and prove me wrong at every turn (for some reason), think before you type. You seem bright (ish), surely you could have come up with those explanations yourself.

    I reckon if I told you it was sunny outside, you would scream and cry that it is actually raining regardless of the weather. All very strange.

  210. George – Yup. All is good. Nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree either. Life would be dull if we all thought the same.

  211. Agreed George, I am in now way overlooking that he is first and foremost a defender but it can only be good if he has other attributes, if you get my drift?

    G69, fully agree with your statements.

    I dont believe our views are rose tinted at all, we have a squad that if stay the course can and will win many things. Also, the team does need to do better in front of goal, thats is actually the part that annoys me, we are not as deadly as we need to be in front of goal. When I think of that I think of Eduardo, I have never seen such a smooth and kool dude in front of goal.

    Interesting points you make as far as Gibbs being able to trouble the opposing RM and RB. He is a handul for real, as long as we can balance attack and defending I believe we will be just fine. I am not worried about the young mans abilities at all.

  212. Gains – Wrong about your definition of fence sitting. I just explained it to you, but you have not told me I am wrong (mainly because I am not) so presumably you realise that you are mistaken in your definition (which is fine, can’t be right about everything). Maybe you just don’t understand. Maybe you are a bit simple. Maybe all that wool is blocking your eyesight. Who knows?

  213. Its in the 100’s in Houston and many parts of the states. Havent had a decent bit of rain in months! We are in bad shape!

  214. There is no point me posting what the weather is like here in Germany. Gains will only tell me I am wrong 😉

  215. Andy ,how do you do that winky thing?

  216. ; ) but without the space in the middle.

  217. Sucess!. It is handy on the internet, so any sort of jokey comment doesn’t not get taken the wrong way.

  218. I think gainsbourg69 = steww

  219. Okay, Andy. Whatever you say, man. It seems like that comment touched a nerve as you are resorting to calling me simple and what not. But, whatevs…..

  220. Unlike your nonsense about Clichy I can actually type in weather in Germany on Google and get the facts.

  221. Humpty, Arsene never came out and said that he wanted to keep Clichy in the team like he’s done with Nasri. Therfeore, in my estimation, he let his contract run down and sold him for what he could make off him.

  222. I think Bill = Jabba.

  223. LOL Andy – you still digging?

  224. ACLFers: How many fence-sitters are there out? Yes, those of you who are afraid to admit that this year’s team (with Cesc and Nasri) is better than last years? Be honest now – I have been lurking and watching you. So far I haven’t noticed t too many country milers this year.

  225. No Almunia
    No Clichy
    Maybe no NikB?
    Maybe no Eboue?
    Hello Gerv, Jenks, Ryo*
    Welcome back Verm, Armand & Frimp
    Hopefully with Cesc & Samir
    Mozart looks rejuvyed
    Kos & Marouane are on sophomore prove-its
    And guess who’s playing championship footer?

    Yes indeed,
    It should be a better team, Shotta
    Could be a good year

    …i remain POSITIVE.

  226. I see we are linked to Kara of Tromso. He would be a decent backup for Song if Coquelin and Frimpong fail.

    Anyone know when Coquelin is back btw? I really want to see him in action. Rumours say hes rather good.

  227. Shotta – if this first team stays largely fit, it IS better for me.

    That is mostly based upon the belief of progress amongst the key youth, plus an identification and preparedness to tackle the identified areas of weakness plus the everlasting pre-season hope that no team can suffer as bad injuries ANOTHER year running. 🙂

    Plus we are not done in the transfer market anyway.

  228. Aman, the refrain is getting annoying but the positivity is well explained.

    Too many people forget that we have repeatedly only missed by whiskers in recent losing years.

    That’s why the D&G exist though. Close enough to taste but they’re not bright enough to understand.

  229. Well Shotta,If Cesc stays,then yes we will be stronger regardless of Nasri.
    But if he goes it will be hard to say that.
    I think I shall remain perched for a while.

  230. Cesc is not going.

    If Barca wanted him, they would have signed him before David Villa last summer and before Alexis Sanchez this summer.

  231. Are we better then last year? well we have added more rookies this year. Gibbs, Mr Miagi, Bartley, Jenkinson….when i was under the impression we all agreed we needed more experience!! anyway going on the einstein law of progression we should be better. shit i got a fukin splinter in me arse.

  232. remind me when the window closed

  233. If it meant Cesc staying I would be happy to shut up shop today.And be confident of winning the EPL

  234. How much have Barca got for that sale to Chelsea?

  235. @George Rodger. Barca can’t afford it with the roof and the front door open, leaving the window open isn’t that much of a big deal.

  236. Gadget | August 4, 2011 at 3:39 pm


    Do some of you actually work for a living? I wouldn’t think so judging by the amount of time spent ‘debating’ on here!

    It’s a sad state of affairs when a supporter is accused of being ‘rose-tinted’ for supporting their own team.

    This is the dictionary definitiion for those who need to be reminded

    sup·port·er   [suh-pawr-ter, -pohr-]

    1. a person or thing that supports.

    2. an adherent, follower, backer, or advocate.

  237. ad·her·ent/adˈhi(ə)rənt/

    Noun: Someone who supports a particular party, person, or set of ideas.
    Adjective: Sticking fast to an object or surface.


    1. An adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause, or activity.
    2. A person who moves or travels behind someone or something.

    backer [ˈbækə]
    1. a person who gives financial or other support

    ad·vo·cate   [v. ad-vuh-keyt; n. ad-vuh-kit, -keyt]

    1. to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; recommend publiclynoun
    2. a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc.
    3. a person who pleads for or in behalf of another

    Just to make it clear

  238. supporters plural
    1.A person who approves of and encourages someone or something (typically a public figure, a movement or party, or a policy)
    ■Reagan supporters
    ■supporters of the boycott
    2.A person who is actively interested in and wishes success for a particular sports team
    3.A representation of an animal or other figure, typically one of a pair, holding up or standing beside an escutcheon

  239. Darius/Gains – Thats righty still digging. If digging is asking for an example of why I am fence sitting. We have already disovered that Gains does not actually know what the saying even means so I am content with that, but I am not sure about Darius. Despite asking him over a few days for an example, he still has not managed to come up with one.

    I know trawling through the post archieve desperatly looking for an example to stop him looking foolish must take a while, but I thought you may have found one by now. There must be that many after all.

    Not expecting one now though, disapointed I have so say. I thought him a bit more mature than that, but hey ho.

  240. Surely chatting about the Arsenal on ACLF isnt the only thing you have got to make your day at work go faster, goonerandy. It amazes me how some here can consistently post slight variations of the same bs all day everyday.

  241. Passenal

    You missed one off:

    Realist [do-oom-er]

    1, A person who believes that negativity represents the truth
    2. A person who believes that anyone who does not share their view is an AKB
    3. A person who believes that Arsenal will fail in every endeavour this coming season
    4. A person who cannot explain why they support Arsenal in view of points 1 – 3


  242. Darius at 8.06

    I don’t doubt they want him, simply that he is not their highest priority. Don’t mistake a lack of funds for disinterest.


  243. quick question….Was the Phil Jones bid a fake bid?

  244. Loomer – It takes some effort I can tell you. Tis a talent. What is also intersting (I am been serious here as well), is that I also make plenty of positive posts, that very rarely recieve any attention at all. It is only when I post something negative, do the usual crew spring into life.

    It seems that plenty think that fans are split into tow disticnt groups, without acknowledging that there could possible be plenty sat in the middle (whre most do sit).

  245. Too right Yogi @ 8.56 pm

    If following the team causes so much pain, I really wonder why they bother. What joy do they get out of it?

  246. GA, you do makes some positive posts, unfortunately most contain the word ‘but’ somewhere in them..

  247. dups – Fair comment I think. I just like to look at both sides of the coin.

  248. Darius .I meant we might yet take advantage of the still open window.Not that Barca still have time.

  249. As fuckoffspud has rightly pointed out there’s always a but, goonerandy. You question and criticiize far more than you praise and support and for the most part side you pretty much side with the bad guys 98 percent of the time. When you say stuff like United won the league in a canter on an Arsenal blog you really don’t do yourself any favors either. Get some other hobbies man this can’t be the only bit of lively “debate” raging over the web.

  250. passenal it certainly was painfull last year. people dont want to go through it again.

  251. Did GA really say that? if he did it isnt even right.

    Yeh, thats a filthy comment to make on an Arsenal blog.

  252. Sat in the middle = sat on the fence

  253. I have not seen a new idea or thought for months.Its not just Andy.We are all as bad.

  254. Thats all a part of sports Duke, even though we may be frustrated. If you are not down for the rough times then you really are not down at all.

  255. Loomer – That seems to be the case. But I think I end up debating the negative points more because they are the ones that cause the most friction. We all agree quite quickly of the many good points the side/club has. I don’t really see why saying Manure won the league at a canter (in the end) should really cause too much trouble, they finished 12 points ahead of us so it is not really something that can be disputed.

  256. Loomer – Sat in the middle means able to give opinions on both god or bad. Sat on the fence means to committing to an opinion either way. You could argue that those cannot possible bring them selves to recognise any failings are actually the ones sat on the fence.

  257. Duke I bet there are plenty of realists that will lap up another disappointing season.
    Do not underestimate the cuntishness of some fans(I spat when I said fans)

  258. @darius I hope u are right about Cesc. Would hate us to have an Alonso situation. Liverpool was a decen team befor he left. Once he left they really struggled. We built the team around Cesc. Lets hope we evolve a type of play this Season that can allow others to take the main stage too. So we got real viable options for when he does eventually leave .

  259. Andy .Out of interest can you name one person who thinks we have no failings?
    Apart from me of course 😉

  260. GA. that is not exactly true about Man U winning at a canter. Chelsea were only 4 points behind them. It was us falling away that may have seemed they won at a canter.

  261. Poodle. Liverpool never had players like Jack Wilshere or Aaron Ramsey to take over.

  262. That said, I’m sure we will win something this season. We are that good.

  263. Dups – That is what I meant, from us, not in general. Ha, just worked out your name. Excellent work.

    George – I don’t want to get into slating people, that is their game and not the reason I post on here. My point is that some get indignant when something is pointed out which is a flaw with the side, when in fact it is painfully obvious to everybody but them. The ironic thing is that is we didn’t have these flaws, we would have been more successful in recent years, but they can’t seem to see that.

  264. And Diaby and Rosicky

  265. our defence is still a problem surely? I mean its gunner be as dodgy as dodgy’s lead singer eating jammy dodgers at the dodgems.

  266. I don’t think anyone does not know that Andy.Its the size and importance of the flaws that are in question

  267. Exactly, George. So why do people feel the need to post all day? I miss the good old days when it was about hundred classy well placed comments. Ever since the LG I Know Best brigade have infiltrated it’s been consistently 300 plus comments. Its a bummer how you have to wade through so much diarrhea to get to the pearls nowadays.

  268. we can’t all conform to the site etiquette can we. now mata how hard we try a george.

  269. Duke ,It is all good fun though.

  270. Is LG really that bad? Never been on there, and it sounds like it is full of kids.

  271. Are you having a sly dig at me Dukey?

  272. Duke, I would not give up your day job in the hope of becoming a stand up comic.

  273. Way too much diarrhea on here lately. I get home from work and and the missus tells me,
    “ya stink like a dengus!” I respond, “sorry girl i’ve been trollin those innerwebs and the diarrhea on ACLF is really sticking.”

  274. GA, I think we all saw the flaws in the side, they were obvious. Bad defending and bad in front of goal, sometimes we overpassed and were not direct enough. I dont believe anyone on here is behaving as if there are no issues many just believe that Arsene will get it fixed. In that we look towards a positive season instead of beating out the idea of what the problems are.

  275. The fact that you can state (and then argue ffs) United won the league in a canter so freely and effortlessly is nothing short of disgusting. Its not even funny how many gifts they got to contribute to said canter while Arsenal consistently got shafted left and right. You take the twelth man away from United and theyre a glorified Tottenham. As far as I’m concerned you can fuck off, goonerandy. You’ve made your allegiances clear.

  276. I probably shouldn’t try to be a comedian either, judging by the terrible humor displayed in my last post.

  277. bartley going to rangers..

  278. Loomer.That is a bit harsh.
    Paul I don’t trust Arsene to sort out all the problems,because there will always be problems with our playing style.What I do trust him to do is his best,And as I believe he is the best ,then that is enough for me.
    I also believe he will do enough to see us victorious

  279. Loomer – And in that one post you have displayed everything that is wrong with some on here.

    a. Failure to acknowledge fact.
    b. Everything is against us, and us alone. Cry me a fucking river and wake up.
    c. Belief that if somebody does not conform to the above, it somehow affect their allegiance to the club? WTF? What bizarre logic is that?

    I am every inch a fan and supporter of Arsenal Football club of anybody that comes on here, and just because I am not delusional does not detract from that. That fact that I can see and discuss the failings is purely down to the fact that I care about the club. You can’t, which says more about you than me.

  280. I bet if you bought your dream car, but it kept cutting out at the traffic lights you would simply pretend that it doe not happen. La, la, la.

  281. Bartley to Rangers (or anywhere on loan) says to me that we have a CB in the bag. He can come back next season, and push Squillachi out of the squad. Not that I think he has been that bad to be fair, but he does seem to be a stop gap.

  282. Andy ,equally calling people delusional does not help either .Does it?

  283. GA ~~ or it could mean more of Squillaci

  284. Not really, but as he is happy to dish it out I am sure he won’t mind. Plus to ignore he obvious is delusional.

  285. dups – It could, and as I said, I don’t actually think he was that bad so it would hardly be a disaster (although I do think another CB would improve the squad). I have a sneaky feeling though that Arsene was waiting to see if he bagged a CB before letting Bartley on loan.

  286. According to the great Bob Wilson there will be movement in the next 10 days. Not sure if that is in or out though.

  287. Pehaps Bob has taken laxative

  288. Well Bendtner and Eboue are meant to be on the verge of leaving, given than Denilson has also left we have a couple of spaces to fill. I am sure we will bring in more players.

  289. Agreed George, there will be issues even this season but we shall overcome!

  290. What about Dennis last night then

  291. so was this Phil Jones bid real? anyone?

  292. Duke, who really cares? He is a dirty manc now.

  293. George:

    “Pehaps Bob has taken laxative”

    LOL LOL Top comment of the day.


    I have never thought it was helpful to get involved in these sort of debates. Just ends up in a dog pile on you and nothing gets accomplished. IMO best to drop the subject almost immediately when it comes up.

  294. Bill – I know you are right. I just end up getting dragged into it I suppose. Frustrating that people can’t see the wood for the tree’s.

  295. Duke Why do you keep asking that question about Jones.Do you have a theory?

  296. dups, i just wanted to know if we are in for a defender coz if we really did bid for Jones then surely he will bid the same sum for the better more experienced jaggy elka or Cahill. if not then i doubt Wenger will bring anyone in.

  297. george trying to add 2 and 2 to come up with 5.

  298. GR, probably because he has a ‘joke’ lined up about it.

  299. Duke, not sure why you think Wenger will bring in a new defender. Whatever gave you that idea?

  300. ouch dups your putdowns are….well… shit really. must do better.

  301. I think it will be Cahill.I think it has always been going to be Cahill.
    But now Martin K. has thrown Distan into the mix

  302. I dont think he will bring a defender in. Can’t see him making djourou and kos 3rd and 4th defenders and squid 5th., moreover we could have got Cahill or Jaggy elka by now if we really wanted and then had them intergrate before the season starts, leaving it a bit late now.

  303. Well why is he bidding then?

  304. Arsene obviously thinks we need a new central defender; as George pointed out, he has made bids for some so it is a position he must want to strengthen. I really don’t see the point in getting another “squad” player as Djourou and Squallachi are more than capable back up defenders. If we bring one in, I reckon it will be somebody to partner TV5. If that pushes Squalliachi (the likeliest candidate) out of the picture, tough shit really. The club comes first.

  305. Perhaps he is just winding up the Doomers.So to break their depressed little hearts when the window shuts.
    Now that would be a wheeze

  306. good theory george, maybe he let the mata deal go aswell coz the fans booed and he thought fuck you lot you aint getting no players now dont try and tell me what to do.

  307. Heh.

  308. W might get Cahill next year coz he only has a year left , maybe we have tapped him up for next year on a freebie!!!

  309. Duke .That would be very funny but he would have to announce it at a press conference.
    I would laugh till I was sick

  310. But next year is going to be to late Duke.
    Luke ,Jabba and the “Arsenal pub boys”recon that its make or break for him.He either shapes up or ships out.The proper fans have spoken 😉

  311. Your endurance is a sight to behold, goonerandy. You must lead a very boring life just chatting the same shit about the Arsenal all day long. What is it 11:30 pm over there and you’re still on here banging on about Man United and 5th choice centerbacks?!? Give it a rest already,

  312. Wenger has a job4life though doesnt he. i got more chance of copping off with Megan Fox then he has of getting fired. the only way he is leaving is if he walks.

  313. well im glad you guys atlest support my support of Arsenal and kill my doubst every time they pop up 🙂

    Where is the fun of being a fan if you always doubt your team? Even the Swansea fans belive in trophies more than some arsenal fans. That says alot!

  314. Loomer – Heh, very true. The wife is away this week so I am kicking around bored. You only have to put with me until Sunday in the evenings.

  315. Bartley has joined Rangers again, on a season long loan.

  316. Did Squil join us on a 2 year deal? If Bartley’s spending the year on loan then that’ll be a straight swap next Summer.

  317. Andy is hillarious. The more he talks the more he gives examples of his fence sitting.

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